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#andy barber x female reader
r3volutionary-queen · 14 hours ago
The Butterfly Effect
Summary: [Across the kitchen, Andy slowly lifted his head and it was like a mountain rising out of the sea.]
Pairing: Alpha!Andy Barber x Omega!Reader
Word Count: 8.3K
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Part one is pretty tame. Part two will… be the opposite of tame. Regardless, shoo younglings! This isn’t for you, please respect that. Now, for part one, here there be explicit language, awful tyrannical government organizations, misogynistic society, mention of civil unrest, hints of imprisonment/captivity, slight manipulation (nothing too terrible), incapacitated reader, discussion of noncon breeding, mention of noncon drug use, soft!dark themes, age gap (reader is in their early 20’s and Andy in late 30’s), and slight praise kink. I think I got them all…
Author’s Note: Hi friends! I am getting back into the writing flow again after a break and a gross bout of depression. I am trying something new here (or very old, for my NGL crowd… but this isn’t exactly like my NGL A/B/O universe). It’s been so long since I wrote this trope and my god, I forgot how much I love it. I was inspired by @stargazingfangirl18’s 5k Soft!Dark Challenge and decided to join in the fun. Thank you, Siri, for encouraging me and listening to me gush over Alpha Andy potential and for answering all my questions. To my Ignition readers, don’t worry, that is on my list after I complete part two of this story. But I hope you also enjoy this! And thank you @firefly-graphics for creating the amazing butterfly dividers!
Tumblr media
Part One
“Step forward and give me your wrist.”
Jolting, you blinked up at the barrel-chested security guard. His stare was unflinching beneath furrowed, dark brows. The curved device he was holding beeped impatiently, the tip blinking red. You swallowed.
“Your wrist,” he repeated with a light growl.
Shuffling towards him, you shifted your heavy binder to one arm and hurriedly pushed up the sleeve of your oversized sweater muttering a quiet, “Sorry.”
The guard didn’t acknowledge your apology and merely swept the smooth tip of the device across your pulse. There was no answering beep, no signal of a result detected—not that you were expecting one. But the security guard certainly was given the way his frown deepened. Suspicious eyes lifted to your quiet, steady gaze and then fell to the space where your shoulder met your neck. You knew what he was going to demand before the words left his mouth.
“Tilt your head to the side.”
“Is that really necessary?” You asked with a single, unamused brow. “Your little device just told you what I am.”
“It didn’t tell me shit,” the man grunted.
“Correct,” you agreed, trying to keep your voice even. “Which is an answer in and of itself. Do we really need to escalate this further?”
The security guard went very still and for a long moment he just stared at you. Then—
“Are you resisting?”
The question was low and quiet and the threat behind it had a chill slithering up your spine like the underbelly of a snake. The man’s hand slid to the electric baton dangling at his waist and your heart dropped to the soles of your feet.
You felt sick.
“No—I…” you rasped, throat suddenly dry. “No.”
A pause.
“Then tilt your head to the side.”
Slowly, your eyes slid up to his face, to the pure ice in his eyes, and you knew then that you had no choice. You never had any choice. None of you did. Unless you were an Alpha.
Your heart thumped hard in your chest.
“C’mon lady, don’t you see the line here?” A voice shouted suddenly from somewhere behind you and you twisted, glancing at the large crowd of people shifting on their feet, anxious to pass through the final step of security. In the sea of faces it was impossible to spot the owner of the heavily accented words as they continued to echo, “Quit holdin’ it up! I’ve got a court case to get to.”
You opened your mouth, a stinging reply on the tip of your tongue when your gaze snagged on who was waiting in line directly behind you.
You didn’t know him, but you wished you did.
He was tall and sharply dressed, staring down at the expensive looking watch on his wrist with a small frown. The stranger sighed softly, the sound barely audible, and your brain seemed to malfunction at the mere sight of a man so beautiful.
And then his eyes snapped up and met yours.
Your stomach clenched and you whirled around back to the security guard. Heart pounding, you felt eyes on your back and then the weight of those eyes increased as you tugged the neck of your sweater away and tilted your head, baring your throat.
Never give them your throat, Babygirl. Never. Your mother’s voice was shouting in your head and every muscle in your body tensed, forcing yourself to stay still.
You may not have the same instincts as everyone else, but it was impossible not to be uncomfortable with the recently instated protocols, no matter who you were. It felt vulnerable and wrong and you were unable to stop your flinch when the cool metal tip of the device lightly pressed into the space where your mating gland would have been—should have been. You inhaled sharply.
Still, the device remained silent.
The security guard grunted and stepped back, giving you a disgusted once over. “Defective,” he declared loud enough that everyone in that line heard. “You can go in.”
Seething, you straightened your sweater and clutched the binder full of documents you were carrying closer to your chest. Equal parts embarrassment and offense flooded through your veins.
Squaring your shoulders like you had seen so many Alphas do when posturing, you lifted your chin and glared outright at the security guard, purposefully catching his gaze and holding it. He recognized your attempt immediately and scoffed.
You didn’t give a damn.
“We prefer the term Designationless,” you told him with a sneer because damn him and damn every pious bastard in this place. You knew you most likely weren’t the only one in that crowd and even if you were, it was time that the Others started treating you all like human beings and not broken toys. “I tried to tell you this wasn’t necessary.”
You didn’t wait to hear his response before marching away, but you figured that was a good thing by the sudden burst of laughter that erupted from the people waiting to enter the courthouse.
Gritting your teeth, you ignored the desire to flip them all the bird as your heels clicked angrily against the smooth tile floor. Instead, you straightened your back and held your head high.
By the time you reached the city records counter, your jaw ached from clenching your teeth and a headache had begun to form right behind your eyes. Behind the large desk was a pretty redheaded woman; her face reflected the soft glow of light from her phone screen and you caught the murmurings from some local news reporter as you approached.
“Despite months of civil unrest and an all-out war in the courts, after five long years there appears to be a breakthrough in the controversial Project Restore. The President made the announcement early this morning that one of the four remaining Omegas has successfully conceiv—”
“Excuse me?” You cleared your throat and the woman blinked, lifting her head. There were unshed tears in her eyes.
“Sorry, I just… I’ve been watching all morning,” she laughed wetly, putting away her phone. “It’s amazing news, isn’t it?”
Your stomach went cold.
“I’m here to file my paperwork for a D-level License,” you told her instead, hefting the near bursting binder of paperwork onto the counter. Her eyes slid to it and then back to you and suddenly her smile was gone.
“This isn’t the line for renewal.”
You inhaled deeply, “I know it isn’t, I’m here to—”
“Mr. Barber!” The woman yelped in surprise. She spun in her chair, her whole demeanor changing instantly as a wide, beatific smile spread across her face. She leaned forward eagerly, shoulders hunching and head tilting in a pretty display of deference. “What can I help you with?”
Going still, you glanced to your right and caught sight of the man from earlier—the one who had been next in line behind you, the one who had no right being that damn good looking. Up close, it was even worse. He had a face like art, the kind that was slashed out of stone, and hair that made you wonder if it was as soft as it looked. A neatly trimmed beard lined a strong jaw and you found yourself staring open mouthed as his full lips curved.
“I believe she was ahead of me.”
Those eyes slanted towards you; they were gentler than you expected. You were used to disdain or indifference from Others, or, even worse: pity.
And this man showed you none of those.
Confused, the woman glanced at you and then back at the man, “Yes, but—”
“I can wait.”
Three words. His voice was quiet and calm and so utterly sure and you knew in that instant that this man was an Alpha. Your assumption was sealed when he casually leaned against the desk like he owned it and turned his body towards you in open appraisal. He gave you an encouraging nod that felt more like a phantom hand pressing along your lower back, ushering you to whatever direction he chose.
Your jaw clicked shut and your throat tightened. It took all your strength to tear your eyes away from him, from the curious tilt of his head, the kindness in his soft gaze.
“As I told you,” the woman’s voice snapped your attention back to her. Her face pinched slightly, “This isn’t the place for renewal. You’ll need to—”
“I’m not renewing,” you blurted and your eyes widened at the volume of your words. Out of the corner of your eye you swore you felt the Alpha’s amusement, though his face showed no change. Clearing your throat, you continued, softer, “This is my first application.”
A beat of silence. Then—
The woman’s shock was the one thing you had prepared yourself for this morning. The explanation came easily to you; you had practiced the words more times than you could count staring into the bathroom mirror.
“My mother wanted to be sure I wasn’t a late bloomer,” your lips curved even as your heart pounded and you focused very hard on keeping that easy smile on your face.
Especially when the man to your right had gone eerily still.
Don’t look at him. Breathe. In and out. Stay calm. Stay relaxed. The sooner you get this filed, the sooner you can go home.
Your head started to throb, the pain behind your eyes shifting to your temples.
After a long moment, the woman asked in an odd tone, “Do you have all the required examinations and test results?”
Her nails tapped on the desk. Click, click, click. She seemed to be thinking very hard over something as her eyes narrowed.
“Family history?”
You nodded, patting the herculean binder resting beside you. “It’s all there.”
A single bead of sweat gathered in the small of your back and you felt it trickle down your skin. All of what you said was true, you were hiding nothing. Logically there would be no reason for you to be afraid, but the world had changed in the last ten years and you weren’t stupid. People were afraid, people were panicking. The number of Designationless was increasing at an alarming rate and you knew that the more radical types blamed people like you for the Omegas vanishing—for upsetting the natural order of things.
As if you had any semblance control over whether you presented or not.
Wordlessly, the woman stood and reached for your binder. Your heart leapt in your chest and you clumsily tried to help her lift the massive document. It landed on her desk with a solid thud and you exhaled.
Uncapping a pen, the redhead glanced up at you and then flipped it open, cross checking that everything required was there and you watched like a hawk, hovering over the desk on your tip toes. Your head was full on pounding now, pain lacing through your skull until you were squinting even as you carefully watched the secretary’s every move.
“This all looks good,” the woman murmured slowly, her eyes dancing over the pages. “The only thing you’re missing is the Alpha Witness signature.”
You frowned. “Alpha Witness?”
Slowly, the woman’s gaze slid up. She lifted both brows. “It’s a new requirement under section two-oh-nine dash five. Any person filing for a non-designation license must have their testimony and character witnessed and affirmed by an Alpha.”
“My mother said she signed the form,” you told her quietly as your mind raced.
“And I see here that your mother is a Beta,” the woman informed you in that oh-so-familiar condescending tone. Her lips curved in a soft, cruel smile. “This form can only be signed by an Alpha. I’m sorry.”
“But we don’t even know any Alphas!” You cried out before you could stop yourself, panic surging through you and you felt tears of frustration prick in your eyes. “We’re not even close with any.”
Behind the large desk, the woman kept her hand on your file—like she owned it. Like she owned you. She casually shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what else to tell you. I can’t change the law. You need an Alpha to sign this or else you cannot file and I’m sure you’re aware of the approaching deadline for all of… your kind to officially register.”
“Of course, I’m aware,” you snarled. “Why do you think I’m here with all this fucking paperwork?”
“Good,” the woman snipped back. “Then come back within thirty days with an Alpha Witness or else I’ll be required to report you and any others who refuse to comply.”
Your jaw dropped open and rage boiled beneath your skin, bubbling up until it blistered your insides turning you into some wild, untamed thing; a daughter of fury. You might not have been born with a designation but you grew up in their world and as such you knew their language, and sometimes words weren’t enough.
Sometimes you needed something more.
Planting both hands flat on the smooth wooden counter, you leaned forward and slowly curled your lips back from your teeth in a terrifying show. “You. Wouldn’t. Dare.”
Sneering at the challenge, the woman’s mouth twisted into something ugly and she wrenched it open when—
“I’ll sign it.”
You spun around and the world swayed. Gripping the counter for balance, your eyes wrenched closed for a solid second before slitting open once more. At some point during your confrontation, you had all but forgotten about the man—the Alpha—that had patiently been waiting his turn. And while he might have said the words to the woman behind the counter, his eyes were locked on you and you alone.
There was something to be said about the weight of an Alpha’s gaze. You had met Alphas before, you had been the subject of more than one’s attention, but there was something about this Alpha’s eyes that had your knees nearly buckling.
“Mr. Barber, I hardly think that would be appropriate,” the woman sputtered. “The law wouldn’t permit—”
He slanted a look at the woman and there was something hard behind his eyes. His jaw ticked. “The law has already proven to be easily bent and molded these last few years. As long as I am not representing her, there is nothing that legally would prevent me from signing on as her witness. That is, if she consents to that?”
Stunned, the only thing you could do was stare at him. A moment later when you still remained silent, he ducked his head and lifted both brows in a gentle prompt.
“Do you consent to me signing as your Alpha Witness?”
“I—yes,” you mumbled, your voice nothing more than a breath in the back of your throat. But from the way his whole expression softened (like he was proud), he heard your answer.
“Good,” he nodded and something about the way he said that word made your stomach erupt in butterflies. “The form, please,” he commanded next without once taking his eyes away from you.
A white paper was slid onto the counter and you could not look away from this man, your would-be savior. Even after he turned and began to closely read over the document, your gaze continued to drink him in.
It wasn’t just that he was heartbreakingly handsome, it was his kindness that captivated you.
In a world where you were no better than the gum stuck on the bottom of everyone’s shoe, where nothing mattered but power and hierarchy (which had no place for you), to find an Alpha that treated you with dignity? It was a rare thing indeed.
“I don’t even know your name,” you said in a quiet voice as he finished adding his signature to the bottom of the page.
The man stilled and then slid the paper to the redheaded woman. There was a curious tilt to his lips as he turned to fully face you.
“I’m Andy. Andy Barber.”
Your toes curled in their boots at the sound of his name and for the life of you, you couldn’t understand why. A surge of unnamable emotion welled inside your chest until it ached and threatened to burst.
Swallowing heavily, you murmured back your name and then stepped forward and held out your hand, your heart in your words. “Thank you, Andy.”
Andy took your hand and shook it; his palm was very warm. You watched his nostrils flare delicately and then his eyes flashed gold. The change was so fast that you weren’t sure if you had seen it at all. Reeling, your head spun, twisted, and then righted itself, leaving you feeling as if something very important had just happened, although you had no idea what.
You also felt a little queasy.
“Barber!” A seething voice bellowed and it was the equivalent of a bucket of ice water being dumped over your head. You gasped and wrenched your hand out of Andy’s grip, stepping back and turning to see a large, red-faced man marching through the bustling crowd like a charging bull.
Straight toward Andy.
People scurried out of the stranger’s warpath. The man, another Alpha you guessed, spared you no more than a cursory glance, but it was enough for Andy to shift not-so-subtly in front of you which was something you were wholly unprepared to process. In fact, he didn’t stop until your back was pressed against the counter and he was all but shielding you completely from the newcomer’s approach. You couldn’t see a thing but Andy and his broad shoulders, and it was in this exact moment that your brain decided to short-circuit.
Because all you could think about was how good his cologne smelled. You even leaned forward and inhaled lightly.
And it made you dizzy as hell.
“What the hell are you doing?” An angry voice barked out and you flinched, eyes flying open (when did they close?), terrified that someone had caught you being mildly creepy.
In front of you, Andy sighed, unaware of your actions, and you felt his voice rumbled through you, “Neal, you need to calm down.”
“No,” the man snarled, the sound low and deep and terrifying. It made the pain in your head flare to life, spreading like an oil spill down the back of your skull to the base of your neck. Reaching up, you rubbed at the tense muscles there, all too familiar with the signs of an oncoming monster tension headache. “You’re late for court. Judge Meyer is already pissed off and she won’t wait around for your pussyfooting—”
A low groan crawled its way out of your throat before you could stop it. You needed to get home—and fast. Headaches like these quickly incapacitated you and the last thing you needed on this fucked up day was to be curled up in a corner somewhere in this courthouse until it eased.
Someone called your name softly, like they were concerned. It sounded like Andy, but you weren’t sure. You didn’t answer, couldn’t wrench your mouth open to speak. The only thing you could do was sway on your feet, screwing your eyes shut from the blinding lights overhead and the sun shining too brightly through the courthouse windows.
“What the fuck is wrong with her?” A voice said and it sounded mean and nothing like what you wanted to hear right now.
“Enough.” Andy growled and you had never heard a sound like that in your entire life.
It shook loose that pain-laced fist of a headache at the base of your neck until it was sliding under your skin and reaching for your heart, wrapping around it and squeezing until your vision went white. It stole your breath, your thoughts, your ability to stand on your own two feet.
The last thing you remembered was Andy’s panicked shout and the pair of arms that caught you seconds before you hit the ground and then—
Tumblr media
“How long have you been hiding her?”
“I haven’t.”
Your mother’s hushed voice floated in your ears. She sounded distressed, terrified even. You tried to move, to speak, but it was like you were living inside of skin that didn’t want to listen to you.
Someone was pacing, a slow tap, tap, tap.
“I didn’t know,” your mother was saying and you swore you heard a wet sniffle in her words. “I suspected but I didn’t know.”
You were drifting under deep waters, sinking further and further and it was a struggle to stay even remotely alert. There was an ache in the marrow of your bones and every one of your limbs felt heavy. You needed to wake up, even if it hurt like a bitch. You needed to open your goddamn eyes and find out what the hell was going on. Something was wrong, frighteningly wrong. Mustering up every bit of strength that you possibly had, you pushed to the surface, mentally kicking your legs and thrashing your arms until your eyes opened in a blurry slit.
Exhaustion tugged at the edges of your mind, urging you to close your eyes again and drift back to sleep on the familiar sofa you were laying on. You fought it furiously, though your body remained utterly still.
Blinking slowly, you were able to make out two dark silhouettes against the golden light from the kitchen. One was instantly recognizable while the other—
The other was large and imposing and should have struck fear into your heart like a bolt of lightning. But all you could do in your state was stare at the stranger looming over your mother in utter confusion as they casually walked over to your kitchen sink and picked up a dirty bowl from breakfast.
They sniffed at it lightly, then—
“You didn’t know,” they repeated your mother’s words in a low rumble and something in you recognized the voice but not the dangerously soft tone they spoke in. “But you’ve been feeding her suppressants?”
It stretched long enough that you thought you had fallen back asleep and then the stranger spoke again in that frighteningly quiet voice.
“Did you feed your daughter suppressants without her knowledge?”
Your ears heard the words but you couldn’t fully comprehend. The only thing that registered was the fear in your mother’s voice when she responded with a harshly whispered, “I didn’t want to scare her. She was showing some characteristics but there are so few left, I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t enough to be concrete. I wanted to be cautious and prepared.”
Nothing was making sense and the pain radiating throughout your whole body was urging you to find relief back under the waters of unconsciousness. The only thing that kept you afloat was the question the stranger asked next. The stranger whose voice had softened into something recognizable but new.
“Then why send her to register for the license?” He asked and you blinked once more, slitting your eyes open a little further until you could see the golden light outlining his profile. He was still holding onto the bowl you had used for your morning cereal as he stared at your mother in some strange mixture of confusion and concern.
There was a scrape of wood against tile as your mother pulled out a chair from the small table in the kitchen. It creaked slightly as she sat down with a heavy sigh. A defeated sigh.
“Because we were running out of time. There’ve been raids. I know you’ve heard of them. They’re rounding the unregistered up because people like you and me—”
“You and me?”
Your mother lifted her head and stared at Andy for a long time. You couldn’t see the expression on her face but from the tone she spoke in next, you knew she was nailing the man with a withering kind of glare that only she seemed capable of.
“Pack,” she spit out like the word tasted bad. “Alphas, Betas, Deltas, you name it. People like us are less likely to notice if they go missing and if there’s no record of them in the first place, then there’s no way to fight it. If she registered as Designationless, then it bought her time in more ways than one.”
