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#steve rogers x reader smut
chooseyourownavenger · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Tell him you can’t wait.
You shake your head and grab his wrist, pulling him back down on top of you.  “No, Steve,” you say as he allows himself to be moved in position.  “It’s fine.  I need you now.”
Steve looks at you skeptically, and you take his hand, drawing you back down to you.  He gives in, kissing you deeply.  You wrap your arms around him and hook one leg around his waist so that he’s pulled tightly against you.
His cock slides up and down your soaking folds, rubbing against your clit, sending little sparks through you from the sensitive bundle of nerves.  You moan into his lips, wanting nothing more than for him to be inside you.
You angle your hips and wrap your fingers around his thick shaft, guiding him slowly inside you.  He’s large but you’re ready to take him, you cunt stretching as he fills you more completely than any man ever has.
Steve waits for you to adjust but you’re too impatient.  You have a frantic need in you that has to be sated.  You rut up under him, thrusting your hips so that he slides in and out of you, his cock moving along the ridges of your cunt.  You moan and kiss him passionately as he begins to mimic your movements.  Your tongue coaxes his lips apart and you dip it into his mouth, swirling it with his as you kiss him passionately.
Even as he thrusts, you feel like things are going too slow.  You push his shoulder.  He takes the hint and rolls, keeping himself sheathed inside you.  You sit up, leaning your palms on his chest, and begin to bounce.  With each downward movement, you force more of him inside you, until he’s hitting your cervix and sending a sharp pain through your core.  Steve stares up at you in a half daze, moaning and thrusting up into you at a slower pace than you’re moving - countering the frantic bouncing with slow deliberate thrusts.
You guide his hand to your cunt and he begins to rub your clit with his thumb in small tight circles.  It sends a sharp current right through your core and the pressure that has been building inside you bursts.  You throw your head back and cry out loudly as you come, your whole body shuddering above him.  Steve continues to thrust up into you as your cunt flutters and squeezes around his shaft.
“God,” he groans and with a jerk, he comes.  You can feel the pulse of his cock as it spills inside of you, painting your internal walls white.
You collapse down on top of him, breathing heavily as you slowly come down from your orgasm high.
“Holy shit, that was amazing, Steve,” you hummed.
Steve rubs your back and kisses your cheek.  “It was pretty great,” he agrees.
Tumblr media
Things continue as normal when you get back from your holiday.  The romance of the weekend carries you through for a few weeks, so it almost feels like you’re riding a cloud.  You certainly don’t remember things like ‘morning after pills’ that you had planned to get, and given that you don’t see Steve for a little over a week because he’s gotten caught up with work, and even then it has been a quick lunch date, you don’t have more sex to remind you that that was something you were supposed to have done.
So when you’re hit by a strong bout of nausea, the feeling of needing to vomit is strongly enhanced by the fact that it immediately reminds you that you had unprotected sex with Steve.
You panic.  Steve trusted you, and you let him down.  Not to mention that there is no way either of you are ready for this.  Neither of you has even said ‘I love you’.  Putting a child in the equation is so far down the track it might as well be an alternate universe.
You rush to the store as soon as you can and purchase a pregnancy test.  Despite the directions saying it’s best taken in the morning, you can’t wait.  Your anxiety is through the roof and all you can think is even though Steve is probably going to freak out about this, there is no way at all he can take it any worse than you are.  All these possible outcomes pass through your head, but even the fairytale marriage and happily-ever-after one scares you.  You want that, but getting it like this seems like a bad way to go about it.
You watch as the indicator line turns bright pink.
The test says you need up to five minutes before you get results, but no sooner has the indicator line filled in, but a fainter pink line traces in beside it.
You’re pregnant.
The panic you feel shoots up to insurmountable proportions.  The part of you that must have been hoping you just had the flu is crushed completely.  You aren’t sure what to do first.  You aren’t even sure whether you want this baby or not.
Eventually, you settle on calling Steve.  While part of you thinks you should at least figure out what you want first, you need someone to help you weigh up the decision, and if you do decide to keep the baby, it will be his baby too.
You pick up the phone and call him.
It takes a little while for him to answer, and you were just about to give up and try texting him that you need to talk when he picks up.
“Hey, sweetheart,” Steve says, just over a whisper.  “I can’t talk right now.  I’m in the middle of a debriefing.”
“Oh -” you say, taken aback.  “I - uh… sorry.”
“Are you okay?”  Steve asks, and the genuine concern in his tone almost breaks you.
You take a deep breath and try to keep your voice steady as you speak.  “Yes… no… I don’t know.  We need to talk… in person.”
“Of course, honey,” Steve says, soothingly.  “I’ll come around right after I’m finished up here.  I can bring you dinner.  What do you feel like?”
“Just something light.  Soup, please,” you say.  “I’ll see you then.”
“Okay, I’ll see you then,” Steve says and disconnects the call.  You spend the rest of the afternoon trying not to spiral.
Tumblr media
Steve shows up a little after six looking a little bruised and very tired.  As he hugs you hello - being careful to keep the bag of takeout away from you while also providing a warm and comforting embrace - all you can think is that you’re going to break his heart.
“Come in,” you say.
“What’s the matter, sweetheart?”  Steve asks as he lays out the food on the table.
“You might want to sit,” you say.
Steve looks at you with his brow furrowed.  “Is this the breakup talk?”  He says, taking a seat.
The way he says it worries you a little.  Like he’s been preparing to have it himself.  It only adds to that intense sense of dread you were already feeling.  You sit down opposite him and take several deep breaths, willing yourself not to just throw up.
“I hope not,” you say.  “God… I don’t think there’s a way to break this to you easy.”
“Then just say it,” Steve says, sitting up straighter, clearly going on defense.
“I’m pregnant,” you say.
Steve blinks at you a few times like he’s having trouble processing the words.  “Oh,” he says simply.
“Just oh?”  You ask.
“Sorry,” he says, shaking his head.  “I was bracing for you to tell me you were HYDRA or something.”
You laugh, thankful for the break in tension, but you also know it probably won’t last.
“How?  You said… You said it would be okay?”  He asks.
“I - I forgot, Steve,” you say, apologetically.  “I meant to get myself the morning after pill.  And I forgot.”  There’s a pause and he sits back and runs his hands down his face.  “I’m sorry.”
“Are you?”  He asks and it feels like a knife in the heart.
“Yes,” you say, your face falling.  “I - I really didn’t mean for this to happen.”
Steve lets out a breath.  “I don’t… Look… I …”  he shakes his head like he’s trying to clear it.  “I’m sorry - I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to this.”
“I don’t think there is a right or wrong way,” you say, frowning.
“I don’t want to …”  He stops and rubs the bridge of his nose.  “I don’t think I’ll make a very good dad, but I won’t let you do this alone.”
“You?”  You say.  “You’ll be an amazing father.  I just wish… I wish this was something you’d planned to do, instead of -” you wave your hands around “- this.”
He shakes his head.  “I want to believe you didn’t do this to trick me.  You sound sincere at least.  I just… I work so much, and it’s dangerous work.  Plus, people around me are in danger just having me in their lives.  That’s no life for a kid.  I’d always thought… if I did decide to be a parent I’d have stopped fighting.”
“Well,” you say.  “I haven’t decided what to do yet.  Maybe you still will get that.”
“You haven’t?”  He asks.
You shake your head.  “I needed someone to talk to,” you say and start crying.
He moves quickly, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you.  He carries you to the couch and sits beside you, holding you.  “It’s okay.  Of course, you did.  I’m here now.”
“What do you think I should do?”  You ask.
“It’s your body and your life.  I really don’t get a say in that,” you say.
“I know,” you say, shakily.  “But you must have an opinion.”
You sigh.  “Well,” he says.  “I don’t feel ready, but if you have them.  I’ll help raise them.  You won’t do it alone.  I’ll make sure you’re both safe, and taken care of.  I’ll make sure they have the dad I wish I had,” he explains.  “If you decide not to have it… I’ll be there too.  You won’t go through that alone either.”
“Yeah?  You’d really be okay with that?”  You ask.
“Not if you feel pressured into it, I wouldn’t,” he says.  “But don’t be too surprised.  Just because abortion wasn’t legal back in my day, doesn’t mean people didn’t do it.  They just did it with a coat hanger and were just as likely to bleed out in their kitchens.  I’m just glad people can choose safely now.”
You cuddle up to him.  “I appreciate that, Steve.”
“The only thing I would ask is that if you plan to adopt them out, that you just let me take full custody,” he says.  “I think it would be too easy for someone with bad intentions to get hold of one of my kids just because they want the genetic material.”
The weight of those words felt a little oppressive.  It meant a lot.  In a way it was good.  He was willing to step up and be a parent alone if need be, just to protect them.  That meant if you decided to raise the baby together, he’d be there.  But taking the option of giving him custody would definitely be the end of you and Steve as a couple.  You couldn’t date the man who was raising the baby you chose not to keep.
“What’s your gut telling you?” Steve asks.  “What do you want to do?  I’ll support it, no matter what.”
Keep the baby and raise it together
Have an abortion
Give him custody and never see them again
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chooseyourownavenger · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ “How about we try out the bed instead?”
You look him up and down and lick your bottom lip.  He looks so good, and you are so ready for this.  You want him now, no more waiting.  “How about we try out the bed instead?”
He looks out the window and back at you, before approaching and wrapping his arms around your waist.  “We can do that.”
He leans in and you bridge the difference, kissing him hungrily.  There is a frantic desperation to the way you kiss, like this can’t happen fast enough.  You begin to back up towards the bed, stripping off each other’s clothes as you move.  By the time your calves bump up against the bed frame, you’re both down to just socks.  He’s beautiful.  Possibly the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen naked.  Every part of him looks like it was designed by artists - all the way down to the pores of his skin.  His cock is thick and straight and uncut and you wonder how it will feel having such a large cock stretching and filling you. Steve lifts you easily and tosses you onto the mattress.  You squeal and scramble back, opening your legs to invite him between them.
He kisses his way up your thighs, grazing his teeth over the soft skin and tugging on it gently.  You moan and lift your hips, wanting more - needing it with every fiber of your being.  He sucks at the apex of your thigh and your cunt floods.  Your arousal drips from you and Steve spreads your folds and laps it up greedily.  His tongue explores every part of your cunt, lapping over your folds, dipping inside you, and flicking over your clit.
You moan and tangle your hands in his hair, pushing him down against you more.  He sucks on you hungrily and swirls his tongue inside you, moaning into your cunt.  His tongue is replaced by two thick fingers and he pumps them in and out of you as he sucks greedily on your clit.  He presses his lips around the sensitive bundle of nerves and flicks his tongue back and forth over it.
It feels like there was a wildfire roaring through your veins.  Your moans and gasps fill the room as he brings you closer and closer to the edge, and as good as it feels, what you really want is to feel his cock penetrating you.
“Fuck… oh god, Steve!  Yes!”  You cry, writhing on the bed under him.  He curls his fingers and as they press down on your g-spot you come.  You arch off the bed and cry out as your orgasm crashes down on you.
Steve sits up and wipes his mouth, and goes to climb off the bed.
“Where are you going?”  You ask.
“Protection,” he says, pointing at his suitcase.  “I packed some.”
You look from him to the bag.  You want him so badly and you know he can’t get sick.  It’s true that you aren’t on birth control, but part of you wants to take the risk, you can always get the morning after pill tomorrow, after all.
Be patient and let him get it
Tell him you can’t wait.
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chooseyourownavenger · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Tell him you care about him, but you don’t think you can do this anymore.
You look up at him and your heart hurts.  You’ve missed him so much that it hurts.  All you’ve been doing is fearing he wasn’t going to come back.
You know you feel strongly about him, but there’s something you know more - you can’t do this anymore.
“Steve,” you say quietly.  “We need to talk.”
He pulls back and looks at you with a frown.  You can see on his face that he knows where this is headed, but he still follows you to the couch.  That somehow makes it all the worse.  He wants to have the goodbye conversation without the drama.
When you’re both seated he puts his hand on your knee and lets out a breath.  “Before you start,” he says.  “I want you to know, I’m sorry.  Not for… Not for who I am.  But that who I am has hurt you.”
You start crying and you link your fingers with his.  “No, I’m sorry, Steve.  You’re a good man and I wish I was stronger…”
“You’re not weak because you know your limits,” he assures you.
“I feel weak,” you say.  “You deserve better than this.”
He wraps his arms around you and holds you as you cry.  “This life,” he says.  “I’ve known for a while it would mean having anything normal would be hard.  I liked you though, and then I loved you, and so I thought it was worth the risk.”  He lets out a breath and shakes his head.  “I’m sorry.  I should have known it would be too much.”
You pull back and put your hands on his shoulders.  “No, no, no,” you say.  “You deserve everything, Steve.  I’m just not the person who can give it. Please don’t give up because I couldn’t handle it.  Someone will be able to.”
He smiles sadly at you.  “I do love you.”
You nod and wipe your eyes.  “I know.  So promise me, Steve.  Promise you won’t give up trying to find a piece of normal for yourself.”
He sighs, nods, and leans forward, pressing a kiss to your forehead.  “I’ll try.”
He gets up and caresses your cheek.  “Take care of yourself won’t you?”
You get up and walk him out, feeling like there was something you need to do.  Your heart is breaking - this is the end and you need to find the words to make it okay so that when he walks out the door you’ll both be happy.
Those words don’t exist and as you watch him disappear down the stairs and out of your life forever, you break down into tears.
~ END ~
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darlingsteve · 11 hours ago
𝐩𝐥𝐮𝐦 & 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 — 𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲
Tumblr media
summary: inspired from this ask.
pairing: steve rogers x bucky barnes x reader (poly)
warnings: smut (mxm, fxm),ddlg themes (don’t read if you’re not into that.) oral (m receiving), daddy kink, praising kink, riding — 18+ only, MINORS DNI.
authors note: if ddlg themes don’t make you comfortable please don’t interact with this fic. leaving hateful comments isn’t necessary. sorry for any spelling mistakes! this is my first time writing smut in months lol so forgive me if it’s terrible. trying out a new format for headcanons but not sure if i like it.
 ◦ೋ•◦❥•◦ೋ •◦ೋ•◦❥•◦ೋ •◦ೋ ◦
you and bucky had been needy all day waiting for steve to get back from work but he was gonna be at the office late so bucky thought it would be fun to tease him while he was working.
well…that didn’t end well
bucky was laid out on the bed, steve balls deep inside him while you whine from across the room sitting on a chair that steve instructed you to sit on.
“d-daddy…oh yes!” bucky moans loudly as steve’s thrusts become rougher, “that’s it, plum. tell daddy how good it feels come on.” he chuckles looking over at your pouting face wanting to be in between the both of them.
“so…so good! i love your cock, daddy. fuck me harder please.” bucky whines and he complies gripping buckys hips and kissing him softly as he’s close to his climax, “such a good boy for me. my little plum, i love the way you squeeze daddy’s cock.”
you groan, “this isn’t fair!” steve looks over at you his thrusts never stopping. “well you should’ve thought about that when you disobeyed daddy.”
you move against the chair impatiently, “i’m sorry! please, daddy i will be a good girl. i promise.”
steve smiles down at bucky, “what do you think plum? should we let her have some fun?” he chuckles watching bucky try to form a sentence, “y-yes…please so close!”
steve calls you over and you run over smiling excitedly, “i know what you want. you’ve gotta ask nicely, sweet girl.” you kiss bucky softly as steve groans filling up buckys tight hole, “buck…want your cock please.” you whisper against his lips and he nods breathing heavily.
steve slowly pulls out of bucky and he whines, “shhh no complaining. i want you to come inside her.” he kisses bucky one more time before you straddle him. you sink down on his length, “bucky!” you moan a she fills you up. his focus on you but then steve lifts his chin up to look up, “i’m gonna fill up this pretty mouth.” he smirks as bucky tries taking steve’s entire length inside his mouth.
your hands are placed on his chest and your movements grow quicker and he moans against steve’s cock as he feels your walls clenching around him, “s-so close, please…daddy can i come?” you ask steve. bucky pulls away looking at him as well, “daddy…i wanna cum too, please?”
steve smiles at both of you, “how can i say no to those pouty faces?” after a few more thrusts bucky’s cum fills your tight cunt his thumb pressed against your clit continuing his sloppy thrusts and moments later you reach your edge.
“so close, plum. gonna fill that pretty little mouth…fuck!” steve groans as he reaches his climax filling buckys mouth with his cum. a few minutes pass and steve lays you and bucky down while he grabs some warm cloths to clean you up.
“now how about i take you both shopping tomorrow, huh?” he smiles as he cleans you and bucky up. you smile widely, “really?! even though bucky didn’t behave today?”
bucky gasps, “hey it wasn’t just me!” before any of you can argue steve chuckles, “you both still behaved all week though. i’m gonna treat you both to anything tomorrow.” he says laying down in the middle while you two snuggle close to him. “thank you, daddy. we love you.” bucky says while you nod your head in agreement. “i love you too. now go to bed my plum and sweet girl.”
 ◦ೋ•◦❥•◦ೋ •◦ೋ•◦❥•◦ೋ •◦ೋ ◦
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the-iceni-bitch · 11 hours ago
A Bad Break
My first entry for @syntheticavenger​‘s 5k follower “how it started/how it’s going” challenge!
Prompt: Steve Rogers/Injury
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!Reader
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, f receiving oral sex, semi public sex, mentions of choking), kinda explicit descriptions of injuries, Tony being kind of an ass, Steve is a little bit of a pouty dick when he’s injured, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: Took me a minute but I finally got the inspiration to get this one done! Got a little lost in all the drabble requests but I’m very excited about this one. Love me some Steve! Congrats on the milestone @syntheticavenger​!! You deserve everything!!
Tumblr media
How it started:
You couldn’t believe you’d managed to land this job. Working as an on site doctor for Stark Industries was already amazing, the benefits alone were enough to ensure you were going to be able to retire a good 20 years earlier than you had originally thought. But then Tony had tapped you to move to the Avengers compound as their head medic; something to do with your extensive field experience, and possibly the fact that you were one of the only team members who could put up with Tony’s extensive bull shit without wanting to kill him (and also drink him under the table, but that couldn’t have had any bearing on his decision).
So now it was your first day, and apparently also the day a huge swarm of aliens, or robots, or something bad, descended on Washington DC. You honestly hadn’t been paying too close of attention to the details of the attack, more intent on the injuries the team has sustained so you could triage. Fortunately, nothing sounded too bad, just some scrapes and bad bruises. Except...
“Y/N!” Tony busted through the doors of the med bay looking only a little disheveled, but was followed by a singed Thor dragging a haggard Captain America. “Happy first day, babe! So good to see you, we’ve got a tiny problem, though.”
“Alright, lemme see it.” You pulled on some gloves while Thor tossed Rogers on the exam table a little rougher than you would have preferred, but you forgot about that quickly when you got a look at what you were dealing with. “Well, fuck.”
“Yeah, uh, it’s not supposed to look like that, right?” Tony was trying to keep things light as you examined Steve’s arm, the unnatural angle it was bent at making you scowl.
“Nope.” You chewed on your lip as you considered things. “I’m assuming it broke like this, then his whole sped up healing thing made the bone knit back together at this freaky angle?”
“Knew bringing you in here was a good idea!” Tony ignored the way you were shaking your head at him, turning his wide grin to Thor. “Isn’t she something, Point Break? Can’t believe we almost wasted all this talent in corporate medicine.”
“Yes, Stark, very impressive. You can fix him then, love?” Well, if that wasn’t just a little adorable, as much as you typically hated cutesie little pet names.
“Yeah, I can fix him.”
“Could you maybe talk to me about what’s going on?” Steve looked annoyed at having to listen to you three discuss his condition like he wasn’t even there. “I’m still awake, y’know.”
“Sorry, Rogers.” You tried to give him a warm smile, knowing he wasn’t gonna be thrilled about what you had to do. “You’re probably not gonna be awake for very long though. I need to rebreak this arm.”
“I can handle it.” He was practically pouting, a stubborn set to his jaw as he glared at you. “Don’t think a pretty little thing like you could actually hurt me.”
“Oof, Steve, the misogyny is no good.” Tony winced and made a throat cutting motion to try to get the man to shut up.
“Sorry, just,” He tried to give you a placating look, but his mouth was making a mess of things. “It took a 3 ton block of concrete to break it the first time, how are you gonna do it?”
You just cocked your head and smirked at him, the grip you had on his wrist light and almost teasing in a way that had him swallowing thickly.
“Thor, could you hold the patient still for me, honey?” The god looked slightly amused as he pressed his hands against Steve’s shoulders and pinned him to the bed. “Tony, I know you can get a little queasy about bone stuff so if you need to leave I would do it now.”
