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#chris evans x black reader
laurenwritesfics · 13 hours ago
Drive All Night
A drabble inspired by one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs...
Tumblr media
Home. Whether it’s found somewhere or in someone, it’s always clothed in duality. If you’ve never thought it was possible to be in two places at once, you’ve never been to Los Angeles. From the heated rush of bodies down Rodeo Drive at midday to the midnight drives down the winding lanes of Laurel Canyon, time always finds a way to move differently.
There’s a soft crunch of rubber against dirt as a black Jeep comes to a stop on a grassy verge.
Taking a long, deep breath, Chris steels himself and pushes back into humid leather. He’s surrounded by bright city lights, but he’s never felt more shrouded in darkness. He hasn’t slept. There are empty paper cups strewn across the floor. Every inch of the car smells like coffee, tobacco and sweat. He wouldn’t have started smoking again if it hadn’t happened. He wouldn’t have left if he’d just given himself one more second. One more chance to take a breath. Take another step. If he’d given himself the chance to shut off the bristling static in his brain. He had a talent for overthinking that from the outside looked like thoughtlessness. Callousness. Reckless impulsivity. Every time a wall was knocked down, he’d find a way to rebuild it.
He exhales again with a whistle, fingers tenting together as he casts his eyes to the ceiling. Only the thud of the windshield wipers breaks the thick silence.
After a beat, he turns the radio dial and drives away. It crackles as the signal dips and hailstones pummel the glass, quickly melting into dull rain. Organizing his thoughts is like untangling a ball of rubber bands, and he can feel each one of them snap, a jolt running through his spine.
The familiar white door comes into view. His muscles relax against the steering wheel and he almost parks in the driveway. Thin branches hit his shoulder with a wet slap as he slides out of the car. The warm porch light makes him squint, droplets of rain trickling from his lashes as he looks down at his feet, rocking on his heels a little. He steadies himself, reaches out and then quickly retracts his hand.
What the hell was he going to say?
He knocks.
“Chris?” She’s standing in a loose sweatshirt, rubbing her damp hair with a towel. “What the fuck-”
“I know.” Chris starts. A quick glance through the doorway reveals a tower of cardboard boxes in the hallway. “I know you don’t give a shit. I know I don’t deserve it. But I couldn’t leave without seeing you one last time.”
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 19 hours ago
sometimes self care is imagining usually terrifying mob boss!Steve rubbing his large hand over the stretch marks on my belly and tits, being comforting just for me 🥺
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Steve x Reader
Warnings: Mild language, fluff, body worship
Word count: Late sinday drabble
A/n: unbetad. Do not copy, translate, repost or rewrite my work. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcome and loved.
No one would ever believe that the king of New York, Steven Grant Rogers, has a self-care routine that involves worshiping your body. 
The same man who once destroyed half the warehouse district because one of his enemies insulted you is the same one who spends his nights gathering a collection of body creams, oils, and lotions to rub over your skin. 
It was a rough weekend, full of long days and short nights, and each time he could get home, you were already asleep, wrapped up in one of his shirts. Little Stevie, your puppy, sleeping by your side.
Tonight he’s home early, and he has you all to himself.
And he’s in a lavender and vanilla mood.
Steve has you right where he needs you to be, naked and stretched over his imported Italian sheets. The room glowing from the candles scattered on top of the dressers and nightstands, soft music playing in the background.
 Steve can finally relax for the first time in days.
Steve arranges two of his favorite body creams on the nightstand by your book. He scoops some out of the jar and rubs it in his large hands, waiting for it to warm up. 
“Sweetheart, I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on you.” His deep warm voice washing over you. 
He loves you more than he could ever say. 
Sometimes he prefers to show rather than tell.
 He starts with your shoulders, the lavender cream melting in to your skin, his thumbs massaging over sore spots until you go limp on the bed, soft appreciative moans falling from your lips. He adds more of the cream to his hands, smearing over it across your back before digging his hands in. 
“Oh.” You groan when he smoothes the knot in your lower back. 
Steve goes still, lifting his hands up. “Too rough?” He asks, ready to apologize. 
You shake your head, burying your face deeper into the cool pillow. “No baby, don’t stop.” 
“Sweetheart, I’m at your command.” He hums, his hands returning to you, he continues with long languid strokes down your back until you’re floating in a sea of pleasure and relief. 
“I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.” He pays special attention to your ass, squeezing and rubbing each cheek until you giggle. 
“Can’t help myself.” He murmurs under his breath, more of a warning. You feel his teeth graze your skin and then-
He laughs, combing his hand through his hair. “Don’t have an ass like that if you don’t want me to bite it.” 
The playful banter continues as he works his way over your thighs, his enormous hands stroking each stretch mark.
 “Can’t believe you tried to hide these from me.” He remarks incredulously, leaning over the bed to get a little of the vanilla oil. 
“Turn over, sweetheart.” A soothing command that you willingly obey because you want those talented hands all over you.
He looks down at you, wondering how in the hell he got so lucky. He loves the way you trust him with everything. 
Your heart, body, and soul are in the palm of his hand. Treasures that he’ll protect with his life. 
He eases himself between your thighs, his hands kneading your skin, moving up past his favorite place to warm himself, his cock twitching at the thought of your tight heat enveloping him.
 He’s been hard since the second he walked into the room and saw you waiting for him, such a good girl for him.
Hes relishing in every sigh and moan he's pulling from you.  Steve really needed this. 
Simply holding you, being near you is comforting but to have the honor of touching you is astounding.
He knows every inch of your body. Every scar. Every stretch mark. He doesn’t see them as imperfections. How can anything about you be less than perfect?
 They are a part of you, and he cherishes each one because they are yours. 
His hands glide up the swell of your hips and over your belly, his lips following, leaving searing passionate kisses into your soft kiss until he makes his way to your face. 
“Hey, sweetheart.” He smiles down at you, cradling your face in his hands. The scents of lavender and vanilla mingling with his light, fresh aftershave. 
He climbs over you, legs intertwined, his thick body pressing you into the mattress. “I love you.” 
His lips graze yours once, twice before slotting over your lips, kissing you deeply, his hand dropping to your waist. 
Then in the morning, he’s going to wake you with his face buried in your pussy, his way of saying good morning. 
Steve rolls you over without breaking the kiss, your hands tangled in his hair, his own grabbing your ass, pulling you closer to him. 
He can’t even remember what had him stressed out before, all thoughts centered around you. He’s going to stay like this for a few more minutes and then turn you over and start again.
Steve does like to show more than telling. And sweetheart, he has so many ways he’s going to show you how much he loves you. 
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lovesgonnabe · a day ago
Love Is Worth It - Mini Episode I: Happy Mothers Day
Tumblr media
Characters: Chris Evans x Maya Alonso-Evans (Black OFC)
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, cursing,daddy kink, fake IG Post.
Word Count: IDK Yet(Soon)
Summary: What happens when there is a surprise on the Horizon?
AN/Disclaimer: There’s only slight edits so there may be errors. Also if you haven’t noticed this series will have many time jump things referenced here may make more sense later on in the series when new episodes come out so please bear with me.
Taglist: @thesecretlifeofdaydreamss, @canadian-girl87, @i-just-like-fanfics, @omg-mymelaninisbeautiful​ if you would like to join the taglist let me know.
Please leave a note and tell me what you think!
Tumblr media
May 9th, 2021
Boston was moving from chilly too warm with still more cold days than not. Boston at this time was beautiful even The Evans home was littered with flowers. The beginning of 2021 has been eventful for the Evans Family.
Chris's A Starting Point has taken off like no one had expected, doing incredible number in educating a whole generation on one of Chris’s passions politics and the world.
While Maya within the few months has launched her skincare line Lavish Lilah Skin, and has been able to open back up her dermatology offices with the slowing down of the current devastating pandemic.
This Mothers Day for the family of 3 was different but the same at the same time.
Maya's Birthday has just passed, Chris filming schedule will pick up in the Summer and for the last year Delilah has been homeschooled.
With work picking up for the couple May 9th was a beautiful day for the Evans to just relax and be together as a family.
Its 9 am and Maya was sprawled in the middle of their California King Bed as Chris and Delilah were in the downstairs getting Maya's Mothers Day Gift ready.
"Ok Lilah you've got mommy's gifts and I've got the food you ready?" Chris asked with the tray in his hand.
Delilah nodded and they headed up the steps to the master bedroom the 5 year old ran up too the room first leaving Chris in her dust.
"Mom wake up its Mommy Day" Delilah said trying to climb the large bed.
Maya began to stir awake with a smirk on her face when she heard her baby girl struggle to to get up on the bed.
Delilah hooped on the outerman at the front of the bed and climbed to her mom laying up on Chris's said of the bed.
Delilah began to play with Maya's face.
"mommy get up me and daddy have gifs" Delilah said trying to open Maya's eyes with her little fingers.
Maya breaks out into a laugh now completely awake and pulling Delilah into a big hug kissing her all over the face.
When Chris walked in his two favorite girls were both laughing their heads off the sunlight in the room glowed on their golden skin as their smiling faces brought a bright smile to his.
"Are you two having fun without me" Chris asked as he walked to Maya's side of the bed.
Chris lays the tray on the night stand, pecking Maya on the lips mumbling a sweet Happy Mothers Day against her lips as he pulls her into a deeper kiss just enjoying the taste of her sinful lips.
When they pull away Maya moves over to make room for Chris in their large bed.
Delilah and Chris handed over the gifts to Maya, it wasn't a lot just some small things a card made by Maya from her zoom arts class, a mini breakfast in bed and more flowers *like she needed anymore*.
"Sweetheart I told you that you didn't have to do anything for me for Mothers Day especially everything you have done for me recently" Maya said taking sip from her coffee mug.
Chris chuckles thinking about the last few months, and he has been what you would call a rockstar husband.
With the pandemic Chris has been home a lot more he dropped a film he planned to star in and went full throttle on ASP which kept him home a lot making him kind of a stay home dad.
Chris did everything from some cooking to cleaning to school with Delilah. Him staying home was not only for him to do ASP and spend more time with his family but to let Maya work and bring her employess back so she can get her dermotobly practice back to as close to 100% as she can during a pandemic.
Not only that Chris hosted a surprise launch party/brithday party for Maya's new skincare venture in early April that was a small get together with all there closest friends and family (that were vaccinated). Even flying her parents who they haven’t seen in a year out to see them. (who were still in town and staying out in their guest home)
The three were still sitting in bed watching cartoons.
"My love if you thought today would go by and I would not celebrate you then you are out of your mind" Chris said kissing Maya's head.
The last four months have really shown Chris how much he admires Maya because everything he has been doing is what Maya has been doing since Dede was born.
So at least for today Chris was pulling out the red carpet for love of his life, after an hour of just lazying around Chris grabbed a now napping Delilah and told maya that she need to be dressed and ready to leave the house by 1pm which was 2 hours from the current time.
When 1pm hit the Evans and the Alonsos were out of the house and all in Maya's Truck.
They drove the 3 hours to the Alonso Family Estate in Martha's Vineyard and with Maya having absolutely no idea where they were going she grew antsy because unbeknownst to everyone in the car except her mother Maya was now Pregnant with her and Chris's second child and she was afraid she was going to have an accident in the car.
Maya was about 16 weeks how she has hide being pregnant from Chris for that long is a surprise and a miracle on its own.
However she just wanted to wait until she was absolutly sure that she could carry a complete trimester before telling anyone but her mom because her and Chris have tried 5 times after Delilah and has miscarred everytime.
All that faliure takes a toll not only on your body but on your psyche and she didn’t want to keep getting Chris's hopes up to keep failing him.
Even though he has been there through it all to hold her when she cries thinking about it or pick her up from the pool of blood in the middle of the night he was there holding her hand, but the of how many more times will he be able to do this with her still creeps in the back of Maya's mind.
Her mom's reassuring smile kept her calm while Chris and Maya held hands the entire ride up as they rolled up around 5pm to the estate that had multiply cars in the driveway.
When they walked in Maya's Brothers were both there along with Chris's parents, siblings and their kids.
Chris explained to Maya that with the kids out of school they all decided to being summer vacation a bit early.
As the night went on the all talked, laughed, ate good food and enjoyed each others company as one huge blended family.
It was coming up around 7pm it was golden hour outside and Maya knew for some reason it was time to tell Chris.
As Maya walked outside closet to the horses her mom followed.
"May baby cakes its time you can't live in fear forever" handing the ultrasound she kept in her purse and walking back into the house Maya took a deep breath as she sipped on her water and looked at sun hint the vinyard in the most majestic way.
"Maya you ok your mom wanted me to come and check in on you" Chris asked walking next to Maya who bit her lip which she did whenever she was nervous.
"Babe whats wrong" Chris knew something wasn't right the her body langague was and Chris could read his wife.
Maya tightly gripped the ultrasoud and turned toward Chris looking into his ocean blue eyes made her weak at the knees but she needed to focus.
She handed him the photo
"For the last 16 weeks or so I haven't found a way to tell that we are pregant and I guess this is it I am sorry I waited so long" Maya Says.
She smirks trying to keep it light hearted and Chris Smiles not even taking enough time to really process the new information with tears in his eye picking up Maya who squeals as he spins her around.
"I hope you know I knew already” he says putting her down leaving his arms around her waist.
"What do you mean you knew" Maya asked as her eyebrows frowned as she looked up at him.
"You underestimate how well I know your body" Chris says rubbing his hands up and down the curves of her body till her reached her ass giving it a good squeeze.
"Also you definitely did not hide this ultrasound that well so when I did first have hunch you had already confirmed it to me without even knowing it" Chris said.
He gave Maya his trademark smile and kissed his wife like his life depended on it.
"why didn’t you tell me you knew" she asked breaking the sweet embrace of the two lovers.
"the same reason you didn't I know that with you even though I hate it, some times I need to just watch from the sideline before you can put me in coach, but next time please do wait this long" Chris said.
Maya eyebrow raised "who said there will be a next time you better be lucky you are even getting 2 out of me sir" she said.
Chris laughs "thats what your mouth is saying now we will see what it says later when you riding papi's cock" He said kissing her lips even harder as they fought for domanice.
They knew both of there families were inside and thats why they stopped and just stood enjoying each others company.
"lets take a picture babe for memories" Chris said.
They pulled apart and Maya laughed .
"Chris look at you trying to take flicks for the gram" Maya said posing next to her favorite horse.
Chris took the picture and put it on his instagram along with a picture of Maya when she was pregnant with Delilah.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris laughed grapped her hand and they walked inside and told everyone the good news.
This will definaly be a Mothers Day they would never forget!
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cocogirl-06 · 2 days ago
Two Different Worlds {2}
Tumblr media
Title: Two Different Worlds
Summary: When Chris was younger, a family of 6 move from Brooklynn New York, the young boy gets close with the oldest sister only for her to get ripped away from him. Many years later the two find each other again and tries to rekindle what they once had with many obstacles in the way.
Pairing: Chris Evans x OFC Neveaha Walker
Chapter Warning: Fluff
Previous Chapters {1}
As the sun creeps into the new shared bedroom of me and my younger sister, I open my eyes, shielding them from the sun, rolling over. It was so silent last night sleeping. I'm used to hearing talking, music, maybe a gunshot or two. But here… it was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.
I check across the room, to see an empty bed, made, and set up like the ones at the furnisher stores. I peel back the comforter, moving to the edge of the side I was on. I stretch my arms, yawning extremely loud. I get up, grabbing my night pants from the foot of my bed, pulling them on. After I make my bed, I open the curtains.
Right after I open, I see a familiar face smiling back at me, pulling his shirt over his head. I wave back, wide-eyed before he walks out of his room. For a 12/13-year-old, he has the body of a triangle, it was weird. I shake the thoughts about him out of my bedroom heading down for breakfast.
I follow the aroma to the kitchen when I hear arguing from my brothers. “ I want the big one, you can have that one!” They were always so loud. I walk past them, greeting the rest of the family with hugs. Sitting down, plating my food, thinking about what im going to do today, maybe, I could take a walk, or hangout in my room and just chill.
“ Remember kids, we’re going over to our new neiboors for dinner tonight, so make sure, to wear something nice. We don’t know these white people.” We laugh, as we continue eating.
After breakfast, I ran upstairs to get the first shower, because at our old house, I always got the cold shower. I strip and hop in taking my sweet little time.
Stepping out of the shower, I grab my towel and wrap it around my frame. I grasp my head wrap and do the same before stepping out the bathroom.
I make my way to my shared room, opening my door, I see my sister, Kenya, sitting on her bed, drawing. She looks up, giving me a death stair.
“ Oh my gosh, finally, you were in there for like an hour,” she says getting up. “ It was not that long, at least now you know how it feels to wait for a hot shower!”
She scoffed, and rushed to the bathroom before either Dani, or Shane got there first. I close the door, and unwrap the towel from my body and discard it to the side of my bed. I sit on my bed and begin moisturizing.
I pull my robe over my body, and move toward my dresser. At the corner of my eye, I see a figure moving it’s hands up and down. I turn and see the same boy from this morning naked with his mouth open.
