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colombianlove41 · an hour ago
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Up for preorder is #IronMan #MarkXLII #quarterscale reissue from #IronMan3 by @hottoyscollectibles & @sideshowcollectibles #marvel #MCU #14scale #geek #IronMan #nerd #HiDefNinja #HDN #collectibles #hottoys #sideshowcollectibles @hidefninjaofficial @disney #disney @robertdowneyjr $640 USD w/$64 NRD & ships Jul-Sep 2022
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davidsunrise · an hour ago
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Invention unlocked baby! I have so much salvage banked and ready to go!
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davidsunrise · an hour ago
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Fungal Magi kinda pog task
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maryo274 · 3 hours ago
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"Ok, look, I know you're not my dad, but you've been acting like you were ever since before I began training under your watch. You're not the most affectionate guy there is but I can tell you care about me, your actions say it all. You see, I lost the only other person who's been a dad to me since I was a little kid and it's been pretty rough but I honestly believe I would have had a much worse time dealing with it if you weren't there for me so... uuuh.... I know this might be a little weird for you but... Happy Father's Day, Mr. Stark. Love you tons." said the kid while handing his mentor a small gift and wrapping his arms around him with a huge smile.
"You are one weird little guy, you know that?" Tony said while hugging the kid back with one arm. He was trying to sound tough but even with his eyes closed, Peter could tell Tony was smiling, his heartbeat was fast and if the warm tear drop falling on his face was anything to go by, the old man was not that cold-hearted after all.
Tony associated Father's Day with grief and conflicted feelings towards his own father, but now he was suddenly a dad to a loud, self-sacrificing, reckless and nerdy super enhanced teenager. And no matter how much he tried to hide it, he loved him so much and was proud to somehow be his old man.
I know it's not Father's Day yet, but I made this doodle in my notebook last night and I loved how it turned out so I had to make it digital immediately. My favorite pseudo-father and son duo. Although they didn't have that much time on screen together, the depth of their bond was made pretty clear.
Just remember a dad isn't always the one you share your blood with, it's the one who stands there next to you and guides you through life and cares for your well-being, the one who teaches you to be the best version of yourself, the one who makes you happy and protects you, the one who believes in you no matter what.
I honestly can't say I had some good experiences with my dad, he wasn't usually at home and after I entered college he basically left home and cut ties with us. I can honestly say that the closest to a father figure I've had are my uncle, who always calls to know how I'm doing, he's taught me some important life lessons, and my mom who's taken the role of both mom and dad throughout my life and hers. Given my life experiences I have one goal in life I HAVE to fulfill before I die. Regardless of what carreer I end up having, I want to be a better father to my kids than my own father was for me, like Tony's trying to be for Peter.
Remember to always respect and love your dads or father figures the way they have loved and cared for you.
Happy Father's Day, everyone.
Marvel Studio, Sony, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko ©
Art by Maryo274 ©
If you like my art support with a reblog, it is appreciated. And you’re always welcome to comment too.
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homie-koyomi · 5 hours ago
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So in today's ironman news! :'D
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theunholygod · 9 hours ago
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#IronMan x #C3PO #Memes #StarwarsMemes #DroidMemes #C3POMemes #IronManMemes #AvengersMemes #MarvelMemes #DisneyMemes #MovieMemes @starwars @robertdowneyjr @disney @marvel
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ronbowie · 10 hours ago
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marvelstarker-mha98 · 12 hours ago
Hi I’m Penny parker and I met my granddaughter from the far future 4/5
Sorry for not posting anything for this past few weeks, I was literally busy! I hope you guys will forgive me! ======================================= After finishing their lunch, penny, and her far future granddaughter were still dining room table while their dirty plates were still in front of them as Peni explained in the past how she and SP got sucked by a vortex then landed on a different universe of New York.
As well as explaining to them that the two met the few different versions of spider heroes in a lair so that they could defeat a villain mob boss, Wilson fisk aka Kingpin.
“Wait You and your team fought a villain mob boos in that universe that you landed on?” Steve asked in surprise.
Peni nodded “Yeah we did I mean one of the latest spiderman did in their universe that Wilson fisks lives on then put him behind bars from what I heard” She replied, shrugging her shoulder. “Why? do you have a Wilson fisk in this universe too?” Peni asked curiously.
The avengers except penny looked at each other confusingly and curiously, not knowing if there was a mob boss with that name. “We have a Wilson fisk here and he’s prison at this very moment,” Penny said.
Tony and the team looked at a penny with a surprising look. Penny confusingly looked back at them. “What, I got this info from Daredevil, he gives me updates on what he’s been up to whenever we cross paths” she said with a nervous smile.
