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#steve rogers fic
zaddy-cevans · 11 minutes ago
Icy Winds - Part 5
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
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A/N - Angst, but make it comedial 😃. Also, surprise surprise Slutz 💞💞.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Threesome (M x M x F), Oral (both M and F receiving), fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Professor Kink, Double penetration (in vagina only), Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, choking kink, Rough sex, BDSM (very light), Angst Galore, pet names, Age gap (reader in her early 20s, Steve and Bucky in their late 30s),
|| PAIRINGS || Dark!Professor!Steve x Dark!Professor!Bucky x Dark!Student!Reader
1.2k Words (This one's a little shorter. It's a workup chapter to part six)
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Previous Part
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"It's strange. Usually, in a coma, patients can't react much. Although it's uncommon, sometimes they can hear and feel everything, but they can't talk or be responsive at all." "So what does that mean, Doc?" "It means that unlike Steven and James, Y/N isn't in a coma."
You snorted, "James. Hah. That's funny. That's like those names that those boomer fuckboys have." The dark-skinned man in your room's eyes went wide. "Watch your mouth, Sweetheart. Here, sleep for a while." You frowned, "I don't even know you, who are you?" The man blinked, "Sam, I'm Samuel Wilson, your best friend..."
You sighed, looking the man that was apparently Sam, up and down, "I think I'd remember having a bestfriend this hot." Sam turned towards the doctor, "I don't know how to take that." You smirked as the two men moved aside to talk a little more privately, "A compliment, babe."
Sam watched as you reclined back in your bed and brought your fingers up to dance delicately on your bandages before wincing and pulling away. "Memory loss, Doc?" The doctor sighed, "Yes. She's suffered quite the blow to her head in the accident and then she tried to cauterize herself. It should come of no surprise that she suffers brain trauma, which inadvertently affects her memory as well."
Sam sighed as he tapped his fingers on the table standing next to him. "Well, what does she remember?" "I'm afraid other than any academic details, she remembers nothing." Sam paused, pursing his lips, "That means she remembers nothing of her personal life?" "That's right." The doctor left Sam and you to have some privacy as you watched Sam lean onto the table and take heaving breaths. Was he crying?
"Hey, don't be sad I don't remember you. The doctor said I could be suffering from memory loss. But if you say your my best friend, then I believe you." Sam turned around, eyes red and wet and you gave him your bravest smile, despite the fact that you were both in physical and emotional turmoil and pain yourself. "Thank you, Sweetheart. Now, sleep. Seriously." You nodded as you sunk into the semi-soft gurney and let your eyes close.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"Hey guys. The doc said you could hear me so I thought I'd put your minds to ease and make sure you know that Y/N's alright. She's resting." Sam looked over at the heart monitors to see the previously scattered heart rate relax a little. So they could hear him. "Y/N... well she suffers from memory loss. Guess you guys could get that restart you always wanted with her, huh?" Sam joked as he sat down on the bed beside Steve.
Bucky was on the gurney a few feet away from his husband. Both of them looked utterly fucked up and so did Y/N. Baggy eyes, black and blue marks all over their bodies, bloody gashes adorning their faces. Sam was enraged, he couldn't think straight. All he knew was that he had to kill off the rivaling gang that had killed both Wanda and Pietro, and had almost killed Steve, Bucky and Y/N.
So Sam brought in the most dangerous and reckless person he could think of, because that's what Sam needed to be right now, dangerous and reckless. If he was in his senses, he might have thought of the complications and risk, but he didn't. He called the one man who would fix this, the one man who had ran away so many years ago.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You slapped Sam's arm, your face portraying such raw shock that Sam had trouble stiffling his laugh. "Shut up! You're telling me the Earth isn't flat!" Sam rolled his eyes, "I thought the doctor said all academic memories will still be intact. Guess you have a loose nut up there." You chuckled as you leaned back and relaxed in the bed. "Man, I'm glad I have a bestfriend like you, even if I don't remember you."
Sam frowned slightly, he wasn't a good friend, at all. Nevertheless he was glad he got a second chance with you. Suddenly you sat straight up in bed like an excited chihuahua. "Do I have... a boyfriend?" Sam grimaced. How could he explain your situation. Like, no Y/N, you don't have a boyfriend, you have two psychopaths who kidnapped you and force you to fuck them...
Luckily, Sam was saved by having to answer that question as someone knocked the door. "C'mon in." You shouted.
A man with a sharp black suit, black sunglasses resting in the front pocket, long dress shoes and salt and pepper hair walked in. He made his way to your bedside as he smiled down at you. "Hey baby. I'm back." You furrowed your brows, "I'm sorry... who are you?" The man looked over at Sam with an incredulous expression.
"I did mention that she lost her memory, right?" Sam asked and the man shrugged, "Yeah, because this is the face of a person in the know." Sam sighed, "Maybe don't drop this bomb on her just yet." You narrowed your eyes at the man as you assessed his dark brown eyes, they unnerved you, they made you feel... angry yet secured.
"I'm not going to lie to my daughter." You gasped in shock, "Dad?" The man smiled over at you, "It's me baby. Daddy's back."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Sam chewed on his lip nervously as he paced Steve and Bucky's room. A million questions flood his head.
How will Sam tell them about Y/N's dad being back when they wake up? Will they wake up? How will they react when they find out who Y/N's dad is? Will they kill Sam for hiding this from them? Was all this really worth it?
"I can hear your brain noise from here. What's up?" Sam looked over at the owner of the scratchy and dry voice. "Steve... you're up?" "You don't sound so happy, Wilson." Sam chuckled, "I'm ecstatic." Steve sighed, "I feel like there a but coming." "I have to tell you something." "What did you do now, Wilson?"
"N-nothing. I might have... called... Y/N's dad..." Steve shrugged, "So? Why are you so scared to tell me that?" Sam took a deep breath as he turned to Steve, his whole body trembled and shook. He knew he had fucked up, real bad, he remembered 5 years ago...
"Tell them I died. Fake my death somehow." "But, what about Y/N?" Sam's closest friend and Y/N's dad looked over at the young woman practicing throwing knives at the dartboard. "She'll be okay." "You've got a lot of loose ends here." "Then tie em up." "You know I've never been good at this shit." The man grabbed Sam's shoulders. His eyes were crazed.
"They're all after me, Sam. They're all after me and if they're after me then they're after Y/N. Do you understand that I'm doing this to keep her safe?" "What about Steve and Bucky? They're going to be crushed if you die." "They'll find a way to survive. Everyone eventually does."
And so Sam helped him fake his death, escape from the country and live his life anew somewhere else. But now he was back and he was the main link between Y/N, Steve and Bucky and that was bad... really, really bad. It could reveal Y/N's past and if that happened, it would be the end of her...
"Jesus, you look like you're about to pass out. What's wrong?" Sam looked into Steve's eyes, "Y/N's father isn't just anyone..." Steve scoffed, "Alright, who is it?" Sam bit his lip as he found his courage to look into Steve's blue eyes. "Y/N's father is Tony."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @bucksfucks @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @babyboibucky
|| Series Taglist || @vicmc624 @wicked-mind
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namaarizendaya · 2 hours ago
I think I'm hilarious /hj /lh ajdjsjd here's an excerpt from "Stop All the Clocks" chapter one
"The latest version of his suit, per Tony’s insistence to get his “man-boobs looking as beautiful, luscious, and patriotic as possible, Cap”, had small, slightly iridescent feather-looking half-ovals surrounding the broad outline of the star in the center. He had insisted he should add the star back in after seeing his old suit torn in the middle because “honestly, Rogers, you’re too dramatic to not have that star smack-dab in the middle, right on top of that righteous heart of yours. Maybe ripping it off seems more dramatically poetic to you—whatever, it’s going back on''
wanna read it? here ya go: boom
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buckysbiota · 2 hours ago
Optimist - s.r.
Tumblr media
↳ This moodboard was made by the lovely @mickey-henry, 💗 she makes the best moodboards and playlists (and has lovely fics as well) so check her out!!
Summary: all the reasons (you) why steve rogers is an optimist Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader TW: fluff all the way, maybe some illusions to angst but not a lot Words: 1K A/N: finals are finally over! I really wanted to write a short sweet thing for steve, hope you enjoy it! (my first time writing for steve, too, lemme know what you think about it!!) p.s. pick up your trash & be kind! :)
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers had always been an optimist. How could he not?
The world in front of him was so beautiful. Every morning when the sun rose, it was an opportunity to do better, to be better.
Every day he was out trying to save the world - some days, he’d pick up trash he’d find on his early runs, other days he’d fight until his knuckles were raw and he was close to dropping down from pure exhaustion.
Saving the world was like second nature to him, it always had been. From when he was a little boy, helping his mum in the kitchen when she dropped something on the ground. From enlisting as a soldier - because sometimes war was the only way the world could be saved. Taking the serum even, was all a means to an end to save the world. It made it possible for him to be his best self and gave him the resources to handle it on a physical level as well.
Being an optimist meant seeing what needed to be done. It meant trying your best to see the light, when there was only darkness. It meant that even when he was beaten up and bloody, he could still count his lucky stars that he was alive and breathing. Being an optimist, was seeing the good in people, even when they themselves didn’t.
Being an optimist doesn’t mean it is easy.
Some days, the endless picking up of trash on his runs was a real chore. It was difficult for him to wrap his mind around the fact that people willingly trashed this beautiful green planet he called home.
On mission days, it baffled him how people wanted to destroy the world, their bombs and guns blasting holes in the ground where once luscious trees populated the world, now blood flowing over the once green acres.
It was difficult to understand that people could so easily kill one another, refusing to talk to the other side when conflicts could be solved without any physical harm.
