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#chris evans one shot
reformedmeanestgirl · 4 hours ago
‘Tis The Damn Season
(sneak peak)
Tumblr media
Pairings: Ransom Drysdale x Actress!Reader (high school sweethearts)
Warnings: cursing, angst, flashbacks, slight mention of death, drinking, cuddling (if that’s considered a warning?).
Word Count: 400+
Based on: ‘Tis the Damn Season by Taylor Swift
Tumblr media
If I wanted to know who you were hanging with, while I was gone, I would’ve asked you.
“I can’t believe they make us do this every year.” Beth’s voice was a near whisper over the background music.
Every holiday season, your high school friend group liked to set up a holiday “get together.” It ideally consisted of a group of about thirty of you, a small number in the large class you graduated with. Over the years, the group diminished. Some moved away, some got married, had kids, some even died. You tried to come back, hell, you all promised the day of graduation that you’d try. But, about five years ago, you moved out to Los Angeles on a hunch that it would kickstart your acting career.
And that it did.
You remember the look on Ransom’s face when you told him you were moving.
“So.. Berkeley will let me transfer all of my credits so I can graduate on time,” you mumbled, limbs tangled with Ransom’s as you laid on the floor of the Thrombey estate, in front of a crackling fire that he’d, surprisingly, started all by himself.
The amber glow of the flames illuminating the hurt in his eyes, the blue hue radiating one of sadness, rather than the joy it normally did when he was around you. One sip from the glass of stolen bourbon, an exhale, and he was finally ready to speak.
“That’ll be good for you, peach.” His voice was sad. Was he, Hugh Ransom Drysdale, sad? For you? “I have no doubt you’ll, uh.. you’ll do great.”
“I’ll help you pack.”
But, he didn’t. He didn’t even come to say goodbye the night before you left. He dodged your texts, your phone calls. He even ignored you banging on his front door at three in the morning, begging to talk before you left.
Why was he so upset? You weren’t together. He made that abundantly clear. The two of you had been fuck buddies since you were about fifteen. He never wanted to make it any more than that.
So when you first made eye contact with the sweater clad playboy on December 24th, you felt your heart drop. It had been five years. Five fucking years since he’d seen you. And god, you looked perfect. Your hair styled to perfection, skin glowing with a radiance only the California sun could provide. He’d seen you in movies, of course. He’d seen you dating some of the most eligible men in Hollywood. And he hated every moment of it.
Tumblr media
header made by @firefly-graphics xx
Hope y’all enjoyed this lil preview of an upcoming one shot!
I already have Family Values starting and part one will be up either tonight or tomorrow soooo, be on the lookout for that!
As always thanks for reading and ily x
- Jo 🪐
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mellowpoetryblizzard · 7 hours ago
Intimacy Coordinator - Epilogue
Summary: You meet Chris on set of a new film the two of you are starring in, with your first intimate scene looming.  Will your comfort (or lack thereof) cross over into something real?  Or is it just destined for the hot lights of Hollywood? Word Count:  Eff off. (love youuu) Characters: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader Warnings: 18+, None - this is all fluff.
Author’s Note: OK... now I’m really done with this story this time.  LET CHRIS AND THE READER BE!!!
These Delightful Folks Asked to be Tagged: @chvntelle-99​​​ @justjulie1105​​​ @nnnnatalie​​​ @one-sweet-gubler​​​ @lovelyladymayyy​​​ @kthynes​​​​
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 * || Part 4 || Part 5 * || Part 6 Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 * || Part 11 || Epilogue
Tumblr media
**2 Years Later - Czech Republic**
You were counting down the days until you were on a plane back to the states.  Prague was an adventure, but you were admittedly exhausted as the Russo’s had really put you through your paces on your first outing with them at the helm.  Your profile had taken off exponentially since that first film.  Now, also being the consistent leading lady in Chris’ life didn’t hurt your career prospects either.  To clarify, that part wasn’t ever your motive or priority, it just naturally came with the territory.  Your bags were packed as production wrapped, this time you made a point to schedule around wrap parties and organized accordingly.  Chris was back home in Sudbury, and you had finally moved to Massachusetts with him after a bit of coaxing.  The small town life was a rediscovered dive into peace.  Sudbury embraced you with open arms and frankly, life was good.
**A Week Later - Sudbury**
Chris fidgeted nervously, waiting for you to pull up to the house.  You had been gone for six weeks at this point.  It wasn’t the longest you two had been apart, but it wasn’t a short stretch of time either.  You breathed a sigh of relief as the familiar sites of home came into view.  You had texted Chris when you landed - about an hour or so prior.  Quickly checking a car mirror, you touched up a little powder on your T-zone, subtly shiny from travel and swiped a little balm on your lips.  Finally turning on to your street, you took a relieved breath as the house came into view.
The car pulled to a stop in the driveway.  You cracked the door open, climbing out, the familiarity of home embracing you as your driver collected your luggage from the trunk.  You didn’t even make it to the front door before Dodger sprinted out to greet you, wagging his tail excitedly, barking and almost fully tackling you to the ground.  You managed hold your balance, crouching down to love on the excited pup.  Dodger couldn’t stay still as you tried to hold him, petting him and giving him fully body scratches to say hello as he happily licked at your face.  You waved ‘thank you’ to the driver as he pulled out of the driveway and back into the street before moving out of sight.
“Dodge!  Get back here you goof!”  Your favorite sound in the world called out to the excitable dog, then finally retreating back to the house.  You rose to your feet to see Chris approaching you with a big smile as he collected you into his arms.  You threw your arms around him and the two of you reunited with a loving, passionate kiss.  You and Chris always missed each other when either of you were away on projects, but it was moments like this that made it all worth it.  He rubbed your back with a gentle familiarity as you softly scratched at the back of his neck with your fingertips.  The two of you broke away, eyes locking on another, sharing happy, contented smiles.  “I missed you babe.”
“Missed you too handsome” You quipped right back to him, playfully booping his nose with your finger.
“The family’s here - we’ve been at it with the grill for a little while - you hungry?”  Chris took your hand as the two of you headed into the house.
“Yes - I could absolutely eat something.”  You took hold of your stomach, realizing it had been several hours since you had anything last.
“Great - mom’s in the backyard with Carly and Shanna, I’ll be right out.”  Chris gave you a kiss before you headed to the yard.  As soon as you were out of sight, Chris made his way down the hall quickly to his office, Scott quietly waiting for him as he entered the room.
“You ready?”  Scott asked his brother reassuringly as soon as Chris shut the door.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”  Chris looked at his brother with hope in his eyes as his entire demeanor changed.  He shifted his weight between his feet a few times, like a boxer preparing for a fight, trying to shake out his nerves.
“Well, let’s go then.”  Scott handed over a small black velvet lined box to Chris.  Chris took a second to pop it open, giving one more look at the spectacular diamond ring tucked into it.  He took a breath, nearly driving him to tears as Scott came up to him, placing his hands on his shoulders, giving Chris a brotherly squeeze and shake.  “You’ve got nothing to worry about bro.  That woman out there loves you so damn much.”
Chris nodded at Scott’s comforting words, shifting his weight a couple more times to hype himself up.  He slipped the box into his pocket, thumbing at it as the two of them headed downstairs toward the backyard.
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loveaffaire-recs · 8 hours ago
Submit Your Fanfictions!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay, I got this anonymous ask this morning and my dumbass accidentally deleted it, sorry anon :(
As of right now, even though all the fanfictions on my rec list are the ones I’ve come across myself through tags or reblogs, I'm accepting submissions for fanfics now!
If you have a work that you are super proud of and you want me to read it, which is just so cute, you can always submit the link to me. If I love it, I will absolutely leave feedback, reblog it and add it to my huge FANFICTION RECOMMENDATIONS MASTERLIST <3
Important Note- if you're going to submit your work to me, please mention the following—pairing, summary, major warnings, NSFW or SFW— along with the link.
Please keep in mind:
1) I'm only adding the fanfictions of:
MARVEL CHARACTERS— Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Loki Laufeyson and S.R. x reader x B.B.
ACTORS— Tom Holland and Chris Evans
OTHERS— Andy Barber (Defending Jacob) and Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
2) I have the right to not read a piece of work if the warnings make me uncomfortable.
I'm looking forward to reading all your wonderful fanfics and sharing them here on this blog! 💗
So send them in!!
Tumblr media
Thank you!
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sohosteve · 13 hours ago
Lost Without You
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x fem!reader
summary: chris loved you with all of his heart, so why did he have to push you away from him? could he ever win back your heart and get you to forgive him?
warnings: fluff, angst, slight smut, chris is a bit of an asshole, insecurities, yelling, drinking, rpf, 18+ minors dni
word count: 4.7k
inspiration: this quote from the novel 'Dangerous Liaisons' by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
notes: i have not written fan fiction since i was a 1d stan years ago, i recently decided to push my fears away and start up again. i want to thank @gwenavibra and @vibraniumphoenix for their words of encouragement that pushed me to complete this. i hope you all enjoy! *i do not give consent for this fic to be reposted or translated*
* dividers credit to the lovely @firefly-graphics *
Twenty-six hours later and an empty jug of vodka was all it took for Chris to realize how badly he messed up. The throbbing pain rattling his head paled in comparison to the pain he felt when recalling the events that transpired the day prior. He couldn't believe the words that escaped his mouth in the heat of the altercation, but he only had himself to blame.
Chris had been dating you for about a year now. His mom had introduced the two of you, and it was love at first sight. You made him a better version of himself everyday. At first he was scared. Scared that his bachelor days were coming to an end, but he soon realized the true roots of his apprehensiveness.
He was scared of how vulnerable you made him. How you made him face his faults head on instead of allowing himself to be coddled by friends and family. Recognizing his own privilege in this world, that granted him the ability to not worry about certain factors like employment, money, and racial injustice.
He was scared of how well you got to know him, the real him, in such a short amount of time. How, without him even saying a word, you knew when he was having a bad day. You would immediately go beside him, a warm hand grazing over the nape of his neck, softly tugging at the brown hair that adorned him. Humming the tune of a jazz ballad that he knew you had stuck in your head, quietly performing for him because you knew that always calmed him down.
He was scared that you had ruined him for any other woman. Sex was indescribable between the two of you. Lust would take over your body, causing your pupils to expand, he would feel your wanton breaths fan across his neck. You'd always pepper him with kisses, no matter if the two of you were going for a morning quickie or were experiencing fervent love making in the evening, you’d always pamper him with affection. The warmth that he was enveloped in by your wet cunt when he'd bottom out would drive him mad. You'd get lost in the moment, throwing your head back, exposing your neck for him to bite down on for stability when rutting into you. The feel of your hands exploring every inch of his skin, leaving crescent marks and long scratches made by your nails when he'd hit that spongy spot deep within you always had him in a daze.
He was scared that you wouldn’t be able to deal with dating an actor. He felt that because you were stuck teaching in Boston, while he got to fly around the world for filming, you would grow restless without having his presence near you. That whenever the two of you had decided to go public, you wouldn’t be able to take the pressure of dating him. He felt that the sudden intrusion and constant criticism from fans and journalists would get to the better of you and you’d leave him.
But most importantly, he was scared of how much he was in love with you. He loved the way you always had a beat stuck in your head. The melody flowing through your body, making you dance like no one was watching. Whether it was a full choreography from one of your favorite artists' music videos or a chaotic improv number, which was mainly you just flailing around, singing at the top of your lungs, he loved it all.
