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summerofsnowflakes · 21 minutes ago
If you you could please sort out the tags situ, my new fic won’t show up on the tags and this is like the second time in two weeks 🥺🥺
Please I worked really hard on it and I want people to see it. I’m gunna repost the link here hoping it shows up this time! 🤞🏻
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angrythingstarlight · an hour ago
As Long As I Can Breathe
Summary: You've been waiting for your soldier to come up home. It's hard to breath without him.
Pairing: Beefy!Bucky x Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, Minors DNI, 18+, dom/sub, sir kink, praise kink, begging kink, spanking, oral (m receiving), Bucky leaving the mask on, reader wearing kitten ears (but no animal play)
A/N: Betad by the wonderful @whisperlullaby sinday drabble that got out of hand. Do not copy, replicate, translate, repost or rewrite my work even if you give me credit. By continuing to read, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
Likes, comments and reblogs are welcomed and cherished.
Tumblr media
He’s almost home.
Anticipation crackles in the lavender scented air. You position yourself at the bottom of the stairs, taking a few deep breaths to calm your racing nerves, your thighs tacky from the slick that formed when he called to say he was on his way, his deep voice telling you to get ready for him. Please hurry, please hurry.
You’ve waited too long for him. Four days, he promised, only four days this time. That was two weeks ago. Two long weeks of worry, stress, and one I’m sorry kitten. You miss him so much when he’s away. Hating that he has to be a fighter in a war that isn’t his, that he has to put on a brave face and act as if he isn’t tired of the battles.
You want him back home. Where he belongs. At home, where he is simply James. With you. Where it doesn’t matter that he’s a super soldier.
But you tampered down the torrents of emotions building each day, giving him the calm oasis he deserves when he spoke with you at night in the middle of who knows where. Keeping your voice light and sweet, brushing aside his heartfelt apologies with love and reverence.
He’s almost home. You wait patiently, willing him to hurry.
Shadows darken the doorway, and you clench down. He’s here. Your lip caught between your teeth, the painful bite grounding you as you wait for him to take you.
The doorknob turns, keys jingle, an abrupt rush of commotion, the jarring sounds of traffic and conversations spill into your peaceful home and your stomach plummets, suddenly dizzy with desire and relief that you nearly tumble from your perch.
He stands in front of you. Intact and safe. A few more marks to his perfect frame. You want to leap into his arms and check every inch of him, kissing each fading bruise and scrape on his chiseled body.
He kicks the door shut with his heavy boot, the sound startling you. Silence settling back over the hallway, your soft rushed breathing revealing how excited you are. Recovering quickly, you fold your hands into your lap and resume your position.
He stands in the middle of the hallway, light from the windows glowing around his dark figure. His duffle bag hanging from his arm. It sways there as he takes you in. “Welcome home.” You say softly, gauging his response.
He drops it to the ground with a thud. He cracks his neck, followed by an indiscernible roll of his broad shoulders.
This is the man that everyone fears.
Your eyes travel up his wide stance, black combat boots planted firmly on the ground, up over thick thighs, past his broad chest, your breath hitches when he drops his vest, a simple black Henley under his uniform, his biceps stretching the seams of the shirt.
His piercing blue eyes penetrate you, never leaving your face as he continues to strip down, heat rising from your core to your face. His chestnut hair loose around his head, swaying around his ears when he tears off another layer of his uniform.
The signature mask covering the lower half of his face stays in place while he carelessly tosses the weapons down, uncaring that they’re clattering and rolling down the hardwood floors, a butterfly knife landing by your feet.
His darkened eyes visible over his mask tell you what he needs from you. It’s not often he fucks you with the mask on, but you remember each and every time.
Tension thickens the air. You can already feel his touch and you want to climb him and bite him. Replace every bruise with a mark of your own, have him bruise your flesh in return. Please hurry.
Your breaths coming out in short pants, nipples pebbling under the scarlet lace, the soft material brushing over your sensitive skin with each rise of your chest.
His leather gloves crunching with each flex of his fist. He’s trying to control himself before he reaches you. He’ll tear you apart if he’s not careful. You can tell by the way he’s holding himself back that he’s seconds away from losing his control, becoming feral.
Fuck you want him to, you’ll let him do whatever he wants.
Bucky steps to you, slow and measured until he’s close enough for you to inhale his smoky cologne, a hint of citrus filling your nose with each shaky inhale. His gloved hand touches your kitten ears, the sable lace atop your head, a crown bestowed upon you by your beast of a man, limber fingers trace down your jaw, across the bow of your lips to the collar around your neck.
James carved into the supple black leather.
He did it one night, straddling you on the bed, his heavy body pressing you into the mattress, the knife cutting into the leather around your neck, your arms above your head as you watched him with wide eyes, feeling the blade slice into the thin collar, pushing against your skin. When he finished, he rewarded you in more ways than one for your submission and trust.
He hums in approval. You feel your heart skip, praise from him in any form is priceless. You can’t help the smile that crosses your face. His own hidden behind his black mask, but you know it’s there, by the way, his cheeks plump, the fine crinkles around his lust-blown pupils. The thin rim of crystal blue roaming down your neck, hovering above your cleavage.
Another deep hum that has your core pulsating as he plucks the thin strap on your shoulder. Please hurry.
“Been a good girl?” You have. He knows it. Shyly, you nod, his knowing eyes exposing you more than the lingerie gracing your body. Your skin erupting in goosebumps at his gravelly words filtered through his mask. “Yeah, you have. You know what good girls get, kitten?”
You do. It’s visceral, the way your pussy responds to him, drenching your already soaked panties, throbbing and pulsating. A whine rising in your throat.
He leans down, blocking everything from your view, everything but him. “You want your reward, kitten?” God, he’s taunting you, his cold metal finger looping around the other strap, bringing it down your arm, his eyes dipping to your breasts, watching the sheer material fall away. “You’ll have to earn it.”
“Yes sir.” The whine hovering in you threatens to spill out. Please Bucky. His brow arches, the flash in his eyes warning you. He rears his head back, impressed when you smirk, an air of playful innocence rippling off you. “I’ll do anything for you.”
“Say it, again.”
You push your chest up into his face. “Yes, sir” You pause, tongue flickering out to wet your dry lips. “I’ll do anything.” Your voice wavering despite your bold words.
You can sense his smirk under the mask and a shiver twists down your spine from the heat of his gaze. He lifts the bottom of his make, revealing his stubbled cover jaw, his pink lips curved into a gentle smile, belying the undercurrent in his cold blue eyes.
He grabs your throat, pressing the collar into your skin with his large hand. “Anything, huh?”
His lips crash into yours, a wet, filthy kiss, his tongue sweeping across your mouth, pulling you to your knees as he leans into you. He swallows your strangled gasp, squeezing harder and harder until you’re nearly dazed, his chapped lips slotting over yours. A hint of mint on your tongue as he angles your head back to deepen the kiss. He’s telling you just how much he missed you. Your nails scrape down his bare chest and abs until you reach his belt.
He breaks away when you unzip his pants. He cups your chin, waiting for your breathing to settle. The Soldat is coming out to play, your tender James disappearing with a wink as the mask falls back into place. Gears in his arm shift and whirl as he stands, lumbering over your precarious position. “Open up and earn your reward.”
He chuckles at your needy moan when he pulls his cock out of his cargo pants. It’s instinctive, your mouth watering when you see the vein along the underside of his thick shaft, the swollen head leaking precum. You reach up, swallowing the tip, your hands latching around the rest of him, twisting as you bob your head.
“Kitten?” He inquires, his voice sharp and deadly, above your head. You gaze up at him, sucking another thick inch into your mouth, flattening your tongue along his throbbing vein. “Did I give you permission?”
Shit. But he said-oh fuck. Your eyes widen, he cradles the back of your head, pushing you down until your nose reaches his pelvis. “You were being such a good girl.”
He’ll never confess it but he cherishes the challenge, making you stumble, breaking you down, and building you back up, molding you into his perfect doll is what he lives for.
He tugs his glove off, his hands cupping your head. He eases your head back until only the tip remains in your mouth. “Eyes stay on me.”
You blink, and he shoves your head down. Your eyes almost flutter shut when he gags you, his cock hitting the back of your throat, the heavy warm weight of him pushing down your tongue, but you keep them open. “That’s it kitten, doing such a good job for me.” He praises, repeating his actions, dragging you off only to slam your face down, drool collects under your chin, your eyes tearing up.
“My sweet girl, letting me fuck her throat.” He grunts, guiding your head down, adjusting your crown as he holds you still, you breathe through your nose, preening at his words. He pulls you off with a wet plop, crouching down to wipe your face off.
“Too bad I still have to discipline you.” He says without a hint of regret, his blue eyes sparkling with mirth as your face drops. He stands up and turns on his heel, sauntering into the living room. “Come here, kitten.”
You grab the banister, pulling yourself to your feet.
The quietly spoken order streams through you, bringing you to your knees before you can think. Oh fuck. You slink gracefully along the hardwood, moving around his boot prints until you find him on the couch. Waiting for you. You should be vulnerable, debased crawling to him but the way he’s looking at you. It’s indescribable. His eyes teeming with emotions. Some too intense for you to settle on, others dragging you into his orbit.
Love, fervent passion.
Devotion, dedication.
This man would burn the world down for you. All he wants in return is your love.
You continue your journey; he spreads his long legs, crooking his index finger up and gesturing you to get closer. He tilts his head, then springs forward snatching you off the ground, the world spinning as you’re flipped around. “Count.”
“Wait-Sargent please-oh God.” The first sharp sting has you gasping, pain spreading like wildfire across your ass. You twist in his lap, earning another slap followed by a demand to count, his tone letting you know that if he has to repeat-
You shout. “One. Two. Three-” A surprisingly harsh slap has your eyes rolling back. Your cunt is aching so hard it hurts. You squeeze your thighs together, trying to get a little friction. You feel his cock pushing into your belly, your core clenches down, aching and empty.
“You doing so good kitten.” He smooths his rough hand over the swell of your ass. “Already desperate for my cock, aren’t you? My pretty slut.”
“Fourteen. Fifteen.” You stammer out. “Please sir, I need you so bad.” The words tumbling out when he slides his cold metal index finger around your clit. “Please.”
You want to tell how him badly you want it, but his hand hits your cheek and you cry out. He can feel the heat from your cunt, your juices dripping onto his cargo pants, his cock pulsating under you when you squirm.
Over and over he continues to spank you as you writhe on his lap, only stopping to dip his fingers between your folds, teasing your clit before resuming his spanking.
