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#sebastian stan fluff
deexchanel · 8 hours ago
Part 11
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Angst and Fluff.
Summary: Hanging out with Chris, Seeing her ex boyfriend.
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
(What happens when you fuck with Sebastian's girlfriend 🤣^)
-1 week later-
"Euphoria get up, we're going to be late!" Chris shouted hitting me in the face with a pillow. Half sleep, I used my arm to block it.
"Late for what?-"He cut me off with another hit. "Chris put the fucking pillow down!" I catched the pillow mid strike. He stopped, dropping it on my chest.
"We have some last minute shooting today. I came over to see if you wanted to ride even though you don't have to come in today."
I groaned trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I see that he was fully dressed with freshly groomed hair. "You woke me up just to say that? ugh! I'm coming hell." I rolled my eyes getting out of bed not caring about what I had on. Which was just some underwear and a tube top.
"We're stopping for hibachi too so do what you need with that information." I heard him say as I walked into my bathroom, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste so I could brush my teeth. "No I want chick-fil-a christopher."
"Well we'll get both now hurry upp."
Feeling refreshed from the nap chris woke up from, we did go to both food places. Chris and I walked onto set looking like bad bitches.
In terms of, he had on a extra pair of my sunglasses. "Chris I watched that interview where you told the reporter your hamster name. I think Gemini Flanagan should be our names. You're Gemini and I'm Flanagan!" We both giggled kind of tipsy. Chris put his arm on shoulder, laughing his ass off.
"Gemini F-Flanagan!!"
He could barely get his words out. I snickered at his goofy ass."Chris stop laughing damn, it's not even that funny." His laughing turn into wheezing making me laugh."Look Chris go into your trailer, I'm going back to the truck to grab my jacket so I'll be right back."He nodded still laughing going straight into his trailer. Guys, chris is drunk as hell
I let out a little laugh shaking my head at him. As I was walking back from the truck, I heard someone call my name. "Euphoria!"
"Who the hell is calling my name?" I mumbled to myself peaking over my sunglasses. My blood ran cold when I saw who it was. It was my ex who technically isn't my ex because we didn't date but only talked to each other. Eric was head over heels for me but I wasn't for him. I didn't lead him on, I told him from the start that I didn't want a relationship.
He was manipulative, abusive with his words, attitude problem and when he was angry, he grabs my arm tightly. I moved away from him because I was tired of the toxicness. I acted like I didn't hear him and continued walking. "Bitch I know you hear me! You can't run from me."
That right there made me stop in my tracks. I turned around ready to give him a piece of my mind. "Bitch? You're the bitch Eric! Stop following me!"When he got closer to me, his tall frame stood over mine. Normally I'd be a sucker for that because it be Sebastian's tall frame. Now I'm terrified since it's Eric's tall frame.
"You belong to me! You're leaving with me right now!"
"Like hell I am Eric! Get out of here before I call the police. I've never had feelings for you! Stop. Stalking. Me." I grit through my teeth. In one swift movement, his hand wrapped around my neck. Eric was choking me.
I hit his arm trying to breath but he wasn't budging. "We're leaving right now." He lets go but before I could gasp for air, he back hands me. My face fling to the side as I let out a yelp. Both my face and throat felt as if it was on fire. "Don't ever talk back to me! Do you understand?" He grabs a head full of my hair, gripping it.
My chin trembled as a couple of tears trickled down my cheek." Ah!" I reached for my hair but he gripped it tighter.
"I said do you understand??"
"I understand!" I cried out and he lets go of my hair. I was scared of him and I wanted to call Sebastian so bad but he wasn't mine anymore. "Let's go." Eric pointed to his truck. Before we could walk off, out walked Hemmy, Chris, and Sebastian from the building. My heart starts racing, Eric was going to hurt me more if I told them what happened.
"Euphoria what happened to you coming back?" Chris questioned when they closer, obviously not tipsy anymore. "Who is this?" Hemmy asked menacingly, pointing at Eric. Sebastian stayed quiet looking back and forth between me and Eric.
"This is uh um.." I stuttered trying to think of an answer but Eric spoke up for me. "I'm Eric, her boyfriend." Sebastian clenched his jaw in anger then he looked at me trying to see if it was true. I was choked up my words, knowing it was a lose lose situation.
"Well I need to talk to Euphoria so excuse us."Sebastian sneered grabbing my waist so he can pull me away from the conversation.Eric began to say something but coward down when Hemmy tall frame stood in the way.
"I'm going to ask you this one time. Tell the truth Euphoria." Sebastian told me with anger written across his face. "Did he hit you?" I looked up him beginning to sob giving the answer he needed. "Go get in the car!" He clenched his fist.
I've never seen him so angry like that, it scared me. I heard Eric speak up as I walked to Sebastian's truck."Where is she going? Why is she-" I quickly closed the door. I placed my head in my hands, not wanting to see what was going on outside. I could hear the muffled shouting coming from Hemmy, Chris and Sebastian.
I hyperventilate knowing that I was the cause of all of this. "Hey, Hey, Hey Euphoria calm down. Breath, you're okay now." Tom reassured pulling me to his chest. I didn't even notice him getting in the truck. I just wanted all of this to be over with. I broke down in my best friend arms, just wanting to shut the whole world out.
"It's so hot in here." I grumbled flipping the covers off of me, opening my eyes. There sat Sebastian at the edge of my bed. "Sebastian?" I sat up trying to see if it was really him. He turned around with no emotion on his face.
"Yes. You alright?"
"I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to be here." I picked at my nails not knowing what else to say. He took a deep breath before speaking up. "Euphoria did you know him? Did he come into the picture after me and you break up?"
"No, He stalked me all the way to here. I used to talk to him when I stayed in Texas. He was so toxic and I didn't want to be around him so I left. Sebastian I didn't do anything the whole time we weren't together. I wanted to prove you that all I want is you."
"I beat his ass for placing a hand on you. Euphoria I wanted to kill him for even being near you."
I get out the bed going over to stand in front of him. Us not being together was killing me. Fuck it. I ran a hand over my face"God Sebastian can you hold me?"
Seb gets up from the bed engulfing me into a well needed hug. I inhaled his amazing scent, not wanting to let go. " I missed you so much. I was wrong about everything. You were right, I wasn't r-ready but now I am. I want to be the best girlfriend for you. I'm so sorry Sebastian." I cried with each word, I broke down more. He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my head so our eyes can meet.
"Doll, I forgive you. It's been hard not having you by my side. That made me realize that I can't live without you. Stop crying okay? I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much."
Relief flooded through my body. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from under my eyes. "I love you more." I sniffled then leaned forward closing the gap between us by placing my lips onto his.
I am in completely in love with Sebastian Stan.
this is weird to me . I don't really know. it took me all day to write.
but tag: @majo240820 😁
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noshame-bb · 9 hours ago
A/N: uuuhm sorry, I did not mean to make this so sad. i’m putting this out because i’m a shitty writer and haven’t written part 2 of “a switch” The song is Jealous by Labrinth!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Rating: angst, sweet ending
Word Count:1659 (oh wow-)
feel free to leave some feedback, or come talk to me!
Tumblr media
Living in Louisiana with the Wilsons was great. You helped Sarah cook and clean while the boys trained or were on a mission. You and Bucky wanted to stay, maybe find a house together, get a cat. Problem was, you weren’t together and that could cause problems. Sam eventually found his own place, so you and Bucky got to move into the guest room, instead of sleeping on the couch. You didn’t mind sharing a bed with Bucky, you both weren’t a fan of touch but, if it was just the two of you, you were okay with cuddling. 
You had been friends with Bucky since the Avengers days. You both were closed off to others, always had your walls up. You never socialized, keeping to yourself most of the time. You both waited for people to leave the kitchen before you went in, and never participated in an annual movie night. You both had guilt on your shoulders from being ex assassins. That was the thing you had in common, the thing you kinda bonded over. After a nightmare, you’d walk out to the balcony, just to cool off, only to find Bucky already sitting there. You’d ask another about the nightmare, neither wanted to say anything. You’d just bask in the quiet of the night. That’s how you and Bucky became inseparable. 
Back to present day, it was a rainy day in Louisiana. The thunder shook the house with it’s booms, and was followed by a quick strike of lightning in the distance. It was far enough away that it didn’t worry you when you went outside to the wrap around porch. The Wilson house was beautiful, with a huge yard, and porch, it was a dream. You rubbed your arms at the sudden gust of wind mother nature decided to blow in. You looked to your right, seeing the old piano that sat there. It taunted you everytime you walked outside, practically screaming, play me! And you were finally giving in. You sat down at the dusty bench, the wind picking up. You fiddled with the keys for a minute before you decided on what to play. 
I’m jealous of the rain
You started to play the beginning keys of the song. Softly singing along. It was the song you’d play late at night, when the thoughts consumed you, and everything got hard. 
That falls upon your skin 
This song always reminded you of Bucky. He may have a hard exterior but, he was secretly a softie. I mean, he cried at Bambi and made me swear I wouldn't tell a soul. 
I’m jealous of the wind, that ripples through your clothes
The song perfectly describes how you feel about him. You get so immersed in everything Bucky. Jealous of the way the sun kissed his skin, wishing it was you giving him a gentle touch. 
It’s closer than your shadow, oh i’m jealous of the wind
Cause I wished you the best of all this world could give
As the song got louder, so did you. You wished you could tell Bucky, he deserves all the love in the world. He deserves to be showered in compliments and treated like a normal human. Not like the monster he thinks he is. He deserves happiness, and kindness and-
You were so lost in the music, just finishing the chorus,  you hadn't noticed Bucky creeping up behind you. 
I’m jealous of the nights, that I don’t spend with you
All those nights you never spent with him, made you achel. You wished it was you fighting alongside Bucky or driving him home after a long day, just being there. Bucky came to sit next to you on the bench. You looked over to him, startled, and stopped playing.
“Don’t stop on my account. It’s beautiful.” You gave him a shy smile, and picked back up where you left off. 
I’m jealous of the love, love that wasn’t here
You looked at him when you started to sing, hoping he would understand you. Those words hit home,you always felt like Bucky would never reciprocate the love you had for him. He deserved more than you. More than someone who can’t pick up his broken pieces when you were still trying to pick up your own. 
You got into the chorus of the song, a crescendo of sorts. You had to break eye contact with him, all of the emotions overwhelming you. All the thoughts, the love, the emotion behind the song, shone through as you sang the lyrics out to him. Portraying everything you’ve ever felt for this man. All the heartbreak and misery. All the waiting around for him, and the constant heart ache. It’s hard to know that he may be happy without you. 
As i sink in the sand
Watch you slip through my hands
Oh, as I die here another day
Cause all i do is cry behind this smile
Bucky couldn’t help but watch you in awe. The way your fingers moved against the keys, or the way he could see you move with the music, the passion behind your eyes. It was like the rain and you were in sync. Thunder clapping at the right time, and it was almost like the rain was keeping tempo. God, he was so in love with you. He hoped that this song was your way of telling him you loved him too. 
I wished you the best of, all this world could give you
You looked over to him seeing unshed tears in his eyes. You knew the lyrics of the song, the passion you put behind it, was getting to him. And you couldn’t hold the tears in any longer, making your voice waver. 
But I always thought you'd come back, tell me all you found was
Heartbreak and misery
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
You looked at him again as you sang. The song coming to an end, as you started to play the final chords. Your years dropped on the keys, and soaked your face. 
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
You couldn’t look at him. Your facial expression would give away exactly how you felt. So helplessly tied to this man, clinging to every word he said, tended to every wound. It was hard falling in love with Bucky, knowing he would never let himself fall in love with you. You wanted to hold him in the night, cook his favorite meal when he was sad, and watch old 40’s movies with him. You just wanted him to be happy, even if it meant never being with you. 
“Doll?” You head snapped up at the name. You barely heard it over the raining falling on the roof, and the occasional boom of thunder. Doll, that was a good sign. You didn’t really respond, just a slight hum, voice hoarse from singing. 
“Do you really feel that way? That you don’t make me happy?” He said with exasperation. You could only nod your head, and sign. You didn’t know what to say, you’d never thought he would ask such a heavy question. You honestly expected him to get up and walk away. 
“Y/N I- You make me so incredibly happy. Seeing you, being in your presence is like- sunshine coming out on a rainy day.” As cheesy as it sounded, he meant every word. Bucky brought his hands up to cup your face. You quickly leaned into his embrace, loving the contrast of his warm flesh hand, and the cold vibranium hand. 
“I can’t even put into words how happy you make me. You brought out so much good in me, even when you were struggling, you always told me to keep my head up, always there to make sure I’m okay.” More tears streamed down your face as he continued to confess. 
“I mean- I love you so fucking much Y/N- I can’t believe you ever doubted that. When I’m around you, god doll, it’s hard to think, hard to focus. Being with you is like- a breath of fresh air I never knew I needed. Loving you is like watching the sunset- you're so warm and soft and gentle an-and so kind. You were always so kind to me even if-even if I didn’t deserve it.” 
Looking in his eyes, you knew he wasn’t lying. You could see the love in his eyes, in the soft way he spoke to you, even with the harsh rain coming down. 
“You will always deserve love James. You deserve all the kindness, gentleness, warm feelings any other person has. You, James Buchanan Barnes, are an amazing, kind, incredible human being. That’s what I love about you. You may think you act tough but, deep down you love Sam like you Steve.” It was your turn to cup his face with your hands. He closed his eyes the minute you made contact with his face.
“I love you so much Bucky.” You choked out. Everything came rushing at you. Knowing he loved you too, made all the different. You’d never have to feel alone, or forgotten ever again. You never had to talk to a brick wall- no- . You would go to the ends of the earth for Bucky, and it was a great feeling knowing that he would too. 
“I love you doll” He said before he pulled you in for a sweet kiss. At that moment, thunder clapped, and lightning strikes. The earth sounded like it was coming to its climax and you never wanted it to end. You never wanted this...feeling to end. The feeling of serenity in Bucky's arms, the feeling of harmonious embrace. 
You both knew that it would never end. You would love one another until your dying day, and you were content with that.
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thewinterwitch111 · 10 hours ago
Imagine Submissions
If you have any thing you would like to see written please inbox me and I will start them as soon as i can!
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uprootbasic · 11 hours ago
pairing: dad!Sebastian Stan x mom!reader
summary: you and Seb welcome your baby girl earlier than planned.
warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of childbirth, mentions of preemie baby, mentions of pregnancy and labor.
a/n: I am absolutely terrified to post this tbh. this is based completely on my birth experience with my daughter, and it was insanely traumatic to the point where I can't stand to be in a hospital (I had to take her a few months ago bc she had covid 19 symptoms and I had multiple panic attacks). things might not be 100% accurate as im writing based on what I can remember and what other people (my mom, dad, grandparents) have told me because I don't fully remember. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
when you woke up this morning, you knew something was wrong.
you felt weird. you were 32 weeks pregnant with your husband Sebastian's baby girl, and both she and you were perfectly healthy.
you checked your phone as you wandered down the hallway to the kitchen, trying to ignore the dread and anxiety seemingly filling your body for no reason. you looked at your calendar, and realized you had your 32 week appointment and ultrasound, and the dread was slowly replaced by happiness.
at least you'd get to see her little face today. you were so happy that you and Seb were able to afford 3D ultrasounds, and you couldn't wait to see how much chubbier her cheeks had gotten, and how her lungs were developing.
you went on with your morning, and everything seemed fine, until you got a call from your dad.
you had called your parents to inform them of who was allowed in the room while you were giving birth, and your dad was not happy. when you and Sebastian had talked about it, you two had decided that the day was about you, him, and your daughter, not everyone else, and came to the conclusion that while you were pushing and delivering the baby, only Sebastian would be in the room.
your dad however, did not agree with this at all. he said he should be allowed in the room, and should be permitted to watch his daughter become a mother. you tried to reason with him, and explain why you and Sebastian made that decision, but your dad was not having it. he ended the phone call after saying that if he was not in the room, he would disown you, and that sent you into a stress induced meltdown.
you dropped the phone onto the counter, and slid onto the floor. your hands covered your face as your heart became heavier and your sobs grew louder. you noticed your body started to feel weird as well. the happiness you felt from earlier had vanished quicker than Bucky did in Wakanda or on his fall from the train and the dread work its way through your veins and your nerve endings.
you felt the urge to throw up, and pulled yourself to a stand with difficulty. once you did however, you felt a rippling pain in your stomach, followed by warm liquid flowing down your legs.
your first instinct was that you wet yourself, but you soon realized that you couldn't stop the flow, and that it was your water breaking. your eyes widened, and you grabbed your phone to check the date, to make sure you were, in fact, 32 weeks. your heart dropped as the numbers and letters on the screen confirmed it, and you realized you were in preterm labor.
"fuck!" you cried, and scrambled to unlock your phone, and call Seb. thankfully, he wasn't actively filming a scene, and sneered on the first ring.
"hey baby what's-" he began but you cut him off urgently.
"you need to come home!" you cried, tears streaming down your face as you thought about the fate of the life inside of you.
"what's wrong? is it the baby?" he asked, and you heard him moving around his trailer, and felt a short burst of relief that he was heading home as soon as he could.
"m-my water broke!" you cried out, still unable to believe that this was happening to you. you and Sebastian were so excited when you found out about the little girl in your stomach, and you didn't know how you'd continue on if she was ripped from your fingers mere weeks away from her due date.
