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#bucky barnes x oc
noshame-bb · 20 minutes ago
Happy Anniversary to HS1!
Since it’s HS1 4th anniversary, I decided to write a character to each song! Obviously I can’t write this all in one day so, it’s going to be spread out over this week. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or have a character suggestion!
Tumblr media
Meet Me in The Hallway-
Sighn of the Times-
Carolina- Javier Pena (soon!)
Those one night stands you can never forget.
Two Ghost-
Sweet Creature- Stucky x Reader
Kiwi- Javier Pena (soon!)
You’re having Jabier’s baby, and it’s none of his buisness when he flirts whith another woman. 
Ever Since New York-
Woman- Mondern!Din 
From the Dining Table-
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jamiewritings · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Deprogramming Bucky’s mind
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Shuri and Vicky work on deprogramming Bucky's mind from HYDRA's control.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Minor Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter.
Word Count: 3,000+
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wintervvidow · 4 hours ago
so I am DEFINITELY incorporating sniper!bucky into apricity! I've written 5 chapters and 1 one-shot and I'm still finding news things I want to add to the story. I'm genuinely so excited to continue this story!
I hope everyone is live apricity so far! 💕
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buckyssoldat · 5 hours ago
Chapter 35: Family
Warnings: strong language, violence
A/N: If you wanna be tagged in this, just send me an ask or a message. Feedback is always appreciated, don’t be shy to share your thoughts on this :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We fight, we earn, we never learn
And through it all the hero falls
The team arrived at the safe house just a couple of hours after the sun rose. Steve helped Alice walk to the house, since she still was affected by what Wanda had done to her mind back at the ship. The safe house was actually a small farm in the middle of nowhere.
“What is this place?” Alice heard Thor ask when they were at the porch.
“Safe house” Tony answered nonchalantly.
“Let’s hope” Barton said as he opened the front door with Natasha on his right side. “Honey? I’m home.”
Alice looked confused at Steve – the house looked like a family lived there, with toys scattered all over the place. A woman with a huge belly bump holding drawings and colouring pencils on her left hand appeared on the kitchen.
“Hi” she said as she looked at the Avengers.
“Company. Sorry, didn’t call ahead.” Clint kissed the woman in the lips, making everyone look confused at them.
“This is an agent of some kind” Tony muttered.
“Gentlemen, Alice, this is Laura” Barton introduced the woman to the team.
Laura waved and smiled at everyone, “I know all of your names.”
“Uh, incoming” Clint said as he heard loud footsteps coming downstairs.
“Dad!” A young girl, soon followed by an older boy, came rushing to Clint’s arms.
“Hi sweetheart! Hey buddy!” he said as he picked her up from the ground and kissed the boy on the head. “How are you guys doing?”
“What the hell is going on?” Alice whispered on Steve’s ear and he just shrugged. Why didn’t Clint tell them he had a family?
“These are… smaller agents” Tony added, still not sure of what was going on.
“Did you bring Auntie Nat?” the girl asked.
“Why don’t you hug her and find out?” Nat answered as the girl rushed to her arms.
“Sorry for barging in on you” Steve apologized to Laura.
“Yeah, we would have called ahead, but we were busy having no idea you existed” Tony responded.
“Yeah, well. Furry helped me set this up when I joined” Clint explained, “He kept it off Shield’s files. I’d like to keep it that way. I figure it’s a good place to lay low.”
“Honey” Laura called as he looked at what state Alice was, “you are so pale. Do you need anything to eat? I can make you something.” Alice slowly shook her head no, but Laura was a mother, so she knew better. “Come with me, I’m gonna make you a cup of tea. Is camomile good?” Alice ended up agreeing and went with Laura to the kitchen, while Steve tried to follow them. “It’s okay Captain America, I got her. No need to worry.”
Steve went back to his place next to Thor and let Alice go with Laura. She sat in one of the stools while Laura boiled some water for her tea.
“Do you know the sex?” Alice pointed at her baby bump.
“It’s a boy” Laura smiled at her. “Women are gonna be outnumbered here. I don’t know how to feel about that.” Both women laughed. “So, you and Captain America, huh? Sorry if I’m being nosy…”
“No, no, it’s fine” Alice quickly answered, “Steve and I are just friends, nothing more. He’s like a brother to me, an older brother, a very older brother. Besides, I’m not ready to love someone again, not so soon.”
“Oh, Clint told me about Thor’s brother” Laura smiled sympathetically at her, “I’m sorry, Onyx.”
“You can call me Alice. But enough about me, have you seen Nat and Bruce? Please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed that!”
“No, I noticed too as soon as they walked in. I’m happy for them, Nat deserves a break.”
“Yeah, they both do.”
Alice drank the cup of tea Laura made her and then went to one of the bedrooms so she could take a shower and relax for a bit. After the shower, she got dressed in some clothes Laura had laid on the bed for her – a pair of black skinny jeans, a black sweater, and a red and black flannel.
“How are you feeling, kid?” Tony entered the room, as the door was already wide open. “You took a really low blow back there.”
“I’m okay Tony, don’t worry” she answered while she put on her boots. “I’ve been through worse, this is nothing, really.”
“Look, I’m sorry for this.” Tony walked towards the bed and sat down next to her, “I didn’t know it would be like this. If I had known that girl was gonna do something to you and the others, I would never had created Ultron.”
“Wow, is Tony Stark apologizing? Is this actually real? Maybe I should film it” Alice taunted him.
Tony chuckled, “Don’t get used to it, kid. Fury is here and we’re having dinner in a few minutes, I thought you maybe wanted to join us, unless you’re still feeling-”
“No, I’m okay. I’ll be down in sec.”
 Alice did what she said and went downstairs a few minutes after. Everyone was scattered around the kitchen and the living room. She stared at Nick Fury, who just nodded at her.
“Ultron took you folks out of play to buy himself time” Fury explained to the team, “My contacts, all say he’s building something. The amount of vibranium he made off with, I don’t think it’s just one thing.”
“What about Ultron himself?” Steve questioned as he leaned against the doorframe.
“He’s easy to track. He’s everywhere.” Fury answered, “The guy is multiplying faster than a Catholic rabbit. It still doesn’t help us get an angle on any of his plans, though.”
“Is he still going after launch codes?” Tony was playing with the darts and the dartboard.
“Yes, he is. But he’s not making any headway.”
“I cracked the Pentagon’s firewall in high school on a dare” Tony told the team.
“Well, I contacted our friends at the Nexus about that.” Fury said as he picked up a piece of toast from the counter.
“Nexus? What’s that?” Alice questioned.
Bruce turned to her, “It’s the world Internet hub in Oslo. Every byte of data flows through there. Fastest access on Earth.”
“So, what did they say?” Clint asked while looking at one of the darts.
“He’s fixated on the missiles.” Fury explained, “But the codes are constantly being changed.”
“By whom?” Tony asked before a dart hit the bullseye on the board, thrown by Clint.
“Parties unknown.” Fury was chewing on a piece of toast.
“Do we have an ally?” Nat inquired. She had been quiet the whole night, much like Alice. Whatever Wanda did, it also took a toll on her, much like Alice.
“Ultron’s got an enemy. That’s not the same thing” Nick clarified, “Still, I’d pay folding money to know who it is.”
“I might need to visit Oslo” Tony announced, “Find our unknown.”
“Well, this is good times, boss, but I was kind of hoping when I saw you, you’d have more than that,” Natasha commented while looking at Fury.
“I do” he retorted, “I have you. Back in the day, I had eyes everywhere. Ears, everywhere else. You kids had all the tech you could dream up. Here we all are, back on Earth, with nothing but our wit, and our will to save the world” Fury paused for a few seconds and looked at everyone, “Ultron says the Avengers are the only thing between him and his mission. And whether or not he admits it, his mission… is global destruction. All this, laid in a grave. So stand. Outwit the platinum bastard.”
Nat raised her eyebrows and glared at the captain, “Steve doesn’t like that kind of talk.”
Her remark made Alice laugh, and Steve slightly pushed her. “You know what, Romanoff?”
“So, what does he want?” Fury asked, already sitting at the table.
“To be better” Alice spoke up, “better than us. Better than the Avengers.”
“He keeps building bodies, person bodies.” Steve added.
“The human form is inefficient” Tony pointed out, “Biologically speaking, we’re outmoded. But he keeps coming back to it.”
Nat looked at Tony and Bruce, “When you two programmed him to protect the human race, you amazingly failed.”
“They don’t need to be protected” Bruce said while he looked at one of the drawings Clint’s daughter had done, “They need to evolve. Ultron’s going to evolve.”
“How can he evolve?” Onyx questioned the doctor.
“Has anyone been in contact with Helen Cho?” Bruce asked.
That was when Alice finally figured out what Bruce was trying to say – Ultron was gonna use Doctor Cho’s regeneration machine to build a living body for himself.
 Everyone immediately geared up and got ready to leave. Alice, Clint, Nat and Steve were going to Seoul, which was where Helen Cho’s lab was. Tony was gonna hit the Nexus, while Bruce was going back to the tower with Fury.
The sun had already risen when they landed in Seoul. Alice and Steve were dropped off on the top of a building near Doctor Cho’s lab, while Nat and Clint remained in the Quinjet.
“Two minutes. Stay close” Steve said through the intercoms.
Alice and Steve ran to the building. While Steve went straight to the lab, Alice roamed around the building, looking for any signs of Ultron or his robots. She heard Helen Cho through the comms, explaining how Ultron was gonna upload himself into the body and how the gem was uncontainable and couldn’t just be destroyed.
“I got a private jet taking off across town” Nat announced, “No manifest. That could be him.”
“There. It’s a truck from the lab” Clint said, “It’s right above you, Cap and Onyx. On the loop by the bridge. It’s them. You got three with the Cradle, one in the cab. I could take out the driver.”
“No!” Alice quickly spoke through the intercoms, “if we destroy the gem, we destroy the city also!”
“We need to draw out Ultron” Steve added as they climbed the rusty stairs to get on top of the bridge.
“You know, that really is America’s ass” Alice said as she climbed behind Steve, therefore getting a good view of his behind.
“Really, Alice?” Steve chuckled as he made his way to the top and gave out a hand to her, “You couldn’t find a better time to check me out?”
“I mean, I have checked you out millions of times. You just didn’t notice.” He looked at her with shock, “What? I still have eyes.”
Steve and Alice were already on top of the bridge, watching the truck approach them. Right when it disappeared under the bridge, they ran to the other side of the road and jumped, landing right on top of it. As Cap opened the back doors of the truck, Alice remained on top of it. Ultron blasted the man, breaking the door and leaving Steve trailing on top of it. She took this opportunity to get inside the truck, but Ultron was already waiting for her and blasted her off the vehicle.
“Alice, you okay?” Steve asked while she hit the concrete of the road.
“Yeah, I’m okay” she answered as she got up from the ground, “I’ll join you in a minute.” As soon as she stopped speaking, she gathered all of her strength and jumped on top of a moving car. “Sorry, I just need a ride!” She yelled at the driver, who was visibly scared of her.
Alice looked at the truck, where Steve and Ultron were currently fighting. When his shield dropped on the road, Alice jumped out of the top of the car and landed on the road, picking up the shield as she started running towards the truck.
“Need a ride?” Alice looked at her side and saw Natasha on a bike. She quickly got up and they continued following the truck.
When they were close enough to it, Alice threw the shield at Steve, who immediately caught it and hit Ultron with it. Onyx took this opportunity to jump on top of the truck and help him. The robot threw Steve against one of the cars, and Alice decided to throw a knife at him, catching his attention.
“Oh, if it isn’t the mass murderer?” Ultron mocked her.
“Fuck off, Terminator.”
Alice threw punches at Ultron, who managed to dodge most of them. Suddenly, Clint started shooting him in order to draw out the other robots protecting the cradle, which resulted. Ultron was distracted by this, so Alice took this opportunity to grab him by the legs and throw him against a pillar on the road. This made him even more mad, so he flew right up to her and threw her off the truck once more. She fell through the window of the subway that was currently passing, scaring all the passengers. Not even a few seconds later, Steve and Ultron came in barging through the same window. Alice grabbed two knives from her holster and started fighting Ultron, trying to stab him somewhere.
“I’m going in. Cap, Onyx, can you keep him occupied?” Natasha asked through the intercoms.
“What do you think we’ve been doing?” Cap panted, still out of breath due to the fight with Ultron.
While Ultron fought Steve, Alice took this opportunity to jump on his back and grab his head, trying to tear it off. Seeing that she could tear him apart easily, Ultron threw Steve against the door of the carriage and grabbed Alice by her neck, slamming her against the wall.
“Bye bye, Onyx” Ultron mocked as he squeezed her neck harder and harder, causing Alice to start coughing and struggle to breathe.
Out of nowhere, Ultron let her go and she fell on the ground. Alice looked at Pietro, who had just punched the robot, and he smirked at her. Ultron was ready to charge at him, but Wanda was already behind Alice and used her powers to cross two of the carriage’s poles, trapping Ultron.
“Please, don’t do this” Ultron begged the twins.
“What choice do we have?” Wanda asked him.
Ultron basted the front of the subway train and flew away. Steve ran to where the driver was, but he was unconscious.
“Ultron fled!” Alice announced through the intercoms, “I repeat, Ultron fled! He’s headed your way!”
tags: @selfsun​​ @asimovethroughthisworld​​​​
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marvelfanfiction · 5 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 10, Civil War, Pt. 3
Bucky's POV:
She needs Steve. He's dead set on the mission, even though he knows she needs him. When he glanced back at her, I saw he needed her. Neither wanting to say anything to the other. Not really knowing what to say with me here. His jaw tenses, but he continues to turn back watching her pace.
"What's going to happen to your friends." I ask him. Charlie continues ignoring us and I hear her counting her breaths. I turn my head blankly staring out the front of the jet.
Steve sighs. "Whatever it is...I'll deal with it." He glances back at Charlie, eyes glossy. He wants to deal with our current situation, but is refusing to, his emotions overwhelming him. We have about six hours until we arrive. She's going to pace a trail on the jet if he doesn't do something.
"I don't know if I'm worth all this Steve." Charlie pauses, I sense her staring at me. She's not ignoring us, but she continues her pacing shortly after. Steve turns noticing her pause.
"What you did all those wasn't you. You didn't have a choice."
"I know." I look up looking in his direction. "But I did it." Silence. Besides Charlie's pacing, breathing, and counting. She stops, bringing her hands to her head, she pulls at her hair groaning. She wants to say something. "Talk to her." I whisper.
"We're on a mission."
"And she's falling apart." She begins pacing. Breathing. Counting. I get up with a huff to go to her. She doesn't stop, she vaguely acknowledges I'm closer. I go to grab her hand and she slaps it away. "Doll." She pauses and looks at me, before her eyes find Steve. His head turns to the side.
"Will you not even look at me?" He turns his full body around. "The jet has autopilot you know?" Tears brim at her eyes. He puts the jet on autopilot, giving her his full attention.
"You want to talk about it, princess?" She shakes her head no. "Then what is it?" She moves her face from Steve's eyes, looking into mine and back at Steve. "I need...." I move to go back to my seat. She's embarrassed to say she needs him in front of me. "Don't." She looks at my movement, pulling at my wrist.
"Princess, you're going to have to do more than one syllables."
"Do you not need me?" She barely whispers as a tear rolls down her cheek. Steve rushes over to her wrapping his arms around her. I turn to go to sit back in my seat, and she pulls at my wrist again.
"Of course, I need you. I always need you, princess." Steve pulls back searching her face. She looks down.
"But you haven' didn't tell me."
"We're on a mission." She looks back up at him, and he wipes her tear with his thumb.
"But...I need you." He plants a sweet kiss on her lips, and pulling back looking at her. "Steve, please." She hiccups. Steve turns to me.
"Are you okay?" I nod at him, and go to take my seat. Charlie must turn to look at me. "What is it princess?"
"I don't...I don't know." I turn to look back at them, her eyes are staring at me.
"Does it bother you, him being here?" She shakes her head no. "Do you need him too?" Steve turns to look at me. My eyes are wide.
"I don't know."
"Charlie, it's not lost on me that you like having him close. We're friends, talk to me."
"Princess." Charlie weakly smiles.
"Princess, use your empathy." He holds out his hand for her to take, she holds onto it and closing her eyes. When she opens her eyes to look at him, she whispers, "I'm sorry."
"No, it's ok. I didn't help matters." He places his hand on her cheek. "I've got you want me to ask?" She nods, and he places a kiss on her forehead. "Before or after?"
"After." He leads her to the back, and closes the door.
Charlie's POV:
Steve leads me into the back, closing the door. He picks me up and pushes me back on the wall, slamming his lips into mine. Our kisses are full of hunger, we both needed one another. Today was mentally draining. My heart is fragmented and luckily, I have Steve to bring some normalcy back. And Bucky. I push him out of my mind for now, and focus solely on Steve. He puts my feet back on the ground, "Get undressed." I comply. He himself begins taking off his suit.
