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#steve rodgers
mariecoded · 7 hours ago
Angel (S.R.)
Summary: "I'd never had anyone that saw me for me. Not until I met Steve and now, now he's gone."
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Fem!Reader, Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes (Minor), Peter Parker/MJ (Minor)
It's late, really late, when Tony gets back home, but I don't really care. I never ask where he's been or what he's done because I don't care. I haven't cared for a long time. Tony does whatever he wants whenever he wants to. It's infuriating.
Everyone knows his name and what he does. Even before he was Iron Man, back when he was Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, and a technical genius. Now everyone knows him as Iron Man, the hero that saves lives.
I've always known him as Tony, my big brother. The irritating, get under your skin, type of person. Or maybe that just him being my brother. We aren't related, not technically, but he's the only family I have now.
No one even gives me a second look and yeah, it's nice some times, but most of the time it's painful. Most people only want to talk to me to learn more about Tony, more about the Avengers.
The worst part is people expect me to be like my parents, like my brother. They want me to build, create, be a hero. But I'm not a hero, not even close. Sure, I do what I can to help people, but most days I can't stand to be around anyone.
Today was no different. The moment I see Tony, I get up and return to my room. Today, like usual, I can't stand to be around him.
Mostly because all he talks about is the Avengers or  whatever new thing he's working on. Yeah, I'm happy for him, and I'm proud of what he's accomplished, but I don't want to hear about it. I never really have.
I flip on the lights in my room and look around. When I'd first moved in, it was everything I wanted. Now, it's lost its shimmer.
I was a whole different person back then.
Despite living in the Avengers Tower, I hadn't properly met most of them. I know their names, sure, but I don't actually know them. The only people I'd met were Peter and Natasha.
I close the door behind me and flop down on the bed. Someone is watching a movie on the other side of the wall.
I grab my laptop and message Casey to see if he's up. A few minutes later, a FaceTime request pops up on my screen.
I accept it and his face pops up on screen. He's grinning.
I'd met him at summer camp when we were sixteen. He'd accidentally dumped that night's dinner, some sort of camp stew, on my shirt. He had been mortified, but I brushed it off. I'd never liked that shirt anyway.
"Hey." I grin at him.
"Hey," He's walking around his kitchen, "Shouldn't you be asleep? It's really late there isn't it?"
"Eh, I'm fine. Don't need much sleep anyway."
"Mmmhhmm." He gives me a disapproving look, "You're not a teenager anymore, you need sleep."
I groan, "Dude, I am well aware of my age, you don't have to remind me. Besides, I slept more as a teenager than I do now."
"Yeah yeah," Casey shakes his head.
“Besides, I can just sleep tomorrow.” I shrug, “I usually sleep during the day anyway.”
There’s a loud ding and Casey disappears for a moment. He returns with toast and butter, “Aight then. Anything much going on there?”
“Not that I’m aware of.” I pause for a minute, “Oh, never mind. Tony’s throwing another party tomorrow, but really is that a new thing?”
Casey snorts, “He isn’t even there for half of them.”
A grin spreads across my face, “Yeah. I’m actually considering leaving my room for this one. If only to get some food.”
Casey nods, “I have heard that there’s always good food and drinks at his parties.”
I grimace, “He always gets the best for his guests.”
A loud crash pulls Casey's attention from me, “Jonathan leave that alone.” He yells over his shoulder. Jonathan is his ten year old son. I hadn’t had the chance to meet him in person yet.
Jonathan had been in foster care for a few years when he’d come into Casey’s custody. The moment Casey had seen him he known he’d wanted Jonathan to be part of his family.
My family.
“Hey, I gotta go.” Casey snaps me from my thoughts, “I have to take Jonathan to camp, we can talk later though.”
“All right, you go on. Tell Jonathan I said to have fun and to stay out of trouble.” I grin.
“Will do, but I can’t promise he’ll stay out of trouble.” Casey grins, “Bye.”
“Bye.” I end the call.
Tony’s party. I had completely forgotten about that until a few minutes ago. I’d promised myself that I’d go this time. I was not looking forward to it.
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mrs-moonchild · 9 hours ago
Long ago (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
A/n: I had so much fun to write this <3 I would love to make a second part, so please let me know if you wanna see one.
Warnings: none I think, but if you find something let me know 
Word count: 1600+
Two pairs of eyes were staring at you, they watched every single move you made. Analysing every action, trying to figure out, what you would do next.
"Would you guys stop it?", you asked annoyed and turned around to face the two men, that were sitting in the back of the car.
One guy, you believe Sam was his name, shurged while crossing his arms before his chest. "I don't know... If you would tell me who you are, trusting you would be a lot easier."
A sigh escaped your lips. "I don't own you or anyone a explaination.", was all you said before you turned back to watch Steve talking to some Shield agent.
"And yet you are here to help.", you rolled your eyes. "I am here because Steve needs my help, all of you idiots do."
Suddenly Sam went quiet, saying nothing anymore. "What? Did you get shy or something?" - "You are the one Steve talked about.", he then said.
Your blood froze in your veins. Did Steve tell him about it? Did he tell him what happend?
"What are you even talking about?", you pretend, that you didn't know what he was talking about. Maybe it would work.
Sam looked at you through the rear-view mirror. "The person he saved in the Hydra Base. The agent." - "You don't know anything about me, so you better shut up before I make you shut up."
You didn't like it when people tried to find out stuff from your past. Whoever tried would break their neck.