“Good girl.” He maneuvers you onto his lap, his fingers digging into your sore ass. His cock hits your stomach with a wet smack, precum smearing across your skin. You grab his shoulders and wait until he guides himself to your entrance, coating himself with your slick until he’s glistening. “Been thinking about your tight pussy since I left, how hot and wet you are, kept dreaming about splitting you open.”
He pulls you down, sheathing himself fully in your silken walls, the sudden burn searing through you, a high moan falling from your lips. “Just like this, fuck you feel good.” His hoarse groan makes you clamp down hard on his cock, his hands tightening around you, you catch the softly muttered fucking perfect.
You press a kiss on his hard mask, grabbing his hair between your fingers as you ride him. God, this is what you needed. So full and stretched out. “That’s it kitten, take every inch, make a mess on my cock." He curses, his hands flexing over your thighs.
You roll your hips over him, pleasure bursting as you work his cock into your core, the sloshing of your wet pussy getting louder the harder you grind down. He's making you work for it, your pace faltering as your thighs burn from the exertion. “S’close, please, sir.” You cry, trying to get his cock to hit your sweet spot.
Bucky refuses to move, his icy blue eyes gaze into your dazed ones. Earn it. “You wanna cum, don’t you? You better keep going.”
You’re trying, circling and grinding your hips, pressure and heat building in your core but you can’t get there. “You can do better than that. Cmon doll, take your cock.” His taunts have you clenching over him, your slick spreading over his thighs.
“Please Bucky.” You beg, resting your forehead against his, he growls at the sound of his name, his hand slapping your ass, his fingers reaching under your collar, pulling it around your throat.
Your only warning.
“Sir, Sergeant, please.” You wheeze, clutching his shoulders as you frantically bounce. Reaching down, you grab his vibranium hand and push it over your clit. “I wanna cum.”
He laughs, cooing at you. “What’s wrong, kitten?” Letting his fingers graze your clit, small flicks over your bud that isn’t enough.
Your pace falters, more pleas to let you cum, you can’t-please you want it so bad, you’ll do anything, just please, spilling from your lips. You may be on top, but he is in control.
The sensations are so good, tears prick your eyes, you gasp into his neck, unable to speak with his hips snapping up into you just like that, his swollen head hitting your sweet spot over and over.
When your pace falters and your head drops in defeat into his shoulder, your begging becoming incoherent and slurred, he gives you want you so desperately need. The first brutal thrust of his hips jolts you, a thin broken sob bursting from your chest, you scratch down his back when he does it again, unable to control yourself any longer. "Tell me what you want sweetheart.” He grunts.
“Use your fucking words.” He threatens, yanking your collar back, “or I’ll stop.” He won't but you don't need to know that.
No, no he can’t- not when you’re so close.
Bucky laughs when your head lifts, your frantic wide eyes brimming with tears. “Please let me cum, please please, I’ll be your good girl, just ple-” You bite his shoulder when he angles even deeper. Bucky hisses when he feels your teeth dig into his skin, he twists your collar around his fingers until your sobs become harsh wheezes.
“Cum. Now.” He orders, his thumb circling your clit until it hits you hard, your pussy fluttering around him as the coil breaks. Your back arches painfully, your nails scratching more red lines into his skin. Pleasure unwinding through every nerve and cell.
“Fuck, yes, yes, oh fuck.” You groan. He doesn’t stop when you cum, pounding up into your swollen cunt relentlessly until he rips another orgasm from you. He stands up, making your hips rolling over his, his enormous hands guiding your body where he wants. His strength and small aftershocks of your climax making you pliant.
He’s not close to being done with you.
He slams you into the wall, the picture frames shaking as he pulls himself out of your tight cunt.
Before you can whine at the loss, feeling empty without him, he orders you to kneel. Bucky steps back, his hands latching onto your wrists, keeping your arms above your head as you sink to your knees.
He gazes down at you adoringly, thinking about how good it is to finally be home with you.
"You're in for a long night. Maybe you'll earn your reward after all.”
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ohdolans · an hour ago
cock warming with seb or bucky doesn’t matter to me, would be so cute but so hot at the same time. brb crying cuz that’s all i want
Tumblr media
⚠️: 18+, smut, unprotected sex, language, fluff | words: 374, short and sweet
Your nails dragged down his back as you whimpered and moan in his ear, your legs hooked around his hips to pull him in deeper. 
You could feel Sebastian's lips against your ear as he moaned in your ear. It sent a shiver down your spine and seemed to make your orgasm a little more intense. Sebastian's hands moved along your arms before pining them above your head, holding them there, before pulling back to kiss you. He was grinding his hips into you, his pubes rubbing against your sensitive clit, causing you to mewl against his lips.
"Fuck, can feel you deep inside of me," You spoke against his lips, moving your hips up to meet his. You bit your lip as you felt a slight twitch.
"Don't talk like that unless you want another round,"  Sebastian's nose rubbed against yours as he smirked.
"Maybe I do." You tightened your legs around him, "Missed you while you've been away shooting,"
Sebastian released your hands and moved to support his weight against his elbows. He kept his gaze on you as you did the same. Your hands reached up to push the dark hair from his face. He'd been away for a few days shooting the new project he had, staying in hotel rooms whenever the nights go too late and he was too tired to drive home.
You'd seen the photos of him in his Tommy costume and it did something to you. The nipple rings, the tattoos, the dark hair - everything drove you insane and hot with lust. He walked through the door and didn't even have time to set his bag down before you jumped into Sebastian's arms.
Sebastian kissed your lips gently before moving to pull back, but you only whimpered and tightened your legs around his waist more.
"Baby, I gotta get up."
"No, stay." You pouted and looked up towards him, "I like feeling you."
"Feeling me?"
"Yeah, feeling you deep inside of me." You bit your lip, "Just said I like you deep inside of me, 'Bas."
Sebastian groaned and dropped his head into the crook of your neck, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his body into yours more.
"You're fucking killing me,"
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ohdolans · an hour ago
seb x reader love confession followed by first time smut??? 🙏🙏🥺🥺
Tumblr media
⚠️: 18+ smut, unprotected sex, slight angst , fluff | words: 2.4k +
"Stop you picked the movie last time!" You laughed as you tried to reach across Sebastian to grab the remote from his hand. 
The two of you were in his living room sitting on the couch ready for your monthly movie night. You were already three wine glasses in from dinner so it was safe to say that you were buzzed. Sebastian was the same, his pupils wide as he smiled towards you and pulled his arm up higher. His laugh made butterflies flutter in your stomach as you tried to fight against him.
"No," He slurred slightly "You picked the movie. It's my turn, sweetheart."
He'd always called you some sort of pet name, but there was something about tonight that made it different. You and Sebastian have been friends for years, after meeting through mutual friends one night at a party. You two clicked instantly and ever since that night the two of became the best of friends. Any time Sebastian was in town you made sure to have a monthly movie night, a tradition the two of you had over lockdown. He was locked in his apartment alone and you were alone as well.
But during that period, you found yourself falling for the man that was sitting beside you. Outside of having movie nights to pass the time and try to not feel so alone - you two would have deep conversations and get to know each other on another level. You shared things with him that you barely shared with anyone. Sebastian did the same with you and friendship was now on a different level of trust. And now you were a stereotype, in love with their best friend. 
"Fine." You huffed and tried to pretend that you were annoyed, but Sebastian saw right through it. He smiled towards you before kissing your cheek and scrolling through the selections. You felt your body fill with heat the moment his lips touched your skin. 
"So when are you going to finally tell me about that date," Sebastian asked, still looking through the movies and having you turn your eyes back towards him,
"What?" You looked towards him confused.
Sebastian stopped and looked towards you, "The date you went on last week. How'd it go?"
You frowned, remembering the disaster date that you went on. "Terrible. The guy showed up late, did nothing but talk about himself, made me pay, and then I had to UBER home. I don't need to be spoiled or anything but I felt like that was the worst date I had been on in a long time."
"Damn," Sebastian groaned "I'm sorry. Travis is terrible at setting people up."
"He set you and that...what was her name? Angelica?"
Sebastian glared towards you, "My point exactly."
You let a laugh slip through before reaching to take another sip of your glass. "If only we'd date, then we wouldn't have to worry about dating losers."
"Who says we wouldn't?"
You froze and looked towards him, the winemaking you a little braver. ""
Sebastian set the remote down completely forgetting about the movie and fully turning his attention towards you. "Where did you get an idea like that? You think I wouldn't date you?"
"We've been friends for years, 'Bas. You can't honestly tell me that you don’t know."
He looked confused, his eyebrows pulling together. "Know what?"
"Oh my god," You placed your hands over your face, the winemaking your mind fuzzy and like you didn't have a filter between your thoughts and your mouth. 
"No, no, no." Sebastian moved towards you quickly and grabbed your hands from your face, making you look towards him. "Come on, don't shy away from me now. Don't hide from me."
You looked up into his blue eyes and felt like your heart was in your throat. You opened your mouth a few times scared to mutter the truth, but the longer you looked at him, the more your will slipped away. 
"Sebastian..." You whispered "I-I...I love you,"
Sebastian froze for a moment as he looked towards you, the playful look in his eyes slowly fading away.  Your heart dropped into your stomach and you felt the panic set in. You slipped out of his hands and let the panic overtake you.
"Oh no, oh, no, no no..." You muttered to yourself as you walked around his apartment looking for your things, the panic making you feel like you needed to get as far away from there as possible. 
Just as you grabbed your purse from the counter in the kitchen, you turned around and nearly ran into him. You looked up towards Sebastian in shock, his gaze intense as he looked down towards you. 
"Say it again," He spoke, his eyes never leaving yours.
"I need to hear you say it again," Sebastian walked towards you slowly causing you to back away from him till your back lightly hit against a counter. His tall frame pressed against yours, surrounding you in his dark and musky scent. 
"Sebastian...please." You hung your head down slightly in shame, but he reached down and caressed your cheek, making you look up towards him. He was looking toward you with an intensity you'd never seen before. His thumb rubbed against your cheek causing a warmth the spread through you.
"You had no idea how long I have waited to hear you say those words to me," Sebastian spoke after a long pause. "Now I need to hear you say them again...please."
You whimpered softly, "I love you. I have for a long time and I thought...I thought..."
He didn't let you finish your sentence before moving his hand towards the back of your head, holding you in place, before bending down and kissing you deeply. You stood there frozen for a moment before slowly your lips began to move against his.  Sebastian moaned against your lips before his tongue swiped against your bottom lip, causing you to gasp slightly. He deepened the kiss more with his tongue moving against yours. You dropped your bag quickly and moved to wrap your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. 
