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#steve rogers headcanon
joyful-soul-collector4 hours ago
Steve Rogers has stretch marks from growing three times his size in less than a minute and makes videos about it to promote body positivity and no one can tell me any different ok
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cjsinkythoughts5 hours ago
I crave Bucky and Tony sitting down and having a heart to heart. 馃ズ
I also wish that people spoke more of Bucky's and Howard's relationship. It was faint, but I think young Howard really genuinely cared for Bucky like he cared for Steve like he cared for the soliders. I think like Tony he genuinely was trying to protect the people he loved. He never forgot them.
I really wanna see more Howling Commandos with Steve, Bucky, Howard, and Peggy interactions! We know Howard talked about Steve all the time, and there's a reason for that, you know? They were friends. Bucky even looked up to the man! His face when he watched him at the Expo? I imagine Bucky meeting him for the first time and being like
"... Steve. Stevie. That's Howard Stark. Howard Stark is right there!"
"I know, Buck. He designed the shield."
"He designed the shield?!"
"And helped with the outfit."
"Sweet Jesus, you're keeping the outfit right?!"
He totally fangirled and you can take that headcanon outta my cold dead hands.
Like, I can't imagine how Bucky feels because Howard was a friend. Howard even recognized Bucky! But yeah, 1940s stuff? I love it. I want more of it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus! Yes they fucking will, Howard!
Tumblr media
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maximoffs-girl9 hours ago
Hi! Can I get a ship for the MCU?:
Babette or Barb
Medium length red hair, hazel eyes, dark brows. I don't really look cutesy, but more adult if you know what I mean? I'm 5'10" and love wearing gold earrings and really posh looking things aha.
My preference is males.
She/her 鉂o笍
I'm definitely outgoing and just not really shy about chatting to people. Confident in who I am, but not cocky or brash. I love to just do what's on my mind, and take life as it comes. I also don't usually curse or like NSFW things, just my preference hehe.
I love making music. I love playing and listening to everything, and exploring new instruments to play. I guess I just like to express myself creativily.
I can't decide a song, I am a musicologist student and to decide would be terrible. Buuuttt, I can't stop listening to "Love and Marriage" by Frank Sinatra for some reason haha!
27 dresses and Bride Wars, watched them both yesterday. They are the best.
I love any colour that's light and pastel, except for black lol. I do like rusty red though.
Definitely anteaters. They cute as heck.
Hmm superpowers... I like the idea of being an inventor or engineer like Stark, only with creating weapons that won't harm anyone. I especially like the idea of something to do with sound, like soundwave manipulation that can cause nausea or hallucinations?
Savory: Pasta Bake, Sweet: Red Velvet cake
Gotta be funny, and probably not be too old (sorry older MCU guys.). Someone who'll just be there to protect and laugh with me, who cares about family and friends. Maybe be accepting to other cultures too since I'm not American 馃ぉ
Ohemgeee that was so long, I'm so sorry! Thank you for reading and for writing if you decide to make this into a ship! 馃挐馃槱馃挐馃槱
Hi honey! I ship you with...
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Tumblr media
You mentioned not liking older guys.... but let's hope this 100-something old super soldier can change your mind!
Steve is the most caring boyfriend ever
Always ready to help, would literally do anything for you
Where you are outgoing, he tends to be more shy and closed off
So you balance each other out pretty well
You're the life of the party and he stands at the sideline, watching you with an adoring smile and look in his eyes
Tony teases him for being "whipped for that girl"
Loves listening to you making music
He could listen to it all day long
Seeing you be so passionate about music warms his heart
Would definitely dance with you to Frank Sinatra
You're creative and Steve really appreciates that
He always listens to your ideas and helps you with them
Steve can bake really well, so you're always provided with some yummy baked goods
He's always got your back and would never let anything happen to you
He couldn't bear the thought of you getting hurt so he keeps you close to him at all times
Cap is very open and accepting towards other cultures
Is genuinely interested and asks you questions and reads about your culture
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heli0s-writes9 hours ago
I鈥檓 here for simp Steve, praise kink Steve, and sunshine boy Steve 馃槏
I am thinking about Steve Rogers sitting out on the back patio trying to get a tan but when you come out to check on him he鈥檚 asleep聽and getting a fresh sunburn on his chest. Cue him waking up and asking for the aloe vera, whining dramatically just to hear you call him baby,聽and an excuse for a lot聽of touching.
