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moonlighttfoxx · an hour ago
The girl with the golden eyes: Chapter Two
Summary: Steve is still trying to figure out his feelings and trying to put those weird insticts under control. 
Warnings: smut, jealous Steve, Bucky
A/N: It’s a little bit more descriptive. 
Tumblr media
After what seemed like a century with Hydra, taking a break was exactly what you needed. Natasha had come in the right moment to save you from Hydra, but mostly from yourself and all these relentless thoughts of devastating guilt. And you couldn’t thank her enough. You were tired of being Hydra’s pet, you were tired of helping them in their sick cause and most of all, you were tired of being Brock’s pet, his little precious trophy.
You were also thankful to your new teammates. You expected them to be a little harsh on you and frankly, you wouldn’t blame them. If you were in their shoes, you wouldn’t trust a person who used to play for the enemy’s team as well. But they were nothing but kind, sweet and gentle with you. They were doing their best to make you feel comfortable and a part of their team. Almost all of them at least.
It’s been a couple of weeks since your first encounter with them. Now you were an honorable member not only of their compound, but of their regular movie nights, game nights and their lives in general. It was so simple, so cozy, so friendly. You’ve never felt so relaxed and peaceful in your life. And getting to know each one of them was truly a blessing. They were all incredible in their own unique way. You’ve grown closer to them – to some more than to others, but that’s just human nature, isn’t it? You can’t click the same with everyone.
Besides Natasha, who you had so much in common with – your childhood, your interests, your personalities (she was as much of a strong independent girl, who wanted to have fun as much as you were), over the past days you grew incredibly close to Bucky. You knew the reason: both of you were unfortunate enough to have spent a part of your lives in Hydra’s grasp. That was the first thing that brought you closer. You found yourself able to share memories and fears with him that you thought you’d never open up about to anyone. Then the Hydra talk eventually turned into a movie talk, a book talk, intimate thoughts and sex preferences conversations and absolutely everything you could think of.
You knew what this looked like on the outside and you were sure that everyone thought there was something going on between the two of you. But that definitely wasn’t the case. As good as you two got along on almost every level, you knew Bucky wasn’t the type of person you saw yourself with, not for something serious at least. Truth be told, you wouldn’t mind having him as a stress release buddy if it ever came to that – pure physical act, ending with multiple orgasms instead of feelings. He’d be a perfect fit for that, you were sure. And boy, did you need multiple orgasms…
You smiled at the thought while doing your morning ritual after getting out of bed. It was an early morning, so you thought you might go and do some sort of breakfast. Not that you could really cook, but scrambled eggs were one of the few things you could make.
Wearing only a grey t – shirt, a few sizes too big, almost reaching your knees (it was Bucky’s after all, after escaping from Hydra, you didn’t have a lot of personal belongings, so he was kind enough to offer you a few of his shirts after you mentioned how much you enjoyed sleeping in baggy shirts) and a pair of pink bikinis that were neatly hidden underneath Bucky’s shirt, you made your way to the kitchen through the quiet hallways, ready to start making the breakfast.
Steve was walking down the hallway, sleepily rubbing his eyes, when his supersoldier sense of smell was attacked by the delicious scent of something being cooked. Something that made his stomach growl. He took a deep breath inhaling it. It was something fried, maybe eggs. It had to be eggs mixed with something sweet. That was weird. Eggs and something sweet? He took one more deep breath. Lilacs. Fuck. That meant only one thing: Y/N was there. Probably she was the one cooking the deliciously smelling meal. Maybe he should come back later? It was way too early to deal with all the weird reactions of his body. NO. His body didn’t control him. NO. He was in charge. Hiding and avoiding her would definitely not solve the issue. He took one more deep breath for a totally different reason this time and stepped into the kitchen.
His eyes immediately found her. She had her back to him mixing some ingredients in a bowl. It was clear that she hadn’t heard him. She was completely oblivious to his presence in the room. She had her usual sleeping attire – a baggy t-shirt and nothing else. Nothing he could see anyway. Oh how much he hated that attire! He hated everything about it. The way it hugged her thighs and especially the way her pointy nipples were poking through the fabric. He couldn’t see them yet, but he had no doubt they were there just like every other morning. What happened to the good old bra, huh? Didn’t she own any? How inappropriate was that – walking around in a house full of men with her perky breasts completely braless! It was so fucking infuriating! For him at least.
Still standing at the door, he saw her reaching up into one of the cabinets. She couldn’t really rely on her height, when it came to reaching… well anything. She was short indeed. She stood up on her tip toes, obviously hoping for a better access, but the only thing she really enabled was Steve’s eyes access to her butt. He was wondering what she was hiding underneath those stupid baggy t – shirts. Well, it was a perfectly round, small, seemingly tight bum, just waiting for him to put his hands over it, squeezing it, spanking it, painting it red. Oh, he was sure he could cover it with only one of his big hands. He felt a familiar tug in his boxers. Damn it! Not again.  
‘Do you need any help with that?’ he asked huskily. Y/N jumped a little, startled. She turned around, facing him. Yep. There they were – those nipples, poking through her shirt. That certainly didn’t help his pants situation.
‘No… well, actually, yes. Could you, please?’ she smiled, her cheeks getting a little redder. Was she blushing?
Steve walked over to her. She didn’t move contrary to his expectations, which didn’t give him any other option, but to position himself right in front of her. Her pointy nipples almost touching his t-shirt covered upper abdomen. She was looking up at his face with those big golden eyes. Jesus. That image was certainly going to hunt him through yet another cold shower. The only thing he was praying for right then was for her not to move any closer… or else she could feel him… she could feel just how hard he was for her.
‘Uhm…’ he cleared his throat. ‘What is it the thing you need again?’
She seemed flushed for some reason. That’s when he felt it or to be more précised that’s when he smelled it. Smelled her. Lilacs and something even sweeter. He couldn’t tell what that smell was. He didn’t care what it was, but he couldn’t mistake the pheromones filling in the air around him, accessible only for a superhuman like him. She was turned on. She was wet, he was sure of it. Was that for him? Was she wet for him?
‘Pepper’ she whispered at first, but then continued more confidently. ‘I need pepper. Someone put it on the top shelf’
He reached out, careful not to touch her, grabbed the needed ingredient and locked his blue eyes on hers once again.
‘There’ he breathed.
‘Thanks’ she answered taking it slowly from him, not breaking the eye contact.
‘Good Lord, what’s that heavenly smell?’ Bucky’s voice interrupted their unofficial staring contest. Y/N jumped a little once again and moved away from Steve, turning her back on him and continuing with her cooking.  Steve also moved a few steps back and looked at Bucky. He could see his nostrils flaring. The winter soldier was breathing in the wide mixture of smells in the kitchen. He was a fellow supersoldier after all. Steve could see the realization hitting Bucky’s face and his eyes darkening seconds after that. Oh yeah, he had smelled her. Bucky knew. Now there was another smell, filling in the air around Steve: the smell of Bucky’s desire. He smirked and moved closer to where Steve and Y/N were. Moving past Steve he positioned himself next to her on her right and gently traced his metal fingers along her upper arm. Then whispered in her ear: ‘What’s that heavenly smell, Y/N?’
Steve knew what smell his best friend was referring to this time and it had nothing to do with breakfast. He was well aware of it. For some reason Bucky’s thoughts, Bucky’s desire, Bucky’s body close to Y/N’s, his fingers moving up and down her arm aggravated Steve, it drove him wild. All he wanted to do is tear Bucky away from her. A low growl threatened to escape from his mouth as if he had lost all control over his body, his instincts taking over his brains. But fortunately Y/N’s giggle was the thing that brought his focus on her and that was all he needed to stop the uncontrollable growl from escaping right on time, enabling him to quickly regain his control.
‘Scrambled eggs. They’re almost ready. I’m making extra anyway, so both of you can have a bite’ she answered.
‘Mmm… I would love to have a bite, doll…’ Bucky whispered, smirking. ‘Wouldn’t you love to have a bite, Steve?’
Bucky locked his eyes on Steve’s, still smirking.
‘Yeah. You have no idea, Buck’ Steve answered coldly.          
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fnf-fluffcanons · 2 hours ago
can i get uhh, Steve Tankman/Reader
Sure thing, anon!
*Steve was rather happy that you wanted to be with him
*even if he didn’t show it right away
*though sometimes he may ask if you’re still sure about it as he is a bit insecure about it at times
*you only smile faintly and tell him that you’re sure, and that you love him
*Steve appreciates you and everything you do for him
*he likes to hug you and hold you close to him
*he just likes being around you in general, but just holding you is even better
*you like to cuddle with him, as he’s actually quite the cuddler
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dailydaydreamings · 2 hours ago
Best in the Worst Way, Part 13
The Reader has been having a love affair with two Avengers and gets caught in a sticky situation. She’s suddenly faced with life decisions she’s not prepared for, including who to love, what she wants, and is this all worth it?
Okay, this took way way too long to write. A couple of things. A) language warning. B) I’m not a doctor. C) I hope I tagged everyone who wanted to be tagged! I tried! Lmk if not! D) I am a total knob with technology and I don’t know how to comment on my own posts without using my main account, so I’m not ignoring you I swear!
Just a couple more chapters, do you think they’re having girls or boys (or both)?
Tumblr media
Bucky stood in the doorway of your bedroom, a bemused look across his face. His eyebrow twitched upward to say, are you okay with this?
Four weeks ago, the answer would have been a hard no. But you were four weeks into a strict bed rest. Steve spent the mornings at the compound and Bucky spent the mornings with you, and then they switched in the afternoons. You spent most of your time reading or learning to crochet, poorly. You were completely bored out of your mind.
So, you cracked a smile and shrugged a shoulder to let him know you weren’t 100% pleased with the situation.
Bucky’s mouth twitched into a slight smile, “Looks great, Steve.”
Steve looked up from where he sat at the end of the bed, painting your toenails. “You’re doing the other foot, this is a lot harder than it looks.”
You groaned, “How are you still on the first foot?” It had only been forty minutes.
Bucky laughed, “Let me get dinner started, okay? You two have fun.”
Your heart gave a small lurch. Bucky wasn’t okay. Not after your trip to the hospital.
He blamed himself.
You looked over at Steve, who had his tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth he was concentrating so hard on your pinky toe. You kicked him in the chest with your other foot.
He blinked in surprise, “What was that for?”
You gave him an exasperated look, “Go talk to him.”
Steve looked down at your foot again, “Babe, he’s fine?”
You kicked him again. Harder. “He still blames himself for what happened, dumbass.”
It was no one’s fault really. If anyone was to blame it was your biology. But Steve had yelled at Bucky about the sex, blamed him for the bleeding, on the way to the hospital. Dr Lawrence had said the sex hadn’t caused it but nothing had been the same since. Bucky hadn’t slept in the same room as either of you since. He came in to check on you and Steve. He cracked jokes, made dinner, but kept his distance.
He was beating himself up for this and you weren’t going to take it anymore.
When Steve didn’t answer, you started to heave yourself up, “If you won’t go talk to him, I will.”
“No, no,” Steve put his hand on your shoulder, forcing you to sit. “I will okay. I’m sorry.”
An hour later, Bucky and Steve came in carrying food. Steve handed you a plate and settled in beside you, Bucky seemed to be hesitant to join. He stood beside the bed, ringing his hands nervously.
Your heart gave a little lurch, he did a really good job at making himself look small.
You opened your arm up to him, “Come sit with me, baby.”
He seemed to rock back and forth on his heels, “Every time I want to touch you, my head screams at me that you’re going to start bleeding again.”
You looked over at Steve, who hung his head slightly. He knew this and you’d beat his ass for it later.
“I’m okay, baby, I swear,” you lied through your fucking teeth. “Come sit with me, please.”
Bucky sat at the edge of the bed, not touching you. This would be a start tomorrow he would scoot an inch closer. In three days you’d be hip to hip. In a week he’d kiss your forehead. It would be okay.
But for now, you started with, “So can someone tell me something interesting please? Facebook can only keep me so entertained.”
Four Weeks Ago
Dr Laurence was wearing heels. At four am.
It was such an odd detail, but it was the first thing you noticed when you got to the hospital. You didn’t even make it to the compound. The hospital was closer.
Steve carried you into the ER, yelling frantically for help. You were placed on a gurney, and Dr Laurence was at your side a moment later. She was speaking quickly, but you weren’t sure what she way saying. She looked to Bucky and Steve for answers. She was putting gloves on, reaching for the ultrasound.
You were looking at her shoes. Valentino nude pumps, you’d seen them online two days ago and laughed at the price.
You were barely aware that the ultrasound probe had entered you.
Bucky was petting your hair.
You just stared at her shoes.
The moment you looked away, you would have to start to cope with Steve screaming at Bucky the whole way here. The way your sheets were stained with blood at home. The fact you had a house showing in the morning, and you were going to miss it. The fact you had a million unopened boxes of baby things in your apartment.
Your head just screamed the moment you looked away from Dr Laurence’s shoes, she would tell you your babies were dead.
Your ears rang.
Yesterday, they’d been so active. You were cursing their movements begging for a moment of reprieve. You’d do anything for a small kick right now.
“Y/n!” Dr Laurence looked up at you from between your legs.
You lifted your head from the bed, you tried to speak but no words came out.
She motioned at the ultrasound, “It looks like placenta previa. The bleeding seems to have stopped, but I’m going to get you a transfusion. We’re just looking for a heartbeat now...”
You frowned, placenta previa, that was something you’d read about. That was a normal risk, something that could happen to anyone. And the babies...
The familiar sound of their heartbeats filled your ears.
It was the most beautiful sound in the world.
That was it. The flood gates opened and you started to sob. Steve wrapped his arms around you first. Bucky was next, he embraced the two of you, kissing your forehead gently.
Their words filled your ears, setting a blanket of comfort over you.
“They’re okay, you’re okay.”
“It’ll be okay, you’ve got this.”
“Breathe, just breathe for now.”
“We love you so, so much.”
“Okay, we cannot be this unorganized, guys seriously?” You pinched the bridge of your nose.
Busy and Steve stood at the end of the bed, their arms crossed over their chest. You sat in bed, your hair in the messiest of buns, looking down at the mess they’d brought you to sort through.
“Well what do you propose?” Steve asked.
“For starters,” You motioned at the mountain of baby clothes in front of you, “Why do we have eight different outfits that were brining to the hospital. There’s two babies.” You held up two fingers for emphasis.
Bucky scratched his head, “This mommy blog said you need two outfits, in case one of them doesn’t fit. Plus, we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl.”
“They should look cute when coming home,” Steve asserted.
You only blinked. If someone had said this would be your life one year ago, you would have died laughing.
“Okay, fine,” you grabbed the nearest shirt. “We could go gender neutral, you know that right?”
It’s not like you had any shortage of gendered clothing though either. Tony had loaded you up with boy clothing, swearing you would be having two. Natasha had done the same for girl clothing. And Steve had managed to pick out the most extravagant outfits from each section.
“We can,” Steve conceded. “But I want us to have options. See what they look like when they come out.”
Your nose crinkled. You fucking hated that. Come out. Like they would just slide out of you, no issues.
