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#sebastian stan characters
slytherclaw2005 · 13 hours ago
Homophobic tfatws people: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan would be uncomfortable playing gay characters. Stop trying to make Sam and Bucky gay.
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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musette22 · 14 hours ago
Minniee! I was wondering what other ships there were for Evanstan for their characters? I know Stucky, Knifewood, TJ/Andy, TJ/Frank....
Hi darling!! I’ve got a whole spreadsheet that I made with @kazablanka96​ once lmao, but a few interesting ones (imo) are: 
Lucas Lee x Lance Tucker
Nick Vaughan x Josh Brummel
Nick Gant x Chace Collins
Mike Weiss x Scott Huffman
Mace x Chris Beck
Ari Levinson x Destroyer! Chris (this is a Stucky AU but for the visual - you can find all 10 parts under the cut!)
Bill x Lee Bodecker (this is part 3, which contains links to part 1 and 2 of this amazing AU)
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the-witty-pen-name · a day ago
The Nanny Pt. 4
Lee Bodecker x Nanny!F!Reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: alcohol/drinking, corrupt cop, mentions of prostitution/smut, implied age gap (reader is in her 20s), cursing, mentions of serial killers/murder, mutual pining
Based on this Request: The reader moves to Meade/Knockemstiff while answering an advertisement for a nanny in the paper. We learn that the ad was posted by Sandy, who has the reader watch her child whenever she and Carl leave to do their secret thing. After one of these trips, Sandy and her husband never return, so the reader is left caring for their baby. With the new investigation into these events, she meets Sandy’s brother Lee, the older, out of shape, alcoholic bachelor, and they are suddenly thrown into each others lives as he begins looking into his sister’s disappearance. Through it all, Lee starts to fall for her, and they slowly become a family.
Taglist Form is in my bio!
A/N: Hey y’all! I’m back!! I decided to drop the next chapter a night early. I hope you enjoy this next chapter and other fics I have lined up that are coming soon! Lmk what you think!! like usual, this is unedited!
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Sandy never called you. They came back the day they had told you but this time they had made no attempt to check in. You found it really concerning and wanted to confront them about it, but they both were in a sour mood returning home. You didn’t know if maybe they had gotten into a fight or something when they were away, but considering Carl was more standoffish than normal and Sandy clearly wasn’t in a great mood either, you took your pay and left without asking too many questions. Holding Valerie made Sandy smile and she forced politeness, but you knew something must have happened between the two of them.
The follow days posters for the big fundraiser were posted all over town, clearly hand drawn from the students. It was very endearing. The messily drawn green and yellow baskets made you smile whenever you saw them on shop windows or on telephone poles. Your mind drifted to the last time you saw the Sheriff, and you couldn’t help but ponder whether or not there was anything behind the harmless flirtations. Either way, you guess it didn’t matter- which was a lie. Of course, you let your mind wander and expand on the idea of him bidding on it. It was trivial and jovial, and you knew you shouldn’t care. But it was nice to feel desirable.
You didn’t know anyone else in town yet except for the Henderson’s, Julie and well, Sheriff Bodecker. If anyone else besides him were to bid on your basket, it’d be a perfect stranger. You weren’t sure if you liked that either. You also thought about how it was for the Sunday school. And Julie was right, it would be a really smart move for you to be in attendance and meet people. Connections are important, especially you’re the new face in such a small town.
What was the worst thing to happen? Your basket doesn’t get any bids, or you just get a dud date. You swallow your pride and decide there’s more pros to participating than cons. You also decide it’s best to assume the Sheriff was only talking, and you don’t anticipate him to participate, especially if he’s going to be there on duty.
“Where were you two this whole time?” Lee questions, walking in as soon as Sandy opens the door.
“It’s none of your business where we go, big brother,” Sandy quips, readjusting Valerie as she squirmed in her arms excitedly seeing Lee.