You felt like you were floating the minute his lips touched yours, the buzz you had before only intensifying because of him. You felt Sebastian's hands along your waist and grip you tightly, pressing your body closer to him. Your fingers were threading through his hair and pulling on them, causing a growl-like moan to come from deep in his chest. Sebastian pulled away and looked down towards you, his hands moving away from your waist and cupping each side of your face. His pupils were dilated making his eyes appear darker than usual.
The two of you stood there for a moment, your pants breaths passing between the two of you before he moved to kiss you again. It was just as intense as the kissed before. You'd never been kissed like this before with so much passion behind it, that it made your heart feel like it was going to jump from your chest. Soon the two of you were moving away from your place in the kitchen and back towards the hallway. You knew where he was leading you since you knew his home pretty well. 
Sebastian kicked his bedroom door open more and pulled away from your lips and pulling you inside. You stepped forward and pressed him against the door, your hands moving beneath his shirt, before rising on your toes and kissing along his neck. Your teeth scraped against his neck causing another moan from him. You could feel his heart beating against his chest as your hands moved across it. Sebastian moved to pull his shirt over his head before soon the two of you began to remove the other's clothes. They fell to the floor in piles.
"Tell me if you want this to stop," He panted softly as he looked down towards you. He was standing only in his boxer briefs and you in a simple bralette and underwear. "Just say the word and I'll stop."
"I want this, 'Bas. I want you."
The corners of his lips turned up slightly as the sound of the nickname you gave him before he pulled you down onto the bed with him. You straddled across his waist, his hands moving along your thighs, as your lips explored his body. You pulled back and sat up more, before reaching behind you and taking off the bralette you'd worn. A soft curse passed his lips before he sat up more, one arm wrapping around your waist, and the other hand moving to caress your tit. You moaned as his thumb rubbed against your nipple causing it to harden. Your hips moved down against his the more he teased you.
"Sebastian," You whimpered, as he leaned forward and took your nipple into his mouth. You gasped and moaned at the new sensation as your hand moved to grip the back of his head. Sebastian's eyes stayed on you as he teased your nipple, his other hand moving up to the other to tease it.
You couldn't control your hips as you moved against him. You could feel him hard between your legs the move you moved against him, his moans vibrating against your chest. He moved to flip the two of you, with you on your back and him between your legs. Sebastian moved to pull down your underwear slowly, spreading your legs slightly, before teasing you. You moaned his name as he rubbed your clit. 
"So wet for me baby?" Sebastian spoke as he moved down to kiss along your inner thigh, "Just want a little taste..."
Once again Sebastian made sure to keep his eyes on you as he moved down between your legs more. You rose on your elbows to watch him, not being able to take your eyes off him. Sebastian paused for just a moment until he leaned forward and pressed his tongue against your slit. You fisted the sheets beneath you as your jaw dropped slightly. You sounded with a small whimpering moan, your hips moving up to meet with his mouth.
"Oh my god, oh my god." Your head fell back as you moaned louder, nearly screaming when he sucked on your clit. "Fuck!"
Sebastian pulled away with a smirk, before sitting up, licking his lips. Your chest heaved with heavy pants as the intensity slowly started to lessen. He moved up towards your lips and kissed you deeply, moaning at the taste of you against his lips and tongue. Sebastian backed up to take off and remove his briefs, kicking them off once they were down enough with his feet. You pressed on his shoulder sending him back, causing him to lay against the pillows at the head of his bed. You straddled across his waist again, reach between you and slowly stroking his cock. You loved how hard and heavy he felt in your hand. A strangled moan was all he made as he looked up towards you, his lips parted with every sound. Your thumb teased against his head spreading his precum along his shaft. 
"Y-Y/N," He moaned as his hips moved with your hand "I-I'm not gonna last long if you keep doing that,"
You bit your lip and stopped your movements, but kept your hand wrapped around his base. You leaned forward till your lips nearly touched, before lifting your hips slightly. You kept your eyes locked with his as you began to sink down around him. Sebastian reached to grip your thighs tightly again, cursing when he felt you tight and wet around his cock. You took it slow feeling every inch of him as you stretched around him, you couldn't help the noises that you were making. 
You sat there for a moment, before slowly starting to move up and down along his shaft. Sebastian cursed at your movements with his hands moving up to grip your waist. Your hands were placed along his chest riding him harder and faster, loving the feeling of him deep inside of you. You couldn't get enough of how full you felt. After a while Sebastian moved you both so that you were beneath him, spreading your legs more before sitting back on his knees. You moaned loudly as the new angle he moved his hips to fuck you harder and deeper. You were lost in the sensation as you screamed his name. It seemed to only drive him more as he fucked you. 
"Come on baby, give it to me," Sebastian begged "Can feel you tight around me, fucking milking my cock...know you wanna cum,"
All you could do was whimper as his hands moved between you and rubbed your clit. That was what sent you over the edge, your legs beginning to shake as you came hard around him. Sebastian got lost in how you looked beneath him you fell apart. Watching and feeling you was enough for him as well, pressing tightly against you before he came. He slowly ground his hips against yours as he filled you. 
Sebastian slowly pressed his body down against yours before kissing you deeply. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders and tried to hold him closer as you both slowly kissed. It soon became slow and lazy before you pulled apart. His face hovered over yours with a lazy smile on his face. You soon liked the way his body felt pressed against yours, intertwined with each other. 
After a long moment of lying together, Sebastian slowly pulled out of you before walking into his bathroom. You laid there for a moment before he returned with a warm cloth in hand. He moved beside you on the bed before gently washing between your legs, you moaned softly from the feeling since you were still sensitive. He tossed the warm cloth into the hamper beside the door before coming back into bed with you. Sebastian grabbed the blankets before pulling them over the both of you. His arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you tightly to his side.
Your head rested on the pillow beside his as you laid there together in comfortable silence. His hands moving against your back slowly as yours did the same with his chest. Sebastian was the first to break the silence. 
"Did you mean it?" He asked, voice soft with a sort of vulnerability.
You turned your head up towards his face, "That I love you? Of course."
Sebastian smiled slightly, "I love you too."
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starshipsofstarlord · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drummer Boy
sebastian stan x reader
Summary; To say you are intrigued when Seb returns home from set with more than faux tattoos is certainly a surprise, but not an unwelcome one
Warnings; smut, implied smut, object insertion, oral, squirting, choking, swearing
divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
This was his job, and that was one thing that you understood, from the moment that you two had hit it off, you knew what you were getting into. Dating an actor came with a lot of sacrifices, and one of those was that you’d have to cherish the time that you had with them, considering the ladder of schedules that just kept jumping about with every job that they took.
This was his job, and that was one thing that you understood, from the moment that you two had hit it off, you knew what you were getting into. Dating an actor came with a lot of sacrifices, and one of those was that you’d have to cherish the time that you had with them, considering the ladder of schedules that just kept jumping about with every job that they took.
To say you were proud of Sebastian was an understatement; you were beyond ecstatic for the way that his career only kept rising in the sky lines of recognition. Directors thirsted over the prospect of working with him, he was truly a gift to the cinematic platform, and it was a dream come vividly to life to see him thrive and excel in his career.
There were many things that you expected, having been in a relationship with the renowned marvel figure for years now; just over two to be precise. Such as seeing him donning a new hairstyle or facial hair, and you had to admit, seeing him with longer hair and a small patch of dark hair in the crest of his chin was a blessing of a sight.
But you expected that, he had adorned that change to his appearance for the last couple of months now. You did not predict however, that he would enter the living space, the dark charcoal grey walls being a perfect gradient of background for his entry, for the pitch artwork that stained his skin, more specifically, the usually blank canvas of his arms.
To aid the exterior he was exhibiting, there was a drumstick being twirled in the keyboard of his talented fingers, as though he were showing off his latest trick. It was clear he idly thought nothing of it as he walked towards you, and leant down, pressing a sweet and tender kiss upon your partially agape lips, trapping the escaping air into your mouth, instead of allowing it to run free out of shock.
“I- fuck, you look good.” Biting your lip, you nudged his nose with your own, as your heavy lidded eyes gazed adoringly up at him, gouging his reaction of suddenly widened eyes. Once more he kissed you, pausing your drooling over him for a second. It was almost impossible to not clamber over the back of the sofa, and crawl up into his arms. There was a lot of restraint involved not to.
“That was an unexpected greeting, though I’m glad you like the temporary change babydoll.” He brushed his knuckles over your temple, as he began to toy with the drumstick with the opposing. The way he found a perfect balance between that and his digits was beautiful, it was practically art in motion. It drew out an oil slick in your panties, as you hummed to yourself, earning a tilt of his puppy dog head.
“Umm.” Coughing, you shook your head, flabbergasted at how shining clear you were making your attraction to this version of Seb was. No matter how he appeared, he was perfect in your eyes, but the vibrancy of his soul was the thing that pulled you in like a magnet to a pole the most. And with this vibe going on, well there was certainly a new demeanour to him as he delved into the angles of the role. “Dinner’s in the fridge.”
In thought, Sebastian tapped the tip of the nude wood drumstick against his lips, the veins in his arms slightly straining against the faux ink work, as he trained his cerulean eyes down on you. He was making you feel meek under his clouding eyes, and if you had been standing, you were almost sure that your knees would have crumbled on the spot. “Something else has shaken my appetite.”
His voice ran through your body deep, vibrating with a predatory glazing, that had you running the opposite of ice cold. You knew what he wanted, more so as he rounded the corner of the sofa, and tapped your leg with that damned musician’s tool, silently prompting you to widen your leg in a sustainable split. Without any hesitancy, you complied, placing your hands on your knees, watching as he digressed his whole form to be knelt on the fluffy white rug that filled the crooked rectangle to and from where you sat and the TV set.
“Are you sure you don’t want your salad honey, it’s waiting for you?” He practically snarled in reply to your enquiry, and to say that it didn’t make you wetter would be the biggest fib of your life. Sebastian was aware that you were pushing his buttons, metaphorically flipping the bird to him to piss him off, and well, it only ran as fuel for his mission. And that was to devour you, and for your juices to wash off the tattoos that had been printed on his skin at his workplace.
“Shut your fucking mouth, and open your cunt up, I won’t ask twice.” He eagerly, not caring if he split the material, ripped off your shorts, discovering that you had forgone any fabric underneath. It was all naked flesh, if your breaths weren’t as laboured, he was sure he’d have heard his stomach growl. The view he was on the receiving end of was one of tranquil beauty, provided by nature and the balls that he had those years ago to ask you out on a single date.