It were true, when you were working on the Winter Soldier case, Hydra had captured you and tried to find out stuff about Nick Fury.
Steve found you, nearly dead in an old Hydra Base. He rescued you. Saved your dear life.
So of course when he asked you for a favor, you agreed. You owned him big time and maybe you could get equal for helping now.
Ironically you were helping the Winter Soldier. James Buchanan Barnes. You didn't find much about the Winter Soldier back then, but at some point you could put a few pieces together.
Unfortunately you also had to the feeling, that you need to help Bucky as well. So in short, you were just trying to pay your debt.
Your gaze fell back on Steve, who was now kissing that Agent. You made a grimace, that was nothing you really wanted to see. You were not really into all this relationship stuff.
Since Sam stayed quiet, it looked like your words were working and he was avoiding a conflict.
Curiously your eyes flew to the other man. Bucky or how you used to call him, a pain in your freaking ass. He gave you many sleepless nights and now he was just sitting in the car, looking quite peacefully.
You shook your head as you notice Steve coming back to the car. He sat down in the driver seat and gave you a reassuring smile.
He was thankful for your support, that you had agreed to help him.
"Everything okay?", he asked with a worried look on his face. You nodded. "Of course, just trying not to fight against the bird guy.", you said, already prepared to hear Sam complain, but nothing happened.
Steve sighed while you shruged and looked outside the window. "You got yourself a girlfriend? Or was that just a goodbye kiss in case you die?", he blushed slightly, ignoring your questions.
"Hey, don't act like I am not here Rodgers, that hurt my feelings.", dramaticly you placed a hand in your chest, right were your heart was.
"Wait you have feelings?", Sam asked, which really made you even more annoyed. "Probably more than you will ever have."
You could hear Steve sigh. "Can you guys stop it please? We need to work together in this." - "Steve I won't ignore the fact, that you are the only reason I am here. If I got a problem with the bird guy, it won't affect this.", you said annoyed.
Apparently Steve liked to forget, that you were a professional and feelings didn't affect your work anymore.
They did long ago but you made sure that would stop before something bad happened. It was easier in the end of the day, the guilt was the only thing, that would never leave you.
"Remind me to never agree to something like that again.", you mumbeled, unfornately loud enough for Sam to hear. "You can go if you don't wanna be here."
Sam earned a warning look from Steve. "What? I don't trust her." Now it was enough. That guy were really getting on your nevers. "You don't trust me because I don't go and tell you every single detail about me? Because I don't wanna talk about the worst time in my life? Then fine, I can live with that."
It was quiet now, everyone in their thoughts, not wanting to make the mood any worse.
Your thoughts kept wandering to a certain person in the car. You had fight against him, he was the one who helped Hydra to catch you, but he was also the reason they didn't kill you that day.
First you were fighting against another Hydra Agent, they were ready to shoot at you but a mental arm came out of nowhere and pushed you to the ground.
"They need her alive."
Those were exactly the last words you heard before some strong arms picked you up and bought you to the Hydra Base.
You had heard his screams, those screams which made you cry out for help. Not help for you but for him.
He never knew who you were or how you wanted everything to end for him.
Then after all your researching, all your struggels to find out who he was and how he was the perfect killer, after all that you knew he was a broken soul. Just like you.
"Y/n?", Steve voice made you come back to reality and you looked at him questioning. "What?" - "We are there."
You nodded and got out of the car just like the others did.
A man was walking towards Steve while a woman was climbing out a Van. "Cap", the guy said, and if you were right, that man must he Clint Barton.
You let them their privacy and stayed back at the car, watching them though. Bucky stood next to you.
"You haven't changed since then.", he whispered, which caused you to look at him. "I can see you did."
His blue eyes narrowed you, trying to figure out whether you were still mad at him or if you had forgive him.
You turned back to the others as a man was climbing out of the back of the Van. He seemed really excited to be here, unless like you.
"Thanks... " - "You saved my ass and I save yours.", you said giving him a serious look. Even though you wished it was diffrent, Bucky had saved your life back then.
"We should get movin' ", Bucky now said loud enough for everyone to hear. Then a few seconds later, an annoucement in german was made.
That made clear that you were running out of time, so either this would be a day to kick asses or to get the ass kicked.
"Suit up.", you heard Steve say before he walked towards you. "Y/n, can I have a second?"
You looked at him suspiciously. "What is it Cap?" - "I need you to stay with Sam and Bucky when we fight.", you gave him a are-you-fucking-serious look.
"Why? I thought I would walk with you to help you fight Stark.", you said now annoyed at the sudden change of the plan. "That's the point, Natascha and Stark shouldn't know you are here."
Confused at his words, you frowend before you nodded. "Fine, whatever ya want cap." It wouldn't help to agrue with Steve, he wouldn't change his mind anyways.
After you had put on your suits, you were in a building with Bucky and Sam. Not really wanting to be there, but not really having a choice made it all suck even more.
But who were you to complain, you brought yourself into this mess. You knew what would happen when you agreed to help Steve.
You watched Cap walk out, meeting Tony and his friend? No clue who that guy was. More and more people came to join them. "Wow... Just like a big family reunion.", you mumbeled.
It was Sam, who shoot you an annoyed look before going back to his birdy stuff. Honestly you didn't think too much of his super-high-tech-whatever wings.
Bucky also looked at you, but not in an annoyed way, you couldn't quite identify what it was.
