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#charles leclerc
violetvettel24 minutes ago
*charles leclerc, a native french speaker* : what the hell is this language
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landosupremacy32 minutes ago
That鈥檚 probably the best Lestappen Fanfiction I鈥檝e ever read馃槱馃ズ
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blesshimvettel34 minutes ago
Sera I'm here to complain about ferrari's tyres!!!!! Why did they go off so fast in the race I'm screaming.
man anon i feel you so much. i was rooting so hard for bby boy charles. 馃ズ
len made a really good post describing what went wrong that day (x) and i'm honestly just trying to cope with the knowledge that it might happen again.
~ collective crying circle starts at 4 pm ~
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pinsaroulettes50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Charles Leclerc at the Monaco vs Bourg-en-Bresse basketball game on June 21, 2021
(Photo by AS Monaco)
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violetvettel55 minutes ago
i have not seen two people THIS exasperated while trying to speak french. and one of them is a native speaker.
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someone-worth-racing-foran hour ago
Tumblr media
The Carlitos
Chapter 1:
French GP
Sure, the Spaniard was also still very frustrated and also down after today鈥檚 terrible race result, but he knew that this really wasn鈥檛 the reason why his boyfriend was now shaking under tears in his arms. He was aware of the real reason and it made himself feel so useless and sad to know, that he couldn鈥檛 do much to make his boyfriend feel better. To take those feelings away from him.
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violetvettel4 hours ago
charles is getting slightly better at winking. god is listening.
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holdmyhopeinyourhands5 hours ago
To all the anons who dig into the drivers private lives, stalk their significant other's instagrams only to come running over here to expose secrets that the driver's clearly are not comfortable with sharing with the public, please stop. Just stop. It's disrespectful, creepy and frankly gross. Just because these drivers live in the public eye doesn't mean their privacy is your entertainment. Have some sense of decency. I have consistently deleted those types of asks, and I will continue to do so in the future because who the drivers are dating, hooking up with, etc etc are non of my business and it's about time you guys realized it's non of your business either. Stop stalking the drivers. It's creepy.
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pressradio6 hours ago
Me: Why don't Ferrari make a squat competition in 小2 challenge???? 馃憖
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vroomvroomgirl8 hours ago
Charles confusion about French is so relatable... Yes Charles, we cannot understand it either.
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