Our eyes lock back to one another and he picks me back up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He put his hand up to my cheek, fingers on my neck holding my face close to his. I whimper into his mouth and he lets out a growl. He pulls me back from him, allowing me to slip his throbbing cock into my core. My held tilts back as Steve uses his arms to thrust me on him, "Eyes on me princess." I return my eyes back to Steve's, smiling down at him, he gives me a devilish grin.
Not pulling himself out of me, he shifts our weight to lay me on the floor, tunneling deep into my drenched pussy. I let out a pleasured mewl and pull Steve's mouth onto mine. Our kisses become sloppy and he pulls away, looking down, smiling at me, "You're so beautiful princess." He speeds up his penetrating. I arch my back, scratching into his arms as I let out a loud, "Captain." After I climax, he pulls out of me, grabbing my arm, sitting my body up. He walks closer to me, straddling my legs, "Open your mouth." I comply. He shoves his erection into my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head he steers my movements. I bob my head, looking up at him, "Such a good fucking whore you are." I hum on his dick. His movements become irregular, and he cums into my mouth. Pulling back, "Swallow." I comply, wiping the little bit that dribbled down my chin, licking it off my fingers. "I love you."
I return his smile, "I love you, too." He opens up a cabinet and throws me a blanket and large shirt, before dressing himself. He walks over to another cabinet grabbing some water and drinking before handing the water to me.
Steve pets my cheek, gazing down at me with a bright smile. "I'm going to talk to Bucky."
"Are you okay? With this I mean."
"Princess, we're friends...with benefits." He winks.
"For now."
"For now." He responds. "I'm okay, if you are." He walks through the door closing it behind him.
Bucky's POV:
Steve takes Charlie behind a door, closing it behind them. What did she show him? I look out the window, watching the clouds. It's complicated. It's what they both told me, but they do love one another. I fear they're resisting having a real relationship because of their job. Or is there something else...someone else?  And now after today, they're on the run. I haven't talked much to her about what she would want in her future. No doubt people don't want this life. It just happens. When is the fighting going to end? I lean my head back on the seat closing my eyes.
The door opens and only Steve comes through. He walks to the front seat. "She needs you." He doesn't turn his face to look at me.
"In any capacity that you're okay with."
"Steve?" He turns to face me.
I shake my head at him. "What do you want from me?"
"To go back there and see her."
"She needs me like she needs you? Or she just wants to talk? What?" He sighs. "Don't tell me it's complicated. I think we're far from that."
"You don't want to be near her?" I smile nodding my head. "Can you not see she wants to be near you?" Again, I nod my head. "Not everything has to be sexual. That's just, a perk."
"She's yours."
"I would say she's yours too."
"She was jealous of Sharon."
"Sharon's been cold towards her, and she took Charlie by surprise."
"You're ok with all this?"
"I was the one who mentioned it to you." He shrugs turning around. "In our life we don't get to have something concrete. Not anymore. Please, just go see her. It doesn't have to be sexual. You could just sleep. There's a bed back there to sleep. She just wants to feel you near her." I stand up to walk back there and pause. "It's okay, Buck." And I make my way behind the door, closing it behind me.
Charlie is sitting on the floor, a too big shirt hangs off her skin, suit haphazardly thrown on the floor. She's taken her hair out of the ponytail, the band resting around her wrist, brushing her hair with her fingers. "Hey." She smiles up at me.
"Hey, doll." She pats the floor beside her. I sit down.
"We never got your back pack returned to us."
"It's ok."
"What was in it?" She turns her body to face mine, legs crisscrossed.
"Memories." She looks at me confused. "Notebooks of memories. Anytime I remembered something from my past, I wrote it down. I was scared I would lose them all again." She reaches for my right hand, taking it in hers. "They really messed me up."
"It's nothing that can't be fixed. With work, and time." I give her a weak smile. "Do you think we could ever live a normal life after this?"
"Hopefully. What are we fighting for if not?" She nods her head. We sit in silence for a moment, her fingers tracing the outline of my hand. I didn't realize how these perfectly innocent moments with her calm me. Grounds me.
"Do you think my empathy could ever help you? Or it could ever be used to help you?" I look up at her with squinting eyes. "I mean, you said Hydra, put words in your head to turn you to the Winter Soldier. There has to be a way to get them out."
She's perfect. A perfect little doll. It wasn't long ago she was falling apart. She watched her family rage war against one another. Watched one falling from the sky. A man she viewed as a father, fighting her Captain. And now she's calmed and asking how she can help me. All of our encounters with one another have been with someone around us. Or chasing us. I smile over to her, "It means the world that you would be willing to try."
"You didn't deserve that life. You're kind." I reach my hand around her neck my thumb petting her jaw. "Perfect." She looks at my lips. "Beautiful." She thinks I'm perfect. I slowly pull her closer to me kissing her lips softly. "James." She whispers. No one calls me that, but it's angelic coming from her mouth. I adjust our bodies to lay on the floor, myself hovering over Charlie. We continue our sweet kisses and I hear her whimper into my mouth. I want to take care of her, I don't want to dominate her. I pull myself away from her, removing my suit and boots, still keeping my boxers on and situate my body over hers again.
Her adorable face smiles up at me. I just stare down at her, petting her face with my hands. "You're gorgeous, doll." She gives a melodic giggle, pulling me closer to her lips. Our lips don't meet. "I will do everything..." kiss, "to protect..." kiss, "you." I push my lips further on her and she smiles in our kiss. My mouth moves down to her neck gently peppering sweet kisses on her soft skin. Charlie's finger nails gently rub my back lazily, causing my body to get chill bumps. I trace my nose up her neck and chin, pausing at her mouth to lightly kiss her lips, and continue to trace my nose up the center of her face.
I lower my body over her, and I feel my erection brush against her hips. She quickly inhales. I focus on her face, searching her eyes. "Doll, are you ok?" She nods. "Can I take off your shirt?"
"Yes, James." I remove her shirt and realize she was wearing nothing underneath. She's impeccable. I move my body down and begin kissing her body, starting at her collarbone, trailing down to her breasts, never touching her nipples. Not yet. I continue ghosting kisses down her stomach, brushing my lips lightly across her skin. I see her breathing hitch, and can hear her heart racing. I'm glad she can't hear mine; I feel it busting out of my chest. I want her, but I want to take my time with her. "James." She whispers. I take my tongue, dragging it up her body, stopping only to peer down at her. Her eyes are heavy, the pupils have widened so much their blocking out most of the hazel color.
"Yes, doll?"
"I want you." Wording different than with Steve.
Tumblr media
"I want you." She spreads her legs wider and begins pulling down my boxers. I place my member at her entrance, bracing myself. Her perfectly angelic face smiles up at me through her lashes, and I slowly enter her. My dick is wrapped in her warmth. I dip my head, beginning to suck at each of her breasts, she sucks in her breath, and I adjust to look back down at her. Charlie lets out a soft hum as I sink deeper into her. I feel her tighten around me as she grabs at my arms, gliding them up to my head, wrapping her fingers through my hair. She pulls me closer to her lips, moving her head up to kiss me. Timidly she pushes her tongue into my mouth. I return the action, slowly tunneling into her.
Charlie moans into our kiss and I swallow it. I steadily intensify my pace. Wanting this moment to linger on. She's perfect. I use a hand to pet her thigh and she picks both legs up, wrapping them around my torso and pulling me even closer to her. I pull back to look at her, we smile at one another, her brow furrows as the sensation becomes almost too much for her. I use a hand to brush hair out of her face, and tucking my hand behind her head, pulling her into me. "You're so beautiful Charlie."
"James." She's able to whisper out. "I...lo..."
I speed up my thrusts, crashing my lips into her. Before our want was sweet, now I want her, to cum. "When you get close, grab my hand and use your empathy." She looks up at me. "I want to feel you." Mind, body, and soul. She nods her head; I steadily increase my pace. She tightens around me, grabbing my hand. I slam our lips together. I see her pure love for me. Seeing myself through her eyes is odd, but beautiful, like her. I see how she has imagined a life, not fighting, with me. I see while she needs, and loves Steve, she wants me.
I release into her. Her hand holding mine goes limp and she drops her grasp. Her arm flops lazily on the ground. She looks up at me, I stare back down at her. Both of us panting, sweat beading around our hairlines. Charlie's hand reaches up to my hair brushing it to the side, "I love you." I breathe down to her. She hesitates, but her empathy doesn't lie, I know how she feels. "You don't have to say anything, but it's true. You should know." I plant my lips on hers. "I love you." She barely whispers, trembling in my embrace. I lift myself up, pulling out of her. I put my hand down to help her stand. When her body is upright her legs give out and I catch her, wrapping my arms around her, steadying her stance. "I've got you."
Charlie's eyes look up at me, searching my face. She's scared. "It's okay." I assure her.
"I can't lose you. Either of you."
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marvelfanfiction · 5 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 10, Civil War, Pt. 2
Charlie's POV:
Steve is explaining the plan to everyone, and his eyes turn to me, "Charlie, I want you with Sam and Bucky." I nod my head. "Try to stay out of the sight of Tony." We jog off from the group.
"What's the deal with you and Tony?" Bucky asks.
"He's kind of, well he's like Clint. We're just not related. He's not happy with me and Steve. He kind of hates you. The Accords have left things heated."
Sam laughs, "Is that what you want to call it?" We stop and await Steve's signal. Please let this go well.
I can't hear what anyone is saying, but I can see that Tony and Rhodey are talking to Steve, everyone seems calm. For now. Then I see him, T'Challa. I shift closer to Bucky and pull at his hand. T'Challa wants Bucky dead. No one's dying, doll. I keep repeating that in my head. Tony begins moving around, I see the anger painted on his face. My heart aches, no one wanted to see us fight amongst ourselves.
Nat comes around the corner. There goes another piece of my heart. How many times must it break in one day? Someone launches a white substance at Steve's shield, and then at his hands, tying them together. They land on a truck looking up at Steve, holding his shield. What the hell?
"Who the hell is Spider-Man?" Bucky whispers over to me and Sam. Super soldier. Super hearing, it can be annoying, but this time it's a welcome feature. Sam and I shake our heads. No idea who Spider-Man is. Tony's features are pained, he's angry. Hurt. "He's not happy about Steve getting all of you involved."
"Our choice, Buck." I respond. I can't look away from Tony. His expressions are breaking another piece off of what's left of my heart.
"He got it." Sam looks at us. Redwing's been looking for our escape ride. "We found it. Their Quinjet's in hangar five, north runway." He responds over coms to the team, to Steve. Bucky pulls at my arm and we three run towards our getaway.
I look over, Rhodey has spotted us. I pick up my speed. Steve throws his shield at him, and I see T'Challa trying to run towards us, and Steve turns his attention to him. He's going to be the problem. He wants Bucky dead. No one's dying, doll.
"What the hell is that?" Bucky screams, I look up, Spider-Man lands on the glass roof above us.
Sam glances up too, "Everyone's got a gimmick now."
He uses his white substance, webbing...Spider-Man, to swing through the glass. Sam stops to deal with him, and Bucky pushes me over to the side that's further away from Spider-Man. His feet make contact with Sam throwing him to the side, Bucky stops and throws a punch with his metal arm to Spider-Man, and he catches it. Bucky looks at him confused. Spider-Man is strong.
Tumblr media
"You have a metal arm? That is awesome, dude." He's a kid! What the hell Tony? Bringing them in younger and younger. I spin around kicking the kid off Bucky, and Sam flies up catching him, flying away. Bucky smiles at me and I pull his arm running towards our getaway again.
The kid is able to free himself from Sam's arm using his webbing. He swings around facing back at me and Bucky. "Wait, you're the winter princess!"
"I wish people would quit calling me that!" I swing my body around using my legs to wrap around his waist and use my arms to pull him down, pinning him. "The name's Charlie."
"Peter." Bucky comes behind us, again using his metal arm to punch him and Peter catches it.
"Could you quit trying to kill him Bucky?"
"We're just playing, doll." He smiles and Peter uses his webbing to pull himself away. Sam flies over to him again grabbing him, Bucky and I continue running towards our destination. Peter swings away from Sam, effortlessly weaving through the building. Sam shoots back at him, and Peter swings away, narrowly being missed.
"Bucky do something!" He glances over and picks up a large sign throwing it at him.
"Hey, buddy, I think you lost this!" Peter shouts, Bucky and I look around the pillar, we were hiding behind. Peter caught the damn thing and is throwing it back. Bucky grabs my wrist pulling me behind the pillar. It smacks the pillar and Bucky lets out a growl.
"You ok doll?"
"Fine." I pull him and we're off running again. Sam knocks Peter off his perch with his feet before Peter swings away again and shoots webbing at Sam's wings, causing Sam to fall. The kids unnaturally good. Sam crashes into a kiosk and stands up before Peter shoots webbing at his hands, cuffing him to the railing.
"Those wings carbon fiber?" Peter asks him.
"Is this stuff coming out of you?" Sam glances down at his hands.
"That would explain the rigidity-flexibility ratio." I smile shaking my head. "Which, gotta say, that's awesome, man."
"I don't know if you've been in a fight before, but there's usually not this much talking."
"Alright, sorry. My bad." He lets out another webbing towards the ceiling, ready to swing at Sam before me and Bucky can reach Sam, trying to block him. Peter's kick knocks off the glass banister and we go crashing down to the floor below us, landing with a crunch. Peter was able to shoot webbing around Sam's torso trapping his arms, webbing at Bucky's metal arm, and pins my arms above my head. I let out a grunt.
"Guys, look, I'd love to keep this up, but I've only got one job here today...and I got to impress Mr. Stark, so, I'm really sorry." He begins to shoot more webbing at us before Redwing launches at his arm, "Wait. What?" Flying him out of the building.
I collapse my head onto the floor grunting at the glass that's behind me stabbing into my body. Bucky and Sam are tired and frozen in place, sprawled out. "You couldn't have done that earlier?" Bucky responds.
"I hate you."
I sigh, shuffling a leg closer to Bucky, "Reach into the pocket on my thigh, there's a knife there, Buck. You can cut us free." His hands roam around my leg. "Uh, yeah, not there. I meant the outside of my thigh." I shift my eyes towards him. A chuckle escapes his lips.
"Sorry, doll, I can't see with my hands." He grabs the knife out and cuts off the webbing on his arms. He jumps up standing over at me smiling. "You look good like this."
"Would you two get a room?" Sam huffs. Bucky leans over cutting me free. Tucking the knife in one of his own pockets. I roll my eyes at him and reach down and grab another, not removing my eyes from him, and then squat to cut Sam free.
We finally reach the others, joining the formation, running out to our ride. Bucky and Sam to my left, Clint and Scott on my right, Wanda behind me, and Steve in front of me. I pick up my speed. We're getting closer until Vision beams a line on the tarmac. Literally lines are drawn. We all stop. "Captain Rogers, I know you believe what you're doing is right." The rest of the Avengers form on the other side of the line, "But for the collective good, you must surrender now."
"What do we do, Cap?" Sam asks.
"We fight." Wanda and I walk beside one another, advancing on the others. None of us wanted it to come to this.
Almost reading my mind, Nat shrugs her head, "This is going to end well." They begin marching towards us. We all glance around to one another before picking up our speed to a run.
"They're not stopping." Peter looks to Tony.
Tumblr media
"Neither are we." Tony and Rhodey lift off the ground, joining Vision and continue heading towards us. Wanda and Sam lift off the tarmac as well, each prepared to take on another flyer. Tony heading straight towards Steve. No one's dying, doll. A few already make contact.
I run with Bucky towards T'Challa. He crashes into him knocking him to the ground before I kick him off. He propels himself back up heading straight towards Bucky, hitting him and Bucky returning the punch. T'Challa's body is pushed to face at me and I begin fighting him. Bucky comes back behind him, and T'Challa kicks me back and I fall on the ground. I look over to Steve and Tony and pick myself up off the ground. Bucky is able to knock T'Challa down again, and he wastes no time in getting back up, ready to pounce. Spinning my leg, I kick at his stomach, and he catches it slinging me to the ground. Bucky grabs at his neck with his left arm and T'Challa does the same, jabbing him in the stomach with his knee. "I didn't kill your father."
"Then why did you run?" He pulls Bucky's arm off his neck. Bucky escapes, punching at the arm, while his right arm connects with T'Challa as he takes them both down. Standing back up he kicks a leg up to Bucky's face launching him to box filled pallets. T'Challa's claws protrude out and I run to him, swinging my legs around his neck and proceed to punch him. He throws me off and advances his claws to Bucky's neck. Wanda is able to use her magic to stop him and sends him flying into a carrier. I nod my thanks to her and reach a hand down to Bucky. "Not letting me go are Ya doll?"
