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#sebastian stan fandom
mandofury · 23 hours ago
Sarah: *meeting Bucky for the first time* So Bucky, where are you from?
Bucky: I'm from Brooklyn.
Sarah: That's cool.
Bucky: Yeah *casually taking off his metal arm* but he is from Wakanda.
Sarah: WTF!
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annebaneriddle · a day ago
Istg that people trying to make that shit a fandom fight now that the screen time of each character in FATWS are ridiculous. I know that some people will argue with me about it, but I'm not even giving a fuck anymore.
No, Rebecca, Sam isn't the main character between the main characters because the name of the show is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. His name being first doesn't mean shit. He is the the main character between the main characters (Because, if you aren't aware, the show had Sam, Bucky and Zemo as the main characters, but with Sam being the main between them) because one of the main plots of the show (if not THE main plot) is showing his tragetory on finaly becoming Captain America and showing his strugles as a black man. You're literally demeaning it all to say that the only reason he is the main character is because his name comes first on the show's name, for fuck's sake.
And no, stop being ridiculous saying that "Bucky already had his chance", because he didn't. He was used on all the three movies of Cap's trilogy only as a plot device, as a side character, and just like Sam never really had his story explored. HOWEVER, he will have his time to shine someday. Now it was Sam's time to shine and you should respect it, because I already saw a lot of people who don't give a fuck about Sam, but only pretend they do because they don't like Bucky and for some reason the fandom created that whole "If you like Sam, you have to hate Bucky" and "If you like Bucky, you have to hate Sam" bullshit. Go out touch some grass and leave my boy Sam out of it.
The way a lot of people are acting really shows that they don't give a fuck to the weight that Sam being turned into Captain America has to the black community as a whole, the weight of seeing a black person finally on the spotlight of a worldwide famous fanchise. All they care about is to seem "woke" on social medias and pretend they really care about racism and microagressions. If you want to do that, at least make people a favor and learn how to pretend well, because at least that way you will be for some help on showing the importance of black representation on media.
The younger people on this fandom really have to have some sense talked into their minds (some older people too, unfortunately. One would think they had more sense than that), because it isn't only a show. It's a show from a billionary fanchise with fans all around the worls that is FINALLY showing some black representation that isn't "the black friend of the white guy". And not only that: they're putting a black man as Captain America, a character that some conservative people use to pull their racist crap because they don't know shit about the character or the character's origins. Stop using that for your own selfish reasons.
(Kinda unrelated, but I'm also pissed that John had more screentime than Zemo. Fuck that Made In Chernobly version of Steve.)
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thatbimarvelfan · a day ago
hi tumblr
hey tumblr. so im new to this whole writing thing, and i would like some help tbh, so if anyone would like to message me, i would love that!
okay.....thank you!
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marvel-diaries · a day ago
The Office
Pairing; CEO+Dad’s Best Friend!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary; You and Bucky fuck for the very first time in his office at the company’s building.
Word Count; 4574
Warnings; NSFW, 18+, Minors DNI, undefined age-gap, “cheating”, language, cursing, Sir!kink, dirty talk, pet names, slight degradation, hair pulling, oral (male receiving), face-fucking, spitting, fingering, teasing, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, creampie, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note; I can’t get enough of CEO+DBF!Bucky so this will be the first of many fics like this! I hope people will like it and be interested in more! Jesus I need to bathe in holy water now. Hope you all enjoy <3
Main Masterlist || CEO+DBF Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Tumblr media
Bucky had begun texting you while sitting in a meeting with your dad and some of the company's other employees. You weren't doing anything important, just at home reading a book, so you were more than happy to text back and forth with him. The meeting was relatively standard and straightforward, it wasn't too much of an importance, so it allowed Bucky to talk with you without feeling guilty while the rest of them sorted out the details. Once in a while, he would chime in with his views and opinions. The text messages were pretty innocent, to begin with. The standard “hello” and “what you are up to” was exchanged between the two of you before more of the dirtier stuff ensued.
