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alyafae · an hour ago
[ text ] Real sweet, but I wish you were sober   |   [ @snarkofstark​ :   tony & pepper ]
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[ text : t. stark ]    what do you mean [ text : t. stark ]    m perfectly sober [ text : t. stark ]    not my fault youre so pretty
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tasha31155 · 2 hours ago
Headcannons for Irondad and Spiderson(Post HOCO- Pre Infinity War)
After peter rejecting his avengers offer, tony didn't know how to reach out him. But he wanted to mentor the kid a little more closely (this was not because he wanted to spend more time with his son).
Cue a TOTALLY random Tuesday evening (not for tony he sat up planning this stuff out for the past 2 weeks) Happy calls Peter informing him that he coming to pick peter up. peter's like "what? why? something wrong? ". Happy's like "Boss wants to see ya again so quit asking questions and come down kid!"
They ride to the compound. The whole time Peter is screaming internally and thinking of all the things he did wrong the past week. "does he know i left detention 5 min early????" "or maybe its the suit again he probably wants it back???" "Did he see me jumping of the tallest building in Queens for fun ,BECAUSE NED CONVICED HIM TO DO SO !
They finally arrive at the compound. if Peter wasn't panicking in the car, he is definitely NOW
So when Mr stark approaches him, he was preparing for the worst. But it turns out Mr stark asked him if he would be interested in an ACTUAL STARK INTERNSHIP !! Like what!!! And he said yes. Course he would say yes. It was the opportunity of a lifetime also internships look good on college applications! So bonus points for him.
It's on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Bonus, Sundays are Spiderman training days with the one and only WAR MACHINE AND THE VISION! since when did he get so lucky! And no parker luck doesn't count
On the other side tony is thrilled that the kid agreed to the internship. He couldn't wait to tell pepper
The moment peter walks In the lab on his first day and they start working together on upgrading his suit, then after a couple of weeks of that, slowly moving on to other stark industries projects . Tony soon learned that him and Peter work together flawlessly. They made a good team. He also shows off peter to every stark employee that approaches them while their taking break from the lab. In a subtle way of course.
DUM-E took a liking for the kid and basically follows peter around the lab with a fire extinguisher.
Peter became instant friends with vision. Even though they only met during training on Sundays. But even vision soon started visiting the lab to spend a more time with Peter. Tony was TOTALLY FINE WITH SHARING HIS PROTÉGÉ/ SON FIGURE with other people. He was just a little jealous though. But more than that peter and vision reminded tony of how he was like with Jarvis. God he missed Jarvis (person and AI)
Slowly the lab days turned to movie nights with snacks and everyone had gotten used to seeing peter in the compound.
Occasionally dinners with may, where she tells all his childhood stories
May and pepper became good friends. A powerful duo.
FAMILY game nights happened every Thursday (Peter always wins, no one knows how but he does) which sometimes turn into Karaoke sessions.
Peter knows how to play the guitar, drums, piano and ukulele ( Tony knew he was in band but what he did not know is that the kid had a great voice). Pepper wants him to play DAYLIGHT by TAYLOR SWIFT for their wedding.
Speaking of Taylor swift. peter is a huge Swiftie. His favourite album is 1989. But reputation and lover come a close second. Tony is gonna buy concert tickets for his birthday
Tony loves the little but sweet family they created.
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dani6279 · 6 hours ago
Play dates and roller skates
Wanda x Reader
Description: Wanda and Y/N have been in a little big relationship for a week now, what happens when Y/N has her first playdate???
Notes: Hi! So I’m gonna post all my stories from AO3 onto here so I get a larger audience. This is my second fanfic that I ever wrote and it’s the second part to the series ’Loving a little’ I hope you enjoy if you haven’t already read it!!!
Having Wanda as your caregiver is the best thing you could ever ask for. She knows you so well and loves you beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Having Wanda as your mama is like a dream come true.
Currently you were big, just talking over stuff with Wanda while watching a sitcom in the living room. It was about 8:45 p.m. and you were tired.
