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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
moodorbs · 3 seconds ago
do u have any ishimondo hot takes
I don't think they would have gotten together nearly as like. well. in nondespair. also I think they have a honeymoon period and then SEVERAL issues to work out that idk if they could tackle like...effectively.
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enby-ichi · 10 seconds ago
Thanks dude, this helps a ton. I-I mean, it doesn't help at all since I'm not plotting anything. (Also, as a side note, despite never having been horny for your voice for some reason I got a little flustered listening to Ara Ara 2: Electric Boogaloo)
Hey man I just provide what the people want
I still don’t get why people are horny over my voice
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harryinthecountryside · 32 seconds ago
Thoughts on thoughts
Love em, cant wait to have a coherent one someday
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demonic-citrus · 39 seconds ago
Thoughts on GF?
“Eve is alright, I guess. She keeps insisting that we become friends, even after I... Told her I'd turn her into soup. I'm not dumb enough to say "No" to Satan's daughter.”
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scarlet963 · 49 seconds ago
Sending you good vibes also like for you astral form idk much if but first and second thought were wings then antlers (??) Like just those vibes if that makes any sense
I do alternate wing styles. Bird wind and webbed wings. Antlers where probably my horns, symbolizing my connection with source.
What's else bb? 👀
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technothefruit · a minute ago
The person who made the blocklist is 15 so I wouldn’t want them to be too targeted but.. maybe don’t tag every single person in your “I don’t want to interact with these people” list?
It is like. Extremely weird cuz as a 15 yo ya sure whatever. And theres never any reason Not to block whoever u want. But. @ing So Many People is weird as fuck like inviting us all over directly to them.
Ofc if i were to see em getting Actual Shit from people id throw down cuz thats dumb. At most im seeing goofs and 'add me to the list' and ppl followin each other so not bad so far
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crimmy · a minute ago
OOO ok firsr of all amazing url. secondly, we have t really talked but she seems so cool & funny. like i see the tags she adds to posts sometimes & they genuinely make me laugh out loud. i’d love to get to know her more she seems so cool
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dr-passionate-production · a minute ago
Amai, how are you doing owo?
Tumblr media
Amai raised her hands, nearly slicing her cheek with the knife she forgot she was holding. She jumped at the closeness but held tight enough so that it wouldn't drop from her hands. Goodness, that would have been a tragic tale now wouldn't it? It was best that she set it down for now.
But yes! Being the very nice gal that she was, offered to cook dinner for the occasion! She was the chef of the house; cooking breakfast, preparing lunches and whipping up dinners like it was just another chore to complete. It was the least she could do after the socialite oh so generously offered her the room without rent. But she was especially excited to cook today, Mrs. and Mr. Tokuma would be joining them for dinner again and she was just itching to see them! A tearful reunion, she knows it'll be.. They were like second parents to her, and seeing them always made her feel a little less homesick.
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crossdressingdeath · a minute ago
time travel fix it fics never manage to land for me because they always feature wwx ‘fixing’ the jiang family. there was nothing holding yzy and jc back from maturing in canon, they just didn’t want to and nothing that wwx ever does can change that. the implication that wwx, who had it the worst in that fucked up family, is responsible for fixing them just makes me so uncomfortable. although i will admit crack time travel fics that have wangxian time travelling and everyone else being like ‘wait i didn’t know they were even friends WHEN DID THEY GET MARRIED WTF’ are always hilarious
Yeah, there’s always an uncomfortable sense of “well if WWX had just done this everything would’ve been fine”, which does kind of give the impression that they’re saying it’s WWX’s fault the Jiang family was such a mess and didn’t get fixed... even though he was a child at the time with zero authority in the sect and no responsibility to fix the relationships among his abusers (and frankly they wouldn’t have listened to him even if he’d known what to do and tried). Which probably isn’t the intention, but it’s still A Thing. Although yeah, there’s something very funny about Wangxian going back in time and still being Extremely Married.
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piscesparker · a minute ago
Couple months a go i decided to dig down this new fandom. Idk the cost it takes me. I thought i just fall for tom holland, but i fall for the entire family and friends :) I mean im just saying, dont want to ruin their friendship with my face and my talent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anon, same. I mean they just have that power over us 😌
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sanriobeauty · 2 minutes ago
You give me Weki Meki energy (specifically recent eras OOPSY and Cool)
ooooh yes i like! ty for sending this in, love~
based on my vibes what kpop group would i be apart of
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bisexualdanhumphrey · 2 minutes ago
oh god video discourse lol. genuine question though, did dan actually pin the blame on serena and chuck, or did blair just assume it was them and dan didn’t correct her? and don’t get me wrong, a lie by omission is still a lie, i was just operating under the impression that the video thing was more dan being like “video? what video? what’s a video? oh well, guess we’ll never know! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” than actually actively framing someone else for it lol
haha, this is the fourth time!!! had i known this would happen, i would’ve tagged all the discourse. and i am genuinely amused, ok. like what is it about my blog that makes this conversation follow me? what did i do that makes people go “ahah morally grey dan blouis wedding chair video leak conversation now!!!” no shade at any of the previous anons, or at you! i genuinely find this hilarious and love that this is becoming one of the things that i am known for (this & crying over milo, apparently.) 
