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mapaviation · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
#IndiGo #Hiring #Groundstaff #customerservice #RAMP #SECURITY #aocs at #Ranchi & #jorhat Apply online Through MAP AVIATION APP App link in Bio Too ☺️ or Download it from Playstore ♥️ #Job Description Position: Officer - Customer Service/ Ramp/ Security Eligibility Criteria: .   Educational #Qualification: Graduates from a Recognized Board or University as determined by IndiGo. 3.   Desired Skills: Good Communication Skills, Customer Service Aptitude, and Open to work in rotational shifts, able to work under pressure. 4.   Airport Operations Experience Preferred. 5.   No Visible Tattoo marks/ body art 6.   Age: 18 to 27 Years 7.   #Interviewed #Candidates can reapply after 6 months Requirement: A.  Mandatory Requirements: a)   For #Customer Service – Good #Communication, #Pleasing #Personality b)   For Security – Adaptable to all weather conditions, Place of work can be either at the Terminal or Apron c)   For #Ramp – Adaptable to all weather conditions, Place of work can be either at the Terminal or Apron #ranchi #jorhatdiaries❤️ #jorhatian #ranchidiaries #aviationcareers #Jobsearch #Jobsearch #freshers2k19🔥 #jorhatairport #aviationjobsearch #aviationdaily #airportsecurity #ramps Follow
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milkyypenguin · 9 days ago
People ask my why I like Greek yogurt 🤦🏻‍♀️🍑🍊🧡 @oikos_canada 💜 thank you for the wonderful products 🍊🤗✨ #satisfying #satisfyingvideos #satisfyingvideo #soundon #soundon🔊 #pleasing #yogurt #greekyogurt #fruity #yummy #nomnom #videosofinstagram #videosoftheday #vids #oikos #munchies #silicone #nails #acrylicnails #trans #transgender #loveit #lovelife (at Kingston, Ontario)
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devilishkitten666 · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
“Your broken babygirl. Show me where your heart lays so I may lay it to rest.”
-Jenna Peever
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unusual-pybro · 18 days ago
My sister made me a little chao head and its just feels so good to touch and cuddle it.
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littlehen · 19 days ago
Out dog-walking in the fields
DAD: look, there are sheep over there
ME: ‘il y a des moutons là-bas’
DAD: là-baaaaa 🐑
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fromtaletotale · 20 days ago
There Is No Such Thing As Perfection
I think I want to feel something,To live in sudden dreadTo wake and fear that I’d messed up,To own a clouded head. Tonight I chose to be recklessTo smash the clock in two,I set to change my own rhythm,To be alive for you. I’d hate to be this model,A cast of something planned –I’m better off this moving husk,That crawls across the land. I am not here to fix you,To be your earthly guide.I’m…
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smokeejess · a month ago
Tumblr media
🌸🌺follow me @smokeejess 🌸🌺
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ghostsprout · a month ago
Tumblr media
i dunno, clouds are nice
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The grace of God does not find but creates that which is pleasing to it.
Martin Luther
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mushroom-man-98 · a minute ago
I know I should eat I know I need to straight up if I lose too much weight I won't be able to do subcutaneous injections and doing it in thigh absolutely terrifies me
But like now I fucking fit in my clothes better and I keep looking at old pics when I was heavier and I feel like I look so much better and I wish I wasn't so self aware cause I'm like "fuck oh God I should be eating" and then brain and body say "no and fuck you" I want to be skinny and have a flat stomach but I need the fat for testosterone and like 2 of my closest friends have dealt with eds for years so like they're giving me tips before it gets too bad but it's so hard to fucking fight back
Also maybe it's bad all I've eaten today is a bowl of cereal half a banana and a few bites of cake lmao
I did make myself a pbj chips and more cake and I can't go to sleep until I eat it but bdjdjdjdjsjcjskkdjejgjskckmskwirncnekmzmsjejendndndndnn
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twistymints · 2 minutes ago
John mormon guy who invented being mormon: *lying cheating and being a pedophile *
Everyone: hey aren't you married??
John mormon: *about to invent poligamy * oh you haven't heard?
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miyakuli · a day ago
Please give me recs m(_ _)m <3
Hello <3333
I would like to fill a bit my wish list with new video games, I tried to look for some that could interest me but there are so many existing now, I just feel lost so I thought maybe some of you could rec me some maybe? :)
I play exclusively on PC, nintendo switch, DS/3DS
My fav genres would be rpg, simulation, gestion & visual novels. I also have a thing for games with choices like in interactive fiction for example (aka the telltale games *sniff*). Also, I loooooooove exploring x) There’s one thing though, I....I avoid games with fights if it’s not a system of  turn-based or a point & click.....because otherwise I suck so much lol (of course there’s exception, I played botw after all lol....but yeah I really suck so bad otherwise////////)
So don’t hesitate to reply to this post if you have some recs for me, I’ll check the ones I don’t know and put them on my list :D Thank you in advance <3333
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