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#defending jacob
thecornerlot · 3 hours ago
A little drabble is in response to this ask posted on @stargazingfangirl18 blog inviting a little game of writer tag. Um, I don't know what this is. It's a wee bit dark. Well, as dark as I see Andy going.
Pairing: soft!dark Andy Barber x nurse reader.
Word count: 468
Warnings: Stalking. Obsessive behavior. Not beta read.
Tumblr media
In The Shadows
It started out innocently enough. Maybe that's how these things happen.
A kind smile that made Andy feel less alone. The updates where you translated medical jargon into manageable bites of information he could actually digest. A comforting, professional presence. The calm in the chaos his life had become. Knowing you'd keep a watchful eye over his son was the reason Andy could somewhat peacefully leave Jacob's bedside when hospital visitor hours were over. You'd arrange for him to stay longer whenever you could.
But months later Andy finds himself watching you.
It started innocently enough on a rainy Thursday night. A mindless drift into the exit he'd taken countless times before. Jacob had been discharged on a Monday afternoon and Andy had caught himself almost merging into the hospital's exit lane on Tuesday then again on Wednesday. But Thursday night he'd pulled into the hospital's parking garage before he'd realized what he'd done.
There you were, a half level up, exiting your car to start your shift. Watching you was pure adrenaline. But the fear of being caught and heat of embarrassment gave way to curiosity. This was the first time Andy had seen you outside of the sixth floor. This was the first time he'd seen you.
And Andy liked what he saw.
The shadows of the hospital garage became a refuge of sorts. He watched you arrive before your shifts, taking determined strides across the aisle. That was his favorite. Someone's world was closer to being better with each step you took. Sometimes the sleepless nights that aligned with the end of your shift were troubling, when the weight of your fatigue slowed your steps, etched in the tired lines of your face. You should have someone to care for you after a hard day of caring for everyone else. Was there someone waiting for you?
The stolen moments in concrete and dust and bad fluorescent lighting weren't enough. So he followed his curiosity one night but lost sight of your car at a stoplight. It was enough to scare him away for six days.
Six days.
He couldn't even make it through a week without seeing you.
A light tap on the window. Andy's heart is about to burst out of his ribcage. You. He didn't see you coming. Isn't that fitting?
"Is everything okay?" you ask as he opens the car door, looking worried and you should be because Andy's certain his descent into madness is now complete. "Did something happen?"
He gets out the car.
"Are you okay?"
"No," he says when you reach out your hand. "You should stay away from me."
"What?" A frown crosses your pretty features. "I don't understand."
You touch his arm, an innocent gesture. Now it's too late for either of you.
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darriness · 4 hours ago
So like, I know this is an intense show and everything but if you’re going to have America’s ass perched on a kitchen island and then angle the camera a certain way…it’s gonna pull focus.
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darriness · 5 hours ago
I now decree that Chris Evans needs to play a father in every single project he does from now on.
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christophevans · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nervous, Worry...
What a father always is.
P.w:Look at that Soft Hands, Looks like you want to kiss them.
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daydreamsteve · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
was gonna post this on my finsta but got scared so i’m putting it here <3
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christophevans · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Defending Jacob,
Okey. imagine your son killed his classmate and Late Late you enter into his room, Looking for a murder weapon.
and you still believe in you child
"oh could he do that?"
after while you finally find that knife in his bedside drawer.
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captainapple · 4 days ago
Universe Give, Universe Take (LAST)
Pairing: Andy Barber X Reader
Warnings: angst, unrequited love, heartbreak
Word counts: 700+
Summary: The final answer you and Andy have been waiting for
Part 1 || Part 2 || Masterlist
A/N: The story inspired by the song "Shouldn't Couldn't Wouldn't" by Niki (lyrics in italics) || Divider from @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
New York looked stunning at night. It is a city that never sleep. You sat on a couch, looking at the big window of your hotel room. You admitted Andy had taste in the city he picked. Andy. This name appeared the first time you looked at this city. The name that caused you heartbreak year ago. Why? – the only question that you could ask your brain.
Your finger moved itself to call Andy, numbers by numbers until it reached voice mail. You scoffed. It was dumb, but you decided to leave him a message.
Then a call on your phone came after a week. You never have to save his contact to know it was from him.
“I figured maybe we could talk?”
That word, talk, he finally understood it. Something that he should have done long ago.
Tumblr media
You wonder why suddenly I'm comin' off indifferent
What you don't seem to understand is
It's not anything you said, it's everything you didn't
There was not much coffee left in both cups, yet no conversation flowing from either of you. It began with hello, how are you, what do you want and awkward smile between you and him.
“You know it was much easier to talk when we were in LA,” you broke the silence.
Andy hummed and nodded.
“Well, are you the one who wanted to talk?”
“Right, sorry.”, he sighed. “Hey, listen, I just want to apologize. You know, I shouldn’t leave you like that.”
“Yeah. You shouldn’t.”
The tension was in the air. Andy did not expect your answer to be cold. You, on the other hand, could not even make eye contact with him nor talk like you used to do. The word sorry just never touched your heart. You, yourself, wondered where all your feelings now. It seemed void. It would be perfect if you never call, it would be great if the time jumps into the future, maybe you would find solace, instead of trapped in this moment.
Yeah, you, you always answer with
More questions to questions that scare you
We're not always peachy, look, love ain't that easy
The one word that you always wanted to ask finally came out from your mouth, “why?”.
“To be honest, I am scared. I am scared to lose you. I know the feeling of lost and I don’t want to go back to square one, ever again. The thought always appears, what if I lost you, what if you walked away, what if it doesn’t work out. But I realized it is selfish. It shouldn’t be like this. As soon as I got your messages, it made me realize, I love you too”.
You laughed coldly. The funny thing is that once you wished to the universe for him to love you back, it has always been too late.
