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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
anywhere-but-here-plz · 2 hours ago
Part two of who your marvel villain and hero are based off your zodiac sign
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You guys are arguably the best kind of friends because you’re so loyal.... but at times you can be quite cold and extremely petty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You guys are super nice, trustworthy, and tend be the peacemaker in situations. Unfortunately you are also easily influenced and gullible.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y’all are super resourceful and charismatic, but you are also very hot tempered and obsessive
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isheamiable2008 · 12 hours ago
Super crazy, totally impossible theory here...
...but I just had a thought and had to put it out there.
So, episode 5 is supposed to have a “heartbreaking” cameo, right? And a lot of people think it might somehow be T’Challa, possibly in a flash back with Bucky in Wakanda.
But what if T’Challa talks to Sam about taking on the role of Captain America. He’s a superhero that represents and defends his nation, so what if he talks to Sam about the importance of taking on that role and all he could mean to people right now. He tells him that the fact that he doesn’t want the shield is exactly why he’s the right person for it. Plus, it’s really a Wakandan shield and T’Challa approves of Sam, and he respected Steve and approves of his decision to give the shield to Sam. So once he talks Sam into being the hero that America needs right now, he tells him he can’t let him go out there at a disadvantage. Maybe Shuri has developed her own super soldier type serum to replace the burned up Wakanda super power plants (they’re going to need some way to make the next Black Panther, and obviously T’Challa wouldn’t suggest that Sam take the other serum cause it’s not stable and cause of the Isaiah stuff). So Sam will have modified Wakanda super power enhancements that will enable him to fight the super soldiers and/or John Walker.
Probably just crazy talk though.
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kgbarcher · 14 hours ago
So episode 4 of FATWS is called “the whole world is watching” and it’s quite apparent why as every scene in public sees spectators whip out their phones to record what’s going on.
But guess when something similar is said?
In Black Panther, Okoye and Nakia say something similar to T’Challa when he captured Klaue in South Korea. This episode also happens to feature the return of the Dora Milaje.
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weirdlovablehannah · 15 hours ago
Bucky crying because he’s finally free 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭 My heart 💔🥺
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cashewsaremyfavoritetho · 18 hours ago
i have an obsession with whenever a character talks about the dora milaje because they say it with fear AND admiration in their eyes
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sambucky-show · a day ago
i love how the title is ‘the world is watching’ because it’s a direct quote from black panther
t’challa had the opportunity to kill klaw, but since he knew the impact of killing a man screaming ‘no mercy,’ t’challa didn’t kill him
john walker, when presented with a guy screaming ‘it wasnt me,’ killed him anyways
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heliodean · a day ago
God I love T’Challa so much
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atypical-snowman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
T’Challa is alive!
Avengers Mech Strike #3
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liberiangirlpyt14 · a day ago
#duet with @j_rock5 Why is lowkey 🔥🔥🔥 tho 😂😂😂. #thehulk #tchalla #buckybarnes #starlord #thanos #infinitywar #mcu #marvel #funny #tiktok #funnyvideos
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buckfics · 2 days ago
I have a head canon that the Dora Milage used to bully Bucky.
Like, he's supposed to be a big deal assassin but he's so soft and confused and grumpy. They just mess with him all the time and kinda adopt him.
Ayo: Look at this boy, can't even wrangle a goat...
Okoye: It's so sad.
Bucky: *incoherent screaming that's joined by the goat* Why are you all so mean?!
Ayo: Sad.
Okoye: So sad.
T'Challa: *is happy not to be picked on for once* Very sad.
*this was partially inspired by episode 3 when Bucky's first instinct is to look up for an attack. These women probably ambushed his ass from above until he learned to always look up first*
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heres-the-marvel-tea · 2 days ago
Why do people say T'challa was team iron man? My dude didn't even know the guy. T'challa is literal royalty. He is the head of his own team, you fools
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sometimes-petty · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Captain America: Civil War (2016) // The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021)
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killerqueenmccoy · 4 days ago
How long would my relationship last with Marvel characters?
I saw this on TikTok, but I forgot whose idea it was.
Tony Stark
-I honestly wouldn’t, but I feel like it would be far more platonic than it would be
-I feel like he would be annoyed with me wanting to hug him during work, but be able to put up with me
-if we ever dated, it would be on and off for a month or so and I’d end it because I need commitment, or he would realize that I don’t want to do it anymore and respect me
Steve Rogers
-2 years or maybe 3 years
-many hugs and I feel like it would be right person, wrong time sort of thing
-Steve wouldn’t mind me giving him hugs and random times. We would be very cute tbh
-probs leave me for Peggy or maybe he ends things but we would find each other later in life and recoil
Natasha Romanoff
-5 years
-She wouldn’t like how soft I am and how much I love giving hugs, but gets over it and start after the snap
-Polar opposites
-Would feel like it would last forever until she died
- 3 years
-never thought about it, but we’re practically Golden Retrievers, which is the sole reason I think we’d be cute as fuck
-power couple
-he’d leave me for Jane or we would get bored and be on good terms, stay very close friends
Bruce Banner
-4 1/2 years or Married?
