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#chris evans fanfic
boston-babies · 31 minutes ago
Hey Chris! Hope you had a good birthday, even though your oldest spawn decided to be a drunk dork 😝😂
Oldest spawn is correct🤦🏻‍♂️ but other then what he did I had a really great day yesterday-Chris
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laurenwritesfics · 6 hours ago
Chapter Six Preview
I know, I've kept you waiting again...but chapter six is on its way. Here's a little sneak peek...
Tumblr media
“Mary, I don’t think you’re allowed to bring animals in here.”
“People bring service dogs in here all the time.” Mary held Fred a little tighter.
“Fred’s not a therapy animal.”
“Yes he is, he makes me happy when I’m sad.”
It was hard for Frank to argue with that. He rolled his eyes. “Fine, but if we get kicked out-“
“We won’t.” Mary raised her chin confidently.
Weekends were always busy at the library. It sat in the center of a recreational area downtown, in a very tight-knit community. This was the thing Lucy loved the most. She was passionate about books, but she loved people just a little bit more. She had always been that way – the chatty child at the grocery store, the friend who listened to every problem, regardless of whether she had a solution. Wispy tendrils of hair fluttered against her cheeks in the cool breeze blowing from the fan on her desk. She was scribbling away in a logbook, oblivious to the wriggling ball of fluff being shoved in front of her.
“Lucy! Lucy, look! It’s Fred.” Mary bounced on the spot, causing Fred to mewl in irritation.
Lucy immediately dropped her pen. “You found him? That’s great! Hi Fred.” She tickled the tuft of fur beneath his chin. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”
Mary waved one of his paws and placed it in Lucy’s palm. Lucy shook it politely.
“He likes you.”
“I like him too.” Lucy smiled, eyes darting to Frank, who was rolling his eyes. “Where did this little scamp get to?”
“The boatyard, which is ironic considering he hates water.”
“Cats are funny like that. I’m more of a dog person myself-“ Lucy cringed “sorry Fred. But I’ll make an exception for you, since you’re so damn cute.”
“I feel like there’s a story behind that.” Frank chuckled.
“Yeah. I’ll tell you another time. Long story. Gotta finish this log.” Lucy picked up her pen again.
“Can I help?” Mary plopped Fred onto the floor and stretched up on her tiptoes, gripping the edge of the desk.
“Mary, I think Lucy’s busy enough without you asking a thousand questions.” Frank looked down at her sternly. “And somebody’s gotta keep an eye on Fred.” He raised his eyebrows, nodding to the empty space where Fred should have been.
Lucy bent down behind the desk as something soft brushed against her ankles. “Looks like I do have a new friend after all.” She picked him up and for once, he didn’t hiss at a stranger’s grip.
“Congratulations, Fred.” She held him at eye level. “You’re officially my favorite cat.”
Tumblr media
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marvelgurl · 17 hours ago
Paring: Chris Evans X Reader
Word Count: 2560
Warning: Upset Chris, Upset Reader, Fluff
A/n: Today is Chris Evans’ 40th Birthday. So naturally I am going to write something.
Tumblr Masterlist 
As always Feedback is more than welcome. The Good and The Bad. I really helps me.
Want to be tagged in my upcoming work? Let me know Here
Tumblr media
A few days ago, you found out that you had to go to LA, you had to do some reshoots. You were upset. You knew Chris’s birthday was coming up and this would mean that you would miss it. When you told him, he was a little upset too but that’s the business that you guys are in. Just by the look on his face you knew he was bummed out, that broke your heart.
You called around to see if there was anyway you could start earlier so that you could be home for his birthday. You were told that they could only move your stuff up a few days, but there was still no guarantee that you would be home early. You went ahead with the new schedule in the hopes that maybe you would be able to come home early. You had a plan though; you were going to surprise Chris for his birthday. The planning that went into this was going to be a lot, and also depended on you being able to wrap early. If not, you were still going to do something for him.
Before leaving, you did a little celebration between just you and Chris. You made him a cake, bought ice cream and did whatever he wanted to do. Which was just have a day together. You guys watched movies, had lots of cuddles, went swimming, took Dodger to the dog park. You really think that Chris was the one who wanted the dog park more than Dodger though. He was playing and petting all of the dogs that would let him.
When it was a couple of days before the big day, Chris’s 40th birthday. The director came to you and told you that if you guys could knock out your bigger parts of the reshoot, then you would be able to take off a couple of days and go home. You were so excited, and you thanked him over and over.
You didn’t tell Chris because you didn’t want to get his hopes up in case it didn’t happen. He had been texting and sending you videos of him and Dodger the whole time you have been gone. It made you miss them more, but you loved getting them. It also made you focus more on getting the scenes right the first time. You needed this to work out you really wanted to be with Chris on his birthday. You had a huge surprise for him.
Two days before, thing were looking good for you to be able to go home early. So, you called Scott to see if he could help you make sure everything goes smoothly.
“Hello beautiful.”
“Aww Y/n, thank you. You look beautiful too.” You could hear the hesitation in his voice. To be fair you still had your fight scene makeup on, so there were cuts and bruises over your face.
“Thank you… for being willing to lie to me and tell me I look beautiful when I don’t.”
“You’re welcome sweetheart. How are things going? Are you going to be able to come home?”
“It is looking like it.” You had a big smile on your face. “That reminds me did you get the package?”
“I did, and everything is still intact. You did a great job packaging it.”
“I just hope I get to be there when he opens it. I know this isn’t the ideal way to tell him, but I wanted this to be part of his gift.”
“You are going to be here.  Stop worrying about it, everything is going to be perfect.”
“I know.” There was a knock on your trailer door. “I have to go; I am being summoned to set.”
“Ok, I will see you in two days. Bye.”
“Bye Scott.”
You went to set and started working your scene. You did everything that you could before they had to have your stunt double come in and do the more difficult part of the stunt. Which was fighting up to a balcony before being kicked off of it and dropping about 20ft. They had to do it a couple of times, but on the 4th try it went wrong. Your stunt double ended up missing one of the choreographed steps and dislocated her ankle. Everyone was freaking out; she was telling everyone she was okay and that she has had worse. You felt horrible, you didn’t want her getting hurt especially doing a stunt for you.
The directors and producers were all talking about what to do. If they had to postpone the scene to find a new stunt double, that would put everything behind, and you wouldn’t make it home in time. So, you told them that you would do it. You know all of the steps; they just didn’t want you falling off the balcony. After a lot of convincing, they agreed to let you do the stunt.
After a few takes you were able to get it perfect. You were a little relieved that you were able to get it done. You really just wanted to stop, the first few times you did it you were being too cautious so when you let yourself loosen up a little bit, it looked more natural and that’s the take that they used.
The next day, you were still working to get everything done on time. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on your side. Things weren’t working for you, there were technical issues. You ended up working super late into the night. As you were wrapping for the night, the director came up to you, based on the look he had you didn’t think it was good.
“Hey Y/n.”
“Hey Joe. What’s up.” You put on a fake smile.
“Here.” He handed you a manila envelope. “Open it.”
You looked at him very confused before opening the envelope. What you weren’t expecting was to pull out a ticket home to Boston. Your eyes started tearing up. You were so happy, you were speechless. You just threw your arms around Joe and held him in a tight hug.
“OH My Gosh!!! Thank you! Thank you!”
“You’re welcome. You have been working so hard the last few weeks and we just wanted to do something for you. So go home and surprise your husband.” He gave you a smile.
“I will. Again, thank you.”
You let go of him before running to your trailer to change out of your characters outfit, into your comfy clothes. Once you were done you packed up your stuff and went back to your hotel to pack the rest. Your flight is at 7:55 am which means you have to be there by at least 5 am. You also have to get up at 3:30 or 4 am, which you weren’t looking forward too but it will be worth it in the long run.
You woke up to your 3 am alarm. You groaned and just listened to the alarm, quickly picking up the phone and texting Chris.
C- Wow! That hurts.
Y- But you know what…
C- What’s that?
Y- You’re MY old man. Happy birthday baby.
C- Thank you sweetheart. Wait what are you doing up? Its like 3 in the morning there.
Y- Well, there’s this guy that means the world to me. Today just happens to be his birthday and I wanted to tell him the moment that I woke up.
C- Really? He sounds like a lucky guy.
Y- Yes you are. I really want to keep talking to you, but I have to get ready. I Love You and I hope you have a great birthday. I will call you later. Okay?
C- I Love You too. Only one thing would make it great, and that would be you here with me. I know I don’t get to have that. I will take a facetime call though.
Y- Chris I know, and I want to be there so bad. I will make it up to you. I promise.
You just can’t wait to see the look on his face when you show up. You quickly messaged Scott letting him know that you will be coming home and that everything is ready to go for when you get there. He was excited when you texted him. Saying I told you so as well.
When you arrived in Boston, Scott was waiting at the airport for you. The birthday party was in full swing at your home. Chris was texting Scott nonstop asking where he was, what he was doing, when are you getting here, etc. When you guys pulled up to your house you quickly set everything in motion. You had also pulled Sebastian into this, since he was going to be here you asked him to keep Chris occupied.
You pulled the extra-large box out of Scotts car, taking it to the front door and setting it up. The box had happy birthday wrapping paper on it, with bows and a tag that says “To My Old Man” written on it. You climbed into the box, before Scott closed the top up, he handed you the special box that you had shipped to him. You set it down inside the box and crouched down so that when Chris opens it you can jump out of it.
Scott went to the door and yelled inside.
“Chris come outside, there’s a giant box out here.”
Everyone followed behind Chris. He looked at it and was kind of taken back.
“Who’s this from?” He looked around and everyone was confused. So, he walked closer and saw the tag, a big smile came across his face. “Never mind, there’s a note. Its from Y/n!”
He quickly ripped the wrapping paper that was on the top, the flaps popped up letting you know that it was time to pop yourself up.
“SURPRISE!” His face went from scared to happy in an instant.
“Y/N!!!” He wrapped you in a tight bear hug. “I am so happy you’re here.” He kissed the side of your head.
“Wait I have a bigger surprise for you.”
“What could be bigger than you being here?” He tilted his head in confusion.
“Just wait.” You bent down and picked up a small box. “Open it.”
He took the box and did as he was told. When he opened it, he had an even more confused look on his face. Inside the box was an egg on top of crinkle paper. On the inside of the flap, it says “Crack me”. He took the egg out and you took the box from him. He cracked open the egg to reveal a little note.
“Read it out loud.” You prompted him before he could start reading.
“Okay.” He looked at you then back at the note.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“A little Bird came to say, Baby Evans is on the way!” He looked back up at you again. “You’re going to be a DAD!!”
Everyone just stood there in shock, especially Chris.
“Really? I… I’m gonna be a dad?”
All you could do was nod your head. You had tears welling up in your eyes. You reached into the box and pulled out a onesie and a sonagram photo, holding them both up to him.
“Hello daddy.” He read the onesie out loud. He couldn’t hold out any longer, he pulled you back into a hug. Both of you had started crying tears of joy.
