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#sebastian stan x you
crispyimagines17 · 4 minutes ago
You husband, Sebastian, told you he’ll be out of town for business purposes only; and you find the perfect opportunity to bring your lover Chris to spend some quality time with you. What you didn’t expect is that Sebastian’s meeting got cancelled, causing him to go home early. 
When he set a foot in the house, the oddly noises coming from upstairs set a red flag to his mind. With frenetic heartbeats he slowly walked down to your bedroom, bursting the door violently finding you and his coworker Chris having sex. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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met4no1a · 12 minutes ago
𝗟𝗜𝗔𝗥 — one; 1.
Tumblr media
summary: they were both caught in different fairy tales, sebastian was sure of it. yet he wanted to convince y/n of their true love by saying that perhaps she was afraid of such a beautiful and mysterious feeling; that perhaps she was frightened by the vision of a serious relationship with a hollywood star; that perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her by constantly telling her that she would not meet his expectations. sebastian could have had many girls, and the fact that the plan to rebuild his image involved the involvement of a beautiful, unsuspecting woman must have meant something. either sebastian should take off his rose–coloured glasses or y/n should invest in some good contact lenses.
pairing: sebastian stan x female!reader.
warnings: few cuss words. brief mentions of oral (m receving).
— fuck. — he sighed, unconsciously thrusting his hips upwards as the woman present in his apartment gave his penis a tender kiss. — baby, hurry up.
the representative of the fair sex looked at the actor from under her long lashes to smile coquettishly at him and let her slender fingers slide slowly along his hard member. who would have thought that a weekly visit to the club would end with her finding such a treasure? sarah was, after all, a woman of average beauty; she didn't stand out from the crowd in any way. one might be tempted to say that under normal circumstances, sebastian would have mistaken her for a salesgirl from the corner shop or the yoga instructor next door. exactly – under normal circumstances.
the actor was drunk and, above all, horny. any common sense, he lacked in large quantities anyway, took a back seat to his penis, which brutally filled every empty space in his boxers. someone like him couldn't stand such an unpleasant feeling, could he?
— don't tease. — he growled in dissatisfaction as his chosen one's tongue moved slowly along his penis. he couldn't spend too much time with her. he had a meeting with a manager who would love to cut his penis with a pair of blunt scissors if she only found out about his morning bedtime adventures. he had promised her two days ago that this was the last time he would ever take a girl to bed. he had done it five times since.
sarah obediently pushed the hard member between her mouth and sucked on the tip to give the actor immediate relief from suffering. the poor woman had no idea that in a few minutes the same man would inflict much more pain to her.
— don't stop. — he said softly as the first notes of a recently popular song rang out from his phone. scarlett. — good girl.
he waited a few seconds to casually slide his finger across the surface of the phone to take the call from the person he owed his entire career to. it was johansson who saw him first; something that set him apart from the rest of the men who showed up for the casting that day. almost immediately she invited him to her office and then miraculously asked her boss for permission to sign a contract with him. there was something special about him, even if she couldn't put it into words at the time. now she would without a problem. he was mean and cunning.
— sebastian, i hope you haven't forgotten about our meeting. — she muttered, sipping the still–hot coffee that was supposed to magically calm her nerves. another scandal with her ward who promised to mend his ways. another crying girl ready to go on tv to accuse him of being an asshole. if sebastian hadn't been her main source of income, scarlett would have dumped him long ago.
— oh, how could i forget, boss? — he asked with audible sarcasm, closing his eyes in pleasure. oh, sarah definitely wasn't a virgin. — you keep reminding me of that.
— i remind you of a lot of other things too, but you don't seem to hear it.
sebastian just sighed in response, pressing the red receiver and refocusing on the pleasure his whole body was feeling. not for long. sarah's head was quickly pressed against his abdomen, and salty cum filled her mouth without warning.
— it was wonderful, but it's time for you to go. — he murmured, turning his attention for a split second to his lover, who wiped her full lips with the back of her hand in surprise, as if to get rid of the remnants of the actor's gift. — sophie, right? samantha? sarah? never mind, you have to go now.
— b–but ...
— i'm in a hurry. — he added with a forced smile and got up from the comfortable bed to hurriedly search for his boxers, which he had left lying around last night. — i have an appointment in... 30 minutes.
the woman, confused by the whole situation, shamefacedly covered herself with the bedspread to hide her naked body, which had heard many compliments from the actor's lips a few hours ago. a lot of questions flitted through her mind – had she done something wrong? was she just a plaything? is this a joke?
— i get the impression you're deaf. — he finally sighed and threw the red bra in her direction. there was no point in handing over the rest of the underwear; it was just going to be thrown away. — let me repeat everything again. slowly. you have to get out. now.
sarah slipped a tight dress over her body and left the actor's apartment with tears in her eyes. as she did so, she didn't forget to give him the final gift – a slap right on the cheek.
— it was nice to meet you! — he walked away, completely ignoring the fact that he had hurt another girl. if someone were to count his victims, he would surely be hailed as the greatest seducer in new york's history. he got away with everything, however, because he spent an enormous amount of money on maintaining his image. he earned a lot and he lost a lot.
for sebastian, sex was like mathematics. all he had to do was add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray not to multiply.
when he walked into his favorite cafe, he was ten minutes late to meet with his manager. his phone vibrated incessantly in the back pocket of his black jeans, not allowing him to forget about it for even a split second, but the actor seemed to ignore it perfectly. tiredly, he adjusted his sunglasses, which had fallen dangerously off his nose, earning him recognition and priceless minutes posing for photos. he loved his fans, he really did. thanks to them he was able to pay his rent, but sometimes he felt like signing out of life. at least for a day, to give up his job and become an ordinary man. in moments of doubt, however, he remembered the luxury, and the will to change his life was pushed off into the unknown.
something, or rather someone, caught his attention. a woman in a yellow apron walked silently in front of him with a tray full of plates and sweets, almost giving him a spot on his snow–white t–shirt. he wanted to let out a bunch of curses under his breath, inform the employee in front of the counter of his dissatisfaction with the service, but he froze on the spot when the object of his interest bent over one of the tables and unconsciously showed him her thighs uncovered by any material. at this gesture the actor only smiled and licked his lower lip in response.
— oh, it's you again! — he suddenly heard and turned his head towards the counter, behind which a woman he knew was smiling at him. she was younger than him. he concluded this on his third visit to the premises, when he noticed the transcripts of lectures on ancient history beside the cash register, and a small jar filled with coins. it was to pay for the next semester at the university. — the usual?
— yes, yes. — he replied as his eyes searched for the woman he could no longer see. she was gone, and so was his interest in the whole café. — do you have a new employee?
— how did you know that? — she asked as she prepared his drink according to the instructions she already knew by heart. she didn't even look away from the coffee machine for a moment. — mr. smith told you? i swear he can't keep a secret!
sebastian laughed at the student's indignant voice and shook his head in pity. she was so lovely that in another incarnation he might have treated her like a little sister.
— i just saw her a second ago. — he explained quickly, so as not to cause trouble for the owner of the establishment in the form of an unhappy employee. chloe, for that was the name of the girl who served him, had always had a tendency to argue about silly things.
— ah, i forgot about that. y/n used to be a waitress. we don't have enough hands to work with. kim sprained her ankle again, and margaret refuses to give out orders because she says her hands shake too much. what a liar! she just doesn't want to run into her ex–boyfriend. she broke up with him two months ago...
the student's monolog seemed to fall in one of sebastian's ears and out the other as the silhouette of the new employee reappeared before his eyes. y/n scurried around in front of the counter, trying to understand what the excited chloe was saying to her. her hair framed a slender face, and a smile graced the raspberry–colored lips that the actor could picture on more than one part of his body.
— you can pick up your order now.
the voice of a true angel. or perhaps the devil? it seemed to be filled with irritation, to say the least, and perhaps a hint of anger. sebastian, however, ignored it, as he did poor scarlett. he certainly wouldn't get away with it, but he couldn't care less in the current situation. another target was right in front of him. how could he miss such an opportunity?
— ah, sorry. i was lost in your eyes. — he replied, giving the clerk his practiced smile. many women were willing to give any money for this gesture directed at them. y/n was certainly no different. after all, stan was the embodiment of all the desires of the fair sex. he was an adon in a sea of average models and actors. a true god.
— then i hope you will find your way out.
— i'd rather find a way out with you.
— i think you are old enough to do it yourself. — she said and pressed a cup into his hand. — you are making our job difficult.
— so maybe we'll meet after work?
y/n sighed in annoyance and tried to restrain herself from spilling the ice–cold coffee on the leather jacket of the man standing in front of her. who did he think he was? did he really have to give her a hard time on the very first day, which didn't start well anyway?
— you can meet the exit door.
with those words, she turned on her heel and made her way back down the hall to serve the new customers, and sebastian couldn't help but glance at the clerk's butt, which he thought was bouncing up and down with every step the woman took. pure perfection.
— she's having a bad day. — chloe said, trying to justify her new co–worker. — the customer spilled coffee on her by accident.
stan nodded and smiled softly. oh, how he would love to brighten her day. preferably in her apartment, on a comfortable bed. or maybe in the bathroom? the kitchen didn't sound bad either.
Tumblr media
— you have to stop sleeping with every woman you meet! that's another one, sebastian!
— i don't understand all the confusion. — he muttered, placing his half–finished coffee on the long table that almost filled the entire room. behind the glass wall, he could see the rest of the agency's employees casually watching the meeting in the conference room. as their gazes crossed stan's, they turned their heads in confusion and returned to their tasks. — i'm not doing anything wrong. if it were forbidden, god would create me differently.
scarlett snorted indignantly. what had she done to deserve such torture? perhaps in a previous life she had betrayed the king and stolen his life, and now she had to deal with a spoiled idol who couldn't admit his mistake? or perhaps she was the only one who could last longer than 20 minutes in a closed room without wanting to hang him by his shoelaces?
— you've got a lot of nerve, stan. do you want to ruin your career?
silence filled the room.
— i'm asking you a question, damn it! do you want to ruin your career?
— no. — he finally replied, like a child caught in the act. — i don't want to.
— so start thinking with your head, not your penis! one more scandal and the media will hate you. it's hard to control all this now. the bosses want you to find a girlfriend.
— this is absurd! i'm not going to get a girlfriend because management doesn't like my lifestyle.
— management doesn't like a lot of things, sebastian. your bedside excesses are just one of them.
scarlett finally sat down in one of the chairs and handed him a stack of photos. each of them featured a woman known in the industry – a model here, an actress there, a singer elsewhere. it gave him a headache.
— pick one of them. the media needs to know that you have changed; that the wonderful sebastian stan no longer drags women to bed.
— you're kidding.
— no! you need to take responsibility for all of this. i'm tired of saving your ass every time.
stan clenched his jaw and stared out of the corner of his eye at the photos being thrown at him. he didn't want to do this. his head had barely turned to the folder. he didn't want to, but he had to. his dream of becoming an actor couldn't just become a soap bubble because he couldn't control his very eccentric lifestyle.
he burst out laughing when he saw his ex–girlfriend who he broke up with because of a bad relationship.
— how can i choose one of them. they all hate me. with mutuality anyway.
— i do not care! you created the problem so you have to solve it!
sebastian closed his eyelids for a moment, as if to make it easier to imagine the solution to the whole matter. he had to become a real sherlock holms to solve the puzzle scarlett had put in his way like an obstacle. how was he supposed to get out of this whole mess without giving up his daily meetings with women?
— what if i find someone outside the industry?
— how? are you going to put an ad in the paper?
— stop being so ironic, scarlett.
— management should be pleased. we'll be able to announce that these are all just rumors because you've been in a happy relationship for a long time, but you chose not to share that information with the world because you value your private life. but where are you going to get a girl, sebastian? i doubt anyone will want you.
— don't worry about it, i already have a perfect candidate.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @lxdyred, @mysweetlittledesire;
sebastian stan taglist: @missroro, @justreadingficsdontmindme;
liar taglist: @intothesoul.
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tinymalscoffee · 2 hours ago
𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐝 𝐢𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭
Tumblr media
challenge: jade’s birthday challenge by @spaceodditybarnes
prompt: till forever falls apart - ashe and FINNEAS
pairing: chris beck x reader
words: 4.1k words
warnings: SMUT 18+ (unprotected sex, oral f-receiving), breakup sex, angst, more angst, toxic relationship
summary: chris and y/n let themselves fall into each other for one more night before the security of their romance breaks for good.
a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE!! i can’t believe that you’re TWENTY FREAKING TWO already. i haven’t known you for more than a year still, but in this short amount of time we’ve been friends i’ve come to learn all about you and the amazing person you are. i love you so incredibly much, and i’m sorry about the angst in advance <3
main masterlist || sebastian stan characters masterlist
“This is it, right?” 
There was no reason for Chris to answer Y/N’s question. Their relationship had been teetering on a tightrope for a while, and it was both of their faults. Neither of them was able to save it after the multitude of fights they had had. 
Y/N cradled her legs in between her arms, trying to calm the nerves rattling around inside of her. The fallout had been nearly three months in the making. She wouldn’t be able to name where it started, he would make up some bullshit about when it did, but that was all part of the problem. Her forgetfulness, his short, on-edge temper, they had been there since the beginning of their honeymoon relationship, just lingering and popping up in their most heated moments that they were unable to pinpoint where the problem actually was. They had stayed so ignorant of the problems that it had managed to sneak up on them at their most vulnerable. 
Chris sat across the living room from Y/N, chest heaving on the navy blue couch with inaudible breaths. She took his silence to look around their apartment. She didn’t even know what was to become of it once they broke up. The quaint, unfurnished apartment held two months' memories of screaming and tear-soaked wood floors. There were notches on the door of the bathroom from Chris’ harsh slamming, and leftover shards of glass in the kitchen sink from where Y/N’s hands had shaken too much and dropped a dish or two after they had gotten too far into it. Their family commented on the little flaws in their apartment, never even stopping to wonder how they had gotten there. If they thought that was bad, they should’ve seen Chris’ old apartment.
That one had been much worse.
He was the one to break the eerie quietude first, his words slicing a knife through the tense air. “I don’t think we need to talk about all the apartment stuff tonight. We can settle this… civilly tomorrow.” His eyes flitted to the sparse momentos of their romance. They’d barely been able to furnish the shared apartment without fighting, and even after three months’ rent, they hadn’t put up more than the television set, two sitting places, and a framed photo from when they attended Amy’s wedding together. “We’ve got time until the next down payment is due, and we can sort it all out by then without it being weird. We both agree that this is what is needed, and it’s not like we don’t love each other. We’re doing this because we love each other.”
Even he wasn’t sure what the hell he was saying or why he was saying it, and they both could easily tell. 
Y/N shook her head confusedly, wiping her wet cheeks with the sleeve of the cashmere sweater she wore. “I just don’t understand, Chris, we fought, we made up, and we had these periods of peace in between, and throughout all those moments we managed to stay together because we love each other, right? Just like you said. So if we still love each other, then why can’t we try one more time-”
“Because I respect you too much to subject you to my anger any longer.” It was a truth he had brought himself to many nights before. The feeling of guilt and disgust that pooled in his gut after every argument had festered into a raging monster, relentlessly pounding at his insides. It seemed that the only way to tame it was by letting her go, anything else would have just been cruel. But that’s what he was after all, wasn’t it?
He let his anger rule out at his teammates on the Ares III mission when they couldn’t save Mark. That got him a cold shoulder for a hell of a long time. He lost Beth, the woman he thought was the love of his life because he didn’t know how to accommodate her emotions or how to respect her boundaries. Even his own sister had told him he was a robot when it came to other people, a “lifeless being” who was incapable of emoting properly. 
But when Y/N came into his life, he felt like he was on cloud nine. She wasn’t like any other people in his life. It was all too easy for her to creep her way into his veins, to mend his heartbreak with piss-worthy jokes and a smile brighter than any star he’d ever seen. She was patient. Almost too patient, and he had been so distracted by her endless love that he didn’t even notice that he fell back into his old patterns. 
So, yes, it would be cruel to take advantage of her love any longer. 
