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#wanda maximoff headcanons
crypticwanda · 5 hours ago
idk why i thought of this but can you write a wandaxfemreader but r is a gamer and somehow convinces wanda to try playing the game and it's all cute and stuff? i'm imagining it being so cute idk why LOL
Video Games
summary: you are a gamer who tries to convince your gf to play a game with you
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: some cursing but mostly fluff :)
notes: I'm in love with domestic wanda
Tumblr media
"Bro what the hell?! This dude's definitely hacking." You said obviously annoyed as you clutch your controller tightly in your hand. Wanda looked over at you sitting in front of you TV and smiled, she didn't know how you could get so worked up over a game.
"Alright I'm done with this game." You say as you click off the Black Ops III app on your PS4. "I don't understand video games." You heard Wanda say from behind you. You turned around to see her sitting at the kitchen island while stirring her cup. "Some of them are actually fun." You say as you take the headset off of your head. She raises an eyebrow at you before bringing her cup to her mouth and taking a sip of her tea. "It's true!" You laugh as you put your controller down and stood up from the couch. "Everytime I see you playing those games, it just seems like pointless chaos." She tells you, her accent becoming slightly stronger. You smile as you walk up to her and wrap your arms around her waist from the back. "Oh come on, some of them are good." You smile as you rest your head on the side of her neck. She shakes her head as she smiles.
"Play one game with me, not like the one I was playing before, but a nice and calm one. I promise you'll like it." You ask her as you turn her body to face you. "Honey." She begins as she looks at you while jokingly shaking her head. "Please Wanda, just one game and if you don't like it, I won't ask again." You asked, your eyes softening as you looked at her and continued to rest your hands on her waist.
She turned her head and looked at the ground before sighing and turning back to you. "One game." She said, as she held up her pointer finger. Your smile widens as you turn around and start walking back to the couch, Wanda following close behind you. "A nice one this time, nothing having to with running around and killing people." She told you as she sat on her knees in front of the TV as you pressed the power button on your second controller. "It is a nice game, don't worry honey." You reassure her as you hand her the second controller. She looked at you with a witty smile before grabbing the controller from your hand. You press lightly to the right on your joystick until you reach the game you want. "Minecraft?" She asks as she looks at you through the sides of her eyes. "You're going to like it, I promise." You smile as the game starts to load up.
Once the game had finally loaded up, you clicked play and create a new world in survival mode. The screen became split with both of your views available. "Okay, I'm on the left and you're on the right." You tell her as she nods while keeping her eyes on the TV. "Why is everything shaped like squares?" Wanda asks as she furrows her eyebrows while watching the screen. A genuine laugh escapes your lips as you hang your head back. "It's just the art style of the game." You chuckle as you straighten your body back out. "The premise of the game is to collect materials and build things basically." You tell her as you start to farm wood in the game and watched as Wanda wondered around the open grass field in the game.
After a few hours of playing the game, Wanda had more fun than she had originally thought she would have. She spent a while collecting materials while you were of creating tools and killing mobs. She had also smiled widely as she spent time walking through a field and picking flowers to put in the house. About a few hours into the gaming, Wanda had crawled over to you sitting on the ground in front of the couch and snaked her way under your arms. Your arms hand hung over her shoulders as they held the controller over her chest. Even though she had complained about it earlier, she smiled ear to ear when she sat there with you and a controller in her hand.
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nermalina · 11 hours ago
warnings (18+ only): smut, public sex, mommy kink, vaginal fingering
marvel masterlist. | marvel headcanons. | nav post.
you ground against wanda’s hand as she rubbed your cunt through your panties. she had already pulled an orgasm out of you without having to do much besides use her magic to fuck your pussy.
now, she kept her hand between your thighs, letting you rock your hips against it. “please touch me, mommy.”
wanda hummed, pushing your panties to the side. “i don’t know if that’s a good idea, sweetheart.” she said, swiping her digits through your folds. “i already let you cum once and you’ve been getting really worked up since then. i’m not sure if my sweet girl will be able to take it.”
“i’ll do it, mommy.” you whimpered when her index finger briefly dipped inside your core. “i wanna make you proud.”
“alright, baby. but once i start, i’m not stopping until you soak my fingers. does that sound alright?” you nodded, grabbing her wrist to guide her hand closer to your cunt.
your girlfriend rolled her eyes and slapped your pussy before slipping two of her fingers inside of your heat. “you really wanted mommy to make you cum again, hm? right when all of these people are around?”
you were in such a daze when her powers had started messing with you that you forgot about all of the other people in the restaurant. at this point you couldn’t care, wanda was all that your brain could think of.
“with the filthy noises you’re making, surely one of them will figure it out.” she added, zeroing in on your sweet spot. “you’re so tight around my fingers, honey. you wanna cum, don’t you?”
you whined as her thumb began rubbing tight circles around your clit. “mommy i’m not sure if i can take it.”
“i thought you wanted to make me proud, princess.” wanda pouted, pumping her fingers into your sensitive cunt faster. “but if you really can’t take it, you know what to do.”
the word sat right at the top of your tongue, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say it. not when you had something to prove- not when the sokovian was making you feel so good.
you squirmed against the seat while wanda’s digits continued to bring you pleasure. “no, mommy i’ll take it like a good girl.”
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nermalina · 13 hours ago
Congrats on the 2k!!! I'd like to say that you def deserve it and wondered if you did something for yourself to celebrate it like buy something or treat yourself to some certain food? And if I could ask a very random question if you own/don't own a car what is something you get at a petrol station? That is if you do so lol
If I may request something if they are still avaliable. Could I request with yelena and Wanda, where maybe they have a little competition each time they go on a mission to see who can get the best souvenir for yn to the point of things getting out of hand XD please and thank you. And here's to 10k!!!
a/n: thank you! i’m pretty sure i had in n out the day i had my celebration, but that was just because my mom asked me to grab it shjdjdjdkdkdk i do have a car, but i’m assuming you mean what i get that isn’t gas for it or a car wash. in that case, i usually get some candy and water (:
warnings: none, it’s pretty fluffy
marvel masterlist. | marvel headcanons. | nav post.
you always looked forward to when your girlfriends would arrive home from missions. well, that may not have been entirely true, but there was a good reason behind that.
since you had officially began dating, they would compete with each other for your attention. of course, it was all fun and games considering the three of you were together, but that didn’t stop them from making a competition out of everything
nothing could have prepared you for the intensity of their competitive nature. once they tried to have a cook off, but all of you knew only wanda could make food without managing to ruin it. that’s how you had to bring out the fire extinguisher and struggle to put out the blaze that was a result of yelena’s attempt at cooking.
somehow the blonde thought she could pin the blame on your sokovian girlfriend, something they both did when the other one screwed up. at least there was no way they could screw up when bringing you gifts from the places they traveled, right?
the women burst through the front door of your shared apartment, ignoring you to rummage through their bags for the souvenirs they had brought home for you. “i don’t know why you even bothered to buy her something, what i picked out is just gonna make you look bad.”
“sure it will, lena.” wanda huffed, rolling her eyes. “i know her better than you, there’s no way what you got will be better. especially since you’re a tasteless b-”
“hey!” you interjected before matters could escalate. “you just got home after being away for three weeks, are you not going to give me any love?”
“no!” wanda exclaimed. “i mean, yes- but we’ll get to that later.
the women turned abruptly, slamming into each other. a loud crash was neard in your living room as the objects in their hands shattered on the ground. “look what you did, asshole.”
“what i did?” wanda scoffed. “maybe if you were paying attention for once-”
“that’s enough!” both women visibly flinched as you unexpectedly raised your voice at them. “i’m going to go into our room while you two make nice and clean up this mess, okay? once you’re done, i expect cuddles to make up for your behavior.”