Tumblr media
You thought about it for a second before you sent him an answer. You and Bucky had started fucking around a few weeks ago. You had met him when your parents had friends and colleagues over for a grand party like they had most of the time. You had just moved back home after living on your own in another city for three years, so this was your first time seeing Bucky in person. You had heard a lot about him and seen pictures when he started working with your dad, and they had formed a tight friendship, but you had never met him in person. He was even more handsome than what the pictures could show when you got introduced to him, and you had started to take a liking to him instantly. He had done as well because not even a week after you met, you and he had started a relationship. To begin with, it was only fucking around, but as the weeks went by, you felt like there may be more to it; sparks were felt between the two of you. None of you had done anything about it yet, mainly because it wouldn’t be received well by the public, your family most likely would disapprove and because of his wife Natalie and her whole family.
Which you didn’t find wrong at all that he was “cheating” on her with you. They both hated each other’s guts and would more than anything like getting a divorce. Bucky had told you that she had cheated on him multiple times, and he had done as well with her, but they played the happy couple when they were out in public because of their families. They got married at a very young age because their families are rich and powerful and wanted their kids to get together, so they are now stuck in this toxic relationship together. But soon, you and Bucky would have to decide where the next step of the relationship would go. Would you continue to sneak around, or would you form a proper relationship and come out for the whole wide world? It was only a matter of time before you needed to decide.
You and he would primarily meet up on neutral grounds. In his car or a hotel but on a few occasions, you had fucked in his or your parent's house in your room. This would be the first time you had done it where he worked; you assumed it would be in his office. It would be risky, but the thought about him taking you hard against every surface had your thighs clenching in need of him.
Tumblr media
A soft whimper escaped your parted lips at his promise to fuck your brains out. He was never afraid to be direct with you about his needs and feelings. He always meant what he said, and that was one of your favorite things about him. You could always trust that he would be true to his words.
It would take you about 30 minutes to get over there, so you needed to leave right now. You did a quick freshen up before you called a taxi to get you over to the company’s building. Being in the car gave you time to think this through. You weren't sure how you and he would pull this off. Everyone would see if you entered his office and then wonder what was taking so long and what in the hell you guys were doing in there. In their eyes, you and Bucky weren't even friends. You barely spoke with one another when other people were around, as not to raise any suspicion. For them, you were the boss's daughter while Bucky was his partner, and nothing was going on between you two; besides, Bucky had his “loving” wife, Natalie.
The building stood tall as you arrived. Clouds were teasing rain, and it was a bit cold. The skirt you were wearing made your body chilly, but you kept it on for Bucky's sake. You looked up at the structure before you went through the main entrance. The security guards and the workers at the reception greeted you as everyone was well aware of who you were. You all greeted them with a smile as you walked towards the elevators. Entering the elevator, you became impatient as it took its time to travel up the floors to the main offices in the building. Your legs were uneasy as you shifted your weight from one foot to the other. A thin layer of sweat formed on your hairline as you came up with scenarios with how you and Bucky could get caught. You shook your head, trying to get those thoughts down. You trusted Bucky, and besides, this was something you wanted to try out.
When you arrived at the floor, and the door slid open, you saw your dad, Bucky, and some of the employees coming out of one of the conference rooms. The meeting must have just finished. As you walked over, you tried to put on a smile to mask your nervousness. None of them had seen you yet, except for Bucky. He had you in his sight out of the corner of his eye, a slight smirk on his face as he saw you strutting over. You came to stand between him and your dad.
Bucky couldn’t have been more subtle with staring you up and down; your dad was standing right there after all. His tongue darting out between his lips to wet them, clearly having an image on his head about you bent over at his mercy.
“Hi, dad! Mr. Barnes, it's nice to see you again.”