“Y/N, honey,” he kneeled in front of her loveseat, feeling his tearing heart stress at the seams while he removed her hands from hiding her teary face. “You’ve gotta stop crying, baby, it’s hurting me too much.”
“Then maybe-” she hiccupped and tried to save face with a deadly glare, “you shouldn’t break my heart in the first place.”
He never meant to. He meant to take her out to San Francisco as she’d always wanted to, to drop on one knee with a ring in his hand and ask to be hers for the rest of their lives on the Golden Gate Bridge. He’d already picked out names for their kids- God knew both of them had non-stop baby fever with the way they used to fuck. There was a retirement home out in Maui that he meant to move in with her in. Until death did them part, he’d planned on giving her everything and more. 
“I know,” Chris admitted. “I’m sorry, honey.”
The air was acrid and Y/N found that with each passing moment she wanted to sprint out of the living room, out of the apartment building, and into the middle of the road. It wasn’t that she wanted to die, but the feeling of needles poking at every millimeter of her heart and letting her love bleed out was too painful. Bile rose in her throat, it had been lingering there since the beginning of the entire conversation and if one of them didn’t leave soon she was going to go green. Yet, no matter how much she just wanted to get the hell away from Chris, she couldn’t.
He seemed to make the decision for her, holding his tears back with a sigh and running his left hand through his fluffy chestnut hair. His knit sweater was soaked with his own sadness, and he knew that the tears sinking into his pores would remain scars from the hurt caused by Y/N’s shaking form. 
His eyes glanced to the entrance of the apartment, wearily eyeing his computer bag on the hanger next to the door. “I guess I’ll just, um, get going. We’ll talk tomorrow, or whenever is fine with me-”
“Can you stay the night?” She whispered. If she’d been any quieter he wouldn’t have heard her, but it was like Chris’ ears were straining for another reason to stay despite the fact that every second he was near her splintered his heart even further. Her words shocked him just a bit and as much as he wanted to stay with her, hold on to her ankle and beg her to try one more time as she suggested, he had to harden his resolve. It would just hurt them more in the end.
But then Y/N stood, grasping his hand and pulling her close to him, and he could feel his walls crumbling down for her. Her scent, a vanilla-marshmallow dream, wafted into his nose, and just like that he was pulled into her allure once again. 
“We… we can’t do this, Y/N,” he protested weakly. There was no use. 
“Just one more night,” she pressed her forehead to his letting the feeling of her lips ghosting over his throw her into memories of their better times. “I just wanna feel you one more time.”
He knew he could never turn her down when he was so vulnerable.
They were messy, nearly sucking the soul out of each other through their attached lips as they fumbled to the one-bedroom in the apartment. The moon shone through the outward-facing glass wall, an expansive stretch of redwood trees shadowing the ground at ten o’clock. That was the only thing that kept either of them in the crappy Hartford apartment- the view while they fucked was too good to give up. That, and the fact that their old places were trashed from their fights. 
The light illuminated the messy sheets- courtesy of their argument first thing in the morning- and soon after he pushed her back onto the edge of the bed, Y/N was too. The slopes of her body shone in the moon, highlighting the parts of herself that only he was able to love, dips and marks that he fantasized about constantly. He kneeled by her legs, placing gentle kisses up her left ankle to the inside of her thigh just as he always did. 
Chris was thankful that she was wearing a pair of shorts- anything more difficult and his shaking hands wouldn’t be able to take off her clothes- and Y/N assisted him by removing her sweater and her sports bra, the one with purple and pink polka dots that he used to make fun of her for. His lips teased the sensitive part of her thighs, dragging his tongue across the skin and nipping at it when she sighed. Slowly, he slid one of his hands up her leg, cupping the apex of thighs so slightly that Y/N bucked her hips into it for more friction.
“Chris, please,” she whined, “I need more, fuck, please give me more.”
He reached his available hand to the back of her neck, bringing her nose against his as he whispered against her lips. “I’m gonna take care of you, honey, don’t I always?”
Chris took pity on her neediness, biting back a groan when his fingers came into contact with her slick-coated lips. When she had gotten that wet, he wasn’t sure, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to complain about it either. His thumb dragged from her entrance to her clit, circling around the bundle of nerves with slow, sensual circles and reveling in her whines. When he finally pushed his forefinger past her slit she pressed their mouths together so he could swallow her moans. 
Her walls clenched around the digit and Chris could feel his cock throb in his pants at the feeling, adding another one in. He knew she could take it well. “Does that feel good, honey?” She nodded, smiling against his lips and he couldn’t help but do the same despite the heavy feeling on his chest. “Yeah, I always know how to make you feel good, don’t I, stardust? You’re always so tight for me, just squeezing the hell out of my fingers.”
He added another finger into her cunt and repositioned himself between her legs, lowering his lips to her core. His tongue darted out to tease her clit, and soon enough he sucked the little bud into his mouth while bringing his free hand up to fondle her tits. Y/N sighed at the sensation of his rough palms on her sensitive nipples. There was no better feeling than his skin right on hers and she had to stop herself from remembering that this would be the last time. 
“Chris, shit, baby, ‘m so close,” she groaned. His fingers continued to curl up into her cunt, just stretching her despite the many times they had been there. Her hips moved into tandem with his movements, and he grinned with each bump of his nose to her mound, feeling her walls clamp down on his digits. 
Y/N was climbing the ropes of pleasure, her chest rising and falling in the freezing air as she tried to focus on the tightening coil in her tummy. Chris’ hand greedily grabbed at her breast, his lips curling into a smirk against her pussy for a millisecond before suddenly pulling his fingers out. 
She could feel her wetness seep out of her hole, leaving her with an emptiness that made her whine. She fixed Chris with a frowned pout and hoped her embarrassingly fucked out eyes pleaded with him to fill her up again clearly enough. 
He simply just acknowledged her upset expression and surged up to meet her intoxicating mouth again. His sweater dragged against her raw skin, and when the material caught her clit there was no holding back the loud moan that rose out of her lips and past his. She groaned at the taste of her arousal on his tongue but pulled away immediately when she remembered how he’d taken his fingers away from her. “Why’d you stop?”
“‘Cause I’m gonna come in my fucking pants if I’m not inside you soon, and neither of us has the patience for that mess.” She shrugged in agreement, not wasting any more time on words as she fumbled with the strings of his sweatpants.
It was different from how they normally had sex. In light of their recent events, they’d been doing nothing but fucking, as Y/N so graciously said it, but tonight neither of them wanted to finish in less than seven minutes. Sure, they knew how to play each other like a fiddle, Chris knew all the spots his cock hit just right and Y/N knew how to suck on the area just below and to the left of the juncture of his neck, but they wanted- no, they needed this memory to last. There was an unspoken conversation between them as she swatted Chris’ hand away from reaching for the bedside table that held the little aluminum packages. She needed to feel every part of him. 
His eyes caught hers one more time as the head of his cock dragged through her folds lightly, and he burned the image of her wide eyes, brimming with tears and love. His heart clenched at the reminder that he’d never find that kind of love in anyone else’s eyes again. Grabbing both of her hands with his, he pinned her arms by her head and pushed into her with a groan.
His hips thrusted into her slowly, truly letting both of them feel the drag of his cock against her walls. They hadn’t been this sensual, this feeling in more than half a year. Y/N felt every vein push against her and his low grunts sent floods of arousal gushing around his cock. 
“You’re taking me so well, honey, did you know that? Swear ‘m never gonna find anyone tight as you,” Chris groaned. One of his hands released hers and flew to her face, brushing the tears that ran astray down her cheeks. “Hey, hey, look at me, look at me, stardust.” Y/N’s eyes opened blearily and met his pretty blue eyes, his pools of swirling ocean waters like the deepest night skies…  and she felt the urge to cry all over again as his tip kissed her cervix over and over again. “Please don’t forget that I love you so much.”
She struggled to hold her tears back, but they kept rolling down her face, one after the other. “I wouldn’t wanna spend my life loving anyone else other than you, Chris, I love you so fucking much.”
Chris processed her words and studied the gentle features of her face, ingraining each piece of her in his mind so he never forgot. The slope of her nose, the corners of her eyes welling with salty tears, the little crease between her eyebrows as she puffed little breaths of air out of her parted lips. He wished that her ankles would dig a bit deeper into his lower thighs, to leave purplish dark bruises to remember her by. 
“Baby, baby, can you-” she panted, “can you go faster?”
“No,” he sharply grunted. When she fixed him with her signature pout and bratty bedroom eyes, he leaned down to shove his tongue between her parted lips. It was easier than telling her that he wanted it to last. 
His fingers gripped onto her skin with a fond harshness, just enough that light indents of his nails were left across her cheekbones. Y/N whined into his mouth with each thrust into her silky heat, her hands moving to her tits to pull and pinch at her nipples. Her fingers felt burning hot against the peaked buds, sending jolts of pleasure straight to her cunt with each slow roll between her pointer finger and thumb. 
“Lemme do that for you, honey.” Chris pulled out of her, eliciting a whimper from both of them, dropping his feet to the ground and pulling her body to the edge of the bed along with him. He threw her legs around his waist again, feeling her knees pinching his skin and he took his cock in hand, watching their mixed arousal glisten in the moonlight. He guided the head of his cock towards her pussy again, the puffy lips inviting precome to leak from his slit.
He pressed into her hole slowly and he loved how Y/N’s eyes widened at the intrusion. The image of his cock entering her pussy was addicting, pulling out with her juices covering it before slamming home into her wet heat again. 
He allowed his thrusts to quicken, knowing full well he too wouldn’t be lasting much longer with his hands on her tits and her tight cunt squeezing down on him. Blood rushed through his ears as he grew closer to his release, moans and groans blending into a symphony that edged into a crescendo as he pulled out and spilled creamy ropes of come onto her chest. Y/N moaned at the feeling of the warm liquid covering her skin, her half-lidded gaze meeting the sight of it spread across her tits. 
His cock softened in his hand after a few short seconds and he let go of it with a small whimper, focusing on the woman in front of him, her pussy twitching and begging to come.
“Don’t worry, baby, I didn’t forget about you.” Chris ran his fingers through the thick come on her chest, using the wetness to circle her clit and slide into her cunt. He flicked his thumb over the highly sensitive bud and Y/N’s voice nearly raised an octave as her chanting, praising how good his fingers felt inside her, grew louder and louder. Her pussy clamped down on his fingers again as her coil snapped so quickly and suddenly, a wash of warmth and serenity following behind.
A blissed-out smile took over her lips as her back relaxed into the mattress and Chris’ fingers coaxed her through her orgasm, continuing to curl up into her walls with a fervent speed. She was too drunk on the feeling of ecstasy that she didn’t notice when he removed his digits from her hole, sucking her juices off with a low, feral groan. “So fucking sweet.”
When she met his eyes with a confused but dazed grin, he just gripped the back of her neck and leaned in to kiss her. There seemed to be some unspoken message in his kiss, clear enough in the way he moved his chapped lips against hers. The last one, it said, I promise. He was the one to pull away from the addicting kiss, the only things keeping them connected, a string of saliva and equally broken hearts
It was unnaturally silent as Chris pulled on his briefs and sweatpants and walked stoically out of the room to grab a washcloth. Y/N laid still on the bed, not wanting the come to drip down her ribcage and onto the sheets below her. It wasn’t even like the sheets weren’t dirty, but somehow having any reminder of that night staining her sheets was nearly as bad as being fatally stabbed with a knife. Her thoughts ran wild as she stared at the ceiling and held back her tears with small hiccups. She had been the one to ask him to stay and she was the one with his come covering her chest, and the realization of her desperation disgusted herself. What would become of her after Chris left for good was beyond her knowledge.
Finally entering the room and breaking her train of thoughts was Chris, a warm, wet towel in his hand and a faint smile on his face. He was strangely caring in cleaning her up, softly dragging the fabric across her dirty skin and kissing her forehead when she was clean. He handed her her clothes, fastening the clasps of her bra and rubbing her back soothingly, and once again she was wondering where this version of him had been hibernating for the past few months, and once again, she felt a sliver of hope that they’d be able to try again. 
But when he left the room to throw the towel in the wash, the emptiness she felt reminded her just why they couldn’t. Because she’d be subject to his anger, to his unjust pickiness about everything from his food to the temperature of the apartment, and remembered how she had just stood there and taken it all like a docile lamb, placing the blame on anything but him. Their relationship had been a toxic timebomb, and somewhere between their first meeting and that night there was love, but it was all gone. Washed down the drain after the flood of tears, the tenderness of their relationship just felt raw and she shivered at the thought.
Chris entered the room with a soft knock as she shoved her shorts back up her legs and fell back with a soft sigh. He looked nervous as he approached her spread-out form, nearly tentative as he fiddled with his fingers and stared at her with warm eyes. She’d nearly missed how shy looked on him. “It’s a bit late,” he stated. She turned over on the bed to face him, pulling the covers over her shoulders and humming in agreement. “Should I go? I know you wanted me to stay the night, but I’m not sure if it was just the sex or-”
“Get in, Beck, not like we’ve never done this before.” He seemed eager to jump into bed as she raised the sheets towards him, filling her loneliness with warmth and comfort that she knew. Her eyes fluttered shut as she turned to the window  but she could feel his eyes staring at the back of her head like a hawk, just itching to hold her one last time. Of course, she relented. “You can touch me, Chris, you just fucked me for God’s sake.”
Instantly, his hands reached out to grab around her waist, pulling her back flush to his bare chest. Y/N sunk into the warmth of him, ignoring the voices screaming at her stupidity. It’s going to make it harder, she reprimanded, you’re doing yourself no favors here.
But she could let Chris hold her for one more night. She could ignore the way her body shook with his arms wrapped around her body and how his breath fanned across the back of her head comfortingly for what she knew would be the last time. Her fractured heart could remain in shambles at the pit of her chest because, in the end, she knew she’d do it all again for him. No matter what he threw at her, whatever he dangled in front of her face, she’d take it and more because she loved him far too much to say no.
Chris always said he loved the stars. In fact, he loved them so much that Y/N grew to love them too. With him, the stars, the misty planets, and the beautiful universe all belonged to her. Nothing had ever shined brighter. So it was funny to her, as she looked out at the sky, to notice how all the stars seemed dimmer and how she had never felt farther away from his orbit than she did in his arms.
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imaginestuffs · 3 hours ago
Would you all like more Bucky content? Maybe even some Peter Parker? Let me know!💛💛💛
I love you all very much!!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twoghostsfromeden · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan X Reader
Word Count: 1.7k
Summary: There’s nothing you can do to change his mind, you know that by looking at him. He looks at her the way he used to look at you.
Warnings: angst, chris evans x ofc, mentions of alcohol, panic attack, sebastian is clueless
A/N: This is my seventh prompt for ‘Sour’!
“You look gorgeous, Lilibet,” You say, your eyes watering. Your best friend from childhood is getting married today, leaving you emotional.
Lilly smiles at you, fighting back tears. “Thank you for standing by my side, even after what happened,” She says, her voice dropping at the end of her sentence.
You don’t have to think much to know what she’s talking about. You went through a nasty breakup with her fiancé’s best friend a couple of months ago, when she was still planning the wedding. You were designated as her maid of honor, while your ex was designated as the best man.
Meaning your ex-boyfriend has to walk you down the aisle.
You push her hair away from her face, shaking your head. “Don’t even think about that. Today is your day. I’d walk alongside Sebastian a million times if it made you happy.” You reassure her, lying through your teeth.
The thought of linking arms with Sebastian almost makes you throw up in your mouth. You haven’t seen him in months, despite hearing about him through Lily and Chris.
You line up with the other bridesmaids, getting ready to walk down the aisle. Sebastian walks your way, faking a smile.
Why did he even bother faking it? Does he really think you don’t recognize his fake smile?
“Y/n,” He says, standing by your side. You stare straight ahead, swallowing the lump in your throat. Your stomach is churning, your hands are clammy.
Your throat is closing up, your heart hammering in your chest. You know what this is, it’s a feeling you know all too well.
