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#natalie writes
the-iceni-bitch · 2 days ago
A Bad Break
My first entry for @syntheticavenger​‘s 5k follower “how it started/how it’s going” challenge!
Prompt: Steve Rogers/Injury
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!Reader
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, f receiving oral sex, semi public sex, mentions of choking), kinda explicit descriptions of injuries, Tony being kind of an ass, Steve is a little bit of a pouty dick when he’s injured, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: Took me a minute but I finally got the inspiration to get this one done! Got a little lost in all the drabble requests but I’m very excited about this one. Love me some Steve! Congrats on the milestone @syntheticavenger​!! You deserve everything!!
Tumblr media
How it started:
You couldn’t believe you’d managed to land this job. Working as an on site doctor for Stark Industries was already amazing, the benefits alone were enough to ensure you were going to be able to retire a good 20 years earlier than you had originally thought. But then Tony had tapped you to move to the Avengers compound as their head medic; something to do with your extensive field experience, and possibly the fact that you were one of the only team members who could put up with Tony’s extensive bull shit without wanting to kill him (and also drink him under the table, but that couldn’t have had any bearing on his decision).
So now it was your first day, and apparently also the day a huge swarm of aliens, or robots, or something bad, descended on Washington DC. You honestly hadn’t been paying too close of attention to the details of the attack, more intent on the injuries the team has sustained so you could triage. Fortunately, nothing sounded too bad, just some scrapes and bad bruises. Except...
“Y/N!” Tony busted through the doors of the med bay looking only a little disheveled, but was followed by a singed Thor dragging a haggard Captain America. “Happy first day, babe! So good to see you, we’ve got a tiny problem, though.”
“Alright, lemme see it.” You pulled on some gloves while Thor tossed Rogers on the exam table a little rougher than you would have preferred, but you forgot about that quickly when you got a look at what you were dealing with. “Well, fuck.”
“Yeah, uh, it’s not supposed to look like that, right?” Tony was trying to keep things light as you examined Steve’s arm, the unnatural angle it was bent at making you scowl.
“Nope.” You chewed on your lip as you considered things. “I’m assuming it broke like this, then his whole sped up healing thing made the bone knit back together at this freaky angle?”
“Knew bringing you in here was a good idea!” Tony ignored the way you were shaking your head at him, turning his wide grin to Thor. “Isn’t she something, Point Break? Can’t believe we almost wasted all this talent in corporate medicine.”
“Yes, Stark, very impressive. You can fix him then, love?” Well, if that wasn’t just a little adorable, as much as you typically hated cutesie little pet names.
“Yeah, I can fix him.”
“Could you maybe talk to me about what’s going on?” Steve looked annoyed at having to listen to you three discuss his condition like he wasn’t even there. “I’m still awake, y’know.”
“Sorry, Rogers.” You tried to give him a warm smile, knowing he wasn’t gonna be thrilled about what you had to do. “You’re probably not gonna be awake for very long though. I need to rebreak this arm.”
“I can handle it.” He was practically pouting, a stubborn set to his jaw as he glared at you. “Don’t think a pretty little thing like you could actually hurt me.”
“Oof, Steve, the misogyny is no good.” Tony winced and made a throat cutting motion to try to get the man to shut up.
“Sorry, just,” He tried to give you a placating look, but his mouth was making a mess of things. “It took a 3 ton block of concrete to break it the first time, how are you gonna do it?”
You just cocked your head and smirked at him, the grip you had on his wrist light and almost teasing in a way that had him swallowing thickly.
“Thor, could you hold the patient still for me, honey?” The god looked slightly amused as he pressed his hands against Steve’s shoulders and pinned him to the bed. “Tony, I know you can get a little queasy about bone stuff so if you need to leave I would do it now.”
“Nah, I kinda want to watch you prove Capsicle here all kinds of wrong.” Tony propped himself on the counter with a mischievous grin.
“I’m gonna be fine.” Steve was glaring between Thor and Tony, who both looked far too tickled for his tastes. “It barely even hurt the first time it broke.”
“You had the benefit of adrenaline that time, Rogers.” You pulled his arm tight and settled one foot on the edge of the bed. “I’m gonna pull on three.”
“I really don’t think...”
You lied, you pulled on one. A sharp crack filled the exam room when you yanked Steve’s arm back into a normal position, Thor putting all of his weight on the man when he tried to jerk out of your grasp.
“Son of a motherfucking cocksucking bitch!” Ok, the adrenaline had definitely been helpful with the pain of the first break. Steve was fighting the urge to pass out as you kept his arm pulled taut while you worked on wrapping a minor splint around it.
“Whoa, who taught you that language, Cap?” Tony was extremely happy he had decided to stay and watch, beaming at the stream of obscenities that was falling from Steve’s lips.
“Fuck you, Tony!” His breath was a thin hiss when he shoved Thor off him, staring daggers at the god before turning his wrath to you once you had finished wrapping his arm. 
“You’re welcome.” You didn’t give him a chance to lay into you. “Judging by how quick the first break healed, you should be good to remove the splint in 3 hours. Here’s a sticker for being an ok patient.” He stared at you incredulously when you stuck the giant ‘You’re purrfect’ kitten sticker on his chest, spluttering with suppressed fury. “Next time, if you’re not such a baby, maybe I’ll give you a lollipop. I heard Romanoff got a pretty bad abrasion I’d like to take a look at.”
Steve felt his mouth opening and closing like a fish while he watched you walk out of the room, doing his best to ignore the muffled chuckling that was coming from Stark and Thor. 
“What’s her damn problem?” He didn’t think anyone had ever gotten him so frustrated so fast in his entire life.
“You mean you don’t like her, Rogers?” He could’ve killed Tony for that smug look alone. “Could’ve fooled me.”
How it’s going:
“Oh god, Steve!” You pressed your heated cheek to the cool metal wall of the quinjet, panting breathlessly. “I’ve gotta make sure Sam isn’t running around like an idiot and ruining all my hard work, hurry the fuck up.”
“God, always so fucking greedy.” He growled into your cunt, taking a firm bite out of your left ass cheek before diving back in and dragging his tongue over your sex until you were mewling softly. “The whole reason I got Tony to start bringing you with us was so we could do this on the regular. Hate having to wait to lose myself in this sweet pussy.”
“I still have to do my job, you dick.” You reached back and gripped his hair painfully to keep him in place when he wrapped his lips around your clit. “Not my fault your coworkers are a bunch of idiots with no sense of self preservation.”
Ever since you’d broken his arm like it was nothing, he’d been finding excuse after excuse to come visit the medbay and glare at you. Everyone just thought he was being the extra sweet and supportive Cap whenever he carried a hurt team member towards the medical wing, no matter how inconsequential the injury. At least until he had gone almost a week without seeing you and gotten a little too intense in a sparring session with Sam, leaving the poor man with a bruised diaphragm and clueing the rest of the Avengers into the fact that Captain America was infatuated with everyone’s favorite spunky doctor.
It was almost embarrassing how long it had taken for the man to make his move, the only thing that finally pushed him over the edge was having to watch Thor flirt with you at the compound game night over a very tipsy game of Twister (thank you Tony for that particular stroke of genius). Of course, that had also led to the two of you borderline hate fucking in the commissary, scarring poor Rhodey for life when he had the misfortune of walking in on you with your hand wrapped around Steve’s throat while you rode him like a fucking bronco. 
And now, you were a staple on missions, patching up whatever injuries the team sustained before you and Steve snuck away to the back of the quinjet and fucked each other’s brains out, forcing everyone else to pretend like they couldn’t hear you screaming. Tony had already installed a new speaker system in the fleet, but that only seemed to make you two even louder. Maybe he should think about soundproofing the hold.
“Ah, yes! Steve, fuck!” You yanked harshly on his hair when you came violently, his hands on your thighs keeping you from collapsing while your release soaked his chin.
The asshole just grinned before he started kissing his way up your back and undoing the straps on his stealth suit so he could wrench it down his shoulders and pull out his weeping cock. You purred when he bent your head back so he could press his mouth to yours, opening up when his slid his tongue between your lips and slid his steely length inside you.
“Shit, always so tight and wet for me, baby.” He wrapped an arm around your waist as he started fucking you in slow strokes, groaning when you started sucking on his tongue when he tried to pull it out of your mouth. “Fuck, it’s like this body of yours was made for me.”
“Maybe you were made for me, Rogers.” You ground your hips against his at the end of each push, winding your arm back and over his shoulder so you could wind it around his neck. “That perfect cock of yours that fills me up so good. C’mon, Stevie, make me come again.”
He sucked a bruise below your ear before moving a hand to brace against the wall so he could start slamming into you, his other hand moving down to tease over your clit as he panted heavily into your neck. You were already starting to clench around him, arching yourself into him and moaning as you wordlessly begged him for more.
His cock was dragging over that perfect spot with each thrust, copious amounts of slick leaking down your thighs as he pushed you closer and closer to the edge. It only took a few more shoves of his hips before you were coming with a strangled cry, Steve growling as he pinned you against the wall while your body rolled against him and your release squirted all over his thighs. You sighed when you felt his hips stutter and then you were flooded with warmth as he filled with hot white ropes of his cum, fucking it back into you until it was leaking out of you and down the insides of your thighs. 
The two of you sagged against each other while Steve pulled you to the floor, tucking your body into his and holding you in his lap as he started pressing soft kisses over the curve of your shoulder.
“You know if you moved into the compound with me we could do this even more often.” Steve turned you in his lap until you were facing him, nuzzling into your throat and doing his best to ignore your exasperated sigh.
“Fuck’s sake, Steve, can we enjoy the post coital haze just once without you bringing this shit up?” You shoved him off you and scowled at his manipulative pout. “Why don’t you move into my apartment if you want to be around me all the damn time?”
“I need to be at the compound for when a call comes in.” He was getting real sick of having this same fight over and over. “And it would be good for you to be there, too. Aren’t you sick of your neighbors complaining about having the fucking chopper pick you up?”
“I need my own space, Steve!” You were just on the verge of screaming. “I can’t be around you assholes all the time or I’d go fucking crazy!”
“Well, that’s just fine, because you’re driving me crazy already!” He was shouting at you now, a flush creeping up his neck as you stared each other down. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn?!”
Tony started softly banging his head against the console when the two of you began screaming at each other, trying to ignore the exhausted glares he was getting from Nat and Clint.
“Either soundproof the holds, or get the two of them to move in together, Tony.” Nat grumbled under her breath. “If I hear this fight one more time, I’m going to blow my brains out.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 days ago
massive congrats on hitting 3k babe! that’s incredible! 💗
now… scratching with andy barber and “answer the phone, i dare you” 😏😏😏
Fuck me, Lisa!!! Ooh, this makes me want to do some soft, subby Andy!!! With our established couple, of course!
Smut (unprotected vaginal sex, soft dom/sub dynamics, Andy being fucking adorable, marking) no minors!!!
Tumblr media
As soon as Andy got back from work you could tell he was exhausted, the only greeting he gave you a soft grunt before he was sinking next to you on the sofa.
“Rough day, sweetie?” You reached out and ran your fingers through his hair as you scooted closer, smiling softly when he moaned and leaned into your touch.
“The worst. I hate grading papers, so fucking much.” He turned his body so he could lay against your chest, nuzzling his face between your breasts as he let out a deep sigh. “And then I had to deal with the fucking adjunct professor from hell. All I’ve been wanting to do all day is come home and just lay right here.”
“Oh, poor Andy.” You started rubbing his scalp as he sagged against you, digging your fingers in and grinning when you felt him starting to purr.
“Honey, shit, that feels so good.” He felt your nails scrape across his scalp and let out an obscene moan. “Fuck.”
“You want me to take care of you, baby?” You tugged on his hair until he brought his face up to yours, tracing the curve of his lips with your tongue as you sighed into his mouth.
Andy just nodded before tipping his head back to drink in your kiss, moaning as you manipulated your positions until you had him pinned against the couch. His muscles jumped under your fingers as you worked at unbuttoning his shirt, whipping his tie off and tossing it aside while you started nuzzling against his beard.
“You work so hard, sweet boy.” You cooed as you drew your t-shirt over your head before moving your hands to undo his belt. “Just let me help you relax, honey.”
Your fingers wrapped around his cock and he groaned, wriggling under your hips as you worked him over with smooth strokes. The rest of his body softened as you continued tugging at him, sinking into the couch while you drew all the tension out of him with your expert hands.
“Baby, unh, please.” His eyes fluttered shut when you swiped your thumb over his slit. “Need to be inside you.”
“Look at you, asking me so nice and pretty.” You lifted yourself on your knees and shoved your panties aside, lining him up at your entrance and sinking down just enough to take his tip inside you. “Eyes open, Andy. I wanna watch what I do to you.”
He opened his eyes and fixed them on yours, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth and whining when you sank down until your hips met his. Being inside you was everything he ever needed, the wet heat of your core pulling the rest of his stress out of him until it was like you were the only thing in the room. 
“Let me touch you, please?” His hands had been resting at his sides as he let you have your way with him, but now that you were rolling your hips against his and making him feel so fucking good he was itching to touch you. “Wanna feel all of you.”
