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#frank adler x reader
americasass91 · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Pull-Out Method
Hello lovelies! So this is my second and last entry for @stargazingfangirl18​ 5k Soft Dark Challenge! This honestly took me so long because i’m lazy and was waiting for inspiration to strike! Regardless, I had a lot of fun with it! Does that make me a bad person? Probably. 🤷‍♀️
Edit** Omg! I can’t believe I forgot to mention how the amazing @stargazingfangirl18 helped me come up with this idea! So thank you oh great Hoe Queen! You’re the real MVP!😘😘
This stars everyone’s favorite dirty boat daddy. I’m sorry I used him but there are hardly any dark Frank fics out there! Wanted to go outside of the box. Be different. 
Anyways, please don’t hate me that I made him dark. And please remember this is just an act of fiction. This is also a dark fic. It includes dub/non con. So if that bothers you, please don’t read. 
Also, if you’re under 18, please kindly fuck off. You don’t need to be reading this. Where are your parents?
Without further ado!
Kink Prompt:
Forced Breeding
Gif Prompt:
See above☝🏻
Words: 2.9k
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: darkFrank, unprotected sex, manipulation, dub/non con(again, if this bothers you, please don’t read), language
“Fuck, Y/N, gonna cum! Where do you want it?”
The fact that you were currently on your hands and knees getting dicked down by your boyfriend of 8 months in some rich guy’s boat is not your fault. Nope.
You had just innocently come by to bring him lunch. Not to see him all sweaty and shirtless. Psh. Those kinds of dirty thoughts didn’t enter your head.
He had just pulled another orgasm out of you, so it was definitely his turn. You quickly pull away from him and turn around to take him in your mouth before he has time to realize you moved.
You barely get your mouth around him before you feel his spend starting to fill your throat. You happily and greedily swallow him all down.
Once you open your mouth and show him you were a good girl and swallowed it all, he hauls you up in front of him to place a sweet kiss on your lips.
“Thanks for bringing me lunch, hot stuff.” He tells you with a dirty smirk on his face and a smack to your ass. You think you’d be embarrassed that you let it escalate as far as it did, but, you just couldn’t find it in yourself to give a fuck.
You quickly stand up and right your dress as he also stands up and buttons his jeans.
“Well, I’ve been enough of a distraction. I’ll let you get back to work, handsome. Call me later?”
He pulls you in for one more quick kiss. “Of course, baby. You still coming to dinner tomorrow night? Mary is really excited to learn some cooking.”
You give him a big smile. “I wouldn’t miss it for anything, Adler.”
He mirrors your smile. “And then it’s just you and me Saturday night if that’s still good for you?”
With a roll of your eyes, you answer him. “Do I ever miss a Saturday?”
He smirks. “True. You have no self control when it comes to this cock.”
You playfully gasp and pretend to be offended as you descend the steps by the boat, sticking your tongue out at him in the process. You can hear his laugh as you reach the dock.
The smile that overtook your face as you walked back home couldn’t be contained even if you tried.
Frank Adler was just amazing. You can’t believe you got so lucky. You met him and sweet Mary just 2 short years ago when you moved into the apartment next to his. He was a little standoffish at first but after he saw how sweet you were with Mary, he warmed up to you.
He was dating Mary’s teacher at the time. So you remained friends. Which was fine for you. Not like you were looking for anything serious anyway.
Well his relationship only lasted about 6 months after that. She kept pressuring him to settle down, get engaged, and have some kids. But Frank didn’t want that. He already had his hands full with Mary. Plus he’d never really wanted kids of his own. He also never really wanted to get married.
This is why the 2 of you worked so well together. You weren’t much of a believer in marriage and the whole 9 yards either. You were just happy the way you were. You guys loved each other, why ruin that with marriage and kids? Plus he already had Mary, who in your mind was perfect. What more could you want?
You were grateful you guys were on the same page about kids. You’d had a few past boyfriends break up with you over the fact that you didn’t want them. Called it a deal breaker. But that’s okay because it led you to Frank. Not only was he amazing in general, but he just also happened to be the best sex you’ve ever had.
He had ways of ruining your panties with just a simple look or dirty phrase whispered in your ear in passing. You really didn’t stand a chance. Not that you wanted to. You were a complete and proud slut for the man. You even let him fuck you raw.
Neither of you were really a fan of condoms. He said he preferred to feel all of you. Which is why you guys now relied on the not-always-effective pull out method.
Sure, your middle school health teacher would be screaming at you. It’s not like you weren’t also on the pill. You just weren’t the best at remembering to take it or taking it on time. It never failed that when you ended a pack, there were at least 2-3 pills you missed throughout the month.
You were completely honest about that in the beginning of your relationship with Frank. The first time things started getting hot and heavy between the 2 of you, he had asked if you were on any form of birth control. You had told him yes but that you weren’t the best at remembering to take your pills. It didn’t seem to phase him. He just told you he’d pull out. You trusted him.
And that’s been working for you so far.
The following night, you find yourself in the Adler kitchen. You’re teaching Mary how to cook. You had decided early on to go with something simple. Spaghetti. Everyone’s favorite.
“Okay, the tomatoes are all squished. What’s the next step?”
You look over at Mary and can’t help but feel your heart swell. The poor girl has gotten tomatoes everywhere. In her hair, on her clothes, and even on the floor. You grab some paper towels so she can wipe off her hands. You carefully help her down from the chair she was standing on to reach the counter.
“Why don’t you go wash your face, sweetie? And maybe tie your hair back? I’ll wait for you.”
She giggles and makes her way to the bathroom to clean up.
You can’t help but match her giggle as you clean up her little mess. Mary is just amazing. Not only do you get to be with Frank, but Mary comes along as a packaged deal. You can’t believe you got so lucky as to have both of them in your life.
Mary comes skipping out of the bathroom after she’s all cleaned up. “Okay, Y/N! What’s next?”
You guys dive right back into it. You help her finish up the sauce and get it heating on the stove.
You’re so busy teaching her that you miss the way Frank is staring at you from the couch.
He was confused at the sudden tightness in his jeans as he watched you with Mary. Why was he getting so turned on? Why did he have the sudden urge to take you to his bedroom and fuck you so full of his cum, you’d be dripping? And why were images of you swelled with his child consuming his thoughts now?
The next night was your and Frank’s Saturday date night. He had said he wanted to stay in and feel every inch of you with his mouth. Well, who were you to say no to that?
Which is why you were currently on your back on his bed with his head between your thighs and stuffed full of his fingers.
“Come on, pretty girl. Cum for me one more time and then you can have my cock.”
Frank couldn’t explain what was happening to him. He tried all last night to rid himself of the thoughts of you pregnant with his child. But the more he tried to stop, the more thoughts plagued his brain. He knew they wouldn’t stop until he filled you up. Claimed you as his.
So that was his plan tonight. Unbeknownst to you of course. But he knew you’d be on board once he talked some sense into you.
He feels you clenching around his fingers. He sucks your clit back into his mouth and that does it. You lose yourself in your third orgasm of the night.
“Frank, baby, need you inside me now.” You weakly pull at his hair, trying to get your point across.
He smirks up at you. “Need my cock, sweet girl? Needy little thing aren’t you? Well I suggest you get on your hands and knees for me then.”
You suddenly find the energy to comply. If he wants you on your hands and knees, that means he wants it hard and fast. Which just happens to be your favorite.
Once in position, you wiggle your hips enticingly at him. “Come on, Frank. Fuck me.”
He kneels behind you and grabs your wrists to pull your arms behind your back. He secures both wrists with his left hand and grabs the base of his cock with his right. “Gonna fuck you so good, baby girl. Don’t worry, I got you.”
He slowly pushes in and moves his right hand to your hip.
Once his hips are flush against your ass, he takes a minute and lets his thoughts of you pregnant consume him again. It somehow makes him even harder inside you.
He’s brought out of his thoughts at the sounds of your begging. “Please, Frank. Need you to move. Please. I’ll do anything.”
He can’t help the smirk that takes over his face at your words. “Anything, huh?”
Your reply gets cut off with a moan as he begins to move.
He starts nice and slow with his thrusts, wanting to make sure you get so fucked out, you’ll say yes to anything.
But you don’t want nice and slow. You want hard and fast. “Come on, babe. Harder. Faster.”
He decides to tease you a bit. He stops all movement and leans down until his front is pressed into your back, his mouth at your ear. “Did you just tell me what to do, baby girl? Has that ever worked for you in the past?”
You start wriggling against him, trying to get some friction. “Come on, Frank. What the fuck? Just fuck me already.”
He growls and moves his knees to place them on your legs so that you can’t move. You let out a pathetic whine. He hasn’t restrained you in awhile. He must be in a mood. A mood you just so happen to love.
“I think you’re forgetting who’s in charge here, sweetheart. But don’t worry, I’ll remind you. Now, are you going to be a good girl for me? Take my cock like the good slut I know you to be?”
You whimper out what you think is a ‘yes, sir’. You’re not sure. But whatever Frank heard must be good enough for him. He raises up, knees pressing into your calves, holding you in place. He keeps his left hand on your wrists behind your back and places his right hand back on your hip.
This time his thrusts are hard and rough. You start moaning out his name, already pathetically close to your release, still sensitive from the 3 he gave you before.
He can feel you clenching around him. “What a pathetic little slut. Gonna cum for me already, huh? Such a desperate whore for my cock.” He releases his grip on your hip and moves his hand underneath you and presses his fingers against your clit, rubbing firm circles in time with his thrusts. “Come on then, cum for me, Y/N.”
Just a few more thrusts and a harder press of his fingers against your clit and you’re gone. You cum hard around his cock, screaming his name into the mattress.
“Goddamn, sweetheart! That’s it. Good girl. Squeezing my cock so tight. Gonna make me cum.” He adds even more pressure to your clit, loving the feel of your walls fluttering around him. “Yeah baby girl? You want me to cum?”
How is he still able to form words? You’re having a hard enough time staying conscious, let alone able to put words together that make sense. Especially with the extra pressure against your clit. You can already feel another orgasm building. “Mmmm, Frank. Please. Can’t, no more.”
“Awe, does my dumb baby want me to stop? Cause I know that’s not true. You want to cum again.” You start to protest but are cut off. “No, you will cum again. Understand? You can give me one more. You want to be my good girl don’t you?”
Fuck, you really did. You hated disappointing him. You could give him one more.
You nod your head the best you can as it’s still pressed into the mattress. “Okay. Please, one more. Just one more.”
He picks up his pace even more. “Fucking knew you could. Alright baby, I’m gonna cum this time too. But need you to cum with me okay? Can you do that? Cum for me while I fill up that tight pussy?”
“Yes! Yes, Frank! Please, please mak…wait…what?”
But Frank is lost in a lust filled haze. He can’t hear you. “Oh, yeah. Gonna fill that pussy up til you’re dripping, honey.”
Shit. He’s lost in pleasure. You try to yell to get his attention. “Frank! Frank, no! You can’t cum inside of me! You know that! I could get pregnant. Please, Frank!”
Even in the midst of all this, you can still feel your orgasm. Damn him and his perfect cock and magical fingers. “I know. You’re gonna look so good swelled with my baby. Be the perfect mother.”