“Nah, I kinda want to watch you prove Capsicle here all kinds of wrong.” Tony propped himself on the counter with a mischievous grin.
“I’m gonna be fine.” Steve was glaring between Thor and Tony, who both looked far too tickled for his tastes. “It barely even hurt the first time it broke.”
“You had the benefit of adrenaline that time, Rogers.” You pulled his arm tight and settled one foot on the edge of the bed. “I’m gonna pull on three.”
“I really don’t think...”
You lied, you pulled on one. A sharp crack filled the exam room when you yanked Steve’s arm back into a normal position, Thor putting all of his weight on the man when he tried to jerk out of your grasp.
“Son of a motherfucking cocksucking bitch!” Ok, the adrenaline had definitely been helpful with the pain of the first break. Steve was fighting the urge to pass out as you kept his arm pulled taut while you worked on wrapping a minor splint around it.
“Whoa, who taught you that language, Cap?” Tony was extremely happy he had decided to stay and watch, beaming at the stream of obscenities that was falling from Steve’s lips.
“Fuck you, Tony!” His breath was a thin hiss when he shoved Thor off him, staring daggers at the god before turning his wrath to you once you had finished wrapping his arm. 
“You’re welcome.” You didn’t give him a chance to lay into you. “Judging by how quick the first break healed, you should be good to remove the splint in 3 hours. Here’s a sticker for being an ok patient.” He stared at you incredulously when you stuck the giant ‘You’re purrfect’ kitten sticker on his chest, spluttering with suppressed fury. “Next time, if you’re not such a baby, maybe I’ll give you a lollipop. I heard Romanoff got a pretty bad abrasion I’d like to take a look at.”
Steve felt his mouth opening and closing like a fish while he watched you walk out of the room, doing his best to ignore the muffled chuckling that was coming from Stark and Thor. 
“What’s her damn problem?” He didn’t think anyone had ever gotten him so frustrated so fast in his entire life.
“You mean you don’t like her, Rogers?” He could’ve killed Tony for that smug look alone. “Could’ve fooled me.”
How it’s going:
“Oh god, Steve!” You pressed your heated cheek to the cool metal wall of the quinjet, panting breathlessly. “I’ve gotta make sure Sam isn’t running around like an idiot and ruining all my hard work, hurry the fuck up.”
“God, always so fucking greedy.” He growled into your cunt, taking a firm bite out of your left ass cheek before diving back in and dragging his tongue over your sex until you were mewling softly. “The whole reason I got Tony to start bringing you with us was so we could do this on the regular. Hate having to wait to lose myself in this sweet pussy.”
“I still have to do my job, you dick.” You reached back and gripped his hair painfully to keep him in place when he wrapped his lips around your clit. “Not my fault your coworkers are a bunch of idiots with no sense of self preservation.”
Ever since you’d broken his arm like it was nothing, he’d been finding excuse after excuse to come visit the medbay and glare at you. Everyone just thought he was being the extra sweet and supportive Cap whenever he carried a hurt team member towards the medical wing, no matter how inconsequential the injury. At least until he had gone almost a week without seeing you and gotten a little too intense in a sparring session with Sam, leaving the poor man with a bruised diaphragm and clueing the rest of the Avengers into the fact that Captain America was infatuated with everyone’s favorite spunky doctor.
It was almost embarrassing how long it had taken for the man to make his move, the only thing that finally pushed him over the edge was having to watch Thor flirt with you at the compound game night over a very tipsy game of Twister (thank you Tony for that particular stroke of genius). Of course, that had also led to the two of you borderline hate fucking in the commissary, scarring poor Rhodey for life when he had the misfortune of walking in on you with your hand wrapped around Steve’s throat while you rode him like a fucking bronco. 
And now, you were a staple on missions, patching up whatever injuries the team sustained before you and Steve snuck away to the back of the quinjet and fucked each other’s brains out, forcing everyone else to pretend like they couldn’t hear you screaming. Tony had already installed a new speaker system in the fleet, but that only seemed to make you two even louder. Maybe he should think about soundproofing the hold.
“Ah, yes! Steve, fuck!” You yanked harshly on his hair when you came violently, his hands on your thighs keeping you from collapsing while your release soaked his chin.
The asshole just grinned before he started kissing his way up your back and undoing the straps on his stealth suit so he could wrench it down his shoulders and pull out his weeping cock. You purred when he bent your head back so he could press his mouth to yours, opening up when his slid his tongue between your lips and slid his steely length inside you.
“Shit, always so tight and wet for me, baby.” He wrapped an arm around your waist as he started fucking you in slow strokes, groaning when you started sucking on his tongue when he tried to pull it out of your mouth. “Fuck, it’s like this body of yours was made for me.”
“Maybe you were made for me, Rogers.” You ground your hips against his at the end of each push, winding your arm back and over his shoulder so you could wind it around his neck. “That perfect cock of yours that fills me up so good. C’mon, Stevie, make me come again.”
He sucked a bruise below your ear before moving a hand to brace against the wall so he could start slamming into you, his other hand moving down to tease over your clit as he panted heavily into your neck. You were already starting to clench around him, arching yourself into him and moaning as you wordlessly begged him for more.
His cock was dragging over that perfect spot with each thrust, copious amounts of slick leaking down your thighs as he pushed you closer and closer to the edge. It only took a few more shoves of his hips before you were coming with a strangled cry, Steve growling as he pinned you against the wall while your body rolled against him and your release squirted all over his thighs. You sighed when you felt his hips stutter and then you were flooded with warmth as he filled with hot white ropes of his cum, fucking it back into you until it was leaking out of you and down the insides of your thighs. 
The two of you sagged against each other while Steve pulled you to the floor, tucking your body into his and holding you in his lap as he started pressing soft kisses over the curve of your shoulder.
“You know if you moved into the compound with me we could do this even more often.” Steve turned you in his lap until you were facing him, nuzzling into your throat and doing his best to ignore your exasperated sigh.
“Fuck’s sake, Steve, can we enjoy the post coital haze just once without you bringing this shit up?” You shoved him off you and scowled at his manipulative pout. “Why don’t you move into my apartment if you want to be around me all the damn time?”
“I need to be at the compound for when a call comes in.” He was getting real sick of having this same fight over and over. “And it would be good for you to be there, too. Aren’t you sick of your neighbors complaining about having the fucking chopper pick you up?”
“I need my own space, Steve!” You were just on the verge of screaming. “I can’t be around you assholes all the time or I’d go fucking crazy!”
“Well, that’s just fine, because you’re driving me crazy already!” He was shouting at you now, a flush creeping up his neck as you stared each other down. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn?!”
Tony started softly banging his head against the console when the two of you began screaming at each other, trying to ignore the exhausted glares he was getting from Nat and Clint.
“Either soundproof the holds, or get the two of them to move in together, Tony.” Nat grumbled under her breath. “If I hear this fight one more time, I’m going to blow my brains out.”
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agentofbarnes · 11 hours ago
hackers heart is now on my mind fuck so here’s a request
reader gets jealous at a gala with a lot of girls flirting with steve so she starts to act up but he puts her in her place 😉
captain’s princess — steve
au: hacker’s heart
warnings || smut, spanking, size kink, brat behavior, degradation, steve’s got a big cock, marking, tiny!reader, throat fucking, rough sex, slight hair pulling, dom!steve, captain kink, platonic!bucky x reader
word count || 3k
note || this was supposed to be short and then turned into a whole fucking fic....anyway, happy 4k to me! here’s absolute filth for you
Tumblr media
Something Steve hadn’t realized until this very moment is that you were a jealous woman. He would have suspected it, really. You were clingy to him, wild and unashamed. But more importantly, you liked showing the world you were his girl.
He doesn’t know why he’s surprised you started to misbehave when some girls seemed to crowd around him. You had promised to behave and you were doing so good until the girls started flirting with him.
You really had been so good up until you saw that girl’s hand on Steve’s chest and how he smiled sheepishly at the touch. He was yours, you had thought with a clenched jaw. You huffed out, hand clutching the wine glass in your hands. Another girl had grazed her hand over his bicep and you swear you turned feral.
You felt the glass of wine in your hand disappear, making you turn to find Bucky Barnes in front of you with the glass between his fingers.
“Look like you’re gonna go ape shit, figured you didn’t want to break the glass and cut yourself.”
“Oh I’m gonna cut somebody,”You grumbled, shoulders scrunched together grumpily as you glared at the women surrounding your boyfriend.
“He doesn’t realize they’re flirting,”Bucky told you, looking at you pointedly.”You know you’re his girl.”
“Yeah, but they don’t,”You mumbled, crossing your arms.”He isn’t an idiot, Bucky, he knows they’re flirting, he’s letting them touch him.”
“He doesn’t notice,”Bucky tried to persuade you from doing something stupid,”All he’s probably thinking about is when he can get back to you.”
“Yeah, right,”You murmured, taking the glass of wine and downing it quickly.”I’m gonna hack them.”
“Of course you are,”Bucky sighed, glancing down at your hand which you held out to him. He looked at you with a puzzled expression.
“Phone, Buck,”You explained, motioning for him to hand over his phone.
“Where’s yours?”
“Steve has it, he wanted me off screens for the night,”You told him with shrug.
“I really don’t want to get in the mid—hey!”
You reached your hand into his pocket and got out his shiny new phone,”Oooh, finally upgraded like I told you,” You commented, quickly jailbreaking his phone and linking into your code to get a look at all the screens in the room. You sent a virus into both their phones, while also making one their phones blow your with notifications about the device over heating when you overloaded. You didn’t need to look up to know Steve knew what you were doing. You just ignored his glare.
Just as you were about to continuing hacking into the phones, Bucky took it back with a frown,”You made your point, you got his attention. Why can’t you be normal and just flirt with other guys to get his attention, you always gotta break the law?”
“Why didn’t I think of that?”You replied, a little smirk on your lips. You can feel your boyfriend’s eyes on you,”Oh, where’s Thor? I’m gonna have him bench press me.”
“That’s a terrible idea, why am I helping you?”
“You’re bored ‘cause Nat isn’t paying attention to you either,”You said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Maybe I should flirt with Thor...”
“Bet he could bench press you too.”
Bucky laughed at that, rolling his eyes,”Why don’t we just ignore them and have fun?”
“I stress you out.”
“That’s...true, but hey, fuck it, I could use a little wild energy.”
“Wanna dance?”You asked curiously, tilting your head at him.
“Oh now you’re using me to get him jealous?”
“Bet it will Nat jealous too.”
Bucky took your hand in his immediately, making you laugh and you guys just danced ridiculously around the room. You almost forgot about the jealously seeping into your chest, just having fun with one of your best friends.
He showed off some old moves, playfully spinning you around until you collided against Steve’s chest. The blond capturing you with a hard stare, frown etched across his face. His hands tore you away from Bucky just as Nat finally found the brunette soldier.
“You think I haven’t noticed you ignoring me, huh, princess?”He towered over you easily, his hands clutching your waist tightly. You rolled your eyes at him, pushing out of his grip. You knew since you were in public he’d be less rough and would let you go.
“I haven’t been ignoring anyone, just figured you were busy,”You shrugged, taking a step away from him and going towards the bar. You have Captain America stalking after you with an annoyed expression, and you just really loved getting on his nerves.
“You said you’d behave,”Steve whispered into your ear, close behind you as you got another glass of wine.
“I am behaving, not that you would notice, too busy getting felt up by all those pretty girls, or did you think I wouldn’t notice?”You snapped, jaw clenching after taking a long sip of the red liquid.
“Is that what’s got you acting like a brat, dancing with my best friend and hacking into innocent girls’ phone?”Steve asked, taking the glass from your hand and seizing your arm to pull you towards the corridor.
The party noise got quieter as Steve dragged you down the hall until he reached the elevator. With a gentle shove, he pushed into the uncrowded space.
“It’s not my fault you’d rather get fangirled over than dance with me,”You bite back, pulling away from his grip and standing on the other side of the elevator with a dramatic huff.
“Oh, you’re really going for the whole brat act, aren’t you? Something doesn’t go your way and you always have to act up, baby, I don’t know how many times I can tell you that you are the only one I want,”Steve tried to get across, his arms coming to cage you against the wall.
“You let them touch you,”You said softly, looking up at him with sad eyes. Steve softened at the sight of you, but it was short lived as you tried to evade the conversation once again by trying to slip under him to get away. You almost succeeded.
“Can you stop running away from me and have an actual conversation?”Steve scolded, gripping you tightly by your waist now. You avoided his gaze until he hooked his finger up your chin.”You’re my girl, my princess, I didn’t realize how they would effect you, okay? I’m sorry, but your behavior was inexcusable and you know that, you wanted me to pay attention, didn’t you? I’m right here, baby, and I’m all yours.”
You chewed on the inside of your cheeks and he can tell you are contemplating whether you’re gonna give in to him. Steve can tell you’ve forgiven him, but you had a twinkle in your eyes. A look he knew very well, you wanted to be tamed. You wanted him to claim you as his and vice versa.
“I dunno,”You rolled your eyes,”Think I might like hanging out with Bucky more or maybe...just maybe I’ll go drink with Thor, bet he could show me a fun night.” The words made Steve growl, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder when the elevator doors open. He carried you to your room easily, naming you grin at you hang from his broad shoulder.
Steve threw you onto the bed, your stomach hitting the soft bedding. He grabbed your ankle, pulling you down so you were towards the end of the bed. He forced on your hands and knees while he ripped the dress from your body.
“That’s was really expensive,”You hissed out.
“I don’t care,”Steve grunted out, his hand smacking at the flesh of your ass.”Brats don’t get nice things.”
“Fuck off.”
Both of his hands came down on your ass, the flesh jiggling and reddening under his blows. You let out a wanton moan, pushing your ass up towards him. Steve smirked, shaking his head at you.
“You’ve got such a mouth of you, I oughta fuck that pretty throat till it’s raw,”Steve rasped, pulling you back by your hair until you were up on your knees. His lips are on yours, his rough kiss went straight to your core. He positioned you to lay down with your head hanging over the bed. Your view of him was upside down and you know what’s coming.
Steve unbuckled his slacks, ridding his body of all his clothes until he was standing over you tiny body. His cock slapped against your face, his size making your mouth water at the feeling. His heavy member was so big compared you, the head of his cock ending mid-throat with him lined up to your pretty face.
“Gonna fuck my throat, Captain? Think you can handle me?”You taunted, licking at his thick cock.
“Open your mouth, princess,”Steve demanded, spitting onto his cock and your mouth. You held your jaw open, moaning when Steve’s cock stretched past your lips. He wasn’t gently, slowly easing into your throat all the way until he could see the outline of his cock down your neck.
Steve groaned, taking in how you choked around him. He pulled out quickly, his hard dick coated in your salvia.”Fuck, Captain.”
“Shut up,”He commanded, thrusting back into your mouth to see how you accommodated his massive length. You closed your eyes, your jaw wide and tongue sticking out to lap his cock up. His balls hit your face with every thrust, his hips moving back and forth. The squelching noises of you choking around him only encouraged him further, determined to fuck the attitude out of you.
“You look so fucking good like this, princess, taking my cock like it was meant for you,”He uttered with a whine, fucking into your throat with no mercy. You took his like a good girl, eagerly sucking on him until you could feel the way he throbbed over your tongue. One more thrust, his cock bulging in your throat as he shot his seed down your throat. He held you there, copious amounts of thick ropes into your pretty mouth.
Steve pulled out, slapping his cock against your face and then pushed into you one last time before stepping away. He leaned down to kiss you sweetly, his taste lingering in your lips. You whined against his lips, panties ruined with how wet you were for your boyfriend.
“Please,”You croaked against him,”Need to touch you...”
“You gonna be a good girl, follow your captain’s orders?”He asked carefully, grabbing ahold of your body and bringing you into his grip. You wrapped your arms around him, nails digging into your biceps while he laid you on the bed. His weight draped over you, his body pinning yours into the bed.
“Yes, yes, just please,”You begged, head dipping into the crook of his neck to leave kisses against his hot skin. You licked up his neck, feeling his vein pulse against you befor you bit harshly at his tough skin. You sucked and nipped until there was a large purple mark showcased on him.
“That’s it, princess, ‘m all yours, mark me all you want,”He encouraged, feeling you move on to another spot. You left bruises in your wake, attacking his shoulders, his collar bone, and he chest. You were possessive, he realized that now and he liked it. His cock jumped at the feeling of you claiming him, making him rut his hips against your wet cunt.
He dipped his fingers between your thighs while you kiss every part of his body, whimpering and whining as he fucked you open with two fingers, then three. He rubbed his thumb against your clit, encouraging you to cum for him quickly so he could stuff his cock inside you. You quivered against him, moaning out his name as you clawed at his chest.
“Need your cock, Captain, want you to destroy me,”You whined, spreading your legs for him.
“My pretty princess, gotta fuck all thought negative thoughts from your head, don’t I? Is that what you need? That dumb baby brain of yours has been making you act out, hasn’t it? Just need me to fuck the brat out of you.”
You’re nodding under him, capturing his lips with need. He grabbed your face gently, kissing you with such love and dominance.”Please, Captain...”
Steve nodded back at you, lips staying on yours as he grasped his cock in his hands. His dick was already hard again, his stamina and drive superior to literally any other man on the planet.
The bulbous head prodded against your entrance, walls stretching around the large member as he pushed in slowly. Steve swallowed your whines, gasping into your mouth when you squeeze tightly around him. He held your thighs open, his hips rutting into you. He sank inside you, sheathing his sensitive cock fully into your sopping cunt. You were so wet for him, squelching as his cock thrusted into you.
“Can you hear how wet you are for me?”Steve uttered, lips trailing down your face to the sweet spot on your pulse. He sucked another mark onto your skin, groaning when you rocked your hips against him.”So warm and tight for me.”
“‘s all for you, Captain,”You mewled, arms wrapping around his shoulders to press his chest down against you.”’m your princess.”
Steve smirked against your jaw, his heart preening at that. You were his princess, his best girl, and the love of his life. The fact that you thought anything different earlier today made him desperate to show you.
“Yeah, you are, Captain’s little princess, so perfect and gorgeous,”He drew his hips back, his cock nearly all the way out of your clenching pussy. He slammed back in one smooth motion, causing your back to arch off the bed into him.”You were fucking made for me, weren’t you? Made to take this cock, made to be mine.”
You can barely utter out any words, just a soft uh-huh of agreement while he pounded into you with his brute strength. His cock bulged in his belly, protruding slight in your small frame. You feel so fucking full and good with his cock stuffing your cunt. The bed rocked with every harsh thrust, the headboard banging against the wall carelessly. Steve didn’t care who heard, he needed you to know you were his and he was yours. He wanted everyone to hear. The banging against the wall is loud and it only encouraged him to fuck you hard as you turned into a mess of whines underneath him.
You scratched down his back, nails leaving red marks down his back. It made him moan out, his mouth attacking yours in a class of tongue and teeth. He loved how you marked him, his hand squeezing the flesh of your thigh. He moved one of your legs to hang over his shoulder while he fucked into you. With this angle, he hit that spot that made you tremble. He didn’t let up, his thrusts rocking the bed underneath him. His hand went to brace himself on the headboard, pounding into you as your moans echoed off the walls. He wanted everyone to hear.
His grip tightened around the wooden frame, the headboard and frame cracking under his strength at the same time. You gasped out, you body jerking when the frame collapsed underneath you. Steve wasn’t even phased, his pace never faltering into your welcoming cunt.
“Fuck, Captain!”You cried out, the fact he had broken your entire bed made you gush around him. Nails clawing into his back to the point that you actually break skin, making Steve groan.
“You gonna cum, princess, know you’re close, can feel your tight little pussy squeezin’ my cock, so go ahead, cum for your Captain, be a good girl for me,”His forehead head in against yours, hands holding himself up over you. His fists grasped the sheets, broken bed rocking and squeaking under your passionate fucking.
“Steve!” You sobbed out, tears leaking from your eyes from the incredible pressure releasing from your tummy. You felt like you were floating almost, nerves vibrating at incredible speeds as your body quivered underneath him. With your walls tightly wrapped around his cock, Steve spilled inside you. He pumped his hot cum into your eager pussy, a guttural groan emitting from his throat.
Steve nearly collapsed onto you, careful not to crush you. He flipped onto his back, the bed cracking more when he pulled you against his chest.
You heaved out heavy breaths, kissing him slowly and gently before giggling at the state of your room.”You broke my bed.”
“Yeah, I did...”He grinned at you,”Guess you’ll just have to sleep in my room, princess, gonna have to stay with me indefinitely.”