"Shut up." I tell Bucky. Wanda shoots us a knowing glance.
"I'll talk to you about this later." She calls back.
"What was that about?" Bucky smirks.
"She reads minds. Let's find Steve and get the hell out of here." I pull at his arm and we set out to find Steve. When we find him, I run over to him. He quickly glances over me, checking to see if I'm okay. "We gotta go. That guy's probably in Siberia by now." Bucky looks over to us.
"We gotta draw out the flyers." Steve responds, we both look around at our settings. "I'll take Vision; you two get to the jet." He points at me and Bucky. I back up looking at him about to protest.
"No, you get to the jet." Sam shouts over coms. "All three of you! The rest of us aren't getting out of here."
"As much as I hate to admit it...if we're gonna win this one, some of us might have to lose it." Clint responds. I look up at Steve, he cups my cheek and mouths, "I love you." I grimace and mouth it back. He looks over to Bucky, inhaling deeply.
"This isn't the real fight, Steve."
His hand drops from my cheek. "Alright Sam. What's the play?"
"We need a diversion. Something big."
"I got something kinda big. But I can't hold it very long. On my signal, run like hell. And if I tear myself in half...don't come back for me." Scott responds.
Bucky looks over at us confused shaking his head. "He's gonna tear himself in half?" I return his confused stare, shrugging my shoulders.
Tumblr media
"You sure about this, Scott?" Steve asks, taking my hand in his.
"I do it all the time. I mean, once. In a lab. Then I passed out."
"And Steve, Bucky, take care of her. Charlie, fight like hell." Clint tells us. If caught he's going to prison. Another piece of my heart breaks off.
"Stay safe, papa bear." With that Scott's body appears out of nowhere, shooting up sixty feet, grabbing a hold of Rhodey's legs. We move closer together looking up at Scott, "I guess that's our signal." I glance between the two super soldiers. Bucky shakes his head dismayed.
"Way to go, Tic Tac!"
I turn with Steve and Bucky and we head towards the Quinjet. Scott is able to block the majority of the attacks heading towards us thankfully. Another beam shoots out hitting the top of the hangar, collapsing it right in front of us. I see the wiggly woos, Wanda has caught it with her magic. I turn back to her, silently thanking my friend. Bucky pulls at my arm guiding me and Steve to run faster.
Someone must have distracted Wanda because it starts to actually fall. Steve grabs me pulling me faster, covering us with the shield. We somehow made it through unscathed only to find Nat. Steve runs ahead a bit more before stopping.
"You're not gonna stop." Nat states, knowing that we are in fact not going to stop.
"You know I can't."
She sighs bringing her Black Widow's bite up pointing it at him, "I'm gonna regret this." At the last second, she shifts, shooting between me and Steve, causing me to jump closer to Bucky. She hits T'Challa who's made his way into the hangar behind us. "Go." She tells us. We run into the Quinjet, trying to get out of here as quickly as possible. To stop the fighting, and get away from the flyers. Nat continues to shoot her Black Widow's bite at T'Challa, buying us some time.
Steve powers up the jet, and T'Challa attempts to grab onto a wheel, but we were able to get out. I breathe a sigh of relief looking out the window. "Beside us, Steve." He looks over and sees Rhodey flying closer, Tony following closely behind. Steve accelerates the jet. I see another beam from Vision and turn around. The beam hits Rhodey and I see him plummeting to the ground below. No, no! No one's dying, doll. Bucky grabs ahold of my hand, giving it a tight squeeze. Steve looks out noticing what happened. Sam and Tony fly down to trying to reach Rhodey.
"Charlie, we have a mission. I'm sorry."
"I didn't want this." I stare back ahead.
"I know." He responds softly.
"No one's dying, doll." I turn and meet Bucky's eyes. He can't know that, but I meet him with a meek smile. And we make our way to Siberia.
Around twenty minutes pass, all of us sitting silently. I can't handle it anymore. "Steve, I need.... " I start, and then stop. Steve takes his eyes from the front of the jet, looking at me. "I'm going to walk around." I pace around the jet, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Counting each breath. I need Steve. I understand what he means when he asks me that. I can't tell him.
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marvelfanfiction · 5 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 10, Civil War, Pt. 1
Steve's POV:
I wake the next morning Charlie still holding onto me, and Bucky snuggled close to her, his head resting on her back and his arm wrapped around her waist. I watch their steady breathing as Bucky's body rises and falls with hers. Gently I wipe her hair out of her face, and try to ease out from under her. She slightly stirs and tilts her head towards me, "Sleep, princess. That's an order from your Captain." Eyes never opening she smiles at me, flipping her body around, burrowing into Bucky's chest. He adjusts his weight to fully wrap his arms around her, resting his head on top of hers.
I stand up walking to the window, looking out into the streets below. One more day, and we'll be heading to Siberia, hopefully beating the doctor to the other winter soldiers. I hear Sam get up, turning to look at him, I see him look to Charlie and Bucky before turning his attention to me. "What did you do Steve?" I tilt my head at him, not sure what he's referring to. "You're not bothered?" He motions his hands to my two sleeping friends. I shake my head no. "I thought she meant more to you than that."
I sigh. "Sam, we're friends."
He lets out an exasperated breath. "You love her." He states. I nod my head. "And yet, you're not bothered she's falling for Bucky. You pushed them together last night."
I look back at them. They're still peacefully sleeping, Bucky quietly snoring, while Charlie hums into his chest. I can't help but smile. I turn my attention back out the window. "It's complicated."
"No shit."
"I want her, them, safe...happy. Look at them." Sam turns and looks, huffing and shaking his head. "It doesn't make sense, but I know she's protected, and so he is."
"They just met, and look how...close they are."
How do I explain this? "I was the same way; you didn't say anything to me." I smirk over at him. "Do you not feel her warmth?" Sam looks at me confused. "It's like she has this warmth radiating from her, pulling me to her. It's like, like she's a drug. It's intoxicating."
"You're such an addict." He laughs. "I feel the warmth I guess, but not the way you two do. Obviously. But I just want to protect her, and you. I don't trust him. He' too easily controlled." He removes his gaze from me. "Charlie, too. Princess?" He scoffs. "Don't try to control her out there. If you do, you're no better than Hydra." I look back at Charlie. He's right. I shouldn't use our relationship to control her when we're fighting.
"I know....I want her safe. She has a need to prove herself to me."
"Trust her, like you do him." I nod my head. Bucky stirs. His eyes open looking down at her, kissing her forehead gently, he raises his eyes and meets mine. Uncomfortably he tries to pull himself away from her. I put my hand out telling him to stop, let her sleep.
Turning back to look at the streets outside, I hear her let out a yawn, she sits up stretching and popping her neck. Bucky stands, reaching a hand to help her stand. "Thank you," she whispers and walks over to me. Wrapping her arms around my waist she leans against my back and inhales; I hold onto her hands. "Morning, Steve," She whispers. "When will everyone get here?"
I brush my fingers against her arm, causing chill bumps. "Tomorrow. We're meeting with Sharon," she pulls away, "to bring us our gear." I turn back to her. "Charlie, she's helping us out." Sam walks away from us.
"She doesn't like me." I let out a sigh and shake my head. "She doesn't Steve. She, she's jealous I guess." I laugh. "It's not funny."
"Just play nice. She's risking her job to help us out."
"To help you out. She'll probably forget my stuff."
Third Person POV:
"Thunder only happens when it's raining, players only love you when they're playing." Charlie is in a corner, earbuds in listening to her iPod, bopping her head to the beat of the music softly singing, looking out at nothing. Steve and Sam are near the window watching and planning. Bucky walks over to Charlie, sitting down. She smiles up at him, still softly singing and hands him an earbud. Bucky places it in his ear, smiling over to her. He follows her lead and bops his head with the music.
Sam Cooke "Bring It on Home to Me" begins playing. Bucky stands, reaching his hand down to Charlie, "Dance with me, doll." She uses his hand to pull herself up, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, he timidly places his hands on her hips, looking over to Steve. Steve briefly peeks at the two dancing out of the corner of his eyes, smiling, before returning his attention back to Sam.
"If you ever change your mind, about leaving, leaving me behind. Oh baby, bring it to me. Bring your sweet loving. Bring it on home to me. Yeah,"
"Yeah." Sam joins in echoing Charlie's singing smiling at her, much like the song, before continuing his conversation with Steve.
Charlie continues softly singing to Bucky, her face vibrant and animated with her expressions. He can't help but smile a big toothy grin at her. Despite their intense situation she's bringing a warmth and lightness to their last hours before all hell breaks loose. The innocent and playful dancing softens his heart, Steve is a lucky man, he thinks. Sam walks over to the dancing pair, reaching out his hand, Bucky reluctantly releases his grip on her, allowing her to take his hand. He dramatically spins her out, bringing her back close to him and singing the song with her. They continue to dance before Steve cuts in, Charlie's face beams up at him, pulling herself close to his chest, she rests her head on him, and he tightly wraps his arms around her and they dance closely. Charlie continues singing into his chest, her and Bucky are the only ones actually hearing the music. There is a calm over the veterans and Charlie, the last bit of peace before their impending war.
Bucky's POV:
Charlie didn't get much sleep last night, her anxiety caused her to wake up throughout the night, pacing around the room. I could hear her taking her time breathing, counting each inhale and exhale. She would come back to sit in between me and Steve, rest her head on him, placing her hand close to me, and I would take her hand in mine, giving a quick squeeze. Resting only for a bit before she would start the process all over again. Steve and I never said anything to her. There's nothing to say. We all hope we can get out of the country safe, but we're prepared with our growing numbers. Tomorrow we'll meet with Sharon to get our gear, and meet with Clint (I have learned this is Charlie's uncle), Wanda, and a Scott. Scott isn't someone that Charlie has ever met. I couldn't tell if Charlie was anxious about seeing Sharon or the prospect of a fight with her friends. Probably both.
Steve guides us to our getaway car. An old Volkswagen Beetle. Sam lifts the seat and Charlie crawls in. He looks at me with a glaring smile, "You too, tinman." I get in beside Charlie and she places her small hand on my thigh before leaning onto my shoulder.
"You should try and get some sleep princess. I know you didn't rest much. We've got a little bit of a drive until we reach Sharon." Charlie yawns and smiles up at Steve before closing her eyes. Not long into the drive I can hear her sweet, soft humming noise escaping from her mouth. She's asleep.
We reach the destination where we meet Sharon. Steve closes the door and I hear Charlie exhale loudly. I glance down at her and eyes never open. "I hate her." Sam laughs up front. She places my flesh hand over top hers. "Can I shoot her?" She giggles.
"Not in public." I respond with a chuckle.
"Just be thankful she's willing to help us out." Sam calls back. She scoffs up at him and shifts further away from me, her eyes briefly look up to Steve and Sharon talking, she turns her head looking out her side of the window.
I'm now uncomfortable with the situation playing in front of us, Charlie's growing hatred for Sharon, and physically uncomfortable with Sam's seat pushed back into my legs. Sam's glaring at Steve and Sharon as she opens the trunk to her car, revealing everyone's gear, thankfully Charlie's is there as well. "Can you move your seat up?" I flatly ask him.
"No." He responds.
Tumblr media
My eyes don't leave the pair in front of me, she's flirting with Steve. To the side of my eyes, I see Charlie pat the middle of the back seat, wanting me to scoot over closer. Sharon glances over at us, I glare at her and shift my body beside Charlie's. Sharon's body goes closer to Steve's as she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. He returns the gesture. I place my hand on Charlie's thigh, gently squeezing it. "They're kissing, aren't they?"
"No worse than what you and the cyborg did." Sam responds, still not removing his gaze.
Charlie sighs, "Steve was a part of that too." Her lips get a bit of a devilish grin, thinking of our night together. She huffs again, sitting up to look at them right as they pull away. Sharon turns from Steve and gets in her car. Steve looks at the ground before at all of us. Sam smiles nodding his head, I smirk, Charlie is throwing daggers with her eyes. Steve straightens up with an annoyed look on his face before turning back to grab everyone's gear. He places it in the trunk of the Beetle and gets in.
We all sit silently not knowing what to say, "Well that was awkward. I can see now why she hates me."
"Charlie don't." Steve warns. She stiffens next to me, but doesn't respond. We drive to the airport silently, but Charlie places her hand over mine, tucking her fingers around my metal hand, using her thumb to draw circles on top. She doesn't recoil from my prosthetic arm.
We arrive to the airport. We shouldn't have let Steve drive. He struggled with the Beetle. Steve parks close to a van and gets out, lifting the seat for Charlie to exit, offering her a hand. She glares up at him before helping herself out. Sam and I exit the small car as well. A man walks around the van and Charlie beams up at him before running to him, he encases her in his arms picking her up and spins them both around. Clint. He places her back down looking her up and down, making sure she's ok. "Thank you, Steve." Steve walks closer and Charlie stiffens, the moment isn't lost on Clint but he doesn't question it.
"You know we wouldn't have called, if we had any other choice." Steve reaches his hand out to shake the mans.
Tumblr media
"Hey, man, you're doing me a favor. Besides, I owe a debt." He looks down at Charlie before turning and looking at a woman walking over to Charlie and Steve. Wanda. His gaze turns to Sam and then me, glaring, before turning and looking at Charlie grimacing.
"Thanks for having my back." Steve acknowledges Wanda. Sam walks over to them and stands behind, but placed in between Steve and Charlie.
"It was time to get off my ass." Clint smiles and looks at Wanda with a knowing glance.
"How about our other recruit?" Steve asks Clint.
"He's rarin' to go. Had to put a little coffee in him..."
"Coffee?" Charlie's demeanor changes, piping up.
"Got you some, too." Clint walks over to the van, yanking the sliding door open. The door slams open and the man jumps awake. Scott. "He should be good."
Sam fully comes in between Charlie and Steve crossing his arms looking at Scott. "What time zone is this?" He stumbles out of the van looking at Clint confused as to where he is.
"Come on. Come on." Clint annoyingly answers, tapping Scott's back pushing him closer to the trio. Scott notices Steve and a shocked expression crosses his eyes.
"Captain America." He answers excitedly shaking his hands. "Mr. Lang." Steve responds. Scott doesn't drop Steve's hand. "It's an honor. I'm shaking your hand too long. Wow! This is awesome! Captain America." He turns looking at Wanda, "I know you, too. You're great." Scott turns to Steve and squeezes his shoulders, feeling his muscles. "Geeze." Charlie lets out a giggle looking at Wanda. Scott focuses back on her, "Wow, you're the winter princess." Charlie's giggles stop. "Ah, look, I wanna say, I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me. Hey, man!" He turns to Sam.
"What's up, Tic Tac?"
"Uh, good to see you. Look, what happened last time when I..."
"It was a great audition, but it'll never happen again."
"Did they tell you what we're up against?" Steve interjects.
"Something about some psycho-assassins?" He glances over at me and then Charlie, winter princess makes sense now. The world views her as my partner.
"We're outside the law on this one. So, if you come with us, you're a wanted man."
"Yeah, well, what else is new?"
"We should get moving." I answer, we've been standing for too long. Charlie turns to me and starts to walk over. Again, Clint glares at me.
"We got a chopper lined up." Clint says looking at Charlie.
A man's voice comes over the speaker in German. "They're evacuating the airport." Charlie reaches my side, and pulls me to the trunk of the car to get everyone's gear out.
"Stark." Sam states simply looking at Steve. He looks over to Charlie. They need to say what they need to say, and quickly.
"Stark?" Lang asks, looking at anyone that will answer him.
"Suit up." Steve responds. He glances back at Charlie, and she tosses him his suit. Walking closer to us, he acts like he's about to say something, "Don't, Steve. We're friends. Wherever you go I go." He cups her face with his hand, using his thumb to caress her. "I've got you."
"I know." She whispers. She's forgiven him. She glances over at me offering me a smile. Charlie finishes suiting up, I forgot how sexy she looked in that, she checks every holster and pocket, ensuring that all her arsenal is present. When she's satisfied Clint jogs over.
"Hey, kid, they...they treating you, ok?" He glares over at me and Charlie responds with a nod. "Winter princess huh?"
"Shut up. That's not my name, papa bear."
He smiles and gives her his hand; she takes it and closes her eyes. I know he'll be able to see her emotions, Charlie pulls away from him and he nods. He faces me, "We'll talk later, but you better keep her safe."
"What did you show him?" I ask.
"It doesn't always work that way. I can project my feelings, but sometimes stronger feelings come through." She shrugs, "He knows you haven't tried to hurt me." I reach for her neck rubbing the faint bruising and she brushes my hand away. "He knows I'll fight to the death to keep you and Steve safe."
"No one's dying, doll."
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luminnara · 18 hours ago
It’s Been A Long, Long Time | Part 9 | Alpha!Bucky x Omega!OC
Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 
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As soon as Bucky’s knot went down, Amoretta unbuckled the belt that was keeping his wrists bound to the headboard and let him go. He immediately sat up, wrapping his arms around her and rubbing his chin over her head to cover her in his scent, happy purrs and growls reverberating through his chest. 