Bucky gave you a simple nod of his head, acting like he isn't just about to have his way with you in his office with your dad not having a clue about what a whore his sweet and innocent daughter is, “pleasure seeing you again.”
“Sweetheart,” your dad gave you a one-arm hug as he had a smile on his face at his daughter visiting him at work, “what are you doing here?”
“I was in the area and thought I could drop by before moving on with my day.”
“Aw, honey. I wish I could spend some time with you, but we have a meeting again in 30 minutes.”
“It's alright, dad. I'm on my way out again anyways. Have some errands to run,” you lied.
“Excuse me, sweetheart.” He turned to say something to the others. While everyone had their attention on your dad, you turned slightly towards Bucky to give him a “chill out” look. The outfit you were wearing had him on edge and excited to have you in his office as soon as possible. Since the crowd was paying attention to your dad, it allowed Bucky to give you some instructions. He leaned in a little closer to you, but not too close in case someone saw.
“Here,” he slipped you his card, the card for the private elevator he had that went from the parking lot and up to his office, “take the elevator. No one is going to see you. Also, I want you to have your panties off before you come upstairs. You got it?”
You swallowed down the lump in your throat. Your body felt hot and warm. The palms of your hands had a thin layer of sweat on them as you took the card from him. Your heart was hammering against your chest. This was really about to happen.
“Y-yes, Sir.”
“Good girl.”
Like clockwork, your dad turned around towards you again just as Bucky leaned away from your body. “Well, I'll see you when I get home later, sweetheart.” He went to hug you again, and you returned the action.
“Bye, dad. Bye, Mr. Barnes, I'll see you around.”
Everyone said their goodbyes to you before you left. You went out of the building and around it to where the cars went down into the parking lot. Once down there, you made sure that no one was around to see you before you scanned the card for the elevator. The journey up to his office gave you the opportunity to take your panties off. You held them in your hand as you almost bounced up and down in fear and excitement for what was in store for you when you reached his floor.
When the elevator reached the office, and the doors opened, you saw that Bucky was waiting for you, his back facing you. He was staring out the big windows that decorated almost his entire office room.
“Did you take your panties off as I told you to do?”
He turned around so he could be met with you. His tongue wetting his lips as he beckoned with his finger for you to come over to him, “get over here now.” Not even thinking for another second, you were quick to stand by his side by the window, waiting for further instructions he had to give you.
“Give them to me,” the palm of his hand was held out for you to hand them over to him. With shaking hands, you handed them over, and he opened his suit jacket to put them in the inside pocket so he could keep a hold of them.
“Is someone going to come in?”
“Shh,” his hand came to caress the side of your face—his thumb stroking your cheek. The simple action had you relax a tiny bit. “Don't worry. I locked the door, and besides, I told them not to disturb me. Do you trust me?”
“I do, Bucky. With my life.”
“Well then,” his finger pointed down to the floor, and you knew immediately what he was getting at, “get down on your knees for me.”
In front of the window of all things?! For everyone to see? But frankly, you didn't care. Let them see it all. You would give them all a good show. Besides, they wouldn't be able to know that it's you because the next building over was some distance away. All you cared about was to have his dick in your mouth right now and nothing else.
Like second nature, you quickly sank on your knees where you had spent more than once worshiping his cock, and this wouldn't be the last one either. He looked down at you, his eyes dark with desire at you being so easily submissive to him. His tongue peeked out from his mouth at you on your knees for him.
His thumb traced your lips as his other hand was palming the bulge in his pants. You granted him access into your mouth as you sucked and swirled your tongue on his digit.
“I can't wait to have your lips wrapped around me, kitten. Do you want me to fuck your mouth?”
You nodded your head and released his thumb from your mouth, “please, Bucky, I want it so bad.”
Your eyes followed his hands, your lips parted, as he undid his belt and pulled down his suit pants along with his underwear. Coming face to face with his dick, ready to be sucked by you. You wrapped your hand around his shaft and looked up at him through your lashes, waiting so that he could give your permission at proceeding, knowing how much he loved it when you waited for him to provide you with a green light.