"fuck! okay, I'm leaving now, stay on the phone baby," he said, and you could hear the tears in his voice as he rushed from set and talked to the directors. he stayed on the phone with you as he rushed home through midday New York traffic, until he was standing just outside the door. he hung up and came bursting into the apartment.
he followed the sound of your cries and rushed to your aide. "fuck baby. let's-lets go to the hospital, okay?" he said, his voice shaking as he tried to hold himself together for you, because whenever he cried, you cried. you could barely get through an episode of Political Animals without sobbing at his sad little face, and he needed to be strong for you and his daughter.
you nodded weakly, and let him help you up and lead you out of the apartment. he got you into the car, and the next 30 minutes were a whirlwind.
you could barely focus on what was happening. the drive, the check in, the nurses helping you into a hospital gown, and then a bed, all of it seemed to swirl together as you thought about the little girl inside of you, and wether or not she was going to make it.
you were snapped out of your disorientation when cold ultrasound jelly was poured on your belly, and you could finally take a deep breath when your senses were filled with the sound of your baby healthy and steady heartbeat, and your husband whispering thank god, before pressing a reassuring kiss to your forehead.
you could barely understand what the doctor was saying, but you got the gist. the stress that your father had put on you had caused stress on your baby, and sent you into preterm labor. you were progressing quickly, and were past the point of being able to stop it.
tears flowed down your face as you realized you were having your baby. doctors and nurses were rushing in and out of the room, and your turned to face your husband as an incubator was rolled in.
"I'm sorry," you said, choking out a sob. his eyebrows furrowed, and his hands cupped your cheeks.
"baby, no. it wasn't your fault. I could never be mad at you for something like this. she's a fighter, so are you. we'll make it through," he said, his thumbs brushing away your tears as you nodded.
"d-don't let go of my hand," you begged, and he nodded. "never. I'm here." he said, and pressed a kiss to the back of your hand, just as the doctor entered the room.
"okay, Y/N, you're fully dilated, and we need to get her out quickly. if she stays in any longer than necessary, we'll have to do an emergency c section. she is getting stressed out, and we need to bring that stress level down. I know you can't feel them, but on your next contraction, I need you to push like hell, okay?" she said, and you nodded. you glanced up at Sebastian who pressed a kiss to your forehead. he reached around your shoulders and grabbed your other hand just as another contraction started and the doctor told you to push.
you teared down as hard as you could, and pushed for what felt like 10 minutes, although it was only 10 second.
"good job, Y/N, you're doing great!" the doctor said. "I can see her head, you're almost there!"
Sebastian buried his nose and mouth in your hair, and encouraged you. "I'm so fucking proud of you, baby. you're doing so well." you relaxed your body against the pillows, more tears slipping own your cheeks.
you couldn't believe this was happening to you. you'd heard of this happening to other women, but you'd never thought that you'd be in this position. most babies were safe to be born after 35 weeks, but you were 32 weeks. 3 more weeks and you would have been fine. 3 more weeks and you wouldn't have to spend the unforeseeable future in the NICU while her internal organs finished developing. she was supposed to be fine. she was fine a week ago.
your doctor told you to push once more, and you did. after the 10 seconds were over, you relaxed back on the pillows again, and Seb pressed a kiss to your forehead, you realized you could feel everything. every movement she made down the birth canal to come out, every stretch, every pull. they didn't have time to give you an epidural, and you knew you were going to feel this. that thought almost scared you more than having a preemie.
"she's almost here, just one more push, and you're done." the doctor said, and Seb unraveled himself from you to look. his eyes widened in joy when he saw the dark hairs of his baby girls head, before coming back to support you.
"you're doing so well. I'm not leaving your side. she's so close." he said, just as another contraction came, and you pushed like hell, wanting to get her out, and safe.
a few seconds later, you heard Sebastian gasp, and a sob rip from his throat. you stopped pushing and opened your eyes just in time to see the doctor carrying your small baby girl, who was blue.
you wanted to scream. you wanted to cry. you wanted to, you needed to know that your baby was okay. you felt your chest constricting as you saw doctors and nurses surrounding your little girl. her umbilical cord was cut, and your vision went fuzzy just as she was placed into the intubator.
just before your whole world went black, you heard the mightiest little cry pierce the air.
Tumblr media
you opened your eyes, and squinted at the harsh lighting in the room. you groaned, and felt the hair around your face being pushed back. you turned, and found Sebastians face. his eyes were bloodshot red, and his cheeks were puffy.
"hi baby," he whispered, a smile spreading on his lips.
your eyebrows scrunched. "w-wheres Olive?" you asked. you needed to make sure she was alive. you needed your baby girl.
Sebastian smiled, and rolled the incubator close to your bed. "right here. she's alive. the cord was wrapped around her neck, that's why she was blue. they had to give her some CPR, but she responded almost immediately, and she's okay."
you looked over at your baby girl, and you burst into sobs at the tubes. she had an oxygen mask on her face and heart and brain monitors covering her still red skin. she was tiny. the smallest baby you'd ever laid eyes on, but she was beautiful. you could already tell she had Sebastians nose.
"we're gonna be here a while honey." he said, and helped you sit up. your head fell forward onto Sebastian's chest, and he cradled you. "her lungs aren't fully developed, and she's underweight, but other than that she's perfect. hearing, seeing, all of it. nothing life threatening. she's gonna survive." he said, and you could hear the raw emotion in his voice as well.
you opened your eyes, and whimpered at the harsh lighting again. Sebastian noticed, and flicked the switch next to the bed, which darkened the room.
"you've done so so well. I am so proud of you baby." he said, and you shook your head.
"I'm sorry." you sobbed out, and Sebastian hugged you tighter.
"No. don't be. she's here, and she's healthy. she's perfect. the doctors say if there's any lasting affects, it will just be asthma. do you wanna hold her hand?" he asked, and you nodded. he took your hand, and put it through the hand window.
as soon as your skin brushed against hers, you felt a wave of love like you'd never known. she was here, and she was safe. she was perfect.
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c00lkidvibes · 12 hours ago
just a random asshole.
sebastian stan x female reader
request: Hey I know you have like a lot of requests but I have scenario in my head that I can’t get rid of it. So you know that one interview where it’s like seb, Daniel, Lizzie, and etc at a panel for like the civil war movie? How the guy asked her how it felt to work with such masculinity. I was think that Y/N could like call the guy fucking stupid and spit him out. (I haven’t watched the interview in it’s entirety because that question just pisses me off but I always imagine what it would be like if someone called him out for being a dumbass)
a/n: sorry it took me so long to finish this! i really do like getting requests it just takes a hot minute lol. thank you!
The group interview was going great so far, especially being part of such a friendly cast, including your boyfriend, Sebastian, who really did make everything better for you once you joined the very extensive Marvel cast. But, finally, the question you were hoping wouldn’t make its way into the day finally made its appearance.
“I have a question for Elizabeth, Y/n, and Emily.” Having not really gotten many questions for that day, the only girls in the group had their attention peaked. “When you’re on set with this much testosterone, do you kind of have to dig your heels in and get really girly or throw in the towel and bloke-ify yourself?” It took a second for the question to finally register, but when it did, it felt like there was steam coming out of your ears. You look over at Sebastian, and you can tell he’s uncomfortable. He looks you back in the eyes and mouths “what the fuck?” And gives a ‘the fucking audacity’. At this point, you, Elizabeth, and Emily all have each other a ‘oh great, casual misogyny it it’s most natural form’ look.
You hear Chris Evans awkwardly laugh at the word “bloke-ify”, then even more awkwardly quiet down to silence. “I think I’ll take this question first if that’s ok.” You say as you draw the attention of the crowd to yourself. As much as you wanted to scream at this guy, you knew you had to keep your cool. “I never once felt like I needed to change who I was in order to fit in with any extra ‘testosterone’ in the cast. These guys have made me feel extremely welcome in this environment, and I’m very thankful for that.” You add emphasis on a few words to really get your point across. It was only a short while before Elizabeth out her say in too.
“I’d rather just hold my own then be extra girly.. or.. bloke-ified.” She laughs awkwardly as she finishes her statement, some of the guys giving her a ‘that sucked sorry you had to answer that one’ look. And while Emily agreed with Elizabeth’s answer, you felt Sebastian put his hand on your thigh to calm your racing mind. You throw him a quick nervous smile and he gives you an equally sorrowful smile.
Once the panel was finally finished, your mind still angry after that one question, Sebastian pulled you aside.
“I’m sorry that had to happen, drâga.” He rubs your shoulder as you listen to him continue. “I thought you were going to get up and claw his throat out.” You let out a laugh, and reply. “I really felt like it, I hate people like that. Why do so many people think that there’s this invisible line between men and women? It’s fucking ridiculous.” After finally letting most of your feelings out to Sebastian, you started to feel much better. “I know that sucked, but he’s just some random asshole. I’m proud of you for keeping your cool. I probably would have yelled.” He finishes his sentence laughing, and takes your hand.
“How about we get out of here, grab some food, and watch a movie at home?” He looks at you with puppy dog eyes and you nos your head. You rest your head on his shoulder as you walk out of the building. “Sounds perfect.”
taglist! @chloecatina421 @not-another-fangirl @midnightf (thank you for the request!) @please-buckme @sapphireplums
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mayraki · 12 hours ago
✧ let me make your night better - bucky barnes
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
summary: it all starts as a fun girls night out with your friends but when you get the unwanted attention from a man, your mood completely changes so you decide to call your boyfriend bucky to take you home. which leads to him wanting to make your night better.
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a/n: there’s something about bucky riding that motorcycle........
warnings: creepy guy at the bar. oral (female receiving) +18!!
Tumblr media
“Do you actually have to go?” Bucky asked as his eyes were glued to your body while you were checking the outfit you picked for the night. You turned around to see the poor man giving you puppy eyes as he was sitting on the bed behind you. “I mean, you can stay with me and we can watch a movie or something-”
“Bucky, I haven’t seen my friends in person in a long time. And I see you everyday... c’mon, it’s just for tonight.” You left the mirror to get closer to him and stand in front of him to grab his cheeks with your hands and make him lock eyes with you, as his eyes didn’t seem to want to leave your body. “My eyes are up here, baby.” You bit your lower lip as he let out a little laugh and grabbed the back of your thighs to pull your body even closer to him.
“I’m sorry, doll, but the way you look on that dress... what I would give for you to stay tonight here with me.” He said softly while gently caressing your skin. You let out a little smile getting closer to his face to feel his breathing against your skin.
“Maybe when I get back.... someone has to take this dress off..” you said with the intention to tease Bucky and leave him with wild thoughts on his mind, but as soon as you tried to take a step back he quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you up to sit you down on his lap with your legs between his body.
“So you’re teasing me and now you want to leave? That’s kinda rude, doll.” Bucky said softly against your lips before pulling in closer to touch yours with his. You immediately felt the hotness of his skin against yours, feeling your body with that desire you would love to feel so much. But you needed to keep your head up and not give him what he wanted, after all, that was your favorite game.
You pulled away and bit your lower lip seeing how his eyes were filled with lust. “Save it for later, Bucky. We don’t want you to get tired now, do we?”
Before he could make any other movement you left his lap and gave yourself a last look in the mirror. That tight red dress fitted your body like a glove. Ending right in the middle of your thighs and those tall black shoes making your legs more longer. You felt hot... and for the way Bucky was checking you, made you feel even more sexy.
You turned around to face Bucky once again and noticed how his eyes were slowly going down on your body, making the butterflies on your stomach go wild. But no wanting to show any weakness under his eyes, you walked closer to him and grabbed his chin to make his eyes look at yours, once again. “Time for me to leave, baby. See you later?” You asked softly before leaving a simple yet hot kiss on his lips.
“You count on that, doll.” He said when you pulled away. You smiled at him and then turned around ready to leave Bucky and your apartment behind. But not before feeling those blue eyes on your body just one more time.
“Cheers, cheers, cheers girls!” Your friend Kelly said as the sound of the glasses clinching together hit your ears. “For a wonderful night, for a wonderful life filled with love, money and success!” Those words were followed with yours and your friends happy laughs before taking your shot to your mouth, feeling the burning sensation on your throat as soon as the liquid was going down your body.
“Another round, please!” Your other friend, Jessica said loudly to the bartender which nodded quickly.
“I’m not going to black out tonight, girls.” You said as a little laugh escaped your lips. Immediately, you had your two friends looking at you disappointed.
“What?! Why not baby?” Kelley asked while shaking your arm playfully.
“C’mon! We haven’t party like this for a while! Let’s bring back those nights Y/n!”
You let out another laugh as you were shaking your head the moment the bartender pulled another round of shots for you and your friends. “I’m not ready to wake up with a horrible headache and throw up everything I ate today. Not happening. I need more night outs to finally get to that point.”
“Alright, seems fair! But we’re dancing until your feet can’t no more.” You and Jessica quickly nodded as Kelly let out those words. You all grabbed your shots and lifted them up ready to toast again. “For a hot and sexy guy to take me home because I haven’t got any action for months!” Jessica said and you let out a loud laugh before taking your glass towards your mouth, feeling once again, the horrible sensation against your throat making you close your eyes and shake your head waiting for it to end.
“I feel you on that one, Jess.” Kelly said after leaving the shot glass on the table. “I haven’t had a guy on my bed for ages, I’m starting to wonder if sex changed or if I have my virginity back.”
“Definitely.” Jess agreed. “We need to look for potential guys to take home, please. Someone rich, if it’s possible.”
They both turned around to wonder around the club as you let out a smile looking at your friends being their goofy selves. But soon after, they all turned around to face you with grins all over their faces. “What?” You asked confused at their facial expressions.
“Since we don’t have any sexual encounters in our lives, we need to live through yours.” Kelly said making you let out a laugh feeling the hotness going towards your cheeks. “C’mon, tell us what that hot boyfriend of yours do.”
“Girls! I don’t kiss and tell!”
“Don’t be like that, Y/n! Help your friends out.” Jess complained shaking your arm. “I’m pretty sure that man leaves nothing to the imagination.” She lifted her eyebrows repeatedly making you shake your head while biting your lower lip as the memory of the other night came back to your head.
“Oh, am I seeing that correctly? Am I seeing Y/n remembering something? Oh, girl, c’mon tell us!”
“She’s probably thinking about her boyfriend’s huge-”
“What? C’mon, Y/n, I’m such touched starved!”
You looked at your friends but your mind was somewhere else, his hands touching you, his lips against your skin, your bodies dripping with water, your back against the wall... “The other night,” you started before your brain gave you a chance to decide about telling your friends “he decided to surprise me with something that he knows I like. He prepared a bath with roses in it and chocolate sented candles. We got in and well... one thing lead to another and we ended up-” you let out a tiny laugh seeing your friends carefully listening to your words “we ended up turning on the shower and doing it against the wall.”
Your friends pulled their bodies backwards to let their backs rest on the chair as they were covering their faces with their hands. “Steamy and wet, that’s the one right there!” Kelly said as you were letting out little laughs seeing how funny their reactions were.
“Please tell me he likes to go down on you.” Jess said and then carefully waited for your reaction, and then again, once you slowly nodded they both let their bodies hit the chair as Jess was waving air with her hand towards her face and Kelly ordered another shot. “Jesus, that man keeps getting hotter and hotter the more I found out about him.”
You gently punched Jess on the arm as she shrugged her shoulders. “Hey! That’s my man you’re talking about!” You said with a smile seeing how Jess took another shot like it was the easiest thing in the world.
“Yes! I know you lucky bitch!”
“I need to dance and shake my ass.” Kelly said with her eyes closed, feeling the burning from her shot. “Twerking is the only thing that’s gonna make me feel better.”
After Kelly grabbed you and Jess to take you two to the dance floor, you danced and danced until you started to feel your throat getting dry as you started to move along with the music. Your feet inside those heels were making your toes hurt so realising your defeat, you pointed at the bar to your friends and they quickly nodded, letting you know they got it.
Making your way to the chair you were sat down a half an hour ago, you let your body as well as your feet relax once your weight was on that tall chair. You let out a relaxing breath as you felt your toes getting comfortable and the cold wind that was entering the club hit your skin, making your sweat slowly fade away.
“Can I have a glass of water, please?” You asked the bartender and as soon as they nodded, you let out a tiny smile thanking them. While waiting for your drink, you pulled out your phone to check out the hour and as soon as the time ‘01:35’ appeared on your screen, you blocked it to leave it again inside your tiny black purse. “Thank you!” You said as the bartender left with a smile a glass of water in front of you.
With a quick move, you grabbed your drink and headed it towards your mouth to let it fresh your mouth and throat. Seconds later, the water was long gone and you were feeling better. So, with the intention to see your friends and check if they were still on the same spot, you turned your head around but when a strange guy walked in front of you making it impossible for you to see your friends, you slowly followed him with your eyes as he quickly made his way towards the chair by your side.
“Waiting for someone?” He asked letting his elbows rest on the counter as his face was facing you.
You let out a tiny smile after checking your friends. “No, I’m with my friends. They’re dancing right now, so-”
“Oh, don’t tell me they left you alone! They’re bad friends.”
You slowly shook your head while you locked eyes with him. “No they’re not. We were dancing together but I got thirsty so I decided to come here.”
The guy nodded as his eyes looked down to your lips. You moved in your seat uncomfortably as you felt his eyes under you. Trying to make it obvious that you didn’t want to talk you turned to the bartender and kept your focus on what they were doing. But when you still felt the guy by your side, you turned around to them once again to give them an awkward little smile.
“I’m Peter.”
“Do you want a drink?”
If guys ever approached you on the street you would usually tell them politely that you had a boyfriend of that you weren’t interested, making them to leave you alone or sometimes leaving the typical comment ‘you’re not that hot anyway’ in the processes. But for some reason, there was a feeling in your gut that this guy wasn’t good news. The way he was staring at you and after every word getting his body closer and closer to you, made you even more uncomfortable and wanting to go out of that situation as fast as possible.
“Not really. I already had a lot.” You said dryly and wanting the guy to leave you alone you faced the bartender once again, but instead, Peter touched your elbow with strength the moment he moved his body closer to yours.
“C’mon, what’s one more? Please, hey, you!” He snapped his fingers to call the bartender. “Two shots!”
“Hey, I said no.” You said shaking your head. “I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend.”
“And what about it?” Peter let out a loud as soon as the two shots were in front of you. “Can’t your boyfriend share?”
