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#sebastian stan oneshot
fuckandfluff · 15 hours ago
NSFW Ask: Needy Bucky Gets Punished
Tumblr media
I feel so privileged that I'm your first request! that's so flattering💗
I decided to make this a quick little drabble so I hope that's okay, beeb🥺
Word Count: 400
Warnings: 18+, smut, mommy kink, degradation, sub/dom dynamics
A/N: special thanks to the platonic LOML, @sableseb, for reading this thang over for me! Xoxoxox
Tumblr media
It was an odd reversal of power when the two of you weren’t out in public.
Bucky loved being the dominant one in your relationship when eyes were on you but behind closed doors, he was your submissive little boy.
He could rarely annoy you; you often craved his subtle touch and were never sated when it came to him. But today, Bucky grated on your last nerve. He couldn’t stop touching you, grazing your thigh, pecking your neck, doting on you. Most women would feel blessed to have the full attention of the super soldier but to you, it was just plain irritating.
“Bucky, can you seriously just stop? I’m trying to study up for tomorrow!” you chide, glaring at him as you attempted to work through the case file you brought back from the office.
His face was painted with defeat: “Sorry, I just wanna - ah - I’m sorry, Y/N.” He's now on his knees, nestled betwen your legs and nuzzling against the soft curve of your thigh.
You huffed loudly, rolling your eyes back with your usual dose of sass, “It’s annoying, Buck. Can you just leave me alone?”
“But babe, please? Need you. Need my hands on you.”
You snapped your ballpoint pen down against the oak desk and locked scornful eyes with his.
“ENOUGH! You’re pissing me off! Always such a needy, one-track minded boy.”
You stood up abruptly from the desk and swept your delicate index finger under the stubble of his sharp jawline, “What am I gonna do with you, huh?”
He looked down defeatedly and it was in this moment that you knew you were just a bit too harsh with him. But his submissive nature with you is what made your sexual chemistry so damn amazing. He was an absolute alpha in public but you could make him crumble when no one was looking.
“Think you owe me, what do you think? My baby is such a greedy slut, always needing my attention,” you scold, placing a hand on his broad, sculpted shoulders.
You reached for the sturdy, police-issued handcuffs in the top drawer of your dresser and clinked them around each of his wrists, fastening them to the tightest possible resistance.
“Yes, mommy. Whatever you say.”
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I don't write fanfictions but i like a lot of them without reblogging them. I've decided i wanted this to change, so i'll start reblogging as much as i can but according to you is it better (for a multi chapters fic) to : reblog each chapters of a fic OR reblog the first or the last chapter and advise more people to read it ? Thanks you all for your opinion.
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subwaysurf45 · 2 days ago
Tech problems (bucky x reader)
Summary: bucky doesn’t know how to work the TV, his new phone, anything. After getting made fun if he wants to quit but the reader helps him out.
Pairing: bucky barns x reader
Warning: mentions of death near the end, but it’s mostly fluff
Bucky stood at the counter in the kitchen, full weight leaning on the concrete slab that most people ate off of. His eyebrows were basically touching as he fiddled with his phone that Tony just gave him, he just couldn’t figure it out for the life of him.
“Hey, old guy!” Tony walked in, “whatcha doing?” He walked over and peered over Bucky’s shoulder.
“Trying to…” his brain wasn’t focused on completing the sentence, more on creating an e-mail.
“I see,” Tony snatched the phone from Bucky’s hands and turned his back to him, Bucky tried to see what he was doing but Tony kept walking around. A little bit of anger grew inside him because Tony seemed just fine at working with tech- everyone did.
Steve had walked in, “Tony, what are you doing?” His voice was tired and annoyed, he already knew what was happening simply from the way Bucky looked longingly at Steve. “Tony-“
“Ah-ta-ta, let me help him.” Tony smirked, his voice dripping in sarcasm. “I’m doing it all for him, aaaand- done!” He turned and slapped the phone in the table, it looked like everyone else’s.
“What did you do to it?” Bucky asked, his anger coming through in his tone.
“Nothing, tin man- old man- silver hair, just nothing.” He seemed like he was telling the truth, “i just did it so you wouldn’t keep annoying me and asking so many god damn questions, jeez.” Tony scoffed and walked away, Bucky didn’t pick up the phone, rather stare at it.
“How stupid am I?” Bucky asked, “really, like you got this figured out in less than a week, Tony told me when I asked for the Bluetooth password.”
“Wifi.” Steve corrected.
“What?” Bucky looked over, “same thing, who cares…” Bucky waved him off, his head snapped up at Steve suppressing a laugh, his stomach sank, “what?” His voice light and almost a whisper.
“It’s not the same thing, very much not the same thing.” He laughed, Bucky sighed, he’d had enough of this. Bucky picked up the phone and walked down the hall, “oh, come on! I’m having fun with you!” Steve laughed.
You wiped the sweat from your forehead, training with Nat had just ended and you were heading back to your shared room with Bucky. As you walked past the kitchen you saw Steve looking at nothing, he hand kept his head up.
“Why the long face?” You panted, still needing to catch your breath.
“I made fun of Bucky, he’s mad now.” His mouth barley moved, the sentence was muffled.
“About what?” You asked softly but you were still mad, he made fun of your boyfriend.
“Him not knowing how to use tech,” Steve looked up and saw your jaw drop, “what?”
“Literally last night he was so upset because he called me when I was training and he used the emergency signal, so I came running to our room and he had no idea.” You looked towards the bedrooms, “he was so upset with himself that he made me scared, he was all in his head. I need to go check up on him,” you sighed and turned to go to your room; that hot shower had to wait.
Once you made it to your room you softly knocked on the door, “Bucky?” You called, when you heard a hum you opened the door a jar, seeing him slumped over with his phone in his hands. “Hey, babe.” He seemed to break out of his thoughts when you placed a hand on his back.
“Hi, doll face.” He tried to smile, “how’s training?” He looked over to you as you sat beside him.
“Very long and very tiring,” you chuckled, you knew if you asked how he was doing he might get mad or breakdown, “Steve told me what happened, he seemed sad when I was in the kitchen.” Your hand started to rub his upper back, making sure you didn’t hit any scars through the shirt. “You wanna talk about it?” His phone was still on the home page, all the apps were downloaded but you knew he didn’t do that himself.
“I don’t know anything,” he sighed, “i don’t know how to work my phone, the microwave, the TV…I don’t know how to use the system thing in here properly, I can barley understand cars these days, that’s why I use the motorcycle because they didn’t change much but-… y/n, everyone thinks it so funny, the old guy who doesn’t know jack shit about tech.” He slumped forward.
“I don’t think it’s funny,” you moved up to the back of his neck, knowing he likes when you get under into his scalp.
“You’re different.” He stated.
“How so?”
“Because you’ve never been mean to anyone, you’re this shining star, you’re a light and you’re never mean.” His eyes left his phone and he looked at your leg, not wanting to make eye contact after saying that.
Your heart melted, his lips turned up at the quickly kiss to his cheek. He looked over and kissed you back, your hands wrapped around his neck and his pulled your waist in. After pulling away your foreheads rested on one another’s.
“Let me teach you, yeah?” You whispered, “no jokes. No funny business. As long as you need, I’ll go through it all.” You leaned back and waiting for his response.
“I don’t wanna make you go through-“
“Nope. Final rule, no self-doubt.” You smiled, his lip pouted out and he tried to cover his face and blush.
“Okay,” he nodded, “teach me.”
“Not right now,” you laughed, Bucky quirked a brow, “I’m tired and sweaty and I feel gross, also, I would like some cuddles.” You stood and grabbed your towel and a change of comfy clothes, “tomorrow.”
It was the next day, Bucky sat on the bed as you walked around the TV in your shared room, deep down he wanted to take some notes but he knew if anyone found them, he’d never hear the end of it.
“So let’s start basic,” you stood in front of the blank TV, “let’s say you’ve lost he remote, this is how you control it. Right here,” you pointed to the circle with a line through the top symbol, “that is the universal signal for on and off, look for that. Then, once you’ve pressed it here is the little notches for the volume and then the channel notches.” You pointed as you went along the bottom of the screen.
“Sounds easy,” Bucky muttered more to himself.
“But we have a remote, here, same little symbol, on and off. There, that’s the volume, and the big circle can help navigate up and down, side to side.” You showed him up close, “lots of these buttons will never be used, so I won’t really go through them.” You waved it off. “Okay, test number one, turn of the tv.” You passed the remote.
“Okay…” bucky clicked the button with the symbol he now knew and the screen lit up, some random cartoon played, “yes!” He shit up and jumped, quickly catching himself he sat back down.
“Can you change the channel for me?” You asked, a smirk on your face from his reaction before, he clicked the channel button and it went to the news. “And turn it up, please.”
“Easy,” he smiled and clicked, no sound came out. “What?” He clicked again and the sound came back, but not louder.
“You hit the mute button, use the long button here,” you pointed, he clicked up and it went up one level, after catching on and holding it the volume kept going up, “Bucky-“ you tried to warn but the volume cut out completely.
“Shit.” He stood up, Bucky fiddled with the notches on the actual TV but nothing happened. “What did I do?” His face i genuine terror, “did I break it, oh god, Tony’s gonna get some mad.”
“You blew out the speakers,” after observing the smoke coming out from the side of the TV that was the only possible answer.
“I knew i’d mess it up, I get so cocky, I really thought I had it.” He paced around, tugging his hair.
“Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine,” you calmed him and sat him in the bed, “it’s hard at first but it will only get easier.” You smiled before pulling him into a hug, you could feel his sigh of defeat as he hugged back.
You both headed out to the kitchen, Bucky still in a mood from breaking the TV a couple minutes ago. You both had some coffee, yours with a little milk.
“Hello, lovebirds.” Tony walked in, Bucky looked right at his feet and tried not to look awkward. “What’s up with cyborg over here?” Tony giggled.
“Nothing,” you dipped your coffee, Bucky just nodded along.
“I got a notification that the speakers in your room were blown out,” Tony teased, Bucky stiffened and inches closer to you, “what happened?”
Bucky looked up, his mouth open and about to talk. You gently placed a hand on his chest and looked him in the eye, a way of saying ‘I got this’.
“I sat in the remote, turns out my ass poked it right at the volume and I couldn’t figure it out in time.” You laughed, Bucky looked at you crazy before forcing one out.
Tony hunched over, “I can picture that, oh wow- I wish I was there!” He cackled before turning away and walking down the hall, “it’ll be fixed by tomorrow!” He called over his shoulder.
It was lonely without you, it was very rare you’d go in missions without Bucky but also rare you’d go alone. It was a simple infiltrate, you were more on the espionage rather than Captain America side of powers. 
Bucky had tired to talk to Steve about letting someone go with you, this mission would involve zero contact with the base. But no one listened, it was always going to be you.
It had been a month, three quarters done with the they needed. The tech lesions had to be halted, you weren’t there to teach and Bucky refused to let anyone tell him anything about the tech in his room.
“If only you could see me, babe…” he whispered as he worked the TV, that was the only thing he knew, and he was great at it. Last week he recorded a show, he was never going to watch it, but it as recorded. He almost had a heart attack when the remote stopped working, but it just ran out of batteries.
After doing all the cool tricks he knew he looked over to your side of the bed, it was neatly made and seemed untouched. Whenever you’d be fine for even a night he’d sleep on the ground, but he promised he’d sleep on the bed, but he never rolled over or even sat on your side.
The one thing he missed was the way your shampoo stunk up the whole bed in a good way, when he’d wake up the morning after you’d showered he’d could smell your lavender shampoo right away, it almost puts him back to sleep. But as the days went on, it faded.
Bucky looked around before gently placing his face your pillow, almost like an afterthought of your sent came through; just barley there. His face hovered before he gave in and relaxed on it, he knew if he’d roll around the sent would fade quicker, he didn’t really care.
There was a hard spot on your pillow, he reached under and found a green spiral notebook. It didn’t have anything in the cover, once he opened it a gasp fell from his lips.
It was a notebook, for every piece of tech in the house. From his phone to how F.R.I.D.A.Y. works, it was all there. Intricate diagrams that where labeled, one page had everything he needed to know.
Bucky’s phone sat face down in his bedside table, he flipped the that page and looked it over. He picked up his phone and read through it all, slightly muttering then words that were written to himself like he was being taught.
“Okay, you got this,” he said as he pressed the on button, as he navigated around he learned how to add a contact, send and text, google, the a picture, send an email. Everything.
You walked into the compound completely exhausted, one black eye layer, the base had been infiltrated. You went to your mission report computer and Tony was there, he gave you your phone.
“Connect back to the wifi,” he nodded before leaving you to connect.
Once you were fully back online your phone began to buzz, over and over. Tons of notifications rolled in. You went to emails first.
From: bucky
To: y/n
Subject: test?
Hellooooooo this is a test, don’t worry about it!
You laughed and scrolled through the other emails, finding out they were all kind of the same, then you went to text messages.
There was a selfie of him holding the green book, his smile couldn’t have been wider. He sent three, probably by accident. But they were still cute.
So I figured hit text!
Kinda cool
I found the book, it was like Christmas
Anyway, I know you won’t read this but I think I’ll try the oven next, I’ll ask wanda about it.
As the texts went on, your heart started to drop and your stomach swirled. They had been getting progressively sadder.
Hey doll face, I hope you’re well, miss you
I miss you
I love you
I wanna marry you one day, maybe live on farm and have a few kids
If you want
Sent: two months ago
I finished your book, I think I know it all now, I’ve been going over those tests you put in the back sleeve, they’re really good
You’re very thoughtful
I know you can’t see this
I don’t know what to do with myself, this is very hard.
Sent: one month ago
Are you dead?
I had a dream you died in my arms, and I can’t tell if it was a flashback or a dream
I hope you’re not
I love you too much
Please come home
I really need you
I wish I never learn how to use this shit, honestly, I can’t seem to put my phone down because this is all I have if you right now. I keep checking it to see if you’ve responded but I know you haven’t, but part of me wants you to respond so I know you’re alive.