Andy sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose and for whatever reason, you wanted nothing more than to crawl up off of this couch and smooth out the harsh wrinkle forming between his brows.
Maybe you had lost your mind.
“She needs to get somewhere safe,” Andy said suddenly and there was an urgency to his words. He returned the bowl to the sink and began to pace. “There are at least ten other Alphas in this apartment building alone and when she makes the full change, there won’t be a corner on this earth where you can hide her. Every Alpha in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to sense her and if you don’t have one strong enough to shield her…” he stopped pacing, the words dying in his throat. You watched him roll his neck and shoulders, as though the idea deeply bothered him. A long moment later, Andy finished with a firm, “Project Restore will take her from you and if not them, someone else.”
Your mother stared up at the Alpha from her seat. Her back was ramrod straight and everything about her seemed alert, ready to bolt.
“Someone…” she started carefully, “like you?”
Across the kitchen, Andy slowly lifted his head and it was like a mountain rising out of the sea. Golden eyes so bright they seemed to glow stared out of his face, pining your mother to her chair. His power rippled across the room and even though you were all but paralyzed at the moment, goosebumps lifted along your arms and legs.
This was an Alpha unveiled.
“Careful, Beta,” Andy said in a voice soft as winter’s first snowfall.
You shivered.
Keeping his golden gaze locked on your mother, Andy continued. “Your daughter is about to go through hell. I have the resources to keep her hidden and on the move. I’ve not met many Alphas stronger or more dominant than me. I could shield her and she would be safe.”
“You’d be breaking the law.”
A beat of silence.
“Good thing I’ve never agreed with tyranny.”
Bitter laughter crawled out of your mother’s throat and if you listened closely enough, you could hear the sound of resignation. “That’s ironic given what you’re trying to force here.”
“Force would have been taking her from that courthouse without a word to you,” Andy rebutted. “I’m not like them.”
“But you’ll still take her from me, won’t you?” Your mother asked in a choked kind of voice.
There was a long pause and then Andy answered simply, “Yes.”
“You know, all it would take is one little call and they would come for you.”
“Go ahead,” a cell phone clattered on the kitchen table and your mother stared down at it. Andy crossed his arms across his wide chest. “Make the call. They’ll take me but they’ll take her, too. She’ll be imprisoned, experimented on, and eventually bred to death. She is nothing more than a weapon, a boost in power to every inflated knothead. You think Project Restore is going to take kindly to a Beta mother whose kept her O—”
“Don’t say it.” You could count on your hand the number of times you heard your normally docile mother growl.
“It’s what she is,” Andy told her. “What she will be, and soon, by the smell of it.”
Your mother began to cry softly and that sound more than anything else had you stirring on the sofa with a quiet moan. Immediately pain erupted in your legs, muscles cramping in protest at your slight movement, and you went still again. This time you were unable to fight the surging waters or the icy hands pulling you deeper under the surface and soon your eyes slid shut and everything in you seemed to sigh.
“Can you give us some time?” Your mother’s voice sounded distant and hushed and so full of pain.
“No. The change has already begun and we’ve wasted too much time as it is.”
Confusion and fear swirled together somewhere in your consciousness but the blissful temptation of the abyss, of the deep, dark silence that welcomed you with open arms was calling your name.
“Please,” she begged and you sank deeper and deeper into the nothingness.
You had almost completely passed out once again when you caught the final thing Andy said.
“You know what she is to me.”
Tumblr media
Hands were brushing back the hair from your forehead and you winced. The touch was gentle but it felt like sandpaper on your skin. Instantly the hands left your skin and was followed by a low, comforting throaty sound that could only be your mother. She used to make the noise when you were just a girl to soothe you after nightmares or when you were a teenager after your first boyfriend broke up with you when you didn’t present at fifteen like everyone else.
“Babygirl,” she called in a soft whisper, “I need you to wake up, sweet thing.”
The struggle to rise to the surface was even more difficult than before but with her right there in front of you, it gave you reason to push through the sludge until you were blinking blearily at her.
“Mom?” You croaked in a voice resembling an eighty-year old chain smoker.
She smiled widely but her eyes were glistening. “There she is.”
She made that throaty sound again and something in you eased at the sound of it. “I know it does and it’s going to hurt for a little while but you’re so strong, you can get through it. I know you can.”
Blinking at her, your eyes opened more fully and you took in more details. Her pulse was jumping wildly in her throat and at her side where she knelt next to you was a large duffle bag.
Your duffle bag.
Mind racing, you frowned, trying to remember the things you overheard in the kitchen. “What’s happening?”
Her lips trembled and she rolled them over her teeth as her face crumpled. Dipping her head, you heard her sniffle and gasp and your breathing increased, panic rushing through you at the sight of your mother in such a state.
The single word came from somewhere over your head and you carefully lifted your gaze up, up, up to the handsome but solemn looking Alpha. He was just as handsome as you remembered, maybe even more so.
But he was also…
“Andy?” His name left your lips in a confused tone as you tried to piece everything together but the longer you looked at him, the dizzier you became, like his presence alone could send you reeling back into that pit of nothingness.
“You…” were in the kitchen, talking to my mother. You made her cry, you wanted to say. Instead, all you could do was let out a groan of pain as the aches in your bones increased tenfold, like they were being used as wood in a campfire.
Beside you, your mother lifted her head, running the back of her hand across her eyes. In less than a second, everything changed about her and there was a burning kind of urgency in her voice that instantly got your attention. “I need you to listen to me and listen close. It’s always been the two of us, but things are changing and for right now you need someone else to help you. I want you to listen to them,” she hesitated and slanted a glance at the Alpha looming over the two of you, listening carefully to every word exchanged. And then your mother’s voice became absolute steel, “But I want you to also use your head. You’re smart. Don’t get swept away, okay?”
Didn’t she understand? You were already under the water, drifting, floating, drowning.
“I’ve packed your things,” she told you and your gaze drifted to the duffle bag once more and there was a brief moment of clarity. Sharp, painful clarity.
“You’re sending me away.”
Your mother shook her head swiftly at that. “I’m keeping you safe,” she insisted and then ground her teeth and added, “he will keep you safe.”
Your eyes skimmed up to the man you had only just met this morning.
He as in Andy. Andy will keep you safe.
“From what?” You asked in a rasp.
“There’s no time to explain,” she rushed out and then carefully pushed up to her knees and pressed her trembling lips against the burning hot skin of your forehead. You hissed at the contact but tried to stay still, a part of you desperately trying to savor this moment, this flood of love and warmth from the woman who raised you. “I love you. Remember that. Always remember that.”
You would.
Tumblr media
You didn’t remember being picked up in someone’s arms. You didn’t remember leaving your apartment. You didn’t remember being carried through the hallways and down the stairwells. You didn’t even remember being oh-so-gently placed in the expensive leather seat of a car you could never have afforded in your life or being buckled in like a child. You didn’t remember the drive.
The only thing you knew were three words, your mother’s voice, and unimaginable pain.
Even in your lack of consciousness, everything hurt. Someone had turned your insides to gasoline and lit a match. You were made of tinder that never burned up. Cracks echoed in your ears and you swore that somewhere deep inside of you, your bones were shattering.
And somehow, right when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, when you were sure you were going to die from the agony—when you wanted to die rather than living through this—Andy would pull you out of it.
You knew it was him because of his cologne, the same cologne that had enraptured you in the courthouse.
He would softly call your name and then offer drinks of cool water to your chapped lips, quenching the parched desert your insides had become. He fed you, placing small pieces of fruit on your tongue and coaxing them down your throat with gentle brushes of his fingers against your pulse until you swallowed reflexively.
And when all of that wasn’t enough, when the pain was so intense that you started refusing food and water, he pulled you into his lap and tucked your face into his neck. You cried out at the movement, a shriek of anguish, and then there was a low rumbling sound bubbling up from the Alpha’s chest.
The sound was like a cool, silk sheet sliding over your chaffed skin, soothing the aches until they were somewhat more bearable.
It was a croon, he was crooning to you, some part of you recognized distantly.
“Shush, Butterfly,” Andy murmured and you were too far gone to register the pet name. Especially when his big hand cupped the entire back of your head and you just felt so utterly surrounded by him. “I know it hurts,” he reassured you, voice rumbling through his chest. “You just tuck your nose in to my throat and breathe deep. It’ll help with the pain, I promise.”
The words were enough of a command that you were obeying before he was even finished explaining. Inhaling until your lungs couldn’t take in any more air, you sighed out at the addictive scent of his cologne. It wasn’t overbearing and it didn’t give you a headache like some of your ex’s had in the past. This was different and it seemed to fill all the empty parts of you until your body welled up like a balloon and you were floating away.
Andy continued to croon even as you sucked in breath after breath, nuzzling your face into his shoulder, his throat, under his jaw against the soft wiry hair of his beard. The pain lessened and you were drunk off the relief.
“Magic cologne,” you mumbled almost incoherently against his skin but the Alpha must have caught your words because you felt his amused chuckle roll through you before it even reached your ears.
“Yeah. Somethin’ like that.”
Tumblr media
Consciousness came slowly and, with it, remembrance. You remembered the courthouse, arguing with the security guard and then the secretary, her threat to turn you in and the sharp sting of betrayal that shot through you.
You remembered Andy standing in your mother’s kitchen, talking about suppressants and Project Restore and your mother kneeling beside you, telling you that she loved you.
Slowly, you opened your eyes. The room was bathed in orange and red and yellow light from the flames dancing in the fireplace; it was big, warm and crackling and comforting. You felt very cold. You felt almost high, too; the world seemed to be buzzing around you and even sitting down your felt dizzy and strangely uninhibited.
You realized you were laying in a large bed. A puffy white comforter had been shoved down to your feet creating a lumpy mountain range at the base. The room you were in was unfamiliar but quiet, outside of the soft popping wood from the fire. Your eyes shifted carefully along the stark white walls. There were no decorations, no signs of life or personality to the place. It reminded you of a model home.
The scarcity didn’t bother you like it probably should have. In fact, the strangeness of it all but flew out of your mind the instant your eyes landed on the man watching you from a plush chair in the corner of the room.
“How do you feel?” He asked in a quiet tone. Flickers of orange and yellow light danced across his face, playing with the shadows.
“Like I’ve been turned inside out,” you croaked and then winced at the rawness of your throat (had you swallowed a live coal at some point?). You didn’t remember screaming your voice to shreds. “I feel… confused,” you added with a frown. “‘M’cold.”
Your body shivered, as though adding its agreement with your sentiment. Grunting, you tried to push yourself up to sitting so that you could pull the bunched up comforter over yourself, but your body resisted. Your limbs were heavy and clumsy and your muscles screamed to life. A hiss left your lips.
“Stay still,” Andy said and for some reason, you instantly complied. It was all too easy to fall back into the soft bed with a sigh. You watched him swiftly unravel the heavy comforter and tug it up over your body. “I’ve got you.”
For such a large man, he was inexplicably gentle as he tucked it in around you. Exhausted, it was all you could do to simply watch him, the wrinkle of concentration deepening between his brows. The urge to touch that worry spot, to brush it away and smooth it out was so strong, you almost couldn’t stand it. This Alpha was taking care of you and he was doing it so well, you wanted to make him feel good, too.
You shifted unhappily and a high-pitched whine reached your ears. Only later would you realize that the sound had come from your own throat.
Andy’s eyes darted to your face and whatever he saw there had him sitting on the edge of the bed, cupping your cheek with his warm palm. The mattress dipped down under his weight, gravity rolling your side against the length of his thigh.
“It’s okay,” he rumbled out, brows pulling together and lifting in the middle. His thumb swept over the apple of your cheek and your eyes fluttered shut with the movement. “Just take it easy, Butterfly. You’ve been through a lot—a big change.”
There was a soft smile on Andy’s face and something almost like a vulnerable kind of hope shining in his eyes. A strange sort of warmth gathered in the center of your chest as he stared down at you, and then it spread to the rest of your body like warm honey.
He was right. Something had changed.
Something big.
A part of you knew what exactly had changed, but the words wouldn’t come. Instead, you hitched both shoulders up towards your ears, half preening and half flustered under the heavy attention of this man.
“’S’that change why you call me Butterfly?” You asked shyly, eyes flicking away from his soft gaze.
The hand that was cupping your jaw shifted and a knuckle tucked under your chin, lifting your eyes back to his. Your heart thumped hard in your chest, a nervous kind of energy skittering down your arms and legs before pooling in your belly. As if he were aware of it all, the corners of Andy’s eyes crinkled as his smile deepened and the only way you could describe the look on his face now was affection.
“That’s one of the reasons,” Andy murmured and then paused and seemed to be considering his words. Gentle fingers brushed along your jaw and trailed featherlight touches down the side of your neck, his gaze following the path. Then Andy continued in a voice that was nothing more than a breath in the back of his throat, “And you’re as pretty as one.”
His eyes snapped back up to yours, as if he wanted to drink in your reaction. But all he got was the sight of your wide eyes and attempted to bury yourself deeper into the soft bed beneath you.
The Alpha chuckled and then had mercy on you and rose to his feet. “I’ll get you some food. Some broth and crackers would probably be the easiest on your stomach right now. There’s water on the table beside you.”
You watched in silence as he walked over towards the door that you guessed led to the rest of the house. When his hand wrapped around the doorknob, you panicked.
He went still and then slowly glanced over his shoulder.
You cleared your throat, tiredness pulling at the edges of your mind once more. “I have a lot of questions.”
“I’ll do my best to help you find the answers,” he promised with a sure nod and something inside of you eased.
But not all the way.
In the back of your mind there was one question that you already knew the answer to but the act of asking it was important. You needed to know even though all the evidence pointed you in one direction and one direction only.
“Was that…” you started and then stopped. Licking your lips, you tried again, “Did I…?”
The words tried marching their way out of your throat but kept getting stuck on the hot, filling lump gathering. You blinked rapidly and your eyelashes started to clump together as your throat burned.
Turning around, Andy leaned back against the door and steadily held your gaze. There was compassion in his eyes, and kindness. He was still very much the man you had first met in the courthouse, the kind Alpha who treated you like you mattered.
Inhaling deeply, he spoke in a quiet voice, “The first heat is always the hardest. Or so we’re told.”
Your stomach dropped.
Andy dipped his chin. “Yes.”
Stunned, all coherent thoughts slid out of you like water swirling down a drain. In a very small voice you repeated, “I went into… heat?”
“You did.”
It was hard to swallow but you tried anyway. Your mind raced, spun, and you tried to grasp for something solid. Flashes of the conversation Andy and your mother had flickered through your mind and while you knew the answer all along, it was another thing entirely to hear it be said aloud.
To have it be real.
“So that means that I’m an…?” The word evaded you, even as it blared like a foghorn in your head.
Your heart started to pound and your skin grew warm. Fear and panic and disbelief fought for control of your body. In a rush, you sat up, pushing past the physical agony and the wave of dizziness. The thick comforter rolled down to your waist and the cool air of the room hit your bare skin like a freight train and you realized in that instant—
You were naked.
Gasping, you clutched the pillowy blanket to your chest in tight fists. Your eyes swiveled around the room, air rushing in and out of your lungs until a distressed sort of keening sound passed through your chapped lips.
Andy approached you carefully with his hands raised in surrender and his heart and soul in his eyes. His throat worked, “Nothing happened, I swear to you, nothing happened.”
Your eyes flashed and he shook his head and kept inching forward. In the dark of the room his hair caught the flicker of the crackling fire, outlining it and highlighting the glint of bronze in it.
“It wasn’t a normal kind of heat,” Andy started again, something soft and almost pleading living in those words. “You were just sick, that’s all. Your clothes were hurting your skin, making it raw and red. I tried to ease your pain and make it more bearable for you.”
You fought it, turning your head to the side, because the fear was there but so was this desire to trust him, this Alpha you barely knew but whose voice alone seemed to call to something in your very blood. It all felt so odd and so unexplainable. Andy didn’t move a muscle, he waited, patiently, unwilling to hurry you through this, and something in that realization broke lose a rushing wind.
“Nothing happened?” You asked and your voice sounded funny, even to your ears. It was small and unsure and also desperate to cling onto something.
“Nothing beyond what I told you,” Andy promised. You studied his face, its curves and angles and his bright blue eyes and the hope that swirled in there. His voice when he spoke next was very quiet, “I would be happy to explain the whole heat experience to you in detail, if that would make you more comfortable.”
Staring at him, your heart lurched in your chest.
“Thank you,” you sighed and your head bowed in relief.
Andy nodded and then turned to a large white dresser. Opening the top drawer, he pulled out a big black t-shirt.
“First, put this on,” he instructed, offering it to you in careful movements, as though the Alpha was worried about scaring you off.
You took it with a small smile and he quickly turned his back while you slipped it over your head. The wafting scent of his cologne rose up around you, almost as if it were enveloping you in a hug. You dipped your nose to your shoulder and inhaled, closing your eyes.
It was the strangest thing, the way it seemed to instantly calm your frayed nerves.
“You done, Butterfly?” Andy voice shook you out of your trance.
Gulping, you tugged the hem further down and kept your bottom half firmly tucked under the comforter. Slowly, Andy twisted and took you in. You caught the delicate flare of his nostrils as his eyes drank in the sight of you in his shirt. There was a flash of something behind that look that you weren’t ready to dissect, not yet. All you know was that it made you shift in place, your stomach fluttering like someone had opened a cage containing thousands of tiny birds. You felt their wings brush against your insides, fluttering and soft and nervous and new all at once.
Shifting again under the weight of this Alpha’s gaze, you tucked your nose into the shoulder of the t-shirt and inhaled deeply.
And then you froze.
Your eyes flew open as it hit you what you just did with him watching. Carefully, you gaze slid up to his face and the expression sitting there could only be described as pure male satisfaction.
Flustered, you blurted out, “You smell good.”
Andy’s grin was a slow growing thing that blossomed into a blinding white smile that took years off of him. He looked boyish and happy and you realized how strange it was that seeing him happy seemed to be such a rare thing.
It made you want to see him smile more—and some small part of your brain was whispering that maybe you could make him happy.
“I think you called my scent ‘magic cologne’ earlier,” Andy told you in a fond tone, the words forming around his grin.
“Mm,” you pressed your lips together, trying not to grin back at him. “Well if I was in heat, then I was probably half out of my mind. Can’t trust the things I say then.”
Andy laughed, a breathy sound that didn’t quite make it out of his chest. The bed dipped as he sat on the edge once more and your eyes tracked his every movement. His eyes became two happy half-moons, his gaze falling to the comforting bunched around your waist, and a single brow lifted in boyish amusement. “It was cute,” he lips curved in a lopsided grin. “Sweet, even.”
You preened slightly at his praise, unable to stop yourself.
“And you know,” the Alpha began, his voice deepening to a gravelly quality that had everything inside of you perking up to attention. Slowly, his gaze skimmed up from your lap until you saw yourself reflecting back in twin pools of the purest gold. “You don’t smell so bad yourself… Omega.”
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lightsupbarnes · a day ago
Writing again!.. after almost 4 years 😬 send me some requests!
Who I write for:
James Buchanan Barnes
Steven Grant Rogers
Andrew Barber
Ransom Drysdale
Avengers!cast x reader
Chris Evans
Sebastian Stan
This blog will NOT tolerate any form of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, any discrimination towards any race, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality.
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dbnightingale24 · a day ago
Hey babes,
Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise I’m still writing and all that fun stuff, but I’ve been really drained as of late. It’s just taking longer than usual to crank them out. Not because I don’t have an idea, just because of lack of energy. Y’all have chapters and a one shot coming your way soon!!
I love you and pls be kind to yourselves. Remember to drink water and eat meals. Okay, that’s all, bye.
