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#ransom drysdale x reader
chase-your-dreams-away · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader
Word count: 493
Summary: Nothing in this world would make Ransom Drysdale love Thrombey Real Estate and his work parties. Or so he thought.
Warnings: Swearing and Ransom sulking.
A/N: Feedback is very welcome, reblogs are golden. I don't allow my work to be copied or reposted on other websites. Don't steal other people stuff!!! There's going to be smut in future chapters so DO NOT read unless you're 18+ thank you!
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Ransom was so bored, he didn’t want to be here.
He tried to stay away from the family business and his evil mother Linda as much as he could, but tonight she insisted he’d come to this stupid work event.
Apparently it’s been a pretty good year for the company and his mom wanted to pamper his employees a little, not that he knew anything about it.
This company was the reason he spent a good part of his childhood solely raised by nannies and then he was sent to a boarding school, so he hated it with a passion.
His mother didn’t have time for him and his dad was too busy having affair after affair to care about his son.
As he got older, he learned to love money more than people, it made things easier, he could buy anything he wanted, travel to whatever place he desired and fuck every girl that sparked his interest.
What money couldn’t buy though, was genuine human interaction.
He didn’t know what it meant to have a real friend, nevertheless what it meant to be truly loved.
He lost interest in finding someone years ago, like he lost interest in anything that wasn’t having fun or drinking his feelings away.
If he had a choice his life would have been completely different.
He loved art, he loved drawing and painting but when, as a kid, he told his mom he wanted to go to an art school she laughed at his face and called him naive.
So he learned to sulk and mastered the art of getting on his mother's nerves whenever he had the time.
That’s why now he was enjoying a drink in a secluded corner of the open bar they had settled for the party, doing the exact opposite of what his mother asked him.
“You're gonna come to this party and mingle with your subordinates, it’s a scandal they don’t even know what you look like, one day the entire company will be yours and you’ll need to know how to handle it!” She yelled at the phone the day before after he told her he wasn’t coming.
But no, he was not gonna do any of that.
Nothing would make him love Thrombey Real Estate.
Not even the hot blondie that almost threw herself at him when she noticed his expensive clothes and the keys of his Ferrari on the bar counter.
Oh no, he was not gonna mingle tonight.
He was half sure his mom told her to go to him and the “fuck off” he earned after rejecting her made him genuinely laugh.
If only she knew she just told his boss to fuck off.
He decided he was going to finish his drink and then leave before someone recognised him or got too curious about seeing a new face but, before he managed to get up from his seat, a pretty face got his attention.
Tumblr media
A/N: thank you for your attention, the first two chapters were a little introduction of Ransom and our reader. Next chapter we’ll finally get into the story!!! 😊
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celestiawrites · 18 hours ago
Kiss the Bride // Chris Evans
Summary: He should've objected when he had the chance.
Warnings: kind of angsty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All the times he'd held you were washing down the drain. It was over. For real this time.
Chris watched as you walked gracefully down the aisle, wearing the dress you'd picked out for the wedding you thought you'd be having with him. He'd seen it all. He remembered when you showed him the binder full of your wedding plans. You never prioritized a wedding, but you'd always wanted to be prepared. You'd picked out everything from the color of the flower petals to the pin you'd put in your hair. Everything was all there. Except for him. His heart sunk when you locked eyes with him. He felt sick. Was this how it ended? With you walking down the aisle to another man as he sat there helplessly? He had to look away from you because this was the day you'd always dreamed of. How dare he ruin this for you? Just because he fucked everything up. It wouldn't be fair to you.
He watched the ceremony. It was beautiful. It was perfect for you. He felt nauseous the entire time. He couldn't decide if he should leave or stay. He wanted to choke out the groom and confess his love for you, but he couldn't. It was too late. As the two of you exchanged vows, Chris had to fight the urge to stop the wedding right then. This was what you'd always dreamed of.
"Is there anyone who objects to this marriage?"
He could've sworn you looked at him. You stared him dead in the eye. Was it a sign? A call for help? Were you asking him to speak up?
"Speak now or forever hold your peace."
He could hear you calling to him. You were begging him to save you. Right? Of course not. You were happy. This was good for you. You deserved this more than anyone he'd ever met. He stayed silent. He let himself lose. It was over.
The reception was beautiful. Exactly how you'd planned it. He smiled lightly at the ice sculpture of swans in the shape of hearts that you'd always dreamed of having at your special day. He'd always hated the idea of it.
"It's tacky, (Y/N). Too predictable."
"Oh, come on, Chris. It's beautiful. If you don't like it, I'm sure someone else will," you'd tease.
Chris sighed at the sculpture and wondered if your husband liked it.
"Hey, stranger."
He turned around and his heart stopped. He was sure his lungs would collapse at any second.
You were standing right in front of him. Beautiful as ever. He could've sworn angels had started singing, but he was too far gone for angels to be near him. He didn't deserve for you to be near him anymore. He'd lost that privilege.
You weren't quite sure what to say to him. You weren't even sure why you went to talk to him. Your feet seemed to have started moving before you could stop them. Now, you were standing right in front of him speechless. You couldn't tell if you were heartbroken or angry.
How could he just let this happen? Why didn't he say anything? Did he even care?
Whatever the answers were, they didn't matter anymore. It was over with. There was no hope at this point.
"The wedding was beautiful, (Y/N). Congratulations," he commented, smiling. You smiled back as brightly as you could manage, hoping he wouldn't notice just how much of a show you were putting on.
"Thank you."
Why were you even speaking to him? You had nothing to say to him.
"Enjoy the party," you told him with a smile. "Thank you so much for coming."
You held your hand out to him and inwardly cringed. When did the two of you become so fucking formal? He stared for a moment with his hands shoved in his pockets before finally grabbing your hand in his and shaking it. What the hell was that?
You smiled one last time before turning away from him.
"(Y/N)," he called. He sounded desperate. Like he was begging you to turn around You wanted to kill him. He lets you marry someone else and then calls your name with that much hopelessness in his voice? How fucking dare he?
"I should have spoke up. Right? It wasn't just me?"
He was fidgeting with his hands. Peeling at his nails. You sighed and turned to look at him. You strode back over and grabbed his hands to force him to stop.
His eyes were nervous and fearful. What if he'd read this all wrong? What if you were happy and he was standing here ruining that?
"I wish you would have," you told him, pushing yourself on your toes to kiss his cheek. "But, you didn't. And neither did I. I'm sorry."
There it was.
It was officially over.
He knew that as you gave him one last defeated smile and walked over to your new husband.
There was no hope.
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entitleddrysdale · 21 hours ago
Brotherly love. AU/Ransom Drysdale
Warnings: Implied incest, adult words??, talk of murder.
Reader insert.
Day 14 :It's like a sort of torture but not like when we were kids. I'd pull her hair and she pinch me sore. No. Nothing like that. I remember the exactly moment I stopped being a boy and became a man in the sense that I struggled with a inner voice that told me this isn't innocent and it isn't sweet. This isn't a playful rivals poking fun or throwing stones. She knows and understands this too. I can see it in how she looks at me. Once she saw someone she despised when she looked at me. I, once, saw an annoying little girl that I couldn't escape. Its changed now. I see her. She is pure sex personified. She is the rise and the fall of any man she chooses and is the devil with a pussy built just for me. I can see her hunger for me when she pouts and whines my name when I tease her. The bats her eyes and tells me she hates me. I could go mad thinking about taking her against the wall. I want her to be my first. I need her to be my first.
Day 20: Today was amazing. I got her to tell the truth and all it took was some light finger work. She told me she wants me too. The way she shivered when I pressed against her ass. She didn't shout at me to move away like she usually did. Not as quickly. She gave me the silent GO AHEAD and I took it. She whimpered and moaned as I showed her what I had been thinking about. She answered me with lewd sounds.
Day 36: She will only touch me with her hands. No sex, no oral either way. Just hand stuff. I think she is scared. I'm scared too. I don't know how to tell her that I love her and she will believe me. She knows me to well to actually accept those words from me which is partly true and partly bullshit. I do love her and always have but I need to love her and fuck her how I want. Not how she wants. She and I will make love before long.
Day 43: She is mine now. No one can pull her away from me. She and I are meant to be together. Next time I won't use a condom. She said we will have a family. We can disappear. Wouldn't that be something? She says we can get away from the Thrombeys and the Drysdales. We can find our own place.
Day 50: We have made love everyday since the first. I haven't gotten enough of her. She can't have enough of me.
Day100: She's gone. I suspect mother was involved. Harlan is heartbroken. I've lost my love. My beautiful goddess. My sister. Mother says it was an accident. That my sister died in some weird accident. Real admirable, Linda. You adopt a girl just to kill her years later. Truly unoriginal. Probably worried that the lies she has told everyone would come to the surface. My sister was supposedly my twin sister. How absurd. Anyone with any sense would have known we were meant to be lovers. Not siblings. She took her from me and now I will take someone she loves from her.
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punani · 23 hours ago
since the mob has risen i am once again asking for some knife kink. idc if it’s mob andy or mob boss reader and ransom. anything ma’am. just a crumb 🙇🏾‍♀️🤲🏾've got me thinking really hard now.....................because i'm now thinking about mob!reader barely running her knife across ransom's smooth skin...making sure that he's watching her as she does so because she wants him to know–to remember how much power she holds over him and she even lets out a small, mocking laugh when his dick jumps after she barely nicks his skin and proceeds to run her tongue against it soon after...oh my god....?????
slutty sunday™
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onlyjamesbarnes · 23 hours ago
Mrs. Drysdale - Siri's 5k Soft Dark Challenge
Tumblr media
a/n: creds to @stargazingfangirl18 for this amazing challenge!! congrats on 5k, and i hope you all love this fun one-shot! this is my first ransom fic, but i'm obsessed with knives out so it was a lot of fun. i was planning on including smut then decided against it, but please let me know if this needs a sequel ;) until then, here's my submission!
also: happy birthday chris evans <3
pairing: dark!ransom drysdale x reader
word count: just over 7.0k (sorry! i promise it's worth it)
warnings: misogyny, mentions of losing family, angst, fluff, heavy blackmail, degradation, obsession, heavy dirty talk, mentions of marriage/pregnancy, forced marriage, language. 18+ only, and i mean it.
prompts used: "come on, just a little taste." + forced/arranged marriage AU + obsession AU + dirty talk
sneak-peek: you owe your life to the drysdale family after the loss of your own family. harlan thrombey offers you the job of a lifetime, but to secure it, you might have to join the family another way: by becoming mrs. ransom drysdale.
all dividers created by the lovely @firefly-graphics :)
The long, narrow pass through a forest of brightly colored leaves. The weathered wood carved elephants at the entrance. The forest green gate to your right that you had snuck in and out of more times than you could count. Fragments of your childhood that would be left there forever. Whether you liked it or not, Harlan’s estate is practically your home, and you are part of the family.
At this time of day, you were usually organizing and restocking the shelves of the small bookstore you work at. Today, however, you had gotten a call in the middle of your shift. Your phone was silenced, except for one number.
“Harlan? What’s going on, are you okay?” He knew you’d be working at this hour on a Saturday. You had told him that the other day when he was scheduling his family dinner party for the evening, but you hadn’t planned on arriving for a few more hours.
You hear a soft chuckle from his end, your anxiety instantly lowering. “Of course, Y/N, you’re not my emergency dispatch. I have a favor to ask of you, could you be up at the house in half an hour? With your belongings, of course, for the weekend.”
You swallow hard, finding an isolated corner of the store to talk to him. “I can try… you know I’m at the book shop, right?”
“It’s just one time, I’m sure a hard worker like you has never needed to leave early before. Let me know if you have any problems, I’m just a call away. 30 minutes, Y/N, I’ll see you then.”
Your manager at the bookstore hardly complained as you were leaving early to help the world-renowned best-seller Harlan Thrombey. 20 minutes later, you found yourself early as you pulled in front of the manor.
The crisp mid-autumn breeze catches you off guard as you step out of your Audi. You had missed living further from the city and near the Thrombeys, but you couldn’t find any apartments close enough or in your price range.
A slam of your car door makes your presence known, and soon enough, you can see Linda Drysdale running to the door. “Y/N!” she exclaims with a smile, opening the door. Harlan’s German shepherds scurry outside with her, running ahead to greet you. You kneel down a bit as they lick your face excitedly, their tails wagging. “I didn’t know you were coming this early, you should have called!” She embraces you in a tight hug, something she wouldn’t usually give to people outside her beloved family.
You smile as you hug her back, placing your chin on her shoulder. “I’m sorry Linda; Harlan called and said he needed to speak with me. I dropped everything to come here, I was even scheduled for another hour,” you sigh.
“You still have that silly little job downtown?” She pulls away from you to look into your eyes. “How many times have I told you that we can take care of you? You don’t have to work another day in your life,” she smiles. Her tone is only slightly condescending, but you know she had good intentions. She treats you as if you were the daughter she’s never had and spoils you like her own.
Ever since the night of the fire, you had lost everything. Your mother wouldn’t let you come to the party on 222 North Avenue, yet invited any adult relative she could think of for a reunion. A candelabra fell off a table into a decoration, or so the firemen told you, eventually causing the mansion to burst into flames. Along with every person inside of it.
You were staying at the Thrombey’s house when you received the news, and a 14-year-old girl suddenly turned into an orphan in seconds. Linda had been your mother’s best friend and made sure you were close to her son Ransom growing up, so when disaster struck, Linda took you under her wing. You became a Thrombey, a Drysdale, a part of their family, and you could never repay them in full for their kindness. It kept you close to the family, living not too far from each of them when you were old enough to move out.
“Is that Y/N? Dinner isn’t until 7, what is she doing here so early?” you hear Richard say from the door, walking through the gravel to see you. He gives you a less intimate hug, one that could be better classified as a glamorous pat on the back, but you don’t expect much from him. That’s his way of showing his love. He takes the bags from your backseat without another word.
“Harlan called her in early to talk,” Linda explains, gently placing her hand on your shoulder. “We should get you inside, Harlan is probably-”
Richard huffs quite loudly, and you peer over at him. “Didn’t Ransom and I warn you a white car wasn’t the best idea? Especially with how you pull forward onto those bumper blockers, you’re tearing up the front end,” he sighs as he inspects your Audi. Another blaring reminder that he bought it for you. However, you smile at the memory of the fight you had with them in the dealership. “Once you get settled in, he and I can paint over this, it’ll look better in no time.
You raise your eyebrows at his words. “So Ransom will be here this weekend? I remember Meg mentioning he had something going on with a few of his college friends,” you paraphrase her words, leaving out the number of times she said the phrase ‘trust fund prick’ in each sentence over FaceTime.
“Oh, he’ll be here. He made sure of it,” Linda starts to say as Richard brings your bags inside. She leads you towards the house. “I told him you’d be staying the weekend, and he cleared his schedule. It seems you have some catching up to do, you two haven’t talked in the longest time.”
Yes, Linda, for a good reason, you think to yourself. Ransom has been your best friend, the only person who truly knew you, for the majority of your life. His family seemed to forget the last ten years when he became the biggest pain your ass had ever seen. It was no wonder you moved the furthest away from him as possible and spent months away from him, at least to you. “W-Wow, that’s nice of him. I thought he’d possibly text me first or something, it’s just a little unexpected,” you explain as you walk through the front door.
