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#ransom drysdale headcanon
agentofbarnes · 9 hours ago
Request for dewdrop au?? Maybe something where dewdrop gets hurt and ransom is her emergency contact but he misses all the calls and when he finally listens to them he freaks out and threatens to have all the hospital people fired when they don’t get him to her fast enough. When he finds her maybe it’s nothing too serious but she’s loopy on pain meds and can’t keep her hands to herself 😈
panic — ransom
notes || angst, injury, loopy reader, ransom being soft, hospital setting
Tumblr media
Ransom had been annoyed with his phone constantly buzzing while he was meeting with Harlan. When he finally got to his car, the phone had rang once again.
With an frustrated huff,”What?!”Ransom sneered into the phone with venom.
The woman on the phone if he was Hugh Drysdale, the emergency contact for you. He had gotten quiet, his chest palpating in his chest when they told him you were in a car accident.
Apparently that old car of yours had finally broken down. Your brakes had given out and while you had managed to slow down a little, you had driven straight into a tree when you lost control. He knew he shouldn’t have let you convince him not to buy you a car, but you had told him you’d feel so guilty.
He sped through traffic, finding himself at the hospital in record time. Ransom parked the car in an illegal spot, not caring what happened. He just needed to get to you.
“Where is she?!”Ransom screamed, his hand coming down on the counter in a vicious motion. He told them your name, but the nurses were not cooperating.
“Sir, if you will wait in that—“
“I do not wait!”Ransom sneered,”I will have everyone in this fucking building fired, do you know who I am?” He’s blind with rage and worry. He doesn’t care who he’s yelling at or what their day has been like or the rules for that matter. Everyone in the hospital is an obstacle to him getting to his girl.
“She’s in room 207,”One of the nurse squeaked out, making Ransom huff in response.
“Took you fucking long enough,”He snapped before running down the hall, shoving past another nurse to get into your room.
You are covered in cuts and bruises, your wrist wrapped in a splint from the fracture you experienced trying to brace yourself for impact. You’re eyes are glazed over with morphine, but you immediately perk up at the sight of Ransom.
“Ranny!”You giggled, lifting your weak arms to make grabby hands at him. He thought he might cry at the sight of you so helpless.”You came!” You leaned your head against the pillow.
“Hi, dewdrop,”he whispered, stepping towards the bed for you to put your hands on him. He stroked your cheek, making you preen at the affection.”Are you okay? Fuck, I was so worrried.”
“‘m okay, daddy,”You slurred slightly,”My brakes went all wonky, did the tree survive?”
He smiled faintly at the mention of his name, knowing you only used it when you were feeling frisky or needy. You used it most in subspace, but this was different. You just wanted to be taken care of.
“I don’t know, dew, but you survived, that’s all that matter to me,”Ransom admitted, tears welling up in his eyes. You went wipe them away, not used to see Ransom with such emotion.”I love you, you know that right?” His large hand was cupping your face, leaning over to press his forehead against yours.”I know I don’t say it a lot, but I do. I love you so much..”
“I love you too, Ran,”You smiled tiredly,”Will you hold me?”
Ransom nodded, carefully sliding himself before you on the bed. If the nurses said anything, he’d tell them off. His girl needed his cuddles and he was gonna give them.
“You’re moving in with me,”Ransom said after a beat of silence,”No arguing about it, we’ve been together for awhile now. I want you with me, my pretty dewdrop.”
“Mhmmm, okay,”You whispered, and he knew you were too out of it to be making an actual decision. He talk to you about it later, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Not after thinking he lost you, no, Ransom was never going to let you go again.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Ransom fucking the reader in an elevator? You can decide if they get caught or not 😈
elevator — ransom
warnings || public sex, daddy kink, minors DNI, unprotected sex, degradation, dom!ransom, hair pulling, dirty talk
Tumblr media
You had decided to visit him during his work day. Ransom liked to write, much like his grandfather. To keep his inheritance, Harlan required Ransom to come into the offices and write a certain amount each week.
Ransom was working so hard on his book, and he’d never let you read it. Not until it was done. He had gotten so into his work that he hadn’t been showering you in the attention you wanted and you knew he was getting restless now.
So when you showed up at lunch time, he was more than pleased to see you. Especially after all the little selfies you had been sending him. He saved his documents.
“Dewdrop, what a surprise,”Ransom grinned, pushing away from his desk to come around to wrap you in his arms.
You beamed into his shoulder when he picked you up, lifting you off on your feet and kissing your cheek.”I missed you,”You admitted,”I got off early today, my boss told me I was doing the best work in the office, sent me home as a thank you.”
“If he thinks you are doing good work, he should pay you,”Ransom rolled his eyes,”They are using your need to be praised against you, baby, you gotta demand more.”
“I know, I know, but I like my job, I don’t want to lose it,” You told him, sighing out softly,”Plus, my savings will cover my rent for at least three months, so stop worrying.”
“No, I’m gonna pay your rent,”Ransom told you, grasping your chin when you went to shake your head.”Hey, you’re more than my sugar baby, but let me do this, it’ll make me feel better.”
“Let daddy take care of you, dewdrop,”Ransom whispered, kissing your lips.”Let me take you out to lunch, spoil you for doing so well at work.”
“There’s only one thing I really want,”You bit down on your bottom lip, hands running down his chest while you looked up at him through thick lashes.
“After lunch...”Ransom groaned, pushing you towards the door so that you could make your way to the elevator. Your wandering hands have got him distracted now, especially when you have your ass pressed against his crotch. You pretend it’s all innocent, but he knows.
“Baby,”Ransom grunted as the elevator doors shut, sighing out when you muttered a small sorry, daddy.
He had stopped the elevator, the doors sealed shut on his floor before he had you pressed against the wall with his lips on you with fever.
“Been craving you, kitten, all those little picture you’ve sent me, fuck, you got me so hard, think it’s time you took care of daddy’s cock,” He flipped your body so that your face is pressed against the wall.
“Hands on the wall, dewdrop,”Ransom grunted, kicking your feet apart once your hands splayed over the wall. You yelped slightly, thighs spread to present your dripping cunt to him.”Oh fuck.”
“Ran, what if someone sees?” You asked, biting down on your bottom lip while you glanced up at the little camera in the elevator. You were worried the elevator would come back on and open the doors for everyone to see. Yet, the thought made your cunt gush with arousal.
“Then you better put on a good show.”Ransom pulled your panties down your legs, stuffing the soaking thong into his pocket,”’m gonna have to save these for later, for those late nights when I miss your smell, when I miss this sweet pussy. You’re fucking drenched, dewdrop. You want daddy to take you right here?”
“Yes, yes,”You bowed your head between your arms, sticking your ass out for him to grab onto. He pulled hiked your dress up and with no shame, he pulled his pants down just enough to free his cock.
Without a word of warning, his large cock in plummeting into your sopping heat. You clung to his dick, welcoming the painful and pleasing intrusion with a loud moan,”Daddy!”
“Yeah, that’s it, so fucking tight and wet, all for me,”Ransom growled, his hands gripping your hips harshly. The pads of his fingers bored into your smooth skin, dragging your ass back against his throbbing cock.”You like when daddy fucks you like this, all out in the open where anyone can see? Admit it, baby, tell daddy how much you love his cock.”
“I do!”You whimpered, back arching while you claw at the wall in front of you.”I love your cock, love being filled with your big cock, oh, fuck!”
Ransom’s hand coming to pull at your hair harshly, making you mewl in response, neck craning back.”Keep those hands on the wall or I’ll stop. You wanna cum, don’t you, dewdrop?”
“Please, daddy,”You begged, keeping your form against the wall perfect for him. You feel his other hand around your throat, his hips jackhammering your clenching cunt with a vicious motion. His other hand yanked at your hair, fingers tangled into your soft locks.
“So needy, can feel you clenching around you, kitten, you gonna cum for me, better hurry, the elevator’s gonna start working soon,”Ransom growled, his pace harder and fast while he chased his own organs. He felt you spasm around him, milking his cock with your sporadic orgasm that made your legs tremble. Just as he pulled out of, watching his hot seed drip down your thighs, the elevator dinged.
The doors had just opened when Ransom had pulled his slacks up and your dress back down. He smirked while he pulled you against him, his fingers sliding up your thighs to scoop up the substance. He brought his fingers to your lips, which you took willingly despite the odd looks you got from the woman stepping in the elevator.
Once you licked his fingers clean, Ransom pulled you into a long kiss that made your body quiver under him,”Hope you aren’t too full, I plan to take you out for a full lunch,”He whispered into your ear with the biggest smirk.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
How about ransom jerking off in front of dewdrop while she’s tied up as punishment for something?
bad girl — ransom
warning || smut, jacking off, punishment, bondage, kneeling, heavy daddy kink, this made me very horny so i apologize in advance
Tumblr media
Out of all the punishments that Ransom had ever given you, this was by far the worst. He knew how much you liked being spanked, so he had gotten creative. He bought some more rope, tying your arms and wrists behind your back. Except he didn’t stop there, no, he had you kneeled on the ground in front of his favorite chair. Your calves were tied together, sitting like a perfect little submissive in front of your boyfriend.
