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#bucky barns x you
flightlessangelwings · 12 minutes ago
Pride Celebration Day 19: Dancing
Sam Wilson x gn!reader x Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 835
Notes/Warnings: Requested by @dyke--grayson​ thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with this one! No warnings really, just pure fluff. I’m not doing taglists for the pride event but the masterlist is pinned to my profile for anything you may have missed.
Tumblr media
It was a sunny afternoon and you were home alone for now. Sam and Bucky were due back later in the evening from their mission, and you decided to spend the day cleaning the house to make it perfect for them. They had been gone for weeks now, and every day you missed them more and more, but today the three of you were finally reuniting. Of course, they called you as much as they could while they were away, but it wasn’t the same as having your boys home with you.
The sun shone brightly through the windows as you put on some music to make cleaning a little more fun. A lively tune played through the speakers and you swayed your hips as you grabbed the duster. You cleaned to the rhythm of the music until there was not a single speck of dust in the whole house, then you grabbed the vacuum and used it as a dance partner as you ran it through the floors.
Next, you moved into the kitchen and did the dishes in the sink before you wiped down the counters. All the time, you sang and danced along to the music that blasted from the living room. The only way it could have been better was if you had Sam and Bucky home with you to join you. Unbeknownst to you, the two men had just walked in the door and called your name.
Sam and Bucky set their bags down and shared a look when you didn’t answer right away. But, the sound of music that echoed through the house quickly told them why you didn’t hear them. They smirked at each other before they moved towards the back of the house where they found you in the kitchen with your back to them.
Both men stood frozen as they were met with the sight of your swaying hips and shimmying shoulders as you remained completely unaware that you were no longer alone. Sam moved first as he quickly made his way to you and put his hands on your hips. You yelped in surprise, but your body relaxed when you spun around and were met with the familiar soft eyes and bright smile that you had missed so much.
“Sam!” you wrapped your arms around him and fell into his embrace. Over his shoulder you saw Bucky, who shared a soft smile with you as he slowly made his way over to the two of you.
“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” Sam whispered into your ear as he held you tightly.
“I missed you so much,” you replied as you broke away from the hug just enough to kiss him before you broke away completely and turned your attention to your other love, “I missed you too,” you addressed Bucky as you gave him a big hug and kiss as well.
“You seemed very heartbroken without us,” Bucky laughed against your skin as he returned your embrace.
“Hey,” you nudged him playfully, “I was getting the house ready for you guys, but I wasn’t expecting you home til later.”
“We wanted to get home to you, baby,” Sam replied.
“And the house looks great, what are you talking about?” Bucky added.
You nervously fiddled with your shirt, “Well, I look a mess too,” you bit your lip as you felt two sets of eyes on you, “I wanted to look all nice for you guys after so long…”
“You look perfect, doll,” Bucky quickly reassured you and Sam agreed. Two two men embraced you on either side and let you nuzzle yourself in between them.
“Hey,” Sam quipped after you all stood in a comfortable quiet for a moment with just the music in the background, “How about a dance?”
You met his gaze and your face lit up with a smile, “That sounds perfect.”
The song playing was a slower one, so the three of you just stayed together while you stayed locked in their arms. It took a few moments to find your rhythm, but once you did the three of you flowed together like you had been doing this your whole lives. In a way, maybe you had because it felt like your life finally started when you met Sam and Bucky. And they absolutely felt the same about you. The three of you were completely together, and none of you would change anything or give up what you had for the world.
The next song was a more upbeat one, and you quickly adjusted to the new rhythm and danced around like you did before. You grabbed both men by the hand and led them around as you danced in the space. Sam burst into laughter, and Bucky joined in right after as they both let you lead them around. Now that they were back, and the three of you danced together without a care in the world, everything felt just right. Like it was just meant to be.
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spideyhexx · 28 minutes ago
moments of affection; b.b.
a/n: this is entirely self indulgent because i feel like blah and im in my feels. also want to say here, even though this is not nsfw, it's still 18+
be sure to let me know what you think! reblogs, comments, and likes are appreciated :)
more writing!
summary; three different moments of affection between you and bucky.
bucky barnes x reader
WARNINGS: a little suggestive at the end but still sfw. alpine. cute bucky. established relationship. work drama.
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
“Oh you won’t believe what went down today,” you announce as soon as you walk through the door and into Bucky’s apartment.
He’s on the couch with Alpine cuddled into his side and he reaches over to pause the show he was watching.
He chuckles at your statement asks, “was it crazier than the other day?”
“WAY crazier, so you remember Hannah right? The new girl that’s working at the front desk? The one that I despise?”
“I remember you told me she always smells like skittles,” Bucky recounts and you nod your head at him.
Hurriedly, you untie your shoelaces and kick off your shoes. You slide your feet underneath yourself as you sit next to Bucky.
“Yes, her! Well she had a fucking meltdown and screamed at my boss during our busiest hour. The cops came and everything.”
“Mmhm, she felt like she wasn’t being treated right because she kept being told to not cut her nails on the desk.” Alpine stretches her paw onto Bucky’s leg and you giggle at her, leaning over him to rub her head.
“Cut her nails on the desk? That’s what it was over.”
Bucky did not think his first conversation with you when he got back from his mission would be about Hannah, the girl you despise, but he is not complaining.
The way your face lights up as you tell him a story is something he always looks forward to.
“Yeah, ridiculous, isn’t it? The cops didn’t really do much, they just stood there and said ‘calm down’ but it did not calm anyone down. Eventually, my boss just said she should pack up and leave.”
Bucky knows you’re still speaking and he is listening, but his mind wanders off into how pretty you look. Your hair is a mess and he wonders when you’ll make a comment about it and try to fix it.
Every time a new thing comes to mind, your eyes light up. He watches as your eyes glance down at Alpine when you take a breath.
“Bucky?” He breaks out of his trance to find you smiling at him.
“Hm?” You scoot over closer to him and lean your head against his shoulder, his arm instinctively wrapping around you.
“Do my rants annoy you?”
“No, I love them. Now, tell did customers react to Hannah’s outburst?”
If there was anything Bucky hates more than his therapy appointments, it’s the doctor. He had been meaning to schedule a check up appointment for some time, but always hesitated.
After a long talk with you and sharing your similar feelings on the doctor visits, he made an appointment.
Now, he sits in the waiting room, his foot tapping and his eyes cast on the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. It doesn’t help that the room is crowded.
No one is looking at him, but he feels like he’s got a spotlight on him. Add onto that the dreary and dull gray walls and the light hum that the lights give off.
You sit in the chair across from him and study his movements. Your gaze does not leave him.
The hope is that he will look up at you but he is determined to keep his stare on the carpet. You feel bad for him.
The nurse told him that you wouldn’t be able to accompany him when he gets called in and that seemed to accelerate his nerves.
“James Barnes?”
A nurse calls his name out and his head shoots up, finally locking eyes with you. He stands and brushes his hands against his pants.
Before he could get past you, you grab his hand. It’s sweaty, like you expected but he still squeezes your hand.
A sigh escapes his mouth when you place a kiss on his knuckles.
You can’t help yourself but kiss his hand a few more times before pulling away.
He’s trying not to smile, but as soon as you do, Bucky can’t suppress the grin on his face. He mouths ‘thank you’ and releases your hand, taking one last glance at you before following the nurse.
The only light illuminating Bucky’s kitchen at this very moment was your laptop on the counter as you type away.
You wish you could join him on the couch, but you need to get work done and sitting next to him would just result with you in his lap.
It isn’t long before you lose your focus watch as Bucky stands up to stretch.
Only a shirt and his boxers cover him but when he stretches his arms up, you can see a little bit of his back. It sends a rush of heat all over your body and as he turns his head, you snap your focus back to your work.
A deep chuckle rings through your ears.
“I can go to another room if I’m too distracting,” Bucky teases as he makes his way into the kitchen. He pours himself some water, a smirk stuck onto his face.
“It’s not my fault that you’re so handsome,” you say and he chuckles again, moving to stand behind you. Bucky leans his hands onto the counter, his lips right by your ear. He kisses beneath your earlobe.
“Bucky…” you trail off as he takes your earlobe into his mouth and sucks lightly on it. It tickles you and you laugh, feeling him begin to smile as well.
"What? I'm just loving my girl," he mumbles, leaning his head down to place kisses on your neck.
His mouth moves leisurely, the obscene noises of his mouth do nothing to ease your growing pleasure.
