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#chris evans fanfiction
wayward-blonde · 18 minutes ago
The Devil was Once an Angel
Title: The Devil was Once an Angel
Pairing: Dark!Steve x Reader
Warnings: This is dark. Smut. Vag. penetration. Oral. M receiving. Little anal play. Swearing. Rough sex. Angst. Mentions of blood play. Violence. Talk of previous murder
Summary: Part 3. Need to read Part 1 and Part 2.  Is the reader regretting her dark turn?
A/N: This took a completely unexpected turn. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
Just tagging a couple people. @the-iceni-bitch (I know you love this psycho shit 😘) @thatsthewrongwallcraig​ @labella420​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The high-pitch whistle sound reverberated in his ears before the impact - the vibranium shield slicing through the air, ricocheting off the concrete pillar in the empty parking garage before flying back into the waiting hands of its master.
Pierce turned around just in time to watch Steve catch the shield with his strong fingers, before tossing it over his shoulder, placing it across his back.
“That’s a helluva way to get someone’s attention, Captain.” Pierce spoke, his voice full of mirth as a smirk crossed his face, briefly, before disappearing into his wrinkles, eyes hard.
Steve didn’t move, stalk still like a stone-cold statue, his jaw strong, clicking in combativeness. “You summon me, like a goddamn whore?”
Pierce’s head cocked to the side, the smirk returning. “Isn’t that what you’ve been doing with that new toy that shares your bed?”
Steve was on him before he had time to blink, fingers wrapped around Pierce’s throat while the other held the shield to a pulsing artery - begging to be set free to spill over the white collar of his suit.
His eyes never blinked, emotion void across his face as Steve's eyes seared into his. “When you’re done playing house, I’m going to have to insist you come with me. You and your little - toy,” he emphasized the word with a smile, “have created quite the mess, Rogers.”
“I don’t answer to you,” Steve spoke, his eyes travelling lower to watch the pulse jump and bite against the shield.
“Oh, dear boy,” Pierce’s hand came up to the shield, slowly lowering it away from his body, “but you do. And we’ve never had any issues until you started taking up with that little neighbour of yours.”
“Leave her out of this,” Steve sneered.
“I wasn’t the one that brought her into it. That’s on you. And killing Hawthorne?” he tsked. “Big mistake. You owe big for that.”
Steve pulled away, turning his back as he started to walk away.
“Captain. You burnt down one of our warehouses along with all its contents when you started that fire to hide your girl's sins. We’re going to need a sign of good faith.”
Steve gripped his shield tighter, his walk strong as he stalked away, his voice low, but loud enough to be heard. “Don’t worry, Pierce. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”
You sat back against the leather chair, your notes on the meeting forgotten as your boss called your name, repeatedly. It took a few moments before you recognized the sound and looked up, eyes wide in confusion. “Sorry. What?”
Your boss’s eyes narrowed, “You okay, y/n?”
“Yeah. Yes.” You said, straightening up in your chair, pulling the notes from your lap. “Sorry. Long week.”
“Well, I know it’s a shock. Hawthorne certainly brought in a lot of business. His passing is,” the man shrugged, “unexpected. But we still have work to do.”
You nodded.
“Okay,” he grabbed his briefcase. “I have that deposition to get to. Let me know what you find.”
You nodded again, before standing and watching your boss leave you. Your eyes travelled down to the papers on his desk, bearing the Hawthorne name, and you sank back into the chair, your hands outstretched before you.
There was nothing there. You knew that. But the stains remained, just under the surface. The blood, thick and glossy against your skin. You had washed your hands, repeatedly, for hours after the incident. The more you scrubbed, the more it remained.
Your eyes closed, picturing the blood spilling from his throat while Steve has fucked you from behind. It had felt good. All of it. Taking control. Watching his life drain from his body, his skin growing pale as the blood left his body, flowing over your soft skin like warm, sticky, caramel; getting into every nook and cranny.
You had never felt what you had felt in that moment. Like a God, watching little mice running around, your boot hovering just above their madness. Steve had toppled over a gas can as he grabbed your hand, cleaning it with the man’s tossed clothes as he tugged you out of the building, the flames licking the very thighs his slick dripped from. 
It became something else then, as you watched the building engulf in flames. Your eyes unable to look anywhere else but the blistering flames before you. You felt Steve lick the shell of your ear, whispering words you couldn’t quite recall. 
A crowd began to gather as Steve tugged his baseball cap low, covering his eyes, blending in. You felt his arms wrap around your waist, holding you close. Your eyes turned up to look at him,  the flames dancing across his eyes - unwavering gaze at the destruction before him, expression emotionless.
You had gone home that night, numb, wrapping your coat tighter around your body, pleading for it to care for you. Comfort you. 
Your walk into your building was quiet as Steve took your hand, pulling you toward his door. You smiled sheepishly, gesturing to your door, exhaustion - regret? - promising a perfect sleep.
But that never came. Nothing perfect and little sleep. Steve refused to let you out of his sight that night. The sheer ecstasy at what you had both engaged him, excited him to no bounds. He had described - in great detail - how hard he had been in watching you kill. How he had never thought he would find the perfect partner. In the same moment he spoke of his darkest desires to fuck you as you both bathed in blood, he sank his cock deep inside you, praying to the Gods on how good you felt. His fingers bruised your thighs as he roughly pumped into you, his grunts pushing past your lips in a vulgar expression of his desire. 
Steve had fucked you every which way that night. Your mouth, tired and sore, held agape as he pumped into your tonsils, eyes sealed shut above you, pleasure washing over his body at your heat. You on top, riding him like a bucking bronco as his hips jutted up, pounding into you, ripping your first release of your body that night like a thief, snagging the jewels straight from your body before draping you in your very own pearl necklace.
On top, punishing your body with his thrusts as your legs rested on his shoulders, pushed against you as he nipped and bit at your breasts. On all fours, head pulled back while his mouth eagerly claimed you, a thumb pushing into your puckered back entrance, promises of ruining that soon as his cock pounded your pussy walls, stretching you open with each drive. And when he finally spilled inside you for the final time, so deep into your core that you felt every ribbon splash across your walls as you clenched around him, your own release coating his cock in your milk. A cry fell from his throat as he touched his lips to yours, an, I love you into your mouth, sealing it in with a kiss.
You had felt passion before. But nothing like this. This - this all consuming desire to burrow inside each other, pull him into your womb, letting him curl up inside you, never leaving. This was something more. Something dangerous. And even as your mind tried to come to terms with what you had done, the need for Steve to be inside you - never left. The throb you felt deep in your pants awakened an animal instinct inside you. Some murderous desire to let the world burn around you as he fucked you with every inch of his fat cock, screaming in agony and ecstasy - two star-crossed fucking lovers in the night, laying waste to the world around them.
You walked through your days like a shadow across the floor. There, but not really. A darkness encroaching upon the surface, pulling you down into the depths of darkness below your feet.
You dropped your bag on the table by the door, switching on your hallway light. You fell back into your door, grateful for the cryptic message you had received from Steve.
Avenger shit. Be back in a few days.
You craved normalcy. Heating up soup with grilled cheese for dinner. It would have been easy to blame Steve for your new-found homicidal tendencies. But that wasn’t quite right. You had started changing before knowing anything about him, other than the face he showed the public. Before you knew he claimed your body each night while you slept. Before you knew he was working with the bad guys.
Bad guys, like you.
You sighed, biting into your sandwich. 
You pulled a folder from your bag, setting it on the table before you, combing through all the faces that Hawthorne had assaulted, before slamming the file shut.
“Vag up, y/n” you spat harshly to yourself. “The man was an asshole and deserved it.”
“Did he, though?”
You jumped from your chair, the pages of the file scattering around your feet. The man took a step out from the darkness. You recognized him. You knew him. You shook your head, stammering, “I…”
He held his large hand up, demanding silence.
“I know what the two of you did. And I know it wasn’t all on you. We know of your history with…” he grinned, “the deceased. We also know, Steve is compromised.” The man pulled a seat from under your kitchen table, sitting down, casually, as if he had come for a biscuit and a cup of tea. His arm outstretched, beckoning you to sit across from him. You dropped onto the hard surface, tucking your hands in your lap, fidgeting at his strong stature.
“I’m here to ask you for help.” He leaned in, the light hitting him sharply, “we need to know how far he’s gone. And if we can get him back. Or, …” he trailed off, purposely allowing you to finish the sentence yourself.
“Or, kill him?”
Fury’s hands crossed over his lap. His face even, but soft - forlorn - just the same. “We need to know if Captain America is truly lost to us. Or if it’s something else.”
“Like a drug?”
“Like a drug.”
Your head fell, eyes falling heavy on the table before you. It wasn’t a drug. It wasn’t mind control. That you knew. 
But could you give Steve up? Was the world you had before so much better than what you had now?
The tingle that began in your fingertips was hot. Scorching. You watched it course through your veins, igniting a fire within you as it moved through your body. You weren’t trapped by your conscience. It was merely showing you your options. Simpering victim, plagued by some pathetic righteousness that did no one any good. Or freedom to live as you pleased. Steve didn’t give you this power; he merely made the introduction. And this world, with its - devil-may-care attitude - was a sin worth committing.
A smile crept across your face, the face of an angel caught in the devil’s web, pleading for forgiveness. “I’ll help you. Tell me what you need me to do.” You asked, sinking your fangs into the angel’s throat and shredding the last bit of your humanity along with it.
