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twoghostsfromeden · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Jealousy, Jealousy
Ransom Drysdale x Famous!Reader
Word Count: 1.3k
Summary: Ransom shows you that you're not alone.
Warnings: y/n is a brat im so sorry, mentions of alcohol and weed, slightly soft ransom?? Pretend like "Knives Out" never happened,
A/N: This is my eighth prompt for ‘Sour’
Nepotism Babies in Hollywood.
It's sickening.
You stand in the corner of the party, your eyes following a group of girls who have never worked hard a day in their lives. They're only here because their parents were lucky enough to be famous, meaning their children are automatically famous.
Nepotism. You'll never understand it.
You're here because you worked hard to be where you are, at the top of Hollywood. You've acted in several movies, all grossing more than $2 million.
"Y/n, what are you doing here?" You hear a voice call out. You turn to face the voice, your eyes rolling back in their sockets.
Ransom Drysdale. The biggest nepotism baby of all times. He's only at this party because his grandfather runs a huge publishing company. You chug down the glass of tequila in your hand, preparing yourself for this conversation. You don't know Ransom that well, having only spoken to him a handful of times, but you've heard from several people that he's an asshole.
"I'm here because I earned it," You snarl, suddenly feeling anger toward the innocent man. What does he mean, what are you doing here? You belong here, you might be the only person here that actually belongs here.
Ransom chuckles, raising an eyebrow. "Care to elaborate?" He asks, standing next to you. Your head is filled with the smell of his cologne, along with the faint smell of weed.
You inhale the smell, suddenly wishing you were the one that had been smoking. "You wouldn't understand," You mutter, barely audible over the music filling the room.
Ransom nudges your arm with his elbow, a smirk growing on his face. "Try me,"
You look up at him, rolling your eyes as you give in. "Fine. Look at everyone in this room. What do they all have in common?" You ask him. He looks around the room, peering over his glass. Once he's done, he looks back at you.
"They're all incredibly good-looking," He jokes, causing you to groan. "See? I knew you wouldn't take it seriously," You say, trying to block out the sound of Ransom laughing.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," He laughs, leaning against the wall. You sigh, fixing your eyes one on girl in particular.
"Take Kendall, for example. She's only famous because her mother married Robert Kardashian. She's literally only famous because someone murdered someone else." You say, your annoyance growing.
Ransom smiles at you, his eyebrow raised once again. "And what does that have to do with you?" He asks. He's closer now, hovering over you. You look up at him, shrugging your shoulders.
Maybe you're being dramatic, but you can't help it. You left home at 16 to move across the country, that's how bad you wanted to be an actress. There were many nights you went hungry, using all of the money you had to land more roles.
The majority of Hollywood will never experience that.
"Nothing. It's just hard to see everyone else having it so easy. While I'm working hard for my fame, most of the nepotism babies are on vacation. They all make money because their bodies are perfect. More power to them, I guess," you say, muttering the last part.
You never want to come across as a bitter woman, you believe in woman lifting up other women. But that doesn't mean you can't be frustrated at the system.
Ransom playfully puts an arm around you, pulling you closer to him. The action doesn't make you uncomfortable at all. If anything, it relaxes you. "What do you say we get out of here?" He asks.
You pull away from him, furrowing your eyebrows. "Seriously? I pour my heart out to you and you try to get in my pants?" You ask, disgusted.
Ransom rolls his eyes, placing his cup on a nearby table. "No, y/n. Believe it or not, I actually want to show you something," He says. You stare at him, trying to spot any trace of mischievous intentions.
When you don't see any, you give in, taking his extended hand. You allow him to lead you through the crowd, wondering where he's taking you. He's been surprisingly pleasant during your conversation, you don't want him to screw it up.
He leads you out to where he's parked, his fancy car. "Are you seriously rubbing your fancy car in my face?" You ask, watching him as he opens the passenger door.
"No," He says, motioning for you to get in the car. You stare at him, not moving a muscle. Ransom sighs, stomping his foot like a little child. "Just get in the car," He orders.
You give in, not wanting to argue. You sit in the leather seat, the cold leather cooling down your warm thighs. Ransom gets in the driver's seat, instantly starting up the car. The radio comes on, the car filling up with the sound of a song you would bet was on 50 shades of grey.
You resist the urge to roll your eyes as he pulls away from the party, driving down the road. The night sky is clear, except for the few blinking lights overhead. Ransom hums the song, his hand on the gearstick.
"You're not going to kill me, are you?" You ask, your voice cutting through the silence. Ransom chuckles, his eyes straight ahead. "No, thanks. I don't want to go to jail for killing the hottest actress in Hollywood right now,"
You blush at his confession, your eyes dropping to your lap. You ride in silence for the rest of the way, until you're parked in front of a rundown apartment complex.
You glance over at Ransom, your eyebrows furrowed. "Okay, I'm seriously starting to think that you're going to kill me," You say.
Ransom doesn't smile, not even chuckling quietly. You swallow the lump in your throat, looking back at the complex. "I know you think I'm just a spoiled brat who was handed everything he ever wanted," Ransom starts.
You keep your mouth shut, not wanting to interrupt. He's right, everyone thinks he's a spoiled brat.
"But that's not true. As soon as I turned 18, my family kicked me out. Said they wanted me to fend for myself," He mutters, clearing his throat.
You want to reach out to touch his hand so badly, you've never seen him like this before. If the car wasn't dark, you could've sworn you saw a tear run down his cheek.
"I bounced from couch to couch for a while, before saving up enough money to rent an apartment here. It took everything I had to pay the rent, so there were some nights I didn't eat," He tells you. His voice is shaky now, you can't resist any longer.
You reach out to touch his hand, your thumb rubbing the skin lightly. "Ran, you don't have to tell me this," You say, the nickname rolling off of your tongue.
He glances over at you, a soft smile on his lips. "I just want you to know that you're not alone. Not everyone had everything handed to them." He explains.
You practically shrink back in your seat, embarrassed by the way you had been acting. You have no right to judge, you don't know anyone's story. You certainly wouldn't' have expected this from him.
"My grandpa saw how hard I had been working and invited me to work with him at the publishing company. I was able to work my way up to the top from there,"
Ransom moves his hand, his now on top of yours. He holds your hand, his eyes focused on you. "I didn't mean to judge," You say, your voice barely above a whisper.
Without hesitation, Ransom brings your hand up to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the skin. You blush at the action, liking this side of him.
Maybe he's not such an asshole after all.
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the-iceni-bitch · 5 hours ago
Okay I got: Fuck Machine, Curtis Everett, "but it feels so good when it's wrong" or something like that 😅 congrats on 3,000 my love!!! 💖💖 @hevans-angel
Ooh, Heather, @hevans-angel I made such a filthy noise when I got this one. I've wanted to do a fuck machine fic for a while and the idea of a dom Curtis is wrecking me. Obviously this is an AU version of Curtis, pretty sure they didn't have fuck machines on the train, at least not in the tail section.
Smut (degradation, dom/sub vibes, bondage, male masturbation, some slapping, dumbification, overstimulation, mild sir kink) no minors!!!
Tumblr media
"Oh fuck baby, you look so damn pretty." You preened when he cupped your cheek with his hand. "Jesus Christ."
You were already so turned on from the ridiculous position you were bound in it was a wonder you hadn't come already. Every muscle in your body was singing as they were deliciously stretched, your calves bent tight against your thighs and your arms reaching above your head, making your body arch beautifully over the bondage horse. Sweat was popping out of all of your pores as you practically vibrated with anticipation, unable to see the daunting machine that he'd set up between your spread out thighs but you could feel it nudging against your slick drenched folds.
Curtis could've stood there looking at you for hours. It was such an obscene picture, you laying there, all stretched out and bare as he towered above you in his soft sweater and worn jeans. He was gazing at you like you were some mythical, ethereal being, unsure of what exactly he had done to deserve you.
When you'd brought this particular scenario up he had thought you were joking. Sure, you were extremely kinky and adventurous, but this was like some incredibly debauched wet dream. You kept bringing it up though; dropping little hints when you snuggled together as you fell asleep, leaving very particular porn videos playing on your laptop when you walked out of the room, and his absolute favorite, peppering suggestions into the dirty talk that came from that filthy mouth of yours while he was fucking you into the headboard.
"C'mon baby, you know it's better when it feels wrong." That's what you always said before you begged him to do the nastiest things to you, and fuck if it didn't make him want to give you anything you wanted.
"You ready honey?" That soft look on his face was gonna make you fall apart.
"Curtis, you being all fucking sweet is kinda ruining the moment." You rolled your eyes indulgently at him, grinning at him when he gave you a dark chuckle. "Turn that thing on, call me your little slut, then come all over my tits."
He growled from deep in his chest and bent over you to smash his mouth to yours, sucking your bottom lip between his teeth and curling his hand around your throat as he pressed the button on the tiny black remote that was tucked into his palm. The choked whimper you let out when the thick black dildo of the fuck machine slid into you made his cock twitch, his hand giving your throat a light squeeze before rising back to his full height and ripping his sweater off.
"Look at you, taking that thing like such a good little whore." He groaned when he looked down to watch the false cock thrust into you slowly, copious amounts of slick leaking out of you and coating the insides of your thighs. "Already fucking soaked and we've barely even started."
"Mmm, Curtis, need more." The torturous pace of the machine was driving you crazy, holding you right on the edge and making you grit your teeth.
"What'd you fucking call me?" He slapped you across the face before gripping your jaw and forcing your gaze to his, his pupils blown wide with lust as his tongue ran over his bottom lip.
"I'm sorry, sir." You gasped, trying to lean into his hand when he pulled away before slapping you twice more and sent jolts straight to your core. "Oh, please, fuck."
"You keep that fucking mouth shut unless I ask you a question." He pressed the button twice to turn up the intensity and growled at the filthy mewls that started falling from your lips, grinning wolfishly as he watched you trying to fight against your restraints. "Why you squirming baby? This was your idea. Turn into such a dumb fucking bitch when you're stuffed full of cock."
You rolled your head to gaze at him when he stepped back, palming the bulge of his cock through his jeans before undoing his fly and letting them slide down his legs. He wasn't wearing anything underneath them, and your mouth dropped open with a piteous whine when his gorgeous cock bounced back up against his abs a mere inches away from your face. The sight of it combined with the dildo dragging over your g-spot and teasing your clit had you coming with a sob, desperately licking your lips as you watched precum dribble from his swollen tip.
"Aww, you comin' just from the sight of my dick, sweetheart?" His mocking tone and cruel sneer had you hurtling towards your peak again, especially when he upped the intensity. "You wanna taste it, honey?"
"Yes sir." You tried to stretch your neck towards him, whimpering pathetically as you flicked your tongue out to taste him.
"Such a good girl." He wrapped his fingers in your hair and wrenched your head back at an unnatural angle, slapping his tip against your lips as he squeezed his fist along his length. "Just a taste, I'm gonna come all over those perfect tits of yours."
You couldn't stop yourself. As soon as the head of his perfect cock was between your lips you were trying to suck him dry, hollowing your cheeks and humming around him until he pulled away from you with a sharp hiss.
"Shit, you greedy slut." He smacked you again and ramped the speed all the way up, tossing the remote aside and grinning when you came with a strangled cry. "So goddamn desperate to have all your holes filled, huh?"
Four thick fingers suddenly shoved down your throat effectively muffled your reply, your body vibrating with another vicious orgasm as the machine pounded into your overworked cunt. As soon as it finished you could feel another gathering fast, not helped at all by Curtis shoving his free hand between your legs and collecting a good portion of your cum from your swollen folds before lubing himself up and stroking his cock over your chest.
Drool and cum were leaking out of you so excessively there were pools collecting on the floor at both ends of your body, your muscles sagging with exhaustion as another orgasm was ripped from your body. You weren't sure how much more you could take, tears running down your cheeks as you fought to maintain consciousness.
"Such a stupid fucking cockdrunk whore." The rhythm of his hand was getting frantic as he watched you try to stay with him, your face starting to grow slack while you whimpered around his hand. "Only fucking thing you're good for is taking my cum. Next time I'm gonna use that thing on your tight little hole while I turn that pussy out. You like the sound of that?"
You could only whimper your agreement as you came again, your mind going completely empty while your body relaxed. Curtis snarled when he saw the fucked out look on your face, shooting his cum all over your tits with a low groan. He grinned at you softly once he was finished, pulling his fingers out of your mouth and panicking a bit when you let out a sob as another orgasm was ripped out of you.
"Baby, shit." He dove to grab the remote and shut off the machine, moving to undo your restraints and rubbing your muscles deeply to help you come back. "You ok?"
"Oh, I'm great." You blinked a few times and grinned at him, moaning when he undid the straps around your wrists and letting him scoop you into his arms. "You're fucking spoiling me."
Tumblr media
A/N: Apparently, I can only write the filthiest shit for this challenge, but I'm fine with.
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alsephinaxx · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
She calls him uncle cap! 😭😭😭
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jadegrey711 · 11 hours ago
I Can’t Get No...
Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N; Hello everyone! So this is my second addition for @stargazingfangirl18​ 5k writing challenge! I got this idea after watching a new Netflix show I immediately had this idea for any number of Chris Evan’s characters, but I thought Ransom suited it best. I really hope I did my own idea justice lmao. I want to see if you guys can guess what song the title is based off of! I thought I was very clever lol. 
If you like my stories you can check out my sideblog @jadegreywriting​​​ to see all of them and my masterlist without filtering through my main blog.
Word Count: 2673
This story is for 18+ ONLY. It contains sexual themes that are not suited for younger audiences so if you’re under 18 my blog and this story is not for you. Please make sure to read at your own discretion and remember that you are solely responsible for your content intake. 
Warnings: Dub-con, masturbation (fem), Vaginal fingering, mentions of breeding kink.
I own all rights to this story and do not give permission for my stories to be published, translated or reposted anywhere else. The only places I have published my stories is here on Tumblr and on my AO3 account (LadyAuthor711)
Tumblr media
“I fucking hate him.” I mumbled to yourself, almost as a reminder as your mind drifted back to those blue eyes and cocky mouth as he’d whisper dirty things in your ear. 
“Stop.” you whispered again, shaking your head to clear the image of his plump lips leaning towards yours as you furiously rubbed your clit, desperately trying to come. But, you just couldn’t shake the image of him trailing those sinful kisses down your body and the way his eyes darken as he positioned himself in between your legs, placing soft kisses on your inner thigh before he brought you to complete ecstasy.
“Fuck!” You shouted, pulling your hands from between your legs.
You almost felt like crying with how badly you had wanted to come to get some sort of relief but it seemed like your body just wouldn’t let you. Not without thinking about Ransom, even when you were with other people you still couldn’t get off; not without thinking about him. And you refused to give into those sweet daydreams now matter how much you wanted to.
It’s not like you didn’t try, for five months after your breakup with Ransom, you had revenge sex with multiple different partners, but all of those encounters ended the same way. With your partner finishing and your body betraying you, with the constant reminder that Ransom owned this body and nobody could make it sing like him.
You wouldn’t give in though, even if it meant you could never get off again; you were done with Ransom and all of the crap that came with him. You vowed you’d never go back to him, no matter what your body had to say on the matter. Because you knew that if you did give into that temptation that was Ransom Drysdale and go back to him, there’d be no escaping him this time.
Ransom let you walk out this time, but he’d soon realize that losing you would be like losing one of his many toys and if you were ever to go back to him. He’d do anything and everything in his power to make sure that next time there would be no escaping him. Ransom wasn’t the kind of person who took kindly to others having his toys and you were by far, his favorite one.
The image of Ransom tying you to the bed in the heat of an argument and keeping you there so he can fuck the argument out of you, flooded your mind and you felt your nipples hardened. Before you quickly shooed the image out of your mind, and tried to have some semblance of sleep.