-I feel like I’d be overly caring in the relationship and fall asleep in the lab 5 minutes after I was literally trying to make him go to bed with me. It would happen all the time
-Both genuinely softies and he never complains about me wanting to give him hugs, cause we would be cute as hell
-I do sleep a lot, so many cuddles and mornings of me just clinging to him so he doesn’t leave me
-I feel like we would get married, but I don’t know. I feel like he would break it off, than we meet again later in life
Clint Barton
Bucky Barnes
-i dont know how long it’ll last
-honestly, he would be so thrown off by me and my affection, but maybe likes it
-I feel like it would be very sweet and soft, give each other sweet nicknames. I would insist on sleeping all day and he would agree.
-I feel like it would barely last forever or if we break up, it’s because we need time for ourselves, then get back together later in life
Sam Wilson
-1 (maybe 1 1/2) year
-we joke around all the time and he would make me laugh all the time
-I feel like he’d drag me out of bed to run with him
-I feel like the breakup would be mutual cause we wouldn’t work out and just weren’t for each other, but still prank Steve and Bucky
-It wouldn’t happen, solely because I can’t rule a country
-nothing but smiles
- 4 months or 4 years
-would fucking hate me, but I have nothing against him
-we would need up being being friends and trying a relationship
-he knows where I am, being possessive over me, but knows I’m probably in my room with my dog, making a music playlist for him
-4 months, most likely, because it just wouldn’t work out at all, or 4 years, because I’m the only who would let him in up until he died
-we would be such a power couple, in my opinion at least, but I feel like she would drag me out of bed and do stuff with her
-I cook for her all the time
-would fight with eachother
-would take a long time for us to get married because I’m unsure of what she wants, but wait a while to ask her what she wants
-we get married and have a small thing of just us, Thor, Bruce, and Loki
Wanda Maximoff
-6 months
-more platonic than it would be romantic, many nights of cooking and watching tv
-Wanda and Vision love each other and I refuse to get in the way with that, even though I love her, I know she loves Vision
-I would date Vision, even if it would be soft as fuck, I wouldn’t dare get the in the way of him and Wanda
Pietro Maximoff
-I wouldn’t
-I feel like dating one sibling and then the other would be weird
-He died so quickly rip
-would literally hate me, but probably 2 years, maybe on and off whenever we want to be with each other
-wouldn’t put up with me shit
-I would adore her, but keep my distance till she needs me
-we talk things out and end things
Scott Lang
-he and I would probably be very platonic before admitting that we liked each other
-super cute together and I move in with him a year afterwards
-Cassie, when she was younger, originally followed along on dates and didn’t like me till I should her cute little tricks
-We would discuss kids, though I’m very nervous about it and wouldn’t have time because of Infinity War and Endgame
Hope Pym
-1 year, only if I fall for her and not Scott
-very sweet but I feel like she wouldn’t be able to stand me at times
-she would be the one to break it off because she thinks that we can’t have a proper relationship and need to go our own ways
James Rhodes
-I feel we would be very platonic, but on and off for a few years (like 5-6 years)
-maybe thoughts on marriage, but have completely different lives
-many hugs
-wouldn’t work out
-asks me about how I’m feeling all the time and I just can’t get it out
-but I feel like we would be very sweet towards eachother
Stephen Strange
-wouldn’t date at all
-I feel like we would be acquaintances, but almost friends
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I don't care what you say
The Black Panther credits are one of Marvel's prettiest and beautiful.
NOTHING will top watching those for the first time in the theater.
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liberiangirlpyt14 · 5 days ago
I don’t think this is gonna happen but if it does, I’m crying on sight...I already know 😭😭 #tfatws #thefalconandthewintersoldier #theblackpanther #tchalla #chadwickboseman #marvel #mcu #supes #tiktok
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lucymaywrites · 7 days ago
The winter soldier, black panther and civil war soundtrack themes in episode 3 were amazing!
Also, does anyone think that they going to address T'challa dying in this series? Are they going to address the change of mantle after Chadwick's death?
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airis-paris14 · 7 days ago
Starlight 12
Summary: Amani is an orphaned heiress who’s spent most of her life raising her younger sister. T'Challa is a widowed King and Father. Neither of them is expecting much from their night at the Lotus. But the coming months have many milestones in store for these young adults. Will becoming a family be one of them?