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kissme-hs · 5 hours ago
falling asleep on chris’s shoulder during a movie night and he brings you up to bed
Tumblr media
Hi! Sorry I go MIA. It’s just during the weeks I get pretty busy with work and my life so it’s hard for me to time find and write. But hey, here is one super cute fluff! Hope ya like it! :))) feedback and re-blogs are always appreciated.
Pairings: Fem! Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: none, just pure fluff
.❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
Spring. The season of blooming flowers; and blooming love for you.
As you sat on the couch, cuddled up against the man for whom your heart was beating every passing second. Your head resting against his chest with his hand rubbing your back, your legs over his lap with a cozy blanket thrown over your bodies.
His lips coming to kiss the crown of your head ever then so, streching your own up in a faint smile as you breathed in his scent—the smell of being at home. He was your home after all.
“You know, one day when we get married, I’ll buy us a house like that” he said referring to the house in the movie that was playing on the screen.
‘When we get married’
“You wanna marry me?” You stare up at him with those eyes than made his heart flutter and give the feeling of falling in love, which he does over and over again. Every passing day, he falls in love with you a little more—a little more than yesterday—a little more than the last year—a little more than ever.
“Yes sweetheart. I even know how many kids I want, if you agree of course”
“How many?”
“Well two to begin with but we can always expand. A girl and a boy initially” he said casually, keeping his gaze on the t.v. or maybe to avoid your orbs that still stared at him, knowing if he looks at you–he won’t be able to control himself and might as well just make love to you right there and ask you to marry him.
“I love you Chris. So much, I hope we get married soon” you whispered genuinely before snuggling your face further in his chest letting your lips linger on his chest over his cotton t-shirt before closing your eyes—leaving Chris sitting with a jittery belly.
The thought of you walking down the aisle dressed in a white gown, exchanging your vows and him kissing you as his bride; later being the mother of his kids, was everything he ever wanted. Seeing you dressed like an angel, walking towards him whilst he waits at the end dressed in a tuxedo, hair slick back, his signature watch around his wrist anxiously waiting for his lover to approach him and let him make her his forever.
He was living for the day.
But his open eyed dreams were interrupted when he heard a soft snore. Tearing his gaze upon the television which was he watching absent minded anyways, he looks down upon you.
Lashes resting down on those puffed cheeks which were squished onto his navy blue tee, pouting those lips. And his heart swelled with the love that grew even more for his lover, as he pick you up before walking down into your bedroom and laying down on the soft bed.
“Please be in my life, forever.”He whispers before kissing your head and pulling the covers on you both. Letting his arms wrap around your body, holding you close. Never letting you go.
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dadplease · 7 hours ago
☆ softie - part eight ☆
last part | softie masterlist | next part (coming soon!)
Ransom Drysdale is the last person anyone would suspect to be a doting father. But when a paternity test reveals his relation to four year old Georgia Pine, the man finds himself turning into quite the softie for the peculiar little girl who’s been in such desperate need of his love and care.
Warnings: mature themes related to child abuse/neglect, ptsd/trauma symptoms in a child (developmental discrepancies, de-humanized behavior, detachment, extreme fears). loss(mother) and gain(father) of custody. unknown/secret child trope. soft!ransom, soft!dad!ransom. lots of hurt/comfort.
As soon as Georgia’s wide eyes land on the two plates of food sitting on the kitchen counter, her legs freeze beneath her, startling Ransom as the little girl comes to a halt. Following her gaze to the steaming meal, the man frowns, now remembering the problems the child seems to face whenever offered food. Bottom lip trembling, Georgia swallows, the lump in her throat so big that Ransom can hear as she tries to make it disappear. 
Turning back to face the anxiety-stricken girl, Ransom explains evenly, “I made us a nice breakfast. There’s eggs, toast, and sausage. You can have milk if you like, or I have orange juice. I wasn’t sure which you’d prefer.” 
Barely able to look up at him, Georgia stumbles over her words. “I... can’t, sir... not allowed... can only have scraps.” 
With guilt rising in his chest, Ransom does his best to put on a gentle smile, shaking his head at the child’s distressing words. “In this house, Georgia, you’re allowed to eat whatever you want. There’s plenty of food for the both of us, both in the fridge and in the cabinets. Scraps aren’t enough, sweetheart; you need real food to make you healthy and strong.” Though his words are meant to soothe the little one’s fears, Ransom frowns as he sees they’ve instead only worsened her state of panic. “Hey,” he hums, lowering himself to the ground to get even with the girl. “It’s alright, I know this must be scary. We’ll take things slow; it’s okay to have an adjusting period. How can I help you feel safer?”
Gulping again, Georgia attempts to blink back the tears in her eyes. “Sh-shred it up again? Maybe... won’t get in trouble that way.”
Nodding, Ransom agrees. “Alright, sweetheart. I can do that for you, but I want you to know that even if you ate the food just as it is, there would be no getting in trouble for you. You’re never going to be in trouble with me, alright? If something comes up, all we’ll do is talk about it. But I won’t ever discipline you like you were before; what happened to you was cruel and wrong.”
Georgia blinks, not seeming to know how to answer Ransom’s truthful words. Understanding, the man returns to his feet, letting go of the little girl’s hand as he makes his way over to the counter. “Y’know, guess it isn’t such a bad idea to cut this all up and throw it together,” he tries to lighten the mood as he prepares the food to the child’s preference, trying to make it look like a nice breakfast mash on the plate. Pausing for a moment, Ransom asks, “Is it alright with you if I shred mine up, too? Looks yummy this way!” he comments.
Looking up at him with wide eyes, Georgia surprises Ransom by nodding, a tiny hint of wonder shimmering in her gaze. Smiling down at her, the man grabs the food, carrying it to the table before pausing again. “Would you like to sit up at the table, sweetheart? It’s okay if you’d prefer the floor again, too. Just wanna do whatever’s most comfortable for you.”
Padding her socked feet over softly to stand at Ransom’s side, Georgia requests politely, “Floor... please? Can’t sit up there, not allowed.”
“Well sure you’re allowed, honey, but if you’d feel better sitting on the rug, of course we can. Would it be okay for me to sit down here with you?” Ransom asks as he folds his legs under him, setting the plates down on the woven fabric as he turns back to look at the child beside him. Eyes still wide, Georgia nods, as if she was completely expecting to have to sit through another meal at the man’s feet. “Great, thank you,” Ransom says with a smile as he gets back on his feet, “I’d much rather sit with you and keep you company instead of being all by myself. Now which would you like, sweetheart, some milk or some orange juice?”
“I- just... w-water?” Georgia questions, a look of uncertainty unfolding on her tender face. 
“Sure thing, kiddo. You want ice in there?” Making sure to keep his expression friendly as she politely shakes her head, Ransom nods, going into an overhead cabinet and searching around. “Let’s see... the normal ones might be a little heavy for you,” he thinks aloud, grinning when his eyes land on a set of floral patterned paper cups. Grabbing one for the child, he walks to the sink, filling it a little more than half-way before grabbing his own drink, a glass of milk that’s been sitting out since the man prepared the meal.
“This look okay?” Ransom asks as he returns to their spot on the rug, handing the little girl the cup. “We can get you some fun cups when we go out shopping later, but for now, I bet this’ll be much easier than my big clunky glasses.”
“Y-yes, thank you,” little Georgia stutters, big eyes admiring the pretty flowers covering the cup. 
“You like the design? I bet we can find all sorts of cool patterns at the store. Maybe even some Disney ones!”
“D-Disney?” the girl repeats as the pair take a seat on the rug, slowly beginning to eat their meal together. 
“That’s the kind of movie you were watching last night,” Ransom tells her as he chews a bite of egg. “It’s called The Little Mermaid, it’s one of the best.”
“Mer-maid,” Georgia says slowly, a small smile forming on her face as she takes a bite of her own food. “So cool! Sings so pretty, too,” the little girl beams.
“That’s right, she is cool, isn’t she? And that voice, wish I could sing like that. Her name’s Ariel, by the way,” Ransom informs the child, an adoring smile crossing his face as he watches Georgia almost bouncing in her seat with delight.
“Ariel!” Georgia cheers, and as she thumps her foot excitedly while taking her next bite, for a moment, Ransom feels as if he’s in a way meeting his daughter for the first time in his life. For a split second, all of her fears and cares have disappeared; the walls she was forced to build up so high to protect herself have come crumbling down, revealing just Georgia: untainted, untouched. 
“-under the sea, under the sea!” the girl sings softly, bringing Ransom back from his trailing thoughts. Chuckling, Ransom takes a sip of his milk, sighing happily as he thinks to himself, boy, this can’t be good. Not even a day in and she’s already got me wrapped around her finger. Maybe we should look for an Ariel doll at the store.
“You wanna go shopping after breakfast, sweetheart?” Ransom asks, his heart aching a little to see the smile beginning to fade from Georgia’s shining face.
“I... b-but... don’t have any money,” the child opposes once again. 
Shaking his head patiently, Ransom gently reminds her, “That’s alright, honey. You’re not expected to pay for anything, okay? Not a single thing while you’re here. Money and stuff like that is for grown-ups to worry about, yeah?” Frowning, Georgia doesn’t respond. “And if you’re gonna be here for the next few days, at least, then I think we’re gonna need a little bit more than just the car seat your social worker provided and the bag of shit from Meg.”