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karameki21 hours ago
Headcanon that
Bucky and Steve both know a lot about stylizing and brushing hair - Bucky聽鈥榗ause when his three little sisters needed help with hair, he was always the only one who had time to helpto them, and Steve because his hair was, before war, long and blonde cute waves. Anyway, they both know a lot about hairtyles and this stuff.
Who is, opposite of them, absolutely聽helpless with hair is Natasha. Her childhood was red room, she must learn somany things, like fighting styles, languages, shooting, hacking, psychology, etc etc... and she just never had time to just sit down and learn all these complicated hairstyles or anything else.
So, at any time when she needs help with her hair, she goes to Steve and Bucky. They both are her friends and are always absolutely prepared to help her. So, it will usually ended up as Natsha Romanoff, the deadliest Avengers ever, sitting on couch with JAmes Buchanan Barnes, the howling commando, the fist of HYDRA, deadliest assasin in USA history, brushing her hair and Steve Rogers, Captain America, America鈥檚 golden boy, the leader of the Avengers, putting sparkling rubber bands in them.
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x-hufflepuff-readera day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don鈥檛 mean for it to be 鈥榙ark鈥 just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you鈥檙e a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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thatdorkyficbabeya day ago
So, I just read a bunch of stuff regressors love to hear from their CGs type things and "you're too small to..." was on nearly all of them and I just got a really strong image of regressor!pre-serum!Steve just running around in my head like:
"I am nots!!! I can do the things!!! I can do ALL the things!!! I can does it all day!!! No one can stop me!!!"
And he would just be a total terror for his CG until they admitted that yes he is a big boy and he can do all the things and no he doesn't need a nap at all, he can stay up all night long and then he immediately falls asleep 馃槀
Tumblr media
(I'm on a major regressor!steve vibe rn. And also totally obsessed with Bubba!Bucky & Stevie-Cat. So much more to come when I get the time to write again!)
Tumblr media
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toscrvea day ago
super fucking random but i just cannot get over the idea of steve learning to use emojis. and not even this kind 馃檮馃様馃榾馃槏馃馃馃槶, but this kind 锛堬季蠅锛撅級 (鈼徛聪夛絸鈼) _(:3 銆嶁垹)_ (*麓鈭`)鈾
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rodrikstark2 days ago
broody cevans characters who have experienced some tragedy in their lives but ultimately have hearts of gold and are willing to make substantial sacrifices to protect other people
Tumblr media
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crypticwanda2 days ago
Hi, I saw your requests were open! If you're comfortable with it, could you write how the avengers would react if the reader was going blind?
Apologies that these are short, I'm still getting used to writing headcanons!
The Avengers reacting to you going blind
summary: how the avengers would react to their s/o going blind
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader | tony stark x reader | thor odinson x reader | bucky barnes x reader |
warnings: mention of blindness (?), fluff
Steve Rogers
such a sweet man omg
when he first finds out that you might be going blind, he's there from day one to support you
steve is always there whenever you need him, seriously ANYTHING you need and he will be there
always walks holding your arm, even if you said that you don't need it
always checks up on you to see if you need anything from him
he always holds your hand to reassure you that he's there
Tony Stark
like most things, tony was initially silent
he was calm on the outside but he was secretly worried
he would create some sort of tech that you could wear to keep you aware of your surroundings
I could also see him becoming slightly more possessive of you, not wanting you to get yourself hurt
he would 100% help you with styling your outfits if you needed help
he'd probably have fun doing it too
Thor Odinson
at first, he's a little confused
he doesn't understand how you could slowly lose your vision
once you explain it too him, he becomes much more understanding
lowkey I can see thor LOVING carrying you
I mean it's canon that this man is incredibly tall and over 600 pounds-
I can totally see him carrying you place to place whenever you want
Bucky Barnes
my favorite boy
when he first finds out you are losing your vision, he becomes very worried
even after hours of reassuring him that it's fine, he's still overly stressed about it
he would always keep his hand in yours
is always extra observant whenever he's out with you
if anyone even looks at you the wrong way, they are dead
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Pre serum Steven Grant Rogers had Cystic Fibrosis. I choose to believe this. Nobody can stop me from believing this. Is this me projecting? Yes. Yes, it is.
Steve Rogers had CF. Because I said so. His boyfriend, Bucky helped him manage it. He was also very protective. This is just longing at this point.
