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agentofbarnes · 8 hours ago
Request for dewdrop au?? Maybe something where dewdrop gets hurt and ransom is her emergency contact but he misses all the calls and when he finally listens to them he freaks out and threatens to have all the hospital people fired when they don’t get him to her fast enough. When he finds her maybe it’s nothing too serious but she’s loopy on pain meds and can’t keep her hands to herself 😈
panic — ransom
notes || angst, injury, loopy reader, ransom being soft, hospital setting
Tumblr media
Ransom had been annoyed with his phone constantly buzzing while he was meeting with Harlan. When he finally got to his car, the phone had rang once again.
With an frustrated huff,”What?!”Ransom sneered into the phone with venom.
The woman on the phone if he was Hugh Drysdale, the emergency contact for you. He had gotten quiet, his chest palpating in his chest when they told him you were in a car accident.
Apparently that old car of yours had finally broken down. Your brakes had given out and while you had managed to slow down a little, you had driven straight into a tree when you lost control. He knew he shouldn’t have let you convince him not to buy you a car, but you had told him you’d feel so guilty.
He sped through traffic, finding himself at the hospital in record time. Ransom parked the car in an illegal spot, not caring what happened. He just needed to get to you.
“Where is she?!”Ransom screamed, his hand coming down on the counter in a vicious motion. He told them your name, but the nurses were not cooperating.
“Sir, if you will wait in that—“
“I do not wait!”Ransom sneered,”I will have everyone in this fucking building fired, do you know who I am?” He’s blind with rage and worry. He doesn’t care who he’s yelling at or what their day has been like or the rules for that matter. Everyone in the hospital is an obstacle to him getting to his girl.
“She’s in room 207,”One of the nurse squeaked out, making Ransom huff in response.
“Took you fucking long enough,”He snapped before running down the hall, shoving past another nurse to get into your room.
You are covered in cuts and bruises, your wrist wrapped in a splint from the fracture you experienced trying to brace yourself for impact. You’re eyes are glazed over with morphine, but you immediately perk up at the sight of Ransom.
“Ranny!”You giggled, lifting your weak arms to make grabby hands at him. He thought he might cry at the sight of you so helpless.”You came!” You leaned your head against the pillow.
“Hi, dewdrop,”he whispered, stepping towards the bed for you to put your hands on him. He stroked your cheek, making you preen at the affection.”Are you okay? Fuck, I was so worrried.”
“‘m okay, daddy,”You slurred slightly,”My brakes went all wonky, did the tree survive?”
He smiled faintly at the mention of his name, knowing you only used it when you were feeling frisky or needy. You used it most in subspace, but this was different. You just wanted to be taken care of.
“I don’t know, dew, but you survived, that’s all that matter to me,”Ransom admitted, tears welling up in his eyes. You went wipe them away, not used to see Ransom with such emotion.”I love you, you know that right?” His large hand was cupping your face, leaning over to press his forehead against yours.”I know I don’t say it a lot, but I do. I love you so much..”
“I love you too, Ran,”You smiled tiredly,”Will you hold me?”
Ransom nodded, carefully sliding himself before you on the bed. If the nurses said anything, he’d tell them off. His girl needed his cuddles and he was gonna give them.
“You’re moving in with me,”Ransom said after a beat of silence,”No arguing about it, we’ve been together for awhile now. I want you with me, my pretty dewdrop.”
“Mhmmm, okay,”You whispered, and he knew you were too out of it to be making an actual decision. He talk to you about it later, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Not after thinking he lost you, no, Ransom was never going to let you go again.
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jannqt · 21 hours ago
No thoughts just a daddy making u come over and over again as punishment for teasing him :(
warnings: daddy kink, dom/sub, public teasing, degradation, cunt spanking, overstim, sex toys, bondage
authors note: overstimulation is so 😣😵‍💫 im thinking cevans or any of his characters so i’ll keep this ambiguous. kinda poorly written but its just horny so its fine
Tumblr media
you know better than to tease your daddy, pressing yourself up against him and ‘accidentally’ rubbing his bulge, or ‘accidentally’ running his hand up your thigh enough so his fingers graze over your bare cunt and you aren’t wearing any panties
that makes his jaw clench as he wraps his arm around your waist, tugging you into his chest and from afar he looks like he’s whispering a sweet nothing into your ear when in reality, “unless you want me to fuck you like a cheap whore in front of everyone, get your shit together.”
but you being you, and on a mission to get him as riled up as possible, are not stopping when he tells you to stop, instead giggling and a little while later while you guys are eating with the rest of your group of friends you’re overzealously moaning at the taste of the food and he has to genuinely restrain himself from bending you over his lap right at that very moment for being such a slutty girl
the car ride back home you tried to cup his bulge as he was driving, but of course he snatched your wrist in his and growled out some warning that you barely paid mind to, and it just made him even angrier, with the growing fire to put you back in your place and remind you exactly how you were supposed to respect him
sometimes you just wanted to be a little slut and he’d just have to deal with it, and well, deal with it he did
he has you tied up to the bed, ankles and wrists bound and unable to move and when your whines got too loud he stuffed your mouth with his fingers, which you whined about again and he immediately spanked your sopping cunt 5 times in a row harshly
“you wanna fucking whine little girl? i’ll give you a reason to whine.”
then he has a vibrator on your clit and its not even at the highest setting but its reverberating through your whole body and made your body shake and clench with orgasm at least 3 times now
a sheen layer of sweat covers your glistening skin as you scream around his fingers, mind foggy as he ups the speed again,
“you know what happens when you’re a stupid little slut, i know this is exactly what you want so stop fucking whining.”
or he coos at you, “aww already crying sweetheart? that’s okay it only makes daddy harder.” and you can’t do anything but take it, because this is exactly what you wanted
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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
A Word of Advice
Summary: You're having a bad day and need to vent to your boyfriend. Ransom has a unique way of doling out his very unique, helpful advice.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom x reader
Warnings: Slight pain kink if you squint, major degradation kink, Ransom being an ass, smut, minors DNI.
A/N: I don't write Ransom, so don't shun me for this badly written piece. Beta'd by the wonderful @whisperlullaby.
Do not copy, repost, translate or rewrite my work. Feedback is wonderful, I love likes, comments and reblogs.
Tumblr media
Ransom knows that you’ve been having a bad day. He knows. A flurry of unread texts on his phone reveals what kind of day you’ve been having. The mood you’re in. That you're going to storm and want to talk to him about your day.
He knows.
Nothing has gone right since you left the house this morning. Ransom knows you’re upset, cranky, and tired.
He knows. He’s prepared for it.
You barge into the house, the front door bouncing off the wall as you throw your bags and jacket into a heap on the floor. Grumbling under your breath about how it’s funny how everything always seems to be your fault, you kick the door shut and toe off your heels.
“Ransom.” Your voice echoes across the dark, quiet first floor of the house. You call his name again, louder, more urgent because you need him. Fuck, after a day like this, you need that sweater-wearing bastard more than sleep.
A simple, “upstairs Princess.” and you’re turning away from the kitchen and walking to the staircase. “Been waiting for you.” His deep voice floating down to you, comforting and smooth.
Rolling your shoulders, you grasp the railing leading to the second floor and pull yourself up the stairs. Your aching feet protesting with each step as you trudge to the bedroom.
Shoving the door open, you see Ransom sprawled over the sheets.
He’s a mouthwatering sight. A tempestuous Greek painting come to life.
One long leg bent, the other stretched across the bed, an arm flung behind his head as he bites into a lavender macaron. Your lavender macaron, you only had one left, ugh forget it, you knew better than to leave it behind this morning.
He shifts his weight to one elbow, the pair of small burgundy silk boxers clinging to his muscular thighs spread tight over his prominent bulge.
“What’s wrong, princess?” His soft tone a juxtaposition to the gleam in his stormy blue eyes which you miss because you're mesmerized by his hand drifting over his abs. "Talk to me."
Tearing your gaze away from his broad, chiseled chest, you launch into your rant. Ransom is uncharacteristically quiet, nodding encouragingly as you pace around the room. He finishes his cookie and brushes a stray crumb off his abs before standing up.
You’re so caught up in venting about your boss, that one fucker who keeps messing with you for no damn reason that Ransom is able to undress you between murmuring sympathetically. The small throaty noises emitting from his throat encouraging you to continue as he unbuttons your shirt.
By the time you get to how you’re shouldering the brunt of the work with none of the credit, he as your skirt pooled around your feet.
You sputter to a stop when he hooks his thumbs under the band of your panties and slides them down. You look down bemused when you realize you’re naked and so is he. Tilting your head, you glare at him. “Are you even listening to me?”
He cranes his head back and grins, an almost boyish smile that has you smiling back at him. “I heard every word, Princess.”
Warm hands caress your calves and his tongue flicks out to wet his bottom lip. “You can keep talking or I can fuck the stress out of you.” He offers with a wink that has your knees buckling.
You pause, your teeth pulling your bottom lip into your mouth. You could use a good stress reliever. Ransom decides you’re taking way too long to decide if you want his cock or not, he’s insulted you’re not already on your knees begging for a taste.
His large, very warm hands slide up to your thighs and cup your ass. A firm, powerful squeeze makes you whimper, he brings his face to your mound and he inhales you, the soft sound ending in a vulgar moan. A shiver wraps down your spine when he looks up at you, lust fanning across his blue eyes.
“Fuck me.” You breathe out, “Need you so bad, Ransom.”
“I know.”
