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prettygirlkay · 2 minutes ago
ok ok but the quidditch kiss cam trope MY GODDDDD u should write it bestie 😦😦😦😦
i’m on it as we speak my love😊😊😏😏
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wonwoonlight · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
📣: friend!Minghao // ft. meddling members lol // fluff // 900~ words
A/N:thank you for the request, anon! am not sure what you mean failing so i kinda just...alter that part haha. enjoy!
find the rest of requested drabble here
Tumblr media
Xu Minghao rarely frustrates anyone, let alone his members. If anything, he’s usually the one frustrated at them; not getting their antics and the way they’d sometimes joke around too much when all he wants to do is be done with practice.
The rare time Minghao does frustrate his member at moments like this: when he’s stealing glances at you as if no one notices, brushing his fingers a second too long against yours, and the way he’d shyly avert his gaze from yours when you lock eyes with him.
Joshua, chosen as a representation to confront the younger guy about it because the members have decided he’d seem the least suspicious, has subtly brought up the topic in hope Minghao wouldn’t get defensive.
“They look good together, don’t they?” he perfectly delivers his line as he points at you and Mingyu laughing together, a story the twelve (well, not really, no. The quieter ones of the group can’t really be bothered) of them has made up together.
Minghao looks up from his phone, eyes immediately finding you and Mingyu hunched together on the other side of the practice room. The both of you seem to be having fun, whispering to each other much too close for his liking. Not that he has any say in it for that matter.
“You think so?” he says instead, pretending like the way you’re leaning into Mingyu’s shoulder as you laugh doesn’t bother him. It doesn’t matter that he knows that’s just your habit around the people you’re comfortable with, what matters now is that Joshua’s comment along with the picture in front of him is enough to agitate him even a little.
Joshua shares a look with Mingyu across the room, something that Minghao misses because he’s too deep in thought.
“I don’t know,” he shrugs. “Maybe I’ve just been watching too many rom-coms. Kinda miss seeing my friends in a relationship, you know? Been liking the idea of romance nowadays though I don’t exactly feel like getting into one myself.”
Minghao doesn’t say anything, unsure on how to answer that as he continues to stare at you and Mingyu. Joshua says something about a movie he recently watches, but nothing really registers in his mind when you turn and catch his gaze, smiling sweetly at him with a questioning look.
He shakes his head, giving you a small smile back. But you don’t simply drop it, apparently noticing the way his body is a little tense.
‘You sure?’ you mouth to him from across the room with a worried frown. This time Minghao nods, a more genuine smile crosses his face and he relaxes a little at your concern.
Beside you, Mingyu huffs incredulously at the way you’ve been ignoring him since earlier. Can’t the two of you be any more obvious? Honestly, communicating with each other silently across the room?
When Mingyu was given the task of occupying you to make Minghao jealous, he’d been happy at the thought of finally making the two of you together. He doesn’t understand why you both are still in denial, telling him ‘no, what do you mean I like Minghao? I like all of you equally’ and ‘I’m sorry, did you say something? My ears filter nonsense from miles away’ followed by tints of red on your cheeks and Minghao, his ears, when he’s asked you both about the other on separate accounts.
Today, Mingyu is determined to make the two of you accept your feelings and stop his torture of watching two stubborn people developing a slowburn romance.
You two are still gazing into each other, he realizes. So Mingyu stands up and pulls you with him, startling not only you but also Minghao. But he takes a few strides across the room, dragging you behind him and then promptly sits you down next to Minghao.
He crosses his arms in front of his chest once the two of you look up at him questioningly, along with Joshua who’s next to Minghao because this is totally not a part of the script.
“Now you both are going to listen to me,” he says, glaring at Minghao who’s about to cut him off. “I am tired of seeing the two of you being dumb so I’m going to end it here.”
You turn to Minghao, still trying to figure out what’s happening while Minghao has finally got the gist of what his friend is trying to do. Before he can say anything, Mingyu’s voice thunders through the room.
“So you,” he points at you. “Like him. And he,” he points at Minghao now. “Likes you.”
The both of you are about to protest, hearts beating fast out of shock and eyes wide open at his ‘baseless’ statements even though you both are avoiding each other’s eyes out of embarrassment, but Mingyu is quicker and his deep voice cuts you off once again.
“And now we’re going to leave this room so you can talk it out. And you,” he looks at Minghao pointedly. “are not allowed to come home before clearing things up with her. I’d know.”
The giant doesn’t even wait for your answers, simply drags Jeonghan with him as Joshua and some of the members who are still in the practice room walk out themselves. They annoyingly give you both thumbs up, screaming a ‘good luck!’ and ‘we’re waiting for good news!’ before the door clicks and silence envelopes the both of you out of nowhere.
You shyly look at Minghao, surprised to see him already looking at you with his famous tight-lipped smile.
“Guess we’re confessing, huh?”
©wonwoonlight – all rights reserved.
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aeriine · 32 minutes ago
Childe and Reader playing in water and splashing each other. It ends with him taking it too seriously and summoning a whale made of water🐋💦 you know the one I'm talking about and reader gets knocked out
Tumblr media
you think that childe is a cheater.
the public know him by many names and titles. childe, tartaglia; 11th of the fatui harbingers, loyal servant to her majesty the tsaritsa, a bloodthirsty killing machine on the battlefield – and then there are those like you who have come to know his deeper parts. ajax from the humble fishing village of morepesok, doting brother to his siblings, a man who adores his family through and through.
but in this very moment, you think– no, you know that he's a cheater.
"i did not cheat!" he continues to protest, refusing to back down even now. you huff. fine. two can play at that game.
"you did!"
"i did not! you told me to go all out! and i did!"
you gape at him incredulously, "so that prompted you to summon a fucking whale to knock me out!?"
"that's–" he falters, just as la signora sighs from her spot underneath her umbrella.
"well, you did tell him to go all out," she says. you turn to her, eyes wide, "signora!? whose side are you on!?"
"no one's. you're both idiots."
"i can agree with the old hag on that," scaramouche grumbles, pushing you back down on the ground, "i just healed you, you damn brat. sit the fuck back down."
"then tell childe to admit he cheated!"
"for the last time, i did not!"
"will you both shut the fuck up!?" scaramouche bellows, slapping your face with a damp towel. you yelp, "you! lay the fuck back down and get some rest, you insolent brat. and you–" he turns to childe, grabbing a handful of sand from the ground behind him to attempt throwing it into the other harbinger's eyes, "i'll knock you out too if you don't shut up! i mean it!"
"what kind of healer are you!? threatening to harm your own patients!?" childe shrieks, making a run for it as the shorter man begins chasing after him.
"i've had enough of you, tartaglia!"
la signora sighs, sliding her sunglasses back into place as she leans back on her seat, "ugh, men."
Tumblr media
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thefieryphoenix · 54 minutes ago
I dont know if you take requests, but if yes can I get Mirio x Reader where Reader is Izuku's sister? How they meet and how he'll fall for her ?
Thank you !! And love your work
Sure and thank you for liking my nonsensical work lol <3
Tumblr media
Pic from: Pinterest by Bnismal?
You were Izuku's younger sister and Mirio saw you in class 1A when he came along with Nejire and Tamaki to your class. You managed to catch his eye and he was very much intrigued by you. You looked like the girly version of Midoriya and later on he found out that you were his younger sister
Nejire and Tamaki could immediately understand that he had taken a liking to you. Like that was SO HARD to make out, the dude was literally looking at you and blushing at you the whole time he was in class 1A. The way you looked at him with admiration in your soft innocent eyes, he drank in your beautiful features and he wasn't able to forget about you. He'd start waiting for you to come into the cafeteria everyday and he'd watch you eat, laugh and talk
He'll be the first to befriend you and you'll be having your lunch with the Big 3 everyday
I can imagine him trying to get you to fall for him by the old courting method like giving you flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and all that sappy stuff. You can't tell me he doesn't use his quirk trying to stalk you without your knowledge. Man here just wants to keep you safe and he has to know what you're doing at all times
Anytime someone tries touching you without your consent inappropriately like Mineta or tries bullying you like Monoma he won't be all smiles and rainbows anymore. He'll have a creepy dark aura around him and smile in a creepy way as he bashes them up to a pulp and threatens them to stay TF away from you else he'll literally kill them. And it's not like anyone's going to believe them anyways, THE Mirio, aka. LEMILLION, the dude whos' friendly with everyone and a literal ball of sunshine beating up people just because he likes someone? Kinda hard to believe
He'll finally snap and take you for himself when he feels like you're putting yourself in danger or drifting away from him like not paying attention to him and stuff like that. But don't worry he'll do his best to make you happy and as for your brother Deku..... he'll still be friends with him but will NEVER tell him where you are. Mirio just wants to keep you safe that's all, what sort of boyfriend and husband would be be to you if he can't keep the love of his life safe? He's just like any other hero doing his duty and protecting his loved ones
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lunnanunna · an hour ago
Dance Practice
THE BOYZ Extra Member AU
Summary: The Boyz are having a late night practice for their Monster performance.
Warnings: swearing
Taglist: @jenseok17 @wooya1224 @namewithinatimeline @sunflower-0180 @kimonmars​ @nctyongie​ @markszone​
Let me know if you’d like to be added or removed from a taglist.
A/N: Hope you enjoy!
Requests are closed.
Tumblr media
Sara crouched in front of the mirror, facing her team as they ran through the choreo to Monster. Changmin had watched over the last run-though, and now it was her turn. Between her, Changmin, and Juyeon, dance practices could go smoothly or somewhat harshly.
With Changmin and Juyeon it honestly went either way, but with Sara, it always became brutal. That’s not to say that Sara’s a tyrant when in the practice room, she knew when to offer breaks and was always the first one to make water runs for the boys. Sara was just a perfectionist and it showed more when she led dance practices.
Now taking a look at her members she could see the exhaustion. It was definitely time for another break. They were making progress too, so Sara figured that it was well deserved.
As the song came to an end, Sara signaled to Sangyeon that they’d be taking a break. He nodded and jogged over to the stereo to pause the song. Once the music stopped, everyone sighed as they dropped to the ground, panting and sweating.
“How’s it looking, Sara?” Jaehyun asked, laying on his back. His eyes were closed as he took in deep breaths.
Sara smiled. “Really good. I say we have all the moves down, we just need to make sure that we execute them with enough power to show our true selves,” she answered.
“I feel like once we decided that we were gonna perform for us and The B and not really worry about the actual competition, it started to become more fun,” Kevin said, taking a sip from his water.