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serial-killr2 days ago
send requests
fandoms/ppl i write for
鈥arry potter (the fandom)
鈥herlock (the fandom) bbc
鈥 doctor who (fandom)
marvel (mcu fandom)
the mcu cast
henry cavill
killian from once upon a time
divergent series
saiki k
hans gruber (die hard)
i watch loads of shows/movies and i may not have remembered them all so request stuff that may not be on this list and i鈥檒l see what i can do 馃槑
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crypticwanda3 days ago
Could you possibly do something where Steve, Tony, Bucky and Nat find out the reader has bulimia or anorexia or maybe even possibly they find out they self harm?
Also if you don鈥檛 want to write all those characters could you just do Bucky or Tony?
Hello! Just a forewarning, I haven't written much about this topic so I'm sorry if it's not that well done! Also, since there are multiple characters this will be in headcannon format :) Also I'm very sorry these are so short!
MCU characters reacting to you having anorexia
summary: how certain mcu characters would react to their s/o having anorexia
pairing(s): steve rogers x reader | tony stark x reader | bucky barnes x reader | natasha romanoff x reader |
warnings: anorexia, angst
Steve Rogers
at first, he's in shock
he starts to notice how you've constantly lost your appetite or how most clothes are too big on you
he is the most comforting man on the planet
wants to help you get better very much, but doesn't push you over your limits
he's extremely caring on your journey through this
Tony Stark
when you first tell him about it, he's in disbelief
he's silent for a moment, pondering if you were being serious or not
once he realizes you are serious, sadness appears on his face
he's always there for you whenever you need him and he's willing to get you any sort of therapy you might need
he's not well with talking about this serious situation, but he shows he cares through his actions
Bucky Barnes
this man is so sweet oh my god
when he first finds out, his initial reaction is pure sadness
he wouldn't say much at first, instead he would pull you into a soft hug as he held you close
he'd always be there for you whenever you need him
much like steve, he wants to help you through this journey but he won't push you over your limits or make you uncomfortable
Natasha Romanoff
nat's face is stone cold when you tell her at first
instead of asking questions, she reassures you the first chance she gets
she's surprisingly very understanding
whenever you have a hard time eating or doubt yourself, she's always there to kiss your head and tell you that it's okay
she would KILL anyone who looked at you wrong or said anything about your body
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chrissquares3 days ago
For your prompts:
Steve Rogers with:
鈥榊ou鈥檙e being so good for me. I knew you could take it all鈥
(Or some version of that dialogue- feel free to reword it!) 馃槝
So Good
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x f!Reader
Word Count: ~1K
Warnigns: 18+, smut (unprotected sex, fingering, vaginal sex), nickname,, first time, affection/fluff, NSFW, explicit sexual content and language, minors DNI
steve never forced you into anything you weren't ready for, he took things slow, being a gentleman that he was raised to be, tending to your feelings and needs at all times and respecting your boundaries
so when you are finally ready to give steve your first time (in terms of p in v), he asked you repeatedly to make sure you meant what you said, and that he would stop if you told him to
even though it was your first time, you weren't exactly innocent either
you have read about it in the erotica section of the bookstore, and have watched porn and tried to pleasure yourself on the same bed you share with steve when he is not around
that's how you have come to learn to use your hands and mouth on him, the visual aids were definitely a big help
you knew steve is definitely bigger and longer than 'average' (and by average, you meant the references from the pornos you have seen), so you were sort of unsure of whether it would fit
鈥渟teve... I dont know if I can.....鈥 you were concerned as he was rubbing his length just against your soaked folds, making squelching noise between the two of you while he planted open mouth kisses on the column of your neck
鈥淚 know, sweetheart... I am gonna stretch you out with my fingers first, okay?" he said quietly after he pulled away from your neck, understanding your worries
you nodded as you felt his calloused hand reached down to your heated core, cupping your mound while his middle and ring fingers drew small but quick circles on your clit like he had done it before
he gathered your slick from your drenched pusssy, spreading it around on your clit and folds and coating his fingers with the slippery sweetness before he dipped his fingertips at your velvety entrance
鈥測ou ready for me, sweetheart?" he cooed softly, searching for your eyes and waited for your nod before he slid his fingers in, feeling your tight walls wrapping around his digits beautifully as he began to push them in and out
