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#ari levinson x fem!reader
starryevermore · 9 hours ago
to have and to hold (2) ✧ lee bodecker & ari levinson
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request: Hello ❤️ hope you are eating and hydrating! I was wondering if you could gimme another part of Holding Her Heart 🥺👉👈 absolutely loved the first one ❤️❤️❤️ - @the-soulofdevil​
pairing: alpha!lee bodecker x omega!reader; alpha!ari levinson x omega!reader
summary: your little family is about to grow. 
word count: 2,642
warnings?: a/b/o dynamics, pet names (bunny and little lady), fluff with a touch of angst (very minimal, you should be proud of me), ari bonds with reader, reader’s birthday, pregnancy announcement (if literally anyone asks, i’ll make a blurb about who the father is), not proofread
Tumblr media
Lee didn’t like sharing, but he didn’t mind sharing your nest with Ari. Well, he did mind. He didn’t like it all that much. But, you had moved the nest back into the master bedroom, where it belonged. And for that, he was grateful. He had missed having you in his arms, your face tucked into the crook of his neck while you let out quiet snores. Yeah, he was a fool for ever seeking out another. How could he ever think he would be happy with another omega when he had a brilliant diamond in his midst? But he’d been an idiot, and now your heart belonged, in part, to another alpha. 
Some days, he wished he had just taken Ari straight down to the station, locked him up and threw away the key. But other days, he would remember that bright smile on your face when he told you that he would let you keep Ari in your life, that he was willing to share, that he would be loyal to only you. He’d remember how you threw your arms around his neck, peppering his face with soft kisses, whispering your gratitude and love for him. And he’d remember how Ari had leaned against the kitchen counter, arms crossed over his chest but a smile on his face, as he watched. Ari had given him a nod, a quiet affirmation that this was going to work.
It hadn’t been easy, of course. He had jealousy issues to sift through, and a lot of them at that. It took everything in him in the early days of this arrangement to not pull you out of Ari’s arms into his, to shut it all down and keep you for himself again. But he knew he had to put you first. It was what you deserved. For far too long, he had been thinking of only himself and he had hurt you in the process, had pushed you to another alpha because he couldn’t get his own head out of his ass. He could never forgive himself for that. 
And, so it seemed, neither could you. 
Well, you could forgive him. You’d never been good at holding grudges. But you’d built up so much pain, suffered through so much, because of him and his idiocy. He never realized how far it had gone, he never had to truly address the pain he caused. Not until Ari came into the picture, anyways. 
You practically blossomed under Ari’s love. Your smile grew brighter, you gave love more freely. When you greeted him as he got home from work, there was actual love in your eyes. He often wondered if it was love for him, or if it was love for Ari. A lot of the time, he wondered if you loved Ari more than him. He didn’t know what the man didn’t for a living—truthfully, he didn’t care enough to ask; his relationship with Ari started and ended with you—but he knew that Ari spent a lot of time with you alone. It was hard to stop the jealousy from bubbling up, but he knew better than to pull some stunt in front of you. 
He grew to tolerate Ari, eventually. It helped when he finally convinced you to move your nest back to its original place. It was still the place you preferred to sleep and, given that Ari had moved in shortly after the arrangement had been made, it annoyed Lee to no end that Ari got you all night long. He said as much to Ari, who promised to talk things over with you. Within time, you moved the nest back to the master bedroom, adding little touches of both him and Ari, before declaring it perfect. Yeah, it helped that Ari was around, even if it meant that the three of you were squeezed into one bed (not that you’d ever complain). 
But, for as good as things were, there were still things that had to be said. The air still needed to be cleared. 
The three of you were tucked into your nest, your back pressed up against Ari’s chest, his lips ghosting over the crook of your neck. It had been many months since Ari had entered yours and Lee’s lives, and Lee finally relented that Ari could mark you, make the arrangement permanent. But, damn Ari for drawing this out so long. 
“This what you want, bunny?” Ari asked. 
You gasped, your head lolling back. “Yes,” you hissed as he nipped at your soft skin.
And, though they both knew it was what you wanted, there was an undeniable hesitancy to your voice. There was something you wanted to say, something you weren’t sure of. Lee reached out, grasping at your hand, kissing your knuckles as he whispered, “You can tell us if something’s wrong. We’ll fix it. We just gotta know.”
“I-I don’t think I can do this,” you whimpered. Ari immediately pulled away, and you seemed to realize what you’d said, that it wasn’t what you meant. “I mean, I want this. I do. But...I just...I don’t know, I feel like I gotta say somethin’ first.”
“What’s that? You know you can tell us anything,” Lee said. “We’re s’posed to take care of you after all.”
“It’s just...It wasn’t always like that, and I don’t know...I can’t stop thinking about how bad everything was after you were bonded to me, Lee, and I-I’m just scared that it’ll happen all over again.”
“Would it help to talk about it, bunny? Tell Lee about everything you’ve been building up?” Ari asked. 
“I think so...”
“Then go ahead, bunny, tell him how much he hurt you,” Ari said, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “It’s not good for a sweet little thing like you to pent up your emotions so much. The only way things can get better is if you let it all out.”
You looked over at him, your eyes brimming with tears. “I don’t think you understand how much it hurt, Lee...To know that I wasn’t good enough for you. To know that nothing I did could’ve ever made you happy.”
His heart ached at your admission. “Y/N...”
“I did everything I ever could to make you happy. I made everything in this house exactly to your liking. I made the food you liked, always had your favorite candy in the cabinet...I made sure your clothes were always laid out, your shoes always nice and shiny. And I tried...I tried to make sure we could have a happy family. But then you—” You choked on a sob. 
He lunged forward, wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb, nuzzling his nose against yours. “I didn’t mean—”
“—you left me, when I needed you most. You weren’t the only one hurtin’ when I lost those pups, Lee. But you didn’t care about me. You didn’t care about me until someone who threatenin’ to take me away. And I still can’t believe that you care about me now. I just keep waitin’ for you to change your mind, to hurt me all over again, and I can’t stand this kinda fear anymore.”
“I’m not leavin’ you, I promise,” he swore. “You’re my little omega, and I’ll spend the rest of my life tryin’ to make up for the mistakes I made.”
“I don’t know if I can believe that.”
“I know. I know it’s hard. But...that’s why you got Ari. ‘Cause if you ain’t sure if I love you, I wanna make sure that you know you are loved. Even if it means that you’re loving another alpha. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything, little lady, and...I know I messed up for a long time. And nothing I do could ever change that. But I’m tryna change for you, to be a better alpha for you.” He pressed a soft kiss to your lips. “And I don’t want you to feel like you gotta hide stuff from me anymore. You can tell me these things. Or if you feel better tellin’ Ari, do that and we both know he’ll set me straight.” Your lips quirked up in a smile. “I love you so much.”
“I love you, too, Lee.” You looked back at Ari, who was smiling down at you. “And I love you, Ari. I-I’m ready if you are.”
“I’ve been ready the moment I set eyes on you, bunny.”
Ari’s head ducked back down to where your neck connected to your shoulder, pressing kisses to your soft skin as he looked for the best place to put his first mark on you. Lee held onto your small hands, kissing your knuckles, you squeezing his hand hard as Ari’s teeth sank into your skin. You cried out, your back arching against Ari, the initial pain quickly melting into pleasure. Ari pulled away, your blood staining his teeth, whispering how you’re the perfect little omega for him, for Lee, how they’ll take care of you for the rest of your life.
That night, Lee made sure that you knew he loved you, that you knew he would never leave again. It wasn’t enough to make all your worries disappear, but it was a start. It was a start to mending the damage he had created and, really, that was all he really wanted. 
Tumblr media
The only thing Lee really wished for nowadays, other than finding out that you were carrying his pups again, was that he didn’t have to work as much. That he could stay at home with you like Ari did. But Lee had to make money, had to keep that roof over his family’s head. So, begrudgingly, he went to work everyday, counting down the minutes until he could pull you back into his arms. Today, the urge to be back home was stronger than ever. 
It was your birthday, the first one since Ari came into the picture. And Ari had decided that he and Lee were going to make you feel special. Or, at least, more special than you usually do since, if they were being honest, they’d come to spoil you rotten in a friendly competition to see who could get the most affection out of you on any given day. He and Ari had spent the better part of a month planning everything, and it was finally time for their efforts to come to fruition. 
And he could hardly wait. But first, he had to work.
Or, try to work, he mused as Ari walked into his office, hands shoved deep into his pockets. Lee looked up from the paperwork he was filling out. He set the pen down, leaning back in his seat, asking, “What can I do for you, Levinson?”
“It’s bunny’s birthday today.”
Lee fought the urge to roll his eyes. “I know.”
“Is everything set up?”
“Do you doubt my ability to take care of my house?”
“Our house. And bunny’s the one who takes care of it.” Ari’s lips twitched up into a smirk. “You’re just the sweethearted benefactor who pays for it all.”
“Don’t say it too loudly, Levinson. Got a reputation to keep up here.” Lee chuckled, his tongue darting over his lips. Lee had gone real soft for his omega lately, but none of his men needed to know that. No one except you, and Ari, needed to know how sweet he was on you. That was between the three of you and no one else. “Yeah, everything’s taken care of. Everything going to plan on your end?”
“Just got back from dropping her off at the spa. Will everything be ready when I pick her up?”
“Course it will. Already told my men that if they even think of botherin’ me after I finish my rounds, I’ll be lockin’ ‘em up and throwin’ away the key.”
“Good. Just wanted to check before I finish everything else I’m supposed to do.” Ari turned to leave, before pausing. “I’m glad you’re...taking care of her properly again. I know I wanted to take her away before, but I also knew doing that would break her heart. As hard as it is on the both of us, she does love us both.”
“Well, as much as I hated this, too,” Lee said, “I’m glad you came along. Showed me I had everything to lose. Really put my ass in gear.”
“Someone’s gotta do it,” Ari chuckled. “Alright, that’s enough with the sappy-ness. Gotta save that for bunny tonight, yeah?”
“Yeah. See you at home.”
“See you at home.”
When the clock finally struck 4:00, he was practically sprinting to his cruiser to get home. Or, well, technically to get to the store to pick you up a nice flower arrangement then to the bakery to get a nice cheesecake for you. At home, Ari had cooked a nice meal for you, setting out all of your favorite dishes on the fine china you’d gotten when you first bonded with Lee. Yeah, it was perfect. All they needed was you. 
Lee got home first, setting the flowers in the center of the table and putting the cheesecake in the fridge to chill until it was time for dessert. Ari arrived home shortly after, having just picked you up from the spa day that they’d sent you on. Ari was guiding you into the dining room, his hands covering your eyes as you giggled. When Ari pulled his hands away, you gasped at the scene set before you, tears pricking at your eyes. 
“Oh, I don’t know which one of you I should kiss first!” 
“Me,” Lee said, stepping in front of your, cradling your face in his large hands. He pressed his lips against yours, mumbling, “Happy birthday, little lady.”
“Okay, okay, it’s my turn,” Ari said, pulling you away from Lee and spinning you around to face him. Your giggles only increased as he swiped his tongue over your lip, his hands tangling in your hair.  “Give your alpha some sugar, bunny.”
“Alright,” Lee said, sinking into one of the chairs. “Don’t spoil your dinner with our sweet omega.”
Ari pulled away, winking down at you before taking his own seat. You, however, remained standing. You fidgeted with your hands, looking down at the floor, as if you had something you wanted to say.
“Something wrong?” Ari asked. 
“I, uh, I...I really appreciate what you’ve done for me today, but I own present for the two of you.”
“You didn’t have to get us anything, bunny,” Ari said. 
“No, no, it’s not...I didn’t buy anything.”
“Then what’s our present, little lady?” Lee asked. 
“I wanted to wait until I was further along, make sure I wouldn’t lose ‘em again,” you said, tears almost spilling over. Lee pulled you into his lap, pressing a kiss to your soft cheek, worry growing in him as you stalled your announcement. “I-I’m pregnant.”
Lee’s heart hammered in his chest. “’re gonna have our pups?”
“Yeah, I am,” you said, “I am, for real this time.”
For the first time in a long time, Lee felt like crying. This...He hadn’t ever expected he could be this blessed again. So many months ago, he was sure he’d lost you forever, that another alpha was gonna take you away. But now? Now, he had you, you were gonna have his pups (or Ari’s, but Lee...he would be grateful you were having a pup regardless of which alpha furthered them), and you were happy. His family was complete.