He loved how selfless you were. How you took in a pair of stray cats and invited them into your home even though you were allergic, stating, ‘Well it’s not like the animal shelters will take them, you know how packed they are. The least I could do is give them a home.’ For 8 full months you let your allergies take over you, constantly downing Benadryl to alleviate your symptoms until you finally built up an immunity. But you didn’t let that deter you from playing with them at first. Dressing them up in cheesy costumes, his personal favorite was the Captain America suit you got for the orange tabby. You even ended up changing his tune about the mischievous felines. He went from side stepping them and carefully watching their every move to sneaking them extra treats when you weren’t in the room because he secretly loved them. Even though he would never in a million years admit that to you.
He loved the shape of your body. The curve of your hips, the swell of your breasts, the suppleness of your ass, he just couldn't get enough. He loved the way your smile brightened up his day, how infectious your laugh was. The way your eyes twinkled whenever you looked at him, as if he was the most alluring being in the world. It had him speechless at times. But even with all of the praises he would consistently deliver to you about yourself, you still had some insecurities. You didn't have the flattest stomach, or the face of a model. You tried to keep your self doubts internalized but Chris saw through you. He’d constantly remind you were the most stunning woman he ever came across. That he was with you, and only you, for a reason and you didn't have to worry about trying to look like something you thought he deserved.
He loved how talented you were. You were incredibly gifted. From being able to magically master an instrument from your first go around, to being able to recite a full 5 page excerpt from your favorite novel at the top of your head. One thing he cherished was that you were never haughty about your talents. You never saw yourself as better than everyone, never appeared condescending towards others. In fact, you loved sharing your knowledge with others. That’s what made you decide to go into the education field.
Chris also loved how family-oriented you were. You had a godson that you thought the world of. Constantly treating him as if he were your own. Taking him out shopping, to various attractions, sometimes sneaking him candy behind your best friends, his mother’s, back. Part of him would get butterflies in his stomach whenever he’d see you interact with children. You had this natural maternal instinct in you. Instantly knowing what to do with adolescents, no matter that age. You would sit and play princess and tea parties with his younger nieces, or play a rigorous game of soccer with his older nephews.
One thing, he was certainly enamored about you was your tenacity. You were currently working on your psychology dissertation. He would often find your nose practically touching all of the research papers and academic novels that you needed to defend your topic. The determination evident in your eyes, whenever he’d try to get you to take a break and relax with him on the couch. You’d quickly state that you were almost done, but him knowing how you were meant you’d stay stuck there for another hour or so. He’d kiss the column of your neck, feeling the pressure slowly start to fade away. He could tell you were trying to maintain your composure and stay focused on the task at hand but you couldn’t contain the sigh of relief when he’d lick a stripe behind your ear. His lips would tug up at the ends because he knew that one simple action would turn you into putty, ready for him to play with.
Your love for him was something he wholeheartedly treasured, but was also something he felt himself starting to hate.
You would always try to be around him. Constantly wanting to hang out, go on dates, hang with his friends. He was starting to grow impatient with your neediness, but after being single for so long, he loved the freedom that came with it. He never had to be questioned constantly about certain actions of his. Going out with friends, staying out late and coming back home plastered was something that he was fond of. He was allowed to talk with women however he saw fit, and that was one of the many contentions the both of you faced.
It all came to head when you guys were hanging out at his house one evening, when suddenly an argument broke out. He had been replying to some women on Twitter, which at the time he saw as innocent conversation, but in reality it was full on flirting. You always had a problem with his coquettish manner, you’d bring it up and he would calm your nerves and the both of you would move on. Well he would move on, while you silently stewed in your frustrations. But that day was the one that broke the camel's back.
“It is flirting Christopher! Just because you’re single in the media’s eyes doesn’t mean you can just continue to disrespect me. I’ve told you time and time again that what you’re doing is hurting me. You dismiss my feelings and make it seem like I’m some possessive girlfriend.” You were standing up, chest heaving due to the frustration of your boyfriend not caring about your feelings, again.
“Because you are acting like a possessive girlfriend! I am a celebrity, you aren’t (Y/N). It’s part of my job to be friendly with people, it’s not flirting, it’s networking.” Chris was tired of constantly being critiqued by you for innocent interactions all the time.
At this point, you were so exhausted from having this constant battle with him, you didn’t even have the energy to yell anymore. “Chris, it's not networking, it’s flirting, you and I both know that. I can’t continue to deal with your lack of care towards my feelings. You can either acknowledge what you're doing or you can continue to do whatever you’d like while being single, because I’m done. I’m done hiding in the shadows while you get to enjoy the pleasures of bachelorhood. I’m tired of having my emotions invalidated.”
The rational part of Chris's mind was telling him to calm down, relax before he'd say something he'd regret. But with anger clouding his better judgement, he ended up lashing out at you.
“Oh so this is what it's about? Us hiding our relationship? I told you from the beginning that we would need to keep us a secret. Which, by the way, you agreed to!” He noticed the instant change in your stature because of the sudden raise in his voice. The way you froze in place, eyes slightly expanding, the way your lip was quivering. He never yelled at you before, but at that moment he didn't care. So he continued on his tirade. “You agreed it would be better for us to keep it a secret! I told you before, and I'll tell you again, I’m not flirting with these women. If you can't see that then whatever, I can't help the fact that you're constantly insecure!”
All that could be heard in the space of his bedroom was his heavy breathing and the soft sniffing coming from you. Without a word you packed up the personal belongings you brought with you that day and headed for the door.
Before heading out, you turned around and looked at the brunette. “All I was asking for was just a bit of respect, Chris. Yes, I agreed to keep this relationship a secret, I understand why. But we have been together for a year now. At this point, I just feel like someone who's warming your bed at night. And for you to throw my insecurities in my face was a low blow. I’m done,” you stated.
He should've dropped to his knees and started begging for your forgiveness. Apologized for his behavior and the lack of esteem that he should've had for you. But he decided to double down, and went to deliver one final blow to you.
“Fine, go right ahead and leave (Y/N).”
‘Chris, shut up’ his conscience was telling him.
“I don't need you in my life.”
'Stop talking right now’
“If you think I’m going to chase after you and apologize it's not going to happen,” he continued.
‘Be. Quiet.’
“You walking out that door won't mean anything because I can just find someone else within the hour and forget about you. Someone who won't question every move I make. That way I won't have to hear your insistent nagging all the time.”
‘Do not finish that thought.’
“Because newsflash, you aren't that special.”
'Congratulations dumbass’
He could see there were tears in your eyes, some already falling down the curve of your cheeks. The slight shake of body was enough evidence to know he truly hurt you. Even though his heart was thumping in his ears, he could still slightly make out the rattling of your keeps in your grip. But the frustration clouding his mind wouldn't let him feel any remorse. He watched you quietly turn around, open the door and walk out of his life.
Tumblr media
After you left, Chris immediately threw his phone against the wall, causing it to fall to the floor, cracking the screen in the process. The shattering sound echoing off the walls made Dodger tuck his tail between his legs and walk away from the seething man.
Irritation still flowing through his veins, he stalked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer, popping the cap off and downing the entire content of the glass in three measly sips.
‘I don't care about her,’ he lied to himself. ‘I can just move on and in a few days I’ll be fine.’
Deciding that he needed something a bit stronger to take the edge off, he reached for the bottle of vodka stored in the liquor cabinet. Pouring a triple shot of the clear liquor and venturing to the couch, he tried to calm his nerves.
‘I can forget about her.’
He tipped back the glass and was instantly met with the burning sensation that cascaded down his throat and warmed his chest. Picking up the bottle, he poured himself another glass hoping that this one would help take his mind off you.
Tumblr media
Twenty-six hours later and an empty jug of vodka was all it took for Chris to realize how badly he messed up. The throbbing pain rattling his head paled in comparison to the pain he felt when recalling the events that transpired the day prior. He couldn't believe the words that escaped his mouth in the heat of the altercation, but he only had himself to blame.
Picking up the phone, he acknowledged the damage that was done to it when he was fueled by his anger the day before. Though his screen was broken and slightly chipped, he powered through in search of your contact. Pressing on your name and bringing the device to his ear. He sat there, praying that he could hear your voice but was disheartened when he suddenly heard the automated message of your answering machine. Immediately trying again and receiving the same fate was when he realized that you most likely blocked his number. Switching back and forth between social media sites and he saw that he was blocked from you on there as well.
He decided to try reaching out to your friends, but once he sent a message they went and blocked him as well.
Chris doesn't know why he did what he did. Why did he decide to say such cruel statements to you? You didn't deserve that, no one did. All you were asking for was respect, the bare minimum, and yet for some reason he thought it was too much.
Maybe that's why his past relationships never worked out. He always expected women to work around him and his world, work around his wants and needs. Never caring how they felt, or stopping to think about how his selfish demeanor might affect them.
He knew you were rightfully hurt, but all he wanted to do was go to you and plead for your forgiveness. All you wanted was respect and to be able to love him without having to hide it. What he always told you was that the reason he wanted to keep the relationship private was to protect you, which was true. But he could now see that the so-called protection he had for you was what was causing the most strife.
Chris knew the best course of action was to give you some time, maybe in a few days you'd be open to a conversation.
Heading to the medicine cabinet, he took out two ibuprofen tablets and swallowed them down. He knew that with the turmoil that was berating his mind, he would probably think of a good enough apology for you in a clear state of mind. Laying his head against his pillow, he thought about you, and hoped that you would give him the chance to redeem himself.
Tumblr media
It only took a few days of radio silence from the brunette for his family to reach out to visit him. Lisa walked into his Sudbury home and saw him on the couch, nursing a bottle of bourbon. Though Chris was drunk, he rambled on to his mother about what happened and luckily she made out the situation so that way he didn't have to repeat himself. But he was not lucky when it came to her reaction.
All his life, Lisa had told him time and time again that he was special. Consistently showering him with love and affection, telling him that any woman would be lucky to have him. But in this very moment, all she felt was disappointment. A first for both of the Evans members. Even though she was madly frustrated with her eldest son, she could tell how much he was hurting. It was evident all around him how truly remorseful he was.
She went into the kitchen, making him a quick meal to try and lift his spirits but it only made him more despondent. He missed (Y/N)'s cooking. He missed the way she would always cook his favorite meals when he was down. So he cried. He shed tears of sorrow knowing that he messed up the greatest gift that was ever given to him.
The next few days that passed, the Evans family would stop by and try to lift his spirits. Remind him that you just needed some time, and that you would come around eventually. But once it was officially a full fourteen days since he last heard from you, he just became numb.
There was a dull ache in his heart. Every movement he made was a drag on his body. Dodger would regularly try to cuddle with him to cheer him up, but there was only so much the canine could do.
It had been 2 weeks since the spat and Chris was an absolute mess. His hair was matted, his untrimmed beard was becoming unruly. All he did day in and day out was try reaching out to you and drinking. He emptied out the entirety of his liquor cabinet, drinking til he saw the bottom of every bottle hoping that that would aid the gnawing pain in his heart.
That night he had a dream about you. It was about the first date you two had. At the beginning of the evening, you talked about your likes and dislikes. That's when you went on a tangent about love letters. How they were a dying art form, how people back in the 50s and 60s would write back to their lovers during the war, to remind them of the love they still kept in their hearts for their other halves. He loved how passionate you got about the subject. Even though he thought it was just some words on a piece of paper, he could tell how much it meant to you.
When Chris woke up the next morning, he got out of bed, walked to his office and immediately knew what to do. He knew you probably never wanted to hear his voice again, but he hoped that maybe you might consider reading his words and see how truly sorry he was.