“Okay so today Pepper, Bucky, and Laura asked me if you would like to play with Tony, Steve, and Clint tomorrow. Natasha and Thor will be there too,” Wanda said looking at you.
Two days after you had showed everyone about you, you had turned back to big. You haven’t been little in a week now and it was really starting to take its toll on you. You want to slip back into your little state, but you’ve been fighting it, wanting to spend girlfriend time with Wanda.
Wanda was worried about you, since everyone knew about you she thought you’d feel comfortable switching regularly. She also knows being big for too long isn’t good for littles.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Wanda asks, reaching out for your hand to get your attention. It’s not that anything is wrong per say it’s just that you want to be little again and you're tired of trying to fight it.
“I-,” you stop not knowing how to say what you want to say.
“I want to spend time with you just as girlfriends, but it’s hard because I can feel myself slipping, but I just don’t want you to feel like you are taking care of me all the time,” you finally say after thinking about it.
“Baby that’s what I’m here for, not just as your mama but as your girlfriend too. I want you to feel comfortable switching between the two. You will never make me mad by switching, I promise. Now, baby girl, do you want to be little? I can go get Bunny for you.” Wanda suggests as she gets off the couch when she sees you nodding.
“Okay baby girl, mama will be right back” she kisses your forehead and makes her way to your bedroom where your stuffed animal koala named Bunny was.
When Wanda comes back she sees you switched when you make grabby hands at Bunny.
“Here you go baby girl” Wanda says as she hands you the koala and sits back down. You hold Bunny close to your chest and snuggle up against Wandas.
“So baby, do you want to play with Tony, Steve, and Clint tomorrow?” Wanda asks as she strokes your hair. You look up at your mama thoughtfully.
“Tasha be dare?” You ask with hope in your voice.
“Yes baby Nat will be there.”
“Otay. Do you fink dey know hows to woller skate?” You ask her. You had just recently turned 3 in your little state. Steve, Tony, and Clint were all 4 so they had a year on you, give or take. So you hoped someone would be able to teach you.
“Maybe baby, if not mama can help teach you” Wanda said assuringly.
“Mama know how to skate?!” You look at her with big doe eyes not being able to believe that your mama knows how to skate, and better yet can teach you how.
“If mama know how to skate and baby girl know how to skate, den mama an baby girl can skate togetder!!” You say happily with excitement. Wanda laughs at how adorable you are when you speak little talk.
“Yes baby, you and I can skate together,” Mama says to you. You look up at her happily ready to hang out with everyone and stake.
You yawn and snuggle closer into Wanda's chest ready to let the beating of her heart send you to sleep. Wanda sees you struggle to keep your eyes open.
“Close your eyes baby girl,” Mama says. That’s all the convincing that you need before your eyelids drop close.
When you wake up your head is still against mama's chest and she has her arms around you, but you see that you are no longer on the couch in the living room. Your in Wanda’s room- no your in your shared room with Wanda.
After you dropped, Wanda and you decided it was best to move in together. Even though you were just one door over. But you liked sharing a room with Wanda. You got to cuddle with her every night and wake up to her every morning.
You didn’t have a lot of stuff to move into Wanda's room so the move was easy. Most of your clothes were already in Wanda’s room since you spent nights with her so frequently, and the few things you do have are small.
You are still a bit tired and Wanda is still sleeping so you fall back asleep. When Wanda wakes up she is in the same position as when she went to sleep. You on top of her with your head on her chest, legs tangled together and her arms around you.
You don’t weigh enough to crush Wanda when you sleep on top of her, just enough to create a comfortable weight. You are like Wanda's weighted blanket. Keeping her warm at night and adding weight on top of her.
Seeing that it was 10:30 a.m. Wanda decided to wake you up as your play date with everyone was around lunch time.
“Baby girl,” Wanda says as she shakes you awake. You fuss for a minute not wanting to be pulled from your slumber, but when you see Wanda looking at you with love you suddenly forget all about sleep.