When he saw what the war had done to all the families - families without fathers or mothers, it was difficult to remain an optimist. Kids would come up to him, ask them if their daddy had been brave or if their mother had succeeded in her mission and the only thing Steve could do is nod and choke on the words he wanted to say, instead words like they did it for the country stumbled out.
Being an optimist was hard.
But when he came home after an early morning run to see you lying in his bed, the light filtering through the curtains on your bare skin everything felt like it would be alright.
Steve would be sweaty, his hair sticking to his skin, but you’d still stretch your arms out to get a kiss, your fingers scratching his scalp as he breathed in your soft scent, his body slating over yours in a delicious comfort that could only be described as home.
Steve felt safe and happy, everything in the world was fine and your heart was beating to the drum of love that was present all throughout his life.
Everywhere he’d go, traces of you could be found. On his runs in the park, he’d spot blue irises and he’d pluck a few, just to see your bright smile when he put the vase next to the bed. Your hands would pull him in the bed, kisses pressed against every inch of his face and soft giggles filling the room and filling the small hole in his heart.
Or when he was on a mission, the picture of you he kept inside a small pocket inside his suit, right above his heart reminded him why exactly he needed to see the bright side of life. Seeing the bright side of life meant seeing and loving you. It meant seeing in the full spectrum of colours instead of muted grey scales.
When he returned home after being out of the country for three weeks, you would be right there waiting for him. Your hand would slip from his upper arm down to his wrist and hand, slowly intertwining your digits with his, noses touching when you rejoiced in being together again. The soft touches made him ache in ways he never knew he could, his heart wrenching in delicious twists as he squeezed your hand and kissed your temple. He knew you’d always be there, be his home even when he couldn’t always be yours.
Steve loved the way a little rim of foam would sit on your upper lip after you took a sip from your latte. His hand would reach out, thumb swiping across to get the little bit of foam off and every time a bubbly giggle would escape your throat as you scrunched your eyes in embarrassment. Steve would bite his lower lip as he lovingly gazed at you, before pressing a lingering kiss to your temple as he pulled you even closer to him on the seat in the little cafe around the corner.
The cafe could be filled to the brim, chatter all around you, but the bubble you and Steve created would be filled with hushed whispers and giggly laughter, thighs touching as you looked outside and tried to spot dogs in funny outfits.
The days where you and Steve would be rolling around under the sheets were his favourites though. Steve felt like he was glowing in those moments, your soft hands roaming over the expanse of his shoulders as he pressed a string of kisses against your neck.
Just as you would pick him up when he was down, pat him on the shoulder and show him that he is a good man, he’d do the same to you. On your bad days he would be there, a cup of coffee in his hands as he watched you drag yourself out of bed. Those days he would be the anchor in your life to ground you, make sure you wouldn't get lost along the way. His goal was to get you back from the awful place your mind was in. He wanted to get you back under the soft beams of the sun that would make your skin glow, a small smile gracing your face once again.
Those moments made him realize how much he needed to see the good in the world, to be the good.
So yeah, he could stay an optimist for you.
Tumblr media
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buckysbrattybug · 2 hours ago
i don't know if my ask got eaten by tumblr bc that tends to happen a lot but i'll send it again for bratty saturday :)
reader and steve are bucky's mommy and daddy and bucky had a really bad nightmare so he's extra clingy and sad, then steve and reader make him feel better... just a lot of fluffyness :)
“mommy.” bucky croaks, trudging over to you and collapsing into your lap.
“what’s the matter, bubba?”
“bad dweam, mommy.”
“oh, poor baby. let me snuggle you, sweet boy.” you coo, enveloping him in your arms and letting him cling to you, arms hooked around your waist and face in the crook of your neck.
“stevie, get in here!” you call and moments later, steve appears around the corner, immediately hopping in to your cuddle session, one arm around you and one around bucky.
“what’s the matter, baby boy?” steve asks gently, kissing his jaw softly.
“bad dweam, daddy.” bucky whimpers, close to tears as you card your fingers through his hair.
“shh, you’re okay. we’ve got you, angel.” you whisper. he grumbles quietly, face completely hidden in the safety of you.
for the entire day, bucky’s attached to one of you at all times — head on your lap whilst you’re watching tv, eyes closed as you thread your fingers through his dark locks; attached to steve like a koala as he sits in his office sorting through paperwork, sitting in his lap with his head on his shoulder. he just seems — deflated. like something’s gnawing away at him.
so you and steve order in bucky’s favourite food, setting up a fort in the living room and picking out his favourite movie to watch. when he traipses into the room with his head hung low, his eyes widen as he takes in what you and steve have set up for him, and his eyes fill with tears.
“m-mommy?” his eyes meet yours, completely bewildered.
“we know you’re not feeling so good today, baby. so we wanted to cheer you up.”
he launches himself at you both, sobbing softly, but this time they’re tears of joy.
so you spend the rest of the evening cuddled up together, eating and watching movies with your favourite boys.
everything is perfect.
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carrotfantasimp · 2 hours ago
Not to brag but the playlist I made for my story "Love in the suburbs" is pretty good 😍 but maybe I'm biased 😂
If you want to check it out, go to my Ig carrot.writes 💜
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buckysbrattybug · 3 hours ago
Imagine Daddy!Sam introduces you to uncle Bucky and uncle Steve but your so deep into your little space that you hide your face in his shirt and hide behind him until Bucky and Steve say they brought a gift for you.
Tumblr media
^^^ sammy i’m in love w u
“say hi, angel.” sam coaxes you out from behind him, but as soon as you catch the other two men’s gazes, you retreat back into the safety behind your daddy, whining quietly. you bury your face into his shirt, your face heating up as you hear bucky and steve laugh softly at you.
“sweet pea.” sam chides and your hold on him tightens.
“we brought you something, little one.” bucky coos, peering around sam to look at you. your eyes peek out to meet his and you gaze at him curiously. “c’mere.” he beckons and you timidly walk towards him. steve reaches into his bag, pulling out a falcon stuffy that looks exactly like your daddy. you gasp softly as steve hands it to you and smile.
“tank you! daddy, look!” you thrust the stuffy towards sam and he chuckles.
“yeah, baby.”
“‘s you!” you’re absolutely bewildered, eyes like saucers as you gaze at the stuffy with absolute adoration. “i lub it! tank u!”
“you’re welcome, little one.” steve chuckles and you giggle at him.
“daddy!” you laugh. “lookit. ‘s my favouwite one now!”
“oh, baby. you’re so cute.” sam coos, lifting you onto his hip and kissing your cheek lovingly. you squeal, clinging to him happily as you clutch your stuffy to your chest. you couldn’t possibly get any more adorable.
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buckysbrattybug · 5 hours ago
yayyy bratty saturday !! what if reader found daddy!steve laughing and messing around with nat and they were very touchy so reader gets really sad and jealous and hides from steve and when he finds her she’s in a full on meltdown
“you’re so funny!” nat laughs at steve, running a perfectly manicured hand across his arm and leaning into him. he chuckles back as though you’re not even in the room with him.
your face falls and you push yourself up from your place on the couch, tears already stinging your eyes. you stagger through the compound, as far away as you can get from steve as tears begin to pour down your cheeks.
about ten minutes later, steve decides to come away from nat and traipses through the compound in search of you.
“baby...” he coos as he finds you curled into a ball, a sobbing mess. “what’s the matter?”
“go ‘way, daddy.” you sob, pushing his firm chest although you know it won’t do anything. “you don’t wan’ me anymore.”
it then dawns on him what you’re talking about.
“baby, i don’t want her. i only want you.” he promises but you shake your head fervently.
“bubba, please. you’re the only one for me, pumpkin.” he begs and you sniffle.
“but you looked happier. ‘m so stupid.” you cry, burying your head in your hands.
“baby, you’re not stupid. i am. c’mere, please.”
“go ‘way!” you croak.
“sweet pea.” he mumbles, pulling you into his lap against your will. you sob into his chest, breaths coming in ragged pants and heaves.
“‘m so stupid. you looked so happy. ‘m so dumb. stupid baby.” you berate yourself, every syllable filled with venom and self hatred.
“shhh, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry.” he apologises over and over again and eventually, your sobs die down to whimpers.
“d-daddy.” you mumble, clinging to him even though he’s the cause of your hurt.
“it’s okay. i’m sorry, i only want you, bubba. just you.” he says over and over like mantra until you start to believe him. you don’t even care if it’s true or not.
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mynonaes · 7 hours ago
New fic up on Ao3 at BuckysHydraArm.
“Where are the flying cars, Stark?” Bucky asked, seemingly out of nowhere.
The group were sat around the table enjoying lunch together when Bucky randomly spoke. He had been living in Stark Tower for around four months and had only just started talking properly to the other Avengers. Bucky lived in one of the upstairs apartments with Steve, and usually spoke to Steve only.
“What?” Tony asked, stuffing a bagel into his mouth.
“The flying cars.” Bucky repeated, now looking up at Tony but still avoiding direct eye contact. “Howard said there’d be flying cars.”
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ellewritesthings · 10 hours ago
The Truth of Who I Am (Stucky Fic)
Steve Rogers is not a cis straight man and he is tired of people erasing that and other parts of his identity so he fits into the image they already had of him.
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Written for the Non Cis Steve square of @steverogersbingo.
Fic can be read here:
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becassine · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
So do we want a Saturday sneak peek of Bodies That Collide, my fic for @shrunkyclunksbang with art by the wonderful BritBrit99? I'm here if you want to author subscribe and get a notification when it goes up!
Alexander ushers him in with a small movement, gestures for him to close the door. Anticipation is tingling at the idea of this, at the idea of knowing something that Nick Fury does not. It was by chance that he noticed that the intricate pattern of stars and crossing lines on Steve Rogers’ side was a burnished copper.
A sign that his soulmate lives now.
In this time.