Tumblr media
Dear (Y/N),
I know that right now you're probably thinking about throwing this letter away, if I were in your shoes I’d do the same, but please hear me out. I don't expect for you to forgive me, but I need you to know how sorry I am. It's only been two weeks since I drove you out of my life and all I have been thinking of was how much I ruined my life by my words. But what I also ruined was your trust. You looked at me as if I was your entire world, but the last image I have of you in my head was a face full of despair.
Having these two weeks for me to be alone with my thoughts made me realize how much you mean to me. And I know I didn't make it obvious before but you truly are the greatest gift that I have ever been graced with. I still remember to this day when I met you. I was stuck in my spot in your office when you looked at me. Love at first sight was something I never thought was imaginable until I met you. You make me a better man. You force me to come face to face with my wrongdoings. When I’m with you, I feel a sense of peace I never experienced before.
It reminds me of a moment we spent together, the time we went to the beach to watch the sunrise. You sat in between my legs, resting your head against my chest. The orange sphere peaked through the skyline. And we sat there, though no words needed to be exchanged. The morning breeze danced along our skin and though we both had a list of obligations that day, we enjoyed the little slice of heaven together at that moment. Then you looked up at me and god I felt my heart stop. The beams radiated across your eyes, your lips tugged up and you just looked at me with so much love in your eyes it scared me. It scared me with how much you trusted me. Also, it scared me because I didn't want to lose you. And I know it doesn't make any sense considering the fact that I pushed you away, but the reason I did was because you are too good for me. You're too good for this world. The love you show anyone that comes into your life is mind-boggling. No one deserves to be loved by you because of how astonishing it is.
What I did when it came to flirting with other women is something that I wish I could take back. I wish I can take back the hurt I inflicted upon you. I never meant to make it seem as if you were unimportant to me. The truth is you are the best thing that ever happened to me. There's not another woman on this planet that holds a candle to your beauty, to your intellect, to your everything.
I know I don't deserve your forgiveness. I know I have said things that unfortunately you'll probably remember forever. But if you give me the ability to rectify my wrongs, I will show you for the rest of my days how much you mean to me. You deserve to be loved out loud, while I constantly remind you how special you are to me and everyone around you. I am in love with you (Y/N), I was the moment I met you, and till right now as I write you this letter. Even if you don't forgive me, nothing will change how I feel for you. You are my end all be all, my reason for being, my love.
- Chris
Signing the letter, he placed it in an envelope and wrote your name on the front. Getting in his car and driving over to your house, he was plagued with a whirlwind of emotions. He knew you wouldn't open the door for him so he went up to your mailbox and deposited the envelope there. Chris stood there for a few moments, relishing in the fact that this is the closest he's been near you in weeks. Begrudgingly, he got in his car and forced himself to drive away. When he returned to his house, he walked straight into his home and sat down on the floor with the brown and white pup. He sat there for what seemed for hours, Dodger nestled between his legs as he thought of you. Your radiating smile and infectious laugh eased him into a slumber.
Tumblr media
It had been about three days since Chris since he delivered the letter to you. He was slowly losing all hope in having you back in his life. He knew he didn't deserve you, but oh how he wanted to hear your voice just one more time.
It was around noon when a knock on his front door broke him out of his daydreams. Padding his way forward and opening the door, he wasn't expecting for you to be standing there. Your hair was up in a ponytail, a few strays blowing in the wind. Chris then noticed the letter that he had written in your hand and hope started to blossom in his heart.
“So I got your letter,” you state looking deep into his eyes. “Can I come in?”
He knew he wouldn't be able to form a sentence without it coming out as an incoherent mess, so he simply widened the door and gestured for you to enter.
He followed you inside of his home, where you seated yourself upon his couch. Dodger instantly joins you, licking all over your face. It was obvious that Chris wasn't the only Evans that was missing your presence. Once you got the pup to calm down, you looked up at him.
Chris immediately crouched down, clutching onto your legs and resting his head in your lap, letting his emotions become free. You sensed that he was crying due to feeling his body shake and hearing his muffle sniffles. Even though his actions were rude and absolutely disgusting, you could tell by his confession in the letter how remorseful he was. You started to scratch the nape of his neck causing him to relax under your touch.
The two of you sat like that for what seemed like hours but in reality was only about 15 minutes. When Chris was able to calm himself, he looked up at you. “I'm so sorry sweetheart.” It was a simple statement, though you knew how much he truly meant those words.
“I know Chris, I know,” you reply, hand still caressing him. “Just don't pull something like that again, alright.” There was a bit of light heartedness to your tone that had his heart swell. You were too good for him and he knew it.
“Never in a million years will I let myself lose you again.”
You ended up pulling Chris up to sit on the couch so you could rest against his chest. He pulled the two of you down to get more comfortable and that's where the both of you stayed. You against his slender frame, cuddled against him. Your head tucked under his chin while his hand traced patterns alongside your back. Dodger laying at the end of the couch, near your feet, content that his parents were back together again.
At that very moment Chris made a vow to himself. He promised to never let his anger get the better of him when it came to you. He promised to always treat you with the same decency and respect that is given to him by you. And he promised to continue to love you like he could lose you at any moment. He was lost without you, now with you back in his arms there's no other place he'd rather be.
Tumblr media
Hope you all enjoyed this! Would love to hear your feedback, likes and reblogs are appreciated!
Also this is a work of fiction, I do not know Chris so this is not an accurate depiction of his personality.
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Man’s Best Friend
Summary: What was supposed to be a normal morning takes a heartbreaking turn... Pairing: Chris Evans x Girlfriend!Reader Warnings: 18+, Death of a Pet, Grief
Author’s Note: I.  Am.  So.  Sorry.  In.  Advance.  This hit me VERY quickly today and I scrambled to get it written down, as fucking sad as it is.  No beta, no edits, any mistakes are mine.
Tumblr media
The light peered into the bedroom as your eyes fluttered open.  Chris was still out cold, asleep, soft snores escaping him.  You were unusually restless this morning.  Unable to stay asleep a moment longer, you stretched out, placing a gentle kiss on Chris’ head before crawling out of bed.  You slipped into the closet, pulling on some clean clothes and shoes before heading toward the hallway to find Dodger for a morning walk so Chris could sleep a little longer.
You called for Dodger, but not loud enough to wake Chris.  No response.  Walking around the house, you began checking rooms for a sleeping pup.  “Dodger!  C’mere bubbs!”  Drumming on your legs, you continued your search through the house, attempting to coax him over to meet you.  Still nothing.  You moved down the steps, still calling him, “Dodger!... Dodge!”  Turning into the living room, you found everything mostly in order, a few of his toys strewn about the room, until you finally landed your eyes on Dodger on his bed.  “Dodge...” your voice more patient when you finally found him.  No response.  You suddenly tensed up as you approached the dog bed.  “Dodge... Dodger... bubba... hey bubbs.”  Nothing.  You kneeled down to him and touched his fur.  His usual quick breath, gone, his body, cold.
You immediately knew what was going on, but tried refusing to believe it.  Rapidly touching various spots on his body, looking for some kind of sign, white flashes shot in front of your eyes as you immediately flipped into crisis mode as reality set in.  His nose was dry, not a sound, lick, or move as his body laid peacefully in his bed.  “No...” you whispered, your breath becoming short and quick, panic setting in.  “No... No... No Dodge... No... No... No...” you breathed repeatedly before bursting into tears.  “CHRIS!”  You screamed into the house, almost blood curdling.  You yelled again between sobs, more panicked, “CHRIS!”  One final yell, “CHRIS!  It’s Dodger!” and you finally heard a door slam open and footsteps racing toward you from the hallway.
“Y/N!  What’s going on?  Where’s Dodge-” Chris was stopped immediately at the sight of you clinging to Dodger, your shoulders shaking as you sobbed.  He approached hastily, joining you on the floor, calling for his companion, running his hands along his fur, gently shaking him.  “Dodger... bubba... Dodge...” His voice became more strained, more panicked as he came to his own realization that his best friend was gone.  “Dodge...” he inhaled a choppy breath through quivering lips, trying to prevent himself from crying, but it was too late.  Tears began flooding down Chris’ cheeks as you slid out of the way to let Chris be with his beloved friend.  His tears grew into loud, painful, shaky sobs, grabbing Dodger’s limp body from the dog bed, holding him close, violently crying into his fur.  Staying close to them, you placed your hand on Chris’ back, rubbing broad strokes as he tried to choke out words of love, praise, and goodbyes to the sweet boy in his arms.  “I love you so much Dodge...” Chris placed a gentle kiss on his head, rubbing his ears, Dodger’s favorite spot for scratches.  You sat with them, continuing to rub Chris’ back as your own tears fell, leaning onto his shoulder.  You reached out a hand to hold onto Dodger’s paw, lovingly rubbing his little toe beans with your thumb.
“I’m so sorry...” you managed to get a series of words out in some attempt to comfort Chris.  His body started to relax as he gently placed the pup back into his bed.  Chris turned to you, holding tightly to you as he continued to cry.  You wrapped your arms around him, still rubbing his back, placing a consoling kiss on his head.  You sat with him, staying silent, vigilant, still in tears, holding him for a good 20 minutes or so while he wept.  “We should call the vet.”  You finally spoke, your tone quiet, but soothing.  Chris, still in tears, nodded into your chest in agreement.  He pulled away, wiping his face, now puffy and eyes bloodshot.  His lip quivered, placing a soft hand on Dodger’s body.  As you rose to your feet, you rubbed Chris’ shoulders quickly before stepping away to grab your phone.  When you returned to the living room, you sat down close to the two, Chris still whispering words of love, admiration, and gratitude to his best friend as you pulled up the vet’s number on your phone.
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loveaffaire-recs · a day ago
hi! do you mind recommending some writers who write with they/them pronouns as a default or doesn't include explicit gender/appearance/etc mentions in their fics?
I’ll be honest with you, I’m probably not the best person to answer this but I’ll try to help you.
I don’t really know any specific Tumblr writers who write gender neutral fanfictions but you can always search the tags for them.
For example, if you want a Tom Holland one shot with a gender neutral reader then you can search “Tom Holland x gender neutral reader” or “Tom Holland x gn!reader” or “Tom Holland x gender neutral!reader”
You can obviously do this with any other character x gender neutral reader.
I’m sorry I can’t be much help on this, I wish I could do more but I hope this was even a tiny bit of help :)
Ps. If any Tumblr writers come across this post who write for gender neutral readers, please let me know below or through ask.
Edit- some recommendations by @kickingn-ames
More recommendations by @youreobsessedwithmarvel
More gn!reader fanfics by @coffeesfortom
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imanadultvirgin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
N A T ‘ S   M A S T E R L I S T 🌞
Hello my Darlings! Here’s where you can find my works in friendly way. I am new at this and I hope to become better once I do more works, for now it will be pretty organized. 
You can also access my recommendation posts here :)
🍯 = smut  🌸 = fluff ✨ = angst 🐞= dark!
Tumblr media
✿ Steve Rogers/ Chris Evans
Birthday Boy 🍯🌸: You and Chris have been best friends forever but when you can’t hide your feelings for him anymore on his birthday party something good comes out of it. 
✿ Tony Stark/ Robert Downey Jr. 
Protective 🍯✨: Being the youngest Avenger isn’t easy, even more when you have Tony Stark breathing in your neck all the time. When you confront Tony about his protectiveness, one secret comes out of the blue. 
✿ Natasha Romanoff/ Scarlet Johansson 
Little Pervert 🍯: (Y/N) finds herself in an awkward situation when moving into his father house makes her have an attraction towards Natasha, even worse when she gets caught touching herself listening to Natasha and Wanda fuck. 