“I can’t wait for our family to grow,” he said, kissing you until you were breathless.
“Hey, if I wasn’t allowed to spoil my supper, you aren’t allowed to either!”
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areyoustchewpid · a month ago
what if i were to write a little something........... haha just kidding 😜 unless 👀
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the-iceni-bitch · a month ago
If I were you I'd take pre (-caution)
Before I start to meet a fly girl, you know?
'Cause in some (portions)
You'll think she's the best thing in the world
Pairing: Ari Levinson x fem!reader
Words: ~4.7k
Summary: You pick up a beautiful stranger at a dive bar and give him a night to remember, but you’re a little too addictive for your own good.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (m and f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex (wrap it before you tap it), dirty talk, slight femdom vibes), bitchy behavior from our protagonist, alcohol consumption, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: My official entry for the absolutely amazing @afriendlyblackhottie​‘s 2k B-Day Brat and R&B challenge! I may have made the reader more of a bitch than a brat, but I feel like that’s pretty on brand for me tbh. Congrats boo!! You are fantastic and deserve everything! 
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Dividers by the wonderful @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Ari growled under his breath when he walked into the bar Sam and Jake had dragged him to.
“Christ, look at this place.” He huffed, frowning at the grimy surroundings. “You beg me to come out with you idiots, then you bring me to the world’s biggest dive.”
“For fuck’s sake, that new job involve shoving a stick up your ass, Levinson?” Jake just shook his head at him and moved to the bar. “You fucking love dive bars. Besides, it’s ladies’ night.”
“Do ladies actually come to places like this?” Ari said, trying his best to avoid touching anything.
“Only the type that are willing to sleep with Jake.” Sam said with a wink, ordering three beers.
“Shut up Sammy.” Jake pouted, grabbing his beer and taking a gulp. “We’re not here to pick up girls anyways. We’re here to hang out with our buddy who’s been working too hard. Now, darts or pool?”
Tumblr media
You grinned at your friends when you stepped out of your Uber, adjusting your top and slamming the door behind you.
“Oh my god, fuck you, Y/N!” Shari sighed, rolling her eyes at you. “We said this was just a girl’s night out.”
“What? It’s just me.” You said innocently.
“Yeah, just you in fuck me heels and the jeans you said ‘almost got you pregnant on five separate occasions.’” Diana looked thoroughly unimpressed as she sized you up. “Are you wearing a push-up bra?”
“No.” You lied, pouting a little as you started to follow them into the bar. “Fuck me for wanting to look good, I guess.”
“Don’t try to pull that shit with us, honey.” Shari was giving you a suffering look as she went to hang up her coat. “There’s looking good, and there’s ‘bend me over the nearest surface and fuck me stupid’ you goddamn brat.”
“Wow, I look that good?” You teased, wiggling your hips a little as you moved towards the bar. “Fine, I won’t try to pick up any assholes tonight. Let’s do some shots.”
Tumblr media
“Jake?! Are you even paying attention? You just threw that thing into the wall.” Sam frowned, yanking the dart out of the wall.
“What?” Jake was not paying attention, hefting another dart absentmindedly before Ari snatched it out of his hand with a hiss. “Listen boys, I know we’re here for Ari, or whatever. But look what just walked in.”
Ari followed his line of sight and rolled his eyes when he saw your friends. 
“God, Jake, do not ruin another night out by thinking with your dick.” He groaned, taking another swig of beer. “They probably don’t want to deal with some asshole… hitting… shit.”
You had joined your friends with a tray full of tequila shots, beaming at them while you handed them out. He grunted when he watched you bend over to put the tray on the table, he’d never seen an ass like yours.
“Ari?” Sam gave an exasperated sigh as he watched the two of them stare at your group. “Not you too, c’mon man.”
“Ha, that’s my boy!” Jake cheered, clapping Ari on the back and moving to order more drinks.
Tumblr media
“Great.” Diana huffed, downing her second shot with a hiss and frowning at you. “Those three idiots have been staring at us nonstop since we got here. You couldn’t have toned down the slut factor for one night, Y/N?”
“Hey! I don’t hear you complaining about my sluttiness when I get us all free drinks, or into a club.” You tossed back another shot with an offended huff. “Or, when I got us all out of getting arrested at Lyndsie’s bachelorette party.”
“You were the reason we almost got arrested in the first place.” Shari scolded, smirking at you while she leaned on the table. “How many of those strippers did you proposition?”
“That wasn’t totally my fault, you know what tequila does to me!”
“Shit, I told you it was tequila!” Diana hissed at Shari, grabbing the shot from your hand and chugging it before you had a chance to react while Shari went to get you some water. “This is why we don’t let you order.”
“Oh my god, you guys are no fun!” You whined, taking the water from Shari with a pout. “Now where are these staring idiots?”
They groaned at you and each grabbed an arm, dragging you towards the pool tables while your eyes wandered over the bar. 
“No, Y/N, we’re playing pool.” Shari sighed at your hysterical giggle when you finally found the three men who were watching you. “Sweetie, you promised.”
“That was before I got a look at that thick god of a man.” You grabbed yourself the vodka tonic Diana had brought back from the bar as you eyed him. “He’s like a fucking Boston Jesus. I’m gonna climb him like a tree.”
Diana whacked you in the stomach with a pool cue when you started to walk towards him, grinning at your offended chirp.
“I get it honey.” She let out a deep sigh when she shit a look at the man you were trying to eye fuck. “I really, really get it. But it’s girls’ night. Now rack ‘em up.”
“Fine.” You grabbed the rack with a melodramatic pout. “But if he comes over here, I’m not responsible for my actions.”
Tumblr media
“C’mon Levinson, let’s go talk to them.” Jake was grinning at him like an idiot.
“No. Jake, I don’t want to be the asshole that hits on a group of women that are clearly not interested.” He grabbed his second beer and took a long drink.
“That’s fine.” Jake murmured with a shrug before standing up suddenly and jogging towards you three. “Because I’m ok being that asshole.”
“Fuck, get back here!” Ari hissed after him, Sam just shaking his head and downing the rest of his drink.
“Ladies!” Jake called, beaming at you three while he walked up to you.
“Not interested.” Diana shouted back, lining her shot up and sinking it. 
“Just wanted to see if you might like an even six for your pool game.” Damn, that was a smooth recovery. 
“Hell yes we do!” You answered before either of the other girls had a chance to chime in, ignoring their scowls and letting him wave his companions over. “My name is Y/N, by the way. And my two grumpy friends are Shari and Diana.”
“Very nice to meet you, Y/N.” Jake said, shaking your hand when you offered it. “I’m Jake, the angsty little fellow is Sam, and the big man is Ari.”
“Hi, I’m so sorry, we tried to stop him.” Ari said as he walked up to you, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck with nervous energy.
You honed in on him with a low hum, squeezing your thighs together as you felt a low throbbing in your core. He was even bigger up close; broad shoulders and thick thighs and an ass you could bounce a fucking quarter off with biceps you could just imagine wrapped around your throat while he fucked you over a bathroom counter.
You were gonna wreck this boy.
“So, Ari.” You purred, stepping towards him as Shari racked up the balls and rolled her eyes at you. “What’s your story?”
“Um, I own a hotel.” That look you were giving him was unnerving.
“Mm, that sounds like a lot of hard work.” You took a deep breath and squeezed your tits together a little when you crossed your arms, biting back a grin when he let out a soft groan and tried not to stare.
“Yeah, it’s long hours and shit.” He tried to slide past you so he could take his shot, but you didn’t move and he could’ve sworn you popped your ass out a bit to brush against his crotch.
“Oh, you poor baby.” You hummed, biting your lip while you watched him bend over the table. “Love the way you handle that big stick.”
He swore when he fumbled the shot, frowning at Jake when he caught the cue ball and gave him a shit eating grin. You winked at him as you moved to line up your own shot, taking your time when you leaned over in front of him.
“She’s going to eat you alive.” Sam scolded when Ari moved to take a desperate swig of beer.
“Yeah, are you excited?” Jake looked extremely pleased with how things were progressing, beaming between the two of them as they watched you move to the other side of the table to take another shot after you sank the first one. 
“I hope you’re proud of yourself, Y/N.” Diana just looked exhausted as she flicked her gaze between you and Ari. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look so turned on and terrified at the same time.”
“That’s just the way I like ‘em.” You pouted when you missed your third shot, straightening up and moving out of the way so Jake could take his. “I’m gonna make that boy scream either way.”
“God, you’re so fucking aggressive.” Shari moved to grab more drinks for everyone.
“Yeah, and it fucking works.” You made some adjustments to your bra until your tits were almost spilling out of your shirt. “Finish the damn game, Di, I’ve got a beard to ride.”
Ari swallowed thickly when you prowled back towards him, gripping his cue tightly until he felt the wood groan under his fingers. He was pretty sure sex with you was going to lead to an injury, but holy shit was he ready for it. 
“Hey.” He rasped, running his tongue over his bottom lip when you stepped into him slowly. You were throwing him off his game, he usually had a lot more to say.
“Hey, how close is your place?” You were starting to feel lightheaded from how bad you needed it, and the musky scent of him was not helping.
“Five minutes by Uber.” He growled, purring when you shoved a hand in his back pocket to grab his phone.
“Order it.” You told him, slamming his phone into his chest and moving to grab your jacket. “See you bitches later.”
“You’re not invited to girls’ night anymore, you skank!” Shari called after you, laughing when you flipped her off. “I’m putting all the rest of our drinks on your card!”
You didn’t hear her, grinning wolfishly at Ari once the Uber pulled up and shoving him inside. It was taking all your self control to not start feeling him up right in the back of the car, but you were already blacklisted from Lyft for that type of thing and you were not going to start paying for cabs. So you settled for rubbing your hand over his thigh, which actually may have been a bad idea because it was not helping you calm down.
Ari was in the same boat, unsure of what exactly to do with his hands because he was sure as soon as he touched you he was going to start feeling you up. 
“Should we, maybe, learn more about each other?” He asked, desperate for something to distract him from the warmth radiating from you. “We don’t even know each other’s last names.”
“I mean, as long as you remember my first name, sweetie, I’m good.” You purred, batting your eyelashes and smirking at him. “Cos I’m gonna have you screaming it pretty soon.”
“Jesus Christ.” He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to recover from this, his voice cracking when nuzzled into his neck. “We’re here.”
He almost stumbled when he stepped out of the car, in a little too much of a rush to get to the front door. You were right behind him, taking your time to appreciate the view of his back muscles flexing when he dug through his pockets for his keys. 
It felt like it took forever for him to unlock the door, but then you were finally inside and he was turning to face you. The small sound of surprise he made when you pounced on him made you grin, yanking his face to yours as you steered him towards the couch. You shoved him onto it with a small huff, propping one foot on the arm of the sofa and starting to strip.
“Take those jeans off, gorgeous.” You ordered, pulling your shirt over your head before bending over to take off your heels. “Let’s see what you’re packing under there.”
“Shit, yes ma’am.” He muttered, reaching to undo his fly in a rush while he watched you peel yourself out of your jeans. 
“Well, fuck me.” You purred, crawling on top of him and ripping his shirt off before wrapping your hand around his cock. Or, trying to, he was fucking thick. “Jesus honey, I knew you were gonna be big but I think this thing might split me in half.”
“Fuck, Y/N.” He growled against your lips when you brushed them over his, whining softly when you sucked his bottom lip between your teeth. 
“Mmm, my name sounds so good coming out of your mouth.” You flicked your tongue against his and he groaned, letting you shove him back into the couch. “Now, c’mon, I wanna feel you shoot your cum down my throat.”
“Shit.” He leaned his head back against the arm of the couch and grunted when you started mouthing your way down his torso. “Where did you come from?”
“That seems unimportant right now.” You murmured, dragging your thumb through the precum collected at his slit before popping it in your mouth as you gazed at him through your lashes. “Ooh, you taste so fucking good, baby. I’m gonna suck this cock dry.”
“Fu… oh fuck.” His chest heaved with deep breaths when you pressed his cock against his abs dragged your tongue from his asshole to his swollen tip, making sure you’d tasted every inch of him before you pressed slow kisses to his sack and moved your fist over his length. “Goddamn, you’re amazing.”