Sebastian watches you for a moment before reaching out and grabbing your hand. He presses light kisses to your knuckles, instantly calming you down. You remember the first time he did this, when he took you to meet his family.
“Hey, you’re alright, yeah? You only have to see me for a couple of hours, then you’ll never have to see me again,” Sebastian says, his voice gentle.
The statement makes your heart drop. Isn’t that what you want? To never see him again? You’ve spent months dreading this day, wishing you’d turned down the position.
So why does it break your heart at the thought of never seeing Sebastian again?
You slowly blink back to life, taking several deep breaths. Your cheeks heat up as soon as you call down, embarrassed that he had to see you like that. “I’m sorry,” You mutter, trying your best to ignore the chatter behind you. Sebastian gives you a soft smile, rubbing your arm. "Don't apologize,"
You take a couple deep breaths, staring down the aisle. When the music starts, Sebastian links arms with you, walking you down the aisle. You try to ignore the electricity running through your veins at the contact. When you reach the altar, you and Sebastian part ways, leaving you alone.
Sebastian stands beside Chris, mumbling a quick 'congratulations'. You watch as your best friend walks down the aisle, tears welling up in your eyes. You want to be happy for her, and you are, but you can't help but to be jealous.
You thought one day you'd be walking down the aisle to Sebastian.
Throughout the ceremony, you attempt to distract yourself, hoping you can lift your spirits before the reception. Before you know it, Chris and Lily are pronounced husband and wife, meaning you have to walk back down the aisle with Sebastian. Neither one of you say a word to each other, too caught up in your own feelings.
After you both part ways, you find yourself at the bar, downing drinks before the bride and groom have even had a chance to dance together. “You alright?” The bartender asks, pouring you a drink.
You nod. “Yeah, I just hate weddings,” You lie. You love weddings, you’d spent hours and hours planning yours and Sebastian’s wedding in your head, just in case he ever decided to pop the question.
He never did.
Luckily, the bartender believes you, handing your drink. You sit down at your table, surrounded my more of Lily’s friends. Your eyes are glued to your best friend as she dances with Chris. They look so in love, like nothing could ever separate them.
You look to your right to see Sebastian walking your way, a smile on his lips. Your heart stops in your chest, your palms already sweaty.
Is he coming to ask you to dance?
You find yourself getting excited at the possibility. Does he regret the decision to leave you? Has he spent nights crying over what happened, just like you?
You shift in your seat, focusing your eyes back onto the dancing couple. You don’t want him to know you’re expecting him.
“Y/n?” You hear his voice say. You look up at him, feigning a shocked expression.
“Sebastian.” You say, watching him smile. He nods to the dance floor, holding out his hand. “May I have this dance?” He asks, making you giggle.
You’ve missed him.
You take his hand and stand up, allowing him to lead you to the floor. He places his hand on your waist, catching you off guard. You’re used to him trying to slip his hand down to your ass, pulling him closer to you.
You hold his hand, placing your other hand on his shoulder. You’re not as close as you used to be when you danced, but you’re still closer than you have been lately. Sebastian looks into your eyes, his smile fading, being replaced with a nervous smile.
He takes a deep breath, drowning out the sound of the music filling the room. “So, I’ve been thinking,” He starts, your heart quickening in your chest.
“About what?” You ask. You can’t help but wonder if he’s rethinking the breakup. It’s only been a couple of months, you’re sure things would fall right back into place if you got back together.
Sebastian spins you around, butterflies filling your stomach. Once you’re face-to-face with him again, he pulls you closer. “Life. And how I take it for granted,” He says.
You furrow your eyebrows, swaying to the music. “Okay...” You say, eager to see where this is going. Sebastian glances around the room, trying to keep his eyes off of you.
“I’ve realized lately that if I want something, I should go after it,” He responds.
You look into his eyes, taking a deep breath. He has to be talking about the breakup, right?
“And what is it that you want?” You ask. You’re praying in your head, please say me.
Sebastian pulls you even closer, your chests pressed against each other’s. “Y/n, I’m in love. And I know it hasn’t been long since the breakup, but I don’t need anymore time.” He confesses.
You close your eyes, resting your head on his shoulder. You can feel yourself relaxing in his touch, your worries washing away. You could almost cry at the confession, but you keep your composure.
You’re at a loss for words, you don’t know how to respond. You want to say, of course I’ll take you back! That’s how you feel, so why can’t you say it?
Sebastian takes another deep breath. “I wanted to ask your permission,” He says, confusing you. You pull away from him, still swaying to the music.
He nods, biting his lower lip. “I love her, y/n. I started seeing her shortly after we broke up and I’ve completely fallen for her,” He explains. His mouth keeps moving, but you don’t hear a single word.
You must’ve stopped dancing at some point, because Sebastian is pulling away from you, his eyes focused on you. Your heart is hammering in your chest, your ears swimming with the phrase ‘I love her, y/n,”
You’re going to be sick.
You glance back over at Sebastian just in time to hear the last of his concession. “I’m going to marry her, but it just didn’t feel right to keep you in the dark.”
You’re definitely going to be sick.
Marriage? He’s marrying someone else? He’s not marrying you? All this time... You thought he wanted you back.
You feel the tears welling up in your eyes, but you refuse to cry in front of him. You plaster on a fake smile, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Who is she?”
You have to know. What does she have that you don’t? What does she give him that you didn’t?
Sebastian clears his throat, glancing over at the table you were sitting at. “Katie,” He says, nodding to the quiet woman sitting alone at the table. Her eyes are fixed on Sebastian, a gorgeous smile growing on her face.
Sebastian smiles back, shooting her a wink.
Katie? Lily’s friend from college? Does Lily know about this? Does Chris know?
You look over your shoulder at the two, who are sending you sympathetic looks.
You look back at Sebastian, nodding your head. “That makes sense, yeah,” You murmur. Katie is everything that you’re not. She’s perfect.
It’s over, no matter how bad you don’t want to believe it. There’s nothing you can do to change his mind, you know that by looking at him.
He looks at her the way he used to look at you.
“She’s beautiful, I bet she makes you really happy,” You say, watching as Sebastian’s eyes sparkle. You haven’t seen him that way in years.
He nods, focusing his attention on you. “She’s great,”
You tuck a fallen hair behind your ear, glancing back over at her. She’s gorgeous.
You can’t help but wonder if he’s kissed her the way he’s kissed you. Has he touched her the way he’s touched you?
Does he love her the way he loved you?
“You deserve her,” You say, your voice cracking. Sebastian doesn’t notice it, too caught up in Katie.
“So is that a yes?” He asks, his smile growing wider.
You take a deep breath, trying to mask how you really feel. You want to tell him no, he can’t marry her. He barely knows her! He doesn’t know her the way he knew you.
But you can’t.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @cevansxsstan @iwannagotospaceforever @soccer-100000 @lharrietg @well-do-that-together-too @hista-girl @pigwidgeonxo @ilikeeverythingx @msvilela @bananapie99 @thoughstofaredhead @rvgrsbrns @one1-direction @brooke-supernatural16 @princess-evans-addict @melissad1974 @alexabarnes17 @oneds-world @bval-1 @carlybubs @redcoatgirl @piggyinthesea @misschil3 @sleutherclaw @sugarpunch-princess
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bonky-n-steeb · 7 hours ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬:  Your life is as good as it gets. The perfect husband, the perfect daughter, the perfect job. But what you are unaware is that your husband is a deadly assassin and your long-lost friend, now a fearsome mob boss is hell bent on getting you back. But what you don’t know can't hurt you, right?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦:  psychological disorder, PTSD, domestic abuse, yandere, obsession, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
“For how long?” You almost woke Iris up with your temper. The little girl had cried herself to sleep.
“Calm down! Don’t worry, just listen to me. Sam will bring you to my house. Once you are here you don’t have to worry.”
“Steve, for how long are you making Sam follow me? He literally is my neighbor. Not even in my wildest dream did I think he would be working for you!” If Steve was in front of you now, you would’ve punched him.
“We will talk when you come here. I’ll answer all your questions. Just come home.”
You wanted to ask a million questions at least but you decided talking face to face would be better. “Ok.”
“I’m waiting. Bye.” You clicked the phone shut and handed it to Sam.
“What do you think all those useless hospital visits were for?” Sam gave you a smirk and you shook your head.
“Since college. Steve! Are you kidding me?” You punched his bulging bicep and he pretended to be hurt. You were sitting on the couch in your room as Rissie slept peacefully on the bed.
You didn’t believe your eyes as you walked in Steve’s house, or rather mansion. This one was bigger than the one he lived as a high schooler and that only meant one thing, he had expanded his ‘business’.
Steve had prepared an entire room just for you and another for Iris. But you weren’t going to let your child sleep away from her mom in the house of a gangster. What didn’t sit right with you was the way the room was decorated. It was as if he knew all your choices and likings. Well, he did know everything about you, didn’t he?
“What? I had to make sure you were okay!” Steve said with such nonchalance that you thought for a second whether stalking someone was legal now.
What Steve loved was that you weren’t friends separated by time, no, right now you were best friends as if all those years hadn’t passed.
“Steve..., what about... what about the man...?” For a second Steve didn’t catch on to what you were saying. “What man?” You visibly gulped, “the man Bucky killed. There would be a trial. And I would have to go to the courthouse. I don’t...” you couldn’t hold in much longer and you cried your eyes out. You wanted to ask about Bucky, but you couldn’t take anymore of heartbreak.  
“Shh, it will be fine. The man was a homeless drug addict. No one would ask for him. Him going missing wouldn’t be a big deal. I’ll handle everything.” He said with such a ruthlessness that it scared you. A man had died. It didn’t matter if he was homeless or a senator. All that mattered was, a life was lost. This quality and the moral compass of yours had made you one of the finest doctors.
As you cried, you covered your eyes with your hands and pathetic sobs left your body. Steve hesitantly pulled you close and your body instinctively relaxed in his warmth. He held you close and whispered sweet nothings into your ears.
You cried for all the precious things you had lost and all the unwanted information you had gained. You wished you hadn’t cleaned your house that day, that you hadn’t seen those videos of what Bucky or the Soldat was capable of. You wished you had been more vigilant today and hadn’t let that man enter. You wished you had noticed James in your house earlier. You wished you had been smart enough to understand Sam’s intentions.
Thriller was your favorite genre but it didn’t mean your life was supposed to be a thriller! Lost in your thoughts you didn’t realize that you had fallen asleep on Steve.
Steve slowly tilted your head as he felt the sobs receding and started hearing soft snores. He saw you were fast asleep. Your eyelashes and cheeks were drenched and so was half of his shirt, but he didn’t care for it. He noticed the imprint his button his left on your cheek while your face had been buried in his embrace and he winced.
He soothingly rubbed his thumb over the imprint and gave himself a victory smile. He gently picked you up bridal style and laid you on the bed. He tucked you under the blanket and pecked your forehead. He finally had you, and he wasn’t going to ever let you go.
It was dinner time when Steve opened the door. He had knocked but there wasn’t any response. So, he sneaked in the room to find both you and Iris sleeping. He had to agree Iris was a smart and adorable girl. She had taken all the right features of her parents.
He kneeled beside your side and softly placed a hand on your face. “Wake up.” He slowly shook you and you opened your eyes, they were bloodshot red from all the crying. He hoped that every day he would be the one to wake you up from now on.
“Hey! Oops, how long has it been? When did I fall asleep? God, I’m so sorry...” you started rambling. “Don’t be sorry. I just woke you up to tell you that dinner’s ready.” He gave you a smile and you wondered how people resisted throwing themselves at Steve.
“I’m.... you know what? I am very hungry. I’ll wake Rissie up and we’ll come down.” He nodded and got up to leave. You quickly held his arm and stopped him right in his tracks. He thought he should probably warn you not to touch him like this; you had no idea what effect you had on him.
“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am. I was such an idiot. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn’t even thank you. I don’t know what to do or how to express it, but Thank you so so very much!” You were almost about to cry again but Steve stopped you.
“Hey! You don’t need to thank me at all. I’m your best friend and that’s what friends are for, right?” You wanted to ask him whether you were really still friends, but you refrained. You smiled and nodded your head.
You slowly woke Iris up by pressing kisses to her face. She had seen things that no child should see. She needed your reassurance and your support. You need to be strong; not for yourself but for her. And you suddenly realized you both were alone, all alone in this entire world. All you had was each other.
“Wake up, Love.” You said as you kissed her forehead. “Mom?” She rubbed her eyes and they hauntingly reminded you of Bucky. “Where are we?” She asked pouting. “We are at my friends place.”
At that she smiled “We are with uncle Thor?” Iris adored Thor. “No, we are at my other friends place. You don’t know him, but I’ll introduce you. He is a good man, but promise me Rissie you’ll behave.” She nodded her head furiously, “I promise.”
“Mom, what about dad? Where is he? Is he okay? He is always so cool with his metal arm but today he scared me. He looked like a superhero in those clothes though.” He probably was a supervillain you thought to yourself.
“I don’t know where he is. And today he scared me too. But listen to me Iris. Why don’t we play a game? It’s only you and me. We don’t trust anyone else except the two of us. Not dad, not Steve, not Sam, not Thor. Nobody. Just the two of us. If you want to share something you come to me. If someone calls you, even if it’s dad, you won’t go without my permission, ever. You stay with me and I stay with you. Pinky promise?”
“Pinky promise mom. I love you.” She said so innocently that you wanted to cry, but you had to hold yourself, “I love you too. And I promise you I’ll keep you safe, my brave tiger. Did momma tell you how proud she is of you? What you did today saved both our lives. And I’m sooo proud of you.” You bombarded her with million kisses and she attacked you with a billion.
When you both headed downstairs you were met with twice the number of people you expected. And Steve introduced you to each one of them. Tony was the lawyer and kinda the brains behind everything; Clint was his left-hand man; Sam, Vision and Bruce were some of his most trusted men. Wanda was his wife, who he had made very clear he married for business. What Steve didn’t tell you about though, was his son, George. He was around Iris’s age and a little taller than her. You would be lying if you said that the boy wasn’t cute.  
You all had dinner while they engaged you in small talk. All the dishes were your and Rissie’s favorites. And you suspected that it was on purpose but you didn’t complain. What you didn’t appreciate though were the looks thrown towards you by Wanda. It felt as if it were up to her, you would be dead by now. And while the others treated you with respect and love and made you feel as if you sat on this table every day; one person wasn’t impressed by you, Vision. You pushed the thought aside thinking that maybe, he was just awkward.  
As you finished the dinner, you thanked everyone; especially Sam. You were mad at him, but you weren't ungrateful. Iris and George had already become friends and he took her to see his toy collection. Seeing his toys, Iris missed her home. She missed the toys her mom used to impulsively buy and her dad would bring home for her from around the world. But George assured her that she could play with them whenever she wanted.  
Steve left a little early as his work called. You talked with Sam for a few more moments and then finally collected Rissie and headed upstairs. Someone had already kept clothes for you two on the bed. You supposed they belonged Wanda and George. After you both changed and freshened up, you tucked Iris in and told her a bedtime story as she drifted off to sleep.  
You tried your best but you couldn’t sleep. You were thirsty and desperately wanted water. And being the shy idiot you were, you had forgotten to ask for a bottle while coming upstairs. You wasted another half an hour debating whether to go to kitchen or not. It was almost midnight and it wasn’t your home for you to roam freely. Though they all seemed friendly and kind, you hadn't forgotten they were all a part of a crime syndicate.  
But your throat became too dry and you gathered your courage and slipped out of your room. You made your way to the kitchen and let out a loud breath, till now nothing had wrong yet. As you headed back to your room, you heard loud moans coming from another guest room. You couldn’t care less. You thought it must be one of those guys and some maid. But what did stop you were the names they were moaning. It wasn’t any maid; it was Wanda. And the worst of all was that the man wasn’t Steve; it was Vision.  
You quickly ran from there. You had absolutely zero interest in getting entangled among all their internal stuff. Tomorrow morning you were going to pack your bags and leave. You didn’t want Iris and yourself to be stuck in this jungle. But now you were confused. Should you tell Steve or should you not? He did tell you that he didn’t love her but he didn’t tell you if it was open marriage. And even if it was, did he know that she was banging one of his very own men?
