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starrybrock · an hour ago
she gets the flowers: what she has (2) ✧ ransom drysdale
she gets the flowers ✧ a ransom drysdale series | taglist | ao3
pairing: ransom drysdale x fem!reader
summary: you try to move on, but seeing ransom again makes that difficult. 
word count: 1,321
warning(s): reader is insecure as hell and struggles to move on
Tumblr media
You tried to move on. Really, truly, you did. But there was just something about Ransom fucking Drysdale that made it impossible to get him out of your mind. Every time you nearly got him out of your mind, something would happen that would remind you of him and you’d spiral back into the pit of despair you’d tried so, so far to dig yourself out of. It seemed like Ransom was destined to haunt your every thought. You tried to bury yourself in your work to avoid thinking of him, but that proved to be difficult because every day at work was a constant reminder that Ransom got you that job, that the only reason you were still in Boston was because of Ransom. That, even when he’d long since left your life, Ransom Drysdale would forever be a part of it. 
Your friends tried to make you feel better about it. But even you could tell they were getting tired of having to deal with your broken pieces. Was that why Ransom turned you away all those months ago? Was he also tired of dealing with your bullshit? Was he—No. Stop that. Stop thinking like that. You were perfectly fine. Ransom was the one with issues…Right?
But there was only so many times you could hear “it’s not you, it was him” before it started to lose meaning. What if there was something wrong with you? What if you really were just too hard to handle? What if there was something about you that was just fundamentally unlovable? You’d hardly ever had a serious relationship. Maybe there was a reason for that? Maybe you really were just too much. Maybe Ransom saw something in you that you were just blind to, and maybe he saw reason to run the other way when it came to you.
Yeah…yeah, you could see why your friends got tired of this.
God, you needed to stop thinking so poorly of yourself. How had Ransom managed to do such a number on you? Really, what you had was nothing more than casual sex with misplaced feelings on your part. How could he have managed to hurt you the way he did? (And, really, the answer was simple—destruction and devastation was his nature.)
In yet another attempt to distract you from the pain that you were still wallowing in, your friends had offered a night on the town to lift your spirits. To put on your sexiest dress, to doll yourself up, and have some mindless fun for the first time in a long time. And the offer was so tempting that you found yourself accepting, even if all you really wanted to do was put on one of Ransom’s sweaters that he’d left behind and never asked for, turn on some cringe reality television, and eat your weight in takeout in a feeble attempt to stop your heart from hurting as much as it did. But you did accept the offer, pulling on your glittering silver dress that left little to the imagination, put on your sky high stilettos, and painted on a nice shade of ruby red lipstick that you knew made all the boys go wild. 
Yeah, you deserved this.
You deserved some fun for once. 
But when you got to the club, you just felt so out of your element. The thumping music only made your heart race, but not in a good way. It beat a mile a minute, and you felt the blood pumping in your ears, and your chest tightened in a way that made you feel like you needed to get the hell out of there and fast. But, instead, you went to the bar, settling on drinking your sorrows and pretending to be having fun when (if) your friends decided to check on you. (Really, you knew they wouldn’t come. They’d done their job in getting you out of your apartment, and that was all they felt obligated to do.)
You’d just ordered a couple of shots of vodka to numb the rush of pain when someone slid up next to you. He was easy on the eyes, admittedly. Nice and tall, good sense of fashion. A kind nice, soft eyes. He cracked a joke or two, and you found yourself warming up to him. He wasn’t someone you would’ve been interested in a year ago, but that was then. And now? Now, you could just use anyone to make you feel like you were worthy of love. And if he was the guy to do that, who were you to complain?
Then why’d it feel so wrong? Like you were cheating? Like you were being unfaithful to someone who clearly never gave a shit about you? And you knew you weren’t. You didn’t owe a damn thing to Ransom fucking Drysdale. He had no authority over your life. He had no control over you. He would not dictate your actions any further. You could do whatever, and whoever, you so pleased. And if it was this stranger at the bar? Well, that was just fine with you. 
But it still didn’t feel quite right. Like you weren’t ready to move on from you heartache just yet. And you were ready to just turn the guy away, but then you saw something that just absolutely shattered you. 
There he was. With…with his arm wrapped around someone? And leaning down to kiss? Love…shining in his eyes? That was not the Ransom you know. The Ransom you knew would have been so keen on physical displays of affection. The Ransom you knew kept you at arm’s length. The Ransom you knew would sooner pretend he didn’t know you existed before he would ever get so…comfortable, when anyone could see it. 