“Yeah, I know.” You said around a smirk, giving him a brief second before you started massaging his balls with your tongue
Everything he had been about to say flew right out of his head, the only thing falling from his lips a series of wanton moans as you sucked his sack between your lips, tugging on it softly and humming before you released him with a pop. Your lips peppered soft kisses up his shaft until you reached his swollen head, and he groaned when you started flicking your tongue over his frenulum.
He let out a low curse when you finally took him in your mouth and started bobbing your head up and down his shaft. You were moving slowly, taking just an inch more of him each time until you felt his tip hit the back of your throat. The choked whine he let out when you relaxed and swallowed around him was pathetic, his hips trying to roll to meet your face until you splayed your hand over his abs to hold him still.
Your free hand moved to gently tug on his balls, your lips stretched painfully around his girth still able to quirk a little at the absolutely filthy noises he was making. He wrapped a hand in your hair, just to hold you as you slid him halfway out of your mouth before you were sloppily choking around him. 
Ari hissed when you started moving faster, drool leaking from your lips and soaking his thighs while you hummed around his cock. His hips were fighting against the hand you had placed to restrain him, bucking against you wildly until you had to bar your forearm across his pelvis to keep him still.
A feral growl ripped from his chest when you swallowed around him again, his grip on your hair turning painful when he lost control for just a second and shoved you down on his cock until tears were leaking down your cheeks. You nuzzled into the coarse hair at his base and breathed deep through your nose when he shot his load down your throat, swallowing everything he gave you with a deep moan.
He released your hair when he was finished, sagging back against the couch while you sat up over him with a satisfied sigh. His chest was flushed and heaving, his wet, softening cock laying heavy against his stomach as he tried to regulate his breath while he came down. 
“How you feeling there, sport?” Damn, he looked so fucking good like this. You loved wrecking men with your mouth, and this beast of a man was a special fucking treat.
“I’m gonna need a minute.” He huffed, running his hand over his face and taking a long look at you. You looked like fucking sin, your makeup smeared all over your face and tiny black lingerie. Goddamn dangerous is what you were. “Did I tell you how fucking amazing you are, yet?”
“You did, yeah.” You said, rolling your eyes a little and wiping the drool off your chin. “You need a drink, honey?”
“No.” He sighed, watching you stretch over him like a cat. “Feeling a little hungry though.”
“Yeah? Should we order something?” You started to stand up to grab your phone but yelped when he gripped your waist and pulled you back into his lap, sitting up suddenly and running his nose over your throat.
“That’s not what I’m talking about, sweetheart.” He purred, nipping at the spot your pulse was thudding under your skin while his arms wrapped around you to unclasp your bra. “All I can think about is how good you’re going to taste.”
“Really?” You laughed lightly when he moved his lips down to trace over the curve of your breasts. “Here you had me thinking you were a good boy.”
“I’m a very good boy.” He growled from in between your tits, the vibration going straight to your core. “And good boys reciprocate.”
You yelped happily when he dropped you on your back, running your fingers through his hair when he rose back up to steal your breath with a kiss before moving his lips down your torso at a languorous pace.  He made sure to take his time when he got to your tits, slowly pressing his lips and tongue over the soft slopes of your breasts until you were panting needily. Once he was satisfied he continued moving lower, tracing his mouth down your abdomen until he reached the edge of your panties.
He didn’t make any moves to remove them though, instead kissing over the curve of your mound slowly through the thin black lace until he could feel your arousal soaking the fabric. You whined when he tugged at the dampening lace with his teeth before his lips moved to mouth at your thighs, sucking soft bruises into your flesh while his beard scraped at your sensitive skin.
“God you smell good.” He growled, his teeth lightly brushing over your hip before he buried his face in the soaked fabric that covered your core and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, you’re like a damn drug.”
You chuckled darkly at that, running your fingers through his hair and tilting his head so you could gaze into his eyes when he ran his tongue in a heavy stripe over your clothed heat. Ari pressed his lips over your clit in a final gentle kiss before his hands moved to tug your panties down your legs.
“Shit, you need to quit teasing.” You scolded, tugging on his hair while he slowly moved his tongue over your bare cunt. “Ari, c’mon.”
“Sorry honey.” He cooed, brushing his nose over your clit and grinning when you tried to grind into his face. “I just want to take my time and enjoy eating this pretty pussy.”
His tongue moved over your entrance in a languid stripe, slowing down when he reached your clit and dragging against it at a torturous pace until you were whimpering. You moaned when he did it again and again, lapping up every drop of slick that was leaking from your throbbing hole until every inch of skin between your thighs was a glistening mess. He pointed the thick muscle and prodded it against your entrance gently before thrusting it into you, groaning when he felt you clench against his face.
“Oh my fucking god.” You mumbled, arching into him when he started fucking you with his tongue and curling it against your soft walls. “I gotta say, I was not expecting you to be so good at this, sweetheart.”
Ari gave a pleased grunt from between your legs, grinding his face into you while his tongue stroked at your warm flesh before removing it and wrapping his lips around your clit to suck softly. The fluttering whine you let out made him groan, the tip of his tongue massaging your tiny bundle of nerves while his mouth increased the suction until you were wriggling underneath him. It was only a matter of seconds before you were screaming, your back arching you off the couch while your release filled his mouth and soaked his beard.
“Jesus, that was fucking beautiful.” He purred, crawling up your body until he was stretched over you and could bury his face in your neck. “I could’ve spent all night down there gorgeous. Need to be inside you so bad.”
You snorted, letting him mouth gently at your neck and shoulders while his hardening length pressed against your stomach. He gave a pathetic huff when you shoved him off you so you could sit up, climbing into his lap and pressing your mouth to his to swallow his questions before he had a chance to ask them. Your taste was still lingering on his tongue as you stroked it with your own, smiling to yourself as he whined pathetically into your mouth.
“You really need it, sweetheart?” You teased, cupping his face in your hands and running your thumb over his bottom lip slowly.
“Yes.” He sighed, turning his head to press his lips to your palm as he gazed into your eyes with lust blown pupils.
“Then beg me.” You purred, licking a slow stripe over the jut of his cheekbone while his eyes rolled back in his head with a low moan.
“Oh, fuck, please.” He whined, hissing through his teeth when you dipped a hand between the two of you to wrap around his cock. “Please, shit, I need you.”
“Oh, I know sweetie.” You gave him a mock pout as you sank onto him, biting your lip while you fluttered and stretched around his girth. “God, this cock of yours is so damn thick, I don’t think I’m gonna last long.”
He just mumbled nonsense as you started to ride him, opening his mouth to you when you tugged on his chin so you could slide your thumb against his tongue. You rested your forehead against his and beamed at him, grinding your hips and clenching around him while he made soft and pathetic mewling noises around your thumb. Ari choked on a sob when you clenched around him, his hips bucking to meet yours desperately as you rode him.
“You keep making those noises and I’m gonna lose it, baby.” You murmured, sliding your thumb out of his mouth and dragging it over his cheek until there was a thin trail of saliva you could trace with your lips. “Does it feel so good, sweetheart? You like it when I ride you hard?”
“Fuckin’ love it.” He grunted, groaning when you brought your mouth back to his and tugged at his lips with your teeth.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your hands in his hair, shoving your tongue down his throat and rolling your body against his while the two of you neared your ends. His fingers were digging into your waist so hard you were sure you were going to have bruises tomorrow, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care while you were fucking him stupid.
He whimpered when you pulled your face away from his, chasing after your lips pitifully while you held his head still with your fingers digging into his scalp.
“You close, honey?” You asked, grinning when he nodded vigorously and his eyes rolled back in his head. “Good. I want you to come inside me and then fuck it into me nice and deep.”
“Jesus, you’re filthy.” He gasped, his hips moving wildly underneath you as he chased his release. “You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m on the pill.” You felt yourself starting to lose it and ground into him with a moan. “ And I wanna hear you say my name, Ari.”
He threw his head back and screamed it, his hips rising up off the sofa as he shot his load into you. You groaned as you followed him, fluttering wildly around his cock and yanking on his hair while he fucked the cream of your mixed releases back into you with vicious thrusts of his hips. The two of you sagged into the couch when you were finished, Ari tucking his face into your shoulder and pressing soft kisses over the curve of your neck.
“Where’s your bathroom, sweetheart?” You asked as you sat back on his lap before slowly rising to your feet.
“Just down the hall.” He pointed the way for you, watching you closely as you collected your clothes and moved towards the room he indicated. “You want a drink or anything?”
“No, my ride’s gonna be here in like, 5 minutes.” You called, stepping back into the hall fully dressed and pulling your jacket over your shoulders while you tucked your phone back into your pocket.
“Wait, your ride?” He grabbed his boxer briefs and pulled them on in a rush before moving to intercept you as you headed towards his front door. “You’re not staying?”
“Yeah, sleepovers aren’t really my thing, honey.” You were grinning as you dodged his attempt to wrap his arms around you.
“Well, can I at least get your number so we can do this again?” He was starting to feel a little desperate, but he really needed to keep seeing you.
“Dating is also not my thing, babe.” You gave an annoyed huff when you tried to move around him and he blocked you again. “Ari, don’t make this awkward.”
“Y/N, you can’t tell me you’re really ok with us not seeing each other any more after what we just did.” He barred his arm across the door to keep you from opening it and leaving. “I’ve never come that hard before in my life.”
“You’re welcome.” You said with an eye roll, tapping your foot impatiently when he refused to move out of your way. “Now you have a nice little story to tell your friends.”
“Don’t tell me that wasn’t as good for you, I felt you come.” He hated the panicky edge that was creeping into his voice. “I tasted you.”
“Sorry sweetie, it was pretty standard.” You were lying a little, but you needed to get the fuck out of there. “Ari, my ride is here, I need to go.”
He let you lift his arm out of the way with a defeated grunt, watching you in a shocked daze as you wrenched his door open and stepped out into the night. You slammed it behind you before he had a chance to beg you to stay, his voice catching in his throat with a pathetic whine.
Ari turned to lean against the door and sank to the floor with a heavy sigh, running his hands through his hair as he considered the fact that he was never going to see you again.
Tumblr media
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sweetlyscared · a month ago
A Simple Solution
Tumblr media
Pairing: Andy Barber x Fem!Reader, Ari x Fem!Reader, Andy x Fem!Reader x Ari
Word Count: 6.8k (oneshot)
Warnings: 18+, PURE UNFILTERED SMUT (dom/sub dynamic, bondage, daddy kink, praise kink, oral, hair pulling, anal play, vaginal penetration, anal, double penetration), soulmate AU, very little plot, mostly smut. Do not repost my work without my permission, even if you credit me.
Summary: You and Andy had a purely sexual relationship for several months, and you'd started to grow attached to him. Unfortunately, life has a way of complicating things, and a chance encounter at a bookstore had you stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Note: This is for @iraot’s 1.1k Wheel of Debauchery Challenge! If you haven’t yet, PLEASE follow her. She is a phenomenal writer and one of the nicest people ever. Check out the challenge. It’s SUPER fun.
I landed on: daddy kink, threesome, possessiveness, and for the situation, I got the Soulmate AU.
Thank you to @iraot for creating such a fun challenge, and thank you to @river-soul for suggesting the dom/sub relationship between Andy and the Reader, Ari as the third person, and encouraging me to make this downright nasty.
Here is my main masterlist!
The ropes dug into your wrists, but Andy always used restraints made from soft cotton so they wouldn’t chafe your skin. He was considerate like that.
“You’ve been a good girl for me today, sweetheart,” he purred into your ear as he continued pounding into you from behind, a large hand gripping your hip while another held onto a shoulder, making your back arch so prettily. Your arms were spread and bound across the wooden beam he currently had you bent over. “You like taking my cock like this?”
“Yes, sir,” you gasped.
His thick cock hit places within you that you weren’t even aware of until you met him nearly half a year ago. He popped up on one of the dating apps you used, and though you felt he was far out of your league- a successful lawyer, handsome, wealthy, you went for it. A few days of flirty texts later, and his tongue was up your cunt before the week was over.
At first, neither one of you wanted anything serious, just some good fun. And luckily for you, he knew how to take you apart, piece by piece.
It wasn’t long until he slowly introduced you to the world of bondage. You always imagined it to be gimp masks and latex body suits, but Andy showed you there could be a sweet elegance to the whole subculture.