I stop what I’m doing, shocked at what I’m seeing as he opens his eyes, and darts down to the floor, having an embarrassing expression on his face. I turn, grab my clothes and move from the window.
Tumblr media
Later that night, we were getting ready for dinner, I couldn’t stop thinking about today, and all the weird stuff that happened, I really hoped they weren’t the people we were seeing tonight.
After all of us were ready with decent clothes on, we made our way out the door, walking to the next house over. My mom rings the doorbell, and as soon as she takes her dinging from it, someone opens the door.
It was a white woman, who looked about in her mid thirties, with brunette hair, and a blue sun dress on. “ Cassandra, lovely to see you again, please come in, it’s chilly outside,” she says, making way for us to step inside.
“ Hi Lisa, it’s great to see you too, how is everything?” Me and my sister part from everyone else and look around the house. It was way different from ours but set up the same. Their living room was nice with a nice size TV and sofa.
Just then, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn and see a kid about Kenya’s age smiling and holding out his hand. “ Hi, I’m Scott, nice to meet you,” he said, shaking my hand. I smiled back and he moved on to greeting the others.
“Hey, I like your hair, did you do that yourself?” “ Yeah, and thanks,” I say, turning to a girl about one inch taller than me. “ I’m Carly, and this is Shanna,” “ I’m Neavah, hey,” I say, holding out my hand. “ Nice name, our other brother Chris is somewhere around here, he’s kind of weird.”
Just as she finished her sentence, heavy footsteps came paring down the stairs. “ Ah, Chris, finally. What took you so long?” “ I was changing,” he says, turning to me with his hand out, and a smirk on his face.
“ Hi, I’m Christopher, but you can call me Chris, or boyfriend,” “ Uh, imma call you Chris, and I’m Neveah.” I said, shaking his hand. After everyone is Acquainted, we all sit down and eat, I just so happen to sit next to “ Chris The Creep.”
After dinner, the kids and adults separated, me, Chris, Scott, and Kenya went upstairs to go play Mario kart, while Dani, Carly, Shanna, and Shane played Just Dance.
“Hey, Neaveh, can I talk to you for a sec?” “ Sure,” I said as me and Chris walked to the hallway. “ I just wanted to say, sorry for this morning, and the entire day” “ it’s all good dude, you good.” I said going back to the room, as Chris just looked at me shocked.
Tumblr media
After multiple rounds of Chris losing and me beating him at Mario Kart, I heard my mom call us to go home. The four of us rushed downstairs, giving hugs and making small talk.
“ So, can I see you tomorrow?” Chris gave me a high five and turned to me. “ Don’t get attached to Creep, we might be here for about 1 or 2 years, so don’t stress,” “ we shall see about that, but I’m sure you’re staying longer.”
As we walk back to the house, I can’t help but wonder how long we will stay this time. I walk up the stairs, and wonder some more before getting ready for bed.
~Tags 🏷 ~
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earthchica · 2 days ago
ungodly hour → c.evans
WATTPAD LINK - click here if you want to read chapter one
❝ in which Chris and Zariyah have to work alongside each other despite being exes and disliking each other. ❞
❝ the loner ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed by Nafessa Williams
BORN April 4th, 1985
AGE Thirty-Two
FROM Philadelphia, PA
Tumblr media
twitter. zariyah
instagram. zariyah
❝ the overthinker ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed as Himself
BORN June 13th, 1981
AGE Thirty-Six
FROM Boston, MA
Tumblr media
twitter. chrisevans
instagram. chrisevans
❝ the brat ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed by Kat Graham
BORN January 3rd, 1988
AGE Thirty
FROM Los Angeles, CA
Tumblr media
twitter. lilygrace
instagram. lilygrace
❝ the charmer ❞
Tumblr media
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
BORN August 4th, 1980
AGE Thirty-Seven
FROM Dallas, TX
Tumblr media
twitter. zach.colton
instagram. zach.colton
Javicia Leslie as ZOEY HAWTHORNE
Alfre Woodard as BETTY HAWTHORNE
Teyonah Parris as HARMONY DAVIS
Family & Friends as THEMSELVES
do it by halle & chloe ✦ what you won't do for love by bobby caldwell ✦ somebody that I used to know by gotye ft. kimbra ✦ garden by sza ✦ treat you better by shawn mendes ✦ marvins room by jojo (cover) ✦ adore you by harry styles ✦ Is it a crime by sade ✦ sugar by maroon 5 ✦ shape of you by ed sheeran ✦ mirrors by justin timberlake ✦ remember the time by michael jackson ✦ diva by beyonce ✦ come over by aaliyah ✦ sex with me by rihanna ✦ new by daya
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balenciagabucky · 3 days ago
cell block tango with me, tonight
pairing— chris evans characters x reader
word count— 2,749
summary— they had it coming all along.
warnings— gun, death, killing men, men being shot, stabbed, poisoned, strangled, accused of murder, female oral, blowjob, breeding, riding, drinking, previous stucky realtionship
authors note— i had to write this, as a huge theatre person, i realized many of chris’ characters would go perfect with this, this is for el belles writing challenge 😗✌🏽 @honeysucklesteve plus i just love this musical anyways PLEASE REBLOG and DO NOT STEAL MY CONTENT
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist | discord server | taglist
You sat at the table around the other girls, a room full of murders so called. 6 of them and then just little ole you. The murder of Frank Adler on your hands. You did it, everyone in the room probably knew, but you couldn’t admit to your husband Ari that you were sneaking off with a man you met and when Frank came to you to break off the affair pulled the trigger. You had your reasons though, he lied to you about making you a star just to have sex with you, cheat on his wife and you on your husband. You had to save your ass because staying in jail, was not the option for you. You wanted to be a star and if a scandal was the way to get your start, you were determined to use it to the best of your ability.
“Well ladies...we need to get to the bottom of’re all on trial...if you want the best lawyer, you have to tell me everything, I can’t stand for you if you can’t stand for it?”
The six mistress murders nodded, and Billy Flint nodded back, “Why don’t we start off with did you end up here...Miss Southern Belle” He pointed to the woman sitting directly in front of her. She sighed and shifted her position.
“Lucas came home early one night from set....”
He sat on the couch, drinking his beer and gum in his mouth. Usually when he wasn’t acting, he was doing his casual duties...being a dick. She had currently dealt with the problems from the workplace, not getting the credit for the project shew thought of, that she created, just for it to be taken from her by a white man that probably couldn’t even last long enough if he just heard the word orgasm.
She remembered it all so distinctly, the sound of her heels clicking on the hardwood floor before the sound got so tiring, she had to take them off. The sound of her keys jangling before she gave up and threw them onto the counter, and the sound of him chewing his not chewing...popping.
She remembered it all so distinctly, the sound of her heels clicking on the hardwood floor before the sound got so tiring, she had to take them off. The sound of her keys jangling before she gave up and threw them onto the counter, and the sound of him chewing his not chewing...popping.
“You pop that gum one more time Lucas and I swear to the lord up above, you gon meet him.”
“You pop that gum one more time Lucas and I swear to the lord up above, you gon meet him.”
“You pop that gum one more time Lucas and I swear to the lord up above, you gon meet him.”
But a threat like that...he had heard her say it hundreds of times, it wasn’t much of a threat he thought, it was just a sign to push her buttons even more because he was the Lucas Lee, he could do whatever he want, he was the main character, the producer, the writer, and the director of his life. Well at least his was, as he pushed his luck, poppin his gum once more.
She looked at Billy Flynn. “So...I took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots...into his head...not much of. Southern Belle huh?”
The woman across laughed and shook her head. “You think because your famous boyfriend chewed his gum too loud that you deserve Mister Flynn to be your laywer? Try marrying a mormon.”
“Oh yeah? Did your husband fuck your sister behind your back? Oh wait no he didn’t.” “Try being accused of being a cheater.”
They all stopped arguing. “One at a time... so we have one with Misophonia...what about you Mormons wife?”
Johnny was known to be a flirty guy. If you had ever heard of Johnny Storm it was probably because he was probably trying to get to know you so he could remember you later but once he got married that seemed to change. They lived a typical family life. He’d go to work and she’d stay home doing housewife duties. He was always home at 5:18 on the dot and his favorite drink would be sitting in front of him, a flaming lamborghini.
Named after two of his favorite things, fire and an expensive car.
Early that morning, she kissed her husband goodbye as he went on his way to work, but to her surprised she was met with a ring at her door. Thinking it was him coming back home because he forgot his suit, it was another woman, looked a couple years older than her.
“Johnny Storms your husband?” The woman asked, she nodded. “He’s my husband, and the husband to four other women...he never told you he was Mormon did he?”
“I’m sorry...he never told me anything- he just puts on his suit and flies through the sky like a fireball.”
“Maybe...we all should talk to him.”
Her mind was racing, blood boiling, heart pumping, she didn’t want to have a civilized talk or even just yell at him, he was supposed to be her husband, their vows we’re for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death do us part.
“He had 6 wives...that bastard, it’s okay, I’ll be okay, I made a vow, I have to stick with it.” She smiled at the woman and walked her out of the house and went on with her day doing her daily duties. When the clock hit 5:10 she made his drink. She grabbed all the ingredients, blue curacao, irish cream, sambuca, and kahlua. A smile on her face when he walked through the door. She gave him his kiss on his cheek. She handed the drink over but as she was in the process she stopped.
“How did I forget the fire, let me go get that honey, I’ll be right back.”
She walked into the kitchen and grabbed her lighter but from the corner of her eyes she was the poisoning, face to face with it, she poured it into the drink, then lit it on fire, walking back to him, placing the drink in front. She smiled at him waiting until he took his first sip, once he did her smile faded. “So I heard you’re Mormon...told me you were single when we met Johnny, you remember that? Single my ass, you just needed a new woman to be with, fucking bastard, you started off with six wives, and now you end with none.”
He furrowed his brows at the word none, not realizing what she meant, well not until he felt himself gasping for hair, she stared at him, deadpan face, as he dropped to the floor. She took the drink and poured it on him, grabbing her phone and calling the police. “My husbands dead, he had six wives you know.”
“Alright, popping gum, six wives...and?”
You looked at all the women, their stories exciting you a bit, you were in group of sadistic women who weren’t going to just let men take control of them, it made you realize the kind of in, you had with them.
“My husband thought I was cheating...Ransom was always had a jealous streak but this time, it was different, he never went his far.”
She had got dressed up for her husband that night, made hm dinner to celebrate that she was pregnant, and tonight was the night she was going to tell him. She could possibly pinpoint the night she got pregnant. Ransom always worked late so in her mind it had to have been the night he was sitting on the bed, drinking a whiskey after finishing off half a cigar.
She clumsily slurped a little on Ransom's cock. His eyes were closed, and his head thrown back, and he was breathing heavy. It had become important to her to make him happy. Feeling she was doing more than okay; she moved his cock a little further into her mouth and sucked a little harder. Ransom grunted and looked down at her. She looked so cute to him, her cheeks hollowed from slobbering on his cock. He grabbed her head and eased it in fully. She choked a little, and her eyes watered, but he held her in place so she couldn't get away.
He moved a bit more swiftly, in and out, breaching the depths of her throat. Suddenly, he pulled his cock out and sprayed her right in the face. Her mouth was still open, and a little spunk landed on her tongue. Most of it hit her cheeks, lips and chin. He groaned with satisfaction at seeing his wife’s face splattered with cum.
He pushed his cockhead into her cunt, just a little, like he had done so many times before. He rocked it back and forth, pushing on her hymen a little. Flicking her clit with his finger, he felt her lubrication spread around his cockhead. He wanted her to be good and ready for when he fucked her. Ransom felt his cock strain as he saw her expression and he didn't waste any time. Drawing back a little, he plunged through her hymen and buried his full length inside her. Her cunt spasmed, trying to adjust itself to such a huge trespasser.
She gave a smile and he started to drill her pussy a little. She was happy, he realized, as she bucked back and forth. He grabbed hold of her hand in his, savoring how familiar the skin was. With the other hand, he pinched at her nipple some. He drove his cock in again and again, and each time it met with a louder than before.
He raised up some and grabbed hold of her hips. He pulled her down over and over onto his stiff, pulsating cock - and when he felt her body tense and her cunt muscles squeeze and encircle his cock, he knew he could let himself go, too. He came with her orgasm, sending what felt like a huge load. He could feel the spunk draining from his balls as it sprayed her cervix. They both went limp, and he collapsed onto the pillows beside her.
For the first couple years of their marriage, Ransom would go out to lingerie shops and buy skimpy, sexy little numbers for her to wear for him and that night when he came home, he saw one on her bed that he didn’t buy, one she had happened to buy for herself but all he thought of was her screwing someone else.
She cut the chicken up for dinner and Ransom marched into the kitchen. “You’ve been screwing someone!” She turned her head and looked at him, eyes widened. “Ransom, what the hell are you talking about?” He grabbed her by her arm and glared at her. “Was it the help? Huh? One of the cooks? The milkman? You’ve been screwing the milkman?”
He kept screaming and soon, her fear, turned into anger, and that chicken wasn’t the only thing that got cut that night.
“So I stabbed him...ten times.”
The woman at the table looked at her, mouths open and eyes widened, even Billy Flint. It was hard to decipher if he were thinking of helping her case or not, maybe he would because he was scared of what she could do so easily, maybe he wouldn’t because it would be too hard to try and argue against.
The next woman didn’t speak a lick of English, and no one understood a single thing she said. The only English words she did know were “not guilty” and you were sure “Uncle Sam.”
She loved Andy more than anything, there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him, but she wasn’t understanding why she was being framed.
Azt mondjбk, hogy a hнres lakem lefogta a fйrjemet йn meg lecsaptam a fejйt. De nem igaz, йn бrtatlan vagyok.
Nem tudom miйrt mondja Uncle Sam, hogy йn tettem.
Probбltam a rendorsйgen megmagyarбzni de nem йrtettйk meg.
“What am I doing here? They said the landlady held my husband down while I bludgeoned his head. But it is not true. I am innocent. I do not know why Uncle Sam [the law] says I did it. I tried to explain to the police, but they did not understand!”
“Yeah, but did you, do it?” You asked, placing a hand on her back.
“Uh Uh...not guilty.”
She began to cry, tears flowing, there was no reason for her to be there, she lost the love of her life, she was truly the only innocent one in this group so far, but as far as the law sees it, she’s just a woman who can’t be controlled.
“Mrs.Shea...please, state what happened.” Billy turned his direction to the world-famous performer, she was the girl you wanted to be, she had the life you wanted.
“As you know Colin started to travel along with my sister and I.”
They had this huge show, there was so much happening on tour, but they always found time to hang out and relax, it was probably one of her favorite parts of being around people she loved the most.
“We’re at this hotel called Cicero, nice place, if any of you get the chance, you should visit.” She cracked the joke, causing a couple of the women to chuckle.
In the heat of the three-person party, the ice ran out, you can’t have a good time with hot drinks after having some laughs and performing on stage, so she goes out for some, but the only thing she sees when she goes back is her sister and Colin face up with his hands to her sides as she had her knees on either side of his head.
“Number Seventeen...the Spread Eagle.”
She claimed she blacked out and when she woke up all she knew was she had a show to perform, even though her sister couldn’t be there, you only knew because that was the show you had been at with Frank, where you did your deed.
Truthfully, you knew she did it, the look in her eyes told you everything you needed to know, she killed Colin Shea but wouldn’t go through with saying it because having a scandal when you’re already famous, wouldn’t help you at all. You could picture it, she walked in on them, shocked, confused, but just like almost every other woman here, angry. When they saw her, they didn’t know what to do and in an instant, the gun went off twice.
“Alright, you’re last...what did you do.” Mr. Flint looked at the other woman that sat next to you.
“Steve...I loved him, but he was, an artist.”
She could recall nights he would be up late, drawing or painting pictures because to him, that’s when he could do some of his best work. He was sensitive and she appreciated that to a great measure but every now and then, staying up late meant he was out on the town. He needed to find his musing, strangely she pictured she was his muse, but it was obvious that she wasn’t.
“Peggy, Shanon, Natasha...and Bucky... we seemed to have artistic differences.”
The night he came back from ‘finding himself’ which was another night he probably spent with Bucky, she could smell the hint of cedarwood and orange on his collar. She pulled him to her, kissing him deeply.
She was like a Siren, alluring and arousing and it would have required far more willpower than he had as a youngster to deny her, and so within minutes she had him naked and she straddled him bouncing up and down. It was breathless, urgent and animalistic this time, even harder than last. As she rode him for all he was worth she panted and moaned beneath him. She reached around and locked fingers with him in a moment of closeness or so he thought but then she pulled his hands up to his own neck and wrapped them around it. Her next words nearly made him freeze.
“How’s Bucky.”
She gripped his throat, not even thinking of the urge to climax inside her. He struggled as she strangled him, she lifted herself off of his cock as she was trying to choke him as much as she could. Soon he stopped fighting and she sat back, grabbing a cigarette, looking at him and changing her clothes before walking out of the house.
“They had it coming.” You spoke. Everyone looking at you, if only you could figure out how to get your story, front page, the knew what you did, they weren’t stupid, but now that you had insight, there was no way you could let any of it stop you from being the star and that’s exactly what was going to happen for you.