“Shit,” Georgia repeats innocently, eyes widening as Ransom fumbles to take back his words.
“I-I meant ‘stuff’, bag of stuff. Must’ve just- I just said it wrong,” he coughs, unable to keep from laughing slightly as the poor girl continues to look up at him obliviously. “Anyway, as I was saying, we can throw together a list before we go and just pick up the essentials for now, how’s that sound? There’s even an ice cream place on the way back. You have a favorite flavor?” he asks.
“Ice cream,” Georgia says, eyes now wider than ever before. “Never had it,” she admits, “but saw it once, maybe in a book.”
“Never had ice cream?” Ransom fakes shock, clasping his hand over his chest dramatically to earn a round of giggles from the little girl. “Well then, we must stop and get some. It’s one of the essentials, that’s for sure.”
“You’ve had it?” Georgia asks through a bite of her toast, causing Ransom to nod playfully.
“Maybe a few more times than medically advised, but yes, sweetheart. I’ve had ice cream. I think strawberry’s the best, though chocolate comes in a close second. The place we’ll stop at has a ton of flavors; they’ve got an entire board up with all the names and pictures. Don’t you worry, kiddo. We’re gonna make sure your first ice cream experience is nothing but the best.”
“Allowed to eat it, too?” Georgia asks softly, Ransom’s heart breaking at the thought of the child being bought such a special treat only to not be able to enjoy it.
“Of course you’re allowed to, silly,” the man assures her gently, locking eyes with her in hopes of showing her he means it. “You and me can eat it together; they’ve got a nice set of benches right outside, okay?”
“O-okay,” Georgia reluctantly agrees, surprising Ransom a little by smiling up at him softly. “Thank you, Mr. Ransom.”
“Just Ransom is fine, sweetheart,” he replies, trying to keep his voice from catching in his throat. “And it’s no problem, honey. Really, it’s my pleasure.”
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onesketchylady · 7 hours ago
Being Pregnant Sucks Part Three
My first attempt at writing of this kind. This is RPF if you don’t like it please don’t read. I am planning for this to be a part of a longer series. Warnings for the series are below. Warnings: Explicit Content 18+, Language, Dubious Morality, Love All Around
Y/N blinked awake tucked underneath a swath of blankets; she certainly wasn't in Seb's shiney new Range Rover anymore. The only question was how she successfully made it from the car into her own bed. The too nice asshole probably attempted to carry her and would be suffering days later from carrying the heavy load all the way into the house. She peeled back the covers peering at her own body curious to see if he had changed her out of her jeans into PJ pants. She suspected he might have due to the level of comfort she woke up in; however, her jeans were still plastered to her legs. Well score one for maternity jeans they were certainly more comfortable than her normal plastered on skinnys.
The clock on Y/N's nightstand finally kicked her ass into gear with the time it displayed. She had slept for hours, damn near a whole night in what should have been just an afternoon nap. Chris should even be home by now. Where was he and why wasn't he in bed beside her? and her car! Fuck, how was she supposed to get her car??
She threw herself out of bed fast enough to cause quite the head rush. There was no time to waste though; she was going to have to call Rhett to see if she could still get her car. God please tell me my dumbass didn't delete the number.
Y/N ran from her bedroom through the narrow hallway into her living room. All three of her favorite people were lounging around acting as if nothing was going on. All three of them had allowed her to oversleep. Chris didn't even wake her when he arrived home.
She started to tear up a bit at the thought of him coming home and not even bothering with a hello.
"Hi, baby." Chris stood up and wrapped his arms around Y/N. 
"Shit, honey, are you crying?" he was utterly alarmed and looked to Faith for help.
"Fuck, is she crying." Faith sunk back into the sofa trying to distance herself from her crying best friend.
"What do I do?" Chris let a squak of indignance as he released Y/N from his embrace. She just wiped at her eyes trying to rid herself of the stupid tears. 
"I don't know," Faith sprung up pacing alongside Chris, "She never cries. She doesn't have emotions." 
Y/N doesn't cry, but still couldn't figure out how to get the stupid tears to stop leaking out of her face.
"Would you two cut it out." Seb got up ushering Y/N towards the bathroom, "it's just pregnancy hormones."
He shut the door behind her and she let out a grateful breath as her head leaned back into the door.Y/N stood over the sink giving herself the cliche peptalk to get her shit together. It wasn't working like they showed in the movies. Fresh tears were still squeezing their way out of the sides of her eyes. She could still hear Seb's angry voice through the door.
"You know for the two that are supposed to be all one with their emotions and shit, you knew fuck all about how to handle that."
Y/N shook her head letting out a chuckle at him. It was true out of their bunch Chris and Faith were the ones that were always crying. They were much like her sister in that if they were a 4-7 on the happy-sad scale then they were in tears. His little speech managed to not only shut them up, but also distracted her enough to break out of the cycle. Y/N splashed some cool water on her face and made her way back to the group.
"We're sorry." Chris made grabby hands towards Y/N beckoning her back towards him.
"Ahh--" She slapped his hands away, "If you both were truly sorry you would have woken me so I could have gone to get my car.
"You," she pointed at Chris, "would have been cuddling me in the bed or at the very least woke me up when you got home."
"Bullshit." Faith called out.
"For fuck sake what?" Y/N turned to her.
"If anyone has a right to be mad here it's me. You have to stop pimping out my boyfriend to teenage girls."
"But he has such a pimpable face."
"No. You know that bugs me."
"Take it up with him then, cause its only going to keep happening if he keeps hugging me and shit."
"You hugged her," Faith snapped towards Sebastian with her hand on her hips. Even for such a tiny framed woman her energy managed to fill the whole room and it was not a happy one.
He let out a low groan from the couch, "that was supposed to stay between us, you two armed fucker." echoed you from earlier.
"He neglected to mention unwanted affection," Faith huffed as she plopped down next to Seb resting her head on his shoulder.
"I don't even get to hug her and we have been friends for years."
"I get to hug her all the time." Chris wrapped his arms around you slotting his front to your back resting his hands on your stomach. You weren't showing yet, but he was already obsessed with the idea.
"That's because we fuck." Y/N patted him on the leg.
"What on Earth does fucking have to do with hugs?"
"It's intimate." she replied, turning in his arms to face him.
"Ok, honey, you really lost me there yes its intimate, but you realize its healthy to show affection to others that you aren't fucking right? Hugs are perfectly normal."
"I know. It's weird okay it just feels too personal to do that with other people."
"For having a really normal, well adjusted childhood you have a pretty fucked up view of intimacy." Seb piped out earning him a wack across the chest from Faith.
"Yeah well not all of us are blessed with Daddy Issues to blame all our problems on."
"You wound me, Y/L/N." Seb smirks.
"Enough about my problems, I need food, scratch that the baby need food."
"I second this decree," Faith says springing up from the couch, "Pizza?"
"Yesss." Y/N follows her out the front door with the boys trailing behind. 
She locks the door behind them catching a glimpse of a blue car in her driveway from the porch.
"You picked up my car?" Y/N was feeling strangely emotional again seeing that her husband was thoughtful enough that he picked up her car even after a long flight.
"Yup, took him on the bike to go get it." Seb lightly shoulder checked her jogging down the stairs.
"You dick!" she ran down after him. "Also, you are going the wrong way we are headed this way."
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rodrikstark · 8 hours ago
is the one spot still available? if so, i would actually want to see what you’d do with ransom (if you write for him), can i request ransom and winter? i understand if you don’t write for him or someone already sent the last request!!! congratulations on 900 followers!!!
ransom drysdale x reader (fluff)
a/n: unofficially i've been doing all these requests w/o dialogue for a personal challenge but since this is my 1st time writing for ransom and he's such a ~Character~ i'm gonna include dialogue to ~feel him out~ yknow? thanks for the request!!! 😘💕💕
Tumblr media
“babe, are you fucking serious?”
you shove the snowball—big enough to come up to your knees—a few more yards, standing briefly to snap at your boyfriend. “go away.”
he scowls at you, in his stupid cute sweater, with his reddish, stupidly adorable face, his hands stuffed in his pockets as you both stand around in the front yard.
you turn your attention back to your task before you see his eyes roll into the back of his head. “let me build my snowman in peace.”
he enunciates very clearly: “why are you doing this?”
“it’s fun.”
ransom tsks as you use all your strength to push your ball the remaining few feet to your half-made sculpture. “that looks heavy, here—"
"no. you made fun of me, so you don’t get to help.”
you slap his outstretched glove away, causing the snow caked on your mittens to burst out in every direction, making both of you jump.
"don't—" blinking, he watches you bend deep at the knee, bracing yourself to pick up the snow.
before you can, he presses his hand into your shoulder until you fall flat onto your butt, the ground crunching beneath you. an appalled squeak escapes you, and you glare at him.
he's holding back a little smile. it's his twisted version of affection.
ransom kneels on the ground in front of you, ruining his fancy slacks.
“i’m sorry,” he mumbles remorsefully. “i was wrong to say this is..." he cringes. "literally the stupid thing i’ve ever heard.”
“you hurt my feelings.”
“i know.” he swallows. “i’m sorry.”
“you promised,” you huff, though your voice is small. “remember? you can be mean to everybody but me."
“i remember.” he brings you to your feet then brushes the snow off your back. “go... grab a carrot from inside or something.” he gently kicks the snowball. “i got this."
