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dawdlecentric · 2 hours ago
Say My Name
This is probably my favorite edit from this musical crossover. It's fun and a bit challenging but in the end, I managed to pull through although yea, I didn't use the full song cuz I feel like if I add the ending, it's gonna be a bit redundant and I think Spinel poofing at the end is funny xD
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Possessive - Oliver Wood
Tumblr media
Pairing: Oliver Wood x Reader
Characters: Oliver Wood, Fred Weasley, George Weasley
Warnings: N/A
Request: @soularsmate​: “hello! I was wondering- if u still take Harry Potter requests, if you could do a Oliver Wood x reader, where he gets jealous -not in a toxic way-, but it ends well? for example he says stuff like "you're mine" or smthng like that? if not its totally fine! I hope u have a wonderful day:)”
Word Count: 511
Author: Hannah
You’d known before you’d gotten with Oliver that he had what some would call a possessive streak; never to the point that he would be controlling but he never took it well when someone else would come onto whoever he was going out with.
The two of you had been friends for a while, and there was just something about him that made you fall – the accent helped too.
As always, you were watching Oliver’s quidditch practice. It was rare that you missed one and you knew that Oliver liked it when you were there.
What you hadn’t noticed though was that a fellow Gryffindor prefect had sat down close to you in the stands, clearly intent on trying to talk to you but you were too engrossed in your homework.
Oliver had noticed the other guy sitting next to you, so had the twins who both smirked at Oliver before flying over
“Oi Y/N!” Fred yelled out as they both hovered in front of you.
You looked up and smiled at them both, but then startled as you saw the guy sitting next to you.
“Shouldn’t you be staring at our captain rather than the parchment Snape set?” George quizzed with a smirk on his face.
Laughing, you rolled your eyes. “Oliver knows just when my eyes are on him, it’s when he shows off,” you joked.
It was then that you noticed the look on your boyfriend’s face and the rather possessive fire in his eyes, not directed at you though – directed straight at the Gryffindor sitting next to you.
You caught Oliver’s eye and he raised an eyebrow, motioning his head to the guy next to you before shooting you a wink and whistling the twins back over.
After a few moments Oliver was back into practice and you were back into your homework, but you were still aware of the presence not too far from you.
As the practice started to finish up the guy next to you finally spoke up.
“So, how come you’re out here doing homework and not in the common room doing it?” he questioned, smiling at you as you began to pack your things away.
Shrugging, you slung your bag over your shoulder. “Oh, you know, the view isn’t so bad.”
You left it at that and made your way down from the stands to the changing rooms to wait for Oliver, like you usually did.
On your way there, a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you behind the Gryffindor stand.
Disorientated for a moment, you soon adjusted and saw Oliver smirking down at you. “The view isn’t bad is it?”
You rolled your eyes as you sighed. “You know it isn’t, now care to explain why you’ve accosted me here when we could be warm back at the common room?”
“You’re mine, you know that right?”
Scoffing, you moved your hands to rest at his waist. “And when have I ever questioned that, Mr Possessive?”
He chuckled but leant down to kiss you. “Better to be possessive than passive love.”
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tinydragontoons · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
So I thought up an idea for what Corrupted!Marcy might look like. Definitely gonna post more stuff with this design here :D
Idk man I just love hero possession/corruption situations. They give me life
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okami-ojou · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Leader of the bad guys, Josephine... nobody knows what possessed her, but she is vicious, manipulative and honestly a b....
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worstloki · 5 hours ago
I don’t think the blonde variant isn’t actually a Loki tbh? P sure it was said said the TVA hadn’t actually seen her up till this point and were just assuming she was a Loki variant by going off of vibes/temporal aura. She has powers not seen in previous movies and Sophia di martino is listed in the credits as “Sylvie” which is the name of someone who was enchantress in the comics (note the line about enchantments from our Loki). The green color of her magic is also pretty different? Just a hunch
Black hair is Loki's thing and the eyes made me think Enchantress even though there was no love aspect so I agree and am back on the theory that Sylvie is working under King Loki who created her (maybe the where-did-you-come-from conversation was a link to that for later :))
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pink-hat · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh no she’s now know as the..