“I wish you said that way earlier, instead of running away”.
Tumblr media
The universe always gives a way, yet it is human who late to realize it. Once it gives, it never gives it twice. It only takes away. Andy thought he deserved a second chance. Andy thought the universe shows him the other way. It does not. It just finds a way to tell him that he lost. Who would said that ‘love will find its way’? Andy felt so stupid to think that you still wait for him.
He could feel his heart sink. He should be happy for you right now, but he cannot lie. You adverted your gaze to your right hand. A ring. Something that Andy should notice when he saw you before, but he did not. It seemed his mind was playing trick on him, thinking how he could have another chance with you. That ring is a strong message. He was blinded by his own mind.
“Sorry, Andy”, you exhaled. “It just I-“
“I’m the one who should be apologizing. You’ve had enough”.
Something about his gaze should have make you sorrow. You thought you would be screaming at him and be mad for leaving you that long without an answer. However, that bubble of anger disappeared. It was something that you could not quite understand. It felt good to feel nothing.
Maybe all you need was a closure. Maybe all he need was letting go.
One thing I know, I know it for sure that it
Shouldn't be this hard
You couldn't DTR
Oh, wouldn't it be nice if we could stay friends? But we
Shouldn't, you know what I
Couldn't, 'nough's enough
If I had your heart, it wouldn't be this hard
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onscreenkisses · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
K I S S O G R A P H Y : ↳ Chris Evans (Part 1)
NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE (2001) / Chyler Leigh THE PERFECT SCORE (2004) / Erika Christensen LONDON (2005) / Jessica Biel THE NANNY DIARIES (2007) / Scarlett Johansson WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? (2011) / Anna Faris CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (2011) / Hayley Atwell BEFORE WE GO (2014) / Alice Eve PLAYING IT COOL (2015) / Michelle Monaghan AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) / Hayley Atwell DEFENDING JACOB, 1x08 (2020) / Michelle Dockery
Happy 40th Birthday, Chris!
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bellaireland1981 · 6 days ago
New Beginnings: A Christmas at Disney
Tumblr media
Summary:  Follow up to New Beginnings series- Andy and Briella head to Disney World with Jacob, Ava and Bri’s parents for Christmas. A little bit of Christmas magic mixed with a little bit of Disney magic and you never know what will happen! 
Characters: Andy Barber x Briella James (named reader), Ava James, Jacob Barber, and Briella’s parents. 
Warnings:  None- FLUFF and lots of sweetness 
Word count: 5k (it got away from me!)
**Read the series starting with Ch 1 HERE
A/N: I do not give permission to copy or post my work on any other website or platform. Reblogs are always welcome. Andy Barber and Jacob Barber are characters that do not belong to me. All other characters in this story are my own. Thank you @denisemarieangelina​ for reading and being my sounding board for all things Disney! 
“Slow down, Princess” Andy laughed as Ava all but dragged him towards the entrance to Magic Kingdom. “It’s not going anywhere.”
“Someone sure is excited to get to Disney!” Your mom laughed, walking behind with you, Jacob and your dad.
She wasn’t wrong. Ava had been a ball of excitement since you’d gotten on the plane to fly to Orlando. You were staying on property at the Contemporary Resort, so the Disney magic had started at the airport when you’d boarded the Disney bus to head to the hotel. Once you’d arrived, she’d discovered several gifts on her bed of the hotel, including a breakfast reservation with all of the princesses.
“I can’t be late to meet the princesses! Hurry!” She begged.
“We have plenty of time, Monkey” You assured her, “We have early entry to the park, and breakfast isn’t for another hour.”
That seemed to satisfy her some, as she slowed down at least. You all made your way into the park and started out on Main Street, looking in some of the shops. Soon, it was time to make your way over to breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle. Ava was beyond excited at this point. Jacob walked ahead with her, holding her hand so she didn’t get too far ahead of everyone.
“She’s in heaven.” Andy said, smiling at Ava as she interacted with all of the princesses. “I love seeing her so happy.”
“She’ll be on cloud nine for the rest of the day, and probably the trip.” You agreed.
“This just might be the highlight of her entire year.” Your dad laughed.
After breakfast, you moved through more of the park until lunch time. By then Ava was starting to get tired, so you and Andy took her back to the hotel to rest for a bit. Your parents stayed at the park with Jacob, continuing to explore the park.
Ava was already asleep when you got to the hotel. Andy carried her to the room and gently laid her on the bed.
“We’ll let her recharge her batteries and then we can head back for some more.” You said, “I know she won’t want to miss the parade or the fireworks later.”
While Ava slept, you and Andy ate a light lunch on the balcony of the room and enjoyed some quiet time together. Once Ava woke up, you got her some lunch and the three of you headed back into the park to meet up with Jacob and your parents.
You spend the afternoon going through the park,meeting all the characters, and riding as many rides as possible. By the time the parade begins, you’re convinced Ava and Jacob are both riding a permanent sugar high. You’ve never laughed so much as you did watching the two of them go through Disney together.
You snap lots of pictures of the various floats and characters as they go by. Being Christmastime, all of the floats and characters were decked out in holiday decorations. It made an already magical place, extra special.
“I love that Jake is having just as much fun as Ava, even though he’s a teenager.” Andy said, wrapping arms around you and resting his chin on your head. “I always wanted to bring him, but Laurie never seemed interested.”
“Well, we can make up for lost time now.” You promised, “We can make it our mission to visit during all of the holidays at least once. Or at least visit once in every season.”
“We may need to look at an annual pass,” Andy laughed, “But I’m sure Ava and Jacob would both like that plan.”
“I think you’re right.” You agreed, “They’ve both caught the Disney Magic, and I don’t think there’s a cure.”