I’m not ready to say goodbye to you yet.
Sent: 24 hours ago
You slammed the phone down and raced down the hall, you passed the kitchen and everyone who smiled at you because they hadn’t seen you in three months, they probably also thought you were dead.
You stopped right before the door, you could hear soft whimpers coming from inside.
“I miss you,” the voice was muffled.
You opened the door silently, you saw Bucky lying right next to your side of the bed, it was still perfectly made. You also saw what looked like glass shattered by the wall, a closer look and it was his phone.
“Bucky?” You asked.
His head shot up and he sat up straight, after wiping his face he ran right over to you. His hug pushed you back on the floor, he just stayed there.
“Don’t ever do that again, please.” His voice was still shaken, “I can’t go through that again.”
“Never again, i was so worried when I saw your text a minuet ago.” You whispered and ran your fingers through his hair.
“Your name in my phone, your the only one.” He sniffled, “it was like it was taunting me, I got really mad and I threw it.” He hugged you tighter, “you were supposed to come home two days ago.” He cried.
“I know,” you housed him and sat up, as he pulled away he saw your bruised face, his thumb gently traced the purple mark.
“I don’t want a phone, I like knowing about it, but I’ll only ever borrow yours.” He seemed like he was pledging something, like an oath.
“Done deal,” you pulled him in for a long kiss, hoping it would never end.
A/n: I have a Wattpad, it’s under the same name, I’ll be posting a bucky story here as there too!
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calwrites · 2 days ago
Don’t You
Summary: You’re at a friend’s wedding when you run into your ex Sebastian, who smiles and asks you how you’ve been
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
word count: 3.5k
I’ve been listening to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) too much and this is the result. Thank god this song didn’t come out when I was in middle school.
The wedding had been lovely. It had been so easy, standing up there in the line of bridesmaids, to forget about everything else and just be happy for your friend. And you were really happy for her. After dating jerks throughout most of high school and college, it seemed like she had finally realized the perfect guy for her had been there all along. Of course, you could have told her that in high school and saved her the trouble. In fact, you had tried. But still, she deserved the best wedding.
So you stood on the edges of the reception and smiled politely. Old high school friends were mixed in with the people you didn’t know. You laughed when someone brought up an old inside joke. You asked the questions you were supposed to ask when catching up with old friends. And for the first hour it seemed like you would be able to get through the night, but of course, he showed up.
“I thought Sebastian wasn’t coming.” The girls glanced at you when Rachel said his name, but you didn’t let yourself react. So far, everyone had been very deliberately not talking about him when you were around. 
“He’s not,” the bride responded. “He was supposed to be the best man, but he couldn’t get away. I guess he’s filming or something.”
“Well he just walked in.” You froze, champagne glass midway up to take a sip. Despite your best efforts, your eyes moved towards the door. 
There was no mistaking him. He looked better than he had when you had last seen him a year ago. The suit he was wearing was one that you had picked out for him. His hair was the length you loved, perfect for running your fingers through. A smile lit up his face as he embraced the groom, his best friend from high school. And then his eyes were meeting yours from across the room. The same beautiful blue they had always been.
You and Sebastian hadn’t been super close in high school. You ran around with the same group of friends. You had gone to a couple school dances together, mainly because you were the only single ones in the friend group. Despite your best efforts, you two had always been more like two people with mutual friends, rather than actual friends.
Nothing changed much after you started college. Your friend group would get together during breaks when everyone was home, and you and Sebastian might exchange a few words. On holidays and birthdays, you would trade texts. He congratulated you when you got into business school. You congratulated him when one of his movies would come out.
As his roles got bigger, you assumed that he would eventually stop responding to your texts or perhaps change his number, but that never happened. You thought for sure that you wouldn’t get a response when you texted him to say congrats for landing a role in the Captain America movie. It wasn’t that you thought he’d turn into a snob. You just kind of assumed that you had never been good enough friends to warrant a response.
So imagine your surprise when you realized the man calling your name as you walked down the street in New York was him. It had been a bit surreal to see him after so many years. Even more surreal were the people, fans of his no doubt, who had taken pictures of the two of you while you were talking.
It had been nice seeing a friendly face. You had only just moved to New York, so the only people you talked to were your coworkers. And apparently Sebastian had enjoyed seeing you too. The next day you had a text from him asking you to dinner. It was silly that you two hadn’t been close in high school. That was what Sebastian decided as the two of you reconnected over the next few weeks. Very silly. That was what you decided after Sebastian asked you to be his girlfriend.
For a moment, neither of you moved. The shock you were feeling now was similar to the shock you had felt when you saw Sebastian that first day in New York, but this one was much less pleasant. Was he thinking the same thing? Then, the groom was pulling Sebastian towards another group, while one of your friends dragged you onto the dance floor.
It seemed as though your friends were taking turns keeping you occupied for the next hour, but you couldn’t stop yourself from staring at Sebastian every chance you got. Eventually, you got away by claiming you needed to use the restroom. Instead of rejoining your friends, you hung back and watched the party. As your eyes scanned the crowd, you caught sight of Sebastian. He was heading right towards you. Your fight or flight response kicked in. It chose flight. You tried to be subtle as you quickly looked for the fastest exit.
“Hey.” Apparently you weren’t quick enough. Sebastian was standing in front of you. Worse, he was reaching out to hug you. The familiar smell of the cologne, the one that you had bought him for his birthday last year, engulfed you. Stiffly, you returned his hug, then took a step back to put more distance between the two of you when he pulled away.
“I knew I’d run into you somewhere,” he joked. How could he act so normal? Like nothing was wrong. Like he hadn’t broken your heart just a few months ago.
“I just didn’t expect it to be here,” you muttered. Where were your friends? Why weren’t they coming to rescue you?
“That explains the staring.” You felt your face heat up. It wasn’t surprising that he had caught the stares. You hadn’t been subtle. Hopefully, no one else had. How pathetic you must seem. Caught up on your ex instead of enjoying your friend’s wedding reception.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just thought you couldn’t make it.” It was the only reason you had agreed to come. You had a perfect excuse not to. Your boss was a dick and wouldn't give you the time off to fly in from San Francisco. That’s what you were going to tell them, but then they said that Sebastian couldn’t come. The groom couldn’t have his best man, so at least the bride could have her maid of honor.
“I thought so too, but I managed to convince the director to move the shooting schedule around a little bit. I still couldn’t make it to the ceremony, but at least I made the reception.” You wished he hadn’t. “I wasn’t gonna try at all, but Jess convinced me to.”
Jess. His new girlfriend. The one who was nothing like you. All the magazines said so. All of the people on Twitter said she made him happy.
You and your coworkers stared at your phone in confusion. It had been buzzing almost continuously for the past few minutes. At first, you had assumed that it was nothing important and you’d check it out after you and the others had finished discussing your latest project. Now, you all were curious to see how many notifications you were going to get.
“I didn’t realize you were so popular.” Your coworker glanced up at you quickly. “No offense.”
You waved her off. You definitely weren’t this popular. No one at the startup was this popular. Considering that most of the people you knew were either on the East Coast and probably asleep or currently in the office with you, you couldn't imagine who would be trying to contact you. In fact, the last time you had gotten so many notifications at once…
Your heart was in your stomach as you finally reached for your phone. Another notification lit up the screen. A Twitter notification, you realized with dismay. Some idea of what this would be about was forming as you began to unlock your phone.
Suddenly, one of the founders of the startup, the one who had convinced you to join in the first place, came running into the room. His eyes widened when he saw the phone in your hand. “No, Y/N, you don’t want to do that!”
Too late.
You had been tagged in hundreds of Tweets that all linked the same articles. You kept scrolling, but all you could see were pictures of Sebastian. Pictures of Sebastian with his tongue down another woman’s throat.
“Oh my god.” You’re not sure if the words came from you or the coworkers who were gathered around, staring at your phone. Most of them knew that you had dated Sebastian. They had witnessed the mess that you had been post breakup. You clicked on a link to one of the articles.
He had arrived at a club with the mystery woman earlier that night. Shortly thereafter, the pictures of the two getting...close had been posted on Twitter. It seemed that someone had finally been able to figure out the identity of the woman. Jessica Kelley. You didn’t even have to continue reading the article to know that she was a model. She looked exactly like you’d expect a model from LA to look like.
Already, people were drawing comparisons between the two of you.
‘wow it’s only been two months since he and @Y/N broke up and he’s already moved on?’
‘good for him. She seems way better for him than @Y/N. Jess is way prettier’
‘If you all saw @Y/N making out with another guy like this already you’d be calling her a slut. Can’t believe this’
‘@Y/N wishes she looked like Jessica. I always thought she was too ugly for Seb. too boring too.’
‘I’m so happy he dumped that nerd and found someone who actually cares about his career. @Y/N was just bringing him down’
‘He never looked that happy with @Y/N’
‘He looked so much happier with @Y/N. Idc what anyone says, they were goals’
“Stop that.” Your phone was taken from your hand by one of your coworkers. “You don’t need to read all of that.”
“Yeah, you should just delete Twitter. At least for now.” A few of the others also chimed in with words of support, but your mind just kept reminding you and the biggest difference between you and Sebastian’s new woman.
It was past midnight and she was out with Sebastian, while you were still at the office.
“That’s great,” you manage. “Is she here?” Can he tell how much he’s torturing you right now? Does he care? The longer he stands there, looking perfectly at ease, the harder it is to hold back the whirlwind of emotions inside you. As much as you hate him, you’ve missed him.
“No. She wanted to come, but she has a photoshoot in LA.” You nod politely. “You know, it’s kind of crazy. Most of her work is in LA, so I’ve been spending a lot of time there recently. I really miss New York. You must be glad to be back though. I was there two weeks ago, just before filming started, and I went to that coffee shop that you love. The one that’s a few blocks from the apartment. I was kind of surprised I didn’t see you in there.” The apartment. It wasn’t our apartment anymore. It was just his apartment, despite how much time you had put into picking out the color scheme and deciding on which sofa to get and finding plants that he wouldn’t kill. 
“It would have been more surprising if I had been there.” The way Sebastian’s head cocked slightly and his brows drew together was painstakingly familiar. It was the same face he made whenever you tried to explain what you did at work. “I’m still in San Francisco. The company has been doing really well there. We decided there was no point in a New York office yet.”
“I thought your plan was to spend a year in San Francisco working on the startup and then move back to New York whether or not they decided to expand. You said you could just find a new job if you needed to.”
“Well that was when I had a reason to move back to New York.” Realization dawned on Sebastian’s face. He glanced away uncomfortably. “I don’t anymore, so I’m still in San Francisco. I haven’t been back to the city since I moved, actually.”
“Home sweet home.” You gestured to the bare apartment. Empty boxes were scattered around the small living room/kitchen. Through the doorway, you could see the bedroom that currently held just a bed and dresser.
“Don’t say that.” Sebastian’s arms wrapped around you and he pulled you into his chest. “Your home is in New York.”
You rolled your eyes at the pout on his face. “Fine. Temporary home sweet temporary home. Better?” Sebastian shook his head. Obviously, he still wasn’t thrilled with your move. “It’s just a year. You’ll be filming most of the time, so we’d be apart anyway. We’ll be home together again soon.”
“I’ll still miss you.”
“I’ll miss you too. We can still facetime and talk like we usually do when you’re gone. Plus, you’re coming back to visit next month, right?”
“I booked the flights and everything,” Sebastian promised, wrapping you up in another hug.
But he had canceled that visit at the last minute. And the next one. And the next one. Your calls and facetimes got shorter and more sporadic once he started filming. Pretty soon, most of your communication was short texts sent whenever you had time.
You had figured that things would get easier once the startup had found its footing and Sebastian settled into filming, but Sebastian seemed to have other ideas.
You had expected the text to be Sebastian cancelling another trip to see you. Instead, he was breaking up with you. The relationship that you had put years into was done after three months apart.
“I am sorry about how everything went down. I just didn’t think that it was working out. I was in New York or off filming. You were in California. We tried for months, but we were both just so busy. We never got to see each other.”
You nodded slowly. “Right. And how has LA been? Since you’ve been spending so much time there with Jess.” At least Sebastian had the decency to look embarrassed. Most people wouldn’t have noticed the anger in your words, but Sebastian knew you well enough to recognize that they were a dagger aimed right at him.
“Do you hate me?” That was a good question. One that threw you for a loop. There were a lot of people online who thought that you had every right to. Sebastian had ended the relationship that you had put years into because he apparently didn’t want to wait out the year that you would be in San Francisco. It was kind of an asshole move. Despite all of that, he was still the guy who you had fallen in love with. He was the guy who had surprised you with backstage passes to your favorite band for your first anniversary. He was the boy who had shyly asked you to homecoming freshman year because all of your friends had dates, and he didn’t want to have to go alone.
“No. I don’t hate you. Sometimes I really wish that I did. I’ve tried a lot, actually, but I can’t.” You don’t know if you’re more surprised by how you answered or by the fact that it’s the truth. Deep down, you had always known that you could never hate him. Standing with him now, it was starting to become easier to see why. You had stood with him on the edge of the crowd at so many parties through the years. It felt so right to be next to him that you could feel your resolve weakening. But you had to stay strong. You had sworn that you wouldn't do this. You wouldn’t be the weak one.
You didn’t reciprocate when Sebastian smiled at you. It was the same shy smile that you had grown used to in high school. “So how are you? How’s San Francisco?”
The smile felt tight on your face. Hopefully it didn’t look as fake as it felt. You tried to make your life seem exciting. In truth, the last year had been a lot of late nights at the office and takeout. Certainly different to how your life with Sebastian had been.