“Ran-.” Before you can roll your eyes, he has you on top of him. Your hands splayed across his chest, a gasp forming in your throat when he lines himself up, that first thrust into your body is something you’ll never get used to, your walls burning and stretching as Ransom guides you down his thick cock. You feel so full as you take every inch.
“Fuck yourself on my cock and feel better Princess.” You can’t lie, you love it when he tells you what to do, under any other circumstances his arrogant tone would make you fire off a snappy retort, but he rolls his hips just a little, and fuck, all thoughts go out your head with that first deep push into you.
He doesn’t have to ask you again because you want him too bad right now to tease. The way he’s looking at you makes you feel wild and beautiful. You meet his powerful strokes, your nails digging into his chest as you bounce on him. You forget about everything but how deep he is with each frantic snap of your hips. Intense sensations pulsating through you as he fucks you. God, he may be an asshole, but he can make you feel things no other man can.
“Hey princess,” He grunts, his hands moving to your hips. Ransom licks his lips, knowing he’s about to get the ride of his life. Your tight cute little pussy feels good but he knows how to make it feel even better.
“Mmph,” you moan in response, losing yourself in your pleasure. Shit, you already getting close. You just need him to do that one more time-
“Maybe if you did a better job, your boss wouldn’t have to yell at you princess.”
“What?” Your eyes snap open and you freeze. Your hands twitch on his chest, your thighs burning as you hold yourself up.“Ex-excuse me?”
Ransom’s eyes flicker down between your bodies, only the head of his cock in your cunt, the rest of him covered in your slick, he smiles up at you, a flash of pearly white teeth, his brow raised as he repeats his statement. Your orgasm fades as you stare down at his handsome face. His grip tightens on you and he shrugs one broad shoulder. “It sounds like you need to step up and be a team player.”
Your mouth flounders open. Frustration and rage boil in your chest, you search for words, finally spluttering out an indignant. “What the fuck did you say?”
Narrowing your eyes, you press your nails into his skin, slowly shaking your head. “Stop it.”
His smile widens, and you know he’s about to say something horrid. His smile widens and he grabs your waist and pushes you down. Ransom states, ever so casually, “See that right there is probably why your boss is hard on you.”
Your chest heaves, it’s getting harder to control your anger, you don’t even realize that you're clenching down on his cock.
Ransom does.
Ransom almost groans when you throb around him, your hot, silky walls wrapped around him so fucking tight. He knows you’re livid. He knows.
Ransom raises his head off the pillow. “You don’t listen. Maybe if you did, your boss wouldn’t have to repeat-”
You lose it, shrieking and pushing at his chest. You buck your hips, trying to twist off him, frenzied, desperate movements that cause your pussy to slide up and down his throbbing cock.
“That’s its princess.” He mutters under his breath, his head falling back.” Shit, you feel fucking fantastic” Ransom spouts off more suggestions on how you can do better, his fingers digging into your hips, keeping you on his cock as you fight him. The more you try to get off, the harder and faster you ride him. Your pussy gets wetter and wetter the more he degrades you.
“Good girl,” he groans softly, with a sharp slap to your ass.
You rake your nails down his chest. Leaving angry red trails down his skin as you try to lift your hips, he brings you back down with a wet smack that has your head spinning, you’re unable to contain your thin, high wail when he hits your soft spongy spot. Fuck him, he does it again, and yes fuck him.
Incredible sensations pulse through you, your mouth opens in a wordless scream as he keeps hitting that spot so good and hard, his swollen head brushing over it again and again. Your breath hitching in your chest, belly tensing as you get closer and closer-
“See, practice being quiet just like that and you might do better at your job,” he taunts breathlessly, his glowing blue eyes studying your face. Ransom plants his feet on the bed, waiting for the words to register.
“Let go you piece of shit.” You glare down at him, sneering, “Hugh, you piece of shit- oh godohfuck.”
Ransom thrusts up into your dripping cunt, angling just right, so fast and deep you shriek. “Oh fuck, oh fuck you, fuck you.”
He may be an ass but the way he moves inside you has coils firing rapidly in your belly, pleasure swirling hotter and hotter until you snap. Your orgasm washing over you as you cry out his name. Your walls fluttering and milking his cock as you mindlessly grind down.
You cry out, holding your fist against your mouth. "S’good, fuck you s’good."
He's not going to admit it but you're best he's had and damn he's going to have to get you worked up like this more often. You clench down again and he feels you coming apart and his body stiffens. Ransom loses his grip, his hands sliding down to your thighs, his pace erratic as he chases his own high until he spills in you, warmth filling your spasming core.
You fall on his scratched, sweaty chest, wishing you had marked him up more.
“You are the worst boyfriend,” you pant in his ear, smiling at his hiss when you press your nail into one of the red trails you created.
He knows.
“Love you too princess.” He also knows he up for round two and he’s still inside the best girl he's ever had. “So if you really want to impress your boss, you should start dressing better.”
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sagechanoafterdark · a day ago
Shared Nightmares
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom x Reader (Marshmallow) Word Count: 934 Warnings: none, softness, maybe a little bit of angst, but mostly soft domestic Ransom Request: @thefallenbibliophilequote asked, “Ooo umm can you do 99 (Can I give you a hug? You look upset.) with Ransom? 🖤🖤🖤” and Anonymous asked, “Will you do number 41 (Let me see your scars…) with Ransom x Marshmallow because I love that pair so much?” Note: This is the first one for this weekend. The next ones got away from me and I need them beta'd before I feel comfortable posting. But have a glimpse into the future for Ransom and Marshmallow from my story Held for Ransom.
Tumblr media
Ransom woke with a start, your name gasped on his lips and reached out for the ghost of you. Chest heaving slightly he looked around the room, dark in late hours of the night but his eyes squinted finding you laying beside him, hand curled to your chest with deep even breaths.
Huffing out a sigh he ran a trembling hand through his hair, the adrenaline from his nightmare coursing through him and making his heart hammer. More than a year later and precious sleep was still being stolen from him after that day in the parking garage.
Scoffing at himself he slid from the bed, wandering towards the kitchen for a glass of water. Quietly he pulled down a glass and filled it from the tap, downing it in a few gulps before doing it again. His shoulders hunched, fingers lifting the edge of his shirt running over the scarred flesh.
It all felt so real again.
Knocking you out of the way, the knife slipping in.
Only in his dream, the assailant didn’t run away, he turned on you. Lifting the knife to strike you down as you crouched over him with tears in your pretty eyes.
“Ransom,” you asked sleepily from the door to the kitchen rubbing at your eyes, standing in a Harvard shirt he’s pretty sure he remembered you buying freshman year. “What’s going on? It's nearly three in the morning.”
“Go back to bed, kitten,” he husked, setting the glass in the sink.
“Kitten? Well, now I know something's wrong,” you said, flicking the light on. The two of you wincing at the bright light, you blinked heavily looking over at him and catching his red-rimmed eyes and slightly puffy face. “Are you crying?”
“Drop it.”
“No Ransom, what happened?”
He was quiet, his jaw clenching as he turned away from you, muttering so low under his breath you had a hard time hearing, “I had that dream again.”
You breathed his name out with a sigh.
“Turn the god damn light off,” he snapped, staring at a fixed point on the counter. Flinching when you shut the light off but didn’t leave him. Ransom squeezed his eyes shut, but doing so made the image of you standing over him appear again and the residual fear well up in his chest once more.
“Can I hug you?”
“Wh-What?” Your question took him by surprise, his head snapping over to where you stood mostly silhouetted by the nightlight in the hallway.
“Can I give you a hug? You look upset, Ransom and I want to hug you.”
He tisked, turning towards you and holding his arms out slightly inviting you closer. The two of you winding your arms around one another in the quiet of the kitchen, pressing his stiff body against your own and just waiting.
Muscle memory had told him to stiffen up, resist as much as possible and make it get over quickly. But Ransom wasn’t as closed off anymore, he wasn’t the same, not after a year with you.
Now Ransom could openly marvel at how perfectly you fit against him, your soft curves melding to the hard outline of his own body. He sunk into your embrace, feeling your hands slide higher on his shoulders, cheek resting against his shoulder, and warm breath caress over his neck with a sigh.
He was reluctant to admit it aloud, but hugging you always felt good. Soothing a part of him he'd never realized needed comforting before. Slowly your hands began to stroke up and down his back and the t-shirt he wore, long smooth soothing caresses that had his guard dropping and his entire body relaxing with you. Soon enough he let out a deep breath, signing into your hair out of reflex.
He hummed slightly, as you slid from his arms. “Let me see your scar,” you whispered, your warm fingers tugging at the edge of his shirt. Lifting it slowly your fingers found the slightly puckered skin, forefinger running along the long incision.
“You’re not the only one who has nightmares about this Ransom. I think about this day a lot,” you whispered, biting your bottom lip, “How I almost lost you. How if anything had been different you wouldn’t have been hurt. Maybe you wouldn’t have been so angry or if I’d just waited and told you I’d seen the book then it-it wouldn’t have happened," sucking in a pained breath your thumb skirted along his skin. "But if it didn’t happen, we wouldn't...”
“But we wouldn’t be here,” he rumbled. Your gaze flicked up to him, hand trailing over his hip briefly, thumb tracing lightly over the flesh. “I wouldn’t be here with you right now. We wouldn't be living together and we certainly wouldn't be engaged.”
Ransom's blue eyes seemed to glow in the limited light of your kitchen, staring back into your own and flitting over your face. “No,” you whispered. “I suppose not.”
“I’m glad that it happened.”