“Mommy, when do the fireworks start?” Ava asked, turning to look at you from her perch on a nearby bench. Jacob was standing next to her, ensuring she didn’t fall.
“Soon, Monkey” You replied, “It’s after the light parade and when it gets just a little bit darker.”
“You’re going to love this Ava!” Jacob said, “I watched a YouTube video of it and I bet it’s even better in person!”
Jacob wasn’t wrong, the fireworks show was breathtaking. They were both mesmerized the entire show. You and Andy kept stealing glances at one another from over the tops of the kids’ heads. Once the show was over you started the trek back to the monorail to head back to the hotel. Jacob gave Ava a piggy back ride, as she was beyond exhausted while you and Andy walked behind them, and your parents walked in front of them.
Once back at the hotel, your parents went to their suite next to yours and the four of you headed into your suite. Ava was half asleep on Jacob’s back. Andy carefully lifted her off and carried her to one of the bedrooms.
“Do we need to wake her up to use the bathroom or change?” Andy asked you, gently laying her down on the bed and carefully pulling her shoes off.
“She should be ok as she is.” You replied, smiling at how loving and gentle he was with her.
“I’m going to crash too.” Jacob said, coming in and flopping down onto the other bed. “Thank you for bringing us. Today was a lot of fun.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Andy smiled at Jacob, “Sorry it took so long to get you here, Pal.”
“It’s better this way.” He replied, “It’ll only be good memories. Not tainted.”
“We love you, Jacob” You said gently, “There’s a lot more happy memories to be made, get some sleep sweetheart.”
You and Andy made your way out of their room, into the sitting area of the suite. He grabbed your hand and gently pulled you to the sofa, sitting down and pulling you into his lap.
“The past 3 months have been so amazing, I keep forgetting he’s still healing and coming to terms with everything that happened.” Andy sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head against yours. You wound your arms around him, your fingers gently threading in this hair.
“I have no doubt that there’s still a long road to recovery for him, but I can assure you, he’s come so far the last few months.” You reassure him. “He’s resilient, strong, and has a huge heart. He also has an amazing dad in his corner. And now he has Ava and me who will always be there for him, and pseudo grandparents.”
“I love you, Sweetheart.” Andy said, his lips finding your own.
“I love you too, Andy.” You replied between kisses. You both stayed on the couch for a while, enjoying the stillness of the night and being in each other’s arms. Eventually you made your way to the second bedroom in the suite and fell into an exhausted sleep curled into each other.
The next morning was Christmas Eve. You’d all decided to order room service for breakfast before heading to Animal Kingdom for the day.
While waiting on breakfast to get delivered to the room, you and Ava go into the bathroom where you braid her hair for her in an Elsa style braid per her request. Once finished, she goes out to join Jacob to plan out what they want to see that day. You quickly finish getting ready and then join everyone in the common area of the suite.
After the food arrives, you help Andy get it all set up on the table for everyone. While setting the table you and Andy overhear Ava asking Jacob about Santa.
“Jakey,” Ava asked softly, “Will Santa be able to find me here at the hotel? And how will he get in? There’s no fireplace here… and we don’t have stockings or a tree!”
“He knows where we’re at, Kiddo.” He reassured her, “And he’s got magic, remember? He doesn’t need a fireplace to get in.”
“But what about the stockings and the tree?” She asked, not convinced, “Those are still at home.”
“We’re at Disney” He replied, “Between Disney magic and Santa’s magic, I think it’ll be covered.”
“Promise?” She asked, holding out her pinky to Jacob.
“Promise.” he said, linking his pinky with hers.
You looked at Andy, worried. You hadn’t thought about this aspect of being away for Christmas. Of course Ava would be worried about Santa not coming and being upset about not having the tree and stockings up.
“I’ll take care of it.” Andy whispered, reassuring you. He pulled you close and leaned in to kiss your forehead. “Trust me.”
“Always” You replied, smiling.
“Who’s ready for more Disney today?” Your dad said coming in through the suite door. “I hear Animal Kingdom is on tap for the day!”
“ME!” Ava said, jumping up and running over to hug him. “I can’t wait to see the animals and go on the safari! Jacob showed me a video!”
“I’ll bet it’s going to be another fun-filled day!” Your mom said. “And I heard one of the hotel workers say they’re preparing a giant batch of cookies for a certain someone who’ll be stopping by with presents tonight!”
“Really?” Ava asked, “Mommy! We need some of those cookies!”
“I’ll look into it Monkey.” You promised. “Let’s eat so we can get over to Animal Kingdom.”
Once everyone had finished eating you all headed down to the front of the hotel to catch the shuttle bus to Animal Kingdom.
Jacob and Ava wanted to do the safari first when you arrived so you headed over there.
“It’s kinda like when we first met at the zoo.” Jacob said, smiling at Ava. “Not a train, but still cool.”
“That was the best day EVER!” Ava exclaimed, “Mommy and I got  you and Andy that day!”
“You sure did, Princess.” Andy said, smiling lovingly at her. “You and your Mommy captured our hearts that day for sure.”
“Definitely the best day.” You said, wiping a stray tear from your eyes, smiling.
The safari was incredible. It was fun watching Jacob and Ava point out the animals and bonding over animals again.
“Those two have such an amazing bond.” Your mom said once you’d finished the safari. “They remind me of you and your brother when you were little.”
“They really do.” You agreed, “It makes my heart melt watching them together.”
“They’ve definitely already adopted one another.” Andy added. “I love getting to see Jake in a protective big brother role.”
“He’s got the role down pat for sure.” Your dad winked at Andy.
You headed to Pandora the world of Avatar next and spent a few hours there, before grabbing lunch and continuing on to the rest of the park.
You decided to head back to the hotel before dinner time, opting to eat at the hotel rather than Animal Kingdom.
While you headed to the pick up area to catch the bus, Andy nodded at Jacob who smiled and walked ahead with Ava a little bit in order to talk to her.