Your head falls back against his shoulder, giving him more access to your neck, but he pulls away.
“Are my lips too chapped?” You turn your head to look at him, raising an eyebrow.
“What? No, they’re perfect, just keep-”
His mouth his back on you, this time his movements are more aggressive.
He sucks at a spot under your jaw that never fails to make you whimper for him. One of his hands finds its way to your hip, squeezing it, then drifting to grip your thigh.
“Maybe you should take a break, doll.” You close your laptop as soon as the words leave his lips.
You spin around and pull him by his collar closer to you.
His lips brush against yours, the taste of him already so intriguing. You don’t know why you’re hesitating, but Bucky seems to notice and he smirks.
“You gonna do it, or what?” His words sink into you. One more tug of his collar and his lips are locked on yours.
Bucky laughs, but it’s muffled through the kiss. Without another thought, you bite gently onto his bottom lip. His hands falter against you and he angles his head to kiss you deeper.
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buckysbrattybug · 37 minutes ago
Hi! Can I request a fic where daddy!bucky punishes little!reader by tickling her bc he feels bad for hurting her last time?
“daddy, no!” you wail as he carries you back to the bedroom for yet another punishment.
“you’ve got to stop misbehaving, angel.” he growls, placing you down on the bed much more gently than usual. you cock your head in confusion at him and he smirks, tying your wrists and ankles to the bedposts as you thrash and scream.
huh, this is new.
you frown as he brings his fingers down to your body slowly, tracing them along your sides as light as a feather. you try to jerk your body away from him, the soft touch sending shivers all over your body, every nerve alight.
“don’t do that!”
“this is your punishment, doll.” he chides, ghosting his fingers over every sensitive part of your body and setting your nerve endings on fire.
he doesn’t let up until you’re screaming and sobbing and howling.
“please, daddy! ‘m sorry, please stop! ‘m so sorry!” you wail and he shushes you, cooing softly.
“i know, i know. you’re all done, sweetheart.” he croons, untying you gently, “you took your punishment so well, baby girl.”
you curl up on his lap as soon as you’re free of your restraints, eyes drooping closed as you rest against bucky’s chest. he lays you down next to him in the bed, holding you close as you struggle to stay conscious. this punishment is even more mentally taxing and physically tiring than spanking.
“don’t fight it, just sleep.” bucky’s reassuring voice rasps in your ear and you smile sleepily, easily falling into a dreamless sleep with his arms enveloping you, keeping you safe and protected.
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jobean12-blog · 43 minutes ago
Boys in Bed with Books (2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 749
Summary: You distract Bucky while he’s reading in bed. 
Author’s Note: Here’s the second drabble for Boys in Bed with Books. Thank you again to my friend @theycallmebecca for her inspo and everyone for reading! I may have gotten a little carried away here...😏 Enjoy and thank you all SO MUCH for your support! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: light teasing and flirting, oral sex (f rec), face sitting, smut (18+ ONLY PLEASE!!!)
If you want to read Part 1 with Andy Barber click here 
Gif not mine: Thank you so much to @dianaofthemyscira
Just imagine he’s sweaty for a good reason here (NO NIGHTMARES! 🥺)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You secure your towel before walking out of the bathroom. Bucky is sprawled out on the bed wearing nothing but the sheet. His legs are spread wide and his metal hand rests behind his head while the other holds his book.
You pause in the doorway and take him in, all six feet of him. Biting your lip to stop yourself from voicing your lascivious thoughts you walk to the dresser and grab your moisturizer. The towel drops to the floor and you slowly massage the lotion onto your arms and legs.
The sound of Bucky’s dog tags clanking together makes you turn to face him, his eyes no longer on the book in his hand. You smile and continue moisturizing, keeping your demeanor nonchalant.
“What are you reading Bucky?” you ask, focusing on the task at hand.
He doesn’t answer you right away and when you lift your gaze you can see the hard outline of his cock through the thin sheet. You raise your eyebrows as you wait for his answer.
“The Hobbit,” he murmurs, giving you one last once over before going back to the words on the page.
When you’re done you hang up your towel and grab one of his shirts, before walking to the bed. It dips under your weight and you climb up his legs, straddling his waist and twirling your fingers around the chain of his dog tags.
“I thought you read that when it first came out?” you tease, rocking your hips.
He drops the book to the bed and brings his hands up to settle at your waist.
“I did,” he counters, his jaw clenched tight. “It’s one of my favorites though.”
“I know,” you pout, leaning down and pressing your bare chest to his, “but you can take a break right?”
His dog tags are cold against your heated skin and you squeal. He traps you against him and rolls his hips, grinding himself between your legs.
“What kind of a break baby doll?” he asks, his lips brushing yours.
You place soft kisses along his jaw and down his neck, bringing your mouth up to the shell of his ear to whisper, “a snack break maybe.”
“You have something for me doll face?” he simpers, licking his lips.
With feigned innocence you grab the headboard and crawl up his chest. He slides down onto the bed and rests his head on the pillow, grabbing your hips and pulling you up and over his face. His fingers massage your skin in a slow and deliberate pattern as he trails wet kisses along your inner thighs.
You grab his hair and give it a tug, silently urging him closer. He laughs and his hot breath tickles your sensitive skin.
“Bucky,” you whine, scraping your nails over his scalp.
He dips his tongue inside you, teasingly, just enough to have you moaning before he pulls it away. Your fingers leave his hair and curl around the headboard, desperate for more. His grip on your hips tightens and he drags you further down onto his mouth, flicking your clit with his tongue before coating it in your wetness.
He hums at the taste of you, alternating between softly sucking and licking. His beard rubs against the soft skin of your inner thighs and you press down harder onto his face, his loud moan vibrating right through you.
His metal hand leaves your hip and you turn to see him stroking his hard cock, the combination of the sight and his mouth making your thighs start to shake. Warmth spreads through you as your hips jerk over his face and you soak his mouth and chin.
It doesn’t stop his tongue as he slowly slides it over your swollen clit, the whirring sound of his metal arm getting louder as he pumps himself faster. With a low growl you feel him tremble beneath you and watch as his cum paints his abs.
You lift your leg and move off his face, kissing your way down his chest to run your tongue over his abs and lick them clean.
“Oh, fuck baby girl,” he pants, tracing his tongue over his lips as he watches you.
You sit back, crawling up his body and resting your hands on his chest as you slide your wetness along his cock. His metal hand reaches up and wraps around your throat, squeezing lightly.
“I want to watch you come apart while you ride my cock baby doll.”
Tumblr media
@addikted-2-dopamine @book-dragon-13 @drabblewithfrannybarnes @eurynome827 @hiddles-rose @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876 @loricameback @lookiamtrying @lauraterveen @marvelgirl7 @nano--raptor​ @randomfandompenguin @nahthanks​ @white-wolf1940​ @starlightcrystalline​ @that-little-zebunny​​
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loving-all-for-loki · 44 minutes ago
So I have an idea for a series so here’s a little promo for it. I’ll be posting the first chapter soon-ish!
Voiceless Love:
Summary: Y/N is the newest member of the Avengers. Being a selective mute, she struggles to fit in and trust the other members, but Bucky and Loki are the opposite. They struggle as they both fall in love with the quiet reader.
Loki x reader, Bucky x reader
Series warning: Depression, anxiety, fluff, implied smut, smut, family loss, angst
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forever-rogue · 54 minutes ago
aight, i'm just editing and reviewing, and then soon the bucky smut will be posted 😌
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buckysbrattybug · 2 hours ago
i don't know if my ask got eaten by tumblr bc that tends to happen a lot but i'll send it again for bratty saturday :)
reader and steve are bucky's mommy and daddy and bucky had a really bad nightmare so he's extra clingy and sad, then steve and reader make him feel better... just a lot of fluffyness :)
“mommy.” bucky croaks, trudging over to you and collapsing into your lap.
“what’s the matter, bubba?”
“bad dweam, mommy.”
“oh, poor baby. let me snuggle you, sweet boy.” you coo, enveloping him in your arms and letting him cling to you, arms hooked around your waist and face in the crook of your neck.
“stevie, get in here!” you call and moments later, steve appears around the corner, immediately hopping in to your cuddle session, one arm around you and one around bucky.
“what’s the matter, baby boy?” steve asks gently, kissing his jaw softly.
“bad dweam, daddy.” bucky whimpers, close to tears as you card your fingers through his hair.