“Oh, pretty baby, of course you can touch me.” You beamed down at him as his hands started skimming over your thighs until they were curled around your hips. “Mm, that’s it, sweetie. Take what you need.”
That soft gasp that fell from your lips when his hands found your breasts had him keening, his thumbs teasing over your nipples until you started fluttering around him. Then he felt your nails digging into his chest and he suddenly bucked up into you with a muttered curse.
You grinned at him when he started losing himself, his eyelids starting to droop as you continued dragging your nails over his chest. He really loved when you marked him up, wearing the signs of you lovemaking under his clothes out in public giving him a little thrill whenever he thought back on however he had gotten them. 
“C’mere, baby.” You wrapped your hand around the back of his neck and drew his face up to yours, pressing your lips to his with a soft moan as you started riding him faster. “Didn’t think I was just gonna scratch up your front now, did you? I want my marks all over you, Andrew.”
“Shit.” Your thighs started squeezing his hips as you started reaching your climax, your nails on one hand raking down his back as your other hand wound in his hair. “Honey, I’m gonna come. Please, need to feel you.”
A jolt of pleasure shot through you when he ground his hips against you at just the right angle, and he swallowed your sharp gasp greedily as your cunt clenched around him. His own peak was right behind yours, his hips jerking raggedly underneath you as he painted your soft walls in thick, sticky ropes of cum.
“You feeling better now, Andy?” You smiled softly as you rested your forehead against his, running your fingers through his hair and nipping softly at his lips.
“Yeah.” He breathed deeply, resting his hands over your hips and gazing into your eyes. “When was the last time I told you how amazing you are?”
You were about to answer him when his phone started buzzing on the coffee table, making the both of you groan against each other’s lips before glaring at the offensive object.
“Go ahead, Andrew.” You teased, running your fingers over his biceps and smirking at him. “Answer the phone, I dare you.”
“Nah.” He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and wound his arms around your waist. “Why don’t you tie me to the bed for the rest of the night? You know, so I’m not tempted.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 3 days ago
Natalieeeeee💕💕💕💕💕 Congratulations on 3K again🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘😘 I spun the horny wheels and I got
Kink: Hickey/Biting & Marking fetish
Character: Colin Shea
Prompt: “I want you to walk in front of me so I can see your ass.” & “I want it to hurt.”
Akdbeudhchss Take your time Queen!!!! I'm very excitedddd😆😆😆🙈🙈🙈💕💕 and this is such a fun idea!!!!
Oh my god Christy!!!! Some adorable Colin being a little subby? Yes please!!
Smut (light dom/sub aspects, m receiving oral sex, anal play, cum play) no minors!!!!
tagging @wayward-blonde because I know she’s been dying for some Colin smut!
Tumblr media
You might have had too many shots.
Going out with Colin and the band was always a good time. His friends and your friends got along great, and the group dynamic always served to make the awkwardness you two felt after sleeping together feel a little less prominent.
Except when you got drunk. Which you were. And all you wanted was to devour that slutty himbo until he couldn’t remember his own name (because whiskey really brought out your dom side).
“More drinks, or should we close out and hit a club?” Colin was only a little tipsy, but he had seen the way you’d been eyeing him and it was making him slightly nervous.
Everyone voted for one more round and then the club, so you and Colin started staggering towards the bar to order more cocktails.
“Jesus Col, who gave you the right to look that fucking good in those jeans?” Yeah, the whiskey was definitely hitting you hard, but whatever. “I want you to walk in front of me so I can see your ass.”
“Y/N, fuck!” You had maneuvered behind him and were now gripping his ass while you buried your face in his neck, nipping softly as the curve of his shoulder before rolling his earlobe through your teeth. “Honey, shit, you really want to do this right now?”
“Yeah.” You wrapped your arm around him so you could grab the bulge at the front of his pants. “Baby, c’mon, I just wanna suck that pretty cock of yours.”
“Ok, damn, let’s go to the bathroom.” He somehow managed to wind an arm around your waist and started to guide you away from the bar, but your lips were still on his neck and it was making it hard for him to concentrate on walking.
The two of you stumbled into the private bathroom and as soon as the lock clicked you were slamming him against the door and sinking your teeth into his neck while you worked at undoing his fly. Those noises he was making for you had you practically soaking through your panties as you started licking and biting and sucking your way down his torso.
“Ow, baby, Jesus!” You were finally on your knees in front of him and sucked a deep bruise against his hip before yanking his boxer briefs down and digging your teeth into his thigh. “You trying to eat me? I mean, it’s ok, I kinda want it to hurt.”
“I just think,” you continued biting and mouthing at his thighs and hips while staring at him through your lashes. “You look even prettier,” your mouth was so close to his cock, it was killing him. “With my marks all over you.”
He may have been thinking about answering you, but then your lips were wrapped around his tip and every thought flew out of his brain. The moan that fell from his lips was obscene when you hummed around him, your tongue swirling around him before you took him even deeper and his head thumped back against the door. 
Somehow, you managed to shuffle even closer to him, your hands rubbing over his thighs before curling around his hips and gripping his ass while you swallowed him down your throat. Colin yelped when you gave him a smack after licking a thick stripe up his cock and gulping down air then drawing him into your mouth again.
“Oh, fuck, honey!” His hips jolted into your face when you slid your hand between his cheeks, slowly teasing your fingers over his pretty hole while you suckled gently at his tip. “Ah, oh my god!”
“Wou deed to wewax.” Your words were still muffled when you shoved his cock into your cheek, smirking at him through your lashes then taking him down your throat one last time.
A thin wail rose from his throat when you slipped your middle finger inside him and immediately stroked that spot within him that made him see stars. You grinned around his cock when he rolled his hips into your face, laving your tongue over his base until you felt him twitch at the back of your throat.
He let out a choked whine when you pulled him out just enough that he was spilling his hot, thick cum between your lips until it was leaking out of the corners of your mouth. Seeing you on your knees with his spend dribbling over your chin did something to him, making him sag back against the door as his heart fluttered in his chest. You were like some kind of dream.
“C’mere.” You giggled when he drew you to your feet, leaning your head back to let him kiss his cum off your face while he drew your skirt up around your waist. “Don’t we have a rule about reciprocation?”
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gracescape · 4 days ago
You've worked hard to stand here.
Six Word Story
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the-iceni-bitch · 5 days ago
First of all, congratulations to 3k once again 💜🥳
Second of all, I may have teared up a little when I saw you tagged me 🥺🥺🥺💗 ily
And finally, my spin results:
Kink: bondage and edging
Character: Ransom Drysdale
Prompts: "I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow so fuck me harder." and "If you interrupt me one more time."
I feel like this would be perfect for our two favorite assholes 👀😂 But do with this what you want, it's gonna be awesome either way 🥳
This is so good for the OTP babe!!! Thought about putting this on in the sex dungeon but decided to make it a little softer.
Smut (cockwarming, use of sex toys, anal play, reader ismore of a soft dom in this one (but that’s actually worse for Ransom), little bit of fluff) no minors!!!
Tumblr media
“Baby, please. I can’t take any more.” Ransom let out a tortured sigh when you turned the intensity on the vibrator down again, his orgasm receding as you nibbled on his collarbone. 
“Aww, poor puppy.” You slowly kissed your way up his neck until you could suck a bruise against his jaw. “You know what to say if you really want it.”
Tears started leaking down his cheeks when you clenched around him, but he still had that set to his jaw that made you think he was gonna keep being a brat. Even with the vibrator buzzing against his prostate and your his cock buried in your pussy, he still wouldn’t cave and give you what you wanted. 
Unfortunately for him, you were absolutely fine torturing him for hours on end. Not like when he edged you and brought you to the precipice of your pleasure as fast as he could over and over so you would give in to him as soon as possible. 
But you could actually control yourself. It had been almost three hours since you’d tied him to your massive bed, the silk ropes around his wrists and ankles stretching him wide across the mattress, just enough slack in them so he could relax against the pillows. All the comfort in the world couldn’t help his escape from the torment you were inflicting on him, though.
The toy started buzzing faster inside him at the same time you started rolling your hips and he let out a pitiful whimper, sweat covering his entire body in a thin sheen as you started slowly drawing him towards his peak again. You felt him squirm underneath you and grinned against his throat before licking your way up to slot your mouth over his, your movements growing more deliberate as you did your best to get him worked up.
There was a buzzing from the nightstand and Ransom groaned when you sat up to grab your phone, your cunt flexing around him as you stretched to reach it while still keeping him fully sheathed in you.
“Oh my god, it’s Anne!” Your face spread in a wide grin as you texted back, starting to bounce yourself on Ransom’s cock without actually acknowledging him.
“Who?” Maybe if he kept you distracted with conversation, you’d finally let him come. He couldn’t remember you ever mentioning an “Anne”.
“My best friend? We’ve know each other since college.” You frowned at him before turning back to your screen. “I know I’ve talked about her before, Hugh.”
“Well, you talk about a lot of stuff, baby.” He was trying not to writhe underneath you, he was almost there, he needed to keep distracting you. “Why haven’t I met her if she’s your best friend?”
“She was helping with the opening of her company’s new offices in Amsterdam for the past year.” You slowed your movements down as you continued talking, trying not to look too happy when you heard him whine. “Apparently, data management and storage is a lot more involved than you would think.”
“Ah, shit, I don’t fucking care!” He was done, wrenching against his restraints wretchedly as he sought any form of friction. “Just make me come, you bitch.”
A desperate sob ripped from his chest when you went completely still, his body sagging against the bed in defeat when you shut off the vibrator, too. You just gave him an impassive stare as you watched him cry, crossing your arms over your chest while you waited for him to wear himself out.
“Now, that was pretty fucking stupid.” You reached up and dragged a finger through the tears that were staining his cheeks, bringing it up to your mouth and sucking the salty liquid between your lips as you glared at him. “I hope you feel better after that little outburst, because now you’re gonna have to stay quiet and still while I call my best friend.”
He just stared at the ceiling while you dialed the phone, panting with exhaustion as he tried to regain some control over himself. This was the longest you’d ever drawn him out, and he was cursing himself for being such a stubborn asshole.
“Anne? How the fuck are you, you bitch?” You ignored his sad little huffs as you chatted with your friend, winking at him and stroking his chest when he finally brought his eyes back to yours. “Why are you texting me so early? Isn’t it, like, 6 AM there?”
Forty-five minutes, that’s how long he had to listen to you chatting with that bitch he’d never even met like he wasn’t in the room. He’d only tried to get your attention once, moaning your name and trying to roll his hips underneath you until you gripped his jaw and muted your phone as you scowled at him.
“If you interrupt me one more time, I’ll leave you tied up here, frustrated, for the rest of the night after making myself come all over your chest. Close enough for you to smell and think about how fucking good my pussy tastes until whenever I decide to let you go in the morning. Now be good.”
He didn’t move a muscle for the rest of your conversation, knowing that you never made empty threats. It was surreal laying there, listening to you tell your friend about your relationship while your pussy was wrapped around his cock like it was the most mundane thing in the world. He wondered if this friend of yours knew how big of a freak you were.
“Alright, babe, let me know when your flight gets in and I’ll pick you up. Love you!” You looked positively giddy when you tossed your phone on the nightstand, curling over and pressing your lips to his until he started struggling against his bonds again. “Puppy, you did so good. And now I’m in such a good fucking mood with Anne moving back to the States. I’m gonna ride this big dick until you fill me up.”
“Ah, fuck.” His eyes rolled back in his head when you turned the vibrator on again, losing himself in the mixture of sensations as you sat up over him again and started to drive your hips against his. “Baby, shit, you feel so fucking good.”
“I know, puppy.” You reached behind you and placed your hands on his knees, leaning back and arching your spine as you continued grinding against him. “Ngh, love this big cock so much, hits me so fucking deep. You know how hard it is for me to just sit there with you inside me and not fuck the brains out of you? Why you gotta be such a damn brat?”
“Can’t help it, you’re too fucking cute when I piss you off.” He grinned when you rewarded him with a dark chuckle, the rhythm of your hips and the speed of the vibrator holding him right at the edge. “Baby, c’mon. I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow, so fuck me harder.”
“Aww, you want me to break you, puppy?” You turned up the intensity before pulling off him almost completely, then dropping back down to meet his hips and moaning when he screamed for you. “I’ll take that as a yes.”
Fuck, he wished you’d untied him, he just wanted to hold your tits in his palms when he watched them bounce like that. A frantic chant of “yes” and “fuck” and “ungh” started falling from his lips as you basically drove him right to his peak then shoved him over the edge. The choked cry he let out when he started shooting his thick load into you had you coming right behind him, his body jerking wildly underneath you as he did his best to break out of his restraints. You let him ride it out as you creamed all over him, moaning low in your chest until his movements finally stilled.
“Jesus fuck, puppy.” You ran your fingers through his chest hair as you beamed down at him. “Now, say it so I can untie you and we can take a bath.”
“What?!” He looked at you incredulously as you cocked an eyebrow at him, huffing out a frustrated breath. “I thought we were finished.”
“Not until you say it, Hugh.” You shook your head at him. “I have no problem spending a night in the guest room if you insist on being a brat.”