You were drawn out of your thoughts when you saw Steve standing outside your door. He was softly knocking it as you approached him “I’m here, just went to get water.” you shrugged. “Are you okay? You seem flushed.” You nodded awkwardly while your internal monologue rambled, should I tell him, or should I not? “I'm fine. I just ran all the way up here. But forget that, what brings you here?”
"I just wanted to talk.”
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watchmegetobsessed · 7 hours ago
a/n: this is just some soft bucky content, because it’s very much needed, right?? he can be such a cutie for sure
pairing: Bucky X Reader
word count: 2.7k
Tumblr media
Bucky keeps a list in his head of things, tiny details about you he finds so endearing. These things are the ones he thinks about when he is trying to ground himself, remember who he is and bring himself back from his nightmares that still haunt him with his torturous past. He encounters them, goes through the whole list, thinking about them until you are all he has on his mind, not leaving space to the darkness.
He loves the way you greet everyone in the morning when you walk into the kitchen to pour yourself a cup of coffee. It’s just a simple hello for others, but he has noticed a long time ago how you drag the ‘o’ at the end, almost giving it a tiny melody as you purse your lips, dancing past the grumpy morning faces, stepping to the cupboard where the mugs are kept.
He loves the way you scrunch your nose whenever you’re sparring with him or Steve or occasionally Sam and you go in with your favorite move that always gets any man to the floor. It’s a tiny tell only he has noticed so far, yet he still lets you throw him over your shoulder, down to the not too soft mat of the ring. He would never take the victory away from you for winning against a super soldier.
He can never get enough of the way you’re always the first one to wait for the Quinjet to return after a mission you didn’t attend. How you jump a few times just as your friends walk off the jet, tired and worn out, but always so happy to see your bright face. It always gets Bucky’s heart to pitter-patter in his chest under his heavy combat west, making him want to run up to you and just lock you in his arms and never let you go.
He noticed that you prefer the apples that are still not entirely ripe, because you like the sour taste of them, that you’re always the one restocking the cheese sticks in the fridge, because you snack on them all the time and how you buy a new book every other week, adding to your ever so growing collection in your room that is still filled with so many you haven’t been able to read. For your last birthday, Bucky and Steve built you a custom bookshelf so you don’t keep them in random stocks everywhere around the floor. Steve almost dropped how it was Bucky’s idea when you were thanking them a million times. He wanted to keep it a secret, make it as just a friendly gesture even though it was so much more than that for him.
And another tiny thing he has noticed is how you always like to do your makeup, no matter where you’re going. Sometimes you go crazy and use all kinds of colors, turning yourself into a living and walking rainbow, which suits your personality just perfectly, but sometimes you keep it simple with just some mascara and blush. No matter if you’re going on a mission or just for an afternoon stroll, you always like to do it.
With all these little things, he has found himself working his life around them. He makes sure your favorite mug is clean in the morning when you stroll into the kitchen, he always lets you know the team is headed back home when he is on a mission that you missed out on so you can wait for the jet to arrive. He buys you unripe apples when he is out at the market to get himself some fresh plums, he adds cheese sticks to the grocery list if you forget and he always makes sure to compliment your makeup whenever you try something new. He loves seeing you blushing at his sweet words, how you blink away your shyness as you mumble your thank you to him.
That one morning he started off the same way. Someone had used your mug so he washed and put it into its place for you early in the morning. He sat at the kitchen island with his own coffee as you, Nat and Wanda had breakfast together before you lot were about to go out on a quick mission he wasn’t attending. You were excited to use your new weapon Shuri sent personally for you from Wakanda, a whip that could harden into a lance. He remembered your happy dance when it arrived and you first tried it in the gym, you said it made you feel like you were part of the Dora Milaje.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly and he was looking forward for you to return and tell him all about what happened out on the field, something the two of you grew to do often outside of the debriefings with the team.
“Are still on for tonight?” you asked him before you were about to take off. The rest of the team was already on the jet, waiting for you to say your goodbye to Bucky.
A few days prior, Bucky worked up the courage to ask you to have dinner at a new Indian place he was curious to try out and you happily said yes. He never phrased it as a date and he would have never dared to ask if you saw it as one, but deep down he was hoping it would count as one.
“Of course. But that requires you to come back in one piece,” he smirked at you, making you chuckle as you hugged him shortly before running off to get on the jet.
Bucky stayed there and watched it vanish into thin air, already looking forward to seeing you return sometime in the afternoon. He spent the day in the gym and then went on a short walk just to get out of the building a little, but all he could think about was seeing you again when you return.
He is sitting in his room when F.R.I.D.A.Y. notifies him that the jet is approaching the building. Jumping to his feet he sprints out to the hangar, wanting nothing else than to see your beaming smile as you ramble about what happened on the mission, but it doesn’t happen.
As the jet touches down and the first people emerge from the pit, Bucky’s smile vanishes from his face upon seeing you being carried by Steve, your arm held onto your abdomen as a painful grimace is sitting on your beautiful face.
“What happened?” he asks in a rush as he runs up to his friend carrying you.
“Nothing major,” you breathe out, but you’re clearly lying. You have a nasty wound on your forehead, your arm is swollen and probably very much broken and your ankle looks twisted. Bucky looks at Steve for an actual answer, and the captain sighs.
“Y/N took up a little more than she could handle.”
“What was I supposed to do? If I didn’t go in there, the files would have been destroyed by the time you got there!” you growl, hissing when you try to move your arm, but pain shoots through your body.
Bucky wants to scold you, tell you off for being so reckless, but you know there’s no use for that. You’d do it over and over again, because that’s just who you are: a selfless and determined fighter.
You are brought up to the medical bay, but unfortunately, Helen has been out of town the past few days and the cradle has been malfunctioning, so it can’t be used to heal you, leaving you with the good old treatments.
Bucky waits outside while you are being taken care of and when the doctor and nurses come out of your room finally, he is the first one to go in to check up on you.
Still in your combat gear, you’re sitting on the edge of the bed, your head snapping up when he steps into the room. While your leg seems to be just fine, your whole right arm is in a bulky cast, bent at your elbow so it’s not just one long rod next to you. You seem tired and worn out, dark circles under your eyes, a little smeared mascara on your cheeks, but he still thinks you are the prettiest woman he has ever seen.
“Hey, how are you feeling?” he asks softly, pulling a chair next to the bed so he can sit in front of you.
“Not gonna lie, I’ve been better,” you chuckle lightly. “I’m alright.”
“You should have waited for backup, Y/N. Going in alone is not a smart thing to do.”
“If I didn’t go in, we wouldn’t have the files now,” you point out, arching an eyebrow at him. Bucky doesn’t want to argue with you, he is just happy you’re safe now and in the best hands.
He walks you up to your room that’s not far from his, finally hearing you tell him about the rest of the mission just like you always do.
“Y/N, I get it if you want to cancel on our plans for tonight,” Bucky mumbles quietly, though he is bummed it’s ruined, he has been looking forward to it so bad.
“Oh, no! I-I’m still in if you… If you don’t mind my new gear,” you chuckle raising up your casted arm a little. “Let me just clean myself up, alright?”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course!” you smile at him, giving his arm a squeeze before disappearing in your room.
Bucky is mad at himself for never asking you how much time you need. He gets changed pretty fast, but he is not sure when to get you. He figures that simple tasks might take you a little longer now with the cast, but he just can’t wait to see you again, so after about an hour, he pads his way over to your room, knocking on the door as he waits for you to answer it.
When you swing it open, you’re wearing a sundress with an oversized sweater that can fit the majority of the cast in the sleeve, hiding it a little so it’s not that obvious. Your hair was let down from the bun you always wear it on missions and you’ve put on a pair of simple slacks.
“Hi! I was just about to text you,” you giggle, holding the door open for him so he can walk inside. “Let me just grab my purse and we can leave,” you tell him, grabbing your necessities, dumping them all into a purse before stepping to him again.
As his icy blue eyes fall on your face, he realizes that something is missing and a moment later it pops into his head: you’re not wearing any makeup.
“You… You didn’t do your makeup,” he breathes out, cocking his head to the side and when he sees you blushing, he realizes that you might have taken it the wrong way. “Not that you need to! I just… You always do, I know it’s important to you.”
Clearing your throat, you tug your hair behind your ear with your healthy hand, avoiding his gaze as you speak up.
“Well, I’m not too good at it without my right hand, so…”
“D-Do you want me—I mean I can, if you want, I can… do it for you. If you want,” he stutters, not sure if it was even a good idea to offer it.
He watches your face fall in awe, completely caught by surprise by his words.
“You think you can do that for me?” you ask shyly.
“I mean, I’ve never tried, but these vibranium fingers are quite precise,” he chuckles, holding his metal hand up. You giggle as you pull him farther into the room, grabbing your makeup bag from your dresser as the two of you sit to the bed. Emptying the bag onto the comforter, Bucky examines the items in front of him, not exactly sure what they are used for. You grab your mascara and unscrewing it you hold up the wand in front of him.
“This is for my lashes. You think you can help me with it?”
Bucky nods, taking a wand in his hand as you breathe out, waiting for him to get down to work. He feels nervous to do it so close to your beautiful eyes, but he can’t dance back now. Holding the wand in his metal hand he takes your chin gently into his other one, angling your head for him and you both gasp at the soft, unusual touch. Your faces are also quite close, he can see every freckle and blemish on your face, the wound on your forehead and your slightly bruised bottom lip. Yet, he still sees you as the most perfect creature to ever walk this planet.
Focusing hard, Bucky starts applying the mascara to your lashes, gently stroking them with precise movements, trying his best not to get it into your eyes. When he is done with one eye, he moves to the other, finding it a little easier with the practice he had on the first one. You can’t help but smile at how he furrows his eyebrows in concentration, so dedicated to do a perfect job on you.
“I think it’s done,” he announces and you grab your compact mirror to check out his work.
“Buck, this is great! You did amazing!” you smile at him, very pleased with the way you look. “Do you want to do the rest too?”
“What else is there?” he asks and you grab your creamy blush.
“This goes to my cheeks,” you tell him and though you could easily do it with just one hand, you want him to stay close to you.
Bucky grabs it from you and applies a little to the apple of your cheeks, and then waits for further instructions. You tell him to just gently dab it into your skin until it’s nicely blended, and it’s exactly what he does.
Once your blush is perfectly done, he even takes your lipgloss and applies to your plush lips with so much care and precision, he sees you as a piece of artwork at the end.
“There. All done,” he smiles as he leans back and examines the final version.
“Yeah? How do I look?” you ask, striking a pose for him that brings a wide grin to his lips.
“Perfect,” he breathes out before he could stop himself, a blush immediately tinting his cheeks when he realizes what he just said.
“Thank you,” you giggle, giving his hand a squeeze, before you start throwing everything back into your makeup bag. Bucky watches your hands move around and he knows this could be the moment when he makes a move, does something to help his case and not get stuck in the friendzone forever.
“Y/N?” he speaks up, nerves eating him away as you lift your gaze up to meet his.
“I, uhh… I meant this dinner a-as a date, when I asked you. Is that… I-Is that okay by you?”
For a highly trained ex-assassin, he is surely a nervous wreck, feeling like he is about to pass out from just asking you this one simple question. His once undeniable charming self is long gone, he is not the Bucky from the forties who could easily chat up any woman he laid his eyes on. Putting himself out is scary, especially when he is so into the person so much, like he is into you.
For a heartbeat he thinks you’re going to turn him down and ask to just stay friends, but then, the sweetest smile stretches across your face as you reach up and cup his cheek in your hand.
“Was it ever not a date?” you cheekily answer and leaning closer you press a small kiss to the corner of his mouth before getting up from the bed and heading towards the door. Bucky stays still, in awe and shock after your reaction when you call his name out. “Buck? Are we not going on this date or what?”
That snaps him out of his rave, he jumps to his feet and rushes over to you, ready to finally start this new chapter with you.
Thank you for reading, please like and reblog if you enjoyed it!
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imnotevenhere9 · 10 hours ago
Sebastian Stan x male! reader Pt. 8
↳ Summary: Sebastian might not be as single and straight as everyone thinks...
↳ Word count: 589
↳ Warnings: really small mention of media not being supportive of LGBTQ+
↳ A/n: 
Masterlist  •  Prompts  •  S/o match ups  •  Taglist
Introduction • Previous part • Next part (coming soon) (whole series in Masterlist)
Tumblr media
Metal arm  - Sebastian Stan
America's ASS - Chris Evans
Cinderella - Anthony Mackie
Wiggly woo  - Elizabeth Olsen
Widow - Scarlett Johansson
Iron can - Robert Downey jr.
Spider boy - Tom Holland
Kangaroo - Chris Hemsworth
And 28 others
I'm Y/bastian team all the way
Wiggly woo
Me too! They would look great together 👀
Metal arm
Well, glad you think that
America's ASS
Hold up- 👁️👄👁️
Iron can
This is getting interesting-
Care to explain Seb??? 😃
Metal arm
Nah, not really xd
America's ASS
You're not getting out of this Seb 🙂
Metal arm
Geez not this emoji-
Iron can
Okay I think I need to get popcorn for this
I'll join you 😎
Is my ship alive or not? Sebastian please I need an answer 😭
Metal arm
I need to go bye
Wiggly woo
Iron can
So no popcorn-?
Sebastian, you
What's up?
Would you be mad if I told the cast that we're together?
Not at all, why?
I said something that might make them think that...
I really don't mind you telling them, I'm fine with them knowing about us
Really? Because they will probably annoy you on social media too if I tell them. And they might want me to add you to the group chat...
Yeah, really it's fine! I mean, we agreed that we have to tell our fans that we're in a relationship, so maybe telling your cast might be a good start!
Yeah that's true... I will tell them now, hopefully they won't be mad for not knowing
It will go alright, don't worry!
Yeah... I love you, bye!
I love you too, bye!
Metal arm  - Sebastian Stan
America's ASS - Chris Evans
Cinderella - Anthony Mackie
Wiggly woo - Elizabeth Olsen
Iron can - Robert Downey jr.
Widow - Scarlett Johansson
Spider boy - Tom Holland
Kangaroo - Chris Hemsworth
And 28 others
Metal arm
Alright I'm back
America's ASS
Now start explaining 👁️👄👁️
I want to know if my ship is sailing or nah 👀
Let's not forget that I'm the captain of this ship, not you 😎
Iron can
I think that as a mother of this group, I should be the captain
America's ASS
I'm the only real captain here, it's my role 😌
Metal arm
Your ship sailed a long time ago
Wiggly woo
Iron can
*Our ship
Anyway, Sebastian you kinda broke them-
Metal arm
I'm aware of that xd
Me and Y/n have been actual together for a few years now
We just didn't wanna make it public because you know, media weren't really supportive about it back then
America's ASS
Alright so are you guys dating or...?
Metal arm
We're married
Spider boy
That's great man!
Well thank you for sharing that with us ✨
So I get that you don't want us to make it seem like you are together, right?
Metal arm
Well, we don't exactly hide our relationship, so you don't have to keep it a secret. Just you know, don't say directly that we're together I guess?
Iron can
Alright, got it
But we can follow him and interact normally, right?
Metal arm
Spider boy
Maybe you could add him to the group chat if he's alright with it!
Iron can
That's a good idea tbh
Yeah it would be cool!
Metal arm
I'll think about it xd
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diorbucky · 13 hours ago
What actress Y/n y/l/n eats in a day while on set
Pairing: Chris evens x reader Anthony Mackie x reader Sebastian stan x reader (platonic relationship)
Word count: 2.2k ish
Tumblr media
“Hi Im Y/N and this is everything I eat in a day on a normal day on set.”
“Okay, so the first thing i do when I wake up, and I hate to admit this, I check my phone. Well actually that's not true I pee, and then I check my phone.”
“Okay ummmm, whats the app, i’ll probably check instagram. I know its so bad but one of my goals this year is to set aside 30 mins in the morning to meditate or do yoga, which is actually really hard when you have to be on set by 5:00, so actually it's not my fault, it's the russo brothers.”
