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itsivyberry · 10 minutes ago
after the war
Draco Malfoy x f!Hufflepuff!Reader
A blurb, continuing the Tri Wizard Champion series.
request: I'd really like to see another fanfic with Draco showing what happened to them after the triwizard tournament! That would be a great idea! [via @booksmione ]
a/n: HI! Here’s a request! I loved writing this, I usually am not a fan of after-war fics and prefer fics where the characters are still attending Hogwarts, but this makes my heart SOAR I love it. I hope you enjoyed, thank you for requesting this and keeping my favorite (and only) series alive <3
word count: 1160
warnings: mentions of blood loss, crucio, scars, death, war, etc. also fluff LMAOOO
summary: Y/N and Draco managed to find their way back to each other after three years of healing from the well-known Tri Wizard Tournament.
taglist: @drawlfoy @fanficflaneuse @babyhoneystvles @ccelinewritess @nekee-lilac02 @dracofeltonmalfoy
read the series if you haven’t already!⬇️
{ 1 } { 2 } { 3 } { 3.5 } { 4 } { 5 } { 6 }
gif credit: @popartism
Tumblr media
The war was a massive devastation for the Wizarding world.
Y/N was still grieving the loss of her best friend three years prior. Her school, her home had turned into a place she didn’t even recognize. A prison.
Just as quickly as Hogwarts had changed, she had watched family and friends die within its walls, protecting the students within.
Every single night in her dorm before the Battle of Hogwarts, Y/N would listen to the radio in search of any names listed off that she knew.
Although she claimed she was listening for loved ones, she was really listening for one particular name. Malfoy.
Y/N knew that there was no possible way the Malfoys would be put on the casualties list that grows every day, but she still listened with quiet breathing and a rapid heartbeat to hear the name of the boy she still loved.
From what she could remember, the battle was a blur. A blip in time. Faces that she knew, lifeless on the ground around her. Faces she has grown up with for almost the past decade.
Y/N couldn’t count how many people she loved and held dearly that she had seen dead. Fred Weasley, leaving his other half George. Nymphadora Tonks, a beloved Hufflepuff alumni, and Remus Lupin, Harry Potter’s last standing familial figure and spouse to Tonks. Lavender Brown, the Gryffindor that Y/N had grown quite close to while Hogwarts was under the direction of multiple death eaters. Colin Creevey, the young muggle-born Gryffindor who stood incredibly brave, and another close friend of Y/N’s.
While attempting to save another young student, Y/N was hit with the Cruciatus Curse, and was severely attacked by multiple Death-Eaters. She could barely feel the pain, when her eyes focused on a head full of white hair that was speeding to wear she lay in a puddle of her own blood in the Forbidden Forest.
“How did you get out here? Why are you out here, Y/N?” Draco’s voice was deeper, aged, yet frantic and shaking. “Oh Merlin, you’re bleeding so much. We need to get you to the Great Hall.”
“Draco?” Y/N’s quiet voice asked. “What are you doing here?” Her voice was trembling, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks. She touched his face, leaving a bloody handprint behind. She tried to convince herself that he really was here, that he really was trying to get her help, and he wasn’t just a hallucination from the blood loss.
“Close your eyes.” Draco instructed.
A moment passed, and Y/N felt her stomach drop as if she were on a fast roller coaster.
“I need help! Help!” She soon heard Draco screaming, his voice cracking with every syllable. Bustling voices around her had forced her to open her eyes, and she soon realized he had apparated both of them into the Great Hall. Molly Weasley, a dear friend of Y/N’s mother, rushed over as two students behind her carried a cot.
They transferred her onto the cot, working as quickly as they could to heal the wounds without any more blood loss. Y/N was walking the thin line of unconsciousness, but refused to let herself pass out while Draco was still near her.
She knew he worried too much. The creases permanently etched into his forehead told her enough.
With the remaining strength Y/N had, she reached towards him to grab his hand. His eyes snapped down to her the second she made contact with his hand, and he clasped it in both and immediately started planting tear-filled kisses along every inch of her exposed skin.
“You’re gonna be alright. Everything is going to be fine. Please, stay awake. Stay awake for me, Y/N/N. Please.”
“Wow, so Dad was a softie!” Y/N’s and Draco’s eldest daughter, Lyra, exclaimed.
“Yes, he really was.” Y/N smiled warmly, laying her hand atop Draco’s as they sat on the couch.
“So, that’s how you got that scar? It’s cool!” Scorpius piped in, pointing to Y/N’s stomach, where a prominent white scar lead up to her shoulder, meeting the three scars on her back from her fourth year.
“Mom, you have had some crazy accidents. How did Dad never have heart attacks?” Cassi asked, leaning forward in complete and utter amusement.
“Oh, I can promise you, Dad did have heart attacks. I enjoy keeping him on his toes.” Y/N winked, leaning back into Draco, who had an arm over her shoulder.
“Can you tell us about the tournament again, Mom? Please?” Scorpius begged, pouting.
“I think it’s about time for you three to go to bed, hm? Mom’s had enough revisiting her very, very dangerous experiences throughout her years at school. Let’s get you all to bed, shall we? Big day tomorrow.” Draco piped in, pushing himself off the couch and helping his children stand from the carpet.
“I’m nervous for tomorrow! First day of fourth year. I wonder if mine will be as adventurous as Moms.” Lyra said, walking slowly to her room.
“And first day of third for me. I hope I get to meet a Hippogriff like you did your third year, Dad.” Scorpius followed his sister through the hallway to their bedrooms.
“And first day of Hogwarts for our darling little Cassiopeia, isn’t that right?” Y/N appeared behind them, scooping her youngest up and planting kisses everywhere on her face. Cassi squealed, giggling loudly as Y/N continued walking to their separate rooms.
“Goodnight, my darling lovebugs.” Y/N said, blowing kisses through each of the open doorways to her children.
“Goodnight, my favorite troublemakers. Get some sleep, or I’ll have the boggarts come scare you!” Draco laughed mischievously, just before getting whacked lightly upside the head by his wife. She quietly scolded him, and he put his hands up in mock surrender.
“Goodnight! Love you the mostest.” Cassi peeped up, flicking her tiny wrist to turn off her lamp.
“Goodnight, Mom. Goodnight, Dad. Thank you for telling us the story again.” Scorpius yawned, turning on his side and doing just as his sister had done to turn off his lamp.
“Thank you, for reminding us again how cool our parents are. Love you guys.” Lyra said, snapping lightly to turn out her lamp. She always was a bit more advanced than her brother and sister.
Y/N quietly closed all three doors, before heading to her and Draco’s room to finally get some sleep. It wasn’t long before they were both dozing off, Y/N in Draco’s arms.
“Goodnight, my love.” Draco whispered, planting a kiss into Y/N’s hair.
“Goodnight, Dray. I love you.” She whispered back, her eyes closing and letting sleep finally take over.
Even though she struggled to get the happy ending she wanted after fourth year, she could now proudly say she was a part of a loving family with the boy she had loved since she was 14. She was has happy, healthy, and healed as she could be.
And that was her perfect happy ending.
final a/n: as you can guess, Cassi is named after the constellation Cassiopeia and Lyra is also named after a constellation! I didn’t want Scorp to be an only child, so I gave him an older and a younger sister. I hope you all enjoyed, I really love this and now I’m mad at the lack of storyline after the war for Draco >:( anyways I just like smacked this out in 20 minutes because I’ve been in a Draco loving mood recently?????? Ok lol but I hope y’all enjoyed!!
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railmeharrypotter · 51 minutes ago
lyn drop them drarry fics rn ✋
i’ve got you babes, @c8kp , all bottom harry of course ;)
high-maintenance by buttery_bee_27 [11k]
best thing he’s ever seen by buttery_bee_27 [sequel to high-maintenance, 13k]
the perfect girl by babystarism [3k]
so it goes like this by bangyababy [2k]
detention by colourcubify [5k]
colour, love? by chou_latte [7k] 
in the dark, the light by phrynne [32k]
attention seeker by drarrys_bxby17 [2k]
rumours by eeriebarbarian [2k]
needy, needy puppy by EJBEisGay [1k]
it’s only for a year by KoraKwidditch [6k]
the flame by orphan_account [2k]
temptations and pink reparations by Poppyprn [2k]
denial by manixzen [2k]
submission is trust, not weakness by DefinitelyNotBees [3k]
because your roommates are out of town and you can do it on the couch by gracerene [1k]
come on, baby, let’s do somethin’ pretty by oprhan_account [740]
on reverse by drarryprodigy [1k]
a game of wolf and rabbit by goblin_5 [2k]
doing love the right now by linola [2k]
hung (up on you) by gracerene [5k]
interlude by sidoh [1k]
harry potter and his boyfriend’s massive cock by _Melodie_(Sae) [1k]
fisting fun by wonderussam [2k]
mile high club by anaxandria [1k]
enjoy loves, but please make sure to read the warnings before indulging yourself in them!! <3
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satanhalsey · an hour ago
drowned here !
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satanhalsey · an hour ago
I love this so much you should definitely make this a series of them taking it slow and stuff it was so good!!
thank you so so much!! It makes me so happy to read these messages and I would love to do a series of them working the relationship again. thank you for taking the time to read it and write to me 💘
drowned here!
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noshame-bb · an hour ago
ok here goes another one javi + kiwi,
inspired by the line "i’m having your baby, it's none of your business"
so basically him and the reader have been having a secret relationship but she ends up getting pregnant and she announces it to the embassy after seeing another girl flirt with javi
again, absolutely genius-
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drowsyalltime · 2 hours ago
Snow and Hot Chocolate
Summary: Cedric and Y/n have a snowball fight. After, they cuddle on the Hufflepuff sofa.
Request: Yes, @punkrific
Writing on: Phone
Warning: Just Cedric being the best boyfriend ever.
Pairing(s): Cedric Diggory x reader
Cedric was good at snowball fights. Like, crazy good. If snowball fights were a sport, he’d be one of the best. Y/n knew that all to well. She had played against him before, she never won. She could never hit him. She’s only hit him once, ever.
Right now, Y/n was in the woods looking for Cedric. Odds are she wouldn’t find him, but she would as sure as hell try. She tiptoed in the snow, quietly crunching on the densely packed snow. She turned her head as she heard a twig snap.
‘Was it? Cedric or a wild animal?’ Y/n had thought.
She quietly made some snow into a snowball. She turned the corner, seeing a hooded figure staring at her. Cedric. He tossed a snowball towards her, with Y/n dodging it. She threw her snowball, Cedric blocking it by going deeper in the woods.
‘Almost had him’ Y/n lied to herself.
Y/n looked to cut Cedric off. She took an angle, along the way grabbing another snowball. She peeked around a corner, seeing Cedric looking lost.
“I can win.’ Y/n smiled.
Y/n tried to move closer, but fell on a log hidden in the snow. She got up just in time as Cedric had his snowball cocked behind him. They threw at the same time, snowballs hitting each other, creating a mist of white. Whoever could throw next would win. Luckily, Y/n was a chaser, meaning she could throw fast. The snowball hit Cedric in the chest, him falling back into the snow.
“I won,” Y/n cheered, “I finally won!”
“You got lucky.” Cedric groaned.
“Still won.” Y/n gloated.
Y/n walked over to Cedric who was still sitting in the snow. Y/n offered her hand, Cedric taking it and pulling her down. Y/n giggled, rolling into Cedrics warmth. She stared into his grey eyes and marveled on how they stood out in the lighter whiteness around them.
“Your beautiful.” Y/n said caressing his cheek.
“That’s what everyone says.” He responds.
“Well,” Y/n states, “I hope I’m the only one that matters.”
“Definitely.” Cedric smiles one of his goofy smiles.
Y/n can feel butterflies in her stomach. How can he look gorgeous after being thrown into snow? Y/n didn’t care, what she cared about was his loving attitude. She slowly leaned in, inches away from Cedrics lips. She slowly brushes against his, then pulls away. Cedric was not happy. He tries to get closer, with Y/n pushing him back.
“Let’s go inside. If we stay any longer we might freeze.” Y/n winks toward Cedric, who nods aggressively.
Cedric carried Y/n towards the school. They quietly enter, but to no avail. They are reprimanded by Snape, who lets them off with a warning with Cedric being a Perfect and all. Cedric get them into the Hufflepuff common room, sitting Y/n onto a sofa.
“I’ll be right back,” Cedric promises, “I’ll get us something warm.”
Cedric comes back with two cups filled with hot chocolate. He hands one to Y/n, sitting next to her. Y/n curled up into Cedric’s chest.
“Can we get back to what we were doing in the snow?” Cedric asked after five minutes of silence.
Y/n smiles, setting her hot chocolate down. She sets her knees on either side of him.
“With pleasure.”
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channienet · 2 hours ago
i want to write some shitty my immortal-style fanfic and see how well it does. i feel like it would be thrilling. maybe on a side account...
imagine my immortal but make it stray kids
oh my god i mightve just discovered something
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mrsweasley06 · 2 hours ago
CONGRATS ON 100!!! you deserve it and many more <3 would i be able to get ✒️ with prompt 10 from angst and fluff where the Reader (Fem) forgets everything but George remembers and then slowly the reader remembers everything and runs back to George after figuring out who he is and its like dead fluffy and angsty? sorry if thats too much hahaha
No, not at all! I love this idea soo much, and I really hope you like it!!
Before the war you hadn’t been much of a prankster, though you did help out every once and awhile. After the war, now that’s a different story. You had somehow managed to have the prank kings watch their backs. The boys were too afraid to ever get you back, but tonight you were in for a special surprise. George had pulled you out of work early wanting you to have enough time to get ready.
    You had slipped on a beautiful (Y/F/C) button up shirt, some nice pants, and a pair of nice shoes. He had put a blindfold over your eyes making sure you couldn’t see, he had led you out to a secluded area where there were one of a kind flowers and animals. You had an adorable dinner date, where he had ended up proposing to you! 
“Y/N, you are the girl of my dreams. I mean quite literally, I have been dreaming of this day with you for years. There is no one else I would ever want to spend my life with, because you are my only lover. Would you make me the happiest man on Earth and be my wife?” 
There was no need for you to think about it. You had been ready for this day for so long, wanting to spend every day of the rest of your life with the man in front of you. You sank to your knees grabbing onto George as you hit the ground.
“Of course!”
    With that you had fully moved into the flat above the store; you had basically already lived there seeing as you were so close with both boys, as well as the fact that you helped take care of them. It was the week after your engagement, you had told everyone about it and had begun planning. Today you were helping out in the shop, you were putting in the new stock of puking pastilles which were haphazardly placed on a high shelf. You went to take a step down but miscalculated, falling off the high step stool you hit your head first and things went black.
    From the back room George heard a clatter, though it wasn’t much of a worry sometimes you would bump into things or trip. But he had to ask anyway.
“Are you okay love?” when you hadn’t answered he let it slip. There was silence now where there had previously been humming. “Darling?” getting up from behind his desk, he walked out to find you on the floor with products scattered around you. He could feel his heart beating like crazy. Quickly scooping you up he apparated to St. Mungos. 
    After a while the doctors had concluded that you had hit your head hard enough that you passed out. They mentioned to him that you could possibly experience amnesia, but he wasn’t fully paying attention then, he only cared that you were okay. 
    When you woke up you were in a bright room, and there was a fiery ball of hair next to your hand. Pulling your hand away you inspected the glint of light, well your ring which had caught the light. Where had you gotten the ring? 
“You’re awake!” the red headed boy exclaimed. Though boy didn’t really fit him correctly. 
“Who are you?” your heart sped up a bit, why is there a stranger in your room? You weren’t even in your room, where were you?
“Come on, you're pulling my leg darling. I know you told me to stop putting things that high up. No need to egg it on.”
“Don’t call me that. I’m not your darling.” It was scary, who was he? Looking closer you could see the worry in his eyes.
“You really don’t recognize me?”
“No, obviously not.”
“I’m George. Your fiance. We got engaged a week ago?” he tried to jog your memory.
“No we didn’t. I’m not engaged to anyone.” you were highly confused.
“I’ll be back, just wait here my love.” he huffed getting out of the chair. He stepped out in the hall and started talking to the nurse outside the window in front of your room. He soon began to yell and point towards you. 
    You simply slipped out the back door heading off to your (old) flat. Knocking on the door your friend Hermione Granger opened the door with messy hair.
“OH Y/N what are you doing here? I thought you were with George now?” She chuckled a bit confused.
“Um, yeah” you agreed blindly “But I need to stay here for a while, is that alright?” slowly shaking her head. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” 
“No, thank you though.”
“Of course. Well your room is pretty much empty, just let me know if you need anything.” She rubbed your arm comfortingly. 
    Slipping into your room felt nice, though there wasn’t a ton left. You had a few books scattered around and an old record player, something your muggle mother had sent you along with a few records. Kneeling down next to it you pull out a random vinyl record putting it on, the music begins to fill your room. It left your heart heavy though, sitting next to the record player you felt as though you were missing something. Something in your mind clicked a few seconds after the words began. Arthur Weasley had made you that record. How do you know Arthur? You dig through your brain not being able to find anything, you simply listen to the song strangely humming along. Your head was heavy, it felt like someone had been banging on it with a brick. Closing your eyes you had hoped your headache would go away.
    Waking up you felt groggy and disoriented, where were you? You had this strange dream, it was like you had lived through your life a second time.
“GEORGE FABIAN WEASLEY! YOU PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT OR I SWEAR ON MY LIFE, YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT!!!” you had screamed at the top of your lungs. He had you over his shoulder as he power walked out the door. You felt the cold rain start to drench your shirt and wet your hair.
    Finally putting you down George grabbed your wrist twisting you around so fast you had to grab on to him to keep from falling over. But that hadn’t stopped the dizziness entering your brain when his lips crashed on yours. You immediately responded only to let out a whine when he pulled away. 
“Why did you do it?” He smirked seeing that you were affected by him.
“It’s nice to see you smile once and a while.” It wasn’t a lie, but that wasn’t why he did it.
“I was just smiling inside because of something Ron said. Spit it up.” you placed your hands on his chest as he held your waist slowly swaying.
“We don’t know what's to come of this war, I don’t want to waste a single second of it. I don’t want to forget you.” He said quietly, pressing his forehead to yours. 
“You won’t ever forget me, darling.” you pressed a kiss to his nose.
“Of course, how could I? You look like a goddess.” he snorts as his fingers begin to attack your sides making you let out loud shrieks that would be ingrained in his head forever.
Pushing past people in the street not caring what they had to say. You ran down the street of Diagon Alley until you had arrived at the one door you were looking for. Beginning to bang on it you waited for a moment before viciously knocking again. There was a sudden pounding back. Pulling your hand away the door opens and you are met with a very angry face.
“What is SO important you must basically knock my door down!?!” He said, still looking down. 