“Thought I was gonna be stuck like that forever,” he teased, grabbing at her tits. 
She squealed in surprise, leaning back against him as she devolved into a fit of giggles. “Would that really be so bad? I could keep you there and then come play with you whenever I want…”
“As nice as that sounds, I’m gonna have to veto it.” he nipped at her earlobe. “Besides, how’d I be able to get food and protect you if I’m all tied up?”
“I don’t need protecting.” she huffed, curling up against his chest anyways. “I can take care of myself.”
Bucky quirked an eyebrow. “So you’re just gonna go find your own juice boxes and deal with the rest of the team all on your own?”
“I could.”
“I’m sure all those toys they’ve got nowadays will get you through your first heat no problem, too.” 
Amoretta paused, her mouth already open in a silent retort. “...well…”
“Uh huh.”
“I keep forgetting that I could finally go into heat again,” she admitted, glancing up at him. “It’s been so long…”
Bucky could smell the shift in her scent, the angry, spicy cinnamon melting into something much more nervous. He rested his chin on the top of her head, gathering her up in his arms once more and holding her against him. She felt so small, and even though he knew she wasn’t, she seemed so breakable. 
“What if it doesn’t start right?” she asked, addressing herself more so than him. “Oh god, what if I just...can’t have heats anymore? I don’t even remember what they feel like, it’s been that long…”
“‘Mega,” he mumbled into her hair. 
She let out a shrill whine. “What if I can’t go into heat ever again and I can’t give you pups--”
“What?” she snapped. 
“How ‘bout we worry about that if it actually happens?”
She growled, baring those little fangs at him. “Easy for you to say! A sterile alpha is still an alpha. An infertile omega is just...useless.”
“Don’t talk like that,” Bucky snarled, daring to raise his lip and expose his own teeth. “You’re still my omega, no matter what. I’m not gonna just drop you because of somethin’ that ain’t even your fault.”
Amoretta deflated slightly, still bristling. “You say that now…”
“Don’t even.” his voice was dangerously low, and he sounded genuinely angry that she of all people would ever insinuate that he’d abandon her. “Sides, Banner hasn’t said anythin’ about that. There’s no point in worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet.”
For a moment, she looked like she wanted to keep fighting. She relented, though, crumpling up against him with a deep sigh. “I just want everything to be okay.”
“It is.”
“But I don’t know that.” 
At the sight of her dejected little face, Bucky could practically feel his heart breaking. She suddenly looked so vulnerable and unsure of herself, and he was reminded once again that she was in a completely foreign world now. HYDRA had taken her so long ago and practically frozen her in time, all while the world kept on spinning outside. Now, here she was, finally free, but also finally facing the world again.
“Hey.” Bucky said quietly, taking her chin in his hand and tilting her head up slightly. “You trust me?”
Amoretta nodded slowly. 
“Then trust me when I tell you not to worry.”
“Shh.” His hand moved to stroke her hair. “My pretty omega…”
She sighed again, practically deflating. “Sorry I snapped…”
Bucky’s chest rumbled with a laugh. “Don’t apologize, doll.”
“I shouldn’t be snapping at my alpha like that.”
“You were upset.” He shrugged. “Gotta tell me when to back off somehow, right? I like the direct approach.”
Amoretta rolled her eyes. “It’s like, the first thing you’re taught not to do in omega charm school.”
“Do I look like the kinda guy who cares about all that?” He snorted in amusement. “I want you just the way you are, bad attitude and all.”
She smiled warmly, nuzzling into his hand. “You’re the one who chose me, after all…”
“Don’t think I had any idea what I was getting into.” He grinned down at her. “Just knew I had to have you.”
“I remember the first time I saw you.” Amoretta said, settling in to get cozy.
“Oh yeah?” Bucky reached for the crumpled sheets, pulling them up as he got comfortable. “Tell me.”
“I was given the serum a few days before, I think. Then they put me in a holding cell, and you came in…”
“Were you scared?” he asked. 
“A little, maybe.” she admitted. “But the second I smelled you, I knew I didn’t exactly want to run….”
Bucky growled playfully. “So sexy you just couldn’t look away?”
“Something like that.” Amoretta rolled her eyes, a relaxed smile on her face. “I had to snap at you a couple times before you started listening, though.”
“I guess I used to need a...stronger hand.” he said, sounding somewhat uncomfortable. 
“I do too.” she shrugged. “After were always a perfect gentleman. Pretty sure you killed a few guards that got too handsy with me a few times.”
She could feel the way he sat up a little straighter, puffing his chest out. “I would’ve.”
“I know,” she purred. “My big, strong Alpha…”
“No one’s gonna lay a hand on you again.” he growled. “Not while I’m around.”
“I told you, I don’t need protecting--”
“Can’t help it.” Bucky shrugged. “I see you, and I smell you, and all I wanna do is make sure you’re safe ‘n happy.”
“I’m always happy with you, Alpha,” Amoretta said, smiling up at him with an expression that had him practically melting.
He sighed, rubbing his cheek over the top of her head. “Good. I’m keepin’ it that way.”
She hummed a reply, the two of them enjoying a few moments of comfortable silence together before she gave him a nudge. “James?”
“I want to see the city.”
He pushed himself more upright, his arms still tight around her. “New York?”
“Yeah.” she nodded. “Can I?”
“Right now?”
“Yes,” she said impatiently, trying to wiggle out of his grip. “Right now.”
He sighed. All he really wanted to do was stay there in bed with her and nap or keep talking, but if she was determined to get a glimpse of her new home, then he couldn’t really deny her, could he? He wanted to see her happy, and this seemed like a pretty good step. “We can go up on the roof.” 
She was out of his arms and across the room before he even had a chance to figure out how quickly she managed to move. “Let’s go!”
“Jesus,” he mumbled to himself, climbing out of bed. “Where’d you learn to move like that?”
“Alpha,” Amoretta whined, stamping her foot. “Come on! I’ve been stuck inside for so long, I just wanna go see what everything is like now…”
“You have to put on clothes first.” he pointed out as he grabbed a pair of sweats for himself.
“Ugh. Fine.” she swooped down, picking up his shirt from the floor and putting it on as she marched into the living room. “Good enough?”
He grabbed another shirt for himself and followed. He had to admit, seeing her in his clothing was doing something for him. “No pants?”
“Do I need pants for the roof?” she stopped and spun around to face him. The shirt was long enough that it nearly reached her knees, acting more like a dress than anything else. 
“...No, but...we could run into someone else.”
“So? I don’t care. I lived naked for like...thirty five years or something.”
“What if I care?” he growled. 
“...Do you?”
“I don’t want anyone else seeing my omega.”
“Just a quick little trip up to the roof,” she lunged forward, taking his hand and pulling him towards the door. “Then we come right back here.”
“...Quick.” he said, giving her a stern look. 
“Alright.” he sighed, taking her by the hand and leading her out into the hall. 
It was the middle of the night, and thankfully, that meant that the chances of them crossing paths with any Avengers or stray SHIELD agents were low. Bucky was alert anyways, though, insisting that Amoretta stay close as he led her into the elevator. He didn’t need to worry so much; she was practically stuck to his side, holding onto him with a finger hooked in his pants pocket. 
He loved it.
He loved how close she was, how he could feel her against him. She was so...well, obedient wasn’t exactly the right word, because she certainly wasn’t that all the time, but she listened when he told her to wait and didn’t seem all that interested in running off on her own. That was a good sign—he figured that if she was a good listener, he’d have less to worry about if she was ever sent out into the field, or if they found themselves in a situation that demanded quick thinking. 
Fieldwork...would she be expected to go out on missions with the team? She was a super soldier, after all, and she was strong enough that she’d be just as valuable as anyone else in the tower. He didn’t like the thought, though; as far as Bucky was concerned, Amoretta needed to stay put, nice and safe, far away from anything even mildly dangerous. 
Would she agree, though? 
As he leaned against the elevator wall, he looked down at her. She was so much smaller than him, and as she clung to his waist, he couldn’t help but notice how innocent she looked. He knew she wasn’t. He knew HYDRA made sure to remind her time and time again that the world wasn’t a pretty place. But on the surface, she was a sweet, kind little omega, the likes of whom didn’t belong on the battlefield. He didn’t want to think about her fighting and killing, even if it was for a good cause. 
Even if she was more than capable. 
While he watched her, he wondered what she would say if she was asked to join the Avengers. Would she want to? Bucky realized there he actually had no idea if she preferred a quiet life, one where she could stay home in his apartment and relax all day, or if she would get too bored and want to go save the world once in a while. Hell, he was beginning to realize that he didn’t have any idea about a lot of things with her, and he didn’t like that very much. He was head over heels for the girl he had chosen as his omega all those decades ago, but when he really thought about it, he barely even knew her. 
He was determined to fix that. 
As the elevator came to a stop, he cleared his throat. “This is it.”
Amoretta took his hand, holding tightly as she stepped out with him. 
The fresh air of the rooftop was so nice, it practically brought tears to her eyes. The last time she had been outside was when Steve was carrying her out of the HYDRA base, and she had barely been awake for that. This time, she was fully conscious, and as her lungs filled up with the flavorful air of the city, she sighed happily. 
Then, she saw the lights.
Avengers Tower wasn’t a small building, but it also wasn’t the tallest in New York. As Amoretta followed Bucky across the helipad in the center of the roof, she found herself staring in awe at the glow of the city around her, office buildings absolutely covered in lights that twinkled like stars. 
“Wow,” she breathed. “Everything is so...huge.”
“Yeah.” He chuckled, leading her to the rail at the edge of the roof. “And this is only the part you can see.”
“There’s more?” She asked in disbelief as she stared down at the streets. 
“This is only Manhattan, doll,” Bucky grinned. “There’s plenty more for you to see out there.”
“And you’ll show me?” She looked up at him. 
“Course I will. Soon. But…”
“I wanna get to know you more, in the meantime.” He felt nervous saying something so silly. He had been fucking her for years, and here he was, acting like a bashful schoolboy. 
“Get to know me?” She asked, furrowing her brow. “Why?”
“I told you, I’m courting you the right way. So...we should...probably talk. Or somethin’. Right?”
Amoretta laughed, the sound putting him slightly at ease. “What do you wanna know?”
Shit. He hadn’t actually thought of what to say yet. He had a million questions, but he had no idea where to even start. “...tell me somethin’ you like.”
“The stars.” She said without hesitation. 
“Stars?” He asked. It felt so familiar, to hear her bringing them up. 
“Yeah.” She tilted her head towards the sky and sighed. “I used to love stargazing.”
Bucky followed her eyes and realized that there was a problem. “Can’t really see ‘em here.”
“No.” Amoretta sighed. 
Even though she was disappointed, Bucky was counting this as a good thing. He was figuring out what to do for her, and now, he knew that he needed to take her somewhere with clearer skies. 
It was a start.
“Do you remember looking at them with me once?” She asked.
“Kind of,” Bucky admitted.
She looked at him in surprise. “Wait, really?”
“You smell like stargazing to me.” He said, leaning town and inhaling her scent to confirm it. “I can’t explain it. It’s just like...your scent makes me think of memories I don’t entirely have.”
Amoretta smiled at him, but it was sad. “It was the first time I saw you outside of a rut. The only time, before all this.”
Bucky wrapped his arms around her, pulling her so that she could lean back against his chest and look up at the sky and all the city lights. “What happened?”
“They were transporting us, and I ran off.” She said. “They sent you after me. I just remember standing there, in a clearing, looking up at so many stars…”
He closed his eyes, trying to imagine it. “And I found you?”
“Mhm. Came up and told me it was too dangerous to be out in the woods.” She laughed. “You’re still just as paranoid.”
“Protective.” He corrected. 
“Of course.” She smiled. “I wish we could see them now. I wish I could see Ur—“
“Ursa Major.” Bucky finished for her, his voice quiet. 
“How’d you know?” Amoretta asked, tilting her head to look at him. 
She found him staring off, not really focusing on anything. Was it possible that he was actually remembering? Did he know, somewhere deep down, that that was the one constellation she had gotten to show him that night all those years ago? She could remember it all, but that was only because it had been such a special occasion. After finding out that he barely even remembered her in the first place, it was surprising, to say the least.
Maybe it meant that all those lost memories were actually in there, somewhere. 
Should she try to help him find them again? Was it even a good idea to? Her soldier had done so much, fought so hard, killed and maimed and carved a bloody path through history...she was sure there was plenty that he didn’t want to remember, and she couldn’t blame him. It was probably better that way. 
But as she watched him, looking at nothing, she wanted him to heal from it all. She didn’t want to see him in pain, she wanted to give him peace of mind somehow. Maybe, just maybe, getting him to remember the rare happy times they had spent together could nudge him in the right direction. 
“Wanna go back inside?” She asked. 
He managed to pull himself away from wherever his mind had wandered, and he looked down at her with newly-focused eyes. “Huh?”
“I’m a little hungry,” Amoretta said, knowing that his desire to take care of her would have him dragging her down to a kitchen immediately. “And we can talk some more over food.”
Bucky only nodded, taking her hand and leading her back inside. 
As they rode the elevator down to the common area, Amoretta smiled to herself. She had gotten that whiff of fresh air that she so desperately craved, and it had given her the energy to get to work helping her alpha.
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Still Breathing (Chapter 2)
Read on Ao3 | Previous | Next 
Summary: Six months after the defeat of Thanos, the world is still in chaos. The threat of the Flag Smashers combined with the new headstrong Captain America means it’s time for Valencia Zicari to help save the world one more time. But, in doing so, she also has to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship.
Warnings: Major TFATWS spoilers, Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Slow-Burn
A/N: Original character backstory reveal time!! Sorry this took longer than anticipated, I planned on having weekly updates for this fic, but I’m trying to finish up this year of college and my classes have been draining me of any motivation. Hopefully I’ll be able to update quicker in 2 weeks when I’m finished. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this chapter and as always if you have any questions or comments about my oc or the story feel free to send them my way! Feedback is always accepted and appreciated!
Tumblr media
Chapter 2 - So We Meet Again
The entire way to Berlin, Valencia just felt off. Going to see Zemo, after everything he did to tear apart the only family she had left, just did not sit right with her at all. Especially when she considered everything he put Bucky through. Her mind was preoccupied as they walked through the facility, her body on autopilot as it followed closely behind Sam and Bucky. She didn’t realize they had stopped following the guard that was escorting them until a gloved hand rested on her shoulder, her confused gaze snapping up to meet a set of icy blue eyes. 
“D’ya hear me, doll? I’m gonna go in alone.”
Valencia’s eyes widened in horror at his words. “What? Like hell you are!”
Bucky’s eyes moved from Val to Sam. “Both of you are Avengers. You know how he feels about that.”
Sam rolled his eyes at his words, his hands settling on his hips as his patience grew thin. “Buck, it's not like you two were known for frolickin' in the sun together.”
The super soldier held back his own eye roll at his words. “He was obsessed with HYDRA,” he spoke in a firm tone, his voice dropping with the last word. Bucky looked between the two people in front of him and noticed how Valencia was practically staring him down. 
She spoke up in a monotone voice, “This is an absolutely horrible idea.” 
“Look, we have a history together. Trust me. I got it.” As he turned to leave Valencia reached a hand towards him, catching his wrist. He immediately stopped and turned back to look at her.
“Bucky, just.. Be careful. Please,” she spoke in a small voice. Her eyes were pleading with him just as much as her words. 
“I always am.” He shot her a small smile as he turned back around, walking down the hall towards Zemo’s cell. She felt her heart sink watching him walk off. 
Valencia leaned against the wall, arms crossed over her chest and a defeated sigh slipping past her lips. Sam copied her body language on the wall across from her. “So what’s going on with you two?” 
Her brows furrowed together. “What?” 
“I know you two aren’t still together but you seemed real friendly back at the police station.” The corner of his lips turned up as he spoke. 
“Oh, my god,” she rolled her eyes at him. “I haven’t seen my boy-” she stopped mid word, mentally cursing herself, “best friend in almost a month and suddenly I’m not allowed to hug him? Especially when I thought he was going to be imprisoned?” 
Sam put his hands up in surrender. “All I’m saying is that it looked like more than just a friendly hug.”
“Even if it was, we’re still broken up.” Her foot nudged a small clump of dust on the ground. “Besides, I know he’s been trying to move on.”
He let out a chuckle. “Oh I call bullshit on that.”
“I’m serious! He’s been going on dates. His friend Yori set him up with a waitress a few days ago.”
Sam sighed, pursing his lips and shaking his head to the side in frustration. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Val. His feelings haven’t changed.”
 “I just..” she huffed. Her teeth chewed on her bottom lip as her mind worked to string her thoughts into a coherent sentence. “I’m worried. He called me the other night. At three in the morning. Which means his nightmares are coming back and I just hope to god it isn’t about what I think it is.”
