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#self insert
sprinklesangel · 6 minutes ago
Me: Why did you abandoned me Shale?! You just took my children and left me all alone! Why?!
Shale: Because I don’t trust you or any of my previous mates!
Me: Why?!? Why won’t you trust me?!
Shale: When I was a child my mother always clinging to my father, never pay attention to me and my siblings. She never cared at all. That’s why I don’t trust women. I thought you wouldn’t care for the children. I thought you would do the same.
Me: * feels sad and hurt more* Shale I’m sorry that happens to you but I’m nothing like your mother. In fact not all women are like that. You should know better! You should of talk to me! You don’t know fully about my self. I love our children. I love you!!
Shale looks at her with wide eyes hearing that. She has tears rolling down her eyes and is on her knees.
Me: Dont you realized you hurted me? My feelings?You and our children meant everything to me. Have you forgotten I’ve been hurt in the past? Abused by my so called husband? I thought you saved me. *sobbing*
Guilt ridden Shale felt. He went towards his mate and hugs her close.
Shale: I’m sorry! Your right. Please forgive me?
Me: *Hugs back* Of course I Forgive you. I love you Shale.
Shale: I love you to. I’ll never leave you behind again. Never.
(I’m not good at this but I tried. I had to do it cause I read Shale’s story which upsets me. I don’t hate him but I feel bad for him but I’m upset with him at the same time. I need to get this off of my chest. Shale honey like I said not all women are the same. Not like your mother at all)
(Shale is a Underfell Sans mythical monster. A giant spider and great great great grandson of Aranea)
(Banana I had to!)
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ana-bananya · an hour ago
My old OCs when I suddenly feel compelled to write for them again:
Tumblr media
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thechoke · 2 hours ago
omg this is so vulgar i cant believe im gonna say this but 😩 ...
keep reading
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jenny-in-space · 3 hours ago
Thought of doing a quick drawing of Wander and Jenny featuring my new haircut... so I did it, now I've REALLY gotta update my icon
Tumblr media
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frenchybuns · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
just a tiny doodle. (please i would annoy him so much, but he’d just stand there patiently)
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a-weird-collection · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Have two of my MHA self inserts uwu
You can use the template it but pls don’t erase the watermark.
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im-a-simp-for-kuroo · 3 hours ago
How the Haikyuu boys show they care
Tumblr media
pairings: Kuroo, Suna, Bokuto, Oikawa, Daichi and Tendou x gn!reader
warnings: fluff, lot's of it
wc: .88k
authors note: requests are open! lemme know if ya'll liked it!
Tumblr media
➢ Kuroo will text you even if you're in the same room. He loves seeing your I'm annoyed-on-the-outside-but-secretly-happy-on-the-inside face whenever you get his message. You guys will literally be in bed when all of a sudden you get a text saying, "Do you want some ramen?" He will laugh like a maniac when you push him off the bed because he wouldn't stop texting you. But, if you're ever feeling sad, Kuroo will hug you while simultaneously sending you a shit-ton of cheesy and happy memes. He low-key won't stop until you crack a smile. Since Kuroo likes to tease you a lot, he'd probably also send you some steamy memes when he's in the mood. If you reject his memes, he will start pouting like Bokuto.
➢ Suna likes to cook your favorite comfort food. This man knows exactly when you're feeling down. He can tell by the way you shuffle your feet or hang your head. So just like any other boyfriend, he buys you your comfort food. Wrong! He cooks it for you instead. You want pizza? You got it. He will literally look up the recipe on his phone and prepare the ingredients. When you ask him what he's doing, he just replies 'nothing.' But he's secretly cooking it for you. When he's done cooking, he'd add a little touch of his own. If he makes you a pizza, he'll draw a little smiley face on it with olives and tomatoes. If he can't cook it because it takes too long, he'll buy it. But before he gives it to you, he'll add a small, cheesy note. He'll write it on a napkin, and when you take it out and confront him about it, there's just denial and more denial.
➢ Bokuto buys you little plushies. Whenever he accidentally misses a date because of practice or forgets your anniversary, he gives you a little owl plushie. It's his way of saying he's sorry and that he knows he messed up. Even if he hasn't forgotten an important date, he'll still give you a plushie when you're feeling down or can't get out of bed. He knows they remind you of him, and he also hides them over the house if a date is coming up or if he's planning to surprise you with a date. If he needs to leave you for an away game, you can bet that instead of a small plushie, he'll get you a big-ass owl pillow. One time, he even gave you a damn owl onesie because you said you felt cold. I swear to god, this is the exact thing he'll buy.
➢ Oikawa does your makeup. Don't hold it against him. He loves seeing your face so beautiful after he's done. When you're tired, he'll automatically do your makeup with you asking him. He gives it his own style and absolutely loves the euphoria theme. His favorite thing to do is probably your eyes. The way they shine and pop after he's applied highlighter and mascara is simply amazing. If you ever come home drunk or crying and your makeup is ruined, he'll gently wipe it away and clean your face. He wouldn't dare let you sleep with makeup on. He claims it gives you bad acne. smh the nerve But Oikawa truly does enjoy doing your makeup because he likes the way that you can relax for once and let him take the reins.