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crypticwanda · 18 hours ago
I'm not sure if this is where I can ask for request but how about here it is hehe i hope you are comfortable enough and nothing is triggering with the request altho it is just calm i guess haha
How about:
Reader is the first and only survivor of the hydra experiment batch before wanda and pietro joined but reader never cooperated with hydra because she was only forced to be there (kidnapped) so they keep beating her up and then when wanda and pietro came, they become close, specially with wanda because they can communicate in their minds and one day maybe hydra is not happy with wanda's progress so they decide to punish her and then reader protected her, using her power for the first time
I'm so sorry if it's too specific. You can totally change a lot of things and you can decide the power. I just really want an overprotective!reader x Wanda 😂
Thank you so much for humoring me if ever hahaha i love your stories
Oh my god overprotective!reader is amazing and yes this is where you send requests, you did it right! Also thank you so much <33
To Protect You
summary: you are the survivor of an experimental group in HYDRA before Wanda and Pietro had arrived. You and Wanda are able to communicate through your mind due to both of your powers and become close to one another. One day, a guard starts hurting Wanda because of her performance, and you snap.
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: overprotective!reader, violence, abuse, cursing
taglist:  @myperfectlovepoem @minnahbukharo  @supersourlemon13  @royalityofmultifandom @madamevirgo @b0mbdotc0m  @fayhar  @olsensnpn 
Tumblr media
Your eyebrows furrowed angrily as you walked down the white hallways of the HYDRA outpost. Your wrists were red and aching from the thick metal cuffs harshly hitting your wrists. "Keep moving." You heard one of the guards say as you felt a violent push on your shoulder, causing you to grit your teeth and grunt in annoyance. "I am moving." You growl in annoyance as the guard scrunched his face in anger.
The guard had prepared to bring up his hand to strike you, but the the other guard standing next to you hand held his arm. "It's not worth it." He mutters as the other guard puts his arm down. You couldn't even feel happy about it, you knew that the only reason he stopped him was so that they wouldn't get their asses in trouble. You turned your head back forward as your eyes continued to peer angrily ahead.
A loud metallic noise was heard when the door to your cell had opened vertically. You grunted as you felt one of the guards push your back harshly as you stumbled into the cell. “I can walk on my own.” You mutter as you saw the vertical door shut. “Experimental Group one has completed their tests for today, we will resume tomorrow.” You heard one of the announcers say into the intercom as the guards outside your door start to walk away while talking with each other. You huffed out air as you turned your body and pressed your back against the cold wall. Your body sunk to the floor until you were sitting on the floor with your back against the wall. The lights around you outside your cell began turning off as they slowly reached your cell and the only light visible was the soft light in the corner of the room, barely able to light up the entire room. You sighed deeply before bringing your hand in front of your face, the metal of the cuffs clinging together. A small orange light began to emit from your fingertips as you moved them around slowly. You smiled to yourself, knowing that you were still able to use your powers, even if it was in the smallest amount. You were unsure about what your powers were and how to use them, all you knew is that one day you would use them to get out of this horrid place. 
The next day, you were awoken by a loud beep sound that came from the doors in the hallways. You heard multiple footsteps emerging from the corridor and some guards talking to either themselves or someone else. You thought you could have heard chains as someone was walking, causing your face to scrunch in confusion. You grunted softly as you pushed yourself to your feet and walked over to the door of your cell and brought your head up to look out of the glass. Your eyes widened slightly as you saw two more prisoners around your age walking in front of the two guards. You observed closely as you saw both of them heading to the cells on the left side of you. Before they entered their cells one of them, a girl with dark hair and tired eyes, had looked back directly at you causing your eyes to peer slightly at her. You heard the loud doors closing, indicating that they were both in their cells. You huffed out air as you turned your body and resumed to the spot where you were sitting on the wall. ‘I wonder what they are doing here’ you thought to yourself as you looked down at your hands. 
“I could ask you the same question.” You heard an accented voice asking you, almost as if it was a headset but no one was around you. The sudden voice caused you to jump as turn your head rapidly to look around your empty cell. “What the fuck.” You muttered to yourself as your heartbeat was still increasing. “Calm down, I’m talking to you through your mind.” The voice was inherently feminine with a strong accent to it. You breathed in deeply as you brought your hands back into your lap. “You’re the girl, the new prisoner they just brought into the cell next to me.” You muttered to yourself, still wondering if it was in your head or not. “My name is Wanda.” She said, she was sitting against her wall in her cell, almost parallel to you in your cell. “Y/N.” You said quietly. It  almost caused her to smile just being able to talk to someone for the first time in such a long time. 
“You’re different, aren’t you? Most people can’t respond when I talk to them.” Wanda said as she was moving around a box in her cell with her powers. “We’re prisoners of HYDRA, I think we’re different than most people.” You smirk slightly as you spoke. You could hear her stifling a chuckle under her breath as you spoke. Just the small conversation had caused a smile to appear on your face, it was nice to not be alone for the first time in forever. 
Almost two months had passed since Wanda, and now you know her brother Pietro, had joined you in the HYDRA outpost. Ever since they arrived, you and Wanda had become close. She was the person you could talk to without even moving from your cell, it was comforting having someone to talk to. Although the treatment has been worse than ever. Usually the guards are rough, but with the Maximoff's they were worse, and it made your blood boil. If looks could kill, all the guards in that room would be dead by now. 
“Maximoff!’ You heard one of the guards say, even just the sound of his voice made you clench your fist. You heard the door to her cell open and the sound of footsteps leading into her room. “You’re progress has been declining rapidly over the past few weeks, almost like you’ve been distracted by something.” The voice made your jaw clench and your eyebrows furrow. Wanda looked up at the guard from sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. She didn’t respond to the guard, she just kept her head facing the floor. “Come here.” The words of the guard had you sprinting to your door, trying to look through the glass. Since the guard was already in Wanda’s cell, you couldn’t see them. You cursed to yourself as you violently hit the door with your fist. 
Wanda had hesitantly gotten up from the ground, the sound of her cuffs clinging together as she stood up. Slowly she walked over to the guard, her feet dragging along the ground as she did. Then, the guard violently grabbed Wanda by her neck, causing her to begin to choke as she gasped for air. You couldn’t see Wanda, but you could hear her suffering in your head and it made you snap. You stood in front of your door as you continuously began striking at the door with your bare fist. All you were feeling was rage coursing through your veins, and your blood was boiling. As you continued to hit the door, you started to feel an unusual feeling in your fingertips, almost like a tingling but more powerful. Then, you started to see the orange-yellow light begin to emit from your fist like once before, only this time it was brighter than before. 
As you brought your hand up into the air to strike once more, the irises of your eyes began to glow a bright yellow as your hand was emitting a powerful energy that was glowing yellow and orange. When you brought you hand down to impact with the door, an impulse of energy surged throughout the entire outpost and the door you were striking flew through the air and hit the other side of the wall with a loud clang noise. 
A loud alarm began blaring through the entire building as most of the guards looked up in confusion, Without even thinking about the power you had just unlocked, you turned and ran over to the cell next to your own. The guard in the room had turned his head in confusion as he let go of Wanda’s neck and she dropped to the ground, gasping for air. The guard had reached for his gun but you were already running towards him as you brought up your hand to strike him with a powerful burst of energy. His body flew and hit the back of the wall of the cell, leaving a large indent in the wall. The guard was knocked out cold, causing a bit of relief to flow through you. Even though you wanted to kill him right there, you knew Wanda’s safety was more important to you. “Wanda.” You pant as you turn to kneel down next to her on the ground as she kept a hand on her neck. You helped her stand up and to your surprise, she wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled you into a hug. You immediately reciprocate by wrapping your own arms around her and pulling her close to you. “It’s nice to finally meet you.” She said as a few tears began to well up in her eyes. 