“Suck it, baby girl.”
You opened your mouth to swirl your tongue around his head before you wrapped your lips around him so you could suck on his mushroom tip, your tongue teasing him. You could see that he was becoming impatient, so you engulfed him halfway through while massaging his balls in your hand. The action had his hand fist in your hair, making a gasp being sounded against him by you, as an exhale of satisfaction escaped him.
He needed more, so with the help of his hand in your hair, he pushed his dick further into your mouth till the tip of him reached the back of your throat, making you gag around him. The vibrations from your mouth had him shiver all over. Your eyes were watering as saliva started coming out the side of your mouth. Looking directly up into his eyes as you took whatever was left of him the best you could and bobbed your head on him, watching as his eyes struggled to stay open to watch how good you were taking him down your throat.
“F-fuck. That's so good, baby. You love sucking my cock don't you, pretty girl, hm? Such a good girl for me, aren't you?”
His dirty talk turned you on, and all you wanted to do was touch yourself at his words. You released him from your hold. Saliva was hanging from your mouth, and his dick was glistening all in it. Your hand jerked him off so you could answer his question, your voice almost like honey as you spoke. The wetness from you made it easy to glide your hand effortlessly on him.
“Yes, Sir.”
A deep groan was sounded from within his chest at the nickname he loved to be called by you. You on your knees so pretty and messy for him had his dick twitch in your grasp.
“Good, baby. Look at you. Such a beautiful mess for me, kitten.”
“Only for you, Sir.”
His head leaned back some as you took him in your mouth again. Your mouth is an expert at taking the whole of him. “Fuck, I'm gonna cum. Do you want me to cum in your mouth, baby girl?” He asked while slowly thrusting his length in and out of it. All you could do was moan, letting him know that you wanted to taste him.
He picked up his speed and fucked your mouth, making you gag around him each time his tip tickled the back of your throat, and you loved every second of it. His hands came at the side of your face so he could hold you steady as he used your warm and wet hole as he pleased. The sloppy sounds of your mouth, your gags, and moans around him only enticed him even more to reach his end.
His thrusts became uneven, and not a second later, he came deep in your throat. Sounds of pleasure dissolved in the office space as your mouth took all that he had to offer. You swallowed around him, milking him for all that he was worth, as you moaned at his delicious taste. You didn't pull away from him until he had spilled every drop in you.
“Show me your mouth.”
Pulling away from him, you opened it to show him all of the cum. He learned down till his face was inches from you and proceeded to spit in your opening. The action had your desperate clit pulsating.
“Can you swallow all of that for me?”
Closing your mouth, you swallowed all of him, his cum and spit, and opened up once more to show him what a good girl you had been at drinking all that he gave you. His hand was petting your hair as a sign of appreciation for you being so amazing for him.
“Such a dirty girl. Was that good? You love the taste of me, don't you, doll?”
“Mhm, yes,” you responded while licking your lips. Your hand was jerking him off again as you couldn't get enough of the feel of him. Your words and actions had him lean back some.
“You've been such a good girl, and I want to give you a treat. Do you want it?”
His words went directly to your tingling clit, and you needed to push your thighs together to get some form of friction down there.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Get on all fours on the couch, with your ass facing the desk.”
You got up and walked over the few meters to the couch, taking off your skirt and sweater until you were only in your bra, and then got in the position as he had wanted from you. He went over to his desk to have a better view of you—leaning on it as his hands held the edge of it. You supported yourself on your elbows as you pushed your ass up and out, earning a groan from Bucky.
“Like this?”
“Just like that. Now touch yourself for me.”