“Mama!!” you chirp happily. Wanda chuckles and kisses your cheeks.
“Morning, baby. Are you ready for today?” Wanda asks.
“Yay, can’t waits” You say back.
Wanda starts to untangle herself from you to your displeasure. You whine and pull on her arm.
“Baby we have to get up and ready if we want to play with everyone and roller skate”
“Woller skate!!!” You say cheerfully as you jump out of bed.
Wanda helps you get ready and by 11:30 you guys are ready to go. You put your shoes on, proud that you didn’t need mama's help, that is until she stops you.
“Hey baby, you got your shoes on the wrong feet,” Mama says as she crouches down to help you put them on the right way.
“There you go,” she says as she slips on your left splatter print croc on. She holds out her hand for you to take as you both walk down the hall.
Everyone is waiting in the common room in the compound. Steve, Tony, and Clint are already little and are playing with various toys. Tony is playing with an Iron Man action figure, Steve is playing with hot wheels, and Clint is playing with lego’s. Pepper, Bucky, Laura, Natasha, and Thor were all on the couch talking.
You spot Bunny on the couch that you and Wanda were on yesterday night. You tug Wanda towards Bunny not wanting to let go of her hand. You pick up Bunny and hug her to your chest.
“Hey Y/N,” Clint says, “Do you want to play lego’s with me?”
“No play with me Y/N” Tony insists.
“She doesn't want to play with you Tony, she wants to play with me!” Clint says, raising his voice.
“Why would she want to play with you? She doesn’t even like you” Tony says matter of factly.
“Boys” Pepper warns them.
“Y/N can play with anyone she wants, just let her choose. You don’t need to fight about it.” Laura says. You look between the two.
Letting go of mama's hand you walk toward Tony and he sticks his tongue out at Clint.
“Haha told you she wanted to play with-” Tony stops mid sentence as you walk right past him and walk over to Steve.
Pepper and Wanda just laugh and Bucky smiles.
“Guess she didn’t want to play with you guys since you were too busy fighting,” Laura says to the boys. Tony and Clint pout and look at Steve and you.
“Hi, can I pway wit you?” You ask Steve.
“Yeah, you can pick your favorite car,” Steve says pointing at the various cars scattered around him.
You spot a 2009 green Honda CR-V and instantly choose it. It reminds you of your mama’s eyes.
“I wike dis one. Mama, mama wook! It wook wike your eyes,” you exclaim. Wanda over at you and smiles while nodding her head.
You and Steve play cars for a while racing them on the floor, until lunch time. There’s hot dogs, chips, fruits, and veggies.
After Wanda fixes your plate for you everyone sits at the table. Wanda places your plate next to hers and you look up at her with big eyes, wanting to sit on her lap.
“Mama,” you say quietly, looking down as you ask her “can I sit on your lap?”
“Of course baby,” Wanda says. When she sits down you climb up on her lap with a smile on your face. You eat your hot dog and chips in a comfortable silence.
“Mama?” You ask as you eat your last chip.
“Yes baby girl?”
“Can we woller skate now?” You ask as you look up at her.
“Yes, baby we can roller skate now,” Wamda says
“OOO mommy can I roller skate with Y/N too?” Tony asks Pepper.
“Yeah I want to too,” Clint says.
“How bout we all go out and roller skate?” Wanda suggests getting cheers and noises of approval. Bucky and Pepper get skates out of the training room. Why they have a bunch of roller skates just sitting around nobody knows.
Outside the avengers compound littles and their caregivers were putting on their skates. Learning from this morning you put your skates on the right feet, but you need help tying them up. Wanda ties up your laces and stands up.
You try to stand up but can’t by yourself. You frown and try again, but the back wheels on our heels keep turning.
Wanda sees you struggle and holds out her hands for you. You grab onto your mama's hands as she helps you stand.