“Fine.” God, he was fucking adorable when he pouted. “I’m sorry I watched Mindhunter without you. You were just at work so long, and it’s so good!”
“No excuses.” You bent to give him a peck on the lips and work at undoing his bindings. “I accept your apology, but it better not happen again, Hugh.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 6 days ago
Okay I got: Fuck Machine, Curtis Everett, "but it feels so good when it's wrong" or something like that 😅 congrats on 3,000 my love!!! 💖💖 @hevans-angel
Ooh, Heather, @hevans-angel I made such a filthy noise when I got this one. I've wanted to do a fuck machine fic for a while and the idea of a dom Curtis is wrecking me. Obviously this is an AU version of Curtis, pretty sure they didn't have fuck machines on the train, at least not in the tail section.
Smut (degradation, dom/sub vibes, bondage, male masturbation, some slapping, dumbification, overstimulation, mild sir kink) no minors!!!
Tumblr media
"Oh fuck baby, you look so damn pretty." You preened when he cupped your cheek with his hand. "Jesus Christ."
You were already so turned on from the ridiculous position you were bound in it was a wonder you hadn't come already. Every muscle in your body was singing as they were deliciously stretched, your calves bent tight against your thighs and your arms reaching above your head, making your body arch beautifully over the bondage horse. Sweat was popping out of all of your pores as you practically vibrated with anticipation, unable to see the daunting machine that he'd set up between your spread out thighs but you could feel it nudging against your slick drenched folds.
Curtis could've stood there looking at you for hours. It was such an obscene picture, you laying there, all stretched out and bare as he towered above you in his soft sweater and worn jeans. He was gazing at you like you were some mythical, ethereal being, unsure of what exactly he had done to deserve you.
When you'd brought this particular scenario up he had thought you were joking. Sure, you were extremely kinky and adventurous, but this was like some incredibly debauched wet dream. You kept bringing it up though; dropping little hints when you snuggled together as you fell asleep, leaving very particular porn videos playing on your laptop when you walked out of the room, and his absolute favorite, peppering suggestions into the dirty talk that came from that filthy mouth of yours while he was fucking you into the headboard.
"C'mon baby, you know it's better when it feels wrong." That's what you always said before you begged him to do the nastiest things to you, and fuck if it didn't make him want to give you anything you wanted.
"You ready honey?" That soft look on his face was gonna make you fall apart.
"Curtis, you being all fucking sweet is kinda ruining the moment." You rolled your eyes indulgently at him, grinning at him when he gave you a dark chuckle. "Turn that thing on, call me your little slut, then come all over my tits."
He growled from deep in his chest and bent over you to smash his mouth to yours, sucking your bottom lip between his teeth and curling his hand around your throat as he pressed the button on the tiny black remote that was tucked into his palm. The choked whimper you let out when the thick black dildo of the fuck machine slid into you made his cock twitch, his hand giving your throat a light squeeze before rising back to his full height and ripping his sweater off.
"Look at you, taking that thing like such a good little whore." He groaned when he looked down to watch the false cock thrust into you slowly, copious amounts of slick leaking out of you and coating the insides of your thighs. "Already fucking soaked and we've barely even started."
"Mmm, Curtis, need more." The torturous pace of the machine was driving you crazy, holding you right on the edge and making you grit your teeth.
"What'd you fucking call me?" He slapped you across the face before gripping your jaw and forcing your gaze to his, his pupils blown wide with lust as his tongue ran over his bottom lip.
"I'm sorry, sir." You gasped, trying to lean into his hand when he pulled away before slapping you twice more and sent jolts straight to your core. "Oh, please, fuck."
"You keep that fucking mouth shut unless I ask you a question." He pressed the button twice to turn up the intensity and growled at the filthy mewls that started falling from your lips, grinning wolfishly as he watched you trying to fight against your restraints. "Why you squirming baby? This was your idea. Turn into such a dumb fucking bitch when you're stuffed full of cock."
You rolled your head to gaze at him when he stepped back, palming the bulge of his cock through his jeans before undoing his fly and letting them slide down his legs. He wasn't wearing anything underneath them, and your mouth dropped open with a piteous whine when his gorgeous cock bounced back up against his abs a mere inches away from your face. The sight of it combined with the dildo dragging over your g-spot and teasing your clit had you coming with a sob, desperately licking your lips as you watched precum dribble from his swollen tip.
"Aww, you comin' just from the sight of my dick, sweetheart?" His mocking tone and cruel sneer had you hurtling towards your peak again, especially when he upped the intensity. "You wanna taste it, honey?"
"Yes sir." You tried to stretch your neck towards him, whimpering pathetically as you flicked your tongue out to taste him.
"Such a good girl." He wrapped his fingers in your hair and wrenched your head back at an unnatural angle, slapping his tip against your lips as he squeezed his fist along his length. "Just a taste, I'm gonna come all over those perfect tits of yours."
You couldn't stop yourself. As soon as the head of his perfect cock was between your lips you were trying to suck him dry, hollowing your cheeks and humming around him until he pulled away from you with a sharp hiss.
"Shit, you greedy slut." He smacked you again and ramped the speed all the way up, tossing the remote aside and grinning when you came with a strangled cry. "So goddamn desperate to have all your holes filled, huh?"
Four thick fingers suddenly shoved down your throat effectively muffled your reply, your body vibrating with another vicious orgasm as the machine pounded into your overworked cunt. As soon as it finished you could feel another gathering fast, not helped at all by Curtis shoving his free hand between your legs and collecting a good portion of your cum from your swollen folds before lubing himself up and stroking his cock over your chest.
Drool and cum were leaking out of you so excessively there were pools collecting on the floor at both ends of your body, your muscles sagging with exhaustion as another orgasm was ripped from your body. You weren't sure how much more you could take, tears running down your cheeks as you fought to maintain consciousness.
"Such a stupid fucking cockdrunk whore." The rhythm of his hand was getting frantic as he watched you try to stay with him, your face starting to grow slack while you whimpered around his hand. "Only fucking thing you're good for is taking my cum. Next time I'm gonna use that thing on your tight little hole while I turn that pussy out. You like the sound of that?"
You could only whimper your agreement as you came again, your mind going completely empty while your body relaxed. Curtis snarled when he saw the fucked out look on your face, shooting his cum all over your tits with a low groan. He grinned at you softly once he was finished, pulling his fingers out of your mouth and panicking a bit when you let out a sob as another orgasm was ripped out of you.
"Baby, shit." He dove to grab the remote and shut off the machine, moving to undo your restraints and rubbing your muscles deeply to help you come back. "You ok?"
"Oh, I'm great." You blinked a few times and grinned at him, moaning when he undid the straps around your wrists and letting him scoop you into his arms. "You're fucking spoiling me."
Tumblr media
A/N: Apparently, I can only write the filthiest shit for this challenge, but I'm fine with.
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Disaster Trio Appreciation Week
Day 3 - Stay
Anakin looked so still. Too still. Lying on a medical cot engulfed by blankets and bandages, the only thing that revealed that Anakin was alive was the rise and fall of his chest, the steady beep beep beep of his heart monitor.
It had been almost three hours now since Master Che had informed Obi-Wan and his Grandpadawan that Anakin should be waking up anytime soon. For three hours the pair had done nothing but gaze upon Anakin's limp form, lying bandaged and bruised on the cot in front of them. But still, they waited, side by side in their plastoid chairs.
Anakin had been caught in a blast when a Separatist tank exploded next to his position during their last battle. Obi-Wan had been at the opposite side of the battlefield when it happened. Ahsoka had managed to make it out relatively unscathed after Anakin had force-pushed her out of harms way, leaving her with only a few minor cuts and mild bruising. But Anakin—Anakin hadn't been so lucky.
continue reading on ao3
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the-iceni-bitch · 9 days ago
So yeah, I spun the wheels!!!
I got:
Kinks- exhibitionism and bondage
Character- Andy Barber
Prompts- “so help me god” and “if you don’t like my teasing then why are you moaning?”
I love your work so so so so so much.
Also.. if it isn’t too much to ask, I know Andy Barber like exudes Dom energy, but I love dominant readers….. you don’t have to though. ❤️❤️
Btw I don’t know if I picked too many so just choose whichever you feel most like writing.
Babe, you know we stan dom readers here!! And I would absolutely love to top our lawyer husband, c'mon son!
Sweet floofy boy toy smut (teasing, sub professor Andy, soft!dom reader, public sex, pool sex, unprotected vaginal sex, kept the bondage kinda light since they're in public and it's on the fly, public nudity, this is my established Andy couple (bar owner reader and professor Barber)) No minors!!!
Tumblr media
Andy had been giving you that look all night.
He was immensely grateful you had agreed to come to this thing. What kind of professional adults threw a pool party? Especially university faculty. And if he had to come to this thing on his own he would have left after a couple hours.
But you had agreed to join him, because you couldn't stand the thought of your soft boyfriend having to suffer through social niceties with the bores he worked with.
When he saw you in that fucking bikini though, he almost lost it. There was nothing special about it, it was just like any other bikini he'd ever seen on a million other women. But it wasn't on other women, it was on you, and that made him want to shove it aside so you could ride him until you were screaming his name.
So he spent almost the entire party trying to get you to go back home with him so he could touch you however he wanted.
You thought it was hilarious. It's not like it was any easier for you. Every time you got a peek at those tattoos that usually no one except you got to see you felt a tiny pang in your core. But you could actually control yourself like a grown up, even with your sweet man following your around and whispering filthy things in your ear.
What he couldn't handle was when you finally jumped in the pool. The sight of you soaking wet, rivulets of cool water dripping down your tempting curves that he just wanted to trace with his tongue, after hours of you denying him, turned him into a hard, grumpy mess who had to sit in an abandoned corner of the pool while he growled at his aching cock.
"What's going on, baby?" You teased, swimming up to him slowly and grinning at the cranky pout he gave you.
"What's going on is I'm sick of watching you prance around in that fucking bikini like a damn tease." Oh, he must have been hard for a while, he usually didn't get this pissy unless he was really frustrated.
"Aww, have I been teasing you baby?" You gave him a mocking pout as you cooed at him, wrapping your body around his and grinding until a desperate sound escaped from his throat. "If you don't like my teasing then why are you moaning?"
"Y/N, fuck." He dug his fingers into your waist as his hips bucked into you, trying to catch your lips with his and whining when you pulled away from him. "If you don't quit being a brat right now, so help me god..."
"I'm the brat?" You gripped his jaw hard and forced his gaze to yours. "You invited me to this damn party then spent the whole night whining and begging. I thought we were here so you could have a nice time socializing with your coworkers and maybe get a little tipsy, not sneak away for you to get your dick wet whenever you felt a little needy."
This was new. As far as dominant and submissive dynamics went in your relationship, they weren’t really a thing, though a lot of the time you’d let Andy take the reins just because it was easier. But the way you were digging your fingers into his cheeks and glaring at him were making him feel some kind of way.
“I’m...sorry?” The brush of your lips over his cheekbone made him just want to please you, but he wasn’t sure how.
“Try making that a statement, Andrew.” You dragged your nails over his shoulders and nipped softly at his lips as he melted underneath you.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He tilted his head back so he could drink in your kiss, groaning against your lips as you wound your fingers through his hair.
“Good boy.” You grinned wickedly at him as you rested your forehead against his. “You’re lucky you’re so cute, makes it awful hard to stay mad at you. Put your hands behind your back.”
“What?” He blinked owlishly up at you as he tried to consider what you were saying, that kiss had made his brain all fuzzy.
“Hands behind your back, Andy. You are shit at following instructions.” You shook your head softly as you moved your hands between the two of you. “We’re gonna need to work on that.”
“Fuck, baby.” His head whipped to make sure no one was watching when you untied your bikini bottoms and waved them in front of his face. “We’re doing this here?”
“You don’t get to complain after all the fucking whining you were doing all night.” You bent over him and tugged at his lips with your teeth, dragging his hands behind his back and binding them with your swimsuit. “Hope you can be quiet, pretty boy.”
He let out a low moan when you drew his trunks down and wrapped your hands around his cock, shifting until he was lined up and sinking down on him in one swift motion. You could tell how worked up he was from the way he was trying to drive into you, his wrists straining against the restraints that you had apparently tied in some sort of magic knot that wasn’t loosening no matter how hard he tugged at it.
“Baby, c’mon.” You were loving how needy he was, framing his face in your hands as you ground against him. “I just wanna touch you.”
“Quit whining.” You snapped, gripping his hair painfully and yanking his face away from yours as you scowled at him. “You’re lucky I’m gonna let you come at all, sweet boy. Don’t piss me off.”
The scrape of your teeth over his cheekbone had him keening, forcing you to shove your fingers in his mouth to muffle the sounds he was making. Drool started leaking from the corners of his lips when he whined around your hand, the pleading look in his eyes making you clench around him with a deep moan.
Your hips started moving faster when you felt your pleasure gathering, his body arching into your movements as he begged you wordlessly for more. That look of pure, wanton need on his face was something you could really get used to.
