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fuckandfluff · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Literally this is just porn without a plot. One mention of a glass of wine, swearing, dumbification, praise kink, daddy kink, anal fingering, unprotected anal sex, power dynamics, age gap (reader is early 20s) SADDLE UP 🤠
A/N: The title is an ode to the retweet on Chris's twitter today! And the word just works for the general vibe of the fic! Thank you so much to my gorgeous and talented pal, @sableseb for being my beta reader. Please go check out her amazing work 💗✨
All of my other Stepdad!Andy fics can be found in my masterlist here! 💗
Gorgeous and vicious.
Those were the first two words that came to mind when you thought of your stepfather. Despite your months-long affair, Andy still made you painfully timid.
After he had confronted you earlier that day with his discovery of a discarded Plan B box, you knew a punishment was coming. You just had no idea what he had in store.
Andy slinked into your room shortly after midnight, interrupting your standing appointment with the Real Housewives of somewhere and an overpour of dry Pinot Grigio.  He was always a welcomed interruption, though.
“Haven’t came all week, my balls are fuckin’ about to burst, Y/N,” he huffs, approaching your cross-legged form.
“Can you just fuck off, Andy? I’ve had it with these late night hookups,” you lie through gritted teeth, “I - I wanna to be with someone my own age. Not my mom’s husband."
But the truth was, at this point in your relationship,  you had somehow convinced yourself it wasn’t cheating. You were his wife’s daughter, an extension of your mother. It made sense at the time and you found comfort in the twisted logic.
“I think you seem to forget that it’s not you calling the shots here sweetie,” he traces along your plump lower lip, his baby blue eyes boring into yours.
Andy slammed his lips onto yours, warm breath slipping in and out of your mouth: “D..Daddy-- fuck.” You’d never seen him kiss your mother like this. It was always little pecks on her lips or tiny smooches on her cheek. You had no idea what went on behind closed doors but you’d imagine it wasn’t anything too kinky because Andy migrated to your bed practically every night.
He’s now positioned himself behind you now, muscular arms cradled under your own, massaging over the silky material of your pajama bottoms.
“God, you’re such a pretty little thing..” Andy murmurs, his voice softer than usual.  You leaned back into his strong chest, his arms gripped around your waist.
“W-wait—“ Andy paused in his ministrations, strong hands dusting down the length of your torso:   “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
Whining low in your throat, you couldn’t spurn his advances any longer. The older man knew exactly what buttons to press.
“You’ve never been fucked in the ass have ya’, princess?”
“That obvious, huh?” you retort, trying to make it sound light and playful, a nervous laugh escaping you. His fingers thread through your pussy and the the thought of him fucking you there sent shocks of warmth through you.
Andy’s cock was growing hard against your back and you could feel it emerge from the waistband of his slate grey sweats.
“Gonna let your daddy pop this sweet little cherry, bet it’s so goddamn tight..” Reaching into the lacquered door of your nightstand, he paws the bottle of well-used lube, snapping the lid up and dousing his dick in the thick liquid. You had no idea how he knew that was there because you only ever used it when you needed a bit of help working your rabbit inside yourself. Had he been spying on you?
“Up, up, sweetheart - bend over,” he commands, guiding your ass off the pillowy duvet and pushing his hand onto the small of your back, a physical cue to get on all fours. You take the hint, back arched and eager for him. Your breath is heavy with anticipation, gripping the bedsheets tightly. All you know about anal sex is that it’s meant to hurt, so you pray that Andy shows you a semblance of mercy.
He slips your shorts down your thick hips, leaving you entirely exposed as the flimsy silk rests at your ankles. Two of his large, lubed up fingers encircle the tight ring of muscle, sliding in to provide you with a warm up to him.
“You ready, honey?” he purrs rhetorically, pressing his slicked-up length against your virgin hole. Demurely nod, he takes this as permission to proceed with puncturing into you.
With unusually gentle intention, Andy pushes in just a little bit past his tip, and you wiggle underneath him. You bit your lip, hard, at the stretch, his cock spearing into you while you held yourself up on wobbly legs.
“Ahh doin’ so good, look so pretty with my cock in your ass,” he praises enthusiastically and you relish in the encouragement, backing onto him and swallowing up an extra inch or two in an attempt to show how good of a girl you could really be.
“Daddy god, yes - yes, please—“ you whine under him, letting out an almost inhuman squeal, high pitched and desperate.
“Look at you, going dumb for daddy…fuckin’ this sweet, tight ass,” he teases, swatting an open palm on your backside. The cold of his wedding ring burned against the heat of your bare flesh, a painful reminder that he didn’t belong to you.
Your breathy moans and the sight of you coming entirely undone must have sent him into a frenzy because he’s now singing unfiltered praise down into your ear.  He was much more soft than usual and though you trembled as his hips bucked up into you, it wasn’t the usually violent fuck he would gift you.
“D-Don’t stop,” you pathetically plead, head lolling back with a moan as he pulled out to the tip again and thrust back in with a slow, methodical rocking until his entire cock is inside you. Once you got used to his cock splitting you open, Andy didn’t hold back. His strokes were fast and quick, swearing a curse as your ass clenched around his cock.
“Fuck - daddy, I - I might come..” you trail off,  somewhere between a moan and a shout, and Andy pulls out to the tip again before bottoming out all at once. It’s almost painful, the sheer loss of contact, but before you have a chance to mourn the loss, he’s jerked back into you with full force, your eyes roll back violently.  A sense of sheer confusion washes over you because you didn’t think it was possible for anal to feel this good.
“I.. I can’’s too much,” you weep, the feeling entirely foreign as your pussy throbs with no stimulation.
“You can and you will, honey. Stop bein' a brat,” he chides, smacking your ass and gawking at the ripple your plump skin produces.
He’s now picked up the pace, snapping into you with hard, feral thrusts, and you struggle to stay propped up on your elbows. You’re entirely swept up in the feeling of your stepfather pummelling into you, taking your anal virginity, keening and gasping and yelling of cries of “Yes, please make me come daddy, a-ah, just like that daddy!”  You sighed into it, tilting your head down as you worked through your own orgasm, half-lidded eyes glazed over as you feel yourself clench down onto him.
Andy’s now changed the angle, thrusting down hard and quick, feeling the familiar sensation building in his core. The tightness in his gut like a wave gathering before it crashed— the feeling of your ass tightening around him as he arrived at his own orgasm and the sound of his warbled cries through it all.
“Fuck, gonna fill you up so you know who this ass belongs to,” he groaned, spilling into you while holding himself upright and panting above you. He pulls out, sending what remained dripping across the pink flannel sheets. He loved watching as your asshole gaped, clenching pathetically around nothing while his load trickled out.
"You're my perfect little slut, arentcha', honey?" he mumbles, tucking himself back into his briefs. "Don't let anyone else touch that hole, you understand me?"
You nod obediently, falling flat onto your stomach with a defeated thud. A dull ache had already started thrumming in your lower back, a premature warning of the brutal pain tomorrow would surely bring.
The revelation slams into you - your stepfather just fucked your ass and though you should feel sick with regret, it feels so right.
Join my taglist here, if you want! xo
Stepdad Andy list:
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punani · 16 hours ago
Submitted By: anonymous
Pairing: Mob!Andy Barber x Reader
Word Count: 1605
Warnings: +18 NSFW, oral male receiving, fingering male receiving, light dom/sub, unprotected sex (don’t be a weenier wrap your peener)
krys’ disclaimer: i do not claim ownership of this piece! all credits go to the writer who submitted this work to this blog, thank you!
Everyone knew his name- he was a powerful man; anyone who heads any chapter of the Italian mob commands respect. The Baker family heads the New England faction, and Andy, after his father incarceration and old man disease, now called the shots.
Andy was known for his stoic presence and commanding aura. He was absolutely ruthless when it came to eliminating threats- patience was certainly not his virtue. Charming and a smooth talker, the man had little difficulty swaying people in his favor. All of this had earned him quite the reputation- he was not to be toyed with. Unfortunately (for him) you couldn’t resist.
See the thing with Andy, his reputation, his command, his dominance… well, it was all one carefully crafted lie. That man was a mess, and you loved it. Andy was surprisingly needy, both emotionally and physically. It wasn’t unusual for him to take frequent ‘business trips’ down to New York City to get a chance to see you. He’d wait across the street in the old soul food place for you to get out for lunch. He’d order ahead, of course, so that the food would be ready for you when you inevitably joined him.
He knew you knew he was here, how could you not, a white man ‘businessman’ stuck out like a sore thumb in 1980s Harlem. That and the fact he knew the guys that ran the circuit over here would have alerted you the second he stepped foot on Manhattan soil.
It’s funny, he thinks, how much you have him wrapped around your finger. It’s funny he thinks, not because you could tell him to jump and he’d jump over and over and over like he was engaged in some erotic double-dutch, but he because he didn’t care; he honestly couldn’t find a single shit to give. He’d missed you, and he was going to tell you as much- show you as much. But you had a way of knocking him off balance, and of course today was no exception.
See the thing with Andy is he’s predictable and easy to read. You know what makes him tick and how to get the results you want. The best part? It’s pathetically easy. All it takes is your favorite pair of jeans, and a passive attitude and he’s putty. So, when you enter the restaurant and walk right past his table to go talk your friend behind the counter, you can’t help but smirk as you feel his eyes glued to your figure.
