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redheadpixie033 · 2 minutes ago
SO I'm rewatching Captain Marvel, right? Carol and Nick are going to go see Maria. AND GUESS WHERE THEY LIVE?! THAT'S RIGHT, LOUISIANA. KNOW WHO ELSE GREW UP IN LOUISIANA?!?!!
So now all of the headcanons of Monica and Sam being childhood friends and eventual soulmates are exploding in my mind and I now ship THE FUCK out of Sam and Monica.
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stljedi · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
From Siobhain
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xfknhopex · 8 minutes ago
♥ Kathryn Hahn x Elizabeth Olsen: witchy gift ♥
Tumblr media
the gif doesn't belong to me.
summary: Kathryn gives Elizabeth a parting gift after the last WandaVision shoot. Inspired by Lizzie's interview for Glamour: “It was this beautiful, weird little box of treasures.”
It was the last day on the set of WandaVision for Kathryn Hahn, who received her well-deserved applause and praise from the entire crew. She had done an impeccable job bringing Agatha Harkness/Agnes to life and had undoubtedly earned the respect and affection of everyone. Nobody had the slightest doubt that the character would make an impact in the MCU universe, and that the fans would go crazy; she would be like a new Loki but in a female version, and who doesn't love Loki.
She was keeping some stuff in her purse, when her dressing roommate walked through the door.
"Hiya, Kat!" Lizzie Olsen greeted with a big smile, causing the other woman to giggle slightly.
"Hiya, honey!" She said back, with the same enthusiasm and smile, giving the young woman her undivided attention.
Both actresses merged into a tight and warm embrace, the kind that two people who have known each other for a lifetime share. That was the rare and special thing between them, the beautiful bond that blossomed in such a short amount of time and effortlessly.
"I have something for you." Lizzie commented when the display of affection gently broke after several seconds. She stopped hiding her right hand behind her back to reveal a small purple velvet bag that hid something rectangular inside. "I don't know if you're gonna like it, though."
"Oh, Lizz, are you serious?!" Kathryn said with a mixture of emotion and surprise, because she was not expecting it. Once she felt the softness of the velvet in her hands, she didn't take long to carefully remove the box, also purple, that remained inside. "Oh my gosh, what is it?"
Lizzie smiled as her green eyes studied the woman in front of her, who never expected to get answers to her questions. It was like she was talking to herself out loud, because she was already opening the lid of the box. Hahn's blue eyes were lost in the delicacy of the chain that had been revealed; it was a gold one and contained a radiant little red ruby ​​pendant.
"So you don't forget your Scarlet Witch." Lizzie whispered, ending her sentence with a smirk.
"How could I?" Kathry's gaze reconnected with hers, and a small rush of nerves and tickles traveled over the redhead's body, whose smile grew. "I don't like it, I love it! It's precious, beautiful, as much as you! Thank you so much!"
"You're very welcome!" Lizz added sweetly, giggling as the other woman pulled her into another hug, just as warm and tight as the previous one.
"Oh, I have something for you too!"
Remembering that detail, Kathryn placed her new gift on the dresser table as delicately as possible, an action that wasn't overlooked by the other actress, and hurried to remove a square black box from her purse, which traveled straight into Lizzie's hands. Her green eyes gave off a mesmerizing glow that Hahn found quite cute. Okay, truly cute.
"Can I open it?" She asked like a child, eager for an affirmative answer, which she quickly got.
"Of course, toots!"
Some blush painted Olsen's cheeks lightly. She had definitely gotten used to the pet names and loving nicknames the other woman has for her almost all the time, which became quite common even outside of the series' shots. Before melancholy could overwhelm her, she simply opened the box.
"Oh my Goddness..."
Lizzie now understood why the box was kinda heavy and it was certainly worth it because its contents were so mesmerizingly beautiful; small crystals and magical stones, which she contemplated with delight. She couldn't help but grab a blue one, which Kathryn immediately gave her information about.