You rubbed your temples, “Okay, but I refuse to have my kids dress matchy matchy their entire lives. They can if they want, but I will never make them wear the same outfit.”
Bucky chuckled, coming to sit on the bed beside you, “That’s going to go over well.”
You glared at him as he completely destroyed your pile of folded baby clothes.
Steve ran his hand through his hair aggressively, “But they’d look so cute.”
You shook your head, “Only if they want to. They need to have their own personalities.”
Steve looked ready to lose his mind, “”
You levelled him with your mom look. You’d been practicing. “I’ll give you Christmas cards. If the two of you also dress matchy matchy if we have a boys.”
“Deal,” Steve didn’t even hesitate.
You could picture it now. Two little boys in dorky ugly Christmas sweaters and beige khakis, their hair spiked up and Steve and Bucky marching to a tee. Oh it would be glorious, but you realized a moment too late you had forgotten yourself in that picture.
You cleared your throat, “Okay, names.”
Bucky reached over, rubbing his hand over where the babies were most active. A slight smile played on his lips as he leaned over to brush his lips over your bare skin.
You tried your best to ignore the shiver of pleasure that went down your spine.
“I don’t care,” Bucky murmured, “I think we should see what they look like when they come out.”
“No,” you ran your hand through his hair. “We pick now or at least get some options.”
Steve came to sit on your other side, disrupting the rest of your pile. You rolled your eyes, so much for nothing.
“Poppy?” He suggested.
You shook your head, “I like Penelope, not Poppy. I don’t believe in naming a kid a nickname. It feels final.”
They both looked at you funny, but you stood by it.
“What about Carter,” you suggested.
“No!” Both boys said in unison. You stopped, thinking about why that name wouldn’t work before bursting out laughing.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, Steve!” You reached over to stroke his face. “Not Carter.”
He chuckled, “It’s not a bag suggestion. I’d love to honour Peggy, but Sharron might think I named them after her.”
You burst out laughing. What an awkward situation that would be. One you’d pay to see.
“Okay, guys,” you snapped your fingers a couple of times, “We need a couple more names. Some more ideas. Let’s go.”
The name started flowing, and you started feeling more comfortable. Aaron, Grace, Henry, Bonnie, Andrew, Katherine.
You relaxed into your pillows. Your babies would have names. No matter what happened.
The boys stayed awake at your side while you slept.
You woke a couple of hours, having only slept for what felt like a short moment to find the two of them drinking coffee and nibbling on muffins.
“You look like shit,” you commented, stretching an arm over your head.
Bucky raised an eyebrow, “Look in the mirror, sweetheart.”
You grasped your hand to you chest in mock hurt, “Oh, burn.” You said sarcastically.
Steve chuckled, getting up to come over and kiss your forehead, “We’re just glad you’re okay.”
You stroked his beard lovingly, “I’m okay, and now I’m worried about you two. I’m fine, go home and shower and sleep. Please.”
Steve pressed another kiss to your forehead before moving to sit down beside Bucky, “Not gonna happen, baby.”
You rolled your eyes, “I’m not going to have the babies today. You’re useless to me tired. Go home. Please.”
Bucky shook his head, “We’ll take turns, how about that?”
You rolled your eyes, “You two need to talk and go get me some stuff. Please, let me worry about you two right now instead of myself. Just for a moment. It would make me feel better if you just got some rest at home.”
It took some more convincing, but they finally left. And you were left in peaceful silence. You looked down at your belly. One of the babies gave a swift kick. You smoothed over the spot gently, “I love you, please stay in there a while longer, okay?”
“We’re going to do everything in our power to do so,” Dr Laurence stood in the door way.
You smiled, “I can’t thank you enough for being here last night.”
She nodded, coming to sit on the stool by your bed. She didn’t look happy. You braced a hand protectively over your belly.
She tapped her tablet with a manicured nail, “I’m concerned.”
“I’m not going to be gentle. Your blood pressure is through the roof,” she clarified. “You’re at risk for preeclampsia, your labs suggest that this half of your pregnancy is going to be hard. You’re in for a world of hurt. And I don’t think delivery is going to be any easier. I don’t think a vaginal delivery will be an option. You will be on bed rest until you give birth, and I doubt you’ll make it to thirty five weeks. In all honestly, I’ll be impressed if you make it to thirty. But your medical history and labs also suggests a c-section is also not a good option.”
You let out a little laugh, leaning back against the headboard. “The last time I saw you, you were singing praises for how well things were going.”
Her mouth tightened into a thin line, “I also said you should be taking it easy and lowering your stress levels.”
You narrowed your eyes at her, “Are you suggesting I did something wrong?”
Dr Laurence raked a hand through her hair, “I’m not saying you did, but I’m saying we need to start taking this seriously now because I’m not sure how to get the three of you through a safe delivery.”
Your mouth went dry. ‘The three of you,’ had always been you, Bucky, and Steve. It took on a whole new meaning when it was in reference to you and your children.
You may not have lost them last night, but you were well on your way.
“You’ll be on strict bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy,” Dr Laurences’ voice softened. “The good news is, the bleeding has stopped and you’ll be able to go home soon for a couple of weeks at least. We’ll do everything we can to get your blood pressure under control.”
Your hands shook as you reached up to wipe away a tear. “Not of a word of this to the boys.”
Her eyesbrows rose to her hairline, “They need to know so they can take care of you.”
You shook your head, “I have one who is a stiffling mother hen. If he’s worked up, so am I. And the other one is recovering from a major head trauma. He doesn’t remember everything in the last eighteen months. The only thing I can do for him now is to help him get back to where he was.”
“No,” Dr Laurence shook her head. “You need to take this seriously now or you will not make it through delivery. If they think you’re fine and brush it off as a little blood, you will end up in a much worse situation.”
You laughed, rolling your eyes. “We’re not going to play this game, doctor. I will take this seriously and if you put me on bed rest, I will follow it. I just don’t want the risks exposed to my boyfriends. And, you do get to tell them without my consent.”
Dr Laurence looked like she was ready to throw her tablet. “Fine, but the moment things start going south, you will end up in hospital supervised bed rest.”
You glared right back at her, “Looking forward to it.”
You sat between your boys watching TV when it happened.
You paused, your food halfway to your face as you felt another tightening in your stomach. They had been happening all day, but all of the sudden you were aware of one thing, it was far too painful for it not to be a contraction.
You dropped your fork onto the duvet.
“What’s wrong?” Steve asked jumping to his feet.
You quirked your head to the side, looking down at your belly, “I think I’m in labour.”
“Shit!” Steve was suddenly gone.
Bucky calmly took your plate and fork and put them on the side table, “You sure?”
“Mmhmmm,” you hummed, as you let out a long breath. “We probably have hours to go though.”
Bucky nodded, “Let me call Dr Laurence.”
Your mouth tightened. She was the last person you wanted to see. You especially didn’t want to hear her gloat that she was right, you’d only made it to thirty-two weeks. Damn her.
Steve’s head popped in the room, “But it’s too early!” And he was gone again.
Your eyebrows rose to your hair line, he was taking this as well as you expected.
On your other side, Bucky put his phone to his chest and said, “Dr Laurence wants you to come in right away.”
You pinched your nose, “I don’t want to labour for the next twelve hours there when I can do it from home.”
Bucky relayed that information to her. And then asked, “Has your water broken?”
You shook your head.
Steve walked through the bedroom, going into the bathroom, talking a mile a minute. “—and we don’t have enough nipple cream!” Was all you caught. You could hear drawers being rummaged through in the bathroom.
“She says to come in anyways,” Bucky relayed to you. “And she says you’re clearly not taking this seriously.”
You rolled your eyes, of course she did.
“And we need another bathroom,” Steve murmured as he walked out of the room again.
“Fine,” you snapped. “And go calm Steve down.”
Another contraction hit hard. Your breath hitched.
Your birth plan, if you were having a vaginal delivery, was to go all natural, but now you were thinking an epidural sounded wonderful.
“You okay?” Bucky rubbed your back.
You took deep breaths, but nodded weakly. “Let’s go, please.”
He nodded, leaving the room to get Steve and your bags, but Steve stood at the door, bags in hand and simply said, “We need to go, guys.”
Bucky came around the bed to help you up. His arms around you, you barely made it out the bedroom before you felt a rush of fluids.
“Well, fuck.” Bucky mumbled.
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heavenhatesme · 2 hours ago
The Miracle (5/?)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Chapter Warnings: Unplanned Pregnancy, Arguments, Lots of feelings, A new and a very important character
Summary: When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and there hasn't been a baby for almost 18 years, what happens when two certain super soldiers fall for the same woman and accidentally impregnate her?
18+ minors dni please!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What?" Steve said with a frown, not quite believing what doctor Cho was saying.
Doctor Cho didn't even spare him a glance. Tears of joy were streaming down her face as she looked at you with a broad smile, holding your hand in both of hers.
"After all these years, you are the first female to be pregnant. Y-you have a baby inside you." She mumbled, now looking at your stomach with adoration.
"That's impossible. People have been infertile for almost 18 years now. It must be something else." Bucky was as agast as every one of you, his eyes wide as they flickered on every person in the room.
Cleaning the gel on your stomach, doctor Cho put her right hand on it, as if hoping to feel something.
All of a sudden, she shook her head from side to side and wiped her tears. She cleared her throat and pulled your shirt down, a neutral expression on her face as she did so. She got up from her chair and led Steve and Bucky to the other side of the room so you couldn't hear. She could see you were already overwhelmed.
She turned to face the two confused men, ready to answer their questions.
"So, when I checked her heart rate I thought I heard another second heartbeat but I wasn't certain." Doctor Cho explained, "That's the reason I needed to take her blood sample. I found HCG in her blood and-"
"Speak English doc." Bucky interrupted, his brows furrowed.
Doctor Cho sighed and proceeded. "Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This hormone is only made during pregnancy. Then I performed an ultrasound to show the image of the baby."
Steve shook his head and scratched his chin, giving doctor Cho a dazed look. "How is that possible? I mean people are unable to have children. It's been a crisis for 18 years now!"
"Don't you think I know that?" Doctor Cho retorted. "The thing is, scientists never figured out the cause of infertility. There has been no ovulation problems, no venereal diseases, nothing. So according to science, everyone is capable of having children." Doctor Cho explained as she gathered her tools. "Now we're looking at the first fertile woman after 18 years. I need to perform some tests and then you're good to go Ms—what was your name again?" She gasped as she turned to you, the tray she was holding falling to the tile floor.
Bucky and Steve both whirled to look at the scene, their breath hitched as they saw it.
An empty bed. And you were nowhere to be seen. You were gone.
The blood pounded in your ears. Your heart thudded in your chest. Your vision disfigured as you stared straight at the wall in front of you.
Your whole world was crumbling apart around you. You didn't even shake, just in total paralysis.
A tear streamed down your cheek as you took a long,
deep breath.
You looked around the room erratically before your eyes landed on the slightly ajar glass door.
You peeked a look at the other three people in the room. Steve and Bucky were standing with their backs to you, their gigantic bodies blocking you from doctor Cho's line of sight.
You looked back at the door again. You knew opportunity knocks but once. This was your chance to escape.
They seemed deep in conversation as you soundlessly tiptoed to the door. Closing your eyes, you prayed to whoever was above that the door wouldn't creak.
With shaky hands, you pulled the door slightly without making any sound. Turning back to look at them once more, you found them deep in conversation.
Facing forward, you darted outside.
You pushed your arms back and forth and forced your legs to push harder. You felt your whole body working; your leg muscles running warm, fresh air entered your lungs and blood flowed into your limbs.
You ran in the corridor and raced down the stairs. You pumped your legs, gaining momentum with each push.
Freedom was awaiting you a little further. The anticipation of feeling free was motivating you to move faster.
You rounded the next corridor before coming to an abrupt halt.
There, in the kitchen, stood the Black Widow. Her fiery red hair reached just below her shoulders. She was leaning on the counter, reading something when her green eyes found your wide ones.
"Oh hey there." She said. a smile plastered on her face. "I know you. You're the girl Steve told me about."
She started walking towards you and you tensed. Your mouth was agape as you stared at her with utter horror.
"Are you okay? You seem a bit pale." She asked and her eyebrows curved, making the wrinkles on her forehead visible.
No words left your mouth. It was as though you had lost the ability to speak.
She looked at you worriedly before quickening her steps to reach you, only to halt a few feet from you when she heard your name being called. More like being shouted. As if realization dawned on her, her whole mimic changed.
Steve and Bucky came running behind you and stopped when they noticed Natasha glaring daggers at them. She came to stand in front of you, shielding you from the two super soldiers.
"Y/N. Doll. Come here. Please." Bucky's voice was soft, as if you were a scared deer caught in headlights.
"She is not going anywhere near you." Natasha hissed, literally baring her Ivory teeth at them.
You looked at her with your jaw dropped. Wasn't she supposed to be on their side? She is their teammate after all.
But when you glanced at her and saw how furious she looked, you felt a little safe. As if someone understood your pain without you needing to tell them anything.
Your heart stopped thumping rapidly and your breathing evened out as you cowered behind Natasha.
"Romanoff get out of the way." Bucky threatened Natasha but she didn't even blink. She was strong enough to handle them.
"Down the hall, third door to your right. Tell F.R.I.D.A.Y. to lock the door and don't open it unless it's me." She didn't even look at you as she demanded.
You glanced at them. They were both looking at you as if begging you to not listen to Natasha. To stay.
You drew a breath and turned your back to them, running in the direction Natasha told you.
"Mind explaining what's going on?" Natasha sneered, clearly mad at them. "What did you do?"
"Nat-" Steve raised his hands, trying to calm Natasha, but she wasn't having any on that.
"Don't Nat me! I asked you a simple question. WHAT DID YOU DO?"
"Nat, we need to talk to her right now. Get out of our way." Bucky commanded, his eyes full of determination.
"I don't think so, Barnes. You know what I saw in that girl's eyes?" She looked between both of them. "Fear. She was running for her life. When she saw me it was like she saw a ghost. She thought it's over. She thought I'm going to hand her over to you to do whatever you like. But I wanna know, and I wanna know right now, what did you do to her?" Natasha repeated.
Although Bucky was still tense, Steve closed his eyes and sighed, giving into Natasha's demands. "You might wanna sit down for this." He declared.
You entered the room before turning to lock the door but you found no latch on it.
"Uh," you cleared your throat. "F.R.I.D.A.Y? Please lock the door."
"Locks engaged. Room's secure." The A.I. announced.
You stared at the door as you backed away from the door. The back of your knees hit the bed before you sat on it.
As the excess adrenaline slowly faded, you started Letting out ragged breaths. You buried your head into your hands before violent sobs wrecked your body.
You were pregnant. And the father was one of your capturers. You didn't even know how they felt about all of this.
What if they don't want the baby? What if they punish you for getting pregnant? What if they get rid of you?
Your body shook harder as so many "What If's" swarmed in your head.
There was a baby growing inside you. After 18 years, you were the first woman to get pregnant. And you didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse.
Please let me know what you think!!!
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The Vow: Part 4
Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks. Four weeks had passed, come and went in a blink of an eye and in those four weeks, the house has been peacefully quiet.