You stared at his eyes and soon felt how your heart dropped to your stomach. You looked at his hand handing you the shot but then quickly shook your head, grabbing your purse with the intention to go back with Jess and Kelly. “I better go find my friends, they must be looking for me.”
“You told me they were dancing so they’re probably having fun, Y/n! C’mon, take the shot with me.” Peter got closer the shot to your face which made you turn your head backwards. “Don’t be a party boomer!”
“I don’t want to.” You said firmly trying to take his hand out of your face’s way, but him taking it even more closer to your face made you unintentionally push his hand away, making the shot fall on his shirt.
“You little bitch! This shirt is new!” With the intention to grab your arm he lifted his now wet hand towards you but soon was stopped by the bartender grabbing his shirt and pulling him away. You quickly got up from your chair and looked how the bartender looked at you and once they noticed you were fine, they turned back to Peter.
“You better leave her alone, asshole.” They said and soon called the security guard, who grabbed Peter to take him out of the club after the bartender told him some words quickly. “Are you alright?” They asked and you quickly nodded. As they were about to say something else, you felt someone grabbing your shoulders and soon noticing your two friends standing by your sides looking at you worringly.
“Y/n! What happened?! Are you alright?” Jess asked as Kelly was looking around for Peter with anger on her eyes.
“I’m fine.” You said after gaining the control of your tongue. The realisation of what just happened hit your head so feeling annoyed at the music around you, you turned around to walk out the front door and leave the club behind, soon followed by your two friends.
“I’m gonna kill that guy!” Kelly said with anger while Jess was gently caressing your shoulder.
“Are sure you’re alright?” Jess asked softly and you slowly nodded pulling out your phone from your purse.
“I’m gonna call Bucky so he can take me home.” You said and your friends quickly nodded.
“We better go too.” Jess said turning to an angry Kelly, who was still looking around for Peter. “Kelly?”
“Yes, you call Bucky and tell him what happened because I’m sure he’s going to be down with me to kill that guy.” Kelly said but you quickly shook your head.
“No, I’m not telling him what happened.”
“What?!” Kelly turned to you confused. “Y/n you need to tell him.”
“No, that’s going to lead the whole situation into more chaos and I just want to go home.”
Kelly was about to say something else but Jess cut her off. “Kelly, is Y/n’s decision.”
Knowing that Jess was right, Kelly let out a sigh and walked closer to you to gently caress your arm. “Alright.”
You looked at your phone and once you saw the name “Bucky” on your screen, you let out a little sigh before looking at your friends. “Not a word, ok?” They both nodded and then you clicked on his name taking your phone towards your ear, already ringing.
“Hello? Y/n? Are you alright?” Bucky asked with worry in his voice the second the call was answered.
“Bucky. Yeah, I’m fire. I just- can you pick me up?”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nothing. I just want to go home. Jess and Kelly want to stay and I don’t want them to end the night earlier because of me. That’s all.” You looked at your friends and noticed the anger still coming out Kelly’s eyes, but her mouth stayed shut.
“Doll, you don’t sound alright what happ-?”
“Can you come Bucky?” You cut him off with your voice cracked. Something about him sounding so worry about you made your throat to close up and to feel some tears wanting to come out.
“Stay there. I’m on my way.” He quickly said before ending the call. Leaving your phone back in your purse you locked eyes with your friends and tried your hardest to keep your tears inside your body.
“Are we taking an Uber?” Jess asked to Kelly but before Kelly could answer, you shook your head.
“No, you guys stay. C’mon, it’s early. I’ll be fine with Bucky. Besides, you two still need to find someone rich so they can take us on their fancy boat.”
Jess and Kelly let out a tiny laughs while you felt your throat going back to normal. “I can’t promise you the boat, but a house on a lake is enough?” Kelly asked jokingly and you quickly nodded while a little smile escaped your lips.
Soon after, the sound of a motorcycle hit your ears making your head to turn towards the noise. You got up noticing the entire attention of the people outside the club was now on your boyfriend arriving while riding his motorcycle. Seconds after pulling over, he took off his big and black helmet off and left the motorcycle to make his way towards you.
“What happened, Y/n?” He asked with anger on his voice. “Did someone touch you? Who? Y/n, please tell me.” Not getting an answer from you, Bucky immediately understood and looked around with anger. “I’m gonna kill whoever touched you.”
“That’s the fucking spirit!” You heard Kelly say behind you.
“Where is he? Is he still here? C’mon, Y/n, tell me so I can show that guy that nobody touches my girl.”
“Bucky!” You yelled loudly enough to gain Bucky’s attention. He turned to you and once seeing the tiredness on your eyes, he quickly grabbed your cheeks and left a simple kiss on your lips. “Just take me home.” You said softly once he pulled away.
You moved back ready to walk towards his motorcycle and put the extra helmet on, soon followed by Bucky. Once you were on his bike sitting behind him and wrapping your hands around his waist, you turned to your friends and let out a tiny smile.
“With a lake house?” Kelly asked with a little smile and you nodded.
“Nothing less.” You said before Bucky turned the motorcycle on and started the way towards your apartment.
As the wind was hitting your skin you started to feel cold and your body to shiver, so trying to look for warmth you touched your forehead with Bucky’s back as you tried to get your body closer to his as possible. Moving your hips to his, you noticed how Bucky did a quick look to you on the back and understood what you were doing. Being able to manage his motorcycle with just his metal arm, he let go and with his warm hand touched your naked thigh with strength, giving it a little squeeze before gently caressing your skin with his thumb.
The amount of safety he made you feel by just touching you it was unbelievable. Everything that you felt moments ago was slowly fading away, making you feel butterflies in your stomach and filling your chest with warmth. You unconsciously let out a tiny smile as the feeling of freedom hit your body, you let your chin rest on his back as his hand was still on your thigh. The way he made you feel on that situation, him riding his bike with you on the back, it couldn’t be described. You felt in movie, those things you were used to seeing in old movies where the guy is something so far off by reality that would always made you feel sad because you thought you were never going to find something like that. But there you were, with the man of your dreams driving his motorcycle while his hand was resting on your thigh, ready to protect you and make you the happiest girl in the world.
“Want something to drink?” Bucky asked softly as the door of your apartment was being closed by him and you were on the couch, taking your shoes off.
“Not really. Just want to take this dress off and go to bed.” You tossed your shoes aside and made your hair into a bun ready to head into your bathroom and take off your makeup.
As you feet touched the coldness of the floor in the bathroom, you shiver but quickly turned on the hot water to wash your hands and start with your routine. As soon as you grabbed the makeup remover, you sigh regretting going out with your friends. It made you feel so disgusting on the inside as the memory of Peter was slowly going back to your head. It was more anger right on that moment than sadness and shook, the way that some guys felt you were obligated to say yes to them just because they wanted to buy you a drink. No matter if you said no multiple times. It was sickening.
Your muscle memory made you remember his hands touching your elbow making you stop throwing with anger the makeup remover towards the counter and close your eyes to try and forget it.
“Doll?” A hand touching your elbow made you jump and quickly open your eyes. But as soon as your eyes locked up with his, your heart went down to its normal speed. “You ok?”
“Yeah.” You nodded before opening the cold water to wash your face. You opened your eyes to see the water dripping down on your skin but then your eyes went directly to the man behind you. Once you did, you slowly followed him and his lips as they were ready to kiss your bare shoulders. Feeling their warmth, you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling.
His free hand slowly traced your body until it arrived in your stomach to gently push you against him, to warm your bodies against the other. Slowly living kisses on your shoulder, he then moved his lips towards your neck. Wanting to leave him more space, you tilted your head sideways as little breaths were coming out of your mouth.
“Open your eyes, doll.” He said against your skin making you shiver the second your skin felt the air hitting you.
As he said, you slowly opened your eyes to meet his as his lips were leaving gentle kisses on your skin. Your left hand touched his, the one that was carefully resting against your stomach to gently caress it with your thumb. Without giving you the chance to do something else, Bucky turned your body to face him and quickly grabbed your cheeks to leave a simple yet full of passion kiss on your lips.
“Let me make your night better, doll.” He said softly right in front of your face making you feel the hot air leaving his mouth in your skin. His eyes were glued to your lips and his thumb was caressing your cheek. With his metal arm, moved a piece of hair that was covering your face and carefully tugged it behind your ear.
“What do you have in mind?” You asked when a grin escaped your lips. Suddenly, like Bucky was waiting for that exact answer, with his metal arm grabbed your waist and pulled you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist while he was making his way towards your bedroom.
Once inside, as he was getting closer to the bed he pulled up your dress and left it right on your stomach. He carefully dropped you and quickly positioned himself on top of you. Feeling the coldness of his metal arm it made you shiver once again, but soon it was covered by the hot kiss he left on your lips.
Leaving your lips, he started to move on your neck and then your chest while his other cold hand was slowly pulling your dress up. Soon after, you were wearing nothing but your underwear. Tossing your dress to the side, Bucky held his body up by his knees and stared at your body like he was staring at a piece of art freshly made.
“You’re so fucking beautiful, doll. You know that?” He said with a little smile and that made your stomach turn as you felt the heat going towards your cheeks. Even if he had been your boyfriend for over a year now, no matter how many times he had seen you naked or called you beautiful, it still made you feel like it was the first time.
Getting closer to your face once again, he united his lips with yours but this time he managed to make the speed faster than the ones before. His tongue touched your mouth so you opened it wider to let it play with yours. As slowly as they were moving, you could feel the heat growing in your body. He had his metal arm by the side of your head holding his body on top of yours while his other hand was slowly massaging the side of your thigh.
His fingers found themselves playing with your underwear, pulling it and twisting it while his mouth was still focused on yours. But soon leaving your lips desiring for more, he ended the kiss and looked down ready to pull your underwear down. Like he was a pro at it, with quick moved he sat down on the bed and with his metal arm lifted your waist so the thin underwear you were wearing would come off easily. Letting out a grin Bucky toss it aside and used his hand to touch your stomach and slowly move it up towards your chest.
You could feel your insides asking for more. Wanting to feel Bucky against your legs even more as his hands were tracing your body. Joining them soon his lips were now against your skin. Taking his tongue out he gently licked your bare chest around your bra. Needing to take it off, you arched your back to let his hand go under and with a quick move making it undone to take it off your body and again, toss it on the floor.
“I’m never going to get tired of watching your naked body under me, doll.” Bucky said softly making you let out a smile as his lips were already flying towards your mouth.
“Bucky-” you said against his lips.
“What, doll?” He asked leaving your mouth to slowly caress your cheek with his thumb as his eyes were staring you and your eyes full of lust. “What do you want me to do to you?” He asked with a smile and you bit your lower lips while million of ideas were flying around your mind. “What is it, doll?” He asked more with a joking tone than before. The grin on his face became even bigger as a smile appeared on your face. “Oh, you want me do the thing- I’ll do the thing, alright.”
A little laugh escaped your lips as Bucky moved his mouth towards your chest and left little kisses on it, but soon placed his body lower so his face could be closer between your legs. Ready to feel that sensation your body was desiring so much, you closed your eyes and soon felt his lips against your inner thigh. Wanting to make more space for his head Bucky grabbed your thighs and slowly separated them without taking his lips away from your skin.
He was taking his sweet time around your folds leaving little kisses making you feel the hotness and the wetness of it become even more stronger and noticeable. You moved your hips to feel his lips more strongly against your skin, noticing this Bucky let out a tiny smile and looked at the desire in your face. “Want me to move quicker, don’t we?”
“Fuck, Bucky.” You let out softly gaining a little smile from Bucky’s mouth.
Just like you wanted, soon after you felt Bucky’s lips against your inner lips making you slightly shake under his touch. He started to leave gentle kisses before taking his tongue out and slowly tracing every single angle.
You could feel the sweat starting to leave your body as Bucky was carefully moving between your legs. That burning sensation he would always make you feel it was starting to appear when he moved to the top of your inner lips, towards your clit. With the tip of his tongue he started to make circles around it making you embrace every feeling that was happening inside of you. The butterflies in your stomach seemed to have gone into riot mode as your heart was going full speed under his warm touch. It was like he was putting you under a spell, making your entire body to fall for him no matter what he did.
“Fuck, fuck.” You spitted out almost in a whisper as Bucky’s tongue started to move faster against your clit. The faster he was getting you could felt your legs starting to shake around his head. The tightness of your inner lips and lower stomach was starting to make their way into your body as his tongue was professionally moving against you. But once you felt like you were coming undone, Bucky stopped leaving you wanting for more. “Oh, fuck you.” You said softly while Bucky just grinned before going back to your clit and leaving gently kisses on it.
Taking his fingers closer to you, with his index finger started to caress your folds up and down, making you, once again, fall under his touch. You could feel the wetness of your sex becoming stronger and stronger the more he spent between your legs. Moving his index finger away and taking his thumb against your clit, he started to caress it to place his middle finger right outside your orifice.
Feeling how slowly his fingers was entering your body you slightly arched your back and let out a long breath. The combination of his thumb moving against your clit and his fingers inside of you was making you fall into such a big relaxation and lust that whatever your body did or came out of your mouth was no longer under your brain commands.
Your hand flew towards Bucky’s hair to gently caress as he moved his tongue towards your folds to trace them up and down. Now, you had him touching your folds, his thumb tracing your clit and his middle finger slowly moving inside of you. He was a damn good multitasker.
The sound of your wet vagina was now louder as Bucky entered his ring finger inside of you to accompany his middle finger and make your legs shake around his head even faster. He replaced his thumb with his mouth and started sucking on your clit with strength to help you reach that wanted orgasm.
With the tip of his tongue and with speed, he started play with your clit and moved it around making your feel everything around it turn tighter and your folds to burn.
“Fuck, Bucky, I’m close- don’t stop.” You said with your voice cracked as he was gaining speed and moving his fingers with more decision between your walls. As they started pounding he slowed down and took his fingers out to enter them once again, making you let out a loud moan in the process. “Shit.” You said as your legs were shaking and his tongue wasn’t stopping against your clit.
Seeing how close your were, Bucky removed his fingers from inside of you and took his two hands towards your thighs to spread them wider and make more space for his head once again and for you to feel his tongue even more deeper against your clit.
Faster than you could let out another moan, you felt your inner lips fill with lust and your clit to burn with passion as his tongue was slowly taking its speed down. “Fuck..” you said in a whisper and you felt the orgasm slowly fading away as Bucky was leaving gently kisses on your folds and caressing your thighs with his thumbs.
He slowly went back to your face as he was leaving multiple kisses on your skin. Once he arrived at your lips he left a simple kiss in them as you tasted yourself. As soon as he ended the kiss your heavy breathing started to mix with his, feeling how his chest was touching yours and his free hand tracing your legs up and down.
The amount of lust he made you feel under those minutes it was more than you ever felt with any other men in your entire life. The way he made you feel under his touch, under his eyes, under his presence... it was like no other. He was yours and you were his. You were his girl and he made sure you knew that, nobody was ever going to hurt you ever again.
“Feeling better?” He asked with a smile the moment you opened your eyes to meet his.
“Better than ever, Bucky.” You said softly before uniting his lips with yours one last time. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad night after all.
Tumblr media
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bucky barnes | masterlist
Tumblr media
let it bleed (vampire!au): a series of non chronological one-shots and drabbles about a vampire and his human girl. | on-going
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(un)cool (rockstar!au, 70's!au): in the summer of 1973, after covering the howling commandos’ concert for a night, you - a young and inexperienced music journalist - accidentally end up following the up and coming band from new york city across the country. between shows, parties, backstage nonsense, interviews and failed attempts at writing a cover story for rolling stone magazine, you end up developing a love/hate relationship with their brooding, but devilishly handsome, guitarist james “call me bucky” barnes. | on-going
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Tumblr media
one-shots and drabbles
(they long to be) close to you
two slow dancers
perfection in the accident (soulmate!au) coming soon
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Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 4258
Warnings: Angst, fluffy fluff, a little bit of violence, trauma, homelessness, misunderstandings, romantic friendship, platonic friendships, traffic accident, drink driving, declarations of love, happy endings. This has no smut but my blog is 18+ so no minors please.
This isn’t beta read so all mistakes are my own. This is part of the wonderful Marie’s writing challenge using inspiration from the amazing edits by @nix-akimbo
I chose long hair number 13 (it’s my lucky number). This piece is actually about Biker Bucky, his recovery after an accident that changed his life and how he equally changed the reader’s life when she had nobody left.
Tumblr media
She wiped down the bar top whilst having a free rare moment. They were short staffed at The Lady Luck Bar again. She glanced around at the customers and wondered how she'd ever gotten to this point. She had a strong education but things changed pretty dramatically after she'd finished university. The sudden death of her mother and brother in a freak traffic accident led to her dealing with whatever was left behind. Her mother had accumulated quite a few debts. Y/N sold the house, paid the debts and for two funerals. After all the taxes, there was just about enough to secure a deposit on a flat in New York. It wasn't much but it was home. To afford living there, she ended up taking shifts at the bar, delivering sandwiches daily during the lunch period for 4 hours and doing weekend sessions teaching extra classes for kids needing extra help. Those sessions only paid for two hours but Y/N found she'd often end up there for another couple of hours helping the children who required even more help. She didn’t mind, it was fun because she felt she was making a difference. But despite having three jobs, she was lucky to bring home $1700 a month.
Three familiar faces entered and took seats at the bar. She greeted them with a genuine smile as they got comfortable.
"You're in late tonight fellas" she spoke as she automatically started pouring beers from the pump, already knowing their order.
"Aw did you miss us doll?" Bucky grinned while winking at her. She handed over the beers and took payment from Steve as she rung up the order on the till.
"How could I not miss the Three Musketeers, you three are my favourite customers" Y/N chuckled while handing Steve his change. Bucky watched Y/N as she went off to serve other customers at the bar.
"Man you have got it bad with a capital B" Sam taunted Bucky.