“Happy Birthday Baby.” You whispered into his ear.
He pulled back to look at you, he had the biggest smile on his face that you had ever seen. Everyone around you was cheering and celebrating, but the two of you were in your own little world that it felt like nobody else was there. His hands moved to your face, wiping away the tears before pulling you into a kiss.
After a few minutes of being in your own bubble, Chris helped you out of the box. Then everyone came up to you and Chris and congratulated the two of you. Then a few hours later after everyone had left, you were laying on the couch. Your hands were on your stomach as you started to fall asleep. Dodger was laying in between your legs, with his head up on your stomach next to your hands. Chris came and laid down with the two of you, he put his hand over yours. You looked at him with sleepy eyes and a half smile.
“Did you have a good birthday?”
“No.” He had a serious look on his face.
“What?!” Your eyes instantly opened, and you had a sad look on your face.
“I had a Great birthday. I can honestly say that this was the best birthday I have ever had.”
“Chris!” You brought your hand up and smacked him in the arm. “You scared me, I thought that…”
“OW! No hitting the birthday boy!”
“I hate you.”
“Impossible.” You just rolled your eyes at him. “I see how it is.” He wrapped his arms around you and started peppering you with kisses on the side of your face, neck and lips.
“Stop it!” You tried to pull away from him, but he’s too strong.
“Not until you take it back.”
“Okay, I Love You.” You looked him right in the eyes. “I Love You, you big goof-ball.”
“That’s all I ask.”
Dodger started whining, you reached over and started petting him. As you lay there in Chris’s arms you started to think about the future. About taking time off from acting, raising your baby with the love of your life. You looked over to him, he was already looking at you.
“What are you thinking about?”
“I’m thinking that, I am the luckiest guy in the world. How did an amazing woman like you fall for a dork like me? Also how do I keep tricking you into staying now that I have told you that…”
You just laughed. “If you are the luckiest guy then I am definitely the luckiest girl. You are an amazing man Chris, and you are going to be a great dad.”
“You are going to be a great mom Y/n. What were you thinking about?”
“How much our lives are going to change. I think that this will be my last movie for a little while.” You know now that you have to tell him what happened on set. “I need to tell you something, but please don’t get upset. I made sure I was safe, and the baby was safe.”
He sat up on one of his elbows to get a better look at you. “What happened?”
“Well Kate, my stunt double dislocated her ankle doing a stunt and I decided that I would do it. I wanted to get the shoot done, but like I said I made sure everything was completely safe.”
He dropped his head onto your shoulder, letting out a long sigh. “Please don’t do that anymore. I know you said it was safe, but I don’t want you or the baby getting hurt.”
“I won’t. I promise.” You lifted his head off of your shoulder, pulling him in for a long kiss.
“I love you Y/n.”
“I love you too Chris.”
Dodger barked, you both looked at him. “We love you too Dodger.
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celestiawrites · 17 hours ago
Kiss the Bride // Chris Evans
Summary: He should've objected when he had the chance.
Warnings: kind of angsty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All the times he'd held you were washing down the drain. It was over. For real this time.
Chris watched as you walked gracefully down the aisle, wearing the dress you'd picked out for the wedding you thought you'd be having with him. He'd seen it all. He remembered when you showed him the binder full of your wedding plans. You never prioritized a wedding, but you'd always wanted to be prepared. You'd picked out everything from the color of the flower petals to the pin you'd put in your hair. Everything was all there. Except for him. His heart sunk when you locked eyes with him. He felt sick. Was this how it ended? With you walking down the aisle to another man as he sat there helplessly? He had to look away from you because this was the day you'd always dreamed of. How dare he ruin this for you? Just because he fucked everything up. It wouldn't be fair to you.
He watched the ceremony. It was beautiful. It was perfect for you. He felt nauseous the entire time. He couldn't decide if he should leave or stay. He wanted to choke out the groom and confess his love for you, but he couldn't. It was too late. As the two of you exchanged vows, Chris had to fight the urge to stop the wedding right then. This was what you'd always dreamed of.
"Is there anyone who objects to this marriage?"
He could've sworn you looked at him. You stared him dead in the eye. Was it a sign? A call for help? Were you asking him to speak up?
"Speak now or forever hold your peace."
He could hear you calling to him. You were begging him to save you. Right? Of course not. You were happy. This was good for you. You deserved this more than anyone he'd ever met. He stayed silent. He let himself lose. It was over.
The reception was beautiful. Exactly how you'd planned it. He smiled lightly at the ice sculpture of swans in the shape of hearts that you'd always dreamed of having at your special day. He'd always hated the idea of it.
"It's tacky, (Y/N). Too predictable."
"Oh, come on, Chris. It's beautiful. If you don't like it, I'm sure someone else will," you'd tease.
Chris sighed at the sculpture and wondered if your husband liked it.
"Hey, stranger."
He turned around and his heart stopped. He was sure his lungs would collapse at any second.
You were standing right in front of him. Beautiful as ever. He could've sworn angels had started singing, but he was too far gone for angels to be near him. He didn't deserve for you to be near him anymore. He'd lost that privilege.
You weren't quite sure what to say to him. You weren't even sure why you went to talk to him. Your feet seemed to have started moving before you could stop them. Now, you were standing right in front of him speechless. You couldn't tell if you were heartbroken or angry.
How could he just let this happen? Why didn't he say anything? Did he even care?
Whatever the answers were, they didn't matter anymore. It was over with. There was no hope at this point.
"The wedding was beautiful, (Y/N). Congratulations," he commented, smiling. You smiled back as brightly as you could manage, hoping he wouldn't notice just how much of a show you were putting on.
"Thank you."
Why were you even speaking to him? You had nothing to say to him.
"Enjoy the party," you told him with a smile. "Thank you so much for coming."
You held your hand out to him and inwardly cringed. When did the two of you become so fucking formal? He stared for a moment with his hands shoved in his pockets before finally grabbing your hand in his and shaking it. What the hell was that?
You smiled one last time before turning away from him.
"(Y/N)," he called. He sounded desperate. Like he was begging you to turn around You wanted to kill him. He lets you marry someone else and then calls your name with that much hopelessness in his voice? How fucking dare he?
"I should have spoke up. Right? It wasn't just me?"
He was fidgeting with his hands. Peeling at his nails. You sighed and turned to look at him. You strode back over and grabbed his hands to force him to stop.
His eyes were nervous and fearful. What if he'd read this all wrong? What if you were happy and he was standing here ruining that?
"I wish you would have," you told him, pushing yourself on your toes to kiss his cheek. "But, you didn't. And neither did I. I'm sorry."
There it was.
It was officially over.
He knew that as you gave him one last defeated smile and walked over to your new husband.
There was no hope.
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fuckandfluff · 19 hours ago
✨2K Follower Sleepover✨
Tumblr media
Hi angels! I’m dangerously close to 2k followers (what??!? 🥺💖) and so I wanted to celebrate with my first lil’ sleepover from June 25 - June 27th so start sending in requests!!
Sleepover is 18+
I just need to stress how incredibly dumbfounded I am that I’ve gained this many followers in such little time. I love every single one of you and you’ve brought so much joy into my life 🥰
Ask me something! Literally anything! Related to my writing, kinks, or just general hoeness vibes 💗 I pride myself in being a totally open book
Send me a request for a drabble.. anything goes! (Wellllllll except scat or things involving minors k thx)
Would you rather & fuck marry kiss
Literally send me anything you want and we will make it happen. We can thirst over beautiful men togetherrrrr
I love you guys so much. Let’s be slutty together!
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poison-in-my-pen · 22 hours ago
Zirconium (part 1 of 3)
A/N: I wrote this April 2020, I'm unsure of how this story came about, I think it was part dream mixed with a stream of consciousness. I hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed writing it.
It’s two months before Chris’ fortieth birthday and I’ve been planning a massive secret surprise party that involves stealth on my part. I feel as if he knows something is going on, I see the way he silently observes, but doesn’t say anything. I wonder if he knows? I hope he doesn’t know. Unbeknownst to me some info was leaked to the press and my life was about to abruptly change in ways I couldn’t imagine.
It was a gentle Saturday night in Boston and as I’ve learned about Chris, anytime he’s in his hometown family get-togethers are a way of life and after a few weeks in LA we definitely needed family time or he needed family time because my mother and sister were in my hometown of NYC.
The group that gathered were small, maybe ten people at most that included his parents, siblings and close friends. There was a range of meats on the grill, drinks, music and laughter. I was furthest away from the group leaning against the railing that overlooked the pool below listening to the chatter and gazing out at the setting sun.
Chris was in and out of the house being the gracious host, so I didn’t think anything of it when he disappeared inside with a friend, the friend came back out a few minutes later and I thought nothing of the look he gave me. Chris was nowhere to be seen. His friend said something to the group at the table and there was a hush and I felt a slithery sensation creep up my spine.
I’ll never forget this moment, I’ve played it over and over in my head. I remembered that the air smelled like it does before a rainstorm and I thought it was peculiar because rain wasn’t in the forecast, but the smell was palpable and thick. I saw Chris’ silhouette by the doorframe and then he approached, his eyes trained on me. As he walked past, the table that once spoke in hushed tones was now bone deep quiet. I’ll never forget the look in his eyes. His beautiful and warm cerulean eyes that once looked at me with affection were now steely blackened orbs that pulled me into its dark tunnels and froze the flow of blood in my veins.
“Is there something you want to tell me?”
I looked at him quizzically. “No.”
He pulled out his phone from his pocket and read what was leaked to the press.
“Wait, you're asking if I leaked that?”
“Did you?”
I took a step back unprepared for what was unfolding. “How could you ask such a thing?”
His eyes hardened. “Did you leak it, yes or no?
“No, I would never.”
The look of disgust on his face unbalanced my equilibrium and I felt myself sliding off my bones like a drunk holding onto the grass to keep from slipping off the earth. My heart broke in that moment and his family watching this unfold filled me with shame.
“Can we talk about this privately?” I heard myself say, but I was no longer in my body. I wasn’t this person, this is someone else.
“You’re looking me in the eyes and you're lying to me?”
“Chris, I didn't. I swear it. Please.”
He gave me a cutting look that rooted me to the ground, “I can’t even look at you right now,” and he stalked off.
I felt lightheaded and nauseous, I started shivering from the cold or the shame of having all eyes on me. I mustered up the breath of courage that I had and walked past his family into the house.
I went into the bedroom and gathered some things. I became stock-still when I felt a presence behind me, I exhaled a deep jagged breath when I saw his brother.
“I’ll talk to him. I know you would never do anything like this.”
I feign a smile, “no need. Can you give me a ride to the nearest hotel?
“Talk to him.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t hear, but my presence disgusts him.”
“He didn’t say that. Please, don’t run.”
I shook my head fighting back the tears. “You didn’t see the way he looked at me.”
Scott pulled me into his chest and gave me a hug. “I’ll talk to him.”