As fast as you could you looked away hoping to fight someone soon. Spending time with people wasn't really your thing. Not wanting to wait any longer, you looked back at Sam.
"Can you maybe hurry?", you asked before going back to observing the group of people outside. "Can you maybe be patient?"
You rolled your eyes. "I am never gonna work with you again Wilson.",you said and didn't expect his reaction. He smiled at you as he went to look at his screen. "Finally we agree on something."
He wasn't wrong, but you decided to ignore his comment. Instead you got out your knieves and carefully put them onto your belt.
"Knieves?", you could hear Buckys voice ask, which caused you to look up. "I learnt a few things about them while fighting the Winter Soldier.", a smirked appeared on your lips as you said those words.
He nodded, probably remembering all the times you two fought. You were the only person, that didn't made him regret who he was.
The only person the Winter Soldier had ever saved.
"Okay lovebirds, I found it.", Sam interpruted you, barely hiding his annoyance. "Well we should let Steve know. Tell him, I am gonna check the doors and make sure everything is clear.", you said, giving Bucky a small smile before walking away.
This sure would be a lot of fun.
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thewinterwitch111 · 19 hours ago
Imagine Submissions
If you have any thing you would like to see written please inbox me and I will start them as soon as i can!
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artemisfrost · 20 hours ago
Folks of tumblr, I give thee this absolute trash heap of a uquiz I just made: Which one of my fictional childhood crushes are you? I'm classifying 'childhood' as until I was 10 and, sadly, I thought I was straight then, so woe, men be apon ye
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Okay so in the 616 universe (I believe) originally Bucky and Steve had both been in the plane together when it was crashing down.
Even though this Bucky was a teenager, when I found this out tho I was piiiiisssseeeed.
Because Disney Marvel had miss an opportunity to create one of the most heartwreching moment in the MCU!!!
Just... Just imagine... In Captain America: The First Avenger... Both Steve and Bucky were piloting a crashing plane together... Steve finished saying his goodbye with Carter before he then looked to Bucky, a sad smile on his face "Till the end of the line?"
And Bucky answered, "Always, punk."
Then Steve held held Bucky's offered hand as they braced themselves for their deaths.
Imagine Steve waking up decades later thinking Bucky was alive along with him. Only to find out they didn't find his body. (Maybe the crash dismembered Bucky, maybe Hydra found his body first when they were searching for the tesseract.)
Only a severed hand that kept on holding on till the end.
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caradoc-dearborn · a day ago
Avengers x male reader headcannons
Warnings: none
Not requested (I had this awful idea all on my own!)
It’s pure crack. I can’t take myself seriously anymore. Oh, and reader is a teenager in this.
Y/n just starts stomping around the compound one day
Everyone assumes he’s having a bad day
But then he just keeps doing it? It’s days later and everyone’s very confused
Some of them ask him what’s up because what could be bothering him? Is it school?? Friends?? (Could it be *whispers, frightened* hormones??)
He’s just like “nah, everything’s fine, don’t worry”
They don’t believe him (they should)
So the avengers hold a meeting about it. An entire meeting. About why their teammate could be upset. Ridiculous.
The reader walks in on the meeting and he’s like “??? A meeting? Why wasn’t I told about it??? What’s up?”
Natasha just asks him. She’s blunt like that. “What’s been bothering you this last week?”
“What do you mean?”
Tony says, “Kid, you’ve been stomping around the tower the past few days. We can all hear it through the floors. What’s wrong?”
Y/n laughs. Hard. Everyone’s confused.
“So none of you noticed??”
... “noticed what?”
“Look at- Look at my fucking feet.”
He’s wearing Sketchers light up sneakers. They’re stomp activated.
(Apparently the Earth’s mightiest heroes are dumbasses)
Clint and Natasha face-palm because they’re literal spies so why didn’t they just pay closer attention?
Steve is exasperated and even more confused because why on earth do light-up shoes exist?
Bruce just sighs and looks at y/n thinking I don’t get paid enough for this shit
Wanda was just glad that y/n wasn’t upset. And she likes the shoes. In her eyes, it’s a win-win situation
Tony feels a bit stupid for having blown the whole thing out of proportion, but he also wants to know if this a new trend with The Kids these days. Maybe he’ll ask Peter about it?
Y/n teases everyone about this whole thing months later
“Hey, remember that time y’all thought I was being an angsty teenager but I just had new shoes?”
“Oh, you know what I was just thinking about? When the Avengers assumed I was unstable but I actually had lit new kicks.”
“What would Director Mister Spy Nicholas J. Fury Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire do if he found out his hand-picked team is actually full of immature children who don’t know how to communicate?”
(Of course, y/n doesn’t dare say this to Natasha. She’s scary. I’m scared of her. You would be too. Don’t even try to deny it.)
Anyway, this ultimately served as a lesson: always suspect that Gen Z kids are doing something unexpected, but not necessarily detrimental to their own health
(Disclaimer: I hate Sketchers. Not just because my feet are the wrong shape for their shoes. They fucking moved into five HUGE buildings right by my street and made parking unbearable. So I have a personal grudge)
Well! I hope you enjoyed this! It was fun to write, and I’m hoping it was at least mildly entertaining.