But the Ransom you knew was one that existed a year ago. Could he have changed? Could decades of prior behavior just change in the span of twelve months? Could…could she have changed him? But then…what did she have that you didn’t? Why did she get the nice Ransom? What did she do that made the difference?
How could she change a man so set in his ways? 
And, God, why did she have to be so beautiful? She had long, slender legs and wore a stunning red number that hugged all of her curves almost as closely as Ransom was holding onto her. She had hair that looked oh so soft to the touch, and a kind smile that even made you weak at the knees. God, why couldn’t she have been hideous? Why couldn’t she have looked like she was a massive bitch? Why did she have to be perfect? 
But you knew why. Ransom didn’t settle for second best. He never had, and it was clear that he never would. He’d only go after the best of the best, and when you weren’t that anymore, he left you behind. It was foolish to think that he’d never replace you. You should’ve expected this. This shouldn’t have hurt this much. 
Fuck, why did you have to be such a big fucking baby? 
Everything in you wanted to storm up to them, to pull Ransom off to the side to talk. To yell. To ask him what the hell he was doing. How he could love her when he had your love before. Why wasn’t your love enough? Why did he have to push you away? But you knew he wasn’t yours to question.
He never was. 
So, instead, you turned to the charming guy who’s attention you did have, and asked if he wanted to get out of there. You needed to move on, too, after all. Ransom wasn’t the only one who deserved happiness.
You did, too, and you would remind yourself of that every chance you got until you eventually believed it to be true.
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toomanyrobins2 · 7 hours ago
a little birdie told me pt. 19
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Birdie” Parker left New York and her family three years ago in the middle of the night. Now, a call for help to her best friend brings her back into the fold of the Three Families and their “business.”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Parker!Reader
Content warning: physical abuse, miscarriage, mentions of forced marriage, sex, mentions of alcohol abuse
Notes: I can not express how much I've loved writing this story and seeing people interact! I hope you all will stay and read about Peter and Indigo's story 💛
series masterlist
Y/N did get her chance to surprise Steve with the baby. After that first night home from the hospital, they started fresh. It wasn’t always easy, but they had stayed true to 100% honesty and it made life easier. A couple weeks after he had been home from the hospital, she had put Jamie in the big brother shirt and put him in his highchair with a snack. They were due over to the compound for a celebratory potluck dinner and she was trying to get everything ready. The front door opened as she was cooking and Steve greeted her with a kiss. Y/N pulled away and smiled up at him, “Could you grab Jamie and clean him up? I’m almost done.”
Hiding her excitement as she waited was nearly impossible. Finally, she heard him choke on air when he read the shirt, “Sweetheart, something you want to tell me?”
Y/N turned around and bit her lip nervously, “Surprise?”
“You’re pregnant?” Steve was frozen in place, “Really? Jamie’s gonna be a big brother?”
Y/N put the spoon down and walked over to her little family, “Yeah, is that okay?”
“Is that okay? Of course, it’s okay!” Steve picked her up and spun her around, kissing her hard. Images were flashing in his mind: a house with a yard, two kids running around as he and the dog chased after them. Y/N painting as she watched. The fearsome mobster looked like a puppy, “I can’t believe we’re gonna have a baby! Who knows about this?”
“Just Mom and Becca.”
His hand smoothed over her stomach, “How far along?”
“About 10 weeks. I thought most of my symptoms were from stress but apparently
He had the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face, “I can’t wait to tell everyone.” They quickly finished everything up at the house and drove over to the compound. Steve grabbed Jamie out of the car and the group went in.
Jamie stayed in Y/N’s lap for a while, but eventually, Bucky wanted some time with his nephew. He was playing with him when Y/N watched him pull the shirt taut and read what it said. His eyes got bigger than Steve’s had and he turned to her. She couldn’t even try to hide the giant smile on her face. “Birdie, is this a joke?”
“No, it’s not a joke.”
“Holy shit! Are you serious?” Bucky’s exclamation had drawn the attention of others.
“What’s going on?” Nat looked concerned. He turned Jaime around and showed the table the shirt. There was a moment of silence while they read it and then an explosion of excitement. Jaime burst into tears from the shock and Y/N laughed as she took him back to comfort him.
Tony came over to hug her. “I’m so proud of you, little bird. Admittedly, I kinda want to punch Rogers but I also felt that before the announcement,” he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “All I’ve ever wanted is for you and Peter to be safe and somehow along the way I lost sight of what that meant. Because of it I lost so many years with you and led you right into HYDRA’s trap. I wish I would’ve seen what I was doing to you. Despite all of my failings, I’m so proud of who you’ve become. With Pepper being pregnant and now you, I never want to miss a second of your life.”