“I’m not a breakfast person, but I am a coffee person, which isn’t very good, because if I don't eat in the morning then I probably won't eat until like 1:00-2:00ish. I keep trying to get into tea, I feel like it's very official and like adulthood, actually one of my friends Tom (hiddleston) brought me a bunch of teas and a tea set for my birthday which is still probably setting in the back of my cupboards collecting dust. But, umm how do I say without offending british people.”
“Its boring, I-I-I ahhh ummm no offense, maybe I’m just doing it wrong, maybe i'm just drinking the wrong types of tea, but I’m trying I really am. But ohhh coffee I love it so much morning, night, afternoon I could drink anywhere, anytime, but I get really excited about coffee in the morning. And I like having a lot of creamer with my coffee, but i’m slowly making my way down to black coffee, because lord knows how much sugar I’m having in the morning, but you know what it really gets me going, especially if you have to spend a whole day on set with the most annoying and egotistical men on earth.”
“Maybe if I ever feel like I have enough energy the night before (which never happens y/n whispers towards the laptop). I would set an alarm for 3:00AM and go for a run. Actually recently i bought a treadmill, I would usually run for an hour-ish 7inclimb and around a 10 speed. Then I’d obviously shower, blah, blah, blah.”
But on my way to set I’ll definitely stop at starbies for my 2nd cup of coffee;)
“The typical lunch for me, that would depend either on how much time I have, if we have like an 2 hours I would usually go out to some cafe or eatery with the cast or if you are the chosen one of the week, we like to call it, you can have lunch with the Robert Downey Jr in downey town. But umm if we would have to stay on set that would vary every week because there's a different food truck each week form tacos, pizza, sushi.”
“The thing about being on set you cant snack during scenes, mainly because we don't have any time. You just go from one scene to another. But i could probably squeeze in another coffee or two in there somewhere.”
Chris, Anthony and Sebastian walk into your trailer.
“Oi Y/N we’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
“I’m doing the Vogue what i eat in a day, oh and by the way i’m on set rightnow between scenes and these are the egotistical men i was talking about before.”
“Thats a lie, we are not egotistical.”
“Yeah sorry not Seabass, only you too.”
“Ohh” Anthony places his hand on his heart pretending his broken.
“Can you guys go now please?”
“Nah we’re fine, we’re very comfortable on this couch, aren’t we guys?” chris asked
“Yes very.”
All 3 men started laughing while Y/N rolled her eyes.
“Any ways you should ask my parents ‘does Y/n get hangry?’, well actually you cant ask them anymore, you cant really ask them anything, because well you um you know??”
“Jesus christ La Rue.” chris said while anthony and sebastian were snickering in the background.
“Okay sorry for that awkward moment, continuing on though, when I was younger, my dads would literally  have to carry around snacks for me, the seconds y/n turns hungary, it was game over, and i still to this day get hangry, but im lot like screaming and crying anymore, but i cant focus, i cant talk, i get irritable, actually im pretty sure
theres a video out there on the internet of me having a temper tantrum when i was younger.”
Anthony jumps over the coffee table and sits next to you, giving you a fright
“Jesus christ Mackie, you almost knocked over my coffee.”
“Oh no not the coffee!” seb yelled
“I have a funny story of you being hangry on set.”
“No go away Mackie we’ve all agreed not to talk about this.”
“No they agreed i just listened and said nothing”
You put your head in your hands, face already turning red knowing theres no way you can stop anthony now.”
“Okay so there was this scene we were filming a couple of days ago, it was like 3:00 in the morning, everyone was tired and hungry. And Chris kept on fucking up his line and everyone was get pissed off at him especially Y/n. And all of a sudden you just hear this big loud scream. And everyone is just looking around wondering where it came from. And y/n.”
Anthony looks at you and you're shaking your head.
“You just see her walk up to him and she says ‘you know i love, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST SAY THE FUCKING LINE, IM HUNGRY AND TIRED AND I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!’ and you can just see the pure anger in her eyes.”
All 3 of the men just burst into laughter
“Im just happy the Russo brothers called it a night after that, because it could’ve gone so bad after that.”
“Yeah i had to strain myself from slapping you across the face.”
“Moving on to dinner, if we didn’t have a late night shoot, I know its bad but on my way home i’d probably go to Mcdonalds or Taco bell, from McD’s id probably go for the happy meal as well as chickens nuggies, then when i get home i’d probably pour a glass of wine and eat it in the living room.”
“That just screams that your going through a divorce.” chris says earning a glare from you for interrupting you again
“Hey Chrissy why dont you go ask your wife what she did going through her divorce only to marry your dumbass.” you said looking pissed at him
“And i believe this is our que to leave you to it La Rue.”
You looked at sebastian giving him a thankful smile and he returned while pushing the 2 out of your trailer.
“Now since theyre gone lets talk dessert, depending how I feel, I would have coffee ice-cream, fruit salad or I would make up crepes, ohhh but another option would be the ben and jerrys dairy free chocolate fudge brownie, if you haven’t tried it you need to, its a game changer, kinda, well not really theres still alot more sugar in it.
Scarlett walks into your trailer seeing that youre filming something she gestures to her watch.
“Anyways thank-you for listening to me talk about everything i eat in a day, but im needed, bye.” you said waving your hand at the camera and smiling.
You and scarlett walked onto the set while the joe russo is explaining the scene. Robert walked up behind you placing his hands on your shoulder saying,
“We’re filming that scene that Chris kept fucking up.”
“It wasn’t my fault.”
“It was one line Evans, one line, only 7 words.”
“Hopefully we wont be here till 3 in the morning again, for Chris’s sake.”
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babyboibucky · 17 hours ago
Anger That Loves
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You help Bucky understand his anger.
Word Count: 612
Warnings: A smidge of angst sksksksk
A/N: I read something about anger just now and it was beautiful and so here is the result lmfao
Tumblr media
It’s hard to ignore anger, especially the kind that consumes you; the one that somehow takes over your entire being and replaces your logic with blinding rage.
Hot, seething anger— Bucky just knows this all too well.
Bucky might have been freed from the wrath of HYDRA, but his mind continues to be imprisoned. Not by his dark past, but by the rage that resulted from it. He might have moved on and made amends to right his wrong, but he was never truly free from his worst enemy.
People kept on telling him that he was being too hard on himself, taking all the blame when he was merely a victim. How could he not when each night he spent was full of nightmares and regret?
“Bucky, you can’t be mad at yourself forever.”
“Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself.”
But god, Bucky tried to do all those and yet the anger remained in his heart. He was way past seeking revenge on his tormentors, he was done with that life. All that Bucky wanted was peace and calm, the kind that wasn’t out of denial nor distraction.
He wanted peace and calm as it is.
What people didn’t seem to understand was how exhausted Bucky felt for trying his goddamn best not to be angry anymore. Angry at himself, at life, at everyone who kept on giving advice as if he never tried to fix himself.
Bucky was exhausted, and just as when he was about to give in to his anger, you came along.
You were kind and sweet, warm and radiant like the sunlight. There was something so comforting about your personality that helped alleviate the anger that Bucky felt.
And you were different, so so different from the others. Because you never told him that he was too angry nor too harsh on himself. You never tried to change him or his attitude and instead, you embraced it.
You accepted Bucky for who he was and the darkness and weight that hung above his shoulders.
Bucky heard words that he had never expected to hear from someone like you, someone who never seemed to have carried any burden. Someone who didn’t feel any ounce of anger despite the atrocities that the world has to offer.
“You don’t have to feel bad about being mad, Bucky. It comes from knowing what you’ve been through, things you don’t deserve. You’re mad because you know that you should be treated with respect and kindness, that the only touch you should experience is one that is gentle.” You told him, letting your hand cup his stubbled cheek.
Bucky could feel the tears gather in the corner of his eyes because you were right. He had never felt a touch as soft and kind as yours, and it was overwhelming but in a good, heartwarming way.
It felt like love.
“Maybe you do need to be kind to yourself, but that also includes understanding your anger. Bucky, it wants the best for you. Your anger loves you.”
Bucky never realized that you were right, his anger was caused by the pain he had gone through. He was mad because he does not deserve all of that, and what was so wrong about wanting desperately to receive kindness?
But you understood him, finally someone did. You showed him that there was nothing wrong about feeling that way and it was through your understanding that Bucky learned to accept his anger.
And it was in that acceptance that Bucky learned to love himself— his anger included. For once, Bucky felt loved.
Love that was consuming and blinding, but all in the right ways.
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avenging-fandoms · 17 hours ago
🎀 For soft hours: Bucky has been trying to confess his feelings for the reader many times and she doesn’t really understand his hints, even though the feeling is mutual. So after some time he has had enough of failing and kinda just explodes with the feeling and basically just shouts his confession at her 🎀
Tumblr media
you nursed your drink in your hand as you watched all of your friends dance together, smiling with your body leaned up against the bar, waving at steve who awkwardly danced with a girl he had just met.
“what’re you doing over here by yourself?” bucky asked and leaned on the bar next to you, the bottom of his stomach peeking out as you smiled at him.
“just enjoying watching everyone. why are you over here with me and not with them?” you ask and bucky smiled, finishing his beer. bucky looked at you up and down before you turned back to him and he smiled at you. "hm?"
"i'd much rather spend my time with you than with them" bucky said and you chuckled, shaking your head. "come dance" you cock your eyebrow and look at bucky, shaking your head. "scared?"
"oh, alright barnes. show me your old man dance moves" you took his extended hand and followed him to the dance floor. he held your hips and and swayed, and your jaw dropped slightly as he smiled. “not bad for a 106 old man”
“you think i’m old?” bucky dipped you and pressed his nose against yours, making your laugh. “show me what you got, agent yln”
“i think i’m gonna head home. long day fighting bad guys takes it out of you” you smile and pat his chest, bucky grabbing your hand before you were out of reach.
"do you want a ride home?" bucky offered and you smiled, nodding. bucky's stomach began to swarm with butterflies as your fingers interlocked with his. bucky opened your door and you thanked him, bucky closing it and heading over to the driver's side.
it was a quiet ride except for the late night radio host playing soft sleepy music. "isn't that a bit dangerous? what if someone was tired driving home from work, heard this, and fell asleep at the wheel?" you scrunched your eyebrows and bucky smiled, chuckling softly.
"i think you should call them and give them a piece of your mind, yn" bucky teased and you laughed as he pulled into your driveway. you grabbed the door handle and bucky stopped you, jogging to your door and opening it for you. "i can open my own door, buck. you're not stuck in the 40s"
"yeah, thank god for that" bucky sighed as you two walked up to your door. you looked at him confused and he stuffed his gloved hands in his pockets. "what?"
"you don't miss the 40s? back in the military, two arms, girls falling all over you?" you chuckle and he gives a side smile, shaking his head softly.
"the 40s didn't have you" bucky said lowly and you looked at him, your face feeling hot as you gulped. "and two arms would be nice again" you both laugh and you look down, taking his hands out of his pockets.
finger by finger you pulled the gloves off his hands. bucky watched you closely and you stuffed the gloves in your pockets. your finger traced the vibranium, bucky looking at you with hooded eyes. "do you like hiding it? your secret identity?" you joke but bucky wasn't laughing. "sorry, i shouldn't have-"
"i like you, yn. i don't know if you're ignoring the hints or.. or you don't like me back. but i needed to tell you before i drove steve crazy with hearing about you" your eyes shot to his, your smile growing with every word. "i really like you"
"hopefully i don't get fired for this" you breathed and held his face as you kissed him, bucky's body curving into yours as he deepened the kiss. your lips molded perfectly with his, and he sighed softly into your mouth.
"i've waited so long for a kiss like that" bucky pulled away for a quick minute before kissing you again. "perfect goodnight kiss" he smiled and you pulled away, looking up at him.
"do you have to go so soon? i uh.. i'd like to tell you about my crush on you but why i couldn't do anything about it" you grabbed your keys and bucky nodded, kissing your head.
you and bucky stayed up until the morning sun peeked through your curtains, and you both crashed on your couch. you laid out on the couch with bucky in between your legs, his head on your stomach with his arms wrapped around your leg.
you opened your eyes to check things out, taking a picture of bucky and smiling before falling asleep again, your fingers in bucky's hair.
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becca-e-barnes · 21 hours ago
What if Bucky and the reader are in a relationship and he finds out he’s really into being a pleasure dom and wants to try it with the reader? 👀
Pleasure Dom Bucky, yes please 😩 you just know that mf would take such good care of you after a long stressful week. Honestly, this one took me a hot minute to write because I had to do some research for it lmao, I hope it’s okay!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 5.6k
Summary: You have a terribly long week at work so Bucky helps you relax
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it pls), PleasureDom!Bucky, sub reader, pet names, praise kink, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, oral (f receiving), somnophilia (done with consent established previously), daddy kink, the dog tags make an appearance, mention of safe words, overstimulation, lil voyeurism (watching yourselves in a mirror), light humiliation
Minors, do not interact
What had started out as a week with very little in your calendar soon turned into an absolute killer. You weren’t quite sure how your time got filled up so quickly, wall to wall meetings scheduled into your diary, leaving you hardly any time to even breathe. The meetings themselves weren’t even the worst part, the worst was knowing that after your work day had officially ended, you had endless catching up to do for your other projects and then all the planning for the meetings the following day. Your sleep was limited, as was Bucky’s. He hated going to bed without you, tossing and turning in the sheets for hours until you eventually gave in and joined him. As the week went on you found yourself only getting more and more stressed. By Friday you were almost ready to lie in bed and not move all weekend, just hoping Monday wouldn’t bring more of the same torture.
When 5pm on Friday rolled around, Bucky was standing waiting at the door to your study, adamant that your laptop would be switched off and hidden from you all weekend, along with your work mobile. You huffed out a little tired laugh, rubbing your sleepy eyes as you surrendered your gadgets, not even wanting to put up a fight, just glad to see the back of such an awful week. Bucky had let you choose a takeout to order from, keen to get some real food in you before making sure you got a good long rest to combat those dark circles forming under your eyes. Within 20 minutes of finishing dinner, your sleepy eyes became too heavy to hold open. Bucky hated seeing you so worn out, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to bed, thankful that you had changed into your pyjamas before the food had arrived so he wouldn’t have to disturb you too much. His heart melted at the sight of you clinging to his thin cotton pyjama top, craving the comfort his body afforded you even when you were sleeping.
But God, waking up the next morning, he was reminded of exactly how much comfort your body afforded him. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow gently, your face looking so relaxed compared to how it had been all week, long eyelashes casting shadows on your cheeks in the early morning sunlight. Your little snores were still deep but fuck, the sight of you in only his shirt and a thin pair of panties had him harder than he could’ve believed possible without being touched. Suddenly, the room felt stiflingly hot, his whole body itching to touch you, to make you forget all about that terrible week, fucking all thoughts from your head until you couldn’t think of anything never mind work. He put it down to the fact that he had hardly so much as kissed you goodnight all week, his body going into overdrive from the pent up longing and frustration.
He couldn’t help how he noticed everything about your body this morning, the way your nipples pebbled quickly when he slipped his cool metal hand under your shirt to gently grab at your breasts, doing his very best to contain his satisfaction at the way you tried to lean into his touch. He also didn’t miss how your body responded when he ran one flesh finger over your clothed core, a little groan falling from your parted lips when he added a little extra pressure to your clit. He loved how your body was just so intoxicating, always ready to take him. After a few more teasing glides across your core he pulled your panties to the side, finding your body was reacting to him nicely, wetness beginning to drip from your needy hole. Without thinking, he shuffled down the bed, his tongue poked out, lapping gently at the sweet nectar he had drew from your body. He was so hard now it almost hurt, noticing how even in your sleep, the wetness between your legs only grew. Tiny whimpers fell from your lips as he pressed a metal finger to your entrance, sliding in with ease, tongue lapping gently at your clit.
“So delicious toots, takin’ me so well.” He whispered, knowing you couldn’t hear him but still needing to tell you. Your hands grasped at the sheets, fingers gently bunching them, stirring from your sleep but not quite conscious yet. Your walls were fluttering around the single digit, your high not far away.