✿ Loki Laufeyson/ Tom Hiddlestone 
Sleepyhead 🌸: As you babysit Loki for Mobius you find out how adorable the God of Mischief can be and how loving too. 
Tumblr media
✿recommendations one
✿recommendations two
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loveaffaire-recs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here you’ll find the monthly fanfiction recommendations all in one post. These are some amazing fanfictions by some amazing authors, I’d kiss these fanfics because they are just so good.
This post is updated every single time I reblog a new fanfiction unlike the monthly post which only gets posted at the end of the month. If you want to find the separate monthly posts, you can find them here.
Remember to read the individual warnings for all the fanfictions, some of them are NSFW and have been marked 18+ so minors DNI with NSFW content.
This masterlist has fanfic recommendations for:
Marvel Characters— Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers & Loki Laufeyson
Actors— Tom Holland & Chris Evans
Others— Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫
One Night Stand by @selfcarecap (18+)
Remember That Night? by @tinyyoungblood
Ghost Of Your Dreams
↳ Part 2 by @saturnpeter
Emotionally Stunted by @the-bau-quinjet
Hard Day by @celestialholland
It’s Complicated by @serendipityrogers
Rose Scented by @honeyspidey
Close To My Heart by @peterbenjiparker
𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬
Three AM (18+)
↳ Part 2- Five AM by @bucksfucks (18+)
Know You Better by @itsapeterthing
The Barnes AU by @agentofbarnes (series)
Bucky Rocks His Baby To Sleep by @buckyblues
If You Want Me To Stay by @starrysebastians
Marked by @imagineaworld (18+)
Baby Girl by @winter-james
↳ Part 2–Meant To Be by @/winter-james
Pretty Boy by @/winter-james (series— 18+)
Cure by @viperbarnes
Couples Therapy by @dxisyrogers
Reoccurring Face by @swtbbybarnes
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
I Thought I Lost You Again by @dxisyrogers
Me and My Husband by @shedobewritingalittle
Four Years and a Countdown by @sweetlyscared
Biker!Steve by @angrythingstarlight
The Journey To Daddy by @gotnofucks (18+)
Steve is too Big to Take by @/agentofbarnes (18+)
𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐋𝐚𝐮𝐟𝐞𝐲𝐬𝐨𝐧
What Is and What Should Never Be by @starks-hero
Seven Days, Seven Books by @revengingbarnes
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐑. 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐱 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐁.
Trinity by @/agentofbarnes (series—18+)
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐨𝐦 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝
Breakup With Your Girlfriend by @rosyparkers (18+)
Hide and Seek by @multiholland
Evans by @waitimcomingtoo
Mother by @sinisterspidey
Self-Pity by @flowerbouquet (18+)
Lost and Found by @blissfulparker
Desperate by @wazzupmrstark (18+)
𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐄𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬
Butterflies by @rogersaurora
Stubborn by @worksby-d
Sunday Football by @/bucksfucks (18+)
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦 𝐃𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 (𝐊𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐎𝐮𝐭)
Beginning of the End by @fairyevans
Tumblr media
If your work is in this post and you want it removed, let me know here.
Thank you!
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deaan · 2 days ago
The Dumb Bet
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: it's Sam's bachelor party and Bucky has a bet with him regarding you that ultimately gets you and Steve together
Words: 1,827
Warnings: fluff, crack, drinking at a bar, mutual pining, Bucky being a stupid wingman but somehow excels in it
@ultimatechrisbingo: free space
@star-spangled-bingo : bachelor party
@there-must-be-a-lock's favorite things challenge: Unusual way to find out someone is in love with you - accidentally eavesdropping
@msmarvelwrites' 2K Writing Challenge: You Belong With Me
A/N: if you like Marvel fanfics, join the @marvelfanficclub ! It's for both readers and writers ;) // dividers by @firefly-graphics // hope you like reading this fic Xx
Main Masterlist • Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Just do it, I dare ya," Bucky urged, a drawl in his tone due to the Asgardian mead he had mixed in his glass.
A drunken man was singing Montero in the background, his just-as-trashed boyfriend cheering him on. It was funny for the first minute but he was singing everything except the chorus wrong and out of tune. 
You wondered if anyone else wanted to snatch the mic out of his hands like you did. 
Adding to your annoyance, Bucky continued, "C'mon doll, all you have to do is sing the song! It will be fun."
You shook your head at him as you sat on the stool in front of the counter of the bar, him taking the seat next to you. "When did you even start listening to Taylor Swift anyway?"
"Spider kid sent me his Spotify playlist - oh, I see what you're trying to do here, Y/N. Don't try to change the topic." He wiggled his index finger in front of your face that you tried swatting away but the damn super soldier was too fast. 
"Listen, Sam and I have a bet that I could get you to sing it, and if I can't, I'll lose money along with my pride. You don't want your best friend to go bankrupt, do you?" He added dramatically. 
"I don't even sing that well, Bucky." You tried to deter him, but Bucky Barnes was on a mission that he would do anything to complete.
"You know you have a good voice, even Steve complimented you - in case you forgot."
You tried to ignore him by downing the shot in one go and ordered another with a wave of your hand, taking full advantage of the fact that Bucky - Sam's best man, was going to pay for all of the tabs of your friends tonight.
"Maybe I should let Sam win just out of spite. It's his bachelor party, it will be my gift to him." Bucky gave you a 'seriously?' look and you smiled in victory.
The little shit, still not giving up, kept on pestering you, trying to put you on a guilt trip. "I hope you won't mind me bunking on your sofa then, since you'll be responsible for my poverty. Oh, you'll also have to pay for the groceries, Alpine's food - the best quality, mind you, she won't eat anything else, and -"
"We live in the Avengers compound, you dumbass. There's no need to invade my privacy, we don't even pay rent." You sighed, a sad smile tugging on your lips. "And you do understand that I know what you two are trying to do, right? It's not gonna work. He's not interested."
Your eyes involuntarily fell upon the booth where the blond man was sitting, frowning to yourself when you saw that there was a woman in a little black dress looking stunning who had perched herself on the corner of Steve's table.
From what you could tell, he was chuckling at something she had said, doing his full-body laugh as he rested a hand on his heart. The woman was pretty and confident, with an added bonus of being normal - something you knew Steve craved but you could never fill the role.
You quickly shifted your gaze back to Bucky when Steve suddenly looked at you.
Bucky made a 'tutting' noise. "Y/N, look. There's an undeniable connection between you two, and everyone can see that, except for you idiots for some reason."
You pouted at him before drinking another glass of alcohol in one big gulp. "And why do you think this will help?"
"Look at this as an outlet if nothing else. If Steve gets his head out of his ass, then great. Otherwise, it will be like taking a burden off your shoulders without confessing outright. God knows how long you've been keeping your feelings bottled in."
Yup, Bucky had managed to convince you. Maybe the liquor had helped but this seemed like a great idea. "Just like a burden taken off, right?"
You hadn't been more than a bit tipsy so you managed not to stumble your way to the small stage in the set up in the corner of the bar. It was karaoke night and you knew Bucky had ulterior motives in picking this place for the party tonight. 
You made your way to the guy near the stage who was in the bar's uniform, Nathan his tag read, and whispered the name of the song you were going to sing. 
"Okay, just walk directly onto the mark over there and don't drop the mic." He said nonchalantly. 
Was the song too common of a choice for his indifference or was it the girls with unrequited love like you that he was used to? 
You took a deep breath in, blinking as you stepped into the spotlight which were shittily installed in a way that would make anyone blind. 
When your eyes finally adjusted, you peeked first at Bucky who gave you an encouraging thumbs up, and then at Sam who looked at you amusedly yet raised his beer, egging you on. You made it a point to not let your gaze wander to where you knew Steve was. 
"Hi guys! I'll be singing You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift."
There were a few hoots and cheers as you started singing the first verse, mentally thanking your younger self for memorising the song. 
Tumblr media
"All this time how could you not know, baby?
You belong with me
Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me?
You belong with me..."
You opened your eyes when the last word of the song tumbled out of your lips, not realizing that you had closed them in the first place. There was a moment of silence before it was replaced by thunderous claps, making you surprised and blush.
You bowed, but when you stood up straight, your eyes landed directly on the beautiful blue ones which plagued your dreams, muting the sound around you.
His stare on you was so intense that you thought you would combust if you stayed there any longer.
So you hurried to hand the mic back to Nathan before scurrying to the bathroom and locking the door behind you, leaning against it as you panted, suddenly feeling sober.
Did you feel like the burden was finally off? Not at all.
It had felt like Steve was looking directly at your soul, making you feel naked and vulnerable, every thought and emotion laid in front of him like a buffet without you having anything to to defend yourself.
And for that reason, you simply couldn't face him again.
Just as you were trying to figure out if there was a way to jump out of the small window in the bathroom, there were three successive knocks on the door, followed by two short ones and the pattern repeated once more. 
"Doll, you okay?" Came Bucky's voice from the other side. You swallowed down the lump that had formed in your throat, which was now dry, before answering him. 
"Where is she, Buck? Where's Y/N?" Steve asked, stopping you from talking.
"It's not a good time right now, Steve." He softly spoke, trying to dissuade him. 
Which was unsuccessful, by the way. 
"You don't understand. It's really important that I talk to her now, that she knows." Steve replied, his voice was a bit shaky but sounded sure of himself. "Was it for me? Was the song about me, Bucky?"
You wanted to cringe, but your best friend knew the right things to say at the correct situation. 
"I can't tell you that. Best friends code and all that." You made a mental note to buy Alpine her favorite treats the first thing tomorrow. 
Steve groaned at his response. "But how can I tell her that I love her if I don't know for sure that she feels the same? No, do you think I should say I like her instead? Don't wanna overwhelm her. But I know my feelings are stronger than just liking her, maybe I can -"
You knew Steve tended to ramble when he was nervous, so you smiled to yourself, your hand reaching out for the handle as you couldn't stop yourself anymore. 
Not hesitating even once, you pushed the door to Steve's horror and Bucky's mirth. 
"Do you really love me?" You inquired shyly, the burst of adrenaline gone now that you were standing in front of him. 
"More than you know." Steve breathed out. For a second, Bucky was worried that the former was gonna have a heart attack. "But you don't have to say anything right now, take your time, think about it as long as you want -"
"I love you too." You shook your head at his adorableness as you bit your lip. "But what about that woman you were talking to? She isn't an avenger, just a civilian, just what you want."
"She's a fan of Captain America, doll. She doesn't hold a candle to you. What I need is someone who knows me and loves me as I am, not the version the media showcases me as."
You took a shaky breath as he continued. "I need you."
In the very next moment, Steve's lips crushed into yours passionately, trying to make up for the time you had lost while pining for each other. His tongue asked for entrance with a delicate lick on your bottom lip which you allowed without a second thought. 
"My job here is done," Bucky smirked to himself, going unnoticed by you and Steve, his smile slipping as time went on without you two separating and making him uncomfortable. "I guess I'll just go."
Tumblr media
The reception was beautiful in every right, with Sam looking the happiest you had ever seen. 
You were currently dancing with him, slow to the beat of the song. "You two are disgusting, you know?" He said. 
You glanced at him with confusion. "What do you mean?"
"You and Steve, so in love with each other that I was worried you were going to steal my thunder."
You chuckled, hitting him softly. "Nah, it's still your day, and you now get to have your partner for the rest of your life."
"That I do." He muttered, the smile on his face never changing. 
"Sam, can I ask you something?" The man hummed, encouraging you to continue. "Bucky told me about the bet you had."
"The shit can't keep his mouth shut, eh?"