Ransom was completely nude, his heavy cock wet from where he had made you spit on it, but you weren’t allowed to touch. The ache between your thighs was unforgiving. You practically dripping in your panties, mouth watering at the sight in front of you.
His hand stroked his cock, spit and pre-cum glistening over the thick member. You wished you could run your tongue over the vein on the side, wished you feel how heavy he was in your mouth.
“Drooling, baby?”Ransom taunted, running thumb expertly over his tip. He fisted his cock, slowly dragging out each stroke.”Bet you wish you could touch, hm? That pussy must be soaking for me, but bad girls don’t get cocks stuffed in their holes.”
“Shut the fuck up,”He snapped, making you whine at his dominant voice. You were shaking with want, craving the feeling of his big cock shoved into your throat or cunt.”You’ve been a brat all week, coming to daddy’s office in that little skirt and touching yourself on the couch when I would give you attention. You’ll be lucky if I let you cum anytime soon. You break the rules, you get punished. Tell me what you’re sorry for.”
You tried to shift on your knees, the pressure forming bruises against your skin. You heaved out, watching how his cock throbbed under his touch.
“I’m sorry I touched myself, and that I left panties in your jacket for you to find,”You breathed out shakily,”’m sorry I sent you all those pictures and teased you because—I just needed you, daddy, I’m sorry, please let me cum, please, wanna feel your cock in my pussy.”
Ransom groaned, his strokes becoming faster and more precise,”Well, that’s too bad,”He grunted out, feeling the pressure in his stomach become overwhelming. He stood up from the chair, his cock hanging in the air thrusting inti his large,”You’re gonna sit there while Daddy cum on this pretty face and you’re gonna take it like the bad little whore you are, got it?”
“Yes, daddy,”You mewled, leaning forward with your lips slightly parted when thick strips of hot, white seed painted your face messily. You looked so fucking hot covered with his cum, licking at your lips to lap up what you can.
“Daddy’s gotta video meeting,”He told you, smirking while he slipped back into his jeans and sweater. He grabbed his laptop, resting it on the arm of the chair.”You’re gonna sit at my feet and be quiet. If you’re good, maybe I’ll eat that cute pussy till you cum.”
“I’ll be good, I promise,”You whined, struggling against the ties around your body. You wanted to be closer.
“Be still, dewdrop,”Ransom commanded,”I’m busy, don’t be a bad girl or else I’ll have you like this until bed.”
“Sorry, daddy.”
“Good girl.”
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Pussy spanking with mean! Ransom?
hurts so good — ransom
warning || smut, pussy spanking, minors DNI, daddy kink, degradation, very short, sorry
Tumblr media
Ransom had a tight frown on his lips, furrowed brows in fury when he threw you on the bed roughly. You were vibrating with excitement, but you tried to contain your own smirk.
“You fucking brat, you think you can flirt with my friends and get away with it?”Ransom seethed, forcing your legs open and ripped your leggings off of your body.”No panties? What a little whore, you that desperate for attention?”
“‘m sorry, Daddy...”You whined, his hands gripping your jaw tightly in response.
“No, you aren’t,”Ransom snapped, eyes blown with lust.”You’ve been acting out all day, dewdrop. So needy and clingy, you need daddy, you ask for him. It’s easy, or are you that dumb?”
“Please...”You whimpered, pushing your hips up towards him. His hand smacked against your wet pussy harshly, the pressure of making your clit throb. You gasped out, pain and pleasure mixing together in the perfect way.
“Do I need to remind this pussy who she belongs to?”Ransom growled, smirking at how you reacted.
“You’re mean,”You whispered with a pout, back arching off the bed when he slapped at your cloth again.
He chuckled darkly at your words,”You like when I’m mean, don’t be shy, you like the pain, you like when I’m rough, that’s why you act out, you want me to fuck you so hard that it hurts.”
His hand collided with your glistening heat three more times and you don’t understand what’s happening under shockwaves flow over you. Ransom groaned, watching you tremble under his harsh touch. You cried out his name, body arching while you overcame your high.
“My dumb little whore, did you just cum without permission?”
Your eyes widened, breath hitching when you looked at him.”I’m sorry, daddy, I didn’t mean to, I swear.”
Ransom shook his head,”Such a bad girl, hope you enjoyed it because you aren’t cumming for the rest of the night,”He smirked,”No, I’m gonna tie you up and fuck you anyway I like and you’re gonna take it like the naughty girl you are.”
Oh, it was going to be a long night.
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agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Ransom x dewdrop cockwarming in front of the family then ransom gets inpatient and fucks her right there
on display — ransom
warnings || smut, minors DNI, cockwarming, public sex, daddy kink, riding, unprotected sex, slight breeding kink (but like out of spite towards the family)
Tumblr media
You hadn’t mean to tease him, but Ransom was in a very particularly mood that only burying himself in your tight cunt could fix.
Another dinner party had come around since the last one, and Ransom had been told to behave. Apparently fucking your girlfriend on the hood of your car isn’t proper behavior. He didn’t give a fuck, all he think about in this little skirt you’re wearing today and how he knows you didn’t wear panties.
“Come here,”Ransom was seated on one of the expensive couch with a crystal glass of bourbon in hand. He grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you into his lap. The family glanced at him with narrowed eyes, and he just smirked.”Gonna be good for me?”
You can already felt the heat spreading through your body, hands resting on his chest gently while you bit down on your bottom lips nervously.”Always...”
“That’s what I like to hear, dewdrop,”Ransom rasped, and you can feel how hard he is through the fabric of his slacks.”You’re gonna sit on my cock, warm me while I deal with my stupid fucking family, come on, take my cock out.”
You gasped at his words, hands moving faster than your mind to unbuckle his belt and freed his thick cock. Your mouth watered at the sight, the heavy cock throbbing in your hands. You moved quickly, pulling your flowy skirt up just just enough for Ransom to witness your pretty pussy sinking down and stretching over his large cock.
His head fell back, moaning quietly when your tight walls squeezed his cock happily. He smoothed your skirt to cover your ass and his cock. Ransom didn’t care if anyone knew, but he was bidding his time
“Sit still,”Ransom smacked your thigh, smirking when his father came over to have a conversation. You just rested your head against Ransom’s shoulder, listening to them talk about the company. You felt so full, his cock nudged against the sweet spot. It was hard to keep quiet, his family surrounded the room and you almost felt ashamed.
“My girl and I are actually going on vacation soon,”Ransom told his father, bouncing his leg slightly to see you tremble.”She’s very excited, never been out of the country, I’m taking her to France.”
“Oh?”Joni couldn’t help but overhear.”France is...oh, you’ll love it, Y/N.” You can tell there is some jealous running through her. She’s the woman that keeps trying to get more money, you remember. Ransom fucking hates her.
“Uh, yeah, I told him not to spend any money on me, but ah!”You whimpered, Ransom thrusting up into you.
“What did I say about complaining when I spoil you?”Ransom growled, his hands on your hips.
“Not to do it,”You whined, his cock pressing against your g-spot and making you shake in his grip.
“Are you fucking her right now?”Richard asked incredulously.
“Are you actually surprised?”Ransom shot back, rolling his eyes.”She’s too sweet to keep my hands off, besides, how else am I gonna knock her up?”
“Hugh!”Richard scolded,”This girl better be on birth control—“
“Oh, fuck,”You whined, Ransom’s hands on your hips and forcing you up then back down. You don’t know how you always need your getting fucked in front of this family, but you honestly didn’t care anymore. They were all pricks and you liked Ransom’s cock stuffed inside you.
“That’s it, baby, why don’t you fuck yourself on my cock? Be a good girl, make daddy cum inside that tight little pussy,”Ransom grunted, his hands leaving your body to stretch over the back of the couch. His father and Joni looked at you both in disgust before scurrying away.
You rocked your hips against him, feeling flustered under his watchful gaze. He just admired how your body moved against him. Ransom smirked, glancing over the room to find his family trying not to watch you. They were failing, and he couldn’t blame them. You were addicting.
“Daddy...”You whimpered out, coming to bring your hand to your mouth to keep quiet. Ransom quickly grabbed your wrists, tutting at you.
“No, dewdrop, I want you to sing for me, I want hear every fucking moan that falls from those lips,”Ranson groaned when you sank down on his cock again.”Be a good girl or I’ll bend you over my knee, spank you for everyone to see.”
“Yes, daddy,”Your breath hitched, lifting your hips up much quicker now. You rode him hard and as fast as you could, moaning out loudly which made Ransom smirk proudly.
“Atta, girl, my good little slut,”Ransom taunted with dark eyes,”Such a cockslut for me, always stuffed with my cock, you want my cum, dewdrop? Work for it.”