“Christ, Bucky.” You whined, eyelids flickering open, trying to adjust to the brightness of the room and make sense of the overwhelming sensations between your legs at the same time. “What are you doing?”
“Havin’ a little breakfast babydoll, jus’ let me take care of you. Wanna make you feel good all day, okay? You aren’t leavin’ this bed.” His voice was so low and seductive, lips latching back onto your clit and his finger curling inside you. You could only nod, whining as the pleasure became too much, keening against his face to ride your orgasm out against his tongue. “Tha’s it toots, gimme more. Good girl.” He encouraged, working his finger even faster, prolonging your high for as long as possible. God he got off on this, your needy moans nearly too much for him to handle. But no matter how much precum leaked from his swollen tip, no matter how badly he needed to cum, so long as you were getting off, his pleasure was only an afterthought to him.
“Well good morning to you too.” You huffed out a little laugh as his finger eventually slid out of you.
“Sorry baby, couldn’t resist.” He smirked, wiping his now glistening chin with the back of his flesh hand.
“No complaints here Buck, it was better waking up to that than an inbox full of emails.” You chuckled, stroking his hair lovingly.
“It had better be, if you’d rather have the emails I’d be offended.” He laughed softly stroking the inside of your thigh with his flesh thumb. “But if you talk about work anymore I’ll have to gag you.” His voice was light and teasing.
“Maybe some other time Buck.” You chuckled, running a hand gently through his messy bed head, your high ebbing pleasantly away as your feet hit the plush carpet of your bedroom.
“Ah ah ah toots, what did I tell you? You aren’t leavin’ this bed today. Gotta make you feel good til you can’t think of anything but me.” He reached out, grabbing your legs to pull you back onto the bed, lips latched onto the soft meat of your thighs, fingernails digging into your flesh gently as he kissed you, a fire burning fiercely behind his eyes once more. God he meant it. You really weren’t going to get a minute’s rest today.
“I was thinkin’ babydoll, how many meetings did you have yesterday?” He asked thoughtfully in between sloppy kisses to the sensitive skin of your thighs
“Eight honey, why?” You managed to choke out.
“Wanna give you that many orgasms.” He stated bluntly as if it was the most normal request in the world. You knew very often Bucky got as much pleasure from making you cum as he got from cumming himself but this suggestion was something else. His lips on your thighs felt amazing, the little dusting of stubble burning as his face drifted up the inside of your legs, his eyes never leaving yours
“There’s no way I can handle eight.” You whispered, losing yourself slightly to the pleasure of his mouth on your sensitive skin.
“Course you can little slut, that’s one down, only seven to go. That’ll keep you nice and busy won’t it? By the time I’m done, work will be the last thing on your mind.” He made it sound so easy, so lovely, like it was absolutely manageable, enjoyable even, but you knew better than to dream of gentle orgasms, soft touches and sweet kisses. You knew that when Bucky got into the mindset that everything he did was entirely for your pleasure, it was all about tearing you orgasms from your trembling body in the quickest succession possible, one barely ending before the next began. This was the first time he had ever suggested such an intense session. His kisses got sloppier, his wet mouth making you groan as it connected with you core once more, panties pushed to the side. Fuck, his tongue felt incredible, broad, firm strokes over the entire length of your dripping sex. You pressed your lips together to stifle your noises, your hands sinking into the soft, dark hair on Bucky’s head to pull his face closer to where you needed him most.
“If you’re holdin’ those pretty noises back toots, I’ll add another orgasm on as punishment.” He quipped, mouth creating a seal around your clit before sucking hard to pull the filthiest moan from you he had ever heard. He was in his element, hard and needy and damn near ready to hump the bed beneath him for some relief but determined to absolutely wreck you before he could even think of his own pleasure. Without saying much more, he slid two metal fingers into you, admiring how they slipped in with so little resistance.
“That’s it, oh God you take me so well. Know exactly what your body needs baby, need to be fucked like a whore don’t ya? Gonna make sure you can’t even think straight by the time I’m done with ya.” He was almost growling in between little kitten licks to your clit, fingers plunging in and out of you, rubbing your silky walls perfectly.
“Bucky, more, fuck.” You hissed out, grinding your hips against his hand. The vibrations from the little laugh he let out in response felt amazing.
“God doll, you’re not gonna be begging for more by the time I’m done with you. Gonna have you begging me to stop. But since you were a good girl this week, I’m sure I could play nice for now.” He laughed, lips and tongue crashing against your clit, fingers working faster and his eyes trained on your face as he tore another orgasm from your body. You groaned out, rutting against his face, your juices soaking his fingers and tongue as you rode out your high, panting and whimpering deliciously for him.
“Good girl honey, did so well. Want you to ride me now, yeah? Want that little body on top of me. You just gotta use me to make yourself feel good doll, don’t even worry bout makin’ me cum. Want as many of those pretty moans as you can give me before your legs give out.” His filthy plans had you whimpering, knowing that when your legs turned to jelly from too many orgasms, that didn’t mean you’d be stopping. It just meant he would take over. You did as he asked, hopping up onto your knees while Bucky undressed himself, giving his proud, hard cock a few lazy pumps watching you remove your pyjamas. You positioned yourself above him, his metal hand lined his cock up with your soaked, already abused hole. Sinking down onto his length tore groans from both of you, Bucky’s flesh hand gripping your waist to stop himself from pushing you the whole way down too quickly.
“Tightest fuckin’ pussy, you feel so good for daddy. God kitten, this pussy is so hungry isn’t it? Needs me, I can it. You need daddy’s cock to make you feel good? Gonna take such good care of you.” He was losing himself in the feeling of your silky walls gripping him, wetter than he could ever remember you being before. But god, you had six more orgasms ahead of you, how on Earth was he gonna make it if you got any wetter? The thick drag of his bare cock inside you was almost more than you could take as you pulled yourself back up his length again, sinking down quickly until he was entirely seated inside you.
“So so big daddy, I can’t.” You wailed, the sloppy sounds coming from your pussy fuelling you to keep going regardless.
“Yes you can angel, doin’ so well for daddy. So tight around me, can hardly move. Nothin’ feels as good as you do. Fuckin’ live to be buried in this little pussy, you know that?” His filthy pants had you rolling your hips faster against him, not really fucking him, more grinding your pelvis against his with his length fully seated inside you. It was such a different sensation to being fucked, it just made you feel endlessly full, the thickness of Bucky’s cock stuffing you, the head nestled deliciously against that sweet spot inside you. Every little grind of your hips had him nudging that spot inside you, making your eyes roll back and your head flop to the side. And Bucky was absolutely obsessed. He couldn’t find it in himself to tear his eyes away from you, not knowing whether he wanted to watch how your breasts jiggled as you moved, watch down at the mess you were making where your bodies were joined or watch the look of sheer pleasure on your face. He loved seeing you take what you needed from him, knowing that he was still in control but letting you use his body to satisfy yourself.
“So deep ‘nside you toots, bet you can feel me in here.” He pressed his metal hand to your lower tummy, the coolness making you gasp. Everything felt like it was too much but the grind alone wasn’t enough to tear your building orgasm from you and of course Bucky knew that.
“Tell me what you need, tell me and I’ll give it to you.” Bucky whispered softly, lips dusting chaste kisses on your shoulders, flesh arm wrapped up your back, helping you move against him.
“Fingers daddy, on my clit.” You pleaded, eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hanging open slightly.
“Magic word toots?” He teased with a little laugh, flesh fingers dancing over your clit torturously.
“Metal ones daddy, please.” Your whine would have been mortifying under any other circumstances but right now, you didn’t care. Bucky raised an eyebrow at your little request, secretly thrilled that you got so much pleasure from his metal digits.
“Filthy girl.” He whispered, replacing his flesh hand with his metal one, rubbing between your bodies in harsh circles. The cool fingers felt even better, the ridges in the unrelenting metal only added to the sensations threatening to consume your body. It didn’t take long for you to feel yourself tightening, Bucky’s movements never even faltering as you hit your peak.
“That’s it, cum for me, good girl, hump Daddy’s big cock. Know how much you need this, know you love daddy fillin’ you up.” His eyes were completely trained on your face, loving how it screwed up in response to the words he mumbled in the quiet, early morning air. Your gasps didn’t stop as your high started to subside, mainly because his fingers didn’t stop. You tried your best to pull away, becoming far too sensitive very quickly but Bucky’s flesh hand on your hip held you in place.
“Want another one out of you before I let you move.” He whispered, fingers only speeding up against your overstimulated bundle of nerves.
“Can’t take it daddy, it’s too much!” You sobbed, face buried into the crook of his neck as your body twitched around him, another peak fast approaching. You knew you could’ve said your safe word if you needed to but deep down you knew you could handle it.
“I know you want it angel, c’mon, stop holdin’ back.” He growled, rubbing you even faster, dragging you screaming into yet another orgasm. You couldn’t help but bite down on his flesh shoulder as you came, your body shuddering, wet nectar dripping out of you and down over his balls.
“Oh fuck, soakin’ me, you know that? Pussy is drippin’ everywhere. Such a wet little slut for daddy, aren’t ya cupcake? Such a good girl.” Bucky’s praise only made your walls flutter even more, pulling a growl from his throat. Before you even got a chance to register what was going on, Bucky had you flipped over, ass in the air, face down on the bed with his cock still inside you.
“Can’t wait anymore toots, need this.” He grunted, fucking into you recklessly. You could’ve screamed from the overstimulation, body trembling, walls still trying to milk Bucky’s thick cock. Again, your last orgasm didn’t even get a chance to ebb away before you were being worked towards another one. Your back arched into the bed of its own accord, letting Bucky fuck deeper into you. Your whimpers mingled with Bucky’s grunts, sounds of skin slapping on skin filling the house.
“Pussy’s still clenchin’ me so tight, you’ve no idea how good you make me feel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky was almost growling, his own need almost entirely taking over, eager to cum so he could get back to focusing on giving you as much pleasure as you could handle.
“Thank daddy for fuckin’ you. Thank me for givin’ you my cock raw like this.” He groaned, fingers drifting between your thighs to play with your swollen bud once more.
God, this was humiliating and you were loving every single second.
“Thank you daddy! Love your cock so much, think about nothing else. Love how you fuck me, love how big it feels, love your cum, just need more daddy please.” Your words were only broken by little gasps, Bucky fucking into you harder than you even thought possible.
“Tha’s it, God yes, takin’ me like a good girl, my best girl. Little pussy so hungry for daddy’s cum. That never changes, does it honey? Should just keep you plugged and full of me all the time. Only thing that could keep your needy cunt happy, isn’t it? Just a little cum whore. Gonna give you a load now baby, okay? Keep that little face pressed to the bed and ass up, want it all drippin’ as deep ‘nside you as it can get. Don’t want a single drop spillin’.” Sometimes you wonder where Bucky possibly learned to talk so dirty but right now you didn’t care, teetering on the brink of a fifth orgasm as you lowered yourself the way he wanted, his cock nudging your cervix in this new position.
“So deep daddy,” you whimpered, muffled slightly by the thick duvet as he pounded into you. His fingers rolling perfectly against your clit was enough to tear you apart, your body shaking, fingers squeezing the sheets as you rode out the electric feeling shooting the whole way through your body. That was all it took to drag Bucky over the edge too, not able to hold back with how your walls were tightening around him, milking every drop of cum into your body.
“So tight toots, can’t even move.” He groaned, stilling his movements to stay pressed right at the deepest point inside you. The warm feeling of his cum exploding into you was almost more than you could handle, knowing every drop had to stay there to keep Bucky happy. His fingers didn’t stop moving against your clit though, tearing as many aftershocks from your over worked body as you could muster.
“Bet there’s so much cum in you now.” He whispered proudly, kissing down your spine despite the thin sheen of sweat, slowly pulling out and humming appreciatively when there wasn’t even the slightest indication of the mess he had made inside you. You felt absolutely boneless, knowing you were over the half way mark but still nowhere near finished yet.
“Three left honey, how ya feeling?” He cooed softly, taking a second to stroke your hair and dote on you. His cock hadn’t softened at all but it rarely ever did after only cumming once during such an intense session.
“Feel good Buck, sensitive.” You whispered, flopping onto the bed with your eyes closed, sucking in deep breaths to steady yourself.
“Think you can take some more for me?” He asked quietly, placing tiny kisses to your shoulders and neck. You could do nothing but hum contentedly, letting him give you as much affection as he wanted.
“Need you to use your words sweetheart. Didn’t make you, dumb already, did I?” He chuckled, making you open your eyes to see that dashing smile
“Want more daddy, I can take it.” You nodded gently, noticing how his smile only widened at your eagerness.
“I’m so in love with you, ya know that?” He beamed, giving you a gentle kiss that was all teeth and tight lips, his smile still so evident on his face. “Won’t mind though if you need to stop. Want you to enjoy this babydoll.”
“No Buck, I can keep going. But we can cuddle afterwards, yeah?” You asked, placing a little tired kiss to his knuckles of his flesh hand.
“Oh honey, when we’re done here, we can do whatever you like. This weekend’s about you, jus’ wanna make you feel good.” He agreed, heart aching at the sight of you looking so beautifully fucked out and still asking him for more.
“Thank you daddy.” You smiled lazily, knowing it would get him right back in the mood to fuck you relentlessly through the final three.
Bucky groaned hearing the title fall from your lips again when he was least expecting it, cock bobbing deliciously in agreement.
“Fuck princess, you’re gonna be the death of me you know that?” He laughed, metal hand falling to grip his aching cock. “Jus’ you lie there angel, lemme do the work this time.” You sure weren’t going to argue, pressing your head back on the soft pillows as Bucky positioned you how he wanted you, slotting neatly between your spread thighs. Despite how kinky Bucky was, missionary was still one of his all time favourite positions. It was simple, comfortable, uncomplicated and he loved being able to see your face contort as he takes you apart, not to mention the perfect bounce of your tits when he slams into you. Bucky lined up with your soaked pussy, taking the time to make sure none of his seed from the last round had spilled from your core. Once he was satisfied that it was only your own juices that were coating your thighs, he pressed in, revelling in the gasp you let out.
“So warm and wet babydoll.” He hissed, head thrown back as he set a decent pace, thrusting in and out with his metal hand pressed to your lower tummy. “Swear I can feel myself in here, just so deep ‘nside you, aren’t I?” You couldn’t really believe how your body was still craving him, still needing more even though you were so fucked out already. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to reply, almost every coherent thought having been fucked from your head. The soft clinking of metal had you opening your eyes. But when did you close them? You had no idea, and far less did you care upon seeing Bucky hovering on top of you, his dog tags swinging in front of your face. Somewhere deep inside your brain you registered that he must’ve pulled them from the nightstand when your eyes had been shut but there was something about them that just made the sex that little bit better. He knew how much you loved them too, smirking down at you as he continued his leisurely thrusts.
“Like what you see?” His voice was deep and seductive, close to only being a low rumble. His abs rippled with every push into your tight heat, little grunts slipping past his lips occasionally, a light flush on his cheeks from arousal. What was there to not like about Bucky Barnes? You could only nod, trying to press your hips closer to his pelvis, wanting to pull him deeper than even should have been possible.
“God, you can’t get enough can you? My cock that addictive honey?” He teased, flesh fingers toying with your clit. You cried out quietly at the feeling, not understanding how you could possibly still need more. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you reached up, taking those jingling dog tags in your mouth, lips wrapping neatly around the chain. Bucky thought once more that he might cum then and there, just at the sight of your little pretty mouth enveloping his tags, the metallic taste covering your tongue.
“Need your slutty mouth filled too baby? Should’ve said somethin’, coulda had my fingers ‘nstead. But maybe you couldn’t tell me? Can’t get any words out now, can you? Daddy’s cock knocked all thoughts out of that little head, hm? That’s okay angel, daddy doesn’t need you to think, jus’ need you to cum. Think you can do that for me?” Your legs were shaking but you nodded you head regardless. As Bucky had been talking, he had dialled everything up a notch, fucking you faster, rubbing you in tighter circles, everything just felt incredible, your orgasm so close once more.