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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funfickgirl22 · 10 hours ago
Don’t trust Elvis 4
Chris Evans x Reader
words : 479
previous chapter
Chris was extremely happy to be able to walk down the street with you, hand to hand. Showing the brand-new wedding bands to the photographers. Paparazzi, it was something you didn’t get used to, but it was your new life now. As a writer, you were never exposed to Hollywood life, not to that extent.  
Chris felt that you weren’t comfortable therefore he decided to hug you, give you comfort. It wasn’t acting, he was really concerned.  
‘’Do you want to come back home doll’’  
‘’Yes please.’’ You kissed his cheek. He was such a gentleman.  
On the drive back to your home you calm a little, and you asked Chris an important question.  
‘’So... we have wedding bands, our pictures will be up soon but where will we live?’’  
‘’We can live here or in my Boston home. Where would you prefer? ‘’  
“’ Boston sounds nice. Oh my God!’’ You jumped on the seat, realizing you missed the important bit.  
‘’Y/N! What is happening?’’  
‘’You need to meet my mom.’’  
‘’And...’’ Chris was confused.  
‘’She is lovely but specific at the same time...and she is here’’ You announced it to Chris once he parked the car in front of your building.  
‘’It’s not my first rodeo baby. I will be fine.’’ Chris laughed and kissed your forehead. He was surprised with himself that he was actually nervous.  
Your mother was a lady in her 60s, dressed like a Hippie. She was excited to meet her son-in-law. Everything was going smoothly, Chris has impressed her, ate everything that your mom has offered, looked at embarrassing photos of you as a baby. You told your mum you will be leaving soon as you need to pack your clothes and go to Boston. She insisted on showing Chris your childhood room, as she re-decorated recently. Chris and you admired the changes when your mother asked: ’’Chris, I wrote fan fiction about you recently, would you read it and tell me what you do you think.’’ Chris blushed, chuckled, and started to read her work. Now, he understood the term ‘’specific’’.  
The drive to Boston was long but without any problems. You have arrived before midnight. Chris insisted on carrying you over a threshold. You were both laughing at this whole fake marriage, agreeing that you both should advantage and enjoy these 3 months. You both agreed that it might be a fake marriage, but it felt so real, so right. Your husband placed you in his bedroom, looking around, suddenly feeling shy. He has never experienced this with any of his ex-girlfriends. Christopher was imagining you in his bed, many times. This time, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable and decided to take things slow. ‘’Take rest, sweetheart, I will take the guest room.’’ Chris blushed and was ready to leave, but you grabbed his hand telling him ‘’Stay’’ 
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 10 hours ago
mmm, I can't stop thinking about frank. I mean, what a dilf, whatta rugged, boat repairing, beer drinking dilf. sighhhhh just imagine watching Mary for him when he gets a better paying job with longer hours and welcoming him home with a homemade meal and cold drink 🥺 treating him like the gem he is, rubbing the frown from his forehead, kissing the tip of his cock-
Tumblr media
Warning: Explicit sexual content & language. Oral sex (m receiving). 18+ only!
“That’s it, sweetheart,” Frank’s voice was a husky groan that had you pressing your thighs together as you hollowed your cheeks and sucked his cock.
When you swallowed him down to the back of your throat, until you were gagging and tears gathered at the corners of your eyes, he moaned long and loud.
“Fuck, you’re so good to me,” he grunted, rough hand sliding along your soft cheek. “Taking care of me after a long, hard day, isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
You moaned your affirmation around his length, bobbing your head as you felt him twitch against your tongue when you eased up for a breath.
“You gonna let me cum down that pretty throat?” Frank’s thumbs swiped the tears from your warm face as you greedily gasped in air.
“Yeah,” you breathed, eyes fluttering as you leaned into his touch.
“Go on, sweetheart,” Frank hummed, tapping your swollen bottom lip with the tip of his cock. “Swallow it all, until your belly’s all warm and full of me.”
Moaning, you took him back into your mouth—into your throat—eagerly, reveling in the way Frank’s composure slipped, little by little. Until he was relentlessly fucking your face and then moaning his release, his salty tang flooding your senses and burning your throat as you drank down his pleasure, every last drop.
“Fuck, that was so good,” Frank purred, sagging back into his seat at the kitchen table and watching with a soft, fuck drunk smile as you pulled off of his cock and gave the tip a kiss before tucking him away. “You’re so good to me, sweetheart. C’mere.”
He reached for you, gently urging you onto his lap sideways, his arm circling your back as he leaned in and caught your swollen lips in a slow, languid kiss.
“Love tasting myself on your tongue,” he murmured against your mouth once you parted. “Almost as much as I love the taste of that sweet honey between your legs.”
“Frank,” you gasped, muffling a giggle against his shoulder as you squirmed in his lap.
“Bet there’s plenty of it waiting for me,” he teased, nipping at your bottom lip once you were meeting his gaze again, forehead pressed to his. “I know how much you like sucking my cock.”
He grinned at the quiet, desperate whine that bubble up from your throat. “You gonna let me take you to bed, spread you open, and have my dessert?”
“Jesus, Frank. I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.”
His laugh was a quiet, gravelly rumble that had you shivering as he held you tight. “That’s why you’re my girl.”
Pecking your lips, he urged you to your feet, the front of his jeans already tenting again in anticipation as he rose behind you.
Big hands sliding to your hips, Frank guided you toward the bedroom, his lips warm against your ear as he murmured, “It’s gonna be a long night, sweetheart, because I’m not stopping till you’re crying for me, and then I’m gonna ruin you with my cock until you’re crying all over again.”
Whimpering, you couldn’t even string together a response as Frank urged you into the bedroom and toward the bed, pressing close to your back as he swung the door shut behind you both and dug into his dessert.
I meeeean. Have at me, cranky sir 🥴🥴🥴
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clairebubbles · 11 hours ago
I Thought She Knew
Okay so it's been years since I last wrote anything on tumblr, but got back into writing. Here's one for you all; it's based off of a late night listen to I Thought She Knew by *NSYNC.
Chris rolled up his sleeve and quickly glanced at the IWC watch that adorned his wrist, before reaching into his jeans pocket and checking his phone for any messages. There were about half a dozen texts that had come in and way too many notifications on his news apps, but none were from her.
He lifted the half-empty latte mug that he had been nursing for the past half hour and sighed, leaning his back against the plushy armchair of the nondescript cafe that they would go to regularly. It had just gone fifteen minutes past four in the afternoon and there was no sign of her, anywhere. She was fifteen minutes late. She was never late.
She was my once in a lifetime;  happy ending come true. I’ll never understand it, I thought she knew.
As he took a sip from the lukewarm mocha latte, his thoughts drifted to that fateful day six weeks ago. As was the case over the past few weeks, he found himself reliving that very conversation that broke him apart.
Six weeks ago
“What do you mean, ‘it’s over’?! I just had a long-ass day, WEEK even, and I get to come home to a packed suitcase? Thanks for at least having the courtesy to stay long enough to see me before you left,” Chris said bitterly, completely caught off-guard that his fiancee had just told him that she had enough of him.
“For fuck’s sake, Chris! I don’t ask you for much, but just for you to be home early tonight for our freaking anniversary was apparently way too much,” Kaia responded coldly, her voice nearly breaking as she fought back the tears that were threatening to fall from her stunning green eyes.
They had been together for four years and engaged for the last eight months, and it looked more and more like it was all about to come to an end.
“Kai, what the fuck? I needed a break from work. You know how hard I’ve been working. I needed tonight out with my friends. Besides, it’s not as if we had anything planned, did we?” Chris shot back, his ears ringing from shock at everything that had been said in the last half hour.
Kaia, his longtime girlfriend, shut her eyes as the tears finally broke through. She ran her fingers through her brown wavy hair and took a deep breath, before opening her eyes and staring straight at him.
“So I’m really not at the top of your list, am I? When you’re bored out of your mind, you go to work. When you’re tired as fuck from work, you look for your friends. When you’re anxious about something, you head to your mom’s house. Where the hell do I fit in, Chris?”
Chris remained silent. She got him there.
She left their shared house that night, packed suitcase in tow, leaving behind her engagement ring on his nightstand and taking his heart with her. He sent her a few calls and text messages that night, but they were all left unread.
Her parting words haunted him. Maybe she was right — maybe he had gotten so used to running to the usual people and outlets that had been so incredibly accessible to him his whole life, he didn’t bother making her feel like she was at the top of every damn list in his life.
She said I took her for granted, That’s the last thing I would do. Whoa, I’ll never understand it, I thought she knew.
He could still remember everything they had shared together. They met at a photoshoot downtown four years ago; she was an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a dazzling smile and a bouncy ponytail, getting photographed for a local Boston newsletter on her new, buzzy tech startup, and he had just wrapped up Civil War and was doing a cover story for GQ. He felt an inexplicable force towards her throughout the shoot, and managed to get her phone number out of her and asked her out on a date for the following night.
She preferred staying out of the limelight, often being referred to in blogs and gossip magazines as ‘Chris Evans’ hometown girlfriend’ whenever she’d be photographed with him or walking his dog. She joined him at a few Hollywood events here and there, but was significantly more comfortable in her life of running a hugely successful company from Boston.
Her public appearances grew more and more recently, after Chris announced their engagement over Instagram. They had gotten engaged during a trip to Spain, and Chris could still clearly picture the smile on her face and the leap in his heart when she said yes.
He loved everything about her. It took him less than a month to tell her he loved her, introduce her to his family and convince her to take two-week vacation with him around Europe. He knew he wanted to marry her even before that.