You nodded desperately, hands clinging to his shoulders to brace yourself while your trembling thighs continued to lift you up and down. You rocked your hips smoothly, chasing after that orgasm with vigor.
It wasn’t until Ransom took mercy on you that you finally felt free. He grabbed your hips, thrusting up hard and fast into your pulsing cunt until he felt you squeeze around him tightly. Your body trembled with pleasure, throwing your head back with the loud moan of his name.
Ransom spilled inside your little pussy, hot seed filling the sweet cunt and mixing with your juices. His lips found yours, sucking and biting at your lips before exploring your mouth with his tongue. You whine into him, gasping out against his touch.
“Thank you, daddy...”You whispered, pressing up against him. You went to pull off of him, but his large hands hold you against him.
“Absolutely not, you’re gonna stay here, sitting pretty on my cock until I’m ready to leave, got it, dewdrop?”
“Whatever you say.”
“Good girl.”
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agentofbarnes · 4 days ago
Omg can we please get a fic of your idea of Ransom fucking reader into subspace? Maybe he panics a little because he can’t seem to get her out of it
OR after a hard day with his family he takes it out on reader and she has to safeword out but he feels like garbage afterwords and fluffy aftercare.
You have destroyed me with Ransom and Dewdrop  au 🥲
floating — ransom
au: dewdrop
warnings || smut, minors DNI, subspace, overstimulation, dumbification, degradation, fluffy aftercare, daddy kink
Tumblr media
Everything felt blurry and fuzzy. You had lost yourself somewhere along the way with Ransom’s thick cock railing up into your over sensitive cunt. You barely hanging on, tears streaming down your face while your head rested against Ransom’s.
Ransom smirked, admiring how your eyes rolled back, angelic moan echoing off the walls. His nails dug into through thighs, body pressed against the wall with only Ransom’s grip holding you up. You were pilant against his, delicate wrists tied into a harsh and tight knot. The skin around the black rope was irritated, red and blotchy from your struggle.
He made you put your arms around him, knotted hands restrained while your arms rested against the flexing muscle of his shoulders. Your linked arms around him and his holding you were the only support you had while he fucked you in the air. He lifted you relentless, a thin sheen on sweat layering over both your skins as you fell on his lengthy cock. The bulbous head pounded against thats sweet spot, over and over again till he had you crying.
And oh did you cry. His cock had made a mess of you, and you were so close to the edge. It would be the fifth orgasm after a whole day of edging.
“Gonna give daddy one more, and then you’re done, you want my cum leaking out that tight little whole, don’t you?
“Uh-huh,” came from your mouth while you try to gather the strength to actually speak, but you can’t find it. No, you are the brink of something so freeing and blissful. You felt as if you could float in how good you felt, gasping out when Ransom fucked into you harder.
“Fuck, baby, has daddy broken that dumb baby brain of yours? Huh? Shit, love seeing you like this, so stupid on my cock. Is my dumb baby gonna cum?”
You try to nod, struggling against the tie so you could claw at his chest but you lose that fight. Ransom gave one last obliterating thrust into your overused pussy before the feeling in you exploded and his cum splattered inside of you.
Your body is beyond out of your control, squirting juices over Ransom’s cock and abdomen. A loud groan emitted from his throat. You had squirted. Ransom felt like he could go another round right then.
“Fuck, baby, look at your soaking my cock, did daddy make you feel that good?”He teased, making you nodded wordlessly. He noticed how your eyes had glazed over, tears staining your face while you cling to him.
Ransom becomes softer in demeanor within seconds, laying you carefully on the bed. He untangled you from his body, gently untying the rope around your wrists. He very softly kissed the bruised skin, making you sigh happily in the sheets.
“You’re being awfully quiet, dewdrop, tell me what’s going on?”
“‘m floating,”You tried to explain, clinging to Ransom when he tried to get up to retrieve a wet towel.”Daddy, no...”
Ransom turned to you with concern in his eyes, noting that you had become disassociated from the pleasure. You had experienced far too much, making you feel like you were floating.
He wasn’t sure exactly to do. He had heard about subspace, but he had never actually had any experience. Ransom gently caressed your body, making you whine. You were sensitive, yet you craved his arms around you.
“I’m not going anywhere, dewdrop, just let me clean you up, okay?”He pulled away, but then you started to sniffle.
“Please don’t leave me,”You had begun to cry, making Ransom realize how much care he’d actually need to give you.
“I’m not, dewdrop, hey, look at me, I’m right here, come on, come back to me, okay? Daddy’s right here.”
You nodded, clutching at his chest and holding on to him for dear life. He whispered how good you had been and how much he loved you until you finally started to feel coherent again.
“‘m sorry,”You whispered, coming down from the incredible high you had experience, nuzzilng into his shoulder.
“What for?”He asked gently, kissing your forehead gently.
“I’m acting all dumb, and I can’t..think straight, I always—“
“Shush, hey, I like when you get dumb for me, you just got a little extra dumb tonight, it was nice, but look at me,”Ransom demanded, tilting your chin to look at him.”Was tonight too much? Is that why you disassociated? Did I hurt you and you couldn’t say your safeword?”
You shook your head,”No, no, I felt...comfortable, I trust you to take me over the edge. We’ve together for awhile, Ran, I like submitting to you and I dunno, I guess tonight I felt so good, it was so intense, and I trusted you, I knew I’d be okay because daddy’s was here.”
Ransom pushed down the wave of emotion that filled his chest, blinking back his own tears before pressing a soft kiss against your lips. You whined into him,”Did feel a little dumb, baby? Or do you think you can take a shower with me?”
You shook your head,”I still fuzzy and warm, can we just shower tomorrow?”You murmured, curling into his chest with immense comfort. He held you closer, running his fingers through your hair.
“Yeah, just get some rest, dewdrop, daddy’s got you.”
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agentofbarnes · 6 days ago
Ransom fucking you in front of his family in the kitchen and they are arguing with him while his fucking you hard and switching positions like they are not even there
no shame — ransom
au: dewdrop
warnings | smut, minors DNI, degradation, public sex, dom/sub relations, breeding kink, unprotected sex
note | managed write this very quickly while away, i love you guys, i’ll be back tomorrow night!
Tumblr media
Ransom had no shame, ever. He had a way about him that you would let him do anything for you. He was so chaotic and shameless that anything he suggested made you jolt with excitement.
It was his time with you and he’d never let anything come between you and him on the days he purposely planned to spend with you. The days where he fucked your brains out and spoiled you.
So he had no shame in fucking you over the kitchen counter in broad daylight. It’s his house, he does what he wants. If what he wants is you pressed against the counter with your back against the kitchen island, then that’s what he got. He got his cock stuffed in your pussy and you moaning under him, nothing can stop him.
“Ransom!” His mother’s voice yelled out with anger, making you quickly go to stop what you’re doing when your boyfriend pinned you back down.
“My cock isn’t leave this sweet pussy for anything, dewdrop, you’re gonna lay here and let daddy fuck you. My little toy, you’ll let me do anything to you, just to be my good girl?”His words are absolutely filthy and he doesn’t even care that both his parents walked in with screeches and scolded.
Ransom only increased his strength, fucking into your cunt with vicious motion. You are sprawled out on the counter with heated cheeks and bare chested. Your tit bounce with each slam into your hips, showcasing how marked up your body was.
“Little busy right now,”Ransom greeted his parents,”My girl needs attention, and who I am to deny such a tight little cunt.”
Linda gagged, glaring daggers at you moaning on the table and clawing at his chest. She crossed her arms,”Will you stop this ridiculous nonsense? You turned down the Pierce girl when I set you up to take her out. You really want this whore to represent this family? No, now you will apologize and go on that—“
“Daddy!”You whimpered when Ransom pulled out, whining at the feeling of loosing his fullness. He flipped you over, bending you over with you ass towards him. Your toes barely reached the ground as you stood like that. His cock rammed back into you with vigor.
“My girl is all I need,”Ransom yanked on you hair, pulling you back to have to hold yourself up with your hands.”Look at this pretty girl, my good little whore, think that offends her, mother? She knows what she is, she knows she was made for me, to take my cock. She does it so well, she likes when I hurt her, she’ll do anything for me because I’m her daddy, aren’t I? Tell them, dewdrop. Tell them who I belong to.”
“Me,”You breathed out, heaving out and trying to hold yourself on shaky arms.”He’s mine.”
“That’s my good girl,”He smirked,”You’ve been so good to me, my dumb fucking baby, might just have to fill this little pussy till I knock you up, huh? What do you say? Wanna make me a daddy? Bet you’d love that, you want me to fuck a baby into you?”
“Ah! Yes, yes yes, wanna be full of you, just please, don’t stop till ‘m dripping,”You gasped out, hands clawing at the marble while you stared them straight in the eyes. Close enough to see every sane thought leave your head. You are reduced to a puddle of nerves, moans, and his name.
Ransom pounded into you harshly, yanking you back against him while his parents yelled at him to stop and be serious. This was the honor of their reputation, how could he want to be with someone so...low class.