If anyone wants to send me a request for a male reader fic, or some headcannons, that’d be great! (also I’d be so, so honored)
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twordytings · 2 days ago
Hello:) So an idea for a fic/drabble; I saw a "prank" on TikTok where someone puts a broomstick or similar through another persons shirt, so that they can't pull their arms down, and then they tickle them. Maybe you have seen it? If not, I hope you understand what I mean😅 Anyways, maybe the reader would try to pull the prank on Steve and/or Bucky, but forgets that they are literal super soldiers and therefore he/they quickly snap the broomstick in two and absolutely wrecks the reader? Don't know if this is a good idea or not, but here u go😅
Sunday Pranks
(Bucky and Steve x Reader)
Summary: You’re bored at the compound, so you decide pranking Bucky and Steve will keep you occupied. It did... sort of.
Word Count: 873
A/N: Yes I’ve seen the TikTok! It put me in such a lee mood when I first saw it lol but I hope this does your prompt justice!! :)
Tumblr media
It was the most boring Sunday ever. Usually you’ll be in the mood to watch a movie, bake something new, draw, etc.; today though, you weren’t in the mood for anything in particular. You were doing your absolute best to come up with something to do in the compound, but nothing came to mind. You began trudging around, opening every door there was, in an attempt to find something to do. In doing so, you came across what looked like a random supply closet - one you’ve never noticed before. You opened the door to reveal a bunch of random cleaning appliances. Brooms, a vacuum, and other miscellaneous items. You huffed at the disappointing encounter as you closed the door, but paused in your tracks when you came up with a plan to ease your boredom.
The brooms; perfect. You’d remembered that Steve and Bucky were in the living area, and so your mischievous scheme began.
Your plan was to prank the two, asking them to stand up with their arms in a T formation so you could weave a broom through the arm holes of their shirts, rendering their arms useless to your attack. Specifically, your tickle attack. You thought it’d be fun since usually, you were the one on the losing end of tickle fights around the compound; them being super soldiers and all gave them the upper hand when it came to tickling the daylights out of you. It was gonna be different this time... or so you thought.
You grabbed two brooms from the closet and made your way downstairs, greeting both Bucky and Steve.
“Hey guys!”
“Hey y/n,” they said in unison. Steve was busy reading the newspaper and Bucky was watching T.V. on the couch.
“Can you guys c’mere for a sec’?” you asked from the middle of the living room, a big grin plastered on your face. You were too excited.
“Well I guess, since you’re blocking the screen,” Bucky said with a groan as he stood up.
“Cool. Steve?” you asked innocently. He looked up abruptly from his newspaper.
“Uh yeah sure,” as he stood up and started walking over.
“Okay. So what I want you guys to do is put your arms up like a T. Like this.” You began demonstrating, and they followed soon after, confused expressions lingering on their faces. You then grabbed each broomstick and put it through their sleeves.
“Okay now what?” Bucky asked as they both looked at you expectingly.
“This!” you exclaimed, trying to tickle the two, but you immediately stopped in your tracks when you heard two big snaps. They had both broken the broomsticks in half, just by bending their arms in one fell swoop.
“Betcha didn’t think that was gonna happen did you?” Steve quipped with a chuckle.
“So silly y/n,” Bucky chimed as the two were amused by your complete confusion, as to how in the hell they managed to do that.
“Now I think it’s only fair that we get payback for such a mean prank, don’t ya think Buck?”
“Uh, duh! I think little y/n/n here needs a taste of her own medicine...,” he said, the two of them towering over you like skyscrapers. Before you could even blink, Steve picked you up, setting you down on the couch so you were laying down, and then gently sat on your legs, rendering you immobile.
“I’ll get her arms!” Bucky yelled excitedly as he ran over, grabbing both your arms with his cold metal arm. “I think you know what happens next bub...” Bucky whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. Curse your terrible pranking skills.
Without hesitation, the two went to town; Bucky was scratching at your armpits while Steve was shaking his fingers into your belly. It was torture, and you couldn’t move at all.
“WAHAHAHAIT GUYS I CAHAHAHANT BREEHEHEHEHEATHE!” you screamed, trying to make an excuse to be freed. Neither of them bought it.
“Well ya should’ve thought about that when you decided to prank us. I mean, what were you thinking?” Steve teased, which wasn’t helping.
“Oh c’mon it’s just a little tickling. And besides, you basically asked for this to happen.” Bucky said, which told you that there was absolutely no way out of this.
“IM SOHOHOHORREEEEEEE!” you screeched as Steve used one hand to switch to your neck, wriggling his digits as you tried to inch your shoulder up to your head to try and make the agonizing feeling go away. It didn’t work, considering his hand was now trapped there. His other hand was still roughly clawing at your stomach, and your laughter went silent, giving them a cue to stop their torture.
You greedily heaved for air, taking in every bit you could. “That... was not... fair...,”you said between breaths.
“Awww did we tucker you out?” Bucky sang with a fake pout as he poked at your belly from behind you, eliciting light giggles from you. And as if nothing had even happened, the two went back to what they were doing prior to your shenanigans, leaving you to recover from their brutal attack. You couldn’t say you’d be pranking either of them any time soon, let alone both of them.
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 days ago
Part 2 of “if we had 5 more minutes”, Goodbye texts from the Avengers
Hey besties 👋 I made myself cry writing the first part so here’s to doing it again writing this 🥳😌😎 I am gonna have to do another part of this so stay tuned for that 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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americasass91 · 2 days ago
Baby Fever
Tumblr media
Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is well! This little fic is for the amazingly talented @buckyownsmylife​ 2k/Birthday Challenge! Which the theme for it was breeding kink. Which how could I not participate in that? Breeding kink just happens to be one of the biggest kinks I have(and i don’t even want kids, go figure) So I looked through my Masterlist and realized I didn’t have a breeding kink fic with Steve. Well, I can’t say that anymore!