You could see people shooting the two of you glances. Your friends were probably wondering whether or not they needed to save you. At least that meant you didn’t look as pained as you felt. The only thing you could do as Sebastian told you a story about something funny Anthony Mackie had done was nod. When he was done, Sebastian threw his head back to laugh and his hand landed on your arm to steady himself.
You tensed, waiting for him to remove it. Instead, he looked carefully at you for a second before saying quietly, “I’ve missed you. A lot, actually. There have been so many times I’ve picked up my phone and almost called you. I was actually going to call you after Mackie did that, but I always stopped myself.”
He missed you. That should make you feel better. Maybe he was as miserable without you as you were without him. You knew that wasn’t the case though. He didn’t want you again. He had moved on. Now it was time for you to do the same.
You shook off his hand. He tried to reach for you again, another apology or explanation already on his lips, but you held up a hand. “Don’t, Sebastian. You broke up with me, remember? That was your decision. I still don’t understand it really, but it was. That means that you don’t get to smile and ask how I’ve been. Okay? You don’t get to say that you miss me if you don’t want me again.”
“But I do want you in my life. We’ve been friends forever.”
You pressed your hands into your eyes, trying not to get frustrated. It was a wedding. You couldn't make a scene. “You don’t get it, do you?”
“Get what? We were friends before. Why can’t we be friends now?” Sebastian ran a hand through his hair. His tongue darted out to lick his lip. Your heart clenched, reminding you of why you couldn’t be friends.
“You don’t know how much I still love you.” Sebastian’s eyes widened. “Maybe you only needed two months to move on, but I’m not there yet. It’s bad enough seeing pictures of you. I haven’t been able to get on any social media in months because people keep tagging me in stuff about you and your new relationship. Being here right now, talking to you, is killing me. I can’t even imagine how bad it would be if we tried to be friends. I can’t do it. I won’t.”
Without waiting for a response, you turned and began making your way out of the reception, waving off your friends’ looks. You had almost reached the doors when a hand was on your arm, turning you around.
“Y/N, wait. Please, don’t go. We can talk about this. I want to fix this.” Sebastian had his puppy dog eyes out in full effect. You shook your head, smiling sadly. Gently, you took your arm back.
“There’s nothing to fix. So I’m going to walk out of here tonight and try to go on with my life. And if the next time you’re being interviewed someone asks if it was awkward being at a wedding with your ex, then you can say it wasn’t. You can say that we’re still friends and it was nice catching up and you wish me all the best, but I can’t do that. I don’t wanna pretend. I’m not an actor like you. So I’m done with this, and if I see you again, then please...just don’t. Don’t smile at me. Don’t ask me how I’ve been. Don’t say you’ve missed me. I still love you, Sebastian, and I know that you don’t love me anymore and goddamnit why don’t you? That’s what I’ve been wondering for the last seven months. But it doesn’t matter, does it? You’ve moved on, and that’s good for you. But just...don’t.”
There were tears on Sebastian’s cheeks when he nodded. He took a step away from you. There were tears in your eyes as you sent him one last smile. You closed the door behind you.
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a/n: this whole series just one big puddle of fluff lmao but i regret nothing! im having way too much fun writing these little scenarios so here is one of another milestone as a soon to be dad, feeling the baby kicking for the first time!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
word count: 1.3k
This fic is part of the LITTLE ONE series, but can be read as a simple oneshot as well! Find the masterpost of the series HERE!
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
There is nothing like a lazy Saturday morning spent in bed, bodies melting together under the soft sheets as the morning Sun peeks through the blinders. You’ve been lucky enough to have more and more mornings like this since Sebastian has returned from his last job before his hiatus he has planned for the baby’s arrival. Life has been slowing down around you, the hours spent with work and endless tasks are now turning into baby shopping, lounging around at home, enjoying the time spent together as just a couple before two becomes three soon.
Ever since your stomach has grown quite significantly, you haven’t been able to sleep in any other position than on your side, your belly kind of a burden in sleeping on your stomach at this point. In the evening you always fall asleep cuddled to Sebastian’s side, using him as your human-sized pillow, but somehow by the morning you seem to switch the position and it’s always him spooning you from behind, one arm under your head, his other one draped over your waist, hand protectively sprawling out on your bump. He has been obsessed with touching your stomach, amazed by the magic that’s happening to your body during pregnancy and he always sneaks his hands to your bump in every scenario, which you absolutely don’t mind. You love feeling his warm touch, his fingers caressing the stretched out skin, especially when he pays extra attention to your stretch marks that started to appear just a few weeks ago. At first you were a little anxious about them, afraid that they wouldn’t go away and you’d never be able to look at your body the same way, but he was quick to shut down every and any insecurities you were having.
“Baby, nothing can change the way I’m so grateful and amazed by everything you do for our little one. Those marks? Love them, if they are not gonna fade, I know you’ll rock them,” he told you one day when it came up. You almost started crying at his words, not sure how you scored such an amazing man.
Now as Sebastian slowly wakes, eyes squeezing gently, but still closed, his first instinct is to brush his hand over your bump, gently tickling the skin while you’re still fast asleep. He loves the way it curves into his hand, like it was made for him to touch. You stir in your sleep, pushing yourself up against him even more and he can’t help a lazy smile as he kisses your shoulder gently, just enjoying holding you in this blissful moment.
He almost falls back asleep a little when he feels the tiniest movement under his hand, something he hasn’t been able to catch before and his eyes almost immediately shoot open.
The baby started moving around a few weeks ago, the first time it was so weird and unexpected, but you’ve come to enjoy her little movements around, however she refused to move when Sebastian was touching your belly, waiting to feel her, but getting absolutely nothing. It’s like she knew when it was his hand on your stomach and not yours, staying still on purpose so he couldn’t feel her. That’s why he is now so excited as he feels a limb, a hand or maybe a tiny foot pushing against your belly from the inside, meeting his warm palm for the first time ever.
“Oh my God!” he whispers to himself, lifting his head up to see your stomach, hoping to get another little kick. “Babe, baby wake up!” he gently nudges you, only earning a growl as you bury your head deeper into the pillow. “I felt her! She moved!” he whispers in excitement, like a little boy on Christmas morning.
“Mm, just five more minutes,” you mumble, not even processing what he said.
“Y/N, she just kicked and I felt it!” he repeats, kissing your shoulder again, his hand now gently moving around your stomach, hoping to feel another movement.
“I felt it too, I really hope she is not trying to find my bladder,” you mumble under your breath, making the man behind you laugh.
“Do you think she’ll move again?” he asks, completely in awe of what he just experienced. You let a lazy smile tug at your lips as you take his hand on your stomach, move it around a little until you stop right under your navel.
“This is usually her spot, let’s see if she’ll kick for daddy again,” you hum, as Sebastian rests his chin on your shoulder as you’re still lying on your side, the two of you patiently waiting for something to happen. You can tell he is starting to give up, accepting that your little one is not gonna move again now that he is waiting for it, but then it finally happens.
A tiny foot kicks on your stomach from inside, right under Seb’s palm, making him gasp at the feeling and you can’t get enough of these reactions he always has for everything about this baby. You can’t believe there was even a moment when you were anxious about even telling him that you’re pregnant. This man was born to be a father and you’re the luckiest woman that you get to go through this all with him.
“I can’t wait to meet her, oh my God,” he breathes out as he leans down and kisses your cheek and temple softly.
“Not long is left,” you sigh, a little nervous about giving birth, but you’re trying to stay calm and collected.
You turn around so you can face him, arms snaking around his neck to pull him down for a sweet good morning kiss before he scoots down on the bed so his face is at your belly. Hands on each side of it, he presses a kiss to the naked skin as you run your fingers through his hair, playing with the locks that are getting longer now, outgrowing his usual clean ‘do.
“Hi there, little one. Are you enjoying the mama hotel?” he starts talking to the baby and you can’t help the grin that plasters across your face. “I know it’s warm and nice, but I can’t wait to meet you out here. Your mom and I are very excited for your arrival.”
“And a little nervous,” you add chuckling. Seb smiles up at you with those pretty blue eyes you are hoping your daughter will have too as he nudges his nose against your belly.
“Just a little, because we want to do everything right. But you’re gonna be a good girl and be patient with us, right?”
No answer comes, but he takes the silence and stillness as her agreement on the deal.
“You’re gonna let us sleep through the night, right?”
“Don’t even dream of that, baby,” you laugh, knowing well even if she’ll be a good sleeper you’ll have to wake up a few times still during the nights.
“Alright, alright. But cry just enough to wake me up, so I can take care of you and so your mom can sleep as much as she wants,” he then corrects the deal and your heart swells at how much he wants to take care of not just the baby but you as well.
“I think she agrees,” you smile down at him, running your fingers down the side of his face.
“Great, good talk, I’ll hold you onto this agreement. Love you, little one,” he hums, pressing another kiss to your stomach before he pushes himself up to meet your face again, capturing your lips in a quick kiss. “And I love you too.”
“I love you too. And she does too, even if she doesn’t like to make an appearance for you,” you chuckle, running a hand along your stomach.
“No, I get it. She is bonding with her mom for now. It’s all good, I’ll have all the time with her when she is here,” he smirks so proudly and you already know that this little one will be such a daddy’s girl.
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Like what if the Avengers didn’t break up after Civil War, instead they got back together and Bucky joined them after Shuri got the mind control out of Bucky’s head. Y/n, a banshee like Lydia, from Beacon Hills, subconsciously shows up at the Avengers Compound in NY to warn the Avengers as she predicted the death of all the people who would disappear in the snap, including all the Avengers that either disappear in the snap or don’t make it out of the final fight like Tony and Natasha (as banshees are harbingers of death, so they can predict it before it happens, have voices in their head that often subconsciously lead them to bodies, and they sometimes subconsciously write or draw messages from the voices they hear). I’m sure the Avengers would kinda be unsure and distrustful of her at first because they’ve never met her and they didn’t think any supernatural stuff was real, but they eventually believe her and because of this the Avengers are able to defeat Thanos before he makes the snap, therefore Endgame never happened as a result. I’m sure they’d ask her to join the Avengers after that. Through all this her and Bucky are drawn to each other and bond over time, falling for each other 😮 Imagine the Avengers’ reaction to her powers, like omg if she was as powerful as Lydia and able to weaponize her scream like Lydia, it’d be sooo cool and they’d be shook about all the supernatural stuff
Crossover Connection
A/N: This was so much fun to write. I absolutely love Teen Wolf, so this crossover is everything to me. Thank you so much for the request, it’s amazing! But, I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Banshee! Reader
Warnings: angst/fluff, mentions of death, violence, weapons, cursing 
Tumblr media
Taking a deep breath, you watch as one of the security guards hits the elevator button to go up. This may be the craziest idea you’ve had to date, but you are currently at the Avenger’s compound because the voices have informed you of many upcoming deaths, including some Avengers, and you want to try to prevent them. By voices, you mean the ones that appear in your head. 
Being a banshee from Beacon Hills, you’re able to predict death before it happens, by hearing voices that direct you on what will go on. Usually, you scream in order to drown out the noises around you and focus in on the voices in your head. And recently, you’ve discovered that half of the population will soon diminish, and you need to bring it to the Avenger’s attention. 
“Right this way,” one of the security guards say, directing you out of the elevator and down the hall. 
“Thank you,” you say as he opens a door for you. When you walk in, you realize it’s some sort of conference room. A long table is placed in the center, with every Avenger you could think of sitting at it. As soon as you are fully inside, all eyes are on you. 
“Hi,” you say awkwardly, putting your hand up in a half-wave. 
No one responds, instead choosing to just stare at you. The one and only Tony Stark walks up to you and places his hand out for you to shake. 
“Tony Stark,” he says. “At your service.” 
You place your hand in his. “Y/N, from Beacon Hills.” 
“Well, Y/N from Beacon Hills, I hear that you’re a Banshee and you’ve come to bring us news about some potential deaths.” 
“That’s correct.” 
Bucky, who’s sitting at the far end of the table, speaks up. “So, you’re going to tell us who will die and you expect us to just believe you?” 
Looking over at him, you watch as he crosses his arms over his chest, glaring back at you. 
“I can understand why you might not believe me, but this is important. A lot of people will die.” You look back over at Tony. “Including some of you.” 
“I think we should at least hear them out,” Steve jumps in. 
Tony steps to the side and gestures for you to head to the front of the room. 
“Unbelievable,” Bucky mutters to himself. 
Ignoring his comment, you roll your shoulders back and walk forward. Once you’re positioned at the head of the table, you take your time looking around the room, eyeing up each Avenger you look at. 
“As you all already know, I’m a banshee,” you begin. 
“What in the hell is a banshee? I mean, I know we’ve crossed paths with some strange things, but now what? Are there werewolves too?” Clint interrupts. 
“Yes, there actually are,” you say, staring at him with a deadpan look on your face. 
“Oh,” Clint responds, adjusting himself in his chair. “Well… proceed then, I guess.” 
Seated next to Clint is Sam. “Ignore this idiot, please,” Sam says, laughing. 
Letting out a slight chuckle, you look down and compose yourself before continuing. “So, as I was saying, I’m a banshee.” You look at Clint. “A banshee is someone who can predict death. We hear voices in our head that either directs us to a body or gives us information that can help us prevent someone from dying.” 
“So, you saw… I’m sorry... were told that half the population is going to die?” Sam asks. “... Damn, that’s gotta be the coolest superpower I’ve ever heard of.” 
Looking at Sam in shock, you think to yourself. So far, he seems to be your favorite. 
“Well… thank you,” you say. “I wasn’t expecting that type of reaction.” 
Clearing your throat, you continue. “Let me just get right to the problem. There will be someone crossing your path very soon. Someone by the name of Thanos. He believes the world is overpopulated and there aren’t enough resources for everyone, so to solve that problem, he plans on wiping out half the population.” 
“How would he manage to do that?” Bucky asks, still glaring at you. 