*** The next morning as you walked out of the elevator out onto the floor of Blood Like Wine Publishing, already feeling grouchy but there was also a modicum of tension in the air.
The interns were running around like chickens without their heads and others in the office were whispering to each other in hushed tones.
“I didn’t even know he knew where the publishing house was at.”
“Surely he’s not here to actually work.”
“He must have gotten in trouble with mommy and daddy again.”
The more whispers you heard the more your heart started to pound in your chest as you walked further into the publishing house.
“No, he wouldn’t stoop this low.” You thought to yourself, shaking your head. “It’s been five months, he wouldn’t pull a stunt like this now.” But as you neared closer and closer to your office you saw that the door was wide open and you heard laughter coming from in there.
“He fucking didn’t” You hissed, and walked into your office to find your boss and Ransom sitting on the edge of your desk; laughing with each other about some joke.
“Y/N!” Your boss greeted you cheerfully. “Just the woman we’ve been waiting to see.”
You stared directly at your boss not even sparing Ransom a glance in his direction and tried to plaster on your brightest “at work” smile, even though they could probably smell the panic that was coming off of you.
“What can I do for you, Mr. Perkins?”
“As you might have already guessed, we have a special guest with us today. I don’t think I need to introduce you two.” Mr. Perkins said with a knowing smile, making your eyes narrow at the thought that their earlier joke was probably about you.
“Yes, Mr. Drysdale. What made you grace our presence today.” You seethed not caring about hiding any ounce of venom behind your voice.
“Mr.Drysdale has decided that he’s going to become part of the Blood Like Wine family!” Mr. Perkins said excitedly and you felt your heart drop.
Before you could say anything Ransom chimed in. “That’s right. I’ve decided it’s time for me to be more a part of the family’s legacy and really push up my sleeves and be a part of this company.”
You had to stifle the psychotic laugh that threatened to burst through your lips at the idea of Ransom working for a living let alone carrying out the family’s legacy. He hated his family.
“Indeed a noble action.” Mr. Perkins said wistfully. “Anyways the reason why we are here in your office is I thought you could show Mr. Drysdale around the office and help him get settled in here since you both are already acquainted with each other.” And then he did it again. Mr. Perkins threw Ransom that knowing look and you swear you could have throttled the fucker right there.
You ground your teeth but nodded trying to put on a professional smile but you didn’t think anyone was buying, especially not Ransom.
“Alright, good. Now I’ve got to get back to work, it’s all busy, busy around here.” Mr.Perkins but this time you didn’t return it.
“Thank you again Mr. Perkins for taking time out of your busy schedule. To help me settle in.”
“Of course, Mr. Drysdale.”
“Please. Call me Hugh.” Ransom smiled sweetly.
“Alright Hugh.” And with that Mr. Perkins left your office.
You quickly looked down the hallway as Mr. Perkins went into his office and then closed your office door and looked at Ransom.
“What the actual fuck are you doing here? This is a new kind of twisted. Showing up at my job Ransom?”
He smiled at you and got off of your desk. “It’s nice to see you again, Y/N.”
“Cut the bullshit Ransom. What the fuck are you doing here?”
“I mean this is my family’s business isn’t it? I’m certainly not going into fucking real estate with my mother.” He said the last word with a sneer, but then quickly replaced it with that cocky smirk. “I just thought it was time I started being a part of this company. I wanted the CEO position, unfortunately this is the best they could do on such short notice but I’m sure by next quarter I’ll have that CEO position.” He smiled,  his glacier eyes meeting yours. “And maybe I just wanted to see you.”
“Is everything a fucking game to you?” You asked incredulously.
“Yes.” He said the word like a growl.
“What do you think you’re going to win in this little game you’re playing, Ransom?”
You let out a small chuckle. “That’s never going to fucking happen. You can drop dead first.”
You watched Ransom’s jaw twitch. “I’ve given you space for five months, Y/N.”
You felt your whole body fill with pent up rage as you scoffed. “You gave me space? I fucking left you Ransom!”
Ransom’s face hardened into something serious as he pushed off from the desk and walked closer to you. “I want you back. You’re mine and you know it.”
“Fuck off Ransom. In fact get the fuck out of my office.” You hissed at him and pointed towards the door.
His cold eyes scanned down your body, paying particular attention to your rising chest as your breathing became heavier.
Ransom’s eyes held a calculating coldness to them as he spoke. “I can make your life very hard here, Y/N. I know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are in the company. It would be such a shame if you’d lose that position that you’ve worked so hard for; just from a small phone call from me to your boss.” Ransom let out a soft sigh, running his hand through his hair. “It would be a lot easier on both of us if you just came back to me.”
You let out an incredulous laugh. “You threaten my position in this company, my livelihood and then expect me to just come crawling back to you?” You shook your head furiously. “It doesn’t matter what you threaten me with Ransom. I will never come back to you! I won’t go back to being treated like a piece of shit, like a damn afterthought or something you can just use as you wish.”
You let out a shaky breath, feeling the sting of tears come to your eyes as you thought back to how your relationship with Ransom was. “I won’t put my heart on the chopping block again for you.”
Ransom’s cold expression softened as he took in your words, once again moving towards you. But you walked around him so that now he was close to the door and you were close to the desk.
“I know it wasn’t the best but fuck I need you, Y/N. You make my life mean something, I promise that I’ve changed for the better.”
You let out a laugh. “Changed? You couldn’t have possibly changed in these five months if you’re threatening to get me fired so I’ll go back to you.”  
“You’re the reason I changed, Y/N. When you left me-” he paused, choosing his next words wisely. “When you left me, I only realized then just how much you meant to me. How much I needed you in my life. And I just let you slip through my fingers.”
“Cut the shit Ransom. I know you, and I know your games. That whole ‘I’m the reason you changed’ act may work on some other foolish girl but not me. You’re incapable of change but you are a half decent actor. I’ll give you that.” You sat at the front of your desk and laughed. “It’s really too bad that you came to this whole “realization” five months too late. Cuz’ while you were coming to this realization; I’ve already moved on and there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of lacking partners.”
You knew you fucked up as soon as you said it. But Ransom had always brought out the pettier version of you. However, you should have kept your mouth shut, as you watched Ransom’s handsome face contorted with anger, those cold indifferent glacier eyes darkened.
Before you could react, Ransom was on you, his strong arms caging you to the desk, his body already between your legs keeping you pinned there entirely. His breathing was as heavy as your own as you met his eyes, daring him to do something. You watched as Ransom leaned closer into your body, his nose brushing the side of your neck inhaling your scent before placing a soft kiss to the hollow behind your ear and you could already feel how wet you were for him.
“I’ve really missed you baby.” he whispered in your ear and continued laddening your neck with soft kisses. You bit your lip harshly to try and keep the obvious moans from escaping past your lips.
You refused to give in to him no matter how good his kisses felt, how good it felt to be touched again. No matter how much your body carved his touch. “I don’t miss you.” you hissed, but even Ransom knew there was no real anger in your voice now; not with how he was sucking your neck, marking you as his again.
“Oh yeah? Let’s see what your sweet pussy has to say about that, darling.” His touch was rougher as he grabbed the edge of your skirt trying to lift it up your legs.
“Ransom no!” You cried, trying to grab your hem and fight it from his hand but his other hand simply grabbed both of yours and held your hands in place as he pushed your skirt up enough so he now had full access to your throbbing pussy. You tried to clench your thighs together to keep his hands away but it was no use with his body in between your legs and pushed so close to yours.
You bit your lip and you knew Ransom could feel how wet you were, as he cupped your mound, how you were throbbing against his hand.
A shit eating grin spread across Ransom’s face as his fingers slid between your folds causing you to gasp. Ransom tsked at you. “Who’s the actress now, darling?” he leaned in to steal a kiss from your lips and you let him.
Let him deepen it and sweep his tongue across yours, as his fingers rubbed against your folds, earning a low moan from you. “Let me have you sweetheart. Tell me you’re mine.” he whispered sweetly, as his thumb traced over your clit and you let out a high keen.
You could already feel how close you were, your body wanting, needing this release that only he could give you. Ransom lets go of your hands and you wrap them around his neck, trying to find some sort of footing as the world was being knocked out from underneath you as your orgasm crashed over you.
You tried to muffle your scream in his neck and felt tears in your eyes at how intense your release was.
“Wow. For someone who hates me so much, you came so quickly.” he chuckled, rubbing a few more small circles on your clit before he pulled his fingers out of you and sucked on them. “Fuck. I’ve missed the way you taste, darling.” He moaned, and before you could wipe away the evidence Ransom noticed the tears in your eyes.
“I know those aren’t tears of sadness.” He cocks an eyebrow. “You’ve always been sensitive, darling but I’ve never gotten you to cry before.” he chuckled and then you watched with heated cheeks as he clicked it all together and then smiled. “How long has it been for you? The whole five months?”
You don’t answer him, you only try to turn your face away from Ransom, but he grabs your chin and makes you look him in the eyes. He’s always been able to read you like a book.
“You haven’t been able to come at all have you?” he laughed and then his smile twisted into something cruel and mocking. “Not even with all those men you’ve been fucking huh? Nobody has been able to make this pussy sing have they? That’s so sad, darling. To go all this time and deny yourself when you could’ve just come back and I would’ve gladly ruined you-” He stopped himself and laughed before continuing. “But I guess I already have haven't I?”
He kissed you harshly, your chin still gripped in his hand. “Because this pussy knows who it belongs to. And you know it too.”
“No.” You whispered weakly.
“Oh yes, Y/N. We are made for each other and there’s no walking away from me this time sweetheart. I’m going to have to think of some way to tie you to me. Maybe I'll give you a kid or two. I know we both aren’t very fond of children but there may be no other option to make sure that you won’t leave me next time we have a fight.”
“No, Ransom.” you said your voice filled with panic. Ransom quickly hushed you by putting his lips back on yours in a searing kiss. 
“Shh, it’s okay sweet girl, you'll learn to love me in time.” His smile wicked. “Besides, I think I like the idea of little boys with their dad’s good looks. Maybe later, maybe for now I’ll just stick to tying you to our bed and fucking you senseless until you see my side of things.” 
You watched as Ransom pulled away from your lips to whisper in your ear. “But, right now I’m going to fuck you over your desk and have the whole building hear you scream as I break your little dry spell, darling.” 
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ladyfallonavenger · 13 hours ago
Intentions and Decisions (Not Conventional Ch.7)
Bucky x Reader; Steve x Reader (past relationship)
Word Count: 2737
Warnings: This is smut free but my blog is 18+ and NSFW so can minors please skedaddle. Mentions of rape, death and illness; genetic disease, child sickness, angst, angst, more angst, betrayal, Steve being a dick, indecent proposal, life and death decisions, coercion (not smut but kissing and actions against will), fluff, anger oh and did I mention angst?
Summary: Steve agrees to being tested to help Jamie but does he have a motive or is he just the hero saving the day?
A/N: So I’m quite excited by this chapter. I’ve been writing it in between my current sewing madness. I started it not long after posting chapter 6 because I felt the inspiration and need to continue even though I’ve been so busy. I really enjoyed writing this one because of both Steve and Bucky. I’ll leave you to decide about them and their actions and how the reader has to act because of something that’s happened.
All of my work is my own, none of it is beta read and my mistakes are my own too. Please feel free to like, comment and reblog. I appreciate the feedback and enjoy your responses too.
Tumblr media
“Steve” she paused as she felt his eyes focus on her, “we need to talk” she spoke barely audible as more tears threatened to fall…
He studied her movements, she was trembling and in tears. He wanted to hug her, comfort her and he hated this dichotomy in his head. Why couldn’t he just hate and hurt her and make it simple. After all, she was the reason Peggy hated him, the reason Bucky knew the truth but she was also the reason he couldn’t sleep at night. After everything he’d done to her, she had still shown him courtesy. After all of the hurt and pain he inflicted on her, she didn’t run away from him. After he’d belittled, humiliated and abused her, she still didn’t out him or ruin his reputation. After everything he’d imposed upon her, consumed by the idea that he hated her, he knew the hate was for himself. The hate was for how, even when he finally was with Peggy, he yearned for her and realised too late that he was a monster.
“What is it Y/N, you can tell me" he coaxed.
“Jamie has biliary atresia. Liver disease”
“Shit that’s serious, is there anything they can do?” his voice laced with concern. He knew his sister’s death was caused by liver disease and he felt devastated for Y/N as she sat before him, her voice was so shaky and that worried him.
“It’s beyond the first surgery stage because of the serum. She needs a liver transplant” Y/N suddenly burst into sobs of anguish. Saying it made it too real. Steve pulled her to him and let her cry into his chest.
Nat kept watch, just ensuring Steve wouldn’t try and hurt her. But she didn’t want him ruining the relationship Y/N had with Bucky. She was going to have to be very vigilant over the next few days.
Y/N pulled away from Steve and sniffled.
“Sorry” she apologised wiping her tears away with her hands.
“Never apologise for loving your daughter" his voice was soft as he looked at her with warmth in his eyes. “Is there anything I can do to help?" his question just made this feel harder for her.
“I was hoping that maybe you could be tested to see if you’re a match” she requested nervously.
“Absolutely, I mean I’m surprised you’re asking me. It’s a genetic disease and transplant testing is done on parents first. Isn’t Bucky being tested?” he checked. Y/N glanced away before looking at him.
“He is, I mean he is her father in every way except biology,” she took a deep breath, “on the morning of Tony’s funeral I begged you to talk to me"
“I brushed you away like a jerk, I remember”
“I wanted to tell you that I was pregnant. Steve, Bucky has seen me through everything with Jamie but biologically, she’s your daughter. I know you will hate me for not telling you earlier today but you left me feeling terrified of you, how you used my body for release and control. I know I’m asking you a lot because you don’t know anything about her but" Y/N was rambling and he hushed her placing a finger on her lips.
“She’s my daughter, you don’t have to ask. I’ll do it. I also understand why you didn’t tell me, if I could be such a monster to you, you were worried about what I could do to her. Tell me what I need to do" he smiled at her, Y/N threw her arms around his neck hugging him appreciatively and taking him by surprise. He hugged her back as he tried to process in his mind that, even though he abused Y/N, she kept his child. HIS child. That was the part that changed everything for him.
Steve accompanied Y/N into the hospital where he was greeted by the others in a very frosty manner. All showing their distrust for him. Bucky stepped toward him and offered his hand in truce. He told him that whatever their arguments were, Jamie was innocent in all of this and deserved the best shot possible. Steve agreed, shaking Bucky’s hand as Y/N hugged Bucky with some hope in her eyes. Steve, Bucky and Y/N were called in to have their tests done and they had two hours until their results were in. Y/N, Bucky and Steve all sat with Jamie. Y/N’s stomach grumbled and Bucky looked to her with concern. She insisted she was fine but Bucky shook his head. They left Steve with Jamie while they went to eat. Steve leaned forward, took her hand in his and kissed it. He couldn’t believe how delicate she was.
“Don’t worry little sweetheart, I’ll make this right. I’ll make this right for all of us” he muttered with concerned eyes as he ran a hand over her face gently.
Two hours passed quickly and Bruce joined them once again. His face didn’t give anything away as he asked to speak to the three of them. They sat facing Bruce, eagerly hoping for some good news.
“So as you know, all three of you had DNA tests,” Bruce began, “Bucky, I’m afraid you’re not a match but you already thought that. Y/N you are a match but there are some concerns at the moment with your bloodwork which could make it dangerous for you to be Jamie’s donor. I need you to take some follow up tests for your own safety but we can talk about that after,” he added. Bucky and Y/N shared worried glances but he also comforted her as he rubbed he thumb over her hand as he held hers in his. “Steve you are a match, a perfect match and, with your consent, I’d like to get you prepped as soon as possible to do the procedure as each minute that passes is vital. That is if you’re still willing” Bruce explained. Y/N and Bucky looked at Steve expectantly and he smiled at them with a nod. Y/N and Bucky clutched onto each other with relief as Steve agreed to it without hesitation.