“This is why, no upper class girl can fuck like this, love like this,”Ransom’s arm held your pilant body against while he turned your head to kiss him. Your other large hand came around your throat.”No one can take by cock like this, make me feel this way, this little beauty isn’t going anywhere. Isn’t that right? Gonna be Mrs. Drysdale, gonna spend the rest of your life pleasing me, with this cute little cunt squeezing me like your life depends on it. That’s the thing about the lower-class, Mother, they fuck dirty, they’re wild girls begging to be tamed by their daddy, she needs me to fuck all those dumb thoughts from her head, happiest she’s ever been is on my cock, come on, dewdrop, cum for daddy.”
You cried out, Linda screaming for her son in pure rage. Ransom, full of spite and love, busted inside you, biting down on your shoulder while you quivered.
“So good, dewdrop, give daddy a minute and I’ll be in bed, don’t let that drip out you, not a drop or I’ll spank you. Can’t get pregnant if you do.”
You know he isn’t serious, but it still brings heat to your face. He had you on the best birth control, but he liked to imagine how pissed his parent would be, will be, when you swell up with his child.
You didn’t hear anything other than screaming when you walked back to the bedroom with clenched thighs. You laid out on the bed, with hips up so that he didn’t leak from you. All you could hear was Ransom defending your love and you knew he was the right kind of wild for you.
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agentofbarnes · 9 days ago
literally my first time ever requesting but i cannot start another smut rn SOOOOO ransom x sugar baby hmmm.. i get it if you’re totally uncomfortable with this!! but ransom fucking his best girl in front of an audience (its like a strip club but.. not, the name completely ran away from me, sex club?) and he’s praising her for doing so well because he knew she usually wouldn’t be into this kinda thing
summary | ransom can’t keep his hands off you and he doesn’t mind giving everyone a little show
pairing | sugar daddy! ransom drysdale x sugar baby! reader
warnings | public sex, praise kink, degradation, daddy kink, jealously, rough sex, choking kink
note | this is my fucking i have written him fucking over his car before but oh my god, imagine this being the first time he fucks her so out in the open and she finds out she really likes it — i imagine it’s like a really upscale bar and club that also works as a sex club!
newest addition to the dewdrop au!
Tumblr media
The night began like any other night with Ransom’s friends, a ridiculously expensive suggestion that you had never heard of. Tonight, it had been this club the spoiled men had liked to frequent when they were feeling frisky.
“I think you might like it, Ransom, it’s kinda risky, though, I don’t know if your girl is up for it,”William had commented.
“The Garden of Eden, isn’t that the luxury sex club?”You asked, realizing now where you had heard the name. Your friends had talked about it before when your last boyfriend told you his fantasy was to take you to one of those and maybe pick up a girl for you to...share. You hadn’t been interested because of two reasons, you were strictly monogamous and it was ridiculously expensive.
“You’ve heard of it?”Ransom snapped his head towards you, the idea of you having been there with someone else riddled him with jealously.
“Yeah, my ex, he was really into that kind stuff but we never went because...”You glanced at the others guys shyly, hating the inferior feeling flooding your chest.”It was too expensive.”
“Yeah, well, lucky for you, Ransom doesn’t have that problem, so let’s go,”William insisted.
“Do you want to, dewdrop?”Ransom asked curiously, his hand resting over your lower back.
“I dunno, what if...I don’t know if I’m comfortable..”You admitted.
“You’ll be with me, no one will ever touch you,”Ransom swore and you had agreed.
Tumblr media
Ransom was jealous. The amount of offers you have been given was making him see red. The thought of someone else’s hands on you made him see red. His hands dug into your hips, lips feverishly sucking, biting, and kissing at your lips until you couldn’t breathe.
Even his friends had seemed to wanted to fuck you. He couldn’t blame them, but he needed everyone to know, you fucking belong to him.
“You gonna be a good girl for me?”Ransom growled, his hands coming up your thighs until he was raising your tight shirt off your body.
You felt exposed, breasts bouncing when he pushed you against the large couch in the middle of the play area. Already you could feel eyes on you, hungry men and women staring at your pretty body.
“Yes...”You whispered shyly, flustered by the eyes on you.
“No need to get shy, dewdrop, focus on me, if you even look at someone else, ‘m gonna bend you over one of those table and spank you till you beg me to stop,”Ransom threatened, sliding your skirt and panties down in one swift motion. He tore open your bra, freeing your breasts before his lips were sucking on your perky nipples.
“Ransom...”You whined, hand tangling in his perfect hair and throwing your head back. There was a crowd surrounding you, but you didn’t take your eyes off your man.
Ransom smirked against your breasts, kissing all the down your body,”Oh, baby, you look so pretty, everyone’s looking at you, prettiest fucking girl in this place. Thought I’d might have fight for you, but we both know who you belong to, don’t we?” His breath fanned over your dripping mound.”Tell me, dewdrop, who do you being to?”
“You, daddy,”You moaned, his tongue delving into your slick heat and feasting upon your eager sex. His lips and tongue teased at your clit, groaning against your sensitive bud and making you tremble from the vibrations.
“Such a sweet pussy, bet everyone’s fucking jealous ‘cause it’s all for me,”Ransom grunted, his arms coming around your thigh before diving back in. He licked and prodded at your hole with his tongue, your slick dripping down his chin.
“Oh!”You moaned, hands coming to massage your own breasts as you gazed down at your boyfriend eating your pussy like his life depended on it.”Fuck, please, nee—“
You cried out when Ransom suckled at your clit, tongue lapping up your wetness and spitting in your cunt. He liked it messy, dirty, and he loved the way you whimper. You squeezed your thighs around him, making him groan against you clit. He didn’t let up even when your legs trembled around him, body arching and quivering as Ransom ripped an orgasm from you.
He leaned up, pressed his fully clothed crotch into your wet pussy. His eyes glanced around the room and smirked at the effect you seemed to have on these people.
“That’s it, doing so good for me, fuck, think you’ve made at least two guys cum already, hm,” Ransom admired how you bucked your hips against his hard cock.”Oh, you like that? You like being a little whore for me?”
You felt ashamed of it, but yes, you did like being on display. You liked how riled Ransom seemed to get and how he claimed you in front of so many people.
“Y-yes,”You choked out brokenly, watching your big boyfriend unzip his pressed pants to free his large, thick cock. He slapped his member against your glistening pussy, teasing at the sensitive clit.”Daddy, please.”
“Does my dumb baby need my cock?” Ransom taunted, rubbing his cock between your soaking folds.”Such a fucking needy baby, always begging for my cock. Want me to fuck you in front of all these people, huh? You wanna show them how good I make you feel?”
You swallowed thickly, trying to bring together a string of words but you couldn’t rack your brains. You pushed your hips against him, staring at him with such lustful eyes. You needed him.
His hand wrapped around your throat tightly, his chest pressed against yours with a growl that made you weak.”Use your big girl words, dewdrop.I know you have in you, if you want daddy’s cock, tell all these fine people how much you fucking want me.”
“Please, please, fuck me, daddy, I need it, Ran, please, fuck me dumb,”You begged, hands wrapping around his bicep.
“I got you, dewdrop,”He whispered, lightening his grip on your throat when he draped body over yours. You quickly went to unbutton his nicely pressed shirt, eager to touch him as much as you could.
His bulbous head pushed into you desperate cunt, the heat swallowing his thick intrusion happily. You moaned against him, his lips colliding against yours perfectly. You gasped into his mouth, letting him lick and suck at your bottom lip while you accommodated his length.
“That feel good, baby?”
“Y—ah, yes,”You hissed in pleasure, his first thrust was achingly slow. Then, Ransom flipped the switch, jackhammering into your weeping cunt.
“Doing so good, so good for me,”Ransom praised, making you buck your hips against him.
“Wanna be your good girl,”You whined quietly, nails dragging down his chest while he made you feel so fucking good. He had made you forget out on display you were for a couple moments, but if you were being turned you on that he was so possessive over you, that Ransom felt the need to claim you.
“You’re so beautiful, such a good girl for me, letting me fuck you in front of my friends,” He rasped into your ear, pounding into your cunt with an echo of squelching noises. His hips hit your hips with vicious motion that made you feel weak in the bones.”Bet they’re wishing they had a good girl like you, someone who bends to their every command. No one’s like you, baby girl, you’re one of kind and fucking made for me. Fuck, I love you.”
Ransom rarely said it and he never once said it in public. No, those three little words were solely for the comfort of his home and even then, he struggled to express it.
You can’t help but cry out, tears streaking your face from emotion and pleasure that seemed to overtake you.”Please, please, please, daddy, can I cum?”
“Can feel you squeezing me, dewdrop, you’ve been so good to me, go ahead, cum,” Ransom groaned, fucking you through your second orgasm.
You whimpered out helplessly, nails digging down his chest harshly,”Fill me up, daddy, please, wanna be leaking with you, claim me, f-f-uck!”