Y/N had happy tears in her eyes and she hugged Tony, “I love you, Dad.” She smirked at him, “Besides, you’re gonna have Steve Rogers as a son-in-law for the rest of your life. That is the best kind of karma I know.”
All of the noise in the room came to a standstill and the father-daughter duo turned. Y/N audibly gasped at how rough her brother looked. Peter stood in the doorway, looking worse than death. His shirt was rumpled, hair pointing in all directions and his eyes were bloodshot. He had a piece of paper clutched tight in his fist, “Indy’s gone.”
Read Peter’s story “drunk on indigo skies” here
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princess-of-thebes · 9 hours ago
Andy barber x reader (your race) (Afghan citizen daughter)
you sighed and knocked on the door of the evil lawyer, Andy Barber. He deported your sick father back to Afghanistan after claiming he is associating with terrorist and is a spy.
your grandfather could not afford to go to a country that has many covid19 cases. he might die. your father can come back unless you submit to Andy....
Andy was in a bathrobe and his hair and beard was wet. He ordered you to come in. when you did he leaned back in his rocking chair....
Tumblr media
his bulge....
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clairebubbles · 11 hours ago
I Thought She Knew - Ch. 4
Here's the final chapter!
Chapter 01 Chapter 02 Chapter 03
The charity event turned out to be a pretty entertaining evening for Chris and Kaia, enjoying the middle school performances that punctuated an otherwise lengthy set of speeches.
Chris held on to her hand throughout the night, stealing soft kisses to her temple and whispering the most random comments in her ear. He lived to make her smile, and she was a willing enabler of his ridiculous jokes.
He couldn't even begin to explain how good it felt to be next to her again.
“…and now, as we close this little gathering, I would just like to acknowledge the attendance of Miss Kaia Denver, the visionary founder and CEO of Spark Sciences, whose hugely generous donation will give rise to the new classrooms that we so badly need,” the host announced.
Kaia shyly stood up and waved to the applauding crowd, nodding her head towards the host in acknowledgement. Chris, the beaming picture of pride, gazed at her in amazement. She was truly the most impressive woman he had ever known.
He recalled their early days of dating all those years ago, when she would stay up all night in preparation for an investment pitch, or spend an entire weekend studying for whatever new language was big in tech at the time. He was the first guest in and the last one out when she opened her first office in Boston, and gifted her with her very first plant (which died a week later). He kept screenshots and clippings of every article that had her name on it.
He was everything to her, until he wasn’t.
As the applause died down, Kaia sat back down and Chris leaned to give her a kiss on her cheek. “I’m so proud of you, you know.”
Kaia smiled at him, her green eyes sparkling as she leaned her forehead against his. “I know.”
The event ended and Chris, Kaia and Lisa made their way to the door. He didn’t want the night to end, and reached out for Kaia’s arm.
“So… about that talk we were going to have…,” he said softly.
“Chris, darling, I’ve asked George and Cathy to bring me home. They’re just a few blocks away from the house,” Lisa said, before Kaia could even open her mouth.
“No, mom. I’ll bring you home, of course…,” he insisted.
“Nonsense. It’s really no trouble,” Lisa said, waving her hand and smiling warmly at Chris and Kaia, who were timidly standing side by side.
“Lisa, absolutely not. Chris should bring you home. You’re his date tonight,” Kaia quickly replied with a smile.
Lisa chuckled. “I’m sick of him already. I insist,” she said, making a dismissive gesture with her hand as she began walking towards her friends, who were waiting by the car.
“Love you both! Make good choices!” Lisa called out, blowing kisses to them both.
Chris and Kaia laughed and waved back, and suddenly realised that they were left standing next to each other, unaware of what to do next.
“So…,” Kaia started, rubbing her bare arms up and down from the chilly Boston evening air.
Chris immediately took his jacket off and wrapped it around her. “So… we could, I dunno, go somewhere a bit more quiet…”
“Yeah, sure. I have a car service waiting here, but I can just tell him I found a ride back home,” Kaia said, reaching for her mobile phone and sending a quick text.
“Where to?” Chris asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets awkwardly.
“I don’t know, actually. Maybe we can just take a drive and see where we end up? I really don't know what the protocol is for a conversation with your ex...," Kaia said, smirking as Chris cringed at the word.
“I hate it when you call me that. It's like a knife to the heart, baby,” he said seriously, before dramatically running his hand over his heart.
Kaia laughed. "So... where's that car of yours?"
Chris led Kaia to the parking space where he had left his car, reaching for her hand as they walked in silence.
