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#chris evans drabble
fuckandfluff · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Literally this is just porn without a plot. One mention of a glass of wine, swearing, dumbification, praise kink, daddy kink, anal fingering, unprotected anal sex, power dynamics, age gap (reader is early 20s) SADDLE UP 🤠
A/N: The title is an ode to the retweet on Chris's twitter today! And the word just works for the general vibe of the fic! Thank you so much to my gorgeous and talented pal, @sableseb for being my beta reader. Please go check out her amazing work 💗✨
All of my other Stepdad!Andy fics can be found in my masterlist here! 💗
Gorgeous and vicious.
Those were the first two words that came to mind when you thought of your stepfather. Despite your months-long affair, Andy still made you painfully timid.
After he had confronted you earlier that day with his discovery of a discarded Plan B box, you knew a punishment was coming. You just had no idea what he had in store.
Andy slinked into your room shortly after midnight, interrupting your standing appointment with the Real Housewives of somewhere and an overpour of dry Pinot Grigio.  He was always a welcomed interruption, though.
“Haven’t came all week, my balls are fuckin’ about to burst, Y/N,” he huffs, approaching your cross-legged form.
“Can you just fuck off, Andy? I’ve had it with these late night hookups,” you lie through gritted teeth, “I - I wanna to be with someone my own age. Not my mom’s husband."
But the truth was, at this point in your relationship,  you had somehow convinced yourself it wasn’t cheating. You were his wife’s daughter, an extension of your mother. It made sense at the time and you found comfort in the twisted logic.
“I think you seem to forget that it’s not you calling the shots here sweetie,” he traces along your plump lower lip, his baby blue eyes boring into yours.
Andy slammed his lips onto yours, warm breath slipping in and out of your mouth: “D..Daddy-- fuck.” You’d never seen him kiss your mother like this. It was always little pecks on her lips or tiny smooches on her cheek. You had no idea what went on behind closed doors but you’d imagine it wasn’t anything too kinky because Andy migrated to your bed practically every night.
He’s now positioned himself behind you now, muscular arms cradled under your own, massaging over the silky material of your pajama bottoms.
“God, you’re such a pretty little thing..” Andy murmurs, his voice softer than usual.  You leaned back into his strong chest, his arms gripped around your waist.
“W-wait—“ Andy paused in his ministrations, strong hands dusting down the length of your torso:   “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
Whining low in your throat, you couldn’t spurn his advances any longer. The older man knew exactly what buttons to press.
“You’ve never been fucked in the ass have ya’, princess?”
“That obvious, huh?” you retort, trying to make it sound light and playful, a nervous laugh escaping you. His fingers thread through your pussy and the the thought of him fucking you there sent shocks of warmth through you.
Andy’s cock was growing hard against your back and you could feel it emerge from the waistband of his slate grey sweats.
“Gonna let your daddy pop this sweet little cherry, bet it’s so goddamn tight..” Reaching into the lacquered door of your nightstand, he paws the bottle of well-used lube, snapping the lid up and dousing his dick in the thick liquid. You had no idea how he knew that was there because you only ever used it when you needed a bit of help working your rabbit inside yourself. Had he been spying on you?
“Up, up, sweetheart - bend over,” he commands, guiding your ass off the pillowy duvet and pushing his hand onto the small of your back, a physical cue to get on all fours. You take the hint, back arched and eager for him. Your breath is heavy with anticipation, gripping the bedsheets tightly. All you know about anal sex is that it’s meant to hurt, so you pray that Andy shows you a semblance of mercy.
He slips your shorts down your thick hips, leaving you entirely exposed as the flimsy silk rests at your ankles. Two of his large, lubed up fingers encircle the tight ring of muscle, sliding in to provide you with a warm up to him.
“You ready, honey?” he purrs rhetorically, pressing his slicked-up length against your virgin hole. Demurely nod, he takes this as permission to proceed with puncturing into you.
With unusually gentle intention, Andy pushes in just a little bit past his tip, and you wiggle underneath him. You bit your lip, hard, at the stretch, his cock spearing into you while you held yourself up on wobbly legs.
“Ahh doin’ so good, look so pretty with my cock in your ass,” he praises enthusiastically and you relish in the encouragement, backing onto him and swallowing up an extra inch or two in an attempt to show how good of a girl you could really be.
“Daddy god, yes - yes, please—“ you whine under him, letting out an almost inhuman squeal, high pitched and desperate.
“Look at you, going dumb for daddy…fuckin’ this sweet, tight ass,” he teases, swatting an open palm on your backside. The cold of his wedding ring burned against the heat of your bare flesh, a painful reminder that he didn’t belong to you.
Your breathy moans and the sight of you coming entirely undone must have sent him into a frenzy because he’s now singing unfiltered praise down into your ear.  He was much more soft than usual and though you trembled as his hips bucked up into you, it wasn’t the usually violent fuck he would gift you.
“D-Don’t stop,” you pathetically plead, head lolling back with a moan as he pulled out to the tip again and thrust back in with a slow, methodical rocking until his entire cock is inside you. Once you got used to his cock splitting you open, Andy didn’t hold back. His strokes were fast and quick, swearing a curse as your ass clenched around his cock.
“Fuck - daddy, I - I might come..” you trail off,  somewhere between a moan and a shout, and Andy pulls out to the tip again before bottoming out all at once. It’s almost painful, the sheer loss of contact, but before you have a chance to mourn the loss, he’s jerked back into you with full force, your eyes roll back violently.  A sense of sheer confusion washes over you because you didn’t think it was possible for anal to feel this good.
“I.. I can’’s too much,” you weep, the feeling entirely foreign as your pussy throbs with no stimulation.
“You can and you will, honey. Stop bein' a brat,” he chides, smacking your ass and gawking at the ripple your plump skin produces.
He’s now picked up the pace, snapping into you with hard, feral thrusts, and you struggle to stay propped up on your elbows. You’re entirely swept up in the feeling of your stepfather pummelling into you, taking your anal virginity, keening and gasping and yelling of cries of “Yes, please make me come daddy, a-ah, just like that daddy!”  You sighed into it, tilting your head down as you worked through your own orgasm, half-lidded eyes glazed over as you feel yourself clench down onto him.
Andy’s now changed the angle, thrusting down hard and quick, feeling the familiar sensation building in his core. The tightness in his gut like a wave gathering before it crashed— the feeling of your ass tightening around him as he arrived at his own orgasm and the sound of his warbled cries through it all.
“Fuck, gonna fill you up so you know who this ass belongs to,” he groaned, spilling into you while holding himself upright and panting above you. He pulls out, sending what remained dripping across the pink flannel sheets. He loved watching as your asshole gaped, clenching pathetically around nothing while his load trickled out.
"You're my perfect little slut, arentcha', honey?" he mumbles, tucking himself back into his briefs. "Don't let anyone else touch that hole, you understand me?"
You nod obediently, falling flat onto your stomach with a defeated thud. A dull ache had already started thrumming in your lower back, a premature warning of the brutal pain tomorrow would surely bring.
The revelation slams into you - your stepfather just fucked your ass and though you should feel sick with regret, it feels so right.
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agentofbarnes · 14 hours ago
Ransom fucking you in front of his family in the kitchen and they are arguing with him while his fucking you hard and switching positions like they are not even there
no shame — ransom
au: dewdrop
warnings | smut, minors DNI, degradation, public sex, dom/sub relations, breeding kink, unprotected sex
note | managed write this very quickly while away, i love you guys, i’ll be back tomorrow night!
Tumblr media
Ransom had no shame, ever. He had a way about him that you would let him do anything for you. He was so chaotic and shameless that anything he suggested made you jolt with excitement.
It was his time with you and he’d never let anything come between you and him on the days he purposely planned to spend with you. The days where he fucked your brains out and spoiled you.
So he had no shame in fucking you over the kitchen counter in broad daylight. It’s his house, he does what he wants. If what he wants is you pressed against the counter with your back against the kitchen island, then that’s what he got. He got his cock stuffed in your pussy and you moaning under him, nothing can stop him.
“Ransom!” His mother’s voice yelled out with anger, making you quickly go to stop what you’re doing when your boyfriend pinned you back down.
“My cock isn’t leave this sweet pussy for anything, dewdrop, you’re gonna lay here and let daddy fuck you. My little toy, you’ll let me do anything to you, just to be my good girl?”His words are absolutely filthy and he doesn’t even care that both his parents walked in with screeches and scolded.
Ransom only increased his strength, fucking into your cunt with vicious motion. You are sprawled out on the counter with heated cheeks and bare chested. Your tit bounce with each slam into your hips, showcasing how marked up your body was.
“Little busy right now,”Ransom greeted his parents,”My girl needs attention, and who I am to deny such a tight little cunt.”
Linda gagged, glaring daggers at you moaning on the table and clawing at his chest. She crossed her arms,”Will you stop this ridiculous nonsense? You turned down the Pierce girl when I set you up to take her out. You really want this whore to represent this family? No, now you will apologize and go on that—“
“Daddy!”You whimpered when Ransom pulled out, whining at the feeling of loosing his fullness. He flipped you over, bending you over with you ass towards him. Your toes barely reached the ground as you stood like that. His cock rammed back into you with vigor.
“My girl is all I need,”Ransom yanked on you hair, pulling you back to have to hold yourself up with your hands.”Look at this pretty girl, my good little whore, think that offends her, mother? She knows what she is, she knows she was made for me, to take my cock. She does it so well, she likes when I hurt her, she’ll do anything for me because I’m her daddy, aren’t I? Tell them, dewdrop. Tell them who I belong to.”
“Me,”You breathed out, heaving out and trying to hold yourself on shaky arms.”He’s mine.”
“That’s my good girl,”He smirked,”You’ve been so good to me, my dumb fucking baby, might just have to fill this little pussy till I knock you up, huh? What do you say? Wanna make me a daddy? Bet you’d love that, you want me to fuck a baby into you?”
“Ah! Yes, yes yes, wanna be full of you, just please, don’t stop till ‘m dripping,”You gasped out, hands clawing at the marble while you stared them straight in the eyes. Close enough to see every sane thought leave your head. You are reduced to a puddle of nerves, moans, and his name.
Ransom pounded into you harshly, yanking you back against him while his parents yelled at him to stop and be serious. This was the honor of their reputation, how could he want to be with someone so...low class.
“This is why, no upper class girl can fuck like this, love like this,”Ransom’s arm held your pilant body against while he turned your head to kiss him. Your other large hand came around your throat.”No one can take by cock like this, make me feel this way, this little beauty isn’t going anywhere. Isn’t that right? Gonna be Mrs. Drysdale, gonna spend the rest of your life pleasing me, with this cute little cunt squeezing me like your life depends on it. That’s the thing about the lower-class, Mother, they fuck dirty, they’re wild girls begging to be tamed by their daddy, she needs me to fuck all those dumb thoughts from her head, happiest she’s ever been is on my cock, come on, dewdrop, cum for daddy.”
You cried out, Linda screaming for her son in pure rage. Ransom, full of spite and love, busted inside you, biting down on your shoulder while you quivered.
“So good, dewdrop, give daddy a minute and I’ll be in bed, don’t let that drip out you, not a drop or I’ll spank you. Can’t get pregnant if you do.”
You know he isn’t serious, but it still brings heat to your face. He had you on the best birth control, but he liked to imagine how pissed his parent would be, will be, when you swell up with his child.
You didn’t hear anything other than screaming when you walked back to the bedroom with clenched thighs. You laid out on the bed, with hips up so that he didn’t leak from you. All you could hear was Ransom defending your love and you knew he was the right kind of wild for you.
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agentofbarnes · 20 hours ago
Could you write about Chris smacking the readers ass constantly? Like, every time he sees her his brain is just like ‘gotta smack’. And if she’s sitting he makes her get up just so he can smack it? I just want Chris evans to smack my ass if you couldn’t tell
yeeees, I love this, so here is a headcanon for you!
Tumblr media
So, Chris definitely has a brain that just goes “gotta smack” anytime he gets the chance.
You know he has a thing for your ass and he just can’t keep his hands off of you.
You have been on the cover of the daily mail more times you can count with Chris’ smacking your ass while literally getting groceries or that one time you at the beach or at the Oscars the night you had won Best Leading Actress. That was a scandal in itself.
The world knew that Chris liked your ass, and he didn’t care. He liked staking his claim on that round backside of yours.
His favorite is when you wear those short, sporty shorts that made his dick hard because they ride up so perfectly that he can see the swell of your ass.
It’s worse when you wear those skimpy little shorts out in public, usually on a hot day at the dog park. He feels like everyone is looking at what belongs to him. But most of all, he can’t take his eyes off of you.
You bend over to rub Dodger’s ears at the dog park. He watched how your ass stuck up, the fabric tight against the swells of your cheeks. He can see the little tattoo peaking out under your shorts, a little cursive “C” you had gotten when you had surprised him with on your honeymoon.
You got out the portable water bowl for Dodger, pouring water into the little bowl so he could hydrate.
Chris can’t help the urge, not when he can see the little claim on your ass and not when you are so on display.
His large palm winds back, coming down the flesh of your cheek. The sharp sting makes you yelp, but it comes out more like a whine.
That was the worst part of the ass smacking, you were really into it. The sting went straight to your core every single time and when Chris found that out, it was over. You liked being spanked and Chris liked to spank you, you were the perfect match.
“Really?”You whined, gasping when his hands squeezed your ass.
“Stop bending over,”He replied, hands coming over your hips,”Your ass looks so good in these shorts, it’s driving me crazy.”
“Down, boy.”
“Down on my knees, whatever you want, bunny,”Chris teased, kissing your cheek from behind.
“You are surprisingly horny for a forty year old man,”You quipped back.
“Yeah, well, my girlfriend has the hottest ass I’ve ever seen,”Chris smirked, tilting your face to mold his lips over yours. You already knew you were gonna end up all over Twitter, might as well make the best of it.
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
sunshine steve rogers is the type of man to blush when you sit in his lap on group movie night in front of all of your friends — only to finger fuck you as soon as the lights dim low, and the blanket is thrown over your lap 😌
two can play this game
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: mae, you're so right.
warnings: 18+ ONLY, steve is a finger fucking tease, poorly edited
When you thought plopping yourself down on your boyfriend's lap and giving him a raging hard on in front of everyone would be a good idea, you didn't think of the consequences.
You thought, he'd blush and wriggle under you, accidentally push you on the ground, apologise and make you sit next to him, all while sneaking a glance at the team sitting around you.
But Steve said fuck movie night. And fuck everyone else. He made you sit on his dick, the sweatpants didn't do shit to hide the raging hard on in them. It only dug in between your butt, making it uncomfortable to sit. He chuckled when you tried to move to sit between his spread thighs, there wasn't enough space but now you've leaned your lesson. Not to tease Steve.
Although he's not having any of it. Doesn't let you move. Instead, he pulls the knitted blanket over both of you and massages your thighs, both his hands rubbing soothingly. Kisses placed on shoulders. Lips tracing your cheek, then your ear.
“Two can play this game, babe.”
“What game?”
“Oh, you know the game.” he says with a pinching squeeze to your thighs. “You started it.” And he jerks his dick to tell you exactly that.
A delicate press of his finger over your core has you gasping. Your hands curls around his wrists, chest rising and falling in order to steady your breaths. He just touched you once, it shouldn't leave you as breathless as it does.
“Do me a favour and stay quiet while I fuck you with my fingers, hmm?” he widens your legs. Slips the sleep shorts down until your pussy is accessible by his hand.
A quick scan of the room. Everyone's blatantly oblivious of the fact that you're about to be fucked by your boyfriend. Good thing he chose a corner to sit.
Palm cupping your cunt, the heel of it pressing and rolling over the bundle of nerves. Then two fingers stretch you open. He places his other hand over yours on your lap. When you cover your mouth with your free hand to stop the moans from spilling, he nips at your ear.
“Let's see if we can do this without you covering your mouth.” All while pumping his fingers in and out, careful with his pace, keeping you in the edge. See how long you can go without coming. You hesitantly place your hand on his lap, nails digging immediately. Thumb tapping on your clit and you add a languid roll of your hips, against his hand and his dick.