As much as you wanted to enjoy this moment, it was interrupted when more guards began to crowd around the entrance of the cell door with their guns drawn. Your eyes widened as you heard one of the guards yell, “Fire!”. Before the bullets could reach you, Wanda had picked up the bed in her cell with her powers and held it in front of the both of you as a shield. “We need a way out!” You yell over the sounds of bullets. “Pietro can get us out quickly!” She yelled back as you nodded to her. As Wanda backed up, you stood up in front of the bed and kicked it far enough so that it would hit a few of the guards. You ran out of her cell and made your way over to the two guards still standing. One of them you had hit with your powers so that he would go flying across the room. The other one you had elbowed him in the stomach and then kicked him across the room until he hit the wall. You panted heavily as you turned to see Wanda walking over to Pietro’s room. You walked up next to her and balled up your fist as the orange-yellow began emerging from your fist. You drew your hand back before punching the door, causing it to fly through the air and hit the wall of his cell. “Pietro!” Wanda said worriedly as she hugged her brother. “Time to go?” Pietro asked sarcastically, his accent showing strongly through his words. “Take Wanda first, you can come back for me.” You told Pietro as he nodded. Wanda looked up at you with confusion on her face but she didn’t have time to react before Pietro picked her up and ran out with her in the blink of an eye. Within a second, Pietro was back in front of you and he quickly swept his arms under your legs as he picked you up and quickly ran outside where Wanda was. 
As you stood back on the ground after Pietro had taken both of you out of the outpost, you realized that you were both standing in the middle of a snowy forest. “So, what now?” Pietro asked as he put his hands on his hips. “We just keep moving forward.” You tell them, your breath becoming visible in the cold air. You turned towards Wanda as she kept her arms in front of her chest. “Together.” You finish as she looks up at you with a genuine smile. You didn’t know where you were going or how you were going to get there, all you knew is that now you weren’t alone anymore and you wouldn’t let anyone hurt them again. 
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x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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crypticwanda · a day ago
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ackermanbitch · a day ago
i wanna write for marvel, like ong, send me marvel requests >:(
my only rule is no smut! im bad at writing it and i also mostly write for minor characters so like 😃obviously no smut
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nermalina · a day ago
hi bestie,
can i pls request milf!wanda and reader on a cute lil beach date that leads to...(insert the smut)?👀
love youu,
your fav juice mixer💕
a/n: i forgot that beaches existed, i should probably go outside 🥲 and ily2
warnings (18+ only): smut, oral sex (r receiving), praise kink, vaginal fingering, mommy kink
marvel masterlist. | marvel headcanons. | nav post.
“don’t get too messy, sweetheart.” wanda chuckled as the juice from the piece of watermelon you were eating drubbed down your chin. she leaned over, grabbing your jaw before licking it clean.
her arm wrapped around your shoulder, pulling you closer to her. your nose scrunched up as she began pressing soft kisses all over your face.
“my sweet girl.” wanda cooed, bringing you in for a slow kiss. she pushed you to lay flat against the beach towel she had put down for you to sit on. she spread your legs apart and leaned down, tucking her head in the crook of your neck.
her teeth grazed your skin as she gently nipped at your collarbone. you brought your hand up to the nape of her neck, holding her in place while she marked you.
the brunette began trailing her lips down your body, eventually settling between your legs. she pushed your knees up slightly and squeezed your ass. “mommy-”
“don’t worry, baby no one will see.” wanda said, pressing open-mouthed kisses up your thighs. she pulled your bottoms off, throwing them by the picnic basket you’d brought.
you sighed, letting your head fall back against the towel when wanda attached her lips to your clit. she sucked the sensitive bundle of nerves tenderly as her fingers teased your entrance.
your hands moved to tangled in her hair, tugging firmly as wanda pushed two of her digits into your core. “you love it when mommy puts her mouth on your pussy, hm?”
“y-yes, mommy.” you whimpered, rocking your hips back against her mouth. wanda pulled away from your clit, her thumb taking over to rub tight circles around it.
“that’s it, honey, you’re making me so proud.” your cunt clenched around the older woman’s fingers as she curled them inside of you. “such a good girl for me.”
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crypticwanda · a day ago
Come home | Part one
summary: you were able to infiltrate Westview with all of your memories intact and you try and convince Wanda to come home with you
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: mild angst, a little bit of violence
Tumblr media
You bit the inside of your mouth as you kept your eyes on the road as you drove. All you could feel at the moment was distress and anticipation. You were making your way to the S.W.O.R.D. observation site, hoping to have made progress on getting Wanda and the civilians out safely. It was hard to believe that Wanda's grief would go as far to create a completely alternative reality, but she was one of the strongest people you knew. For years you'd been pining after her ever since you had met her in Sokovia, but you knew nothing could ever happen between you two. She was in love with vision, so much in love that she had managed to fabricate him back into existence purely through her love for him. You didn't have a chance with Wanda, and you knew that. You never told her how you felt, even when she tried to see through your mind you still wouldn't reveal it. In fact, Wanda had never been able to get into your mind. You couldn't tell if it was because she was holding back or genuinely didn't want to. Either way, you were one of the best people for this mission, and you wanted to talk to Wanda before things got messy.
You were knocked out of your thoughts when you had to turn on the road. You sighed as you had parked in a grass field a few meters away from the entrance to the observation center. "Y/N" You heard Monica say as she started to approach you with Darcy and Jimmy following behind. "Hey Monica." You say unexpressively, still anxious thinking about Wanda. "Talk to me." You say as the group of you starts to walk back to the observation center. "Well the show seems to be set in the 80s now, and Wanda had her twins." Monica explains as your eyebrows furrow together. "I have to talk to her now before it's too late." You firmly say as turn and walk closer to the hex.
"Hey wait a second! We don't know how dangerous it could be going through there!" Darcy says as she tries to catch up with you. "She's right, I mean all those people in there are being mind-controlled by Wanda. She could even end up hurting you." Jimmy said as he gestures towards the hex. "Are you sure you can do this, Y/N?" Monica asks seriously as she looks at you. You clench your jaw before turning back to them. "I've known Wanda for so long and she's never been able to get into my mind." You say as you look down. "I'll be fine." You say confidently, although you were unsure if you were going to be okay. In your mind Wanda would never hurt you but seeing how just how much she's done over time, now you weren't too sure.
You sighed deeply as you stood in front of the hex. You hovered your hand over the glitching wall as it tickled the ends of your fingertips. You took a deep breath in before harshly pressing your hands against the hex. It took a few seconds before you broke through the initial wall of the hex until it sucked you through in to Westview.
An annoyed groan left your lips as you felt your back hit the ground. You let a huff of air out of your mouth as you opened your eyes and realised that you were now inside the hex. Your hands met the grass on the floor and slowly started pushing yourself up so that you were now standing. Your eyes scanned the area, looking over at all the houses. Your memory was still intact, which means Wanda didn't want to erase your memory or she doesn't know you're here yet. Your eyes peered as you barely saw any people walking around at the edge of the hex, most of the streets were empty and those who were outside looked as if they were stuck in place. It made you uneasy, but you tried to brush it off and remember why you are here.
You need to find Wanda.