The smallest of laughs bubbled up from you, before cocking your head to the side, “What a strange thing to be happy about Ransom. Getting stabbed.”
"I'm serious," he mumbled, lips pressed against your forehead briefly as he pulled you closer. “If it means I get to kiss you,” he rumbled, leaning in and pressing a brief kiss to your lips. "And if it means I get tended to by Nurse Marshmallow again, maybe get you a tight little outfit this time, I'll gladly take the hit."
You hummed, leaning up and kissing him briefly with a light lip smack before smirking up your soon-to-be husband, “Don’t push your luck.”
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Ransom fucking the reader in an elevator? You can decide if they get caught or not 😈
elevator — ransom
warnings || public sex, daddy kink, minors DNI, unprotected sex, degradation, dom!ransom, hair pulling, dirty talk
Tumblr media
You had decided to visit him during his work day. Ransom liked to write, much like his grandfather. To keep his inheritance, Harlan required Ransom to come into the offices and write a certain amount each week.
Ransom was working so hard on his book, and he’d never let you read it. Not until it was done. He had gotten so into his work that he hadn’t been showering you in the attention you wanted and you knew he was getting restless now.
So when you showed up at lunch time, he was more than pleased to see you. Especially after all the little selfies you had been sending him. He saved his documents.
“Dewdrop, what a surprise,”Ransom grinned, pushing away from his desk to come around to wrap you in his arms.
You beamed into his shoulder when he picked you up, lifting you off on your feet and kissing your cheek.”I missed you,”You admitted,”I got off early today, my boss told me I was doing the best work in the office, sent me home as a thank you.”
“If he thinks you are doing good work, he should pay you,”Ransom rolled his eyes,”They are using your need to be praised against you, baby, you gotta demand more.”
“I know, I know, but I like my job, I don’t want to lose it,” You told him, sighing out softly,”Plus, my savings will cover my rent for at least three months, so stop worrying.”
“No, I’m gonna pay your rent,”Ransom told you, grasping your chin when you went to shake your head.”Hey, you’re more than my sugar baby, but let me do this, it’ll make me feel better.”
“Let daddy take care of you, dewdrop,”Ransom whispered, kissing your lips.”Let me take you out to lunch, spoil you for doing so well at work.”
“There’s only one thing I really want,”You bit down on your bottom lip, hands running down his chest while you looked up at him through thick lashes.
“After lunch...”Ransom groaned, pushing you towards the door so that you could make your way to the elevator. Your wandering hands have got him distracted now, especially when you have your ass pressed against his crotch. You pretend it’s all innocent, but he knows.
“Baby,”Ransom grunted as the elevator doors shut, sighing out when you muttered a small sorry, daddy.
He had stopped the elevator, the doors sealed shut on his floor before he had you pressed against the wall with his lips on you with fever.
“Been craving you, kitten, all those little picture you’ve sent me, fuck, you got me so hard, think it’s time you took care of daddy’s cock,” He flipped your body so that your face is pressed against the wall.
“Hands on the wall, dewdrop,”Ransom grunted, kicking your feet apart once your hands splayed over the wall. You yelped slightly, thighs spread to present your dripping cunt to him.”Oh fuck.”
“Ran, what if someone sees?” You asked, biting down on your bottom lip while you glanced up at the little camera in the elevator. You were worried the elevator would come back on and open the doors for everyone to see. Yet, the thought made your cunt gush with arousal.
“Then you better put on a good show.”Ransom pulled your panties down your legs, stuffing the soaking thong into his pocket,”’m gonna have to save these for later, for those late nights when I miss your smell, when I miss this sweet pussy. You’re fucking drenched, dewdrop. You want daddy to take you right here?”
“Yes, yes,”You bowed your head between your arms, sticking your ass out for him to grab onto. He pulled hiked your dress up and with no shame, he pulled his pants down just enough to free his cock.
Without a word of warning, his large cock in plummeting into your sopping heat. You clung to his dick, welcoming the painful and pleasing intrusion with a loud moan,”Daddy!”
“Yeah, that’s it, so fucking tight and wet, all for me,”Ransom growled, his hands gripping your hips harshly. The pads of his fingers bored into your smooth skin, dragging your ass back against his throbbing cock.”You like when daddy fucks you like this, all out in the open where anyone can see? Admit it, baby, tell daddy how much you love his cock.”
“I do!”You whimpered, back arching while you claw at the wall in front of you.”I love your cock, love being filled with your big cock, oh, fuck!”
Ransom’s hand coming to pull at your hair harshly, making you mewl in response, neck craning back.”Keep those hands on the wall or I’ll stop. You wanna cum, don’t you, dewdrop?”
“Please, daddy,”You begged, keeping your form against the wall perfect for him. You feel his other hand around your throat, his hips jackhammering your clenching cunt with a vicious motion. His other hand yanked at your hair, fingers tangled into your soft locks.
“So needy, can feel you clenching around you, kitten, you gonna cum for me, better hurry, the elevator’s gonna start working soon,”Ransom growled, his pace harder and fast while he chased his own organs. He felt you spasm around him, milking his cock with your sporadic orgasm that made your legs tremble. Just as he pulled out of, watching his hot seed drip down your thighs, the elevator dinged.
The doors had just opened when Ransom had pulled his slacks up and your dress back down. He smirked while he pulled you against him, his fingers sliding up your thighs to scoop up the substance. He brought his fingers to your lips, which you took willingly despite the odd looks you got from the woman stepping in the elevator.
Once you licked his fingers clean, Ransom pulled you into a long kiss that made your body quiver under him,”Hope you aren’t too full, I plan to take you out for a full lunch,”He whispered into your ear with the biggest smirk.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
How about ransom jerking off in front of dewdrop while she’s tied up as punishment for something?
bad girl — ransom
warning || smut, jacking off, punishment, bondage, kneeling, heavy daddy kink, this made me very horny so i apologize in advance
Tumblr media
Out of all the punishments that Ransom had ever given you, this was by far the worst. He knew how much you liked being spanked, so he had gotten creative. He bought some more rope, tying your arms and wrists behind your back. Except he didn’t stop there, no, he had you kneeled on the ground in front of his favorite chair. Your calves were tied together, sitting like a perfect little submissive in front of your boyfriend.
Ransom was completely nude, his heavy cock wet from where he had made you spit on it, but you weren’t allowed to touch. The ache between your thighs was unforgiving. You practically dripping in your panties, mouth watering at the sight in front of you.
His hand stroked his cock, spit and pre-cum glistening over the thick member. You wished you could run your tongue over the vein on the side, wished you feel how heavy he was in your mouth.
“Drooling, baby?”Ransom taunted, running thumb expertly over his tip. He fisted his cock, slowly dragging out each stroke.”Bet you wish you could touch, hm? That pussy must be soaking for me, but bad girls don’t get cocks stuffed in their holes.”
“Shut the fuck up,”He snapped, making you whine at his dominant voice. You were shaking with want, craving the feeling of his big cock shoved into your throat or cunt.”You’ve been a brat all week, coming to daddy’s office in that little skirt and touching yourself on the couch when I would give you attention. You’ll be lucky if I let you cum anytime soon. You break the rules, you get punished. Tell me what you’re sorry for.”
You tried to shift on your knees, the pressure forming bruises against your skin. You heaved out, watching how his cock throbbed under his touch.
“I’m sorry I touched myself, and that I left panties in your jacket for you to find,”You breathed out shakily,”’m sorry I sent you all those pictures and teased you because—I just needed you, daddy, I’m sorry, please let me cum, please, wanna feel your cock in my pussy.”
Ransom groaned, his strokes becoming faster and more precise,”Well, that’s too bad,”He grunted out, feeling the pressure in his stomach become overwhelming. He stood up from the chair, his cock hanging in the air thrusting inti his large,”You’re gonna sit there while Daddy cum on this pretty face and you’re gonna take it like the bad little whore you are, got it?”
“Yes, daddy,”You mewled, leaning forward with your lips slightly parted when thick strips of hot, white seed painted your face messily. You looked so fucking hot covered with his cum, licking at your lips to lap up what you can.
“Daddy’s gotta video meeting,”He told you, smirking while he slipped back into his jeans and sweater. He grabbed his laptop, resting it on the arm of the chair.”You’re gonna sit at my feet and be quiet. If you’re good, maybe I’ll eat that cute pussy till you cum.”
“I’ll be good, I promise,”You whined, struggling against the ties around your body. You wanted to be closer.
“Be still, dewdrop,”Ransom commanded,”I’m busy, don’t be a bad girl or else I’ll have you like this until bed.”
“Sorry, daddy.”
“Good girl.”
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darlingsteve · 2 days ago
hi besties! today is sugar daddy friday! take a look at my weekly schedule ༉‧₊˚✧
scan through my request guidelines to see who i write for. send in your asks! <3
FRIDAY’S ; sugar daddy au, let’s get spoiled! #𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐲 ˚。⋆❦
18+ only are allowed to interact with my blog. please respect my boundaries.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Pussy spanking with mean! Ransom?
hurts so good — ransom
warning || smut, pussy spanking, minors DNI, daddy kink, degradation, very short, sorry
Tumblr media
Ransom had a tight frown on his lips, furrowed brows in fury when he threw you on the bed roughly. You were vibrating with excitement, but you tried to contain your own smirk.
“You fucking brat, you think you can flirt with my friends and get away with it?”Ransom seethed, forcing your legs open and ripped your leggings off of your body.”No panties? What a little whore, you that desperate for attention?”