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incorrectcq · 6 hours ago
Poor Jane just wanted to have breakfast.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@gold-star-for-cathyparr it took a while but I finally finished the drawing for Jane's chapter of the Mutant AU fic.
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kirsteiiins · 7 hours ago
I've dreamt about you every night since I met you, sweetheart. And I'm not possessive, I just know what I want, and that is You. All. For. Myself -well and those guys I've mentioned-. I'm not jealous though, okay?.............I'm not.
Have sweet dreams tonight ~kisses your forehead while running his hands through your hair, and cuddles you closer~ my soft girl. -E.
I’m soft, you really dream about me? 🥺 I’m going to be thinking about that all night now. But you want me all for yourself😳?? Now why was that hot… but you’re totally jealous. I love it though, you’re hot when you’re jealous 😏.
Giggles at the affection, holding you close as well sweet dreams…my jealous baby<3 you’re so cute
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Tumblr media
I've seen supernatural. I know what the black goop coming out of your ears means
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urlocalllama · 9 hours ago
YOOOOO I've just read your two most recent fics, AND I LOVE THEM, SO MUCH-
First off, poor DBK. He just wanted to protect his family, why did they do him like that :( now he's in pain nooo- Also Ao Lie (did I write his name right?) calling DBK a beefcake- 10/10
AND THEN THERE'S THE QUESTION OF MK'S PARENTS! I wonder if this is going to affect the plot of your AU👀 Bc I think you've been hinting at something (lmao what if MK is Wukong's son-), but I'll just have to read and see😎
Also, Mac and Sun are some straight up kinky mf's ngl- (them chasing eachother just to pinch eachother is- THEY'RE IDIOTS AND I LOVE THEM!)
AND I LOVE AO LIE, HE WAS SUCH A DELIGHT TO READ, YOU WROTE HIM SO WELL! His "At ease fuckboys" and "fuck-shit-up-demon-destroying-weapon" and literally nearly every sentence he says is so fucking amazing I love that guy, I'm gonna miss him. The way he kicked them all out is👌
Also, we haven't heard of DKC for awhile👀 OH NO WHAT HAS HE PLANNED. Not to mention I REMEMBER YOUR DRAWING OF THE COURTSHIP THINGIES (can't remember the name lol sorry) WHAT DOES THIS MEAN AAAA-
I saw your drawing of Mac and Wukong together in their outfits to their date and- IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL IM GONNA CRY WTF THEY'RE JUST PERFECT
I feel...
Loved ♡
Ao Lie is a gift. Absolute king shit. He has a little genderfluid wifey and twelve daughters! I have names and general appearances, but sheesh thats 13 other characters. Not saying that a donation to my ko-fi wouldnt change my mind...
and yes Mac and Wukong are a liiiiittle kinky... when you're immortal and you've seen all kinds of *ahem* you tend to want to make it a little more spicy.
Im so so so glad you're loving it!! Stay tuned, because more is heading your way at high speeds!
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sunnyhellcalifornia · 9 hours ago
i saw drusilla playlist and hit follow i love her so much. i don't even listen to any of those artists yet but drusilla my beloved <3
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urlocalllama · 9 hours ago
may i just say i love how you write ao lie? "at ease, fuckboys" made me snort my water out and my nose hurts HAHAHAHAHA
ALSO!!!!! i really love the entire group's dynamic!! it's so domestic and sweet, even the dbk family can't escape it! i'll miss ao lie, but i can't wait to see how red son copes with this chaotic group
Ao Lie is a fucking treasure, and worry not! I did not spend all that time making Ao Lie that radical to just not use him later. He'll be back!
And I'm so glad you like how I write families! I'm actually the second oldest child in a family of TEN (eight siblings, two parents), and I'll be honest that a lot of my found family writing is directly based on things that actually happened in my family. We're all a grumpy sort, but we love each other.
For now, I'm excited to show you what I'm gonna do with Red Son. I actually did stop and thoroughly plan his arc so I can assure you this is gonna be GUUD.