He tries, he really does, to at least pretend he has some shred of dignity when you walk past, but his blood decides to fly south for the winter and he barely manages to suppress the sound of him losing his cool as he takes you in. He shifts in his seat discreetly trying to adjust himself, which, of course, is when you decide to turn to look at him. He feels himself flush as you stroll over. He thinks he should feel more embarrassed, but all he can feel is the warmth pooling somewhere low in his gut.
He can’t look away from you as you lower yourself into the seat across from him. He swallows hard as you raise your glass and bring the straw to your mouth. He watches as you wrap your lips around the straw and take a long draw of the nice cool drink. You smirk, never breaking eye contact. He doesn’t think he can speak without his voice doing its best impression of a dirt road. After a tense moment you break eye contact as you dig into your meal. He watches you, drinks you in as you lick the cheesy grits off your spoon; he thinks he might die.
“Eat.” You tell him.
He nods submissively, and proceeds to cut up his chicken n’ waffles. They don’t have chicken n’ waffles back in Newton, and he thinks that a damn shame; it’s just another thing New England’s missing.
The two of you finish your meals in silence, and when you get up to leave he panics.
“I miss you!” He blurts out a little to loud.
He knows this because he can hear the old man seated across the restaurant bark out a laugh. You evaluate him, and his body feels like a live wire.
“Please.” He finds himself whispering.
You smile at him. Reaching out, fingertips brush his beard as you bend down and press your lips to his temple. He’s pretty damn sure he stops breathing as your lips crest over the shell of his ear. He’s painfully hard, and he can barely focus on anything other than the sound of his heart slamming against his chest. So, it’s a miracle when he’s able to understand your command to meet him at your apartment after work.
You are gone in an instant, and it takes him a few moments to realize he’s just sitting there staring into space. The older gentleman at the other end of the store approaches his table, places a glass of water in front of him and walks off with a wink. He chugs it.
You can’t help the laugh that escapes you as spot Andy leaning against your doorframe. He looks, to any outsider, relaxed and smug, but you know better. You ignore him as you approach your apartment. You don’t even react as he leans in and wraps an arm around your waste as you unlock your door. You step in, your actions removing his arm by default. He hates this, when you pretend he’s not there. He gets needy, tactile, and possessive. You can hear the start of his protest as the door shuts behind the two of you. You turn to face him as you run your hands down his chest, and his protests quickly die off. Holding his gaze you drag your hands to the rapidly forming tent in his pants.
Andy tilts his head back and groans as you palm his dick through his slacks. You tease him, running your fingers lightly up and down his covered length. His hands find your body, one gripping your hip, the other cradling the back of your neck as he eagerly captures his lips with his own. You slide your other hand into his hair tugging sharply receiving a hearty moan in return.
Andy can’t help but rock his hips and grind his covered cock into you hand. He’s been on edge since you walked into the restaurant for lunch and he needs you, needs something to keep him from vibrating out of his body. He shivers as you unbuckle his belt and tug down his trousers letting them fall to the floor. His cock bobs as it’s freed from its restraints. The head is deep pink and leaking embarrassing amounts of precum, and his balls are flushed. Your hand comes to meet his dick. Gripping him at his base, your thumb rubs teasing circles against his shaft, your other hand rolling his ball. Andy isn’t particularly religious, but he swears he sees God when you suck on his tongue and twist your wrist as you stroke him.
Sinking to your knees you take him in your mouth; there’s just something about the way Andy tastes that drives you a little bit feral. You tap his tip against your tongue and lick long stripes up the length of his cock. Loving the sounds of his little whimpers and gasps you suck on the head of his dick. You take as much of him as you can, your hand jerking off the rest of him. Looking up at him you maintain eye contact as you slide two of your fingers into your mouth. His eyes widen, and his pupils are blown as he gawks at you.
The feeling of your warm mouth, wet tongue, and your fingers brushing against his tip is shoving him towards the edge. He feels tension beginning to coil low in his belly. And of course you know, you always know. So, he braces himself, waiting for you to pull off and jerk him off and let him cum on your face like you usually do, but you don’t. He’s not prepared when you remove your fingers from your mouth and brush them against his taint. His mind stalls when you gently begin to work him open, watching him for any signs of discomfit. It’s not that you haven’t done this before, in fact he had started prepping himself the moment he got back to his hotel after lunch- it’s just, you’ve never done it like this.
He feels the floor drop out from under him when your fingers sink in knuckle deep and brush against his prostate. You’re arching your fingers in him in a ‘come here’ motion when he feels the world jolt sideways. The second you hum with his cock in your mouth and your fingers massaging his prostate he’s coming undone. He doesn’t have time to warn you before he’s slammed with the full force of his orgasm.
Andy comes with an obscene moan that echoes off the wall of your apartment. His balls empty hot ropes of cum down your throat, and your eyes water as you works to swallow it all. You keep working him over until his legs give out and he joins you as lump on the floor. It takes him a while to come around, but when he does he looks at you with a goofy smile.
“I really missed you.” He says, eyes glazed over and muscles goo. You smirk at him.
“Prove it.”
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stansupremacy · a day ago
[NOTE] English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes. Very excited to share this story with you, I originally posted it on wattpad, but it was really frustrating to note that it didn't seem to attract attention. Let's not focus on that, but on the now, new beginnings in Tumbrl (I still don't know how works lmao)
[COPYRIGHT] All rights reserved, copying or adaptation of the novel without prior notice to the author is PROHIBITED.
Traveling the world with a six-month-old was not an easy job, but you took the risk.
Chris was turning 40, you flatly refused to spend that special day away from him.
They were both actors, so their schedules were always very tight. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​the surprise party with the whole family in Boston had been completely scrapped because Chris was filming in France for his next project and you were in Canada giving a press conference promoting your new movie.
The chances of celebrating her birthday together had been reduced to zero, worse you being the stubborn woman you are, you did not give your arm to twist. So after several fights with your representative and several scolding from your personal assistant for having disorganized your entire schedule. You had managed to escape for seven days, so that you and your daughter could surprise her father on her birthday.
You knew there was no better gift than to take Luna to her father, it had been a few long weeks since they last saw each other. Separating from his daughter was something that destroyed Chris, it had been a very difficult decision, but being a sensitive one. Luna had to be with you, she was breastfeeding, she couldn't be away from you for long.
After two plans, more than 16 hours of travel and a lot of stress, they had reached their destination. Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The first part of the plan was complete, without wasting time, you settled Luna in her baby carrier on your chest, she cried in protest, she wanted to keep looking around her.
"I know, I know honey ... But you have to understand, mommy can't carry you in her arms, she has to carry the luggage" you murmured kissing her little head. You took the two suitcases and without wasting time you left the airport.
Luna had started to fidget, you understood her. The journey had been long, the two of them urgently needed rest. "Honey ... It was a short time, we just have to wait for Uncle Scott to come pick up us and we can go to sleep, preferably in Daddy's arms."
You took the phone from your backpack unlocking it to enter the chat with Scott, you sent the location and put it back in your pocket, without holding on any longer, you took off your chinstrap, a sigh of satisfaction left your lips when you felt the fresh air on your expensive. You removed little Evans from the carrier baby when you noticed that she kept complaining. Her small and expressive blue eyes looked around curiously.
"Do you need a ride?" A car pulled up on the street in front of you, the driver's window opened revealing Scott's face.
"Finally!" You exclaimed, he laugh getting out of the car, his arms wrapped around you affectively I returned the gesture for a few seconds.
Luna stretched her arms as she recognized her uncle waiting to be carried. Scott did not doubt it, and took her in his arms as he helped you store your bags in the trunk of the car.
You opened the back door, to throw your backpack there before entering and stretch your arms towards your daughter, who hesitating for a few seconds, accepted the change of arms.
"Sorry for the delay, your boyfriend is a pain in my ass. He asked me a thousand questions trying to figure out where I was going" Scott commented making sure the door is closed, he walked around the car and got back on as pilot, beginning to lead. "Tired?
"You have no idea" you sigh closing your eyes, a small smile adorns your lips knowing that they had achieved it, they would see Chris. "I swear that this is the only time that I cross half the world alone with a baby, next time I will bring someone to help me."
"Well, they are here, that's the important thing"
"Yeah, you're right." You answered, you look Luna who was beginning to close her eyes, it seemed that the dream was beginning to overcome her, you rock her lightly by kissing her plump cheek
Luna played entertainingly with the TV remote while you circled the hotel room, eager to see Chris.
You had to turn off your phone because he had not stopped calling and sending messages, your last message to him had been minutes before boarding, telling him that you were going to take a nap. More than 20 hours have already passed, so it was normal for him to worry, but you had decided not to answer him, it was not in your plans to ruin the surprise.
The clock said twelve o'clock at night, officially it was Chris's birthday, who should arrive at any moment.
Half an hour later, a message from Scott warning that he has already arrived at the hotel was what got you going. The suitcases were in Scott's room because if Chris came to see them he would instantly notice that they were there, you took your girl out of bed and ran to the bathroom but not before turning off all the lights.
Seconds after closing the door, the room door was heard opening. Chris's voice and Scott's laugh reached your ears.