“‘m sorry, Daddy...”You whined, his hands gripping your jaw tightly in response.
“No, you aren’t,”Ransom snapped, eyes blown with lust.”You’ve been acting out all day, dewdrop. So needy and clingy, you need daddy, you ask for him. It’s easy, or are you that dumb?”
“Please...”You whimpered, pushing your hips up towards him. His hand smacked against your wet pussy harshly, the pressure of making your clit throb. You gasped out, pain and pleasure mixing together in the perfect way.
“Do I need to remind this pussy who she belongs to?”Ransom growled, smirking at how you reacted.
“You’re mean,”You whispered with a pout, back arching off the bed when he slapped at your cloth again.
He chuckled darkly at your words,”You like when I’m mean, don’t be shy, you like the pain, you like when I’m rough, that’s why you act out, you want me to fuck you so hard that it hurts.”
His hand collided with your glistening heat three more times and you don’t understand what’s happening under shockwaves flow over you. Ransom groaned, watching you tremble under his harsh touch. You cried out his name, body arching while you overcame your high.
“My dumb little whore, did you just cum without permission?”
Your eyes widened, breath hitching when you looked at him.”I’m sorry, daddy, I didn’t mean to, I swear.”
Ransom shook his head,”Such a bad girl, hope you enjoyed it because you aren’t cumming for the rest of the night,”He smirked,”No, I’m gonna tie you up and fuck you anyway I like and you’re gonna take it like the naughty girl you are.”
Oh, it was going to be a long night.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Ransom x dewdrop cockwarming in front of the family then ransom gets inpatient and fucks her right there
on display — ransom
warnings || smut, minors DNI, cockwarming, public sex, daddy kink, riding, unprotected sex, slight breeding kink (but like out of spite towards the family)
Tumblr media
You hadn’t mean to tease him, but Ransom was in a very particularly mood that only burying himself in your tight cunt could fix.
Another dinner party had come around since the last one, and Ransom had been told to behave. Apparently fucking your girlfriend on the hood of your car isn’t proper behavior. He didn’t give a fuck, all he think about in this little skirt you’re wearing today and how he knows you didn’t wear panties.
“Come here,”Ransom was seated on one of the expensive couch with a crystal glass of bourbon in hand. He grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you into his lap. The family glanced at him with narrowed eyes, and he just smirked.”Gonna be good for me?”
You can already felt the heat spreading through your body, hands resting on his chest gently while you bit down on your bottom lips nervously.”Always...”
“That’s what I like to hear, dewdrop,”Ransom rasped, and you can feel how hard he is through the fabric of his slacks.”You’re gonna sit on my cock, warm me while I deal with my stupid fucking family, come on, take my cock out.”
You gasped at his words, hands moving faster than your mind to unbuckle his belt and freed his thick cock. Your mouth watered at the sight, the heavy cock throbbing in your hands. You moved quickly, pulling your flowy skirt up just just enough for Ransom to witness your pretty pussy sinking down and stretching over his large cock.
His head fell back, moaning quietly when your tight walls squeezed his cock happily. He smoothed your skirt to cover your ass and his cock. Ransom didn’t care if anyone knew, but he was bidding his time
“Sit still,”Ransom smacked your thigh, smirking when his father came over to have a conversation. You just rested your head against Ransom’s shoulder, listening to them talk about the company. You felt so full, his cock nudged against the sweet spot. It was hard to keep quiet, his family surrounded the room and you almost felt ashamed.
“My girl and I are actually going on vacation soon,”Ransom told his father, bouncing his leg slightly to see you tremble.”She’s very excited, never been out of the country, I’m taking her to France.”
“Oh?”Joni couldn’t help but overhear.”France is...oh, you’ll love it, Y/N.” You can tell there is some jealous running through her. She’s the woman that keeps trying to get more money, you remember. Ransom fucking hates her.
“Uh, yeah, I told him not to spend any money on me, but ah!”You whimpered, Ransom thrusting up into you.
“What did I say about complaining when I spoil you?”Ransom growled, his hands on your hips.
“Not to do it,”You whined, his cock pressing against your g-spot and making you shake in his grip.
“Are you fucking her right now?”Richard asked incredulously.
“Are you actually surprised?”Ransom shot back, rolling his eyes.”She’s too sweet to keep my hands off, besides, how else am I gonna knock her up?”
“Hugh!”Richard scolded,”This girl better be on birth control—“
“Oh, fuck,”You whined, Ransom’s hands on your hips and forcing you up then back down. You don’t know how you always need your getting fucked in front of this family, but you honestly didn’t care anymore. They were all pricks and you liked Ransom’s cock stuffed inside you.
“That’s it, baby, why don’t you fuck yourself on my cock? Be a good girl, make daddy cum inside that tight little pussy,”Ransom grunted, his hands leaving your body to stretch over the back of the couch. His father and Joni looked at you both in disgust before scurrying away.
You rocked your hips against him, feeling flustered under his watchful gaze. He just admired how your body moved against him. Ransom smirked, glancing over the room to find his family trying not to watch you. They were failing, and he couldn’t blame them. You were addicting.
“Daddy...”You whimpered out, coming to bring your hand to your mouth to keep quiet. Ransom quickly grabbed your wrists, tutting at you.
“No, dewdrop, I want you to sing for me, I want hear every fucking moan that falls from those lips,”Ranson groaned when you sank down on his cock again.”Be a good girl or I’ll bend you over my knee, spank you for everyone to see.”
“Yes, daddy,”Your breath hitched, lifting your hips up much quicker now. You rode him hard and as fast as you could, moaning out loudly which made Ransom smirk proudly.
“Atta, girl, my good little slut,”Ransom taunted with dark eyes,”Such a cockslut for me, always stuffed with my cock, you want my cum, dewdrop? Work for it.”
You nodded desperately, hands clinging to his shoulders to brace yourself while your trembling thighs continued to lift you up and down. You rocked your hips smoothly, chasing after that orgasm with vigor.
It wasn’t until Ransom took mercy on you that you finally felt free. He grabbed your hips, thrusting up hard and fast into your pulsing cunt until he felt you squeeze around him tightly. Your body trembled with pleasure, throwing your head back with the loud moan of his name.
Ransom spilled inside your little pussy, hot seed filling the sweet cunt and mixing with your juices. His lips found yours, sucking and biting at your lips before exploring your mouth with his tongue. You whine into him, gasping out against his touch.
“Thank you, daddy...”You whispered, pressing up against him. You went to pull off of him, but his large hands hold you against him.
“Absolutely not, you’re gonna stay here, sitting pretty on my cock until I’m ready to leave, got it, dewdrop?”
“Whatever you say.”
“Good girl.”
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writersbuck · 2 days ago
Can I have a HC for teaching Ransom to bake??
This is bringing me back to grumpy boy nonnie 🥺🥺🥺
- Ransom honestly hates the idea of cooking at all. Not that he sees it as a useless skill, he just doesn’t understand why it should be a skill he has, ya know. Since he can pay people to do most unnecessary things.
- When he meets you though.. things of course are different. You’re his sweet little angel that he would never admit to absolutely melting for, but it’s so painfully obvious.
- You’re a soft gal and when you bring up the baking thing… Ransom has to bite back a cringe, but after a bit of prodding he’s puddy in your hands 🥺
- You start off simple, chocolate chip cookies on your first baking date, before moving on to more advanced pastries (he gently puts it in your mind that he’d like some homemade chocolate croissants).
- Grumpy boy will bake with you, but in no way does he let you clean up. Whenever you’re at his place, that’s up to the housekeeper, and when you’re at yours Ransom wakes up early to do the cleaning himself (though he’ll always say it was a magical fairy).
- After a few months of your weekly baking sessions you’re surprised when you go over to Ransom’s one weekend and smell that the entire house already smells like a small army of cookies.
- They’re ugly, that’s for sure, but your lovely and very grumpy boyfriend had managed to make some very delicious cookies and a few funky looking croissants.
- From that moment on, you decided your grumpy boy as a keeper 💕🥰
@hevans-angel 🥰
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reformedmeanestgirl · 3 days ago
‘Tis The Damn Season
(sneak peak)
Tumblr media
Pairings: Ransom Drysdale x Actress!Reader (high school sweethearts)
Warnings: cursing, angst, flashbacks, slight mention of death, drinking, cuddling (if that’s considered a warning?).
Word Count: 400+
Based on: ‘Tis the Damn Season by Taylor Swift
Tumblr media
If I wanted to know who you were hanging with, while I was gone, I would’ve asked you.
“I can’t believe they make us do this every year.” Beth’s voice was a near whisper over the background music.
Every holiday season, your high school friend group liked to set up a holiday “get together.” It ideally consisted of a group of about thirty of you, a small number in the large class you graduated with. Over the years, the group diminished. Some moved away, some got married, had kids, some even died. You tried to come back, hell, you all promised the day of graduation that you’d try. But, about five years ago, you moved out to Los Angeles on a hunch that it would kickstart your acting career.
And that it did.
You remember the look on Ransom’s face when you told him you were moving.
“So.. Berkeley will let me transfer all of my credits so I can graduate on time,” you mumbled, limbs tangled with Ransom’s as you laid on the floor of the Thrombey estate, in front of a crackling fire that he’d, surprisingly, started all by himself.
The amber glow of the flames illuminating the hurt in his eyes, the blue hue radiating one of sadness, rather than the joy it normally did when he was around you. One sip from the glass of stolen bourbon, an exhale, and he was finally ready to speak.