“It is my business,” he insists, taking Valerie from her and holding her to give Sandy a break despite his obvious irritation with her. Valerie tugs at the collar of his leather jacker and preoccupies herself with the zipper. “I have a lot of things going on right now, and then on top of that I know have to worry about you and your fucking husband going god knows where and you just up and leave my niece with a stranger…”
“She’s a nanny,” Sandy interjects. “Hell, read her resume if you care so much. She’s a hell of a lot more qualified to take care of a baby than you.”
“More than you both too clearly,” he hisses.
“What did you come here for anyway?” she asks dismissively, ignoring his jab.
“I want to know where you both are going,” he insists.
“It’s not your business,” she reiterates.
“Damnit, Sandy, I can’t protect you if I don’t know where you’re disappearing to for weeks on end,” he counters.
“I don’t need you protecting me, Lee,” she snaps.
“You don’t need protection?” Lee scoffs. “You don’t think I know you’re whoring yourself out?”
“Aren’t you? If you and Carl are in Brown’s territory…”
“I’m not doing that anymore,” Sandy confirms and Lee sighs in relief. “Carl is doing some gig photographing for some calendar.”
“Your pimp husband- oh sorry, ex-pimp and you are driving 10 hours up state for a calendar gig?” Lee scoffs. She nods, crossing her arms.
“And it takes the two of you to do that?”
“There’s a lot of equipment.”
“Sure, sis,” he mutters sarcastically, but he doesn’t want to go around and have the same conversation with her in circles.
“And it’s not good for the baby to be on the road that long,” she continues, “getting a sitter was the responsible thing to do.”
“Stop digging yourself a deeper hole, Sandy.”
“Stop snooping around in what isn’t your business.”
“You don’t think you’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for me? Brown would’ve taken you and Carl out for what you were doing if I hadn’t intervened.”
“You aren’t some hero Lee,” Sandy corrects him, “It’s all about the next damned election.”
There was a strict no food or drink policy at the Knockemstiff Public Library, so you do your best to keep your small to-go cup from the diner hidden as you skim over the most recent preoccupation, a small, weathered paperback of the town’s history. You kept your coffee tucked between the side of your leg and the inside of the chair’s arm.
Your eyes scanned the yellowed pages and mostly it was just informational. Fun facts about the town and it’s important figures. Everything was outdated. No recent town history. But still, nonetheless, you were enjoying trying to piece together the tiny mysteries of this little town. It was so hard to believe. This little rundown place in the middle of nowhere harbored so much crime and a riddled history that dates back to its founding.
The coffee was warm against your bare thigh, and you adjusted the skirt of your dress so the fabric would act as a barrier between your skin and the hot cup. You carefully looked around for the librarian before each sip. The only noises were the flips of book pages or occasional hushed whispers.
When you finished your coffee, you discreetly tossed it in a nearby barrel and then put the book back on the shelf where you had found it. You then brought the novel you were going to check out to the front desk and then head home. The early afternoon breeze felt cool, even through your sweater. A young boy outside on the library steps was passing out flyers for the fundraiser and you politely took one. Another clearly handmade flyer. Two blue rabbits sitting on a picnic blanket sharing a carrot and misspelled information about the event scribbled above. You folded it very gently and placed it inside your book as a bookmark before slipping it into your bag.
You needed a basket, first of all. Before you talked yourself out of it, you headed to the small general store that was a short walk away. The older woman at the front greeted you with a hospitable smile and like she knew what you were there for, she pointed to a large pile of assorted baskets in the back, with a sign above in red writing.
Large Baskets 75 cents
Small Baskets 50 cents
A few other women your age were also huddled in the back of the store, looking through the pile, looking for ones that were in good shape. You hung back, letting them finish up because they were there first, and you scan the aisle aimlessly, pretending to be preoccupied with the different types of laundry soap.
Once they finish and move towards another section of the store, you walk over and look at all the options. There’s such a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You wonder if it makes a difference what kind you get. Is there some unwritten rule about how much food needs to be in there? You peer around the corner and see the other girls grabbed smaller baskets and decide to do the same. It was a safe bet. You find a small, rounded wicker basket and has a lid and a little leather snap closure. You figure it’s enough to hold lunch for two.