“shh, you’re okay. we’ve got you, angel.” you whisper. he grumbles quietly, face completely hidden in the safety of you.
for the entire day, bucky’s attached to one of you at all times — head on your lap whilst you’re watching tv, eyes closed as you thread your fingers through his dark locks; attached to steve like a koala as he sits in his office sorting through paperwork, sitting in his lap with his head on his shoulder. he just seems — deflated. like something’s gnawing away at him.
so you and steve order in bucky’s favourite food, setting up a fort in the living room and picking out his favourite movie to watch. when he traipses into the room with his head hung low, his eyes widen as he takes in what you and steve have set up for him, and his eyes fill with tears.
“m-mommy?” his eyes meet yours, completely bewildered.
“we know you’re not feeling so good today, baby. so we wanted to cheer you up.”
he launches himself at you both, sobbing softly, but this time they’re tears of joy.
so you spend the rest of the evening cuddled up together, eating and watching movies with your favourite boys.
everything is perfect.
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slenbee · 2 hours ago
Recent Works
WinterFrost - Bucky x Loki - Discord Link
Animal Therapy - G
Tides That Bind - Explicit - 18 + ONLY - Merman!Bucky AU
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Old Man Tony Stark - Mature
Something New - Explicit - 18+ ONLY
Something Old - Explicit - 18+ ONLY
Sunshine - Explicit - 18+ ONLY - Merman!Bucky x Reader - tumblr post
Asks, comments, likes, and kudo’s are what keep me going! <3
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darke-15 · 2 hours ago
Chapter 48 // SHADOW BOXING
Dropping Sunday, June 20 @ 12:00am
Are you caught up?
┍━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━┑
“You shot me!”
“I didn’t mean to!”
“You shot me three times!”
“You two look exactly the same!”
┕━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━┙
Tumblr media
» Chapter 47 // Trigger Finger «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | » Darke15
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buckysbrattybug · 3 hours ago
Imagine Daddy!Sam introduces you to uncle Bucky and uncle Steve but your so deep into your little space that you hide your face in his shirt and hide behind him until Bucky and Steve say they brought a gift for you.
Tumblr media
^^^ sammy i’m in love w u
“say hi, angel.” sam coaxes you out from behind him, but as soon as you catch the other two men’s gazes, you retreat back into the safety behind your daddy, whining quietly. you bury your face into his shirt, your face heating up as you hear bucky and steve laugh softly at you.
“sweet pea.” sam chides and your hold on him tightens.
“we brought you something, little one.” bucky coos, peering around sam to look at you. your eyes peek out to meet his and you gaze at him curiously. “c’mere.” he beckons and you timidly walk towards him. steve reaches into his bag, pulling out a falcon stuffy that looks exactly like your daddy. you gasp softly as steve hands it to you and smile.
“tank you! daddy, look!” you thrust the stuffy towards sam and he chuckles.
“yeah, baby.”
“‘s you!” you’re absolutely bewildered, eyes like saucers as you gaze at the stuffy with absolute adoration. “i lub it! tank u!”
“you’re welcome, little one.” steve chuckles and you giggle at him.
“daddy!” you laugh. “lookit. ‘s my favouwite one now!”
“oh, baby. you’re so cute.” sam coos, lifting you onto his hip and kissing your cheek lovingly. you squeal, clinging to him happily as you clutch your stuffy to your chest. you couldn’t possibly get any more adorable.
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wintervvidow · 3 hours ago
apricity one-shot: the time florence got shot
apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter
warnings: gunshot wound, blood mention, mature language
pairing: bucky barnes x female oc
word count: 2,027
A/N: apricity will have a series of installments of one-shots to give in-depth glimpses of bucky, florence, and their story! this is one. thank you for reading! feedback is welcome!
Bucharest, Romania. 1990
Eight months into the year-long recon mission.
Florence wasn’t a stranger to the searing pain of a gunshot wound or the stinging radiation of a stab wound. She’s taken too many bullets to count, patching herself up in dingy bathrooms, dark back alleys, and now a safe house in Romania.
She stumbled through the barren apartment leaving a trail of blood, the Soldier nowhere to be found. She pushed the bathroom door open with bloody hands, her footing messily stumbled to the sink as she felt hot blood ooze down her hip. She tore off her tactical vest the bullet had managed to go through and peeled the sticky shirt off of her abdomen, the blood making the fabric stick to her skin uncomfortably. Gritting her teeth, she swiped an alcohol pad up the trail of blood, the movement ending at the entry wound.
The bottle of liquor was in front of her on the sink, leftover from the soldier when he had gotten stabbed the week before. She took the bottle in her hand, the glass smearing with blood, and shakily twisted the cap off and taking a long swig before she poured it on the wound. Florence yelped in pain, biting her shirt to quiet her moans of pain and to keep it out of her way. She places the bottle back down on the sink, the glass meeting the porcelain with a clink. 
She fishes the tweezers out of the first-aid kit and runs them under the tap, the blood loss not giving her the energy to properly clean them. A deep breath in and then the metal enters the wound, blindly poking and prodding her flesh to try to find the slug of the bullet. Florence bites down on the blood-soaked fabric of her shirt so hard she’s afraid she’ll fracture her own jaw, her hands shaking so uncontrollably that she drops the tweezers into the sink. The shirt drops from her mouth as she leans against the porcelain, catching her reflection in the mirror as she drops her head and takes a deep breath in, closing her eyes.
Something shuffles behind her, she lifts her head slowly to look in the reflection of the mirror behind her. The soldier looms in the doorway, his broad figure taking up the entire space of the door as his eyes scanned the bloody mess of the bathroom. If Florence wasn’t so delirious from the blood loss, she would have noticed the panicked rise and fall of his chest or the mixture of concern, relief, and anger swimming in his eyes as he finally took in her slumped form. 
The soldier enters the cramped bathroom without a word and picked the bloody tweezers from the floor. His hand meets Florence’s elbow, gently guiding her to sit on the closed toilet lid, ker skin was paling by the second from blood loss. Bucky reaches in front of her and grabs the whiskey, pouring it over the tweezers. He fishes around the first-aid kit for what, Florence doesn’t know, too busy trying to keep herself upright and not falling onto the floor. The last thing she wanted was for the soldier to carry her out of here like she was helpless.
The soldier found what he was looking for, busying himself with threading a needle to stitch up the wound once he got the bullet out. He hid the shake of his hands well, swallowing down the anxiety that settled in his bones. The thought of something happening to Florence sparked a fire inside if him that would never die out, the embers would always be lit even if it was only a dying ash. Bucky has killed for much less, he wouldn't bat an eye to do it for Florence, it would be the only time he would wash blood from his hands and not end up in a fit of panic. The length Bucky would go for her knew no end, he'd go to the ends of the earth. 
He laid out gauze and pads along the sink edge, much more prepared than Florence. He could probably patch up a bullet wound in his sleep, only if he ever did sleep. Florence tiredly watches Bucky as he turns toward her with tweezers in hand, his stormy eyes never meeting hers and his jaw clenching angrily and shoulders tensing, his body rigid. The girl didn’t have the energy to indulge in his anger, she didn’t understand why he was even angry in the first place.
Bucky set the tweezers down on the edge of the sink, his hands dropping down to his belt, fingers working at the buckle. Florence watched in confusion as he undid his belt, metal and flesh fingers sliding it through the belt loops of his dark jeans. He wrapped the leather around his hand before sliding it off and motioning the folded leather towards her mouth, nodding for her to bite down on it. 
He picks up the tweezers again and kneels in front of her on one knee, looking at her in a silent apology before he plunges the metal into her flesh. Florence bites down on the leather, eyes screwing shut as she balls her hands up in fists in her lap. Bucky continues to dig, the tweezers hitting a particularly tender spot, Florence’s hand flying to his shoulder and clutching his navy blue shirt, causing the man to pause for a moment and take a deep breath. The tweezers finally catch on something solid, Bucky pulling the bullet out quickly and pushing gauze to the wound as he drops the blood-soaked bullet into the sink, blood splattering across the ivory porcelain.
Florence drops the belt from her mouth, watching as it falls the ground between her and Bucky, who still kept pressure on the wound. 
Bucky reaches across himself to grab the needle, finally speaking, “Hold the gauze.” His tone is cold and sharp, a night and day difference from the look in his eyes that expressed that he was scared and worried. Florence could usually read him like a book but now that book had slammed closed and locked itself away. 
Florence places her hand over his as she takes over holding the gauze, Bucky sterilizing the needle with the remaining liquor in the bottle. He'd have to buy another tomorrow. 