Thank you for hosting this challenge you lovely, beautiful human! And congrats on the 2k!! You deserve that and so much more! I hope everyone enjoys!
Rating: Explicit (duh, it’s a breeding kink fic)
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: breeding kink(again, duh), Professor!Steve(I feel like he’s a warning all by himself, language, age gap, unprotected sex(I mean, it’s kind of implied but I’ll put the warning anyway)
“How long do we have to stay at this thing?”
You help can’t but roll your eyes at your husband of 4 months. “I told you I’m not sure. It’s my niece’s 1st birthday party. You could’ve stayed home you know.”
Steve pulls up to your sister’s house and parks among the other vehicles in the front yard. “Yeah and give them even more reasons to hate me? No thanks.”
See, Steve wasn’t your family’s favorite person. It all has to do with the fact that he’s 10 years older than you and how you guys met, which was during your freshman year of college. You were the innocent student and he was your history professor.
The attraction was instant and very mutual between you two. But dating students at this particular university was frowned upon and Steve could have lost his job. So, you admired each other from afar….that is until the semester was over. You went to visit him in his office after your last class and he eagerly bent you over his desk and ruined you for any other future man you may have.
Well, that was 6 years ago now. Your family of course didn’t approve and thought he was just taking advantage of a young, naive student. Your mom was the first to come around when she noticed a change in your demeanor and how happy he made you. She talked some sense into your dad and he eventually backed off as well.  
It took until Steve put a ring on your finger for your sister to accept him. Although you know her and her friends still judged you two. You could tell by the looks you guys always got whenever around them. You learned to not let it bother you. Steve was amazing. He was attentive, caring, and he loved you with everything he had. The only flaw he had was that he didn’t want kids.
It almost made you consider not marrying him. You had always wanted kids. But, in the end you realized you wanted Steve for the rest of your life more than a baby. But he did adopt a kitten with you. So it’s a win, win.
He gets out of the car and grabs the gift out of the trunk. You had gotten her an outfit that says ‘My aunt is cooler than your aunt’ and various toys that she would enjoy. Plus, being the book editor you were, you couldn’t not get her a book. So, you got her the very first Harry Potter book. When Steve saw you wrapping it with a questioning look, you told him it was never too early to start a child’s transition into being a Potterhead.
You skipped excitedly next to Steve as you made your way to the front door. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your enthusiasm. “You excited or something, sweetheart?”
After ringing the doorbell, you turn towards him. “Of course I am! I love my little niece!”
Truth was, you knew you were never going to have a baby of your own. So you poured all of your love and joy for a baby into your niece.
You’re pulled from your thoughts when your brother-in-law, Matt, answers the door.
“Mr. and Mrs. Rogers! Glad you made it! Come on in!” He ushers you 2 inside, helping you both hang your coats up in the hall closet. He then points to the obvious gift table. “You can just set that down there, Steve. And if you’d like, me and a bunch of the other husbands are downstairs in the basement watching the game. You’re more than welcome to join us.”
Steve looks at you, silently asking for permission. You give him a quick pecking the lips. “Go have fun. Just make sure to come back up for food and presents.”
As Steve heads downstairs with Matt, you can’t help but take in all the decorations. Little Miss Lindsey just happens to currently be obsessed with The Little Mermaid. So of course the theme is under the sea. Your sister really went all out. Streamers, balloons, and even mermaid figurines were everywhere. There’s even mermaid confetti on the tables.
You head in search of your sister and the birthday girl, one of which you find in the kitchen. “Hey sis! Need any help?”
Your sister, Rachel, turns from the hot dog sauce she’s stirring on the stove and gives you a big hug. “Oh, thank god you’re here! Can you grab the vegetable tray and potato salad out of the fridge and put them on that table over there?”
“Sure! Where’s Linds?” You ask as you grab the requested items out of the fridge.
Your sister returns to the sauce on the stove. “She’s still napping. I should be getting her up soon. Where’s Steve? He stay home? I know this isn’t really his thing.”
You take the plastic wrap off the potato salad and sit it amongst the smorgasbord of other food on the table. “Of course he’s here. He’s down in the basement with the other men.”
You sister lets out a sigh. “Yeah, I told Matt they could only watch until everybody got here. Ah, shit. I think I hear Lindsey crying.”
“I’ll get her!” Quickly jumping at the chance to see her.
“You sure? That would be great! The outfit I want her to wear is on the changing table. And can you do her hair up in the bow, too?”
“You got it!” You make your way down the hall towards Lindsey’s room, her crying getting louder. You open the door and see her sitting up in her crib. Her crying quiets the moment she sees you. She gets a big ole smile on her face and reaches out for you. “Hi, sweet girl! How is the birthday girl today?” You pick her up and give her a big hug. “How about we get you changed into your party outfit?” She just coos back at you in response.
You push her outfit aside and lay her down on the changing table. Quickly realizing she’s wet, you give her a fresh diaper. She attempts to ‘help’ as you try to change her into her party outfit. Which after it’s on her, she looks like a little mermaid. You quickly brush her hair and pull as much of it as you can into a ponytail on the top of her head and add the matching bow. You stand back a little from her and clap your hands. “What a pretty girl! Are you ready to join your party?” You pick her up and turn around to head out of the room. You’re surprised to see your husband standing in the doorway.