Oh, no.
You start thrashing against him as much as you can, desperate to now get away from him. Unfortunately all that seems to do is add more friction against your clit, pushing you that much closer to your release.
Frank lands a hard smack to your ass. “Stop acting like you don’t want this. I know you do. So fucking take it. Oh fuck, Y/N! Here it comes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
The warmth of his spend coating your walls triggers your orgasm, making you milk him for everything he has.
Only after you come down from your high and Frank stops thrusting, do you realize you’re crying.
Frank wipes them away with his free hand. “Shhh. It’s okay, pretty girl. I know you’re just as happy about this as I am.”
What the fuck?
As soon as he releases your wrists, you push him off of you with all the strength you can muster. You launch yourself off the bed and across the room to put as much distance between the two of you as possible.
You are suddenly very aware of the fact that you’re naked. You do your best to cover what you can with your hands and arms.
Frank stands up and starts making his way to you but stops when he sees that you’ve put a hand up. “Don’t! Don’t fucking touch me, Frank!”
He cocks his head to the side with a confused look. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?”
You give him an incredulous look. “What’s the matter? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You came inside of me, Frank! I thought we had an agreement. We don’t want kids, remember?”
That just causes him to shrug his shoulders. “I thought I didn’t. I changed my mind. I’m allowed to change my mind, aren’t I?”
“Well, of course you are! But you need to talk to me about it first!”
“Why talk to you about it when I can just get what I want? We both know we’ll be happy either way. Why are you fighting this so much? You’re gonna be the best mother.”
He has officially fucking lost it. “Because I don’t want to be a mother, Frank! You know that! I thought we were on the same page! Besides, how do you even know it’s going to take?”
You then realize how much closer he’s gotten to you, causing you to back up until you hit the wall. “We were! But I changed my mind! Will you quit being mad at me? You love me, remember? And I’ll keep filling you up until it does! You’re going to have my baby and you’re going to be happy about it.”
You push past him and start gathering your clothes and redressing. Once you’re fully dressed, you turn to face him. “I never want to fucking see you again, Frank.” You turn and grab the doorknob when he speaks again.
“Mary is going to be so upset.”
That makes you stop in your tracks. How fucking dare he bring her into this. You turn back around to face him. “Well, maybe you should’ve thought about that before you raped me.”
He starts laughing. Laughing. “Rape you? Oh, sweetheart. I didn’t rape you. I felt you cum around me. You wanted it. Just like I know you’ll want this baby. And besides, Mary is ecstatic.”
“What do you mean she’s ecstatic?”
“Yeah, when I told her we were going to try for a baby, she got so excited. Said she’s always wanted a brother or sister. Said she already has names picked out.”
“You’re fucking psychotic, Frank. I’m done.”
“You really want to disappoint Mary? She’s already lost her mother and has trouble fitting in because she’s gifted. You don’t want to be another disappointment in her life, do you?”
You can’t believe he’s using Mary against you.
The tears start falling down your face before you can stop them. You really don’t want to be another let down for Mary. She’s had enough. What the fuck were you going to do?
Frank closes the distance between you and gathers you in his arms. “Shhhh. It’s okay, pretty girl. I’m going to take such good care of you. We’ll be one big happy family. You’ll see.”
What other choice did you really have? If anything you needed to stick around and protect Mary. You’d do anything for her.
You return Frank’s hug and whisper out, “one big happy family.”
Taglist: @stargazingfangirl18​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @harrysthiccthighss​ @lllols @patzammit​ @bluemusickid​ @wanderinglunarnights​
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fluffycutecevans · a day ago
the number of times i imagine frank adler as my boyfriend in a day oof!
who wouldn’t want that man? like cute grumpy frank who is so sweet to me. takes care of me. imagine waking up to him!!
we talk about mary and how cool she is! that kiddo is awesome. three of us going to the beach and having fun yay!
wanna kiss frankie pankie all over his face!! aaaaah he is husband material. i love him so much.
what was the point of this? idk but hey, FRANK ADLER deserves more attention!
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mrsaugustwalker · 3 days ago
Daily Sweetheart Drabble - Wednesday
Prompt From This List
Old West AU - Person A needs money to pay off their debtors, Person B needs a spouse for decency’s sake. Also, there are horses.
Frank Adler
Tumblr media
"Please." Frank looks up at you, his hand clutch at the reins of your stallion. The horse paws at the sand of the arena and trumpets. "You know my answer, Mr Adler." You reply. You bend down to tug the reins out of his grip. "But what about Mary. I need your help." Frank casts his big blue eyes up at you. You heave a sigh. You loathe that he is using his niece as bargaining chip in this. You love that girl to bits. And you want her to have a stable home to grow up in. But you also don't really fancy marrying Frank Adler. Sure, he is a nice man and he is good with the colts. But you don't want his debts to becomes yours. You can do without debt, especially as a woman alone. Men already put so little stock in your merit. You don't need it to plummet because of Frank.
Frank groans and steps back. He gazes at his boots. He looks lost. He reminds you a lot of a puppy who you still need to train. You feel your heart churn. You feel very sorry for him. But you also want to be firm with him. "I can't help you. Frank." You tell him. "You can, but you don't want to!" Frank exclaims. Your stallion nickers loudly, startled. You lean backwards in the saddle to prevent him from bolting. "I will not have you take that tone with me, Mister Adler." You tell him firmly. Frank backs up, something in his jaw tensing.
"I'll be back." He says hoarsely. Then he turns on his heel and leaves your property.
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rocketrhap3000 · 3 days ago
news to us
requested: Hello!! :) could I maybe request something where reader and Chris are both celebs and they’re married and a gossip magazine comes out saying they’re getting divorced and they post a vid on Instagram or something poking fun at the magazine like “omg we’re getting a divorce?! No one told us!”. Lol this is based off a video mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher posted doing the same thing when a tabloid was spreading rumors. It was so cute. If you want, you can probably find the vid for my ask to make more sense😂. Thank you!
a/n: omg i love this! and why do i feel like this is totally something chris would do haha, especially considering his and lizzie olsen’s reaction to all the dating rumors way back when. i did find the video of mila and ashton and it is so adorable! also, i just realized you said reader was a celeb too but i forgot to directly include that, sorry!!!
warnings: i think none? mentions of celebrity gossip? a few swears? 
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
“Chris,” you call, staring down at your phone, reading the latest media gossip article headlined, Chris and (Y/n) Evans: Another Failed Marriage in Hollywood?
“Yeah, Honey?” he answers. His voice is chipper and he greets you with a sweet smile as you enter the living room and sit down on the couch next to him. 
“We’re getting a divorce,” you state rather bluntly, still looking down at your phone. 
“I… uh, we’re what now?” he asks in a panic. 
“Oh god,” you laugh, looking up at the fear on his face. “No, I didn’t mean actually.”
“Please… clarify,” he laughs nervously. 
You hand him your phone so he can look at the article. 
Chris Evans fans, unite! Is the former Marvel star single again? Chris Evans and seemingly estranged wife (Y/n) were seen getting into separate cars after the red carpet premiere of the actor’s latest film. Inside sources, who wish to remain anonymous, say there was also tension between the pair the whole night. In some photos, Chris is even seen without his wedding ring. Is this too-good-to-be-true, picture-perfect marriage falling apart? 
“Oh my god. This shit is ridiculous!” Chris exclaims, “These media gossip sites will do anything for a headline.”
“Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny,”
“They take simple happenings and blow them way out of proportion,”
“Babe, it’s alright,” you giggle, placing your two hands on his shoulders.
“Well, something is obviously not alright if people think we’re getting a divorce,” he scoffs. “I mean, estranged wife? Who the hell do they think they are?”
“Then I think we should mess with them. Show them just how stupid they are,” you smirk. 
“Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?”
“Just play along a little. Post on instagram or something,”
“You little trickster,” he teases. “Let’s do it.”
So the two of you conjure up a plan. You decide on posting a video playing along with the tabloids. After deciding what you’re going to say, Chris opens up his phone camera and starts recording. 
“Hey, Honey, what’s wrong?” he asks you. 
“Our marriage is failing,” you state plainly, showing your phone, with the article pulled up, to Chris’ camera.
“What?” he gasps, playfully shocked. 
“Yeah, we’re getting a divorce,” you say with a pout.
“We’re getting a divorce?” he repeats.
“Yeah, I guess so,” you confirm.
“Oh my god, what are we gonna do?” 
“I don’t know. This is the first I’m hearing of it,”
“Yeah me too. Huh. Wait, why are we getting a divorce?” he then asks, feigning confusion.
“It’s just too complicated. I just couldn’t keep up with your demanding celebrity lifestyle,” you say, making it obvious that you’re reading from your phone. 
“Aw man, I’m sorry,”
“Yeah, and you took Dodger. So I guess I don’t even get to see Dodger anymore.” 
“Damn. Well this divorce is news to us,” he teases, and with his laugh, the two of you finally break “character”. 
He stops the video and gives you a high five, and both of you are unable to control your giggles. You rewatch it and decide it’s good to go. Then, he starts another video. 
“So these headlines are obviously fake, guys,” Chris says.
“Yes. We’re still happily married,” you add on as he wraps an arm around you and kisses your temple. 
“Yeah. Anything you see online has been taken way out of context. There’s a logical explanation for everything in this article that they think is “evidence”. Not that we need to explain ourselves... but the only reason there were pictures of me at the premiere without my ring was because I was fidgeting with it too much. My hands were just so sweaty, because I was so nervous, and it slid right off. I made (Y/n) carry it in her bag so I wouldn’t lose it,” he explains, then holds his hand up to the camera to show his ring. “See? Back where it belongs.”
“Also, we got into separate cars afterwards because he had to leave to start filming a new project right after the premiere. But no spoilers,” you say with a playful smile.
“Yeah, (Y/n) had to go straight home to take care of Dodger like the amazing dog-mom she is.”
“And Dodger, by the way, is right here at our feet,” you chuckle, and Chris tilts the camera to show the dog laying happily on his parents’ toes.
“So, all is well in the Evans household. Never believe the internet, people!” Chris exclaims, kissing you again, this time on your cheek, before ending the video. 
“I think we nailed it!” you boast after rewatching the second video. 
“I agree. Let’s give these idiots some actual content,” he scoffs again, selecting the two videos and typing the caption, “life update with @y/nevans” before clicking the blue Post button.
“I bet we just made some media journalists very very mad,” you giggle, falling into Chris’ lap as he tucks his phone away.
“I really couldn’t care less, Sweetheart,” he says, connecting his lips to yours, pulling his own body on top of yours, and proving to you just how much less he couldn’t care.
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dadplease · 4 days ago
pretty pink trees. [blurb.]
