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#sebastian stan fic
instafic-for-readers · 2 hours ago
While You’ve Been Away ~ Part 9 (Sebastian Stan)
While You’ve Been Away M.List
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This is a Sebastian Stan x Female!Reader SMAU. I try to make my work inclusive to everyone so this will not include images of Y/N. If you see anything which goes against this please tell me. I don’t own any photos used or the people involved. Thank you for reading... I hope you enjoy! :)
So after this there is only one more part to go! I hope everyone is enjoying! thank you for everyone who have taken interest in this series!! :)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hiddlestanss · 8 hours ago
Lazy Sunday afternoon
Pairing: Bucky x reader (you)
Summary: Bucky's a tease.
Warnings: D/s element, choking, smut and lots of teasing.
Word Count: 1,041
A/N: I have not written anything of such nature in a very long time. I would really appreciate all kinds of feedback, likes or reblogs or criticism. English is not my first language so all mistakes are mine. Hope you'll enjoy this!
Tumblr media
You sigh as he pulls you closer, spooning you from behind. His metal fingers are delicately trailing down your belly stopping to disappear under your sweatpants, tugging your panties to the side to gently rub your bud. You're shivering with anticipation and press your head into the pillow, biting back a moan as his index finger continues to assault your most sensitive area. That goddamn metal arm of his.
So much for a Sunday afternoon nap that he suggested. You knew it in your heart when he suggestively smirked before getting into bed with you.
Fuck Buck...
Tell me. Use your words little one.
He speeds up the process by inserting a finger into your wet folds. You're hissing softly, so so wet as he continues to play with you. You're at his mercy and there's no stopping that.
Right there...Bucky...
He stops abruptly. Your eyes snap open, your head swiftly leaves the pillow and as you're about to turn to face him, the fingers that were assaulting your pussy are now at your throat.
A gasp vibrates lowly from you constraint throat.
Why? You're rasping.'t...
You're gasping, choking out as his metal fingers are still at your throat, pressing, applying just the right amount of pressure, admiring his control over your breathing. His sadistic smile says a lot. He boasts on the pain and pleasure he elicits from your needing body.
He hums softly as he places a soft kiss on the shell of your ear. His lips and nose are now close to your neck, his soft breathing through his nose is making you impatient. You want him all over you, his fingers back into your folds or his cock sliding painfully slowly into you. You can't decide exactly what is that you want but you want...need him, that's for sure. The metal hand around your throat is arousing, his breathing is arousing you but you simply need more.
Now, he slides his leg between yours, so your legs are slightly parted, wrapping his leg with yours, asserting his dominance over you. You are trapped into him, your back against his chest, pushing into him as you continue to struggle to breathe and to move. He chuckles - a devilish, throaty, satisfying laugh.
Please what, pet?
He whispers huskily into your ear. His metal fingers leave your neck. Bucky looks at his work, with yet another satisfying smile. A reddish hue imprinted thanks to his metal fingers that were on your pale neck. His eyes are dark with lust but he will not give in to your needs. He's far more invested into what he's currently doing to your spirit and to your body. His cock is bulging into your side, strained. You can feel it rock against you through the fabric of both your clothing.
This won't stop unless you use your words, my love.
He says matter of factly as his fingers once again find your clit. He has yanked down your sweatpants, just enough to get access to you. Your lacy panties are drenched and damp with your wetness. You moan softly and arch your head against his chest.
You say helplessly. Your cheeks flushed, your body on fire as Bucky trails his index finger around your sensitive bud. You know that he won't touch you unless -
Use your words baby girl...proper sentences.
You grit your teeth as he continues to tease you. It will all be worth it when you get to come. It will be intense, passionate and purely satisfying. You've always enjoyed this delayed gratification. But you will never admit to it. But Bucky knows your body well enough and he is the one that knows best.
Make me come. I need to come...please...Bucky!
You babble and whine desperately. A dark chuckle escapes Bucky's lips as he sees you in this mess he has created. He does finally comply to rub your clit, his icy blue eyes never leaving you, roaming, watching you as you sigh, moan and hiss in pleasure.
He inserts two fingers into you, slowly pushing and pulling, dragging his actions with pure intent. You can't come unless he tells you to. He will feel it and he will control it.
His name is music to his ears when you're desperate like this. His dirty little slut, wrapped around his finger. You are willing to do everything as he's edging you closer to your release. But will he edge you enough to achieve it successfully? He is still taking his time, enjoying you like this, finger fucking you, at times increasing ever so slightly his actions. Your folds are so slick. He teases your clit again, this time a bit more aggressively. But his actions are delicately calculated. He grunts softy against your ear as he bucks into you, his own erection is about to burst.
You're feeling the tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach. You're soon there. So you try to wiggle your body slightly, but Bucky's leg is still wrapped around you, still trapped into him.
You whisper again.
He barks back. Your eyes are wild. You want to look at him but he is all over you. He stops, removes his fingers from your pussy and brings them to your lips, forcing you to part your lips.
He commands you. You want to cry desperately but you won't give in. This is exactly what he wants you to do. You want to keep your mouth shut but you know better not to. So the tip of your tongue trace his metal fingers, licking erotically. His eyes burn on you, watching your movement.
Later. You need to sleep now.
He says again as he pulls his fingers away from your lips, placing a soft kiss onto your neck, where he had grabbed you.
You're dumbfounded but you won't protest. He will not get his way. He has had enough. This internal denial and pride is pathetic and you know it. You will be lying to yourself if you ever thought that he's not the one who is always calling the shots at the end of the day. He will always make sure to remind you whose ultimately incharge.
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dailyreverie · 16 hours ago
Kissing Prompt: 13 with Bucky please!
Ease Off
A/N: Hi anon! Thanks for the request 😊 I was rewatching FATWS and that "If he was wrong about you then he was wrong about me" scene makes me SOB every time, so this blurb happened lol. I hope you like it!
Click here to request a blurb!
KISSING PROMPT #13: frustrated kisses
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word count: 979
Warnings: Language (F word)
Tumblr media
[gif by @thewhitewolfisaguardian]
The sound of the bag hitting the floor and the door slamming shut was all you needed to know that Bucky was home. It was almost midnight, he had called you from jail about an hour and a half ago, and since then you had been staring at the door waiting for him wide awake with the TV serving little as a distraction.
He looks at you from the entrance, and from the look in your eyes he just knows that you are about to lecture him. "Please don't." He says, turning on his heels to head into the kitchen.
"Don't what?" You ask as you stand up to follow him, your voice stern and desperate to reach him. "You call me from a police station and expect me to don't do what, exactly?" Bucky opens the fridge and grabs a beer for himself, not looking at you as he opens it and takes a gulp. "Bucky, I'm just trying to understand-" You cut yourself as he turns his back to you and slams his beer on the counter, startling you. "Jesus Christ, James, I only want to know-."
"I don't know fucking know, alright!" He finally looks at you, his voice louder than it should be at this time of the night. "Whatever it is that you want to know, I probably don't have the answer to it."
"You can't talk to me like that!" You snap back. "You call me at 10:45 at night telling me you were arrested, then your therapist calls me to ask if I know why you have been missing your sessions because she has to basically BAIL YOU OUT of jail,” His body turns half way so he can lean on the kitchen counter, the grip he has on it making his knuckles turn white. “And I can’t get a fucking explanation?”
“That’s all you want? An explanation?” Bucky scoffs, and you are not sure if you have ever seen him so angry. “Well, how’s this. That shield, the one Steve protected with his life, the one that represented everything we ever stood for, it means nothing now!”
“So that’s why you skip therapy?” Bucky rolls his eyes and you can see him biting the inside of his mouth to not scream back at you. “That’s the one thing that will clear your name, and you just skip it?”
“Why should I even go?” He yells, “That shield is in the hands of that Walker asshole, Sam doesn’t give a damn about it, and Steve didn’t give a damn about me. What am I supposed to do, huh?”
“Buck.” You interrupt, shocked at his quivering voice, because the pain in the words he just spoke about Steve was something he had never mentioned before, and the blatant way he says it makes you realize that frustration is making him blurt out all his thoughts; he doesn’t seem to notice it, doesn’t seem to register what just came out of his mouth.
He looks at you with angry eyes and a puffing chest, expecting you to continue talking. “Why the fuck am I still fighting for something that is no longer here?” He keeps asking, shaking at every word, and the tone in his voice should have made you turn around and leave but instead you are walking towards him even after he has done nothing but scream at you since he got home.
“Bucky, baby, just-” You try again, but his ranting interrupts you.
“What’s the point of all this fucking therapy, and all this fights, if I’m doing it for someone who-”
“Bucky, look at me!” You insist, holding his face between your hands to force him to look at you. His eyebrows are knotted and his nostrils flare at every breath, but his eyes don’t match the anger, instead they are filled with confusion and… plain sadness.
So you kiss him, pulling his head towards yours in a firm grip, hoping that with it he can slow down his train of thought and bring him back to you. His breathing starts to slow down as his lips move along with yours, and when you feel his hands holding your waist you know you have his attention back. You pull apart slowly, and you can see he is still trying to figure out how to feel and what to say “You are a good man, that’s why you are still fighting.” Your hands caress his light stubble while his find the skin under your shirt to draw small circles on it. “And I will never understand Steve, but he knew that too.”
“He was wrong.” He states, his voice raspy and knotted. If you could, you would go back in time and kick Steve Rogers right in the crotch.
“He was, but not about you.” The tears that form in his eyes rip your heart apart. “Never about you.” You whisper, assuringly.
Bucky kisses you again, looking to feel grounded as he always does when he has your lips against his. He doesn’t let go for a few minutes, because you are the one constant thing that makes him feel like he is doing something right and he wants to cling to that feeling for as long as he can. He lifts you with ease so you can sit on the counter, giving him an easier access to reach the rest of your body while his lips are still connected to yours.
You break apart after a few minutes and you immediately look for his eyes, much calmer and softer than the last time you saw them. His metal fingers grab your hand softly to lift it to his lips. There’s no need to say any word as your gaze meets his, you just let yourself wrap around him to bandage every wound that his past left behind on him.
Thanks for reading! Reblog and comment if you enjoyed it!
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avenging-fandoms · 17 hours ago
🎀 For soft hours: Bucky has been trying to confess his feelings for the reader many times and she doesn’t really understand his hints, even though the feeling is mutual. So after some time he has had enough of failing and kinda just explodes with the feeling and basically just shouts his confession at her 🎀
Tumblr media
you nursed your drink in your hand as you watched all of your friends dance together, smiling with your body leaned up against the bar, waving at steve who awkwardly danced with a girl he had just met.