"Don't laugh, idiot, this is serious. Y/N doesn't answer me, I think she's angry, but I don't know what I did." Scott made fun of his brother again, you smiled amused when you heard Chris's concern about the lack of messages. Luna, taking advantage of the fact that they were near the shower ledge, took a bottle of shampoo to drop it, making a great bang.
"Luna, you give away our position! You whispered indignantly, mini Evans babbling in amusement.
The door slammed open revealing a surprised Chris. Scott came in behind him, recording the reunion.
"Surprise!" You exclaimed, Luna shouted excitedly when she recognized her father. Chris wasting no time, drew them into a hug. "Luna and I decided that Daddy couldn't spend his 40th birthday away from us, right sweetheart?" The baby smiled stretching her hands to touch her father's face.
"Oh my girls, I missed you so much" Chris sighed still without letting go of the hug, he placed a kiss on Luna's forehead before turning her face and kissing you tenderly on the lips.
"Happy birthday darling, we love you very much, I hope you liked the surprise"
"I couldn't ask for a better thing" he smiled kissing your lips again.
"Don't say that, I have others that I'm sure you will love" you whispered with a mischievous glint in your eyes, Chris smirked. "We must put on day".
"For the love of God, you two are disgusting, talk about sex in front of the baby? Gross" Scott exclaimed in disgust.
Chris chuckled coming out of the bathroom with Luna on his right arm while his left was on your waist. He couldn't think of a better birthday start.
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avenging-fandoms · a day ago
Man’s Best Friend / Chris Evans
Tumblr media
*not requested, idea came to mind! *in which dodger becomes weirdly protective of yn to the point of growling at chris but they realize yn is pregnant *warning: mentions of vomiting, mentions of pregnancy, fluff *PLEASE send me requests!!!!! i can do whoever :)
you sulked back from the bathroom, after the third time throwing up that morning. dodger whimpered softly as he watched you move under the covers again. you patted the sheet and dodger hopped up, laying behind you with his head over your stomach. you rolled over to your back and pet his head which now laid on your stomach.
your phone started to ring and you picked it up, seeing it was chris and hitting the green button and putting it on speaker. “hi baby how’re you feeling?” he asked softly and you shrug like he could see you.
“i just threw up. dodger is comforting me now in bed. i think it might have been that chicken from last night, i feel like shit” you pinched the bridge of your nose and closed your eyes.
“my meeting is over, so i’m heading home now. i’m gonna stop at the store and buy some things to help you. i love you babe” chris explained and you smiled, looking at dodger.
“i love you too chris, thank you” you hung up and put your phone down on the bed. you picked up the remote and clicked on disney+ to see if a disney movie could cheer you up.
a recommendation of captain america popped up and you smiled. “dodge. who is that? is that daddy?” you pointed to the screen and he perked at the name, making you giggle. you picked your comfort disney movie and put the remote next to your phone.
almost an hour later and chris came home. he headed up the stair and smiled as he heard the familiar songs from you watching the movie over and over.
“hi beautiful” chris set the bag down on the table and bent down to kiss you, dodger softly growling. the both of you looked at him concerned, as he never growled at anything, especially chris.
you pet him softly and nothing happened, but chris tried and he growled louder. “that’s insane. he’s never done that before, has he?”
“never” chris furrows his eyebrows and touched your head softly, dodger stayed silent. he moved to your legs, nothing. he went to touch your stomach and dodger snarled his teeth.
you look at chris and his face drops. he pulled out his phone and quickly typed. “what, chris? what’s wrong? should we take him to the vet?” he showed you his phone and the google search of ‘can dogs sense pregnancy’ and your eye widened. “you think? what if he just knows i don’t feel well?”
“it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” chris smiled and you nodded, chris leaving again. you studied dodger with your knees tucked to your chest, cheek on your knees.
chris came back with a regular lines test and another test that actually said ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant.’ you took two of each, leaving them on the counter and setting a timer.
dodger finally stopped growling at chris, licking him all over his face as chris laid on the bed and you laughed in the doorway. chris sat up and you sat next to him, leaning onto him and he kissed your head as he rubbed your arm.
you jumped at the timer went off, shutting it off and looking at chris. “ready?” you nod and he kissed you, your fingers linked together as you slowly walked to the bathroom.
you looked at the four tests, the red lines very dark and both screens reading ‘pregnant.’ chris stood in the door way of the bedroom and waited with a nervous rock in his stomach. “yn?”
“dodger’s gonna be a big brother” you whispered and chris’s face lights up like christmas, grabbing you and hugging you tightly. you both cry into one other’s necks, chris swaying you two slowly as you soaked it all in.
“dodge! buddy you’re so smart. what a good boy” chris sniffled as his dog put his legs on chris’s thigh, the both of you kissing his head.
you shakily took a photo of the tests, saving them on the dresser and you both fall onto the bed. “and i thought it was the chicken” you joke and you both laugh, chris kissing you again and hugging you into him, the both of you staying like that for a while as you both took in this new amazing information with dodger at the end of the bed.
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punani · a day ago
Mob!Andy fingering you while you're on all fours, giving him a bj 😳
one of his hands palms the back of your head to make sure he's nice and deep in your throat, groaning at the way you gag around him but still eagerly suck him and let your tongue run along the underside of his dick,..he truly can't help himself–your ass is perched up in the air, and you're such a good fucking girl for him that he believes it's only fair for him to reward you...he would spank your ass before letting his deft fingers dip between your cheeks to soon enough find your hole that was becoming more slick by the second and he groans when he can easily slide a finger into you and your walls already clamp down on that out of desperation–
slutty sunday™
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punani · a day ago
mob!andy making reader cockwarm him during a meeting, telling her that she better not make a sound or interrupt. although it’s supposed to be humiliating for her, he still makes sure no one dares to look at her or the way she’s making a mess on his pants. but right when he thinks she’s doing so good for him a loud whimper echos through the room. everyone goes silent, scared for what he’s gonna do but instead he just turns to the others and says “and to think i was gonna reward her after this. what do you guys think? should i let her cum tonight?”
yeah...we're going to have to make mob!andy a regular on this blog because he might just rut his hips up into you so that your walls quiver around him and he just swallows a groan because he's looking at you with clouded, mocking eyes as you miserably fail at whimpering again...his question is obviously rhetorical, and the other men in the room know to not answer as well as not look at the interaction between you and mob!andy unless they wanna have a...difficult...situation on their hands...andy would let one of his hands grip the back of your neck to make you look at him and wait i'm just–
slutty sunday™
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punani · a day ago
Mob!Andy when reader is sucking him off and her tongue slips into his ass
i'm glad you brought it up because mob!andy would most certainly cum unexpectedly from that and he would be so confused and embarrassed yet so fucking turned on and the reader would make sure she shoved her tongue down his throat so that he could fully taste himself mhmmm
slutty sunday™
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punani · a day ago
with sweetheart being canon with mob!andy... what if reader's in andy's office, on the desk and has been mouthing off and says something sly about business in one of the competitor clubs cause she's feeling particularly testy and andy just does a double take, and hums a low, 'excuse me, sweetheart?' and the reader just stares at him, poorly concealed smirk as she goes, 'yeah andy?' knowing full well she's just got herself tangled up in a punishment that might just happen when his clients walk in the door see...mob!andy may be a jealous man in the sense of not wanting anyone else to touch you...but he's lowkey an exhibitionist too so he might just have you sit on his cock...your dress hiked up so your ass and leaking pussy are on full display as you hide your face in the crook of his neck whilst you're in a meeting and i just–
slutty sunday™
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punani · a day ago
anything mob andy 😫😫. just crumb
mob!andy loves to reduce you to nearly nothing when fucking you...breaking you apart piece by piece so that he can put you back together as he sees fit
honestly, you shouldn't love it as much as you do...but you truly can't help it
he makes it a mission to turn you into a desperate bitch in heat, your dress bunched up above your waist, heels still on your feet as he bottoms out inside of you over and over again
don't even get me started on the fact that mob!andy has a ring or two on his fingers, large hand wrapping around your throat after he gently slaps you to make sure that your eyes stay on him
'you never listen, huh, baby?'
'want me to fuck you like a little slut–remind you who this tight, little pussy belongs to...'
'such a good whore for me...letting me use your body after a long day'
andy does not give a fuck if you make a mess on his fact he loves it when you cream and gush around him..ruining the fabric...he even encourages it because mob!andy just might have you lick it off before making you swallow the aftershocks of his orgasm
idk man...idk...
slutty sunday™
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navybrat817 · a day ago
Beg Me
Pairing: Andy Barber x Female Reader Summary: Distracting Andy from his work is always a fun time. Word Count: Over 1k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, hand job, possessive behavior, dirty talk, Andy Barber (he's a warning!) A/N: For @happygowriting 's Hat Draw Challenge (Prompt: “I’m going to jerk you off until you’re begging me to stop.” with Andy Barber) ). Congrats, lovely!!! ❤️ Not beta read, so any and all mistakes are my own. Moodboard by yours truly. Comments, likes, reblogs and asks are appreciated. ❤️
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I do not consent to have my work posted on any third party site or app. If anyone sees my work anywhere but here or archiveofourown under my same username, it has been reposted without my permission. 18+ Please!!! By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old. Enjoy, lovelies!