“Hey, I thought you were watching the game?” He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards you two. “I missed you.” He tickles Lindsey’s side, causing her to giggle. “Happy Birthday, little one.” You can’t help but feel your heart warm. That always happens anytime your husband interacts with a baby.
“I was just helping Rachel out by getting her ready. She seemed a little frazzled in the kitchen.” You turn your attention back to Lindsey. “Come on, sweet girl. Let’s go join your mommy in the kitchen!”
The next hour goes by in a blur. You weren’t really paying attention to anyone else. All of yours on Lindsey. The only food she seemed to want was what was on your plate. You didn’t mind sharing. Then she got to ‘smash’ her cake. Which for Lindsey it meant taking delicate little bites from said cake, mostly of the icing. She did still manage to get it all down the front of her though. But that’s okay, Rachel of course had a back up outfit ready.
You had just polished off your hot dog when Rachel walked back into the room with a now clean Lindsey. Steve grabbed yours and his plates to go dispose of.
Rachel sat on the floor with Lindsey who immediately started crawling towards you. “I think you’re gonna have to join us, sis.”
You can tell it’s hurting Rachel’s feelings a little that Lindsey is so attached to you today. Nevertheless, you join them on the floor, placing Lindsey in your lap. “Ready to open presents, sweet girl?”
Rachel turns to Matt. “Honey, could you start handing out the presents please?”
He nods and goes to grab the first of many presents. He sits it down in front of Lindsey who immediately goes for the tissue paper. She doesn’t even seem to care about the present in the bag. You laugh and try to get her attention on the gift inside.
You look up and see everyone laughing at the birthday girl who only wants the tissue paper. You notice Steve towards the back of the crowd, only he’s not laughing. He’s giving you a look. You’ve seen that look before. It instantly sends a shiver down your spine and makes your panties wet. He wants you.
You try to give him a stern look. He shouldn’t be looking at you like that in the middle of your niece’s party. He puts his hands up in surrender.
After taking almost 2 hours to open the rest of the gifts, Lindsey was a sleepy girl. You were sitting on the couch with Lindsey cuddled up into your chest. You were gently rocking her back and forth. You look over at your sister who was cleaning up the mess from the presents.
“I can go put her down for a nap, Rach. I don’t mind.”
“Thanks, sis. You seem to be her favorite person today so she’d probably scream if I tried to do it. Matt! Could you get a bottle ready for Lindsey so my sister can put her down for her nap?”
A few minutes later he comes out with the bottle and hands it to you.
You stand up and look over at Steve. “I shouldn’t be too long. Did you want to head out of here after I put her down? I know you still have those papers to grade.”
He nods. “Yeah, if you don’t mind. Thanks, sweetheart.”
You squeeze his bicep as you pass by him. “Of course not. Like I said, this shouldn’t take too long.” You glance at Lindsey and notice she’s having trouble keeping her eyes open.
Just like you predicted, it only took Lindsey about 15 minutes to fall asleep. You take one last glance at her, your heart tugging a little, knowing you’ll never have one of your own.
You quietly close the door and don’t even take 2 steps before the door across the hall opens to reveal Steve. You look at him in confusion. “Babe? Why are you in the laundry room?”
He doesn’t respond. Instead, he grabs your arm and pulls you into the room with him. He makes sure to shut the door behind him.
“Steve, what are you doing? I thought we were leaving?”
He pushes you to the front of the washing machine and presses himself up against you, immediately making you feel how hard he is. “Need you, baby.” He reaches around and starts undoing your jeans.
You start pushing his hands away and try to turn around. His hold on your waist tightens, stopping you.
“Steve, we are not doing this here. You can wait until we get home.”
You are suddenly pushed until your front is resting on the top of the washing machine, Steve covering his body with yours. He lets out a low growl in your ear. “This” he presses his bulge more firmly against your ass “is your fault. So, you’re going to help me with it.”
You turn your head to the side as he pushes your jeans over the curve of your ass. “Me? What the fuck did I do? I haven’t even really talked to you today. Been with Lindsey all day.”
He fastens his pace in removing his own jeans, only lowering them enough to free his aching cock. He lands a smack to your panty covered ass. “Exactly. Made me so hard watching you with the baby. Made me think what it’d be like if we had one. What you’d look like swelled with my kid. Knew I had to have you.”
You managed to push him back far enough to stand up straight and turn around to face him. “Steve, I’m not going to let you fuck me in my sister’s laundry room.” He launches at you, trapping your body between his and the washing machine. “It’s cute that you think you’re in charge. Now, I’m going to fuck a baby into you. And I can either do that here or I’ll take you out in the living room where everyone is and bend you over there.”
Fuck. These panties are officially fucked. Still, you have questions. “I thought you didn’t want kids, Steve? Plus I’m on the pill.”
His face turns soft for a second. He cups your cheek in his left hand. “I didn’t think I did. But seeing you with her today? Now that’s all I want, all I can think about. You with our baby. You’d be the best mother. And you’ll just stop taking your pill. Starting today. We’ll keep trying until it takes. Is this something you’re even still wanting?”
You grab onto his wrist and push your cheek against his palm. “Of course it is.” You turn back around and bend over the washer. You lower your panties to your knees and shake your ass in his direction. “Well? What are you waiting for? Fuck a baby into me, Steve.”