“what’re you doing over here by yourself?” bucky asked and leaned on the bar next to you, the bottom of his stomach peeking out as you smiled at him.
“just enjoying watching everyone. why are you over here with me and not with them?” you ask and bucky smiled, finishing his beer. bucky looked at you up and down before you turned back to him and he smiled at you. "hm?"
"i'd much rather spend my time with you than with them" bucky said and you chuckled, shaking your head. "come dance" you cock your eyebrow and look at bucky, shaking your head. "scared?"
"oh, alright barnes. show me your old man dance moves" you took his extended hand and followed him to the dance floor. he held your hips and and swayed, and your jaw dropped slightly as he smiled. “not bad for a 106 old man”
“you think i’m old?” bucky dipped you and pressed his nose against yours, making your laugh. “show me what you got, agent yln”
“i think i’m gonna head home. long day fighting bad guys takes it out of you” you smile and pat his chest, bucky grabbing your hand before you were out of reach.
"do you want a ride home?" bucky offered and you smiled, nodding. bucky's stomach began to swarm with butterflies as your fingers interlocked with his. bucky opened your door and you thanked him, bucky closing it and heading over to the driver's side.
it was a quiet ride except for the late night radio host playing soft sleepy music. "isn't that a bit dangerous? what if someone was tired driving home from work, heard this, and fell asleep at the wheel?" you scrunched your eyebrows and bucky smiled, chuckling softly.
"i think you should call them and give them a piece of your mind, yn" bucky teased and you laughed as he pulled into your driveway. you grabbed the door handle and bucky stopped you, jogging to your door and opening it for you. "i can open my own door, buck. you're not stuck in the 40s"
"yeah, thank god for that" bucky sighed as you two walked up to your door. you looked at him confused and he stuffed his gloved hands in his pockets. "what?"
"you don't miss the 40s? back in the military, two arms, girls falling all over you?" you chuckle and he gives a side smile, shaking his head softly.
"the 40s didn't have you" bucky said lowly and you looked at him, your face feeling hot as you gulped. "and two arms would be nice again" you both laugh and you look down, taking his hands out of his pockets.
finger by finger you pulled the gloves off his hands. bucky watched you closely and you stuffed the gloves in your pockets. your finger traced the vibranium, bucky looking at you with hooded eyes. "do you like hiding it? your secret identity?" you joke but bucky wasn't laughing. "sorry, i shouldn't have-"
"i like you, yn. i don't know if you're ignoring the hints or.. or you don't like me back. but i needed to tell you before i drove steve crazy with hearing about you" your eyes shot to his, your smile growing with every word. "i really like you"
"hopefully i don't get fired for this" you breathed and held his face as you kissed him, bucky's body curving into yours as he deepened the kiss. your lips molded perfectly with his, and he sighed softly into your mouth.
"i've waited so long for a kiss like that" bucky pulled away for a quick minute before kissing you again. "perfect goodnight kiss" he smiled and you pulled away, looking up at him.
"do you have to go so soon? i uh.. i'd like to tell you about my crush on you but why i couldn't do anything about it" you grabbed your keys and bucky nodded, kissing your head.
you and bucky stayed up until the morning sun peeked through your curtains, and you both crashed on your couch. you laid out on the couch with bucky in between your legs, his head on your stomach with his arms wrapped around your leg.
you opened your eyes to check things out, taking a picture of bucky and smiling before falling asleep again, your fingers in bucky's hair.
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becca-e-barnes · 21 hours ago
What if Bucky and the reader are in a relationship and he finds out he’s really into being a pleasure dom and wants to try it with the reader? 👀
Pleasure Dom Bucky, yes please 😩 you just know that mf would take such good care of you after a long stressful week. Honestly, this one took me a hot minute to write because I had to do some research for it lmao, I hope it’s okay!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 5.6k
Summary: You have a terribly long week at work so Bucky helps you relax
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it pls), PleasureDom!Bucky, sub reader, pet names, praise kink, degradation, size kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, oral (f receiving), somnophilia (done with consent established previously), daddy kink, the dog tags make an appearance, mention of safe words, overstimulation, lil voyeurism (watching yourselves in a mirror), light humiliation
Minors, do not interact
What had started out as a week with very little in your calendar soon turned into an absolute killer. You weren’t quite sure how your time got filled up so quickly, wall to wall meetings scheduled into your diary, leaving you hardly any time to even breathe. The meetings themselves weren’t even the worst part, the worst was knowing that after your work day had officially ended, you had endless catching up to do for your other projects and then all the planning for the meetings the following day. Your sleep was limited, as was Bucky’s. He hated going to bed without you, tossing and turning in the sheets for hours until you eventually gave in and joined him. As the week went on you found yourself only getting more and more stressed. By Friday you were almost ready to lie in bed and not move all weekend, just hoping Monday wouldn’t bring more of the same torture.
When 5pm on Friday rolled around, Bucky was standing waiting at the door to your study, adamant that your laptop would be switched off and hidden from you all weekend, along with your work mobile. You huffed out a little tired laugh, rubbing your sleepy eyes as you surrendered your gadgets, not even wanting to put up a fight, just glad to see the back of such an awful week. Bucky had let you choose a takeout to order from, keen to get some real food in you before making sure you got a good long rest to combat those dark circles forming under your eyes. Within 20 minutes of finishing dinner, your sleepy eyes became too heavy to hold open. Bucky hated seeing you so worn out, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to bed, thankful that you had changed into your pyjamas before the food had arrived so he wouldn’t have to disturb you too much. His heart melted at the sight of you clinging to his thin cotton pyjama top, craving the comfort his body afforded you even when you were sleeping.
But God, waking up the next morning, he was reminded of exactly how much comfort your body afforded him. Your hair was fanned out on the pillow gently, your face looking so relaxed compared to how it had been all week, long eyelashes casting shadows on your cheeks in the early morning sunlight. Your little snores were still deep but fuck, the sight of you in only his shirt and a thin pair of panties had him harder than he could’ve believed possible without being touched. Suddenly, the room felt stiflingly hot, his whole body itching to touch you, to make you forget all about that terrible week, fucking all thoughts from your head until you couldn’t think of anything never mind work. He put it down to the fact that he had hardly so much as kissed you goodnight all week, his body going into overdrive from the pent up longing and frustration.
He couldn’t help how he noticed everything about your body this morning, the way your nipples pebbled quickly when he slipped his cool metal hand under your shirt to gently grab at your breasts, doing his very best to contain his satisfaction at the way you tried to lean into his touch. He also didn’t miss how your body responded when he ran one flesh finger over your clothed core, a little groan falling from your parted lips when he added a little extra pressure to your clit. He loved how your body was just so intoxicating, always ready to take him. After a few more teasing glides across your core he pulled your panties to the side, finding your body was reacting to him nicely, wetness beginning to drip from your needy hole. Without thinking, he shuffled down the bed, his tongue poked out, lapping gently at the sweet nectar he had drew from your body. He was so hard now it almost hurt, noticing how even in your sleep, the wetness between your legs only grew. Tiny whimpers fell from your lips as he pressed a metal finger to your entrance, sliding in with ease, tongue lapping gently at your clit.
“So delicious toots, takin’ me so well.” He whispered, knowing you couldn’t hear him but still needing to tell you. Your hands grasped at the sheets, fingers gently bunching them, stirring from your sleep but not quite conscious yet. Your walls were fluttering around the single digit, your high not far away.
“Christ, Bucky.” You whined, eyelids flickering open, trying to adjust to the brightness of the room and make sense of the overwhelming sensations between your legs at the same time. “What are you doing?”
“Havin’ a little breakfast babydoll, jus’ let me take care of you. Wanna make you feel good all day, okay? You aren’t leavin’ this bed.” His voice was so low and seductive, lips latching back onto your clit and his finger curling inside you. You could only nod, whining as the pleasure became too much, keening against his face to ride your orgasm out against his tongue. “Tha’s it toots, gimme more. Good girl.” He encouraged, working his finger even faster, prolonging your high for as long as possible. God he got off on this, your needy moans nearly too much for him to handle. But no matter how much precum leaked from his swollen tip, no matter how badly he needed to cum, so long as you were getting off, his pleasure was only an afterthought to him.
“Well good morning to you too.” You huffed out a little laugh as his finger eventually slid out of you.
“Sorry baby, couldn’t resist.” He smirked, wiping his now glistening chin with the back of his flesh hand.
“No complaints here Buck, it was better waking up to that than an inbox full of emails.” You chuckled, stroking his hair lovingly.
“It had better be, if you’d rather have the emails I’d be offended.” He laughed softly stroking the inside of your thigh with his flesh thumb. “But if you talk about work anymore I’ll have to gag you.” His voice was light and teasing.
“Maybe some other time Buck.” You chuckled, running a hand gently through his messy bed head, your high ebbing pleasantly away as your feet hit the plush carpet of your bedroom.
“Ah ah ah toots, what did I tell you? You aren’t leavin’ this bed today. Gotta make you feel good til you can’t think of anything but me.” He reached out, grabbing your legs to pull you back onto the bed, lips latched onto the soft meat of your thighs, fingernails digging into your flesh gently as he kissed you, a fire burning fiercely behind his eyes once more. God he meant it. You really weren’t going to get a minute’s rest today.
“I was thinkin’ babydoll, how many meetings did you have yesterday?” He asked thoughtfully in between sloppy kisses to the sensitive skin of your thighs
“Eight honey, why?” You managed to choke out.
“Wanna give you that many orgasms.” He stated bluntly as if it was the most normal request in the world. You knew very often Bucky got as much pleasure from making you cum as he got from cumming himself but this suggestion was something else. His lips on your thighs felt amazing, the little dusting of stubble burning as his face drifted up the inside of your legs, his eyes never leaving yours
“There’s no way I can handle eight.” You whispered, losing yourself slightly to the pleasure of his mouth on your sensitive skin.
“Course you can little slut, that’s one down, only seven to go. That’ll keep you nice and busy won’t it? By the time I’m done, work will be the last thing on your mind.” He made it sound so easy, so lovely, like it was absolutely manageable, enjoyable even, but you knew better than to dream of gentle orgasms, soft touches and sweet kisses. You knew that when Bucky got into the mindset that everything he did was entirely for your pleasure, it was all about tearing you orgasms from your trembling body in the quickest succession possible, one barely ending before the next began. This was the first time he had ever suggested such an intense session. His kisses got sloppier, his wet mouth making you groan as it connected with you core once more, panties pushed to the side. Fuck, his tongue felt incredible, broad, firm strokes over the entire length of your dripping sex. You pressed your lips together to stifle your noises, your hands sinking into the soft, dark hair on Bucky’s head to pull his face closer to where you needed him most.