Without thinking, you started running towards the center of town, hoping to find Wanda. You panted as your running slowed down as you made your way down a street going through the town. You stopped in the street as you noticed a familiar redhead kneeling in the street with two smaller boys at her side. You huffed out air as your chest rose and fell as you breathed in heavily. "Wanda." You breathed out quietly, but still loud enough for her to stop what she was doing before. Her face was in surprise as she slowly stood up and turned around. As she saw you, she knew that you were aware of where you were. "Y/N." She said quietly as she continued to keep her gaze locked on you. The two boys, who you assumed to be her twins, stood by her side and looked up at her in confusion. "Mom who's that?" One of the boys with slightly longer hair had asked. Wanda continued to stare at you silently, almost with sadness in her eyes. "Boys why don't you head home now." Wanda says after a few more seconds of silence. "Your mom has to catch up with an old friend." She said unemotionally as your eyebrows began to furrow.
The two boys had looked at her with a confused face again before turning and running home. Your eyes peered back up to Wanda's as you kept your hands to your sides. "It's been a while." You say, trying to break the silence. "You shouldn't be here." Wanda says firmly as her lips pursed together and her eyebrows lowered. You lifted your head up to look at her directly. "Please don't keep doing this Wanda, you know it's wrong." You say, your voice breaking slightly as you could barely get the words out. "You need to leave." She said, her accent slowly coming back out.
"Wanda please." You begged as your teeth gritted together and you felt tears start to swell up in your eyes. You quickly brought a hand up to wipe your eyes, almost cursing at yourself. "You're hurting people." You say more firmly as her eyes look down for a moment. "I'm not hurting anyone." She said, almost sounding annoyed as she brought her gaze back up to meet your eyes. "Please, Wanda, just..." you plead as a tear falls from your left eye.
"Come home."
Her eyes began to gloss over as she looked at you. She swallowed before beginning to speak. "This is my home." She whispers loud enough for you to hear as you felt your heart drop to your stomach. "And you..." she began as you started to see red orbs growing around her fingertips that caused your heartbeat to race. "shouldn't be here." She says, louder than before as she lifts her hands up as you feel a familiar pressure around your body as you lifted into the air. You grunted as you saw the red energy wrapped around your body as you floated in the air. You used all of your power to turn your head to look down at Wanda on the ground. Her eyes were glowing red from her powers, but they were still glossy, as if she was about to cry. She looked into your eyes as she held you in the air, almost as a way of saying, 'I'm sorry'.
Before you could do anything, you felt your body begin to quickly fly through the air. You sucked in deeply as you continued to feel your body fly through the air. You groaned in pain as you felt your back hit the ground and your body rolled through the grass quickly. You grunted softly as you brought your hands to the ground and push yourself off the ground as you turn to see the large hex in front of you.
"Y/N!" You heard Darcy yell as you turned and saw her, Jimmy, and Monica running towards you. "Are you alright?" Monica asked as she kneeled down next to you. You couldn't reply to her, your eyes were locked on the hex and all your mind was thinking about was the image of Wanda before she threw you out of the hex. "I thought you said Wanda wouldn't hurt you." Darcy said, obviously sounding worried. You grit your teeth together as the tears welled up in your eyes slowly began to fall.
"I guess I was wrong."
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Tumblr media
Rules to Request
Join my taglist
Last Updated: 5/5/21
Multiple Characters
MCU characters reacting to you having anorexia
The Avengers reacting to you going blind
Wanda Maximoff
Dating Wanda Maximoff headcanons
Sweet Mornings
Come Home | Part One
To Protect You
Video Games
Bucky Barnes
Bucky with an affectionate s/o
Bug Trouble
Helmut Zemo
Zemo taking care of a sick s/o
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crypticwanda · 4 days ago
summary: when you have nightmares, wanda can feel them. One night, she confronts you about them.
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: anxiety attack, mention of PTSD, angst
notes: sad wanda hours rn
Tumblr media
Beads of sweat ran down your face as your body tossed and turned in your bed. Whimpers escaped from your mouth as you moved. You were having nightmares, again. Ever since the battle of Sokovia, you couldn't sleep peacefully after your mind had been tempered with.
Your body continued to twitch as heavy breaths left your mouth. Wanda clung to her pillow as she laid in her bed and a few tears ran down her cheeks. She could feel your nightmares, even though she was rooms away from you, she could feel everything you were going through. It made her heart break knowing that you were in pain and she couldn't help you.
Your eyes shot open as you sat up in your bed, your chest quickly rising as you breathed heavily. Your breaths were fast and uncontrollable, it felt like you were hyperventilating. A few tears welled up in your eyes as you started to get a feel for your surroundings. Your hands were shaking as you brought them up to hung your bare shoulders. Your breaths were still heavy as you tried to calm yourself down.
You swung your legs over the side of your bed and pressed your soles to the ground. You leaned your face down as you put your face in your hands. Your breaths eventually slowed down as you removed your hands from your face. The ground creaked slightly after you pushed yourself to your feet. You turned and walked out of your room into the hallway while you held a hand on your neck. You walked towards the kitchen, hoping a glass of water could help calm you even the slightest bit. At the corner of the hallway, you turned and made your way into the kitchen. You grabbed a cup from the cupboard and brought it over to the fridge and pressed the button for water. You brought the edge of the cup up to your lips and took a large sip of the cold water. A sigh emitted from your lips as you swallowed the water and a clinking sound was heard when you put the cup back onto the counter.
"Can't sleep?"
You looked up to see Wanda standing there while holding her arms over her chest. A soft smile appeared on your face when you saw her and a small flow of relief went through you. "Yeah, I just..." you began, trying to find the words to explain it. "I couldn't sleep." You said bluntly, trying not to worry her. "Nightmares?" She asks, her accent ringing through her words. You sigh deeply before looking up at her with soft eyes. "Yeah..." you whisper, barely audible enough for her to hear. She looks at you with sad eyes as she slowly makes her way facing you across the counter. "Do you want to talk about them?" She asks quietly as she puts her hands on the counter.
You stayed silent for a moment, trying to find the right words. "It's always the same." You say as she looks up at you. "That day in Sokovia...with Ultron." You explain as you keep your eyes on the counter. "I don't even remember it that well but, when I go to sleep it's all i see." You mutter as Wanda's eyes sadden. She shifts from across the counter and stands next to you as she keeps a hand on your back. You take a deep sigh in and bring a hand up to your eyes as tears start to well up in your eyes.
"Can I see?" Wanda asks quietly as she brings a hand up to your cheek. "I don't want you to see it, Wanda." You say as you remove her hand from your cheek. She looks down and swallows harshly before speaking again.
"I can feel it, you know."
Your eyes peer at her as she looks back up at you. "When you have these nightmares, I can feel your pain." She explains as tears begin welling up in her eyes. You look at her with surprise and sadness written on your face. "I'm sorry." You mutter under your breath. Without responding to you, she brought her hand up in front of your head as a small, red energy came from her fingertips. You closed your eyes as she looked through your mind, it almost felt comforting.
Your eyes opened as you heard Wanda gasp as she pulled her hand away from your head. She looked at you with glossy eyes. "I did this to you..." she whispered under her breath as she brought a hand to her mouth and turned away from you. "No Wanda, it's not-" you tried to protest but she interrupted you. "Back with Ultron... he wanted me to tear you apart, and i did it." She muttered, tears falling from her cheeks. You looked at her with saddened eyes as you hung your head low. You wanted to protest but she was right. Before you knew Wanda and was fighting against Ultron, she twisted your mind and made you feel horrible things. You knew that Wanda would never intentionally hurt you now and you forgave her for what she did, but she didn't forgive herself.