鈥渇uck... you are so warm and so tight, babygirl... does it feel good to have my fingers in you, hmm?鈥
your answer came out as a moan because his fingers already find that spongy and rough spot inside you that made you see stars
鈥渟queezing my fingers so tight... I cant wait to have you squeeze around my cock, pretty girl... it's gonna feel so good鈥
you grabbed onto his shoulder, biting on your bottom lip to stifle you moans as he fingered you, scissoring his fingers to stretch you open and making you squirm beneath him
鈥渉mmmm steve.... I want it... please... lemme try it...鈥 you were getting impatient just from listening to him, his words tempted you and made your head all foggy
he chuckled at your neediness, kissing the tip of your nose as he gave your pussy a couple more pumps of his fingers
鈥測ou wanna try and take it, sweetheart? I will go slow, I will try at least... just relax for me, baby...鈥
you did as you were told while desperately nodding, wanting his cock inside you more than anything
steve aligned himself at your wet entrance, rubbing his tip up and down your pussy before he slowly poked his tip in, stretching your hole open with crown of his cock
鈥済od, babygirl... so tight... relax a little more for me, okay? I dont want to hurt you....鈥
you could even feel yourself almost being split open when he just put his tip in, it was painful but yet you wanted more, you wanted him to fill you up
you took in a sharp gasp before you tried to relax for him a little more
鈥渒eep g-going, steve.... please鈥
when he felt the grip of your pussy loosened up, he pushed himself in a little more before drawing it out
he did this repeatedly, and each time he thrusted into you a little deeper than before, working his way into your sweet little pussy, feeling every squeeze and pulse from your walls as he slowly fucked into you
the pain seemed to ease and pleasure started rippling through your body
your moans got louder and louder and your arms around his back and shoulders got tighter and tighter
鈥済od, sweetheart... you feel so perfect around me like this... can you take a little more hmm? you wanna feel all of me inside you? you wanna be full of me?鈥
you whimpered and moaned, back arched away from the mattress as you bit onto steve shoulder, leaving your teeth marks on him
鈥渕mmhhh fuc-- y-yes I wanna feel all of you...鈥
and that was all he needed to hear before he drove himself all the way to the hilt, his tip kissing the opening of your cervix before you felt his cock dragging along your walls and bottoming out
each drag of his cock felt so deep and full, his vein rubbing against the perfect spot again and again as he snapped his hips against yours
鈥測ou are being so good for me, pretty girl... I knew you could take it all... it feels good, doesnt it?鈥 he panted as he fucked in and out of you, feeling your walls flutter around him and seeing your brows kneaded together in pleasure
鈥溾mmhh fuck... I'm... s-so close, steve... I'm gonna-鈥 you choked on your last word as the coil inside snapped, your pussy pulsing and coming around steve in hard and strong waves
鈥測es, squeeze my cock just like that, milk it... I will give you everything you want, sweetheart... fuck... you feel so tight.... so good for me...鈥 he praised as his thrusts became erratic
he groaned and muttered a line of curses, his arms cradling your head as he snapped his hips, capturing your parted lips with his when he suddenly stilled and you felt spurts of his warm seeds painting your walls and filling you up
鈥測ou did so good, babygirl... so so good for me...鈥
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carelessannie3 days ago
Sunday Night Headcanon
Feat: French Revolution Navy Captain!Bucky and Ambassador!Steve, who are given a... gift from a neighboring colony
Bucky is the captain of a frigate, a colonizing war-ship sent by Napoleon to the Eastern European islands, landing in Corsica, which is occupied by France in 1804, the year Napoleon becomes Emperor. Bucky doesn鈥檛 love Napoleon鈥 most of his family is dead because of the revolution and the Emperor鈥檚 consequential reign鈥 but sees this as a way to escape the chaos in Paris.
He travels south from the capital, heading for Marseille's Vieux-Port, leading a company of 30 men鈥 small for what Bucky is used to, sometimes leading fleets of up to 200 into battle.
They set sail across the Mediterranean, stealthy and with the goal of seeing ambassador Steven Rogers (Bucky鈥檚 closest friend and brother during the revolution) to the local government in Corsica.
The people hate them. Steven speaks French and Italian, as does Bucky, but when they arrive, Lord Alexander won鈥檛 communicate or let them interact with farmers and villagers. They aren鈥檛 given an invitation to stay on the island, so Bucky ends up forcing the lord to comply with the French Government on threat of the crown.
Lord Alexander apologizes, but Bucky and Steven demand amends be made as a symbol of Corsica鈥檚 submission to Napoleon.