“Is that for me, darling?” you hear someone ask from behind you. You recognize his voice immediately.
“Baskets go to the highest bidder, Sheriff,” you smile. You turn around and are greeted with a charming smile on his lips. “How’s Valerie? Have you seen her lately?” you ask.
“She told me she misses you very much,” he replies with a large grin.
“I miss her,” you shrug with a small smile.
“I went over for a visit the other day,” he shares.
“Oh yeah?”
“I miss her too,” he admits, and you can’t help your wide smile.
“You’re not as tough as you let on are you, Sheriff?” you smirk.
“Do you really want to find out, sweetheart?”
“Tell me all about it on Sunday,” you joke, walking away.
“Yes, ma’am,” he calls after you. You shake your head and can’t help but laugh.
“You’re playing with fire,” the woman at the counter remarked with a worried glance behind you towards the Sheriff as she rang up the basket.
Julie lets you borrow one of her dresses, a knee-length champagne colored pencil dress with thin straps and a scoop neck. You adjust the dress awkwardly in the mirror. You couldn’t deny how good it looked, but it was very much out of your comfort zone. You slip on the matching pumps.
“Are you sure?” you ask her hesitantly, looking yourself over in the mirror again. She passes you the short matching jacket.
“You look incredible,” she insists. She still has her hair in her hot rollers as she touches up her makeup in the mirror as she sits at your vanity.
“What’s his name again?” you ask as you bite your lip, and mess with the dress again.
“Cut it out! You look hot,” she laughs. “His name is Steve. Harry told me he’s very sweet. I promise you’ll have a good time. I owe you for agreeing to double with us.”
“Why dancing?” you ask turning to face her. “It’s so awkward dancing when you don’t know your partner.”
“Dancing is how you get to know someone,” she giggles. She starts taking her hair out of the hot rollers, careful not to burn her fingertips.
Steve is nice enough. Julie and her date are in the middle of the dancefloor dancing closely no matter what song is one. It’s been six songs now without a break and neither one of them look like they are losing their stride. They are very into each other and its very obvious that you and Steve are just friends of the couple. The song changes to something a little slower when Steve asks you again to dance.
“I don’t really like dancing much,” he admits guiding you to the dancefloor. “I’m a little nervous.”
“Me too,” you admit with a grin. He holds your hand and then places his other hand on your back. You rest your hand on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry you got roped into this,” he chuckles.
“I’m having a good time,” you smile, “I’m just nervous too. I’m just not good on dates.”
“Me neither,” he agrees.
“I hate meeting new people,” you admit and he nods in agreement.
“So, we have that in common,” he notes, and he relaxes a little more.
“You grew up here?” you ask. “I mean I think everyone here has but me,” you joke.
“Yeah, my whole family has lived at the same farm for generations,” he explains. “Harry told me you just graduated?”
“Just from the state college,” you dismiss it, “Not a big deal.”
“It’s impressive,” he insists, “Don’t underestimate yourself.”
“Thanks,” you can’t help but grin. He’s cute. In a boyish way. Tousled blonde hair and a lopsided smile. Tall and a little lanky but nonetheless handsome.
“You look really great,” he compliments, “The description Harry gave me doesn’t do you justice- not that it was bad- just didn’t encompass how pretty…”
“I understand,” you giggle.
Lee grumbles, irritated he’s spending his Friday night answering a call about a fight that broke out outside the dancehall. He slams the car door to get the attention of the small crowd that has gathered by a pickup truck in the parking lot. People look towards his direction panicked and he chuckles as they step away to reveal the two men who are on the ground fighting. He intervenes, and manages to get them both in cuffs. When he finishes the job, he looks up and sees the arrest has brought out a bigger crowd.
He ignores it and walks the two intoxicated men to the cruiser. The crowd breaks up and starts to disperse now that the action is over. Once they both are in the backseat, he slams the door closed. As he walks around the car, he sees out of the corner of his eyes another group walking out. He doesn’t even look up until he hears a laugh.