"The things I've done..." she whimpered as she brought a hand over her eyes. You contorted your lips together as you walked back up to her. "Wanda." You say firmly, putting your hand softly under her chin so that she could look at you. "It's okay, I know you didn't have a choice and I forgive you." You explained as she looked at you with peering eyes. "But I've caused you so much pain-" she began. "Wanda, I forgive you." You continued to tell her as you softly laid your hands on her cheeks. You felt tears on your hands as they fell from her eyes. "Yes, the nightmares hurt but, I'd rather go through the pain than you have to feel the guilt about it." You explained as her eyes widened at your statement. You smiled at her trying to give her reassurance as she kept her hands ontop of your own.
Suddenly, she pulls herself up and presses her lips against your own. Your eyes widened in surprise but quickly you wrap your hand around the back of her neck to pull her closer. Her arms wrapped themselves around your neck as neither of you broke the kiss. Your arms dropped down to her waist as you pulled her body closer to yours. Finally, you pulled away as you both panted heavily. You chuckled as Wanda looked at you slightly confused. "I've always wanted to do that." You say with a large smile on your face as Wanda giggles. "How about I sleep with you tonight? Maybe your nightmares will go away." She asks genuinely as she keeps her hands wrapped around your neck. "If that's okay with you." You say as you smile softly at her. She nods slightly as she presses her forehead against your own.
From that moment on, Wanda vowed to get rid of your nightmares. She didn't know how to with her powers, but she would learn because she didn't want you to be in any more pain.
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Hello! I know I'm fairly new to this account but I wanted to make a requests page for everyone wondering!
What I will write:
What I will NOT write:
non con/dub con
detailed suicide
water sports/scat
character x character (i only write character x reader)
Characters I write for romantically:
Wanda Maximoff
Helmut Zemo
Carol Danvers
Bucky Barnes
Sam Wilson
Natasha Romanoff
Sharon Carter
Pietro/Peter Maximoff
Peter Parker
Darcy Lewis
Characters I write for platonically:
Tony Stark
Pepper Potts
Bruce Banner
Steve Rogers
Clint Barton
Thor Odinson
You can check my description to see if my requests are open!
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Going to Disney World with the Avengers Gang™
A multi-part, headcanon series including: (The Whole Gang) Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Thor Odinson, Loki Laufeyson
Tumblr media
Planning The Trip
Checking In (Where They Would Stay)
Magic Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Downtown Disney
Hotel Hopping
Disney Bounding / Dressing Up
Pool Days
Water Parks
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dizzydancingdreamer · 5 days ago
Going To Disney With The Avengers Gang™ | Planning The Trip
Part One of my "Going To Disney With The Avengers Gang™" headcanon series
Includes: (The Whole Gang) Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Thor Odinson, Loki Laufeyson
Word Count: 3.9k
Relationships: The Avengers x F!Reader, Ambiguous; just how we like it ;)
Going To Disney With The Avengers Gang™ Master List
Tumblr media
→The whole idea starts when the team is lounging at the compound doing regular™ team things
→A.K.A Wanda, y/n, Pietro, and Vision are in a pile on one of the couches cuddling, Clint and Nat are across the room playing pool, Bucky is making ramen in the kitchen, Steve is trying to convince Bucky to add an egg or something for more protein, Bruce and Stephen are talking neuroscience and bickering over techniques of spinal fluid something, Thor and Loki are fighting over the remote before Loki finally rolls his eyes and picks up the book y/n had left on the coffee table, Sam is asleep on the floor, and Tony is just tired
→In the madness though he picks up on the conversation happening between the four people on the couch
→“You’ve never been to Disney World?”
→Three rounds of “no” “nope” “I’ve only had a body for a year, y/n. When would I have gone to Disney World?”
→”Okay, yeah, good point, Vis. But y’all would love it. I haven’t been since high school but I want to go again so bad. We need a vacation.”
→Tony doesn’t even stick around to hear the rest, he’s already walking away while speaking to FRIDAY, telling her start pulling up the Disney site and analyzing it, disappearing to his lab and using all of his monitors to compare the resorts and try to decide where to stay that everyone would like (and where they would all fit because there’s too many of them)
→It doesn’t take him long to realize they’re going to need large accommodations
→Bruce is the first to notice that he’s gone, sneaking into the lab and scaring the hell out of Tony
→“Whatcha’ doing?”
→“Ah shit-- Bruce! How are you so quiet?”
→And then he points to the seven open listings on the monitors and explains that the team needs a break and that he heard y/n talking about Disney World and that he wants to surprise the team-- Bruce agrees immediately (the man is always in need of relaxation)-- and that’s how the team’s geek squad ends up playing Disney Dad #1 and Disney Dad #2 and planning the most extravagant vacation in less than three hours
→They have it down to a science after the first twenty minutes-- dividing what needs to be done and tackling it individually while bouncing ideas off one another
→“Do you think they want to eat at Beauty and The Beast Castle or Ariel’s Grotto the second night?” “I’m not sure-- book them both.” “Tony we can’t--” “FRIDAY, book them both.” “You got it Mr. Stark.”
→There’s a lot of Bruce wondering if what they’re booking is too expensive and even more of Tony reminding him that he’s a literal billionaire and that he could buy the Disney company if he wanted to-- that still doesn’t stop Bruce from suggesting more frugal methods from time to time-- it only makes Tony want to spend even more money because you need to lighten up, Banner
→The next person who realizes Tony and Bruce are gone is-- surprisingly-- Sam
→Honestly it’s only because he has to pass Tony’s lab on the way back from his room and he sticks his head in to tell them that “Romanoff and Barton ordered pizza if y’all want any… holy crap is that Disney World? Are we going to Dis--”
→Tony literally grabs him by the collar and tells him to hush it, birdman before pulling him into the room and explaining his plans for the second time-- “Yes, we are going to Disney World and I want it to be a surprise.”
→Sam just nods, his eyes on the screen and his brows beginning to push down and-- “Okay but why are you booking dinner at Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue on the same day that you have fast passes for World of Color at Epcot?”
→And Tony and Bruce blink and are just like “What?”
→And Sam is already at the computer, fingers stuttering over the weird ass hoverscreens while pulling up the page which shows that the World of Color has a whole ass dining experience-- Tony and Bruce have no clue that was even a thing-- and suddenly Sam is the one telling them what to plan because, as it turns out, this man loves Disney World and has been upwards of thirteen times and knows it inside and out
→Thank gods for Sam because these two Disney Dads™ were really shooting blindly into the abyss of trip planning without ever having gone to Disney World-- he has to shift around fast passes, dining reservations, water park tickets, and even the family portrait session that Tony demanded Bruce add
→He shows them all the things they don’t even think to plan-- firework shows, dessert parties, literally all of Downtown Disney-- Tony wants to be mad but he’s too busy picking his jaw up off the floor when Sam manages to book them for an After Dark Party in Magic Kingdom
→Bruce gets so excited when Sam tells him that’s a thing that he almost gives the plan away when Natasha comes rushing to see what all the noise is (it’s Banner jumping up and down like a toddler) -- he has to rush to the doorway, make up a lie about him dropping a piece of equipment, and then walk her back to the common area and play a round of pool with her to keep her questions at bay
→It’s all fine because Sam puts the final touches on the plan and has Tony give the order for FRIDAY to book it all and then it’s ready to tell the team
→They sneak back into the common area, it’s nine pm and everyone just looks so worn out
→Stephen is literally half way to snoring, legs curled under him on the love seat, doing that thing people do when they’re falling asleep and their head slumps and then they spring back awake, repeating the process an embarrassing amount of times but nobody’s even paying attention
→Steve and Bucky are talking quietly in the corners about whether or not they should just go to sleep because it’s Thursday and there’s really no point in staying up any longer
→Clint and Thor are sharing a bag of popcorn and half watching John Wick while discussing the inaccuracies of the movie-- “If he had a bow none of this would have happened.” “Or a hammer.” “Yeah, that too.”