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stansupremacy · 2 days ago
[NOTE] English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes. Very excited to share this story with you, I originally posted it on wattpad, but it was really frustrating to note that it didn't seem to attract attention. Let's not focus on that, but on the now, new beginnings in Tumbrl (I still don't know how works lmao)
[COPYRIGHT] All rights reserved, copying or adaptation of the novel without prior notice to the author is PROHIBITED.
Traveling the world with a six-month-old was not an easy job, but you took the risk.
Chris was turning 40, you flatly refused to spend that special day away from him.
They were both actors, so their schedules were always very tight. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​the surprise party with the whole family in Boston had been completely scrapped because Chris was filming in France for his next project and you were in Canada giving a press conference promoting your new movie.
The chances of celebrating her birthday together had been reduced to zero, worse you being the stubborn woman you are, you did not give your arm to twist. So after several fights with your representative and several scolding from your personal assistant for having disorganized your entire schedule. You had managed to escape for seven days, so that you and your daughter could surprise her father on her birthday.
You knew there was no better gift than to take Luna to her father, it had been a few long weeks since they last saw each other. Separating from his daughter was something that destroyed Chris, it had been a very difficult decision, but being a sensitive one. Luna had to be with you, she was breastfeeding, she couldn't be away from you for long.
After two plans, more than 16 hours of travel and a lot of stress, they had reached their destination. Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The first part of the plan was complete, without wasting time, you settled Luna in her baby carrier on your chest, she cried in protest, she wanted to keep looking around her.
"I know, I know honey ... But you have to understand, mommy can't carry you in her arms, she has to carry the luggage" you murmured kissing her little head. You took the two suitcases and without wasting time you left the airport.
Luna had started to fidget, you understood her. The journey had been long, the two of them urgently needed rest. "Honey ... It was a short time, we just have to wait for Uncle Scott to come pick up us and we can go to sleep, preferably in Daddy's arms."
You took the phone from your backpack unlocking it to enter the chat with Scott, you sent the location and put it back in your pocket, without holding on any longer, you took off your chinstrap, a sigh of satisfaction left your lips when you felt the fresh air on your expensive. You removed little Evans from the carrier baby when you noticed that she kept complaining. Her small and expressive blue eyes looked around curiously.
"Do you need a ride?" A car pulled up on the street in front of you, the driver's window opened revealing Scott's face.
"Finally!" You exclaimed, he laugh getting out of the car, his arms wrapped around you affectively I returned the gesture for a few seconds.
Luna stretched her arms as she recognized her uncle waiting to be carried. Scott did not doubt it, and took her in his arms as he helped you store your bags in the trunk of the car.
You opened the back door, to throw your backpack there before entering and stretch your arms towards your daughter, who hesitating for a few seconds, accepted the change of arms.
"Sorry for the delay, your boyfriend is a pain in my ass. He asked me a thousand questions trying to figure out where I was going" Scott commented making sure the door is closed, he walked around the car and got back on as pilot, beginning to lead. "Tired?
"You have no idea" you sigh closing your eyes, a small smile adorns your lips knowing that they had achieved it, they would see Chris. "I swear that this is the only time that I cross half the world alone with a baby, next time I will bring someone to help me."
"Well, they are here, that's the important thing"
"Yeah, you're right." You answered, you look Luna who was beginning to close her eyes, it seemed that the dream was beginning to overcome her, you rock her lightly by kissing her plump cheek
Luna played entertainingly with the TV remote while you circled the hotel room, eager to see Chris.
You had to turn off your phone because he had not stopped calling and sending messages, your last message to him had been minutes before boarding, telling him that you were going to take a nap. More than 20 hours have already passed, so it was normal for him to worry, but you had decided not to answer him, it was not in your plans to ruin the surprise.
The clock said twelve o'clock at night, officially it was Chris's birthday, who should arrive at any moment.
Half an hour later, a message from Scott warning that he has already arrived at the hotel was what got you going. The suitcases were in Scott's room because if Chris came to see them he would instantly notice that they were there, you took your girl out of bed and ran to the bathroom but not before turning off all the lights.
Seconds after closing the door, the room door was heard opening. Chris's voice and Scott's laugh reached your ears.
"Don't laugh, idiot, this is serious. Y/N doesn't answer me, I think she's angry, but I don't know what I did." Scott made fun of his brother again, you smiled amused when you heard Chris's concern about the lack of messages. Luna, taking advantage of the fact that they were near the shower ledge, took a bottle of shampoo to drop it, making a great bang.
"Luna, you give away our position! You whispered indignantly, mini Evans babbling in amusement.
The door slammed open revealing a surprised Chris. Scott came in behind him, recording the reunion.
"Surprise!" You exclaimed, Luna shouted excitedly when she recognized her father. Chris wasting no time, drew them into a hug. "Luna and I decided that Daddy couldn't spend his 40th birthday away from us, right sweetheart?" The baby smiled stretching her hands to touch her father's face.
"Oh my girls, I missed you so much" Chris sighed still without letting go of the hug, he placed a kiss on Luna's forehead before turning her face and kissing you tenderly on the lips.
"Happy birthday darling, we love you very much, I hope you liked the surprise"
"I couldn't ask for a better thing" he smiled kissing your lips again.
"Don't say that, I have others that I'm sure you will love" you whispered with a mischievous glint in your eyes, Chris smirked. "We must put on day".
"For the love of God, you two are disgusting, talk about sex in front of the baby? Gross" Scott exclaimed in disgust.
Chris chuckled coming out of the bathroom with Luna on his right arm while his left was on your waist. He couldn't think of a better birthday start.
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 days ago
So yeah, I spun the wheels!!!
I got:
Kinks- exhibitionism and bondage
Character- Andy Barber
Prompts- “so help me god” and “if you don’t like my teasing then why are you moaning?”
I love your work so so so so so much.
Also.. if it isn’t too much to ask, I know Andy Barber like exudes Dom energy, but I love dominant readers….. you don’t have to though. ❤️❤️
Btw I don’t know if I picked too many so just choose whichever you feel most like writing.
Babe, you know we stan dom readers here!! And I would absolutely love to top our lawyer husband, c'mon son!
Sweet floofy boy toy smut (teasing, sub professor Andy, soft!dom reader, public sex, pool sex, unprotected vaginal sex, kept the bondage kinda light since they're in public and it's on the fly, public nudity, this is my established Andy couple (bar owner reader and professor Barber)) No minors!!!
Tumblr media
Andy had been giving you that look all night.
He was immensely grateful you had agreed to come to this thing. What kind of professional adults threw a pool party? Especially university faculty. And if he had to come to this thing on his own he would have left after a couple hours.
But you had agreed to join him, because you couldn't stand the thought of your soft boyfriend having to suffer through social niceties with the bores he worked with.
When he saw you in that fucking bikini though, he almost lost it. There was nothing special about it, it was just like any other bikini he'd ever seen on a million other women. But it wasn't on other women, it was on you, and that made him want to shove it aside so you could ride him until you were screaming his name.
So he spent almost the entire party trying to get you to go back home with him so he could touch you however he wanted.
You thought it was hilarious. It's not like it was any easier for you. Every time you got a peek at those tattoos that usually no one except you got to see you felt a tiny pang in your core. But you could actually control yourself like a grown up, even with your sweet man following your around and whispering filthy things in your ear.
What he couldn't handle was when you finally jumped in the pool. The sight of you soaking wet, rivulets of cool water dripping down your tempting curves that he just wanted to trace with his tongue, after hours of you denying him, turned him into a hard, grumpy mess who had to sit in an abandoned corner of the pool while he growled at his aching cock.
"What's going on, baby?" You teased, swimming up to him slowly and grinning at the cranky pout he gave you.
"What's going on is I'm sick of watching you prance around in that fucking bikini like a damn tease." Oh, he must have been hard for a while, he usually didn't get this pissy unless he was really frustrated.
"Aww, have I been teasing you baby?" You gave him a mocking pout as you cooed at him, wrapping your body around his and grinding until a desperate sound escaped from his throat. "If you don't like my teasing then why are you moaning?"
"Y/N, fuck." He dug his fingers into your waist as his hips bucked into you, trying to catch your lips with his and whining when you pulled away from him. "If you don't quit being a brat right now, so help me god..."
"I'm the brat?" You gripped his jaw hard and forced his gaze to yours. "You invited me to this damn party then spent the whole night whining and begging. I thought we were here so you could have a nice time socializing with your coworkers and maybe get a little tipsy, not sneak away for you to get your dick wet whenever you felt a little needy."
This was new. As far as dominant and submissive dynamics went in your relationship, they weren’t really a thing, though a lot of the time you’d let Andy take the reins just because it was easier. But the way you were digging your fingers into his cheeks and glaring at him were making him feel some kind of way.
“I’m...sorry?” The brush of your lips over his cheekbone made him just want to please you, but he wasn’t sure how.
“Try making that a statement, Andrew.” You dragged your nails over his shoulders and nipped softly at his lips as he melted underneath you.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He tilted his head back so he could drink in your kiss, groaning against your lips as you wound your fingers through his hair.
“Good boy.” You grinned wickedly at him as you rested your forehead against his. “You’re lucky you’re so cute, makes it awful hard to stay mad at you. Put your hands behind your back.”
“What?” He blinked owlishly up at you as he tried to consider what you were saying, that kiss had made his brain all fuzzy.
“Hands behind your back, Andy. You are shit at following instructions.” You shook your head softly as you moved your hands between the two of you. “We’re gonna need to work on that.”
“Fuck, baby.” His head whipped to make sure no one was watching when you untied your bikini bottoms and waved them in front of his face. “We’re doing this here?”
“You don’t get to complain after all the fucking whining you were doing all night.” You bent over him and tugged at his lips with your teeth, dragging his hands behind his back and binding them with your swimsuit. “Hope you can be quiet, pretty boy.”
He let out a low moan when you drew his trunks down and wrapped your hands around his cock, shifting until he was lined up and sinking down on him in one swift motion. You could tell how worked up he was from the way he was trying to drive into you, his wrists straining against the restraints that you had apparently tied in some sort of magic knot that wasn’t loosening no matter how hard he tugged at it.
“Baby, c’mon.” You were loving how needy he was, framing his face in your hands as you ground against him. “I just wanna touch you.”
“Quit whining.” You snapped, gripping his hair painfully and yanking his face away from yours as you scowled at him. “You’re lucky I’m gonna let you come at all, sweet boy. Don’t piss me off.”
The scrape of your teeth over his cheekbone had him keening, forcing you to shove your fingers in his mouth to muffle the sounds he was making. Drool started leaking from the corners of his lips when he whined around your hand, the pleading look in his eyes making you clench around him with a deep moan.
Your hips started moving faster when you felt your pleasure gathering, his body arching into your movements as he begged you wordlessly for more. That look of pure, wanton need on his face was something you could really get used to.
Warmth started spreading from your core fast and you ripped your your fingers out of his mouth so you could press your lips to his, moaning against him when the coil snapped and your body went rigid. Andy almost collapsed at the feel of your soft walls fluttering around him, growling into your mouth as his hips jerked and he filled you thick, sticky ropes of his cum.
“Jesus Christ.” He panted into your open mouth while the two of you came down, wrapping his arms around you once you undid his restraints and tried to put your bottoms back on. “That was new.”
“Yeah.” You bit your lip as you grinned at him. “Good for you?”
“Very good.” He swallowed thickly as you unwrapped yourself from him. “Where did you learn to tie knots like that?”
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navybrat817 · 2 days ago
Beg Me
Pairing: Andy Barber x Female Reader Summary: Distracting Andy from his work is always a fun time. Word Count: Over 1k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, hand job, possessive behavior, dirty talk, Andy Barber (he's a warning!) A/N: For @happygowriting 's Hat Draw Challenge (Prompt: “I’m going to jerk you off until you’re begging me to stop.” with Andy Barber) ). Congrats, lovely!!! ❤️ Not beta read, so any and all mistakes are my own. Moodboard by yours truly. Comments, likes, reblogs and asks are appreciated. ❤️
I have discontinued my tag list. Please follow my sideblog @navybrat817-sideblog​ and turn on notifications to see new fics! I will only post fics, my writing schedule and updates there.
I do not consent to have my work posted on any third party site or app. If anyone sees my work anywhere but here or archiveofourown under my same username, it has been reposted without my permission. 18+ Please!!! By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old. Enjoy, lovelies!
Tumblr media
If you could have dreamt up the perfect man, he would have been in the form of Andy Barber. Handsome, commanding and passionate, there was no denying him and you never wanted to. While he was usually the dominant of the two of you in bed, you occasionally liked to be the one who drove him crazy. It wasn't to give you a sense of power or control. You were just happy to make the man you loved feel good.
You watched him as he sat at his desk, tapping your fingertip against the doorframe. He promised he wouldn't work when he got home, but there he was. You didn't blame him and you weren't even upset. But now was the perfect time to give him something to get him through the rest of the day. 
You walked over to the desk, your hips swaying enticingly. You continued to watch him intently as he tried to ignore your presence, but you saw him look out of the corner of his eye. He cleared his throat as he looked back at the papers in front of him. Smirking, you snatched them from his hand and put them out of reach. You swore he snarled when you kept the smirk on your face.
"I'm trying to work and you're distracting me."
Your body clenched in reaction to his glare. Being on the receiving end of that look scared most people, but you were the exception. It sent a shiver of excitement through you when he didn't blink and you dared to step closer. 
"I know I am, but I can help you out," you offered. 
Andy raised an eyebrow as his gaze shifted to feigned disinterest. But he couldn't hide how dark his eyes got. "You're going to help me?"
"Yep. I'll get you off and you can go back to it," you said innocently, straddling him as he leaned back in his chair. 
His hand reached up and gently moved along your jaw, the small action immediately spreading more heat between your thighs. You had no idea how he turned you on so quickly with the lightest of touches, but you wanted to have the same effect on him. Before he could pull away, you grasped his hand and brought it to your lips. Your eyes twinkled with something lustful as you sucked a finger into your mouth, moaning around it. 
"You think teasing me is a good idea?" he asked, a slight rasp to his tone as his finger slipped free. 
"Teasing would imply that I have no intention to follow through. And I have every intention of doing so."
Brushing your lips against his, you moved a hand between your bodies to cup him. You felt how hard he was beneath his slacks and you wondered how long he had been worked up. Thankfully, he had you to take care of him. 
"Poor Andy," you said softly as you rubbed him, kissing the corner of his mouth. Feeling his beard tickle your lips made you tremble as you unbuttoned his pants. Maybe later you could convince him to rub his beard against your inner thighs. "How are you supposed to get any work done with your cock so hard?"
You heard the air rush out of his lungs as you pulled the zipper down, feeling his strong thighs tense beneath yours. "Still fucking teasing me," he groaned as your hand grasped the band of his underwear to move it down. "Fuck, honey."
You smiled as you grasped his cock and pulled him free. Holding him in your hand, your fist went tight. You rubbed your thumb across the head as you leaned back and glanced down. The thickness of him never ceased to amaze you. It made your mouth water.
“I told you I'm not going to tease you," you reminded him as you twisted your wrist. "I’m going to jerk you off until you’re begging me to stop.”  
Andy was amazing. Addicting. How could not worship him? You ignored how soaked your panties were as you pumped your hand because this was about him. And after so many nights of him bringing you over the edge multiple times, it was time to return the favor.
"Fuck, honey. Faster," he groaned, his hips rocking as you worked him in even strokes.
"No," you laughed softly. "You have no patience right now, Mr. Barber, and that won't do. Just like my pussy is yours, this is my cock. I'll go as fast or slow as I please."
There was no mistaking the growl this time. He sounded impressed that you took control. "I'm ruining my pussy the second I'm done-"
"The second you're done what? Coming?" you questioned, kissing his cheek as you brushed the head of his cock again. Feeling him leak for you had you lightly grinding your own hips. "I told you. Until you beg me to stop, your cock isn't leaving my hand."
His hips bucked hard enough to rock the chair, his moan low and deep. "You think I won't fuck you with my fingers? Or make you ride my thigh until you gush on these pants?"
"That would be a shame," you sighed, feeling more precum slide across your fingers. "I like these pants… But it would be fun to ruin them the way you ruined me. Just like I want to ruin you."
His head fell back as he could look in your eyes, his hips starting to lose their rhythm. "I was ruined the moment you walked into my life," he breathed.
You whimpered, wanting so badly to take him into your quivering cunt at his words. "Later," you thought because your release didn't matter. But his… "Prove it. Make a mess on my hand. C'mon, hotshot. Do it. Come."
He whined, actually whined, for you as his cock pulsed, shuddering as you watched his release spread between you both. Some of it landed on your hand as you finished stroking him, hot and searing. You wanted to taste every drop as he came down. 
"Fuck…" he panted as his shoulders slumped, catching his breath. 
As you pulled your hand away, you quickly replaced it with the other. 
"What…" he gasped as you brought it to your lips.
"Beg me," you whispered as you began to clean your fingers. "That's an order, Mr. Barber."
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jurassicbarnes · 2 days ago
We need some domestic!Andy in the shitty apartment 🤲🏻
a pair of keys
Tumblr media
pairing: Andy Barber x Reader (ex spouses universe, college addition)
a/n: sorry this took some time, i had to give it a thought :') for more drabble search or click on the tag “ex spouses universe” or “college addition”
warnings: 18+ ONLY, fluff, mention of sex, your mr fixit!bf andy lol
Tumblr media
It was time to move out, you and Andy knew it when your roommates were tired of you two doing it everywhere around the apartment. Not one place was left untainted. They'd have to sanitize it once you finally moved out.
Well, that was one of the reasons to find a new place.
The other was, commute. Both of you needed a place closer to your work and his new campus. And with both your jobs going on, you'd saved up for a deposit and rent money for a couple of months. So, you searched and sought a moderately cheap apartment, at least for a while until you both find your footing.
It was an okay place, it was riddled with too many things that needed fixing. Andy promised you he could do it, everything. Little by little. You would make it look decent. And soon enough you would have a place to call home.
It was a open space apartment. Upon the entrace there was a small space for a coat rack, and a table for keys. Then past the foyer to the right was your little kitchen and a dining table for two. Right after the kitchen area, a previously set couch by the old tenant. It was just in the right condition. So you guys decided against replacing it.
Andy's mother had a spare TV which she gifted as a housewarming present, even after you insisted you'd pay. But after all these years, she was just like a mother to you and she refused the money with a stern stare.
Your bedroom was across the living area, partitioned by a single step. Close to the bed was the bathroom and your closet space.
The mattress on the bed was a bit questionable. It smelled, it was torn and it was bumpy. You had to get rid of it. So first item on agenda was to get a new mattress. When you went shopping for a brand new one, that's when you realised how hard you're both adulting. Didn't even know how expensive this shit was. But the salesperson said 'they're an investment'. To which Andy openly scoffed, but you both bought it anyway. Your comfort came first.
Also, who was he to deny it when you whispered right there in the store, "If we get a new mattress, think of all the ways we could break it in."
Everything that was busted or ruined in the apartment, your boyfriend fixed it. The rusted lock which only opened when you violently shook it? Your boyfriend fixed it. The choked up sink in which you had to shove a large stick to kickstart the drainage again? Your boyfriend fixed it too. The jammed up sliding doors of your closet? Your boyfriend fixed it.
When some problems were out of your hands, you called the landlord, who carried arrogance the size of an elephant. Andy, your boyfriend who goes to fucking law school, was beyond annoyed when you bribed the landlord to fix the electrical problems. The switch boards were all tangled up. The two of them had gotten into some tussle. You shushed your boyfriend and buttered up the landlord, that did it. Bruised Andy's silly ego but you'd tell him to get over it.
Once the whole place was set in stone, you both hosted a little party for your friends at your new home. They were all so glad to see you both like this. Cosy and happy and so in love. Out of all the couples that came and went before their eyes, the two of you were constant. And now you were even stronger, closer than before.