Warmth started spreading from your core fast and you ripped your your fingers out of his mouth so you could press your lips to his, moaning against him when the coil snapped and your body went rigid. Andy almost collapsed at the feel of your soft walls fluttering around him, growling into your mouth as his hips jerked and he filled you thick, sticky ropes of his cum.
“Jesus Christ.” He panted into your open mouth while the two of you came down, wrapping his arms around you once you undid his restraints and tried to put your bottoms back on. “That was new.”
“Yeah.” You bit your lip as you grinned at him. “Good for you?”
“Very good.” He swallowed thickly as you unwrapped yourself from him. “Where did you learn to tie knots like that?”
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I am loving the Wheel of Filth idea! Here's what I got
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That last quote is so perfectly Lance 🤣 Maybe it should be used against him 😏
Wifey!! It took me a minute but the inspiration for this one just hit me like a ton of bricks!!
Cocky asshole smut (mentions of female masturbation, sex toys, fingering, unprotected vaginal sex, minor degradation), no minors!!!
Tumblr media
Lance was exhausted and frustrated when he walked into your apartment.
He hated those goddamn PR tours more than anything, having to answer stupid fucking questions about the progress the women's team was making through the Olympic trials only serving give him a never ending headache. All he had been looking forward to for the past week was seeing you and losing himself in the soft, wet heat between your legs.
And you couldn't even do him the courtesy of being awake.
Granted, you looked fucking beautiful all spread out on the bed in that blue lace nightie. The way your limbs were splayed and the fact you were even wearing that thing making it pretty obvious that you had planned on waiting for him, and that did serve to soften his mood a little bit.
At least until he spotted the vibrator on your bedside table.
Now, he didn't consider himself a cruel man. He had never insisted that you abstain from your own pleasure when he wasn't there. Even if he had, he wouldn't be naïve enough to believe you'd actually do it. But that didn't mean he wanted to see the reminder of it as soon as he walked through the fucking door. Especially since the sight of it, combined with what you were wearing, made it seem like maybe you actually hadn't been planning on waiting for him, but rather fucked yourself to sleep even though you knew he was coming home tonight.
He growled as he started stripping out of his clothes, grumbling to himself about your lack of consideration before crawling into the bed next to you. His fingers teased over your thighs before gripping the hem of your nightie and dragging it up over your hips until he had a perfect view of your glistening pussy, the wet stains on your thighs confirming his suspicions that you hadn't bothered waiting for him.
Two thick fingers sank into your quivering hole and he smirked at the rush of slick that seeped out around them and soaked his hand. Always the fucking whore, he had yet to find a time when you weren't wet and ready for him.
Soft wet squelches filled the room as he continued stroking at your soft walls, your body slowly starting to wake up while he stretched you open. A sharp gasp ripped from your chest when he slid in a third finger, and he knew you were finally with him.
"Lance? Jesus." As soon as your eyes were open they were rolling back in your skull, your body arching into his hand as you brought a hand down to wrap around his wrist.
"Just look at you, all stretched out and trembling." His tone was slightly cruel as he looked down at you, his fingers still fucking into you relentlessly. "You forget I was coming home tonight, kitten?"
He knew you hated that fucking nickname, drinking in the scorn that was coming off you in waves as your body continued bending to his will. Even though you knew he was trying to bait you, you couldn't stop yourself from spitting venom back at him.
"How could I fucking forget when you've been texting me dick pics since 6 AM?" You moved your hips to match the movements of his fingers, groaning when he ground his palm into your clit. "Then you're four hours late and giving me shit because I had to take care of myself. You pissed I came three times from that vibe, Lancie?"
"I don't give a fuck when you use that thing, kitten, in fact, I encourage it." He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth when you dropped your head back against the pillow and let out a choked mewl. "I want you to make yourself come with that little toy, so you know I can do it better."
"Fuck you, Lance." You dragged his face to yours so you could hiss in his ear. "You better fucking prove it."
"Oh no, honey." He pulled away from you and dragged his fingers out of your soaked channel, bringing them up to his lips and sucking them clean and grinning at you. "I don't need to prove a damn thing to you. Tonight is all about me."
You had no time to prepare before he was flipping you over and driving into you, hard. One of his hands reached up to grip the headboard for leverage, the bed already starting to rattle as he fucked into you like a madman. He tried to use his other hand to force your face into the pillows so he didn't have to listen to that smart mouth of yours, but you propped yourself on your elbow and swatted him away before he got the chance.
Even as you drove your hips back into him you were glaring at him over your shoulder, the relentless rhythm of his thrusts bringing you to the edge alarmingly fast. He just grinned back at you, slapping your ass hard and making you hiss before reaching up and winding your fingers through his against the headboard.
"Jesus fucking Christ, I'm gonna come." He could feel you starting to clench down on him and let out a low growl before curling over you back and burying his face in your hair.
"I don't care." He purred, wrapping a hand around your throat and tilting your head back until could devour your mouth with his.
A wretched shriek ripped from your chest as you fluttered wildly around him, your release squirting out of you and staining the sheets before you sagged into the bed. His teeth moved to sink into your throat as his thrusts grew wild and desperate, his own pleasure so close he could feel it rising in his throat. Just another few shoves and he was one, filling you with thick, hot ropes of cum before releasing you with a sneer.
"Told you."
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the-iceni-bitch · 9 days ago
OMG!!!! You're goddamn right I'm interested in this😝
I love you my perv twin ❤️ Congrats on the 3000 followers!
Tumblr media
Character: I got two of our favourite soft boi's 🥴
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Religion Kink (what? Ransom is gonna be left out of this??? lol)
Somnophilia (hmmm...I think I know which one you'll choose for this one)
"If you interrupt me one more time"
"Answer the phone. I dare you."
I cannot wait to see what you come up with 😜
Ah, my sweet perv twin, leave it to you to give me a prompt that is definitely going to send me straight to hell.
This is going to be so blasphemous and debauched, you guys, please be mindful! And it 100% got away from me so settle in for a long one because I have no chill when it comes to religion kinks!
Extremely filthy smut (kinda dark Colin and reader, unprotected p in v sex, f and m receiving oral sex, mmf threesome, bi male partners, dirty talk, inappropriate use of religious iconography, innocence kink, corruption kink, non-con (erring on the safe side), dub-con (definitely), dom/sub dynamics, exhibitionism, voyeurism, our boys are kinda OOC here but honestly I’m here for it). No minors!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jake shrugged uncomfortably when you let out a soft moan, turning to face the wall and doing his best to ignore the noises you and Colin were making.
This wasn't what seminary school was supposed to be like. He had come here to grow closer to God and prepare for his career in the priesthood, something he had been wanting for his entire life. Being around other like minded young men had been something he'd been looking forward ever since he had to suffer through the lust filled pubescence of public high school. And he'd gotten to enjoy that new, chaste environment all through his undergraduate studies.
Then he moved on to graduate school, and got roomed with Colin Shea.
Colin Shea, who laughed in professors' faces as he challenged their interpretation of canon law. Or slept through their lectures. Or mocked the importance of the seven sacraments.
He may have been able to tolerate Colin, as much as he couldn't figure out what that man was doing in seminary in the first place, never mind how he was consistently at the top of all his classes. But with Colin came you, and you were a constant test to his vows.
It would have been bad enough if he only had to see you at Mass, that wicked grin and the glint in your eye a stark contrast to the chaste white of your novitiate habit, its shapeless folds barely concealing the tempting curves of your body. He could still remember the first time he saw you in chapel, the way your lips quirked when you took the sacrament igniting feelings in him he though he'd long since mastered.
But the very next day he came back from his morning lectures to find you and Colin tangled together in his sheets, your veil and habit tossed carelessly on the floor as you rose above him like some sort of goddess and moaned through your pleasure. It had almost given him a heart attack.
Every day he told himself he was going to turn the two of you in, finally get that blasphemous man expelled from the seminary so he could go back to his carefully planned path to the priesthood and hopefully a bishopric. The thought of never seeing you again always staid his hand though, as much as the sight of you was a torment for his soul.
It was the sweetest torment though. Each time he came back to their quarters to find you there he was filled with a small thrill, before it was immediately tamped down with a flood of guilt.
"Oh Colin, yes!"
He didn't know how much more of this he could take. He was trying to prepare for the ordination exams and the two of you hadn't left the room in almost 24 hours. Right now Colin had his face buried between your thighs under the skirt of your habit. As gloriously sinful as it was watching your naked bodies writhing against each other, there was something especially debauched about you touching each other like this when you were still wrapped in your religious garb.
You let out a beautiful lilting sigh as you drove your hips further into Colin's face and Jake slammed his book shut, turning to the two of you and growling his displeasure, doing his best to ignore the tightness at the front of his pants.
"Do you mind?" He was trying his best to stay angry, but the soft grin you were giving him as your body arched in that lovely way was making it very hard.
"Do I mind?" Colin's voice was muffled until he dragged his head out from under your habit, scowling at Jake as he ran his tongue over his slick coated lips while you ran your fingers through his hair. "If you interrupt me one more time, Jensen, I swear to god..."
"Ugh, blasphemy!" He didn't know why he bothered trying to scold the man about that, the entire lower half of his face was still coated in your arousal.
"Fuck's sake, you need to relax." Colin rolled his eyes as he rested his face on your lower stomach, hooking one hand under your knee and hitching your leg so he could press soft kisses over your inner thigh. "We were just talking about it before you came back, weren't we dove?"
"Mmm, we sure were, lover." Your eyelids fluttered closed when he ran his tongue over your slit again, slowing it to a torturous drag when he reached your clit. "Do you want some help relaxing, Jakey?"
His heart soared when you called him that, before immediately dropping into his stomach after he spent a moment considering just how you would help him relax. The wicked smirk you were giving him made him think that you knew exactly what was running through his mind, your eyes never leaving his as you rolled your hips against Colin's face.
You were so beautiful. Your mouth hanging open slightly as you let out a series of soft gasps, gazing at Jake through heavy lids and squeezing your thighs around Colin's head. His lips wrapped around your clit and you finally broke your eye contact as your back arched off the bed when you came with a strangled cry.
Jake couldn't take his eyes off yours as you came down, not even when Colin crawled up your body until he could bury his face in your neck. His mood soured when Colin turned his head to face him, chuckling darkly and running his tongue over your throat as he worked on undoing his belt.
"You should take her up on her offer, Jensen." He teased, turning his gaze back to you as he freed his cock and slid it through your slick coated folds until it caught against your entrance. "I never feel more relaxed than when I've spent a couple hours buried in this sweet little cunt."
The two of you laughed when he flushed bright red at the vulgarity, Colin pushing into you slowly until he was fully enveloped in your drenched heat. Jake had never felt more relief than when his phone buzzed across the nightstand, even when he saw his father's name pop up on the caller ID.
"Go ahead, Jensen, answer the phone, I dare you." Colin mocked before you grabbed his face and drew it back to yours for a desperate kiss.
He had to get out of there, grabbing his phone and his books and making a run for it as the sounds of you losing yourself in your pleasure threatened to rip him apart. Maybe there'd be a free table in the overcrowded library for him to finish his studying.
Even a few hours of burying himself in his books couldn’t drive you from his mind, though. The memories of the curve of your spine and the way your chest heaved when you were falling apart coming to him unbidden as he attempted to focus. Your murmured invitation echoing through his mind until he was aching with need, slamming his books down and storming out of the library before making his way back to his quarters.
The wave of relief that swept over him when he arrived to find you and Colin gone was palpable. He didn’t know what to do about the way his cock was painfully straining against the front of his slacks, the incessant thoughts of you having awoken his dark desires to a raging inferno that he wasn’t sure he could extinguish.
Normally, if the lust you drew from him became too much to bear, he could appease himself my rutting into the mattress a few times, telling himself it wasn’t a betrayal of his vows, just a balm for the pain. Before he met you he hadn’t even needed that sort of release in years, always able to maintain careful control over the lustful thoughts that seemed to plague other men.
Right now though, the soft promise of your words flooding his system with unbearable warmth until he was stripping out of his clothes in a frenzy. He set his glasses on the bedside table before sinking onto his mattress with a deep sigh and running a hand over his face. 
His gaze slid down his body to the apex of his thighs and he groaned, his cock resting heavy and painful against his thigh and staining his skin with a pearly sheen of precum. The brush of his fingers over it was almost painful, forcing his breath out in a sharp hiss. 
It had been years since he last touched himself like this, never feeling the urge for that type of release since the torture of his adolescence. But the sight and the thought of you had broken down all of his carefully constructed walls until he was an aching, yearning shell of a man.
When his hand tentatively wrapped around his shaft his entire body jolted, your name falling from his lips like the prayers he so often muttered to drive the thoughts of you away. Images of you overtook him as he continued his ministrations, slowly dragging his hand along his length as he pictured what you would look like writhing on top of him like you had done with Colin so many times. The way your rosary would sway between your breasts as your thighs gripped his hips tightly, his own hand tightening and loosening around his cock in waves the way he imagined your pussy would clench around him as he drew those beautiful noises from you. 
He arched into his grip when he thought of the way your back would arch with pleasure before collapsing on top of him and burying your face in his neck, your lips soft on his skin and insistent as you begged him to fill you with his seed. His cock twitched in his palm and then he was finished, thick ropes of spend shooting over the defined muscled of his abdomen as he shouted your name with a strangled cry. 