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated
𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭; @brattycherubwrites @erinpetty23 @sebastianissastan @positionsfyou @pipsqueakkitten @vallerydevora @nakedrogers @wakandabiitch2 @madbaddic7ed @lanadelswiftie @amelia-song-pond @evans-stan2452 @chamorritaluv @panaitbeatrice @jnkyrds @disaster-rose @fallinforevans @siriuslyslytherin @asthesunwentdown @iwannabekilledtwice @feetoffthetablee @widowdays @cloudystevie @lizziechaseee @mrs-salvawhore @xoxonotme @greengarsstuff @k-wedgeworth @tenaciousperfectionunknown @theoldermanswhore @sohoseb @michokiss @0mrs-evans0 @blueeyesslut @shynerdystudent @stardust-galaxies @sunday-kindoflove @familydissapointment @mrs-kcathrb @thatweirdesichick @ptrs-prkrs @paniicing @maddeinvenus @c00lkidvibes
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honeydulcewrites · 3 days ago
I just want to play with Chris’ cock. Like he’s shirtless and in the grey sweatpants and I’m kneeling in between his legs and playfully licking and nipping at his cock through his sweatpants and he pulls it out and playfully slaps me in the face with it and then I just start deepthroating him, blowing spit bubbles on it, just being nasty and sloppy with it and when he’s ready he jerks off over my face, covering my face in his cum and watching my play with it, scooping it into my mouth with my fingers before spitting it back onto his cock and slurping it off before swallowing. I just want to play with his cock and his cum ✨
Tumblr media
I loveeee sloppy head so much and can you imagine him just egging you on, watching you drool and gag and smile when he praises you and tells you how much of a dirty little slut you are for his dick...the flavor sis the flavor!
Sitting between his legs just resting your head on his thigh while he takes it out and slaps your cheek with his head playfully....I’d simply perish jfc!
Nasty and sloppy is the vibe and I just know Chris is a freak about it too, it would get him off so quick
And then watching you play with the painting of cum on your face, licking your fingers and spitting it back onto his dick, using your hands to jerk him off like it’s lube and he’s losing his mind cause he’s extra sensitive now and you’re going all out
Then you slurp it all up and swallow like the good girl you are, the most mischievous little smirk on your face and he can’t help but lean down to kiss you and tell you that you’re the fucking best
He’d of course be a gentleman and help you get cleaned up, probably lure you into taking a shower together which ends up with you being pounded against the wall more than it does you getting clean
But hey you started it with your sinful gaze and batting eyelashes kneeling at his feet so now Chris is more than eager to finish it all off!
Anyways now I want a dick in my mouth thanks anon dhsjskwksjsjsjs whew!!!! 🥵
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𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐱 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
        ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Shit." You groaned, your arms giving out as your comb dropped to the floor. You were starting to regret training your arms today with Natasha because your head full of coils was all the workout you needed for the day. Grumbling in defeat, you sit on your bed, sprawling your aching body across your bedspread.
You'd been a part of the avengers for three years now. Ever since you went viral on social media for stopping a band of thieves— burning their faces with your bare hands. It took five minutes of convincing before you found yourself inside of avengers tower, making your way around.
Now here you were, three years later, struggling to put your hair in some damn plaits. "Alright, round two," you muttered. This hair was not going to get the best of you, again.
A small knock formed on your bedroom door, taking your attention away from your reflection in the mirror. "Hey," Steve smiled, his hands resting in his pockets as he leaned against your door frame.
"Hey," you smiled back, waving him in and motioning for him to take a seat in your hammock.
Steve couldn't help but stare.
He loved your hair and appreciated the time and creativity you put into it.
Those nights after missions where everyone sat around unwinding, and you disappeared—swearing you had a hair 'crisis to attend to.
He wished he could follow you those nights, watch what it took to style your hair.
And now he was finally getting front row tickets.
"What's going on, Stevie?" you asked, taking another swipe of grease to your scalp. The super soldiers piercing blue eyes watching your pattern intensely. He almost forgot to respond.
Liquid, grease, and of course, the hibiscus leave-in he enjoyed the smell of.
When you'd fly past him on missions—it's all he'd smell for the rest of the night.
"Stevie?" You smile softly, your arms shaking as you finish your first plait. His eyes fluttered from your workstation to your brown eyes as you looked back at him over your shoulders. "I...I'm just checking in on you. Doing my rounds." You chuckled, looking back at yourself in the mirror. "I guess you could say I'm great, besides this." You tug at your excess hair. "Good," Steve said, standing and making his way over to you. His larger frame suddenly crowding the mirror.
It was no secret that you and Steve had something.
Some would call it chemistry.
Whether it was on the field.
Or right now.
When his hands grazed over your exposed shoulders, sending shutters down your spine. His nose practically dug into your hair.
"Can I ask you something, doll?" Steve took a deep breath, inhaling your scent some more. "Hm?" you hummed making another part. Steve took the liberty of taking the comb from your hands. His fingertips grazing over yours as he did. "Can I help you braid your hair?." He said meekly, his voice had a nervous tremor. You snicker, looking him up and down. “Are you sure?” Steve beamed, shaking his head up and down vigorously. “Yes.”
Smiling, you took his hand. Placing him on your bed while you slipped between his legs on the floor. “Alright, now just as I did, make a part as straight and even as you can.” You instructed him.
Although Steve was a captain and was good with orders, he just couldn’t seem to get it right.
There was a lot of tugging.
And re-doing braids.
“Sorry, doll.”
“Okay, maybe I should—.”
“No, please let me try again.”
But eventually, he got the hang of it. And unknowingly you had fallen asleep in between the super soldiers' legs. Using the inside of his knee as a pillow.
You woke up to soft stroking on your cheek. “Doll, I’m all done. I think.” He snickered. Shifting awake you quickly ran to the mirror, a huge smile growing on your face. “Oh, Stevie. I love it.” You laughed, throwing your arms around his neck. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in. “Not too bad for the first time, huh?”
You smirked, placing a kiss on his cheek. Watching the old man's face grow red. “No, not bad at all.” You giggled, turning your head from side to side, viewing the beautiful plaits he had done for you.
Every day after that Steve begged to do your hair or at least watch.
It got so bad you let him help you on wash day.
You could say Steve became your helper, taking the stress off your shoulders.
You’d be lying if you say you didn’t like it.
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fineanddandy · 4 days ago
Mr. Popularity (V)
Summary: Now as an out couple on campus, Bianca and Chris come across a few issues but they’re unstoppable...
Relationship: fratboy!Chris Evans x black!OC “Bianca”
Warnings: YOU KNOW THE VIBES smut, graphic language, some hateration, conflict/drama, 18+
A/N: WELL FUCKIN FINALLY RIGHT?! I know the thing I knew that would happen once I started working again, HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED UGH. But I pushed through and got you guys our faves back in our lives. Of course, this didn’t go as planned. I was ready to give y’all a smut cliffhanger got lucky(ish). Anyway, missed y’all mean it. On to the story
Tumblr media
“Keep your eyes closed. No peeking.”
For the past few days, there’s been a constant ache in my cheeks. I didnt think it was humanly possible for me to smile this much. Becoming Chris Evans’ girlfriend made me happier than I’d ever thought. It’s oddly refreshing...and slightly exhausting.
“I couldn’t even if I wanted loser.”
Chris has been on a world tour of proving himself worthy, showcasing me around campus as his. And as much as I couldn’t stand all the newfound attention, Chris couldn’t help but eat it up with a proud smile and an arm around my shoulders, carrying my bag, still waving and carrying on like the big man on campus. Like any ordinary day. Well except the change in relationship status. And all the stupid ass looks I get from some of the girls I pass by. Don’t even get me started on the sorority girls. At first, I would shrivel up once I was caught in an icy glare but as of late, I have to laugh. Chris didn’t make it any better either. If he really wanted to take a jab at the haters, he’d pull me in close and whisper nasty shit in my ear just so I could bite back a sleazy smirk and chuckle, making all the girls turn away in an awkward huff. Pretty mild most days but sometimes all the looks puts him on edge a little bit too. So I figure that it’s best to act like it doesn’t bother me as much but it does bother him quite a bit more. But never mind all the bullshit, we’re precious anyway.
“Okay open”
Standing by his bedroom door, I pull my blindfold down off my eyes to discover Chris standing by the foot of his bed with candles lit all around him. All modest and cute. A bottle of champagne by his bed. I cough a startled laugh, scoping the room, smiling even though my jaw is dropped. Yeah...there’s been plenty of these moments. Him impressing me, damn near flooring me, and him being so damn cute in the midst of all of it. Smug grin and chin held high.
“God you really make me fuckin sick Chris!” I sigh in awe, covering my partially embarrassed face with my hands. What is he even doing right now? These moments he lives for. Just to see me squirm and feel ridiculous. Chris comes and takes me by the arms, smiling at how bashful I’m getting.
“And this is why I do it,” he says, his big arms swallowing me whole, “just to see you make that face.” Chris covers me with affectionate kisses as I giggle underneath him, laying my arms over his mountainess shoulders. These moments make the glares all worth it.
“You really...don’t have to...” I can barely get a word out between his full on kisses taking my breath away. Every single time, he kisses me with everything in his body, crushing me with all his feelings and I couldn’t help but suffocate in them. We pull each other in closer, damn near swallowing lips and tongues. My chest heaves against his as we collect our muffled moans; Chris effortlessly picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist, walking us to the bed, never breaking our latched lips.
He takes a breath to fuss. “Stop...let me spoil you B.” Then attacks my neck with love bites, gripping my ass under my skirt, fingertips reaching for my ticklish bikini line.
Sometimes it was too much, and all the time. Make me swoon, make me cum. Swoon, cum. Right, I sound so stupid for complaining but it’s just...I just don’t want us to burn out so soon. Chris is making me happier than any dude has ever but as much as he does, I live on edge of when it all would be over...and how.
Carefully placing me on the bed, Chris starts to pull my panties down, still sucking at my neck. Honestly we should be exhausted with each other, around each other most of the day and night, kissing or talking or moaning orgasmically. But sleeping beside him was the best time. Always cuddled up on my chest, holding on to me tightly while I played in his soft hair until I passed out. Those moments will always be my fave.
“Baby,” I grunt because he’s teasing my tender folds that are still in recovery mode. Their only mode lately. I feel like I never get a break, Christ. “What’s the occasion?”
It’s a stupid question. I already know the answer. “Just wanna show how much I care about you baby B.” He whispers into my skin, sighing at the sensation of my warming folds against his fingers.
Giggling behind a moan, I love to hear the current nickname created by him late one night during a quiet pillow talk. Since we both call each other baby, he thought he should call me “baby B” to specify which baby was being addressed. Falling into a laughing fit at three a.m. when he mentioned it I had to roll my eyes. Sometimes, to make him smile all big, I’ll call him “baby C.” He eats that shit up so I don’t give it to him often. He can’t get the idea that I’m enjoying the cute ass pet names. But I never get tired of feeling him in the hull of my jaw, sloppily tonguing me with the sexiest moans. Can’t keep the man off me.
“God you’re so pussy whipped.” I bite back a chuckle while he dies laughing, his whole body going slack on top of me. Removing his hand to cradle my head resting on the bed, Chris rests his forehead on mine, still in hysterics. His silly laugh is the best and I still try to stifle back mine because I fuckin meant it.
“You’re such an asshole.” Quieting down a bit he shakes his head, opening those crystal blue eyes that stun me any time they’re this close. He snipes, “you so did that on purpose. You were trying to get me to stop weren’t you...” Shrugging, I snicker against his wet lips, “because you’re all tuckered out, aren’t you?”
He thinks he knows me so well, smug grin dancing on his lips. Thinks he knows my body. Annoyed, I squint up at his smoldering mug, begging me to let him keep going but seriously...she needs a moment.
“I mean...yes?” Chris goes to chastise me but I interrupt, “BUT just for a bit.”
Brushing the hill of my cheek, Chris sighs with a nod, “fine...if my big baby B needs a break. A break she shall get.” We kiss once again before he frees me, still smiling down at me as he stands over me. His dick print prominent in his jeans. I’ll definitely be taking care of that later. Chris snorts a chuckle at me ogling him, turning away to walk over to his side of the bed.
“For someone who’s so worn out, you’re surely eyeing my dick like you’re starving for it.” He grumbles with a cheeky grin as I sit up on the bed, crossing my legs beneath me. Pop goes the cork.
“Just cuz she’s tired doesn’t mean I don’t want it baby C.” Coyly I smirk as Chris laughs, pouring champagne in proper flutes and not red solo cups thank God.
“I know I’m just busting your balls babe.” He hands me my glass. Immediately I take a big gulp before handing it back with a wink that he just shakes his head at. Pouring some more before handing it back Chris sits beside me on the bed glass in hand. “Really it’s okay. Whatever you want Bianca you know I’ll do it for you.”
Glasses clink before our love adorn smiles. He means every bit of the sentiment.
“Whatever I want huh?” I could think of many things but the one thing that I really wanted... “Check your girls sounds good...” I mutter into my glass with raised eyebrows, saying it loud enough for him to almost hear me but not really. But he does anyway, narrowing his eyes at me.
“My girls? I have one girl...who’s being an ass right now...” Chris gives me a playful shove almost making me choke on the bubbles.
“You know what I mean.” I clear my throat as I recover from his mighty shove. “Check your sisters or whatever you call them.”
Shooting me a side eye, he takes my glass from my hand and places both on his nightstand so he can pull me into a loving embrace. Kissing and nuzzling at my temple and side of my head.
“Don’t worry about them.” He reassures softly, squeezing me tenderly with those big arms I can’t get enough of.
“Do you tell yourself that when you’re getting annoyed by the looks as well...?” I ask wrapping my arms over his, wanting his arms tighter around my waist. Snuggling deeper into his pillows, we sigh and relax, not really wanting to have this convo but we’d been avoiding it for a few days.
Chris sighs again. “Of course B. I can’t stand the way they look at you, at us. I really can’t...”
Turning my chin so I can really look up at his gorgeous face, I tell him, “then do something about it,” eyes soft and pleading. If anyone could deal with this the way it needed, it was him. Big man on campus. He needs to squash the bullshit.
Pinching my chin, Chris lands a sweet peck on my upper lip, sighing deeply. “I will B. Promise.” Another kiss but this one harder, longer, tasting the champagne on his lips. It’s to pacify me, to keep me cool and collected. I’ll allow it.
“Chris...” I call out to him once he parts from me, lids low and swooning. “For real. If we’re gonna keep doing this...”
He shushes me, dragging the pad of his thumb over my puffy lips. That’s where he has me quite frankly. Under his thumb. Under his control. Especially when he’s looking at me like that. Hooded eyes and close, tips of noses touching. I can’t break the hold those shimmering blue eyes have on me. Always drowning in them. The only sound is our heavy lustful breaths. Nothing hurts anymore. All I want is him, right now.
“I got you B.” Chris breathlessly whispers. The longer we stare at each other, the heavier our breaths get. “I’ve always got you...don’t you forget that.”
Without even really thinking, I climb up into his lap, cradling his stubble with my slender hands. His hands already cupping my bare ass, squeezing at them here and there.
“I know sweet.” I can’t resist his soft lips, kissing him sweetly before murmuring against them, “I got you too.”
Tongues slither past each other as we open mouth kiss for a bit. The faint taste of champagne still floating around in our mouths. My sweet protector. I adore that we protect each other. His fat fingertips padding between my thighs reaching for my moistening middle.
“Yeah?” Chris roughly pants into my mouth, “You got me?”
Frantically nodding while inhaling his lips, I sit up on my knees a bit so he can snake his hands further between my thighs. His nails grazing along my slit. Clutching his jaw a little tighter, I groan lightly into his hot mouth. His stubble pricking the palms of my hands. His teeth sinking into my bottom lip wedged between his along with his fingers carefully dipping in and out of me, testing the waters to make sure I’m feeling up to it. Even if she was aching in pain we couldn’t tell. I’m soaked and it’s all because of him.
“Oh Chris.” I whimper out releasing him, soothing my hands down his neck and chest until I reach the button of his pants. He smiles as I reach into his pants for my homie.
“So eager all of a sudden...” he purrs licking at my lips, “you ready for me now?” Chris groans as I stroke his beefy cock some before he splits my aching walls back open.
Grinning, I say with a fragile moan, “I said a moment. Moments over babe.”
“Good.” Chris groans positioning me over the crown of his cock, pushing the wet tip between my folds, “Take this shirt off. I wanna see those beautiful tits of yours.”
My shirt’s thrown off me as I slip down his length with a long whine, ignoring the burning of my tired walls and focus on how amazing he feels stretching me open every time we fuck. His big hands envelope my caramel tits, squeezing and pushing them together in utter joy as he throbs, filling me to the brim.
I sob out, “oh fuck baby!” Chris grabbing ahold of my hips, quickly bouncing me up and down on his dick. Moaning and crying out over and over, each time he meets my pussy with a muted pop.