“Can you drive me to the nearest hotel?” I repeated. “Please.” I pleaded.
He nodded and we left.
An hour later after promising Scott that I would reach out to Chris. I was alone and in a dream state in a hotel room.
Did that really happen?
Post Note: Part 2 is queued for Monday and part 3 is queued for Tuesday!
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mindofharry · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
In which it’s your husbands birthday and you have the perfect gift.
mentions of ivf! other than that, a whole lot of fluff!! <3
You found out were pregnant a few days ago. It was unexpected, but you were thrilled. You cried and cried on the bathroom floor, taking test after test with your sister leaning against the door her eyes widening in shock every time the test came back positive. It was no shock that you and chris wanted kids. Even more meeting each other you both knew kids were for you, from a very young age you knew you wanted to be a mom. You would play the mom in every game, your siblings can vouch that you were like a second mother to them - very bossy, but they loved you for that. Chris was the exact same, and he was so unbelievably good with kids. At the family gatherings kids would just surround him, wanting to play with him and get carried everywhere he went. This role was just made for the both of you.
While you sat on the bathroom floor, looking at these tests you became so overwhelmed. You and chris hadn’t been trying, you tried very early on in your marriage and nothing seemed to happen. You really thought something was wrong with you. You tried ivf, all of those treatments, hacks you found on the internet. Nothing seemed to happen. Chris was the most supportive and kind person through it all, and he never once blamed you for this even though you very much blamed yourself. But you both got through it and decided you’d try again soon or maybe adopt in the future. You both wanted kids so badly, but maybe the time just wasn’t right.
You had found out were pregnant a week before chris’ birthday. You wanted him to know so bad, to be here with you. But he was on a trip for some work and you didn’t want to tell him this over a phone call - and hey, you hadn’t gotten him a main present yet. So this will have to do! You just know chris will be over the moon. As of right now, you, your sister and the doctor you visited after taking the test are the only people that know of your pregnancy. Of course you wanted chris to be there with you for the first ultrasound, but you were just so shocked that you needed a professional to confirm the tests.
You and your sister are definitely the worst people at keeping secrets. It was what you guys were known for in the family. You were both bursting at the seems to tell everyone and anything the news. Your sister agreed with you on keeping this a secret until chris’ birthday, she knew he would be even more surprised. And it would be so much better if you did it in person. He gets home late on the saturday, so it’s the perfect time to do it.
You had it all sorted out.
You wake up early, prepare pancakes and some coffee for chris to eat in bed. A little cuddle and kiss, before you’d sneak off to the closet to grab all of his presents. You had bought him clothes, a new watch, some of his favourite candy and a a romantic night away in a fancy hotel next month. In a small, white bag would be the positive pregnancy test and a baby grow with the words ‘Can’t wait to meet you daddy!’ plastered on the front.
The next couple of days were tough to say the least. You were throwing up non stop, and you were in bed sleeping all day for most of the week. You had told chris, that you looked after your mom when she got a stomach bug and must of passed it on to you so you were just taking it easy. He seemed to believe it and you were able to convince him to stay on his trip.
You can’t wait to see him.
You missed his kisses and cuddles a lot. That’s basically what got you through the week, knowing the chris would be home and ready to kiss and cuddle you on sunday.
By saturday, you were feeling a little better. The morning sickness was still there, but you weren’t getting sick every two seconds so that was a plus. You prayed that this wouldn’t stick, you hate getting sick.
“Baby?” Chris whispered as he walked into the bedroom. You were fast asleep panned out on the bed, your book on your stomach and glasses still over your eyes. Chris laughed to himself, taking your glasses and book away and on to your bedside table. You looked beautiful, even asleep. He hated being away from you for so long, but it was the best feeling in the world to finally snuggle with each other again. Chris was definitely a sucker for cuddles. Even when you two were still get to know each other, you knew he was a cuddler and very handsy. He just loves being around you, and mostly on top of you - he means that in more ways than one.
His birthday is always so special with you. When you were dating he didn’t really expect much, just a cake and a few gifts. But you always went all out and so did your family. He was forever grateful for you and the new family you brought with you.
Chris tucked you into the bed, kissed the side of your head and got ready for bed himself. He brushed his teeth, then stripped down and hopped into bed. You immediately rolled over and cuddled yourself into him, chris sighed in content as you buried your head into his neck. He missed you so much and he was so fucking glad to be home.
You woke up bright and early, all on your own surprisingly. You looked over and saw chris laying on his stomach sprawled out on the bed. You giggled to yourself before kissing his shoulder and getting out of bed quietly and slowly.
Making the food was probably the hardest thing to do. The scents and the fridge smell was making you want to puke and never eat anything ever again. Thankfully, you got through it not getting sick once. When you went upstairs with the food, chris was still fast asleep. You think he was messing because he jumped up about 20 seconds after you entered the room. You smiled, amused at the little performance but quickly moved over to sit on the side of the bed and give chris his food.
“Honey….” He trailed off taking a bite of the pancake. You pecked his cheek, a blush forming on his cheek. “Amazing” He said gulping down his orange juice.
“I love you, happy birthday” You said grabbing the gifts from the closet. Chris shook his head sighing.
“You got me so many things. You know i don’t need all of these” He said and you pouted kissing his lips. “No, but you deserve them” You said and chris smiled opening up his presents.
Then came the last present. Your heart was beating so quickly and you’re sure chris could hear it. You were so nervous, but so excited for his reaction. Would he cry? Laugh? just smile? So many thought ran through your mind. You’ve both wanted this for so long and now it’s finally here, you just don’t know how he’ll react and it’s making you beyond nervous. You think you might actually get sick now.
Chris puts his hand in the bag taking out the baby grow first.
“Babe, dodger will not fit in this” Chris said and you laughed turning the baby grow around and then taking out the pregnancy test. Chris looked at the writing on the baby grow and then to the positive pregnancy test. He looked up at you, tears in his eyes and he immediately placed his lips on yours. You were surprised, but kissed back immediately.
He pulled back and leaned his forehead against yours sniffling a little. You placed your hands on his cheeks.
“You’re pregnant?” He asked and you nodded.
“10 weeks. I’ve known all week, wanted to surprise you” You replied and chris shook his head looking down at the baby grow.
“I love you” He said and you grinned.
“I love you, too. Baby loves you so much already” You said placing a hand on your stomach. Chris bit back a sob putting his hand on yours.
“We’re going to be parents, baby. What the fuck” He said and you laughed sitting down on his lap.
“Yeah, but we’re gonna be pretty fucking cool parents”
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boston-babies · 23 hours ago
how old is papa evans turning today?💕
Grandpa is 64 today🤣-Ryan
this means he can take his old man naps with Teddy, oh that’s wonderful. Teddy’s gonna be so happy to have a nap time buddy🤣🤣-Brayden
What happened to the no joke rule I set earlier?-mama
That went out the window mom🤣-Ryan
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jbreenr · a day ago
Trust –Chris Evans
Pairing: Bodyguard!Chris Evans × Famous!reader
Word count: 5.7k
Summary: Chris has worked for many artists. All, counting on him to keep them safe. Why don't you?
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), choking, unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), mentions of an alleged stalker, reader being a bit stubborn, slight angst (???), cockwarming at the end. This is a RPF AU so, don’t read if you don’t feel comfortable with that. I think that's it.
A/N: Damn, I got a little carried away. Sorry. This is the longest shit I've written so far so, I hope it's not as boring as I think it might be. Anyway, I had so much fun writing it for @buckyownsmylife 's 1st anniversary challenge! Why am I always writing for you? I don't understand, but I like it 😆. Also, yes, I posted this on Chris' birthday, I'm that kinda person. As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes en español*
Wheel results (just attaching evidence):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴹʸ ᵍⁱᶠ
All captions said the same. The press, as always taking advantage of the misfortune of others to create gossip and gain followers and reads on their sites.
You shut the laptop and took your face in your hand.
It all started the day before, when you were waiting for a cab outside an overly expensive Thai place, after having a meeting with one of the most acclaimed thriller film directors to discuss a role he was offering you for his next project.
With the deal made and dessert finished, Mark, your manager, offered to take you home, but you declined his offer, telling him that you had to run some errands before. He left with the promise of calling you during the week.
The ringtone you set for your best friend sounded loudly in your back pocket. Answering her call, you covered your eyes from the sunlight.
“Hey, babe. How's it going?”
“I should be the one asking that, but given your apparent good mood, I think things went as planned.”
Raising your arm, you called for a taxi, but the driver ignored you. “It went better than planned! Not only did I get a role in the movie. I got the role in the movie. So, you better greet and bow to the new Mistress of the Underworld next time you see me!” Your voice went from arrogant to excited as you spoke, letting her know that you were joking.
“That's awesome, dude!” your friend exclaimed. “Damn, there'll be no way to get you out of your throne now.”
You fake laughed and asked, “Do I really have to get the drinks? I mean, it's me who we are celebrating.”
“Hey, your achievement, your liquor.”
“Hi. Are you Y/N/N?,” A guy you vaguely remembered having seen some times behind the security bars of different events shyly approached you. “Yes, you are! I love your movies. Can I… can we take… is it okay if…?” Phone in hand, he tried asking.
“Hold on a second, girl. I’m taking a photo with…” you didn't finish the sentence, waiting for the man to complete it.
“Oh uhm, Bern.”
“With Bern. I’ll be right back.”
“Do it fast, we gotta toast because you’re paying the bills again.”
“Shut up.” You giggled and then turned your attention to the red headed in front of you.
He was taller than you by a few inches. His green eyes, small, and his nose and cheekbones covered with hundreds of freckles. He seemed nice.
“So, how would you like the photo?” you asked as you fixed your perfectly combed hair. “Do you want us to pose or just a simple selfie?”
“A selfie is fine.” he stood beside you, close enough for both your faces to fit on the broken screen of his phone.
Raising your hand, you made a peace sign and gave your biggest smile to the camera. He clicked the button and it was done.
“Well, it was so nice seeing you, Bern but, I better get going. People are waiting for me.” You waved at him and turned to start walking, but he stopped you by taking your wrist.
“Can we repeat it? I don’t like how I look.” His insisting eyes, trying to convince you.
“Sure, why not?” Your friend was still on the line and you told her to wait for a little longer.
You got in position and showed your teeth once more, but your smile faltered when you felt his cold fingers touching your lower back from under your top.
"That hand.” You warned in a playful voice.
His touch disappeared, but the feeling was still there.
Once the photo was taken, you stepped away and shakingly said your goodbyes, in hopes of getting away from him as quickly as possible.
“No, wait! Let’s take another one!” His hand gripped your waist. “Just one more.”
“I'm gonna be late. My friends are--.”
He dragged you closer to him and you stepped on his feet accidentally, but he didn't seem to notice. His eyes, big and sparkling.
“The lighting is not good.” He looked around. “Let’s go somewhere else to make it perfect.”
Fear ran down your body, the closeness of his face to yours, disturbing you to the point of wanting to start running.