→Yeah, they’re exhausted, and it makes the Disney Dads™ and Sam that much more excited to share the news
→Sam’s twiddling his hands behind his back and sharing smiles with Banner who’s trying to keep his excitement at bay and Tony is rolling his eyes but smiling too and for a moment nobody notices their cheshire grins and nervous foot tapping until finally y/n lifts her head from Pietro’s chest-- who complains at the action and lifts his head too-- and lazily asks
→“Tones, what on earth are you smiling about?”
→And the man opens his mouth but before he can even get the words out Bruce and Sam are already jumping up and down again and screaming “We’re going to Disney World!”
→And the room goes dead silent for three beats-- one, two, three-- and it feels like a million seconds and Tony’s face is dropping slowly and he’s ready to be like sike and then she jumps up, literally stepping on Pietro’s stomach, hurtling the back of the couch like a damn track star and rushing the man at full force, flinging herself at him and jumping into his arms and there are tears streaming down her face and she’s screaming
→“Tony you didn’t! Oh my gods you didn’t! You’re lying oh my god no! Are you serious?”
→And he’s nodding but he still can’t get a word in edgewise because she’s still rambling-- “You heard me oh my gods! You heard me and you did it! Tony that’s insane and reckless and oh my god I love you! Are we actually going? This isn’t a trick? Please don’t let this be a trick!”
→And he just laughs and spins her around and tells her that no, this isn’t a trick I’m not the mischief god here and Loki rolls his eyes but he’s also kind of excited despite the frown on his face
→They’re all excited
→Pietro and Wanda and screaming with Sam, slapping each other and just full on freaking out like children, incoherent and happy and raring to just go already
→In turn this wakes Stephen up who hears the madness and jumps up, on edge and ready to literally fight before he realizes what’s going on and calmly sits back down, nodding his head but not speaking because if this literal grown man opens his mouth he knows he’s going to freak out too because holy shit Disney World-- even sorcerers like Disney!
→Steve and Bucky are kind of confused-- they just barely remember Snow White when it came out but Disney World? They made a-- what is it? A theme park? Regardless they’re excited, ready to break the old men lull they’ve fallen into-- Bucky hears y/n ask if Tony booked water park tickets and gets super excited
→Vision is also confused but he sees everyone getting turnt over Disney World and decides that he is also excited-- Wanda momentarily stops being hyped up to ask him if he’s waterproof in which he goes into explicit detail about how yes, he is and he’ll show her if she’d like and she has to slap her hands over his mouth and tell him to hush
→Thor and Clint also turn into children but they’re the run around the room yelling types as opposed to the stand in a circle and scream types-- the gang is apparently just like fifteen children who barely manage to get things done apparently because they’re all hyped as fuck
→Clint sprints over to Nat whose hands are already up, ready to fight the man off because she knows what’s coming, but he’s too fast and too happy and uses all his assassin training to dodge her kick, grabbing her around the waist and spinning her around until she’s giggling and slapping his back
→“Natty we’re going to fucking Disney World!”
→“I know you lug, I heard Stark too. Let me down!”
→He doesn’t-- he just shakes her harder, cheering with the rest of them
→Thor slumps down next to his brother, nudging his shoulder-- “Migardians are strange”-- and Loki nods but pulls out his phone and starts looking up what’s actually at Disney World and-- “Look, brother, our home… wait is that us?”-- and the brothers get sucked into a rabbit hole of the Norwegian pavilion and whatever the hell the Frozen ride is and why their pictures are there
→It takes thirty minutes for everyone to calm down enough for them to actually have a conversation about what on earth Tony and Bruce and Sam did-- it takes another ten minutes after that for Stephen to finally break through the chatter to ask the most important question-- “Guys, seriously. You can ask about the plans after. The main question here is when are we going.”
→And Tony glances at Bruce and shrugs and is like “Tomorrow.”
→And they all erupt again-- y/n and Wanda because they have to pack and Stephen because normal people don’t just up and go on Vacation, you’re supposed to make time and Clint and Pietro because holy shit we’re going to Disney tomorrow!-- but Tony just brushes the worry off and reminds them-- again-- that they’re superheroes and that he’s a billionaire and that they can go on vacation whenever they damn want
→Cue fifteen more minutes of freaking out and y/n tackling Tony and then tackling Bruce and then, finally, tackling Sam who scoops her up and all but tosses her in the air before thanking her profusely for putting the idea in Tony’s brain
→They spend the next few minutes fangirling together-- Sam raves about all the food he’s going to eat-- Mickey bars, corn dogs, pretzels, those huge turkey legs-- and y/n talks about how she wants to get all the autographs she can-- especially Goofy and Pluto-- and then Sam mentions the After Dark Party and, like Bruce, she freaks out
→Finally Wanda has to split them up, grabbing y/n with one hand and hauling her over to the other redhead who’s still being held hostage by the resident archer and grabbing Nat with the other-- when Clint protests she curls her fingers, warning him with a pinch of red magic, and he holds his hands up, backing away slowly but telling Nat she’d better come see him before they leave
→On the way out Steve asks where they’re going and Wanda almost threatens him too until Nat tells him they’re going to pack for tomorrow-- he then turns to Bucky and reiterates the idea to a less than enthusiastic super soldier who tries to argue that I can pack in the morning but Steve just isn’t having it-- it takes five minutes but finally Buck agrees (but only after Steve says Bucky can just throw his stuff in his bag)
→The girls spend the rest of the night giggling and packing, holding up dresses and putting them down, shoving things in each other's bags and dancing to a playlist of oldies from Wanda’s phone-- Nat is the most boring packer but after some threats to get resident archer involved she gets her act together
→Pietro comes in when he’s done and Wanda scoffs at what he has packed but he only shrugs, slumping on y/n’s bed and giving her grabby hands until she rejoins him
→“But Pietro what if I forget something?”
→“You worry too much-- can’t Stange make portals?” He has a point
→What they all pack:
→Tony: Suits and graphic t-shirts. He’s either rolling up to Disney World in a Metallica t-shirt or a full three piece suit there’s no inbetween. He’s really not concerned about packing-- he can just buy whatever he needs there. After a text from y/n though he throws in a few pairs of shorts that he didn't even know he owned and his M.I.T. hoodie. He tops it off with a few gadgets he thinks he might need-- FRIDAY’s chip and some nanotech-- and he’s good to go. Billionaires don’t need to pack.
→Steve: Clothes and toiletries. Boring, basic, forgets swim trunks until he sees Bucky put his swim trunks and nothing else into Steve’s bag. That’s how he remembers most things actually; by looking at what Bucky doesn’t put into the bag. Along the way he suggests what the super soldier might want to pack while adding a few extra of his own just in case. After thinking about it for a few minutes he adds two books-- one for each of them. He also adds some tools-- a screwdriver and some pliers-- in case Bucky’s arm starts acting up. He’s sure Stark will have something but in case he doesn't, those will hold it over.
→Bucky: Swim trunks. And, when Steve begs, he grumbles and adds a few button downs and henleys. He also sneaks in a few knives, burying them in the henleys. He watches Steve pack for him though and leaves it at that-- what’s the point of packing when the super soldier can just do it for him? He’s not stupid-- he’s tired and Steve is fussy. He’ll have what he needs and if he doesn’t then he’ll just make y/n go swimming with him. Then he won’t need anything. Easy peasy.