“That’ll be good for you, peach.” His voice was sad. Was he, Hugh Ransom Drysdale, sad? For you? “I have no doubt you’ll, uh.. you’ll do great.”
“I’ll help you pack.”
But, he didn’t. He didn’t even come to say goodbye the night before you left. He dodged your texts, your phone calls. He even ignored you banging on his front door at three in the morning, begging to talk before you left.
Why was he so upset? You weren’t together. He made that abundantly clear. The two of you had been fuck buddies since you were about fifteen. He never wanted to make it any more than that.
So when you first made eye contact with the sweater clad playboy on December 24th, you felt your heart drop. It had been five years. Five fucking years since he’d seen you. And god, you looked perfect. Your hair styled to perfection, skin glowing with a radiance only the California sun could provide. He’d seen you in movies, of course. He’d seen you dating some of the most eligible men in Hollywood. And he hated every moment of it.
Tumblr media
header made by @firefly-graphics xx
Hope y’all enjoyed this lil preview of an upcoming one shot!
I already have Family Values starting and part one will be up either tonight or tomorrow soooo, be on the lookout for that!
As always thanks for reading and ily x
- Jo 🪐
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Omg can we please get a fic of your idea of Ransom fucking reader into subspace? Maybe he panics a little because he can’t seem to get her out of it
OR after a hard day with his family he takes it out on reader and she has to safeword out but he feels like garbage afterwords and fluffy aftercare.
You have destroyed me with Ransom and Dewdrop  au 🥲
floating — ransom
au: dewdrop
warnings || smut, minors DNI, subspace, overstimulation, dumbification, degradation, fluffy aftercare, daddy kink
Tumblr media
Everything felt blurry and fuzzy. You had lost yourself somewhere along the way with Ransom’s thick cock railing up into your over sensitive cunt. You barely hanging on, tears streaming down your face while your head rested against Ransom’s.
Ransom smirked, admiring how your eyes rolled back, angelic moan echoing off the walls. His nails dug into through thighs, body pressed against the wall with only Ransom’s grip holding you up. You were pilant against his, delicate wrists tied into a harsh and tight knot. The skin around the black rope was irritated, red and blotchy from your struggle.
He made you put your arms around him, knotted hands restrained while your arms rested against the flexing muscle of his shoulders. Your linked arms around him and his holding you were the only support you had while he fucked you in the air. He lifted you relentless, a thin sheen on sweat layering over both your skins as you fell on his lengthy cock. The bulbous head pounded against thats sweet spot, over and over again till he had you crying.
And oh did you cry. His cock had made a mess of you, and you were so close to the edge. It would be the fifth orgasm after a whole day of edging.
“Gonna give daddy one more, and then you’re done, you want my cum leaking out that tight little whole, don’t you?
“Uh-huh,” came from your mouth while you try to gather the strength to actually speak, but you can’t find it. No, you are the brink of something so freeing and blissful. You felt as if you could float in how good you felt, gasping out when Ransom fucked into you harder.
“Fuck, baby, has daddy broken that dumb baby brain of yours? Huh? Shit, love seeing you like this, so stupid on my cock. Is my dumb baby gonna cum?”
You try to nod, struggling against the tie so you could claw at his chest but you lose that fight. Ransom gave one last obliterating thrust into your overused pussy before the feeling in you exploded and his cum splattered inside of you.
Your body is beyond out of your control, squirting juices over Ransom’s cock and abdomen. A loud groan emitted from his throat. You had squirted. Ransom felt like he could go another round right then.
“Fuck, baby, look at your soaking my cock, did daddy make you feel that good?”He teased, making you nodded wordlessly. He noticed how your eyes had glazed over, tears staining your face while you cling to him.
Ransom becomes softer in demeanor within seconds, laying you carefully on the bed. He untangled you from his body, gently untying the rope around your wrists. He very softly kissed the bruised skin, making you sigh happily in the sheets.
“You’re being awfully quiet, dewdrop, tell me what’s going on?”
“‘m floating,”You tried to explain, clinging to Ransom when he tried to get up to retrieve a wet towel.”Daddy, no...”
Ransom turned to you with concern in his eyes, noting that you had become disassociated from the pleasure. You had experienced far too much, making you feel like you were floating.
He wasn’t sure exactly to do. He had heard about subspace, but he had never actually had any experience. Ransom gently caressed your body, making you whine. You were sensitive, yet you craved his arms around you.
“I’m not going anywhere, dewdrop, just let me clean you up, okay?”He pulled away, but then you started to sniffle.
“Please don’t leave me,”You had begun to cry, making Ransom realize how much care he’d actually need to give you.
“I’m not, dewdrop, hey, look at me, I’m right here, come on, come back to me, okay? Daddy’s right here.”
You nodded, clutching at his chest and holding on to him for dear life. He whispered how good you had been and how much he loved you until you finally started to feel coherent again.
“‘m sorry,”You whispered, coming down from the incredible high you had experience, nuzzilng into his shoulder.
“What for?”He asked gently, kissing your forehead gently.
“I’m acting all dumb, and I can’t..think straight, I always—“
“Shush, hey, I like when you get dumb for me, you just got a little extra dumb tonight, it was nice, but look at me,”Ransom demanded, tilting your chin to look at him.”Was tonight too much? Is that why you disassociated? Did I hurt you and you couldn’t say your safeword?”
You shook your head,”No, no, I felt...comfortable, I trust you to take me over the edge. We’ve together for awhile, Ran, I like submitting to you and I dunno, I guess tonight I felt so good, it was so intense, and I trusted you, I knew I’d be okay because daddy’s was here.”
Ransom pushed down the wave of emotion that filled his chest, blinking back his own tears before pressing a soft kiss against your lips. You whined into him,”Did feel a little dumb, baby? Or do you think you can take a shower with me?”
You shook your head,”I still fuzzy and warm, can we just shower tomorrow?”You murmured, curling into his chest with immense comfort. He held you closer, running his fingers through your hair.
“Yeah, just get some rest, dewdrop, daddy’s got you.”
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reformedmeanestgirl · 4 days ago
Here’s an up to date post for all of my one shots, drabbles, series, etc. 
(posts highlighted in red contain smut)
All of my work is 18+, please respect the warnings.
- Jo 🪐
Chris Evans (and his characters)
Family Values - Ransom Drysdale x (adopted) Cousin!Reader
Happy Birthday, Mr. Evans - Chris Evans x Reader
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cloudystevie · 4 days ago
anyways i look pretty and i have (one) horny thought i will be sharing!!
tw: dom/sub, subspace, degradation, facefucking, slapping, and shoe riding all in one short stupid paragraph skksks
imagine any of chris’ characters (i feel like chris, andy and ransom specifically) are fucking you stupid. like literally your brain is just poof and you feel floaty and dumb and they’re super dominant and are getting off on how ruined and filthy you are. so they sit down and tell you to come suck their cock so you happily comply and take as much of them down your throat as you can, and your makeup is a mess, your eyelash is sticking to your cheek and the other one is missing and you look like a completely debauched slut <3 and they love how filthy and nasty you are. he’s fucking your face and the sounds coming from the both of you are disgustingly nasty but they make you all the more aroused. he’s calling you the dirtiest shit like, “look at you, such a stupid fucking slut” “stupid brain goes so dumb when you see my cock doesn’t it princess?” “just a toy for me to use, just a stupid fucking toy. only here to make me feel good isn’t that right?” and he’s slapping your face when you get too floaty and it makes you drip down your thighs, you’re needy for virtually any friction so you start fucking yourself on his shoe <3 when he’s had enough of your mouth he’s wrapping his hand around your throat and pressing your lips together forcefully and you’re whimpering, unable to stand up straight so he has to hold you up and then he manhandles you face down onto the sofa and pinning your arms behind your back while he completely violates your pussy and <3 yeah this is actually disgusting im sorry im in a weird mood skskskks
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buppybucky · 4 days ago
Idk if you take request but if you do then maybe a one bed trope thing with bucky and he gets morning wood and you wake up like what is that and he's like it's the morning and he's not embarrassed and then sex and fluff pls thanks ❤️
morning wood
PAIRINGS! avengers!bucky x avengers!f!reader
SUMMARY! in which bucky is too tired to be embarrassed of his morning wood.
WARNINGS! unprotected sex, 18+ minors dni, pet names (candy), one sided feelings, sleepy sex kinda, cocky bucky, fingering, oral (f)
A/N! i’m sorry for not making it clear but i am taking requests! currently, i have no works but if i do then my requests would be slightly delayed!
Tumblr media
“i am not working with that disgusting man child!” the loud voice rang through the small room. bucky looked up at the girl with a smirk. “c’mon, it’ll be fun! great bonding time.” he teased.
you rolled your eyes and sat in the seat, crossing your arms with a huff. “well, it’s either that or you resign.” tony said, pulling out the letter of resignation. you pulled the pen from his desk and started to write.