He growls and closes the distance between you. He grabs the base of his cock and rubs the tip through your dripping folds. “Don’t have time to stretch you out first, sweetheart. And I’m really worked up, so this will probably be quick.”
You push back against him, eager to get him inside you already. “Don’t care. Just please, fuck me Professor Rogers.” You knew that’d get him.
“Fuck.” Is the only warning you get before he buries himself in you to the hilt. He just gets his hand over your mouth before your moan escapes your throat.
He only gives you a second to adjust to his size before he starts a bruising pace. After a few thrusts, he removes his hand from your mouth and smacks your ass. He feels you clench around him. “Yeah? You like when your professor fucks you?”
You quickly nod your head. “Yeah. You fuck me so good. Need your cum. Need you to fill me up.”
Steve quickens his pace even more if that’s possible. He moves his left hand off your hip and moves it around you to find your clit. He presses quick circles against it. “Need you to cum first, sweetheart. Need to feel you squeeze me.”
You start pushing back to meet his thrusts. You can feel the coil inside you ready to snap. You just need a little something more.
Steve leans over you and starts pressing kisses up your spine, his pace never faltering. Once he reaches your shoulder, he bites down lightly. He moves his mouth next to your ear. “Come on, sweetheart. Cum for your professor. Then I’ll fill you up nice and full, get you pregnant. Cum for me, Y/N.”
You press your face into the crook of your elbow to muffle your scream as you cum undone on his cock. Your orgasm triggers his. He cums with a quiet shout as he fills you full of his spend, some of it leaking out around him. He gives a few more shallow thrusts before stopping and catching his breath.
He rubs his hands up and down your back. “You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”
You turn your head so you can look at him. “Mmm, i’m great.” You can’t help but let out a little giggle, feeling drunk on sex.
Steve smiles down at you and moves his hand until it’s resting on your lower stomach. “I hope it worked.” He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum starts leaking out of your pussy. He quickly scoops it up and pushes it back inside, causing a whimper to escape your lips. “Sorry, sweetheart. Can’t let any of it go to waste.”
Once he’s sure he’s got it all, he quickly pulls your panties back into place. He stands you up and turns you around to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, thank you for being mine.”
You give him a big smile. “I love you, too. And thank you for picking me.” You bend down to pull up your jeans, Steve mirroring your actions. Once you’re both redressed, you wrap your arms around his neck and press a firm kiss to his lips.
“Now, let’s hurry up and get home. Want you to fill me up again.” You give him a wink and turn to head out the door. “You coming?”
He smirks as he starts following you out. “Oh, I will be.”
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natalieruhsman · 3 days ago
reminder that i take blurb/fics requests for anything marvel/harry potter/peaky blinders!! both character x reader fics or ship pairings are welcome :)
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tara-learns-to-write · 3 days ago
They didn’t see that coming
Mind if I ask a steve x teen reader where they have a different mutant ability (fire manipulation and blood manipulation) seeing how they beat a bad guy by using two elements against them to using one bad guy as a puppet how would steve and the others find out
Hey Bestie, thanks for the request this was so much fun to write! I hope it lived up to your expectations :) sorry, it was shorter than expected :/
You were hired by Nick because of your skills in combat 
You were basically Natasha but… little 
No one knew about your powers as it wasn’t on your file and also because you didn’t use them unless you really had to as they took a lot out of you
“Oh come on Mini-me just because you don’t have Pietro’s lightning speed doesn’t mean you can’t try to race him,” Natasha said with a smirk plastered on her lips. Setting your feet at the start line you looked back at her “oh I intend to try, build up endurance you know?”. 
You didn’t think it was possible to be in pain everywhere until you ran a 10-mile race with Steve, Pietro, and Bucky.
“You know you could always ask one of us powered folks to get your glass for you ?” Loki chuckled from the corner of the room watching you struggle to get the cup from the top shelf “yep I am perfectly aware of that Mr last time y/n asked for a cup I put a spider in it” as your fingers wrapped around the object you realized it must have been him who put it up there in the first place “Bastard” you muttered walking away.
Another fun fact about you was that you were very protective of your family which showed up in little acts at first
Glancing over at them during battle to make sure they were okay, double-checking the mission briefs to make sure you had memorized how many guards there would be
They didn’t know how far you would go so they liked to test the boundaries
however, everything came out 1 mission
“y/n Cap’s gonna need an extra pair of hands in the south corridor” Tony’s voice crackled through the comms. You started to change your course and ran through the rubble of some building that had gotten knocked down in the process of the fight “Got it Stark, already on my way”. When you got there you weren’t expecting to see Steve fighting off 4 agents and struggling to beat them, you knew this wasn’t going to be good if you didn’t step in and use your powers, so conjuring a ball of flames in your hand you screamed “STEVE DUCK” and as the blond fell to the ground you threw the flames in the agents' direction. “2 down 2 to go” you muttered getting ready to use the one power you had been trying to hide for the last 6 months. “So boys, who wants to play a game?” you stalked towards the 2 men, a sick smirk slowly inching onto your face “How about Simon says? I’ll start” flicking a wrist up you continued “Simon says I’m gonna boil you form the inside out and then I’m gonna take you” you used your free hand to point at the now terrified agent “and make you fight against your own team, how does that sound? Great let’s get started”. Suddenly, the first man started to scream out in pain, writhing in the floor like a worm on concrete “pathetic” you spat. Using your powers to bend both the mans blood and body to your will and watched as he fought against the urges you were sending him “Y/N! IT’S DONE LEAVE THEM AND LET’S GO” you heard Steve shout, so letting your grip on them fall you ran out after the super soldier to the jet.