Warnings: Miscarriage, abuse
Masterlist || 11 || 12 || 13
Tumblr media
"So I guess my whole closet is going to Wakanda too?" Amani smirked as she finally zipped her second suitcase shut. "Girl, psh.." Madison waved her off. Sakura walked out of the older sister's closet with another outfit, "I know the woman whose sister had to sit on her SECOND suitcase to get it to shut ain't said something ."Sakura folded the clothes from the closet and placed them gently in the bag.
"She told you,"Amare smiled sliding off of her seat on top of her sister's suitcase. "Besides, you act like us borrowing a few things could really put a dent in your wardrobe. Don't hate cause we look better in your clothes than you do," Madiyson sassed finally shutting her own suitcase. "Shut up," Amani threw a decorative pillow across the bed and it smacked her best friend in the face. Everyone paused, then Amare and Sakura slowly backed away as Madiyson stared at the heiress shocked, before charging her way. Sakura shook her head as her two friends raced around the room. Madiyson grabbed the nearest pillow and attacked Amani when she finally fell to the floor laughing. "Alright, alright," Amare finally broke it up. Amani reached for a hand up but Amare stepped over her and grabbed the pillow instead, "Y'all messing up the nice pillows that imma inherit once I marry her off to T'Challa."
Amani sucked her teeth as Madiyson burst into laughter, "Y'all can easily be left behind." The occasional waitress pulled herself up off the floor and went to lug her suitcase off of the bed. "You act like you'd be opposed to it. At least I'm shipping you off to a dude you like," Amare shrugged taking a seat at her sister's vanity. "Ain't nobody being shipped off anywhere anytime soon. I'm not ready to be married."
"Girl why not? You got a whole king breaking your back every chance he gets. His mother daughter, and sister all love you, and your sister. If Marquis-"
"Marquis?" Amani raised an eyebrow as she leaned over the bed. Madison went mute and looked away. "Ah nah, you can't get quiet now, who is Marquis?" Sakura joined in. "She met him at the investors ball she went to in Amare's place," Amani revealed. "Yeah and he was the only interesting person I met all night. We knew each other in highschool and we've just reconnected."
"Yeah," Sakura winked and started pushing her finger through a circle she made with her other hand, "Reconnected," She dragged out. Amare groaned as her older sister fell back onto the bed laughing at the afro-asian woman's antics. "Yall are so corny. Imma get some ice cream before I lose my appetite fooling around with y'all."Amare slunk off to the kitchen.
"But seriously,"Amani sobered up, I'm so happy for you! How long have y'all been official? When am I going to be an Auntie?"
"Chill," Madison laughed. "No kids and no wedding no time soon. We're taking things slow."
"Why don't you ask him to come to Wakanda with us?" Amani prodded. "I second, I wanna meet him. And go to one of these balls! Y'all heifers be leaving me out and meeting your dream men. I think it's my turn." Sakura voiced.
Madisyson shook her head, maybe I'll ask him to come down later. I can't ask him to take a couple months off of work just to hang out with me in hiding," Madison joked before realizing what she said, "Mani, I didn't-" Amani's face dropped as the reality of their situation kicked back in. As much as the group wished this could be a normal girls trip, they were all fleeing the country for their safety. For Christ's sake, there were armed police officers surrounding the house outside in case her crazy ex decided that he wanted to make an appearance and threaten her life again. "No you're right, it's fucked up," Amani smiled sadly. Sakura sighed and shot Madiyson a disapproving look as their best friend closed off and began staring out of her bedroom window at the illuminated skyline. "Woah, who died-" Amare started to joke before Sakura quickly shook her head. "Ohh kay," the 18 year old walked back over to the vanity. Everyone continued packing in silence before they all ended up laying on the king sized bed next to each other. "Amani," Madiyson called. The oldest Okeke hummed in response. "Have you and T'Challa talked about kids?"
Amani sat up, "No why?"
"Well sex leads to babies..."
"I don't need to hear this" Amare groaned and pressed a pillow over her ears.
"Like you ain't getting some," Sakura laughed.
"Aht! I don't want to hear about that. She just turned 18. Hear no evil see no evil." Amani shook her head. The women all laughed and once everything quieted down, Amani spoke up, "It only leads to babies if I'm careless."
"That's not true and you know that Mani," Sakura corrected. "And with how little yall see each other, a forgetful and eventful night is a lot more possible." Madiyson added on. "I'm just not ready to talk about babies again," Amani whispered out after a period of silence. "I know love," Sakura pulled her friend in for a side hug, "but y'all talked about everything that happened with Darius, he should understand your hesitation."
"Yall did talk right?" Madiyson noticed her friend tense before nodding her head. "We did."
"Everything?" Sakura raises an eyebrow. Amani paused then finally shook her head no as Amare rushed to her side. "I can't," Amani sniffled, "What if I can't give him children?"