You stare him down. “He’s going to collect all six infinity stones. The power of all of them together will be enough to destroy half the planet with a snap of his fingers.”
“And, that causes half the population to vanish?” Tony asks, looking at you curiously. 
“Yes,” you respond immediately. “You will eventually be able to get everyone back, but it will take time, and come with a price.” 
“What type of price?” Tony asks. 
You stare at him sympathetically. “Your life… Yours specifically, Tony. You reverse the snap by using the infinity stone gauntlet yourself and it kills you.” 
Watching as Tony’s face turns to one of shock, you look away, unable to watch the horror etched into his expression. 
“So, what do we do?” Steve asks. 
“You destroy the infinity stones before Thanos can get to them. And, take Thanos down so he’s no longer a threat.” 
“Wait,” Wanda speaks up. “You said multiple Avengers will die. Who else besides Tony?” 
Sighing, you look down at the table. “Well, a lot of you will vanish when Thanos snaps his fingers. Half of you. Do you want me to say who?” 
“No,” Bucky answers quickly. “We don’t want to know.” 
You nod your head. “Okay, well there are a few other deaths that happen outside of the snap.” 
“Like who? Please tell us,” Wanda begs. 
“I really don’t know how to say this, so I’ll just get out with it. Natasha,” you look over at Natasha, “you and Clint go to retrieve the Soul Stone and one of you has to sacrifice yourself… that person is you.” 
Natasha looks down at the table and slowly nods. “...Okay, good to know,” she says, her voice shaky. 
“And…” you look over at Vision. “Vision. You’ll be killed twice. Once by Wanda and then again by Thanos.” 
“What?!” Wanda yells. 
“Wanda, it’s okay. Let’s not get into specifics. Let’s just focus on preventing it,” Visions says, placing his hand over hers. 
“Okay,” Steve says, standing up from his chair. “I think we’ve heard enough. Let’s get to work.” 
“Just like that?” Bucky asks. “Just like that you’re going to believe this person who we have never met in our entire lives?” 
“We have no other choice, Buck. If what they say is true, then we need to at least look in it,” Steve responds. 
“Fine, but I won’t be happy about it,” Bucky says, standing up and heading out of the room. 
“No one asked for your opinion, tin man!” Sam yells after him. 
Tony and Steve walk up to stand in front of you. 
“Why don’t we continue this conversation somewhere more private?” Tony asks. 
Gathering your things, you follow them down to Tony’s lab.
“Watch out for incoming soldiers on your left, Y/N,” Wanda tells you through your earpiece. 
“Got it. Thanks, Wanda,” you respond, veering off to the right to avoid the soldiers. 
“Need any help, Y/N? Sam asks. 
Before you can respond, Bucky’s voice floods your ears. “Y/N can handle anything. Ain’t that right, doll?” 
Continuing to run down the hall, you smile to yourself. “That’s right, baby.” 
After a few minutes of maneuvering yourself down the various halls, you come across Sam, who’s fighting three soldiers. 
Immediately, you jump in, landing your elbow into one of the soldier’s faces. As he bends over to grab his face, you kick him in the back, sending him to the floor. When he gets back up, you let out your banshee scream, sending him straight into the wall and knocking him out.
“Looks like you're the one who could use a little help, Sam,” you joke. 
“Very funny. Maybe you should go check on metal man,” Sam responds, dusting himself off. 
“I get it, you’re embarrassed. Don’t worry, I’ll go!” you yell, already running off to find Bucky. 
“Buck?” you ask into your earpiece. 
“Already heard ya, doll. I’m in the east wing.” 
Changing direction, you make a right. “On my way.”
When you make it to Bucky, he’s in the middle of slamming his metal arm into a soldier’s stomach. 
“Hey, beautiful,” he says, sparing you a quick glance. 
“Hey, handsome,” you respond. As you watch him do his thing, you think about how you got here. 
Six years ago, you arrived at the Avenger’s compound to inform them of Thanos. Even though they were skeptical at first, they ended up trusting you and you defeated Thanos before the snap could happen. Since then, they’ve made you an Avenger because of your dedication to helping them. Not only that, but Bucky eventually warmed up to you, which is how you are now…
“Doll!” Bucky yells, interrupting your train of thought. 
Glancing to your left, you notice a soldier running directly at you. 
Pulling out your gun, you aim and shoot at his leg, making him drop to the floor. At that same time, Bucky runs over and rams his metal hand into his face, effectively knocking him out. 
Bucky looks over at you, panting heavily. “You okay?” he grunts out. 
“Yeah… you?” 
“Good.” He puts his hand out for you to grab. “C’mon, doll. Let’s get out of here before more of ‘em show up.”
Back on the quinjet, you sit down next to Bucky. 
On the other side of you, Sam stands up. “I’ll let you two love birds have some alone time,” he says before walking off. 
“So,” you say, looking over at Bucky. 
“So,” Bucky responds, mimicking you. 
“Sushi for dinner?” 
“It’s a date,” he says, smiling at you. 
Smiling back, you grab his hand. “Remember when we first met? You hated me.” 
“I didn’t hate you…” 
“You hated me,” you say, a serious expression on your face. 
“Okay, okay, maybe I disliked you. I couldn’t trust you. You know how I am with new people,” he explains. 
You caress his palm with your fingers. “I know. But, hey, look at us now.” 
Bucky grins at you and grabs your chin. “Yeah, look at us now,” he says, leaning in to kiss you. 
Tony walks in as you’re kissing. “Oh, gross. Get a room. Geez, I don’t know which I hate more. When you completely despised each other or how you are now, all flirty and shit.” 
“We love you too, Tony,” you respond. 
Tony waves his hand around in the air. “Yeah, yeah. Just wanted to come back and let you know we’re set to land in 20 minutes. And please, no funny business until then.” 
“Got it, Captain,” Bucky says, saluting him. 
Grunting, Tony walks back out. 
“He hates us right now,” you say, laughing. 
Pulling you closer, Bucky places you in his lap. “Maybe.” He leans back down to press his lips against yours. “Now, where were we?” he whispers against your mouth. “We’ve got 20 minutes.” 
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evil1ove · 4 days ago
favorite crime
sebastian stan x actress! reader
based on 'favorite crime' by Olivia Rodrigo
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 |
mentions of: cheating, and friends disaproval
a/n: sorry I haven't posted recently I just graduated and I have a bunch of things in the works!
Tumblr media
“So, what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours,” Sebastian asks
“Well, I was thinking about how weird this is, the whole us thing,” you say motioning your hand between Sebastian and you
“Do you mean our relationship? y/n my last relationship was already crumbling down before that day” he says mentioning the day he kissed you
“The press is going to explode,” you say holding your head
“They aren’t going to explode, they might freak out yes” Sebastian jokes and sits down on your black couch in your living room
“You know that I love you so bad, right?” he asks holding his arms out so you can hug him
“Yes, but-” you were cut off with Sebastian taking your waist and making you cuddle with him on the couch and started to tickle you which erupted in loud waves of laughter
“Sebastian stop!”
“NEVER!” he exclaims
“So, what’s going on with the falcon and the winter soldier? Are you almost done filming” you ask Sebastian when he finally let go of your torso, you were in his house and were just having fun, the question was already answered by Mackie himself, he told you a few weeks ago that they have finished the show, so you want to see how Sebastian will recover from this
“No, I think we have a few more weeks left and then after that, I’m all yours” your heart sank when he answered that, you couldn’t believe yourself, or how you let him treat you like shit, and you were self-sabotaging yourself, you were his willing accomplice
“Speaking of, I have to go, were having a table read for the next scene,” he says getting up and going to the door where his sweater hung up “bye see you later, love you” he screams while leaving, your eyes were doe-eyed and ready to burst out with tears, he was slowly killing your all too fragile heart, one day at a time, one heart broke, four hands bloody, you were the one letting him do this to you after all. What were you scared of? all the things you did for the man to call him yours were all for nothing so he can be handed to another woman, you won’t blame the other girl, it was Sebastian who sought her out. You hoped this was his favorite crime, making you feel like jack-shit.
He used you as an alibi so he seemed like the sweet caring person, you were known for being nice and polite, Americas sweetheart even. You promised you would never cheat on someone, and he did too, but that was a lie, he was not loyal and he was cheating on you.
“Hey, are you ready, were leaving” Sebastian cut your memory off, you were going to meet up with some of your friends you insisted that Sebastian should stay, but he insisted he was going, and you let him after much debate, you grabbed your purse and got your keys, Sebastian was outside your front door and you in his car. You were going to meet your friends at a diner which is the most LA thing you have ever done. When Sebastian finally found a parking spot, you both got out, you met your friends at Mel’s Drive-In diner in Hollywood. You were walking hand in hand with Sebastian and were looking for our friends. You could hear your name being called and looking in the direction to meet eyes with one of your friends, you tell Sebastian and you could see your friend’s mouth drop seeing him next to you, especially when they see you holding hands with him. They might as well be dead.
“Hello,” you say sitting down in the booth
“Hey y/n...and Sebastian” your friends trailed off
“What’s going on here?” she says pointing between the two of you
“Umm, we're dating..again,” Sebastian says looking at your expression and then to your friends, you were starting to burn up
“Don’t, please” you cut Amelia off
“He legit broke your heart,” Sam continues what Amelia wanted to say
“Yes, I know,” you say with wide eyes
“And you’re letting him do it again" Amelia says
“He’s a great guy, look I promise if he hurts me again I'll break it off,” you say completely forgetting Sebastian was there
“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself instead of us,” Amelia says and you hear sirens, it was quite often you heard them so you brushed it off.
“How did you guys even start this, aren’t you dating someone?” Sam asks Sebastian
“I was, umm… but I left her, for y/n,” Sebastian says moving his arm around your shoulder so it could rest there
“Well that makes you look even worse,” Sam says drinking her cold beverage. You smile at the two, if your friends that you know so very well act like this, imagine the press and the fans. It’s bittersweet to think about the damage that we do because you’re going down, but you were doing it with Sebastian.
“Sebastian! Oh my god” you say in pure shock, you found him balls deep inside another woman which made you almost cry at the sight, he has shared your location with you and so you followed it, to find him here, cheating on you. That was the final straw, he officially broke your heart, you were hoping you may just have been overthinking it. Until this, this confirmed it all.
“I think your friends hate me, but I, know you don’t hate me since you scream my name every night” he whispered in your ear which sent tingles down your spine
“I hate you,” you say with a smile on your face
“Look what we became,” he says “we’re a very happy couple,” Sebastian says to your friends and they have this gaze that can kill him right then and there and you just knew you will have to defend the man right after this dinner in your group chat.
After a very toxic dinner that was silent, you said your goodbyes to your friends.
“y/n-” Amelia says
“We just want to make sure you’re going to be happy with him and he won’t hurt you again,” Sam says finishing Amelias sentence
“I know, it’s just that I don’t know- he makes me feel special, and he’s changed, truly, and I wasn’t going to do this if I knew this would end like the last time” you reassure your friends and hugged them saying goodbye
“Thank you,” Sebastian says starting up his car
“Why?” you say furrowing your eyebrows
“For giving me a second chance, for defending me from your friends,” he says meeting your eyes
“I was not doing that for you, I was doing that so I wouldn’t get a million texts right now,” you say buckling your seatbelt
“Well I appreciate it, I love you,” he says bringing your forehead to his making your forehead touch his
“Thank you” you didn’t say the three words back because you can’t bring yourself to say it and he kisses your forehead which you made you close your eyes.
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the-witty-pen-name · 4 days ago
Tell Me You’re Mine, Darling
**Sneak peak**
Western AU (18+ ONLY)
Lee Bodecker x F!Reader
Warnings: smut, sex work, cursing, implied smut 
A/N: No taglist for this one cause it’s just a quick preview of one of the works I have coming soon! lmk what you think! 
Tumblr media
The player piano echoed throughout the whole saloon, bouncing off the walls as patrons moved about the crowded room. The peppy music was perfect for dancing as a few of the men threw back shots of liquid courage and asked some of the women working tonight for a dance. It was a night where the people who came in through the batwing doors could forget about their troubles and the existence of sins, and partake in merry drink and debauchery. The night air hung heavy and the room smelled of sweat, cheap liquor and even cheaper perfume. 
The women were scantily clad in dresses only slightly less revealing than their undergarments, and the men still in their clothes from long days of travel. Cowboy hats, rugged trousers, and boots that lost their shine years ago. Girls carried around large trays of shots and lagers, passing them around to the drunk souls who struck rich for a night and opened tabs at the bar. 
It was a busy night both downstairs in the saloon, but also many of the girls were leading men upstairs to their beds, for a warm place to lay their head and anything else they can afford. That was the secret that kept this dilapidated building up and running. The music and the watered down liquor wasn’t enough to keep the sheriff from closing and condemning the building. 
If the owner was honest, he knew what kept the sheriff from coming and toting him away to rot in one of the two cells down at the jail. Not only was the sheriff partial to a drink or a few each night after the sun goes down, but he was particularly taken with one of the girls who worked there. Sure, the sheriff must’ve had his turn with every girl in the joint, but there was something about you which made the sheriff absolutely smitten. Of course, no one dared admit to seeing his obviously growing affections but the owner knew as long as you were here, and his glass was refilled, he had nothing to worry about. No one quite knows what happened. He went from coming in every Saturday night asking for whichever girl is free and then it went to asking only for you, every week without fail. 
People theorize that maybe it’s your honeyed smile or the sweetness in your voice. The ability to deceive every man into thinking they’re the only one to ever touch you. The ability to put on the act of the farmer’s daughter while having the dirtiest mouth on this side of the Mississippi. No matter what drew him in, the sheriff had declared you his girl and anyone with half a brain knew better than to try to say different. 