“Bianca...” He whispers grinding himself deeper, slapping a hand against my nape and taking a strong hold. “Fuck, Bianca...”
Shit I’ll never get tired of him saying my name as he pumps inside of me. How light and airy it falls into the air...but full of passion and emotion. Tilting my head back to expose my throat, Chris slowly drags his teeth down my neck; his hot breath prickling my sensitive skin we both moan together.
Gasping from how full he makes me feel, I ask up at the ceiling, “I make you feel good baby?”
“Fuck yes B...” Chris moans lapping at the slope of my neck, “god yes. All the time baby...ugh fuck.”
My walls clutching on to his throbbing cock chokes him up, rocking and bucking my hips back and forth on his lap. Wrenching his eyes shut, he drops his jaw, drawing out a long gutterly groan.
“Only me? Only I can make you feel this good?”
As I ask, Chris leans my head back forward, dropping my forehead on his sweaty one. “God yes,” he growls, “only you”
Never heard such sweeter words. Such a sweet face. Gushing out all around him. We suction our lips back together, grunts meeting whimpers as our tongues twist and tangle. Continuing to ride him out like all I want is his load to paint my soaked walls. Leaving him panting and pleading, sputtering his desperate cries against my swollen lips. Stars dance in front of my eyes. Every muscle in my body tightening I inch closer and closer to my climax.
“Ugh c’mon B,” Chris coaxes, slapping my ass so I can shout out, which has him grinning. Spanking me makes me drip.
“I’m—I’m—,” With a shaky breath, I fight through my quicken moans to announce that I’m about to combust but my orgasm beats me to the punch. Fisting Chris’ shirt, I shudder and convulse on top of him, shouting out to the heavens.
“Cumming already?” Chris shakes his head with a chuckle, slipping his middle finger down between us to furiously rub against my throbbing clit. Yelping, I slam hand down on his big ass shoulder. “You make it seem so easy baby...”
My orgasm seems never ending the more he strokes at my clit, still fucking me through it all with low chuckle. Can’t stop groaning. Can’t stop losing myself all over his monstrous cock.
“Oh my GOD. CHRIS.” I choke on my sobs. “Christ! Stop!”
“Nu uh.” Wrapping an arm around the small of my back he drops me backwards on the bed so he can take over. Pinning me down beneath his weight. “Going back to back baby.”
Hyperventilating, clawing his swole arms, Chris rolls himself deep into my pussy, stroking me slowly, smoothly, digging me out with everything in his lower body. His rhythmic sighs orchestrating his mighty thrusts. My legs can’t stop shaking as my eyes roll back into my head.
“So fuckin beautiful,” Chris croons with a saucy smirk, “God I wanna make you cum all fuckin day and night B. Wish you could see how gorgeous you look.”
I’m nothing but high pitch whines and squeaks, stretching as every muscle tightens again. My toes curling. Fuck, this man makes me feel too good. His dick feels too good amongst my soaked walls. My limbs twitch the closer. But I can feel him, hear in the way his groans get louder, he’s ready too.
“Aw shit, oh fuck.” He barks behind a monstrous groan, his thrusts picking up in speed, slamming against my spot, “cum—cum with me baby...OH—SHIT.”
His deep gutter voice beckons my second climax the minute he busts and we lose our shit together. It’s the fuckin best. Screaming. Shouting. Unraveling. Just noise and convulsions and then long, life regaining huffs of breaths. My nerves so dead and my mind absolutely blown; as much as he wears me out, I love the aftermath and aftercare. Chris pants a satisfied chuckle beside me on the covers, muttering my name to himself like he’s hypnotized.
“Oh” He sighs and breathes and huffs with a wistful laugh. I hear what he’s saying, how sweet and pleasant his moans are as he comes down. He’s falling, shit, I’m plummeting and the more we connect, physically and emotionally, the more I expect the words “I love you” stumble from his precious pink lips. A part of me wants to hear it. A part of me wants to say it but damn we could wait. I can wait. Besides we didn’t have to say it. Turning to look at each other, we smile tiredly, our breaths returning to normal. Draping his arm over my waist he pulls me closer, turning into his side. Damn those eyes so clear and warm. Damn my smile so genuine and big. We kiss and giggle while muttering sweet nothings, finishing undressing and resume drinking the champagne but from the bottle. Cuddling close and getting drunk, talking about anything. We didn’t have to say it because we felt it.
Another night. Another party. The night already had a weird vibe and I couldn’t help but feel like it was going to get stranger. I didn’t know how to explain the energy but my hairs constantly stand on end. With my roommate by my side, we watch our boys do their thing with their bros while we sit in a corner with our eyes shifting. She could feel the disturbance in the force as well.
“Weird night.” She kept mumbling in her cup of beer but she couldn’t explain why either. We just felt it.
“Right? What the fuck?”
Nothing’s out of the ordinary though. The guys kept turning back to us with winks and drunken smiles. Chris blowing kisses. Goof. All I could do was smile and blow kisses back. Fuck, we’re on cloud nine, riding out the deepest, longest infatuation high. Biting back a cheeky smile while falling into his ocean blue eyes from across the room, my roommate elbows me with a laugh, stealing my attention away from him.
“God, you two are...sickening but in the best way...” she pokes fun at me with a sarcastic eye roll but I deflect.
“Me? The way you two can’t keep your hands off each other...” I motion to her beau acting goofy with Chris.
“I know right?” She giggles. “I can’t get enough of it.”
Chuckling, I silently agree with her. I can’t get enough of the head over heels, sickeningly sweet foolery of it all either. Looking back over to him, I catch him heading my way but the front door opening stops him dead in his tracks with a startled look.
“Oh god no.” My roommate grumbles looking over to the entryway. Following everyone’s gaze I see them walking into the party. “Whaaaaat they never come here...”
That was it. They were the disturbance. Their head bitch in charge leading the way, their presence just shifted the energy in the house. Like a dark cloud looming over. Of course she saw no one else in the party, locking eyes and bee lining for Chris who stood confused as to why they were walking through the door. With a hitch in my breath I latch onto my roommate’s arm, watching this tall lanky blondie commandeer her way through the crowd to get to him.
“Fuuuuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck.”
Chris puts distance between after she throws herself onto him, the rest of her posse scattering throughout the party. The music’s so loud I can’t hear a word but body language said enough for me to relax my hold on my homie. But blondie was putting on for him. Flipping her hair, touching his arm, laughing all loud and shit. My roommate’s jaw is dropped with an appalled gasp.
“Damn B. What are you going to do?”
I could have laughed. What am I going to do? There’s nothing I have to do because Chris was doing enough. He retained his distance no matter how close she got to him and kept his arms folded across his chest, chin raised, looking down on her blabber on and on about absolutely nothing. I didn’t feel worried just...uncomfortable. Before I could even think about going over there to stand next to him, three of her weirdo sisters stopped me.
“Oh my god Bianca right?” Chimed the brunette to my right, a girl I’d never seen or talked to before in my life. My grip tightens on my roommate again. “You’re the girlfriend! You’re so...cute...” She tries to compliment with a stale smile while the other girls snicker quietly behind her. My roommate adjusts her stance with a sigh. They’re here on bullshit but I could care less, breaking my neck around them to see what was going on behind them but they had a perfect block on my shot. Like I said, it’s not like I was worried...but it’s good to be aware. Wish these birds would move out the way though...
“Have you ever thought about joining our house?” Brunette continues to chirp, swerving her head to meet my eyes, “Y’know, since you’re dating Chris and all. Think he would love that.”
“He so would.” chimes a ponytail.
The pixie cut echos, “So would.”
I just snort a laugh because these idiots don’t know what they’re talking about. He so would not. My man knows me and he knows a sorority is the last thing I would do. Not enough money. If it was my life or join their house, tell my mom I fuckin loved her.
“Nah, she’s good. Trust. Um...don’t you guys have anything better to do? Get some dick or a drink?Literally anything else...” Intrudes my roommate over their fake shit just as their head bitch looks over her shoulder back at us. Their faces sour and their eyes roll at my roommate on edge for an attack. Their head bitch shoots me a fucked up smirk. Ugh what the fuck is she up to.
“Anyway, Bianca, seriously you should think about it.” The brunette says to me but her voice is faint. Too busy focusing past her. No, seriously, what is she up to?! Chris’ stance hasn’t changed much or relaxed in the slightest.
Muttering, I ask, “Now why would I do that?” While keeping my watchful eye on her caressing his boulderous bicep. Again. I would never join these catty bitches’ anything! Clearly this is all some sort of ploy and I’m not fuckin here for it. The brunette leading the charge keeps pressing,
“Don’t you wanna make Chris happy?”
Mentioning his name has him locking eyes with me, a confused brow laced across his face. My brow definitely matched his.
“I’m sorry? What?” The question calls for my attention, annoyed that she assumed I didn’t or something. Narrowing my eyes at the three of them in my face, I make it perfectly clear. “I make him plenty happy. Trust me boo. Not like that’s any of your business in the first place.”
They withdraw like I offended them. But they’re approaching me mad disrespectful. I truly don’t give a fuck about what they think or how they feel.
“You don’t have to be such a fuckin bitch about it,” snaps the ponytail.
“Yeah. Just trying to be nice,” piggybacks the pixie cut. What in 90’s teen movie is happening right now?!
“Noooo the fuck you aren’t.” My roommate intrudes again, stepping between me and my aggressors who all of a sudden seem to cower away now that they see we aren’t with their bullshit. As she approaches them, closing in on them, I follow closely behind. She’s got my back and I’ve got hers. Especially against chicks like them. “You catty bitches better move around...”
“And fast too because I’m not here for any fake shit.” I shout at them finishing her sentiment. They picked the wrong ones to fuck with. As they cower away, they keep talkin shit back.
“God, no one’s scared of you two,” announces the pixie cut, nervously shifting her eyes around.
“Yeah says the bitch retreating,” my roommate tuts, cracking her fingers in the palms of her hands. Usually, we’d both keep a cooler head but for whatever reason, tonight’s a different story. “Don’t run girl...’we just wanna talk’.” She mocks in a whiny voice still advancing with me mischievously smirking behind her.
Before you know it, the five of us are in each other’s faces causing a huge scene in the middle of the party. Voices raised over the music. Fingers pointed in their faces but poor Chris couldn’t cut through the growing crowd fast enough. Everyone circles around us heckling and instigating a fight. Neither of us wanted to throw a punch but we definitely wanted to show we weren’t afraid to. As we go off on them, they nervously look for their ring leader to come save them but Chris is throwing people out of his way to intervene.
“Whoa, whoa! Babe, what’s going on?!” He barges his big body through and in front of me and my roommate still going off around him guarding us.
“God Chris,” my leggy nemesis purrs behind him in front of her flackies folding her arms, “didn’t know your girlfriend was so...ghetto.”
“GHETTO?!” Me and my roommate holler in unison from around Chris, trying to charge at them but he holds us both back with both of his strong arms.
But Chris has us both, pushing us back into the corner we came out of. His frat bro coming to calm down and sweep my roomie away from doing anything crazy.
“Bianca. Bianca!” Grabbing me by the shoulders, Chris shakes me, forcing me to quit shouting in his face, really look at him but all I can see is her smug, snooty rich face I wanted to punch. “Don’t do anything stupid babe. Babe look at me!”
Tearing my glare away from her, I begrudgingly meet Chris’ oversaturated sapphire blues and of course, instantly relax, losing myself in how soft but raging they are. His thumb gently grazing my fiery cheek. Some of the party has moved on from the incident now that he’s intervened but I’m far from over it. And that stupid ass smuggy bitch.
“I didn’t even do anything!” I shout out on the defense, “those bitches!”
But Chris continues to shush me while his nostrils are flaring, fuming. That ghetto comment really struck a nerve. “I know babe, I know. Relax, I know...I’ll handle it.” He speaks so calmly, cradling my cheeks with both hands, kissing my forehead. But the moment he’s felt my body relax more, he releases his hold. I couldn’t tell he was that mad until he’s turned to face the girls fuckin up the night’s vibes.
“You callin my girl ghetto?” Pointing to himself Chris starts, not necessarily shouting but his voice’s loud enough to silence everyone in the room. “My girl is far from ghetto. If and your girls are ghetto for comin up in my house startin shit...”
Leggy blonde goes to say something but he won’t let her have the floor; each step he takes towards her is careful and calculated. So calm and collected but firm in every word he delivers...damn. It’s safe to say he’s got a girl throbbin. My heart’s racing.
“You don’t get to come in here and disrespect her. You disrespect her, you fuckin disrespect me and that shit doesn’t fly. Not here, not now, not ever.” Stopping a few feet in front of her with his jaw slightly clenched, he decides to address everyone else at the party. “BY THE WAY, for ANYONE that’s confused, Bianca’s my fuckin girlfriend. So quit with the fuckin stupid looks, the fuckin side eyes, all that bullshit!”
With that his voice is thundering over the party, making everyone shift and mumble uncomfortably amongst themselves. But your girl? Fuckin soaked between my thighs. The way he stares everyone down and they avoid his eyes. The way the leggy blonde looks stunned that he would raise his voice at her like this. But he’s not playing around, staring her and her flackies down as everyone else resumes their drinking. Chris did exactly what I wanted him to do and beyond my expectations. And his bad boy demeanor is making my insides melt. I couldn’t wait for him to get me back in his room. Even if everyone else retained his announcement, he wanted to make it absolutely sure she did.
“Did I fuckin make myself clear?” He asks the intruders fuckin with our good time. But she has nothing left to say, huffing and rolling her eyes at him inserting his dominance all over the place like the boss ass that he is. What a babe. What a daddy.
With a suck of her teeth, she retreats muttering, “whatever,” under her breath with a dismissive hand as she walks to the front door. Her posse following closely behind her as I take my rightful position beside him. There’s nothing left to say as they all take their exit. Taking Chris’ hand securely, I whimper out to him,
And he doesn’t need to hear another word as his fingers lock securely with mine, watching them empty out the party. The moment they’re all gone, Chris swoops me up into his grounding embrace, rubbing a soothing hand up and down my spine. His affection on top of my arousal has my knees trembling.
“You sure you’re okay B?” He asks in the softest tone I had ever heard. Nodding against his chest, I squeeze his hand indicating that I’m over all of it and all I want is him. My babe. My protector. My fuckin boyfriend. Our lust lorn eyes meet and without a moments notice, Chris is yanking and pulling me through the crowd and up the stairs to his room. The moment his bedroom door closes behind us, our mouths are latched together with eager moans.
“Fuck babes...” I sigh out against his hungry mouth tugging my own further into his. “I’m so fuckin wet for you.”
He’s meeting me with the exact same energy. “Yeah? You like how I handled that trash baby?”
Jumping up into his arms I anxiously crawl up his torso, lacing his plump wet lips with quick pecks. “God yes. was so fuckin hot baby I want you inside me so goddamn bad. Ugh fuck Chris...”
It didn’t make sense for us to be mauling each other the way we are but...the way he just stood up for me. The way I didn’t take shit from them fuckin randoms. For whatever cosmic reason, tonight was the night we proved to each other we are indefinitely committed to one another. No one could sway either of us that we aren’t supposed to be together. Hell, I couldn’t even deny it any longer, could no longer fight it. How when he’s holding me so close to his body, kissing me like he’s been starved. Hands yanking and pulling at shirts. Completely locked in. Good God all I want is to get closer, squeezing my legs around his muscular midsection.
“Fuck,” Chris sighs going for a breath, meeting my eyes. “Me going off got you this turned on B?”
Um, obviously. I’m so turned on I’m grinding my crotch against his abs. “Yes.” I gasp.
Smiling, Chris plants a juicy kiss on me, guiding my body up and down him. Applying pressure along my lower back so I can grind against him harder. “Did I just unlock some new shit?”
Huffing a laugh I nod resting my forehead on his, quietly moaning as my folds flood. Damn, it was bound to happen I suppose. Chris leveling up on my inner freak. Laughing together we lock lips again.
“You’re gonna have me walking around yelling at people for no reason.” He mutters before collapsing our conjoined bodies onto his bed. On the bounce back I straddle him and instantly unbutton his pants.
“You’ll ruin your sweet boy image dork.” I poke fun with a raise of my brows as Chris snakes his hands up my thighs and hips until he reaches my tits, pouring them out of my bra to pinch and twist at my nipples. Pinching them so hard I can’t help but cry out a needy moan. Which makes Chris groan back, bucking me up to grind his dick into me.
“I’d do that for you B.” Chris groans again, “I’ll do anything to get you this riled up.”
Scooting down his lap some, reaching down into his boxers, I gently grope his hard thick dick already burning for me. Moaning together we tease one another, working ourselves up even more.
“Don’t be ridiculous Chris.” I hiss, careening my head back from him working my nipples between his nimble fingertips. Working them so well I could cum in my pants right now. His cock so veiny, throbbing against my fingers squeezing back. Chris shouts out my name, lurching up and huffing each time I stroke him. Fuck he looks so amazing losing control underneath me, his abs and hips flexing. Jaw dropped and groaning out my name. Those pretty baby blues hooded and dark Chris seriously is a work of art. So beautiful I love it. I love the way he looks up at me all soft and needy. I love the way he says my name, calls me B. I love the way he kisses me awake every morning. I love the way he smiles all heavenly when I cum all over his dick. I love his ridiculous laugh. I love the way he stood up for me against those bitches. I love...