“If you’re holdin’ those pretty noises back toots, I’ll add another orgasm on as punishment.” He quipped, mouth creating a seal around your clit before sucking hard to pull the filthiest moan from you he had ever heard. He was in his element, hard and needy and damn near ready to hump the bed beneath him for some relief but determined to absolutely wreck you before he could even think of his own pleasure. Without saying much more, he slid two metal fingers into you, admiring how they slipped in with so little resistance.
“That’s it, oh God you take me so well. Know exactly what your body needs baby, need to be fucked like a whore don’t ya? Gonna make sure you can’t even think straight by the time I’m done with ya.” He was almost growling in between little kitten licks to your clit, fingers plunging in and out of you, rubbing your silky walls perfectly.
“Bucky, more, fuck.” You hissed out, grinding your hips against his hand. The vibrations from the little laugh he let out in response felt amazing.
“God doll, you’re not gonna be begging for more by the time I’m done with you. Gonna have you begging me to stop. But since you were a good girl this week, I’m sure I could play nice for now.” He laughed, lips and tongue crashing against your clit, fingers working faster and his eyes trained on your face as he tore another orgasm from your body. You groaned out, rutting against his face, your juices soaking his fingers and tongue as you rode out your high, panting and whimpering deliciously for him.
“Good girl honey, did so well. Want you to ride me now, yeah? Want that little body on top of me. You just gotta use me to make yourself feel good doll, don’t even worry bout makin’ me cum. Want as many of those pretty moans as you can give me before your legs give out.” His filthy plans had you whimpering, knowing that when your legs turned to jelly from too many orgasms, that didn’t mean you’d be stopping. It just meant he would take over. You did as he asked, hopping up onto your knees while Bucky undressed himself, giving his proud, hard cock a few lazy pumps watching you remove your pyjamas. You positioned yourself above him, his metal hand lined his cock up with your soaked, already abused hole. Sinking down onto his length tore groans from both of you, Bucky’s flesh hand gripping your waist to stop himself from pushing you the whole way down too quickly.
“Tightest fuckin’ pussy, you feel so good for daddy. God kitten, this pussy is so hungry isn’t it? Needs me, I can it. You need daddy’s cock to make you feel good? Gonna take such good care of you.” He was losing himself in the feeling of your silky walls gripping him, wetter than he could ever remember you being before. But god, you had six more orgasms ahead of you, how on Earth was he gonna make it if you got any wetter? The thick drag of his bare cock inside you was almost more than you could take as you pulled yourself back up his length again, sinking down quickly until he was entirely seated inside you.
“So so big daddy, I can’t.” You wailed, the sloppy sounds coming from your pussy fuelling you to keep going regardless.
“Yes you can angel, doin’ so well for daddy. So tight around me, can hardly move. Nothin’ feels as good as you do. Fuckin’ live to be buried in this little pussy, you know that?” His filthy pants had you rolling your hips faster against him, not really fucking him, more grinding your pelvis against his with his length fully seated inside you. It was such a different sensation to being fucked, it just made you feel endlessly full, the thickness of Bucky’s cock stuffing you, the head nestled deliciously against that sweet spot inside you. Every little grind of your hips had him nudging that spot inside you, making your eyes roll back and your head flop to the side. And Bucky was absolutely obsessed. He couldn’t find it in himself to tear his eyes away from you, not knowing whether he wanted to watch how your breasts jiggled as you moved, watch down at the mess you were making where your bodies were joined or watch the look of sheer pleasure on your face. He loved seeing you take what you needed from him, knowing that he was still in control but letting you use his body to satisfy yourself.
“So deep ‘nside you toots, bet you can feel me in here.” He pressed his metal hand to your lower tummy, the coolness making you gasp. Everything felt like it was too much but the grind alone wasn’t enough to tear your building orgasm from you and of course Bucky knew that.
“Tell me what you need, tell me and I’ll give it to you.” Bucky whispered softly, lips dusting chaste kisses on your shoulders, flesh arm wrapped up your back, helping you move against him.
“Fingers daddy, on my clit.” You pleaded, eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hanging open slightly.
“Magic word toots?” He teased with a little laugh, flesh fingers dancing over your clit torturously.
“Metal ones daddy, please.” Your whine would have been mortifying under any other circumstances but right now, you didn’t care. Bucky raised an eyebrow at your little request, secretly thrilled that you got so much pleasure from his metal digits.
“Filthy girl.” He whispered, replacing his flesh hand with his metal one, rubbing between your bodies in harsh circles. The cool fingers felt even better, the ridges in the unrelenting metal only added to the sensations threatening to consume your body. It didn’t take long for you to feel yourself tightening, Bucky’s movements never even faltering as you hit your peak.
“That’s it, cum for me, good girl, hump Daddy’s big cock. Know how much you need this, know you love daddy fillin’ you up.” His eyes were completely trained on your face, loving how it screwed up in response to the words he mumbled in the quiet, early morning air. Your gasps didn’t stop as your high started to subside, mainly because his fingers didn’t stop. You tried your best to pull away, becoming far too sensitive very quickly but Bucky’s flesh hand on your hip held you in place.
“Want another one out of you before I let you move.” He whispered, fingers only speeding up against your overstimulated bundle of nerves.
“Can’t take it daddy, it’s too much!” You sobbed, face buried into the crook of his neck as your body twitched around him, another peak fast approaching. You knew you could’ve said your safe word if you needed to but deep down you knew you could handle it.
“I know you want it angel, c’mon, stop holdin’ back.” He growled, rubbing you even faster, dragging you screaming into yet another orgasm. You couldn’t help but bite down on his flesh shoulder as you came, your body shuddering, wet nectar dripping out of you and down over his balls.
“Oh fuck, soakin’ me, you know that? Pussy is drippin’ everywhere. Such a wet little slut for daddy, aren’t ya cupcake? Such a good girl.” Bucky’s praise only made your walls flutter even more, pulling a growl from his throat. Before you even got a chance to register what was going on, Bucky had you flipped over, ass in the air, face down on the bed with his cock still inside you.
“Can’t wait anymore toots, need this.” He grunted, fucking into you recklessly. You could’ve screamed from the overstimulation, body trembling, walls still trying to milk Bucky’s thick cock. Again, your last orgasm didn’t even get a chance to ebb away before you were being worked towards another one. Your back arched into the bed of its own accord, letting Bucky fuck deeper into you. Your whimpers mingled with Bucky’s grunts, sounds of skin slapping on skin filling the house.
“Pussy’s still clenchin’ me so tight, you’ve no idea how good you make me feel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky was almost growling, his own need almost entirely taking over, eager to cum so he could get back to focusing on giving you as much pleasure as you could handle.
“Thank daddy for fuckin’ you. Thank me for givin’ you my cock raw like this.” He groaned, fingers drifting between your thighs to play with your swollen bud once more.
God, this was humiliating and you were loving every single second.
“Thank you daddy! Love your cock so much, think about nothing else. Love how you fuck me, love how big it feels, love your cum, just need more daddy please.” Your words were only broken by little gasps, Bucky fucking into you harder than you even thought possible.
“Tha’s it, God yes, takin’ me like a good girl, my best girl. Little pussy so hungry for daddy’s cum. That never changes, does it honey? Should just keep you plugged and full of me all the time. Only thing that could keep your needy cunt happy, isn’t it? Just a little cum whore. Gonna give you a load now baby, okay? Keep that little face pressed to the bed and ass up, want it all drippin’ as deep ‘nside you as it can get. Don’t want a single drop spillin’.” Sometimes you wonder where Bucky possibly learned to talk so dirty but right now you didn’t care, teetering on the brink of a fifth orgasm as you lowered yourself the way he wanted, his cock nudging your cervix in this new position.
“So deep daddy,” you whimpered, muffled slightly by the thick duvet as he pounded into you. His fingers rolling perfectly against your clit was enough to tear you apart, your body shaking, fingers squeezing the sheets as you rode out the electric feeling shooting the whole way through your body. That was all it took to drag Bucky over the edge too, not able to hold back with how your walls were tightening around him, milking every drop of cum into your body.
“So tight toots, can’t even move.” He groaned, stilling his movements to stay pressed right at the deepest point inside you. The warm feeling of his cum exploding into you was almost more than you could handle, knowing every drop had to stay there to keep Bucky happy. His fingers didn’t stop moving against your clit though, tearing as many aftershocks from your over worked body as you could muster.
“Bet there’s so much cum in you now.” He whispered proudly, kissing down your spine despite the thin sheen of sweat, slowly pulling out and humming appreciatively when there wasn’t even the slightest indication of the mess he had made inside you. You felt absolutely boneless, knowing you were over the half way mark but still nowhere near finished yet.
“Three left honey, how ya feeling?” He cooed softly, taking a second to stroke your hair and dote on you. His cock hadn’t softened at all but it rarely ever did after only cumming once during such an intense session.
“Feel good Buck, sensitive.” You whispered, flopping onto the bed with your eyes closed, sucking in deep breaths to steady yourself.
“Think you can take some more for me?” He asked quietly, placing tiny kisses to your shoulders and neck. You could do nothing but hum contentedly, letting him give you as much affection as he wanted.
“Need you to use your words sweetheart. Didn’t make you, dumb already, did I?” He chuckled, making you open your eyes to see that dashing smile
“Want more daddy, I can take it.” You nodded gently, noticing how his smile only widened at your eagerness.
“I’m so in love with you, ya know that?” He beamed, giving you a gentle kiss that was all teeth and tight lips, his smile still so evident on his face. “Won’t mind though if you need to stop. Want you to enjoy this babydoll.”
“No Buck, I can keep going. But we can cuddle afterwards, yeah?” You asked, placing a little tired kiss to his knuckles of his flesh hand.
“Oh honey, when we’re done here, we can do whatever you like. This weekend’s about you, jus’ wanna make you feel good.” He agreed, heart aching at the sight of you looking so beautifully fucked out and still asking him for more.
“Thank you daddy.” You smiled lazily, knowing it would get him right back in the mood to fuck you relentlessly through the final three.
Bucky groaned hearing the title fall from your lips again when he was least expecting it, cock bobbing deliciously in agreement.