And now here he was, between your stretched legs, whiffing in the fragrance of your sweet cunt, eyeing your folds as he watched them twitch from overall anticipation. He allowed the drumstick to clatter onto the coffee table behind his back, as he ran his sensually adept palms along the crevices of your thighs, plucking at the skin, dragging his nails across the layer, and pressing a delicate message of his pecking lips to either of your knee caps.
His thumbs trailed a bridge down the insides of your parting, succumbing the to teasing each side of your labia, stirring the sensitive folds and prying them gently apart so that he could see your gathering honey build a lather beneath your moist clit. “Such a pretty pussy, the prettiest I’ve ever seen.” From the showering of compliments, you keener, whining lightly as you attempted to thrust your hips closer to his face, where he licked the middle of his top lip.
“Please do something Sebby. I’ve been waiting for you to come home all day, and you show up all dressed like this with that fucking stick, expecting the sight of you twirling the wood in your cursed hand not to drive me mad. Not to mention the hair, fuck the hair.” Combing your fingers through his brown locks, you brushed through the thin strands, hollowing your cheeks as you contained yourself whilst looking down at him.
“Sounds like you’ve had quite a day sweetness.” He spoke, slowly, his pace of everything making you maddened, and closer to falling off an edge without any relief. “And you, my lovely lovely lady, treat me so well. You’ve cleaned the hallway, got rid of all that crap we sorted through and took it to the charity shop, and you make me a healthy dinner that fits perfectly with my diet. I’m so lucky to have you, and have you by my side as I travel for work, and you not only give me the best type of company, but she does as well.”
She. He used that term in reference to your pussy, he once more swiped his fixating tongue over his lip, as he drifted his gaze through your opening, petting his knuckles over your bud with the slightest of pressures. “Think it’s my time to treat her real good, especially if I’ve been so cruel to the both of you returning home like this. Have to find a way for her to forgive me for my travesty of sin.” There was no question concerning the matter, even if you were insistent on praising him with the favour instead, he would still pay ample love to your cunt.
It all began as he lowered his skull into the display of your treasure chest, running his bottom lip across the expanse of your aroused lands, before flickering his tongue out, grasping every succulent drop of your current wetness, though his efforts were unjustified, for his actions only caused more to pool out. A smirk riddled his mouth, as he cupped your ankle with his left hand, stroking lightly over the ridges of the covered bone, his tongue delicately teasing your entrance, prodding at every wall that layered the outside.
Once the long and skilful appendage entered you, you found yourself throwing your head back against the mountain on cushions that lined the skeleton of the couch. He knew what he was doing, and that was a blessing, he worked some dark magic that had you verbalising words that your mother would disapprove of, but would please the devil himself. Your eyes squeezed closed in a tight clamp as he thrust his tongue in and out.
Perhaps you were spoilt as a child, because you found yourself calling out for an amplification of the torture of pleasure that you were currently being gifted with by the otherworldly overlords. “More, fuck! Please Sebs, no’ enough, need mo’e.” He rubbed his scruffy chin against the adjoining of your ass cheeks, as he shook his head, causing a squeal to rip from your chest, crafting him into a very proud man. Without you noticing, for your sight was shut out by your stubborn lids, he located the drumstick with his right hand, moving it across to be resting on his thigh whilst remaining in his grip.
It took much resilience from him also, but he extracted his tongue, averting a crisis of your tormented whines. As he pulled out, he felt your walls hugging his tongue, and he gunned, causing a spiral of vibrations to rivet through your half clothed body. You were left empty, still, even as something fondled your clit with firm taps. The sensation was a cooling one, brushing your skin with a crawling sensation of pleasure on pause and play, and it encouraged you to open your y/e/c eyes, and glance down at the tool that was within your partner’s use.
From seeing it alone, it made you insufferably needier. Sebastian was fondling your clit with that blood drum stick, but you couldn’t find yourself preaching against the usage of it. Instead it turned you on that much more, as you wound your hands through your own hair, wiggling your hips against his playful administrations. “Want more?” He asked, almost begging you to say an affirmed ‘yes’. The idea alone had you bashfully nodding your head, and that was enough content for your man to continue to what he was to do next.
Seb moved the drumstick down towards your clenching slit, running it through your liquid arousal, lubing up the wood and lathering the tip in your juices, before he began to penetrate you with one end of the tool. If the prop managers could see what he was doing now, they would be disappointed. He had said that he wanted to take them home for practice, and well, this was not the kind of such that they would picture. Hell, he didn’t even own a drumstick! It was an investment he was thinking of pursuing to aid him in his role, and this had him thinking that it indeed would be a damned good one.
Imagine that, drumsticks littered around every corner of the house; he could have you anywhere he liked. There was no objection to the tip of the one he currently was controlling as it swept through your entrance easily. It’s easy pass made sense, considering that it was much thinner that Seb’s fingers, and his coco that was raging from the sight that he was fixating himself with. It truly was a unique thing for him to try, but you liked him with a drumstick, and thus he had wanted to perform a show with it for you, involving her, as tried to thrust back onto its length.
“Holy shit.” Your face was all scrunched up in the hottest way as you gritted your teeth and forced your eyes open as you looked down at him. Your boyfriend sent you a sharp wink, of time for him decreasing the height that his jaw was in the air, as he latched his lips around your clit, suckling away at the swelled nub, as he swirled it around his mouth, as though it were simply a candy and he was trying to confiscate all the flavour from it. “‘M gonna cum baby, fuck, fuck, fucking hell!”
Using more elbow grease, and your words as encouragement, Sebastian angled his elbow at a different angle as he practically used his whole arm to quickly and harshly thrust the prop at his disposal in and out of you, as though he were human piston. A scream echoed from your mouth as tears swarmed in the corners of your eyes; you were extremely close. It wouldn’t be long until he pushed you over the euphoric edge, and stimulated you through an orgasm. He sucked harder on your clit, biting lightly on it, preening another shriek of pleasure out of your lips, as he felt a small gush wallow over his arm, more specifically, that what was revealed of the tattoo.
“Shit.” He spoke to himself as he watched the clear liquid spurt out of your tight cunt, which was trying to trap the stick inside. Sebastian slowly pulled the length of it out, revealing it to be soaked with your gush. “So fucking sexy baby.” The actor kissed up your body, planting a sloppy kiss upon your cheek, before he transitioned his touch to be on your lips, as his tongue delved inside of your mouth, spreading the taste of your pussy around for your to taste.
“That was, definitely not what I expected.” You admitted with a breathy laugh, gasping as Seb wrapped his hand around your throat, and presented you with a light squeeze. He watched your reaction, as he grasped the drumstick, and tapped and rolled it against your lips, spreading your juices around, so that he could lean forwards once more and clean off your essence. A slap sounded from your behind, as you jumped from both the sensation and sound, awaiting his next instructions.
“Go get my salad ready for me baby girl, and whilst you do so, bend over the countertop, and lose the hoodie. I want you as bare as the hallway now is, okay?” Shakily, he allowed you out of his grip, watching as you earnestly strutted, albeit a little lightheadedly, towards the attached kitchen, trusting the door to the fridge open, the green leaves of the sea constructed salad staring you in the face.
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noshame-bb · 2 hours ago
hey everyone!
sorry for being a shitty writer:( I promise I’m going to update soon. there’s going to be some JAVI/Din content, along with ch.2 of “the switch”
you can read part one of “the switch” here
and the series to the HS1 series here
again, super sorry for the lack of updates, my mental health is 📉
be back to it super soon!
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kiss prompts
Tumblr media
hand kisses
“we should do this more often, y’know?” you suggest with a sly smile on your lips. “i love when you cook for me.”
sebastian chuckles and extends his hand across the table to hold yours. he brings your hand to his lips and kisses your skin, looking directly into your eyes.
it’s not often that he has time to spoil you like he wants to, so he grabs every single opportunity he gets.
“as you wish, baby.”
kisses on the cheek
the kitchen is a mess. there’s food everywhere but in a plate. sebastian’s voice echoing curse words is quite funny. he’s shirtless, just got out of bed, but is wide awake and all over the place. you’re a little concerned, because he doesn’t seem to be in control over breakfast.
“babe, what’re you doing?” you ask holding a laugh.
“i was trying to make some breakfast but if the oven worked,” he glares at the oven as if it was a person. “i’d be done by now.”
“okay, let me help you.”
“no, i wanted to surprise you!” he pouts. “and you’re up way too early, what’s wrong?”
“well, i heard screaming.” you laugh. “and i am surprised, it’s not every day that i see you losing a battle to an oven.” he rolls his eyes and you kiss his cheek. he sighs, hugging you in return. “good morning, babe.”
“mornin’, honey.”
welcome home kisses
as soon as you step into your apartment, you feel the impact of sebastian’s body against yours, quickly involving you into the warmest of hugs. you let out a small “oof”, but hugs him back immediately.
“oh my god, you’re home!” he exclaims still holding you tightly. “i was worried!”
“the flight delayed just a couple of hours, i’m okay.” you try to calm him down, but it’s pointless. “my phone is dead, that’s why i didn’t call.”
he steps back and kisses your lips, not hiding his longing for you. sebastian always acts like a mother when it comes to you — always worried, telling you to grab a jacket or an umbrella, always asking if you’ve eaten something, if you’ve drank water. it’s sweet until it’s annoying, but you wouldn’t change a thing.
passionate kisses
he’s hitting all the right spots as he thrusts into your pussy and bottoms out continuously. his back has red lines from your nails and your neck is full of purple-ish hickies. after two months, he couldn’t wait any longer, he had to have you.
the image of you orgasming underneath him is magnificent. your cheeks are flushed and your lips are quite swollen. he continues to fuck you into the mattress, now chasing his own high. he grunts and moans in your ears, and all you can do is cry out from pure pleasure and lust.
the faster he is, the louder you get. to avoid someone knocking on the door of your hotel room, he shuts you up with his lips on yours, and releases inside of you, moaning into your mouth.
wake up kisses
you hate to wake him up so early, especially when he’s hardly getting any sleep. he’s working so much lately, it’s clear he’s in need of some rest, but unfortunately, you can’t let him sleep in today.
“baby,” you whisper in his ear, not to startle him. “wake up.”
he doesn’t move a single muscle. his breathing is so steady, and his cheek is smushed against the pillow. his hair is quite messy, and his face is even a little swollen — he has the cutest sleep face.
“babe, your interview.” you try again to no success.
all he does is roll over and lay on his back. poor thing.
you approach him and press your lips against his, softly kissing him.
“hmmm.” he groans with eyes still closed.
“wake up.”
he does as you say, slowly. the first thing he sees that day is you, and it already puts him in a better mood.