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dragons-and-daedra · 10 hours ago
Fox (main)
Tumblr media
Most Precious Possession
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Child of night (vampire)
Tumblr media
Head in the clouds
Tumblr media
Slave to a whim
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Crybaby (frog)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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samthekind · 11 hours ago
not me talking to my future brother in law about my lotr fic 🥴
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urlocalllama · 11 hours ago
New Playable Character Unlocked
Possessive AU by Emily aka @urlocalllama
After hearing why the Demon Bull Family got so badly hurt, Wukong declares that they would do everything the could to help them. Fortunately, they decide to do the same. Red Son joins them on their journey. They all spend one last night at Ao Lie's manor before heading out...
Content/Trigger Warning: Two of the adult characters are heavily implied to have had sex. There is no sex scene, but it's really obvious from how I formed the narrative. Proceed with caution.
"That's fucked up," was all Macaque could say. He hoped that the Demon Bull Family didn't take that wrong, because... well, what the hell were you supposed to say after that?!
Princess Iron Fan had lead them all back into the room her family was staying in, feeling it would be best to share their story with DBK physically present. And then she it spilled out of her like poisoned water.
When Lady Bone Demon realized that Mk and company, Wukong, and he himself were no longer in her territory, she started violently expanding. She spared no thing to remain left un-turned. Ordinary mortals suffered severely, many of them dying when they succumbed to their wounds, others driven so insane they were left vegetables.
But her work did not remain in the realm of mortals. She started taking over and destroying demonic kingdoms, forcing them to join her or die. And the Demon Bull Family did not escape her notice.
You see, DBK had once sworn an oath of brotherhood with Wukong. That oath is what kept DBK from being killed, instead being trapped under a mountain for hundreds of years, and Lady Bone Demon suspected that the same oath was keeping him hidden in his kingdom.
They desperately tried to insist that there was no celestial monkey in their halls, and they desperately tried to fight off her impending invasion. And she hit them the hardest of them all. While most of DBK's people were not killed, she kept them as slaves and... and... it would've been more merciful to have killed them.
And so they ran, scared out of their minds. Unsure where to go, unsure what to do. And after some time of travelling, barely surviving, they had been ambushed by a small army.
It drove them towards the city, and unwittingly towards Ao Lie's manor, where the crew teamed up to defeat them.
And now they were here.
"I know it's fucked up," Red Son responded to Macaque, the bags under his eyes growing heavier and his lip quivering, "I just want to go home."
Mei cautiously slid next to Red Son, and offered him a hug. He seemed to refuse at first, but then he broke down and buried himself in her shoulder. Mk awkwardly joined in, and was surprised that Red Son pulled him in to properly join in.
Ao Lie and Wujing sat with Princess Iron Fan, handing her tissues and pouring her several cups of lavender tea. She was not the kind to openly sob, and was far from doing so, but her broken spirit cracked her stoic persona.
While Bajie and Sanzang were starting to gently offer their condolences, Wukong stayed silent. His eyes were dark, his expression cross, his countenance sad.
Then he cut into the quiet murmuring, proclaiming, "That settles it."
"You can tell me til the sun has risen and set a thousand times over that it's not really our fault. That it's not really my fault," He started, using that bold tone he used when he was trying to look braver than he actually felt, "But you three and your people were hit the hardest because me. Because she thought that I was with you. And that's not right."
He took a deep breath, "So we're going to help you. We'll help free your people and defeat Lady Bone Demon, in whatever order we can manage."
"I don't believe you," DBK said, astounded.
"Tough shit. You have my word that I'm going to help you, and I keep my word whether you like it or not."
DBK grumbled angrily, then reluctantly muttered, "Then you have my word that I will fight against you no more until you bring your quarrel to me."
"It's a deal, big guy," Wukong said triumphantly, and he gave him a little bow. While DBK couldn't bow, he tilted his head and motioned his hand in a respectful way.
"In that case," Red Son started, wiggling his way out of Mk and Mei's arms, "I'm coming with you."
"Red Son?" Iron Fan asked, "What are you speaking of?"
"I'm going to go with them and help them destroy our mutual enemy," He said plainly, "You need to stay here with Father and protect him while he heals. I can go with them and guarantee our victory and that they do not betray us."
Iron Fan thought for a moment, worry in her eyes, then relented, "You may go. Do not die, my only requirement is that you come back to me."