He was patient with you as you learned, not that he needed to be; you were naturally submissive. Still, he slowly tested your limits as he taught you how to submit to him the way he wanted. He never pushed you past your comfort level, respected every hard boundary you set, and after the whips and chains were put away, he liked to cuddle you and rub away any tender spots he may have left.
He was the perfect dom.
Another hard thrust punched your cervix, resulting in a painful orgasm, your fifth one for the night, and you sobbed out your safeword.
His hips immediately stilled and he removed his cock from your overwrought pussy.
“Shit, you okay sweetheart?” He cooed as he rubbed your back before undoing the cotton ropes that bound you to the wooden beam. You nodded weakly and sighed as he scooped you up and gently placed you on the soft bed he kept in his basement, his sex dungeon, as you affectionally called it.
“Yeah, just… it was just a lot,” you murmured and smiled gently when he kissed your forehead and brushed away sweat slicked hair from your face. “You can finish though,” you encouraged, your voice soft and sweet in a way that always made his cock twitch, the dichotomy between how innocent you could be with the downright sinful things he’d make you do was eroticism he didn’t know he enjoyed until he met you.
“You sure?”
“Yeah,” you nodded a little and gasped slightly when you felt his girthy length enter you once more. Your walls were inflamed from his earlier ministrations, but he kept his thrusts soft, slow, and deep.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he moaned as he took his time with you, making sure not to hurt you.
Despite how overworked your pussy was, you felt the familiar signs of an impending orgasm-- your walls tightened, your toes curled, and you felt the pressure within your core rising.
“You’re so close sweetie, I can feel it,” Andy groaned and dipped down to latch onto a sensitive nipple. It was enough to send you over. Your cunt squeezed his cock and he grunted as his release followed, painting your sore walls white with his cum.
“Such a good girl,” he said once the two of you settled down, his softening cock still inside you. He looked at you like you were some precious treasure, and your heart couldn’t help but flutter at the sight of his blue eyes peering into yours, drawing you in like waves into the sea. He bent down and captured your lips in a sweet kiss.
“My good girl,” he whispered as he ran a thumb over the dark mark on your shoulder, some abstract design that was meant to encapsulate the essence of your soul, a matching pair to some stranger you’d likely never meet.
About 75% of the world’s population was born with a soul mark, and even then, many chose not to look for their partner. It was a slowly dying tradition, it seemed, the irony given it was easier than ever to find someone across the world.
Your mark was on your shoulder, dark in color, in a pattern of flowing swirls, like drops of ink expanding in water or tendrils of smoke flowing in the air. Should you ever find your soulmate, it would begin to burn until it bled into something shiny, like gold foil on your skin. Completed bonds were beautiful, but you never cared to find your other person.
Especially not when you had Andy.
Your relationship was supposed to be no strings attached, but he made that very difficult with how sweet and considerate he was. Not to mention, how good he was at sending you over the edge. You were tempted to ask him to make your relationship official, but you just didn’t have the courage to do it, not wanting to ruin what you had.
The afternoon was a bust after your friend canceled your coffee date at the last moment. Sighing, you threw away the last bit of your chai tea latte in the overfilled trash can sitting on the sidewalk and entered a used bookstore across the street, admiring the smell of old paper that hit you as you walked in. You’d been there a few times and enjoyed the quiet it provided in an otherwise loud city.
Browsing the titles through crowded aisles and shelves, you found yourself in the limited edition section of the store. First edition copies of weathered novels selling for thousands were kept on display behind thick, polished glass.
You definitely understood the importance of literature, but you couldn’t fathom spending thousands on a book. Then again, you supposed it was like owning a piece of history, and for the wealthy, the cost was nothing.
Ready to call it a day and head home, you made your way to the exit when you felt something peculiar under the skin on your shoulder, like you were being caressed with a feather. Before you could really think about it, the feeling intensified and began to sting. You hissed in pain and grabbed at it, not sure what was happening, until you realized it was your soul mark.
This can’t be happening, you thought as you stared at your reflection in the glass display case and watched as the dark ink of your mark faded into glittering gold that pooled from under your skin until the entire thing was shimmering.
After a few seconds, the burning had subsided, leaving your newly activated soul mark, shining even in the dim light of the bookstore.
You stood up and looked around, your head whipping back and forth as you tried to find who had initiated the transformation.
Before you could start walking around the store, a man appeared from behind one of the display cases.
He was tall, bulky. Imposing. There was so much to take in-- the long hair, thick beard, and tanned skin. The serene blue eyes, the confidence he carried in the way he stared at you, the lust that seemed to be hiding from behind his cool gaze, beckoning you closer.
When you were a kid, your mother would tell you tales of her own soulmate experience. Your parents had bonded years ago when they met at college, and you grew up wanting nothing more than to find the person whom destiny had set aside for you.
As you got older, your mother told you what to expect. Once your soulmate was nearby, their proximity activated both your marks, and an instant connection was formed. It would feel like time stopped, like nothing else but them mattered in the world but them. It didn’t matter that you didn’t know the person, their soul was made to fit against yours perfectly.
As a child, it sounded so romantic, but as you got older, you cared less about it, just happy to find someone who loved you for you, not because some mark told you to. Meeting Andy only confirmed that desire.
And yet, as you stared at the older man in front of you, all notions of denying your destiny were lost in the air, and you couldn’t help but feel an instinctual love for the stranger.
“Hi,” you said at last.
The man smirked at you, the upturned corner of his lips doing well to make you weak in the knees.
“Hey,” he returned, his voice soft yet commanding, “I didn’t think I’d ever find you.”
You didn’t know what to say, unsure if you should admit you weren’t even looking for him.
“You wanna grab some coffee?” he asked.
A few moments later, you were back at the same cafe, holding another chai tea latte while the man, Ari Levinson as you found out, drank black coffee. The two of you were seated in a corner, for privacy.
“You seeing anyone? I can’t imagine a beauty like you staying single for long,” Ari said after he took a sip of his coffee.
“Not exclusively,” your voice was hesitant as your mind wandered to Andy. You felt like you were betraying him, even though your relationship never moved past no-strings-attached sex. “I’m um… casually seeing a guy. But it’s not exclusive.”
He gave you a curious look but didn’t press on it.
For the rest of the afternoon, the two of you talked. Ari was new to Boston, having been all around the world for work, and you couldn’t help but wonder if destiny really was a thing. Somehow, his path had crossed yours, and it felt right. You enjoyed his presence, leaning forward as he talked, while he did the same when you rattled off bits of your life. Courteous, easy to talk to, and yet, very intense, you couldn’t help but succumb to the natural affinity you had for the man.
He was an architect, having traveled the world overseeing the creation of different buildings, large and small, before he decided he wanted to settle down and nurture roots. As a hobby, he did carpentry and made some extra money doing commissions. .
“So you’re good with your hands?” You asked, unable to keep the flirty lilt from lacing into your words as they fell from your mouth.
“Would you like to find out?” he responded, his voice husky with desire.
You found yourself in his open concept loft thirty minutes later, back pressed against the exposed brick wall as Ari crushed you with his body, his lips hungry against yours.
“Fuck, baby, you’ve got me rock hard,” he groaned between deep kisses. You could feel his erection pressing into your stomach, thick and heavy.
“Want me to do something about it?” You whispered against his lips. He nearly growled in return before scooping you up and tossing you onto his kind sized bed.
“I want dessert first,” he said while he yanked your skirt down, taking your panties with it, and roughly prying your legs apart.
You heard a low rumble of a groan as he saw the sight of your dripping core. He wasted no time pressing his lips against your glistening folds and roughly lapping at your clit, sending waves of pleasure through your body.
Andy always ate your pussy like it was something delicate, something to be savored. Ari ate it like he was starving, his tongue harsh against your clit. He suckled on your clit with steady force, and you found yourself orgasming, your walls clenching around nothing as Ari pushed you through your climax.
When the high died down, you got up to return the favor, but Ari only shoved you back down.
“Another time. I gotta fuck this sweet cunt now,” he growled as he yanked your legs apart and lined the head of his thick cock at your quivering hole. “You ready, gorgeous?”
“God, yes,” your moan turned into a gentle scream when you felt his length pushing inside you, your walls needing to stretch to accommodate his girth.
“Fuck,” Ari grunted as he speared into your fully.
He set a rough pace immediately, and it had you curling your toes as electricity coursed through your entire body with each of his thrusts. His hips clashed into yours, the lewd sound of flesh slapping together as he invaded your core. You put your hands on his shoulders, an attempt to hold onto something, but he had other plans. Far more quickly than a man of his size should be, he grabbed your wrists and slammed them on either side of your head, his calloused hands trapping them there.
You pussy clenched around him, his dominance causing you to become more slick around his cock.
Raw lust pooled in his eyes at your submission and he growled a little as he fucked you harder.
A small whimper left your lips, and Ari leaned down to kiss you gently, a sweet contrast to the filthy way he was wrecking your cunt. He let go of your hands and moved your legs onto his shoulders, his lips freeing yours as the new position put a little distance between the two of you. What you lost in proximity was made up with the angle his cock could hit your g-spot.
“You gonna cum for me, baby?” Ari purred as his hips snapped into you. You were beyond words and could only nod frantically as your orgasm neared. “Daddy’s got you,” he grunted and with the rough pad of his calloused thumb, rubbed your pulsating clit until your pussy was squeezing his cock like a vice.
“Fuck!” Ari grunted and pulled out, your legs falling to the sides as he sat up on his haunches, his hand pumping his cock a few times before his cum shot out and landed on the soft skin of your belly.
You gazed up at him, mind hazy with desire, and didn’t register he’d left the bed until he came back with a towel to clean his spend off you.
“You alright there, gorgeous?” Ari asked as he tossed the towel aside and laid next to you.
“Yeah, that was just…” you paused for a moment and turned over so you could see him. “That was amazing,” you said, your mind fuzzy like you were dreaming.
Ari smirked at you, confident and sure like he’d been all day. He leaned closer to you and kissed you sweetly, gently.
You hobbled into your apartment the next morning, having spent the night at Ari’s place where he had his way with you several more times. Your throat felt raw from the amount of times you screamed “daddy, please.”
Andy and Ari were so alike, and yet, so incredibly different.
Both of them were dominant and needed to be in control of you during sex. But where Andy only took control with your express permission, Ari preferred to see how far he could push you until you begged him to stop. Andy hardly pushed your limits, and even when he did, he made sure to ask you if he could beforehand. Ari seemed to delight in pushing you past your breaking point. And yet, he never did anything to hurt you. When something became too much, he stopped.
Your hips and thighs were bruised, your neck was sore from all the nips and bites he’d given you, and your scalp ached where he’d grabbed fistfuls of your hair as he fucked you from behind.
Sighing, you collapsed onto your bed, unsure of what to do.
You loved Andy and had months to have gotten to know him, fall in love with him.
Yet, you were connected to Ari in a way words alone would fail to describe. You may not have known intimate details about his life, but you could feel him in a way it took you months to feel for Andy.
You curled into a ball and tried to get rest, pushing away any thoughts of Andy and Ari, and what your future entailed for either one of them.
The next day, you called Andy. He deserved to know.
He told you to swing by his house later, when he got off work, and you spent your time until then pacing your apartment, unsure how to explain how things had changed so much in so little time.
Soon, you found yourself knocking on his door. He answered with a soft smile, happy to see you, but his brows quickly furrowed when he noticed the distressed hesitation written on your tired face.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
You sighed and walked inside his house where you followed him to the living room and sat down on one of his modern sofas, the luxurious suede caressing the backs of your thighs as you sank into the cushions. It was a welcome relief, still sore from what Ari had done.
“I don’t know how to explain, so…” you drifted off and shook your head before removing your thin jacket. You’d worn a tight tank top under it, and your shoulder was exposed, revealing the golden pattern Andy had touched only a couple days prior. He saw the marks along your neck too, no mystery to what had caused them, only who.
Andy was in full lawyer mode, his face unreadable as he looked at the gleaming mark.
“I… I didn’t mean for this to happen…” You started, tears pricking the corners of your eyes. Andy heard the soft waver in your voice and his eyes softened when he saw your crestfallen expression.
“Oh, sweetie, it’s not your fault,” he murmured as he moved towards you and gathered you in his arms.