"I guess. What I don't understand is, why did you place a bet on me singing out of all things, anyway?"
His nose scrunched in surprise. "It wasn't about you singing. Barnes had told me that he'll get you and Steve together before my wedding."
"And you placed money against it?" You asked, appalled. 
"Nope, just thought it would take you longer. He won the bet and now you have Steve as your boyfriend, why does it matter?"
"I'll let you off the hook since it's your wedding, but can you answer just one more thing?"
"What were the stakes?"
Sam simply shrugged, "ten dollars."
A scowl formed on your face, trying to locate Bucky who you find chatting with Steve near the refreshments table. When your eyes met, Bucky's smile fell and he gave his glass of wine to Steve, gulping as he prepared to run to get a head start.
You smiled sweetly at Sam, pushing him towards his s/o with a smirk and a wink. "Dont mind me. I've got a super soldier to kill."
Tumblr media
I’d love to hear what you think of it! Please like, reblog and comment to let me know Xx
Wanna read more of my works? Check out the masterlist linked at the top!
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romina-evans · 2 days ago
When someone says they'd rather watch romances as movies rather than READ it..
Tumblr media
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rebelemilu · 2 days ago
Boston Cream Pie
Summary: based on these gifs by the lovely @starrybrock
word count: 316
Warnings: Chris being cocky, illusions to smut but nothing explicit
A/N: This is the first thing I have published on here so I’m scared it’s not going to do well. I have some more things coming in the future so be prepared. I hope you all enjoy!
Tumblr media
The moment you stepped into your shared house with Chris, you knew something was off. You had been gone for a couple of days to visit family. Chris would have gone with you but he had some things to do. Usually when you are gone for a couple of days he is greeting you at the door with a big bear hug.
What you didn’t expect was to see your boyfriend of two years come around the corner with whip cream covering his nipple and his dick.
“Welcome home honey.” He says with a grin on his face. To say you were stunned was an understatement. 
“What did I do to deserve this?” you ask as you drop your coat on the couch.
“Well I missed you and I wanted to do something for you.”
As you step closer, you see he has two cherries on his nipples. You notice the cocky smirk he gives you when he sees you stare at his whip cream covered privates. 
“Do you like what you see?”
“I-I um”
“Spit it out sweetheart or you won’t get your gift.” The cocky son of a bitch knows you get all weak in the knees. Whenever Chris gets all smug, so sure of himself, like that, you feel weak in the knees, like every thought you ever had has disappeared and all you can think of is the undeniable pleasure you’re about to experience.
“I’m just surprised. I didn’t think I was going to be welcomed home with you covered in whip cream. It must be my birthday. My Boston cream pie.”
“Why don’t you come and find out.” With that he turns around and walks to your shared bedroom. You look down to see he has whip cream covering his ass and a banana sticking out. You laugh as you follow him, knowing it is going to be an eventful night.
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mellowpoetryblizzard · 2 days ago
Summer Love - Part 3
Title: Summer Love Summary: Julie moved to Boston to take a new job in the agency world, with a few ghosts from her past lingering behind.  Reuniting with an old college friend, a chance meeting at a BBQ turns her world upside down.  Will she be able to break down her walls enough to allow potential love in? Pairing: Chris Evans x Julie (OFC) Warnings: 18+ - it’s gonna get smutty down the line.
Author’s Note:  Now that I’m out of Intimacy Coordinator mode, let’s get more into Julie’s new adventure with Chris!  Not sure how long this one will go yet, but I’m just gonna write and see where this lands.
Tumblr media
A few weeks had passed since the holiday weekend.  Julie once again found herself buried.  So far, she hadn’t reached out for help, and unintentionally fell out of touch with Chris.  Becca was on a family vacation in Europe.  She was back on her couch at her condo alone with her thoughts.  Opening the fridge after her workout, she cracked open the last water bottle in her fridge, and sat on her patio.  As she took in the sunset, her phone buzzed with an alert.
Chris: just reaching out to say hey. you alive?
Julie picked up the phone to see the familiar name - her mouth formed a half smile as she recalled the BBQ, and breakfast they shared the next morning.  She tapped a response. *send*
Julie: Yes - very much still alive.  You?
Chris: just got word that i’m heading to france in september - 2 weeks of gray man reshoots
Julie:  That should be fun, right?
Chris: yeah - actually looking forward to seeing this group again
Julie: Well good - something to get excited about.
Chris: yeah.  anyway, real reason i reached out, i’m going to be in the city this friday.  whatcha up to?
Julie: A few meetings... IDK why people schedule things on Fridays.
Chris: make sure you’re free by 7:30
Julie: So specific.  Any particular reason why?
Chris: you and i have a seafood appointment at the harbor
Julie: Well then.  If you can drag me out of my office, you’re on.
Chris: challenge accepted - see you then
The clock ticked slower than normal as the minutes seemed to inch by.  Julie’s fingers tapped away at her keyboard, hoping some kind of effort to dive into her work would make the day fly faster, but her mind was stuck in slow motion.  11:30 AM, a knock came to her office door.  Her assistant, a young upstart named Chelsea, carried a large vase of flowers.
“Hi Julie, delivery for you.” Chelsea presented the arrangement to her.
“Thanks Chelsea.”  You look slightly puzzled as you weren’t expecting any delivery.  “Courrier say who it was from?”
“No, just a card.” Chelsea pointed to the small envelope protruding from the opening.
“Got it - thank you.  Mind closing the door for me?”  The door closed behind Chelsea.  She retrieved the envelope and, sliding a finger through the seal, popped it open.  A handwritten note from the sender read
A little reprieve from the chaos. - CE
Julie sat back in stunned silence.  She had never been treated this well by anyone before.  He sent her flowers.  A simple gesture but it had already said volumes about his character.  “So he’s a little cocky... and a gentleman.”
**7:15 PM**
Julie finally closed the laptop on her desk for the night.  She had 15 minutes before Chris was arriving to pull herself together.  She released her hair, cascading down in perfect brown waves and proceeded to touch up her makeup.  Complimenting her Friday casual, she kept things classy, not overdone.  A little smoke to her eye, a little color to her lip - enough to bump things up.
Alone in her office, she wrapped her fingers under her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, opting for a sleeker top that accentuated her curves in all the right places.  Nothing too revealing, nothing too simple.  Slipping out of her jeans, she pulled on a dressier fitted pant to match.  This was the first time that Julie had made a conscious effort in her appearance in a while.  With Chris, and his status, she was acutely aware of any public expectation of him and who he keeps for company and kept that in mind.  Taking a moment to admire herself in the mirror, she stood in front of the mirror on her door, stunned.  She hadn’t seen herself in this light in a long time.  Julie stepped back and turned, looking over her shoulder to see herself from the back “Fuck” her tone surprised, but gaining confidence “I look hot.”
Retrieving her shoes, she glanced at the clock on her desk *7:28 PM* “Shit” and Julie scrambled to put on a pair of strappy wedges as her phone began to buzz with a text alert.
Chris: i’m downstairs - should i come up? do i need to drag you kicking and screaming from your desk?
Julie: No LOL. Be down in a sec.
Chris: got it *thumbs up*
Julie dropped her phone into her purse, along with her wallet, keys, and some extra gloss and headed downstairs.
Emerging from the building, Chris took a moment to observe how effortless she looked before calling over to her.  Julie moved with grace and confidence each step she took.  For a moment, his mind wandered back to the thoughts he had when she had stayed over after the BBQ - what she would feel like in his arms, the taste of her lips, what she would look like underneath him, glazed over in ecstasy.  Realizing where his mind had drifted to, Chris snapped back into attention, taking a second to adjust his collar as she approached him.
“Wow.” He breathed as he attempted to hide the last of his thoughts.  “Good to see you.” he greeted her, pulling her in for a hug.  Julie was acutely aware of the attention he was giving her as she returned his greeting.
“Good to see you too.  So... what’s this about seafood and the harbor?”
“Oh, you’re in for a treat.”  Chris grinned before turning to open the car door for her and helped her in, an 80’s playlist softly came from the speakers as they drove off to dinner.
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marvelescape · 2 days ago
white paper
summary: Waiting in line for ice cream got a little more interesting when a little girl gives you a paper with what seems like a phone number.
pairing: dad!Steve Rogers x reader [Modern AU]
word count: 1,890
warning/s: one mention of heart attack but it’s nothing serious
author’s note: Hi! I’m Ianne. I am so excited because this is my first fanfic to ever publish here on Tumblr. This one’s inspired by one TikTok video I watched and I would love to hear what you all think! I'm still kinda new to this but I do hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it! 💖
Tumblr media
GIF is not mine. Credits to its owner! ✨
It was a bright Saturday morning, a little close to 9 o’clock.
This was one of the days that Barnes Romanoff, the law firm that you were working for as a paralegal, was not in any grave-deep case that you were able to take your day off. Or there might be one or a hundred cases but it just wasn’t assigned to you.
So what better way to spend your Saturday morning than to lay on your bed until noon and rest your brain and body that had been overworking the past months. That’s what you should have done, right?
But as you settle for bed the night before, you turned on a health and fitness documentary hoping to prompt you to sleep. However, it did the opposite when you stayed until 11PM staring at the ceiling, overthinking whether you were a pizza away from a heart attack.
That led you now, jogging in the yoga pants and Nike tank top that had long slept in their drawers.
But as you try to reach Central Park which you had set as where you will stop to turn around and jog back home, you passed by the new ice cream shop that was always filled with people.
You stopped jogging as you turned towards the line that was slowly building up outside the store. You have read that it was famous for the unique flavors it offered that was inspired by different countries around the world.
With not much thoughts, you opened your phone and turned off the step and distance tracker and headed towards the store.
So maybe you were not your healthiest but the voice inside you that whispered ‘you have to treat yourself’ won…quite easily.
You wiped your sweat and headed to the tail of the line, waiting patiently.
You looked around and took in the busy New York street as your work out playlist still jammed in your ears.
However, a light tap on your waist prompted you to remove your earbuds and looked down.
A white paper was waving at you with messy scribbles of what looks like a set of numbers.
“Hi, I’m Lily!” a bubbly girl, probably either 7 or 8, smiled widely at you as she reached her arm out to give you the paper.
“Uh. Hi!” You tried to sound cheerful despite the being confused on the rather too joyful look she was giving you. “What’s that, Lily?” you asked and pointed at the paper.
She sighed happily and waved her hand down, indicating for you to lean down to her.
“See him?” She pointed at a man who has his back on the two of you just a few steps away. “That’s my dad. He’s single. Here’s his number,” she exclaimed excitedly and forced your palm to have a hold of that white paper.
Lily let go of your shoulder that she was holding onto while she whispered and you stood back up.
You chuckled awkwardly. “Why would you give me this?”
She shrugged. “He’s really nice, I promise. Just- he needs help with girls.”
You giggled at the little girl’s innocence. “And how does a cute girl like you know how to pick girls up for your dad?”
Lily smiled at you sweetly as she heard your compliments. She tucked her blonde hair to her ear and looked at you with her twinkling blue eyes. “I have uncles who taught me behind dad’s back. They told me what I should be looking for in a woman that should date my dad.”
“Yeah?” You entertained her. “Well what did you see in me to be worthy of this?” You waved the paper.
Lily sighed and looked up the sky as if she was thinking. “You are very beautiful,” she said after a few seconds. “My uncles emphasized that dad should date beautiful women.”
You laughed at her seriousness. “I doubt that I am up your dad or uncles’ standards, darling,” you said and patted her head lightly.