“Mhm, how about forever?”You whispered, hands resting against his chest. You smiled at the marks that cover his body, knowing you claimed him put you at ease. The possessive feeling subsiding now that you now that everyone will see your bruises and scratches on him.
“Sounds perfect...”Steve looked at you with such love and admiration,”You’re not gonna make me hang up all those picture on our wall are you?”
You glanced over to your little collage of shirtless Polaroids of Steve and a gossip article with you straddling him at restaurant displayed in the middle,”Oh definitely, can’t not have my wall of hotness.”
He shook his head, holding you close to his chest. Steve just can’t stop smiling when he looks at you,”I love you, princess.”
You beamed at that, chewing on your bottom lip,”Even when I’m wild and a brat?”
“Yeah, even then,”Steve kissed you gently once again, peppering your face with loving kisses. He drank up your giggles and smiled,”’m not gonna stop till you say it back...” His fingers danced along you waist, making you squirm and fall to his side. He moved over you again quickly, the bed falling completely on the ground with a loud thud.
Both of you laughed out at that, holding each other close and just enjoying the love you shared.
“I love you too, Stevie, forever,”You uttered with a huge grin, another laugh escaping your lips when he molded his lips against yours sweetly.
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sableseb · 11 hours ago
I just hit 1k this evening and I’m just in awe. I can’t believe I’ve gained a following for my little stories. It means the world that I tried something that I’ve always wanted to and people responded so well. Not only that, but it’s amazing to see people embracing their sexuality through stories and I’m so honored to be apart of that.
To celebrate, I’m giving a special thanks to the blogs who inspired me from the very beginning, @overr-written @nano--raptor @please-buckme @the-iceni-bitch @slothspaghettiwrites @gagmebucky @darkficsyouneveraskedfor @avintagekiss24 @mypoisonedvine @nsfwsebbie @whateveriwant @sweeterthanthis @navybrat817 @navegandoaciegas @angrythingstarlight @thewritingdoll @mrwinterr @badassbuchanan @sinner-as-saint @buckycuddlebuddy @cockslut-padalecki @stargazingfangirl18 @babyboibucky
To the blogs who I’ve recently discovered, who continue to support me and who continue to amaze me with their work, @fuckandfluff @moonlight-onyx @celestialbarnes @tinymalscoffee @thefanbasewhore @multi-stann @bloomingbucky @buckysbrattybug @bloodorangesoup @drysdale-barnes @gwenavibra @buckysbbyy @bucksfucks @when-i-was-your-angel @mickey-henry @thicccsimp @holdontorogers @bemine-bucky @pepsicup @hiddlestanss @certainaesthetic @winter-james @divine-mistake @buckysboobs
And finally, to the blogs and anons who may not be writers, but are supporters of my nastiness and other’s. We see you. And we thank you. You guys know who you are. I’m glad I’m able to bring your fantasies to life.
If you guys love smut, angst, fluff, anything. Please go check out all the amazing writers I’ve mentioned. They’re all so talented and nothing but kind. I can’t wait to meet many more on this journey.❤️
Tumblr media
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uprootbasic · 13 hours ago
Imagine that the reader is married to stucky and they have two twin daughters. Now they both are planning with their mum for surprising their dadies in on father's day. A lot of fluff on how they surprise him🥺🥺🥺
strength is something you choose
pairing: Stucky x Reader
warnings: pure fluff!
a/n: thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! happy fathers day! title is from I Learned From You by Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.
Tumblr media
Bucky was the first to wake up.
he rolled over, and his heart sank when he saw that you weren’t there. then, he remembered it was father’s day, and you were most likely in the kitchen with your two girls, Grace and Aurorra.
his eyes traveled to Steve, who was still sound asleep on his side of the bed. his arm was still extended over the bed, having not moved from when you slithered out of this grasp. Bucky slid over, and lifted the arm, cuddling himself underneath, and next to his husband. Steve grunted slightly and mumbled something about Tony being an asshole, his hand fisting in Bucky’s shirt, but he settled down again.
Bucky lifted a hand, and traced Steve’s lips, always cherry red and kissable. he ran his flesh hand through the light brown, almost red, hair of his facial hair that Steve let grow after the girls were born. he never had time to shave when they were newborns, and it just became habit. it was short but thick, a manageable length, while also incredibly soft, a sign that he took care of it religiously, which he did. he didn’t want to scratch up the skin of his little girls, or you and Bucky, despite how much you and Bucky claim to love his beard burn.
Bucky leant up, and pressed a kiss to the lips of his husband, who stirred, and kissed him back. “i love you.” Bucky whispered. “thank you for making me a daddy.” Steve laughed quietly, and pulled Bucky closer.
“you were made for it. even in the fourties, i hoped that some way, some how, we’d be parents. i saw the way you were with Becca. you were meant to be a father, baby.” he whispered, and Bucky chuckled.
“taking care of you gave me good experience with that.” he said and Steve pressed another kiss to his lips. he was rolled onto his back, Steve slotting his body between Bucky’s legs, the kiss deepening. Steve pulled his lips off of Bucky's for a brief moment. "happy fathers day," Steve said, smiling down at the man he'd never thought he'd get to marry. just as Bucky opened his mouth to respond, the door opened, and your two little girls, followed by you, came barrelling in the room.
"Daddy! Papa!" Aurorra screamed, climbing on the bed. Steve pushed himself off of Bucky, and pulled Aurorra into his lap, while Grace climbed on top Bucky, and snuggled into his chest. "made you b'ekfast," Grace said.
"thank you baby girls, that was so sweet of you." Bucky said, running his hands through Grace's hair, prompting giggles from her. the twins, while polar opposites, were 100% Steve. that was never in question. when the three of you were trying to conceive, Bucky was just coming off of his medication, so his sex drive was virtually non existent, so the three of you made the decision that Steve would biologically father the first baby. one baby ended up being two, and you swore after that that you would only have Bucky's babies.
Aurorra was high energy and excitable, and could be a little bossy at times, which was Steve out in the field, where as Grace was more mellow and quiet, and desperate to be a good person, which was Steve at home.
you set the tray with both of your husbands breakfast down before pressing a kiss to Bucky's lips. you bit your lips before your next sentence. "did you see their shirts?" you asked, and both men looked at you, before lifting their respective girl away from their bodies to look at the shirts on the 3 year olds.
"big sister?" Bucky said, utterly confused.
Aurorra felt her pockets, and gave you a panicked look just before Grace sat up. "oh, I have it Rors, we mixed up our pants." she said, before pulling out a small stick from her pocket.
Bucky sat up and read it. he quickly deciphered what the two lines meant, and looked back at you in shock. "you're pregnant?" he asked, looking between you and Steve, who had a knowing look on his face.
"yeah I am, baby." you said. you ran a hand through his hair, and smiled at the look of disbelief on his face. his eyebrows pinched together as he did the math. he looked back at you, tears rimming in his blue eyes. "is it-" he asked, unable to finish the sentence.
"yeah, baby. it's yours." you said, and hugged Bucky to your chest as he sobbed in happiness. you turned to the girls. "why don't you two go and get your presents for Dada and Papa." you said, and the girls nodded, before jumping off the bed and running out of the room, talking about where they hid them.
"I-it's mine?" Bucky asked as he was pulled into Steve's arms.
"yeah sweetie. I didn't say that I'd only have your babies from now on for no reason." you said, just as the girls came back in with two gift bags. one red, for Steve, the blue one for Bucky. they took their respective bags, and opened them, both boys tearing up at the pictures inside.
"of course the got your art skills," Bucky said, admiring the gold and black arm that was from Aurorra, judging by the writing on the bottom that looked more like Anrna than her actual name. he looked over at Steve who was complimenting Grace on how well she drew his shield.
Bucky pulled Aurorra into his lap, and pressed a kiss to her cheeks. "you're such an artist, aren't ya doll?" and she nodded.
"yeah, Daddy. so is Grace." Bucky pressed another kiss to her cheeks before pulling you into bed with the others. Aurorra climbed out of your lap to go compliment her sisters work, and Bucky placed his hand on your lower belly.
"thank you so much, this means so much to me." he whispered, and you smiled at him.
"happy fathers day."
Tumblr media
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Steve Rogers x Reader one-shot
Word count: 921
Warnings: explicit language, oral (m receiving), explicit sex, Steve has a daddy kink
Based on some RP with @rogersanon (used with permission)
Not beta-read so all mistakes are my own!!
18+ ONLY!
“Steve, I’m bored!” You whine as rain pounds the windows of your apartment. “What should we do?”
He sits there with his hands behind his head, thinking. “I don’t know, sweetheart. Got any ideas?”
You think to yourself for a moment. “What if we played Monopoly?”
“Sure! I remember playing it in the ‘40s. Can’t say I remember how to play it, though.” He rummages through one of the hall closets and finds a very old Monopoly game.
You take it from him and set it up on the floor in the living room. You toss him the rule book. “Read up and refresh your memory, Captain.” He looks at you and shakes his head, smiling as he picks up the book and flips through it quickly. You sit cross-legged from each other on opposite sides of the board.
After a few turns, you land on a Chance space and pick up the “Go to Jail” card. You pout, holding it up for Steve to see, before placing your token in jail. After your second attempt at rolling doubles to get out of jail, you chuckle and ask, “Do you think you could bail me out, honey?”
Steve raises an eyebrow. “Is that something I can do?”
You laugh and shake your head. “No. I just thought I’d get your reaction.” You pause for a second, smiling slyly. “Conjugal visit?” He freezes for a second. You slide the dice towards him. “Take your turn.”
“Now wait just a minute! That’s not a bad idea, and we should explore all our options,” Steve sets the dice down, shifting in his spot on the floor.
“Well, I don’t think that’s in the rules, and I’m not sure--”
“The rules are overrated,” he interrupts, his voice noticeably deeper.
You pretend not to notice, nudging the dice again. “You… gonna take your turn, or?”
He smiles at you. “Sorry honey, got distracted. You mentioned a conjugal visit and it got me… excited.” He shifts again, his pants getting noticeably tighter.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have said that then,” you say with a chuckle. “Unless that’s exactly what you want.”
“We’re not talking about the game anymore, are we, doll?” he asks you.
You shake your head as you crawl over to his side of the board. You kiss him and climb into his lap. “Hi there, doll,” Steve says with a smile. You smile back and mumble “Hi daddy.”
He grips your ass as you drape your arms over his shoulders. You trail your fingers up and down his arms. He kisses you, slowly at first, but the kisses slowly grow more passionate. As Steve starts kissing down your neck, he mumbles, “This is much better than the board game.” You nod in agreement and start leaving sloppy kisses on his neck and shoulders before removing your shirt.
He pauses to graze his eyes over your body. “You’re so beautiful,” he mumbles as you move to remove his shirt.
You trail kisses down his jaw to his chest and stomach, smiling as you unbutton his jeans and pull his pants down, freeing his erection from his pants. You crawl backwards to position your face between Steve’s legs. “Wanna taste you, Daddy,” you whimper. He grunts and nods at you, the sight of you making him even harder. After teasing his tip, already weeping with pre-cum, you lick along one of the veins of his shaft. Steve moans, “Fuck, Y/N, you’re so good to me…” You hum and take him into your mouth as far as you can, using your hand to stroke the base of his shaft. You moan onto him as he twitches in your mouth. He threads his fingers into your hair and tugs, praising you. “Such a good girl.” You slowly take him out of your mouth, making an obscene popping sound at the tip. He whimpers at the loss of your warm mouth on his cock. “I want you inside me, daddy,” you whisper.
“I don’t think you’re ready yet, honey,” Steve replies, shaking his head.
“I am!” you whine. “I’m so wet.”
“Prove it, kitten. Come show daddy how wet you are.”
Taking your pants off, you kneel in front of him to show your glistening pussy. “Oh, honey,” Steve coos. “This all for me?” He swipes a finger over you, collecting some of your arousal and sucking it off of his finger. “You taste incredible. Spread your legs so daddy can see what’s his.” You sit on the floor, spreading your legs for your Captain. “You’re so perfect,” he praises as he cages you underneath him on the floor.
He slowly eases himself into you until he bottoms out. You squirm underneath him. “Fuck daddy. Feels so good,” you moan.
He starts building a rhythm, and you dig your nails into his back. “Yes, baby. Scratch me up,” he moans. He moves his hand to flick your clit as he pumps in and out of you.
“Daddy…” you moan. “I’m getting close.”
Steve kisses underneath your earlobe. “Okay. Cum for me. Wanna watch you fall apart.”
His words are just enough to send you over the edge and your thighs tremble as you reach your climax. His hips stutter as he fucks you through your orgasm, chasing his own high. He gently sinks his teeth into your neck as he paints your walls.
He pulls out of you and lays on the floor. “Much more exciting than a board game,” he sighs, pulling you in for a tender kiss.
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chooseyourownavenger · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Don’t say it back
You smile at Steve, the words feeling both beautiful and terrifying.  You aren’t sure how you feel or if you’re ready to say it back.  You lean in and kiss him tenderly, trying to get across how you feel about him.  He cradles your jaw as your lips softly caress his, and slowly you pull back and smile at him.  As you pull back, you take his hand.  “Come on,” you say.  “The day’s not over yet.”
Tumblr media
There isn’t much of the day left, but you try to fit as much into what’s left as you can.  Steve seems to overthink things a little, and you’re not quite sure what’s off.  He changes his mind about where to eat three times, and in the end, you get take-out and bring it back to your room to eat on the bed.
“I really love it out here,” you say as you eat sitting criss-cross on the bed.
Steve smiles a little and nods.  “I’m glad.  I wanted to make it special.”
“It’s going to be,” you assure him, taking his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.  “Because it’s you and me.”
“Right,” Steve agrees and swallows thickly.
“If you’re not ready, we can just cuddle.  That’s okay,” you say.
He shakes his head.  “No, it’s not that… it’s just…”  Something about the way he holds himself changes.  He seems to shift from the overthinking man he’d been all afternoon, into the Steve you had gotten to know all this time.  “Are you ready?”
You put your box of noodles on the side table and took his and put it beside it.  “Steve,” you said, looking into his eyes.  “I am so happy and content, I am totally ready for this.  But I feel like something has upset you and I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t sure of.”
He nods.  “It hasn’t.  It’s nothing.  I guess… I had this image in my head about what this was supposed to be.  And I just realized that was idealistic and what is here in front of me is real.  Does that make sense?”
You smile and nod.  “Complete sense,” you say.  “You can’t live in a fairytale for very long.  Is reality good though?”
He nods, and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.  “Very good,” he says and brings his lips to yours.”
You kiss him passionately, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and climbing into his lap.  He runs his hands up under your shirt as the two of you kiss, and you roll your hips in his lap.  He fumbles with your bra, and the longer he does, the funnier you find it until you break the kiss laughing.
“Need some help?” You giggle.
“What is that made of?  Vibranium?”  He laughs, pulling your shirt off and twisting around you so that he could see your back.  You turn in his lap so he could see better, and he runs his large hands over your skin before returning to the clasp on your bra.  He carefully works it open - one hook at a time, his hands moving gently rather than dexterously.  “It’s like one of those puzzles you buy at a bookstore.”
You laugh as he slides the straps on your bra down your arms and kisses your shoulder softly.  “Where were we?”  He asks.
“Mmm…” You hum.  “Let’s see shall we.”
You lean back and capture his lips, kissing him deeply.  His hands skim under your breasts, cupping them and massaging them gently.  You grind back in his lap, feeling his cock harden against your ass.  He groans softly into your lips and pulls you back so that he’s lying on the bed and you’re laying back on him.  You roll your body against him, your back arching and curving against his body, and your ass rolling against his cock.  Steve groans louder, sliding his hand into your pants.
His fingers work over your clit as you rut against his hand.  He kisses down your neck and sucks a patch of skin on your neck.  You unbutton your pants and push them down so your bare body grinds against his fully clothed one.
He rolls you so you’re on your stomach on the bed and he kneels above you, pulling off his shirt.  You roll over and scramble to remove his pants, freeing his cock.  You lick your lips as it springs free.  It’s as perfect as he is.  Long, thick, and uncut, with the perfect amount of veining.  For a moment, you’re struck dumb.  He is also large.  Very large.  To the point that you’re not even sure he’ll fit.  You get onto your hands and knees and take the base in your hand as you pull back the foreskin and lick over the head.  He groans, tangling his hands in your hair, and watches you as you begin to suck his cock.
You slowly suck up and down his shaft, pushing him deeper and deeper back into your throat, trying to take him all.  You're a good inch from becoming flush to his crotch before you begin to gag.  Steve cradles your jaw and pulls back.  “I don’t want you hurting yourself,” he says.
He guides you back on the bed and kissing down your body, ghosting his lips over your skin and making you break out in goosebumps.  When he reaches your thighs, he bites you gently, pulling at your soft flesh with his teeth.
You moan and your cunt floods as you jerk your hips up.  He runs his nose up your folds, its point briefly touches your clit, and you hum, the muscles in your legs tightening.  His tongue flicks over the swollen bundle of nerves, sending wave after wave of pleasure surging through you.  Two of his fingers eased into your cunt.  He curls them, stroking them over your internal walls and teasing them over your g-spot.  He moves them like he’s beckoning an orgasm forth - calling it to him.
You start to writhe and moan under him.  Your orgasm builds and you grip the sheets, squeezing your eyes closed as you focus on it.  “Fuck, Steve!”  You cry.  “Oh god!”
He adds a third finger as he looks up at you, watching your reaction.  His fingers move inside you and he twists his hand so his knuckles grind against your g-spot.  You jerk and cry out, arching your back off the bed.  “Does this feel alright?”  He asks, spreading his fingers.  It burns a little but adds to that pleasantly full feeling inside you.
“Yes,” you moan.  “Oh god yes.”
“I’m not bigger than that,” he says, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of you.  “You don’t need to be worried.  I’m not going to hurt you.”
“Okay,” you whimper.  He curls his fingers and returns his mouth to your clit, nibbling on it.  His fingers press down on your g-spot and he corkscrews his wrist.  You come, crying out and bucking up hard on the bed.
He removes his hand and crawls up your body, placing kisses at random intervals as he approaches your mouth.  He grabs a condom and rolls it on, before aligning his body with yours.  He takes your hand and guides it down to his cock, wrapping your fingers around his girth.
“You’re in control,” he says, looking deep into your eyes.  “Guide me to where it’s comfortable.”
You guide him inside you, and very slowly he sinks in.  You sigh as he fills you.  This control he’s given you is such a loving, and caring act, that is at the same time incredibly sexy.  It makes you feel a little guilty that you never said the words back, but you know, it’s better not to lie about the heart.  Your head tilts back slightly, your lips parted and he places small kisses along your jaw.
His cock hits a spot where there is a slight sting and your grip tightens around him.  He stops pushing and he tilts your head so you’re looking into his eyes.  “There?” He asks.
You let your body adjust and you shake your head.  “More,” you breathe.
He pushes in further.  You feel him reach that limit where pleasure becomes pain and you stop him.  You let his cock go and wrap your arms around his neck.  He gives you a moment to adjust to him and begins to thrust.
It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.  He alternates between a gentle, pleasant rhythm, allowing you to feel his cock run along the ridges of your cunt, to just pounding into you so that you can’t even catch your breath.  You feel like you’re about to come undone.  Just when you think this is it, nothing can possibly feel any better than Steve Rogers’ dick inside of you, he brings his arm between your bodies and fingers your clit.
You come.  Explosively.  Clinging to him as if he’s stopping you from falling.  You cry out his name and he grits his teeth and groans as he releases inside you.
The two of you lay panting for a while before he slips from within you and collapses down on the bed.  You roll onto your side and watch as he removes the condom.  “That was amazing,” you hum.  “You’ve ruined me for all men.”
He smiles and looks at you.  “That’s good because I don’t plan on sharing you with any others.”
Tumblr media
The weekend away together is a turning point for the two of you.  Steve seems to become more serious.  Almost like he wants to move away from just courting you, to sharing a life with each other.
You spend a lot of time with him at his home and he spends a lot of time with you at yours. Obviously, there’s still work and Avenging that keeps you apart, but when there is free time, you opt more and more to spend it together.  It gets to the point that you could almost say you were living together.  He has stuff at your place, you have things at his.  Both of you have keys and security codes so you can come and go as much as you like, at any time of day or night.  But it’s not official and you both keep your own places.
The only looming shadow over things is you still haven’t said those three little words.  Not that Steve is being quick to repeat them.  It’s like he put them out there, and you know how he feels and now he is simply giving you the space to return them when you’re ready.
You just aren’t sure you know or not.  You know you care about him and that you like spending time with him.  This isn’t one of those fireworks in the sky things though and it’s hard to know if this is love in that ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ ways.