Even though it had been just a day, you had missed that voice so much. You had jumped up tackling him to the ground, he had landed on his back with a big huff of air leaving him. You could practically feel the confusion radiating off of him. Before he could even begin to talk you crashed your lips on his, he had immediately recognized the taste of you. Reluctantly he pulled away to hold your head in between his hands looking into your eyes.
“You’re here. Where did you go?”
“I went back to my old flat, and then I found the record we have been looking for and…” there were tears streaming down your face as you thought about the possibility that you’d never see George again.
“You remember now?” he asked worriedly. Kissing him deeply you chuckle at the memories that had been flooding in. 
“Of course, George Weasley. I love you.” 
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 2 hours ago
Can I request a oneshot of Tom Riddle with a Ravenclaw girlfriend who all the boys stare at and maybe Tom overhears some Slythern boys talking dirty about his girlfriend so Tom fucks his girlfriend in the common room one. Night knowing the boys can hear.
pairing: young!tom riddle x ravenclaw!reader 
warning(s): 18+, praise, semi-public sex (people can totally hear), fingering
word count: 1.1k
a/n: as hot as i think this concept is, i can’t help but feel bad for those baby first years who were possibly subjected to this haha. i’d like to think tom would be smart enough to put up some silencing charms around everyone else’s room so you can think what you want. 
Tom let you into the empty Slytherin common room with a smirk. It was quiet and empty, just as one would expect it to be this late at night. It had been a cold, long walk from the Ravenclaw Tower down to the dungeons, but Tom had promised you it would be worth it. 
“How was your walk?” He asked politely, leading you over to the ornate leather couch by the fire. 
“Long,” you replied shortly, eager to know why you were even here in the first place. 
He looked over at you, an eyebrow raised, basically daring you to keep up your attitude. 
“Do you know why I asked you to come down here, darling?” He asked, guiding your body until you were laying on the couch beneath him. 
“I have a pretty good idea,” you told him cheekily, moving your robes to the side to reveal your skimpy matching pajama sets, a set you knew was one of his favorite.  
“Is that why you wore that skimpy skirt today? You wanted me to bend you over and fuck you in the hall like the filthy whore you are?” He asked darkly, his lips grazing your jaw as he leaned in close. 
“Just wanted to dress pretty for you,” you explained, the nerves beginning to set in due to his tone. 
That morning as you were getting dressed, you thought it would be a great idea to dress a little sexier than usual. Just a little something to catch your boyfriend’s eye from across the Great Hall during breakfast and lunch. A means to distract him in the classes he shared with you. But now you were beginning to feel as if your plan had royally backfired. 
“I appreciate that, but I already know how pretty you are, darling. You did, however, catch the attention of my housemates,” he said, pulling back to look you in the eye now. 
You could see the fire held behind his pupils. The absolute boiling rage he was feeling, but it wasn’t necessarily directed at you. No, this seemed to be directed at his friends. 
“What do you mean?” You asked shyly, a blush coming to your cheeks as you thought of all the possible outcomes of his words. 
“Let’s just say they had quite a few ideas for what they’d do with a whore like you. Some of their ideas were rather creative. And because of your little outfit, they all want you desperately.” 
“I- I didn’t mean- Tom- I’m sorry,” you stuttered out, now fully understanding your misstep and very unsure about where he’d go with this. 
“Hush, darling. I know,” he chuckled, pressing his body close over yours and placing a sweet kiss on your forehead to calm you. “But now you have to be a very good girl for me. Do you think you can do that?” 
“Anything,” you replied easily, just wanting to make up for what he had to listen to his friends say about you. 
He only raised a smug brow before capturing your lips in a heated kiss, quickly building your arousal until you were snaking your arms around him and bringing his body as close to yours as possible. Both sets of robes came off quickly enough, but he left you both partially clothed. Being in the common room always came with the risk of a straggler coming in in the middle of the night. 
In almost no time, he had two fingers buried deep inside of you. His skilled fingers worked over your g-spot effortlessly, whimpers falling from your lips. 
“I know you can be louder than that, little one. Let me hear you,” he commanded, his fingers practically dragging the sounds out of you. 
A blush came to your cheeks as you let out a loud moan, sure that someone had heard you. 
“Good girl. Just like that. Cum on my fingers,” he said as he played with your body, bringing you closer and closer to the edge with every small movement. 
Soon you were releasing with a short cry, doing exactly as he wanted. You chest heaved, trying to suck in as much air as possible as he re positioned himself in between your legs, not even giving you enough room to recover from your first orgasm before he was trailing the tip of his cock along your slit. 
“Tom, fuck,” you whimpered, still reeling from the sensitivity. 
“That’s it, say my name. Let everyone know who this pretty pussy belongs to,” he praised, rolling his hips into yours in one long thrust. 
You back arched from the stretch as a moan fell from your lips. You had forgotten where you were in the moment, trapped in a bubble that was just you and Tom. You were quickly brought back to the moment when you saw the smirk on his face, getting exactly as he wanted. He wanted you to be loud, to let out every whorish moan for his friends to hear. To show them exactly who you belonged to. 
If it were anyone else, the blatant possessiveness may have put you off, but Tom was Tom and everything he did was deliciously addictive. 
He fucked you just the way you liked, doing anything and everything in his arsenal of tricks to get you to make as much noise as possible. And whatever he was doing was working, because the noises were coming out before you could stop them. You were sure from an outside perspective you sounded obscene, but the things that man did to your body and mind could never be explained. 
“You’re being so good for me. Let them hear you. Let them know your mine,” he said between his own groans, only egging you on. 
“Tom, fuck. I’m so close,” you moaned, growing louder and louder as the minutes passed. 
He could feel your body tensing beneath him, your walls beginning to flutter around his cock in a way that made his own head spin. You were the perfect girl for him, and he just wanted everyone to know, particularly his depraved friends, that you were his and his alone. 
“Cum on my cock, Y/N. Scream for me,” he commanded, his lips coming down to suck in a spot that always made you weak. 
With one final thrust, you did exactly as he wanted. You came with a scream of his name, unable to help yourself anymore. He fucked you through your orgasm even as he reached his, your noises not ceasing until he stilled inside of you, both of you gasping for breath. 
When he looked down at you fondly, you couldn’t help but give him a genuine smile in return. Despite what had just happened and the amount of trouble you were both sure to get in you couldn’t help but be content. 
Being content in knowing that you were his and his alone. 
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satanhalsey · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N is doing great, until she receives a call asking her to help her ex boyfriend. | SELF HATE (part one).
happy birthday hs1! i love u. pd this is unedited so sorry for the grammatical mistakes :).
Y/N is better.
She really is. Laughing and being happy, living in a small but cozy apartment with a cat who gives her all the love she needs. She is better.
When Harry returned to get his things and leave, she decided that it was a better option for him to live there and for her to leave, because she couldn't live in that house full of memories, and he knelt down again and cried for forgiveness.
Six months after the day he ripped off a part of her and stepped on it, she tries to fill that void with series, work, her cat, men who are idiots compared to Harry.
Because she only wants Harry.
But not the Harry who cheated on her, the Harry who she fell in love with, who told her every day and every night that he loved her, who wrote songs for her, who snuggled into her arms whenever he could.
But she knows that this will never be possible again, he betrayed her trust and hurt her like no one else and for once in her life, she has to think about her own happiness.
She has avoided hearing from Harry these months, she can't help but wonder if he's doing great too, or if he's drowning in his misery as he deserves but she's so kind that she doesn't want to see him suffer, maybe he finished the album that he was so excited to show her about, telling her that it was full of songs for her, or maybe he has already found someone else to love.
Curiosity kills her, but she never dares to google his name. It's better this way, she tells herself.
"Fuck!" She screams as she realizes that she burned herself on the water for her coffee from being distracted, thinking of someone she shouldn't.
Her cat gets scared and runs off at the same time her phone starts ringing, and she runs to attend to him while drying her hand with a wet rag.
When she sees the name in the screen, the rag slips out of her hands, falling to the ground.
"Hello, Y/N?"
"Mitch, hi." She answers, with a lump in her throat. "Is everything alright?"
"Yeah, yeah." He answers. "How have you been?"
"Good, if it's possible. You guys?"
She can't help but worry, they were all a great family and Mitch was one of her great friends, she misses them so much.
"We're good." He sighs, his voice would be. "We miss you."
Y/N feels her heart clench in her chest.
"Me too, maybe we can meet up with the other guys on the weekend?" She asks, eager to see her friends.
"Yes, sure. But first we need your help."
She doesn't take a second to answer.
"Of course, what do you need?"
While holding the phone to her ear, she walks to her couch and sits worried, putting a hand to her chest.
"It's Harry."
Y/N exhales, feeling her heart race at the sound of his name. She misses him, she misses him so so much and she hates herself for it. He doesn't deserve her, but she just wants to see him well and happy as when they were together.
"Since what happened between you two, he's only getting worst, he doesn't he doesn't go to the studio or anywhere, people haven't seen him because he never leaves his house. I went once, the place was full of alcohol and he was run down and depressed, Y/N, and that was two months ago."
Without realizing it, she finds herself crying because she can't help but think that the person who hurt her so much is also suffering, she can't imagine Harry in that state, it also hurts her.
"He's my best friend, please." Mitch begs. "We need you, he needs you."
The words get stuck in her throat as the tears fall down her cheek, she will have to dig up all the pain not overcome, for Harry, because she loves him despite everything.
And for his family, his fans, all the people who need him.
"I understand if you don't want to, but you are the only one who can help him..."
"Yeah, I'll go today." She stutters. "I'm about to leave."
She exchanged more words with Mitch and finally hung up, getting up from the couch to put her phone in her pocket as she walked into the kitchen. She opened the third cabinet drawer, and sighed.
"The things i do for you." She said and grabbed the key to that house that she vowed never to enter again.
Y/N could have sworn she felt the bile rise up her throat when she turned the key twice and walked through that door.
Everything was... the same as when she had left, except for a dark aura that now completely covered the house. The pressure on her chest was present from just stepping on that floor.
Everything was silent, there was no music, laughter, or anything that characterized them both. It looked like the house of someone who had died. And Harry, he swore he was, inside.
She walked uncertainly through space, as if she had not lived there for years, looking for the brunette.
She climbed the pink stairs, which had made her laugh at that striking color among the cold-toned house, but now it only brought back nostalgic memories that brought tears to her eyes. She walked down the hall until he reached their room, which had the door open.
The curtains were down, and if it weren't for the light coming in from the private bathroom window, She wouldn't have seen him.
"Oh my god, Harry." She whispered, her voice cracking.
The named opened his eyes, and let out a gasp when he saw the love of his life in front of him, again.
"Y/N..." He murmured, his voice cracking as if he hadn't spoken in months, only straining his throat to let out heartbreaking gasps and sobs. "Y/N" he repeated, as if he couldn't believe it.
He never thought that he would ever see her small body, her beautiful face, and her whole being in person again.
"Yes, H. It's me." She crouched next to him, moving the bottles of alcohol, the used tissues, and ignoring the scent emanating from his body.
He was not Harry Styles, known for always having a smile on his face, his kindness, his elegant clothes and his joy lighting up every room he entered. He was Harry, curled up in a fetal position on the floor, dirty, drunk and sad, drowned in a facet that no one ever knew about him, not even himself.
When she took him in her arms, trying to sit him in front of her, he began to cry like a child, shaking his head. The greasy curls of him moving for the gesture.
"N- No, you're not here, it's the alcohol, or maybe that relaxant I took for my head, y-yeah..." He avoided her gaze, speaking to himself with his gaze on the ground. "Not again."
If Y/N's heart had been broken when he cheated on her, then now it had simply vanished.
"Harry... it's me, I'm here." She took his face in her hands, seeing those green eyes bloodshot, empty and with the only glint that tears gave him. "It's me, baby."
"It's you." He said, his voice small as if he was trying to convince himself. "It's you."
Y/N expected him to hold her, or allow himself to be caressed by her, but when he pulled away completely to snuggle into his dirty clothes, she was confused.
"N- No, you can't see me like that. It's not right, you deserve someone fixed, good, someone who is worth showing off to the world, someone who doesn't ch- cheat... I can't- I can't breathe."
It only took her a second to get up off the floor and run to her nightstand, opening the drawer to find the inhaler that she ran to put in his mouth.
"Breathe, H."
When he finally stabilized, Y/N had to endure the tears that caused her to see him like this, so... empty. In the ten years that she knew and loved him, she had never seen him in this state.
It was heartbreaking, for the two of them.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Angel, please, you don't know how sorry I am." He sobbed, releasing the inhaler and allowing himself to hug her, snuggling into her chest like when it was dawn and neither could sleep, or early in the morning when they first woke up.
Those memories felt so far away... a past in which both of them were happy.
"Please, please, I beg you." He murmured into his neck like a little child, shaking uncontrollably feeling her caresses on his hair. "I'm sorry, I love you, I'm sorry." He kept saying. "I can't live without you."
She couldn't take it anymore.
"Harry, stop it." She said, swallowing the lump in her throat. "I forgive you."
"W- what?"
"I forgive you, I know that it hurt us both equally, so i forgive you." She pulled him away from her body so she could look into his eyes, he looked surprised as never before. "It's okay, H. Don't cry anymore, please."
"B-but what I did to you..."
"We will never talk about it again." She cut him off, proud of her firm tone. "We will go slowly, but I have loved you since we were children, and I won't stop now." She stroked his bearded cheek, and for the first time, she could see the shadow of a smile, marking his right dimple.
"I don't deserve you, thank you." Harry sobbed again, happy tears running down his cheeks. "I love you more than anything, I love you, I love you."
"Before our second first date, please take a shower." She joked without being able to get those three words out again yet.
"I didn't want to take care of myself if you weren't with me." He confessed, feeling defenceless as always when he was with her.
"I'm not going anywhere."
When she said those words, Harry felt his body slowly being pulled out of the water, and his lungs filling with exquisite air that he hadn't been able to inhale for a long time.
He would never drown again, because he had her.
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Lᴏɴɢ Tɪᴍᴇ, Nᴏ Sᴇᴇ
➪  it’s been four years since isabella saw harry - but an invite to gemma’s birthday party will change that
Tumblr media
➪  word count: 8.2k
➪ themes: exes to lovers, fluff and a little bit of angst
“He said he’ll be a little late. Something about a call for that new arena he’s apart of forming.”
“Oh, that’s ok. I heard about that. Sounds cool.” Isabella tries to say as calmly as possible.
She’s not surprised Harry’s late. He hardly had any free time back when they were together, let alone now. From what she has heard anyway. Isabella hasn’t spoken to the guy since 2017 so wouldn’t have a clue what his schedule looks like these days.
“Yeah, cool, huh? He doesn’t stop, always starting up a new project.” Gemma laughs to herself.
Isabella smiles at her, not knowing quite what to say. The topic of her ex isn’t something they tend to talk about, not for a few years anyway. In fact, she’s noticed that Gemma always seems to avoid mentioning him around her.
Today is a little different she guesses. She can’t complain though. Mention of him can’t be her biggest concern, not when they will be face to face. The thought of it is enough to make her sick. It took long enough for her to walk out the door this afternoon, tempted to call Gemma and make up some excuse as to why she could no longer attend her birthday party. 
She toyed with the idea to say that she couldn’t leave Albert, her Labrador, home alone but the crazy night out she told Gemma about last week suggests otherwise. But Isabella couldn’t do that to Gemma. Not when she invited her, only one of six, to her party in her back garden. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no more than six people can meet outside. Considering Gemma could invite anyone to such an exclusive party, knowing she wanted her to be there made her a little emotional. They used to be so close – still are – yet being her brothers ex was bound to dent the relationship. It was only last week that Isabella received the message from Gemma. 
Please come if you can, It would make my day if you came. Hopefully I'll see you soon. Gemma xx
She hasn't seen Gemma in at least a year, but she hasn’t seen him in over four. He is bound to be there. Of course he would turn up to his sister's birthday party. In previous years it was easier to avoid the guy. He was busy with everything that comes along with being an international superstar. Yet, the pandemic has meant he has been gifted the chance to spend Gemma's birthday alongside her. Within restrictions of course. 
“So, who else is coming?” Isabella ponders out loud.
“Mum should be here in 5. And then who knows about Harry.”
As Gemma and Isabella chat back and forth, Anne walks out onto the patio.
“Forget that, guess she’s already here.”
She smiles and get up from her seat, placing her glass of white wine on the table. Anne greets Gemma first, giving her daughter a tight hug. 
She then approaches Isabella - a soft smile on her face. She hasn’t seen Anne in a while either. Now a days are a far cry from when they would go on holiday together, or when she would be sat at her dining table for Sunday dinner.
“It’s so good to see you, darling” Anne says as she brings her into a hug. 
“You too Anne.”
“You been okay? Heard that you starting a new job.”
“Yeah, in a couple weeks. Same sort of thing, just a new company.”
Isabella had worked at a marketing company in London. The wage wasn’t bad and neither was the job itself but she felt like she needed a change. She had been there 4 years and wanted a fresh start – a new job to spice her life up a bit. It isn’t like she gets up to much outside of work so she has always wanted her work to be something she loves.
“It’s in Mayfair, mum. Not far from H.”
“Wow, fancy. Congratulations.” Anne grins as she touches her arm gently.
“Thank you.”
Before she can ask Anne how she has been, Gemma’s friend Jenny steps on to the patio with Michal. They’re both holding a tray of snacks.
“We bring food.” Jenny says excitedly.
“I’ll go and grab the plates.” Anne says and strolls through the doors into the kitchen.
They all take a seat around the large patio table. Michal settles down next to Gemma whilst Jenny takes a seat next to Isabella. She has met Jenny a few times. Her and Gemma met a few years ago and get on well. Isabella tends to only see her whenever she meets up with Gemma but recently they’ve been talking more.
“The big thirty, Gem. How do you feel?” Jenny giggles.
“Not as bad as I thought. Was dreading it a few weeks ago, felt like thirty was super old.”
“I’ll be there in a couple years, it’s bloody terrifying.” The table laughs as Isabella squirms at the thought.
She had so many plans and expectations of where she wanted to be by thirty. Fuck, even by twenty-eight. She hasn’t seemed to have met those expectations, not personally anyway. She genuinely thought she would have settled down, even had kids but she’s not even in a relationship. Deep down she knows that it’s nothing to be ashamed of but the feelings that her time might just run out aren’t easy to shake.
Interrupting her thoughts, Anne reappears with plates in her hands. She places them down on the table and takes a seat next to Isabella. Everyone starts to grab a plate and load it up with food.
“Shouldn’t we wait for Harry?” Isabella questions.
“Nah, he’ll catch up with us. Don’t worry.”
She nods gently at Gemma’s comment before grabbing some food for her own plate.