☆ written for eun's 3k blurb night ☆
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
summary | frank helps you make a special picture when you start to question your choice in marker shade.
pairing | daddy!frank adler x little!reader
warnings | ddlg (daddy!frank little!reader), soft!frank (AWW he's so cute i love him), reader gets a little sad, just so fluffy so soft so sweet love love love these vibes B-)
requested by @bluberryboy | Hi friend! Happy blurb night, I’m so proud of you. Could I request a frank Adler with little reader prompt? If you can make the reader gender neutral that’s great, and if not, totally fine. I was thinking maybe little!reader is coloring with frank, and they accidentally use the wrong color and get mad/sad because they feel like they messed up, but frank shows them that they can still make it into a beautiful picture, and at the end they give it to him Daddy!frank makes me vv happy 😊
an | hi friend omg omg omg i'm so happy and excited to write this for you !!!! yes i left out all gendered words so reader is totally gender neutral here friend, tbh writing frank is something i've been putting off for a long time but this sweet sweet request reminds me a lot of baby and her safe!friend!frank and it just think it's so sweet and lovely, thank you so much friend hope you enjoy!!
"Baby," Frank chuckles as you sit happily on his lap, coloring away in your favorite coloring book. "You made the trees pink?"
At the man's innocent words, your face drops, your light-pink marker coming to a halt over the smooth surface of the paper. "L-looks bad?" you whimper, instantly causing the man to shush you, bouncing you gently in his lap as he quickly goes back on his words.
"No, honey. It doesn't look bad at all. They're very pink trees, sweetheart. I was just a little surprised; you usually make all your trees green." Your daddy begins to panic a little as you don't lighten up at his explanation, his strong hands beginning to rub up and down your arms as he prays to himself that he hasn't brought you to the point of tears.
"You're right, Daddy," you mumble, setting your marker down as your wide eyes gaze heavily over the page. "Trees s'pposed to be green. I-I'm sorry."
"No, hey- wait a minute," Frank tries, picking up a pink marker of his own. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to upset you; I love your pink trees so much, pumpkin. They're so pretty... you know what? These could be cherry blossom trees!"
Perking up a bit at his suggestion, you lift your head slightly, watching in wonder as the man begins to draw tiny buds across the pink-covered page. "Look, see? The pink makes the petals on the branches so pretty! What do you think, sweetheart?" he asks hopefully.
"Cherry b'ossoms!" you cheer, starting to help your daddy as together, the two of you fill the clumps of pink with beautiful petaling blossoms. "So pretty," you add, your precious smile now returning to your face as you snuggle into Frank contently.
"So, so pretty, baby," he agrees, leaning down and pressing a kiss into your hair. "See? It all turned out alright, honey. You're so perfect, couldn't make an ugly picture if you tried."
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stcveskent · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
illicit affair; steve rogers
pairings: best friends dad! steve rogers x reader (steve is also reader's teacher)
warnings: smut, and kinda fluff (idk you count it) and also, awkardness and tension between the two
request on tumblr
It was raining, it was very unusual, to rain on such a sunny day, but we gotta expect the unexpected. After your lectures you went to a library to get some book for your upcoming test, and it started to rain pretty bad.
So you started walking because your best friend, Melissa, wasn't gonna pick you up. The only place close to this library was Melissa's place, and you decided to go there for a while.
There wasn't any problem except one, Steve Rogers, Melissa's Dad, and also, a professor in your college. It was strange how young he lookef when he was a father of a girl who was your age.
So like usual, you walked to  Melissa's place, and knocked. Again, expect the unexpected. You expected Melissa to great you on the door, but it wasn't, It was Steve Rogers, the handsome, and ridiculously hot man, you had dreams about.
"Y/n? Hey!" He greeted, and you just stopped looking at him.
"Uh—M-Mr. Rogers? Is Melissa here?" You asked, still standing outside, and you were soaking wet, from the rain. He looks at you, from up to down.
"Melissa isn't home." He says, and you nodded.
"Alright, i-i'll leave, see you on Monday, Mr. Rogers—"
"Its still Raining Y/n, i think you should stay here, Melissa would be here soon, don't worry."
"I don't really wanna disturb you, Mr—"
"I can really use your company, Y/n, stay." He says, his voice calm, and demanding, which made you take a deep breath.
"S-sure." You replied as he let you in. You had a huge crush on this man, he was your Teacher, alongside was your best friend's dad. But love is love.
Steve, on the other hand, too had a crush on you, and he always used to backout thinking of his daughter and also, thinking that you were his student, and you probably don't feel the same.
a shiver ran down your body, you were cold, and wet from the rain. This grabbed, Steve's attention, and he looks at you, your arms closely wrapped around your body.
"I'll get you some fresh clothes, and a towel okay? You can go and take a shower, in Mel's room." He offered to you and you nodded, walking upstairs to Melissa's room.
You walked to the bathroom, and stripped down to shower. Warm showers were your favorite during these times. Meanwhile, Steve keeps a pair of fresh clothes, (his clothes) and a towel, while you fresh up, and decided to give you the towel.
He knocks on the bathroom door.
"Is it Mel?" You asked, your voice soft, and he melted when you spoke like that.
"No, Y/n, it's me, Steve, i wanted to give you you go." He says, a weird feeling between the two.
"Mr. Rogers, thank you, uh.." you tried to talk, but couldn't form words. He too was in the same form when he was around you.
"I'll see you, downstairs." He says, before leaving, and closing the bedroom behind him, sighing, pushing his hair upwards, thinking of what's wrong with him, and you do the same.
After getting dressed you walked downstairs, to where he was sitting, with a cup of coffee, near the heater, at how cold it was getting, and so were you, so cold. His attention turns towards you, as you walked in his clothes, his shirt, and his sweats.
"I hope you won't mind wearing these, you know, I don't touch Melissa's closet —" he waits to gather words, but couldn't.
"I-i understand, Mr. Rogers, and thank you for these clothes , they're very comfortable." You thanked him, and he smiles, unable to take his eyes off you.
"Would you like a cup of coffee?" He asked, and you looked at him.
"—yess if it doesn't bothers you." You replied and he shook his head.
"Ofcourse y/n, why would it bother me?" He says and asks at the same time while he walks in the kitchen, getting a cup of coffee ready, for you.
He gives it to you, and sits infront of you, while you're shivering, and he turns the heater to your side.
"So, what were you doing outside?" He asked, and you smiled at him before answering.
"I-i was just getting books from the library for the upcoming test, you know." You answered, and he nodded, and smiled.
"Studying i see, I really am proud of your results Y/n, you did great, the past semester." He appreciated you, and you smiled at him.
"Thank you, Mr. Rogers!"  Just then, Melissa calls him, and he sighs, and picked it up, you take a deep breath, as he answered.
"Melissa, where are you?" He asks, trying to calm his anger and stress towards the fact that his daughter hasn't returned home.
"Dad, I am with jacob! I already told you, now look at how bad it's raining, I won't step or drive." She explains, and he sighs, keeping his free hand on his torso. Your eyes not stuck at him, as he talked.
"Are you planning on staying the night there? Gosh! Y/n's here waiting for you too." He says, and looks at you, and you quickly look away from him.
"Y/n's there? Then you two can give company to each other. Dad, i have to stay the night here, you have to look at the way it's raining today."
"Fine, take care, be back early tomorrow." He says and hangs up, seeing you.
"Mel's not gonna be home tonight, it's raining very bad." He said and you nodded.
"Well, i guess i should leave Mr. Rogers, I-"
"Steve, Call me Steve, no one's around here.." steve said and you nod
"Mr. R—Steve...i think I should leave, see you—"
"Stay here for a while Y/n, its still raining heavily." He insisted, and you couldn't say no to that face ofcourse. He looked like he needed company and even if you get home, you wouldn't do anything, so you wouldn't mind spending time with him.
"Alright, Steve." You said, and he smiles. You sit back, shivering like hell. You were a very cold person, I don't know how should I describe it. But back in the days, you always were found in sweaters or blankets wrapped around you.
"Still cold?" He asked, and you shook your head.
"I am done with my work, would you mind watching a movie? I also have food and i hope you like it." He offers and ofcourse you say yes.
"Ofcourse, Mr.Rogers — i mean Steve." You said and he nods going to the kitchen, getting some snacks, while you get comfortable on the couch.
He comes back, playing some random movie, which you're trying hard to pay attention to, but its getting so hard, because Steve was hella attractive and seeing him with a formal wear, made you go crazy.
He comes closer to you, as you were cold, wrapping you in a blanket, and holds you close to him.
"Mr. Rogers..what are you doing?" You asked pulling away from him.
"Y-you were cold Y/n, i was just trying to help nothing else.." he says and you look away.
"Sorry...i—thank you.." you whispered and he nodded, as he still kept you close to him, it was very difficult to keep the eyes on the tv and watch it or pay attention to it now.
The female lead in the movie kisses the male lead, and it was just getting intense, and your heart was racing, and so was Steve's. This has been the closest he has been to you...and he was losing himself.
You didn't know how, but something came over you, and you looked at him, and he turned to look at you, this was very different.
"Everything ok—" you cut him off by pressing your lips on his. He was shocked but, kissed you back. He now pulled you closer to him, arms freely on your waist, as he pulls you closer. You pull away, resting your head on his, and both of you pant.
"I've wanted that for so long." He says, and you look at him.
"Me too." You replied, kissing him again, now it was so unholy, that he got an idea of. Pulling him closer, tangling your legs on his torso, kissing which was full of teeths and tongues.
He pulls away, looking at you , breathing heavily, and asks you.
"Do you want this, Y/n? Because if you do, fuck i will give it to you, and if not I won't lay a finger on you, ever!" He says and you smile at him.
"Ofcourse i want it." You said, before he kisses you again, you now laying on the couch, he's on top of you. Your hands on the hem of his shirt, as you rip it off him, and smirked at your eagerness.
His hands pull your shirt off, and you both try to get rid of the clothes you were on throwing it on the floor, somewhere, none of you cared about.
He kisses you, on your neck, his fingers roaming around your body, resulting moans falling from your lips, he left marks, just then he picks you up, takes you to his bedroom, not leaving your lips for a second.
The kisses keeps getting hotter, you both fell on the bed, you were on top, but he rolls, and he's on top now.
"I need you!." You whinned.
"I know!." He says, kissing your inner thighs
He goes down and leans to your clit, smirking as he felt your wetness.
"So wet for me, and i've barely touched you." He said and you moaned. His lips attach to your clit and he started licking it slow, and teasing you
"Oh fuck! Steve! Don't tease!!" You moaned and he smirked. He kept doing that until you were close enough for him.
"Baby.." you tried to say and he switched his mouth with his fingers. His eyes starring deeply into yours, and when you moaned, he growled lightly.
"Fuck i'm going to cum!" You said and he kissed you, as you came on his fingers, moaning loudly,arms around his shoulder.
He sucks his fingers clean, and seeing that made you go crazy. I mean he looked like a sex god.
"Baby, you taste so good." He said and you blushed. He smirked looking at you.
"Ready for me baby?" He asked and you nodded. He lines himself at your entrance and pushes into you, gasps and moans leave your mouth. He moans at how tight you were.
"Oh god." You moaned as he started thrusting in you, slowly. Sweating, and moaning was the only things you two do. Steve grunts, as he thrusts again.
"Just like that baby, just like that oh god yes." You moaned, he literally is a sex god, now you were sure
Steve's one hand on the headboard and the other near your body, for his balance. He thrusted harder into you, and your moans and his grunts were loud.
He continued doing that until you both were close, moaning eachother names like its the only thing you know.