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multifandomwriter · 4 days ago
Mama’s Boy
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Summary: “dad!sebastian stan and mum!reader having a son(any age) and him being a mama's boy🥺” - anonymous
Word Count: 1.1k
Warnings: insecurity, guilt
A/N: I feel like I took this a little bit of a darker route, but it ends up being super fluffy
Tumblr media
While everyone was peacefully asleep, your son, Ethan, began to cry. He was only two years old. You glanced over at the clock to see it was barely 3am.
“Your turn” you mumbled to your sleeping husband. He groaned before rolling out of bed and shuffling down the hall to your son’s room. You waited for the cries to stop, but they didn’t.
In the other room, Sebastian was trying to comfort him, but nothing seemed to work. He just kept begging. “No...mommy” he complained.
It broke Sebastian’s heart. He sulked back to your bedroom after putting him back in his crib. You propped yourself up to look at Sebastian, as you still heard the echoing cries. “He only wants you” he told you, before getting back under the blankets.
It was the third time it had happened this week, and it was really getting to Sebastian.
So, you walked down the hall to your son’s bedroom. “Buddy, please stop crying” you begged. You swooped him up into your arms, and he stopped crying instantly. You paced around the room, slowly rocking him back and forth.
You felt your eyes beginning to close, desperately craving sleep. You took a seat in the rocking chair and let him lay on your chest. Before you knew it, you both had fallen asleep in the chair.
Sebastian checked the time again, knowing you had been gone for a long time. He went to check on you and found you both peacefully asleep.
He smiled at the cute scene before him, but only for a second. Then, he just felt sad. Parents always complained about waking up in the middle of the night to their kids crying.
Sebastian dreaded it while you were pregnant, but now it was all he wanted. He wanted to be able to comfort his son. He didn’t care if that meant losing some sleep.
He grabbed a blanket and lovingly placed it over the two of you before placing a kiss on yours and your son’s foreheads. Your eyes fluttered open, and you realized you’d fallen asleep.
“Hi” Sebastian said, gently. You smiled back before putting Ethan back in his crib. You took Sebastian’s hand and led him back to your room, where you both got back under the blankets.
You noticed he was having trouble falling asleep and was instead staring up at the ceiling. “What is it? I know that look” you said, propping yourself up on your elbows.
He furrowed his eyebrows and chewed on his bottom lip. You knew exactly what he was upset about. “It’s because I’m gone so often,” his voice coming out as a whisper. The emotion was visible in his eyes.
“What do you mean?” You asked, tracing shapes on his chest with your fingers. He looked like he was holding back tears. “I’m always off filming. Maybe if I was here more, he would like me more” he said, a tear slipping down his cheeks.
Your heart shattered. “C’mere” you mumbled, pulling him into your arms. You ran your hand up and down his back. He tried to let himself relax against your touch, but he was too worried he would ruin his relationship with his son.
You both laid there in silence for a few minutes. You held him in your arms, trying to bring him any form of comfort.
“He loves you so much. You’re his hero” you told him, truthfully. There was a part of Sebastian that couldn’t bring himself to believe those words. You both laid back down and you ran your fingers through his hair, lulling him into sleep. You knew he just needed some time to rest.
When you all woke up in the morning, his mindset seemed only a little bit better.
You were practically sitting in Sebastian’s lap as you both walked the morning news with your coffee. Ethan was playing on the floor with his toy cars. It was a regular peaceful morning for the three of you.
You lightly traced shapes on Sebastian’s thigh, still trying to comfort him from last night.
“Daddy, come play with me?” Ethan asked, making both you and Sebastian perk up. You saw Sebastian’s eyes light up, and he instantly had a smile on his face.
It was precious. “Of course, buddy” he said, unable to stop smiling as he joined him on the floor. Ethan handed him one of his toy cars, but Sebastian remained frozen in place with a smile plastered on his face.
“What’s wrong, daddy?” He mumbled, confused by why his dad wasn’t playing with him. Sebastian shook his head. “Nothing. I’m just so excited to play with you” Sebastian said, a few tears welling up in his eyes.
You watched them both in awe. “I think daddy needs a hug” you told Ethan. He ran into Sebastian’s arms, almost knocking him over. Sebastian wrapped his arms around Ethan, who looked tiny compared to his father.
“I love you daddy” he said, in a sing-song voice. Sebastian chuckled while giving him a squeeze. “I love you too, bub,” he kissed Ethan on the forehead.
Ethan pulled Sebastian over to where his cars and showed him all of the cars that he had. The smile never left Sebastian’s face.
He had never been more relieved in his life. You were just happy that he finally saw how much his son loved him whether he was there all the time or not.
Later that night, the three of you were cuddled on the couch as you watched Sesame Street. Ethan had taken his seat in his new favorite spot: Sebastian’s lap.
You both noticed as Ethan’s head started to droop. He was starting to fall asleep. “Hey buddy. Do you want to go night-night?” You asked him, softly. He nodded his head.
“Goodnight, bubba” Sebastian said, giving him a kiss and starting to hand him to you. Every night, you read Ethan his bedtime story. It was a part of your nightly routine.
He pulled his hands away from you as you went to grab him. “Daddy read the story” he said, sleepily. Sebastian’s eyes lit up again. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself before giving Ethan a hug.
Sebastian walked towards Ethan’s bedroom with the sleepy toddler dozing in his arms. After only a few minutes, Sebastian returned to the living room. He sat down beside you with the same million dollar smile on his face.
“I told you that you were his hero” you said, giving him a soft kiss. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he changed the channel to anything other than Sesame Street. “I love him so much,” he said, leaning in closer to you.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @helium-queen @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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met4no1a · 5 days ago
𝗟𝗜𝗔𝗥 — one; 1.
Tumblr media
summary: they were both caught in different fairy tales, sebastian was sure of it. yet he wanted to convince y/n of their true love by saying that perhaps she was afraid of such a beautiful and mysterious feeling; that perhaps she was frightened by the vision of a serious relationship with a hollywood star; that perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her by constantly telling her that she would not meet his expectations. sebastian could have had many girls, and the fact that the plan to rebuild his image involved the involvement of a beautiful, unsuspecting woman must have meant something. either sebastian should take off his rose–coloured glasses or y/n should invest in some good contact lenses.
pairing: sebastian stan x female!reader.
warnings: few cuss words. brief mentions of oral (m receving).
— fuck. — he sighed, unconsciously thrusting his hips upwards as the woman present in his apartment gave his penis a tender kiss. — baby, hurry up.
the representative of the fair sex looked at the actor from under her long lashes to smile coquettishly at him and let her slender fingers slide slowly along his hard member. who would have thought that a weekly visit to the club would end with her finding such a treasure? sarah was, after all, a woman of average beauty; she didn't stand out from the crowd in any way. one might be tempted to say that under normal circumstances, sebastian would have mistaken her for a salesgirl from the corner shop or the yoga instructor next door. exactly – under normal circumstances.
the actor was drunk and, above all, horny. any common sense, he lacked in large quantities anyway, took a back seat to his penis, which brutally filled every empty space in his boxers. someone like him couldn't stand such an unpleasant feeling, could he?
— don't tease. — he growled in dissatisfaction as his chosen one's tongue moved slowly along his penis. he couldn't spend too much time with her. he had a meeting with a manager who would love to cut his penis with a pair of blunt scissors if she only found out about his morning bedtime adventures. he had promised her two days ago that this was the last time he would ever take a girl to bed. he had done it five times since.
sarah obediently pushed the hard member between her mouth and sucked on the tip to give the actor immediate relief from suffering. the poor woman had no idea that in a few minutes the same man would inflict much more pain to her.
— don't stop. — he said softly as the first notes of a recently popular song rang out from his phone. scarlett. — good girl.
he waited a few seconds to casually slide his finger across the surface of the phone to take the call from the person he owed his entire career to. it was johansson who saw him first; something that set him apart from the rest of the men who showed up for the casting that day. almost immediately she invited him to her office and then miraculously asked her boss for permission to sign a contract with him. there was something special about him, even if she couldn't put it into words at the time. now she would without a problem. he was mean and cunning.
— sebastian, i hope you haven't forgotten about our meeting. — she muttered, sipping the still–hot coffee that was supposed to magically calm her nerves. another scandal with her ward who promised to mend his ways. another crying girl ready to go on tv to accuse him of being an asshole. if sebastian hadn't been her main source of income, scarlett would have dumped him long ago.
— oh, how could i forget, boss? — he asked with audible sarcasm, closing his eyes in pleasure. oh, sarah definitely wasn't a virgin. — you keep reminding me of that.
— i remind you of a lot of other things too, but you don't seem to hear it.
sebastian just sighed in response, pressing the red receiver and refocusing on the pleasure his whole body was feeling. not for long. sarah's head was quickly pressed against his abdomen, and salty cum filled her mouth without warning.
— it was wonderful, but it's time for you to go. — he murmured, turning his attention for a split second to his lover, who wiped her full lips with the back of her hand in surprise, as if to get rid of the remnants of the actor's gift. — sophie, right? samantha? sarah? never mind, you have to go now.
— b–but ...
— i'm in a hurry. — he added with a forced smile and got up from the comfortable bed to hurriedly search for his boxers, which he had left lying around last night. — i have an appointment in... 30 minutes.
the woman, confused by the whole situation, shamefacedly covered herself with the bedspread to hide her naked body, which had heard many compliments from the actor's lips a few hours ago. a lot of questions flitted through her mind – had she done something wrong? was she just a plaything? is this a joke?
— i get the impression you're deaf. — he finally sighed and threw the red bra in her direction. there was no point in handing over the rest of the underwear; it was just going to be thrown away. — let me repeat everything again. slowly. you have to get out. now.
sarah slipped a tight dress over her body and left the actor's apartment with tears in her eyes. as she did so, she didn't forget to give him the final gift – a slap right on the cheek.
— it was nice to meet you! — he walked away, completely ignoring the fact that he had hurt another girl. if someone were to count his victims, he would surely be hailed as the greatest seducer in new york's history. he got away with everything, however, because he spent an enormous amount of money on maintaining his image. he earned a lot and he lost a lot.
for sebastian, sex was like mathematics. all he had to do was add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray not to multiply.
when he walked into his favorite cafe, he was ten minutes late to meet with his manager. his phone vibrated incessantly in the back pocket of his black jeans, not allowing him to forget about it for even a split second, but the actor seemed to ignore it perfectly. tiredly, he adjusted his sunglasses, which had fallen dangerously off his nose, earning him recognition and priceless minutes posing for photos. he loved his fans, he really did. thanks to them he was able to pay his rent, but sometimes he felt like signing out of life. at least for a day, to give up his job and become an ordinary man. in moments of doubt, however, he remembered the luxury, and the will to change his life was pushed off into the unknown.
something, or rather someone, caught his attention. a woman in a yellow apron walked silently in front of him with a tray full of plates and sweets, almost giving him a spot on his snow–white t–shirt. he wanted to let out a bunch of curses under his breath, inform the employee in front of the counter of his dissatisfaction with the service, but he froze on the spot when the object of his interest bent over one of the tables and unconsciously showed him her thighs uncovered by any material. at this gesture the actor only smiled and licked his lower lip in response.
— oh, it's you again! — he suddenly heard and turned his head towards the counter, behind which a woman he knew was smiling at him. she was younger than him. he concluded this on his third visit to the premises, when he noticed the transcripts of lectures on ancient history beside the cash register, and a small jar filled with coins. it was to pay for the next semester at the university. — the usual?
— yes, yes. — he replied as his eyes searched for the woman he could no longer see. she was gone, and so was his interest in the whole café. — do you have a new employee?
— how did you know that? — she asked as she prepared his drink according to the instructions she already knew by heart. she didn't even look away from the coffee machine for a moment. — mr. smith told you? i swear he can't keep a secret!
sebastian laughed at the student's indignant voice and shook his head in pity. she was so lovely that in another incarnation he might have treated her like a little sister.
— i just saw her a second ago. — he explained quickly, so as not to cause trouble for the owner of the establishment in the form of an unhappy employee. chloe, for that was the name of the girl who served him, had always had a tendency to argue about silly things.
— ah, i forgot about that. y/n used to be a waitress. we don't have enough hands to work with. kim sprained her ankle again, and margaret refuses to give out orders because she says her hands shake too much. what a liar! she just doesn't want to run into her ex–boyfriend. she broke up with him two months ago...
the student's monolog seemed to fall in one of sebastian's ears and out the other as the silhouette of the new employee reappeared before his eyes. y/n scurried around in front of the counter, trying to understand what the excited chloe was saying to her. her hair framed a slender face, and a smile graced the raspberry–colored lips that the actor could picture on more than one part of his body.
— you can pick up your order now.
the voice of a true angel. or perhaps the devil? it seemed to be filled with irritation, to say the least, and perhaps a hint of anger. sebastian, however, ignored it, as he did poor scarlett. he certainly wouldn't get away with it, but he couldn't care less in the current situation. another target was right in front of him. how could he miss such an opportunity?
— ah, sorry. i was lost in your eyes. — he replied, giving the clerk his practiced smile. many women were willing to give any money for this gesture directed at them. y/n was certainly no different. after all, stan was the embodiment of all the desires of the fair sex. he was an adon in a sea of average models and actors. a true god.
— then i hope you will find your way out.
— i'd rather find a way out with you.
— i think you are old enough to do it yourself. — she said and pressed a cup into his hand. — you are making our job difficult.
— so maybe we'll meet after work?
y/n sighed in annoyance and tried to restrain herself from spilling the ice–cold coffee on the leather jacket of the man standing in front of her. who did he think he was? did he really have to give her a hard time on the very first day, which didn't start well anyway?
— you can meet the exit door.
with those words, she turned on her heel and made her way back down the hall to serve the new customers, and sebastian couldn't help but glance at the clerk's butt, which he thought was bouncing up and down with every step the woman took. pure perfection.
— she's having a bad day. — chloe said, trying to justify her new co–worker. — the customer spilled coffee on her by accident.
stan nodded and smiled softly. oh, how he would love to brighten her day. preferably in her apartment, on a comfortable bed. or maybe in the bathroom? the kitchen didn't sound bad either.