“Have you thought about taking a break from work and going down to see him?” She stared at him, her jaw tightening as she held back. It was obvious where he was going with this. “He needs you, Val. Now more than ever.” 
That one sentence was enough to send her over the edge. She pushed off the wall and stared at the man across from her, tears starting to blur the edges of her vision. “Do you think I don’t want to be there for him? That I want him to suffer through his trauma in silence?” With each word her voice rose until she was practically yelling. “When Steve left I made him a promise that I would be there for Bucky to help him recover. And I was, for so long. I made sure he went to his therapy appointments and was working on his list. But I can’t exactly do that anymore when he was the one to push me away!” Her chest heaved, hot tears running down her cheeks. 
“Val, I’m sorry.” Sam stood up, crossing the space between them and planting both hands on her shoulders. Her figure shook gently from the bottled up emotions leaving her all at once. 
“I don’t even care about what happened with The Winter Soldier anymore. I wasn’t even a year old, it barely matters now.” she sniffed, looking up to catch Sam’s gaze. “I just want to make Steve proud. And I thought that letting Bucky push me away was what he needed in the moment but.. now..” she trailed off, eyes turning down to the floor. 
Sam pulled her towards him, his arms wrapping around her shoulders. “You did what you thought was right, no one can blame you for that.” Valencia pulled her eyes closed tightly, her hands clutching onto the back of his jacket. She clung to him as she cried, holding on for dear life as if she would slip away if she let go. 
After a few minutes she had calmed down enough that she was only sniffling. “Do you think I made the wrong choice?” Sam mumbled, breaking the silence. 
“What?” Valencia looked up at him, eyes still glassy from residual tears. 
“Do you think I should have given up the shield?” 
“Sam, that was your decision. And I’ll stand by whatever choice you made because I know you did what you thought was right.” He wanted to do right by Steve, just like she did, but it was difficult. He didn’t truly know if he was capable of handling everything that came with carrying the shield. 
His eyes moved from the patch of wall he was staring at ahead of him and back down to Val as she pulled away from him, her left hand coming up to wipe away the stray tears from her cheeks. “I’m not mad that you gave up the shield, Sam. I understand that it was your decision and you thought it was just going to sit at the Smithsonian exhibit. I’m only mad at the goddamn government for giving it to that prick who wishes he could be half the man Steve was.” 
“Thank you. That means a lot.” 
She smiled back at him, letting out a deep breath before tugging at his hand. C’mon. Let’s go see what’s taking Bucky so long.” 
The three of them slowly trudged through the darkness, one of Valencia’s hands gently holding on to the back of Bucky’s jacket as she tried not to trip. “Buck, where the hell are we?” she practically whined out at him. 
“Are you serious? You wanna break Zemo outta jail?” Sam questioned from behind them, causing Bucky to turn around sharply. The flashlight he held in his right hand flashed directly across Valencia’s vision, a hand coming up quickly to shield her eyes as she grimaced. 
“Do you have a better idea?” Bucky asked in a curt voice before turning back around to keep walking. “We have no leads, no moves, nothing.” 
“But what we do have is one of the most dangerous men in the world behind bars.” Valencia pointed out, nearly falling as Bucky stopped abruptly in front of her.  
She watched as Bucky’s eyes scanned over the control panel in front of him. “And there’s also eight Super Soldiers that are loose.” 
“Zemo’s gonna mess with our minds. Especially yours. No offense.” As soon as the words left Sam’s mouth Bucky had finally flipped the lights on, revealing the angry expression he wore.  
“Offense,” he said with a pointed glare. “Super soldiers go against everything he believes in. He is crazy but he still has a code.” 
“Yeah, and all three of us have been on the wrong side of that code.” Valencia interjected before Sam could speak. “Remember Bucharest? Him bombing the UN and blaming you for it? Because the Wakandans certainly didn’t.” 
Bucky sighed, his hands finding purchase on his hips. “Look, let me walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?” 
Before he could begin to explain a loud crash came from the next room over. Sam and Valencia’s heads snapped over towards the sound, leaving Bucky to hang his head in defeat. 
Off to a great start. 
The vague outline of a person started to approach them, to which Valencia’s eyes widened as she whipped around to face the blue eyed man behind her. “You broke him out?!” she practically yelled. 
“Hell no,” Sam spoke up, pointing a finger towards the man standing before him. “You’re going back to prison!” 
Zemo stood timidly in the doorway, taking his hat off to hold between his hands before saying, “If I may-”
Immediately the trio turned and shouted “NO!” before returning to the matter at hand. 
“Okay, just, listen.” Bucky spoke in a low voice. “When Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you two backed him. You broke the law, and you stuck your necks out for me. I'm asking you to do it again.”
Valencia’s gaze repeatedly flickered from Bucky to Zemo, the same uneasy feeling from earlier in the day resurfacing in the pit of her stomach. She just knew this wasn’t going to end well, but also knew that Bucky was as stubborn as a mule and would not take no for an answer. Especially when Sam finally agreed. 
Bucky looked down at her expectantly, his icey blue gaze piercing her soul. She let out a breath she did not realize she had been holding before nodding. “Yeah. I’m on board.” 
“Alright Zemo,” Sam said. “Where do we start?”
After finding out about Zemo’s wealth and joining him on the jet, they learned that their destination was Madripoor. Zemo explained that they had to disguise themselves and gave each of them a set of clothing to change into for their roles. 
Valencia was in the back of the plane, the curtain pulled across the doorway for privacy as she pulled on the deep red cocktail dress given to her. After repeatedly struggling to reach behind her and pull the zipper up her back, she threw her hands up into the air as an exasperated sigh left her lips. Admitting defeat, she peeked out of the curtain and spotted Bucky standing a few feet away with his back towards her. With one hand Valencia pulled the back of her dress together while the other pushed the curtain back. “Bucky? Would you mind?” 
He ducked past the curtain behind her, a warm hand taking the zipper from her grasp and a metal one landing on her hip. He slid the small zipper up her back, hand lingering between her shoulder blades for a second before she turned to face him. 
“I have a bad feeling about this,” she said in a low voice, barely above a whisper. She didn’t like seeing him dressed up as The Winter Soldier. That part of his life was behind him. That man was gone. 
His gaze met hers and he could see all of the apprehension, the fear, in her eyes. He wanted to pull her in close, to kiss away all of the uneasy feelings, but he couldn’t. Not after everything that happened. Everything he did to her. Instead he put a gloved hand on her shoulder, his thumb rubbing light circles into the exposed skin. “I know, doll. I’m not a fan of this plan, but it’s all we have right now.”
“Hey,” Sam called, walking towards where they were tucked into the back area of the plane. “You two ready? We’re landing soon.”
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mayraki · 23 hours ago
summary of the next chapter: a single promise 👀
trying to recover from the last fight, the team takes angela to sarah wilson’s place back in louisiana. meanwhile, sera and bucky struggle with their feelings about each other.
let’s play fire with fire masterlist (b. barnes x oc)
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historygeekfics · a day ago
Moonlight Serenade, part 3
Posting chapter 3 of my 1940s Bucky Barnes fic! Please reblog if you enjoyed, but do not plagiarise, copy, or repost anywhere else.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Original Female Character
Summary: After spending the night together, Bucky and Gwen get to know each other a little better.
Warnings: Smut, more smut, Bucky's trauma, fluff and romantic stuff. Strictly 18+. Do not read or interact if you are under 18.
Tumblr media
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marvelfanfiction · a day ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 9, Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier, Pt. 3
"Charlie, we need you to do us a favor." Her head tilts in Steve's direction. "Call Clint, we need him to get Wanda." Her head goes between his and the other mans. "What's the plan Captain." She smirks at him. The other man rolls his eyes and walks away and takes out his phone. Steve grabs her cheek, where I left a red mark rubbing it. "Not yet, princess." He coos at her. Is this their deal? Hmm. Steve explains quickly what's going on to Charlie. She nods her head and calls Clint, walking away from us.
Tumblr media
"That your princess, Captain?" I smirk up at him.
"And you keep calling her doll, Buck." I look at him, about to apologize. "It's complicated." He responds, same thing she said.
"Care to explain it?"
"Not yet."
"That doesn't work on me, Captain." He laughs at me, shaking his head.
"We're friends. That...need each other." I nod my head at him. "It's a frustrating job."
"No need to go on." I look over at her, she smiles while still talking to Clint. "I get it. I would be doing the same thing."
"It's not quite like that, Buck. I love her." He glances back at her. They both clearly love one another, but not fully letting their emotions go.
Charlie's POV:
I hang up and walk over to where Steve and Bucky are. The sun is starting to set, and it's getting darker. We're here for a while. At least until the rest of our team arrives. "Clint's pissed we're asking him to come out of retirement. But says he's ready for excitement."
"Are you?" Bucky smirks over at me, and back at Steve. He punches at Bucky's shoulder.
"What were you two talking about?" I glance between the two of them.
"Nothing to concern yourself with doll." I glance back at Bucky who's still smiling.
I bring my hand to him, coming closer, "I could always try and read your emotions."
"I wouldn't do that if I were you princess." Steve stalks closer to me and whispers, "Not yet." I comply.
Tumblr media
Sam walks over to where we are, clearly seeing there's something going on. One I'm not even sure about. "I'm going to go get some food. Be back in an hour or so. Call me if you need me." He comes closer to me, "Be careful, Charlie." He whispers in my ear. I look at him confused and he walks away. Bucky sits down on the floor laying back with his hands behind his head, closing his eyes. I walk closer to a window and look out. I feel Steve come up behind me. I watch Sam leave our current hideout on the ground below. Steve wraps his arms around me, leaning his head to the side and kisses on my neck.
"Steve, Bucky's here." I gently shoo his head away from my neck. He doesn't stop.
"He's sleeping. And he won't care."
"His eyes might be closed, but he's not asleep." Steve pulls me closer into his embrace. I bend my head to the side, allowing him better access to my neck, interlacing my fingers with his. "Captain...stop." I giggle.
"Princess you shouldn't call me Captain if you don't want a rise out of me." He presses closer to me so I can feel his erection.
"Steve...Bucky." I whisper, a moan slipping out of my mouth.
"He won't care, but if it bothers you, we can always try to be quiet. You however, I don't think know how." He smiles into my neck, continuing to press his engorged cock on me. "I see the way you look at him. Would you want him to participate?" My cheeks flush at Steve's words. He chuckles into my neck. This is what Sam was referring to. I turn to look back at Steve, glancing behind him at Bucky, who's eyes definitely aren't closed. "We're super soldiers, he hears all our whispers." I look back at Bucky who's smiling at me, eyes heavy.
I look back to Steve and smirk, he twists my body to where my back is on his stomach. He unbuttons my pants, shoving his hand under my panties. "See princess, you're soaking wet. Don't tell me you don't want this." He whispers into my ear. Rubbing on my clit.
"I... I do, I'm just...just scared. Nervous." I know now that even Bucky can hear my whispers to Steve.
Steve softly kisses my neck. "Are you sure, princess? Sure, you want to do this?" I nod my head. I hear Bucky shuffle behind us. "You know the deal princess; you have to use your words."
"Yes, Steve..."
"Is that what you call me?" His voice growls into my neck and his fingers stop massaging my clit. He brings his hand out of my panties and wraps his arm around my neck, licking his fingers. Taking time to savor every one of his fingers covered in my honey. He slowly begins moving his hand diagonally down my body, tracing every curve. "What do you call me princess?" He pauses at my breast giving it a tight squeeze and I moan against him. He brings his hand back up to my face jerking it to the side to look at him.
"Yes, Captain. I want to do this." He deeply snarls, and I look into his eyes, they're so dark, they're almost black. He turns leading me over to Bucky. I look down at Bucky's pants, tightened in the crotch. Our little show has got him very aroused.
"Kneel." Steve snarls at me, pointing to the spot in between Bucky's legs. I comply. "Closer." I scoot myself closer to Bucky. Focusing on his eyes. "Unbutton his pants and take them off." I reach down to Bucky's pants and begin unbuttoning them. He shifts his weight to help me take them off. Steve walks over to a chair and sits down, eyes never leaving us. "Now his boxers." Bucky looks at me. Eyes hungry. Again, he shifts his weight to help me. "Now fuck him with your mouth." I comply, bending over I take his cock into my hand, using my tongue to spread around the pre cum at his tip. Bucky hums and puts his hands on my head. I look up at him smiling before putting my mouth around his dick. I bob my head up and down and use my hand to pump at the base of his pulsing cock. Bucky lets out a deep moan. "Don't make him cum yet princess."
I remove his cock from my mouth. "Yes Captain." Steve growls over to us.
"Fuck him." Steve tells me. I stand up undoing my jeans and shimmying out of them, Bucky pulls off his own shirt, continuing to stare up at my body. I then take of my shirt and bra throwing everything over to Steve. I look over at him with a sinful grin. "Fuck him." He repeats. I look down at Bucky. His gaze hasn't left me. I lower myself over him, straddling his body. He cups my ass and guides me to his cock. I let him sink into me and I hiss through my teeth. I do believe Bucky might be bigger than Steve. I look back down at Bucky and he's smiling, he lets out a "Fuck me, doll." I smile back before grinding on his cock. His hands come up to my hips, squeezing. The bruises Steve already left there sting and I moan at the sensation. Bucky sits up and wraps his arms around me. Bringing his mouth closer to mine. I look over to Steve. Even though I'm riding his dick a kiss feels too intimate. Steve smiles at me and nods, telling me it's ok.
I crash my lips onto his. He moans into my mouth and I swallow it. I quicken my pace. "Not yet princess." I slow down. Steve starts to undress coming closer. "Look at me." I look up at Steve. He's smiling at me grinding on his best friend. "Open your mouth." I comply. He leans over and spits in my mouth. I smile up at him and swallow. "Good girl." He pulls his pants down and his length bounces up by my face. "Suck my dick." He commands. I comply. Bucky uses his hands to rock my hips as I turn my head to Steve and suck his erection. He pets my face smiling down at me.
"Fuck, doll." Bucky moans out, and Steve pulls away from me. "Stand up." I comply. "You, too, Buck." Bucky stands up, eyes never leaving my body. "Pick her up, and fuck her." Steve commands Bucky. Bucky swoops me up, and I help him place his dick in my drenched pussy. He bounces me on his hips and Steve comes behind me. "You're beautiful princess. Perfect." He whispers. "Such a good girl." He spits on his hand and places himself behind me before entering in my ass slowly. I let out a yelp, clawing at Bucky's back from the sensation. "Is this ok princess?"
"Yes Captain." He squeezes my waist. Him and Bucky completely in control of my body. I moan at the realization of having two super soldiers. I shudder as Bucky sloppily begins kissing me again. I can't help but cry out into his mouth. He smiles back on my lips. "Doll. Cum for me." I pull back looking at him, shaking my head no.
Steve lets out a dark chuckle. "Do you want to cum for your Captain, princess."
"Yes, Captain please." Steve and Bucky rut into me vigorously. I scratch into Bucky's neck from the overwhelming pleasure of feeling them both inside of me. I scream out and Steve wraps his hand around my mouth. "As much as I enjoy that sound princess, you're being too loud when we're trying to hide." I turn my head to kiss Steve. Bucky's hold on me is even tighter, the cold of his metal hand is a welcoming pleasure, he releases that hand and moves it to my clit roughly massaging it.  The heat radiating from Bucky and Steve, mixed with the coolness on my clit is intoxicating.
"You like that?" He growls.
"Yes, Bucky. Don't stop." I moan into Steve's mouth. My body starts trembling and I turn to look back at Bucky. He's beautiful. I place my hand on his face aggressively pulling him closer to kiss him. And I scratch at his neck again as they both push me to my climax. I throw my head back at Steve, resting on his shoulder, and he releases with me. Bucky continues pumping into me before cumming with heavy breaths. Steve whispers, "You're such a good girl." And slowly pulls out of me. Helping me off Bucky. My body is still trembling from the high and I wobble into Steve's arms. "I've got you." He whispers and kisses my cheeks. He looks around not knowing how to clean me up. He pulls out a bag of clothes and proceeds to help me. My whole body shaking, I look up at him smiling. "I love you, Steve."
"I love you, Charlie." Him and Bucky get dressed and he comes over to help me get dressed. I can't stop shaking. Bucky sits down on the floor, "Come here, doll." He reaches out a hand to me, I glance at Steve, and he nods. I walk over to Bucky and lay down. He wraps a gentle arm around me and I snuggle up to him. His body is warm and hot all over, just like Steve.
I close my eyes. "Where's Steve?" I ask on Bucky's chest, his hand begins rubbing my back slowly trying to warm me up.
"He's cleaning up before Sam gets back. Are you okay, doll?"