“Did you want a top up?” Anne asks as she eyes her wine glass.
“No, no. I’m okay thank you.”
They all begin to tuck in to the food. She didn’t eat lunch so it goes down like a treat. The Styles family has always been known for putting on an incredible spread. Whether it came to parties or simply going round for a cup of tea, you’d always be treated like VIP.
The table falls into a comfortable silence, everyone too engrossed in their food to make conversation.
Isabella notices Gemma’s phone light up mid-way through dinner. Gemma takes a glance at it before looking up and smiling coyly at her. Puzzled, she mouths ‘what’ to her but she simply shakes her head as to say it’s not important.
Once everyone has finished what’s on their plates, Anne begins to pile them up. She pushes them to the side of the table whilst Isabella leans back into her chair.
That’s when she hears the patio door creak open. Gemma, who is facing towards the door, immediately lights up. She knows exactly who it is. The rest of them take a look behind themselves to find Harry making his way over to the table.
“You greedy lot couldn’t wait for me, huh?” He teases.
“If you had been here in time, we wouldn’t have started without you.”
“No need to be so mean Gem. You’re thirty now, thought you would have been more mature.”
They all laugh. He quickly pulls Gemma into a hug, they hold each other for a few seconds.
“Happy Birthday.” Isabella hears him speak gently into her hair.
They pull apart and Harry begins to make his way around the table, greeting everyone with a hug. She tenses up a little not knowing whether he’ll give her a hug or not. She can’t tell what would be more awkward; giving her a hug considering she hasn’t seen him in four years or not giving her a hug at all.
Isabella’s question is soon answered as he lets go of Anne and shifts towards her. She gazes up and gets up from her seat. He grabs her hand slightly and pulls her into him. She expected to remain as tense as she was yet she soon relaxes into the hug. She can feel Gemma smiling at them, Anne seems to have a grin on her face too. 
“You look lovely.”
“Oh thanks. You too.” His compliment shocked her a little. It’s not foreign for Harry to be nice to everyone but a ‘hi’ would have been more than enough.
They both take a seat at the table once he lets go of her. Anne appears with a plate of food for Harry.
“Amazing, sorry everyone. I feel bad knowing I missed eating with you.”
“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Isabella did suggest we wait for you but I was starving.” Gemma laughs.
Harry smiles over at Isabella after hearing she suggested they wait for him to show up before eating. They all continue to chat over a few glasses of wine as Harry eats. She notices the glass of red wine next to his plate, amongst all of their glasses of white wine. He loved some red wine when they were together, it was his guilty pleasure. It is comforting in a way, to know that not everything has changed in the past four years.
Soon enough, Harry has cleaned up his plate and the sun has set. A cold breeze begins to sweep by them.
“I’m going to grab some blankets. They’re in the utility room, right Gem?” Harry speaks up.
“Yeah. If you need more, there’s some at the top of my wardrobe.”
Isabella expects Harry to get up but instead, he looks over to her.
“Come and help Bella?”
She is shocked by the use of the nickname, mostly because he is the only one to ever call her that. Most people just call her Belle but Harry always called her Bella. It’s been years since she heard him say it.
It takes her a few seconds to compute what he’s just asked her. When she eventually does, she nods and gets up from her seat. They head into the house.
Once they make it into the utility room, she pauses not knowing where the blankets are. Clearly in his way, Harry places a hand on her waist and gently shifts her to the right. Behind her was a stack of blankets that Harry grasps.
“I’ve never known you to be so quiet.”
“What?” she asks confused.
“I used to never be able to get a word in edgeways around you. Not today, huh?”
“Uh, yeah. I don’t know what to say.”
Harry nods awkwardly. An uncomfortable silence shakes the room.
“You doing okay? Been a while since I saw you.” He says softly, jumping to a different topic.
It’s sincere though. He genuinely seems interested in how she has been. She can’t help but grow a little annoyed knowing he could have just text her if he cared that much. They said they would remain friends after breaking up but putting that into practice was harder than they thought.
“I’ve been alright, you?”
“Yeah, I’ve been good.”
The conversation dies. She can’t bring herself to make eye contact with him. Harry on the other hand doesn’t take his eyes of her. That was something she used to love about him, how attentive he was. At first, it was a little intimidating but as their relationship progressed, it became her favourite thing about him.
“So, we should probably take these back.”
He nods and follows her out of the door. They make it back outside, where they find the rest of them looking over at them. Gemma has the biggest grin on her face. Isabella knows what they’re all thinking, it has always been a running joke that one day her and Harry would get back together. Gemma had always made it clear that she thought her and Harry were perfect for each other, and Gemma certainly didn’t hold back when telling Isabella her opinions of Harry’s relationships since her.
They sit back down in their seats, handing out blankets to keep everyone warm. Gemma and Michal have snuggled up closer on the love seat whilst Anne and Harry are occupied in their own conversation. Isabella decided to sit next to Jenny seeing as she looked a little left out.
“You alright?” Jenny asks.
“Good, you?”
Jenny nods in return. But Isabella notices a sly smirk on her face.
“Nothing, just wondering if anything happened with you and Harry whilst getting the blankets.”
“Me and Harry? No, of course not.” Isabella says as she furrows her eyebrows.
“It’s not a stupid question. Did he say anything?”
“He just asked me how I’ve been. Nothing crazy.”
“That’s a shame.” Jenny laughs. “Thought you’d have some gossip.”
“Sorry to disappoint.” Isabella rolls her eyes.
“Was hoping you’d tell me you had a quickie or something.”
Isabella gasps at Jenny, hitting her arm as a hint to be quiet. Harry isn’t sitting far away and she would die if he heard their conversation.
“You know that’s never going to happen. We’re not together anymore.”
“You don’t have to be together to fuck.” Jenny giggles. “You probably need a good fuck too seeing as Liam was useless.” Isabella winces at the sound good of her ex.
“And how would you know?” 
“Listen, you do you but I think you’re aware of how everyone feels about your relationship with Harry.”
“Friendship.” Isabella corrects. 
“Yeah, but you and him could definitely make a relationship work again. You know it.”
“I really can’t be asked for this conversation Jenny.”
And at that, Isabella picks up their wine glasses and takes a swig, gesturing for Jenny to do the same.
“Just shup and drink your wine.” Isabella laughs. Jenny does as she’s told.
It’s been two weeks since Gemma’s birthday party. Nothing much happened after Isabella’s and Jenny’s conversation. The rest of the evening was spent eating more food and drinking more wine before they all left for the comfort of their own homes.
Harry and Isabella hadn’t talked in length after the utility room conversation. He said bye as they left but that was all. And Isabella wasn’t surprised that Harry hadn’t messaged her either. It seems as though things have gone back to how they were.
Today she is starting her new job. She made sure to prep everything the night before. Laying out her clothes and making a pre packed lunch let her sleep a little easier. It is always nerve wracking starting a new job, especially when you haven’t done it in a while.
Isabella jumps of the train and to the exit. Luckily its only two stops from her local train station. It’s weird to be in Mayfair, the area is a lot fancier than where she used to work. The job is a lot fancier too.
That means she’s definitely dressed to the nines. A white turtleneck is tucked into a pair of black leather trousers. She also found a sleek black blazer in the back oh her wardrobe. She finishes the look with her favourite black heels. 
Its only 8:26am. She doesn’t have to be in her office until 9:00am. Isabella has always hated being late, to the point where she would leave ridiculously early for things. Harry would always joke about it. But not long into their relationship, he began to do the same.
She spent a while yesterday looking on google maps trying to find cafes/restaurants that were nearby. That way she would not have to bring a packed lunch every day. She saw that there was a cute café across the street that wasn’t too expensive either. 
Deciding that she needs a cup of coffee to get her prepped for a long day, she strolls over to a local cafe.
It’s adorable. Pale blues run through the furniture and branding. It’s one of those aesthetically pleasing cafes you’d find on Pinterest. As she walks in, an older lady sends her a smile. With no one in the queue, Isabella walks up to the counter.
“Good morning, darling. What can I get for you?”
“Good morning. Could I get a medium cappuccino please?”
“Certainly, is that to go or to drink in here.”
“Urm…” Isabella glances at the clock on her wrist. She does have enough time to sit down, and seeing as her office is only across the road, she’ll be able to get over there on time. “For here please.”
“Great, that’d be £2.45.”
Isabella takes her card from her purse and goes touch it to the machine. She doesn’t get a chance to as an arm gently nudges her away. Someone touches their card to the machine instead, paying for her drink. She raises her eyebrows in surprise and looks to see who has made her day.
And off course it’s him.
“You owe me.” He smirks.
Harry’s standing before you. He’s wearing black shorts, his grey ‘Treat People With Kindness’ hoodie and a red bandana in his hair. He looks gorgeous. 
“Hey, what you doing here?” 
“Got a meeting down the road. We had the same idea I guess. Need a coffee to get through it.” 
She laughs as the older lady asks what Harry would like. He orders a black coffee. 
“I thought you would have come to your senses by now.” Isabella teases him.
“You can’t still be mad at me for not putting milk in my coffee.”
“I’ll stay mad at you forever.” 
Harry chuckles as he pays for his drink. The conversation is so much lighter than the one they had in the utility room a couple weeks ago. It isn’t as tense. Isabella isn’t too sure why, maybe because they hadn’t talked in ages before seeing each other at Gemma’s party. 
“You have a meeting too?”
“My first day at the new job actually.”
“Oh wow, you excited?” He grins.
“I guess, just a little nervous.”
As Harry opens his mouth to say something, the young barista calls her order out. She turns to the counter and grabs her cappuccino. 
“I’m sitting in here, you can join me if you have time.” 
“Great.” Harry agrees.
He waits for his drink as she takes a seat at one of the tables. A few minutes later he joins her.
It feels like the old days. They used to love a little coffee date. Those were the days where Isabella would mock Harry for his coffee preference.
“So you said you’re nervous about your first day.”
“Yeah, I just don’t want to mess anything up you know.”
“I get that but you’ve gotta believe in yourself. I know how crazy smart you are, there’s nothing to be worried about.”
“What’s with the pep talk, H.” She giggles. He was always her biggest fan. Work often stressed her out and Harry was always there to make her feel better after a long day. Since they broke up, she missed that a lot. It’s hard to return home and not have anyone waiting for her, especially when she got used to coming home to Harry.
“I know how nervous you get about stuff. I hoped you would believe in yourself a little more by now.”
“I hoped so too.”
A sad smile appears on Harry’s face. They both take long sips from their drinks.
“We didn’t really get the chance to catch up at Gemma’s party.”
“Yeah, it was a little awkward, huh.” Harry smirks.
Isabella can’t help but smile at how honest he is. The conversation in the utility room was definitely awkward.
“Of course it was awkward. We hadn’t seen each other in four years.”
“But it’s not awkward now.”
“No, there’s still time.” She laughs. “If anyone can make a situation awkward, it’s you.”
Harry fakes a smile whilst throwing a napkin at her. It may have been four years but Isabella still knows how to tease the guy.
“What you been up to? I heard the latest album. Was a little sad.”
Harry tries to hide a grin. He can see straight through her, she’s digging for gossip. Since they broke up in 2016, it was obvious that his first album was all about her. He can’t say the same about his latest album.
“Not too sad. Just a little bit.” Isabella adds.
“Yeah, break-ups don’t tend to generate happy music.”
Isabella knows some of ‘Fine Line’ was about Camille. She had never met her. She had seen Camille across a room in 2017 when she went on a night out in London. Harry was there too. He had said ‘hello’ as they crossed paths but soon wandered off back to Camille. That was the last time they saw each other until Gemma’s party.
That night didn’t bother Isabella too much. Her and Harry had been broken up for around seven months. She had no right to be annoyed or bothered. That didn’t mean she wasn’t though. The thing that got to her the most was how quickly he moved on. Or more specifically, how she hadn’t.
Seven months after their breakup, Isabella was no where near ready to date again. Harry clearly didn’t feel the same.
She couldn’t be mad at him though. It wasn’t his fault that she didn’t feel like dating again. That night was like a blessing in disguise. It proved to Isabella that she needed to move on like Harry did.
That didn’t necessarily mean she started dating or looking for a relationship, but she began living each day without wondering what could have been if her and Harry stayed together.
“You doing good now?” Isabella asks.
“Yeah, it’s been a while since me and her broke up.”
Isabella nods. Speaking about exes with an ex is a little odd if she’s being honest. She doesn’t want to be nosey, even though she does deep down, so she doesn’t bother pushing the conversation further.
“What about you? Dating anyone?”
She shakes her head.
“No, still single.”
“I’m surprised to be honest. Would have guaranteed that you’d be with someone the moment we broke up.”
Isabella squints at his comment. She tries to work out what he could possibly mean by it. If he means what she thinks, it’s definitely hypocritical. Especially since he got with Camille so quick after their break up.
“Not everyone is like you Harry.”
The second she says it, she regrets it. Harry coughs into his coffee cup. She worries she went too far, that she misread his comment and has now not only dug her self a hole but thrown herself in it.
“No, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry. I just don’t know what you mean. Why would I have wanted to get with someone so quickly after we ended?”
“It’s okay. And I just meant that you’re amazing. I knew a lot of guys that wouldn’t have hesitated in asking you out the second we broke up.”
She doesn’t believe him but it makes her blush anyway. He’d probably be shocked to know that absolutely no one made a move. Not a serious one anyway.
“Fuck, I’m sorry. I bet you think I’m such a bitch.”
“No, never. I deserved that. I definitely didn’t wait around when it came to Camille. I’m sorry about that by the way. I’ve never apologised.”
“There’s no need to. We weren’t together, you didn’t owe me anything. I guess it was just hard considering I hadn’t properly moved on yet. But I’m clearly not as amazing as you say seeing as I’m still single. You were my last relationship.”
Harry’s eyebrows raise. It’s nearly been five years since they broke up, surely she hasn’t been alone all that time.
“Really? No hook-ups? No nothing?”
“I said relationship Harry. I need a good fuck like everyone else.”
Harry chokes on his coffee once again. Her bluntness shocks him. It shouldn’t, she was blunt whilst they were together. She would always tell him exactly what she thought or wanted. 
But the woman sitting in front of him wasn’t the woman he met at Gemma’s birthday party. She didn’t say much at all yet here she is, on a Monday morning, letting him know she wouldn’t be one to turn down a good fuck. He can’t blame her though. Being single for five years must make you a little needy.
“Point taken.”
“I need to learn to shut up.” Isabella giggled. “I better reign in comments like that before I get into work. Shit, what’s the time?”
”Both Harry and Isabella tap their phone screen. It is 8:43am. Fifteen minutes before she is due to start her day. 
“I might get going. Want ten minutes or so to find my desk and say hi to people.”
“Of course. I’ll need to head to my meeting too.”
Drinking the final sips of their drinks, they get up from their seats. Saying bye to the staff, Harry hold the door open and lets Isabella make her way out onto Grosvenor Street. 
“Good luck for today. You’re going to smash it.” Harry nudges her shoulder. 
“Thank you. And I hope your interview goes well.” 
Harry takes a step closer to Isabella with his with arms open wide. Isabella accepts his offer of a hug and wraps her arms around him too. The hug doesn’t last any longer than 3 seconds, but it’s enough to cause a few butterflies to flutter in both their stomachs. 
“We should do this again sometime. You can tease me about my coffee preference again and tell me more about these hook-ups.”
Isabella smacks Harry’s shoulder lightly. She knows he’ll never let that go. He jokingly rubs his shoulder, acting as if she hurt him. 
“Right, have a good day. Message me when you’re free and we’ll go for coffee or something.”
Isabella is stunned at Harry’s offer but gladly accepts. 
“Will do. See ya.”
Harry strolls off to the right. They say goodbye and wave to each other. Isabella runs across the street and heads to the office. She prays today will be a good day, it has definitely started well. Harry was an unexpected surprise but a good one too.
By the time Isabella gets home from work, she’s exhausted. It was a great day but extremely busy. Not only due to work load but socialising as well. Countless colleagues came over to say hi and to get to know her. They were all lovely but repeating the same things get tiring quickly.
Dropping her shoes by the front door, she heads to the kitchen and fills the kettle with water. Whilst that is boiling, she runs upstairs to change into comfier clothes; an oversized hoodie and leggings.
Once she’s thrown her work clothes into the laundry basket, she runs back downstairs to make a cup of tea. Isabella lives on tea…and coffee but mostly tea. Once her cup of tea is made, she decides to spend the evening curled up in bed.
She switches on the TV and crawls into her double bed. Her cup of tea sits by her phone on the bedside table. Scrolling through the channels, she puts on the news.
After ten minutes or so, Isabella’s phone lights up. She picks it up to find a message form Harry.
Thursday? I’m in Mayfair for a meeting at 4. Shall we meet for some drinks at 6? Does that work? H x
You smile at the message.  A part of you doubted if Harry would actually message you. So the fact that he did makes you weirdly happy.
Sounds good, see you then x
Isabella sends the message without noticing she added a kiss at the end. It’s become subconscious when sending texts. She doesn’t overthink it too much knowing he won’t either.
Harry sends her a thumbs up emoji back. Isabella laughs, he’s never been one to use emojis. Not that she can remember anyway, he may have picked up the habit in the past four years. 
Isabella never thought her day would turn out like this. She certainly didn’t imagine that she would bump into Harry this morning. She isn’t complaining though. Regardless of being exes, she never begrudged the man. In fact, she always hoped that they could become friends one day.  That they could have a chat just like they did this morning and feel comfortable in each other’s presence. 
Still smiling at her phone, Isabella drops it onto the white cotton duvet and grabs her cup of tea. She takes a slow slip whilst shifting her focus to the TV.  She’s excited about her second day at work but more importantly, she’s excited for Thursday.
Scrambling to grab her coat hood, Isabella pulls it up over her head as she runs through Mayfair in the pouring rain. She’s on her way to meet Harry. Isabella spent a minute too long staring out of her office window at the rain meaning she’s running late. 
Luckily the bar isn’t too far from the office. Within 10 minutes of sending Harry an apology text, she is making her way through the entrance.
A young lady greets Isabella and escorts her to wherever Harry is sat. He is hidden towards the back of the bar. She thanks the lady and joins him at the table, gently touching his shoulder as she says hello.
He jumps slightly at her voice. He puts his phone down on the table and gets up from his seat. He pulls her in for a hug. Once sat down, he slides a disaronno and coke to her. She laughs, it’s always been her go to. The fact he remembered and ordered her one makes her smile.
“Thank you. Tempted to down it.”
“No worries. And I’m not stopping you. Knowing us, we’re be downing shots in half an hour.”
He’s not wrong. They were always known for being a little wild. The both of them loved a night out, especially together. They’d spend hours in clubs and bars all over London. Some of their worst hangovers were spent together too. The both of them spending the next day in bed.