“Fuck princess, you’re gonna be the death of me you know that?” He laughed, metal hand falling to grip his aching cock. “Jus’ you lie there angel, lemme do the work this time.” You sure weren’t going to argue, pressing your head back on the soft pillows as Bucky positioned you how he wanted you, slotting neatly between your spread thighs. Despite how kinky Bucky was, missionary was still one of his all time favourite positions. It was simple, comfortable, uncomplicated and he loved being able to see your face contort as he takes you apart, not to mention the perfect bounce of your tits when he slams into you. Bucky lined up with your soaked pussy, taking the time to make sure none of his seed from the last round had spilled from your core. Once he was satisfied that it was only your own juices that were coating your thighs, he pressed in, revelling in the gasp you let out.
“So warm and wet babydoll.” He hissed, head thrown back as he set a decent pace, thrusting in and out with his metal hand pressed to your lower tummy. “Swear I can feel myself in here, just so deep ‘nside you, aren’t I?” You couldn’t really believe how your body was still craving him, still needing more even though you were so fucked out already. You couldn’t even find it in yourself to reply, almost every coherent thought having been fucked from your head. The soft clinking of metal had you opening your eyes. But when did you close them? You had no idea, and far less did you care upon seeing Bucky hovering on top of you, his dog tags swinging in front of your face. Somewhere deep inside your brain you registered that he must’ve pulled them from the nightstand when your eyes had been shut but there was something about them that just made the sex that little bit better. He knew how much you loved them too, smirking down at you as he continued his leisurely thrusts.
“Like what you see?” His voice was deep and seductive, close to only being a low rumble. His abs rippled with every push into your tight heat, little grunts slipping past his lips occasionally, a light flush on his cheeks from arousal. What was there to not like about Bucky Barnes? You could only nod, trying to press your hips closer to his pelvis, wanting to pull him deeper than even should have been possible.
“God, you can’t get enough can you? My cock that addictive honey?” He teased, flesh fingers toying with your clit. You cried out quietly at the feeling, not understanding how you could possibly still need more. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you reached up, taking those jingling dog tags in your mouth, lips wrapping neatly around the chain. Bucky thought once more that he might cum then and there, just at the sight of your little pretty mouth enveloping his tags, the metallic taste covering your tongue.
“Need your slutty mouth filled too baby? Should’ve said somethin’, coulda had my fingers ‘nstead. But maybe you couldn’t tell me? Can’t get any words out now, can you? Daddy’s cock knocked all thoughts out of that little head, hm? That’s okay angel, daddy doesn’t need you to think, jus’ need you to cum. Think you can do that for me?” Your legs were shaking but you nodded you head regardless. As Bucky had been talking, he had dialled everything up a notch, fucking you faster, rubbing you in tighter circles, everything just felt incredible, your orgasm so close once more.
“Ah, daddy, please.” You pleaded, absolutely no idea what you were even pleading for anymore other than release. Bucky chuckled lowly from somewhere deep in his chest before giving you what you had begged for, pressing a little harder on your clit, rubbing in the same tights circles, dragging you through a painfully intense orgasm. Your teeth bit down on the hard metal in your mouth, trying to stifle the screams and whines that fell from you as every single vein in your body throbbed, desire washing through you violently. Bucky was completely and utterly obsessed with you, coaching you through your high with the same filthy grunts and promises that you had learned to expect from him.
As your high subsided, Bucky didn’t slow, if anything he just fucked you faster, not chasing his own release yet but loving how you looked like you had been fucked absolutely senseless, eyes rolling back, head crooked to the side, fingernails digging into his flesh, dog tags still in your mouth.
“You’re a fuckin’ picture like this doll, so beautiful for me. Can’t believe you’re all mine.” His thrusts had your tits bouncing back and forth, jiggling even more as you squirmed, trying to move away from him given how painfully overstimulated you were becoming. You screamed and yelled as his fingers picked up speed, slipping around from the insane amount of slick that had dripped from your hole.
“Come on little whore, cum for daddy, give it to me. Silly little slut can’t do anything but cum, can you? So fuckin’ good at it, no thoughts left in that pretty head of yours, daddy fucked them all out didn’t he? Love seein’ you like this, greedy pussy takin’ everything I give it. You’re an angel, you know that? My angel. Body’s always so ready for me.” Bucky’s voice was deep, strangled and needy, working you as fast as he could. Your legs couldn’t hold still as he pounded you, metal hand still pressing on your tummy so you could feel his cock even deeper inside you. It was all too fucking much, that ball of need inside you exploding once more making you scream, thrashing around under his huge body. Your rhythmic squeezing had him groaning, screwing his face up, unable to hide how good it felt.
“Last one princess, you ready?” Bucky asked softly, pulling out to give you a second. Christ, you looked wrecked but in the best way possible. His dog tags slipped from your mouth, spit trailing down your chin that you wiped away with the back of your hand.
“You sure you can take another? Need a colour toots.” Bucky probed gently, stroking your cheek lovingly, pushing your hair away from your sweaty face.
“Green daddy, just one more. I can take it.” You nodded weakly, fawning over the little gentle kiss Bucky pressed to your forehead.
“That’s my good girl.” He soothed. “I’ll make it quick, promise.” With that he hopped off the bed. You couldn’t really find it in yourself to care about why he had got up, taking the time to catch your breath and steady yourself but when he came back empty handed, you couldn’t help but be a little confused.
“Gonna move you toots,” he hummed quietly, shifting you onto your hands and knees at the side of the bed and that’s when you realised what he had been doing. Bucky had pulled one of the wardrobe doors open, specifically the door with the full length mirror, leaving it at an angle so you could see yourself from where you sat on the bed.
“Want you to watch yourself, see how pretty you look when you cum for me.” He groaned, harder than he could ever remember being in his life before. You whimpered even just at the thought, letting him slip inside you then pull your back flush to his chest. His whole body felt like it was surrounding you, probably because it was. His firm chest felt so comforting against you, both of his arms supporting your bare frame, casing you in against him. He pulled your hair out of the way, making sure he was able to kiss your neck and shoulders before beginning to piston his hips, fucking into you at a punishing pace. You were so glad he was holding you up, knowing if he took his arms away, you would be left to crumple onto the sheets. Your moans were so lewd you surprised yourself at how keen you were to just keep taking his cock. You knew you would feel empty without him inside you after such a long session but the emptiness might even be a blessing after this insane amount of stimulation.
“Look at yourself baby, you just came seven times for me and you’re still keen to go again. Still gonna give me ‘nother one. Cause you’re the best girl, aren’t you? So so good for daddy. Jus’ lettin’ me take and take from your body. You feel that mess sweetheart? You’re fuckin’ soaked right down to your knees, toots. All my cum from earlier drippin’ out of you. Don’t worry, got ‘nother nice big load to fill you with. Gotta give my best girl what she needs.” You hadn’t even noticed the sticky wetness between your thighs, the change in position letting it all seep out of you. You whined, high and needy as his fingers ghosted through the wetness, landing on your clit. His movements were smooth and methodical, rubbing you at the exact pace he knew you liked. He didn’t want to drag this out any more and he wasn’t even sure that he could last any longer.
“Cum for me babydoll, one last time. That’s it, good girl, hump daddy’s fingers. Excellent baby, doin’ so well for me, ‘m so proud of you, you know that? So so proud.” You felt your body clench harder than you had even thought possible, a strangled cry being torn from Bucky’s throat, his seed spilling so deep inside you.
“Ah, holy shit, can’t stop cummin’.” He panted against your neck, your head flung back onto his shoulder as the most intense high of your life took over. Your whole body was alight with pleasure and yet everything still felt so intimate in this position. Your bodies just felt connected in a way that you couldn’t even describe. Maybe you were just delirious with pleasure but it didn’t even really matter, chants of Bucky’s name falling from your lips like a prayer. Your pussy throbbed, aching and abused but not relenting in the slightest, if anything it only clenched harder around Bucky, milking every single drop of cum from him.
You practically collapsed onto the bed together, chests heaving, both spent and sweaty from the most exhausting morning of you life.
“Christ.” You whispered with a little content laugh, words not even connecting in your brain to form a coherent sentence.
“I agree.” Bucky laughed softly, pulling you practically on top of him, needing to feel you close and take care of you. “How ya feelin’?” He asked quietly, kissing your forehead and playing with your hair, being as delicate with you as possible.
“ ‘m good.” You hummed, giving him a little nod, taking in all the adoration he was offering.
“How bout a little nap, hm? You’re exhausted sweet pea. Then I’ll make us some lunch, yeah?” Bucky suggested, losing his mind when you snuggled yourself even closer to his body. You could only nod and give him a little smile, his fingers carding through your hair ever so gently. The hammering in Bucky’s chest was returning to a more natural thud, comforting you even more, your eyes closing of their own accord.
“My best girl.” He whispered, pressing more gentle kisses to your fragile body, little compliments and praises breaking the silence, lulling you into the best sleep of your life.
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18+, minors dni
*you can find my fav fics here*
*I do not own any of the fics & gifs tagged below, all credit goes to respected owners*
Tumblr media
Chris Evans & Characters
Chris Evans RPF
Steve Rogers
Andy Barber
Ransom Drysdale
Curtis Everett
Colin Shea
Johnny Storm
Frank Adler
Jake Jensen
Ari Levinson
Jake Wyler
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan & Characters
Sebastian Stan RPF
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Marvel Characters
Natasha Romanoff
Tony Stark
Sam Wilson
Bruce Banner
Frank Castle
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill & Characters
Henry Cavill RPF
Clark Kent
August Walker
Mafia AU
Biker AU
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hello there 👋🏾, this is C (@sohosteve)
this is going to be my fic recommendation reblog account.
note this an 18+ blog, so minors do not engage.
fics on here may contain mature and/or dark content.
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marry me
Tumblr media
summary bucky blurts out the question.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings none. fluff. a very very cute bucky.
a/n gif not mine. bucky in wakanda. fluff. have nice day/night <3
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
You and Bucky were laying on the grass near the lake, his arms around you, your head hidden in the crook of his neck, Wakandan sun shining and warming you. Bucky was shirtless and you were in a bikini, you loved the feeling of his skin on yours, it felt like heaven.
“Penny for your thoughts?” you looked at Bucky, caressing his cheek, your hands on his beard.
“Just you, pretty girl.” he said, looking at you with pure love. When Bucky looked at you like that you always felt butterflies in your stomach, it felt like you met him for the first time. You could never get used to him looking at you with pure love and admiration.
“You are a charmer, aren’t you sergant?” you gave him a smile and he lifted his eyebrows
“Am I?” he asked and started peppering kisses on your face. Your lips, cheeks, forehead, eyes.
“I” a kiss on the right cheek. “love” a kiss on your nose. “you.” He looked at you with the biggest smile on his face and you kissed him. His lips were soft and warm, you felt his love for you on his lips.
“I love you too, James.” you tucked in a strand of hair on his face behind his ears and kissed him again. He broke the kiss and his eyes held the same look again.