"Oh god, i'm gonna cum." You said
"Cum on me, i know you want, give me one more, baby." He said and kissed you, before you screamed, cumming all over his cock, as he moaned at how you clenched around him. He felt how close he was, and then came in you, both of you heavily breathing.
He collapsed next to you, while you tried to catch your breath.
"That..was...amazing!" You said, and he smiles at you.
"I know, now get some rest, i'm not leaving you that early." You said and he kissed you.
Oh boy you were in for a longgg night, and no you weren't complaining. What you & Steve had, was illicit and wrong, but none of you cared because that's what both of you wanted it from so long. You were just worried about facing Melissa, and on the other hand Steve would have felt the same, but for now, none of you care about the future, other than living the present, with each other.
so bad omg😭😭
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buckyownsmylife · 7 days ago
WIP Wednesday: future series
No idea when this is coming (if y’all bug me enough about it, maybe sooner than I intended?) but the gist of it is somewhat of a reverse harem where you’re Steve’s, Ari’s, Andy’s, Frank’s and Ransom’s omega.
Each chapter centers around a different kink (or a few), more or less. 
Yes, I can also be bribed to share what said kinks are. It’ll truly depend on y’alls interest.
And as always, you can go follow @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ and bother her about it because not only does she know the outline of the entire series, she has already read what it’s written of it so far (three chapters)
Tumblr media
“Tell me, Y/N,” he asked, hands still cradling my face when he tilted his to take me in. “Are you an angel?” I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped me as I realized he had thought the same as I had when my eyes set on him.
“No, sir,” I confessed, to which he inhaled deeply. It was only later that I realized he was breathing me in, taking in my scent. And it was after I realized that he was trembling, exercising an enormous effort to hold himself back from doing something that I processed it.
“That makes me feel better about what I’m gonna do.”
He took me right there, in the middle of nowhere, my dress torn to shreds with a flick of his wrist when he pounced on me until we were both rolling on the dirt. He ended up on top but I ended up on my stomach and so I never got to see him taking off his clothes - I just assumed he did because the next thing I felt was his member stretching me out, forcing me to take every inch of him in my tight channel.
Perhaps I should have screamed to beg for help or for him to stop, but all I could think was that it felt too fucking good. His hand on my skin felt too fucking good and when he ran his own hands over my body, I just wanted him to keep me in his arms and never let me go.
My cries were lost to the woods, swallowed by the trees, taken as offerings by the forest. Not because of the pain of being split open like this, by something as long and thick as his member, but because of the overwhelming pleasure each snap of his hips gave me, a pleasure I had never once known before.
With each thrust, I felt something changing within me, like I was becoming more his than my own. The thought thrilled me to no end. I closed my eyes when the bliss engulfed me, welcoming me into its warm embrace and warning me of a life where I’d never feel sated without it again. My hands scratched the ground, collecting some dirt in my closed fist when I tensed, and behind me, I heard his groans before I felt a thickness at the base of his member, where we were connected, penetrate me with a pop.
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starlight-rogers · 7 days ago
Could you do Prompt #18 where the reader goes down on Chris(or one of his characters) and he’s super needy and desperate?
Need It
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 800+ words
Summary: 18. "Please don't stop."
Warnings: smut, oral (m receiving), mentions of oral (f receiving), kinda cock worship????, subby!Chris, dirty talk, 18+ only
A/N: I love requests that give me subby!Chris vibes! Hope you all enjoy this little drabble
Tumblr media
His plea for more sends warmth running straight to your core as you moan against the soft skin of his inner thigh. You loved seeing him underneath you, begging for more, and you weren't ready to give him what he wanted just yet.
"What do you want, baby?" you ask with a smirk, your lips getting closer to the juncture where his thigh meets his crotch. It's not enough for him, it could never be, and you know that by the way he grinds his hips into the air desperately, the need to feel your mouth on his cock growing more intense with every passing second.
"I-I need, oh god!" he moans as you fan your breath out against his rock-hard member, making it almost impossible for him to form a full sentence as you look to him with expectant eyes, "Need your mouth, please."
You hum in content with his begging, leaning up to press a soft kiss to the tip of his cock, precum gathering on your lips as he moans loudly at the action, "That feel good?" you ask, enjoying the way that you had rendered him a needy, fucked-out mess with only a few small touches.
"Fuck, sweetheart," he moans out, watching as you grasp his cock in your hand, very slowly pumping him as your tongue teases his head, "Feels so fucking good."
You suck his tip between your lips in response to his praise, humming around him and watching as the vibrations through his cock send him closer to delirium. It's like all that Chris can feel or see or hear is you. The way your mouth fits snugly around him as you pump what you can't swallow with your hand. The way your eyes look up at him with glistening joy as you watch him fall apart beneath you. The sounds of you moaning around him as you taste him on your tongue. He's surrounded by your presence entirely, and it's intoxicating.
You pull off his cock to take in a greedy breath, chuckling when he whines at the loss of contact.
"Oh, baby, do you need me to make you cum?" he nods furiously at your question, and you're not sure if you even see tears glistening in his eyes as he looks down at you, "Use your words, baby."
"Please, need to cum," he gasps as you swirl your thumb around his tip, his cock twitching in your hand. He's close, so fucking close and all he needs is your gorgeous mouth on his cock to send him tumbling over the edge. You don't tease for much longer, taking him back into your mouth and taking as much of him as you can into your throat, "Don't stop, oh fuck! Please don't stop."
You hum around him as you bob your head, doubling your efforts to get him over the edge into pure bliss. You can feel the way his thighs are trembling beneath your touch, the way that his cock is quivering in your mouth, dribbles of his precum falling on your tongue every time you sink down onto him.
You can tell that he's right on the brink, and when you reach out with one hand to fondle his balls, he's a goner. With a loud whimper that turns into a groan, he spills into your throat, his hips moving of their own accord as his orgasm takes over. You swallow every drop he gives you, allowing him to use your mouth to prolong his release for as long as possible before he stops moving from oversensitivity and you slowly let him slip out of your mouth.
He looks like a total wreck as you take in the sight of him, eyes clenched shut tight, mouth hung open in a silent scream of pleasure, chest heaving and body slicken with sweat as he comes down from pure euphoria. You pepper kisses all along his chest and jawline until he calms down enough to open his eyes and it's then that you pull him into a kiss.
The kiss is soft and sweet, and Chris groans against you when he tastes himself on your tongue.
"Baby girl, that mouth of yours is gonna be the death of me." he pants out with a chuckle, making you giggle as you press a soft kiss to his lips.
"You know you love it." you reply with a cheeky giggle, gasping as he rolls the two of you over so you're now pressed against the mattress with Chris hovering over you, "What're you doing?"
"Giving my little minx exactly what she deserves." he teases, kissing his way down your tummy before pressing a kiss to your mound over the damp fabric of your panties, smirking as you gasp at the contact, "I'm gonna eat this pretty little pussy until you can't remember your own name."
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sparkledfirecracker · 9 days ago
Sunny Fall Out
Synth’s 5K Follower Challenge / How it started – How’s it going?
@syntheticavenger , again congrats on reaching 5K 😊!
Title: Sunny Fall Out
Pairing: Frank Adler x Female Reader
Challenge: Frank Adler / Babysitting Mary
Warning: Swearing and fluff
My blog is an 18+ only zone, minors do not interact. Don’t let the fluff fool you.
A/N: My second entry for Synt’s 5K follower challenge. This fluff entered my brain while working on this dark filthy twisted mobster story. Took a break to write up this fluffy drabble for the lovely anon who requested this for the challenge. Lightly proofread, so all mistakes are my own. ENJOY!
Pictures for moodboard found on Pinterest, credit to the respectful owners!
Tumblr media
How it started:
Frank Adler, your next door neighbour, with his complicated character. He was your weakness, his toned physique, his hard working ethic and his devotion to Mary. Exhaustion had overtaken your body when Frank ambushed you. There he had stood; practically begging you to watch Mary for a couple of hours. Roberta being out for the day and he had no-one else to turn to.
You loved that little girl and wouldn’t — nor couldn’t — say no to an opportunity to watch her. Even when you were exhausted and all you wanted to do was catch up on some much needed sleep.
Hours had been filled with chatter, pillow fort building and currently; watching a movie allowing you to doze off. It hadn’t been long when your nap was interrupted, the snuggled up girl moving with impatience.
“How about we paint some nails?” You croak
“YES!” An exciting peep from the small human. “What colour?”
“We can check, there is tons of different shades.” You smiled, getting up and grabbing your keys out of your bag. “I’ll be right back, don’t burn down the house, okay?”
“I won’t.” A mini promise before you hurried next door.
Only briefly getting used to the comfort of your home. You grabbed the small basket with nail polishes and remover. Running back and settling back down in the homemade fort. It hadn’t taken you long to decide on a colour, pink with a glittery shimmer.
“Mary, sit still.” You chirped firming your hold.
“You’re tickling me.” The foot in your hand tried to wriggle out of your grasp. Loud giggles erupting from the small body on your opposite.
“If you keep this up you’ll have more nail polish on your skin than the actual toenails.” You giggle, hearing the door open and keys being tossed on the table with a loud thud.
Frank leaned his hands down on the table. He looked like he had a rough day with whatever he had to do.
“We’re painting toenails.” Mary gleamed showing him the foot we were working on.
“Are you serious?” He sounded aggravated. Mary’s face dropped at Franks annoyed words. Assuming she’d experienced a minor outburst from him before. You couldn’t get a good read on him and opted for the immediate apology.
“Sorry, I thought it might be okay, since it’s only her toenails -- they can be hidden.” Screwing the brush back on the bottle. “I should have asked first.”
“You should have indeed.” He growled
“Mary come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” The disappointed pout on her pale face made your heart sink. Getting up and holding your hand out for her.
“Thanks for watching her, but I didn’t expect to come back to all this girly nonsense and fucking mess.” Frank grumbled. His impatience growing when you weren’t moving fast enough “Just leave it and get out already.” His annoyance had softened when he spoke the harsh words, too late for an apology now.
“Shut up Frank, I thought it was a nice gesture.” Dropping Mary’s hand and pushing past Frank’s body. You turned around to look at him. “You just didn’t have to be a dick about it.” Slamming the door on your way out.
Large steps taken to your house next door, balled fists by your side while you mumbled angrily to yourself. Fighting the tears that were threatening to fall from being exhausted and emotional, clearly the lack of sleep coursing your body. A squeal escaped when you were tugged -- a little too roughly -- on your arm, making you spin around. Frank!
“Leave me alone, you ignorant prick.” You tried breaking free from his grasp, hitting his arm with your free hand.
“I’m sorry.”
“Sorry won’t cut it.” You spat tears now streaming down your cheeks from the overwhelming tiredness consuming your body.
“It’ll have to do”
“It won’t and you know what,” You took in a sharp breath “You’re such an asshole you know that? I did something nice for Mary and here you come, barging in and being all rude and taking your shitty mood out on me. She looked devastated about having to take off some innocent nail polish. I did you a favour when you practically begged me to babysit her. It is just nail polish, Frank, not a full blown makeover to become the next pageant queen of the state…”
The anger unleashed onto him had made you feel slightly better. Before you could speak two large hands had pulled you in and enveloped your lips harshly. The shock made time stand still and then your thoughts recollected themselves at what was happening. Trying to push him off.