“You and he are so alike, it’s like you two are meant to be.”
Before you can protest Linda’s words, Harlan emerges from his study. “Y/N, with five minutes to spare. Punctual as always, come in,” he smiles, beckoning you into the room. “Richard, please put her bags in her room for the weekend.”
You enter Harlan’s magnificent study, your eyes scanning the room to look at all the artifacts of his writing. The memorabilia from his years of experience, and the very things that sparked his creative genius. You notice a new object he hadn’t found a place for quite yet sitting on his desk, and you walk over to it. “An Erlenmeyer flask,” you speak up just as Harlan closes the door, “is this part of your newest murder method?”
Harlan chuckles as he takes a seat, and you sit opposite of him with the flask still in your hands. “Precisely,” he smiles. “Your ideas about a college laboratory were brilliant, and they’re the center of the newest novel.” Beaming with pride, he holds up a dark violet-colored book. “I’m unveiling it tonight at the company anniversary dinner. I expect you to be standing right beside me when I do, as I’ve made sure to credit you inside. Most of the ideas in here were yours, those fantastic ideas that formed an entire plot. All those visits paid off, and I really do appreciate your help.”
You’re breathless. Credit in a Harlan Thrombey novel, even on the back cover, would change your life forever. “Harlan… you can’t be serious. That plot was completely made up by you, I just helped you brainstorm…”
“When have I ever not been serious with you, Y/N? I’ll show you the details later, but first… I have to show you what I brought you in here for.” He shuffles around some papers on his desk before his eyes settle back on you. “You have more talent and potential than you think, and as much as I’m happy you’re working hard, I don’t think being a bookstore clerk is fulfilling your full potential. That’s why I want you to work for me.”
Again, utterly breathless. It had been your dream to work for his publishing company, to eventually start your own company, and to write your own stories. You had looked up to him so much in your youth, and somehow that little girl’s dream is coming true. It seems almost too good to be true. “A-Are you sure? I live 30 minutes away in the city, well, 20 if I’m speeding, and you know I don’t have experience in any of this. Which department would you even hire me to?
Harlan cracks a smile, taking a pen and starting to write on the sheet of paper. “You have plenty of experience. I’ve trained you in creative writing and publishing, and you can learn anything you haven’t learned yet from the big boss himself,” he smiles, pointing to his chest. “You can work anywhere you’d like… publishing, finances, media and entertainment, you can even continue brainstorming for me… I just don’t want you to sell yourself short of what you’re worth.”
“Why are you doing all this for me?” you ask suddenly, overwhelmed with the bombs he’s dropped in the past five minutes. “I don’t mean to sound rude or ungrateful at all, but the only other people you’ve handed jobs to are your own kids. I’m not your family, I-I’m not even blood-related… Why am I so high on your priorities list?”
“Who told you that you weren’t family?” he counters instantly, raising his eyebrows. “You’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where you are. You lost everything in an instant, your blood-related family, your parents’ life savings… but we’re your new family.” A tear threatens to escape as you look at Harlan. “I see you as my own granddaughter, tenacious and ambitious. I’ve handed every single person in this household their lives on a silver platter, besides you, and you seem to be doing the best overall. You were willing to work hard, to put in the effort, to be successful. You deserve a break, and I’d like someone like you on my team.”
You sigh, a smile creeping onto your face. How could you say no to that? “Harlan, you know I’ve wanted to work for you since I was young, but I do live very far away. I don’t really want to move to Boston to work in publishing, and it’s still a long drive to get here every day. I don’t know if it will work.”
“Nonsense!” he declares, starting to write more on the sheet. You can now tell that it's an information sheet for his company, no doubt for legal purposes, but he knows you so well that he’s able to fill it out on his own. “You can always stay in one of the guest rooms here… no, stay with Ransom just down the road! I don’t understand why you haven’t just moved in with him yet, I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have you live with him.”
You furrow your eyebrows a bit, confused at his choice of words. Linda was talking with the same tone… what was Ransom up to? “Why exactly are you surprised I haven’t moved in with him yet?” you ask, your hands gripping the ends of the armrests.
“I’ve never seen him so happy before,” he barely attempts to answer your question, though his response is more than sufficient. “His eyes light up when he talks about you, you know, and he dropped everything to be here. It’s a wonder that you two haven’t seen each other in so long and still are together. It was written in the stars,” Harlan smiles, looking at you.
There it is. You had wondered why it sounded like Ransom had dropped everything to be at the party for you… because that’s what he’s doing. After years of being denied and rejected by you, he simply decided to lie to his entire family. There was something in his one-track brain that kept him obsessed with you, never accepting ‘no’ as an answer. Each time you stopped him, you became more of a challenge; now, he’s finishing what he started. “Well then, that's a good idea! Moving in with Ransom,” you fake a smile, worried that he would see through your lie. He knows you very well. But how could Ransom lie so well to his entire family without you even knowing? You needed to talk to him before the situation escalated.
“I’ll finalize your paperwork tomorrow, and I advise you to send in your two weeks’ notice first thing tomorrow morning at that bookstore. For now, get settled in, and we can tell Ransom the good news later tonight.”
You nod, holding back any bit of sarcasm left in your voice. “Will do, I’ll see you in a little bit,” you smile as you get up out of your chair on your way out, you turn around to face Harlan. Your hand grips the door already. “Thank you. Thank you so much, for everything, I won’t let you down,” you promise him.
He smiles back from the desk. “Don’t worry about that, Y/N. You could never let me down.”
Tumblr media
You could never let me down. The words reverberate through your mind. They’re true in some sense; professionally, you could never let Harlan down. You love to write and brainstorm with him, and the two of you would make an amazing team. You could, however, let him down in other ways. You could break his grandson’s heart, or at least that’s the story Ransom would tell. How did you even get into this mess?
“You okay, Y/N? You’re getting lost in your own thoughts, I can tell.”
You smile up at Meg as she takes a seat next to you in the small room just off the foyer. “I’m alright, just a lot going on over here. Did you hear the lie that Ranson’s been spinning?”
She laughs, nodding and sitting back a little. “You’re just hearing about that? You really have been away for a while, he started telling us a few months ago. According to him, you two have been on countless dates, and there’s talk of an engagement.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you gasp, putting your head in your hands. “We haven’t gone on any, besides that fake one we went on in high school to get Trevor Stevens jealous of me. I’ve been trying to find someone in the city this whole time, I’m not with Ransom at all.”
“I know,” she cracks a smile, and you smile back a little. “I know you’d never date Ransom, much less marry him… but his lie has convinced the entire family. It’s gonna be hard convincing them otherwise, and you might just have to tolerate him for the weekend.” She notices your smile fade, taking one of your hands. “C’mon, let’s just enjoy this time without him. We can hang in my room for a little while.”
It was times like this when you reminded yourself why Meg was your favorite.
She takes you to the room she’s staying in with Joni, whose face lights up the second she sees you. “Y/N! Congrats on making it official, I always knew you and Ransom would end up together. Even before Meg was around, you two were attached at the hip. I’m just surprised he hasn’t put a ring on it yet,” she gestures to your bare ring finger, and you flash a small smile at her.
“Thanks, Joni, it’s only a matter of time,” you can’t stop lying to her, afraid of what everyone would think if you told the truth. They wouldn’t believe you; Ransom had gone too far into the lie.
“Of course. I’ll be in the study if you need me. Harlan needed to speak with me about the yearly allowance for a little while, but it should only be for a little while,” Joni smiles, getting up from her guest bed that she had been sitting on as she goes to the door.
“Bye, Mom,” Meg calls out as the door closes, and she looks right back at you. “You’re gonna let him get away with this, are you serious? He has you right where he wants you now, you need to fight back!”
“Meg!” you start to raise your voice, sitting on Joni’s bed. “What can I do? The entire family has thought we’ve been a couple for months now apparently, and I’ve already lied to enough people in the family. Linda, Richard, your mom, Harlan… Harlan’s offering me the job of a lifetime, a creative writer for his company. I’ve always wanted to work for him, and he’s giving me the opportunity… I can see him taking away the offer if I don’t go through with this.”
She shakes her head in disbelief, seeing the defeat in your eyes. “No, they wouldn’t do that. Harlan knows you. Everyone knows how controlling Ransom can be, especially when it comes to you. You shouldn’t have to lie, you’re family…”
“But I’m not, Meg. I’m not a Thrombey, and you know it. They’re going to take Ransom’s word over mine, and I don’t really want to lose the only family I have left. Maybe I just need to become a Drysdale…”
“Absolutely not,” Meg rolls her eyes. “You are not giving up. You’re talking to Ransom, and he’s going to fix all of this-”
Suddenly there’s a knock on the bedroom door, and Joni’s smiling face peeks through. “Ladies, we have a visitor!” She winks at you, gesturing for you to step outside.
You grimace as you can already hear his deep voice from the hall. “Well, mother, I would have been here sooner if the gardener could have arrived on time. Apparently, in his language, ‘noon’ means ‘five o’clock.’ And I’m not leaving him alone with the gate unlocked, no way in hell.”
Meg leads the way as she steps out of the bedroom, grabbing your hand to pull you with her. “Well maybe if you got a job and had some extra funds, you could hire a halfway decent gardener as Harlan has. Did you see his garden outback? He hasn’t lifted a single finger, I can’t believe-”
“Y/N.” You look up to see Ransom staring right at you, your name sounding like a growl as it comes out. He seems to ignore Linda completely as he walks over to you. Meg’s grip on your hand tightens. “Baby, it’s been too long. I’ve missed you so much.”
You can see the smirk on his face as he looks into your eyes. His own little victory, you think to yourself as he opens his arms, and you reluctantly release yourself from Meg’s restraint. Moving against his chest, you can smell the expensive cologne he would always wear engulfing you, overwhelming your senses. “I’ve missed you too,” you lie right through your teeth. You used to love this man, your best friend in the entire world. Right now, it feels like he wants to control that world, and you know that your cocky best friend is gone.
He reluctantly pulls away, shooting a glare of daggers at Meg. “Why don’t we head somewhere private,” he suggests, looking down at you with a wink, “to talk.”
Before you can say another word, he’s leading you up the steps. “Second door on your right,” Richard calls to him, and once the two of you are in the hall and out of view, he’s pulling you along behind him. Pushing open the door, he practically shoves you into the guest bedroom before closing the door behind him.
“Hugh,” you mutter, using the name you know he hates as the door clicks shut, “what the hell did you do? Why is everyone convinced that we’re together?” You eye the bags Richard brought in for you on the bed, right next to the ones Ransom brought for the weekend. Perfect, you think to yourself, wishing you could just walk out the door.
He chuckles darkly, raising his eyebrows. “Really? When did you turn into the help? You know how much I fucking hate it when you call me that, of all people. Don’t take that tone with me.”
You roll your eyes, staring him down. “I’m serious. Why did you tell everyone that I’m your girlfriend? I would never date someone like you.”
“Don’t lie to me, Y/N. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about it too,” he starts to smile, moving towards you. “My lips back on yours, this beautiful body beneath me.”
“No,” you breathe out, almost as if you’re reminding yourself. It’s true; you had a desperate crush when you lived with him. He’d been your first kiss, your second one, possibly your third or fourth… depending on how drunk you had gotten on prom night. Even knowing he was a player and would break your heart, he somehow still owned it. After all these years, he still had a firm grip on you. He didn’t need to know that if he didn’t already. Thoughts come flooding back to you of the time you spent thinking of him, gradually heating your core.
You spin around away from him, but you suddenly feel Ransom pressed against your back. His hands grip your waist, pulling you flush against him before they snake up your body and follow your curves. “Yes,” he growls. “I know you’ve dreamed of how I would feel inside you, especially after you walked in on me after the pool party during our junior year. I was just across the hall, waiting for you patiently. Thinkin’ about that tight little cunt, how it’d squeeze me so tight. Come on, just a little taste.” he whispers darkly, pressing kisses along your neck.
You can feel him kissing in one spot for a bit too long, and before you can stop him, he latches on with his teeth. You push away from him, but his strong arm has already snaked around your waist. “Ransom,” you attempt to yell at him, but it comes out as a desperate whimper. Your body already defying you, you keep trying to pull away.
“That’s it, baby, give into that feeling. You’re mine, you’ve always been mine.” You look down to see his hand around your waist loosening to snake down further. Taking the chance, you finally pull away from him, turning to glare at him. “Playin’ hard to get, are we?”
“Just drop it, okay?” you almost yell at him, your face flushed red from how much he was riling you up. Meg was right; he had you right where he wanted you. He was having an effect on you, and his smirk didn’t dissolve. “You need to give up on this stupid fantasy of yours, I’ve moved on. I have my own life in the city now, my own apartment, my own job, and -”
“What, you’d like to work in a fucking bookstore for the rest of your life?” Ransom looks very angry now, and you hadn’t seen him this angry in a long time. “Moving half an hour away from me, distancing yourself from me won’t keep you from me. You think you can go from living off our scraps to suddenly being on your own? You don’t belong down there, you deserve so much more… but you know that already, don’t you?”
Your eyes narrow as you watch him move closer. “What are you getting at, Hugh-”
“You know goddamn well that’s not my name,” he seethes, looking you dead in the eyes. His face is just inches from yours, but you stand your ground. “Don’t play dumb with me, sweetheart; Harlan told me about the deal he’s making with you. His own personal helper around here, it’s all he ever talks about, you know. He told me about it first, in fact; he asked if you could stay with your loving boyfriend just down the street while you worked for him.” He smirks, firmly gripping your chin so you can look into his eyes. “It’d be a shame if he found out you’re turning down his favorite grandson. He definitely wouldn’t hire you then, and I know just how much you’ve been wanting your ‘big break.’”
You glare at him, partly speechless. He simply confirms your suspicions of his plan; he holds your future in his strong hands, and you knew he wouldn’t let go of it for the world. You start to use Meg’s logic, hoping it would hold up against the furious man in front of you. “I’m a part of this family too, after everything they’ve given me… Harlan’s like my grandfather, he wouldn’t cut me off like that…”
“Oh, but he would,” Ransom smiles back, not missing a beat. “You’re not truly a Thrombey, just a little desperate orphan girl. You’re lucky my mom pities you so much, and even she agrees with me. We gave you everything; a roof over your head, a room across from mine, food on the table, a fucking car, a childhood… and you can’t even sacrifice your hand in marriage. Pathetic, in my opinion. I can take that all away.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Baby, you know I would. You know what I’m capable of.” He leans with his arm against the wall behind you, and you back up until you hit the wall. “For starters, I could show the family this dating profile you created while you were living it up in the city. After we started dating,” he smiles.
You glare at him as he pulls out his phone. “There’s nothing on there worth looking into, that thing got me only two dates… one of them ghosted me, and the other one called me a whore.” The word stings in your throat, but Ransom smiles at your response.
“Did you ever find out why you’ve been out of luck with these guys?” His face moves closer to yours, his breath fanning over your face. “Didn’t you link your Facebook account to your profile? I’d check that if I were you.”