She was unabashedly charming, funny, intelligent, sweet, and to Chris, she was the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world. She went to Harvard for undergrad and MIT for graduate school, but she had the most amazing ability to never lord her smarts or success over Chris. They were equals, and in many ways, they were perfect for each other.
She was everything to him, and it was his fault she didn’t see it that way.
I thought she knew my world revolved around her My love light burned for her alone But she couldn’t see the flame Only myself to blame I should have known I should have known
Chris suddenly became very anxious that he could potentially burst into tears in the middle of the cafe, which had about eight other people in it. It was getting late, and the suffocating feeling that she wasn’t going to show up was becoming more and more pronounced.
He had sent her a long message a few days ago, telling her how much he missed her and how stupid he was, and how he wanted his fiancee back. He told her he realised what had to change, and he would spend the rest of his days proving himself to her.
“I’ll be at the cafe at 4:00 on Wednesday. I hope you can come join me. I miss you.”
She didn’t respond to his message.
A heart full of words left unspoken, Now that we’re through, I’d sell my soul to have this silence broken Oh, I thought she knew. I thought she knew.
With a deep sigh, he gathered his things and downed what was left of his coffee before standing up.
He heard the wooden chimes by the door of the cafe jingle, signalling another customer. As he turned to walk towards the door, his breath caught in his throat at the impossibly beautiful figure who was staring back at him.
“I didn’t think you were going to come.”
“Neither did I.”
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earthchica · 12 hours ago
ungodly hour → c.evans
WATTPAD LINK - click here if you want to read chapter one
❝ in which Chris and Zariyah have to work alongside each other despite being exes and disliking each other. ❞
❝ the loner ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed by Nafessa Williams
BORN April 4th, 1985
AGE Thirty-Two
FROM Philadelphia, PA
Tumblr media
twitter. zariyah
instagram. zariyah
❝ the overthinker ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed as Himself
BORN June 13th, 1981
AGE Thirty-Six
FROM Boston, MA
Tumblr media
twitter. chrisevans
instagram. chrisevans
❝ the brat ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed by Kat Graham
BORN January 3rd, 1988
AGE Thirty
FROM Los Angeles, CA
Tumblr media
twitter. lilygrace
instagram. lilygrace
❝ the charmer ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
BORN August 4th, 1980
AGE Thirty-Seven
FROM Dallas, TX
Tumblr media
twitter. zach.colton
instagram. zach.colton
Javicia Leslie as ZOEY HAWTHORNE
Alfre Woodard as BETTY HAWTHORNE
Teyonah Parris as HARMONY DAVIS
Family & Friends as THEMSELVES
do it by halle & chloe ✦ what you won't do for love by bobby caldwell ✦ somebody that I used to know by gotye ft. kimbra ✦ garden by sza ✦ treat you better by shawn mendes ✦ marvins room by jojo (cover) ✦ adore you by harry styles ✦ Is it a crime by sade ✦ sugar by maroon 5 ✦ shape of you by ed sheeran ✦ mirrors by justin timberlake ✦ remember the time by michael jackson ✦ diva by beyonce ✦ come over by aaliyah ✦ sex with me by rihanna ✦ new by daya
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superhusbandheroes · 13 hours ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x female reader
Summary: After moving to Boston merely two months ago, the reader is finally settling in the new city. Meeting new people has however been difficult. She enjoys the company of her dog, Roxy and the two often go out on long walks exploring the city. One day they were taking random turns on their walk and they end up at a dog park where she is approached by a tall stranger and his dog. By taking those random turns, meeting him might have been faith.
Warnings: just fluff
A/N: I was thinking about writing a part two for this story and see how the relationship between Chris and the reader develops. So if you are interessed in a part two, let me know! Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy!
English is not my first languages, the story is pure fictional. My work is not allowed to be copied.
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful day in Boston. It was the weekend and myself and Roxy and no plans. We loved walking and exploring the city or the nature surrounding it and Roxy would always join me. Since it was such a beautiful spring day, we were going to wander around Boston, our new home. I was glad I moved to Boston. I was ready for a new start. Being headhunted by my current employer gave me that new start. I saw it as an adventure, a new chance, an opportunity to rebuild my life, meet new friends and who knows what more.
However, moving to a different city is never easy, but moving to a city where you don’t know anyone, is even harder. And I really only knew Roxy. She moved with me to Boston. She is my best friend, the one I could always rely on. She is the one I am waking up next to, waking me up with her wet nose. She is the one who was always happy when I returned home. She is the one who wouldn’t stop wagging her tail until I got down and laid on the floor next to her. My best friend in the world and the only friend I had in Boston, was my dog Roxy.
"What way will we go next?" I asked Roxy. My dog looked up at me and she tilled her head. Her brown eyes filled with confusion. I turned around, not really knowing where we were. We had been walking around mindlessly for more than an hour. Exploring our new city, making random turns, not knowing where we would end up.
When we turned around the next corner there was a park, a dog park. There were plenty of dogs running around, off leach.
"Let’s go Rox." We walked towards the park and I opened the gate. There were clearly more dogs than people. I bend down and squatted next to Roxy. I petted her head and gave her a quick kiss before I took her leach off.
"Have fun." I whispered next to her ear and she ran of. I got up and looked around. My eyes fell on a bench under a tree. I walked over there and took a seat. I searched the park for Roxy. She wasn’t perse the most social dog. Not that she would ever be mean to another dog, but she enjoys sniffing around, observing from a distance, rolling in the grass, sitting in the sun. She looked like me, I too preferred observing from a distance and sitting in the sun. In that moment, that was exactely what we were both doing.
The sun was out and despite it only being april, it was warm. I was glad that the tree provided some shade. I looked up at the clear blue sky and took a deep breath. Quiet moments like this gave me time to think. Think about home, about my family and friends and how much I miss them. Think about the things I missed, like the walks I weekly had with my friend and her dog, or the sunday brunches with my parents. Remembering the people I loved, the little habbits and traditions we had and how I had nothing here but Roxy, made me sad. I usually wasn't the type to get homesick, and I loved my new job and the city I moved to, but it was still hard. Building up a life somewhere completely new, was something I underestimated. From day one I was swamped with work, I was tired when I got home and didn’t feel like going out to meet new people. Meaning that after living here for two months, I still didn’t really know a lot of people, let alone have a real relationship with anyone. I suddenly felt empty and alone. I brought my legs up and crossed them. I bend my head down and looked at my hands and I let the sadness wash over me.
Chris' point of view
I returned to my car to get Dodger. We had lunch at my mum's house and I had just quickly went to the jeweler to give them my watch, since it needed repairing. I knew there was a dog park near the jewelery store, I had noticed the last time I was here.
"Hello buddy, come here." I opened the door of the car and grabbed his leach. He was quick to jump out. I put my sunglasses on and headed towards the park.
"Hold on Dodge, give me a moment to take your leach off." I chuckled to see how excited he was. The second he was free, he ran off.
I looked around, there were many people. I hoped I wouldn’t be recognised. The sunglasses combined with my baseball provided me with some anonymity.
Whilst looking around the park, to see if any benches were available, I spotted a girl sitting alone on one of the bench. She looked sad, or at least that was the impression I got. She first looked up at the sky and after a moment she crossed her legs and looked at her hands. Without really realising it, I started closing the distance between her and I. Something about her intrigued me. She was wearing a bright red t-shirt, ripped blue jeans and white converse sneakers. Her hair framed her face, strands of her hair were dancing in the cool spring breeze. The sun kissed her skin, she had subtle rosy glow around her cheeks.
I was now close enough to see her take a deep breath. I stopped walking when she looked up. Her eyes were roaming the park and she suddenly smiled. A genuine smile. The sadness had disappeared quickly and got replaced with pure, honest joy. I was mesemerized by her smile and I followed her eyes to see what caused this sudden shift in her emotional state.
When I turned my head, I saw her eyes were fixated on Dodger and another dog. The other dog was fluffy, its fur was a combination of brown and white. The dog was slightly smaller than Dodger and very quick. They were running around together, but no way Dodger could keep up with the fluffy dog. It could turn on the spot and sprint away again. Dodger started barking, indeed failing to keep up. I smiled at the sight of the two dogs being lost in their own world and having fun. I looked back at the girl on the bench. Her eyes continued following the dogs and she was still smiling and I was again completely mesemerized by her. She was clearly not feeling great before but the sights of the two dogs really changed something in her. I thought it was beautiful to see her getting joy from something so simple as two dogs playing.
Again my feet started moving in her direction, I was drawn to her. Before I knew it, I opened my mouth to speak.
"Your dog?" She jumped at the sudden sound and turned her head to look at me. She smiled shyly and moved a strand of hair behind her ear.
"Yeah, she is." Her shy smile was still on her face. I had kept my distance, but I wanted to get closer. I pointed at the empty part of the bench.
"May I join you?" She raised her brows and looked suprised, almost uncomfortable.
"Uhm, sure. I mean, of course." She uncrossed her legs and moved to the left side of the bench.
"Thank you. Your dog is fast by the way." I turned to face her.
"Am I right when I say my dog is exhausting your dog?" She pointed at the two dogs.
"Ha, yes she is. Dodge will be wreched after this."
"On behalf of Roxy, I apologize." I heard her giggle. It sounded cute and I smiled at my hands.