“It’s time, Kiddo.” He whispered, “Remember what dad wants you to say?”
“Yes!” She whispered back, excitedly. “I need to go to Cinderella’s wishing well and make a wish!”
“Good job.” He smiled at her, “Make sure to really sell it!”
They stopped at the bus pick up and waited for everyone to catch up. The trip back to the hotel didn’t take too long. When they arrived back and got off the bus, Andy winked at Ava over your shoulder.
“MOMMY!” Ava exclaimed, “We have to go back to the Magic Kingdom! I have to go to Cinderella’s wishing well!”
“Ok, Monkey” You said, amused, “We can go back tomorrow.”
“NO!” She insisted, “I have to go TONIGHT! It’s Christmas EVE and Jacob said that Disney magic AND Santa magic are EXTRA special. So I HAVE to make the wish tonight. Pleeeeeaaasssseee?”
“How about we take the monorail and go to the wishing well then just get dinner at the Magic Kingdom tonight?” Andy suggested, “It’s still early enough.”
“We can see if there is availability to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table.” Your mom suggested, “I know our little Princess would love that.”
“Sounds like fun to me!” Jacob said, “We can see the fireworks show again!”
“Ok then,” You laughed, “I guess we’re not done with Disney today just yet.”
“YAY!” Ava yelled, happily. “Let’s go! Let’s go!” She tugged Jacob’s hand and started moving to the monorail.
“You know we can’t always give in though, right?” You asked Andy, laughing, “We’re creating a monster here.”
“I know, but it’s Christmas.” Andy shrugged, smiling, “And it’s Disney.”
“Wrapped around her little finger.” you laughed
“Possibly.” He agreed. “Come on, let’s go experience some more magic.”
You rode the monorail into the Magic Kingdom and immediately headed towards Cinderella’s wishing well for Ava.
“While we’re here did you want to go on any of the rides again or see anything else?” You asked the kids.
“Nope! Just the wishing well!” Ava said, “And what Nana said for dinner. I like that!”
“I’m good.” Jacob agreed, “We’re doing Epcot tomorrow for Christmas around the world”?
“Yup!” You confirmed, “We’ll do breakfast and presents in the morning and then head to Epcot later.”
“Cool.” he smiled. “There was a shop I kinda wanted to go back to on Main Street if that’s ok on our way out?”
“Of course!” You said, “We can stop after dinner. I may pick up some treats from the candy shop too.”
“Now who has whom wrapped around their finger?” Andy teased you, mimicking your earlier words.
“Hush” You laughed, “Not the same thing.”
“Uh huh.” He nodded, smirking.  “Your argument is weak, my love.”
Once you arrived at the wishing well your mom and dad walked up with Ava and Jacob giving them each coins to toss into the well.
“Andy and Bri, you make wishes too.” Your mom said smiling, her hand holding out two more coins. You and Andy reached over and took the coins.
“You have to hold the coin in your hand really tight” Ava told Jacob, “Squeeze your eyes close and think REALLY hard about what you want to wish for. If you think about it and wish hard enough, it’ll come true!”
Jacob followed her instructions and made his wish, tossing the coin into the well. Ava made her wish next, tossing her coin into the well.
“Your turn Mommy!” Ava said, “Make a wish! Close your eyes REALLY REALLY tight and wish SUPER hard!”
Andy smiled at her, winking. You laughed, then closed your eyes tightly and made a show about really thinking about your wish, wanting to make Ava happy. In reality, you already had everything you could wish for. You finally tossed your coin into the well, opening your eyes.
“Ok, Andy…” You said, turning around to face him, your words getting stuck when you saw him.
While you were making your wish, Andy pulled the ring he’d been holding onto out of his pocket and had dropped down to one knee.
“Everything I could possibly wish for is already right here with me, Bri.” He said, his voice full of emotion. “I never really believed in second chances or in happily ever after until I was lucky enough to meet you and Ava. I was determined to be the best dad I could to Jacob and make our own happiness. We moved here for a fresh start, and I was given that and so much more. You embraced Jacob and he immediately started healing, and finding himself again. I was probably already half in love with you when we met for that reason alone. I fell completely in love with you the day in the zoo. Watching you with Ava and Jacob, I knew that’s what a mother’s love was supposed to look like. My heart was also captured by a little Princess that day. Bri, I love you completely with everything that I am. I love Ava as if she were my own. I love our little family that we’ve created. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together, raising these two crazy kids, and any more that may come along.”
You wiped at the tears now steadily streaming down your face at his words. Your heart bursting with love for him.
“Briella James, will you marry me?” Andy asked, smiling up at you, his eyes brimming with love for you.
“YES!” You exclaimed happily through your tears. Andy slipped the ring on your finger and then stood up, pulling you to him and kissing you.
You could hear loud applause all around from your parents, Jacob and Ava, but also from many strangers who had witnessed the proposal.
“I love you too, Andy.” You said when you could regained your composure. “More than I can possibly put into words.”
“Congratulations you two!” Your mom and dad said, coming over to hug you. Ava bounded over and threw herself into Andy’s arms hugging him tightly.
“I’m really glad you said yes.” Jacob said hugging you, “I mean I figured you would, but I’m still really glad. I love you Bri.”
“I love you too, Jacob.” You replied, a fresh wave of tears springing to your eyes.
“My wish came true!” Ave laughed happily, “Jacob was right! Disney magic and Christmas magic together makes the wish more powerful!”
“We have reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table in 20 minutes.” Your dad said, winking at you. “Let’s get some pictures and then we can head over.”
Your parents snapped pictures of you and Andy and then of you both with the kids before a very helpful cast member came over and offered to take a picture of everyone together. One you were done with pictures, you made your way to dinner.