Preparation for the operation was underway. Steve was led to a room to get changed, have some tests done and made comfortable before the operation. While that was going on, Jamie was also having some last minute tests pre-op as Y/N and Bucky informed everybody as to what was happening. Tony then asked who was looking after Steve post op because he wasn’t allowed to be alone for at least 3 weeks after surgery, partly due to recovery but also because of noting the effects of the serum in transplant surgery. Y/N and Bucky exchanged concerned glances. Nobody wanted to volunteer and that left Y/N and Bucky no choice but to agree despite Nat’s protest that there must be another way. Y/N left them to go and see Steve.
He was laying in the hospital bed and looking as comfortable as one could be. She knocked on the open door and he smiled welcomingly at her. She came in and sat on the bed to face him.
“How are you feeling?” she asked.
“Nervous but happy I can do something positive for Jamie. She looks so vulnerable” he said looking more serious.
“I know. Steve I can’t thank you enough for this. Saving Jamie, this means so much to me” she informed.
“I can’t ignore that she needs my help, she’s my biological daughter. I would never forgive myself” he let on. She thanked him again but looked at him with what appeared to be worry or apprehension. “What’s on your mind sweetheart?” he asked putting his hand on hers.
“You know you are supposed to have a 3 week minimum aftercare routine right” she checked.
“C’mon I’m Steve Rogers, I don’t get sick. I’ll be fine” he assured.
“Steve you’re not allowed to be alone. Bucky and I want you to stay at ours after your surgery. At least this way Bruce can check on you and Jamie at the same time. Besides it might give you a chance to get your friendship with Bucky back on track. I know you miss each other” she sighed. Steve squeezed Y/N’s hand gently in his. He gratefully nodded at her. Y/N stood up and hugged Steve before leaving the room.
Bucky figure he’d offer an olive branch. He arrived at his hospital room, knocked and gave Steve a wry smile.
“Hey” Steve acknowledged. Bucky nodded and walked into the room. He stopped beside the bed and felt awkward.
“Steve I’m so grateful for what you are doing. Y/N and Jamie are everything to me” he began but Steve cut him off. His demeanour had shifted.
“I’m not doing anything for you. You see I had this all wrong. I thought I hated her, I thought it was her who deserved my wrath but it was you that always took from me when she always cared for me. So what I’m doing is for Y/N and MY daughter” he emphasised. Bucky rolled his eyes wondering when this Steve would resurface.
“Steve she is yours biologically but mine in every other way because I have been there for them both. I was there for the pregnancy, the birth and ever since” Bucky sneered at him.
“I’ve changed my mind. I won’t do the operation” Steve suddenly announced. Bucky glared at him with alarm in his eyes.
“You can’t do this. Jamie is innocent in all of this” Bucky insisted.
“But you’re her father, I mean you should be able to provide for her and ensure she is healthy right” Steve taunted. He sat against the headboard, an evil smirk plastered on his face as Bucky knew he was powerless at this point.
“What is it you want Steve?” Bucky asked knowing that look all too well.
“Simple, you want me to do this operation and I’ll do it, if…” he paused dramatically watching his former friend squirm, “Y/N agrees to sleep with me”. Bucky’s eyes panned and he felt absolutely sick to his stomach.
“You are a despicable human being, your mother would be ashamed of you” Bucky spat.
“Yeah well in this life it’s hunt or be hunted. You have an hour to decide. I suggest you tell Y/N what’s happened and that you forced my hand on this” he grinned waving him out of the room. Bucky was furious and wanted to hit him but he held back for Y/N and Jamie. Shaking his head, he left the room scared of what to say to Y/N.
The moment Bucky joined her as she sat with Jamie, she knew something was wrong. Bucky’s eyes were filled with tears, he tried to figure out in his head where this had come from with Steve. If he hadn’t gone in to see him would he have still done this? Bucky broke the news to Y/N. She sat there in shock. Her expression matching that of someone who’d been thrown into an ice bath. Her stomach lurched. How could someone bargain the life of a child so carelessly? She hugged Bucky assuring him he wasn’t at fault. Despite him knowing that it was true, he still felt guilty. With less than thirty minutes to come up with a response and looking at options (including Y/N being the donor which Bruce explained was dangerous). Y/N’s eyes widened at the realisation that he would still be unable to do anything until he recovers. That would buy them 3 weeks to think of a way out of it. The only thing Bucky was worried about was being convincing. He knew Y/N went through hell with Steve but he also knew that Steve wouldn’t just buy an ‘I’ll do it’. He told Y/N what she had to do. Despite her reluctance, her child’s life was at stake. Y/N kissed Bucky deeply, they knew they’d do anything for Jamie and, in this instance, it would mean playing Steve at his own game. Y/N reluctantly left Bucky’s side to go and see Steve.
She knocked on the door and he once again smiled softly at her beckoning her over. She shut the door behind her and sat on the bed facing him.
“I suppose Bucky told you” he mused. Y/N nodded in silence and just stared at him. “I take it you have an answer for me” he added. She nodded again and looked down. She took his hand in hers and toyed with his fingers.
“How did you know Steve?” she barely spoke. He looked at her with confusion as she glanced up at him.
“Know what?”
“That I still… that I still have this need for you” she whispered looking him in the eye, “I have been struggling with how I am feeling since you turned up today” she confessed. “I thought I hated you, never wanted to see you again. Am I afraid of you? Yes. Do I hate you? No. If I did, would I have kept her? Maybe deep down I felt that you would return to us one day. That we could be together, a real family” she added. Steve looked at her slightly suspicious.
“What about Bucky?” he asked. Y/N sighed. She hated this part knowing it was a lie but she had to sell it.
“I thought I was in love with him. I thought I wanted him to be the one but how is that true when all I want you to do is kiss me and tell me our daughter will be ok?” she questioned. Steve pulled her into an embrace.
“Do you really mean that Y/N?” he asked searching her eyes for any indication that this was a trick. He found none as she leaned up and placed her lips on his. The kiss was delicate and swiftly moved to fierce as his tongue probed her mouth. The kiss deepened instantaneously and she pulled away from him tugging at his lip from her teeth.
“Steve, stay with us during recovery. You can’t do anything for three weeks but at least you’ll be near. I can make sure you’re ok and then maybe we can talk about us when Bucky is at work and the possibility of siblings for Jamie. That’s if it’s what you want” she offered. Adoration for her filled his eyes.
“Does Bucky know you are here or saying this?” he checked.
“He knows I’m here to tell you I’ll sleep with you but he doesn’t know about the rest. That’s between us, why do you think I want you to recover with us? Steve I… I still love you and I want to be with you. This way we can plan it, but things need to be different” she told him.
“Hurting you was the worst thing I’d ever done sweetheart, this will be another chance for us” he promised her kissing her once again. “Once I’m fully recovered I’m going to make love to you, breed you and make a promise to be yours always but for now I need to save our daughter” he told her with nothing but love in his tone. “I love you Y/N” he whispered smiling lovingly.
“I love you too Steve” she replied kissing him once more. She left the room as the nurses went in to get him ready to move to the operating theatre.
Y/N went into the women’s bathrooms and headed straight for the toilet. She vomited instantly. Trying to hold back her tears as she threw up again. She made her way to the sink to wash her hands and face. Stepping out of the bathroom she went to Jamie’s room and was met with Bucky embracing her tightly and pressing his lips to the side of her head. They watched Jamie being taken to the operating theatre.
“Did he buy it?” Bucky asked.
“All of it” Y/N spoke as she looked at Jamie.
“Did you mention the whole planning to be together and being with him while I’m at work?” Bucky checked.
“I did it all as advised, including the kisses” Y/N confirmed weakly. Bucky apologised to Y/N knowing it made her feel ill. But right now all that mattered was Jamie and that meant lying to Steve regardless of how ill at ease Y/N felt about what could go wrong when Steve realised it was all a lie.
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twoghostsfromeden · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
snippet of my new chris evans fic (Witness Protection) premiering June 20th!
Jennifer sighs, turning back to Valentina. “I see that black eye. I was young and in love once, too. I’ve seen hostages come through these doors, but I’ve also seen victims of domestic violence. Your rope burns and your feet tell me that you’ve been held hostage, but that black eye tells me that you’re in love with a dangerous man, Mariana [Valentina],” Jennifer explains, her expression soft and sad.
Valentina drops her head to her lap, a tear falling down her cheeks. She didn’t think it would be this hard to talk about, to admit that she let a man lay hands on her. She’s a strong woman, she never thought she’d be a victim of domestic abuse.
“Why did he hit you, sweetie? You can tell me, I’m not going to judge,”
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mellowpoetryblizzard · 20 hours ago
Summer Love - Part 3
Title: Summer Love Summary: Julie moved to Boston to take a new job in the agency world, with a few ghosts from her past lingering behind.  Reuniting with an old college friend, a chance meeting at a BBQ turns her world upside down.  Will she be able to break down her walls enough to allow potential love in? Pairing: Chris Evans x Julie (OFC) Warnings: 18+ - it’s gonna get smutty down the line.
Author’s Note:  Now that I’m out of Intimacy Coordinator mode, let’s get more into Julie’s new adventure with Chris!  Not sure how long this one will go yet, but I’m just gonna write and see where this lands.
Tumblr media
A few weeks had passed since the holiday weekend.  Julie once again found herself buried.  So far, she hadn’t reached out for help, and unintentionally fell out of touch with Chris.  Becca was on a family vacation in Europe.  She was back on her couch at her condo alone with her thoughts.  Opening the fridge after her workout, she cracked open the last water bottle in her fridge, and sat on her patio.  As she took in the sunset, her phone buzzed with an alert.
Chris: just reaching out to say hey. you alive?
Julie picked up the phone to see the familiar name - her mouth formed a half smile as she recalled the BBQ, and breakfast they shared the next morning.  She tapped a response. *send*
Julie: Yes - very much still alive.  You?
Chris: just got word that i’m heading to france in september - 2 weeks of gray man reshoots
Julie:  That should be fun, right?
Chris: yeah - actually looking forward to seeing this group again
Julie: Well good - something to get excited about.
Chris: yeah.  anyway, real reason i reached out, i’m going to be in the city this friday.  whatcha up to?
Julie: A few meetings... IDK why people schedule things on Fridays.
Chris: make sure you’re free by 7:30
Julie: So specific.  Any particular reason why?
Chris: you and i have a seafood appointment at the harbor
Julie: Well then.  If you can drag me out of my office, you’re on.
Chris: challenge accepted - see you then
The clock ticked slower than normal as the minutes seemed to inch by.  Julie’s fingers tapped away at her keyboard, hoping some kind of effort to dive into her work would make the day fly faster, but her mind was stuck in slow motion.  11:30 AM, a knock came to her office door.  Her assistant, a young upstart named Chelsea, carried a large vase of flowers.
“Hi Julie, delivery for you.” Chelsea presented the arrangement to her.
“Thanks Chelsea.”  You look slightly puzzled as you weren’t expecting any delivery.  “Courrier say who it was from?”
“No, just a card.” Chelsea pointed to the small envelope protruding from the opening.
“Got it - thank you.  Mind closing the door for me?”  The door closed behind Chelsea.  She retrieved the envelope and, sliding a finger through the seal, popped it open.  A handwritten note from the sender read
A little reprieve from the chaos. - CE
Julie sat back in stunned silence.  She had never been treated this well by anyone before.  He sent her flowers.  A simple gesture but it had already said volumes about his character.  “So he’s a little cocky... and a gentleman.”
**7:15 PM**
Julie finally closed the laptop on her desk for the night.  She had 15 minutes before Chris was arriving to pull herself together.  She released her hair, cascading down in perfect brown waves and proceeded to touch up her makeup.  Complimenting her Friday casual, she kept things classy, not overdone.  A little smoke to her eye, a little color to her lip - enough to bump things up.
Alone in her office, she wrapped her fingers under her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, opting for a sleeker top that accentuated her curves in all the right places.  Nothing too revealing, nothing too simple.  Slipping out of her jeans, she pulled on a dressier fitted pant to match.  This was the first time that Julie had made a conscious effort in her appearance in a while.  With Chris, and his status, she was acutely aware of any public expectation of him and who he keeps for company and kept that in mind.  Taking a moment to admire herself in the mirror, she stood in front of the mirror on her door, stunned.  She hadn’t seen herself in this light in a long time.  Julie stepped back and turned, looking over her shoulder to see herself from the back “Fuck” her tone surprised, but gaining confidence “I look hot.”
Retrieving her shoes, she glanced at the clock on her desk *7:28 PM* “Shit” and Julie scrambled to put on a pair of strappy wedges as her phone began to buzz with a text alert.
Chris: i’m downstairs - should i come up? do i need to drag you kicking and screaming from your desk?
Julie: No LOL. Be down in a sec.
Chris: got it *thumbs up*
Julie dropped her phone into her purse, along with her wallet, keys, and some extra gloss and headed downstairs.
Emerging from the building, Chris took a moment to observe how effortless she looked before calling over to her.  Julie moved with grace and confidence each step she took.  For a moment, his mind wandered back to the thoughts he had when she had stayed over after the BBQ - what she would feel like in his arms, the taste of her lips, what she would look like underneath him, glazed over in ecstasy.  Realizing where his mind had drifted to, Chris snapped back into attention, taking a second to adjust his collar as she approached him.
“Wow.” He breathed as he attempted to hide the last of his thoughts.  “Good to see you.” he greeted her, pulling her in for a hug.  Julie was acutely aware of the attention he was giving her as she returned his greeting.
“Good to see you too.  So... what’s this about seafood and the harbor?”
“Oh, you’re in for a treat.”  Chris grinned before turning to open the car door for her and helped her in, an 80’s playlist softly came from the speakers as they drove off to dinner.
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bemine-bucky · a day ago
Tumblr media
Good Evening, all! Your friendly neighborhood trash dealer here. This is single-handedly the filthiest thing I have ever written. The whore behavior simply jumped out and I could not rein her in. A friend of mine had been hounding me for months to work on something for Ransom and well.....let's just say I provided. Enjoy your sinning xo.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 3.7k
Warnings: SMUT 18+ ONLY (MINORS DNI), daddy kink (I mean duh, it's Ransom), oral sex (m receiving), vaginal intercourse, spanking, dirty talk, degradation, dom/sub vibes, explicit language, praise kink, and per usual - Ransom being kind of an asshole.
By clicking read more you agree that you are at least 18 years of age, as this content is not suitable for anyone younger than that.
You knew you were in deep shit from the moment the word left your lips.
The way his jaw clenched, his eyes narrowed, and his head tilted slightly to the side.
“Sorry, kitten. I don’t think I heard you correctly.” Ransom spat as his knuckles gripping the steering wheel began to turn white.
You were seething with anger in your own way and you weren’t about to let him win. Ransom had a habit of picking the absolute stupidest shit to start a fight over and after the way your night went, you were over it.
“I said no, Ransom. I am so fucking tired of you pulling this shit every single time we go out. I’m not apologizing.” Venom and anger were heavy in your voice.
“Pulling what shit exactly? Being pissed off that you were blatantly flirting with another man right in front of me?” Ransom seemed a little too calm for the situation, and that should’ve been your first clue that this one wasn’t going to end in your favor.
“Oh my god!” You threw your hands up. “For the last fucking time, he was the goddamn bartender and he offered me a drink! That’s his job, you psycho!”
“And where you’re from, is it customary to flash your tits along with your smile at people for doing their job?” Ransom began to accelerate as he made his way back to the house.
“I’m not even going to indulge this anymore. You are fucking ridiculous.” You crossed your arms over your chest and turned your body to face the window.
Dating Ransom was akin to a roller coaster ride - if the roller coaster was coated in toxic slime and on fire. You had come to learn that this side of him, the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll, stemmed from many years of untreated self-esteem and mommy issues. Sometimes you were able to shrug off his outbursts as a product of his insecurities, and other times he hit just the right button to send you into your own full blown rage.