It’s yours.
He looks up and sees you leaving the dancehall. The sight of you takes his breath away. The dress, hugging your body perfectly. Your hair slightly messy from dancing and a long night. The combination of the heels and your bare legs make his knees week. It’s like all he can focus on is you, and he can’t even hear anything either. You took up all of his senses.
Then he watches another man’s jacket that gets draped over your shoulders. He recognizes the group you’re with. Julie Grady, of course, your friend, he reasons, who’s under the arm of the Johnson’s boy and he recognizes the boy walking next to you as the oldest of the Jones’ boys.
This shouldn’t bother him, but it stirs a jealous fire in the pit of his stomach. You weren’t his and you don’t owe him anything. It still hurts more than he ever anticipated it could. He gets into the car and starts driving to the station. He ignores the rowdy men in the back and his mind races. Had you been taken this whole time? He feels stupid for letting you take up so much space in his mind. He can’t stop thinking about how good you looked. He can’t stop himself from thinking about how much he yearned for you when you came into his vision.
After dropping the two arrests off at the station, he speeds away to Leroy Brown’s place. He’s not thinking straight. He’s upset, and frustrated. He lets his instincts take over and it’s like he’s on autopilot going through the motions. He’s relinquished all self-control. He feels insatiable. There’s an itch growing deep in his gut he can’t shake that’s growing unbearable. He doesn’t even remember walking into the place and he doesn’t realize it that he’s facing the bartender until he goes to speak.
“I want to see Cherry tonight.”
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peakyrogers · a day ago
Sebastian stan literally has NO RIGHT TO DO THIS TOO ME! Askdjdkhdfj
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like....sir pls WTFFF
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jessyballet · a day ago
The make up artist at Pam and Tommy has my entire respect. The characterization is incredible. Lily James doesn't even look like lily James and Seb looks so good. Seb with tattoos 🤤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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overr-written · a day ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Blog used to be called not-a-great-writer
This blog is strictly 18+ only. Even if a story says (sfw), that does not give minors permission to interact with my posts or blog. Please have your age in the bio of your blog so you do not get blocked. You are more than welcome back once you turn legal age. Thank you for your consideration and support!
I do not post my work on any other platform. Please let me know if you see my work plagiarized on another website. I will be forever grateful! Thank you again!
+ one-shots / drabbles 
Meeting Legends (sfw)
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Coulson!reader Summery : Bucky meets his girlfriend’s dad for the first time.  Word Count : 1.3k
I’ll Always Come Back To You (sfw)
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x reader Summery : Bucky does something special for your birthday. Word Count : 2.5k
Let Me Help (nsfw)
Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Avenger!reader Summery : Bucky gives you a massage. Word Count : 1k
malen'kiy + soldat (sfw)
Pairing : Winter Solider x little!reader Summery : She doesn’t want to go to bed yet... Word Count : 550
Help support my work! You can buy me a Ko-fi by making a donation 💕
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stucky-my-ship · 2 days ago
Updated May 6th
Bucky Barnes
I Know You, I Love You (In Progress) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
by @damnbuckyishot
Behind The Screen (Completed)
by @world-of-aus
coming soon...
Sheriff Lee Bodecker
Devil in Disguise (In Progress)
by @i-have-a-wonky-eye-too
Mini Series
The Perfect Fit (Completed) 1 2
by @mypoisonedvine
coming soon...
coming soon...
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marvelousbucky55 · 4 days ago
Story ideas!! Tell me what one you like more
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan X Evans!reader
You are Chris Evans younger sister and while on set with Chris you meet his friend, you slowly fall in love with him, bus Chris doesn’t approve, do you continue talking or do you stop?? (Sorry I’m horrible at explaining things)
Chris Evans x daughter!reader
You are Chris Evans daughter but before you could even remember things he had to give you up for adoption 15 years later, you come back in his life again
Tel me what one you like most!!