Soulmarks are fascinating lore and even with the National Soul Mates Agency (NSMA) and endless funding, very little is known about why they occur. The patterns are registered in national databases from the day of birth, it being a legal requirement to do so.
Soulmarks always match. That much is unarguable. Grey for a soulmate not born, copper for one alive. Gold, when united, and an inky black upon death. They’re rare, only occurring in about thirty percent of Alphas and Omegas. Many people don’t believe in them, think that they’re outdated but those people tend to be non-des or Betas. Or those without a mark.
Children are told fairy tales from an early age. About soulmarks and love and a relationship that lasts a lifetime. About the great loves, the Alpha Prince and the Omega Princess, of famous couples throughout history.
He’s done his research. He knows that Steve Rogers’ mark was grey—soulmate not alive—when the Valkyrie went down. His soulmate hadn’t been born yet—a rarity considering couples are usually born within two decades of each other.
“So does he have a match?”
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captainapple · 12 hours ago
Whatever It Takes
Pairing: Dark!Andy Barber X Fem!Reader X Dark!Steve Rogers
Word Count: 1k+
Warning: 18+ MINORS DNI, non-con, rape, smut, unprotected sex, fingering, vaginal sex, explicit language, explicit sexual activity, manipulation (please add another warning if I miss something)
A/N: An entry for @stargazingfangirl18 5K Soft Dark Challenge. I never write explicit smut and dark fics, I'm sorry if my writing is confusing. Dialogue prompts in bold. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“Morning, doll. What’s up with that frown?”. Steve stretched after getting up from the bed. He looked at you in the mirror. “Aren’t you excited to go back to work?”
“Yeah. I am. It’s just Monday, ya know?”
Steve kissed your temple and wished you good luck. Then, he went downstairs to make you breakfast. How could you be so lucky to have him as your husband. He is the nicest and sweetest person you ever met. He always promises you to keep you safe from any harm. But he cannot save you from Andy Barber.
How can you tell him? Your workplace has become hell for you since you were assigned working with Andy. He is known as a reputable DA, respectable man with a cute little perfect family. Little that people know, he also likes to give you “extra treatment” in his office. You wish you could tell your husband, Steve, what he had done to you. But you feel like you are cheating on him. Besides, Andy is also Steve’s best friend. There is no way Steve is going to believe in such story.
Tumblr media
You make sure to arrive at the office late. You do not want to spend dreadful minutes trapped in a room only with Andy. It must be your lucky day. Looking over, Andy is not at his desk, nor his bag found on the table. Standing on his desk, you peak at his calendar. It is full of appointments, but not today. He supposed to be here at this hour. You never wish for something bad happen to people. Maybe just today, you hope he gets sick badly.
“Miss me?”, a deep voice greeted you from the door. You freeze. His heavy steps get closer to you. You jolt when his arms snake around your waist. He rests his chin on your shoulder and nibbles behind your ear. “You smell good today. No! I’m sorry, you smell good every day.”
You shiver at his praise, goosebumps spread all over your body. “Th – thank you Mr. Barber”.
“You never learn, don’t you”, he tsked. “What should you call me, sweetheart?”
“Sorry, sir.”
“Good girl”, he praised you. “Now, bend over.”
You have no choice but comply. You bend over his table, eyes looking at the ring on your hand. Tears roll down your cheek as you remember how you could do this while your husband patiently waiting for you at home. His hands roaming around your body, exploring every curves as you sob quietly. Then, he lifts your skirt until you could feel the cold air in your bare thighs. One of his hand travels to your upper body and plays with your breast. The other hand playfully circles your clit. His actions make a burning sensation inside you. You do not even realize that you are soaking wet.
“So wet already. You’re good sweetheart”. He pulls down your panties and stops for a second, taking a view of your wet cunt.
“Andy, please don’t.”, you interrupted.
“Big mistake, sweetheart”. He slapped your ass. “What did you call me?”.
He steps closer. You could feel his bulge as he leans closer to you. He puts his hand along your jaw and moves your chin to face him. “I repeat, what did you call me?”.
“I’m sorry, sir. But I don’t want this.”
He lets out a heartless laugh. “Your body tells otherwise, sweetheart.”
You are silently cursing at yourself. This is not what you wanted, yet you could feel warmth dripping down your thighs as his fingers toy with your clit. Without a warning, he shoves two fingers inside you. You whimper and moan. It takes him a short time to find your spot and hit it couple of time. His thumb is still circling your clit harder. The tension is building up in your core. Your whole body is trembling. He knows you are close, so he quickens his tempo. Minutes later, you come undone.
He pulls out his finger and licks it clean. You are catching your breath and trying to stand on your wobbly legs.
“Not yet, sweetheart”, another hard slap landed on your ass. His hand grabs the back of your neck and forces you to bend over again.
You could hear the metal of his belt drop on the floor, along with his pants. Knowing what will happen, you brace yourself and do not dare to look. Just like you predicted, he forces his cock enter your slit. Without warning, he grabs your waist hard and pumps you mercilessly. His hands will leave a bruise on your waist later on.
“So tight and wet”. He keeps pumping hard and fast. The sound of skin slapping echoes in this room. “You know how much I miss this cunt. I can’t stop thinking about you when I pounded Laurie this morning. That slut is always hungry with my cock. You should be grateful I give it to you right now.”
You cannot feel more guilty after this. Not only you betray your husband, but you also betray Laurie. You promise not to give him satisfaction as you hold your moan, but his thrusts become harder and harder. Your nails scrape the cold table, your eyes roll back, and a loud cry escapes your mouth. Your whole body is convulsing, and your walls tighten as you come hard. Andy could feel you milking his cock. His movement gets messier as he is close to his release. The next thing you know, his warm seed filling you up and some of it drips down your thighs.
Tumblr media
You sob uncontrollably as you drive home. You know Steve is away around this time, meeting his friend. There is no need for you to hide your cry. As soon as you reach home, you jump into the shower, cleaning yourself. You scrub hard, hoping it would erase Andy’s trace around your skin. You could not even see clearly as your tears cannot stop blurring your vision.
You look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, bruises on your body and puffy eyes. You just wish Steve does not notice when he goes back. When he does, you pretend to fall asleep on your bed.
“Doll, are you okay?”, Steve asked you with concerned voice. He saw your puffy eyes even when you are asleep. “Have you been crying?”
You open your eyes and force a smile, “I’m okay”.
He sits down next to you and puts his hand around your shoulder. “You know, you are bad at lying.”
The tears roll again. This time you cannot put a smile anymore. You do not even know how to tell Steve about it. You just hug him, burry your head in his chest, and cry hard.
“I’m just tired from working, that’s all.”
“You know, you can always stop working anytime”. He soothed you. “I get paid enough for our family. You don’t have to work hard, you know that.”
“I guess you right.”
Tumblr media
“I got a job!”, you scream loudly as you received call from the DA office. Finally, a dream came true. Having a job and earned your own money was really your goal.
But Steve had different plan for you. He dialed a number as soon as he heard that news.
“That’s a big favor you’re asking for, I think you need to make it worth my while.”
“I don’t care. You do whatever you want to do, Andy.”
“Fine. Glad having this conversation with you, Steve.”
Steve grinned. He finally found a way to make his obedient little wife stayed at home. Whatever it takes.
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comfortbucky · 16 hours ago
true north: chapter 2
summary: the reader was a pararescue along with sam and riley and was engaged to riley. what happens when she gets roped into the world of captain america? or when she meets bucky barnes? this chapter takes place during ca:ws and will closely follow the canon mcu timeline.
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
warnings: canon level violence, mentions of torture, being held captive, mentions of blood, an old scar, trauma, ptsd, things of that nature
A/N: THE BRIDGE FIGHT SCENE. guys i really hope i did it justice y’all LMAO 🤣 i deadass had to stop watching ca:ws every 10 seconds to make sure i was getting every detail but also i'm not good at writing action scenes so pls bear with me
bucky does make an appearance as the winter soldier hehe
also just a disclaimer: i know little to nothing about the air force and tried my best to do some research but mistakes are bound to be made so don’t pay too much attention to those 😅
and as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!🥰
word count: 4100
series masterlist!
Taking a sip from his sweet tea, Sam locked his eyes on Agent Sitwell walking out of the building in front of him.
“We got eyes on Sitwell,” Y/N spoke into her earpiece as Sam kept his sight on the target.
“Copy that, the car is around the corner to the right, 2 spaces down,” Steve replied.
“I got a clear view of him too,” Nat said, lining her sniper up. “Nice tie.” Y/N and Sam watched as the man, who Sitwell was talking to, started to walk away. Sam pulled out his phone to engage in the next step of the plan. Y/N watched as Agent Sitwell dismissed his bodyguards and answered his phone.
“Yes, sir?”
“Agent Sitwell, how was lunch? I hear the crab cakes here are delicious.” Sam saw Y/N smile from the corner of his eye as he spoke.
“Who is this?”
“The good-looking guy in the sunglasses, your 10 o’clock,” Y/N chuckled as Agent Sitwell looked up in the opposite direction of where she and Sam were seated. Sam rolled his eyes as he provided further instruction. “Your other 10 o’clock.” Agent Sitwell turned, finally making eye contact with the pair. “There you go.” Sam and Y/N held up their drinks to greet Sitwell’s gaze.
“What do you want?”
“You’re gonna go around the corner to your right. There's a gray car 2 spaces down. We're gonna take a ride.”
"And why would I do that?"
"Because that tie looks really expensive," As Sam spoke, Sitwell's eyes looked down at his chest to see a bright red sniper dot on his tie. Sam continued, "and I'd hate to mess it up." Sitwell's eyes darted around, trying to find the source of the sniper scope to no avail. Realizing he had no choice, he started down the street as Sam and Y/N followed closely behind.