You turn your face to bury it into his neck, biting your lip to the point of drawing blood because it feels so good and you're not allowed to make a sound to tell him that. It's so unfair. How does he always have the upper hand in these kinda situations?
You try to close your legs around his hand but he hooks his own feet at your ankles. Fucking keeps you wide open for him, and just to taunt you, he fucks you a little faster. Your mewls are strangled in your throat. You're shaking and squirming, gasping when it all becomes too much. Your head lolling back on his shoulder, as you buck yours hips into his hand.
“You gonna come?” he asks, voice a raspy whisper. You frantically nod your head, tilt your head to kiss him and keep him placed there with a hand in his hair. “But what if you make a mess? How will cover it? I think I should stop...”
You rip your mouth from his, roughly pulling at the roots of his tresses. “Don't you dare stop. I will scream if you stop, Steve.”
“I would like to see you scream in a roomful of people, honey.” A cocky smile on his lips. He's right, you would die of embarrassment. Just then he pinches your clit, shoves those thick, long fingers knuckles deep, dragging your sweet spot deliciously, rapidly.
“Steve—” Breath hitching, cunt throbbing. You're helpless.
You jaw hangs open in a silent moan, eyes rolling back into your head when you drench his hand not long after.
He pets your stomach, and kisses your cheek. Helping you come down from your high. When you finally sit straighter after adjusting your shorts, you take a look at him. Those same fingers are shoved inside his mouth, licking off your release. Eyes on yours, a cheeky smile on his shiny lips. You roll your eyes and swat your hand on his chest.
“Absolutely divine.” Steve states.
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
thinking about steve throwing u over his shoulders and onto the bed… then grabbing ur ankles to pull u close to him… makes me absolutely feral
blooming crimson
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: and i oop—
warnings: 18+ ONLY, spanking (ass & pussy 😏) oral (f receiving), hands tied up with leather belt, dirty mouth of steven grant rogers, poorly edited
God, the moment he said, “That's it.” and threw you over his shoulder, you knew you were done for.
Back in his bedroom, he didn't bother turning on the lights, blindly carried you to his bed and threw you down. Your landing wasn't very graceful. A yelp parting your lips as he removed his shirt in a haste and then his pants too. While you try to crawl back to the headboard, Steve clicks his tongue and grabs your ankles. The sheets rustle sharply, burning the back of your thighs, your dress gathers around your waist when he roughly pulls you to the edge and flips you over.
The slip dress you wore remains on your body. But the matching lacey lingerie, you should have known he wouldn't have any mercy on it. He flips the dress up to reveal your lace adorned ass, grips the two sides by your hips and tears it to shreds.
“You are such a fuckin' tease,” By his tone you could tell he's angry, clicks his tongue. Pushes your head into the sheets and grabs your hands to place them at your lower back. Then binds your wrists together with his leather belt. Breathing hard, looking down at his handy work. “You're so needy. I fucked you in that bathroom not even ten minutes ago, honey. You already want more? Such a greedy little thing...” He cups your pussy, directing his words at her.
“I gotta teach you some manners. Hmm, whaddya say?” he caresses one globe of your ass, his palm warm and gentle. But you know what's coming. Hands tightly in a fist, ass wiggling in the air.
You giggle and it's the last straw.
“You'll be crying tears by the end of the night.” he warns you.
Each blow delivered to your ass hits harder than the previous one. When your legs give in and you start to shake and wiggle way, Steve roughly pulls you back up, presenting your burning ass to him before he's slapping it once again.
The tender grasp of his palm, squeezing there before it comes down to brand you cheeks with the imprint. Then the quick succession of claps no breaks, unrelenting thwacks. One after the other. You're glad he didn't ask you to count them, because with the way you're gasping and crying, staining your face and his sheets with your makeup and tears, you're so far gone into the pleasure and pain, you don't think you can keep up with blows he lands on your sore ass.
“What have we learned?” he asks, mockingly.
“Not to be greedy...” you whimper. But the moment words fall from your lips, you accidentally roll your hips in the air, when his touch vanishes from your body.
“Tsk,” plump bottom lip pushed between his teeth, “I don't think you've learnt anything.”
He licks his palm, all the way up to his fingertips. And when he slaps you this time, the sting of a wet hand hits different. You flinch, pussy clamping around nothing.
The wetness is seeping out of your cunt, trickling down your thighs, gushing and drooling all over the sheets. And he's done nothing to tame the tremendous heat growing there.
“Steve, please—” you try to wiggle out of his touch.
“You want me stop?” He says, “I'll stop everything. I won't touch ya, I won't even edge ya. You'll take what I give like the good girl you are, you hear me?”
You make a mistake by nodding and not voicing your agreement. That obviously earns you another slap, straight between your folds, clit throbbing and begging for more.
“Yes, understood.” you gasp.
“Good girl, my sweet girl.” he kisses your tailbone, licks the tight ring of your ass before his tongue dips lower, collecting your wetness, cirlcing the tip over your clit. One palm spreading your ass while his fingers thrust into you without meeting with any resistance.
“Fuck, you're so wet, you could drown the entire city, honey.” he chuckles.
You choke on a sob, relief flooding you when he pumps his fingers in and out, giving you some reprieve. The sounds your pussy makes are obscene, wet and so dirty. You should be ashamed but don't find an ounce of it in your body.
It's not a surprise when in seconds you're about to come undone, Steve removes his fingers. You anticipate his next move and try not to cry in protest when he leaves your pussy empty. Then another clap of his palm on your ass, and there's a sticky mess from his fingers spreading all over your blooming crimson skin.
“You're in for a long night, babe. How can I let you come so easily?”
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
I feel like sunshine boy Steve is like suuuuper tactile and cuddly. Like loves being big spoon and holding hands while cuddling. 🥰
love him in the morning
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: bruh i wanna wake up next to him every single day 😭
warnings: fluffy and lil' nsfw.... stevie i can't help it, poorly edited
No one, absolutely no one should look that gorgeous waking up in the morning.
Sleep-puffy eyes and tousled golden hair. Lazy smile on his plump lips. And the higher points of his cheeks shine due to the rays of the sun streaming through the wide open blinds of your room.
You've just stepped out of the bathroom, shoulder leaning on the door frame, hands across your chest. Donning one of his button ups, white loose. Hem dancing atop of your thighs. Two buttons done in the middle, rest of them undone. Giving him an ample peek of your breasts and the smooth skin beneath. The marks the litter your neck and disappear down your collarbones.
“Come back to bed, babe.” he motions by removing the duvet that covered your side of the bed, patting the space with his hand. Covering his modesty but does he really need to?
Shoulder pushing yourself away from the frame, you maneuver slowly towards the bed. It's a bright Sunday morning—well mid-day—since you both took your time waking up. Neither of you had plans, besides being with each other.
Settling yourself against him, he tucks you closer and builds the warmth right back into your skin by placing the blanket over both of you. He kisses your shoulder, humming in content to have you back in bed once again. His hand on yours, on your belly, lacing your fingers together. He brings it up for a quick kiss, before cuddling harder.
Sleep won't take over now, so you both talk about things you'd want to do on your day off.
Do you wanna go at that pancake house?
Maybe we can take a walk in the park after?
And shop for some home decore?
Make a day out of it?
“Or...” Steve mumbles, nuzzling into the space between your neck and shoulder, kisses feather-light, a slow drag of his mouth on you. “We never leave and stay in bed all day. We're makin' a day out it, anyway...”
“You lazy bum,” Your tease is accompanied by a giggle when his slight scruff scratches your skin. You turn around to face him, knuckles grazing his cheek, then guiding him for a kiss.
“I don't understand why you're complaining. I think you'll my suggestion better.” He says in between kisses.
“Well, to tell you, a lot of it involves me spending all my love between your legs,” he noses at your own nose, kissing right there, too. “Then for breakfast I'll make you pancakes myself, and we don't need a walk in the park. We have another cardio session right here after... As for home decore? I think this shirt you're wearing will decorate the floor better than your body. Sound good, honey?”
You bite your lip, shaking your head in dismay. It is so easy to love him in the morning. When his guard is down and there's no worry of tomorrow. No weight of the world weighing down on him.
Just him, with his sweet eyes, sweeter on you. Secrets and dirty promises, just for you, made to you.
“Sounds good, Stevie.”
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
Steve sunshine boy Rogers can you like fuck me against a wall or something? Idk just saying 🤚🏻
sunshine boy
Tumblr media
pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
a/n: well, you came for my blood.
warnings: 18+ ONLY, sex, fingering, sunshine boy steve's dirty fucking mouth, poorly edited
Tumblr media
You make him follow you out of the party.
Hips swaying, and smudged smoky eyes stealing a glance over your shoulder as you turn a corner. The living room has lost two people but it's okay, no one noticed that you and lover are gone.
The door of a bedroom shuts close behind him and you're cornering him in a haste, the alcohol running through your veins providing you with even more confidence. His back hits the hard wood, lips desperately on his, sucking and licking. No room for tenderness right now. Not when he looks so fuckable in his tight blue button up, sleeves rolled all the way up his elbows. Those strong forearms and thick veins on display. Gosh, you want him to hold you tight, rough you up.
Who could blame you for being so turned on? You're only a woman?
Your hand goes to his hardening cock, brushing over the dress slacks he wears. Lips attached to his neck, and jaw, tongue licking a long stride up the column of his throat all the way up to his earlobe, biting the soft bit. Breath hot and damp and needy.
“Fuck me, right now.” Comes your heated whisper and he chuckles deeply, head back against the door, large palms on your satin adorned waist. The slip dress you wore, ruby red, glimmering on your body, shows all the curves you've got to show. Your breasts look immaculate, nipples intact and hard underneath. Telling him you skipped the bra tonight. Easier for him to deal with you later on.
He holds your jaw, a pure look of ravage set in those darkening blue eyes. Smudged red lipstick, the blush you wear on your cheekbones, the slightly mascara stained eyes. By God, you're fucking perfect.
In an instant, he has you pressed up against the door. A hand at the nape of your neck, while the other runs down the back until it reaches the hem of your dress. Fingers tickling the sensitive skin of your thighs and you squirm, trapped between the door and his hard body—you're not planning to move away, anyway.
When he teases the seam of your underwear, lacey and satiny, too, he bites your shoulder. Warm lips ghosting up the blade until he reaches your ear and adds a delicious roll of his hips into your ass. Fully hard and straining the fabric of his pants.
And then your golden boy, your sweet, sunshine boy, whispers—
“You want me to fuck you right here? Against this door? When there's people right on the other side of it? You're that desperate for my cock, aren't you? Your sweet little pussy is begging for it, isn't that right? Want me to fill her up? Ruin her? I won't let you clean up after I'm done. Make sure you know what you're asking for, honey. I'll make you walk around the party with my mess dripping down your legs.”
Heat prickles at your skin, palms placed on the door as you push your ass back, rubbing yourself. He grunts, pushes you, squeezes his fingers around your neck, silently commanding you to stay still.
“I'm pretty sure about what I want.” You assure him, “But are you willing to go back out and look everyone in the eye knowing what you did?”
Because no matter how confident Steve is behind closer door, no matter how much of a dirty fucking mouth he has, he still blushes like a prude amongst others.
He gives your ass a harsh squeeze before his hand lands a sharp blow on one of the fleshy globes. Fingers roughly pushing your panties aside, running between your drenched folds, once twice, three times before he's pushing in. Thick fingers, knuckles deep. Only preparing you for what's to come. Because Steve is a man of his words, he will most definitely do what he said.
“Oh, honey, I think, I'll take my chances.”
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fineanddandy · a day ago
Over the Hill
Summary: Breaking up just a few months shy of Chris’ birthday has you guys spending the day going through the motions...but a birthday surprise could turn it all around...
Relationship: Chris Evans x black!reader
Warnings: angst, emo, feeeeelings, emo smut, graphic language, alcohol consumption, “some of that good fuckin” 18+ NO MINORS K?!
A/N: oooooh so you thought this was gonna be a nice story?! For mans birthday?! Nah I’m a rebel. Literally blame my uterus for the emotions lol I didn’t want to go on too long really so that’s why all the jumps. This shouldn’t have taken me ALL DAY to write it but alas...but I digress. Happy 40th birthday Chris!! Fine ass baby!! I dragged you guys through the motions ✨✨🥳🥳🎉🎉
Tumblr media
Clickclickclickclick goes the end of your pen drumming against the edge of your desk, thoughts racing as you stare at the date on your screen. You’d already been crying days leading up to this one, reminiscing about all the trips and dinners and whatnot that used to go down on this day but’s lonely and boring. Your morning routine went without a hitch but now that you’re sitting, determined to focus on writing, all you can focus on is him and his birthday today. How can you focus on your book when every second of birthday sex for the past three years is running through your brain? Starting off the day with his soft groans and ending it with his goofy giggles, you loved to keep him satisfied from the moment he woke up until he passed out from exhaustion. Damn you missed that shit. In your right mind, you should be grateful that you even had the years to celebrate his day with him and hope he’s enjoying a breakfast made by some late night conquest. That’s right, keep it negative. In your left mind though, you really wanted to text him happy birthday and tell him how much you missed him, maybe ask him if he had any plans and if not, maybe he’d want to come over for some cake. You guys haven’t spoken in months though. Today’s monumental, a special birthday and all you wanted was to make him smile and laugh, make his cheeks all rosy when he opens his epic ass gift. Can’t do that shit anymore. You can tell him happy least send a funny birthday gif.
If you were here, he’d be eating french toast or waffles or whatever the fuck he wanted because you’re that kind of girl. You’re the kind of girl who’d do any and everything to make him happy, especially today. Especially that he’s turning 40...but instead he’s eating a pathetic bowl of Cheerios. Heart healthy right? He guesses that’s something he should be worried about now that he’s entering his 40’s. “Over the hill” people once used to call it. Tossing the spoon back down in the bowl, Chris covers his handsome face with a sad groan, dropping his elbows down on the table. He didn’t give a shit about today, not with her gone. Not with everyone going out of their way to call him and check up on him; this break up had been a rough one. Scott already called four times this morning, asking,
“Are you sure you don’t want to do anything today?”
He already reserved last weekend to the family just so he wouldn’t do anything today. Saw some of the boys last night where he had to put on that he still wasn’t all distraught over a girl he dumped months ago. He’s exhausted. He wanted this day to himself weeks ago.
“Yeah I’m sure Scott. Thanks though.”
He’s just going to end up calling him several more times throughout the day. Leaving his phone upstairs in his bedroom Chris just wanted a few hours without someone trying to convince him that he’s going to be fine. He knows that, hell, he’s made it this far without her. Yeah so he’ll be fine. Nothing a few drinks at his favorite bar couldn’t handle. Drown his thoughts of you smiling at him, wishing him a happy birthday, the glow of the candles illuminating your golden chestnut face. Kissing your plush lips after he’s blown out the candles.
Just get this day over with already...
Sure, maybe this was his bar, but it was your bar first so you felt more inclined to come here and drink. Besides you had abandoned it for too long now, so it was time for you to come back and drink your feelings proper. Your best friend begged to keep you company after she dragged you out to get your nails done, working to keep your mind off Chris but you told her you’d see her later. You’d rather be alone. Hopefully run into him alone. She knew that was your ammo. At least you went most of the day not texting him. That counts as something right? So yeah, if you want to “conveniently bump” into Chris at the bar you guys frequent, then you can do that. No one can judge you for that. Resting your cheek in the palm of your hand, pouting, you spin your glass around on the table and wait. Last time you guys were here, he was telling you this outlandish story about him and Mackie. You can’t help but giggle to yourself recounting the night, how animated Chris was telling you everything that happened. The ice in your glass cracking and dissolving as you continue to mindlessly spin it around, daydreaming about him getting silly over beers that you don’t even notice Chris solemnly shuffling inside. Tripping over his feet when he sees you sitting all alone there lost in your thoughts with a grin on your face.
What could she be thinking about...