➢ Daichi loves dancing with you. He loves the way you fit perfectly in his arms. It's almost as if his arms were made for you. After a long day of practice, all he wants is to gently sway with you to the tune of As the World Caves In. This man literally has a whole playlist for the times you guys dance. He pretends he doesn't, but you saw his Spotify account. If you ever feel down, Daichi will start playing the songs you guys dance to. One time, you caught him slow-dancing with the broom you guys use to clean. When you asked him about it, he literally got as red as a beet. Since he loves dancing with you so much, he always makes sure to book a date at a restaurant that has a whole floor dedicated to dancing. While he prefers the slow, intimate kind of dancing, he doesn't have a problem with the I'm-so-drunk-I'll-pass-out kind of dancing.
➢ Tendou writes you little notes. We all know that when he was a kid, he was bullied a lot. He never received any affirmation and that still haunts him. He'd never want you to feel that way, so he always leaves little notes hidden inside your laptop, or on the bathroom mirror after you shower. They're all filled with cheesy sayings like, 'Smile, cause it brightens up your face' or 'You look so beautiful.' He'd sometimes also ask you for cuddles or kisses when he doesn't feel like talking. He'd write "Can I have cuddles?" on a post-it note and then shove it in your face, hoping you reply 'yes' to his question. He always makes sure that he gives you at least one sweet note every day because he wants to show you how much you mean to him.
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tokoyamisstuff · 3 hours ago
Masterlist: Burning Passion
Loki x Reader
Synopsis: The first thing your Soulmate speaks to you is written somewhere on your skin, yet you’re not overly fond of the man that directs those words towards you.
Warnings: Huge amounts of Angst, specific NSFW, Injury, Blood, Violence, Death, Mental Illness
Tumblr media
Noteable: Fem! Reader, Enemies to Lovers, Soulmate AU
Chapter Index
[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3] -  [Part 4] -  [Part 5] -  [Part 6] -  [Part 7] -  [Part 8] - [Part 9] - [Part 10] -  [Part 11]
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peachypizzicato · 4 hours ago
its super late rn but i was inspired by an extremely cute fic by @let-love-run-red and i just had to do it no matter the cost
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bumbleklee · 4 hours ago
congrats on 1k beaby!! <333 very proud and excited to see what's store!! to celebrate, can i ask for number 12 with my hubby zhongli <3 love uuu
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | discord server
★ thank u so much aaaaaaaa i love u too anon thank u for being here (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
prompt 12: “you talk in your sleep, you know.”
Zhongli is a light sleeper. He always has been even before he retired from his Archon responsibilities. He often wakes up in the middle night if there's a loud sound outside or if the temperature drops. Shortly after you began a more intimate relationship with him, he realized there was something else waking him up.
You liked to sleep talk.
"No, no, you can't eat that slime Childe..."
Already wide awake, Zhongli cocks an eyebrow at your sleeping form and the mention of his friend.
"Zhongli will get mad at you...too many calories..."
He laughs quietly, opting to brush a wild piece of hair out of your face. Your expression confuses him.
"I won't tell him if you don't..."
Zhongli peers at you curiously but doesn't dare wake you up. He tries to piece together your words but seriously can't fathom what you were dreaming about. He decides to ask you tomorrow and rolls back over to fall asleep again.
The next morning, Zhongli feels soft arms wrap around his body and he wakes again. Turning in your hold, Zhongli presses a sleepy kiss to your nose. The sun illuminates your face and he thinks you look ethereal.
"Good morning," You yawn, smiling contently.
"Good morning, Dear," Zhongli says back. His hand fiddles with your own, "You talk in your sleep, you know.”
You freeze, your posture as stiff as a board. What did you say? You try to pull away from Zhongli, embarrassed, but his strong arms hold you in place. "Oh, really?" You stammer.
He nods, "Quite a lot, in fact. Say, what was your dream about?"
A blush creeps across your cheeks and you glance away still, "Um, well, I was with Childe and we were in the wild trying to find Cor Lapis to make you something and this slime kept following us so Childe suggested we eat it. And that felt inhumane and unhealthy for some reason so I was against it but somehow he convinced me otherwise and we...ate it."
Zhongli laughs purely, throwing his head back. "You mentioned a secret, could I assume it was your slime endeavors?"
Finally, you rolled out of Zhongli's grip and hid your face in your pillow. "I still feel bad!" You yelled, muffled. Zhongli doesn't press you any farther and gets up from the bed.
"Alright, alright," He chuckles, "I'm going to start on breakfast. How does Sugar Frosted Slime sound? I'm only kidding, Dear."
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