"I don't know what you mean" Bucky replied trying to look innocent. Steve laughed at him slapping him on the back.
"Every time we come here you stare at her with those puppy eyes" he joined in on the teasing.
"I do not" Bucky answered with a pout, he tucked some of his long hair behind his ear and took a gulp of beer. As the laughter died down, Steve checked his phone. He noticed the email from Tony.
"Tony wants us all at the party on Saturday" he informed running a hand through his hair and huffing. Sam shook his head, he knew Bucky hated these kind of things. Bucky would rather drive off into the night on his motorcycle dressed in his trademark denim and leather (if he’d ride again, that is) instead of slacks and a shirt. Bucky rolled his eyes at Steve’s comments and looked out at the bar where Y/N was now bussing tables. Truth be told, Bucky had been pining after her for some time. He couldn’t help it. He’d known her for a while. It was when he was at his lowest that she picked him up, dusted him off and helped him prepare to take on the world again.
He laid in the hospital bed. He didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. The accident happened so fast and was still vivid in his mind. He was wallowing in fear and self-pity. That’s when she broke him from his train of thought.
“Hi, Mister Barnes is it?” she smiled politely at him. “I’m Y/N, I’m a volunteer her and just wanted you to know if there’s anything you need, I’m here to help” she offered brightly. He nodded with a small grunt and said nothing to her, instead he opted to look away. She thought it was him being grumpy as he turned away from her. It was more embarrassment because he was trying to hide his sudden boner. Yes there were good looking nurses and doctors but there was something about her that jolted him and he wasn’t familiar with that feeling.
As the weeks went on, he started to memorise her work times and spent more time talking to her as he had reconstructive surgery on his knee while waiting for Tony Stark to get back to him on a prosthetic arm after losing his in that accident. She’d met Steve and Sam a few times as well as the Tony Stark himself but they didn’t faze her. She hated seeing Bucky looking so broken. She decided to start visiting him when she wasn’t on duty. It surprised him, but she enjoyed his company and even agreed to sit in on his physio sessions. During one visit, she took him for a walk in the hospital gardens, it was slow and steady to help him get used to the new knee. They sat opposite the rose bushes in silence.
“Did you manage to sort out your mother’s estate?” he suddenly asked, looking at her and trying to guess what she was thinking about.
“Yeah, everything is sold, all debts are paid including the ones I had no idea about that she and my brother set up in my name” she sighed.
“I’m sorry you had to go through that and alone as well” he tried to comfort. She smiled at him.
“Well I’ve not been alone, I’ve had you to visit and keep me company” she joked trying to deflect the actual fact that she had no real family to turn to now. He gave a wry smile realising what she was doing because he’d done it so often with Steve and Sam lately.
“What about accommodation?” he quizzed, he couldn’t help but feel concerned for her.
“I’ve got about enough to put down as a deposit on a flat but I need to give up volunteering here, I need to get another job to ensure I can afford to live there” she admitted. “But I’m still coming to visit you ok, I made a promise to help see you through this Bucky. In some bizarre way, you’ve become my closest friend” she confessed. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he rested his head atop of hers.
“I’m honoured doll” he breathed softly loving that she’d put her head on the shoulder that was minus his arm and showing that she didn’t see him any differently to anyone else.
She kept to her word, visiting him, supporting him and then being there when he was discharged. She’d go to see him daily at the home he shared with Steve and Sam, getting to know them in the process yet still insisting her and Bucky were just friends. Sam could see there was something there but since the accident Bucky was more reserved, he hadn’t been on his bike since the accident. He didn’t go out unless it was to work at the garage for Stark with Steve and Sam. It worried them both. So when Y/N told him she was working at the Lady Luck Bar in evenings now, Sam and Steve tried to get him into the routine of going to the bar after work. It was working too. Now all Sam and Steve needed to do was get them together.
As Y/N was collecting glasses, a bunch of rowdy young city workers started getting a bit fresh with her. Attempting to collect empty bottles and glasses from their table, one of the guys grabbed her ass, stepping back she responded with a slap. The guy stood up and towered over her, he reeked of beer, curry and stale cigarette smoke. Y/N tried to back away as this man, who the others were calling Randy, was swearing incoherently at her but his face was red with fury. He raised his hand to swipe at her but was stopped when a metal hand grabbed his wrist. Y/N looked up at Bucky with relief as he glared at Randy. If looks could kill, those steely dagger eyes of Bucky’s would have murdered him then and there. Steve and Sam stepped forward to back Bucky up.
“I think you owe the lady here an apology pal” Steve spoke sternly. Sam folded his arms and adjusted his stance to look more threatening.
“The whore doesn’t deserve it” Randy spat. Bucky started twisting and squeezing Randy’s wrist, he was yelling in pain. Steve and Sam just turned Randy’s friends who backed off leaving the bar and Randy.
“She. Is. Not. A. Whore. She. Is. A. Woman. Too. Good. For. This. World. And. You. Will. Treat. Her. As. Such. Am. I. Making. Myself. Clear?” Bucky grimaced trying to hold back from tearing Randy to pieces.
“Crystal… please… let me go” Randy cried.
“Apologise first” Sam ordered, nodding at Bucky who pressed his lips together.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like that” he was pleading for his release. Y/N nodded at Randy in silent acceptance as Bucky shoved him away. As he got up and moved to walk around Y/N, he muttered ‘bitch’ under his breath. Y/N tapped him on the shoulder, as Randy turned he was met with her fist to his nose with a loud cracking impact. It knocked him to the floor, blood spattering everywhere on his white shirt as it began to bleed. Sam opened the bar door while Steve threw him out and called time on the bar. The other customers grumbled a bit as they left. Steve locked the door while Sam collected the glasses. Bucky grabbed the first aid kit and pulled Y/N to a booth to look at her hand. It was red, swollen and painful. Bucky’s touch was light and soft. Apologising for every time she hissed at his touch, he looked up at her.
“You shouldn’t be working here doll, you’re too good for this shithole” he whispered. She met his gaze, her eyes glassy with tears threatening to spill.
“I have no choice Buck, I need to” she spoke under her breath. He looked at her with confusion. He knew that look too well on her. There was something she wasn’t telling him. Steve and Sam joined them.
“We’ve tidied up for you so that you don’t have to” Steve gave her that friendly grin that always made her smile. She always saw him and Sam like the brothers she’d never had. She thanked them and stood up to go to the bathroom and get her bag and jacket from the back.
As she exited the room Bucky shook his head and bit his lip frustrated. Steve noted it but chose not to push it. Bucky’s phone beeped, he checked it and rolled his eyes.
“Let me guess, the succubus” Sam joked.
“Yeah, she’s heard about Tony’s party and wants to know if I’m going to ask her” Bucky’s tone was irritated.
“How many times to you need to tell Dot no?” Steve chuckled.
“Man, I’m telling you she is so clingy and annoying. I’m so tired of it. Everyday she’s just there” he sighed. “I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of taking her to the Stark party. She’d be an embarrassment” he added. Y/N came out with her things and thanked the guys but insisted she’d be fine. Her demeanour was suddenly very different. Hurrying to lock up and get home, she seemed impatient. Now they were all confused. Once they were out and the place was locked up, Y/N excused herself fast not even hugging them. Wondering if it was just shock, they left her to it.
Y/N got home pretty fast trying to fight that burning in her chest and lump in her throat. She looked around the almost bare apartment and sat on the floor by the door sobbing. She couldn’t believe Bucky thought she was clingy, annoying and an embarrassment. It was hard enough that she felt she was a burden on him when she had problems, it was even worse that the person she was in love with thought so little of her. She looked around the rest of her flat, she wasn’t going to be there much longer. She’d tried everything, but couldn’t raise enough money. In one day she was moving into her car, it was all she had left, the other option was moving into the Lady Luck Bar and doing full time shifts with pretty much no life and a sleazy boss. She couldn’t do it.
The next few days passed pretty quickly. Bucky, Sam and Steve had a lot of work on at the garage and were disappointed at the end of each day when turning up at the bar to find Y/N wasn’t working. She wasn’t even answering her phone. Bucky was really worried about her. Despite advice from Steve and Sam to give her a bit of time because she might have been shaken by what happened, he knew something was not right. That evening he turned up at Y/N’s flat to find no response. He asked one of the neighbours if they knew where she was. The old lady told him that she’d been evicted and was living in her car somewhere. Bucky was now filled with panic. Leaving the building, he figured he would try the free parking spaces at the end of the street. There she was, sitting in the back seat of her car. He knocked on the window startling her. Slowly, she got out of her car to talk to him.
“Y/N what the hell is going on?” he asked. There was concern on his face but she had to remind herself of what he’d said.
“It’s nothing for you to worry about” Y/N replied. Bucky was frustrated at the response.
“You are one of my best friends Y/N, how can you say that?” he tried to rein his voice in but it didn’t quite work that way. Y/N snapped her head upward to look at him with pain in her eyes.
“So you are embarrassed by all of your clingy and annoying best friends then or is it just me? Just… Just leave me alone Bucky ok!” she shouted at him, tears rolling down her cheeks as she got back in the car, locked the doors and pulled down the small car window blinds. Bucky was astounded. He wasn’t sure what to do next and left feeling like he’d been hit in the heart with an axe. This was the woman he was in love with. How could she think he thought that of her?
He got back to his shared apartment. Sam walked straight over to him to ask but saw that Bucky had been crying. Bucky shook his head and went straight to his room. He didn’t want to talk. He must have been in his room for about three hours before resurfacing to get some pizza. He sat on the sofa with Steve and Sam who were watching some sports comedy film that had Steve almost choking. Bucky remained silent and picked at his slice of pizza. He wondered if Y/N had eaten, whether she was able to get a hot shower. His mind was running a hundred miles per minute. Sam paused the film.
“So what happened?” Steve asked. Bucky shook his head, his long hair covered his face slightly.
“She’s been evicted and is living in her car” he spoke quietly. Sam’s brow furrowed as he and Steve exchanged baffled glances.
“Why isn’t she here, did you not tell –” Sam started to be cut off by Bucky almost shouting back at him.
“Yes I tried to talk to her Sam. She thinks I think that she is annoying, clingy and an embarrassment. Why would she even think that? I could never think that of the woman I love” his voice quietened towards the end of what he was saying but they heard it and their eyes widened. They knew he had feelings for her but never thought it was that deep. Steve slapped his own forehead suddenly.
“She must have heard you talking about Dot but thought it was her you were talking about” Steve pointed out.
“She won’t talk to me Steve so it won’t matter ok” Bucky dejectedly spoke. He got up and went back to his room. Once he was out of earshot, Steve and Sam started outlining a plan of action.
Steve and Bucky left for work while Sam called in a day off saying he had to help Sarah through something. Once they were gone, Sam got dressed and headed over to where Bucky said Y/N had parked her car. Sam’s heart almost broke seeing her in the back of her car. He knocked on her window. She got out of the car and he gave her a hug. Instantly she broke down in tears.
She wasn’t sure how he’d talked her into it but they’d driven to the apartment and he let her take a hot shower and get dressed into fresh clothes while he made her a hot breakfast. She couldn’t help but hum in contentment at the taste of the scrambled eggs. She’d not had a proper meal in weeks, when the money problems just got worse. She took a sip of the coffee Sam had given her and smiled into the hot beverage.
“So what’s going on Y/N? Why didn’t you tell us? Bucky’s been going out of his mind in worry for you” Y/N scoffed at his comment.
“He told you what he thought of me at the bar Sam” she huffed as she had a mouthful of eggs. Sam laughed.
“Girl he’s crazy about you. He was in tears last night and confessed that he’s in love with you. What you heard was him talking about Dot, you know Dot from posh boutique near the garage?” he asked Y/N nodded as she ate, “She’s been harassing him. He did one good deed for her then suddenly she got his number from somewhere and will not leave him alone” he explained. Y/N felt terrible, how could she have not known? She shook her head.
“Are you all going to Tony’s party tonight?” she quizzed.
“Tony wants us there but Buck really doesn’t want to go”
“It’s the fifth anniversary Sam” she reminded him.
“Oh shit, I completely forgot” Sam shook his head and sent a text to Steve. While Sam and Steve started messaging Tony, Y/N had an idea on how to sort things out with Bucky.
Bucky felt relieved that he didn’t have to attend the party, yes he’d been stuck with closing up but he didn’t mind. He knew by the time he got home they’d be ready to leave and pick up their respective dates for the evening. When he got there he couldn’t stop laughing at how the guys were running around like they were late for prom night.
“Buck can you grab my wallet from my bed while I help Steve with his bow tie please” Sam begged. Bucky laughed and made his way into Sam’s room. He saw Y/N sitting on the edge of the bed. She stood up and fiddled with her fingers nervously. Bucky closed the door behind him and turned back to Y/N.
“I’m sorry Buck. I got the wrong end of the stick and thought you’d said those things about me” she admitted with shame.
“I don’t care about that, why didn’t you tell me about the eviction? What happened?” he asked.
“A few months ago my rent was raised and I couldn’t make the payments. I pretty much sold every item I could, I wasn’t eating much and it still wasn’t enough. The only thing I kept was my car, to sleep in” she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. She could feel his gaze on her and didn’t want to see the look of disappointment.
“So you’ve not been eating properly either?” he double checked. She shook her head, “doll” he sighed pulling her into his arms, resting his chin lightly atop of her head. He could feel her trembling, her silent tears absorbed by his black t-shirt. They came out of Sam’s room to find that Sam and Steve had left. They sat down together. Saying nothing as they just hugged.
“I have something for you, I left it on your bed” Y/N confessed. Bucky looked at her as if she was crazy. He quickly made his way to his room. She heard him shouting happily, he returned wearing the leather jacket with the embroidered white wolf on the back. He went silent and tilted his head to one side with the softest smile she’d ever seen.
“Come here” he breathed huskily. She got up and walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his forehead to hers.
“I love you, I don’t mean as a friend, I mean I’m in love with you Y/N. I know that things have been tough but you don’t have to face them alone” he whispered pressing his plump pink lips to hers in a light kiss.
“I’m in love with you too Buck. I have been for five years” she admitted smiling into his kiss as he brushed his lips over hers again.
“Move in here, with me. You can take time to find a job you’ll enjoy, no more part time making ends meet struggles. I want to be there for you, take care of you and help you” his eyes were begging her.
“On one condition” she beamed.
“Anything” he promised. She slipped out of his embrace and made sure he had his keys. She led him downstairs to the back of the block where they lived. Next to Steve and Sam’s bikes was his old bike, clean, shiny and repaired. She felt his hand squeeze hers as he nervously swallowed. His palm was beginning to sweat a little. She hugged onto him and observed as he saw his bike for the first time in five long years. That’s how long he’d avoided riding. She wouldn’t force him to ride it, but she felt it was time that he saw the bike again. Steve had spent time rebuilding it over the last five years, Sam repainted it and gave it the old shine it used to have when he’d ride with pride.
“I figured you might like to get reacquainted with Pegasus. You don’t have to ride her now if you don’t want to. But she’s ready for you” Y/N promised earnestly as Bucky let go of her and moved around his bike slowly. Memories of that oncoming juggernaut lorry hitting him and dragging him under the wheels because the driver was inebriated and nearly seven times over the limit. The screams of terror and pain, losing consciousness and waking up to no left arm. He closed his eyes. He told himself it was over, he’d moved on and it was now time to face this. He could do it. He could especially do it if Y/N was with him. He took a deep breath, stood up straight. Straddling his bike, he ran his hands over the handle bars. He nodded to himself. Looking over at Y/N, he gave her a shy lopsided smile and patted the seat. She wasted no time sitting behind him. He instructed her on how to get comfortable as held onto him tightly and rested her head on his back. She whispered to him that she loved him. She couldn’t see how those words melted through his anxiety like a hot knife through butter. He started up the bike and they set out on the road.
Bucky felt free, like he was no longer chained to his fears as they zipped down road after road. It was contagious, those feelings flowed through Y/N as she felt Bucky relax into the ride. She’d never felt safer in her life. He slowed to a stop by a park near Stark Tower. They got off the bike and he looked at her with nothing but adoration.
“You’ve been with me through it all Y/N. I was so stupid to not realise there was something really wrong”
“Hey, it’s not a problem. I was at fault too. But one thing will never change and that’s how much I love you” she promised standing on tip toes to kiss him deeply, a move he immediately reciprocated.
“Ok kids move it along” Steve joked teasing them as he, Nat, Sam and Wanda approached them.
“Finally” Sam laughed looking at them both for answers. Y/N drew her line of sight to Pegasus and Steve’s eyes panned.
“Wait… Buck… You…”
“Yeah I rode down here with Y/N. She got me back on there,” he admitted proudly. He pulled Y/N to him to make sure there was no space between them.
“I’m proud of you Buck” Sam cheekily grinned. He nodded accepting it without a sniping comment in return. They heard Dot screaming at Brock Rumlow, an idiot in accounting who managed to get beer down her white dress. She stopped upon seeing Bucky and smiled at him.
“Hey Buck, I was thinking –” he cut Dot off.
“Dot, whatever you want the answer is no. Lose my number ok because I’ve got everything I need right here in my arms,” he paused to look at Y/N and kissed her tenderly, “I love you doll, you’re my saviour” he whispered.
“You’re my saviour too Buck” she replied thanking the heavens for that day five years ago when they first met.
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gibbyisbatman · 16 hours ago
Take A Seat
Bucky Barnes X Fem! Reader
Warnings: smut, oral(female receiving), face sitting, pet names(babygirl, princess), dirty talk
Laughter fills the air that is rich with the aroma of alcohol and stale cigarette smoke, not a care in the world outside of the people seated that chattered in the corner. It was a casual Friday for Y/N, she would change into something comfortable and casual after work to meet up with her friends at the local bar. It was a normal occurrence for Y/N to go out instead of staying at her apartment, not wanting to be up all night waiting for her boyfriend, Bucky, to get home from an assignment. Going out with company and drinking just enough to have a steady buzz while talking about all kinds of random things was just what she needed.