Mornings during those years were hectic. Andy always used to get up early, some nights he wouldn't even sleep in favor of studying. But he made sure you'd had your breakfast before leaving for work and college. He never showed any weakness, always put on a brave face even when he was exhausted. But you saw right through him. You'd take him to bed by hand, and let him sleep on your lap, while reading a book—any book. Even his textbooks at times.
Every other evening when Andy used to come home, he'd get you flowers. They'd rest on the credenza by the entrance in a vase.
It wasn't all fun and games. You had fights and disagreement too, like any other couples.
Earlier, whenever either of you pissed each other off, you'd run to your friends to complain. He'd go to one of those frat houses to cool off. But storming out was not an option anymore. You had to face each other and sort out your arguments like adults.
That was one of the perks of living with your boyfriend. Have difficult conversations and getting past them. Make up then and there.
Well, there were other perks too.
Sex, literally everywhere, without anyone complaining about the noise or how unsanitary it was. The apartment down across the hall was far away—no complaints from their end either. So, you guys fucked any chance you'd get, could be as loud as you wanted to. Everything you did, lead to sex. Back rubs? Sex. Foot rubs? Sex. Quizzing him the night before a big test? Sex. Making dinner? Sex. Shower together? Sex. In the mood, right in the middle of the day? Sex.
Grocery trips together were fun too. While Andy made sure you don't buy more than what you need and only the healthy stuff, you sometimes sneaked in the junk stuff and pouted when he tell you to, "Put it back."
To which you responded once, "Next time we're in bed and you're all horny? I'll tell you to put it back."
When there was days where you just wanted come home and cry because work was too hectic or you were just plain worn out—Andy was there to hold you and let you talk his ears off. You didn't need to talk to him over the phone or text him, he was there. Present, physical. Solid. Soothing and relaxing you with his honeyed voice. Cheering you up with silly impression. Making you dance with him even though there was no music.
Speaking of music. Andy knows how to play the guitar. So one those gloomy days, he'd definitely serenade you with your favourite songs along with singing a little bit too.
Living with Andy meant taking your relationship to the next step. You knew him before, but now, you knew him more intimately and it goes the same way with him.
That's all it is about anyway, right? Knowing the smallest of the details, goofing around and growing up, finding out habits you didn't know before. How he likes his morning coffee. That sometimes you like to drink tea in the afternoon. How he hums while he pees. Or how he loves to do chores to pass time. How you like to read by the window/fire escape. How annoying he finds your collections of purses that fill half of his closet space, but he lets it slide.
Living with each other, you learned how to meet each other in the middle. Learned how to compromise. Your love somehow grew deeper, your support and respect, too. How you both accepted the good, the bad and the ugly.
The decision to move was so simple. Andy knew he was committed to you since the beginning. Having a pair of keys to your home was just a way to tell you he's a all in.
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buckyhoney · 3 days ago
so many thoughts about dadsbestfriend!andy here is one that's been eating at me all day: this 'bout a full fic bc i just-
pairing: dadsbestfriend!andy x reader
warnings: 18+, adultery, age gap (reader mid 20's), mentions of oral (f & m) & unprotected sex, not edited
finally home from university after completing your bachelor's degree, your mom hosts a family dinner with close friends and immediate family. the barbers walk through the front door- andy locks eyes with you instantly.
the vivid flashbacks from your last encounter- drunkenly fooling around while your parents were out of town for spring break. he came over to check the house, not knowing you were staying home.
what was supposed to only be a quick catch-up and a quick drink spiraled into a few bottles of wine and andy's mouth, sucking your clit on the staircase. then the next day later, finishing the job by sleeping with him in your childhood bedroom.
an overly confident smile appears across his face, shaking hands with you.
"it must've been forever since you've seen Y/N!" your mom exclaims,
the friendly encounter kept strictly between the two of you- but the images still flash your mind as his handshake lingers a little too long. blaming it on zoning out on the tv behind you, you pull your hand away. andy flashes a quick smirk before joining your dad in the kitchen to finish dinner.
as you set the table with your sister, you overhear the conversation between your mom and laurie.
"i don't know what's gotten into him, but he's just been- excited a lot. i think he's cheating, beth." you drop the rest of the plates on the table, causing a loud clang.
andy and your dad poke their head through the archway, asking if you're okay- you nod and pick up the broken pieces to the plate.
when taking the glass shards to the trash can outside, andy follows behind you.
"she knows." you mutter under your breath, pushing past him.
andy catches your arm, pulling you back behind the wall.
"who?" playing dumb, his hands wander underneath your shirt- making your body cover in goosebumps.
"your wife," he laughs, leaning down, kissing your neck and jaw before landing on your lips
"she accuses me of cheating every other month. i tell her no. rail her. then go back not touching each other till the next accusation." the thought of him touching her the way he touched you made your skin crawl and your blood boil.
"you jealous?" he chuckles, slipping his fingers inside your jeans.
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balenciagabucky · 3 days ago
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐞𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐭 𝐡𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
pairing || andy barber x fem!reader
word count || 3,865
summary || you and andy have been sneaking around for months and soon it might catch up to you two
warnings || drinking, throwing up, oral, reader has twins, andy cheating on laurie, oral receiving, oral giving, couch sex, making dinner, eating dinner, over the counter sex, taking care of teenagers, andy buying you stuff, beach house, beach house sex, name calling, breeding, ass fingering, pussy fingering
For three months, three whole months you had been sneaking around with your kids’ friends' father Andy. You met him at parents night when you noticed your son Jarren sitting next to Jacob. The two of them not even paying attention to what was going on, Jarren and Jaocb eyeing your daughter, Carmen’s friend group. Andy walked to you to introduce himself. His charm instantly drawing you in, the Boston accent making you instantly swoon.
You noticed his ring but when you asked about Jacob’s mother, he told you it was complicated. Weeks later you and Andy went out for lunch and seemed to get closer and closer, the same way your children were, until the night he showed up at your doorstep, drunk as hell.
“Andy...Jacob’s not here tonight, the kids went to a sleepover.”
“I know, that’s not why I’m here.”  his speech slurred and the beer bottle in his hand.
“Why are you…”
Before you could even finish your sentence, you could see the expression on his face, tears flowing and cheeks starting to puff, you took his hand and brought him inside to the bathroom where he began to throw up into the toilet. You grabbed the beer bottle and rubbed his back.
“How much have you had tonight?”
He sniffled before looking up at you with red eyes. “Enough.”
You chuckled and grabbed a towel for him and a toothbrush, standing him up once he finished, flushing the toilet and brushing his teeth for him. As you looked at him you couldn’t help but stare at his eyes, the redness from tears shadowed by hurt and pain.
Soon you were able to place him on the couch.
“You wanna tell me why you’re here?”
He nodded and took a deep breath, closing his eyes but stayed silent for what felt like minutes. You looked down at your hands and then at his. “Does it have anything to do with that?” You pointed to naked left hand, his ring gone.
“I took my ring off because I don’t love her, I can’t love her.” You nodded and he looked you, love in his eyes and you knew what he wanted to say but his eyes slowly began to close as you heard him say the three magic words and before they came out, a light snore continued to come from his mouth, you sighed softly and stood up, grabbing a blanket to place on him before going to your bedroom.
The next morning you woke up, pouring coffee into two cups as you heard him groan. You walked over, handing him the cup. “Morning sunshine.”
He took the cup looking at you, eyes puffy. “Thank you.”
You nodded and sat down, taking a sip of your own before putting it down and running your hands over your head then glancing at him. You hadn’t even realized he had been looking back at you, as he placed his cup next to yours, refusing to break eye contact. It wasn’t until he kissed you, you realized what was happening, but you didn’t stop, not caring, letting Andy take you in his strong arms.
He rested his face in the crook of your neck and shoulder and breathing deep your scent, the smell of soap and shampoo from your shower less than an hour ago.
Breathing against your skin he felt a small tremor run up your spine as his breath tickled your neck. He could tell that you were aroused, the fact that you let him into you, told him so. Nuzzling against your neck, he softly trails kisses along the exposed skin of your neck, moving softly and gently and savouring each moment as he knows you are. He placed one sensuous suckle against the pulse in your neck, gently scraping his teeth against your skin as you tilt your head to the side to allow him better access to your soft, smooth skin.
You raise a hand up to his head, running your fingers through his hair as he kisses up and down your neck, suckling gently and biting ever so softly, just allowing you to feel his teeth on your skin as your breath begins to get shallow and a steady heat begins to spread throughout your body. Your fingers are tugging at his hair now, trying to make him go further.
You want him. This thought races through your head as a single and unchanging truth. Your body is screaming at you, begging you for what it craves. You turn your head, catching his lips in a deep and passionate kiss. As you pull away he looks into your eyes, clouded with desire and telling him what you want. You twist your body slightly, shifting and seeming to float back to lay down on the couch while at the same time pulling him over the backrest and down onto your body. You are just now noticing his nakedness, his erection pressed against your stomach where your shirt has bunched up, pre-cum leaking from the head to rub against your skin. His knee rests on the couch pillow, between your legs and pressed against your burning core as you begin to rub yourself against his leg, his erection rubbing against your stomach and driving him wild.
He bent down to kiss you, his own hunger and desire bursting forth as he grinds his leg back into you. You moan softly in the back of your throat as his actions bring your desire closer to the surface. You're moaning into the kiss as your hands begin to unbutton your shirt, your hips bucking against his thigh as you both begin to feel hotter and hotter.
He groans as the friction between his cock and your stomach grows, becoming unbearable as he reaches down and grip your hips, holding you still as he shifts down your body.
He comes to rest facing your black lace panties, red trim outlining roses around the waist band. He bent his neck and kisses your sex through your panties, a hint of moisture already beginning to seep into them. He grins up at you, momentarily stunned by just how gorgeous you look at this moment: a faint heat of arousal on your cheeks and your breath coming in short bursts while you lay back, staring down at him over your exposed breasts, your shirt lying open around you and one hand slowly fondling your breast. He softly whispers to you, "I need you, you are absolutely gorgeous." Before you even have a chance to reply he dips his head, pulling your panties to the side and latching his lips onto your clit, already exposed and begging for attention.
Andy moved his hand right to your clit and gently rubbed it. Two fingers easily slid into your pussy and you let a low moan out as he finger-fucked you for a while. He decided to move more quickly now that you were exposed in front of him
Then he lowered his mouth to your pussy and enjoyed tasting as he licked it and inserted his tongue as far as he could into your warm cavern. After a few minutes of stimulation, as he rubbed your clit and you began to shake and he knew you were on the verge of a nice climax. You shuttered and moaned as he continued. Then you reached down and rubbed your clit too. You enjoyed your climax for quite a while. And all the time you massaged your clit as you let out soft sounds of pleasure.
Maintaining eye contact the whole time. You reach around his neck and sit back down on his lap. You start grinding on his hard cock between your legs. While grinding the length of his cock up and down slowly, You moan, slightly annoyed, but you don't mind riding it out because there's no rush, you have all the time to grind and tease as you want, until you realize the kids would be back from the sleepover. “Andy, it’s 11:30, they’ll be home soon.”
He leans down, so close to your neck as he plants gentle kisses right under your ear. Hearing you moan and feeling his hot breath on your neck makes it very clear that you’re reaching the point of no return, both of you so exhausted from the week but still so aroused by each other. “We have time, it’s okay.”
Finally, he pulls down his boxers just far enough to reach out his stiff cock, and without hesitation, he slides his cock in your dripping wet pussy. He inches in slowly, taking his sweet time. Your pussy feeling so tight wrapping around his cock as he scoots himself further and further in. By the time his whole cock is in you, you're well on my way to sinking your nails into his shoulders and breathing deep again. He starts grinding your hips on his cock back and forth, back and forth while he is still fully in you. Your clit rubbing the base of his cock which adds to the mind-blowing sensation you’re feeling.
He looks up to read your face as he starts thrusting you gently, just testing the waters to see if you want to go faster. "Slow baby, just slow.” you moan as he slows the pace right away. Barely shifting in and out, more of a grind by this time, A few more gentle grinds and you feel as though you’re about to cum.
However, you know what he wants and you know he wants to fuck you hard. The way he could keep an eye on your ass and your ankles while he rammed into you like an animal, and in due time you wanted that too. You continued to fuck you slowly as you threw your head back, closing your eyes as the pleasure became so powerful. You can feel the shiver start from the tip of your clit as it travels up, your orgasm so close. All you could do wwas tighten your legs together and brace yourself for your cum to mix together because feeling his cock thumping and throbbing was all it took to know that he was ready to release. You couldn’t believe he was already ready to cum from the slow sensual fuck, that the pressure from the week was so intense that all it took was a simple grinding-like, down-to-the-point fuck to make him melt into you.
He starts to moan in spurs as he moves his forehead to yours. He was going to cum in you and as much as you should have stopped it and denied it, you didn’t want it. You yelled out, begging him to do it, to make you feel his hot juices lining the walls of your pussy, making your body sweat at the thought of his cocky exploding itself all over you. His muscles contract as he is beginning to cum and it sends you over the top. Feeling him twitch and reach the deepest part of you with his cum makes your orgasm and shake as your whole body overflows with a distinct yet so familiar sensation.
You look at each other knowing there would be a part two and more later but before you could process that he took the wedding band out of the pocket from his pants he had on, along with a chain, unlatching it and putting it around your neck. You looked at the ring, engraved on the inside was his full name. “Never, take this off.”
Ever since that first time, your kids became inseparable, and you and hand decided you work late, which meant just having car sex near some late on at his lake house that he would take the five of you two, maybe Laurie knew, maybe she didn’t but you didn’t care. She couldn’t be that stupid and naive to not realize her husband wasn’t wearing his ring and the first time you met her, the ring that was around your neck, was his.
“I love your jewelry! Where did you get it from?” Her pale finger, pointing to the necklace that her husband made for you.
“Someone special made it for me.”
“It’s absolutely gorgeous, my husband’s wedding band looks kind of like that, he even has his name engraved on the inside of him, I’m Laurie Barber, Jacob’s mother.”
“Y/N Taylor, Carmen and Jarren’s mother.” You smiled at her and nodded.
“It’s so nice to meet you Y/N”
“It’s Ms.Taylor” You smirked and walked away going to greet your kids. Of course instantly thought the feelings would be mutual, your kids were friends, Jacob was always over your place and talking about the twins to his father yet Laurie had never seen them or their mother a day in her life, until now. She stood there stunned before turning to Jacob and scratching her head. “C’mon bud, time to go home.”
“Uh, actually, I’m hanging with the Taylor’s tonight, Dad and Y/N planned something for us.”
“Jacob, it’s Ms.Taylor.
“She said I can call her Y/N”
Laurie tilted her head and faked her smile nodding to him and then sighed. “Your dad didn’t tell me anything about this…”
“It was a surprise, he just told us before we got here.”
“You talked to your father? He didn’t pick up any of my calls.”
“Maybe he’s busy at work.”
“Yeah, of course champ... busy at work.”
Jacob nodded and looked back at his friends then to his mom. “I kind of have to go... m-mom…” he hesitated on the name, not sure if he would even call her that anymore. You felt more like a mom to him than Laurie, the past three months proved that. This was the first school event she had ever come to. This was the first time she had ever seen Carmen and Jarren and didn’t even introduce herself.
“Right, uhm, text me all her information and tell your dad you call me.”
He nodded and waved to her before walking away. She watched him and it felt like she lost a third of her world and was slowly losing the second third of it. She watched her son walk away until he was completely out of eyesight before taking out her phone to call her husband’s work number which continued to ring and ring all four times she called it, she moved on to the house phone, twice, and then his cell, three times, until she texted him the simple words.
‘I love you’
Andy waited by the car, looking at his phone, sighing and deleting the message before hearing the voice of the three kids and you, smiling at the sweet sound, he gave you a hug and kissed your cheek.
“You’re not very discreet.” Jarren looked at Andy and then to you. “Jare, shut up!” Carmen pushed her brother into the car and followed in behind him.
“Jake, what did you tell your mom?”
“That you were probably, I’m glad that you’re happy with Y/N but Laurie won’t stop asking me and talking to me until you say something.”
Andy nodded and ruffled his son’s hair and smiled. “I know kiddo, I know.” Jacob got into the car and Andy moved to you on the passenger side.
“I met Miss Laurie Barber.” you raised an eyebrow and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he put his around your waist. He groaned at the sentence, the guilt wasn’t anything he felt. Andy knew what he wanted, it was you.
“Maybe we shouldn’t keep saying that last name.”
“Last time I checked she was a Barber.”
“Soon to be an ex-Barber.”
You smiled softly at him and nodded. “Well Mister Assistant District Attorney, I think you’ve made that clear.” You touched the necklace of his ring and he nodded. “Remember, Lawyers have boundaries.” You chuckled and nodded, finishing the quote with him “I don’t. Not anymore.” He nodded with you. “That’s my girl.” He kisses you and pressed another to your forehead before opening your car door, waiting for you to be in before closing it and going to the drivers side, leaving the event.
Andy had been anticipating your rendezvous for days, anxiously thinking about you as he worked and did what he needed to do before grabbing a rental car to drive you all to the beach house. It was cool but the sun was warm and the wind was brisk as you stepped into the beautiful place, the size enough to fit a family of ten. There was a gazebo across and a small cottage on the left side, it was cozy and it was more than what you had imagined. Instantly the kids ran to the cottage while you and Andy got dinner ready. It took a while to get there and by the time you did the sun was setting.
You glanced at the clock seeing the time and decided to make a risotto. Gathering the ingredients, Andy poured the both of you a glass of wine which seemed justifiable considering the day you had after meeting Laurie, plus the recipe needed a glass. He turned on your favorite playlist as you began to sing along as you prepared the vegetables. You placed the dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on. You filled the kettle, switched it on and returned to the stove, stirring the rice slowly. You filled the sink to wash the glassware, singing your favorite song beginning to move around a belt out.
You heard a glass hit the counter and his hands wrap around your waist, leaning into his chest, smiling contently. You tried to turn around to look at him but he stopped you.
"Stay there" he growled "I need to fuck you, now." He wasted no time before your dress was lifted over her ass and his hand made contact with your skin several times.
"Mmmm," he murmured his appreciation as he fingered the lace of your stockings.
"Nice. Good girl."
He pressed his cock against your ass. It was hard and hot and you wanted it.
"I just need to turn down..."
"You need to do nothing." He spanked you again "other than take this"
He pulled your black satin panties out the way and forced his engorged cock into your and fucked you against the kitchen sink. He grabbed you hard by the hips, pulling you onto his cock, seemingly forcing it into you further and harder each time.
Your body tingles all over, and he knew it. He reached for your tits - grabbing each in turn, squeezing your nipples making you gasp and wince.
"You want it, I’ve dying to bring you here and fuck that slutty pussy, you want it just as bad as I do."
You couldn't deny it. He'd taken you by surprise but now...
"Yes" you muttered breathlessly. "Yes, I want it"
"Oh I know you fucking do, otherwise why else would you have worn those fucking shoes, Slut?"
You'd completely forgotten that you wore the white ones today. The ones you’d laughed at together when he bought them for you. He'd said at the time "They'll make you the perfect height for me fucking you standing up." he'd winked at you and you’d laughed - but you'd forgotten all about it - until now.
"You'd do anything to please me wouldn't you? You're such a good slut for me letting me fuck you without hesitation."
You could only nod in agreement. As you did so he grabbed her neck in his strong hand, he pulled her head back and whispered in her ear.
"You're going to feel my cum coat, your delicious slutty cunt and then you're going to pull your dress back down and finish dinner"
He let go of your neck, both hands on your thighs, nails digging into your flesh as his cock pounded into your pussy. You were so wet and clung on tightly to the sink, feeling the orgasm building in you but knowing you shouldn’t cum yet.