Isabella hasn’t had many crazy nights out in a while. It’s partially due to getting older but honestly, mostly because she cant handle the alcohol anymore. She has always been a lightweight but even more so these days. Harry was always able to hold his alcohol better.
“Was work alright? I guess you’re still getting settled in.”
“Yeah, still getting used to everything but really enjoying it.” Isabella says. “Was your meeting okay? You’ve had a couple this week.”
“Yeah, been talking about tour seeing as everything got rescheduled. Bit stressful but got quite a lot sorted today.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want to be the person trying to reschedule the tour dates. Sounds like a nightmare.”
“Trust me, all of us doing it would rather be doing something else but it’s got to be done. Once its going ahead, it’ll be great.”
It has been a while since they spoke about anything work related. Well, they’ve only just started talking again in general but hearing Harry speak about work reminds Isabella of how much she doesn’t know.
Admittedly, she never kept up with what he was doing since the break-up. The only updates she got would be random news articles she’d come across or mentions on Instagram. Fans knew that her and Harry dated years back and still like to tag her in things to do with him occasionally. But she knows to never trust anything that doesn’t come from him, she’d much rather learn about his life over the past four years from himself.
Harry continues to update Isabella on his upcoming tour. They spar back and forth about where he’s most looking forward to play.
Half an hour passes, and Harry eventually calls the waiter over. Without notifying Isabella of his order, he asks for four shots and another of what they both have already finished.
“Harry! I have work tomorrow. I can’t be getting wasted.”
“Chill out. It’ll be fine. It’s only a couple shots.”  He smirks. He’s well aware of her incapability to handle alcohol.
The shots arrive and they both knock them back. The burn sticks to the back of Isabella’s throat. Whatever was in that was disgusting. She can hear Harry chuckling at her reaction to the drink. He extends his hand to squeeze her thigh slightly, just above her knee. Isabella breathes in at the contact. The unexpected gesture makes her stomach clench – in a good way. 
“You’re a bad influence.” Isabella says as she grimaces at the taste. “What even was that?”
“Sambuca I think.” 
“You were always knocking back sambuca’s on a night out. Nice to know you haven’t changed.”
“Says you and your disaronno and coke, all I ever see you drink.” He teases.
“Take your attitude somewhere else mister.”
Harry’s smile has always done something to Isabella. Its ridiculous that even after four years, he has a hold on her. Kind of pathetic actually.
“So, come on. What’s up with your love life? Seeing anyone?” Isabella asks, the alcohol already getting to her.
“No but that reminds me, what about these hook-ups you spoke of on Monday.”
“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” Isabella grins.
“Fair. I’ll just have to get a few more shots down you and then you’ll spill.”
“I can tell you about a shitty ex however. Dated him for like three months, was bloody horrific.”
Isabella shivers at the thought of Liam. She met him a year back, he was lovely to begin with but unbelievably toxic. He became rather possessive based on who she could talk to. Liam didn’t like a few of her friends and tried to convince her to ditch them. It was all about control.
Not to mention how shit he was in bed. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. Someone so possessive and arrogant is bound to be unable to please their partner. He only cared about his own pleasure. Isabella can’t remember a time she came once when with Liam, not without the help of her own hands.
“Horrific how? Was he an arsehole?”
“You can say that again. Was crazy possessive and couldn’t make me cum, a complete arsehole.”
Harry doesn’t hear the last three words of Isabella’s sentence, he’s too busy howling with laughter. She has always had a way with words. She’d constantly say something that shocked him when they were together. She’s one of those people that you can never predict what going to come out of their mouth. 
“Jesus Bella.” He says as his laughter begins to settle down. 
“What? It’s true. At least you could make me cum every time.”
Isabella has definitely been hit by the alcohol, she doesn’t seem to process her words. Simply sipping on her drink, oblivious to Harry’s wide eyes.
“Maybe I underestimated how strong those shots were. I’m going to have to get you home, huh. You have work tomorrow.” 
“I’ll be fine. I’m not that drunk H. Just honest.”
Isabella sits happily swaying in her seat. She watches Harry smirk and chug back his drink. It’s clear that she has boosted his ego a little with her comment. He’s always loved a compliment. He doesn’t always know how to react to them but he loves them.
“Oh god, what has happened to me? It’s a Thursday and we’re drunk discussing our sex life.” Isabella laughs as she shakes her head. “I blame you, I shouldn’t have done those shots.”
“That was all you Bella. I had two shots and didn’t feel the need to bring up our sex life. Interesting that it’s one of your go to topics when tipsy.”
Isabella blushes profusely. She’s already regretting the past two minutes.
“Let’s please change the subject before I die of embarrassment.”
Harry nods and quickly mentions Isabella’s new dog. Gemma had told him that she had bought a new dog a few months ago. A Labrador named Albert.
“How’s Albert? You have a picture?”
Isabella can’t help but smile at the thought of Albert. She adores him. Pulling out her phone, she shows Harry a photo of Albert asleep on her sofa.
“He’s adorable. I know you always wanted a dog.”
Isabella smiles, she used to bug Harry constantly about getting a dog. They had talked about getting a dog together a few times but never did. Ironically, if they had got a dog, it would have been a Labrador. Isabella didn’t originally want to get a dog after their breakup seeing as it would be a constant reminder of the fact that Harry was no longer part of her life. 
Beyond that, she became too busy. But when lockdown hit, she realised that she needed some company and what better way to fix that than getting a dog. 
“Yeah, it was time I finally got one. Spent years talking about it.”
A sad smile appears on Harry’s face. It makes him question what his life could be like if him and Isabella never broke up. They could have their own house, own a dog together and be married by now. It’s safe to say he moved on quick, but seeing Isabella again this past week has meant certain feelings he thought he had buried have re-emerged.
The two of them continue to finish their drinks, staying away from any more shots. By half eight, Isabella is yawning. It may still be early but after a long day at work and over two hours in the bar, she is ready to go home.
“Let’s get going, yeah?”
Isabella sighs in relief. She begins to get up, grabbing her bag and coat. Harry grabs onto her arm in order to steady her. She grips onto his bicep as they walk out of the bar, thanking the staff on their way out.
Standing just outside the bar, Harry manages to hail a taxi. The two jump in and let the driver know their addresses.
“Drop her off first please.” Harry asks. Isabella squeezes his bicep as a thank you. She lives further so it would make sense to drop him home first but she knows he would want to make sure she got home before him.
Isabella yawns once again. Harry gently pulls her into his side and wraps an arm round her.
“Lay your head on my shoulder if you want.” He offers.
Isabella hums in agreement and lays her head on his shoulder. Not thinking, she snuggles closer into his side. As exes and friends, they probably shouldn’t be ending the night in such a way but she’s too tired to refrain.
Within ten minutes Isabella is asleep. Harry relaxes into his seat whilst trying to not wake her up. She only lives another fifteen minutes from here.
As the driver pulls up outside Isabella’s house. Harry gently shakes Isabella but she doesn’t respond. She has always been a deep sleeper, it’s a nightmare to wake her up.
“Can you wait here for a few minutes man. I need to take her inside.”
The driver nods and turns off the engine. Harry undoes his seatbelt and opens the car door. Isabella begins to stir as she’s no longer resting into Harry’s side. He jumps out the car and evaluates how he’s going to carry her out the car. Luckily, she opens her eyes and takes a look around. Clearly dazed, Harry grabs her hand and helps her out the taxi.
They stumble to the front door. Isabella tries to open her bag to find her key. She has no luck. Harry watches for a few seconds but soon takes the bag from her to find the keys himself. Pulling her car keys out the bag, he shifts through the countless keyrings to find the right one.
When he does, he opens the door and ushers Isabella inside. She chucks her bag into the hallway and slips her coat off.
“Are you going to be ok getting upstairs and into bed?”
“Yeah yeah, I’ll be absolutely fine. Don’t worry about me.” Isabella says. As she finishes her sentence, she stubs her toe on the edge of the hall table.
Harry tries to stifle a laugh.
“Come on, lets’ get you to bed.”
“Jesus Harry. I might have had some drinks with you but at least buy me dinner first.”
Ignoring her comment, Harry leads her up the stairs and into her bedroom. He sits her down onto the bed and kneels down in front of her. Harry slips her shoes off before placing them by the wardrobe.
Out the corner of his eye he sees Isabella begin to undress. He decides to stay turned to the wall until she is done.
“You’re such a prude Harry.” Isabella mocks. “It’s not like you’ve not seen me in my underwear before.”
“Are you dressed yet Bella?”
She mutters a small ‘yep’ and he turns back around. Isabella begins to get in bed.
“Could you pass me the make up wipes?”
Harry nods and grabs them for her. He takes a wipe out of the pack and swipes it across her face. Isabella giggles, not expecting him to do it for her.
“You didn’t need to do it for me.”
“Shhh.” Harry shushes her whilst ensuring every scrape of makeup is off her face. Once he’s done, he makes his way into the bathroom to put the wipe in the bin. He re-enters the bedroom and finds Albert jumping up onto the bed. They must have missed him when coming in.
Harry cant help but stroke Albert, cooing at him as he does. He doesn’t miss Isabella’s smile as she admires the two of them. She cant help but imagine a world in which her and Harry stayed together. Their nights would have ended like this; getting ready for bed and petting Albert.
She’s snapped out of her daze as Harry speaks up.
“You need anything? If not, I’ll let you get your beauty sleep.” He says. “Not that you need it.”
Isabella shakes her head. He’s already done enough. He didn’t need to lead her home nor put her to bed but he did.
“I’m good. Thank for tonight. I had a really good time.”
“Me too Bella. We’ll have to do it another time. Take it easy at work tomorrow. Send me a message in the morning so I know you’re alright.”
Isabella smiles softly as Harry grabs at the duvet and tucks her in. He says goodbye to Albert before saying goodbye to her too. 
At that, Harry makes his way back down the stairs and out the door. Isabella hears the front door close and then the taxi leave outside.
Staring at Albert she realises that she can’t stop smiling and it’s all because of Harry. Today proved that he’s not the man she saw at the party months after they broke up, he’s the man she fell in love with. Maybe that’s why they could never be friends after the break up, because she never saw him as a friend. He’s always meant more than that to her.
The weekly meet ups with Harry may become dangerous. She can see it now. The feelings that disappeared over the past four years will come back, they’re bound too. 
In fact, they may have already.
Harry and Isabella have been talking regularly since their night out. Texting back and forth daily, they have been enjoying each other’s company. Today she is at his house for a small get together. Gemma was originally coming as well but a sudden work call meant it’s just the two of them.
Harry is busy making Isabella a cup of tea. She’s nipped to the bathroom quickly. She has only been round for half an hour and he’s managed to make her blush one too many times. He complimented her outfit the second she walked through the door and gushed about how proud he is of her new job.
It’s been a week and a half since her first day and she’s loving it. Her boss seems to love her too. Exactly a week into the job, her boss sent her a lengthy email congratulating her on a great start. Harry didn’t shy away from expressing his pride when she told him.
As she makes her way back downstairs, Harry calls her into the living room. She joins him and finds her cup of tea resting on the coffee table.
“You’re an angel.” She says.
“God, I know.”
They both laugh as they settle onto the sofa. Reruns of Friends are on the TV. Harry lit a few candles just before Isabella arrived. He loves a candle. She can’t remember ever being at Harry’s house and there not being a candle somewhere. She couldn’t help but snigger a little. It certainly creates an atmosphere - a romantic one. The dimmed lights and candles make this feel much more intimate than Isabella was prepared for.
She wonders if Harry can feel it too.
And as if he read her mind, he leans in. It’s a little sudden. His eyes dot across Isabella’s face, eventually landing on her lips. He swipes his tongue over his own. Her breathing hitches as he places his hand on her cheek. She knows exactly what’s about to happen and she can’t bring herself to stop him. She doesn’t want to.
Harry leans in even more. Their noses touch as his lips hover over hers. A couple seconds pass like that. Their lips barely touching. Isabella’s eyes flutter closed and she firmly presses her lips to his.
Harry reciprocates immediately. The kiss begins gentle, almost as if they don’t want to shock each other. With his hand placed on her cheek, he uses his other arm to pull her in at the waist.
Isabella moves onto his lap. She’s kneeling with her legs bent either side of his. Harry hums against her mouth as she shifts around to get comfortable.
“Please tell me you won’t regret this later.” He whispers.
“I won’t. I promise.” She says before kissing him again.
“You don’t think I’m moving to quick.”
“No. I mean, it’s a little scary, right? I never expected to be with you like this a few weeks ago. But I’m so happy I am.”
“Me too. The past two weeks have made me so happy.”
Isabella smiles from ear to ear. He’s right. The past two weeks have been incredible. They have also been unexpected but aren’t the unexpected things in life the most amazing.
She leans into his chest, resting her head in the crook of his neck. Harry pecks her forehead as she squeezes his waist. They would always end up on the sofa like this. Isabella remembers their third or fourth date where they had come back to his and fell asleep in the exact same position whilst The Notebook was playing on the TV.
“How about I take you on a proper date tomorrow.” Harry asks.
“You’re telling me this isn’t a date.” Isabella teases. He pokes her in the side of the waist making her squeal with laughter.
“I guess we’ve been going on dates for the past two weeks but I’m talking about a proper date. You know, one where I can work on making you fall for me.”
Isabella moves from the crook of her head and takes a glance at him. He can’t be serious, right? He must know that she’s already pretty in love with him.
“You don’t need to try too hard for that to happen.”
“That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try.”
Isabella smiles and gives him a short peck on the lips. As she pulls away, Harry places his hand on the back of her head and guides her back to his lips. Isabella doesn’t protest. That’s when her phone begins to buzz.
Wanting the kiss to last a little longer, Isabella decides to ignore it. But Harry pulls away and grabs the phone for her.
“What does it say?”
“It’s from Jenny. Says ‘have you fucked him yet?” Harry bursts out laughing as he reads the text message. It turns out Jenny didn’t stop there. Harry proceeds to read out the second message too. “Praying for you, you better not return home without having at least one orgasm. #RIPLIAM.”
Isabella can feel her cheeks heating up. Of course Jenny would send her that, and of course Harry had to be the one to read it aloud.
“You been chatting to Jenny about me, huh?”
She buries her head in her hands. Harry’s still laughing to himself.
“I’ll respond for you.” He says.
As Isabella tries to hide the fact she’s blushing, she snatches the phone from his hand.
“No!” She shrieks. “God, that’s so embarrassing. I’m never telling Jenny anything ever again.”
“And what did you tell her?”
“Just what I told you last week. Liam couldn’t make me cum and that I was getting a little desperate.” She mumbles the last sentence hoping he doesn’t hear her.
“Desperate?” You only need to ask, baby.”
“Ugh, I know. But I didn’t know if you felt the same. We were trying to be friends. Imagine if I just said ‘oh hey Harry, could you fuck me please.’” Isabella laughs. “That would ruin the whole being friends vibe, no?”
“It’s safe to say we’re not friends Bella. I want a relationship with you. I want to be yours again.”
“Like five years ago.” Isabella says..
“Yeah. But better. I promise to be better this time round.”
“I like the sound of that.” 
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rosiehufflepuff · 3 hours ago
𝓦𝓮𝓫 𝓸𝓯 𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼
Summary : Draco emotions is getting the best of him , as you and Harry are paired for astronomy project , causing a big hit in your friendship not only that but also causing you to ask why he was jealous when you are only friends and how he is trying to control who you can have as friends and who you can’t have as you call out his toxic behaviour.
Draco X Fem Reader
Warning : jealousy . Possessive Draco , Insecure Draco , Harry and Draco rivalry , Angst , and too much FLUFF
House : Hufflepuff
Year : fifth
Tumblr media
Link of the casual outfit :
Draco watched as his anger was getting too big that he felt that his body couldn’t contain it anymore , usually Draco could keep a straight face whatever any emotion he felt but at this moment he couldn’t , you were smiling at Potter being all friendly and such , leading his blood to boil , you were extremely friendly with the annoying Gryffindor!! Yes , he get it , Hufflepuff and all , being nice is the nature , that what he made him attached to you in first place , but you were talking and being kind To HIS ENEMY ! You shouldn’t even be talking to him !! In first place !! You were his friend ! HIS !!! You should only talk to him not his enemies !!
“ hoho wow ... we are finally seeing emotions on malfoy face “ Theo couldn’t help but comment with a smug smirk as he earns a harsh scowl from the icy blonde boy “ shut it Nott or I swear the next thing that you will see is my shoes squishing your eyes “ “ he is right though Malfoy , your face is literally changing colours , expression , and literally your eyes are stuck on them ! “ Blaise commented more like stating fact ” that is true also !! , draco do you know what we are doing for this project ? ” pansy gave a questionable look to the pale boy, resulting in draco to run his hand his hair as he breaths heavily , getting up from his chair “ since you all being Nosy Fucking Twats and it seems like you have plenty of time to blab why don’t you all continue on the project , yeah ? “ with that draco left with glare as he walked out of the library to cool off “ he got it so bad ......” Theo commented with a smirk “ yes completely ” earning an agreement from both Slytherins .
Draco went out , breathing deeply the fresh air , you were his friend and his hate for Harry was no secret for you and you were Hufflepuff and that was no secret for Draco , he knows ‘ the moral code of the Hufflepuffs’ and how strong did you hold into them .
However what irritated and concerned Draco was you and Potter were friends. Before..... You and him even talked , he is fully aware of potter ideas about slytherin and him....which lead to a fear of losing you to him......
Does he trust your judgement? ...........of course he does , does he trust Potter ? Dear Salazar NO .... and that what worries him ... also the idea of you and Harry leaves a sour taste in his mouth , a strong one ,
you were quite attractive and you had a decent personality And of course what will make the Gryffindor happier than making the slytherin ‘s life miserable!......... by taking you away from him and as much as he despised it, you and potter are quite fitted for each other ......but no way in the name of Merlin ’s Bread he would give you to him!!
The slytherin prince now knew for sure that universe hated his guts cause just in this moment you and Potter walked out , you , smiling as harry is pointing out the stars while you are carrying a sketch book with your quil as you both admired the stars.