The wind was softly rustling against the trees that sparingly occupied the parking lot, and Chris was convinced that you could hear a pin drop from a mile away. Just say what you have to say. But please, for the love of God, don't leave me, he thought to himself as he clutched on to her hand.
He turned to face her when she stopped in her tracks, eyeing her as she cleared her throat and suddenly spoke.
“Chris, I just need to say this right now or I might chicken out. I love you. I love every single thing about you, and I am so sorry for hurting you the way I did.
I regret intentionally hurting you, because I guess that’s what I tried to do. I tried to punish you for never being there. Everything I felt was true; I felt like you were no longer there for me, and I missed you even if you were still in the same roof as me, but I guess I should’ve told you how I felt as soon as I did, instead of making a whole scene with a packed suitcase and no chance for you to even understand what I was going through. I’m sorry about that. I really am."
Chris stared at her for what seemed like forever, his heart pounding as the woman he loved poured out all her emotions in front of him.
"You really thought I wasn't there for you anymore?" Chris asked seriously.
Kaia bit her lip and shook her head sadly. Chris pulled her close to him and hugged her tight, running his hands through her hair.
“Oh, baby. I love you so much. I never stopped, not a single day, and I know that you didn’t deserve what I put you through. I keep thinking about everything I should’ve done, and I am so, so sorry. I want to be with you, for the rest of our lives, and spend the rest of my life making you feel as happy as you make me,” Chris said softly into her ear, before taking a step back to look into her eyes deeply.
“Now, Mr. Evans, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that sounded a lot like a marriage proposal,” Kaia remarked with a smile as she fought back happy tears, as she placed her hands on his chest.
Chris smiled and closed the gap between them, kissing her with as much passion and as much love as he could muster.
As they paused to get some air back into their lungs, Chris leaned his forehead against hers and smiled, his warm hands cupping the sides of her delicate face.
“It’s a bit hard to propose when your fiancée already has the ring on her finger,” he said with a chuckle.
“Why, you want it back?” she shot back as she wrapped her arms around his waist.
He tilted his head back as he laughed, before leaning in for another kiss.
“Hell no. You and I are going to grow old together and spend the rest of our lives together, and I want you to promise me that you will never, ever take that off ever again."
“I promise.”
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harrylovex · 18 hours ago
does anyone else constantly think about how andy kissed laurie in the closet scene in defending jacob 😩😩😩😩 like the way his hand held the back of her head jesus christ
Tumblr media
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clairebubbles · a day ago
So happy to see so many people have been enjoying my work. It took awhile for me to get some of these out of my head and on to pen and paper (well, keyboard and screen), and would absolutely love your feedback.
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toomanyrobins2 · a day ago
a little birdie told me pt. 18
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Birdie” Parker left New York and her family three years ago in the middle of the night. Now, a call for help to her best friend brings her back into the fold of the Three Families and their “business.”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Parker!Reader
Word count: 1.9k
Content warning: physical abuse, miscarriage, mentions of forced marriage, sex, mentions of alcohol abuse
Notes: This is a long one. Only one part left and then it's time for Peter's story. I'm itching to what people think.
series masterlist // final part
Being stuck in the bed was hell for Steve. He was forced to stay in the hospital, letting his argument with Y/N play in his mind over and over again. He scrubbed a hand down his face and cursed. The others had brought Jamie by but she had stayed away. Finally, the doctor had given him the okay to leave the hospital. Bucky drove him back to the apartment and when they came in, his heart stopped when he saw bags by the door. “Y/N!” She popped her head out from around the corner, her brows furrowed. “You’re leaving?”
She shook her head and felt herself start to soften when she was the fear in his eyes, “Those are for Jamie, babe. Becca and Sam are going to take him so that we can talk.” She saw the tension melt from his shoulders and handed Jamie and the bags off to the Barnes siblings.
Now, it was just the two of them. Y/N walked back in and found Steve sitting just staring at the file. The silence was a heavy weight and yet neither tried to lift it. Finally, she broke the silence and whispered, “I’m sorry.”
Steve took a gulp of his water and couldn’t tear his eyes from the papers when he spoke, “Why did you hide this from me?”
“I’m not exactly proud of this and I didn’t think,” she took a shuddering breath, “I didn’t think anyone would want me if they knew. I didn’t think you would want me.”
Steve finally looked up at her, “You need to tell me. Everything. What I’ve read and what I haven’t.”