Tumblr media
If you could have dreamt up the perfect man, he would have been in the form of Andy Barber. Handsome, commanding and passionate, there was no denying him and you never wanted to. While he was usually the dominant of the two of you in bed, you occasionally liked to be the one who drove him crazy. It wasn't to give you a sense of power or control. You were just happy to make the man you loved feel good.
You watched him as he sat at his desk, tapping your fingertip against the doorframe. He promised he wouldn't work when he got home, but there he was. You didn't blame him and you weren't even upset. But now was the perfect time to give him something to get him through the rest of the day. 
You walked over to the desk, your hips swaying enticingly. You continued to watch him intently as he tried to ignore your presence, but you saw him look out of the corner of his eye. He cleared his throat as he looked back at the papers in front of him. Smirking, you snatched them from his hand and put them out of reach. You swore he snarled when you kept the smirk on your face.
"I'm trying to work and you're distracting me."
Your body clenched in reaction to his glare. Being on the receiving end of that look scared most people, but you were the exception. It sent a shiver of excitement through you when he didn't blink and you dared to step closer. 
"I know I am, but I can help you out," you offered. 
Andy raised an eyebrow as his gaze shifted to feigned disinterest. But he couldn't hide how dark his eyes got. "You're going to help me?"
"Yep. I'll get you off and you can go back to it," you said innocently, straddling him as he leaned back in his chair. 
His hand reached up and gently moved along your jaw, the small action immediately spreading more heat between your thighs. You had no idea how he turned you on so quickly with the lightest of touches, but you wanted to have the same effect on him. Before he could pull away, you grasped his hand and brought it to your lips. Your eyes twinkled with something lustful as you sucked a finger into your mouth, moaning around it. 
"You think teasing me is a good idea?" he asked, a slight rasp to his tone as his finger slipped free. 
"Teasing would imply that I have no intention to follow through. And I have every intention of doing so."
Brushing your lips against his, you moved a hand between your bodies to cup him. You felt how hard he was beneath his slacks and you wondered how long he had been worked up. Thankfully, he had you to take care of him. 
"Poor Andy," you said softly as you rubbed him, kissing the corner of his mouth. Feeling his beard tickle your lips made you tremble as you unbuttoned his pants. Maybe later you could convince him to rub his beard against your inner thighs. "How are you supposed to get any work done with your cock so hard?"
You heard the air rush out of his lungs as you pulled the zipper down, feeling his strong thighs tense beneath yours. "Still fucking teasing me," he groaned as your hand grasped the band of his underwear to move it down. "Fuck, honey."
You smiled as you grasped his cock and pulled him free. Holding him in your hand, your fist went tight. You rubbed your thumb across the head as you leaned back and glanced down. The thickness of him never ceased to amaze you. It made your mouth water.
“I told you I'm not going to tease you," you reminded him as you twisted your wrist. "I’m going to jerk you off until you’re begging me to stop.”  
Andy was amazing. Addicting. How could not worship him? You ignored how soaked your panties were as you pumped your hand because this was about him. And after so many nights of him bringing you over the edge multiple times, it was time to return the favor.
"Fuck, honey. Faster," he groaned, his hips rocking as you worked him in even strokes.
"No," you laughed softly. "You have no patience right now, Mr. Barber, and that won't do. Just like my pussy is yours, this is my cock. I'll go as fast or slow as I please."
There was no mistaking the growl this time. He sounded impressed that you took control. "I'm ruining my pussy the second I'm done-"
"The second you're done what? Coming?" you questioned, kissing his cheek as you brushed the head of his cock again. Feeling him leak for you had you lightly grinding your own hips. "I told you. Until you beg me to stop, your cock isn't leaving my hand."
His hips bucked hard enough to rock the chair, his moan low and deep. "You think I won't fuck you with my fingers? Or make you ride my thigh until you gush on these pants?"
"That would be a shame," you sighed, feeling more precum slide across your fingers. "I like these pants… But it would be fun to ruin them the way you ruined me. Just like I want to ruin you."
His head fell back as he could look in your eyes, his hips starting to lose their rhythm. "I was ruined the moment you walked into my life," he breathed.
You whimpered, wanting so badly to take him into your quivering cunt at his words. "Later," you thought because your release didn't matter. But his… "Prove it. Make a mess on my hand. C'mon, hotshot. Do it. Come."
He whined, actually whined, for you as his cock pulsed, shuddering as you watched his release spread between you both. Some of it landed on your hand as you finished stroking him, hot and searing. You wanted to taste every drop as he came down. 
"Fuck…" he panted as his shoulders slumped, catching his breath. 
As you pulled your hand away, you quickly replaced it with the other. 
"What…" he gasped as you brought it to your lips.
"Beg me," you whispered as you began to clean your fingers. "That's an order, Mr. Barber."
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Tumblr media
wanna be yours ; andy barber
just a small drable.
warnings: slight smut, angst, mentions of cheating, age gap!
pairings: andy barber x reader
fingers tangled together, as he laid next to you, his free arm stroking your hair, as you listened to his heartbeat, which sounded normal. You two loved each other.
Love can be in any form. Love is never easy, and you both were suffering through it. Every night, he'd be next to you, his scent would be enough for you to calm down.
Things weren't easy as they looked. You were younger than him, having a 22 year old difference between the two, will always be questioned everywhere.
So the best you two could do was hide it, putting a curtain on your relationship with him. You knew how worse it would be later, but none of you cared about it.
Right now, you two were bare, only covered with the white, silk sheets, his lips on your head, as he pressed gentle kisses on your head, as you walked on the road of complicity of yours and his relationship again.
“What're you thinking, my love?” He asked, his voice, calm and raspy. You sighed, and looked up to meet his eyes, he smiled, getting the idea of what was inside your head
“nothing, my love.” You answered, knowing that he knew what you were thinking. He was a man, with a dark life. Wife never loved him, son never cared about him even though he would lay his life for them.
So, when both of you were covered with this much of darkness, the bridge seems to be the light that brightened both of your lives. It was destined that you'd end up like this.
He was in the spot, where he had two roads, one was losing you, and he'd have everything. The other was losing everything and have you. He was losing his everything on both the roads.
He pressed a kiss on your lips, his one hand, cupping your face, and pulling you closer. You melted in that kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck, to pull him closer.
His other hand, tangled with yours, as he showed you how much he loved you, how much you mean to him. You chanted his name, which he was addicted to. Your lips addicting him, he never left them. This will be the last time, you both knew, but acted like it wasn't.
“just wanna be yours.” He breathes, resting his forehead on yours, as tears ran out and fell on his cheeks, falling on your cheek. Seeing him like that, you too were emotional.
He kissed you again, tears still falling and he looks at you, as you try your hardest to he strong.
“I am yours.” You said, and he smiles, before he kisses you again, and leaves you forever, going back to his so-called happy family, of three including him, A broken- husband / father, a Son who was depressed, and a wife and a mother who was playing games on their family.
AN: idk why i made this, but im in a ✨angsty✨ mood for a few days and if you wanna really get in your feels listen to i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys
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Tumblr media
X Reader
Power went out. I got bored. So… have an edit?
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so many thoughts about dadsbestfriend!andy here is one that's been eating at me all day: this 'bout a full fic bc i just-
pairing: dadsbestfriend!andy x reader
warnings: 18+, adultery, age gap (reader mid 20's), mentions of oral (f & m) & unprotected sex, not edited
finally home from university after completing your bachelor's degree, your mom hosts a family dinner with close friends and immediate family. the barbers walk through the front door- andy locks eyes with you instantly.
the vivid flashbacks from your last encounter- drunkenly fooling around while your parents were out of town for spring break. he came over to check the house, not knowing you were staying home.
what was supposed to only be a quick catch-up and a quick drink spiraled into a few bottles of wine and andy's mouth, sucking your clit on the staircase. then the next day later, finishing the job by sleeping with him in your childhood bedroom.
an overly confident smile appears across his face, shaking hands with you.
"it must've been forever since you've seen Y/N!" your mom exclaims,
the friendly encounter kept strictly between the two of you- but the images still flash your mind as his handshake lingers a little too long. blaming it on zoning out on the tv behind you, you pull your hand away. andy flashes a quick smirk before joining your dad in the kitchen to finish dinner.
as you set the table with your sister, you overhear the conversation between your mom and laurie.
"i don't know what's gotten into him, but he's just been- excited a lot. i think he's cheating, beth." you drop the rest of the plates on the table, causing a loud clang.
andy and your dad poke their head through the archway, asking if you're okay- you nod and pick up the broken pieces to the plate.
when taking the glass shards to the trash can outside, andy follows behind you.
"she knows." you mutter under your breath, pushing past him.
andy catches your arm, pulling you back behind the wall.
"who?" playing dumb, his hands wander underneath your shirt- making your body cover in goosebumps.
"your wife," he laughs, leaning down, kissing your neck and jaw before landing on your lips
"she accuses me of cheating every other month. i tell her no. rail her. then go back not touching each other till the next accusation." the thought of him touching her the way he touched you made your skin crawl and your blood boil.
"you jealous?" he chuckles, slipping his fingers inside your jeans.