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Requested by anon: ok okkkk cute fic idea: reader takes off the crust of the bread of her sandwiches and seb finds it adorable
Word count: 1K
Author’s note: Thank you for requesting, this was super cute.
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
(the texts in italics are throwbacks)
Tumblr media
You have been living with Sebastian for a few months now, him asking you to move in with him during one of your dates. 
You were having dinner together at his house, with candles and wine. He went all out for this date, which you didn’t understand the reason for, because it wasn’t your anniversary or either of your birthdays. You just finished eating, Sebastian taking the plates to the sink to wash later. You sat on the couch, wine glasses still in your hands as he walked back and sat down next to you. You rested your head against his shoulder, his arm going around your waist. You sat there in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s presence, him pressing a few kisses to your temple every now and then. You almost fell asleep in his arms, being so comfortable next to him when he moved away from you, standing up and putting both of your glasses on the coffee table. You looked up at him in question.
“I want to give you something” he walked into the bedroom, coming out while hiding something behind him.
“What is it?” excited, you sat up from your position, moving to the edge of your seat. He pulled out a small velvet box from behind him. Is that what you think it is?
“Are you proposing to me?” you asked in disbelief, not thinking your relationship was at that point yet. Well you wouldn’t say no to him, but you didn’t think that less than a year was enough time to know if you wanted to marry the other person and Sebastian wasn’t the type to rush into these things either.
“Well, proposing something” he smiled shyly, looking down while you grabbed the box from him and opened it. Inside was a normal key, which made you even more confused.
“What is this?” you grabbed the key to see if it had any writing on it or under it but there was nothing.
“I want you to move in with me. Well, I’m asking you to move here, to my house.” he played with his fingers, a small nervous habit he had. You whipped your head up at him, the key falling from your hands.
“You want to live with me?” tears welling in your eyes your voice broke in the middle of the sentence. You have been thinking about asking him the same thing, but you always chickened out, thinking it was too early. He held your head between his hands, his own eyes glossed over.
“Of course I want to live with you” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours. You smashed your lips to his in a passionate kiss.
It wasn’t always easy, especially in the beginning when everything was so new to both of you, but you got through it together. 
You have been dating for more than a year, but you still didn’t know every little thing about each other. Living together changed most of that, but there were still things he didn’t know. Like the way you cut off the crust of your bread every time you ate a sandwich. Your mom did it when you were little and the habit continued on when you grew older. Somehow he never saw you eating bread so when he finally did, he was in a puddle at how adorable you were.
You were in the kitchen fixing yourself some food as you were hungry from not eating anything all day. Maybe a sandwich wasn’t the best choice, but you were too tired to actually cook anything. Sebastian walked in just as you finished making it, adding the final touches as you cut off the crust around it. He stopped in his tracks, watching you concentrate so hard at the task at hand. You didn’t notice him yet so when appeared next to you, you almost dropped the knife you were holding.
“Jesus Seb, walk a little louder!” you exclaimed, grabbing your chest where your heart was rapidly beating. He didn’t answer you, his eyes still stuck on the now crust-less bread. “You want one?” you asked, when you realized what he was looking at, thinking that he was just hungry like you.
“You- you cut off the crust?” a little voice came out of him so softly you almost didn’t hear him.
“Yeah, I do it all the time.” you said not understanding why he was reacting like this. He slowly lifted his head to look you in the eye, a smile breaking out on his lips.
“My god, you are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” he squealed, a noise you’ve never heard him make, and he pinched your cheeks, continuing to make his little noises. You dropped the knife onto the counter as he kept cooing at you.
“Seb” you whined which only made you more adorable to him. You grabbed his hands to push them away, but he was stronger than you.
"My little baby is so cute" he continued, drawing out the last syllable, making you embarrassed.
"Stop it" your cheeks heating up, you shyly averted your eyes.
"No you are so sweet, I have to protect you at all costs." he pulled you closer rubbing his nose against yours, your cheeks squished between his palms. He pressed his lips to yours in a quick peck which you couldn't reciprocate as his hands were still on your face. "My baby" he mused to himself making you narrow your eyes at him.
So now every time you ate a sandwich he watched you make it and quietly chuckled to himself as you cut off the crust, thinking about how cute you were. During that he always had the urge to wrap you in a hug and never let go of you.
Permanent taglist: @byatomoe
(let me know if you want to be added)
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maximoffs-girl · 4 hours ago
Hi! I really like your stuff. I don’t know if I’m doing this right, if not sorry, but do you think I could get a ship?
• I have straight brown hair and brown eyes, and average height
• male or female, whatever you think works :)
• she/her
• idk my personality type, but I think I’m pretty smart, kind, loyal, and I’m definitely VERY stubborn. I always stand up for my friends if someone if being a jerk, and I’m also an introvert. I also really want a sword? Sorry I never know what to say for these
• I love reading, mainly fiction and sci-fi. I honestly feel so at home in a bookstore, they just relax me for some reason. I also really like watching random movies and tv show. I really like fictional crime shows like Criminal Minds.
• probably She’s Kinda Hot by 5SOS, The Walker by Fitz and The Tantrums, and Getaway Car by Taylor Swift. I also really like most of 5SOS songs
• my guilty pleasure movie is probably Tangled, or those old Disney Atlantis movies
• I really like blues and greens and reds
• I would die for snakes and deer, they’re so cute I love them
• idk why but for some reason I would want sound manipulation or control because I feel like there’s so much I could do with it
• popcorn
• I don’t really know but they would definitely have to get my sense of humor, and I would probably want someone I could have a good time with
Thank you so much, I hope you have a great day :)
Hi honey, I ship you with...
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
What your relationship would look like:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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multi-stann · 5 hours ago
Knife at the Throat- B.B.
a/n-Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: You’re an enemy of Bucky’s, and he’s yet to take you in even though he’s had numerous chances. Why? Well.......maybe he kinda, sorta, likes you...
Warnings n stuff: 18+, dirty-ish flirting, mentions of sexual acts, some violence, pet names, couple of mentions of blood, kind of an enemy to lovers but they don’t become lovers; so let’s say enemies to fuck buddies lmao, reader has pyrokenisis kinda ig,
Bucky swings another punch at you, but you dodge. You like to tease him, more so often than not. The only way you two actually ever see each other is when you’re in the middle of pulling off another successful mission or heist, or perhaps a murder of someone who very well is deserving of death, so you both like to take your time with the fighting. And Bucky is always the one who finds you first. Not any of his partners. He knows exactly where you’ll be and when you’ll get there, just to make sure he sees you.
Bucky hisses when your knife slashed open his cheek, and he stumbles back at the force you use. His hand comes up and feels the warm liquid lightly coming from the cut. “Feels great doesn’t it, sweetheart?” You ask him, a tease and taunt in your voice and he snarls. “That’s it, you’re officially coming back with me tonight. I’m done with these games!” Bucky yells as he hurdles towards you. You’re quick to dodge his movements, expecting his each attack as you nearly always do. “Going with you where? Your house? I’d love to!” You add on just to make things worse as he punches and kicks.
Bucky is a big man, and he’s actually pretty quick on his feet thanks to that assassin work he did years ago, but you’re faster and more agile than he could ever be. “Come on, Bucky......step up your game!” You taunt as you block and dodge his punches and kicks, then he pulls out his knife. It dances along his fingers and he swipes at you several times before slicing through the leather of your suit on your thigh, in which you let out a short hiss. You then block his next slice with the vibranium plate that covers your forearm; may i add that you “stole”; and then you push him back. This gives you enough time to hop off of the roof of the building you’re fighting on and disappear leaving Bucky silently standing still; waiting for your next move.
“Come on, y/n! Can’t keep this up forever! Constant game of cat n mouse. Kinda gets old, doll.” He twirls his knife around his fingers waiting to hear any form of movement from you. You, on the other hand, are sneaking around the small balconies beneath where you dropped off at. Your idea is to sneak up behind Bucky, and pin him to the wall. You’ll finally gain leverage and, if needs be, you’ll burn him a few times to get him at your mercy.
You slip up onto the roof once more and begin to walk stealthy up behind Bucky. Lucky for him, he can hear the small pebbles rub underneath your boots as you walk, and right before you can pin him to the wall: he has you pinned against it. Some reason, he places his hand on the back of your head so you don’t hurt yourself.
Do either of you actually really want to kill or tremendously hurt the other????? Nope.
“Nice try, doll face. Have to do a lot better than that , you know? Former assassin n’ all.” His knife is held close to your throat and your knife? Well, you dropped it when he pinned you against the wall. It’s about four feet away on the roof top. “Damn, i really thought i had you, Barnes. don’t like our little game anymore?” A small pout forms on your lips and Bucky chuckles. “Oh doll, you know i could never get tired of you.” You can feel his breath fan across your face as he talks, and you feel chills roll up your spine. “Good, because I was beginning to worry you actually were tired.” Your tongue darts out and licks your lips, then a smirk appears on your face and Bucky’s face comes even closer to yours. “You like egging me on, don’t you? You really like this type of stuff. And here I thought i was the one that was desperate.” “You like to do it to me too, so why not play fairly? You can’t have all the fun Bucky, and who said you’re not desperate? I see how you look at me and then get easily distracted, sweetheart.” His teeth sink into his bottom lip as he presses the knife up against your throat. “You’re a pain. If you’d stop all this shit with being the bad guy, then maybe you could actually come home with me.” “Well you could always come to mine, if you’re scared for me to know where you live at.” “Me? Scared of you? You’re harmless, kitten.” Bucky’s words fall from his lips in a low tone and it has you pressing your thighs together.
“Let’s not fuck on a rooftop again.” You roll your eyes and his lips curl into a smirk, “Oh? You don’t like the thrill of it?” “I don’t like the uncomfortable hardness of the brick or the floor as you plow into me like i’m a rag doll.” Your hand raises to his vibranium one that’s holding the knife to your neck, and it wraps around his wrist. “So come back to mine.” You purr, your eyes looking into his as your other hand trails up his clothed stomach to his chest. “I hate you.” “Yeah, i hate you too, Barnes. But you’re kinda fucking hot.” You watch him swallow then his jaw clenches, “You always do that, the jaw clench........ What? You like me for real or something?” Your eyes squint at Bucky and he scoffs, “Please, the only thing i like is the way you squirm and beg me for more when i have you underneath me, kitten.” Your breath hitches and a low moan escapes your throat. “ said something about your place? Wanna lead me there? Still gotta put up that fight though, can’t have people thinking we’re suddenly friends now.” “Yeah, i’ll lead you there. Just don’t throw knives at me, only punches.” “Would never dream of hurting you like that, kitten.”
