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#mcu incorrect quotes
Wanda: You hate everyone.
Agnes: I know. It's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
Wanda: The hatred?
Agnes: Yes. The hatred.
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incorrecthick · 25 minutes ago
Felix: Sure, you're verified on twitter, but are you verified in the eyes of god?
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lesbian-deadpool · an hour ago
MJ: I don't put projects on the back burner. I put them under the floorboards, where the ever-louder beating of their hearts drives me slowly to madness.
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incorrecthick · an hour ago
Cop: *escort Izzy home*
Peter, opening the door: *sigh* Izzy, what did you do this time?
Izzy: my best.
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 hours ago
Y/N: I got called pretty today.
Y/N: Actually the full statement was “You’re pretty dumb”, but I’m only focusing on positive things today.
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funnyincorrectmcu · 7 hours ago
genie: you get one wish
tony: i wish that every time steve gets confused he gets a nickel
steve: where’d this nickel come from?
*another nickel falls from the sky*
steve: what?
[two hours later]
steve: someone help!! i’m drowning in nickels!!!
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man-imgay · 7 hours ago
Villian: Did you honestly think you could be the new Captain? You're weak. Useless! And you will never live up to Steve Rogers's legacy.
Sam: (Looks down in defeat)
Bucky, picking up his knife: I was gonna hand you over to authorities but for that, Imma cut a bitch. No one insults Sam, but me! Got it!
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stuckonylove · 8 hours ago
Peter: So tonight I was thinking we could stay up late playing checkers and say all the things we like about each other
Kidnapper, crying: Stark paid the ransom 3 days ago, please go home
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marypearlsonsworld · 8 hours ago
Wally: How is the sexiest person doing here?
Dick, Peter, Shuri: I'm doing-
Wally, screaming so that everyone could hear: I'M DOING GREAT THANKS.
Wally: I am a sexy motha fucka, and I'm better than you bitches-
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lesbian-deadpool · 9 hours ago
Natasha: I want you to look me straight in the eyes.
Y/N: You expect me to look into those eyes and be straight?
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incorrectmarvelquote · 10 hours ago
MJ: I'm the hottest girl in twelfth grade
Harley: Twelfth grade? I thought you were someone's mom
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incorrecthick · 12 hours ago
Quentin: For self defense reasons, I'm going to pretend to be a burglar and you guys have to act wisely. Felix, Harley, & Izzy: Okay. Quentin: If you don't want to die, give me all your money. Felix: Bold of you to assume I have money. Harley: Bold of you to assume I don't want to die. Izzy: Bold of you to assume I can die.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 13 hours ago
Natasha: Clint, I'm trying to watch a video about puppies and you just keep talking about dick
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Carol: I love women
Carol: In a feminist way
Carol: But also in a really fucking gay way
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