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Okay, how about Andy losing Evie in Target. Panic ensues but only to find her having animated conversation with stuffed pooh bear because pooh is for life 👻
enjoy a tiny chaotic dad!andy drabble, friend <3
Tumblr media
pairing: andy barber x reader, andy barber x daughter
warnings: losing a child in the store lol
word count: ~700
Andy roamed the toy section with Evie figuring that would be more fun for her than watching you pick out the baby shower gift you went to the store for. He weaved in and out of the aisles with her, letting her stop and play with things along the way, anything to keep her occupied until you were ready to go.
Walking out of one aisle, he felt his phone vibrate, a text from you lighting the screen, letting him know you found what you were looking for. He responded telling you where they were so you could meet back up with them.
In the process, he had skipped a couple aisles while he was looking down at his phone. Walking down a new one, some My Little Pony toys caught his eye. “Oh, look at these sweetie–” His voice trailed off when he looked down beside him, and your daughter wasn't there. “Evie?” He frantically looked around, peeking his head outside of the aisle to see if she had just wandered a little, but didn't see her. “Damn it.”
He knew she couldn't have gone far–his panic at this point more about you finding out he lost her at all–so he stepped out to retrace his steps quickly, but bumped into an employee instead.
“I'm sorry, sir,” the young girl said, but Andy just put on a smile and waved her off politely. “Can I help you find anything?”
Yeah, my daughter, he thought to himself. “No, just browsing for my kids,” he lied.
The short interaction was enough to hold him up long enough for you to find him, standing where he said he'd be, but you didn't see Evie. “Hey–”
“Hey,” he cut you off, turning around to you. “Hey honey, did you find a gift all right?”
“Yes,” you answered slowly, looking around. “Where's Evie?”
“Around here somewhere…”
“Somewhere? Andy… You lost her?”
“I wouldn't say I lost her,” he tried to defend himself, scratching his beard while he thought of a better way to say it. “More like misplaced her.”
“Oh my God,” you laughed, playfully pushing him aside so you could look for her. “Just find her.”
He went one way and you went the other, figuring one of you would run into her. Hearing quiet talking and giggling, you turned the corner a couple aisles down and found her sitting on the floor in front of a stuffed Winnie the Pooh.
“Evie,” you let out a quiet breath of relief, kneeling down to her level. “Sweetie–”
“Hi mommy,” she smiled, not having a single clue about the panic she caused her dad.
“Hi,” you chuckle. “What are you doing here alone? You know you're supposed to stay with daddy.”
“I did…” She looked at you, a look of confusion on her face. “I didn't leave daddy. He walked away from me, so I stayed here waiting for him.”
By then Andy had caught up to you, standing on the other side of the aisle watching you guys.
“I see,” you nodded, glaring at him. He had a faux look of deep thought, pretending to think when he would have walked away from her, but he knew that was the aisle he walked out of when he looked at his phone to text you. “I'll have to talk to him about that, huh?”
You helped her off the floor so you guys could get going, but she stopped until you looked down at her. “Can I take Pooh home?”
Glancing at Andy, then back down at her, you smiled. “Yeah baby, let daddy carry it for you,” you suggested since it was so big. “And pay for it since he owes you,” you added quietly, sticking your tongue out at Andy.
He carried your gift items and the stuffed bear while you carried Evie as you walked toward the checkouts.
“I'm sorry,” he apologized, putting on a little pout for good measure. He gave you a kiss on the cheek too.
“Hey, you can't kiss your way out of misplacing our daughter,” you laughed, bumping your hip against this.
“Yes I can,” he argued, giving you another kiss on your temple this time, and one on your cheek again.
“Okay, okay, we’re in public,” you giggled. “You're forgiven, but I want a lot more kisses when we're home and she's down for her nap.”
He returned the wink you gave him. “Yes ma'am."
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𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐭 𝐡𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
pairing || andy barber x fem!reader
word count || 3,865
summary || you and andy have been sneaking around for months and soon it might catch up to you two
warnings || drinking, throwing up, oral, reader has twins, andy cheating on laurie, oral receiving, oral giving, couch sex, making dinner, eating dinner, over the counter sex, taking care of teenagers, andy buying you stuff, beach house, beach house sex, name calling, breeding, ass fingering, pussy fingering
For three months, three whole months you had been sneaking around with your kids’ friends' father Andy. You met him at parents night when you noticed your son Jarren sitting next to Jacob. The two of them not even paying attention to what was going on, Jarren and Jaocb eyeing your daughter, Carmen’s friend group. Andy walked to you to introduce himself. His charm instantly drawing you in, the Boston accent making you instantly swoon.
You noticed his ring but when you asked about Jacob’s mother, he told you it was complicated. Weeks later you and Andy went out for lunch and seemed to get closer and closer, the same way your children were, until the night he showed up at your doorstep, drunk as hell.
“Andy...Jacob’s not here tonight, the kids went to a sleepover.”
“I know, that’s not why I’m here.”  his speech slurred and the beer bottle in his hand.
“Why are you…”
Before you could even finish your sentence, you could see the expression on his face, tears flowing and cheeks starting to puff, you took his hand and brought him inside to the bathroom where he began to throw up into the toilet. You grabbed the beer bottle and rubbed his back.
“How much have you had tonight?”
He sniffled before looking up at you with red eyes. “Enough.”
You chuckled and grabbed a towel for him and a toothbrush, standing him up once he finished, flushing the toilet and brushing his teeth for him. As you looked at him you couldn’t help but stare at his eyes, the redness from tears shadowed by hurt and pain.
Soon you were able to place him on the couch.
“You wanna tell me why you’re here?”
He nodded and took a deep breath, closing his eyes but stayed silent for what felt like minutes. You looked down at your hands and then at his. “Does it have anything to do with that?” You pointed to naked left hand, his ring gone.
“I took my ring off because I don’t love her, I can’t love her.” You nodded and he looked you, love in his eyes and you knew what he wanted to say but his eyes slowly began to close as you heard him say the three magic words and before they came out, a light snore continued to come from his mouth, you sighed softly and stood up, grabbing a blanket to place on him before going to your bedroom.
The next morning you woke up, pouring coffee into two cups as you heard him groan. You walked over, handing him the cup. “Morning sunshine.”
He took the cup looking at you, eyes puffy. “Thank you.”
You nodded and sat down, taking a sip of your own before putting it down and running your hands over your head then glancing at him. You hadn’t even realized he had been looking back at you, as he placed his cup next to yours, refusing to break eye contact. It wasn’t until he kissed you, you realized what was happening, but you didn’t stop, not caring, letting Andy take you in his strong arms.
He rested his face in the crook of your neck and shoulder and breathing deep your scent, the smell of soap and shampoo from your shower less than an hour ago.
Breathing against your skin he felt a small tremor run up your spine as his breath tickled your neck. He could tell that you were aroused, the fact that you let him into you, told him so. Nuzzling against your neck, he softly trails kisses along the exposed skin of your neck, moving softly and gently and savouring each moment as he knows you are. He placed one sensuous suckle against the pulse in your neck, gently scraping his teeth against your skin as you tilt your head to the side to allow him better access to your soft, smooth skin.
You raise a hand up to his head, running your fingers through his hair as he kisses up and down your neck, suckling gently and biting ever so softly, just allowing you to feel his teeth on your skin as your breath begins to get shallow and a steady heat begins to spread throughout your body. Your fingers are tugging at his hair now, trying to make him go further.
You want him. This thought races through your head as a single and unchanging truth. Your body is screaming at you, begging you for what it craves. You turn your head, catching his lips in a deep and passionate kiss. As you pull away he looks into your eyes, clouded with desire and telling him what you want. You twist your body slightly, shifting and seeming to float back to lay down on the couch while at the same time pulling him over the backrest and down onto your body. You are just now noticing his nakedness, his erection pressed against your stomach where your shirt has bunched up, pre-cum leaking from the head to rub against your skin. His knee rests on the couch pillow, between your legs and pressed against your burning core as you begin to rub yourself against his leg, his erection rubbing against your stomach and driving him wild.
He bent down to kiss you, his own hunger and desire bursting forth as he grinds his leg back into you. You moan softly in the back of your throat as his actions bring your desire closer to the surface. You're moaning into the kiss as your hands begin to unbutton your shirt, your hips bucking against his thigh as you both begin to feel hotter and hotter.
He groans as the friction between his cock and your stomach grows, becoming unbearable as he reaches down and grip your hips, holding you still as he shifts down your body.
He comes to rest facing your black lace panties, red trim outlining roses around the waist band. He bent his neck and kisses your sex through your panties, a hint of moisture already beginning to seep into them. He grins up at you, momentarily stunned by just how gorgeous you look at this moment: a faint heat of arousal on your cheeks and your breath coming in short bursts while you lay back, staring down at him over your exposed breasts, your shirt lying open around you and one hand slowly fondling your breast. He softly whispers to you, "I need you, you are absolutely gorgeous." Before you even have a chance to reply he dips his head, pulling your panties to the side and latching his lips onto your clit, already exposed and begging for attention.
Andy moved his hand right to your clit and gently rubbed it. Two fingers easily slid into your pussy and you let a low moan out as he finger-fucked you for a while. He decided to move more quickly now that you were exposed in front of him
Then he lowered his mouth to your pussy and enjoyed tasting as he licked it and inserted his tongue as far as he could into your warm cavern. After a few minutes of stimulation, as he rubbed your clit and you began to shake and he knew you were on the verge of a nice climax. You shuttered and moaned as he continued. Then you reached down and rubbed your clit too. You enjoyed your climax for quite a while. And all the time you massaged your clit as you let out soft sounds of pleasure.