"Then you need to go to the doctor and find out love. They said it was only a possibility you wouldn't be able to conceive again." Sakura wiped the tears that snuck down her cheeks.
Madiyson chimed in, "If y'all aren't wrapping it up, there's really a chance you could get pregnant again."
"The doctor said it was impossible."
"Not impossible, just improbable. You need to tell him." Madiyson reminded. Amani sniffled and looked down at her little sister who was holding her tight and the college sophomore nodded,"He needs to know."
"They do know they are not moving in right," Shuri whispered as Amani and her friends walked by with all of their bags. Amare snickered and elbowed her friend. "Shuri knows she's never too old for a whooping right?" Amani shot back with a smile as they passed the teens. Shuri's smile fell and the teens excused themselves to the jet, Amare giggling the whole way. "You are a good influence on her," T'Challa grinned as he grabbed her suitcases. "Really?" Amani smiled pecking his cheek. "Yes, you and our mother are the only people she is afraid of." Amani raised an eyebrow and laughed, "I find that hard to believe, I've never done anything to intimidate her."
"You didn't have to," the king placed the bags at the of the jets ramp and led his girlfriend up into the jet. "She respects you. That is intimidation enough. It is the sign of a great leader and big sister," the king complimented watching as his girlfriend flushed and looked away embarrassed. "And one day, the sign of a great mother," Ramonda added as she joined the couple after letting Ada run off on the ship. "And mother," T'Challa beamed and pulled Amani into his side kissing her forehead. Amani languished in his touch but sighed as her smile dropped further and further from her face. Her friends were right, she'd been seeing the king for almost a year at this point and though she might not be ready for marriage or kids, the rest of the world would be soon. She and T'Challa needed to be on the same page. "I'm gonna go check on the girls," she excused herself leaving her love and his mother to greet her friends.
"So the jets are vertical using propulsion to sling us off the ground?" Amare inquired as Shuri and the pilots nodded. "Then the posterior jets kick in at a timing overlapping the achievement of the desired height-"
"Pushing us up into the atmosphere while simultaneously pushing us forward. Lowering the chance of sickness due to change in cabin pressure as well as motion disorientation."
"Exactly," Shuri clapped excitedly as the pilot grinned. Amani watched from the doorway beaming. "You would make a great addition to our Wakandan scientific research department," the pilot commented. Amare pretended to pop her collar as Shuri rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah," she waved off, "thank you Ayi," the Princess acknowledged the pilot before noticing the older Okeke. "Oh, Would you like a tour Amani?" The sister shook her head no, "I am fine just checking in you two."
"Are you alright?" Amare frowned. "I'm fine, just a little tired," the Spelman alumna revealed. "There is a bedroom in the back if you'd like to sleep sister," the pilot offered. "It is usually for the pilots but I doubt I will be needing sleep on this short of a flight."
"Isn't the flight 26 hours?" Amani frowned. "Shuri and the pilot shared a look, "We've been able to cut it down to 8."
"Woah, isn't the speed limit up there 2500 miles per hour?"
"For American jetliners. We are much more advanced as far as safety, and we are able to fly without detection by the FAA's radars. UFOs? That's us," Shuri beamed as the Okeke sisters gape. "Oh you've gotta show me how y'all did that," Amare gushed. "Can someone show me the bed first, I don't wanna hear anymore about how fast I'll be hurtling through space. I'm nauseous enough and we haven't left the ground yet" Amani chuckled, rubbing her forehead.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Amare frowned, feeling her sister's forehead.
"I'm fine, I promise."
"I can show sister Amani to the room, if princess Shuri would like to lift us off?"
"You can fly this?" Amare grinned. "It is my technology." Shuri deadpanned.
"That doesn't mean you have a license."
"Okay, but who gon' check me boo?"
"Oop and that's on-"
"Mary had a little lamb!" Shuri finished off.
Amani shook her head and followed Ayi to the spacious bedroom down the hall. "Thank you," the former youtuber smiled. "Of course, I hope you sleep well. I'll be back to wake you when we land."The woman disappeared and Anani fell into the bed and drifted off into sleep.
"Mani?" A little finger danced its way across the woman's face. She sighed, blinking open her eyes before noticing who was there. "Morning love bug," she grinned. She hadn't talked face to face with Ada since the night of the party as she had been staying with her father and grandmother. "I missed you! Are you done sleeping yet?" The kindergartener tapped on the waitress's face as she fell asleep again. Amani laughed softly, "I'm just resting my eyes little bit," she turned over onto her back and wrapped an arm around the tiny princess as she snuggled into her side. "Oh do they hurt?"
"A little that's why I'm just letting them stay closed. How did you get in here?"