“I love you,” you whispered, afraid of how he’d react. “I didn’t say it before because I was afraid. But I do.”
“I love you, too,” Andy sighed into your hair as he held onto you.
For the past few months, you wanted nothing more than to hear those words, and what should have been a sweet moment was ruined by the shiny mark on your shoulder.
“What am I going to do?” you sobbed lightly into his chest.
“We’ll figure something out.”
You saw Andy and Ari with less frequency as the weeks went on, and you made yourself more difficult to get a hold of, volunteering to work overtime more often. You’d explained the situation to the both of them, and neither one of them pressured you to choose. Despite their patience, you could see them both getting antsy as the days crawled by, and you couldn’t blame them. You didn’t want to make a choice, you couldn’t, and the looming threat of having to choose between two men you loved was causing your heart to bend and bleed.
Ari needed to do something, unable to look at you sulk the few times he got to see you as you withdrew from him.
“Andy Barber,” Ari hummed as he brought up his phone. A quick google search later, and Ari found himself making a phone call to a law firm downtown for a consultation. It was going to cost a few hundred for the hour, but it would be worth it.
A few days later, Ari was led down the hallway of the pristine building, the smell of printer toner wafting in the air.
“Mr. Barber? Your two o’clock is here,” the assistant called after knocking on an ebony wood door.
“Come in,” a voice responded, and the assistant opened the door, gesturing Ari inside, and he gave her a quiet thank you.
Once inside, Andy looked up at the other man with polite professionalism.
Ari could see why you were so conflicted. Andy oozed gentle authority, and Ari couldn’t help but appreciate it.
“Ari Levinson,” he said as he held his hand out to shake. Realization washed over Andy’s face as he shook his hand firmly. He hadn’t gotten a good look at his meeting list for the day, and wondered how’d he missed the name that had been looming over him for the past few weeks.
“I take it you’re here to talk about my girl?” Andy asked, the blue of his eyes turning to steel while the rest of him remained composed.
His girl? Ari smirked.
“Yes, she’s been rather distracted lately. She won’t say why, but it’s pretty obvious she’s torn between the two of us,” Ari said, taking a seat in the plush chair seated in front of the stately darkwood desk.
Andy sighed, shaking his head slightly.
“I’m not giving her up,” Andy was determined, even more so when he saw Ari wasn’t backing down.
“I thought the two of you weren’t exclusive,” the longer haired man pressed.
“We technically weren’t, but things changed. Besides, we hadn’t been with anyone else since we started sleeping together, months ago.”
“Until me,” Ari needled.
Andy’s gaze turned colder and Ari chuckled, putting his hands up.
“Hey, I don’t blame her. I get what she’s talking about now,” Ari said as his eyes slowly and intentionally moved down Andy’s body, from his broad shoulders to his thick arms and wide chest, and back up to his neck where he saw sinuous tendons flexing under his pale skin. “I don’t see why anyone has to lose,” Ari murmured as his eyes snapped to Andy’s, whose gaze turned from angry to confused.
“What are you saying?” Andy asked, his voice careful, measured.
“How open are you?” Ari hummed.
“Not very, if you’re asking what I think you’re asking.”
“Not even for her?” Ari pressed.
Andy remained quiet for a moment, mulling it over, while Ari’s smirk deepened.
You stood in front of Andy’s house, unsure what he wanted after sending you a text asking you to come over, saying it was urgent. Dread pooled in your stomach, weighing you down, wondering if he was going to choose for you and end things. You didn’t want to think about it even though you knew it wasn’t fair to either one of them to keep dragging them along.
Despire not knowing what he wanted, you’d put on a black lace lingerie set just in case, since you rarely visited Andy when sex didn’t happen. Still, you hadn’t actually seen him in nearly a week, and you’d been distant with him, as you were with Ari.
You knocked on the door, and shortly after, Andy opened it, where you saw the familiar cool tones of his hallway and the distinct smell that was uniquely Andy hitting your nose. You breathed in, comforted by it.
“Thanks for coming, sweetie,” he smiled. He didn’t look distressed, quite the opposite, and your questions only grew.
Once inside, Andy led you to the living room where your movements immediately stilled. Sitting on the couch with a glass of some kind of amber liquid in his hand was Ari, who smiled at you.
“What’s happening?” you asked, confused.
“We’ve noticed you’ve been distant lately,” Ari said as he set his glass down on the table.
“We can tell you’re not exactly happy at the thought of needing to choose between us,” Andy said, his voice calm in the same way he’d use when he was about to whip the ever loving shit out of your back.
However, all of that was the furthest thing from your mind as your gaze shifted between the two men. Were they going to make you choose?
You loved Andy, and though you hadn’t known Ari for long, you loved him too, your soul giving you no other choice.
“I don’t know if I can choose,” you whispered as you fidgeted with the hem of your blouse, your eyes shining with tears. You saw Andy’s face soften.
“Oh, sweetie,” he sighed.
Andy wiped away the tear that fell down the side of your face before kissing you gently, sweetly.
“Who says you have to choose?” He whispered into your lips.
“What?” You asked, brows furrowed.
Andy began ushering you towards Ari, where he delicately pushed you onto his lap and the architect gripped your hips firmly, steadying you.
“You don’t need to choose. Not if you don’t want to,” Ari confirmed.
Andy took a seat next to him and kissed your inner wrist and arm while Ari pressed his lips to yours.
“A-are you saying… you want to both…” you stammered out.
“Yes, you can have us both, but only if you want it,” Andy confirmed.
You looked between the two men.
There really was only one answer.
You nodded, and you saw Ari’s smirk and Andy’s relieved smile.
“Let’s make it official then,” Ari said, the husky rasp clipping his words, and you knew he was ready to tear you apart.
Andy pulled you up and before you knew it, you were sitting on his bed while he unbuttoned your blouse. Ari removed your pumps and pulled your pants down, revealing your supple skin underneath. Both men made an appreciative sound at your choice in undergarments before they removed their own clothes.
“Ari’s told me he tends to get rough with you. Why don’t we show him how you like to be fucked?” Andy said.
“Yes sir,” you said, and you heard Ari whistle.
“You have her trained well,” Ari said.
“She’s a fast learner,” Andy smirked.
The lawyer moved between your legs and gently spread them before cupping your heated mound.
“Actually, how do you want to see her get fucked?” Andy called over to the other man, who was gently pawing at his erection.
“Hmm, I like her being under you for now. Her tits jiggle so sweetly like that,” Ari hummed.
Andy made a deep sound in approval before pressing his lips against yours, coaxing you into a deep kiss that had you reeling. He nipped your bottom lip before he parted, and you gasped a little. He gave you an affectionate look before peppering kisses down your body, quickly removing your bra and giving each nipple a sweet suck before continuing his journey downward.
Hooking his thumbs under your panties, he slid off the black lace that covered your pretty pussy and sighed at the sight of your glistening folds.
Gently, he ran a tongue up your slit, taking care of you until you were a mess under him.
It didn’t take long for him to bring you to an orgasm, you back bowed as you tossed your head back in ecstasy, a broken moan escaping your lips.
“Fuck,” you heard Ari mutter and saw him sitting on a plush chair, his thick cock in his hand as he slowly stroked it at the sight of another man having his way with you.
“Where are you manners,” Andy admonished, and you snapped your focus to him.
“Sorry sir, thank you, sir,” you added quickly.
“Good girl,” he soothed and spread your legs as he positioned himself at your weeping entrance.
With a firm thrust, he sheathed himself inside you, and you keened at the feeling of being stretched around his girth.
“How hard should I go?” Andy asked Ari.
“Pretty hard. Warm her up for me,” the longer haired brunette rumbled.
Andy began a rough pace, his cock hitting the furthest part of your cunt, kissing your cervix every time, causing you to grunt between your pants and moans.
“I’m not gonna last much longer,” Andy sighed as his eyes fell towards your breasts as they bounced with every thrust.
“I’d mock you for your lack of stamina, but I gotta admit, her sweet pussy has a way of milking a cock dry as fast as possible,” Ari said, playful confidence ever so present in his voice.
Andy nodded, and with a strangled groan, you felt his cum filling your worked up pussy. You came around his softening cock and he hissed at the feeling.
“You did so good for me, sweetie,” Andy murmured and kissed you, slow and gingerly. “Now show Ari that wrecked pussy of yours.” He crawled off you, freeing you from the cage of his solid body.
“Yes sir,” you whispered and spread your legs, which were already beginning to feel like jelly. You heard Ari stand up from the couch and walk over where he kneeled down to take in your messy nether lips. They were swollen and drenched in your juices and Andy’s cum.
“So?” Andy asked.
“Hmm, you’re sweet with her,” Ari said and ran a calloused finger through your folds, the rough skin against your sensitive flesh sending a jolt through your body. “But I think she can take more.”
“She can definitely take more, but what can I say? I have a soft spot for her,” Andy smiled as a large hand cupped a breast, massaging it gently.
Ari smirked and crawled on top of the bed, his eyes never leaving the spot between your legs.
“I gotta say, watching Andy ruin your little cunt has me starving,” Ari murmured before dipping low and running his tongue up your slit.
“Ari! Andy came-” You gasped when you felt him suckle your clit.
“He knows sweetie,” Andy admonished gently and took a nipple into his mouth. “Someone’s gotta clean up the mess you made.”
Your pussy was already sore and hypersensitive, and Ari wasn’t gentle as he licked and sucked your folds and clit, making sure to clean every bit of your combined fluids. You found yourself thrown over the edge again.
“Beautiful,” Ari murmured at the sight of your pulsating hole.
“Sweetie, Ari just gave you a compliment,” Andy sighed and gently tweaked a nipple.
You yelped softly. “Thank you, daddy.”
“Of course, baby,” Ari smiled. “Though, I did clean up one mess just for you to make another.”
“Have you tried her ass yet?” Andy asked when he saw Ari get up, having satisfied his appetite, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
“No, I’ve been working up to it.”
“No time like the present,” Andy said, and Ari smirked.
The lawyer opened the drawer on his side table and tossed a bottle of lube to Ari, who caught it with ease.
“Go gentle on our girl. I don’t want you hurting her.”
Our girl, you wondered, dazed. You liked the sound of it.
Ari flipped you over so you were on your belly before shoving your knees under your hips so your ass was up.
“Such a pretty little hole,” Ari murmured.
“Tight, too,” Andy added.
Ari hummed and leaned forward, his tongue swiping over your puckered back entrance. You moaned slightly, and heard him chuckle darkly before you felt liquid coolness dripping down your crack. His calloused finger replaced his tongue, and he pressed it into the ring of muscle until it finally yielded around his digit.
“Fuck, you weren’t kidding. She’s gripping me so hard,” Ari moaned as his finger sank deeper into you, causing you to keen, your back stretching in delight.
“That’s why you gotta work her up,” Andy shifted, so he was staring at the same sight as Andy, your perfect ass being stretched apart. He continued to rub comforting circles into your shoulder, letting you know he was always nearby.
Ari was about to insert another finger but Andy stopped him.
“Give her another moment.”
Ari rolled his eyes.
“She can take a little pain,” he mumbled.
“I know she can, but still.”
The sound of your two lovers discussing so casually how to fuck you had your cunt dripping, and it clenched in anticipation. Ari groaned in approval at the feeling before he slipped in another thick finger. You whimpered.
After thrusting into you for a couple more moments, his fingers steady in their movements, Ari had three of his digits in you, and you stretched around them so snugly.
“I think she’s ready for your cock now,” Andy said as his own length started to stiffen again at the sight of your pretty little hole being speared.
Ari hummed in agreement and withdrew his fingers from your ass, and you let out a relieved sigh. You heard another squeeze of the bottle and a couple wet pumps as Ari coated his cock in lube, ready to destroy you with it.
He wasn’t as long as Andy, but he was thicker, and you hadn’t taken anything bigger than Andy’s already generous cock.
“Relax, sweetie,” Andy cooed as he rubbed your back. He moved so he was in front of you and tilted your face to his, pressing a sweet, comforting kiss on your lips as you felt the blunt head of Ari’s cock seeking entrance.
He pushed in slowly, and your hole finally gave in, letting him inside. You gasped, breaking Andy’s kiss, and moaned slightly, Ari’s cock stretching you to your limits.
“How does daddy feel in your tight little ass?” Ari groaned once he bottomed out.