Ransom’s grip tightened on your throat slightly, the base of your neck turning red under his harsh grasp. With one vicious thrust, he bursted inside you, his cum soaking your walls as you tried to catch your breath from him choking you.You never got the chance even after his hand left your throat, his lips stealing the breath from your lungs.
You giggled against his lips,”’m so glad I came here with you,”You whispered with a shy smile, looking up at Ransom through your lashes.”I like being yours, only yours.”
Ransom growled against your neck, nipping at your jawline playfully.”Always gonna treat you right, spoil you and fuck you like you wouldn’t believe.”
“I love you,”You murmured, making Ransom kiss you again before leaning into your ear to return the words very quietly. It send a hot flush through body.”Wanna get a private room?”
Oh, Ransom was so lucky to have you.
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stargazingfangirl18 · 12 days ago
What kinks do you think ransom has?
Let’s see, off the top of my head:
Cum play
Breath play
Breeding (less for actually breeding and more for raw dogging and filling his babe with his cream lolol)
Size (I can see this MFer loving to manhandle someone smaller than him)
Anal/Anal play
Exhibitionism (not really my thing but this narcissistic MFer would be here for it lol)
I’m sure I forgot something obvious or probs left out some that are just not my jam lololol.
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agentofbarnes · 12 days ago
Just thinking about ransom taking you shopping & coming into the dressing room for some fun. Maybe lingerie shopping and sending him pics for opinions and he INSISTS on seeing it in person oof
love in lingerie
summary | ransom gives you his little black card and insists you spoil yourself, turns out you feel like spoiling him too
pairing | sugar daddy!ransom drysdale x sugar baby!reader
warnings | sexting, daddy kink , smut, minors DNI, spit kink, degradation, lingerie, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie, dom!ransom, daddy kink
note | okay okay this was hard to decide which way to go but I went with sending him pics and then coming home, and I’m gonna make that ransom au
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale was very generous in his own way. He liked to spoil you a little too much and even though you insisted you weren’t his sugar baby, you were. At least, that’s what you realized when Ransom made you go shopping with his little black card with nearly unlimited funds.
You felt weird not having to worry about a price tag. You had even tried to get away with going to a cheaper mall, but no, Ransom had his driver take you to fancy one on the side of town that made you look like you were homeless in the rags you wore.
After a couple stores, you had actually started to have fun with his credit card. You had bought new work clothes, a couple cocktail dresses, and basically a new wardrobe that would be delivered. You didn’t even know clothes could be delivered.
Shoe shopping was fun, and while you were ringing up on the many shoes you had bought, you caught eyes of a different store.
It made you blush deeply, quickly giving the salesperson the address to send the shoes before sauntering off to the lingerie store across the way.
The fabrics and sets were to die for. You had never felt such expensive fabrics. You smirked, feeling your new phone buzzed in your pocket. Ransom had insisted you get a better phone on his plan so he could always get a hold of you.
Ran ♥︎ : how’s it going, dewdrop?
Your heart slipped a beat at his little nickname for you. You slipped the phone in your back pocket when you got an idea. You walked around the store, picking out multiple sets or garter belts, babydolls, and plenty matching sets of panties and bras.
You picked out a specific set that you knew would drive your man wild and decided to try it on in the changing room. You knew you were going to buy it. It was pastel pink with pretty flowers with a see through bra and a little thong. Red stocking graced your smooth thighs with the garter holding them up.
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : how about you tell me, ran?
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : [multimedia image]
Ran ♥︎ : get fucking home now
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : i can’t wait to thank you for all the things you got me today. . . . just thinking about it has me soaked, guess i’ll just have to buy these panties.
Ran ♥︎ : i’m gonna fucking ruin that pretty pussy
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : can’t wait. been craving your cock all day, want you stretch me till i feel you for days
Ran ♥︎ : fuck, you better get home now or i’m gonna spank that ass red until you can’t fucking walk.
That was all you needed, telling the saleswoman you wanted to wear this set out and changed into one of the short red skirts and tight blouse you had bought earlier.
You paid with the black card with Ransom name etched on the noir plastic.
“Drysdale, huh?” The woman at the register noticed with a smile.”Would that be Hugh? I heard he had gotten quite serious with someone.”
“Yeah, that’s my boyfriend...”You said awkwardly. You hadn’t gotten used to this part of dating someone so well known. Every one recognized his name.”How do you know him?”
“Oh, I used to be Linda’s stylist before she got tired of my face as she so eloquently put it.”
Ah , that explained why she called him Hugh. He didn’t let anyone who worked for him call him Ransom, and you were the only one to address him by Ran.
“She’s a piece of work, believe me, I know, no one’s good enough for her son,”You chuckled quietly before thanking her and taking back the sleek card.
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : on my way, can’t wait to show off for you.
Tumblr media
“Holy shit, baby, you look fucking stunning,” He rasped, hands groping your ass tightly. The second you had walked in the door, Ransom had practically attacked you. The stockings had him going wild and he couldn’t wait to fuck you in them. It had taken mere seconds for him to peel off the new, expensive clothing from your body. “Such a pretty girl for me.”
You beamed up at him, squeezing your thigh to relieve the burning need between your legs. You craved him, hands rubbing down his bare chest and admiring his broad body.
“Let me thank you for all the nice things you bought me today...”You purred, licking your lips at the same time Ransom smacked your ass to see the flesh jiggle.
“I bet you liked spending my money, didn’t you? What happened to not wanting to be a sugar baby? Got a little taste of luxury and now you’re a fucking whore for me,”He nipped at the lobe of your ear, forcing you to back into the bedroom.
“Ran, please,”You whined, the sound echoing in the quiet house. His hands on your hips lifted you up easily, your body nothing more than something to bend to his pleasure. He threw you on to the bed with a light bounce.
“Hands and knees, dewdrop,”Ransom demanded while he removed the rest of his clothing. His cock was unbearably hard, smacking against his abs. You never got tired of seeing his throbbing length. He was by far the thickest man you had ever been with. He could stretch you and you’d feel him for days. You craved the burn of his cock stuffing you full.
You crawled up on the bed for Ransom, presenting your ass for him to admire. You wiggled your hips teasingly with a giggle.
Ransom loved this look, you on all fours at his beck and call. He motioned you towards the end of the bed, making you crawl to the edge. His fingers grabbed your chin tightly, making you tilt your head to look at him.
“Open your mouth, you fucking whore,”Ransom rasped with a growl, leaning over your pretty face with a dirty smirk. He collected his salvia, letting it drip from his lips into your eager mouth. You swallowed it like the whore he made you to be.”Fuck, baby, you like that, don’t you? You like when I use you like a dumb cockslut.”
You nodded eagerly, crawling closer to him on the bed and bringing your face near his cock with an lustful look.”Can I suck your cock?”
Ransom let out a guttural moan at your innocent voice when you were anything but that.”Gotta spit on it, baby, get it nice and wet for me. Wanna be nice and slick so I can shove my cock in that tight little pussy.”
You squeezed your thighs together while you locked a thick, hot stripe up the underside of his thick cock. He licked his lips, grunting when he saw your thighs rubbing together.
“Spread those thighs, baby, I want you dripping on the bed, you get nothing until I fuck that cute cunt.”
You did as he said, spreading your thighs wide so that your pussy was spread and grasping at nothing. You swirled your tongue over the head of your cock, collecting your salvia and coating his cock until his length glistened.
You clenched the sheets into your palms, innocent eyes blinking up at him when your lips surrounded his tip. The wetness of your mouth is hot and everything Ransom craved. He threaded his fingers through your hair, pulling you further on his cock. You eagerly took him in, delighting in the groans that escaped your boyfriends lips.
You bobbed yourself head along his length, tongue running along the vein that throbbed under your wet tongue. Drool fell from the sides of your mouth while Ransom thrusted forward into your mouth. You tried not to gag around him when his cock hit the back of your throat. Your nose nuzzled about the patch of hair he kept groomed. Spit drizzled down your chin, dripping onto your plunging breasts. Tears brimmed in your eyes before he finally let up.
Ransom smirked by how messy your face looked with red lips and glazed over eyes. You looked gorgeous in that pretty lingerie that he knew costed him a pretty penny.
“What a good way to thank me, baby, but I think we both know what I want,”He growled, wrapping his hand around your throat and pulled you up to smash his lips against yours
Your pussy felt neglected, aching and dripping for Ransom. You wanted to be fucked, hard and rough.”Fuck me, please, wanna feel you for days.”
“Please what?”
“Please, daddy.”
“‘Atta girl, ass towards me, face down in those pretty sheets,”Ransom demanded, watching as your reposition. He took a moment to admire your form, how perfect you look with your soaked thong and back arched against the bed.
His long fingers moved the thong to the side, smacking your ass harshly to feel how your skin got hot under his palms. You rocked your hips back against him which made him chuckle darkly.
“C’mon, Ran, fuck me, please, ‘m ready, just please fuck me.”
“What, you don’t want me to prep this sweet pussy?”Ransom asked with his fingers digging into your skin.