He turns back, fingers prying at her hand to remove the bloody padding as he began to stitch the wound closed, not bothering to warn Florence of the sting of the needle, this was her payback for making him feel like his entire world was ending at the fear of losing her. Only she didn't know that.
Time passed slowly as Bucky stitched her up, Florence gaining more awareness as she watched Bucky’s jaw tick, “I didn’t ask you to help me, so why are you mad? Is it the mess?” Blood was everywhere leading to and in the bathroom, she remembered their first month in the apartment, the soldier had yelled at her about her leaving a dish in the sink, something about not leaving a trace that they had been there. She called him paranoid then and she immediately regretted it when the look on his face read like she had just slapped him. 
The soldier clipped the thread and started a new stitch, shaking his head, “No.”
Florence huffed, wincing as the needle plunged through her flesh again, sharp and pulling, “Then what’s wrong with you?”
“You should have been more careful.” Bucky spoke with a clipped tone, not daring to look up at her. If he did, he's afraid he'd crumble right on the floor in front of her. 
If breathing didn’t feel like her sternum was going to crack, Florence would have laughed, “Are you kidding? You got stabbed last week and I didn’t say a word.” The soldier had entered the apartment at 3 in the morning clutching his side with one hand, a bottle of whiskey in the other and a sour scowl on his face. Florence sat awake on the sofa, she was waiting for him to get home, her anxiety growing as the clock continued to tick, and watched as he stumbled to the bathroom and locked the door. She didn't follow but heard the muttered curses through the thin peeling walls. She didn't sleep at all that night. 
Bucky huffed as he finished up the final stitch, “That was different.”
Anger pooled in the girl’s eyes, “Please explain to me how that is different. Enlighten me.”
Blue finally met green, both staring at each other intensely, “It’s different because you are the one that got shot. You should have let me handle the mission today.”
This time Florence did laugh, ignoring the searing pain it sent through her entire body, “You know what? Fuck you. We were sent here to do a mission, that’s what I was doing. Do not treat me like I’m glass.”
Bucky immediately regretted partaking in this argument, he should have stayed quiet, otherwise, right now his feelings wouldn’t be bubbling to the surface, “I never said you were glass. I should have gone with you, protected you.”
All bets were off, Florence’s nerves were fried- frayed and raw and he had just rubbed salt in the wound, “Protected me?! I don’t need protecting! I got shot, end of story.” This conversation sparked a fire in Florence, everything she had been bottling up threatening to explode, taking multiple casualties in its path with no mercy. They were both going to drown in the emotion flooding the air between them. 
That was Bucky’s final straw, his jaw ticked, eyes widened and suddenly he was yelling, voice bouncing of the confined walls of the dingy bathroom, “No! Not end of story! When I walked in, I saw a trail of blood and thought the worst, I thought I had lost you, Florence!”
Time froze, Florence’s brain malfunctioning as Bucky’s words sunk in, “You know my name.” All eight months, he called her soldier, never anything else. She silently prayed that eventually he'd recognize her, give her a dose of before, before all of this, and now it was finally happening. She watched as the soldier stood in front of her, his eyebrows furrowed and mouth parted like he had just gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. 
The two stared in silence before he spoke again, his tone significantly quieter as it trembled and shook with emotion, “I'll forget my own before I ever forget yours." Tears brimmed his eyes, "I remembered it last week. Along with a few more things I can’t place.”
Florence had been off the ice considerably longer than Bucky had before this mission, her memory had already come back to her in chunks. All of him. All of Bucky. Everything.
“What-,” Florence gulped, “What things?” Florence pleaded internally that it wasn’t what she was dreading. 
"A ring? All I remember was that it was emerald. I never see the girl I give it to, it’s too blurry. And a pregnant woman? That one is the most confusing.”
Oh fuck.
Florence now had a vendetta with the universe. 
Florence weighed her options of telling him the truth or lying to him, opting to tell him the truth. She settled on only one truth today, she couldn’t handle the other one, not now, “The ring was mine. You and I were together before this. We were engaged, you proposed right before you left for England in the war.”
Bucky only looked at her, a distant look in his eyes, “Oh.” That’s all he had to say, choosing to remain silent as he walked out of the bathroom, leaving Florence to fight the demons herself.
She twisted the lock on the door, slid down to the ground, and sobbed, not caring that Bucky could definitely hear her.  Screaming at the universe or any higher being, she begged them to listen, pleading for something, anything. Death, escape, to wake up from this nightmare. 
None of it was fair.
That night, Bucky and Florence slept through the night in the same bed for the first time, finding temporary peace in each other’s arms. 
Tumblr media
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Lucky charm [Bucky Barnes x Reader] - Requested
Tumblr media
Title: Lucky charm Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader Word count: 3k Published: 19 June 2021 Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Notes: 1940s Bucky and I'm lowkey proud of this fic ^^ Warnings: Mention of dinner, alcohol Summary: When you first meet Bucky, you only see a man drooling over woman, running after anyone with a skirt. But he captures you immediately and you can’t find it in you to reason with yourself. Before his mission you decide to give him a ‘lucky charm’ hoping for his successful return. Inspired: [x] by a title ask I have received from @nuttytani Request: [x] Prompts requested by @nuttytani for my celebration event.
Bucky Barnes x Reader Fluff #4 - “Did… did you just kiss me?” Fluff #11 - "Your bed hair is really adorable.” Fluff #12 - "Aw, you’re blushing.”
Marvel Characters Masterlist | Masterlists
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Tumblr media
It was a chilly late evening as you walked across London's streets with Peggy Carter on your side, heading to Whip and Fiddle. You had better things to do then to chase some American superhero, but after hours of convincing from Peggy, you finally gave in. As an independent agent currently working with the British Forces in England, it was now your duty to follow Agent Carter around as though you were her lapdog. You liked the woman, you had nothing against helping her, but you hated useless missions and you especially despised following orders that made no sense to you. Agent Carter was a highly respected member of the Strategic Scientific Reserve with more than enough training to be able to protect herself. Still, you walked beside her on that chilly evening, following her diligently towards a pub you didn't even want to go near, to meet some superhero you didn't even care about.
"Could you keep sighing any louder?" She chuckled lightly, knowing how much you hated following people around.
"I understand how important your presence is, but I did not sign up to be a babysitter. No offence," you exhaled sharply, feeling useless in your situation.
"None taken," she smiled sweetly. "I understand how frustrating it can be, but if you are stuck with me, you could very well lighten up a bit," she winked, trying to lift your mood.
"We are heading to a pub full of drunk people who will stare at us as though we were their prey. I can't seem to understand why any of that should make me lighten up," you scoffed as you adjusted the gun tucked into the band of your skirt behind your back.
"I'm not saying you have to have fun, but think of today as a well-deserved vacation," she tried again, earning a deadpan look from you.
"This is most certainly the farthest possible option from a vacation I'd envision," you huffed as Peggy stepped into the bar, her head held high, attracting people's attention. As you looked around, you had to wander if instead of a pub, you might have missed the direction and stepped into a zoo. Men were shamelessly drooling over Peggy as she walked across the little room, hips swaying in her crimson red dress as she headed towards another adjoining room. Rolling your eyes, you followed her, trying to listen to the sound of your own high heels, hoping it would avert your growing anger from the animals hiding in human bodies.
"Captain," you heard her voice calling for the superhero, a flirtatious tone behind her words. You could barely swallow the chuckle that threatened to erupt from your lungs. Peggy was anything but subtle about her interest in the man.
"Agent Carter," he replied, his tone holding confidence. You stepped inside the adjourning room, leaning against the doorframe with your arms crossed in front of your chest as you caught sight of the Captain with a slight blush across his cheeks, his eyes awkwardly studying every inch of the Agent, the confidence in his voice barely reflecting his nervous state. If it wasn't for your training, you would have missed it. The Captain could have seemed confident to a simple bystander, he could have fooled anyone, but to you, the way he fidgeted with his hands under his sleeve, the frequent, long bobbing of his Adam's apple and the tiny sweat drops on his forehead gave him away. The man was more than interested in Peggy.
But you couldn't hear the rest of their conversation, nor did you care as you already knew about their mission. Your attention however was more occupied when you caught sight of the man beside the superhero, his broad shoulders and confident stance projecting power. For a second you thought you liked what you saw, but that was only until you realised his eyes hungrily running over the Agent's figure, shamelessly staring at her curves. You imitated a gagging sound, more to yourself than for anyone to see.