"Yes Bucky." I smile in his chest. Steve finishes up and comes over to us, sitting down. I pull myself away from Bucky to lay on Steve's chest. He moves his arm up to wrap around me. My Captain. I reach a hand back to where Bucky is and he scoots closer to me, holding my hand. Steve glances down at us. As I drift to sleep.
Steve's POV:
Charlie's breathing turns into soft humming snores. I look down at her and smile. Such a pretty little one. So obedient for her Captain. "Thank you, Steve." Bucky whispers out. I look over at him. "You didn't have to do that."
"I didn't do anything. Charlie, for whatever reason, feels connected with you. I wanted her to know it was ok to be close with you. I see the way she looks at you. She wants to keep you safe."
"Because you want me safe. She will do whatever you tell her to do."
"No, she won't. I make sure she's ok with anything she chooses to do. Even to be here, by refusing to sign the Accords. She looks to Tony like another father. She loves him. I know it hurts her to be here, but she's here, because she knows the Accords are wrong."
Sam comes into the room with a bag of food and sees us laying around. He looks at Charlie sleeping on my chest, and holding on to Bucky. "How long she been asleep?"
"About fifteen minutes." I respond not moving my gaze from her. She's perfect.
"I'm not doing that again." I look up at him confused. "I'm not going to continue to go get food, so you two can fuck her." Bucky drops her hand, and moves away.
"Sam, you don't know what you're talking about."
"Steve don't push her into things. She will follow you anywhere, and I know you see the effect Bucky has on her. Don't use your dominance on her when she's vulnerable."
"Sam..." I interject. He cuts me off.
"She's grown, and you ask for consent. I understand your relationship, but I'm not leaving again for you two to fuck her into oblivion. Look at her, she's exhausted. We're on a mission." He looks at Bucky, "And I hope you got off real good. The Avengers are basically at a war amongst ourselves, and you're one of the main reasons." Sam looks back over to me. "Her uncle will be here soon. Keep that in mind. You know Clint will notice her affection with Bucky, he noticed it with you immediately." I look down at Charlie, she's still softly snoring. She's exhausted. I rub my hand on her arm. Sam's right. Now isn't the time. "You guys are friends remember?" Bucky looks at me with an odd face. He knows this isn't what friends do. It's complicated. We're friends, with benefits. For now.
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Man Out of Time: Chap. 9, Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier, Pt. 2
"He didn't ask me to get involved Tony. I chose to." His grip on my shoulders tightens before dropping his hands completely.
"Sometimes...sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth. But I don't wanna see you gone. We need you, Cap. So far, nothing's happened that can't be undone, if you sign. Both of you. We can make the last twenty-four hours legit. Barnes gets transferred to an American psych-center...instead of a Wakandan prison." Steve picks up one of the pens. I turn my body to face him, shocked. He gets up out of his seat, turning away from Tony. Tony crosses his arms, and lightly kicks at the wheels of my chair.
Steve turns to look at me, our eyes meeting, and looks back up at Tony. "I'm not saying it's impossible...but there would have to be safeguards."
"Sure." Tony responds excited about where Steve is taking the conversation. "Once we put out the PR fire, those documents can be amended. I'd file a motion to have you, Charlie, Sam, and Wanda reinstated. We can explain Charlie's involvement with Barnes, he held her captive...."
He mentioned Wanda's reinstatement. Steve catches my eyes thinking the same thing. "Wanda? What about Wanda?" I turn my seat to look at him and ask, anger pulsing through my veins.
"She's fine. She's confined to the compound, currently. Vision's keeping her company."
I push my chair back, standing up, glowering down at Tony, "Oh, God, Tony. Every time I think you see things the right way..." Steve scrunches his face at Tony. I move to Steve's side.
"It's 100 acres with a lap pool. It's got a screening room. There's worse ways to protect people."
"Protection? Is that how you see this?" Now Steve is glaring down at Tony, hand on his hip. Clearly annoyed. "This is protection? It's internment, Tony."
"She's not a US citizen. And they don't grant visas to weapons of mass destruction." Tony's voice raises as he looks at us, hoping we understand things from his point of view.
"Oh, come on, Tony. She's a kid!" Steve shouts. Tears form in my eyes. What did I do by leaving her behind?
Tony looks at me on the verge of tears. "Give me a break!" He shouts at us. "I'm doing what has to be done. To stave off something worse."
"You keep telling yourself that." Steve glances at me, seeing my pain at Wanda being held captive. He places his hand on the small of my back, and slides it into my hand, pulling me towards Tony and the table, placing the pen back. "Hate to break up the set." He heads towards the door.
"Charlie." Tony calls to me. I stop and look back at him. "Talk some sense into him." I shake my head no, "I won't." I whisper. Steve pulls at my hand to follow him. I comply, not turning back to look at Tony.
Steve leads us into another room, still surveillance screens can be seen, of different angles of where they're holding Bucky. He turns to face me, wrapping his arms around me in a hug. He pulls back and lifts my chin to look up at him. "I've got you." He says, "I know." I whisper. He engulfs me in another hug, before we turn our attention to the screens. And Sam follows into the room, and sits at one of the chairs at the table. Steve and myself standing close to the screens.
We're looking at the screens, but there's no sound. I guess we're not privvy to that information. My eyes bounce from screen to screen, reading Bucky's face. He's blank. She walks in, and hands papers to Sam. I hear her voice crawl up my spine, "The receipt for your gear." I don't turn to look at her.
"Bird costume? Come on." Sam reads over the receipts.
"I didn't write it." She responds. I feel her eyes on me and Steve. I will not look at her. She must have turned on the audio for us, because now I can hear what they're saying. While I'm thankful, I will not acknowledge her.
Steve turns around to silently thank her, "I'm not here to judge you. I just want to ask you a few questions. Do you know where you are James?" My eyes never leave the screens, but Steve just now turns back to look at me and then returns to the screens. "I can't help you if you don't talk to me, James."
"My name is Bucky." Steve stares up into the screen, realizing he is indeed Bucky Barnes and not currently the Winter Soldier. He looks at the picture of Bucky taken at the bombing in Vienna, studies it shortly before handing it to me.
"Why would the Task Force release this photo to begin with?" He voices his thoughts.
"Get the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?" She answers.
"Right. It's a good way to flush a guy out of hiding. Set off a bomb, get your picture taken. You got seven billion people looking for the Winter Soldier." I turn my focus to Steve realizing what he's saying. Bucky told us he wasn't in Vienna. Steve believes him. I believe him.
"You're saying someone framed him to find him?" She looks over to Steve.
"Steve, we looked for the guy for two years, and found nothing." Sam looks up at Steve.
"We didn't bomb the UN. That turns a lot of heads."
"Yeah, but that doesn't guarantee that whoever framed him would get him. It guarantees that we would." I turn back to look at the screens. I don't want to hear her voice anymore. I believe Steve is correct.
"Yeah." Steve focuses back on the screens again. My eyes move from the screen with Bucky, to just the screen with psychologist. His back is to the camera.
"Tell me, Bucky, you've seen a great deal, haven't you?"
"I don't wanna talk about it."
"You fear that if you open your mouth, the horrors might never stop." He's antagonizing Bucky. "Don't worry, we only have to talk about one."
He goes silent. "I don't like this, Steve." I look back at Sam, he's growing uncomfortable too. Steve clenches his jaw. The power goes off in the building. I look back over at Steve and turn to look at Sam. Steve's eyes wander around the room for a moment. And then meeting hers.
"Sub-level five, East Wing." She gives us Bucky's location and we start to head for the door.
"Charlie, stay here." Steve commands. I don't comply.
"Where you go, I go." And with that he runs out the door, me and Sam following behind. We make our way through the winding building to find Bucky. Something is very wrong. And it wasn't an accident. We stop at the door where Bucky is being held and there's a guard laying on the floor. "That can't be good." I reply.
"Charlie, stay behind me and Sam." I roll my eyes. I don't comply. I continue to walk beside Steve. He turns to me. "We don't have time for this princess. Listen to your Captain, and stay behind me and Sam." I comply. Sam gives me a knowing glance and I whisper for him to shut up. We go into another room, me behind the men, and there's bodies everywhere. This isn't good. I knew it wasn't an accident.
"Help me." Steve rushes over to the psychiatrist. "Help." He's a bad actor, but Steve still stealthily walks to him. My eyes roam around the room trying to locate Bucky.
"Get up." Steve glares down at him. Grabbing him by his lapels he shoves him against the wall. "Who are you? What do you want?"
Tumblr media
"To see an empire fall." Sam begins to go into the room. I attempt to pull him back. This isn't right. As soon as Sam walks into the room I see him glance to the right before a metal arm comes at him. He ducks and the fist crashes on the side of the door where Sam was, right in front of me. The Winter Soldier. This isn't Bucky. Sam stands up to fight him, he misses his face, and the Winter Soldier uses his left hand to grab at his neck throwing him forwards towards Bucky's personal prison.
Sam's knocked out, I start to come in before Steve yells at me, "Charlie, no!" As he rushes towards the Winter Soldier, ducking before the Winter Soldier can make contact. Steve stands back up and starts throwing punches. The Winter Soldier favors his left arm. The metal one. He intends to kill. He kicks at Steve pushing him in the room I'm in and I jump out of the way. Readying myself to be behind the Winter Soldier. Steve looks back at me urging me not to join in on the fight, while he continues throwing punches and kicking at Winter. He's kicking Steve out of the room. I follow. Winter still hasn't noticed me. He kicks at Steve, pushing him into elevator doors. Using his left hand to punch at Steve. Steve catches it and pushes back. Winter then pushes him through the elevator doors and he falls down. My eyes go wide as I run to the elevator Winter stalking away. His job here is done. I hear Steve groan as he lands and look down at him. He spots my eyes, he's okay. I turn to leave after Winter. "Charlie, no!" I don't comply.
With both Sam and Steve down, I quietly move behind Winter. If hears me he doesn't make it known. I follow him into a lunch hall, where I run into Tony. "Where have you been?" He asks. I look around the corner at Winter, still fighting everyone he comes into contact with.
"Looking for him." I motion to the Winter Soldier.
"Where's your handlers?"
"Uhh, they're kind of preoccupied right now."
"Charlie, I need you to stand down."
"Why does everybody keep telling me that? First Steve. Now you?"
"Steve's doing it to protect you." He glances at Winter. "I'm doing it to protect myself from Steve."
"Good thing I don't have to listen to you." I move to a different location, hiding, and Tony follows. "Stop protecting me."
"Can I not protect us both?" With that he pushes buttons on his watch pulling it over his hands, covering the hands but the tips of his fingers.
"You should have brought the full suit."
"I was supposed to be non-combative." I roll my eyes at him. He jumps out of our hiding place and fires a sound wave towards Winter causing him to stop. Tony goes closer to him, fighting him. Winter grabs a gun and points it at Tony.
"No!" I shout, myself coming from the hiding place. Winter hesitates slightly to look at me. Tony places his hand over the gun and when Winter fires it doesn't hit Tony, the cover on his hand protecting him. Tony's eyes wide, and I'm thankful, he pulls the gun apart and smacking Winter across the face, Winter returns with an elbow to his face and kicking him to a chair.
She pushes me out of the way before I can reach Winter and begins fighting him. I'm not worried about her so I focus on Tony running to his side helping him up. Alright, the Winter Soldier has just about taken down everyone I care about. That's enough. He pushes her out of the way and I run at him kicking at his stomach and then his crotch. Propelling my legs to swing so I can kick at his face. She stands back up, pushing me out of the way again before kicking him. He catches her kick and throws her out of the way and onto a table.
His focus is back on me. I run at him kicking my legs up around his neck, straddling his shoulders, I begin hitting at his head. He slams my back on a table. Placing his metal arm around my neck, squeezing. He smiles down at me. "You could at least recognize your doll." I'm able to barely squeeze out. He loosens his grip around my neck, hesitating.  T'Challa comes up behind him and begins kicking. I lay on the table choking out air. He marches upstairs and T'Challa and I follow him. T'Challa separates in a different direction from me. Running up and jumping down in front of Winter, continuing to fight him before they tumble down a flight of stairs. T'Challa wants the fight back on the ground, so I run back down to ground floor. Winter is pushed off a flight of stairs and lands on his feet beside me. I stand my ground, I got to punch him but without missing a beat he marches angrily over to me, grabs my hand mid swing and picks me up and throwing me over his shoulder. Not again. I lash out hitting and kicking at him. He doesn't stop just marches to his destination.
Tumblr media
He takes us up to the rooftop where there's a helipad and chopper, throwing me in. I kick at him and try to get out. He grabs at my cheeks. "Stop." he screams. I momentarily comply. He starts pushing buttons, and I see Steve swing a door open. Winter looks over to him and starts powering up the helicopter. "Steve!" I scream. Winter glares back at me, daring me to scream again. Steve rushes up to the helicopter pulling down on the landing skids, using his body to ground us. Winter pulls the lever further away, almost dragging Steve, across the helipad.
"Stop." I glare over at him. "Don't hurt him...please." I look up into his eyes, they stare at me momentarily. I feel like I almost seen Bucky. He shakes his eyes off my gaze and glares back down at Steve. He holds on to the helicopter and railing, refusing to let us leave. Winter smiles back down at him. Steve is successful in his attempts to ground us. I see Winter about to pull the lever to hit Steve with the blades. "NO!" I scream at him, kicking him. He still moves it closer to Steve. I see him jump out of the way. Blades barely missing my Captain. The chopper loses control, and spins on its side. When it stops, I can see Steve from the window. Winter punches out the window grabbing at Steve's neck with his left hand. I begin hitting him in the neck over and over again screaming, "Don't hurt him." He swings the hand not holding Steve at me, hitting me across the face. I don't stop. I feel the chopper falling to the water below. I brace myself for the impact. We crash into the water. Winter hitting his head on the cockpit window, blacked out cold. I pull at his body to get us out, Steve reaches for me and grabs at Winter's shoulder. We both swim him to the surface.
Tumblr media
Steve pulls Winter out of my grasp and we swim to the edge. He hauls Winter out, reaching a hand out for me to take. "We need to find Sam and a hiding place." Steve says.
"Get us a car, I'll go get Sam." I jog off looking for Sam, he spots me and runs. "Let's go." It isn't long until we find Steve. Winter is still out cold and in the back of the car. I climb in the back with him. His body slumps down into my lap. Sam gets in the front and we go in search of an abandoned building. I look down at him. He looks peaceful sleeping. I run my hands along his hairline, moving hair out of his face. Noticing the blood where his head hit the window, I use my shirt to clean it.
I remove my hand from his face and rest it on his shoulder, looking up in the mirror at Steve. "Are you okay?" He asks me.
"Peachy." I respond.
"Charlie..." Steve starts.
"No, you should really start trusting me."
"Trusting you to get caught by the Winter Soldier." I roll my eyes at him.
"Why won't he hurt me, Steve?" I look up at him. In all the time I've been around Bucky or the Winter Soldier. He won't hurt me, not like with the others.
"I don't know." His eyes move back to the road. I bite the side of my mouth. Sam sits in silence. Looking around to see where we can go.
We finally find a place; Steve carries Bucky's body and we go up to a higher floor. Thankfully there's a clamp to hold Bucky's arm, in case he's still the Winter Soldier. Steve sits his body to the side, and clamps his arm tightly. "Charlie, stay with him. If he wakes up not Bucky use your empathy." Him and Sam saunter away. Talking in whispers. I sit down crisscross and wait for Bucky to awake. I stretch and pop my neck, when I return my gaze back to Bucky I see his two beautiful eyes. He roams his gaze around the room before meeting my eyes. "Doll." He smiles.
Bucky's POV:
I open my eyes to see her beautiful smiling face at me. Her warmth radiates at me, and I long to be closer to her. I look over at my arm and realize she, or they have clamped it down. Smart. Did I hurt her? There's an angry red mark across her face and bruises forming around her neck, and still she's beaming at me. "Doll." I whisper. Her smile gets bigger. She must like the pet name I gave her. I glance over at Steve, I sense that she belongs to him, but she still craves my closeness.
Her body shifts closer to me before she calls over, "Steve. He's awake." Steve and the other man come closer to where we are. She doesn't get up to move closer to Steve, she still sits on the dirty floor, looking at me. I let out a groan, grabbing at my left arm. She reaches out a hand, only to look back to Steve, "Wait, Charlie." He tells her. I look back over to her. What was she going to do?
"Steve?" I remove my eyes from her to look up at him.
"Which Bucky am I talking to?"
"Your mom's name was Sarah. You used to wear newspapers in your shoes." I let out a chuckle.
"Can't read that in a museum." Steve smiles over to me.
"Just like that, we're supposed to be cool?" The other man looks between the three of us.
"What did I do?" I move my eyes back to her, Charlie, and reach out my hand to the red mark on her cheek. She doesn't flinch, just sits there and allows me to touch her face.
