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#thanks for the ask!
galadriiel14 minutes ago
Hey! Can you rec me pale/b&w blogs? I need to follow more! Thank you!!
hey anon 馃 of course!! since you didn't specify fandoms or anything i'll just list some of my favourite mostly multifandom/aes accounts, all of them have amazing content and are lovely and i 100% recommend checking them out <3
@allanpoe @allfathers @alyssajames @bininazenik @carolthor @clarkegriffins @crowleyaj @daenerya @darthsidious @djiarin @evepolastrri @flowerytale @hecthledger @jbarnes @ken-kaneki @lannister @midari @middlearths @ravenclairee @reyys @rosedewson @seulgami @shelbv @skkywalker @stevenn-rogers @stormborn @tophbefong @weirwolves
+ a couple of bonus colour blogs who do rb a solid amount of pale/b&w stuff as well as just overall fun and high quality content!!
@baudilaire @buckybarncs @luthien @miumiubb @visenyatargaryen
i'm probably forgetting tons of people i'm sorry but i hope this was helpful anon have a lovely day!
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avatarthingz15 minutes ago
Onji and Aang of Katara wasn鈥檛 there? Sorry I don鈥檛 know their ship name.
I think it鈥檚 on jaang...I think lol. But if Katara didn鈥檛 exist then she might be the one who I鈥檇 ship Aang with...? I鈥檓 not sure. From the little time they had together though, they were both kind to each other and it was lighthearted. But fortunately, Katara is there, so no to that ship馃挃
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lovebabyboy15 minutes ago
Fan theory: you deserve all the love
this is so kind thank you 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
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avatarthingz19 minutes ago
This is such a cute ship and I can only imagine it having a sweet dynamic, how they both have the spirit of being an airbender. I don鈥檛 ship it though due to the fact they had barely any time together and kataang exists lol. Yeah I really can鈥檛 ship Katara or Aang with anyone else.
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imaginebuck32 minutes ago
Of course you can include it in your list. I would be so honored! Thank you so much for being such an amazing supporter. It's readers like you that make being a fic writer so worth with and please know your encouraging words are seen and loved by many! I have another Buddie d/s series called "Breathe, let go, and be in the flow of right now" that currently has four parts and has a fifth one on the way. You're incredible! Thank you.
Hi! I'm so glad to see you again!
You know, I never felt like I was a part of a fandom till this one, and it's because of creators like you that I love and support!
So thank you and not me, because the only thing I do is read and reblog!
I just checked your series and.... I've already read 3 out of 4 parts hahahaha but I'll read them again knowing now that are yours! I already subscribed but please let me know if you write something else! I wanna sponsor you as much as I can
For the fic rec is gonna be ready after the season's over, to help with the withdrawal 馃槀
Thank you so much and feel free to come back here as much as you want!
Edit: this is the series if someone wants to read it
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binch-i-might-bean hour ago
51 and 59? :)
Favourite food?
Fun fact I'm not a picky eater and the only thing my mother used to cook was noodles when I was a kid so I have no fucking clue about food :)
But I would say a nice irish breakfast! That's really become a comfort food for me
Do you like the snow?
Another fun fact about me, I'm a salty little bitch! And I Hate being wet! And it's even worse when The Wet鈩 takes a while to set in and is cold on top of that! Also the streets.... the fucking streets! I almost died like four seperate times last winter because of the fucking snow!!!
lmao no I don't like snow :)
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tempenensisan hour ago
assuming inumaki doesn't have older brothers that have cursed speech, do you think he'll be the head of his clan?
and i do wonder if his clan is also like the other two mysoginistic and horrible clans, zen'in and kamo. knowing toge-kun, he probably would have disliked his clan but i don't see any indication so could this mean inumaki clan is somehow different?
Hello there!
Ah no. The fanbook has confirmed that Inumaki clan is outlaw. They are basically extinct. Toge inheriting jugon is something of a rare case. I would imagine that other than Toge, probably only a few people left of Inumaki clan. And out of that few who inherited jugon is fewer. Maybe only Toge who has it currently.聽And even if Toge becomes the clan head, I doubt there's any clan left to head as they don't seem to hold any kind of power or influence. Maybe they even actively discriminated by the jujutsu authority.