Tonight was no different. Ransom had been begging you for weeks to attend some fancy charity dinner with him so that he wouldn’t have to suffer through it alone. He even went as far as to buy you a new dress because you were worried that nothing you owned would be appropriate enough for such an occasion. Now here he was, driving the two of you home, filled with rage over the fact that the dress he bought you showed a little too much cleavage when you leaned over to thank the bartender due to the loud music drowning out any hopes of other noise. Apparently that somehow translated to “flashing the bartender” and wanting to fuck him.
“You’re my girl.” Ransom spoke, somewhat softer than the previous tone, “You don’t belong to anyone else.”
Your gaze drifted toward him, unable to quash the curiosity of what he looked like as he spoke. His jaw was still clenched, but not nearly as hard as it was earlier. Ransom always had one of the most beautiful side profiles - sharp jawline, high cheekbones. You knew he was attempting to keep up the hard ass act, but there was a softness to his face that you would recognize anywhere. Once again, his insecurity got the best of him and he chose to project and take that out on you. You wanted more than anything to stay mad at him, to tell him to fuck off and sleep on the couch, but just like every other time before this, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it.
“You’re right.” You spoke softly as you placed a hand on his thigh, “I am your girl. And I love you so much. I just wish you wouldn’t have such an itchy trigger finger. I would never cheat on you, Ransom. I don’t want anyone else, never wanted anyone else.”
Your thumb softly stroked his thigh as you spoke. Almost immediately, you were able to see his shoulders lower back to their normal position and the color return to his knuckles.
Before you were able to say anything else Ransom reached the driveway and put the car in park. You watched from your seat as he exited the car and walked around to your side to open the door for you. You looked up at him for a moment before you took his outstretched hand and allowed him to help you from the passenger seat. Ransom’s hand found its place on your lower back as he walked with you into the house. You were pleasantly surprised that you were able to calm the monster so quickly. It felt as though you had moved past this stupid fight and you were able to let your guard down.
That was a mistake.
The moment the two of you crossed the threshold you felt Ransom’s hands spin your body to pin you harshly against the large wooden front door with a large thud.
“Ransom, what the fu--” Before you were able to finish the sentence, one of his hands flew up to your face and gripped your cheeks harshly. The force of his fingers pushing in on the soft flesh made your lips part slightly.
“You know better than to fuck with me, Kitten. Nobody tells me no.” Ransom’s voice came out as a low growl.
As much as you should’ve been pissed that he would manhandle you like this, you couldn’t stop the ache that began to form between your legs. You stared into his lust blown pupils as you squeezed your thighs together.
“You’ve been a bad fucking girl tonight. Disobeying me, showing other men what’s mine.” Ransom shook your face subtly.
All you could do was blink slowly as you listened to him speak, your eyes betraying you as they trailed down his face to watch his plump lips move. He was right, you did know better.
Knowing better didn’t stop you, however, once an idea popped into your head. You reset your gaze on his as you spoke.
“I’m sorry, daddy.” You managed to mumble out, Ransom’s grip lightening every so slightly as you began to speak.
Instead of giving him a chance to respond to the apology he wanted so badly to receive, you turned your head and took his thumb into your mouth. You made sure to maintain eye contact as you hollowed your cheeks, swirling your tongue around the finger slowly. Ransom groaned and you could swear you felt his cock twitch against your leg. Just as quickly as you took it in, you released his thumb with a wet pop.
“Did you think that little show was going to get you out of trouble, Kitten? That’s cute.”
Ransom unpinned you from the door and as you stumbled forward his hand landed on your ass with a harsh smack.
“Get upstairs. Now.”
You could feel the wetness pooling between your thighs as you obeyed his direction. Practically running up the stairs, you began to take your heels off as you reached the threshold of your room. You tossed the shoes to the corner of the room and took your seat on the edge of the bed, legs together and hands flat on your lap. Exactly how you knew Ransom liked you to be.
This was the part of your relationship that people may see as toxic. The two of you will fight over something stupid, then you usually end up having some kind of hot, possessive, hate sex and then everything is fine the next day. Yeah, sure, when you say it out loud it sounds a little toxic - but it was just the way the two of you worked. After several years of being with Ransom, you were okay with it. The ache between your thighs actually signaled you might be a little more than okay with it.
You sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for him for what felt like forever. Just as you began to feel impatient and the urge to get up and go look for him set in, he appeared in the doorway. His large coat was discarded, probably downstairs, and now he remained only in a white t-shirt and his slacks.
“Stand up.” He commanded as he crossed the room toward you.
Doing as he said, you stood up from the bed and turned slightly as you watched him take the position you were just in. Without needing direction, you laid across his lap. You chewed on your lip as you felt his hands smooth over the fabric covering your ass.
“Now you wanna be a good girl, huh?” Ransom teased as he gripped the flesh of your ass harshly.
You knew the question was rhetorical, but you nodded anyway. Ransom chuckled darkly as he hooked his thumbs underneath the hem of your dress and pushed it up around your waist. Large hands palmed the globes of your ass and you did your best to keep from making any noise - you knew that would only piss him off more.
Unfortunately for you, you weren’t able to contain the squeak that came out as his hand roughly made contact with your bare flesh.
Ransom tsked you as he gingerly stroked the reddened flesh.
“I thought you wanted to be a good girl, Kitten? Now I have to start over, and that was only the first one.”
Ransom continued to stroke the handprint he left on you until he decided that he had been nice for long enough. He began his assault on your flesh as he alternated smacking both sides of your ass harshly. Occasionally they would be short bursts of rapid succession and then others left you wondering when the next one was going to come. You did everything you could to keep your noises at bay. The skin stung and tears had begun to form in your eyes, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t incredibly turned on.
Deciding you had finally had enough, Ransom began to soothe the sore skin once more. Gentle hands caressed the area and he leaned down to pepper kisses along his red handprints.
“You did so good for me, Kitten.” Ransom cooed as he sat back up straight.
You felt his hand nudge your thighs apart, his palm coming into contact with your soaking core. Of course, it was his idea that you go without panties. He always said he liked having easier access. Ransom slid his palm up and down, collecting the wetness that had started to drip onto his lap. There were very few things Ransom loved more than to see how much he affected you.
“My poor girl. So wet. Bet it aches, doesn’t it, Kitten?” Ransom teased as he continued to run his palm over your folds.
You keened as you nodded your head, unable to keep your hips from grinding against his palm. He was right, you were aching and needed any type of friction you were able to find. A loud gasp fell from your lips as you felt his palm smack your core three times in rapid succession. The noise of his palm slapping against the wetness was absolutely obscene - and it only made you wetter.
“Such a little fucking whore. Trying to get yourself off on my hand. Bad girls don’t get to cum.” Ransom removed his hand from between your thighs completely, making you whine at the loss of contact.
Ransom’s hands instead found their way to your hips as he helped you up and off of his lap. Immediately, you sank to your knees between his thighs.
“I wanna be your good girl, daddy.” You whined, undoing the button and zipper on his pants. “I’m so sorry. Let me show you how sorry.”
Ransom chuckled at your pathetic appearance - eyes red from tears, lips swollen from being bitten to keep your noises in, and cheeks flushed pink.
“What a good idea, Kitten. Guess you aren’t as stupid as I thought.” Ransom lifted his hips to help you as you gripped his pants and boxers and slid them down his thighs. He reached behind his neck and pulled the white shirt from his body, tossing it haphazardly.
You licked your lips as you took in the sight of his thick cock. The tip was swollen, red, and leaking pre-cum. He enjoyed the previous activities just as much as you had, if not more. You locked your eyes on his as you gathered saliva in your mouth and spit into your hand, using it as lubrication as you gripped him at his base and began to pump your hand up and down. Ransom leaned back onto his hands as he let out a string of obscenities.
“You’re a dirty fucking girl, aren’t you? Fuck. Use your mouth.”
Not wanting to disappoint, you leaned forward and flattened your tongue as you licked a stripe up the underside of his cock. As you reached the top you swirled your tongue around the head, collecting the salty pre-cum before relaxing your throat and taking as much of him into your mouth as you could. One of Ransom’s hands quickly went into your hair to twist the strands and hold it like a makeshift ponytail. You choked slightly as he bucked his hips up to your mouth, but did your best to relax and breathe through your nose.
“Love this fucking dirty mouth.” Ransom moaned loudly, taking his bottom lip between his teeth.
You pulled away when it began to feel like too much, a string of saliva connecting the tip to your lips. You licked your lips and wrapped your hand around him to stroke him while you caught your breath. Hungry to please him, you quickly took him back into your mouth, once again relaxing the back of your throat as much as possible as you hollowed your cheeks around his length. What you couldn’t take in your mouth, you stroked with your hand. Ransom was a squirming mess beneath you and it only egged you on. There were very few times when he would allow himself to appear vulnerable, and you loved when he did.
Letting him go once more, you continued to stroke his cock as you leaned down to take his balls in your mouth, suckling gently. You felt him tighten under you immediately.
“Jesus Christ, Kitten. You really want to make daddy cum, don’t you?” Ransom hissed.
Pulling away once more, you continued stroking him as you nodded enthusiastically.
Ransom’s lip darted out from his parted lips to wet his bottom lip.
“Then let daddy fuck that sweet little mouth.”
You felt yourself clench around nothing at his words. You released your grip on him and leaned back on your haunches. As Ransom stood up you tilted your head upward toward him and opened your mouth, sticking your tongue out and flattening it for him.
Ransom grinned at how eager you were to please him. One of his hands cupped the back of your head as his other gripped his cock, tapping it on your tongue a few times before pushing it inside your mouth. The stretch burned your throat and the sensation of your gag reflex setting off made you want to pull away, but the sweet noises that fell from Ransom’s lips were too good to give up. You did your best to breathe through your nose as you dug your fingernails into his thighs and let him fuck your mouth.
“Fuck, Kitten. G-Gonna cum.” Ransom panted as he placed both hands on your head, his hips snapping harshly into your mouth.
You did your best to swirl your tongue around him as he moved in and out of your mouth. Finally, his hips began to falter and soon you felt his release coat the back of your throat. You greedily swallowed every last drop, licking your lips as soon as his cock left your mouth.
Ransom sighed deeply as he let go of your head and stumbled backwards, landing back in his spot at the end of the bed. You bit your lip as you watched him try to regain his breath. You took this moment to pull your dress from your body and add it to the pile of clothes already on the floor, your bra following in suit. Slowly dropping to all fours, you crawled toward him on the bed. As you reached the space between his thighs, his thumb and pointer fingers came down to cradle your chin.
“Did I make you feel good, daddy?” You purred as he tilted your head up toward him.
“Made daddy feel real good, Kitten. I knew you had it in you. My good girl.” Ransom swiped his thumb across your lower lip as he gave you a tired grin.
“Now get up here. I wanna feel that tight little pussy ‘round my cock.”
Ransom moved up the bed, leaning back against the headboard as he watched you scramble to your feet and crawl onto the bed.
You straddled his waist and placed your palms flat on his chest. Before moving, you leaned in to capture his lips in another kiss. Ransom moaned at the way you asserted yourself and pushed your tongue into his mouth, tangling it with his own. His hands gripped your hips tightly as you bit down on his bottom lip and pulled back on it. As you let it go you fluttered your eyes up to meet his.
“I love you.”
Ransom cupped your cheek in a rare moment of tenderness. His thumb slowly stroked the apple of your cheek as he looked at you in admiration.
“I love you too, Kitten. Now ride me.”
Grinning at Ransom’s inability to remain soft for more than a few seconds, you seated yourself over his cock. You lowered your hips and grinded your wetness against him for a few moments, biting your lip at the way his cock twitched from sensitivity. Ransom’s hands found their way back to your hips as he gave you a warning growl.
Before he had a chance to chastise you, you reached between the two of you to line him up to your entrance and slid down until he filled you to the hilt. The two of you moaned in tandem at the sensation. The familiar sting of his cock stretching you open drew a hiss from your lips. No one had ever made you feel the way Ransom does - so satisfied and full.
After a moment of stillness, you began to rock your hips against him. It was a slow body roll at first, but quickly became more of a needy bounce as the feeling turned from painful to absolute pleasure. Ransom continued to hold your hips with such a force that you were sure there would be bruises present tomorrow.
“Shit, can feel you drippin’ all over me.” Ransom cursed through gritted teeth, as your wetness soaked down onto his thighs.
“C-can’t help it.” You whined, raking your fingernails down his chest. “Makin’ me feel so good. So full.”
Ransom began to meet your thrusts halfway, using his grip on your hips to help you continue to ride him.
“That’s fuckin right. Nobody can make you feel the way I can, isn’t that right? Who’s perfect little fucking cunt is this, hmm?”
“Yours!” You shouted as you tossed your head back, moaning loudly as he hit the spongy spot inside you.
Using the opportunity to his advantage, Ransom shoved three fingers into your open mouth. You held onto his wrist as you sucked his fingers, drooling around them and using his arm as leverage to assist in the rocking of your hips. Ransom kept those fingers in your mouth as he used his other hand to pinch your nipple harshly.
“So responsive to me. Your body fuckin loves me, baby.” Ransom grunted as he gave the other breast the same treatment. “Love these perfect fuckin tits.”
You moaned loudly around his fingers as you felt yourself begin to flutter around him.
“That greedy little pussy is squeezin me so fuckin tight. You think you deserve to cum now, hmm? You think you’ve been a good enough girl?” Ransom withdrew his fingers from your lips.
You fell slightly forward and splayed your hands on his chest as he bent his knees and put his feet flat against the mattress.
“Yes! Yes! Please, daddy!” You whined as you dug your fingernails into his chest. “Been so good, please, i’m so sorry, i’ll never be bad again!”
Ransom used the fingers that he had placed in your mouth to rub tight circles against your clit, making you shout out in pleasure. His other hand kept a tight hold on your hip as he began to use his leverage to thrust up into you, reaching a deeper spot inside you than he had all night.
“Go ahead, Kitten. Cum.”
With his words you reached your peak with a quiet scream. Eyes clamped shut, mouth slack, and fingers digging into Ransom’s chest - you felt your release coat him and leak onto the bed. Ransom continued to fuck you through your orgasm and you felt him twitch inside of you shortly after, painting your walls with his release.
Unable to keep yourself up right, you allowed your body to collapse down onto his. Chest to chest, face tucked in the crook of his neck as you panted heavily. Ransom’s arms immediately wrapped around you as he stroked your back with his hand.
After a few moments of silence, other than your heavy breathing, Ransom pressed a soft kiss to your temple. A soft sigh floated from your hips.
“M’sorry.” Ransom whispered quietly against your head.
If you hadn’t been paying attention you would’ve missed it, but you knew Ransom well enough to know what he was apologizing for. Him fucking you within an inch of your life was his own way of saying, “Sorry I was an asshole”.
Another kiss was pressed to your forehead as your body was gently laid onto the mattress. Ransom made his way to the bathroom and came back with a warm towel, using it to clean the mess between your legs as he placed soft kisses on your thighs. Ransom tossed the towel onto the floor and climbed back into the bed with you, pulling your back flush against him.
“I love you, Ransom.” You whispered, closing your eyes and enjoying the moment with your boyfriend.
“Love you too, Kitten.” Ransom whispered back as he placed a kiss between your shoulder blades.
The two of you laid in bed quietly, holding one another close, fully prepared to forget about this fight in the morning. Sure, what the two of you had was a little twisted and fucked up - but it was yours.
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do we want a ransom, andy, or chris smut
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Forbidden 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Summary: You're Tony's sister and you just so happen to be very attracted to the one man that gets on your brother's nerves, Steve Rogers. Unknowingly to you, the older man also has his eyes on you despite your circumstances
Warnings: none
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
The man whom you shared your DNA with plopped down in the seat next to you at the kitchen island. The past couple days you’ve been keeping to yourself now more than ever and Tony was determined to find out what’s wrong with you
“You’ve been MIA for a while now, what’s going on?”