“it’s not that bad!” bucky yelled, grabbing the pen and throwing it away. you looked at him and scowled. “okay, well, there’s a motel booked, you two better enjoy.” tony smirked as he walked out.
that night, you had finished packing your bag and you were ready to go. “hi candy.” bucky’s voice sounded through your room. you sighed and turned to him. “what?” you asked.
bucky shrugged and walked towards your bed. “was bored, knew i could annoy you.” bucky smirked, laying back and watching you pack your small bag. “well, you can’t, i have stuff to do.” you said.
you walked into the bathroom and took off your shirt. “shower? i’ll join.” bucky teased, making you scoff and lock your bathroom door.
after your shower, bucky was still in your room so you had to change in the bathroom. you walked out and brushed through your wet hair. “y’look so good right now.” bucky bit his lip.
you scoffed and rolled your eyes, grabbing your skincare and starting it. “wanna do some f’me too, candy?” bucky stood up, sitting next to you. you put some moisturiser on your fingers and slapped his cheek.
bucky sighed and rubbed it in before getting up. “i’d be nice, girlie, we’re going t’be together for a while.” he spat before walking out of the room. you smirked and went back to your skincare.
the next day was completely hectic, you wouldn’t recommend it to absolutely anyone. you and bucky made it to the motel, and to make matters worse, someone thought that the signing under stark was a joke.
it was deleted and now there was only one room with one bed, one single bed. “it’s fine, he can sleep on the floor, bucky pay.” you said, wanting to sit down immediately.
bucky paid and got the key, bringing you to the room. you took the shower first, knowing that if you sat down you wouldn’t get up again. you walked out, seeing bucky wrapping up his wounds.
he went into shower and you took over with wrapping up the small wounds scattered all over you. bucky quickly came out, wrapped in only a towel around his waist.
you looked up at him before looking back at the bed. “y’know you were supposed to use the towels as a blanket.” you spoke as you jumped back, getting under the blanket.
bucky rolled his eyes and changed into his pyjamas. “i can’t sleep on the floor without a blanket.” bucky said, standing next to the bed. you shrugged and opened your phone.
“there’s a lot of space in the bed, are they sure it’s a single?” bucky asked, looking around you. you sighed and move over, opening up the covers. bucky smiled and got in, making himself comfortable.
you sighed and turned off your phone, as well as the small lamp beside the bed. “bucky i’m falling off the fucking bed.” you groaned, your ass cheek literally falling from the bed.
bucky lifted you up, now you were almost sitting on him. “night, candy.” bucky smirked, placing his head into your neck. you sighed and tried to fall asleep.
you were rudely woken up a few hours later by bucky’s leg falling over your own legs and something poking your lower back. “bucky.” you said, hitting his hip. he groaned.
you did it again, and again, and again, until finally, he lifted his head. “what the fuck is poking me?” you asked, looking back at him. “huh? oh, it’s my dick.” he mumbled, putting his head back.
“your dick?” you asked. he nodded and pulled your into his chest. “yeah, it’ll go down later, j’come back to sleep.” he whispered, kissing your shoulder. you jerked your shoulder, hitting him in the nose.
he groaned and moved back quickly. “fuck!” he yelled, holding the bridge of his nose. “don’t kiss me.” you said, shaking your head and going back to your original position.
you tried to deny it, but you felt a certain shock through your body when bucky kissed your shoulder. bucky got out of the bed to clean his, now bloody, nose.
bucky got back into bed, and pulled you close into him. “it’s the least y’can fuckin’ do.” he said, pulling you into him, the feeling of his boner against him made your panties dampen.
“i know you’re wet, can smell ya.” bucky mumbled, moving your hair away and kissing your neck. you whined and pushed him off. “c’mon candy, we’re both horny, might as well relieve some pressure.”
you moved your hand from him and let him continue to kiss your neck. “fine, but in this position i don’t want to look at you.” you mumbled. bucky nodded and pulled down your pants.
he pulled down your panties before slapping your ass. “i’ve fuckin’ dreamed of this moment since i met ya.” he whispered in your ear. you bit your lip and looked down at his hand on your waist.
he pulled down his pants and boxers before sliding his tip through your slit. you gasped quietly and gripped his hand. bucky smirked and slid into you.
you moaned and your hand on his hand tightened. “there y’go.” he groaned, slowly sliding in and out of you. you whined and wiggled your hips.
bucky but his lip and pressed his thumb into your ass. “y’feel s’fuckin’ good, candy.” bucky grumbled as he continued at his painfully slow pace. you slapped his hip and whined.
“faster, harder, anything.” you complained, gripping at his naked hip. bucky complied and thrusted faster, the sound of their skin slapping was slightly muted by the sheets.
bucky whined and lifted you up. “candy, i’m gettin’ no where in this position, let’s change, hm?” he mumbled. you nodded and sat on his lap, turning around the face him.
“gonna look at me, candy?” he teased, gripping your hips. you sighed and rolled your eyes, sliding onto him. “shut up bucky, i’m using you for your dick.” you moaned.
you felt bucky’s tip bounce off all the right angles, hitting your sweet spot. “fuck! oh god!” your legs squeezed around his waist, crying out in pleasure. “ya look s’fuckin’ good takin’ my cock like a good girl.”
you rolled your eyes to the back of your head as you felt the knot in your stomach fall onto the verge of snapping. “oh my god i’m gonna cum.” you moaned, gripping his shoulders.
your nails dug into his skin and left crescent shapes as you released all over him. your body curled up and you fell back. bucky pulled out and finished on your lower stomach.
instead of getting back into bed, bucky bent over and rubbed your clit, sliding a finger inside you. “what are you doing?” you asked, looking down at him. he shrugged and started pumping his fingers in and out.
you moaned and arched your back. “i wanna see if this pretty cunt can squirt.” he moved his fingers from your clit, connecting his lips instead. your eyes were sat at the back of your head.
bucky pulled his fingers out and soon replaced it with his tongue. “bucky.” you dragged out in a whine. bucky smirked and pulled away, sliding his fingers inside you again.
“c’mon, candy, squirt for me.” he moaned, continuing to suck on your clit. you felt an unfamiliar knot form in your lower stomach. “fuck, fuck, fuck!” you moaned out.
bucky curled his fingers and practically assaulted your sweet spot. “holy fuck!” you yelped, feeling yourself come loose. you squirted all over bucky’s face, making him moan quietly.
“that’s it, candy.” he smirked as he pulled away, cleaning you up with his tongue. you tried to regain your breath as bucky went to clean his face.
bucky came back and sat down in front of you. “so, still hate me?” he asked, helping you with your pants. you sat up and nodded. “yup, night buck.” you said as you crawled back into bed.
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darlingsteve · 4 days ago
hi besties! today is well TBD lol. i had an idea of what wednesdays would consist of but i switched it last minute and now i don’t know what we can talk about. oops 😬
so today can be us figuring out what wednesday’s can be! send in any au ideas or anything you’ve got in mind that we can do for wednesday’s <333 take a look at my weekly schedule ༉‧₊˚✧
scan through my request guidelines to see who i write for. send in your asks! <3
18+ only are allowed to interact with my blog. please respect my boundaries.
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starlight-rogers · 4 days ago
Could you do Prompt #18 where the reader goes down on Chris(or one of his characters) and he’s super needy and desperate?
Need It
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 800+ words
Summary: 18. "Please don't stop."
Warnings: smut, oral (m receiving), mentions of oral (f receiving), kinda cock worship????, subby!Chris, dirty talk, 18+ only
A/N: I love requests that give me subby!Chris vibes! Hope you all enjoy this little drabble
Tumblr media
His plea for more sends warmth running straight to your core as you moan against the soft skin of his inner thigh. You loved seeing him underneath you, begging for more, and you weren't ready to give him what he wanted just yet.
"What do you want, baby?" you ask with a smirk, your lips getting closer to the juncture where his thigh meets his crotch. It's not enough for him, it could never be, and you know that by the way he grinds his hips into the air desperately, the need to feel your mouth on his cock growing more intense with every passing second.
"I-I need, oh god!" he moans as you fan your breath out against his rock-hard member, making it almost impossible for him to form a full sentence as you look to him with expectant eyes, "Need your mouth, please."
You hum in content with his begging, leaning up to press a soft kiss to the tip of his cock, precum gathering on your lips as he moans loudly at the action, "That feel good?" you ask, enjoying the way that you had rendered him a needy, fucked-out mess with only a few small touches.
"Fuck, sweetheart," he moans out, watching as you grasp his cock in your hand, very slowly pumping him as your tongue teases his head, "Feels so fucking good."
You suck his tip between your lips in response to his praise, humming around him and watching as the vibrations through his cock send him closer to delirium. It's like all that Chris can feel or see or hear is you. The way your mouth fits snugly around him as you pump what you can't swallow with your hand. The way your eyes look up at him with glistening joy as you watch him fall apart beneath you. The sounds of you moaning around him as you taste him on your tongue. He's surrounded by your presence entirely, and it's intoxicating.
You pull off his cock to take in a greedy breath, chuckling when he whines at the loss of contact.
"Oh, baby, do you need me to make you cum?" he nods furiously at your question, and you're not sure if you even see tears glistening in his eyes as he looks down at you, "Use your words, baby."
"Please, need to cum," he gasps as you swirl your thumb around his tip, his cock twitching in your hand. He's close, so fucking close and all he needs is your gorgeous mouth on his cock to send him tumbling over the edge. You don't tease for much longer, taking him back into your mouth and taking as much of him as you can into your throat, "Don't stop, oh fuck! Please don't stop."
You hum around him as you bob your head, doubling your efforts to get him over the edge into pure bliss. You can feel the way his thighs are trembling beneath your touch, the way that his cock is quivering in your mouth, dribbles of his precum falling on your tongue every time you sink down onto him.
You can tell that he's right on the brink, and when you reach out with one hand to fondle his balls, he's a goner. With a loud whimper that turns into a groan, he spills into your throat, his hips moving of their own accord as his orgasm takes over. You swallow every drop he gives you, allowing him to use your mouth to prolong his release for as long as possible before he stops moving from oversensitivity and you slowly let him slip out of your mouth.