Shame overtook him as soon as he finished, though surprisingly not as overwhelming as he had felt in the past when thoughts of you had driven him to the point of madness. He still felt disgusted with himself as he wiped his spend from his skin with his discarded shirt before curling around himself and surrendering to the pull of sleep, hoping that his embarrassing release would at least stave off dreams of you.
It was hours later when you and Colin staggered through the door, drunk off the sacrament wine you had stolen and each other. As soon as your eyes found Jake’s sleeping form you pressed your fingers to Colin’s lip with a teasing grin, the faint smell of cum tickling your nose and making your lips spread even wider.
“I think you finally broke that poor virgin, dove.” Colin mumbled, nipping at the pads of your fingers and pulling the veil from your head before working at undoing his collar. “I don’t think that boy has jerked off in years.”
“How sad.” You gave him a mocking pout over your shoulder as you slowly prowled towards Jake’s bed, your fingers winding through the blankets that covered him and dragging them down his body. “I think I should give him a reward for being so good.”
“You’re evil.” Colin wrapped his hand around your throat and bent your head back to kiss you until you purred before moving to sit on his own bed, slowly unbuttoning his collar and spreading his legs as he leaned back on one arm.
“Maybe.” Your eyes were fixed on the man you were standing over, the lines of his body surprisingly strong and lightly dusted with dirty blonde hair. He was the picture of chaste innocence, his skin flushed pink as his chest rose and fell in the deep rhythm of sleep while he clutched his rosary in his fist. You’d never wanted to ruin someone so much in your life. 
His cock twitched to life when you brushed your fingers over it, already swelling with blood at just the barest of touches. You couldn’t keep your eyes off it as you knelt between his legs and drew off your habit, barely registering the deep groan Colin let out as he watched you. 
Jake’s breathing was still deep and even as you bent over him, your lips brushing over his before you sank lower. The ghost of your lips over his tip was all it took to bring him to his full hardness, his breath catching in his throat and making you pause until he relaxed again. 
You dragged your tongue over him in a heavy stripe and grinned to yourself at the wretched moan that fell from his lips, his hips squirming underneath you already. Wetness was pooling between your legs and seeping down your thighs as he started falling apart for you, your body growing increasingly warm as he kept making soft, wanton noises. Those soft kisses and tiny licks you lavished on him still didn’t serve to rouse him from his slumber, though his breath started to pick up and sweat started dripping from his pores.
It was when you finally drew him between your lips that his eyes shot open, the weight of him heavy on your tongue as his musky taste overtook your senses. Your eyes rose to his as you suckled at his tip, your lips stretched wide around him like something out of his dreams before he was sitting up with a jolt.
“Stop, I can’t...” His protests losing their heat when you suddenly took him deeper, swallowing around him when his hips met your face before pulling back and releasing him with a pop. “Oh, please.”
“It’s ok, Jakey.” You followed him when he tried to rise off the bed, sinking to the floor between his legs and pressing your palms to his thighs to keep him seated. “Sshh, sweet boy.”
He swallowed thickly when you rose on your knees and drew his face to yours, barely aware of Colin sitting across from him and palming his cock through his slacks. You wound your fingers through his in the hand holding his rosary, keeping your eyes trained on his as you drew it to your face and dragged the onyx beads over your lips before clutching the crucifix between your teeth.
“Jesus.” The blasphemy left his lips without thought when you started sucking on the icon, the doe eyed innocence of your gaze betrayed by the wickedness of your actions and the press of your naked and sinful curves against his flesh.
“Pray for me, Jake.” You murmured, your heart fluttering in your chest as you watched his eyes widen when you sank to your knees and took him in your mouth again.
He gripped the crucifix tight and made the sign of the cross in a rush as your tongue swirled over his tip, his eyes fluttering shut when your nails ran over his thighs and his hips bucked into you.
“I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth.” The Apostle’s Creed felt like beautiful filth falling from his lips, the holy words marred by the way your lips were sucking every ounce of pleasure from his repressed body. “And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.”
You hummed around him as he continued praying, your core aching and throbbing as you pressed your tongue along the underside of him and dragged it to his most sensitive point.
“Ah, fuck!” Your fingers digging into his thighs were an order to continue, your lips performing their own form of worship as you drew him to the back of your throat, again. “He descended into Hell; the third day He arose again from the dead; He ascended into Heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; from thence he shall judge the living and the dead.”
A sharp gasp was ripped from his throat when you suddenly released him and ducked further between his legs, laving your tongue over his balls before drawing them between your lips while your hand squeezed along his shaft tightly. Colin rose to his feet at this point, not able to hold back after watching you take Jake apart so perfectly. Jake’s eyes fluttered open when he felt the other man’s hand cup his cheek gently, tilting his head back and losing himself in his lustblown eyes as his thumb ran over the swell of his bottom lip. 
“Keep going, Jake.” Colin’s voice was soft as he gazed at him, his other hand trailing down his torso before winding gently through your hair and guiding your movements.
“I... I believe in the Holy Spirit,” he could feel something gathering in the pit of his stomach, your lips peppering soft kisses up his shaft before taking him in your mouth again as you moved a hand to gently tug at his balls. “the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints,” Colin bent and ran his lips over the curve of his cheek, the mix of sensations sending a jolt through him and making his cock twitch at the back of your throat. “the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting. Amen.”
“Amen.” Colin whispered before he molded his mouth to Jake’s, moaning when the other man dropped the rosary and reached up to pull him closer as he thrust his hips into your face. 
You wrapped your arms around his hips and drew him tight as you swallowed around his length, gulping down each thick drop of spend he released with a low moan until he was spent. The two of them were still pressed together when you released him, Colin’s hand in your hair pulling you up Jake’s body until you could join them.
When Jake tasted himself on your lips he almost collapsed, his arms releasing Colin and moving to wind around you. Tears were leaking down his cheeks as he kissed you deeply, Colin taking a step back and stripping the rest of his clothes off as he watched the two of you fall back on the bed before laying beside you. 
The two of you worked to turn him on his side until Colin could press himself against his back, ducking to pepper soft kisses over the curves of his shoulders while you kissed the tears from his cheeks and whispered soft soothing words against his skin. 
“Oh, Jake, sweet boy, don’t worry.” You cupped his cheek as you gazed at him, your other hand trailing between the two of you until you could wrap it around his cock and draw him back to full arousal. Colin’s arms wrapped around him as you continued your movements, one of his hands joining yours as the other curled around his waist and he rutted against the curve of his ass. “God forgives all.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m absolutely going to hell but I don’t fucking care!!
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Love on the Brain
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader (OTP)
Words: ~4.1k
Summary: You meet the oldest member of Ransom’s family and make quite an impression, changing your dynamics with the rest of the Thrombey brood.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (semi-public sex, f receiving oral sex, unprotected vaginal sex, Ransom being very possessive over a specific body part, cock warming, dirty talk), soft Ransom, fluff, Thrombey family drama, these two idiots being in love and slowly killing all of us, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: This one was already mostly finished before I started my drabble challenge so I took a quick minute to polish it up. I can’t stand how cute I’ve made them you guys but I also can’t stop myself, so I’m sorry, but you’re all going to suffer with me.
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“And keep your foot on the clutch while you press the brake until we’re fully stopped.” Ransom was grinning at you as you put the beemer in park. “Babe, you’re a fucking natural.”
“I am, right?” You pulled the keys out of the ignition and returned his smile. “I cannot believe that massive ego of yours is actually letting me drive your precious baby. Hugh, no!”
“Baby, c’mon.” He was trying to drag you over the center console and into his lap as you laughed breathlessly against his lips. “You did such a good job, I just want to congratulate you.”
“Ran, I am not going to get caught letting you fuck me in your car, again. Especially when I’m meeting your great-grandmother for the first time.” You gave him a quick peck on the lips before leaning into the back seat and grabbing your gift, ignoring his frustrated growl. “C’mon, let’s do another birthday party with your fucked up family.”
If it had been any other event he would have been more insistent about getting to fuck you, but he actually liked Wanetta, and he knew you wanted to make a good impression. He couldn’t believe the ridiculous amount of effort you had put into your gift, though you had always treated gift giving like a competition, so he didn’t know why he was surprised. The two of you walked into the manor wrapped around each other tightly, Ransom’s face buried in your hair as he guided you up the steps.
Of course Linda was right there as soon as you walked through the door, scowling at you and ruining your good mood. Sure, her apology had been an unexpected and slightly pleasant surprise, but it’s not like you two were going to become best friends all of a sudden. 
“Hello Ransom, Y/N.” You could tell she was biting back her venom as she greeted you. “So nice to see you again.”
“You too, Linda.” You gave her a strained smile.
“Good to see you, sweetheart.” It was difficult to not cringe when Richard gave you a peck on the cheek, his hand lingering on the small of your back a bit longer than necessary and making Ransom snarl.
“Mother, father.” His teeth were gritted with the strain of having to engage in meaningless pleasantries with his parents after how they had treated you. “Baby, let’s go put your gift with the others, hmm?”
You let him drag you away from the two of them with a pleased hum, ignoring the whispered barbs Linda was shooting at your back. Each of his family members was giving you peculiar stares as you moved through the house, making you wonder whether you had something on your face until realization hit you.
“Linda told them about the fight.” Your face scrunched up with distaste when you set your gift on the table with a small huff. “They probably think I’m crazy.”
“I mean, you kind of are.” He gave you a mock wounded gesture when you smacked his chest, grabbing the offensive hand and pressing a kiss to each fingertip while you rolled your eyes at him. “Honey, you got in a fist fight at a society cocktail party. How could you not be a little crazy?” You yelped a little when he pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around your waist. “It’s one of the things I love about you.”
“Yeah? What else do you love?” You teased, resting your chin on his chest and beaming up at him.
“I don’t think we have time for me to go over everything.” He ducked his face to give you a quick peck on the forehead before he was pulling you towards the bar. “C’mon, let’s get a drink then go find Harlan.”
“You know, you’re getting annoyingly cute, Hugh.” You took the gin and tonic he handed you with a wink. “It really should piss me off. You know how much I love when you’re an asshole.”
“You want me to be mean to you, honey?” He sipped on his scotch as he gazed at you, his eyes drinking in your body as they raked over you.
“Maybe later.” The two of you started heading towards the back of the house where Wanetta and Harlan were sitting in the sun room. “The cuteness is growing on me though.”
“Y/N!” Harlan was beaming when he stood up to greet you, drawing you into a warm embrace that brought a smile of your own to your face. “My dear, it is wonderful to see you as always. I trust my grandson has been treating you well?”
“Oh, he’s practically spoiling me.” You stepped back when he released you and gave him a wink. “How have you been, Harlan? The new book coming along well?”
“It’s going splendidly, I really think you’re going to enjoy it.” He clapped Ransom on the shoulder in greeting before turning away. “Come, let’s introduce you to the birthday girl.”
Even though the temperature was steadily rising as Summer drew closer, Wanetta Thrombey was still wearing her signature fur coat. The coke bottle glasses perched on her nose made her eyes look huge, and she blinked them owlishly at you when you approached.
“Mother, I have the pleasure of introducing Y/N Y/L/N, the woman who has your great-grandson singing little songs to himself.” Ransom choked on his scotch at that announcement, coughing and avoiding eye contact with you when you turned to give him a wicked grin. “Y/N, my mother, Wanetta Thrombey.”
“Mrs. Thrombey, it is such a pleasure to meet you.” The only acknowledgment she gave you was a small grunt when you sank into the chair next to hers. “I hope you’re having a nice birthday.”
“She’s not going to answer you.” The rest of the brood was filtering into the sun room now, Walt scowling at you over his bourbon. “She can hardly hear anything. Do you want some cake, nana?”
You frowned when he shouted at her, Wanetta’s expression remaining placid and unaffected as the family shuffled around her and waited for Fran to arrive with the cake. You were pretty sure Harlan would have mentioned it if his own mother was hard of hearing. Walt was such an asshole.
Ransom rested a hand on your shoulder when he noticed you tensing up, his thumb running over the slope of your neck as you tried to hide how annoyed you were at the looks the rest of his family was shooting at you. He knew you could handle the passive aggression, but he still fucking hated that you had to deal with it at all. 
“Nana, you remember my wife, Donna?” Walt was still yelling, and you had to take a gulp of your drink to keep from shushing him. “She wanted to let you know how much she admired your necklace.”
“Yes, I have one just like it.” Great, now Donna was yelling right next to you too.
“That’s nice, Wanda.” Her voice was thin and gravelly, but you had to hide your snort behind your glass when she called Donna the wrong name.
“Yeah, she loves calling the significant others by the wrong names.” Ransom moved around to the front of the chair and sank into it next to you, pulling you into his lap to make up for the lack of space. “They try to tell themselves it’s because she’s senile, but she manages to remember me and Meg and Jacob just fine and we’ve been around less time than them.”
“That’s so petty.” You loved it, grinning at Wanetta and leaning back against Ransom’s chest. “No wonder you like her.”