“Please, let go of me.” Calm flew from your mouth, even though you were feeling the opposite.
“Not until we take another photo!” His tone was contundent, nothing like the one he used while asking for the first one.
“You’re hurting me!” A few people were passing by, only turning to see if you were really that actress they had seen somewhere, none of them knowing what was going on.
“You really want to leave me?” You pulled, intending to shake him off. “Then, leave.”
Instead of just freeing you, he shoved your arm. The unexpected force, bringing you to the ground on your side. Your whole weight, falling on your left hand.
Screaming in pain, you heard your friend calling for you asking if you were okay, while with teary eyes you saw Bern running away and a lot of curious people forming a circle around you.
“Hey girl, uhm,” You took your phone to your ear and brought your other hand to your chest. “I think I’m gonna be late for the party.”
After some X-rays, a movement test and a bunch of medical terms that you didn't understand, the doctor told you that you only had a slight sprain and that you'd only need to wear a wristband for two to three weeks, take some painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and avoid movement as much as possible.
Luckily, you were already done filming the second season of your series. Your only concern, the pre-production of the new movie that started in a couple of weeks.
Those events led you the next day, sitting in front of Mark’s desk, being given a speech of how you should be more careful while talking to fans.
“… And that's why I consider it appropriate for you to take an escort with you.”
“But I don’t need protection!” you yelled at your manager. “I can defend myself.”
“Yeah? How did that go yesterday?”
Licking your lips in exasperation, you tried to come up with a compelling argument so you could persuade him to put his crazy idea aside and let you be.
“Look, Mark, I’m just saying that I don’t need a babysitter.”
“Y/N, understand, I don’t want anything like that happening to you again. While that lunatic is still out there, you cannot go out alone."
“It was not a big deal. I don’t know why you’re all acting like he beat the hell out of me.”
“He could have.”
“But he didn’t!” You stood up and wandered around his office. “I’m tired of telling people that I can handle these kinds of situations just fine.”
“I don’t care what you think.” Pointing at the chair in front of him, he signaled for you to sit again, which you did recultanty. “I found a guy. He’s supposed to be the best of the best; good recommendations, excellent resumé, and an impressive knowledge of, what seems to be, martial arts." He said as he held an open folder. "Just... give it a chance, would you?" He handed you the folder. "If after a month you feel uncomfortable with someone following you around twenty four seven well, we'll find another solution."
You looked at the information printed in the piece of paper, not paying attention to it and sighed in defeat, throwing your head back. “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Of course, you should have known better than to think that.
Two days later, Monday morning, during breakfast –or study time, as you usually called it, your doorbell rang.
Still in your pajamas, you went to open the door. A half empty bowl of fruit, held between your left forearm and ribs. Your hand, immovile, caught in the wristband.
Mark stood in front of you, looking as if someone had dropped ice cream in his favorite pair of shoes. Right eyebrow raised and lips pressed in a tight line. He was mad. At you, specifically. But it was not his expression what caught your attention. It was the man behind him; a hundred and eighty-two pounds of pure muscle and six feet of gorgeousness remained silent and still, wearing an immaculate black suit and showing no emotion in his handsome face.
“What did I tell you?” Mark asked as he showed you his phone. A picture of you and two other girls adorned the screen.
“I don’t know.” You took a grape from your plate and turned to walk to the living room again, both men, following you inside. “You’ve told me plenty of things since we met.”
The other man looked around unimpressed, hands behind his back and an analytic glint drawn on his pupils.
You dropped to the couch, taking the script and marker again to continue with your previous task.
“I specifically said that I didn’t want you to expose yourself by going out alone.” He sat on the coffee table. The other guy, rigid and impassable a few steps away. “And, what do you do? You decide to go for a walk, wave at paparazzis, give autographs and have long conversations with strangers in the street.”
“They’re not strangers.” You threw the script aside. “They’re my fans, and if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.”
“One of those fans is the reason we’re having this conversation right now.” He inhaled deeply, as if it helped him calm down. “I’m not here to argue with you.” He stood up.
“Lucky me!” Your sarcasm had him shaking his head.
“I came to introduce you to the newest addition to your team.”
For some reason, you felt as if they had practiced that part, with the man walking in your direction and reaching out his hand to you the second Mark finished the sentence.
“Miss Y/L/N, my name’s Christopher and I'll be the one taking care of your safety.”
You eyed him up and down from your seat.
My safety. You thought, chuckling. He's way too cute not to be an actor… model, if not.
“Well, Chris, welcome aboard.” You shook his hand with your healthy one.
“I would appreciate it if you called me Christpher, if you don’t mind.” He straightened, the tone of his request calm, but firm.
“Sure, Chris.” He narrowed his eyes in discomfort but did nothing to correct you again.
With an eye roll, Mark moved to sit beside you and invited Christopher to have a seat as well.
“Let's start, shall we?” Your manager asked, putting out a notebook full of post-its. Your new shadow, doing the same.
You spent the rest of the day checking your activities for the next week, preparing security measures and a contingency plan, in case it was needed.
Your script reading, delayed until dinnertime.
The first two weeks were not as boring as you thought they'd be. Rumors of a certain actress dating a mysterious guy blew the internet as soon as he was spotted helping you get out of your car in the parking lot of a mall. Gossips about your love life, breaking social media when photos of you two carrying your shopping bags were published. Speculations regarding him moving in with you were heard the day he accidentally appeared in the back of a video you posted. All of them, dismissed during an interview, answering a question about the incident that caused it all.
Although you were having the time of your life, calling him "Chris" in every chance given, teasing him, he didn’t flinch even once.
The only problem you found was when it came to greeting people that approached you asking for a photo. Chris would create a barrier between you and your fans, and ask them to step back, scaring most of them. He took his job too seriously. That did not mean you didn’t manage to sneak out of his trained ocean eyes to get closer to them every now and then, getting on his nerves every single time.
Week three was here, which meant that you had run out of food, therefore you needed to go to the store to get some supplies for the rest of the month.
It was nine o’clock when the doorbell rang. Still in bed with eyes closed, you groaned in disbelief and covered your face with the blankets. It had been like that since his hiring became official… kind of. The first day, he arrived at six am with the excuse of needing to inspect your apartment to rule out possible access for intruders. Deep inside, you suspected it was his retribution for ignoring his wish of being called by his full name during your first reunion; The second day, he was at the door at seven, with the argument that his working hours started that early; On day three you decided to shorten his duty time by asking him to show up at ten thirty in the morning and gave him a key so he wouldn’t interrupt you with whatever you were doing.
Yet, he thought that it was better if he was there earlier in case an unexpected event arose. And if it was not enough, he clung to the idea that waiting to be invited in was the right thing to do.
The shrill sound echoed through the house again, making you want to disconnect it and knock him out with it. Instead, you got out of bed and with slow, heavy steps, went to open the door, leaving your robe and slippers behind. You gave up your efforts of looking presentable on day six.
Unlike you, with tangled hair, morning breathing and wrinkled pajamas, he was wide awake, prepared to start the day with his batteries fully charged.
“You know where the coffee is.” You let him in and closed the door behind him, knowing damn well that he didn't need a cup as much as you did. “I’ll be right back.”
Dragging your feet on the floor, you walked directly to the bathroom, not ready to say goodbye to the comfort and warmth of your bed and replace them for the awakening effect of a shower.
Your voice accompanied the music coming out of the radio on your way back to your apartment, hands playing simultaneously an imaginary guitar and the biggest air drum someone could imagine. Singing the guitar solo and shaking your head to the beat of the song from the passenger seat had Chis peeking at you, successfully hiding a smile behind a weary face.
Right when the chorus started, your stomach roared, ruining the moment and your performance in the process.
“We can go get you something to eat.” He suggested, keeping his eyes on the road.
“Yeah, I’m starving!” Unlocking your phone, you searched for a place nearby where you could have a pizza. “Bet you too.”
“I’m good.”
“I doubt that.” Clicking on the pin of a pizza and pasta restaurant, you said. “This morning you rejected my kind breakfast offer,” Sarcasm, coming out easily. You offered him a bowl of cereal with barely any cereal on it with no milk. “And I hadn’t seen you eat anything the whole day.”
“I’m good.” He repeated, shaking his head, putting the conversation to an end and turning right when you told him to.
There was no explanation. No apparent reason for it to happen the way it did. Maybe you had bad luck with food establishments, maybe you should resign to home deliveries and never step on a restaurant for the rest of your life.
Chris had parked a block away from the pizza place due to the lack of space in front of it, which meant that you had to walk a couple of meters to get there and then to your car when you were finished.
Halfway to your car, with Chris on your right facing forward, you felt a hand stopping you by your shoulder from behind and jumped in surprise, letting out a sight.
Faster than light, Chris placed himself between you and the stranger and with brute force, one of his fists collided with the guy’s stomach while the other pushed him back by the neck, sending him to the ground. You swore you saw him falling in slow motion.
“Oh, my God!” someone said. A bunch of teens quickly approached the scene.
Looking down, you saw a boy not older than nineteen, holding a napkin and a black marker.
No amount of words could describe how embarrassed you were, no amount of autographs you were to give could make you feel better.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You apologized to him and his friends, sending a deadly glare in Chris’ direction, who stood impassive as if it was nothing. “This won’t happen again, I swear.” You vividly imagined next day’s headline: “FAN IS SENT TO THE HOSPITAL WITH INTERNAL BLEEDING AFTER TRYING TO SAY HELLO TO Y/N Y/L/N.”
“Don’t worry.” The guy on the floor said as you helped him stand up, his hand covering the side of his abdomen. “I read what happened to you, it’s good that you have backup.”
“What can I do to compensate you for this? I feel horrible.” Your concern, showing as you bit your lip.
“We can always take a photo and forget this happened?” He asked with a smile drawn on his lips, which made you relax your shoulders. The weight of guilt, slowly disappearing.
Taking a look at his friends, they all nodded in agreement and signed up for a photo themselves.
As punishment, you proposed that Chris took the photo this time to make up for the misunderstanding, making them all laugh. He didn’t like the idea but did it nevertheless after he decided that they were harmless.
You two would have a conversation as soon as you were alone.
“Are you crazy?” You had barely entered your apartment when you started with your lecture. “Why did you think that punching a fifteen year old was a good idea?!”
“I didn’t know he was fifteen.” he said, as composed as always.
“Exactly. You didn’t know.” You pointed your finger at him. “Because you didn’t stop to check who was ‘attacking’ me.”
Slapping the door closed, you marched to the living room, willing to start an unlikely discussion.
“He shouldn’t have touched you in the first place.” He left the bags in the aisle of the kitchen. “I was just doing my job.”
The coolness of his statement sent you over the edge.
“Attacking people is not your job!”
“And, what exactly is my job, then?” The tranquility with which he had handled himself up to that moment fading little by little. “You have treated me as your assistant all this time. I am not here to do your grocery shopping, I am here to protect you!” He yelled at you, His anger and frustration, evident. Until now, you were not sure if he was able to show any sort of emotion.