“Want your cock, stretch me, baby.”
“What a fucking cockslut,” He rasped, lining his cock up to your glistening cunt. Slowly, Ransom’s thick cock pushed into your squelching heat. He took it slow, allowing you time to adjust while he sank into your tight pussy.
As soon as you had time to breathe and take in the burning feeling of the stretch, you began to rock into him. The gasps and mewls that fall from your lips are obscene, face pressing into the soft sheets. You fisted the sheets into your palms when his big hands gripped your hips, using his strength to slam your ass back against him.
In a split second, Ransom pounded into your weeping cunt, fingers clutching at your hips as he drove forward in a vicious motion. You mouth falls open, drooling onto the bed as your eyes rolled back. You moaned with ever obliterating thrust against your g-spot.
“Touch yourself, dewdrop, and don’t stop till I tell you, I don’t care how bad you shake, you fucking listen to me or I’ll bend you over my knee.”
“Yes, daddy,”You submitted, shaky hand coming under your body and rubbing against the sensitive little pearl. It sent jolts through your body, making your mind all fuzzy
“Fuck, baby, I can see the thoughts leaving that pretty little head. ‘m fucking your stupid. My little sugar baby, aren’t you?”Ransom grunted, his smirk growing wider as tears welled up from how good you felt.”You love this, being my dumb little whore. You like when daddy fucks you dumb, c’mon, tell me how much you love it.”
“I love it! Yes, love when you fuck me soo- ah!- hard that I can’t think, just please don’t stop, please,”You cried out in desperation, fingers vigorously rubbing your cunt. His cock was swallowed into your tight pussy, and he loved watching you fit his length in your cute little cunt.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought, such a pretty slut all dressed up for me,”Ransom taunted,”You like when I take care of you, spoil you, and buy you things, don’t you? Always say you don’t care about it, but you aren’t fucking complaining now, are you? How about we make a deal, hm? Let me spoil you and I’ve fuck your thoughts from your head, you like that idea?”
“Yes! Ransom, please, spoil me, fuck me, make me yours,”You whispered, velvety wall constricting around his thick veiny cock.”Can I cum, daddy?” 
“You gonna be a good girl for me, gonna let me fill you up?”
“Oh—“ You gasped loudly, throwing your head back and he grabbed your throat in his large hand,”Yes, fuck, fill me up.”
“That’s it, my dumb fucking baby, can feel you squeezing me, go ahead, milk me dry, show me how fucking thankful you are,” Ransom pounded you through the orgasm, painting your walls with hot stripes of cum. Your high washed over you, limps shaking and giving out.
“Thank you,”You whispered, choking out a moan as Ransom pulled out with ease. He flipped your body around, climbing up on the bed and pulling you up to rest on the center of the bed. He smirked at you, dipping two thick into your sensitive cunt and scooping up the warm cum leaking from you.
“Suck,”Ransom licked his lips, bringing his fingers to your lips which you obediently licked up.
“Mhm,”You hummed, smiling as Ransom kissed you feverishly before running his hands over your body.
“‘m glad you had fun shopping, but next time, I think I wanna come with you. You know how much I love spoiling you,”Ransom murmured, kissing all over you giggling face. The kisses he peppered you with were sweet and soft, and only you got to experience this side of him.
Maybe being his girlfriend and his sugar baby wasn’t so bad after all.
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agentofbarnes · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
ransom drysdale had met you by complete chance, and despite being from two very different worlds, he did something he never thought he’d do. he fell in love with you, an independent woman in need of being spoiled. oh, he was going to give you the world.
please feel free to request blurbs about this au!
disclaimers | sugar daddy/sugar baby like relationships, daddy kink, bdsm, mean!ransom, dom!ransom, degradation, dom/sub relationship
Tumblr media
you’re insecure about fitting in with ran’s friends
you get fucked in front of his family
ransom fucks you into subspace
ransom punishes you
you cockwarm ransom at family dinner
pussy spanking with ransom
you get in a accident
you act like a brat when you get jealous
ransom fucks in the elevator
𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔
ransom takes you a sex club
ransom fucks you on the hood of his car
you thank ransom for spoiling you
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agentofbarnes · 13 days ago
ransom au, maybe??
I am like this close to creating an au for ransom with lower income! reader cause I relate to that a lot and wanna be spoiled... woukd you guys be interested in that? It would def be sugarbaby!reader and sub!reader with lots of degradation and sex but also fluff and softness???
let me know!
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agentofbarnes · 13 days ago
just a little info
I’m headed to bed / gonna read this fic till I pass out!
tomorrow, I want to write all about ransom so send me in some concepts!
Also, start thinking about some Loki prompts for this week cause guess what, ITS LOKI WEEK and I’m gonna Wednesdays all about him. I’ll have a better plan tomorrow!
another note, I’m gonna do Chris Evans day on his birthday so any big requests that have been sent in with be publish on the 13th (aka the two fics I’m working on and whatever you guys send me)
This is just a look like the next two weeks, I might make like weekly schedule thing where we plan days for certain character and aus since I’m growing my aus
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agentofbarnes · 13 days ago
idk if you've written about this, but like being super needy with Ransom and he lowkey loving it so he spoils you rotten
needy baby — ransom
warnings | fluff, pet names [dewdrop], ransom being playfully mean and degrading, but reader likes it
author’s note | i hope this was alright, lovely! i love soft ransom! it’s kinda short but here’s your drabble!
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale was mean, yes, but god, you loved him anyway. In fact, you were kinda obsessed with your boyfriend somedays. You couldn’t stand not being around him sometimes, craving to be in his presence.
He just looked so fucking cuddly when he wore that soft sweater and you wanted nothing more than to sit in his lap.
“You’re staring,”Ransom smirked, gazing over at you where you sat on the couch. He was relaxing in the comfy chair across from you with a coffee mug in hand while the tv played mindlessly in the background.
You were tucked into the couch, thigh highs gracing your pretty legs and an old shirt of Ransom’s from his alma mater.
“‘m not,”You told him, taking a sip of your coffee which was probably more sugar than actually coffee beans.
“What’s goin’ on in that pretty little head of yours?”Ransom teased playfully,”Don’t tell me you’re already dumb for me today, dewdrop. It’s barely noon.”
Your cheeks get hot at his words, rolling your eyes and staying silent, which he doesn’t not like.
“Oh, c’mon, just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”
“How do you know what something?”
“You have that face, like you want something real bad but don’t want to admit, it’s cute, actually,”Ransom chuckled gently, his chest moving with the rumble of his laugh.”You’ll shamelessly beg for my cock, but anything else, you turn into a shy little school girl.”
There’s a pause and he just knew you well that you can’t help but break. You get up from you spit, going to sit yourself in his lap. You fisted your hands in the soft fabric of the neckline of his sweater.
“Just want you,”You murmured,”Can you hold me?”
His face softened when he realized you were just needy for him, wanting to be close and intimate.”Always, dewdrop.”
You grinned, tucking your face into the base of his neck. He smirked, wrapping his thick arms around your body and kissing the side of your face.
“You’ve been so busy, Ran,”You complained, sighing deeply and kissing up his neck gently. He pulled you by your chin to look at him before he kissed you so softly.
“I know, but I’m here now, baby,”Ransom told you,”How about I cancel my plans for this weekend, we can go shopping, I’ll take you it to dinner, treat you real nice.”
“I like the sound of that,”You whispered, nudging your nose against his with a smile. He returned the motion, kissing your lips once again.
“I bet,”He chuckled,”But for now, why don’t you just stay in my lap and we’ll watch that movie you like so much.”
“You hate my nerdy movies.”
“Yeah, well, I like you, and I just want my girl to be happy.”
You laid your head on his shoulder, clinging to him like he was a stuffed animal.”You’re so comfy.”
Ransom smirked, chucking at you,”Such a needy baby, but I’ve got you, dewdrop, this weekend is all about you.”
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agentofbarnes · 13 days ago
You and Ransom at one of his family’s parties and he just can’t keep his eyes (and hands 👀) off of you. Maybe drags you out to the car or upstairs?
made for him
summary | ransom wants everyone to know you are here to stay
pairing | ransom drysdale x reader
warnings | smut, minors DNI, daddy kink, degradation, public sex, use of dumb baby, rough sex, teasing
author’s note | i think ransom is so fucking hot pls send me more about him also my first time writing smut for him
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale hated his family, truly he did. He despised his family and the hold they had on him. If it wasn’t for the money, he’d never see them again.
However, his family dinners had gotten far more bearable now that he had you on his arm.
Ransom was a show-off about everything, including his gorgeous girlfriend. You were used to such lavish parties especially for monthly family dinners. It was flabbergasting, actually. You had to dress up, wear heels, and do a full face of make-up.
Most of all, they were boring. The drank wine and gossiped about people they believed were below them. Which just so happened to be you.
It wasn’t a secret. You came from lower income and Linda Drysdale hated that. She was always so critical of your relationship with her son and only referred to you as gold digger.