“Ah, daddy, please.” You pleaded, absolutely no idea what you were even pleading for anymore other than release. Bucky chuckled lowly from somewhere deep in his chest before giving you what you had begged for, pressing a little harder on your clit, rubbing in the same tights circles, dragging you through a painfully intense orgasm. Your teeth bit down on the hard metal in your mouth, trying to stifle the screams and whines that fell from you as every single vein in your body throbbed, desire washing through you violently. Bucky was completely and utterly obsessed with you, coaching you through your high with the same filthy grunts and promises that you had learned to expect from him.
As your high subsided, Bucky didn’t slow, if anything he just fucked you faster, not chasing his own release yet but loving how you looked like you had been fucked absolutely senseless, eyes rolling back, head crooked to the side, fingernails digging into his flesh, dog tags still in your mouth.
“You’re a fuckin’ picture like this doll, so beautiful for me. Can’t believe you’re all mine.” His thrusts had your tits bouncing back and forth, jiggling even more as you squirmed, trying to move away from him given how painfully overstimulated you were becoming. You screamed and yelled as his fingers picked up speed, slipping around from the insane amount of slick that had dripped from your hole.
“Come on little whore, cum for daddy, give it to me. Silly little slut can’t do anything but cum, can you? So fuckin’ good at it, no thoughts left in that pretty head of yours, daddy fucked them all out didn’t he? Love seein’ you like this, greedy pussy takin’ everything I give it. You’re an angel, you know that? My angel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky’s voice was deep, strangled and needy, working you as fast as he could. Your legs couldn’t hold still as he pounded you, metal hand still pressing on your tummy so you could feel his cock even deeper inside you. It was all too fucking much, that ball of need inside you exploding once more making you scream, thrashing around under his huge body. Your rhythmic squeezing had him groaning, screwing his face up, unable to hide how good it felt.
“Last one princess, you ready?” Bucky asked softly, pulling out to give you a second. Christ, you looked wrecked but in the best way possible. His dog tags slipped from your mouth, spit trailing down your chin that you wiped away with the back of your hand.
“You sure you can take another? Need a colour toots.” Bucky probed gently, stroking your cheek lovingly, pushing your hair away from your sweaty face.
“Green daddy, just one more. I can take it.” You nodded weakly, fawning over the little gentle kiss Bucky pressed to your forehead.
“That’s my good girl.” He soothed. “I’ll make it quick, promise.” With that he hopped off the bed. You couldn’t really find it in yourself to care about why he had got up, taking the time to catch your breath and steady yourself but when he came back empty handed, you couldn’t help but be a little confused.
“Gonna move you toots,” he hummed quietly, shifting you onto your hands and knees at the side of the bed and that’s when you realised what he had been doing. Bucky had pulled one of the wardrobe doors open, specifically the door with the full length mirror, leaving it at an angle so you could see yourself from where you sat on the bed.
“Want you to watch yourself, see how pretty you look when you cum for me.” He groaned, harder than he could ever remember being in his life before. You whimpered even just at the thought, letting him slip inside you then pull your back flush to his chest. His whole body felt like it was surrounding you, probably because it was. His firm chest felt so comforting against you, both of his arms supporting your bare frame, casing you in against him. He pulled your hair out of the way, making sure he was able to kiss your neck and shoulders before beginning to piston his hips, fucking into you at a punishing pace. You were so glad he was holding you up, knowing if he took his arms away, you would be left to crumple onto the sheets. Your moans were so lewd you surprised yourself at how keen you were to just keep taking his cock. You knew you would feel empty without him inside you after such a long session but the emptiness might even be a blessing after this insane amount of stimulation.
“Look at yourself baby, you just came seven times for me and you’re still keen to go again. Still gonna give me ‘nother one. Cause you’re the best girl, aren’t you? So so good for daddy. Jus’ lettin’ me take and take from your body. You feel that mess sweetheart? You’re fuckin’ soaked right down to your knees, toots. All my cum from earlier drippin’ out of you. Don’t worry, got ‘nother nice big load to fill you with. Gotta give my best girl what she needs.” You hadn’t even noticed the sticky wetness between your thighs, the change in position letting it all seep out of you. You whined, high and needy as his fingers ghosted through the wetness, landing on your clit. His movements were smooth and methodical, rubbing you at the exact pace he knew you liked. He didn’t want to drag this out any more and he wasn’t even sure that he could last any longer.
“Cum for me babydoll, one last time. That’s it, good girl, hump daddy’s fingers. Excellent baby, doin’ so well for me, ‘m so proud of you, you know that? So so proud.” You felt your body clench harder than you had even thought possible, a strangled cry being torn from Bucky’s throat, his seed spilling so deep inside you.
“Ah, holy shit, can’t stop cummin’.” He panted against your neck, your head flung back onto his shoulder as the most intense high of your life took over. Your whole body was alight with pleasure and yet everything still felt so intimate in this position. Your bodies just felt connected in a way that you couldn’t even describe. Maybe you were just delirious with pleasure but it didn’t even really matter, chants of Bucky’s name falling from your lips like a prayer. Your pussy throbbed, aching and abused but not relenting in the slightest, if anything it only clenched harder around Bucky, milking every single drop of cum from him.
You practically collapsed onto the bed together, chests heaving, both spent and sweaty from the most exhausting morning of you life.
“Christ.” You whispered with a little content laugh, words not even connecting in your brain to form a coherent sentence.
“I agree.” Bucky laughed softly, pulling you practically on top of him, needing to feel you close and take care of you. “How ya feelin’?” He asked quietly, kissing your forehead and playing with your hair, being as delicate with you as possible.
“ ‘m good.” You hummed, giving him a little nod, taking in all the adoration he was offering.
“How bout a little nap, hm? You’re exhausted sweet pea. Then I’ll make us some lunch, yeah?” Bucky suggested, losing his mind when you snuggled yourself even closer to his body. You could only nod and give him a little smile, his fingers carding through your hair ever so gently. The hammering in Bucky’s chest was returning to a more natural thud, comforting you even more, your eyes closing of their own accord.
“My best girl.” He whispered, pressing more gentle kisses to your fragile body, little compliments and praises breaking the silence, lulling you into the best sleep of your life.
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heloisedaphnebrightmore · 22 hours ago
⚔️ with Bucky Barnes!!!
“Did... did you just kiss me?”
“Your bed hair is really adorable.”
“Aw, you’re blushing.”
↑ from your "prompt list"
Thank you so much for sending a request ^^
⚔️ Sword - Blurb with prompt
Bucky Barnes x Reader Prompt list Fluff #4 - "Did… did you just kiss me?” Fluff #11 - "Your bed hair is really adorable.” Fluff #12 - "Aw, you’re blushing.”
Tumblr media
Lucky charm [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Coming on 19 June 2021 6pm BST
When you first meet Bucky, you only see a man drooling over woman, running after anyone with a skirt. But he captures you immediately and you can’t find it in you to reason with yourself. Before his mission you decide to give him a ‘lucky charm’ hoping for his successful return.
I hope you will enjoy it ^^
Battle of Swords; 2.9k followers and 1st anniversary celebration event
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winterrskywalker · 22 hours ago
Kind of like a part 2 to ‘touch starved’ but playing hide and seek with Bucky?
sorry it took me some time to reply, i had a pretty bad day and i wasn’t feeling like writing something ! i really like this idea, thank you for sharing 🥺 i battling myself because it doesn’t convince me that much, but here it is.. finger crossed it doesn’t sucks too much and i hope you’ll like it !!
N/A: requests are open !! plus i’m working on my taglist so stay tuned if you’re interested ♡
WARNINGS: language
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
“I’m coming!” You screamed from the kitchen.
You and Bucky decided to play hide and seek while the team was on a mission, so the compound was completely silent. Bucky was winning, but didn’t gave up.
You started looking for him and scanned the living area carefully, you noticed some pillows were on the floor but Bucky was nowhere to be seen. You sighed and left to look in his room, but it was empty too.
“Motherfucker didn’t know how to play… he lied.” You muttered while looking at the gym, pissed off because he lied. The gym was empty too. You have just 10 minutes left and you had no idea where Bucky was hiding.
You quickly run towards your room and looked in the closet and under your bed, but you couldn’t find him.
“Maybe he’s in the armory.” You whispered and run over the armory, looking everywhere for him. “Fuck!” You exited and came back to the kitchen, angry at him. “Fuck you, James! I know you can hear me!” You sat on the counter and waited for Bucky to appear.
“You didn’t search into the lab, doll.” You jumped when you heard him, too focused on playing with your t-shirt. “I hate you.” You declared, looking at him. “You can’t win, accept it.” He showed you his tongue and you rolled your eyes.
“Last round. Come find me, human machine.” You smirked and waited for him to turn around and start counting. You quickly run towards the stairs and almost slipped while trying to reach for the lab, looking for a place to hide.
You heard him saying he was coming and your heart started beating even faster because you weren’t hiding yet. You swore under your breath and then exited the lab, careful to hear his footsteps.
You quickly reached the stairs and reached your room, you inside your closet and prayed he wouldn’t hear the doors closing. You tried to calm your heartbeat and froze in place.
You made him promise to avoid using his enhanced hearing but you started doubting he listened to you.
“Doll, you finally learned how to hide properly!” He mocked you, laughing. He was close to your room, so you put your hand over your mouth and tried to no make a noise.
“I have 5 minutes, maybe you can win baby!” He said loudly from the corridor, your heart betrayed you and you heard the door of your room opening. “Or maybe you can’t.” You knew he was smirking, taking his time.
You swore you were going to kill him right there.
Bucky opened the closet and when he met your eyes you kicked his legs hard, making him laugh at your attempt to make him fall down to the floor.
“Fuck you Bucky, you’ve been cheating since the beginning.” You pushed him from your way and walked out of the closet. You reached your bed and sat there, showing him you were angry.
“I’m not cheating, I was hiding at the beginning, but I got bored so I started following you.” He explained, coming closer to you. You looked at his face and narrowed your eyes. “I missed you?” He leaned towards you and cupped your cheeks, caressing your skin. “We were playing.” You whispered, trying to hold a smile.
“I know, but I just can’t get enough of you.” He quickly kissed you, then gripped your hips and you squirmed in surprise when Bucky lifted you from the bed as if it was nothing, holding you in his arms. Your legs quickly circled his hips and your hands were holding his broad shoulders.
“I love that you’re so needy.” You chuckled and kissed his nose, making him smile. “I love you.” Bucky started leaving kisses all over your face, then lowered you on the bed and was quickly beside you, cuddling with you. “Touch starved.” You muttered when he hid his face into your neck, as usual.
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Wild Child - Chapter Five
Y/N Stark was a wild child. Vandalism, drag racing, that kind of thing. She was untamable, filled with sarcasm and nothing else.
Her undeniable love for crackers leads her right into the man who would fix her, love her.
Chapter five: Steve you beautiful blonde idiot you
A/N: THANK YOU FOR 1K! Also, i don't Know Why my posts are saying replies have been turned off, they haven't and its bullshit (also this would’ve been out a lot sooner but I got super busy yesterday and that shitty depressive slump isn’t ending)
Tumblr media
Throughout Y/N’s recovery, Bucky stayed by her side. It didn’t matter how much Tony protested, didn’t matter how much he forbid their interaction or complained to Steve, they were always by each other’s side. If you had one, the other was never too far behind.
During the day Bucky found himself in charge of her pain medication. He was constantly following her around to make sure she didn’t injure herself further. The stairs were a no go for Bucky and her time outside had to be monitored. He was like an overbearing helicopter mom at a soccer game.
Not that Y/N was complaining. The added time with her favourite super soldier (lets maybe not tell Steve that) was welcome. Laying with him on the couch while he let her pick a movie and fed her popcorn was welcome. Long slow walks around the compound were welcome.
For a man who didn’t seem to speak much around the others, Bucky was a great story teller. He told her all about the war, things they wouldn’t have in textbooks and things they wouldn’t have told her in school. He told her about the golden retriever he wanted as a boy and the runt of a boy he had to take care of instead (not that he saw Steve as a runt; Bucky just wasn’t sure how else to describe that period of his life).
The topics stayed away from Y/N’s childhood, of the woman she grew up with and what happened to her. Bucky was curious, he just wasn’t sure how fresh the wounds were to her. Y/N never brought up her mother and Bucky wasn’t sure if she wanted to.
One night, after Y/N had showed Bucky her favourite Christmas movie and cuddled with him on the couch, she fell asleep. It had been a long day; they’d gone for their walk around the compound, made lunch together and read books until Steve came back. Y/N fell asleep halfway into their movie, cuddled up against Bucky’s side with her foot propped up against the coffee table.
“Shouldn’t you take her back?” Asked Steve as he leaned against the arm of his sofa.
Bucky nodded to himself and brushed her hair out of her face. “She looks so peaceful, Stevie. Can’t we just let her stay here?” He asked and brushed his thumb over her cheek in a soothing manner. Y/N snored against him and snuggled closer.
Smiling down at the pair, Steve shook his head. "You know how much Tony will worry if she doesn't come back," he whispered and pushed some hair out of her face. Y/N had been in his life since young adulthood. Steve had watched her grow from an awkward rebellious teenager to an awkward rebellious young adult.
Steve didn’t think before saying his next words. “Aren’t you worried about relapsing with her?”
Beside her, Bucky stilled. He froze up, not even a breath leaving his lips. He shifted uncomfortable, almost pushing her away. “I wasn’t worried,” he admitted, looking down at her with a grimace. “I haven’t thought about relapsing since I met her.”
He suddenly stood up and Y/N’s head smacked against the hardest cushion of the couch. “Son Of a snake headed bitch!” She groaned and moved to sat up. “Okay, Mr. Robot, what the hell was that for?”
But Bucky didn’t answer her. Instead he walked out of the room, leaving her with Steve. As soon as he had turned the corner, Y/N looked towards the blonde. “What did I do?” She asked, sounding smsller than Steve had heard her before.
“It’s not you, sweetheart,” he mumbled as he came to sit beside her. “He’s just afraid of what he might do if he loses control.”
Y/N leaned away from him, her brows furrowed. “What did you say to him, uncle Stevie? He was fine when we started the movie and he just went and did that.” Moving her foot from the table, she struggled to stand. It was only once Steve grabbed her was she able to steady herself. “I wanna go and speak to him. Steve, help me.”
“Y/N, just listen to me-”
“No! You really fucked things up for us and I want my own chance to think it. I left my crutch upstairs now help me to his fucking room!”
With slight fear in his eyes, Steve placed her arm over his shoulders and helped her to hobble out their living area. They moved down the hall until they made it to Bucky’s bedroom.
Y/N knocked her knuckles against the door and called his name. “Open up Anakin! I wanna talk to you!” She shouted, pressing herself against the wood of the door. (Steve let go of her and retreated to his own room, keeping his door open just in case she needed him.)
With Steve gone, Y/N dropped her head against the door. “Please, Bucky. Please, I need you,” she whispered, eyes closed, vulnerability slipping through her words.
Bucky pulled the door open and caught her in his arms. He steadied her and stepped back, turning away from her. “Bucky,” She hobbled towards him. “Look at me, please!”
Finally, Bucky turned to her. His eyes were red, and Y/N didn’t ask why. “I don’t know what in the hell Steve said to you but it’s all bullshit! I want you back by my side, I can’t stand you ignoring me!”
She took another step and swayed. Immediately Bucky grabbed her shoulders and sat her on his bed. “Calm down before you hurt yourself.” His hands slipped away from her but Y/N grabbed him, keeping him close. Her hand moved to his cheek and she swiped her thumb over his cheekbone. “Don’t leave me again,” she whispered.
Bucky looked down where her hand held his metal one. “You wanna know what Steve said to me, Doll? Do you really wanna know?”
“He asked if I was worried about relapsing, becoming The Winter Soldier around you. And now I’m terrified of hurting you in some way. This metal arm can do you much and I don’t want to be burying you as Bucky for something he did.”