Maintaining eye contact the whole time. You reach around his neck and sit back down on his lap. You start grinding on his hard cock between your legs. While grinding the length of his cock up and down slowly, You moan, slightly annoyed, but you don't mind riding it out because there's no rush, you have all the time to grind and tease as you want, until you realize the kids would be back from the sleepover. “Andy, it’s 11:30, they’ll be home soon.”
He leans down, so close to your neck as he plants gentle kisses right under your ear. Hearing you moan and feeling his hot breath on your neck makes it very clear that you’re reaching the point of no return, both of you so exhausted from the week but still so aroused by each other. “We have time, it’s okay.”
Finally, he pulls down his boxers just far enough to reach out his stiff cock, and without hesitation, he slides his cock in your dripping wet pussy. He inches in slowly, taking his sweet time. Your pussy feeling so tight wrapping around his cock as he scoots himself further and further in. By the time his whole cock is in you, you're well on my way to sinking your nails into his shoulders and breathing deep again. He starts grinding your hips on his cock back and forth, back and forth while he is still fully in you. Your clit rubbing the base of his cock which adds to the mind-blowing sensation you’re feeling.
He looks up to read your face as he starts thrusting you gently, just testing the waters to see if you want to go faster. "Slow baby, just slow.” you moan as he slows the pace right away. Barely shifting in and out, more of a grind by this time, A few more gentle grinds and you feel as though you’re about to cum.
However, you know what he wants and you know he wants to fuck you hard. The way he could keep an eye on your ass and your ankles while he rammed into you like an animal, and in due time you wanted that too. You continued to fuck you slowly as you threw your head back, closing your eyes as the pleasure became so powerful. You can feel the shiver start from the tip of your clit as it travels up, your orgasm so close. All you could do wwas tighten your legs together and brace yourself for your cum to mix together because feeling his cock thumping and throbbing was all it took to know that he was ready to release. You couldn’t believe he was already ready to cum from the slow sensual fuck, that the pressure from the week was so intense that all it took was a simple grinding-like, down-to-the-point fuck to make him melt into you.
He starts to moan in spurs as he moves his forehead to yours. He was going to cum in you and as much as you should have stopped it and denied it, you didn’t want it. You yelled out, begging him to do it, to make you feel his hot juices lining the walls of your pussy, making your body sweat at the thought of his cocky exploding itself all over you. His muscles contract as he is beginning to cum and it sends you over the top. Feeling him twitch and reach the deepest part of you with his cum makes your orgasm and shake as your whole body overflows with a distinct yet so familiar sensation.
You look at each other knowing there would be a part two and more later but before you could process that he took the wedding band out of the pocket from his pants he had on, along with a chain, unlatching it and putting it around your neck. You looked at the ring, engraved on the inside was his full name. “Never, take this off.”
Ever since that first time, your kids became inseparable, and you and hand decided you work late, which meant just having car sex near some late on at his lake house that he would take the five of you two, maybe Laurie knew, maybe she didn’t but you didn’t care. She couldn’t be that stupid and naive to not realize her husband wasn’t wearing his ring and the first time you met her, the ring that was around your neck, was his.
“I love your jewelry! Where did you get it from?” Her pale finger, pointing to the necklace that her husband made for you.
“Someone special made it for me.”
“It’s absolutely gorgeous, my husband’s wedding band looks kind of like that, he even has his name engraved on the inside of him, I’m Laurie Barber, Jacob’s mother.”
“Y/N Taylor, Carmen and Jarren’s mother.” You smiled at her and nodded.
“It’s so nice to meet you Y/N”
“It’s Ms.Taylor” You smirked and walked away going to greet your kids. Of course instantly thought the feelings would be mutual, your kids were friends, Jacob was always over your place and talking about the twins to his father yet Laurie had never seen them or their mother a day in her life, until now. She stood there stunned before turning to Jacob and scratching her head. “C’mon bud, time to go home.”
“Uh, actually, I’m hanging with the Taylor’s tonight, Dad and Y/N planned something for us.”
“Jacob, it’s Ms.Taylor.
“She said I can call her Y/N”
Laurie tilted her head and faked her smile nodding to him and then sighed. “Your dad didn’t tell me anything about this…”
“It was a surprise, he just told us before we got here.”
“You talked to your father? He didn’t pick up any of my calls.”
“Maybe he’s busy at work.”
“Yeah, of course champ... busy at work.”
Jacob nodded and looked back at his friends then to his mom. “I kind of have to go... m-mom…” he hesitated on the name, not sure if he would even call her that anymore. You felt more like a mom to him than Laurie, the past three months proved that. This was the first school event she had ever come to. This was the first time she had ever seen Carmen and Jarren and didn’t even introduce herself.
“Right, uhm, text me all her information and tell your dad you call me.”
He nodded and waved to her before walking away. She watched him and it felt like she lost a third of her world and was slowly losing the second third of it. She watched her son walk away until he was completely out of eyesight before taking out her phone to call her husband’s work number which continued to ring and ring all four times she called it, she moved on to the house phone, twice, and then his cell, three times, until she texted him the simple words.
‘I love you’
Andy waited by the car, looking at his phone, sighing and deleting the message before hearing the voice of the three kids and you, smiling at the sweet sound, he gave you a hug and kissed your cheek.
“You’re not very discreet.” Jarren looked at Andy and then to you. “Jare, shut up!” Carmen pushed her brother into the car and followed in behind him.
“Jake, what did you tell your mom?”
“That you were probably, I’m glad that you’re happy with Y/N but Laurie won’t stop asking me and talking to me until you say something.”
Andy nodded and ruffled his son’s hair and smiled. “I know kiddo, I know.” Jacob got into the car and Andy moved to you on the passenger side.
“I met Miss Laurie Barber.” you raised an eyebrow and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he put his around your waist. He groaned at the sentence, the guilt wasn’t anything he felt. Andy knew what he wanted, it was you.
“Maybe we shouldn’t keep saying that last name.”
“Last time I checked she was a Barber.”
“Soon to be an ex-Barber.”
You smiled softly at him and nodded. “Well Mister Assistant District Attorney, I think you’ve made that clear.” You touched the necklace of his ring and he nodded. “Remember, Lawyers have boundaries.” You chuckled and nodded, finishing the quote with him “I don’t. Not anymore.” He nodded with you. “That’s my girl.” He kisses you and pressed another to your forehead before opening your car door, waiting for you to be in before closing it and going to the drivers side, leaving the event.
Andy had been anticipating your rendezvous for days, anxiously thinking about you as he worked and did what he needed to do before grabbing a rental car to drive you all to the beach house. It was cool but the sun was warm and the wind was brisk as you stepped into the beautiful place, the size enough to fit a family of ten. There was a gazebo across and a small cottage on the left side, it was cozy and it was more than what you had imagined. Instantly the kids ran to the cottage while you and Andy got dinner ready. It took a while to get there and by the time you did the sun was setting.
You glanced at the clock seeing the time and decided to make a risotto. Gathering the ingredients, Andy poured the both of you a glass of wine which seemed justifiable considering the day you had after meeting Laurie, plus the recipe needed a glass. He turned on your favorite playlist as you began to sing along as you prepared the vegetables. You placed the dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on. You filled the kettle, switched it on and returned to the stove, stirring the rice slowly. You filled the sink to wash the glassware, singing your favorite song beginning to move around a belt out.
You heard a glass hit the counter and his hands wrap around your waist, leaning into his chest, smiling contently. You tried to turn around to look at him but he stopped you.
"Stay there" he growled "I need to fuck you, now." He wasted no time before your dress was lifted over her ass and his hand made contact with your skin several times.
"Mmmm," he murmured his appreciation as he fingered the lace of your stockings.
"Nice. Good girl."
He pressed his cock against your ass. It was hard and hot and you wanted it.
"I just need to turn down..."
"You need to do nothing." He spanked you again "other than take this"
He pulled your black satin panties out the way and forced his engorged cock into your and fucked you against the kitchen sink. He grabbed you hard by the hips, pulling you onto his cock, seemingly forcing it into you further and harder each time.
Your body tingles all over, and he knew it. He reached for your tits - grabbing each in turn, squeezing your nipples making you gasp and wince.
"You want it, I’ve dying to bring you here and fuck that slutty pussy, you want it just as bad as I do."
You couldn't deny it. He'd taken you by surprise but now...
"Yes" you muttered breathlessly. "Yes, I want it"
"Oh I know you fucking do, otherwise why else would you have worn those fucking shoes, Slut?"
You'd completely forgotten that you wore the white ones today. The ones you’d laughed at together when he bought them for you. He'd said at the time "They'll make you the perfect height for me fucking you standing up." he'd winked at you and you’d laughed - but you'd forgotten all about it - until now.
"You'd do anything to please me wouldn't you? You're such a good slut for me letting me fuck you without hesitation."
You could only nod in agreement. As you did so he grabbed her neck in his strong hand, he pulled her head back and whispered in her ear.
"You're going to feel my cum coat, your delicious slutty cunt and then you're going to pull your dress back down and finish dinner"
He let go of your neck, both hands on your thighs, nails digging into your flesh as his cock pounded into your pussy. You were so wet and clung on tightly to the sink, feeling the orgasm building in you but knowing you shouldn’t cum yet.
