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#ask meme
at-the-exd-of-everythixg3 minutes ago
馃懃 For Sal鈥檚 mom
Meet my muses' family
If Mattie had been expecting someone Salvador's height, she would have been wrong.
Part of the reason Perigee had been chosen for the exploration missions was due to the fact that she was one of the rare Aspheranes that still had primordial genes. Instead of the newer and smaller heights, Perigee stood at 8'0 with the highest amounts of her mass energy and often loomed over the Earthlings if she didn't adjust herself. Earth was nice though, even if it took some getting used to. Everything was smaller and bigger and being on the planet that had so much light felt so...odd.
Now she had this odd human. Sparkly and clearly Ver艧il, judging by the colours of the sparkles. Other than that, they looked completely human. Odd. Especially with how no other Aspherane had come to Earth during the time she had left in order to report Earth's liveable status to the Ursas and Clusters.
With a tilt of her head, Perigee stared curiously, the only hint of a face in human terms were the large purple glittering eyes and the flashes of colour before the collar around her neck sparked to life. A translator as humans couldn't comprehend the complex language that living stars knew. The voice that came out was slightly tinny, but it still worked well enough for her to be happy and understood.
"A-axx-are you human? Or Aspherane? What Cluster are you hailing from if so?"
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ailec-127 minutes ago
Not gonna lie, I was expecting this one, haha. Thanks for asking!
Fortnight: What WIP do you plan on posting next, if at all?
No worries, I do plan to update House Potter for Children in Need next. There's a scene that has nothing to do with it and that's been wandering around my head for the past week, though, so depending on how this week goes, I may write that thing as I work on the outline for the next House Potter chapter. We'll see.
More fanfic questions? :D
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krastbannert29 minutes ago
35 and 53 for the ask meme?
35. Have you ever tried archery?
Yes, I have! I actually had a bow as a kid (I somehow got it for free by selling popcorn, which was like a fundraiser my Cub Scout pack did). I then proceeded to break it when I was like 13 or 14 by pulling it back too hard馃槄
I've been wanting to get a new bow, but with all the other crap I want and need to buy, I'm not sure I really have the money right now. Some day, though. Some day.
53. Favorite foreign food?
My dad makes this sp盲tzle (it's not quite the same, but I like to think of it as 'alfredo pasta if it was invented by the Germans') that is DELICIOUS. Honestly I just really love German food in general. Maybe it's because it's the food of my people, I don't know, but I love it.
And I have a weird love for Asian food, especially this Korean place in my hometown (it's run by two sisters who both go by Kim, one works the kitchen while the other is the waitress, and Kim the Waitress is hilarious).
Asks came from this list!
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cressdarnelthorne43 minutes ago
hi please tell me some of your jatp headcanons thanks
i have not thought enough about jatp to formulate headcanons but - what if, hear me out, ghost dog
like how they found willie
this time they find dog
who is the parent?? idk dog now has five now. willie and alex teach him to ride a skateboard
(in protest, carrie and flynn who are high-school married now or w/e adopt a cat. a real one, thank you very much.)
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heliopauseentertainments43 minutes ago
Quick typing, MegaRatch, MegaRod
My Brand
You know what... I guess those are all true. lol
Definitely things I'm pleased that you think of.
I need to write more stuff for those ships tho.
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cressdarnelthorne51 minutes ago
also please tell me your headcanons about balm kids i know i know all of them but i wanna hear them again like a favourite bed time story THANKS
YOU ARE REALLY MAKING ME SCRATCH MY BRAIN AND DO REMEMBERING HUH this feels like a quiz because YOU remember and literally i don't
fun fact about me my memories are like locked filing cabinets, gotta only make room for the here and now and anxiety about the future babey
OKAY I REMEMBER A LIL KID NAME MOLLY SWEET BABY ANGEL GIRL my heart and gut tells me she takes after sam SOOOOOOO much but in the like, she's SO KIND but also active and doing EVERYTHING and when you say all kids are sticky you're literally talking about molly and that's something blaine just has to come to terms with
they definitely have a little boy too who i probably named at some point but don't remember, and he's a NEEEERD lol jk he loves science and space and his big sister and both of those kids don't necessarily want to be performers, but they find JOY in music and at any given moment pick up one of the thousands of instruments in their house and write their own "song" (is this actually just a dream i have for my own future children....... yes)
triple dog dare you to imagine blam family movie-musical night cuddles!!!! (teddy dog included oF COURSE)
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strawberrynight-doodles53 minutes ago
Kiki鈥檚 Delivery Service
Kiki鈥檚 Delivery Service: If you were a witch, what area of magic would you excel in?