Posted (5/4/21)
May the 4th be with you
Tumblr media
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quxxnxfhxll · 5 days ago
♔ winter soldier
— sfw masterlist
Tumblr media
— nav + taglist + library + marvel
— nsfw masterlist
these are all in alphabetical order! please be sure to read all warnings before reading/opening the fanfic as some may contain triggering topics. likes are always appreciated, however reblogs make my day and feedback makes my week!
Tumblr media
3.9k | ain’t no rest for the wicked. ♡︎ the soldat was assigned to train her. he saw himself in her, attempting to get her to safety before hydra could have their way with her. prisoners don’t get merciful punishments, not this prisoner, at least.
Tumblr media
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quxxnxfhxll · 5 days ago
♔ mickey henry
— nsfw masterlist
Tumblr media
— nav + taglist + library + misc characters
— sfw masterlist
these are all in alphabetical order! please be sure to read all warnings before readingopening the fanfic as some may contain triggering topics. likes are always appreciated, however reblogs make my day and feedback makes my week!
Tumblr media
feel my heart. ♡︎ coming soon!
Tumblr media
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lunalovecroft · 5 days ago
End Up with You [B.B]
Request: Bucky + inspired by End Up with You
Genre/Warnings: Pure fluff, hinted spice but like really not at all.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I don't really care 'bout making any plans. Leave it up in the air, give it up to chance.
You had spent so much of your life planning everything to a T. It had been the way you’d always done things. Though the universe had other plans. No matter how hard you tried recently, it felt only one disappointment after another.
All of that changed when you met Bucky. For once in your life, you decided that you were going to take things as they come. It had been terrifying at first, but you soon realised how much you could really enjoy things when you let go a little.
If things were meant to be, then they would be, and with Bucky, there was no doubt about it.
With no plans except to enjoy yourself in the moment, it didn’t take long for you to really fall for him. He was like the piece of the puzzle that you hadn’t realised was missing.
We could end up broke down on some back road…Wouldn't be the worst scenario.
On your first anniversary, you thought it would be a good idea to take some time away as a couple on a romantic getaway. What you hadn’t expected was to end up lost in the middle of nowhere.
If this was the old you, you’d be devastated that things hadn’t gone to plan, but by now, you’d learnt to embrace the fails in life.
Taking a few of the spare blankets from the trunk, you laid it on top of the roof of your car, and the two of you spend the evening star-gazing. It was no four-star retreat, but it was better than you could’ve hoped for. You could barely keep your hands off each other, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Get home, and we're locked out…Last thing that I'd worry 'bout…'Cause all I wanna do is end up with you.
By the time you got home, you had realised that in the chaos of your car breaking down, you must’ve lost your apartment keys.
“What if you stayed at mine?” Bucky asked.
“I don’t think we have a choice,” you joked, knowing it was too late to call your landlord now.
“No, I mean…what if you moved in?” he clarified.
At first, you assumed this was just a heat of the moment thing, a slip of tongue since you were both exhausted from the journey. Yet as you waited to answer, you saw the sincerity in his expression.
“Are you sure?”
“Y/N, if there’s anything I know for sure, it’s that as long as you’re there, I’m happy. Waking up with you in my arms is the perfect start to any day, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
While Bucky was definitely romantic in his own way, he wasn’t one for big declarations. He’d show you he cared by listening to your rambles even though he’d heard it all before or picking up your favourite things “just ‘cause”. So, it was a surprise to hear those words, despite knowing they were true.
You barely registered that you hadn’t replied until he brought you back out of your thoughts. “Don’t leave me hanging,” he said in a humorous tone, but you could tell that the anticipation was killing him.
“Of course, I will,” you said, practically jumping into his arms.
Bucky let out a sigh of relief, happily welcoming the embrace. Lifting you off the ground, he twirled you around, and you could barely contain your happiness.
No matter how many obstacles came your way, nothing mattered as you had him by your side.