When you finally get off the ground you start to slowly roll forward. Luckily Wanda is still holding your hands so you don’t get far.
“You ready, baby?” Wanda asks you. You nod your head still a little unsteady, but you know mama will catch you before you fall.
“Yes mama I’m red-ready” you say as you wobble back and forth. You start to move forward when Wanda starts to move.
Wanda moves forward with ease. And your eyes go wide.
“Wooooooow you can woller skate,” you say in awe.
“Every won wook! My mama can skate!” You say pointing to your mama. Your mama smiles at you as everyone looks at her. She lets go of your arms and skates around everyone. All the littles look at her with unbelieving expressions.
When Wanda skates back to you she sees that you had tried to follow her. While trying to follow her your front left wheel hits a rock you didn’t see. The sudden stop makes you lose your balance. About to fall face first into the cement you brace for impact.
You wait. Except it never comes. When you open your eyes you see that mama used her powers to stop you from eating some cement, and stopped a big meltdown in front of everyone.
Red wisps of magic gently bring you back to her. Only once her hand is safely collapsed around yours do her eyes stop glowing red.
“You okay baby?” She asks you worried that she didn’t stop you in time. You hug her tight thanking her for not letting you fall.
Wanda shows you how to move your feet to move forward. You struggle for a bit, but Wanda helps you until you finally move forward on your own.
“Wook mama!! I’m doin it!” You say as your mama smiles and cheers you on. You look back behind you and see Pepper helping Tony skate for the first time. Clint and Steve were racing against each other already knowing how to skate.You skate slowly back to mama and hug her.
“I love you mama,” you say, and everyone around you lets out ‘awws’. Wanda looks a little shocked. You've told her that when you were big, but never when you were little.
Wanda can feel the tears brimming at her eyes.
“I love you too baby girl.”
Here in this moment, surrounded by your family, by mama, you feel the most loved.
After roller skating for a while you went back inside where mama and Tasha cuddled you on the couch until you started feeling sleepy.
“You ready to go baby girl?” Wanda asks you.
“Go where?” You ask curiously.
“Back to our room so you can sleep baby.”
“Otay,” you say sleepily. Wanda stood up and held her hand out for you. But you were too tired to walk all the way down the hall to your bedroom.
“Mama, can you carry me, pwease?” Wanda picks you up and sets you on her hip. You wrap your arms and legs around her.
“You’re like a koala baby,” she says. Which reminds you of something.
“Wait, mama, Bunny,” you say pointing to the stuffed koala. Nat is sitting by the koala and hands it to you.
“Fanks Tasha,” you say.
“Can I get a hug before you go?” Nat asks smiling, and you shake your head yes. Wanda smiles as you hug Nat. She is glad that you have found comfort in being little around people.
Wanda carries you back to your shared room and sits you down on your bed. You close your eyes ready to fall asleep, until Wanda says something.
“Baby you need to take a bath before we can go to bed.” You whine because you’re tired and you just want to snuggle up with mama until you fall asleep.
“How about mama joins you baby?” She said hoping to convince you.
You had done a lot today, after roller skating you played outside for a while before you came back inside. Tony, Steve, Clint, and you made mud cakes for everyone so you really needed a bath.
You agree to take one when you realize you can cuddle with mama in the tub. Wanda goes into the bathroom to get the water running.
When she’s done she comes out to find you half asleep, sucking on your thumb while you hold Bunny. She sighs but picks you up and carries you to the bathroom. She helps you undress and into the tub.
When she undresses she gets in the tub behind you and pulls you to her chest. She washes the dirt off your body and whispers to you about how good you were today.
“You’re such a sweet little girl for mama,” you hear her say as she finishes washing you off. You snuggle closer to her and just listen to her heartbeat.
“You ready to get out baby?” She asks you after a while. You nod your head ready to go to bed with her. Wanda helps you get out of the tub and drys you off. She helps you put on your pajamas.
She tucks you into bed with Bunny and follows soon after. When she's under the covers she wraps her arms around you. You shift as close as you can to her.