spells and most likely shapeshifting ^^
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cressdarnelthorne57 minutes ago
fmk: sam evans, kitty wilde, tina cohen chang
okay see i was gonna make fun of you for justifying why you killed who you killed instead of just killing them but THEN YOU DO THIS TO ME????
fuck: THIS WAS REALLY HARD tina (but can it be a tina/kitty/me threesome idk)
marry: sam evans, obviously, sweet honey baby
kill: kitty 馃槵
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0emptyxxxeyes0an hour ago
Definitely not | No | Not Really | Its Okay | Kinda | Yes | Fuck yes |There goes my pants |
Bonus: Giving | Receiving | Both
i kn0w this is aitar shut up
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0emptyxxxeyes0an hour ago
Definitely not | No | Not Really | Its Okay | Kinda | Yes | Fuck yes |There goes my pants |
Bonus: Giving | Receiving | Both
ykn0w i feel like y0u guys are just picking stuff y0u kn0w i like
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0emptyxxxeyes0an hour ago
Definitely not | No | Not Really | Its Okay | Kinda | Yes | Fuck yes |There goes my pants |
Bonus: Giving | Receiving | Both
i d0 have fat tits
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0emptyxxxeyes0an hour ago
belly bump
Definitely not | No | Not Really | Its Okay | Kinda | Yes | Fuck yes |There goes my pants |
Bonus: Giving | Receiving | Both
i like t0 feel full
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0emptyxxxeyes0an hour ago
Definitely not | No | Not Really | Its Okay | Kinda | Yes | Fuck yes |There goes my pants |
Bonus: Giving | Receiving | Both
im unsure if giving in this case w0uld be the pers0n d0ing the warming?
but i am quite warm
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greekmythologysimpan hour ago
i鈥檝e got one of those notebooks with a couple of pages for each letter of the alphabet so i鈥檓 going around and filling it with greek mythology figures. send me your favourite gods/heroes/etc. and i鈥檒l add them!
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dreamsclockan hour ago
Tumblr media
DSMPsona!Sparrow at social events like //sun-is-a-square
it鈥檚 funny because this is me in my everyday irl life too 馃槶馃槶馃槶 this is too accurate LMAO
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luxmooglean hour ago
Can I just say your angst is on point, it's just *chef kiss*
Thank you~! Breaking hearts is my favorite thing..
Tumblr media
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lokidokeyartichokian hour ago
For the ask game, I choose cowboy! Thank you for introducing me to sea shanties haha.
Tumblr media
You鈥檙e welcome!!! I live to spread sea shanty joy!!! Also yes I do say cows when I see cows lmao
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trondopeacekeeperan hour ago
鈽: Have they ever been severely ill? If so, did it leave an effect on their overall health in the long run?
''Many are the times I have been dead on my feet. I've had to eat disgusting things to keep from starving. I've had to endure days and nights out in the open. Raining, snowing... It doesn't care. Though I won't never forget the day I decided to try one of Halvor's dishes that he uses to call 'food'. Don't ask me what that stuff was made of, but my draconian stomach just hated that potion and I couldn't get from bed for days... Ugh''.
Tumblr media
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lokidokeyartichokian hour ago
Soup!! of course, Mx tomato-soup-at-4-AM ;)
Tumblr media
Lmaoooooo I mean you ain鈥檛 wrong. Thank you friend!
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