→Nat: She’s the most level headed packer of the bunch, spare maybe Bruce and Sam. She Packs what she’ll need-- not too much and not too little. If anything she packs too many of Clint’s hoodies (three). Part of that, though, is her knowing that he’s probably going to forget one. She packs her normal toiletries, making sure to add an extra stick of deodorant and a bottle of Wanda’s red nail polish because-- despite the fact that she spends an hour watching Wanda pack her entire room-- she just knows that the woman forgot a bottle of that stuff and that she’ll be upset if her nails look chipped in the pictures. Wanda and y/n make her pack a bikini despite the fact that she has two scars from Bucky still and they threaten to get Clint involved if she tries to refuse-- “I suggest you put that little black number in that bag right now unless you want some aggressive compliments, you hear me woman?” She didn’t have to be told twice.
→Clint: Not as much as he should. Never as much as he should. He packs boxers, a pair of swim trunks, a few regular shirts and shorts (not enough), a couple nice shirts and a pair of jeans, and his toiletries. He’s gone longer with less but-- like-- he doesn’t have to this time? Nat walks into his room as he finishes packing and takes one look at his bag before marching to his closet and adding a hat, a pair of sunglasses, a jacket, a pair of sweatpants, and socks because who the hell doesn’t pack socks when they’re going to be walking around for days, how the hell are you an accomplished assassin Clint?
→Wanda: She literally packs as much as she can-- think the essentials times three and then some, like five different dresses, two leather jackets (even though y/n reminds her that Orlando is hot), her laptop and her ipad, two pairs of headphones. She has a notebook, a sketch book, and a regular book. Six bikinis and a one-piece. Three hats, four pairs of sunglasses, enough panties to last a month, let alone a week. She packs heels, boots, sneakers, flats, and sandals. Two purses and a backpack. Wanda Maximoff is the epitome of team mom-- anything Nat and y/n forget she’ll have it. She also packs a few things that she thinks Pietro will forget-- a few nice outfits for nights out and his main toiletries. Oh-- and sunscreen! Lots and lots of sunscreen!
→Pietro: Well, let's just say that it’s a good thing Wanda thinks to pack some things for Pietro because this man barely remembers his toothbrush let alone his phone charger. He gets the basics-- the bare necessities-- like three t-shirts, a pair of shorts, some (?) boxers, and like seven pairs of shoes because with how fast this man is he’s going to need them badly. He does, however, remember to pack his bathing suit and that’s more than a few people on the team can remember. Poor baby just wants to get there already-- he can just buy whatever he forgets.
→Vision: A very strange assortment of items. He doesn’t need clothes-- he can make whatever he would like appear on his body-- but he does want to feel included so Wanda gives him one of her backpacks and he puts like kind of random items into it. He sees a phone cord and shoves it in and like a hairbrush-- all items someone will need eventually but not him (later will find out that it’s the cord to Sam’s Iphone and will hand it over and have the audacity to say you’re welcome Samuel after doing it).
→Sam: He packs at least four ball caps. Nothing besides that really matters; he just knows how fucked you are if you don’t bring a hat and he’s bringing enough for the people who forget. As much as Bucky gets on his nerves he also packs him one. Besides that he packs normally-- t-shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, boxers-- all regular amounts. He freaks out a little when he can’t find his phone charger but he’ll just buy one when he gets there. He also brings a Polaroid camera and a shit ton of film-- some of his team members have never been and he will be documenting it all.
→Bruce: He’s the most boring packer and that isn’t a bad thing-- it’s the reason he has so many doctorates-- because he’s smart and level headed. He packs the clothes he needs with one extra of everything. He packs his toiletries. He doesn’t pack his whole room and he doesn’t pack nothing at all. He’s perfectly in the middle-- a Disney Dad™! He does, however, forget his swim trunks-- oops.
→Stephen: One backpack with a t-shirt, sweatpants, and swim trunks. That’s it. Why would he pack anything else? The man can open a portal whenever he needs! He’s always one step away from his bedroom! Stephen simply flicks his wrists and can change and rejoin the group in less time than it takes the rest of them to pull shit from their bags and wait for the washroom to free up. It’s actually a genius play.
→Loki: Despite being the most outwardly unenthusiastic he packs almost the exact same way that Wanda does. He’s a nervous packer. His brother laughs but, like, he has a point. Safe is better than sorry. It’s comical that he packs like five sweaters though considering that he can snap his fingers and make the sweater appear. All his clothes are either green or black. He packs at least one all black suit. Thor has to force him to add a red Hawaiian shirt and he scoffs at it and shoves it to the bottom. Definitely packs three pairs of swim trunks because he doesn’t like putting them one while they’re still wet. He doesn’t even know if he’s going to go swimming but he’s still doing it anyway. He also packs the scrunchie y/n gave him to keep his hair out of the way and when Thor tries to say shit about it he pulls a dagger from thin air and just chucks it. After dodging it Thor asks why don’t you just make your clothes appear the same way?
→Thor: Enough but, like, definitely not enough. The normal things but like less. He figures he’s going to be spending most of his time in his bathing suit anyway. Loki tries to remind him that he can’t go shirtless in the parks (he looked it up already) but he doesn't listen. It really is a good thing his brother can make things appear from thin air. He’s the type of guy to be content in a pair of flip flops and an open button down. He does, however, bring one of those dad-esque fanny packs and somehow he makes it look hot.
→Y/n: Literally packs the same as Wanda, if just a tad less. So many clothes that it’s insane. She, however, has the added bonus of her old Mickey ears-- a pink sequined pair that are a little worse from wear but still pretty. She packs a bucket hat to pin collectable pins to. She makes sure to leave extra room in her suitcase for souvenirs. She’s had her eye on the luxury bath salts from the Grand Floridian ever since the Disney Instagram posted them a few months ago and now that she’s going she won’t be leaving without them. She also packs the strapless dress she’s been meaning to wear for months now-- she doesn’t know who’s going to be there to admire it but she’s sure there’s at least one person who will. Besides, Nat’s been telling her to wear it for ages.
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ashyblondwaves · 5 days ago
Hey I had a date but I don’t think it went great and now I’m feeling really sad.
Do you have any scarletvision headcannons? I need a smile.
Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that you don’t think things went well. Here are some fluffy headcanons for you! 
- You know how it’s so hard to remember all your passwords for all the websites you have accounts with? Not for Vision. He remembers them all. He’s Wanda’s personal password manager, “What’s my Instagram password again, sweetheart?”
- When the twins were infants and in bassinets in Wanda and Vision’s room not sleeping through the night, Vision would hold them all night unless they were nursing. One boy in each arm, cooing at them, talking to them, just loving them up. It made Wanda’s heart swell every time she would wake up and catch Vision singing to the boys. He only sang when he thought Wanda was asleep, so Wanda often pretended so she could hear whatever song he’d make up for the boys that night. She secretly called them “Vision’s Originals”
- I mentioned a headcanon once before that when Wanda was pregnant with the twins the only thing that quelled her queasy stomach was hard candies. One day, Vision drove her miles upon miles away to the largest candy store he could find and bought her all the hard candy she’d need for her first trimester. He still won’t tell Wanda just how much he spent on that trip. 
I hope these help! Try to have a good rest of your night, hon <3
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crypticwanda · 5 days ago
Sweet Mornings
Summary: waking up in the morning with wanda is always a nice experience
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: soft makeout session, fluff
Tumblr media
Small light breaths emitted from your nose as you laid under your covers on your bed. You were still half asleep as you felt your girlfriend, wanda, shift slightly as she tightens her arms around your waist. You were lying with her clinging to your chest as you kept an arm safely on her back. You could feel her chest slowly rise and fall as small breaths came from her lips.