It’s like the sound fades out when he sees you there lost in all your thoughts about him. He hasn’t seen you since he broke your heart and somehow you look damn beautiful, like your world hasn’t been blown to pieces. Should he go sit with you or would that be too much? Quite frankly, spending five awkward minutes with you would make his shitty day a little better. Seeing you is even making his spirits lighter, considering all the emotional pain you guys have been dealing with. Fuck it. Never taking his eyes off you, Chris motions to the bartender for his usual as his fretful steps carry him over to your table. He’ll take whatever he can get.
The waiter sits down two glasses on the table, snatching your attention back to the present with a quizzitive brow, but before you can even fix your mouth to correct the problem, you hear Chris’ sweet tender voice mention,
“So that’s where my favorite flannel went...”
Pulling an old rutty chair out across from you he takes a seat. Both hearts racing as you guys stare at each other, unsure of how to feel. Those are the first words you’ve heard spoken since he said goodbye. Yeah, you had his flannel in hiding way before the event went down. You don’t know why you put it on today; a part of you couldn’t resist and besides, somehow, it still smells like him. You shrug uncomfortably with a dismissive shake of your head.
“Looks better on me anyway.” Pulling the sleeves down over your hands, you smirk down at the soft fabric. That’s what he told you once anyway. His flannel feels cozy on your skin you almost snuggle into it in front of him. None of that. Looking at you over there all anxious and shy, a smiling Chris remembers the first day he saw you walking around in that shirt. Honestly he was only looking for it just based off that memory alone. You could keep it it looks that good on you.
“Can’t disagree with that.”
Uncomfortable silence. Eyes down on the fresh drinks resting in each other’s hands. Well, here he is. Somehow you aren’t trembling just from Chris being this close and there’s still three to four feet of wood between you two. Fuck, he looks good even all sad and shit and that’s infuriating. But it’s okay, Chris definitely thinks the same. So tempted to brush the edge of his thumb under your tired eyes, tenderly kiss the exhaustion away. Fleeting awkward glances, neither one of you knew what else to say other than the truth: I hate this day, this life without you.
“Your nails look good.” It’s all Chris can come up with. But the compliment gives him your full attention with a genuine smile.
“Thanks. Kell dragged me out today.” You hold your hand out to admire the work.
“Yeah Scott’s been harassing me all day.”
Frowning, you drop your hand back down. “You didn’t see him today?”
Chris shrugs taking a drink. “I celebrated already...”
“’ve done nothing all day?”
That further breaks your already shattered heart. He was that fucked up that he didn’t even want to see Scott? That’s absolutely wild to you. It’s the big 4-0, he should have at least spent the day with his brother. Chris tosses the rest of his drink back with a tired sigh, prepares to grab the bartenders attention but stops and turns to look back at you with sincerity.
“Can you sit and drink with me? We don’t have to talk about shit but...I’d really appreciate your company tonight...even if it’s just for like an hour...”
Those dazzling baby blues beg for you to say yes. It is his birthday and
Can’t say no to that... probably should have because...currently, you and Chris are going at it by his car. Couldn’t even make it to the backseat before he greedily inhales your lips on the verge of saying goodnight. Your “run in” went on two hours too long...four more rounds too long. Next thing you knew, the words “do you wanna come over?” were tumbling from your tipsy lips. And now your tipsy lips are locked in with his lush pink ones, his weight bumping you into his car door as you guys kiss like there’s no tomorrow. Starving for one another for months, Chris has never tasted better than he does exactly in this moment. Tongues absolutely knotted, smothering one another, hungry growls and needy moans connect at slobbering lips. Leaning your head back, Chris eats up your fragile whimpers, his big warm hands cradling your jawline. Thumbnails brushing the wet corners of your lips. Your almond nails fisting and yanking on the neck of his shirt. You could kiss him like this forever and ever. It’s never felt like this so raw, so emotional. If you guys don’t get in his car soon, you’re going to fuck him on this filthy ass parking lot.
You guys ended up back at his...which is fine, whatever. That’s what you keep repeating to yourself as articles of clothing go flying between clumsy wet smacks and stumbles up the stairs to his room. Every layer of skin inflamed the second naked bodies make impact in his bedroom. Chris slamming the door close behind him, holding on by the small of your back as you guys stumble to the floor. Still kissing. No fuckin care in the world. The only need is one another.
“Shit,” Chris hisses, resting his forehead on yours, shoving a frantic hand down between your thighs, “I’m a fucking idiot...”
Your hips jump off the floor with a loud gasp. Chris slides two fat fingers, his middle and his ring, deep inside your throbbing walls while peppering your awed face with sweet pecks. Why did he let you go? He doesn’t have a clue with his fingers drenched with your tangy wetness.
“” you barely whisper, legs slowly squirming under you as he starts to pump your sopping wet pussy. “No Chris it’’s me...” you fight your whimpers to argue back. If anything you should fought harder...shouldn’t have let him find a cop out. Chris’ cock is bobbing so it’s kicking against your thigh. Just feeling its weight has your pussy running like a leaky faucet. He can’t help but groan out as he feels you oozing down into the palm of his hand. He loves that he can still make you this fuckin wet. A drop of his precum drips collect on your inner thigh.
“I shouldn’t have left like that.” He grazes his teeth down the slope of your throat, the very tip of his tongue dragging over the tingling trail. “Shouldn’t have hurt you like that. I’m sorry honey...”
No he shouldn’t have but who gives a shit. Not when he’s taking his time digging around in your pussy like this, making her weep like this with just his goddamn fingers—fuck—you need him to show how sorry he is for dumping you. You snatch Chris by his scruffy chin and bring him up from your nipple that he has tongue wrapped around.
“Fuckin prove it,” you firmly mumble at his parted lips before licking them, “Fuck me like you mean it.”
A lusty yelp explodes from your lungs as Chris spears his veiny fat cock inside your folds with ease, jerking you up the floor. Your pussy throbs and aches around his girth suddenly reminded how big he felt inside of you all over again.
“I can apologize to you all night,” he whispers in your then gently groans, hastily pounding into your squiring hole. “Is that what you want?”
His voice so raspy and resonant, you arch closer to his sweaty muscular torso, draping a lazy arm over his upper back. It’s all you’ve wanted for days. Chris loves to drive you so crazy with his rooted strokes, perfectly calculated to fondle your sweet spot. He knows your body like the back of his hairy veiny hand groping your tits. This moment is something you’ve always silently hoped for.
“God yes!” You cry out as he pinches your nipple, slamming a fist down into the carpet. “Fuck!”
As he grinds and rolls his hips between your spread limbs, Chris huffs and moans his apologies in your ear. Your chorus of angelic praises and yes’s combined with your wetness drowning out his cock has him trembling in your weak arms. Dying to hold out. Aggressively shuddering with each orgasm that quakes throughout your body. By the third one Chris can’t hold on any longer and finally dowses your stomach and tits with his burning hot load, genuinely surprised by how much is pooling on your heaving stomach. Vision dumb blurry you can barely see Chris get up and go to his bathroom to grab a towel to help with clean up.
“Don’t go to sleep yet. It’s still my birthday.” He laughs lightly as he wipes you down. You’re so spent you don’t even notice that you’re going in and out. Think he more than proved how sorry he was for everything. Wiping away sweat and tears from your eyes you take a few more deep breath before attempting to sit up. Your head so woozy. Standing, Chris pulls you into his perfect body with a warm loving smile and holds you there for a bit before you crawl back into a familiar space: in between his sheets in his toned arms. You assume this means y’all are back together but then again, you didn’t want to worry about that right now. There’s still an hour or so left of his birthday and he’s already snuggling close, giggling and smirking against the edge of your ear.
“You know, you don’t fuck like a man that’s 40.”
His roar of a goof laugh fills his bedroom as you laugh quietly to yourself. You couldn’t resist a jab you’re so blissfully happy.
“Thanks I guess.” He muses, squeezing your sides once he’s done with his laughing fit. No, right now, just enjoy being this close again on his day...just like y’all remember. Then you remember you haven’t even told him,
“Happy birthday old man.”
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the-iceni-bitch · a day ago
So yeah, I spun the wheels!!!
I got:
Kinks- exhibitionism and bondage
Character- Andy Barber
Prompts- “so help me god” and “if you don’t like my teasing then why are you moaning?”
I love your work so so so so so much.
Also.. if it isn’t too much to ask, I know Andy Barber like exudes Dom energy, but I love dominant readers….. you don’t have to though. ❤️❤️
Btw I don’t know if I picked too many so just choose whichever you feel most like writing.
Babe, you know we stan dom readers here!! And I would absolutely love to top our lawyer husband, c'mon son!
Sweet floofy boy toy smut (teasing, sub professor Andy, soft!dom reader, public sex, pool sex, unprotected vaginal sex, kept the bondage kinda light since they're in public and it's on the fly, public nudity, this is my established Andy couple (bar owner reader and professor Barber)) No minors!!!
Tumblr media
Andy had been giving you that look all night.
He was immensely grateful you had agreed to come to this thing. What kind of professional adults threw a pool party? Especially university faculty. And if he had to come to this thing on his own he would have left after a couple hours.
But you had agreed to join him, because you couldn't stand the thought of your soft boyfriend having to suffer through social niceties with the bores he worked with.
When he saw you in that fucking bikini though, he almost lost it. There was nothing special about it, it was just like any other bikini he'd ever seen on a million other women. But it wasn't on other women, it was on you, and that made him want to shove it aside so you could ride him until you were screaming his name.
So he spent almost the entire party trying to get you to go back home with him so he could touch you however he wanted.
You thought it was hilarious. It's not like it was any easier for you. Every time you got a peek at those tattoos that usually no one except you got to see you felt a tiny pang in your core. But you could actually control yourself like a grown up, even with your sweet man following your around and whispering filthy things in your ear.
What he couldn't handle was when you finally jumped in the pool. The sight of you soaking wet, rivulets of cool water dripping down your tempting curves that he just wanted to trace with his tongue, after hours of you denying him, turned him into a hard, grumpy mess who had to sit in an abandoned corner of the pool while he growled at his aching cock.
"What's going on, baby?" You teased, swimming up to him slowly and grinning at the cranky pout he gave you.
"What's going on is I'm sick of watching you prance around in that fucking bikini like a damn tease." Oh, he must have been hard for a while, he usually didn't get this pissy unless he was really frustrated.
"Aww, have I been teasing you baby?" You gave him a mocking pout as you cooed at him, wrapping your body around his and grinding until a desperate sound escaped from his throat. "If you don't like my teasing then why are you moaning?"
"Y/N, fuck." He dug his fingers into your waist as his hips bucked into you, trying to catch your lips with his and whining when you pulled away from him. "If you don't quit being a brat right now, so help me god..."
"I'm the brat?" You gripped his jaw hard and forced his gaze to yours. "You invited me to this damn party then spent the whole night whining and begging. I thought we were here so you could have a nice time socializing with your coworkers and maybe get a little tipsy, not sneak away for you to get your dick wet whenever you felt a little needy."
This was new. As far as dominant and submissive dynamics went in your relationship, they weren’t really a thing, though a lot of the time you’d let Andy take the reins just because it was easier. But the way you were digging your fingers into his cheeks and glaring at him were making him feel some kind of way.
“I’m...sorry?” The brush of your lips over his cheekbone made him just want to please you, but he wasn’t sure how.
“Try making that a statement, Andrew.” You dragged your nails over his shoulders and nipped softly at his lips as he melted underneath you.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He tilted his head back so he could drink in your kiss, groaning against your lips as you wound your fingers through his hair.
“Good boy.” You grinned wickedly at him as you rested your forehead against his. “You’re lucky you’re so cute, makes it awful hard to stay mad at you. Put your hands behind your back.”
“What?” He blinked owlishly up at you as he tried to consider what you were saying, that kiss had made his brain all fuzzy.
“Hands behind your back, Andy. You are shit at following instructions.” You shook your head softly as you moved your hands between the two of you. “We’re gonna need to work on that.”
“Fuck, baby.” His head whipped to make sure no one was watching when you untied your bikini bottoms and waved them in front of his face. “We’re doing this here?”
“You don’t get to complain after all the fucking whining you were doing all night.” You bent over him and tugged at his lips with your teeth, dragging his hands behind his back and binding them with your swimsuit. “Hope you can be quiet, pretty boy.”
He let out a low moan when you drew his trunks down and wrapped your hands around his cock, shifting until he was lined up and sinking down on him in one swift motion. You could tell how worked up he was from the way he was trying to drive into you, his wrists straining against the restraints that you had apparently tied in some sort of magic knot that wasn’t loosening no matter how hard he tugged at it.
“Baby, c’mon.” You were loving how needy he was, framing his face in your hands as you ground against him. “I just wanna touch you.”
“Quit whining.” You snapped, gripping his hair painfully and yanking his face away from yours as you scowled at him. “You’re lucky I’m gonna let you come at all, sweet boy. Don’t piss me off.”
The scrape of your teeth over his cheekbone had him keening, forcing you to shove your fingers in his mouth to muffle the sounds he was making. Drool started leaking from the corners of his lips when he whined around your hand, the pleading look in his eyes making you clench around him with a deep moan.
Your hips started moving faster when you felt your pleasure gathering, his body arching into your movements as he begged you wordlessly for more. That look of pure, wanton need on his face was something you could really get used to.
Warmth started spreading from your core fast and you ripped your your fingers out of his mouth so you could press your lips to his, moaning against him when the coil snapped and your body went rigid. Andy almost collapsed at the feel of your soft walls fluttering around him, growling into your mouth as his hips jerked and he filled you thick, sticky ropes of his cum.
“Jesus Christ.” He panted into your open mouth while the two of you came down, wrapping his arms around you once you undid his restraints and tried to put your bottoms back on. “That was new.”
“Yeah.” You bit your lip as you grinned at him. “Good for you?”
“Very good.” He swallowed thickly as you unwrapped yourself from him. “Where did you learn to tie knots like that?”
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cloudystevie · a day ago
˗ˏˋ 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞, 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐬; 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐦𝐞 ˎˊ˗
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 ↬ 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦! 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 ↬ 𝟏,𝟔𝟐𝟔
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ↬ 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬, 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐣𝐨𝐛𝐬, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐬.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ↬ 𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱, 𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤, 𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐦 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐟 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐞.
𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐬 ↬ 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬 + 𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐱 + 𝐟𝐚𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 ↬ 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐲 𝐛𝐛𝐲 @fairyevans 𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨’𝐬 𝟏𝐤 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞! 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐛𝐚𝐞!!! 𝐢 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐞𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐮𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐮𝐳 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐭!!! 𝐢 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐤𝐚𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐨 𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞? 𝐢 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐟𝐞𝐥𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲! <𝟑
𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞. 𝟏𝟖+ 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭. 𝐨𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐦𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tumblr media
i couldnt find the gif credits on pinterest so if anyone knows please let me know so i can edit it
“Ready sweetheart?” Chris asks from the edge of the bed, where he had his fully erect cock in his hand, lazily jerking himself off and the rest of his body bare and on display, making your cheeks warm up and legs press together in an attempt to satiate the steadily growing need inside of you. He smirks at the shy nod you give him. Thick finger hovering over and now pressing the red dot as he waits for it to begin recording. When it does he’s already on top of you, running a finger up and down your cheek in a soothing motion as he speaks just for you, not for the camera, not for anyone else. Just you and him.
“No one else is ever gonna see this okay baby? Just me and you. Pretend the camera isn’t even there if it helps okay?” He whispers and you nod with a shy smile, through all your apprehension you really were excited to do this, you just weren’t as camera oriented as he was. He reciprocates your smile and you thread your fingers through his cropped hair and pull him down for a slow, languid, passionate kiss. He slips his tongue into your mouth as you two continue to lose yourselves in the press of one another.
You hook your leg around his hip and he assumes it’s just to pull him closer, but you use the leverage to flip you two over smoothly and he makes a noise of surprise while you giggle, usually Chris enjoyed being on top, it reminded you who was in control and he was definitely more of a giver than a receiver, and with your submissive tendencies that never proved to be a problem for you.
But it was his birthday, and you were making a tape that he could watch when he was halfway across the world with a hand on his cock wishing it was your pussy or mouth, having video of this exact moment. And well, you had to make it special.