"I will, Mother, I will," Red Son bowed deeply to her, then started to turn away when Iron Fan held her arms up.
He dove into them, hugging her just as tight as she hugged him. She kissed him on the forehead and let go.
"Welcome to the party, kid," Wukong said jovially, grinning widely, "We should have enough firepower now - no pun intended - that we should breeze through most of the fighting!"
Mei and Mk cheered, not catching onto the sheer anxiety that was coursing through Wukong.
Did they not know that when he grinned like *that* it meant he was panicking?
"Well," Ao Lie started, "Your ship should be finished by tomorrow morning. You can rest here overnight, and set off in the morning. You're all a bunch of headaches and I'll be better off without you, anyways."
"Aw, we'll miss you, too, Ao Lie!" Mei sang.
"Yeah, you're really cool and I want to come back sometime and hang out!" Mk said, causing Ao Lie's grumpy facade to crack a little.
"Well, its not the time to say good-bye, yet!" Ao Lie protested, "If anything, it's time for y'all to eat some dinner and go the fuck to sleep."
Macaque woke up next to Wukong again, their limbs twisted around each other from last night.
Mmm... last night...
It would be a while... y'know, considering they were sharing a cabin with Mk while Mei shared with Red... before they could do something like that again.
He let himself drift through the memories dreamily as he tugged Wukong closer to him, holding him by his waist and running his fingers over his lips.
"G'mornin..." Wukong mumbled, kissing Macaque's palm as he blinked sleepily.
"Good morning, my sugary sweet peach dumpling," He gushed, kissing Wukong's brow.
"Tha was... fun. Las' night..." Wukong yawned, "Les rent hotel room and do that 'gain later."
"Maybe, darling, maybe. For now, let's focus on getting some actual breakfast and meeting with the others."
"Aww, I was gonna make a joke about how you were my breakfast, but you cut me off!"
"Yeah, I got a'head' of you."
That earned Macaque several firm smacks on the bottom while he started laughing like a maniac.
They calmed down and pulled back on their clothes, meeting the others in the kitchen where Ao Lie's employees were serving them breakfast. Ao Lie was apparently eating with his family, so he didn't join them. However, they were joined instead by Iron Fan and Red Son.
"Mornin' hot rod," Macaque mumbled at Red Son as he walked past.
"Mornin' Hot Topic," He shot back.
Macaque turned back towards him, a little (very) shocked. Mei was laughing her ass off, tears streaming down her face.
"Okay, that's funny," Mk commented, snickering behind his piece of toast.
"Y'know what? You got me," Macaque said, "You got me good. You win this round."
Red Son blinked, then laughed a little once he connected the dots in his head that they were playing around.
"So, uh," Macaque asked, letting Wukong sit him down near him while he made them a combined plate, "You seem to have allied with these nerds before. Care to share?"
Red Son choked a little on his food, then clarified, "Well, uh. It was a little unintentional. I'll spare you the more boring details, but during the Lunar New Year's festivities we had teamed up to defeat Spider Queen when she had taken over the city."
"Yeah!" Mei added, leaning over to them and hugging Macaque's arm, "Baby Red Boy here was a true hero!! He was the one who figured out the antidote to Spider Queen's venom and everything!!"
"Don't call me that!" He said angrily, his hair flaring up into a small fire, but then he coughed and calmed down, "But yes, that is the gist of what happened."
"Food," Wukong said, "Mei, please get out of my chair. I would like to sit with my boyfriend."
"Oh? And why should I move?"
"Gay rights."
"You're right!" Mei let go of Macaque and returned to her original spot.
Macaque sputtered with laughter, "Gay rights?! How'd you know that would work?"
"Mei speaks a lot of internet lingo, as you've noticed. She finds using LGBT+ rights in any context where it's unnecessary hilarious. 'Course, only in the positive way. No one likes a homophobe."
"Amen!" The entire table mumbled in agreement at slightly different times.
"Wait, hang on..." Red Son leaned over the table, taking a closer look at Sanzang, "...why do you have hair now?"
"Do you want a blunt answer or an explanation?"
"Being a Buddhist monk is temporary. Once I became a Bodhisattva I no longer needed to be a monk. Simple as that!"