He is good in so many ways, but he is so hard on himself and he never puts the relationship first.  Avenging is always first.  Dates are interrupted by missions that pop up suddenly.  He is often home late and you can go days at a time without hearing from him at all.  You aren’t sure how well you are equipped to be an army wife, and certainly feeling like the woman he’s cheating on the Avengers with isn’t great.  It’s hard to know which side wins out - the side where he is present and attentive and kind, or the side where you’re swept aside and he risks his life again and again.
It comes to a head when Steve is away on a mission for almost a month.  It’s a month of not hearing from him at all.  Not knowing if he’s alive or dead.  Not even knowing roughly where he is or if you’ll ever see him again.  There’s a chance he could disappear for good and no one will know what happened to him.
You fret.
Each night sleep comes later and later and is disturbed more and more regularly.  You’d wake early to check for messages that never come.  You barely eat and start subsisting on a diet of caffeine and mood stabilizers.  You worry yourself sick.
You’re asleep when he finally returns.  There is no call, but the key sliding into the lock is enough to wake you.  You startle and rush out to find him stepping through the door.  You crash into him and his arms wrap around you automatically.  Holding you close to him.
“I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he mumbles into your hair.  “You must have been so worried.”
“Why didn’t you call?”  You ask, looking up at him.
“I didn’t want to wake you.  I haven’t been back long, but I needed to see you,” he said.  “I love you so much.  I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”
Tell him you feel the same
Tell him you care about him, but you don’t think you can do this anymore.
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universitypenguin · 15 hours ago
Master List
Updated 6/20/2021
Steve Rogers:
Steve Rogers - Sex Headcanon
Bucky Barnes:
Matchmaker: Related Drabbles
The Winter Soldier is a Matchmaker…
Winter Soldier’s Match - Part 2
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diaryofabeautyfiend · 15 hours ago
A Warm Place
Tumblr media
Warnings!!! Cum play, cheating, mfm/mm/mf sex, light bondage, mentions of an orgy, mile high club, pegging, mentions of pregnancy loss, sad boys.
Steve did not want a bachelor party. He and Kim agreed that the whole idea was antiquated and kind of silly. Kim wasn’t having some crazy drunken weekend with her friends. She wouldn’t have penis straws for fruity drinks or a penis veil. How juvenile. She was having a relaxing weekend with her friends and family in South Carolina. And the thought of Steve having a stripper was ridiculous. He’d much rather go fly fishing or golfing. “And Tony and Sam had better not plan anything. My Stevie is a feminist and doesn’t want to degrade women like that.”
When Kim was done with her rant Steve planted a sweet kiss on her forehead and smiled. “That’s right, sweetie. We’ve evolved, Buck. None of that crazy stuff. Look at the time, babe. You’re going to be late.”
“Damn it! That’s the third time this week. Randy’s gonna kill me. Good thing I can’t get fired! Later, boys.”
“Bye, Kim!” Bucky called after her. “So no bachelor party? Really? The guys are gonna be so hurt.”
Steve looked over Bucky’s shoulder to make sure Kim was actually gone. “Here’s what I want. We can have a fun night out with everyone to say we did something. Let Tony rent out a club blah blah blah. While Kim is in South Carolina, I want to be somewhere remote with you and Y/N where no one can hear her scream. If this is gonna be the last time I have amazing sex, I want it to count.”
Bucky pushed Steve into his room so he could kiss him properly. “You have a deal, pal. We’ll set it up.” Steve shoved his hand into the front of Bucky’s jeans and squeezed the tip of his cock.
“Make it count.” He pressed firm into his throbbing flesh until Bucky shot his load into Steve’s palm.
“Fuck, Stevie. You sure you wanna get married? You could have the two of us forever.”
“Buck, if we stayed together nothing would ever get done. All we’d do is fuck. I have to go. Call our baby and tell her the plan ok? And, Bucky….don’t clean yourself up. When you see her later, let her do it and take pictures ok?”
Bucky had never dialed a phone so fast. “Hey, baby doll. Wanna get away?”
You went all out planning this trip. You called in some favors and arranged a private plane. That plane would take the three of you to a very exclusive villa on the Amalfi Coast. The outdoor space was discreet and so was the beach below. There wasn’t another villa for two miles on either side. The airspace was designated as a no fly zone. The three of you could be naked all weekend.
The staff on both the plane and in the villa were to be ghosts essentially. Unseen unless summoned. And, they shouldn’t alert the authorities if they saw anything illegal. This was the exact getaway Steve wanted.
You boarded the plane looking like a whole damn snack. The shortest little white shorts Steve had ever seen and a light blue striped button down that clung to your glistening skin. Your whole body was glowing from the top of your perfectly messy hair to the tip of your sparkly pink toenails.
You set down your bag and buckled into your seat. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. “You good, Steve?”
“Never better, honey. Fuck you’re gorgeous. I can’t wait to get my hands on you. Thank you for planning this.”
“Absolutely my pleasure, sugar. Once we’re free to move about the cabin, you can put those hands anywhere you want.”
Bucky came out of the bathroom and plopped down in the seat next to yours. He kissed the back of your hand and winked at you. The three of you were horny to the point of pain. You wanted to waist no time.
“Ma’am, the captain has completed her pre-checks. We’re clear for take off.” Valerie was the lead attendant for this trip. She came highly recommended by several of your clients.
“Thank you, Valerie. Will we be seeing you and the girls later?”
Her cheeks flushed, “Of course. Whenever you’re ready for us. Just hit the call button.”
You hooked your finger and motioned for her to stoop down to your level. “This is a very special trip for Captain Rogers. As long as we are on this plane, I never want his cock unattended, am I clear?”
“Absolutely.” She smiled at Steve through her lashes giggling when you licked her neck.
“I’ll call you in about an hour. Come with champagne and dessert.” You smacked her ass and sent her on her way.
The guys looked at you with their mouths hanging open. “All female flight crew. Selezionato a mano da me. All for you, mio caro.”
“Honey, did you get me an orgy?” Steve was on the verge of tears. You giggled and nodded your head. “I think I’m actually in love with you.”
“Glad you like your first surprise.”
“I don’t know if I can take any more surprises. But I can’t wait.”
As soon as the fasten seatbelt sign went off they were on you. Steve pulled your shorts down and slid you down his cock. You were already dripping wet. Bucky knelt in between your legs and lightly kissed your swollen bud. Your pussy was stretched taught with Steve’s cock leaving the bundle of nerves defenseless. You came hard and fast soaking them both. Your head dropped back onto his shoulder while he drove his hips into you.
“Jamie, stand up. Let me suck that beautiful cock.” You didn’t have to ask him twice. He stuffed your throat enjoying your whimpering.
“Make her cum again, Stevie. Pretty baby taking daddy’s cock so well. You’re such a good girl for doing all of this for our Stevie. Isn’t she a good girl, Stevie?”
“The best girl. Our best girl. I love how your pussy is squeezing me, honey. I can feel it. You want to cum again, baby?” His teeth grazed your ear making you shudder. “Cum for me.”
“Yes, Captain.” You said around Bucky’s dick. It was garbled but he understood you fine. You moaned loudly when he rubbed circles on your clit. As you came, you sucked Bucky harder and faster. He grabbed the back of your head and fucked your face. His hips stiffened and he shot his load into your throat. You swallowed every single drop. Steve wasn’t far behind. They both peppered kisses along your neck and jawline.
Sometime while you were otherwise engaged breakfast was served. “Eat up, boys. This is going to be a long 9 hours.”
When you made it to the villa Marco the house manager met you at the door. Your luggage was brought into the main bedroom and a light dinner was prepared and served by the pool. “Buonanotte, signorina.” He retired quickly to the smaller dwelling in the back of the property.
“So, what do you think, sugar?” Steve wrapped his arms around your waist and nuzzled your neck. When he nibbled softly on your ear your whole body flushed.
“This is amazing, honey. You’re so good to me. What could I have done to deserve this?” Your eyes locked both of you grinning like idiots. Bucky looked on feeling hopeful that this trip would make Steve see what he sees. He hoped the man would come to his senses and admit his feelings for you once and for all. Hell for both of you. Kim wasn’t what Steve wanted. He was doing what he thought he should not what really made him happy.
You make him happy. You have no expectations of him. No preconceived notions. He’s just Steve. Your friend. Your lover. The final piece to the puzzle. You didn’t care if he was Captain America. If he retired tomorrow or if he worked until he died you would be proud of him. Steve knew that. You made him feel it every time you hid in the shadows cheering him on.
The three of you ate dinner and talked for the rest of the night. Your head resting on Bucky’s shoulder and your feet on Steve’s lap. Meant to be. That’s what Bucky said in his head. Meant to be.
You went to get ready for bed while the boys unpacked. “Stevie, you look so relaxed. I haven’t seen you clench your jaw all day.”
“I am relaxed. Happy.”
“Happier than when you’re with Kim?”
“I don’t know if I would go that far. I feel like I can be myself with our baby. But I’ll just have to adjust. What is marriage if not compromise?”
“Seems like you’re the only one compromising.”
Steve sighed deeply, “Don’t start.”
“I am gonna start. I’m not going to stop until you admit to yourself that marrying Kim is a mistake.”
“Oh grow up, Buck,”
You floated out of the bathroom rubbing in the last of your lotion. “Boys. Boys! Don’t make mommy get the belt. Let me tuck you in.”
“You’re not sleeping with us?” Bucky pouted.
“Not tonight. Seems like you two need to talk some things out.” You kissed them both on their foreheads and shut off the light. “Buona notte amori”
Steve found Bucky’s hand under the covers and squeezed. “You know you’re the love of my life.”
“Then why are you leaving me?”
“We broke up for a reason. We were too chaotic. It wasn’t working. We were always fighting. We would have killed each other.” Steve curled his body over Bucky’s. “I’d much rather us be friends forever than hate each other.”
“Maybe Y/n is the missing piece. She mellows us out.” The rumble of Steve’s laugh vibrated the muscles in Bucky’s back.
“Maybe, Buck. But I’m taking vows with Kim. I don’t take that lightly, baby. I wouldn’t have proposed if I didn't mean it.”
“You made promises to me long before you chose to make vows to her. This is breaking my heart more than when we broke up. I’m losing you. And don’t say I’m not. We’ll never get this again. I love you both. Mind, body and soul I’m yours. And, whether she’ll ever say it out loud, Y/n feels the same for both of us.”
As Bucky fell asleep in his arms, Steve stared down his future with Kim weighing it with the possibility of a future with the two of you. Nothing would have to change if he stayed in this fucked up little threesome. He knew, without a doubt, he would be loved within an inch of his life. He knew what he felt for Bucky. These last few months getting to know you were bliss. You didn’t take shit from him. You always made sure he was taking care of Kim. You made him laugh and never take life too seriously. But, when he needed a sympathetic ear, yours was always available. You also gave superior advice. Had he met you before he met Kim you would have been endgame for him. He finally fell asleep no less conflicted but giddy at the prospect of seeing you in the morning.
Steve woke up to an empty bed. He checked his phone and saw several missed calls and texts from Kim. He forgot that he told her he was on a mission. Normally he checked in. He thought of not calling but chose to put her out of her misery.
“Stevie! Oh my god! I thought the worst.”
“No reception out here. Sorry, sweetie. Are you having a good weekend?”
“We’re having fun. Of course my sister is being a total bitch…” She rambled on and on while Steve only responded with “uh huh”. He heard music coming from outside and you and Bucky laughing and splashing in the pool.
“Hey listen, sweetie, I have to go. I’ll call you soon, ok? Have fun.”
“Ok, Stevie. I love you.” He hung up before he could say it back.
He looked out over the balcony to see the two of you nude save for your floppy hat. He grabbed a towel and went down.
He stood at the edge of the pool looking like a Greek god. The sun haloed his blonde locks bathing him in a shimmering golden light. “Morning, sugar. There’s breakfast on the table. Can I make you a plate?”
“No, I got it. I would love it if you sat on my lap while I ate.” You sat on his lap keeping him warm inside of your pussy. He fed you sweet peaches licking the juice when it dribbled down your chin. “Do they taste good, honey?”
“Delicious. Jamie went to set up your next surprise. You’re going to love this one.”
He squeezed a little more juice on your nipple and sucked it off. “More surprises? What can possibly be better than what we’re doing right now?” He began to circle your clit with his fingers.
“You’ll see. Fuck that feels good.” He carried you over to the couch and bent you over the back.
“I love your pussy. It’s so tight on my cock. Feels amazing.” He pounded into you. Each drag of his bulbous head dragged over your sweet spot. “I’m close, baby. Can you cum for me?” You moaned in response. He picked up his pace and soon you were both tipping over the edge. Out of breath he rested his head on your back. “I fucking love you.”
You pretended not to hear. It’s not that you didn’t feel some kind of way for both of these boys. You definitely did. You didn’t do love or relationships. “Let’s go before Jamie loses feeling in his extremities.” He was equal parts confused and concerned.
The door opened to a room way back in the house. There was bondage gear all over the place set up like an adult playroom. Bucky was trussed up and lying on the bed waiting for the two of you. “What the fuck? I’ve been up here forever.”
“Sorry, baby. I tripped and fell into Y/n’s pussy. You sure do look beautiful all bound like that.” Steve stroked Bucky’s face and kissed him deeply.
“Help me get him up.” You groaned when you lifted Bucky off the bed to get him to the pommel horse. “Christ, Jamie. You need to lay off the doughnuts.”
“I’m still carrying a little holiday weight. You’re lucky I can’t spank you.”
“Maybe later. Fuck dolls don’t talk.” You took a riding crop from the wall and tapped him on the shoulder. You knelt behind him and licked a long slow stripe over his asshole. He rocked his hips urging you to go faster. “Steve, can you come back here and get this boy's ass lubed up while I get a strap?”
Steve knelt down and spit in Bucky’s puckered hole. He flicked his tongue over his ass and balls until Bucky was a drooling mess. You tossed Steve the lube then stood in front of Bucky with your massive cock hanging from your hips. You lifted his head so his eyes would meet you. “Suck” He took the whole thing down his throat, gagging a little. “Breathe through your nose, sweet boy. Show me how you fuck this sweet boy, Steve.”
Bucky’s heart was pounding out of his chest. When Steve pushed through the rings of tight muscles, they both moaned. You switched on the vibrator attached to your strapon and fucked Bucky’s face in tandem with Steve. Watching them lose themselves in each other was so special. They loved just as hard as they fucked. Steve’s hands roamed Bucky’s body squeezing every ounce of pleasure he could. They knew how the other ticked. What they liked. It was beautiful.
“M’gonna cum, honey. Fill up his tight ass” Bucky hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder. Steve picked up his pace and went completely stiff cumming with a roar. You switched places and lined up the drool soaked cock with his perfect hole. It slid in easily. Bucky tried to rut his hips against the horse to find some relief but couldn’t quite maneuver his hips that way.
“Poor baby. Steve, make Bucky feel good. Suck him off.” You kept fucking him while Steve sucked. Bucky’s eyes started to roll back into his head.
“Harder, Stevie. Feels s’good. Ah.” You hit the exact right spot inside of him causing him to suck in his breath and shoot hot ropes of cum into Steve’s throat. They were both out of breath and fucked out. “Baby doll, did you cum?”
“I don’t think she did, Bucky.” Steve pinned you against the horse and put your leg over his shoulder. He turned the speed up on the vibrator and probed your dripping hole with his tongue. Your knees buckled and the coil in your belly snapped.
You worked quickly to unstrap Bucky and the three of you climbed into bed for a nap. They held you tight as you drifted off. They shared a look and smiled. Your head rested on Steve’s chest. He traced light patterns on your back with his finger tips. “I love her, Buck.”
“I told you.” Bucky’s ear was pressed to your back listening to your soft breathing.
“I said it and she didn’t say it back.”
Bucky chuckled softly, “Know how many times I told her I was head over heels for her? She never says it back. But I know she feels the same way. What does this mean?”
“That I have to have a difficult conversation with my fiance.”
Steve brought your bags down from the bedroom and put them by the front door. You and Bucky were talking in the kitchen. It sounded a little heated. He thought about interrupting but listened first before he barged into the conversation. Your head was tucked under Bucky’s chin while he swayed back and forth dancing you around the kitchen. That’s when Steve noticed you were crying. Bucky shushed you and kissed the top of your head.
“I know you don’t want to leave. We have to go back to the real world. Stevie’s getting married. It’s just gonna be me and you. You’re more than enough for me. Am I enough for you? I love you, baby doll. Tell me you love me.”
“James Buchanan Barnes, you have always been more than enough for me. Now I just have a Steve-shaped hole in my heart. You know how I feel. I care very deeply for you. Love is for suckers and school girls not grown ups.” You sobbed a little more so Bucky held you tighter.
“Well call me lolli and put me in a plaid skirt because I love you. And I know you love me too. What if we went back to Chicago? I say fuck the Avengers and go back to taking jobs at Sister Margaret’s.”
“I can’t ask you to do that.”
He held you out so he could see your face, “You’re not asking. I want to. We can pick up where we left off before I had to bail for Romania.”
“If I remember correctly we were in a pretty bad place when you left.”
“Could we have really handled a baby at that time? I would have hated to have a little one on the run with us. What kind of life would that have been? Let’s move to a sweet little house and have a whole mess of kids.”
That made Steve hurt deep in his chest. To think Bucky had to leave you alone after a loss like that was more than he could handle. The two of you were going to start a family. Have a good life. Seems like you could have that again. He wasn’t sure where he could really fit in. He had a lot of thinking to do on the plane ride home. He cleared his throat. The two of you straightened up.
“You ok, honey?” He wiped tears from your cheeks.
“Never better, sugar. Just not ready to lose you is all”
On the plane you and Bucky slept snuggled up against each other. Steve watched the two of you trying to make a choice. If he chose Kim, life would be simple. Boring but simple. She wanted kids right away. He wanted that so bad. In his mind though, he could only picture you. Your swollen belly carrying his baby. But, looking at the two of you together, he though perhaps he’d make a really good Uncle Steve instead.
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zaddy-cevans · 16 hours ago
Sneaking into the Enemy's Heart
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - Did I just start another fic series🤡🤡... yes, yes I did.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Oral (both M and F receiving), overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, Really Rough sex... like way too rough, blink and you miss it angst, size kink
|| PAIRINGS || Avenger!Steve x Avenger!Reader
3.5k Words
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Steven Grant Rogers. Even thinking of only his name made your blood boil and your eyes turn red with rage. Made your body explode with fire and made your head pound with anger.
This man would be the death of you. You hated him and you were pretty sure he hated you too which was why the both of you were stuck wearing this huge t-shirt labeled, "Our get-along shirt".
Natasha took a step back as she admired you both, she wavered slightly on her cast but nevertheless smiled like a proud mama. "Aweeee, you both are just adorable." "Fuck off." You swore at her and she raised an eyebrow.
"Look, you two need to learn how to get along because of what happened on our last mission. You both remember right? That's how I got this cast and Tony ended up getting 12 stitches."
"12's nothing, he's being a pussy." "Gasp, did the Great Golden Boy of America just swear?" "Did you just say the word 'Gasp' in a sentence?" "You're an idiot." "And you're less than that." "Just you watch, assh-"
"HEY." You both looked up at Natasha with apologetic, doe-like eyes. "Sorry Nat." You mumbled, "Yeah, Sorry." Steve spoke sweetly and you resisted the urge to gag. That man was a devil, not a single sweet bone in his body.
"Now you stay here and get along and I'll be watching you on the monitor. Either get along or get gutted by me like a fish. Understood?" "Fish... Fillet-O-Fish... I want McD's." Natasha sighed at your chaotic train of thought, "Be nice to him for an hour and I'll get you McDonald's."
As she was rounding the corner, you gasped loudly, "An entire hour?" You called after her. You sighed as you tried to turn your body in the opposite direction of Steve.
Meanwhile Natasha walked to the monitors in the monitoring room as she watched the common space's camera feed. "You think they'll last?" Tony asked, he winced as he walked with each step and Natasha smirked. "Trouble walking?" "Trouble staying alive at this point." "Is that a call for help, Stark?" Tony chuckled.
He turned to look at the camera where the two sat silently for now. "Just 59 more minutes... c'mon... you guys can do it." Natasha mumbled to herself under her breath. She was really rooting for them so they wouldn't end up fucking another mission.
Back in the common space, you and Steve were still quiet. Steve turned to look at your side profile. You were really pretty and now that you weren't yelling at him, he could appreciate your beauty. Truth be told, he had liked you the moment you stepped foot into the compound, but he found it easier to tease you.