“How many times do I have to say that I don’t need protection?” You yelled back.
“If so, why am I here?”
“You, my friend,” Shortening the distance, you poked his chest with your index finger. “Are here because my manager is a paranoiac grandpa who believes I’m too naive to put my trust in everyone.”
“In everyone but me.”
“I. Don't. Need. To. Trust. You.” You added force to your touches with each word.
“Stop it.” He said, taking your hand in his.
“What? Can’t stand a girl telling you that she doesn’t need you to be her knight in shiny armor?” With your other hand, you resumed your poking, with less force thanks to the pain it caused you.
“I’m serious.” He caught your other hand, making you whine in an ache.
“Yeah, me too.” You got closer to his face. “Go terrify teenagers elsewhere.”
Attempting to step away from him in a dramatic way, you pulled your arms down, not giving a damn if it hurted, but he didn't let go. Instead, he held you with more strength. You did it again but ended up with the same result. The only one thing you thought would set you free, spitting from your mouth like poison: “You're fired.”
He tilted his head, contemplating if you were kidding or not. When he decided that you weren’t, he huffed. A dry and somber action that sent chills down your spine.
“You don’t get to decide that.” His hold on your wrists relaxed, giving you the opportunity to step away.
“No, I don’t. But I’m calling Mark to tell him that this,” You gestured circles with your hands. “Didn’t work.”
One second you were reaching for the phone and the second, being slammed against the wall next to the couch by Chris, whose right hand was firmly placed in your throat. The amused look on his face and his head shake, had you voiceless.
“You really are a pain in the ass.” he affirmed. His face was so close to yours that you could count the hairs of his beard if you wanted to, see the almost imperceptible tint of green in his eyes, kiss his plump lips if he just leaned enough…
His eyes explored your face, absorbing every inch of it, learning your features, like trying to memorize them. When you parted your lips to exhale and your breath hit his face, he closed his eyes. His long lashes brushing softly above his cheekbones and his bicep, looking more prominent under his tight ironed black shirt, thanks to the growth on strength of his grip.
“What are you doing?” The tremble of your voice brought his gaze to you once again. The way you practically moaned the question, had his cook twitching under his trousers.
“When I accepted Mark’s offer to work with you, I did not expect you to be as difficult as he described you.” The sides of his thumb and index finger dug in your jaw, forcing your head up and the rest of your body to be supported by your tiptoes. “I thought I’d be able to do my job as I’ve been doing it all these years but you had to make it complicated, hadn’t you?”
You wanted to answer him, oh, how much you wanted to give him a smart comeback to lower his guard, but given the predicament you were in, with your back flat against a cold wall and your panties damped for an inexplicable reason, you decided to wait for the perfect moment to do it.
With his other hand, he removed an unruly lock of hair that covered your face, tucking it behind your ear. The gesture felt so sweet, so intimate that you almost forgot what his other hand was doing.
“Being close to you has been torture.” The ghost of his words grazed your face. “Watching you roaming around in nothing but those extremely thin pajamas of yours, listening to you sing while taking a shower,” His lips made contact with your cheek ever so slightly that you wanted to move forward to feel it again, something impossible at the moment. “Having to put up with all those hormonal high schoolers undressing you with their eyes and standing there as if it didn’t affect me.”
“Are you saying that you find it offensive?” Collecting all the lucidity you had left, you asked. “Or that you also want to undress me?”
He smirked. An incredulous smile adorning his charming appearance.
The fingers of his left hand drew your collarbone, passed over the hem of your sundress and stopped above its first button.
“I think the answer to that is obvious by now.”
He was still keeping you glued to the wall with his big hand wrapped around you. Not that you were to move an inch if he wasn’t.
“And, what are you waiting for?”
For the second time during your discussion, he analyzed you, looking for any mockery or sarcasm –since it came natural to you. What he found this time, surprised him, pleased him; the words desire and hunger were written all over you. Not a bit of disgust or discomfort about his grip on you was visible. And it clicked to him. You liked it. It was the reason why you hadn't tried to escape or push him away.
Sadly for you, his hand left your hot flesh to get at the neckline of your dress, taking the piece of fabric in between his fingers, as well as with his other hand.
In the blink of an eye, he pulled, ripping the buttons from their seams and making them fly all over the place, leaving your dress open and hanging from your shoulders as if it were a cape, displaying your almost naked body to his view. You were not wearing a bra, but it was not a surprise, he had been purposely looking up and away from you the whole day. Your underwear was not so different whatsoever, the smallest thong he had ever seen was kept in place by two thin threads hugging your hips. It was not difficult for him to get rid of it, putting it on his pocket.
Not wanting to stay like that forever, you reached for his belt, willing to undo it with shaky, slow fingers since your wrist still hurted. As you did so, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it somewhere near the dining table.
He was tattooed; an eagle was drawn on the right side of his chest while a legend was written in the left, various pieces adorned the upper part of his arms and some others were scattered around his abdomen, a bigger one was visible near his v line. You felt the urge of licking every single one of them, recreating the patterns which the artists probably used to ink him.
“Like what you see?” He asked. Having had your mouth opened, you would have most likely been drooling.
“I think the answer is obvious.”
He took your face with both his hands and stamped his lips to yours in a heated kiss. It was all tongues and teeth, your faces moving in different angles to have better access to each other’s mouths. His beard scratched your cheeks, tickled you, but you barely registered that, too immersed in the battle of dominance your tongues were fighting.
For a second, you forgot what your hands were supposed to be doing, but resumed their task after his went to your now ruined dress and slipped it down your arms.
Pulling down his pants you ended the kiss to gather some needed oxygen. Looking down, you saw his length had formed a tent in his boxers and you throbbed.
“Is it too late to say that this is utterly unprofessional from you?” your breathless question was just finished when he dug his fingers on your neck again, spun and threw you to the couch with enough force to move it minimally.
“It is.” He climbed on top of you, opening your legs with one hand and keeping himself up with the other, holding onto the back of the couch. At some point, he found the opportunity to take off his remaining piece of cloth.
His cock stood proud resting against his lower belly, its red tip, already leaking with precum. The sight of it, of all of him, had your hips jolting forward, searching for that which would end the torment you were being a prisoner of. You closed your eyes, attempting to compose yourself and don't seem too eager to be one with him.
You were soaked. Your arousal going down your ass and wetting the surface of the couch.
“Well, I think--” He cut you out in the middle of a sassy comment. “Shit! Chris!” You screamed when he shoved inside of you with no warning. His hips, stopping when he bottomed out, not precisely to let you adjust to his size. Your hands, flying back to hold onto the arm of the couch, your left wrist, complaining in pain as you bent it.
“Say it again.” the hand that held your waist, now was on your throat, tightening its grip once more. “It’s been driving me crazy this whole time.”
Suppressing the need to remind him all those times he told you not to call him that, too afraid of letting out a whimper, you obeyed, repeating his name like a prayer, wishing that he started moving.
He did. Slow. Agonizingly slow.
With each unhurried thrust you wanted to drag him down hard, but him, having the back of your head buried in the soft material of your couch, made it impossible.
“Isn’t it funny?” He looked down at you. “How you wouldn’t forgive me for kicking the air out of someone but would beg me to do exactly that to you?”
His fingers squeezed your flesh, making you whine.
You swallowed, the difficulty of it evident for both of you. “I didn’t beg.” Your raspy voice came out as a whisper, but he listened. Of course he did.
Fire came out of his eyes, an almost primal groan left his lips right before his hips started moving back and forth with an animalistic determination.
“Oh, God!” you moaned.
“Do you have any idea of how frustrated I felt every time I caught you running away from my side to risk yourself getting hurt again?” His peace was ruthless, the slapping sounds of his hips colliding with the back of your thighs, getting louder as well as your cries, filling your ears in the most sinful way. “How useless I thought I was when my most important task was to hold the door open for you?” The vein in the side of his neck was more visible than usual, popping up due to the effort to which he was subjected. “How I felt like garbage when you saw me as if I was a monster for doing precisely what I get paid to do?”
He sounded hurt, brutally honest and it made your heart sink. The contrast between his words and movements, lighting a dilemma in your head. You were not going to justify yourself for what you did, but you also felt like he deserved an apology for putting up with your shit. After all, it was not his fault, he was just following orders.
Too lost in your thoughts and pleasure, you didn’t notice his hand had left the couch to find your clit. Only when he applied pressure, rubbing fast circles, did you decide to enjoy what he was giving to you and to feel bad for your recklessness and childish behavior later.
“Please, keep going!” high pitched pleads fell from you as your hands abandoned the soft material of the couch and gripped on Chris’ wrist.
“Are you being nice now?” He somehow managed to fasten his assault, causing your breasts to bounce up everytime his pubic bone hit you and raising the sound of your squeals. “Let’s see how nice you can cum.”
Every time he pushed inside, you saw from the corner of your eye the painting hanging in the wall moving away. Or, was it the couch what was moving? At this point, you didn’t mind. You only cared about the immeasurable pleasure Chris was giving you and the knot forming in your stomach, telling you that you were close to your release.
“I’m--” You tried announcing but a particularly deep shove stopped you.
“Me too.” He inhumanly doubled his efforts rubbing your bud with two fingers and tightening his other hand around you, nearly having you seeing stars without pausing his thrusts.
“C’mon, baby, cum for me.” The term he used, snapped the coil inside of you, bringing you to the strongest and more powerful orgasm of your life with a raw scream that came from the top of your lungs. He could feel your fast pulse coming back to normal.
Squirming under him and clenching your spasmic walls around his still hard cock, you heard him curse. His hips faltered and he twitched inside of you.
Throwing his head back, he kept moving, reaching his own climax, something your over sensitive body resented.
“Chris…” moaning his name was all it took for him to paint your insides with his hot seed.
Both of you were out of breath and covered with a thin layer of sweat, and while he looked like the personification of a greek god, you imagined your appearance was not so different from when you got out of bed, with your hair a mess and your voice raspy –only, for a whole other reason this time. Yet, he looked at you as if you had been hours in front of a mirror, getting ready for a red carpet.
Still buried inside of you, Chris took you by the waist and moved to the side, laying on the couch, putting an arm behind your shoulders, hugging you to keep you from falling, and placing one of your legs on top of his thigh to be more comfortable.
The white mark of his hand was slowly fading from your skin and he explored it with his fingertips, making sure that he didn’t hurt you for real.
“You’re still fired.”
He laughed at that. Genuinely laughed. It had been the first time since you met him that you heard him laugh. And for some reason, you didn’t want it to be the last.
He took your injured hand and interviewed his fingers with yours.
“The hell I am.”
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boston-babies · a day ago
You guys make sure your dad has a good day today. And Ryan, be sure you have plenty of jokes about him getting older as well 😂
I was told by mom today that I’m not allowed to make getting older jokes🙄which sucks because I had some good ones but tomorrow? All bets are off-Ryan
We were all told by mom today to behave-Brayden
We’ve been perfect angels today which is rare for us😂-Dani
But we are making sure that dad has a really good day today-Brandon
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boston-babies · a day ago
Happy Birthday Papa Evans! Hope you’re having an awesome day!