Tumblr media
— you have to stop sleeping with every woman you meet! that's another one, sebastian!
— i don't understand all the confusion. — he muttered, placing his half–finished coffee on the long table that almost filled the entire room. behind the glass wall, he could see the rest of the agency's employees casually watching the meeting in the conference room. as their gazes crossed stan's, they turned their heads in confusion and returned to their tasks. — i'm not doing anything wrong. if it were forbidden, god would create me differently.
scarlett snorted indignantly. what had she done to deserve such torture? perhaps in a previous life she had betrayed the king and stolen his life, and now she had to deal with a spoiled idol who couldn't admit his mistake? or perhaps she was the only one who could last longer than 20 minutes in a closed room without wanting to hang him by his shoelaces?
— you've got a lot of nerve, stan. do you want to ruin your career?
silence filled the room.
— i'm asking you a question, damn it! do you want to ruin your career?
— no. — he finally replied, like a child caught in the act. — i don't want to.
— so start thinking with your head, not your penis! one more scandal and the media will hate you. it's hard to control all this now. the bosses want you to find a girlfriend.
— this is absurd! i'm not going to get a girlfriend because management doesn't like my lifestyle.
— management doesn't like a lot of things, sebastian. your bedside excesses are just one of them.
scarlett finally sat down in one of the chairs and handed him a stack of photos. each of them featured a woman known in the industry – a model here, an actress there, a singer elsewhere. it gave him a headache.
— pick one of them. the media needs to know that you have changed; that the wonderful sebastian stan no longer drags women to bed.
— you're kidding.
— no! you need to take responsibility for all of this. i'm tired of saving your ass every time.
stan clenched his jaw and stared out of the corner of his eye at the photos being thrown at him. he didn't want to do this. his head had barely turned to the folder. he didn't want to, but he had to. his dream of becoming an actor couldn't just become a soap bubble because he couldn't control his very eccentric lifestyle.
he burst out laughing when he saw his ex–girlfriend who he broke up with because of a bad relationship.
— how can i choose one of them. they all hate me. with mutuality anyway.
— i do not care! you created the problem so you have to solve it!
sebastian closed his eyelids for a moment, as if to make it easier to imagine the solution to the whole matter. he had to become a real sherlock holms to solve the puzzle scarlett had put in his way like an obstacle. how was he supposed to get out of this whole mess without giving up his daily meetings with women?
— what if i find someone outside the industry?
— how? are you going to put an ad in the paper?
— stop being so ironic, scarlett.
— management should be pleased. we'll be able to announce that these are all just rumors because you've been in a happy relationship for a long time, but you chose not to share that information with the world because you value your private life. but where are you going to get a girl, sebastian? i doubt anyone will want you.
— don't worry about it, i already have a perfect candidate.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @lxdyred, @mysweetlittledesire;
sebastian stan taglist: @missroro, @justreadingficsdontmindme;
liar taglist: @intothesoul.
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watchmegetobsessed · 5 days ago
a/n: this is just some soft bucky content, because it’s very much needed, right?? he can be such a cutie for sure
pairing: Bucky X Reader
word count: 2.7k
Tumblr media
Bucky keeps a list in his head of things, tiny details about you he finds so endearing. These things are the ones he thinks about when he is trying to ground himself, remember who he is and bring himself back from his nightmares that still haunt him with his torturous past. He encounters them, goes through the whole list, thinking about them until you are all he has on his mind, not leaving space to the darkness.
He loves the way you greet everyone in the morning when you walk into the kitchen to pour yourself a cup of coffee. It’s just a simple hello for others, but he has noticed a long time ago how you drag the ‘o’ at the end, almost giving it a tiny melody as you purse your lips, dancing past the grumpy morning faces, stepping to the cupboard where the mugs are kept.
He loves the way you scrunch your nose whenever you’re sparring with him or Steve or occasionally Sam and you go in with your favorite move that always gets any man to the floor. It’s a tiny tell only he has noticed so far, yet he still lets you throw him over your shoulder, down to the not too soft mat of the ring. He would never take the victory away from you for winning against a super soldier.
He can never get enough of the way you’re always the first one to wait for the Quinjet to return after a mission you didn’t attend. How you jump a few times just as your friends walk off the jet, tired and worn out, but always so happy to see your bright face. It always gets Bucky’s heart to pitter-patter in his chest under his heavy combat west, making him want to run up to you and just lock you in his arms and never let you go.
He noticed that you prefer the apples that are still not entirely ripe, because you like the sour taste of them, that you’re always the one restocking the cheese sticks in the fridge, because you snack on them all the time and how you buy a new book every other week, adding to your ever so growing collection in your room that is still filled with so many you haven’t been able to read. For your last birthday, Bucky and Steve built you a custom bookshelf so you don’t keep them in random stocks everywhere around the floor. Steve almost dropped how it was Bucky’s idea when you were thanking them a million times. He wanted to keep it a secret, make it as just a friendly gesture even though it was so much more than that for him.
And another tiny thing he has noticed is how you always like to do your makeup, no matter where you’re going. Sometimes you go crazy and use all kinds of colors, turning yourself into a living and walking rainbow, which suits your personality just perfectly, but sometimes you keep it simple with just some mascara and blush. No matter if you’re going on a mission or just for an afternoon stroll, you always like to do it.
With all these little things, he has found himself working his life around them. He makes sure your favorite mug is clean in the morning when you stroll into the kitchen, he always lets you know the team is headed back home when he is on a mission that you missed out on so you can wait for the jet to arrive. He buys you unripe apples when he is out at the market to get himself some fresh plums, he adds cheese sticks to the grocery list if you forget and he always makes sure to compliment your makeup whenever you try something new. He loves seeing you blushing at his sweet words, how you blink away your shyness as you mumble your thank you to him.
That one morning he started off the same way. Someone had used your mug so he washed and put it into its place for you early in the morning. He sat at the kitchen island with his own coffee as you, Nat and Wanda had breakfast together before you lot were about to go out on a quick mission he wasn’t attending. You were excited to use your new weapon Shuri sent personally for you from Wakanda, a whip that could harden into a lance. He remembered your happy dance when it arrived and you first tried it in the gym, you said it made you feel like you were part of the Dora Milaje.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly and he was looking forward for you to return and tell him all about what happened out on the field, something the two of you grew to do often outside of the debriefings with the team.
“Are still on for tonight?” you asked him before you were about to take off. The rest of the team was already on the jet, waiting for you to say your goodbye to Bucky.
A few days prior, Bucky worked up the courage to ask you to have dinner at a new Indian place he was curious to try out and you happily said yes. He never phrased it as a date and he would have never dared to ask if you saw it as one, but deep down he was hoping it would count as one.
“Of course. But that requires you to come back in one piece,” he smirked at you, making you chuckle as you hugged him shortly before running off to get on the jet.
Bucky stayed there and watched it vanish into thin air, already looking forward to seeing you return sometime in the afternoon. He spent the day in the gym and then went on a short walk just to get out of the building a little, but all he could think about was seeing you again when you return.
He is sitting in his room when F.R.I.D.A.Y. notifies him that the jet is approaching the building. Jumping to his feet he sprints out to the hangar, wanting nothing else than to see your beaming smile as you ramble about what happened on the mission, but it doesn’t happen.
As the jet touches down and the first people emerge from the pit, Bucky’s smile vanishes from his face upon seeing you being carried by Steve, your arm held onto your abdomen as a painful grimace is sitting on your beautiful face.
“What happened?” he asks in a rush as he runs up to his friend carrying you.
“Nothing major,” you breathe out, but you’re clearly lying. You have a nasty wound on your forehead, your arm is swollen and probably very much broken and your ankle looks twisted. Bucky looks at Steve for an actual answer, and the captain sighs.
“Y/N took up a little more than she could handle.”
“What was I supposed to do? If I didn’t go in there, the files would have been destroyed by the time you got there!” you growl, hissing when you try to move your arm, but pain shoots through your body.
Bucky wants to scold you, tell you off for being so reckless, but you know there’s no use for that. You’d do it over and over again, because that’s just who you are: a selfless and determined fighter.
You are brought up to the medical bay, but unfortunately, Helen has been out of town the past few days and the cradle has been malfunctioning, so it can’t be used to heal you, leaving you with the good old treatments.
Bucky waits outside while you are being taken care of and when the doctor and nurses come out of your room finally, he is the first one to go in to check up on you.
Still in your combat gear, you’re sitting on the edge of the bed, your head snapping up when he steps into the room. While your leg seems to be just fine, your whole right arm is in a bulky cast, bent at your elbow so it’s not just one long rod next to you. You seem tired and worn out, dark circles under your eyes, a little smeared mascara on your cheeks, but he still thinks you are the prettiest woman he has ever seen.
“Hey, how are you feeling?” he asks softly, pulling a chair next to the bed so he can sit in front of you.
“Not gonna lie, I’ve been better,” you chuckle lightly. “I’m alright.”
“You should have waited for backup, Y/N. Going in alone is not a smart thing to do.”
“If I didn’t go in, we wouldn’t have the files now,” you point out, arching an eyebrow at him. Bucky doesn’t want to argue with you, he is just happy you’re safe now and in the best hands.
He walks you up to your room that’s not far from his, finally hearing you tell him about the rest of the mission just like you always do.
“Y/N, I get it if you want to cancel on our plans for tonight,” Bucky mumbles quietly, though he is bummed it’s ruined, he has been looking forward to it so bad.
“Oh, no! I-I’m still in if you… If you don’t mind my new gear,” you chuckle raising up your casted arm a little. “Let me just clean myself up, alright?”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course!” you smile at him, giving his arm a squeeze before disappearing in your room.
Bucky is mad at himself for never asking you how much time you need. He gets changed pretty fast, but he is not sure when to get you. He figures that simple tasks might take you a little longer now with the cast, but he just can’t wait to see you again, so after about an hour, he pads his way over to your room, knocking on the door as he waits for you to answer it.
When you swing it open, you’re wearing a sundress with an oversized sweater that can fit the majority of the cast in the sleeve, hiding it a little so it’s not that obvious. Your hair was let down from the bun you always wear it on missions and you’ve put on a pair of simple slacks.
“Hi! I was just about to text you,” you giggle, holding the door open for him so he can walk inside. “Let me just grab my purse and we can leave,” you tell him, grabbing your necessities, dumping them all into a purse before stepping to him again.
As his icy blue eyes fall on your face, he realizes that something is missing and a moment later it pops into his head: you’re not wearing any makeup.
“You… You didn’t do your makeup,” he breathes out, cocking his head to the side and when he sees you blushing, he realizes that you might have taken it the wrong way. “Not that you need to! I just… You always do, I know it’s important to you.”
Clearing your throat, you tug your hair behind your ear with your healthy hand, avoiding his gaze as you speak up.
“Well, I’m not too good at it without my right hand, so…”
“D-Do you want me—I mean I can, if you want, I can… do it for you. If you want,” he stutters, not sure if it was even a good idea to offer it.
He watches your face fall in awe, completely caught by surprise by his words.
“You think you can do that for me?” you ask shyly.
“I mean, I’ve never tried, but these vibranium fingers are quite precise,” he chuckles, holding his metal hand up. You giggle as you pull him farther into the room, grabbing your makeup bag from your dresser as the two of you sit to the bed. Emptying the bag onto the comforter, Bucky examines the items in front of him, not exactly sure what they are used for. You grab your mascara and unscrewing it you hold up the wand in front of him.
“This is for my lashes. You think you can help me with it?”
Bucky nods, taking a wand in his hand as you breathe out, waiting for him to get down to work. He feels nervous to do it so close to your beautiful eyes, but he can’t dance back now. Holding the wand in his metal hand he takes your chin gently into his other one, angling your head for him and you both gasp at the soft, unusual touch. Your faces are also quite close, he can see every freckle and blemish on your face, the wound on your forehead and your slightly bruised bottom lip. Yet, he still sees you as the most perfect creature to ever walk this planet.
Focusing hard, Bucky starts applying the mascara to your lashes, gently stroking them with precise movements, trying his best not to get it into your eyes. When he is done with one eye, he moves to the other, finding it a little easier with the practice he had on the first one. You can’t help but smile at how he furrows his eyebrows in concentration, so dedicated to do a perfect job on you.
“I think it’s done,” he announces and you grab your compact mirror to check out his work.
“Buck, this is great! You did amazing!” you smile at him, very pleased with the way you look. “Do you want to do the rest too?”
“What else is there?” he asks and you grab your creamy blush.
“This goes to my cheeks,” you tell him and though you could easily do it with just one hand, you want him to stay close to you.
Bucky grabs it from you and applies a little to the apple of your cheeks, and then waits for further instructions. You tell him to just gently dab it into your skin until it’s nicely blended, and it’s exactly what he does.
Once your blush is perfectly done, he even takes your lipgloss and applies to your plush lips with so much care and precision, he sees you as a piece of artwork at the end.
“There. All done,” he smiles as he leans back and examines the final version.
“Yeah? How do I look?” you ask, striking a pose for him that brings a wide grin to his lips.
“Perfect,” he breathes out before he could stop himself, a blush immediately tinting his cheeks when he realizes what he just said.
“Thank you,” you giggle, giving his hand a squeeze, before you start throwing everything back into your makeup bag. Bucky watches your hands move around and he knows this could be the moment when he makes a move, does something to help his case and not get stuck in the friendzone forever.
“Y/N?” he speaks up, nerves eating him away as you lift your gaze up to meet his.
“I, uhh… I meant this dinner a-as a date, when I asked you. Is that… I-Is that okay by you?”
For a highly trained ex-assassin, he is surely a nervous wreck, feeling like he is about to pass out from just asking you this one simple question. His once undeniable charming self is long gone, he is not the Bucky from the forties who could easily chat up any woman he laid his eyes on. Putting himself out is scary, especially when he is so into the person so much, like he is into you.