And because of your past experiences with teasing that Steve wasn't entirely aware of, you'd get irritated. And you're irritation would cause him to get irritated and well... you two would blow up in each other's faces. It didn't matter how both of you wanted to fuck the other so badly, you still maintained your facade of hate.
"Are you wearing perfume?" Steve asked, despite wanting to stay silent so that he could lead the team on strategic positions for their next mission as soon as possible. "What's it to you?" You replied but a faint blush tinted at your cheeks.
"Nothing." Steve smiled. Was she wearing perfume for me? He thought. It was certainly a scent only Steve admired, a spicy floral combination. Ofcourse, if she wore this specific perfume it would have been meant for Steve, surely. Right?
"It's not like you don't wear cologne. Although that does nothing to hide your ugliness." Steve's fantasies came crashing down as he growled at you. "Do you have some sort of problem with me?"
You pointed down at the large shirt you two were sharing, "Thought this was clue enough. So maybe you really are a dumbass." "Oh, fuck you. You're such a bitch, always actin' high and mighty. You haven't even had to make any sacrifices yet, what do you know of how hard this job is and how the real Avengers work everyday to protect the world while we keep falling into a pit of misery and despair."
You fell silent, not because you didn't have a comeback, but because of the words he said to you. "You don't even care. Because you've never had to make a hard choice, right?" "THAT'S IT!"
Tony stood at the door, pinching his upper nose as he tried to lessen his migraine. "You don't know anything about the sacrifices she's had to make Rogers. Nothing." The way Tony said that made Steve realize that he might’ve not known everything about you and he might’ve made a big mistake.
Immediately, he was regretful. Sorrowful. He tried to reach out to you but you pushed his hand away as you ripped off the shirt and made a bee-line to your room. "She sacrificed her mother's life to save mine so that I could save the world. Did you know that?" Steve stilled, he hadn't... he had made a huge mistake.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
The next few days, you didn't dare look over at Steve. Today, you grabbed your overnight duffle and threw it into the quinjet. "Y/N! Hey, Y/N!"
You glared back at Steve, "What do you want asshole?" "About that night..." "I'm over it. I don't get hurt over comments by people that don't mean anything to me..." Steve bit his lip when he heard that. "Yeah, ok. Whatever."
He walked away from you, gloomily as you rolled your eyes and settled into your seat with Nat. "Go easy on him. He's been sulking like a sad puppy since that day." "So. What do I care?" Nat smirked over at you, "I think you care plenty."
You shook your head and focused on drowning everyone out with your music, you hadn't even noticed Steve making his usual rounds to make sure everyone was strapped in right until he noticed you weren't.
He yelled at you, tried to get your attention, but your eyes were closed and your music was simply too loud to hear over. So he sighed and kneeled infront of you as he fastened you. You felt someone's hands dance across your abdomen and you peeked your eyes open to see Steve, really close as he strapped you in.
You hadn't even noticed that you leaned into him until he looked up and your faces were a mere few spaces apart. You blinked as your eyes flitted down to his lips and back up at his pale blue eyes. His gaze traveled down to your lips as well before snapping back up to meet your eyes.
You two snapped out of your daze as Steve tapped at your earbuds. You removed them as you stared at him, "You weren't fastened in. We're leaving in 2 minutes." You nodded, "Thanks." "Yeah."
He left you sitting on that jet, the entire ride there, confused and drowning in your music.
Once you were there, you all got into your positions. "Ready. On my signal." Steve whispered into the comms and you all waited for him. Legs and muscles tensed in anticipation as the time ticked away and seemed like forever before Steve beckoned the words, "Go."
You all sprung into action. You ducked down at the raining gunfire. You got out your katanas and threw them like a boomerang, slicing off feet as you went... not literally... well sometimes.
Everything was going alright until you heard Steve's shout, "Need... some... help!" You couldn't help but run towards him, it was natural, instinctive as you dodged bullets and crushed skulls running to Steve. All you cared about was getting to him.
When you got into the dark room he was in, he had already pushed out all the unconscious men. You pushed them further out into the hallway and went over to check Steve. "You alright?" Your tone was short and clipped. "Sure. Yeah."
Immediately, the door shut close and a strong breeze made you waver on your feet. You looked over at the concrete door and your eyes went wide. "Oh no. Oh no, no, no." You ran over to the door, trying the handle, but it wouldn't budge.
You two were locked... in a room... alone... together... oh no.
You turned to look back at Steve and his eyes grew wide at the realization. "This is bad, really bad." He spoke as he searched for a way out. You snorted, "I won't kill you... just yet. So there's no need to be scared." "Whatever."
You spoke into your comm, "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" No response, just static. You sighed in frustration as you groaned miserably, punching at the door. You turned back to look at Steve, who had a slight blush on his face.
Weird, you thought. You plopped down, your back against the wall as you stared up at a standing Steve. "Sit. We could be here a while." Steve looked over at you and then shrugged, sitting down.
The first few minutes passed by in awkward silence. "I truly am sorry for... that day." But, alas, Steve had to disturb that perfect silence. "Whatever." "Ugh, can you not?" You snorted at Steve, "What? Did Peter teach you that?" Steve rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"I don't know what your problem is with me." You glanced up to see Steve's angry gaze settled on you. "I mean, I try so hard everyday to just tease you and have a good time, but you're always snapping at me and I don't know what I did to deserve this."
You sighed, "Don't be a melodramatic queen." "No, you know what?" Steve ran his hands in his perfect locks, "I'm so tired of fighting with you because all I want is to bend you over and fuck your pretty pussy until that wise mouth of yours only moans my name."
You looked up, utterly shocked. Steve still hadn't noticed what he had said as he paced the room. A smirk found its way to your lips. "What?" You asked and only then did Steve still.
"I-I said nothing." He stuttered, his cheeks brighter red than his shield. You bit your lip, "Do you get hard thinking of everything else I can do with this mouth, Captain?" You approached Steve. He gulped, "M-maybe... I mean, no."
You kissed your teeth as you whipped him around and pushed him back against the wall. He hit the back wall with a thud, a small "oof" escaping his lips. You sneered at him as you leaned in closer to him. "Maybe I should teach you a lesson about not being such an asshole, huh?"
Steve just stared down at you, it was ridiculous. He towered over you, yet you were in control at the moment. Your hands pinned his wrists to the wall as you pressed your body against his.
He gulped as he stared down and saw the hungry look in your eyes. You gave him a bruising kiss. Bruising in the sense that it was exactly that. Your tongue fought with his, your teeth clashing against his, your lips pulling at each other's.
It was pure passion and unadulterated lust. It was simply filled with the sexual frustration of the past 3 years of you two fighting with one another. It was filled with emotion.
You slotted your thigh between his legs as you grinded it up into his cock slightly. Enough to make him feel a sensation but not too much as to accidentally knee him.
He whined in your mouth and you felt a sense of pride. The great Captain America was begging for you. Begging for you to do something to him. You had control over him, but you didn't know yet that you had control over him in every aspect, not just sexually.
Your lips left his as you stared at him, chest heaving and pupils dilated with lust. Both your eyes held endless pools of black, save for the small rings of color around them. "Please." Steve begged breathlessly.
"Please what?" "I've fantasized for this moment my whole life. Please." You leaned in closer to him until your noses met. Your breath fanned over his lips and the sweet smell of it wafted into Steve's nose.
His eyes fluttered shut and you smiled as you kissed his jaw and then licked a stripe up to his cheekbone. He shuddered at the sensation.
"I need you." "You have me." You whispered back and that would probably be the last sweet moment you two had before both of you completely obliterated each other, devoured the other's body.
You couldn't take it anymore. Your hands roamed his body as you pulled him in for another kiss. You could tell he was hesitant to do anything, his body was far too stiff. So you guided his hands towards your aching core.
His fingers delicately ran over the covered body part, yet still you gasped into his mouth.
It had been far too long that either of you had had sex and far too much sexual tension pent up for each other so every touch was like a completely different sensation, heightening your senses so it felt that much better.
Your fingers clawed at his clothes as you took off his uniform. Although it was hard, you managed as he did the same with you. He stared at you in your matching red panties. "You're fucking beautiful."
"Shut up." You mumbled back as you made short work of his boxers and your mouth dropped open at the sight of his girth and length. Steve noticed the subtle clenching of your thighs and he couldn't help but smirk.
He quickly took off your bra, kneading your breasts in his hands and you forgot all about his cock, for the moment. His hot mouth traveled down your body until he was on his knees. The Captain America, the team leader of the Avengers, was on his knees for you.
Although he was so much bigger than you, he was still on his knees for you. You couldn't believe it. His mouth reached the flesh just above your dripping cunt as he stared up at you with an innocent expression.
It took you several minutes to realize that he was waiting for your next orders to him. Holy shit.
"I need to feel your tongue on me. Now." Steve didn't hesitate as his mouth delved in between your thighs. He pushed you back so that your back was supported by the wall and he swung your thighs over his shoulders for better access to your pussy.
His hands held your thighs apart as he shamelessly ate you out. His tongue delved in places that you never thought possible. His nose bumped against your clit in such a way that the bundle of nerves jumped with pleasure each time.
The moans that fell from your parted lips were nothing less of simply pornographic, but Steve loved eliciting those sounds from your mouth.
He looked up at you as he mumbled against your feverish folds, "Moan my name." "Steve." You moaned. "Louder." He commanded and you had all but forgotten that you were supposed to be in charge.
"Steve." You yelled out and that's all you shouted until your throat was dry and your voice was hoarse.
Soon you felt the familiar clenching of your abdomen as your legs trembled and you shot your juices all over Steve's face. He drank everything you poured out like a thirsty man at a fountain.
He simply drowned in your essence and you loved it.
He set your wobbly self back on your feet as he stared down at you with a lust that scared you yet excited you at the same time. "On your knees and start sucking."
Eager to follow his every command, you dropped down on your knees. Yeah... you switched roles often, but it only made sex that more spontaneous and enjoyable.
Your face was aligned with his hardened cock as you gently took it in your hands and slowly ran your hands up and down his long shaft. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? Put your wiseass mouth to use and suck me."
His dominant complex really turned you on as you tried to take him as deep as possible in your mouth. Your saliva dripped down and your jaws hurt with the stretch as you took him into your mouth.
"Fuck. Feels so good baby." You moaned around his cock as you slid your mouth up and down. Steve watched his cock dissappear into your mouth and it just got him off more.
He knew he was close as soon as you started to deepthroat him and you choked around his dick. Your eyes watered and something about ruining you like that simply was enough to make Steve snap.
Before he could, he pulled you off of him. Leaning heavily against the wall as he tried to cool down a little. He wanted to feel himself in you before he came. Watching him thrown into chaos with just your mouth was enough for another power trip.
You grabbed his arms and tried pushing him down, but he was far too big and strong. Steve smirked. His little girl wanted him to lie down and she was having trouble getting him to listen to her.
You glared at him, "On the floor." He gave you a shit-eating grin, "Was that so hard to say." You growled. "Get on the floor or I'll leave you painfully hard." Steve immediately frowned, "M'Sorry."
That was the thing about Steve. He matched with your flips. When you wanted to be dom, he was sub, when you wanted to be sub, he would gladly be dom. It was refreshing to finally have a sexual partner that matched your chaotic energy.
Steve laid down awkwardly on the floor and you snorted at his uncomfort. You approached him and placed your knees on either sides of his hips as you slid your velvety folds against his shaft. Steve let out a cross between a whine and a moan and his sounds only spurred you on more.
"More. Please." You smirked, "You want more?" "Please." Steve whispered breathily and you complied happily as you sunk onto his cock. You slid up and down his shaft slowly as he stretched you in all the right places.
He filled you and reached places you didn't think possible. His bruising grip on your hips was painful but you couldn't focus much on that at the moment.
You threw your head back and closed your eyes, feeling all the pleasurable sensations and letting your body fall into pure ecstasy. You went faster, hands gripping Steve's thighs behind you for leverage.
"You look gorgeous." Steve spoke out. A small blush covered your face and Steve smirked. You looked at him, a frown on your face. "Shut the fuck up." And then you leaned down to kiss the smirk right off his face. God, he infuriated you.
You felt your second orgasm approaching faster. You pried Steve's mouth open as you spat it in. "Swallow." He did and you licked his face, kissing his cheeks as you shook and squirted all over his abdomen.
"Ah, fuck." You whimpered and hid your head in Steve's sweaty chest. He smirked as he flipped you two over and pinned your wrists to either sides of your head.
"We aren't done yet." He rammed into you and you cried out in pain at the sensitivity. But he didn't care, it was rough sex. So you pushed at his hands and he let go of your wrists as you pulled his hair painfully and brought him in to kiss him.
After kissing him and pulling away, you noticed his lips bleeding slightly and bruising. You smiled and leaned in, licking the small amount of blood from his lips.
His blood was sweet and it turned you on. He didn't care if his strokes burned you, his cock slid in and out so fast that you knew it was the effect of the serum.
Your hands gripped his shoulders and your nails raked down his back. He hissed as he felt the cuts and indents from your nails, but that turned him on more.
You two were loving the rough sex and you knew the both of you would be sore in the morning, but you guys could just blame the tough mission.
He went faster and tears escaped from your eyes. Your tears were enough to send Steve over the edge as he painted the insides of your walls white with his sperm and he sucked the tears off your cheeks.
You came shortly after him and the both of you lay in each other's embrace before you heard your comm crackle to life. "Coming... get you... out..."
That's all you heard and the both of you shot up, wearing your clothes. When the team found you guys, you and Steve decided to remain in character, it helped matters that you both were turned on by the fighting. The team found you both yelling in each other's faces.
"C’mon guys. Break it up." Tony sighed. He grabbed your arm, trying to mediate between the both of you. You glanced back and winked at Steve as he gave you a small smirk and then you gave him the finger as he growled at you.
It was much easier to sneak around rather the team knowing. And unbeknownst to the both of you, it was much easier to sneak your way into the Enemy's Heart...
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @bucksfucks @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @babyboibucky
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boxofbonesfic · 17 hours ago
Thristy thots: dark!Steve returning to Brooklyn only to find his girl has moved on. So he has to remind who she belongs to in front of her new man 😏 I dont have the ability to write a good dark Steve so he's just gonna live in my mind for now 😂😂 Happy Sinday!
i… woah. okay
title: memento
rating: explicit
warnings: noncon/dubcon, humiliation, degredation, possessive behavior, obsessive behavior, kidnapping, oh god the dove is dead please don’t eat it
“Remember now, sweetheart?” Steve’s face looms over your own, his eyes boring into you. You can’t look away—your shoulder still bears the mark of your previous infraction, the bite mark red and swollen. The rest of you is also marked with his affections, bruises and handprints around your hips from his roughness. You’re practically sobbing against him, your own fingernails drawing reddened lines down his chest and back. “Oh I think it’s coming back to you, baby.” His mouth is on yours again, hot and hungry as he rolls his hips into yours. You don’t know how there’s room for all of his cock, the heavy weight of it splitting you deliciously in two. You’ve come apart on his cock three times that you can count, two on his fingers, and one in his mouth. You’re exhausted and overstimulated but he’s still going.
“Steve please,” you whine. “I’m—hic—sorry, I’m s-so sorry, I didn’t know you were coming back—told me you were d-dead—” your words are marred by his thrusts, and the feel of him bottoming out inside of you is still making stars burst, searing into your vision. “P-please—” he strokes the sides of your face without missing a beat, his cock still moving steadily in the sloppy, wet mess of your cunt.
“I know, sweetheart. I believe you. I forgive you for that. I know you didn’t know.” he kisses you again. “What I can’t forgive,” he turns your head sharply to face the bound, gagged figure on the chair just next to the bed, “is this. I don’t think you remember whose pussy this is.” Steve punctuates the statement with a thrust that makes your body convulse with pleasure. “Whose it is to give away. But when you remember, doll,” he groans, forcing your gaze back to him. “I’ll forgive you.”
He screams through the gag, but Steve’s done a good job, and you barely hear anything. Maybe he can see your concern, or perhaps he takes pity on Eric, restrained just feet from where Steve is sliding his cock slickly into you, but he chuckles. “And maybe then I’ll let him loose.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 17 hours ago
Baby Girl: Part 14
The Avengers had officially moved out of the city and upstate New York, creating a formal ‘Avengers Compound and Training Facility. A few Avengers retained residency there, but Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Clint Barton were not those who did.
Peter remained in NYC with his aunt; Tony had his place away from the compound to raise his daughter, Morgan, and enjoy married life with Pepper. Clint had his business out west somewhere, or maybe it was Midwest, where he resided, and he wanted to keep it that way.
Sam lived at the compound, Natasha and Wanda lived at the compound, and of course, so did Steve and Bucky.
As the charge nurse overseeing the free clinic in the city, which would now remain a free clinic two days a week to the surrounding areas, you also needed permanent residence.
Only instead of having a place in the nurse’s quarters, you found yourself in Steve and Bucky’s quarters. It made sense, you’d spent most of your time there anyway, but the news that you’d officially moved in with them hadn’t dissuaded the teasing.
“Moving fast, huh?” Natasha cornered you one day after you’d finished your shift. “Moving in, getting a dog, becoming a taken woman.”
“There’s no dog.” You countered, not refusing the claim that you were a ‘taken’ woman or that the relationship was moving fast.
“At least it’s healthy,” Natasha added.
“You’ll be the next to get married and start a family.” Wanda tilted her head and claimed you and Steve and Bucky were the most stable of the couples.
“Marriage, yes. Kids, not for a while. I’m only 21.”
Sam wouldn’t let the two super soldiers live without some comment made about the two of them catering to a ‘cute nurse’ who had them wrapped around your stethoscope. The teasing was lighthearted and made in good nature, but the truth lingering behind it was blinding.
Steve and Bucky represent a healthy relationship, a happy connection between three soulmates, yet it didn’t start like most.
Your relationship was rooted in friendships, which made the shift from company to a physical, emotional connection so easy.
And yet it was like you were still waiting for that other shoe to drop.
** **
You saw him coming down the hall, his brown eyes searching and a frown on his face. You saw him and wished you could duck for cover or eliminate for yourself from the surrounding space. However, he saw you first.
He raised your hand and waved through the glass wall of the clinic, and while he was out of sight, you winced and reached for your phone in your pocket.
You turned your back to the glass and unlocked your phone, immediately going to your text messages, aiming to send Bucky and Steve a quick-fired note to let them know that it was Peter who was approaching you.
You slid your phone back into your pocket just in time for him to slink into the clinic to speak to you. He moved around the nurse’s station to the bed you were fixing, a sheepish look on his face and his hands shoved in his pockets.
“Hi Y/N.” his voice, which had used to be your comfort, was now your anguish. “Happy belated birthday.”
“Peter,” you crossed your arms over your chest and glanced him over, “what are you doing here?”
“Can we talk?” Peter looked hopeful; he looked optimistic about your reaction.
He was delusional.
“You can’t be serious right now.” You stepped away and crossed your arms over your chest. “Now you want to talk? I tried talking to you, Peter, and you called me a liar. You told me I was a manipulator.”
“I know, and I’m sorry but-“ you turned your back and walked away from him toward the nurses station near the front of the clinic.
“No, Peter. There is no ‘but.’ You were an asshole.” He followed you from the bed to the desk, despite you wanting him to be far from you.
“Can you at least let me apologize?” He stood behind you, his eyes boring into your back. “You’ve been avoiding me.”
“Because I wanted to. Because Bucky and Steve told me to.” you rolled your eyes.
“Do you always do what they want?” Peter’s voice deepened.
“Don't fucking start with me!” you raised your voice and turned on your heels toward him. “Don’t you dare start that barrage.”
“I’m taking my break.” You left your stethoscope with the nurse before you continued your path out of the clinic.
You knew he was following you when you heard his sneakers squeaking against the floor. He was following you, giving mild chase in an attempt to speak to you on a matter that you thought had been closed.
By him.
“Y/N, please. I’m trying to apologize.” His long stride was closing the distance between you and him. “Can you stop?”
“No, Peter.” You turned the corner and had gotten halfway down the hallway when he reached out and grabbed your wrist, yanking you into a dead stop.
You whipped around to face Peter, your ex-boyfriend who called you a manipulator, who called you a liar, who cheated on you. You whipped around to meet him, and every transgression came back to the surface. Every minor detail that led to the destruction of your relationship came floating from the depths of Marianas Trench.
“Let go of me!”
“Listen to me!” He yelled, his hand squeezing your wrist. “Please!”
“Peter, let me go.” You tried yanking on your wrist to pull it away. “Peter-“
“I want to apologize, Y/N.” he ignored you; he ignored your protest while keeping his grip on your firm. His brown eyes that were so captivating at one point in your year-long relationship, now seemed as dull as dishwater and triggering.