Thank you honey💙 I am having a pretty great day so far-Chris
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theycallmebecca · a day ago
Drabble: Happy Birthday Daddy!
It’s Chris’s 40th birthday today!!!! And this is my entry for day 8 of @the-ce-horniest-book-club​ birthday celebration! This drabble was inspired by a photo I got a week or so ago of my niece post eating a blue cupcake on her 4th birthday... full blue goatee and blue hands... I saw that photo and knew I needed to write something Chris and child. So here we go!
Tumblr media
Title: Happy Birthday Daddy
Pairing: Chris Evans x female reader
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Disclaimer: This work of fiction is not to be reposted, used or translated without my permission.
Tumblr media
For Chris’s 40th birthday, all he had wanted to do was have family and friends over for potluck style BBQ. The guests were asked to bring a side or a dessert while you and Chris were providing the meats and drinks.
Yours and Chris’s four-year-old little girl acted as the official greeter at the party until her cousins arrived and then she ran off to play with them on the play structure that Chris and some friends had built for her birthday a couple weeks earlier.
Though the food was kept inside where it was cool, everyone spent the majority of the afternoon hanging outside, enjoying the nice weather. You and Chris had setup tables on the patio and in the grass for people to have places to sit and eat. You had also opened the pool and the two of you had paid a couple teenaged lifeguards that his sister knew to keep an eye on the people in the pool.
Chris was visiting with some of his high school friends when he saw his little girl walking his way with a blue frosted cupcake in her hands.
“Where’d you get that, little bit?” he asked her.
“Mommy,” she replied, pulling the cupcake away from her mouth to reveal a bright blue goatee. “She said I could have it.”
"Is it yummy?” he asked her, thankful the little girl was already in her swim suit and not in the pretty dress she’d worn for the family photos they’d taken earlier in the day.
She nodded her head, her mouth too full of cupcake and blue frosting to answer.
Hearing her name called, the little girl turned and ran off to join her cousins and friends without saying a word to Chris.
About ten minutes later, Dodger appeared at his side and Chris saw that the dog had a couple blue hand prints on his fur. “You’ve been hanging with the little ones,” Chris said with a laugh as he petted Dodger. “Maybe it’s time for us to get in the pool.”
“Me, too!” his daughter exclaimed, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.
She had finished her cupcake but her mouth and chin were stained blue and so were her hands.
“Definitely pool time,” Chris agreed. “But first, I have a feeling mommy and grandma are going to want a picture of you and Dodger.”
Swinging the little girl into his arms, Chris made his way over to where you were sitting with his mom and sisters. It was clear by the way all of your eyes went up that none of you had seen the toddler post cupcake.
As he predicted, phones came out and the toddler and her dog were subjected to an impromptu photo shoot. Not that either of them minded one bit. Neither did Chris when he was roped into a couple pictures, too.
The memory saved forever, Chris and company made their way to the pool to play and wash away the blue food coloring.
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Little Blue Ribbons (Requested Extension)
Summary: Steve returns four years later to you after regretting his decision to remain in the past with Peggy. He did not expect his mistake to result in finding you pregnant by his best friend and that he had unknowingly abandoned you when you were carrying his sons. (A requested extended chapter set after Chapter 6.)
Fandoms: Avengers
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. CONTAINS SMUT. oral, fingering, semi-public sex, pregnant!reader sex, breeding kink, pining (you should expect this by now)
A/N: This took a while because I was so undecided on how to end things, but here we are. Dedicated to the nonnie who asked what happens to Steve after he returns and if he would ever have a relationship with his sons. Thank you for sending that request. I enjoyed revisiting this series. 
Also dedicated to @milkyway-writes​​ and @pigwidgeonxo​​ who have been VERY vocal about their support for this extension. You’re both amazing people. Special mention to @its-my-little-dumpster-fire​​ for the special scene inclusion. I tried my best.
No permission is granted to repost, translate, or steal my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
Full Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky asked Steve to stay in one of the separate cabins away from the main building where you all resided until you and the boys agreed to see him. That was six weeks ago. During the agonizing wait, Steve had time to thoroughly beat himself up about what a complete idiot he was. The beautiful reunion he imagined in his head was so filled with resentment and pain that it tore at him. He realized that it was unfair of him to expect that you would just forgive him and take him back. That was what you always did before and he had taken it for granted.
He had taken you for granted.
There was so much that he was now deeply regretful of, belated as it was. He didn’t even know where to begin to fix things. Perhaps the heaviest on his mind were the boys, those beautiful twin boys that looked like the perfect mixture of you both. His pride told him he should be mad at you too for not telling him you were pregnant, but the shame quickly tamped that back down. What right did he have when he himself didn’t tell you about his own intentions of staying in the past with Peggy?
How many times had he hurt you with Peggy? How many times had he chosen Peggy and even Sharon over you? Over and over again he had hurt you and you had stood by him, allowing him to find his happiness at the expense of yours. You were too good for him and he didn’t even see that.
He wept every day for the first three weeks and it took all of his willpower not to march into the main house and see you. He knew better though than to jeopardize probably the only opportunity he will ever have to rebuild any semblance of a relationship with you and your sons. Of all the loss Steve Rogers has experienced in his long life, this had to be the most painful and the most difficult to swallow. He wasn’t even sure if his guilt was worth anything at this point. He was too late. 
He was much too late.
In the fourth week, Bucky came to visit him and Steve felt hopeful for a moment thinking that maybe you would see him now. He was sorely disappointed. The brunette shook his head, his eyes a mix of sadness and disappointment. The blonde slumped and trudged his way to the sofa, burying his face in his hands and groaning in defeat.
Steve took a moment to just steady himself before meeting his best friend’s steely eyes again. He remembered that there was more than just you and the boys that he should be making amends with.
“I’m sorry, Buck.”
“I know.”
“Aren’t you mad at me?”
“Why are you talking to me at all then?”
Bucky sighed and moved to sit on the armchair, his elbows on his thighs as he leaned forward. “Because I know you took all the stupid with you. You’re a goddamn idiot, Stevie.”
“I know,” he groaned, frustrated tears edging in his eyes. “They want nothing to do with me, huh? I deserve that.”
Bucky took a good hard look at his best pal. He was furious at him and understandably so. He was the one who was left to pick up the pieces of what he so carelessly broke. He was the one who held you when you had nightmares. He was the one who made sure you were taking care of yourself and the babies. He was the one who acted like a father to the boys. 
He was the one who loved you when you felt that you weren’t worth loving.
He made you believe in life again, but looking at Steve’s state right now he knew that the regret was already drowning him. He couldn’t say he wasn’t at least a little bit glad that Steve was wallowing in guilt. Having watched over the boys for four years, he knew that they should have a chance to get to know their father. None of them thought that they would be able to have it, but they had that choice now. As much as he would like to beat up Steve about what happened, there was too much history between the three of you for it to be that simple. Underneath all of it, you were still those kids who grew up in Brooklyn together.
In the sixth week, Bucky came back with better news. He led Steve to the main common room, from outside the door he could hear you and the boys and it made him stop dead in his tracks. He was nervous, deathly so, but a push from Bucky had him within your line of sight. Anton, the angry blonde twin, immediately stood in front of you in a defensive stance.
The little boy growled at his father.
“Anton, what did we talk about?” Bucky said sternly from beside Steve. He sighed when the boy just won’t let up. “Give me a second with them, pal.”
Steve watched as the boy’s eyes softened at Bucky’s approach. He watched him launch himself and cling onto his vibranium arm before he was lifted to settle on his hip. It was evident that they did this a lot. You approached them then, the other boy perched on your own hip, and pressed a kiss to the corner of Bucky’s mouth. He watched from the doorway as you all spoke quietly to each other, hands comfortably touching each other’s skin. The four of you looked like the perfect picture of a family and it made Steve’s heart ache painfully.
He could have had that.
After what felt like hours, Bucky waved him over. To be honest he wanted to leave. He felt like an outsider and he didn’t want to ruin any further the peace that you all had worked hard on building, but this was his only shot. The kids were on the floor now, one still staring at him in anger while the other with deep curiosity.
“We’ve talked to the kids. They know who you are.”
“They know everything,” you interrupted Bucky. Steve looked at you but you wouldn’t meet his eyes, choosing instead to fuss over the boys. You were so beautiful. Even more beautiful than he remembered. Maybe that was because he never really took the time to look at you like he did now. Maybe it was the glow from your pregnancy that you were only slightly showing at this stage. Maybe it was from being surrounded by love. He should have done that for you. He should have made you glow with happiness.
“It’s their choice, Steve. Roman says he needs to touch you before he makes his decision.”
He nodded his head quickly, squatting down to his son’s height. Bucky had told him a bit about the boys beforehand and explained the powers he had seen that day he returned. He experienced firsthand Anton’s intense ice powers and a small part of Roman’s telepathic abilities. He thought they were incredible and he couldn’t be more proud. That was one thing he did right.
Roman gingerly approached his father and placed his hands on both sides of his face, staring unblinkingly at him. Steve staggered back a bit as he felt the telltale signs of someone creeping in his mind, it was disorienting but somehow it also didn’t feel threatening. He felt almost hypnotized as familiar memories flashed before him and suddenly he understood what his child was trying to do.
Will you leave us again, papa?
He heard in his mind. This small child was trying to protect the family he had abandoned, trying to make sure that before they let him back in that he wouldn’t hurt them again by leaving. Steve’s heart shattered and the tears fell in large drops down his face. He felt so ashamed of himself. He shook his head quickly and fixed his watery eyes determinedly on Roman.
“I’m not going anywhere, buddy. Never again.”
Steve looked to Anton, saying with his eyes what his throat was too tight to repeat. He felt relief when the other boy looked a fraction less aggressive toward him. Then he looked at you and you couldn’t stop your own tears from falling. You believed his regret, you believed his desire to rebuild bridges.
It was enough for now.
“It’s okay, mama,” Roman said softly as he returned to your side and took your hand. They had decided they would give Steve a chance.
It started off with supervised visits in the Compound. Steve was allowed to spend time with his kids with you and Bucky nearby, far enough that they could bond without interruption and near enough in case they needed to intervene. Usually it was in the main common room that he sat with his children, telling them stories of Brooklyn and past battles while they showed him their skills.
They were slow to open up to him, particularly Anton but when they started it was like the dam broke and you just couldn’t get them to shut up. They launched into a million questions about the first Avenger that warmed Steve’s heart and gave him hope. It was the highlight of his life when both kids first allowed him to give them a hug good night. It was the happiest he has ever felt and he was filled with a deep gratitude for being granted this opportunity.
It was a testament to your motherhood how well the boys grew up. They were happy children with a zest for life and a remarkable control over their abilities. Steve noticed how Anton was so much like you with his fiery temper, but he got his bullheaded nature. Roman inherited his quick strategic mind and observation skills that would put any grown operative to shame, but he also got your empathy. It wasn’t just the two of you, their time spent with Bucky had a clear influence on them with their bouts of playfulness.