"Baba brought me in when I said I was sleepy," Ada explained, playing with one of the curls from Amani's twist out. "Did you sleep well?" The brown skin woman hummed. She felt the kindergartener nod her head. "Mani, can I ask you a question?"
"Anything little bit, what's wrong?"
"Well my friend Fekile, his umama is having a baby, so he's gonna be a big brother-"
Amani cringed, "please God,don't let her ask me how babies are made," The woman prayed silently. "And Uma's umama had a baby too and I wanna be a big sister, but my Umama is not here to have any more babies! So how will I ever get to be a big sister?"
The heiress thanked God before explaining, "Well, your baba is still here. So he and someone else could have a baby and they'd still be your little brother or sister."
"So you and Baba could give me a baby sister?"
"Theoretically," Amani bit her lip, realizing this baby talk with T'Challa needed to happen today.
"What is Theo-helix-ly?"
"Theoretically. It's like something can happen but it isn't. So yes me and your Baba could have a baby, but we are not right now."
"Why not?"
"What's with the sudden interest in having a sibling?" Amani finally sat up and pulled the child into her arms. "Baba is gone a lot and sometimes I want someone else to play with. Grandma gets boring sometimes," Ada explained.
"Well what about your friends from school? They can't come over?"
"They all want to stay home and play with their siblings." Amani sighed and rubbed a now pouting Ada's back. "Well right now is not a good time for me and your baba to have a baby."
"But everyone else has one!"
"Everyone else is on different timings Ada, one day all your friends will be complaining about their siblings and you'll just be getting one. Having siblings isn't a race. Me and your baba just can't rush into it because you want one love bug."
"But you pinky promise that you'll give me one?" She poked out her lip.
"How about I pinky promise to talk to your baba about it?" The heiress wrapped her finger around the little girl's. "I guess," Ada huffed and flopped back on the bed. "Just be patient Ada Ade," the mother figure pressed a kiss to her forehead.
"I'm not over you leaving us on the plane," Amani groaned and waved her friend off. "I didn't leave you. I just took a nap," the heiress yawned as she and her friends walked down the jet ramp towards the palace. She felt a warm hand settle on her lower back and she smiled. "Are you feeling better? Do you need anything?"
"I'm fine," she reassured him, turning to her friends as they gave her pointed looks. "I was just sleepy."
"And nauseous," Amare mumbled. "And having a migraine," Sakura rounded off as Amani looked at each of her favorite people in turn. "Um hm," Madiyson frowned. "Damn, could y'all hop off?" Amani grumbled.
"Well," T'Challa cleared his throat, "If you ladies will follow me, I will show everyone to their rooms and we can gather for lunch later."
"I hope you all enjoyed your tour of the palace?" Ramonda, smiled over the silent table. "We did, Queen mother, your home is beautiful. In nature and architecture." Sakura complimented. The woman elbowed both of her friends on either side of her, " I agree. I am completely in love," Madison agreed, glancing at Amani.
"I look forward to spending many more evenings here," Amani smiled before turning her attention back to her plate. "Are you alright my daughter?" Ramonda frowned, concern lacing all of her features. "I just have not been feeling well all day." The orphaned woman admitted. The king wrapped her hand in his under the table, "Maybe tomorrow we should go visit the infirmary," he suggested. Ramonda's eyes watched carefully as Amani tensed slightly, she made a note to speak with the young girl alone tomorrow.
"We will leave tomorrow's decisions for tomorrow. Ada, how was the end of the school year?" The Queen turned to her granddaughter. "My friend Fekile is having a little sister!"
"He is?" Ramonda grinned matching her energy. "Yeah, Uma too! I was asking Amani when I could become a big sister earlier."
"Oh?" Ramonda turned to her son and her future daughter-in-law, "and what did she say?"
Amani turned her focus to the large window overlooking the city as T'Challa squeezed her hand again. "She said it wasn't the right time," the five year old pouted. "Oh well-"
"May I be excused?" Amani placed her silverware in a cross on her plate and fled the room. "Did I make Mani cry?I didn't mean it! "
"No princess," Amare reassured, looking at her sister's friends for support. "It's just that babies-" Madison glanced at Sakura. "They are a sensitive topic for her."
"Excuse me," The king stood from his seat and followed his girlfriend down the palace halls. "My love," he slowed his gait when he saw her seated on the stairs leading to the garden. Not receiving a response, he settled next to her, "Are you alright?"
"Will everyone stop asking me that," she dropped her head into her hands, "I'm not some invalid!"
"We do not believe that you are one," the king calmed, tentatively reaching for her hands to pull them away from her face, "We love you and are concerned about your well being. You have not been feeling well all day. So we are just checking in. I am just trying to check in," he frowned as he noticed tears streaming down her face. Amani looked up her tears and sniffling, "There is something I have not told you."