Draco didn’t know what is the assignment was nor he cared about it in this moment , all he cared about was to hear what you and Potter talked about , as the way to do that neither of you could see him . Causing him to blend with the darkness of the trees shadows
“ and you see here , two days from now we will see Jupiter's movement ! “ Harry explained excitingly causing you to smile “ yes i know !! However ........ I feel it would be hard to see from the astronomy tower as all fifth year students would be there for it ...... do you think we would able to glance it , write the essay and fill the star chart ......? “ you couldn’t help but voice your concerned leading Harry to think for a moment
“ Gryffindor tower !!” “ excuse me ........I mean ......say again..........? “ “ we can see it from gryffindor tower !!” “ wait really ??” “ yes , most of students won’t think of this “ “ well I’m sure Hermione did think of that “ you said while giggling a little , making Harry himself to chuckle “ of course she would “ he said it , rolling his eyes jokingly as he continues “ we can of course go there .......if you have n-no problem I mean ........” “ of course ! Why would I have a problem in Helga ‘s name ? “ you said giving the chosen boy a big smile , making him grin himself “ excellent ! Meet me in front of the fat lady portrait !” ” you got yourself a deal potter ” you said seriously, resulting in him to chuckle ” beautiful deal I would say ” ” well that was smooth ” you said as you gave the boy in glasses a playful look ” really? I thought it was little sap ” yes kinda but still kinda smooth ” ” ouch well I better go before I say more sappy stuff yeah? See ya tomorrow ” ” see ya!!” you both parted ways, not noticing the hidden boiling fire in the very dark.
Draco was furious and angry, he flirted with you AND YOU FLIRTED BACK !! HE ASKED YOU ON A DATE AND YOU ACCPET IT !! that is a project NOT A CHANCE FOR POTTER TO SNOG YOU !!!
He didn’t like what he saw , in fact, it resulted in leaving fury eating his body , to him it was you choosing Potter over him and it left a wound in the pale boy ‘s heart , like everyone else they would .... he didn’t know why it was hurting .... it felt like you are leaving him behind .....and replacing him with what people always say, is better than him ........ Draco couldn’t control his emotions anymore resulting in him to run to the slytherin dungeon to be alone with his thoughts , he is not gonna give Potter what he always wanted .... which is a breakdown
After two days passed , it was the weekend and Merlin , you didn’t wanna to wake up after a whole week the last day always seemed so hard but you need to get no matter what cause no one would Attend it for you
An annoyed groan slips from your mouth as you jump out of the bed stretching and getting yourself into your yellow and black uniform , last day but one of the busiest , you have heavy school day not forgetting of course the meeting with Harry.
However you were quite excited , you are gonna see the Jupiter movement clearly also you never saw the Gryffindor tower from inside so yes , maybe it will be a good day after all.
Walking out to your first class which was herbology a subject you completely adored being with professor sprout cheerful personality and voice , some people fainting causing a giggle here and there , the whispers of the plants and finally A current slytherin shared this class with you and being with him made the hardest thing bearable , one of these is Snape class of course , with his help and quiet jokes he made you like it a little , Giggling at some old jokes Draco did through the classes you shared , you notice that you arrived to the green house .
You stood inside of the green house with Fanged Geranium sitting on the table showing her teeth in front Of you , as you hear the head of your house talking about the quality of it and how to deal with it , your eyes wondered to check on Draco .
You didn’t see him since you entered , you knew draco likes the green house , even though he would never admit it to the world , you saw the twinkle in his eyes when he is looking to the plants however he was no where in the sight ,
it is like the sky heard you or something and wanted to prove you wrong cause suddenly the door of green house open quietly revealing the white haired boy , walking as he bows to the older hufflepuff “oh good dear Helga ..... you are so late Mr.Malfoy !!!” “Im very knowledgeable about that Mrs sprout and I give you my apologies....” the older teacher couldn’t help but sigh “ fine go take your plant next to Miss L/N .....please miss L/N ....update Mr. Malfoy about the topic ....For the rest , please work on your plants carefully ! “
Even thought he looked perfectly put together the slytherin ‘s face was looking yellowish , was he sick , you never saw him yesterday at all ... was something going on ....? However you knew he didn’t like to be pushed so you just watch him as he take his place next to you ... you give him the warmest comforting smile “ Draco good morning dear .......did you sleep well “ a nod , you get only a nod from the boy so you try to keep the conversation going “ well ... today we are assigned the plant of Fanged Geranium and we need - “ I actually know about it....... I read about it in a book before , you don’t to waste your energy yeah? “ like that he cutter you off and for some reason he seemed distance , you were weirded out by that kind of behavior but you thought maybe that is his morning attitude which eventually will disappear you both continued to work in silence .
Soon the class ended , you hear Draco sigh as he walks away to his Slytherin friends , ignoring you completely which weirded you out , he never did that he would at least wave or something or to make sure his hand brushed yours giving you a smirk ...his new behavior was weird decided to let it to be till it is lunch time for you both , you will make sure to catch him and ask him about it .
Moving from class to class to class you were half done with the day ......finally Merlin were getting tired from all these classes as now you have the chance to eat for first time in the day as you skipped the frost meal in exchange of sleeping more , cause Dear Helga....... you were almost dead tired from the whole week and you needed these extra hours .
As you were running from the class , ready for the feast that will be served to your groaning stomach as you got faced by the crowded halls .
Trying to make your way through , you pumped into the slytherin prince, however before you open your mouth , he look at you in the eyes then just walk away without of course forgetting to pump his shoulder into yours .........saying you were surprised would be underestimating .....what was this all about ...why he is being like that were best friends ......well .....he was your best friend at were confused and somehow getting an anxious feelings in you Body . That you forget that you froze in mid of hallway till someone told you to move ,resulting into grabbing you back to the reality , shoving all bad feelings into the back of your head , you start to move to the grand hall .
You sat in the grand hall , Eating your food .......well..........trying , you don’t know what happened but somehow the food didn’t taste as amazing as you imagined or maybe you just lost your appetite, either how, you just ate the food cause your body was in desperate need of energy recharge and the least you need is to faint and let Harry do the work , he was your close friend and that wasn’t fair to anyone in first place .
While eating you glances Draco Malfoy Getting up after finishing his food and going outside , you directly jump on your feet as you walk fast to catch up to him , and you “ draco “ no answer “ draco , it is rude to not answer me ! Stop being a child and talk to me “ these words made the pale boy stop in his heels and turn to face you with cold gaze “ wanna talk ? Sure let s talk then ! ”
You took a deep breath to calm your soaring Anger ...someone needed to be the grown up now “ why are you behaving like that !!! What is this all about !!!” “Oh you recall fully what is this all about ....!” You were stunned......... what did you do you? “ what do you mean?” “ well you know what ....forget it !!” “ you know you are not communicating right now !!! I wanna comprehend what is it !” “ oh if I’m not communicating well then why don’t you go to Potter, I’m sure he will fulfill this for you better !”
So this what all of this about ......... with this foolish rivalry!!!...“ draco you totally realize that he is a friend !! Yes, you both are not in best terms but he is still my friend !!” “ yes, being in good terms with him doesn’t mean you being flirtatiousness and snogging him in the gryfindor tower !!! “ “ you were spying on me !!!!” You were are feeling sick from how the Slytherinboy felt so entitled to spy on you , who does he think Himself is! “ I weren’t spying , you were the one who were in public“ “ but you chose to hear it!You were spying !!!” ”Well even if I did !! I was protecting you !! I DONT TRUST HIM “ “ well right now It is you who I don’t trust !!! ....this is not protection THIS YOU TRYING TO CONTROL MY LIFE !! IN WHAT ENTITLEMENT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN TO FEEL LIKE THAT IS YOUR RIGHT !! IM NOT SOMETHING TO BE OWNED !! I DESERVE RESPECT ! And from this sorry but I don’t see that you have that for me and I don’t think I would like to be friends anymore “ Draco eyes widened at this for a second almost you missing it out before his straight cold look came back “ fine as you wish “ with that he walked away , leaving you behind with tears dripping out of your eyes .
Draco rushed through the halls to reach his perfect room fast , he felt chocked by all crowds , he felt the tears already were about to come out and the last thing he needed was the whole school to witness Draco Malfoy crying about a girl that he doesn’t comprehend what he feel about her , barely reaching the slytherin common room without breaking down . The slytherin boy shutter the password out of his lips , as hurry to his perfect bedroom ignoring the glances that he was getting from his house mates , locking the door as he finally let all his emotions out in the loneliness of his room not attending the rest of the day .
You were getting ready to meet Harry for astronomy project , trying to hold all the emotions inside, like you did for the rest of the day after the dilemma with Draco , you didn’t see him after and that was better for you , you didn’t know how will you react , you trusted him but has no respect for you , he was acting like you are his doll , you felt so small and disrespected , you wanna cry not cause of him no but cause you feel you trusted someone one who didn’t see you for who you are but saw your as object but you won’t let someone who thought like that stop your life , you looked at yourself noticing your outfit : a lacy off white blouse with lantern sleeves with Peter Pan collar . blue straight ankle length jeans and beige ankle boots ,
breathing a deep breath , you look put together and that is what you wanted , you didn't want anyone to notice your mood and the tears that slipped here and there .
rushing out of the warm dorm of the Hufflepuff common room to the halls as you walk fast to the fat lady portrait praying to helga in her grave to not make you face to face with the slytherin boy , as you reach the painting you took a deep breath, Causing a look from the lady in painting , you felt for a second like you almost forgot to breath from how anxious you were till you feel a hand on your shoulder , causing you to turn , you see the brown haired boy with his famous smile as if it is contiguous you smile without feeling “ did I make you wait for long” “ oh no no no not at all !! I just came here ! “ “ so ummm shall we ?” You nod with a smile , the gryffindor says the password of the week and you both crawl inside of the Gryffindor room , taking the whole inside of you, the room was warm and cozy just missing some plants and It would be a copy of your own house room.
The chosen boy was correct, not many people was there and of course Hermione was there with some Ravenclaw and Ron causing to giggle a bit without noticing , knowing what it was about Harry himself chuckle “ yes yes you were correct stop , she is giving us looks “ the boy whispered trying to hold his laughter, indeed the girl was giving you look like you both are crazy or something , but it was quite humorous for some reason , some gryfindors were there with their groups but it was so few That you can count them on your fingers .
Both of you and Harry settled down close to the window , talking as you admired the stars, trying to fill the chart and waiting to see Jupiter movement “ god when the bloody hell will it show “ you couldn’t help but giggle as you hear Ron hearing him resulting to get a hit from Hermione “ he is right tho Harry we have been waiting for long “ you say as you stretch your legs that almost are falling off from having them in same position for long “ “I think it will show soon ....” “ SHH it is showing !!” Hermione screamed on top of her lungs causing Ron to roll his eyes .
you watched......... memorised by the whole thing , it was marvellous thing ... all this beauty happening by nature ...nature amazed you with everything it provided and how beautifully it is done , you for sure won’t forget that ....
After long time of writing the essay , giggling at Ron foolishness , joking around , helping each other in that pain in the arse assignment.... Yet it was somehow fun, painful work but fun .
later it was done ,Harry walked you to the painting and after huge back and forth, you convinced him that you would be fine going back to your room and nothing to be worried about.
you are now enjoying your walk to the hufflepuff common room , feeling the cold air and soundlessness, cooling you, ......finally the weekend , done with the deadly assignment , sighing deeply , you realised you reached the entry , you play the rhythm to enter , ready to be welcomed by the talking plants and the warm room ,
This positivity get demolished by seeing a curtain blonde head youth sitting in front of the entry like a dog scolded his owner , as soon as he sees you , he is quick on his feet , fixing his hair by running a hand in it
“ you are here .....y/n .....” “ ..........Malfoy ......” “ please don’t call me that ......” “ why it is your name , eh ? “ “y/n .........please......... don’t ........” you raise an eyebrow to him questionably , knowing your slient question, you see his face going from emotion to emotion to emotion as he tires open his mouth “I-I-I apologize for my foolishness and you are fully ........correct .....the way I behaved ...........childish was the way I acted ......I apologize again ......” draco sharp grey eyes was staring hard into your soul trying to read your face
You close your eyes breathing heavily for a second , you didn’t want to look into his eyes , you saw how swollen his bloody shot eyes were and he looked miserable however though some parts of you wanted to forgive the boy however you weren’t satisfied “draco .......the reason of your -“ “ I respect you ........way more than the words can tell .....and you totally deserve to know why this is not cause .....I don’t respect you no is cause some stupid silly emotions that let act like that -“ “ jealousy “
gulping hard at the name of the emotion , Draco never felt jealous ever !! He is a Malfoy people felt jealous from him not the opposite what he wanted he got it , so this was a hard pill to swallow to him “ ...yes and had some fears.......... about getting replaced .............. “ you held draco hands , finally realizing his feelings And for first time you see a rosiness tint on his cheeks , draco wasn’t very touching persona he was tense about it but he was used to it from you, later two years from knowing you nevertheless, he never flushed , he was accepting, awkwardly also, but no blushing , yet in his state you won’t point it out , it was already hard for him opening up so this was his moment and you wanna be comforting as you can next to calming down his Insecurity “ draco I would never replace you ever !! You mean so much to me !! I can’t imagine you out of my life are very important and unreplaceable to me “ you say as you hug him slowly causing his body to go tense before warping his shaking arms around before squeezing you tightly as he bury his face in your shoulder , your run your hand in his soft messy hair you hear him speak softly “ I discovered a new emotion also ....” “hmm ?” ..........Love..............”
I don't know if there is going to be part two!! But I hope you all like this
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charliedawn · 4 hours ago
Remus x Reader
"Second chances"
(Warning : sadness ahead.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You look at the piece of paper in your hand and smile as you see the famous Hogwarts train..the same train you took a few years back as a student. And now ? You would be returning as a teacher. You get on the train and look for a place to seat. You see that all of them are full but one, with only three students and a man inside. You open the door and sit down with a wide smile.
" Hi ! I'm Y/N L/N. The new potion assistant."
They all politely shake your hand while telling you their names as well. Your eyes widen when you hear that Harry Potter is among them. You are about to tell him that you were an old friend of Lily when the red-head next to you interrupts you, his face as white as a sheet.
" Wait..Potion's assistant ?! As in, assistant of the donjon bat ?!"
Hermione gives him a warning look, but you only laugh lightly.
" Donjon bat ? Is that what kids are calling him those days ?"
They all seem surprised as you don't seem offended, only mildly amused.
" Wait..You know professor Rogue ?!"
It's Hermione's turn to be surprised and you only nod in response.
" Of course I know Severus. We were friends.."
" Were ?"
Harry picks on and your smile turns downward as you remember that Severus and you hadn't talked to each other since..Lily's death. However, you don't have to answer the boy that the train abruptly stops. You frown before looking outside and freeze when you feel thee familiar cold air entering the wagon.
" Dementors.."
You whisper as the temperature lowers more and more. You then see the darkness making its way towards your door and then, the door open ajar, letting the monster inside. He inspects all of the passengers before finally landing his attention on Harry. The boy is paralysed by fear and the dementor takes it as an opportunity to get a taste..However, the sleeping man and you get up at the same time and yell.
" Expecto Patronum !"
The flying nightmare gets ejected out of your wagon and leaves you all try to get your breath back. You automatically crouch beside Harry to make sure he is fine and the stranger kneels beside him as well.
" Are you okay, Harry ?"
You ask and he nods silently.
" Yeah..What was that thing ?!"
Before you could answer, the stranger does it for you.
" Dementors from Azkaban, they're searching for Sirius Black."
At the name, you close your eyes and feel nauseous..To think that Sirius could be the one behind Lily's and James' death..It just didn't make any sense to you. Sirius was the best friend of James, and a good soul..But no matter how much you fought to prove he had nothing to do with it, nothing could be done. This is why you had gone. The pain was too much..The only guilt you had was to have left Severus and Remus behind. You wonder, are they the same now ? Where is Remus even ? Is he alright ? However, the stranger gets you out of your thoughts by standing up and extending a hand towards you.
" I should probably go see if any of the other students need help, while you can stay with Miss..?"
You smile and accept his hand for him to get you up.
" L/N. Y/N."
Suddenly, his grip seems to tighten and his eyes to darken as he looks straight at you with what you can only imagine to be sadness and he takes a step back, as if your touch had suddenly shifted to burning lava. He doesn't tell you his name, even though you feel as if you had already seen him somewhere and walks out. However, he turns one last time to give a piece of chocolate to Harry.
" Here. Eat. You'll feel better."
You want to follow him, ask him for his name and why he seemed shocked by the mention of your name. But, you have to stay with Harry, as he was the perfect victim for the dementors. You decide to do as you were told and stay with the Golden trio until arrival. As soon as you are out, you search for the mysterious man, but cannot find him anywhere. The trio enters a carriage and you climb up with them, sharing it with a strawberry blond girl with clear blue eyes. A ravenclaw, no doubt. Her cleverness shows behind her eyes as she looks at each one of you until she speaks. She talks about thestrals and your eyes brighten. You always thought that those creatures were amazing and the reflection of past mistakes..However, you wonder, what past mistakes did you commit this time ? You enter in the surroundings of the castle and shiver at the sensation..You were home. Home again. You get out of the carriage and see that McGonagall is waiting for you. She smiles when she sees you and takes you to the Great Hall.
" It's been so long, Y/N. To think that two of my most brilliant students are going to be reunited this year.."
You frown and want to ask what she is referring to, but your eyes land on the man who had saved Harry in the wagon. You sit down next to him and see Severus that addresses you only a dismissive sideway glance. You smile at him, but he doesn't reciprocate. You sigh loudly before listening to the headmaster's welcome speech. It brings back memories, of James dancing on the table, of Sirius singing so high to cover his speech with a modification spell..and Remus. Remus smiling and laughing at his friends idiotic acts, but still defending them. But then, the murder happened..And you had to leave. The headmaster calls your name and you stand up with a small smile, but then, he calls another name..
" We also have a new teacher of defense against the dark arts: professor Remus Lupin."
The man stands up and bows slightly forward, but you are too shocked to do the same..Even after he sits back down, it take you a few seconds to sit back down. You decide to look over to Severus that is staring right at you. However, he doesn't linger and only looks at the students, knowing that among them is the son of Lily..Harry Potter. However, as soon as dinner is over, you want to talk to Severus, but he walks out quickly, followed by the waves of new slytherin students. You sigh before turning around and falling face to face with Remus that seems as surprised as you.
" Y/N ? It has been a while.."
He smiles sadly with his eyes translating a sort of melancholy. You smile back and nod.
" Indeed Remus..It has been a while. Didn't think we would bump into each other here. Of all places."
He chuckles while looking up at the ceiling, as if trying to find his words from the gargoyles..
"..This is where Sirius took the old quidditch teacher's broom and broke it in half..I remember the earful we had gotten from McGonagall.."
You smile fondly at the memory of Sirius whistling while riding said broom. You look at each other and stay in comfortable silence, until a familiar low and deep voice makes itself heard behind you.
" Well, if it isn't the beauty and the beast..Reunited again. How charming.."
You turn around to face Severus that seems highly unimpressed, an eyebrow raised and arms crossed over his torso. His hair is longer and he is dressed in darker clothes than you remembered him..but besides that, he hadn't changed much. His eyes still hold a sadness and hatred that the loss of Lily had only worsen. You are about to talk when Remus does it for you. He takes a step forwards to stare directly in Severus' eyes.