“So much,” you whimpered, tears pooling in the corners of your eyes.
“Go gentle on her,” Andy glanced at Ari who nodded.
The longer haired man started slowly, removing his cock until only the tip remained inside you and gently spearing you once more.
Soon, your whimpers and sniffles turned to breathy moans, the feeling of burning pain subsiding into something full and good.
“Can I pick up the pace?” Ari asked you.
“Yes daddy,” you said and Andy gave Ari a nod.
Ari started a quicker rhythm, not going nearly as hard as he did when he would wreck your cunt, but still rough enough to push you forward a bit with every thrust. Andy cupped your breasts, which jolted every time Ari’s hips met your ass.
Andy hummed at the sight of his girl getting fucked by another man, your back arched in ecstasy as you tried taking more of his cock inside you, and though it should have upset him, he couldn’t help but get rock hard at your sweet moans. He began to pump his neglected cock gently, content to watch the scene in front of him.
“You know,” Ari grunted between thrusts. “She’s got a perfectly good hole that could be filled.”
Andy smirked. “You hear that pretty girl?”
You nodded.
“Use your words.”
“Yes sir,” you moaned.
“Do you want Andy to fill that sweet cunt of yours while I continue wrecking this ass?”
“Yes daddy,” you sobbed.
“You’re such a good girl for us,” Andy purred as Ari’s hips stilled, allowing the lawyer to move under you.
Slowly and carefully, Ari lowered your hips, his hands firmly gripping your sides to guide you down until you felt the blunt head of Andy’s hot cock pressing against your empty cunt.
Slowly, Andy pushed in, and you felt yourself stretch around him as much as you could with Ari’s ample dick still in your ass. You could feel both of them through the walls of your cunt, and based off the groan and grunt they simultaneously let out, they could feel each other, too.
You couldn’t speak, only gasp at the feeling of being filled so fully. Vaguely, you felt a never ending sea of hands caressing your back, shoulders, and arms in comforting encouragement, sweet words hitting your ears as they praised you.
“You like that sweetie? You like being stuffed full of cock?” Ari peppered kisses all over your back and neck before giving you a quick nip.
“God, yes, daddy,” you moaned as Andy leaned forward and suckled a nipple.
“Tell us when you’re ready for us, baby,” Andy cooed.
“I’m ready!” You moaned and the two men exchanged looks before moving within you.
It didn’t take long for them to find a rhythm that satisfied everyone. Ari would thrust your hips into Andy’s cock, who would return the favor, your core being tossed back and forth between the two men as their cocks speared you.
You were incoherent, unsure of what was happening, only aware of the pure bliss that overcame you.
“If you could only see her fucked out face,” Andy murmured, his hands on your ribcage, holding you steady.
You yelped when you felt Ari fist your hair, yanking you up and roughly turning your head and crashing his lips to yours in a consuming kiss, his other hand wrapping around your front pressing against your lower belly, adding even more pressure to your core, which had you moaning. You whimpered into his mouth, your tongue swirling around his as you felt Andy cupping your breasts, which bounced so enticingly has Ari continued fucking your ass.
Without warning, Ari roughly let go and you collapsed onto Andy, who caught you and cradled you against his chest. He gave the other man a harsh look.
“Be gentle with her,” Andy admonished while rubbing your head.
“She can take it,” Ari dismissed. “You coddle her too much.”
Andy rolled his eyes, and both men grunted when they begin to feel your walls contract around them.
Soon enough, you’re thrown over the edge in the most intense orgasm of your life.
“Fuck,” both men said at the same time, your body milking their cocks as you gripped them harder than you ever have previously.
”I’m close,” Ari groaned.
“Me too,” Andy followed.
You weren’t paying attention, lost in the bliss of your orgasm, but soon, you couldn’t hear their grunts anymore and looked over your shoulder. The two men were locked in a deep kiss as they continued spearing into your body, each one of them competing for dominance with the other.
You were already in the throes of your orgasm, but the sight caused the last few clenches to be particularly strong, and as you felt warmth erupt within your ass seconds before you felt it in your pussy too, you passed out.
“Oh baby,” Andy murmured as he broke away from the kiss and he felt you go limp on his chest. His soft cock slipped from your swollen cunt, and Ari slowly pulled out of your equally sensitive ass.
“Bathroom’s over there,” Andy nodded to the closed door and Ari nodded before disappearing and returning with a warm cloth. He delicately cleaned the mess of your combined fluids that coated your inner thighs and tossed the cloth to the side.
Andy moved around so you rested on your side, your face tucked into his chest, while Ari crawled into bed, spooning you.
“I never said you could stay over,” Andy grumbled, but there was a hint of levity to his words.
Ari chuckled, “you know she’ll want me here when she wakes up.”
The two men cradled your sleeping body, one of Ari’s hand’s resting on your hip, rubbing gentle circles where he knew he squeezed you too hard..
“That the first time you kissed a guy?” Ari asked after a moment of silence.
“Yep.” Andy admitted, his eyes closed, ready to get some much needed rest.
“Would you do it again?”
Andy hummed, one eye opening and taking in the lust blown gaze the other man sent his way.
“Not without her. But if she’s with us… I’m willing to experiment.”
Ari smirked, “I can work with that.”
Andy traced the golden soul mark on your shoulder, his finger running over the intricate pattern. He hadn’t really had time to notice Ari’s until it was glittering behind yours, a perfect match as his bulky frame cocooned your body. Andy’s hand left your shoulder where it caressed the matching mark on Ari’s shoulder with equal delicate pressure. The longer haired man sighed at the feeling, and the three of you remained cuddled together for a peaceful moment.
“So, she said something about a sex dungeon?”
Andy snorted.
“I’ll give you a tour tomorrow, when she’s well rested. She can… demonstrate all the little toys I have in there.”
“Sounds perfect,” Ari said.
Andy nodded, eyes getting heavier as his breathing started to match yours.
A few days ago, both men were incensed at the idea of having to share you. But Andy couldn’t help but relent upon seeing how much Ari seemed to care for you, and Ari appreciated the willingness Andy had to do what he needed to make sure you were happy.
It could have been a lot worse.
And at the end of the day, you were still theirs.
Note: This is by far the filthiest thing I’ve ever written. I guess you could call it my Magnum Hoepus.
Thank you to everyone for reading this! Comments, comment reblogs, and reblogs are always welcome! I love hearing from all of you!
Also, look at me, making mood boards and shit, like.
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bluemusickid · 2 months ago
Can I request dark Curtis? 🥰🥰🥰
It's like you read my mind! I have always wanted to write Curtis!! And what perf timing, for Siri's Challenge!! Woohoo!!!
Pairing: CEO!Curtis Everett x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, dark fic, minors DNI, dubcon, noncon (a lil’), pls look away if any of these makes you uncomfortable, YOUR MEDIA CONSUMPTION IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY
A/N: This is my fic for @stargazingfangirl18 's 5k soft!dark challenge. Congratulations, Siri! You're amazing and deserve all of the followers!! Also this is the first time I'm writing anything with Curtis, so pls bear with me if it is a lil' inaccurate. 😅. I used prompt #10: Boss asks you to stay behind late at the office. Dividers by the wickedly amazing @firefly-graphics 💓. 
Check out my masterlist and join my Taglist for more! I post my work only one Tumblr and AO3, nowhere else. Please do not reproduce my work anywhere else. Not beta’ed, any mistakes made, grammatical or otherwise are my own.
Tumblr media
Enigmatic Illusions
Curtis clenched his fist as he watched the last streaks of the sun bathe the room in light. He couldn't be happier for dusk. It's these moments of solitude he cherished, the calm after the storm, if you will. He watched people walk out of their offices, weary yet eager to get home, to their families, to some semblance of normalcy. Sighing, he realised he couldn't even think about wanting that. It just wasn't in his destiny.
He heard a knock on his door, breaking him away from his thoughts. That must be his PA, wanting to give the evening roundup of events.
Being the CEO of Wilford Industries was hard, but Edgar certainly helped a lot. Curtis considered himself lucky to have found a good right hand man.
"Come in, Edgar."
Edgar walked in, meaning all business, files stacked high in his hand. "Good evening, sir. I have all the reports from this quarter that you requested."
"Hmm." Curtis took a chair, beckoning Edgar to sit.
The rest of the hour was spent looking at the reports, making bullet points for the next General Meeting with the stockholders and other jargon that Curtis despised. He wished he could avoid this part, but Edgar was nothing if not fastidious. He reeled off figures and terms, as if it were child's play.
While wrapping up, he broached the topic of the new PA-in-training. With the workload piling up, it was imperative that Edgar had someone to delegate tasks to, as per Curtis' liking.
"Sir, the new PA will be joining us from tomorrow. I've briefed her on all your preferences and your schedules. She'll be working with me for a bit after which she'll take over some of my duties. I hope that's fine."
Curtis grunted his assent, not enthused about the situation. In his mind, Edgar was more than capable to help in the running of this company, but alas needs must. He dismissed him, winding up for the night.
As he sat in the car in silence, he couldn't help wondering what his life had become. He started working at the age of 15, never really stopping or taking a moment for himself. Mr. Wilford had taken a chance with him, given him a job even when he had no experience. Now, he was at the top, and time to retrospect. But there was something missing.
Heating up his meal, he checked his phone. Pics of last night's gala were plastered on news sites, with many claiming that he had been seen with "a special someone". Curtis snorted. A normal life was not one for him. Eating his dinner in silence, he turned in for the night, ready for the next day, the same routine.
Tumblr media
Curtis stepped onto his floor, irked. His day hadn't started off well. For starters, he'd burnt his eggs, owing to a report Edgar had sent at the last minute which needed his urgent approval. After that, he saw that he had a flat, which the driver hadn't attended to, which meant that he'd have to take a taxi.
To top it off, someone had spilt coffee on his pants as he was walking to the elevator. No, Curtis wasn't in the greatest of moods and was in no mood for anything else to go wrong.
Buzzing in Edgar, he ordered for a change of clothes, which he always kept in the office, lest there was a Board meeting called and he wasn't dressed appropriately. Hearing a timid knock, he asked him to come in. Half expecting Edgar to walk in, he turned to see a stranger walk in, hanger in hand, holding it out to him. Curtis frowned, taking the bag from her.
"Who are you?" he said, taking her in. She looked all business, dressed in a navy pantsuit, her hair pulled back into a pony. Her face remained impassive, devoid of any emotions.
"I'm your new PA, working with Edgar. Forgive me for bringing your suit without proper introduction, but Edgar had urgent matters to attend to regarding signing of some documents."
Curtis listened, transfixed and wide-eyed. It was like a hurricane had swept into his office, scrambling all thoughts he had. He had never imagined in his whole life that this would be the new PA, rather he expected someone inept, or not quick to understand. But who was he kidding; it was Edgar who had chosen her.
Nodding absentmindedly, he dismissed her, watching her leave the room, her heels clacking across the floor in perfect rhythm. Shaking himself, he sat at his desk, reading up on the latest business proposals. At 9:45 sharp, she walked in again, with his cup of coffee, placed neatly on a coaster, a napkin under it. And yes, exactly the way he liked it, at the perfect temperature. She said nothing, yet again, not a word out of place. Who was she? What was her name?
Curtis called for Edgar, intrigued beyond words now. Whoever this woman was, she had wreaked havoc on his mind. It confounded him more than it should've. Edgar walked in, notepad in hand.
"Who is she, Edgar?" He asked, tersely.
"She's the new PA-"
"I know that." Curtis barked. "What is her name, where is she from, what degrees does she hold, and all that."
Edgar told him her name, and her details. Apparently she was from Wharton, with a major in business studies and management. She had wonderful recommendations, was pretty much top of her class, and had worked with many reputed companies. She was perfect, from a job standpoint, of course.
Tumblr media
From that day onwards, it was like Edgar had ceased to exist. Of course, he was still working at the company, but it was mostly her who was taking care of him; whatever he'd needed, it was there before he even asked for it. It was unsettling, kind of like she read his mind.
Curtis had to know more about her. She was an enigma, a puzzle to him, and that was bothering. If anything, he was known to read people like an open book. Many harsh takeovers had become easier under Curtis, simply because he knew what to say and when. To say that he hadn't been able to decipher her, was a bit of a blow to his pride. To test her, he decided to make her life a little tougher; to really break her.