Seeing that reminded Sara that she had gone out and gotten them more water during their last run-though. She quickly got up and grabbed the case of water bottles that she had brought in and brought them over to the boys.
“Here you go. More water. Drink up,” she smiled as she handed them each a bottle.
“Thanks, sis,” Eric grinned as he took one.
“No problem at all,” Sara said as she sat back down with everyone.
“How many more run-throughs do you think we need?” Sangyeon asked.
“Please say less than 5,” Sunwoo whispered-begged.
Sara chuckled, but looked at Juyeon and Changmin. They quickly communicated with their eyes then nodded once they agreed. 
Sara always found it weird that other than Eric, she could actually send mental messages to other people. Though it was really only Juyeon and Changmin and that was only because they’d spent so much time in the practice rooms together that they've basically become one mind when it came to dancing.
“I’d say two more times,” Changmin answered. Juyeon and Sara both nodded in agreement.
Sunwoo’s eyes widened. “I was expecting more,” he said in mild surprise.
“Do you want more?” Sara asked, quirking a brow.
“No, ma’am,” Sunwoo quickly shook his head.
“Don’t screw this up for us. We may actually go home early tonight,” Chanhee hissed, smacking Sunwoo upside the head. The younger nodded, smiling sheepishly.
“If these three are telling us just two more run-throughs, then I think we’re gonna be all set for the actual performance,” Sangyeon smiled while nodding.
Sara agreed. They have worked hard throughout the whole show, and while they’ve had setbacks, they haven’t given up, which was the most important. But there was something about this performance, the energy that they planned to bring, that gave Sara a good feeling.
“We’re almost done here. It’s actually kinda crazy,” Jacob said.
“Thank fucking God,” Sara grumbled, “I swear if we get thrown into another survival show, Imma jump.”
“I’ll be right behind you,” Younghoon nodded solemnly.
“Sara,” Sangyeon warned as he quickly eyed some of the staff that were still filming.
“She has a point, Hyung. At least give us a break,” Jaehyun huffed, still laying on the ground.
“No more,” Changmin pouted at the camera, and made an X with his arms. Sara snorted at him playing cute (Though was it really playing when it came to Kyu?) to smooth over Sara’s and Jaehyun’s comment that was obviously directed at Mnet.
“Okay, let’s do these last two runs and then we can go home, yeah?” Juyeon suggested, smiling at Sara as he playfully bonked her on the head.
“Yah,” Sara whined as he took her hands and pulled her to her feet.
“Yah,” he mocked, pushing her and Chanhee to their spots.
“Okay, ready?” Sangyeon called out, standing by the stereo.
“Ready,” everyone called out and soon the music started and they danced along.
When they finally finished their last run and had rested for a bit, Sangyeon had them collect their things while they waited for their manager to come and pick them up.
“I’m hungry,” Sara whined, then yawned, draping herself on Eric.
“Same,” her twin agreed.
“I want rice,” Sara nodded, already imagining a bowl of steaming rice.
“Sara, you can’t live off rice only,” Jacob complained.
“Watch me, Oppa,” Sara said, sticking her tongue out at him.
“Isn’t it a little late for rice?” Changmin asked.
“It’s never too late for rice,” Sara said, seriously. She dragged her feet as she yawned again, following after her members. Now that they were done practicing, Sara’s battery was running dangerously low. She would definitely tap out once he got in the van.
“Sara metabolism let’s her eat whatever she wants, but all she chooses to eat is rice, ice cream, and coffee. I’d eat everything if I had her metabolism,” Sunwoo pouted.
“It’s gonna bite her in the ass one day though,” Haknyeon chuckled.
“That’s a problem for future Sara,” the girl nodded, linking arms with Changmin as he pulled her down the hall.
“Dear God. Out of all sisters, it just had to be her,” Eric grumbled, walking past her.
“You love me!” Sara called out, eyes at half mast.
Juyeon saw that and stopped, crouching in front of her. Sara blinked owlishly, then smiled.
“My ride’s here,” she said through a half giggle, half yawn. Sara climbed onto his back and sighed as he hoisted her up and continued his way behind the others.
“Let’s hurry home. Sara’s energy levels have been erratic lately with our stages and now with SISTA’s stage too,” Haknyeon said, smiling at the maknae.
Sara smiled at the mention of her second group. “Can’t wait to show you guys what we’re doing,” Sara sleepily said. 
A few seconds later and she was out, not waking up until the next morning, sweaty hair plastered to her face. (God she needed to learn how to sleep shower.)
Sara’s Masterlist
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marvelswh0re · an hour ago
Nothing Fucks With My Baby // Bucky Barnes
Inspired by the song ‘NWFMB’ by Hozier (because I’m a slut for the Bog King.) This was actually really fun to write so I hope you guys enjoy!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1844
Warnings: Blood. Violence. Trauma. Angst. Firearms. Winter Soldier Bucky but not really. 
Summary: Bucky has to become The Winter Soldier for a mission, but Reader assures him everything is going to be okay. It isn’t, but it turns out sort-of not terrible in the end??
(This gif makes me absolutely FERAL and it’s the Bucky vibe we get in this oneshot)
Tumblr media
The ground beneath your feet thrummed with the beat of the music as you sidled across the floor, Bucky a looming warmth at your back, matching your pace. The thudding of your boots upon the floorboards was enough to turn heads, a wave of silence descended upon the converted warehouse. Strobe lights and red-and-blue LED’s flashed across the space from riggings secured to the ceiling.
It may have looked like a fun club, the scent of cheap spirits in the air, but you knew better. It was a front, what you and Bucky were here wasn’t aboveground. 
The dress you wore, raven black and so tight you were almost afraid to breathe, warmed the top-half of your thighs but not much else. But Bucky, with his almost harness-like leather combat vest with its latches and buckles, was like a guard dog, hovering so closely behind you that you could feel his arm brush across your back. It was comfort you knew you shouldn’t be taking the liberty of leaning into; not here, at least.
Casting a quick glance over your shoulder, your gaze met Bucky’s and you dipped your chin in an almost imperceptible nod. To anybody else, it would’ve looked like a handler making sure her prize stayed in line. But to the two of you… 
“We just have to pretend,” you whispered, brushing Bucky’s hair back from his face. You didn’t want to do this, reverting him back to his Hydra days just to get a few files, but he had insisted. And though you hated the idea of Bucky sinking back into that persona, even if it was only for an hour or two, it had to be done.
“If anybody touches you, I swear, I’ll一”
“一do nothing.” You finished for him, pressing a kiss to his soft lips. 
“I hate this, too, but nobody is going to touch me. And if they do, I’ll take care of it because if you lash out, they’ll know, and that’s the last thing we need.”
Bucky nodded to himself, looking defeated, but you cupped his chin in your palms. 
“We’ve got to go soon,” you whispered, pressing your forehead to his, knowing what you had to do.
“Okay. Okay.” You didn’t realise until a minute or so later that he was preparing himself for what was to come. “Put it on, I’m ready.”
Pulling the harness from the case一 that was the only word for it一 was torture for both you and Bucky. It wasn’t tight and restricting like the original one that Hydra operatives had forced him to to wear, the buckles and latches were just for show, but you could see the fear in Bucky’s eyes as you approached with it in your arms. 
“It’s okay, Buck,” you cooed, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck as you helped him slip his arms into the sleeves. It slid on like a jacket, zipping up at the front, but once the buckles were all connected the zip practically disappeared.
“We’re just pretending,” you whispered as your nimble fingers worked at the latches and buckles, securing them across his chest. It pained you to see him wearing it, recalling the number of times Bucky had woken up from a nightmare, clawing at his chest and screaming ‘get it off, get it off.’
Once the two of you were ready, you slipped your hand into his metal one; tracing the individual plates of titanium, feeling it hum and whir beneath your touch.
“Remember that, no matter what is said tonight, you are everything to me. I am yours. Always.” Pressing one last kiss to Bucky’s lips, you tucked the mask into place and pulled away, watching his expression change; eyes darkening and lips tilting into that macabre scowl. And the two of you stepped out into the night.
Beneath the warehouse, in a poorly-lit excuse for a conference room, you sat across the table from the most rodent-like man you’d ever seen. Alarick Heathridge. With his upturned nose and scarily small teeth and thin lips, the sight of him almost made you shiver.
“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” He mused, voice thick with shameless lust as his gaze dragged from your heeled boots, up your legs (pausing for a moment at the exposed flesh of your thighs), over your chest, before finally meeting your eyes.
“Are you sure the two of you don’t come as a package deal? I’ll cut a good deal.”
Perched in Bucky’s lap, with one leg crossed over another, you swallowed. Bucky’s hands were chained to the armrests of the velvet-upholstered chair, Alarick wasn’t so stupid to let a living weapon sit unrestrained, but Bucky wanted nothing more than to put his hand on your thigh. It took everything within him to grit his teeth and ignore the snivelling man’s attempt at advances.
“Do you have the files I requested?” Your voice was a sultry purr, playing into Alarick’s silly fantasy, knowing he’d be more pliant if you seemed open and available to him.
“Of course, darling, I never fail to deliver.” Alarick motioned for one of the suited men guarding the door. The guard produced a silver case from a false panel in the wall, sitting on the table with a soft thud. Alarick keyed in a code then flicked the latch, opening the case and turning it to face you. Inside the case were three folders, each marked with the Hydra insignia. 
Feeling Bucky tense beneath you, you casually lifted a hand and brought it to the back of his neck, twirling your fingers in the soft, wispy hairs there; no more than a woman playing with what she owned. But as you delved into the security questions you and Tony had rehearsed for days, just in case Alarick was bluffing, you traced four words on the back of Bucky’s neck. Over and over.
I… Am… Yours… Always…
Alarick passed the questions and you reached forward, leaning a little so your cleavage was on show, and grabbed the files from the case. Quickly flicking through, trying to seem bored, you knew they were exactly what you’d asked for. Sighing through your nose, you stood from Bucky’s lap. The hardest part of this mission beckoned; walking away from Bucky.
“A trade’s a trade,” you hummed, almost grimacing when Alarick stuck his hand out for you to shake. His palm was uncomfortably clammy as your hands locked, shaking once. Even when you pulled away, it was like you could still feel the stain of his filth on your skin. Pulling a slip of paper from your bra, you handed it to the snivelling man.
“Those are his trigger words, I hope you know Russian. If not… Well, good luck.”