"Enough." Steve glares down at us. I remove my hand from her face, and I focus my eyes to the floor in front of Steve's feet.
"Oh, God, I knew this would happen. Everything Hydra put inside me is still there. All he had to do was say the goddamn words."
"Who was he?"
"I don't know." I look up at Steve.
"People are dead. The bombing, the setup...the doctor did all that just to get ten minutes with you. I need you to do better than 'I don't know'"
I look off into the distance. "He wanted to know about Siberia. Where I was kept." Charlie looks back at Steve, he returns her gaze just for a second, before focusing back on me. "He wanted to know exactly where."
"Why would he need to know that?"
"Because I'm not the only Winter Soldier." Charlie turns back to look at me, her hand reaching ever closer. "Not yet." Steve tells her. She stops obediently and puts her hand back in her lap.
"Who are they?" Steve asks me.
"Their most elite death squad. More kills than anyone in Hydra history. And that was before the serum."
"They all turn out like you?" The other man glares at me. He's not as trusting of me as Steve and Charlie. I look out into the distance.
"The doctor, could he control them?"
"He said he wanted to see an empire fall."
"With these guys, he could do it. They speak thirty languages, can hide in plain sight...infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night, you'd never see them coming."
The other man walks in front of Steve, and they begin whispering. I look back at Charlie and she gives me a sweet smile. "Charlie." Steve calls over to her, she looks back at him. "Now, princess." He smiles down at her. I see now why she didn't want me to call her princess. That's what he calls her.
She moves even closer to me, looking up into my eyes with her bright hazel ones. "Do you trust me?" My words, from our first encounter, echo back to me from her mouth. I nod my head yes. "Give me your hand." I place my hand in hers and she closes her eyes. I'm not sure what she's doing but I can see the love she has for Steve, the dominance that she craves from him. I see the fear she had when I was the Winter Soldier, I did hurt her. The bruises on her neck were from me, and even the red mark. I feel her need to listen to whatever Steve tells her. Interesting. She pulls her hand away from me.
"I'm sorry." She squints scrunching up her nose. "A friend told me a feature of me feeling your emotions, you also feel mine." She glances back at Steve; he smiles down at her. I tilt my head and start to question her. "It's complicated." She whispers. She stands taking my arm out of the clamp, "Steve, he's telling the truth. He's...Bucky."
"I know princess, can you get him to rest?" She nods her head.
She turns back to me, squatting in front of me, hands on my knees for balance. Sam looks back at me glaring. He doesn't like how close she is to me. "Sam, he's not going to hurt me." She calls back not looking at him. He turns his focus back on Steve. "Do you want to sleep? Or just be calm?"
"Am I not calm?"
Her nose scrunches up and she shakes her head, "You have a lot going on in there."
"I hurt you." I place my hands at her neck where she's bruised. She allows me to linger there, before brushing my hand away.
"That wasn't you. It was him, the Winter Soldier. Surely, you can tell the difference." I shake my head no. "Can I help you? Please, Bucky."
No wonder Steve keeps glancing at her. She's a perfectly sweet little doll. She brings her hand back into mine. I take it knowing now what's happening. I feel her urgent need to protect me, because Steve asked her. I saw the difference in the way she looked at me. The difference in the way I moved. The difference in the way I talked to her. Through her eyes there really is a difference between me and the Winter Soldier. She pulls her hand back away from mine and stands up. Pulling me up with her. A calm serenity washes over my body. Peace.
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Man Out of Time: Chap. 9, The Winter Soldier and Bucky Barnes, Pt. 1
The police motorcade that takes us to our destination is unreal. I sit silently in a seat behind Steve and in front of Sam, T'Challa is on the right side in another seat. I'm uneasy of the vehicle they put Bucky in. They're literally taking no chances with him. They placed him in a chair, fashioned with cuffs for his arms on the armrests, harness around his chest. The chair is inside of a box and loaded in a bullet proof truck. We speed down the road. Sirens blaring from every vehicle.
"So, you like cats?" Sam breaks the awkward silence. I can't stand to even look at T'Challa.
"Sam." Steve whispers, turning his head.
"What? Dude shows up dressed like a cat, and you don't wanna know more?" Sam has a point.
Steve's head turns towards T'Challa, "Your's vibranium?"
T'Challa turns in Steve's direction, "The Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle, passed from warrior to warrior." He glares at me before turning his attention back to the front of the vehicle. "And now, because your friend murdered my father...I also wear the mantle of king. So, I ask both warrior and long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?" He turns to look at Steve, Steve returns his gaze.
I start to interject. "Not now, Charlie." Steve whispers back to me.
We pull into the building, watching them load Bucky into a secret location. Steve pulls at my hand and leads me out of the van, he turns his back to look at where they're taking Bucky. I look in front of me and see her with another man and three security personnel. I drop my hand from Steve as he turns and sees why. Her. I turn back to look at Bucky, strapped into his personal prison. I sigh and he gives me a sad look. His charming demeanor from earlier completely gone. His eyes face back forward. Steve, Sam, T'Challa and myself walk towards her and the other men.
"What's gonna happen to him?" Steve asks.
"Same thing that ought to happen to you. Psychological evaluation and extradition." The man answers.
"This is Everett Ross, Deputy Task Force Commander." She answers the question in mine and Steve's eyes.
"What about a lawyer?"
"Lawyer. That's funny." Ross responds. "See that their weapons are placed in lockup." He speaks to the security personnel, and returns his annoyed face back to Steve, "We'll write you a receipt."
Security walks past us holding each of our gear. "I better not look out the window and see anybody flying around in that." Sam scoffs towards Ross. Ross and her leads us forward to another location. Steve and I turn one last time to look at Bucky, he shakes his head and turns back around, lacing his fingers in mine. I mouth sorry back to Bucky before turning back to follow her.
"You'll be provided with an office instead of a cell. Now, do me a favor, stay in it?" Ross' arrogant tone is directed mostly at us.
T'Challa is the one who responds, "I don't intend on going anywhere." He wants to kill Bucky. Bile rises up in my throat.
Nat walks towards us and stops beside me, "For the record, this is what making things worse looks like." She gives me a smile and pushes her shoulder into mine.
"He's alive." Steve responds not turning his gaze towards her, just walks forward. I hear Tony's voice, and suddenly I feel like a child.
"No, Romania was not Accords-sanctioned. Colonel Rhodes is supervising cleanup."
"Try not to break anything while we fix this." Nat marches off into another room.
"Consequences? You bet there'll be consequences." Tony's eyes turn on me and down to mine and Steve's hands, before glaring back up at Steve. He saunters towards us. "Obviously you can quote me on that, because I just said it. Anything else? Thank you, sir." He takes the phone off his ear and walks directly in front of us. Sam and Steve move closer to either side of me.
"Consequences?" Steve asks looking at Tony.
"Secretary Ross wants you three prosecuted. Had to give him something."
"I'm not getting that shield back, am I?"
Nat returns, "Technically, it's the government's property. Wings and guns too." She smiles back at us. I bite my lip shaking my head.
"That's cold." Sam responds.
"Warmer than jail." They walk off, leading us into another room with surveillance footage on multiple screens, multiple angles, in Bucky's cell. Mine and Steve's eyes spot the one just on Bucky. I can't remove my eyes from him.
"Hey, you wanna see something cool? I pulled something from Dad's archives." Tony walks over to us, and Steve drops my hand, pulling out a chair for me. I sit and he joins me on the other side. "Felt timely. FDR signed the Lend-Lease bill with these in 1941." He lays down a pouch with two pens. I look up at Steve, and back up to Tony. He wants us to sign the Accords. "Provided support to the Allies when they needed it most."
Tumblr media
Steve shakes his head smiling, "Some would say it brought our country closer to war."
"See? If not for these, you wouldn't be here." Tony scoffs. "I'm trying to...what do you call it? That's it. That's an olive branch. Is that what you call it?" He focuses his eyes on me, furrowing his brows.
"Is Pepper here? I didn't see her." Steve tries changing the subject.
"We're kinda...well, not kinda..."
"Pregnant?" I ask, Steve smiles over to him.
"No. Definitely not. We're taking a break." Steve shifts his body and lays a hand on my thigh. Tony just stares at Steve's hand. A sadness creeping up in his eyes. His eyes meet mine. "It's nobody's fault."
"I'm so sorry, Tony. I didn't know." I respond; Tony focuses on Steve now.
"A few years ago, I almost lost her, so I trashed all my suits. Then, we had to mop up Hydra...and then Ultron. My fault. And then, and then, and then, I never stopped." He focuses back on me. I see now why he doesn't like me and Steve together. He sees him and Pepper's future and how because of the job he lost her, not physically, but out of his life. He turns back to Steve, "Because the truth is I don't wanna stop. I don't want to lose her. I thought maybe the Accords could split the difference. In her defense, I'm a handful. You know how that is right, Charlie." I look up at him as he stands pacing around the room. Steve starts to interject, but Tony ignores him, continuing his train of thought. "Yet, dad was a pain in the ass, but he and mom always made it work." He turns and looks away from us.
"You know, I'm glad Howard got married. I only knew him when he was young and single."
Tony's voice slightly raises, annoyance in his tone, "Oh, really? You two knew each other? He never mentioned that." He grabs at his jacket, readying himself to complete his three piece suit. "Maybe only a thousand times. God, I hated you."
Steve cocks his head up to look at Tony. His voice is laced with regret. "I don't mean to make things difficult."
"I know, because you're a very polite person, huh Charlie."
"If I see a situation pointed south...I can't ignore it." Tony walks behind us, and Steve shifts his seat to follow his movements. He comes and stands behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders. "Sometimes I wish I could."
"No, you don't. Look how you got Charlie involved in your mess."
Steve shakes his head looking down and at his hand on my thigh. He sighs out a laugh. "No, I don't."
Tumblr media
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strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter Three: The One With Their Marriage
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2923
    “Don’t start this right now Lily,” Bucky sighed, running his hands down his face, “It’s been a long day.”
“Been a long two years,” she muttered, staring at the ring on her finger, fiddling with it, “You know in a month it’ll be two years since you proposed?”
“Yes I know,” he grunted, readjusting in the bed to face the blonde, “We’ve both been so busy.”
Sure, they had been busy. With both working full-time, raising Stella, and handling teenage mood swings from Hunter, there wasn’t a whole lot of time left in the day for them to plan a wedding. But it’s not like they had no time at all, it had been two years since Bucky had dropped down on one knee and asked Lily to marry him. Two years later, she went by his last name, mothered his child, and lived her life with him. But he was always the one to push the marriage portion of their relationship aside. He never wanted to talk about it or even consider planning something.
“Steve and Nat are busy,” Lily retorted, turning to look at the brunette as he readjusted the reading glasses on his face, “But they’re getting married next week, Bucky.”
Lily longed for the security of a marriage. Many people thought that because of her traumatic experience with being married in the past, she wouldn’t want to go through that again. But in reality, she wanted it more than ever with Bucky. She knew he loved her and vice versa, but having an official concrete answer is something she longed for. They’d already had a kid, she’d taken his last name, they had done everything that traditionally happens after marriage. But then again, their relationship was anything but traditional.
“Steve’s retired,” Bucky countered, dropping his book down onto the bed with a sigh, “Where is this coming from? I thought we’d agreed on this.”
“First of all, no, we didn’t agree on anything,” Lily chuckled, rolling her eyes, “You got frustrated and walked away. And I don’t know...the comments people make are just…”
Groaning, Bucky flopped back down onto his back, “You’re shitting me? That’s what’s causing this? God, Lily.”
“Well, what do you want me to do?” Lily scoffed back, looking at the man, “When all I see are rumours about why you won’t marry your child’s mother and your own damn fiance!”
One thing about Bucky and Lily’s relationship is the fact that it was something so human, that both of them were shocked by it most of the time. Neither had experienced much normalcy in their love lives throughout their time but brought it to each other at such a domestic level that it freaked them out. Specifically Bucky. He had always dreamed of something as simple and organic as what he had with Lily, but after becoming the Winter Soldier, he was never sure he’d be able to have it.
But the small arguments and squabbles between them reminded Bucky that he had achieved something great. He had beat his demons and found love with someone who didn’t see him as an Avenger, or ex HYDRA agent, but as Bucky. He wasn’t Steve Rogers’s best friend or Sam Wilson’s partner in crime. He was just Bucky. Lover, fiance, father. Whenever they visited his sister in Manhattan, he would always pull the man aside and tell him just how lucky he had been to score someone like Lily.
“Hunter, why don’t we go see how the chicken’s doing in the kitchen while Auntie Rebecca talks with Bucky?” Lily whispered, leading the young boy out of the room with a knowing nod to her boyfriend’s sister.
Bucky sat just adjacent to his sister, sipping on a glass of water. He watched Lily walk out with Hunter, admiring the wait her hair moved gently across her back as she moved. Every day he saw her, he fell deeper in love with the blonde. She was everything Bucky longed for in life and so much more. From the moment she handed him his wallet in the cafe a year ago, he knew she was the one for him. Just the way her eyes looked at him. Through the facade and through the public’s interpretation of him.
“I’ve never seen that look on your face before,” Rebecca commented, crossing her legs and lowering her gaze at her brother, “It’s something I only ever see when you’re looking at Lily.”
“I can’t help it,” he whispered, voice trailing off as he admired her in the kitchen, watching as her hands traced patterns on her already swollen stomach, “I didn’t think I’d be able to get someone like her to love me.”
“You didn’t get her to do anything,” Rebecca scoffed, “She fell in love with you willingly...Even after all of these years, you’re still so dramatic.”
“We’re talking about me legally adopting Hunter,” Bucky trailed off, eyes going soft as he met his sisters matching ones, “Becoming a proper family.”
The man’s younger sister rolled her eyes, tucking a piece of her white hair behind her ear, “You became a real family the moment you realized you were in love with her.”
They had never officially filed the adoption paperwork, despite having Scott’s signature. It sat in Lily’s office in a drawer alone, waiting for them to make Hunter an official Barnes. But something always held them back, not necessarily in a bad way. It wasn’t something that really solidified anything for the family. As far as they were all concerned, Hunter was already Bucky’s son. Not by blood, but through the soul. The two were similar in ways Lily found hard to believe sometimes. She wondered if in some freak accident it was really Bucky’s son. She chalked it up to the two merely being kindred spirits.
However, Bucky knew Lily’s insecurities. How she kept every small comment made by the public about their private lives. Whether it be what she wore at an event, or when they were out as a family. Lily had grown more confident in herself but Bucky still saw that scared single mom living in Manhattan he had met all those years ago. Still healing from a broken marriage with an emotionally manipulative husband.
Sighing, the brunette rolled over and caged the blonde underneath him. She stared at him with confused eyes, looking up at the man on top of her with her eyebrows furrowed. He sat there for a second, staring at her face. He already had everything about her memorized, but sometimes, she just took his breath away. How he had managed to fall in love with someone as perfect as Lily was in his eyes...he didn’t have any words for it.
“Is there something I can do for you?” Lily questioned, lifting an eyebrow.
“Do you know how in love with you I am?” He whispered, lifting his flesh hand and brushing his thumb across her cheekbone.
Lowering her amber eyes at him, the blonde shook her head, “Don’t think this is getting you out of this conversation, Barnes.”
Bending down, Bucky placed a soft peck to his girl’s forehead before pushing himself onto his back again, “We’ll start planning tomorrow.”
This time, it was Lily rolling on top of the man, a bright smile on her face as she pressed a passionate and powerful kiss to his lips. He chuckled and laid his hands on her waist, running small patterns into her hips as she continued the assault on his lips. Both of their eyes fluttered shut as they revelled in one another’s touch and presence. The two had found each other in a cafe and became the other half to each other’s hearts that same day. When the blonde pulled back, Bucky chuckled, raising his eyebrow.
“What was that for exactly?” He chuckled, removing his glasses.
“A little sneak peek for what you get tonight,” she cooed, hand reaching down to the hem of his shirt, earning a chuckle from Bucky.
“That’s my girl.”
A week later, Lily found herself fussing at her computer as she attempted to find a place to book a wedding dress appointment. Everywhere she had tried was either booked or too far away for her to drive. She didn’t exactly feel like leaving her state to go and find a wedding dress. She had spent her entire day off on the phone with various stores, trying to get an appointment within the next month.
A task that had proven itself to be impossible.
“Whatchu doin’ mom?” Stella hummed as she pushed open the door to Lily’s office, making her way over to the desk.
Glancing down, Lily smiled gently at her daughter, “Trying to find a wedding dress store. Wanna help?” the blonde asked, chuckling as her daughter tried to see over the desk.
Stella nodded, climbing into her mom’s lap as the blonde continued to scroll through a website before the young girl chimed in, “Where?”
Lily sighed as she stroked the brunette’s hair, “Well that’s the problem. Mama can’t seem to find a place. Nowhere I’ve looked has any bookings or any dresses that I like.”