“Marry me.” he whispered.
“What?” you asked him, thinking he is not serious and smiling.
“I said, marry me. You are the one for me, doll. I want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. ‘Doesn’t matter where we are or when, as long as I’m with you. I always feel like I am home when you are with me, something I haven’t felt in a long long time. I don’t know if I deserve you, but I am willing to try to be a better man for you, as long as you want me to be with you. I love you, pretty girl.” he said and there were tears in your eyes by the time he finished. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, him on the top of you.
“Of course, I will marry you, Bucky.” you said and he smiled widely, making you smile too. He gave you another kiss, making you melt.
“I am sorry. I wish I didn’t just blurt it out. I wish I had a ring to give you.” he said, giving you an apologetic look.
“Oh, baby, it was perfect. I couldn’t think of a better way to propose, really.” you said and he smiled at you. His hands rubbed the sides of your waist.
“What if we go to the city this week? We can buy rings and have a celebration dinner?” he asked and you kissed him again, giggling after you broke the kiss.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” he said and you put your head on his chest, hugging him, your legs tangled.
Everything is perfect.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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What I Write
Hello! The following are the characters/TV shows/real people I will write for!
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Sam Wilson/Falcon
Bucky Barnes
Teen Wolf 
Derek Hale 
Isaac Lahey
Stiles Stilinski
Scott McCall
Peter Hale
Jordan Parrish
Eddie Diaz
Evan “Buck” Buckley
Real People
Chris Evans 
Tom Hiddleston
Chris Hemsworth
Sebastian Stan
Anthony Mackie
Shawn Mendes
All of these might change as I see fit. I also might add some if need be!
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Tumblr media
Request for @maximeevansblog​. I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve had a lot of problems at home to deal with, I hope you like it 💜
Warning: just pure fluff ✨
Word count: 860 🌙
Tip Jar ⚡️
Requests are open 💫
Tumblr media
It was a Saturday morning in sunny New York. You and Bucky had a rare day off from your superhero duties, and what better way to make the most of your rare day off than to pamper yourself.
You got ready, grabbed your purse, and made your way to say goodbye to Bucky before you left, knowing it gets extremely worried if you don’t.
“Bye Buck. I’m off to get my haircut, I won’t be long my love.” You kissed him softly on the lips, as you turned around, he gently grabbed your wrist to get your attention.
“Can I come with you? I’ve been thinking for a while now, and I think it’s time.” He looks at you, a small smile growing on his face as one grows on yours.
You grab both of his hands and looked at him. “Are you sure, Buck? Like are you one hundred percent sure?”
He nodded, “I’m sure babe. I’ve thought long and hard and I’m ready. It’s time.”
You gasp, making him flinch ever so slightly as you wrap your arms around his neck, with his arms going around your waist. “I’m so proud of you.” You whispered in his ear, kissing just under it, feeling his arms wrap around you a little tighter.
You let go, looking at him again as he nodded. You give him a nod and grab his hand, guiding him out of the compound and to your car.
You both arrive at the hairdressers, and you look back at Bucky who seems nervous. You smile softly and gently grab his hand. “It’s okay if you don’t want to do this, baby. This is your decision and your decision alone.” You clarified, as he let out a deep breath and shook his head. “No, I need to do this. For myself.” He let out a shaky breath, hands starting to shake as you lead him to the seating area.
When it was your turn, you looked at Bucky and he nodded his head for you to go. You gave him your phone as you knew he liked to do crosswords on it, hoping it would keep him distracted long enough while you got your hair done.
Once you were finished, you paid the lady and thanked her. Walking over to the waiting area, Bucky had his nose stuck in your phone. Kneeling down in front of him, and gently placing your hand on his knee so you didn’t startle him, to get his attention. He looked up, doing a double take as his mouth hung open.
“Doll, you look beautiful.” He trailed his eyes, taking in every new detail from your new hair style/cut.
“Thank you, babe. Are you ready?” you asked softly, as he nodded. Standing up, he placed your phone into his pocket and grabbed your hand, linking his fingers with yours as you made your way to the barbers.
When you arrived outside the barbers, Bucky stopped and took a few deep breaths. You waited patiently, waited until he was ready to go in.
He nodded and walked inside, thankful that he was the only person there.
You both took a seat and waited.
The barber called Bucky arm, he froze for a second, repeating in his head “I can do this.” as he sat in the barber’s chair.
He told the barber what he wanted, and the barber set to work.
You were looking down at your lap, flicking through a magazine that was on the table beside you when you heard a small voice.
You looked up, taking a double take, and standing up, not being able to take your eyes off Buckys new hair.
“Do you like it, doll?” he looked at you, waiting for an answer.
“Baby I love it. But you know I also loved your long hair. But as long as you are comfortable, that is all that matters to me. It’ll grow again.” You grinned, as he blushed and giggled.
That’s right, the big bad winter soldier giggled.
You went back to your car and made your journey back to the compound.
When you parked up, you can sense Bucky was nervous.
“You ready to show everyone, babe?” you asked softly, him looking up at you.
“I’m ready, lets do this doll.”
You both got out of the car and walked towards the elevator to take you up to the common area.
The first one to spot you was Steve.
“Looking good, Bucky.” He grinned while he hugged him, as Bucky hugged back.
“Thanks, Stevie. I feel good.” Bucky smiled, as he walked into the common room with you not far behind him.
You watched from the door frame as Bucky got compliments from the team, sighing happy to yourself, as you can see this haircut was what he needed.
He will never be able to go back to James Barnes, but he doesn’t care.
He has you now, and that’s all he’ll ever need to help him through anything.
And of course, Steve and the team, but they don’t need to hear that out loud, they will never let him hear the end of it.
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While You’ve Been Away ~ Part 8 (Sebastian Stan)
While You’ve Been Away M.List
(FFR Masterlist ~ My other blog you might enjoy)
If you want to be tagged in any of my work please just comment or PM me :)
Requests are open! If you have any ideas for a new SMAU series or one-shot please tell me - either in asks or PM me :) thank you!
Here’s who I will write for: Character/Person Request List
This is a Sebastian Stan x Female!Reader SMAU. I try to make my work inclusive to everyone so this will not include images of Y/N. If you see anything which goes against this please tell me. I don’t own any photos used or the people involved. Thank you for reading... I hope you enjoy! :)
Previous Part // Next Part
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Previous Part // Next Part
Tags (If you would like to be removed please tell me (: xx)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : sebastian stan and leticia wright read each other’s vibes | on demand entertainment
reblogs are appreciated😁🌈
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : stars of ‘wandavision’, ‘tfatws’, ‘loki’ chat about all things marvel | variety
reblogs are appreciated😁🌈
taglist : @winter-witch-10 @lilyblackx @softsouli @realityparty @rosierose-e e @nostxlgia18 @d3vil-is-my-sugg4rd4ddy @sgtbarnescptamerica @missroro @natklein @white-wolf1940 @iwannabekilledtwice @in-my-body-bag @supraveng @seutarose @prettylittlemoonlight @kaitieskidmore1 @chrisjaay @hannabritta @themarvel-club @untraveled-road @buckys2thicc @rqmanoff @summerdaughter @tina1938 @stucky-my-ship @2fabul0us4 @justreadingficsdontmindme @savspersonalproperty @judgeroughneck @abyssinapleasant @slutherin-7 @youngdumbamericanteen @sheeple @wobblymug
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First video- B.B.
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m currently taking requests(for sds and main fics), and i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Bucky sends his first video to you while away on a mission.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, it would be better if reader & bucky had age gap(reader 22 ish maybe), mentions of sex/oral, male masturbation, female masturbation(fingering), nudes/lingerie pics, masturbation videos, sexting, slight daddy kink, usage of a butt plug, dirty talkkkkkk😤
It’s taken Bucky a little bit of time to adapt to technology. Yes, he spent a little bit of time in Wakanda, and that helped, but he still had a lot to learn and catch up on.
So when you sent him a picture in your lingerie while he was on a mission one day, he nearly lost it. You hadn’t mentioned this step or even taught him how to accept something like this. But of course he knew this was supposed to be a good and sexual thing.
When he got back that day, he asked you why. He asked you how you managed to get the camera that still and still managed look utterly gorgeous and he asked what he was supposed to reply with- what you wanted him to reply with.
You simply told him to reply however he felt. If it be with a picture back, he could send one. If he felt like sending a video, he could do that. Then you went on to teach him about some angles that are best when sending pictures. You also informed him that “videos with sound are always one-hundred percent better” and he mentally noted that for future reference.
Over time, Bucky would receive pictures and even a few videos from you. The videos would usually be of you showing off you new lingerie, but there was one particular time you sent a video of you fingering yourself.
Bucky had been gone for about a week, and let’s admit it, you two go at it like a pair of bunnies when he’s home- so of course you were needy for him. Bucky nearly went feral. The way your pussy glistened from the lighting in the room, the sounds of how wet you were. God, was he so relieved he was in his hotel room when you sent him that. He wouldn’t have known how to control himself if he was out doing important things. Thankfully, you had asked him beforehand, where he was. Such a good girl; so considerate.
You had your white, lace panties twisted to the side and two fingers were hitting your g-spot….then you moaned. Thankfully, Bucky didn’t have his volume up too loud. Steve or Natasha might would have heard across the hall, but it was loud enough he could hear your angelic moans. Your tits were visible as well. He was so glad you opted for no bra or shirt. He could see everything except for your face. The video was about thirty seconds long, and it almost ended with you cumming. He could tell the whole time you were close, but he wasn’t there to feel you and how close you actually were. So when he heard you whimper his name as you came, he couldn’t help the involuntary moan that slipped past his plump lips. After you came abruptly, you splayed your fingers out for him to see your cum. Then you sucked your fingers off and gave him a wink before ending the video.
Bucky. Was. Feral.
He was about to lose it.
It had been only a week and he could just feel through the phone how much you needed him. He could practically smell your sweet pussy from thousands of miles away. He hated being so fucking far from you. He needed you in more ways than just one, but that one being a bit worse than the others.
Then he got an idea. What if i send a video back, give her something to look at- to watch when she needs to? So he got up and went straight to his duffel bag. He rummaged around for a little bit, was looking for some lotion, but instead….he found a pair of your panties stuffed near the bottom. Then he remembered.
The day before he left, he ate you out until you were creaming all over his face. He left your panties on and snapped them back into place after he was done. He made you walk around the house with them on until he felt like all of your juices were soaked into the flimsy fabric. Then, right before he fucked you, he stuffed them into his duffel bag. He totally had forgotten. It had been a rough week, okay?