Fran arrived with the cake then, everyone breaking into the birthday song while they waited for Wanetta to blow out the candles. Which Linda did without even giving the woman a chance. Ransom could tell you were starting to get pissed off, he was too. Everyone was acting like being here was a fucking chore.
At least the cake was delicious. White chocolate icing and raspberry filling from the super fancy bakery, it was really fucking good. 
“Do you like the cake, Wanetta?” Nobody else was interacting with her, it made you feel absurdly guilty.
“It’s her favorite.” Jesus Christ, if these assholes wouldn’t let this poor woman answer one damn question on her own you were going to lose it.
“I don’t think I was asking you, Walt.” The look you shot him was pure poison, and Ransom grinned when he watched him wilt under your gaze.
“Lemon chiffon is my favorite.” Your eyes snapped back to Wanetta when she addressed you, giving her a soft smile as you took another bite of cake.
“I love lemon chiffon.” You were genuinely grinning at her as the two of you conversed, and for some reason it made Ransom’s chest feel very warm. “There’s this little bakery in downtown Boston near my old condo that makes the best lemon chiffon cake. Ran, we’ll have to bring some over next time we go to the city.”
“Of course, babe.” He didn’t even realize that no one else was talking anymore, all of them just watching you and him talk to Wanetta like she was an actual human being. 
“That sounds lovely.” Her lips might have been quirking in a small smile, but you couldn’t completely tell.
“Let’s do presents, hmm?” Linda seemed annoyed when she motioned for Fran to grab the gifts from the foyer once everyone had finished their cake. “It’s getting late, I’m sure nana wants to get her sleep.”
“The sun hasn’t even gone down.” You mumbled, leaning your head on Ransom’s shoulder and trying to keep from rolling your eyes. 
All the gifts she opened were your typical old lady fare, silk scarves and frumpy hats and ridiculous costume jewelry. It was sad, but Wanetta didn’t seem fazeed at all, just tired.
“This is from me and Ransom.” You handed her the small wrapped box you were holding when it was your turn. “I really hope you like it Mrs. Thrombey. I put a lot of thought into it.”
She had that same indiscernible look on her face when she unwrapped the gift, then she opened the box and a small sound of surprise escaped her lips.
“Y/N, where did you find this?” Harlan was beaming at you when he spied the antique cameo brooch over his mother’s shoulder.
“One of the donors for my charity works at Sotheby’s.” You tried to shrug off the looks of pure joy you were getting from Harlan and Wanetta, but Ransom knew you, and he knew you were fucking ectstatic with the reception your gift had gotten. “It was just a matter of tracking the provenance.”
“What is it?” Walt looked perturbed at how happy his father and grandmother were.
“This is the brooch my grandmother had to sell at the beginning of the Great Depression after bringing it with her to America when she emigrated from France after the first World War.” Harlan couldn’t stop grinning at you, and you thought you could see tears in his eyes. “I don’t think anyone in the Thrombey family has seen it in over 90 years.”
“Thank you so much, Y/N.” Now she was definitely smiling at you, and you almost preened, ignoring the death stares you were getting from Donna and Joni, who still got called Wanda and Jenny after how many years. “I would just love if you could bring some of that cake when you visit for tea next Sunday.”
The energy in the sun room shifted, and you could feel animosity coming off of the other family members in waves. Even Linda had never been extended an invitation to tea with Wanetta, and she was Harlan’s first born. 
Those vicious stares were on you for the rest of the night, everyone in the family except Harlan and Ransom (and the kids but only because they were on their phones) giving you the murder glare as you chatted with Wanetta about anything you could think of. Harlan was unbelievably happy to see you two getting along so well, he loved his mother so much, and it always pained him that so many of his offspring only considered her as an afterthought. Ransom was pleased too, even though he was trapped with you sitting on his lap he could have watched your face light up like that for hours. 
It was after midnight when your conversation finally wound down, Wanetta tottering off to her ground floor room as she gave you a warm smile and a pat on the hand. You tucked your head into Ransom’s shoulder once she was gone, feeling warm and a little buzzed since Fran had been kind enough to give you a steady supply of gin and tonics so you didn’t have to disrupt your conversation. She’d even kept Ransom glass filled, but only because she liked you so much and you were seated on his lap, so now he was tipsy too.
“I think we’re spending the night.” You hummed, nuzzling into Ransom’s neck. “We’ve had a lot to drink.”
“Ransom’s room is all made up for you two.” Harlan was giving you an indulgent grin as he watched the two of you snuggling. “I’m going to beat Marta at Go then turn in myself.”
“Oh, is that what you think, old man?” Their good natured teasing followed them as they headed up the stairs to Harlan’s study, leaving you and Ransom to yourselves.
“Hey, pretty girl?” Ransom rubbed his face into your hair until you turned to look up at him. “You are so fucking amazing.”
“Yeah, I know.” You turned your body until you were straddling his lap and facing him, running your tongue over his lips as he gazed into your eyes. “I also know that you only call me pretty girl when you’re drunk, so it’s a good thing we’re not gonna try to drive home.”
“Pssh, I’m barely buzzed.” He stood up suddenly and wrapped you around him, almost teetering over with a curse when he overestimated the control he had of his equilibrium. “Shit.”
“Hugh, don’t you fucking drop me!” You were laughing breathlessly when he started staggering down the hall, shooting your arms out to keep him from crashing into the walls. “Baby, seriously, put me down before you go up the stairs.”
“Nope.” He kept his arms clamped around your waist when you tried to climb off him, nibbling at your neck as he started carefully ascending the stairs. “Why the fuck would I miss any opportunity to have this perfect body wrapped around me?”
As always, the man overestimated his ability to effectively mobilize, barely making it to the second story landing before the two of you went toppling over. You barely managed to catch the railing when you went down, laughing against Ransom’s lips as he let out a stream of curses. 
“Hugh, no!” He was starting to mouth down your torso, his teeth teasing at the neckline of your sundress before he buried his face between your breasts with a soft moan. “We’re so close to the room. Marta and Harlan are still up.”
“So?” His arms were wrapped tightly around your waist to keep you from wriggling away as you tried to escape up the stairs. “I need to taste that pretty pussy. What the fuck?”
“What? Is something wrong?” You couldn’t see anything with his head shoved under your skirt.
“Yeah something’s wrong, what the fuck is this?” You yelped when he snapped the band of your panties against your hip.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry I wore panties to a family event.” You rolled your eyes at him, whining when he nuzzled his face deep in your mound and tugged at the thin lace that was covering you with his teeth. “Fuck, Ran.”
“Covering my pussy with fucking panties.” He growled into your cunt, almost to himself. “Keeping me from getting to her whenever she needs me.”
“Unh… hngh.” As much as you wanted to sass him, when his tongue dragged over your clothed core in a heavy stripe you had a little trouble forming real sentences. 
“There she is.” He yanked your panties off in a rush and sighed happily when he finally got a look at your glistening cunt. “Can’t believe she tried to hide you from me, pretty thing.”
“Are you talking to my pussy?” You propped yourself up on your elbows to look at him, your skirt still covering his head as he sucked bruises on the inside of your thighs.
“No, I’m talking to my pussy.” He nipped at your thighs before burying his face in your cunt and swirling his tongue through your folds, groaning when he finally tasted you.
God, the man was a damn menace. Your back was curling backwards over the steps as he ate you out, your body jolting when his tongue dragged over your clit as you let out a desperate mewl. Even the thought of Harlan or Marta catching the two of you couldn’t make you care that he was feasting on you right in the middle of the main staircase. 
He shoved his tongue inside you and you had to bite your lip to keep from screaming. Every grunt and moan that escaped from his lips just brought you closer, your arousal running down his chin and soaking through your skirt. You started rolling your hips against his face and mewling softly, his nose rubbing against your clit and making you flutter until your thighs tried to clamp around his head.
“Baby, babe, fuck.” You could feel his fingers raising bruises on your thighs when he shook his head to bury himself deeper, but all you could focus on was how your clit was throbbing against his upper lip while he continued bringing you closer to your peak. “Ran, please, I’m so close.”
His lips wrapped around your clit and you lost it, your body arching back on itself and vibrating against him as your release soaked his face. Ransom couldn’t stop humming into your cunt as your sweet essence flowed over his tongue, flooding his senses with every aspect of you until he couldn’t think of anything else.
“Fuck, honey.” He kissed his way down your thigh until he could duck his head out from under your skirt, two of his fingers still rubbing soft circles over your clit as he rested his head on your hip. “Knew she needed me.”
“Ran, we need to go to the room.” The man was torturing you, those soft blue eyes sucking you in and making it really hard for you to come up with a reason to not let him fuck you right there. “It’s just ten feet away, and I really don’t feel like having your poor grandfather catch us.”
“Oh, I dunno, baby.” His grin was absolutely wicked when he rose up over you, his eyes flicking down to the bulge in his shorts that made your mouth water. “I don’t think he can wait even that long.”
You felt his hold on you relax for just a second and seized your opportunity, bolting towards the room that had been set up for you two with a triumphant laugh while he just cursed before charging after you. He caught you just inside the door and slammed it behind him, wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you off the floor just to slam you on the bed with a huff.
“Ah, shit, Ransom!” After stripping like a madman he was literally bending you in half, your ankles hanging over his shoulders as he ran his length through your soaked folds and yanked the top of your dress down until it was gathered around your waist. “God, please!”
“So fucking greedy, hmm?” He started running his lips over your calf, his eyes trained on your face as his tip caught at your entrance. “I just love this hungry little pussy.”
All the breath in your lungs was punched out of you when he slammed his hips forward, sheathing himself to the hilt in one desperate move that had your eyes rolling back in your head. The pace he set was punishing, the lewd sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room as he pounded into you.
When he bent over you everything just got more intense, the angle he had your legs pinned at opening you up even further so his cock could brush against the deepest part of you with each vicious thrust of his hips. His lips sought yours desperately, his need to feel every inch of you as he brought you unspeakable pleasure completely overwhelming every other need he had. He couldn’t stop picturing how happy you had looked perched on his lap and chatting with Wanetta and Harlan, like you were the missing piece in his fucked up family that made interacting with them actually worthwhile.
Wait, what?! 
His arms gave out when he considered the thought that had just run through his head, collapsing on top of you with a huff that had you grinning up at him. Maybe he had had too much to drink, that was the only logical explanation.
“Hmm, sorry.” He muttered softly against your lips, sighing when you ran your fingers through his hair and he started moving his hips again.
“Like I said, good thing we didn’t try to drive home.” You dug your fingers into the small of his back as you ran your tongue over his lips, desperate to have him seated as deep in you as possible. “Baby, c’mon, I need it.”
“Yeah? Tell me what you need, honey.” He loved when you got like this, trembling underneath him and gazing deeply into his eyes while he took you apart. He knew exactly what you needed, but he wanted to hear you say it.
“Ran, unghh.” The way he was grinding against you was driving you crazy, your hands trailing up his back and winding in his hair as you pressed his face to yours. “Need your cum. Need you to fill me up so much it leaks out around your pretty cock and stains the sheets.”
“Well, fuck, Y/N.” His lips brushed over yours as he gave you a pleased grin, tilting your hips until he felt you clenching around him like a vise. “All you gotta do is ask, sweetheart.”
You screamed his name when you came, your body vibrating underneath him as you dug your nails into his scalp and moaned into his open mouth. He gulped down your cries like oxygen, his teeth bared in a wordless snarl as his own pleasure overtook him and his hips jerked against yours. Your cunt milked him for everything he could give you, his cock twitching deep inside you as he flooded you with his spend then collapsed on top of you with a deep sigh as you worked on untangling your limbs.
“Nope, get back here.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and rolled when you tried to crawl out from underneath him, beaming at the offended yelp you let out when he settled you on his chest. “We’re just gonna spend the night like this, I think.”
“You’re incorrigible.” You murmured, scowling slightly when you looked at him through your lashes. “Ran, you know I hate waking up covered in dried cum.”
“So, I’ll keep it plugged inside you where it can stay nice,” he kissed your neck, “and warm,” your jaw, “and wet.”
He drew your lips to his and groaned when you slid your tongue into his mouth, grinning when he knew he’d won. You let out a small whimper when moved to drag the covers over the two of you, his cock shifting inside you and making you flutter around him.
“Fine, but we’re showering first thing.” You just sighed at his murmured acquiescence as you tucked your face into his shoulder and surrendered to the pull of sleep, not realizing that your screams had carried up to Harlan’s study, where he and Marta were now chortling and reminiscing about young love.