Liar, you knew exactly why you haven’t been your usually sarcastic, annoying self and it all had to do with what almost happened with Steve. You couldn’t tell your brother that the man he has a love/hate relationship with is the reason that you haven’t been yourself lately
“Good morning”
Speak of the devil and he shall appear
Steve strode into the kitchen looking handsome as ever with Sam and Bucky following closely behind, he quickly glanced at you both as he maneuvered his way around the kitchen making his breakfast. Bucky patted you on the back, pulling out the chair on the other side of you
“I should get going, Thor’s waiting for me in the gym” sliding out of your seat you took your phone and water bottle up off the counter quickly removing yourself from the crowded room
Why are you like this Y/N?
You can’t keep avoiding him all the days of your life
Groaning you leaned against the wall of the elevator as you recalled the memories from that night. The way that his scent evaded your senses, the feeling of your smaller hands in his larger ones, the feeling of his stubble brushing against your fingertips, the way his hot breath fanned against your lips as you both leaned into each other’s touch
Closing your eyes, you envisioned being back in that same position with Steve
The doors slid open and you stepped into the hallway that led to the gym. Thor’s grunts could be heard as well as the punches he’s dishing out on the punching bag. Pushing the door open you were pleasantly surprised to see Thor’s sweaty, shirtless torso. His back was positioned to you so every flex of his back muscle was visible to you and it was indeed a magnificent sight to witness
“Thor it’s way too early for you to be looking this good”
Upon hearing your voice Thor paused his workout to smile over at you, his chest rising and falling as he regained his breath
“I could say the same about you”
Placing your things down on the nearest bench you made your way over to the treadmill to start your warm up. He resumed abusing the poor punching bag as you picked up the pace a bit. Steve hadn’t only benched you from going out on missions but he also banned you from over exerting yourself when it came to training. Usually, you would be sparring with Nat or doing hand to hand combat with Bucky or Steve but seeing as you were recovering you were now stuck with the treadmill
Increasing the speed, you began jogging. The AC/DC blasting through the gym speakers gave you the push you needed to change your pace. You despised cardio with a passion, one time you chose to go running with Steve, Sam and Bucky, that was the stupidest decision you have ever made in your entire life as you gave up after hitting mile two. Bucky slowed his pace so that you could keep up, at one point he slung you over his shoulder as he caught up to the others, in times like that, being manhandled by a super soldier isn’t as bad as it sounds
Sweat coated every inch of your body as you pushed yourself, droplets landed on the machine every stride you took. You weren’t keeping track of how long you’d been on the treadmill but you knew that it had to be a good while because Thor now stood in front of you with an annoyed look on his face
“I’m bored, let’s get to the fun stuff”
Thor reached over and hit the off button and you quickly came to a stop, confused you tilted your head to the side waiting for him to elaborate more on ‘the fun stuff’. His bright smile only made you more skeptical as you worked on regulating your breathing
“Let’s do some sparring” helping you off the machine he led you over to the mat where you all used for combat training
“Thor I can’t remember?” bending down you reached for one of the clean towels on the rack when suddenly you were flipped onto your back, Thor stood over you with a shit eating grin on his face
“You can’t or won’t?” he knew that you hated when he taunted you especially when it came to training, you knew what he was trying to do and you knew that you were not about to back down from a challenge
“Game on then”
Smirking you hooked you kneed him in the back of his thighs and quickly swiped his feet from under him. You both began throwing punches at one another, you knew that he was mainly doing this for your benefit because he knew just how much you missed the action. Thor got a hold of your hand and pinned you down on the mat beneath him, his long blonde hair fell from the pony he had it in, framing his face
“Yield you puny human”
“Not today” hooking your leg around his waist you used your strength to flip you both over so now you were the one on top. Rolling his eyes, he couldn’t help but smile up at you proud to see that you’re still capable of holding your own
Still straddling Thor’s abdomen, you both caught up on a few things that’s happened. He told you about his nonexistent relationship with Jane and you told him about the almost kiss you had with Steve. You both had been so caught up in the middle of your conversation you both hadn’t noticed Steve’s presence
His heart dropped seeing the position that you and Thor were in, he hadn’t bothered to work out anymore instead he turned on his heels and headed up to his room
Guys should I do a Steve POV next chapter? Let me know!
Tag list:
@madisondelstan @thenumber1simp @mac99martin @n3ssm0nique @sltwins @artisancowbells @denisemarieangelina
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Intimacy Coordinator - Part 11
Summary: You meet Chris on set of a new film the two of you are starring in, with your first intimate scene looming.  Will your comfort (or lack thereof) cross over into something real?  Or is it just destined for the hot lights of Hollywood Characters: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader Word Count: It’s a long one kids.  Buckle up. Warnings: 18+, None - this is all fluff.
Author’s Note:  This is the last part of the main narrative of Intimacy Coordinator!  Thanks for coming on this ride!  I have an idea for a companion story in the future, but for now, I’m gonna let this one just sit.
These Delightful Folks Asked to be Tagged: @chvntelle-99​ @justjulie1105​ @nnnnatalie​ @one-sweet-gubler​ @lovelyladymayyy​ @kthynes​​
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 || Part 11
Tumblr media
Your teams had known you were together by now, so it was nothing out of the ordinary at this point that glam teams were gathering at Chris’ place to get you both ready for the premiere.  Everyone congregated in the living room, his suit and your gown being steamed off to the side by your stylists. While Jacqui worked on your face, Melissa was once again back at the helm on your hair, working on a romantic updo that was sure to win over even the harshest of style critics.  Chris had 80’s music playing throughout the place, the energy high and everyone in a party mood.  You nursed a vodka soda with lime to loosen you up a bit, Chris working on a beer.  Once your glam squad was finished with you, Jacqui applied a moisturizer with a little tint to your legs so they’d look stellar in photos.  Your stylist and you disappeared into one of the guest rooms so you could get into your dress, Chris slipped into the bedroom to get his suit shirt and pants on.
“Hey gang, we’ve gotta head out in about 15 minutes.”  Jordan called to the living room checking the time.  The plan was for you to travel in separate cars to keep things under wraps a little longer.  Chris emerged back into the living room, his jacket and tie awaiting him on a hanger.  A couple of minutes later, you emerged from the guest room, ready to go.  Chris turned as you came into the living room, his heart dropping into his stomach at the sight of you.  He extended his hands out to take yours, pulling you close to him, completely taken aback by how beautiful you looked.  Your gown was a rich purply wine color that complimented your eyes perfectly.  A slit rode up the leg to where it didn’t give too much away… but it was just enough to grab attention.  The dress, though bold in color still had enough romance in the design to make even the toughest swoon.
“You look breathtaking.” Chris whispered to you before stepping back to take you in completely.  Megan snapped a couple of photos of the two of you lost in your moment, knowing Chris would want them for the proverbial scrapbooks one day.  She’d later send them over to him.
“OK lovebirds, we’ve gotta get moving.”  Jordan announced to the room.  Chris slipped into his shoes, and you helped him slide his jacket on.  His stylist popped over for a moment to adjust his bowtie, and the teams made their way out to cars to head over to the Chinese Theater.  Before getting into cars, Chris grabbed you and pulled you aside.
“If you need something tonight, you know how to find me.”  He pointed up to his eyes, like he had done many times before throughout the course of the time you had known each other.
“See you there babe.”  You gave him a soft peck on the cheek and squeezed his hand so as not to leave a lipstick mark before you two disappeared into your respective cars.
**25 Minutes Later**
The cars pulled up to the talent drop off point.  You heard the fans scream as Chris stepped out of his car, casual and friendly waving to fans, racing over to sign a couple of autographs and snap some photos.  His boyish energy stayed with him as he began working the carpet, starting on the press line.  You took a deep breath as your car door opened, stepping out shortly after to a similar reaction from fans.  You gracefully trekked over, repeating what Chris had done, signing a few autographs, taking a few photos, before heading over to the press line.
Interviews were smooth on the carpet, outlets a little bolder in their questioning, with multiple outlets throwing questions your way, ranging from the film itself to asking the two of you about your status as a couple.  The two of you gracefully danced around the questions, turning focus back to the film like you had planned.  He was whisked over to the step and repeat for photos, and the paparazzi got their fill for Getty and other photo outlets.  As you stepped in for your photos, you froze for a brief moment, before settling into your own energy for pictures.  Seemingly out of nowhere, your head started spinning, realizing that even you wanted nothing more than to feel beautiful and confident in this moment, something was still missing.  Instinctively, not even finishing your photo set, you motioned a “1 minute” hand gesture to the photographers, glided over to Chris who was waiting behind the step and repeat and wrapped your arms gently around him from behind.  As he turned to face you, you gave him a smile and a nod, a silent confirmation that you no longer wanted to do this alone, taking his hands into yours.  The two of you turned away from any prying eyes, ears, and lenses to talk.
“Are you sure?”  He was surprised that you had changed your mind.
“Yes.  I don’t want to… I can’t do this night without you.  I’m ready if you are.”
“OK.  There’s no turning back once this happens.”
“I know.  And you’re worth all the risk.  I love you too Chris.”  You smiled at him gently squeezing his upper arm.  Chris realized you had heard him the night before, his smile widening as he took in your words.
“I love you so much babe.”  His smile never left his face while quickly kissing your hands.  You took a deep breath, and started walking back to photos to complete your session.  Chris strode over to you on the carpet, wrapping an arm delicately, yet protective around your waist.  The photographers, realizing what was going on, began snapping furiously, wanting to be the first to break the big story.  Chris wrapped his other arm around you, before dipping you playfully and giving you a soft kiss on the cheek, garnering a large reaction from the droves of press out for the event.  The two of you gave off some fiery power couple vibes as you continued to pose for a few more photos.  Chris finally took your arm, wrapping the photo session as you two headed into the theater.  Megan and Jordan looked genuinely shocked at Chris’ rare moment of PDA, but exchanged a friendly high five, grateful that they no longer had to keep the relationship a tightly guarded secret.
As soon as you got inside, you found a quiet alcove for a moment.  Chris held onto you for just a little longer, the both of you in some kind of euphoric bliss, practically vibrating from the red carpet.  Neither of you had to sneak around anymore, neither of you had to worry about being caught by someone, you could finally just be.
Chris rubbed your shoulders with his thumbs, proud of the amazing woman he had in front of him.  “I’m so damn lucky.”
“Nah, we both got lucky.”  You looked up at him, glowing.
The two of you headed into the theater, taking your seats.  As the lights went dark, you leaned on his shoulder, your leg started shaking a little.  Chris took your hand into his, giving it a gentle, reassuring squeeze, like he had done many times before.  The realest thing in your world at that moment had all started because of something rooted in fiction.
--- END ---
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Intimacy Coordinator - Part 10
Summary: You meet Chris on set of a new film the two of you are starring in, with your first intimate scene looming.  Will your comfort (or lack thereof) cross over into something real?  Or is it just destined for the hot lights of Hollywood Characters: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader Word Count: It’s a long one kids.  Buckle up. Warnings: 18+, SMUT - brace yourselves (oral sex, protected penetration).
Author’s Note:  OK, I promised one more smut laced scene in this story because you all are thirsty monsters (love you).  Have fun!
These Delightful Folks Asked to be Tagged: @chvntelle-99 @justjulie1105 @nnnnatalie @one-sweet-gubler @lovelyladymayyy @kthynes​
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 || Part 11
Tumblr media
**A Couple of Months Later - Press Week**
Your apartment was bustling by 7:30 AM.  Jacqui, your favorite MUA was working on your face, while Melissa worked to style your hair.  Jordan, your publicist was hanging out in your living room while your stylist mulled over options with you.  The team agreed on simple, clean, with a touch of glam and then go full blown glam for the premiere.
You opted for a wide leg, dressy jean with strappy heels and a fitted top that was somewhere living in the worlds of romantic and sexy, all at once.
Arriving at the hotel at around 8:30 AM, you made your way to the green room with Jordan where Chris was already waiting with Megan.  The two of you discussed keeping things professional when working, especially when dealing with reporters.  You gave Chris and Megan hugs, Chris giving you a little extra squeeze before the four of you sat down to chat and run over talking points one last time.
“OK, we’ve briefed outlets on a few things.  No discussion of personal lives, we know there’s already buzz about the sex scene so be ready to talk about that process a little.  Other than that, you two go have fun.”  Megan was cool and collected giving final instructions.
**An hour later**
The two of you sat in the BuzzFeed room on the floor, a giant purple backdrop behind you both.  All of a sudden, three handlers walked in with two crates each, delivering a total of six puppies to the set.  Chris’ eyes lit up at the sight, turning into a literal child as you both dove into the infamous puppy interview.
**Cut To…**
The next interview, you two got to sit, relaxing as you mingled with a familiar reporter Chris had done several junkets with before.  You both got into the conversation, very animated and honest as you two bounced answers and anecdotes off of each other almost too easily.
“So, Y/N.  You not only have your first on camera sex scene, and people watching at home, get ready because it is HOT.  But, you shot your first sex scene with this guy right here.” She acknowledged Chris.  “Tell us what the process was like, and how you prepared for something like that.”
You paused for a moment, shooting a slightly nervous look over to Chris for reassurance.  Giving you an encouraging  wink, you proceeded.
“Well, first and foremost, I need to acknowledge Lacey, who was the Intimacy Coordinator for this film.  She was just an incredible asset to the project making sure we were feeling safe and comfortable.  Mikaela, our director, was also just as incredible.  Behind the scenes, Chris and I made a point to build a friendship and check in with each other regularly during production.  We knew that if we didn’t have some kind of friendly bond as people, it wouldn’t be as effective for camera so that was something that was really important to us.  I remember coming to set that day a nervous wreck - Chris was the only one that day who managed to settle me down, so frankly, I owe a lot to a really steady and consistent scene partner like him.  We also joked A LOT that day so that helped take some pressure off of it.  He really helped make things feel so easy that day.”
“Amazing, and there’s a little story going around about sugar cookies.  What is this story?”  You both burst out laughing.  Chris chimed in.
“Yeah, so poor Y/N was pretty much fully naked on set the whole day.  Shooting these types of scenes is really not a glamorous day.  They’re awkward, and can be really uncomfortable, especially right at the start of the day.  But she really took the grunt of it on set and was a total trooper.  Staging had me spend some time pretty up close and personal with her, she and her make up team did this whole thing where she was still covered, but they made her smell like sugar cookies - what was it lotion or something?”
You picked up the story.  “Yeah - my glam team and I took some inspiration from Allison Williams and her infamous scene from Girls.  We concocted this like, pillow thingy for Chris out of cotton, medical tape, and pads - you’ll never see it on camera but it covered me - that was basically all I could cover.  Chris had to have his face down there for a bit, so we made things a little cozy for him.”  You all laughed.  “My hair stylist had a sugar cookie scented lotion on hand so we just slathered me up in it.  I can’t live it down anymore.  I received multiple boxes of sugar cookies as gifts during production.”
“Also, I just want to call out that Y/N knocked out a portion of that scene in a single take!”  Chris jumped in again, eager to sing your praises a little more.
“Wait, one take?!”  The reporter’s face was stunned.
“Yeah - I’ll let you guys guess which part.”  You quipped with a playful grin and wink.
The interviews flowed in a similar fashion the rest of the day.  No one asked about the infamous airport photo, respecting the collective team’s wishes and kept focus on the film.  The two of you regrouped with your publicists in the green room, exhausted.
“OK - you two sounded great together today.”  Jordan was in a surprisingly good mood at the end of the day.  Megan was equally impressed.  “Nice job today Chris.  Also, you two flow so easily off of each other.  Great work.”