Pushing two of your fingers inside your mouth to get them wet before your hand went underneath you to circle your aching and needy clit, letting out a sigh of relief at being able to feel something finally. You pushed the two fingers inside of you, letting out a low moan and they stretched and penetrated your tightness, closing your legs some at the feeling. It was nothing like Bucky's fingers or dick, but it would have to do for now. You started to move them in and out of your tight pussy, going at a slow pace, to begin with.
Bucky hadn't said anything yet, so he must be enjoying the show you were putting on for him. He let out a moan just as you turned your head to find him pumping his shaft while watching you intensely as you pleasured yourself. Your teeth captured your bottom lip at the sight of him.
“Fuck, kitten.”
You pulled your fingers out and started circling your clit again, whimpering as you were close to your orgasm. The two of you held eye contact as you watched each other.
“So good, Bucky.”
“You're such a good girl, baby. Showing me how you touch yourself. Is this how you look when you're in your room late at night? Touching yourself like this while thinking of me?”
“Mhm, yes.” His words made your fingers move rapidly into your tightness again, wanting to get to that sweet release you were craving desperately.
“Fuck, I'm gonna cum; please can I cum, Sir?” You pleaded, needing to get some form of relief. Tears were teasing to spill out of your eyes if you didn't get your way soon.
“No! Stop!” He didn't want you to cum just yet. Whining at his words but complying anyway, you knew you needed to listen to him, so you brought your fingers out of your hole and into your mouth to suck your juices off. You tried as best as possible to hold eye contact with him as you sucked and swirled your tongue around your digits, moaning at your own taste, as you swayed your ass from side to side for him.
“Fuck me, Sir, please.” He didn't hesitate for one second in getting behind your bent-down form at the speed of lightning. One of his hands caressed and grabbed one of your ass cheeks before it landed on your hip to hold a tight grip on it while the other held his shaft as he teased your fold with the tip of him.
“Please, Bucky, don't tease.”
“I'll give you what you want, doll.”
He slowly pushed himself in your warmth, wanting you to feel all of him. The feeling of fullness almost had you cumming right then and there. He filled you up to the brim, wanting you to feel all that he had to give, and you weren't one bit disappointed. He pulled out till only his tip was inside you before he slowly pushed himself into you again, doing this a few times to get you familiar with the feeling. He just wanted to cum right then and there at the tightness of your walls clenching around his throbbing dick.
“Bucky, please go faster. Fuck me, please,” you whimpered out, wanting him to fuck you completely senseless.
His thrusts were hard and fast as he fucked you into the couch, hips slapping against your backside, making you jolt forwards with each move of him. Your mouth hung open as silent screams came out of it.
“This pussy feels so incredible. Fuck, so tight.”
His hands held your sides while his fingernails dug in your skin, creating dents. He moaned out as he watched his dick disappear into your hole with every move of his hips. Your head was buzzing, and your face was buried deep in the cushions at the intense pleasure Bucky was giving you. “Oh god, please don't stop, babe,” you pleaded of him.
Bucky took a fistful of your hair, pulling your head back, making your back arch. You bit your lip at his rough and dominants actions. The hand in your hair and his abusive thrusts was too much and so intense, but you loved it to the fullest. Tears came out of your eyes as he was taking you so good from behind.
“You like this? Don't you, baby? You like when I fuck your tight and pretty pussy?” Take what belongs to me? Hm? Letting me fuck you like a whore while your dad is just down the hall?”
Your head was foggy from the incredible fucking he was giving you. The lack of answer from you had him unsatisfied, so he smacked your ass cheek hard, making you squeal out at the pain.
“Answer me!”
“Y-yes… I love your cock fucking my tight little pussy. Please don't stop, baby.”
“Such a good whore for me. I'm not gonna stop, kitten, I promise.”
The thought that your dad and everyone else that worked in the building was just out the door, not having a clue as to what was going on in Buckys office, was so intoxicating—not knowing that Bucky was having at it with the boss's daughter.