His lips brush against your cheek as you reach into your pocket, pulling out your own phone. You unlock it and click on the Facebook app, sighing as his lips trail down lower. They find their place back on your neck, biting another dark hickey into your skin. “Fuck, Ransom, stop that!” you try to push him off, but he only bites harder. Figuring it would make a mark no matter what, you move your hands back to check your profile. You have to view your account as a guest, as the login isn’t working. Along the top of your profile shows a status that you never thought you would ever see.
In a relationship with Ransom Drysdale.
He can see your face fall, but it only makes him smile wider. “A beautiful sight, isn’t it? You’ve been so busy with working at that little book shop with no time for social media, but don’t you worry… I took that over. Why don’t you see just how active you’ve been on there?”
Ransom shows you his phone screen, though his grip on it is strong enough to keep it in his hand. You scroll through and gaze at the timeline; he posted every day for the past three months.
Pictures of you and him going to the movies or going for coffee years ago were captioned ‘first official date’ and ‘special night out with my love!’ Throughout the past couple of months, he posted throwback photos of the two of you, from the homecoming court to football games to late-night swims in the Drysdales’ pool to the day you moved out. Each was captioned with something sappy about him, followed by, ‘miss you!’ or ‘can’t wait to see you again!’ Clearly, he had thought this through.
He even sprinkled in pictures without him, a few with your friend from the bookshop, and more with your college friends when you went out for drinks or for brunch. The photos looked like he had taken them from their accounts, but they bought into the illusion with their sweet comments and a large number of likes on each post.
“Cute, isn’t it? It’s been my favorite pastime, and I’ll keep monitoring it until you move in with me. Then we can both add to it, to make it perfect.”
You’d love to punch him. Square in the face. Right in that perfect nose. Make it black and blue. You keep reminding yourself that you can’t, though, as you look into his eyes. “This is disgustingly creepy, Ransom, even for you. You’ve been controlling my life, killing my social life completely… all so you can just sleep with me?”
He raises his eyebrows, letting out an involuntary sound. Almost a growl. His hand goes back to grab your chin, making you look right at him. He keeps his thumb in place as his other fingers are splayed across your neck. He’s getting to his breaking point. “Have you not been listening to a fucking word I’ve said? You’re mine, you don’t need those weak little punks when I can give you the life you’ve always wanted.” His features soften a bit, but you stay where you are. “A loving husband, plenty of money at our expense, all the time in the world to write your novels… our own children running around the house,” he smiles, pressing a kiss to your lips this time.
You couldn’t lie to yourself; Ransom understands you. He knows better than anyone what you want because that’s what you’ve wanted since you were kids playing house together. You’ve dreamed of marrying him, cockiness and all. Maybe it’s your conscience telling you you’re meant to be with him, like every Thrombey in the house kept reminding you. Or it may be because you haven’t gotten kissed in, what, a year? Either way, you don’t stop him from kissing you, though your hands cautiously go to his cable knit sweater under his jacket to push him away if needed.
“Ah, the two lovebirds. Breaking in the room already, I see?” Your eyes widen when you hear Richard from the door, trying to push away, but the man in front of you keeps you in his embrace for just another moment.
Coming up for air, Ransom chuckles a bit. “Damn, couldn’t have been worse timing, Dad,” he mumbles, looking behind you before he looks back into your eyes. “This isn’t over.”
Richard opens the door further. “I hate to be the buzzkill, but it’s just about seven. Harlan would like everyone to help set up, guests are arriving soon. Y/N…” his eyes drift over to you as you step out from behind Ransom. “That bookstore outfit won’t do. Joni left you a dress for tonight in the closet, she mentioned that it matches Ransom’s scarf.”
You open the closet door next to you and take out a purple dress. The design was definitely Joni; you knew she loved the beautiful pastel-colored florals and a floor-length skirt. The plunging neckline, though, was much lower than her usual fashion; you could tell it would be a much lower cut than you were used to, but someone would love it.
Ransom smiles right at you as he looks at the dress. “Would you look at that, it does match me. Sweetheart, throw that on for me and head downstairs when you’re ready. I’ll save you a seat.” You feel him press a kiss to your neck, right where he had bitten the skin raw.
With that, you hear the door close behind them, their voices trailing off and their footsteps making their way down the creaky stairs. You gaze at the beautiful dress in front of you, trying to make a plan of your next steps. Nothing comes to mind, though, and you find yourself without much fight left. Would it be so bad to be a Drysdale, Mrs. Ransom Drysdale?
Tumblr media
You throw on some fresh mascara as you look in the mirror of the bathroom. For a look done in five minutes, you had cleaned up well.
Luckily you had done your hair hours ago before your shift, and you had packed a pair of nude-colored heels that look perfect with the dress. Yet every time you look at the dress, you imagine Ransom’s scarf. Maybe the dress is a sick joke from Joni to congratulate you on your relationship.
You head out the door into the main hall, glad to see that the guests haven’t arrived yet. “Y/N!” you hear on your left, seeing Meg sitting by the stairs. “I saw Ransom leave and was looking for you, are you alright?”
You smile to see her, nodding a little. “I’m okay, why? Did he say anything to you?”
“No,” she snorts a little, laughing. “I snuck up here, he was telling Uncle Richard how lucky he is. But I did hear some yelling, these walls aren’t exactly soundproof. I was worried about- whoa, is my cousin a vampire?!”
Your eyes widen a little, raising her eyebrows as Meg reaches for your neck. “Oh, don’t remind me, I didn’t want those. Does my hair cover them up enough?” You fluff your hair a bit and move it around, knowing you can’t get out of the party at this point.
“Barely, he bit down hard. Not that it really matters anyway, he’s so excited to show you off that he’ll probably be showing those marks off too. Let’s go get you a drink, it’ll help the night go by faster.”
“That’s for sure. I need one badly, just to prepare,” you sigh as she leads you down the steps.
“There’s my girl,” you hear Ransom say loudly once you reach the bottom, turning to the dining room. You meet his eyes as he beams at you, beckoning you over from across the hall to sit with him and Joni.
You sigh as you look at Meg. “I’ll be right back,” you tell her as you make your way towards the table, plastering on your fake smile. “I’m here!”
Ransom pats the seat next to him, resting his arm on the back of your chair as you take a seat. His hand plays with the sleeve of your dress as he looks at you. “Doesn’t she clean up so well? From a lowly commoner to a true Thrombey in, what, ten minutes?”
You know what he’s trying to do. Not letting him get the best of you, you smile back. “Five, actually,” you point out, flashing him a smile. “This dress is absolutely perfect, Joni, you have amazing taste.” Your attempt to change the subject out of Ransom’s control doesn’t go unnoticed.
“You really do, she needs to wear things like this more often,” he continues with his misogynistic comments. You don’t fully understand why he was conversing with Joni, as you recall him telling her to ‘eat shit’ at every family gathering, but you figure it’s some superiority thing. Whatever.
“Aren’t you two just adorable?” Joni smiles, and you can tell she’s just eating this all up. Ransom moves his arm down to your shoulder, squeezing you. “I just knew you two would end up together, I’m just surprised it took so long.” Yeah, you’d be hearing that a lot tonight. You give a look to Meg as she sits next to her mom, realizing how serious her cousin is being about all this.
“I was thinking the same thing,” Ransome cuts in, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “But I’m not letting her go any time soon.” There he is. The toxic, greedy best friend you grew up with. He has always been protective over his belongings, and, as he reminded you so many times earlier, you aren’t an exception. His grip on you doesn’t falter as Harlan steps into the dining room.
He smiles at the faces sitting at the table already, and you can hear the commotion outside. “I’m so glad you all are here,” he says proudly, making his way to the head of the table. His usual spot. You happen to be sitting just to his right. “And I’m so glad to see you two finally happy together. You look so happy, Ransom.” He picks up the champagne flute placed at his spot at the table, holding a butter knife in the other. “Is it time for our big announcement?”
You panic for a moment, but then you realize it’s just the announcement of the new novel. “Absolutely,” you smile, glancing at Ransom. Harlan was right; he does look a little too happy. Before you can question it, Harlan stands out of his seat and starts to tap the knife against the glass. A crowd of much more people than you expected floods into the dining room, and Harlan practically pulls you out of your chair to stand next to him. “What are you doing?” you quietly whisper.
“It’s your book too,” he says in a hushed tone, smiling out into the crowd. “Thank you all for being here for this momentous occasion. Tonight I introduce to you my newest mystery novel, Beautiful Menace, along with my new co-writer, Y/N,” he smiles brightly, and the crowd cheers for you. You smile back, Ransom now sliding into your seat as he holds your hand.
Harlan continues. “Y/N assisted with the writing of this novel, and that is why I have dedicated it to you. Thank you for your help,” he smiles, handing you your own hard-cover copy. A dedication? You felt like you were dreaming, you were credited not just inside the book, but in the dedication.
The crowd watches you open the book, flipping to the dedication. You read it out loud without fully reading it before. “‘This novel is dedicated to my ambitious future granddaughter-in-law,’” you read outside, the crowd gasping at what it says. You swallow hard at the line under it.
“Read it, love,” Ransom whispers below you, but you don’t make eye contact. You stare down at the page, appalled by what it says.
“‘I’d like to officially welcome you to the family, Y/N Drysdale.’”
Ransom’s hand slips out of yours, and your head spins as you keep reading the words over and over again. The crowd cheers again, and you look up with confusion. You spot Meg sitting back on the stairs, leaning over the banister as she points to the left of you. Slowly you turn to your left, seeing Ransom on one knee in front of you. A hush falls over the crowd.
“Y/N, I’ve spent my entire life knowing you’re the one. You’re my soulmate, you make me infinitely happier. No one could make me feel the way you do.”
Your audience falls for every word he’s saying, but you look right back at him. If only they knew what he had said just minutes ago upstairs. If only they knew what was at stake for you in this situation.
“I want to grow old with you. I want to start our own family with you. I want my children to have the most beautiful, intelligent mother in the world.”
Wait. Why are you falling for his tricks too? Is he too good at this, or is there some sincerity in his words? You look down into his bright blue eyes, and he smiles up at you. He pulls a small box out of his front pocket.
“Y/N, will you make me the luckiest man on Earth and marry me?”
You gasp with the audience at the size of the ring. The diamond creates a kaleidoscope effect on the walls as the box opens, and you gaze at the ring for a moment. You look back at him, internally torn.
But do you really have a choice? Ransom had outlined exactly what would happen if you turned him down, and his words struck a chord inside you. You’re stuck. You don’t have any other option.
But would marrying Ransom be so bad? You had convinced yourself that it would be the end of the world, that you would never be happy. Yet looking back on your childhood, it had been your dream. Maybe everyone had been right; maybe you and Ransom are meant to be. Without much time left to stall, you smile back at him.
“Yes, Ransom, of course, I’ll marry you.”
Ransom’s eyes lit up as if he expected another response. He instantly stands up, closing the box to embrace you. He kisses you deeply, holding your frame against his. You kiss him back, hearing the cheers from everyone in the room. As you place your hands on his chest, he pulls away from your lips and holds your right hand where it is. He slides the ring right onto your finger. “Perfect fit,” he whispers, pressing another kiss to your lips before looking into your eyes. “You made the right decision.”
You nod, helpless in his arms. He turns and smiles at the crowd, his little soon-to-be trophy wife in his arms.
He had you just where he wanted you, and now he has you. For life.
a/n: like, comment, share, and give me your feedback!! love each and every one of you, and happy birthday chris :)
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punani · 23 hours ago
mmmm the idea of edging ransom for days, every night getting him close to coming before stopping, immediately putting a cock ring on. Just teasing him, letting him see you get dressed or take a shower and refusing to let him touch you
ransom would want to touch himself so fucking badly, but he knows better than to piss you off even still doesn't mean he doesn't whine and say that he wants to cum–he needs to cum so so bad and you already know that you're the only one who can relieve him in the way that he desperately needs...but you enjoy teasing him, making him wait...making him remember that he doesn't have a right to receive bliss from you–it's earned...bonus points if you cockwarm him at night...telling him you'll shorten his punishment if he doesn't cum in you like the little slut he is
slutty sunday™
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punani · a day ago
OK BUT MAKING RANSOM CRY that rich asshole would look so mfin good with tears down his cheeks begging for you to just touch him, i wanna hear that man cry so hard he starts hiccuping and all he can get out is the word please over and over 😌
god...imagine ransom's face becoming blotchy and red, blue eyes taking on a puppy dog look as he searches your face to see if you'd have at least a shrivel of mercy to offer him. ransom just wants–needs you to touch him, to praise him, to tell him that he's a good boy as you fuck yourself onto him...but he was such a fucking brat and that's biting him in the ass right now....he'd be handcuffed to the bed, your wet panties stuffed in his mouth as he's forced to watch you fuck yourself with your dildo and moan out how you wish that he was the one filling you up instead...ransom also has to lay there and watch you play with your tits...his throat going drying because he just wants to suck on them and feel your nails claw at his scalp as you hold him close to you...ransom would be such a fucking mess and he's openly crying and bucking his hips up into the air..but you're without remorse as you make yourself cum and deprive him some more...
slutty sunday™
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader
Word count: 600
Summary: Your dream job is not a dream anymore. Also your boss, Ransom Drysdale, is an asshole.
Warnings: swearing, few mentions of mysoginy and alcohol.
A/N: Feedback is very welcome, reblogs are golden. I don't allow my work to be copied or reposted on other websites. Don't steal other people stuff!!! There's going to be smut in future chapters so DO NOT read unless you're 18+ thank you!
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You loved your job, you really did.
It was the dream of a lifetime when you got hired at Thrombey Real Estate.
You still remember the first time you stepped inside their huge skyscraper, a bit scared, a bit excited, but also confident of your capabilities.
You studied hard, worked two jobs through college and meticulously saved money, you didn’t exactly have the time to party but you didn’t care.
You were doing this for a reason and you had so many hopes when you started working here.
What you didn’t expect was that the person holding you down would have been your boss, Ransom Drysdale.
Yeah, HIM.
Spoiled, super rich heir of the Thrombey’s family, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, got his position as Vice President and Head of the Marketing Area thanks to his mom about a year ago, but was too lazy to even show up at his own company.
Legend says he’s handsome, spoiled and a lady killer, but none of your colleagues ever met him.
Yeah, you heard that right.
He didn’t give a shit about his family company and never once showed his face at your workplace.
You’ve been working at Thrombey Real Estate for 5 years, marketing development, 15th floor, a pretty good position with a good income, but your ambitious ass wanted more.
You were the kind of person that wanted to do something with their life, and now you were sure this was gonna be your moment.
You didn’t come from a wealthy family, your parents worked all their lives trying to make ends meet. Growing up you wanted to be able one day to give something back to them as a thank you for all the sacrifices they made for you.
You worked for months and developed a project that would make the company conspicuously raise its income targeting a larger audience but, even if you tried numerous times to get an appointment with the guy, you never managed to get one.
His secretary's reply was always the same: “Mr. Drysdale is busy out of town, you’ll get a scheduled appointment as soon as he’ll be available.”
Lies, all lies.
At first you tried to understand, you didn’t really know him, he’s probably really busy and he doesn't have time for all his employees.