"On Dodger's behalf, I accept her apology." My head turned to her and she immediately turned back to watch the dogs.
"I am Chris by the way." I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Somehow my brain thought waving was the most acceptable thing to do and so I awkwardly waved at her. I felt like an idiot and if I could have, I would have slapped my face with my flat hand. I could see a smile appearing on her face. 'Great.' I thought to myself.
"I am Y/N. Nice to meet you, Chris." I turned my head back towards the dogs, my cheeks turning red.
"They look like they enjoy each others company." I pointed at the dogs laying on the grass together, her dog was resting her head on the back of Dodger. I smiled at the sight of it.
"That is amazing. You know, she is very picky. Always has been, but ever since we moved here, she has been even more distant to other dogs. I don’t know why, but this is great to see. She seems happy."
"They both do." I looked at her again, her eyes still fixed on the dogs. I wish she would look at me so I could meet her eyes. "What brings you to Boston?" I continued to look at her.
"Work. I moved here about two months ago."
"How are liking Boston so far?".
"I love the city." She looked at me and for the first time I met her almond shaped eyes. They shined, filled with joy. She squeezed them playfully when she noticed me staring.
Y/N point of view
I was simply enjoying the silence, being alone with my own thoughts. Granted, they weren't the happiest of thoughts, until I saw Roxy playing around with another dog. I felt relieved and filled with joy when I saw her running and jumping around with another dog. I was so lost in my own world that I hadn’t noticed the man standing near me. I flinched when he spoke first. I looked up and saw a tall man, broad shoulders, wearing a blue sweater. He had a beard, plump lips and rozy cheeks. But I was unable to see the rest of his facial features. His eyes covered by sunglasses and he was wearing a baseball cap. I could only see some strands of hair escaping from under his cap.
He asked to join me on the bench and I was suprised. The man seemed to be interessed in a chat, small talk. Strangely enough it made me nervous, he made me nervous. The stranger looked impressive. Nonetheless, he had a soft, warm voice, one that could make me weak in my knees. A Boston accent noticable, indicating he was a local.
The conversation felt natural, easy. He wanted to know more about me, what I did, my hobbies, where I came from and I started talking about my life, job and home. A strange mixture of joy and sadness washed over me. He noticed it.
"Is it hard being away from home?" He sounded so sincere.
"It actually is. I miss my famliy and friends, but I also have time to miss them. My life consists of working, sleeping, eating, walking with Roxy and more working. It has been harder than anticipated to build new friendships. When I see my neighbours I greet them, but they are an elderly couple. I have a good connection with some coworkers and we have met for drinks before, but I can’t really call it a friendship. I talk to my friends and family, but with the time difference the calls have to be scheduled." I took a moment before I continued. "I just somehow thought it would be easier. I even joined a spinning class to meet people, make new friends, but everyone there already went with a friend." I was ranting, my frustration being noticable. I realised my tone and I looked at the stranger sitting on the other side of the bench. "I am sorry, I didn’t mean to go there and drop all of this on you." I signed.
"What? No, don’t be! You needed to do some venting, it is healthy. Better to let it out."
"Thank you." He listened, besides that he was kind, he also had a soothing presence.
"So what about you?" He had been asking me questions all this time, being interessed about my life, but I wanted to know more about the impressive man sitting next to me.
"What about me?"
"I have told you all about my job, my hobbies, my love for Roxy and me being all friendless. I only know your name is Chris and that you have a cute dog named Dodger. Seems a bit unfair."
"Well, you apperently love to talk." I heard him chuckle.
"Well, I guess you like to listen." I countered.
"You have a lovely voice and I do rather listen than talk." Both our dogs got up again after some time resting in the sun. I whistled and Roxy started scanning the area for me. When she found me, she sprinted in my direction. Dodger was swift to follow. To my suprise she quickly moved on to Chris after she reached me. She sniffed him cautiously and after a few seconds she wagged her tail.
"I guess I just lost the only friend I have in Boston."
"I guess you just did. She is my friend now. Yes you are!" He cooed at Roxy. Meanwhile, Dodger started sniffing my hands. I petted him and he sat down in front of me. His tail wagging on the ground.
"I think we swapped dogs." He started to laugh. He wasn't chuckling anymore, it was a rich, contagious laugh. I faced him and he was already looking at me. Although his sunglasses kept preventing me from seeing his eyes, I could feel his eyes burning holes in my skin. To break the tension, I continued asking him questions.
"So, where are you from?" Despite the fact that I already knew the answer, based on his accent, I thought it better to start with a straight forward question.
"I am from Boston, born and raised."
"So you know a lot about this city and its surroundings?"
"I guess I do. But over the last few years I haven’t been here as much as I wanted to. So I recently took a break and it has given me the time to actually be home again. And honestly, I love it. I have finally taken the time to see my family and friends properly. So I guess my situation is the complete opposite of yours."
"It sounds like it is." We were still looking at each other. I was again crossing my legs, but this time I turned my body a quarter, so I was facing Chris. It felt comfortable, talking to him, laughing with him. The nervousness I had felt earlier when he approached me, was completely gone.
Chris' point of view
She turned to face me, her eyes moving between me and our dogs who were laying at our feet. During our talk I saw her relax. Her shoulders dropping, releasing the tension.
"Did work prevent you from being in Boston?" I wanted to avoid talking about my job, I enjoyed the conversation and her presence. The moment my work was mentioned in a conversation, the atmosphere would chance. So I tried to be as shallow as I could be and divert the direction of this conversation to another topic.
"Yes, I have traveled a lot for work. So being home now and knowing I will be home for awhile, feels great."
"So you already said." She chuckled.
"Sorry, I didn’t mean to gloat." I rubbed the back of my neck.
"You didn’t, I am just messing with you." She was petting Roxy, while continuing to look at me. There was definitely a tension in the air. I wanted to get closer to her. I shifted a bit, but I knew I could hardly get closer without it being too noticable.
"Do you want to go for a walk?" She raised her brows in suprise.
"Yeah. It is actually also time to head home. So maybe you could walk with me for a while and tell me a bit about the city." She jumped up and Roxy mimicked her. I put the leach on Dodger and followed her.
"So what way?" We were standing outside the dog park and she was looking around, turning on the spot.
"I don’t know."
"How do you mean, you don’t know?"
"I mean, I don’t know."
"You don’t know what way home is?"
"No, I literally just took random turns and I ended up here."
"So it was pure chance you got here?"
"Pretty much." She took out here phone and typed in her adress and she was given directions. "That way." She pointed behind me and I could see a smile appearing.
We started to walk and we were closer to each other now then we were before sitting on the bench. During our walk we passed a few places I pointed out at her. After some time we reached a good restaurant.
"If you are looking for a good Italian restaurant, this is the place to go."
"My favorite kind of food." She looked at me, a twinkle was seen in her eyes. It was like she was tempting me. I was ready to talk again.
"Would y..." Her phone gave us new directions and cut me off, I lost my moment.
"This way." She went to the left and grabbed my forearm and pulled me in the right direction. The second she realised what she did, she let go.
"I am sorry."
"I am not." I could still feel her hand where it had been seconds ago, her fingertips where she had dipped them in my skin. The touch, no matter how short, was electric.
"It was an automatic response I guess."
"Y/N, I said I wasn't sorry." I pointed in the direction she pulled me into moments ago. "Come on, it is this way." I chuckled to lighten the mood and when I passed her I bumped into her shoulder. She signed relieved and the tension left her body, shoulders dropping again. I continued walking, she was swift to follow.
I knew the moment we had to say goodbye was approaching. But I wanted to see her again, I had to see her again. I had missed my chance to ask her out for dinner, but maybe that was a good thing. Now I had the opportunity to first extend this afternoon together and then, if things go right, I could still ask her out for dinner.
"You know, there is a great café around the corner. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee?" I was nervous.
"No." She simply stated, looking straight at me, no emotions shown. My hands started shacking, sweat was breaking out. Did I read the signs wrong?
"Oh, okay" I couldn’t hide my disappointment, I sounded pathetic. I had to pull myself together. She spoke again, interrupting my thoughts. I could see a sly smile plastered on her face, a playfully twinkle in her eyes.
"If you would ask me to join you for a cup of tea, I might say yes." She giggled and the playfull look still visible. I signed, being relieved and hopeful.
"Can I interest you in joing me for a cup of tea Y/N?"
"Lead the way Chris."
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ben-c-group-therapy · 14 hours ago
You guys have no idea how much I feel loved with all your likes on my very old fics lol. The follows, the notes, it’s like my blog has some life again. Thank each and every one of you.
Tumblr media
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𝑨 𝑸𝒖𝒆𝒆𝒏 𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒄𝒓𝒐𝒘𝒏
Tumblr media
𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: 𝒂𝒇𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒄𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔 𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒐𝒏 𝒚/𝒏, 𝒔𝒉𝒆 𝒃𝒆𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒃𝒂𝒅𝒂𝒔𝒔 𝒔𝒉𝒆 𝒊𝒔. 𝑪𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒆 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒉𝒆 𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒕
𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕 1
𝑮𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: 𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇.. 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒃𝒂𝒅𝒂𝒔𝒔 𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇
𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈: 𝒏𝒐𝒏𝒆
𝑷𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: 𝒄𝒉𝒓𝒊𝒔 𝒆𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒔 𝒙 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓
𝑷𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝒅𝒐𝒏𝒕 𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒂𝒏𝒚 𝒐𝒇 𝒎𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝒂𝒏𝒚𝒘𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒎𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒏𝒕
The divorce paperwork sat on the table in front of you. You and Chris along with your lawyer sat around the table, ready to sign them.