You continue to giggle as he looks at you in surprise, his cheeks flushing red at the sight of you on top of him, dressed up in your newly purchased red lingerie set. You never failed to take his breath away. Leaning over your shoulder once to locate the camera you swiftly grab it and push into Chris’ hold. Leaning up his body to whisper into his ear, “I want you to film me while I suck your cock, please daddy?” And biting his earlobe seductively as he shudders, “you little fucking minx, you’re gonna be the death of me you know that?” He gravels, Boston accent slurring through his words and always becoming more prominent when he was aroused.
You kiss down his neck, nipping at his pulse point and revelling in the way his chest hitches, then sliding your hands with a feather light, teasing touch up and down his chest and torso. Lips painted glossy and sparkly sucking down his neck and chest, and Chris is so aroused he can barely hold the camera straight, you look up at him through your lashes, with a smile on your face and he groans as you stick your tongue out and lick down his stomach, now looking straight in the camera and winking for when he watches it in the future.
Your tongue teases down his defined v-line, pressing small kisses there and finally coming face to face with his rock hard cock, even more erect than it was before if that was even possible. Your eyes marvel at his size even if you had gone down on him countless amounts of times since the beginning of your relationship, mouth watering and dying to have him inside of you but you needed to practice more self control, you wanted to drag this out how he did for you on your birthdays.
“C’mon sweetheart, don’t tease me or you’ll regret it.” He tries weakly, but you know he’s already desperate to have any sort of relief on him, “but isn’t that the best part daddy?” As he opens his mouth with a retort you lick the pre-cun dribbling from his cock, moaning at the taste of him and the sensations combined send Chris’ mind into a flurry. You smirk at his reaction and wrap your lips around the head of his dick, tongue swirling around and hands cupping his balls now just loosely and his hands falter, your mouth warm and wet but still not enough how he needed and he knew you knew that.
“Honey please, don’t make me spank your c-” his words slip into a broken moan as you down as much of him as you can, drool leaking around your lips already and he uncontrollably bucks his hips up into your mouth. You pull away with a tut and he groans at the loss of you, “you can’t fuck my face yet daddy you need to wait or I’ll stop.” You taunt and he growls, you know he’s gonna make you regret all of this teasing later and you look forward to it, but for now he’s too needy so he complies, head falling back against the pillow with a groan as he looks through the phone screen, how pretty and dirty you were, just for him.
You make a pleased hum and go down on him again, wrapping your lips around his head slowly, tongue licking his head once again and then licking the veins running up his dick. You pull away completely again, spitting onto his dick and he moans just at that, at how filthy you were and you smile, before taking as much of down your throat as you could eliciting the most beautiful broken moan from Chris that you imprint in your mind forever: The sounds of you taking his dick down your throat are downright debauched and it only adds to how aroused you both feel.
You look up at him through your slightly crumpled lashes now, to study his face. The way his long eyelashes flutter against his cheek bone, face pinched together in pure pleasure, courtesy of you. You smile around his dick and then swallow your gag reflex as much as you could before taking all of his length down your throat, lips pressing against the dusting of hair at his base as you let him fuck up into your face, his groans and noises of sinful pleasure echoing into the room.
“That’s it, fuck baby such a good girl, such a good toy for daddy.” He groans, fingers tensing around your phone and he thrusts up into your face, the sound making you press your thighs together, sticky and wanting.
You can feel him expanding inside of you, ready to burst at any moment so you continue to let him use you how he wanted, completely mindless as his abs tensed and he was trying to stop himself from clenching his eyes shut because he wanted to see as much of you as he could, live in the moment with the feel of your mouth around him, the sight of your throat bulging enough to make him sputter and let go a little bit and you pull away to cough, immediately sinking back down on him and tears falling freely from your eyes.
“Tell the camera how bad you want daddy’s cum, c’mon princess you can do it.” He commands, biting his lip and exerting all the control he could to not bust his load as soon as your voice garbled around him, he held your face in his free hand, the other one still steady recording as he caressed your tears away with a gentle thumb, patting his hand over your forehead and hairline. “Need to swallow your cum pretty please daddy, I can’t live without it!” You pleaded, words slurring together but Chris knew exactly what you were saying, hence the smirk that painted his face.
Eyes twinkling you pulled the best doe eyes you were capable of, enough to send Chris over the edge as he bucked his hips erratically, moaning your name out on a choked breath followed by a string of curses and you hummed, swallowing all the spend that hit the back of your throat. As he settles down from his high you pull away, coughing and sputtering but looking entirely sex dazed and it made Chris’ cock harden again. The way you looked at him like he was the only one in the world, and in a way he was.
You made sure to keep eye contact with the camera as Chris’ head tipped back, still breathing heavily and you swiped your finger across your mouth and collected all the cum that didn’t make it down your throat (because Chris cums, a lot) and swallow it, Chris looking through the phone screen and groaning, “you dirty little slut.”
That makes you giggle as you pop your lips, leaning over him and tits in the camera as you press your lips to his, “only for you daddy.” Voice sweet and thick like honey, and he feels a string of your wetness fall down onto his abs making him groan. You bite and tug on his bottom lip, squealing when he puts the phone to the side and flips you over, “now that you’ve had your fun, daddy wants his present too, wanna know what I really want for my birthday princess?”
You tilt your head in confusion, though you can only assume it’s exactly what you think it is. “Now you’re gonna film me eating this sweet little cunt and keep the camera still, that way you have something for when I’m gone, got it?”
tagging some friends i hope u guys dont mind 🥺: @saint-bvcky @honeychicana @strawbeariefaerie @babyyhoneyydarling @certainaesthetic @buckyhoney @steebsbabygirl @geniedetails
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𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞, 𝐜.𝐞
a/n: this is probably my favorite chris fic i've written & domestic chris makes my heart flutter & swoon- Happy Birthday Chris <33
based on the song "sweet creature" by harry styles repost/re edit from library account
pairing: domestic!chris evans x reader
reblogs/likes/feedback is greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! However, do NOT steal/repost ANY of my fics!
Warnings: domestic!chris, fluff, ass man chris, doesn’t really have a plot
Word Count: 2k
Tumblr media
Rolling over to reach to cuddle into your boyfriend, but only to be met with a pile of blankets. You huff and open your eyes. There is a vacant spot next to you.
Sitting up, you look around the room. His phone is still plugged into the charger. The blinds are closed, shielding the sun from beaming through the room. Dodger is lying asleep on his bed looking unbothered and content.
The light is on in the bathroom and the door cracked open. You hear the water from the shower running and small movements.
With the knowledge of where he is, you sank back into the mattress- reaching for your phone that's attached to its charger.
The screen read ten-thirty.
He had let you sleep in while he got up at his usual time of six-thirty.
During the time while you were asleep, he took Dodger with him a jog, had a quick breakfast, read through and replied to emails, and now taking a shower.
The water turns off and he grabs a towel off the hook. Lazily, he dries himself off before wrapping it around his hips.
Chris opens the door and is greeted by the sight of you awake. He doesn’t say anything as you are distracted by an article and didn’t even notice him.
His hair is dripping wet and the towel still around his hips when he sits on the edge of the bed.
The feeling of the bed dipping breaks your focus and your eyes flicker past your screen, revealing the muscular man sitting in front of you.
A soft smile appears as he murmurs,
“You’re finally awake,”
You put your phone in your lap and nod gently, still not fully awake. He reaches for your ankle, rubbing it through the blanket.
Chris stands up and makes his way to the dresser, opening it and pulling out a pair of navy-blue briefs. He removes the towel, placing it on the backside of the chair that sat in the corner of the room.
Standing completely bare, your eyes couldn’t help but follow his movements.
Hiding underneath the grey comforter, with only your eyes peeking through, he feels eyes burning right through him. Chris looks over his shoulder, catching your gaze before you sink further into the blanket, covering your face in embarrassment.
Chris chuckles before stepping inside the underwear, covering himself. Then grabbing sweatpants from another drawer- slipping those on before laying next to you.
Blindly reaching for your body, his arms slip underneath the blanket.
You giggle at his frantic hands grasping for your body. The shirt you are wearing is being tugged on in a desperate attempt to bring you closer to him.
Chris takes you in his arms, holding you tightly against his chest. The feeling of his facial hair rubbing on your neck as his lips attack you the skin causing you to squirm- trying to free yourself from his grip.
“Chris!” Breathlessly, you squeal from the sharp pain from your sides from laughing.
He removes his lips relaxing his grip. Turning yourself around to properly face him, you are met with his soft sleepy eyes.
The lights in the room were still off and the only light coming from the small amounts of the sun coming from the sides of the window.
Loosely draping his arm around your hip, Chris plays with the edge of your t-shirt.
“Good morning,” Your voice is barely audible.
“Morning, gorgeous.” His lips press against your forehead.
With readjusting your body, Chris takes the opportunity to wrap his arms around your shoulder. Clinging to the side of his body, Chris is on his back and his arm tracing patterns on your upper arm. While your arm sneaks across his torso.
He releases a deep breath relaxing into the pillow. Today, the both of you planned for nothing but being in each other’s company.
Laying in bed, catching up on movies, cuddling, and have no responsibilities beyond these four walls.
The week had been hectic with deadlines, writing financial reports, and fighting on the phone with investors. Chris’s being packed with meetings, interviews, and rehearsing lines.
The two of you even went to bed at different times and were up before each other. The week was filled with quick interactions. It seemed like weeks since the two of you see each other, despite living in the house.
“What are we doing today?” Chris asks,
“Nothing,” You mumble yawning,
“You just woke up,” You could feel the vibrations from his voice against your ear.
“So?” The words innocently left your lips as Chris chuckled.
Gripping and shaking it, Chris’s hand finds your butt.
You squeal at the sudden contact. Chuckling, he kisses your forehead. Pulling himself off the bed, tearing away your comfort and leaving you, once again, alone in a pile of blankets.
Dodger springing up at the sound of Chris getting out of bed, wagging his tail.
Suddenly the blinds are yanked apart. Lighting up the room making you to hide underneath the comforter groaning. Chris walks over to your side of the bed and kneels beside the bed, lifting the blanket.
“Come on, let’s get you some coffee,” He pecks your shoulder.
Moaning in protest, you manage to pull yourself up now sitting on the edge of the bed. Chris is still kneeling in front of you. His hands-on the sides of your hips.
Cupping the sides of your boyfriend’s cheeks, glancing down and admiring his shirtless body, you sweetly say,
“You’re lucky I love you,” Your face scrunches for a moment before placing your lips on his.
Laughing through the kiss, Chris helps you out of bed. The cold wood floor sent shivers soaring through your body- following Chris to the kitchen. Dodger following not far behind us.
Chris opens the cabinet taking the coffee grounds and placing them on the counter. You grab the mugs off the hooks, setting them next to the machine.
The sound of the coffee grounds pouring into the filter sent a jolt of energy through you.
Dodger followed Chris throughout the kitchen while you sat at the bar stools in front of the island. You stare in awe of the man in front of you.
He never failed to make to you like you were taken care of. Always being of service and wanting to do things for you- not out of obligation, but because he wanted to see you happy.
It didn’t seem to matter how long the two of you were together for, he still acted as if he was still trying to get you.
From random texts throughout the day to the detailed vacations, the thoughtfulness of everything he did for you is the thing you love the most about him.
An episode of New Girl plays softly in the background and the scent of the pumpkin candle fills the room.
Your attention is now on the tv that Chris had forgotten to turn off, while he opens the fridge to see if there was anything that he could make for breakfast. Realizing there is nothing left but a few leftover containers from dinners and a few bags of fruit, he huffs,
“We need groceries.” Moving half-empty containers around, hoping something magically appears.
“We’ll go later,” you quietly say, paying attention to the scene on the tv.
The coffee machine beeping catching both of your attention. Giddy, you hop off the stool. Chris grabs the mug from you and shoos you away to the living room.
You make kissy noises in the direction of Dodger, trying to get him to follow you to the couch.
Chris pours the caffeinated drink in the mugs- making sure to leave some room for the creamer. He finishes the coffees and walks them over to the couch. Your eyes light up at the sight of the mug.
“Are you hungry?” He asks.
You shake your head.
“I’m okay right now, are you?” He shrugs,
“I could go for something small, but we don’t have anything.”
Both of you agree that after the episode (and your coffee) is finished, that you’d go grab food.
Chris covers you with the throw blanket that is laying on the ottoman. Dodger lays with his head on your lap, enabling Chris from holding you.
It seemed like seconds, but your coffee runs out and you place it on the end table next to you. While Chris still works on his.
He loved mornings like this.
Just the two of you, it brought a sense of normalcy. Grounding him.
You felt like home.
Chris felt normal with you and not pressured of being on all the time. You radiated security and peace, something he desperately needed with a job like his.
He loves your stubbornness, not wanting to give an amateur performance. He loves that in your stubbornness, you still knew that not every fight is worth fighting- and which battles were important.
Chris adored your heart and the way it so deeply cared for others.
No matter who they were or how long you’ve known them, you’d be the first one to offer help. Chris loves how loving you’ve been to his family and how you fit so perfectly- and your love for the world around you and how you wanted to make it better.
He never knew he could love someone so effortlessly.
He was so in love with you that the idea of being away from you for too long makes his heart physically ache.
“Food time!” Chris excitedly pats your thigh.
Scooting Dodger’s head off your lap, you get off the couch. Chris takes your cup from your hands, taking them to the sink.
You head to the bedroom with Dodger following close behind.
You made your way into the closet, realizing you had to change out of your sleep shorts and an old high school t-shirt. Not wanting to think about your outfit, you opt for black leggings and a hoodie.
The Boston weather is not offering any warm weather.
Chris comes in shortly after also in a search for a hoodie. He stares shamelessly, as you pull your shirt over your head exposing your bare chest.
He’s admiring as he often says when you catch him staring a little too long.
“I can’t help it, babe! You know how much I love it!” He wraps his arm around your stomach, bringing your back to his chest.
When you are changing into leggings, pants, or shorts, he couldn’t resist smacking or grabbing your butt. Making you jump or attempt to swat his hand away. He’d giggle like a child who just did something naughty.
He had attempted to smack your butt again but before he could, you swatted his hand away.
It’s not that you didn’t like it, it’s that it’d catch you off guard.
Chris sees how cozy you look and starts getting second thoughts on going out to eat.
He couldn’t resist the way the oversized hoodie and leggings make you look so cuddly. Your hair still a little frizzy from sleeping as you hadn’t tended to it yet.
“Maybe we should just order in…” Chris mumbles against your neck.
You turn yourself around to face him. His hair had dried completely and is tossed about. You move some hair, pushing it to the side.
“I’m okay with that,” You hum, focusing on his hair.
Pecking your lips, Chris snakes his hands down to your butt, sneaking in another smack.
“You ass!” You laugh, playfully hitting his shoulder.
Wiggling your way out of his arms, you make your way back to the bed. Chris, still laughing, follows you. He climbs into bed, lying against the headboard.
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Mrs. Drysdale - Siri's 5k Soft Dark Challenge
Tumblr media
a/n: creds to @stargazingfangirl18 for this amazing challenge!! congrats on 5k, and i hope you all love this fun one-shot! this is my first ransom fic, but i'm obsessed with knives out so it was a lot of fun. i was planning on including smut then decided against it, but please let me know if this needs a sequel ;) until then, here's my submission!
also: happy birthday chris evans <3
pairing: dark!ransom drysdale x reader
word count: just over 7.0k (sorry! i promise it's worth it)
warnings: misogyny, mentions of losing family, angst, fluff, heavy blackmail, degradation, obsession, heavy dirty talk, mentions of marriage/pregnancy, forced marriage, language. 18+ only, and i mean it.
prompts used: "come on, just a little taste." + forced/arranged marriage AU + obsession AU + dirty talk
sneak-peek: you owe your life to the drysdale family after the loss of your own family. harlan thrombey offers you the job of a lifetime, but to secure it, you might have to join the family another way: by becoming mrs. ransom drysdale.
all dividers created by the lovely @firefly-graphics :)
The long, narrow pass through a forest of brightly colored leaves. The weathered wood carved elephants at the entrance. The forest green gate to your right that you had snuck in and out of more times than you could count. Fragments of your childhood that would be left there forever. Whether you liked it or not, Harlan’s estate is practically your home, and you are part of the family.