"I see your top squad is prepping for duty," Peggy spoke up, referring to the drunken team members across the pub, but her eyes stayed intensely attached to the Captain.
"You don't like music?" The other man cut in before Rogers could reply, his eyes almost undressing Peggy.
"I do actually," she replied, her gaze never leaving the Captain's as though they were the only ones in the room. "I might— when this is all over— go dancing," she added suggestively, hoping Rogers would understand her indications. But before he could have said anything, the other man once again interrupted them.
"Then what are we waiting for?" He asked, clearly not understanding Peggy's interest in the Captain. You found it both humorous and somewhat pathetic.
"The right partner," she replied, her gaze watching the superhero with an inviting gaze, her words causing a loud fit of laughter to erupt from your lungs, this time having no time to stop it. All three heads turned to you with a questioning look as you tried to hide your laughter behind your palm.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt the show, please feel free to continue," you snickered as you removed an escaped drop of tear from the corner of your eyes, your vision slightly blurred. It took you a good few seconds to calm down, but as you finally regained yourself and lifted your gaze, in that instance, you felt the air get knocked out of your chest as you caught the other man's mischievous blue eyes. A charming grin started spreading across his face, turning into a rather cocky smile.
"Where have you been hiding this pretty little thing?" He asked his friend, but his eyes never left yours. With slow steps he headed in your direction, his smirk growing wider, hypnotising you. You have seen a few too many good-looking people throughout your career, but as you stood in front of the Captain's friend, you had to admit, he was possibly the most handsome man you have ever met. He stopped right in front of you, barely leaving any gap between you as he sneaked his fingers around your hand. "If you don't mind, I would like to introduce myself. James Buchanan Barnes," he spoke as he hinted a small kiss on the back of your hand, his eyes attached to yours, watching every single tiny movement you could have made. "But you can call me Bucky," he smirked.
"James it is then," you added with a tiny smile in the corner of your lips as you introduced yourself as well, earning a deep chuckle from Bucky.
"What a beautiful name. I have a feeling we will get along just fine," he replied even more confidently than before, gently squeezing your hand that he was still holding onto. "Would you like to drink something? I would be honoured to get to know you better," he held his hand out towards the bar, as though he was offering you anything you could ever ask for. But the playful little glint in his eyes reminded you to be cautious. You knew the type of man he was, running after anyone with a skirt.
"If I didn't think you were a gentleman, I'd believe your intentions are anything but pure and innocent," you raised a questioning brow.
"For you I would become a priest," he replied as he licked across his lower lip, his cocky smirk never faltering.
"And how many times have you used that line before?" You asked, squinting suspiciously.
"It's the first time," he nodded proudly.
"I'm inclined to believe you have offered to become various things to various women," you bit on your bottom lip playfully, his intense gaze burning your cheeks as his eyes wandered to your lips.
"But never a priest," he wiggled his brows playfully, earning a loud chuckle from you as you shook your head.
"Unfortunately, we have to leave," Peggy added with a small smile.
"You forced me to come with you and told me to have fun and when I finally enjoy myself, you want to drag me away?" You asked with a mischievous smile as you took a quick glance at the woman, before you focused your attention on Bucky again. "Well, unfortunately she is right. We have to take care of a couple of other things, before your briefing tomorrow," you added as you watched his eyes grow wider.
"Agent?" Peggy called for you, Bucky's head whipping around in a swift motion.
"Agent?" He asked, stunned as he turned back to you. "Will you be at the meeting?" He asked as he finally started to process your title.
"Wouldn't miss it," you smiled, pulling your hand out of his hold and walked out of the bar with Peggy on your side, without even glancing back at the mischievous man.
"James, huh?" Peggy offered you a knowing look, earning a scoff from you.
"Hey, I'm not planning on marrying him, but he is certainly good to look at," you shrugged, trying to hide your smile and regain your usually strict features, but you found it rather difficult.
"I didn't say anything," she replied after a moment of silence as she studied your face, a small smile growing across her pretty face.
"Stop staring at me, Agent," you said, but she didn't seem to care about your 'polite' request, she just kept smiling to herself, which left you groaning.
As the next morning arrived, the meeting room of the headquarters filled up with people. There were soldiers, sergeants, agents, captains, and everyone that basically mattered and had anything to do with the upcoming mission. It was rather packed, and you didn't want to take a seat between the two generals who had a spitting problem, so instead you leaned against the wall and waited for some of the missing members to arrive whilst studying your notes.
Reading through some of the key orders in your notebook, you lost yourself in planning some tactics. Your mind was so occupied when a man decided to stand beside you, inch by inch reducing the proximity.
"Morning," you heard a deep voice and immediately looked up, meeting Bucky's eyes. He wore a lazy, lopsided smile, his hair a mess, his eyes seemingly too tired to stay open.
"Aw, long night?" You asked, smirking at the man as a low growl left his lungs.
"Don't even. I can't even remember how much I drank. I'm surprised I didn't wake up in a hospital," he huffed, earning a chuckle from you. "I feel like shit," he scoffed as he closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. "Sorry about the language," he quickly apologised for his swearing.
"Well, if it makes you feel any better, your bed hair is really adorable," you smirked up at him as his eyes shot open, meeting your twinkling gaze. "Oh my, you're blushing," you snickered at the faint pink colour covering his cheeks.
"Adorable?" He asked with a questioningly arched brow. "That is not something a man likes to hear," he pouted, his face contorting in a grimace, but if anything, his childish sulking was even cuter.
"Men and their big ego," you heaved a heavy sigh as you turned back to your notes, the corner of your mouth curving into a tiny smile as you scribbled down some ideas. But Bucky wasn't done yet.
"It's not that it's a bad word, but a man wants to feel handsome, masculine, and sexy. If you said my bed hair was sexy, I would have liked it more," he offered you a challenging gaze as though he wanted you to repeat his words, but you weren't about to give in.
"Barnes, is it?" You asked, though you knew his name already, you couldn't have forgotten. "A second before I complimented you, you said you felt like shit and I could have gone and said you looked like actual shit, but I was being kind. So, if I were you, I would just accept the compliment and put a lock on my mouth," you offered him a faux smile and turned back to your notes.
"Feisty," he chuckled at your monologue. Leaning down to you, his lips caressed the shell of your ear, making you shiver. "I like that," he said with a smug grin across his face as he pulled away, making you roll your eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. But you couldn't stop the tiny little butterflies from appearing in the pit of your stomach, nor could you halt your heart from starting off at a heavy pace and your cheeks feeling warmer.
Without any further comment from either of you, the meeting has begun, your complete attention focusing on all the details you dotted down. You could have sworn Bucky's eyes fell on you repeatedly, but you ignored his gaze and forced yourself to listen to every word the generals discussed, trying to ignore the distraction Bucky's presence beside you caused.
The meeting finished fairly quickly and after most of the attendees left the room, you decided to head to your office, Bucky trailing behind you in a healthy distance.
"Can I help you," you asked as you turned around to face him, his steps halting. He wore a wide smirk as his eyes met yours, but no words left his lips, not even a sound. "Well, that is helpful," you scoffed as you turned around and continued your way to your office.
As soon as you arrived, you left the door open and sat down behind your desk, rearranging some of your documents. Bucky entered the room as well, not even waiting for an invitation. He knew you left the door open for him, he didn't debate that.
"Are you planning on speaking, or do you find enjoyment in staring at me?" you raised a brow questioningly, earning a half-scoff, half-laugh from him.
"Actually, I do enjoy looking at you," he shrugged nonchalantly. "It's a beautiful view."
"Oh, please, has that line ever worked?" You laughed as you shook your head.
"Never tried before, but from your expression, it seems it is," he wiggled his brows playfully, before he took a seat in the chair across your table. "Regardless of my shameful staring, I did have a question for you," he added, making you frown.
"Okay, what would that be?" You asked as you leaned forward and propped your elbows on the table, placing your chin in your palm as you waited for him to speak.
"I was wondering—," he started, but paused momentarily, "if you'd let me take you out for dinner," he said, his eyes watching you intently, for a moment even making you forget your own name.
"Erm—," you cleared your throat as you looked at the watch on your wrist. "Don't you have a mission to attend to in about 5 hours from now?" You asked.
"After the mission, of course," he chuckled playfully, though you could see his nerves, the way he fidgeted with his fingers, regardless of how confident he showed himself to be.
"You are going to have to return first," you offered him a playful smile, though deep down you didn't even want to think of a scenario where he didn't return.