He thrust himself into you again and again and the sensational feeling you knew was on the verge.
“Cum for your dirty little mistress, give me it, please.” A low and long moan escaped from his lips the same time as you felt his cum shoot into you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close as you began to recover. He pulled out of you and replaced his jeans before adjusting your outfit, the food starting to finish. You set the table and looked down, feeling the cum leak from your leg. Andy shook his head. “Keep it in.”
Throughout the rest of dinner, it was hard to stay composed but you did it. If you didn't, not only would that have been embarrassing but probably humiliating to the kids, after you all cleaned up together, you sat in the living room, you and Andy drinking a beer, the kids on the floor as you guys watched reruns of The Nanny and Martin. Feeling content and happy, you looked over, seeing the wrinkles next to Andy’s eyes as he looked at the kids, smiling. He was happy, having the five of you together made him happy.
Once that was over, the kids went out to the beach, you and Andy, kept the lights on for them, but they seemed to be occupied by a bonfire they created with some other teens they met at the beach.
You laid on the bed with Andy, his hands trailing up and down your thigh as he kissed your arm. After your moment from earlier you wanted more. He lifted your lega a bit to cross his. His cock found the folds of your pussy and with a quick thrust, he’s in you. You groan back in your throat, eyelids fluttering with each thrust, he rubs your clit from the front as he fucks toy from behind.
He shifts you on your stomach, your face in the pillow and your ass up just enough so he can reach and toy with your clit. Now he’s able to give you the full length of his cock from tip to base. His pace quickens, pounding into you harder. His balls are feeling full and now you can feel them hit your labia as he thrusts. His fingers moved from your clit to your asshole, rubbing slow circles and your moans are loud but muffled into the pillow.
Soon he could feel your pussy contract around his cock and can sense you’re about to cum. It builds in slow waves, like the ocean outside and then hits you in one final surge. Something inside him, let’s go and his control is lost, he comes deep into you, filling you up. He collapses on his back, his cock still inside you, a luxurious feeling for the both of you, slippery and sensuous.
You talked a bit more, but soon the sea breeze lulled you to sleep. You spooned close together again. More sensuous dreams fill your heads until morning, when dreams become more.
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jurassicbarnes · 4 days ago
Andy passed out when wifey gave birth to Avery THIS IS CANON TO ME 💀 I would really like to know more of them with their kid
the birth of avery barber
Tumblr media
pairing: Andy Barber x Reader (ex spouses universe, pre-split)
a/n: asdfghd have some fluffy dada-to-be!andy. for more drabble search or click on the tag “ex spouses universe” or “college addition”
warnings: hospitals, child birth, inaccuracies lol, poorly edited
You're flushed red, in incredible pain, sweating you ass off. Hair sticks to your forehead and you're so tired and delirious, barely able to breathe as the doctor encourages you to “Push!”
Andy is right next to you, a hand running down your back, the other hand is on belly.
“Get this thing out of me!” You're crying, pinching your eyes shut and grip his arm—nails digging in as you let out an agonizing scream and he's trying so hard not to wince in pain.
Oh, because it's nothing compared to what you're going through. You're pushing a human being out of your vagina for fuck's sake, Andy can endure a little bit of nail bite
“You're okay, she's almost here, baby” he whispers, eyebrows furling, hurt to see you in so much pain. “You're doing so well... It's almost done, honey.”
“Oh, she's crowning!” the doctor announced from down below, “Mr Barber, would you like to see?”
Andy shared a look with you and you frantically nod, mutely telling him you'll be okay. He should witness the birth of his child. He kisses your forehead and stands up next to the doctor, while a nurse takes his position to sooth you and tell you to keep pushing.
“How the fuck are you doing this, honey?” your husband whispers, frozen in one place, eyes wide in minor horror. He's breathing hard as he watches, thinking briefly he was better off by your side. Not that this disgusts him in anyway because it doesn't—it's just so scary.
All the blood in his body rushes south, draining his face as he pales.
“Oh, my god... I'm gonna—” and the next thing you know, he's limp on the floor, dropped with a loud thud like dead weight.
You lean forward as much as you can, stopped your activities as the nurse and doctor, too, stare at your passed out husband.
Your doctor sighs, like she has witnessed this same thing so many times.
“It was better when men used to wait outside with cigars and whiskey to celebrate the birth of their children.” Your doctor deadpans, before turning to the other nurse, “Get him out my way, please.”
“Will he be okay?” Comes your strained question as two male nurses carry Andy out the door.
“Sweetheart, he'll be fine. You worry about pushing,” she assures you.
When it's all done, you're shifted to a private room, with your newborn baby all clean and bundled up, resting near your chest in your warmth.
There's a soft knock on the door before it opens. In comes Andy, with a big bunch of balloons and flowers.
“You passed out.” is how you greet him, you don't even look up from your babygirl. How could you, she's the most precious thing in the world to you.
“I know, I'm sorry.” Andy pulls up a chair next to you after setting everything on the couch. “God, I'm an awful father. I missed the most important part!”
“You're not an awful father, Andy.” you reassure him, “Doc said it's normal.”
“Shoulda been stronger,” he takes your hand in his, a sad smile on his lips.
“Enough of that, no droopy faces. It will be a funny story to tell when she's old enough.” you said. “Don't you wanna hold your daughter?”
He eagerly nods, sit up straight. Wide blue eyes peering down at the smallest, most delicate thing in the world as you carefully hand her over to him, “Be careful with her neck,” you softly remind him.
“Hey, peanut,” Andy doesn't even realize the tears gathering in his eyes, “I'm your dada. Welcome to the world, baby.”
She scrunched up her puffy little face and opens her big blue eyes to look at her daddy for the very first time. When Andy faces you, he's smiling—beaming, crying even. Bubbling over with so much joy, he doesn't know what to do with it.
“Thank you,” he says through his tears, “Thank you so much, honey.” He cups the back of your head, kisses your forehead lovingly.
“Oh, baby, you don't have to say that.”
“No, I do. I love you,” he sniffles, and looks down at his babygirl, “And I love you.”
“We love you, too, daddy.” You whisper, pecking him on the lips, where he lingers just a little longer.
“Have we decided on a name?” he asks, finger softly brushing on her nose—he can't take his eyes off her, he cradles her closer to his chest, thumb caressing her side as she makes those soft noises.
The discussion of names had started as soon as you both came to know the sex of the baby. But nothing felt right. Right now, in the hospital records she's named Baby Barber.
Then it suddenly clicked, “How about we name her after your sister?”
As soon as the words fall from your mouth, more tears start streaming down his cheeks.
“Really?” he asks, “Are you sure?”
“You have a better way to keep remembering her?” He shakes his head, squeezing your hand tightly.
“Avery Barber?” he tests it, even though he's said that name countless times—before it used to hurt but now, uttering it has filled his heart with joy and unconditional love.
“She's always been Avery.” You tell him.
i'm always open to headcanons and drabble requests! :)
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sparkledfirecracker · 5 days ago
Lilo’s Masterlist
Welcome to my masterlist, where I’m still learning and figuring shit out. Let’s begin shall we?
I write 18+ material, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT.
I see writing as a form of creative artwork with everyone having its own liking or preference to it. I write for fun, not demand, asks/requests are always welcomed. I decide if I want to pursue a request.
Your media consumption is your own responsibility, proceed to read with care. Warnings have been up and mentioned, if I missed any please feel free to let me know. Do not interact if you are uncomfortable with any of the given warnings or if you are a minor(can’t stress this matter enough).
I do not consent to have my work copied, reposted or translated on any other platform. Reposts on any given platform have been reposted without my permission or consent. By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old!!!
*English is not my native language; my grammar mistakes are purely my own. Constructive criticism is allowed, just don’t be rude. 
This place is a safe space for all, so by all means; please do feel free to comment, like or reblog!
One Shots:
Ari Levinson 
Ransom Drysdale
Andy Barber - Coming Soon
Steve Rogers - Coming Soon
Frank Adler
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syntheticavenger · 5 days ago
After Hours - Part One
After Hours - Prologue
@pictures-inmy-mind​ and @toniilaney​ definitely helped make this a reality with their ideas. As with Time to Run, this sort of took on a life of it’s own. I’ll add in the drabbles between the chapters.
Currently, my tag list is closed.
Mob Boss Andy Barber x Female Reader (and James Mace x Reader (formerly) for this chapter)
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. As per my usual, this is world building. There’s language. Cockblocking.
Summary | Being Andy Barber’s assistant reveals a different persona to your boss than you ever thought possible.
Tumblr media
Work, as you found, only seemed to increase. More balancing of his calendar, inputting more meetings than there were hours in the day, cancelling the less important appointments – specifically, Neal – and others by names that you never recognized. Meetings that were always away from Andy’s office. Not that you were complaining. It usually meant that you’d reap the benefits of Andy’s outings, a lunch here or there or even a treat from a local bakery.
Confidentiality is what you’re known for, even when well-dressed men show up at the office, speaking in code while their gaze shifts from you to Andy. You’ve heard your name be mentioned multiple times, the people he entertains asking if you can be trusted.
“She’s my assistant,” you would hear him say before the door would close.
As if that was enough.
But today, you’re exhausted, lack of sleep from insomnia that crept out of nowhere. It was a missed call from a number you knew all too well that you’d let go to voicemail.
And now that number was calling again.
It’s not smart to pick it up, you know you’ll listen to the voice on the other end and automatically start thinking about how things used to be. With a single swipe of your finger, bringing the phone up to your ear, you hear the surprised tone.
“Hey. Been a while.”
Your heart plummets down to your toes, your fingers gripping the phone.
There’s a slight laugh on the other end. It feels almost bitter but you aren’t sure. It’s been a year since you’d seen him and his sarcasm knew no end.
“You do remember me after all.”
Of course you do. James Mace is the reason you moved across the country. A self-proclaimed workaholic, there was never any time for you.
Apparently there was now.
“How’ve you been?”
“Fine,” you reply. “What’s going on? Why the call out of the blue?”
“I’m in town. Wanted to catch up. Make amends. You free?”
Your calendar is always free after five.
You know you shouldn’t go. It’s a bad idea to see him again. You said you’d be strong. The little memories, the ones you told yourself to forget, bubble back up. He used to make you laugh before he made you cry.
No, you shouldn’t go out with James Mace.
“I’ll pick you up after work. There’s this rooftop restaurant I’ve been dying to try.”
The door opens and you spy the man who was asking about you leave the office with Andy in tow.
“Alright,” you relent. “See you then.”
When you hang up, you push your phone away from your reach, focusing back on your work. There are only a few hours between you and seeing James again. Too much work to finish in such a short time.
Time ticks by, your head down as you make phone call after phone call, confirming and cancelling until the hour approaches and you start to put your things away.
James is always punctual and god help you, you don’t want to keep him waiting. There’s a part of you deep down that knows this won’t end the way it’s supposed to. The dreamer in you says that you’ll make amends, give it a try again. The rational side of you knows that this will end with you in his hotel room bed, walking up early to do a walk of shame and reminding yourself that this was indeed a bad idea.
And you’ll tell your best friend this for good measure when you’re back at work, on your lunch break, crying into your Caesar salad.
“You’re actually going to get out of here in a timely manner?” Andy asks you, your fingers closing a drawer quickly.
“Trying to.”
You nod, unsure if you should even tell him what they are. You’re certain he doesn’t care that you’re going on a date. And you aren’t even sure if it’s professional to even tell him so.
“Yeah,” you answer, surveying your desk before you stand. “Unless you need something?”
You’re hoping that he’ll say no. The stare he gives you lingers a little longer than you’re used to, his tongue darting out slowly to lick his lips before he shakes his head.
“You have a good night,” he bids, turning to head back to into his office.
It seems silly to think about once you’re heading down the steps to James’ waiting car but all you can think of is that Andy seemed to contemplate your answer.
And that you didn’t seem to answer the question the way he wanted.
“You know it wasn’t personal,” James says, his thumb running over your knuckles. “We were both on different paths. Couldn’t give you the commitment you wanted.”
You’re two glasses of wine in, your sobriety slipping with every blink of your eyes. All you want to do is run your fingers through his buzzcut hair, letting your fingernails graze his scalp so you can see his eyes go half-mast like they used to whenever you touched him like that. It’s purely physical, a way for you to divide yourself from your feelings and your body.
“I thought that was what we both wanted.”
It sounds accusatory and for a moment, you almost want to apologize, until you realize that this is something that you’ve both been skirting around since before the epic breakup.
“I couldn’t devote to the time you wanted. You know my job.”
“That I do, James,” you reply, trying to keep the bitterness out of your voice. It’s the alcohol, you think. It always makes you meaner than you intend. “You reminded me every chance you got.”
But you know it isn’t the alcohol that has you in this state of mind. It’s the blatant dismissal of what you had wanted. What you had communicated in the relationship that had driven you to the brink where all you wanted was to be heard.
Booking a one way ticket to Boston for a job interview was drastic. That much, you knew. But there was no way you could ever go back. There was nothing there for you.
“Is this how we’re making amends? Because we’re off to a bad start.”
James nods in response, downing the rest of his wine before he clears his throat.
“Alright. What would you say if I said I wanted you back?”
“I -”
You’re interrupted by the sight of Andy, who raises his glass across the bar. Your attention is briefly off of James when he turns to look over his shoulder. Even though he’s far away, you can almost make out what looks like a smirk.
“See someone?”
“My boss,” you answer, turning back to James. “Back together?”
“Work will always be there. I can’t stop thinking about you and what could have been.”
Your interest is piqued at his words, placing your glass back down.
“Like what?”
“The whole American dream. Big house. Couple of kids.”
“A trophy wife,” you murmur, watching his enthusiastic nod.
“You make it sound like a bad thing.”
James looks up at the man approaching, his stride catching the attention of the patrons as he heads toward your table.
“Can I help you?” James asks, leaning back in his seat at the sight of Andy.
“No,” Andy says smoothly, giving you a smile. “I came by to say hello to my assistant.”
“Ah,” James says. “The famous Andy Barber. I’ve read about you.”
Andy narrows his eyes at James, raising an eyebrow at him.
“You’re James Mace. Engineer, right? Working as a contractor?”
“For a bit. Consulting here and there.”
“So, just starting out,” Andy says with an approving nod. You almost choke. “Good for you. It’s always good to network.”
James can’t hide the disdain in his tone when he corrects him.
“Well established, actually.”
“Oh, no doubt. You’ve made partner at your bio-engineering firm, right? Or was that someone else,” Andy hums, deep in thought, his hand on your chair as you look at your half empty wine glass.
It’s close enough for you to reach it and down it in one sitting.
“We can’t all fight for our jobs after a scandal. Worked out pretty well for you, all things considered.”
Your eyes widen as you can feel Andy’s anger. James’ eyes flick back to yours, his expression triumphant.
Your wine is finished within seconds.
“I’d say it worked well in my favor,” Andy replies, his gaze on you. “It gave me an amazing assistant.”
“Mr. Barber,” you squeak, watching James’ hand roll into a fist. “I had no idea you’d be here.”
“I was in the area. Didn’t realize you’d be here.”
“I bet,” James says.
“I thought I heard something,” Andy muses, placing his hand on your shoulder. “I’ll see you bright and early in the morning? I owe you breakfast for all the hard work you did on the Fisher case. My treat tomorrow.”
Andy nods his head briskly at James.
“Mace. I’d say it’s a pleasure but it’s not. You have a good night.”
When you feel him leave, you blow out a breath, waiting for James to say something.
“You didn’t tell me your boss was Andy Barber. I thought you were working in the same building. Not his goddamn assistant.”
“Does that matter?” you ask, unsure why you’re ready to stick up for him. “He didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Really? You don’t think him speaking to me that way was disrespectful?”
You shrug.
“I think you’re making a bigger deal out of this than you need to. He was just being… Andy, I guess.”
“Then I’d hate to see how he treats his friends.”
“James,” you warn gently. “Let it go. He didn’t mean anything by it.”
“I bet.”
A few moments of silence pass before he finally exhales.
“Do you want to call it a night? Let me show you how sorry I am that I treated you?”
A shiver goes down your body at the way he says the words and the stare he gives you. It appears for the moment, Andy Barber is now a distant memory to him.
It’s been a year since you’d been laid.
“Yes,” you answer, watching him push his chair back.
You’re halfway to the car when your phone vibrates.
Then again when you’re settled inside the passenger seat.
Your phone rings when James starts the car. You know it’s important when Andy calls you.
“Mr. Barber?” you ask, clicking your seatbelt into place.
“Can you meet me at the office? It’s an emergency.”
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sweetlyscared · 5 days ago
Pairing: Andy Barber x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+ Only, minors dni! Smut. Fluff. Grammar mistakes since this is barely edited.
Summary: You had the worst day.
Note: my day has been
🎶🎵fuuuuuucked uuuuuup🎵🎶
So y'all get this therapy drabble.
Here's a link to my Masterlist!
It wasn't uncommon for Andy to come home and find you curled in bed, sobbing.
You warned him early into your relationship that you cry. A lot.
It was how you processed things. You cried when you were angry, sad, happy, and everything in-between.
"I wasn't allowed to cry as a kid, so I'm making up for lost time," you told him one day when he found you weeping into a bowl of ice cream while watching Toy Story 3. It wasn't even the first time you'd seen the movie.
Past boyfriends made you feel like your tears were a burden, as though your emotions were too much to handle.
You're a forest fire, an ex told you. One spark and suddenly, you're melting down. It can be suffocating.
So you learned to how to be alone in those moments.
When Andy offered to take you on a date, you told him no. He was too stern, you thought. He wouldn't tolerate your blue days.
He respected your decision and kept his interactions with you polite and professional. At least, until Greg's going away party. A couple of drinks in, and you found yourself pressed against the upscale bar's bathroom wall with Andy's fingers deep in your cunt where he curled his fingers and made your body sing.
One moment, his mouth was latched onto a nipple, running a whiskey heated tongue over the stiff peak, and then a second later he was backing away slightly, those sinful fingers slipping out of your core.
"Andy?" You asked, worried if you'd done something wrong.
The lust in his eyes dimmed and he furrowed his brows.
"I'm sorry, I know you weren't interested," he said after a moment.
"It's fine," you took a step closer and he backed away.
"It's not. You're drunk, and-"
You cut him off with kiss, and you relished the way his muscles relaxed as his hands roamed your body. A playful nip at his lower lip as you pulled away had him moaning beautifully for you.
"I had two cosmos. I'm not drunk. I know what I want and I want you to fuck me."
Immediately, his eyes darkened and you were hastily lifted onto the bathroom sink where he pulled your panties to the side and dropped to his knees.
"Good, because I've been dreaming about eating this pussy for weeks."
Your first real date was getting breakfast the morning after, hoping your outfit from the night before didn't look too disheveled after being tossed into a corner of Andy's bedroom.
You'd never been more happy to be proven wrong when Andy turned out to be incredibly patient with you.
"I'm a bit of a cry baby, but I promise I'll stay out of your way whenever I'm feeling down."
Andy was always a stubborn man, and it was never more apparent than when he consistently sought you out on days where you couldn't hold it in. He'd go to your apartment, hug you close to him, and reassure you that as long as you were his, you'd never have to be alone if you didn't want to.
And so, when he found you curled in bed, he quietly took off his suit jacket and pulled his silk tie free. He laid both on a chair before crawling into bed with you and pulling you towards him.
"Do you want to talk about it?" He breathed into your hair as you nuzzled his chest.
"Just a bad day at work. I messed up some important files... Carl is really pissed at me," you murmured.
"Carl's never been happy a day in his life. It'll be okay, sweetie."
You smiled softly, your tears slowly drying. As long as you were in his arms, you knew it would be.
Note: this is so cheesy and not very good. I'm sorry my work hasn't been great lately.