Two friends sit together in the booth in the far corner of the dimly lit, brick bar while a third stands near the bar waiting for a fresh round of drinks.The small wooden table was filled to the edges with almost empty beer bottles and several plates of hot food. Y/N stretches herself across the seat opposite her friend. "When does Buck get back from his mission? Rogers won’t tell me, says I don’t need to know about his whereabouts. Maybe I just wanted to surprise the Cyborg when he gets back, you never know." Sam speaks up with a mock tone when mimicking Steve Rogers, and finishes his claims with a considerable gulp of his cold beer. Y/N chuckles at the man’s antics, chewing her mouthful of fries. "He's supposed to get back in a few days, I guess. I don’t actually know much this time ‘round. All I can hope for is that he comes home in one peice." Y/N informs with a shrug. 
"So do you have any smutty plans for when your man comes home?" Natasha chimes asks with a wiggle of her brows as she returns with new beverages, which causes Y/N to shake her head no. "It's been almost a month since you got laid, you have to have some kind of hot sex on your mind for when Bucky walks through the door." The redheaded friend quips in shock, staring at Y/N from across the table who just returned a dumbfounded look. Sam straightens up in his seat, feeling shocked and uncomfortable with the sudden change in topic. “Alright then. On that note, I’m using the bathroom and I don’t want this conversation to still be happening by time I get back. Nobody wants to know about Buck gettin’ nasty!” The man grumbled while walking in the direction of the toilets, leaving Y/N and Natasha to laugh amongst themselves. 
Y/N reaches across the table with clear anxiety after Sam was out of earshot. "I want to try something new when he gets home, but how the hell do I do it or even bring it up?" Confusion rests on Natasha’s  features as well as a pang of concern. "What do you want to try? You make it seem like you want to peg the guy on the first date?"  Both of them chuckle lightly at the joke, the tension easing in the slightest. "It's nothing like that... I just want to, you know. I want to try... Fuck, I want to ride his face." Y/N finally spits out, cheeks red and hot. Natasha laughs by herself now, excited for her friend's sex life. "Oh Baby! That's nothing! Just tell him that you want to ride his face or try queening. That's not something bad, he'll definitely go for it."
After a few more drinks and finishing the food at the bar, Y/N decided to head home for the night. Nat’s words play over and over in her head, slowly convincing her to go through with the steamy idea that floats through her mind. She was so entranced in her own thoughts that she didn't notice that the lights were on in the apartment and the door was unlocked, but she did notice the tall and familiar form that stood against the counter. Y/N could barely contain herself as she leapt forward, practically jumping onto the person. "Oh my god! You're home early! How long have you been here, babe? I would have stayed home if I had known you were coming back."
Bucky’s face lit up with a giant smile, large arms wrapping around Y/N's excited frame. He chuckles and shakes his head at his girlfriend's rush of questions. "I just got in a bit ago, decided to put off the paperwork. Don’t worry, I’m glad you went out for some fun, no doubt with Romanoff and Birdbrain" He asks fondly, knowing that Y/N would go out with them often. With a happy nod, Y/N leans up for a heated kiss which Bucky reciprocates almost instantly.
Bucky easily lifts Y/N into his arms, encouraging her to wrap her legs around his waist securely to walk them to the bedroom. "I missed you so much, babygirl. God, how I've wanted to touch you." His voice low and guttural against Y/N's sensitive neck, pulling soft whimpers from her. "Mmm baby. I want to try something new tonight. Is that okay?" Y/N hummed, looking Bucky in the eye for agreeance or objection. He licks his swollen lips as his eyes darken. "Anything you want babygirl. I'm going to spoil you tonight. What do you want?"
Both of you rush off to the bedroom, Bucky tosses your body onto the soft mattress. "I want to um... well- I want to ride your face." Y/N sputters out in embarrassment, eyes searching his for any sign of rejection. She opened her mouth and was about to backpedal and tell him to forget what she had said, but to her surprise she heard a growl rumble from his chest. Bucky looks at her with hunger in his eyes and was ready to pounce at any moment. "Take a seat then, babygirl."
Bucky situates himself on his back and gestures for Y/N to climb up his body to assume her position. "Come on, baby. I think that you'll really enjoy this." His words easing the anxiety that flooded her senses and adding to the thick arousal that pooled in between her thighs. With a heavy sigh, Y/N removes her clothes quickly before sitting on her knees next to Bucky’s head. He places a comforting kiss on the tops of her thighs, encouraging her to properly sit over his head so he could begin the long night of pleasing her.
As soon as Y/N's legs settled on either side of Bucky’s head, his warm tongue licked along her slit. A sharp cry rang out as Y/N's hips jolted forward in surprise, hands gripping tightly on the metal headboard. Strong hands reach up to find purchase on the hips above him, pulling them closer to his body for better access. His eyes staring up into Y/N's, never wavering, just so he could watch her every reaction. His tongue licked and stroked at the sensitive skin, sucking harshly on the swollen clit until Y/N was bucking slightly, fighting the urge to thrust against Bucky’s bearded face. "Fuck my face, babygirl. Cum all over my face." The older man encourages with wet lips. 
With Bucky’s words of encouragement, Y/N gained the confidence to grind onto the man's mouth with a loud moan. "Ah. Fuck. That feels so good." Her hands slide down, tugging roughly on Bucky’s long, soft curls. His groan sends tendrils of pleasure shaking through her limbs, her orgasm hitting her suddenly. Bucky coaxes her through the end of her orgasm, letting her buck wildly against him as he drank down all she had to offer.
"I may just have to make you cum like that again, princess." The man chuckles lowly. "So you better hold on tight baby".
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zbarnes · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
a/n: this is my first story so don’t hate please, this is also my first time using tumblr and i normally write on wattpad!! this may turn into a series
summary|| you meet bucky and his daughter at a diner but little do you know...
pairing|| singledad!bucky x reader
warnings|| some fluff, angst, mentions of lost, lil kissy-kiss, smut, praise kink, public sex, orgasm control/denial, oral (reader receiving), fingering, degradation kink(once)
those blue eyes. the sound of dishes and utensils clashing together. soft chatter; all devouring me as you sat at the counter of my favorite diner. a man and a little girl were sitting a few seats down and they both had huge smiles on their faces; speaking somewhat loudly.
"the longer you stare, the more amount of time he has to leave." you hear from in front of me. noelle, your favorite and oldest worker at the diner says. she smiles at you and her silver hairs shine in the sun.
"i'm not staring." you lie and she makes a straight face. you giggle a bit and the man looks towards you, "just watching.." noelle looks at the man and the little girl and waddles over too them. you look away as noelle begins too tell them your whole life story.
"my daddy needs a girlfriend" the little girl says and the whole diner hears, making you giggle a bit.
"becca, where'd you learn that?" he ask and shushes her. i turn back around and look at them. becca has long brown hair and blue eyes like her dad. she claps her black boots together as she begins talking
"well i overhead it when you and uncle steve were talking. he said you need too find a girlfriend." she flat out says and noelle gives her a high five which she grants immediately; and noelle walks over to some costumers just walking in. bucky looks down and sighs; clearing his throat
the dad looks up at me and begins to speak, "i'm james buchanan barnes by the way, but everyone calls me bucky or buck." he says and gives me a smile.
"i'm y/n." you say hesitantly.
"i can't hangout anytime today, but are you free on wednesday?" he ask and becca looks over towards you with a look on her face. you have 3 days to get physical and mentally prepared.
"of course" you say and becca gives me a big grin. she looks over at her dad who also has a big smile on her face and he goes to whisper too her.
"she is really beautiful, daddy." she mumbles and my eyes widen.
"we have to go though." bucky says and slides his phone across the counter also sliding cash onto the counter; while grabbing beccas hand pulling her from her seat. "we have a whole day ahead of us." you quickly grab the unlocked phone, and put your number in. he begins to walk towards the door, hand in hand with becca and reaches out for the phone with a smile.
"bye doll" he mouths and my heart melts. becca waves quickly and pulls her dad towards the door. doll. you hope that nickname sticks
"i would like a thank you." noelle says while walking over with a to-go cup of coffee in her hand and placing it in front of you. "admit it hun, i put in the effort."
you roll my eyes and chuckle, "yes you did noelle, thank you." sliding your card towards her she rings me up and i give her a cash tip.
you and bucky have been conversing back and forth since sunday. he's coming to pick me up at 8.
"don't stress it," your best friend says while shuffling through my closet. "he showed interest i'm guessing."
you huff and look up at her in my closet, she's examining your clothes briefly and you don't know if it's a good briefing or bad. "do we need to go shopping? bucky told me too dress in whatever makes me comfortable."
she stops shuffling and looks over at you, “you got a good one. now please get over here and pick out your clothes, you have two and a half hours left.”
it’s around 7:30 now and you’re just finishing up your hair. your best friend left just a few minutes ago and now it’s a waiting game. a loud crack of a motorcycle erupts outside but you don’t acknowledge it. looking down at your outfit, you sigh and look in the mirror.
three knocks at your front door bring you back too reality. “shit” you mumble and rush towards the door trying to pull your shoes on, “i’m coming.” once you get to the door, you open it and you mouth drops. he looks so good, with his black tee that maybe a few sizes too small and black jeans. “..hi. you’re early” you say with a chuckle
bucky looks me up and down and grins, “you look beautiful. i couldn’t wait to see you” he mumbles and steps out of the way so i can walk out. the tension between us is heavy, like weights on our shoulders that we won’t knock off.
“you look great too.” you say and give him a flashy smile “so where are you taking me?” you ask and begin walking down the steps of your apartment building; him following behind
“you’ll see. i got my coworker, sam too watch rebecca for the night so we have all night and tomorrow morning to spend” he says and you hear him smiling. when we get downstairs you look around for his car. he begins to laugh and you stare at him.
“what?” you mumble and he motions to the all black motorcycle just a few feet away from you. “buck, i don’t know...” you begin. he grabs your hand and pulls you have to the bike and grabs one of the helmets.
“if you truly don’t wanna do it, i won’t make you doll.” he expressed and had a small smile on his face.
“fine, but if i die-“ you begin. “you won’t die.” he assured and you raised an eyebrow. he places the helmet on your head gently; then he does the same with his, and sitting on the bike. you get on right after and the bike comes too life.
“hold on.” he says and before you can acknowledge what he says, the motorcycle is begin pulled out of the parking lot of your apartment building. you wrap your arms around him tightly and you can feel his stomach vibrate from laughing. when he pulls out into the main streets, everything looks magical. after about ten minutes of riding, he pulls on a cliff.
the engine cuts and you take the helmet off, “please tell me, you’re not gonna kill me.” you say and he cuts his eye at you, “no” he mumbles. opening the seat of the motorcycle, he pulls out a basket and a blanket. the sun is going down slowly and the view from the cliff is beautiful.
you watch as bucky lays out the blanket and places the basket on top of it. you sit down across from him and looks at you. quickly and smoothly; he pulls you into his lap. “sorry i’m not the most romantic, but tell me about yourself.” he insisted and begins to rub your thigh.
“well.” you begin and grab a bottle of water from the basket, “i was born and raised in brooklyn. parents died when i was younger and i was pushed back and forth from family member to foster home. i’m 27, i’m a criminal defense lawyer and i got snapped out of existence five years ago...what about you?”
bucky takes a deep breath, tenses a bit, and kisses the top of your head, “i was also born and raised in brooklyn, my parents died when i was younger.. and my job.. i don’t know. my best friend died recently, i got snapped out of existence, have a five year old daughter and i’m 106 years old.”
you sit up and laugh a bit. “funny.” you mumble which catches buck off guard. “i’m sorry about your parents, and best friend. i have a question though.” you begin and he reaches for one of the beers he placed in the basket and opening it.
“hmm?” he hums and takes a sip, “what’s with the gloves?” you ask and bucky almost chokes. you sit up and even more and turn to look at him. “is that a touchy subject?” you mumble and he nods a bit.
“sorry” you apologize slowly but he stops you, “you didn’t know angel.” you guys stare at each other for a bit and he smiles softly and leans in. his lips are soft and inviting when they meet yours. he pulls yours leather jacket off slowly and grabs your hips. you can feel yourself growing wetter and wetter. “do you want this angel? do you want this right here, right now?” he ask between kisses.
you nod slightly and he pulls his shirt over his head and brings the kiss back together. he pulls your jeans off and grabs your ass; pulling you further too his lap. his thumb brushes over your clit slowly and your breath gets caught in your throat. “god you’re so wet for me already baby.” he mumbles and smiles and kisses your neck. you look up at the skin and pull the moan back into the throat.
his thumb pulls your underwear to the side and he begins rubbing your clit. you didn’t care if you guys were seen. moans escape your lips and bucky brings you back to kiss him, you moan into his mouth and at some point you can feel his hard dick on you thigh.
“bucky, i’m gonna cum.” you say as you feel an orgasm coming on.
“don’t.” he says in a monotone and lays you down on your back, still rubbing your clit. the bundle of nerves can’t take much more but you listen to him. you feel your underwear at your ankles and the feeling of the cold wind and bucky’s breath on your cunt make it extremely hard to hold your orgasm. he begins to lick your slit slowly, mainly focusing on your clit. “you taste so damn good.”
“please, can i cum?” you plead and he mumbles, “no, i want too feel you cum around my hard dick.” you feel fingers going in you and he begins pumping into you. your moans become louder and less consistent. after a few seconds, he goes to unbuckle his jeans. his cock springs out and hits his stomach. it’s the biggest one you’ve seen and about to be the biggest one you’ve taken.
“god.” you mumble and he chuckles while lowering himself and lining up with your entrance and sliding in. he throws his head back and moans softly, “you feel so good doll, like you were made for me. his hips begin to slap against the back of your thighs and your moans become even louder.
“you’re so big.” you say and he starts to pump into you faster. “can i cum now?” you plead.
“cum slut.” he mumbles and pulls your legs too rest on his shoulders. the new angle and his words give you the best orgasm ever. “your pussy is squeezing me so much right now.” he groans and begins rubbing your clit. “you feel so good baby. ‘m gonna cum” he says and pumps into you a few more times before pulling out and pulling you into your knees; shoving his member into your mouth.
you feel his hot cum going down your throat and you lick and suck every drop. “you’re so beautiful.” he mumbles and pulls you too your feet. as soon as you stand, your legs feel like jelly and you almost fall. bucky catches you and sits you back down.
he grabs your panties and jeans and helps you into them. “stay the night with me.” he says and you look up as he’s putting on his jeans. “what?” you say.
“stay the night with me. becca wants too see you and i wouldn’t mind waking up too you.” he says and winks.
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Part 10
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, sadness.
Summary: Euphoria realizes her mistake.
A/N: Should I write part 11?
Tumblr media
"Euphoria? Why are you crying? What's wrong?"
"Sebastian broke up with me!"
"What? What happened?"
"H-He said it was a mistake for us being together, I had embarrassed him and I was making it all about me." Euphoria sobbed into the phone. She was laying in the bed with a romance movie playing in the background. "Tom what did I do w-wrong?"
"Euphoria you're not telling me the whole story. I'll be there in about 5 minutes okay? Don't do anything until I get there."
"Okay bestie." She wiped her tears but more fell. Euphoria grabbed another kit-kat bar opening it. Stuffing her mouth, she strolled through the pictures of her and seb, debating if she wanted to delete it.
bestie: I haven't heard from you since earlier. everything okay?
phorialuv: no bestie, he broke up with me and left.
bestie: 🥺 you need me to come over?
phorialuv- you don't have too. tom's on the way. I've caused enough trouble. I'm sorry💔
bestie: you haven't caused any trouble. You're still my best friend. I come by tomorrow or you can come over after work. Me and Chris arguing it out rn.
phorialuv- i'm so sorry bestie.
Alexis didn't text back so Euphoria took it as, she sat her phone down. Tom peaked his head in her room. Him, Evans, Emma and Alexis had a key to her house. "I brought taco bell and a friend."
"Who?" Euphoria questioned sitting up in the bed. Tom opened the door and Tessa excitedly ran in the room, onto the bed. That brighten Euphoria moods a little bit. She hugged the pitbull, happy to see her.
"Tessa! Hi!"
Tom sat the food down taking off his shoes, getting in the bed. "So explain to me everything that happened."
2 hours later they were dressed in robes, face masks, eating taco bell and watching legally blonde. Tessa even had her own plate of food and little robe.
"This is not to sound rude but I'm your best friend and I'm going to keep it real with you." Tom said.
Euphoria pauses the movie giving Tom her full attention."Okay I'm all ears."
"Sebastian was right, Euphoria what you did was wrong."
"What? How was I-"
"Euphoria listen, don't talk. Listen.  How would you feel if Sebastian went out to party only for you find out he let this girl grind on him while he was drunk."
"I would be pissed off."
"Okay that's exactly how he feels, even though you didn't grind on Jason. It was the fact that you guys let him in your v.i.p section. When you go out and about, you shouldn't talk to no guy unless it's someone from the cast.  He not right for calling you out your name but he's right about everything else. " Tom said and she pouts holding out her arms. He pulled her into his chest, still talking.
"Next time you do something like that, think about how he would feel. Think about how you would feel if he did the same thing back. Bestie you have to think for the both of you, not just you. It's not all about you anymore, it's about both of you guys."
Euphoria finally accepted that she was wrong. She lost Sebastian from not thinking and that hurted her. She bit her lip to stop the tears but that didn't work. "God I'm so stupid!"
"No you're not Euphoria, you're just new to relationship."
"What do I do now Tom? How do I make it up to him?"
"Give him time, when he calms down then you talk to him."
"Goodmorning Euphoria." Scarlett greeted grabbing her coffee. Euphoria gave a small smile waving.
"Hi Scar. How's filming going?"