" Happy to see you as well, Severus. Glad to hear that your long-lasting sarcasm hasn't faded over the years..I take it that you weren't aware that miss L/N would be coming back as well..?"
Severus doesn't falter his gaze, not even taking the time to give you a side glance.
" Obviously."
It is only then that he looks at you with a flicker of hurt in his eyes, but quickly gets back his composure to look back at Remus.
" You both have class tomorrow. I would advise you both to get back to your private quarters.."
And with that, he walks down the corridor without giving you a second glance. You want to go after him, but Remus stops you at the last minute.
" I wouldn't do that if I were you. Severus hasn't been quite himself since you left and seeing you again may be..painful to him ?"
You look between Remus and the way Severus had gone and finally agree.
" You're right. I shouldn't intervene too much.."
He smiles for a second before turning around to walk towards his own quarters. You can only stare at him until the light of his wand disappears completely. You smile sadly, knowing that your return wasn't painful only for Severus..Remus waits until he is in his room before letting go of his emotions. He soundproofs the room with his wand and takes a shaky breath before screaming so loud that it hurts. He doubled in pain and slides down to sit and bury his face in his hands to hide his tears. He had Sirius to save and now, another ghost from his past had come back to haunt him..He sits on his bed as images of the past swirl in his mind.
Flashback :
Your younger self is running through the woods, looking for someone. She finally finds a quivering Remus covered in blood and a dead deer by his side. Young Remus looks up at her and starts sobbing as he extends his hand towards her.
" Please..Don't go. I'm sorry. I know I'm a monster but, I don't want to be alone.."
She only smiles compassionately before kneeling in front of him and taking his hand.
" You're not alone Remus, and you're not a monster either."
He seems stunned for a moment, but smiles hopefully before taking you in his arms, crying in your shoulder.
" You..You don't think I'm a monster ?"
You hold on to him even tighter and answer confidently.
" Never..I would never think that."
He backs away a bit to ask, his voice filled with hope and desperate need.
" You'll stay with me then ?"
You smile and nod.
" Forever.."
End of flashback.
Remus lies down on his bed and closes his eyes, listening to the different sounds he can hear from the outside. After a while, he falls asleep, his head filled with memories of you..and how you betrayed your promise.
Next day :
You wake up just in time for your first lesson with Severus. You dress rapidly before running outside and barging in the great hall. Multiple head shot up to look at you, and one of them is Severus that looks at you with barely hidden disdain and the same unimpressed expression as last night. You also quickly notice Remus' empty seat and sigh before taking your place. You just have the time to grab a toast that the food disappears and the headmaster stands up to announce the beginning of classes. Severus doesn't wait for you and walks out of the great hall in a hurry as soon as Dumbledore is done talking. You have to hurry to catch up with him and are relieved when he waits for you in front of the class.
" You didn't need to go so fast..I nearly fell three times following you !"
You complain, but he only snorts.
" Incompetent and lazy..That's a good start."
You can't believe his words and humph loudly before following him inside. But he doesn't acknowledge your disapproval and only starts looking through his papers, preparing the class as the students would soon arrive. A few minutes later, the students sit down and you wait for Severus to make the introduction..which he doesn't.
" Amortentia. You have 40 minutes. Be quick."
You frown as he sits back down at his desk and leaves the students to do the potion on their own. You see many struggling and decide to go help them.
" Here, you have to be more gentle with the Ashwinder eggs. Come on, let me show you.."
You take the knife and gently cut the eggs to add them to the mixture. But, suddenly, Severus slams his hands flat on the desk, making you and the nearby students jump in surprise.
" Miss L/N! Do I have to remind you that you are not to interfere with my class unless I tell you so?"
He surely thinks that you'll back down and apologize, but you only stand up to face him. You don't step back and stare right back at him before answering straightforwardly.
" Your students should have been more prepared. They barely know which ingredient is which and you want them to learn how to bottle love ?! Dear Merlin, this is insane."
You can see his eyes darken and he menacingly says.
" If you don't like how I teach, miss L/N..Maybe it is best for you to leave !"
Your next words stay stuck in your throat at his forbidden expression and you grit your teeths before getting out and slamming the door behind you. Of course, you get a visit from Dumbledore a few hours later, insisting that you make peace with Severus. You take a big breath before knocking at his door. You hear a few muffled curses on the other side before the door opens, showing Severus with his hair disheveled and covered in ink stains.
" What do you want ?"
He harshly asks while eyeing you up and down in distaste.
" Can we talk ?"
You reply, doing your best to hide your thoughts from him and anything that would betray you. You need to talk to him, and he would listen, that he wants to or not..With another glare, he finally gives in and opens the door ajar for you to enter. You walk inside and look around. Not a lot of personal items or anything other than practical. Your eyes then land on him, looking at you impatiently with his arms crossed and tapping his foot on the ground.
" So ? What did you want to talk about ? How you interrupted my class ? Made a fool out of me ? If so, there is no need. I do not care that the headmaster appointed you as my assistant. Disrespect me again ? And I won't hesitate before throwing you out of my class and this school. You may have thought that our..past..would bring you some kind of special treatment, but I can assure you that that is not the case and I.."
" Are you finished ?"
You cut him off and he seems surprised, but you don't let him speak again before he hears what you have to say. You move forward until your noses nearly touch and thrust your finger on his torso multiple times, as to make yourself clear.
" I don't know what I've ever done to deserve such wrath from you, but those students have done nothing to deserve this. As for our "past", Severus. Consider it erased. I don't know what you thought I was there to do, but I have a job now. Unlike you, I am not stuck in the past. I may be your assistant, but I am not your student and you have no right to speak to me this way. Professor Snape, I am as qualified as you and this will be the last time I will ever let you embarrass me this way. We used to be friends, I thought that maybe we could get along as colleagues, but I was obviously wrong. I am not here to apologize, because you are the one who should be apologizing."
He snorts at that before looking down at you and you can feel the tension rising as he stares down at you with a sneer.
" Really, Y/N ? Are you sure about that ? Your memory must be hazy, let me clear it up for you.."
You don't understand until he looks straight at you and uses his legilimens on you. You see yourself, Lily and Severus playing together. You see multiple memories of your life at Hogwarts together and then, the fall. Severus knocking at your door in the middle of the night and begging you to let him enter. You then see yourself opening the door to a sobbing Severus, carrying Lily's body in his arms. The last memory he shows you is the day that you left, a few days after James' and Lily's funeral.
You come back to see the eyes full of pain and sorrow of Severus that his gripping your shirt tightly. He is keeping himself from breaking up in tears in front of you. You feel bad and try to gently stroke his cheek, but he grabs your arm before you could go through your action.
" Get out.."
The order is so low that you don't pick up on it until his eyes stare right at you and he yells.
" I said get out !"
This time, he drags you out and locks the door behind you. You stay still for a few seconds before clenching your jaw and turning away to leave. You thought you could make peace, but Severus doesn't want peace, he wants to be left alone and hated by all. You tried to talk to him, but he doesn't want to listen. You try to talk to him some more in the weeks that follow, but he ignores and when you're in his class, any step closer to him and he glares at you or yells at the students. As if just by being near you, he would burn to ashes. Before you know it, the Yule Ball approaches and even though you know that Severus is probably not among the crowd, another one is. You see Remus smiling at you and making his way to you.
" Well, glad to see you. I was starting to think that you were ignoring me ?"
You laugh and shake your head.
" No, Remus. I wasn't ignoring you, I was searching to get back a friend that I lost."
He seems to understand and nods.
" I see. Well, maybe you should apologize ?"
You snort, as if you hadn't tried for the last few months..
" I tried, but failed. I only have one year here, and if I don't make it up to all those I've wronged..I may never find peace."
He sighs and guides you away from the crowd of students, on one of the bridges of the school. You then stay next to each other, looking at the night sky and it's you that decide to break the silence.
" I'm sorry, Remus. I should have at least say goodbye but, I couldn't. I was afraid of his reaction. I couldn't even say goodbye to you after what happened to Pettigrew.."
Remus nods before looking at the sky again with a a small dreamy smile dancing on his lips.
" You remember when we used to watch the stars together ? It was on one of those nights that I asked you to the Yule Ball. I was so nervous..I can't believe the years that have passed. The people we lost along the way. And even though, we're still here. The beauty, the beast and the donjon bat..You never wish that Lily or James were still here ? Instead of Severus and I ?"
You frown and shake your head vividly before taking his hand to squeeze it lightly.
" Of course not, Remus. Nobody should have died. What happened..It was unfortunate and cruel. None of us deserved it. And between us ? I always wondered if you weren't the beauty in this story of ours."
He looks at you with widened eyes and you only chuckle at his surprise before looking at your hands. Once he understands that you weren't joking, he laughs as well before adding.
" Why ? Because you were my princess in shining armor ?"
You smile up at him and gently caress his scarred cheek. He instantly closes his eyes and melts into the soft gesture before pressing his own hand against yours.
" Always, Remus. No matter if you are a werewolf, a man or a beast..It doesn't mean that my heart stopped belonging to you. Leaving was the most painful decision I ever took."
Remus opens his glassy eyes and tears start rolling down his cheeks.
" Then, why did you leave me ?"
You feel your heart tighten in your chest and take a step back, digging the tip your fingernails in the palms of your hands to prevent you from telling him the true reason.
" I'm sorry, Remus. I think it is better that I don't stay close to you..It may be dangerous."
He frowns in incomprehension before asking, his voice trembling with sorrow.
" For you ?"
You would have laughed at the question if it wasn't for the emotional is which he asked it. You turn around and shake your head again.
" No. For you, Remus. There are things I had to sacrifice to be here today. Things that I may never get back. Become attach to me, and you'll suffer.."
He frowns in confusion, but before he could take your hand, you walk away. As soon as you are in your room, you sigh loudly and start sobbing. You knew it would be painful, but still..Suddenly, hands wrap themselves around you and you lean in, knowing perfectly who it is.
" Are you sure that it was a good idea to come ?"
Severus asks and you can only wipe your tears and try to breathe better as he holds you even tighter.
" No..But it was necessary. We both have someone we want to protect. I saw Lily's child, he looks like her."
He nods, but prevents you from turning around to face him. When you finally succeed in turning around, you see that he was crying, and an empty bottle of firewhisky was on the carpet.
" Oh Severus.."
You moan in sadness at the sight of him in such a state. He is drunk and can barely look at you in the eye.
" It isn't fair. I know why you left..but it is still not fair."
You bat your eyes heavily, as to not cry in front of him and agree.
" I know, it wasn't fair..But, it's what had to be done. I couldn't stay, Sev'. I had to do something."
He sits down on a nearby chair, not having enough force to stay up and supports his head with his hand to look at you.
" And ? Did you ?"
You smile and nod.
" I did. It won't bring back Lily or James..But it will save others."
You decide to finally show him and take out the thing you had been searching for all these years: the time turner. His eyes widen significantly and he looks at the object for several minutes before standing up again and observing it more closely.
" Incredible. I thought that there was only one in the World.."
" Two. This one is a prototype, and it would break if even one alteration to the time-line was to happen."
His breath quickens as he touches the object and weighs it in his hand, as if to check that it is real. Once he is completely convinced, he frowns and asks in a trembling voice.
" W..Why didn't you use it to rescue her ?"
You don't need the name to understand who he is referring to and you shake your head.
" I'm sorry, Severus..But, Lily is too important. She is the mother of Harry and without her death, the Dark Lord will never be defeated."
He groans in pain as his dizzy mind starts spinning around and he has to seat again in order not to fall. You sigh and take a blanket to cover him.
" You can sleep here tonight..Just, sober up."
Once his eyes close, you take a shaky breath before looking at the time turner in your hand..If he only knew what you know, he would understand that you had no choice. Too many deaths haven't occurred yet. Deaths that you could prevent. You lay on your bed and sleep quickly takes over you. When you wake up, Severus us gone and replaced by a neatly folded blanket. You sigh before standing up. However, you can see that it is still dark outside and have a sudden strange feeling that something isn't right. You grab your wand and get out to see Severus' cape disappearing at a corner. You decide to follow him and get outside, near the Whomping Willow. You eyes widen as you understand in which moment in time you were..Pettigrew. It doesn't take you long to know what you are supposed to do. You dive under it and succeed in entering the secret passage which leads to the most important episode of Harry's life. You enter the room just in time to see Sirius about to denounce the treachery of your long lost friend: Peter Pettigrew. You also see Severus with his wand withdrawn, about to attack Sirius. You quickly get out your own and disarm him. He looks at you with surprise and betrayal.
" Why ?!"
He shouts and you answer with a sad smile.
" Because I believe in second chances.."
He grits his teeths and shakes his head in disapproval.
" There are no second chances.."
Severus is about to grab his wand again when Remus uses his wand to throw him away. You look at Remus that seems caught up in the situation but then, you see him look up and stare at the full moon..You know what is to come. You could stop Pettigrew now, or try to save the love of your life. You walk towards Remus confidently while Sirius is trying to calm him down the best he can. You put a hand on his face and force him to look you in the eye.
" Remus, I know you can hear me. I'm here. And I'm not giving up on you. So, don't you dare give up on yourself..You are a teacher at Hogwarts. The best teacher. You taught me to never give up, to always see the bright side and now, I need you to find that bright side in yourself and keep holding on to it. Do not look at the moon. Look at me."
​​​​​He seems to hesitate for a moment, but finally, his eyes get back to their usual color and you take him in your arms, not wanting him to fall on the floor. Pettigrew is long gone by now, but you are glad to have at least helped Remus control himself. At least, he will remain a teacher..You smile and then, Sirius puts something in your hand, the marauders map. You look up at him with confusion, but he doesn't explain. He takes your place and carries him towards the castle while you tell Hermione and Harry to go in the forest, follow their destiny. They don't seem to understand, but you trust them enough to know that they'll do the right thing..You leave them go ahead and use the Time Turner, knowing exactly where you are supposed to go now. It is time..
You appear at the battle of Hogwarts and look around for Greyback that you see following Remus in the castle. You only have a few seconds to think about what to do and finally decide to follow them. Greyback has Remus cornered and you put yourself in front of him defensively. You yell a protection spell while pointing your hand out towards him.
" Protego Totalum !" 
​​​​You then run towards Greyback at full speed and make him fall headfirst against the wall that collapses with both of your weight. But just as you are about to fall to your death, Remus, that had been fast enough to get out of the way, grabs your arm and shouts.
" Hold on !" 
You look up and smile at him before taking the Time Turner in your hand. 
" Don't worry..I've got it covered.."
You then look up again with tears in your eyes. The Time Turner is broken, but he doesn't know that..You had altered greatly the time-line, it wouldn't work.
" Remus ! Before I go, I want you to promise something to me !"
He nods, his eyes looking down at you for a moment and you smile with tears in your eyes. 
" Promise me that, no matter what, you and Tonks will live ! I want you to be happy, Remus..Enjoy the second chance I have given you. I love you, Remus."
He frowns at that last part but, before he could answer, you let go of his hand and fall, the broken Time Turner clutched in your hand. You know that it was meant to work only once, that any shift in the time-line would break it..A life for a life. You think of Ted, his child that would see him again. You think of Tonks, she would die without him. And finally, you think of Remus..You look up at him one last time and smile genuinely at him.
" Nooooo !"
He cries out when you let go of his hand and fall to your demise. However, someone stops you from falling to your death. You open your eyes and see Severus with his wand withdrawn. You smile gratefully at him and he smiles back. But, you don't have the time to warn him as you see Nagini crawling behind him. He grimaces in pain as the giant snake bites his ankle.
" Severus! No!"
You run towards and catch him as he collapses. You cradle his face in your arms and gently remove the hair from his face to look him in the eye.
" You fool! Why did you do it?!"
He takes your hand in his and smiles while giving you his reason.
" I couldn't lose I lost Lily. At least, this time, I wasn't too late.."
You can't help but smile tenderly at him and kiss his forehead.
" No..You weren't."
You then see Harry running towards you and you feel your heart sink, knowing that he needs a tear from Severus..his last tear. You start sobbing while tightening your hold on his body, even after his last breath left his body. Remus is by your side and puts his hand on your shoulder.
" He's gone..Come on."
You look up at him and, to your surprise, see that he was crying too.
" T..Tonks ?"
You ask and he shakes his head negatively, adding to your pain as you look back at Severus.
" I..I thought things would be different."
Remus kneels down beside you and closes Severus' eyes significantly, a sign of respect and sorrow.
" He was a great man..Better than many of us."
You nod in agreement before replying sincerely.
" So was Tonks. I'm sorry for your loss."
You look at each other and instinctively throw yourselves in each other's arms. There are so many things left unsaid, but for now, you would comfort each other the best you can.
A few weeks after :
You are about to get on the train, ready to leave this damned school and all of its miseries behind when you hear someone running after you. You turn around to see a panting Remus.
" Is it true ? You love me ?"
He asks and you wait for him to get his breath back before answering truthfully.
" I do."
He stares at you for a second before straightening himself and looking at everything but you. He rubs the back of his neck nervously before asking you.
" I..I was actually going back to the muggle world to take care of Ted. I have no experience whatsoever at being a parent but, I guess that if I had someone with me..It would be easier. I mean..If you want to ?"
You freeze for a moment, wondering if you had heard him right. But, once you are sure you didn't imagine him asking you to stay with him, you smile and take his hand.
" I guess that there are worst ends than this. Very well. Lead the way, Remus."
He only chuckles before going inside with you. However, just when the train start, he leans in and kisses you. Before you can reciprocate, he takes a step back, blaming it on the abrupt movement of the train. But, the small smile he gives you while walking ahead makes you think otherwise. You finally smile too before taking your suitcase and following him.
" Looks like you were wrong Sev', everyone can have a second chance.."
This was a request from @remusbabyvampire. Hope you like it. 😁
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Tumblr media
PAIRING: Theseus Scamander x reader
WORD COUNT: 2114 bloody hell...
SUMMARY: Arriving at a strange and magical place, you suffer the effects of apparition and you discover the true importance of you as a witness and your involvement to the Restoration Movement.
A/N: This took aaawwhhiillee to write but I’m plotting stuff up like a mad detective on a case so expect more. Enjoy this chapter!
The feeling could scarcely be described as your body being pulled apart and put back together all at once but for a split second. You clung to Theseus, the man you’ve merely met a moment ago, sweat beading down your neck as your wide eyes scan your surroundings. You don’t recognise the place but it’s enormous, with polished dark wood floors and towering beams stretching high above like massive archways. It reminded you of King’s Cross but larger and grander. Before you could take in more of the sights, your stomach churns unannounced. You began to feel the rising of bile in your throat, and your knees go weak, your form bending towards the ground. Theseus’ grip around your waist tightened, catching you before you collapse farther onto the ground. Unable to form words, your hand flies to cover your mouth as you feel nausea clawing against your throat.