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lingeringscars · 11 days ago
given the antagonistic interaction between lydia’s parents during the student teacher conference, i find that it’s safe to say that prior to the divorce, the two of them fought in the house. it’s fair to say that the two have a contentious relationship, and natalie does very little to hide her disdain of lydia’s father from her teacher ( who will eventually be one of her colleagues if not already?? i don’t remember if natalie is always the counselor or not / i know she filled in as a teacher in s3?? ). there’s an animosity that is palpable, and they are unable to be cordial even for the sake of the meeting. on top of that, their perception of lydia is so off base; now...lydia really is brilliant in more ways than one, and one of them is her ability to fool people, but we also frequently see cracks in the façade that people like allison were able to see through. she doesn’t try and hide her intelligence when completing a math problem in front of the class, while conversing with scott, showing the ease in which she’s able to do this. she also corrects jackson on what a mountain lion is before remembering to play it off. she’s good at fooling people, but it’s more because people don’t push her on it than because she’s a brilliant actress. 
i think this really did start at home. lydia wouldn’t respond well to an ultimatum, so her dad forcing her to choose which parent to live with would automatically result in her choosing natalie. tbh i think she also likes the freedom that comes with that because natalie is more absent than dismissive. while lydia’s dad expects the worse, natalie just doesn’t care. lydia takes medication to ease her nerves after the wolf attack at the video store, and natalie just shrugs it off as normal behavior.
while she easily could have given up because her family didn’t care or think she would amount to anything, lydia really does like being the best. she hides her intelligence for a number of reasons, one of which is the oodles of internalized misogyny she has to work through, but she doesn’t back up the act in her schoolwork. if anyone took a glance at a test or a paper, they’d know; later on in their academic careers a teacher actually tells her to do less work because her own theories won’t get her extra credit. she’s a genius; she knows it and eventually she owns it for everyone to see not just the school. 
the downside is that lydia is really bad at being bad at something. those negative comments her dad makes that she could just let slide because they couldn’t be further from the truth come to play then. she can pretend to suck or decide to show off and it gives her a level of control, but when her powers start to come in, nothing is in control. nothing had been for a while before that either, with her friends lying about the true nature of the attacks. she felt out of the loop and like things were happening without her consent, and then she has these powers that she can’t control and that she’s actually bad at deciphering. people keep dying because she shows up too late, and that has a physical and emotional toll on her because she’s not used to failing and now the failures have a body count. this coupled with the fact that she has little control over her own actions because she keeps sleepwalking to crime scenes does little for her mental health. she’s extremely tough on herself and she’s never had a genuine support system until scott’s pack. 
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funkiing · 11 days ago
"Covering your ears like a little kid, it seems. Pathetic."
-GUilt anon
❛ lalalalalalalala i can't hear you! ❜
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the-iceni-bitch · 11 days ago
For the Drabble request we’ve got
Bondage and slapping with Jake Jensen and the prompt sit down and shut up!
Fantastic! A little sub-Jake for us!
This is smut (dom/sub vibes, edging, cockwarming, mentions of face riding, reader is kinda mean) you guys, no minors!!
Tumblr media
"Baby, I said I was sorry!" Jake was pouting a little when he followed you into your apartment.
"I cannot believe you ditched me at the bar to play Ms. Pacman!" You threw your coat over the back of the couch with a huff.
"It was an original machine! You know I can't resist vintage games!" If he thought those puppy eyes were gonna get him out of this he was in for a surprise.
"God, you're such a nerd." You still weren't looking at him as you fumed and started heading towards the bedroom.
"Ok, hurtful." Now he was definitely pouting.
"No, what's hurtful is when you're out on what's supposed to be a date with your boyfriend, only to turn around and find him missing for a fucking hour!"
"Honey, c'mon! Lemme make it up to you." He wound his arms around you from behind and tried to bury his face in your hair.
"How are you gonna make it up to me?" It was a little hard to stay mad at him when he started tracing your ear with his tongue, but you were extremely stubborn.
"I'll do whatever you want, pretty girl." You did not like the hum of satisfaction you could hear in his voice.
"Oh yeah?" Poor boy didn't know what he was in for. "Sit down, and shut up."
His eyes bugged a little when you turned and shoved him back on the bed, moving quickly to straddle his hips and take his glasses off.
"Baby, what..."
Your light slap caught him off guard, his head snapping to the side before he turned back to you with a look of shock on his face. His hand rubbed over his cheek where you had caught him, and it took you a second to realize what you had just done.
"Shit, you ok, hon?" Sometimes you forgot how intense you could be in the bedroom.
"Uh, yeah." A slow grin spread over his face as he turned back to you. "I'm very ok."
"Yeah, you like that, huh?" You beamed at him before tracing his lips with your tongue. "Look at you getting all kinky on me. You want me to cuff you to the bed, again?"
"Fuck, yeah." His voice broke a little when he thought about the last time he'd let you do that, bucking his hips underneath you mindlessly while you wrenched his shirt off.
"What a good boy." You placed a hand in the center of his chest and pushed him back until his head hit the pillows, your other hand reaching to the top drawer of the nightstand an pulling out the two pairs of furry pink cuffs he’d gotten you for Valentine’s Day. 
Jake leaned forward to mouth at your chest when you bent over him to fasten his wrists to each bedpost, nipping softly at your skin and whining when you pulled away to work at undoing his belt. As much as he loved when you tied him up, he really missed being able to touch you anywhere he wanted.
That didn’t stop his hips from bucking into you once you got his pants undone and drew them down his legs, slowly kissing your way back up his thighs and over the jut of his hips until you were straddling him again. Then you stopped, just laying over his chest and lightly tracing your finger over his nipple as he panted underneath you.
“Baby, what are you doing?” More like what weren’t you doing. His cock was throbbing painfully where you had it pinned between the two of you, and he had definitely been counting on you being wrapped around his cock by now.
“Just resting, Jakey.” You were teasing him, moving your lips in a soft trail over his chest until he was whining pitifully. “Were you in a hurry?”
“Honey, fuck.” You wrapped your lips around his nipple and he dropped his head against the headboard with a dull thud. “God, I just wanna feel you.”
“I know, sweetie.” Your tongue dragged over his sensitive nub and he moaned, his chest vibrating under your face  as he tried to arch further into you. “Just imagine how I felt when I was hoping to make out with you in some abandoned booth then you left me all by myself.”
“Shit.” Oh, this might not be a fun night for him after all.
“Shit is right.” You moved to start working on his other nipple. “I’m gonna give you a choice Jakey, since I’m so soft on you.” The way he was falling apart for you so fast was making your pussy throb. “Either way, I’m going to come three times before this poor thing,” you gave his cock a squeeze and preened at his hoarse cry, “get’s any sort of friction. So, do you want me to ride that pretty face until I soak that goatee? Or do you want to feel my tight little cunt flutter around that pretty cock while I get myself off?”
So, you were trying to kill him. Those choices were absolutely miserable. He loved tasting you, and any other night he could spend hours with his face buried between your soft thighs. But with how much his cock was aching with need...
“Need to be inside you, fuck.” He looked so pretty with his skin flushed pink and coated in a thin sheen of sweat, your lips catching his and swallowing his wanton mewl before you sat up over him with a grin.
You finally drew your dress over your head and he growled when he got a look at you. Oh, he’d really fucked up. That matching set you were wearing was one you only broke out when you were planning on the two of you fucking each other within an inch of your lives. What an idiot he was.
The fluttering sigh he let out when you shoved your panties aside and sank down on him was one of your favorite things in the world. Getting him all needy and worked up like this was such a fucking treat, especially when you got to draw it out.
His eyes were fixed on the point where your bodies were joined, his tongue running over his bottom lip when your fingers started to slowly spread your arousal over your clit before pressing soft circles against it. Just being full of him was enough to have you right on the edge, small shivers traveling up your spine  as you increased the pressure on your tiny bundle of nerves. 
You drew your free hand up to pull your breast out of the soft lace of your bra so you could tease your nipples. Jake was still kicking himself mentally while he watched you work yourself over, wanting nothing more than to sit up and suck bruises against your throat. 
He could feel how close you were, and the way your body was arching into your hand was making him want to move his hips to help you along, but he knew that was a bad idea. One more soft sigh and you came around him with a low moan, your fingers digging into your breast and your release seeping out around his cock until it was staining his thighs.
When he felt you clenching around him he couldn’t control himself, his hips bucking up into you wildly as he fought desperately against his restraints. You had to slap him twice to snap him out of it.
“Wait, ah, shit, why are you stopping?” You had grabbed your phone from behind you and were now scrolling through it as you stilled all your movements. “Baby?”
“How long did you make me wait, Jakey?” You didn’t have to look at him to know he was completely wrecked. “An hour? I think it’s only fair you have to wait a little bit, too. I think one hour after each orgasm should do it before you get any relief.”
He just whined as he dropped his head back against the pillows, not looking forward to a whole night of you edging him. Maybe next time he’d offer to buy you something so he didn’t end up in this situation. A new knife would probably do it.
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the-iceni-bitch · 12 days ago
First of all, I love those little wheels. It was so much fun spinning them and seeing what good nastiness it put together. The kink I got is begging. The character is Colin Shea. And the three prompts are "I'm not sure what you're doing", "I'm gonna get you off under this table and if you make a sound", "It's better when it feels wrong".
Tumblr media
That gif is basically my exact face after I got this combination. Why do I feel like this is so perfect for Colin??? I can't wait to see this come together.
Ohmigawd, ohmigawd, ohmigawd!!!! I'm very, very excited about this one, that was my face too!!!
Adorable frat boy smut (public sex, f receiving oral sex, fingering, hands free ejaculation)!!! No minors!!!
Tumblr media
You were so glad you had decided to bring Colin to your friend Kristen's wedding.
Not because you were thrilled he was finally going to meet your friends. That was great, too! But because if you had to listen to every single woman over the age of 50 ask you when you were finally going to settle down and find a man you were going to implode.
"Yes Martha, me and Colin are just taking things slow right now." Fuck that stupid grin he was giving you, you growled at him over the edge of your glass.
"Well, it's just nice to finally see you with somebody, dear." The old bitch finally waddled away and you downed the rest of your champagne.
"Fuck, sweetie, let's make a run for it." He wrapped an arm around your waist and quickly guided you away from the new aunt you was giving you a tiny wave and starting to head towards you. "If you have to keep talking to these women I think we'll have to end up getting a room."
"You'd want to get drunk to if you had to field endless questions about your reproductive future." You grabbed another glass of champagne off a passing tray as the two of you headed to your seats.
"Sorry, honey." He cooed, pressing his lips over your forehead until you swatted him away. "Want me to fuck a baby into you so you don't have to listen to those stupid fucking questions any more?"
"Mm, that sounds so nice." You leaned against his chest and hummed while you stared into his eyes. "Maybe I'll call you daddy."
"Y/N, that's not funny." His smile was slipping as you blinked at him with big, innocent doe eyes. "I was making a joke."
"You mean you don't want me to make you a daddy?" Your grin was positively evil. "Maybe I'll go off my birth control."
"You're not being serious." He swallowed thickly as he gazed into your eyes.
"Of course I'm not being serious, Shea!" You laughed heartily at his sigh of relief, grabbing his bottom lip when he pouted and shaking his head a little bit. "I got you good!"
"You're so mean!" He gave a sad little huff when you turned away from him before curling around your back and burying his face in your hair. "I'm gonna get you back for that."
"Sure you are." The man was putty in your hands, there was no way he would be able to turn the tables on you. "Can't wait to see you try."
Colin just chuckled against your ear before he started pressing gentle kisses over the curve of your shoulder, and fuck if the way he was touching you didn't make you melt a little bit.
"I'm gonna make you beg for it, sweetheart."
It shouldn't have been so easy for him, but the man knew all of your spots like the back of his hand, he'd spent quite a lot of time finding them after all. Lingering kisses to the hollow behind your ear, the brush of his tongue over the dip between your collar bones, his fingertips smoothing from your waist to the curve of your hips as the two of you danced were all serving to make you pant with need. So when he brushed his hand over your nipple before curling his fingers around your throat at the same time he shoved his thigh between your legs, who could really blame you for caving after almost 20 minutes of fucking teasing.
"Ah, fuck, Col, Colin." You were babbling when he started dragging you back to the table with a cocky smirk on his face, the toasts just about to get started as you sank into your seats. His hand was pressed against your stomach so low that it was almost obscene, if anyone had actually been paying attention to the two of you. "I'm not sure what you think you're doing...."
"I'm gonna make you come in front of all these people, honey." He dropped into the seat next to you and pulled one of your legs over his lap, running a hand up the inside of your thigh and nipping at your shoulder. "I thought that was obvious."
"Oh god, please!" Your voice was a thin hiss when he brushed his fingers over the steadily dampening silk of your panties.
"Aww, there she is." If you weren't so worked up you would've killed him when your tablemates started sitting down, but you needed to come so bad. "Try to be quiet, pretty girl."
His fingers hooked under the gusset of your panties and pulled them tight over your aching clit before he was dipping two fingers into your drenched heat. The coppery taste of blood filled your mouth when you bit your tongue in an effort to hold back your screams, his fingers immediately finding your sweet spot and stroking it like it was his fucking job. Your hips rolled into his hand when he ground his palm against your clit, your fingers digging painfully into his arm when he leaned over to suck a bruise against your neck.
"Fuck, shit, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..." You were right there, damn this man and how well he knew your body, taking you apart like he owned you.
"That's it, Y/N, give it to me." He sat up and cupped your jaw, tilting your head back so he could gaze into your eyes.
Colin caught your lips with his to swallow your sharp gasp, grinning against your mouth when he felt your release soak his hand to the wrist while your body shuddered against his.
"What a good girl."