"That's a Lapus Lazuli, it protects a friendship from all negative aspects and encourages trust and honesty." The redhead stared at the crystal she was holding and smiled. She then selected another crystal and asked its meaning as well. Surprisingly, the blue-eyed woman knew it too. "A Labradorite, it protects you from fear."
Olsen was obsessed with her new gift, as well as happy and grateful. She even felt a bit touched with the next words her colleague and friend added:
"I like all these kinds of stuff, crystals and stones, because I do believe they have magical properties, and hey, we're witches," Kathryn joked, making the redhead smile with warm complicity. "No, but really, I believe they protect us and help heal in a way, because of their energy, and, you know, I like to think they will take care of you in my absence. And know that I value our friendship tremendously and I'll always be there for you, Lizzie. This job gave me the best experiences, fun moments, I learned a lot, and I met wonderful people, and you're one of them- My favorite, in fact."
"Hey, don't say goodbye to me like we'll never see each other again!" The redhead protested a bit, leaving the box also on the dressing table so she could wipe the tears that began to escape her eyes. "You won't get rid of me so easily, Hahn. Come here."
This third hug was still just as special as the first two, only it was much longer lasting, as if neither of them really wanted to have to break it at some point. Despite the small sadness both felt for not knowing how long they would be without seeing each other again, happiness completely overshadowed that feeling; Kathryn and Lizzie were happy because fate united their lives in the most precious way and their friendship was the most beautiful gift of all. And they felt freaking lucky and grateful for that.
"I love you, Hahn."
"I love you more, Olsen. And I know that I'm also your favorite."
Lizzie chuckled; Kathryn already knew her so well.
"Yeah, but don't tell Paul."
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adorkwithaplan · 57 minutes ago
You Need to Rest, Darling
Tumblr media
Pairing: Agatha Harkness x fem! reader
Summary: When you need to sleep and stop overworking yourself, Agatha is there to coax you to bed but what happens when she isn’t.
This fic includes: fluff in the beginning, we move on to angst, and then bittersweet ending cuz i didn’t know how to end it on a super sad note but also it’s kinda sad cuz eventually y/n is gonna realize there’s nothing she can do until Wanda comes back, speaking of Wanda there’s a bit of Wanda negativity.
a/n: I really really like this! it’s probably out of all the works you’ve seen my absolute favorite! i feel like there’s a few thing i could have writen better but i’m tired so enjoyyy!! ps. i headcanon that literally only people Scratchy want to hear him can hear him so uh interpret what u think he’s saying as you’d like!
it was late that night around four, the moon was full and you and Agatha had been studying since morning and you were honestly kinda tired so you decided you’d go downstairs and see what Agatha was up to.
Marking the pages of the books you were studying you had them all fly back to their spots in your library and just tidied your space up like you always did...most of the time...ok whenever you felt like it but you couldn't blame yourself, you’d usually fall asleep before you could even think about cleaning.
You’d made the space look as good as you could with your current state and with the flick of your hand the lights were out and you were down the stairs.
the house part of your home was dimly lit and it felt calm something you hadn’t felt in a while
“Someone’s up late,” you heard from the kitchen.
rolling your eyes you made your way to the to the source of the mesmerizing voice to see Agatha leaning against the countertop, a cup of tea floating beside her, whatever book she was reading had been placed aside and she was now staring at you, with the dim light it was harder to see the bags under her eyes but they were there…they’ve been there for a long time.
“you really should go to bed, hun, rest is important.” the witch said, pulling away to look at you, caressing your cheek with her slender and beautiful hands. (you didn’t mention how that was a bit hypocritical coming from her but it was not to ruin the moment.)
“I know, I just- i’ve got a lot of work to do and-“ before you could finish, Agatha had pressed her lips against yours. You’ve always thought her kisses were more powerful than any magic you’ve ever known or will now.
Once the two of you parted,“just shut up and go to sleep.” she said smacking your butt and pushing you off towards your shared bedroom.
“fine but you have to come to bed with me,”
looking at you with nothing but love in her eyes “of course, darling.”
and to bed you went, a feeling nothing but peace and love while your wife lay in your arms
Of course that was months ago.