For four weeks, Bucky had helped you move about, he cooked for you, he did all the cleaning and the laundry while you rest or stretched your legs by walking around the house on crutches.
He took care of the house and he took care of you. At the end of the four weeks, it was time to go back to town and get your cast looked at to see if you could get it removed. The trip to town would be a general checkup as well, to measure how you were doing and adjusting. The doctor would take a few questions and receive a few answers as to how you were making out with Bucky, and then the final point of the trip would be to set you up with a physical therapist.
Four weeks had passed, come and gone and you were none the wiser to the darkness lurking behind his blue eyes. You were none the wiser to the strings he had both pulled and played to get you to where you are now and he had intended on keeping it that way.
Your entire life had been wrapped up in the mystery of your disappearance, while Bucky had starkly cut contact with everyone at the Avengers Compound for the sole purpose of needing to heal from the aftermath of Steve giving up the shield and retiring and Bucky suffering another ‘mental attack’. No one was going to come looking for him, and Sam was far too busy being the new Captain America to worry about the ‘asshole hidden away in the mountains’.
It was your own private escape, and Bucky’s carefully crafted creation that gave him everything he was missing; a beautiful and devoted wife and mother to his future children.
He finally felt like he had gotten what he deserved, what was owed to him. After everything he had went through, after all the sacrifice and the torture, the mind controlling Hydra had cast upon him while hiding in SHIELD, Bucky finally had something for himself.
“Morning sweetheart,” Bucky greet you without having to look to see if you were behind him, he could hear the sound of your crutches as you moved and the clinking of your ring against the pole as you tried to adjust.
“You didn’t wake me?” You questioned, slowly yet surely coming to the very pen that Bucky was leaning against.
“I wanted you to sleep,” Bucky threw some food into the pen, stirring the goats from their lazy slumber, “you looked so peaceful.”
“In the four weeks since I’ve been home,” you winced when your ankle touched the ground, “I’ve never seen any of the animals you said we had.”
Bucky leaned into your side, wrapping his arm around your waist as he steadied you. His blue eyes studied your cast before his gaze fell to your eyes. “Are you okay? Is your ankle hurting?”
“It’s itchy.” You furrowed your brows and shivered lightly, speaking of the blue cast around your ankle with distaste and aggravation. “I can’t wait to get it off.”
Bucky’s attention fell below your eyes, his gaze raking down your body to your breasts that were hidden beneath one of his flannel jackets. Even with his jacket obscuring your breasts from his view, he knew that you wouldn’t have worn a bra beneath the layers. You had forgone the items while at home, as Bucky had told you that when it was just you and him, he wanted easy access to your breasts, pussy and ass as often as possible. You hadn’t argued, not after Bucky convinced you by eating you out on almost every flat surface possible.
“Baby,” Bucky’s voice deepened and his eyes flashed, “are you sure you should be out here?”
The topic of conversation was standard and innocent, but the look in his eyes and the desire to taste you on his tongue was making Bucky truly debate whether he wanted to reschedule all your appointments and just take you on every surface in the cabin.
However, if he hadn’t brought you to the doctor and got your cast off when it was supposed to be taken off, that would raise questions and concerns. None of which Bucky needed right now.
“I saw on the calendar that I have a follow up with the doctor,” you licked your bottom lip, hobbling toward the fence which kept the small goats inside their designated area, “that’s today?”
Bucky followed your gaze as it fell on the goats, the small coloured stubborn animals who will provide so much for you out here. The small animals that Bucky had sincerely felt pride in taking care of, and after this year, he’d planned on adding some cows in the back field should the situation allow.
“We’re almost entirely self sufficient out here.” He came to stand beside you, wrapping a possessive arm around your waist, “we wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else.”
“Goats,” you pondered the word as if it was entirely new to you, “I think…did I used to like goats?”
Bucky flexed his fingers on your waist, his possessive hold on you clearly making shivers rush up and down your spine as you pressed into him. Seeing you in his clothes, knowing that his cum dripped out of your pussy and down your thighs after he stained you with his semen, was addictive. Just seeing all the ways that he had marked you, and your skin, to solidify you as his, was addictive.
It was like a drug that he didn’t know he needed, and now it was like second air to him.
“You loved all kinds of animals.” Bucky removed his hand from your waist to check the time on his wrist. “Shit. We have to leave in the next 10 minutes if we want to make your appointment on time.”
Bucky had taken you by surprise again by lifting you in his arms to carry you into the cabin. He held you as if you weighed nothing, as if he could have balanced you in one arm and still lift another full sized man.
As Bucky crossed the threshold, he was careful enough not to jostle you in anyway. He moved from the front entrance to the wooden staircase that led to the upper floor, each step taken with grace that you could never have mustered on your own.
“I’ll help you get dressed.” Bucky set you down on the bed and depart your side for the his-and-hers walk in closets. He opened your closet and reach in without looking, grabbing a plain white shirt and a pair of sweats.
“Take off your clothes.” Bucky called to you from the closet, giving you the order while grabbing the last few items that you needed.
When he came around and saw that you hadn’t moved, he clicked his tongue against his teeth and crouched in front of you. He placed his hand on your knee and gripped your kneecap tightly before he jerked your legs open to his eyesight.
“You’ve been such a good girl lately, darling.” His hand slithered up your thigh, the heat from his palm burning through your pyjama pants to your flesh. “Don’t make daddy have to spank you.”
He knew he caught you off guard when you inhaled sharply and your eyes widened considerably. Your lips had part just enough for Bucky to see your tongue brushing against the back of your bottom teeth, bobbing up and down as you swallowed.
“D-daddy?” You stuttered.
“You have a daddy kink, baby.” He squeezed your leg, his blue eyes darkening as he glanced you up and down. “You’re my baby girl and you call me daddy in bed. Sometimes.” Bucky reached up his left hand and brushed your hair behind your ear, trailing his cool fingers down your jaw to your lips. He used his metal thumb to pull down on your bottom lip until the flesh of your lip touched the flesh between your lips and chin.
“Do I have to ask again?” His eyes flashed with the promise of punishment should you have denied him.
“No-“ you squeaked when his hand shot up your thigh and squeezed your flesh through your pyjama pants.
“Correctly, doll.” His voice vibrated and rumbled.
“No daddy,” You swallowed thickly again, “you don’t have to ask again.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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make up/i missed you sex with cevansss😋
Tumblr media
“yn!” you heard chris yell and you looked up from your phone, shoving it in your pocket and running over to chris, jumping on him and hugging him tightly. “i’ve been waiting to hold you for 5 months, baby. oh my god i love you” he whispered and rubbed your back, whispering in your neck how much he missed you.
“i love you more, chris” you smile and kissed him slowly, chris setting you down and holding your face as he kissed you harder. "i really hope that your bags come fast, i really need you at home" you mumble against his mouth and he chuckles.
"trust me, baby, i'm dying to get you home faster" chris smiled and you kissed him again, holding his waist as you both headed over to baggage claim. you rubbed your fingers over his chest as you listened to him talk about filming quietly, just so he didn't leak anything out by accident.
chris's bags finally circled around and he grabbed them, and you kissed him before taking him to the car. you helped him put the suitcases in the trunk and you hopped in the driver seat, chris in the passenger seat.
"if i could fuck you in this car, right here right now, i so would" chris mumbled and you rev the engine, making chris laugh. he kissed you slowly before you drove off, eager to get home and pounce on your boyfriend.
you pulled into the driveway and chris grabs his back, and you run up the stairs. chris laughed to himself as he watched you go, kicking the door closed behind him.
chris met you upstairs, dropping his bags as he saw you laying on the bed in a new set of lingerie. “holy fuck, how i’ve missed you” chris fell on top of you and you giggle, whimpering in his mouth as his jean-covered boner pressed against your underwear. "i always thought about you touching yourself on facetime, or your lips around my cock.." chris breathed between kissed and you rolled him onto his back, pulling off his shirt and rocking your hips against his crotch.
"how bad do you need me, baby?" you smile and toy with his zipper, unbuttoning his jeans and stroking his cock outside of his underwear. chris whimpered softly and licked his lips, watching your hands. "every time i fucked myself, i just thought about you and your cock, just buried so deep in me" you smiled and kissed his chest, down to his stomach and licking the band of his underwear.
"put my cock in your mouth before i do it for you" chris demanded and you bit your lip, pulling down his jeans and underwear and sitting on his thighs.
chris's fingers took off your bra, toying with your nipples as you jerked his cock slowly. "fuck chris, you look like you want to cum right now" you smile and slither down in between his legs, arching your back as you wrapped your lips around his tips.
"i missed you and that mouth, baby" chris gripped your hair and you bobbed your head, twisting your hands around his thick cock. chris twitched and you lifted your head, sliding off your underwear and rubbing his cock against your pussy.
"fuck yes, chris, fuck me" he wrapped an arm around your waist and put you on the bed, hovering over you and spreading your legs, spitting on his fingers and pushing his two fingers into you. "fuck, chris, your mouth, please" chris chuckles and put your legs over his shoulders, fucking you with his tongue and moaning against you.
"i forgot how delicious you tasted, baby. i missed you so much" chris sat up and tapped his dick against your clit, and you whined. you grabbed his dick and guided him into you, the both of you gasping as he pushed himself into you.
you held his face and kissed him passionately as he thrusted into you, the both of you moaning into one another's mouths. "i've missed you so much, chris, i love you" you gasp and arch your back, chris kissing your neck and chest as his fingers rubbed your clit. your nails scratched down his skin, gripping his biceps with his fists next to your hips as your body bounced on the bed with every thrust.
chris rolled over and you placed your hands on his stomach, bouncing your hips on him and you smiled as you watched chris crumble. "baby i.." chris's thighs shook as he came into you and you tsk.
"i didn't get to finish, pretty boy" you mumble and bounce your hips again, chris's face tightening. you laid on your back again and held his hips, thrusting his hips fast into you.
"fuck.. shit.. holy.. shit" chris whispered and beads of sweat formed on his forehead as the overstimulation hit him. chris's fingers rubbed your clit and you trembled as you came, chris falling on top of you and you both panted. "we've never done that before"
"what? overstimming?" you breathe and he nods, looking at you. "i'm sorry, we don't have to do it again"
"no no.. it felt.. good" chris smiled and kissed your jaw, up to your mouth and kissing you softly. "can it be my turn to oversim you next? because i came really fast, and i'm so not done with you yet. it's been 5.. fucking.. months" he kissed down your chest and stomach, up again and kissing you slowly. "you know the rules, just let me know"
"yes sir" you whisper and he smiled, kissing you again before spreading your legs once more, and not even giving you a warning when he thrusts into you again.
it was a very long and sweaty, tiring night. but it was so worth it, you missed chris so much and that night and half of the morning definitely made up for it.
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Nemesis: Retribution (2)
Summary: 10 years after the Avengers had left you for dead during a mission gone wrong, you unexpectedly re-enter their lives. Wholly unrecognizable from the person they used to know and now with a new team behind you, they ask for your help to stop a chain of syndicates who were manufacturing and peddling the super soldier serum. You were determined to say no until the chance at the vengeance you had been chasing for years was added to the offer.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU, The Punisher, Daredevil
Pairings: Female Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: MENTIONS OF SMUT FOR THIS CHAPTER. SHAMELESS SEXUAL BEHAVIOURS. (18+ ONLY), polyamorous relationships, reverse harem, blatant disregard for canon timelines and events, mentions of illnesses, momentary fluff, bit of angst care of Bucky, Punisher canon level of violence and gore, rejection, bullying, heartbreak, character death
A/N: I couldn’t resist not posting this early. Here you go. Next ones will probably take a while coz I have to be an actual adult for a bit. 
No permission is granted to repost, steal, or translate my work. Not even a credit makes it okay. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
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Tumblr media
1:2 Dark Chocolate
A few days of rest was required to recover from a super soldier's punch. The doctors had said that you were lucky Steve hadn't punched you with full strength or else you would probably have a whole cracked rib cage. You were anxious to jump back in to training, not used to being idle for very long.
You were given some painkillers at the clinic and ordered to stay there for the rest of the afternoon for monitoring. When you woke up, it was early evening and a blonde super soldier was napping on a steel chair next to your bed. He jumped when you moved to sit up, his heightened senses alarmed and disoriented for a second before he quickly switched to repeatedly apologizing to you. You laughed out loud. It was just a little ridiculous to you to see such a commanding presence in the field so charmingly boyish and adorably embarrassed.
Steve was a comforting presence but to be honest you were hoping to see Bucky. You didn't get a chance to thank him since he left immediately after the doctors had ushered you into the examination room. Once you were cleared to return to training, you caught sight of his long brunette hair and the bright smile on your face couldn't be stopped. It was the glare he pinned you with that made you halt your approach.
He was back to his disapproval of your very existence.
You had to admit that it stung. You thought that you were getting somewhere with him after he helped you. At least somewhere outside of the realm of outward disdain. And maybe you were hoping just a little bit that it could lead down the road to him feeling the same about you.
The timing was perfect when you were assigned to your first official mission with the Avengers. It was a chance to prove your worth to the team and to Bucky in particular. A chance to maybe make him see you as more than just a troublesome recruit.
You came back from the mission with your head held high and absolutely glowing with confidence at the kudos from Sam and Natasha. The great Natasha Romanoff had complimented your sniping skills, picking off enemies in her area even before she could aim her own gun at them.
The first thing you wanted to do after getting back to the Compound was to tell Bucky. You wanted to brag a little bit and maybe even thank him for the mentoring. If he hadn’t been so hard on you then you wouldn’t have pushed yourself to be at this level. You were skipping down the halls of the Compound in search for him, clutching the bullet casing from your first official Avenger kill.
FRIDAY had informed you that he was in the training area and you were bouncing on your feet with excitement. As you entered though the place was empty, the rest of the agents having retired to the mess halls. You ventured further in, trusting FRIDAY’s intel until you heard some noises coming from the adjacent armory. You smiled, he must be cleaning his guns again.
As you got closer, the noise began to get louder until you could make out what was undeniably pleasured moaning, one low and gravelly while the other more high pitched. You should have turned away, if only for the privacy of the couple who was wrapped up in their passion, but your curiosity pushed you to come closer and peak through the small crack in the door.
The brief image that you saw made you instantly draw back, a shaking hand pressed to your mouth to silence the shocked gasp. You backed away slowly, your mind struggling to process what you had just seen, then your flight response kicked in and you ran like hell out of there. The scene was burning a hole in your brain and caused your skin to grow cold. Sergeant Barnes rutting hard against a woman wrapped around his waist, his glinting eyes locked with yours, and a cocky sneer on his face.
You didn’t go to dinner that night or to the team celebration for a successful first mission. You chose instead to lay in your bunk with tears burning in your eyes and trying to erase the memory of your discovery. Of course he was already dating someone. A man of his caliber was sure to have a line-up of gorgeous eager women at his disposal. He probably had no interest in boring recruits like yourself. The woman he was throwing into bliss must be some supermodel or high ranking spy. How did you even end up deluding yourself that you could possibly catch his eye?
The rest of your roommates filtered in after a few hours, chatting away noisily about the party. Anna had come to sit on the edge of your bed and ran a comforting hand along your arm, concern clearly etched on her face.