"Fuck you, Colin." You smacked at his chest and shoulders until he pulled away from you with a pleased laugh, grinning and bringing his hand up so he could suck his fingers clean. "You're such an asshole."
"Don't give me that fake angry bull shit." He bent to brush his lips over your jaw. "You're the one who's always saying it's better when it feels wrong."
And you were fucking right about that. Tasting yourself on Colin's tongue when his lips finally met yours made you whine, your body sinking into his touch like it always did when he kissed you like this. God, it was annoying how good he made you feel.
"Still an asshole." You mumbled when he pulled back so you could catch your breath, your lips spread in an indulgent grin that he returned.
"Isn't that why you brought me here, honey?" What a damn tease. "Now, I'm gonna get you off under this table and if you make a sound we're in big trouble."
"What, again?" You tried to grab his wrist when he pulled away form you.
"Oh no, I dropped my napkin!" He announced to no one, sliding from his seat until his knees hit the floor then crawling between your legs.
"Colin!" You hissed when he shoved his head under your skirt and tugged at your panties with his teeth, his hands sliding up your legs until he could hook his fingers under the sides of them and pull them down to your knees, which were hooked over his shoulders.
His upper arms were raising bruises where they were wrapped around your thighs as he dove right in, licking a firm stripe over your dripping cunt with the flat of his tongue a few times until you started thumping your heels against his back. You choked on your champagne when he shoved his tongue inside you, prodding and curling it against your soft walls and moaning at the feeling of you throbbing against his face.
The possibility of getting caught only served to excite you further, your thighs trembling around Colin's head while he grunted and hummed as your arousal flooded his senses. It wasn't like you were the only one getting anything out of it either, his cock was throbbing against the front of his slacks with each twitch and jerk of your pussy against his lips. There was nothing he loved more than the way you completely lost yourself when he was feasting on you.
His lips wrapped around your clit and you had to snap your jaw closed to muffle your moan, one of your hands shooting under the table and gripping his hair painfully as you tried to subtly drive your hips further against his face. Tiny jolts of pleasure were shooting through your system as he brought you closer to your peak, your breath coming in ragged gasps that you tried to conceal by taking another sip of champagne.
"Col, goddamn it, Colin!" You whimpered when you finally fell off the edge, your release flowing over his tongue and making him growl into your cunt.
Your fingers yanked at his hair as you continued fluttering against his face, his arms pulling you as close as possible so he didn't miss a single drop of the sweet nectar that was pouring out of you. He moaned softly into your core when he felt himself swell, his cum flooding his boxer briefs with a few twitches of his cock until he was panting against your thigh.
"Fuck, baby." Colin pressed a soft kiss to your hip and grinned before trying to rise to his feet, cursing when your hand on his hair shoved him back under the table unceremoniously.
"Hi Kristen!" Your voice was probably a little louder than it needed to be, but it served to freeze Colin in his tracks when he realized the bride was sinking into his empty seat and giving you a hug.
"Y/N, thank you so much for coming!" This was not good, both of you had been relying on the distraction of the toasts to get away with your little escapade. "Where's this new man of yours? You promised me I was going to get to meet him tonight."
"He had to take a phone call unexpectedly." You lied, your hand on Colin's head keeping him in place as you chatted with your friend. "Who knows when he'll be back."
"Well, tell me he's at least treating you good."
"He's treating me great, Kristen." You jerked Colin's head a couple times when you felt him snicker against your thigh. "Couldn't be happier."
"Well I'm so glad." She stood up and you both let out a deep breath. "I wish I could chat more but I need to make the rounds. Make sure I get to meet that man of yours before you leave."
Colin was fully prepared to climb back into his seat once she was gone, but then a fucking bridesmaid took her place and you shoved him back down again. So, he started pressing soft kisses over your swollen pussy, ignoring you when you yanked on his hair again. If he was going to be stuck under here all night, he was at least going to enjoy himself.
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Hey Sweet (:
The wheels of filth!! What an idea ...
Soo my kink came out as fave sitting and squirting.
My character came out as Ransom Drysdale.
My 3 prompts are;
1. If you don't like my teasing, why are you moaning?
2. I'll let you do anything, if you just touch me.
3. Oh Kitten.
Oh wow! 😍👏💚
Oh, I love all these!!! 🤤😏
I CAN’T wait to see what @the-iceni-bitch comes up with for this one 😏
Get it, gurl
Tumblr media
Natalie’s Wheel of Filth
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the-iceni-bitch · 12 days ago
For ur wheelie thing (lol I forgot the name)
Kinks: accidental stimulation & exhibitionism
Character: Steve Rogers
Prompt: “I need it”/so ask nicely”
Luv all ur writing!
Oh my god nonnie!! Lemme tell you I squealed a little bit when I got this one. This is gonna be good boy Avengers Steve because I love the idea of domming that virgin.
Again, this is smut, so no minors!!!
Tumblr media
Steve thought he was going to die.
The two of you had been seeing each other for a few months. It had been nice to have something to distract him, and he really had missed being able to spoil a girl.
But you were a whole lot different from the dames he used to take out in the forties.
You never wanted to let him pay for anything, you'd actually rolled your eyes at him on your last date when he'd snatched the check out of your hand. Also, he couldn't remember any woman shoving him against the wall and devouring his mouth until he was a panting, whining mess. And every time you finished a date you were practically pouncing on him, he'd even heard you growl a few times through your apartment door when he'd insisted on cutting things short before they went too far.
All he wanted was to take it further though. And he felt like a damn pervert each time he got home after one of your dates and had to desperately jerk himself off. What was he supposed to do though? Sure, he knew that gals nowadays were freer with their affections, but he wanted to make sure you knew how much he respected you.
That was why he had invited you to the game night Tony was throwing, hoping that introducing you to the team would provide some sort of distraction from how much he wanted to bury himself in between your legs.
It may have been a mistake, though.
"Oh, fuck you, Stark!" You were flipping Tony off from across the table after he bought another one of your properties out from under you in Monopoly.
"I am so sorry that I understand how capitalism works and can use it to my advantage." Tony made a mock wounded gesture and grinned at you before waving his fake money in your face. "Cap, I cannot believe you are dating a girl who swears like a sailor. Has she taught all the bad words?"
Poor Steve was starting to blush. For some reason, hearing you cuss out Tony was just making it even harder for him to not imagine your lips wrapped around his cock. Which was the absolute opposite of the respectful attitude he was trying to take with you.
“Don’t tease him, Tony!” You frowned at the man as you leaned against Steve’s knee. “I don’t care that you’re Iron Man, I’ll slap that smirk right off your face. Do you want another drink, baby?”
“No I’m good.” He swallowed thickly when you stood up and stretched, sighing when you ran your fingers through his hair before moving to the bar.
“Aww, look at you, Cap!” Maria was giving him a knowing grin when he turned back to face the group. “Someone’s got it bad!”
“Guy’s, c’mon.” He usually didn’t mind some good natured ribbing, but with how frustrated he already was it was just making him crankier.
“Yeah, guys, let’s be nice.” Tony looked a little too full of himself for Steve to trust he wasn’t going to be an ass. “She pop your cherry yet, Rogers?”
“What the fuck, Tony?” Steve choked on his beer while the rest of the team cracked up.
“Oh, she did teach you all the bad words!” Tony dodged the pillow Steve lobbed at him with a guffaw.
“What is this cherry popping?” Thor looked slightly confused at the turn the conversation, Earth idioms always seemed to have that effect on him.
“Tony’s asking if Y/N took Steve’s virginity.” Clint explained, laughing lightly when realization dawned on the giant blonde’s face.
“Aha, you’re a virgin Steven?” Thor seemed to be genuinely interested, rather than endlessly amused like everyone else.
“I’m not having this discussion with you assholes.” Steve sank back into the couch and pouted. He wasn’t a virgin, it had just been a while. 
“What were you all talking about while I was gone?” You grinned when the conversation suddenly stopped once you came back into the room, Clint clapping a hand over Thor’s mouth when the god tried to explain what they had been discussing. “Fine, keep your secrets. What’re we playing next?”
“What do we think about Twister?” Everyone cheered at that, and you sank onto Steve’s lap while you waited for Tony to come back.
Well, shit. All the care he had been taking the whole night to not turn into a horny idiot went right out the window when your ass settled into the dip in his lap. And your head leaning against his shoulder meant the scent of your shampoo was filling his nostrils and making it impossible for him to think about anything except burying his face in it while he fucked you from behind.
“You ok, Stevie?” You wriggled a little when you turned to face him and he sucked in a harsh breath. “You seem kind of tense.”
“Yeah, I’m, god, I’m fine.” He was lying, the way you were moving as you chatted with the team was making him hard.
“Honey, are you su... oh.” Your voice dropped to a low purr once you felt his bulge growing underneath you, tilting your head back so you could murmur directly in his ear. “Did you want some help with that, Stevie?”
“Baby, fuck.” He didn’t care any more, he was hard up, and you smelled so good. “I need it.”
“So ask nicely.” You’d been waiting so long for this boy to break, you felt like torturing him a little, rolling your hips against him and grinning at the desperate whine he let out.
“Honey, please.” It was fucking painful, he was cursing himself in his head for holding out for so long.
“I’m gonna go help Steve with something in the kitchen.” You announced, keeping your body in front of his when the two of you stood up to start making your way out of the game room.
“Really prefer if you could help him in almost any other room.” Tony called after you, shaking his head as the two of you scurried away. “Ok, who had ‘Cap breaks at game night’ in the pool?”
As soon as you were out of sight of everyone else you were yanking Steve’s face to yours, winding your fingers through his hair and dragging him down the hall as you tugged at his lips with your teeth. He was moaning and whining desperately against your mouth, opening up and letting you curl his tongue against his while his fingers dug into your waist.
God he was stupid. Why couldn’t he think of any good reason for why he’d been putting this off? You were so soft and warm and he just wanted to get you back to his room and...
“Shit, baby, what are you doing?!” He hadn’t even noticed when you shoved him against the wall, but when you disconnected to kneel in front of him he came back a little bit.
“Can’t make it back to the room.” You mumbled, mouthing at the bulge in the front of his jeans and whipping off his belt. “Already waited too fucking long.”
“Honey, the team could walk through any minute.” Although it was a little hard for him to actually care when you ripped his fly open and nipped at the outline of his cock through his boxer briefs. “Ah, fuck.”
“That’s what makes it so exciting.” You winked at him before drawing his weeping cock out and immediately wrapping your hand around him. “Oh, fuck sweetie.”
“Y/N, oh god.” All of his concentration was going to not coming immediately like a teenager when you squeezed along his length. 
“Just look at this poor thing.” You pouted as you started pressing soft kisses all over his shaft, trying not to act too pleased when he jumped in your hand. “So pretty and needy. Have you not been taking care of him, Stevie?”
“Baby, unngh.” His knees almost buckled when you suckled gently at his swollen head, he had to brace himself against the wall to keep from collapsing. “That feels so good.”
“I know, I’m gonna take such good care of him.” You grinned at the thin keen he let out when you flicked your tongue over his slit to lap up his precum. “Keep him wet and warm all the time like he deserves.”
The column buckled when he thumped his fist into it once you took him fully into your mouth, swallowing him down your throat until your nose was nuzzled against the well trimmed hair at his base. A steady stream of obscenities started falling from his lips when you drew back before shoving your face forward again and massaging the thick vein that ran over the underside of him with your tongue. 
One of your hands trailed under his shirt so you could drag your nails over his chest, your painfully stretched lips quirking at the corners when he wrapped his hand in your hair and let out a low groan. You could tell he was still holding back though, even when you brought your free hand up to fondle his balls he wasn’t fucking your face like you really wanted.
So, you slapped his nipple and trailed your hand up to wrap around his throat, and that did what you wanted.
“Ah, baby, fuck!” His hips bucked into your face and you hummed with satisfaction. “Shit, I’m gonna come.”
Look, you prided yourself on your swallow game. You were firmly planted in the “spitters are quitters” camp. But you were not prepared for the sheer volume of cum that was suddenly shooting down your throat. There was no way you could swallow fast enough, having to pull him out while you coughed and spluttered around the ridiculous amount of cum that was overflowing your mouth, but somehow still coming out of him.
“Honey, are you ok?” Oh god, it had finally stopped. “I’m so sorry, I probably should have mentioned a couple side effects there are from the serum.”
“Stevie, I’m fucking great.” You beamed up at him once you had finally caught your breath, tears leaking down your cheeks and your lips and chin coated in thick ropes of his spend. “I probably should have mentioned that I’m a little bit of a cumslut, so this is gonna work out great for both of us. What other side effects are there?”
“Uh, well...” He was having trouble talking as he watched you scoop the excess cum with your fingers and suck them clean, his gaze flicking down to his cock when he couldn’t form a complete sentence.
“Hmm? Fuck, you’re still hard.” You were fucking giddy, fully expecting that there was no way you were going to be able to walk for a couple days after tonight. “This is very important information, Stevie. We’re gonna take full advantage of this. Let’s go.”
He barely had a chance to tuck himself back into his pants before you were dragging him down the hall. A very small part of him was worried that he may have bitten off more than he could chew with you, but mostly he was just excited for whatever you were going to do to him.
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