“Bianca.” Suddenly Chris is sitting up, caressing my face with both big soft hands. Those pretty eyes demanding my attention my heart almost stopped beating. “Bianca, I gotta say something baby.”
“Okay.” Now my heart’s hammering like crazy in my chest, in my ears because I can see what he wanted to say all in those pretty eyes. Could he read my mind? Does he have that much insight on my thoughts and feelings? But I couldn’t wait for him to say it because I’m ready to say it back. Shit, I really am. Not a drop of fear laced in those baby blues. He’s absolutely certain with every syllable that he whispers against my lips. A chill quakes down my spine as the words settle over our heads. It feels so good.
“I love you.” The edges of his thumb slightly tremble as they graze my cheeks, “Like for real...I love you B. I have...for some time now and now that I have you I...” Chris trails off, his eyes falling away for a moment before he continues, “I know for sure...”
“Hey.” I call out to those blue eyes because I needed them. I need them to give me that undeniable strength they consistently exude when he looks at me. When they return, the words fall from my lips with ease. “I love you too.”
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lolimjusthere3000 · 4 days ago
Fan behavior ( Tony Stark x Black reader
You and Tony had been married for 5 years and it was great until he cheated on you . 
It was raining that day and you had just come from work . On the way home you bought vanilla cupcakes with red and yellow frosting to celebrate your  anniversary . When you got to the home to the house you and Tony shared, he  was nowhere to be found. You headed up stairs to your shared room but as you neared the room you heard the moans and cries of a woman who was certainly not you . He wouldn't do that right ? No he's too smart for that , he would never cheat on me, You thought to yourself. The closer you got to the room the more rage filled your body and you could feel as power surged through your bloodstream until you weren't even walking at this point , you were floating . You open the door and can just barely make out the shadows of two people .
“So we're doing this now?” You asked , eyes glowing a very bright F/c .
Tony got up quickly , standing in front of you naked 
“Wait ! Y/n this isn't what it looks like . So just calm down and we can-” 
“This isn't what it looks like? Because it sure does look like you were fucking another bitch while I was gone.” You interrupted.
“Who are you calling  a bitch ?” The woman said getting up from the bed wrapping herself in the blanket .
You go over to her , eyes still glowing . You grab her by the neck and lift  her off the ground .
“I believe I was talking about you” You say and throw her out the window watching as her body gets closer and closer to the ground .
“R/G/N! Why would you throw her out the window?” Tony yelled .
“If you care so much then go save her !” You yelled back 
“I should have never gotten with you in the first place , crazy bitch .” He said as he turned around , suited up and went to save his side bitch.
That was the last thing he  said  to you before you grabbed your car keys and the suitcase you always had packed just in case of an emergency , and left . 
You head to the nearest hotel and book a room for three days . You were exhausted , you changed into your pajamas and lay in bed that night thinking about what would happen if you say Tony again . As if the universe heard you , your phone rang. It was Tony , you hung up and went to sleep . 
( The next morning )
You woke up the next morning, got dressed , fixed your H/c hair , grabbed your phone and went to work grabbing something to eat on the way . You checked your phone as you waited in traffic . 46 missed calls from Tony and 20 unread messages . As you put you phone down it started ringing . Lucky this time it was Sam , you picked .
“Hey Sam whats up?” You greeted him through the phone 
“ Nothing much , Um has anything happened between you and Tony ?“ He asked , a noise came from behind him but you paid it no mind.
“Why do you want to know?” You questioned raising an eyebrow ( or not ) 
“Well um Tony came in this morning looking a mess and when Bruce mentioned your name burst into tears talking about how he was sorry and that he didn't mean to hurt you” He said you could hear the worry in his voice because for all the team knew , you and Tony were happy together and everything was fine . 
“Damn” you said back . 
“It's only been a day and he already misses my huh? “ You laughed . You knew he wouldn't last that long with you gone , but you wanted to watch him fall apart .
“Why would he miss you?” Sam says, confused about what had happened.
You explain everything to him , and by the time you make it to your office Sam is caught up on what happened.
“I'm sorry that happened to you Y/n” Sam said once you finished talking 
“I don't need you to feel sorry for me. I'm fine . Who you need to feel sorry for is Tony , because him calling me every four minutes is not doing it.”
You said your goodbyes and continued on with you day.
This one was okay in my opinion but I hope you like it.
I also posted this on my watt-pad i have the same name on there if you want to go read the other images and one-shots I have on there.
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honeydulcewrites · 4 days ago
we are having horny thottsss amalia 😩😩
just thinking about daddy chris hitting it from behind and he’s making you feel so good, you turn your head to look at him and he just loses his shit bc of the eye contact 🥴 like thinking about the fact that he’s making you feel unbelievably good that you just have to look back at him to watch
ADRIANA I’VE BEEN LOSING MY SHIT OVER THIS ALL MORNING WHEW! I just had to expand on this cause your mindddd! 🥵
Tumblr media
Your hands are clutching the sheets so hard you’re surprised you hadn’t ripped them off the bed by now while you muffle your moans against the one remaining pillow on the bed
Chris is being relentless, your body angled in a way that has you gasping and crying out with every thrust from him
At this point you can barely think, barely do anything but moan and say his name in a desperate little chant
Chris is loving it, loving how damn tight your walls feel around him, how he can feel you give in to how he stretches you out just right
It’s the way your legs strain and shake and the little glimpses of ecstasy he can make out on your face when you turn your cheek the side in your ass up face down position
And then you manage to bring yourself up on your hands, back arching just a little more as you turn to look back at him, your mouth falling open at the sight of him
You can’t get enough, mesmerized by the way his chest looks, tattoos and muscles glistening slightly with sweat, the lusty look on his face, mirroring your sweet doe eyes and batting eyelashes
He can’t help but groan, you look so fucked out, so beautiful like this
“Yeah, daddy making you feel so good you just had to watch, huh? Such a good little girl for me, that’s it, keep taking it, sweetheart.”
You can just barely see where his big dick is disappearing inside you and it makes you clench your walls once more, sooo lost in every ounce of what he’s doing to you
His voice is deep and raspy, fogging your brain even more, incoherent babbling and whimpers leaving your lips as Chris pounds into you harder spurred on by you looking at him
Eventually your arms can’t hold you up anymore and you end up down against the mattress again, still looking back at him, only half maintaining eye contact because you can feel yourself about to cum yet again
Chris would be so fuckin proud of himself and that’s just facts and the fact that you were so into it would drive him crazy for weeeeeks whew
Anyways I’m feeling h*rny now thank you I adore you bby!
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balenciagabucky · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
midnight read with ari levinson
She felt the bed dip under his weight, "you gonna read that all night?"
She shrugged, his voice fell somewhere behind her as she laid on her stomach on top of the covers, feeling his hands slide up the back of her calves then her thighs, her skin instantly warming, to tease him she pretended to read on.
"How is it so far?" Ari asked, she felt his fingers trace then slip under her panties, his finger wasting no time running down her slick slit.
"Good, a little slow in spots though..."
"Ah yes," he answered, "I seem to remember you like a little more...stimulation..." with that he shoved two fingers inside her; the sound filled her ears, her pussy immediately tightened on him.
"Yes I do..." she said tightly, her body jolting when he shoved them hard up into her, causing a gasp to leave her lips.
He leaned over her and she felt his breath on her neck, his fingers, pumping away inside her, rubbing her pussy walls made her squirm, "mmm..."
He leaned over her and she felt his breath on her neck, his fingers, pumping away inside her, rubbing her pussy walls made her squirm, "mmm..."
He leaned over her and she felt his breath on her neck, his fingers, pumping away inside her, rubbing her pussy walls made her squirm, "mmm..."
Ari’s deep rich chuckle dropped into her ear, " fucking wet for me...your close aren't you baby...especially when I do this.." his fingers hooked up and found that rough little spot, making her jolt and immediately sob.
Her hips began to rock back on his devilish hand, "want more?" He taunted huskily, a moan ripped from her throat as she nodded, "Alright..." He breathed, "I'll give you more..."
His fingers slipped out as his cock rammed in, sinking fast and deep in one hard thrust.
She moaned, he grunted, spreading her ass cheeks as he proceeded to fuck her, " much more...huh love?"
Strong intent hands wrapped around her hips, pinning her further to the bed, his weight shifting as he changed from slams to deep pumps.
Her breath leaving her in hard pants began to match his, his cock hitting every sensitive spot in her pussy, making her clench and him growl.
A hard stinging slap fell across her right ass cheek, causing her to yelp; his throaty chuckle vibrated her bones, "Mmm...been thinkin' about this ass all day...fucking this beautiful pussy..."
His body fell forward, one fist landing by her head to keep himself from crushing her, hips slapping down on her ass, making them both bounce on the bed.
Moans, half screams, and deep needy groans of pleasure ripped from her throat until it was hoarse. Her body shivered. Skin began to sweat. Nipples throbbed. Pussy muscles clenched over and over. Everything combined to make her world spin.
She moaned out, pushing every sound out after each of his deep pounding thrusts. Her small sweaty hand pushing under her body, ass easing up, hips in the air as she found her throbbing clit.
Three fingers twirled and tortured the nub until her pussy was quivering with juice, the squishing noise getting louder and louder until they both screamed.
His hips lost a bit of rhythm and she took her chance, getting up on all fours to push her hips back at him, just as deep as he'd been giving her.
Her body slipping on the silken comforter from their sweat, clenched to keep from falling. Fists balled up sheets, bodies slapped and slipped in greeting.
That first hard shiver coursed through her body and she chased it, rubbing her clit again but this time faster, bucking wildly against him, throwing all her weight into her thrusts, fucking him, wanting him.
Her knees collapsed as he let go of her hips, pulling out as his groans filled her ears, and rope after rope of hot cum splashed down on her back.
Her body convulsed on the mussed sheets over and over from her orgasm, the feel of his cum on her back only spurring her on.
After a long moment her deep satisfied groan broke their labored breathing, followed by an involuntary giggle when she saw that some of his cum had gotten on her book.
"What?" Ari breathed, laying a tired hot kiss on her sweaty neck.
"Now how am I gonna explain this?"
His deep chuckle made her squirm and her skin tingle as he grasped a hand full of hair and turned her head up to kiss her so hard, "just tell her we both really really enjoyed it..."
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated
𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭; @brattycherubwrites @erinpetty23 @sebastianissastan @positionsfyou @pipsqueakkitten @vallerydevora @nakedrogers @wakandabiitch2 @madbaddic7ed @lanadelswiftie @amelia-song-pond @evans-stan2452 @chamorritaluv @panaitbeatrice @jnkyrds @disaster-rose @fallinforevans @siriuslyslytherin @asthesunwentdown @iwannabekilledtwice @feetoffthetablee @widowdays @cloudystevie @lizziechaseee @mrs-salvawhore @xoxonotme @greengarsstuff @k-wedgeworth @tenaciousperfectionunknown @theoldermanswhore @sohoseb @michokiss @0mrs-evans0 @blueeyesslut @shynerdystudent @stardust-galaxies @sunday-kindoflove @familydissapointment @mrs-kcathrb @thatweirdesichick @ptrs-prkrs @paniicing @maddeinvenus
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honeydulcewrites · 5 days ago
Imagine Chris overstimming you and you keep coming and making aheago faces unintentionally and you get embarrassed and try to hide it, but hes like "nah, i wanna see you cry and come over and over again" and just fucking pinned you down and railed the fuck out of you
Ok ok yes this!!! 🥵
Tumblr media
You just can’t help making those aheago faces from how good it feels, drool on your chin and tongue from where Chris eagerly spit on you when you had begged him to
But you’re getting so shy and embarrassed knowing he can see everything so you try and hide your face with your arms and he just takes them in his hands and pins them above your head
“Don’t hide from me, daddy wants to see those pretty faces when I make you cum again and again. Look at you, such a little slut you’re already squeezing me, honey.”
And it’s the way just him saying that I’m almost a growl makes you wanna let go for what had to be the fifth time tonight
“D-daddy, please! Can’t take it!”
You were so overstimulated and crying the more he fucked into you right against that spot that made your toes curls
But you didn’t want him to ever stop at the same time, clinging to him tightly as he chuckled and pinned you down with his body
“Of course you can, baby. I know you want it and I know exactly how to treat this pussy and who’s pussy is it, baby?”
“Yours, y-yours, daddy!”
“Good girl. It’s all mine.”
Anyways um he can wreck this hoLe thank you
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redheadfeltboots · 6 days ago
Стив: если бы тебе предложили 50 000 долларов, при условии, что человек, которого ты ненавидишь, получит 100 000, ты бы согласился?
Баки: конечно. Почему я должен отказываться от 150 000 долларов?
Стив: ладно, слушай сюда, маленький говнюк...
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ackasamii · 7 days ago
just as he wanted | s. rogers
Tumblr media
summary: with love comes sacrifice
pairing: steve rogers x fem!reader
word count: 2.1k
warnings: angst
note: so this is a repost of my one shot from other blog i impulsively deleted so i hope you enjoy this!!
Tumblr media
When was the last time she laughed? A full wholehearted laugh from the core.
Ah, it was in her small New York apartment located in the quiet part of Brooklyn. It was rare to catch a quiet moment in New York, but home was the place Y/n always went. And this time, she brought a friend who was in dire need of it. Someone who carried the world on his shoulders quite often, someone who needed a day or two to relax for once.
With a grin on her face, Y/n handed the last of the dumplings to Steve, who sat comfortably on her worn couch that she had brought at least two or three years ago. The couch had seen better days, the green color was faded, some tears here and there, but she couldn’t find herself to complain. After all, it had many nights of long and thoughtful conversations from five years ago, and she couldn’t bring herself to give that up. If her memory were to vanish at an older age, what else could remind her of the time spent with Captain Steve Rogers?
Steve stared at the two dumplings left and shook his head, “Take them, I’ve had enough of those for one night.” He smiled and let a short chuckle escape his lips, but lately, she’s started to notice how his smile never reached his eyes. Which is why she persisted he have the last of the two dumplings. He looked Y/n in the eyes and assured, “Really, I’m fine.”
Y/n sighed at his stubbornness but let it go as she set the box down on the coffee table and settled down next to him, leaving just enough space between them. She couldn’t help but stare at the man before her with an adoring smile while he was lost in his own wandering thoughts. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”
He blinked and turned to stare back at her, “What are you thinking about?”
“I asked first.”
Her heart fluttered once another smile broke out onto his lips. Steve leaned forward, clasping his hands together and sighed. “Honestly…” Y/n scooted closer to hear him better, their shoulders nearly touching. “What my life would’ve been like if I hadn’t been on that plane.”
With a thoughtful look, Y/n shrugged, “A lot different, man. I mean if you weren’t on the plane, I wouldn’t know that one story Bucky told me about you and a trash can lid.”
Steve laughed lightly, his muscles flexing slightly with every movement he made, and then his blue eyes met hers.
“Peggy and I, we…” Steve stopped short, looking down at his hands and hadn’t noticed the frown now on her lips. Or the fact that her heart sank at the mention of his old flame. He looked back at Y/n, who quickly made her frown disappear as he asked, “Have I ever told you about the time we met?”
She shook her head but remained silent, letting him continue. Something ugly within her tickled her heart as he passionately talked about that woman. That woman she would possibly never be able to compete with. Eventually, she had to come to this conclusion one way or another without avoiding it. As the spark in his eyes grew brighter and brighter, she knew that his heart still sat in the palms of that woman’s hands.
It hurt her to no end. It hurt her that she wasn’t good enough for him, it hurt her that he may never see her the same way he saw Peggy Carter. Perhaps she was nothing like her, but at times, she wished she could be. But could she blame the woman? No. It was Y/n that just couldn’t compete or even be compared to such a brilliant and strong woman.
Steve told her time when he first got his shield. And how Peggy shot at him. The scenario was so entertaining, that Y/N couldn’t help but laugh along with him. Laughing at that point in time would’ve been so foreign, but not between the two. It was almost natural, as if they were old friends. Which was exactly what Y/n knew he saw her as.
Now, Y/n had no idea why this memory came to mind. Maybe she needed one semi-happy moment to lift her fallen spirits while cladded in black. It was the black clothes. She wanted to change out of them quickly and that’s what she was about to do right after Tony’s funeral. After paying her respects, Y/n was ready to return back to her small apartment alone and possibly take in everything that has happened.
But no.
She stood stiff in front of the time machine transporter or whatever the hell Banner called it, with Steve on her right. Somehow, she didn’t know how, Y/n had gotten wind that Steve was going to travel back and return all the stones. Alone. Normally, she would protest to such a horrid plan only because she was worried about his safety. But this time, she was in too much shock to even utter one word. She wandered how Bucky or even Sam was okay with this. Or why she wasn’t told about this. Maybe because of this very reason, Y/n would try and stop him, and then it would be her fault that time would be screwed up.