He thrust himself into you again and again and the sensational feeling you knew was on the verge.
“Cum for your dirty little mistress, give me it, please.” A low and long moan escaped from his lips the same time as you felt his cum shoot into you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close as you began to recover. He pulled out of you and replaced his jeans before adjusting your outfit, the food starting to finish. You set the table and looked down, feeling the cum leak from your leg. Andy shook his head. “Keep it in.”
Throughout the rest of dinner, it was hard to stay composed but you did it. If you didn't, not only would that have been embarrassing but probably humiliating to the kids, after you all cleaned up together, you sat in the living room, you and Andy drinking a beer, the kids on the floor as you guys watched reruns of The Nanny and Martin. Feeling content and happy, you looked over, seeing the wrinkles next to Andy’s eyes as he looked at the kids, smiling. He was happy, having the five of you together made him happy.
Once that was over, the kids went out to the beach, you and Andy, kept the lights on for them, but they seemed to be occupied by a bonfire they created with some other teens they met at the beach.
You laid on the bed with Andy, his hands trailing up and down your thigh as he kissed your arm. After your moment from earlier you wanted more. He lifted your lega a bit to cross his. His cock found the folds of your pussy and with a quick thrust, he’s in you. You groan back in your throat, eyelids fluttering with each thrust, he rubs your clit from the front as he fucks toy from behind.
He shifts you on your stomach, your face in the pillow and your ass up just enough so he can reach and toy with your clit. Now he’s able to give you the full length of his cock from tip to base. His pace quickens, pounding into you harder. His balls are feeling full and now you can feel them hit your labia as he thrusts. His fingers moved from your clit to your asshole, rubbing slow circles and your moans are loud but muffled into the pillow.
Soon he could feel your pussy contract around his cock and can sense you’re about to cum. It builds in slow waves, like the ocean outside and then hits you in one final surge. Something inside him, let’s go and his control is lost, he comes deep into you, filling you up. He collapses on his back, his cock still inside you, a luxurious feeling for the both of you, slippery and sensuous.
You talked a bit more, but soon the sea breeze lulled you to sleep. You spooned close together again. More sensuous dreams fill your heads until morning, when dreams become more.
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fallinforevans · 2 days ago
hi besties! today is #slutty sleepover 🥰
take a look at my weekly schedule ༉‧₊˚✧
scan through my request guidelines to see who i write for to give you a better idea of what to send in <3
SUNDAY ; anything is up for discussion & like any other sleepovers i have had you can send in fmk (kiss or kill), would you rather, & headcanon/moodboard requests. #slutty sleepovers
so starting now you can send in any of the above or whatever you’d like. however, for headcanons i don’t think i will get to them until next week so jus towel that in mind.
18+only! no minors allowed to interact with my blog.
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worksby-d · 4 days ago
Keep It On
Tumblr media
Pairing: Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: A morning with Andy… aka he fucks you while you wear his hoodie.
Warnings: Pretty much PWP, couch sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, implied cockwarming, extremely self indulgent because I can't stop thinking about his cute zip up, 18+
Word count: ~1,200
Tiptoeing down the stairs, the living room is quiet and still, the only light being that of the sun shining through the curtains covering the windows. By the looks of it, Andy just got home from the gym – his hair a little mussed, and still just wearing his t-shirt and joggers.
“Look who decided to get up,” he teases, looking up from his phone and putting it on the table as you appear in front of him.
“Shut up, it’s only 10:00,” you scoff playfully, followed by a yawn. Sitting yourself on the sofa next to him, you drape your legs over his and wrap your arms around his middle, resting your head on his shoulder. “Sorry we’re not all overachievers who work out every morning.”
“Right,” he chuckles, pressing a kiss to your hair. “Good morning,” he whispers more seriously now, his fingers stroking softly along your bare thigh. You just hum in response, still sleepy. Glancing down at you, he furrows his brow upon noticing what you're wearing – your pajama shorts and a zip up with nothing underneath that he can tell. “Are you wearing my hoodie?”
Lifting your head, you offer him a wink. “Yeah, you're not wearing it, so someone else might as well.”
“Thief. I'm not wearing it because it's hot,” he explains. “Finally feels like summer today.”
“Well, it’s chilly in here,” you shrug and put on your best pout. “Woke up cold because you left me for some sweaty gym.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” he mimics your pout. “Can I make it up to you?”
“Yes please?"
Closing the small gap between you guys, your lips collide with his in a slow kiss, gentle at first. That's until his hands find your hips, pulling you up so you can straddle his legs.
Subtly moving your hips, you sigh feeling his bulge against you, and break the kiss, pulling away enough to take a breath. His lips move to your neck, and your hands come up to the zipper on the sweater, but you don't get it unzipped very far at all before one of his hands is on yours, keeping you from taking it off.
“Keep it on,” he mumbles against your neck, punctuating his demand with a teasing bite, his teeth barely grazing against your skin, but enough to elicit a surprised moan from you.
“I knew you liked me in your clothes,” you smirk, settling instead for reaching for the hem of his shirt to pull it off of him.
Helping you out of your shorts and underwear, he then swiftly stands up, setting you back on the couch on your knees, your hands going to the back of it for support.
Behind you, you hear him quickly take his pants off. One hand wraps around his cock, stroking himself lazily, while his other hand presses against your back, pushing you down so you’re bent over, back arched, giving him a good view of your pussy.
“Mm, look at you,” he muses. His hand moves to your hip as he positions himself right up behind you. Your fingers flex, scratching at the cushion, and your head drops, forehead resting against the back of your hand, when you feel the tip of his cock nudging against your folds.
“Andy,” you sigh, pushing back slightly against him, needing to feel more.
He lets you beg for it while he teases the head of his cock along your slit, tapping it against your clit, making you already clench around nothing.
“Ah–” You gasp, finally feeling him thrust into you, both of his hands on your hips now, keeping you in place as you feel inch by inch of his length sinking into you.
Pulling his hips back, he almost pulls out of you completely before snapping them forward again, making you cry out. His thrusts fall into a steady rhythm after that.
“Oh my God–”
“You feel so good–”
You both groan at the same time, his pace picking up a bit.
“Harder,” you beg, reaching a hand back to grasp at his hip and pull him toward you.
He wordlessly obeys your request, but grabs your wrist and pins your arm behind your back, giving him leverage to pull himself against you harder.
Your breathy moans and the quivering of your thighs tell him you’re close.
“Baby, I'm gonna–”
“Do it, angel,” he pants, dropping his other hand down, two fingers pressing against your clit. “Let go for me.”
With his encouragement and his fingers rubbing tight circles against your clit, you come with a choked moan, toes curling as he fucks you through it.
Letting go of your wrist, his hand slips under the sweater to rub your back, letting his touch calm you down as he slowly pulls out of you. “Good girl,” he praises. “Come here.”
He helps you stand up, your legs shaky as you push yourself off the couch. You're donning a blissful smile when you turn to face him, leaning forward to kiss him.
“My pretty girl,” he smiles, brushing his nose against yours when he pulls away. He turns so he can sit down, pulling you down to straddle him again. “Wanna see your pretty face when you come this time.”
Your lips meet his again while your hand reaches between your bodies to find his cock. Wrapping your hand around his length, you stroke him slowly, teasingly, swallowing the groans he emits.
Lifting yourself up, you place your hands on his shoulders and begin to sink down onto him, your walls fluttering around him, still sensitive from moments ago.
“Fuck,” he sighs, dropping his head back for a second. “There you go.” His hands rest on your back to keep you close as you begin rolling your hips. “Just like that.”
Continuing to ride him like that, he rests his forehead against yours, sweet praises falling from his lips as he watches the look of pleasure wash over your face–your eyes flitting shut, your mouth dropping slightly agape.
Sliding his hands down to your hips, he holds you in place, taking over again. He thrusts up into you, lewd sounds of skin hitting skin filling the room.
“Need you to come again, sweetheart,” he grunts. “Wanna feel you. I'm right there with you.”
Your head falls back as your second orgasm takes over you, the heat in the pit of your stomach spreading across your body in waves, your walls clenching around his cock and pulling him over the edge with you.
Both of your movements coming to a halt, your arms fall to wrap around his middle, and you drop your face against his shoulder, his resting against your neck. His warm, heavy breaths against your skin are the first sensation you feel when you calm down.
Neither of you make an effort to move, both melting into each other's embraces.
“Come shower with me,” he murmurs eventually, lifting his head up, prompting you to do the same so you can look at him.
“We’re not going anywhere. I wanna take a nap.”
“You just woke up,” he snorts.
“You wore me out,” you pout again, giving him a peck on the lips. “That's your fault.”
Tag list: @chris-butt @patzammit @denisemarieangelina @thummbelina @pppsssyyyccchhhiiiccc @princess-evans-addict @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @la-cey @turtoix @katiew1973 @harrysthiccthighss @tvckerlance @bluemusickid @rocketrhap3000 @mrspeacem1nusone @flovds @starlightcrystalline @stargazingfangirl18 @geminievans1 @doozywoozy @americasass91 @dwights-new-plague @wwwmarissa92 @redhairedfeistynerd @whxre4cevans @aubreeskailynn @white-wolf1940 @melchills-j @xoxabs88xox @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @before-we-get-started @chrissquares @sohosteve @ice-dtae
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angrythingstarlight · 4 days ago
THIS with senator!andy yes pls 🥵🥵
Title: A Welcome Distraction
Summary: Andy’s hard at work but you decide he needs a little distraction to help get him through a rough day. 