You were at the door that led to the staircase up to the warehouse. The plan was to leave Bucky behind, get out onto the street, and meet up with Tony, Steve, and Nat in the abandoned office building across the street. There, you’d wait for Alarick to get drunk enough to want to leave, with Bucky in chains and in tow. Nat had already secured an electromagnetic pulsation device to the bottom of Alarick’s SUV and it would only take the press of a button to stop the car in its tracks, allowing for the extraction of the super soldier. 
Quick. Easy. 
But that all went to hell when Alarick’s hand cupped your ass, ushering you away from the exit and towards an archway that led into some kind of living room. He didn’t get very far, though. Moving too quickly for him to react, you reached for one of the guards guns, wrenching it free. You slammed the butt of the gun down on Alarick’s head and he dropped like a stone, blood oozing from a deep gash. The other guard had the nerve to pull his gun on you, but found a bullet between his eyes. 
“Doll!” Bucky’s shouted warning wasn’t fast enough as the other guard's hands slammed down on your shoulders, pulling you backwards so harshly that you stumbled and fell, hitting your head on the tile floor. The gun skittered out of your reach, sliding to a stop at Bucky’s feet. But he couldn’t get his hands free to grab it; the damn chains were vibranium. Spots danced in your vision and you ground as the guard grabbed you by the throat, pulling you up only to push you again; this time slamming you against the wall. Warmth trickled down your face and slipped over your lips, the bitter tang of blood met your tongue. The pain hadn’t quite registered yet so you were able to bring your elbow up, cracking it across the guards nose. 
When he stumbled back, you followed through with a kick to his groin. Something clattered across the tile and you looked down; Bucky had kicked the gun back over to you. Quickly, you plucked it from the ground and fired two shots through the guards chest just as he was running at you. He collapsed, crimson spilling from him in a pool. 
“We’ve got to go.” You rifled through Alarick’s pockets to find the key to Bucky’s restraints, then scrambled to free the super soldier. At this point, adrenaline was still coursing through your system; probably the only reason you were still moving. But when the chains fell away, the pain finally hit you. 
As though your body knew that, now Bucky was out of his chains, you were safe, he could help you. Clutching tightly to the case, your knees hit the ground and you grimaced. You must’ve blacked out because one moment you were on the floor and the next you were in Bucky’s arms and the night air was pressing cool kisses against your cheeks. Blood caked one side of your face, making your skin itch, but your arms were tucked against Bucky’s chest and you couldn’t move to scratch.
“Buck?” Your voice was hoarse, as though you’d swallowed a spoonful of glass, but Bucky shushed you.
“Don’t speak, just close your eyes. I’m getting you out of here.”
You don’t remember much of the drive home except Steve and Bucky talking in hushed tones.
“She’s going to be fine, Bucky.” Steve placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder, but Bucky shrugged it off, turning his head slightly to look down at you. Your head rested on his shoulder, a single tear rolling down your cheek as you dipped in and out of consciousness. Bucky wiped it away and wrapped his arm around you, before turning back to Steve.
“She killed them. That slimy bastard put his hands on her, he was going to一” Bucky grunted in frustration, almost gagging at how the situation could’ve gone down. Alarick would’ve made him watch, just because he could.
Bucky spoke in soft tones so as not to disturb you, but Tony felt the weight of his words all the same.
“Never again. You ever need something like that done again, you do it yourself.”
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libraryofsouls · an hour ago
→ reader x brahms heelshire x billy lenz → gender neutral reader → one-shot.
"please? we’ve been awfully good.“ the boy pleaded, voice soft in contrast to the towering figure before you. the two had been acting suspicious all afternoon - no arguments, no squabbling or fighting of any sort. it was as if a switch had been flipped and they’d been close friends all this time.
you feel a presence behind you as Brahms shuffled forward. "please?” he repeated, the desperation clear in his voice. the presence draws closer and closer until you feel something solid and warm press against you from behind. Billy’s unusual silence has you worried. usually he was the chattier one.
“but.. I don’t think the three of us can fit in your bed, Brahmsy.” you try to reason out despite the inevitable. you knew it was far too late to try to talk yourself out of this. they already have you cornered.
“we can use your bed.” he lessens the gap between the two of you. the figure behind you makes no move for the time being, save for the hot breath you feel tickling at the back of your neck. “that way Billy doesn’t get those awful nightmares anymore and I don’t have to sleep alone.” he says.
clearly they’ve thought this through, planned ahead enough that they’d play nice for an entire day to have this as their reward: sleeping together in your bed. and who were you to deny that? it was either that or you’d have to face the wrath of a double meltdown.
the word “okay” barely had the chance to slip past your lips as you were swept off your feet, Billy practically trembling with anticipation as he hauls you towards the bedroom. Brahms had pretty much bolted into the room and beat him to it. when Billy had successfully crossed the threshold, he took the liberty of using his own weight to close the door behind him. neither of them had bothered to turn on the light and it was made apparent that you were the odd one out with how you struggled to see in the sudden darkness. Billy had always preferred the dark anyways, rarely going past the shadows unless there was a dire need.
Brahms on the other hand was…. well, Brahms.
still though, this was quickly going to spiral out of control unless you do something about it.“Brahmsy, don’t you need a lamp on?” you try to gamble with them as you feel yourself being placed on the mattress. a pair of hands guide you to what you assumed to be the center of the bed. had they agreed on this too? “no, silly.” he says playfully and you feel a pair of arms from behind you, squeezing you against him. “I have you.” the porcelain mask feels cold against the crook of your neck and you feel the need to press your lips together to keep any sounds from escaping. they’ve thought this through - very thoroughly, in fact. you feel his hot breath against your face before you hear him, the low almost inaudible chuckling. “pretty.. so pretty. pretty piggy.” he drags his knuckles against your cheek tenderly as your eyes start to adjust ever-so-slightly. enough to make out the silhouette of Billy snaking his arms around you with an eager grin plastered on his face. “share… share.” he says, attempting to tug you closer to him whilst Brahms struggled to keep you to himself.
“stop pulling!” it came out in a desperate whine, only to fall on deaf ears. Brahms was growing annoyed by the second while Billy was seemingly unbothered.
it was going to be a long night - and not exactly the kind you had in mind.
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tedxxii3 · an hour ago
✨m a s t e r l i s t✨
A/N: So since I have exams, I'll be on semi-hiatus for about 2-3 weeks (sorry guys!) so while you guys wait I created a masterlist for it to be easier for y'all to binge my fics🥰send in requests while I wait! I'll be working on them!
Bakusquad headcanons
Bakugou helping Mina with her social media
Bakugou doing ballet before UA
Bakugou fluff headcanons for reader who gets nightmares and has trouble falling asleep
Denki having Pikachu plushies
How the BNHA characters would try and make you feel better on an off day
Nicknames they’d call you
Kirishima having a habit of randomly booping your nose
~Quirk~y BNHA headcanons
Kirishima and Uraraka bonding over their love of strawberry milk
Kirishima loves Disney movies
Denki with an s/o who has RSD and APD
EraserMic with an adopted kid in class 1-A who’s biological parents are villains
Sero using he/they pronouns
Jirou with a girlfriend who does photography
You and Overhaul having an argument
Someday: A BNHA x Aladdin crossover
Strawberry Mondays
“His” - Hawks (Keigo Takami) x gn!reader
Safe Space – Katsuki Bakugou x fem!reader
Her – Shouto Todoroki x gn!reader (unrequited), Shouto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu
kitsune!Bakugou x gn!reader fantasy au
Butterfly Kisses – Tamaki Amajiki x gn!reader
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how would platonic yandere avengers react if their obsession is bilingual and speaks/communicates with others in a language, or doing her own things with her other language that they wouldn’t understand? Will they try to learn that language or they will do other things?
They'll try learning that language especially Steve since he gets sus if you start speaking in another language. He thinks you're either talking silly things about him or trying to cuss which will end up with you having a bar of soap in your mouth and standing in time out and no dessert after dinner
They wouldn't have a problem with you speaking another language truth be told. They'll admire that you can speak in different languages and they'll even take the effort to learn it from you so even they can speak in that language with you
Of course they'll feel left out when you talk in another language and if they can't understand what you're saying. They'll just be sitting there feeling all awkward or giving you the puppy dog eyes and you'll have to comfort them, hug them and assure them that you aren't saying something bad about them
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Could you yandere platonic mum Ochaco where her son is starting to get popular with girls in his school?
I don't think she'd have that much of a problem with it. If you're getting popular at school she'd have all the more reason to be proud but she won't be allowing you to go for any of those parties and hanging out too much with your friends which actually sucks
She just doesn't want her baby boy indulging in things like drinking and smoking and stuff. She knows that teenagers usually tend to do stuff like that and so that's why she makes sure to give you lots of attention and her time so you won't feel that you're being neglected. In fact she'll baby the living daylights out of you and yes she will baby proof the house since she doesn't want her darling son to get hurt
Dating is completely off the table for you so that sucks too. Be it boy or girl, she will not allow you to date and if you have a love interest, she'll be ready to do whatever it takes to make you stop seeing them. She'll dig up some dirt on them or something like that. What? She doesn't want anyone using you because of your status? And you can always trust your mother whatever she says since it's all for your own good
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chrollo x reader angst
a/n: i originally posted this in ao3 and i wanted to post it here too :3
right after concluding their brief meeting about their next heist, chrollo opened his book once again with only a candle and the moon illuminating the words that engraved the multiple pages of the text. the other spiders that were left waiting for the time of the heist sat in their respective corners.
hisoka was the first one to notice the slight change of behavior whenever chrollo was in deep thought, looking and reading his book. at first, hisoka thought that he was just too engrossed with the well written literature until he noticed how chrollo’s eyes weren’t moving to read the text. chrollo was just blankly staring at the single page for quite some time and the only movement hisoka could catch was him blinking.
after hisoka, feitan was the next one that noticed how chrollo’s usual calm expression falters slightly into a small frown whenever he opens that book of his. and like a usual chain, the other members realized it soon enough too.
chrollo didn’t mind the sneaky stares that the spiders thought they were giving discreetly. he just wanted to check on something, or rather someone special and being the leader of the troupe meant that he didn’t have the time to check on her personally.
y/n and chrollo’s relationship was not something that you’d call easy. not all relationships were easy but what made it even more complicated is the uncertainties and lack of assurance that the other partner was receiving.
y/n wasn’t even sure how he felt about her. sure, they are times when it felt like chrollo was ready to give her anything that she’d ask for. may it be his heart or his life, but the problem was she never heard that from him. she only felt it during the nights they spent together in each other’s arms, tucked away from the cruelty of the godforsaken world.
chrollo did care for her in ways he himself couldn’t imagine. for once in his life, he had someone to fear for and to live for. with a work like this, life is something you’d be lucky to have whenever a mission had ended and chrollo knew that whenever he wasn’t by her side, anxiety is slowly eating her up. he knew this because he could see her.
incased in his book, the ability to see other people you’ve touched was stolen from a hunter in one of their missions. It took him some time to steal the ability, but he knew that it would give him some peace of mind if he knew how y/n was doing.
looking at y/n using the stolen ability, he tried to remember how everything started to become complicated for the two of them. chrollo recalled how he met her. he remembered how he was ready to kill her when he saw her grab the last copy of the book he wanted on the bookshelf. he remembered following her silently on her way back home, ready to snatch her life away along with his book however, what she did managed to snatch his breath instead.