Yet, despite being trained to think quick as an Auror, he never figured a way to prevent you from spewing all over the ground in time because, in an instant, that was exactly what you did. Passing strangers stagger away from you, muttering a few curses while Theseus continues to hold on to you, flashing apologetic smiles at the people staring. The moving crowd avoided the two of you, parting like the Red Sea. Immediately, the stinging in your throat disappears, but your stomach still doesn’t feel as good and your head is spinning. “I’m sorry but what the bloody hell was that?” you groaned, heaving a heavy sigh. You’re still bent down, hand on your knee and the other still grasped on the man’s arm.
Theseus’ laugh comes out more like a puff of air, hand patting against your back gently. “Come on, we have to get going before anyone finds out that you’re not supposed to be here.” With you being a muggle, dead centre of a bustling crowd of witches and wizards, you’re bound to get into as much trouble as you were in the beginning. Morrigan had eyes everywhere and with you having a probable connection with her and the movement, it’s substantial to keep you safe for the moment. You are a witness after all.
You finally straighten your back, and your eyes instantly find his. He stretches his palm out to yours. “I realised I hadn't given you my name. I’m Theseus,” he introduces himself, flashing a modest smile. Charming name, just like him.
You shake his hand, ignoring the way the warmth of his hands against yours makes your heart race just a little. You mention your name, returning a gentle smile despite throwing up all over the floor moments ago. It disappears as soon as your stomach begins to churn once more and your lips turn into a scowl. Theseus ignores the way his heart clenched at the vanish of your smile.
You then find yourself weaving through bodies of men and women in business wear, all seemingly in a hurry. You seize the chance to try and figure out where exactly you were because up to that point, you still had no clue where you were, who were the men who saved you, and why you’re in danger. You’ve stepped foot onto foreign grounds and never felt as lost as you did at that moment. Nonetheless, the sights were breathtaking, and you figured that if the man you’re clinging to is indeed a magical being—a wizard, then perhaps this a place for magical beings alike, acting as some sort of middle point. You turned your head up, spotting the peacock blue cascading across the ceiling, gleaming golden symbols that were constantly moving and changing. Your gaze returns to the man beside you, whose eyes dart cautiously across every person that walks by. They glint with determination but you notice the exhaustion in them. Almost old and wise, like they’ve seen many things. You’ve seen that in your father’s eyes, having been the child of a war veteran. Yet, as strange as this place was, the people you’re with and the situation you’ve ended up in, you find yourself wanting to stay here for as long as you could. To feel safe was all you yearned for the longest time and here, at that exact moment, you admit that for the first time, you experience what it feels like to feel protected.
Maybe, it was because he promised you safety and no one has ever done it for you.
You were escorted to an office, average-sized and lined with wooden filing cabinets. It was incredibly cluttered with books piled at every corner, folders and documents scattered across the mahogany desk. Theseus entrusted you with a rather enthusiastic bespectacled lady as you nursed a chilled cup of ginger beer in which she had offered you to help with the nausea. She had fiery hair that ended just above her shoulders and was of short stature. With crinkled eyes and a broad smile, she stuck out her hand to you, “Hello there, it is an honour to meet you,” the woman greeted you excitedly, “I’m Elizabeth Button, Theseus’ assistant. But everyone calls me Betty Button.” You eyed her curiously, but you accepted her hand in a handshake. She continued to oddly burst with excitement over your presence, “I’m so glad you are here although you aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Oh, but I never met a muggle before!”
You blink, brows furrowing. “...a muggle?”
A pause and then, she laughed bashfully. “Oh, Merlin! I’m sorry, I forget you muggles don’t speak wizardry argot,” She sends a playful albeit gentle slap to your shoulder, “Muggles are what we call those lacking any sort of magical ability. So, darling, you’re a muggle and I’m a witch!”
Your brow twitched; it’s almost like a moment of epiphany. This was the first time since you were caught in the crossfire that someone finally explained something about this place to you. Though, you still had plenty of questions.
Taking a sip of the ginger beer, you queried Betty, “Where exactly am I?” with an unwavering smile, she explained, “Well, we’re in the Ministry of Magic. To be exact, we’re right under Whitehall,” she gestures to the ceiling with an outstretched index finger and you instinctively glance upwards. Then, Betty leaned closer to you, left hand curved and placed beside her mouth and spoke quietly. “Although I’m not supposed to be telling you that but you are after all not going to recall any of this in the end.” she sighs, leaning back in her chair opposite yours. “It really is a pity.”
Excuse me, not going to remember this? What is that supposed to mean?
Before you could question her further, the door opened revealing a distressed-looking Theseus. An older silver-haired man, trailed behind him, his demeanour was harsh with an air of authority. At that moment, you decided you didn’t like him. A brush to your shoulder, Betty flashed you a fleeting smile. She doesn’t look as thrilled anymore. “I best be off, then,” she mutters before feeling past the two men and out the door. The churning in your stomach returns and you suddenly begin to miss Betty’s company. The man spotted you and immediately, a crease between his brows appeared in anger. “What is she still doing here?” he spat, gesturing to you. You sank deeper into your seat.
“Travers, she is a witness. Muggle or not, she is the only target to have survived.”
A moment of silence passed, neither of them said anything. The vile man, named Travers, glanced at you momentarily before heaving a heavy sigh. “Fine,” he exhaled and made a beeline to the filing cabinet behind the desk, pulling out a folder from the drawer. “Prepare the quill. This starts right now.” Travers ordered with a pointed look to Theseus. With a flick of the wand, a quill appeared out of thin air, hovering over a blank sheet of paper just ahead of you. You couldn’t help but stare at it, eyes wide. No matter the number of strange events you have been witnessing for the past few hours, it still shocks you whenever you see something new and frankly impossible as far as you were concerned.
Theseus proceeded to take Betty’s spot beside you while Travers settled for the Chesterfield armchair on the other end of the desk, propping his elbows against the edge of it. The man stared at the two of you with narrowed eyes before his eyes flicker towards the file he had flipped open, scanning through its contents. You glanced at Theseus warily; he nods assuringly but that doesn’t do anything for the twisting sensation in your chest. No one has given you a proper explanation of the importance of you being in this strange place, surrounded by strange people and to be honest, you aren’t even certain if you would completely understand if one was ever offered to you. Hence, you sat meekly and took your last sip of the ginger beer, hoping that it will somewhat calm your nerves. The longing for home overwhelmed you, yet you realised you had nowhere to go after all. Home was long gone and now you were trapped between worlds, both of which you never have and never will truly comprehend.
Whatever may come, you had no care for it but the man named Theseus offered you a glimpse of what it feels like to have hope once more. Consequently, you bargain all your faith in him the very moment he stepped into your life in a time of distress. You trust him like you have known him forever and you know, the feelings are mutual. You’re still yet to see if your gut has been correct after all.
The questions began, direct ones and shot at you like quickfire but you do not hesitate. Though, you couldn’t help but stare at the enchanted quill, writing on its own by the corner of the desk. You disclosed your full name, age and occupation. As for your current home address, you tell Travers you don’t have one. Although you couldn’t help but stare at the enchanted quill, writing on its own by the corner of the desk.
As for Theseus, it was the first time since he met you that he finally knew your name and that you worked at the gloves factory downtown as a simple seamstress. You were recently laid off due to cutbacks caused by the recession. He began to recognise his luck in terms of career, home and family when in reality, it hasn’t been kind to everyone, including you. The dark circles below your dull eyes were a lot more prominent in light of this office—when he knew the troubles you were facing. You hid them well, but eyes, they tell everything.
It was only when Travers laid out a few photographs, portraits of women and men, in front of you that things started to take a turn. Each of them were pictures of the suspected and confirmed members of the Restoration Movement. “Do you recognise any of them?” the man queried and the room grew quiet as you scanned each of their faces. They didn’t look ordinary, demeanours were filled with fury and full of grudge. Enough to kill someone. Then, as you set your eyes on the last photograph to your right, your brows immediately drew together, mouth agape. You blink up to meet their gazes with eyes glinted with confusion. With a finger pointed towards the picture of a young man, you breathed. “That's my brother.”
The air in the room shifted as soon as those words escaped your lips. Theseus does a double-take while Travers only blinked at you, both in the midst of wrapping their heads around what you had just told them. “That's” Theseus gestured to the photograph and observed you with slightly wide eyes, almost in disbelief. You merely nodded, eyes fleeting between the two with worry. “Yes, I’m sure. He looks a little older in this but that’s impossible,” you exhaled a brief laugh, still confused. “Because he’s not alive. He died in the war.”
The two wizards shared a look momentarily. Not only because Theseus proved that he was accurate about your suspected involvement with the Restoration Movement but you were simply deeply involved in it and frankly, there was more to it than meets the eye. Travers only heaved a relatively profound sigh, closed the folder within his grasp and raised his hands to rub his eyes. With a wave of his hand, he spoke to Theseus, “Take her to the Obliviator Headquarters.”
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fanfics4all · 5 hours ago
Arranged Marriage
Tumblr media
Request: Yes / No 
Tumblr media
Requests are closed <3 Have a nice day/night
Draco Malfoy x Fem!Parkinson!Reader 
Word count: 2320
Warnings: Nothing I think?
Y/N: Your Name 
A/N: Possibly making this into a short series.  Bingo card made by @slyttherins
If you want to be on the tag list for anything (My series fics, specific character fics, or just all of them) All you have to do is send me an ask and I will add you! 
(Not my photo, credit to whoever made it!)
Tumblr media
I had a free period and like most I spent it in the Great Hall reading a book. My slightly older sister was sitting with her friends at the other end of the table. They all hated me since I was the complete opposite of Pansy. She was mean, loud, had to be the center of attention, dramatic, and wasn’t incredibly bright. Despite all that I still loved her, even if I was one of her victims. The two of us only shared one thing, our crush on Draco Malfoy. Although she never knew about that and I would never tell her. 
I was enjoying my book when a letter landed in front of me. I closed my book and glanced at it confused. My family’s owl sat on the table in front of me. I picked up the letter with my family’s crest stamped in emerald green wax and opened it. 
Your Mother and I decided to arrange a marriage for you. We are concerned that if you make a decision like this on your own, you will make the wrong decision. It is no secret that we are disappointed in your association choices. Because of that, you are going to marry Draco Malfoy. Next time you return home, you will be engaged. Once you both graduate you will be married and produce heirs for both our households. This is to ensure the blood-line. 
I stared at the letter with wide eyes. I glanced over at Draco, who was reading a letter of his own. I turned my attention back to my book and decided to ignore the letter until I returned home. 
“What’s in the letter Drakie?” Pansy asked and I rolled my eyes at her horrid nickname for him. 
“Nothing, just Father informing me of a dinner party we’ll be having next time I return home.” He answered her. I was surprised he didn’t tell her, or maybe his family didn’t tell him his fate yet… 
Later that night, after all classes and dinner had been finished, I was sitting in the corner of the common room working on homework. It was really just me in here, besides a few first years. However, when the door opened and Draco walked in everyone’s eyes were on him. 
“Everyone out.” He said and all the first years scurried off to who knows where. I simply stayed in my place, ignoring his command. 
“Parkinson.” He said and I glanced up to find him standing in front of me now. 
“Can I help you?” I asked. 
“I’m sure you got a letter telling you about our situations as well.” He said and I simply nodded. So he did just choose not to tell my sister. Interesting… 
“You better not tell anyone about this.” He said and I looked back down at my homework. 
“I wasn’t planning on it.” I said, simply. 
“Because if you do- wait, what?” He asked, cutting himself off. 
“I said I wasn’t planning on it. My Father didn’t tell my sister for a reason and honestly I’d rather her not know until it’s too late. I don’t need her bullying to get any worse, or yours for that matter. So, we can just pretend it isn’t happening until the dinner, then we’ll figure it out from there. I wouldn’t want to stain your reputation you’ve worked so hard to preserve.” I said, not even sparing him a glance. I wanted him to know I didn’t care, even though I was a bit excited to be marrying him. 
“Um, right. Well then, till the dinner.” He said and left me to be. 
The months leading up to the dinner felt like nothing had changed. I suppose nothing has changed yet. Draco was still a bully along with his friends and I was their helpless victim. My sister still clung to Draco any chance and he was still annoyed by her actions. A very small part of me wanted to rub it in her face that I was the one to be marrying him, but I wasn’t that type of person. When it was finally time to return home for a short time, I spent the whole train ride thinking about the dinner to come. When everyone stepped off the train, Pansy hugged Draco goodbye and then she made her way over to our parents. 
“Girls! How has school been?” Mother asked with a smile. 
“It’s been alright, that Potter boy is incredibly annoying. Just because he ‘survived’ the Dark Lord’s attack he’s special? He was a bloody baby.” Pansy said, rolling her eyes. 
“He doesn’t want the fame.” I said. 
“You would know, traitor!” She hissed. 
“Enough girls!” Father said and I bowed my head. 
“Sorry Father…” I said, even though I never truly did anything wrong I always felt like I needed to apologize constantly. 
“There will be no fighting while you are home, is that understood?” He said. 
“Yes Father.” We said in unison. 
“Good, now let’s go home.” He said. 
A few days had gone by and my parents hadn’t mentioned anything about the dinner to me. I was sitting in the den reading, while my Mother was having a cup of tea and my Father was reading the paper. 
“Pansy, come down here please!” Father called her. 
“Yes?” She asked, walking into the room. 
“Aunt Paisley wanted to take you shopping tonight, would you like to go?” He asked. 
“Is Y/N coming?” She asked. 
“No, just you.” He answered and her eyes lit up. 
“Really? Just me and Auntie?” She asked and Father nodded. 
“Oh yes! I’d love to go!” She said and rushed upstairs to get ready. 
“Hurry dear! Your Aunt is already waiting for you!” Mother called. 
“I’ll be finished in a moment!” She called back. Sure enough after ten minus she was back downstairs, dressed to go out. It was the fastest I’ve ever seen her get ready.
“Right, take some floo powder and go to her house, she’s waiting for you there.” Father said and she nodded. 
“She said you can stay the night if you’d like.” Mother mentioned. 
“Oh yes please!” Pansy said, happily. She gave me a nasty smirk before taking some powder and saying our Aunt’s house. Off she went to have a nice night out with our Aunt. 
“Now, you go upstairs and get ready, your Mother picked out a dress for you to wear tonight.” Father said and I looked at my parents confused. 
“Ready for what?” I asked. 
“The dinner, we’re going to Malfoy Manor.” He answered and I was even more confused. 
“Why isn’t Pansy coming?” I asked. 
“Because, as much as we love your sister, we don’t want to hear her complain about your engagement for the rest of our lives. So she’ll find out when we’ve already planned the wedding and you two are getting married.” He answered and I couldn’t hold back my smile. 
“You’re lucky Draco didn’t tell her when he got his letter.” I said, placing my book on the table and went off to my room. Laying on my bed was a simple emerald green dress, with a slit down the side, and silver accents on both wrists. There were a pair of simple silver heels to match. I smiled at the outfit, it was really quite beautiful. Once I was dressed I did a simple spell to get my hair and makeup perfect. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I walked downstairs and my parents were both ready to go. My Mother offered me her hand which I accepted and the three of us apparated to Malfoy Manor. The sky was already starting to darken, but the sun still peaked out, giving the sky a beautiful painting of pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows. We walked up the steps and my Father knocked on the door. A house-elf answered and I smiled, earring a glare from my Father. I bowed my head, he never liked how well I treated them. He always said those creatures deserve no kindness. I thought differently, house-elves deserved plenty of kindness, after all they’re very helpful. I always snuck into the kitchen at night and had lovely conversations with our house-elves, being careful not to catch the attention of anyone else in the house. 
“Mr. Parkinson, Mrs. Parkinson, Miss. Parkinson, please come in.” The little house-elf said. 
“Wolkey will inform Master of your arrival.” He said and left to get the Malfoys. 
“Ah, Philip, Oliva, Y/N, so glad you could make it.” Lucius said while shaking my Father’s hand. 
“What a lovely dress Y/N, don’t you think so Draco.” Narcissa said, gently nudging her son. 
“Yes, it’s a very lovely color on you.” He smiled, but it didn’t quite meet his eyes. 
“Thank you.” I smiled. 
The dinner was normal, our parents discussing business relations while Draco and I simply ate. It wasn’t until dinner was cleared and dessert was being served that the atmosphere changed. 
“I believe Draco has something to ask you Y/N.” Narcissa said with a smile. Draco cleared his throat and walked over to me on the other side of the table. He gently grabbed my hand and kept his other in his pocket. 
“Y/N, we’ve known each other since we were children and you’ve always been such a beauty. We’ve been friends for a while, but now I feel we should be more. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?” He asked. I could tell they weren’t his words, but they still made my heart flutter. Everyone looked at me expectantly, like I could say anything other than yes. 
“Yes Draco, I’d love to.” I smiled. Draco smiled and took out a sliver snake ring with a small emerald, the Malfoy family crest engraved on the bottom. 
Tumblr media
Draco took my hand and placed the ring on my finger. 
“Draco, why don’t you take Y/N into the garden, I’m sure she’ll love it.” Narcissa said and Draco nodded. He gently helped me up and led me outside to the porch, looking over the garden. 
“That was all my Mother.” He stated as soon as we were away from our families. 
“I know.” I smiled at him and he looked at me confused. 
“How can you smile in a moment like this? You’re being forced into a marriage.” He asked confused. 
“I can tell you Mother picked out all the flowers.” I said, changing the subject. Before he could say anything I walked down the steps into the garden. 
“Hey! Wait!” He said and followed after me. 
“Will you answer my question?” He said, slightly annoyed. 
“Have you ever looked around here and really took notice of the beauty in your backyard?” I asked. 
“I’ve looked around here plenty if that’s what you’re asking.” He said, rolling his eyes. 
“Oh look, you have some wilting flowers.” I frowned. I kneeled down and cupped the flowers gently. 
“What are you doing? You’ll get your dress dirty.” He said, but I ignored him. 
“Herbivicus” I whispered and the flowers grew to their original form. I stood up and smiled, glancing at Draco who had a shocked expression on his face. 
“Where did you learn that?” He asked. 
“A book I read.” I answered. 
“You learned that just from a book?” He asked. 
“Yes, I have an eidetic memory. I remember everything I’ve read or what people have said to me.” I answered and looked down at my dress. There were some dirt spots, my parents would be upset with me. 
“Scourgify” I said and my dress was good as new. 
“The reason I can smile about our situation is because I’ll be making my parents proud for the first time since they’ve heard I’m friends with people they call traitors. I love my family, even my sister, shocking as that is, family is important to me and I’d like to make them proud of me. So if marrying you is what it takes then so be it. Perhaps we could even fall in love with each other, or even just be friends.” I finally answered his question. 