“Yeah, you are because you look smart too!” she added. “I mean, you are going to eat ice cream so early in the morning during a weekend so… smart!”
Lily clapped her hands as she giddily rambled on how you ticked the boxes in the requirements in her mind.
“Of all the ladies I gave dad's number to, you were also the only one who asked me why I gave you that. The others would just smile at me but never ask or even say thank you.” She pouted. ”I never liked them. They seem too... confident,” she ranted in her high pitched voice.
You initially laughed at the thought that a little girl goes around giving her dad's number to many women but then shook your head. “Now that doesn’t seem so nice to say. You were the one who gave them the number,” you reminded, chuckling.
“Yeah, I shouldn’t have.” She sighed. “I should have saved dad’s number for you!” Lily jumped up and down.
She only stopped when a big muscular hand grabbed her arm and forced her to stand still. The man that Lily pointed a while ago as her dad crouched down and looked at her quite exhaustedly. He held the bridge of his nose and sighed.
“Lily! Sweetheart, it’s too early. It’s not even noon yet.” The man chastised her. “You’re doing this already?”
“There is no right time for love, dad!” Lily answered.
“See, Uncle Buck and Uncle Sammy are getting a good talk from me next time they visit,” Steve stated.
“So I’m guessing you know what was happening?” You chuckled at the man who was continuously whispering to his daughter.
He stood up and faced you with a pink tinge on the apples of his cheeks.
And oh my god.
So you definitely know where Lily got her looks.
His blonde hair was messy but you could still see how he styled it so elegantly a few hours before. His blue eyes, the same ones Lily had, gleamed at you. He had an innocent shy smile that made you focus on his plump red lips. His muscular body looked comforting enough to hug rather than intimidating. His tight white shirt did not help you from trying not to stare at his chest.
“I am so sorry,” he apologized. “Lily’s just-”
You laughed and waved your hand. “Don’t worry about it. She’s just looking out for you. I think it’s cute.”
Lily giggled loudly and covered her mouth when her dad looked at her quite exasperated.
The look from the man did not scare the little girl, however, as she looked at you and said, “This is my dad, Steve.”
“Lily Rogers!” His dad tried to stay composed.
You laughed at the duo in front of you. “Seriously, Steve. I don’t mind. It’s nice to meet you.” You held your hand out.
Steve sighed and shook your hand, getting even redder. “She just does this so much and it’s embarrassing.” He chuckled lightly, scratching the back of his neck.
“Hmm. I think she’s doing a great job.” You looked at Lily. “Nice to meet you as well, darling.” You shook your hands with the little girl who gladly took your hand.
Lily pulled her dad down and tried to whisper but it did not escape your ears. “I told you it would work one day!”
Steve laughed lightly and shook his head. He ruffled his daughter’s hair and looked at you.
“Thank you for understanding,” he stated. “I hope she- we were not interrupting anything.”
“She just made waiting in line for ice cream entertaining so I kinda owe Lily here,” you replied.
Steve laughed and continued to talk to you as the three of you walked a few steps as the line progressed.
“I see a decision has been made, huh?” he asked and pointed at your work out outfit.
You laughed and leaned towards the window a little bit to have a view of the flavors. “Yeah, who was I kidding?”
“But ice cream for breakfast?” Steve asked, smiling.
You nodded. “I heard there was bacon flavored ice cream so I guess that still counts,” you defended.
“Dad, I love her!” Lily exclaimed, which made you feel heat rushing to your cheeks. “What’s your name?” she asked.
That moment made you and Steve realize that you indeed have not event said your name yet.
It made you laugh that he turned a little pale upon hearing his daughter’s question.
“Oh shoot. We’ve been talking for a while now and my daughter was even giving you my number and I haven’t even asked for your name. God, I’m so sorry. I’m usually better than this,” he said.
You laughed for the hundredth time. “Don’t sweat it, Steve. I’m Y/N.”
Steve smiled at you sweetly and nodded to himself. “Y/N,” he repeated. “You have such a beautiful name.”
You cleared your throat as you found yourself being caught off guard with his statement. You felt your cheeks redden once more and you decided that maybe your shoes look a little more interesting.
“That’s my dad!” Lily cheered that made you look up and laugh with Steve.
“I see you have your moves. Having a cheerleader also adds points,” you muttered shyly and looked at Lily instead of Steve.
The two of you continued to chat with Lily making a few little comments every now and then. You learned that he works as an operational manager in a company and you shared your occupation too. You knew a little more about Lily’s uncles as well who interestingly, one was in the same field as you.
You exchanged bits of information from both your lives until the three of you were inside the store.
The father-daughter duo let you order first as Lily couldn’t decide on what flavor to choose.
You were claiming your ube flavored ice cream when your phone vibrated from your pocket.
“Maria wasn’t able to settle. She asks for you. NOW,” a message from one of your co-workers read.
“Y/N?” Steve called you that made you turn towards them. “Would you like to sit with us?” Steve pointed at an empty booth a few meters away from the three of you.
Lily was walking beside him, her full attention in her what seems like a caramel ice cream.
You smiled at the two and politely shook your head. “Thank you but I have to go. Duty calls. A day-off was too good to be true I guess.”
“Oh.” You saw how Steve’s shoulders slumped down. “Well, it was nice meeting you!” He still managed to smile. “Lily, say goodbye to Y/N.”
“Aww,” Lily whined, finally caught up with the fact that you will be leaving them. “I hope we see each other again, Y/N!” She pouted.
Your heart warmed when you heard her. You crouched down and squeezed her cheek. “I hope so too, darling! We both go in this shop anyway so, I’m sure we’ll see each other often,” you told her.
Lily smiled at you and nodded. You stood up and placed your ice cream in a nearby table for a while as you fished for the white paper you pocketed a while ago.
“Here.” You held the paper out to Steve. “I figured that you would maybe want this back.”
Steve smirked. “Keep it,” he said. “I’m hoping we’ll see each other around too.” He looked at you with those twinkling blue eyes one more time and smiled at you hopefully.
“Maybe,” you replied, nodding teasingly before waving at the two of them and heading out of the store.
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fallinforevans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chris’s pornstache is back…NO. remember last time? i hated it. but maybe it’ll be different this time.
anyways, christopher please we love the mustache we promise (sike 🏃🏻‍♀️) now take a selfie for us and we’ll love it so much 😌✨
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fuckandfluff · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Literally this is just porn without a plot. One mention of a glass of wine, swearing, dumbification, praise kink, daddy kink, anal fingering, unprotected anal sex, power dynamics, age gap (reader is early 20s) SADDLE UP 🤠
A/N: The title is an nod to the retweet on Chris's twitter today! And the word just works for the general vibe of the fic! Thank you so much to my gorgeous and talented pal, @sableseb for being my beta reader. Please go check out her amazing work 💗✨
All of my other Stepdad!Andy fics can be found in my masterlist here! 💗
Gorgeous and vicious.
Those were the first two words that came to mind when you thought of your stepfather. Despite your months-long affair, Andy still made you painfully timid.
After he had confronted you earlier that day with his discovery of a discarded Plan B box, you knew a punishment was coming. You just had no idea what he had in store.
Andy slinked into your room shortly after midnight, interrupting your standing appointment with the Real Housewives of somewhere and an overpour of dry Pinot Grigio.  He was always a welcomed interruption, though.
“Haven’t came all week, my balls are fuckin’ about to burst, Y/N,” he huffs, approaching your cross-legged form.
“Can you just fuck off, Andy? I’ve had it with these late night hookups,” you lie through gritted teeth, “I - I wanna to be with someone my own age. Not my mom’s husband."
But the truth was, at this point in your relationship,  you had somehow convinced yourself it wasn’t cheating. You were his wife’s daughter, an extension of your mother. It made sense at the time and you found comfort in the twisted logic.
“I think you seem to forget that it’s not you calling the shots here sweetie,” he traces along your plump lower lip, his baby blue eyes boring into yours.
Andy slammed his lips onto yours, warm breath slipping in and out of your mouth: “D..Daddy-- fuck.” You’d never seen him kiss your mother like this. It was always little pecks on her lips or tiny smooches on her cheek. You had no idea what went on behind closed doors but you’d imagine it wasn’t anything too kinky because Andy migrated to your bed practically every night.
He’s now positioned himself behind you now, muscular arms cradled under your own, massaging over the silky material of your pajama bottoms.
“God, you’re such a pretty little thing..” Andy murmurs, his voice softer than usual.  You leaned back into his strong chest, his arms gripped around your waist.
“W-wait -” you stammer, trying to resist his expert touch.
Andy paused in his ministrations, strong hands dusting down the length of your torso: “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
Whining low in your throat, you couldn’t spurn his advances any longer. The older man knew exactly what buttons to press.
“You’ve never been fucked in the ass have ya’, princess?”
“That obvious, huh?” you retort, trying to make it sound light and playful, a nervous laugh escaping you. His fingers thread through your pussy and the the thought of him fucking you there sent shocks of warmth through you.
Andy’s cock was growing hard against your back and you could feel it emerge from the waistband of his slate grey sweats.
“Gonna let your daddy pop this sweet little cherry, bet it’s so goddamn tight..” Reaching into the lacquered door of your nightstand, he paws the bottle of well-used lube, snapping the lid up and dousing his dick in the thick liquid. You had no idea how he knew that was there because you only ever used it when you needed a bit of help working your rabbit inside yourself. Had he been spying on you?
“Up, up, sweetheart - bend over,” he commands, guiding your ass off the pillowy duvet and pushing his hand onto the small of your back, a physical cue to get on all fours. You take the hint, back arched and eager for him. Your breath is heavy with anticipation, gripping the bedsheets tightly. All you know about anal sex is that it’s meant to hurt, so you pray that Andy shows you a semblance of mercy.
He slips your shorts down your thick hips, leaving you entirely exposed as the flimsy silk rests at your ankles. Two of his large, lubed up fingers encircle the tight ring of muscle, sliding in to provide you with a warm up to him.
“You ready, honey?” he purrs rhetorically, pressing his slicked-up length against your virgin hole. With a demure nod, he takes this as permission to proceed with puncturing into you.
With unusually gentle intention, Andy pushes in just a little bit past his tip, wiggling underneath him. You bit your lip, hard, at the stretch, his cock spearing into you while you held yourself up on wobbly legs.
“Ahh doin’ so good, look so pretty with my cock in your ass,” he praises enthusiastically and you relish in the encouragement, backing onto him and swallowing up an extra inch or two in an attempt to show how good of a girl you could really be.
“Daddy god, yes - yes, please—“ you whine under him, letting out an almost inhuman squeal, high pitched and desperate.
“Look at you, goin’ dumb for daddy…fuckin’ this sweet, tight ass,” he teases, swatting an open palm on your backside. The cold of his wedding ring burned against the heat of your bare flesh, a painful reminder that he didn’t belong to you.
He was much more soft than usual and though you trembled as his hips bucked up into you, it wasn’t the usually violent fuck he would gift you. Your breathy moans and the sight of you coming entirely undone must have sent him into a frenzy because he’s now singing unfiltered praise down into your ear.  
“D-Don’t stop,” you pathetically plead, head lolling back with a moan as he pulled out to the tip again and thrust back in with a slow, methodical rocking until his entire cock is inside you. Once you got used to his cock splitting you open, Andy didn’t hold back. His strokes were fast and quick, swearing a curse as your ass clenched around his cock.
“Fuck - daddy, I - I might come..” you trail off,  somewhere between a moan and a shout, and Andy pulls out to the tip again and it’s almost painful, that sheer loss of contact. But before you have a chance to mourn the loss, he’s jerked back into you with full force, bottoming out all at once, and your eyes roll back violently.  A sense of sheer confusion washes over you because you didn’t think it was possible for anal to feel this good.