Or he just played favourites.
You had your confirmation to that when fucking Greg Johnson, the rich mysoginistic asshole who started working here 3 years ago, got a promotion using one of your projects.
He blatantly stole your notes and used them to make a presentation that, somehow, reached the boss and got him the job you wanted.
He even had the guts to brag about how he became friends with Drysdale because they’re members of the same private men’s club.
You were so mad, that’s not how you handle a serious business, but what fucking Drysdale was supposed to know about it?
He was probably busy drinking expensive champagne and enjoying his Richie Rich life somewhere.
In that moment you didn’t feel hopeful anymore, you felt so angry and sad, like your dreams didn’t matter anymore.
Where were you going with this job? You didn’t want to spend all your life in the same place, doing the same tasks. You wanted more.
And you knew you weren’t going to get it here.
So, you decided, you were gonna leave your job.
But first you thought you could endure one more work event, you were gonna dress nice, drink some free champagne and then tell Drysdale and Thrombey Real Estate to fuck off.
Tumblr media
Chapter Two: HIM coming soon!
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buppybucky · a day ago
PAIRINGS! ex!dilf!bucky barnes x reader
SUMMARY! “then why do i still love you?” he asked, kissing you slowly.
WARNINGS! unprotected sex, 18+ minors dni, public sex kinda, oral (m rec), face-fucking, slight degrading, breeding kink, mentions of alcohol, reader almost passed out.
A/N! celebrate 600 followers with me and ex dilf bucky!
Tumblr media
bucky was on his way over to collect your daughter as it was his week to spend time with her. he told you he was taking her away to disney, you wanted to go but you didn’t want to impose and be rude.
you had your daughters bag packed with all her disney stuff and you had her dressed up beautifully. “mommy hurry oh my god!” your daughter, harlow, whined. “harry, calm down.” you giggled.
she whined louder and stomped her feet. “you act like this around daddy?” you stood up, taking her hand. she nodded and walked downstairs with you. “oh yeah? and daddy lets you?”
she nodded again and sat up on the couch. “and he gets me what i want, he says he’s a sucker for me.” she swung her legs around. you chuckled and grabbed her bag.
“well, daddy’s a sucker for anyone.” you joked as you handed her the backpack and put the small suitcase on the floor. “sometimes i hear daddy say he misses you.” harlow smiled up at you.
you froze before moving slightly and smiling down at her. “well, we all miss what we can’t have, darling.” you said, handing her a donald duck teddy bear. your daughter nodded and sighed.
“but daddy can have you, you always see him!” she protested, getting off the couch. you smiled at her and shook your head. you heard a knock on the door, making you smile.
you opened the door and invited bucky inside. “hey harry! how are you, my petal?” bucky bent down in front of his daughter, hugging her tightly. “i have coffee ready, if you want some?” you offered.
bucky smiled and nodded walking with you. “hey! mommy can come with us to disneyland, right?” harlow ran over to you two. you looked down at her and shook your head slightly.
you poured bucky a cup of coffee and handed it to him. “that’s a great idea harlow.” bucky looked at you with a smirk. you sighed before looking at bucky with a smile. “yeah, no i have work.” you said.
bucky frowned and grabbed your phone. “i’ll call your boss, give you a week off?” he smiled, opening your phone. you hated yourself for setting such an obvious password.
“fine! god i’ll go pack my bags.” you walked off in a huff as you went to your room. you grabbed another suitcase and threw your clothes in it quickly, walking downstairs.
harlow squealed as she hugged you tightly. “you owe me.” you said through gritted teeth as you lifted harlow up. bucky smiled and nodded, grabbing both of the suitcases and bringing them to the car.
if you had to be honest, you didn’t like bucky. you two had ended on good terms but you couldn’t stand being around him. he was so overly affectionate and touchy.
he didn’t make you uncomfortable in anyway, he was just too much sometimes. you were all in the car, harlow was asleep and you were clearly annoyed as you rested your head on the window.
“i know y’don’t like me anymore, but i still wanna try again, y’know, f’harlow.” bucky said, giving you a quick glance. “we already tried, four times, we aren’t right for each other.” you said plainly.
bucky sighed and stopped at a stoplight. “every time, y’left me because of some stupid reason like leaving the toilet seat up, you’re over agitated.” he said.
you chuckled to yourself, realising that he was completely right. “sure, whatever, but we aren’t dating, just friends.” you said, looking over at him. bucky smiled and nodded, starting to drive again.
you all quickly arrived at the disney princess hotel that bucky had booked. you walked into the reception with harlow on your waist and bucky taking the suitcases.
bucky checked in and brought you all up to the room. “i think i should tell you that there’s only two beds so.” bucky smirked as he opened the door. you didn’t care at this moment, you had a cinderella themed bedroom.
it’s like bucky planned it out, because he knew cinderella was your favourite princess. “it’s beautiful.” you whispered as you looked around. “good, y’here for a week.” he said as he dragged the bags inside.
you sat down on the bed and put harlow down. “i think we should sleep and then explore tomorrow?” bucky said as he started putting the clothes away. you nodded and lifted harlow.
“c’mon, doll, it’s time for bed.” you said as you took off her outfit, slightly disappointed that it wouldn’t be shown off. she whined and ran at bucky. “fine, dad can dress you.” you said.
you grabbed a pair of silk shorts and a tank top before walking into the bathroom. you walked back in and got into bed almost immediately. “night love.” bucky kissed your daughters head.
“mommy!” your daughter screamed. you groaned and got up, kissing her head. “goodnight princess.” you said, turning to see bucky in the same spot. you sighed and walked around the bed.
once you got in, you turned away from bucky and cuddled against the pillow. “friends cuddle, y’know.” bucky whispered, tapping your waist. as much as you didn’t want to, your body betrayed you and turned over.
bucky smiled and wrapped his arms around your waist. you put your head on his chest and took in his scent. bucky rubbed your head and kissed your forehead.
the next morning moved quickly, you were all in a rush, trying to get to breakfast, then drive to disney. you were now currently standing in line for the magic tea cups.
bucky bought you too many things that you swore you would pay him back. bucky held you close for the entire time, almost as if you were married again. you felt happy again.
you all came back after a long day of walking, harlow was dead asleep and you and bucky were tired. “how about we get some drinks?” he smirked as he cocked his head towards the door.
you looked down at harlow, there was no waking her up at all. you bit your lip before nodding and walking out with him. “do you have the room key?” you asked before the door closed. “yeah.” he answered quickly.
you two walked down to the bar, where you slung back too many drinks. you were sat at the bar, laughing at an old memory brought up. “i still can’t believe you fell down my stairs in front of my dad!” you choked out.
bucky threw his head back and he erupted in a loud laughter. “i was drunk and your father was up my ass!” he complained, leaning forward. you fell onto his lap in laughter at his stupid you were when you were teenagers.
“we were so good together.” bucky shook his head as he wiped the small tears under his eyes. you nodded and took another sip of your wine. “we were, it’s a shame we had to grow up.”
bucky sighed and looked at you in awe. “i don’t think growing up was our problem.” he whispered, putting the glass of whiskey down. you shook your head and put your wine down.
“it definitely was, bucky, we started dating at sixteen, we were young and didn’t know anything.” you said, shaking the wine slowly. bucky took the glass from your hands, putting it down.
you looked at him and sighed, watching him closely. “age wasn’t ever a problem, doll.” he stood up, standing between your legs. “we outgrew each other, buck.” you whispered.
bucky shook his head and put his hands on your face. “then why do i still love you?” he asked, kissing you slowly. you sighed and pushed him back. “buck, we’re friends.” you shook your head, standing up.
bucky whined and gripped your waist, pulling you in and kissing you again. you gripped his face and pulled him in closer. “bucky.” you mumbled, pulling away.
you looked into his blue eyes and placed your forehead on his. “let me take care of you, please.” he whispered. you licked your lips and nodded, kissing him again.
bucky put his hands on your ass and started walking forwards, while you were walking backwards. bucky gripped your ass, making you gasp. bucky took this chance to slide his tongue into your mouth.
bucky pushed you up against the wall and gripped your ass tightly. “if you two could like.. not.” a preppy teenager spoke from the reception desk. you pushed bucky away and finally took your breath.
“yep, yeah.” bucky spoke as he wiped the side of his mouth, smirking at you. you two walked to the elevators, immediately falling together as if you were both magnets. “fuck i love you so much.” bucky moaned.
your hands found his hair, which you gripped tightly, pulling on the roots. bucky’s hands travelled from your ass to your thighs, lifting one of your legs up to his hip.
the elevator came down and the doors opened, a ding telling you both to pull away and get in. you both walked in and sighed. “wait— shit.” you said, pushing bucky away, who was trying to jump your bones.
“what about harlow?” you asked as you whispered. bucky bit his lip before hitting the highest floor. you got a few floors up before bucky stopped the elevator between floors.
you shook your head and bit your lip. “now i can fuck you.” bucky smirked as he peeled off his shirt, throwing it up. you watched it as it landed on the camera.
bucky pulled off your clothes, following by him and pulled you in close. “you’re still as beautiful as i remember you.” he whispered as he kissed your shoulder.
you moaned softly and gripped his back. “get on your knees, pet.” he whispered, watching you get down immediately. you grabbed bucky’s tight boxers and pulled them down, letting him kick them off.
you wrapped your hand around the base of his cock before jerking him off slowly. “please don’t tease.” he begged, a loud whine leaving his throat. you smirked and kitten licked his tip.
you sucked on it softly before moving your head down. you felt him start to thrust slowly, his tip hitting off the back of your throat and making you gag. tears started to form in your eyes.
you moaned as you gripped his hips, allowing him to thrust into you freely. “fuck baby, i missed your little mouth.” he whispered, throwing his head back with a groan.
you hallowed your cheeks and rolled your eyes to the back of your head, loving the feeling of bucky using you to pleasure himself. “gotta be inside you.” he lifted you up.
you whined and fell back against the wall. bucky pulled down your pants and panties before lifting you up. you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck.
bucky positioned himself before sliding inside you. you arched your back and moaned out loud, wrapping your legs around his waist tightly. “fuck bucky.” you moaned.
bucky smiled and slowly thrusted into you, moaning out at your tightness. buckys hands found your ass and gripped it tightly. “y’feel so fucking perfect.” bucky slid his head in the crook of your neck.
your hands gripped on his t-shirt, pulling on it roughly. “fuck yes! oh you feel so good.” you moaned. bucky lifted your leg higher, sinking in deeper and bottoming out completely.
you cried out as he hit a certain spot you forgot existed. “bucky!” you yelled as you ripped the flimsy fabric of his t-shirt. bucky smirked at you and kissed you roughly.
you felt a small knot appear in your stomach, making you pull away and throw your head back. “that’s it, you’re so fuckin’ close i can feel ya.” bucky smirked.
you sighed and rolled your eyes to the back of your head, your mind going dizzy. your vision was blurry and you felt useless in your own body. “got ya all fucked out? hm? my dumb little baby looks so good.”
“fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” you moaned, clenching against bucky’s cock. the knot in your stomach continued to tighten. “gonna cum!” you screamed as you felt yourself let loose.
bucky threw his head back and moaned. “fuck, you’re milkin’ my cock, baby, so fuckin’ good.” bucky groaned. you bit your lip and watched him fuck your almost unconscious self.
bucky released inside of you, fucking his seed deep inside of you. “gonna make you a mommy again, a sexy mommy.” bucky whispered, leaving his cock inside you.
“i love you so fucking much.” bucky whispered, kissing you again. you smiled into the kiss and looked down at him. “c’mon, we need to check on harry.” you pulled away.
bucky nodded and pulled out, pulling up your panties and your pants. you felt bucky’s cum pool in your panties. bucky pressed the floor button again, pulling up his boxers and pants.
you smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “got ya dick whipped, hm?” he joked as he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you in. you squeaked and put your head on his ribs as he walked.
you both entered the bedroom and checked on harry, who was still asleep. “hm, well, shower sex?” bucky asked as he walked into the bathroom. you smiled and walked in with him.
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punani · a day ago
thank u for letting me share i hope it goes thru BUT uhhhhhh this is gonna be a whole novel :/ so sorry :/ much love bestie if you don’t wanna post it because it’s too long like. no biggie. i’ll make it tiny text tho xoxo
the idea of making ransom beg is very appealing. like we all know he’s a dick, and he gets whatever he wants, except you. the first time y’all meet you literally laugh at him and blow him off, and it doesn’t deter him, because he’s had people blow him off once and then the next time they meet they’re on his knees for him, but when you raise a brow at him when he approaches you and ask if he’s forgotten how uninterested you are, he takes it personally. why don’t you like him? but he doesn’t want to waste his time, so he does move on. for a bit. until the next time he fucks someone, your face and that raised brow flashes in his mind and he comes embarrassingly quickly.
so he’s pissed. what did you do to him, and why are you stuck in his head?? he still doesn’t see you until some rich party his parents drag him to, but when he does, he’s all pissed again. he stalks right up to you like he has any right to, and he’s about to open his mouth and go off on you about how rude it is to be stuck in his thoughts, but you interrupt him with something super direct like, “why are you approaching me a third time?” and he just kind of stops, because. one, he wasn’t expecting you to speak first, and two, he doesn’t really know. he’s never really thought about anyone who’s rejected him while he came, though, and he knows that. he notices you staring and he gets a little embarrassed under your gaze, but he doesn’t know why. he does know you seem to like that, because there’s a smile at the corner of your mouth as you speak again. “you’re all the same, aren’t you?” he’s a little too distracted by the way you’re suddenly looking at him for the first time, shamelessly checking him out, until your eyes land back on his. “inside every trust fund prick is a bratty little sub just waiting to be broken in.”
cut to driving back to ransom’s place because he’s determined to fuck you into the mattress, not the other way around that you’ve been speaking out loud the whole car ride back while you play with his hair (and no, his dick is absolutely not hard at the thought of you riding him and wrapping a hand around his throat, which is just one of the things you’ve been saying) but you snake your hand out of his hair and down his chest, to his covered dick, and you lightly run your fingers over it to see him squirm a little and you go, “want me to help?” and he’s like okay this is my time to take more control back so he goes, “suck it, slut. don’t wanna make a mess all over my car, do you?” except you just throw your head back and laugh so hard at his attempt and all that does is make his stomach flutter and his dick throb, that laugh. “tell you what, ransom,” and you’re still laughing a little as you say it, “i’ll use my mouth.” he’s surprised to find himself almost.. disappointed at the way you give in pretty easily? but he pretends to be pleased and he groans when you take him all in so easily. you stay still for a minute, but he eventually expects you to move. then, he realizes you’re not. you’re gonna keep your mouth on him, and stay still, until he gets home.