You continued to lie under the soft covers with wanda holding onto your chest as you slowly drifted back into sleep. After a few minutes, wanda began to shift under your arms once again. A small groan left her mouth as she removed her arms from your chest and slowly sat up, her bed hair sticking around her face. She blinked her eyes a couple times before pushing the messy pieces of hair out of her face. She rubbed under her eyes and brought her hands back down to her lap.
She turned her head slightly to see you lying on the bed, still asleep as you breathed through your nose. She smiled slightly as she leaned over to lie next to you on the bed. She smiled as she propped herself up with her elbow on one of the pillows. She sniffled to herself softly, still partially awake, as she brought on of her hands to your cheek. She gently caressed your face, soft enough to not wake you up. She ran her thumb against your cheek ever so softly as she smiled down on your sleeping face.
She laughed as you made a small noise as her hands trailed down your jawline. You weren't fully awake, but you could feel her hands on your face. Wanda kept a smile on her face as she pushed herself up on the bed and crawled ontop of you. She kept her legs on either side of your torso as she leaned down towards your face. Her lips pressed against your cheek as her hands made their way behind your neck. Her body had shifted once again, and now she was pressing her body against yours as she kissed your face.
Now, you could feel her weight on your chest and you started to open your eyes and felt her lips on your jawline. You pulled your arms up from your sides and brought them up to Wanda's back. She laughed into your skin as she felt your hands go under her shirt on feel her bare back. She pulled her lips away from your neck and held your face in her hands as she looked down on you. "Good Morning." She said softly as you looked up at her with a lazy smile. "Morning." You told her, your voice still hoarse from just waking up. She smiled widely as she held your face.
She pulled her face back down to yours and smiled before capturing your lips in a deep kiss. She held your chin as her lips moved on yours and you closed your eyes and melted into it. You reaches your hand up and placed it on the back of her neck to pull her even closer. She hummed against your lips as she breathed through her nose and her hands held your face. The kiss didn't break as you reached your arms back down to her back and wrapped them tightly around her waist. You slowly pulled away from her mouth before pulling her waist around and back onto the bed.
Both of you laughed as Wanda was now lying in your spot and you were hovering over the side of her. She smiled widely as you pulled your face back down to her own and kept your hands on her waist. She reached up and wrapped her arms around your neck as you pressed your lips against her own once again. She kept her hands on the upper part of your nape as your hands slowly made their way up the side of her torso. "Honey-" Wanda began as she pulled her lips away from yours but you immediately attached your lips against her neck. She laughed softly as you continued to kiss her neck and she kept her hands on your neck. "I hate to break it to you, but we can't stay in bed all day." She smiled as you finally pulled your lips away from her neck to look at her with a playful annoyed look. "We have work to do." She adds as she smiles at you and holds a hand to your cheek. You groan in annoyance as you lay your head onto her chest. "We should call in." You mumble as you keep your head on her chest. Wanda giggles slightly as she holds her hand onto your head. "We've called in too many times." Wanda protests as she runs her hand on your back. You grumbled softly as you kept your hands around her. "Just 10 more minutes." You said as you tightened your grip around her torso. "Of course." She smiled as she kissed the top of your head.
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poppinisperfection · 6 days ago
|| What the Marvel Boys Smell Like ||
All my opinions, let me know if you want a part 2 or who you'd like to see in another one ❣️
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
• Vintage cologne, leathery sandalwood and almost spicy scent.
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
• Sweet spices and orange blossom, sometimes has smells of mechanical oil or petrol when helping out with fixing things.
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
• Let's be honest, he uses AXE. Although Aunt May bought him a Ralph Lauren perfume for Christmas last year.
Tumblr media
• Cedarwood and pine, very earthy and fresh. Almost like the scent of freshly cut wood.
Tumblr media
• Pine, like Thor, only more refined undertones. Definitely a spicy and Frankincense-ish scent.
Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
• Lavender and floral, very light and airy. Often smells sweet and herbal.
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carpe-nvctem · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
i believe wanda’s pet would’ve been either a cat or a raven. or maybe she would’ve had both. to me, wanda seems like an animal person. i haven’t read the comics so don’t come at me. this is just a headcanon after all. though, i’m leaning more towards raven because ravens are so fucking cool and shit. it’s amazing, really. i feel like the raven would suit her more than just a regular cat. everyone wants her to have a cat but i want her to have a raven. it’s far much better than just a regular black cat named salem. i bet the raven would be named after a witch or a demon (not mephisto, of course). i see her taking care of the raven all day, everyday. i don’t know about what she would name the raven so it’s totally up to you guys. i was going to say abodden but that’s already taken by one of my muses who has a raven as well. anyway, that’s my reason why wanda should have a raven than a cat.
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chokemepansy · 7 days ago
If you do Dc/Marvel preferences, I'd like to request reacting to reader getting hurt or almost dying if I can ❤️ You can do either one tysm
a/n: i did both since i have ‘em on the same masterlist <3
seeing you get hurt | preferences
Tumblr media
includes: diana prince, harley quinn, wanda maximoff, kara danvers, pamela isley, natasha romanoff, dinah lance, gwen stacy, helena bertinelli
NOTE: gifs under the cut are mine, so please refrain from reposting. tracking is #userchokemepansy if you want to use.
diana prince
Tumblr media
crying rage ─ tears of fear/happiness and then fucking determination
she’s so relieved you’re ok but whoever did this to you is screwed
she wouldn’t kill anyone even if she really really wanted to
but she’ll give them a good ass beating and leave them to the right authorities
relaxes with you + stays in with you or something for some good old calm, domestic normalcy
harley quinn
Tumblr media
flips her shit as soon as she sees you hurt
lots of swearing and things like WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU while also babying you
once you’re ok, she squeezes you super tight and gives you a couple of kisses
then goes to fuck up whoever hurt you
lots of cuddles and spoils when she gets back though <3
wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
definitely over emotional / impulsive with her actions
pulls you to her side and goes the fuck after who hurt you
you have to calm her down or she will actually lose control
once she calms down, she just really wants to hold you
mutters all these little assurances and i love yous
kara danvers
Tumblr media
has a strong sense of rationality
so ─ reluctantly ─ she’ll make sure whoever hurt you is stopped/accounted for before helping you
she makes sure someone else stays with you and does her thing
tries to put on this brave face when she can comfort you
but ends up telling you how scared she was for you and how much she loves you
pamela isley
Tumblr media
doesn’t entirely know what to do at first
conflicted on whether to help you or yk kill the person who hurt you
she ends up staying with you and caring for you
on the calmer side but you can tell she’s fucking pissed
whoever did it will be losing their life sometime this week :)
natasha romanoff
Tumblr media
she was probably there when it happened
immediately knocks the person who hurt you out and rushes right to your side
comments sarcastically for sure but you know she’s worried af
insists you go get help or something
rolls her eyes but shuts up when you say that she’d keep going ─ cause you’re completely right
dinah lance
Tumblr media
she’s generally good at self-control
but the second someone hurts you, she loses it
it’s an instant fist fight
she fucks the other person up and depending on how bad it is/how hurt you are, her ability might make an appearance
she doesn’t say much after but she holds you close and whispers that she loves you after asking if you’re okay
gwen stacy
Tumblr media
gets really quiet, just helps patch you up
tries not to say anything but lashes out when you try to talk to her
tells you to be more careful & gets upset
it keeps going and going until she just breaks and says she was scared for you
mutual comfort after + being close to each other
helena bertinelli
Tumblr media
oh shit ─ she doesn’t even glance at you
immediately goes after who hurt you
overkill and all, fucks them up
she comes back to you completely worn out and most likely covered in blood
a little awkward about asking if you’re ok but it’s cute
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