I hope Akutami-sensei draws them one day.
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jazzbearyan hour ago
Tips for a better butt?
Hot your macros and don鈥檛 skip leg day. The only leg exercises I do atm are leg presses and hamstring curls
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dantedontan hour ago
Hiya, I was wondering what does Praeludium and Allegro mean? Cuz apparently its a violin piece, but is there some kind of meaning behind it?
Ohh, someone asked!!聽
So, the composer of Praeludium and Allegro is Fritz Kreisler, a well-known violinist and composer during 20th century. He had a funny habit of composing pieces, having them anonymously published in 18th century violin composition books and critics would speculate that famous composers of past like Pugnani or Vivaldi had written them. Then, Kreisler would reveal himself as the real composer lol
Basically, I just thought it鈥檇 be funny to name a fanfic of a SI-OC w/ previous life meta knowledge with a violin piece composed by someone who pretended to be someone of the past.
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jazzbearyan hour ago
what鈥檚 your favorite thing about yourself? no jokes
No idea honestly, but off the top of my head, I do really like my tattoos
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cinnabunni5123an hour ago
H, I, R, S, and T 馃憖馃憖
H: How would you describe your style?
I follow a very simple structure when I鈥檓 writing, actually! Sometimes I change it up, like when I write paragraphs and parts of stories with no dialogue, and sometimes my writing style is also influenced by what books I鈥檓 reading, but dialogue parts usually follow the same structure:
鈥渢he quote would go here,鈥 said Character A, with whatever action they鈥檙e doing as they said this. Maybe a sentence with Character B or maybe what Character A is feeling. 鈥淎nd then I would reply,鈥 Character B stated, with another sentence that goes with what Character B is doing. And another describing a bit more of something else with Character B and A.
It all just follows that structure, if that makes sense. My style is very repetitive, which i鈥檓 not sure if that鈥檚 a good thing or not lol
I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?
I think for writing, it would be writing angst with no comfort. I am a very fluffy person and prefer to just write tooth-rotting fluff with no plot whatsoever, but I write angst more than I like to admit I do, but I always need comfort afterwards were everything is fine again. So for writing it would be just ending it with angst
For usually depends on fandoms, I think. One guilty pleasure I have is torture fics, for example, though certain fandoms I can鈥檛 read that sort of stuff for. Other guilty pleasures I have for reading are surprisingly very dark, I鈥檝e just realized--I love fluffy fics, but I sometimes I like to indulge into some very dark fics (though they usually need some sort of comfort to follow)聽 umm another gulity pleasure is ABO fics but only if its fluffy and stuff and not explicit--
R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?
Ummm two people come two mind, which is odd; I usually don鈥檛 have influences or really look up to people when it comes from a writing stance, but these people really inspire me to be a better writer and they inspire me to write my fics whenever I read their stuff. @/ko-fanatic is a great writer who is wonderful with their words, it always amazes me when I read their stuff; they inspire me to work and learn to write differently with different word choices because how they write is just beautiful and their story-telling is wonderful. @/cdelphiki, is a person who wrote probably my most favorite fics (I would say its a guilty pleasure but I don鈥檛 even feel guilty anymore about reading it) titled Reclaiming Innocence,聽and oh my god. I love that fic to death omg it inspires me so much聽plot wise. When I read it it makes me want to learn more about character interactions, how to write them and just over-arcing plots and things. To write more聽than just two chapters then move onto another project lol but to like sit down and focus and learn how to not only write characters interact but also learn how to connect things together, consequences when things happen and such, if that makes sense? To learn how to make things connect in the story and to make it all make sense and such. If that makes sense lol
S: Any fandom tropes you can鈥檛 resist?
Turns out I really like fluffy tropes, which honestly I shouldn鈥檛 be too surprised with lmao I really like childhood friends to lovers trope, coffee shop au for certain ships and fandoms, and Hanahaki is something I really like. I鈥檓 sure I鈥檓 missing more but I鈥檓 tired lol I should really sleep--
T: Any fandom tropes you can鈥檛 stand?