“Alright we can talk about your cross path meet up with the Vigilante later,” Tony said, ruffling the female teen’s hair.
“Since we have the same mob boss stuck in prison in our world, I was wondering was their a version of us...I mean the team in that world as well” Natasha asked.
Peni thought for a moment before swaying her head. “I don’t know cause some of us were in a hurry to get back home but Miles knows” She replied, turning to SP, who gave a happy smile.
Penny looked at her future granddaughter. “Miles? Are you talking about that new spiderman who defeated the mob boss in that universe” she asked curiously.
“Huh” Penny only said with a nod before she asking a crazy and slightly weird question. “since you told us about the two of you shortly stuck in another universe, I was wondering if we all could see the pictures of our spider versions,” Penny asked with a silly smile.
The team looked at her with a “What really?” look as penny looked back at them. “What? Oh come on I know you guys you really want to know the spider peeps from another universe” She said declaredly.
The team smiled sheepishly at their youngest member. Peni looked at them then nodded softly. “Sure grandma Penny, I can show you all the show a picture of them” Peni said, giving her grandmother a thumbs up.
Penny and the others saw Peni stood up from her chair. Thor looked at penny. “What is your Descendant of doing?” He whispered. Penny just smiled while shrugging their shoulder.
SP opened his head to let his partner to leaned forward to search or do something inside. After a minute or two, S/P stomach plate started to open then a camera pop out. a hologram showing up in the middle of the dining room table.
Then the picture shows the picture of Miles morales appeared which made penny and the team shocked caused of how old what miles looks like.
“You got to be kidding me” Clint said, pinpointing at miles picture “That miles kid is spiderman or spider boy he looks spiderman...spider boy but he looks young no longer than 14 or 13 years old”
Penny rolled her eyes. “Well clint, I got mine when I was 14 years old but I am curious if anyone trained him since he’s new and all” Penny said,
“Or if his parents knew about his abilities” Natasha added, crossing her arms as tony agreeably nodded.
Peni softly scratches her cheek. “Well for what I know his parents doesn't know about miles abilities and second of all, he was supposed to get help by the first spiderman in his universe”
“First spiderman? You mean there is one more in that universe ” Steve surprisingly asked.
Peni nodded. “Yeah I guess so however that first spiderman died at the hands of the mob boss so that Miles could escape” she said made the avengers frown slightly dejected.
As for Penny, she was slightly affected by it, that the version of spiderman died to save the new spiderman. She clenched her hands underneath the table, knowing that someday in the future she will die by the hands of an enemy leaving her friends, family, and team behind. That’s why she is trying her best to train with her team to save not only others but as well as herself.
As everyone was quiet, thor finally spoke up. “So Descendant of parkers has the guardian of spiders trained the Son Of Morales” He curiously asked.
Peni looked at the god with a slightly sheepish smile. “Kind of...but it mostly him that trained miles,” she said turning her head to s/p to change the photo, which he did.
When the photo changed, Penny and the team looked up and saw a few spider people/animals, talking to one another but one certain fat man wearing a spiderman suit looks familiar.
“Hahaha, that fat spider dude looks like the kid!”
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the-emo-asgardian · a day ago
ok sure people love loki aka comics etc, but would people love live action loki as much if Tom wasn't playing the role? could anyone imagine anyone else in the role?
Well, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. I fell in love with Loki before Tom though. Was part of that how he shaped the character? Absolutely. Would someone else have shaped it differently? To some extent, yes, I’m sure. It depends, and he may not be as popular, but I’m sure plenty of people would still love live action Loki.
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uncomicmas · a day ago
¡Finalmente...... El título oficial en español! 🕸 #SpiderMan #SinCaminoACasa. En Diciembre #SóloEnCines por @cineblancica • • • • • #spiderman #marvel #captainamerica #ironman #marvelcomics #deadpool #peterparker #avengers #civilwar #tomholland #blackwidow #hulk #blackpanther #thor #captainamericacivilwar #antman #hawkeye #scarletwitch #spidey #mcu #spidermanhomecoming #xmen #comics #tonystark #daredevil #venom
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galaxyofcomics · a day ago
I always feel weird calling this the Marvel Flip. "Flippy thing?" "Mlip?" "Marvlip?" Anyway, here it is, the Marvel books out this week. . . . . . . . #marvelcomics #marvel #comics #spiderman #avengers #mcu #marveluniverse #comicbooks #xmen #ironman #marvelstudios #marvellegends #thor #captainamerica #avengersendgame #art #igcomicfamily #hulk #cosplay #marvelcinematicuniverse #deadpool #wolverine #venom #comic #comicbook #peterparker #stanlee #ncbd #Wednesday #Galaxyofcomics (at Galaxy of Comics)
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01bigbricks · a day ago
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