“Let me go, Peter. Now.”
“You were right, and I want to tell you how sorry I am-“
His hand tightened around your wrist, his ears closed off to your protests of pain. He was going to break your wrist if you didn’t get away from him. You knew it from his brute strength.
“Peter, you’re hurting me.” You grunt, your wrist starting to throb while he was continuing with the rant he found himself on. “Peter, let me go.”
“You’re not listening! Just…please…” He spoke, and you winced at the fire that started rushing to your wrist.
“Peter, it hurts!” Why didn’t he realize what he was doing?
“Y/N, just listen!” He came closer, his hand squeezing your wrist with growing strength the angrier he got until you heard a pop.
“Peter, you’re hurting me!” You shrieked and yanked on your wrist as his eyes widened, and almost like second nature, he squeezed harder.
Your shrieks turned to a scream, a mix of pain and surprise.
And then a solid body was between you and Peter, a mess of brown hair and electric blue eyes that glanced briefly toward you before they had turned away.
“Mr. Barnes-“
“Get your hands off her!” Bucky grabbed the front of Peter’s shirt and threw him to the ground, his vibranium fist digging into his breastbone to keep him on the ground. His eyes were wide with fury; the veins in his neck and bicep were popped while he battled with the urge to punch Peter into the floor.
“I didn’t mean to! I was trying to apologize!”
“Shut the fuck up!” Bucky nailed a hit with his vibranium fist, the blow knocking the wind out of Peter, yet that didn’t feel like it had done you any justice.
“Y/N, honey,” Steve reached for your wrist, turning over your hand to see the damage. “let me see your wrist.”
The bruise was formed, and your hand was swollen. The bruising was near-instant, a testament to the damage he had done.
The black and blue shades creating a sick looking patch on your flesh from the broken blood vessels and the trauma that came from Peter.
“It’s broken.” You mumbled, tears threatening to fall but not yet doing so. “Steve? Its broken?”
You were a mix of facts and questions. You didn’t know what to believe. The pain was sharp and searing.
“I think so, sweetheart.” He cupped your cheeks and brushed some of your tears away.
You couldn’t look at it. You couldn’t look at your own wrist, not for more than a few seconds to see the bruising and the swelling.
“It hurts.” You weren’t able to hold back tears anymore. Not when the pain was throbbing like a hot poker was being dug beneath your skin. You let loose your tears, your bottom lip pressed between your bottom and top teeth, gritting as the radiating pain nearly stole your breath. “It hurts so bad.”
“I know, baby girl.” Steve brushed his hand against your cheek, wishing that he could’ve inflicted that pain on himself to spare you. “I know it hurts. We’re gonna take you to the clinic.”
“Steve…it hurts,” you pressed yourself into his chest when he scooped you from the ground, your voice shaking and constrained from the pain surging to your wrist. “…shit…”
“I know,” he walked with urgency, somehow able to keep you from being jostled, “you’re going to be okay though, sweetheart.”
Your head was tucked between his shoulder and his neck, his arms holding you gently as he walked back toward the clinic. You raised your head and gazed upon Peter being thrown against the wall with Bucky in his face and the animosity that befit the Winter Soldier.
A part of you wanted to tell them all that it was an accident, and yet seeing Peter about to get his ass handed to him, had overruled.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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littlelioncub43 · 18 hours ago
Games and Lectures Pt. 1
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 1.3k
Warning: cheating at Monopoly, implied smut, fluff
Summary: Game night always leads to fun when Steve Rogers is around...Most of the time. 
A/N: This was based on another ask I sent to the lovely @slothspaghettiwrites​ (I sent her a shit load of horny thots, most of which I am rewriting into full drabbles or fics!). I hope you like it, baybeeees! If you have any requests or suggestions, by all means send them in! I wanna hear your beautiful, horny or wholesome ideas. If you’re interested in being added to my tag list, please tell me! I have a lot of ideas and fics in the works. I love you! Kisses
Tumblr media
Game night at the Avengers’ compound was a big deal. Being a part of the Avengers team was stressful; life and death situations, mission after mission, briefings, meetings, and training really takes it out of a person. So the best way for you all to unwind in a wholesome, family-friendly way was boardgames. Yes, it may sound strange: a group of super soldiers, scientists, and spies all playing Monopoly in their pajamas on a Thursday night, but that was your schedule. Thursdays were game nights, Friday was movie night, and Saturday was date night for the few Avengers who actually had dates. 
The current game of Monopoly was just coming to a close, only you and Steve were in the game. The others never seemed to manage their money efficiently, which you’d told them time and time again. Steve was barely holding on, his money stacks looked bald and sparse. It was his turn, and as luck would have it, he landed on Tennessee Avenue; which happened to be the only property you owned with a hotel on it. 
“DAMN IT!” He exclaimed with a grimace, your laughter as the well as the cheers from your friends celebrated your “clean" victory. 
“Better luck next time, kid! Now! Money, please!” you grinned at him with your hand outreached. He shakes his head and reluctantly hands over the rest of his money. 
“Well, as fun as that was, I’m going to hit the hay,” Clint said with a well timed yawn. A chorus of “me too”s fell from the tired lips of the rest of the group.
“Loser has to clean up, Stevie,” you reminded him before he could sneak out.
“So close,” he whispers before turning back with a groan to clean up the living room. “The mess they make,” Steve says with a fond chuckle, the money was all over the coffee table and floor, plates and cups laid here and there, the cushions of the couch pulled out and tossed across the room. 
“It was fun,” you say with a smile, “especially the part where I beat you.” 
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Steve responded playfully, “how do you always win?” 
“Simple: I always cheat,” he nearly breaks his neck whipping his head to stare at you surprised. 
“You cheat?? How?” He’s appalled and you can tell. You roll your eyes, already seeing him plan the lecture he’s about to give you. 
“I take money from the bank,” you say matter-of-factly. You really shouldn’t have told him, but how could you lie to him? His sweet eyes hidden by sweeping lashes always seemed to be your downfall. 
“You take money from the bank,” he repeats, clearly not happy. “So every time you’d won, you have been taking money from the bank?” but it was more of a statement. 
Knowing Steve Rogers, he could lecture you on the immorality and unjustness of your sticky fingers for hours. Which is what he did. It was going on 2 hours when you just couldn’t take it anymore. Both of you were sitting on the couch as he told you how unfair it was, how he could have won, and how he’ll be watching you more closely next week. 
“Stevie, baby, please shut up,” you plead with an exasperated sigh. 
“But you cheated! It’s so unfair if you take–“ he began. 
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up,” you whisper at him, a finger over his lips. 
Agitation growing in his chest, he pushes your hand away. “Oh, make me, doll,” he says with a bite in his tone. 
Another sigh leaves your lips as he begins to speak again, “alright,” you mutter to yourself. 
“I still can’t believe that yo–“ you crawl into his lap, straddling him, your lips press against his to stop him from continuing. He blinks a few times, surprised and unsure if you’re actually in his lap kissing him. When he feels your hand move through his hair to cradle his head, he finally shuts his eyes. 
His hands finding a natural position on your hips and back, pulling you into him. A deep sigh releases from his lungs as he relaxes into the kiss. A smirk forms on your lips when you feel his tongue shyly asking for permission to enter your mouth. You grant him his wish, and deepen the kiss even more with a tilt of your head. Your tongues meet and swirl around together sensually. Raking your hands through his blonde locks pulls a shiver and deep groan from the super soldier beneath you. 
The simple action has his head spinning. What was he complaining about? He can’t remember, it was probably something stupid. All he can think of it the feeling of your plush lips pressed against his, and your soft tongue massaging his own. He clings to you, his strong hands trying to hold you closer than humanly possible. Finally, you pull back to fill your lungs with air. Your foreheads touching softly, his big blue eyes looking at you through his lashes. 
“Now, isn’t that much better, Stevie?” You ask in a hushed whisper. Steve’s grip tightens at the nickname and he swallows the lump in his throat before nodding.
“Ye-yes,” he says in between breaths. His eyes flick between your eyes and your bruised lips before he slowly eases forward, his own smirk forming on his face when he saw your eyes close. You let him take the lead, his dominance surging. You feel a large hand holding the back of your neck to keep you in place with he devours your mouth. It’s your turn to shiver and let out a small moan, your fingers pulling at the collar of the plain black t shirt he wears to bed.
The air seems to have been sucked out of the room, the kiss dizzying as his tongue passionately wrestles with yours. It’s when your playfully nip at his bottom lip that he growls, the noise sending a wave of arousal to the growing wet spot in between your thighs. It’s also then that you feel something hard pushing into your core. Instinctively you roll your hips to grind on him softly. 
“Sweetheart,” he growls again, warning you against moving anymore. He moves down your neck, pressing sloppy, wet kisses to the column of your neck. 
“Stevie,” you moan directly in his ear, and he’s sure he’s never heard anything more angelic in his entire life. He latches on to your throat, sucking a love bite into your tender skin, “Oh, God, Steve!!” you cry out, thighs tightening around his waist. 
“Fuck, come’ere” he grunts before slamming his lips against yours again. His hands grip your ass in a tight grip, leaving bruises in their wake. Lifting you effortlessly into the air, your legs naturally lock around his strong middle and your arms around his neck. 
He stumbles his way to the elevator and presses your back against the wall, grinding his hard cock into your now drenched core. The ride to his floor passes in a blur, and before you know it he tosses you onto his bed. Standing over you, his pretty blue eyes are blown wide, dilated with lust, watching you squirm for him on his bed. Pushing yourself up on your elbows, you subconsciously rub your thighs together at the sight before you: Steve Rogers, lips bruised pink and slick with spit, his normally perfectly brushed hair a tangled mess from your fingers raking through it, chest heaving, and his cock straining against the front of his grey sweatpants. 
“Tell me what you want, Sweetheart,” he whispers, his eyes drinking in your curvy form shamelessly. 
“I want you, Stevie,” you bite your lip and look up at him with doe eyes, “Please?” And it absolutely kills him. He finds his place above you within seconds, pressing his body into yours eagerly. 
“You’ll have all of me, Angel,” he promises with a smirk, “every inch of me.”
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@slothspaghettiwrites​, @aquahogcodes​
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sweetlyscared · 20 hours ago
Heaven Can Wait
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft!Dark! Biker!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 10.5k (sorry!!!)
Summary: Forced to work for the leader of the local motorcycle club, you quickly learned no good deed goes unpunished. Biker AU
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, Minors DNI. Noncon (rape), noncon touching, dubcon touching, smut (praise kink, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, innocence kink), violence (drunk bar fights), angst (trauma, hurt/comfort, loss of virginity, rape recovery), angst with a happy ending, references to alcohol and drunk behavior, implied age gap (reader is in her 20s), Steve being a complete asshole at first.
Note: This is my final submission for @stargazingfangirl18 's 5k Soft Dark Challenge. I posted this idea and she seemed to like it, so now it is a reality! Siri, I hope you like this! Congrats again for the 5k ruin panties! Here's to 5k more!
I used the following prompts: You catch the eye of someone dangerous, “This far out, no one will hear you scream,” praise kink, bad boy kink.
Thank you to @river-soul who gave me the title for this fic!
My Masterlist
Murky grey water stained your fingernails and pooled in the pruney divots of your cramped hands. It had taken a few hours to scrub the layers of grime off the floor, but you were nearly done. Of course, nothing in your life was ever easy. You couldn’t even celebrate something as small as a finished chore when Steve walked down the hall, his mud caked boots ruining hours of work.
“The boys will come by later,” Steve grumbled without even looking at you and slammed the front door behind him.
You have a soft heart, and that’s not always a good thing, your mother once told you when you were a child. A litter of kittens was born near your house, but it appeared they’d been abandoned far too young. With no idea how to care for them, they died, and you spent the afternoon crying in your mother’s arms as she consoled you as best she could.
Her words echoed in your head, and they were never more true.
You held back tears as you tossed the scrubber into the bucket of dirty water and sat down, giving your tired knees a break.
Luck was rarely on your side, much less so when you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time several weeks before.
Housekeeping at a small motel wasn’t the most glamorous job, but it paid well enough to support you while you took online classes at one of the community colleges in the city. The motel was also a ten minute walk from the rundown apartment you shared with a roommate. It wasn’t the best side of town, but you didn’t have a car and the walk wasn’t long. Still, nights were always more tense, and when you heard an anguished groan coming from a drug store parking lot, you regretted not accepting a ride home from the janitor.
Two men were fighting, but it was difficult to see. The only sources of light came from the flickering orange glow of the street lamp and the sickly green light from the store. Still, you could see enough. One of the men was about your age, and despite his smaller stature, you saw him pummel the other man into a bloody mess.
You gasped, and the assailant looked at you with wide eyes. For a man who nearly killed someone else with his bare fists, there was something guileless about him. It threw you off. So much so, you weren’t prepared for the tidal wave of misfortunes headed directly towards you.
The first misfortune was seeing that harmless looking boyish face. Next, when the police arrived, they asked for a statement, which you gave.
It was just dark enough in the parking lot that you didn’t notice the patches that adorned the man’s jacket, or else you would have kept your mouth shut.
When the victim regained consciousness, he pressed charges, and you were asked to testify. You did.
It was the right thing to do.
You didn’t realize you hadn’t just poked the hornet’s nest; you set it on fire.
Peter Parker was the youngest member of the Avengers, a branch of the notorious biker club that ran along these parts.
It was always ambiguous what they did, but it wasn’t on the right side of the law, and people knew to stay out of their business. Regardless, they had money, and their lawyer, Andy Barber, was one of the best. Peter was let go on a technicality and the case never went to trial.
Shortly after the whole ordeal was dismissed, the chaos started.
It was tolerable at first. A random call in the middle of the night, a note left for you at work with a scribbled message telling you to watch out. Other than restless nights, you went by unharmed-- no one had approached you, and no one had hurt those around you.
Things only escalated from there.
The motel you worked at was robbed with a crude ‘A’ carved into the front desk, the Avengers’ calling card. It wasn’t a secret why they were targeting you, so your manager fired you if only to protect himself and his staff.
The police either didn’t know what to do or were paid for their indifference; any attempts at contacting them were met with harrowing silence.
Days were drawn out as you applied for jobs with no success and were running on nearly no energy from stress and lack of sleep.
The vague threats stopped for a week, and you hoped they got bored of terrorizing you.
No such compassion was sent your way.
You came home from a promising job interview, but you didn’t even need to enter the apartment to know whatever game they were playing wasn’t going to stop.
The front door was kicked in, the frame splintered where the latch tore through. Glass from the shattered windows and wood chips littered the floor.
Dread almost made you leave, not wanting to see the inside of the apartment. But you had no choice, and upon walking through the door, you gasped. Bookshelves were upturned, furniture destroyed, personal possessions broken and scattered about.
Your room was in a similar state-- broken picture frames, ripped up clothes and bedding. Luckily, your roommate’s bedroom was unscathed. You were relieved initially, but blanched when the implication sank in.
They knew which room was yours.
“You just had to fucking say something,” your roommate hissed when she came home to red and blue lights bouncing off the apartment complex. She cried when she saw the state of the living room.
“Danielle, I-” you started.
“Save it. Just get the fuck out.”
Not wanting to cause her any more grief, you nodded and left. Staying with anyone you knew would mean risking their safety, and you couldn’t do that. You didn’t have much in your savings, but you sold what little possessions you had left and stayed in a motel on the other side of town.
You prayed they’d lose interest.
A rock was thrown through the motel window, shattering the glass and your hopes for any peace. You woke up with a jolt, ice running through your veins, heart racing.
The rock had a note tied to it.
Scribbled across the folded paper was an address. Your sister’s. She lived in the city-- close enough to harm if they so wished.
Panicked, you ran out of the motel room and winced when you felt a shard of glass embed itself into your foot.
Standing outside was a man, and you realized just how hollow any hope of escape truly was. You never stood a chance.
The blinding light of the motorcycle headlight obscured his features, but you knew who he was.
Steve Rogers, leader of the Avengers.
“What do you want from me,” you asked, voice raspy from the weeks of accumulated anxiety.
“I have a deal for you. You work for me, and we’ll leave that sweet sister of yours alone.”
“And if I don’t accept?”
“She wouldn’t be the first person I killed.”
His eyes were cold, empty.
At least he gave you the illusion of choice. .
You were terrified of him at first, but he largely ignored you as long as you stayed out of his way. It was easy to fall into a predictable, if not lonely routine.
Steve made you his housekeeper and “let” you stay in the small guest room as payment for your work, leaving you entirely financially dependent on him.
His house was old but rather far from the other houses from his street. Prior to you working there, it was a complete mess-- empty liquor bottles and various food wrappers strewn about, scuff marks and dirt caked floors, layers of dust on unused surfaces.
It was a stark contrast to his bedroom, which was remarkably organized-- bed always made, the few mementos he had were always perfectly in place. Even his clothes were neatly folded or hung. You didn’t understand the discrepancy until he and the rest of the Avengers stumbled in, piss drunk after their usual bar closed for the night. They tossed beer cans on the floor, yelled at each other, and moved about with little regard for both the house and for themselves until they passed out and left the next morning or afternoon.
It took you a week alone to get the rest of the house in order, if only because every other day, the core group of his gang would come in to undo a lot of your progress.
And if things got too easy for you, Steve made work for you.
With a heavy sigh, you moved the bucket to the trail of muddy footprints and got started cleaning again.
The air from the dryer enveloped you in comforting warmth as you unloaded the last load of laundry for the evening, looking forward to calling it early for the night. Maybe you’d study for your upcoming literature exam.
Of course, Steve never made things easy for you, and as you were folding the last few shirts, the front door opened with enough force to shake the house.
You inwardly groaned.
It wasn’t too late into the evening, and you only heard one set of footprints, so maybe Steve was alone. You also hadn’t heard his motorcycle or any others, so Sam must’ve dropped him off with his truck. He’d do that occasionally.
You quickly folded the last bit of laundry when he stumbled past you, holding a half empty bottle of whiskey.
You didn’t know if he could make it up the stairs and rushed out to help him, draping one of his heavy arms across your shoulders.
“What are you doing?” He grumbled and shot you a mildly irritated look when he noticed you.
“Helping you up,” you strained when he put more of his weight on you, as if to prove a point. You could barely hear his dark chuckle but you certainly felt the deep vibrations from his chest. He simply moved his arm off your shoulder and continued walking up with relative ease.
“S’not the first time I’ve been drunk, girl.”
Sighing a little, you grabbed the basket of folded laundry, and followed him up. You wanted to put away his clothes and be done with the day.
The bed creaked when Steve sat down to untie his boots. He peered at you curiously when you set the basket on the opposite end. Once his boots were off, you grabbed them and headed towards his closet.
“Left side-”
“Bottom row,” you murmured.
“Observant little thing, aren’t you,” he said after another swig of whiskey.
“You’re just very consistent and organized. At least, in your room,” you froze after saying the last part, unsure whether or not he’d take umbrage with your words.
The laugh that followed was even more unnerving.
“Fair enough,” he said and placed the bottle on the nightstand with a thud. “Got tired of cleaning up after the others.”
“I feel like there were easier ways to hire a maid,” you sighed and retrieved the basket, gauging his response. He only smirked at you, oddly playful, and you wondered if he was always so easy going when he was drunk.
Without another word, Steve began to shed the worn leather jacket followed by the tight white shirt he wore underneath, and you immediately focused your gaze on the floor, missing the amused gleam in his eyes at your apparent bashfulness. You hoped he couldn’t feel the heat that bloomed across your skin at the sliver of his stomach you managed to see before looking away. While you could assume Steve was built based on stature alone, you weren’t prepared to see the cords and bundles of muscles that framed his body.
Slowly, you put his clothes away, trying to ignore him as best you could. He would probably pass out soon and with any luck, he’d forget about the whole interaction.
“Easier, sure, but this is so much more fun,” you heard him whisper in your ear, his hot breath tickling your ear, and you shrieked in surprise.
The house was old and creaky. How a large man like himself managed to walk across the aging wooden floorboards, drunk out of his mind without making a single sound was impressive, though you were too shocked to really dwell on it.
Instinctually, you moved away from the direction of his voice but a strong arm wrapped around your waist and turned you so you could face him. The movement threw you off so you placed your hands on his chest to steady yourself, immediately removing them when you felt taught muscle and coarse hair beneath your palms.
His blue eyes peered at you inquisitive, searching. You felt like you were burning under his gaze.
“You’re a pretty thing, aren’t you,” he nearly whispered as the hand splayed on your lower back wandered to your side where he ran it up your body slowly, just narrowly missing your breast. You could smell the whiskey on his breath which mingled with the scent of leather and wood that always seemed to follow him.