Like the princess breakfast, Ava was enamored by everything at dinner. It was fun to see her so excited. You kept sneaking peeks at your left hand, smiling whenever you saw your ring. Andy saw you looking and smiled widely.
After dinner, you all went to the shops on Main Street for some last minute shopping. Once you were all done you decided to skip the fireworks show again and head back to the hotel. Ava was anxious to pick up cookies and place them out for Santa and it had been a very eventful day.
The trip back was quick as most people were staying until the park closed. When you entered the hotel you took Ava to go get some cookies while everyone else headed up to the rooms. You knew Andy had something planned for her, but he hadn’t let you in on exactly what the surprise was.
Once Ava picked out the perfect cookies for Santa you headed up to the suite. When you walked in you both let out surprised gasps. While you’d been gone today, your suite had been turned into a Christmas wonderland. It could almost rival the North Pole. In one corner of the common space, a large tree had been set up and decorated. Garland was strung around the suite, what looked like mistletoe was hung by the balcony doors and on one wall, stockings were hung. The stockings were all Disney themed and had everyone’s names embroidered on them.
“MOMMY!” Ava exclaimed, “It’s BEAUTIFUL!”
“It really is, Monkey.” You agreed, “It’s perfect.” You looked over at Andy, smiling. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him down so you could kiss him.  “Thank you.” You whispered.
“Of course,” he replied, kissing you back. “Anything to put a smile on our Princess’ face.”
Jacob helped Ava get the cookies on a plate and placed a small carton of Milk next to it with a note. Ava had written the note to Santa earlier in the day and sealed it in a hotel envelope so we couldn’t see it. She insisted it was for Santa only.
“Alright, Princess,” Andy said, “Time to get ready for bed and head off to dreamland so Santa can come.”
“Ok!” She said, hopping up and heading into the bathroom to brush her teeth and change.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that willing to go to bed before.” You laughed.
Your parents said goodnight and headed to their room, and Jacob went and got ready for bed after Ava was finished.
When both kids were ready for bed you went in to tuck Ava into bed.
“Mommy, can Jacob read me a bedtime story first?” Ava asked.
“That’s up to him, Monkey.” You said, “But off to sleep you go after one story.”
“I’ll read to you, Kiddo.” Jacob agreed. “Goodnight Bri.”
“Goodnight Jacob,” You smiled, “You’re already such an amazing big brother.”
“She makes it easy.” He shrugged, smiling bashfully.
“Good night Mommy!” Ava said, “I love you!”
“Goodnight, Monkey.” You replied, “I love you too. And I love you, Jacob.”
“Love you too.” He said smiling and grabbing a book to read to Ava.
You backed out of their room, quietly closing the door, and headed to your room to change and help Andy get everything set up for Ava for morning from Santa.
“Just when I think I can’t possibly love you any more than I already do, you go and prove me wrong.” You said wrapping your arms around Andy’s waist from behind and dropping a kiss on his shoulder blade. He turned in your arms and cupped your face gently in his hands, leaning down to kiss you softly.
“I love you too, Sweetheart.” He replied, leaning in to capture your lips again.
“How did I get so lucky that I get forever with you, my incredible fiance?” You asked.
“The luck is all mine, my beautiful future wife.” He replied.
Smiling, you both set to work filling stockings and getting all the gifts and Santa gifts under the tree. When you were about done, you noticed Andy pulling a small box out of a Disney bag that you didn’t remember picking up.
“I wanted to ask you something.” Andy said, looking almost as nervous as when he proposed.
“I already said, ‘Yes’.” You teased him.
“And I’m really glad you did, or this would be super awkward” He laughed, letting out a breath he’d been holding and sitting down on the bed. “I saw this necklace the day that I found your ring, and immediately knew I was going to get it for Ava. I know that by getting married, we are both gaining another child. I love Ava as if she were already mine, and I wanted to ask you, before asking her, if once we’re married, if I could legally adopt her? I want her to officially be my daughter.”
“Andy, of course you can!” You said, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. “I love that you love her and want to adopt her. And I know she’ll be ecstatic when you ask her. She already looks at you like her dad.”
“Think she’ll like the necklace?” He asked, opening the box to show you. Inside the box was a delicate silver chain with a locket and tiara charm. You carefully opened the locket and inside there was a tiny picture of the two of them that’d been taken at her birthday party on one side and on the other side it said ‘Daddy’s Princess’.
“She will love it.” You confirmed, “Almost as much as she already loves you.” You put the necklace back into the box and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss him. “You’re perfect, my love.”
“Far from perfect, but given a lifetime with you, I may get closer to it.” He replied.
The next morning you were woken up to Ava bounding into your room and jumping onto the bed.
“We’re awake, Princess.” Andy laughed, grabbing her and pulling her down between the two of you, tickling her. “Give us a minute and we’ll be right out to see what Santa left for you.”
“HURRY!” She ordered, laughing and running off into the common area.
“Guess that’s our wake up call.” You laughed, looking at the clock next to the bed. “At least she waited until 6:30. Last year she had me up at 5.”
“I have a feeling Jacob may have been keeping her contained for a bit.” Andy guessed.
“That would make more sense.” You agreed, “Let’s go before she comes back in.”
The two of you made your way out the other room. You stopped quickly to start coffee on your way.
“Ok, dig into the stockings” You said, “Everything else waits until Nana and Papa are over here.”
You all looked through your stockings, loving the variety of treats, and small gifts that filled each one. While you were all engaged in stockings your parents came over and joined you all.
“YAY!” Ava said happily, running over to hug her grandparents. “Nana and Papa are here so we can open ALL the presents!”
“To be young and have that much energy again.” Your dad laughed.
“You’re not wrong.” Andy agreed, “If we could bottle an ounce of her energy we could make millions.”
“I don’t know if I could even handle THAT much energy.” Your mom replied.