She nodded and took a deep breath, “It started in high school. I met Brock while I was in the city one day. I was struggling and in a dark place. Dad and I were fighting. Indy and Peter were always together. I felt really alone and I think he could tell and he used it to his advantage. We started talking every day in secret. One day I was ranting, and he offered me an out. To help me escape. That night at the Christmas party, I was hurting and I took him up on it. The messed-up part of my brain immediately started telling me that everyone just wanted me out of the way. Mom and Dad had been trying to have a kid and you’d been stuck guarding me. I mean, let’s be honest, that assignment was a punishment. I was considered a punishment. Brock just fed into my insecurities and convinced me that we could be together. So I ran straight into the arms of the worst person I could’ve.”
Steve reached across the table, ignoring the shooting pain in his shoulder, and gripped Y/N’s hand tight, “At first, it was like a fairytale. He was kind and supportive. He hid me away, saying that you all were looking for me and were dragging me away to be forced to marry.  It was a really easy excuse for him to control everything in my life. When I tried to break out of the mold he wanted, that's when he started to hit me. He was apologetic at first and then he stopped saying sorry and instead expected me to. It was my fault that he lost his temper. For three years, he completely broke me.” Y/N felt the tears welling in her eyes and Steve hooked his foot around the leg of her chair and pulled her closer. She let her eyes travel over the texts and photos, “I don’t know if you saw this in the papers, but there was a final moment that led to me leaving. About three weeks before I came back, I found out I was pregnant. I don’t think I’d ever seen Brock so happy. He just kept talking about how this baby was going to connect us for life and that scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t let him hurt my baby the way he did me. And for three weeks, he was the nicest and kindest he’d been in years. He barely raised his voice or hit me. But, I had really bad morning sickness that would hit me randomly, and one day I didn’t have dinner ready when he came home. He was so angry and after yelling at me for over an hour, he walked out. By the time he came back, I could tell he’d been drinking and I think he was on something too. All of that seemed to make him forget I was pregnant and he started hitting me again. Eventually, I think I passed out and he just left me there. The next morning, he went to work and I realized I was bleeding. That’s when I called Becca.”
Steve pulled Y/N into his lap and when she tried to fight him, he trapped her in between his arms. She tried to argue that he was hurting, but he shook his head, “I don’t care.” He hooked a finger under her chin, “Did you agree to marry me because you ran into him?”
“Yes,” Y/N trapped his face with her hands when she saw his mask start to fall into place. She laced fingers into his hair, her thumbs running over his cheekbones, “But I also did it because I love you. I was fucking terrified. I still am. Brock got in my head and convinced me that I was a traitor and that you would either exile or kill me.”
“That’s crazy.”
“I know that now.” Neither of them spoke as Y/N continued to race over his face. She could see that Steve was in pain. He tried to hide it, but she knew. She climbed off of his lap, “I’ll be back in a second.”
Y/N disappeared into the bathroom and ran a bath.
When she came back out, she found him half-asleep in the chair. “Come with me,” she held out her hand.
“Sweetheart, I’m exhausted. I just want to go to bed.”
“You’re not getting into our bed covered in hospital grime. Now take my hands.” Y/N helped Steve up and led him into the bathroom, where the tub was filling. He just gave her a distrusting look.“What you’re too macho to take a bath? Get your ass in the tub, Rogers.”
“I’m fine. I don't need a bath.”
“You're as stiff as a teenager with his first girlfriend. The bath will help. Now get in the bath before I start flicking your bullet holes.”
“You flick me, I'll put you over my knee.”
Y/N smiled and waved her hand, “Promises, promises. Get in.”
Steve paused a moment to just stare at his fiancée, “Birdie...will you stay?”
“Wasn’t planning on being anywhere else.” Y/N looked at the ground as he stripped and sunk into the warm water.
He chuckled and a shiver ran down her spine, “Don’t know why you’re looking away. You’ve seen all of this before.
“Just trying to give you your privacy.” The couple sat in silence, as his muscles slowly gave way to the heat and steam. He dropped his head back against the edge and moaned softly.
Y/N smirked as she ran her fingers through his hair. She leaned to whisper in his ear, “Not too macho for a bath now, huh?
“Don’t make me spank you.” Steve grabbed a washcloth and tried to scrub at his skin, but the bullet wound in his shoulder made the movement difficult.
“You know, you could ask for help.”
He sighed and held out the washcloth, “Please, help me.” Y/N smiled at him and sat on a stool by the tub. She ran her fingers through his hair, goosebumps rising on her skin when Steve moaned softly. She moved her hands along his trapezius, slowly working out knots down to his deltoid. They didn’t speak as she took care of him. Finally, as she was running the washcloth over his arms, she spoke. “Do you regret it?”