Tumblr media
 Pairing: Senator!Andy x Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+, cockwarming, dom/sub vibes, cocky Andy
A/N: Do not copy, rewrite, translate or repost my work. Even if you credit me. Minors DNI. Likes, comments and reblogs are always welcome. I’ll edit this in the morning. 
Andy commands the Senate floor, his very presence drawing everyone’s attention as he defends his point. Of course, he always has your attention but there’s something about him making people sit up and listen to him that drives you wild.
He’s constantly in control no matter how intense or divisive the hearings get.
When it’s his turn to speak, that’s when he takes over the room, his sharp blue eyes sweeping across the enthralled audience as if he’s inviting dissentience, his cold, domineering smirk challenging his adversaries to interrupt him. They never do.
Andy prefers you tucked away in his office on those days, needing you close so that when he’s finished, he can take out his pent-up aggression on your willing body. Sometimes you’ll watch his soundbites on your phone while you get ready for him. Each time he raises his voice, a throbbing ache forms between your thighs, your panties getting wetter and wetter as he admonishes the majority leader as he was a child. His charismatic power is enthralling. By the time Andy finishes, you’re practically soaking his expensive leather chair.
This week, everyone is working from home. Which means you get to see your man work up close and personal.
Andy’s been in meeting after meeting since this morning, he hardly had time to finish his omelet before his phone went off. One chaste kiss on your forehead, and he was off to handle business.
You were on your way to ask him if he was going to take a break when you heard him. With the authoritative lilt of his rich, deep voice reverberating through the hallway, you can practically feel his words on your skin. He’s aggravated, you can feel it rolling off him with each sharply spoken word.
The last time he was furious-
“Oh fuc-” Andy covered your mouth with his large hand, stifling your cries.
“Shh honey,” he sighed in your ear, “you don’t want everyone to know what a greedy girl you are, do you?”
He picked up your leg with his other hand, spreading you even wider, his vigorous strokes had you keening. Your barely muffled cries of right there, god right there, so good louder and louder into his warm palm, as pleasure crashed into you with each snap of his hips. You were so close to your orgasm when Andy stilled his hips, you cried, searching for him over your shoulder as you felt it slip away.
Andy glanced down at your naked body with a dark smirk, he removed his hand from your mouth and straightened the front of his three-piece charcoal gray suit. “Fuck yourself on my cock if you wanna cum,” he instructed with a stinging slap on your ass. “Look at me while you do it.”
You placed your hands on his desk and swayed back, biting your lip to hold in your moans as you worked yourself on his thick cock. Andy stared into your eyes murmuring breathy praises good girl, use me honey, there you go, there you go honey as you slammed into him.
You were teetering on the edge of euphoria when he tilted his head.
“Do I have a meeting in five minutes?” Andy questioned as people congregated outside his office, their shadows forming under the space of the door.
“You know, I don’t think I locked my door.”
He chuckled when your eyes widened, your cunt clenching down at the thought of being caught fucking the Senator. “You better cum right now before you find out.”
Andy’s raised voice cuts through your daze. He needs a little distraction, a mood booster. And you know how to help.
You pull your oversized t-shirt over your head, letting it flutter to the floor. Easing open the door, the scents of his cologne with the faint hints of coffee fill your nose. You smile, gazing at his strong profile, his brows furrowed as he taps his pen on his yellow notepad.
You place your hands behind your back, pushing your breasts up and then clear your throat.
Andy turns his head, a smile forming on his pink lips. His face drops when he sees you, his cock hardening. His pupils dilate, lust overtaking his darkening blue eyes. He taps a button on his keyboard, muting his screen.
“Thought you could use a little pick me up.”
“Fuck me, you’re beautiful.” His appreciative tone deepening to a near growl. “You really want to help me, honey?”
You nod, clenching your thighs together. You love it when he looks at you like that as if he can’t get enough of you. 
Andy’s eyes flit to his screen, he taps another key, conversations filling the room. “How many times do I have to repeat myself, we are not slashing the budget for your vanity project.” His chair rolls back, his legs spreading in an enticing invitation. His large cock straining against the fabric of his pants.
You drop to your knees and crawl to him. Andy looks down as you get closer and he nearly breaks seeing your ass sway in the air, hiding his groan with a weak cough. Crawling between his legs, you unbuckle his belt, slowing pulling down his zipper until you can reach inside his boxers.
“I don’t care what the previous Senator promised you, I’m telling you that I am not cutting the budget. Some of us know how to count and unlike you, I don’t plan on bankrupting my state. End of discussion.”
God, he’s so arrogant, your aching cunt nearly dripping slick onto your thighs when he fires off another biting remark. Reaching inside you pull out his thick cock, wrapping your fingers around the base, every part of him is breathtaking and his long thick cock is no exception. Precum leaks down his red swollen tip, you flick your tongue across it, he tastes so good. Andy shudders when you do it again, licking up his thick shaft, tracing your tongue across the pulsating vein. Pumping his shaft, you twist your hand the way he likes, sweeping your lips across his taste.
Andy’s not in the mood to be teased today, he need you right now. He reaches down, his large hand grasping the back of your head and he guides you over his cock. Breathing through your nose, you swallow his warm, heavy length until he hits the back of your throat.
You start to bring your head up but he pushes you back down, you look up at him but he’s focused on the screen. When his hand massages your scalp, you know what he wants.
You place your arms on his thighs and close your eyes, letting his deep voice wash over you. You could stay like this for hours, keeping his warm until he can fuck your throat the way you want.  He shifts his hips up, making you softly gag around his cock, the sound bringing a grin to his face. 
Andy glances down at you, counting down the minutes until his next break. 
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sweetlyscared · 4 days ago
Pairing: Andy Barber x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+ Only, minors dni! Smut. Fluff. Grammar mistakes since this is barely edited.
Summary: You had the worst day.
Note: my day has been
🎶🎵fuuuuuucked uuuuuup🎵🎶
So y'all get this therapy drabble.
Here's a link to my Masterlist!
It wasn't uncommon for Andy to come home and find you curled in bed, sobbing.
You warned him early into your relationship that you cry. A lot.
It was how you processed things. You cried when you were angry, sad, happy, and everything in-between.
"I wasn't allowed to cry as a kid, so I'm making up for lost time," you told him one day when he found you weeping into a bowl of ice cream while watching Toy Story 3. It wasn't even the first time you'd seen the movie.
Past boyfriends made you feel like your tears were a burden, as though your emotions were too much to handle.
You're a forest fire, an ex told you. One spark and suddenly, you're melting down. It can be suffocating.
So you learned to how to be alone in those moments.
When Andy offered to take you on a date, you told him no. He was too stern, you thought. He wouldn't tolerate your blue days.
He respected your decision and kept his interactions with you polite and professional. At least, until Greg's going away party. A couple of drinks in, and you found yourself pressed against the upscale bar's bathroom wall with Andy's fingers deep in your cunt where he curled his fingers and made your body sing.
One moment, his mouth was latched onto a nipple, running a whiskey heated tongue over the stiff peak, and then a second later he was backing away slightly, those sinful fingers slipping out of your core.
"Andy?" You asked, worried if you'd done something wrong.
The lust in his eyes dimmed and he furrowed his brows.
"I'm sorry, I know you weren't interested," he said after a moment.
"It's fine," you took a step closer and he backed away.
"It's not. You're drunk, and-"
You cut him off with kiss, and you relished the way his muscles relaxed as his hands roamed your body. A playful nip at his lower lip as you pulled away had him moaning beautifully for you.
"I had two cosmos. I'm not drunk. I know what I want and I want you to fuck me."
Immediately, his eyes darkened and you were hastily lifted onto the bathroom sink where he pulled your panties to the side and dropped to his knees.
"Good, because I've been dreaming about eating this pussy for weeks."
Your first real date was getting breakfast the morning after, hoping your outfit from the night before didn't look too disheveled after being tossed into a corner of Andy's bedroom.
You'd never been more happy to be proven wrong when Andy turned out to be incredibly patient with you.
"I'm a bit of a cry baby, but I promise I'll stay out of your way whenever I'm feeling down."
Andy was always a stubborn man, and it was never more apparent than when he consistently sought you out on days where you couldn't hold it in. He'd go to your apartment, hug you close to him, and reassure you that as long as you were his, you'd never have to be alone if you didn't want to.
And so, when he found you curled in bed, he quietly took off his suit jacket and pulled his silk tie free. He laid both on a chair before crawling into bed with you and pulling you towards him.
"Do you want to talk about it?" He breathed into your hair as you nuzzled his chest.
"Just a bad day at work. I messed up some important files... Carl is really pissed at me," you murmured.
"Carl's never been happy a day in his life. It'll be okay, sweetie."
You smiled softly, your tears slowly drying. As long as you were in his arms, you knew it would be.
Note: this is so cheesy and not very good. I'm sorry my work hasn't been great lately.
I made a side blog just for fics updates, so please give it a follow: @sweetlyscared-library I promise I occasionally write better fics than this 😬
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