“I.. I can’’s too much,” you weep, the feeling entirely foreign as your pussy throbs with no stimulation.
“You can and you will, honey. Stop bein' a brat,” he chides, smacking your ass and gawking at the ripple your plump skin produces.
He’s now picked up the pace, snapping into you with hard, feral thrusts, and you struggle to stay propped up on your elbows. You’re entirely swept up in the feeling of your stepfather pummelling into you, taking your anal virginity, keening and gasping and yelling of cries of “Yes, please make me come daddy, a-ah, just like that daddy!”  You sighed into it, tilting your head down as you worked through your own orgasm, half-lidded eyes glazed over as you feel yourself clench down onto him.
Andy’s now changed the angle, thrusting down hard and quick, feeling the familiar sensation building in his core. The tightness in his gut like a wave gathering before it crashed— the feeling of your ass tightening around him as he arrived at his own orgasm and the sound of his warbled cries through it all.
“Fuck, gonna fill you up so you know who this ass belongs to,” he groaned, spilling into you while holding himself upright and panting above you. He pulls out, sending what remained dripping across the pink flannel sheets. He loved watching as your asshole gaped, clenching pathetically around nothing while his load trickled out.
"You're my perfect little slut, arentcha', honey?" he mumbles, tucking himself back into his briefs. "Don't let anyone else touch that hole but daddy, you understand me?"
You nod obediently, falling flat onto your stomach with a defeated thud. A dull ache had already started thrumming in your lower back, a premature warning of the brutal pain tomorrow would surely bring.
The revelation slams into you - your stepfather just fucked your ass and though you should feel sick with regret, it feels so right.
Join my taglist here, if you want! xo
Stepdad Andy list:
@patzammit @musiclover1263 @what-is-your-wish
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lightsupbarnes · 3 days ago
Writing again!.. after almost 4 years 😬 send me some requests!
Who I write for:
James Buchanan Barnes
Steven Grant Rogers
Andrew Barber
Ransom Drysdale
Avengers!cast x reader
Chris Evans
Sebastian Stan
This blog will NOT tolerate any form of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, any discrimination towards any race, religion, ethnicity, or sexuality.
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mellowpoetryblizzard · 3 days ago
Intimacy Coordinator - Part 11
Summary: You meet Chris on set of a new film the two of you are starring in, with your first intimate scene looming.  Will your comfort (or lack thereof) cross over into something real?  Or is it just destined for the hot lights of Hollywood Characters: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader Word Count: It’s a long one kids.  Buckle up. Warnings: 18+, None - this is all fluff.
Author’s Note:  This is the last part of the main narrative of Intimacy Coordinator!  Thanks for coming on this ride!  I have an idea for a companion story in the future, but for now, I’m gonna let this one just sit.
These Delightful Folks Asked to be Tagged: @chvntelle-99​ @justjulie1105​ @nnnnatalie​ @one-sweet-gubler​ @lovelyladymayyy​ @kthynes​​
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 * || Part 4 || Part 5 * || Part 6 Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 * || Part 11 || Epilogue
Tumblr media
Your teams had known you were together by now, so it was nothing out of the ordinary at this point that glam teams were gathering at Chris’ place to get you both ready for the premiere.  Everyone congregated in the living room, his suit and your gown being steamed off to the side by your stylists. While Jacqui worked on your face, Melissa was once again back at the helm on your hair, working on a romantic updo that was sure to win over even the harshest of style critics.  Chris had 80’s music playing throughout the place, the energy high and everyone in a party mood.  You nursed a vodka soda with lime to loosen you up a bit, Chris working on a beer.  Once your glam squad was finished with you, Jacqui applied a moisturizer with a little tint to your legs so they’d look stellar in photos.  Your stylist and you disappeared into one of the guest rooms so you could get into your dress, Chris slipped into the bedroom to get his suit shirt and pants on.
“Hey gang, we’ve gotta head out in about 15 minutes.”  Jordan called to the living room checking the time.  The plan was for you to travel in separate cars to keep things under wraps a little longer.  Chris emerged back into the living room, his jacket and tie awaiting him on a hanger.  A couple of minutes later, you emerged from the guest room, ready to go.  Chris turned as you came into the living room, his heart dropping into his stomach at the sight of you.  He extended his hands out to take yours, pulling you close to him, completely taken aback by how beautiful you looked.  Your gown was a rich purply wine color that complimented your eyes perfectly.  A slit rode up the leg to where it didn’t give too much away… but it was just enough to grab attention.  The dress, though bold in color still had enough romance in the design to make even the toughest swoon.
“You look breathtaking.” Chris whispered to you before stepping back to take you in completely.  Megan snapped a couple of photos of the two of you lost in your moment, knowing Chris would want them for the proverbial scrapbooks one day.  She’d later send them over to him.
“OK lovebirds, we’ve gotta get moving.”  Jordan announced to the room.  Chris slipped into his shoes, and you helped him slide his jacket on.  His stylist popped over for a moment to adjust his bowtie, and the teams made their way out to cars to head over to the Chinese Theater.  Before getting into cars, Chris grabbed you and pulled you aside.
“If you need something tonight, you know how to find me.”  He pointed up to his eyes, like he had done many times before throughout the course of the time you had known each other.
“See you there babe.”  You gave him a soft peck on the cheek and squeezed his hand so as not to leave a lipstick mark before you two disappeared into your respective cars.
**25 Minutes Later**
The cars pulled up to the talent drop off point.  You heard the fans scream as Chris stepped out of his car, casual and friendly waving to fans, racing over to sign a couple of autographs and snap some photos.  His boyish energy stayed with him as he began working the carpet, starting on the press line.  You took a deep breath as your car door opened, stepping out shortly after to a similar reaction from fans.  You gracefully trekked over, repeating what Chris had done, signing a few autographs, taking a few photos, before heading over to the press line.
Interviews were smooth on the carpet, outlets a little bolder in their questioning, with multiple outlets throwing questions your way, ranging from the film itself to asking the two of you about your status as a couple.  The two of you gracefully danced around the questions, turning focus back to the film like you had planned.  He was whisked over to the step and repeat for photos, and the paparazzi got their fill for Getty and other photo outlets.  As you stepped in for your photos, you froze for a brief moment, before settling into your own energy for pictures.  Seemingly out of nowhere, your head started spinning, realizing that even you wanted nothing more than to feel beautiful and confident in this moment, something was still missing.  Instinctively, not even finishing your photo set, you motioned a “1 minute” hand gesture to the photographers, glided over to Chris who was waiting behind the step and repeat and wrapped your arms gently around him from behind.  As he turned to face you, you gave him a smile and a nod, a silent confirmation that you no longer wanted to do this alone, taking his hands into yours.  The two of you turned away from any prying eyes, ears, and lenses to talk.
“Are you sure?”  He was surprised that you had changed your mind.
“Yes.  I don’t want to… I can’t do this night without you.  I’m ready if you are.”
“OK.  There’s no turning back once this happens.”
“I know.  And you’re worth all the risk.  I love you too Chris.”  You smiled at him gently squeezing his upper arm.  Chris realized you had heard him the night before, his smile widening as he took in your words.
“I love you so much babe.”  His smile never left his face while quickly kissing your hands.  You took a deep breath, and started walking back to photos to complete your session.  Chris strode over to you on the carpet, wrapping an arm delicately, yet protective around your waist.  The photographers, realizing what was going on, began snapping furiously, wanting to be the first to break the big story.  Chris wrapped his other arm around you, before dipping you playfully and giving you a soft kiss on the cheek, garnering a large reaction from the droves of press out for the event.  The two of you gave off some fiery power couple vibes as you continued to pose for a few more photos.  Chris finally took your arm, wrapping the photo session as you two headed into the theater.  Megan and Jordan looked genuinely shocked at Chris’ rare moment of PDA, but exchanged a friendly high five, grateful that they no longer had to keep the relationship a tightly guarded secret.
As soon as you got inside, you found a quiet alcove for a moment.  Chris held onto you for just a little longer, the both of you in some kind of euphoric bliss, practically vibrating from the red carpet.  Neither of you had to sneak around anymore, neither of you had to worry about being caught by someone, you could finally just be.
Chris rubbed your shoulders with his thumbs, proud of the amazing woman he had in front of him.  “I’m so damn lucky.”
“Nah, we both got lucky.”  You looked up at him, glowing.
The two of you headed into the theater, taking your seats.  As the lights went dark, you leaned on his shoulder, your leg started shaking a little.  Chris took your hand into his, giving it a gentle, reassuring squeeze, like he had done many times before.  The realest thing in your world at that moment had all started because of something rooted in fiction.
--- END ---
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mellowpoetryblizzard · 4 days ago
Intimacy Coordinator - Part 10
Summary: You meet Chris on set of a new film the two of you are starring in, with your first intimate scene looming.  Will your comfort (or lack thereof) cross over into something real?  Or is it just destined for the hot lights of Hollywood Characters: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader Word Count: It’s a long one kids.  Buckle up. Warnings: 18+, SMUT - brace yourselves (oral sex, protected penetration).
Author’s Note:  OK, I promised one more smut laced scene in this story because you all are thirsty monsters (love you).  Have fun!
These Delightful Folks Asked to be Tagged: @chvntelle-99 @justjulie1105 @nnnnatalie @one-sweet-gubler @lovelyladymayyy @kthynes​
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 * || Part 4 || Part 5 * || Part 6 Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 * || Part 11 || Epilogue
Tumblr media
**A Couple of Months Later - Press Week**
Your apartment was bustling by 7:30 AM.  Jacqui, your favorite MUA was working on your face, while Melissa worked to style your hair.  Jordan, your publicist was hanging out in your living room while your stylist mulled over options with you.  The team agreed on simple, clean, with a touch of glam and then go full blown glam for the premiere.
You opted for a wide leg, dressy jean with strappy heels and a fitted top that was somewhere living in the worlds of romantic and sexy, all at once.
Arriving at the hotel at around 8:30 AM, you made your way to the green room with Jordan where Chris was already waiting with Megan.  The two of you discussed keeping things professional when working, especially when dealing with reporters.  You gave Chris and Megan hugs, Chris giving you a little extra squeeze before the four of you sat down to chat and run over talking points one last time.
“OK, we’ve briefed outlets on a few things.  No discussion of personal lives, we know there’s already buzz about the sex scene so be ready to talk about that process a little.  Other than that, you two go have fun.”  Megan was cool and collected giving final instructions.
**An hour later**
The two of you sat in the BuzzFeed room on the floor, a giant purple backdrop behind you both.  All of a sudden, three handlers walked in with two crates each, delivering a total of six puppies to the set.  Chris’ eyes lit up at the sight, turning into a literal child as you both dove into the infamous puppy interview.
**Cut To…**
The next interview, you two got to sit, relaxing as you mingled with a familiar reporter Chris had done several junkets with before.  You both got into the conversation, very animated and honest as you two bounced answers and anecdotes off of each other almost too easily.
“So, Y/N.  You not only have your first on camera sex scene, and people watching at home, get ready because it is HOT.  But, you shot your first sex scene with this guy right here.” She acknowledged Chris.  “Tell us what the process was like, and how you prepared for something like that.”
You paused for a moment, shooting a slightly nervous look over to Chris for reassurance.  Giving you an encouraging  wink, you proceeded.