I made a side blog just for fics updates, so please give it a follow: @sweetlyscared-library I promise I occasionally write better fics than this 😬
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americasass81 · 5 days ago
I Know What You Need
Warnings:- Smut, Aftercare, Fluff, Spanking, Mild Degradation, Use of Pet Names, Edging. 18+ only. Do not read if any of these warnings are upsetting. Feedback is welcomed.
By proceeding you are acknowledging that you are over 18 and are consenting to the content below the cut.
A/N:- This was written especially for @syntheticavenger who sparked the idea after posting the remark pictured below. This is my first time writing for Andy and I hope I pulled it off. As for you Synth, I really hope this hits the spot🤣😉.
Tumblr media
Pairing:- soft-ish!Andy Barber x Female Reader
Word Count:- 2,137
He knew you didn't mean it. Life in general often brought you a little down, but now the current state of things, coupled with your present inebriated condition and this was bound to happen. But you both knew it couldn't go unchecked. Meeting Andy at a mixer when his firm was hired to do some work with your legal department, you immediately hit it off over your shared love of football. Having finally left his painful past behind him, Andy hadn't really been looking for anything new, but something about you drew him in.
Almost six months constantly bumping into each other around the office and sparks were definitely starting to fly. Andy loved how forceful and bossy you could be when working, how focused during the few presentations he had witnessed, mirrored with how free and animated you got when the two of you would frequent the canteen to discuss whatever football match you both had last seen and it quickly dawned on him that you were something special.
Realizing that his world seemed a whole lot brighter with you in it, he didn't waste much time when the contract between your two firms neared completion. Three days before it ended, he cornered you in one of the many conference rooms and asked if you would be interested in joining him for dinner. Informing him that his offer might be considered if he knew any place that served both good wine and pasta, he smirked knowingly before walking away leaving you to wonder if you had seen the last of him.
Twenty-four hours later and there you were, sitting in Andy's car on your way to who knows where. Eventually pulling up to what looked like an old run down warehouse, Andy gracefully led you inside where a beautiful miniature park, complete with skylight, water feature and seating area took your breath away. "Impressed?" he questioned, and looking around all you thought was there was no way pasta was on the menu. Still, ever the polite young person you were raised to be, you looked around a few minutes before speaking.
"Yeah, it's definitely beautiful here. How did you find it?"
"Came across this place a little over a year and a half ago. Been working on it here and there ever since." he said, walking you towards the seating area. Sitting you down with a wide grin on his handsome face, he then reached behind the bench wall and pulled forth two specially insulated bags. "It even comes complete with dining services." he added as he opened up the bigger bag and produced two gloriously hot pasta dishes. Taking in the wonderful smell, he then brought out the wine and two glasses from the smaller bag and you had to admit, he may actually have brought you to heaven.
Eating the delicious meal, amid the beautiful surroundings and wonderful company, you thought your night couldn't possibly get any better until Andy suggested taking you on a night time drive through the city before dropping you home. Doing all you could not to jump his bones right there, you held your composure and smiled gratefully at him before accepting.
Now here you were, three months after that glorious night and countless dates in between, firmly back in the present with an irate boyfriend, a belly full of wine and a mouth determined to do nothing but dig you a deeper hole. " 'm not sryy." you slurred out as Andy rolled up his sleeves and shoved you face first into the couch before placing your body securely across his thick thighs.
"No honey?" he questioned, running his hands along your ass and thighs while squeezing hard every so often, "well let me see what I can do about that," and with that the sound of fabric tearing reached your ears as your panties were ripped from you. Knowing now that you were in trouble by the use of 'honey' and the discarded panties, a shiver worked its way up your spine as Andy lowered his upper body along your back to rest his lips against your ear. "Care to tell me what got us here, huh?" and no response from you was rewarded with a loud slap against your now exposed ass.
Crying out, his hand then massaged the soft flesh as he waited for you to finally answer. "Screamed at you for not being here when I got home."
"Right, but my meeting was on the calendar for a month. Could it be something else is going on?" and when you just flipped him the finger, he swiftly brought your hands behind your back and rained down four blows on each cheek and both your thighs. Trying to stifle the sounds that were a mix between a shriek and a moan, he wormed his fingers between your folds and tutted loudly when his fingers came away wet.
"Look at this honey," he mocked, moving his fingers in front of your face before stuffing them into your mouth. Leaving them there until you got the message, he bent forward once more as you licked the moisture from them. "That's it honey, clean them good. Oh my word, look at you, filthy little thing trying to get herself off while I'm here teaching you some manners." he sneered as he stilled your movements with a bit more pressure on your lower back.
"Andy baby, please?" you begged, removing your mouth from his fingers and turning your head to face him. Looking at your tear streaked face he might have taken pity on you, but something told him in this moment, this was what you needed.
"Don't 'Andy baby' me, honey, you brought this on yourself. Tell me what's really going on. Now." he demanded, and you knew from his tone not answering would have you sore for a week.
"Work was bad." you finally admitted, feeling a bit of relief just saying those three little words. "Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and I guess I just lost it."
"Yeah, and the wine didn't help either. How many times have I told you drinking is not the answer?" he asked and once more your answer was cut off as his hand made contact with your ass. "You're going to count for me honey and maybe, just maybe, I might go easy on you," and with that you moaned out the numbers one to ten as Andy's hand made contact with your nether regions over and over again.
Finally satisfied, Andy released you and sitting you on his lap, wiped your tears as a pout formed on your lips. "Aw what's the matter now honey? Did I stop before my girl got to come? Here let me help you out." he smirked as he moved his hand down to your now swollen and sensitive folds. Moving his fingers up and down along your slit, he alternated between delving into your warm heat and circling your throbbing clit. Keeping your tender ass firmly nestled against his growing erection so you couldn't move, he worked you up so good that just when your body finally began to sing . . . the music stopped.
Turning your head once more to look at him, he simply winked at you and licked his fingers clean as your brain realized what he had in store. Kissing you fiercely to stifle your protests, he allowed your body to cool off before starting his ministrations all over again. Five more times of this treatment, and you actually apologized for your behavior as your legs kicked out at nothing in a desperate attempt just to do something.
At last taking pity on you, or perhaps himself, he got up, tossed you on the couch and ripped your top clean down the middle. Ignoring your complaints, he then added to the humiliation by forcing your tits out of your bra and slapping each one repeatedly as his other hand began freeing his cock from the confines of his pants. Gazing down on his hard and impressive length, he gave you a moment to enjoy the view, before taking his shaft and slotting it into your waiting pussy in one powerful thrust.
Moaning out at the warm, grasping feeling of your tight, wet walls, he set up a punishing rhythm as his powerful hips pounded into your sore ass. Telling you over and over again how wet and welcoming your pussy was, it didn't long for the tension he had built up in your body to finally snap and you came with a shriek as a powerful orgasm ripped through you. Slapping your tits once again as his cock and hips continued to guide you through your high, you knew he had no intention of letting you down as the pressure started building once again.
Pleading with him to slow down, he took your words as a challenge and sucking hard enough on both breasts that you knew you would still feel it tomorrow, he thrust a few more times before bringing his fingers to your clit and squeezing hard. Screaming loudly and arching your back as you came hard around him for the second time, he pulled out just in time and sprayed his seed all over your exposed chest.
Laying his forehead against yours while kissing you tenderly and rubbing his cum into your skin, he waited patiently until your breathing returned to normal before speaking. "Feeling better sweetheart?" and the change of pet name told you that all was as it should be and your punishment was over.
"Yeah." you answered slowly, finally sounding like yourself again. "Thank you. Sometimes I just ne . . ."
"Need to not be in charge all the time." he finished for you, before continuing. "I know sweetheart and you know I'm always here for you, no questions, no judgements. But maybe next time lower the volume a bit, my ears are still ringing." he laughed and you couldn't help but break into laughter along with him.
Then picking you up and carrying you upstairs before placing you on the seat at the end of the bed, he headed off into the bathroom where the sound of running water told you a bath was now in the offering. Returning swiftly, he helped both of you out of your clothes, though his were still intact, and then ducking back into the bathroom, turned off the taps before coming back, scooping you up and lowering both of you into the warm, refreshing bubble bath.
While the water stung a little at first as it kissed your tender flesh, bringing his massive legs together provided the perfect cushion for you to rest on. Sinking back against his powerful chest, you slowly felt all the remaining stresses and cares of the day slip further away as Andy's talented fingers and the warm water worked together to ease every knot he could find.
Having worked you over so good that you felt like putty, Andy then washed you lovingly before removing both of you from the bath and wrapping you in one of the fluffiest towels you swore had ever touched your delicate skin. Drying you gently but thoroughly, Andy then disappeared momentarily only to return a few minutes later to lift you up, carry you back to the bedroom and dump you face first onto another towel stretched across the bed. Telling you not to move, you rested your head on your hands but turned back towards him slightly when you heard the pop of a bottle.
Kneeling on the bed beside you, the contents hitting you directly on your lower back told you that Andy was about to give you one of his glorious full body massages. Though the only one you had so far received was on your birthday, two months ago, the memory still lingered in your muscles and soon he had you purring like a pussy as his lotion covered hands kneaded every inch of skin they could find. Drifting off slowly towards paradise, the next time you opened your eyes found you clothed and wrapped in Andy's arms in the middle of your bed in time to watch the night's football match.
Glancing lovingly at the one man who not only knew what you needed but how and when you needed it, you were about to ask him where your match-time snack was when he reached towards the bedside table and produced your favorite grapes. "Come on now sweetheart, you didn't think I'd forget these?" he asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Grabbing the grapes from him while placing a tender kiss against his lips, you popped one in your mouth and smiled at him cheekily before snuggling into his warm embrace just in time for the start of the game.
Tagging: @syntheticavenger @nsfwsebbie @hoseokchild @gotnofucks
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reformedmeanestgirl · 5 days ago
Hi everyone!
I debated whether or not to make an introduction post or just to fill send and post my first fic, but here we are! My name is Jo, I live on the East Coast, I’m 21, I have an amazing, bratty cat named Dove and I’m a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Writing in my free time has always been something I try to do, and lately (well, over the last few years) I’ve been doctoring up a good amount of smutty work based on our lovely Chris Evans and his characters. Additionally, being a female, I do only write from a female’s perspective, since it’s what I’m comfortable and familiar with.
I have a few things lined up that I’m soooo excited to share with you guys. Here’s what the laundry list looks like so far.
Family Values: Ransom Drysdale x (adopted) Cousin!Reader
You and Me, Kid: Steve Rogers x Reader
‘Tis The Damn Season: High School Sweethearts!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Take It On the Run: Ari Levinson x Reader
I’m still learning the ins and outs of Tumblr writing, so a lot of things are foreign to me, but I promise I’ll do my best!
Thank y’all for reading and starting this journey with me! I’m excited for what’s to come xx
— Jo 🪐
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autumnrose40 · 6 days ago
Blue Skies & Baby Bumps
Tumblr media
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alpha Andy Barber/Omega Female Reader ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The diner was quiet, but then it would be this time of night, one am didn’t normally have a rush hour. Your cheese burger and fries long gone, all that remained was the chocolate milk shake, half finished. You sip from it as you count out the last of your money.
You swallow thickly, counting the rumbled bills and coins. You had enough for this meal. And maybe a few nights left at the motel next door…..after that, you didn’t know what you would do. The fear is a very real thing. Your asshole boyfriend literally ditched you in town.
Took what little things you owned and just….left you here when you came inside to use the bathroom. Thank god you had at least brought in a suitcase with you. He abandoned you in Boston, thank god he hadn’t given you his mating mark yet. It would have made this so much worse.
A pregnant omega unmarked was already bad enough, a marked one left all alone like this would make you sick and would kill you. You won’t die this way, but you were homeless and nearly moneyless. You would try to find work, but being eight months along would make working….hard.
You know you’ll have to find a shelter, those places are not always the best though, so yeah….fear, fear fills you nearly every waking moment on some level. You put your meager savings away in your little purse and pull the want ads in the newspaper closer to you, ready to look for something….anything.
At some point, maybe an hour later, your milkshake is all gone, but the kind lady who takes your plates away says you can stay as long as you need. Thank goodness for that, because the idea of walking back to the motel right now sounds tiring as hell. You sigh, not finding anything in the newspaper.
That’s when you smell it, alpha, pure alpha. You don’t look up, though you want to, no, you keep looking at the newspaper to give you something to do. He sits down a few seats down in front of you, facing you, you just know it by the eyes you feel on you.
You decide this is a good time to get up and use the bathroom, the way the baby was kicking was doing a real number on your bladder. You slowly slide out of the booth, using the table to help you up before your shoes click on the floor as you walk to the bathroom.
When you walk past the alpha’s table, your eyes meet and he offers a kind smile, you smile back shyly before looking away and heading into the restroom.
Andy….has to take a few deep breaths, which….doesn’t help much seeing as how your scent is still lingered in the air. Your eyes….your damn eyes were so beautiful as was your smile. And yeah, your scent was simply, divine. You smelled like soft things, cashmere sweaters, maybe a warm fire.
Cozy things that were drawing him in like a moth to a flame. He hadn’t even noticed you were pregnant at first because of….all that. Once he saw, he couldn’t help his eyes following you into the bathroom. An omega alone, a baby on the way and no alpha in sight?
That didn’t normally mean good things and his inner alpha was already wanting to protect you. Truthfully his inner alpha wanted to bundle you up and take you away, but Andy knows he needs to calm down a bit here, he can’t go all caveman on you.
It’s a tough balance.
When you come back out, his eyes follow you back to your table, you can just feel them. You pull the sleeves of your sweater over your hands thinking about his frankly divine scent. No alpha had a right to smell so good, it wasn’t fair, all leather and dewy grass. Fresh, clean, welcoming.
You swallow thickly as your eyes tear up, you sit back down at your table and look down at the newspaper on the wanted page. You sniffle, his beautiful scent was just a reminder of things you can’t have.
With a watery sigh, you continue to look for jobs, only to blink wide surprised eyes as the handsome alpha sits down in your booth, “Can I sit with you?”
You blink like a moron, his smile is kind though, “You can say no honey, just….I know this will sound like a line, but I don’t like to eat alone.”
His scent is nothing but truthful, so you nod, “Sure, I don’t mind.”
His smile is soft as he places his plate down in front of him, you eye the fires though you try not to, the food you had ordered had not been enough, not by a long shot. He starts eating and you go back to the want ads, you know, you just know he wants to ask.
You won’t mind if he does, he doesn’t seem the type to be harsh to you, you look at him and sure enough he’s watching you as he eats a fry, “I hate to ask…” he trails off and you smile sadly, “You can ask.”
He looks unsure, but you can see the questions in his eyes, “Just...wondering what an omega is doing all alone like you are, I don’t mean to offend, I'm just….worried.”
Maybe some omegas would be offended, he didn’t know you and there were single mothers, not common, but it did happen from time to time and they got along just fine alone.  But you can also tell, he’s telling the truth, he really doesn’t mean to offend you, “I alpha ditched me.” you say softly, circling a job listing to call later, not looking up at him, it’s easier.
His brow furrows worried, eating, watching you. He knows, he knows some omegas get on fine without alphas or beta’s to help them, but he just….something pulls at him towards you.
Besides, what kind of alpha ditches their mate like this, though you don’t have a biting mark, it’s still fucked up,, “I’m sorry to hear that, he sounds like a real asshole.” he finally says.
You laugh softly, looking at him again, “You have no idea.”
He smiles sadly at that, but when his ears pick up your stomach growling, he doesn’t even hesitate to slide his plate of fries to you, you shake your head, but he’s not having it, not on this, “Honey, you need to eat more, please, have some.”
You huff, but that kindness in his eyes never goes away, so you finally relent, more for the baby then you, it’s not her fault her father ditched her and you, “Can I ask how far along you are?”
You moan softly dipping a fry in some mustard on the plate, you shrug, “Eight months.”
His eyes widen, “And he just left you here? You could have your pup any day.”
You shrug, “Asshole remember?”
His huff is….well he’s not pleased but you can tell it’s not at you, but your ex, “Piece of shit is more like it.”
You smile at that, no one, ever in your life defended you, this….was a nice feeling, “You might be the first person in my life to even give a crap honestly.” you mumble as you finish off the fries.
His eyes now when you look, are….sad, concerned, worried, everything an alpha should be like, but he’s a stranger, and yet it doesn’t seem to matter he….cares. You grow warm seeing this, scenting it, he really cares.
When he suddenly gets up and goes to the counter and you hear him order more food, you go to say something but he shakes his head, he’s not having it, it seems and you hush, instead you go back to your newspaper, when he sits down back with you, he has….a whole plate full of….french toast….bacon….eggs….a bowl of fruit and a glass of milk.
Your mouth falls open, “I….I can’t pay you back for this.” 
“Honey, you don’t have to pay me back, it’s the least I can do, please, I have too much money as it is, please let me do this for you?” he quietly pleads.
You sigh….you couldn’t turn down free food, but there had to be a catch...he was a alpha, “What….what do you want in return?”
When his hand takes yours gently, you can’t look away from his eyes this time, so blue, so pretty, “Honey, I don’t want anything for this, I just want to see you fed, you and your baby need it, please, I just want to help.”
The honesty in his eyes, calms you, alpha’s just didn’t act like this anymore...or maybe you were just used to the mean ones. You smile grateful, “Thank you.”
When you dig into the french toast well… start crying, you haven't had french toast in years and it was so good, “Sweetheart?”
You wave him off, or try too, your hormones are as always crazy sometimes, “I haven't had french toast in a really long time, that’s all.” you sniffle and dig in like a starving woman.
You know as he finishes his own meal he keeps watching you, more so when he notices the bruises on your wrist when you go to grab a napkin and your sweater sleeves rides up for a minute. He keeps his anger on lockdown, not waiting to scare you, but oh, he was going to find the asshole who did this to you and make him pay.
Omega’s were meant to be protected and cherished not...this. 
He won’t bring up the bruises he saw, for now anyway, but now the urge to protect you is even stronger and he is struggling not to act caveman on you and just drag you home with him. Words tumble from his mouth though before he can even think on them, “Do you….have somewhere to stay?”
You lean back in your seat, using your napkin to wipe at your mouth, taking him in, “I do, the motel across the street.”
He makes a face and you frown, “I know it’s not the best place but….” you trail off, knowing soon, you won’t even have that if the shelters are full.
You gasp softly when both his hands hold yours, breaking you out of your head space, “Honey, you can't stay there, there was a shooting there just last week.”
You blanch at that….well shit, “Look, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but my brothers would tan my hide if I didn’t offer you a place at my house to stay, no strings attached, you don’t owe me money, you don’t owe me sex or anything like that I just….i’m a mother hen I worry.”
You chew your bottom lip looking at him, his scent was truthful, he was….a dying breed, kind, sweet alpha’s just...didn’t seem to be a thing anymore, “You can have your own room, it locks from the inside, I promise you would be safe, you can look for work still, or not, anything you want.”
You laugh kind of….well you are shocked, “I have to work, and what are you going to do when I have the baby, she’s gonna cry and wake you up.” you ramble on getting worked up, it’s so much, no ones this kind right?
When you suddenly feel him next to you on your side of the booth, you break down and start really crying and he...he holds you so gently and sweetly, his arms around you make you feel so safe and protected, “I….used to have a family once…..I lost them, and now my home feels...empty, nothing would please me more...than having you there, hearing a baby cry would bring noise to that silent house, it won’t bother me, I really wasn’t lying when I said I don’t like eating alone, I don’t like living alone either and my family is great but….it’s not quite the same.” he whispers.
His scent is sad, you can smell it, you find, you don’t like that, you hug him back as he comforts you and you feel…..well, his offer isn’t the worst, it’s ten times better than the motel and you pray you are not falling into some kind of trap, you don't think you are though, “Ok.”