"Good. You alright?"
"I'm fine."
Scarlett rubbed Euphoria shoulder in a comforting way. Today was try on costumes to see if they fitted or needed fixing so the whole cast was there. Sebastian walked into the break room, they both made eye contact. He shook his head leaving out the room not wanting to be in there when she was.
That broke Euphoria's heart completely. Crying, she walked out the other exit ignoring the calls for her. Evans noticed following after her while Anthony followed after Sebastian.
"Sebastian! What was that?" Anthony spoke finally catching up to the Romanian.
Sebastian took a deep breath trying to calm the anger down he had since yesterday. "That was me not wanting to be in the same room as her!"
"Why not man? Y'all are together."
"No Anthony we broke up yesterday since she think it's okay to be friendly with other guys like I don't exist!"
"Sebastian you're going to have to explain the whole story, what happened?"
Seb proceeds to explain the whole story leaving Anthony bewildered. By now they were back into Mackie's trailer.
"So you're telling me that she thought it was okay for her to be friendly to other guys while you two were together?That's crazy."
"Yes Anthony. I didn't mean to call her out her name but she pissed me off. Euphoria means the world to me but that night obviously prove that me and my feelings mean nothing to her."
"Well my brother you got two options, talk it out with her or continue to stay single until you find someone else."
"That's the thing, I don't no one else. I want her."
"Well you talk to her when you're ready. Not when you're mad. I say give it a week Sebastian."
"Okay a one week is good enough. I'll talk to her then."
"What the hell Euphoria? You thought you were in the right?" Evans scoff in disbelief. They were in his trailer while she told the whole story. Euphoria squint her red eyes in a glare.
"At first I did. I've never been in a relationship before Chris!"
"Obviously. Seems like to me, I suggest to give him space."
"I miss him though."
"I know you do but to avoid further conflicts just give Sebastian space until he's ready to talk. That would be your sign that he has calm all the way down."
"Okay so can I hang out with you until then? I'll be depressed if I'm by myself."
Chris gave a laugh then took a sip of his water,"Yes Euphoria we can hang out until then."
Euphoria laughed ,"Yayyy! I have so much plan. Thank you, it means a lot of you hanging out with me."
"No problem! I literally have a set of keys to your apartment, duh I want to hang out with you."
They two laughed again and Euphoria starts to feel slightly better.
This is the last chapter for now🥺
Part 11
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Part 9
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, little bit of sexual actions.
Summary: Euphoria doesn’t think her actions have consequences.
A/N: I don’t know why this is in third person but enjoyyyyy! The lyrics in this is from Crybaby- Megantheestallion
Tumblr media
Euphoria rubbed her fingers through Sebastian's soft hair as he laid on her chest. It was around 10:30 a.m and he was still sleeping. Her phone buzzed taking the attention away from the tv.
bestie- My hair company is up and running! Wanna go out to celebrate?
phorialuv- yess! You know I'm always down to celebrate with my best friend. What time we leaving tonight?
bestie- 9:30
phorialuv- okay
"Babe?" Sebastian hoarse voice spoke up kinda of scaring her. "Who you texting?"
"I'm texting alexis about tonight." Euphoria said then placed a kiss on his lips. "It's girl's night."
"Mhm girl's night. I guess you can go."
"You guess I can go? Baby who said you were able to tell me what I can and can't do?"
Sebastian sits up then hovers over her "I said it because I'm daddy." His face get closer to hers as she felt his breath against her face. "I tell you what do. You're mine."
Euphoria stare into his eyes then at his lips, she leans forward closing the gap between them. Her hands entangled into his hair, the kiss getting deeper.
Sebastian's phone rings but that didn't stop him. "Babe answer it, it might be important." Euphoria pulls back nodding her head towards his phone. He grabs her neck, kissing her again obviously ignoring the phone.
The ringing was ruining the mood. Euphoria pulls back again slightly annoyed, "Baby answer the phone please."
Sebastian rolled his eyes, "Fine." He presses the green button answering it. "What? Yeah. That's today?? Fuck I forgot about that. I'll be there in the next two hours." He hangs up running his hand through his hair.
Euphoria looks at him puzzled, "What is it baby?"
Sebastian gets out of bed looking for things too pack, "Chris,Mackie and I have a press conference today and tomorrow morning in New York. I forgot all about it."
Euphoria pouts, "I thought it was going to be our sort of lazy day. I wanted you to come with me to get my nails done"
Sebastian pecks her lips in a rush, "I'm sorry baby. I'll make it up too you tomorrow evening when I get back okay?"
She didn't want her boyfriend to leave at all but she knew it was apart of his job so Euphoria couldn't say anything. "Okay baby I love you."
"I love you too baby." Sebastian said fulfilling his urge to kiss her again. He then answered the first of many phone calls. She sighs falling back in the bed.
"It's lit up in here!" Alexis yelled over the music. The security guard was guiding them to their own section.
"Yesss! This is what I like too see!" Euphoria smiled at how live the party was. She flag the waiter down.
"Can we get a bottle of Hennessy and Siroc?" She yelled to the waiter who nod his head.
"Oh you trying to get fucked up. We mixing clear and brown. I'm so glad I came out with you!" Alexis said moving with the beat.
"Yes bitch we celebrating you so why not get fucked up!"
"Bitch tryna brag about taking my man (huh?)
Ha, I needed me a nigga off my hands (hahahaha)
Uh-uh, don't fuck me like that, fuck me like this, yeah, ayy"
Alexis was right they did get fucked up. They let go all the drama and worries, enjoying their night as best friends.
"DON'T FUCK ME LIKE THAT, FUCK ME LIKE THIS AYYYY! REPLAY THATT!" Alexis yell standing on the couch twerking. Euphoria could barely stand as she grabbed on the couch so she could bend over to twerk.
"Hey! I know youu!!!" Alexis pointed at this guy walking past the table. Euphoria stood up wobbling confused.
The guy stopped pointing at myself, "Me?"
Alexis jumped up and down, "Yea you're Jason Momoa. Sir you are fine as fuckk!"
He laughed showing his pearly white, "Thanks. You two are beautiful ladies."
"Come hang out with us for a minute. We don't bite!" Euphoria laughed gesturing him to come in there sections. He looked around then shrugged his shoulders.
"Fuck it!"
"Ugh!" Euphoria groaned holding her pounding head, waking up. Alexis phone kept buzzing nonstop. She shook her arm.
"Alexis answer that damn phone!"
Alexis jumps awake eyes closed, she looked around as if she could see. "Hmm?"
She reached over grabbing the buzzing phone. Her opened showing the redness in them. She pressed the answer button.
Alexis winced pulling the phone back. Hemsworth was so loud, he wasn't even on speaker and Euphoria could hear him. Phoria gasp to herself realizing she had a boyfriend of her own to tend too.
"Where the hell is my fucking phone."
"Chris don't be doing all that yelling in my damn phone. What the hell you talking about?!" Alexis groaned swiping away on the phone. The swiping stopped and her eyes widen. "E come look at this."
Euphoria walked over to the side of the bed she was on. "What is it?" The shade room post showed them sitting in Jason Momoas's lap, drunk as hell. A video showed them dancing on top of the couch and he was hyping them up. It looked like he was hitting their asses but he wasn't.
"This is some deep shit!" Euphoria curses knowing the outcome with Sebastian was not going to be good. "I love you bestie. I need to get home."
"I love you too! Be safe!"
She kissed Alexis cheek and was out the door in the next two minutes. Euphoria got into her apartment, setting down her things and desperately try to find her charger.
"I need to find my damn charger, call Sebastian- AH! babe what are you doing here?? Shit I didn't mean it like that."
Sebastian sat there on the couch not taking his eyes off her. He took a deep trying not to lose his temper.
"Euphoria you have 5 seconds to explain before I go whoop his samoan ass."
"I didn't even know we did that, I just remember us getting our drinks.We were fucked up babe."
"I don't care what you was Euphoria. No matter how drunk I am, there wouldn't be no damn news about me and another girl. Euphoria you are not single no more!"
"Don't you think I know that Sebastian. I was drunk, it's a little mishap, nothing happened."
"How do you know if you didn't kiss him, grind on him or even fucked him; like you said, you were drunk!"
"You really think that fuckin low of me. I know my boundaries when it come down to getting drunk! I'm not going to go home with some random dude!" She raised her voice getting angry. "Plus he's a good person, J wouldn't do that to me."
"Oh you're on nickname bases with him?" Sebastian asked angrily in disbelief getting off the couch. "Fuck this, I'm out of here!"
"I just said J cause I didn't feel like saying his name." Phoria huff reaching for his hand. "Where the fuck you're going?!"
"I'm leaving! You really think this shit okay?! If you want to be a whore with other guys then obviously we can't be together." He snatches away giving her a angry glare. That right there pissed Euphoria all the way off.
"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK EUPHORIA. THAT DOESNT MAKE IT NO DIFFERENCE . YOU'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP, HE'S SINGLE. YOU WERE ALL OVER HIM AS IF YOU THREE WERE OUT TOGETHER." Sebastian stood over her wanting the eye contact to be serious. He have never yelled at her so she knew this was serious.
Euphoria was taking deep breath so she wouldn't knock his ass out.
"I embarrassed you?! like you didn't embarrass me in front of the whole cast after it was told that you was sleeping with another bitch while sleeping with me! now it's a problem that I go out and have fun with friends , drink or party!"
"This is about what you shouldn't do, not about what you can and can't do. Stop fucking making this about yourself Euphoria!!"
"Now I'm making this about myself? You know what stop being so damn uptight, obsessive, overprotective and let me live. I didn't cheat on you Sebastian! You should know damn well I'm in love with with you that's why we're together."
Sebastian anger replaced with an unfazed attitude," Maybe it was mistake for us to be together. You're not ready to be a girlfriend. We're over." He gave her one last look before walking over to her door.
A broken-hearted Euphoria eyes filled with tears flipping him off,"Fuck you Sebastian."
Sebastian flipped her off back ,"Fuck you too Euphoria." He walked out the door, not looking back.
Wow uhh this a filler😬
@majo240820 i think you’re going to lovee thisss! But don’t forget to read the previous chapter.
Next chapter is the last until I write another one!!
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Part 8
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Fluff maybe?
Summary: Euphoria going to the movie premiere!
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy pleasee!😁
Tumblr media
"Oo Seb is not going to like this." Rdj stated once I got into the truck. "But it does look good."
"Thank youu Rdj but he should've asked me to be his girlfriend. He had all week to ask."I huff pulling up my dress a little bit. We wasn't far from the premiere so went over what he taught me.
"Okay go over it Euphoria."
"Smile and wave. Stick near you at all times but if I lose you try to find any cast members. If I can't be around them, stay by myself and be polite to anyone I talk to."
"Good job. Now it's show time!" Robert said kissing my head then opened the truck door. The crowd was going wild for him. He turned around holding his hand out for me to grab which I did. I step out and looked at the place in aw.
We stood in front of the paparazzi smiling,posing and waving. A bunch of questions were being asked but I couldn't really hear.
"Wowww! Euphoria you look good." Chris E. said coming from behind."Robert my man!"
"Thank you Chris."I smiled giving him a hug. They started to do a little interview together so I stood behind just keeping a smile on my face. Oop Sebastian have yet to see my outfit.
When they were done Rdj wraps my arm around my shoulder so we could walk in. "You okay?"
"I'm okay rdj but my feet starting to hurt."
We walked inside seeing my sexy ass boyfriend and Mackie. God he looked so good. Anthony tapped Sebastian shoulder, mouth agape. Seb turned around with one eyebrow raised until he saw me. He instantly went into protective mode.
I kissed RDJ cheek," I'll be over here with Seb. I'm going to find you when it's time."
"Okay. I'll be over there with Mark." RDJ nodded before walking off. Not even seconds later Sebastian walked up to me obviously pissed off.
"Euphoria what the hell do you have on?!"
"A dress Seb, what else? You like it?"
"No Euphoria I don't like it, what the hell?! It's too revealing. Now I'm going to have to kill every dude that looks at you."
I stood on my tippy toes licking his earlobe,"Let them look, I only belong to you." Sebastian closed his eyes clearing his throat.
"Good, you're sitting by me during the movie. I don't want hear the protest."
"Sebb what about RDJ??"I whined pointing my thumb in the direction RDJ went. Sebastian grabbed my waist.
"Doesn't it matter? You're with me. Let's go."
I rolled my eyes acting like I didn't like it but I really did. I pulled my phone out texting RDJ who I was sitting with.  Luckily paparazzi doesn't be inside the movie theater so it wouldn't be broadcasted that I sat with Sebastian instead of Robert.
Sebastian and I both walked out the shower, me grabbing towel for the both of us. He wanted me to stay at his apartment for the week since we always be at mine.
"I really enjoyed the movie. You were great with your six lines." I joked rubbing my face with facial care. Sebastian laughed mockingly while he dried off his chest.
"Ha-ha-ha. I got paid so it doesn't matter how many lines I had."
"Seriously, I have a question."
"What is it?"
I turned around looking at him. This question had been bothering me ever since we got back on good terms. Basically eating me alive. "Was the little girl Emma had, really your daughter?"
Sebastian stopped drying his back and wrapped the towel around his waist,"No, honestly I made sure I got a DNA test done. I wanted to be 100% sure."
As he talked he stared me directly in the eyes, that's how I knew he wasn't lying. I sigh leaning back on the countertop crossing my arms over my chest. "I'm trusting you are telling the truth Bash. I just don't want to be looking stupid again."
Sebastian walks up hovering over me," I promise I'm going to always tell the truth. I can't lose you again."
"I don't want to have a reason to leave at all Bash. I love you so much."
"I love you more babygirl." Sebastian said leaning in to kiss me. We kissed for a couple of minutes before he pulled apart. "I'm digging the nickname Bash."
"Good cause I like it alot."
15 minutes later we were both laying the couch. He was just in boxers and I was in his shirt. His dog Subi lay on my lap sleeping.
"Seb I want a dog." I poked my lip out. "Subi makes me want one."
"Why you don't ever call me baby or babe?" Sebastian blurted out pausing the video. "You always say Seb or Sebastian."
"Because you haven't asked me to be your girlfriend." I said not changing my mind. It's only right for us to be together for me to use pet names.
"Well Euphoria, will you be my girlfriend?" Sebastian finally asking me the million dollar question. He grabs my hand kissing it, “Please?"
"Yes baby I will be your girlfriend." I smiled then pull him into a kiss. I was so happy that he asked me to be his girlfriend.
"I like hearing you call me baby." Sebastian smiled once we pulled away from the kiss.
I was strolling on Instagram looking at all the crazy ass comments from his fans while we sat on the couch eating some wings and watching markipiler on YouTube.
"I don't know it's either out of you, evans or holland. Y'all have the most irritating fan base."
Sebastian turns toward me still eating on his wing, "Why you say that?"
"They keep dm'ing me saying I don't deserve you,you deserve better , or they rather you just be single. Like girl fuck you and the rest of you guys."
Sebastian laughed so hard he was turning red, "Babe you can't say that! They're just being supportive."
"Supportive my ass, they don't know the real you so how they know what's best for you? They going off little shit you tell about yourself in interviews." I said trying to be serious but Sebastian kept laughing.
"Finally someone said it. I love my fans but damn. You're right though." Seb agreed with me then took a sip of his drink.
"Sebbbbbb." I dragged out his name leaning on him. He wrapped his arm around me pulling me onto his chest.
"Can I get a dog?"
"Nooo now stop asking."
"Why I can't have one but you got one? It's unfair and I demand equal rights."
" I got Subi before we even met so I adjusted him with my busy life. Also he doesn't count, how are you going to take care of a dog?"
"Like any human person would babe! I want a pit!"
"A pit bull? I learn something new about you everyday baby. You sure don't want a yorkie or something?"
"Uh No. Them devil ass dogs, no sir."
Part 9
I’m telling you them yorkies are devils in disguise!😂😂
This chapter was short, hope you guys liked this!
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𝙞𝙣𝙫𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜
Chapter 3: chains around my demons
full masterlist // series masterlist // commission open // support my work
Pairings: bucky barnes x reader
Word Count: 1,798
Summary: blessed with telepathic abilities since birth, you were captured by HYDRA and turned into one of their weapons to kill. after the blip, you were pardoned by the government and you were obliged to check up with dr. raynor everyday which you had no clue would lead you to the one soul you’d been waiting for.
Warnings: SMUT!! (18+) angst, mentions of anxiety, nightmares, murders.
A/N: this series is dedicated to the lovely @ohmickeyhenry who commissioned this story and developed the concept. thank you for trusting me with your story. i sincerely hope you like it.
Tumblr media
The next day, you packed up your bags and were ready to leave. You were waiting on Sam to arrive at Wakanda with the quinjet so he could fly you and Bucky back to the compound. You were a little bummed about leaving Wakanda, it had been a therapeutic experience for you and Bucky to be here. The thought of living the domestic life, in a beautiful place like Wakanda that is far away from the bustling city of New York was enticing. Sometimes you’d look at Bucky just walking around in his shirt and sweatpants doing the most mundane things instead of getting prepared for another mission and you’d think “I could get used to this.”
You thanked T’Challa, Shuri, Queen Ramonda and the Dola Milaje for everything they had done before you bid your farewell. You promised to stay in contact with Shuri and the Dora Milaje but it was still hard to leave them, they were truly the best people you had ever met. They reminded you of everything HYDRA was not. You could see why Bucky always spoke so highly of them.
Later that night, you had the compound all to yourself. Tony was having a date night with Pepper, Natasha was on a mission to Hungary, Sam was visiting his sister in Louisiana and Rhodey was dealing with some air force matters. As much as you loved the Avengers, you were grateful for this moment alone with Bucky.
The dimmed lights in the kitchen where you and Bucky just had dinner gave him an idea, “doll, get up…”
She did as he told even though she had no clue what he was planning, “for what, Bucky?”