he DID pin the blame. very actively, in fact. multiple times, to multiple people. me being me, i remember this one instance, where he’s talking to nate about it & framing chuck. im pretty sure he did this with more people, but i don’t remember exactly where. idk! it IS an objectively bad thing for him to have done; i’m not interested in being like ‘dan gets a get out of jail free pass just because i like him’ or whatever. but i also really do think everyone on the show does objectively bad things at least once, so.... 
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moonpetals28 · 2 minutes ago
Thinking about sleepy Denki having a wet dream about you and humping against the bed like a cute lil pup 😖
He's alone in his room, dreaming of your walls clenching on his cock, smirking at him and cooing how he's your cute little puppy that does whatever you want and you have a mocking smile on your face and he came in his sleep, deeply asleep and wanting to stay longer in his dreams, still humping his pillow and unintentionally overstimulating himself
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my-writings-and-musings · 2 minutes ago
Someone broke the heating in the lost light! The Liaison has to ask for cuddles from their fav' bots to keep warm! (Roddy is a prime choice, obviously, but also Megs, and the Scavengers? Please, if you don't mind, of course)
As soon as he senses the temperature dropping by one degree in his hab suite, Rodimus comes looking for you, because he's also going to need help staying warm. Being blessed with fire powers has a downside, which is that he HATES and cannot endure the cold. Scooping you up, he brings you to the pillow and blanket nest he has prepared for the occasion. As soon as you're both cocooned, the snuggling can begin.
Hot drinks or soups are a must, so be prepared to ride out the cold with a heat generator of a bot curled up at your side as you both sip warm and delicious refreshments!
The mines had no protection from cold, so he's accustomed to huddling up for warmth when the temperature drops. You're actually his first concern when the heat goes out, because he knows your tiny body just isn't built to hold heat like he is. After grabbing you and promising to keep you safe, he'll bring you to the comfort of his room. A bit bashful about having too many covers, he'll wad up what he has in his arms to make a nest for you, one warmed by his own body.
Whether it's a few hours or days, this big bot will ensure you stay warm with the heat from his own spark if necessary.
As soon as you shiver, they jump into action. Holding you close, they'll form a circle about your tiny human form as a ring of defense against the cold. There will be no chance of them allowing any warmth to escape. I'm shifts, they'll fetch necessary supplies for your safety and comfort. Blankets, heating pads, warm foods... Mercifully, Nickel knows what humans need to maintain homeostasis.
Eventually they'll make it into a fun event, with movies and loads of unhealthy snacks to keep everyone entertained. It will likely go on long after the heat is restored.
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jitters-box · 2 minutes ago
for your ask game, you're 17, somewhere around six feet, you have a snake, and i have no idea why but i feel like you really love mythology stuff?
For age im gonna give you a 9/10 because you're like 4 months off
Heights gonna have to be a 6/10 because im not too near 6 feet
Snake? 10/10, I wish
9/10 - i eat it up but im not a huge obsession over it
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technothefruit · 2 minutes ago
you cant talk about the techno supporter blocklist and not DROP it 🙄🙄 /lh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Its LONG and ofc most a us are in replies with 'add my friends!' Or 'oh follow list' and ofc im askin for milfs. But its extra funny cuz this person n they homies r goin on bout how We're the weird ones for sayin Add Me and goofin on it or beig angry. Cuz its all 'its okay if we dont want to interact with techno fans'
And like. YEAH??? THATS OBJECTIVELY TRUE?? but literally they @ed upwards of 50 fucking people. Thats Interacting With Us. Im so confused
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scarlet963 · 3 minutes ago
Heyo no particular question except something vague- stay or go ?
Run away bish, you do not have to let yourself be subjected to that bs.
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oh-eya-theres-two-of-them · 3 minutes ago
Im not wrong am i?
Tumblr media
She groans covering her face
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enby-ichi · 3 minutes ago
For no reason whatsoever do you still have a link to you saying "ara ara"?
Yes I do actually
You didn’t specify whether you wanted the redo or the original so I’ll just send both links
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losing-starlight · 3 minutes ago
Rock, water, grass ❤️
Rock ~ i can relate to what you've gone through
Water ~ i think you're cool
Grass ~ i think you've grown a lot
Awwwww well thank you this is really sweet 🥰🥰
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