"I will, if you say yes," he gave you a questioning look.
"That's not very fair," you chuckled at his silliness.
"I never said I play fair," he bit on his lower lip, impatiently waiting for an answer.
"Fine, but you better prepare your pocket, I like my food," you said, earning a wholehearted laughter from him.
"I will keep that in mind," he replied, his gaze lost in yours, for a moment just enjoying your presence beside him. Your heartbeat pulsed in your ears, your palms felt sweaty. You wanted to say something, but before you could, he quickly cleared his throat, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. "I should go," a nervous chuckle left his lungs as he stood up from your table and headed towards the exit. A part of you wanted to stop him and tell him to return safely, whilst the other felt too proud to move or even let out a sound.
But your pride quickly got shoved to the back of your mind as your legs moved on their own. Standing up from your table, you quickly closed the distance between you and grabbed his wrist, turning him around. A shocked expression sat across his face, but you didn't wait for him to steady himself. Standing on your tiptoes, you cupped his face and pressed your lips against his. He gasped into the kiss, but he quickly collected himself, his arms sneaking around your waist, pulling you closer as he enjoyed the feel of your soft lips against his chapped ones, the warm and slow touch you offered him, your thumbs caressing his cheeks as his fingers drew small circles on your lower back.
As you parted, his cheeks were painted in a darker shade of pink, his lips falling open, shock clearly written across his face. "Did... did you just kiss me?" He asked as his small, but proud smile grew wider.
"Well, I'm not sure what you call it in America, but in England, yes, it is called a kiss," you snickered.
"Why?" He questioned, stunned, his arms still wrapped around you as your hands rested on his chest. He didn't want to let you go, he didn't want to go back to reality. But you didn't mind. You had to admit, it was too comfortable to get lost in his arms, enjoying his strong hold around you.
"Take it as a lucky charm so you can return in one piece," you giggled, slightly nervous about your boldness, but his increasing grin made your nerves settle.
"There's nothing that can stop me from coming back," he said, his smile radiating positivity, making your cheeks flush. He leaned down and pecked your lips, only for a moment, before he pulled back.
"Good," you replied as he let go of you, but reached for your hand to kiss the back of it, his eyes still connected to yours, keeping your attention only to himself. "Good luck," you breathed softly, earning a playful wink from him, before he turned around and left you in your office, giggling to yourself as though you were a child once again.
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fandombroker · 3 hours ago
Incorrect Stucky x Y/n
Steve : Why are you on the floor?
Bucky : I'm depressed...
Bucky : Also, I was stabbed. Can you get Y/n, please.
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agentofbarnes · 3 hours ago
First I just want to say your masterlist is the stuff of dreams 🥲 I want to live forever in each of your AUs. 🥰
Can I request a trinity au idea? Maybe one of the trio (reader?) is feeling a little left out and at like a gala or party someone is flirting with them and because they’ve been in weird headspace they entertain it a little and the other two are just like oh heck no this one is ours thank you and just picks them up and carries them out
left out — stucky
warnings || angst, flirting, sad!reader, fluff
Tumblr media
You didn’t often felt left out, but for some reason, Bucky and Steve seemed to be playing favorites with each other. It had started when you went on mission with Natasha. You had been gone for two weeks and the boys had seemed to get in this routine of just being them.
Maybe you were just being insecure, but when you found them cuddled up in Bucky’s small bed with no room for you, you felt sadness wash over you. You guys always slept in Steve’s room, his bed was the biggest and fit you all perfectly. Why had they fallen asleep without you?
What you didn’t know was that this was purely an accident. Steve had gone in to get Bucky and they had just fallen asleep talking about what they wanted to get you for the upcoming anniversary.
Then there was shower sex they had the next morning, or how they went shopping the next couple days without you. They went on a whole date without you and you were just...depressed at this point.
Steve had been the first to notice you had been distant. It was the night before the gala and you had slept in your own room in a mess of blankets. Not that Steve knew this since you had locked your door. Bucky had asked where you were when Steve had come to bed.
“Something’s wrong,”Steve said with a frown, eyebrows pressed together.”FRIDAY said she’s asleep, but her door is locked. Did..did something happen?”
“I dunno, she hasn’t been very talkative since she got back from the mission,”Bucky sighed, worry now racking through his body.”You think FRIDAY would let us in?”
“No, I already asked.”
Neither of them barely got any sleep, and where morning finally came, you stayed locked in your room with only Natasha helping you getting ready for the gala. They didn’t see you until that night.
Tumblr media
You dressed in a dark blue dress with red lipstick staining your lips, the smooth fabric curved over your assets perfectly. Bucky had caught sight of you by the bar with a faint smile on your lips.
His brows scrunched together, watching you carefully while you seemed to be nursing a fruit drink given to you by the PR agent for the Avengers. He was nice looking man and he was flirting with you.
“You are by far the prettiest of all the avengers, by far, you are my favorite,”The man, Josh, had gushed over you, hand stroking your arm gently.
Bucky nudged Steve with a clenched jaw, and when Steve laid his eyes on you, he thought he might see red. Out of the three of you, Steve was by far the most possessive of you. He puffed out his chest.
“Oh fuck no,”Steve grunted, shoving his drink into Natasha’s hands who had been talking to him. He started towards you with no hesitation, Bucky follow him to make sure he didn’t start too much trouble.
“Oh my god, you have no idea how much I needed that,”You smiled, a blush creeping on your face.”You aren’t too bad yourself, definitely my favorite PR agent..”
“Oh, now you’re just flattering me...”
You felt Steve’s chest against your back, hands gripping your hips harshly. He knew how much you liked it, but it was more to keep you close and have you in his arms. Your breath hitched, taking in the aroma of both your boys.
“What do you think you’re doing, bunny?”Steve asked, picking you up by your waist in a very possessive manner. Bucky stared down the man in front of you, striking fear in the innocent guy who just thought you were pretty. Josh had quickly scurried away when the super soldiers had crowded you, intimidated by their blunt strength and dominance.
“I dunno, he was just being nice,”You bowed your head in shame, frowning at yourself. You had liked the attention the boys had seemed to be depriving you of, or you had depriving yourself of.”What does it matter to you?”
“What’s goin’ on with you, peaches?”Bucky asked, his demeanor changing as soon as you were out of public eyes. He softened, more touchy as he tilted you chin up. Your back was pressed against Steve’s chest, his strong arm holding you close. It was the first time in a week that you had been so close to both of him.
You shrugged, tears welling up in your eyes. You didn’t know how to tell them about all the things you had been thinking. How you didn’t feel good enough or how they seemed so happy without you.”Just noticed how happy you guys are when I’m gone.”
Steve never spun you around so fast, his movements much faster than Bucky’s due the perfect serum. He had you caged under the wall , staring down at you with disbelief. Bucky wore the same expression. You felt overwhelmed by both of them being so close, craving the touch of your boys. You just wanted to be in their arms again.
“What would you make think that?”Bucky asked first, leaning against the wall next to where you were caged in. His hands coming to take one of yours.
“You guys have’s just be you two since I got back, you slept in Bucky’s room without me the other night, you went on a date!”
“You think we’re happy without you? That we don’t miss you every second you’re away, Buck barely sleeps without you. He doesn’t sleep until he knows your safe, he’s so exhausted when you get back, he practically passes out, it was accident,”Steve tried to explain, his strength getting the better of him as his hand accidentally sunk in the drywall behind you.
“It wasn’t a date, baby,”Bucky added, eyes soft on you. It made your heart break a little,”We were getting some stuff for our anniversary.”
“You were?”You asked, feeling embarrassed at how you had gotten in your head. You held onto Steve’s arm, making him easy his grip.
“I thought...I thought you were mad at us, you lock us out, bunny, you’ve been so distant, and I’ve missed you so much. I hate not having you around, you ease me, I’m my best when I have both of you,”Steve told you, hands coming to cup your face.”We love you, we can’t survive without you.”
His lips molded against yours perfectly, his sweet kiss making you forget every insecurity you ever felt. This was what you needed, reassurance that your boys loved you.
Bucky pulled Steve away from you, tugging at your waist so he could embrace you. After a moment, he leaned away and hooked his finger under your chin to look at him.”Next time you get in that pretty head of yours, you tell me, okay? All this could have been avoided if you had just communicated. We should have realized sooner, okay? We’re all fault here, but we’ve got you now.”
You nodded, smiling at him faintly before kissing his lips too. Bucky held you close, made you feel safe and loved. They were right, you should have gone to them. Maybe then you wouldn’t have spent this week so alone.