He didn’t answer her but rather, he commanded FRIDAY to play a song called Put Your Heart on My Shoulder by Paul Anka. “Let’s dance, doll.”
He put his flesh hand on your waist and took your left hand with his vibranium arm, “I haven’t danced in ages, Buck.”
“Me neither, doll, but we’ll learn from each other,” he smiled affectionately at you.
It started off slow and you kept your eyes on each other, saying things that words can’t illustrate. It’s love, the realization of how fortunate you both were to have found each other. “I wish we could stay like this forever,” you uttered softly as you fiddled with his dog tags.
“Me too, doll. But we got each other now, I won’t let anything keep me away from you for too long.”
There was a brief silence. “Do you remember the last time you danced like this?”
“1945, Stark Expo, before I was shipped out to England. Her name was Connie and I took Steve with me because I wanted to spend it with him on my last night. I set him up with Connie’s friend but the punk just left to try to enlist in the army.”
Steve. You’d heard about him from Natasha and Tony. No one outside of the Avengers really knew where he was but you knew that he went back in time. That’s all you knew about it. You had also learned about his and Bucky’s friendship and how they really went all the way back. You were often curious about his ‘disappearance’ however you didn’t wanna pry or made Bucky feel worse. Losing a friend was always hard, let alone someone who was his only connection to his past, the life that he knew before he was forced to live out those violent years. You’d heard from Sam about how Steve was the only reason why Bucky stayed alive and how he had thought about committing suicide before. Now that he was gone, Sam often feared that Bucky would snap and give in to it but he always tried to be there for him. You were just glad that Bucky had Sam even before you were around.
“Do you… miss Steve?” you hesitantly asked as you rested your head on his chest.
“All the time,” He confessed. You were a tad relieved that Bucky wanted to open up about him to you. “He was the only family I got left, and when he went back, I felt empty. I was just lucky that Sam didn’t give up on me… And that, I met you.”
You smiled, you lifted your head to look at him. “You’re never gonna lose me. Not again,” you touched his face and he kissed you. It was soft, nothing like the kiss on your last night in Wakanda, but you could feel him pouring all the emotions and gratitude he had for you and you did just the same.
He lifted you as you wrapped his legs around his waist, still maintaining that kiss. Bucky carried you onto the dining table where you just had your dinner and he laid you there as he trailed to your throat and all the way down to your body which was now half-exposed after he lifted the hem of your shirt up until your breasts were revealed.
You weren’t wearing any bra so it was easier for him to access your nipples, he sucked on the right one as his flesh hand made its way down to your pants, unbuttoning it, and he inserted his fingers to find your clit, rubbing it in circles, making you even wetter every second. You shut your eyes, letting him have his way with your body.
His fingers and his tongue worked so magically that within seconds, he had you close to orgasm. “Bucky, so close…” You could feel his smirk against your nipple and he rubbed you faster. You moaned his name as you released all over his digits, soaking them up and he lifted his head to look into your eyes as he sucked your juices all over his hand like a fucking ice cream.
“You taste like heaven, sweetheart.” The sight of Bucky staring intensely at you as he sucked on his fingers that were drenched by your cum was euphoric, like watching a live homemade porn video. Bucky took off his sweatpants and his shirt, discarding them on the floor. Seeing him shirtless never ceased to mesmerize you, his body was a work of art. He’d told you one night that it took him a while to accept the scars on his body, let alone the bionic arm that felt nothing like a human but you told him that you loved every inch of it and if you could, you’d worship it forever.
Bucky then lifted the shirt that was still rumpled on your chest, up to your wrists, where he used it as a makeshift knot, keeping your hands above your head, “stay there, understand?”
“Yes, sergeant.” You had no idea what sparked that nickname, but from the way he grinned, he sure loved it and if he loved it, then you were sure to use that in future steamy sessions.
“Sergeant, huh? You’re in big trouble, darling.” Bucky tore your damp panties and you gasped, not expecting him to be so aggressive… Not that you were complaining though. “Bucky…”
“Shh, let me take care of you, baby.” He kissed you ferociously, with his tongue completely dominating your mouth. Without any warning, his middle finger intruded your body… But it was an entirely different feeling from the last time he did that to you because he was using his vibranium arm and the sensation instantly took over your body, running in your veins like that serum in his blood.
“Oh God, Buck…” You whined as you looked down to where his finger was moving in and out of you at a slow pace.
“Does it feel good?” He asked as he kept looking at your face, searching for any signs of discomfort but with each motion, you only seemed to enjoy it.
“Yes, it feels fucking amazing… Don’t stop, please.”
He began to move his digits faster, and when your wails grew louder, he inserted another finger and you arched your back. “Fuck, oh God…” Bucky curled his fingers to brush your sweet spot, pushing you to the edge and you cum for the second time all over his vibranium hand.
“You’re so hot when you cum,” he whispered in a gravelly low voice that could weaken any woman in the knees. He pulled his fingers out of you and he used your juices to stroke his member to make it easier to slide into you.
Bucky lifted your legs onto his shoulders and he lined his cock to your entrance, slowly as he felt your walls fluttered around him. “Fuck, you’re so tight.” Bucky began moving, he was taking his time with your body, wanting to feel every inch of you and you of him, and you whimpered with every thrust. He felt so heavy between your hips that you could feel your orgasm approaching fast, even with the languid pace.
“I’m not gonna last long…” You said in between whimpers.
“I know, doll. Just let go when you’re ready, okay?” He began to speed up, his grunts and the sound of your skin slapping was obscene, making you nearly forget you were fucking in the place where the Avengers would feast (if they found out what you did on this table, Tony would hire a cleaning service company to scrub the entire surface thrice.)
The coil in your lower abdomen tightened and you knew you were seconds away from rupturing. A few more thrusts and you hit your peak. Bucky kept holding your hips tightly and he continued to pound into you, prolonging your orgasm as he chased his own climax. Your body trembled from the aftershocks but from the way Bucky was impaling you, you could feel a fourth orgasm coming and you didn’t know if you could take it anymore.
He felt you squeezing his cock once again and you both came together, pleasure washed over both of you. He shot his load inside you, painting your walls white. A few more shallow thrusts to blow every drop he had left within him. He stayed inside you as he hid his face between your neck and your shoulder, the warmth of his body on top of you was comforting despite the sweat all over your body.
Bucky lifted his head to look at you and sweep the strands of hair sticking on your forehead, “you okay?” he panted. You could only respond by nodding, not moving because of the weight of him still between your legs and how completely spent you were.
Once he had regained his composure, he retreated himself out of you and he carried you in bridal style to your room, wanting nothing else than to take care of you with a hot bath and forehead kisses under the duvet.
tags; @ohmickeyhenry @suitofvibraniumarmor @themaddies-obx @themaddies-obx @beminetokeep @bluemoon-icecream @bluemoon-icecream @harprs @thefridgeismybestie @abitofeverythingg @wolfonthemoonwatchestvshows @julimelodi @bookscoffeandotherstuff @tanyaherondale @artisancowbells @ferxaniti @intothesoul @hallecarey1 @buckybarnesplumwhore @thefallenbibliophilequote @andiyholly @emizla @capxwinter @jevans2 @alwaysreadingimagineschick @swtltlmrvlgrl @extremelyblackandwhite
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deexchanel · 22 hours ago
Part 7
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Smut.
Summary: The lovebirds making up🥰
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
I jump into Sebastian's arms once my hotel room door was opened. He carried me while kissing on my neck and my hands were entangled in his hair. I moaned when I felt him put hickies on my neck.
"I've missed your touch." He groaned squeezing my ass. I licked his earlobe, hearing him trying to control his moans.
"I've missed everything on you." I replied seductively then start kissing his neck. He carried me the bed, laying me on my back. Oh nah baby we not doing missionary right now. I pushed him off, unbuckling his pants.
Pulling down both his pants and boxers, I stare in amazement. Y'all it's been two weeks too longgggg. I licked around the tip slowly being a tease. I stare him in the eyes as I deep throat him continuously. Sebastian's head fall back in pleasure so I quickens the pace making him almost cum.
He picks me up under the arms and lay me on the bed on my back. Sebastian unstrapped my bra quickly.
"I did not know you can do that."
"It's a lot of stuff you don't know about me baby." He said taking off my panties and sticks a finger in. My legs widen in pleasure. He looks me in the eyes spitting on my core and start licking. I moan loudly as I felt him stick two fingers in. He start spelling his name which made me go crazy.
"I'm going to cum."I moaned lightly gripping on his hair.
"No ma'am." He said getting up then grabbing my waist pulling me closer to him. Sebastian rubs my core with his dick before slowly thrusting in. When he pulled out, his dick was covered.
"fuck daddy." I moan softly against his ear as he hovered over me. His thrust quickens as Sebastian starts fucking me harder. He stood up straight again keeping his same pace. I placed my hand on his lower abdomen, pressing against it hoping he would slow the hell down.
"slow down daddy."
He smacks my hand away, Sebastian hovers back over me grabbing my chin pulling me towards him." shut the fuck up and take this dick." He begins to cover my chin in a couple of hickies.
He repeatedly hit my g-spot.His strokes began to get more sloppier from my wetness. Sebastian pulled out, rolling me over so I can be on all 4’s. When he put his dick back in, it went in with ease making us both moan. It felt like putting the right puzzle piece in place.
Sebastian pushed on my back so I could arch. Which I proudly, impressive. “You arched that back so good for daddy.” He groaned smacking my ass while thrusting in and out of me. Sebastian grabs my long hair, pulling it while still fucking me. “You love this dick?”
“I love this dick daddy.” I moaned, the hair pulling was a bonus. I felt myself start to release,"I'm about to cum daddy.I love you."
"I love you too babygirl. I'm cumming." Sebastian groaned releasing inside of me then he pulled out. I fall to the bed on my back while he stood in front. Both out of breath, we stared into each other’s eyes.
I sit back up and he leans down. We start kissing passionately, getting ready for round two.
It was 9:34 a.m. I woke up naked on top of Sebastian. He was caressing my ass softly letting me know he was awake as well.
"Good morning daddy." I whispered kissing his lips.
"Goodmorning babygirl." He whispered back. I cuddled back into his chest, trying to go back to sleep but it wasn't working. I sit on top of him and place my lips on his, kissing him.His hands grips my ass smacking it hard as fuck.
"Owwww babe that hurt!" I whine pulling away from the kiss.
"Sorry baby. I couldn't help myself." He smirked as his hands were still rubbing up and down my body. I lay back beside him softly drawing imaginary shapes on his chest.
"That tickles." He laughed swatting my hand away. "You want to come with me to the gym?"
"Yesss I do." I smiled then rolled on top of him so I could get dressed. He made this trip so much better.
I had left Sebastian in the room while I went to my photo shoot . Right now I was just sitting down waiting on the next change.
avengers: assemble bitch!
phoria: what is this?
hemmy: the groupchat we forgot to add you too.
liz:so who in here going to the premiere?
Evans: duhh we are required to go liz
liz: shit i forgot it's our movie
rdj: I said me like a dumbass
chadwick: ong
renner: slow asses
scarlett: soooo what you guys wearing?
mackie: a expensive ass suit. I overslept for breakfast, what they have?
Sebastian: if you would've woke yo ass up you would've known.
missnaja: yall doing to much texting. shh
Alexis: yea we tryna sleep.
renner: nope WAKEEE UPPPP
mackie: WAKE UPPP
Hemmy: Wakeee uppppppp
Chadwick: wakieeeee
tessa: chad don't make me hurt you.
mackie:oop not her putting you in check.
liz: ignore my question then.
phoria: well lizzie baby ima wear gold cause me and seb matching.
evans: ooppp
hemmy: damn Seb please start telling her shit.
mackie: you and seb can't go to the premier together because they said it wouldn't look good for the appearance. I tried to argue.
Sebastian: mackiee?! I was going to tell her when she got back. ugh.
phoria: bullshit.
scarlett: i tried to argue too but they said you wasn't a actor. sorry euphoria
alexis: so I can't go with Hemmy?
Tom: 😬, im so late to the convo
Evans: nothing new.
Hemmy: i don't know baby.
sebastian: babe answer the phone.
Tom: what happened?
liz:  I want to go shopping. Euphoria you want to come?
phoria : yes it'll make me feel better.
scarlett: can i come?
phoria: yes🥺
mackie: euphoria im sorry
sebastian: mackie hush next time.
rdj: I wasn't there so Euphoria you're my date. fuck what they have to say.
evans: boom problem sloved.
hemmy: ehh
euphoria: 🥰
"Don't get me wrong I love rdj so much but I wanted to go with Sebastian." I pout looking through the clothes rack. Right now we were in a random dress store looking for a dress.
"I understanddd. I wanted to go with Paul but they said I have to go by myself." Liz said holding a dress to her chest. "Sometimes I don't like Marvel."
"Do you think Colin would like this?" Scarlett asked holding up a dress. "Not that it matter or anything."
"Oh yea it matters, you really like him!" I gushed making her blush. My phone buzzed showing Sebastian contact pictures. "Hold on guys for a sec!"
"Thank god you finally want to answer the phone. I'm sorry about what happened in the groupchat. I was going to tell you sooner baby I was."
"It's fine Sebastian , this is your job. I was just the food girl. Maybe we can sit beside each other or something."
"You're are not the food girl, you're my girlfriend Euphoria."
"Um you haven't asked me properly."
"Does it matter?"
"dOeS iT mAtTeR? Sebastian I'm finna hang up."
"No don't hang up. Why do I have to ask when you know what we are??"
"Ughhh. I'm hanging up Sebastian. Figure it out."
"No Euphoria don't-"
I hung up rolling my eyes. Why do he think just because him calling me babe and his girlfriend automatically make us too. No he needs to ask me properly.
"I think he'll love that one Scarlett!!" I pointed at the one she was holding.
"Good! I got what I want let's goo!" Scarlett exclaimed pulling out her wallet so she could pay.
"Oo we should try some food we've never had before?" Liz said and I could hear her stomach growling making me laugh.
"Good Idea."
Part 8
Good chapter! I’m trying to get better on my smut so yeah.
@majo240820 tagging you so you can come directly to it☺️
I hope everyone enjoyed!
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mollysolo · a day ago
Road trip
Summary: During your road trip, Bucky does something to help you relax a bit.
Warnings: Public sex, car sex, teasing, choking, smut
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
a/n: i hope y’all like this 😳
Tumblr media
You had been driving for about three hours now. You were stressed and yearning for some kind of release. You rolled your shoulders as your eyes remained on the road in front of you.
Noticing this, Bucky rested his hand on your inner thigh and began to trace small circles. You let out a shaky breath as you felt a warmth pooling in your stomach.
You quickly looked over at him with confused eyes as he began to speak.
“Pull over baby. I want to make you feel good.” he said.
You nodded and swiftly pulled over. You couldn’t wait any longer, you needed him to be inside of you now.
As you turned the car off he beckoned you over to him with his index finger. He looked at you with a lustful look in his eyes. His hands found your waist as you straddled his lap.
“What if someone sees us?” you said, nervously as your eyes darted around the car.
“It’ll be alright doll. I won’t let anyone see what I’m going to do to you.” he said as he gingerly kissed your neck.
He looked at you with a smirk on his face as he slid two of his fingers into his mouth. He then reached under your flowy dress and pulled your underwear to the side, he ran his fingers along your entrance a moment later.
You loudly moaned and fluttered your eyes shut as he began to curl his fingers into you.
You dug your nails into his shoulders and threw your head back. Your (e/c) eyes then suddenly snapped open and met his blue ones.
“Please fuck me Bucky. I need your cock inside of me.” you begged.
He chuckled into your ear as you heard a rustling noise come from his pocket. You hesitantly looked down to just see him pull a condom out. You laughed at the thought of his preparation.
You scooted back a little bit as you watched him pull himself out of his jeans. You bit your lip as he started to teasingly and slowly put the condom on.
“Ugh, Bucky I can’t wait any longer.” you whined, bucking your hips into his as you spoke.
“I know doll.” he said quietly as his hands went to your hips again, stopping you from moving at all.
You shuddered as you felt the head of his dick gently graze your cunt. Then without warning, he plunged into you.
Your head lulled to the side and you moaned as you bounced on his dick.
As you did this, he paid close attention to your breasts, that were bouncing right in front of his face, but were still under your dress.
He wanted them in his mouth, but he knew he’d have to wait until you two were truly alone to do that.
His hands slowly trailed under your dress and up to your waist. He held you in place again as he fucked you even harder.
His hips snapped against yours, the sound of skin slapping together echoed through the car.
You looked down at him with pleasure in your eyes as you felt your orgasm approaching.
“Fuck. You’re so tight.” Bucky muttered through his gritted teeth.
You lazily nodded in response as you felt your orgasm continue to approach. Getting closer and closer by each passing second.
You tilted your head back towards his and shouted, “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”
He took you in closer to his body and tightly wrapped his hands around your neck then fucked you as he fast as he possibly could.
Your vision went white as you came. And a few seconds later, so did Buckys.
He groaned as he shot his load into the condom, wishing deep down that it wasn’t there. You slid your panties back into place as you got off of him.
He stroked your face with his metal hand as the other one disposed of the condom. You happily smiled at him as you both continued to come down from your highs.
“Thats my good girl. I don’t want you drive too much for the rest of tonight. Let’s stop at a motel for the night, okay? I want to take my time with you.” he said as his hands went back to his lap.
You nodded at him as a smile remained on your face and you immediately started the car.
You then quickly went on the lookout for any nearby motels.
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imaginestuffs · a day ago
Her Cowardice Pt. 2 - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 2,793
Warnings: mentions of small injury, language, angst, fluff, tfatws spoilers slightly. I think that's everything.
Summary: Sam and Bucky try to speak with the reader, but she's scared.