“I’m fine. Just tired. The mission really wore me out,” you muttered with a small smile. You weren't ready to talk about it yet.
“Personally I think I had better success today than all of you,” Kim’s shrill voice cut through the good natured conversations in the room.
She wasn’t part of the group taken on the mission, claiming beforehand that she was ill. A chorus of curious why’s rang out through the group and she preened at once again being the center of attention.
“Well I just had the fuck of a lifetime from none other than Sergeant James Barnes.”
The room of women burst into chaos; squeals of disbelief, rapid fire questions on how big he was and how good of a lay was he, were they dating now or was this a fuck buddy situation. Of course Kim was more than happy to entertain each question.
You tuned all of it out, the noise turning into an annoying ringing in your ear. You turned around to face the wall as the silent tears that refused to be contained any longer fell to wet your pillow. You barely registered Anna squeezing your shoulder or the words that Kim threw your way.
“Sorry, Y/N. I guess I was just more Bucky’s type.”
You curled yourself into a tighter ball as the pain in your chest radiated across your whole body. You had assumed wrong about Bucky. It seemed that he wasn’t opposed to dating new recruits.
He was just opposed to you.
The taunting from Kim continued on and you just couldn't take it any longer. You brushed the tears away, grabbed your sweater, and marched yourself to the door. You needed to get some air. You needed to get away. Anywhere but there. You wrenched open the door and almost came crashing straight toward a solid chest. Your eyes travelled up to lock with the kind blue gaze of Captain America. You wondered why Steve was standing at the doors of your bunkers holding a pack of beer in his hand.
"Good evening, ladies," he said to the room of now suddenly speechless females. "I'm just going to borrow Y/N for a bit."
The crowd remained in shocked silence while you stared at him in confusion as he smiled sweetly down at you. He had gone looking for you when he didn't see you at the celebration after Natasha and Sam had sang your praises to him at your performance. He wanted to congratulate you and bring you a drink for a job well done.
"Come on. I know a good spot," he said, placing a hand on your back and guiding you out.
Steve brought you to the top of an observatory in the Compound. It was quiet, peaceful, and offered a great view. He cracked open a bottle for you and the conversation just flowed naturally. He kept making you laugh until your sides hurt with stories about his time as a performer in the military and all the unfortunate videos that came with it. You were crying with pure joy when he relented and re-enacted his buy military bonds act, your earlier darkened mood forgotten for the moment.
Steve felt like he did something right when your glassy eyes and defeated expression was replaced with clear amusement. Even if it was at his expense. He wouldn't ask what the reason was, but he felt happy he made you feel better.
"Thank you, Steve," you muttered before you parted ways. Somehow both of you understood that it was more than just for the drink.
You promised yourself then that you would give yourself tonight to weep over your unfortunate romantic feelings. Only for tonight. Come morning you would focus all your energy on what you actually came here to do; become an Avenger. You slept fitfully that night, the shell casing from your first mission still gripped in your hand.
You made a conscious effort after that day to limit your interactions with Bucky and Kim to polite clipped conversations. At first Bucky had been surprised at your change in attitude, your blank expression and sparse words causing a momentary guilt to flash in his eyes. You had chosen instead to spend more time with Steve and the twins, your mood obviously brighter around them.
You were sitting now in a large conference room for a briefing on the next mission with a handful of other recruits when Sam Wilson sent you out to fetch the rest of the Avengers who were running late and not responding.
"Can you get them for me, sweetheart?" he chuckled, knowing that you blushed uncontrollably each time he used a nickname on you.
FRIDAY had directed you to the private common room exclusive for their use. You were about to knock on the door when you heard your name in the middle of what sounded like a heated argument. Against your better judgement, you leaned in closer.
"I don't think Y/N's cut out to be part of this team."
Your heart dropped. The conviction in Bucky's voice was clear. It was one thing for your infatuation with him to be forcefully thrown back at your face, but for him to explicitly state to a set of people that you held at such high esteem that you were not good enough was a whole other vicious heartbreak.
Lily was wrong. This time you should have known when to quit.
You forced yourself to crack the door wider and step inside, clearing your throat to announce your presence. You didn't see the startled look on their faces or the guilty one that followed when they realized that you had heard. One look at your sad glistening eyes that refused to look up confirmed it. Natasha and Steve both threw Bucky a deadly glare.
"Sam wants you all at a briefing. I was sent to come get you."
Your voice was so small and unsteady, none of the easy happiness and optimistic determination that it usually carried. Bucky felt the shame burn through him, the guilt drowning him in an instant. You weren't supposed to hear that. He took a step towards you, instinct driving him to do anything to wipe that defeated look off your face, but a threatening look from the twins pinned him in place.
"We'll walk back with you, little star," Pietro said softly, appearing beside you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. Wanda came on the other side, looping your arm with hers.
For the rest of the briefing, you strained with the effort of focusing on Sam while blatantly ignoring Bucky. You knew he was staring a hole at the back of your head, but you couldn't allow yourself to give him any satisfaction by looking back. You were soon assigned your tasks, you being placed on sniper duty again having performed well the last time.
It was supposed to be a run of the mill mission for intel and taking out a criminal base, but with the expectation of more hostiles so a slightly bigger team was necessary. You practically flew out of the room when you were dismissed, not giving anyone a chance to talk to you. A decision was solid in your mind now for when you got back.
This would be your last mission.
The ride on the jet to the location was spent with you cleaning your gear and checking your weapons. You were sliding a few knives in place when Bucky came in front of you holding out another set of knives for you to take.
"You know if you tilt the hilt to the left you can fit more in one holster," he said.
It was odd hearing him with almost warmth in his tone toward you. If it had happened yesterday, you probably would be celebrating this fact. You nodded at him, but didn't say a word.
"Remember to keep your head low and stay on your post. Okay, doll?"
You nodded wordlessly again. Because you made a point not to look at his face, you missed the way he was struggling to say more to you and the disheartened look when you obviously weren't going to answer him. You ignored him for the rest of the ride, choosing to focus on reviewing the intel.
As far as bad intel could go, this had to be the worst. You were perched up on a densely covered hill a good distance away from the base that the rest of the team were storming. You were picking off as many hostiles coming out of the base as quick as your hands would allow. Your fingers were starting to ache from the constant reloading, your eyes stung from the gunpowder, and your lip was already bleeding from biting down on it.
The noise in the comms was pure mayhem. Each team member trying to ask for help, for backup, for a plan. You had all come expecting a fight but not an army prepared to defend. You were certainly not expecting HYDRA.
"They have Bucky."
Three words spoken that sent a cold dread to wash over all of you. HYDRA couldn't be allowed to take Bucky. You abandoned your post without a second thought and sprinted down toward the base, pistols at the ready for anyone coming your way.
"Last location," you asked urgently as you slipped into the building shooting down two agents immediately.
"West wing. Near the last corridor," Steve grunted, clearly having a hard time on his end. "Y/N, do not engage!"
"I'm the closest one, Cap."
"I'm close too. Just a little busy," Natasha huffed. "I'll follow, Y/N. Steve, we need to get the hell out of here."
Steve had reluctantly agreed, seeing that there was no other choice. He quickly barked orders and commanded you to keep safe. You nodded although he couldn't see it as you wove through the corridors at full speed in search of your teammate. The moment you barged into that last room, your eyes found an unconscious Bucky immediately.
Seeing him in that chair horrified you; shirt ripped, bleeding in several areas, skin pale and cold with sweat, chest rising and falling far too rapidly, and eyes that were unresponsive. You were so distracted by the jarring image that you failed to notice the operatives across the room until the bullets were burning through your soft flesh.
You screamed from the pain, but raised your gun and fired back until you heard their bodies thud heavily on the floor. You clutched at your side, the amount of wet blood pouring out was alarming. You pushed your own welfare aside and hurriedly undid Bucky's restraints. It was a struggle to sit up a semi-conscious super soldier and when you took his weight on your shoulders, you collapsed to the floor at the intense pain in your arm. You hadn't realized that you had multiple shots there too.
You gritted your teeth and groaned at the effort of lifting you both up, your blood soaking through your gear as well as Bucky's. You huffed painfully with each step but you just had to get him out of there. You could have kissed Natasha square in the mouth when you saw her come barreling towards you.
"Jesus fucking Christ, Y/N!" she winced at your state before taking Bucky's other side. Apparently you looked as bad as you felt. "We gotta move fast. I hear more of them coming up this way. This path is clear."
Having Natasha's help in carrying Bucky alleviated some of the burden from you and made you all move faster, but the blood loss was already starting to make your vision blurry and the adrenaline was wearing off. Through the haze, you could also hear the rapidly approaching footsteps. Soon you would be basically useless and you knew there was no way Natasha could carry you both out while fighting off a hoard of enemies.
"Natasha," you said quietly, your steps faltering.
"No. Keep going goddamn it!" Natasha cried.
She knew what you were thinking. She had assessed the situation too and come to the same miserable conclusion. You smiled sadly at her angry eyes and shaking head as you let go of your hold on Bucky. Her eyes widened further as you limped toward the doors behind you and locked them tight before raising your guns to aim right at anyone who would come through them.
She didn't miss how your hands were shaking and your shot arm could barely hold up, the way you scowled deeper in pain with each movement, or how your uniform was soaked in your own blood and slowly forming a pool at your feet. Ghastly as you looked, you turned your head and tossed her another gentle smile. You were basically going to use yourself as a human shield for them and yet you were comforting her. You were reassuring her.
"Check on my sister for me, yeah?"
Natasha wanted to insist on another plan. Anything other than leave you behind to hold off the nearing enemy units. Shouting and gunfire from the other side of the door forced her to make a decision. She cursed sharply under her breath and dragged Bucky away with her, the regret heavy on her heart for having to leave you behind.
You stepped further back and supported your weak body against the wall after Natasha had thankfully left. The enemy was trying their hardest to barge through the door, ramming into it and shooting their guns at the locks. It wouldn't be long now before they manage to breach it.
You took a moment to spare a thought for your sister. A part of you was saddened to think of her grief after she finds out that you had done the most heroic thing anyone could ever do.
Another part of you was relieved knowing that she had Jill and she wouldn't be alone in that grief. When you decided this morning that this would be your last mission, you didn't necessarily expect it to be in this way.
"I'm sorry, Lily."
Natasha managed to get Bucky back to the jet where the rest of the team were all converging, still fighting off operatives chasing after them. There just didn't seem to be any end to them.
"I'm going back for Y/N!" she yelled to the team as she dropped Bucky on the floor of the jet. There was no time to be gentle, she had to hurry back to help you out.
"What do you mean? Where the hell is Y/N, Nat?" Steve shouted as he grabbed her arm.
"She stayed behind to hold off the ones chasing us so we could get out. I have to go back!"
"I will go. I can get her out," Pietro volunteered at once but he doubled over immediately from the extensive wounds on his torso.
Natasha was already sprinting back into the compound, not willing to waste another minute. She made it only a few feet before the entire facility exploded into a fiery inferno that quickly ravaged it and threw her farther back.
The entire team watched in horror as the explosions continued on several parts of the structure. The area was quickly getting engulfed by the flames and smoke. Steve had to force everyone onto the jet and bodily carry a shell shocked Natasha.
No one could have possibly survived that.
Natasha steadied her breath as she quietly landed on a perch high above in the rafters of a seedy warehouse. Wanda joined her seconds later, weaving her magic to better cloak them. The other twin was running a lap around the perimeter and would join them later.
She was assigned weird missions all the time. Missions that had very little to doubtful intel was common. This mission though was by far the strangest she's ever gotten. There was a very small list of vague things that were told to them; the time and location, not to intervene, to remain unseen until the target was ready, bring the target to the Compound.
She was slightly annoyed, but she complied anyway. She was curious too as the mission was given in secret to only the three of them. A million questions was speeding through her mind as she observed the activity below. It looked like a regular run of the mill drug den filled with busy workers and roving guards.
"How many, Wanda?" Natasha whispered.
"I sense more than 25 of them. All armed, but with much fear."
A gust of wind signaled the return of the other twin. He had a frown on his face and a concerned look in his eyes. "There is another one, but this one does not seem to be with them."
Natasha was starting to sincerely doubt this mission when a fast movement from the shadows caught her eye. By the way the twins perked up too, they surely had seen it. They followed the figure as it slipped through the darkness, almost losing track if they hadn't noticed that the guards were quickly dwindling in number. Natasha was growing worried, this was surely a highly skilled group of assassins. Pietro must have been mistaken. They were clean and efficient too.
All of a sudden a gunfight broke out below them. A figure completely clad in black, strolled casually out from the shadows with a pistol in each hand firing precisely at their targets. They confidently charged closer, unfazed as they greeted the gunfire. They continued to tear viciously through the crowd with a deadly mix of combat, bullets, and blades. 
The workers had drawn their weapons by now as well, but they were quickly killed off with barbaric aggression. It did not take long for the floor below to become a sea of blood and lifeless bodies. One person remained barely alive, hanging on to his middle to keep his internal organs from spilling out from the wide gash. The attacker came to him, nonchalantly stepping over decimated bodies. They couldn't hear what was exchanged from this distance, only the choked scream that followed as he was stabbed straight through the throat. His blood spurting out like a broken faucet.
Natasha had been in this profession for a while, but she has never seen this level of unrestrained violence.
One person.
One single person had cleared out a base of approximately 30 people. Natasha was growing more and more worried. Clearly this person was at the very least an enhanced and even with the twins with her, they were not prepared to face someone powered.
What kind of bloodthirsty lunatic does this?
"You can come down now."
All three of them froze in place. Looking down, the attacker was staring right at them with cloaked eyes. Reluctantly and very slowly, Wanda used her powers to float them down carefully keeping a good distance from this murderer.
From this close they could now see that they were in full military tactical gear in what was originally all matte black, but now had an explosion of dripping red. Combat boots, fitted cargo pants, a long sleeved shirt underneath a tight bulletproof vest, gloves, a loose hood over their head, and a cloth mask around the lower half of their face.
"Should have known something was up when my team mentioned seeing a really fast man."
The shivers that travelled through every expanse of skin on Natasha, was a reaction to that voice. It sounded strangely familiar yet unknown, but something in her mind was denying her from piecing it together. The moment the hood was dropped to reveal their eyes was when she spiraled into a complete icy shock. They were eyes that had haunted her for the past ten years. Haunted all of them. The only difference was that the eyes in her memories were smiling warmly.
The bloodied face mask was lowered to reveal a face they mourned, unmistakable and yet completely different. White raised scars branched out like weaving vines from the right side of the neck to just above the jaw and the ears. They were obviously old and healed but still raised and prominent, adding an even more dangerous edge to the menacing look on their face.
Your face.
"Hello, Natasha. Pietro. Wanda."
10 years after they had watched you tragically perish in a burning HYDRA facility, you stood before three of a group of people you had unknowingly tormented all these years.
The earpiece you wore crackled to life. "Blackbird to Hedwig. I have a visual. Should I shoot them?"
You smirked. There was no need for that. At least not right now.
"Hey, Blackbird. Tell Raven I'll be late for dinner. I have a reunion to get to."