You could almost feel the tension when you stepped back onto the jet
And it was only then that you realized that they had been watching the whole thing from the CCTV cameras in the corridor
“So you do have powers?” “You didn’t think to tell us you could make a grown man cry”  “I’m impressed” You sat down as the team started to bombard you with questions, thinking that it would be best if you left it a minute before you started to talk “Look I didn’t think I would ever use them again, it wasn’t on my file so I didn’t think it was necessary. I’m sorry” and that was where the conversation ended
You were never teased again
And Loki even taught you how to do even more damage with your new skillset 
Fury made sure to add it to your file 
Apart from that, everything was fine in the Avengers Tower and if anything, it brought you closer together as a family
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𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐱 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
        ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Shit." You groaned, your arms giving out as your comb dropped to the floor. You were starting to regret training your arms today with Natasha because your head full of coils was all the workout you needed for the day. Grumbling in defeat, you sit on your bed, sprawling your aching body across your bedspread.
You'd been a part of the avengers for three years now. Ever since you went viral on social media for stopping a band of thieves— burning their faces with your bare hands. It took five minutes of convincing before you found yourself inside of avengers tower, making your way around.
Now here you were, three years later, struggling to put your hair in some damn plaits. "Alright, round two," you muttered. This hair was not going to get the best of you, again.
A small knock formed on your bedroom door, taking your attention away from your reflection in the mirror. "Hey," Steve smiled, his hands resting in his pockets as he leaned against your door frame.
"Hey," you smiled back, waving him in and motioning for him to take a seat in your hammock.
Steve couldn't help but stare.
He loved your hair and appreciated the time and creativity you put into it.
Those nights after missions where everyone sat around unwinding, and you disappeared—swearing you had a hair 'crisis to attend to.
He wished he could follow you those nights, watch what it took to style your hair.
And now he was finally getting front row tickets.
"What's going on, Stevie?" you asked, taking another swipe of grease to your scalp. The super soldiers piercing blue eyes watching your pattern intensely. He almost forgot to respond.
Liquid, grease, and of course, the hibiscus leave-in he enjoyed the smell of.
When you'd fly past him on missions—it's all he'd smell for the rest of the night.
"Stevie?" You smile softly, your arms shaking as you finish your first plait. His eyes fluttered from your workstation to your brown eyes as you looked back at him over your shoulders. "I...I'm just checking in on you. Doing my rounds." You chuckled, looking back at yourself in the mirror. "I guess you could say I'm great, besides this." You tug at your excess hair. "Good," Steve said, standing and making his way over to you. His larger frame suddenly crowding the mirror.
It was no secret that you and Steve had something.
Some would call it chemistry.
Whether it was on the field.
Or right now.
When his hands grazed over your exposed shoulders, sending shutters down your spine. His nose practically dug into your hair.
"Can I ask you something, doll?" Steve took a deep breath, inhaling your scent some more. "Hm?" you hummed making another part. Steve took the liberty of taking the comb from your hands. His fingertips grazing over yours as he did. "Can I help you braid your hair?." He said meekly, his voice had a nervous tremor. You snicker, looking him up and down. “Are you sure?” Steve beamed, shaking his head up and down vigorously. “Yes.”
Smiling, you took his hand. Placing him on your bed while you slipped between his legs on the floor. “Alright, now just as I did, make a part as straight and even as you can.” You instructed him.
Although Steve was a captain and was good with orders, he just couldn’t seem to get it right.
There was a lot of tugging.
And re-doing braids.
“Sorry, doll.”
“Okay, maybe I should—.”
“No, please let me try again.”
But eventually, he got the hang of it. And unknowingly you had fallen asleep in between the super soldiers' legs. Using the inside of his knee as a pillow.
You woke up to soft stroking on your cheek. “Doll, I’m all done. I think.” He snickered. Shifting awake you quickly ran to the mirror, a huge smile growing on your face. “Oh, Stevie. I love it.” You laughed, throwing your arms around his neck. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in. “Not too bad for the first time, huh?”
You smirked, placing a kiss on his cheek. Watching the old man's face grow red. “No, not bad at all.” You giggled, turning your head from side to side, viewing the beautiful plaits he had done for you.
Every day after that Steve begged to do your hair or at least watch.
It got so bad you let him help you on wash day.
You could say Steve became your helper, taking the stress off your shoulders.
You’d be lying if you say you didn’t like it.
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freshwater--mermaid · 4 days ago
Steve Rogers: /recruits soldiers to fight in wars, becoming one himself/
mcu stans: “OMG so courageous and heroic!”
Tony Stark: /designs and builds weapons for soldiers to use in war/
mcu stans: “What an irredeemable villain!”
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incorrectquotesmcu · 5 days ago
Steve: I wish I could get him to open up a little bit, share some feelings.
Y/N: That’s easy! You just have to think of him as a— as a jar of pickles that won’t open!
Steve: So, what are you saying; I should run him under hot water and bang his head against a table?
Y/N: No, that’s what you do when you want to get the truth out of someone.
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incorrect-assvengers · 5 days ago
Tony, to Steve: I'm sorry, I thought someone above the national average height just tried to talk to me
Tony: You're disgusting, tall man
Tony: Shrink, perhaps
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