He tilted his head to the side and cracked an eye open, “Regret what, sweetheart?”
“Brock. Killing him.”
“Yes and no. I don’t regret snuffing out a bastard like that. He was a sick fuck and the world is better off without him. I do regret what I’ve done to you. To us. I hate that I’ve made you question all of this.”
She moved the stool so that she was behind him. She didn’t want him to look at her, as she asked him the next question, scared of his response, “Are you sorry?”
“Isn’t that the same as regret?”
“No. Regret is an emotion, saying you’re sorry is a choice.
“Then, yes. I am sorry.”
“Okay.” Y/N went back to her work, running her fingers through his hair.
“Okay? What does that mean?”
“It means okay.”
“What does it mean for us?”
“Fresh start. Our last chance at one,” Y/N leaned down and rested her chin on his uninjured shoulder, bringing her arms around him. She put one hand over his heart and dragged the other slowly through the water, “You know, this idiot once told me if I ever decided to settle down, I would make a great parent. I don’t think I like that term. This doesn’t feel like settling. It feels better and more freeing than any other choice I’ve made. You and Jamie are the best choice I’ve ever made.”
Steve brought his hand up to hold hers and two of them stayed like that until the bathwater had run cold. Eventually, he stood and wrapped a towel around his waist. “Let’s go to bed.” Y/N helped to get him dressed when she felt his hands settle on the curve of her waist.
“I’m not good at sharing my feelings, but you deserve to hear this. When you left, I got bored without you. You came into my life and just exploded all over it. Then you left and I didn’t realize how much I'd gotten used to you being around until you weren’t there anymore. I missed your off-key singing and your paint-stained fingerprints everywhere. I hate that I didn’t recognize the pain we were causing you and that I didn’t look harder for you when you left. You said in the hospital that you wanted 100% honesty...I gave up on you and I will regret that every day of my life. But I can’t let you walk away again. I know you hate what I did with Brock, but as long as he was out there, there was a chance he could hurt you. That thought scared me more than anything else. It was so easy to fall back into a routine with you. I’m scared I won’t get to come home and find you painting or with Jamie playing. The idea that I won’t see you every day scares the hell out of me.”  Y/N leaned down and kissed Steve hard. He poured every hope and fear into it, trying to show her how desperate he was for her to stay. He pulled away and looked up at her, “Stay. Be mine and I’ll be yours. You told me to take time and think, but I didn’t need to. It took me too long to realize that I needed you before and I can’t let you run again. Stay for me, Birdie. For us. Marry me for real.”
“Yes? You said yes?”
Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. He felt her smile against his lips, “I love you so much, you idiot. I say yes.”
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princess-of-thebes · a day ago
yandere andy barber x reader
you are a young 18 year old who had caught interest of a corrupted lawyer. you were going to your college class where andy barber interrupted you and pulled out all these papers. your sickly father, drug addict uncle and he can send you to a mental asylum.
Tumblr media
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uprootbasic · a day ago
okay it’s been a few hours and in conclusion i am writing a chris evans x baby momma!reader story based off tonight events bc ajhdjsjskdkdksk im in love againnnnnnn
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steebsbabygirl · a day ago
Tastes Like Strawberries
pairing: andy barber x fem!reader
word count: 1.7k
summary: andy’s fixation on the way you’ve been eating strawberries has proven to be a heavy distraction that he attempts to solve in one way or another
warnings: 18+ ; minors DNI ; daddy kink, slight ddlg dynamics, oral fixation, praise, oral sex (f receiving), slight fingering (f receiving)
author’s note: first fic after a little over a month so yaaaay i hope you all enjoy!! likes and reblogs are always appreciated!! YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PERMISSION TO RE-PUBLISH, TRANSLATE, OR TAKE ANY OF MY WORK.
Tumblr media
God. Andy never should’ve bought you those fucking strawberries.
How was he supposed to know what would’ve awakened in him from just seeing you eat them? What exactly was it about you eating strawberries that he found so irresistible? Maybe the way the red juices would coat your supple lips and paint them the same color. Maybe it was the way your tongue would come out to lick any residue left behind. Maybe it was the curiosity of how well the sweet taste of your lips could compare to the taste of your sweet, little cunt.
These were some of the thoughts that crossed Andy’s mind, and as he sat at his home office desk, work long forgotten, he couldn’t seem to settle the thoughts of every single way he could put that mouth of yours to use. Or maybe even how he could put his own to use. He ran his hands through his hair, frustration only growing with every thought he had about you because of those fucking strawberries.
Fuck. Water. Cold Water.