So, that’s why she stood silent and stiff to the side while Steve was giving Bucky a hug as if he won’t be coming back. Y/n hoped Steve wouldn’t be that stupid to try something. Finally, he had turned to her, Y/n tried relaxing her shoulders and sending him an encouraging smile, but he could see right through her façade and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“It’ll be fine, stop worrying.”
She shrugged with a defeated look on her face, “Can’t help it.” Impulsiveness was strong today. Y/n pulled him into a hug and buried her face into his shoulder. Her hold was tight as if he was disappear in mere seconds. After a few seconds, she finally let him go and mumbled a, “sorry.”
He only chuckled as he walked towards the platform. What if he doesn’t come back, those thoughts kept nagging at the back of her mind and her mouth suddenly became dry as she wondered if this was her chance just to say it. It three words she’s been ready to say ever since he first came over to her apartment. If she tells him before he leaves, maybe he’ll come back, maybe there would be something more than just friends..
Her moment would pass if she didn’t say anything now. She doesn’t hear Banner count down as she nears the platform, blurting, “Steve—”
But she was a second too late.
His figure was nowhere to be seen and Y/n fiddled with her fingers anxiously. ‘No, I will tell him,’ she assures herself, ‘when he comes back I will tell him.’
Y/n closed her eyes and quietly counted down to five along with Banner. Her heart pounded against her chest excitedly as she got to three. Her fingers became shaky and clammy as she reached four.
She opened her eyes at five.
Only, he wasn’t there.
It was like there was no breath in her lungs and her heart had fallen out of her mouth. With wide eyes, she whipped around to face Banner who was frantically looking at the tech set up before him.
“What happened? Where is he?” Her questions came out rushed and frantic while she looked from the platform and to Banner. After receiving no answers from the green giant, her voice became strain as she shouts, “Bruce, where is he?!”
“I don’t know!” Banner said with his eyes still focused on the contraption.
She was too late. The realization dawned on her as she stared at where Steve once stood. What if he was stuck somewhere, please don’t be stuck somewhere. Y/n’s heart was beating so fast, she was pretty sure it could run a marathon right now. Where the hell was he?
In the corner of her eye, her state of panic shifted as she spotted Sam walking away from the scene and Bucky standing further away. She watched the two, wandering why they weren’t showing the appropriate reaction to this situation. But Y/n kept watching, Sam walked past Bucky and towards an occupied bench. She doesn’t remember seeing that bench, overlooking the lake. Was that always there or did she never pay any mind to it before now?
Y/n trudged to Bucky’s side, she studied his face and the scene ahead of her. Sam was speaking to the figure on the bench, the tension soon shifted, and it finally dawned on her. Her mouth hung open as she watched the two. How…? Time travel was quite the complicated topic for her and in this moment she couldn’t understand what the hell had happened.
“Is that…?” She wanted to be sure, but the answer was already settled deep within her.
Bucky only nodded in response, not once his eyes had wavered from the two. From the back, she could definitely feel that it wasn’t the same Steve. Which meant…
He went back for her.
She should’ve realized it sooner and stopped him. But she was too late. Y/n was too late because she was a coward to say anything then and all the other times where she had the opportunity. This was what she got for being so fearful of rejection. Her eyes welled but she willed herself not to cry, she couldn’t and won’t cry. It was her fault for missing her opportunity.
A few minutes pass as Sam comes back with the shield in his hand. But Y/n’s remained on the figure on the bench. Seconds pass and Bucky isn’t by her side anymore, only her, slowly moving towards the bench in curiosity and caution.  Maybe she should’ve prepared herself for what she would find, or maybe she shouldn’t have approached him. No matter, she was already next to the bench looking at an older version of Steve Rogers.
There were always jokes about Steve acting like such an old man. But now, he was right there. Sitting on the wooden bench with a relaxed smile on his face, his blue eyes facing the ocean. After hesitating back and forth with herself, Y/n sat down at the end of the bench to stare at the view with him, only she caught sight of a silver object around one of his fingers. The same ugly thing bubbled within her as she glared at the ring until his hands shifted and she finally looked at him.
Actually looked at him.
Steve was smiling. No, it wasn’t forced. It wasn’t a simple smile. This was his happiness. She could see it in his eyes as they lit up. In all her life, she had never seen someone so at peace and happy. So blissfully happy.
The brutal truth hit her in the face right then and there. She had been selfish. Y/n had wanted Steve to stay and be with her so they could both live a happy life. But that was not what he wanted. He was taken from his time and forced into this new one without having the normal life that he desired and deserved. She wanted him to stay somewhere he wasn’t meant to be. Now she understood the saying, the truth hurts. Maybe she knew the truth already and just denied it.
Y/n knew there was no way of stopping him. Why would she stop him from gaining his happiness? What kind of person would that make her?
“You kids didn’t get into too much trouble, did you?” She teased lightly, trying to smile.
There, his chuckle was throaty but warm. “You’ll never know.”
An amused smile curved onto her lips.
Then she was back. Back on that couch, during that night, next to Steve who had trailed off in his story telling and deep into his sinking thoughts. She noticed how much he did that whenever they talked about either Peggy or the forties. Her envious heart blinked back tears as she looked away from him bitterly, her jaw clenching and unclenching as she glared at the box of dumplings.
Maybe she should eat them.
Only she didn’t make a move for the box, she turned to stare back at his side profile, still in adoration. She couldn’t help herself. But it hurt that he would stare at her the same way.
“Do you still love her?”
His eyes twinkled as he stared back at her. There was no answer but you knew and he knew. It was unspoken, but they knew.
A tear rolled down her cheek as she stared at the older man in content. She sighed and wiped the rogue tear away from her cheek and turned her gaze to the view before them. He doesn’t return her feelings, this was her first love, and she knew now that love meant sacrifice, thanks to Tony. Maybe the best way to love Steve Rogers…
Was to let him go.
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geniedetails · 7 days ago
The People’s Power and his Sweetheart
Tumblr media
> Senator! Chris Evans x Sweetheart! Black! Female! Reader
> ‘Chris tells you to check your attitude at the door of the banquet held before election night... you brought it in instead’
> format : blurb, based off of this slutty ask
> warnings: 18+ content, dubious consent, oral/face fucking (m receiving), choking, rough + unprotected sex (wrap it up!), face slapping, mild spanking, degradation, hints of humiliation (vaguely put!), you’re being a brat and Chris has had enough of it.
> author’s note: for my darling, Krys, I hope I did you some justice.. 🤍 heed the warnings and enjoy the ride... @punani ✨
> this isn’t beta’d so all mistakes are mine!
> if you continue forward, you’re telling me that you are over 18 and understanding your own content consumption, don’t blame me. But as usual, minors DNI.
Tumblr media
“Do you know how irritating it is to feel like your husband would put his work first rather than his relationship?”
You were beyond annoyed and couldn’t stop rolling your eyes at whatever Chris said. It all sounded like radio noise, it went in one ear and out the other.
But by choice. You didn’t want to hear anything from him at this very moment.
“Now you know that’s not true-“
“Yeah, okay, Chris-“
Angrily, you continued assembling your look for tonight’s banquet. The election night was three long weeks from now, it was Chris’ hopeful chance at securing his spot as one of two senators of Massachusetts.
It was tradition for the banquet to be held and open for all parties either running or keeping. You were more than wishing for Chris to continue being senator, you knew how much politics means to him.
You were proud of everything he did for the state. It was admirable. You’d been with him since college, he was just that passionate and you saw everything. Every test, every exam, every call, every meeting. You stood by his side.
All his hard work payed off and now he’d been at his position for six years. The election would decide if he’d keep his spot or be dethroned. He campaigned hard, he’d be damned if he lost. He wasn’t ready to leave.
You were excited earlier today but now? You really didn’t want to go anymore but you knew you had to. You always gave Chris your support in everything he did.
You smoothed your dress out and latched your earrings on, fluffing out your locs down your back, having just applied a generous layer of peppermint oil to it a few minutes ago. You’d just go to get it over with as long as Chris would leave you alone.
“You don’t really mean that and I know it, you know it. I’m sorry that things are challenging for work right now and that I had to move our anniversary trip to next month but c’mon, honey...”
He looked at you, hoping you’d feel his stare and look back but you didn’t. You didn’t want to look at him. You’d only get more annoyed.
“This doesn’t mean I don’t care about us but this kind of work needs my attention, this is what I went to school for, I have to tackle these issues early on, please, just work with me” he pleaded as he grabbed his jacket and slid it on.
Your anniversary was coming up and you and Chris jointly planned something for you two. It was so convenient because Chris was flooded in his work, you both needed this. But what did he do? Push the date back for the third time. And you were sick of it.
He’d told you the same reason every time, he was starting to sound like a broken record. Chris sought to say something but his phone rang, he answered and engaged in a conversation for about two minutes before hanging up.
“I’m open to talking about this later, if you want but we have to go, are you ready?”
You nodded. Grabbing a light jacket in your arms. Your dress didn’t really need it but it was better safe than cold in a room with intense air conditioning.
The summer nights in Massachusetts started growing a bit chillier as the season began coming to an end, but you could still walk out of this house without the jacket.
Walking to the door, Chris tried his first attempt at soothing you- by holding your hand, to which you shook him off and surged forward out of the door. His gorgeous, sleek black Audi just waiting to be rode.
Chris shook his feelings of annoyance off. He understood why you were upset, hell, he’d be upset too. He just hoped you wouldn’t be pissed all night, he had an image to uphold.
When you reached the entrance of the banquet, Chris took you by your arm gently, you shook it off again and looked at him, “what?”
“I know you’re mad but please don’t embarrass me tonight. This is an important night and I need the right press on me, I said we’d talk about this when we get back home, just hold out until then, okay?”
You huffed, “fine, Chris” he took your hand in his again and you didn’t let go, but he did notice how limp and weak the hold was. Chris slowly felt his frustrations start to rise but he managed to keep it together.
The night progressed into something eventful and exciting. A room full of men and women getting along, no matter their political alliance. After the usual commencement full of short speeches, everyone socialized.
Chris had his share of moments with other senators of other states, while you chatted with the partners of folks that tagged along. He could still feel your irritation, your attitude just wasn’t moving.
It was starting to piss him off now. Mainly because when the time came, he wanted to make sure you ate. And you didn’t. You both were seated at an assigned table and it was embarrassing when everyone had a plate but you.
“Sweetheart, are you gonna eat at all? Hell, drink something?”
“No, Chris, I’m not hungry and when I am, I’ll eat, I promise, but right now, I’m good”
Your tone was icy and it ruined his mood. God, you were so stubborn and slowly but surely pushing him to that limit.
It was then when he caught you finally getting something to drink the whole night. A glass of champagne is what you sipped as you felt his Valentino clad arm slither around your waist.
That set you off.
“Chris please, don’t” you pushed him off once more, taking the last sip of your glass and tossing your disposable glass.
You heard him let out a breath of anger, his face coming close to your ear as he whispered, “[y/n], are you fucking kidding?”
You turned to look at him, his blue eyes were darkening by the milliseconds, he was upset. “Are you fucking kidding? Mister ‘Perfect Image’? Mister senator? Mister ‘I’d rather be here at the office all day than appreciating his wife’”
Though he was keeping it together for the sake of potential eyes on him, Chris was fuming.
“How does that sound, Chris? Am I spot on? Does that sound accurate?” You sarcastically added on, your arms crossed and giving your husband all the attitude, not caring whatsoever.
Closing his eyes softly and breathing in, Chris let you have your moment. But now he was done. He was done being understanding. A dark chuckle from him is what you least expected.
When he opened his eyes, regret slowly started spreading in your chest. His eyes stayed dark but he looked calmer and that was scary.
There’d never been many moments where Chris just let you snap on him, if it wasn’t you stopping yourself, he’d do it for you and put you back in place.
He began speaking, “babydoll, I’m going to give you this moment and this moment only to apologize” he spoke with a frightening sense of serenity.
“I’m trying my hardest not to bend you over this concession table and spank that bratty ass for the whole crowd to see, so I advise you to make the right decision”
Sometimes when you misbehaved on purpose, you kept up every inch of your act till you got punished. You loved when Chris was rough with you. But in this moment? The emotions were real. There was nothing to fake.
Sometimes when Chris would smolder, you’d give in. His threats could be pretty empty and you didn’t mind calling his bluff. But despite the bubbling regret, you weren’t going down without a fight.
What would he do?
Chris needed nothing more as he grabbed your wrist- this time, with a grip that you weren’t able to pull out of. The both of you thanked God that the event was far too crowded and bustling, nobody knew or cared about the senator of Massachusetts on a mission to teach his girl a lesson.
It was as if that simple phrase snapped him out of the weird state of serenity he was in. He was pissed off all over again. With a given opportunity, you still chose to be a fucking brat. He didn’t need for you to be home, he knew what to do.
Chris trudged you out of the room and down an empty hall, passing many doors as you heard his mumbles in the front. That feeling of regret returned tenfold.
‘No? No?! Jesus Christ, [y/n]’
‘You’re in for it now’
‘Can’t believe you chose this night out of all nights to piss me off and embarrass me, are you fucking kidding me?’
Chris found a room he knew nobody would frequent. This wasn’t the first time this building was used to host the banquet, Chris knew these halls inside and out. Every room could be used and occupied except this one. Perfect.
He pushed you inside and shut the door, locking it, turning the dimmed lights on. You watched him begin to remove the jacket of his three piece suit, baring him with dress pants and a crisp white long sleeved shirt. Your body grew hot all over.
“I don’t want to fucking hear it” he growled, unbuttoning the cuff links on his shirt, “you brought this on yourself, [y/n]” after rolling up his sleeves, he focused on removing his belt, you kept your eyes trained him.
“I-I know but.. can’t this wait till we get home? Please, Chris, someone can walk in here at any moment”
Your husband chuckled darkly, “like I give a shit. If I really didn’t care, I’d prop that fucking door all the way open and give anybody a show if they walk past, you should be lucky I care about my image though”
With his belt off and tossed to the side, Chris unbuttoned his pants. He looked at you with a hard glare, “you know what to do, I better not have to explain it for you”
Tossing your locs over your shoulder, you walked up to Chris and lowered yourself on your knees, keeping your eyes on keep the entire time. Now wasn’t the time to disappoint, he was dead serious and you were in deep shit enough.
Your slightly shaky hands reached up to shove the article down, along with his boxers, freeing his already hard cock. It bounced and laid upright against his shirt, making your husband groan.
With one hand, you gently took him by the base, the warmth and heaviness of him took you to a place of lust, you loved having him like this. Eyes closed, you brought your mouth close to him, ready to taste him.
That was until you were snapped out of dream world by a grip on your chin. With the tips of his closed fingers, Chris slapped at the side of your jaw, it wasn’t harsh but it was dominating. Enough to have you look up at your man.
“Did I say you could touch me? Did you use your manners and ask me like you know you should? What the fuck has gotten into you tonight, huh?”
Your eyes watered with need and the soft burn of the slap but you nodded nonetheless, “I-I’m sorry, Chris” the mutter of ‘good girl’ had your core growing wetter than ever, “can I touch you?”
“Just for that and all I wanna do to you, no. All I need for you to do is keep that pretty little mouth open for me, can you do that?” Chris condescendingly asked knowing that reducing you to something so small would ruin you. You nodded.
“Good girl..” Chris gathered your locs into his best makeshift ponytail and used his hips to guide his cock to your mouth, you accepted it willingly, moaning almost instantly.
Without too much of a warning, Chris started thrusting into your mouth. His pace was experimentally slow but it picked up, indulging himself with the slobber, how you gagged around him, and the overall mess you looked like.
“Fucking damnit, oh shit, baby” he pulled back and let you catch your breath before driving back in, moaning loudly into the room.
You loved how salacious the entire thing looked. Chris was only naked from the waist down, his shirt still on. You could see the way his veins would bulge in his exposed forearms with the way he held your hair and thrusted.
You had two single tears streaming from your eyes, a runny nose, and your saliva dripping from your mouth. That made Chris impossibly harder and his thrusts wilder.
He became in love with the idea of ruining you tonight, especially for pissing him off. You walked in gorgeous and well kept together. You’d walk out with a limp and runny eyeliner. Your lips all swollen, bites on your neck. That made him shudder and swell.
“God, princess, I love when you suck my dick like this, fuck. I’m right there, right there honey.. you gonna let me cum down that throat? Yeah?”
You nodded eagerly, occasionally swiping your tongue around him with every thrust. You did that a couple times before feeling his spend begin to seep out past your tongue. You happily swallowed everything Chris had to offer you.
The guttural growls and groans that came from his orgasm had you clenching around nothing. You were so ready for him, you prayed he’d actually fuck you rather than leaving you be.
He’d done that before and you swore that was the last time you’d acted out just for the sake of attention.
Easing his cock out of your mouth, Chris carefully pulled you up by his grip on the sides of your face, bringing you into a sweet kiss. All teeth and tongue exploring one another’s mouths.
Somehow, you slipped off into a world where in this very moment, Chris wasn’t mad at you. You weren’t in this random room during an event, you were in the comfort of your own home. But alas, he happily brought you back into reality.