It didn’t matter now. You knew you would never be alone, not as long as you had your boys.
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Wild Child - Chapter Seven
Y/N Stark was a wild child. Vandalism, drag racing, that kind of thing. She was untamable, filled with sarcasm and nothing else.
Her undeniable love for crackers leads her right into the man who would fix her, love her.
Chapter Seven: Bucky? Gone. Tony? A dick. Y/N? Far too drunk for this bullshit
Warnings: Drinking, language, Bucky in love
Tumblr media
They looked as though they had been together for years when, in reality, they weren't really together at all.
Bucky got his share of kisses on the cheek, enough to last him a lifetime. Y/N got to hold his hands, flesh and metal, in her own for as long as she wanted. Truthfully, she never wanted to let him go. Where they would usually go for a walk around the compound or something that got them moving, they stayed on the couch on Bucky and Steve's floor, just holding each other.
That was where they fell asleep, on that couch. Arms wrapped around each other. Y/N was holding him tighter than Bucky thought possible, her smaller hands almost ripping his shirt in her sleep. Bucky didn't fall asleep. He was awake the entire time, watching her, the way she breathed, the way her leg would twitch and her face would scrunch up in discomfort. The way she smiled, how her hands tightened on him and loosened as she dreamt.
At near to three in the morning, Steve walked into their living area. He placed his hand over Bucky's mouth and pressed his finger to his lips, keeping him quiet. Although they never made a plan, Bucky knew what he needed to do.
Slowly and carefully he unfurled Y/N's fists and lifted her off of him. He laid her down on the couch and draped a blanket over her sleeping figure. As much as he didn't want to leave her, Bucky knew he had to for any chance of seeing her again.
When she woke up the next morning she was alone. Both Steve and Bucky were gone. The floor looked like they hadn’t been there for weeks. The only clues that they had ever lived there was the clothing left in their rooms.
If Y/N thought she was capable of breaking down and crying, that was what she would’ve been doing. But she couldn’t. Instead, she grabbed her cane and went about her morning like nothing was wrong.
She made her way back up to her floor, taking the stairs to challenge herself, to push her body. By the time she got to where she needed to be she wiped the sweat from her forehead and walked into her living area, where her dad was already by the home bar.
“A little early to be drinking, isn’t it?”
Tony ignored her. He emptied his glass, throwing it back when he turned to his daughter. “How was your day with the terminator?”
“You don’t really want to know, do you?”
“Not particularly.” He placed his glass down and walked over to the couch. “You still have until tonight with him. You wanna go back down there?” His eyes were trained on her as her lips curled into a smile.
That confirmed it. Tony hid a little grin of his own. He raised his eyebrows to his daughter, shook his head and turned away.
Tony knew of the plan. He knew it existed, not what it consisted of. When the Avengers were put on task to find and detain, well, the Avengers, he knew everything had gone to shit.
He couldn’t say no. The government basically owned them now. For his family’s sake, he had to do what they asked, had to hunt down his friends and bring them in. It didn't matter how much his daughter was going to hate him, he was doing this for her.
Tony knew she wouldn't realise it at first, would resent him for the rest of her life, but it would be worth it to keep her out of trouble.
"Do you miss him?" Tony asked one night. It was one of those rare occasions where he and Y/N were sitting peacefully, watching a movie. Both of them were fidgeting, of course. Neither Stark was able to sit still for very long. Call it a side effect of genius.
Y/N scoffed and propped her leg up on the coffee table. She had only a few weeks left with her cane but was a little but unwilling to give it up. Even with it she would still stumble. Pain would still shoot up her leg and she would crash to the floor, but she never let anybody see her fall. The one person she could be vulnerable around was gone and she didn’t know when she would see him again. “What do you think.” She picked at her nails.
“You know he’s now a threat to the US, right?”
“He’s not the threat. The Winter Soldier was the threat. The Winter Soldier doesn’t exist anymore. He’s not a threat to this fucking country. He’s just a guy.”
There was nothing he could say to make this better, nothing he could say to get her on his side. Not that Tony wanted her on his side. He sat up. “Okay. Here’s how this is gonna go.” He flexed his fingers. “You’re gonna tell me their plans and I’ll bring him in.”
“I think you’re losing your mind already, dad.” She stood up and turned off the television. “Why in the fuck would I tell you what I know? I don’t even know anything! I just woke up one morning and…” She took a breath to steady herself before the tears started falling. No, Y/N Stark does not cry. “And he and Steve were both gone, okay? No note, no goodbye, nothing.”
She stormed off, going to the one place she had felt comfort in recent months: Bucky’s room.
When Y/N had him there, she rarely went into his room. It was where she had first kissed him, where they had eaten breakfast on Saturday morning. It was where she had been crashing for the last week. Somehow the sheets still smelled like him. The pillow on the left side of the bed smelled like him and Bucky didn’t even sleep on the damn thing. That bed was reserved to sit on, for the little bit of comfort he was able to have. God knows it was too much when he was sleeping.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y,” she called, face pressed into his pillow. “Where is my dad?”
“In the lab with Miss Romanoff, Miss Stark.”
“Give me audio.”
“You are not authori-”
“Override Star Spangled, password Eat shit.” Tony thought he was clever. He didn’t want Steve to eat shit, not in the slightest. It was just the most ridiculous code name and password he could think of. Something that would keep his daughter out. Well, it didn’t do a very good job.
As soon as the last word left her mouth, the audio patched through. “Why are they going to an airport in Germany?” Came Natasha’s voice.
Tony’s hum was audible, as was him typing away at something. “He didn’t search where they’re trying to get to, but this is the airport they’re headed to. We could meet them there and cut them off. Bring him in and all of that.”
“What about Y/N?”
“She’s not coming with us, if that’s what you mean. If we go now she won’t notice.”
But she was already gone. Already running through the tower with a bottle of whiskey in her jacket pocket. The only thing that could give her away was the sound of her cane hitting the floor, but everybody was too busy suiting up to notice.
When she got to the hanger, F.R.I.D.A.Y was already powering up the jet they were going to take. Y/N ducked as she climbed aboard. It was easy enough to stow away. She hid behind equipment, guns, tactical gear and more. Her cane was propped against the wall, hidden behind a gun.
Soon everybody else was aboard. Her father sat in the pilots seat, his suit already on. “Yeah, Happy. Pick him up and fly him over. Get him ready and tell him we’ll meet him there. Don’t let him do anything stupid on the way in.”
Him? Who the hell was he? She stayed hidden, pulled the guns closer. It was impossible that nobody spotted her, heard the involuntary squeak she made as she slid slightly with the loose gear. From the minute they took off a wave of sickness overtook her, and she uncapped her drink. Somebody heard it sloshing around as she lifted the plastic bottle to her lips.
When they landed, the others quickly filed out. Y/N waited one minute. Another. And then another. And then another. And then another. The bottle of whisky was full when her journey started, almost half empty by the time she left the jet.
The burner phone in her pocket buzzed. “What floor are you guys on?”
“I still can’t believe you’re doing this.”
“Tell me!”
Sam told her the floor they were parked on and Y/N was quick to hang up. She grabbed a gun, the smallest one she could find (which, looking back, wasn’t the best idea) and made her way down to the floor they were on.
Her cane barely touched the floor as she ran. She ignored the slight pain that was there and instead focused on getting to him. Where her dad and his team went up, she went down. Down at least three levels until she found Sam, Steve, Bucky and a guy that looked way too excited. Wanda and Clint were stood to the side, looking not too happy to see her. She was a Stark, after all.
Sam might’ve greeted her. Steve might have done the same. The stranger might’ve shouted, “Is that Y/N Stark?!” a little too enthusiastically, but she didn’t care. Not when he was stood there looking at her like that.
She said nothing. Stayed silent. The only nose was her cane hitting the floor as she ran to him, wrapped her arms around him. “You’re a prick,” she whispered, head against his shoulder as Bucky lifted her into his arms. “No note, no goodbye! I actually worried about you!”
Considering the circumstances, Bucky was grinning. He was grinning from ear to ear. Both of his hands were on her ass, keeping her against him as he kissed her cheek and pressed his forehead to hers. “You’re cute, doll,” he whispered, not much caring that the others were watching. “I don’t think you should be here but I’m so damn happy to see you.”
She hopped down, leaned against him and turned to her favourite sort-of uncle. “So, what’s your stupid plan? New guy, go and grab my cane would you?”
