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floatingbook · 2 minutes ago
I love the way you write, thank you for such beautiful and heartfelt words. i’ve never seen things like your habits list which are so kind and genuinely inspiring. a lot of the time the focus is on the negatives which helps to shock people out of their thinking but can make things seem very bleak, but you emphasize the neutrality of things existing as well as the positives that come from things we’ve been conditioned to see as negative. so invaluable, thank you.
Your welcome anon, and I’m glad if my writings have helped you. Please hang in here, and remember that there’s nothing wrong about rebelling against misogyny. I hope you have a nice week <3
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mythgirlimagines · 2 minutes ago
Medieval AU: One day, an adventurer named Chiaki and her companion Usami come into the tavern. They’re on an RPG-style quest to find seven magic gemstones and save Chiaki’s girlfriend Princess Sonia of Novoselic from Despair Witch Junko! One of the stones happens to be in a cave in the forest by the kingdom. It’s also guarded by a powerful dragon and there’s no way they can take it by themselves! So, after hearing their story, the gang decides to help them out. How do they defeat the dragon?
Obviously this was real, they’d seen things almost as dangerous as dragons, so it made sense that this Chiaki person wouldn’t be able to defeat it on her own with that Usami character.
So of course they’d help! If nothing else, Kazuichi, Ibuki and Kaito could create a distraction while the others rushed in to get the gemstone from the cave the dragon was protecting.
That actually ended up being part of the plan, so they wouldn’t have to hurt the dragon (as it turned out, Chiaki was a bit of a pacifist). If they could distract it long enough, it could work!
It wasn’t that simple, though; Chiaki and the others still had to outmaneuver the dragon with stealth, since it was quite large and took up a lot of the cave with its body.
But in the end, they did it, and not a scratch came to anyone! She still had some gems left to find, but Chiaki was one step closer to saving her girlfriend from the evil despair witch!
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laceyoryan · 3 minutes ago
“is ‘no’ an emotion? because i’m feeling it.” (from any of my muses)
"I feel that, more than you know," she groaned running a hand through her hair slowly.
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storiesmade · 3 minutes ago
🍓 🥺
send 🍓 for positive vibes | @heartwin
let’s talk about the most creative person i know in this hellsite. west, you know my adoration and love for you and your creations but it’s never enough to say how much i LOVE all of your oc’s and how easy and mindblowing it is to me that you can just look at a fc or a name from a minor character or not even that but just flesh out a whole new character out of thin air in a span of like 5 seconds. and they’re always so dimensional and real and have flaws and qualities and feel like real people and i truly love al of your oc’s and want to write with all of them, despite being slow af and never being around enough. then you are so funny and you’re always here for the entire community and you do so much as a multi-muse that truly gives me hope and helps this community accept us better. even though i haven’t been around, do know that in my head all of your dynamics are thriving, i just need to get my shit together and write you starters/replies 😂
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wannabe-warlock · 4 minutes ago
41. befriend, date and become enemies with Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs and Magnus Band
Okay so date Jem (he is a gentleman 😌), befriend Magnus and become enemies with Will.
Although Jem and and Magnus can be interchanged. 😤
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weirwoodking · 4 minutes ago
we weren’t open yesterday because I didn’t feel well and there was no one to cover for me, and today one of the older guys who comes in in the morning says “why weren’t ya open yesterday, slept in?” in like a jokey way and I just deadpan “no, I didn’t feel well, and we didn’t have anyone else available” because I don’t take any jokes about that stuff, and he says, again jokingly, “ohh... 😏 rough night?” implying drinking/partying/sex
Tumblr media
@ people stop making weird, creepy, and inappropriate comments towards baristas challenge
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jessielee · 6 minutes ago
you can’t get something for nothing , you know. (any of my muses)
I know, I learned that a long, long time ago unfortunately.
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sweetbabyara · 6 minutes ago
Do you reckon you and your daddy will meet and get married ?
You guys seem so in love !! I really want it to work for you both
Or is this just a role play thing, do you see other people ?
hi anon! thanks for the love! ❤️
I would love for that to happen, and hopefully it will someday! 🥺 its definitely not just role play, we truly are in love and we just want the best for each other, we don't see other people but if it came to that we'd still be happy for each other and be friends💓 we've talked about it a couple of times and we just mean so much to each other
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fireyfandomflamingo · 6 minutes ago
loved the agents cooking thing, but according to lore, Jett worked at a restaurant, right? :0
Oh really, I didn't know. Please tell me the source and I would love to read more about jetts lore. But also just because she worked at a restaurant does not mean she was a chef. She could have been a waitress or a hostess.