40 minutes later because he lived far from that rich little shindig you’re pulling off of him, and he’s so thankful because he honestly almost came like three times with the car moving up and down every once in a while, but mostly it just got him to the point where he was holding back whines. you get out of the car before he does, and as he is you shut his door and push him up against it to kiss him and oh the taste of himself and you on his tongue makes him whimper into your mouth and you grin at the sound. when you pull back, you grip his face in one hand and squeeze his cheeks together. he looks a little defiant, some sort of rage in his eyes, but he could also easily push you off and he doesn’t. because he’s getting off on this just as much as you are. “oh, honey,” you coo at him, “don’t worry. we’re gonna have fun.”
like okay then imagine just over time breaking down that asshole persona to make him a service sub?? making him get to the point where he can’t even get off if you don’t at least sit on his face first. like, if he doesn’t have the taste of you on his tongue the orgasm isn’t as good. edging him for weeks at a time, but he’s okay with it because you still let him finger fuck you and suck on your tiddies as much as he wants. and it’s a lot, that amount.
i just wanna tame his bratty ass and i truly can’t help myself. this is my slutty offering if it was too much you can send me to hell i’ll understand :/ sorry if it’s too hard to read with the small text i’m just trying to make my horny thoughts scroll passable thank you and goodnight
Tumblr media
slutty sunday™
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stcveskent · a day ago
Tumblr media
wanna be yours ; andy barber
just a small drable.
warnings: slight smut, angst, mentions of cheating, age gap!
pairings: andy barber x reader
fingers tangled together, as he laid next to you, his free arm stroking your hair, as you listened to his heartbeat, which sounded normal. You two loved each other.
Love can be in any form. Love is never easy, and you both were suffering through it. Every night, he'd be next to you, his scent would be enough for you to calm down.
Things weren't easy as they looked. You were younger than him, having a 22 year old difference between the two, will always be questioned everywhere.
So the best you two could do was hide it, putting a curtain on your relationship with him. You knew how worse it would be later, but none of you cared about it.
Right now, you two were bare, only covered with the white, silk sheets, his lips on your head, as he pressed gentle kisses on your head, as you walked on the road of complicity of yours and his relationship again.
“What're you thinking, my love?” He asked, his voice, calm and raspy. You sighed, and looked up to meet his eyes, he smiled, getting the idea of what was inside your head
“nothing, my love.” You answered, knowing that he knew what you were thinking. He was a man, with a dark life. Wife never loved him, son never cared about him even though he would lay his life for them.
So, when both of you were covered with this much of darkness, the bridge seems to be the light that brightened both of your lives. It was destined that you'd end up like this.
He was in the spot, where he had two roads, one was losing you, and he'd have everything. The other was losing everything and have you. He was losing his everything on both the roads.
He pressed a kiss on your lips, his one hand, cupping your face, and pulling you closer. You melted in that kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck, to pull him closer.
His other hand, tangled with yours, as he showed you how much he loved you, how much you mean to him. You chanted his name, which he was addicted to. Your lips addicting him, he never left them. This will be the last time, you both knew, but acted like it wasn't.
“just wanna be yours.” He breathes, resting his forehead on yours, as tears ran out and fell on his cheeks, falling on your cheek. Seeing him like that, you too were emotional.
He kissed you again, tears still falling and he looks at you, as you try your hardest to he strong.
“I am yours.” You said, and he smiles, before he kisses you again, and leaves you forever, going back to his so-called happy family, of three including him, A broken- husband / father, a Son who was depressed, and a wife and a mother who was playing games on their family.
AN: idk why i made this, but im in a ✨angsty✨ mood for a few days and if you wanna really get in your feels listen to i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys
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trulytryingsworld · a day ago
Not This Time
A/N: Honestly this feels incomplete and dry but I got frustrated arguing with myself lol. I wanted to post something today, because if I keep pushing it off I will never post anything so here it is. I’m trying.  
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 3525
Summary: Ransom oversteps a boundary and cannot seem to accept the consequence of you ignoring him permanently.
The rude interruption that graced your morning, would leave drained for the rest of your day. Your blurred eyes slowly zeroed in on the small scraps of confetti that would eventually cover the floors of your bedroom. The popping sound had woken you up in alarm, and the frown that graced your face said enough. 
The evil faces that turned up in your bedroom were painted in glee, whiles they wished you a happy birthday in unison. “And who’s cleaning that up?” you groaned, naturally reaching for the phone on your bedside table and squinting when the brightness assaults your eyes.
It was only 9:23 in the morning, the alarm was usually set for 11:30 on your weekdays, but you tended to snooze till 12:15. You weren't a morning person and your friend Lizzie knew this when she pleaded on your behalf, arguing that 10:00 was a far more reasonable time to wake you up. Mila, your other friend had disregarded the input of course. 
As of late your weekends were more often than not reserved for sleep, this one being no different. Monday would be a holiday so the next 72 hours were intended to be spent alone in your house, at least that had been the plan. You had been feeling more dull than usual, and even your restocked liquor cabinet failed to excite you. 
The brunch set up in your backyard was very much up to par with your tastes.  It felt pointless to change so you still wore your pajamas, after washing your face and complaining about the time. Your friends had gone all out for the small gathering, hiring quite the eye candy of servers. Each one waited at the table, ready to help you girls to your seats. 
Your eyes lingered on one of the men a bit longer than intended, and the unexpected wink sent your way forced your eyes to look elsewhere. Mila jerked at your elbow, before wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at you. You had rolled your eyes before bursting out in laughter, enjoying the rest of your late morning meal with your two best girlies. It had been a while since you saw your friends, so you were glad, to say the least
Unlike you, Lizzie and Mila grew up accustomed to a lifestyle that only old money could provide. They didn't work as often as you did, which made it harder to fit into each other's schedules during the week. You did not grow up poor per se, but when compared to your friends, you could have been perceived that way. Your mother was a professor at Brown University, a fairly successful woman you thought. 
You had found your own definition for success, living comfortably and content with yourself,  as you often described it. Working in a high-level position for a growing green energy company, you took pride in your resilience. Many of your years were filled with uncertainties but finally, you had made something of yourself. The full ride to Harvard was where you met Lizzie and Mila, never expecting to develop a long-lasting relationship.
The cell you kept for personal use remained ignored after Lizzie dragged you out of bed that morning. The ringer was often placed on silent, resulting in poor communication habits with your friends. It was noon before you thought to check your device, the notification centre being flooded with messages and alerts. 
Most you assumed were birthday wishes from people you hardly talked to anymore and some that you were only associated with because of status. They meant very little to you, but the sham thankful replies you sent were only to keep face. 
A particular contact had occupied your thoughts for the past two weeks. The spam of messages you left open yet unread grew steadily. You were intent on ignoring him for as long as you felt necessary. He was not important enough to ruin your mood this weekend, or so you thought.
The last bits of sparkling wine settled nicely in your stomach, your chest feeling warm and tingly. You appreciated the quality time spent with your friends but it was time to resume back to your initial plan for the weekend. Lizzie and Mila had their own plans and intended to make your day as lively as possible. On any other day, you’d be down for a good time, but as of late you felt out the mix.
For gifts, Mila had opted for this beautiful emerald green bag from Bulgar. The serpent’s head-shaped clasp suited your corporate persona, which she admired. Lizzie gifted you a pair of Prada boots that she felt were suitable to your tastes. 
It was 6 pm when the two informed you of the private room they reserved at a club. Lizzie’s boyfriend would attend, including two other guests, you were well acquainted with. You weren’t interested at first but eventually caved in at the last minute thought of letting loose and having some fun. 
Your ringer silenced another phone call, it was his 86th one since last Friday. You were impressed with his persistence, figuring he would have given up by now. Newer messages had poured in, none of which you spared a glance until the last message he sent in.
“Fine, if this is how you wanna play it” you read. 
The spat you had gotten into with Ransom, had been your last straw. He was quite the specimen, but a prick at that. The trust fund baby had been spoiled his whole life, and couldn’t seem to handle not having his way for once. 
The relationship that brewed between you both could only be described as complicated. It had taken a lot to manage and handle the baggage he brought with him, but you both had balanced each other for a period of time. Now, you were bent on moving on, trying to convince yourself that you were over him, as he also tried to.
It was at Mila’s charity event that you would officially meet the douche, having only heard of him before. The free champagne helped soothe your nerves that night, as you often would be riddled in anxiety. It was an art exhibition, and you’d gotten roped into a conversation with the famous Harlan Thrombey, discussing a painting you knew a thing or two about. 
That was when Ransom had walked in, interrupting the conversation. You had turned away, fiddling with your glass as you patiently waited for them to finish whatever it was they were briefly discussing. Harlan turned to you, and introduced Ransom, before announcing that he would have to leave you shortly to give a speech. 
At the time Ransom didn't really catch your eye, you avoided making eye contact as you usually would with new people and had missed the way he looked at you. He wanted you in his bed for the night, and you had indulged him likewise. You were gone by morning that day, never being one to wait for the usual awkward boot out. 
Maybe you didn't notice it at first, but his face had begun popping up at your usual spots more and more. You’d run into him at a coffee shop where you often scheduled meetings with prospective clients. There were a couple more hookups here and there before he asked you out to dinner five months down the line. That was almost three years ago. 
Neither one of you talked about making the relationship official until you initiated the conversation. You had been on multiple dates, including the occasional family dinners his family hosted. You never did like attending them, but Ransom had wanted you at his side. You both spent a lot of time at each other's homes, and soon enough it wasn't just for the sex. 
He’d thought of you as his home and maybe you did too. On most days you preferred to have your space, but as of late you missed his not-so-subtle touches whenever he’d pass by you in the kitchen. 
That didn't seem to matter now, because you would never admit it out loud or to yourself. Ransom on the other hand loved being in close contact most of the time. As much as he denied the fact, you’d let him pretend the cuddling sessions during movie nights were due to the lack of space on the couch. 
You never got accustomed to Ransom’s lavish tastes. He’d been quite the spender on gifts and more times than not you insisted that he return most of his purchases. You could appreciate expensive things, but much rather make those purchases yourself. 
He only ever did demand that you keep a particular gift, one you’d almost given back after learning of its monetary value. The personalised bracelet with his and your initials on it had been your favourite. Not once did you ever take it off, and even now you still wore it after two weeks of ignoring him. 
It all started when your boss confronted you about an offer he didn’t expect you to decline so quickly. He insisted that you take your time to reconsider, and you had been confused, having never heard anything about it. You were suspicious of Ransom, almost immediately, but thought to give him the benefit of the doubt. 
At times he could be controlling, something you’d catch once in a while when you paid attention. There would be discussions about it, but oftentimes things got brushed aside as petty jealousy or mindless over-protectiveness. This time, you couldn’t and wouldn't let it slide. 
It was at dinner time when you decided to break out your thoughts and bring something up. You wanted to avoid confrontation, knowing he’d probably try to lie to your face or react in a way you were not ready to handle. He asked about your day as he usually would, and you took the chance to talk about what your boss mentioned, unaccusing of course. 
He played along with your confusion for a while, looking unimpressed as you went on. The contract would require your stay in China for two years, assisting in project management at the company’s main plant. Two years seemed long, and you could understand why the news was not exactly exciting. You had merely mentioned that you were considering the offer when he cut you off.  
“Well that's stupid, is this some kind of joke?” Ransom's response was expected but you had hoped he would show remorse more if anything. You frowned, arms folded when asking him to elaborate on how he was feeling
“I mean, you're gonna leave me for two years? What am I supposed to do, just wait for you?” 
“I would hope so, considering all that we have been through to make this work?”
“Come on, really?” he chuckled darkly, “You think I would wait?” 
“Why are you acting like this? I thought at the very least you'd pretend to be happy for me before reacting this way” you moved your hands in a way that emphasised your point. 
“Oh like you don't know that I declined the offer.”
The sigh you let out was deep. There it was, the confession you wanted out of him. You hated being lied to more than anything and were very disappointed he played along with your little act for even just a little bit. 
“I mean, but what did you expect? That I wouldn't find out about something as important to me as this?” 
“So what, I’m not as important?” he tried changing the topic.
“You know that's not what I mean, and you don't get to play the victim here. I-i don't get it with you, I’m always understanding, so why can't you return the favour”
He turned silent, which you thought was disappointing considering he had so much to say before. The anger you were trying so hard to settle down began to rear its ugly head.  It was a couple more minutes of silence before he opened his mouth to say something.
“You didn't think I’d find it suspicious that your boss was transferring with you?”
Your brows furrowed in confusion at that. Jonathan had not mentioned anything like that and you knew Ransom didn't like him, especially after a particular encounter at your office. 
He had shown up at your job unannounced a year ago to surprise you for your birthday when he saw the arrangements of flowers that decorated your office. Ransom did not look impressed at the scene, and knowing he would never partake in such a gesture you ruled him out. It wasn't until you noticed the card attached to one of the flowers that read out your boss's name.
“Great Job closing that deal, and a happy birthday! - Jonathan.”  
As if on queue the head of the department walked in with smiles, asking if you enjoyed his gifts. He rambled on about not knowing what you would like, so figured he’d get a little bit of everything.  
“She hates flowers,” Ransom had cut in without hesitation, your eyes widening at his remark. Leave it to him to make the inappropriate gesture from your boss even more awkward. 
“He’s not wrong, but I really do appreciate the sentiment. Thank you” you had given him a kind smile, trying to save face. You couldn't remember what happened after that except Jonathan leaving and your boyfriend silently fuming as he walked over to your window. 
You turned your attention to him, raising an eyebrow as if to question his behaviour. You were not angry with him, this was a rare moment where you actually appreciated his blunt tongue. Hopefully, your boss would now relent in his not-so-subtle advances. 
But that was a long time ago, and frankly, it didn't matter because he was focused on the wrong thing at hand. He had invaded your privacy then lied about it by not saying anything. 
“First of all I got this promotion because I worked my fucking ass off, I don't know what Johnathan has to do with anything.” you decided to defend yourself. Whatever it was that he was insinuating didn't matter because you weren't having it.
“Yeah, you fucking worked your ass off alright. You've got him so whipped that he even gets you flowers” 
You gasped, and it wasn't so much that the words hurt you, but rather the fact that he’d been clearly harbouring this since that day. There was not much you could do about unsolicited gifts that you never accepted in the first place. Besides, after Ransom’s visit, your boss had ceased all efforts. 
“Do you actually hear how insane that sounds? What the fuck was I supposed to do about that?” You reasoned, the calmness in your voice was long gone. 
“Quit” he was so arrogant and entitled. 
You scoffed,  “Well I’m sorry, but some of us actually have to work, to earn a living” the tone you took to, spoke well for you.
“I can take care of you, you know that” 
“That sounds nice and all, but I can’t depend on a man who’s never worked a day in his life.” There it was again, the silence.  
“You don't even seem sorry, and you've yet to apologize” the disappointment was evident on your face. 
He rubbed his hands over his face, his nose flaring up in annoyance, “I did what was best for us”  
“No, you did what was best for you” you started but had lost your train of thought. 
“You still don't fucking get it, do you? It's one thing to not want me to leave, but it's completely different when you think that you get to make decisions for me.” the words spewed out. 
“I'm tired of trying to reason with you Ransom, okay? We are done”
It wasn't even a second after, before he grabbed your arm, tightening his hold on you and yanking you towards him. “We are not done until I say we are” 
For a moment there he scared you, he had never put his hands on you like that, at least not outside the bedroom. Your stance did not falter when you yanked your arm away from him “Don't you ever put your hands on me again.”  