At this time of day, you were usually organizing and restocking the shelves of the small bookstore you work at. Today, however, you had gotten a call in the middle of your shift. Your phone was silenced, except for one number.
“Harlan? What’s going on, are you okay?” He knew you’d be working at this hour on a Saturday. You had told him that the other day when he was scheduling his family dinner party for the evening, but you hadn’t planned on arriving for a few more hours.
You hear a soft chuckle from his end, your anxiety instantly lowering. “Of course, Y/N, you’re not my emergency dispatch. I have a favor to ask of you, could you be up at the house in half an hour? With your belongings, of course, for the weekend.”
You swallow hard, finding an isolated corner of the store to talk to him. “I can try… you know I’m at the book shop, right?”
“It’s just one time, I’m sure a hard worker like you has never needed to leave early before. Let me know if you have any problems, I’m just a call away. 30 minutes, Y/N, I’ll see you then.”
Your manager at the bookstore hardly complained as you were leaving early to help the world-renowned best-seller Harlan Thrombey. 20 minutes later, you found yourself early as you pulled in front of the manor.
The crisp mid-autumn breeze catches you off guard as you step out of your Audi. You had missed living further from the city and near the Thrombeys, but you couldn’t find any apartments close enough or in your price range.
A slam of your car door makes your presence known, and soon enough, you can see Linda Drysdale running to the door. “Y/N!” she exclaims with a smile, opening the door. Harlan’s German shepherds scurry outside with her, running ahead to greet you. You kneel down a bit as they lick your face excitedly, their tails wagging. “I didn’t know you were coming this early, you should have called!” She embraces you in a tight hug, something she wouldn’t usually give to people outside her beloved family.
You smile as you hug her back, placing your chin on her shoulder. “I’m sorry Linda; Harlan called and said he needed to speak with me. I dropped everything to come here, I was even scheduled for another hour,” you sigh.
“You still have that silly little job downtown?” She pulls away from you to look into your eyes. “How many times have I told you that we can take care of you? You don’t have to work another day in your life,” she smiles. Her tone is only slightly condescending, but you know she had good intentions. She treats you as if you were the daughter she’s never had and spoils you like her own.
Ever since the night of the fire, you had lost everything. Your mother wouldn’t let you come to the party on 222 North Avenue, yet invited any adult relative she could think of for a reunion. A candelabra fell off a table into a decoration, or so the firemen told you, eventually causing the mansion to burst into flames. Along with every person inside of it.
You were staying at the Thrombey’s house when you received the news, and a 14-year-old girl suddenly turned into an orphan in seconds. Linda had been your mother’s best friend and made sure you were close to her son Ransom growing up, so when disaster struck, Linda took you under her wing. You became a Thrombey, a Drysdale, a part of their family, and you could never repay them in full for their kindness. It kept you close to the family, living not too far from each of them when you were old enough to move out.
“Is that Y/N? Dinner isn’t until 7, what is she doing here so early?” you hear Richard say from the door, walking through the gravel to see you. He gives you a less intimate hug, one that could be better classified as a glamorous pat on the back, but you don’t expect much from him. That’s his way of showing his love. He takes the bags from your backseat without another word.
“Harlan called her in early to talk,” Linda explains, gently placing her hand on your shoulder. “We should get you inside, Harlan is probably-”
Richard huffs quite loudly, and you peer over at him. “Didn’t Ransom and I warn you a white car wasn’t the best idea? Especially with how you pull forward onto those bumper blockers, you’re tearing up the front end,” he sighs as he inspects your Audi. Another blaring reminder that he bought it for you. However, you smile at the memory of the fight you had with them in the dealership. “Once you get settled in, he and I can paint over this, it’ll look better in no time.
You raise your eyebrows at his words. “So Ransom will be here this weekend? I remember Meg mentioning he had something going on with a few of his college friends,” you paraphrase her words, leaving out the number of times she said the phrase ‘trust fund prick’ in each sentence over FaceTime.
“Oh, he’ll be here. He made sure of it,” Linda starts to say as Richard brings your bags inside. She leads you towards the house. “I told him you’d be staying the weekend, and he cleared his schedule. It seems you have some catching up to do, you two haven’t talked in the longest time.”
Yes, Linda, for a good reason, you think to yourself. Ransom has been your best friend, the only person who truly knew you, for the majority of your life. His family seemed to forget the last ten years when he became the biggest pain your ass had ever seen. It was no wonder you moved the furthest away from him as possible and spent months away from him, at least to you. “W-Wow, that’s nice of him. I thought he’d possibly text me first or something, it’s just a little unexpected,” you explain as you walk through the front door.
“You and he are so alike, it’s like you two are meant to be.”
Before you can protest Linda’s words, Harlan emerges from his study. “Y/N, with five minutes to spare. Punctual as always, come in,” he smiles, beckoning you into the room. “Richard, please put her bags in her room for the weekend.”
You enter Harlan’s magnificent study, your eyes scanning the room to look at all the artifacts of his writing. The memorabilia from his years of experience, and the very things that sparked his creative genius. You notice a new object he hadn’t found a place for quite yet sitting on his desk, and you walk over to it. “An Erlenmeyer flask,” you speak up just as Harlan closes the door, “is this part of your newest murder method?”
Harlan chuckles as he takes a seat, and you sit opposite of him with the flask still in your hands. “Precisely,” he smiles. “Your ideas about a college laboratory were brilliant, and they’re the center of the newest novel.” Beaming with pride, he holds up a dark violet-colored book. “I’m unveiling it tonight at the company anniversary dinner. I expect you to be standing right beside me when I do, as I’ve made sure to credit you inside. Most of the ideas in here were yours, those fantastic ideas that formed an entire plot. All those visits paid off, and I really do appreciate your help.”
You’re breathless. Credit in a Harlan Thrombey novel, even on the back cover, would change your life forever. “Harlan… you can’t be serious. That plot was completely made up by you, I just helped you brainstorm…”
“When have I ever not been serious with you, Y/N? I’ll show you the details later, but first… I have to show you what I brought you in here for.” He shuffles around some papers on his desk before his eyes settle back on you. “You have more talent and potential than you think, and as much as I’m happy you’re working hard, I don’t think being a bookstore clerk is fulfilling your full potential. That’s why I want you to work for me.”
Again, utterly breathless. It had been your dream to work for his publishing company, to eventually start your own company, and to write your own stories. You had looked up to him so much in your youth, and somehow that little girl’s dream is coming true. It seems almost too good to be true. “A-Are you sure? I live 30 minutes away in the city, well, 20 if I’m speeding, and you know I don’t have experience in any of this. Which department would you even hire me to?
Harlan cracks a smile, taking a pen and starting to write on the sheet of paper. “You have plenty of experience. I’ve trained you in creative writing and publishing, and you can learn anything you haven’t learned yet from the big boss himself,” he smiles, pointing to his chest. “You can work anywhere you’d like… publishing, finances, media and entertainment, you can even continue brainstorming for me… I just don’t want you to sell yourself short of what you’re worth.”
“Why are you doing all this for me?” you ask suddenly, overwhelmed with the bombs he’s dropped in the past five minutes. “I don’t mean to sound rude or ungrateful at all, but the only other people you’ve handed jobs to are your own kids. I’m not your family, I-I’m not even blood-related… Why am I so high on your priorities list?”
“Who told you that you weren’t family?” he counters instantly, raising his eyebrows. “You’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where you are. You lost everything in an instant, your blood-related family, your parents’ life savings… but we’re your new family.” A tear threatens to escape as you look at Harlan. “I see you as my own granddaughter, tenacious and ambitious. I’ve handed every single person in this household their lives on a silver platter, besides you, and you seem to be doing the best overall. You were willing to work hard, to put in the effort, to be successful. You deserve a break, and I’d like someone like you on my team.”
You sigh, a smile creeping onto your face. How could you say no to that? “Harlan, you know I’ve wanted to work for you since I was young, but I do live very far away. I don’t really want to move to Boston to work in publishing, and it’s still a long drive to get here every day. I don’t know if it will work.”
“Nonsense!” he declares, starting to write more on the sheet. You can now tell that it's an information sheet for his company, no doubt for legal purposes, but he knows you so well that he’s able to fill it out on his own. “You can always stay in one of the guest rooms here… no, stay with Ransom just down the road! I don’t understand why you haven’t just moved in with him yet, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have you live with him.”
You furrow your eyebrows a bit, confused at his choice of words. Linda was talking with the same tone… what was Ransom up to? “Why exactly are you surprised I haven’t moved in with him yet?” you ask, your hands gripping the ends of the armrests.
“I’ve never seen him so happy before,” he barely attempts to answer your question, though his response is more than sufficient. “His eyes light up when he talks about you, you know, and he dropped everything to be here. It’s a wonder that you two haven’t seen each other in so long and still are together. It was written in the stars,” Harlan smiles, looking at you.
There it is. You had wondered why it sounded like Ransom had dropped everything to be at the party for you… because that’s what he’s doing. After years of being denied and rejected by you, he simply decided to lie to his entire family. There was something in his one-track brain that kept him obsessed with you, never accepting ‘no’ as an answer. Each time you stopped him, you became more of a challenge; now, he’s finishing what he started. “Well then, that's a good idea! Moving in with Ransom,” you fake a smile, worried that he would see through your lie. He knows you very well. But how could Ransom lie so well to his entire family without you even knowing? You needed to talk to him before the situation escalated.
“I’ll finalize your paperwork tomorrow, and I advise you to send in your two weeks’ notice first thing tomorrow morning at that bookstore. For now, get settled in, and we can tell Ransom the good news later tonight.”
You nod, holding back any bit of sarcasm left in your voice. “Will do, I’ll see you in a little bit,” you smile as you get up out of your chair on your way out, you turn around to face Harlan. Your hand grips the door already. “Thank you. Thank you so much, for everything, I won’t let you down,” you promise him.
He smiles back from the desk. “Don’t worry about that, Y/N. You could never let me down.”
Tumblr media
You could never let me down. The words reverberate through your mind. They’re true in some sense; professionally, you could never let Harlan down. You love to write and brainstorm with him, and the two of you would make an amazing team. You could, however, let him down in other ways. You could break his grandson’s heart, or at least that’s the story Ransom would tell. How did you even get into this mess?
“You okay, Y/N? You’re getting lost in your own thoughts, I can tell.”
You smile up at Meg as she takes a seat next to you in the small room just off the foyer. “I’m alright, just a lot going on over here. Did you hear the lie that Ranson’s been spinning?”
She laughs, nodding and sitting back a little. “You’re just hearing about that? You really have been away for a while, he started telling us a few months ago. According to him, you two have been on countless dates, and there’s talk of an engagement.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you gasp, putting your head in your hands. “We haven’t gone on any, besides that fake one we went on in high school to get Trevor Stevens jealous of me. I’ve been trying to find someone in the city this whole time, I’m not with Ransom at all.”
“I know,” she cracks a smile, and you smile back a little. “I know you’d never date Ransom, much less marry him… but his lie has convinced the entire family. It’s gonna be hard convincing them otherwise, and you might just have to tolerate him for the weekend.” She notices your smile fade, taking one of your hands. “C’mon, let’s just enjoy this time without him. We can hang in my room for a little while.”
It was times like this when you reminded yourself why Meg was your favorite.
She takes you to the room she’s staying in with Joni, whose face lights up the second she sees you. “Y/N! Congrats on making it official, I always knew you and Ransom would end up together. Even before Meg was around, you two were attached at the hip. I’m just surprised he hasn’t put a ring on it yet,” she gestures to your bare ring finger, and you flash a small smile at her.
“Thanks, Joni, it’s only a matter of time,” you can’t stop lying to her, afraid of what everyone would think if you told the truth. They wouldn’t believe you; Ransom had gone too far into the lie.
“Of course. I’ll be in the study if you need me. Harlan needed to speak with me about the yearly allowance for a little while, but it should only be for a little while,” Joni smiles, getting up from her guest bed that she had been sitting on as she goes to the door.
“Bye, Mom,” Meg calls out as the door closes, and she looks right back at you. “You’re gonna let him get away with this, are you serious? He has you right where he wants you now, you need to fight back!”
“Meg!” you start to raise your voice, sitting on Joni’s bed. “What can I do? The entire family has thought we’ve been a couple for months now apparently, and I’ve already lied to enough people in the family. Linda, Richard, your mom, Harlan… Harlan’s offering me the job of a lifetime, a creative writer for his company. I’ve always wanted to work for him, and he’s giving me the opportunity… I can see him taking away the offer if I don’t go through with this.”
She shakes her head in disbelief, seeing the defeat in your eyes. “No, they wouldn’t do that. Harlan knows you. Everyone knows how controlling Ransom can be, especially when it comes to you. You shouldn’t have to lie, you’re family…”
“But I’m not, Meg. I’m not a Thrombey, and you know it. They’re going to take Ransom’s word over mine, and I don’t really want to lose the only family I have left. Maybe I just need to become a Drysdale…”
“Absolutely not,” Meg rolls her eyes. “You are not giving up. You’re talking to Ransom, and he’s going to fix all of this-”
Suddenly there’s a knock on the bedroom door, and Joni’s smiling face peeks through. “Ladies, we have a visitor!” She winks at you, gesturing for you to step outside.
You grimace as you can already hear his deep voice from the hall. “Well, mother, I would have been here sooner if the gardener could have arrived on time. Apparently, in his language, ‘noon’ means ‘five o’clock.’ And I’m not leaving him alone with the gate unlocked, no way in hell.”
Meg leads the way as she steps out of the bedroom, grabbing your hand to pull you with her. “Well maybe if you got a job and had some extra funds, you could hire a halfway decent gardener as Harlan has. Did you see his garden outback? He hasn’t lifted a single finger, I can’t believe-”
“Y/N.” You look up to see Ransom staring right at you, your name sounding like a growl as it comes out. He seems to ignore Linda completely as he walks over to you. Meg’s grip on your hand tightens. “Baby, it’s been too long. I’ve missed you so much.”
You can see the smirk on his face as he looks into your eyes. His own little victory, you think to yourself as he opens his arms, and you reluctantly release yourself from Meg’s restraint. Moving against his chest, you can smell the expensive cologne he would always wear engulfing you, overwhelming your senses. “I’ve missed you too,” you lie right through your teeth. You used to love this man, your best friend in the entire world. Right now, it feels like he wants to control that world, and you know that your cocky best friend is gone.
He reluctantly pulls away, shooting a glare of daggers at Meg. “Why don’t we head somewhere private,” he suggests, looking down at you with a wink, “to talk.”
Before you can say another word, he’s leading you up the steps. “Second door on your right,” Richard calls to him, and once the two of you are in the hall and out of view, he’s pulling you along behind him. Pushing open the door, he practically shoves you into the guest bedroom before closing the door behind him.
“Hugh,” you mutter, using the name you know he hates as the door clicks shut, “what the hell did you do? Why is everyone convinced that we’re together?” You eye the bags Richard brought in for you on the bed, right next to the ones Ransom brought for the weekend. Perfect, you think to yourself, wishing you could just walk out the door.
He chuckles darkly, raising his eyebrows. “Really? When did you turn into the help? You know how much I fucking hate it when you call me that, of all people. Don’t take that tone with me.”
You roll your eyes, staring him down. “I’m serious. Why did you tell everyone that I’m your girlfriend? I would never date someone like you.”
“Don’t lie to me, Y/N. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it too,” he starts to smile, moving towards you. “My lips back on yours, this beautiful body beneath me.”
“No,” you breathe out, almost as if you’re reminding yourself. It’s true; you had a desperate crush when you lived with him. He’d been your first kiss, your second one, possibly your third or fourth… depending on how drunk you had gotten on prom night. Even knowing he was a player and would break your heart, he somehow still owned it. After all these years, he still had a firm grip on you. He didn’t need to know that if he didn’t already. Thoughts come flooding back to you of the time you spent thinking of him, gradually heating your core.