“you can just borrow it when I’m done, you know?” she spoke, stopping her tracks.
chrollo was sure that he hid his presence well enough, and he wasn’t sure how she knew. he cleared his throat, finally letting himself be seen by her. y/n turned to look at him and grabbed the book from her bag.
“or you could read it first. just contact me when you’re done with it” She continued, giving him the book.
the truth is, she already saw the handsome stranger looking at the book that she wanted. y/n figured that she could get his number if she took the last copy. when she felt him following her, she smirked knowing that her plan will work…
chrollo thought otherwise, only wanting the book and not planning to give it back but he thought how agreeing with her would be easier than killing the woman at broad daylight. he calmly smiled, asking for her number so he could “return it”.
it only took him a day to finish the novel and boy did it blew his mind. he thought of the literature as pure art meant to be read. chrollo was mesmerized and couldn’t find himself not sharing the art that blessed his mind. for the sake of the talented author, he wanted it to be seen and he wanted someone to acknowledge it as well which is why he caught himself contacting y/n to give her the art that she let him borrow.
since then, they started talking more about the books they both found interesting. expressing different opinions and widening their mindset as one of them explain how they interpret the fine literatures. the nights talking about books blossomed into something more as they started getting closer, more physical and a tad bit too passionate for someone like him.
ah, i see . chrollo thought, now knowing when it became all complicated.
they both became attached, and he started getting spooked by their closeness. Since then, chrollo started planning more missions that meant more time away from her so he could think for himself. It only made him miss her more and now here he was, looking at her.
she sat in her kitchen, staring at the flowers that chrollo gave her from his last visit. judging by how dead the flowers looked, it’s safe to say that he was gone for almost more than a month. y/n didn’t even count anymore because it will only make her more worried and heartsick.
not a single message, not single call. hell, she even wished that chrollo would just pigeon her a small note telling her that he was alive and okay. y/n felt like she was slowly deteriorating from the inside with every tick of the annoying red clock on her wall. every day without him is constant battle between letting him go or waiting for him and the wilted flowers didn’t help with her confusion.
she had no idea what she could have done that made him so distant. what made her even more confused was how sweet and caring chrollo is whenever he comes back to her. y/n just wanted him to come back to her, but she can’t race a concern about his negligence because he isn’t hers.
it hit her abruptly.
chrollo was never hers.
a lump on her throat started to form and it made it difficult to breathe. she felt the tears forming in her eyes, but y/n fought it. she let out a shaky breath with trembling lips. this point of realization crushed the little hope she had inside of her.
on the other side, chrollo sat there, swallowing thickly. it felt like he was being suffocated while he watches y/n’s heart break even more. If it was crushed, it’s certainly pulverized now. He knew what it meant. chrollo knows what’s coming but instead of leaving the headquarters to stop her, he stayed glued to his uncomfortable seat.
he watched as she covered her eyes with her left hand, trying her best not to cry but failing to stop her sobs. chrollo saw this moment coming and prepared to try and calm his expressions once y/n’s feelings get the most of her but seeing her so vulnerable hurt more than any wound he ever had.
y/n removed her hand and stared at the dead plant in front of her. her tears had spilled and coated her cheeks along with an aggressive blush from trying so hard not to cry. she couldn’t help but feel helpless, seeing the dead flowers that was as dead as their nonexistent relationship. His ability to feel for her had made a fool out of y/n. she wanted to wonder if all those smiles and sweet nothings that chrollo had given her was genuine, but y/n had to stop herself. reminiscing wouldn’t bring him back and it was now very clear to her.
she should have known from the night he left that he was not coming back anymore. It took her a lot of time to get a clear view of his intentions and now y/n is left to face this burden alone.
chrollo watched as she stood up from her seat and grabbed the vase. chrollo watched as she contemplated, staring at the plant. chrollo watched as she sighed deeply, moving towards her trash can. chrollo watched as she threw away the last reminder of him ever existing in her life.
he sighed with her, not bothering to stop the tears even if the troupe had to see it. he finally decided to close the book that would end the most well written novel he ever loved and cherished. a book he could only read once.
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24. “Could you stay a little bit longer?” (Hi! I wanted to know if you could write something with lando Norris)
Summary: Carlos makes Lando realize what he has to do
Warnings: fluff, a little angst?, 2 swear words
Word count: 1k
24. “Could you stay a little bit longer?”
"So I swear to God that if you don't go now to see Y/N I'll beat you so the next time you see her you'll be on the hospital bed, you idiot!" says Carlos pulling the blanket from Lando's body.
It wasn't that he didn't want to come to see her for the last time before she left home. That was the only thing he knew for sure he wanted. But he still didn't dare to see the girl. Not after what happened the night before. Of course, Carlos didn't know what had happened between the two of them and he was sure that if he had known, he would have slapped him on the head.
"I will message her to have a pleasant journey," says Lando, muffled by the fact that he had his face in his pillow.
Carlos slaps his forehead and sighs.
"Her hotel room, for another twenty minutes, is a little to your right. Get out of bed and go and wish her a pleasant journey. Why don't you want to see her? Did something happen?"
Lando sits up better in bed and avoids Carlos. The silence was a pretty good answer for Carlos.
"Okay, tell me right now what happened!" he says, crossing his arms over his chest.
Lando sighs and throws the pillow on the floor in frustration.
"You know that last night after we all went out to the restaurant, I asked Y/N to stay outside for a while until we got back to the hotel."
Carlos nods.
The evening was quiet and warm and the company was perfect. The sky is starry and the shooting stars fall one by one, like fireballs that get lost in the distance. The deafening silence seems to flood your soul with joy and peace. Everything seems like a fairytale. It is a wonderful summer night, full of magic and charm, full of stories, and the corners of absolutely wonderful nature hide very well in the shady nature. Lando looks at you as the wind blows your hair lightly. He smiled.
"I will never get tired of the quiet of this place." she finally breaks the silence. "I would like to stay here permanently but I know this is not possible."
"Could you stay a little bit longer?" asks Lando without thinking too much.
Y/N turns his head towards him. The light of the street lamps lighted his face slightly, she could easily see the scarlet tint that appeared on his cheeks. She smiles at him and then shifts her gaze to the only car on the street at the time.
"You know I would stay. But I have to go back to work." she sighs then lowers her head to the ground.
"Tell them you're not feeling well and stay here. I'm not ready to say goodbye to you just yet."
His confession had taken her by surprise. She bites her lip and smiles. She even considered his proposal.
"No, I'd better go," she says at last. "I'm not like you, Lando. I don't have a job I'm sure I can go to tomorrow. I can be fired any day."
"But you don't like it."
She shrugs.
"We can't just do what we love in this life..."
Lando knew she was right and it was unfair of him to ask her to give up her job, even for a short time. But he had told her the truth: He was not ready to say goodbye to her.
"I'll try to come again, you know. And we'll talk on the phone every day, like before."
They stop on a bench, quietly.
"What if you quit your job altogether and traveled with us?"
She frowns and looks at him. She studies his features; he was serious.
"Lando, I have no right to come and infiltrate your work and travel with you so many months a year. Sounds good, but I can't. I don't have that right."
Lando touches her hand. Her beautiful hands lay inert on her lap and she always pinched them. The knuckles had turned white. She sat in her place, stiff as a rock. She had turned her attention to the shoelaces. She cleaned them of lint, being quieter than usual. Lando looked at her with admiration.
"Do you even realize what you're asking me? What do you ask of me?"
"Because I like you."
Carlos had listened to Lando's whole story without interrupting him. He would tell him many things, and they all had to do with the fact that he was incredibly stupid. He looked at his watch and saw that he no longer had time to explain to Lando where and how he had gone wrong.
"Last night you told her you like her and today you won't meet her. Do you realize it's a dick move?"
"How can I meet her? I told her I liked her and she didn't say anything. I broke our friendship."
Carlos hits Lando hard enough.
"You deserve much more than that! Go to her right away and talk to her! At least she deserves it, don't you think?"
As these thoughts began to take shape, taking on disastrous proportions, they became true premonitions.
Lando gets out of bed and immediately runs to the door. Carlos was right. He couldn't hurt her so badly.
Just as he left the room, Y/N came out of hers, pulling the suitcase after her.
"Oh, Lando..." she says shyly. "I wanted to come to you and... Um... say goodbye."
Lando comes over to her and hugs her.
"I'm sorry if I ruined things between us last night."
She walks away from his hug and kisses him. Lando is surprised for a few moments and then responds to the kiss.
"I'm going to resign from my job and I'll come to piss you off every day from now on. Unless you've changed your mind," she says.
Lando nods fanatically and smiles.
"I haven't changed my mind!"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Niko from Oneshot! The blue really stands out lol
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A kiss in the rain
・゚:⋆*・゚:✧*⋆.*:・゚✧.: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ・゚:⋆*・゚:✧*⋆.*:・゚✧.: ⋆*
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Jaemin x reader
GENRE: Fluff
"Let's go out please" You whined like a young child, but you don't care, because it was raining after a long time and it's been a while since you played in it. "No, you'll catch a cold, now we don't want a sick y/n, do we?" Your boyfriend Jaemin responded, to which you whined again.
"Please? Just for a few minutes? Please, please, please?" You pleaded, to which he let out a heavy sigh. "Fine" He huffed, and you threw your arms around him, engulfing him into a hug. "Thank you thank you thank you!" You yelled, and rushed outside quickly.
Jaemin smiled at your antics, finding them cute. He stood on the doorstep of the house, looking at you running around in the rain with your arms wide open. You started jumping in puddles, to which he cringed and let out a small laugh. 
You motioned Jaemin to come and play with you, but he shook his head. You went towards him, and dragged him out, to which he let out a whine, but started playing along. You both were jumping around and laughing, having the time of your lives.