She listened to her father talk, threaten her sort-of uncle and the man she was falling for. God, he loved to talk. She was the same, too much like her father for her own good. Whistling, she climbed on top of a van, flicked off the lid of her drink and raised her gun. “Can you please shut the hell up?”
For the first time in his life, Tony Stark was shocked into silence. “You’re not meant to be here. She’s not meant to be here so can we please refrain from shooting at her?” He squinted his eyes at her. “Have you been drinking? Are you drunk?”
“She’s also injured,” shouted Steve.
“You’re grounded, kiddo!”
She trained her gun on her dad. “I know every weak spot in that suit. You really want to do this? And I'm not drunk, by the way. Getting there, but not drunk.”
“Alright, I’ve had enough.” He cupped his hands around his mouth. “Underoos!”
Suddenly Steve’s shield was gone from his hand. There was a thing on the chopper opposite her, just sitting there like he hadn’t swung out of nowhere. The eyes on his suit narrowed on Y/N. “Oh my God, You’re Y/N Stark! My friend has had the biggest crush on you since we were kids!”
Her eyes widened. “Is that a child? You pulled a child into this? Dad! That’s irresponsible as hell!” She shouted and turned her attention to the boy on the chopper. “How old are you, kid?” She raised her eyebrows, waiting for an answer.
“Enough!” Sam came flying over her. “Let’s just get this over with, okay?”
“Fine by me.”
“Let’s do this.”
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fuddlewuddle · 4 hours ago
I had the strangest dream last night. Zemo was singing and playing The Masochism Tango by Tom Lehrer to Bucky. I wonder at my mind sometimes.
Winterbaron 👏 dreams 👏 are 👏 always 👏 welcome
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fuddlewuddle · 4 hours ago
Imagine this: T'challa knocks Zemo out a bit too hard at Siberia so he lostalost histhis autobiographicali memories and is thus unfit to stand for trial. T'Challa brings Zemo back to Wakanda to treat him so that he can eventually answer for his crimes. Cue Bucky who sort of shares Zemo's problem of memory loss on identity but hates Zemo for what he did and how he doesn't need to endure the consequences of his actions (do they bond? do they love/hate each other?)
Ooh this is a good idea.
I mean if you were asking me, they’d definitely bond and love each other, but that’s just me 😅
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sebsblueeyes · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary/ A very short simple thing I wrote, enjoy.
Pairing/ Bucky x Reader
TW/ idk pain?
A freezing cold night, you two were in your apartment lying on the bed, with a big blanket over your aching bodies.
His hand was gently rubbing your back,and your hands were around his neck.
"Buck." you said softly.
"Yes Doll." he smiled,
"Please help me." your voice breaks.
"I'm-m sorry-" he quitely gets out,
"-İ don't exist here." his voice breaking too.
And he simply turns to dust.
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janeyfoster · 5 hours ago
I have the best idea for a Prince!Sam/Cap!Bucky fic lmaooo.
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vibraniumphoenix · 5 hours ago
until you came along. [ b.b ]
a dad!bucky barnes x fem!reader wherein bucky finally gets to meet his little one.
WARNING: bucky hinting about his past but aside from that nothing else! maybe this fic giving you baby fever idrk, time is set somewhere after the events of tfatws, and lowercase intended!
A/N: hi my baby fever is torture and im dragging you along with me. dad!bucky has been stuck in my head for so long now and i’ve been feeling guilty abt not sharing that with you. please reblog the post, it really means a lot!
Tumblr media
if someone was to tell bucky from a few years back he would be an expecting father, he would probably chuckle bitterly as he turned down the idea; but here he was now, rushing in the middle of the car-filled streets of new york, to finally meet his new born baby.
he cursed under his breath as the cab he was in turned into another corner that had cars barely moving, fingers drumming against the sides of his thighs as he tried to calm himself down, his right arm pulling out his phone to see multiple messages from your mother, asking where was he as you were already in active labor一 that was several hours ago.
he and sam were on a mission, taking down some mafia gang that wanted to smuggle in illegal goods in trade for stolen a truck filled with stolen vibranium; his mind replaying how he didnt want to leave the hospital and stay by your side, but you pushed him to go, not expecting that the infant would arrive later that day.
as soon as he saw the tall building of the hospital you were at, he paid the driver and got out of the car, sprinting all the way to the entrance where his father-in-law was waiting, “i’m so sorry i couldn’t come sooner一” were the words that left bucky’s mouth until he was cut off, “it’s alright, you should head up, your little one’s waiting upstairs.” your father said, patting him on the back as he motioned with his other hand to go.
weaving his way inside, he quickly found your room and composed himself, standing up straight as he caught his breath, smoothing the invisible wrinkles on his clothes before slowly opening the door, peeking his head through its crack to see your sleeping figure on the bed, your mother sitting right by your side.
“bucky!” your mother quietly greeted, standing up to give him a hug. her smile was wide as she stared at his almost organized look, his hair still in a disarray from the rush he was in moments prior. “both of your angel’s are sleeping as of the moment, you should get some rest too, son. me and f/n will go home and set everything up for the baby” she calmly said, motioning the seat that she was previously in.
a small smile formed on his lips as he nodded, wanting to actually take a seat and be with you. “thank you for looking after her, ma.” he answered, hugging the woman tightly before letting go, waving his had as she left the room.
he quietly walked over and took a seat, observing the small sleeping figure inside the clear bassinet next to your bed, tears forming up in his eyes to see such a peaceful little face. gently raising a single digit over the crib, he gently caressed the baby’s hand which held onto his finger, “hey there, little one. I’m your dad.”
you stirred awake, body feeling extra sore still from giving birth, you were about to open your eyes when you heard bucky’s voice, “... and i was probably more scared than your momma could ever be at that moment, my little angel.” you opened your eyes a little to see bucky carrying the infant in his arms, sat down, slightly facing the window.
the warm rays of the early sun peeked through the blinds of the window, illuminating the peacefulness displayed on his face, “when your momma said that she had a suspicion you were in her belly, she was scared that i would leave ‘er, since we weren’t even into a year of dating一 little did she know that i feared what would become of us.”
your heart broke silently as you tuned into his confession to the baby, “i’m way older than your grandma and grandpa, i’m afraid that i could never see you grow up, i’m afraid that your momma would leave me for someone younger, that could be better a dad than old me.” his voice was soft, fragile almost as cradled your son.
“but i set those fears aside when i saw you sleeping in that crib of yours, lookin’ so angelic as you slept. i could have only wished to start a family before since i… i was considered to be someone so dangerous; i’ve always thought i would never find love but momma came along and proved me wrong, and now you’re here with me.” bucky continued, raising the small babe up to place a gentle kiss on his forehead.
“i’ve seen so much on this earth that i thought i’ve seen everything it has to offer. your dad’s cool since he got to fight such a big alien and so many bad guys before but i never really realized how much of life i missed until i saw you open your eyes and look at me. i’ve never deemed my life so… worthy until i you and momma came along.” bucky finished, bringing up his flesh hand to wipe the tear that had managed to escape, sighing softly.
you also brought a hand up, wiping the tears that you didn’t even notice away before quietly calling out your husband’s name, making him look back at you with a big surprise, quick to get on his feet and sat by your bed, his flesh hand holding onto yours as he leaned down to place a kiss on your lips. “how long have you been up, darling?”
you smiled tiredly, “just enough time to hear you ramble on to your son.” your tone light and teasing, making the latter chuckle in embarrassment that you had caught him being so soft, “who knew mr. bucky barnes could be such a softy.”
“for someone who just gave birth, you sure are in a teasing mood, baby.” he groaned, shaking his head at your antics. “i’m sorry i couldn’t be here for you when this little troublemaker arrived, y/n.” bucky apologized, looking at you with a small yet disappointed smile. “i knew i should have never taken up that mission.”
you squeezed his hand, shaking your head firmly. “no, james, don’t ever blame yourself for that.” you started off, “i said that you should go一 besides, you’re here now, with me and our little prince and that’s what matters.” you reassure him, bringing his hand up to your lips to place a gentle kiss on his already healing, bruised up knuckles.
bucky sighed softly, knowing better than to argue with you about that, “i know better than to argue with you about that, y/n.” he retorted softly, heart filled with love as his vision bounced from your featured to the sleeping one in his arms, gently exclaiming, “my god, i love you both so much.”
you laughed softly, warmth spreading throughout your body at the sight of the, now two, men in your life, “and we love you too, bucky. we love you too.”
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