“Alright Monkey, we’ll do presents and then breakfast” You said.
Lots of paper and ribbons later, you were down to the last couple of gifts. Jacob handed you a package at the same time that Andy handed Ava the small box.
“This is for you Princess.” Andy said. He sat down next to hear while she tore the wrapping off and opened the box.
“It’s BEAUTIFUL!” She exclaimed, beaming at Andy. “Thank you so much!”
“Open it, Monkey.” You encouraged her, tears already filling your eyes. Knowing something big was about to happen, your mom had her cell phone out recording the moment.
Ava carefully opened up the locket and saw the picture of her and Andy from her party. She was still new with reading but was good at sounding things out, and could recognize words she was more familiar with, so you weren’t surprised when she was able to read the inside of the locket.
“Daddy’s Little Princess.” She read aloud, slowly and quietly. She paused for a moment, then looked up at Andy, then to you. You nodded to her encouragingly. “You… want to be my... Daddy?”
“I very much want to be your Daddy, Princess.” Andy said, his voice thick with  emotion, “If that’s OK with you?”
“YES!” She exclaimed, launching herself into his arms, her own winding around his neck tightly. “I love you, Daddy!”
“I love you too, Princess.” He replied, tears slipping down his cheeks. Your own were wet with tears, as well. Your heart was bursting with happiness. “Your mommy and I talked and she said that I could adopt you. That means officially you’ll be my daughter too, and as soon as Mommy and I are married, we can change both hers and your last name to Barber.”
“And Jacob will be my brother for REAL?” She asked happily.
“I’m already your brother for real Kiddo.” Jacob said coming over to hug her.
“Yes he is.” Andy confirmed.
“Bri, open yours next.” Jacob said.
You smiled, picking up the package again and carefully unwrapping it. You opened the box and moved the tissue paper aside. Nestled in the paper was a bracelet with several charms on it. You looked at the charms closely, tears once more springing to your eyes.  In the middle was a charm that said ‘Mom’, with the O being minnie mouse. On each side of that charm were birthstone charms. One for Ava and one for Jacob.
“Jacob…” you said, your voice horse from emotion, “this is so beautiful. Thank You!” You reach over and pull him into a hug.
“There’s more” he whispered as he hugged you back. He pulled away and you looked back down into the box. Tucked in with the bracelet was a folded up piece of paper. You took it out, carefully unfolding it. After the first few lines you read you realized what you were reading. Your head shot up and you caught Andy’s eye over Jacob’s head. He had tears still gathered in his eyes and he nodded slightly, letting you know he knew about the paper. You assumed Andy had been responsible for having the paper formally drafted, but it was a petition of adoption.
“Jacob…” You said, “If you’re sure this is what you want, I would be honored to adopt you and be your mom. I love you, Sweetheart.”
“I’m sure.” He said firmly, “I love you too. You’ve been more of a mom to me in the last 5 months than my biological mother was in 14 years. I know what a mom is supposed to be since I met you.”
You hugged him tightly, as though you could put all his pieces back together again in that one hug. You knew it would take time, but you swore you’d help to undo the damage that Laurie had done to him.
“I think this has been the best Christmas in a long time.” Your dad said, voice breaking with emotion.
“There’s only the best yet to come.” Andy said, sitting next to you and Jacob with Ava on his lap.
“Papa is right!” Ava declared, “I wished on my birthday candles that we’d be a real family, and then I asked Santa this year to make Andy my Daddy and Jacob my big brother!”
“It looks like the birthday Fairy and Santa delivered then huh, Monkey?” You said, beaming at your daughter.
“Yup!” She agreed. “I think next, I’ll wish for a baby brother or sister!” Everyone burst out laughing. You and Andy looked at each other over her head, you’re sure your eyes were as big as saucers. He just winked and smiled.
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holdontorogers · 6 days ago
— defending jacob —
andy barber is so precious and cute and rn I just wanna hug & cuddle & big spoon him & take care of him treating him like a spoiled baby even though he’s huge and i’d be very very small around him.
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antisociallilbrat · 7 days ago
Jacob Barber x Stanley Barber ship is blowing up on Tiktok and since that’s one of the main ships (well kinda) in my new fic, I feel like this is just a sign I need to hurry up and get to the part where they meet
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kwebtv · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Chris Evans, Jaeden Martell and Michelle Dockery in “Defending Jacob”
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kwebtv · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Defending Jacob  -  Apple TV+   -  April 24, 2020  -  May 29, 2020
Crime Drama (8 episodes)
Running Time:  60 minutes
Chris Evans as Andy Barber
Michelle Dockery as Laurie Barber
Jaeden Martell as Jacob Barber
Cherry Jones as Joanna Klein
Pablo Schreiber as Neal Logiudice
Betty Gabriel as Pam Duffy
Sakina Jaffrey as Lynn Canavan
Daniel Henshall as Leonard Patz
Ben Taylor as Derek Yoo
Jordan Alexa Davis as Sarah Grohl
Megan Byrne as Joan Rifkin
J. K. Simmons as William "Bloody Billy" Barber
Patrick Fischler as Dan Rifkin
Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Vogel
Lizzie Short as Marianne Barber (flashbacks)
Evan Risser as Young Andy Barber (flashbacks)
William Xifaras as Father James O’Leary
Lenny Clarke as Food Truck Guy
Christopher Buckner as Young William "Bloody Billy" Barber (flashbacks)
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candy-and-writing · 7 days ago
Hi!! i was hoping you or ur followers could help me find this andy barber fic that’s been stuck in my brain. From what I remember, andy and reader are having sex and he says laurie’s name on accident (she’s dead btw) and when they finish reader is picking her stuff up to leave and andy is apologizing and reader is acting like it’s okay but she still leaves. any ideas?