You’re sitting in the library, you’re hair a mess. It’s been…2 weeks since it happened, since you ‘she’ came,
…since you lost her.
Of course physically Agatha it felt like was with you but you might as well have lost her now it’s just, Agnes.
You were there, you saw her loose, beat by her own witty lesson. It pained you to see it happen, you saw how Wanda smiled looking at what she’d done…as if it was good for everyone.
You were lucky you were still wives in whatever plot she’d placed Agatha in but it wasn’t the same. It lacked the passion, the butterflies, the magic.
Over this time you’d tried as many spells as you could find in the books Wanda had taken the darkhold so you couldn’t go to that.
You’ve been staring off into space for who knows how long, only breaking from trance when you felt a wet nose on your ankle.
He’s been with you through it all, he’s also taking this whole thing pretty rough, sure he’s in his rabbit form but he has feelings and has only left Agatha…or Agnes’ side to check on you.
“Hi there.” you greeted, god your voice was hoarse.
“How ya doin’ you little bastard?”
“yeah…me too,” giving him a kiss between the ears and placing him on the table, “ok well i’m gonna get back to reading, if you want to you can…you can go back to her.” You suggested, forcing a smile.
Scratchy said nothing this time, just resting against your arm.
you started dozing off, you checked the time on your watch and realized that it was around four am, you’ve been up for 30 hours but at this point you could have cared less. Time hasn't meant much to you these days. Hell you were 349! Time hasn’t meant anything to you since you stopped aging! All you knew was what time Aga- Agnes woke up and went to bed and when you could go down and put all of yourself into finding a way to get her back.
You just needed to find a way to bring her back. That’s all that mattered.
“I don’t need sleep, Señor.” you said bluntly, trying to focus back on the book you’re reading.
“NO I DON’T!” You snapped, slamming your fist on the table and standing up.
“THE ONLY THING I NEED TO DO IS FIND A WAY TO BRING HER BACK!” Your sobbed, your hands were shaking and all these feelings you had been holding back had come bubbling back up.
Instantly you were filled with regret, you didn’t mean to yell at him, he’s like- no he ‘is’ your son and you didn’t want to make him even more upset than he already was because if you know one thing for sure it’s to never get into an argument with a demon.
sitting back down you closed your books and had them fly back on the shelves they belonged to.
“I’m sorry.” You said not moving from your seat.
Scratchy, said nothing just faced away from you.
“i’m really really sorry, Bud, I know you hate being yelled at when you’re like this, I just- i’ve been holding everything in and I…I let some of it slip out and on to you.” Remote and exhaustion could clearly be heard in your voice
His ears started to perk but nothing more.
“She kept me sane and I did the same for her, I guess without her here i’m just losing it.” You placed your head in your hands rubbing your eyes to try and clear some of the sleepiness away, when you opened them you didn’t see Scratchy in the corner and instead felt his little wet nose against your elbow.
“Fine i’ll go to bed mister Itchy” you said, picking him up and placing another kiss in between his ears.
You used your magic to make the candles go out and make your way downstairs to go to bed.
You’d placed, Señor Scratchy, down to roam as he pleases. He deserves a night to just roam around the house and let his legs move.
You were on your way to the stairs and as you passed the kitchen you heard her.
This felt like deja vu.
“Hi.” you responded, making your way to see her.
The moon was full and it illuminated her beautiful blue eyes.
Her eyes.
If you had to describe them without using color you’d say that they told a story and were like the sky during the day, not a cloud in sight almost as if you could drown in them like a pool. The bags under them seemed worse but also better in a way as if being Agnes had finally fixed the woman’s sleep schedule. Every time you’d look at her you’d seen how hurt she looked; the forced smile, the way they glistened showing the pain Wanda was putting her through, you wanted nothing more than to take that pain away. She’s been through so much already…she didn’t deserve to go through more.
But it’s as if when she looked at you, it all seemed to fade for just a moment, as if Agatha was there with you for even just a moment.