He grabbed them, and then jogged back over to the bed. Is this attractive to women? Will this turn her on? Bucky asked himself. He wasn’t too sure if you’d like what he was about to send you, but he hoped you would. If not, he hoped you’d tell him afterwards. He sat down on his bed, back propped up against the headboard, his legs stretched out. He knew this would be the easiest way to record.
He then went over to his text messages and pressed the little camera icon when he was on your text convo. You taught him this way because, let’s face it, Bucky doesn’t have Snapchat. He then clicked on it and took a deep breath.
Yes, he’s sent you stuff before, but not videos. He’s sent you pictures of him being rock hard, leaking at the tip, before he’d masturbated, but that’s about it. This was new to Bucky, but he was willing to do it for you, and he felt comfortable sending you something like this; especially if you could get off to it. It would make him feel good.
He spit in his hand and began to lube his cock up, getting himself ready before he pressed record. He wasn’t sure how long the video would be, but he hoped you wouldn’t complain if it was a bit long.
He jerked off for a bit, imagined his fist was your pussy. God, he so wished it was. The little moans you’d let out as he’d fucked into you, the way your body would’ve been squirming underneath him. He didn’t even have to imagine how tight you were because it was engraved into his fucking memory. God, he wished you were there underneath him.
Soon enough, he pressed record. He angled it just right and had his cock in view. He made sure to let out grunts and groans, moaned your name. He knew you loved for him to be extremely vocal; but nothing was ever forced. His thumb then swiped over his tip and he cursed, “wish you were here, babydoll. Miss your pussy so fucking much.” His voice was low and heavy, you were in for a treat.
“Bet that pussy is so wet, all for me, hm? Your pussy misses me just as much as you do, hm?? Yeah, baby. I know she misses me.” He grunted out, and he could feel himself getting a bit closer. That’s when his eyes caught the lacey, dark blue panties from the corner of his eye. He quickly stopped and grabbed them, then he placed the crotch of the dirty panties onto his cock, and began back.
His grunts were louder, rougher, as he fisted his cock with your panties. He couldn’t wait for you to see what he was recording for you. It was so filthy, so nasty, but it was getting him off so so fucking quick. “Bet you didn’t know i took these, babydoll. I can still remember how your cum soaked the fabric. Can still remember how your pussy clung to the lace. Fuck- you’re gonna be the death of me- you and that sweet little pussy.” He groaned out, and he swiped the material of your panties over his tip. He was so close.
“Would love to be….shit- buried in your tight cunt, fuck all my cum into you. Make you so full. Gonna do that when i get home, fuck you over the couch, i don’t give a damn.” His breathing was jagged and his hand movements were getting a bit sloppy and even quicker. He was nearly there. His head was thrown back, but he made sure he kept the phone in the right position as moans of your name and more dirty talk left his lips for you.
“You dirty girl. Sending me a video like that….you knew it would get me hard as a fucking rock.” Bucky glanced down at the fabric in his hands and he groaned. His stomach tensed and he was about to cum. “Gonna cum so hard for you baby. It’s all for you, doll. All for you-.” He got cut off by a loud groan. His thighs seized up and his stomach tensed again. His fist struggled to keep up its movements, but he still managed. The moan of your name was drawn out as he came. Ropes of cum shot up onto his lower tummy, just missing his phone, and some of it even got onto your panties.
When he was done, he made sure to show you all of the cum he released because of you. He made sure to show you your panties that were then painted in quite a bit of his cum. “Look at that, baby. So much cum for you.” His breath was uneven as he finished the video. “It’s gonna be a long week, but my cock’ll be stuffed in you by the end of it.” And that’s when he cut the video off.
He saw that it was a little over two minutes long, but fuck it. He knew you’d watch every bit of it. He sent it before cleaning himself up and your panties, then he pulled his underwear back on. He waited patiently for you to message back, but it had been around fifteen minutes. Had you not liked it? He was a bit worried.
But another five minutes later, a text came through with a picture. The text had read: “Fuck, daddy….you made me squirt” and the picture was of you, three fingers nearly knuckle deep in your cunt, the bed sheets below you were soaked with your orgasm and Bucky nearly came when he saw the mirror behind you. He would’ve missed it if he hadn’t have taken his time, but you knew all too well that Bucky studied every picture you sent him.
The butt plug with the pink bunny tail, perfectly placed in your ass. He groaned when he caught sight of the collar around your neck. Fuck, if he didn’t miss you before that, he most certainly missed you a hell of a lot more now. He knew that angle must’ve been hard for you to get, but he wasn’t even focused on that. His eyes kept flickering from your sopping wet pussy with your swollen clit on full display, to the soaked bed sheets under you, then to the butt plug and collar. He was a mess. He knew he’d have to jerk off again, but he fucking wished it was your pussy he’d be buried in instead of his fist. “Fuck, you’re such a fucking tease, babydoll.” He seethed out-loud, then began to type.
He then pressed send: “Think i wouldn’t notice the bunny tail baby? You’re always so ready for daddy even when he’s not close to you. Good girl, keep that pussy wet for me” and you whimpered at the text. You could feel yourself growing aroused yet again, and you knew that it was going to be a long night(a long week in fact).
That whole rest of the night was spent sexting back and forth, sending videos and pictures as well. Bucky hardly got any sleep but he didn’t need it. The fuel he had the next day was your pussy engraved into the back of his mind- your small moans and whimpers as well. He knew he’d be going home. What kind of man would he be if he left his needy girl waiting and missing him?
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airconditioningac · a day ago
Lunner (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Enhanced!Reader
Word Count: 1246
Warnings: Fluffyyyy, mentions/depictions of domestic abuse (not from Bucky), Reader gets hurt, protective Bucky
A/N: Yeah, yeah, you know the thing. Erm—I usually don’t really write enhanced reader, but the thought of knocking Bucky on his ass with ice is fun, so here we go. Please don’t copy my work onto this platform or other platforms.
Re-blogs, comments/critiques, and notes are GREATLY appreciated. thanks for all the support on my last fic too <3
Summary: Reader can conjure up ice, and is constantly using her talents to annoy Bucky.
Tumblr media
“What was that for?!”
“You woke me up so early.” you complained, still giggly at the fact that you’d made Bucky fall flat on his ass.
“Just because you have these powers now, doesn’t mean that you should abuse me with them.”
Your heart tugged at the word abuse. No one knew your secret, not even Bucky.
You never thought that Alex would lay hands on you, but the more often it happened, the more often you made excuses for his behaviour. You couldn’t see the trap he’d lay you into so gently that it was hard for anyone to take notice. Thinking about abusing Bucky made you want to jump out of a window. It made you want to hide your icy cold hands away from the world or shove them into a fireplace.
“Hey, I was just kidding. It’s fine. You didn’t actually hurt me.” Bucky said, misunderstanding your moment of silence, but who could blame him?
You and Bucky had grown close, something that Bucky wasn’t used to. He wasn’t sure that he even knew how to do it. He always found himself being overly possessive, slightly clingy, and extremely protective. You didn’t seem to mind.
“Are you hungry? Do you want lunch?”
“No. I-I actually have a date.”
Liar. You mentally scolded yourself. Today was too important to blow it off on lunch with Bucky. Today, you would finally tell Alex that you two were done.
All the while, Bucky wallowed in self pity at his singleness. Specifically, his singleness in regards to you.
Bucky hated Alex, plain and simple. Everyone else claimed that Alex was a “nice guy” when you invited him to meet Captain America, but Bucky’s always hated him. It started with the fact that you didn’t hold the door open for you. Then he spoke over you every time you tried to talk. And he finished the night by asking you to get him a beer, despite your deadly fear of drinking and driving, unless it was one of the enhanced, who couldn’t get drunk.
You didn’t miss the look of disgust that Bucky blew your way, but you brushed it off of your shoulder as if it was nothing.
“Erm—I’ll be back soon, though. Maybe we can have... ‘lunner?’ Together?”
“Yeah, Bucko.” he hated when you called him that.
“I hate it when you call me that.” and you knew.
“I know.”
Tumblr media
6 hours. You missed “lunner”, and Bucky was mad. You promised. This was the first time you ever broke a promise, and Bucky didn’t like the fact that it was over Alex one bit.
“Where have you been?! I’ve been waiting for you! I’m starving! Come on!”
He was starving? He’s been waiting? You couldn’t take it anymore. You simply wanted everything—even Bucky—to go away.
Bucky regretted everything.
Spiked shards of ice extended 10 feet away from you, attached to a central bead of ice, which kept you to your own.
“Hey... what’s wrong?”
But when Bucky tried to approach, the spikes got longer and longer, until he was more than 15 feet away from you.
“Y/N, please... talk to me.” he begged, setting down his phone on the table.
Talk. What was there to talk about? Were you supposed to talk about your bruised cheek? Were you supposed to talk about your broken heart?
“Don’t shut me out, Y/N. I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you.”
Sorry. Sorry was something you hadn’t heard for a long time. Maybe that was why the spikes retracted by 5 feet. Maybe that was why your tears started shedding. Maybe that was why you wanted to be held by him. The more you thought about it, the more your spikes retracted, not that you did anything to stop them.
He’d already taken you in. By the time the ice was gone, you were warm, and in his arms. God, did you hate the feeling of cold before him. Ironic, isn’t it?
“What’s wrong, Doll?” he asked, stroking your hair with his calloused palm. His metal hand contrasted that one, tugging from your waist.
When you didn’t reply, he lifted your chin to meet his eyes, but what he found was devastating.
It didn’t take him long to register what had happened—or at least portions of it. And he was ready to kill. All he saw was red, the colour of hate.
Just as Bucky was about the stomp to the door, you tucked yourself into his torso, tight enough the you almost knocked him over by squeezing around his stomach.
“He hit you.” Bucky seethed.
Still, his hands remained gentle as ever, rubbing circles on your back as you sobbed out all of your emotions.
“I wanted to tell you before, but I couldn’t, Bucky.”
“Before?” Bucky asked in disbelief. “How long has it been going on?!”
“... A year, maybe.”
Bucky physically tensed. Of course, he was still mad—furious—at Alexander, but he was even more upset with himself. With all his time spent with you, he hadn’t noticed anything off? Bucky felt like a punch to the gut had just been delivered, but it was only you, crying your eyes out.
Bucky would do anything for the woman he loved so much.
“I’ll kill him.”
Bucky ripped you arms off of his side, shoving his way to the door, but not even getting a footstep away from you.
“Bucky, wait!” you yelled, icing the floor beneath him, until he was sliding in your direction. “We-we broke up. I-I’m okay now.”