Y/N kissed him. It was slow and she waited for some response before pulling away from him. Her hands held both of his cheeks. Once she was done, a small smile gracing her lips, she pressed her forehead to his. “You’re not going to relapse. You’re done, you’ve let that part of your life behind and you can be Bucky Barnes, the war hero, for once. And, you got me to help you through it.”
His hands were on her waist, pulling her towards the end of the bed. “Promise me, if he comes out, you run like hell and you don’t look back.”
She kissed him back, this one being only quick. “I promise.
They stayed like that for a long time, foreheads pressed together, holding each other close. Y/N never wanted to let go of this moment, never wanted to let go a Bucky. (Actually, there were many things she wanted him to let go of her for, all of them filthy and impossible with her injuries).
Her head fell against his shoulder and she kissed his cheek. “Could you help me get back to my floor?” She asked somewhat sweetly, a side of Y/N Stark Bucky had yet to see.
“I’m starting to think you’ve been leaving your crutches up there just so I’ll have to help you around,” he teased, scooping her into his strong arms.
She tapped his nose as he carried her out of the room and towards the elevator. “You couldn’t be wrong, Buckaroo.”
The ride in the elevator was silent, but not uncomfortable. Granted Bucky was thinking about how he probably should’ve been kissing her and Y/N was thinking the exact same thing, but their silence didn’t leave them wanting to fill the space. More like they didn’t know where to go from here and were in no rush to take it any further.
The elevator dinged and Bucky walked out. “Which one is your room, doll?” He asked, walking past a gobsmacked Tony Stark. The pair of them ignored him, continuing on to Y/N’s room.
“I’m only telling you this so you can come visit me up here and I don’t have to keep forgetting my crutches to spend time with you,” she mumbled against his shoulder, pointing to her room.
As the door swung open, Tony Stark shouted from behind them, ”leave the goddamn door open! I don’t want grandkids yet!”
They ignored him. Bucky placed her onto her bed and sat down beside her. “Don’t forget tomorrow,” he reminded her. “I’ll be here around nine to take you down there,” he said.
“What are you, my keeper?”
“Might as well be, doll.” Bucky stood up, ready to leave the room.
But she called him back. Y/N grabbed his flesh hand and pulled him back so she could give him one last kiss before she let him go.”
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barnestuff · 23 hours ago
marry me
Tumblr media
summary bucky blurts out the question.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings none. fluff. a very very cute bucky.
a/n gif not mine. bucky in wakanda. fluff. have nice day/night <3
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
You and Bucky were laying on the grass near the lake, his arms around you, your head hidden in the crook of his neck, Wakandan sun shining and warming you. Bucky was shirtless and you were in a bikini, you loved the feeling of his skin on yours, it felt like heaven.
“Penny for your thoughts?” you looked at Bucky, caressing his cheek, your hands on his beard.
“Just you, pretty girl.” he said, looking at you with pure love. When Bucky looked at you like that you always felt butterflies in your stomach, it felt like you met him for the first time. You could never get used to him looking at you with pure love and admiration.
“You are a charmer, aren’t you sergant?” you gave him a smile and he lifted his eyebrows
“Am I?” he asked and started peppering kisses on your face. Your lips, cheeks, forehead, eyes.
“I” a kiss on the right cheek. “love” a kiss on your nose. “you.” He looked at you with the biggest smile on his face and you kissed him. His lips were soft and warm, you felt his love for you on his lips.
“I love you too, James.” you tucked in a strand of hair on his face behind his ears and kissed him again. He broke the kiss and his eyes held the same look again.
“Marry me.” he whispered.
“What?” you asked him, thinking he is not serious and smiling.
“I said, marry me. You are the one for me, doll. I want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. ‘Doesn’t matter where we are or when, as long as I’m with you. I always feel like I am home when you are with me, something I haven’t felt in a long long time. I don’t know if I deserve you, but I am willing to try to be a better man for you, as long as you want me to be with you. I love you, pretty girl.” he said and there were tears in your eyes by the time he finished. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, him on the top of you.
“Of course, I will marry you, Bucky.” you said and he smiled widely, making you smile too. He gave you another kiss, making you melt.
“I am sorry. I wish I didn’t just blurt it out. I wish I had a ring to give you.” he said, giving you an apologetic look.
“Oh, baby, it was perfect. I couldn’t think of a better way to propose, really.” you said and he smiled at you. His hands rubbed the sides of your waist.
“What if we go to the city this week? We can buy rings and have a celebration dinner?” he asked and you kissed him again, giggling after you broke the kiss.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” he said and you put your head on his chest, hugging him, your legs tangled.
Everything is perfect.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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You Weren’t My Mission: Ch. 5
Tumblr media
Chapter 5 – Aftermath
TW: panic attack description
Note: Hello! All chapters will have warnings at the beginning of their content and possible triggers. If you find that I miss any triggers, please let me know and I will add them to the chapter warnings as soon as possible. Thank you! <3
Series masterpost
Also available on Wattpad and AO3
“I should get going,” Bucky decided, avoiding eye contact once again. As he shifted back into his seat and adjusted his legs to stand, you grasped his upper arm, fingernails scraping the leather sleeve of his jacket.
“No, please don’t.” ・:*:・゚☆
The light pressure of a hand against the center of your back jolted you out of your daze and into reality. You kept your eyes pressed shut as you began to pick up on the sounds around you — the creaking of a chair; running water; distant muffled voices from all around. Nearly all of it was drowned out by the high-pitched ringing in your ears.
As you regained sensation in your fingertips and limbs, you felt a sharp pain in your upper arms. It took a moment to realize that it was of your own doing and you quickly loosened the death grip you held on your arms, fingernails sure to have left deep crescent marks. Knees pressed against your chest, you steadily attempted to relieve your muscles of the tension they held, loosening out of the curled up ball in which you were seated. 
The hand on your back rubbed over your shoulder blades before disappearing, a reminder that you weren’t alone — that your panic episode had an unwelcome audience.
You slowly opened your eyes, almost immediately closing them when the dim light of the bar flooded your senses. The hand on your back was replaced by a cool sensation draped over the nape of your neck. Cold water dripped down your back, dampening your shirt, and you reached up to feel a wet dish towel.
You attempted to open your eyes again, this time more cautiously, training your eyes on your knees and focusing on one thing at a time. When you were finally able to open them all the way, you looked up to find Vincent crouched in front of you, a glass of water in one hand and what you assumed to be orange juice in the other.
“Take it easy,” he cautioned, voice soft and eyes filled with concern as you continued to take in your surroundings. You were at the bar, you concluded, but why the fuck were you on the ground?
Your question was answered shortly by the sight of Bucky standing just a few feet behind Vincent, arms crossed and brow furrowed with worry. The events of the past however many minutes replayed in your head as a choppy film reel upon seeing him, only bits and pieces salvaged by your mind. One second you were warming up your cold hands and the next you were tumbling to the ground. From your curled seated position on the floor, you looked Bucky up and down as he stared at his shoes, doing everything in his power to avoid making eye contact as you came to your senses.
You looked back to Vincent and shakily reached to grab the glass of water he held out. With two hands gripping the glass, you took a sip, letting the cold liquid rest on your tongue before swallowing and taking another drink. You repeated the process a few times before setting it down, letting out a shallow breath and looking to Vincent.
“Thank you, I’m so sorry,” you whispered. He looked at though he’d seen a ghost; although he knew things weren’t all smiles in your day-to-day, he’d never seen you in this state before. Nothing in your years of coming here after work had sent you into a panic before, at least not anything as severe as this. He shook his head, rejecting your apology, and reached out to gently rub your shoulder. It was an odd display of sympathy from the man you’d made little more than small talk with for the past year.
“Want some help getting up?” he offered. You gave a small nod and reached to grab his shoulder, which steadied you as you rose slowly to your feet. The world was becoming less and less blurry with each passing moment, the ringing in your ears now a dulled hum. You finally thought to look to Bucky again, whose eyes by now had bore holes into the ground.
Vincent looked nervously between the two of you, the tension thick even to someone with zero context. He gave you a look, a silent question, and you shook your head, assuring him that things were okay. Sure, you were still terrified and winding down, but one more minute of a dead-silent Bucky ominously looming in the background was just going to send you into another round of panic.
You stepped towards the table nearest you and took a seat. Bucky finally looked up at you, reading your face for any sign of what to do. Every part of him was screaming at him to leave, to never see you again and no longer cause you this panic and pain. It’s what he knew to do; he was used to being barked at to leave, to being begged to never show his face again. But it felt unfair to do so without your word. He didn’t necessarily want to leave — he felt responsible for the situation and wanted to do whatever he could to help you — but felt equally obligated to disappear from your life once more.
You gave him a gentle nod in response and he looked to the ground again, clenching his jaw before finding the seat besides yours. Despite your panic attack, you figured that you might as well talk to him. Besides, numbness had washed over you by now, sure to make interacting with Bucky less taxing in the moment at least.
He rested his forearms against the table, which shifted under the added weight, and looked up to meet your gaze. “I’m sorry, I should have known.” While usually hard to read, the guilt he felt shone through his tone like a search light. You felt guilty too — not for having panicked, but for having put him in this uncomfortable situation.
“It’s not your fault,” you assured, letting out a small chuckle and shaking your head in disbelief at the present situation. This all felt ridiculous, the fact that you were seated right next to him and having a conversation, that he was apologizing. “Just been a long day. I guess seeing you just pushed me over the edge.” 
“I get it. Get ‘em all the time.”
Bucky was well-acquainted with panic attacks, far too used to waking up from nightmares short of breath with a shrill ringing in his ears. He was plagued by them, and so were you.. The irony of the shared source of your panic attacks being from his time as the Winter Solider didn’t escape him, but you didn’t know that. You nodded, mouthing “same” with a frown as you looked down at your hands in your lap.
The air was still between you two for only a few moments before Vincent approached the table with two glasses of water, setting them down with a wordless glance in your direction and walking back behind the bar. You feigned a grin at Bucky and reached for a glass, body still begging to be hydrated post panic attack. 
Bucky sat still, puzzled as his eyes flickered between his glass, your face, and the tabletop. Indecision boiled below his steely surface, only visible to the trained eye via the mild crook in his brow.
“I should get going,” Bucky decided, avoiding eye contact once again. As he shifted back into his seat and adjusted his legs to stand, you grasped his upper arm, fingernails scraping the leather sleeve of his jacket.
“No, please don’t.” He cocked an eyebrow; he’d expected you to be relieved by his absence, not to reject it. You released the hold on his jacket, unaware of how tight you’d gripped the fabric. The two of you were both were shocked by the sudden contact, having never so much as shaken hands before. “I mean,” you joked, “I didn’t panic all for nothing, right? We might as well talk.” 
Bucky grimaced and you immediately felt bad for joking around — clearly, the gruff super soldier wasn’t as amused. “I’m just kidding, I really do want to.”
He nodded, finally accepting your word as truth and settling back into his chair. You noticed the way he relaxed his jaw and set his shoulders back; he was getting comfortable and was eased by your desire to be around him. Even in such little time you’d spent with him, you were beginning to pick up on his subtle cues.
You didn’t have much in-mind to talk about, nor where you in the headspace to delve deep into a conversation about the history of your connection. Instead, you decided to keep to small talk. Bucky picked up on the cue and moved along in the surface-level conversation, asking how your day was and about your work.
He didn’t say much about himself — the most you got out of him was that he’d been on a work trip this past weekend. You weren’t expecting much from him, though, in terms of small talk. And, hell, you figured anything he did do was to be kept fairly under wraps. Most of the conversation was weighted on you and you weren’t surprised.
Even with the limited information he shared, Bucky sat intently, as though he were really listening to each thing you said. He asked follow-up questions to aspects of your day, about your relationships with your coworkers and what exactly it was that you did for work.
It wasn’t until you reached for your water glass, only to find it empty, that you realized that you’d spent half an hour talking about nothing more than your day.
“Sorry, I’m not sure why I insisted we talk,” you began, “I guess I-“
“I get it,” he stopped you. “It helps, as a distraction. Sometimes I wish I had one.” You frowned subtly at his admission — surely he had people around that helped him through that kind of stuff, right? Although even if he did, you wouldn’t have been surprised to learn if he was secretive about his struggles regardless.
“I appreciate it.” You meant it. If you’d had to walk home right after your panic attack, you surely would have either passed out on the sidewalk or have gone into a further spiral in the confines of your apartment.
“I think I might need to head home, though. I should eat and rest after,” you fumbled, “all that.” 
Bucky agreed and stood. “I’ll walk you home.”
You froze at his offer, mind flooded with conflicting feelings of gratitude, worry, and anxiety. Sure, it’d be nice to not walk home alone — you weren’t even sure if you were physically capable given how exhausted you were. But you didn’t want to further inconvenience him, and your traumatic past with the man made the prospect of him knowing where you lived fearsome.
He scanned your flustered expression; for someone who was so good at shielding his own emotions, he was rather perceptive when it came to others’.
Normally you’d be frustrated by being read so easily, but the inability for your coping brain to form coherent thoughts around him made you grateful for his ability.
“Or, how about a Lyft,” he offered.
Relief washed over you, thankful that you didn’t have to explain your post-traumatic fear. You nodded and thanked him for the offer, grabbing your phone from your bag to call a ride.
A minute later, your ride was selected and the two of you stood outside of the bar as he waited with you. You pushed your hands into your coat pockets as far as they’d go, doing everything in your power to keep from visibly shivering. If the super soldier was affected at all by the winter weather, he didn’t show it; he stood perfectly still, leather jacket unzipped and hands out of his pockets.
“You don’t have to wait around, she’ll be here any minute now,” you told him.
Bucky shook his head, insisting that he wait with you until you got in the car safely. 
He wouldn’t say it, but he knew he’d already caused you enough distress for one night — the least he could do was ensure that you got home safely. If it were up to him, he’d be making sure you were getting home safe up until your doorstep; but he understood your hesitation and wasn’t going to push.
You looked up the street and could see the white sedan Lyft a few blocks away, just two red lights between them and the bar. Bucky visibly shifted and you turned to find him peering at you.
“Look, are you sure this-“
“Yes,” you breathily assured. “I’ll be fine. I’m fine.” A short pause and you exhaled, looking up to read his face. He didn’t have to say it for you to know he wasn’t just asking about your ride home, but the situation as a whole. “But if you don’t want to, I get it. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable.”
Wrinkles formed across his forehead as he considered your point before meeting your gaze. “No, I think I’d like to.”
Even with his agreement, you were conscious of the task you, a near-stranger, were asking him to take on. The knowledge of the added stress to his daily life that your request possibly created weighed on you heavily. 
“I just know you’re busy, I don’t want to add more work to your plate.”
He scanned your face quizzically, baffled that you’d even consider it that way. If anything, he figured that he owed it to you to help in whatever way he could. It felt like anything but an obligation — he wanted to do it.
“No,” he cautioned, “it’s not like that.”
You squinted at him before looking to the ground and nodding, somewhat confused but grateful.
“Could we maybe set a regular day at least,” you suggested, “it makes me anxious not knowing.” 
Bucky agreed and the two of you decided that you’d see each other again the next Monday. As your Lyft pulled up, Bucky put a hand in his jacket pocket and nodded, a silent goodbye.
You walked to the curb, pausing as you got in and turning when you heard Bucky call out behind you.
“Be safe.”
Once in the back seat, you looked out the window to see him walking the opposite direction down the block. His head hung low, shoulders broad and tense as he took slow steps along the pavement.
In his walk alone, you could see the effects of years being simultaneously on-guard and in hiding. As much as it made you sad to see in a man you knew did no wrong himself, you couldn’t help but see yourself in his composure — always alert, guarded, hypervigilant. All because of something that Bucky hadn’t done, but that Hydra had made the Winter Soldier do. 
You were brought back to the present by your driver asking about your night, her voice suggestive at you having been with Bucky outside. You chuckled; oh, if only it were that simple.
A/N: Thank you so much for reading! Honestly it means so much if you’ve even made it this far; this is going very slow and I know that ;-; things will speed up soon, I promise. I just don’t want to skim over the fact that this is a difficult/rocky start to things; it would feel painfully inappropriate to skirt over LOL. Thank you again so much!
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