“God, I’m not even close to be done with you, turn around”
Before you could even do it, Chris handled your body. Impatience always came when he was irritated with you. You were pushed up against a desk, catching yourself on your elbows as your ass stood out in the air.
Chris palmed your ass over your dress before landing a hard smack to one cheek, making you whimper out in both pain and pleasure. He grabbed the end of the dress and bunched it up around your waist, exposing your naughty lace, but he couldn’t bring himself to sweat the details, now was show time.
Like his usual self, he snatched your panties off, just ruining the material, his mind on one thing and one thing only. His feet kicked yours farther apart as his hand pushed on your neck, your face meeting the cold metal of the desk, your back arched.
“You’d better be preparing yourself, honey” Chris bossed, his cupped hand swirling circles into your embarrassingly wet pussy, once he felt like you were warmed up enough, he positioned one hand on your hip and the other at your entrance, “think of this as a lesson to never pull that shit on me again, do you understand me?”
You were about to answer but Chris pushed past your barrier and made himself home in your walls, you screeched, gripping the edges of the desk. It felt like a punch to your stomach but it felt good, so fucking good.
Starting up a rough pace, Chris held back none. God, he was so determined to make a mess out of you and teach you a lesson. He still couldn’t believe you acted this way for this long into the night. But no more. He wouldn’t have to worry about that.
Fucking into you at a feral rate, Chris took a nice handful of your locs and twisted them around his hand, tugging you off the desk and against him. His mouth by your ear as he snarled, “I asked you a goddamn question, do you understand me?!”
“Yes! Yes! I-I’m sorry, baby!”
Chris used his free hand to yank down the cleavage of your dress, freeing your jiggling breasts, his hand immediately kneading away at them, the way he pinched your nipples was unforgiving.
“Mhm, you’re sorry?” You nodded your head vigorously, “you fucking better be” his hand caged around your throat as his thrusting never stopped.
He’d been going so hard and so fast that your skin was starting to clap against each other. You felt bad for anybody that made their way down this corridor.
Your noises was constant, he was making you feel so good, it was overwhelming. You couldn’t help trying to talk dirty back to him as his plunged into your heat sharply. But Chris didn’t want to hear it, he was just too agitated.
“I don’t want to hear you for the rest of the night or until I say so, be quiet, and if I hear you, you can consider your orgasm over. Answer, do you understand me?”
Nodding as best as you could, you mewled, “y-yes, baby”
“Good” he let your hair go and pushed you back down on the desk, enjoying the original position, he could be inside you much deeper. He felt you gush and squeeze around him sporadically, it wrung out all kinds of noises from him.
So warm, so wet, so tight.
Chris smirked at your struggle to not make a noise, he heard your meek whimpers and whines under your breath, he let it slide. Of course it’d be difficult for you to shut up, he just wanted to bring about a punishment for you.
“Look at you taking my cock so well and keeping that pretty mouth shut like the slut you are. Listening to me like you always should be doing”
Chris laid a slap to one asscheek.
“You love fighting me, don’t you? Always wanna make sure you have the last word, yeah? Fuck that”
And another one to the other side.
“Don’t ever think to embarrass me like that again, you got me? Answer”
“Yes, baby, please, I’m sorry” you reached back to lay your hand on top of the one holding your waist for dear life.
“I bet you are, sweetheart, tell me what you’re sorry about” Chris spread your cheeks apart a little bit more, trying to bottom out some more.
“I just m-missed you, that’s all” you moaned, feeling tears of pleasure pooling in your eyes, your hand squeezed his tighter, your mind slipping into a different world, euphoria making your brain melt, “I.. I just got mad at you f-for making me wait, I promise, I just miss you, baby..”
Heat bellowed in your gut, your orgasm was on the rise and it felt intense. Chris mounted his body over yours, still fucking into you, his bearded face tickling yours as you felt his breath on you.
“Oh yeah? Is that so?”
You nodded, “I swear it” you turned your head to look at him, nudging your nose against his to hopefully give him get the hint. “Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it”
You heard his devilish chuckle, he smashed his lips against yours, giving you the nastiest yet sweetest kiss he could think to muster. “Mhm, look at you, trying to be my good girl again”
Chris tangled his hand in between your legs and rubbed your clit with quickness, you loved how much he knew your body, you didn’t need to tell him that you were close, he just knew.
“Maybe I’ll forgive you if you came” he rubbed you faster, taking all the breath from you, “maybe I’ll forgive you if you cum all over me and squeeze me for all I’m worth, c’mon, babydoll, I know you need to”
He was so right, you needed to, so badly. Your whines were labored and high pitched as you finally released, the tears falling from your eyes, the way your walls throbbed and spazzed at an overwhelming rate.
Chris loved every second of it, it didn’t waiver his movements at all, he was still fucking you, but he felt his orgasm impending as well, he was starting to swell inside of you.
The more he thrusted, the more incoherent he became. He was so lost in you, it was ridiculous. Muttering all kinds of dirty things, about him filling you up and stuffing you full of his cum.
And that’s what he did.
After fiddling with your tits for a bit more and getting you to clench down on him one good time, he was a goner. Stilling you securely on him by your hips, the warmth of his contents was felt all in your stomach.
“Fuck!” His forehead rested on your back as he shot more streams of his spunk deep inside you. “Fuck, sweetheart, that pussy is so good to me”
Chris was loud. Loud and guttural, letting loose all kinds of profanities. He stayed out as you both calmed down a bit.
You smiled, feeling soft kisses being laid about on the back of your neck. He gave your hand a squeeze before carefully pulling out and turning you around.
Chris sported a lazy smile as he cupped your face and brought you in for a kiss. It was a mix of something loving but teasing. His tongue prodded yours sensually, as if he was trying to awaken you once more.
He ran the tip of his nose along the side of your face and down your neck, “gotta fix ourselves before we go back. I have my own speech to say and then we can go home, talk more if you want”
You nodded, tucking your breasts back in your dress and straightening it out. You watched Chris grab his boxers, pants, and jacket, putting his look back together.
You felt ready but then remembered how bare you were under your dress. You looked around on the desk and on the floor. “Baby, do you have my panties?”
“Yep” he answered so nonchalantly with a smirk, buttoning the sleeves of his undershirt and fixing to put his jacket back on.
“Well... can I have them back? You did cum in me, it’s gonna come out, you know?”
Your husband let out another dark chuckle as he smoothed out his front. He trekked toward you and held the sides of your head, your brows softly furrowed.
“And that’s something you’re going to have to manage, honey. Your dress has a sexy little slit in it.. consider this the end of your punishment, that is if you can make sure nobody sees my cum seeping out of you until we leave”
Chris gave you a chesire smile and kiss to your lips at your stunned expression. “Mhm, I love you so much” he mumbled as he pulled away and smacked your ass.
“The bathroom is all the way to your right, come find me when you look less fucked out, yeah?” He kissed you again before casually exiting the room.
If only anybody knew the kind of man you were dealing with. Who knew the senator with the baby face could be so sinful..
for you; @punani 🧸✨🪐
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tropical vacation with chris
Tumblr media
enjoy this moodboard i made before i go sleepy time
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Let’s talk about senator!Chris being such a gentleman in the streets and absolutely blowing his wife’s back out in the sheets 😎
one of senator!chris’ love languages is physical touch, so he always wants to be close to you–in public is no exception
he doesn’t even think about it: his hand resting at the small of your back to absentmindedly guide you on staircases, the way that he would link pinkies with you (it was your thing), and just in general–he loves touching you
he never fails to remain respectful in public, and you actually love the fact that he always seems to be so hyper-aware of where you are...gravitating towards you easily
however...when he gets you behind closed doors? when it’s his turn to reduce you to nothing? have you begging for him to bring you that sweet release?
senator!chris doesn’t stifle his want to touch you in the slightest
‘god, you’re so fucking beautiful, baby’
his voice always gets this rasp that has you shaking, wet to the point of embarrassment; however, you can’t bring yourself to care–not when he’s splitting you open from behind, warm hands palming your ass to keep you nice and spread for him
‘pussy’s all mine, huh? always give it up so easy–s’like you want me to ruin you’
all you can do is whimper at his comment, your walls fluttering around his length as his balls press against your clit and the tip of his cock press a sweet kiss to your cervix
chris always reaches so deep inside of you, and when he bends over–pressing his chest flush against your back? when he pins you beneath him, mounting you like a bitch in heat? when he whispers in your ear that you’re always so good for him–good to him? when he continues to thrust into you and reach underneath your body to play with your throbbing clit?
it’s a wonder that you didn’t tense up and gush around him sooner
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different assist (two)
summary— you’ve been the assistant to famous actor chris evans for almost two years now, but as you and chris seem to get closer in more then just boss and client work, the media speculates, even gaining you small interviews and television promos with your boss but in the end, is this the best choice? to sleep with your boss while you start to climb to the top?
word count— 5,871
warnings— cultural differences, talks of bein interviewed, car blowjob, masturbation  in front of a mirror, sex in front of a mirror, nipple play, ass smacking and squeezing, dirty talk
authors note: enjoy a whole ass chapter of porn :p remember to reblog and give feedback and DO NOT INTERACT IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 AND DO NOT STEAL MY CONTENT
Tumblr media
chapter one | masterlist | playlist | chapter three
You placed your beer on the dresser before making your way to Chris, sitting on his lap, the faint smell of beer from him mouth, meeting your nose. You looked down at him and you were pretty sure you were probably making a huge mistake with how you were feeling at the moment. You wanted to kiss him, you wanted to lean in and make the move, it’s not like the two of you haven’t been here before, there has to be a reason you keep falling back into his lap, other than the obvious reasons of being attracted to each other. You knew everything happened for a reason, there was a reason you were his assistant, there was a reason you caught him that day, and there was a reason you were currently sitting on your bosses’ lap in his childhood room, you just didn’t know why.
“I’m starting to feel like you didn’t bring me up here to look for those so-called games.” He let out a deep chuckle, his bright as daylight teeth showing. “Good eye.” He licked on his lips before a ring from your phone broke up the slight banter. You pulled it out of your back pocket, and he pulled it right out of your hands. “Chris.” He glanced at the caller ID and leaned back on the bed tapping the screen and placing the device to his ears, as much as you tried to get the phone back, he simple wouldn’t let you. “Hello…shes out right now, left their phone in the car.” He shrugged making up the story. You glared and got off of his lap, crossing your arms, grabbing your drink.
“Yeah…what’s happening again…oh- no for sure, tomorrow? That fast? Got it, I’ll let them know.” You shook your head and chuckled softly. Who the hell does he think he is taking your phone from you? “Good news Y/N, bringing you here for work was actually a good idea.” “I’m going to stop you there.” You looked at him and shook your head, he sat up and furrowed his brows, obviously he didn’t know how to handle you. “You don’t just casually take a woman’s phone…and better yet a black woman, there’s layers to a lot of simple topics when it’s comes to black women Chris and now that it seems we’ve been getting personal lately, I think being able to help you realize that is important.” He looked at you, nodding his head, of course you knew it wasn’t him trying to be rude or intentionally make you upset but he now had to understand what it’s like for him as a white man to be in some sort of situation with you, a black woman.
Chris looked at you nodding. “I didn’t think anything about that, I thought we were close enough that a joke wouldn’t be too bad.” You gave him a look that was on the verge of are you serious right now and let me process what I say so you can really understand me. “No matter what, I’m still your employee Chris. We may have known each other for two years about, but we have known each other.” You said stretching the second time you said ‘known’. “We recently just stated whatever this is and I’m your assistant, that’s it.” “Well, actually that was the agency…you have an interview on Ellen tomorrow, to talk about what it’s like being my assistant, it’s some segment she’s doing with people and you’re the first.” You were pretty familiar when it came to being on Ellen, well being in the studio where it was filmed. Chris had been there several times but this time, the tables would be switched. “Why the hell, would I do this.” He stood up and walked towards you. “Well, because it’s fun and as much as I talk about you everywhere, everyone can finally see why I talk about you so much.” He wrapped his arms around you and raised an eyebrow. “I’ll be there with you and on the ride over I’ll even give you tips…that is, if you want some, if you don’t then that’s fine.” His arms making their way, around your waist and his lips pressed to your shoulder. “It’ll be like I’m your assistant for the day.”
You let out a small laugh, closing your eyes, nodding slowly. “Fine, I’ll go on the show, but if she pulls anything weird and I snap at her, don’t expect me to make a fake ass apology to her.” He moved his lips to your forehead and chuckled softly. “Do as you please, I can’t make you feel any way.” You looked over, to the now dark window, it had gotten later then you expected, meaning you probably should head home but as you turned back to Chris, the look in his eye hinted the same thing but not you two going your separate ways. Picking up on his look you nodded before watching him open the door and the two of you walking downstairs to say goodbye to everyone. “We’re gonna head out, got a big day tomorrow.” Chris smiled at you then waved to everyone. You heard so many different responses such as “It was nice to meet you” and “drive safely” and “Hope to see you again”. You followed him to the car, getting into the passenger seat as he started the car and drove out of the driveway.
The faint sound of Prince’s music on the radio helped break the silence that was going on, your thighs tightly closed due to the wetness you were feeling, the way you wanted to tease him, run your hand across this thigh, or maybe make him nervous while you touch yourself, not giving him anytime to pay attention to you because he needed to focus on the road, or people in cars nearby possibly seeing the inside of the car. “Do it.” The words that brought you out of your fantasy. “I don’t know what you’re thinking but I can feel your eyes wondering and your mind racing Y/N, so do it.”
Starting off hesitant, you spread your legs open, struggling to pull off the pants that you had on but getting them off in a time that didn’t seem too embarrassing. As much as he wanted to look at you, he knew he couldn’t, so anytime there was a stop light or a stop sign, you have his undivided attention. That was until you decided to possibly get yourself in trouble. You ran your hand across his crotch, feeling the soft fabric on his pants, before letting your hand slide underneath the second layer of covering he had on, his cock growing by the second, you could feel it grow in your hand as you just let it stay there. When he let out a groan from his length being full hard on. “Y/N…I’m driving…” “Last time I checked; you were the one who told me to ‘do it’.” He glared his eyes and continued driving just as you began to lean your head down.
You ignored him and started moving your hand. He moved his hips, indicating he was okay. “Are you okay with it.” You looked up at him, as he bit on his lip trying to concentrate. “Y-yes.” You turned in your seat and used both your hands to release the button of his jeans and ease the zipper down. "You have to stop when we drive past café.” he told you. You agreed and tucked yourself against his side.
You started running your fingers up and down over the warm flesh of his cock. Your fingers slipped over the head of his swollen shaft and as you stroked him, your head dropped lower on his chest. Later you asked him what he'd been thinking as your head made that slow decent down his torso. He told you he kept running the thought, 'Oh please. Oh please. Come on. Please,' over and over. The hand he'd draped over your shoulder was in your hair and he was combing the strands with his fingers.
You gripped his cock gently in your hand and stroked him. Your lips were so close to his cock. You almost asked him if he wanted you to take him in your mouth or not. You could feel your skin burning from the heat that was flaming over your fleshed cheeks. His fingers massaged your scalp. You knew now that was his way of encouraging you to continue, but at the time, there was no pressure from him. He was letting you decide if this was something you wanted.
"We're close to the corner store," You heard him say.
There was no turning back. You opened your mouth and took his cock. "We aren't going back now," he said.
You chuckled and he groaned. You ran your tongue over his member before lifting your mouth off of it and taking him back in. His fingers played in your hair and he never pulled or forced you to move quicker or slower. You took his cock from your mouth and stroked it with your hand. You moved your body so you almost laid on the front seat. One leg was curled under you, the other extended to the passenger floor of the car. His hand was gentle and welcoming. You used both your hands to play with his cock. There was no talking between the two of you. You never spoke, too worried that he'd tell you to stop. You took his cock back into your mouth and sucked on the thick rod. He did finally break the silence with, "I have to pull over."
You chuckled and left his cock for a moment, while he pulled to the side of the road, you recognized the scenery and knew you were on the back road down from small café you would pick his coffee up from. Once the car was put in park, you quickly dropped your head back to his swollen member. "Oh. . . fuck.” You heard him hiss. "Mmm" I hummed out after releasing his cock. You placed a wet kiss on his cock and then ran your tongue up and down the stiff tool. You could tell from his groans of pleasure he was welcoming every timid touch you gave him. He continued stroking your hair and then began to rub my back.
Once you had pushed his cock back into your mouth, you concentrated on him. You weren’t sure if he'd come for you this time or not. You sucked harder and felt the blood rushing through the extended vein at the front of his cock. You had always found the feeling of that interesting so casually you continued to suck and pleasure him, so you could concentrate on the sensation of rushing fluid. You heard a groan from him, and you stopped sucking for a moment and listened to him.
"Drive around. Don't stop. Just keep going, please don't stop."
It took you a moment to make the connection and you eased his dick from your mouth again and waited. You kept your head pressed to Chris’ stomach and made ready to ease yourself away from him in case any car that was coming up the road behind you decided to pull over and see if he needed assistance. Yeah, 'he' because you were so far down on the seat, there was no way it looked like there was more then one person in the car. The car slowed but drove right by. Chris sighed and you went back to taking his cock into your mouth.