You guys had one more interview apiece before the premiere, both of you had appointments with the Jimmy’s of late night; you on Kimmel, Chris on Fallon.  Chris’ piece aired Monday, yours Tuesday, the premiere on Wednesday, and theaters that Friday.
Both interviews went smoothly, with both Jimmy’s playfully trying to pry into personal lives, which you both handled effortlessly, shutting down any questioning with ease and grace.  Chris was finally back in LA after a very fast trip to New York.  The two of you had dinner at his LA home on Tuesday night after you wrapped at Kimmel, an assortment of Chinese takeout on the kitchen table shared between you both.
When all was said and done, you cracked open your fortunes.  Chris, forever having the brain of a 15 year old, insisted on adding “in bed” at the end of the reads.
“Every exit is an entrance to new experiences… in bed”  Chris laughed reading aloud.  “Wait… does this mean what I think it does?!”  He gave you one of his looks.
“Oh my God, you’re insane.”  You laughed at his goofy flirting that you were growing so accustomed to.  “Your tongue is your ambassador… in bed.” You doubled over laughing.  Chris almost spit out his drink laughing.
“I mean, where’s the lie?!” He quipped with a sly grin.  The two of you resigned to the couch after finishing up and putting things away.  Your MUA insisted on you doing some kind of skincare tonight, so you threw on a hydrating sheet mask for about 20 minutes while the two of you decided on a movie.  For one last semblance of peace, you popped in a Disney film.  Just enough to settle your brains before tomorrow’s premiere.
At some point in the middle, Chris gently rubbed your arm with his fingers to get your attention.  “Hey…”
You were just starting to nod off a little at this point, but you turned up to face him.  “Hmm..?”
“So… I know we planned on walking the carpet tomorrow solo to keep press of our scent… if you’re not cool with this idea, let me know.  But… I’d love to walk with you tomorrow if that’s OK with you.”
“Are you sure this isn’t too soon?”  You were nervous at his ask.  It was enough that tomorrow you were quite literally baring yourself for the world, but to debut as a couple in one night?  It was a lot.  “There’s already so much pressure on tomorrow, are you sure you want to add that?”  Chris gave you a comforting look, understanding your fear, but bummed he wouldn’t have his girl on his arm.
“I get it.”  He placed a hand on your cheek, which you held to your face, gently placing kisses on it.  “If you’re not comfortable, I understand.  I don’t want to push you into something if you’re not ready for it.”  
You looked at him, your eyes reading a little apologetic.  “Thanks Chris.  Thank you for being so patient with me.”
“Of course.  And frankly, I don’t mind having you all to myself for a little longer anyway.”  He pulled you close, kissing you playfully and hungry for you.  Without warning, his lips began to travel down your neck planting a trail of open mouth kisses.  His fingers found the buttons on your shirt, nimbly prying each one open before you shimmied it off your shoulders.  Chris pulled you onto his lap to straddle him, wanting to take you on the couch right then and there.  His fingers gripped your hips securely, grinding you over his growing hard on.  You hummed at the sensation, feeling yourself already pooling in arousal.
Wrapping your arms around him, you gently began kissing at his neck before returning to his lips as his hands trailed up to your back, seeking out the clasp for your bra.  Chris unhooked you and let the fabric fall from your arms before his lips connected with your chest again, working down your warm skin as your head fell back and eyes fluttered closed.  Chris palmed at your breasts, wrapping his fingers around them before nipping and licking at your nipples, a small groan escaping his lips as he did so.
Your fingers found the hem of his shirt, sliding the fabric up his torso and he pulled away from you long enough to get the shirt over his head.  As soon as his shirt was discarded, Chris pulled you tight against him, craving the feeling of your delicate skin on his.  From there, Chris rolled the two of you over onto the sofa, him now pressed onto you as your lips crashed into each other again, tongues wrestling for some semblance of dominance.
Chris lifted off of you, running his hands down your body until he found the waistband of your leggings, sliding them down your legs and off of you.  Taking a hold of your leg, he kissed up one before taking the other to do the same, teasing you as you whimpered and sighed at each sensation.  He let his fingertips lightly dance on your upper thighs, your panties visibly dampened at this point.  “I've barely even done anything yet and this is how turned on you are?  God damn...”  He smirked to himself at how worked up he could get you before he let his fingers gently graze over your covered mound, drawing another moan from you.  Chris hooked your panties with his thumbs, sliding them down your legs and off of you.  Wordlessly, he lowered between your legs, licking and nipping at your inner thighs as you whined for him.  “Tell me what you want baby.  I wanna hear you say it.” he rumbled as his fingers traced around you.
You could barely get the words out as your breathing staggered.  “Taste me.”  Chris happily obliged, finally placing his tongue flat on your folds, licking up in one bold move.  You yelped at the sensation, your body tensing up for a moment as he began exploring your folds with his lips and tongue.  You settled back into the couch as he hooked one of his arms under and around your legs, holding you in place as he buried his face into your hot center.  His beard scratched at you while he pressed into you, your hips gently grinding onto his lips.  Chris took his other hand and gently slipped a digit into you.  “Chris... oh my God” you breathed out as he began pumping his finger in and out of you.  Once he knew you were ready, he added a second into you, picking up his pace while forcing another moan from your throat.
“So fucking good babe...” Chris rasped into you before locking his lips around your clit.  Your orgasm was quickly closing in, but Chris pulled away before he could drive you over the edge.  You whined in agony over the sudden stop in pleasure, but he was up to face you, a little of your essence on him as he kissed you deeply.  While you were lip-locked, you reached your hands down and began working on the button and zipper on his jeans, working to slide them off.  Chris rose off of you for a moment to slide the jeans down to his knees before falling back on top of you to kiss you some more.  Getting creative, you took your feet and worked to maneuver the jeans down to his ankles before he was able to kick them off.  Suddenly, Chris pulled back.  “Be right back - condom.” he breathed out to you.  You nodded as he sprinted down the hall to retrieve one, and was back shortly after.  As he returned to the living room, he caught you with your fingers sweeping your clit, his eyes blown wide with lust at the sight of you.  “Fuck Y/N... you couldn’t wait, could you?”  Your lips curled into a seductive smile while shaking your head ‘no’ and kept going, his reaction encouraging you on.  As Chris came to your side, he pulled off his boxer briefs and slid the condom on.  He pumped himself with a free hand for a moment then took your soaked fingers from your slit into his mouth, licking them clean.
Chris positioned himself at your entrance, sliding into you in one smooth move.  You cried out at the feeling, one you were certain you would never get used to as he filled you up so well.  The two of you moved in unison as he thrust into you, both of you losing yourselves in ecstasy.  You placed your hands on his chest and gently pushed him up and off of you.  “Sit back” you purred in his ear, and straddled his hips when he did so.  You slid back onto him, and started smoothly grinding on him as he swore and praised you in the same broken sentences he struggled to form.  Chris gripped your hips, trying to encourage more speed, before he held you firmly in place at one point and surprised you by quickly thrusting a few times upward into you, completely catching you off guard as you let out a loud gasp.  Chris grinned, planting kisses across your neck and shoulders before stopping you, grabbing your hands and guiding you to the back of the couch, never letting go of your waist, pressing his cock into your back.
“Bend over” he growled into your ear, and hiked one of your legs onto the arm rest before he was back inside of you again.  He leaned over to you, back in your ear, knowing how much you loved his dirty talk.  “I want you to come all over my cock beautiful.” One hand gripping your waist, he licked his fingers on his free hand before finding your clit and began circling it, pushing you closer to your release.  Your breathing began staggering, moans and whines getting louder, gripping the sofa for support as his pace increased.
“Chris... babe... I’m... fuck... right... OH!!!!” And you immediately fell apart as your orgasm crashed over you.  Chris continued to circle your clit as you began to shake violently, still holding onto the sofa for dear life as he moved his arm from your waist, wrapping it around you for a moment so you wouldn’t fall.  Feeling your walls as they closed in quickly and tightly around him, he picked up his pace again, moving rapidly through your own release to find his.  Right as you regained a sense of composure, you went to stand so he fell out of you, immediately turning to face him and dropping to your knees to finish him off elsewhere.  Wrapping your fingers around him, you slid the condom off and without warning, took him into your mouth.
“FUCK!” Chris couldn’t take it, now having to grip the sofa for his own balance as your mouth bobbed quickly and tightly over his cock.  “Babe, I’m gonna co-” he choked out the words as he finally found his own release, down your throat.  You pumped his base as he released hot ropes into you, taking them down effortlessly, swallowing back every drop.  Once he had nothing left to give, you released him, wiping the corners of your mouth before rising to meet him, the both of you spent.  He took a moment to get his composure back before wrapping his arms around you and and kissing you deeply.  “Fuck babe... you’re a legend.” He grinned at you like a teenager who had just seen their first Playboy before kissing you one more time.  “Are we showering tonight or tomorrow?”
“Tonight?” You looked at him gently, in need of a little aftercare.  Chris took your hands after stepping away to throw out the used condom, and the two of you crept back to the bedroom.
**45 Minutes Later**
The both of you crawled into bed, clean and exhausted from your evening.  Flicking off the bedside lamps, you and Chris folded into each other’s arms, listening to his heart beat in the dark as you drifted off.  As you faded to sleep, you were certain you heard him say 3 very simple words under his breath.
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peachyteabuck · 2 days ago
top five characters (any fandom) you’d peg or think need a good pegging.
andy barber
ransom drysdale
lucifer, from lucifer not actual satan
harry styles. i don't get the hype around him, but i think he deserves it
ask me my top 5/top 10 anything!
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 days ago
So yeah, I spun the wheels!!!
I got:
Kinks- exhibitionism and bondage
Character- Andy Barber
Prompts- “so help me god” and “if you don’t like my teasing then why are you moaning?”
I love your work so so so so so much.
Also.. if it isn’t too much to ask, I know Andy Barber like exudes Dom energy, but I love dominant readers….. you don’t have to though. ❤️❤️
Btw I don’t know if I picked too many so just choose whichever you feel most like writing.
Babe, you know we stan dom readers here!! And I would absolutely love to top our lawyer husband, c'mon son!
Sweet floofy boy toy smut (teasing, sub professor Andy, soft!dom reader, public sex, pool sex, unprotected vaginal sex, kept the bondage kinda light since they're in public and it's on the fly, public nudity, this is my established Andy couple (bar owner reader and professor Barber)) No minors!!!
Tumblr media
Andy had been giving you that look all night.
He was immensely grateful you had agreed to come to this thing. What kind of professional adults threw a pool party? Especially university faculty. And if he had to come to this thing on his own he would have left after a couple hours.
But you had agreed to join him, because you couldn't stand the thought of your soft boyfriend having to suffer through social niceties with the bores he worked with.
When he saw you in that fucking bikini though, he almost lost it. There was nothing special about it, it was just like any other bikini he'd ever seen on a million other women. But it wasn't on other women, it was on you, and that made him want to shove it aside so you could ride him until you were screaming his name.
So he spent almost the entire party trying to get you to go back home with him so he could touch you however he wanted.
You thought it was hilarious. It's not like it was any easier for you. Every time you got a peek at those tattoos that usually no one except you got to see you felt a tiny pang in your core. But you could actually control yourself like a grown up, even with your sweet man following your around and whispering filthy things in your ear.
What he couldn't handle was when you finally jumped in the pool. The sight of you soaking wet, rivulets of cool water dripping down your tempting curves that he just wanted to trace with his tongue, after hours of you denying him, turned him into a hard, grumpy mess who had to sit in an abandoned corner of the pool while he growled at his aching cock.
"What's going on, baby?" You teased, swimming up to him slowly and grinning at the cranky pout he gave you.
"What's going on is I'm sick of watching you prance around in that fucking bikini like a damn tease." Oh, he must have been hard for a while, he usually didn't get this pissy unless he was really frustrated.
"Aww, have I been teasing you baby?" You gave him a mocking pout as you cooed at him, wrapping your body around his and grinding until a desperate sound escaped from his throat. "If you don't like my teasing then why are you moaning?"
"Y/N, fuck." He dug his fingers into your waist as his hips bucked into you, trying to catch your lips with his and whining when you pulled away from him. "If you don't quit being a brat right now, so help me god..."
"I'm the brat?" You gripped his jaw hard and forced his gaze to yours. "You invited me to this damn party then spent the whole night whining and begging. I thought we were here so you could have a nice time socializing with your coworkers and maybe get a little tipsy, not sneak away for you to get your dick wet whenever you felt a little needy."
This was new. As far as dominant and submissive dynamics went in your relationship, they weren’t really a thing, though a lot of the time you’d let Andy take the reins just because it was easier. But the way you were digging your fingers into his cheeks and glaring at him were making him feel some kind of way.
“I’m...sorry?” The brush of your lips over his cheekbone made him just want to please you, but he wasn’t sure how.
“Try making that a statement, Andrew.” You dragged your nails over his shoulders and nipped softly at his lips as he melted underneath you.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He tilted his head back so he could drink in your kiss, groaning against your lips as you wound your fingers through his hair.
“Good boy.” You grinned wickedly at him as you rested your forehead against his. “You’re lucky you’re so cute, makes it awful hard to stay mad at you. Put your hands behind your back.”
“What?” He blinked owlishly up at you as he tried to consider what you were saying, that kiss had made his brain all fuzzy.
“Hands behind your back, Andy. You are shit at following instructions.” You shook your head softly as you moved your hands between the two of you. “We’re gonna need to work on that.”
“Fuck, baby.” His head whipped to make sure no one was watching when you untied your bikini bottoms and waved them in front of his face. “We’re doing this here?”
“You don’t get to complain after all the fucking whining you were doing all night.” You bent over him and tugged at his lips with your teeth, dragging his hands behind his back and binding them with your swimsuit. “Hope you can be quiet, pretty boy.”
He let out a low moan when you drew his trunks down and wrapped your hands around his cock, shifting until he was lined up and sinking down on him in one swift motion. You could tell how worked up he was from the way he was trying to drive into you, his wrists straining against the restraints that you had apparently tied in some sort of magic knot that wasn’t loosening no matter how hard he tugged at it.
“Baby, c’mon.” You were loving how needy he was, framing his face in your hands as you ground against him. “I just wanna touch you.”
“Quit whining.” You snapped, gripping his hair painfully and yanking his face away from yours as you scowled at him. “You’re lucky I’m gonna let you come at all, sweet boy. Don’t piss me off.”
The scrape of your teeth over his cheekbone had him keening, forcing you to shove your fingers in his mouth to muffle the sounds he was making. Drool started leaking from the corners of his lips when he whined around your hand, the pleading look in his eyes making you clench around him with a deep moan.
Your hips started moving faster when you felt your pleasure gathering, his body arching into your movements as he begged you wordlessly for more. That look of pure, wanton need on his face was something you could really get used to.
Warmth started spreading from your core fast and you ripped your your fingers out of his mouth so you could press your lips to his, moaning against him when the coil snapped and your body went rigid. Andy almost collapsed at the feel of your soft walls fluttering around him, growling into your mouth as his hips jerked and he filled you thick, sticky ropes of his cum.
“Jesus Christ.” He panted into your open mouth while the two of you came down, wrapping his arms around you once you undid his restraints and tried to put your bottoms back on. “That was new.”
“Yeah.” You bit your lip as you grinned at him. “Good for you?”
“Very good.” He swallowed thickly as you unwrapped yourself from him. “Where did you learn to tie knots like that?”