You spin around away from him, but you suddenly feel Ransom pressed against your back. His hands grip your waist, pulling you flush against him before they snake up your body and follow your curves. “Yes,” he growls. “I know you’ve dreamed of how I would feel inside you, especially after you walked in on me after the pool party during our junior year. I was just across the hall, waiting for you patiently. Thinkin’ about that tight little cunt, how it’d squeeze me so tight. Come on, just a little taste.” he whispers darkly, pressing kisses along your neck.
You can feel him kissing in one spot for a bit too long, and before you can stop him, he latches on with his teeth. You push away from him, but his strong arm has already snaked around your waist. “Ransom,” you attempt to yell at him, but it comes out as a desperate whimper. Your body already defying you, you keep trying to pull away.
“That’s it, baby, give into that feeling. You’re mine, you’ve always been mine.” You look down to see his hand around your waist loosening to snake down further. Taking the chance, you finally pull away from him, turning to glare at him. “Playin’ hard to get, are we?”
“Just drop it, okay?” you almost yell at him, your face flushed red from how much he was riling you up. Meg was right; he had you right where he wanted you. He was having an effect on you, and his smirk didn’t dissolve. “You need to give up on this stupid fantasy of yours, I’ve moved on. I have my own life in the city now, my own apartment, my own job, and -”
“What, you’d like to work in a fucking bookstore for the rest of your life?” Ransom looks very angry now, and you hadn’t seen him this angry in a long time. “Moving half an hour away from me, distancing yourself from me won’t keep you from me. You think you can go from living off our scraps to suddenly being on your own? You don’t belong down there, you deserve so much more… but you know that already, don’t you?”
Your eyes narrow as you watch him move closer. “What are you getting at, Hugh-”
“You know goddamn well that’s not my name,” he seethes, looking you dead in the eyes. His face is just inches from yours, but you stand your ground. “Don’t play dumb with me, sweetheart; Harlan told me about the deal he’s making with you. His own personal helper around here, it’s all he ever talks about, you know. He told me about it first, in fact; he asked if you could stay with your loving boyfriend just down the street while you worked for him.” He smirks, firmly gripping your chin so you can look into his eyes. “It’d be a shame if he found out you’re turning down his favorite grandson. He definitely wouldn’t hire you then, and I know just how much you’ve been wanting your ‘big break.’”
You glare at him, partly speechless. He simply confirms your suspicions of his plan; he holds your future in his strong hands, and you knew he wouldn’t let go of it for the world. You start to use Meg’s logic, hoping it would hold up against the furious man in front of you. “I’m a part of this family too, after everything they’ve given me… Harlan’s like my grandfather, he wouldn’t cut me off like that…”
“Oh, but he would,” Ransom smiles back, not missing a beat. “You’re not truly a Thrombey, just a little desperate orphan girl. You’re lucky my mom pities you so much, and even she agrees with me. We gave you everything; a roof over your head, a room across from mine, food on the table, a fucking car, a childhood… and you can’t even sacrifice your hand in marriage. Pathetic, in my opinion. I can take that all away.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Baby, you know I would. You know what I’m capable of.” He leans with his arm against the wall behind you, and you back up until you hit the wall. “For starters, I could show the family this dating profile you created while you were living it up in the city. After we started dating,” he smiles.
You glare at him as he pulls out his phone. “There’s nothing on there worth looking into, that thing got me only two dates… one of them ghosted me, and the other one called me a whore.” The word stings in your throat, but Ransom smiles at your response.
“Did you ever find out why you’ve been out of luck with these guys?” His face moves closer to yours, his breath fanning over your face. “Didn’t you link your Facebook account to your profile? I’d check that if I were you.”
His lips brush against your cheek as you reach into your pocket, pulling out your own phone. You unlock it and click on the Facebook app, sighing as his lips trail down lower. They find their place back on your neck, biting another dark hickey into your skin. “Fuck, Ransom, stop that!” you try to push him off, but he only bites harder. Figuring it would make a mark no matter what, you move your hands back to check your profile. You have to view your account as a guest, as the login isn’t working. Along the top of your profile shows a status that you never thought you would ever see.
In a relationship with Ransom Drysdale.
He can see your face fall, but it only makes him smile wider. “A beautiful sight, isn’t it? You’ve been so busy with working at that little book shop with no time for social media, but don’t you worry… I took that over. Why don’t you see just how active you’ve been on there?”
Ransom shows you his phone screen, though his grip on it is strong enough to keep it in his hand. You scroll through and gaze at the timeline; he posted every day for the past three months.
Pictures of you and him going to the movies or going for coffee years ago were captioned ‘first official date’ and ‘special night out with my love!’ Throughout the past couple of months, he posted throwback photos of the two of you, from the homecoming court to football games to late-night swims in the Drysdales’ pool to the day you moved out. Each was captioned with something sappy about him, followed by, ‘miss you!’ or ‘can’t wait to see you again!’ Clearly, he had thought this through.
He even sprinkled in pictures without him, a few with your friend from the bookshop, and more with your college friends when you went out for drinks or for brunch. The photos looked like he had taken them from their accounts, but they bought into the illusion with their sweet comments and a large number of likes on each post.
“Cute, isn’t it? It’s been my favorite pastime, and I’ll keep monitoring it until you move in with me. Then we can both add to it, to make it perfect.”
You’d love to punch him. Square in the face. Right in that perfect nose. Make it black and blue. You keep reminding yourself that you can’t, though, as you look into his eyes. “This is disgustingly creepy, Ransom, even for you. You’ve been controlling my life, killing my social life completely… all so you can just sleep with me?”
He raises his eyebrows, letting out an involuntary sound. Almost a growl. His hand goes back to grab your chin, making you look right at him. He keeps his thumb in place as his other fingers are splayed across your neck. He’s getting to his breaking point. “Have you not been listening to a fucking word I’ve said? You’re mine, you don’t need those weak little punks when I can give you the life you’ve always wanted.” His features soften a bit, but you stay where you are. “A loving husband, plenty of money at our expense, all the time in the world to write your novels… our own children running around the house,” he smiles, pressing a kiss to your lips this time.
You couldn’t lie to yourself; Ransom understands you. He knows better than anyone what you want because that’s what you’ve wanted since you were kids playing house together. You’ve dreamed of marrying him, cockiness and all. Maybe it’s your conscience telling you you’re meant to be with him, like every Thrombey in the house kept reminding you. Or it may be because you haven’t gotten kissed in, what, a year? Either way, you don’t stop him from kissing you, though your hands cautiously go to his cable knit sweater under his jacket to push him away if needed.
“Ah, the two lovebirds. Breaking in the room already, I see?” Your eyes widen when you hear Richard from the door, trying to push away, but the man in front of you keeps you in his embrace for just another moment.
Coming up for air, Ransom chuckles a bit. “Damn, couldn’t have been worse timing, Dad,” he mumbles, looking behind you before he looks back into your eyes. “This isn’t over.”
Richard opens the door further. “I hate to be the buzzkill, but it’s just about seven. Harlan would like everyone to help set up, guests are arriving soon. Y/N…” his eyes drift over to you as you step out from behind Ransom. “That bookstore outfit won’t do. Joni left you a dress for tonight in the closet, she mentioned that it matches Ransom’s scarf.”
You open the closet door next to you and take out a purple dress. The design was definitely Joni; you knew she loved the beautiful pastel-colored florals and a floor-length skirt. The plunging neckline, though, was much lower than her usual fashion; you could tell it would be a much lower cut than you were used to, but someone would love it.
Ransom smiles right at you as he looks at the dress. “Would you look at that, it does match me. Sweetheart, throw that on for me and head downstairs when you’re ready. I’ll save you a seat.” You feel him press a kiss to your neck, right where he had bitten the skin raw.
With that, you hear the door close behind them, their voices trailing off and their footsteps making their way down the creaky stairs. You gaze at the beautiful dress in front of you, trying to make a plan of your next steps. Nothing comes to mind, though, and you find yourself without much fight left. Would it be so bad to be a Drysdale, Mrs. Ransom Drysdale?
Tumblr media
You throw on some fresh mascara as you look in the mirror of the bathroom. For a look done in five minutes, you had cleaned up well.
Luckily you had done your hair hours ago before your shift, and you had packed a pair of nude-colored heels that look perfect with the dress. Yet every time you look at the dress, you imagine Ransom’s scarf. Maybe the dress is a sick joke from Joni to congratulate you on your relationship.
You head out the door into the main hall, glad to see that the guests haven’t arrived yet. “Y/N!” you hear on your left, seeing Meg sitting by the stairs. “I saw Ransom leave and was looking for you, are you alright?”
You smile to see her, nodding a little. “I’m okay, why? Did he say anything to you?”
“No,” she snorts a little, laughing. “I snuck up here, he was telling Uncle Richard how lucky he is. But I did hear some yelling, these walls aren’t exactly soundproof. I was worried about- whoa, is my cousin a vampire?!”
Your eyes widen a little, raising her eyebrows as Meg reaches for your neck. “Oh, don’t remind me, I didn’t want those. Does my hair cover them up enough?” You fluff your hair a bit and move it around, knowing you can’t get out of the party at this point.
“Barely, he bit down hard. Not that it really matters anyway, he’s so excited to show you off that he’ll probably be showing those marks off too. Let’s go get you a drink, it’ll help the night go by faster.”
“That’s for sure. I need one badly, just to prepare,” you sigh as she leads you down the steps.
“There’s my girl,” you hear Ransom say loudly once you reach the bottom, turning to the dining room. You meet his eyes as he beams at you, beckoning you over from across the hall to sit with him and Joni.
You sigh as you look at Meg. “I’ll be right back,” you tell her as you make your way towards the table, plastering on your fake smile. “I’m here!”
Ransom pats the seat next to him, resting his arm on the back of your chair as you take a seat. His hand plays with the sleeve of your dress as he looks at you. “Doesn’t she clean up so well? From a lowly commoner to a true Thrombey in, what, ten minutes?”
You know what he’s trying to do. Not letting him get the best of you, you smile back. “Five, actually,” you point out, flashing him a smile. “This dress is absolutely perfect, Joni, you have amazing taste.” Your attempt to change the subject out of Ransom’s control doesn’t go unnoticed.
“You really do, she needs to wear things like this more often,” he continues with his misogynistic comments. You don’t fully understand why he was conversing with Joni, as you recall him telling her to ‘eat shit’ at every family gathering, but you figure it’s some superiority thing. Whatever.
“Aren’t you two just adorable?” Joni smiles, and you can tell she’s just eating this all up. Ransom moves his arm down to your shoulder, squeezing you. “I just knew you two would end up together, I’m just surprised it took so long.” Yeah, you’d be hearing that a lot tonight. You give a look to Meg as she sits next to her mom, realizing how serious her cousin is being about all this.
“I was thinking the same thing,” Ransome cuts in, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “But I’m not letting her go any time soon.” There he is. The toxic, greedy best friend you grew up with. He has always been protective over his belongings, and, as he reminded you so many times earlier, you aren’t an exception. His grip on you doesn’t falter as Harlan steps into the dining room.
He smiles at the faces sitting at the table already, and you can hear the commotion outside. “I’m so glad you all are here,” he says proudly, making his way to the head of the table. His usual spot. You happen to be sitting just to his right. “And I’m so glad to see you two finally happy together. You look so happy, Ransom.” He picks up the champagne flute placed at his spot at the table, holding a butter knife in the other. “Is it time for our big announcement?”
You panic for a moment, but then you realize it’s just the announcement of the new novel. “Absolutely,” you smile, glancing at Ransom. Harlan was right; he does look a little too happy. Before you can question it, Harlan stands out of his seat and starts to tap the knife against the glass. A crowd of much more people than you expected floods into the dining room, and Harlan practically pulls you out of your chair to stand next to him. “What are you doing?” you quietly whisper.
“It’s your book too,” he says in a hushed tone, smiling out into the crowd. “Thank you all for being here for this momentous occasion. Tonight I introduce to you my newest mystery novel, Beautiful Menace, along with my new co-writer, Y/N,” he smiles brightly, and the crowd cheers for you. You smile back, Ransom now sliding into your seat as he holds your hand.
Harlan continues. “Y/N assisted with the writing of this novel, and that is why I have dedicated it to you. Thank you for your help,” he smiles, handing you your own hard-cover copy. A dedication? You felt like you were dreaming, you were credited not just inside the book, but in the dedication.
The crowd watches you open the book, flipping to the dedication. You read it out loud without fully reading it before. “‘This novel is dedicated to my ambitious future granddaughter-in-law,’” you read outside, the crowd gasping at what it says. You swallow hard at the line under it.
“Read it, love,” Ransom whispers below you, but you don’t make eye contact. You stare down at the page, appalled by what it says.
“‘I’d like to officially welcome you to the family, Y/N Drysdale.’”
Ransom’s hand slips out of yours, and your head spins as you keep reading the words over and over again. The crowd cheers again, and you look up with confusion. You spot Meg sitting back on the stairs, leaning over the banister as she points to the left of you. Slowly you turn to your left, seeing Ransom on one knee in front of you. A hush falls over the crowd.
“Y/N, I’ve spent my entire life knowing you’re the one. You’re my soulmate, you make me infinitely happier. No one could make me feel the way you do.”
Your audience falls for every word he’s saying, but you look right back at him. If only they knew what he had said just minutes ago upstairs. If only they knew what was at stake for you in this situation.
“I want to grow old with you. I want to start our own family with you. I want my children to have the most beautiful, intelligent mother in the world.”
Wait. Why are you falling for his tricks too? Is he too good at this, or is there some sincerity in his words? You look down into his bright blue eyes, and he smiles up at you. He pulls a small box out of his front pocket.
“Y/N, will you make me the luckiest man on Earth and marry me?”
You gasp with the audience at the size of the ring. The diamond creates a kaleidoscope effect on the walls as the box opens, and you gaze at the ring for a moment. You look back at him, internally torn.
But do you really have a choice? Ransom had outlined exactly what would happen if you turned him down, and his words struck a chord inside you. You’re stuck. You don’t have any other option.
But would marrying Ransom be so bad? You had convinced yourself that it would be the end of the world, that you would never be happy. Yet looking back on your childhood, it had been your dream. Maybe everyone had been right; maybe you and Ransom are meant to be. Without much time left to stall, you smile back at him.
“Yes, Ransom, of course, I’ll marry you.”
Ransom’s eyes lit up as if he expected another response. He instantly stands up, closing the box to embrace you. He kisses you deeply, holding your frame against his. You kiss him back, hearing the cheers from everyone in the room. As you place your hands on his chest, he pulls away from your lips and holds your right hand where it is. He slides the ring right onto your finger. “Perfect fit,” he whispers, pressing another kiss to your lips before looking into your eyes. “You made the right decision.”
You nod, helpless in his arms. He turns and smiles at the crowd, his little soon-to-be trophy wife in his arms.
He had you just where he wanted you, and now he has you. For life.
a/n: like, comment, share, and give me your feedback!! love each and every one of you, and happy birthday chris :)
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
Ehi can you pls write something about Chris sick with some kind of fever and stomach bug, and the reader wants to help him but he doesn’t want to be seen so they fight because he needs help, but then he throw up and almost faint so the reader comes to the rescue and then all fluffy?
sick day — chris
Tumblr media
Chris Evans was a stubborn man. This apparently got worse when he was sick. He had refused help from anyone, including you, his adoring girlfriend.
As it turns out, you were a stubborn woman, which meant this was practically war. You were going to take care of this man whether he likes it or not.
He had been feverish, making trips the bathroom every couple of hours and he had told you not to come over. He was very insistent on it.
Yet, you still showed up with noodle soup in your hand, which was incredibly sweet, but he was still pissed off.
“I told you not to come,”Chris grumbled, covering his body with a blanket, glaring at you for being so stubborn.
“You need help, I didn’t want you to be—“
“Leave,”Chris sighed,”I’m a grown man, I can take care of myself.”
“I know you can, but you don’t have to.”
Chris shook his head, trying to fend you off when you tried to check his temperature and make him eat.
“Stop, you don’t wanna see me like this, I’m gross and a mess”
“Ah, so we’ll finally be on an even playing field”
“Just got away! I don’t need your fucking help, I can do this fucking self!”He ripped the blankets off, standing up to push towards the door.