You turned your head, at the best of your abilities, to look at him. His eyes were shut tight, and his face in pure concentration as he moved his body against yours. He met your gaze, both of you looking at each other as you neared your orgasm. One of your hands grabbed onto his forearm that had a tight grip on your hip. His other went underneath you to play and tease your clit.
“Please, Bucky, I need to cum. I need you to fill me up, please.” The pathetic pleas for him to fill up your pussy was what brought forward his release and made him finish deep inside of you.
His seed filling you up was what brought forth your own release. The way your walls became tighter around him had his hips snap rapidly against you as he gave you all of his cum. Moans and soft whimpers on a loop by the both of you as the pleasure overtook all your senses. Bucky thrust through both of your orgasms, not stopping until you were both satisfied.
Your face was in the cushions as you tried to slow down your breathing. Bucky caressed your sides and peppered kisses all over your lower back. Praises being given to you for being such a good girl to him.
“You're so good to me, beautiful.”
He pulled out of your hole. The two of you hissing out as you both felt overly sensitive. Bucky helped to clean both of you up with a few wipes he kept on his desk. He made sure you were ok before he went over to the windows to grab his underwear and pants, pulling them on where he stood.
You put your skirt and sweater on and fixed yourself up as you sat and watched him get ready. God, he looked so handsome that it had your stomach burst out in butterflies. Now all you wanted was for him to hoist you up on his desk and take you hard against it. But you saw him have a look at his watch, his eyebrows furrowed together.
“The meetings in five.”
He came over to you just as you were getting up. You hissed out as your body felt sore and spent up, but good regardless.
“Are you ok? Did I do too much?”
That was Bucky for you. Always worried that he had gone overboard, but you always reassured him that you had enjoyed yourself.
His hands came to rest at the side of your face, looking you up and down to make sure you were all good. Your own hands went over his ones.
“Hey, I'm alright. Just a little sore, but you know I loved it, and I can handle it, Bucky.”
“I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable.”
“I'm all good, babe, I swear.”
You took his face in your hands now as his ones traveled down to the small of your back so he could pull you flush against his body. His face leaned down some so he could capture your lips with his, giving you one of his sweetest kisses. His face moved down to suck and lick at the side of your neck in the most loving way.
“Oh, I almost forgot,” he reached into the pocket of his jacket to retrieve your panties, ”I believe these belong to you.” That cocky smile of his decorated his face as the panties dangled from his finger. Right. You had almost forgotten about those. “Thanks.” You took them and slid them up your legs.
“I wish you could stay longer. There are more surfaces in this office I would love to take you against.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck as he held you close. You would love nothing more than to stay here and let him have his way with you, but you knew that he needed to attend the meeting because if not, people would come knocking on his door, wondering where he is.
“I know, me too, but you know my dad is going to come knocking on the door and wonder where you are if you don't show up.”
“Yeah, I know. C'mon, I'll walk you out,”
He followed you to the elevator so he could say goodbye to you. A kiss and a hug were shared amongst you before the elevator dinged that it had arrived.
“We can meet later tonight if you want? Natalie is going out; God knows where, so we can stay at my place this time.” He asked you. “Whatever you want, just let me know, ok?” “I would like that, Bucky. I’ll let you know when.”
You stepped inside of it and pressed the button to go down. A smile on both of your faces as you gazed at each other the few seconds you had before the doors slid shut.
“I’ll miss you, doll.”
“I'll miss you more, Sir.”
Tumblr media
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arielgrace123 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m seeking for a loving and a caring slave who’s willing to serve me and to be submissive.....
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iwarleylove · 4 days ago
Ok but hear me out... We need a Podcast with Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and Winston Duke as hosts.
You cannot change my mind 😂
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macariawolf · 5 days ago
Sebastian Stan knowing that the last scene makes SamBucky canon, but then they decided to low the voices, and can’t hear how Bucky says about living together.
Sebastian Stan: 😠
Tumblr media
Then he see’s that people want to release the cut from the cookout with the hashtag “ReleasetheBuckySarahCut”.