So, you had learn to make things interesting while at the Thrombey home. Mostly, you played a drinking game with Meg, taking secret shots when someone said something about you. You got surprising drunk the first time, and you often change the category.
Tonight was much different. No, Ransom was in a mood. He was livid with his parents treatment of his girl when he had hosted them at his home, which you had just moved into.
He didn’t know how to get it across that you were his forever. Ransom had dressed you in the finest dress. It was a tight cocktail dress that barely covered your thighs. You wore a pair of strappy heels, matching the carolina blue of your dress.
With Ransom so attached, there was no way you’d get to play your usual game. So, you played a different one.
“No one asked for your opinion, gold digger.”
“Mother!”Ransom grunted angrily, so close to his own breaking point.
“I’m gonna freshen up, babe,”You excused yourself, not longer able to take it. You went upstairs and reapplied the lipstick you had ruined by chewing on your bottom lip.
That’s when the idea popped in your head. You smirked at yourself, slipping out of the matching blue, lace thong you had worn. You clutched them in your hand, slipping back down stairs and right into your man’s arms.
“Took you long enough,”Ransom frowned, wrapping his arm around your waist.
“Yeah, well, I wanted to give you something,”You whispered, discretely sneaking the fabric into his hand.
His breath hitched when he realized what you had done.”Fuck,”He uttered, his hand tightening on you.
“Oh, the sugar baby is back,” Linda sneered, rolling her eyes at how you clung to Ransom.
“She doesn’t care about the money!”
You jumped at Ransom’s outburst, rubbing your thighs together as you felt the wetness pool at your core. Your hands clutched the fabric of his button up shirt.
You patted his chest,”I’m gonna get some more wine,”You said softly, pulling away from him. He needed this just as much as you did, so you upped your game.
You spilt wine on your chest, using a finger to wipe it off and sucked the liquid off your finger. Ransom had looked at you with dark eyes, his cock twitching in his pants once again.
You dropped your fork at the table and got down on your knees in front of him to find it. But what finally did it was after dinner when the family just talked in one of the big living areas while one of their servants played piano.
You had “tripped” and fell into his lap, perky ass pressed against his cock that strained in his dress slacks. He growled, standing up with his hands gripping your hips and pushing you to the door.
“We need some air.”
And that’s how you ended up with your body pressed against the hood Ransom’s sports car.
He wasn’t gentle, no, he never was and you never wanted him to be. Ransom pushed your dress up your hips, revealing your bare sex and making you shiver in the cool night breeze. Your hands splayed out ok the metal of the car, cheek cold against it as you looked at him from behind.
You didn’t even care that anyone could see you, in fact, you liked the idea that his family could look out the window and see your big boyfriend railing you.
“Not so confident now, are you, dewdrop,”Ransom smacked the flesh of your ass hard. The pain went straight to your core,”So impatient for my cock, can’t even wait for us to get home.”
“Fuck, Ran,”You preened, wiggling your ass to entice him. “Just fuck me.”
He hissed as he unbuckled his pants, his cock so hard in his pants. He was relieved when he finally freed himself into the cold air.
“Bet you’re soaking, you little whore, you love being put on display, don’t you?”Ransom teased, spitting on his cock to slicken him up. He pumped his cock before running his length between your slippery folds. His cock was soaking with one thrust, confirming his suspicions.
He rubbed his cock between the cheeks of your ass, groaning at the sight happily. You can feel the wetness drenching your thighs while you pushed back against him.
“Please, Ran,”You gasped,”Fuck me, c’mon, wanna feel your big cock stretch me out, want it to hurt—“
Ransom shoved his cock into your quivering heat roughly. Luckily, you were dripping wet for him so it was too painful. Still, the stretch burned and made you whimper loudly.
“Such a dirty fucking slut, teasing me all night, bet you wanted this, huh? Did you want daddy to push up against the hood of his car and fuck you for everyone to see?”
“Ah!” You cried out, his hand coming around your neck and pulling you up. His fingers pressed against your airway as he jackhammered his large cock into your quenching wet cunt,
“Just can’t help yourself, god, you just have to be stuffed with my cock, don’t you?” Ransom rasped hotly, his other hand coming down on your ass until it was bright red. The arch of your back was observe, your stomach just barely touching the car as he held you up.
“Oh God, yes, yes yes yes yes,”You panted out, trying to find some sort of breath with the pressure of his hand wrapped around your throat. Your word slowly became less and less coherent.
“Huh? You don’t have anything to say, am I fucking you stupid?” Ransom taunted, making you feel ashamed and wet all at once. His demeaning words had ridiculous effects on your body.”Oh, yeah, I am. My dumb baby, can’t even string together her words. Don’t worry, you don’t need to think, daddy’s got you.”
His smirk grew at the sound of his family yelling at him from the front door, and shame filled your chest. Yet, your body betrayed you, you pushed back into him while his parents screamed for him to stop fucking his little whore.
“You like that, don’t you?”Ransom drove into you harder and rougher, chuckling darkly as he heard the door slam.”Bet they’re watching from the window, probably can’t take their eyes off my dumb fucking whore.” He gripped your left leg, pushing it up on the car to bend you into a new position. With this advantage, Ransom hit all the right spots. His cock dragging against your ever tight pussy, making you squeal in pleasure.
“If they didn’t know yet, they know now, you’re my fucking girl, you belong right here on my cock and you are going anywhere, are you, baby?”
“‘m yours, Ran-“ His hand collided against your reddening ass, from his spanking and the harshness of his thrusts.”Daddy!” You corrected,”’m all yours, fuck, take me, please, wanna feel your cum drip down my thighs when we go back inside, and everyone will know ‘m yours.”
“Yeah, you are,” Ransom growled, his free hand coming around to rub your neglected clit until your walls swallowed his cock helplessly. He could feel how you tightened around him, milking his cock dry as you both basked in your orgasms.”Atta girl, so good for me, and all mine.”
He pulled you back to him, his chest colliding with your arched back. Ransom’s hand stayed around your throat, lips colliding against yours feverishly. You whined into his lip, gasping as he licked into your mouth.
“Mhm,”You hummed quietly,”I like when you take me like this.”
“Oh, I know,” Ransom kissed you again, addicted to feeling of your soft lips against his.”Let’s be clear about something. I may fuck you like a whore, but I..I do love you.”
“I know, Ran,”You whispered, nudging your nose against his happily.”Now, let’s get back in there and piss off your family.”
“You’re fucking perfect.”
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agentofbarnes · 14 days ago
since you said you wouldn't mind writing for ransom, what about something with reader feeling insecure and like she doesn't fit in with his glamorous friends and he reassures her that he loves her so much? it can be fluffy or smutty, you can decide 💓
barrier — ransom
note | i decided to go the fluffy route for this one with a well, please send more ransom I’m in a mood
Tumblr media
You had met Ransom Drysdale by chance, complete and utter change during fancy cocktail party you had been invited to for you internship. An internship you were required to complete for your graduation from college. It was a prestigious school that you had gotten the chance to go to because of scholarship money.
See, you weren’t a bigwig or new money, in fact, you barely had enough money to get by especially with an unpaid internship. Yet, Ransom had taken some sort of liking to you when he saw you down a tequila shot at the bar before impressing the hell out of his peers while you networked for your upcoming career.
You hadn’t expected the spoiled man to get give you the time of day after you let him fuck you in his suite at the end of the night, but he could get you off of his mind. He kept calling and you kept answering.
It had been two months since you became official and it was becoming more and more evident that there was a class barrier between the two of you.
“Why don’t you go out with me tonight, dewdrop?”Ransom smirked, his hands coming around your waist while you looked through his cabinet for a snack. You had come over directly after work, still in the best dress clothes you had.
“I can’t,”You said immediately, making him frown in annoyance.
“You never come out,”Ransom complained, rolling his eyes.”You’re such a fucking hermit, why can’t you just take a break, dewdrop?”
“It’s not about that,”You sighed deeply, turning to look at him in defeat.
“I don’t get it, ‘m a fuckin’ catch, so you can’t be ashamed of me, and they’re my friends, you gotta get along with them. I kinda want you to stick around.”
“You do?”You asked with vulnerability, looking down at your feet until you felt his finger hook under your chin to gaze up at him.
“I’m not an emotional guy, but you...are like nothing I’ve ever come across and yeah, I want you to stay around,” Ransom towered over you, his broad chest pressed against yours as he trapped you against the counter.”Now, why don’t you tell me why you can’t come out?”
“I don’t fit in,”You frowned, feeling exposed under his gaze and he wouldn’t let you look away, not matter how ashamed you felt.
“The fuck that’s supposed to mean?”Ransom grunted, and your eyes welled up with tears. You didn’t want him to be mad at you or ashamed.
“I’m broke, Ran,”You tried to explained as his thumb wiped away your tears.”This outfit is the most expensive one I own, and I got it on discount. I eat fucking ramen noodles when I don’t stay here and I’m fine with that. I’m used to that, but if I go out with your friends, I’m gonna be a laughing stock. I won’t have anything to talk about, no one wants to hear about growing up in poverty.”