“I am really sorry,” Frank looks down at you taking in your features, his cheeks blushed. “I shouldn’t have taken out my rough day on you, it’s just -- it’s just Evelyn making life difficult for a second time ‘round”
You knew his mother was ruthless when it came to Mary. He had told you some small stuff, but knew their relationship was complicated. You’d seen her once and she made shivers run down your spine. She didn’t look like a pleasant person to be around.
Your face softened at his explanation “You want to talk about it over a couple of beers?”
“No, I don’t”
“You don’t want beer? I am truly shocked.” You feigned a gasp, clutching your chest in shocked surprise.
“I want the beer; I don’t want to talk -- I want to make it up to you.”
“For what exactly, Frank?”
“Being an asshole, can I persuade you with an offer of beer and pizza?” It wasn’t really a question, but it was a nice sincere suggestion.
You contemplated for a moment, you grabbed his face and risen to your toes. Pulling him down in your cradled grip and pressing your lips gently to his.
“Does this mean she can paint my nails again?” Mary shouted from the door. Breaking away from the kiss, Frank let’s out a grunt and you both turn your head towards the blonde girl grinning widely in the opening.
“MARY! Get inside”
“Play nice asshole.” With a giggle you slapped his chest playfully.
How’s it going – 6 months later
Your sundress clung to your body, yelping at the cold water from the exploded water balloon. You’re quick to grab the hose holding it in Mary’s direction, joyful shrieks filling the air.
“STOP! STOP!” She yelled, trying to fight her way towards you.
“No, you started it, you’ll finish it.” You laughed continuing to pour the cold water on her.
She fell down and let out a frustrated sob. You initially thought she’d gotten hurt, but when you reached her she full blown sprayed you with her water gun.
“That’s cheating.” You protested, you turn your head at the large grumble from the familiar truck you had been waiting to see. Mischief coursing through your body and you look down at Mary who expresses the same delight as you. “Let’s get Frank.”
“YES!!!” The exhilaration clearly visibly, jumping up and down.
Hiding around the corner you watch Frank approach the house, unknowingly, scanning through the mail. Mary runs up to him with her water gun and you throw some water balloons his way. Hitting him on his head and arm.
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” Frank growled looking at the both of you giggling. “This is how I get welcomed home?” He opened the door and tossed the mail inside, before returning with a wide grin, grabbing a filled bucket by the door and running your way.
“RUN” Mary shrieked heading off, Frank followed in her tracks. Grabbing her by the arm and locking her between his legs. Her frantic movements were no match to his firm hold and she screeches when the cold water is poured down on her.
You couldn’t help but laugh at the interaction. Frank whispers something in her ear and she nods. He lets her go and he waves at you, raising your eyebrow in confusion, but soon realize that Mary is running your way.
“You traitor.” You chuckle pointing towards Mary.
Running away quickly, sprinting around the house trying to dodge Mary. She launches her small body at you, hanging onto you like a Koala. It has clearly slowed you down and before you know it Frank catches you, securing you in his grasp. Mary let’s go and runs away.
“I missed you.” You muse giving him a quick peck on his lips, batting your eyelashes at him.
“I missed you too, but that cute look is not going to charm me.” He places a gentle kiss on your lips, pulling back giving you a devilish look. “We’ve got other ways to deal with naughty girls like you.” With ease Frank lifts you over your shoulder, you slap his ass animatedly trying to get him to put you down.
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avenging-fandoms · 10 days ago
Man’s Best Friend / Chris Evans
Tumblr media
*not requested, idea came to mind! *in which dodger becomes weirdly protective of yn to the point of growling at chris but they realize yn is pregnant *warning: mentions of vomiting, mentions of pregnancy, fluff *PLEASE send me requests!!!!! i can do whoever :)
you sulked back from the bathroom, after the third time throwing up that morning. dodger whimpered softly as he watched you move under the covers again. you patted the sheet and dodger hopped up, laying behind you with his head over your stomach. you rolled over to your back and pet his head which now laid on your stomach.
your phone started to ring and you picked it up, seeing it was chris and hitting the green button and putting it on speaker. “hi baby how’re you feeling?” he asked softly and you shrug like he could see you.
“i just threw up. dodger is comforting me now in bed. i think it might have been that chicken from last night, i feel like shit” you pinched the bridge of your nose and closed your eyes.
“my meeting is over, so i’m heading home now. i’m gonna stop at the store and buy some things to help you. i love you babe” chris explained and you smiled, looking at dodger.
“i love you too chris, thank you” you hung up and put your phone down on the bed. you picked up the remote and clicked on disney+ to see if a disney movie could cheer you up.
a recommendation of captain america popped up and you smiled. “dodge. who is that? is that daddy?” you pointed to the screen and he perked at the name, making you giggle. you picked your comfort disney movie and put the remote next to your phone.
almost an hour later and chris came home. he headed up the stair and smiled as he heard the familiar songs from you watching the movie over and over.
“hi beautiful” chris set the bag down on the table and bent down to kiss you, dodger softly growling. the both of you looked at him concerned, as he never growled at anything, especially chris.
you pet him softly and nothing happened, but chris tried and he growled louder. “that’s insane. he’s never done that before, has he?”
“never” chris furrows his eyebrows and touched your head softly, dodger stayed silent. he moved to your legs, nothing. he went to touch your stomach and dodger snarled his teeth.
you look at chris and his face drops. he pulled out his phone and quickly typed. “what, chris? what’s wrong? should we take him to the vet?” he showed you his phone and the google search of ‘can dogs sense pregnancy’ and your eye widened. “you think? what if he just knows i don’t feel well?”
“it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” chris smiled and you nodded, chris leaving again. you studied dodger with your knees tucked to your chest, cheek on your knees.
chris came back with a regular lines test and another test that actually said ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant.’ you took two of each, leaving them on the counter and setting a timer.
dodger finally stopped growling at chris, licking him all over his face as chris laid on the bed and you laughed in the doorway. chris sat up and you sat next to him, leaning onto him and he kissed your head as he rubbed your arm.
you jumped at the timer went off, shutting it off and looking at chris. “ready?” you nod and he kissed you, your fingers linked together as you slowly walked to the bathroom.
you looked at the four tests, the red lines very dark and both screens reading ‘pregnant.’ chris stood in the door way of the bedroom and waited with a nervous rock in his stomach. “yn?”
“dodger’s gonna be a big brother” you whispered and chris’s face lights up like christmas, grabbing you and hugging you tightly. you both cry into one other’s necks, chris swaying you two slowly as you soaked it all in.
“dodge! buddy you’re so smart. what a good boy” chris sniffled as his dog put his legs on chris’s thigh, the both of you kissing his head.
you shakily took a photo of the tests, saving them on the dresser and you both fall onto the bed. “and i thought it was the chicken” you joke and you both laugh, chris kissing you again and hugging you into him, the both of you staying like that for a while as you both took in this new amazing information with dodger at the end of the bed.
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softcallofdutyimagines · 10 days ago
Would it be to much to request the safe house crew with a non-binary S/O? Maybe how they help their S/O when they’re feeling dysphoric or something? 🥺👉👈
Aw, of course! Sorry ik you've been waiting a while for these, but I do hope you enjoy them :)
He is a wonderful listener and is always there for you if you want to talk about your dysphoria
Additionally, he doesn't try and act like your dysphoria is something he needs to "fix" for you
Instead he tries to keep pressure and question barrages off of you and just listens
While he does understand that this is something only for you to handle, he of course will always offer you any help if he can!
This is perhaps the one and only question he will ask you often when it comes to your dysphoria
He hopes he isn't badgering you or overwhelming you, but he would do anything to make you feel as comfortable in your skin as he can
Hudson is surprisingly learned on both the topics of the gender spectrum as well as things just like your dysphoria
He may seem stoic and a stick in the mud, but information is his business, and how much more important is it when it's something that he can use to help you?
His mind is like a steel trap, and somehow he never seems to forget or slip up on your pronouns
Also, he's very keen on working said pronouns into his sentences when he introduces you to others (that is, if you don't introduce yourself first!)
However, he can be a little snippy with others if they misgender you
He doesn't mean to embarrass you or cause a little scene, he's just a bit over protective
Aw, this big, soft boi is the definition of supportive!!!
Lazar is the emotionally warm type of person and shows a very genuine interest and concern when you tell him about bad dysphoria days or issues in general
He defiantly does what he can to ask what he can do for you to help, but his secret weapon is giving you his big, baggy clothes to wear
While he does know it's not quite the same thing, Lazar knows how it feels to wish you could just make your body disappear, you know?
Not look at it, not feel it, not have others perceive it...
He was bullied a lot as a kid for being a little chonker back in the day and even now he struggles with saggy skin and some extra padding where he wish there wasn't
So needless to say, he has a stash of thick, lorge hoodies and sweats that he would be more then happy to give you if you'd like :)
Mason also knows a thing or two about having your brain and body out of sync
Again, while not really in the same way, he does have the benefit of knowing things he wishes others would do or say to him when he feels uncertain about himself
He spares no effort to be there for you and support you in the outside world when he can
You can always count on him to use your pronouns in front of others and give gentle correction if a stranger misgenders you
Also, he has a sixth sense of sorts that lets him know when you're just feeling too overwhelmed by a situation and he won't hesitate in the slightest to get you away from an uncomfortable place and back safe at home if that's what you want
He is also extremely patient, and during those time where you need to bring yourself back down from being too overwhelmed, he can sit with you for several hours at a time of need be
He'll do whatever it takes to help you. Always.
Like Adler, Park's main power is her ability to listen and give vocal support, especially in front of others
Although, he talk it out sessions are probably the best as they consist of a cozy, blanket and pillow atmosphere as well as some tea and snacks
She's very through and very serious in he desire to give you a safe and comfortable place about things that weigh heavily on your mind
Plus, it's a natural life style of hers to have things cute and comfy, so you never have to worry about a whole set up going on when all you want to do is talk lol
I also feel like Park is particularly interested in activism and being progressive, so you can aaaaalways count on her to attend any rallies or marches that you may be interested in going to!
And even if that's not quite your style, she's been known to drop some donations here and there where it can be put to use to create more gender neutral environments in the hope that one of these days you don't have to deal with potentially dysphoria triggering atmospheres everywhere you go
I feel like Sims is the type that wasn't raised with much knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community or any of the issues they deal with tbh
However, now that he's an adult, he's extremely interested in learning what he can and picking up information so he can be a better ally
You may potentially feel a little overwhelmed from time to time with his questions or at times when you may have to repeat something you've already told him, but he really tries his best not to bother you too much with heavy things like that
With that in mind, he enjoys being able to listen to you speak when you want to talk about your dysphoria or gender identity in general
This not only gives him an opportunity to glean information to hold onto for the future, but it also of course opens up a gateway for him to attempt to provide you with any help or support he can offer
After all, as invested as he is in his quest for knowledge, his number one priority is you!