They were perfect.
He was content with what he was allowed to have. It was more than he deserved, but still he couldn’t help his eyes flitting to you and filling with longing. He saw how Bucky doted on you, more so now that you were carrying his child. He took any task he could from you and made it his mission to ensure you were comfortable. He was also openly affectionate, always with a hand to support your back and sweet lingering kisses on your face. His heart clenched every time you smiled and softly looked at Bucky the way you used to with him, but he couldn’t seem to look away.
He wasn’t angry that you had found love with Bucky. If anything he was relieved that it was Bucky. If there was anyone who could love you the way you deserved, make you happy the way he didn’t, it was Bucky. He would give anything to not have made the mistakes he did. He would give anything to have even an eighth of your love back.
One afternoon, Steve came into the main common room. He heard you and Bucky talking, alarmed at the slight worried edge in your voice. His heart stopped when he saw you. Bucky had both hands on your shoulders, rubbing up and down to soothe you. You had on a sundress that flowed softly around you and complimented your figure. Light makeup was on your face, just enough to emphasize the glow you already had. Your little blue ribbons in your hair made him swallow hard.
You were so gorgeous it hurt.
“What’s wrong?” Steve managed to ask.
You didn’t look at him, but Bucky gave him a small sad smile. “We were supposed to go on a date, but the babysitter bailed last minute.”
It was an easy decision for Steve especially with that look of disappointment on your face. “I can watch the boys.”
Your head turned abruptly to Steve and the growing smile on your face made him feel warm. It made him feel like he was finally doing something right for you. Your happiness had a decided weight to him now.
“You sure you can handle them by yourself, pal?” Bucky asked. Underneath the question was another; are you okay with this? As happy as Bucky was, he didn’t necessarily want to rub it in his best friend’s face.
“We’ll be fine,” Steve reassured him with a small smile. “Go have fun. You guys deserve a break.”
It didn’t take any more convincing for you and Bucky to go. He had been planning this date for a while now. Both of you had been busy between missions, the boys, and your pregnancy. You were both looking forward to a rare moment alone.
It wasn’t long until Bucky drove you both out to a secluded lookout point with a view of the city. You and Bucky preferred quiet dates, away from the public eye and any kind of modern noise. It made you both feel normal and in those brief moments you were just two people in love. There was no century of the worst luck any person could possibly have, there was no pain, there were no regrets, and there was no loss. It was just you and Bucky.
You hopped out of the car, running your hands on the shiny black paint of the classic Chevy Impala while Bucky pulled out what he packed from the back. You smiled at his choice of car. It suited him so well. Normally you would have taken the Harley, but he was horrified at the idea of you on it when it was confirmed that you were with child.
“Did you seriously bring me to a make out point, Buck?” you teased, a wicked smile on your face. “You wanna make out like a couple of teenagers?”
“Hell, yeah,” he said, grabbing you by the waist to pull you to him. 
Your hands automatically went around his neck as your lips met in a kiss more adult than teenager in nature. You sighed and smiled when you slowly pulled apart, his hands lazily stroking your hip. 
He pulled you to the benches and perched you on his lap, reaching into the cooler to pull out the food he had prepared. You allowed him to feed you as you laughed at the stories you shared. You felt at peace and content in the arms of the man you loved, the slowly disappearing afternoon sun casting the last of its warm light on the both of you. Everything felt right and steady again. The stress from the last couple of months were temporarily pushed aside, but Bucky noticed that it wasn’t completely forgotten.
“You’re still worried about Steve,” he said quietly. You didn’t realize that you had been drifting off in your own thoughts until he spoke.
“I’m sorry,” you said, nervously gnawing on your bottom lip. You really didn’t intend to ruin your date.
“You haven’t talked to him yet.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready for that conversation yet,” you admitted. “I don’t know how I want that conversation to go. Aren’t you worried about Steve?”
He smiled softly at you as he cupped your cheek. “I’m terrified.”
His answer hit you different. Just now did you realize how strained his smile looked, that Bucky had to make an effort for the gesture. He had been putting on a brave face for you and the boys, taking the role of mediator with Steve when he was surely just as rattled by his return. The guilt filled you all at once.
“No, Bucky,” you said firmly, framing his face in both your hands to keep his eyes on you when you saw him wanting to look away. “Steve coming back doesn’t change what I feel about you.”
You shook your head when he looked like he was about to argue. “It doesn’t change how the boys feel about you either. We love you.”
You pressed your lips softly against his, a gentle reassurance of the truth before you held his gaze steadily once more. “I love you, Bucky.”
You felt him melt underneath you and you saw his eyes water before he lifted himself up to connect your lips in a kiss much more forceful than your previous one. You tasted the emotions he felt in that searing kiss; the fear of potentially losing you to Steve, the resignation if that should happen, the gratitude at your assurance, and the unending love he had for you and the family you had built together.
You clutched at each other, desperate to let the other feel in more than just words how much you mean to each other. Soon the kisses and the touching turned heated, your bodies calling out to the other in need of affirmation. You shifted yourself around to straddle him and he groaned low against your mouth when you pressed your hips down hard.
“I’m not gonna make it home if you keep doing that, doll.”
“Car. Now.”
He completely stilled beneath you and frowned. “What? No. You’re pregnant and -”
“Car. Now.”
His eyes widened as he looked up at you, but seeing the determined lust-filled look on your face was swaying him. The threatening flash of icy blue in your eyes convinced him. You weren’t going to take no for an answer. The growl reverberated in his chest as he captured your lips with his again. He carried you with little effort, his lips traveling down to suck and bite on your neck. You were so lost in the delicious way his mouth was going down your clavicle and the tight grip he had on your ass that you barely registered the smooth leather of the back seat of the Impala against your back.
It was clumsy how you both tugged and practically ripped each other’s clothes off, desperate to feel skin against skin. When finally the barriers were torn away, you maneuvered yourself to lie on your back and slipped your head between his legs before he could even realize what you were doing. You took his balls in your mouth and pumped his hard length quickly, his precum dripping onto your hand.
“Goddamn, doll!” he shouted, gripping the seat to hold himself up above you. “You that hungry for my cock?”
You moaned against his skin, your tongue tracing patterns and your mouth sucking until he was panting above you. You slid down a bit to take his cock in your mouth, hollowing your cheeks to better suck him off. You loved going down on Bucky. He was always so vocal about his pleasure and it was always a sure way to get him to give in to whatever you wanted.
“Jesus, you’re really going to town,” he groaned, bucking his hips to go further into your eager mouth. His hands reached over, squeezing your breasts before going further down to your aching cunt. “God, you’re soaking. You need my cock right here, doll?”
You could only whine and grind your cunt against his hand, squeezing tight when he slipped his fingers inside and started a frenzied pace. Bucky couldn’t hold back anymore when he felt you start to tighten and shake, the need to feel you cum around his cock and not his fingers was too compelling. He lifted himself off you, earning loud protests from you until he was pulling you up urgently to sit on his lap. 
He lined himself up against your core, running the tip against your silky folds to coat himself. You were breathing hard in anticipation, your eyes locked with each other until the sheer fulfillment of feeling him stretch you made you close your eyes in bliss. He started a slow pace, thrusting up at you languidly to make sure you were adjusting to the intrusion.
You got impatient.
You leaned back, hands going on his knees to keep yourself up as you impaled yourself on his hard length. He cussed up a storm as his hands came to hold your waist.
“You’re going to kill me one day, doll.”
“What good is the serum then?” you huffed, a teasing smile on your lips as you fucked him harder.
He growled as he watched you, enthralled by just how beautiful you looked while you took your pleasure from him. He was entranced as you proved with your body just who you belonged to. He ran a hand over your bump, still barely noticeable but Bucky noticed the differences. The rounder curves were awakening a possessive and protective nature in him that he didn’t know he had.
“You’re going to look even more beautiful when you’re fully showing,” he grunted as he began to meet your hips with his own. “I might just put another kid in you after this one comes out.”
You whined as you both picked up the pace, his words fanning the inferno in your body. He was hammering up into you now, one hand on your hip to keep you in place and the other rubbing hard at your throbbing clit. The coil was quickly winding tighter and spinning wholly out of your control.
“You want that, doll? You want me to keep you round and full with my kids?” 
“Fuck, yes!”
Your orgasm caught you off guard, not expecting the thought of Bucky breeding you to have that impact. He pulled you flush against him, his mouth closing on a hardened nub as he continued to fuck you through your release in his chase for his own. Your vision was unfocused and your body was still shaking, his arms the only thing keeping you upright. All you could do was hold on to his shoulders as you felt another orgasm build.
“Fuck! You’re squeezing me so tight,” he groaned against your breast, biting lightly at the soft flesh. “Cum with me, doll. Come on. Give me one more.”
You careened into your climax just as he spilled into you, your hips meeting harshly one last time. The small space suddenly grew quiet, your screams of pleasure reduced to ragged breathing and sloppy kisses. He rubbed your back to help calm you down, his sweaty forehead pressed against yours and your skin tingling from the heat in the car.
“Did I hurt you, doll? You okay?”
“I’m perfect,” you smiled as you kissed him again. “You’re perfect. I love you.”
“I love you, Y/N.”
This time looking into his eyes, you were relieved that you could no longer see any lingering doubt.
It was nearly midnight when you arrived back at the Compound. You both tried to keep as quiet as you could, sure that the boys would already be asleep. True enough you found your little mutants fast asleep in the living room. What you didn’t expect was to find them both piled on top of Steve who had also dozed off. Your heart clenched at the sight.
Bucky came up to wrap an arm around you and pull you against his side. You shared a look with him and knew immediately that he felt the same way. Steve looked like he belonged there.
And he did.
He belonged with his sons, but more than that he belonged with you and Bucky. It didn’t change what you felt about each other, but it forced you to face what you both felt about Steve. A century ago it had started with the three of you and during all the different times that you weren’t complete, it had always felt wrong. It had always felt like something was missing and you were always restlessly trying to fill that void.
It was always meant to be the three of you.
Whatever that entailed, you and Bucky were now ready to have that conversation with Steve. Now finally, it didn’t seem like the end of the line.
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angywritesstuff · a day ago
“Happy birthday Mr Evans”
Pairings: Chris Evans x reader
Summery: Chris thought that the best gift you ever gave him was saying yes to marrying him during Christmas three years ago. He never thought you could top that
Tumblr media
Chris had always thought that the best gift you ever could have given him was saying yes to marrying him during Christmas three years ago. I mean how could you top that, right?
You had been able to top that last year during your anniversary when you had gifted him with a beautiful Patriots baby onesie with “Baby Evans” written on the back. Chris had been ecstatic: knowing you were pregnant with his child was the best gift ever. So yeah he was sure now: you couldn’t top that.