This is part 2 of Her Cowardice! here is part one! hopefully, you all will like part 2!! love you guys! SLIGHT TFATWS SPOLIERS! DON'T READ UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN EPISODE 3!
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
You had no idea how long you were on the floor. By then you had gotten used to the stinging pain of the alcohol painting your wounds. Tears now drizzled down your cheeks, no longer a shower. Your lashes were still heavy with the droplets of remaining tears but that was ok. They would dry again.
You carefully tried to lift yourself from the glass veiled floor. Only to get more glass stuck in your hands. You cringed and saw a few tears dripping onto the floor mixing with the small amount of blood.
You finally stood on unsteady feet and assessed the mess you had created and sighed.
"Of course I'd do this... the day I decide to try, my house ends up covered in shards of glass and my blood. What happened?" You question yourself.
-outside 20 minutes earlier-
"This is stupid Sam," Bucky spoke blatantly to his friend.
"We need her man, we've always been a trio. We can't just be a couple of dudes. All groups of people need a bad ass friend. Now hurry it up."
"We're enough as we are. We are leaving Sam." Bucky glared at Sam intensely.
"You've done enough avoiding and running, it's time to grow up," Sam spoke in confidence.
Bucky clenched his jaw and stormed towards Sam. "You don't get to say that to me. She's the one who ran from me. We needed her and she ran."
Bucky's growl turned into a soft whisper.
"She ran..." he breathed out.
Sam stood his ground although holding back tears. He remembered the day you left, he remembered the tears pouring from your eyes and the way you held them both.
"Boys, I'm leaving... you breathed out. There you stood in front of them with some bags behind you.
Their eyes went wide, and their hearts dropped.
"What do you mean? Where are you going doll?" Bucky stood up quickly to stand before you. Tears rushed to your eyes and your lip trembled.
"I can't be here anymore. It's too hard, I just -I can't- I feel like I'm drowning..." you trailed off. Sam rose from his seat and walked over to stand next to Bucky.
"(Y/n), you can't go. Doll, you can't please." Bucky pleaded, reaching to grab your shaking hands. "We need you here, it'll be ok I promise," Sam said and placed a hand on your shoulder.
You let go of Bucky's hands and wrapped them around his waist. You held each other as close as possible.
"I love you, James Buchanan Barnes. Until the day I die." You cried to him. Lifting your head you bring your hands up to hold his face. He meets into your touch. You bring his face to yourself and place a kiss on his lips. You hold onto him for as long as possible. Trying to show your love. He does the same, trying not to let go of you.
You pulled away and tears rested on his cheeks as well. "I'm sorry James but I have to go." You placed a kiss on his cheek and finally turned to Sam.
"Sam, I'm so sorry. I just can't do it. I'm so sorry... please. Please take care of him." You tried to cover your mouth but you let out a sob. He pulled you into a tight hug, you held on tighter. I love you too Sam ok. Don't forget that." You took steps back.
Once again you ran to Bucky holding him tighter than before, kissing his tears away. "I love you, James, I always will. You're my forever."
"You're my best girl... I love you, please don't go." You shook your head sadly.
"I love you Bucky. I love you both. Take care of each other."
You walked out the door and Bucky watched from the doorway ready to run after you.
That was the last time they saw you.
Now here they are, outside your small little house away from any city.
Bucky was scared to see you. He didn't want to be there at all. He didn't understand why they needed you, but here they are.
Before Bucky could speak he heard someone start to speak from within the small house. With his enhanced hearing he could hear your voice.
He turned to look at the door and began to slowly walk towards Sam on his tail. Confusion etched onto his skin, wondering what Bucky was doing.
"Man, what are you doing?" Sam whisper shouted. Bucky shot him a glare and put a finger to his lips. Sam then heard you speak as well.
"After everything, I ran. After Nat, after Tony." You took a shaky breath "After Steve... my body shut down. It felt like my soul became so heavy it pulled me so far under the water. Far enough for me to give up and let the pressure of the water shatter my remaining fragility."
His heart hammered in his chest at her words. Sam's eyes were narrowed as he tried to concentrate on what you were saying. Both of their hearts ached at the memory from your perspective.
Then all of a sudden they hear what could only be a chair screech across the floor, and a shattering sound. They both jumped and Bucky had to hold himself back. Sam was about to say something when they heard another smash and shouting.
"He was there! Why weren't you there for him! You fucking coward!" They heard you yell and let out a cry.
They both sat there dumbfounded at your outburst. They had no idea the guilt you felt. It hurt them to hear you like this. You were so broken.
After a few moments, the sobs stopped and they heard shuffling.
They waited a few moments before knocking on the door. Bucky's hands shook and Dam shifted his weight from one foot to another.
They hear a floorboard squeak under your weight and prepare themselves. You pulled the door open only slightly. The people you saw made your eyes go wide and a gasp fall from your chapped lips. Your cheeks were rosy from wiping tears.
Sam gave you a friendly smile and you slammed the door shut. You had no words.
So they spoke up.
"(Y/n), please open up.. we need to see you. We need to make sure you're ok. We heard smashing and yelling. Please let us in." Sam called out to you.
You squeezed your eyes shut, trying with everything in you to lock the door and walk away instead of rushing out to see them. You were horrified by them, you were so scared of seeing them.
You once again said nothing and tried to quietly move away from the door and into your bathroom. Still keeping in mind the glass sticking from your skin. You were halfway across the room when you heard the voice that made you shake and cause new tears to collect.
"(Y/n), come on. Open up, please. Please..." you could hear the sadness in his voice. It broke your heart to hear his voice after so long.
Tears slipped down your cheeks once again. Before you could realize what was going on, words passed your lips.
"I can't." Your voice was hoarse from crying and yelling. From outside they heard your strained voice, and the fear it held. Sam cringed and Bucky looked away trying to blink away tears. He never thought he would hear your voice again. He was hurt but he didn't realize the guilt you felt.
Sam didn't know how much you felt.
"Are you hurt?" Sam called out again.
You had to decide whether or not you wanted to give in or hideaway. You had taken care of worse wounds but after so long of being alone you felt the need to see those familiar faces.
"You don't have to be scared doll. It's us... please..." Bucky spoke up.
The use of his name for you made your heart stop for a moment.
"I don't deserve to see you... I hurt you and I don't deserve for you to care about me." You cried out to them.
They look at each other with sadness.
You began to breathe heavily as quiet sobs once again invaded the space around you.
Before you knew it you were on the ground again. You didn't even acknowledge the pain you felt from the glass.
Bucky couldn't take anymore and he opened your front door and looked around. Sam followed and they saw all the glass shattered on the floor. Whiskey from the bottle and water from the vase. Blood mixed in with the whiskey and flowers strewn from the vase. Further, into the house they saw you crumpled on the floor. Glass littered your skin and blood dripped from your arm and leg. They hear your sobbing and cautiously approach you.
Sam stays back a bit as Bucky comes to kneel in front of your shaking figure.
"Doll." You heard Bucky's voice right in front of you. Your head snapped up with wide, teary eyes.
"What are you doing here, you shouldn't be in here Bucky you need to go." You tried to scramble backward. He reached out for you, gently grasping your un-injured wrist. At the feeling, you cringed and just looked up at him with a pleading stare.
"I don't deserve you James please..." you pleaded with him. "Let me take care of you (y/n)." He stated firmly but with those kind eyes, you always loved. You began to let some tension go. You looked up at Sam behind him with a nervous gaze. He smiled gently at you.
"Hey (y/n)." He said carefully. You nodded sadly at him. "Hi Sam..." you said softly.
Bucky lifted his hand and gripped your chin with his fingers and turned your face towards him. The cool metal was soothing to your hot skin. You sighed at his touch.
"I'm so sorry James, I'm so sorry..." you said.
"Everything's OK (y/n), let's get you cleaned up ok." He told you soothingly. You nodded and moved to stand up. Bucky quickly gripped you tightly and helped you up. Picking you up he tried to be mindful of the shards of glass in your soft skin.
You tried to hold back a whimper as you held onto him.
"Where’s your bathroom?" Bucky asked. "It's down the hall first door on the right." You answered.
"Sam, would you mind cleaning this up for her?" Bucky asked kindly. "No, Sam. No, you don't have to. I can do it afterward." You protested.
Sam gave Bucky a nod "of course." He said. Before you could say anything Bucky was walking down the hallway.
He stepped into the bathroom and you turned the light on.
"Will you be ok to sit on the counter?" He asked gently. You nodded at him.
He set you down on the cold marble countertop and it made you shiver. He then began his search and quickly found the first-aid kit.
He closed the door and looked at you. "This is going to sting a bit ok." He said and began to gently pull the glass from your skin. "You really don't have to do this." You said and reached to grab his hand.
"I want to. You always patched me up, now let me help you." He reassured you.
The silence wasn't overbearing and thick. It was soft and comfortable. Just like it used to be.
"Bucky I'm-" you didn't get to finish.
"(Y/n), no more of this. I've missed you." Bucky said while cleaning your small wounds. His hands worked quickly but gently as he took out each piece of glass.
You looked at him with surprise.
"You've missed me? How could you after what I've done?" You asked quietly with your gaze on the ground, wincing every now and again.
He finishes up and puts everything away before turning to look at you.
"Because you're still my best girl." He told you with sincerity. Your heart melted.
"I'm so sorry I left you... I left you when we needed each other the most. I love you, I'm so sorry." Your voice trembled as you reached out to take his hands. You missed the feeling of his hands in yours. You miss the feeling of the cool metal and warm flesh intertwining with yours. He stepped between your legs and looked down at you.
"I love you too... we'll work everything out I promise. Just please don't leave me again." He pleaded gently. You looked into his beautiful stormy eyes and saw tears threatening to fall.
"I promise you. I promise I won't ever leave again." You whispered as you let go of his hands to move them up his chest and around his neck. You had only then realized he had cut his hair. Those long soft locks were gone. You smiled at how nice he looked. He looked like he was starting to heal, and it was beautiful. He was beautiful.
You tug him closer and pull his head down so you can close the gap between you. Your lips were so close but you gave him time to pull away if he didn't want it.
He just reached forward and pressed his lips to yours.
It felt like home, his lips moving along with yours. So much love was put into it, his hands cupped your cheeks as yours gently clawed at the nape of his neck.
He pulled away and when he opened his eyes he saw that yours were still closed and a look of pure content rested on your features.
"Open those eyes doll, I wanna see them." He whispered and kissed your nose. Your eyes fluttered open, and he could see the sparkle in them. He saw how brilliantly they shined.
"There she is... my beautiful girl." He mumbled before pressing his lips to yours one last time.
Tears shined in your eyes. You could feel the love between you two and it made you feel as though everything was mending.
"You forgive me, James?" You asked quietly. "I forgive you (y/n). I love you."
When you walked back down the hall you saw the place cleaned up, and Sam sitting on your couch with his phone in hand.
"Hey, Sam." You spoke up. He quickly looked back at you. "(Y/n)." He got up and pulled you into a hug. You winced but hugged back nonetheless missing your best friend.
"I missed you so much. I'm sorry for everything." You spoke into his shoulder.
"It's ok now, we're okay." He reassured you.
Bucky came up behind you after you pulled away from Sam. He wrapped his arms around your waist gently. Sam smiled.
"Now, (y/n), we need you," Sam spoke up. You looked at him in curiosity, ready to listen.
He told you all about this new group of Super Soldiers called the Flag Smashers. They told you all about John Walker, the new Captain America. He mentioned that and you cringed at the thought. It made your grip onto Bucky's arm tightly in anger. He just held you closer. They told you all about their plan and revealed to you that they had an idea. They needed to go talk to 'him'. Zemo.
You were downright pissed about it, but you wanted to help the boys in any way you could. After everything, you owed them the world and this is just a start at making it up to them.
"Alright boys, let's go talk to Zemo." You sighed before going to grab your things.
You stood in your room gathering a bag of your things. Bucky helped you and every once in a while he would pass by and kiss your head.
He was just about to pass you to put something away when you grabbed his metal hand and pulled him closer. He smiled down at you. Lifting his hand you pressed a kiss to it and gently rested it against your waist. You looked at him with a smile and he knew exactly what you wanted. He moved his hand from your waist to the hem of your shirt gently letting his cool fingers travel up and around your waist pulling you into his chest.
You loved to feel the cool metal against your warm skin. He came to find out it was a comfort to you. He did it whenever you were alone. It was just the way he held you. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your lips letting his thumb rub circles onto the skin over your ribcage.
At that moment things were delicate, they were mending. You were both mending.
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demonsandmischief · a day ago
Marvel - A Bucky Barnes Imagine
Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, 1.1K Words
Tumblr media
A misunderstanding causes a rift in your relationship.
Six hours.
It had been six hours since you had last seen Bucky Barnes. Considering you had lived together for the past few months, it felt like a long time.
He had walked right out the front door without looking back, and you were not sure he was ever going to come home.
You didn't even know what you did. That was the worst part. Somehow, it was all your fault that he was gone, but you didn't even know why. You had created every imaginable situation in your head, stressed yourself to several breakdowns, and yet, you were still clueless.
The thing about Bucky was he was not a man of many words, so when he came storming through the house, it had shocked you more than anything. To your surprise, he had blamed you for the cause of his reaction.
He never answered his stupid old phone.
The house was eerily quiet. It was like your world had shifted from full color to black and white.
You wiped away the tears with the back of your hand, probably for the millionth time. Was it even worth it to cry over?
Yes, absolutely. You loved Bucky with all your heart. All you wanted was him. You wanted to walk through the front door and explain what happened. If he wanted to break up after that, it would be easier to handle then this. What could you have possibly done to cause such a brash reaction from a relatively collected man?
It had to be close to midnight. You had been drifting in and out of a terrible sleep. It felt like you hadn't slept in days.
Bucky's t-shirt was the only thing that brought you comfort.
The opening of the front door had you jolting awake in a panic. You hated being alone in the house.
You clutched the blanket tightly as you heard the sound of boots on the hard wood. You were still half-asleep, but just as terrified.
When your bedroom door opened, you screamed. The lights flicked on and Bucky stood there looking very annoyed.
"Bucky, you scared the shit out of me," you groaned, clutching your head that throbbed from the harsh light.
"I can tell," he grumbled. He looked awful, but you imagined you looked the same. You were so very relieved to see him.
"What are you doing here?" you asked. It was obvious he wasn't there for you.
"I live here," he said, walking to the closet. "I just came to get some stuff."
You could feel your wounded heart shrivel painfully in your chest. Tears blurred your vision.
"Can you please tell me what I did?" you whispered, praying he heard you because you knew you wouldn't have the strength to say it again.
It was quiet except for the sound of clothes getting pulled off hangers and the sound of the dresser drawers opening.
Tears spilled onto your cheeks and you did not bother to brush them away this time.
He emerged finally, a duffle on his shoulder. "I overheard you talking."
"You what?" your voice cracked, and you sniffled.
"On the phone, with your friend."
You furrowed your brows, thinking back.
"Yeah, when he says 'what if I'm a bad guy not a hero' or whatever. So stupid," you giggled, trying to pull the silly movie quotes from your head.
"There's one in the in other movies where Bella says something about hurting Edward. I don't know, but I need Edward quotes," your friend whined on the phone. "Who would have thought a psychology class would make me analyze Twilight?"
"Stand-offish and possessive equals awkward and cringe-y. I have so many words to describe," you said, remembering the way you barely made it through the first movie. "There's the one about the 'I'm designed to kill' you know what I'm talking about?"
"That's a good one. Thanks for the help. We should totally rewatch these movies after this."
"James Buchanan Barnes," you groaned. You didn't even know he had been listening to your conversation. You definitely understood how it sounded like you were talking about him. "Did you really think I would talk about you like that? You should have asked me for an explanation before you stormed off."
Bucky dropped his bag, and moved to the bed.
"I was talking about a movie, Bucky. A stupid movie, that was all. I can't believe-" you shook your head. All of this time. What did that say about his trust in you?
"I'm sorry," Bucky said slowly. "I guess I was looking for a reason for it to be too good to be true."
"I was just - I was doing everything I could to show you how much I loved and cared about you. I can't believe you would think I would talk about you like that. I thought you knew how much I adored you." You rubbed your eyes that burned from crying so much.
"I shouldn't have assumed," he said, finally looking at you. You caught a glimpse of his sad, stormy eyes, full of insecurities and vulnerabilities.
"Mistakes happen," you whispered. "I would never, ever talk badly about you. I love you."
You scooted closer to him, and he wrapped his arms around you. He put his face in your neck, releasing a shaky breath. This had really taken a toll on him.
You threaded your fingers through his hair.
"I understand if you hate me," he said, pulling back, and tugging you between his thighs.
"I could never. I love you," you repeated.
"I love you," he said back finally. "I missed you. I won't leave without talking to you again." He tightened his grip, squishing you to his chest.
"Good," you smiled slightly. You were glad to get this cleared up, but it was still so ridiculous.
"Go ahead and laugh," Bucky huffed, a crooked smile of his own just barely breaking through.
You released the giggle you had been holding in. "I'm going to make you watch the movie so you can see how ridiculous this was."
"I do feel like an idiot. I've wasted the day I could have spent with you," he admitted, running a hand along your face.
"Everybody has insecurities and doubts. These things happen." You nuzzled his hand.
You thought you'd be more hurt, but you were so relieved to have him hear you out, to have him here with you.
"So understanding and sweet," he mumbled, bending his head and brushing his lips with yours. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for your love."
Your heart swelled with his sweet confession. "You're my everything, Bucky. I was so scared of being without you."
He rubbed your back, kissing your forehead with a content sigh, "You'll never be without me. I promise to do better."
A/N: I was listening to a sad playlist and then this happened. Soft insecure Bucky 🥺 no but figuring out where you stand in a relationship is hard work and things happened. It was hard to find something that could cause a serious issue and I think this worked out pretty well. Poor Buck doesn't know twilight - but I bet Sam Wilson does 😭
What did you think? I'd love to know.
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