You were too busy playing around to notice that Jaemin stopped playing. He was admiring you, with a small smile plastered onto his face. He always liked how you found happiness in small things. He liked your optimistic and happy-go-lucky nature, finding it really cute.
He then started admiring your face, how beautiful you looked with the huge smile plastered on your face. He was so whipped for you. You turned to him and frowned. "Why aren't you playing? Cmon!" You held his hand and yelled, but Jaemin pulled you towards him.
Your faces were inches away, your noses touching. His hand wrapped around your waist, he moved forward, merging his lips with yours. It was short, but passionate and warm. You feel him smile against your lips as he breaks the kiss, resting his forehead on top of yours. "I love you" he said, looking at you, eyes filled with love. 
"I love you t- ACHOO" You sneezed. You look up to meet Jaemin's stern eyes. "I TOLD YOU YOU WILL CATCH A COLD BUT YOU DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME-" And you know you're not getting a break from his scoldings today.
・゚:⋆*・゚:✧*⋆.*:・゚✧.: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ・゚:⋆*・゚:✧*⋆.*:・゚✧.: ⋆*
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Hey, I heard you write for Riverdale? OMG That's like one of my fave shows of all time, could I please get some yandere hcs for Archie Andrews if you don't mind? Thank you <3
Cool, I used to like watching Riverdale too lol
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
Archie is a delusional and completely obsessive yandere. Honestly you wouldn't even know if this dude here is a yandere or not, he hides his obsessive yandere tendencies really well. At first he'll be all sunshine and rainbows to you, kind and all smiles. Just wait till you see his true colors
He's willing to do whatever TF it takes to always keep you safe by his side ONLY. See, boi here is just worried about your safety and he just wants to protect you from all the dangerous stuff in Riverdale. And you can't tell me Riverdale ain't dangerous. There are literal murders and organ plucking vultures like Edgar Evernever running amok. Oh, and not to mention the Ghoulies of course
He might be overwhelming you with his constant presence and affection with you and you might even get suffocated by his actions. But he will never leave you alone. I can see him keeping an eye on you through your window at night to see if you're safe or not
You can't tell me carrot top here won't stalk you. Nope, he most certainly will. He HAS to find out what you're doing when you're not around him. And if you hang out with someone else for too long much to his liking, he'll have to have a little 'talk' with that person. Heck. he'll even go as far as to changing his schedule just for you so he can always be with you. Now of course the Bulldogs are gonna notice his strange and obsessive behavior towards you and if anyone dares to say anything, well... I can guarantee you he'll be in the hospital by now. At least Reggie has the common sense to not say anything since he doesn't want to get punched in the face and have his teeth knocked out by Archie
Oh, and he'll also protect you from that sneak Hiram Lodge. If Hiram dares to do something with you Archie isn't going to be that goody 2 shoes perfect kid anymore
If you try leaving him he'll have a really big breakdown no one can comfort him. But it's actually just an act to gain your sympathy. Boi here is a damn good actor, and he sure can pull the UNO Manipulation card real good. He's not going to let you leave him at all, or else he might have to resort to 'other measures' on keeping you safe
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peterbenjiparker · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
main masterlist smut=**
Tumblr media
↳ hold my heart** [30.4k; complete]
you met tom when you were twelve and you never thought he’d end up being such a big part of your life. you found a friend in him and maybe something more.
Tumblr media
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he lives in my lap | reader x changbin
Tumblr media
➛ Pairing: self insert, gender neutral reader x seo changbin 
➛ Recommended listening: she lives in my lap, outkast
➛ Genre: pwp (smut), fluffy tones, 18+ 
➛ Word count: 3.9k 
✨ Summary/Request Here ✨
Anon: sub!changbin nipple play drabble👁👁
i’m such a sucker for sub bin smh
a/n: thank you for requesting sweet anon! any day, any time i will write sub!changbin! this was such a pleasure to write n’ i hope that ya like it! <3
{see below for nsfw tags!} 
NSFW: dom!reader, sub!changbin, tsundere!bin, slightlybratty!bin, established relationship, use of petnames, body worship (calm tf down ro, we know you love binnies’ bod), *plz pretend to be surprised here too* thigh kink, power dynamics, LOADS of nipple play (m receiving), praising & mild degradation, handjob, lil pet of petplay (bunny), v soft aftercare 
you caught him sulking, bundled up in his chair with his legs crossed and his eyes dried. its the times like this when you don’t need him to tell you what’s going through his mind. he huffs and spins around just to get a moment to break his stare at the screen. he rubs at his temples where his headache surges, but he’ll never stop to ask for help or to express how tired he really is. 
“what are you working on?” you simply ask as you cross the way behind him and squeeze his shoulders. 
he sighs, and answers, “work.” 
it’s barely an answer, but knowing him, prodding wouldn’t do much else. 
“its getting late,” you pause, contemplating to next part of your phrase, “could you come to bed? i’ to have you with me...if you can.” 
his fingers stop their typing, and he pulls off a single padded headphone to listen to you. 
“you know that i’ve got a deadline. can’t.” 
“wouldn’t you like to--” 
“--can’t you just live one night without it?” he barks, swiveling in his seat to face you. 
his eyes, the whites of them pink and his under-eyes bagged, tell you that you can’t take exactly what he means to heart, but still, it doesn’t hurt much less. 
“bin--i just want you to take care of yourself and not overwork. you know that you need your rest to make everything work out right. right?” 
your boyfriend sighs and composes himself, then puts his headphones back on. 
“deadlines are deadlines.” changbin simply replies. “in a couple days it’ll be over.” 
the sound of his clicking at his mouse fills the room back up, and this close you can hear the faint buzz of his music on the other side of his headphones. its as if he wants to create some kind of shell between you and him; he pulls his hood up and balls himself up in his big black hoodie. 
with him, your patience overcomes anything. 
“bin--” you reach for his arm to rub in calming little circles with your thumb, “you’re worrying me.” 
the exhaustion in his voice causes it to crack, “i’m fine.” 
it doesn’t take him much to go up in arms when you pull off his headphones to hold his puffy face in your hands. earnestly you hold his eyes with yours. 
“you’ve worked so much already today. please, come to bed, i know you won’t admit it to yourself, but it’ll be okay if you sleep for just a little while....or, relax at least...” 
changbin huffs out again in his same little annoyed nature. you knew the ins and outs of him well: your words might have gone in one ear and left out the other, but they still would jumble him up on their way out.
“i said that i’m fine,” your boyfriend repeats, “you’re worrying over nothing.” 
it isn’t easy to admit defeat in the moment, but that’s all it is: a moment. he allows you the pause to plant a tiny kiss on his forehead before focusing back on his work. the truth is, you really did want him to join. the bed was always warmer with two anyway. these days, it was even a little hard to fall asleep with him. 
“well,” you throw your hands on your hips, “i’ll just be back here...if you need anything. i can warm up your side for you, kay?” 
for a moment, his fingers stop their clicking, wavering. “okay.” 
he likes it when you wear his shirts and other little things like that. he even thinks that its cute when you steal his socks and they bunch up a little. after living together your clothes have started to all smell the same, but knowing that it’s his has always been enough for you. 
at first, you promise yourself that you’ll stay up as long as he does, but not even you can stay up that late. he turns the lights off for you, leaving only his desk lamp and the blue screen of his desktop. silently you promise him that you’ll stay up as long as you can manage...
“--oh. sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up...” 
your blurry eyesight makes out the time that’s ticked past two hours since you last remember checking. 
“its okay,” your sleepy self returns. you’ve fallen asleep on his side of the bed which you promised to warm up, but he won’t ask you to give it up when you’re half awake. 
“i’ve decided to sleep in late tomorrow.” he hums while reaching for his phone light to turn it off. “you’re right.” 
“i know that i’m right.” 
even in the dark you can feel his little joking smirk. the mattress makes springy sounds under the weight of your two bodies, and somehow your hands find their way into the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie. there’s nothing like feeling his presence beside you--its a kind of irreplaceable reassurance that you’ve only ever felt in him. 
he’s close enough to feel his tiny breaths in the space between you, and how it tickles your upper lip. sleepy kisses float from your lips to his which he happy returns by pressing into you closer and melding your body with his. you make a point to kiss him slowly and with every ounce of intent that you are able to pour from yourself to him. 
your love unties himself for you just as he does whenever he feels your thumb trace under his jaw slowly or as you hold his face in your hands, tilting him to deepen your exploration of his mouth. you can feel him get looser and looser after being so tightly bound. your hands work at his knots with swift fingers that interweave with his hair, then find their way to traipse up the hem of his clothes. 
he mutters a little sound that could be translated into many pleasurable things, but you don’t need to think too hard to interpret it. 
“binnie...” you coo, gently rolling him to his back to lean over him with your upper body, “you’re doing so well. i can tell how hard that you’re working...there’s no need to hide.” 
he nods, allowing you to paint his cheeks with more little kisses that fall down to his neck, then travel back up to his ear where you nibble softly. in your own mind, its your favorite place to show him your love: he shivers feeling your breath quiver in his ear, then exhales out after feeling the small pull at his skin. 
higher under his shirt your hands tip-toe, then trance the curves of his sides and finally reach the spot where he is most sensitive...your boyfriend gifts you the gorgeous sound of his uncontrollable little whimpers once he feels the pads of your fingers graze over one of his hardened nipples. 
“oh?” you taunt, “already so sensitive?” 
changbin attempts a scoff that comes out airy on his lips, “i mean, yeah...when you do that.” 
your index circles his bud, causing and even more delightful symphony of shaking breaths to exit. 
“...but its so late...” you remind him. its halfway between a genuine reminder and somewhat of a challenge. there’s nothing more that you would want, but the clock tells you otherwise. 
your room is nearly devoid of light save for the way that the crescent moon peeks through the slits of the shades. the silver light illuminates his face in stripes, one of them directly over his eyes which makes them sparkle with the same iridescent shine of stars. 
“do you think that i care?” changbin shies a bit into the puffy pillow that cradles his head. 
from your position above him you can see the way that he pleads wordlessly, and how he just knows that he’s irresistible to you. his gaze softens to shift in that cute little pout. he too knows how to untie you, how to make you fall into him so deeply that you can’t see anything but him. he knows exactly what to say, how to wet his his cushy lip so it glistens just a little when he parts his mouth for you to crave even more than you already do. 
“do you want me to say please?” he adds. 
fuck, he really does know you well. 
your knuckles rub along the fuzzy underside of his sweater, scribbling more circles around his nipples that hardens them painfully even though you’re barely touching him. 