Andy decided for the time being that his work could be finished the moment he drank some cold water and the dirty thoughts that plagued his mind could stop for a few hours. That’s all he needed. A few hours to finish his work then, with absolutely no second thought, he could finally get his mouth on you.
Andy went into the kitchen, getting himself a tall glass of cold water and sat at the kitchen table trying to relax. He didn’t think that when the weekend finally arrived he’d end up getting so distracted, but here Andy was. Trying not to think of his cock fucking into your pretty mouth or how good you’d taste on hiss tongue. He sighed heavily and rolled his neck to find some sort of relief to the built up tension settling on his neck and shoulders. Andy then felt a weight rest on his shoulders and the smell of your perfume wrapped around him.
“Hi daddy,” your voice hummed out sweetly as you wrapped your arms around Andy’s neck from behind, “whatcha doing?”
Andy’s arms came to grab onto the ones you had rested against his neck and turned his head to press a gentle kiss to your lips. He could taste the remnants of the strawberries you had eaten earlier in the day and just wanted to pull you onto his lap and have his way with—taste just how sweet you could be, but your lips disconnected from his all too quickly.
You left Andy and made your way further into the kitchen, grabbing the container of strawberries from the fridge before hopping on the counter and flashing Andy a sickeningly sweet smile. Your lips were still stained to a gorgeous red and Andy licked his own lips just looking at you. Andy snapped himself out of his own head and lifted his eyes to meet yours.
“Hi baby girl. I’m just taking a small break from work,” Andy’s eyes flickered down to your lips quickly when he saw you take a bite from a strawberry, “Couldn’t focus.”
You stained lips pulled into a frown and you licked your lips before speaking, “Why’s that daddy? Usually you’re more focused on the weekends.”
Your tongue gave kitten licks to the fingers that had been holding the previously eaten strawberry. Andy almost rolled his eyes at the sight. You must have been joking. How could you not know what you were doing to him, you must know. But by the way your face was truly painted with concern and the pout of your lips had only been pushed out farther, it was obvious that you were completely oblivious.
Andy adjusted in his seat, trying to calm the growing tent in his pants and took a few more sips of water before he answered you. As he did that you grabbed another strawberry, one much bigger than the one before, and bit into it. Some of it’s juice rolled down your chin and dropped onto the bare skin of your thigh, but you simply paid no mind. But Andy sure did.
“I know baby, but the distractions are just getting harder and harder to ignore.” The tone of Andy’s voice had dropped an octave and the deep timber made you clench your legs and made your bites slow. You don’t know what exactly made the atmosphere in the kitchen shift, but you weren’t complaining.
“What distractions, daddy,” you asked hesitantly all while looking at Andy’s big blue eyes with yours wide and innocent. You finished your strawberry and went to give your finger kitten licks to clean the juices when suddenly Andy stood up and stalked towards you.
“You really don’t know, honey?” You shook your head and when Andy stood in front of you and leaned in close you held your breath.
Andy’s hands encased and ran across the bare skin of your thigh as he stepped between your legs. Andy’s “distraction” could only be solved by you, so he figured he’d solve it now.
“It’s you baby, and these fucking strawberries,” Andy cooed at you mockingly.
Andy’s hand went to grab the one you had been grabbing strawberries with and pressed soft kisses onto your fingers lips before one delved into his mouth that he sucked on softly while keeping eye contact with you. Your attempt to clench your legs made you squeeze them around Andy’s hips and a small whimper left your mouth.
“D-daddy—,” you were cut off when Andy pulled you in for a heated kiss. His tongue delved into your mouth exploring it and moaning at the taste. It didn’t take long for you to completely sink into his touch and fall into the kiss with him. Andy’s hips then rolled against yours letting you feel exactly how worked up you had gotten him in a matter of minutes. You moaned at the feeling and pulled Andy closer to you by his shirt collar chasing any part of him that you could. Andy’s lips left yours and his hands dove under your shirt to feel you. You gasped at the contrast of his warm hands roaming your body.
“And that taste, baby? Just as distracting. How was I supposed to focus on my work?” Andy threw you a faux pout before dropping to his knees before pressing kisses against your leg.
You weren’t sure what to say. You were frozen for the most part besides the gasps and whimpers that left your lips. The only statement that seemed to tumble out of you was a breathy “I’m sorry” that Andy seemed to ignore. How could you be sorry when Andy was so happy he could finally ravish you?
Andy’s lips ghosted the inside of your thighs where he nipped lightly and his tongue licked the portion of thighs where strawberry juice had fallen on. He pressed a kiss to that spot before looking up at you.