Woods is sort of in the same boat as Sims in that he wasn't raised with much info about the LGBTQ+ community
However, I feel like Woods is a little less intense in his desire to catch up on what he missed out on then Sims is
This is not at all to say that he doesn't care to learn more, just that he's more willing to take things slow and learn from what you have to share with him rather then bombarding you with random questions he comes up with
I'd say that he pours his intensity into his protective nature over you instead!
He's like Hudson turned up to 11 when it comes to correcting others about your gender identity and fending off those who might seek to intentionally bother you over it
He really does try to not cause a scene, but...
Some people just really get under his skin, you know?
You safety and comfort is his number one priority, and unfortunately, he tends to think with his fists
However, even he knows his limits and he's even slowly starting to learn to catch on to when you really actually do want to just leave, so he's been getting better at just walking away and taking you home instead :)
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rocketrhap3000 · 11 days ago
the big 4-0 
requested: hiiii! for chris’ birthday, can you do a futile oneshot of him being insecure for his 40th bday but reader makes sure he knows just how much she loves him and she tells him that the age gap is just *chef’s kiss* like she loves that hes older than her because she feels safe around him and protected and stuff so like a little bit angst but just fluff and smut!!! but only if you want!
a/n: i love this idea so much and i haven’t written any futile oneshots in a while so thanks for the request !! also i can’t believe this man is turning 40? he’s aged like fine wine😌
warnings: slight angst, eating a cupcake in bed(not any kind of food play kink tho!), insecure chris, smut (blowjob, unprotected sex - pls be smart),,, i haven’t written anything in so long please let me know of any other warnings i should put omg
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
futile series masterlist
my main masterlist
Tumblr media
June 13th. A morning like any other. Except, a very special occasion. Chris’ birthday. But not just any birthday: his 40th, to be exact. You know he was not looking forward to reaching that number, but you also know, being the little social butterfly he is and the way he loves his family, he’s looking forward to celebrating with you and with them.
A little less than a year ago, you’d just reunited with Chris for the summer. A little less than a year ago, you were having to hide your relationship from practically everyone. Now, both your parents and his parents, all of his close family members, and his close friends are all going to be at the Evans’ house to celebrate the big day. But first, you plan to celebrate with him this morning and you get him all to yourself. 
So, while he’s still sleeping, you sneak out of bed and down to the kitchen where a batch of cupcakes you’d made the night before were sitting, just waiting to be eaten by the birthday boy. Dodger watches you get out of bed and leave the room and, thankfully, opts to stay on his pillow on the floor at the foot of yours and Chris’ bed. 
Down in the kitchen, you anxiously gather what you need. You grab the cupcakes from the fridge, take the top off the container, and your nose is met with the sweet aroma of the sugary treat. You’re proud of how they’ve turned out and you’re excited for Chris to try one. Carefully, you take one cupcake out of the tin and grab a candle to poke into the top of the chocolate frosting. Then, you light the candle, grab a blue napkin that has a silver number 40 on it, slide it underneath the cupcake, and carry it back up to the bedroom.
By the time you arrive back to the room, though, Chris’ eyes are just beginning to open.
“Jeez, y’scared me. I don’t like wakin’ up without you next to me…” his sleepy voice begins to say, sitting up in bed more and the sheets fall from his body to expose his bare chest, littered with intricate ink designs, a chain hanging from his neck, and a layer of light hair. But he interrupts himself when he sees the little treat in your hands. 
“Aw, Sweetheart,” he smiles bashfully.
“Haaappy birthday to you,” you start to sing quietly, but when you see his face and neck flush pink, you instead save him the embarrassment.
Climbing onto the bed beside him, you sit on your knees and hold the cupcake out in front of him to give him a chance to blow out the cute little smiley-face candle. He invites you closer to him, placing two firm hands on your waist.
“Make a wish, Lovie,” you say softly.
“I already have everything I want,” he says cheesily, voice gruff with sleep and a tilt of his head as he gazes into your eyes. But when he sees them roll at his goofy joke, he speaks his wish out loud: “I wish for happiness like this, with you, forever,”
And following his last words, he blows out the candle, causing a tiny amount of smoke to float in the air around the two of you. 
“That’s a good wish,” you mumble as he pulls you into him, causing your mouths to clash in a slow, languid, lustful kiss.
After a few moments, both of you pull away just enough so that you can look down at the cupcake in your hand and start to wriggle it out of the reusable baking liner.
“You made these?” Chris asks, taking a swipe of the frosting off the top. 
“Mhm,” you answer, pulling the candle from the top and offering it to him. He licks it off with a little giggle before you set the candle in the liner on the nightstand. 
“They look delicious,” he compliments.
“Well thank you. I hope they taste just as good,” you laugh softly, unfolding the napkin from your hand to make sure no crumbs slip away.
“Aw, did’ja have to remind me of the number, Sweetheart?” he sighs, seeing the napkin with the number on it, but he gives a charming smile anyway.
“Yeah, it’s exciting,” you gently tell him in return, lifting the cupcake to his mouth. He takes a bite, then chuckles after swallowing. 
“Exciting for you to celebrate, maybe. But I’m not exactly thrilled to be 40 now,” 
“Why not?”
“‘S just another year older, I guess. Just reminds me how much older I am than you,” he laughs lightly again, leaning over and taking another bite from the cupcake in your hands. 
“Chris,” you say, a sad smile gracing your lips as your eyebrows furrow together. 
“It’s true!” he mumbles, frosting sticking to his upper lip. 
“Well, you’re always going to be that much older than me. That’s just how life works. You turning 40 today doesn’t suddenly make the age gap any different,” you say in a teasing tone, leaning up and over to kiss the little spot of frosting off his lip. 
“So you’re okay with the fact that I’m officially an old man now?” he makes fun of himself, but you won’t tolerate it. 
“Chris, I’m so glad we’re the ages that we are. If I’m being honest, I love the gap between our ages. There’s just something about you that sets you apart. You’re wiser, more experienced: and not just in the terms of sex or relationships. You’ve literally experienced more life than I have. You have a more mature outlook on life. And you look out for me. You keep me safe,” you say, placing a hand on his scruffy cheek and running your thumb over his lips.
“Chris, I love you for you. I love who I am with you and I love who we are when we’re together. And part of you is where you are in your life right now. And I want to celebrate your life.”
“What a little poet you are, Honey,” he says teasingly, but you know he’s being serious. He kisses your palm before he leans down to kiss your lips again, freely uttering an, “I love you” once more. You repeat it back to him, followed by a, “Happy birthday, Christopher” mumbled against his sugar-coated lips. 
Soon, the kiss heats up. The remainder of the cupcake is forgotten, set on the nightstand, and all of his attention is turned to you. And all your attention is turn to him. 
“Do I get an early birthday present now?” he asks in a whisper, but his voice is comparable to a growl. 
Sliding your hand under the duvet, you find his lap and you squeeze him through his boxers, eliciting a small grunt from deep in his chest. Feeling just how hard he is already, you pull the covers all the way off his body before helping him out of the fabric covering his thighs, sliding them all the way off of him to completely expose him.
Chris slings his arm around you and grabs a hold on your shoulder, instinctively digging his fingers into your muscles there as you start to slowly stroke him. The head of his member is red and leaking and you let your thumb run over it before leaning down and over to take him into your mouth. Chris’ hand stays with you, gathering your hair out of the way of your face and rubbing your back and neck as you go down on him.
“Fuck, Sweetheart,” he hisses as your tongue swirls around his tip.
Your tongue presses against him, trailing along the vein on the underside of his cock. You try taking more this time and he guides your movements, making sure you can adjust to his size but you can’t help but gag around him as you feel him touch the back of your throat when you go too fast. You rub your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure building up for yourself, too. You swallow, the walls of your throat clenching around him, and Chris moans loudly.
“Fuck, Honey, fuck...”
You continue the actions with your mouth that you know Chris loves, and by the sounds the man above you is making, you can tell he’s getting close. You take him all the way again, and with a high-pitched cry of a moan, his high starts to hit him. And he’s gone for when your throat closes in on him, swallowing his hot release as best as you can.
“Oh my god,” he breathes, placing his hand on your back and bringing you up to meet his eyes “That was fuckin’ incredible.”
“Yeah?” you ask, and he wipes some of his cum from the corner of your mouth.
“Yeah,” he reaffirms, face still strawberry red. 
“Well there’s a lot more where that came from. Ready to go again?” you ask teasingly once you see he’s hard again. “We can do this all day,”
“Goddamn, I’m lucky. Wanna be inside you now, Honey. Can I?”
“The birthday boy will get what he wants,” you smile slyly, as Chris starts to help to undress you, taking off your sleeping shorts and sliding his own over-sized tee shirt off your torso.
Once you’re both completely naked, you toss one of your legs over his lap so that you’re straddling him. Then, without any more waiting, he guides your hips so that you’re hovering over his hardened length.
You press your hands flat against his abdomen to hold your balance as you gently sink down into his hard member, letting out a quiet moan when just his tip enters you.
“Fuck, Chris,” you whimper, sliding down onto him a little further.
“Oh fuck. You feel so good, Honey. So good. Just for me."
You whimper and clench your eyes shut as you slowly feel him bottom out, inch by massive inch.
“Chris,” you moan out, your voice catches in your throat and you struggle to speak, “You’re— fuck, you’re— god, you’re so big,”
“I know, Sweetheart. Doin’ so good for me, though. Feel so fuckin’ good ‘round my cock,”
He places his hand on your lower stomach, feeling the bulge of the size of his member from inside of you.
“Honey. Oh, Honey,” he murmurs lowly, his voice breaking in pleasure.
All you can let out in response is a strangled whimper, rolling your head back and then around to rest your forehead against Chris’ shoulder. He sits up straight against the headboard of the bed and crosses his legs, digging his fingers into the flesh of your ass to pull you closer to him. Your feet wrap around his back and the new angle is even more stimulating for both of you. It takes a moment before you’re ready to move again, having to adjust to his size again before you’re driving your hips down into his once more.
When you feel closer to your climax, you want more control. So you uncurl your legs from around his back and instead bend your knees to press the bottom of your feet into the mattress below you. You meet his thrusts upward with your own bounces down onto his length. Moans and whimpers are accompanied by the slicks sounds from your bodies joining and the bed below you creaking. You can only hope Dodger’s left the room or is still fast asleep. 
It doesn’t take much longer before your tight walls are clenching around him and Chris knows your body better than you do. He knows you’re about to come, and he also knows he’s practically about to burst. 
“Chris, oh god,” you whimper, feeling your legs start to shake.
“Come for me, Honey,” he coos, gathering your hair in one hand to lick and suck on your exposed neck, nothing but a sheen layer of sweat covering your skin, “C’mon, pretty girl, come all over my cock,”
Your climax crashes through you with a breathy moan; you latch on to Chris’ shoulders and throw your head back. He finishes right with you, thrusting up into your tight entrance and coming hard for a second time this morning, painting your walls with his white hot pleasure. 
“Oh god. Oh my god. Holy shit,” he pants, trying to recover his breathing.