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writingstuffandmore · 6 minutes ago
Happy birthday 💋💋💋 hope you can enjoy every minute today ❤❤❤
Thank you so dear angel ❤️❤️❤️
It means a lot..
I hope that you are doing well ☺️
Thank you so much once again ☺️💓
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theavrilbrooks · 7 minutes ago
“i’d love to relax but that’s just not realistic.”
"Not when you work at a nightclub unfortunately, wouldn't change it for the world though," she smiled softly.
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heclingmuzik · 7 minutes ago
@losingmyjustice​ sent ‘  who  did  this?  ’  From 𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒
Tumblr media
“Uh...” Why is she hesitating to tell Clive? She rubs the back of her neck and shrugs a bit, “Some, uh...guy?” She scratches the back of her neck and lowers her hand to her side, “We were playing soccer and uh...he accidentally missed the ball so I fell.” Her kneecap is pretty nasty. 
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askmiawinters · 7 minutes ago
"How did you even figured it out that Ethan is a mold man the whole time?"
"When Ethan survived from what happened back in Lousiana, I realized that he already became a mold man."
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jakeperalta · 9 minutes ago
literally and the indian people that flew into your country are spoilt rich ppl who hired private jets and fled the country instead of... you know... staying locked in their mansions without visiting the club every two days... (and maybe fucking donating however much they spent on that jet) (I'm sorry I'm irrationally angry about this)
literally why are people doing international travel when there's still a pandemic very much raging and the majority of the population are not vaccinated and why are the governments letting it happen!!
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pfreadsandwrites · 9 minutes ago
☆ Put this star into the inbox of your favorite blogs. It’s time to spread positivity! <3 ☆
Thank you so much!!! I wasn’t expecting to get this again, this means so much to me!! I love your blog too 💕
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storiesmade · 10 minutes ago
send 🍓 for positive vibes | for @peaceseekr
paige, my love !! i honestly don’t remember when we met but it truly feels like you’ve always been with me! i’ve always known you as the protector of diana prince and i honestly and truly loooove your love for our favourite amazon. like you get every part of her and every strength and quality without shying away from her flaws. lois/diana and donna/diana are my favourite to write with you but i also love every other muse you taken on, for example i miss your kori so damn much and i’m also SO EXCITED that you brought me iris west!! you’re such a talented writer, i’m very proud of the woman and teacher you are and i always get excited to see you on my dash or talk to you, whether it’s about our muses or current events, etc. i love you and never disappear from my dash !!
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theavrilbrooks · 11 minutes ago
“my kink is being right.” darcy
"you're always right Darce and I love you for it," she laughed and wrapped her arms around her.
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heclingmuzik · 11 minutes ago
@dissevered​ sent “the stars do not tell you where to go, only how to get there ” From  POETRY PROMPTS
Tumblr media
"I wish I could understand the how.” Maybe she’s not looking hard enough, or maybe...she’s looking too hard for the answers. She lowers her gaze to her violin case and sighs, “Was it a long kind of journey for you? For where ever you were going? Was it worth it?”
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wannabe-warlock · 11 minutes ago
20. favourite tsc friendship?
6. what character has helped you the most?
3. who would you choose to be your parabatai?
26. who is an underrated tsc character?
20. Skjskskska how do you expect me to choose?? Simon and Clary, probably. But I don't have a definite favourite, really.
6. I already answered this :) but Izzy, Magnus and Alec.
3. Isabelle Lightwood or Drusilla Blackthorn. (Maybe Mark??)
26. Maia Roberts. That girl went through SO much and no one really appreciates how strong she is.
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spezialistin · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A certain little Uchiha boy pokes Mikasa on the forehead and stares at her with big unblinking eyes.
Tumblr media
     It was intriguing. Why, of any of soldiers, he would pick her, she wasn’t exactly the most friendlier of her comrades. But was he lost or just messing with her? Either way, the streets were no place for a child. Lowering herself in one knee in front of him, she was thankful for the new position of her gear. “Can I help you with something?”
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