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onlyjamesbarnes · 2 days ago
Mrs. Drysdale - Siri's 5k Soft Dark Challenge
Tumblr media
a/n: creds to @stargazingfangirl18 for this amazing challenge!! congrats on 5k, and i hope you all love this fun one-shot! this is my first ransom fic, but i'm obsessed with knives out so it was a lot of fun. i was planning on including smut then decided against it, but please let me know if this needs a sequel ;) until then, here's my submission!
also: happy birthday chris evans <3
pairing: dark!ransom drysdale x reader
word count: just over 7.0k (sorry! i promise it's worth it)
warnings: misogyny, mentions of losing family, angst, fluff, heavy blackmail, degradation, obsession, heavy dirty talk, mentions of marriage/pregnancy, forced marriage, language. 18+ only, and i mean it.
prompts used: "come on, just a little taste." + forced/arranged marriage AU + obsession AU + dirty talk
sneak-peek: you owe your life to the drysdale family after the loss of your own family. harlan thrombey offers you the job of a lifetime, but to secure it, you might have to join the family another way: by becoming mrs. ransom drysdale.
all dividers created by the lovely @firefly-graphics :)
The long, narrow pass through a forest of brightly colored leaves. The weathered wood carved elephants at the entrance. The forest green gate to your right that you had snuck in and out of more times than you could count. Fragments of your childhood that would be left there forever. Whether you liked it or not, Harlan’s estate is practically your home, and you are part of the family.
At this time of day, you were usually organizing and restocking the shelves of the small bookstore you work at. Today, however, you had gotten a call in the middle of your shift. Your phone was silenced, except for one number.
“Harlan? What’s going on, are you okay?” He knew you’d be working at this hour on a Saturday. You had told him that the other day when he was scheduling his family dinner party for the evening, but you hadn’t planned on arriving for a few more hours.
You hear a soft chuckle from his end, your anxiety instantly lowering. “Of course, Y/N, you’re not my emergency dispatch. I have a favor to ask of you, could you be up at the house in half an hour? With your belongings, of course, for the weekend.”
You swallow hard, finding an isolated corner of the store to talk to him. “I can try… you know I’m at the book shop, right?”
“It’s just one time, I’m sure a hard worker like you has never needed to leave early before. Let me know if you have any problems, I’m just a call away. 30 minutes, Y/N, I’ll see you then.”
Your manager at the bookstore hardly complained as you were leaving early to help the world-renowned best-seller Harlan Thrombey. 20 minutes later, you found yourself early as you pulled in front of the manor.
The crisp mid-autumn breeze catches you off guard as you step out of your Audi. You had missed living further from the city and near the Thrombeys, but you couldn’t find any apartments close enough or in your price range.
A slam of your car door makes your presence known, and soon enough, you can see Linda Drysdale running to the door. “Y/N!” she exclaims with a smile, opening the door. Harlan’s German shepherds scurry outside with her, running ahead to greet you. You kneel down a bit as they lick your face excitedly, their tails wagging. “I didn’t know you were coming this early, you should have called!” She embraces you in a tight hug, something she wouldn’t usually give to people outside her beloved family.
You smile as you hug her back, placing your chin on her shoulder. “I’m sorry Linda; Harlan called and said he needed to speak with me. I dropped everything to come here, I was even scheduled for another hour,” you sigh.
“You still have that silly little job downtown?” She pulls away from you to look into your eyes. “How many times have I told you that we can take care of you? You don’t have to work another day in your life,” she smiles. Her tone is only slightly condescending, but you know she had good intentions. She treats you as if you were the daughter she’s never had and spoils you like her own.
Ever since the night of the fire, you had lost everything. Your mother wouldn’t let you come to the party on 222 North Avenue, yet invited any adult relative she could think of for a reunion. A candelabra fell off a table into a decoration, or so the firemen told you, eventually causing the mansion to burst into flames. Along with every person inside of it.
You were staying at the Thrombey’s house when you received the news, and a 14-year-old girl suddenly turned into an orphan in seconds. Linda had been your mother’s best friend and made sure you were close to her son Ransom growing up, so when disaster struck, Linda took you under her wing. You became a Thrombey, a Drysdale, a part of their family, and you could never repay them in full for their kindness. It kept you close to the family, living not too far from each of them when you were old enough to move out.
“Is that Y/N? Dinner isn’t until 7, what is she doing here so early?” you hear Richard say from the door, walking through the gravel to see you. He gives you a less intimate hug, one that could be better classified as a glamorous pat on the back, but you don’t expect much from him. That’s his way of showing his love. He takes the bags from your backseat without another word.
“Harlan called her in early to talk,” Linda explains, gently placing her hand on your shoulder. “We should get you inside, Harlan is probably-”
Richard huffs quite loudly, and you peer over at him. “Didn’t Ransom and I warn you a white car wasn’t the best idea? Especially with how you pull forward onto those bumper blockers, you’re tearing up the front end,” he sighs as he inspects your Audi. Another blaring reminder that he bought it for you. However, you smile at the memory of the fight you had with them in the dealership. “Once you get settled in, he and I can paint over this, it’ll look better in no time.
You raise your eyebrows at his words. “So Ransom will be here this weekend? I remember Meg mentioning he had something going on with a few of his college friends,” you paraphrase her words, leaving out the number of times she said the phrase ‘trust fund prick’ in each sentence over FaceTime.
“Oh, he’ll be here. He made sure of it,” Linda starts to say as Richard brings your bags inside. She leads you towards the house. “I told him you’d be staying the weekend, and he cleared his schedule. It seems you have some catching up to do, you two haven’t talked in the longest time.”
Yes, Linda, for a good reason, you think to yourself. Ransom has been your best friend, the only person who truly knew you, for the majority of your life. His family seemed to forget the last ten years when he became the biggest pain your ass had ever seen. It was no wonder you moved the furthest away from him as possible and spent months away from him, at least to you. “W-Wow, that’s nice of him. I thought he’d possibly text me first or something, it’s just a little unexpected,” you explain as you walk through the front door.
“You and he are so alike, it’s like you two are meant to be.”
Before you can protest Linda’s words, Harlan emerges from his study. “Y/N, with five minutes to spare. Punctual as always, come in,” he smiles, beckoning you into the room. “Richard, please put her bags in her room for the weekend.”
You enter Harlan’s magnificent study, your eyes scanning the room to look at all the artifacts of his writing. The memorabilia from his years of experience, and the very things that sparked his creative genius. You notice a new object he hadn’t found a place for quite yet sitting on his desk, and you walk over to it. “An Erlenmeyer flask,” you speak up just as Harlan closes the door, “is this part of your newest murder method?”
Harlan chuckles as he takes a seat, and you sit opposite of him with the flask still in your hands. “Precisely,” he smiles. “Your ideas about a college laboratory were brilliant, and they’re the center of the newest novel.” Beaming with pride, he holds up a dark violet-colored book. “I’m unveiling it tonight at the company anniversary dinner. I expect you to be standing right beside me when I do, as I’ve made sure to credit you inside. Most of the ideas in here were yours, those fantastic ideas that formed an entire plot. All those visits paid off, and I really do appreciate your help.”
You’re breathless. Credit in a Harlan Thrombey novel, even on the back cover, would change your life forever. “Harlan… you can’t be serious. That plot was completely made up by you, I just helped you brainstorm…”
“When have I ever not been serious with you, Y/N? I’ll show you the details later, but first… I have to show you what I brought you in here for.” He shuffles around some papers on his desk before his eyes settle back on you. “You have more talent and potential than you think, and as much as I’m happy you’re working hard, I don’t think being a bookstore clerk is fulfilling your full potential. That’s why I want you to work for me.”
Again, utterly breathless. It had been your dream to work for his publishing company, to eventually start your own company, and to write your own stories. You had looked up to him so much in your youth, and somehow that little girl’s dream is coming true. It seems almost too good to be true. “A-Are you sure? I live 30 minutes away in the city, well, 20 if I’m speeding, and you know I don’t have experience in any of this. Which department would you even hire me to?
Harlan cracks a smile, taking a pen and starting to write on the sheet of paper. “You have plenty of experience. I’ve trained you in creative writing and publishing, and you can learn anything you haven’t learned yet from the big boss himself,” he smiles, pointing to his chest. “You can work anywhere you’d like… publishing, finances, media and entertainment, you can even continue brainstorming for me… I just don’t want you to sell yourself short of what you’re worth.”
“Why are you doing all this for me?” you ask suddenly, overwhelmed with the bombs he’s dropped in the past five minutes. “I don’t mean to sound rude or ungrateful at all, but the only other people you’ve handed jobs to are your own kids. I’m not your family, I-I’m not even blood-related… Why am I so high on your priorities list?”
“Who told you that you weren’t family?” he counters instantly, raising his eyebrows. “You’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where you are. You lost everything in an instant, your blood-related family, your parents’ life savings… but we’re your new family.” A tear threatens to escape as you look at Harlan. “I see you as my own granddaughter, tenacious and ambitious. I’ve handed every single person in this household their lives on a silver platter, besides you, and you seem to be doing the best overall. You were willing to work hard, to put in the effort, to be successful. You deserve a break, and I’d like someone like you on my team.”
You sigh, a smile creeping onto your face. How could you say no to that? “Harlan, you know I’ve wanted to work for you since I was young, but I do live very far away. I don’t really want to move to Boston to work in publishing, and it’s still a long drive to get here every day. I don’t know if it will work.”
“Nonsense!” he declares, starting to write more on the sheet. You can now tell that it's an information sheet for his company, no doubt for legal purposes, but he knows you so well that he’s able to fill it out on his own. “You can always stay in one of the guest rooms here… no, stay with Ransom just down the road! I don’t understand why you haven’t just moved in with him yet, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have you live with him.”
You furrow your eyebrows a bit, confused at his choice of words. Linda was talking with the same tone… what was Ransom up to? “Why exactly are you surprised I haven’t moved in with him yet?” you ask, your hands gripping the ends of the armrests.
“I’ve never seen him so happy before,” he barely attempts to answer your question, though his response is more than sufficient. “His eyes light up when he talks about you, you know, and he dropped everything to be here. It’s a wonder that you two haven’t seen each other in so long and still are together. It was written in the stars,” Harlan smiles, looking at you.
There it is. You had wondered why it sounded like Ransom had dropped everything to be at the party for you… because that’s what he’s doing. After years of being denied and rejected by you, he simply decided to lie to his entire family. There was something in his one-track brain that kept him obsessed with you, never accepting ‘no’ as an answer. Each time you stopped him, you became more of a challenge; now, he’s finishing what he started. “Well then, that's a good idea! Moving in with Ransom,” you fake a smile, worried that he would see through your lie. He knows you very well. But how could Ransom lie so well to his entire family without you even knowing? You needed to talk to him before the situation escalated.
“I’ll finalize your paperwork tomorrow, and I advise you to send in your two weeks’ notice first thing tomorrow morning at that bookstore. For now, get settled in, and we can tell Ransom the good news later tonight.”
You nod, holding back any bit of sarcasm left in your voice. “Will do, I’ll see you in a little bit,” you smile as you get up out of your chair on your way out, you turn around to face Harlan. Your hand grips the door already. “Thank you. Thank you so much, for everything, I won’t let you down,” you promise him.
He smiles back from the desk. “Don’t worry about that, Y/N. You could never let me down.”
Tumblr media
You could never let me down. The words reverberate through your mind. They’re true in some sense; professionally, you could never let Harlan down. You love to write and brainstorm with him, and the two of you would make an amazing team. You could, however, let him down in other ways. You could break his grandson’s heart, or at least that’s the story Ransom would tell. How did you even get into this mess?
“You okay, Y/N? You’re getting lost in your own thoughts, I can tell.”
You smile up at Meg as she takes a seat next to you in the small room just off the foyer. “I’m alright, just a lot going on over here. Did you hear the lie that Ranson’s been spinning?”
She laughs, nodding and sitting back a little. “You’re just hearing about that? You really have been away for a while, he started telling us a few months ago. According to him, you two have been on countless dates, and there’s talk of an engagement.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you gasp, putting your head in your hands. “We haven’t gone on any, besides that fake one we went on in high school to get Trevor Stevens jealous of me. I’ve been trying to find someone in the city this whole time, I’m not with Ransom at all.”
“I know,” she cracks a smile, and you smile back a little. “I know you’d never date Ransom, much less marry him… but his lie has convinced the entire family. It’s gonna be hard convincing them otherwise, and you might just have to tolerate him for the weekend.” She notices your smile fade, taking one of your hands. “C’mon, let’s just enjoy this time without him. We can hang in my room for a little while.”
It was times like this when you reminded yourself why Meg was your favorite.
She takes you to the room she’s staying in with Joni, whose face lights up the second she sees you. “Y/N! Congrats on making it official, I always knew you and Ransom would end up together. Even before Meg was around, you two were attached at the hip. I’m just surprised he hasn’t put a ring on it yet,” she gestures to your bare ring finger, and you flash a small smile at her.
“Thanks, Joni, it’s only a matter of time,” you can’t stop lying to her, afraid of what everyone would think if you told the truth. They wouldn’t believe you; Ransom had gone too far into the lie.
“Of course. I’ll be in the study if you need me. Harlan needed to speak with me about the yearly allowance for a little while, but it should only be for a little while,” Joni smiles, getting up from her guest bed that she had been sitting on as she goes to the door.
“Bye, Mom,” Meg calls out as the door closes, and she looks right back at you. “You’re gonna let him get away with this, are you serious? He has you right where he wants you now, you need to fight back!”
“Meg!” you start to raise your voice, sitting on Joni’s bed. “What can I do? The entire family has thought we’ve been a couple for months now apparently, and I’ve already lied to enough people in the family. Linda, Richard, your mom, Harlan… Harlan’s offering me the job of a lifetime, a creative writer for his company. I’ve always wanted to work for him, and he’s giving me the opportunity… I can see him taking away the offer if I don’t go through with this.”
She shakes her head in disbelief, seeing the defeat in your eyes. “No, they wouldn’t do that. Harlan knows you. Everyone knows how controlling Ransom can be, especially when it comes to you. You shouldn’t have to lie, you’re family…”
“But I’m not, Meg. I’m not a Thrombey, and you know it. They’re going to take Ransom’s word over mine, and I don’t really want to lose the only family I have left. Maybe I just need to become a Drysdale…”
“Absolutely not,” Meg rolls her eyes. “You are not giving up. You’re talking to Ransom, and he’s going to fix all of this-”
Suddenly there’s a knock on the bedroom door, and Joni’s smiling face peeks through. “Ladies, we have a visitor!” She winks at you, gesturing for you to step outside.
You grimace as you can already hear his deep voice from the hall. “Well, mother, I would have been here sooner if the gardener could have arrived on time. Apparently, in his language, ‘noon’ means ‘five o’clock.’ And I’m not leaving him alone with the gate unlocked, no way in hell.”
Meg leads the way as she steps out of the bedroom, grabbing your hand to pull you with her. “Well maybe if you got a job and had some extra funds, you could hire a halfway decent gardener as Harlan has. Did you see his garden outback? He hasn’t lifted a single finger, I can’t believe-”
“Y/N.” You look up to see Ransom staring right at you, your name sounding like a growl as it comes out. He seems to ignore Linda completely as he walks over to you. Meg’s grip on your hand tightens. “Baby, it’s been too long. I’ve missed you so much.”
You can see the smirk on his face as he looks into your eyes. His own little victory, you think to yourself as he opens his arms, and you reluctantly release yourself from Meg’s restraint. Moving against his chest, you can smell the expensive cologne he would always wear engulfing you, overwhelming your senses. “I’ve missed you too,” you lie right through your teeth. You used to love this man, your best friend in the entire world. Right now, it feels like he wants to control that world, and you know that your cocky best friend is gone.
He reluctantly pulls away, shooting a glare of daggers at Meg. “Why don’t we head somewhere private,” he suggests, looking down at you with a wink, “to talk.”
Before you can say another word, he’s leading you up the steps. “Second door on your right,” Richard calls to him, and once the two of you are in the hall and out of view, he’s pulling you along behind him. Pushing open the door, he practically shoves you into the guest bedroom before closing the door behind him.
“Hugh,” you mutter, using the name you know he hates as the door clicks shut, “what the hell did you do? Why is everyone convinced that we’re together?” You eye the bags Richard brought in for you on the bed, right next to the ones Ransom brought for the weekend. Perfect, you think to yourself, wishing you could just walk out the door.