Never in his life had Bucky been so relieved. He didn’t know whether to jump for or call the police department. He was still determined to find Alex, but maybe now wasn’t the time.
“I’m sorry.” he repeated his words from earlier, giving them a different meaning. He sat on the floor, ice not allowing him to move any closer to the door.
You nodded quietly and tucked yourself back into his arms of protection. God, he was such a barrier from the world. He smelled of mint and cedar wood, something like a car freshener and expensive cologne. All you wanted to do was stay huddled in these arms forever.
“Did you get anything to eat?”
You had to stop yourself from giggling at the irony, so you shook your head against his clothed abs, frizzing up your hair.
Tumblr media
“It’s good.”
“You’re lying.”
“Well, you spent an hour trying to make those cookies, the least I can do was be nice about them.” Bucky tried to crumb off the burnt bottom of his chocolate chip and almond cookie.
“Hmph. I suck.”
“You don’t suck.” he started.
As he walked toward you, you created another ice patch under his feet, having little knowledge of the direction he’d fall in.
He ended up on top of you. His strong arms kept himself in a plank so he wouldn’t crush you with his weight, and all you could do was laugh.
“Now, what was that one for?”
“For lying to me.”
“I didn’t lie. You’re the least sucky woman I’ve ever met.”
You smiled at the childish words, remembering the first time you met Bucky.
“This sucks.”
“Oh...” you tried not to sound too disappointed.
“Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Not you! This stupid internet thing! What the hell is a ‘Vine?’”
“And the smartest, most beautiful, most deserving, most admirable person I know.” He praised looking deeply into your soul through your pupils.
The wind had been knocked out of you, and without your knowledge, you stopped breathing a long time ago.
Just as you were about to tell Bucky all the reasons you loved him, and reject his statements, strong, warm, slightly chapped lips met your’s for a gentle kiss.
“Now you know why I missed you for ‘lunner.’”
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greekgodwannabe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky has a nightmare and unknowingly attacks you. Steve helps to calm you down and you reassure Bucky that everything will be alright.
Warnings: nightmares, ptsd, violence, swearing, fluff
Tumblr media
“Ms. y/l/n, I am detecting and increasingly rapid heart rate from Mr. Barnes,”
You shot up at Friday’s voice and looked at the clock beside your bed. It was 3:15 am. You had instructed Friday to let you know if Bucky ever had a nightmare so that you could go and help him. His room was one floor above yours, the same as Steve’s.
You put on your dressing gown, darted out from your room and ran up the stairs. You gently opened the door to Bucky’s room and looked inside. The covers were thrown away and two fists clutched the bedsheets. He was breathing hard and muttering something as moved his head from side to side.
You walked over to his side and sat down on the bed beside him. You brought your hand up to his forehead and caressed it gently like you always did.
His whimpers were no getting louder. His muttering turning into pleads. The twitching turning to thrashing.
“Stop! Please, no, stop!” He begs to nobody, his body still asleep.
You now took his head in both of your hands, trying to wake him up.
“Get off me! Get off! Stop it! PLEASE!”, he yells, his eyes still closed, his body still asleep.
“Bucky, wake up! Wake up, James, please!” you plead, shaking him slightly. “You’re okay, Buck. You’re okay, come on.”
“No! No, please!”
It’s no use. But you’ve done this before. Both you and Steve always try to comfort him but some nights were worse than others.
“James, come on, it’s me, it’s me, y/n. I’m here, Buck. You’re okay, you’re safe.” You continue, and then suddenly his eyes snap open. You sigh in relief, “Buck-“
But before you can even finish your sentence, a metal arm swings up, wrapping firmly around your throat and pinning you to the bed, his body hovering over you in seconds.
Your eyes snap wide open, adrenaline bursting through your veins.
“Bucky…!” you gasp, both hands wrapping around his metal wrist in a feeble attempt to get him off. “It’s... me!” you choke through but the man above you tightens his grip even more.
You don’t want to fight him, you really don’t. You don’t even know if you’d be any match against the Winter Soldier but you can’t fucking breathe.
You manage to throw your legs up, wrapping them around his head and flipping him over. You waste no time and run towards the door.
“Friday! Call Steve, NOW! Code red!, Call Steve, right no-”
But within seconds, he grips from behind and slams you against the wall.
You’re nothing short of petrified as you stare into the cold void of the eyes of the man you love before you. Tears run down your cheeks as you try and gasp for air. You know it’s not his fault but she doesn’t know what to do.
His eyes grow colder if that were even possible. Your throat throbs, your body aches and your vision begins to blur.
“” you manage to croak out.
Your vision darkens but you think you hear the door slamming open. The grip on your throat leaves and you sink to the floor.
* * *
You open your eyes slowly and groan as you try to get up.
“Hey, hey, lie down,” came Steve’s voice from beside you.
“Steve?” you croak out.
He gives you a small comforting smile and rests his hand on the top of your head, brushing your hair slightly.
“Where is he?”
“I think you should rest for now, y/n”
You sit up and face him, “Steve, where is he?”
He shakes his head slightly, “He’s outside but wait- are you sure you’re okay? He’s never...done this to you before?”
“It wasn’t him, Steve. I just... I was just-” you voice starts to crack. Steve wraps his hands around you, pulling you into a hug. Tears were running down your cheeks. “I know it wasn’t him but I was just so... scared.”
He hugs you even tighter, “I know sweetheart, I know-”
“No,” you say. “I wasn’t scared of anything happening to me. I was just so scared that if anything did happen to me, Bucky would wake up and realise and... I don’t... I can’t let him blame himself... it’s not his fault.”
Steve pulls away and brings his hands to your cheeks and smiles softly. “Well, nothing happened. You’re safe.” You smile back.
“He’s outside. It’s snowing,” he says.
You nod. Steve plants a kiss on your forehead and you get up and make your way to the door.
You exit the compound and look around, trying to find Bucky. You already beginning to regret not taking because of the snow but you decided not to go back. You walked around, keeping an eye out. 
You didn’t have to look for long as you found him sitting on the snow. There was a bench right behind him but he decided to sit on the cold snow. You knew that the sight let alone the sensation of anything cold like snow still bothered him but there he was, sitting on the snow like some sort of punishment.
You walk up to him and sit on the bench beside him, pulling your legs up to your chest to keep warm. No doubt Bucky knew you were there but he hadn’t turned around yet. 
You sigh, “Hey”
No response. You knew. He was just too scared to face you. You could see him playing with his fingers.
“Aren’t you at least feeling cold?”
He shakes his head. “No,” he says quietly.
You smile, “You and I both know that’s not true.”
After a pause, he slowly turns around to you. His eyes were a bit puffy and had a pained expression on his face. “I’m sorry- I don’t know what came-” 
You hold your hand up to stop him from talking and rush to his side, sitting on the snow with him. To hell with the cold. You takes his metal hand on your lap and bring your other hand up to cup his cheek, caressing it gently. He leans into your touch.
“It’s okay, Bucky. It wasn’t your fault.”
His eyes trail down to your neck where there were bruises forming. His eyes widen in shock as he brings his flesh hand gently near your neck. “Did I- did I do this to you.”
You. put your hand over his and squeeze it gently. “It wasn’t you Bucky. I’ll keep on saying this eve if you don’t believe it.”
His voice cracks. “But what if something bad happened to you? I don’t know what I’d do,” he whispers.
“Hey, listen. Look at me.” He slowly brings his eyes up to yours. You cup his cheeks with both of your hands and gaze intently at him. He looks breathless. The cold pricking both of you but neither of you didn’t seem to notice.
“You are not him,” you say seriously. “You are James Buchanan Barnes. You have always been Steve’s best friend and you will always be the love of my life. You understand?”
Bucky’s mouth hangs open in awe as he tries to say something. You lean in and kiss him and he kisses you back as if his life depended on it. Embraced in each other’s arms, shielding you both from the cold wind swirling around you. You pull away and smile. He smiles back. You brush away a tear on his cheek with your thumb. 
“You wanna stay here and condemn us both to hypothermia or you wanna come back with me?”
He laughs gently and gets up along with you. 
“Why aren’t you wearing a coat?” he asks.
You gasp at him, “Why aren’t you wearing any shoes?!”
He brushes it off and takes off his coat and wraps it around your shoulders. You stare at him.
“What?” he says, grinning.
You squint your eyes at him, “I’m not given my shoes to you.” He laughs loudly at that. More so because your feet were around half the size of his. 
“God, I love you so much, doll.”
“Flattery won’t help ya, Barnes!” You call back as you skip ahead of him and open the door to the compound to get away from the freezing cold.
You look over your shoulder and smile on seeing a wide grin plastered on his face.
“I love you too, Bucky.”
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @marvel-3407 , @intothesoul , @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 , @bbl32 , @maxsaturdayhatesnarwhals , @bucks-bunny , @country-cowgirl-101​ , @weirdowithnobeardo​ , @sltwins , @sharonisantisocial. , @multiplums , @ Hit me up if you’d like to be tagged in my future projects!
Tumblr media
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bucksbestbabe · a day ago
Night Before
pairings: bucky x reader
warnings: smut, fluff
summary: it’s the night before you and bucky become mr & mrs barnes. when the boys bring their bachelor party to the girls bachelorette party, buck & y/n can’t keep their hands off each other.
Tumblr media
“Voulez-Vou” by Abba blasted through the speakers on the outdoor patio of the air bnb. You and all your girls planned to dance, laugh, and just let loose all night long. With a drink in your hand and Natasha screaming the lyrics to the song practically right into to your ear, you knew the only way to make the night better would be having Bucky with you. Wanda and Nat had to practically pull you two apart from each other so you could go to your bachelor and bachelorette parties. You guys stuck together like glue, but you knew that you’d both have a fun time tonight thanks to the most amazing group of friends.
“Y/N, babes, you have that look on your face.” Natasha said as she poured herself another drink.
“What look?” You questioned not knowing at all what she meant.
“You miss Bucky. I can tell, babes.”
“What?!” You asked surprised, “I can totally go a night without him. I don’t miss him, I just hope he’s having a good time with the boys.”
“No no.. Y/N, hun, you miss him. You want his dick.” Natasha said casually as she sipped her drink.
“Nat! I do not want his dick. Well… I mean yea, of course I want his dick but I’m having a great time with you guys! I’m serious!” You reassured her that you were really happy to be at the party.
“Right… Well I have a surprise for you soon.” Natasha said giving you a little smirk. “Nat… please tell me you didn’t invite strippers.”
“Nope, Buck wouldn’t let me,” Natasha laughed. “I did use his credit card to rent Magic Mike though, don’t tell him.”