“that is my favorite word,” 
his tone is airy, barely audible when he asks as politely as he can, “please, can you use me how you want?” 
you tut, bowing low over his lips to only let them hover over his own. your lie of a kiss just barely makes contact with him. he whines from the promise of your taste, even wiggling his hips in his agony knowing that he won’t get what he wants quickly. 
“hm, i didn’t really hear you that time...” slowly your hands begin to pull the fabric of is shirt over his head. “say it again for me?” 
“please...?” your boyfriend desperately repeats. 
“and you’ll be a good boy for me? you’ll do what i say?” 
“yes...yes. everything that you say.” 
his hoodie ruffles up his cute dark locks that sprawl all over his face and even cover his eyes. for a moment you think of how his hair had gotten longer than you had noticed. you sweep it aside, holding his eyes while your hand swipes up and down his chest just between his pectorals. 
“and you’ll tell me when you want me to stop?” 
finally you grant him the kiss he’s been waiting for which he drinks up greedily, moaning carefully over your lips. 
you nearly startle him after forgetting to move slowly, finding your own eagerness taking hold of you. changbin’s eyes gleam seeing you on top of him and both of your legs straddling his sides. you slither farther down his body to align yourself correctly, then pause finding your place. 
after, he then startles you by letting out a sudden cry in response to his beloved sensation. both of your hands are busied pinching and tweaking directly at his pink nipples that turn redder from your touch. you toy with the hardened buds while his eyelids flutter--he can’t figure out if he wants to close his eyes to feel it all, or watch you. he decides upon the latter and tries his best focus on your hands spread on his chest. 
its a wondrous indulgence of yours as you watch the way that his muscles fill up your hands and even how his skin pops between your fingers when you squeeze. “my bun,” you sigh in admiration, “i just can’t handle you...” 
your head spins when he echoes, “neither can i...”
it seems fair for you to take off your top too, so you do. your hands survey farther up his chest, then course down his arms which you tuck to rest on each side of his head. 
“you know how it goes.”
he doesn’t even need the reminder. 
“fuck, you’re gonna take all the time you want now, aren’t you?” 
your boyfriend regains a bit of his composure to snark with that little unfair smirk of his. 
“would you rather me not do this for you at all...bun?” 
he rolls his eyes, impatient and annoyed for barely a second. he’s quieted the moment that he feels your lips float over his skin. you can feel the way that his breaths are thrown out from his lungs once you press even harder. his hips squirm and he turns into a puddle of half-choked winces that turn high pitched and needy the closer that you get to the sensitive areas of his chest. your tongue twists around it, only teasing at first and never allowing him to feel the full heat of your mouth. your left hand swipes up his side and settles right over his other bud which you toy with between your index and middle finger. you pull, then delight in the way that you can even feel his moans start deep from his core then come ripping out carelessly. 
at last you grant him the wet of your mouth when you tense your lips to pull too. you know that he likes it when you use your teeth too, but you never start with the most exciting part. 
his arms twitch like they usually do where they lay on both sides of his head. your boyfriend interlocks his fingers behind his head to pull and hold them there until his knuckles turn white. he would touch you, but you don’t like getting that distracted. you don’t need it anyway to heighten the way that unraveling him already pools heat between your legs and sends you grinding over his midsection. 
you use a combination of gentle kisses contrasted with the pull of your fingers and eventually the bite of your teeth to get him properly gasping out as if he cannot breathe. your name finds its way twisted into some of his moans too; it sounds so perfect, so right said that way: airy, wavering, shaking after he bites it into his lip too. 
you stop to admire him, now using your thumbs to tease at the way his reddened nipples now look painfully aroused and even glimmer with the sheen of your saliva upon them. changbin is flushed out all across his cheeks and even over his nose bridge. the rouge spreads down to his neck where the veins there quiver with each of his senseless gasps for air. he jerks from the careful feeling of the pad of your thumb compared to how viciously you had tugged at him before. you grind down your hips into his hard-on between your legs and into your own heat which craves him just as much. 
he nods, and chuckles out after reveling under your view. 
you free his hands from their place behind his head, then you immediately find yourself wrapped up so tightly in his arms that you let out a tiny squeak. his thick arms that stretch with the strings of muscles always remind you that the power you have over him, he holds over you just the same. he brings your lips back to his to kiss thanks into your mouth that’s become raw from your musings. 
“i’m not done yet.” you sneer directly into him. 
“i had a feeling.” 
your love knows how to sit and look pretty for you. how to keep his hands to himself and wait just enough for you to make a proper mess of him. even though you don’t see it, he’s infatuated watching you twist over him to the bed table and pick up the cup of water that holds partially melted ice. the sound of the cubes chime against the glass and burns your hand with the cold once you choose the largest of the lot. 
changbin looks at you fearful at first still consumed by your heat which lingers all over his body. you test out the sensation by spreading out your opposite hand first which is wet from the condensation from the glass. 
“ah!” he winces out. 
“too cold?” 
“n-no...” somethings shift in the way that he holds your gaze and the ice quickly melting in your hand. “i-i want it...” 
“you sure?” 
“please don’t make me wait again...” 
the cold from the cube starts to make your fingertips turn numb, but its of no conscious to you when he holds every bit of your attention while you wait for his visceral response. 
he yelps, nearly almost screaming from the mixture of cold and hot that swirls around his body. he grinds his teeth into a groan next to steady himself feeling the tenderness of his nipples next to the freezing cold. you can’t help but stifle a greedy laugh at how downright confused he seems at the two sensations of arousal and biting pain that made him feel even more lightheaded. 
you love the sight of the whites of his eyes when he reaches a kind of euphoria that only you can give him. 
“oooooh god.” he laughs along with you at how preposterously unreal it feels. the little smile that anchors on his mouth is unbelievably cute, and you can’t help but want to feel it on your own. 
you trace circles around and around his buds until they harden just as they had done under your tongue. he shivers too; either from the cold, or from the overload of his senses--it travels from the tip of his head, through his hips and down to his toes. 
“aw, my bun likes this...doesn’t he?” 
the ice only lasts a few moments on his chest and between your fingers. after, his chest is left shimmering from the new substance that looks like liquid crystal all over him and where it drips down to the comforter in droplets. 
you shift your attention lower down his stomach where you stop right above his bellybutton to let both of your hands hook under his sweats. you look up for approval, which he eagerly gives with the hastily phrase repeated, “do it, do it.” 
his clothes it the floor in a puddle, and your boyfriend is left bare for you to take in. you indulge in every single part of him that you’ve explored time and time again, but each time it feels renewed. your hands eat up his thighs with covetous squeezes until the crescent-moon shape of your nails decorates him nearly everywhere. they slide up higher, finding the place where his curved and rosy cock bobs waiting for your touch. 
“poor bunny....does it ache when i don’t touch your cute little cock?” you trace a finger up his shaft which causes his body to violently jerk in response. the truth of the matter is, he’s anything but little. 
even when your words turn venomous back on him, he still drinks it up as if it is nectar. 
a wicked chuckle passes by your lips remembering what he had said to you a couple hours before. “can’t you just live one night without it?” 
“n-no--” he stammers, “i-i’m sorry that i said--” 
you silence him with a finger to his lips. “sit up.” 
he does so, trying to gauge what you’re planning to do next. the mystery of it all enthralls him to the point of working his cock up with pearly pre-cum that drips down his length. changbin waits as you reposition yourself behind him, just so he sits flush against your torso and between your legs. 
at first, you trial you hands up and down his thighs to create a show for him. your fingertips tickle him gently where his leg hair grows thin and soft. you then move to massage into his inner thighs and the more intimate erogenous areas there that you claw at. 
“hm. maybe i’ll let you get what you want if you say--” 
your boyfriend’s hands bury themselves into the sheets to grab at anything to provide balance. “--please! please...i’ll say it however many times it takes...” 
you tsk, then nibble into the peachy cartilage of his earlobe. “mm, that’s enough. i’m feeling generous...” 
you wet a stripe of your saliva up your palm and guide it to his length where you give him one good squeeze that is more than enough to send his toes curling. he whimpers out feeling the lack of contact afterward, realizing that one squeeze was all that you were planning. instead, shift your motions toward his tip and his seeping slit. the tip of your index draws rings around it which elicits agonizingly gruff growls from his throat that you’ve only ever heard a couple times before. 
“please, please, please....” he chants. 
you do love the way it sounds. 
his moans become even louder once he feels the tension from your grasp where it returns to his shaft and pumps. in a way, the whole image is just perfect for the both of you: as you peer over his shoulder you can’t even but help feel turned on by the sight of your own hand and how it twists around the throbbing veins that imprint his cock. with your non-dominant hand you continue traversing the squishy and fleshy bits of his thigh. 
your boyfriend laughs out his growing self-indulgence while you work your hand up and down, then experiment with testing him with the ways that you can squeeze harder then softer. changbin throws his head back into your shoulder lazily once he starts to feel his senses slow and intensify the closer that he gets to his release. he shudders against you too, and tightens his body too as he edges himself even closer.
after the distraction that you’ve crafted tugging him up and down and how the twist of your wrist feels like heaven, he jumps still feeling your free hand find its way back up his chest one last time roll his nipple between your fingers. the combination of the two sends him spilling right over the edge and overflowing with a rambling of curses and half-attempted moans coupled with the release of his seed cascading down the back of your hand. 
nearly all of your boyfriend’s weight falls upon you and you giggle trying to deal with your previously cold and stubborn lover reduced to nearly nothing but a limp and euphoric mess in your arms. 
“you okay?” you ask him, peppering tiny kisses into his neck. 
“give me...a minute.” he laughs out too. “i’m just...really...exhausted. but--in a really, really good way.” 
“time to get some rest then?” 
changbin nods, and gives you back as many kisses he can with his neck titled at this somewhat awkward angle. 
“stay right here, hm?” 
you cradle him back to slide out from behind him and work at cleaning yourself off, and them him--he loves obliging if it means that he gets to be pampered with clean clothes and your little massage to his shoulders to get his tensed body relax even more. the blankets get exchanged for new ones and you find him telling you not to put your shirt back on. 
changbin flushes, explaining, “i just like being close like this with you. everyday. any day. i can’t live without it either.” 
you can’t exactly tell who is “holding” who, but it all just feels so peaceful and intimate you almost forgot that you were supposed to be sleeping until the day breaks behind your boyfriend’s shoulder. 
“thank you,” changbin sighs, “thank you for taking care of me.” 