For a heartbeat he thinks you’re going to turn him down and ask to just stay friends, but then, the sweetest smile stretches across your face as you reach up and cup his cheek in your hand.
“Was it ever not a date?” you cheekily answer and leaning closer you press a small kiss to the corner of his mouth before getting up from the bed and heading towards the door. Bucky stays still, in awe and shock after your reaction when you call his name out. “Buck? Are we not going on this date or what?”
That snaps him out of his rave, he jumps to his feet and rushes over to you, ready to finally start this new chapter with you.
Thank you for reading, please like and reblog if you enjoyed it!
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babyboibucky · 5 days ago
Anger That Loves
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You help Bucky understand his anger.
Word Count: 612
Warnings: A smidge of angst sksksksk
A/N: I read something about anger just now and it was beautiful and so here is the result lmfao
Tumblr media
It’s hard to ignore anger, especially the kind that consumes you; the one that somehow takes over your entire being and replaces your logic with blinding rage.
Hot, seething anger— Bucky just knows this all too well.
Bucky might have been freed from the wrath of HYDRA, but his mind continues to be imprisoned. Not by his dark past, but by the rage that resulted from it. He might have moved on and made amends to right his wrong, but he was never truly free from his worst enemy.
People kept on telling him that he was being too hard on himself, taking all the blame when he was merely a victim. How could he not when each night he spent was full of nightmares and regret?
“Bucky, you can’t be mad at yourself forever.”
“Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself.”
But god, Bucky tried to do all those and yet the anger remained in his heart. He was way past seeking revenge on his tormentors, he was done with that life. All that Bucky wanted was peace and calm, the kind that wasn’t out of denial nor distraction.
He wanted peace and calm as it is.
What people didn’t seem to understand was how exhausted Bucky felt for trying his goddamn best not to be angry anymore. Angry at himself, at life, at everyone who kept on giving advice as if he never tried to fix himself.
Bucky was exhausted, and just as when he was about to give in to his anger, you came along.
You were kind and sweet, warm and radiant like the sunlight. There was something so comforting about your personality that helped alleviate the anger that Bucky felt.
And you were different, so so different from the others. Because you never told him that he was too angry nor too harsh on himself. You never tried to change him or his attitude and instead, you embraced it.
You accepted Bucky for who he was and the darkness and weight that hung above his shoulders.
Bucky heard words that he had never expected to hear from someone like you, someone who never seemed to have carried any burden. Someone who didn’t feel any ounce of anger despite the atrocities that the world has to offer.
“You don’t have to feel bad about being mad, Bucky. It comes from knowing what you’ve been through, things you don’t deserve. You’re mad because you know that you should be treated with respect and kindness, that the only touch you should experience is one that is gentle.” You told him, letting your hand cup his stubbled cheek.
Bucky could feel the tears gather in the corner of his eyes because you were right. He had never felt a touch as soft and kind as yours, and it was overwhelming but in a good, heartwarming way.
It felt like love.
“Maybe you do need to be kind to yourself, but that also includes understanding your anger. Bucky, it wants the best for you. Your anger loves you.”
Bucky never realized that you were right, his anger was caused by the pain he had gone through. He was mad because he does not deserve all of that, and what was so wrong about wanting desperately to receive kindness?
But you understood him, finally someone did. You showed him that there was nothing wrong about feeling that way and it was through your understanding that Bucky learned to accept his anger.
And it was in that acceptance that Bucky learned to love himself— his anger included. For once, Bucky felt loved.
Love that was consuming and blinding, but all in the right ways.
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I love love all of your fics sm. May I ask for a buckyxreader fic where bucky and the reader where lovers back in the 40s, and then they see each other again in tws and yk. Hehe. Okay sorry thank you.
Reunited Once Again
A/N: Thank you so much for the request and your kind words! :) I went a little in depth with the sex scene... that's all I have to say about that lol. But, I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem! Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+, cursing, mentions of death, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
“Do you have to go?” you ask, staring up at Bucky.
“You know I do, doll,” Bucky responds, caressing your cheek. “But, I’ll be back home as soon as you know it.”
Grinning at you, Bucky leans in to give you a quick kiss.
“It’s too bad Steve isn’t going,” you say. “I know it’s all he’s ever wanted.”
Shaking his head, Bucky gathers his things and places them by the door. “He’s safer here. I wouldn’t be able to protect him all the time.”
Standing up from the couch, you walk over to the front door. “He’s strong-minded. He could handle himself.”
“I know he could, doll. You know I just worry about him. But, I don’t call the shots.”
“I’ll keep an eye on him while you’re gone,” you say, straightening the collar of his shirt.
“You’re the best.” He places his hands on your shoulders. “I’m gonna miss you so fucking much.”
Before you can answer, he pulls you into his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around you.
Tears start to run down your face, wetting the front of his shirt. “Please, please, please come back to me.”
Bucky pulls away and holds you at arm's length, wiping the tears off your face with his thumb. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, doll. I could never leave you.”
Nodding, you grab Bucky’s hand. “I love you.”
Pulling you back into his chest, he starts to rub your back and places his nose into your hair, inhaling deeply. “I love you too, Y/N. You’re gonna be the thing that gets me through this. I’ll be thinking of you all the time.”
“And, I’ll be thinking of you. Like I always do,” you respond.
After a few minutes, he releases you from his arms and you stare into his eyes. “Be safe, Sergeant.”
Bucky gives you one last kiss before opening the door. “See you soon, doll.”
“Bye, Buck.”
And just like that, he’s gone.
“Bucky!” you hear Steve yell.
No, it couldn’t be.
“You’re my mission!”
The world stops around you. Shivers run down your body. Your mind goes into overdrive, not being able to grasp what is happening in front of you.
Feeling like your body has a mind of its own, you step forward. “I thought you said you could never leave me!” you yell.
Bucky stops fighting Steve and whips his head around. You lock eyes with him, seeing the bright blue color you love so much.
You know he’s now known as the Winter Soldier, but he will always be just Bucky to you. Your Bucky.
You can tell he recognizes you, fighting against his own mind.
Steve looks between the two of you, curious as to how Bucky will respond.
Stepping forward, Bucky mutters to himself in Russian, head down.
Not knowing what’s going to happen, Steve runs and places himself in front of you, protecting you from any possible threat.
In a second, Steve is thrown to the side, hitting the wall and sliding to the floor. Bucky doesn’t even spare him a glance as he comes face to face with you.
His metal hand reaches out towards you and you let him cradle your cheek.
“Doll,” he grunts out, voice deep with emotion and tears building up in his eyes.
Tears of your own start to land on your cheeks. “Hey, baby.”
He instantly pulls you close, kissing you deeply. “Please tell me you’re really here,” he whispers against your lips, tears mixing with yours.
Pulling away from him, you grab both sides of his face. “I’m here, Buck. It’s me. God, this whole time I thought you were dead.”
Turning his face into your hand, he kisses it before nuzzling his nose into your palm. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, doll. Like you said, I could never leave you.”
Smiling through the tears, you wrap your arms around him and place your head on his shoulder, letting out a deep breath against his neck.
There’s no place you’d rather be.
After rescuing Bucky, the three of you find shelter in an old motel. Wanting to give the two of you privacy, Steve gets his own room, leaving you and Bucky alone.
The two of you walk into the motel room and Bucky shuts the door.
His eyes are bloodshot from crying and he looks at you like you’re the last person on Earth.
“Let’s talk details later… right now, I just need you,” Bucky says.
You step forward until you’re directly in front of him. “Whatever you need,” you respond.
He gently places his hand back on your cheek and leans in to kiss you slowly.
“Want to make slow, sweet love to you, doll,” he whispers. “I’ve wanted nothing more in my whole life.”
“I’m all yours.”
His hands reach out to pull your shirt up, touching your skin underneath. You shiver under his touch.
“Haven’t touched you in so long. Your skin is so soft,” he grunts out, running his hand from your stomach up to your breast, kneading it slowly. His other hand reaches down and picks up the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up higher, signaling for you to lift your arms so he can take it off.
Once your shirt is off, he places his mouth on your other breast, sucking on your nipple. You arch into his touch, softly moaning his name.
Placing your hands under his shirt, you touch his stomach. Immediately, he tenses up, before slowly relaxing into your slow caresses.
“Do you want me to stop?” you ask.
Shaking his head, he continues to suck on your breast. “Never,” he says, his voice vibrating against your nipple. “Your touch is everything I could ever need and want.”
Continuing to touch him, you move to pull off his shirt. He lets you, bending down so you can pull it over his head.
Right after, he pulls off your pants and underwear in one motion, before getting on his knees.
Running his finger up your thigh, he doesn’t stop until he hits your clit.
Moaning out in pleasure, you lightly grab hold of his hair. “Bucky,” you moan, grabbing under his armpits and yanking him back up. “I need you inside me right now, please. I can’t wait any longer.”
“I got you, doll,” he says, picking you up and placing you on the bed. He pulls off his pants and boxers before getting on top of you.
“Hey,” he whispers, staring down at you.
“Hey, you,” you respond, running your hands through his hair.
“I hope this isn’t a dream. I don’t want to wake up and not have you here with me.”
“Hey, I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” You move your hand down to rub his jaw. “We are going to get you out of here and figure out what to do, okay?”
“Okay,” he whispers, leaning down to kiss you. You feel the tip of him at your entrance and you moan.
“Ready, doll?”
“Ready,” you breathe out.
In a second, he’s fully inside of you, stretching you out.
The two of you moan out and he places his head on your shoulder, biting softly on your neck. “I’ve fucking missed you,” he moans into your ear.
“I’ve missed you too,” you groan, throwing your head back.
Bucky pulls out of you slowly, before sliding back in, hitting your g-spot. You grab onto his metal arm, squeezing slightly. He looks over at you touching his arm and stares for a few seconds, before reaching his metal hand down and touching your clit.
“Oh,” you moan. “Oh, that’s… that’s nice.” The cold sensation feels amazing against your hot, throbbing clit.
“It’s the first time I’m using this arm for something good,” he says. “It’s… it’s nice.”
You give him a kiss on his lips. “I love you, Bucky. I’ll keep you safe.”
Sliding back into you, he continues rubbing your clit. “I know you will, doll.” He picks up his speed a little, breathing heavily. “I love you too.”
“Let go. I’m not far behind.”
“Want you to cum with me,” he says, kissing you and sliding his tongue into your mouth.
With a few more hard thrusts into you, you tighten around him and orgasm, screaming out his name. Bucky cums with you, spilling into you.
“Y/N,” he grunts out, closing his eyes.
He’s silent for a moment, before pulling out of you and collapsing onto the bed.
Pulling you into his arms, he kisses the top of your head.
“Let’s never lose each other ever again,” he says. “I don’t want to go another day without you.”
Turning around in his arms, you stare at him. “Don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me that easily,” you say, grinning.
Bucky grins back and kisses you lazily, before settling his head against the pillow and tightening his arms around you.
“See you in the morning?” he asks.
“Always,” you whisper.
You both fall asleep, smiles on your faces from finally being together again.
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savemesomenachos · 7 days ago
if you still taking request can you made a one shot with Sebastian stan and a reader with a 20ish years age gap ? fluffy pls
I adore!!!!! Have fun✨
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
AN: Also, why do I always assume Seb says doll and has a Brooklyn-ish drawl like Bucky does? It’s still cute and makes my insides tingle so imma go with it.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan × Reader
Warnings: Just another fluffy day with Seb, some angst and brief insecure! Reader, significant age gap ( Seb-38y, Reader-20y), Mentions of nudity but no smut
Word Count: 1330
Y/n’s POV:
It was raining again and all the waterlogging in the city allowed for a much needed holiday. So here I was at 10 in the morning, still in bed. But the best part was the man next to me. Sebastian was barely home because of all the work he’s been doing.
Now he finally is after months. I was so excited to see him yesterday that I surprised him by picking him up at the airport. He was so ecstatic to see me that he dropped his bags, ran over to me and spun me around right in the middle of the exit. I hadn’t smiled so wide in a really long time.
“Mmm,” I heard from beside me. I shifted to lie on my chest while the sheets moved with me. The sheets bunched dangerously low on his bare waist. If he moved even a little, the sheets would be off him.
“Whatcha looking at doll?” his gravelly voice sounds near my ear.
I squeal in surprise. When I turn my head to look at him, he’s right in front of my face. I blush a deep red and nuzzle my face into his warm chest while he laughs.
“I was just looking,” I whisper as I pull myself up to his face with my elbows. “I missed you,” I breathe against his lips.
He takes that as his cue to pull me into a kiss that makes me dizzy. My hand instinctively bury themselves in his hair. He smiles against my lips while curling his arms around my waist and he locks his hand at the base of my spine. I hum in satisfaction as his chest touches mine while our heartbeats seem to sync. The pit in my stomach that had been existent ever since he left starts to seal itself back together the minute his lips collided with mine.
A particularly sharp tug on his hair makes him pull away from me but I’m not satisfied just yet. I yank the sheets off myself completely and straddle his hips.
“Baby?” he questions, confused. I cut him off with a hard kiss to his lips. He moans in surprise but before I could deepen the kiss, he tugs me away from his lips.
“What’s goin’ on?” he asks, concern written all over his face.
“Nothing, I just missed you,” I say, leaning down to kiss him again. His face contorts into a knowing look.
“I swear, Bash. There’s nothing,” I say again, squirming under his scrutinous gaze.
“You know I can tell when you’re lying, right?” he asks as he cradles my head to his chest with a hand wrapped around my back. I pull the sheets back over us as I nestle my face into his thick neck. I only sigh in response and cuddle further into him.
“Well, if you do wanna talk about it, I’m here, m’kay?” he asks, running his hand down my sheet covered back.
“I know,” I murmur into the soft hair of his chest and place a kiss on his heart for good measure.