Tumblr media
"Feels weird being suited up again," Y/N said, adjusting the straps on her harness. The pair were perched on the ledge of a building opposite to the one Steve and Natasha had brought Sitwell to. Sam flashed her a grin.
"Feels right to me," he turned his attention to the roof of the building in front of him. "Still fits like a glove."
The two saw their cue to engage as Sitwell was kicked off the rooftop and falling towards the street. Sam jumped off the ledge, his wings unfolding, as he darted towards the falling body. Y/N followed suit, her stomach doing a flip as her feet left the edge, identical to the feeling she used to get on roller coasters. A huge smile grew on her face. She didn't realize how badly she had missed being airborne. Since she had come back from serving overseas, she hadn't experienced anything that felt quite as right as this. Suddenly, Y/N had a feeling that it wasn't chance that brought Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Sam's door.
Sam grabbed the collar of Sitwell's jacket and flew straight up, dropping the agent onto the roof. Y/N followed close behind Sam as they made their landing. Their wings folded back into place as they turned around to face Steve and Natasha.
Y/N glanced over to Sam and grinned. "Like riding a bike."
The four surrounded Sitwell as he remained on the ground, holding one of his hands up in defense.
Sitwell quickly blurted out, "Zola's algorithm is a program," he paused. "For choosing Insight's targets."
"What targets?" Steve questioned.
"You!" Sitwell threw his hand in Steve's direction. "A TV anchor in Cairo, the other Secretary of Defense, a high school valedictorian in Iowa City," he paused before continuing. "Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, anyone who's a threat to HYDRA." Natasha quickly looked to Steve before looking back at Sitwell. "Now, or in the future." Y/N and Sam shared a confused look with each other.
Steve paused. "In the future? How could it know?" Sitwell began to laugh as he went on.
"How could it not?" He began to stand up. "The 21st century is a digital book. Zola taught HYDRA how to read it. Your bank records, medical histories, voting patterns, emails, phone calls, your damn SAT scores!" Sitwell kept his eyes on Steve. "Zola's algorithm evaluates people's past to predict their future."
"And what then?" Steve remained his eye contact as Sitwell's face dropped. He looked down as a sudden wave of regret washed over him, realizing what he'd revealed.
"Oh my god. Pierce is gonna kill me." Sitwell took a step back, causing Sam to grab his jacket collar. Y/N took a defensive step forward, blocking off an exit pathway for Sitwell.
"What then?" Steve demanded.
Sitwell paused, realizing since he had already given up most of the information, he might as well offer the rest. "Then the Insight helicarriers scratch people off the list. A few million at a time." Steve stared at Sitwell, absorbing the information he had just been told before speaking.
"We need to start moving," he glared at Sitwell. "And you're coming with us."
Tumblr media
Sam and Steve sat in the driver and passenger seats of the car, respectively, as Natasha, Y/N, and Agent Sitwell were seated in the back.
Sitwell spoke up, "HYDRA doesn't like leaks."
"Then why don't you try sticking a cork in it?" Sam shot back.
Natasha leaned forward towards Steve. "Insight's launching in 16 hours. We're cutting it a little bit close here."
"I know," Steve replied as Natasha sat back in her seat. "We'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly." Sitwell shot forward in his seat.
"What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea." Before Steve could reply to Sitwell, a loud thud from the roof of the car interrupted him. Y/N flinched as the window next to Sitwell was punched by a metal arm. Her eyes widened as the arm grabbed Sitwell from his seat next to her and threw him off the overpass. Both she and Natasha caught a glimpse of a gun out the window before gunshots went off coming from the roof of the car.
Natasha quickly moved to the front of the car onto Steve's lap as Y/N shifted to the right side of the car, where Natasha had been sitting, attempting to shield herself by crouching down and putting her arms over her head. More gunshots went off, this time coming from the front of the car, almost hitting Steve and Sam in the head. They both managed to duck as Steve pulled the emergency brake lever, throwing the unknown figure from the roof of the car and onto the road in front of them.
The figure, in all black except for his metal arm, managed a 3-point landing and slid down the road, the fingers from his metal arm creating sparks as he dug his hand in the road to stabilize himself. He slowly stood up, facing Sam's car, his eyes covered by black goggles and the lower half of his face hidden behind a black mask. His long hair also worked to hide his face. Before Natasha could attempt to shoot him, a large jeep slammed into the back of the car, causing her to drop her gun and pushing them forward.
Sam, both hands on the wheel, attempted to steer out of the way as the masked figure jumped up onto the roof of the car. The back window shattered and Y/N put her arms up to shield herself from the broken glass. Sam slammed his foot on the brake while Natasha scrambled to grab her gun.
Suddenly, the front window was punched through and the steering wheel was ripped out of Sam's hands.
Natasha managed to grab her gun and shot at the roof as the figure jumped from the roof of their car to the hood of the jeep behind them. Y/N turned around to look behind her and could see the jeep getting ready to hit their car again. She leaned forward between the front seats of the car.
“They’re gonna hit us from behind again!” She yelled as she tried to figure out their next steps. Steve was already one step ahead of her.
“Grab onto Sam!” Y/N looked at Steve and nodded. She climbed to the front of the car and wrapped an arm around Sam, sitting on his lap. Before she could make a witty remark about what Riley's reaction to their positioning would be, the jeep slammed into the back of their car again, sending it swerving out of control.
"Hang on!" Steve secured his shield on his forearm before grabbing hold of Natasha and Sam. Sam wrapped one arm around Steve and the other around Y/N. Steve used the momentum of the car starting to flip over, to bust down the passenger side door. The four of them landed on the road, the car door breaking their fall. As the door slid down the road from the force of impact, Sam and Y/N rolled off and onto the road, standing up quickly to analyze the situation. Steve and Natasha got up quickly from the car door to defend themselves.
The jeep had come to a stop and the masked figure jumped off the roof to grab a grenade launcher from his associate. He fired it in the direction of Steve and Natasha, Steve pushing her out of the way as he covered himself with his shield. The force of it was so great it sent him, and his shield, flying over the bridge and into a bus.
Meanwhile, Y/N, Natasha, and Sam were taking cover from the masked figure and the rest of the attackers open-fired on them. Natasha was able to fire back with her gun, drawing the attention of the attackers and the masked figure. Y/N and Sam kept hidden behind cars trying to formulate a plan.
"They're distracted right now," Sam said pulling a knife from his pocket. He looked at Y/N. "We can sneak up on them when their backs are turned." She nodded. A loud blast went off, and Y/N stole a quick glance, peering over the car she was hiding behind. The masked figure shot another grenade at Natasha. She managed to dodge it and run behind a car. Another grenade was shot at her and Y/N watched as Natasha jumped off the bridge to avoid getting hit.
"It looks like they're after Steve and Natasha," Y/N began as she continued to watch the situation unfold. "I think metal arm dude is going after her and the rest of them are looking for Steve." She turned to Sam. "Guess there are perks to not being an Avenger after all."
The two saw the masked figure jump over the bridge as a couple others used cable cords to rappel down. Sam and Y/N quietly made their way over to two men who hadn't secured their ropes yet. Sam landed a kick to one of the men's knees, causing the man to turn and face him, before punching him across the face and swiping his knife up the man's body. He grabbed the man's gun before kicking him off the bridge.
The second man turned to face Y/N, upon seeing his partner fall off the bridge. She smirked before kicking him across his face and snatching the machine gun from his hands. The man attempted to punch her, but she quickly dodged it and used the butt of the gun to push him over the edge.
She looked over at Sam and smiled, "God I missed this."
They looked over the bridge to see several men shooting at Steve, using his shield to protect himself. Sam and Y/N began shooting at the men attacking Steve, allowing him to take cover behind a car.
As Steve looked up at them, Sam shouted out to him. "Go! We got this!"
The two of them managed to finish off the rest of the attackers before going to retrieve their flight suits. Flying in the direction that Steve and Natasha ran off towards, Y/N and Sam were able to see from above the now, maskless figure, standing a couple feet in front of Steve.
Steve stared at the man in front of him. He stood frozen in place as he realized he was looking at his childhood friend, who he thought was dead, standing before him. "Bucky?"
"Who the hell is Bucky?" The man brought his gun to aim at Steve.
Sam swooped down and kicked the man, knocking him down. Y/N flew down to grab the man's metal arm and started to fly up, taking him with her. He was able to stand his ground and yank her arm, slamming Y/N to the ground. She groaned before lifting her head to look at the man Steve called "Bucky." Although they made eye contact for a split second, Y/N managed to see a lost, confused look in his eyes.
The man quickly turned around, ready to try and shoot Steve again when a grenade missile was sent flying towards him. Steve turned to see Natasha holding a grenade launcher and turned back around to see that Bucky had vanished.
The sound of sirens grew louder as black vans and police cars surrounded the four of them. Men in tactical gear with guns pointed at them ran towards them. As Natasha, Sam, and Y/N were handcuffed and stuffed in the back of a van, Rumlow barked orders at Steve.
"Drop the shield, Cap! Get on your knees!" Steve did as he was told, staring at the ground in front of him, attempting to process what had just happened.
Tumblr media
"It was him." Steve kept his stare on the floor. "He looked right at me like he didn't even know me." Y/N sat quietly next to Steve, listening.
"How's that even possible? It was, like, 70 years ago." Sam replied.
"Zola." Steve paused to think. "Bucky's whole unit was captured in '43. Zola experimented on him." Steve finally looked up to meet Natasha's eyes. "Whatever he did helped Bucky survive the fall. They must have found him and..."
Natasha cut him off. "None of that's your fault, Steve." Her voice trailed off at the end and Y/N could tell that Natasha was losing a lot of blood from the bullet wound in her shoulder. Steve shifted his view towards the floor again before speaking softly.
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky."
Y/N moved her handcuffed hands to rest on top of Steve's and gave them a squeeze. He turned to look at her to see her offering a soft smile.