[Flashback] Atlanta, GA Emory University Hospital September 16,2018 2:00 AM
"Family of Amani Okeke?"
"Here," Madiyson hopped up, carefully moving a sleeping Sakura off of her shoulder. "Relation?" The older doctor looked over the rim of his glasses. "Sister," Madiyson sighed, dreading the information she'd hear from this man's mouth. "Dr. Helm," the man greeted. "Ms. Okeke has been stabilized. Her body temperature has returned to normal but she might experience some numbness in her extremities for the next few days. She was up for a little while but has since fallen back into it. The bruising on her wrists and stomach are pretty deep so we will keep dressing them and monitoring how they heal while she is still here, but the healing process will take some months. A few of her ribs were also bruised, so it will take a few days for the swelling to go down and we will prescribe some pain killers for the soreness she will struggle with once she is out from under the sedatives. We want to keep her for observation for the rest of the week, then we will release her to go home if she shows no signs of permanent brain damage."
"Okay, okay." Madison rubbed a hand over her face, "When can we see her?"
"As soon as they finish settling her in a long-term room. Another fifteen minutes or so" The doctor clarified. The man glanced at Sakura," Both of you are her sisters?"
"We're adopted. Is there anything else you need from us? Paperwork?"
"Are you able to notify her other family members. Preferably her parents? She had no ID or emergency contacts-"
"We are her emergency contacts. We've already called our parents and they should be here soon."
"Very well, she's being settled in room 224, but there is something else we need to discuss." The doctor cleared his throat and finally closed Amani's chart. "Were you two aware that Ms. Okeke was pregnant?"
"Pregnant? What do you mean she was pregnant?"
"The blows that Ms. Okeke took to her lower abdomen, were fatal. We were unable to save the fetus. I am sorry for your loss." Madiyson's face journeyed through multiple shades of anger, grief, despair, and anguish. "Is-" she took a steadying breath and furiously tried to blink back her tears, "Does she know?"
The man took off his glasses and offered the young woman a handkerchief, "With her weak state, we thought it best that her family be the ones to notify her when she wakes. I can not be sure if Ms. Okeke herself was aware of the pregnancy. She was still early on in the first trimester. Only about a month along."
"Madiyson! Madiyson! Where's my baby?" Cassandra Okeke raced around the corner. The mother pulled Madiyson into her arms, noticing the doctor afterwards. "Cassandra Okeke, mother of Amani Okeke." she extended a hand, and the doctor shook it. "Mama, did you find her?" Amare rounded the corner, her father in tow. "Not yet, just Madiyson, I thought Sakura was with you?" Mrs. Okeke finally looked up around the waiting room. "She fell asleep a little while ago, we both worked a full shift today." the waitress pointed at Sakura's who was curled up in a chair and covered with a hoodie.
The doctor cleared his throat, "I'll go wake her up while you all get caught up," Madiyson excused herself and went to wake up her friend.
"Mama?" Amani mumbled as her eyes adjusted to the bright light. She felt a hand instantly move to smooth her hair and help her sit up. "It's okay, don't try to talk too much." Amani sighed as her eyes focused clearly on her mother's form. "Would you like some water?"
The survivor nodded and groaned as she shifted in the bed. After taking the cup from her mother, she finished the glass in silence. "She's awake," Madiyson exclaimed as she and Sakura walked back in the room carrying bags of food. Amani smiled at her best friends. When they moved further into the room she finally noticed her younger sister and father asleep on the window seat and recliner. "We brought you some too Mani if you're up for it. The doctor said everything might be sore for a few days. The college alumna nodded, already feeling the discomfort she knew would only grow as the medicine wore off. "Maybe just some fries," she croaked out. Madison laughed and handed her mother the box of fries and some polynesian sauce.
Hours, later, Amani woke up to find her father seated at her bedside. "Hey baby girl," he grinned, helping her shift up in the bed. "Hey daddy," she smiled as he kissed the back of her hand, lacing her fingers with his. "I will kill that bastard you know?" he vowed. "He took you, my daughter, my treasure, and he beat you and I didn't know. I didn't protect you!" Tears flooded DuBarack Okeke's eyes as he lifted his daughter's hand back to his mouth. "Daddy, you couldn't have known. I didn't want you to know."
"It is my job to protect you. I should have picked up that something was wrong with that boy but I didn't. I didn't see it and now you're sitting in a hospital bed," he croaked, "My first grandchild is gone because of him," he weeped. A hand fell to Amani's abdomen as a sob lodged its way in her throat. "I was pregnant?," she choked out and her father looked up realizing what he'd said. "We'll make sure he rots in jail I pro-" Amani tuned him out as her world crumbled around her.
Her child. Someone was screaming and she wished it would stop. The only screaming she'd ever want to hear was her baby's, but she never would.