“Well, first and foremost, I need to acknowledge Lacey, who was the Intimacy Coordinator for this film.  She was just an incredible asset to the project making sure we were feeling safe and comfortable.  Mikaela, our director, was also just as incredible.  Behind the scenes, Chris and I made a point to build a friendship and check in with each other regularly during production.  We knew that if we didn’t have some kind of friendly bond as people, it wouldn’t be as effective for camera so that was something that was really important to us.  I remember coming to set that day a nervous wreck - Chris was the only one that day who managed to settle me down, so frankly, I owe a lot to a really steady and consistent scene partner like him.  We also joked A LOT that day so that helped take some pressure off of it.  He really helped make things feel so easy that day.”
“Amazing, and there’s a little story going around about sugar cookies.  What is this story?”  You both burst out laughing.  Chris chimed in.
“Yeah, so poor Y/N was pretty much fully naked on set the whole day.  Shooting these types of scenes is really not a glamorous day.  They’re awkward, and can be really uncomfortable, especially right at the start of the day.  But she really took the grunt of it on set and was a total trooper.  Staging had me spend some time pretty up close and personal with her, she and her make up team did this whole thing where she was still covered, but they made her smell like sugar cookies - what was it lotion or something?”
You picked up the story.  “Yeah - my glam team and I took some inspiration from Allison Williams and her infamous scene from Girls.  We concocted this like, pillow thingy for Chris out of cotton, medical tape, and pads - you’ll never see it on camera but it covered me - that was basically all I could cover.  Chris had to have his face down there for a bit, so we made things a little cozy for him.”  You all laughed.  “My hair stylist had a sugar cookie scented lotion on hand so we just slathered me up in it.  I can’t live it down anymore.  I received multiple boxes of sugar cookies as gifts during production.”
“Also, I just want to call out that Y/N knocked out a portion of that scene in a single take!”  Chris jumped in again, eager to sing your praises a little more.
“Wait, one take?!”  The reporter’s face was stunned.
“Yeah - I’ll let you guys guess which part.”  You quipped with a playful grin and wink.
The interviews flowed in a similar fashion the rest of the day.  No one asked about the infamous airport photo, respecting the collective team’s wishes and kept focus on the film.  The two of you regrouped with your publicists in the green room, exhausted.
“OK - you two sounded great together today.”  Jordan was in a surprisingly good mood at the end of the day.  Megan was equally impressed.  “Nice job today Chris.  Also, you two flow so easily off of each other.  Great work.”
You guys had one more interview apiece before the premiere, both of you had appointments with the Jimmy’s of late night; you on Kimmel, Chris on Fallon.  Chris’ piece aired Monday, yours Tuesday, the premiere on Wednesday, and theaters that Friday.
Both interviews went smoothly, with both Jimmy’s playfully trying to pry into personal lives, which you both handled effortlessly, shutting down any questioning with ease and grace.  Chris was finally back in LA after a very fast trip to New York.  The two of you had dinner at his LA home on Tuesday night after you wrapped at Kimmel, an assortment of Chinese takeout on the kitchen table shared between you both.
When all was said and done, you cracked open your fortunes.  Chris, forever having the brain of a 15 year old, insisted on adding “in bed” at the end of the reads.
“Every exit is an entrance to new experiences… in bed”  Chris laughed reading aloud.  “Wait… does this mean what I think it does?!”  He gave you one of his looks.
“Oh my God, you’re insane.”  You laughed at his goofy flirting that you were growing so accustomed to.  “Your tongue is your ambassador… in bed.” You doubled over laughing.  Chris almost spit out his drink laughing.
“I mean, where’s the lie?!” He quipped with a sly grin.  The two of you resigned to the couch after finishing up and putting things away.  Your MUA insisted on you doing some kind of skincare tonight, so you threw on a hydrating sheet mask for about 20 minutes while the two of you decided on a movie.  For one last semblance of peace, you popped in a Disney film.  Just enough to settle your brains before tomorrow’s premiere.
At some point in the middle, Chris gently rubbed your arm with his fingers to get your attention.  “Hey…”
You were just starting to nod off a little at this point, but you turned up to face him.  “Hmm..?”
“So… I know we planned on walking the carpet tomorrow solo to keep press of our scent… if you’re not cool with this idea, let me know.  But… I’d love to walk with you tomorrow if that’s OK with you.”
“Are you sure this isn’t too soon?”  You were nervous at his ask.  It was enough that tomorrow you were quite literally baring yourself for the world, but to debut as a couple in one night?  It was a lot.  “There’s already so much pressure on tomorrow, are you sure you want to add that?”  Chris gave you a comforting look, understanding your fear, but bummed he wouldn’t have his girl on his arm.
“I get it.”  He placed a hand on your cheek, which you held to your face, gently placing kisses on it.  “If you’re not comfortable, I understand.  I don’t want to push you into something if you’re not ready for it.”  
You looked at him, your eyes reading a little apologetic.  “Thanks Chris.  Thank you for being so patient with me.”
“Of course.  And frankly, I don’t mind having you all to myself for a little longer anyway.”  He pulled you close, kissing you playfully and hungry for you.  Without warning, his lips began to travel down your neck planting a trail of open mouth kisses.  His fingers found the buttons on your shirt, nimbly prying each one open before you shimmied it off your shoulders.  Chris pulled you onto his lap to straddle him, wanting to take you on the couch right then and there.  His fingers gripped your hips securely, grinding you over his growing hard on.  You hummed at the sensation, feeling yourself already pooling in arousal.
Wrapping your arms around him, you gently began kissing at his neck before returning to his lips as his hands trailed up to your back, seeking out the clasp for your bra.  Chris unhooked you and let the fabric fall from your arms before his lips connected with your chest again, working down your warm skin as your head fell back and eyes fluttered closed.  Chris palmed at your breasts, wrapping his fingers around them before nipping and licking at your nipples, a small groan escaping his lips as he did so.
Your fingers found the hem of his shirt, sliding the fabric up his torso and he pulled away from you long enough to get the shirt over his head.  As soon as his shirt was discarded, Chris pulled you tight against him, craving the feeling of your delicate skin on his.  From there, Chris rolled the two of you over onto the sofa, him now pressed onto you as your lips crashed into each other again, tongues wrestling for some semblance of dominance.
Chris lifted off of you, running his hands down your body until he found the waistband of your leggings, sliding them down your legs and off of you.  Taking a hold of your leg, he kissed up one before taking the other to do the same, teasing you as you whimpered and sighed at each sensation.  He let his fingertips lightly dance on your upper thighs, your panties visibly dampened at this point.  “I've barely even done anything yet and this is how turned on you are?  God damn...”  He smirked to himself at how worked up he could get you before he let his fingers gently graze over your covered mound, drawing another moan from you.  Chris hooked your panties with his thumbs, sliding them down your legs and off of you.  Wordlessly, he lowered between your legs, licking and nipping at your inner thighs as you whined for him.  “Tell me what you want baby.  I wanna hear you say it.” he rumbled as his fingers traced around you.
You could barely get the words out as your breathing staggered.  “Taste me.”  Chris happily obliged, finally placing his tongue flat on your folds, licking up in one bold move.  You yelped at the sensation, your body tensing up for a moment as he began exploring your folds with his lips and tongue.  You settled back into the couch as he hooked one of his arms under and around your legs, holding you in place as he buried his face into your hot center.  His beard scratched at you while he pressed into you, your hips gently grinding onto his lips.  Chris took his other hand and gently slipped a digit into you.  “Chris... oh my God” you breathed out as he began pumping his finger in and out of you.  Once he knew you were ready, he added a second into you, picking up his pace while forcing another moan from your throat.
“So fucking good babe...” Chris rasped into you before locking his lips around your clit.  Your orgasm was quickly closing in, but Chris pulled away before he could drive you over the edge.  You whined in agony over the sudden stop in pleasure, but he was up to face you, a little of your essence on him as he kissed you deeply.  While you were lip-locked, you reached your hands down and began working on the button and zipper on his jeans, working to slide them off.  Chris rose off of you for a moment to slide the jeans down to his knees before falling back on top of you to kiss you some more.  Getting creative, you took your feet and worked to maneuver the jeans down to his ankles before he was able to kick them off.  Suddenly, Chris pulled back.  “Be right back - condom.” he breathed out to you.  You nodded as he sprinted down the hall to retrieve one, and was back shortly after.  As he returned to the living room, he caught you with your fingers sweeping your clit, his eyes blown wide with lust at the sight of you.  “Fuck Y/N... you couldn’t wait, could you?”  Your lips curled into a seductive smile while shaking your head ‘no’ and kept going, his reaction encouraging you on.  As Chris came to your side, he pulled off his boxer briefs and slid the condom on.  He pumped himself with a free hand for a moment then took your soaked fingers from your slit into his mouth, licking them clean.
Chris positioned himself at your entrance, sliding into you in one smooth move.  You cried out at the feeling, one you were certain you would never get used to as he filled you up so well.  The two of you moved in unison as he thrust into you, both of you losing yourselves in ecstasy.  You placed your hands on his chest and gently pushed him up and off of you.  “Sit back” you purred in his ear, and straddled his hips when he did so.  You slid back onto him, and started smoothly grinding on him as he swore and praised you in the same broken sentences he struggled to form.  Chris gripped your hips, trying to encourage more speed, before he held you firmly in place at one point and surprised you by quickly thrusting a few times upward into you, completely catching you off guard as you let out a loud gasp.  Chris grinned, planting kisses across your neck and shoulders before stopping you, grabbing your hands and guiding you to the back of the couch, never letting go of your waist, pressing his cock into your back.
“Bend over” he growled into your ear, and hiked one of your legs onto the arm rest before he was back inside of you again.  He leaned over to you, back in your ear, knowing how much you loved his dirty talk.  “I want you to come all over my cock beautiful.” One hand gripping your waist, he licked his fingers on his free hand before finding your clit and began circling it, pushing you closer to your release.  Your breathing began staggering, moans and whines getting louder, gripping the sofa for support as his pace increased.
“Chris... babe... I’m... fuck... right... OH!!!!” And you immediately fell apart as your orgasm crashed over you.  Chris continued to circle your clit as you began to shake violently, still holding onto the sofa for dear life as he moved his arm from your waist, wrapping it around you for a moment so you wouldn’t fall.  Feeling your walls as they closed in quickly and tightly around him, he picked up his pace again, moving rapidly through your own release to find his.  Right as you regained a sense of composure, you went to stand so he fell out of you, immediately turning to face him and dropping to your knees to finish him off elsewhere.  Wrapping your fingers around him, you slid the condom off and without warning, took him into your mouth.
“FUCK!” Chris couldn’t take it, now having to grip the sofa for his own balance as your mouth bobbed quickly and tightly over his cock.  “Babe, I’m gonna co-” he choked out the words as he finally found his own release, down your throat.  You pumped his base as he released hot ropes into you, taking them down effortlessly, swallowing back every drop.  Once he had nothing left to give, you released him, wiping the corners of your mouth before rising to meet him, the both of you spent.  He took a moment to get his composure back before wrapping his arms around you and and kissing you deeply.  “Fuck babe... you’re a legend.” He grinned at you like a teenager who had just seen their first Playboy before kissing you one more time.  “Are we showering tonight or tomorrow?”
“Tonight?” You looked at him gently, in need of a little aftercare.  Chris took your hands after stepping away to throw out the used condom, and the two of you crept back to the bedroom.
**45 Minutes Later**
The both of you crawled into bed, clean and exhausted from your evening.  Flicking off the bedside lamps, you and Chris folded into each other’s arms, listening to his heart beat in the dark as you drifted off.  As you faded to sleep, you were certain you heard him say 3 very simple words under his breath.
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