“You know some say it’s rude to stare, Dear.” Agnes said, bringing you out of your own head. You hadn’t even realized you were staring until she said something
“Well with a sight like you it’s hard not to.” You giggled pulling her in for a kiss. But this one…this one had it’s magic. You could feel Agatha coming through but you could also feel her being stopped as if a field had been put between the two of you.
But in that quick moment.
You felt as though, just for a second everything was right in the world.
You pulled away and looked into those telling eyes, and what they told you was to take time to rest, she’d be here when you woke up.
That’s all you really needed to do.
And so you will.
“Let’s go to bed, love” you said pulling her close as if to get just one last feeling of Agatha.
“Of course Darling.”
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marsiguess · 59 minutes ago
* Means I’m more into this fandom/character atm!
Peter Parker
Scott McCall
Stiles Stilinski
Malia Tate
Gilbert Blythe
Sam Gardner
Casey Gardner
Reggie Peters*
Julie Molina
Luke Patterson
Miguel Diaz*
Eli Moskowitz/Hawk
(80′s) X-MEN
Peter Maximoff
Scott Summers
Ricky Bowen*
Gina Porter
Rodrick Heffley*
*I tag all my writing as #mars writes
**I don’t write full-on smut but some making out is chill
***If you wanna request something for a fandom/character that isn’t here try sending me an ask about it! Maybe I forgot to put something here :)
GENERAL MASTERLIST (linking when it’s posted)
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adventuresofmeghatron · an hour ago
I was gonna write tonight, but what happened was I watched WandaVision and I am sobbing, so 😭
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hunters-heathen · an hour ago
I’m confused af and only asking you cause of your URL but did they imply that wanda had witch powers before she was experimented on by hydra ?? (I’m talking about that scene with the bomb)
To the best of my knowledge, it was implied that she had been showing signs of power wayyy before the mind stone incident with hydra!
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postfrom1776 · an hour ago
By the way for the Wandavision Anidala au, Dr Aphra is aged up, since she was born in 23 bby and the story takes places in 9 bby, so that would make her 15. Granted, Obi-Wan would still get kind of attached to a cocky teen smart with electronics (ahem like Anakin) it wouldn’t make sense for the Empire to hire her to investigate the anomaly at this age
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andillwriteyouatragedy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
spent tonight painting some truly wonderful double-sided pairs of the wandavision earrings, hopefully i can assemble and list them for you all in the next few days!!
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postfrom1776 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anidala episode 9: Season Finale
Click for better quality
I decided that during the last fight against our pal friendpatine, the living Force would heal their Chosen One who chose the light again, and I gave him a Mortis Arc inspired fit to go with it.
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minidynz · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
My new fan art drawing. Here is The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) played by Elizabeth Olsen.
Done using color pencil.
Scarlet Witch (c) Marvel
For more of my art, checkout the links below.
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amazeweb · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
@csborn​ said: ❝We can’t reverse death.❞         WANDAVISION QUOTES.
Tumblr media
"𝙻𝙾𝙾𝙺,  𝙷𝙰𝚁𝚁𝚈.  .  .𝙼𝙰𝙽,  𝚈𝙾𝚄  𝙶𝙾𝚃  𝚃𝙾  𝙶𝙸𝚅𝙴  𝙼𝙴  𝚃𝙸𝙼𝙴."  how  much  time  does  he  need,  really?  to  heal  that  particular  wound?  his  heart  still  aches  at  the  memory  of  uncle  ben,  and  prior  to  that,  the  absence  of  not  knowing  what  happened  to  his  parents  is  enough  to  torment  him  for  all  ages.  GWEN  STACY?  HIS  BIGGEST  REGRET.  HIS  FAULT.  and  when  he  sees  harry  (  best  friend  harry,  his  buddy  )  he  remembers  gwen’s  death.  “I  know  we  can’t  do  anything  about  it.  and  I  have  lived  with  it  but.  .  .look,  can  we  just  not  talk  about  it?”
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