"He took my baby. I didn't know they were there,"she weeped as the screaming came into focus and it was coming from her own mouth. Hands were on her legs and arms, her father was rubbing her back as her anger finally crumbled into grief. "Get off of me!" She thrashed around, "He took my baby," she sobbed. "I know, baby, I know," her father wiped his own tears leting her sink into his embrace. DuBarack Okeke shooed away the doctors and pulled his daughter down onto his lap gently rocking her as her heart fell to pieces.
[Present Day] Wakanda
"After it happened, I wouldn't speak for weeks. The doctors didn't think it was best that I stayed alone, especially after they revealed it was highly improbable I would be able to carry children in the future. My parents decided to move me back to DC with them. Madiyson and Sakura stayed with me, while Amare went back to boarding school in New York, and Daddy and Mama went to go buy a bigger house and prepare for me to move in. Their plane went down after taking off from DC to come get me. I never saw them again." Amani finished her story, futilely swiping tears from under her eyes. T'Challa's lips eventually replaced her fingers, pressing kissed on her cheeks as he pulled her into his embrace. "I am so sorry entle," tears leaked down the king's face as he kissed his girlfriend's forehead. He rocked her slowly as her tears turned to sobs then back to sniffles. "I will be right here no matter what," he vowed.
"Your highnesses," a woman stepped out of the palace, "Princess Ada has requested you all's presence and insists that she will not sleep until you all tuck her in." Amani smiled a little as T'Challa shook his head. "We will be there in a minute Ife," T'Challa dismissed. The young woman bowed her head in respect before walking away. "It seems as though our presence has been demanded," Amani sat up, and sighed wiping her eyes. "Are you alright?" the father lifted her face and searched her red eyes. "I will be, eventually."
"Good morning Queen mother," Amani helped Ada into her seat at the table before one of the guards helped her into her own. "Good morning. I trust you slept well last night?"
The heiress nodded and smiled at the older woman. "Good, are you feeling any better?"
"A little, but nothing that will keep me from enjoying this beautiful day." The Queen nodded and signaled for the staff to begin serving breakfast, "Wonderful. If you are up for it, I was thinking that you and I could cook dinner later, maybe show me some of this recipes you made for me at your home? I've been dying for more of your dressing," the older woman smiled. I'll probably need to go to the store, but I'd love to."
"Then it is settled. Me, you, and Ada Ade will head to the store after we eat."
"What about baba?" Ada asked taking the words out of her mouth. "He had to take care of some work this morning. Shuri and Amare ate an early breakfast and I am assuming they will be locked in that lab all day. Your friends also went out exploring, they said to text them "the addy" and they will meet us wherever we are."
Amani shook her head and sighed. She knew no one but Madiyson Johnson would tell the queen of a country to text her the addy. "Great, I will let them know when we head out."
"I know that I am not your mother, and I could never take her spot," the Queen started an hour later, releasing Ada to run over to a market stall where Madiyson and Sakura were looking at some jewelry, "but I would like you to know that I am here if you would like to talk about anything you need a mother's touch for." Amani nodded and smiled. "I am assuming T'Challa told you what happened?"
"Not what happened last night, but the occurrence at the party yes. I know the broad overview of the situation, and I am not prying for details, but I want to know how you feel about everything," the Queen explained. "I do not know how to feel quite honestly," Amani's eyes followed Ada around the market. "I am angry that they are releasing him, part of me feels bad because I ruined his life, then I think about my child and the anger is back, but I also feel like a burden to you all. And to my friends and Amare. They've all had to flee the country because of my poor judgement in the past."
"First, sweet girl, it was not poor judgement. None of your actions qualified you to be put through that kind of abuse. He ruined his own life the minute he laid his hands on you.This was not your fault by any stretch of imagination. That man deserved to spend the rest of his life in jail, unfortunately money always wins out in these situations."
"It is just unfair that I have to run to a foreign country while he gets to parade around and the police act like they can't do their jobs," Amani sighed. "Corruption is the backbone of many nations. And with a government as multifaceted as The United States is, corruption is bound to infiltrate at some level. Every level some would say. Even Wakanda is not perfect. It may not be monetary, but absolute loyalty and fealty is just as damning as a corrupt official."
"I know. It's just that he has taken so much from me, including my first child-" she trailed off. Ramonda reaches over and squeezed her hand, "him being released feels like a slap in the face. Like nobody cares about how much he damaged me or the fact that he took the life of our child. All because he wanted to sleep around and have a trophy wife who bowed to his every whim. Image over everything."