I’ve never read this one myself, but I really hope we can find it because now I really want to!!! I’m a ho for angst like that!! I’ll add some tags and see what come up, okay?
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supercap2319 · 7 days ago
Au Versions of Bill Denbrough& Robert Gray
Roman Godfrey & Jacob Barber:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mickey & Aiden Hall:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Simon & Peter:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mateo & Jacob Thrombey:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fuckandfluff · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Literally this is just porn without a plot. One mention of a glass of wine, swearing, dumbification, praise kink, daddy kink, anal fingering, unprotected anal sex, power dynamics, age gap (reader is early 20s) SADDLE UP 🤠
A/N: The title is an nod to the retweet on Chris's twitter today! And the word just works for the general vibe of the fic! Thank you so much to my gorgeous and talented pal, @sableseb for being my beta reader. Please go check out her amazing work 💗✨
All of my other Stepdad!Andy fics can be found in my masterlist here! 💗
Gorgeous and vicious.
Those were the first two words that came to mind when you thought of your stepfather. Despite your months-long affair, Andy still made you painfully timid.
After he had confronted you earlier that day with his discovery of a discarded Plan B box, you knew a punishment was coming. You just had no idea what he had in store.
Andy slinked into your room shortly after midnight, interrupting your standing appointment with the Real Housewives of somewhere and an overpour of dry Pinot Grigio.  He was always a welcomed interruption, though.
“Haven’t came all week, my balls are fuckin’ about to burst, Y/N,” he huffs, approaching your cross-legged form.
“Can you just fuck off, Andy? I’ve had it with these late night hookups,” you lie through gritted teeth, “I - I wanna to be with someone my own age. Not my mom’s husband."
But the truth was, at this point in your relationship,  you had somehow convinced yourself it wasn’t cheating. You were his wife’s daughter, an extension of your mother. It made sense at the time and you found comfort in the twisted logic.
“I think you seem to forget that it’s not you calling the shots here sweetie,” he traces along your plump lower lip, his baby blue eyes boring into yours.
Andy slammed his lips onto yours, warm breath slipping in and out of your mouth: “D..Daddy-- fuck.” You’d never seen him kiss your mother like this. It was always little pecks on her lips or tiny smooches on her cheek. You had no idea what went on behind closed doors but you’d imagine it wasn’t anything too kinky because Andy migrated to your bed practically every night.
He’s now positioned himself behind you now, muscular arms cradled under your own, massaging over the silky material of your pajama bottoms.
“God, you’re such a pretty little thing..” Andy murmurs, his voice softer than usual.  You leaned back into his strong chest, his arms gripped around your waist.
“W-wait -” you stammer, trying to resist his expert touch.
Andy paused in his ministrations, strong hands dusting down the length of your torso: “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
Whining low in your throat, you couldn’t spurn his advances any longer. The older man knew exactly what buttons to press.
“You’ve never been fucked in the ass have ya’, princess?”
“That obvious, huh?” you retort, trying to make it sound light and playful, a nervous laugh escaping you. His fingers thread through your pussy and the the thought of him fucking you there sent shocks of warmth through you.
Andy’s cock was growing hard against your back and you could feel it emerge from the waistband of his slate grey sweats.
“Gonna let your daddy pop this sweet little cherry, bet it’s so goddamn tight..” Reaching into the lacquered door of your nightstand, he paws the bottle of well-used lube, snapping the lid up and dousing his dick in the thick liquid. You had no idea how he knew that was there because you only ever used it when you needed a bit of help working your rabbit inside yourself. Had he been spying on you?
“Up, up, sweetheart - bend over,” he commands, guiding your ass off the pillowy duvet and pushing his hand onto the small of your back, a physical cue to get on all fours. You take the hint, back arched and eager for him. Your breath is heavy with anticipation, gripping the bedsheets tightly. All you know about anal sex is that it’s meant to hurt, so you pray that Andy shows you a semblance of mercy.
He slips your shorts down your thick hips, leaving you entirely exposed as the flimsy silk rests at your ankles. Two of his large, lubed up fingers encircle the tight ring of muscle, sliding in to provide you with a warm up to him.
“You ready, honey?” he purrs rhetorically, pressing his slicked-up length against your virgin hole. With a demure nod, he takes this as permission to proceed with puncturing into you.
With unusually gentle intention, Andy pushes in just a little bit past his tip, wiggling underneath him. You bit your lip, hard, at the stretch, his cock spearing into you while you held yourself up on wobbly legs.
“Ahh doin’ so good, look so pretty with my cock in your ass,” he praises enthusiastically and you relish in the encouragement, backing onto him and swallowing up an extra inch or two in an attempt to show how good of a girl you could really be.
“Daddy god, yes - yes, please—“ you whine under him, letting out an almost inhuman squeal, high pitched and desperate.
“Look at you, goin’ dumb for daddy…fuckin’ this sweet, tight ass,” he teases, swatting an open palm on your backside. The cold of his wedding ring burned against the heat of your bare flesh, a painful reminder that he didn’t belong to you.
He was much more soft than usual and though you trembled as his hips bucked up into you, it wasn’t the usually violent fuck he would gift you. Your breathy moans and the sight of you coming entirely undone must have sent him into a frenzy because he’s now singing unfiltered praise down into your ear.  
“D-Don’t stop,” you pathetically plead, head lolling back with a moan as he pulled out to the tip again and thrust back in with a slow, methodical rocking until his entire cock is inside you. Once you got used to his cock splitting you open, Andy didn’t hold back. His strokes were fast and quick, swearing a curse as your ass clenched around his cock.
“Fuck - daddy, I - I might come..” you trail off,  somewhere between a moan and a shout, and Andy pulls out to the tip again and it’s almost painful, that sheer loss of contact. But before you have a chance to mourn the loss, he’s jerked back into you with full force, bottoming out all at once, and your eyes roll back violently.  A sense of sheer confusion washes over you because you didn’t think it was possible for anal to feel this good.