A small groan escapes his lips and his eyebrows furrow in pleasure as you lean forward to kiss him. Air is only exchanged from his mouth to yours and your mouth to his, and you only break away when your vision starts to go a little fuzzy from a lack of proper oxygen. His sizable hands still spread wide on your back, brace you and hold you close to him while you both still work on coming back down from your highs.
A few moments pass, and with him still inside of you, before you know it, you’re both slumped down and tangled back in the sheets, your body on top of his, resting comfortably in a state of orgasmic bliss. 
“Happy birthday,” you breathe out, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his beard.
“Y’know, maybe my 40th year won’t be too bad,” he sighs, pulling you closer into his embrace and humming softly against your cheek, “As long as I’m starting it out like this,”
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starlight-rogers · 11 days ago
Birthday Present
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 2.1k+ words
Summary: you have an extra special present for Chris on his 40th birthday
Warnings: smut, anal, use of butt plugs, mentions of a bj, anal fingering (f receiving), lot of cursing and dirty talk, a soul-crushing amount of fluff, cevans getting treated like a king on his birthday, 18+ only
A/N: I've been so excited to finally post this idea that I've been thinking about for quite a while now! If you want more Chris filth then make sure to join my CEvans 40th Birthday Sleepover! We're just being hoes for Chris and all of his characters today so stop by and read/request some filth. Hope you all enjoy this story
*Not my GIF
Tumblr media
Chris' birthday had been filled with presents and family and way too much food. It had been the perfect day, lowkey and surrounded by the people he loves most. The best part was having you by his side all day, waking up beside you, feeling like the luckiest guy in the whole world when you had disappeared beneath the sheets this morning to wake him up properly on his birthday.
The sun had gone down hours ago by the time you arrived home from his mother's house where she had cooked him a birthday dinner. As far as days and birthdays go, this one had been perfect. Chris thought it couldn't possibly get any better than this.
Little did he know you had one more surprise up your sleeve.
You had been wanting this for weeks, but you had decided to wait until his birthday to make it special for him. You knew he was an ass man, you were pretty sure everyone knew that fact by now, so you knew that he would enjoy your surprise. But you had been worried about taking him. He's very well endowed, his cock practically splitting you open every time he fucks you, and you were concerned about anal being painful for you because of that.
So for the last few weeks you'd been using the time he was busy to sneak away and plug your ass, starting with smaller plugs and working your way up to thicker ones, wanting to be as prepared for him as you could be.
You had bought a special plug for his birthday. It was a simple jewelled plug, but was so pretty and looked even prettier buried in your ass. Now, as you excused yourself to the bathroom, lubing up the plug and sliding it inside you, you were more aroused than ever by the idea of surprising him like this.
You decided to forgo all clothes, knowing that anything you wore would end up ripped and discarded on the floor anyway. You could hear him settling into bed as you finished up in the bathroom, fixing your hair one more time before making your way into the bedroom.
"Fuck." he moans as he turns around to see you, completely naked before him, "Happy birthday to me."
You giggle at his cheesy comment, "Sit down, baby," you prompt him, directing him to the top of the bed. He discards his clothes before doing as you ask, and you wait for him to settle against the pillows before moving to straddle him, biting your lip to stifle the moan that sits on the tip of your tongue from the feeling of the plug shifting inside you, "I have a surprise for you." you whisper against his lips as you draw him in for a sweet kiss.
"What could be better than this?" he smiles up at you, completely lovestruck as you take his hand in yours and guide it to your ass.
At first he thinks you're just encouraging him to touch you, but then his fingers brush over something he's never felt before. His breath hitches as he circles the area again to make sure he wasn't losing his mind, but no, you definitely had a plug in your ass. He felt lightheaded as he gripped your hips, turning you around so he could get a glimpse of your ass, and you knew he had seen the little jewel peeking out from between your cheeks when he lets out a low curse at the sight.
"Does it look nice, daddy?" you wiggle your ass as you speak, giggling as he moans pitifully.
"Yeah, fuck baby, you look so good with a plug in your ass." he groans, squeezing your ass cheeks before separating them with his hands to get a better look at the jewel nestled against your untouched hole.
"Don't you think my ass would look nicer with something big inside it, daddy?" you hear his breath hitch in his throat at your suggestion, and Chris knows in this moment that this is the best fucking birthday he's ever had.
"Fuck baby, are you sure?" you can tell by the strain in his voice that he's desperately trying to hold himself back, wanting to make sure you're comfortable with this before he loses himself completely to this glorious gift you've bestowed upon him, "You don't have to if you don't wanna."
"I've wanted to for so long," you admit, a blush creeping to your cheeks as you turn your gaze away from him, "Wanted to wait and make it special for you."
"Well this is the most special gift I've ever been given, sweetheart," he's sure you're going to be the death of him when he buries his cock in that sweet untouched hole of yours, "M'gonna take good care of you, okay? Gonna make you feel so good on my cock."
"Please." you beg, not wanting to spend another second without him deep inside you.
Within a moment, you're lying flat on your back on the soft mattress, your hair fanning out across the pillows as you blush under his gaze. His eyes have darkened as he hovers over your naked form, his mind rushing with all the ways he can utterly ruin you, but he stays gentle for now. Soft and needy movements to make sure you're relaxed and feeling comfortable to take him.
"Have you had anything bigger than the plug, baby girl?" he groans when you shake your head no, his cock twitching at the thought of how tight you'll feel wrapped around him, "Okay, I'm gonna get you nice and stretched out for me. Make sure you can take me without any pain."
You couldn't do anything but moan at his words, the way he was taking care of your body so overwhelming that you were entirely overcome by the affection you felt radiating from him. It felt like you were floating as he reached into the drawer of the bedside table to retrieve the bottle of lube that resided there before moving back to hover you.
Chris' fingers dance their way down your torso, caressing your soft skin all the way down to your parted thighs. His fingers dip down into your wetness, and he can't resist playing with your clit, relishing in the soft gasp that leaves your lips when he rubs it just the way he knows you like. You whine as his fingers leave your little button, but he's a man on a mission, his fingers travelling lower until he feels soft plastic against his skin.
"I'm gonna take it out now, okay?" he waits for you to tell him its okay before gently grasping the plug, making you whimper at the stimulation of the toy moving inside as he slowly pulls it out of you. The emptiness inside you is unpleasant, and Chris picks up on that as he sets the plug down and works quickly to lube up his fingers before bringing two of them to your already generously lubed up entrance.
You're not sure who moan louder out of the two of you when he pushes his two fingers knuckle deep inside your ass. His fingers are longer than the plug and thicker as well, but the stretch is pleasant as he gently scissors you open. All he can think of is how tight you're going to feel wrapped around him, his cock throbbing in anticipation as he pumps his fingers a little faster, groaning as you clench around them.
"Daddy," you moan, grasping at his wrist as he curls his fingers against your sensitive walls, "I need your cock inside me, please."
Chris could never say no to you when you would beg for him to fuck you. But now that you were begging him to fuck your ass your pleas made him absolutely feral. His fingers left you with a soft growl leaving his lips as he reached for the lube bottle to coat his cock with the liquid. He hisses when you reach up, stroking his cock to coat it in the lubricant before he has the chance to do it, moaning when you twist your wrist the way he loves.
He pushes your hand away after a moment, coming to rest over you, his cock pausing at your entrance as he looks into your eyes for confirmation.
"Fuck me," you whimper, and then he's pushing into your ass as you grip his biceps. You're being stretched so deliciously on his cock, completely full of him in a completely different way to anything you've ever felt before.
"Oh my god!" he moans as he bottoms out, stilling his hips to allow you to adjust to his girth, "So fucking tight for me, baby girl. Feels so good."
There's a little bit of pain at first as he rocks his hips tentatively, waiting for you to ask him for more. But when your eyes are no longer clenched shut and you're moaning out a mixture of expletives and his name, he slowly picks up the pace until he's pounding into your ass hard.
You've never felt this type of pleasure before. It feels completely different from anything you've ever experienced and it sends waves of pleasure through you that leave you a trembling mess as the coil in your stomach tightens.
"Chris," you moan out, clenching around his cock and giggling at his loud whimper, "m'gonna cum."
"Yeah baby? You gonna cum 'round my cock?" he asks, smirking forming on his lips as he reaches between the two of you to continue his ministrations on your clit as you writhe beneath him, "Cum for daddy, I've got you baby."
The entire world stops for a moment as you shatter in his arms, your release coasting over you in strong waves of pleasure that leave your thighs shaking and your pussy clenching around nothing as he continues to drive into your ass. You feel so good. So fucking full, as he continues to grind into you at a desperate pace, his cock twitching against your walls as your release pushes him closer to his.
"Fuck baby, gonna cum." he moans, burying his face in the crook of your neck as he pounds into you a little bit harder, growling at the way you cling to him to hold on as he fucks you wildly, "Gonna fill your tight ass with my cum."
He's almost there, you can feel it by the way his pace is faltering and he's pressing himself as close to you as physically possible. But when you nip at his earlobe before whispering, "Cum for me, daddy," he's a total goner. Moaning loudly he drives himself as deep into you as he can go as he spills his cum inside your ass. You can't help but moan at the new feeling of having your other hole filled like this, stroking his spine gently as he shakes above you, spurts of cum spilling into your ass for again and again as he comes down from the strength of his high.
Once he's able to move, he slowly pulls out of you, collapsing on the pillow beside your head as you both stare at the ceiling, catching your breaths before Chris breaks the silence.
"Can that be my birthday present every year?" he asks, both of you dissolving into a fit of giggles as you playfully slap his chest, "That was the best present I've ever gotten, thank you sweetheart."
"Anything for the birthday boy." you chuckle, pressing a kiss to his lips as you move to hop off the bed, "And we're not waiting until your next birthday to do that again."
Chris' eyes widen at that, his softened cock twitching slightly at your words.
"You mean... you want me to fuck you in the ass again?" you laugh at his excited puppy-dog look as he waits for your answer.
"Of course, it felt so fucking good baby," you notice the way that his breathing becomes laboured once more, and you point at him with a soft laugh, "Not tonight, I'm tired."
"It's okay baby, I've got all of our lives to fuck you senseless." he stands to his feet, walking around to your side of the bed "Let's go get cleaned up."
Before you can even attempt to stand to your feet he's scooping you up in his arms, carrying you bridal style into the bathroom. Both of you were giddy from your afterglows and the love you share for each other. The feeling was warming, something that had you sharing giggly kisses as you found your way into the shower and turned on the warm water.
It was the moments like this that made Chris love you even more. The way you looked at him with such adoration fueling his soul as he pressed his body to yours. This had been the best birthday he'd ever had, but the best part was knowing that he would wake up tomorrow in your arms, wrapped tightly in the affection and love that you reserved just for him. And that was the best gift he'd ever received.
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starlight-rogers · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
As we all know, our Boston cream meatball is turning 40 in a few days (tomorrow for me bc I'm in Australia) so to celebrate I'm hosting my very first sleepover on this blog!
You can start sending in your requests now! I will be accepting requests up until 11PM AEST on June 13th. You can send in anything you like for Chris or his characters, any nasty asks you want written, fic ideas, drabbles, or just whatever filth enters your mind haha.
I'll also be releasing a new fic, titled 'Birthday Present' at 12PM AEST on June 13th, which is arguably one of the filthiest things I've written, so buckle up for that one.