I鈥檓...not sure, actually. I鈥檓 sure that there are some, but right now I can鈥檛 think of any. I think most just fall into聽鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 interest me鈥, not really聽鈥淚 can鈥檛 stand it.鈥 I suppose the closest ones would be Royalty AU--I just dislike that AU with a passion for some reason, and I鈥檓 not really even sure why lol
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closetwlwan hour ago
Tbh i dont know whether i reblogged an ask game and this means sth or that you thought youd express your love for my blog but we stan
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flame-shadowan hour ago
Takes on the Collector? :0
first of all, i love the distorted music for both of their fights, but the decisive battle one especially.
okay, so i think it鈥檚 pretty well agreed upon that the collector was a kingsmould originally. it鈥檚 curious that they鈥檙e not exactly shaped the same, but if they were defective or something, that could鈥檝e reflected in their having physical differences. but the main defect would be in their directives. for a kingsmould,聽鈥渄efend鈥 and聽鈥渒ill鈥 are all we pick up via the dream nail. but the collector鈥檚 dream dialogue is about protecting and saving. maybe imprinted unintentionally by pk during the casting of the collector? a stray thought that manifested within this void construct? protect and save hallownest and the bugs within.... well, the collector tried. sort of.
why the fixation on grubs, though? did they just take a liking to the squishy cute things and decide they all needed extra protection? did the grubs get scattered somehow? go exploring in different directions and get lost and stuck and attacked and whatnot? was the goal ultimately to bring them all back to the tower of love for safe-keeping, but navigating an infected kingdom could be perilous? maybe it was better to jar them and mark them on the map for later recovery. the collector really does get around, though. haha
The large husk dandy that we find with the love key.聽鈥渢oo long... spent together. we become as one.鈥 that makes it sound like this one was a willing companion or at least roommate of sorts to the collector. did they take the rejected and fleeing kingsmould in? hide it from the city guards who鈥檇 spied it? nurse it back to health or consciousness or whatever? Maybe this dandy had the soft spot for grubs, and the collector picked up on that. maybe took it.聽鈥渨e become as one.鈥 the void of the collector consumed aspects of the dandy. the longer they were together, the more the dandy lost. it was a last-ditch move, an effort of will to flee the tower, to lock the collector within. but how long ago was that? sure, the dandy gets overcome with void, but they make it all the way to the Gardens first! but also, like..... if the collector was truly trapped in the tower of love, then those jarred grubs throughout the kingdom were stuck in there for A While. i guess we can thank the kingdom鈥檚 stasis for the grubs not all starving to death?? did nobody need to eat after the king fucked off and before ghost took care of the radiance?? oh boy.
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cube-cumb3ran hour ago
Wait a minute are you Reddit user u/q-cumb3r? Or is it just a coincidence?
I am! :) Hello fellow redditor
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okay i actually have no idea if you like hexter, buttttt uhhhhh hexter 10, 17, and 18 please?
hexter im just gonna take as rexter cause i haven't heard that ship name before, but correct me if im wrong!
who is the talker/who is the listener?
both of them at different times. dexter suffers from middle child syndrome鈩 so he got ignored a lot as a child and needs to be listened to, but raven finds it difficult to put their emotions into words and he helps them in doing that
who would ask the other one to prom in a very extra way?
dexter tried to, but raven used her magic to make a huge sign, and banded together the whole school to surprise him
who makes the oddly specific playlists?
i feel like both of them do, because raven communicates in song and dexter is a hopeless romantic
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leneyyoan hour ago
you give me a leafy AAAAAAA typa vibe
Tumblr media
tbh I'd assign myself the same ones
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kylosolo2 hours ago
You鈥檙e beautiful and I love ya 馃嵃馃巶馃馃挏
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flame-shadow2 hours ago
Thoughts on areas like the Soul Sanctum, Deepnest, or the Mantis's area?