"We're gonna figure this out. Whatever it is."
Steve gave a small smile back to Y/N before she removed her hands from his. Natasha tilted her head back, eyes squinting in pain. Sam observed her wound and spoke up.
"We need to get a doctor here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's gonna bleed out here in the truck." Sam jumped back in his seat as one of the guards took out a stun baton, pointing it in his direction. The guard then turned to hit the guard sitting beside them with the baton and kicked them across the face, effectively knocking them out. Everyone stared in shock as the guard removed their helmet, only to reveal Maria Hill sitting before them.
"Ah. That thing was squeezing my brain." She paused to move her hair out of her face before looking at Sam and Y/N. "Who are they?"
Steve was about to speak up before Maria cut him off, grabbing her Mouse Hole to start cutting into the floor of the van. "Actually we don't have time for introductions, we gotta get moving. Don't want to keep him waiting."
Tumblr media
The four of them emerged from the car and followed Maria into a secure facility. A man jogged down the dimly lit hallway toward them as Maria reported off to him.
"GSW. She's lost at least a pint."
"Maybe two." Sam added. The man motioned them to follow him.
"Let me take her."
"She'll want to see him first." Maria's statement causing Steve and Natasha to share confused looks with each other. They continued to follow Maria down a series of hallways. Upon approaching a clear, plastic curtain, Maria slowly pulled it back. Steve and Natasha's eyes widened in shock to see Nick Fury, who had they had previously seen die from a heart attack, alive and well in a hospital bed.
"About damn time." Fury paused, looking at Y/N and Sam. "Who the hell are they?"
"They're with me," Steve turned to smile at the pair before turning his attention back to Fury. "We can trust them. This is Sam Wilson and Y/N L/N." Y/N gave a slight wave and Sam folded his arms. Fury sighed.
"Fine, but give me a reason not to trust either of you, and you'll both be dead before you know it."
Tumblr media
Y/N and Sam stood and watched as Steve, Natasha, Maria, and Fury discussed the issue at hand.
"We have to stop the launch," Natasha stated, before turning to look at Steve.
"I don't think the Council's accepting my calls anymore," Fury spun the briefcase in front of him, opening it to reveal 3 targeting blades.
Sam leaned over to get a better look before asking, "What's that?"
Maria turned her computer to show graphics of the helicarriers on the screen. "Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they'll triangulate with Insight satellites, becoming fully weaponized."
Fury continued, "We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own."
"One or two won't cut it," Maria clarified. "We need to link all three carriers for this to work because if even one of those ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are gonna die."
Fury ended their explanation by stating, "We have to assume everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades. And maybe, just maybe we can salvage what's left-"
Steve cut him off. "We're not salvaging anything." Fury looked up to meet Steve's eyes. "We're not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We're taking down S.H.I.E.L.D."
Fury defended himself. "S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this."
"You gave me this mission. This is how it ends." Steve argued back. "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed."
"Why do you think we're meeting in this cave? I noticed."
"How many paid the price before you did?" Y/N felt her admiration for Steve grow in that moment. She had always admired Captain America, but this was a side to him that the public didn't see. He was staying true to his beliefs, always looking out to do what was right. Even if that meant going against someone he admired and respected, against everything he knew. Fury broke away from Steve's stare and looked down.
"Look, I didn't know about Barnes."
"Even if you had, would you have told me?" Fury looked up as Steve continued. "Or would you have compartmentalized that, too? S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes."
"He's right." Fury turned to face Maria at the sound of her voice. She gave him a soft nod. Fury looked at Natasha who stared at him silently. He then looked up at Sam and Y/N.
"Don't look at me. I do what he does, just slower." Y/N chuckled at Sam's statement.
"And I do what he does," Y/N pointing to Sam. "Just faster." She teased. Fury looked to Steve again.
"Well..." Fury took one last glance at Maria as she gave him a comforting look. He sat back in his seat and sighed. "It looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain."
Tumblr media
After the meeting, Maria took Fury to get some rest, doctor's orders, and Natasha went to get a blood transfusion. Steve had excused himself after reviewing the plan to get some air. Y/N and Sam were left sitting at the table.
"I can't imagine how Steve must be feeling." Y/N fiddled with her hands as Sam looked at her. "I mean, imagine seeing Riley again but he's not really Riley, just a completely different person." A wave of silence washed over the two before Sam spoke up.
“If the part that made Riley, Riley, was gone,” Sam paused to collect his thoughts. “Then he’s gone for good.” Y/N didn’t know how to respond, so she didn’t.
The pair sat in silence for a little bit until they went to find Steve, realizing it had been a while since he had left. They found him standing outside, staring off into the distance, deep in thought. Sam walked ahead of Y/N to speak to Steve.
"He's gonna be there, you know."
"I know." Steve kept his gaze focused on the view.
"Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now,” Sam took a breath. “I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop." Y/N suddenly remembered the look she had seen in Bucky’s eyes. She knew that look, she’d experienced something similar herself.
“I don’t know if I can do that.”
“Well, he might not give you a choice. He doesn’t know you.”
“You’re wrong Sam.” The men turned their heads towards Y/N as she continued to speak. “Everyone deserves to be saved. You’re the one who taught me that.” Sam sighed as Steve looked at them both with a curious look on his face. Y/N turned to Steve to explain.
“During one of our first rescue ops with the EXO-7 Falcon suits, I was flying over a forest when a sharpshooter managed to hit my pack in a vulnerable spot. I managed to land in a random forest, but unfortunately, it was near an uncover HYDRA base, one that wasn't known to S.H.I.E.L.D." Y/N crossed her arms, looked down at the ground and sighed before continuing. "The technology they used to make our suits was something HYDRA couldn't quite crack, so they took me captive to see if I would reveal anything useful to them."
Sam reached out to place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Y/N looked up at him and gave a soft smile, before returning her attention to the ground. "Of course I kept my mouth shut, but even if I wanted to tell them anything, I couldn't. The Air Force just told us how to fly them, nothing else. So HYDRA did what HYDRA does best." Steve had a feeling he already knew what to expect but continued to watch and listen to her. "They roughed me up pretty good," Y/N said as she lifted up her shirt, just enough, to reveal a long scar on the side of her abdomen. "Something to remember them by." She pulled down her shirt and let out a soft chuckle. Her eyes shifted up to meet Steve’s, him silently encouraging her to continue. "I was there for about a month before Sam and Riley managed to find me. We ended up losing a couple of teammates along the way. For months, I felt so much guilt, like it was my fault that I ended up in that situation and that I didn't deserve to have made it out."
Y/N smiled at Sam. "But Sam and Riley were the ones who helped me get through it all. Reminded me that I was a victim and deserved to be saved. That what happened to me wasn't my fault." She turned to face the two men. "Bucky, in some way that we don't know yet, is being held captive right now. He's doing things he clearly wouldn't normally do." Her eyes focused on Sam's. "He deserves a chance to be saved, Sam." Sam let out a sigh before nodding. Steve gave Y/N a hug, whispering a thank you in her ear, before pulling away to face the two of them.
"Let's gear up. It's time."
"You gonna wear that?" Sam asked, looking at Steve’s civilian clothes.
"No. If you're gonna fight a war, you gotta wear a uniform."
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moonlight-prose · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’ve never done one of these before, but I’ve been meaning to do it. So here we are! Every weekend y’all can pick and choose between any of these things. Or you can do all of them. Up to you guys!
There will be a separate masterlist for any fics, prompts, or requests sent in throughout the sleepover. Without further ado....let’s have some fun shall we!
Tumblr media
Send in a request
Send in headcannons, thots, thoughts
Yearning hours: Any character I write for
Or come talk about any fic or character you want to!
Ask games (i’ll reblog a variety)
Send me song recs
Send me fic recs (please know it’ll take me awhile to read em)
Or just come to hang out!
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multifandomwriter · 18 hours ago
Blown Away
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: When you got the job offer to work as Bruce Banner’s assistant, you were thrilled. Not because it was connected to the hero world, but because you loved science. You were unfazed by the Avengers, until Steve Rogers walked into the lab.
Word Count: 2.9k
A/N: Takes place during age of ultron
Tumblr media
You heard the lab doors open behind you and glanced over your shoulder. “Hello, Dr. Banner” you greeted, as he entered the lab. He gave you a polite smile before returning to his station.
You turned back around to focus back on you work. Taking a seat on your stool, you started taking your notes again.
You had gotten hired to be Dr. Banner’s assistant, and it was the job of your dreams. It wasn’t because he was Avenger. You were surrounded by heroes every day at work now, but it didn’t really phase you. You loved your job because you got to work on amazing scientific projects.
You obviously had met Bruce. You had also met Tony and worked with him on a few projects. You had seen most of the other Avengers in passing, but only met Bruce, Tony, and Natasha.
You were so focused on your notes that you didn’t hear the door to the lab open. “Is that her?” He asked, not yet introduced to you. Bruce nodded before gesturing towards you. You continued your notes, oblivious to the visitor.
“Excuse me” you heard a voice softly say beside you. You jumped at the sudden noise. Your eyes were met by the blue eyes of Steve Rogers. “I didn’t mean to frighten you” he quickly apologized.
You nodded and gave him a polite smile, trying to catch your breath. “That’s okay. I was just focused. What can I do for you?” You asked, trying to ignore the way his eyes seemed to sparkle.
“Tony said to give these to you. Something about looking over the calculations” he said, also getting lost in your eyes as he handed you the file. You gladly accepted it and set it down on top of your notes. “Thank you. It’s nice to finally meet you” you said, smiling.