“So sweet, honey,” his fingers then ran across your clothed cunt lightly, “I wonder if you’re sweeter here. Should I see?”
Your head shook up and down eagerly. You squirmed at your place on the counter and ran your hands through Andy’s hair, tugging at it and whimpering from your place above him. “Please, daddy. Taste me, please.”
Andy smirked and pushed your shirt to rest above your hips and pulled your panties down your legs. His smile widened when he could see you wet and dripping all for him. He looked at your glistening folds and pressed a kiss to your wet cunt and trailed them around your inner thighs leaving your slick everywhere his lips connected. Your head lolled backwards and moved along the cabinet. Your hands in Andy’s hair tightened and he groaned against your clit making your body shiver.
He blew air onto your bundle of nerves and chuckled when you audibly gasped. He licked a strip up your folds then fully engulfed your clit, sucking and licking like his life depended on it. You gasped loudly and moaned at the feeling. To get better access to you Andy threw your legs over his shoulder and pulled you closer to the edge of the counter. His tongue collected your slick from every surface as he started to finger you till you were shaking above him.
You cried out when Andy’s tongue licked faster and his lips sucked harder. Your body was pulling away from the feeling, but you were also pushing Andy’s head harder into you. The feeling was too much yet too little all at the same time. You bucked your hips into Andy’s face and shivered when he moaned at the feeling. The moment he sucked harder on your clit and the pace of his fingers went at a brutal fast pace is when you could feel the heat in your belly rise.
“Daddy, I’m gonna cum,” you called out breathlessly. All you could think at that moment is how much you needed your orgasm and how grateful you were that Andy bought you those strawberries.
Andy smirked against your cunt and sucked even harder wanting you to have your release. When your orgasm finally washed over you your hands gripped firmly into Andy’s hair and your back arched against the cabinets. You cried out and continued to buck your hips against Andy’s face to ride out your orgasm.
He pressed one last kiss to your folds and slipped your legs off of your shoulder to stand up to give you a firm, wet kiss. You moaned when you could taste yourself on his tongue, wondering and hoping that to him the taste was sweeter than anything else. When his lips left yours a wide smile was on his face as the both of you were catching your breath.
“Hmm, you did so good, baby. What do you think? As sweet as strawberries? I’d say you taste sweeter.”
“Daddy,” you whined at the teasing tone that Andy spoke with and pulled him closer to bury your head into his neck.
“I’m not kidding, baby. I’ve been wanting to taste you all day and you are the sweetest.”
The smile in Andy’s voice was evident and you couldn’t help but look up at him to return the smile. He pressed one more soft kiss to your lips before wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders. You didn’t protest, but you were definitely confused at what Andy was doing.
“Don’t you have to go back to work now, daddy,” you asked with your eyebrows etched in confusion.
Andy started to walk towards the bedroom and looked at you with a soft smile paired with mischievous eyes. “Not yet, baby. Still have a few more distractions to settle.”
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kram6496 · a day ago
On Set Mishap
Chris Evans x Child Reader
Request by maximeevansblog
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be the best day of your life: the leading role in the West Coast Avengers film. Your dad, THE Captain America himself, Chris Evans, had trained you well. He took countless hours, helping you practice your audition and then helping you with stunt training.
And now here you are: in the hospital with a broken arm due to a technical malfunction in the stunt rigging. Everyone came by to make sure you were alright. Even Robert Downey Jr flew in to make sure his favorite fan was alright. Your dad stayed by your side throughout the day until you were released from the hospital.
On the car ride home, your head hung in shame. “It’s not your fault.” Your dad spoke up, “it’s not your job to perform the stunts that’s why we have doubles. Don’t know why they thought to put my child in that stunt!”
“I don’t know. I rehearsed it so many times.” You mutter. Chris puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder.
“Luckily it’s nothing too bad.” He gives you a sad smile, “we’ll just take a day off and have you back on set in a day or two, okay?”
You simply nod. You really wanted to make him happy. The two of you decide to watch an old movie together but you fall asleep somewhere early on. You curled up in your dad’s old Patriot jersey and dozed off. You could hear his laugh as you entered the land of dreams.
Next thing you know, you feel your father’s strong arms carrying you off to bed. You stir only to hear his calming voice, “Don’t worry Cap, I got you”
Cap. Your dad’s nickname for you and the role you now play in the Marvel movies. Your dad always had to your back and that’s why he knew you’d be back on your feet by tomorrow.
He is your hero and you are his inspiration. To him, you’re worthy to carry his shield. No matter how many hits you take, he knows you could do it all day.
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