Bucky releases you off of the wall and your hand immediately goes to his throat, applying a light warm sensation to let him know you’re fully watching him, and just to prove you have a bit of control too. “Since it’s my place, i’m on top tonight.” “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, kitten.” “Watch me!” You shout as you walk off away from Bucky, him beginning to walk a little ways behind you.
“Hey! Didn’t know you had a knife kink. Have to try that tonight, huh?” “Knife kink? Says who?” “Says the one i was holding a knife to her throat and she was clenching her thighs the whole time.” You roll your eyes knowing he can’t see, and you keep walking to the edge of the roof. “What can i say? Maybe you threatening me does get me all hot and bothered and that’s why you never take me in?” You send him a wink and then hop off of the rooftop to one of the balconies, waiting for Bucky to follow you down.
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Silver and Gray
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader x Winter Soldier Summary: Being trapped between Bucky Barnes and the Winter Solider feels as good as the metal around your throat. Word Count: Over 1.1k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, fingering, oral (f receiving), choking, slight orgasm denial, possessive behavior, slight Dom behavior, praise, Bucky Barnes AND the Winter Solider (that’s a warning because it’s the two of them together, okay?) A/N: Happy Sinday! After a small discussion with a few lovelies, I just wanted Bucky and the Soldat again with their metal hands. I might write more of them? Maybe? Do we want that?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every system in your body relied on oxygen. You couldn't survive without it. And you had forgotten how to breathe. It should have been a natural instinct, but you couldn't get the air into your lungs. Not with the metal hand wrapped around your throat. Not when it got tighter and tighter...
"Breathe in through your nose, doll. He won't hurt you. Unless you want him to."
You inhaled sharply as the other metal hand toyed with your soaked cunt. You couldn't remember how you got trapped between Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier. You weren't sure how it was even possible that they were there at the same time, but it was clear that they both had a mission: to tear you apart.
The Soldat looked furious as his grip tightened, his breathing heavy as yours grew shallow. He had been the one to cut your clothes away, but he was careful not to slice your skin. Was that an order? Or did he want to leave marks on your soul instead?
"You know why he's angry?" Bucky asked, his fingers curling inside you as exhaled against the shell of your ear. You shook when his thumb rubbed your clit. "Because he's meant to be a machine. And you… Well, you make him feel. It confuses him. But he would never hurt you, baby doll. Not when you belong to him… to us."
You didn't realize how hard you were clamping around Bucky's fingers until the hold on your neck loosened, giving you a chance to properly inhale. You could still feel the fingers around your throat, like an invisible collar. You liked the lingering feel. Maybe you wanted to be owned.
"Breathe. In and out. There you go. That's our good girl. That's right. Ours," he praised, bringing his lips to the pounding pulse in your neck. The praise spread warmth inside you that you didn't know you needed. "So fucking wet. You're dripping down my fingers. You're so close. Need us to take care of you, don't you?"
Nodding since you were certain you couldn't find your voice, your dazed eyes went to the Soldat. He no longer looked angry. It was replaced by hunger. His eyes didn't leave yours as Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist, keeping you upright when he took his fingers out. The spasm in your walls ceased and you whined, both of them freezing as your pending orgasm faded altogether.
"Shh. Oh, I know, doll. But it wouldn't be fair when I know how badly he needs it," Bucky told you, bringing his wet fingers to his mouth and slowly licking each one clean. He could have been quiet, but the deliberate groans he made at your taste made the Winter Soldier growl. 
"Taste her, Soldat."
You trembled as he dropped, wondering how he still managed to look so imposing down on his knees. The ice in his eyes turned to fire as he hiked one of your legs over his shoulder. The tip of his finger slid along your folds curiously, making you tremble. 
"Please," was the only thing you could think to say.
Bucky's hand flew to your throat when you felt the Soldat's tongue land right on your core. There was no more teasing or shyness. He devoured you like a starved man, on hand gripping your ass to pull you closer to his mouth. What had you done to deserve his worship? How did he turn rage into pleasure?
"You feel that? How he's memorizing you with his tongue? Oh, no, baby doll. He's marking you. And I'm the only other one who will ever feel what he leaves behind."
You felt like you'd spiral from his words, the heat in your gut pooling when he pressed his clothed hardness against your backside. The hand around your throat merely tested there. He was being patient. Waiting his turn. And the man between your legs continued to feast, giving you no reprieve to the onslaught of building ecstasy.
"He's going to make you come on his tongue," Bucky whispered as you moaned, arching your back when he brought a hand to one of your breasts. Your nipple was hard and sensitive before he even touched it. "You're going to soak his face until it slides down his chin. Until all he knows is your taste. His favorite sweet flavor."
His tongue filled you deliciously and you selfishly wanted more. You needed him to spear you open. You didn't even need him to undress. He could just take himself out, spread your thighs as Bucky lifted you up...
"Wait until his cock fills you. He'll ruin that sweet pussy," he smirked as he tilted your head back and pressed his lips to your temple. "And I'll destroy you. You'll never feel empty again. Do you understand me?"
Your cry was unintelligible, but your body gave them the answer they needed. Another growl vibrated against your folds as you bucked your hips as best as you could, your hand frantically grabbing the Soldat's hair. It only encouraged him, doubling his efforts when he added a finger with his tongue and flicked your clit with his thumb. He knew your body. He knew everything.
"Fuck, I can hear it. You're drenched. I can't wait to feel that on my cock, but you have to lose it on his tongue first. You ready? Do it. Show us that you’re really good for us,” he rasped, lightly squeezing when you whined. “Make her our good girl, Soldat.”
The ferocious sounds he made in response as he slid his tongue in and out of you made you feel like prey. You weren't sure how you'd survive as he licked and pushed in your warm center, you gave yourself over to the wonderful sensations that filled you. You fully surrendered at the next command.
But it wasn't Bucky who spoke. It was the Soldat.
"Come," he ordered against your slick hole.
Your world exploded around you, pieces of yourself shattering completely, as you cried out for them. You couldn't ground yourself as you trembled, but Bucky's soothing voice was at your ear. It took a moment to hear him over the sounds of your keens and whimpers, but he kept talking until you listened.
"That's it. Good girl. That's our good fucking girl. Knew you'd be so good for us."
The Soldat's tongue and fingers left your body as he rose to his full height again. You watched him through hazy eyes as the light caught the shine on his face, your heart rate picking up again. His eyes were still lit with fire. It burned for you. 
"Kiss her," Bucky whispered.
You hadn't caught your breath, but it didn't matter as he brought his mouth to yours. Your essence was on his tongue as he moved it against yours, his metal fingers going to the other side of your throat. Both hands together surrounded you, chained to them. The past and the future. 
"So, baby doll… Whose cock do you want first?"
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apricity update:
There will be a week in-between each update for a period of time until Black Widow comes out July 9th. The reason for that is because I might incorporate that storyline into apricity with Florence. Part three releases tomorrow!
Catch up here!
love!!! 💕
taglist: @tanyaherondale   @lilyviolets   @jckie94 @g-mayunot
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𝐦𝐲 𝐝𝐫𝐮𝐠 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲
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Pairings: bucky barnes x female!reader
Word count: 1,506
Warning: SMUT!! (18+), use of toys, handcuffs, vibrators, mild bondage.
Summary: written for @celestialbarnes' 4k writing challenge. congrats raachel! you deserve it love ♡. bucky came home from a mission and found a toy in your drawer that kept you satisfied while he was away. he decided to take advantage of it.
a/n: it's been awhile since i wrote a filthy one shot. enjoy! please leave a like, comment and reblog! :)
Tumblr media
You stood in the middle of the room, anticipating his return. “Stay here and don’t move,” he whispered in your left ear, awakening the chills that ran down your spine. You only nodded in response and obeyed him. Your thoughts were racing, eager to find out what he had in store for you. Bucky had always had a way to keep things exciting in the bedroom, but this time, he took it to another level and you didn’t know whether you should be nervous or thrilled. (Thrilled, you were mostly thrilled.)
Since you began dating him, you learned that Bucky could be intense and passionate in making love. He tended to be more dominant, but he always had his limits and he’d never let himself hurt you. Until one night, you were reading an erotic novel while he was away on a mission and you needed something to relieve yourself, so you utilized that buzzing toy you kept in your drawer but never had the chance to play with (why would you when you have the sexiest and most generous lover?) and lost yourself in the fantasy of you and Bucky doing the scenario that the two characters were doing in that page.
Bucky found that toy a few days later once he came home and he was looking for his key and he had you pinned on the mattress that night for three hours. The next day, you and he were cuddling on the couch only in your underwear and you nervously told him about a fantasy you had while he was gone. Bucky was initially ambivalent about it, but the more he thought about it and the more you assured him that you were okay with it, that you wanted it, the more interested he was in the idea.
So here you were, staring at the wall, bare and cold from the air conditioner of the room, waiting in the dark, the only thing that illuminated your view was the city lights and the moon from the window. You were worried that Bucky changed his mind but Bucky was a man of his words and he was willing to try new things with you. Including- no, no, especially sexual activities.
You heard his footsteps from behind you and you couldn’t help but tingle from his presence. You wanted to turn your head to look at him but you didn’t want to disobey him. He stopped in front of you, his darkened eyes looked into yours as he took one of your hands and locked something around it. You looked down and saw that an old prisoner handcuff hung from both of your wrists now.
Bucky slightly pushed you back until the back of your legs hit the bottom of the bed, and he brought your hands up so he could attach the chains of the handcuffs to the wooden rod that was part of the bedframe. Once the chains were securely attached, Bucky stared into your eyes and kissed you deeply, his mouth devouring yours, tangling both of your tongues.
He backed away to admire the work of art in front of him, exposed and vulnerable just for him. His heart swelled with pride to know that only he could touch and see you this way. Bucky walked closer to you again and he pulled down the one last item that was still clothing your body and it was the black lace thong you bought a month ago at Victoria’s Secret.
Your legs stepped out of the thong once it hits the floor and Bucky brought it to his nose, inhaling your scent that intoxicated him. Watching him smell your underwear made you breathless, it was so lewd yes so fucking sexy. Bucky put it in the pocket of his sweatpants, then he reached for something on the bed and it was the vibrator that led to this moment. You were flustered and your eyes dilated, you truly never expected Bucky to ever use it on you.
You could see the smirk on his face at your reaction, oh how you wanted to wipe that smug sneer off his face but it only turns you on even more. The hold this man had on you…
Bucky turned on the magic wand and the sound of buzzing made you dizzy. He pressed it to your clit, making you whimper at the way it stimulates your cunt. He pushed it further into you and moved it up and down in your vagina, making you squirm. You tried to shut your legs but he slapped your butt, not too hard but just enough to alert you. “I didn’t tell you to close them,” he warned.