A/N: Tell me which pairing or combination in this harem you’re most looking forward to. Smut or otherwise. I’m still rearranging scenes and working out smut. There is a long list of kinks. I need help.
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vivid4am · 4 hours ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky meets his neighbor who keeps playing the same song on repeat. 
Takes place before TFATWS
Warnings: Cursing, suicidal ideation(?), hella Beatles references
A/N: This is my first fanfic in like a long time, so sorry if my writing skills are a little week.
Whoever Bucky’s neighbor was, he loathed them. 
Life really hasn’t been kind to him lately. After being under control by HYDRA for so many years, breaking out and finding his best friend only to be turned into dust and coming back five years later with his then best friend abandoning him to go back in time to be with the love of his life. Yeah, not a good hand was dealt to him. 
The only good thing was being pardoned by the United States government and not being sent to jail for the rest of his goddamn miserable life. 
So here he was, sitting on his living room floor, staring at his T.V. and listening to that godforsaken song his neighbor was playing on repeat. 
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on
It was taunting almost. After all the shit Bucky’s went through, he wished his life didn’t go on. Wished he could be like Steve, go back in time and find someone who he could live the rest of his life with. Wished that the United States government did lock him up. Wished that they executed him. 
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da
Life goes on, bra
La-la, how the life goes on
Maybe he can complain to Dr. Raynor about this tomorrow. Tell her that the song almost makes him feel murderous again. Maybe she’ll report him and they will finally lock him up. It’s what he deserves anyway, after all the heinous crimes he’s committed. Bucky laid his head back against the wall and sighed. He then stopped and listened.
Solace and silence. The song was finally over. A smile stretched across Bucky’s unshaven face and he choked out a laugh. It didn’t last long though.
That stupid bass line along with that stupid piano started to fill his ears again.
“Are you kidding me?” Bucky said to himself. He knocked on the wall, trying to grab his neighbor’s attention to stop playing that stupid fucking song. 
The song suddenly stopped and a voice came through the wall. 
“Sorry, didn’t realize you weren’t a Beatles fan.” The voice said. 
Bucky didn’t give himself time to think, he just spoke. “I have no fucking clue who they are.” He replied. 
Bucky didn’t get a response. Silence filled his Brooklyn apartment. Then came a knock on his door. Bucky scrunched his face up. Who the hell would come visit him at this time at night? Mr. Nakajima? He pulled the blankets off his legs and stood up, his dog tags hanging off his neck. He peeked through the peephole and saw a girl standing in the hall with a white t-shirt, Cookie Monster pajama pants and her arms crossed over her chest. He sighed and opened the door. 
“Can I-”
“How do you not know who the fucking Beatles are?”
“Excuse me?” Well, maybe it’s because I’m a hundred and some year old man and have never been aware of my surroundings in the 60s before.
“The Beatles! Y’know, John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Abbey Road? Hey Jude? Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club? Here Comes The Sun? The fucking Beatles?” 
Bucky was shocked to be frank. Why was this girl screaming at him about The Beatles? He knew he should’ve listened to what Steve put down in that journal, dammit. 
All he could do was shake his head. “Sorry, no.”
“What were you, born yesterday?” The attitude on this girl was thick. She intimidated him almost, staring into his stone cold blue eyes. 
“No.” Yes.
“Don’t tell me you listen to that shitty Soundcloud rapper bullshit either.” The girl mumbled, pushing her way into Bucky’s apartment. Buck couldn’t help but panic. What if she saw his arm? What would he say to her? Then again, he didn’t really owe her any answers, she was the one who just waltzed into his apartment. 
Luckily Bucky had a grey sweatshirt laying on his kitchen counter. He pulled it over his head and stuffed his hands into his pockets. The girl stopped in front of his living room. “Nice pad you got here.” She said, admiring his single cushioned arm chair, TV stand and makeshift floor bed. 
“Uh- new furniture coming in, my old stuff fell apart.” He lied, looking down feeling almost embarrassed. “Eh, it’s okay. You’re better than the last tenets that were here.” She said, searching around his apartment. 
“I’m sorry, but- what are you looking for? Matter of fact, why are you in here?” He asked, following her around. Hopefully she didn’t find his knife stash. He wasn’t supposed to have any weapons, but he needed something in case someone tried to break in. He still gets paranoid sometimes. 
“Looking for the source in your shitty taste in music.” The girl deadpanned. 
“I-uh, I don’t listen to music.” 
The girl skidded to a halt. She turned around, shock riddled on her face. “Really? I mean, with that haircut and dog tags, you strike me as a guy who listens to Led Zeppelin religiously.” She then put her hand up. “Don’t tell me you don’t know who Led Zeppelin are either.” 
Bucky grimaced at the girl and she sighed. 
“Tomorrow,” She started, “meet me next door at 8, I get off work at 7:30.” She said before walking towards the door. Bucky gave her a confused look. “For what?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. The girl gave him a cheeky smile. “So I can show you music.” She replied, opening the door.
“I’m Y/N, by the way.” She said before she shut the door. 
“Bucky.” He whispered, but she was already gone.
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deexchanel · 4 hours ago
I'm not insecure
Word Count:
Warning: Fluff, Angst, Smut.
Summary: Hank and Bruce messing with something they don't know fully about. They bring back Peggy from the past. You'll have to read to find out the rest.
A/N : credit is due to @kalopsia-flaneur ! she came up with this amazing idea!
Tumblr media
"Guyss I'm home from my mission that was in Rome. I missed-" Y/N exclaimed while walking from the front door to the living room. Only Natasha, Sam and Wanda sat on the couches.
"Y/N!! how was your trip?" Natasha inclined sitting up on the couch. Y/N smiled sitting right on top of Sam. He made a noise when she plopped down. "Oof"
"It's was much fun, it didn't really feel like a mission."
"That's great! I'm glad you're back because it was boring around here." Wanda said not taking her attention off the television. Sam tapped Y/N forehead.
"You're heavy Y/N , get off!"
"I am not!" Y/N said in defense sliding off of him onto the couch. "Where is everyone else? I was so excited to see my husband." You looked around to the empty kitchen.
"They are in the garage messing with that quantum tunnel again." Sam replied. Y/N got up from the couch.
"Okay well that's where I'm headed."
"Babeee!!" Y/N called once she got into the garage. Steve stood to the side turning his head to see his wife coming over. "Baby, how was your mission?"
"Good! Why is everyone down here?"Y/N questioned once she got closer to him. Steve lean down a little bit, placing a quick kiss on her lips.
"Because um.." He trailed off completely moving out the way so Y/N could see. There stood Peggy talking to Bucky about something. Y/N eyes widen.
"That's Peggy? I thought s-she?"
"Yeah she did but Hank and Bruce start messing with the time machine. She ended up coming back here."
"Okay so what now?"
Steve scratched the back of his neck, he haven't even thought about that."Well uh I guess she stays here until they fix the tunnel." Y/N felt uncomfortable with the fact that his first love is staying at the compound with them but she decided not to show it.
"Okay, well I hope it be soon."
"Me too."
Y/N smirked pulling Steve closer to her "We should get out of here and have some alone time." Steve arm snaked around his wife's waist. "As much as that sound good honey, I can't. At least not right now."
Y/N looks taken back."What do you mean not right now? I haven't seen you in two weeks baby."
Steve sigh dropping his head a little bit,"I told Peggy that I would take her to new york so she can see what it looks like now. Baby I thought you were coming home tomorrow so I went along with me. Maybe tomorrow we can get our alone time?" Let down, Y/N nodded going along with it cause she knew it would make him happy.
"Yeah baby, tomorrow is fine."
Steve smiled."That's my girl." Before he could kiss her, Peggy called for him. "Steve?" Trying to calm down, Y/N moved his hand from around her waist. Ugh what a way to ruin the moment.
Indeed they did not get that alone day like Y/N wanted. It's been two weeks since Peggy has been staying at the tower. Two horrible weeks. Almost everything Peggy needed to get done, she called Steve for help. Y/N barely saw her husband anymore because he was so busy. She worried that he was starting to gain feelings for Peggy again.
Y/N opened her eyes to see that Steve's side of the bed was empty. Again. Sighing, she pushes the cover off her body. Angrily she walked down the hall to the kitchen. Steve and everyone else sat around the table eating away on their breakfast not even bothering to wake her up. Y/N tapped Steve's shoulder grabbing his attention.
"Goodmorning baby, you want me to fix you some breakfast?"
"Come here." She simply replied then walked back to their room. Steve excused himself then followed behind her. When he closed the door to their room, Y/N spoke her mind.
"What is up witn you and Peggy??"
"What?? There is nothing going on with me and Peggy. I'm helping her out because she is my friend." Steve said placing his hand on his hips. "It's nothing Y/N."
"So it's nothing? Steve I never see you anymore since she been here!" Y/N gesture towards the kitchen. "Since when the hell we agreed on you having female friends?? You told me you don't want no male friend in my life unless it's you or the team. But now when it comes to you, you're all friendly! Is there something going on between you two?!"
"I'm not friendly Y/N, it's Peggy we're talking about. I've known her from a long time. There is nothing going on between us! I love you not her!" Steve raised his voice a bit to show how serious he was. Y/N rolled her eyes not believing it.
"It doesn't seem like it! You haven't talked to me in two weeks. I know you still like her Steve."
"I don't!! Baby I promise I don't." Steve tries to reassure, going over to her. He grabs her hand but she snatch away.
"I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just leave me alone." Y/N whispered then walked to the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Steve ran his hand through his hair. He knew how to fix this.
"Hey I need to talk to you." Steve told Peggy once he was back at the dinner table.Confused, she got up from the table following him to the living room.
"What is it Steve?"
"Why have you been asking me to do things when you could ask Bucky. Now my wife thinks I've been ignoring her."
"Because you don't need her. Can't you see the chemistry between us?"
"There isn't anything between us Peggy. I love my wife. We are just friends!" Steve put emphasis on friends. Peggy raised an eyebrow.
"Friends? Steve I love you! You need to be with me not that with that bitch!"
Steve licked his lips trying to calm down."My wife is not a bitch. Peggy don't say another word to me anymore. I'll make sure you get back to your time period first thing in the morning. We're done here." Steve looks her up and down then went back to his room not even waiting on a response from Peggy.
Steve walks in to see Y/N packing. "Baby? What the hell are you doing? Why are you packing?" He grabbed her hands away from the bags. Y/N had anger written across her face.
"She can have you Steve! I do not share my men!"
Steve didn't reply as he place his soft lips onto hers . He picks her up, propping his hands under her butt. Y/N begin kissing down the side of his neck going straight to his sweet spot.
"Talk to another female that isn't Wanda and Natasha again, I'll kill you." Y/N snapped then proceeds to place hickies down his neck.
"I'm all yours doll." Steve said lustfully placing Y/N on her back. She unbuttoned his shirt, quickly pulling it off leaving him shirtless. Steve pulled off the big shirt and bra she had on. Y/N pushed him back making him look confused. She slid off the bed onto her knees.
Y/N unbuckled Steve's pants pulling that and the boxers down. She looked up at Steve placing her hand on his dick. Steve shivered at her touch, loving it completely. Y/N licked the tip, putting a nice amount of spit on it then begans deep throating him continuously. Steve eyes rolled to the back of his head, placing his hand in her hair. He gripped on it everytime his dick went down her throat.
"Can she pleasure you like this? huh?" Y/N said seductively while jacking him off. Steve could barely get his words out from how good it felt.
"Didn't think so." Y/N smirked then placed her hands on his waist, taking his dick into her mouth with no hands. Steve lets out little groans, gripping her hair tighter from how good she was sucking his dick.
"T-That's enough. My turn." Steve picks her up from the floor, placing her on the bed sideways. "Open your legs and don't run." He ordered while pulling off Y/N's panties. He licked his thumb rubbing on her wet pussy making her thighs shake a little. Y/N lifted one leg in the air, onto his shoulder letting out a little moan. Steve positioned himself then slowly eased in.
They both gasp from how good it felt. Steve picked up his pace with his hand on Y/N's leg. The other one on her waist. Y/N whimpered from the good strokes he was giving, she let her hands run up and down his toned chest. He pulled out, not liking the position nomore because Y/N face was planting her face into the bed inside of looking at him. "Lay on your back and don't take your eyes off me." Steve demanded the leans down putting a hickie on her inner thigh.
When he finished with the hickie, Y/N laid on her back. Without warning,Steve sticks it in. Y/N moans grew louder as Steve begans fucking the shit out of her. "Wait baby, slow down." Y/N moaned placed her hands on his lower abdomen. Steve slaps it away.
"Didn't I say don't run? Who this pussy belong too?"
Y/N eyes rolled back, she couldn't get a response out. Steve wraps his hand around her neck with a little grip. "This my pussy?" Y/N legs widen from the pleasure.
"It's yours daddy!"
"I'm going to cum." Steve groaned slowing his pace a little bit. Y/N placed her hands on the arm that had the hand wrapped around her neck. "Me too."
Steve hovered over Y/N nutting all inside of her while he kissed her. The couple groaned during their closing. He pulled out seeing his dick covered in Y/N's cum.
He placed his forehead against hers."I love you Y/N." She kissed his nose with a big smile.
"I love you too Steve."
Yeahhh i think i done got better with smut!😂😂
i hope you guys like it!
Bucky smut up nextt!
stay slutty my friends!
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hellotaytay · 4 hours ago
My angels! I want to start writing Marvel fanfic and I think I’d be half decent but.. can someone provide a character and a one-line prompt for inspiration!?
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purple-babygirl · 5 hours ago
daddy's best girl
Pairing: Daddy!Bucky Barnes x little!reader (ft. Uncle!Steve)
Word count: 1362
Summary: Uncle Steve just doesn't get how good Bucky's little is.
Warnings: smut, nfsw, ddlg dynamics, exhibitionism, voyeurism, orgasm control, multiple orgasms, mentions of edging and orgasm denial. 18+ content.
"Come'ere, doll. Daddy wants to play with you a little."
"Oh! Oh! Can we please build Lego houses for my dinos?" She jumped up and down, showing Bucky the tiny, rubber dinosaur in her hand.
"Aw, you're such a dumb lil baby." Bucky ruffled her hair, "you're not listening, doll. I said daddy wants to play. With you, daddy's toy."
He’s been edging her all morning, not letting her have one single orgasm for hours before he gave her a shower and dressed her nice, told her to behave because Uncle Steve was coming over and sat her down to play in her room.
"You like that, don't you? You like when daddy plays with your sensitive little body?” Bucky’s thumb traced her chin and jaw. “You like being daddy's toy?"
"Yes, daddy." She nodded innocently.
She did like it. She’d take anything if it meant she could feel daddy’s warm touch on her body.
"Come on then, let's show Uncle Steve how good you are for me, sweetling." Bucky took her hand in his and walked her outside to where Steve was sitting on their large couch. She gulped but obediently walked with him.
“You see, baby doll. I told Uncle Stevie here that you can cum for daddy whenever you’re told, but he doesn’t believe me.” Bucky sat down and pulled her on his lap facing Steve, “he doesn’t believe you’re a good girl.”