“now start taking care of yourself.” you tease, “don’t overwork yourself, got it?” 
your boyfriend sleepily hums, and tows you right back into his chest. “don’t worry, i have a feeling that i’ll be sleeping in pretty late.” 
Bunch of (Ro)ses! 
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hawks-supremacy · 4 hours ago
Rubik's Cube of Emotions
Summary: You, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi used to be great friends but then one day it stopped. You and Tsuki are forced to confront each other when your new friend Yachi convinces you to be the new co-managers of the Karasuno volleyball team. (angst, fluff)
warnings: eating disorder, swearing, bullying?
genre: angst to fluff
word count: 2.2k
a/n: day 1 of attempting to write everyday until my birthday. Fun fact: I don't even like Tsukishima that much but my cousin hates him so I wrote it out of spite? Idk I don't like him but I see the appeal.
You were sitting in the library after school trying to do some research when your friend Yachi approached the table you were at. “Hey Y/n I need a favor.” She said sliding into the chair next to you. You closed your books and sighed, “Who is it this time?” You asked, looking at her. She looked at you shocked and started sputtering, “Yachi ninety percent of the favors you need from me are because someone was mean to you and you can’t confront them yourself. I mean last week Rei took your favorite pen and refused to give it back so you had to come get me.”
“Fine, it’s not that anyone was mean but this super pretty girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be the new volleyball manager because she graduates next year.” You held your hand up effectively pausing Yachi’s rambling, “Let me pause you right there and let me guess. You panicked, both because a pretty girl was talking to you and because she was your upperclassman and said yes.”
Yachi nodded, “Yes but that’s not all of it.” She said sheepishly, you raised your eyebrows and motioned for her to continue. “I also asked if you could be like a co-manager and she said that that was okay. I know you probably don’t want to but I cannot do this alone. Please come with me, the first practice I’m supposed to attend starts soon.” You rolled your eyes and started packing all of your stuff before starting to walk out of the library. You turned and saw Yachi looking like a kicked puppy, “Yach are you coming or not, you are the one who dragged me into this you big ball of anxiety.” She smiled and grabbed her bag running to catch up to you.
You were near the gym when you saw Kiyoko Shimizu. You assumed she was the pretty 3rd year that Yachi was intimidated by and walked up to her, “Hey Kiyoko? I’m Y/n, the person Yachi volunteered to be the co-manager I guess?” Kiyoko turned after hearing her name and saw you walking up to her with Yachi hiding behind you, “Yes, follow me. I’ll introduce you to the team.” You both followed her into the gym, you walking beside her and Yachi cowering behind you, gripping the sleeve of your jacket.
As Kiyoko opened the doors three boys approached one spouting compliments at her the other asking who you and Yachi were. “Guys these are your potential new managers.” Yachi took a step out from behind you before yelling, “Uhm, my name is Yachi!” You waved at everyone who was gathering around briefly telling them your name. As people were greeting you, you glanced around the gym, stopping at two people, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. You looked at them for a few seconds before moving on to the third year wearing a bun.
He bent down slightly, asking Yachi if she was a first year. You tried no to laugh as she screamed and politely and panicky told him that she was a first year addressing him as if he was more than a third year and then freaking out when the two second years were staring at her. “Forgive her, she's not good with new people, she’s hardly good with people she knows. She’s still scared of me sometimes.” As you finished your sentence Yachi mumbled that she was scared of you because you’re scary.
The third year with the bun turned to Hinata telling him, “This is great now you have managers for next year.” Before Hinata could really say anything Kiyoko stepped in saying nothing was set in stone and that you too just wanted to meet the team. As Yachi said it was nice to meet the team everyone bowed and said “Hello” at the same time, effectively freaking Yachi out. As Kiyoko was telling them to back up and not crowd you both you didn’t notice as Yachi slipped outside, “Sorry for bothering you.” She said and closed the door. “Again sorry, she’ll get used to you I promise. I’ll let you get back to practice.” Everyone said goodbye and dispersed to go do their own thing until practice officially started. As you turned to leave you heard the annoying voice that seemed to follow you everywhere, “Are you really that obsessed with me that you would join the volleyball team somehow. If you really had that big of a crush on me you could just say so.” Turning you saw Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, the latter looking at you apologetically. You rolled your eyes, “Yes Tsuki I'm oh so obsessed with you that you consume every waking thought I have. Get over yourself.”
Walking out of the gym you saw Yachi crawling on the ground. You were about to ask her what she was doing when someone interrupted you, “You alright?” He asked. She turned around looking at him for a few seconds before yelling, “Please don’t kill me!” and sprinting away. “Kill you?” He asked mostly to himself. “Sorry about her.” You said to him, you seemed to be apologizing for her a lot today. He jumped, turning around to see you, “Jesus kid you scared the shit out of me don’t do that, nearly gave me a heart attack.”
“We’re the possible new managers for the team. She takes a while to warm up to new people. Also you shouldn’t be worried about a heart attack at your age. Lung failure seems more like it.” You pat him on the shoulder as you went to go find Yachi to sternly talk to her about Tsukishima and Yamaguchi being on the team. Yamaguchi you don’t mind as much, it’s Tsukishima that's the thorn in your ass. It’s not that you hated him, you just well, hated him. He sat behind you in your classes and constantly picked on you. Needed to always tell you that he scored higher on the test or his paper was better than yours. He was just annoying.
You found Yachi by her locker gathering the rest of her things, “Hey Yachi! I need to talk to you.” You said as you jogged up to her, “I don’t think I can do this man, Tsuki is on the team and he is not going to leave me alone if i do this with you.” She put on her jacket and picked up her bag and you two began to walk out of the school to go home, “Please, I can’t do this alone. You said you wanted to spend more time with me anyway. What happened between you two? Weren’t you really good friends with him and Yamaguchi before this year?”
You shrugged looking down at your feet, “He got a stick up his ass I don’t know what you want me to say.” You looked over and her and saw her giving you a disapproving look and you sighed, “Yeah we used to be great friends, best friends even. Then this summer he just started being cold to me. I honestly don’t know what happened and I don’t know if I want to know.” She nodded and was quiet for a few seconds before speaking up, “I get it, I do. But I really need you to do this with me. I might die if you don’t.” You sighed dramatically, throwing your head back, “Fine but you owe me. I may have only known you since the beginning of this year but even I know that you probably would’ve survived.”
It had been a while since you agreed to help Yachi with being the volleyball team manager and so far it had been hell. You ignored Tsukishima when you could but one of his perks and your downfalls of being childhood friends was he knew what buttons to press. Now here you were at some training camp in Tokyo and ignoring him could only do so much. It was the last day and so far you’ve had to deal with him treating you like you had to do everything he said, him loudly and obviously talking about you to Yams, and snide comments about the way you looked or something you did.
The last straw was when you sat down to eat and he made a comment about your weight. You and Yachi were sitting down to eat when Tsukishima walked over with Yamaguchi, “Gee Y/n do you really need all that food?” You didn’t say anything as you looked down at your plate. You didn’t think you got a lot, you got as much as Yachi. You weren’t necessarily insecure but your weight was always something your family commented on, eventually it made you cut back on eating, some days not eating at all in hopes of maybe trying to lose some weight to appease your family. Lately it hasn’t been so bad, Yachi has been helping with it, you were eating more regularly and getting back to normal. But now you feel like you’re back to square one. “Not gonna say anything? That’s a first.”
You set your plate down on the step you were sitting on and told Yachi that you really weren’t that hungry before walking away. As you walked into the gym you were all eating outside of you heard Yachi talking to Tsuki and Yams, nearly yelling. It’s honestly the first time you’ve heard her raise her voice for the first time that wasn’t out of nervousness or anxiety.
You were tossing a stray volleyball in the air when you heard the door open and close. “Yachi I told you I’m not hungry honestly.” You said focusing on the ball not looking at her. “I’m not Yachi and you should eat something.” You sighed as you heard the one voice you probably didn’t want to hear right now, “Do I need to stop eating or do I need to eat? Make up your mind Tsuki.” You caught the ball and turned to face him. He was holding your plate of food and scratching the back of his neck avoiding eye contact, “I uh, I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”
You scoffed, “Is The Tsukishima apologizing? I didn’t know you knew how. You’ve been an ass since this summer and now that you know you hit a soft spot you change? Not happening. Besides, it's not something I go around advertising.” You sat down on the bench and he followed suit setting the plate in between you both. You sat there for a few minutes not saying anything before he cleared his throat, “I really am sorry. You look fine. I’m sorry about being an ass to you this whole time, please eat.”
Narrowing your eyes you looked between him and the food, “If you’re so sorry then why? Huh? Why are you being an ass? I mean one minute we’re all friends and the next you’re rude and dismissive.” He sighed, rubbing his face muttering that it was stupid. “Tsuki it’s not stupid to me, I lost two of my closest friends seemingly overnight with no reason at all. I’ll eat if you tell me what the hell changed.”
He thought for a second leaning on his knees before speaking, “Yamaguchi and I were hanging out one night this summer and you came up in the conversation. After a while Yams made me realize that I maybe like you. I didn’t know how to deal with that so I pushed you away instead and I may have pushed it too far. I’m sorry for everything I just didn’t know how to tell you so I probably handled it in the worst way.”
You paused for a second thinking about what he said before laughing and picking up the plate to start eating. “You aren’t gonna say anything just laugh? See this is why I didn’t want to tell you.” He said standing up. You finished chewing your bite, “Sit down, god you’re so dramatic. I laughed because this all happened because you’re emotionally constipated. Yanno if you told me this once you figured out your rubik's cube of emotions we probably could’ve been dating this whole time.” You didn’t say anything else and finished eating what was on your plate as he sat down with his mouth open gaping at you. “Wait so you like me too?”
You covered your mouth as you tried not to laugh at him, “For someone who constantly pointed out how they were smarter than me for the majority of this school year, you’re pretty fuckin dumb aren’t you.” He pushed you over and told you to shut up. “Oh come on Tsuki, is that anyway to talk to your girlfriend?” You watched as his ears began to turn red and he repeated the word girlfriend in a questioning form. “Unless of course you don’t want me too, then this was all for nothing and we can walk out of the gym like none of this happened.”
“Fine I guess, you’re uh, my girlfriend.” He said, coughing and looking away. You raised your eyebrows and laughed, “God Tsuki don’t sound like I held you at gunpoint. You’re such a tsundere. I guess I’ll deal with it though.” You said as you sighed deeply. He looked offended and pushed you off the bench as you both laughed at each other taking turns making stupid insults about the other person.