The initial shock had long subsided when you decided to speak for the last time. “Let me remind you, that you're that one that begs me back every single time! But not this time, I'm tired of you. T-tired of your shit, the jealousy, childishness, everything!” Those were your last words before your tearducts gave up. 
It was the first time he had ever seen you actually cry. Occasionally he would witness you shed a tear or two, like when you’d receive a wrong order of what you wanted, or something equally as petty.
 He tried to come closer in an attempt to comfort you, but you pushed him aside then turned away. He decided to walk out then and there, leaving you to deal with your own sorrows. 
You remember that day so vividly, and each time the memory replayed you did something to distract yourself. Much like you were doing right now at the club with your friends. The boost that alcohol gave you, left you chatty but numb. 
The buzz had you going for a while, completely indulged in a game of pool with Mila who was effortlessly schooling you. She could not let you win, not even on your birthday. It was the commotion at the door that drew your attention to Ransom arguing with the security guard and Lizzie's boyfriend, Dan. 
“Look dude, she doesn't want you here. Come on don't make this difficult” you didn't realise it but you had made your way towards Dan’s voice, not really processing what was going on. It was the sound of Ransom's knuckles punching Dan in his nose that woke you up from your little daze.  
“I said get out of my way” Ransom tried to push his way through.
“Ransom” you yelled out.
His head turned towards you rushing to Dan who held his nose up in pain. You apologised profusely as you checked his injury, thankful that nothing was broken or bleeding. You turned to your ex-boyfriend annoyed, ready to talk his ear off until you remembered you didn't care anymore.
“If you think this is how to get me to talk to you in good grace, then I don't know what to tell you,” you said, pointing behind you at Dan and Lizzie.
“What do you want? ”You sighed frustrated, after signalling the security guard off. He really wasn't making this easy for you. His hands had twitched before when you held Dan’s face to inspect his nose. He knew better than to make things any worse than it already was. 
“Look, so maybe, I have stuff to work on, and maybe we can both work on this”
“Mmm, you think so?” you asked rhetorically. It took him two weeks to come to this conclusion, and you noted how he did not start with apologies. He wanted to skip out on the guilt, but you wouldn't let him.
He tried to get closer to you, wanting to feel you against him and to reminisce in the sweet warmth he missed so much. You allowed him to, and for a moment you revelled in his familiar body heat as well, ignoring everything else around you. You let go of him after a while, distancing yourself to make it easier on you.
It took a lot to keep your composure, a part of you wanting him back but knew much wouldn’t change if you did. You took a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself to relay whatever decision you had made. You were right about one thing, Ransom would always beg you back. Never-ending the cycle of broken boundaries, possessiveness, and jealousy. 
“Look Ransom, I couldn’t give you another chance even if I wanted to” you sighed loudly. “I-it goes against my principles, and that's all I have right now. So please, just leave.” you pleaded.
Ransom’s eyes hardened, he wouldn’t back down. This time you noticed the speck of regret in his eyes, but to damn with his jealousy. He didn't want this to end, and he hadn’t meant for it to. 
“Come on, don't be so stubborn, Y/N. I love you, is that what you want me to say? I’ll do anything just say the word” 
You smiled with hurt in your eyes as you looked at him. The words didn't mean much to you when his actions suggested otherwise. It was the insincere note in his tone that made it easier, but maybe he had meant it. His eyes were much more expressive than his words could be, not that it changed anything.
You simply shook your head no, looking down at your hands and playing with your fingers. 
“No, you don't” 
The cheap trick at making amends, would not coax your forgiveness, not this time.
Thank you for reading :) 
A/N: My  sister requested that I put her in the credits for her lil two cents in some of the dialogue, so here she goes. 
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Alpha, May I?
Part Two
** **
The drive to the Thrombey mansion was slow going, and given all the vehicles parked outside, all the Thrombey/Drsydale’s had crawled out of their holes to be here. Including Hugh, with his shiny little beemer that looked like a tin can with the top skewed off.
With Hugh having his beemer, you recognized the mustang Joni insisted on driving, the SUV for Walt and his wife snd their little nazi son, and the Escalade Linda and her husband drove. The small cluster of vehicles was parked haphazardly as you parked near the grass. When you slid the automatic level from drive to park and had turned off your car and tucked the keys into your pocket, you exited your car. You stood by the driver’s side of the car and studied the family through the window in the mansion, watching them linger in their air of sophistication and high class that turned your nose and your stomach.
You had to take deep breaths and ease the slight souring of your stomach that told you something amiss was on the near horizon. Your senses as an omega were sharpened and heightened to the mixing of scents, the alpha’s and beta’s, that cling heavily in the air. They must’ve gotten here movements before you did, or maybe you were just hyper-aware of the fact that among them all, housekeepers alike, there were only two omega’s, and you were one of them.
Linda, Ransom, Walt, we’re all alphas. Jodi, Meg, Walt’s wife and Linda’s husband were all beta’s.
Jacob was a little shit.
“Y/N!” Meg called your name from the front door, waving her hand for you to come over, “we’re waiting for you!”
You let go of your car door and crossed the grass, the small flat heels of your boots digging into the lawn as you walked from the safety of your car to the clutches of the vultures tucked in the mansion.
“Hey Meg,” you greet her before wiping your boots on the rug at the front entrance, “you didn’t have to wait.”
“Grandad insisted,” she closed the door behind you and brushed past you, her scent billeting past you as she moved into the living room nearest the front entrance. She joined her mom, but not before shooting a glare toward Jacob.
“Good morning, Y/N.” the polite and somewhat courteous greetings were standard, the blasé way they made an effort to make you feel seen without being seen.
“Do you have any idea why we’re here?” Walt stood and walked with his cane thudding against the carpet and the hardwood floor as he moved toward you. “Did he say anything..?”
He was an alpha, and yet his scent was burning your nose; it was aggravating. It was stale and acrid, and you didn’t want it anywhere near you. He was married, he was mated, yet his scent was…driving. It was as if he was no longer satisfied with what he had; there was a streak of selfishness that was tainting his scent.
“No,” you exhaled sharply, your insides twisting when Hugh’s eyes landed on you, “I hadn’t heard anything.”
You pressed yourself back against the wooden staircase, your fingers gripping the wood. Your fingertips were running along the grooves in the wood, your eyes cast to the side as Hugh studied you with the sole purpose of watching you squirm. You usually wouldn’t have been so bothered by him, by any of him, but there was too much going on. Their scents were spiking, all of them. Every one of them was radiating like a thick fog, and it was making your head spin.
But no more than Hugh’s. He was the alpha whose scent was coming through the fog; his scent was the most distinguished through the haze, through the mist that carried.
“We’re ready for you in here,” a man dressed in a fine suit stepped out from the hallway, directing your attention to one of the study’s, “he wants to see the omega first.”
All eyes were on you. All eyes were glued to you as you spun on your heels and stalked toward the office toward the comfort that Harlan extended. You enjoyed Harlan’s company, even his mother’s company was more suitable than the rest of them.
“Harlan,” you slipped into the office, ignoring the lawyers setting up their files on the desk, “this has to do with your grand plan?”
He smiled at you from his place on one of the armchairs. His leg was crossed over the other, and he waved you over to the matching set, wishing to have a conversation with you before everything began. You took his request and sat on the armchair, though you pulled your feet up and tucked them under yourself. You fiddled with the seam of your sweater, tucking it into your palm and squeezing.
“You seem nervous,” Harlan commented, judging by the way you were sitting and the tightness in your shoulders.
“You are brilliant, Harlan. You have a talent for writing crime novels and mysteries, and I’m never sure what to expect from you.” You smiled small, your stomach still wrapped in a tight coil. “But whatever you’re planning-“
“It will throw them all off their game,” Harlan nods his head, “it is about time it had. They’ve been comfortable for too long.”
His plan had to do with you. It had to do with one of the only omega’s in the room.
You were not a pushover. You were an omega, but you were not a pushover. You would not cower and cater to any alpha who looked your way for the sole purpose of having someone to fuck and finger before discarding to the wind.
You were an omega, but you were strong in your convictions and hadn’t allowed yourself to be toyed with by an alpha looking for a quick lay.
You dug your heels in and doubled down on your efforts to find a suppressant that would not only make your scent as an omega come across as unappealing but also suppress your heats and limit them to insignificance.
You were an omega who would not allow yourself to be bossed around by any ordinary alpha simply because they wanted to control you. You were an omega with a strong mind and a more robust constitution.
Harlan Thrombey called you alpha in omega’s clothing, an apparent compliment if you had ever heard one. As an alpha himself, who had married and mated with an omega like yourself, one who wasn’t part of the norm, he admired your tenacity and strength.
“You’ve got a kind heart, Y/N.” Harlan flourished his compliments of your nature, of your goodness, along with that fire that wasn’t so typical of your ‘class.’
“I like taking care of people who deserve it.” You clarified, giving him the medication he needed for the morning. “But I will not be some alpha’s plaything. My mother raised me to have more respect for myself.”
You supposed it was your fault then. You thought you had no one to blame but yourself for the events that pushed you toward the most significant problematic alpha you’d ever come across.
Maybe it was your stubbornness and your innate drive not to be saddled to an alpha who would treat you like a fuck toy that made Harlan do what he did.
“It’ll be good for you and good for Ransom.” He spoke in the late hours of the night before you left after completing your duties to him and his mother.
“What are you planning, Harlan?” You questioned with hesitancy, afraid of what his game plan was.
“My grandson needs to get his head out of his ass,” Harlan settled into his study, watching you gather your medical bag.
“Is that possible?” You joked. “Hugh has his head shoved so far up his ass; he’s become his own puppet master.”
Harlan was your friend and your employer. He wanted a friend, someone to talk to that hadn’t belonged to his leeching family. He had made a reputation for himself and built an empire that created a safety net for his family. In turn, they had become spoiled and entitled.
Jodi stole 400,000 from Harlan over four years.
Linda and her husband were living on Harlan’s dime while providing Hugh with an income without having to lift a finger.
His son was trying to defy his father’s wishes and expand his books into territories that Harlan was not pleased with.
They were all leeches, by Harlan’s own words, and he blamed himself. He wanted to give them tools to survive in the real world, and all he had done was make them entitled.
“Would you do me a favour, Y/N?” He asked that late night, his hand clutching yours with a burden, unspoken, weighing him down. “Do you trust me?”
“Of course, Harlan,” you thought of him as your family, as your surrogate grandfather, seeing as your own family had long since gone. “You’re my family.”
“You trust me?” He asked a second time; his persistence should’ve been a sign to dig deeper, “you know I have your best interests at hand-“
“Harlan,” you interrupted him, “I trust you. You’re one of the only alpha’s who hadn’t done me wrong. Of course, I trust you.”
“We’re ready for you all,” the announcement was made, and the Thrombey/Drysdale’s made their way into the study to hear the announcement.
You kept your eyes off of them; you’re kept your gaze set upon the studs that were hammered into the study chairs for decoration. You studied them; you ran your fingers over the detailing of the armchairs, ignoring the heated stare of Hugh. He was staring at you with this smirk on his face, and his blue eyes narrowed slightly. As the only omega in the room, he was trying to intimidate you with his presence, with his stare. If there weren’t so many different scents mixing in the room, the staleness and acridness of some that soured your stomach, and others that cut right through you, you would’ve cursed him out. You would’ve thrown your steely glare his way, but as it stood, you couldn’t have if you tried.
It was your fault; looking back at the warning signs you were given, you could’ve prevented this.
“Before we all get started, I would like to inform you that the reading of Harlan Thrombey’s Will has already been enacted into reality, is notarized and has gone through the lawful proceedings and will be immediate upon the last read word.” The lawyer spoke before he unfolded the letter.
The entire family was hopeful; you could see it in their eyes, in their eager stares. They were waiting for the news of their inheritance, of their rightful riches.
“This will be good for you,” Harlan mumbled, squeezing your hand, “you just need to trust me.”
“In the reading of the will created within the confines of the law, within sound mind, body, and soul, Harlan Thrombey-“ the lawyer took a pause and raised his head, his eyes zeroing in on Harlan, who gave him one quick nod.
“-Harlan Thrombey will therefore be awarding his publishing rights, the houses, his 60 million dollar fortune, the rights to all of his written works to….” There was a moment’s silence before he continued.
“…Y/N L/N…” the lawyer looked at you standing at the back of the room. “…and Ransom Drysdale under a set of circumstances surrounding a mating between the two parties, that if forfeited, will result in all assets and rights to fall to the rightful ownership under Y/N L/N. The act is immediate, and all possessions and rights upon the reading of the will, are henceforth and….”
Your head snapped up; your wide eyes landed on Harlan. Your breath caught in your throat, and the churning of your stomach became a torrential hurricane that pushed the acid of your stomach up into your throat.
“Are you out of your god damn mind?!” You felt his presence, his anger rolling off him in thick, dense waves. Ransom Drysdale, the alpha you would be bound to unless he is willing to lose his fortune.
“Do you trust me?” Harlan’s voice echoed in your head. “I have your best interests at hand-“
Ransom Drysdale was in your best interest?
You flew from the chair and hurried out of the room, your hand covering your mouth as the threat of getting physically sick was thrust upon you. You ripped the door open and stumbled out, your knees colliding with the stone path as you threw your head over the flower beds and eliminated your stomach contents into the leafy green and the vibrant petals. Your whole body shook as the acid crawled up your throat and emptied into the dirt and the grass.
“You little bitch-!” Walter, maybe Richard, cursed you.
“Back the hell off!” Meg screeched at them, rushing to your side to hold your hair back. “You’re okay? Are you okay?”
Harlan. Harlan Thrombey left everything to you.
Immediate possession of every right.
Hugh would only get his inheritance if you were mated.
To Hugh Ransom Drysdale, no less.
“He’s out of his god damn mind if he thinks we are going to sit here and let this happen!”
“Mom!” Meg whipped her head around with one hand smoothing down your back and the other holding your hair. “Grandad said it’s done. It’s gone through the courts. It’s legal.”
“Legal! Meg-“
“You’re okay, sweetheart.” Linda was to your right. “You’re going to be okay.”
You sensed them all except Hugh. He was gone.
He was gone with gravel spitting off his tires as his tin can Beemer sped out of the driveway.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader
Summary: You had all your life planned out and worked hard to achieve your dreams, but when you see your work stolen and your arch-enemy getting the promotion in your place, you start wondering if all the sacrifices you made were really worth it. After one drunken night at a work event you meet a guy that starts showing you how life can be a little more light and fun. But is he really who he says he is? Or is he hiding something?
Warnings: alcohol, swearing, smut (yes it’s happening), angst, fluff.
A/N: This is my first series. So it might be good but it also might be a disaster. Who knows? Not me!