Sebastian Stan: 😈
Tumblr media
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marvel-diaries · 5 days ago
The Proposal
Wedding Series: 4/? || Wedding Masterlist
Captain America and The Winter Soldier
Pairing; Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Word Count; 593
Warnings; none
Authors Note; this part is so cute! I love it! I hope you all love it as well <3
Main Masterlist || Bucky Barnes Masterlist
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Credit @ flowermooncas for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful and sunny day out. Bucky had been such a gentleman in taking you to one of the local parks for a picnic date. The spot he had found for the two of you was shielded off from the park's central area.
“Wow. This place is so beautiful, Bucky.” You were in complete awe of the cozy and secluded space of greenery.
“Only the best for my girl.”
A blanket and a straw basket were laid out on the grass to sit on and enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and sweets the two of you brought along. The small speaker you had taken as well had soft music playing from it, making the atmosphere that much more enjoyable.
Since the weather was warm, a flowy dress was decorating your body while Bucky wore light clothing as well, shorts and a white t-shirt.
Laughs and conversations flowed easily between you two, as they always did. Both of you could talk together for hours if you had the chance.
You went from sitting to lying down on your sides, elbows holding the weight up, so it was easy to look at one another. His flesh hand kept a grip on your exposed thigh at all times. Faces were inches apart as kisses were shared here and there in between speaking.
“I want to ask you something, doll.”
The tone of voice got more serious than it was just a second ago. What importance did he have to ask of you?
“What is it, Bucky?”
His hand patted the pocket of his shorts, relief on his face when he felt something in there. He reached inside and out he pulled a ring, a gorgeous ring. He held it up for you to see.
Your eyes widened when it clicked for you where this was most likely going. Your heart started hammering against your chest in excitement. His blue eyes sparkled with nothing but love as he was met with your slight wet ones.
“Beautiful, isn't it? It was my mother's. I know she would love for you to have it.”
A gasp left your lips as you admired the shiny ring for a while before Bucky began his speech.
“You've made me the luckiest when I met you, darling. You make me a better man, you make me happy, and I can't thank you enough for loving me despite my many past and present flaws. I could go on and on about how much you mean to me and how much I love you, but then we would spend all of the day and night here in this very spot. I promise I will love you forever and give you all my love I have to offer. Will you make me the happiest and become my wife?”
By now, tears of joy were streaming down your cheeks at his proposal speech. Your hand was held over your mouth to keep the light sobs at bay.
“Yes, James! Yes! A million times, yes.”
He was grinning from ear to ear; a quick kiss was left on your lips before he put the ring on your finger.
“It's beautiful. Thank you, James. It means so much to me that you are giving me such a valuable heirloom for me to wear.”
“Only the best and most beautiful ring for my girl to wear.”
He pinned you on your back so he could find his place on top. His lips found yours as he gave you his sweetest kiss to seal the deal of future marriage.
Tumblr media
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middleagedmcumenfics · 6 days ago
all my mum wanted was two mentally stable children and instead she got:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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freetimeefase · 7 days ago
this is a question for all of the marvel/avengers/tfatws/bucky/etc etc stans out there. 
as someone who is new to this fandom I have a question regarding our boyfriend mr sebastian stan 
do we know if the man can carry a tune? sing a little song? 
and I’m not just talking about “hungry eyes”, I’m talking damn son sing me to sleep because.... a girl would love to know 
anyway... get back to me <3 
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averysaurus · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
So Seb was spotted getting coffee and someone on Reddit pointed out that Winter Soldier has suspenders under his costume
Which caused someone else to point out that all Marvel costumes are weird underneath, for instance Cap’s Winter Soldier costume had a mesh crop top: 
Tumblr media
And then someone else posted Tom Holland getting coffee in his hoodie with his widdle Spiderman feeties sticking out and basically my whole life has been made and I must share my joy with everyone on here 
Tumblr media
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