He comes back with you to your motel so you can get the very few things you have, which is just one suitcase and then….that’s it, you're in his car and he’s driving from the shitty area of town to the nice part of town.
Stepping into his home is like stepping into a dream, the house is lovely, big and inviting. He kindly takes your suitcase and shows you to your room, it’s on the first floor, so that’s nice, those stairs you see would be a bit of a pain, not that you can complain.
When you see the guest room, you tear up at how nice it is, “You have your own bathroom attached to this room and you have a mini fridge in here for snacks and stuff, um, feel free to get anything you want out of the kitchen, house is yours.”
God, how can you even comment on that? Hours ago you were in a shitty motel and starving and now….all this. You still wonder if you are dreaming, but for now, sleep is what you crave, “Thank you.”
His smile is soft and welcoming, “I’m Andy, sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, if there’s anything you need, let me know ok?”
You nod, giving him your name and then he leaves you too it. You eye the bed knowing you want sleep above all else right now, but first, you go over to the door and lock it.
When his ears pick up the sound of the lock, he smiles whispering, “Good girl.” he likes knowing you are being safe like that, he meant what he said, he wanted you to feel welcome, part of him can’t believe he’s here...and someone is in his home….it feels odd and yet….not.
When he finally goes to sleep, he likes knowing he’s not alone in the big old house.
The next three days are…..not bad. But a tenseness grows. Andy has been nothing short of a gentleman, it’s...thrown you for a loop. You keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, he must want something. But then….is it so bad if….you want to give him that something.
He’s handsome and smart, kind and thoughtful, everything an alpha should be, you don’t miss the way he looks at you nearly all the time and yet he does nothing about it. He wants you, you know this, how he can want you like this is beyond you, but he does and yeah you want him, it’s been so long since you felt desired honestly, and yet, he won’t make a move, sticking to his word.
It’s kind of driving you mad, you just want to feel something.
The baby’s been kicking up a storm all night, you can’t sleep, the bruises on your wrist are sore and you are just all around...restless. You get up and go out to the kitchen and bump right into Andy, “Oh i’m sorry honey I didn’t see you there.”
The way his hands hold your shoulders, it makes you so close to him, but then the baby kicks again and you groan, before he can ask, you take his hands and place them on your stomach, the slow smile that spreads over his face is….priceless, “She’s really kicking huh?”
“She’s restless like her mama.”
His hum is low and deep, “Mama can’t sleep huh?”
Damn, even his voice is low and deep, his eyes are watching you half lidded, you lick your lips, “No, no I can’t.”
“Hmmmm, what do you need honey?”
Oh there were many things he could do, but would he? “I um….I need you.” you whisper, go broke or go home right?
Your heart is pounding away and yeah there he goes, looking like he’s gonna say no, you refuse to cry, of course he didn’t want you, you were just seeing things, you were fat and ugly, why would he want you like this? He was just being a kind person helping you out, he didn’t want you like that.
As your eyes fill with tears, you try to pull away, “Sorry, never mind.”
Andy, see’s yours tears, smells your sad scent, how you try to curl in on yourself thinking he would reject you, as if and he can’t have you thinking that now, he grips your by the shoulders again and brings you forward to kiss you, it’s not the best kiss mostly because it catches you off guard.
But when he leans back to look at you, you surge forward to kiss him, and this time, it’s a much better kiss as he holds you to him, his tongue dancing with yours as he rumbles pleased and you purr happily, winding your arms around his neck.
It feels like forever you two make out. He moved you both to the couch and now you’ve been in his lap for a long time, kissing, pawing at each other, your shirt is long gone, so is his, your bra is also gone, and he’s taken great delight in just….looking his fill of you, taking you in.
He looks at you like one would something they crave and desire, but you know, you know if you said no, to stop, he would, he already told you again he would and that you owed him nothing yet again, you know this, but it’s not about that, it’s about base desire, needing someone who will make you feel good.
You know he sees the bruises on your arms and while his eyes had flashed angry at them, he had….tamped it down for your sake, he wasn’t angry at you, it was your ex, but that flash of anger over something done to you, made you want him even more.
He was a defender, a protector.
By the time you finally get the rest of your clothes off and he does the same, it’s not you who’s nervous, it’s him, “I don’t want to hurt you.” he says, framing your face in his hands before kissing you again.
“You won’t, I'll go easy and slow.” you whisper against his lips, the nod of his head makes you smile knowing he’ll take care of you.
When you slowly, very slowly start sinking down over his cock, it’s…..fuck it’s so good, you’re so wet so he fits well, but fuck, was he bigger then your ex, by a lot too, but fuck he felt amazing, and the way his eyes watch you with his hands on your hips, makes you feel beautiful.
You really do keep it slow and easy, but it still feels good, when his hands start helping you along so you can take a break, you lean forward and curl over him, hands splaying over his frankly beautiful back, when his arms wind around your body and his hips do all the work, you both moan soft.
You lick over his neck and he scents yours, it’s heaven, it’s…..everything.
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fangirlovestuff · 6 days ago
Fears and Furniture - Andy Barber x reader
Tumblr media
a/n - hey lovely people!! as promised, at last - a post! and this one is for @the-ce-horniest-book-club​ ‘s celebration for Chris’ birthday🎉 i chose to write for Andy because i love him:) hope you enjoy<3
Summary: as you and Andy wander in search of some furniture, some feelings are revealed... 
Word Count: 800
Warnings: a tiny bit of angst / insecurity, but obviously a fluffy ending🥺
The high ceilings stretch up, the path before you longer than you can see. You turn around helplessly, but you don't know where you are. Your ears perk up at the sound of a familiar voice calling your name, and you whip around just in time to see him coming towards you.
"Andy!" you call out, "I thought I got lost!" you ran and hugged him tightly. "Actually, I am lost," you said into the crook of his neck, "I have absolutely no idea where the hell is the exit. This shop is way too big." You pouted as you slightly backed off to look at him.
"Stop being so dramatic," he rolled his eyes affectionately, "I was gone for five minutes."
"That's five minutes too long," you declared with conviction, "and besides, you love it when I'm dramatic." You shrugged, taking his hand in yours and starting to drag him along the high shelves full of mugs and other kitchenware.
"Well yeah, but I always love you, so I don't know if that counts," he said, amused.
You stopped at his words, a grin on your face. "I love you too," you cooed, before kissing his cheek.
"I know," he said smugly, and you scoffed with a smile. "Now," he put his arm on the small of your back, "let's go, I finally found the bed section."
"Oh, so that's where you were off to," you faux sniffled, "without me."
"Alright, that's enough," he chuckled.
"No, it's fine. Really, it's fine," you tried to keep a serious face, but a grin crept up on your face against your will and you started giggling as Andy pulled you towards the bed section.
You spent the next forty minutes or so looking at different models, colors and types of beds. With every one, you had wanted to look at something else, until finally you decided you've had enough, and just plopped down on the nearest bed with a sigh, prompting Andy to burst into laughter.
"Already tired?" he asked, sitting down next to you and stroking your back.
"All of them are basically the same," you mumbled into the mattress before flipping onto your back. "Do we really have to look at so many?" you whined.
"Sweetheart, if you'd just choose one we could get it," he reasoned.
"Okay," you sat up before standing and grabbing his hand, "Now where's the most expansive-"
"Ah bup bup bup," he pulled you back to sit on his lap.
"What?" you asked innocently, "you said-"
"I know what I said," he raised his eyebrow, "and I also know you know what I meant."
"Fine, let's go choose," you went to get up before he pulled you back down, wrapping his arm around your waist to keep you there.
"Not before to tell me why you're being so annoying about this bed buying business."
"Nice alliteration," you chuckled at an attempt to change the subject, but his piercing blue eyes let you know he saw right through you. "Fine," you sighed. "This is kind of a strange conversation to be having in the middle of IKEA, but whatever," you mumbled before taking a deep breath. "I guess… I'm a little scared. I mean, I want to buy a bed with you, that's not what I'm scared of," you chuckled. "But, you know, it's a commitment, in a way, and just… what if you're gonna regret that? Your bed is fine for you, even if it's a little small for the both of us, but what if… you don't want me, um, in your bed anymore?" you both chuckled at your implication.
"I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon," he said softly.
"But what if it will? What if I'm too annoying and you get tired of me? You can't know that. I don’t want you to spend time and money on something you might regret. Or someone," you mumbled, your voice barely above a whisper.
But Andy heard, and his blue eyes were brimming with emotion as he gently cupped your chin, tilting your face to meet his gaze. "Listen to me," he told you softly, "I won't regret it. No matter what happens, I will never regret doing something that makes you happy, because that's what makes me happy. Okay?"
"Yeah, okay," you whispered before gently leaning in to press a chaste kiss to his lips. "Thank you. I'm sorry for overreacting," you said bashfully. "That was stupid."
"It wasn't," he shook his head, "It was understandable. We all have doubts. But I told you I loved it when you were dramatic," he grinned, making you smile ìn return. 
"Now c'mon," he got up and then extended his hand out to help you up as well. "We have a bed to choose."
hope you liked it:)) as always, feedback is appreciated, and remember to stay hydrated and look after yourself<3  
Taglist:  @horny-nd-bored​ @shannon124 @perfectlyharolds​ @wintersoldierslut​ @iceebabies​  @sleepingpapermouse @steverogerswasalwaysworthy @holtzkinnon @angelicl-y @stydia-4-ever @thatoneperson5000 @fangirlfree​ @kaitcordx25 @bequeening​ @steve-barry-damon-logan​ @itscrazycherryblossomcollection​ @hollandxmarvel​ @stargazingfangirl18 @readsreblogsfics @onetwo3000 @beritmetal @harrystylesholland @jazbot2000 @anobscurename @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @peggycarter-steverogers @evansphnx12 @starlightcrystalline @procrastinatingsapphictrash
Chris & co. taglist: @patzammit
if you wanna join / be removed from a taglist, comment/message me! much love <3
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buckys-bug-archive · 8 days ago
baes i am begging u to follow my new blog instead of this one, i don’t post on here anymore!!!! please please please follow @buckysbrattybug,, i’m much more active over there <33
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bemine-bucky · 9 days ago
What A Lie
Tumblr media
Oh besties. I am sorry for the pain that this may inflict upon you. This was the first time that I actually hurt my own feelings while writing a fic. This bad boy was written for the wonderful and talented @sweeterthanthis for her 6k follower writing challenge! I had a lot of fun writing this (even though I hurt my feelings) and my best friend cursed me endlessly after I had her look it over for me. I hope you guys enjoy (especially you, Lau!) and don't hate me too much!!
Pairing: Andy Barber x reader
Word Count: 2.7k
Warnings: Angst (oh god is there so much angst), infidelity, cursing, mentions of alcohol, and brief illusions to sex.
You told yourself that the previous encounter would be the last. That you were finished. That you were going to wash your hands of him and be done with it.
But here you are again, standing before the home you knew all too well.
Fists balled up at your sides, feet firmly planted to the ground, you couldn’t help but curse your body for bringing you here. It wasn’t your intent to end up in front of these gates, but for some reason you always did - as though there was some magnetic force that pulled you in every time.
The rational portion of your brain was screaming at you to turn and walk away, to keep the promise you made to yourself. However, there was some part of you, probably the sick and twisted part, that willed you to keep standing there.
It was never supposed to play out the way that it did. It was supposed to be innocent, with no strings attached - just two lonely people helping each other feel a little less so.
“If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” Stella, your manager and dear friend, sighed as she leaned against the bar, “they always choose the wife.”
You always knew she was right. You knew in your heart that the two of you were passengers on a runaway train, destined for disaster, but you just couldn’t stop. There was something about the relationship, no matter how toxic and fucked up, that your body craved.
You craved the way his lips felt like fire against your skin, igniting every nerve ending in your body. You craved the marks he left behind, a subtle reminder to you that you were his. You yearned for the soft whispers of promises as you laid holding one another, promises that you knew were too good to be true.
“After this whole thing is over we should go somewhere. Get away for a little while.” Andy whispered as he trailed his fingers up and down your spine.
“I think that sounds amazing. Somewhere all inclusive. Just me, you, and a big soft bed that we never leave.” You grinned at the image as you squeezed his waist.
“I could get on board with that.” Andy chuckled as he leaned down to capture your lips in another searing kiss.
Your lips moved softly against his as you propped yourself up to move closer to him. One hand laid flat on his chest as the other came up to cup his face. Andy’s hand met your wrist as he held it, tilting his face slightly to deepen the kiss.
Just as his tongue darted out to caress your bottom lip, you both were interrupted by the sound of a phone chiming.
A sigh escaped your chest as you dropped back down on your back, missing the warmth that Andy provided immediately.
Andy rubbed his face and remained laying down for a moment before he sat up and twisted to grab his phone from the nightstand. You kept your eyes attached to the ceiling fan, watching it go round and round, unwilling to look over at his face as he read the words on his screen.
Moments later you felt the mattress move and warmth slip away as Andy slid to sit on the edge of the bed. The familiar sound of his zipper and clink of his belt gave you a clue as to what the message had been about and who it had been from.
“I gotta go, baby. I’m sorry.” He said quietly, standing in front of the mirror in the corner of your room as he straightened his tie.
“S’okay. I figured.” You sat up, pulling the sheet up so it covered your chest. You gripped the material a little tighter as you let your gaze finally meet his. This part always hurts like a bitch.
You watched Andy as he crossed the room to your side of the bed. His large hand cupped your cheek and tilted your face up toward his. Silent, he stroked your cheek for a moment before he leaned down and placed a kiss to your lips. You sighed into the kiss, continuing to clutch the sheets to your chest - wishing it were him instead. When Andy pulled away you opened your eyes slowly.
“This’ll be over before you know it. I hate putting you through this, you know.”
Words failed you in that moment, so you responded with a silent nod.
There was a moment of quietness between the two of you as he stood and held your cheek in his hand. A small smile graced his lips as he muttered his goodbye and walked out of your room.
That should’ve been the moment that you let him walk out of your life.
Much to your chagrin, you didn’t know about Laurie in the beginning. That night at the bar he hadn’t been wearing his wedding ring and of course she didn’t come up during your tryst.
It wasn’t until your 3rd or 4th meeting that he deemed the news of him being married was important enough to share with you.
“It’s not going well. We’re on the brink of a divorce.” He confessed, attempting to calm your nerves as you hurriedly put on your clothes.
“That somehow makes this okay?!” You yelled, feeling completely blindsided.
“I wouldn’t have gotten into anything if I had any hope for us working it out. That’s not the type of man I am. She’s seeing other people too. The whole situation is just…it’s fucked up, okay?” He looked so broken, so pathetic in that moment that you actually felt the walls of your heart clench.
You knew this was a bad idea. You knew that there was no way this was going to work out well for either of you. This was the first time you should’ve deleted his number and walked away.
Instead of doing the right thing and calling off the…whatever it was that the two of you had going on, you left him on read for a few days and ultimately ended up in the same exact spot you were standing now.
The devil on your shoulder told you that he would leave her and that he was serious about everything he told you while the two of you were wrapped in bed together. Andy Barber was a good man with a good reputation, there was no way he would sacrifice that.
The last time you saw him, however, he stopped by your house late one night. The encounter went much like every other one before it had and ended with the two of you skin to skin beneath your sheets. The sex felt different - that should’ve been your first clue. Instead of the typical needy, rough, fast fuck that you were used to, it was slow and intimate. You realize now that it was a goodbye.
“Laurie and I have decided to resolve things after all...” Andy broke the news to you as he held you in his arms, his words so nonchalant as though he hadn’t just shot you right through the heart.
He continued to speak after that but you don’t remember a word he said. Neither do you remember the fight that followed. Hell, you barely remember shoving him out of your apartment and slamming the door in his face. All you remember is collapsing into your bed and the gut wrenching pain that made home in your chest.
That had been a few months ago and you haven’t seen him since. Not in your bed, smiling at you as you saunter over to him wearing nothing but a grin. Not at work, occupying the second to last stool at the bar. Andy Barber was suddenly nowhere to be found. Almost as though he fell off the face of the earth completely, taking your heart and your dignity with him.
It took some time, but you had finally convinced yourself to move on. No longer was every thought occupied by Andy, no longer did you dream about his fingers on your skin or the way he felt when he filled you completely. You had made peace with your demons and it was finally time to put the past behind you.
At least, that’s what you thought.
Now, here you are. A little drunk, standing in front of his door. You left the bar a while ago with the intent of going home, crawling into bed, and watching TV until you drifted to sleep. Apparently your feet had other plans.
You’re not exactly sure what you came here to accomplish, but that didn’t stop you from raising your fist to knock on his front door. You took a step back and crossed your arms over your chest. As you waited, your gaze drifted from the door to the driveway, the BMW parked there triggering a memory from the last time you were here.
“We shouldn’t be doing this.” You moaned as you tightened your fingers around the locks of his hair.
“I know.” Andy responded simply as he sucked a bruise onto your collarbone.
The steering wheel dug into your back painfully as you sat in his lap and allowed him to mark up your neck. The whole thing was cramped, hot, and wildly inappropriate.
However, as you felt his fingers make contact with your aching core, all thoughts of reason went out the window.
A shiver ran down your spine as you tried to shake the memory from your brain. The sound of the deadbolt unlocking brought your attention back to the present.
When Andy’s eyes met yours, it felt as though time stood still. The bags that decorated his beautiful blue eyes looked more defined than what you remembered. He always looked tired, but now it was more so. Not necessarily exhausted from lack of sleep, but from something else. It appeared as though the last few months hadn’t been kind to him either.
“What are you doing here?” Andy finally whispered as he stepped out onto the porch, closing the door behind him.
Honestly? You didn’t know, but you weren’t about to let him know that.
“I deserved better y’know.” You slurred at him.
It didn’t feel like you had control whatsoever over your words. The accumulation of the last few months emotions began to pour out of your mouth involuntarily. Andy started to say your name but you didn’t give him a chance to speak.
“I gave you everything. Every little piece of me belonged to you and what did I get in return? A broken heart and a scarlet letter on my chest.” You could feel your volume rising but you also couldn’t find it in yourself to care.
Andy closed the space between the two of you and grabbed onto your shoulders.
“I’m not playing games here. You need to lower your voice.” He growled.
“Is that what I was to you?” You tilted your head to the side, “A game? A conquest? A pretty little younger model of the busted up thing you had back at home? Fuck you, Andy.”
You pushed him away and turned to stomp down the steps. Before you reached the sidewalk, you felt a strong hand wrap around your wrist and yank you back into a solid figure.
“You don’t get to come here and do this. You were a willing participant in everything we did. You knew what was going on with me and you chose to get involved anyway. I didn’t force you to do anything.”
The urge to connect your palm with his face was rising as you listened to his words. Mostly because you knew he was right. You knew how this romance would end and yet you indulged in it regardless.
“You strung me along. You made me feel important, made me feel loved and wanted. All I was to you was a quick fuck. A bandaid on your shitty fucking marriage. All I ever wanted was you, all of you. Instead you left my house to come back to her every time. You never chose me. Not once.” You shouted.
Tears threatened to spill from your eyes as you emptied the vault of feelings you kept built up over the last few months.
“You never loved me. Sometimes I don’t think you ever even cared about me. You used me, Andy Barber. You used me to feel better about yourself and you know what the worst part of that all is? That I fucking let you.”
Andy’s hand fell from your wrist to his side. The look on his face was stoic, but you had peered into those eyes enough times to know he was hurting. You had seen that look before - when he showed up at your place in the middle of the night or when he nursed 6 whiskeys at the bar. It was a look you knew all too well, except you were used to being the solution for that look - not the cause.