“You really are quite strange, aren’t you?” He said after a moment. 
“I just think on the positive side.” I smiled at him. 
“We can’t tell my sister until the very last minute, by the way, my parents don’t want to hear her complaints.” I mentioned and he gave a light chuckle. 
“I suppose even they don’t enjoy her company.” He said and I shook my head. 
“They love her, but yes, sometimes they don’t enjoy her complaining.” I answered. 
“How are you going to explain the ring?” He asked. 
“A surprise gift from my Aunt, that’s where Pansy is right now.” I answered and he gave another light chuckle. 
“Smart.” He said. 
“What if she tries to take it from you?” He asked. 
“You know my sister well.” I giggled. 
“My Father is going to spell the ring so only you or I can take it off. And if I need to take it off for whatever reason I have a spelled jewelry box, she’ll need my voice, DNA, and wand to get it open.” I answered with a smirk. 
“Very smart.” He said, slightly shocked. 
“I like to take caution when it comes to my sister. It’s a very beautiful ring, thank you.” I smiled.
“It’s tradition that the Malfoy proposing makes a special ring with the crest engraved on it. My Mother had it made, but asked for my opinion before it was finished.” He said and I smiled at him. 
“Still think this is a bad thing?” I asked. 
“Suppose there could be worse people to be forced to marry…” He said. 
“I’ll take that as a complement.” I said and stared down at the ring that fit perfectly on my finger. This was really happening. I was going to marry Draco Malfoy.
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plutodexay · 5 hours ago
Dear Harry James Potter
Tw: Death, war, afterlife, suicide (503)
Dear Harry James Potter, 
I figured you might want to know how you looked after you left, so what better way to tell you than to write it in a letter. So what if you won’t get it, who knows if you aren’t just reading this over my shoulder as I scrawl the words together. It’s quite difficult since everyone is outside the door, wondering why I’ve locked myself away in here, but they’ll see soon enough, so let me tell you what I am meant to say. 
 It was almost peaceful, the way you were just lying there on the ground. If I’m being honest, it was the most calm I had ever seen you in the years I had known you. No more were you worried about the darkness inside of you, inside of him, or the others who followed. 
Everyone had been asking me if I was okay, even as Ron sobbed over you and Hermione couldn’t dare look your way. I had just stood there and it seemed everyone was worried about that fact. But I didn’t feel sad, or angry that you had left to soon as Mrs. Weasley cried out. 
All I could think about was how this is what you wanted. You missed them, and they were all waiting for you on that side. I don’t think I could take another night of you sneaking down to look into that mirror and know you couldn’t have what you saw. It wasn’t like you were gone forever, you’d be there when my time came, you told me you would be before you walked into the forest, and I trusted you enough to not stop you. 
Besides, we never really were the perfect pair were we? Everything we did was the exact opposite of the other. No matter how much we loved one another, and I sure as hell will always love you, it was never going to last. I’d like to think you knew that before you left, that I would always share your feelings, yet that wasn’t enough to hold us together. 
I think they’d all hate me if they knew I felt this way, if they knew how much I loved you yet felt more comfort in your death than I did your life. You’re at peace, and maybe I’m the only one who knows that. But I don’t think they’ll hate me when I come and join you, it hasn’t been long since you left and I doubt me leaving could hurt worse. 
And this can’t come as much of a shock, can it? I never had much for me in this world anyway, at first I did, but none of that seems to matter any more. We never were going to last in this world, but maybe we can last in the one after this one. 
            I can already see you,
                                The one who is dying for you 
P.S I always said I wanted to meet your parents one day didn’t I?
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this is so weird iyftiditfyooy but could you maybe write about harry laying on top of you??? i feel like it would be v comforting and relaxing 😌
not weird!! sounds wonderful. xxx
Tumblr media
You could tell from the moment he walked in the door that the day had been rough. Moving across the space between you, closing the distance and pulling him close, you didn’t speak. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you stood in silence for a short time, simply holding one another, soaking in the energy of the other.
“Hi,” he managed after a short time.
“You don’t have to talk about it.”
“Thank you, luv,” Harry whispered, tilting your chin up to kiss you gently. You leaned into it and kissed him back lightly, lips barely brushing.
“Let’s go lie down for a bit?”
“I think that sounds great,” he replied with a soft smile.
Taking his hand, you led him to the bedroom, lighting a candle in the corner and waiting for him to strip down into just his briefs, getting comfortable. You pulled your shirt off and pulled on a pair of sweats, just your bra, the both of you climbing into bed together.
“You’re so fucking beautiful, luv,” he murmured, gently crawling over on top of you and resting his chin on your chest. A tender kiss between your breasts, God you were so in love.
Running your hand through his hair, you smiled lovingly and let your thumb trace along his cheek, down to his bottom lip where it rested. His lips parted, and he kissed your finger gently. He took the movement as a request and smiled, lifting himself up to kiss you again, one hand moving up to cup your cheek. His weight on you was so comforting and intimate, though he held himself up enough to give you room to breathe.
“I love you, sweet girl,” he said against your lips, smiling blissfully.
“I love you, Harry. With my entire heart.”
Resting his head in the crook of your neck, he closed his eyes and simply held you, his hand moving along your side.
“Sometimes I get really scared of losing you,” he said suddenly, lifting his head. “I think about… I think about life without you and it terrifies me.”
“Baby, why do you think about that?” You asked automatically.
“Well… don’t you?”
Realizing how stupid your question had been, your face flushed. Sighing and nodding, you traced your fingers slowly up and down his back. “Yes.”
“I don’t know how to cope with it.”
“You cope with it by holding onto me and taking it one minute at a time, Harry.”
“You’ll hold onto me too?”
A gentle smile, he kissed your nose tenderly, his fingers moving along your ribs beneath your bra. “Thank you.”
“For what?”
“Giving me a chance.”
You laughed loudly. “You were so cute when you asked me how, how could I possibly say no?”
He giggled a bit. “I stumbled over my words so much that I almost physically fell down.”
More laughter between you before he began to kiss you again, hands tangling into your hair, more passion and heat behind it than before. You groaned into it, breathing his air and rolling around the bed with him, hands everywhere, touch me like you’ve never done so before.
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acosmis-t · 5 hours ago
omgomg i’m such a slut for fics with like protectiveness and comfort, so maybe james’s (or draco’s!) reaction to finding you getting bullied/hurt in a fight -gill
Aftermath || J.P. x Reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: injury, mulciber being a bitch, kinda mentions of torture, mentions of pain potions, comfort
a/n: this takes place after mary gets hurt by mulciber- that whole thing
“You absolute idiot.”
Your head pounded, your nerves seared as you cracked your lids. James’ voice filtered through the tranquil bubble you had crafted, a space and time designated for healing—something your boyfriend was decidedly unacquainted with.
The taste of iron was still prevalent, your tongue heavy and lips splitting as you mustered a smile. “Hi, love.”
“Don’t ‘love’ me,” the boy said, stopping at your bedside and immediately gathering your hair, so as to keep it far from his assessment. But contrary to his infuriated state, his fingers were gentle as they roved over your injuries, only vexation flickering in his gaze. He stayed quiet for a few moments, judging the bruises blooming and the small trickle of blood coming from your mouth—he hadn’t even thought of your lower extremities.
Then, once he gauged enough: “I’m going to kill him.”
“I’ll be fine,” you countered, though you could admit that the last hours had been spent in agony.
Mulciber had been easy enough to find—it’s not like the great brute made any effort to stay hidden—and whatever bravery you had stowed away made its appearance, retribution for the torment he had put your friend through. And it had almost been enough, you would say—though the stairs would claim otherwise as your body recurrently landed upon them, courtesy of one surprise Petrificus Totalus.
James scowled, peering at the bandage laid over your fractured collarbone. You were a collage of blood, bruises, and breaks, all of which he was beyond careful with whilst evaluating. “First Mary,” he muttered, “now you? You’re an idiot.”
You rolled your eyes, hiding the wince as you grabbed his hands. “Did you expect me to be quiet? After what he did?”
His jaw feathered, and he hooked an ankle around the nearby seat, promptly dragging it over and sitting down. He never dropped the connection. “You couldn’t have let me take care of it? Or Sirius? He’s twice your size—”
“I don’t care how big he is—”
“Well you should!” came James swift rebuttal. “You’re lucky it was two flights. Imagine four? Five? Look at the state of you.”
Indeed, your body ached, but when you tried to retract from him, he only held on tighter. “He deserved it,” you said.
“Frankly, my love, I don’t care what he deserved. I care that you’re bloodied up in here while he continues to strut around the damned school.” And it was then that you detected the tremor in his fingers, the darker circles under his eyes, as if just the day of waiting to see you exhausted him. His lids closed for a moment to regather himself, and when they opened, there was nothing but verity to be found.
You held your glare, chin upturned, until your neck had begun to strain. The damage lasted from the throbbing migraine, all the way down to the broken pinky toe on your left foot. It was everywhere. And soon enough, your sore muscles begged for respite, and you were slouching against the pillows. “He deserved it,” you repeated, softer this time.
“I know he did,” James murmured, brushing a kiss across your forehead. One hand slid up to your face, mindful of the scrape on your cheekbone. “But you should have told one of us. At least we could have gone with you—saved you from all this pain.”
“I don’t need to be saved.”
He stood, dropping another kiss to the crown of your head. “Of course you don’t. Call it preventative measures.”
Holding fast to his fingers, pressing the knuckles to your lips, you asked, “Where are you going?”
He smiled, utterly familiar. “Pomfrey. Gonna get you out of here, angel, it smells like bleach.”
Taking it as enough, you dropped your grip, though some anxiety remained. His touch had been a balm to your afflictions, and even if psychosomatic, they increased in vigor the moment you lost the anchor. There were flashbacks, memories of the other threats you hadn’t mentioned, and each passed through the blinks—almost a countdown to the second James would return.
You refused to think of the imminent questions; ones from Remus, Sirius, Peter—Lily, Marlene, Mary. The ones you had to blame for such stupidity, just because you were nothing if not loyal. Protective.
Though, from the very breath that James was beside you again, lips soothing and fingers curling, you knew you didn’t regret any of it.
James Potter, as it turns out, did not respond kindly to threats, injuries, or any further ailments inflicted upon his loved ones. Especially when they left bandages, cuts, and even more fear.
Pomfrey was not an easy woman to negotiate with, but he managed, getting you out of the hospital wing and into his dorm within two hours. Along with your freedom, she gave James piles of salves, balms, and directions for your care.
His emotions were tumultuous, a shift from anger to worry to despondency; he doted and tended to your wounds, though there was a definitive air of desolation, dipping toward indifference, that surrounded him. And as your dressings were freshly changed, swapped for clean gauze and bindings, you found him more and more reserved.
“He’s not going to stop, you know,” Remus mused, looking up from his book. The lycanthrope had been in direct communication with Pomfrey, as well as watching over your hurt-state, knowing first-hand how complex healing could be. “You’ve practically ruined the boy.”
“I’m fine,” you repeated for the umpteenth time, already having assured and waved the girls away. Remus and James were the only ones you allowed with you in the dorm, Peter not privy to the extent of your injuries (he always was squeamish), and Sirius not bothering you aside from the brotherly peck to your forehead.
“Like hell you are,” he muttered back. His feet were propped up on the bed, purpose to ensure you didn’t hurt yourself any further. “You know how worried he’s been? You’re driving him mad. I don’t think he’s sat down once.”
You rolled your eyes, though your shifting this time was not solely from discomfort. You knew James had been stressed, working in silence, rapt attention set on you. The parchment scraped against your fingertips, the letter from Dumbledore feeling much heavier than it was.
“You gonna tell him?” Remus asked. He flicked to the next page of his book, but his concentration was on you.
Dumbledore had asked for the name, the details, the punishment. None of which you were too sure about. It wasn’t as though you wanted to keep it hidden, but rather that a bit of precaution remained—preventative measures, or something.
“I don’t want to start anything,” you said, finally dropping the paper. You watched James from across the room, his hair more mussed and his shoulders more tense. “It’s not like it’ll stop him.”
“Maybe not, but it’s peace of mind. You can get him expelled for this.”
“Then why didn’t he get expelled for Mary? When he—” you cut off, remembering just how destroyed the girl was. She never explicitly detailed the severity of Mulciber’s actions, but you surmised enough to have sought revenge. “It’s not fair,” you finished.
Remus touched two fingers to your wrist, gentle. “Take what you can get. Sirius did what he could, but that’s all physical; this is his reputation you can ruin.”
“Rem, his reputation thrives off of this. It’s no use.” You shrugged, turning your head against the pillows to better observe your boyfriend. The terror was a dull flame inside your chest, the sensation of falling without a buffer, the promises for more.
He must’ve noticed your change in attitude, the dip and dejection, for he rose, giving your forearm a tap and a chaste kiss to your cheek. “I’m going to go check on Pads. Feel better,” he said before departing with one last wave toward the other boy.
James appeared to take that as a sign, dropping the jumper he had been carrying and grabbing a glass bottle in lieu. Curtains kept the light from being too bright on your eyes, and as the sun set, his silhouette grew more ambiguous—though, you still believed you would know it blind.
“How are you doing, bun?” he asked, dragging a hand through your hair, simultaneously checking for any signs of fever.
“‘M alright,” you mumbled, leaning into his touch as it came to hold the side of your face. “Achy.”
“I’m sorry, angel,” James said, sympathy stealing his face. “Y’want some potion?” He lifted the red liquid in question. You could practically taste the sweet flavor on your tongue.
You shook your head, grappling for his wrist instead. You remembered Remus’ earlier words. “Lay with me? You’ve been up all day.”
Hesitance flitted across his features for a moment, as if the anxiety-sourced adrenaline was wavering. But it merely took the widening of your eyes, the slight pout that had never once failed out, to bring him to his knees. James shook his head, a chuckle drifting, and lifted the cover to slip into the bed beside you.
Instantly, the smell of cologne—citrus, wood, him—enveloped you, wrapping you in a familiar embrace. Just the memory, the nostalgia that only he could bring, soothed your trepidation; he was arms and legs—a skeleton you needed only a fingertip’s graze to recognize. Sunlight and cool breezes; relief and healing powers.
“How are you doing?” he asked again, a mumble. He propped his head on his hand, bicep next to your temple, while the other traced over the healthy parts of your body. He had been so attentive that his fingers knew exactly where to go, where to touch.
And now, with such proximity—such intimacy—you could admit, “Scared. Hurt. It hurts, Jamie.”
His own pain glimmered. “I’m so sorry. I won’t let anything more happen, you know that, right? Pads will have him on the floor before you could say ‘quidditch’.”
A small giggle left you, and you turned so you could press your lips to the muscle of his arm. Ignoring any lingering pain, you scooted closer. “I’m sure he will.”
He tilted as well, fitting a pillow better under your neck. “Tell me what I can do. Whatever you want, angel—it’s yours.”
Your chin trembled, but you only shut your eyes. He was an anchor, truly; reliable, strong, grounding. “Hold me,” was all you had to whisper, and he was already there.
You weren’t ready to divest yourself of all memories yet, of all the words exchanged. Most, you knew, were empty threats, but that didn’t make them any easier to stomach. But with your body carefully—safely—tucked against his, you felt much more confident.
You were akin to a bird, him your cage. Yet it was only security that formed the bars, a cell of reassurance. He praised and whispered and you were feathers—beautiful, virtuous—that he made a mission of tending to; a mission of keeping you intact. And while it took convincing, you were soon lying under his arm, head on the junction where it met his torso, and you found that you fit perfectly on his shoulder.
It wasn’t comfortable, and you doubted it was good for recovery, but it was the most relaxed you had been all day. James drew his fingers through your hair slowly, nails scratching ever-so-tenderly. He held fondness in his very soul, and every ounce was being bled across, around, into you.
Your headache simmered, and you grappled at his shirt, ignoring the smarting pain in your collarbone and silently thanking Pomfrey for reducing as much as she had. He was murmuring things, those kind promises, and you were quickly melting into him, twin trails of tears making their first true appearance.
I’m sorry, he would say, following the apology with a kiss to your temple. I love you, he would breathe, letting the words ring as he swept a hand over your spine.
And eventually, he broached the topic of the crumpled letter. “Are you going to tell Dumbledore?” he asked as he resecured the bandage by your hip.
Your lip wobbled between your teeth, already punctured, and you let the iron tang bring you to your senses. “Not yet. I don’t think I want to get into that mess. S’too much.”
“Of course, dove.” His thumb drew circles, returning to the vertebrae. “Whenever you’re ready, I’ll go with you.”
“Thank you,” and more truth filled the two syllables than you could ever properly articulate, a feeling of wholeness intertwining you. “And I’m sorry for being an idiot,” you whispered, sniffling and letting exhaustion slur your tone.
“It’s alright, my love. I was just worried.” He took to rubbing your back, your shoulders, draining the tension. “Though I did see you did quite the number on him—caught him coming out of the infirmary earlier. Two black eyes?”
“He deserved it,” you said again, smiling at the pride in James’ voice.
Another kiss lingered on your cheek. “That he did.”
His heartbeat was steady, and you sketched invisible patterns on the shirt above it. Each thud added to such evening serenity. “Is Mary okay?”
“I want you to think about yourself for a bit. Can you do that for me?” The slight tightening of his fingers, the desperation betraying his cool demeanor, was enough for you to comprehend how important it was to him.
“I’m fine, Jamie.”
“No, you’re not.”
And it was so adamant, that your own resolve crumbled.
A sigh worked its way from your lungs, and you let the soft fabric under you absorb the tears. James pushed you up, mindful, and handed you the Healing Potion he had previously abandoned on the nightstand.
“C’mon, angel. Let me help you.”
You dipped your chin, shaky hands reaching for the bottle, though he did leave his grip at the bottom, ensuring it didn’t fall. It was saccharine, nauseating, as it trickled down your throat, and there was immediate relief from James when he heard you swallow.
And when you finished the bottle, you laid back down, his arms more effective than any blanket as they warmed you. He was holding you tight, not nervous about injuring you so much as he feared you may simply disappear. As if his strength, this tangibility, was all he had to count on anymore.
He siphoned out the hurt—he knew there was more than you revealed. And he knew Mulciber was more a menace than a fall down the castle stairs. He did not push and he did not rush, more focused on your recovery than he was on his vengeance. The tears were there, but while they once felt like blood, the enormity behind them, they were now only salt, liberation, comfort.
And his fingers, dexterous, nimble, assuring, pressed over your skin, massaged away bruises and pain—even if only mental—and left serenity in their wake. Serenity—and peace and sleep and reprieve, falling like gospel from his lips; the sound of your name, and the vows that came with it.
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