His temper surprised you, making you back away carefully. Then Chris started to shake, his legs giving out as he nearly fainted.
“That’s it!” You screamed when managed to catch him.”I’m staying and yiy make me leave, you need me, just fucking face the music. I’m here, deal with it.”
“O-Okay,”Chris gave up with a big sigh, allowing you to lead him back to the bed.”I can do this by—“
“Yourself, I get it, you don’t need me, but guess what?”You huffed out, getting a cold rag from the bathroom,”You have me, so get over it.”
“You really think I don’t need you?”Chris murmured sickly,”I do, but I’m the one that should be taking care of you, not the other way around.
Dodger came around the corner, looking to see what the noise was. Chris called him over, but he sat at your feet.
Dodger tried his best, but he seemed to have taken sides.”This pup is not helping me.”Chris narrowed his eyes playfully, his fever making his brain foggy.”Traitor,”He told Dodger.
“Stop accusing the dog of treason, Christopher, I am just trying to help you, you fucking fainted.”
“Be nice to me,”He whined.
You were starting to understand why he didn’t want you are, it’s because he’s the worst when he’s sick. He turns into a wallow of pain and complaints. Also, he seemed to be fairly clingy because now that you were here, he didn’t want you left his side.
“Then be nice to me,”You replied, his hands coming to pull you by your waist into the bed beside him.
“‘m sorry,”He murmured, digging his face into your neck in exhaustion.”’m glad you’re here, just didn’t want to ruin the romance with my grossness.”
“Hey, I think you’re really cute all cuddly and needy.”
“Mmmmm,”He hummed, your comfort already lulling him to sleep.
“I love you, I want to take care you,”You whispered and he pressed a soft kiss against your shoulder to let you know he heard you.
Chris felt better knowing you were holding him.
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jobean12-blog · a day ago
Welcome Home
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Word Count: 603
Summary: Steve returns home after a mission and you have a little present for him. 
Author’s Note: This is for @the-ce-horniest-book-club​ and the Chris Evans birthday celebration! Once again my beautiful friend @nix-akimbo has inspired me with her edits. I absolutely love how innocent Steve looks in thie picture so naturally I went with the opposite in my story....enjoy and thank you all so much for reading! Much love always❤❤❤ and Happy Birthday Evans! Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf​
Warnings: softness and smut, fingering, teasing (18+ ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Edit not mine: this beautiful photo edit belongs to the amazing @nix-akimbo​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You just close the last button on Steve’s shirt when you hear the door open and his heavy footfalls in the hallway. Rushing out of the bedroom and to the front door you fling yourself into his open arms.
“Hi baby girl,” he whispers against your mouth. “God, I missed you.”
He kisses you soundly while his hands wander over the curve of your ass and slip under the hem of his shirt.
“I love seeing you in my shirts,” he says when he finally pulls his lips away.
“I wore your tee shirts to bed the whole time you were on the mission,” you confess with a coy smile. “But I thought the buttons might be more fun tonight since I have a little present underneath.”
At that Steve stills, his eyes roving down your body as he tightens his grip on your hip.
“What present?” he rasps, slowly lifting the bottom of his shirt.
You stop his hand and take a step back, shaking your finger at him when he follows you.
“Nuh uh. Not yet,” you simper, lifting your fingers to the first closed button.
With a pace that is agonizingly and teasingly slow you undo every button of his shirt, keeping it closed just enough that he can’t see much more than a sliver of skin.
You can see the tick in his clenched jaw and the way his chest rises and falls with his heavy breaths. When you inch closer he reaches out a hand and grabs one side of the shirt, delicately pushing it open to reveal the baby blue lace set you’re wearing.
His breath hitches and he shamelessly allows his gaze travel over every inch of you.
“Wow,” he whispers, lightly brushing his fingers up your stomach to push the shirt off your shoulders.
It flutters to the floor in a heap of white fabric and you close your hand around his bicep, stepping closer.
“You look incredible,” he tells you.
“I thought you might like it,” you purr, dancing your fingers down his chest.
His fingers spread across your stomach and he makes lazy and idle strokes as his hand inches downward. You bow into his touch, silently begging him. You slide your hand down his chest and over the hardness in his pants, eliciting a soft moan from him.
Grabbing your wrist he stops you, smirking when he sees your pout.
“I’m going to enjoy my present first,” he croons, grazing a finger along the band of lace at your waist.
He kisses your neck, his beard tickling your soft skin as he finally slides his fingers between your legs. The first brush of him against you drags a moan from the back of your throat and you feel him throb at your thigh.
With a growl of satisfaction at the wetness he finds waiting for him, his thumb circles your most sensitive spot, teasing and flicking but never quite giving you what you want. The quiet plea that falls from your lips is all it takes for him to move lower and push two fingers inside you.
“Baby girl,” he swears as you start to move your hips on his hand. “That’s it,” he murmurs, capturing your lips to swallow your loud moans.
His fingers push in deeper, harder and you can feel yourself nearing the edge with every passing second.
“I thought about this every night, every damn night,” he confesses as you shudder against him, clenching his fingers tight.
Steve withdraws his hand and his eyes hold yours as he brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean.
Tumblr media
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
happy birthday
summary | you surprise chris with something he’s been dying to do for his birthday and when you tell, he goes feral
pairing | chris evans x reader
warnings | smut, minors DNI, anal, light oral (female receiving), spanking, marks, reader bruises easily, just absolute filth, degradation, reader being called dumb baby, use of plugs
authors note | happy birthday to my favorite man, loved writing this, it was so much fun! I hope you enjoy it guys!
Tumblr media
Chris Evans was a very kind man, and you loved him with everything you had. You had been dating for over two years, you lived with him, you traveled with him. You were by his side through it all.
You wanted to give him something special for his birthday, and it was a big one. Chris was turning forty years old and you wanted to make him feel good. You always wanted to make him feel good, but this was different. He had been dreading this day because it meant he was old. It made you laugh, telling him no one who looks like him is called old. Yet, he still had been dreading it.
So, you had put a plan into motion, one that made you blush as you prepared for your night. Under the pretty tight dress of yours was dark blue lace that you knew would be ripped the shreds as soon as he got his hands on you, especially when you told him what you wanted him to do.
The night began at the Evans’ home, sharing his birthday celebration with his family before you retreated back to your house. You’re saying your goodbyes, trying to get Chris out of the house.
“Why are you so eager to leave, dove?”Chris noticed, smirking at you confidently.”You got something planned for me?”
“I might,”You shrugged nonchalantly, biting your bottom lip with an innocent look on your face. He knew better, pulling you against his chest.
“Think you could give me a hint, ‘s my birthday after all,”Chris whispered against your ear, making your face grow hot as he walked you towards the car
You leaned up, breathing fanning over his ear as you whispered ever so softly,”Let’s just say, ‘m gonna bend over the bed and let you fuck me in the way you’ve only dreamed about. Think you can rock my world, old man?”
His hands roamed down your back, large hand squeezing your ass out of habit.”You mean...?”
“Yes,”You smiled sheepishly, making him growl quietly as he pushed you against the hood of the car.
“Oh, I’m gonna fucking ruin you, dove,”Chris breathed down your neck, and kissing you feverishly.
“Not here,”You murmured against him,”Gonna have to prep me, slowly take me apart in anyway you want, I’m yours, Chris.”
“Get in the car,”He squeezed your ass once more time, smacking the flesh before you skipped over to your door and climbed it.
His cock was already unbelievably hard at the mere idea of fucking your tight little ass. He couldn’t wait to fuck you dumb.
Tumblr media
Chris thought he might cum in his jeans at the sight of you undressed completely, ass sticking up in the air for him to have his way with. He slowly undressed himself, licking his lips while you smiled at him.
You had gotten everything prepared for the night without Chris even knowing. You had cleaned yourself perfectly, bought the best lube on the market, and had even bought lingerie. But Chris had quickly torn that once he got his hands on you.
“Eager little thing, aren’t you?”Chris teased, his clothes now long forgotten. His cock was thick and heavy, dripping with pre-cum at the idea of fucking your ass. He got up on the bed, picking up the lube to spread over his fingers.
Chris left kissed over your ass, smack and biting at the flesh with excitement before he carefully licked over the little hole he was planning to ruin. It made you gasp out, a flood of arousal washing over you when he just barely dipped the tip of his tongue into your tight ass. Slowly, mixed with his spit and lube, he propped his index finger against the begging hole.
The intrusion felt foreign and odd, but you found you quite liked it because Chris groaned against you while his digit sank into the tight heat. You clenched around him so tightly, and Chris couldn’t wait to stretch you with his cock.
“Fuck, kitten,”Chris grunted, leaning up to watch how you took his finger eagerly.”Relax, let me take care of you.”
“Chris...”You breathed out, fisting the sheets in your palms while Chris moved his finger in and out of you.
“Just imagine how my cock will feel, how I’m gonna split you open, you want that baby?”
“Y—yes,”You choked out, his hand smacking your ass a couple times. He slowly pushing a second finger inside you, his other hand digging into the flesh of your ass.
Slowly and methodically, Chris fucked you open, taking it easy and trying his hardest not get ahead of himself. He needed you nice and open for his cock.
You whined when you felt his fingers leave your warmth, making you clench around nothing. You can’t help how you pushed your ass back against him in hopes he’ll fill you again.
“Fuck, my dumb baby just can’t wait to my cock in her ass, can she? What a fucking whore, and all for me,”Chris smirked, hands smacking down on your ass as he watched your tight hole clench around nothing. The cheeks of your ass are already red, and you know by the end of the night, you’ll have his print bruised into your skin for days. Just the thought of his markings on you makes wetness pool into your core. Your poor cunt is neglected, soaking for Chris’ cock but that’s for later. Right now, his attention was on your perky ass and he couldn’t wait to see it bounce.
“Please, Chris—“ smack, his hand was against your ass,”Ah! Please, I need you, can’t stand anymore, need you to stretch me open.”
He leaned over your ass, spitting on the desperate hole. His salvia mixed with the silky lube and he dipped his two fingers back into the unforgivingly tight heat of your ass.
“That’s it,” He praised, listening to how high pitched your gasp seemed to be.”Such a naughty girl, you like being fucked like this, don’t you? Bet you’ve been dreaming this up for week. ‘s that why you’ve been so dumb for me? You’ve been fucking insatiable all week.”
You nodded at his words, knowing they were more than true.”Yes, yes.”
“You want this just as much as I do, don’t you?”
You felt his other hands slip underneath you, dipping into you wetness pussy to rub teasingly at that little sensitive bud. With this new stimulation, Chris finally pressed in a third finger in. The stretched burned, making you whimper in both pain and pleasure. His fingers eased in out of you while gather up the slick you’d been dripping off. He licked his fingers before continuing to rub at that little clit.
Your body couldn’t take it, trembling with pleasure as your orgasm washed over your body. Chris had also reached his limit, kissing your shoulder.”Think you’re ready, baby?”
You nodded, preparing yourself for the pain that would turn to pleasure. Chris drenched his cock in lube, spreading it with his hand until he was nice and slick. He rubbed his cock over your ass, licking his lips before he finally did what he always wanted.
As Chris pushed his bulbous head, red, angry, and dripping in lube, into your tight little ass, your arms trembled causing you to fall into the bed with your ass in the air. He chuckled darkly, hands digging into the thick flesh while his cock twitched with every movement forward.
You were tight, hot, and so sweet. You hissed him pain, his cock heavy inside you as he inched slowly. His hands gripped your hips, watching how your arms gave out under you. You cried out, face pressed into the sheets as tears welled up in your eyes. You like the pain, you do. You feel full, so full.
“Fuck,”Chris moaned out brokenly, his cock bottoming out in the tight, clenching hole that squeezed him so hard. He had even his breathing. His hips were pressed against your reddening ass and he can’t help but land a couple more smacks.”So fucking tight, so warm around me. Shit, you should the way you’re stretched open for me, fuck.”
You whimpered against the sheet, biting down on your bottom lip and take a deep breath before pulling yourself forward and slowly pushing back. Chris cried out and it might be the prettiest moan you’ve ever heard.
“Fuck me, baby, split me open, please,”You gasped out,”Wanna be your good girl, wanna please you.”
Chris nodded, his grip tight on your hips because he felt so fucking good. He pulled out almost completely, just the head of his cock still inside you. He pushed forward, relishing in the tightness that surrounded his cock. It’s everything he’s ever dreamed of.
“My dumb fucking baby, you give me everything, such a good girl for me,”Chris praised, thrusting into you again and again. With each drive forward, he picked up the pace, his hips slapping against your ass hard.
Chris groaned loudly, admiring how you looked all splayed out for him with his cock disappearing into your tight little ass.
“Ah, Chris, please.”
“Wanna touch yourself for me, baby?”Chris panted, leaning forward against you and fucking you harder than before.”C’mon, kitten, I know you can do it, or have you I already fucked you stupid?”
“I-I can’t...”You whined out, arms too shaky to even think about lifting them to your neglected pussy.
“Yes, you can,”Chris rasped, smacking your ass in response.”You wanna be a good girl, don’t you? My good girl cums for me, c’mon, that dumb baby brain of yours hasn’t stopped working, has it? My cock feel that good in your ass, so good that you can’t even touch yourself.”
“Yes, sir,”You squeaked out, a trembling hand coming over your drenched cunt to rub at your sensitive clit.
“That’s it, kitten, such a good fucking girl,”Chris gasped, drilling into your tight ass under you were being fucked into the sheet. Face pressed against the sheet, practically drooling on the bed with your lips parted. You felt blissful, the pain almost full subsided as Chris fucked into your hard and fast like he couldn’t get enough of the tight heat around his cock.”Want me to fill this ass, huh?”
“C-Chris—ah!”You can’t help the way you quiver, cumming hard at the sensation of his cock splitting you open. His hands grip your ass, both hands smacking down on your cheeks before he can’t help but thrust one more time until he spilling inside you.
His thrusts ease up, fucking slowly through his high until he’s just rest inside your ass to catch his breath.
When you feel like you finally caught your own breath, you craned your head to look at Chris. He had a thin sheen of sweat gracing his perfectly body, his face is fucked and eyes wild.
“I got one more surprise for you...”You murmured, making your boyfriend perk up curiously.
“Is that right?”Chris smirked, rubbing over your sore ass.
“Check the bedside drawer.”
Chris carefully pulled out, making you clench around nothing and whine at the loss. He checked the drawer and groaned at the anal plug you had gotten for him to use.
He was behind you again in a second, pressing the thick plug into your ass after covering it lube. You sighed out happily when you felt full again, biting the sheet as Chris fully seat the plug in your tight hole.
You wiggled your ass teasingly, making him smack at it one more time with a light chuckle.
“Happy Birthday, Chris.” You giggled, making him flip you over and crawl over your body. He slotted himself between your thighs, lips capturing yours in a feverish kiss.
“Happy indeed,”He whispered against you,”You know how to make an old man feel a whole lot younger.”
“You’re not old, baby,”You uttered, hands cupping his face and threading through his beard.”No old man can last as long as you do, or fuck like that.”
“Oh yeah?”He whispered, kissing your nose and then lips.”Think you might have a thing for an older man.”
“I have a thing for you, Bubba, and only you.”
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zaddy-cevans · a day ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash Masterlist🎊🎉
As promised, I got to write many Headcanons for Chris' special day, however, I couldn't get through all the requests. I'm sorry if I missed your request, it's my brother's birthday on the 13th as well so I'm always incredibly busy on this day. Anyways, I made a masterlist so you guys could enjoy all the special fics in one place.
Enjoy reading!
Birthday Special #1
Birthday Special #2
Birthday Special #3
Birthday Special #4
Birthday Special #5
Birthday Special #6
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zaddy-cevans · a day ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash🎊🎉
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - This one made me cry. Anon requested a fic where Chris kept something dark hidden from the reader and when she finds out, she takes drastic measures.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit Themes, Mentions of rape, heavy suicidal thoughts and more..., just incredibly dark and sad
|| PAIRINGS || Chris Evans x Reader
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Throughout your life, so many people had let you down and hurt you so badly to the point where you had all but lost faith in humanity.