You could only mewl in response, you closed your eyes and let him toy your arousal as your thighs began to shake. He dialled up the speed, bringing you closer to the edge. “Look at you, I’ve barely even touched you yet you’re already a shaking mess,” he chuckled. “Now I understand why you love this thing. Seems like I can make you wet without even laying a finger on you, huh?”
“Oh, fuck, Bucky please…”
“Are you close, baby?” he sultrily whispered in your ear as he trailed kisses from your jaw, down to your neck, making you gasp. “Does my baby wanna cum already?”
“Yes, I’m so close, Buck…” you pathetically whined.
He chuckled, then he dialled up the speed to maximum and his other flesh hand made its way into your hair, grabbing it and pulling it back, allowing him to have easier access into your throat. He bit your sensitive spot, leaving a small bruise there as you cried out from your orgasm. The vibrator was still buzzing between your legs as you began to come down from your high, then Bucky turned it off and threw it on the bed.
“Now it’s my turn to make you cum,” he stripped himself out of the sweatpants and his boxer and kicked them aside on the floor. His thick cock sprung free, glistening with pre-cum that always made you want to wrap your lips around it. He stroked his cock a few times and then kissed you slovenly, leaving you breathless once again. He didn’t waste any time in hosting your thighs and wrapped them around his waist.
He used your wetness as lube to make it easier for him to slide in. When he was slick enough from your juices, Bucky lined his cock to your entrance, then he pushed inside until he was fully sheathed by your walls. He groaned in your ear, giving you time to adjust to his size. Bucky started with a slow pace, moving his hips back and forth in shallow thrusts. Once your moans grew louder, Bucky grabbed a fistful of your hair and kissed you as he fucked you harder.
“Baby, you feel so fucking good around me,” you wailed as his cock brushed your sweet spot, causing your head to spin. You looked down to see where your bodies were connected, watching the way his cock disappeared in and out of you. You could feel the bulge in your stomach, making the knot in your abdomen tight. His metal arm that was on your hip made its way to your front, finding your clit and he rubbed it in circles furiously, making you clench around him.
Bucky groaned as he kept dominating your mouth and you could feel your heartbeat pounded against your ribcage, unable to think of anything else but him. Your thighs shook and your toes curled, the echoes of your cries were music to his ears. A few more hard pounds, and you felt your climax approaching, making you feel hazy. “Cum for me, baby, c’mon,” his voice, his touch and his cock drove you off the edge, the tightening coil in your stomach shattered as you screamed in pleasure, your orgasm hits you like waves of ecstasy, making you see stars.
Bucky snapped his hips vigorously and then he followed you to a place of euphoria, spilling himself deep in your womb, painting your walls in white. You both panted as he was still buried in you, Bucky kissed you once again to calm you down but this time, it was soft and sensual, instead of dominating. Once you began to regain composure from the aftershocks of pleasure, Bucky retreated himself out of you and he unchained the cuffs from the wooden bar and unlocked them off you.
“Are you okay?” he huskily questioned as he held you close to his chest, kissing your temple.
“More than okay.” you smiled, weary yet satisfied. Feeling safe in the arms of your lover who was glistening from sweat as you were. The warmth of his body soothed you.
“Let’s clean you up, hm?”
“Yeah, but afterwards… Maybe some tacos? That really drained me but now I’m famished,” you looked up at him, smiling contently at the man who just made you writhe.
“Sure. Anything for you, baby doll.”
tagging some of my favorite writers; @celestialbarnes @jobean12-blog @buckycuddlebuddy @buckyblues @starsvck @sebstan-simp @saiyanprincessswanie @extremelyblackandwhite @cjsinkythoughts @baezen @balenciagabucky @onceuponabarnes @notborkybarnes @bucksbestgirl @badassbuchanan @wannabeschyulersister @golden-barnes @buckys-black-dress @buckybarnesplumwhore @chris-butt @fairytaleseb
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I saw someone asked "pregnant!reader wearing steve's clothes because hers don't fit anymore" and if it is possible, may I ask writing a headcanon like this for Sebastian Stan? If it is not I am totally okay by the way.
I really appreciate the work you do and thanks for everything. 🌸
Thank you, sweetheart! I’m going to try to do this as a different scenario so it doesn’t look completely the same as Steve’s 🙁
Sinday is here! Send me your ideas for a headcanon or a drabble, I’ll be writing all day!
Tumblr media
Sebastian managed to get into your shared apartment just in time to witness the almost-accident
You had climbed a ladder as best as you could, considering your overgrown belly, to try to hang something over the crib of your unborn child
He saw your legs faltering and his own acted before he could even think
He managed to catch you just before you fell
“I told you to wait until I got home, huh?”
You just hid your face against his chest, embarrassed that you tripped and put yourself at risk when you knew it wasn’t necessary
“Thank God you’re home,” you giggled, hoping it would maybe calm him down
And in some way, it did
He didn’t look angry when he set you on your own two feet
But the fire in his eyes was undeniable
“What is it with you?” You joked when his hands slipped underneath the shirt of his that you were wearing, roaming over your body without ever stopping in a single place for too long
“You’re so needy.”
He nuzzled on the crook of your neck, humming as his hands slipped on your underwear, finding your clit with practiced ease
“It’s the damn shirt,” he mumbled, but by then you were too lost on the pleasure he was giving you to process his words
It had been too long, after all
“Hm?” You questioned, tone sounding detached, making Sebastian laugh against your skin
“It’s ‘cause you’re wearing my shirt.”
And then it hit you
Last time Sebastian saw you, right before he needed to leave for filming, your belly was barely visible
Now that it was fully grown (or at least you hoped so) his shirts were all you found comfortable to wear
And this was the first time he saw you wearing it
“Well, what are you waiting for?” You commented, hoping to incite him.
“Fuck me in it.”
The smirk in your boyfriend’s face warned you that you were in for a wild ride.
Baby daddy Seb is 🥺
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The Lie preview.
The Lie based on the TikTok that you see full colors when you see your soulmate for the first time.
(Y/N) and Steve have been together for three years they know that they’re not each other’s soulmate they’ve talked about the day they meet there soulmates and how they will continue to be there for each other.
What happens when (Y/N)’s soulmate is none other then Steve’s best friend what will happen when Steve finds out and what will become of (Y/N) and Steve’s relationship part one coming soon.
“When where you going to tell me?” Steve yelled at (Y/N).
“Steve please let me explain, I was going to tell you tonight.” (Y/N) says while reaching out to grab Steve’s hand.
“Why keep this from me (Y/N) I thought you loved me was everything a lie?” Steve says while waiting for an answer.
“No it wasn’t a lie Steve I do love you it just that your not my soulmate Bucky is.”(Y/N) says while tears fall down her face.
Steve looks at (Y/N) and that’s when he realizes you’ve been hiding this since you met Bucky last year a whole year you lied to him.
“So you’ve known Bucky was your soulmate for a year and never said anything to me?” Steve asks (Y/N).
“I didn’t want to hurt you Steve I just thought if I kept this to myself I wouldn’t have to tell you but then Bucky told me he started to see colors when he looked at me and I knew he was going to tell you so I was planning for a year to tell you all of this.” (Y/N) says.
“Well your plan failed because Bucky let it slip that your his soulmate and I was about to laugh at what he said but then he tells me he’s been seeing color for a year and he thought you already told me but then he tells me how you and him have been talking and thinking of ways to tell me but I left before he could finish because I want to hear all this from you.” Steve examples to (Y/N).
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Sequel to SIT ON ME
a/n: as per requested, here is a part two to my recent sebastian fic! hope you guys will like it as much as you did the previous part! also, there’s not gonna be any more parts!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Assistant!Reader
word count: 3k
Tumblr media
You were expecting it. You knew how the internet and most importantly, Sebastian’s fans work. Just hours after the event, dozens of videos got out of Sebastian saying that he wanted you to sit on him if he was a chair, an answer to a highly inappropriate question that shouldn’t have been asked in the first place, but your crazy ass boss thought otherwise.
It washed over the whole fandom and soon enough everyone was talking about the two of you. And because part of your job is to be up to date about Sebastian’s media presence, you had to face not just him but yourself all over the internet. Fans started to dig up every tiny interaction between the two of you caught on camera, they posted photo montages of you and him just out and about or going from one meeting to the other. They started to look for signs that you’re dating and half of the fandom became convinced that you’re in a secret relationship. Speculations and rumors spread faster than wildfire and there was no way to stop it, you just had to live with it.
In the meanwhile, Sebastian didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. It’s like he didn’t even acknowledge the fuss about the two of you, like it was all so natural and normal to be seen as a couple by the whole world when you were just his employee.
“What? It’s not like I ever addressed anything about my dating life,” he shrugged one day when you asked him why he is not caring about the situation at all. And that was pretty much it.
The fans wouldn’t have been that big of a deal to you either. They are strangers, they always get fixated on something and soon enough you knew something new would come up and make them forget about your existence. The people close to you on the other hand are a whole different side of the story.
Following the event, Mackie wouldn’t shut up about Sebastian being hopelessly in love with you and he would nag you to go on a date already, getting on your nerves even more than he usually does with his nosiness. You love the man, you really do, but he needs to learn how to stay in his own lane.
And then, slowly but surely every friend you and Sebastian shared caught up on the story and they started asking you about it again and again and you had to tell them the same thing every damn time: you and Sebastian were working together, no romance was involved between the two of you.
No one believed you.
Now it’s been weeks and people still go crazy whenever you and Seb step out together, which happens quite often since he’s been having a busy month work-wise. Paparazzi are always following you around, catching every moment you spend out in the public, putting you on the tabloids nonstop. It’s become your usual.
Another day, another event. The day starts early for you before you pick Sebastian up and heading out to have breakfast before you are supposed to show up at the concert hall that’s going to be the venue of today’s interview and Q&A.
“Mackie has been blowing my phone up all morning,” you grumble upon seeing another text from said man before you just turn your phone screen facing down so you can finish your toast in peace.
“What does he want?” Sebastian hums.
“He is asking if I’m coming today, as if I missed any events these past weeks,” you huff shaking your head.
“He has been acting weird,” Sebastian grimaces, reaching for his coffee. “Weirder than his usual,” he adds.
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know, he just asks weird stuff,” he shrugs, not paying much attention to it and you decide to do the same.