"are you sure you want to do this?" Your lawyer asked looking between you and Chris. You looked over at Chris, taking a sharp breath.
You tore your eyes from his and looked back at her, "I'm ready." She nodded handing you the pen. You wrote your name down on the paper before sliding it over to Chris.
"your turn." You leaned back in your sit, watching with a smirk as he sighed the paper. When he was done he sat the pen down and pushed it back over to your lawyer.
"it's official; you both are divorced."
You smiled as you got up from your seat. You may have seemed crazy smiling, but genuinely you were happy. A cheater didn't deserve you.
"great, I'm going to get going. You both have a great day." You pushed the chair in making your way to the door.
Chris got up quickly following. "Y/n wait." He grabbed your hand and stopped in front of you. "Can we talk about this please? I love you okay."
You raised your eyebrows, pressing your lips into a thin line. "You don't love me. If you loved me you wouldn't have cheated on me. I signed those divorce papers for a reason, and there's no going back Chris. Sorry but not sorry."
You pulled your hands from his hand. "Now if you excuse me." You walked q few steps before turning around looking at Chris. "I got a flight I need to catch."
13 hours later you were in the beautiful country of Italy. It was buzzing seeing that it was the evening time there.
You were excited to be there give you the opportunity to clear your mind From the last few months.
Even though it was 5 in the evening you decided to go to The bar. You went to the hotel bar ready to get tipsy.
You took a seat at the bar, your short dress riding up your leg as you did. "Martini, please." You told the bartender as you stared Off into the gaze.
The bartender went off to make your drink. A guy spotted you across the room. He was very appealed by you and he decided to talk to you.
You turned around looking at him. "Hi." You responded with a smile. He smiled back before taking a seat beside you. "I saw you seating here all alone and I decided to join you. I'm sebastian."
He stuck out his hand. "Sebastian Stan." You shook it. "Nice to meet you."
The bartender soon returned with your martini. You started filling up with those and it soon turn into 3. After the 3rd you were wasted. You and Sebastian were getting to know each other so well.
"you know there's a club on the other side of this hotel. You wanna go over there and dance?"
Sebastian looked at you, he was waiting for your answer. "Yeah, sure what the hell."
You took his hand and walked with him to the other side. You were drunk as hell but luckily he was there.
When you reached the club, it was already lively. People were everywhere; grinding all over each other. Any other time you would not want to do it, but the alcohol running through your blood was stopping you from not doing it.
"come on sebastian." You grabbed his arm dragging him away into the sea of people. When you were in the middle of the crowd you began to sway to the music. Sebastian pressed his body against you and both of you started to dance together.
The room was a blur to you in that moment. Nothing but you and Sebastian dancing. His hands were all over your body, his head pressed into your neck. It was small but felt so intimate.
As you turned in his arms you looked deep in his eyes. Your hands were cradling his neck. You couldn't help lean in and kiss him.
Sebastian stopped his hip movement and began to kiss you back hungrily.
Tumblr media
After a while you were starting to get to tired. It was very obvious the alcohol was getting the best of you. You stopped kissing him.
"I'm getting really tired. I think I need to go to bed." You stated making your way through the crowd.
Sebastian follow you probably to go to your room and make sure you were safe, but you weren't really into that.
"um.. I think I'm okay going by myself." you said. "And besides, I don't think we'll last. Ive had enough hurting from men, and I know I don't know you, but I'm not going to take my chance.. so sebastian uh it was nice talking to you but this is it." You leaned over and kissed his cheek before leaving him.
He was shocked by your action. He wasn't expecting that especially after spending half of the day with you.
But wasn't as shocked as Chris was. The pictures dropped a few hours after and we he saw you kissing Sebastian it made his blood boil. He wasn't expecting you to be with someone the same day after signing the divorce papers.
Guess he kinda gets what it's like to be cheated on and frankly he deserves it.
Going to make one more part. Chris(and sebastian maybe) and the reader meet at an award show.
If your name is bolded, your tagging isn't working
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cevans-is-classic · 14 hours ago
Today we've been driving around towns we grew up in.
Got me thinking about what Seb or Chris or The characters would think if reader brought them to their home town 🤔🤔🤔
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royallyprincesslilly · 16 hours ago
Didn't you start writing a fic where about Chris and some girl, I think they had a one night stand or something and she was doing an interview with him the next day or so? I don't 100% remember the plot, but I'm pretty sure you wrote it and now I can't find it 😔
Hey anon,
Yes I did write something like that.
It's called "Unforgettable" and you can find it on my masterlist but I'll also link it here.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it. ☺
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lavendercitizen · 16 hours ago
-ˋˏ 𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦 𝐃𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Summary: Everything hurts but you allow Ransom to take care of you.
Warnings: Just fluff& emotions✨
Pretty boy
Summary: Ransom looks simply ravishing from your place at the dining table, and you are not one for self-restraint. Not when it comes to him.
Warning: Kissing, sexual themes! Minors dni.
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lavendercitizen · 16 hours ago
-ˋˏ 𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Facade - coming soon
Summary: After he looses his wife and son, Andy pretends like he is absolutely fine when, really, he is not.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, alcohol, talk about death and mental health.
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lavendercitizen · 16 hours ago
-ˋˏ 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Summary: You've gotten so used to Steve's closeness, when you should be fighting him with tooth and nail. Not anymore.
Warnings: Dark/yandere fic, angst; guilt, mentions of kidnapping, implication of death, hypothermia.
Despair [sequel to Blizzard]
Summary: After your little stunt Steve is nursing you back to health. What will happen now?
Warnings: Mention of death, Dark/yandere fic, angst, hurt/comfort(?), cursing, discussion of stockholm syndrome.
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fluffymisha97 · 16 hours ago
One day, some day
Tumblr media
Summary : How much heart ache and pain can one person endure and if so how? Loving someone never hurt this bad. 
Warnings! : Story contains mentioning of stillbirth and stillborn child. Read with caution! If this topic makes you uncomfortable or triggers you in any way, then I suggest you not to continue reading this. Please be aware of the warning given.
Word count : 1,966 
Tumblr media
Chris is taken back, puzzled even when he sees you at his niece's soccer game. Your back is turned facing him but there's no way that he could ever mistake you for someone else. He knows you.
You're talking to his sister Carly whilst laughing and joking around. The two of you seem oblivious to his presence. Before Chris can greet his sister, she runs off towards a cry that is heard across the field. One of the other girls has tackled Stella. Your face shines with concern as you watch your former 'sister in law' comfort her child.
"Y/N. Hey?"
"Chris, hi."
There's a brief moment where you don't know whether or not to go for the hug or the awkward handshake. You go for the halfway-sided hug. Your heart clenches as he lets go of you. Your scent fills his nostrils. That sweet smell of home that now no longer was his home.
"Not to sound rude but what are you doing here?"
"Oh, well Carly invited me to come and see Miss Ronaldo over there. You know how much I loved coming to these sorts of things. "
"Ohh... That's nice."
Chris was a bit surprised to say the least.
"I didn't know that you two still hung out"
"Well, she texts me whenever I'm in town ish. It's nice."
As you stand watching the girls running around the field, you both share a laugh when Carly the Soccer mom-Evans hops around screaming in joy when her daughter scores a goal. Chris follows quickly yelling out his cheer for the sweetheart on the field.
"She's amazing."
"Yeah, that she is."
There’s a comfortable silence between the two of you as you watch the game.
Your eyes dart over to a mom on the sideline with a stroller. On her body was a tiny human strapped tightly in a wrap. You would make out the tiny little head. Once again, your heart clenches uncomfortably in your chest. It’s almost too much.
Chris' eyes follow yours watching the mom on the sideline. Chris wants nothing more than to reach out for you and hold you. How he wishes that you suddenly would scream at him 'hold me, love me' alas you don’t. You haven’t for years. The two of you share a common thought at that exact same moment.
Your eyes are still focused on the baby.
'That could've been us.’
Chris' eyes darted to yours.
‘That should've been us.’
A loud voice break you both out of your thoughts.
"Aunt Y/N, Aunt Y/N! Did you see me? I made my first ever goal!"
Stella barely waits for you to prepare yourself before she launches herself into your somehow waiting arms. You manage to hoist the girl up in your arms beaming down at her.
"Of course, I saw! You were amazing, sweetie. You're going to do well."
"I know!"
Stella giggles loudly as you tickle her sides before setting her down on the ground. Her hand is still holding onto yours. Chris soaring seeing the interaction between the two. You had always been great with his niece and nephews. It was seeing you with them that convinced him that you would make an amazing mother one day. Some day.
Once Stella notices her uncle, she immediately jumps on him explaining how she trained for the game. Chris grins as she enthusiastically and animatedly tells him everything that has happened during the time he was away.
"Y/N, I hope you're coming back home with us. We're gonna get the grill going. Everyone is back home waiting."
"Sure. I'd love to if it's okay with Chris?"
Before Chris could say anything, Stella interrupts the grown-ups.
"Of course! Uncle Chris talks about you all the time and we all love you so. You can come too and-..."
"That's enough, young lady."
You’re still waiting for Chris’ acceptance and sighs a bit in relief when he softly nods his head to you.
"Okay, great then! We'll see you at home then. And Stella maybe you and I can talk about when it's best to say nothing."