Tumblr media
Endnote: Thanks for reading, sorry it’s on the shorter side I’m struggling a bit with writing recently. My requests are still closed for fics, but if you have a moodboard request let me know
Taglist/ @laniereads​ @writingsomewrongs​ @willowrose99​ @lokiloving​ @feetoffthetablee​ @unmagically​ @huntheimpossible​ @mrsweasley06​ @buckybarnesishot310​ @haileygarciasunshine​ @pinkwitchprincess​ @angelsandsorcery​ @stolenxkissess​ @magicalxdaydream​ @the-photo-hoe​ @mxltifaves​ @totally-superrad​ @lieswithoutfairytales​ @joyfullyswimmingface​ @buckyschic​ @reader-without-a-story​ @blankspaceblankday​ @leftperfectionmoon​ @lumos-barnes​ @wintersfilm​ @chocolatelovesmusic @soldierstucky @amourtentiaa​ @kooafraid​ @nikkixostan​ @supernaturalcat7​ @reichelhache​ @positionsfyou​ @gredmforge @lcufeysons​ @drayshadow​ @ebxny27​​ @iilwjbb @tequilavet
Taglist form in Masterlist 💙
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stucky-my-ship · 5 days ago
Bucky Barnes
Mr & Mrs Barnes (In Progress)
by @nastybuckybarnes
By Any Other Name (Completed)
by @wkemeup
In The Dark (In Progress)
by @waiting4inspiration
Love, Honor, and Obey (Completed)
by @constantwriter85
Pragma(tic) (Completed)
by @delicatelyherdreams
Sunrise (Completed)
by @wkemeup
Bodyguard (In Progress)
by @nastybuckybarnes
Everyone Loves Stark (Completed on AO3)
by @tinyglamdramaqueen
The Lucky One (Completed)
by @avengerofyourheart
Bridges To Burn & Places To Run (In Progress) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
by @syntheticavenger
My Favourite Kind Of Night (Completed)
by @sinner-as-saint
Eye For An Eye (Completed)
by @sinner-as-saint
To Have & To Hold (Completed)
by @sinner-as-saint
For Love (Completed)
by @moonbeambucky
Nothing Under 7 Inches (In Progress)
by @hellomissmabel
The Slip Up (On Hiatus)
by @justkending
The Way Home (Completed)
by @justsomebucky
Wicked Games (In Progress)
by @nastybuckybarnes
Soldat (Completed)
by @constantwriter85
The Love Club (In Progress)
by @slyyywriting
Stuck Wit You (Completed)
by @slyyywriting
Guiding Light (Completed)
by @wkemeup
Ghost Of You (Completed)
by @gogolucky13
Run To You (Completed)
by @bestofbucky
Leave This Town (Completed)
by @avengerofyourheart
The Queen’s Roses (Completed)
by @writingsoftheloser
Little Flame (In Progress)
by @buckybarnesangst
Between The Stars (In Progress)
by @all1e23
The Number One Rule (Completed)
by @justkending
Picture Perfect (Completed)
by @writingsoftheloser
Burn Bright (In Progress)
by @constantwriter85
A Broken Fairytale (In Progress)
by @nastybuckybarnes
The Proposal (Completed)
by @captain-rogers-beard
Under Oath (Completed)
by @ugh-supersoldiers
Sheriff Lee Bodecker
Give In (In Progress)
The Nanny (In Progress)
Charles Blackwood
Daddy’s Girl (In Progress)
by @fuel-joy
Bucky Barnes
Bucky & The Beast (Completed) 1 2
Escorted To A Wedding (Completed) 1 2
Sheriff Lee Bodecker
Drinks With The Bodeckers
Push | Pull | Pressure
God’s Face In The Fire (In Progress) 1 2 3
Invisible Ink (In Progress) 1 2 3
by @navybrat817
Bucky Barnes
Black Serpent
Right In Front Of You
Sweet As Cinnamon Sugar
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Feel Again
Gypsy Night
by @loving-barnes
Tender Surprises
by @empyreanwritings
by @ofheroesandvillains
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quxxnxfhxll · 6 days ago
♔ bucky barnes
— series masterlists
Tumblr media
— nav + taglist + library + marvel
— sfw masterlist + nsfw masterlist
these are all in alphabetical order! please be sure to read all warnings before reading/opening the fanfic, as some may contain triggering topics. likes are always appreciated, however reblogs make my day and feedback makes my week!