"It makes you afraid to be a mother again," the queen interpreted and Amani nodded. "Emotionally I just don't feel safe enough to bring another child here. Darius is vindictive; he killed our child, and even though neither of us knew it was there, I can only imagine what he would do knowing I was carrying a baby that was not his. Physically, the doctors said there was so much damage that the chances of me successfully carrying a baby again were slim to none. And if I somehow did, there's no guarantee we would both make it out alive."
"I cannot tell you what to do about Darius, but I can tell you that you will always be safe in Wakanda, no matter what happens between you and T'Challa. I seriously think you should consider moving here permanently. For your safety first and foremost. However I do have my own selfish reasons for wishing you to do so as well," the older woman chuckled. "I am not so sure about that," Amani smiled back then dropped her gaze away from the Queen's, choosing to glance around the market instead. "Amare is still in school and if T'Challa and I do not work out, I couldn't bear to stay here and watch him marry and start a family with someone else. Someone who can actually give him children."
"Have you considered getting a second opinion?"
Amani looked back at her majesty, "T'Challa suggested I get one while I am here as well." The mother chuckled, "My son always has had a knack for sharing my mind. I can suggest an obstetric gynecologist if you'd like."
"Do you really think that a second opinion might say something different?" Amani searched the older woman's face. "I do. Your body has had time to heal all of the inflammation and swelling is gone. Everything should be regenerated and there's not telling what could have popped back to life without you realizing. Would you like me to make you an appointment?"
"Yes please, but only if you can come with me. If you don't mind, that is," Amani stopped walking when she noticed the gray loced woman had stopped, "It would be my honor," Ramonda smiled. Amani flushed and offered her a small smile. The queen looped her arm through Amani's and looked around at the vendors, let's get what we need for dinner shall we?"
"I swear you like surprising me even though I hate it,"Amani tucked a stray, freshly done, passion twist back behind her ear as she followed T'Challa up the steep hill. "It would be easier to breathe if you stopped complaining entle," the king grinned, helping her over and outcropping of rocks. "Somehow," I doubt that," the heiress shook her head and accepted her boyfriend's hand down the other side of the rocks.
The sound of rushing water filled the air as the young couple strolled over the grassy hillside. "Welcome go Warrior Falls," T'Challa smiled helping Amani take a seat beside him on the edge of a cliff overlooking the majestic falls. "It's breathtaking," she smiled, leaning her head on his shoulder, taking deep breaths trying to discreetly calm her racing heart. "It is the second best view I have right now."
The brown skinned woman smiled and elbowed her lover's ribs. "Charmer," she murmured as he wrapped an arm around her. "That is where I was coronated." Amani looked up at his profile in the setting sun, "You had a fight to the death, over a waterfall, in a pool, which is fed by another waterfall?!"
"Well, it sounds bad when you put it that way-"
T’Challa laughed as Amani shook her head. “I’m glad you kept me in the dark in that one. Matter of fact, I don’t need to know any more. As long as you are here and alive, I have everything I need.” The king pulled her closer into his side, “I come here to feel close to my father. It was his favorite spot as well.”
“What was he like?”
You would have loved him,” the father sighed, “he adored Ada. He’d loosened up a little from how he was when I was first born. He taught me everything I know about being a ruler, being a father, and I want to make him proud.”
“And you will, but I’m sure he’d want you to keep a sense of yourself in the equation. You are King T’Challa, not your father.”
“King T’Chaka.”
“King T’Chaka,” Amani nodded. “I will keep that in mind my love,” the king promised kissing the back of her hand. “Would you ever be willing to move here, permanently?”
Amani chuckled, “Your mother was right. You two share the same mind.”
“She asked you earlier?” 
Amani nodded, “I’m not sure truthfully. With Amare still being in school, and us not being an official forever thing. I think it is just too early. I couldn’t sit here and watch you marry someone else if for some reason we don’t work out together.”
“I understand,” the king reassured. He twirled one of Amani twists around his finger, tossing it over her shoulder softly. She sighed and leaned into his touch,“I am going to take you and your mother’s advice and get a second opinion.”
“That is great news. Would you like me to accompany you?”
“I already asked your mother. I love you, but I really need a mother’s shoulder to lean on for this one,” Amani explained. “I understand. I’m here whenever you wanna talk about it entle,” the king pressed a kiss to his girlfriend's forehead. Snuggled together on that cliff, they laid back in the grass and watched the sun begin to set. 
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Hi I just wanna know something, Im genuinely just curious, I don't wanna start any ramped theories about this cause that would not be good.
But as far as I'm aware, tfatws shot from October 2019 to March 2020. They then had soem reshoots and final filming to finish up in September 2020.
So now that ayo has showed up as wakanda wants zemo back in custody, and we don't know exactly what was filmed when and where. Is there any possibility chadwick boseman may have filmed something for the show before his passing in August.
I'm not trying to get anyone's hopes up im genuinely just curious about the timing and if it is a possibility for a cameo.
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