Until you met Chris, he helped turn your life around. He protected you from the darkness that had previously infiltrated into your life. He kept you safe.
Atleast that's what you thought...
They say that the brain blocks out traumatic memories in order for our emotions to block out any pain.
That's what happened to you. You didn't remember much from that night. Ofcourse, you had been drugged.
You just remembered crying and that's it.
Anytime you asked Chris, you could tell he was deflecting. He would answer with open-ended responses that left you struggling to find some sort of closure.
You weren't sure of what had happened that night, but you did know of a way to exactly find out.
Everytime Chris would see you anywhere near his old friend from highschool, Tyler, he would flinch. He would come up with any excuse possible to get you away from him and you could see it in both their eyes that they knew something you didn't. A secret.
You remember hearing Tyler's voice that night. You remembered your own crying as well as Chris'. None of it made much sense.
So you decided to do something reckless and stupid and completely idiotic. You decided to cozy up with Tyler.
If Chris was so desperate to get you away from him, he'd better have a good reason of why.
You spent days and nights over at Tyler's, the two of you becoming close friends fast.
Tyler was easy to talk to, he understood you. But you could never shake the feeling of anguish, of terror when you were with him and you were determined to find out why that was.
It had taken Chris a few weeks to figure out the alarming amount of time you, his girlfriend spent over at Tyler's.
One day when he had noticed your snapchat story of you kissing Tyler sloppily on the cheek, he couldn't take it.
He stormed down to his house and grabbed your arm, demanding you leave with him.
"We're going. Right now." You planted your feet as you glared daggers into him. "Not until you tell me why you want me to leave so badly?"
"You don't know him." Chris spat, his chin pointing at a taken-aback looking Tyler.
"What do I need to know about him? You're clearly hiding something from me. You either tell me what it is now or I leave you and stay with Tyler."
The look of determination in your eyes made Chris lose his confidence. He broke out in tears as he fell to his knees, holding your waist and sobbing into your lower abdomen.
"He raped you." Chris whispered so softly that you thought you had heard him wrong.
You stilled as Tyler laughed, "Chris, buddy. You drunk again?"
You couldn't bring yourself to look down at Chris. It all suddenly made sense, that night made sense.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Your voice broke.
"H-he always took care of me. He got me out of trouble and bought me shit when Ma and Dad couldn't afford it. He just... he treated me like a younger brother. I didn't want to dissapoint him."
You shook your head, "So you hide this from me?" You whispered. You pried his arms from around your waist and walked away. You didn't know what to feel, all you knew was that you had to do something.
He didn't try to follow you and it's a good thing he didn't, otherwise you might’ve killed him.
You drove home and went straight up to your shared bedroom with Chris. You went to your drawer and got out your shotgun.
You sat down numbly on the bed. You couldn't feel anything and it was scaring you.
You tried to... tried to feel the pain of his betrayal, but it wasn't as much painful as overwhelming.
Everything that happened to you before you met Chris, when you were in the same place you are now, came rushing back to you.
Chris was you safe place.
Not anymore.
You took off the safety from the gun, cocking it and letting the stray bullet casing fall to the floor.
You situated your gun near your temple as you closed your eyes shut.
Chris was bloody and bruised up. He walked through the door, throughly exhausted.
His knuckles were bruised raw and his face had a few cuts. Tyler had gotten in a few good punches before Chris completely dominated over him, leaving his old friend to lay there, bleeding out of his wounds.
Chris walked upstairs and reached the door to your shared bedroom. He knew you didn't want to see him, but he had to see you.
He knocked on the door, "Y/N/N? We gotta talk." You didn't answer, thinking that you were already asleep, he entered into the dark bedroom. He could barely see anything, it was so dark.
He drew back the blinds to let in a little moonlight and turned back to look at you.
From afar, it seemed as if you had exhaustively plopped down on bed and gone to sleep.
Which Chris, later, would've wanted to be the case.
He walked up to you and only then he noticed the steady stream of dark scarlet that poured out of your temple. He noticed your open eyes.
He froze and then he rushed forwards, cradling you in his arms. "No, no, no, no." He cried, holding you as he wept.
"You're okay. Look at me Y/N. Y/N. You're alive. You're fine. You're okay." He kept telling himself. He had to.
He couldn't lose you.
"Y/N. Please." He sobbed loudly into your neck, he didn't care if he got your blood all over his body. "Please. Y/N! Y/N!"
He looked into your eyes and they terrified him. They were empty. Devoid of any soul or life.
He clutched you tightly, screaming loudly. Wishing that he could go back in time and kill Tyler when he was about to rape you.
He was never the same after that day. He lost his own soul that day as well.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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theycallmebecca · a day ago
Drabble: Happy Birthday Daddy!
It’s Chris’s 40th birthday today!!!! And this is my entry for day 8 of @the-ce-horniest-book-club​ birthday celebration! This drabble was inspired by a photo I got a week or so ago of my niece post eating a blue cupcake on her 4th birthday... full blue goatee and blue hands... I saw that photo and knew I needed to write something Chris and child. So here we go!
Tumblr media
Title: Happy Birthday Daddy
Pairing: Chris Evans x female reader
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Disclaimer: This work of fiction is not to be reposted, used or translated without my permission.
Tumblr media
For Chris’s 40th birthday, all he had wanted to do was have family and friends over for potluck style BBQ. The guests were asked to bring a side or a dessert while you and Chris were providing the meats and drinks.
Yours and Chris’s four-year-old little girl acted as the official greeter at the party until her cousins arrived and then she ran off to play with them on the play structure that Chris and some friends had built for her birthday a couple weeks earlier.
Though the food was kept inside where it was cool, everyone spent the majority of the afternoon hanging outside, enjoying the nice weather. You and Chris had setup tables on the patio and in the grass for people to have places to sit and eat. You had also opened the pool and the two of you had paid a couple teenaged lifeguards that his sister knew to keep an eye on the people in the pool.
Chris was visiting with some of his high school friends when he saw his little girl walking his way with a blue frosted cupcake in her hands.
“Where’d you get that, little bit?” he asked her.
“Mommy,” she replied, pulling the cupcake away from her mouth to reveal a bright blue goatee. “She said I could have it.”
"Is it yummy?” he asked her, thankful the little girl was already in her swim suit and not in the pretty dress she’d worn for the family photos they’d taken earlier in the day.
She nodded her head, her mouth too full of cupcake and blue frosting to answer.
Hearing her name called, the little girl turned and ran off to join her cousins and friends without saying a word to Chris.
About ten minutes later, Dodger appeared at his side and Chris saw that the dog had a couple blue hand prints on his fur. “You’ve been hanging with the little ones,” Chris said with a laugh as he petted Dodger. “Maybe it’s time for us to get in the pool.”
“Me, too!” his daughter exclaimed, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.
She had finished her cupcake but her mouth and chin were stained blue and so were her hands.
“Definitely pool time,” Chris agreed. “But first, I have a feeling mommy and grandma are going to want a picture of you and Dodger.”
Swinging the little girl into his arms, Chris made his way over to where you were sitting with his mom and sisters. It was clear by the way all of your eyes went up that none of you had seen the toddler post cupcake.
As he predicted, phones came out and the toddler and her dog were subjected to an impromptu photo shoot. Not that either of them minded one bit. Neither did Chris when he was roped into a couple pictures, too.
The memory saved forever, Chris and company made their way to the pool to play and wash away the blue food coloring.
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zaddy-cevans · a day ago
🎉🎊CEvans Birthday Bash🎊🎉
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Tumblr media
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A/N - Anon requested, present opening with Chris and you get him an engagement ring. This one was, by far, the cutest one.
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|| WARNINGS || So much Fluff that you'll never be able to eat anything sweet again, loll.
|| PAIRINGS || Chris Evans x Reader
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Every morning Chris would wake you up with a smile on his face as he leaned in to kiss you. He would whisper, "You look so beautiful in the morning." Into your ear, melting your insides.
This time, however, you had woken first. You scattered around the house, searching for the perfect place to put your phone camera, which in a few minutes would go on live stream to both yours and Chris' family.
After all, this was an occasion that would be hard to miss for them. They wanted to see it, see the both of you.
You finally decided to place your phone on the fireplace, behind your Twilight Saga books. The phone peeking out just enough so that they could see you two.
Half-an-hour later, everything was set, the livestream was working as you waved Hello to your family (which included Chris' as well) and you heard Chris just exiting the bathroom.
He walked outside. A smile on his face. He leaned in to kiss you good morning and you could smell the minty toothpaste on his breath. "Hey you. Sleep alright?"
Chris chuckled at you, "Well, you tired me out last night, baby."
Your cheeks flushed red, "Chris!" You lightly scolded him, swatting at his arms and he chuckled, "What? Not like my or your folks are listenin'." You pursed your lips to keep from smiling.
He poured himself a cup of tea as you patted the couch seat beside you and he nodded, walking over and plopping down next to you.
"I thought maybe we could start by opening presents today." Chris smirked, "Or we could start by fuc-" "Chris, seriously." You laughed nervously. Oh boy.
Chris shook his head, laughing, "Something's gotten into you today, you're not usually this shy." You rolled your eyes as you handed him your present excitedly.
He smiled at your enthusiasm, placing his tea on the coffee table and gently opening the wrapper. You watched with barely contained excitement as he worked through the wrapping paper and opened the box.
His brows furrowed as he searched through the abundance of tissue paper to find the small box. "Heh. Did you just give me a box of tissue paper?"
You chuckled, "No, just keep searching."
All his attention was on finding his present in the box as you sunk off the couch and down on one knee.
"HA! Found it!" He waved the box in excitement as he opened the small, velvet box and looked inside to see a beautiful, obsidian and diamond encrusted engagement ring.
He startled, "What-" his words caught in his throat as he looked over at you.
Your eyes were teary as you looked into his.
"All my life, I've searched for someone who understands me and someone who would always love me, never hurt me. You know I've had a shitty dating history until I met you. Chris, you make me feel like exploding with joy every second I'm with you. I can't imagine a future where you're not in it. I can't imagine being with anyone other than you."
You took his hand in yours, "So... Christopher Robert Evans... will you marry me?" He took a shaky breath as he smiled and nodded, trying desperately to hold back his own tears.
"Yes. Ofcourse. Yes." You smiled as you placed the ring on his finger and you two heard the cheers of your family.
You kissed Chris passionately and he hugged you, "Who says men have to propose?" You asked. You felt pretty good about your own proposal.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
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multifandomwriter · a day ago
Birthday Wishes
Pairing: Chris Evans x wife!Reader
Summary: When a pandemic ruins your husband’s big birthday getaway, you team up with your kids to try to make it just as memorable at home.
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: all of the fluff, mentions of the pandemic
A/N: In celebration of cevans’ birthday
Tumblr media
The sunlight beaming in through the curtains woke you up. Your eyes slowly opened and adjusted to light. Your husband laid beside you, still peacefully asleep. His arm was still haphazardly thrown over your side, keeping you close to him.
You rolled over to face him, propping yourself up on your elbow. You gently brushed some of his hair out of his face. He stirred under your touch. His eyes opened and were met with the sight of his wife.
“Good morning, baby. Happy birthday” you said, leaning in to kiss him. The kiss was lazy; you both were still barely awake. His arm found the curve of your back and used it to pull you on top of him. “I love waking up with you” he mumbled against your lips.
You smiled and pecked his lips again. “I’d say you have me alone for another five minutes before the three best kids on the planet come to wish their dad a happy birthday” you said, right before you heard the soft patter of their footsteps down the stairs. They crept into your room and saw that you both were already awake. “Happy birthday daddy” they cheered, running towards the bed.
Brooklynn was your oldest; she was six years old. You also had twin boys that were four years old: Max and Noah. Brooklynn was more reserved, but your boys had all of their dad’s energy.
The twins leaped into Chris’ arms and Brooklynn pulled herself up to sit in your lap. “Thank you guys so much,” Chris couldn’t help but beam.
You had been with Chris forever, but one of your favorite things was watching him as a dad. He loved your kids with every fiber of his being.
He pressed a kiss to each of your kids’ foreheads. “Didn’t you have something you wanted to give daddy, Brooke?” You reminded her, handing her the birthday that you had been keeping in your bedside table.
She lit up and grabbed the card from your hand. She told Chris happy birthday again before giving him the card.
“This is for me? Really? Thank you guys. Can you help me open it, buddy?” he asked Max. He quickly nodded, always eager to help daddy. Chris was genuinely the best parent to ever exist.
You watched, in awe, as Chris got help from both of the boys. Eventually, they got it out of the envelope. Chris read out all of the birthday messages, and then looked at the pictures the kids had drawn. “You drew these? No way. A professional artist drew these” Chris complimented, earning a giggle from you and your kids.
“Well thank you. It’s beautiful” Chris said, putting it back in the envelope. You both had infectious smiles.
“Do you guys want to go help get daddy’s birthday surprise?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. All of their faces lit up with excitement before quickly nodding their heads. You told them to meet you in the kitchen before turning to Chris.
“God, I love you” he said, giving you a sweet kiss. You pushed his chest, making him lay down. “You stay here. We’ll be back” you instructed. He nodded and chuckled to him.
You decided that you and the kids would make Chris breakfast for his birthday. You all were supposed to go on an amazing family vacation for his birthday.
You were going to rent a house on the beach. You would have had campfires at night time. It was an amazing plan, until the pandemic hit and it was completely cancelled.
Now stuck at home, you still wanted to give Chris a memorable birthday with you and the kids.
You met the kids in the kitchen and began to work on cooking breakfast. After only a few mishaps on your kid’s end, you had finished making the food.
The four of you walked back into your bedroom. “Wow look at all of this,” Chris was in awe. The kids set the food down on a tray in front of him.
“Come sit next to me, you guys” Chris said, pecking your lips while they were distracted. You all ate together. Chris had insisted on sharing his food with you all, feeding everyone small bites.
It was paradise. Wherever your family was is where home was; even if it was hectic sometimes. Then, Max knocked the cup of orange juice onto the bed. Chris refrained from swearing under his breath.
He quickly grabbed the cup, while you swept the blanket up into your hands. You headed out of the room towards the laundry room. You had two toddlers, so messes were no new feat.
When you came back, you stopped outside of your room when you heard Chris talking to Max; Max was crying.
“Mommy’s going to be mad at me” Max said, his voice sounding fragile. Your heart melted at his concern. “Mommy’s not going to be mad at you, I promise. You know why?” Chris asked him, and you could envision him holding your son is his arms. When Max didn’t reply, Chris spoke again. “Because you have the best mommy in the whole world, and she loves you so much. She loves all of you. We are so lucky to have your mommy, you know that right? She takes care of all of us” Chris said. Your kids all muttered forms of agreement.
You fell in love with him all over again. Chris had always been a romantic, but he never failed to warm your heart.
You walked back into the room and joined them all on the bed. “How about you guys go get dressed?” You suggested. They all nodded their heads before walking upstairs.
You turned to your husband. “C’mere, baby” he said, looping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer. His lips lock against yours, as though you were made for each other. “I know this isn’t the birthday you expected. I’m sorry we couldn’t go to that beach house” you apologized, leaning your head on his shoulder.
He frowned and placed a kiss on your forehead. “This is way better than a beach house. I have my beautiful kids and my favorite girl” he said, wrapping his arm around your waist. His fingers accidentally brushed up against your ticklish spot.
You swatted his hand away, but he knew your body too well. He knew exactly what he was doing. He pinned you under him, attaching his hands to your sides.
You squirmed under his touch, giggles passing through your lips. “No...Chris—stop” you begged in between fits of laughter. You could feel the tears start to appear as you laughed.
Your kids appeared in your doorway. “Come save mommy” you begged them. They ran to the bed and jumped on top of Chris. He pretended to battle with them, causing them to start giggle.
Just when you thought you were safe, he began tickling you again. You squirmed and tried to pull yourself away. All three of your kids climbed on his back, successfully weighing him down. He fell down on the bed beside you.
“You saved mommy. Come here” you said, giving them all kisses. Chris could only think about how perfect his life was as he watched the four most important people in his life.
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