Outside the gym Yams and Yachi were all but pressing their ears against the door listening to your conversation, “They definitely confessed.”
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Hello Hatter Senpai! I know you are also a hardcore Asmo lover so I bet you’re already very much in the know of the latest event and (spoiler alert) Asmo is wonderful with children! So is Mammon! I also adore your baby stories and would like a baby story of Asmo and Mammon caring for the twins who have turned into adorable toddlers. Please, please, please give us that boost of serotonin we desperately require!
I squealed when I played the event and saw them as papas for a day! I never imagined how wonderful they would be with children but then again they probably all had to step up with their younger brothers when they were small.
Mammon and Asmodeus: Oh Baby!
Tumblr media
The cries of toddlers could be heard echoing through the halls of the House of Lamentation, after the events of Little D. Number 2, the entire house was absolutely done with babies. Well, all but two were done. Beelzebub, despite the warnings of what could happen if he or Belphie ate Solomon’s questionable cooking that he “perfected” he still ate it anyway, unfortunately so did his twin. The two were now transformed into a pair of tiny wailing toddlers who now lie on the kitchen floor in a heap of what they would’ve worn if they were their normal size.
Lucifer and the others bolted in to the source of the wailing and were surprised to see the twins in their toddler forms. Lucifer sighed, he remembered all to well what those two were like when they were that age, as well behaved as they were, they were the ones who would cry the second they were separated. Lucifer bent down and scooped them both up into his arms, covering their bare bodies with their T-shirts they used to wear.
“Shhh, come on now you two. Please stop your crying.” Lucifer tried his hardest to calm them down but they continued to wail loudly.
Asmodeus reached in and took Belphie into his own arms to hold and comfort as he swayed gently. “Oh Belphie, it’s okay sweet baby brother of mine, shhh. Good boy, that’s it. Asmo’s gotcha.”
“Thank You Asmodeus. Now Beel, come on and calm down like your brother... come on...” Lucifer sighed as Beel’s wailing got louder.
Mammon only sighed and took Beelzebub into his own arms and began to gently rock him, slowly, the younger demon began to calm down. “Hey, see, yer okay ain’t ya Beel? Good boy.”
“Well, if you two are so wonderful with children then I shall put you in baby duty for the rest of the day and until I force Solomon to fix this situation he made...” Lucifer groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Now I’m sure you both remember how to care for Beel and Belphie as you did before a long time ago. I’ll use my magic to transform their beds into a shared crib, Mammon, I expect you to buy more baby formula and diapers for them.”
“Ya mean I gotta use MY hard earned cash?! Ya know that’s cruel eh?” He complained with a groan but was completely overtaken by the confusion and innocence in little Beel’s eyes that he sighed and agreed. “Fine, I’ll do it for em. B-but I want compensation for this ya know!”
“Mammon, you will get your compensation but that will be later. Now order those items and care for them. I’ll go have a little conversation with Solomon...” Lucifer began to laugh evilly as he exited the kitchen and headed to Purgatory Hall.
“Alright then little ones, Mammy has some special things for you both so while those are on the way let’s get you all cleaned up and ready for some playtime and a nap!” Asmo took Beel from Mammon and carried the twins to the bathroom to give them a bath so they at least could be clean after being on the floor. He turned on the water and set some bubbles in the water, gently putting them both in the bath. “Aww~! Aren’t you two the cuteness little twins in the universe! Aww!”
“Beeley and I cute?” Belphie giggled as he played with the bubbles and put some on top of Beel’s head making him laugh.
“Yes you are! So cute and tiny! Just the sweetest babies ever!” Asmo leaned forward and popped kisses on their pudgy cheeks watching them smile and laugh adorably.
“Oi! The stuff just got ‘ere, I’ll bring it in for ya, I bought em bottles, diapers, wipes, baby sized T-shirts, formula, toys and blankets.” Mammon announced as he entered the bathroom. “Looks like they’re havin’ fun eh?”
“Yup~! Two cuties are nice and cleaned and ready to have some playtime before a nap.” Asmo hummed as he helped them both out of the bath with the help of Mammon who assisted in drying them up and putting training pants on the twins and covering them with cute baby bloomers that matched the two’s colors. Asmo then helped them both slide into their pale blue T-shirts which had a matching print of stars and sheep. “Aww! So cute!! Let’s get them to their bed- I guess nursery as of now. Let’s go sweetie pies~!”
Beel took Belphie’s hand and began to wobble to their nursery with big smiles and giggles. “Well they look like they can walk well. That’s good!”
“Mammon, they’re two, not newborns!” Asmo groaned as he huffed at Mammon. “Be careful you two, don’t run, we can’t have any owies!”
Mammon only chuckled and rolled his eyes, he was beginning to see why his brother was the favorite at the daycare center he worked at in the human world. Asmo had always been kind and gentle to children no matter who they were, he adored them and in return they to adored him. Mammon remembered how Asmodeus would sing the triplets to sleep when they were babies in the Celestial Realm, he would sit beside their cradle and sing as he rocked them. It was truly a precious sight to behold and he had the photos to prove it.
They all arrived to the twin’s bedroom and noticed the crib in the center of the room with two rocking chairs, one on each side. The crib already had Belphie and Beel’s favorite pillows along with a couple of stuffed animals to snuggle. On Belphie’s side of the crib there was a small cow plushie with a cute baby blue bow around its neck and for Beel was a teddy bear with a red bow around its neck. They also had a small baby blanket for each of them, Belphie’s a pale blue blanket with tiny cows and a cute little red barn and Beel’s was a little blue blanket with teddy bears and honey pots. Asmo began to snap pictures and gush over the newly transformed nursery.
“Oh this is so precious! Absolutely precious!!” Asmo squealed as he watched the twins wobble around and check out their surroundings. “Mammon do you have the toys for them?”
“Yeah, I’ll set ‘em up for ‘em!” Mammon bent down to the twins level and began to place the buildings blocks and other baby safe toys on the ground for them. “Here ya go little guys, go on an’ have some playtime!”
Almost instantly the two began to grab the building blocks and cars and play with them on the rug, Asmo laid on the ground next to them, watching them and ruffling their hair as they played adorably. Beel would roll around and giggle as Asmo would lightly tickle his pudgy belly, while Belphie would gently play with Asmo’s hair making his older brother smile. While Beel was still full of energy, Belphie only scooted closer to Asmo’s chest and snuggled closer, bringing himself into a little ball.
“Aww, Belphie are you sleepy? Do need to go beddy-bye?” Asmo cooed softly as he scooped the smaller one into his arms.
“S-sweepy…” Belphegor sniffled softly as he began to get fussy and in need of a nap.
“Oh it’s alright cutie, there there, let’s get you and Beel a nice warm bottle and into bed!” The fifth born smiled as he bounced the tiny Avatar of Sloth in his arms. “Mammon~! These precious little babies require nice warm bubbies for their little bellies~! Would you please get them a bottle, well an extra one for Beel!”
“Yeah, yeah, I hear ya, I see that Beel here is all exhausted out, he’s flopped onto his belly!” Mammon laughed as he bent down and began to gently poke the tiny gluttonous boy, watching him whimper and whine at being poked.
“Oh Mammon, leave the little darling alone and get those bottles!” Asmo huffed as he took Beel into his embrace as he watched Mammon rush to the kitchen and prepare the bottles of baby milk. Asmo sat himself in the rocking chair on Belphie’s side of the crib and began to gently rock the twins in attempts to soothe their cries. “Oh sweeties, Mammy is on the way, it’s alright.”
“M-Mammy!” Beel cried as he squirmed a bit in his older brother’s grasp. “M-Mammy…”
“Oh Beel, he’s on the way, it’s alright, see? There he is!” Asmo smiled as he placed Beel on the floor and watched him run over to Mammon, clinging onto his legs. “Aww~! Looks like the little Beeley Bear missed his older brother~! That’s so cute~!”
“‘Corse he missed me! I am the Great Mammon ya know!” Mammon smirked as he handed Asmodeus the bottle of warm milk for the tiny little boy curled up in his arms. “Alrighty Beel, yer twin is all ready for beddy bye, up ya go!” Mammon swiftly scooped up the smaller demon and allowed him to drink his first bottle as he sat himself in his own rocking chair and rocked the younger to sleep.
Belphie immediately latched onto the bottle and began to drink up as he closed his eyes and slowly began to drift off as Asmo gently rocked him and shushed him. “Aww, Belphie is already asleep I see~! How adorable!” Asmo whispered as he stood up and carefully bounced him to keep him asleep, he took the empty bottle and placed it on the nightstand and carefully laid Belphie down on his side of the crib and tucked him in with a kiss.
“Alright, Beel’s asleep too, into bed ya go Beel, sweet dreams baby bro.” Mammon carefully laid the sunshine twin next to his other half and carefully tucked him in. Almost instantly, the two clung to each other and snuggled up together. The elder two began to walk out of the room as quietly as possible but were immediately halted by the sounds of whimpers from the crib.
“Oh no, poor little darlings! Oh it’s alright, Asmo is right here. Hush now sweet babies.” Asmo cooed softly as he once again took a seat in the rocking chair and began to rock the crib gently trying to ease the twin’s cries.
“I thought we had ‘em asleep!” Mammon groaned as Asmodeus shot him a glare.
“Shh! I’ll just sing to them like… like the old days…” a sad smile on his face as he continued rocking the crib. “I think I know the perfect lullaby! The little ones at the daycare center I work at love this one~!”
“Well ya best work yer magic ‘cause they’re gonna cry louder!” Mammon sighed as he leaned against the wall and watched his younger brother begin to sing.
“La la lu
La la lu
Oh my little star sweepers
I'll sweep the stardust for you.”
Asmo’s voice began to soothe the twins quickly as he continued his song, watching them carefully. He quietly took the pacifiers and gently encouraged them to take them in their sleep to which the twins did obediently.
“La la lu
La la lu
Little soft, fluffy sleeper
Here comes a pink cloud for you.”
Mammon walked forward and began to gently brush the twin’s tear streaked cheeks with a soft smile. The two were almost completely calmed but Asmo knew he had to continue the lullaby.
“La la lu
La la lu
Little wandering angel
Fold up your wings
Close your eyes
La la lu
La la lu
And may love be your keeper
La la lu
La la lu
La la lu~…”
Asmo finished his lullaby and reached into the crib to kiss the twins and stroke their soft faces with a gentle finger. “There now, little star sweepers.” He whispered quietly.
Mammon bent down himself and placed a kiss on their heads as well with a smile. “Dream on ya two, dream on.”
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