“Where’d you get your first?” she asked, looking up at her mother.
Lily pursed her lips as she looked at her daughter. The memory of her first wedding was something Lily tended to block out of her mind. It was the first night she felt fear that Scott was going to physically harm her. Years after, she had hidden her wedding dress away in a box that now sat in a storage cellar that they had. Stella knew that her mother had been married before and that it was to the man that had helped create Hunter, but nothing more than that. She had seen Scott a few times when he came to give Hunter his birthday or Christmas presents, but that was it. Even then, Stella wouldn’t be able to pick out her mom’s ex-husband in a crowd.
“Well your Uncle had taken me somewhere we had found, but it closed a few years back, bub,” she cooed, tucking a dark strand of hair behind Stella’s ear.
“Will I ever meet him?” She asked, bright blue eyes staring right through Lily, “Uncle Cedar?”
Lily’s heart sunk. She knew that it probably wasn’t the best idea to tell Stella about her Uncle, but she couldn’t just pretend Cedar didn’t exist. He was still Lily’s brother, despite the terrible things he and her parents had done. Bucky and Lily told Stella that her uncle lived in a place they couldn’t go and that it was too far away. But she knew that in a few years, when Stella was older, that she’d find out the truth.
“I don’t think so, darling,” Lily hummed, pressing a kiss to the girl’s temple, “But, why don’t you help mommy get ready for Uncle Steve and Aunt Nat’s dinner tonight?”
"It's so nice of you guys to come." Nat cooed as she pressed a kiss to Lily's cheek, beckoning her and the man that accompanied her further into the room, "But you're so early!"
"I wanted to make sure we weren't late." Lily hummed.
"We're an hour early, doll." He whispered into her ear, pressing a kiss to the shell of it as he pulled away.
"Well someone wanted to do something else," Lily laughed, her lips tight as she nudged him in the ribs, "But I figured we could help out too if we came a bit earlier."
"There's an empty room in the back if he can't contain himself." Steve laughed as he approached, nodding his head at the couple, "Nice to see my best man show up early though."
"Don't get all emotional on me, punk." Bucky chuckled as he removed his arm from Lily's waist, walking forward and wrapping his arms around Steve's shoulders.
"C'mon Lily, let's let these two have their moment to gaze into each other's eyes," Nat chuckled, lacing her arm with the blondes and tugging her away, "Okay what was the real reason you came so early."
"It's true, I was worried that we'd be late." Lily chuckled, taking a seat at a table with the redhead.
It was true. The dinner didn't start until 7:30, and it was only 6:30. But Lily was a punctual person, the last thing she wanted to do was be late for two of her close friend’s rehearsal dinner. Plus, they lived an hour away from Brooklyn, all the way on the coast of Long Island. Lily's hometown. The two were lucky to find the home of their dreams mere weeks after their own engagement and packed up from Lily's suburban colonial in Manhattan to a beautiful beach house on the lake.
The Avengers paid well.
Lily had switched positions to a superhuman consultant at an Avengers-funded hospital in Long Island. She mainly handled child mutants who were developing abilities and helping them through the changes in their body. Bucky on the other hand ran a therapy/group session for veterans, and those who served alongside the Avengers in various battles. It was the perfect outcome for the two, allowing them to work alongside each other in the same building, in opposite wings though. Of course, the two didn't really interact during the day unless a patient was attending a session across the way.
But it also meant that Lily was in direct contact with Tony Stark so often that she wanted to throttle him.
"Look who decided to crash the party!" Tony's voice rang out as he entered the room, a tight smile stretching across Lily's lips.
"Always a pleasure, Stark," Lily sighed, glancing up from her drink and tilting her head as the man walked over, "What brings you here so early?"
"Well I'm the stand-in father of the bride, can't miss my daughter's rehearsal dinner now can I?" Stark chuckled, taking a seat next to Nat, "You look lovely tonight Lily."
Glancing down, Lily assessed her outfit for the night. A flowy dress that reached down to just at her mid-shin. It had slight ruffles at the top along the neckline and near the bottom of the dress and was a lighter shade of black with small red rose decals covering it. It was a nice dress, she had to admit. Rose had brought it over the week before when she visited with Leo.
"You clean up well too, Stark," Lily quipped back, smiling softly when Bucky brought her over a vodka-cranberry, "And I had to look nice, couldn't let robocop over here outshine me."
A light-hearted conversation ensued, allowing Lily to relax a bit more. Bucky kept his hand resting gently on her knee the entire time, rubbing small patterns whenever her words became jumbled or cheek heated up. Small tells that let him know that her mind was racing at a million miles a minute. It was something the two had developed over the last few years of their relationship. It worked vice versa as well, though typically Lily just escorted Bucky away from the conversation.
The two worked together with one another in tandem. Both levelling out what the other was lacking. He reminded her just how loved and beautiful she was, and that he wouldn't change anything about her. While she reminded him that he was not a monster, and what happened was not his own doing. Each was the other's safety net in the crazy lives they lived. But it worked well for them, for four years now.
"Now when are you two going to figure it out and start planning your own wedding," Steve asked as everyone mingled after dinner was finished, "It's been two years since Buck popped the question."
"Oh come on now Steve," Sam chuckled, walking over towards the group, "Let's not raz these two. You'll only make them push it back further."
"In Bucky and Lily's defence, they did have a few unexpected events pop up along the way." Nat chuckled, leaning her head on Steve's shoulder.
Lily shook her head, sipping her water. In all honesty, she was wondering herself when the two were going to officially tie the knot. Bucky had proposed on their two-year anniversary, and here they were four years strong with no official marriage certificate in their name. Lily had naturally begun to start going by Dr. Barnes, and no one really questioned it. Hunter even said that multiple kids at school asked if Bucky was his real father. It would only make sense for the two to make it legally official soon.
She worried sometimes, that he was regretting his decision about proposing to her. That he changed his mind and wanted to leave it so the breakup wasn't a messy legal battle. Despite the fact, it would be because of outside factors like the house and other influences. But their conversation the other night created a sense of ease in Lily, especially since they had found a venue they both loved.
"We’ve actually just started our planning," Bucky stated simply, sipping his old-fashioned and squeezing Lily's waist gently.
"Yeah so bugger off Steve." Lily teased tensley, pursing her lips. This earned a barked laugh from the former Avenger, prompting his response.
“That’s awesome, about time,” Steve chuckled, clapping his best friend on the shoulder.
The following half an hour continued on like that, people wondering things about Bucky and Lily’s wedding. But honestly, Lily could barely keep her own excitement about it to herself. But she contained it, knowing that this was a night about Natasha and Steve. After tomorrow, she’d be able to be a bit more excited about things.
She hoped, at least.
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noshame-bb · a day ago
okay okay so, today is the 4th anniversary of Harry Styles first album and I had an idea.
how would y’all feel about a series based on each song? iiiiiif you like this idea, what character do you think would fit?
I write:
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes
Sam Wilson
Steve Rogers/Chris Evans
Pedro Pascal
Javier Peña
Din Djarin
let me know!
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avengerscompound · a day ago
The Tower: Happily Ever After - 3
Tumblr media
The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic
Series Masterlist | Character Refrence PREVIOUS //
Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)
Word Count: 2053
Warnings:  Pregnancy and minor language on chapter.
Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: Family Dinner
Having the whole family around was always an event, even when you took into account the fact that Pietro and Riley were on Asgard and not able to attend there were a lot of us.  Along with the ten of us, there were our six adult children and a teenage daughter.  Those children had four spouses and five children among them so all up our table was filled with twenty-six people.
Years back Tony had built a custom set of tables that would lower into the floor when not in use so that it could double or triple in length with the flick of a switch.  We still had a couple of personal chefs, but on a day when it was all of us, we’d hire caterers to deal with the main meal and they’d set up a long buffet with an assortment of different styles of dishes that fit everyone's different tastes and dietary requirements.
The kids were all a little confused when they showed up.  We tried to have fairly regular family dinners every month or so, and they would each drop by at any random day of the week.  We were never hardasses about having to show up to dinner unless there was some big news or it was a holiday.  As it wasn’t a holiday, they were assuming there was news.
When we all had our plates of food and were settled, Zak sitting in Sam’s lap, while Billy’s children, four-year-old Piper and two-year-old Flynn were sitting in Bruce’s and Tony’s laps respectively, all the kids turned their attention to Steve.  “Well, dad,” Eddie said.  “I think you’ve all kept us in suspense long enough.  What’s the big news?”
Steve laughed.  “We can’t just be having a nice family meal together?”
“You know we can’t,” Becca said.  “You called us and said we all had to be here.  So spill before you give us all anxiety attacks.”
“Alright, alright,” Steve said, raising his hands in defeat.  “So we do have something.  It’s not bad though.”
“Dad!”  Tommy yelped.  “Seriously!”
Steve laughed again.  “Okay, okay!”  He said, taking way too much joy in their frustration.  “We had a visit from your Aunt Angela.  She is renouncing the throne of Asgard.  As of right now, Riley is considered too young to take the seat, so it’s up to your father Thor to take his place.”
“You’re leaving?”  Tommy asked, turning his attention to Thor.
“Not just me, young one,” Thor answered.
“We’re all going,” I added.
“And by all, that means, all your parents,” Steve continued.  “Marya, Sarah, and Zak, and as many of you that will come with us.”
Rose looked over at her husband - Paul and he furrowed his brow.  “Sorry,” he said.  “What do you mean by ‘you’?”
“You are included,” Steve said.  “As are you, Flynn and Lyra,” he added, turning to Eddie’s two partners.  “And you Teddy,” he finished, nodding to William’s spouse.
“We realize this is a huge decision to make,” Sam said.  “You all have lives here.  Jobs.  Friends.  Family.  If you don’t want to go, we’re not going to force you.  It’s not a case of you never seeing us again.  We will come back regularly.  You’re welcome to visit us too.  Think of it like we were moving to Florida.”
“But,” Steve said.  “We have thought about this a lot.  With the way we age, and all of you do too, we think that the way we’re interacting with the earth is not appropriate.  Your mom is pregnant again, that’s going to make eleven of you.  Yet, before meeting us Thor had never had any children.  It’s like we’re living like people with a life span of 80, but in reality, we’re going to live until we’re five thousand.  We need a new perspective.  We need to slow down and live the lives we have.  And I think Asgard will help with that.”
“And let us not forget,” Thor said.  “You will be royalty on Asgard.  You will not be lacking in comforts or things to do.  If you wish to work, we can find you appropriate labor.  If you wish to serve on the council, it can be arranged.  If you would like to train as the warriors, it is your birthright.  You can become scholars or musicians or any number of things.  Or if you wish to just live a life of leisure, that can be done too.  There are no limits.”
“I’m in,” Becca said quickly as the other kids looked at each other and their partners in shock.
“That was fast,” Tony laughed.
“Well, why not?”  She said.  “I’m already getting the ‘when are you gonna get married and have kids’ questions from my friends.  Besides, I think I’d make a great Valkyrie.”
Thor laughed.  “Aye, that you would, daughter.”
“What would happen to us?”  Teddy asked.  “Wouldn’t it be the opposite problem?  We’d all age out while we watch everyone around us stay the same?”
“That would be up to you, and something you’ll have to talk about with each other,” I said.  “But Pietro was given an apple that grants immortality.  If that’s the path you wanted, you could take it as you are the chosen consorts of royalty.  But you would really have to think about it.”
Teddy leaned in and whispered something to Billy, and Billy nodded and rubbed his back in soothing circles.
“That would already be something you’re all going to have to face though,” Bucky said.  “That was something we dealt with back before we bonded and our lives were pulled into line with Thor’s.  Steve, me, Bruce, Thor, Nat, we all thought we were going to lose the rest.  It was something we’d resigned to.  If that’s not something you’d all already thought about - I don’t mean to be harsh, but you had better start thinking about it.”
Teddy, Lyra, Rory, and Paul all blanched and turned to their partners for comfort.  As they quietly talked Becca turned to Marya.  “You pissed, kiddo?”
Marya shrugged.  “A bit.  I wanted to finish school first.  But they said I’d be doing more school on Asgard anyway.”
“I bet in the end you’ll love it.  Get your own little crew like dad and his warriors three.  Cause trouble with Loki,” Becca said.
“Dad, what’ll happen with SI if I come?”  Eddie asked Tony.
“That’s kind of up to you, kid,” Tony said.  “Since we worked out the whole comms thing with Asgard, you could always run it remotely.  We’d need to refine them though, it’s not perfect.  Neisha could be the face here on Earth while you run it there.  Or we can just hand the reins over to her.  She’s her father’s daughter, I trust her to not run it into the ground.”
Eddie nodded and went back to talking to Lyra and Rory.
A hand slipped into mine under the table and I turned to look at Wanda.
‘I think Paul’s seriously considering saying yes,’ she sent me.
My eyes went wide and I nearly choked on the pasta I’d been eating.  I was positive that they’d want to stay here.  Paul had a pretty big family that he was quite close with.  Our holiday homes were often being borrowed by his brother’s and sisters, and one of his brothers had made himself very comfortable asking to use the private jet too.  We loved how comfortable they were with that.  They were all great people and family was family.
Natasha began smacking me on my back as I choked and I grabbed my glass of water and drank it down quickly.
“If we do come,” Paul said, once I got control over myself.  “We can come back, can’t we?  Visit for holidays?  Or change our mind?”
“Of course,” Steve said.  “As I said, think about it as a move to Florida.  You’ll be able to use the rainbow bridge.  They don’t have Christmas or Thanksgiving on Asgard....”
“We do celebrate Yule,” Thor corrected.
“Right, yes,” Steve said.  “But you get my point.  If you want to come home for holidays you can.  If it’s someone’s birthday too.  If it’s not working out, you’re welcome to return.  And if you need to come home because someone is sick, you can do that too.”
“You don’t have to decide right now,” Clint quickly added.  “We’re going by the end of the month.  If you want to come with us then, that’s fine.  If you need longer to decide - no worries.  It’s not like Asgard is going anywhere.”
“I should hope not,” Thor laughed.
“Look,” Sam said.  “Even if that means fifty years from now, when you’re own kids are grown and having kids of their own, that’s cool.  We’ll be there.  We’re gonna be there for a long, long time.  But…”  He frowned and looked over at Bruce.
“But…” Bruce continued.  “By then you’re going to know what it’s like to see the people you love grow old and die.  I don’t know how many generations this immortality thing will last either.  Maybe your grandkids will get it too and you’ll have to watch the same thing happening to them.  Or maybe not and you’ll watch them growing old too.  I don’t want that for any of you.  We don’t want that for any of you.  I thought… I thought that was going to be me, and then we got the biggest blessing thanks to your dad Thor.  And now we have you guys and we have each other.  But you’re not going to get that if you stay here.  We’re trying to save you from it.”
Tommy let out a breath.  “I’ll come,” he said.  “Who knows, maybe I’ll meet a hot Valkyrie.”
“Yeah right, like any of them would look at you,” Billy teased.
Tommy raised his eyebrow and then pretended to scratch it with his middle finger.  “Dad!”  Billy yelped.  “Do you see what your son is doing?!”
“Alright, settle down,” Steve said in his very best dad voice, making Billy and Tommy break down into peals of laughter.
When the boys stopped laughing, Teddy cleared his throat.  “Will the children be able to attend school on Asgard and what would it be like?”
“Why of course they shall,” Thor said.  “In some ways, it is similar and in others quite different.  They shall learn how to read and write and mathematics.  Science and magic are seen as one on my home planet and they shall learn both and how they each form a side of the same coin.  I am unsure if your children will gain the Allspeak, but regardless they will learn how to speak and write in several other universal dialects.   They shall be taught to fight and ride.  They shall learn the history of not only Asgard but all the nine realms.  Their education will last longer and be much broader than that on Midgard.  They shall do classes in rooms with their peers and a teacher instructing, with private tutors in a place appropriate for the lesson, and in small groups out in nature.”
Teddy nodded and looked at his two little ones sitting in their grandparents’ laps, happily eating from their bowls of fruit or Mac and cheese.
“I think that the rest of you should at least sleep on it,” Natasha said.  “There is a lot to talk about between yourselves and many things to consider.  You can call us up whenever you like to ask about it.  But you need to decide what's best for you and your families.”
“That sounds like a good idea, ma,” Eddie agreed.  “There's a lot to consider.”
“Alright, mom,” Rose said, looking at me.  “How's the pregnancy going?  Have you been taking care of yourself?”
“I don't need to with your moms and dads taking care of me,” I joked.
“Hey wait,” Billy said looking at me.  “Does that mean our new brother and sister are going to be born on Asgard?  Dad?  Will that be different?”
Thor grinned and our topic shifted gears as Thor began to explain the Asgardian royal birthing practices.  It was pretty daunting listening to it, but for now, I had decided not to worry.  There were so many things going on, I'd cross that bridge when I came to it.
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