"Can you take it deeper?" he asked you.
You tried. You took his cock as deep as you could, gagging slightly, but adjusted your jaw and relaxed it so you could ease the pressure on your throat. You then began bobbing your head up and down, faster and faster. The flowing blood just rushed through the veins of his cock and you could feel your own desire growing as you sucked his cock.
Your arousal grew as you continued to fuck him. Knowing Chris was enjoying what you were doing, your pussy grew slick with juice. You could feel it sliding over your sex and when you squeezed your muscles together you could feel all that warm, sticky moisture slip over your thighs. Your body shifted back and forth and then you felt his hand move over your ass. You lifted your hips and Chris pushed a finger between your panties and my pussy. His finger found your slick pussy and he pushed into it.
You increased your tempo on his cock as he finger-fucked you. You felt like he could have easily brought you to orgasm, and you constantly shuddered. You wanted to bring him to orgasm, but you knew he wouldn't let you. You were pretty sure that he wasn’t ready to do that for you just yet. You wanted it, but you weren’t going to force the issue. Chris toyed with your cunt with one hand while his other grabbed the base of his cock and he asked you to let him go. You slowly eased your mouth from his cock and watched him come on the bottom of his T-shirt. You abided by his wishes and he tucked the wet cotton into his pants between his briefs and his jeans. You sat up and smiled softly at him and he shook his head, situating himself. “We’re not done, when we get home, upstairs and in front of the mirror.” You nodded slowly and smirked softly to yourself. The thoughts in your mind racing of how that would end, possibly you with tears down you face, his bicep around your neck. The possibilities were endless.
He stated the car again and began to drive the house, his hand reaching down between your legs again, brushing his hand over your sensitive bud, and licking his fingers then moving his fingers in a circular motion, causing slight gasps to fall from your lips, the sensation taking control of you, it was hard to even keep your eyes open and Chris noticed that anytime he glanced over at you.
Soon enough the car came to a complete stop and you were at his place before you even knew it. You grabbed the spare key you had in your bag and rushed to the front door and made your way up the stairs to his bedroom. You began to strip and removed your bra and stepped out of your panties, then reached for the negligee that you had brought over with a collection of spare clothing. The light blue silk was delicate in your hands as you carefully pulled it over your head, feeling it caress your skin and whisper over your nipples. Grabbing the matching robe, you hurried back to the mirror, the bottom of the garment fluttering around your thighs.
You stood in front of the mirror, examining yourself with a critical eye. The door opened and you heard it door close, Chris walking up the stairs. Reaching up to cup your breasts, you wrapped your fingers and thumbs around your nipples and pinched them lightly, making yourself shiver. The negligee was opaque enough to hide the details, but it accentuated your stiffened nipples and allowed a hint of the curves underneath. When you heard Chris move up the stairs.
"Chris, could you come here for a minute?"
"What, honey?" Chris stepped around the wall holding his phone in his hand and he turned to step into the room and stopped three feet in front of you
"What do you think?" You stood facing him, the mirror forgotten. With the robe on and tied you looked ready for a quiet evening at home. But the thin material, your hardened nipples visible even through the robe, and the seductive smile lighting up your eyes told Chris what you had in mind.
Stopping in front of you, Chris held your gaze for a few seconds and then drew his eyes slowly down your neck and over your body draped in silk. You felt him pause to examine your breasts, the nipples poking out even through the robe, and then falling slowly to your waist, the curve of your hips, and down to your feet. She could see his towel beginning to tent as his eyes came up to yours again. He stepped forward, reaching out and grasping the ends of the sash.
"With the robe, sweetheart, but without the belt," he said, pulling the ends and letting the robe fall open. "You look stunning." He smiled and brushed his lips over yours.
You sighed at the touch of his lips on yours and stepped forward into the kiss just as Chris's hands came up under the robe to rest lightly at the small of your back. You tilted your head back, moving your fingers along the edge of the towel and wrapping your arms around him. Parting your lips slightly, you closed your eyes and surrendered yourself to the kiss.
Chris loved kissing you and made it a point to do so as often as possible whenever you weren’t around anyone. You threw herself completely into every kiss, not even caring if it was the right decision or not, a light touch of the lips and his arms around you, your body relaxing and molding to his, surrendering to his warm embrace. He couldn't get enough of the sweet taste of you, your soft moans as he held you close, and the feel of your lips closing around his tongue as he began to probe.
You kissed lightly for a few moments until Chris pulled back slightly. With his hands on your hips, he turned you to face the mirror and stepped behind you. “You’re beautiful,” he said, reaching up to pull the robe off your shoulders and letting it fall to the floor around your feet. “Did I ever tell you how much I like looking at you?”
You stood looking at yourself in the mirror, your body covered with the light blue negligee. She looked up and saw Chris’ gaze moving solely up from your feet, over your legs. Your eyes followed his, seeing his appreciation of your shape. He took your hands in his, lacing his fingers through yours, and brought them up to rest on your hips.
“Such delicious curves,” he said, moving your hands in to your waist and over your stomach. You felt the filmy material under your palms rubbing against you skin as your hands moved. “I just love touching you, so delicate…let me show you why.” You watched in the mirror as Chris guided your hands over your body, crossing your arms to touch your sides and then hugging you tight with his chest pressed against your back. “So soft and warm,” he whispered in your ear, “How could I not want to touch?”
You felt the butterflies in your stomach rush at the praise, a shiver going through your body as Chris guided your hands over your skin. He’d held you like this many times before while whispering in your ear, but never while standing in front of a mirror so that you could see the appreciation in his eyes and follow their path over your body. You watched his eyes closely, the way they moved and then lingered in one place, a look of concentration on his face as he seemed to be memorizing every curve before moving on to the next feature. You continued to feel the butterflies come and to get more excited as your hands moved up to cup your breasts.
"And your breasts. They're perfect." He positioned your hands so that they cupped your breasts. "I love to hold them, to feel their weight and have them mold into my hands." He moved your hands up, palms brushing lightly over your nipples and then wrapping your hands around the firm globes. "Feel your nipples pressing into your palms. That always excites me, to know that you enjoy my touch."
Chris reached up to touch your face lightly and turn your head. As his lips found yours, your tongues escaping to taste and to play together, he moved his hand over yours again. Eyes closed, you tasted each other. You could feel his erection against the small of your back and you closed your eyes. Then opened them and gasped when Chris took your nipples between your fingers and pinched lightly. "Chris," you started to say, but he covered your mouth with his and kissed you deeply as he continued to move their intertwined fingers over your nipples.
You were incredibly aroused now and she could feel herself getting wet. After a few months of messing around Chris knew how to excite you, and this new sensation of touching yourself while he guided your hands was an unexpected thrill. You began to control your own movements, wriggling your fingers out of his grasp and pulling your nipples, kissing Chris deeply and moaning into his mouth as she guided their hands over your body.
Up until this point you had been going with the flow, enjoying the feelings. You hadn’t realized it when you took control of your own hands and began to tease your nipples the way you did when you were alone. You almost stopped when you saw yourself in the mirror, but something in Chris’ eyes- a lustful look that you remembered from the past when you two were just learning about each other—changed your mind. You knew that watching you excited Chris, you smiled at him and leaned back so that he was supporting most of your weight. You resumed caressing your breasts while Chris watched, his hands following yours and your eyes watching the amazed and the aroused expression on his face.
Chris placed his hands on your shoulders and slowly moved them down your arms to your elbows. He placed his palms on either side of your ribs and smoothed the negligee as his hands slide down your hips. He pulled you back against his chest, whispering. “beautiful,” in your ear as he held your gaze in the mirror.
Slowly, he moved his arms down your legs, palms sliding on the silky cloth until his fingers brushed the warm soft skin on your thigh. Your breath caught. You tweaked your nipples and moaned as Chris’ fingers moved under the negligee, rotating in to caress your inner thigh. That part of your body had always been especially sensitive, and it took Chris a few weeks to touch you learn to touch you –heavy enough not to tickle, but light enough to thrill. He would tease you for what seemed like hours sometimes, moving his fingers to within millimeters of your lips and then slowly caressing back to your knees, always varying the speed of his movements and the heaviness of his touch. You would beg him to touch you, to slide his fingers between your wet lips or stroke your clit and being you’re the release that you so craved.
Chris smiled at you in the mirror and moved his hands down, gently urging you to spread your legs. With his palms on your thighs, his fingers traced the juncture between leg and torso. He could feel the wet warmth emanating from your core and your body shivering in anticipation of his touch. You were so wet that when his fingers came together, they slipped between your lips with no resistance. You gasped and your knees buckled. If Chris hadn’t been holing you, you would have fallen to the floor in a heap.
Chris pulled you quickly to your feet, his hands moving up your body underneath the negligee to rest just below your full breasts. Holding you tightly, he stepped back, guiding you the three small paces to the edge of the bed. As he helped you to sit between his outstretched legs, he undressed himself. Chris pulled the gossamer cloth over your head, tossing it to the floor in front of them. The two of you came to rest facing the mirror, naked, you were sitting on the edge of the bed between his legs, his full erection trapped between his stomach and your back. Your hands, together again, rested in your lap. You looked at each other in the mirror and smiled hesitantly.
His chin on her shoulder, Chris broke the brief awkward silence by squeezing your upper arms, pressing your breasts together. Looking down at your ample cleavage, he guided your hands to your distended nipples. "Did I ever tell you how much I love your breasts?"
"You might have mentioned it a time or two, " you laughed, "but I like hearing you say it. And," you said, smiling wickedly at him in the mirror as you pushed back against his hard shaft, "I like feeling you say it, too." You lightly stroked your nipples and watched in the mirror as Chris looked on with rapt attention.
You offered no resistance other than a small sigh when Chris pulled hands away from your breasts. Guiding your palms down across your stomach, he wrapped his fingers between yours and pushed your joined hands between your legs. You gasped when your fingers crossed your mound and you felt the wetness of your own excitement. But when you looked into the mirror and saw what you were doing, you stiffened
 "Chris, what are we..."
"Quiet, honey," he said, kissing your neck and then turning to catch your eyes in the mirror. "Just relax and enjoy."
You stared at him doubtfully for a moment, before letting your head fall back on his shoulder and closing your eyes. The tension in your body melted away as you began to enjoy the feel of his fingers and your own exploring your lips, sliding so slowly between them. Soon you were controlling your movements, all thoughts of their situation lost as you touched yourself the way you did when you were alone and longing for Chris. You didn't even notice that he had removed his hands until you felt them cover your full breasts, wet fingers wrapping around your nipples and pinching lightly.
You whipped your head forward, eyes flying open and fingers stopping their movement. Chris was ready for you, locking your gaze and smiling. His hands rested lightly on your breasts, fingers wrapped around your nipples. He leaned forward and whispered into your ear. “I need you, Y/N. Show me. I want to watch.” You cast your eyes down, looking first at their first at the reflection in the mirror and then directly as his hands on your breasts and your own in between your legs. You couldn't remember ever before having been so aroused.
You had almost decided to tell him no, to turn around and straddle him, taking him deep into your body and riding him quickly to a wild, screaming, shuddering climax until you looked up again and saw the desire in his eyes. You felt his cock throbbing at your back and saw how incredibly excited he was sitting there with her in his arms, watching you masturbate.
You moved one finger experimentally along your wet slit. He visibly relaxed at the feel of the shudder that went through your body and you threw caution to the wind. Still looking into his eyes, you gave him an impish smile and spread your legs. You watched his eyes widen in lust and surprise as you slowly and deliberately pushed one finger deep into your moist pussy. "Is this what you wanted to see?"
"Oh, yes," moaned Chris, "just like that." You felt his cock twitch again between them and his fingers closed on your nipples.
You moaned, too, as he pinched and twisted your nipples, he knew exactly how you liked to be touched. You pushed another finger between your lips and began a slow rhythm, your other hand coming up to surround your clit and rub. You imitated the way that Chris would play with you, pressing firmly, moving in small circles but rarely touching your button directly. You closed your eyes again and laid your head on his shoulder, feeling his hands massaging your breasts and his fingers on your nipples.
"Open your eyes, sweetheart," he whispered into your ear. "I want you to see how beautiful you are. I want you to see what I see whenever we make love."
You did as he asked, looking into the mirror and taking in the scene. You sat in front of him, legs spread lewdly. Looking over your shoulder, his eyes stared at your fingers sliding faster and harder between your lips and your other hand playing with your clit. She could see your own pleasure in your face. Your breasts heaved in his hands as your breath came quicker. You watched yourself gasp in surprise when he'd close his fingers around your nipples and pull.
You began moving your hips in time with your fingers. You felt his cock sliding along your back, lubricated with the pre-cum of his excitement. You watched him watch you in the mirror. His eyes moved from your face to his hands on your breasts, over your thrusting hips to your fingers sliding deep into your clutching pussy. Then his eyes would look straight down, taking it all in directly before coming back to catch your eyes in the mirror.
You knew that you were close. You spread your legs further and tried to shove your fingers deeper as you fucked yourself furiously. Your fingers wrapped directly around your clit and you began a long low moan in your throat, increasing in volume as you thrust your hips against your probing fingers. Chris felt your orgasm approaching and closed his arms tightly around your, hands holding your breasts firmly and his fingers resting lightly around your nipples.
Your whole-body tingling, breath coming in gasps, you caught the look of fascination in his eyes as he watched your face. You tried to concentrate on your own face as you felt yourself tipping over the edge. “Chris, Oh my god,” you screamed out, shoving your fingers deep and pinching your own clit firmly. You burst and began to shake your pussy trying to suck your fingers deeper. You felt Chris hold you firmly and thrusting against your back. He held you as you writhed in the throes of your climax. You were screaming out his name. Neither his nor your eyes ever left your face as you rode the wave of the most intense orgasm you had ever experienced.
You slumped in his arms, your body still quaking intermittently, and removed your soaking fingers from your now-satisfied pussy. Only then did you shift your gaze and look deeply into his smiling eyes. Chris took your wrist in one hand and brought his fingers to your lips. He kissed each finger and let his tongue curl around them, savoring the sweet taste before letting your hand fall into your lap.
You were so weak for him.
His hand begins to rub up and down, his thumb rolling over the small teasingly. Chris smirks at you in the mirror and quickly. His demeanor changing, you liked when he was sweet but when he could switch to being cocky and rough, you loved that the most.
"Kneel. On hands and knees."
You listen to him and in the mirror, you see Chris give his cock a few pumps. The sight of his cock running through his palm makes you crazy. You can feel my juices run down my legs and look down. I'm literally dripping for him. It was amazing to you how even after you just had your fix, you already needed him again.
A hand lands around your neck Chris gently lets it squeeze around you and makes you watch the mirror again. He kneels behind you. "Look at us," he commands.
First, your eyes land on yourself. Your mouth hangs open and you see your reflection looking back with lidded eyes. You then look at your boss and his face look’s the same as yours. His dick pushes against your hole, teasing you, rubbing it over your lips. "I want you to squirt all over this floor from my cock pounding inside you, baby." Chris makes eye contact with you in the mirror before sliding into you, pushing himself inside, gaining a gasp from you, filling you up slowly. "Ahh...f-fuck, Li-"
"Shit..." Chris closes his eyes for a moment. "Fuck, you feel good."
His hands caress your back for a moment, and you take that moment to look at the image in front of you: You on your hands and knees and him kneeling behind you. He looked so dominant like this, the way he is looking at you while his hands ran you’re your body and his cock is buried inside of you, hands stop at your hips and Chris gently pulls out.
"Damn, baby, always so wet," Chris says and he pulls out again and pushes back inside, hard, repeating his actions and starts to fuck you in front of the mirror. Every time his dick so pleasurable grazes over your spot you moan louder than the first one that was before the next. His hand goes straight to your ass, a loud smack to it, and a rough squeeze.
"You feel so fucking good around me, taking my cock so fucking well, like your pussy was made to do that, always feel so tight around me.” Chris grabs your hips and starts drilling into you without mercy while his balls slap against your ass. It's all moaning, breathing, slapping, and slurping sounds filling the bedroom. You feel yourself getting close to reaching that blissful feeling and Chris biting his lips raw while pounding into you, pushing you closer to the edge for sure.
"Come for me baby, show me how beautiful you are when you fall apart before me..."
Now you feel it coming... Your climax. Every muscle inside your body tenses up before you let everything go. Your mouth in a silent scream as you come but moaning out loud with every jolt of pleasure that surges through your body when you’re finally able to produce a sound again.
Chris fills you up, moaning out your name while his eyes are closed, and his lip is tucked between his teeth again. You let yourselves drop to the floor where you relax for a while, having some after pleasure.
"That was great," Chris says as he nuzzles against your neck.
He pulls out and stands up, offering you his hand.
"You shower and I will clean up this mess."
As you stand you can feel his semen drizzle down down legs.
You shook your head and pressed the softest kiss to his lips, one of your favorite things about being so close to him was how vulnerable you truly could be. He kissed you back and smiled softly. “We can shower now, then cuddle up while I hold you before I let go.”
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