We lay in silence for a while. The sound of our breathing and the crinkling of the sheets the only audible sound in the room. My eyes flit to Sebastian’s sleeping figure yet again. The sunlight pouring into our bedroom, filtered by the curtains, painted Sebastian in a golden hue. His hair seemed more brown than usual while his skin shone. His eyes moved beneath his eyelids while his lips upturned into a smile like he was in a beautiful dream.
“You’re staring again honey,” his voice sounded but his eyes were still closed.
“Is that why you were smiling like a lovesick idiot? Because you knew I was staring?” I asked as I leaned in closer to plant butterfly kisses along the column of his neck.
“Mhmm, yeah,” he whispered as he turned to face me.
We stared into each other’s eyes for a beat. I could see the blues and the greens swirl to render emotions. And now, his eyes seemed to mirror the sky; the bluest of blues.
“Breakfast?” he asked as his warm hand cupped my cheek and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear with so much delicacy, it would make angels weep.
“Yeah,” I said as I leaned forward to kiss his nose. He scrunched his face in a retort which made me snort. I knew for sure that nose kisses were his favourite.
“Eggs and bacon?” he asks as he lifts himself off the bed.
“Mhmm,” I hum, distracted by the sight of his bare legs. The muscles shifted and stretched as he picked up his discarded sweatpants off the floor and slid them up to his legs. I had decided that my favourite part of lazy days was that he seemed to forego underwear.
“Honey baby, you need to get up before I throw you over my fucking shoulder,” he growled at my laziness and the fact that I refused to leave the bed.
“But it’s so warm here!” I whined as I rolled around in the sheets some more.
“Come on, brat,” he says as he crawls over to my side and throws me over his shoulder.
I squeal at his actions but lay relatively still as he carries me down the stairs and into the kitchen. He sets me down on an island stool and immediately gets to work, making breakfast.
I watch his back as he shuffles around the kitchen, making eggs and bacon, our favourite. “Why do you keep staring at me?” he suddenly asks. I freeze briefly before going back to casually flipping the paper.
“You’re pretty,” I say as he sets the coffee down in front of me. “And you make me breakfast. Do I really need another reason?”
“This is definitely something else. I can tell,” he says shoving his face in front of the newspaper across the island.
I sigh and close the paper and toss it to the end of the counter while my fingers begin to twitch. I try to look anywhere but him, but his frame fills my vision completely.
“Hey, is everything okay?” he asks, his concerned gaze flitting between my eyes and my fidgeting hands.
“I… There were these comments and-”
“I’ve told you not to read those baby”
“I know, I couldn’t help myself, I guess,” I say, trailing off. He stares at me intently while I stand up and go around him to plate our breakfast.
I feel his arms around my waist before his scent surrounds my senses. I start to feel dizzy with all the love I have for him.
“Baby, I love you. People are always gonna talk but the fact that I love you will never change. Okay?” he asks as he spins me around to face him while his fingers rub circles on my bare waist.
“Okay. I’m sorry,” I say, embarrassed that I let this get to me.
“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault. People are mean. You can’t really do anything but ignore them.” He says, carrying our plates to the table where he pulls me onto his lap. He buries his face in my neck and takes a deep breath.
“Are you sniffing me?” I ask, turning around to face him with an exasperated look on my face.
“Shut up!” he whines, trying to hide his blush by burying his face even further in my neck.
“Seb, stop! That tickles!” I squeal and pull him away with a tug on his hair.
“Ugh fine. Let’s just eat breakfast so I can get you back to bed and a repeat of last night,” he says, waggling his eyebrows at the end.
I swat his arm away from where it had started to slide down my waist to my thigh.
“For that, you’d have to actually get through breakfast without doing anything.”
“No fair!”
“Life’s not fair, old man. Eat your bacon.”
“Oh, I will!”
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savemesomenachos · 8 days ago
Hey!!! So some college stuff came up and I’ve been busy with that for a while. My exams have officially been cancelled and I’m just waiting on the evaluation scheme. Until then I’m gonna be totally free.
I know I’ve been really slow at working through my requests but I’m trying my best. To those that did send me requests, I’ve seen them and I love them and I’ll be writing them in the coming weeks.
Thanks for all the love guys!! In the meantime, read my latest fic - Show Me How
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Stucky - @spookyparadisesheep
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met4no1a · 8 days ago
DARK!barnes&&mentions of a religious sect.
just imagine james barnes being a leader of a religious sect. always being there for people when they need him, always controlling everything and everyone. especially you. you were like a lost sheep that was trying to find her shepherd. not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say. but that man loved it. he loved you from the moment he saw your figure. that’s why when you showed up on his porch, crying your eyes out, he knew he had to take care of you. one way or another.
— get on your knees, bunny.
— is god going to forgive me for my sins?
— if you’ll be a good doll and do what i tell you, you won’t have to be afraid of him, my precious child.
— and how do you know it?
— 'cause jesus he knows me, and he knows i'm right. i've been talking to jesus all my life.
i will go to hell for that... but i still opened my drafts to write it down 😭 it may turn into a one–shot, but we will see.
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met4no1a · 8 days ago
OKAY, but james being scared to touch the reader’s belly with his metal arm while she’s pregnant because he says that all it brings is pain and her just smiling at him, not caring about what’s he saying? she just puts it right where the baby is, and he’s so scared to hurt it? he proceeds to say that he can’t feel anything with the metal arm, and the reader says “but he can” while feeling the baby kicks right where the bucky’s hand is?
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I can’t get enough of your writing!!! I had a thought pop into my head that I think you would do wonders with.
Avengers playing strip poker. Maybe resulting in readerxBucky?
Love you!
Sneak Peek
A/N: So, funny story... I've never actually played poker before lol. I had to look up the rules of the game, so I hope this fic makes sense! But, thank you so much for the request! I loved writing it. Also, love you too! :) I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! Reader
Warnings: just some fluff, cursing, slight mention of alcohol
Tumblr media
“Alright everyone, let’s gather round!” Tony yells, walking into the living room.
“I am so ready to kick all of your asses,” Natasha says.
“Oh, honey,” Tony responds. “We are playing a different type of poker tonight.”
Carrying two bowls of popcorn, you set them down on the coffee table. “What do you mean?” you ask.
“Well ladies and gentlemen,” Tony says, smirking, “we are going to play… drumroll please... strip poker!”
“Oh my god,” Natasha says. “Seriously?”
Sam walks over to the coffee table, rubbing his hands together. “Oh, now this is going to be fun.”
After finding a spot on the couch to sit down, Bucky walks in, sitting down directly across the table from you. “Of course you’d think so, birdbrain.”
Sam points his finger at Bucky. “Hey now, watch it, tin man.”
Steve comes over, slowly sitting down. “Uh, what is strip poker?”
“Exactly what it’s called, Stevey,” you joke. “Poker where you… wait for it… strip!”
“Someone sounds excited,” Thor says, joining in on the fun.
“Oh, I am. I’m ready to see Sam’s bare ass,” you joke.
“Oh, you wish, baby!” Sam replies.
Across the table from you, Bucky looks down at the floor. “It’s not even that nice,” he mutters.
“What was that, Barnes?” Natasha asks.
“Nothing,” he replies. “I’m just ready to play.”
Tony slams the cards down on the table. “Then let’s get to it!”
In the living room, there are seven of you: Tony, Bucky, Natasha, Steve, Thor, Sam, and you.
Looking around the room at everyone, Tony starts to discuss how to play. “Okay, we are playing basic stud poker, but instead of chips, we are using our clothes. Any questions?”
You raise your hand.
“This isn’t grade school, Y/N!” Sam yells at you, a grin on his face. “Just ask your question!”
Glaring at him, you flip him off. “Funny you know that, Sammie. I didn’t think you ever went to school,” you joke.
“Oh, they got you,” Bucky says, chuckling to himself.
Sam looks over at Bucky. “Yeah, you just keep laughing, Buck. I’ll remember that the next time your ass needs saving on a mission.”
Bucky sits up straighter. “My ass never needs saving…”
“Enough! Now, let’s play!” Tony interrupts. “...wait, Y/N, you never got to ask your question.”
“Oh, right.” you say, completely forgetting you even wanted to ask something in the first place. “Uh… how will we know who takes off their clothes?”
“Good question,” Tony responds. “Whoever bids the most “chips” and wins will pick a loser and that person will have to remove an article of clothing. If someone matches the bet, then whoever loses in that bet will have to remove an article of clothing. Everyone got that?”
Everyone nods and Tony starts to deal out the cards. “Alright, now let’s actually play,” he says.
In the first round, Steve and Thor face off, with Thor winning.
“Oh, good friend. I know it’s a shame that my clothing will not be removed, but I’m sure you will suffice,” Thor says, laughing at Steve.
“Of course I have to be the first one,” Steve says, face turning red. He removes his shirt.
Sam whistles. “Looking good, Cap!”
“Let’s just keep playing,” Steve responds, refusing to look at anyone.
During the second round, Natasha wins. “Let’s see,” she says, looking around the room. Her eyes stop on you and she smirks. “Y/N, remove your clothes.”
Sighing, you pull off your top and look over to see Bucky staring at you, expression unreadable. You notice his eyes are darker and a shiver runs down your body.
“Y/N!” Tony yells, trying to get your attention. “Are you with us?”
“Huh?” You whip your head to look at Tony. “Yeah… sorry.”
Across the table, Bucky grins at you.
An hour and a half later, on the 25th round, you were left in nothing but your undergarments. Thor was completely nude, while the rest of the team had at least one piece of clothing left on, including Bucky, who was currently sporting nothing but tight, black boxers.
Thor’s voice pulls you away from your sinister thoughts about Bucky.
“I’ll stay nude all the time, if you all wouldn’t mind,” Thor says.
“We mind,” Natasha says.
“Y/N, you look a little nauseous over there,” Sam says, throwing popcorn your way.
“Not nauseous,” you correct. “Just wondering how the hell I’m supposed to take any of you seriously after this.”
Steve reaches over and places his hand on your shoulder. “I can put my clothes back on, Y/N.”
“Oh, no you don’t,” Tony says. “Those clothes are staying off until we finish the game.”
You sneak a glance at Bucky and he softly smiles at you. You smile back, butterflies erupting in your stomach.
“Okay, we will make this the last round,” Tony says. “Mrs. Potts is waiting for me.”
Thor raises his beer in the air. “We can’t keep the beautiful lady waiting.”
“Thor gets it. Thanks, buddy. Alright, last round!” Tony responds.
The beginning of the last round starts with Natasha. “Raise,” she says.
“Shit,” Steve says, studying his cards intently.
“Language!” Sam yells. “Also, shit is right. Your cards are trash!”
“Hey, no cheating!” Steve yells, catching Sam staring directly at his cards.
“So, we will take that as a fold?” Tony asks Steve.
“Yeah… fold,” Steve mutters.
Thor pats Steve on the back. “It’s okay, my good friend. You’ll get there.”
Some time later, it’s down to you and Bucky.
“Get ready to lose, doll,” Bucky says, rolling his shoulders.
“No, you get ready to lose,” you say as you flip your cards over.
Looking at Bucky’s cards, you see that he has three of a kind. Immediately, you jump up and cheer.
“Yes, I won!” you exclaim. “Royal flush, baby! Now, take off your boxers!”
“Whoa there, Y/N,” Sam says. “A little too eager for Bucky to be naked, are we?”
Embarrassed, you stare down at the floor.
“It’s okay, doll,” Bucky says as he pulls down his boxers. “Rules are rules.”
You stare at him shamelessly, eyes trailing over his body. Bucky blushes.
“I think that’s our cue to leave,” Tony says, gesturing for everyone to move out of the room. “Okay, everyone out! Let’s leave the two lovebirds alone!”
As soon as everyone is gone, Bucky bends down and pulls his boxers back up. “I, uh, I guess you’ve seen all of me now,” he says.
“What?” you ask, confused.
“Well, you’re the only one, besides Steve, who really knows me. And, you just saw me fully naked so… you’ve seen everything now. Inside and out.”
“I guess so,” you say, slightly chuckling. “I like everything I’ve seen, inside and… out.”
“Is that so?” Bucky asks, stepping closer towards you.
“It is,” you respond, also moving closer.
When Bucky is directly in front of you, he reaches out and grabs your hand. “What do you say I take you out? On a date?”
Smiling, you interlock your fingers and give his hand a squeeze. “I’d love that.”
“It’s a date then. Is brunch okay?”
You nod. “Brunch is perfect.”
Bucky leans in and gives you a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you in the morning, doll.”
He gives you one last smile as he walks backwards out of the room.
“See you then, Buck,” you respond, waving at him.
Walking back to your room, you sigh. You were not going to get any sleep tonight.
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winter-james · 9 days ago
Sebastian Stan Masterlist
Tumblr media
You and Sebastian have a little argument
the cast of Avengers: Endgame is asked to tell the most memorable thing that happened in all 10 years of filming and they all have the same thing in mind
You and Sebastian have a quiet moment
Best Friend
You're Sebastian's best friend, but you love him a little more than a friend.
You want to spend a quiet morning together, but Sebastian has other plans
you take off the crust of the bread of your sandwiches and seb finds it adorable
You talk with Sebastian on facetime
Drum sticks*
Sebastian shows you the things he had to learn and get for his new role.
Mrs. Stan
Sebastian proposes during your vacation
Little hat
You get confused with English sometimes and it leads to a funny incident
Puppy fever
Sebastian surprises you with a dog
“All of the songs are about you”
Your relationship with Sebastian gets revealed
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met4no1a · 9 days ago
okay, but imagine dark!bucky or just winter soldier saying “all the things i did, just so i could call you mine” after he killed a person that got romantically involved with you. for weeks he’s been pretending to be a friendly neighbor, a good friend, a veteran that’s been trying to right his wrongs. but everything has to come to an end, right? theirs came when he strangled them with his own hands.
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