Tumblr media
He had begged you not to get anything for his birthday: you were eight months long and he didn’t want you to exhaust yourself by looking for a birthday gift for him. Beside he didn’t need anything, he had everything he had always wanted: you had made sure of it.
Chris woke up the morning of his birthday and immediately looked for you, but you weren’t laying beside him: why were you not in bed? Why were you not in bed cuddling him the day of his birthday? You knew how much he liked smothering you and your bump as soon as he woke up.
Since you had told him you were pregnant, the first thing he did, right after kissing you good morning, was talking and showing his love to your baby bump. So why weren’t you there?
Chris lightly raised his head from his pillow and he noticed Dodger on his bed. Well that was even weirder: since you had been pregnant (even before you knew it) Dodger had been your personal bodyguard, he left your side only for his walks and even then Chris had to practically begged him to go out. Let’s say the dog would prefer when you decided to accompany them too. Chris was very proud of his buddy, it was clear he had taken his new big brother status very seriously.
So how come you had left the bed and Dodger hadn’t followed you?
“Dodge? Where is your mom?”- he asked the dog that looked at him whining a little, showing his evident displeasure about not knowing.
Chris was just about to get up and come looking for you when the bedroom door opened and he was left speechless.
You were in a new set of lingerie that not only flaunted your beautiful breast but also framed your beautiful baby bump.
Chris knew you were wearing it only for him and not only because it was his birthday but most of all because you had been very unsure about your body lately, even if he had never stopped telling and showing you how much he loved your body every day.
You had always been stunning and Chris had never been able to resist you, not even when Scott introduced you for the very first time (you two had ended up in bed together that day to Scott’s displeasure and Chris’ smugness) But since you were pregnant and in particular since you had started showing, Chris had almost gone insane with his need to have you.
Did it make him a caveman that rejoice in his efficiency in getting his woman pregnant? Maybe.
Did he care? Hell to the fuck not!
Anyway… you were stunning and Chris knew he was the luckiest man in the world.
You stood on the door just for another moment looking at him.
“Don’t you dare laugh at me, ok?”- you warned him
“Of all the things I’m thinking about doing, laughing isn’t one of them, baby. I promise you”- he licked his lips. He wanted to devour you… well carefully devour you of course.
He wasn’t sure why you were so nervous, it couldn’t be only because of the lingerie, you should have noticed how positively affected he was by you right now. And by positive affected he meant he was painfully hard.
“Baby, are you-” you shushed him before he could finish and cleared your throat and before he knew it you were singing to him and he was smiling like a crazy man. God… he loved you so much.
“Happy birthday Mr Evans… happy birthday to you”- you sensually sang while gently getting on the bed with him.
“You’re so beautiful baby”- he said once you had finished and were laying beside him.
“I’m ridiculous, I don’t even know why I thought it was a good idea. Who would want a whale to sing them happy birthday?”- you whined
“A sexy whale”- he laughed when you playfully smack him
“Come here. Let me show you how much I love you, you birthday man”- you said
Tumblr media
You were so caught in Chris’s kisses and hands roaming all over your body that you almost didn’t notice.
“Chris”- you moaned while he was playing with your clit. And suddenly he stopped, his hand was no longer on you.
“Well I’m getting better and better it seems”- he smiled smug while looking at his wet hand
“Oh my god! Chris I didn’t come”- you didn’t know if you should laugh at him or smack him behind the head
“What?”- he was so confuse and so adorable
“Those were my waters, they broke”- you smiled
“My waters just broke, baby”- you raised your eyebrow at him
“Oh my god, oh my god… your waters broke. Dodge mommy waters just broke… I’m becoming a daddy. Let’s go let’s go let’s go”- he said while jumping around the room. Dodger started barking and you couldn’t help yourself but laugh.
“You’re behaving like a four year old baby, not a forty years old man”
“Who cares! I’m going to be a daddy”- he said while helping you up.
The road to the hospital was mostly calm, your contractions weren’t fun but you couldn’t wait to meet your baby.
Only when you were on a wheelchair in the hospital you remember
“Oh my god baby, I totally forgot. There is a surprise birthday party for you tonight. I’m so sorry”- you were so crushed , you had spent so much time organizing the party for him and now he couldn’t even enjoy it
“Don’t worry once you’re set in your room, I’m gonna call Ma and Scott to tell them you’re having the baby and I’ll tell Scott to tell everybody else, ok?”- he gently caressed your cheek
“I’m so… uhhh… so sorry baby”- you scream while having another contraction.
Chris really didn’t know how you did it, you were so strong: it had almost been 8 hours of labor but at the end your baby was here and Chris couldn’t stop smiling.
“He’s so beautiful”- he said while looking at his son… he had a son
“Happy birthday Mr Evans… and happy birthday baby Evans”- you smiled while singing again…
And Chris almost cried.
He had always thought the best gift you had ever given him was saying yes to marrying him during Christmas three years ago, but you had proved him wrong two years later when you told him you were pregnant during your anniversary. He had been sure then you could never top that gift.
You proved him wrong once again during his 40th birthday when you gave him his son, with whom he now shared his birthday. It was perfect.
Tumblr media
Author note: I wanted to write something for Chris’ birthday and I don’t know why I thought about my cousin’s son who last year was born the day of his dad’s birthday… I think it’s so cute they share a birthday now
Anyway… English is not my first language so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes… I’m pretty sure there is a part that’s not super clear but I don’t know how to fix it 😂
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boston-babies · a day ago
Happy Birthday Chris. I hope you had an amazing day with your family. 🎉🎈🎁🎂
Thank you💙 So far I’ve had a pretty amazing day with them-Chris
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Happy Birthday Daddy
Chris Evans X F!Reader
Summary: It's your husband's birthday and you tell him some great news!
Warnings: Mentions trying for a baby.
Tumblr media
You and Chris have been married for 3 years, but together 7. And for the last year you and Chris have been trying for a baby. Each time failing. So last week when you got a positive test when Chris was at work, you were ecstatic. You decided to wait to tell him until his birthday, with a sweet gift.
You put the onesie folded up into the small box then the test on top of it. Perfect, you thought as you put the lid on it. You couldn't wait for his birthday.
"Okay, Babe you have one last present!" You smiled handing him the box. It's a few hours after his party, everyone left so it was just the two of you and Dodger.
"You already gave me a present though?" He questioned taking it.
"This one is special." You said smiling. He looked at you confused but opened it.
"What?" He looked at the folded-up onesie before lifting it not noticing the test. "A onesie?" He asked before reading it aloud, "Daddy's superhero."
"Really? Wait really really?" He asked you a hopeful gleam in his eyes.
"Look in the box." You urged. He looked down setting the onesie on his lap, so he could hold the positive pregnancy test.
"We're going to parents!!" Chris exclaimed standing up and tackling you with a hug. After a few minutes., he moved down looking at your bell. "Hi Bubba, I'm your daddy." He cooed. You smiled at him.
Your happy little family.
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starlight-rogers · a day ago
hey i‘d like to request something maybe kinda fluffy but also lil nasty in honor of chris‘ birthday lol like the reader surprising him with something…i hope it makes sense lol i‘m sorry for my bad request but i love your work ❤️
The Tiny Gift Box
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word Count: 800+ words
Summary: Chris thinks he's opened all his birthday presents but you have one more, really special gift to give him
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, pregnancy, pregnancy kink, mentions of trying to get pregnant, fluffy af , 18+ only
A/N: there were so many things that went through my mind of the reader surprising Chris with something but I had this idea and thought it was really cute and fluffy so I hope you enjoy it
Join my CEvans 40th Birthday Sleepover!
Tumblr media
You were nervous as Chris opens his presents, knowing that the last one was the one that was the most personal to you. Usually you would have told him right away when you found out something like this that was such big news, especially after you'd been trying for so long. But you got the confirmation from your doctor two days before his birthday, so you decided to wait and surprise him.
"You've spoiled me so much, baby girl, thank you." he leans over to kiss you when he thinks he's opened the last of the gifts.
"I actually have one more for you," you smile against his lips, trying to calm your nerves enough to actually hand the gift to him.
"You didn't need to get me, anything baby, this is too much," he kisses you again, before watching as you reach out a shaky hand and pass him in the box, "Why're you so nervous, baby? You know I love anything you get for me."
"I know, and I know you'll like this one. At least, I hope you will." you take his hand in yours, "This ones a really special gift."
He presses one more kiss to your lips as a reassurance before focusing his attention on the box in his hands. The box is small, thin and long. It feels lightweight in his hands, and Chris is completely baffled as to what it could possibly be.
Carefully, he opens the box, sifting through the tissue paper that greets him before his fingers meet... plastic. A glimpse of white that looks familiar and the little plastic stick hasn't even been fully revealed to him before he's looking up at you with tear filled eyes.
"Are you pregnant?" he asks, a tear slipping from his eyes as you nod your head yes. You hadn’t been sure how he’d react. If he’d be happy or nervous. But what you certainly hadn’t expected was for him to pull you into the most passionate kiss you’ve ever felt in your entire life. His lips move slowly, delicately over yours, telling you everything that he can’t even fathom how to form into words.
He’s going to be a father. You’re having his baby.
This is the greatest gift life has ever given him.
“So you’re happy then?” you giggle as he pulls away breathlessly, looking at you with so much love in his gaze that he feels his heart might burst out of his chest.
“Baby, I’m so fucking happy.” He covers your face and neck with kisses, doting on every part of you he can reach as he pushes you softly down until you’re back is pressed to the mattress and he’s hovering over you, his hardening cock pressing against your inner thigh.
“What’s gotten into you?” you gasp softly as he lifts your shirt, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your abdomen before gently pulling your shirt up and over your head.
“Fuck, baby.” He moans, wrapping his lips around one of your nipples, swirling his tongue around the soft bud as you moan and grip at the back of his head, “The thought of you carrying my baby is so fucking sexy.”
“Well I certainly didn’t expect it to have this effect on you,” you purr into his ear, whimpering as he frees his cock, pumping himself to full hardness as you pull your panties down before reaching up to pull him into a desperate kiss, “Please fuck me.”
“Not gonna fuck you baby,” he whispers against your lips, as he lines up with your entrance, “Gonna make love to you, treat you so good. Fuck, you’re gonna look so good swollen with our baby.”
The moment he pushes into you makes you feel like you’re floating. Surrounded entirely by him and the love and intimacy you share in this moment. Wrapped in his embrace, all you can feel is him as he moves so slowly inside you, whispering praises and kissing you so softly as you cling to him and beg for more of him, for all of him. This love was a bond unlike anything you’d ever thought possible, and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him. To have a bunch of mini Chris’s running around because his eyes and his smile were the kindest features you’d ever laid your eyes on and you hoped your kids inherited them from him. He hoped they’ll have your nose, and that little crinkle above your brow that appeared every time you laughed, because your laugh could brighten his darkest of days.
This love was rare, and in times like this when you could feel it in the air surrounding you, you knew that it was the beacon of light that would draw you two back to each other over and over again. He’s the love of your life, and you couldn’t wait to start a family with him.
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