After a few more minutes of dancing with your girls, you noticed someone jumping the gate in the yard that led to the patio.
“Um, guys… who just jumped our gate??” You turned to the girls in confusion. As you all moved closer in the yard to see who the person was, about ten more guys began hopping over the gate. You all let out a collective scream until you realized who they were.
“We come in peace! And with more alcohol!” Steve, Bucky’s best man, shouted across the yard.
The boys have crashed your party.
You and all the girls let out a sigh of relief now knowing these “intruders” but also let out some light punches on the boys as they got closer and playfully reprimanded them for scaring you.
The boys joined your girls on the dance floor; everyone now dancing, drinking, laughing, and definitely flirting.
You didn’t see your handsome fiancé on the dance floor, but when you glanced over to the gate and saw one more guy hopping over, you knew it was your man.
You ran over to Bucky, and just as his feet hit the ground, you got on your tip-toes and crashed your lips onto his soft ones. You put your palms on his chest and pushed him up against the gate, lips continuing to move against each other.
“Hey baby,” he sighed out as you pulled apart for air. “Thanks for the warm welcome.” He winked at you.
“Well thanks for crashin’ the party.” You smirked up at him.
“Steve and Natasha thought it’d be a fun idea. Think they also know I can’t stay away from you for too long.” Bucky said with a laugh. “Now turn around sweetheart, I have something for you.”
You turned around and felt a coolness hit your neck. You looked down to see a golden locket and let out a small gasp.
“Bucky…” you turned to face him, “this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you.”
“Of course, doll. Thought you could wear it tomorrow.” Bucky smiled at you, his eyes full of adoration as he looked at the woman he was completely in love with.
You brought your lips to his again, locking your hands around his neck. He brought his hands that were on your waist down to your ass giving it a light squeeze. You let out a gasp allowing him to slip his tongue in your mouth. You moved one of your hands down palming the hardness in his jeans. Bucky let out a moan bringing you back to reality.
“Baby, as much as I wanna keep doing this, our friends are right over there..” you said pulling away to look at him.
“Yeah… you’re right. C’mon.”
Bucky grabbed your hand pulling you behind him. He led you through your crowd of friends and into the air bnb.
“Get that dick, babes! Don’t be too loud!” Natasha shouted from Steve’s arms making a blush arise on your cheeks.
Bucky pulled you into the bedroom and pushed you against the door, your palms on the door frame, ass pushed against his front. He eagerly unzipped your dress letting it fall to your feet.
“Been cravin’ you all night, doll. Thought I could wait til tomorrow night but fuck I need you.” Bucky groaned out as you turned back around leaving a trail of hot kisses down his neck. You eagerly unbuttoned his dress shirt pushing it off his shoulders.
“Mm, need you too baby. You’re so good to me. Can’t wait to be your wife in the mornin’.”
Bucky hearing you call yourself his wife made his cock twitch in his jeans. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down along with his boxers.
Once Bucky was completely naked, you pushed him down onto the bed a few feet away. You straddled his his thighs, grinding your clothed pussy onto his cock.
“Oh fuck, Y/N,” he groaned out.
After you reached around to take your bra off, Bucky flipped the two of you over. He slid your panties down your legs sensually and licked a strip from your wet hole to your clit. You let out a shutter at the feeling of his cool tongue on your hot sex.
“As much as I wanna keep lickin’ up this sweet pussy and make cum just from my mouth, I need to be inside you. Need to feel you around me, doll.”
“Please,” you whined out.
Bucky pushed into you making you both let out a gasp at the feeling. You moved your hands to feel his back muscles in every movement. He nuzzled his face into your neck letting out soft moans right into your ear that made you wanna cum from the sound alone.
“Right there, baby” you whined out, “I’m so fucking close.”
Bucky moved in harder strokes hitting the sweet spot that made you cum all over his cock. He reached down to your clit rubbing tight circles. You came in seconds with Bucky not far behind.
“Ah f-fuck,” Bucky moaned out loudly, not even attempting to be quiet as he released in your warm walls. “I love you so much doll, so much.” He whispered into your ear.
You both laid there in sweet silence catching your breath. He laid his head on your breasts, arms wrapped around your waist while you ran your fingers through his brown locks.
“They probably all know we just came in here to fuck.” You said with a laugh. “They definitely all know we just came in here to fuck.” Bucky replied with a smile playing on his lips. “But I should probably go find Steve and head back to the hotel.” He said while reaching for his clothes that were strewn around the room. “Yeah I should get back to the girls, see what else they have planned. Thanks for coming to see me tonight, baby.” You smiled at him planting a kiss on his neck.
Once you were both somewhat presentable, you reached for the door. Before you opened it, Bucky grabbed your face in his warm hands. He connected your lips in a sweet kiss that made you never wanna stop kissing him.
“I’ll see ya at the alter, doll.” Your fiancé winked making butterflies erupt in your stomach.
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darkbucky · a day ago
pairing: dark!bucky barnes x reader
warnings: violence (not really detailed, but you can guess what he's trying to do), reader crying & begging, possessive behavior, bucky being a bit gross
a/n: idk why or how, but I had this idea of dark!bucky being possessive about reader having an old tattoo of their ex's name and trying to cut it off. (also, ik this is short + not really a fic, but I still wanted to include warnings just in case) *and if anyone like this idea, feel free to use it in a fic! I want to see y'all's interpretation*
Tumblr media
the pain was searing hot; it was a surprise you haven't passed out yet, but he was delighted you were conscious and aware – having you witness what he was doing to you, what he was trying to erase.
Tumblr media
as soon as bucky discovered your ex's name still inked on your body, it brought out something dark within him: possession slithered its way across his hands, coiled tightly around the handle of his blade.
“you're with me now, doll. I don't see why you haven't had this removed, when they're out of the picture.”
your stomach flipped in sync with his movements; the knife glinted in the light each time it dropped back down in his vibranium hand.
“b-bucky, you're scaring me,” your eyes darted frantically, like a cornered animal seeking an escape.
“no, no, it's okay. I'm doing this for us,” he cooed. “now, hold still for me, okay?”
you couldn't have outrun him even if you tried – you were no match for his super serum enhanced abilities. he had you on your back in a blur, his knees pressed down on your chest; the weight of him was oppressive.
“bucky, stop!” you wheezed. “please, don't do this!” you thrashed in his hold, eyes wild and pleading.
“do you not love me? is that why their name is still on you?” he gritted out, froth collecting at the corner of his mouth with every word. “maybe I should brand you as mine. leave a mark that will stay with you forever. won't you like that?”
tears spilled down your cheeks in a steady flow. bucky groaned as he took in the sight; his rough tongue lapped it up greedily – you flinched with every stroke, earning you a deep chuckle.
“are you ready, darlin'?” he grinned down at you, vibranium arm whirring as he brought the weapon closer to the offensive word engrained into your skin.
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barnestuff · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary in which bucky finally finds his home.
pairings bucky barnes x reader
warnings soft!bucky, “have you eaten today?”, fluff.
a/n gif credits, have a nice day/night!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky thought he would never fall in love, not after everything that happened to him. He was convinced that his heart was frozen.
Then, you came along.
It was almost like a dream, unfamiliar, but comforting. He rarely had beautiful dreams, and it always felt too good to be true. He was so used to having and living through nightmares.
“Doll, I’m home” he closed the door and started walking to the living room, concerned that you didn’t answer his greeting like you always do.
He understood why you didn’t answer him when he got to the living room. You were laying on the couch, sleeping, with Alpine next to you. You both looked so peaceful and cute, Bucky felt his heart swelling at the sight in front of him. He hated that but he knew he had to wake you up since six pm was not an ideal time to take a nap. He walked up to the couch and gently caressed your cheek to wake you up. You opened your eyes, eyelids still heavy from sleep.
“Hello, pretty girl,” he said, smiling.
“Hi,” you gave him a tired smile, happy to see him but still sleepy.
“I brought food, let’s eat, yeah?” he said, his hand still on your cheek, his thumb moving on your cheek slightly.
“I want to sleep.” you closed your eyes again.
“After dinner, baby. Have you eaten today?” he asks you with concerned eyes.
“‘Can’t remember.” you said and got up from the couch, leaning on his body and hugging him. Your arms were wrapped around his waist and your head was leaning on his shoulder.
“I missed you so much.” you mumble.
“I was just gone for a few hours, pretty girl.” he smiled at you and you didn’t answer, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent.
“I missed you too.” he said.
He was attached. He was in love.
He constantly missed you, wanted to touch you all the time. He thought about you all the time. He dreamt about you, about touching you, kissing you, even when you were next to him, he missed you.
He loved little things like holding your hand while walking, or cuddling on the couch after a long day, a kiss on the cheek before leaving, the way you say good morning after waking up, how you would jump into his arms after he comes home from a mission.
He walked into the kitchen. It was 3 AM and he was ready to fight if there was someone dangerous in your shared house. He was both relieved and concerned when he saw you cooking something. You were wearing one of his shirts and shorts, looking adorable as always. He leaned on the door and watched you for a while as you kept cooking, oblivious to his presence. He loved watching you as you focused on something, you always looked very cute.
“Doll, why are you awake?” he asked after a while, trying to whisper. You jumped a little bit when you heard his voice so suddenly but you quickly relaxed when you recognized his voice.
“I… I just couldn’t sleep.” you said but he knew it was more than that. Still, he didn’t push it. He knew you would talk to him about him whenever you were ready, just like you always did.
“May I ask what you are cooking?” he asked and lifted his eyebrows, making you laugh. He hugged you from behind, his arms around your waist, his head on your shoulder.
“Pancakes. You like them?” you asked him as you put the pancakes on a plate.
“Well, I haven’t eaten one since the 40’s.” he said.
“You are lucky then, not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty good at making pancakes.” you whispered and he held your face, giving you a kiss, you smiled into the kiss. He led you to the living room as you held your plates, he was holding your hand, and both of you sat down at the couch, sharing a blanket. Bucky’s left arm was around your shoulders, right one holding his plate. Your legs were hanging off his legs.
You two ate your pancakes in silence, some kisses and giggles were shared.
When you fell asleep in Bucky’s arms, he watched you for a while. Admired and remembered your face, noticed how peaceful you looked while being asleep. There were moments like this when he wished that he could keep you in his arms forever, feel your warmth all the time.
Then, he picked you up in bridal style, taking you to the bedroom. You didn’t wake up until he reached the bedroom and laid you on the bed. He gently laid next to you and wrapped his arms around you.
“Goodnight, pretty girl.”
After decades, Bucky was happy. He was in peace. His dream was next to him, his girl was with him. He was home.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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