They are presented with the keys to an underwater dungeon, and told that an immeasurable gift for the Emperor lies waiting for them.
It鈥檚 a short trip around the shoreline to where the dungeon is鈥 built into a cave, and surrounded by lowering rock formations. Bucky has half of his crew stand guard, watching for a trap. He waits with them as Steven inspects the 鈥済ift.鈥
Within minutes Steven is back鈥 pale and out of breath鈥 shouting for Bucky to join him. Bucky climbs down the rock, into the mouth of the cave, and sees Steven kneeling inside a large cage. Beyond the steel bars, there鈥檚 a small reflecting pool, deep enough to stretch down several yards, although blocked from passage through by the metal cage.
Steven waves him over, signaling to keep quiet, and the two of them peer down into the water. The reflecting sunlight catches a glint of scales, deep in the water, and Bucky inhales sharply. Whatever he was expecting to find, it was definitely not this.
It鈥檚 a boy. Definitely younger than Bucky was when he was promoted to Captain a few years ago. His hallow face with exquisitely fine bone structure is framed by dark, inky waves of hair, emphasizing thin and pale features. Prominent collarbones, countable ribs, emaciated stomach are all visible, leading down to鈥
鈥淪-steven... what is it?鈥
Steven just shakes his head, speechless. Each of the small creature鈥檚 fingers are hooked together, webbed, with sharp black talons to match. His skin glows gold, shimmering in the low light, just like his... tail. And Bucky is having trouble believing it himself. Long and winding and oh so mesmerizing, the creature鈥檚 tail gently sways back and forth, keeping him pinned against the lower section of the isolated pool.
For this creature鈥 this... mer-person鈥 there鈥檚 absolutely no escape. If this is the gift that Lord Alexander intends them to bestow on the emperor, he will be sorely disappointed, but Bucky...
Bucky sees the fear in this boy鈥檚 eyes. He sees the starvation and the shaking, torturous symptoms that him and Steven are all too familiar with. And he knows Steven is thinking the same thing.
鈥淲e have to rescue him, Captain.鈥
Bucky huffs, holding up the keys and giving them a light shake鈥
鈥淚 think we already have.鈥
(Okay, in my head I couldn鈥檛 decide between Tony and Peter, so it could be either.)
- I picture Steven being an idiot and diving into the pool, trying to rescue the poor boy, but getting attacked
- Bucky has to save both of them, and ends up pulling the boy onto the surface, surprised to see the scales and fins and gills disappear as he leaves the water
- They bundle him up and carry him back and tend to him and realize he only speaks Italian. They refuse to bring him to the emperor, but he refuses to go back to his people
- Maybe they all go off and become pirates together idk, but definitely either Winteriron or WinterSpider endgame
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Headcanon six? Seven?, with Steve Rogers and the reader learning about the present together
For Steve, he didn't know much because he was frozen but you didn't tell him why you didnt know anything of it either
He didn't want to ask though, being the gentlemen
He first found out about you through Stark, a random new recruit that was completely clueless to the outside world besides manners and how to act
He was interested you immediately, a possible friend that would understand what he felt
And you did, but you were a little more closed off than he expected, protective of yourself
He made it his personal mission to fix that, to help you around the world despite not knowing much himself
He made a list of movies and shows he needed to watch with you
Cartoons and movies that didn't hold a lot of gore seemed to be better picks for you and he checked beforehand now
"So, you've been getting close to the mystery person?" Stark would ask Steve
He had grown sort of defensive of you, and his responses were always short and not much of a giveaway for anything important
After over a year, you finally told him some of your personal life after he had told you his
"I work at this coffee shop" You would say "And I met someone, they're so nice"
He would ask you if you wanted to tell him about the person you met but you saved it for next time
Next time, you told him all about the person you met and in return he told you about his best friend, Bucky
You were interested to hear about Bucky, and about Steve's old life before everything
Fighting people twice his size, always defending people who couldn't defend themselves
No wonder he was chosen as Captain America
Eventually, you decided to take him to your coffee shop and let him order something for free
You ended up having to introduce him to your new partner
Then, you guys went back to watching cartoons together
"You know what we should watch next?"
"The Muppet show, I've heard such great things"
Thank you for reading!