Chapter one: HER
Chapter two: HIM
Chapter three: THE PARTY (coming soon)
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rocketrhap3000 · a day ago
the big 4-0 
requested: hiiii! for chris’ birthday, can you do a futile oneshot of him being insecure for his 40th bday but reader makes sure he knows just how much she loves him and she tells him that the age gap is just *chef’s kiss* like she loves that hes older than her because she feels safe around him and protected and stuff so like a little bit angst but just fluff and smut!!! but only if you want!
a/n: i love this idea so much and i haven’t written any futile oneshots in a while so thanks for the request !! also i can’t believe this man is turning 40? he’s aged like fine wine😌
warnings: slight angst, eating a cupcake in bed(not any kind of food play kink tho!), insecure chris, smut (blowjob, unprotected sex - pls be smart),,, i haven’t written anything in so long please let me know of any other warnings i should put omg
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
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Tumblr media
June 13th. A morning like any other. Except, a very special occasion. Chris’ birthday. But not just any birthday: his 40th, to be exact. You know he was not looking forward to reaching that number, but you also know, being the little social butterfly he is and the way he loves his family, he’s looking forward to celebrating with you and with them.
A little less than a year ago, you’d just reunited with Chris for the summer. A little less than a year ago, you were having to hide your relationship from practically everyone. Now, both your parents and his parents, all of his close family members, and his close friends are all going to be at the Evans’ house to celebrate the big day. But first, you plan to celebrate with him this morning and you get him all to yourself. 
So, while he’s still sleeping, you sneak out of bed and down to the kitchen where a batch of cupcakes you’d made the night before were sitting, just waiting to be eaten by the birthday boy. Dodger watches you get out of bed and leave the room and, thankfully, opts to stay on his pillow on the floor at the foot of yours and Chris’ bed. 
Down in the kitchen, you anxiously gather what you need. You grab the cupcakes from the fridge, take the top off the container, and your nose is met with the sweet aroma of the sugary treat. You’re proud of how they’ve turned out and you’re excited for Chris to try one. Carefully, you take one cupcake out of the tin and grab a candle to poke into the top of the chocolate frosting. Then, you light the candle, grab a blue napkin that has a silver number 40 on it, slide it underneath the cupcake, and carry it back up to the bedroom.
By the time you arrive back to the room, though, Chris’ eyes are just beginning to open.
“Jeez, y’scared me. I don’t like wakin’ up without you next to me…” his sleepy voice begins to say, sitting up in bed more and the sheets fall from his body to expose his bare chest, littered with intricate ink designs, a chain hanging from his neck, and a layer of light hair. But he interrupts himself when he sees the little treat in your hands. 
“Aw, Sweetheart,” he smiles bashfully.
“Haaappy birthday to you,” you start to sing quietly, but when you see his face and neck flush pink, you instead save him the embarrassment.
Climbing onto the bed beside him, you sit on your knees and hold the cupcake out in front of him to give him a chance to blow out the cute little smiley-face candle. He invites you closer to him, placing two firm hands on your waist.
“Make a wish, Lovie,” you say softly.
“I already have everything I want,” he says cheesily, voice gruff with sleep and a tilt of his head as he gazes into your eyes. But when he sees them roll at his goofy joke, he speaks his wish out loud: “I wish for happiness like this, with you, forever,”
And following his last words, he blows out the candle, causing a tiny amount of smoke to float in the air around the two of you. 
“That’s a good wish,” you mumble as he pulls you into him, causing your mouths to clash in a slow, languid, lustful kiss.
After a few moments, both of you pull away just enough so that you can look down at the cupcake in your hand and start to wriggle it out of the reusable baking liner.
“You made these?” Chris asks, taking a swipe of the frosting off the top. 
“Mhm,” you answer, pulling the candle from the top and offering it to him. He licks it off with a little giggle before you set the candle in the liner on the nightstand. 
“They look delicious,” he compliments.
“Well thank you. I hope they taste just as good,” you laugh softly, unfolding the napkin from your hand to make sure no crumbs slip away.
“Aw, did’ja have to remind me of the number, Sweetheart?” he sighs, seeing the napkin with the number on it, but he gives a charming smile anyway.
“Yeah, it’s exciting,” you gently tell him in return, lifting the cupcake to his mouth. He takes a bite, then chuckles after swallowing. 
“Exciting for you to celebrate, maybe. But I’m not exactly thrilled to be 40 now,” 
“Why not?”
“‘S just another year older, I guess. Just reminds me how much older I am than you,” he laughs lightly again, leaning over and taking another bite from the cupcake in your hands. 
“Chris,” you say, a sad smile gracing your lips as your eyebrows furrow together. 
“It’s true!” he mumbles, frosting sticking to his upper lip. 
“Well, you’re always going to be that much older than me. That’s just how life works. You turning 40 today doesn’t suddenly make the age gap any different,” you say in a teasing tone, leaning up and over to kiss the little spot of frosting off his lip. 
“So you’re okay with the fact that I’m officially an old man now?” he makes fun of himself, but you won’t tolerate it. 
“Chris, I’m so glad we’re the ages that we are. If I’m being honest, I love the gap between our ages. There’s just something about you that sets you apart. You’re wiser, more experienced: and not just in the terms of sex or relationships. You’ve literally experienced more life than I have. You have a more mature outlook on life. And you look out for me. You keep me safe,” you say, placing a hand on his scruffy cheek and running your thumb over his lips.
“Chris, I love you for you. I love who I am with you and I love who we are when we’re together. And part of you is where you are in your life right now. And I want to celebrate your life.”
“What a little poet you are, Honey,” he says teasingly, but you know he’s being serious. He kisses your palm before he leans down to kiss your lips again, freely uttering an, “I love you” once more. You repeat it back to him, followed by a, “Happy birthday, Christopher” mumbled against his sugar-coated lips. 
Soon, the kiss heats up. The remainder of the cupcake is forgotten, set on the nightstand, and all of his attention is turned to you. And all your attention is turn to him. 
“Do I get an early birthday present now?” he asks in a whisper, but his voice is comparable to a growl. 
Sliding your hand under the duvet, you find his lap and you squeeze him through his boxers, eliciting a small grunt from deep in his chest. Feeling just how hard he is already, you pull the covers all the way off his body before helping him out of the fabric covering his thighs, sliding them all the way off of him to completely expose him.
Chris slings his arm around you and grabs a hold on your shoulder, instinctively digging his fingers into your muscles there as you start to slowly stroke him. The head of his member is red and leaking and you let your thumb run over it before leaning down and over to take him into your mouth. Chris’ hand stays with you, gathering your hair out of the way of your face and rubbing your back and neck as you go down on him.
“Fuck, Sweetheart,” he hisses as your tongue swirls around his tip.
Your tongue presses against him, trailing along the vein on the underside of his cock. You try taking more this time and he guides your movements, making sure you can adjust to his size but you can’t help but gag around him as you feel him touch the back of your throat when you go too fast. You rub your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure building up for yourself, too. You swallow, the walls of your throat clenching around him, and Chris moans loudly.
“Fuck, Honey, fuck...”
You continue the actions with your mouth that you know Chris loves, and by the sounds the man above you is making, you can tell he’s getting close. You take him all the way again, and with a high-pitched cry of a moan, his high starts to hit him. And he’s gone for when your throat closes in on him, swallowing his hot release as best as you can.
“Oh my god,” he breathes, placing his hand on your back and bringing you up to meet his eyes “That was fuckin’ incredible.”
“Yeah?” you ask, and he wipes some of his cum from the corner of your mouth.
“Yeah,” he reaffirms, face still strawberry red. 
“Well there’s a lot more where that came from. Ready to go again?” you ask teasingly once you see he’s hard again. “We can do this all day,”
“Goddamn, I’m lucky. Wanna be inside you now, Honey. Can I?”
“The birthday boy will get what he wants,” you smile slyly, as Chris starts to help to undress you, taking off your sleeping shorts and sliding his own over-sized tee shirt off your torso.
Once you’re both completely naked, you toss one of your legs over his lap so that you’re straddling him. Then, without any more waiting, he guides your hips so that you’re hovering over his hardened length.
You press your hands flat against his abdomen to hold your balance as you gently sink down into his hard member, letting out a quiet moan when just his tip enters you.
“Fuck, Chris,” you whimper, sliding down onto him a little further.
“Oh fuck. You feel so good, Honey. So good. Just for me."
You whimper and clench your eyes shut as you slowly feel him bottom out, inch by massive inch.
“Chris,” you moan out, your voice catches in your throat and you struggle to speak, “You’re— fuck, you’re— god, you’re so big,”
“I know, Sweetheart. Doin’ so good for me, though. Feel so fuckin’ good ‘round my cock,”
He places his hand on your lower stomach, feeling the bulge of the size of his member from inside of you.
“Honey. Oh, Honey,” he murmurs lowly, his voice breaking in pleasure.
All you can let out in response is a strangled whimper, rolling your head back and then around to rest your forehead against Chris’ shoulder. He sits up straight against the headboard of the bed and crosses his legs, digging his fingers into the flesh of your ass to pull you closer to him. Your feet wrap around his back and the new angle is even more stimulating for both of you. It takes a moment before you’re ready to move again, having to adjust to his size again before you’re driving your hips down into his once more.
When you feel closer to your climax, you want more control. So you uncurl your legs from around his back and instead bend your knees to press the bottom of your feet into the mattress below you. You meet his thrusts upward with your own bounces down onto his length. Moans and whimpers are accompanied by the slicks sounds from your bodies joining and the bed below you creaking. You can only hope Dodger’s left the room or is still fast asleep. 
It doesn’t take much longer before your tight walls are clenching around him and Chris knows your body better than you do. He knows you’re about to come, and he also knows he’s practically about to burst. 
“Chris, oh god,” you whimper, feeling your legs start to shake.
“Come for me, Honey,” he coos, gathering your hair in one hand to lick and suck on your exposed neck, nothing but a sheen layer of sweat covering your skin, “C’mon, pretty girl, come all over my cock,”
Your climax crashes through you with a breathy moan; you latch on to Chris’ shoulders and throw your head back. He finishes right with you, thrusting up into your tight entrance and coming hard for a second time this morning, painting your walls with his white hot pleasure. 
“Oh god. Oh my god. Holy shit,” he pants, trying to recover his breathing.
A small groan escapes his lips and his eyebrows furrow in pleasure as you lean forward to kiss him. Air is only exchanged from his mouth to yours and your mouth to his, and you only break away when your vision starts to go a little fuzzy from a lack of proper oxygen. His sizable hands still spread wide on your back, brace you and hold you close to him while you both still work on coming back down from your highs.
A few moments pass, and with him still inside of you, before you know it, you’re both slumped down and tangled back in the sheets, your body on top of his, resting comfortably in a state of orgasmic bliss. 
“Happy birthday,” you breathe out, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his beard.
“Y’know, maybe my 40th year won’t be too bad,” he sighs, pulling you closer into his embrace and humming softly against your cheek, “As long as I’m starting it out like this,”
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You’re mine
Summary: Ransom’s a possessive dickhead.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Male Reader.
Warnings: Smut,oral sex,swearing,anal sex,possessiveness.
Word count: no idea.
Notes: thanks @afriendlyblackhottie , @buckys-blue-eyes and @syntheticavenger for helping me with Ransom’s personality and not shutting down the idea of him being gay 😊 I also couldn’t get the ‘keep reading’ thing to work,so, sorry if it’s too long.
Readers POV.
I went inside, shutting the door quietly and went to the lounge room, pulling my jumper off. “Hello,long night?”
I jumped. “Fuck, Ransom!” I looked at him and then took my converse off. “What are you doing up still?” I glanced at him and pulled my socks off, stuffing them into my converse.
“Well, my boyfriend stayed out at a bar until 10:30,” Ransom raised an eyebrow and got up from the lounge. “Kissing a guy as well.”
I shook my head. “He was a friend and drunk, Ransom.” I went to him and kissed his cheek. Ransom grabbed my wrist.
“You do remember you’re mine, right?” I nodded, trying to pull my wrist free and failing. “Do you? Cause you don’t act like it.” Ransom continued.
“I’m yours, Ransom, you know that.....” I kissed him, relaxing when he released my wrist. I smiled at him and watched him sit down.
“Prove it.”
I frowned. “I said I’m yours, Ransom.” He grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer.
“I heard you.” He undid his pants and pulled his dick out. “Now prove it.” I looked at him as I knelt between his legs and kissed him.
Ransom kissed me back and smirked. I kept my eyes on him as I slowly sucked the tip of his dick into my mouth. He let out a quiet moan as I took his whole dick into my mouth.
Ransom’s head fell back as I sucked his dick, sucking faster with every noise that fell from his mouth. “Fuck, Y/N……” he grabbed my hair as he come, I swallowed it all.
I pulled away, licking his dick as I did and watching him shudder slightly. “Believe me now?” He looked at me, almost glaring.
“No, you need to know who you belong to,” He licked his lips. “Strip. Now.”
I pulled my shirt off and dropped it at his feet, then undid my jeans. I took them off slowly, watching Ransom’s dick harden and played with the hem of my boxers.
I stepped back as Ransom reached for me. “Get here, Y/N, now.” He patted his lap. I smirked and took my boxers off, then sat on his lap with my back to his chest. “Up.”
I lifted myself up and let him pull me back down. I gasped and gripped his arm. “F-fuck….” I bit my lip.
Ransom pulled his arm free and held my chest, thrusting up and making me moan loudly. I moaned louder with each thrust, gripping the armrest and his thigh.
“You Belong to me.” Ransom thrusted harder. “Understand? You belong to me, no one else.” I nodded, moaning louder.
“I-I’m….y-yours….please…” he thrusted faster.
“Cum for me, Y/N.” I let my head fall back against his shoulder and come, gripping his thigh.
“OH, GOD, RANSOM!” He kept thrusting until he come, then just held me against his chest tightly.
“You’re mine.” He whispered in my ear.
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starlight-rogers · a day ago
Birthday Present
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 2.1k+ words
Summary: you have an extra special present for Chris on his 40th birthday
Warnings: smut, anal, use of butt plugs, mentions of a bj, anal fingering (f receiving), lot of cursing and dirty talk, a soul-crushing amount of fluff, cevans getting treated like a king on his birthday, 18+ only
A/N: I've been so excited to finally post this idea that I've been thinking about for quite a while now! If you want more Chris filth then make sure to join my CEvans 40th Birthday Sleepover! We're just being hoes for Chris and all of his characters today so stop by and read/request some filth. Hope you all enjoy this story
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Tumblr media
Chris' birthday had been filled with presents and family and way too much food. It had been the perfect day, lowkey and surrounded by the people he loves most. The best part was having you by his side all day, waking up beside you, feeling like the luckiest guy in the whole world when you had disappeared beneath the sheets this morning to wake him up properly on his birthday.
The sun had gone down hours ago by the time you arrived home from his mother's house where she had cooked him a birthday dinner. As far as days and birthdays go, this one had been perfect. Chris thought it couldn't possibly get any better than this.
Little did he know you had one more surprise up your sleeve.
You had been wanting this for weeks, but you had decided to wait until his birthday to make it special for him. You knew he was an ass man, you were pretty sure everyone knew that fact by now, so you knew that he would enjoy your surprise. But you had been worried about taking him. He's very well endowed, his cock practically splitting you open every time he fucks you, and you were concerned about anal being painful for you because of that.
So for the last few weeks you'd been using the time he was busy to sneak away and plug your ass, starting with smaller plugs and working your way up to thicker ones, wanting to be as prepared for him as you could be.