“Steve…” you nearly whimpered.
“You know, when the kid told me some idiot was ballsy enough to press charges and some bigger idiot was even more ballsy to corroborate the story, I was expecting some dumbass suburban soccer mom who didn’t know any better. Woulda been easy enough to scare off,” Steve hummed the last part and his hand rested on your neck, teasing your pulse point with a rough thumb.
“I was surprised to see you at first. Oh so sweet, oh so naive,” he cupped your face where stroked the ball of your cheek with alarming gentleness. “Made sense though. You probably didn’t even know what you were getting into.”
“I didn’t,” you said so softly, as though you were afraid any loud noises would set him off.
He held your gaze a little longer, before laughing a little, the smirk on his lips never quite reaching his eyes. He let you go and returned to his bed where he grabbed his jacket.
“Leave the rest of the laundry here. I can put it away.”
You nodded and quickly left his room.
Things changed slightly from there. While Steve wasn’t necessarily nicer to you, something difficult to gauge to begin with given how little he interacted with you prior, he did stop making messes just for you to clean up. It was a small olive branch, but one that made living with him less hostile. With that, you weren’t as skittish being seen, and you had more time to get to know both him and his friends.
They’d congregate at Steve’s place at all hours of the day or night, watching a football game, shouting over each other, and other drunken nonsense. You mostly stayed away, but one night, Steve asked you to bring him a beer when you walked by to do the laundry, and from there, they often asked you to do the same.
They weren’t awful otherwise. None of them tried to touch you, and some were even polite.
Bucky was Steve’s best friend and practically his brother. He was relatively mild mannered though snippy at times, especially towards Sam, another close friend. Sam was charming and treated you like a person. On a Sunday afternoon, you were removing bottle caps from several beers when he saw you and offered to help.
“Steve’s not that bad, he… he’s been through a lot,” he told you as he gathered a few bottles.
“He threatened to kill my sister,” you murmured.
Sam sighed, “yeah he doesn’t always mean what he says.”
Occasionally, you’d see Thor, a surprisingly boisterous man with a thundering laugh who always thanked you when you’d hand him a cold beer.
Then there was Peter.
You avoided Peter at all costs at first, unsure if he held a grudge. But in time, it seemed like he was by far the most docile out of the group.
“Sorry about… this whole thing. I wanted to drop it but Steve wasn’t having it,” he sheepishly told you when he cornered you one evening.
“Oh, uh, it's okay,” you sputtered out, not trusting him initially.
Over the weeks, he proved himself to be genuine in his original statement, being the only one who went out of his way to keep you company.
“Who are the new guys?” You asked Peter one night. As usual, the main gang stumbled in drunk-- Bucky, Sam, Thor, and Peter. But with them were two faces you hadn’t seen before.
“Rumlow and Rollins,” Peter scoffed. “I’d stay away from those two.”
“They’re not your friends?”
“Nah, they’re from a different club. We’re mostly friendly with one another and our territory overlaps a little so it’s best to keep the peace.”
“What makes them so bad?”
“I just don’t trust ‘em is all,” Peter mumbled.
You weren’t about to argue with him and stayed even more out of the way when they were over, though it was inevitable they’d find you.
“Oh what have we here?” You heard a voice call behind you as you transferred a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. You jumped a little at the sudden sound and looked over your shoulder where Rumlow leaned against the doorframe. “You must be the help Steve mentioned a while back,” he mused.
He took a step forward and you took one back, trying to keep as much distance between you as was possible. Unfortunately, the laundry room was little more than a storage closet and your back hit the wall, coaxing a small whimper out of you. You didn’t fail to notice how the sound seemed to light up his eyes in viscous curiosity.
“I gotta say, I wasn't expecting you to be so… cute.” He did little to hide the contempt in his voice.
He made no effort to hide how he purposefully dragged his eyes over your body. You wore practical clothes-- leggings and loose shirts or sweaters. It didn’t seem to stop him from appreciating what he could see anyway.
“Gotta hand it to you, it was kinda brave to stand up against one of Steve’s,” Rumlow continued to get closer.
“She didn’t know who we were.” You heard Peter and sighed with relief. Rumlow turned around. “Come on, leave her alone, she’s just trying to work.”
“You sweet on her?” Rumlow smirked.
“I just don’t get off scaring girls,” Peter stood his ground but you could see the worried glint in his expression.
Peter was strong. Far stronger than he looked, but Rumlow was seasoned and nearly twice as big.
“Come on, we’re just having fun, right girlie?” Rumlow looked back at you, daring you to object.
“Yeah, it’s okay Peter,” you pleaded quietly, not wanting things to get out of hand.
Rumlow nodded and left the small room, bumping into Peter’s shoulder as he walked past him.
“I hate that man,” Peter mumbled once he was clear. He got closer to make sure you were okay. “He hurt you at all?”
“No, I’m fine,” you assured with a small smile. “Thank you.”
It was a tender moment, something you hadn’t experienced in awhile.
“What’s going on here?”
You heard Steve and your eyes snapped to where he was standing in the hallway.
“Rumlow was being a dick,” Peter said and walked out of the laundry room. “She’s fine though.”
You watched Peter disappear, leaving you with Steve. The look he gave you was difficult to read. His brows were furrowed slightly. While he didn’t look angry, he still looked bothered.
“Is there something wrong?” You asked.
He shook his head, face relaxing into something neutral.
“No, it’s fine,” he sighed and left you alone with your racing thoughts.
Steve was in the garage, working on his bike, which gave you time to clean his room. It was almost always immaculately clean, but you still liked to give it a dust over. Gingerly, you brushed the duster over the various surfaces in his room. It was easy since he had so few mementos on display. The only notable thing was a picture frame that was always face down.
You shouldn’t have looked, but curiosity got the best of you and you lifted it up. A photo of a beautiful woman stared back at you. Her eyes were serious but kind, and she carried herself with a measure of confidence, as though she could command a room the moment she walked in.
“Didn’t anyone tell you it’s not polite to snoop around?”
You jumped a little. You figured you’d be able to hear Steve in time to put the photo back, but you could never underestimate how quiet he could be when he tried.
“I’m so sorry,” you quickly put the frame down, making sure to handle it with care. “I was just curious, but that’s no excuse and-”
“Relax, sweetheart,” you heard Steve as he neared you.
You couldn’t relax, not when you still didn’t trust him, and you quickly gathered the duster to leave when he stopped you with a heavy hand on your shoulder.
“Do you drink at all?” He asked.
You looked at him, confused.
“I… not really,” you said.
“Have a glass with me.” He walked out of the room and nodded towards the door for you to follow him.
Frozen in fear, you weren’t sure if this was some ploy. He glanced at you when he saw you hadn’t moved and chuckled slightly.
“I swear, I’m not gonna hurt you.”
You followed him to the living room where he poured some amber liquid into a glass and handed it to you before pouring himself significantly more.
You did.
“So obedient,” he smirked, almost in something akin to appreciation.
“Is there something wrong?” You asked, trying and failing to sound confident. You only grew more panicked when he sat next to you, the outside of his thighs pressing against yours.
“You really are a skittish little thing,” he mused as he brought the glass to his lips. “Drink.”
You remained quiet, not sure how to react, so you took a sip from your cup. You winced as the liquor burned your throat. Wanting to get away sooner, you downed the entire thing with a wince.
“The boys think I’m going too hard on you,” Steve mumbled after swallowing a good swig of whiskey. “Peter especially, but the kid’s got a soft heart.”
“He doesn’t seem like he’d be in this world,” you said, starting to feel lightheaded.
“And what world does he fit into?”
“Something nicer.”
Steve didn’t respond and you were afraid you upset him. Before you could look over, you felt calloused knuckles brush your cheek and you jumped a little.
“So sweet,” Steve murmured.
Heat bloomed under the skin on your face at the comment.
“Would you have really killed my sister if I didn’t come with you?” You sputtered out, wanting the silence to end. Perhaps that was the wrong question to ask, but it had been weighing on your mind since your small conversation with Sam. The liquor wasn’t helping you make better choices, either.
Steve smirked a little, lazy, amused.
“So were you lying about killing anyone?”
Steve sighed and poured himself more whiskey before grabbing your glass and giving you a little as well.
“No, I’ve done that,” his voice was low, quiet. “Did a couple tours overseas,” he said. “Former military. Army.”
Steve’s not that bad, he’s been through a lot, Sam’s words echoed through your head.
“I’m sorry,” you said quietly.
“It’s where Bucky and I met Sam, so it wasn’t completely bad.”
“You knew Bucky before?”
“I've known him since we were kids.”
You nodded but didn’t say anything else. You wanted to ask about the woman in the picture, but given you’d never seen her around, you had to assume something bad happened.
“Peggy,” he said as if reading your mind.
“The photo. Her name is Peggy. She was my fiance.”
You could hear the longing in his voice and the pain woven through it.
“What happened?” You asked. “You don’t have to say, not if you don’t want to,” you quickly added on.
He glanced at you, his eyes soft. You weren’t used to seeing him so vulnerable. It made the rough outlines of his face disappear, and he looked wildly different, younger almost.
“Got shipped overseas. Saw things no one should have to see, did things no one should have to do. I came back and I wasn’t the same,” he sighed. “I got angry a lot, didn’t want to get help for it, drank myself away.”
As if to prove a point, Steve finished his glass and grabbed yours, which had remained untouched since he poured you another drink. He drank that too. He placed both glasses on the coffee table.
“If you think I drink a lot now, I cut back considerably. Didn’t do that until after she left though. She couldn’t take it anymore. Couldn’t watch me destroy myself.”
“Is there any way you could rekindle things?” You asked.
“No. She’s moved on. Has a nice little family now. I’d be an ass if I came in and ruined all that. ‘Sides, I’m not much better than I was before.”
“I’m sorry,” you offered after a small pause.
“It’s not your fault,” he mused. “But thanks for sharing a drink with me.”
He left the glasses on the coffee table and walked upstairs to his bedroom.
After that night, Steve seemed to teeter on the edge of being kind and cold.
There were soft moments, where he’d help you fold laundry or dry dishes as you washed them, asking you questions about yourself-- what was your childhood like, do you have any dreams about where you’d like to go in life, what sort of music you liked.
“You wanted to be a dentist?” He nearly laughed, leaning against the counter as you wiped it down. “What kind of kid wants to be a dentist?”
“I dunno, I always liked teeth, I guess,” you shrugged.
He shot you a perplexed look before shaking his head in amused disbelief.
“What changed your mind?”
“I hate spit,” you smiled.
“Yeah, I guess that would be a complication there.”
Comfortable silence filled the space, something you appreciated about him. If he had nothing to say, he didn’t try to make noise for the sake of it.
“What about you?” You inquired. “What did you want to be when you were a kid.”
“A soldier,” he said with no hesitation, but there was a hint of something melancholic in his voice.
“Oh.” You knew how that story ended. “Did you want to do anything after?”
He thought for a moment.
“I don’t know,” he said but you weren’t convinced. You didn’t pressure him, though, and just enjoyed the silent understanding between you two.
In time, you realized he longed for a life where he could just settle down, but his self-destructive tendencies would never allow it.
You used to avoid him when he came home from doing God knows what, but after seeing him wash a rather deep cut in the kitchen sink, you helped patch him up. Afterwards, he’d ask for your help if he saw you, but never bothered you if you weren’t around.
So you began to greet him when he came home.
There was something oddly domestic about the whole arrangement.
He touched you more, too. At first, it was a hand on your shoulder as he passed by, cupping your face as you tended to his wounds. But when he was drunk, he’d occasionally press you against the wall, his hands on your hips, his lips ghosting over yours, tempted but never indulging himself.
Rounded eyes would trace his features, and you could hear the low growl rumbling from his chest as he did the same. If he wanted to do more, you would have let him. He never did.
But then there was the coldness.
You never knew what sparked his moods and compelled him to be so distant, but there were days where he wanted nothing to do with you. He’d ignore you when you’d ask about his day, dismiss you if you tried to help him.
In time, you learned how to navigate him, though the constant changes kept you on edge. Still, he planted a seed of longing within you in the way he’d look at you, like you were something precious to him. It made you feel wanted.
Part of you knew it was foolish to believe Steve would ever want you beyond curious lust. You were never more convinced than when you heard the loud bang of his motorcycle falling onto the dirt driveway.
The noise brought you to the living room, where you saw him as he stumbled onto the couch. Even drunk and swaying, he still managed to look intimidating.
He'd come home tipsy many times, but never as drunk as he was, and he’d never driven himself home-- Sam or Bucky usually gave him a ride those nights.
But you knew what today was. It was the anniversary of the day he and Peggy got engaged.
He hardly acknowledged you as you began to assess any damage, prodding at his body to feel for tender spots. How he’d managed to ride a motorcycle home without hurting himself or others was beyond you.
“Steve, you can’t drive while drunk,” you sighed when you found he was unscathed.
“Why do you care?” He murmured, whiskey heavy eyes lazily looking at you.
“Because I do, and this isn’t good for you. Or anyone.”
“You know all about good, don’t you?”
Ignoring his comment, you went to unlace his boots, if only to make him more comfortable.
“So good,” he nealy slurred. “Too good for me.”
All too suddenly, Steve grabbed you and pulled you into his lap where your knees were planted on both sides of his hips.
“Steve-” you squeaked when you felt his lips press against yours.
“Fuck, you don’t even know what those doe eyes do to me,” he growled.
You couldn’t stifle a sweet gasp when his hands roamed your body with near hungry desire.
“Bet you never even fucked a man before,” he cupped a breast and your breath hitched. You shook your head and tried to push at his chest.
One of his hands lowered until it brushed against your core, and you let out a strangled moan.
“I don’t know why that does it for me,” he murmured as he continued to stroke you through your leggings. “Never really cared for the innocent ones. Peggy was commanding, could silence a whole room with a single look. I bet you couldn’t even flag down a waiter.”
Pressure boiled in your core, and you stopped trying to push him away when it became apparent he wasn’t going to let you go. Slowly, you started rocking your hips into his hand.
When he noticed you were responding, he moved his other hand under your shirt where he cupped your breast, rolling a nipple between his fingers. You gasped and looked at him. His eyes were closed, concentrated as he brought you closer to release.
A soft moan escaped your lips, and his eyes snapped open, bloodshot and focused on your lust blown gaze.
His hands stopped moving.
You made a sound, mourning the loss of pleasure, and he pulled away, all but shoving you out of his lap. With a thud, you stumbled onto the floor where you pushed yourself back, further from him, trembling.
“Fuck,” he hissed.
He studied you, a storm in his eyes, and you weren’t quite sure what he was thinking.
“You’re not Peggy. Didn’t know why I thought I could replace her with someone so weak.”
You were stunned at how quickly he’d changed. Tears began to well in your eyes but you were too overwhelmed to get up.
Steve paused for a moment, something flashing in his eyes, before cursing under his breath.
“It ain’t happening again, sorry,” he grumbled and walked away.
As soon as you heard his door slam shut, you ran to your room and sank to the floor.
Steve didn’t talk to you after that. It felt like the first couple weeks you started living there, a complete stranger.
The silence was unnerving, and you weren’t sure if he felt uncomfortable because of that night. Wanting to get closure, you approached him as he worked on his bike in the garage. You hoped whatever anger he might have felt was gone, and the man you’d come to know over the weeks would return.
“Steve?” You called out.
He ignored you.
“I just wanted to clear the air about what happened.”
You heard him sigh and he tossed his wrench onto his workbench with a loud clunk.
“Nothing happened,” he nearly sneered at you.
While he could be dismissive before, he was never quite mean about it. The vitriol in his voice had you backing away.
“I haven’t been laid in awhile and you felt easy.”
Your heart dropped, heavy at his confession.
“You were always playing house with me, hovering over me like a puppy. Figured I could fuck you and get it out of my system,” he said while he grabbed a greasy towel and wiped his hands before tossing it at you where you fumbled catching it.
He didn’t look at you when he took a drink from his water bottle.
“I have work to do,” he picked up the wrench.
You stayed away from him after that.
A few weeks passed without so much a word from Steve.
Peter noticed the tension. You were sure they all did, given you stayed in your room when they were over.
“Is everything okay?” Peter asked you one day when he managed to see you.
You nodded, but it was apparent he wasn’t convinced. He didn’t press you, though.
Steve was out for the night. Based on his mood earlier, you knew he likely wouldn’t be back until the next morning, if not afternoon. You didn’t mind, though. You quite liked having the house to yourself where you didn’t feel his heavy presence looming over you. It gave you time to think and study in peace.
You were deep into making flashcards for your Anthropology class when you heard a noise coming from the garage.
With a sigh, you tossed the index cards onto your bed and went downstairs.
While you knew any kindness or compassion was wasted on him, you still felt compelled to help him when he was lost in a drunken haze. Perhaps that made you a fool. Or perhaps you felt you could bring back the best in him, which definitely made you a fool.
Knowing it was a bad idea, you still wandered to the garage and sighed as you opened the door.
A figure was shuffling around, oblivious to you.
“Steve?” You called.
He turned around and you felt the hairs on your arms and neck raise.
Rumlow stared back at you, viscous gleam in his eyes.
“Oh what do we have here?” He smirked and slowly walked towards you. “Haven’t you heard? Curiosity killed the cat.”
You backed up inside the house and tried to close the door but he wedged himself in the frame before you could.
With too much ease, he shoved you to the floor where you pushed yourself back before trying to run to the front door.
He was on you before you could get into the living room.
“What do you want?” You whimpered when you felt him put more of his weight on you, pressing you into the discolored linoleum kitchen floor.
“I was just gonna steal some cash from the stash Rogers keeps back there. Didn’t think you were home,” he said as he grabbed your wrists, stopping you from trying to push him off. “But now that you’ve seen me…”
“I won’t say anything, just please let me go,” you pleaded.
“Oh kitten, I know you won’t talk,” he hummed before he ripped your shirt down the middle. “Because if you do, I’ll come find you.”
You began to wiggle out of his hold, your breathing hitched, but he had you pinned under him.
“And when I find you, you’ll think back to this moment and realize I was going easy on you.”
You released a high pitched wail as loud as you could muster when he ripped your leggings off.
“Make all the noise you want, kitten. This far out, no one will hear you scream.”
Runlow left a few hours ago but you couldn’t peel yourself off the floor. Your gaze was trained on the ceiling above, imagining shapes in the aged paint.
Steve could’ve come back at any moment, and you didn’t want him to find you. With the rest of your strength, you pulled yourself up, wincing at the pain in your limbs and core and trying not to gag at the sticky feeling between your thighs. You limped to the bathroom where you removed your shredded clothes.
Your skin was already starting to discolor, and there were dark splotches along your neck where Rumlow sucked a few bruises and even bit you in several places, some of which drew blood. Your lip was split and you saw the start of what would be a bruised cheekbone.
You didn’t remember the shower, only that you took one until the water ran cold.
You didn’t remember getting into bed either, only that you gathered your tattered clothes and put them in a plastic bag to take to the garbage.
Sleep never came to you that night. You found yourself staring at the window as the dark blue sky eventually turned a deep shade of purple, and then pink.
The nearest drugstore was about a thirty minute walk. You knew it opened early, and you needed Plan B.
So you pulled on fresh clothes-- long sleeves to hide the bruises on your arms, and a scarf to hide your neck. Luckily, it was late autumn, and it wouldn’t look suspicious to be so covered.
You felt a rusted, sardonic laugh bubble from inside you, hoarse from all the screaming. All of this, because you wanted to do the right thing.
The drugstore was the one you witnessed Peter damn near kill another man. You stood in the same place you stood that night, but everything looked different now that your perspective changed.
Peter was a friend now, someone good you could trust. Standing in the very lot that landed you in your predicament, you couldn’t help but wonder if he was actually good, or if he appeared good because the company he kept was worse.
A single lit candle looks like the sun when darkness was all that was known before.
It did little to dwell on it. It did little to dwell on anything.
The house was empty when you came back, but that was for the best.
You took the first dose of the contraceptive, and crawled back into bed.
Steve didn’t notice anything out of place when he came home. Despite it being close to noon, he didn’t see you around, but why would he? He made damn sure you’d avoid him.
He never intended to get close to you, never intended to act on any of the things he felt. He couldn’t stop himself though. Your eyes beckoned him in closer with the docile glow that seemed to radiate from you, like a moth to a flame. You emitted warmth, light, and goodness. The dark in him wanted you, and he wasn’t sure if it was because he wanted to bask in your light or snuff it out.
What scared him most was that you wanted him back.
So he stayed away.
But in your naivety, you sought him out and he indulged himself from time to time.