“You as well. I’ve seen you around. Bruce and Tony say you’re almost smarter than they are” he said, shaking your hand. A humble smile appeared on your face. “They’re exaggerating. It’s just an honor to work with them” you told him, honestly. He admired how humble you were. He had heard about your work and knew you were much smarter than you gave yourself credit for. “They also said you were too humble to accept a compliment” he said, chuckling as you became flustered.
Bruce wasn’t oblivious to the lovestruck smiles on both of your faces. Steve looked like he wanted to say something, but his eyes darted to where Bruce was standing.
“Would you like to ummm—” he started to whisper, but couldn’t bring himself to do it in front of Bruce. You noticed his hesitation.
“Dr. Banner, can you do me a favor? Some of the new lab equipment got dropped off at the front desk. Would you mind going to get it?” You asked him, looking over Steve’s shoulder.
He chuckled and smirked to himself. “You could have just said you both wanted some privacy” he teased, before leaving the lab.
“So? You were saying?” You asked, returning your attention back to Steve. He took a deep breath before looking into your eyes. It was the only time you’d seen the super soldier nervous.
“Do you have any plans tonight?” He asked you, nervously. You felt your cheeks heat up as you wondered why he was asking. “I was just planning on finishing up my research, why?” You asked, curiously.
You saw the disappointment in his eyes as you responded. “Did you hear that Tony was having a big party tonight?” He asked you, tiptoeing around what he really wanted to ask you.
You nodded your head, while playing with the ends of your lab coat. You watched as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He assumed that if you knew about the party, you’d be going. “So why aren’t you going?” He asked you.
You giggled to yourself at how oblivious he was. Not everyone was Captain America and had people lining up to be their friend. “I don’t know really know anybody who’s going to be there” you said, shrugging.
You weren’t bitter about it. It wasn’t like you needed to go this party and you were upset that you weren’t going. You would rather stay in the lab and work than go hang out alone at a party.
“You know Bruce, and Tony and Nat” he countered. You giggled to yourself. “Dr. Banner is kind of my boss. Tony and I have only ever worked together. The conversation never branched into our personal lives. And I’ve only ever talked to Natasha once” you explained, crossing your arms.
You weren’t sure why Steve was so determined to get you to go to the party. “Well, you know me” he said, smirking at you. He was proud of himself for finding the loophole to your excuse.
He desperately wanted you to go the party. At work, he couldn’t talk to you. Bruce was always around. At a party, he could spend all the time he wanted with you.
Steve had been admiring you from afar since you got hired. He found it hard to believe that you were actually standing in front of him and talking to him.
“Will it make you happy if I say I’ll go to the party?” You asked, raising your eyebrows and giggling. He eagerly nodded; he looked like an excited child. “Fine. I’ll go to the party, but if I get bored, I’m coming back here to work” you finally resigned.
“That works with me” he said, with a large grin on his face. Before you could say anything else, the lab doors opened. You both turned to see Bruce with a few boxes in his hands. “You’re still here, Steve? I even took the long way to give you both some time” Bruce teased.
You felt your cheeks heat up as you focused on the floor. “I’ll see you tonight” Steve said, before kissing your cheek and leaving the lab. You felt your heart skip a beat. You barely had time to react before you felt a tingly feeling on your cheek where his lips had touched.
“So what’s going on with you two?” Bruce asked, bringing you the boxes of equipment. He set them down next to you as he waited for your answer. “It's nothing, Dr. Banner” you lied, sitting down on your stool.
He didn’t believe a word you were saying. “Please, I’ve told you to call me Bruce. I’ve known Rogers for a few years, and he doesn’t get all flustered like that. He must really like you” he told you, leaning against the table. The schoolgirl smile that appeared on your face confirmed his suspicions.
Bruce only smirked at you, waiting for your response. “Okay fine. He invited me to the party tonight, but it’s not like a date or anything” you said, flustered by even the thought of going on a date with Steve.
“It’s definitely a date” Bruce said, satisfied as he returned to his work station. You denied it, but a part of you hoped it was a date.
Steve walked by the lab a few more times that day, just to see you. You didn’t notice him peering through the windows as he walked by. You were too busy focusing on the calculations Tony needed for some new projects.
By the time you were done with work, it was almost time for the party. “I’ll see you tonight” you said, tapping Bruce on the back as you walked past him.
“Have fun on your date” he said, shooting you a smile before you left the lab. You saw that the party was being set up by the company Tony hired.
You got to your room and quickly got dressed. You had spent all day daydreaming about tonight, so you had completely planned out your outfit. You hoped that Steve would like it.
You walked by the lab on your way downstairs and saw Bruce. He was fully dressed up, but was quickly scribbling some notes. “You coming?” You asked, stepping into the room.
He nodded, while continuing to write frantically. “I just had an idea, and I had to get it down on paper” he said, finally closing the notebook. The door opened behind you, and you turned to see Steve.
“Hey, Bruce. If you don’t mind, I’m going to have to steal her. I get her for the rest of the night” Steve said, gesturing for you to follow him. Bruce couldn’t help but smirk to himself as he watched you battle internally.
You still didn’t know if it was a date. You hadn’t been on a date in a while, but even if it was just friendly, you were happy to spend time with Steve.
“You look amazing” Steve said, once the door closed behind the both of you. You noticed his eyes trailing over your body. “You don’t look too bad yourself, Mr. America” you teased.
He chuckled beside you. He normally found it annoying when people used the star-spangled nicknames, but when you called him that, all he could think about was how cute it was.
His hand landed on the small of your back as you both descended down the stairs. You could feel your face heat up as you felt some people’s eyes on you. Once you both got down to the party, you were unsure of what to do next.
“Do you want to get a drink? I can’t actually get drunk, but it gives me something to do other than stand here awkwardly” he said, chuckling to himself.
“A drink sounds nice” you replied, putting your hand on his arm to stop him from rambling. He smiled and led the way. He ordered drinks for the both of you and then turned to face you. “Did I tell you look amazing?” He asked, finding himself amazed by you again.
You giggled. “You may have mentioned it” you said, just happy that he liked you as much as you liked him.
After you got your drinks, he pulled you over to one of the many couches that were littered around the room. You both sat there for three hours, just getting to know each other.
You were a little tipsy at this point. As you were giggling and leaning on Steve’s shoulder, Tony walked over. “Rogers. Nice to see you’ve met one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever met” Tony greeted, giving you both polite smiles.
You pulled yourself off of Steve, wanting to seem professional in front of Tony. “It’s a lovely party” you complimented. He thanked you, more concerned with the look of adoration on Steve’s face.
He excused himself, and you leaned back into Steve’s touch. “You know you didn’t have to act all professional in front of Tony. You’re not going to get in trouble for being my date” he told you.
So it was official. It was a date.
“I know, but he’s Tony Stark. He’s like the boss of my boss. He’s the smartest person I’ve ever met. I mean, the science behind the Iron Man suit alone is insane” you told him, starting to geek out a little. He could feel his heart flutter as he listened to you talk.
It was something about the smile on your face or how you used your hands when you talked that just mesmerized Steve.
“I don’t get any bonus points for being Captain America?” He teased, letting his hand rest on your thigh. You gave him an apologetic smile. “Don’t take it the wrong way. You’re great—” you said, starting to apologize.
He quickly stopped you, talking your hands in his. “Don’t worry about it. It’s kind of refreshing to talk to someone who isn’t talking to me just because I’m Captain America” he said, honestly.
You rested your head on his shoulder as he drew shapes on the back of your hand. A couple walked by the two of you. You squirmed as they practically stared at you. You had felt people’s eyes on you all night, and it was starting to get under your skin.
“Do you want to get out of here?” You asked, turning your head to face him. You had peaked his interest. “Where do you want to go?” He asked. You shrugged, but then got an idea.
You jumped up from your seat and pulled him up to his feet. He chuckled at your giddiness, but let you pull him up the stairs. You both ended up in front of the lab.
“Do you want to see some of the new features for your shield?” You asked him, and he quickly nodded. You pulled him inside before anyone would see you.
You felt so relieved to just not have people staring at you anymore. Steve had noticed the people staring too; he just hoped it hadn’t made you too uncomfortable.
You pulled him over to your desk and began showing him some of the blueprints for the new features. He placed his hands on the table on both sides of you, looking over your shoulder.
Your entire body was on fire as you realized how close he was to you. His chest was pressed up against your back. You began stumbling over your words as you felt his breath on your neck.
He noticed.
He decided not to tease you any longer. He grabbed your hips, turning you around to face him. His lips were millimeters away from yours.
You could feel the tension in the air, as the only sounds in the room were both of your breathing. Then, he leaned in and kissed you.
His lips were soft and fit perfectly against yours. His fingers grazed over your hips, toying with the fabric of your dress. Your hands found themselves in his hair, wrapping the blonde hair around your fingers. He smiled into the kiss.
When you pulled away, you got a glimpse of Bruce walking towards the lab. You grabbed Steve’s hands and pulled him into the storage closet with you. “What was that for?” He asked, confused by your sudden urgency. You giggled and placed your hand over his mouth, shushing him.
He understood once he heard Bruce walk into the lab. As you waited, Steve leaned in and kissed you again, lightly pecking your lips. As much as you wanted to kiss him, you couldn’t stand the embarrassment of Bruce catching you. You pushed him away from you, trying not to laugh.
He continued to press quick soft kisses to your lips. He smothered your face in kisses, starting at your forehead and ending up on your lips. All he wanted was to make you laugh.
You tried to hold back your laughter and remain quiet. Steve wasn’t going to make it easy. He quickly found your ticklish spot on your side and attacked it with his hand.
He held his other hand over your lips to muffle the giggles coming out of your mouth. “You gotta be quiet” he teased, chuckling to himself.
You heard the door to the lab close as Bruce left, so you pulled Steve out of closet. “Now that we’re alone” Steve said, hoisting you up to sit on the counter. He moved to stand in front of you.