"Dude. You're sitting with like three Bodhisattvas," Ao Lie commented as he walked into the room, "Sanzang is the Bodhisattva of Merit, I'm the Bodhisattva of the Eight Heavenly Sections, and Wukong is the Victorious Fighting Bodhisattva."
"WHAT?!" Red Son exclaimed, "I've been around gods this whole time?! You've been a god this whole time?!" He pointed at Wukong, who was lazily gnawing on a bagel.
"Hell yeah, Red Boy," Wukong smirked, cracking his bagel back open and adding another layer of cream cheese, "I'm officially THE baddest bitch. Can't get badder and bitchier than me. Well, okay, so maybe you could get bitchier than me, but both at the same time? I don't think so."
"Peaches, I think that's enough cream cheese..."
"Sir, can I offer you some bagel with that cream cheese?" Mei joked, gesturing at the platter of bagels.
"I didn't know you added toppings to your morning cream cheese," Mk also joked, pretending to stare at him in awe, "I should start doing that too! Eating a whole tub of cream cheese would be far more enjoyable then."
"I haven't even put a lot on my bagel! I've seen you guys layer your toast with more butter than I am layering this with cream cheese!"
"Ooh, be careful there, Wukong," Bajie started, "The American White Girl in you is coming out..."
Wukong grabbed a bagel from the tray and hurled it at Bajie's head, who caught it in his mouth and swallowed.
Everyone burst into laughter, even Red Son and Iron Fan giggled.
"Nono, that's not quite it," Sanzang snickered, "He'd have to enjoy just pieces of straight-up cheese to be an American White Girl."
"...but I do enjoy straight-up cheese..."
"Welp! Can't help ya, chief. Good luck, you're gonna need it."
Laughter ensued, and Macaque could see Wukong clearly enjoying this or he'd have stopped them already.
They were starting to respect him, which made him irrationally happy. He really went from scraping at the bottom of the barrel just for food to being considered important among some of the most amazing people he's ever seen. Incredible.
Ten out of ten experience, would recommend.
"Alright, fuckers, you've slept in my house," Ao Lie cut them off loudly, sadly having to be the party-pooper, "You've eaten in my house, you've taken shits in my house, and some of you have even had sex in my house. Buncha freaks."
"Wait who did what?" Mk asked, and Mei shushed him while giving Macaque the mischievous evil eye. He sliced at his throat with his fingers to tell her to knock it off.
Ao Lie continued, "With the exception of the magnificent Princess Iron Fan and her absolute beefcake of a husband, Demon Bull King, I'm kicking you all out. You can now continue your mystical magical journey for a fuck-shit-up Demon-destroying weapon so you can save the world with the power of friendship and this gun you found."
"Sir yes sir!" Mei and Mk saluted him jokingly, sitting at mock attention.
"At ease, fuckboys!" He joked back, snorting with laughter.
"So, uh... where are we headed?" Red Son asked.
"We're on a journey..." Mk started, standing up to dramatically point into the distance, "To the west!"
"That's east, bud."
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420technoblazeit · 11 hours ago
i joined the fandom pretty late so idk what the quackity possession theory is. i hear ppl reference it a lot, and i know the general idea (its a theory from s2 that schlatt was/is possessing quackity) but idk where it came from? why did ppl believe it/what was the proof? was it even a theory or an actual plotline that the cc's forgot about? im so confused LMAO
ooh ok i actually really liked this theory when it was around so lemme break it down for you. quackity ate schlatt's heart at the funeral, right? everyone knows that, but the part that usually gets left out is that immediately after the funeral quackity did a complete 180 and started talking about resurrecting him. he called together sam, bad, ant, and puffy and asked for their help. it was about this time that quackity dipped into the morally dubious side of things and he started acting kinda like schlatt did during his presidency. charismatic, persuasive, more than a little shady, the whole shebang
keep in mind that during the pogtopia arc quackity had never been particularly violent. he hadn't lost much back then so he didn't have the all-or-nothing intensity that characterizes him now. so that personality development sparked the theory that schlatt had managed to somehow possess quackity when he ate his heart. he also had a suspicious moment on a late night stream with george where he rambled about everyone leaving him and how george was his only friend left im sure u can find a clip of it somewhere still lmao
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