Not much later, you’re finished with your food, only sipping on your coffee when you spot a group of girls near your table, their phones pointing in your direction and you have to stop yourself from growling, turning a little so you’re not facing the phones entirely. Sebastian notices your discomfort and looking around he spots the girls as well before turning back to face you. He doesn’t say a word, just gets up from his seat and strides over to the group as you watch him with wide eyes.
“Hi girls, can I ask you to delete the pictures you took, please? I’m happy to take selfies with you, just please don’t post the ones of us eating, okay?” you hear him ask them, leaving you completely speechless. Luckily, the girls are happy to obligate and he quickly poses for pictures with all of them before joining you back at the table.
“Why did you do that?” you ask him, eyebrows raised in surprise.
“You clearly didn’t like that they took pictures of us and I know you don’t like how we are being talked about recently, so I thought I would… try to help about that a little,” he shrugs, finishing the rest of his coffee.
“I just don’t like that everyone is in our business,” you sigh, folding your arms on your chest as you lean back in your seat.
“So we have business? Together?” he asks, raising his eyebrows at you over the table.
“That’s not how I… We talked about this, Seb,” you breathe out, your shoulders falling forward.
“Ages ago. Things might have changed since then,” he suggests shrugging his shoulder.
“I still work for you,” you point it out. “Things are better this way.”
“Sure, whatever you say,” he mumbles, clearly hurt by your words, but there’s not much you can do against it. “Let’s go, I don’t want Mackie to be up in my ass for being late,” he sighs, leaving the money on the table that most likely covers both your meals and a fat tip as well.
The car ride to the venue is silent, but not in the comfortable way it sometimes is. It’s awkward and you keep glancing at him, trying to find the right words but you’re not even sure what you want to tell him.
I’m sorry we work together so we can’t date? I’m sorry I keep rejecting you? I’m sorry I’m afraid if we go any further than this it will ruin our friendship?
You have absolutely no idea how to deal with it, so you just stay silent, right until you arrive to the venue. Before Seb could get out of the car you speak up.
“Are you mad at me now?” you ask, biting into your bottom lip.
“I’m not mad, Y/N. I don’t think I could ever be mad at you,” he truthfully answers, his eyes only falling on you after he has spoken.
“But there’s something, I can tell.”
“I’m just a little frustrated, is all.”
“Because of what people say about us?” you make a guess.
“Because there’s this unsaid situation between us and you just don’t let me address it. You don’t want to talk about it and whenever it’s brought up, you just shut the door right at my face,” he explains and with each spoken word, you feel worse and worse.
“It’s a complicated situation,” you breathe out.
“It’s not,” he retorts. “Do you not like me?”
“Of course I like you!”
“Okay, I like you too so why can’t we be more than just friends?”
“Because we are not just friends. I’m working for you, it’s a different situation!”
“Y/N, this is not an office job, there’s no HR, no policies, we can do whatever we want!” he chuckles bitterly as you keep your eyes down. You don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s not just because of work, but because you’re terribly afraid of being a disappointment to him if you eventually give it a try.
Your silence doesn’t amuses Sebastian and you don’t have time to rave any longer about the situation.
“Forget it, sorry I brought it up again. Let’s just… get over with this thing,” he mumbles before getting out of the car.
You move around each other like strangers, he is clearly avoiding to even look at you and you’re feeling guilty even though you don’t think you have a reason to. Still, you hate seeing him this upset, especially when it’s because of you.
The change in your act is not that evident, but Mackie immediately notices it. When you walk past him he grabs your wrist and pulls you aside.
“What the hell is going on?” he asks with wide, curious eyes.
“What are you talking about?” you retort, acting innocent, but there’s a reason why you didn’t become an actress, you suck at even lying.
“You and Seb are acting like a divorcing couple!” he whisper-yells. Pursing your lip you start chewing on the inside of your cheek as you nervously tap your foot on the ground.
“We just… had a little disagreement.”
“About what?”
“Us,” you breathe out, your head hanging low.
“Wait, so there is an ‘us’?” he asks, air-quoting the last word and you roll your eyes at him.
“No, that’s what the disagreement was about. He wants and I…”
“Don’t tell me you don’t, because I know that’s bullshit. Y/N, I see the way you look at that man, why are you making it so hard for the both of you?”
“It’s just—It might ruin everything and I can’t afford that right now.”
“Ruin everything?!” he grimaces. “What would it ruin?”
“I said fucking everything!” you snap at him, losing your patience that you’re the only one who has issues with the situation. “Our friendship, my job, everything! And I don’t want that. I can’t have that.”
“Dating someone wouldn’t ruin the friendship, Y/N. This is not middle school. Friendship is part of being with someone and you two have that. Just let it take a step further.”
“Thanks for the advice, but I’m good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have stuff to do,” you mumble under your breath before walking away from him before he could get another word out.
It’s not that you don’t want it, because you do, you really do. You’ve been in love with the man for a long time and knowing that he has feelings for you too makes you have a heart attack every time you think about it. But you are so afraid it might go south and then you’ll end up losing your job and one of your closest friends as well. Because above everything Sebastian grew to be your biggest confidant, the person you turn to whenever you are feeling down, when you need a shoulder to cry on, you can’t imagine your life without him anymore and it’s not just about the times when you’re working. Traveling around the world with him is a blessing, you love the little moments you share, the late night movie nights in hotel rooms or when you’re exploring a new city together. You love messing around in his trailer when he is filming, making silly videos on sets or playing around with props you shouldn’t even touch. You can share anything with him and vice versa. If you lose him for whatever reason, you would be left with a hole in your life that would just simply never disappear, because no one will ever be like him and that’s a fact. You’re terribly afraid to risk everything for something that might not even work. You might be a horrible item, romance can bring out things of people that haven’t shown before.
The guys finally get on stage and you watch them from the side as always. It goes as usual, they are joking around, making a show, entertaining the audience as they go over the interview before the question round starts. You don’t realize it at first, but you’re holding your breath as one question follows the other, you’re scared someone might ask Sebastian about you and the shit show would blow up again. You can only hope his answer wouldn’t be as stupid as it was before. But luckily, the audience keeps you out of their business, only focusing on what’s important, so you start to feel relieved. Right until the whole event is nearing its end and Mackie decides to take matters into his own hands.
“I think we have time for one more question,” the interviewer announces and dozens of hands shoot up into the air, desperate to get the chance to ask the men on stage, but before anyone could get the mic, Mackie speaks up.
“Actually, can I have that last question?” he chimes in holding up a finger.
“Uh, sure, go ahead!” the interviewer responds, clearly a little puzzled about his request. Mackie then turns to face Sebastian who is sitting on his right and just by the look on his face you already know what it’s gonna be about.
“Sebastian, my question is: What do you love most about Y/N?”
He can barely finish the question, the crowd erupts in cheers and whistles that he had the guts to ask him about you, but you’re feeling different about his ballsy move.
“Mackie! No!” you shout from the side, both men looking your way. Mackie tries to look innocent while Sebastian’s face is unreadable, his piercing blue eyes are just staring right back at you and you wish you could read his mind.
“Alright, I take back the ques—“ Mackie starts in a mumble, but Sebastian is quick to cut him off.
“Nah, I’ll answer,” he simply says, another round of cheering filling the place and you accept defeat.
Squatting down you hug your knees to your chest as you listen to the inevitable answer Sebastian is about to give.
“What I love the most about Y/N is that she is genuinely the best person anyone could ever have in their life. She is so selfless and caring towards others, always got her friends’ back no matter what. I love that we aren’t just simply working together but we are friends too, really good ones and that I know nothing can change that.”
Listening to his soothing voice through the speakers, you feel your throat closing up, especially at the last part he just said. Chewing on your bottom lip you tilt your head to the side as he continues.
“Literally anything can happen, we could have the worst fight ever and I still know that we would make up no matter what. She is… just an amazing and exceptional person.”
There’s a heavy moment of silence and you’re staring at him from afar with teary eyes as his eyes are glued to his hands in his lap.
“Damn,” Mackie breathes out, making everyone laugh and Sebastian’s gaze rises to him with a small smile on his lips.
There’s no time to dwell on his answer, the event needs to end. The interviewer thanks for their time and as the crowd cheers to them they head off the stage, waving at them until they disappear.
You’ve moved to the corner of the room, not wanting to be in the way, but you’re still not over the speech Sebastian just gave about you. As he appears from the stage his eyes are clearly scanning the room, searching for someone and when he finally spots you, his face hardens as he heads in your way. You’re standing with your hand covering your lips, eyes still slightly watered and seeing you like this he knots his eyebrows together in worry.
“Hey, what’s—“
“Did you mean that?” you breathe out, your voice trembling. “Did you mean it that nothing can change that?”
“Of course,” he nods, finally seeing what this is all about. “We’ve always found our way back to each other, haven’t we?”
“But dating is so much different than what we do now!” you breathe out, still not entirely sure it’s what you should do.
“Why would it be?” he chuckles softly. “We are already spending the majority of our time together, we know each other better than some couples, it wouldn’t be that big of a change, Y/N. And just like how it could ruin things between us, not taking the step could do the same, because sooner or later it’s gonna be unbearable, one of us might end up dating someone else and that wouldn’t do good to us for sure. I would rather accept the end of it knowing that we gave us a try than not even trying.”
“What if I turn out to be a completely shitty girlfriend?” you ask in a whisper as he steps closer, his hands finding your wrists as he pulls them away from your face, holding them gently. “W-What if I—“
“Shut up,” he cuts you off chuckling. “There’s no chance you are shitty at anything,” he replies teasingly, making you smile the slightest. “But even if you do end up being one, we’ll work on it together.”
His hands guide your hands around his waist, you hold onto his shirt as he cups your face in his hands, his face inching closer until his nose is brushing against yours.
“I really hope you’re right,” you breathe out, giving up to resist it any longer. There’s no use.
“Was I ever not right?” he asks smugly.
“Oh remember when—“
You don’t get to finish, because he silences you the best way possible, his lips smashing onto yours. It’s been long due and it doesn’t disappoint, his lips feel soft and perfect against yours, you can’t help but let out a pleased hum as your hands slide up his toned chest and your arms curl around his neck while his hands find your waist strong arms circling your waist as he pulls you tight against him.
“That’s what I’m talking about!” Mackie’s voice breaks the moment and as you both pull back and turn in his direction, you see him pump his fist into the air with a victorious smirk on his face.
“Mind your own business, Mackie!” Seb calls out to him as you bury your face in the crook of his neck giggling like a little school girl.
“It’s my business! I made it happen!” Mackie retorts and a laugh rumbles through Seb’s chest.
“I’ll send you a thank you gift card later!” he shouts back before turning to you again, kissing the side of your head.
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