“Hi there” you said, softly. He parted your legs, wrapping them around his waist. “You look so stunning, darling” he said, leaning in to kiss you. You both couldn’t stop giggling as he messily kissed you. You both were drunk on each other.
It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but it definitely was intimate. You both could hardly keep a straight face. Then, the door to the lab opened again. You both jumped apart, when Tony cleared his throat.
“Mr. Stark, I’m so sorry” you apologized, hoping you wouldn’t get in trouble. Both the men chuckled at your embarrassment. “Did you ditch my party to canoodle with Rogers?” Tony asked, pretending to be offended.
You still hadn’t caught on. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again” you quickly apologized. Steve couldn’t suppress his laugh. “I’m kidding” Tony explained once you looked at Steve with a look of confusion.
You felt a wave of relief wash over you. “Now you two get out here. Dear old Bruce wants to run some tests, but he mentioned something about hearing you both hiding in the closet. He sent me up here to get you both. He said he didn’t want to see anything he wasn’t supposed to” Tony said, smirking at the two.
“It wasn’t like that, Tony” Steve said, realizing what Tony was referencing. It was Steve’s turn to be flustered. You grabbed Steve’s hand and pulled him out of the lab before Tony could embarrass you both anymore.
After you walked out of the door, Steve slung his arm around your shoulders. “You want to come back to my room?” He asked, looking over at you. Your eyes went wide at his question. It took him a second to realize why you were so shocked.
“No expectations. We could watch a movie of just talk” he reassured you. The last thing he wanted to do was make you uncomfortable. Steve was enamored by you in every way. A shy smile snuck onto your face. “That sounds amazing. You really aren’t like any other guy I’ve ever been on a date with” you said, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him in for a kiss.
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buckysbabydolldude · 23 hours ago
ok so i’m kinda new to the whole bucky fic world in terms of writing it. BUT i would really like to hear some suggestions! i have a few ideas already but i want to know what you guys think so please, please, PLEASE send me some requests!
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myoxisbroken · 23 hours ago
Fic Back Friday - generallynerdy
Tumblr media
Today’s Fic Back Friday is a sweet, fluffy one-shot from @generallynerdy​, a Steve Rogers/Soulmate!Reader story called
America’s Sweetheart
It’s a soulmate-themed meet-cute, and it is ADORABLE. I reread it this afternoon, and it put a smile on my face just as it did the first time I read it. Not only does it have sweetness, but it’s got a playful sense of humor, too.
@generallynerdy​ writes not only for Marvel characters, but also for such fandoms as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Merlin, LOTR, and Supernatural, among others.
For more of their stories, check out their masterlist on Tumblr.
For more authors I’ve recommended, please see my Fic Back Friday Masterlist.
If you’re enjoying these recommendations, please reblog to help encourage writers on Tumblr!
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labella420 · a day ago
Pss. Bella. It's your coworker. Stop what you're doing right now. I was just on break and there's a man outside watching you. He looks familiar. Like that Captain America guy, but with a beard and long hair.
You need to run. I heard him talking to someone on an ear piece or something. He likes you and plans to take you away. Something about a hideout? Compound? I couldn't quite hear. But he legit said he knows you have a pretty cunt and something about training you to be his perfect little wife and breeding you. Filling you with load after load of his seed. And when he's certain you're full, he'll fill your other holes as well.
Like, ew, right?
And I can't be sure, but I swear he was rubbing the front of his pants when he was talking. Like, full on cupping himself.
But be careful. A chase may only turn him on more.
Wait… I don’t really know if this is something that I need to run from. Should I be running? Maybe I should be running to him? Is that bad?
BUT, we all know that I have a bratty side, so I guess I’ll be running in the opposite direction for fun. Hell, I might even put up a fight.
There’s nothing wrong with a little punishment for a brat right? 😈💦🥵
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doyoufancyathought · a day ago
Through The Utility Closet Part 3: Get Tested
Tumblr media
Y/N had never been a fan of hospitals. In fact, she had gone above and beyond in her efforts to avoid going to them. She thought she could probably count all of her hospital visits on her fingers. Thankfully, she was a fairly healthy individual, so it wasn't hard for her to stay out of the Emergency room. They were too sterile, too clean, and everyone was always bustling and grumping around, and poking and prodding all the time. Y/N knew that the hospital wasn't supposed to be an enjoyable place to spend time, but she definitely was of the opinion that steps could be made to make it at least comfortable. Or hospitable, if you'll excuse the joke.
Still, she was in a new dimension, apparently, and so exceptions must be made when it comes to personal dislikes against institutions. She wanted to get home, after all, and this was a necessary step. In order for these scientists to send her back home, they must figure out where exactly she is from, otherwise they could end up sending her to a completely wrong place or time or what have you, and that would just be a disaster.
Once she was up on the exam table, Y/N did her best to appear friendly to the business-like nurse. She was quick and efficient as she hooked Y/N up to at least different machines, and tied a rubber band around her upper arm. For a moment, Y/N was worried that these strangers might be shooting her full of drugs, but then she remembered that this was simply routine for drawing blood. She hoped that medical procedures weren't too different in this world from her own.
Y/N was relieved when the nurse brought in a tray of empty vials and begin to explain what she was doing.
"I'm going to draw some blood so we can do some tests. I'll also need a hair sample, and I'm going to do a saliva swab as well, just so we can take a look at your DNA. How's that sound?"
The nurse smiled. "I promise you'll barely feel a thing. The swab will be oral, same as checking for strep."
The nurse did her tests, and then let a few scientists in lab coats in. They pulled up chairs in front of the exam table and introduced themselves, although Y/N forgot their names as soon as she heard them.
"Okay, so I guess the first question is for you to introduce yourself and where you're from."
"My name is Y/N Y/L/N, and I'm from (hometown) in (country). I was working at one of my jobs when I fell through an inter dimensional portal and ended up here."
"Good start. Can you tell me about the planetary system from your home world?"
"I guess so." Y/N thought about it for a second, trying to remember those astronomy lessons from many years ago. "Earth is the third planet from the Sun, which is the centre of the system. Then there's Mercury, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and I think I'm missing some. I can't remember the order, sorry, I've never been good at planets."
"That's all right. Can you tell me how many days in a year?"
"And how old are you?"
"And how old do people usually live to be?"
"Uh, I don't know. Maybe anywhere from 70 to 90 years?" Should have paid for attention in stats class.
"How big are spiders in your world?"
"Some of them are super tiny, like you can barely see them. And then some of them are huge, like a dinner plate."
"I see. And how big are chickens?"
"How big are chicken? I know it's a weird question, but some worlds have gigantic chickens that actually prey on humans."
"Thats, um, disturbing. But my chickens are normal size? Like small enough to fit in an oven."
"Ok, well that's good. "
There where more questions like this, some about history and some about geography and flora and fauna. When they were all done, the scientists discussed for a minute by themselves.
"Okay, well, from what we can tell, your world is incredibly similar to our own, with the major differences likely being social development. You say you don't have the Avengers in your world?"
"No, we don't have any superheroes or superpowers at all. I wish, though."
"Yeah, that makes sense. How much do you know about inter-dimensional portals?"
"Absolutely nothing."
"Ok, well that's fair, it's a tough subject. So pretty much, each dimension has kind of bridges to reach out to other dimensions. When two bridges line up, there's a chance for people or things to cross over."
"Okay, that makes sense I guess."
"A lot of the time, these bridges go unnoticed. Some dimensions are connected permanently, some are connected cyclicly, and some are connected for less than a second at a time, which makes them extra hard to track. You with me so far?"
Y/N nodded.
"Don't worry if you don't get it. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we might have a hard time tracking down your world."
"Okay, but how long do you think it'll take? How long does it normally take?"
The scientists shifted uncomfortably. "Well that's the thing. There is an infinite amount of universes you could be from, and it'll take a while to narrow it down to just the most likely. From there, we would have to figure out what kind of bridges they all have, and figure out how to predict it, and then figure out a way to send you back."
"Oh, that does sound complicated. So like a month?"
They glanced at each other. "We've never done this before, and we've never sent anyone back through a bridge."
"Two months?"
"Maybe a year."
"I said, maybe a year?"
"I'm going to be here for a year."
"Maybe, like I said we've never done this before so we can't really give you an idea of how long it will take."
"Oh my God."
"We're very sorry. We'll give you some space."
The scientists left, and the nurse from before came back in and started unhooking Y/N from the monitors.
"We've run all the tests we need to, dear. Do you have any questions?"
"I have so many questions, I don't even know where to begin."
"That's understandable. We'll have your results back in a few hours, and that'll help the scientists get a head start on where you're from. I've got your clothes here, if you step through that door you'll be able to change in privacy."
Y/N nodded and jumped off of the table, gathering her clothes in her rooms and she quickly walked across the cold floor to the changing room. She pulled on her work clothes, which consisted of jeans and a black t-shirt, but opted to leave the apron and baseball cap off. There was no need to wear them here. Y/N put her shoes back on, simple canvas slip-ons, and reflected on what she had just learned. Here are the facts.
1. She had magically teleported through a door.
2. She was now stuck in a world that apparently had superheroes.
3. The superheroes had no idea how to get her back, or how long it would take to figure it out.
4. She was stuck.
Now, a normal person might cry when they considered this situation. But, Y/N was not a normal person. She had the fun meal-deal of anxiety and depression, and at this moment, she thanked her ill little brain for causing her to overthink every little scenario so she would be prepared for the worst to happen. Of course, none of those thoughts covered time and dimension travel, but they had covered a sudden zombie apocalypse, so it was just a matter of adjusting the survival strategy. Find shelter, find friends, and fight to live.
So far, Y/N had maybe found friends. The Avengers seemed like a friendly bunch, if oddly beautiful, and Sam had offered his basement as shelter. Now, all she had to do was figure out the day to day stuff. Get a job, live a life, and get back to her world.