(My brain doesn't wish to cooperate with the name)
you鈥檙e going to get all three because two of those areas are faves of mine and the last one has one of my fave boss fights :3c
[i don鈥檛 have the wiki pulled up or anything so obligatory disclaimer that i might misremember some things. also, im gonna throw all of this under the cut because this is going to be more of a stream of consciousness than an actually coherent thing]
let鈥檚 just get this out of the way first - love love love love love the music holy shit. it鈥檚 not something i鈥檇 listen to when i want to chill out, but oooohhhhh those organs. and when the whispers are in there too?? and聽鈥淢age Under Glass鈥 with the laughter??? yesss
Anyway. In general, I鈥檓 a sucker for unethical laboratories in stories and games. There鈥檚 so much potential for fucked up and creative ideas within canon and in the fan characters/interpretations (I鈥檓 looking at you, Fraught. i love you, you fucked up spider <3).聽
How do you get soul? you harvest it. and you get on the king鈥檚 bad side in the process of course. and the watcher鈥檚 too, im sure. lurien鈥檚 like,聽鈥榟ey wtf those bugs are citizens under my watch. stop it鈥 and聽鈥榳ell fuck you, im gonna point my telescope right into your office window, you soul bastard. i can read all the notes on your fucked up experiments now. whatcha gonna do now?鈥
How unethical were the experiments before the radiance鈥檚 insidious presence became a factor? Even if the Sanctum started as a safe place of learning, I think it wouldn鈥檛 have taken long for at least some of the bugs to start doing questionable things. Not everyone needs a moth to nudge them to cross the ethics line. But when the soul master changed course, set the scholars to study immortality, what did they focus on? improving the body so it won鈥檛 slow and cease its function as time passes? prolonging the stability of the mind so age doesn鈥檛 corrupt memories or cognition? focusing on a bug鈥檚 own soul to do something that way? any combination of this could fuck up the stability of the mind and/or body of the subjects. That鈥檚 where we get the mistakes/follies, right? too much soul for some that cause melting pretty quickly. for others that don鈥檛 have a negative reaction right away, maybe a dependency on soul is built up and must be maintained to stave off negative effects of withdrawal, then of course there鈥檚 a shortage. you can鈥檛 harvest bodies forever. maybe the souls of the infected bugs aren鈥檛 viable, maybe the infection taints them, spreads the infection to whatever bug absorbs it. there are options here.
There鈥檚 also the soul warriors. They have dream dialogue where they say something about not remembering how they have these moves or how to fight or something like that, right? so what if those bugs had souls of trained fighters like city sentries implanted in them? they suddenly have new instincts for situations that they themselves didn鈥檛 experience or train for. i kinda get neuromod vibes from this concept (from the game Prey).聽
Also, the parallels between the soul master and the pale king are neat. they both have corpse pits. they both think they鈥檙e hot shit (and to be fair, they are both powerful even if they鈥檙e in different leagues). the radiance directly fucks with both of them. neither of them admit defeat in their final dream nail dialogue. (iirc, arty-cakes has made a similar observation about the parallels, but i noticed this long before they made their post. still, it鈥檚 a good observation)
uhhh okay i鈥檒l stop there for the Sanctum
...skitter skitter skitter skitter...
i feel so sorry for anyone who has arachnophobia and couldn鈥檛 enjoy the game because of this area. that sucks. this is one of my fave areas specifically because of the skitters and clicks and snaps and wibbly music/sound effects that occasionally made my skin crawl.聽
im a fan of spiders and centipedes, and deepnest delivered!聽
i have a lot of headcanon stuff for deepnest society and beasts that has little to do with the game or established lore, so i鈥檒l leave that for another time. But for more game-related stuff, let鈥檚 see...
i think nosks and corpse creepers and grub mimics, if not different life stages of the same species, are at least related. like how wild cats and cheetahs and panthers are related but not the same. nosks have the most developed shape shifting capabilities, and they have a sort of pocket dimension that they can fold their body into so they can fit into smaller disguises (how else do you explain how large the infected nosk actually is compared to the much smaller knight that it ran around as to lure the player in? magical dimension powers is what i鈥檝e decided)
the weaver鈥檚 den showed much more development of architecture. more metal and arches and stuff. i can鈥檛 recall to what extent the basic shapes and materials reflect parts of hallownest, but i think that place was a more recent development compared to the rest of the Beasts鈥 infrastructure.