“I knew how this would end. All my friends tried to warn me, but I didn’t listen. I waved them off and I convinced myself that this would be different. That what we had was different. How pathetic is that?” A laugh escaped your lips, but it held no humor.
Andy continued to hold your gaze. Unmoving. Chest rising and falling rapidly as he stood there and listened to your words. Not once did he mutter a word during your monologue.
“I don’t even know why I came here. I don’t even know why I come back to you every. single. time.” Your voice cracked on the last syllable. “I want to hate you so fucking bad. But I can’t.”
Just as Andy opened his mouth, you assume to speak, the lights on the porch flickered on. Your gaze locked on to the front door and your heart felt as though it stopped beating. Andy turned around as his wife opened the door and pulled her robe tighter around her figure.
“Andy? Is everything okay?” She looked between the two of you as she stepped out onto the porch.
“Everything’s fine, honey,” Your stomach lurched at the pet name, “go back inside. I’ll be there in a minute.”
Laurie stood there for a moment. As her gaze began to meet yours, you glued your eyes to the sidewalk. A few minutes later you heard the front door close again but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at Andy.
“I’m sorry you didn’t get the ending you wanted. If I could go back and stop myself from walking into that bar, I would.” He spoke softly but his words cut through you like a knife.
“But I can’t. So I guess all I can do is say that I’m sorry. To say I never cared about you would be a lie. But it’s so much more complicated than that. I hope one day you can understand.” He sighed, you could hear the defeat in his voice.
“Yeah,” you finally lifted your head to meet his gaze, “I hope so too.”
The two of you stood before one another for what felt like eternity. This was the end. The real end. You both knew that. What surprised you was how okay you felt with that realization. How for the first time in months you felt peace.
Your body brought you here, not for his touch, but for closure - to make good on your promise of washing your hands of him.
It was you who made the first move as you turned and started down the sidewalk. After a few feet, you heard his front door close. For a brief moment you wanted to turn around - to look at the lights as they turned off and hear the sound of the lock sliding back into place. But you didn’t need to. You knew that as soon as Andy walked back into his house and closed his door, that it was over for the two of you. Actually over. No more drunken phone calls, no more secret hook ups, and no more standing in front of his house, begging him to love you.
Tonight was the night that you started to love yourself.
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Necessary Arrangements: Part 7: Wedding Day Blues
Pairing: Andy Barber x Female!Reader Word Count: 3,769 Summary: It wasn’t your dream wedding, far from it. It was more like a nightmare, and the final nail in the coffin of your happiness. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. NSFW. Unprotected sex. Oral sex (f receiving). Face riding. Reference to blackmail and non-con. Reference to mob elements. Reference to minor character death and the loss of a loved one. Sad, angsty feels. AU. 18+ only!
A/N: This takes place after Blackmail and before To Have & To Hold, just so you know the timeline here, ‘cause we’re flashing back, y’all! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Despite the gorgeous view of the Boston skyline at night that sat outside the window of the most expensive honeymoon suite in the city, you couldn’t enjoy the breathtaking sight.
You couldn’t enjoy anything right now.
You were numb--desolate inside--as if every ounce of hope, happiness, and optimism had been sucked from your very soul.
It was your wedding night, and instead of the celebratory anticipation that should have crowned this life changing event for you--the promise of a new beginning with the love of your life, the start of your happily ever after--you were overcome with despair.
Because there would be no happily ever after for you.
Only what came next in this fucked up arrangement you were forced into.
To protect your family.
To survive.
The past few weeks had been nothing short of a whirlwind. Once ruthless mobster Andy Barber had blackmailed you into this farce of a wedding, threatening death to you and your family if you refused him, while simultaneously promising to protect you from other enemies and possible usurpers, the once happy, hopeful life you had lived had ceased to exist.
As if you hadn’t lost enough already.
All of this had started with the unexpected death of your father mere weeks ago, and as you recalled the moment earlier today when you stepped into view at the end of the aisle, alone and facing the end of your life as you knew it without anyone to walk that path alongside you, a gut wrenching sob tore through you.
You allowed your grief to sweep you away for the first time in weeks, for the first time since this nightmare had started, for the first time since your father had died.
You cried over everything you had lost and everything that had led you here to this moment - curled up in the window seat in the bedroom of some fancy hotel suite, your beautifully, obscenely expensive wedding dress crumbled in a pile of white satin, lace, and taffeta on the floor beside you as you curled in on yourself and wept.
You weren’t sure how much time had passed, but suddenly there was a warm hand on your back, genly smoothing along the white satin of your slip.
You flinched, head snapping up to find Andy crouched beside you, his annoyingly handsome face furrowed in concern as he watched you.
“I didn’t realize a trip to the ladies room was code for ditching your own wedding reception,” he said, a tentative smile curling his lips.
“Don’t touch me,” you snapped, shrugging his hand from your back and turning your face away from him, staring past your tear-stained reflection and out into the dark evening sky.
Andy sighed, and you felt him move away, heard the rustling of fabric and him moving around the room.
You hated that a distant part of you felt guilty for snapping at him, for being angry and upset at all, because over the past few weeks you could see how much he was trying.
Andy was kind and patient with you. He was kind to your family. He made concession after concession as you slowly merged your lives together.
And he was true to his word when it came to worshipping you. As many times a day as he could spare to hide away with you and show you just how much he could ruin you in the best kind of way, having you writhing and crying out in bliss as you got a reprieve from all the dark thoughts and anxiety that sat heavy on your heart every minute of every day.
But none of that changed the fact that you were in this position, coerced into this union, and revealing your existence after a life kept well hidden and safe, because of his selfish wants and bid for power.
So when Andy sat on the window seat by your feet, stripped down to a white t-shirt and dark boxer briefs as he held out a box of tissues for you, you could feel your uncharacteristic rage simmer hotter than before.
Because you couldn’t even escape him for a minute.
Slowly you turned to him, uncaring of your tear-stained face and swollen eyes, staring him dead in the eye and feeling pure fury sweep through you as you spied the glimmer of something soft and regretful--imploring and pleading--in his gaze.
He didn’t get to make you feel guilty, not tonight.
Andy already took everything from you--your life, your future, even your body seemed more his than yours now--he wasn’t going to take your anger, too.
Snatching the tissue box from his hand, you chucked it across the room. “Go away!” you hissed at him, stubbornly turning to hide from his gaze.
“I’m not going anywhere,” Andy snapped, irritation bleeding into his voice for the first time in weeks.
The sound of his anger had your hackles rising and you launched from your seat. “Fine! Then I’ll leave!”
You moved toward the corner of the room where your overnight bag sat, but barely got a few feet before Andy was grabbing your arm and yanking you toward him.
“You’re not going anywhere either,” he gritted quietly as he stared down at you, blue eyes blazing. “It’s our wedding night.”
Your laugh was hysterical as you struggled in his grip. “Our wedding is a joke. A lie. A fucking sham!” You screeched as you tried yanking your wrists from his grip, but Andy only held you tighter. “Get off me!”
“You should show some gratitude,” he spoke quietly, a small sneer curling his lips as you gaped at him.
“Gratitude?” you echoed, eyes wide with disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me? I didn’t want any of this! You attacked my family! Tried to kill my brother! Raped me--”
“I didn’t rape you,” Andy growled. “Did you forget how pretty you were begging for me by the end of that night? How eagerly you rode my cock the next morning? How wet and greedy that tight little pussy is for me every single day?”
You slapped Andy. Hard.
Your hand stung something fierce as his face whipped to the side and you both went quiet for a long, tense beat.
As Andy slowly turned his face back to you, you felt the usual fear and distrust you felt around him crawl up your spine, making you shiver and swallow nervously as his furious gaze met yours.
“I’m gonna give you a free pass,” Andy’s voice shook with suppressed rage as he spoke, his hand reaching for your neck and resting along your collarbone. His eyes dropped as you shifted nervously in his grip, his thumb caressing your pulse point and feeling it flutter wildly. “I figured this day would be difficult for you. I’m not delusional, I know you didn’t want any of this, but I’m fucking trying.”
You flinched as he hissed his words at you.
“I’ve taken care of you and your family,” Andy continued. “I’ve protected all of you, tried my best to be respectful and kind. I’m letting you pick where we live. I gave you full control of the wedding so it could be everything you wanted--”
You couldn’t stifle your humorless, hysterical laugh, delighting in the way the noise drove Andy to stunned silence. You leaned into him, until his fingers were pressing against your throat as you told him, “You are delusional if you think for one second that I would ever waste my dream wedding on you.”
You expected the hint of fury--the flare of his nostrils and the tic in his jaw--but what you didn’t expect was the genuine hurt you saw flash across Andy’s features before he was pointedly looking away, taking a moment to gather himself as his hand fell away from your neck and the other from your wrist.
It was ridiculous--downright absurd--the regret that washed over you in that moment, but it washed over you all the same, warring with the simmering anger you’d been feeling all day, and the shadow of grief that had been looming over you for weeks.
It was like all the emotions hit you at once, swirling through you, constricting your chest and blocking your throat. As your eyes began to burn once more and exhaustion seeped into your very bones, all you wanted in that moment was to feel safe and loved.
All you wanted was your father.
But he was gone.
It was your wedding day, and your father hadn’t been there.
“He didn’t get to walk me down the aisle,” you whispered, voice catching as you pressed your fingers to your lips, trying to stifle the sob you could feel rising in your chest.
“What?” Andy’s voice was soft, his brows furrowed in confusion as he glanced at you.
Your watery eyes found his. “My father. He didn’t get to walk me down the aisle and I--” your voice broke. “I’m never going to see him again. Oh god,” you clutched at your chest as the devastation bloomed within you, hard and fast, pushing all the air from your lungs and suffocating you. “I’m never going to see him again.”
Andy caught you as your knees buckled, his strong arm curling around your waist as he led you to the bed and sank down beside you on the edge of it. He shushed you softly as you curled into him, desperately seeking comfort as you buried your face against his t-shirt and wept.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered against the top of your head, big hand rubbing up and down your back as you shook against him with the force of your sobs. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart.”
“I don’t want to feel this way anymore,” you sniffled, tilting your face back and staring up at Andy in desperation. “I thought I felt empty all these weeks, but I don’t, I feel too full, of pain and grief and loss and and,” you pressed your forehead against his collarbone, clutching at his t-shirt as he held you. “And I just want it to stop.”
“It’s okay, I’ve got you,” Andy murmured.
It wasn’t the first time you thought that Andy’s voice was the sound of warm, promising sin, but it was the first time you allowed yourself to really fixate on it, so desperate to focus on anything other than all the hurt in your heart and the fear of what your future held.
You concentrated on Andy’s voice as he continued to murmur words of comfort to you, your tears fading as you pressed your warm cheek to his chest and your hands to his stomach, feeling the firm muscles flex and jump beneath your touch.
You breathed in Andy’s musky scent, shivering as you pushed all the noise and overwhelm down deep, until it was muted and easier to ignore, and all your awareness was focused on what you wanted--and needed--in that moment.
To feel good.
To escape this nightmare you called your life for just a little bit.
To forget.
Shivering, you leaned back, tilting your face up to Andy’s and catching his gaze.
He was watching you in genuine concern, his beautiful face full of it as he hesitantly brushed a few lingering tears from your cheeks. “Are you okay?”
And it was moments like these that made it easy to pretend.
When you could strip away the past, ignore the harsh reality of the present, and didn’t dare think ahead to the dreadful, bleak future.
When you allowed yourself the leeway to instead get lost in that warm pretty gaze of Andy’s. Allowed yourself to appreciate how his strong, firm body against yours made you feel safe.
And, as much as you hated to admit it, how you knew for a fact that he could play your body like his favorite instrument and render you mindless with pleasure, something you shouldn’t want but knew deep down you did, despite everything and--
You reared up and kissed him hard, swallowing his noise of surprise as your fingers pet along the soft bristles of his beard and you pressed yourself as close as you could get to him. Your nose brushed Andy’s as you tilted your face for a better angle, impatiently sweeping your tongue past his lips, against his, warring and feeling and tasting and wanting.
When you pulled away to suck in a greedy breath, Andy leaned away, his eyes still shining with that concern for you as he asked, “What are you--”
“Make it go away,” you cut him off with your plea, curling your fingers in his hair and gripping hard. The grunt that got caught at the back of his throat had your panties flooding with arousal and you scrambled into his lap, grinding down against the hardness growing beneath you as you whispered, “Please just make it all go away for a little while,” against his lips before pulling him into another frantic kiss.
You gasped against his lips as Andy suddenly laid back on the bed, taking you with him. When his hands framed your hips and urged you further up his body, you frowned down at him.
“What are you--”
“Ride my face,” Andy husked.
“I--” you blinked, feeling another gush of slick ooze into your panties as your brain short-circuited momentarily. “What?”
His lips quirked as he manhandled you over him. “Gonna make you feel so good, filling you with my tongue and burning you up with my beard. I know how much you like that, honey.”
Andy grinned as you whimpered, but before you could string together actual words, your quivering thighs were framing his head, and Andy was purring his delight as he tugged your ruined panties aside and licked along the cut of you.
“Oh fuck,” you gasped, hand dropping to Andy’s soft hair and twisting. You jerked as his nose bumped your clit, your eyes fluttering as he gently kissed along your lower lips with just as much care and attention as he frequently paid your mouth.  
It’s when your hips slowly started to rock and undulate against his face that Andy tugged you open with his thumbs and licked you more firmly, tongue lashing at your clit until he had you crying his name.
Groaning, Andy grabbed your ass and yanked you down against him more firmly, his plump lips giving one final suck to your throbbing clit before he was flat out devouring you.
It felt incredible - Andy’s tongue fucking into your quivering channel, his nose bumping along your clit as his beard pricked and scraped along your most sensitive flesh.
And you lost yourself to it quickly, head thrown back and eyes screwed shut as you rocked and grinded against Andy’s face, keening as his non-stop moans and grunts reverberated along your cunt, adding to all of the too much but not quite enough sensations.
Soon you were chanting his name--both a prayer and a plea--as you rode Andy’s face hard, so close to that precipice of release, needing just a little bit more. When Andy’s fingers traced along your soaked folds and back, teasing your puckered hole, you snapped, the taut coil of your pleasure twisting within you that final time, tipping you over the edge of bliss and sweet, sweet relief.
You slumped forward, your shaking arms barely able to hold you, distantly aware of Andy shifting out from between your trembling thighs before rising up behind you.
Shivering as he gently pushed up your slip, pressing a line of slow, wet kisses up your back as more and more skin was revealed, you didn’t object when he pushed the garment off of you entirely. Andy tugged off your panties next, quickly shedding his own clothes before he was moving close and curling over your back.
“Gonna ruin you with my cock,” he murmured against your ear, big hands sliding beneath you to cup your breasts. As his fingers plucked and pinched at your nipples, making you moan, you could feel him smile against your cheek, pressing a kiss there before whispering, “Gonna make you feel so good, sweetheart. You ready for me?”
Nodding, you pressed your face into the cool bedding, keeping your ass up and ready for him--an eager and desperate offering--shoving back against him gently in invitation until you felt his hand slowly caress the curve of your ass.
You bit your lip as you felt Andy drag his cock against your folds, prepping himself with your arousal before he was arriving at your entrance and slowly, patiently, pushing his way inside.
You couldn’t muffle your cry as his hips met your ass, circling until he was as deep as your body would allow and punching the air from your lungs.
The retreat of his cock was a slow, teasing drag, and you felt every inch and veiny ridge of him as your walls clenched and fluttered around him, fighting against his departure greedily. You gave a wordless cry as Andy snapped his hips forward and filled you again, and again, and again.
It didn’t take long for him to have you chanting his name again, breathlessly, nonsensically pleading for him to make you cum, your toes curling and thighs quivering as that flame deep in your core burned hotter and brighter.
You gasped as Andy suddenly yanked you up against him. His hand gently circled your throat as he held your back flush to his chest, his free hand wandering down your stomach as his hips pounded you relentlessly.
Moaning as Andy’s fingers teased your clit, your head dropped back on his shoulder, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as your hand fell over his, guiding the strum of his fingers over your swollen nub until you were cumming with a sharp gasp of his name, all your muscles locking then releasing as Andy fucked you through it.
“There you go, honey, just let go for me. Let it feel good.” Andy whispered against your cheek, grinning as your head lolled against his shoulder and you whined his name as he rubbed your clit harder, until you were squeezing his cock all over again as another orgasm tore through you. “Good girl.”
You sagged against him, completely spent, your body coated in a light sheen of sweat, and Andy didn’t miss a beat, his hips still plunging into you--relentless--as he gathered you in his arms. He guided you forward, until you were on your knees for him again, your forehead pressed to the sheets as he rutted against your ass, his pace finally starting to falter as he groaned against your bare shoulder, right on the edge of his own release.
“Fuck, I’m gonna--” his words dissolved into a relieved moan as he came, jerking into you hard and coating your insides with the hot pulses of his pleasure.
You gasped at the warm rush, fingers curling into the sheets, Andy’s hand finding yours, his wedding band a cool press against your skin as his hips continued to pump into you, until he was completely spent.
Your high was already fading as Andy’s soft lips trailed against the back of your neck, the hot rush of his breath as he panted making you shiver and squirm beneath him.
You weren’t sure why, but the way he squeezed your hand as he pressed a gentle kiss to your shoulder had your eyes burning and emotion welling in your throat.
And just like that - you were feeling everything all at once again.
You had pretended long enough, and Andy had made you feel good, like you knew he could, but now reality came crashing back down around you, and the sadness, anger, and grief rose up more powerfully than before.
Andy collapsed beside you on the bed with a tired, sated sigh, his hand reaching for you, trailing up your back as you shifted away from him, curled in on yourself. Frowning, he turned toward you, pushing his messy hair from his forehead as he heard you sniffle.
“You okay?”
His hand rounded your hip and you jerked away from him with a sharp, “Don’t!” Sliding to the edge of the bed. You swallowed, not trusting your legs just yet. You wiped at your tears with the back of your hand, even as more gathered and blurred your vision as your nose began to sting.
You felt Andy sit up behind you, heard his quiet sigh of defeat, and then he was speaking.
“I know this isn’t what you wanted,” he said. “But I promise I can make you happy if you just give me a chance.”
“You already took everything from me,” you trembled, flinching away as you felt his fingers hesitantly caress your back. You lurched to your feet to escape his touch. “I don’t have anything left to give,” you whispered before staggering into the connected bathroom.
Andy watched as you slammed the bathroom door shut and heard the quiet click of the lock. Sighing once more, he collapsed back against the bed, staring up at the tall ceiling of the hotel suite, unseeing.
He couldn’t even enjoy the afterglow. Nor how deeply, deeply sated his tired body was after such a spectacular fuck.
Andy couldn’t enjoy the recollection of your perfect pussy—so tight and warm and inviting—all his and always taking him so well, like you were made just for him.
He couldn’t even enjoy the memory of his first glimpse of you at the other end of the aisle earlier today—a moment he knew would be ingrained in his mind’s eye for the rest of his life—the goddess like visage you had painted, an ethereal beauty in all white, your head held high as you endured the countless stares and murmured whispers as you marched closer and closer to committing yourself—however unwillingly—to Andy for the rest of your life.
No, Andy couldn’t enjoy any of that.
Not right now at least.
Because despite the loud, thundering rush of the shower coming from the other side of the bathroom door, he could just make out the sound of your anguished sobs.
No matter how muffled and distant, they echoed loudly in Andy’s ears.
So in that moment in the late hours of his wedding night, after the last few whirlwind weeks of masterfully securing his future—his success and infamy on the Boston mob scene—after somehow trapping you, his beautiful, sweet wife, in his web...
In that moment as he listened to you mourn, listened to the sounds of your utter and thorough heartbreak, the only thing Andy could do was feel absolutely, undeniably rotten.
Tumblr media
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