“I love you,” you say to her before closing your eyes. Wanda’s heart swells with love at your words.
“I love you too,” she says as you two drift off into sleep.
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cyberdelph · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
by @yori82526587
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siriusmuggle · 8 hours ago
Chapter 3 up for my Ao3 story Save Tonight! A Tony Stark/ofc fanfic! 😁 This will probably be the last chapter I get out quickly. The next update will probably take me a few days! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
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caiti-creative-corner · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Title: Cherry Vanilla TSFB Card Number: June Flash 002 Square Number: TSFB 002 - 5 - Cotton Candy - @tonystarkbingo Marvel Fluff - I2 - Carnival - @marvelfluffbingo Rating: G Pairing: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts Warning: n/a Summary:  Just a little night out for the two of them.
Wisps of candy floss began to spin up as the carnival worker fired up the machine.  Children gathered around the machine, gasping and giggling as the candy came out. For herself, Pepper watched as the almost meditative movement began, a paper stick swirling around and around until a cloud of sugar enveloped the top.  She lingered a small distance away, still trying to decide on a flavor.  Champagne, cherry vanilla, black cherry, green apple . . . so many of the colors intrigued her.
“You know, I’ll bet I could improve on that.”
“No, Tony.”
Glancing sideways, she found Tony scanning the machine with a familiar gleam in his eyes.  Amused indulgence curled through her and Pepper expected she would be finding odd bits of sugar in strange locations.  And here she thought it would be the rides she should worry about.
Leave it to Tony to surprise her.
“Just a few little changes and I could double the output,” Tony argued, beginning to drift towards the machine.
“Tony.” Pepper took his arm and tugged him over to the shelf showing all the flavors.  “Help me pick one.”
“Huh?” Blinking free of his fixation, he turned to look at the variety.  “I didn’t know they had this many flavors.  I thought it was just pink and blue.”  He tilted his head as he read the names.  “Well, strawberry’s definitely out.”
That brought a warm smile to her face.  Tony Stark might put on the mask of a jerk when dealing with the public, but he remembered the important stuff.  “I’ve got it narrowed down to cherry vanilla or champagne,” she informed him.  “But if I keep looking, I’m going to change my mind three or four times before I actually place an order.  Pick one.”
Pursing his lips, he considered it for a long moment.  “Go with cherry vanilla,” he decided as a wicked grin slid over his lips.  “We can have champagne at the hotel.”
“Cherry vanilla then,” she laughed, curling a hand around his arm.  “I’ll look forward to the champagne.”
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lokigodofaces · 10 hours ago
I just realized I've seen a bunch of Marvel stuff for Father's Day but didn't see anything for Mother's Day. Well, frick it. It's Father's Day but I'm making a Mother's Day one because I want to.
Happy Mother's Day.
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Tumblr media
Give me one second to reblog with more pics of our amazing marvel mothers.
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caiti-creative-corner · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Title: Pool Party Card Number: June Flash 002 Square Number: 2 - Pool Party Rating: T Pairing: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts Warning: n/a Summary:  It’s a pool party for two. (Mood board)
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fearlesstarker · 14 hours ago
i’m still inviting you to join my religion in which anya taylor joy is morgan stark🧎‍♀️
like dad
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like mom
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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starkravinghazelnoots · 16 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Pepper Potts/Sarah Wilson Characters: Pepper Potts, Sarah Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Past Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Romance, Angst, Drama, Ficlet, Kissing, WLW Rarepair, im back on my bullshit y'all, POV Pepper Potts, (third limited), Bad Decisions, or are they? Series: Part 1 of it's a really good bad idea (me and you) Summary:
So no, Pepper Potts was not immune to bad decisions. But this?
If this was a bad decision, it was the best bad decision Pepper had ever made.
(Written for Kiss Prompt #19: One person stopping a kiss to ask “Do you want to do this?”, only to have the other person answer with a deeper, more passionate kiss.)
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