PK reeeaaallllyyyyy wanted to get a tram all the way across deepnest, didn鈥檛 he? we get one tram to the eastern edge which conveniently takes riders to the ancient basin below where most of hallownest鈥檚 citizens are. but then the failed tramway that heads for the distant village. could it have been one of the lesser conditions of herrah鈥檚 and pk鈥檚 agreement? but herrah would be asleep so she wouldn鈥檛 need the tram to visit the palace or have hornet visit her. but why else would a tram be intended to cross to there? idk that one doesn鈥檛 make much sense to me. maybe i鈥檓 forgetting a detail, but whatever.
deepnest is a horrible maze that i will continue to get lost in.
[bonus - okay i鈥檒l share this:聽 one of the made-up swears i use for my beast character is 鈥渨rithing mass鈥 in reference to the skittering, scuttling pit of writhing things found as an area hazard in lieu of acid. like 鈥渂loody hell鈥 or something haha. also it鈥檚 just fun to say.]
Alas, i don鈥檛 spend a whole lot of time in this area. I think the mantids are cool and honorable, and i apologize for my weaverlings attacking friendly mantids, but sometimes a little deepnest should be allowed to cause mayhem in the mantis village, okay?
mantis lords/sisters of battle are great boss fights. the choreography and smoothness and reflexes and aaaahhhh yeah
i seriously wonder what鈥檚 up with all the giant spikes though. like. not even deepnest has giga-spikes like that. ......actually. i wonder if those spikes are there in case the beasts overrun the village. they鈥檇 certainly be painful obstacles to beasts trying to climb out of the village and into the fungal wastes.
I think it would鈥檝e been cool if there had been some bit of dialogue or a lore tablet that hinted at the mantis traitors. i know there鈥檚 the broken throne, but i didn鈥檛 notice that; it was pointed out to me after i鈥檇 already played once or twice through the game. don鈥檛 get me wrong- it鈥檚 a cool little thing to look back on and be like聽鈥榠 see what you did there鈥. environmental storytelling or whatever. but i鈥檇 like a little more anyway.
i wonder how the fungal folk feel about the mantids. i imagine they occupy their own sections of the fungal wastes and just mutually don鈥檛 bother each other. i wonder how diplomacy would work between a mantis of individual mind and a mushroom of shared consciousness? they make a nice contrast in a sharp and cutting/soft and bludgeoning way as well as a swift and silent/energetic and noisy way with how they attack and stuff.
okay that鈥檚 it. thanks for asking! if you read all of that, have a cookie
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queenmolina2 hours ago
i鈥檓 not entirely sure how to describe it, but you鈥檙e both intimidating and open?? you鈥檙e so talented and amazing and popular and you deserve it!! and at the same time it feels like i have talked to you before (i technically have, but i mean off anon). the whole rant/ramble is /pos, i鈥檓 just kinda thinking out loud? plus it鈥檚 nice to get asks (i think??)
ahaa!! my friends say i can come across as intimidating to people who don鈥檛 know me because i have a sour rbf but i promise you i鈥檓 not intimidating in the slightest, far from it /gen
thank you for the wonderful compliments! i don鈥檛 really consider myself popular, especially because i鈥檝e only been round in the tumblr world for a couple of months so i don鈥檛 feel like i know that many people? idk, i鈥檓 not really sure how popularity is defined tbh
i can confirm that i love getting asks so thank you for the mini ramble, it鈥檚 made me smile on the way to my exam so i really appreciate it /gen
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unicornofgt2 hours ago
2, 3, 10, 25, 27!
2 - hair color?
i鈥檓 a brunette!
3 - eye color?
green, like an olive green. i used to wish for blue eyes as a kid but i like them a lot now haha.
10 - any phobias?
the common fear of spiders, but after getting my lyme diagnosis and pulling two ticks off me like. two days before the diagnosis, ticks are finding a place on that list. it鈥檚 personal now lmao
25 - favorite flower?
lavender! i have problems sleeping and the smell of lavender makes me nostalgic. i also like the combination of green and purple so i like purple flowers.
27 - something you鈥檙e good at?
writing; it鈥檚 a skill i have and continue to work on, making things flow nicely while exploring the characters and their interactions. creating little subtleties to weave a bigger picture of their relationships.
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