It started with his morning routine. She brought him his coffee, but he said he wanted tea before his 9:30 meeting. She frowned, there was no meeting at 9:30 she thought to herself. Checking her schedule, her face fell slightly; the 3:00 PM meeting had been moved up. She hadn't been able to complete the notes, which meant that Edgar would have to step in. Curtis pointed out, curtly that he would have liked to check the notes beforehand. She nodded, a little crestfallen, but still collected.
Which is why Curtis was a little shocked when he saw the notes on his desk, 30 minutes before the meeting. Peering through the window looking out onto the bullpen, he saw her, typing, her stature still composed, as if nothing had happened. His jaw tightened, unable to silence the small voice in his head. He would just have to try harder. He needed to. Cruel as it may be, Curtis felt like he was owed this.
The next time, he scheduled 3 meetings, one after the other, without an official break. He could do that easily, but he knew she needed time. This was it. This would finally break that façade of hers that she was showing. One might think that this was wrong, borderline evil on Curtis’ part, to punish her so, without reason, but there was one. People with a tough exterior were always a threat to him. He had learnt early on, that there was no other way to read people but to see how they acted under a little tension. It was what his mentor had taught him; he had yet to see it fail.
So he put this...this woman, standing in front of him to the test daily. He would send her to the opposite ends of the town for one paper, which could have easily been done in the office. He sent her to the shadiest parts of town for minuscule stamps and writing pads and such, something which was well below her pay-grade.
And yet, she did it. Without a single word, a single complaint to either him or Edgar. At the end of the day, she’d sit with Edgar and him, noting down all the daily work report procedures. Curtis knew what was happening, but was in denial. Her calm demeanour had, ironically, thrown him off balance and made him go haywire. He found himself noticing small things about her, how her curves were highlighted in her prim and proper office wear, how she chewed on her lower lip when she was deep in thought. More often than not, he found himself wondering what it would feel like to bite that plump lip, what it would feel like holding her ample bosom, her pert and perfect behind in his hands.
Sitting in his chair, he threw back the remainder of his whisky, the burn of the amber liquid matching the burn he felt within. He was a goner. They’d never even had a proper conversation outside of work and yet, he could feel himself getting pulled towards her.
He watched her as she took notes, listening intently to whatever Edgar said. Dismissing Edgar, he turned to face her as she sat, notebook perched on her thighs. What he would give to feel those around his head, he mused.
“Let’s cut to the chase, because I hate wasting times over mind games. Why did you do those unnecessary tasks, without a single complaint?”
If she was surprised by the question, she didn’t show, her eyebrows merely quirking up for a beat. “No job is unnecessary for the smooth running of an enterprise, especially one of this size. I was just helping move things along, that’s all.”
And that was that. A simple explanation, no words spoken more than necessary. That night, as Curtis stood under the shower, images of her under him were burned under his eyelids. He took himself in hand, each stroke making him hopeful of the fact that hopefully his infatuation would subside even though, he knew, that would not hold true.
Tumblr media
Curtis rolled his neck, the fatigue of the day finally making its presence felt. The Company was going through a major merger; the biggest one so far and so it was all hands on deck. More often than not, Curtis found himself spending the night in the office, only going home for a quick shower, Unbeknownst to him, she was there too, working till the wee hours.
Wanting a small drink, he decided to go to the pantry, in a bid to stretch his legs. He stopped short when he heard a small sniffle, coming from the bullpen. He inched closer, only to hear her low voice, speaking in an impassioned tone.
“...I know, mom, but this is something I have to do, no matter what the cost. If I don’t, goodness knows what he’ll do to you and Kat. I can’t leave, I’m sorry.” she said as she put the phone down, sobs wracking her body as she broke down into silent tears.
Curtis didn’t know how, but he found himself standing next to her, his hand a mere inch away from her shoulder. Sensing a presence, she looked up, only to quickly dry her tears, asking hastily if he required any assistance.
No words were spoken as he pulled her to her feet, her eyes speaking volumes. Curtis wanted to savour this; to remember her face, her eyes wide and shimmering, a sheen of tears still visible. Wiping her tears, he planted his lips to hers without preamble, her squeak engulfed. He wanted to map out every line, every indent of her lips; the woman who had turned his world upside down.
Breaking apart, he still held her close, his forehead resting against hers as they caught their breath. Her arms reached out to his, weakly trying to push him away but he didn’t let her go. She was his and his only. 
Picking her up by her waist, he carried her to his office, her arms circling around his waist, unsure of what was unfolding. He planted her on his desk, kissing her again, before she could object. Reaching into her pants, he softly ran his fingers across her folds, feeling a little moisture gathered there. He circled around her nub, her keens going straight to his groin. Her voice shook as she asked him what he was doing and why, but he simply answered with a shake of his head, and a kiss on her lips. Tears streamed down her face as he continued his assault, the feeling of wetness gathering around his fingers turning him on like nothing else.
He let go of her, long enough to undo his pants. But she didn’t move, her eyes trained on his every movement, tears tracks still visible. Pulling her pants down, he looked deeply into her eyes as he positioned himself at her entrance, for any signs. Her eyes conveyed nothing, except for a smidgen of trepidation which replaced her sorrow, as he pushed into her channel a little. Covering her mouth with his palm, he pushed into her in one thrust, a tad surprised to not hear a scream from behind it. He took off his hand as he began to thrust, his hands firmly gripping her thighs and ass. His astonishment quickly turned to lust as he heard a small moan emanate from her, glancing to see her mouth slightly open, her breath harsher. He thrust faster, the small act alone stronger than any aphrodisiac.
Pushing her back onto the desk, he towered over her, his thrusts gaining momentum. He sucked on her earlobe, relishing in her small moans as her hands came to rest upon his waist, still unsure of how to do so. He could feel her walls tightening ever so slightly, signalling she was close. He doubled his efforts, his finger intrepid on her nub. She raised her voice now, unable to keep silence, prompting Curtis to clamp down on her mouth. With a single thrust, she screamed, muffled behind his hand as he poured himself into her, his grunts heavy in her ears, their heart beating in tandem, still sheathed within her.
As Curtis lay across her chest, his hands holding down hers fingers intertwined, he could only think of one thing: he could never let her go now. She was his, and only his.
Tumblr media
(I hope this turned out to be a better read because it sure was a hassle for me to type loool. I apologize for any mistakes, I finished this at 5AM)
Tags: @donutloverxo @gotnofucks @imdarkinme @ozarkthedog @denisemarieangelina @chrissquares @a-little-counter-esperanto @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @savior-adriana @patzammit @starlightcrystalline @worksby-d @readermia @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @jbreenr @melli0112 @tenaciousperfectionunknown @harrysthiccthighss @bigchoose @nekoannie-chan @iwannabekilledtwice @the-soulofdevil @madbaddic7ed @undecidedsworld @whxre4cevans @britnicole0506 @chris-butt @violentyoshi @sohoseb 
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bluemusickid · 3 months ago
I hope the nonnie who sent this is having a good day❤️
Exquisitely hoey. I love it. (I accidentally posted it before finishing it and had to delete it, hence the ss heh)
Tumblr media
But imagine tho
He pushed you on the bed, face down, pulling your ass up. You could feel his eyes on you, on your drenched core. Leaning down, he licked along the length of your folds, the tip of his tongue teasing your opening ever so slightly. He found your swollen nub, his tongue circling around it; the sensations moving through your body like little electric shocks. You moaned loudly, moving your arms slightly. He didn't stop, yanking on the belt. "Stop moving, kitten. Take it all in."
You whimpered at his raspy voice, your breath catching in your throat as you heard the telltale clink of his zipper. Grabbing hold of your bound wrists, he sheathed himself into you in one thrust, your walls engulfing him; the pain of the sudden move being overshadowed by the blooming pleasure.
Bending over, he whispered into your ear, "Hang on, princess. It's gonna be a long night."
Tumblr media
I can't even add more to this, nonnie's thoughts are ✨exquisite✨
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bluemusickid · 3 months ago
A request for Jake Jensen x reader, reader is baking and Jake tries to help to only end up in a big mess and them all over each other on the surfaces in their kitchen 😏🍆🤤😉 smut please an lots of it please and thank you 😊
Oh woooow, digging the Jake Jensen love. Sorry it took me so long lol, my brain won't comply. I added a lil' twist, nonnie, hope you don't mind! (Provided you're still reading, heh.)
Pairing: Chef!Jake Jensen × Fem!Reader
Warnings: smut, 18+, MINORS DNI, unprotected sex (don’t be silly wrap your willy), Jake being Jake, kinda filthy lolol
A/N: Join my taglist here. Minors not allowed, pls heed all warnings. You are responsible for your media consumption, and you alone. Not beta'ed, any mistakes, grammatical or otherwise are all mine. I only post my work on AO3 and Tumblr, nowhere else. Reblogs are welcome and appreciated. Peace and love.  Dividers by the wickedly talented @firefly-graphics . Hope you enjoy this lil' lighthearted piece. xoxo Lexi
Tumblr media
Baker’s Delight
You huffed, a small cloud of flour forming as you did. You'd stayed back after hours at school, determined to get good at crème brûlée before leaving. Chef Jensen had been kind enough to explain it twice, but somehow your brain wouldn’t register the steps. You were determined to get it right, even if it meant staying up all night, even staying at the school.
You poured the ingredients in a huge bowl, measuring everything to the last milligram. You would make the best crème brûlée the world saw, better than that damn Julian, who just wanted to get Chef Jensen's attention. Pfft. You'd show him.
You were about to start mixing when a noise startled you out of your thoughts, the bowl nearly falling off the counter. Your stomach plunged at the thought of your hard work going to vain, but thankfully, by divine providence, it was caught by a hand which popped out from behind you, grabbing the bowl and swiftly keeping it back on the counter.
You gasped and turned with a whoosh, your chest bumping against a hard wall of muscle, as you looked up into the eyes of your lover. Jake looked at you, amusement evident in his eyes.
“Hey baby.” he crooned, giving you a peck on your cheek. You smiled. You both had agreed to be professional during class, but you had to admit, seeing him in action and being in complete control, made him irresistible.
His meringue class was the the best; his strong muscular arms beating those egg whites by hand, it could be categorised as porn. You’d heard a few girls swoon about how his bulging biceps were flexing with every turn of the whisk. You couldn’t help feeling a little jealous; that night, you rode him like it was the end of the world, in his uniform no less. He was bemused at first, but didn’t complain (obviously).
You did want to make it as a good chef, no doubt, and it did help that he was a renowned Chef, who took his job seriously. But sometimes you felt like if you weren’t together, he wouldn’t pay attention to you. You knew you weren’t the best student, which is why you spent extra time after school, honing your skills. You’d show that kiss ass Julian what a real crème brulèe looked like. Without kissing ass. Well, maybe only a little.
You turned around, returning to the task at hand. You couldn't afford to get distracted, no matter how hot he looked with his tousled hair and chain hanging loosely from the confines of his tight t-shirt. Whisking the egg whites, you faltered as you felt his hands settle over yours, setting the appropriate speed. His hot breath tickled your ear as you felt him hot and hard against your hip, slightly undulating as he helped you whisk. Your breath caught in your throat, your eyes closing as you let your emotions wash over you.
"I guess they're done now." You whispered, letting go of the whisk. Jake was now nibbling on your earlobe, his hands resting on your hips. "Good." he mumbled, roughly turning you as he pulled off your apron and shirt in a frenzy, leaving you in your bra. You gasped, alarmed at his alacrity. Everyone had already left the school by now, but the security in the building could very well walk in at any moment.
Pulling off your bra, he took a nub in his mouth, laving it with his tongue, as his fingers skilfully caressed your other nipple, leaving you breathless. Your fingers moved to his pants, trying to undo his belt buckle but failing. He stopped his ministrations, turning you around to face the counter. Undoing your jeans and pulling them down along with your underwear, he dipped his fingers into the bowl of sweetened condensed milk, trailing them down your back. You moaned, unable to stay silent any longer. The asshole knew that your back was one of your most sensitive parts and drove you wild. Leaning down, he licked the condensed milk, softly biting down on the flesh after every caress of his tongue. You keened, moving your hips against his clothed crotch, his arousal very evident. Moving his fingers lower, he slipped a finger into your weeping channel, a muffled groan escaping his mouth as your walls tightened around his finger. He fucked you with his fingers, all the while thrusting himself against you for relief. Breaking apart, you pulled away his hand as you reached behind and undid his pants with urgency, pulling down the offending item in a great hurry.