He looks like a total wreck as you take in the sight of him, eyes clenched shut tight, mouth hung open in a silent scream of pleasure, chest heaving and body slicken with sweat as he comes down from pure euphoria. You pepper kisses all along his chest and jawline until he calms down enough to open his eyes and it's then that you pull him into a kiss.
The kiss is soft and sweet, and Chris groans against you when he tastes himself on your tongue.
"Baby girl, that mouth of yours is gonna be the death of me." he pants out with a chuckle, making you giggle as you press a soft kiss to his lips.
"You know you love it." you reply with a cheeky giggle, gasping as he rolls the two of you over so you're now pressed against the mattress with Chris hovering over you, "What're you doing?"
"Giving my little minx exactly what she deserves." he teases, kissing his way down your tummy before pressing a kiss to your mound over the damp fabric of your panties, smirking as you gasp at the contact, "I'm gonna eat this pretty little pussy until you can't remember your own name."
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imaginedreamwrite · 4 days ago
Alpha, May I?
Part four
** **
Ransom Drysdale was an alpha who would not settle. Ransom Drysdale was an alpha who used omega’s like disposable playthings because what else was there? A loveless relationship between alpha and omega that would end in one cheating on the other?
A few kids being popped out only to be regarded as troubled little snots later by their father? By their mother?
It wasn’t like he was unaware that his entire family thought he was a pariah. It wasn’t like he was oblivious and ignorant to his whole family, ironically, thinking that he was the black sheep.
Joni stole $400,000 from his grandad.
His uncle was raising a little nazi while pretending like he had a perfect family when in actuality, he was screwing beta whore’s in the cheap motel on the edge of town.
His father was cheating on his mother with multiple women.
Meg was a weed addict.
Donna was an uptight bitch whose nerves were fried from her paranoia.
But Ransom was the black sheep.
But it was Ransom who was the ultimate disappointment.
Why should he have cared about screwing different omega’s and tossing them aside? Why should he care about giving them brief hope?
Why should he want to settle down, mate and mark one omega? Commit to monogamy?
What good would that do?
Relationships like that were piss poor.
His grandad sensed a hole in him, a deeply rooted wound in his heart that was being pulled further apart, leaving him colder than he should’ve been.
His father was a cheater. His mother was a chain smoker and was so oblivious to it all.
His uncle was a pervert. His cousins were nazis and weed addicts. His aunt was a thief.
He had never been shown the proper way to love, the appropriate way to receive and give love.
He had been shown toxic and poisonous relationships that bled and sucked you dry.
Ransom didn’t want to do this.
He didn’t want to be with an omega who was strong-willed. He didn’t want to be with an omega who would eventually depend on him for protection and security.
He would only break you.
He would only destroy that fire, that bright addictive flame that made you stand out as a beacon of something good.
Like the rest of his family had done to him, Ransom would destroy you.
It was inevitable.
Everything good in his family eventually turned to ash and crumbled into destruction.
Nothing ‘good’ and ‘pure’ stayed with the Thrombey/Drysdale's. Everything eventually gave way; everything collapsed.
** **
His Beemer wasn’t there when you arrived, which brought you a sense of relief, as well as a sliver of disquietude. It was a matter of time before he came, before you and Ransom Drysdale would be sharing part of the same spaces, forced to date and commingle to appease Harlan, to secure an inheritance and to keep a promise to an old friend.
When you stepped in through the door of the mansion, you could make out the soft and sweet-sounding melody playing on one of the many record players in the estate, the sweet, crooning voice belonging to one of Harlan’s favourite old-timey singers.
You were generally alone, with very few other bodies there with you, other than the cooks, the housekeepers and the relief nurse. You were given a few days off to prepare, to move whatever you wished to bring with you. You didn’t have much you wanted to get, to pack, to hold on to.
You kept your photo albums and the few first edition books Harlan got you for your birthday a few years ago. You kept the last remnants you had of your mother, a necklace that’d been passed down from her grandmother to your grandmother to you to your mother.
You didn’t know where your father was buried, as he had abandoned your mother and yourself when you were 4. He died when you were 18, and you’d only been informed by an obituary that arrived in the mail.
Your mom died later that year, an omega who lived a short life without an alpha. She was the prince’s example of what an omega without a good alpha would fall into.
Sickness, broken-heartedness and death.
Everything else in your apartment you decided to sell and use to pay off your student loans, or at least make a dent in them. When you were left with clothes, memorabilia and heirlooms that would mean nothing to anyone else, you were ready to face your fate.
“Good morning, Mrs. Thrombey.” You greet Harlan’s mother with a kind word and an even kinder smile. “How are you feeling today?”
She was nearly deaf and was hard of sight, though she saw more than others realized. She was an older woman, and her age is what most of the family noticed. They had no idea that despite her age and her battle with her mind showing signs of potential starting to slip, Wanetta was still observant. She was still able to hold conversations; only most didn’t want to.
“She’s had her morning pills,” the relief nurse slipped by her, squeezing her shoulder lightly.
“I didn’t bring you flowers today, Mrs. Thrombey.” You adjusted the scarf around her neck and straightened the blanket on her lap. “I’m moving in today.”
“So is the devil,” the relief nurse mumbled.
“Ransom isn’t here yet.” You gave the nurse some ease before you slipped past them both to head to the kitchen.
“Those little snakes,” one of the cooks hissed as he slapped a big chunk of meat on the butcher block and slammed his butcher’s knife into the heart, “they’ve been back here every night at the same time to bother everyone who works here.”
“Really?” You reached for your usual coffee mug and poured yourself a cup, inhaling the robust and delicious scent of Columbia’s coffee.
“Trying to get to Hugh.” The cook rolled his eyes. “And you.”
“Of course,” you rolled your eyes as he had, and lift the edge of the cup to your bottom lip and blew lightly on the dark brew inside, “hyena’s.”
“Donna threatened to have the whole staff fired-“
“No one is losing their job,” you lowered the mug and frowned, your eyebrows furrowed, “Donna Thrombey doesn’t have the authority to fire anyone.”
“You do,” the cook raised his knife but not in a threatening manner, “and the entitled prick.”
“The entitled prick only has the authority if he complies,” you sipped on your coffee, the liquid gold delightful as it hit you almost immediately, “and I have my doubts.”
“We all do,” the cook kept up his task of cutting the meat, tossing it into a large stockpot when they were cut small enough.
“You don’t have to cook for me,” you leaned against the kitchen cupboards, “I can cook for myself. Ransom can eat dirt.”
The cook raised his head and locked eyes with you before lowering his head once again. He didn’t say anything, and the only sound in the kitchen was the sound of the knife hitting the butcher's block and the ticking of the clock on the wall.
“We’re relieved it’s all going to you, Y/N.” he finally spoke. “They don’t deserve a cent. They’re nothing but a bunch of assholes and bitches.”
You opened your mouth to speak, only to snap it shut when you heard the familiar rumble of the Beemer’s engines as it drew closer to the house. With a heavy sigh, you set your cup down and strolled through the kitchen to the front door, managing to stand just off to the left of it and out of the way as it slammed open.
Ransom stalked in, a light blue sweater and dark-fitting jeans replacing the Burberry coat and stupid scarf. His hair wasn’t slicked back as usual but was still styled messily.
“What is that smell?” He sneered, his eyes zeroing in on you. “May flowers?”
“May flowers?” You attempted to keep your cool as mere glimmers of your scent were detectable through your suppressants. “Where the hell did you get May flowers from..?”
Ransom’s eyes narrowed, and he leaned in, dangerously close to you. You didn’t step back; you didn’t look away from him. His blue eyes were scrutinizing your frame as he caught another small glimmer of your scent. His nostrils flared, and for a moment, his eyes flashed, some primordial alpha reaction to a smell he didn’t find revolting.
“Get away from me.” You snapped and pushed him back. “Personal space is wanted.”
He stepped away, the moment over and replaced with hatred. He turned his nose up at you and your scent, and you were hit with the sudden desire you smack him across the back of the head.
“Stay out of my way.” He pushed past you for the stairs. “I’m taking the big bedroom, by the way.”
“Of course, your majesty,” you growled, “you need somewhere to fit all that overcompensation.”
“Overcompensation?” He gripped the railing with enough strength to nearly crack the wood.
“Oh, I’m sorry, is there another explanation for why your only personality trait is your arrogance?” You bared your teeth.
“You little bitch-“ he stomped down a step, his eyes flashing again and his nostrils flaring, but his anger was fuelled by something else and not your attitude.
The wood cracked under his grip, his jaw clenched and his body rigid. He looked as if he was in pain as if he was being tortured by something unseen. And then, as quickly as it hit him, it was gone.
Vanishing like smoke through fingers.
“You’re so classy. It’s no wonder you’re still single into your ‘30’s.” You stepped backward, facing him as you moved. “Because I don’t know what omega wouldn’t want to be looped in with you. Entitled trust fund prick.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 5 days ago
Alpha, May I?
Part Three
** **
The few days you got without the rest of the circle of vultures hanging over your head had ended the morning you got the call from the Thrombey residence with the apparent direction, on your day off, to come to the mansion to discuss and hash out details for the contract between you and Ransom, which was more of a set of conditions that if not met, would mean that you would receive everything and the Thrombey/Drysdale’s would be without a single stream of revenue.
Without them hanging around staring at you, or the very least whispering behind your back, you could go about your day working with Harlan and Wanetta, blissfully ignorant, albeit temporarily, about the whole situation you found yourself in.