Bucky’s nose nuzzled behind her ear, placing soft kisses.
“It is true, Uncle Steve. I’m a good girl,” she timidly confirmed, closing her eyes and nodding.
Steve was still skeptical of the whole thing. He shook his head in disbelief when Bucky told him, saying that ‘there’s no such thing as cumming on command’. He validly argued that it takes women even more than men to orgasm and there was no way Bucky could make his girl do that in the matter of seconds as he claimed.
“Guess we’ll just have to show him, doll.” Bucky smirked.
“But daddy-”
“Be a good girl and get your head on my lap,” Bucky told her firmly.
She let her head be cradled on her daddy’s thighs as Uncle Steve helped her get out of her shorts and panties.
“Keep her legs open and watch.” Bucky instructed his best friend as his fingers found her clit.
She was quick to whine and mewl at the rough finger pads playing with her button, rubbing up and down, spreading her quick-to-form witness on it.
It was barely a minute of stimulation before Bucky’s voice was heard, "cum for daddy, baby doll. Let me see it gasp around nothing like a little fish's mouth. Let Stevie see." Bucky tapped her arm lightly and that was her cue to arch her back for him, "clench that pussy for me, sweetling."
Her legs trembled as she did exactly as she was told. Her long-awaited orgasm had her seeing stars as it brought the built-up pleasure of the whole day to a release.
"Just like that. Good girl. Such a perfect toy for me." Bucky smugly smiled, slowing his fingers on her clit as he leaned down to peck her forehead.
Steve’s lips parted as his blue eyes focused between her legs, watching how her pussy clenched and unclenched while her thighs quivered in his hands.
“What do you say, baby doll?”
“Th-thank you, daddy.” She breathed, her clit still pulsing under Bucky’s fingers.
"Good girl, give daddy one more, yeah? Make me proud in front of Uncle Steve, doll." He wasn’t really waiting for her nod but she gave it anyway, eager to obey, eager to hear his praise.
"How do I know she's not faking it to make you look good?" Steve cleared his throat, trying to ignore the boner forming in his pants at the sight of her juices trickling out of her pink hole.
"You have a point." Bucky shrugged with a smirk, "open your legs wide, baby doll."
She complied, spreading her thighs as far as they’d go and Steve helped her by hooking one of her legs over the back of the couch.
"Put two fingers inside of her but don’t move them," he told Steve and she gasped as the man immediately slipped his thick digits inside of her one after the other, deliciously stretching her tightness.
Bucky rolled her clit between his thumb and pointer once, twice and, "cum again for daddy, sweetling. Cum all over Uncle Stevie's fingers. Show him how good you are,” with a gentle tap to her shoulder and she was a goner.
Her velvety walls clamped down on Steve’s fingers, sucking them in more as she gasped and whined, unawarely grabbing Steve’s other hand in hers as her legs tensed.
“There we go. My well-behaved, perfect, little doll, no one’s as good as you, sweetling.” Bucky praised, wiping a couple of tears from under her closed eyes.
"Thank you, d-daddy."
“Holy shit- what just happened?!” Steve asked, feeling her walls slow their contracting around his fingers as her panting lessened.
“Told ya, man. She’s amazing.” Bucky chuckled at his friend’s bemusement before pressing kisses to her warm forehead and temple. He was so proud of his docile girl.
His lips trailed down to her cheek where he kept smooching until she let out a breathless giggle. “Always so good for me, aren’t ya, doll?”
“Yes, daddy.” She smiled, looking totally fucked out, body kind of drained from her the powerful climaxes she just experienced after a morning of orgasm denial.
“Think you can give me one last one, doll? Hmm? Just one.” Bucky murmured against her ear before softly kissing it, making her shiver when his fingers started drawing figure 8s on her sensitive nub.
“D-daddy.” She wasn’t sure she could take anymore, but it felt too good to try and stop Bucky from pushing her over the edge a third time.
“I wanna say when this time.” Steve was clearly enjoying this now, way past doubting Bucky’s words anymore.
Bucky raised his eyebrows with an amused smirk, “go ahead and try.”
Steve watched Bucky’s fingers play with her for another minute before he spoke, “cum now, little one.”
Steve’s voice was low and his eyes were focused on her channel, waiting for her to squeeze his fingers again but it never happened. Steve frowned, looking up to see Bucky with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. She could only cum on command if it was Bucky's command.
She was struggling to follow Steve’s orders. Her body used to Bucky’s voice, touches, coaxing and shoulder taps. Or maybe it was that she was done for the day? Maybe she couldn’t give them more-
“C’mon, sweetling. I know you have another one for daddy in you.” Bucky’s voice drowned out her thoughts, bringing her focus back to his fingers and how they touched her. “Give it to me, baby doll.”
“Daddy,” she moaned, teary eyes looking up at him and her hold tightened on Steve’s hand again.
"Cum for me, doll. I got ya. Soak Stevie's fingers." Bucky tapped her shoulder and her body shuttered with another orgasm.
Her hole tightened around Steve, making him squeeze her smaller hand in encouragement as he saw and felt her fall apart again.
When her pussy stopped contracting and her body stopped trembling and slumped back against the couch, Steve slowly pulled his fingers out of her, hearing her hiss as they glided on her walls.
“You can have a taste. I don’t call her sweetling for nothing.” Bucky told him, watching Steve suck on his drenched fingers.
Bucky gathered his doll’s tired body on his lap and held her close to his chest, whispering sweet praise in her ear, hands rubbing up and down her back as he watched her eyes close. He put her in her bed and cleaned her up before dressing her and leaving her to get her well-deserved nap.
The look in Steve's eyes and the hard-on in his pants that Bucky were met with when he walked out told him this wouldn't be the last time he was going to show off in front of his best friend.
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FATWS One Shot #7 - Revels
Word Count: 2921
Warnings: Cursing, That’s All, it’s a Really Tame One Shot
Setting/Characters: Party Scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron; Lots of Characters so I’m Not Gonna Name Them All
A/N: I know…it’s very late. I wanted to have it out on Friday, but I dunno, guys. My motivation as of late has been very low. I finally decided to just sit down and write tonight. So here it finally is!
This one is pretty mild compared to others. There’s a few feeling things in here, but it’s mainly just the reader hanging out with the team. The ending’s written a bit weird, but I didn’t know what to cut it off because the writers did a nice job of making the Mjolnir scene flow into the scene with Ultron’s appearance, but I didn’t want to write the whole fight with Ultron, I just wanted the lifting scene.
Listen here, though! Prepare yourselves to be conflicted even more with Steve! I made it a lot more…touchy than I was planning on. Don’t come at me! It needs to be done! This’ll be one of the last ones focused on Steve like that though. The next one is reader and Wanda bonding and then after that I don’t have any more planned for AoU, so we’ll be going to Civil War, which is where reader meets Bucky officially. So Bucky’s coming soon!
I’m gonna update my WIP List and - maybe - my One Shot list and post those later, along with a poll because I dunno which series I wanna start on next.
Thank you all so much for your patience, understanding, and support! As always, not beta’d, so please excuse the mistakes, all are mine! Be kind to yourselves and others! Enjoy and stay tuned!
FATWS Series Masterlist
cjsinkythoughts Masterlist
Tumblr media
Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.
You set your bag down and looked at your phone, vibrating from where you just left it on the counter. You looked at the time and squinted. Seven. You supposed it wasn’t too late, but you weren’t expecting any calls. 
Tired, your feet dragged as you moved across the room to get your phone. You were helping Fury set up the Helicarrier again while still remaining “dead” to everyone. It was the last thing you were doing before joining the Avengers full time. You were a bit hesitant to be in the spotlight after all these years, but after much pressuring from your team, especially a certain blonde, you finally caved. It was time for a change anyways. It might even be good for you.
Speaking of blondes, Bubba flashed across your screen, a picture of him with some scruff that you took one day in spite of his protests because you’d never seen him with a beard before lighting up behind the contact name.
You answered it, rubbing your eyes with the heel of your hands as you did so. “Hi, bubs. What’s-”
“Where are you? I miss you. Are you coming soon?”
You chuckled at his whines, an eyebrow raising as you processed his words. “Whaddya mean? I’m at my place. Where am I supposed to be?”
“Honey!” You giggled at his groan, finding it amusing how childish he could be at times. “The party? Tonight? Remember? You promised you’d come. I don’t wanna be here without you.”
“Oh shit,” you hiss out. “That’s tonight?” Moving across the kitchen to check your calendar, you scrunch up your face when you see ‘Avenger’s Tower 6 pm’ written in the square. “It’s Saturday. Aw, Stevie. I totally forgot.”
“Oh. So…are you - are you not coming, then?”
Frowning at his fallen tone, you shake your head. “I’ll be there. Just…give me a bit.”
“No, no. It’s okay. You sound tired. You don’t have to-”
“I’m on my way, Steve. I did promise after all. I’m an hour out.”
You could hear his surprise in his voice. “An hour? You’re not in D.C.?”
“I’m a little bit upstate. Just in a safehouse while I help Fury work on something.”
He let out a contemplative hum from the other side of the line. “That secret project you still won’t tell me anything about?”
A smile appeared across your lips as you walked to the bedroom to change into something a little more appropriate, settling for a comfortable romper instead of dealing with a dress. “You know I can’t, bubs. You haven’t told anyone, right?”
“No ma’am.”
You giggle softly. “Alright. Thank you. You’ll find out soon, probably. It’s almost done. Promise.”
“Then you’ll come live here? With me - the team, I mean? I miss you. The team missed you. On the raid.”
“Oh yeah. How was it?”
“Get here and I’ll tell you.”
You laughed, shaking your head. “I’m coming, I’m coming. See you then, bubba.”
“Okay, honey. See ya then.”
It was nearly nine when you got to the Tower, but any party thrown by Stark didn’t end until at least ten, so you knew you were fine. Just…fashionably late. A concept you knew Tony understood and you wouldn’t hesitate to remind him if he brought it up.
You were pleasantly surprised by how tame the party was. Sure there were a hundred people you doubted even Tony knew, but no flashing lights, the music wasn’t blaring, and no one was grinding on anyone. Everyone was just talking, drinking, and having a good time.
“Hey! There you are! Capsicle said he called you, but that was hours ago!”
Speak of the devil. You grinned and let Tony pull you into a hug before taking the drink he offered. “Yeah, well, I had a few things to do today.”
His eyebrow quirked up. “A few things, huh? Anything I should know about?”
“Nope!” You popped your lips and gave him a smirk. “Not everything’s about you, Mr. Stark.”
“Yeah, well, we missed you this week. Fun raid.” He looked you up and down and nodded, gesturing to your outfit. “Alright, you know what? I accept this. This is okay. Not what I had in mind, but you pull it off.”
You laughed, shoving his shoulder playfully. “It’s comfortable, okay? Where’s Steve?”
The billionaire rolled his eyes and gave you a look. “Don’t worry your pretty little head. He’s over playing pool with Wilson. C’mon! I wanna get you drunk and complain about my perfect, heroic, billionaire life to my favorite teammate!”
“I just need to tell him I’m here.” You snicker. “And don’t let anyone here you say that. I don’t want my rep to become Tony’s favorite.”
He chuckled with you and gave you another squeeze. “Alright, alright. Come find me later, though. I do have something I need to show you.”
You shook your head, already knowing where the conversation was heading. “Tony! No! I don’t need a suit! Thank you, I appreciate it, but I’m really okay. I like fighting in sweatpants.”
“Fine!” He huffed out. “But at least let me show you some designs I came up with. I put a lot of hard work into them, you know.”
Tapping his chest, you nodded. “I’m sure you did. I’ll come find you and you can show me, but that’s it.”
He smirked, drawing an ‘x’ over his heart with his finger. “Cross my heart.”
“I’m serious, Tony!” You point at him as he started walking away. He just blew a kiss towards you, making you laugh and roll your eyes again.
Turning, you scanned the room for the pool table where, supposedly, Steve was playing with Sam, who you had no idea was gonna be here. You’d been helping him out with the whole James - Bucky, you reminded yourself - Barnes thing during your free time. No such luck yet. The man was literally a ghost, even for you.
You couldn’t stop the smile on your lips when you finally caught sight of him, his brown leather jacket hugging his shoulders a grin on his face as Sam talked to him about something. Quickly making your way over, your arms wrapped around that ridiculously tiny waist, crossing over his stomach. You felt him tense at the sudden contact, before he relaxed at a kiss to the nape of his neck and spun around.
The beam he gave you made your heart flip, his muscled arms winding around your neck. “Y/N! You made it!”
His boyish excitement made you laugh. “I told you I’d come. Hi, Sam.”
Sam nodded and waved. “What’s good, Y/N?”
“Who’s winning?” Slipping out of Steve’s hold, you leaned over the table to study the games process.
“We just started a new one.” Steve informed you. “Wanna join?”
You raised an eyebrow at him. “You sure you wanna be embarrassed in front of all these nice people?”
“Oooh!” Sam winced. “Smack! Alright. Put your money where your mouth is, Y/L/N. Ten bucks says I win.”
“You’re on, Wilson.”
A few more drinks, a couple games, and thirty extra bucks later, Tony called you over impatiently. Steve gave you a questioning look as you heated up, Tony waving his arms dramatically and shouting your name. God, he’s so embarrassing.
“He wants me to look at suit designs.”
Steve frowned at your explanation. “I thought you told him no?”
You chuckled. “I did. I’ll be right back, bubs.” After kissing his cheek, you head over to Tony. From there, you end up bouncing around from teammate to teammate, laughing and joking around with them.
Until Steve dragged you back with him again. “Excuse me.” He interrupted you, Clint, and Natasha’s chatter, grabbing your elbow and taking the drink you had in your hand. “I’m stealing you.”
“C’mon, man! It’s called sharing!”
Natasha laughed and nodded in agreement with Clint’s statement. “Everyone’s gotta have a turn, Rogers.”
Steve hummed, walking backwards and pulling you as you giggled in amusement. “You just had your turn, Romanoff.”
“Sorry guys.” You shrugged when the two looked at you incredulously. “Captain’s orders.”
“Damn right.” Steve nodded firmly.
“Watch your language!” Clint shouted with a pointed finger.
You raised an amused eyebrow at Steve’s groan. “Your language? They do know that you have, quite possibly, the worst mouth on the planet, right?”
He sighed, pulling you to the side of the room and wrapping his arms around your waist. “It’s something that happened on the mission. Which you would know if you were there.”
He blinked innocently at you. “What?” At your pointed look, he let out a sigh, dropping his forehead to your shoulder. “Did I do something wrong? Is that why you’re avoiding me?”
“Who said I’m avoiding you?”
“C’mon, honey.” He lifted his head, his eyebrows furrowed together. “Don’t hurt me even more. I know you have.”
You shook your head, lips turning down and hand raising to cup his cheek. “Stevie, I’m not. I promise. I’ve just…I’ve just been busy.”
He pouted. “With Fury?”
Giving him a weird look you shook your head. “No. I mean, yes, but I’ve also been helping Sam out with your friend while you help the team with the rest of the HYDRA bases. You know that. What’s going on with you?”
“I’m sorry.” He sighed, ducking his head to your shoulder again. “I’ve just missed you.”