Letting out a throaty chuckle, Jake pushed you down onto the counter roughly, your ass in the air, bare for him to marvel and appreciate. With a low growl, he took himself in his hand and pumped himself before grinding along your slit, gathering the moisture. With a grunt, he plunged into you, burying himself inside you to the hilt.  You wailed as you felt him enter, the burn a welcome feeling. He pulled out for a bit and thrust again, letting you absorb the feeling of fullness. Your soft moan turned him on following which, he let himself go. He began fucking you, really fucking you, with abandon. Your nipples pebbled against the cold counter, in contrast to the heat that was spreading within you, emanating from your core. 
Pulling your arm, Jake doubled his speed by using your appendage as traction, his thighs squeezing yours, causing your walls to grasp him even tighter. He groaned, rasping, “Wanted to fuck you on your table since yesterday, princess. Seeing you bend around and lick ​chocolate from those delectable fingers got me so fuckin’ hard, gorgeous.” Thrusting harder, he elicited a whimper from you as he pulled you upright, whispering in your ear, ordering you to come for him.
And with that, you were a goner. You came so hard, you saw stars burst behind your eyelids as you screamed his name for the world to hear. He shouted a few moments later, his release coating your walls, every last drop inside you. You both fell forward, knocking down the bowl. Jake raised his head after a few moments, dropping a kiss on your shoulder, “This crème brulèe was wayyyy better than Julian’s, but I’d like to check if you’ve thoroughly understood the method.”, pulling you to the floor for your next lesson.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @donutloverxo @gotnofucks @imdarkinme @worksby-d @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @chris-butt @patzammit @chrissquares @a-little-counter-esperanto @starlightcrystalline @jbreenr @readermia @harrysthiccthighss @ozarkthedog @tenaciousperfectionunknown @savior-adriana @whosmarisaaarw @melli0112
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bluemusickid · 5 months ago
Omfg I am at the beach and all I want is for lifeguard!Chris (or any of CE's characters for that matter 😏😉) to rail me😭😭🥺
Warnings: 18+, smut, MAJOR HOE THOTS, minors pls dni
Tumblr media
Imagine tho:
You're on the beach, just chilling, watching the handsome lifeguard pace around, keeping watch
There's something about him, and his rugged features, his scruffy beard and shiny hair
Seeing him makes you feel hot and bothered, and not just because of the sun.
You take your sunglasses off to get a better look; his muscles glinting in the sun owing to a sheen of moisture, his chest with a smattering of chest hair (droolll)
You see him checking you out as well, his eyes roaming shamelessly over your body his naturally stoic face erupting into a grin, at what he saw. The smile evaporated as soon as he saw someone needing help, his impossibly long legs taking huge strides to reach and help. He was very much in charge, which only added to his appeal
You decide to change before you leave, having witnessed a gorgeous sunset and an equally gorgeous man, who you would probably never meet again
You were in the changing room, about to shut the door, when a hand stopped you from doing so. Frowning, you opened the door ready to give a piece of your mind to whoever it was
It was him, Mr. Hot-Ass Lifeguard, shirtless and in all his glistening glory. You realise that you've been ogling him for a good minute or two. Clearing your throat, you ask him with mild annoyance what he was doing
Walking you into the room, he backed you up into the wall, his breath fanning your face. "I saw you checking me out." He says
You stare into his gorgeous azure-blue eyes, mentally cursing yourself for being as subtle as a gun. "I..I don't know what you mean." You say haltingly, again cursing yourself for being a terrible liar.
He smirks, then leans in and crashes his lips to yours, his lips surprisingly soft and plump. You are taken aback by his alacrity, but the feel of his lips against yours makes you lose sense of all rational thoughts
His intrepid hand snakes around your waist, while the other runs over your ass, squeezing gently. You moan, pulling him closer, running your hand slightly over his crotch
He breaks apart, breathing wildly. Panting, he pushes down his trunks, quickly pulling down your bikini bottom
"Last chance to say no, sweetheart" he rasps, watching you with hooded eyes. You grasp his cock, pumping it slowly
"I want you." you say, your voice a mere breathy whisper
You fail to register what happens next, as he hauls you up against the wall, his cock positioned at your opening. Wordlessly, you wrap your legs around him, imploring him to move
He pushes inside your wet heat, moaning as he feels your walls engulf him. You gasp, feeling him move slowly inside, his cock snug against you
After he feels you relax, he lets go, setting a punishing pace. The best you can do is hang on to him, as he fucks you thoroughly and relentlessly, his tongue laving voraciously at your pulse point
You have to stop yourself from moaning out loud at the risk of someone hearing; thankfully, the beach is pretty secluded at this time
He sets you down, curling your leg around his hip as he continues thrusting, his fingers circling your clit, making you feel like your insides are on fire
You bite his shoulder, not knowing how to control the sensory overload this man was invoking in you. He reaches behind and unties your top, his fingers rolling your nipple between his fingers
These added sensation set you off, your walls contracting around him as you drop your head on his shoulder, your nails leaving scratches on his gorgeous arms
You come down from your high, his forehead resting against yours as you see him nearing his climax as well
Leaning down, you run your tongue along his beautiful chest, tasting the salty tang of the sea on his skin. It's heady and intoxicating, and you want to commit it to your memory, coz you're sure you're not gonna meet him again.
Circling your tongue around his nipple, you reach down and scissor his cock between your index and middle finger, adding to the sensations
He lets out a garbled moan as he comes, his hot spend coating your walls
You feel his seed leak out as he pulls his trunks up, helping you dress
Before he leaves, he cups your face, looking deep into your eyes
"Meet me at the beach tomorrow, 8 AM sharp. I haven't had my fill of you yet, pretty girl."
I AM NOT OKAY; I NEED BEACH SEX (although I hate the sand)
Tumblr media
Tagging my hoes-in-law (this is all from memory, pls tell me if I've forgotten/accidently added anyone): @donutloverxo @gotnofucks @worksby-d @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @chris-butt @starlightcrystalline @tenaciousperfectionunknown @ozarkthedog @imdarkinme
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bluemusickid · 8 months ago
Where He Belongs
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, NSFW
Words: 556 (it’s short, i know)
A/N: Hope you enjoy this. :) Sorry for any mistakes, I completed this at 3 AM. (uni life, soz). Feedback is greatly appreciated. ^_^ Reposting this from my AO3.
Feather-light kisses adorned your lips, your forehead, your was as if he felt that he would break you..
His lips trailed lower and lower, softly kissing your midriff. Grabbing the hem of your t-shirt, he pulled it off in one go, mouth encircling one of your hardened tips. His tongue laved on your sensitive peaks, kneading the soft flesh as he did. You moaned, softly. His assiduous knowledge about your body and your sensitive spots never failed to amaze you. That's one of the things about him that you loved the most. He cared. He paid attention to every little thing and committed it to the depths of his mind. That's what made him such a compassionate lover, and the best partner you could have ever asked for.
Bringing you out of your thoughts, he left wet kisses all around your navel, alternating between sucking and biting. You felt his lips move lower and lower, reaching your most intimate parts. His beard tickled you, but the scratch felt exquisite, along with his hot breath washing over your inner thighs. Your fingers made their way into his hair, carding into his soft, soft strands, as he left open mouthed kisses along the length of your thighs. Moaning his name, you implored him to reach your sensitive area; needing him with a unfamiliar desperation.
He finally reached his goal, softly taking your wet lips between his and sucking. He then delved within your inner folds, invoking sensations which you had only read about in novels, fondling your bundle of nerves with his fingers. His mouth and unfaltering fingers, working at the same time, was enough to bring anyone to their knees. The tightening of your legs around his head signalled that you were close. He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean, leaning over you to kiss you deeply. You could taste your excitement on him; the very fact that you were ready for him.
Kissing your pulse point softly and much too briefly for your liking, he looked into your eyes, placing his hands near your head. You could feel him rest against your belly. Pushing him on his back, you settled above him and kissed him deeply, positioning yourself above him. Swivelling your hips, you ground on his hardness, his moans turning you on like nothing else. You hissed as you lowered yourself onto him, feeling his hands grip your waist. Starting off slowly, you placed your hands on his shoulder to increase your speed, his hands guiding your movements. You could feel yourself building up with a familiar sensation, once again. His grunts and his hands tightening were a cue, that he was close too. You leaned down and doubled your speed; hips moving of their own accord. You were close, so very close, but your mind felt foggy. Why weren't you reaching your peak?
You awoke with a start, gasping for air. Your heart was pounding as if you had just run a marathon. You looked around, feeling utterly disoriented, glad to see Dodger next to you, sleeping peacefully. Taking a deep breath, you settled back in bed, staring at the ceiling with only one thought.
Tomorrow. He would finally be back home tomorrow. In your arms, where he belonged. With that thought, you drifted back to sleep, dreaming of him.
@donutloverxo​ @chris-evans-indian-fanfic​ 
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 months ago
Favorite soft fics you or others have written? I’ve had a tough weekend and my emotions are all outta wack. 😔 love you Siri 😘
Aw I’m sorry you’re having a tough time of it, nonnie. Sending you lots of love and peaceful vibes ❤️❤️❤️
Here are some of my soft/comfort fics for you to indulge in:
Heart to Heart (Steve Rogers x Female!Reader): It takes a building falling on Steve for you two to admit your feelings to each other.
Anything You Need (Steve Rogers x Female!Reader): A ficlet for this prompt: can u do some steve or chris or ransom comforting stuff please…
Under the Weather (Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader): Ransom is sick, and you’re sent by Harlan to take care of him.
The Blues (Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader): You’re sad. Ransom is soft.
Work Anxiety (Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader): You’re anxious about work, Ransom takes your mind off of it.
Comfort (Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader): You’re struggling and Ransom comforts you.
Shy, Bookworm!Reader (Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader): Ransom and his shy!reader babe.
Cableknit Kitty (Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader): Ransom buys your kitten a gift.
Loving Touch (Andy Barber x Female!Reader): When Andy realizes you’re touch deprived, he does something about it.
Necessary Arrangements (Andy Barber x Fem!Reader; Ari Levinson x Fem!Reader): A mob AU series starring Andy Barber, Ari Levinson, and Ransom Drysdale (and their respective fem!Readers). **Some of this starts as dub con, but Andy in particular is so soft for his girl 🥺🥺🥺
This Guy (Mike Weiss x Female!Reader): Mike has come a long way, and he’s not that guy anymore.
Love Song (Nick Vaughan x Female!Reader): When it comes to you? Slow and soft is Nick’s favorite rhythm.
As for recs by other authors, I’m too brain dead to think of specifics, but these lovelies for sure have some soft fics: @chrissquares @drabblewithfrannybarnes @bonkywobble @sweater-daddiesdumbdork oh gosh sorry I can’t think of more at the moment, I’m tired, y’all lol. 
Hope you enjoy these, nonnie! ❤️❤️❤️
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stargazingfangirl18 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Shameless Hoe HQ! Here are some FYIs, reminders, & links to my latest stories...
Please note: This blog is for 18+ adults ONLY. Minors are not welcome here and should not be engaging with my adult content, please and thank you.
⭐️ Requests are closed. ⭐️
Join my 5K Soft Dark Challenge!
1. Below are my latest stories & drabbles. Access my masterlist here.
Here with Me (Biker!Curtis Everett x Fem!Reader)
Necessary Arrangements: Part 7: Wedding Day Blues (Andy Barber x Fem!Reader)
Devil’s Advocate (Biker!Andy Barber x Fem!Reader)
Interrupted (Steve Rogers x Gender Neutral!Reader)
Wicked & Willing (Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Fem!Reader)
Necessary Arrangements: Part 6: Risqué Business (Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader)
Siri’s 5K Soft!Dark Challenge Masterlist
Drabbles/Imagines: Drunk!NA Babes Imagine; Mob!Ari Levinson (Morning); Mob!Ransom Drysdale (Realization); Mob!Andy Barber (Watching); Mob!Ari Levinson (Hair); Pre-Serum!Steve Rogers (Sweet Attention); Frank Adler (Dessert); Ransom Drysdale (Late Night); Ransom Drysdale & Andy Barber (Auction); Ransom Drysdale (Bad Day)
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