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caps-rogerswilson3 days ago
Hey mikey, do you have and steve head cannons to share??? 馃憖
ooooo ok ok lemme thiiiink
so as far as social media goes, he鈥檚 only really active on twitter (think political sass)
but he DOES have an instagram and between him and bucky, bucky is much more of an... influencer, with polished posts and promotions and such
but steve has like 7 posts and they鈥檙e mostly of like,,, neat leaves he鈥檚 found on the ground, some of his art, and a few of like,,, sam, bucky, and natasha. there鈥檚 only one of him and it鈥檚 a selfie he took while eating an iron man popsicle and the caption is just:聽鈥淍therealtonystark haha sucker鈥
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buckyownsmylife3 days ago
Headcanon Sunday: Steve loving to spank the reader? Pleaseeeee馃挏馃挏
Here ya go!
Headcanon Sunday is now Drabble Sunday! Send me your ideas about the fics on my masterlist and I鈥檒l write a little drabble about it for you!
Tumblr media
Spanking was Steve鈥檚 favorite way to punish you
Mostly because it made him feel like a 鈥榩roper daddy鈥
But also because he liked having your smaller body over his lap
His hands on your ass
鈥淒o you know why daddy鈥檚 disappointed in you, little girl?鈥 He鈥檇 always ask, holding you by your hair so you鈥檇 be forced to see his serious expression
Your panties hanging around your ankles, just that feeling of the soft fabric rubbing there had you wet
鈥淵es, daddy,鈥 you鈥檇 diligently rush to say.
鈥淚 arrived late at our dinner date, even though I told you it wouldn鈥檛 happen and dismissed your offer for ride.鈥
When his grip on your hair slightly faltered, you knew you鈥檇 said exactly what he wanted to hear
鈥淵es, baby. That鈥檚 precisely it.鈥
You sighed when you felt his fingers massaging your scalp instead, allowing you to relax against 聽his thick thighs
鈥淏ut you still broke daddy鈥檚 rules, so he鈥檚 going to have to spank you, okay?鈥
You nodded, trying not to appear too eager
The truth was, you loved getting spanked by Steve
When he randomly got riled up in a conversation?
Alright, maybe not some randomly
You knew exactly what buttons to push to get him angry
But you just loved how he鈥檇 very easily bend you over the table, push your skirt out of the way and slap your ass until it was bruised and sensitive
Much like he was doing right now
He made you count each spank until he was sure you were properly ruined
It wasn鈥檛 hard to tell, your juices would always run down your thighs
He liked getting you to that point because his idea of aftercare was fucking you properly
And he loved when the sex was sloppy from the wetness that had gathered inside of you
Even more when it was combined with his own release, but for that to happen, he had to fuck you first
鈥淎re you ready, baby?鈥
Yes, daddy 馃槒
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Headcanon:聽How would Getaway!Steve react if Reader actually wanted him and initiated sex for once?
Requested by聽@stargazingfangirl18鈥
Tumblr media
Warning: allusions to noncon and trauma, some elements untagged.
The same walls, the same days, the same nights
Although down there you couldn鈥檛 tell the difference
Sometimes the light flickered on, other times it didn鈥檛
You scavenged from the packs of rations on the small shelf
And existed in a painful limbo
All alone you forgot more and more the life you had before
Everything except him
He came around now and then
You could expect him you only tried to survive his presence
But now you longed for him
And that day when he came you can鈥檛 hide your desperation
Just another human voice, just another person
But he鈥檚 suspicious
You see it in his eyes that never show tenderness
You grab at him and he stays out of your reach
His lips part and his brow furrows
He sighs and his hands goes to his hips
Above there is a whole would and you want to see it again
One day
But right not you need something
You need to feel human and if pain can remind you that your alive
Then you鈥檒l take
You step closer and he flings you back
You hit the side of the bed and bounce to the floor
You look up at him as his boots come into your sight
The shadows limn his features in a sinister light
鈥淧lease,鈥 your own pathetic tone makes you wince
鈥淚 think you forgot how this works,鈥 he kneels and looks you over, 鈥測ou don鈥檛 make the rules.鈥
鈥淣o, no, please,鈥 you touch his arm and he shrugs you off, 鈥淚 need it. I鈥檓 a good girl. I鈥檒l be your good girl--鈥
鈥淪hut up,鈥 he stands and turns around.聽
He grabs the bag he hauled down with him
He goes to the shelf and starts unpacking the dry freezed food and leads a few perishables in the tiny fridge
You watch him from the floor, too humiliated from your rejection to try any more
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 feel good, does it?鈥 he says as he nears the ladder, 鈥渢o be unwanted.鈥
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