“I.. I can’’s too much,” you weep, the feeling entirely foreign as your pussy throbs with no stimulation.
“You can and you will, honey. Stop bein' a brat,” he chides, smacking your ass and gawking at the ripple your plump skin produces.
He’s now picked up the pace, snapping into you with hard, feral thrusts, and you struggle to stay propped up on your elbows. You’re entirely swept up in the feeling of your stepfather pummelling into you, taking your anal virginity, keening and gasping and yelling of cries of “Yes, please make me come daddy, a-ah, just like that daddy!”  You sighed into it, tilting your head down as you worked through your own orgasm, half-lidded eyes glazed over as you feel yourself clench down onto him.
Andy’s now changed the angle, thrusting down hard and quick, feeling the familiar sensation building in his core. The tightness in his gut like a wave gathering before it crashed— the feeling of your ass tightening around him as he arrived at his own orgasm and the sound of his warbled cries through it all.
“Fuck, gonna fill you up so you know who this ass belongs to,” he groaned, spilling into you while holding himself upright and panting above you. He pulls out, sending what remained dripping across the pink flannel sheets. He loved watching as your asshole gaped, clenching pathetically around nothing while his load trickled out.
"You're my perfect little slut, arentcha', honey?" he mumbles, tucking himself back into his briefs. "Don't let anyone else touch that hole but daddy, you understand me?"
You nod obediently, falling flat onto your stomach with a defeated thud. A dull ache had already started thrumming in your lower back, a premature warning of the brutal pain tomorrow would surely bring.
The revelation slams into you - your stepfather just fucked your ass and though you should feel sick with regret, it feels so right.
Stepdad Andy list:
@patzammit @musiclover1263 @what-is-your-wish
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dbnightingale24 · 8 days ago
Hey babes,
Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise I’m still writing and all that fun stuff, but I’ve been really drained as of late. It’s just taking longer than usual to crank them out. Not because I don’t have an idea, just because of lack of energy. Y’all have chapters and a one shot coming your way soon!!
I love you and pls be kind to yourselves. Remember to drink water and eat meals. Okay, that’s all, bye.
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avenging-fandoms · 9 days ago
Man’s Best Friend / Chris Evans
Tumblr media
*not requested, idea came to mind! *in which dodger becomes weirdly protective of yn to the point of growling at chris but they realize yn is pregnant *warning: mentions of vomiting, mentions of pregnancy, fluff *PLEASE send me requests!!!!! i can do whoever :)
you sulked back from the bathroom, after the third time throwing up that morning. dodger whimpered softly as he watched you move under the covers again. you patted the sheet and dodger hopped up, laying behind you with his head over your stomach. you rolled over to your back and pet his head which now laid on your stomach.
your phone started to ring and you picked it up, seeing it was chris and hitting the green button and putting it on speaker. “hi baby how’re you feeling?” he asked softly and you shrug like he could see you.
“i just threw up. dodger is comforting me now in bed. i think it might have been that chicken from last night, i feel like shit” you pinched the bridge of your nose and closed your eyes.
“my meeting is over, so i’m heading home now. i’m gonna stop at the store and buy some things to help you. i love you babe” chris explained and you smiled, looking at dodger.
“i love you too chris, thank you” you hung up and put your phone down on the bed. you picked up the remote and clicked on disney+ to see if a disney movie could cheer you up.
a recommendation of captain america popped up and you smiled. “dodge. who is that? is that daddy?” you pointed to the screen and he perked at the name, making you giggle. you picked your comfort disney movie and put the remote next to your phone.
almost an hour later and chris came home. he headed up the stair and smiled as he heard the familiar songs from you watching the movie over and over.
“hi beautiful” chris set the bag down on the table and bent down to kiss you, dodger softly growling. the both of you looked at him concerned, as he never growled at anything, especially chris.
you pet him softly and nothing happened, but chris tried and he growled louder. “that’s insane. he’s never done that before, has he?”
“never” chris furrows his eyebrows and touched your head softly, dodger stayed silent. he moved to your legs, nothing. he went to touch your stomach and dodger snarled his teeth.
you look at chris and his face drops. he pulled out his phone and quickly typed. “what, chris? what’s wrong? should we take him to the vet?” he showed you his phone and the google search of ‘can dogs sense pregnancy’ and your eye widened. “you think? what if he just knows i don’t feel well?”
“it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” chris smiled and you nodded, chris leaving again. you studied dodger with your knees tucked to your chest, cheek on your knees.
chris came back with a regular lines test and another test that actually said ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant.’ you took two of each, leaving them on the counter and setting a timer.
dodger finally stopped growling at chris, licking him all over his face as chris laid on the bed and you laughed in the doorway. chris sat up and you sat next to him, leaning onto him and he kissed your head as he rubbed your arm.
you jumped at the timer went off, shutting it off and looking at chris. “ready?” you nod and he kissed you, your fingers linked together as you slowly walked to the bathroom.
you looked at the four tests, the red lines very dark and both screens reading ‘pregnant.’ chris stood in the door way of the bedroom and waited with a nervous rock in his stomach. “yn?”
“dodger’s gonna be a big brother” you whispered and chris’s face lights up like christmas, grabbing you and hugging you tightly. you both cry into one other’s necks, chris swaying you two slowly as you soaked it all in.
“dodge! buddy you’re so smart. what a good boy” chris sniffled as his dog put his legs on chris’s thigh, the both of you kissing his head.
you shakily took a photo of the tests, saving them on the dresser and you both fall onto the bed. “and i thought it was the chicken” you joke and you both laugh, chris kissing you again and hugging you into him, the both of you staying like that for a while as you both took in this new amazing information with dodger at the end of the bed.
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