So she stepped out of the changing room back into the hallway, and say the Avengers gathered around. They all turned to her as the door closed behind her.
"And what did you find out from the scientists, Y/N?" Vision asked.
"Well, they tried explaining how inter-dimensional portals work. That went way over my head. But basically, I'm gonna be stuck here for a while until they can figure out where I'm from and figure out how to get me back. So, I guess I'm going to need to find a job or something pretty quick."
Tony shook his head and stepped to the front of the group. "That won't be necessary. I'm loaded, and I'll make sure you're set up to not need anything."
"Because I want to? You just flew through outer space into a whole new world, and you're worried about getting a job? Come on, live a little! You look like you work too hard. What work do you do?"
"At which job?"
"Well how many do you have?"
"Holy moly."
Y/N shrugged. "I get bored."
"So you work?"
"Beats sitting around on my ass."
"Fair point. Well anyways, enjoy the vacation for now, and in the future if you still want a job, we'll have to figure out the proper documents. For now, enjoy your vacation! I'm loaded, and this is the perfect opportunity to share, okay?"
"If you really want to, I mean, I don't mind working."
"Clearly, you have three jobs. Psycho. But no, I don't mind. In fact, I would be offended if you didn't accept my offer."
"Okay, well, then, thanks!"
"No problem. I already gave Sam a credit card for you, so you can go shopping on your way to his house. You do know how to work a credit card, right?"
Y/N grinned. "Yes, Tony, I know how to work a credit card. My world apparently isn't that different from this one, just a few small differences I guess."
"Good. Alright, well, roll out, team."
The Avengers dissipated until it was just Sam, Steve, and James standing around with Y/N.
"So you're still coming with us, right?" Sam asked.
Y/N shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so. If you don't mind, of course."
"Not at all. It'll be nice having a girl in the house, for once."
The group of four started walking down the long hallway.
"So do you just collect strays, Sam?" Y/N asked, curious of why he was so eager to offer his spare room to a total stranger.
Before he could answer, Steve cut in. "Yeah, I mean, why else did you think we lived with him?"
"I don't know. I thought maybe you were in a band, or really good gym buddies, or maybe even a throuple."
Sam choked on a laugh, but Bucky and Steve looked confused. "What's a throuple?" James asked.
"It's like a couple, but instead of it being two people, it's three." Y/N explained.
"And you thought?" Steve almost looked offended.
"Look, sorry, I don't know what's normal for you here, and I didn't want to assume it was all platonic!"
Sam was dying laughing. "You thought -" he had to lean on a wall to keep standing upright. "Man, we're just good friends, and these two have absolutely no credit, so it's hard for them to find places to stay."
"Ah. I guess being a superhero might not pay well."
"Well, I mean there are other reasons too, but yeah let's go with that." Steve didn't exactly want to jump this poor girl with the fact that he was also over 100 years old and had been frozen for a while. She had enough to worry about.
Y/N didn't pursue the other reasons, because they had finally exited the building and she was looking around, comparing this new world to her own. It was dark out, because it was night. She looked down the street and saw a McDonalds sign, which made her smile. At least she could have her chicky nugs if things got too tough. Turns out this world was just like hers, just with a bit of a different history. A lot more violence, hence the need for superheroes.
They got into the car, and Sam drove them to a mall, where they spent an hour and a half hopping around to different stores to get stuff. Y/N got used to spending someone else's money, and she definitely took advantage of the three guys following her around who offered, nay, insisted on carrying her bags. However, she insisted on going into the drugstore alone so she could collect toiletries.
She grabbed a cart (and honestly who uses a cart in a drugstore unless you have serious money to spend) and spent about 45 minutes going up and down most of the aisles to find what she needed. Luckily, the products were exactly the same as she was used to, so it was only a matter of finding exactly what she needed.
When Y/N finally walked out, she spotted her new companions sitting down on one of those middle-of-the-mall benches that are intended for senior citizens and mothers with rowdy children and men waiting for women to finish their shopping.
"Got everything you need?" Sam asked as he stood up and stretched.
"Alright, let's head home. You feel like pizza for dinner?"
"What's pizza?" Y/N deadpanned, and the three guys looked shocked.
"You don't know what pizza is?" Steve asked.
"Nope, never heard that word before in my life."
"Why would I joke about it?"
"You've never had pizza before." James reiterated.
"Nope. What is it?"
"No, you gotta experience it." Sam smiled and started walking back the way they had come.
Steve and James were perfect gentleman, and oddly strong as well, but Y/N again did not complain when they grabbed her bags from the drugstore. She opened doors for them as they went out to the parking lot.
Once they were back in the car, Sam got on his phone and ordered pizza that would be delivered right as they got home, provided traffic cooperated. Y/N spent the drive looking out the window at all the lights and people she saw, and didn't pay much attention to the conversation the guys were having. Nothing looked too out of the ordinary, except for the whole superhero thing.
Once they got to Sam's house, a tidy little bungalow in a quiet neighbourhood, they unloaded the car and headed inside. Steve and James ran downstairs to put Y/N's bags in her room, while Sam gave her a tour.
As they were walking down a hallway, Y/N stopped to look at family pictures hanging on the wall.
"Is this your family?" She asked.
"Yeah, that's my sister and her two boys. They've grown a lot since that picture was taken though."
"They look like lots of fun."
"They're a handful, that's for sure."
"And these are your parents?"
"Yeah," Sam said quietly. "They passed a few years ago, that's the last picture we ever took of them both together."
"Oh I'm so sorry." Sam shook his head as Y/N reached out to touch his arm. "They have really kind eyes." She said, her gaze returning to the picture.
"They were the kindest people I've ever known." Sam said, and just then, the doorbell rang. "Sounds like the pizzas here."
Y/N could hear the two boys thundering back up the stairs as she followed Sam to the front door. She expected that he would need help carrying all the food in.
She was right. The delivery driver had to go back to his car to get a second load of pizza. Y/N brought the first load into the kitchen and got a few plates down from the cupboard.
"Oh, good, you found the plates!" Sam said as he walked into the kitchen a few minutes later.
"Yeah, lucky guess."
They set the table in silence as Steve and James washed up, and then they sat down for dinner.
Sam decided he wanted to know more about Y/N. "So, Y/N, tell us a little bit about yourself."
"Ok, well," Y/N hated this questions, because how do you boil yourself down to just a few facts? She just wished people would ask direct questions, because she could answer questions if they were clear. She hated vagueness. "I'm 22, I still live, or lived, with my parents. I like dogs. My favourite colour is yellow. I have three jobs, as a nanny, in retail, and also at a Bubble Tea shop in my hometown. What else do you want to know?"
"Well that's a lot. Why do you have three jobs?" Steve asked.
Y/N shrugged, having to explain her workaholic tendencies twice in a day. "I get bored. And I like working, keeps life interesting."
"I'll bet. What do you do for fun?"
"I read a lot. And I like to go to the lake. And crochet."
"What kind of books do you read?" Steve asked.
"It depends. Sometimes fantasy, sometimes mystery. I read a lot of those cheap drugstore romances."
"Wait, you crochet?" Sam asked. "What are you, a grandma?"
"Like a crazy, chaotic grandma, kinda. I drink a lot of tea and wear a lot of sweaters, sorry for being comfy!"
They went back and forth for a few minutes. "How do you like the pizza?" Sam asked.
"Well," Y/N waggled her head back and forth, debating how to break the ruse. "Not the best I've ever had, but it's close."
"Wait, you've had pizza before?"
"You said before though-"
"And you believed me?Rookie move, gentlemen."
"Why would you trick us?" They weren't mad, just a little confused. And amused. James hadn't really said much since they sat down for dinner, but he grinned and chuckled at the confused looks on his friends faces.
Y/N shrugged. "Gotta keep you guys on your toes, yaknow?" They all laughed. "But hey, tell me more about you guys. You're super soldiers? What does that even mean?"
Sam and Steve took turns explaining who they were, and how the Avengers came to be. They didn't touch too much on James, who excused himself fairly into the evening. He was a little shy and quiet around newcomers, apparently, but Y/N wasn't bothered. She had bigger things to worry about than someone being shy around her.
When the talking turned to yawns, Sam offered to show Y/N to her room. He took her down the stairs into the basement, which opened up into a spacious rec room. There was a massive TV and a pool table. Down a short hallway were the two previously spare rooms, both of which were now occupied by strays that Sam had picked up. The only bathroom was unfortunately across the basement, but Y/N didn't foresee any problems with that.
Sam explained how every room had it's own colours for sheets and towels and stuff, and Y/N was very impressed with how domestically organized he was turning out to be.
Sam went back upstairs, and Y/N took a few minutes to settle in. She would unpack and run her new clothes through the laundry tomorrow, but for now all she wanted was a hot shower and a good long nights sleep.
She went into the bathroom, and saw that James had already made space for her stuff in the shower caddy, on the towel rack, and in the medicine cabinet above the sink. With a smile on her face, she put her few new belongings in those empty spaces, then drug herself through the shower and fell into her bed, exhausted.
Before her eyes closed, Y/N considered what had happened to her today. In a new dimension, living with three strange yet wonderful men, something that would be sure to give her mother a heart attack. And yet, she was excited for the morning to come. Part of her hoped that when she opened her eyes again, she would wake up in her home world, and she would be surrounded by people she knew and recognized. That's what a normal person would hope for in this situation, right?
But as I've told you before, Y/N is no normal person, and the other part of her was wishing that when she woke up, she would still be here, in Sam's house. She wanted to opportunity to explore, so see what else was out there. Maybe she'd discover a new life, a new chance to be the person she had wished to be but never got the chance. Whatever happened, she knew that tomorrow would be full questions, and hopefully a few answers. She hoped, anyways.
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