“I know, bubba. I’ve missed you too.”
The real truth was you had been avoiding him. Not on purpose. Kinda. You just felt something different around him. Something you’d never dealt with before. And you didn’t want to deal with it now, so you haven’t been. It was why you were so hesitant about becoming a full time Avenger. Well, that and the fact that you’d been in the shadows for a decade and you weren’t sure how well you’d do in the light.
“Where’s Sam?”
“He had to head home. Long drive. His excuse, not mine.”
You gasped in offense. “And he didn’t even say bye?! Rude!”
Steve chuckled, his nose brushing against the skin of your throat, breath tickling your collarbone. “I’m sure he’ll call you in the morning or something. Apologize for leaving so abruptly.”
You hummed, swallowing the lump that suddenly appeared in your throat. “Tell me about the language thing. What happened?”
He groaned, but straightened and told you about him accidentally scolding Tony, before he proceeded to tell you about the rest of the mission, including the Maximoff twins. 
“Why is it that war always seems to breed more war?” You asked with a sigh.
“They’re just kids trying to do what’s right.”
“We all start out that way, don’t we?” You shook your head. Kids. they shouldn’t be fighting in a war. They shouldn’t have to deal with that. “It’s just a shame.” Your voice is muffled by his shirt after you pressed against his chest.
“Yeah.” He sighed out. “Wanna go get a drink?”
Pulling back from him and looking around, you noted that most guests had already gone and it was dwindling down to just the Avengers and a couple allies. “Yeah. Wanna sit down too. I’m kinda tired.”
“Alright, honey. Let’s go sit down.”
It wasn’t even half an hour later when you were all sitting around the middle of the room, everyone else having gone, but Dr. Helen Cho, Rhodey, Maria, and the team. You were in the same boat as Helen, who was basically passed out on an armchair. You’re legs thrown over Steve’s lap, stretched out to let your feet rest on Thor’s thigh, who was on the chair on the other side of the captain. You were hugging Steve’s arm, your head resting against his shoulder, a small smile of content across your features as you listened to the team banter and tease.
You started laughing at Clint’s comments towards Thor’s hammer while spinning the drumstick he had for whatever reason. “Ah, whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power! Whatever, man! It’s a trick!”
You and Steve exchanged amused grins as Thor challenged Clint, who stood up with no hesitation and headed to the hammer.
“This is gonna be good.” You chirped, taking the bottle Steve handed you as the archer stopped in front of where it was placed on the table.
Clint stuck his tongue out at you, before turning back to Thor and gripping the handle. He tugged for a moment, grunting, before laughing in slight embarrassment. Chuckling, you snuggled closer to Steve’s side, your eyes feeling heavy. He turned his head to nose your temple and kiss your cheek.
“Oh brother.” You giggled, sitting up with interest as Tony stood up and unbuttoned his suit jacket.
“Alright, so if I lift it, I-I then rule Asgard?” Tony asked in clarification, slipping his hand through the strap.
“Yes, of course.” Thor confirmed with an amused smirk, shooting you a wink when you nudged his knee with your foot.
Tony braced himself, setting his foot on the table. “I will be reinstituting prima nocta.”
You rolled your eyes, scoffing. “Oh God, Tony.” Steve squeezed your knee with a slight chuckle as the billionaire tried lifting it to no avail. You gave him a weird look, watching him leave the room, before turning to Steve. “What’s he-?”
“Alright! Let’s try this again!”
Another fit of laughter left you and the team when Tony strutted back in with his Iron Man glove on. And when that didn’t work, Rhodey joined him with his War Machine glove. 
Your eyes were watering and you tried holding in your laughter, but you couldn’t help it, pressing your face into Steve’s arm to muffle the sounds. You felt his shoulders shake with silent chuckles, which didn’t help your own.
When Bruce went up, an awkward silence filled the air after he tried Hulking out, but then you started laughing again.
“Your turn, bubba.” You nudged the blonde, who gave you a look, before shrugging and patting your thigh. 
“You gotta get off then, honey.”
You rolled your eyes but swung your legs off him, letting him stand up. He rolled his sleeves up, stepping up to Mjolnir, a few encouragements from the team, before pulling on the hammer. You thought you saw it shake a little, but Steve yanked some more and it didn’t move, so you figured you were imagining it.
Steve sighed and let go, putting his hands up in surrender with a grin like the good sport he was. Thor laughed. “Nothing.”
You shrugged at the super soldier who plopped back down besides you as the others tried getting Natasha to go up. “You tried.” 
He raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms and leaning back. “Well if Romanoff isn’t going…your turn.”
“Wh-what?” Your eyes went wide.
“I did it.” He gestured to the hammer. “Now you gotta.”
“Hold on, hold on. We didn’t agree on th-”
“Honey.” He gave you a little pout, cocking his head to the hammer. “C’mon. Just a tug.”
You narrowed your eyes, but your lips turned up and you straightened off the couch. “This is peer pressure. Captain America, everyone.” He chuckled as you stepped over to Mjolnir. “It’s not gonna work.”
Tony snorted. “Not with that attitude.”
“C’mon, Tones. If none of you could.”
The billionaire shrugged with a grin. “Never know if you don’t try.”
You deadpanned at him, gripping the handle and trying, in vain, to pull it. You didn’t put nearly as much effort as everyone else. “Wow. Look at that. What a surprise.”
“What was that?! You barely touched it!”
Giving a shrug, you started back to your seat. “I’m guessing if you’re worthy or whatever, it wouldn’t take that much to lift it.” You fell onto the couch, your head landing in Steve’s lap as you looked upside down at Thor and pointed at him. “But I do have a question for you.” The god looked at you in interest, gesturing for you to continue. “What does worthy mean? Like, what makes a person worthy to lift it? You couldn’t lift it a while back - I know, I read the files. SHIELD agent, remember?” You added when you saw him open his mouth to question you.
You blinked at him curiously, tilting your head, watching as his brow furrowed. Tony cackled and clapped at the silence in answer. “Oooh! She got you! All difference to the Man Who Wouldn’t Be King, but it’s rigged. And the lack of response to Y/N’s question just makes it more obvious.”
“That’s not what I meant-”
“You bet your ass.”
You rolled your eyes, letting it go as Maria teased Steve about Clint’s foul language. “Did you tell everyone about that?” Tony ignored Steve’s question and continued to ride on Thor and his hammer.
“Why are they trying to make sense of it?” You questioned, highly entertained, but also very tired, turning to press against Steve’s stomach.
“It’s Tony. I couldn’t tell you. C’mere.” Steve shifted you so that you were sitting up, but he was holding you more comfortably. “Try getting some sleep.”
You hummed and nodded against him, but a high pitched whine made you wince and stand up, Steve unconsciously standing a bit in front of you. A suit of Tony’s, damaged with wires hanging down and oil leaking out or places that didn’t have metal keeping them in, came in and you inwardly sighed at the bad feeling tugging at your gut.
So much for sleep.
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Marry Me?
Steve Rogers x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Steve Masterlist
Summary: Steve takes you on vacation and asks you to marry him.
Word Count: 615
Warnings: none, just fluff
A/N: proposals are just cute to me
(y/f/f): your favorite food
Tumblr media
“Steve this is beautiful.” You gasped, as your eyes landed on the stunning beach in front of you. Steve had taken you to Hawaii for a vacation. The both of you were in need of a vacation so Steve made it happen.
“Only the best view for the best girl.” He said, wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you closer. “Since it’s our first night I thought why don’t we go to dinner and then a walk on the beach?”
“I’d love that.”
You and Steve went back to your hotel room in the resort and got dressed for dinner. Steve had picked this restaurant that was right above the beach so you could watch the sun slowly fall.
The restaurant was fairly close so you walked to it, Steve had already made reservations for a table for two.
“And here I thought we’d be waiting for a while.”
“I always have a plan.”
You smiled and followed the host as he took you to your table. The restaurant was really fancy, you could tell by the attire and the menu. You honestly would've been fine with (y/f/f) but that wasn’t on the menu.
“This is really fancy, maybe too fancy. What made you choose this one?”
“It’s different, and we usually don’t go to very fancy restaurants back in New York so why not?” He responded looking up from his menu.
What you didn’t know is that he was planning to propose to you that night. On the beach after dinner. After almost 4 years of dating, Steve wanted to marry you.
The both of you ordered your appetizers and main courses. Your appetizers arrived, you ate and talked, Steve told you about the excursions you could do while in Hawaii.
You were open to anything just as long as you were spending time with him. This vacation was about you and him, nobody else.
After you finished and Steve insisted on paying, you made your way to the beach. The night was perfect, the sun had not started to set yet and the beach wasn’t crowded.
“This is like the perfect night to come to the beach.” You said, taking off your shoes so you could walk in the sand. Steve took off his shoes as well and the both of you began to walk down the beach.
“Is this a coincidence or did you plan this too?” You joked, staring at Steve.
“I never tell my secrets.”
You shook your head and kept walking. Before you knew it the sun was setting. You watched the sky as the sunset, you turned around to show Steve and you gasped as you saw him on one knee.
“Steven Grant Rogers, what are you doing?” You practically yelled, dropping your shoes and covering your mouth with your hands.
“(y/n), these last few years of my life have been the best years of my life. Having you by my side, being my partner and best friend.”
Your hands were shaking and you were speechless. He was proposing.
“(y/n) (y/l/n), Will you marry me?” Right after he enunciated the last word you screamed, yes.
“Yes, yes, yes, oh my god Steve.”
He gets up, sliding the ring on your finger. You look at it in awe before engulfing Steve into your arms.
“I don’t know if I hate you for this or I love you.”
“I hope you love me because I just asked you to marry me.”
You planted your hands on each side of his face and pulled him closer to you, kissing him.
“I guess we’re spending the rest of this vacation, engaged.”
“I guess we are.”
Tumblr media
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I have a question
I’m almost done writing the first chapter of my Steve Rogers x reader, Marcus Moreno story but the chapter is somewhat long. Would you guys prefer I split it in half or would you like for it to be somewhat long? I feel like it’s a lot going on in the chapter and I feel like it might be all over the place. The good side if I split it you won’t have to wait long for part two. The down side is we won’t get to Marcus and the reader until the end of chapter two. Please let me know.
You can read the plot to the story here
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ilovefandoms102 · 6 hours ago
Going to Bed
Pairing: Nomad!Steve Rogers x Plus Size Reader
Summary: You head to bed with too many clothes on to Steve’s liking...
Note: All my ideas apparently come from TikTok now and this is so hot😍
Warnings🛑:smut(oral(female receiving, unprotected sex)) BE SAFE!!!!
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Tumblr media
It had been a long day...
Being on the run takes a lot of energy, especially when we had to constantly stay moving. Luckily, you still had your husband Steve to keep you sane.
“Alright babe, I’m gonna head to bed.” I sighed, stretching as I yawned.
“Already?” Steve asked.
“Yeah I’m tired” I frowned, looking into his blue eyes.
Steve walked closer, eyeing me up and down. I couldn’t deny the slight ache between my legs when he did this, a shiver traveling up my spine.
“Ok, but...why are you wearing clothes?” Steve questioned, a sly smirk forming.
“What?” I asked, confused by his question.
“You’re going to bed right?” He asked again.
“Yeah?” I said, still not catching on.
“Right, so why are you wearing clothes?” He smiled, walking even closer.
I finally caught on to his act, playing into his game I bit down on my lip.
“Then what should I be wearing?” I questioned, looking up with the most innocent expression I could pull off.
Steve walked me back into the wall, leaning close enough so our lips brushed as he spoke.
“Nothing,” he whispered, my heart raced as his eyes flickered from mine to my lips, and mine did the same.
“But if I wear nothing, I get really cold...” I whispered back.
“That’s okay, I’ll give you my body heat.” Steve said as he closed the remaining millimeters separating us and kissed me.
I melted into him, feeling up his chest to his bearded cheeks. The calloused hands of the super soldier felt up the thin layer of the shirt I was wearing. He bunched up the fabric, using it to pull me even closer despite the nonexistent space between us.
We somehow made it to the bedroom, both of us crashing onto the bed. Not once was our kiss ever interupted, not even as we both scooted up to the top of the bed. His lips eventually moved to my cheek, down the side of my neck, leaving love bites on near other ones he had left the day before. 
I couldn’t help the whiny moan that left my lips, my fingers threading into his blonde hair. He smiled wickedly against my skin, his hands traveling further south where I was aching for him.
“No teasing baby, please.” I whined, lifting my hips so he could pull my pants along with my underwear off.
I took off my shirt as his head decended, my eyes hooded as he looked at me before laying a sweet kiss on the heated skin. His tongue touched where I was leaking, my mouth opening slightly but all that came out was my panting breath. His moan from my taste had me throwing my head back, my eyes closing as he started exploring every inch like he hadn’t a million times before.
My hand pulled at his hair, the vibration from his moans into me had me gasping for more air. I loved intimacy with Steve, he always made me feel so loved. I couldn’t imagine my time spent with anyone else.
“Fuck Stevie-‘m gonna cum,” I panted, my fingers digging furhter into his hair as his tongue moved faster.
I came with a shout of his name, my back arching as my legs closed around his head. Steve inserted his tongue, slurping up every drop of my cum. He sat up panting, his broad chest heaving as he stared down at my shaking body. 
Steve took his shirt off, standing up from the bed to take his pants and boxers off. Shivers ran down my spine at the sight of his dick, memories of all the ways this man had taken me whirling through my brain. He made his way back up to me, kissing his way up my body to my lips.
“Ok my love?” Steve asked, always checking in before moving on to anything else which made my heart warm at how sweet he was. He never wanted to push, and always made sure I was comfortable.
“Yes baby, I want you.” I whispered, pulling him down to kiss me.
He slowly inserted himself inside of me, both of us moaning into each other’s mouth as we fully connected. Steve slowly moved his hips, mine tilting up to meet his.
“Fuck I love you,” Steve moaned, his face going into my neck.
“I love you so so much Steve, fuck you make me feel so good.” I babbled, mewling as his thrusts became faster and faster.
By the time we were done, the sun was already rising...
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barnesdogtags · 6 hours ago
Real or Not Real? (Part 1)
Summary: Bucky made a bet with Steve that he would have a girlfriend before their trip back home to Brooklyn. Steve is bringing Nat and Bucky doesn’t want to be the third wheel. When he forgets about the bet until a few weeks before the trip, he asks you to be his fake girlfriend in a panic. Just one week, that’s it. But the line between real and fake quickly becomes blurred, leaving you to wonder if you’re really playing pretend anymore.
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff
Tags: fake dating, eventual “there’s only one bed”/sharing a bed, mutual pining, slight friends to lovers
Word Count: 1.3K
masterlist | send me a request 
From: Steve --  Hey Buck, any update on your end of the bet? Just wanted to check in since we leave soon.
The text made Bucky groan, he had completely forgotten about the bet. Steve watched as the three little dots kept popping up then disappearing as Bucky tried to think of a response. 
From: Bucky -- Yeah, I’m bringing someone. Don’t ask who, it’s a surprise.