Tumblr media
(7/7) the outsiders. ♡︎ tony stark’s long-lost daughter, y/n, comes to live with him after being kicked out by her mother. without a clue of the avengers’ identities, she meets then all, including the dark haired, blue eyed, bucky barnes. what is she supposed to do when she realizes she’s fallen for someone for the first time? what is he supposed to do when he realizes she doesn’t believe she’s worth loving? what does she put first; her newfound abilities or her newfound feelings?
Tumblr media
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whatrambles · 6 days ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: Swearing. One suggestive sentence.
(A/N): Feedback is always appreciated. Happy reading :)
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
The doors of the elevator opened with a screech to the living quarters of Avengers Tower.
Stepping out, you walked to your room and flopped on your bed, exhausted after the time consuming afternoon.
“Agent (Y/L/N), Sergeant Barnes requires your immediate assistance in the gym.”
You turned onto your back and narrowed your eyes at the ceiling.
“It's urgent.” F. R. I. D. A. Y. spoke further, not informing you more on the matter.
Just as you arrived at the entrance, the AI advised you to remove all metallic objects from your personnel.
“Hey (Y/N).” Bucky greeted.
“Oh my god.” you tried your hardest to keep the laughter at bay but it just wasn't possible.
Up on the ceiling, Bucky Barnes was somehow stuck to it. His head and neck at a strange angle due to his left arm being flush against the grey tiling.
“What happened?” you questioned between breathes of air.
“Stark probably.” he waved his non stuck hand in a gesture.
“Mr. Stark installed a powerful magnet to the ceiling which seems to have attracted Sergeant Barnes’ bionic arm.” the ever helpful AI informed.
“Thanks F. R. I. D. A. Y. I think we figured about my arm.”
“So, uh. How do we get you down?”
Shrugging as much as he could, Bucky suggested maybe pulling him down might work.
You grabbed onto his legs and tugged as hard as you could while the soldier tries to separate his arm from the ceiling.
A loud thud rang out as the super-soldier landed on top of you moments before he flew up again.
“You've got be fucking kidding me!” he yelled in frustration. Not only had he gotten himself stuck, the only person that was in the tower was his crush who he most certainly did not want to embarrass himself in front of. He was going to kill Tony.
“There's got to be a better way of doing this. Let me go check Tony's lab.” running out of the room, you entered the Iron man’s lab. One of these switched had to do something. Right? You were an Avenger. You could figure this out. If all else failed, you could try the pulling method again. Lord knows that you didn't mind Bucky's body on top of yours. Focus (Y/N), we have a task to do.
Going through half of the table in front of you, you found a lever labeled “Magnet Test 0.3”.
Hesitantly you pulled it hoping it worked.
You made your way back to the gym where you found the brunette laying spread eagled on one of the blue mats.
“You okay there Sarge?”
“Mhm, just fine. I think…”
You walked up next to him and lay down on his right side.
“Anything I can do to help?”
He pondered a bit before he got the perfect idea. He had overheard Natasha and Wanda plotting on how to set the two of you up and he figured now was his chance.
“Well, you could let me take my saviour out on a date?” he proposed quietly.
“And if your saviour says yes?” you teased.
“She will go on the best date of her life.”
“Give me a time and date Sarge.” pressing a kiss to his stubble covered cheek, you stood up to leave.
“How about tomorrow at eight?”
“Sounds perfect. See you then!” internally you squealed and did a little celebration dance filled with excitement in your head.
“Wait!” Bucky called out to you, “One more thing. Whatever you do, do not tell Sam.”
Chuckling, you sashayed out pulling out your phone and texting Nat and Wanda. You couldn't wait.
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