He chuckles darkly, raising his eyebrows. “Really? When did you turn into the help? You know how much I fucking hate it when you call me that, of all people. Don’t take that tone with me.”
You roll your eyes, staring him down. “I’m serious. Why did you tell everyone that I’m your girlfriend? I would never date someone like you.”
“Don’t lie to me, Y/N. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it too,” he starts to smile, moving towards you. “My lips back on yours, this beautiful body beneath me.”
“No,” you breathe out, almost as if you’re reminding yourself. It’s true; you had a desperate crush when you lived with him. He’d been your first kiss, your second one, possibly your third or fourth… depending on how drunk you had gotten on prom night. Even knowing he was a player and would break your heart, he somehow still owned it. After all these years, he still had a firm grip on you. He didn’t need to know that if he didn’t already. Thoughts come flooding back to you of the time you spent thinking of him, gradually heating your core.
You spin around away from him, but you suddenly feel Ransom pressed against your back. His hands grip your waist, pulling you flush against him before they snake up your body and follow your curves. “Yes,” he growls. “I know you’ve dreamed of how I would feel inside you, especially after you walked in on me after the pool party during our junior year. I was just across the hall, waiting for you patiently. Thinkin’ about that tight little cunt, how it’d squeeze me so tight. Come on, just a little taste.” he whispers darkly, pressing kisses along your neck.
You can feel him kissing in one spot for a bit too long, and before you can stop him, he latches on with his teeth. You push away from him, but his strong arm has already snaked around your waist. “Ransom,” you attempt to yell at him, but it comes out as a desperate whimper. Your body already defying you, you keep trying to pull away.
“That’s it, baby, give into that feeling. You’re mine, you’ve always been mine.” You look down to see his hand around your waist loosening to snake down further. Taking the chance, you finally pull away from him, turning to glare at him. “Playin’ hard to get, are we?”
“Just drop it, okay?” you almost yell at him, your face flushed red from how much he was riling you up. Meg was right; he had you right where he wanted you. He was having an effect on you, and his smirk didn’t dissolve. “You need to give up on this stupid fantasy of yours, I’ve moved on. I have my own life in the city now, my own apartment, my own job, and -”
“What, you’d like to work in a fucking bookstore for the rest of your life?” Ransom looks very angry now, and you hadn’t seen him this angry in a long time. “Moving half an hour away from me, distancing yourself from me won’t keep you from me. You think you can go from living off our scraps to suddenly being on your own? You don’t belong down there, you deserve so much more… but you know that already, don’t you?”
Your eyes narrow as you watch him move closer. “What are you getting at, Hugh-”
“You know goddamn well that’s not my name,” he seethes, looking you dead in the eyes. His face is just inches from yours, but you stand your ground. “Don’t play dumb with me, sweetheart; Harlan told me about the deal he’s making with you. His own personal helper around here, it’s all he ever talks about, you know. He told me about it first, in fact; he asked if you could stay with your loving boyfriend just down the street while you worked for him.” He smirks, firmly gripping your chin so you can look into his eyes. “It’d be a shame if he found out you’re turning down his favorite grandson. He definitely wouldn’t hire you then, and I know just how much you’ve been wanting your ‘big break.’”
You glare at him, partly speechless. He simply confirms your suspicions of his plan; he holds your future in his strong hands, and you knew he wouldn’t let go of it for the world. You start to use Meg’s logic, hoping it would hold up against the furious man in front of you. “I’m a part of this family too, after everything they’ve given me… Harlan’s like my grandfather, he wouldn’t cut me off like that…”
“Oh, but he would,” Ransom smiles back, not missing a beat. “You’re not truly a Thrombey, just a little desperate orphan girl. You’re lucky my mom pities you so much, and even she agrees with me. We gave you everything; a roof over your head, a room across from mine, food on the table, a fucking car, a childhood… and you can’t even sacrifice your hand in marriage. Pathetic, in my opinion. I can take that all away.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Baby, you know I would. You know what I’m capable of.” He leans with his arm against the wall behind you, and you back up until you hit the wall. “For starters, I could show the family this dating profile you created while you were living it up in the city. After we started dating,” he smiles.
You glare at him as he pulls out his phone. “There’s nothing on there worth looking into, that thing got me only two dates… one of them ghosted me, and the other one called me a whore.” The word stings in your throat, but Ransom smiles at your response.
“Did you ever find out why you’ve been out of luck with these guys?” His face moves closer to yours, his breath fanning over your face. “Didn’t you link your Facebook account to your profile? I’d check that if I were you.”
His lips brush against your cheek as you reach into your pocket, pulling out your own phone. You unlock it and click on the Facebook app, sighing as his lips trail down lower. They find their place back on your neck, biting another dark hickey into your skin. “Fuck, Ransom, stop that!” you try to push him off, but he only bites harder. Figuring it would make a mark no matter what, you move your hands back to check your profile. You have to view your account as a guest, as the login isn’t working. Along the top of your profile shows a status that you never thought you would ever see.
In a relationship with Ransom Drysdale.
He can see your face fall, but it only makes him smile wider. “A beautiful sight, isn’t it? You’ve been so busy with working at that little book shop with no time for social media, but don’t you worry… I took that over. Why don’t you see just how active you’ve been on there?”
Ransom shows you his phone screen, though his grip on it is strong enough to keep it in his hand. You scroll through and gaze at the timeline; he posted every day for the past three months.
Pictures of you and him going to the movies or going for coffee years ago were captioned ‘first official date’ and ‘special night out with my love!’ Throughout the past couple of months, he posted throwback photos of the two of you, from the homecoming court to football games to late-night swims in the Drysdales’ pool to the day you moved out. Each was captioned with something sappy about him, followed by, ‘miss you!’ or ‘can’t wait to see you again!’ Clearly, he had thought this through.
He even sprinkled in pictures without him, a few with your friend from the bookshop, and more with your college friends when you went out for drinks or for brunch. The photos looked like he had taken them from their accounts, but they bought into the illusion with their sweet comments and a large number of likes on each post.
“Cute, isn’t it? It’s been my favorite pastime, and I’ll keep monitoring it until you move in with me. Then we can both add to it, to make it perfect.”
You’d love to punch him. Square in the face. Right in that perfect nose. Make it black and blue. You keep reminding yourself that you can’t, though, as you look into his eyes. “This is disgustingly creepy, Ransom, even for you. You’ve been controlling my life, killing my social life completely… all so you can just sleep with me?”
He raises his eyebrows, letting out an involuntary sound. Almost a growl. His hand goes back to grab your chin, making you look right at him. He keeps his thumb in place as his other fingers are splayed across your neck. He’s getting to his breaking point. “Have you not been listening to a fucking word I’ve said? You’re mine, you don’t need those weak little punks when I can give you the life you’ve always wanted.” His features soften a bit, but you stay where you are. “A loving husband, plenty of money at our expense, all the time in the world to write your novels… our own children running around the house,” he smiles, pressing a kiss to your lips this time.
You couldn’t lie to yourself; Ransom understands you. He knows better than anyone what you want because that’s what you’ve wanted since you were kids playing house together. You’ve dreamed of marrying him, cockiness and all. Maybe it’s your conscience telling you you’re meant to be with him, like every Thrombey in the house kept reminding you. Or it may be because you haven’t gotten kissed in, what, a year? Either way, you don’t stop him from kissing you, though your hands cautiously go to his cable knit sweater under his jacket to push him away if needed.
“Ah, the two lovebirds. Breaking in the room already, I see?” Your eyes widen when you hear Richard from the door, trying to push away, but the man in front of you keeps you in his embrace for just another moment.
Coming up for air, Ransom chuckles a bit. “Damn, couldn’t have been worse timing, Dad,” he mumbles, looking behind you before he looks back into your eyes. “This isn’t over.”
Richard opens the door further. “I hate to be the buzzkill, but it’s just about seven. Harlan would like everyone to help set up, guests are arriving soon. Y/N…” his eyes drift over to you as you step out from behind Ransom. “That bookstore outfit won’t do. Joni left you a dress for tonight in the closet, she mentioned that it matches Ransom’s scarf.”
You open the closet door next to you and take out a purple dress. The design was definitely Joni; you knew she loved the beautiful pastel-colored florals and a floor-length skirt. The plunging neckline, though, was much lower than her usual fashion; you could tell it would be a much lower cut than you were used to, but someone would love it.
Ransom smiles right at you as he looks at the dress. “Would you look at that, it does match me. Sweetheart, throw that on for me and head downstairs when you’re ready. I’ll save you a seat.” You feel him press a kiss to your neck, right where he had bitten the skin raw.
With that, you hear the door close behind them, their voices trailing off and their footsteps making their way down the creaky stairs. You gaze at the beautiful dress in front of you, trying to make a plan of your next steps. Nothing comes to mind, though, and you find yourself without much fight left. Would it be so bad to be a Drysdale, Mrs. Ransom Drysdale?
Tumblr media
You throw on some fresh mascara as you look in the mirror of the bathroom. For a look done in five minutes, you had cleaned up well.
Luckily you had done your hair hours ago before your shift, and you had packed a pair of nude-colored heels that look perfect with the dress. Yet every time you look at the dress, you imagine Ransom’s scarf. Maybe the dress is a sick joke from Joni to congratulate you on your relationship.
You head out the door into the main hall, glad to see that the guests haven’t arrived yet. “Y/N!” you hear on your left, seeing Meg sitting by the stairs. “I saw Ransom leave and was looking for you, are you alright?”
You smile to see her, nodding a little. “I’m okay, why? Did he say anything to you?”
“No,” she snorts a little, laughing. “I snuck up here, he was telling Uncle Richard how lucky he is. But I did hear some yelling, these walls aren’t exactly soundproof. I was worried about- whoa, is my cousin a vampire?!”
Your eyes widen a little, raising her eyebrows as Meg reaches for your neck. “Oh, don’t remind me, I didn’t want those. Does my hair cover them up enough?” You fluff your hair a bit and move it around, knowing you can’t get out of the party at this point.
“Barely, he bit down hard. Not that it really matters anyway, he’s so excited to show you off that he’ll probably be showing those marks off too. Let’s go get you a drink, it’ll help the night go by faster.”
“That’s for sure. I need one badly, just to prepare,” you sigh as she leads you down the steps.
“There’s my girl,” you hear Ransom say loudly once you reach the bottom, turning to the dining room. You meet his eyes as he beams at you, beckoning you over from across the hall to sit with him and Joni.
You sigh as you look at Meg. “I’ll be right back,” you tell her as you make your way towards the table, plastering on your fake smile. “I’m here!”
Ransom pats the seat next to him, resting his arm on the back of your chair as you take a seat. His hand plays with the sleeve of your dress as he looks at you. “Doesn’t she clean up so well? From a lowly commoner to a true Thrombey in, what, ten minutes?”
You know what he’s trying to do. Not letting him get the best of you, you smile back. “Five, actually,” you point out, flashing him a smile. “This dress is absolutely perfect, Joni, you have amazing taste.” Your attempt to change the subject out of Ransom’s control doesn’t go unnoticed.
“You really do, she needs to wear things like this more often,” he continues with his misogynistic comments. You don’t fully understand why he was conversing with Joni, as you recall him telling her to ‘eat shit’ at every family gathering, but you figure it’s some superiority thing. Whatever.
“Aren’t you two just adorable?” Joni smiles, and you can tell she’s just eating this all up. Ransom moves his arm down to your shoulder, squeezing you. “I just knew you two would end up together, I’m just surprised it took so long.” Yeah, you’d be hearing that a lot tonight. You give a look to Meg as she sits next to her mom, realizing how serious her cousin is being about all this.
“I was thinking the same thing,” Ransome cuts in, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “But I’m not letting her go any time soon.” There he is. The toxic, greedy best friend you grew up with. He has always been protective over his belongings, and, as he reminded you so many times earlier, you aren’t an exception. His grip on you doesn’t falter as Harlan steps into the dining room.
He smiles at the faces sitting at the table already, and you can hear the commotion outside. “I’m so glad you all are here,” he says proudly, making his way to the head of the table. His usual spot. You happen to be sitting just to his right. “And I’m so glad to see you two finally happy together. You look so happy, Ransom.” He picks up the champagne flute placed at his spot at the table, holding a butter knife in the other. “Is it time for our big announcement?”
You panic for a moment, but then you realize it’s just the announcement of the new novel. “Absolutely,” you smile, glancing at Ransom. Harlan was right; he does look a little too happy. Before you can question it, Harlan stands out of his seat and starts to tap the knife against the glass. A crowd of much more people than you expected floods into the dining room, and Harlan practically pulls you out of your chair to stand next to him. “What are you doing?” you quietly whisper.
“It’s your book too,” he says in a hushed tone, smiling out into the crowd. “Thank you all for being here for this momentous occasion. Tonight I introduce to you my newest mystery novel, Beautiful Menace, along with my new co-writer, Y/N,” he smiles brightly, and the crowd cheers for you. You smile back, Ransom now sliding into your seat as he holds your hand.
Harlan continues. “Y/N assisted with the writing of this novel, and that is why I have dedicated it to you. Thank you for your help,” he smiles, handing you your own hard-cover copy. A dedication? You felt like you were dreaming, you were credited not just inside the book, but in the dedication.
The crowd watches you open the book, flipping to the dedication. You read it out loud without fully reading it before. “‘This novel is dedicated to my ambitious future granddaughter-in-law,’” you read outside, the crowd gasping at what it says. You swallow hard at the line under it.
“Read it, love,” Ransom whispers below you, but you don’t make eye contact. You stare down at the page, appalled by what it says.
“‘I’d like to officially welcome you to the family, Y/N Drysdale.’”
Ransom’s hand slips out of yours, and your head spins as you keep reading the words over and over again. The crowd cheers again, and you look up with confusion. You spot Meg sitting back on the stairs, leaning over the banister as she points to the left of you. Slowly you turn to your left, seeing Ransom on one knee in front of you. A hush falls over the crowd.
“Y/N, I’ve spent my entire life knowing you’re the one. You’re my soulmate, you make me infinitely happier. No one could make me feel the way you do.”
Your audience falls for every word he’s saying, but you look right back at him. If only they knew what he had said just minutes ago upstairs. If only they knew what was at stake for you in this situation.
“I want to grow old with you. I want to start our own family with you. I want my children to have the most beautiful, intelligent mother in the world.”
Wait. Why are you falling for his tricks too? Is he too good at this, or is there some sincerity in his words? You look down into his bright blue eyes, and he smiles up at you. He pulls a small box out of his front pocket.
“Y/N, will you make me the luckiest man on Earth and marry me?”
You gasp with the audience at the size of the ring. The diamond creates a kaleidoscope effect on the walls as the box opens, and you gaze at the ring for a moment. You look back at him, internally torn.
But do you really have a choice? Ransom had outlined exactly what would happen if you turned him down, and his words struck a chord inside you. You’re stuck. You don’t have any other option.
But would marrying Ransom be so bad? You had convinced yourself that it would be the end of the world, that you would never be happy. Yet looking back on your childhood, it had been your dream. Maybe everyone had been right; maybe you and Ransom are meant to be. Without much time left to stall, you smile back at him.
“Yes, Ransom, of course, I’ll marry you.”
Ransom’s eyes lit up as if he expected another response. He instantly stands up, closing the box to embrace you. He kisses you deeply, holding your frame against his. You kiss him back, hearing the cheers from everyone in the room. As you place your hands on his chest, he pulls away from your lips and holds your right hand where it is. He slides the ring right onto your finger. “Perfect fit,” he whispers, pressing another kiss to your lips before looking into your eyes. “You made the right decision.”
You nod, helpless in his arms. He turns and smiles at the crowd, his little soon-to-be trophy wife in his arms.
He had you just where he wanted you, and now he has you. For life.
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Intimacy Coordinator Update!
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