The girl grabbed her mother's hand as they walked off the field.
"Mooom, you've said it too that you think they should get their heads outta their but-..."
"And we're walking this way, little miss."
Chris lets out a small yet nervous chuckle as you get eye contact.
“She still calls you aunt, huh?”
“I guess it kind of stuck...I can’t bring myself to tell her otherwise.”
“It would be a shame.”
You and Chris look at one another for a few moments before he looks around.
"You want to ride with me or did you drive yourself?"
"I got my own wheels but thanks. I'll just meet you there."
Chris nods his head and begins to walk off. Just as he gets into his car, his phone goes off. It's Carly calling him.
"Hey, what's up?"
"Chris, are you still at the school?"
"Yeah, just about to take off."
"Stella thinks she forgot her backpack at the gym hall. Would you please go and grab it? It's a Frozen bag with Anna and Elsa on it."
"Well that narrows it down for sure… Don't all girls have a backpack like that?”
“Please, Chris?”
“Okay, sure. I'll get right on it."
The backpack was nowhere to be found. He ends up spending 10-15 minutes searching for that damn bag. Until a woman he had seen earlier at the game, calls him out asking if he were looking for a backpack. Chris sighs in relief. Things would not have gone down that well had he not been able to track down that bag.
On his way back to the car, he walks across the field. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots someone sitting down by the bleachers. When squinting his eyes, he realizes that it’s you. He walks over quietly and sits down next to you.
"I thought you were gonna join us back at Carly's?"
"I am. I just needed to sit down for a while."
Chris let out a small hum as you both watch the skies turning another shade. Some time passes and Chris isn’t even sure how long it’s been since you guys had sat down together like this. Chris' hands feel sweaty and he releases a shaky breath.
"What do you think he would've been like?"
You close your eyes for a moment before a sad smile appears on your face. Tears fall from your eyes now.
"He would've been.... Amazing."
Chris looks down at his hands. They're shaking a little bit. He tries to blink the tears away. Before he can say or do anything, a small hand grips one of his tightly. As if afraid to let go. Chris' heart is pounding in his chest. He looks down at your now intertwined hands. A sob leaves his body as he lets go for once in so long. His teary eyes meet yours.
"Yeah?... You think so?"
"I can't imagine it any differently."
It's like a faucet had been turned on and left running. Chris can't get a hold of himself as he lets go of his feelings. Several sobs echo across the field. Chris hides his face in his and your hands trying to quiet down with no luck. You let him cry. No one knows the pain you feel other than Chris. Only the two of you know what it's like having to say goodbye to your newborn baby boy. Watching that tiny little casket being lowered into the ground.
Time passes as you both sit there on the bleachers finding a somewhat comfort in each other for the first time in a long time. Chris raises up and wipes his face before facing away from you trying to regain some control. As he breathes out heavily, he looks back at you. You take his face in your hands and ever so gentle, you trace his jaw, cheekbones and small wrinkles by his forehead and eyes. You caused some of those frowns.
Several of those frowns began forming when the doctors had rushed off with you fearing that there were some complications regarding the birth of Theodore Y/L/N- Evans. Chris remembers hearing certain words like pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, placental abruption and problems with the placenta. He recalls watching your scared face as they rolled you out of your room as Chris helplessly watched them take off with the two most important people in the world. The world shattered once your doctor came back with the news that Theodore Y/L/N - Evans was stillborn. Chris had never felt such pain in his life when the doctors induced your labor. The nurses and doctors were wonderful to you and Chris. As you'd delivered your baby. Both you and Chris are crying. There was only one cry, you both wanted to hear but never would be able to hear. His. Little baby Theo’s cry.
Chris' breathing has slowed down and he seems more controlled as he feels your soft hands on his face. You still have that effect on him.
“He turns 3 this year...Would have.”
Chris’ breathing is still shaky as you trace the smile wrinkles.
“3 years…”
He leans into your touch as you caress his soft cheek. You let out a sad sigh and can only offer an equally sad but soft smile.
"He would've looked just like you. This nose, that's just too much and your cheeks, very squeeze-able... These soft features that would’ve made it hard for anyone to stay mad at him for long."
Chris' lips start quivering as you softly speak while caressing his skin.
"He would've grown up to be a spitting image of his father."
Chris relishes in feeling your hands. Hands, he hasn’t felt in years. The two of you sit like that for a while. Chris’ heart starts to clench as he feels you pulling back knowing what it means.
“I should go… Would you mind talking to Carly for me?”
“Of course.”
You raise to stand up with every intention of leaving. However, before you can, you reach down cupping his chin in your hand before you slowly lean in and press a kiss to his lips. Chris kisses you back with all the passion in the world wanting to show you how much he still loved and loves you.
Tears are flowing from both your eyes. As you finally part, you look one last time into those blue eyes.
“I have to go.”
“I know.”
You wipe your tears away as you turn to leave, Chris’ hand stops you when grabbing your wrist. Your eyes fill up with tears as you find the last bit of strength inside you to say one last thing to him.
“I love you.”
Your voice cracks at the end and you blink away the tears.
“I know.”
His own voice unsteady and shaky as he finds the words. Chris lets go of your hand eventually as he watches you walk away from him again. His heart breaking once more but knowing you, he knows your heart is breaking too. He knows that you love him, which makes it all the more painful. He watches you walking across the field arms wrapped tightly around yourself probably trying to withhold yourself from turning back around.
You gasp as you hurriedly walk off. As much as you love him, you can’t stay. Being around him only makes you think of what you have both lost. No matter how much you love him, staying seems impossible for the time being. A glimmer of hope is somewhere in you. Hope that there could still be a time for you and Chris. A hope that maybe… one day. Some day.
Tumblr media
Tag list 
@ la-cey 
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stargazingfangirl18 · 20 hours ago
Ari Levinson Masterlist
Tumblr media
🥵 Indicates explicit sexual content.
😈 Indicates dark content.
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 1,631
Summary: You stumble upon Ari in his downtime and he makes it worth your while.
Warnings: Smut. Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 6: Size Kink w/Ari Levinson
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 4,497
Summary: You’re a sweet little bean, and Ari’s smitten and horny AF.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. AU probably. Smol bean reader because size kink trope. Smutttt 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Favorite Gift
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 3,002
Summary: Ari showers you with gifts on Valentine’s Day.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Unprotected sex. Size kink. Slight beard kink. Oral sex (m receiving). Vaginal fingering. Slight cockwarming. AU. 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Necessary Arrangements
Andy Barber x Fem!Reader; Ari Levinson x Fem!Reader; Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader;
Summary: A mob AU series starring Andy Barber, Ari Levinson, and Ransom Drysdale (and their respective fem!Readers).
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Mob AU. Mentions of murder, violence, drug trafficking, gambling, prostitution, escort services, and various other mob activities. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Everything Unexpected
Ari Levinson x Female!Reader | Word Count: 13,351
Summary: You lived a quiet, boring life with your gran, avoiding your omega designation and terrified at the mere concept of alphas...until a kind, handsome alpha buys the cabin up the hill from yours and inadvertently turns your simple, little life upside down.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. A/B/O dynamics. Innocent!Virgin!Reader. Slight age gap. Minor character deaths. Violence. Murder. Reference to domestic violence. Reference to alcoholism. Reference to murder. Kidnapping. Slight bondage. Slight dub con. Vaginal fingering. Unprotected sex. Dirty talk. Praise kink. Slight innocence kink. Soft!dark elements. AU. 18+ 🥵
Tumblr media
Ari Drabbles, Headcanons, Imagines, Etc.
Beard Ride 🥵
Skinny Dipping 🥵
Pretty 🥵
Finally Home 🥵
Quarantine Workout 🥵
Ari/Ransom/Andy Foursome 🥵
Fave Position (Steve; Ransom; Andy; Ari) 🥵
Eating Out (Andy; Ari) 🥵
Safe Word 🥵
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stargazingfangirl18 · 20 hours ago
Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) Masterlist
Tumblr media
🥵 Indicates explicit sexual content.
😈 Indicates dark content.
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,676
Summary: There was a reason why you were counting down the days until your apartment lease was up.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Smut. Non con. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 12: Obsession w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,632
Summary: Robert shows you his collection, then makes you part of it.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Kidnapping. Slight dub con. Anal play. AU probably. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 17: Overstimulation w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 3,540
Summary: You’d lost count of how many days you’d been here, locked away as his little plaything, but one thing you knew for sure? You didn’t want to make him angry.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Non con. Dub con. Overstimulation. Vaginal fingering. Anal play. Smut. Dark fic. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader; mild Mr. Freezy x Female!Reader
Summary: After witnessing a murder, you’re taken captive and caught up in a web of wicked deeds, deceit, and dark desire, unsure of who’s the lesser of two evils: the smooth talking devil with the face of an angel or the terrifying hitman who does all of his dirty work for him.
Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism. AU. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Wicked & Willing
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 1,097
Summary: It’s late at night and you’re all alone when the intruder appears, and your home isn’t the only thing he wants to ruin.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Virgin!Reader (but she’s in her 20s). Implied loss of virginity. Light degradation. Dom/Sub vibes. Dark elements. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Freezy Drabbles, Headcanons, Imagines, Etc.
Savor 😈
Mr. Freezy’s Special Cream 🥵😈
Famished 🥵😈
Where Do You Think You’re Going? 🥵😈
Delightful divider made by the talented @firefly-graphics​ 😍
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