You would’ve thought you’d have a chance to ask Harlan about why he did what he did, what reasons lay within his decisions. However, he wouldn’t let you ask. He wouldn’t even let you approach the subject. And if you pushed too hard, he would use ‘that’ tone of voice with you. He was the only alpha you allowed to use that distinct tone and only because you respected him. You thought of Harlan as your blood relative, your own dear family despite all your actual blood relatives being dead and gone.
Your peace had not led you to answers.
And worse than that, when you had arrived on your day off, your peace had ended further when you pulled up to the mansion and saw the hoarse of recognizable vehicles parked outside.
“I am not in the mood for this,” you hissed through clenched teeth, specifically seeing Ransom’s Beemer parked outside at an angle to aggravate anyone who saw him, “and I am not in the mood. For an arrogant alpha.”
You spied him through the window, swearing that you could smell his strong scent radiating through the brick snd mortar, through the panes of glass and trim, for the sole purpose of irritating you. His brown jacket, something from Burberry, you suspected since only the best was good enough for Ransom, and that dammed patterned scarf that, occasionally you wanted to strangle him with, draped around his jacket.
They were waiting for you. You could tell they were. They were hovering around the door like a bunch of ravenous wolves waiting for their next meal.
“God helps them,” you curled your lips and stomped your feet up the wooden steps, making a show about it as you storm into the house.
The moment you crossed the threshold, you were irritated by the mixing and mingling of scents. Walt’s, again, was aggravating. It was burning and pungent and acrid. There was something about him, something ugly about his scent that made your hair stand up on the back of your neck.
Your only, brief and disgustingly, relief was from Ransom. His scent, despite the man behind it being a little asshole, brought you sweet relief.
“Y/N-!” They were all there, ready to hound you.
You turned sharply and tried to stalk toward Harlan’s office, desperate for a safe space. “Y/n-“
Walt’s hand reached out, and he grabbed your arm.
“Don’t!” You whipped around and ripped his arm away from you. “Don’t you dare put your hand on me! I am tired, and I am hungry. My uterus feels like it is going to crawl up into my intestines to shrivel up and die, and I swear to God!-“
You seethed, figuratively baring his teeth with enough animosity to make Walt back up with his cane thudding against the carpet. “-if you put your hand on me again, I will snap it off and shove it so far up your ass, you’ll become your puppet.”
The room went silent, alpha’s and beta’s speechless and stunned. It was likely that they’d never come across an omega who wasn’t afraid to stand their ground. Maybe they hadn’t come across an omega who was willing to talk shit about a man north of wealth when you were not.
“Excuse me! That is my husband-“
“Yeah? Up yours too!” You whipped around and continued stalking away from the family, only stopping when his laugh, his deep baritone laugh, broke through the silence.
Ransom, at the very least, thought the entire moment was humorous despite the glares being pointed directly at you.
His laughter was genuine, it was thick, and it came when it was both needed and inappropriate.
“Who the hell do you think you are?” Donna, Walt’s wife, sneered.
“She’s the omega with bigger balls than your husband.” Ransom’s statement was blatant and bold, and while you wished you had some snappy comeback, you hadn’t been given the time to say anything else.
“Y/N L/N, Ransom, we’re ready for you in the study.” The lawyer hired had popped his head out of the study and called for you both.
You exhaled sharply and turned away from their stares, from their overwhelming scents and entered the study. You stood just after the threshold and gazed at the scene before you.
The lawyers were set up at the large desk in the front; Harlan was sitting in one of three chairs with one on his left and one on his right. He was expecting you and Ransom.
“Move, omega.” A shoulder slammed into yours and as you almost fell over to the patterned carpet as the asshole of the century moved past you.
You glared stay the back of his head, your eyes narrowed. Your fingers flexed, and you instinctually ripped off your shoe and threw it at him, the toe of your shoe hitting him square in the back.
“Maybe next time, use your words, you arrogant asshole.” You sneered, striding toward him to grab your shoe. He was glaring at you, his jaw ticking and flexing as his nostrils flared.
“Listen, you little omega-“
“Sit down.” Harlan smacked his hand on the top of the desktop. “Now, Ransom!”
You trudged toward the chair and sat down upon the cushioned bottom. You rested your arms upon the rests and started bouncing your knee rapidly. You were hyper-aware of the change in his scent, of the deepening of his scent that came from anger. That change was pure alpha, it was purely basest at its core, and that spoke to you in some way as an omega.
You may not have held anything but disgust and dismay for Ransom Drysdale. However, his scent was affecting you as an omega. On your primal, most basic levels, Ransom was an alpha’s alpha, and you…you couldn’t be unaffected by his scent even if you were halfway between dead and alive.
“We’re here to discuss the conditions that will allow Hugh Ransom Drysdale to inherit his half of the assets willed to miss L/N.” The lawyer glanced from you to Harlan and finally to Ransom.
“One year,” Harlan spoke with a clear voice and a factual statement.
“A year?” Your head whipped around, your widened eyes boring into him. “Harlan! A year?!”
“One year to be mated and marked.” Harlan ignored your wide-eyed gaze and Ransom’s dirty look. “Otherwise, Ransom will forfeit everything, and it will rightfully go to Y/N.”
The lawyer made a note, ignoring the vicious low grumbling of Ransom, who was irrevocably trapped in a corner. He had no choice; he had no opinion but to concede lest he loses everything.
“And both parties will take residence in the mansion? That’s correct?” The lawyer was trying hard not to crumble under the deep-rooted and vicious stare of Ransom, and he was trying his hardest to keep his eyes forward.
“I know,” he looked at you first and then Ransom, “both of you. And the two of you won’t adhere to the conditions of the will without a fight. This will give you a chance to get to know each other-“
“What bullshit! You’re telling me that I’ll be cut off if I don’t fuck some single hopeless omega?!”
“Oh, by all means, jump off a cliff. Correction, please do the whole world a favour and drive your beemer off a cliff. The world would be better off without Hugh Ransom Drysdale.”
“She’s right,” Meg chimed from behind, the entire family watching the ordeal.
“Eat shit, Meg! You feminist-“
“Enough!” Harlan smacked his hand on the desk again. “The two of you will reside here! You will go on weekly dates, and if by the time the year is up you are not mated and marked, then my entire fortune will go to Y/N.”
“With the added details here, I think we’re ready to sign and submit the conditions to the courts for records and implement.” The lawyer set down one pen to reach for another. “With the official start date set at a week from now, I’ll have both parties sign-“
“I’m not signing that.” Ransom’s scent spiked; the increased peak was affecting you by churning your stomach. His scent was not as acrid and despicable as Walter’s, and you’d be remiss to admit it, but his scent was almost pleasant. If you could’ve come across his smell alone without the contemptible coating to go with it, a part of you may have liked it.
That reasoning could be applied to Ransom himself. If you had seen him in pictures without ever knowing him or hearing the bullshit that came out of his mouth, you would’ve been more susceptible to attraction. Physically speaking, Hugh Ransom Drysdale was an attractive alpha. He was wrong and foreboding, which said the basest need for omega’s to feel protected and safe. He was classically handsome, and his blue eyes would be mesmerizing on their own.
This is why so many omega’s fell to his trap. That’s why so many omega’s were drawn to the alpha who used them for a heat/rut cycle before ditching them.
Hugh Ransom Drysdale would be attractive. If he never opened his mouth.
“You sign that god damned contract, or I swear to God Ransom, I will break your kneecaps!” Walter hissed, his voice dredging on weak beta animosity.
“Up your ass!” Ransom rolled his eyes.
“Sign it, you little shit!” Richard inched closer to Ransom, his hand twitching as if he would smack him across the back of the head.
You reached for your contract and the pen that was handed to you. You uncapped the black pen and signed every little line you were supposed to, holding onto the promise that Harlan knew what he was doing and that, in a year, this would be good for you.
You trusted Harlan. He hadn’t let you down.
“One year,” the lawyer repeats the same information, though it was now being broadcast to everyone in the room, “to be mated and marked. Two dates a week, with the added attendance to the Drysdale’s annual Christmas party, New Year’s Eve party, the 4th of July party and…Halloween.”
You resisted the urge to roll your eyes and mutter about the amount of time you’d have to spend together and your disbelief that Ransom would comply. Your resistance was only upheld due to the irritation radiating off Ransom, the way your excellent outward appearance was subtly making him irritated.
The lawyer grabbed the contracts when they were both signed, and with the agreement between the two of you, conspired by Harlan, the lawyer placed them on top of each other with a paper clip keeping them together. As they were set into his briefcase and the leather top was closed to the bottom with the brass clasp, he folded his hands and put them on the study desk.
“With that, we’ll end this meeting with a reminder that both parties are to be present in the mansion in a week. After which the first, contractually obligated date will henceforth commence on the Friday following.”
The contract would be notarized upon immediate return to the law office, submitted to the courts, and set in stone.
If Ransom broke the contract, forfeited in any way, the entire estate and fortune would be yours.
“You did a good thing, son.” Linda squeezed his shoulder, her fingers like talons.
“Who’s hungry?” Donna appeared bright and bubbly again, a transparent façade for the greed flashing in her eyes. “The help is making food.”
“The help? What the hell is wrong with you? They have names.” Meg scoffed, her arms crossed over her chest.
You stood and started walking from the room, leaving them all to discuss amongst themselves as if this was the magical solution they’d been waiting for. Like their entire universe was righted.
Meanwhile, it felt like your world was on the verge of collapsing.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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