“Me, you have me in common, and I like you for you, and I know it seems like I’m so fucking spoiled and I wouldn’t want to go below my class, but I’m in—“
His words cut short, and he froze in place. Your hands are clutching his sweater. You search his eyes for some kind of indication of what he was going to say.
Ransom looked emotional, not something you saw very often. This was clearly important to him. You were important and you knew that now.
“I’m in love with you too,”You uttered back so quietly that he barely heard it. He looked down at you with ever soft smirk.
“Don’t worry about money, dewdrop,”He whispered.
“That’s not what this is about, I don’t want to be your sugar baby.”
“Yeah, but I wouldn’t mind being your daddy.”
You hated the way he smirked and how much you loved it.”I don’t want you for your money.”
“I don’t care about your background,”Ransom told you pointedly,”Let me buy a couple things for your jobs, and I don’t care what you wear out tonight as long as you’re there.”
“I guess I could throw on some leggings, and maybe one of your sweaters...”
“Oh, I changed my mind, I do care, I really want you to wear that.”
You giggled at that, leaning up in your tippy toes to slot your lips over his. He returned it sweetly before picking you up to put you on the counter,”Ran,” You gasped as you felt his hip press against yours.
“But first, ‘m fuck all those negative thoughts from your head,”Ransom smirked, nipping at your bottom lip.”Not gonna be able to even think about all those anxieties when I’m done with you, my dumb baby.”
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worksby-d · 16 days ago
i have a tiny tiny moment in my mind that would be a continuation of the ransom x teacher!reader drabble i did like months ago
grumpy boi does agree to visit your class during reading time. he reads them a book, then when you split the class into two groups for an activity, he works with one half while you work with the other. he's his usual cold self toward the kiddos, but one quiet boy takes a liking to him because his sweater matches ransom's 🥺 and ransom rolls his eyes at first, but they're totally buddies by the end of the activity which he will deny to his grave ✋🏼
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chrissquares · 26 days ago
Where ransom is drunk and your his girlfriend, you have to take him home and he keeps saying things like “you know you love me” “just pull the car over” “can you just do me already” or something like that thx!!
Ahhhhhhhhh I haven't written for my baby in a while and this prompt is perfect for a needy ransom because I need me a needy baby right now 🙈🙈🙈 hehehehe
Drunk Baby
Tumblr media
Pairing: Drunk!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 915
[gif credit to @forchrisevans ]
Warnings: 18+, swearing, some fluff, drunk needy blabbering ransom lol, shameless clingy and horny ransom, mentions of bulge/fingering/something up your bum, hand over bulge, NSFW, minors DNI
it takes a lot for Ransom to be drunk, like a lot, and it usually happens after he saw his parents
Ran and his parents are basically oil and water, they don't mix at all because all they do is undermining him, judging the way he lives his life, and judging how he never had to lift a finger for anything
but not once did they blame themselves for throwing money at him at such young age, and for the fact that they did this to him
Ransom is actually very capable of a lot of things, but he is just too stubborn to prove his parents wrong; he said he doesnt need to prove himself to them and that he doesn't care about what they think
but deep down you and he both knew that he cared
he'd usually hit the bar with his friends to blow some steam off after going to his parents, and there's no exception this time
and you just knew his friends were gonna call you to come and pick him up because with Ransom being Ransom, he wouldn't let anyone else take him home whenever he gets this drunk
“hey babe...” he greeted you drunkenly, his lips curled into a sheepish smile at the sight of you, “guysssss, look! it's ma girl...” slurring his words as he announced to his friends (who were the ones that called you) and pulled you close suddenly, nuzzling his head to the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent and straight up planting kisses on your neck like he just needed to get a taste
after paying for everyone's drinks as a thank you, you carefully guided (and dragged) Ransom out of the bar and to his usual reserved parking spot
you reached in his coat pockets in attempts to find his car keys but all there were his phone among some crumbled up receipts, “where're your keys, babe?” you asked
and he chuckled with his face hot and slightly red from the alcohol in his system, looking at you weirdly close as he whispered for no reason, “up your ass...” and his shit eating grin got even bigger
rolling your eyes, “you fucking wish...” you retorted as you reached into the pocket of his pants, finding (his bulge) the keys you needed and unlocked the car with it
shoving a drunken Ransom into the car was a lot harder than you thought, his clinginess was through the roof but you still managed to get all his limbs inside the car before you slammed the door shut
on the ride home, he was everything but quiet, “babe... babeeeeeee...” he called for you like a child wanting attention, “gimme a kiss...” leaning in towards you while you were behind the wheel
“I'm driving, Ransom... cut it out...” you took a quick glance at him and saw him frowning and almost pouting
“you know you love me, baby... dont say no to me please... now gimme my kissss” he insisted and whined, hand reaching for your chin and wanting to turn your head
and luckily you just so happened to hit a red light which made you stop and turn to him for a quick peck, hiding the faint smile on your face because you were not about to encourage this kind of behaviour
after getting what he wanted, he settled down a little, but his hand was still not behaving; resting on your thigh, brushing it up and down your bare skin and sneaking under the hem of your flowy skirt
you let his hand wander a little, even let him pinch the soft flesh on your inner thigh, making you squirm while you were trying to focus on the road
seeing you tolerating his touches, he got more eager by the seconds, leaning towards you again until his lips meets the ball of your shoulder and he gave it a kiss as his hand danced higher on your inner thigh, “I need youuuu, babe...” he whined with his lips against your skin
“No, Ransom.... just wait until we get home... you are gonna get us both either arrested or killed...” you rejected him one more time, driving with your left hand while your right grabbed his wrist, taking his hand away from your thigh to make sure your head was not going to be compromised with thoughts about his fingers being knuckles deep inside you
“but I need you nowwww, just pull over...” it was almost like he was throwing a tantrum
“I promise you can do whatever you want to me when we get home... just behave for me, okay?”
he frowned again, holding your right hand captive by grabbing your wrist in return, before guiding it towards his crotch, “just use your hand, babe please...” he huffed while his hand was over yours, palming and rubbing your hand over his bulge
“Hugh Ransom Drysdale...” your warning tone earned yourself a frustrated groan from him with his head fell back, rested on the headrest and his eyes closed
“can you just do me already?” he mumbled quietly with his eyes still closed in the passenger seat, squirming and moving his hips a bit just to show you how needy and uncomfortable he was without your touch even when he was drifting off to sleep
and when you glance over to him, he was breathing steadily, sound asleep, but his hand was still resting over yours, unconsciously lacing your fingers together
A/N: my cute drunk needy sleppy babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy💗 ahhhhh
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agentofbarnes · 27 days ago
I’m really tired today so idk if I’ll get a one shot out, but if you guys want to send me your headcanons for Loki, Bucky, Steve, Chris Evans , or Ransom Drysdale, I’ll expand on them!!
0 notes
buckyownsmylife · 28 days ago
could u write some ransom headcanons with either rough spanking or knifeplay? maybe because the reader sat on the lap of one of ransom's buddies at a party and he's like "I'll have to remind you who this ass belongs to" ♡ hope you have a great sunday ♡
You too, anon! I went with spanking and added some exhibitionism, hope you don't mind✨💙
Sinday is here! Send me your ideas for headcanons or scenarios related to my fics for drabbles, I’ll be writing all day!
Tumblr media
You hadn’t intended to piss him off
Lord knows you were well aware of how Ransom could get when he felt jealous and possessive of your body
But you were drunk and you tripped
And his friend was only too eager to hold you before you fell
Taking advantage of the situation to pull you to sit on his lap
You were too dizzy from the adrenaline to understand what was going on
It was really only a sec as you situated yourself and realization hit you
But it was a second too long for Ransom
“The fuck do you think you’re doing?” He’d growl
“I-I just fell…” You’d try to explain yourself, already knowing he didn’t care about anything you could offer as an excuse
“Shut up. Come here.”
You thought he was pulling you so you’d be sitting over his lap now, but that wasn’t the case at all
He easily manhandled you so you’d fall on your stomach over it, skirt riding up with the action
He wouldn’t allow you to push it back down to cover yourself
“Didn’t you want to be a whore? Well, let them see how much of a whore you are.”
He’d spank you relentlessly, making sure to remind you and everyone around that your ass belonged to him and him only
No one had the courage to help you
It seemed like the men didn’t want to, anyway
They knew this would be their only chance to see you like this
You were pretty sure you heard one of them moan when Ransom tore your panties, exposing your pussy to the party
Showing how wet his spanking made you
“Tell them you’re my whore, sweetheart.”
You’d whine in response, honestly too far gone to be able to enunciate any words
Ransom would just chuckle meanly, of course
“Can’t believe you even thought you had a chance,” he’d snarl at the boy who dared to pull you onto his lap.
Honestly, Ransom could take me anytime, anywhere and I'd just go "thank you, daddy."
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