It wasn’t until he nearly fucked you on the couch that he realized he needed to stop. You deserved better, far better than he could ever give you, and he wanted you to see that.
So it wasn’t unusual for you to keep your distance.
But when he didn’t see or hear from you in a few days, he became concerned.
Knocking on your door woke you up.
“It’s me,” you heard Peter call.
Or course. Steve wouldn’t care to look for you.
“It’s open,” you said.
Peter walked into the room, but you remained on your bed, turned away from him, knowing the bruise on your cheek and your scabbed lip would cause suspicion.
“Uh, hey. I haven’t seen you around. No one has. You okay?” He asked, cautious in his delivery.
“Yeah, I’m just tired, that's all.”
The desk creaked, and you assumed he leaned against it.
“You can talk to me, you know,” he encouraged.
“I know, I’m just tired though,” you repeated.
You heard Peter grunt softly and he breathed out, ready to leave when you heard him kick something, which toppled over.
“Shit, sorry, I-” When you didn’t hear anything else, you turned and looked.
The small trash bin was on its side, some of its contents spilling onto the floor, one of which was the box of Plan B you had yet to throw away. You hadn’t left your room enough to get to it.
Peter stared at the box, brows furrowed, before he glanced at you. His eyes widened when he saw your face and neck.
“Oh God, what happened?” Peter gasped before ticking his jaw. “Did Steve do that?”
“No!” You said emphatically. “I’m fine… just…”
You tried to hold back the tears but couldn’t.
“Hey, hey hey,” he nearly cooed as he walked towards you but you flinched away and he stopped. “Please, tell me who did that to you?”
You swallowed, but it did nothing for the lump in your throat.
“Rumlow… nearly a week ago,” you whispered.
You glanced at Peter, and the sweet boyish face you’d come to know was replaced with something harsh in his fury. There, that was the man you saw in the parking lot so long ago.
“We gotta tell Steve,” his voice was low, guttural.
“No!” You nearly shouted. “Please don’t tell. I don’t want anyone knowing, just… let it go, please.”
When he didn’t respond, you felt tears stream down your face.
“Please,” you begged.
His face softened at your weeping form, and with no idea how to handle the situation, he reluctantly nodded.
Steve and the others were at their usual bar. The place was on the busier side, the regulars scattered about. The occasional clang of pool balls hitting each other rang out, adding to the noise of shouting matches and raucous laughter.
It wasn’t uncommon to see members of different clubs there, some friendly, some not. It was an unspoken rule that the bar was neutral ground, so most kept to themselves or played nice.
So when Steve saw Rumlow approach them, he thought nothing of it.
He didn’t notice the way Peter nearly raised his hackles at the other man.
“Slow night?” Rumlow asked with a lazy smirk.
“Just relaxing,” Bucky said and gulped down his beer.
“Right right,” the other man dismissed. “Say, you gonna watch the game this Sunday?”
No one particularly liked having Rumlow around, but it was beneficial for them to stay friendly, even if it meant putting up with him.
“Yeah, might have some of the boys over,” Steve sighed.
“Kinda miss that cute little maid of yours,” Rumlow chuckled and Steve didn’t like the way he referred to you. There was something sinister in the way he licked his lips.
He was willing to let it go, but Peter nearly launched himself at the older man, landing a hard punch to the jaw.
“Woah what the fuck?” Bucky immediately got up and pulled him away.
“What the hell, Parker?” Rumlow spat as he rubbed his jaw.
The bar went silent.
“Y’all know the rules, if you’re gonna fight, take it outside,” the bartender yelled.
“Get your toddler under control,” Rumlow sneered at Steve before heading outside. “Or meet me outside, and we can settle this like men.”
Steve pulled Peter away from the group.
“Kid, what the fuck?” He scolded.
“Nothing, just… fuck that guy,” Peter grumbled.
“Come on, man, what’s going on? You can’t just attack him. None of us like him, but you know the rules.”
Peter gritted his teeth and nodded.
“What’s with the attitude?” Steve sighed before saying your name. He saw Peter’s expression change slightly, from unbridled rage to something softer. “This about her?”
Peter opened his mouth to say something but didn’t.
“Look, I figured you were sweet on her, but you can’t attack people who talk about her,” Steve sighed.
The younger man snapped his head towards him.
“It’s not that at all.”
“Then what is it?”
Steve saw the conflict wash over his face before he shook his head, regret flickering through his features.
“Rumlow raped her,” Peter admitted, his voice barely above a whisper.
Steve’s heart nearly stopped.
“A couple weeks ago. Found some Plan B in her trashcan. It’s why she hasn’t been around much. She asked me not to tell anyone, but that smug motherfucker brought her up-”
Steve walked away before he could finish.
Rumlow was in the parking lot, cursing at Rollins and a few of his men.
“You put that kid in time out?” Rumlow shouted when he noticed the blonde stalking his way. His eyes widened slightly when he realized Steve’s pace never let up.
Without missing a beat, Steve’s fist collided with Rumlow’s cheek, sending him to the ground.
Steve didn’t hold back as he wailed on him, feeling his knuckles split open from pounding against the other man’s teeth. It did little to slow him down.
“Hey hey,” Sam and Bucky went to pull Steve off but he snapped his head towards them before they could get near.
“Stay the fuck away,” he roared.
Before anyone could stop him, he got off of Rumlow and dragged him further away. Vaguely, Steve heard more arguing and punching, his men and Rumlow’s likely fighting each other off.
“You raped her?” Steve hissed so no one else could hear.
Rumlow smirked, stretching the torn patches of skin on his lips, bloodied saliva coating his teeth red.
“So the little bitch told you after all?” He taunted. “Tight little pussy, that one has.”
Steve punched him, but Rumlow clumsily dodged.
“She cried so sweetly the entire time,” he continued, and Steve swung again, which Runlow barely stepped out of the way. “Didn’t stop her from moaning like a slut when she came, though.”
He was tackled to the ground immediately after, where Steve didn’t hold back the barrage of punches against his face and chest.
He wanted to kill Rumlow and would have if the red and blue glow of impending police cruisers didn’t stop him. By the time Steve pulled away, Rumlow was unconscious, his face barely recognizable.
Steve still felt raw anger pulsating through him when he came home. Knowing what had happened under his roof while he was nowhere around to stop it had him hating himself as much as he did Rumlow.
“Fuck,” he yelled and hit the kitchen table hard enough to splinter some of the wood. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey, but before he could take a swig, he threw it against a wall where it shattered, trails of liquor running down the discolored wallpaper.
“Steve?” He heard you call out.
The noise had tipped you off, and you were terrified, unsure if Rumlow had come back. But then you heard Steve yell.
You were never more relieved to see him, though you still weren’t sure what state of mind he was in.
He looked at you, and the rage immediately disappeared as he took in your frightened expression.
“You’re hurt,” you said.
Steve’s knuckles were cut open and bleeding, as was his lip.
You grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink and approached him wearily, unsure if he’d let you near him. He did, and you gestured for him to sit down at the table.
After everything he did and said to you, you still wanted to help him. His heart felt heavy.
No words were exchanged as you cleaned his hands. He was eerily calm, not even flinching when you dabbed an alcohol soaked cotton ball on his knuckles.
You never asked how he got injured, not after he refused to answer you the dozens of times you asked before.
“Peter told me about Rumlow,” Steve muttered, breaking the silence.
You felt panic rising in your chest, and you stared at a stain on the table. You were about to get up and return to your room, where you felt at least a little safe, but Steve’s voice took you out of your thoughts.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Steve asked, nearly begging.
“I don’t know,” you breathed, still avoiding his gaze.
You felt his fingers gently push your chin up so you could look him in the eye. He looked at you so delicately, silently urging you to tell him the truth.
“I… I didn’t think you’d care,” you said after a small pause, your eyes looking off to the side as you tried to blink away tears.
Steve dropped his hand and you lowered your head and peered at him through the veil of your eyelashes.
A mixture of horror and remorse was etched into his features, from his furrowed brows to his slightly agape mouth. He ran a hand over his face and across his beard before shaking his head and standing up.
“Steve, where are you going?” You asked, panicked.
“Finishing what I started,” he said as he headed towards the front door.
You rushed after him frantically. Your legs felt like they were weighed down with ice, but you stumbled towards him with all your energy.
“No, no, please!” You called and it seemed to fall upon deaf ears. It wasn’t until you grabbed his arm that he stopped and turned towards you. “I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of me.”
“No one’s getting hurt because of you, they’re getting hurt because of what he did,” he growled and nearly had the door open.
“Please, just… stay here,” you begged.
His eyes softened as they roamed over your form.
“I don’t like being here alone,” you choked out.
Steve felt a lump in his throat at your confession.
Of course you didn’t like being at his house alone. No one was there to protect you.
The dam you built over the weeks to hold back all you felt broke. The emotional toll came down on you, a deluge of grief. Feelings you couldn’t process finally came out as you looked down and began to cry.
You shuddered a little when you felt Steve wrap his arms around you, but felt him relax when you melted into his embrace.
“I’ll stay,” his voice was tender, soft.
You sat next to him on the couch, and he didn’t ask you any questions, just reminded you of his presence by occasionally stroking your arm or urging you to rest your head against his shoulder.
“I was wrong,” he said.
“When I called you weak. You’re not.”
You felt the sting of fresh tears pricking the corners of your swollen eyes.
“Compassion takes a lot of strength,” he said. “More than people like me ever give credit for.”
Things were a bit awkward at first-- Steve wasn’t sure how to navigate around you, but in time, he found you just wanted to be treated like before.
No one talked about Rumlow. You didn’t know where he was, only that Steve assured you he’d never hurt you again. It was a good enough answer for you.
He was home more often, too, rarely keeping you alone unless he had to leave. Even then, he asked Peter to come over and keep you company.
Steve was kinder with you, much like how he was when he wanted to be sweet. The soft gazes he used to give you returned, far more delicate this time around, and it made your heart flutter. You weren’t sure how to handle it.
With every every airy beat was a cold aftershock.
In time, however, you began to open up to him. While you never went into detail about that night, you told him what had happened, and you could see the array of anger and guilt flash across his features as you spoke.
Shortly after, Steve told you he found a different house and he was moving. He never gave you permission to leave his service, so you assumed your arrangement would remain the same.
“How have things been?” Peter asked when he saw you taping closed a box of newspaper wrapped plates.
“Just a lot of packing,” you answered.
“Do you like the new house?”
You thought about it for a moment. It was definitely not what you expected Steve to get, but that didn’t mean it was bad. You liked it.
“It’s nice. A lot more modern than this one. It’s closer to other people, though, so I was a little surprised Steve picked it.”
“You know why, right?”
You furrowed your brows.
“No, but he never really seemed to like this one.”
“He didn’t want you staying here because...”
Your breath hitched.
“Oh, I… I’m sure that’s not why,” you sputtered. “I feel like he wouldn’t keep me around as a maid if that’s all it was.”
Peter smiled at you, knowing but warm.
“He loves you, you know.”
“What?” You squeaked.
“I don’t know if it’s love yet, but it could be. But I know he cares about you a lot.”
“I- Peter, I don’t think that’s it.”
He didn’t say anything else, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable.
Over the next few days, you thought about what he said. It made your heart race, but you weren’t sure if it was fear or desire. Perhaps a mixture of both.
The new house was about the same size as the last one, but didn’t creak nearly as much. Steve pointed you towards one of the guest rooms and said you could stay there. Though you had few possessions left, you still wanted to unpack and get settled, exhausted from the move.
But before you could open a box, Steve stopped by.
“You don’t have to stay here,” he said.
When you didn’t respond, he continued.
“If you want to leave, you can.”
He didn’t say anything else before he walked off, leaving you with a choice, the first real one you had in a very long time.
Nightfall came and you couldn’t sleep, the possibilities running through your head.
Freedom was so close, but what did that even mean anymore? The world you knew was gone. It changed, because you changed, and you didn’t know if you wanted to be back in it.
So you had to make a choice, and with all the confidence you had left, you got up.
With delicate care, you opened the door so the hinges wouldn’t squeak. Your footsteps were quiet as you made your way across the room. Steve's light snores let you know he was still sleeping, so you gently brushed a hand across his face.
His eyes snapped open and immediately focused on you.
"Is something wrong?" He asked, confusion lacing his sleep heavy voice, before sitting up. The thin bed sheet pooled at his hips, exposing his muscular chest. You could practically feel the heat rolling off of him.
You hesitated, unsure how to move forward without making him uncomfortable, but you thought about what Peter said and remembered the way Steve would look at you.
Slowly, you crawled onto the bed where you straddled his knees, keeping a little distance between you two.
Steve's breath hitched, and he moved his hands up before letting them fall back into his sides.
Trembling slightly, you cupped his face and felt your heart flutter at the soft sigh he released as he closed his eyes. Your thumb ran over his lip and you felt him run his fingers along your knee.
You leaned forward slowly and paused to give him a moment to back away if he wanted to. He didn't and instead closed the gap where his chapped lips brushed against your soft ones.
He kissed you with a measured, delicate touch, like he was afraid you'd run away.
When you pulled away, you saw the storm in his blue eyes, a battle between succumbing to his desires or doing what he felt was right.
"I-" he started before pausing. "I don't know if this is good for you."
You laughed softly much to his surprise.
"I don’t want to be defined by the bad things that have happened to me," you said. "I want this, Steve."
He nodded slightly, his hands finding their way to your hips where he pulled you closer. You could feel his hardening length brush your core through the sheets and layers of clothes, and you both gasped a little.
He pressed another kiss to your lips before whispering against them.
"Tell me if you want to stop and I will."
You nodded and he kissed you again, his hands wandering up your body. He lifted the oversized shirt and didn’t suppress the sigh upon seeing so much of you for the first time.
Hesitantly, he touched you, his fingers trailing over your soft skin before giving you another kiss.
Before you could register it, you were laying down under him, and he gently parted your legs so he could rest between them. You swallowed the gasp at the feeling of his hard length on your thigh and he stopped.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yes,” you said and smiled at him, pulling him down to kiss him, which he readily accepted.
He broke away only to trail kisses down your neck to your chest where he ran a tongue around a nipple. You moaned a little and you felt Steve hum in satisfaction. He gave the other nipple the same amount of attention before travelling downward.
When he reached your panty glad core, he tugged them off gently, gauging your reaction. When you didn’t stop him, he parted your thighs before resting them on his shoulders. You felt his lips press against the soft skin at the apex of your thighs before you felt his tongue swirl around your clit.
You arched your back and moaned.
He took his time with you, starting slow, letting you get used to the feeling.
He flicked the tip of his tongue against the sensitive bud before a calloused finger pulled the hood of your clit back and sucked it in his mouth.
Your back bowed as you felt the band within you pull tighter and tighter.
A thick finger prodded your entrance and pushed inside, and you keened at the feeling. He moved it slowly within you before adding another, stretching your walls. He hit something within you that made your entire body pulse.
Another hard suck, and it snapped, the tension in your body relaxing all at once, a flood of bliss flowing through you as you clenched his fingers in waves. You didn’t even hear the moan you let out, but Steve did, and he wanted nothing more than to bring that sound out of you again.
When you came down from your high, Steve crawled back up your body, capturing your lips in a kiss, swallowing every sweet sigh.
“You did so good for me,” he whispered. You felt your core tremble at his praise.
He ran the head of his cock through your folds, and you gasped. He gathered your slick, preparing himself before positioning himself at your entrance.
“You ready?” He asked you and you nodded.
Slowly, he pushed inside and stopped when you made a pained noise.
“Keep going,” you whimpered and he obliged.
Soon, his entire length was in you, and gasped when he bottomed out.
“Taking me so well,” he murmured as he peppered kisses along your jaw and neck. “Let me know when you want me to move.”
He stayed in you, patient, letting your walls get used to his thick length. When the ache dulled out to a mild throbbing you nodded at him.
Slowly, he moved his hips.
You gasped at the feeling of his cock moving through your silken walls with ease, having prepared you so thoroughly for him. His head bumped against the same spot his fingers had moments before, and it had your toes curling at the feeling. You rolled your hips to meet his.
“Can I go faster?” He asked between strained grunts. His hair was in his face, a few strands stuck to the beads of sweat on his forehead. He looked beautiful like that.
“Please,” you mewled and he didn’t hold back the full bodied groan at your pleas.
“Let me know if it’s too hard,” he whispered into your ear as his thrusts got deeper.
You saw stars in the way he was pounding into you, hard enough to entice and always on the precipice of too much but never venturing past it.
Soon, you felt that band within you pull taught once more, and a few more thrusts had you falling over the edge, your pussy fluttering around his thick cock as you let out another sonorous moan.
“Fuck,” he groaned when he felt you clenching his cock, the sweet sounds you made urging him to completion.
“Please cum inside me,” you asked him when you felt him leave.
He didn’t need to be asked again when he pushed his length into your overwrought core.
Warmth flooded you, and you gasped a little bit. It felt right.
Both of you were out of breath and he stayed inside you. A satisfied smile graced his lips and he kissed you once more.
You sniffled a little, tears pooling in your eyes.
Steve cupped your face and you nearly laughed at the panicked look in his eyes.
“Did I-”
“No,” you assured him and smiled. “That was amazing. I just wish…”
You paused.
“I wish… the first time was like that.”
He looked at you with so much tenderness and adoration, you felt your heart skip a few beats.
“As far as I’m concerned, this was your first time,” he said, doubtless in his words.
You nodded, feeling a few tears roll down your face, and he leaned down to kiss them away.
You didn’t know what the future held, where you were going, how this would end. You didn’t care. As Steve held you in his arms, you drifted into a peaceful sleep, one you hadn’t had in a long time.
Note: Ahhh what a long journey! Thank you to everyone for sticking with me! I know this was a longer read!
I don't have a taglist, so please follow @sweetlyscared-library for updates!
As always, comments and reblogs, and reblogs with comments make my day and are always appreciated!
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boxofbonesfic · 20 hours ago
A.) I love your header. It's beautiful!
B.) Talk to me about a kink/trope that newly defrosted Steve discovers and finds he is VERY into. What is it? Talk to me goose!
OMG thank you, i made it myself 🥺
Hmm. i think the first one he gets into would probably be super messy blowjobs.
because firstly, good girls in his day just didn’t do that sort of thing. In fact, he’s embarrassed to even ask you. Your normal ones are good, they get him there—fuck do they get him there—but something about seeing you with drool and his precum leaking down your chin drives him up a goddamn wall.
the next? facefucking. and he only finds out because one day you’re wearing makeup and he finds he just loves how pretty that lipgloss looks smeared all around your mouth with his cock in it, and then he’s holding your jaw and ramming himself into your throat as tears spring to your eyes, mascara running down your cheeks.
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boxofbonesfic · 20 hours ago
Hoe thot: Steve Rogers didn't want to have sex before marriage. Once you both married 😏😏😏
You wonder where the hell did he know how to please you
And oooh - make it nomad!Steve cause THAT BEARD THO
Title: patience
rating: EXPLICIT lmao
warnings: uhhh overstimulation? fluff? idk
He knows you love him—that’s why you’re willing to wait. Steve knows he’s not your first either, and that’s okay. He knows it’s a different time now, but he can’t help but hold fast. Keep this one last tradition. He bends on most other things—after all, you change with the times, right? He’s Captain America, not Captain Asshole, and America looks a lot different than it did when he was a kid.
So he learns.
He “surfs the internet”, and he does the “Google”, and he learns. Virginity is a concept, it’s not real—but it still feels important to him anyway, and you respect that. It’s the one weird hill he has Not to say that he hasn’t thought about it.
Damn does he think about it.
He thinks about how soft and wet it’s going to be inside of you, how tight of a fit you’ll be. He dreams about it. He’s not stupid, he’s done his research. And where that fails, he knuckles down and asks his friends. Natasha is the least surprised and the most forthcoming, and Tony’s ribbing only lasts about fifteen minutes before he’s diving into his player’s handbook of secrets.
So when he finally does take you to bed on your wedding night, after all the guests have been bid farewell and you’re alone in his brownstone—you half don’t believe him. You’re messy and twitching on his still hard cock as he fucks you through your fourth orgasm of the night, your thighs spread wide by his large hands. Your eyes are glassy and your lips are parted, your lipstick smeared by his heated kisses.
“God, Steve, I can’t cum again,” you’re whining, tears gathering in your wide eyes. He takes pity on you, removing the weight of his thumb from your swollen clit. He leans back, angling his hips so that he brushes up against the rough patch just inside your sinfully tight pussy. Your eyes roll and your suck your bottom lip between your teeth.
“That’s okay, doll. I won‘t force it this time, you’ll get there all on your own.”
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