You had bought a special plug for his birthday. It was a simple jewelled plug, but was so pretty and looked even prettier buried in your ass. Now, as you excused yourself to the bathroom, lubing up the plug and sliding it inside you, you were more aroused than ever by the idea of surprising him like this.
You decided to forgo all clothes, knowing that anything you wore would end up ripped and discarded on the floor anyway. You could hear him settling into bed as you finished up in the bathroom, fixing your hair one more time before making your way into the bedroom.
"Fuck." he moans as he turns around to see you, completely naked before him, "Happy birthday to me."
You giggle at his cheesy comment, "Sit down, baby," you prompt him, directing him to the top of the bed. He discards his clothes before doing as you ask, and you wait for him to settle against the pillows before moving to straddle him, biting your lip to stifle the moan that sits on the tip of your tongue from the feeling of the plug shifting inside you, "I have a surprise for you." you whisper against his lips as you draw him in for a sweet kiss.
"What could be better than this?" he smiles up at you, completely lovestruck as you take his hand in yours and guide it to your ass.
At first he thinks you're just encouraging him to touch you, but then his fingers brush over something he's never felt before. His breath hitches as he circles the area again to make sure he wasn't losing his mind, but no, you definitely had a plug in your ass. He felt lightheaded as he gripped your hips, turning you around so he could get a glimpse of your ass, and you knew he had seen the little jewel peeking out from between your cheeks when he lets out a low curse at the sight.
"Does it look nice, daddy?" you wiggle your ass as you speak, giggling as he moans pitifully.
"Yeah, fuck baby, you look so good with a plug in your ass." he groans, squeezing your ass cheeks before separating them with his hands to get a better look at the jewel nestled against your untouched hole.
"Don't you think my ass would look nicer with something big inside it, daddy?" you hear his breath hitch in his throat at your suggestion, and Chris knows in this moment that this is the best fucking birthday he's ever had.
"Fuck baby, are you sure?" you can tell by the strain in his voice that he's desperately trying to hold himself back, wanting to make sure you're comfortable with this before he loses himself completely to this glorious gift you've bestowed upon him, "You don't have to if you don't wanna."
"I've wanted to for so long," you admit, a blush creeping to your cheeks as you turn your gaze away from him, "Wanted to wait and make it special for you."
"Well this is the most special gift I've ever been given, sweetheart," he's sure you're going to be the death of him when he buries his cock in that sweet untouched hole of yours, "M'gonna take good care of you, okay? Gonna make you feel so good on my cock."
"Please." you beg, not wanting to spend another second without him deep inside you.
Within a moment, you're lying flat on your back on the soft mattress, your hair fanning out across the pillows as you blush under his gaze. His eyes have darkened as he hovers over your naked form, his mind rushing with all the ways he can utterly ruin you, but he stays gentle for now. Soft and needy movements to make sure you're relaxed and feeling comfortable to take him.
"Have you had anything bigger than the plug, baby girl?" he groans when you shake your head no, his cock twitching at the thought of how tight you'll feel wrapped around him, "Okay, I'm gonna get you nice and stretched out for me. Make sure you can take me without any pain."
You couldn't do anything but moan at his words, the way he was taking care of your body so overwhelming that you were entirely overcome by the affection you felt radiating from him. It felt like you were floating as he reached into the drawer of the bedside table to retrieve the bottle of lube that resided there before moving back to hover you.
Chris' fingers dance their way down your torso, caressing your soft skin all the way down to your parted thighs. His fingers dip down into your wetness, and he can't resist playing with your clit, relishing in the soft gasp that leaves your lips when he rubs it just the way he knows you like. You whine as his fingers leave your little button, but he's a man on a mission, his fingers travelling lower until he feels soft plastic against his skin.
"I'm gonna take it out now, okay?" he waits for you to tell him its okay before gently grasping the plug, making you whimper at the stimulation of the toy moving inside as he slowly pulls it out of you. The emptiness inside you is unpleasant, and Chris picks up on that as he sets the plug down and works quickly to lube up his fingers before bringing two of them to your already generously lubed up entrance.
You're not sure who moan louder out of the two of you when he pushes his two fingers knuckle deep inside your ass. His fingers are longer than the plug and thicker as well, but the stretch is pleasant as he gently scissors you open. All he can think of is how tight you're going to feel wrapped around him, his cock throbbing in anticipation as he pumps his fingers a little faster, groaning as you clench around them.
"Daddy," you moan, grasping at his wrist as he curls his fingers against your sensitive walls, "I need your cock inside me, please."
Chris could never say no to you when you would beg for him to fuck you. But now that you were begging him to fuck your ass your pleas made him absolutely feral. His fingers left you with a soft growl leaving his lips as he reached for the lube bottle to coat his cock with the liquid. He hisses when you reach up, stroking his cock to coat it in the lubricant before he has the chance to do it, moaning when you twist your wrist the way he loves.
He pushes your hand away after a moment, coming to rest over you, his cock pausing at your entrance as he looks into your eyes for confirmation.
"Fuck me," you whimper, and then he's pushing into your ass as you grip his biceps. You're being stretched so deliciously on his cock, completely full of him in a completely different way to anything you've ever felt before.
"Oh my god!" he moans as he bottoms out, stilling his hips to allow you to adjust to his girth, "So fucking tight for me, baby girl. Feels so good."
There's a little bit of pain at first as he rocks his hips tentatively, waiting for you to ask him for more. But when your eyes are no longer clenched shut and you're moaning out a mixture of expletives and his name, he slowly picks up the pace until he's pounding into your ass hard.
You've never felt this type of pleasure before. It feels completely different from anything you've ever experienced and it sends waves of pleasure through you that leave you a trembling mess as the coil in your stomach tightens.
"Chris," you moan out, clenching around his cock and giggling at his loud whimper, "m'gonna cum."
"Yeah baby? You gonna cum 'round my cock?" he asks, smirking forming on his lips as he reaches between the two of you to continue his ministrations on your clit as you writhe beneath him, "Cum for daddy, I've got you baby."
The entire world stops for a moment as you shatter in his arms, your release coasting over you in strong waves of pleasure that leave your thighs shaking and your pussy clenching around nothing as he continues to drive into your ass. You feel so good. So fucking full, as he continues to grind into you at a desperate pace, his cock twitching against your walls as your release pushes him closer to his.
"Fuck baby, gonna cum." he moans, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he pounds into you a little bit harder, growling at the way you cling to him to hold on as he fucks you wildly, "Gonna fill your tight ass with my cum."
He's almost there, you can feel it by the way his pace is faltering and he's pressing himself as close to you as physically possible. But when you nip at his earlobe before whispering, "Cum for me, daddy," he's a total goner. Moaning loudly he drives himself as deep into you as he can go as he spills his cum inside your ass. You can't help but moan at the new feeling of having your other hole filled like this, stroking his spine gently as he shakes above you, spurts of cum spilling into your ass for again and again as he comes down from the strength of his high.
Once he's able to move, he slowly pulls out of you, collapsing on the pillow beside your head as you both stare at the ceiling, catching your breaths before Chris breaks the silence.
"Can that be my birthday present every year?" he asks, both of you dissolving into a fit of giggles as you playfully slap his chest, "That was the best present I've ever gotten, thank you sweetheart."
"Anything for the birthday boy." you chuckle, pressing a kiss to his lips as you move to hop off the bed, "And we're not waiting until your next birthday to do that again."
Chris' eyes widen at that, his softened cock twitching slightly at your words.
"You mean... you want me to fuck you in the ass again?" you laugh at his excited puppy-dog look as he waits for your answer.
"Of course, it felt so fucking good baby," you notice the way that his breathing becomes laboured once more, and you point at him with a soft laugh, "Not tonight, I'm tired."
"It's okay baby, I've got all of our lives to fuck you senseless." he stands to his feet, walking around to your side of the bed "Let's go get cleaned up."
Before you can even attempt to stand to your feet he's scooping you up in his arms, carrying you bridal style into the bathroom. Both of you were giddy from your afterglows and the love you share for each other. The feeling was warming, something that had you sharing giggly kisses as you found your way into the shower and turned on the warm water.
It was the moments like this that made Chris love you even more. The way you looked at him with such adoration fueling his soul as he pressed his body to yours. This had been the best birthday he'd ever had, but the best part was knowing that he would wake up tomorrow in your arms, wrapped tightly in the affection and love that you reserved just for him. And that was the best gift he'd ever received.
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~Comforting Kisses~
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 427
A/N: well well well, look what’s back🙈 one of the bonus kisses is here🤗 hope you guys enjoy this one💕 and this went over my original word count for each drabble but who cares right?☺
Warnings: fluff, mention of bad/tired day at work
Tumblr media
Coming home after a long day at work is literally the best feeling ever because you finally get to turn your off brain, leaving the chaos, and go home to Ransom. It was nothing you couldn’t handle, but this week has been exhausting due to so many reasons. People were being unreasonable, unorganized, and unprofessional, causing you immeasurable amount of stress, and making you go overtime to clean up their messes.
Your drive home was a quiet one too, usually you’d put on some smooth jazz or some acoustics to ease the day of craziness off you, but today you needed the peace and quiet.
You were a little disappointed when Ransom wasn’t in sight when you step in front door, not that you needed him to be there every time you get home(you are not that kind of needy), but still it’d have been nice to see his face right away.
Kicking off your shoes, dropping your keys and purse onto the table before you made your way to your shared bedroom, you paddled in with your bare feet. “Hey babe-“ he started as he noticed you while he was lying in bed scrolling on his phone.
Without a sound, you climbed on top of him, earning yourself a groan and a huff from him as you set your weight on him, wrapped your arms around his shoulders and neck and buried your head in the crook of his neck. You felt the warmth of him almost instantly, and taking in his oaky scent definitely helped ease the tensions in your brain and muscles, letting yourself melt into his embrace.
By the way you were not speaking and being clingy, he could tell you have had a long day (even a long week). So, he rested his hand on the back of your head, patting you and smoothing your hair as he pressed soft kisses to the side of your head. “Long week, huh?” his voice was soft and sweet, and you nodded without lifting your head and hugged him even tighter. “I was making a reservation for us tomorrow… Order in and movie in bed instead?”
You nodded again, turning your head just enough to plant a kiss on his neck, letting him know you love him for being so thoughtful as his hand continued his little pats and scratches.
“I will treat you like a princess, and make you feel like a queen, how about that?” he cooed, kissing your temple softly this time, making your heart melt and flutter at the same time.
Tumblr media
Click here for ~ Kisses with Ransom || Masterlist ~
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the first tooth
Summary: a drabble of this family (can still be a stand alone) where Celeste loses her first tooth. 
Pairings: Dad! Husband! Ransom Drysdale x reader
Celeste, six, has been bragging about her loose tooth ever since she bursted in the kitchen–– freaking the both of you out.
"My tooth is wiggling! My tooth is wiggling!" she screams then stops to show you the tooth, mouth wide open, her tongue pushing against her left front tooth.  
"Look at that, you're about to lose your first tooth babe!" Ransom laughed, her chin between his fingers.
You raised your hand for a high five, "Now we just gotta wait for it to fall off and then the tooth fairy can drop you a gift" you tell her. 
"Or you could let daddy help you remove it faster?" 
"How?" she looks at him skeptically, mouth slanted.
"I could tie it to the door and close it, so it pops out?" he asks her.
Her hands cover her mouth as she grimaces at the thought of it. Your stomach turns too at the thought of it, you've always gone for the natural path of letting a tooth fall out. Not very surprised that Ransom was the fearless kid who took his teeth out in different methods.
"No thank you!" her voice muffled behind her hands.
"All right, suit yourself" he tells her, arms raised.
"Try eating some hard things baby, that usually helps, and you never notice" you advise her.
"Like carrots?"
"Yeah, like a carrot"
“Thanks!” she cheered to the both of you, skipping to the back door. “I’m going outside!”
When you hear the slam of the door behind her you turn to Ransom, whose face matches yours. 
“She’s losing her first tooth” you sigh.
 Of course you're ecstatic to see her growing so happy and healthy, but time truly flies by when you’re having fun. And it was definitely raising a little girl like Celeste, who was perfect in every way in your and Ransom’s eyes. 
“I know!” he shrieks, “Next thing you know she’ll be asking me for a raise on her allowance”
 “Ran!” you can’t help but laugh at his joke
“We can always have another one?” he inquiries sweetly. His arms latching around your waist tightly, one hand running up and down your spine. 
“We’ll sit on it” you tell him, kissing his forehead, walking back to the cake batter you were mixing. 
He can’t help but feel the slight disappointment wash over him, but he also understands, with how hard your pregnancy was with Celeste. 
Days pass as Celeste’s loose tooth becomes her new obsession. She’s shut down every opportunity Ransom gives her to try the string method and let nature take its course. 
She’s tried eating hard food, gargling salt water, brushing her tooth rougher than usually, and gently wiggling it around with her tongue. But to no avail, since it seems her tooth is as stubborn as Celeste herself.
When the moment finally happens it is during dinner, which takes place in the living room. She doesn’t even realize at first until her face sours up and you and Ransom look onto her confused. 
“You okay?” you ask, a little worried she wasn’t enjoying her food–– consisting of plain wings, truffle fries, celery with a side of blue cheese. 
She spits something into her palm and pulls back her head slowly, “My tooth! It’s my tooth! It finally came out!” She's beaming. 
Ransom can tell how bad the jellybeans are taking over her, so he takes her plate from her lap and as quick as he does that, she jumps off the couch dancing around the room.  
The hand holding the tooth shakes in the air as she sings a tune mixed with “My tooth fell out” and “The tooth fairy is coming.”
“Come here you firecracker” Ransom laughs, waving his arm in a come here motion. 
When she stands between his legs, he tilts her head up to see more clearly. “I’m so proud of you lesty, let me take a picture” his body reaches forward to grab his phone off the coffee table.
“Daddy!” she groans, palming her forehead. She thinks neither of you can’t tell through her little facade, but Celeste Drysdale turned into an instant diva whenever the camera was faced onto her. She loves taking her photo, no matter the occasion. 
You smile as your husband smiles taking a picture of the smiling girl holding up her first lost tooth. 
When he finishes taking who knows how many pictures of his precious girl, he asks her to look over them. “Look how beautiful you look” he smiles down at her. 
“I know! Thank you daddy” she responds confidently.
Definitely a Drysdale. 
“I’m so proud of baby” you tell her as you hug her closely, kissing her cheek. “You know what to do now right?”
“I’m gonna go put it under my pillow” she bellows, dashing out of your arms and up the stairs.
“I think one hundred dollars should suffice” he says, his arm hooking over your shoulders.
“It’s her first tooth! C’mon…”  
“That’s a lot of money for a kid, baby” you tell him. 
“Fifty–– and i’m not going any less”
“I wasn’t expecting you to” rolling your eyes at the stupid, yet attractive smirk on his face.
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So… 👀 I’m writing again!!! 🎉😱 (Nobody cares I know)
But somehow my mind gravitated towards a scenario starring a hot, rich, spoiled, sweater wearing troublemaker and I couldn’t say no, so this happened:
Tumblr media
What’s he gonna do in my story? Something good? Something bad? Something cute or something naughty? Who knows?!
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