It’s still a surprise to him too. At first, three months seemed like plenty of time to find a girlfriend, but now he was down to less than two weeks. He knew it was a lost cause, even with all the dating apps Nat signed him up for (against his will). But he got himself into this situation, and now he’ll have to pay the consequences. 
From: Steve -- Awesome! We can’t wait to meet her :) 
Bucky thought over his options, which right now were 1. Admit he lied and lost the bet or 2. Miraculously find a girlfriend in the very short time he had. The T.V. was distracting him, and just as he was about to turn it off, he saw a commercial for a movie. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, a movie where the characters pretend to date. That’s when a lightbulb went off in his head. Twenty minutes later, he was knocking on your apartment door.
“I’m about to sound crazy, but hear me out,” he started as he walked inside, “You remember that bet I made with Steve and Nat? Well, I may have forgotten about it entirely, and now there’s two weeks until we leave. So I was thinking of how I could still win, and that’s when I came up with a plan. You could be my fake girlfriend.” 
“Hello to you too. And you’re right, you do sound crazy. But I’ve heard worse.”
“So is that a yes?” 
“Maybe. What do I get out of it?”
“I don’t know, a free trip to Brooklyn? Knowing you’re helping a friend out?” 
It would be nice to spend some time with Nat and Steve, and you’ve never been to New York. On the other hand, you’ve seen plenty of movies and books where the characters do this exact thing and end up actually falling in love. But those are just fiction, and you and Bucky are just friends. 
“Alright, I’m in, just as long as you promise not to actually fall in love with me.” 
“Trust me, that won’t be an issue.” 
“Wow, I’m hurt.” He laughed at your sarcasm. “So what’s your plan here?”
“I uh, don’t have one.”
“You don’t have a plan?” He shook his head. 
“I’ll admit, I got the idea from some Netflix movie. Don’t we just pretend to be a couple? What other plan is there?” 
“It’s not that easy. We need to set some rules and boundaries so no one gets uncomfortable. If we want it to be believable, it needs to be planned out. They do it in the movie, but I’m guessing you haven’t seen it.” Again, he shook his head. You went and got a notebook and some pens to take notes. 
“We’re watching that movie tonight so you can see how it’s done. Let’s start with what you are and aren’t comfortable doing,” you said. 
“I’m fine with anything. I think hand holding and occasional kissing is good, but we shouldn’t overdo it. Might look suspicious. If any of that makes you uncomfortable, we don’t have to do it.” 
It hadn’t occurred to you until that moment that you and Bucky would have to kiss. It’s not like it would be your first, but it would still be your first time kissing him. It didn’t have to be weird, you’re both adults, adults who can kiss without making it a big deal. 
“Yeah, all of that is fine with me.” 
“How do we feel about nicknames? I was thinking of doll, it’s what I called girls I liked back in the 40’s. If that’s okay with you.” 
It was sweet how he made sure you were comfortable with everything. “That’s okay with me. Other than that we should stick to the basics, like babe or baby.”
He nodded and you added it to the list. It was coming along easier than Bucky had thought, and he was impressed with how seriously you were taking everything. None of the things you mentioned had even crossed his mind.
“Next we need a breakup date. If it’s too soon after the trip, they might think something’s up. But we don’t want to commit to this for months.” 
“Maybe a month and a half from when we leave? We could say we started dating at the beginning of this month, so we’ll have ‘dated’ for almost three months when it’s done.” He used air quotes around dated.
Once you were done with that, the list was complete.
Fake Dating Rules
Bucky has to watch To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before.
Physical touching and kissing is okay.
Don’t go overboard with PDA.
Only use babe, baby and doll for nicknames.
“Break up” a month and a half from when the trip starts.
Do not fall in love.
“Last thing, we need to make up a story about how we started dating. Got any ideas?”
“You’re the expert at this apparently, do you have one?”
“Do I have to think of everything?”
“Fine, I can say I got jealous when you went on that date last month and told you how I felt when you got home.”
“Perfect,” you paused, “You thought of that quickly.” 
Bucky started blushing. “ was just the first thing I thought of that could work.”
“I was just teasing you.”
You could see the relief on his face. It was easy to get a rise out of him like that, and it annoyed him how much you liked doing it. 
“Thank you for doing all this. I really owe you one.”
“It’s nothing,” you shrugged. 
It wasn’t just nothing to Bucky. Who else would go out of their way to help a friend with their crazy plan, all to win a bet and prove a point? He knew he was taking it too seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being single. But being the third wheel with Steve and Nat and having them try and set him up with all their single friends was getting old. He was also too stubborn to admit that he forgot about it entirely, so here he was, pretending to be in a relationship. 
“Let’s watch this movie and get it over with.” 
You grinned as you pulled up the movie knowing he was secretly excited to watch. Bucky always acts like he doesn’t like romcoms, but he always gets invested in them when you can convince him to watch one. He never notices how you spend most of the movie watching his reactions, just like you were doing right now. 
“This is ridiculous, why can’t they just tell each other how they feel?” He was muttering to himself, but you still heard him. 
“Because the other person will just think it’s part of the act.” 
He just huffed and kept watching. 
When it was over, he asked you, “Are you worried that’ll happen with us?”
“No, it’s just a movie Buck. Of course they’re going to end up together.” 
“Right. Well, watching it did help, it gave me some ideas,” he paused and looked at the clock, “I should get home though, it’s getting late.”
You hadn’t realized how late it had gotten, it was almost 1:00 a.m. You both said goodnight to each other, and Bucky left with his copy of the list. It was really starting to kick in that in just a few weeks, you’d be in Brooklyn as Bucky’s fake girlfriend. What could possibly go wrong?
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punemy-spotted · 6 hours ago
In This Life and the Next
Chapter 1: It was Asleep in the Veins
Summary: They remember, but you forget. You can run from the ties that bind, but it'll be right into their arms.
Pairings: Reader x Helmut Zemo & Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Reader is Desi and Muslim Coded on Occasion
Warnings: DEAD DOVE: DO NOT EAT; Rape/Non-Con Elements; Deeply, Deeply Dark; Character Death Involved; Dubious Consent; Dark!Steve; Dark!Bucky; Dark!Zemo; Political/Mafia Elements; Obsessive/Manipulative Lovers; Workplace Sexual Harassment/Assault; Political Corruption; Pleasepleaseplease read at your own discretion
Notes: Sometimes my writing has a playlist and this time it just has a song, please enjoy Lahu Munh Lag Gaya while reading this. This is a fic that is going to be dark and as it develops, more warnings may be added. Please read at your own discretion and let me know if more things need to be tagged.
Tumblr media
What is pride, but the precedent before the fall?
How far will you fall, sweetling, before time brings you back to me?
It is in your blood.
It is the red earth under your racing feet, the heavy humidity of promised rain, the dhol-beat of your thudding heart. You can try to run from it — you do, sometimes — but it draws you back, draws you in, draws you home.
(The further you run, the tighter we will hold you.)
The open terrace is an invitation, the waiting archway is a portal — it only takes one step.
You always do this, don’t you? Your own little game, the running. When you love wolves, you might as well make yourself prey, racing down these sun-bright halls and daring them, sweetness, daring them to reach out of the shadows and take hold.
(Run, rabbit, run, but we are patient and we are watching…)
He lives there, in the corner of your memory, a promise and a threat. I will always find you.
So let him, little treasure, and paint your skin with the memory of his fingertips. Remind him, as he reminds you.
Let him come to you, let him chase you down the ramparts and catch you in the courtyard. Let him wrap his arms around your waist and twirl you in the air, let him hear the song of your laugh I have memorized you like a prayer, whispered into the crook of your neck.
He is sweetness. He is warmth, he is a memory you treasure in the dark.
He is dead.
Pay no attention to the dark clouds on the horizon.
Pay no attention to the shadows on his face.
He will love you — don’t you see, don’t you understand how you are mine — but he will use you, little lamb, until you are spent. You are a lifetime, a fire, and he will take all the light you have to offer and you will place your tombstone in the graveyard that is his heart.
You will forget.
He will not.
The red threads can be a noose too, if you aren’t careful, and sweetling you can never be too careful around him.
So run.
Run until your legs crumple, until you are too tired to crawl. Run because once you do he will not stop.
(Lips touched lips and through them touched blood…)
He has tasted the blood of your love, sweetling, do you truly think he’ll ever set you free?
Tumblr media
The scream comes from your own throat.
You’re awake now, bathed in the light of the morning, panting from the last vestiges of the nightmare you have woken up from every morning for the past three weeks. Frantic, you reach for your neck like you’ve done every morning for the past three weeks, searching for blood.
And like every morning for the past three weeks, your hand comes away clean.
But you remember it don’t you, the jaws around your throat, biting down until you go limp in their grip? Run, rabbit, run…
You’re so tired of being afraid.
Your alarm is set to go off in thirty minutes, but you know you won’t be able to fall asleep in that time. Groaning softly, you roll out of bed and set it to snooze for the day lest it interrupts your shower. The lies you tell yourself about clearing your head this way will guide you through the rest of your routine.
You ache. A soreness in your bones, familiar and strange all at once. Running, constantly, from something you cannot explain or articulate, dreams you mull over and fail to understand. And then waking, frantic and screaming, begging for your life to thin air before the reality sinks in and you come to terms with this false safety.
The water of the shower does little to ease it, but it’s enough. Enough to push you through the rest of getting ready, reluctantly.
This life could have, should have, perhaps even would have been a fairytale. The culmination of your strife, years of clawing your way six feet out of that grave of constant study, exhaustion embedded in your bones, all to become this. All to stand at the right hand of the Man-Who-Could-Be-President, all to bring him coffee and papers and write the talking points of his speeches and make yourself Invaluable to the Movement you are so sureyou believe in.
Were so sure you believed in.
It’s a slow siege.
One piece of armor, then the next.
(Bet that lipstick leaves a mark.)
You stopped wearing red to work, settling for neutral lip balm and pretending it didn’t leave you vulnerable.
(It’s nice of you to dress the part.)
Those tailored suits you once loved wearing so much now sit as moth food in the back of your closet as you drape yourself in the ill-fitting and ill-designed.
(You have such lovely hair.)
Lovely, sitting messily in a clip so his fingers can never run through raven tresses again.
Look at you.
Look at you, standing in the mirror. Is this what you are? Is this what you want to be? Is this what your promise and ambition have led you to become, shadowed and cowering in your clothes? Where is your violence, where is your passion, where is the fire?
Who are you now, lamb-to-the-slaughter, lost sheep, girl in the woods?
You wake, you dress, you stare at yourself in the mirror again and in your heart, weep.
Tumblr media
Baron, welcome, thank you for coming by. The brush of a hand against the nape of your neck has you turning from your desk and the papers strewn across it, facing yet more wolves in this den of your prison. The Senator gestures for you to stand and you do, keeping your gaze from his hungry eyes as yours scan over the guests he’s brought by.
Familiar faces.
And not, all at once. You know those shapes, the sly curve of that smile, the effortless tousle of brown hair and yet you don’t. Like seeing them in pieces, placed on the same canvas but sparking no proper recognition.
May I introduce you to the newest member of our staff, Miss… he pulls you in as he speaks, the smile on his face too wide and too warm to be anything but hiding fangs and you can feel the want pulsing through each word as he introduces you.
Ignore him.
Ignore the pressure of his hands on your shoulders, giving you a squeeze as he stands you in front of him like a trophy. Focus on the man in front of you, and the icy curiosity in his eyes.
Good morning, Baron Zemo there, that’s the name, and yet it sits wrong on your tongue, like there’s more to him that you know and don’t all at once, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Practice it. Steady it. Measure the words like you don’t feel the pressure on your shoulder, like you aren’t looking for any excuse to escape that roaming grip.
Does he see? Does he see the way you writhe in your own mind, crawling and raw and desperate? Is that way his gaze hardens when he glances idly to the senator and then back to you? It is my pleasure. And coffee, if you please — three, no need for cream or sugar.
Of course.
A man like him would hardly come alone and there they are, stepping in from the periphery of your vision, towering behind their employer. One dark-haired and the other blond, wearing armor and scowls and so very familiar. You know those eyes, ice and steel, and yet you don’t and — memories burst like bubbles to the pin of the very present reality of the Senator’s hand sliding down your upper arm, fingers brushing your chest you are not safe.
Choose. Now. Fight, flight, or freeze? Let them see the glittering fear behind your glasses and hope they’ll save you?
Stupid girl, don’t you know?
No one can save you but yourself.
Wrench yourself from the grip on your shoulder, stalk over to the coffeepot. Just past the Baron-who-isn’t My apologies, I must be in your way.
No, no, of course not, please make yourself comfortable.
Keep it bright.
Keep it chipper.
Don’t look back at the hungry eyes following you, don’t think about it, don’t let them see your spine be anything but titanium, don’t let the—the hand on your wrist is black-gloved and unyielding, spinning you around to face steel eyes and harsh finality We’ll take care of it.
Of course.
Sergeant Barnes, please. We need not frighten our friends. Baron Zemo’s voice is silk and warmth and you should not feel so safe in the honeysweetness.
The glove leaves your wrist. Sergeant Barnes? Stands still as a statue and you step back. They’ll take care of it, and they do. The other of the two, technically, pouring coffee and trading mugs until all five of you are warming your hands with fresh-brewed caffeine.
Senator. Shall we?
You’re alone. Baron Zemo slips into the Senator’s office and the door closes with a snap, leaving you in the presence of solemn and silent.
You should get back to work.
You should say something.
You should do a good many things.
So do it.
Work it is. You can feel the eyes on you, somewhere between curious and suspicious, while you shuffle papers and try to focus on the email you were drafting. Focus.
Don’t look back.
Don’t look at the office door.
Don’t do anything but stare at those papers, write those emails.
You should run, rabbit.
The silence comes with whispers, winding around your ear like curls of smoke, bidding you turn around and look at the statues behind you, search their faces, ask them questions. You have so many, sweet and polite, where is your chatter?
It’s an hour before the office door opens and Helmut Zemo’s honeysweet voice filters to your ears, I’m sure your Sokovian-American constituents will be quite pleased by the bill, Senator. We shall have to honor you for your dedication to our shared people at the embassy.
You stand without thinking, usually so used to only moving when the Senator bids you — mostly to keep yourself out of his grip — but the draw of his voice is undeniable. Like a moth to a flame, you burn your wings to please and meet the watchers’ icy eyes as you wait for the beacon to step into view.
He sees you. So thorough and careful, a feigned warmth around his countenance as eyes flicker over you. Searching. Hungry. You know to avoid the gaze of men like him and so you do, looking just past his face enough to hide your discomfort. Thank you for coming, Baron Zemo. We’re thrilled to have your support. Please let us know how we can be of assistance while you’re in the city.
You will regret those words, in time.
But for now? For now the Baron takes your hand and offers you a thin smile, bowing to press gentle lips to your knuckles, ignoring the way you flinch. It has been my pleasure, my dear.
It’s when he turns that you feel it. The pain in your left hand, drawing your eyes down to the threaded ring around your finger, now tight and burning. The drumbeat from your nightmares starts up again, thudding hard in your ears as your eyes follow the red thread stemming from them.
To the three men now walking out of the room.
Run, rabbit, run.
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