Hope to see you all at the sleepover celebration!
Ps. Obvs this - like everything else on this blog - will be an 18+ sleepover. Minors can kindly fuck off, we don't want you here.
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sparkledfirecracker · 13 days ago
Lilo’s Masterlist
Welcome to my masterlist, where I’m still learning and figuring shit out. Let’s begin shall we?
I write 18+ material, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT.
I see writing as a form of creative artwork with everyone having its own liking or preference to it. I write for fun, not demand, asks/requests are always welcomed. I decide if I want to pursue a request.
Your media consumption is your own responsibility, proceed to read with care. Warnings have been up and mentioned, if I missed any please feel free to let me know. Do not interact if you are uncomfortable with any of the given warnings or if you are a minor(can’t stress this matter enough).
I do not consent to have my work copied, reposted or translated on any other platform. Reposts on any given platform have been reposted without my permission or consent. By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old!!!
*English is not my native language; my grammar mistakes are purely my own. Constructive criticism is allowed, just don’t be rude. 
This place is a safe space for all, so by all means; please do feel free to comment, like or reblog!
One Shots:
Ari Levinson 
Ransom Drysdale
Andy Barber - Coming Soon
Steve Rogers - Coming Soon
Frank Adler
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sparkledfirecracker · 13 days ago
Frank Adler Masterlist - Updated 14/6
Your media consumption is your own responsibility, proceed to read with care. Warnings have been up and mentioned, if I missed any please feel free to let me know. Do not interact if you are uncomfortable with any of the given warnings or if you are a minor(can’t stress this matter enough).
I do not consent to have my work copied, reposted or translated on any other platform. Reposts on any given platform have been reposted without my permission or consent. By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old!!! 
Frank Adler x Female Reader
Matching memories
Summary: Frank isn’t pleased with the outfit you bought him. Rating: fluff, cranky Franky is special Warnings: tiny nod to smut, overall fluff
Sunny Fall Out
Challenge: Synth’s How It Started - How’s It Going 5K Challenge Request Challenge: Frank Adler / Babysitting Mary Rating: fluff Warning: Some swearing, overall fluff
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theycallmebecca · 13 days ago
Drabble: The Happiest Place on Earth
Today is day 4 of the Chris Evans birthday celebration that’s happening at @the-ce-horniest-book-club​​ and I had to use Frank for this one. (Sorry Ari!)
Tumblr media
Title: The Happiest Place on Earth
Pairing: Frank Adler x reader
Rating: PG
Warnings: n/a
Disclaimer: This work of fiction is not to be reposted, used or translated without my permission.
Tumblr media
“What would you like to do for Father’s Day?” you ask Frank as the two of you eat dinner with Mary.
“I don’t know, why don’t we let Mary decide,” Frank suggests, turning his attention to his niece turned daughter.
“Why do I have to decide?” the little girl asks, wrinkling her face.
“Because you’re the reason I’m a dad,” he stats. “Without you, I’d just be a man without a kid.”
He reaches over to ruffle her hair but she dodges out of reach at the last second.
She then sticks her tongue out at him, which makes him lunge out of his chair to chase her.
You shake your head at their antics as he chases her around the open concept living/dining/kitchen of the small house the three of you share.
“I got you!” Frank declares and, a moment later, he reappears with Mary in his arms. He drops her back into her seat and then sit down at his own place. 
As if in sync, they each pick up their forks and start eating dinner again, as if they hadn’t just taken a five minute break to chase each other.
It isn’t until after the three of you have finished dinner and are working on the dishes that Mary announces her decision.
“I think we should go to Disney World,” she says. “We can go on the rides, and stuff. But if we made a week out of it, we could go to Epcot too and travel the world. Oh! And see the animals at Animal Kingdom.”
“What do you think, momma?” Frank asks, turning his attention to you. “Think you can get a week off of work?”
“I think that can be arranged,” you reply with a smile.
“YES!” Frank and Mary exclaim, pumping their fist in the air simultaneously.
“What am I going to do with you two?” you ask with a laugh.
“Love us forever,” Marry offers.
“That’s really her only option,” Frank says, matter of factly.
They exchange glances and you feel a shiver race up your spine, because you know that look. That is an Adlers’ planning something look.
Not wasting a single second, you throw the dish towel you were holding at Frank and take off, not even bothering to stay in the house.
They run after you and the three of you run around the yard playing tag for a while before dropping into a tired heap on the front lawn, you on top of Frank and Mary on top of you.
“I love you two,” you tell them.
“We love you, too,” they chorus back before the three of you dissolve into giggles again.
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reformedmeanestgirl · 13 days ago
Hi everyone!
I debated whether or not to make an introduction post or just to fill send and post my first fic, but here we are! My name is Jo, I live on the East Coast, I’m 21, I have an amazing, bratty cat named Dove and I’m a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Writing in my free time has always been something I try to do, and lately (well, over the last few years) I’ve been doctoring up a good amount of smutty work based on our lovely Chris Evans and his characters. Additionally, being a female, I do only write from a female’s perspective, since it’s what I’m comfortable and familiar with.
I have a few things lined up that I’m soooo excited to share with you guys. Here’s what the laundry list looks like so far.
Family Values: Ransom Drysdale x (adopted) Cousin!Reader
You and Me, Kid: Steve Rogers x Reader
‘Tis The Damn Season: High School Sweethearts!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Take It On the Run: Ari Levinson x Reader
I’m still learning the ins and outs of Tumblr writing, so a lot of things are foreign to me, but I promise I’ll do my best!
Thank y’all for reading and starting this journey with me! I’m excited for what’s to come xx
— Jo 🪐
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fineanddandy · 16 days ago
Can’t Quit You
The Frank’s
Summary: After the disaster that was off brand Frank, you and your Frank are dangerously close to falling back into old habits so you throw a wrench into the plans...only to for it to bite you in the ass...
Relationship: babydaddy!Frank x black!reader
Warnings: emo smut, fighting/arguing, graphic language, angst, conflict, alcohol consumption, 18+
A/N: sorry this took forever to drop but it’s here, another chapter to the baby daddy!Frank series. I had plans for this to be mad messy and dramatic but ended up being a make up/emo story lol but I love it anyway...
Tumblr media
The only thing that changes is the day, the hour. But not the way Frank makes you feel, no that never fuckin changes. No matter how much you desperately want it to. This emotional rollercoaster is exhausting. The hooking up got more frequent, intimate and careless, with Sam almost busting you two multiple times messing around late nights or early mornings. Asking you guys all the questions about why daddy and mommy had the door locked and why was he there so early. You’d side eye him while he explained or distracted her. But for whatever reason, after your little affair with that off brand Frank, he was determined to make sure you never strayed again. Even though you two aren’t together, he wanted to remain your focus. You can’t lose sight of him; he loves you and his family. No one’s allowed to come in and fuck that up for him. It was selfish, yeah he’s aware of that, but he didn’t want to lose you. So he fucked his crazy selfish feelings into you. It’s all that he’s got to give for the time being.
It was getting too comfortable with Frank around and it put you on edge a little. Yes, it’s been a lot of fun but it was like he was there all the time. The point of breaking up and moving out was for him to get his shit together, give each other space and whatnot. That off brand Frank shit should have gone down differently. And shit, if he wasn’t so busy distracting you by taking you wherever he feels like all over your place, you’d be giving that wanna be Frank some attention. But you know what he’s doing by asserting his dominance all over the place. And that’s fine because boy, Frank’s going in every single fuckin time. You don’t know what’s wearing you out more: his ravenous fucking or your wonky ass emotions but let’s be real...the sex wasn’t helping and needed to stop. Nothing’s changing. That space needed to make an epic return.
“Oh shit...oh, OH! Oh Frank!”
Frank’s got you by the hair, tearing into you from behind, bent over your kitchen table. Your pencil skirt pushed up onto your hips Frank caught you on your lunch break, conveniently waiting on you to pull up in the driveway. You couldn’t even get a chance to think no; Frank looked so fuckin hot in a dingy blue flannel leaning against the hood of his truck. Next thing you know, you’re in this position, scooting the table little by little across the floor. You were tired of hearing your own bated breaths and blissful sighs but not him.
“Fuck. Louder babe. No one’s around...” huffs a pleasantly exhausted Frank, yanking you up off the cool wood to sink even deeper inside of you. He lived for your afternoon romps because you would shout his name out so loudly, he really thought someone would come check on you. Your boisterous shouts literally makes his dick ache.
“Christ! Frank!” The palm of your hands smacks down on the table the same time Frank’s calloused oil stained hand slaps your right ass cheek with a dark smirk. His happy crystal blue eyes falling down your arched back. God you look immaculate. Your ass quaking with each determined snap of his trembling hips. Body so tense as he jerks your back even closer to his strong chest. You wish you could say he’s in rare form but this has been his only setting for a while now.
“Mmm you sound so fuckin amazing screaming my name like that.” He hisses in your ear, really giving it to you the second he feels your walls clamor down on his dick ready to erupt. A shudder falling over your spine you lock an arm around Frank to hold on for dear life. With the way this climax is rolling in, you’re going to need to. Gasping for air like its being sucked out of the room. Shit you’re going to be so sore later. Fuck going back to work after this.
“Oh my god.” You gently whimper nuzzling into his scruff as Frank pecks and moans into your flushed cheek. “Shit you fuck me so good Frank. Fuck don’t stop...don’t fuckin stop...”
Snickering, Frank slides a free hand down over the front of your bunched up skirt, reaching the fat tip of his middle finger for your swollen clit.
“Guess you’re calling out of work then.” A sob bursts from your lips up to the ceiling as Frank aggressively circles it. If you’re gonna stay home with him, might as well make this orgasm worth it. A startled hand latches on the wrist of the hand that’s assaulting your sensitive clit. Your breath catches with a dramatic high pitched gasp. Was this man trying to kill you?! You can feel Frank’s rumbly moans in the pit of your stomach.
“Cum...cum so I can take you to your room and fuck you proper.”
Your heart damn near explodes as your orgasm consumes your nerves, turning you to goo in Frank’s embrace. Coughing and struggling for air, vision straight blurry, he spins you around to cover your clammy skin with adoring kisses. But there’s no time to recuperate. His dick dripping wet with your cum is still raging between you two. As Frank smothers your already frail body with sloppy kisses, you carefully wrap your fingers around his perfect girth and tug gently. Enough to get his attention. Enough to make him throb. A shaky groan hitting your sweaty collarbone before you’re pushing away but keeping ahold of his throbbing member, motioning him to follow with a sly smirk. If he’s going to be on one, might as well match his energy. Frank stumbling over his feet, following behind with sinister snickering.
An hour later, you and Frank are haphazardly laid out over your bedsheets all in disarray, still huffing and gasping, completely out of it. Damn he’s getting better how’s that possible? Clutching your imaginary pearls, you shake your head in disbelief while Frank massages your feet draped over his toned abs, perfectly satisfied with what just happened. He relishes in these post sex moments: the recovery, blitzed out, all sex hazed and crazed moments. You know you’re going miss this shit but you got to let him go a bit. For real this time. This isn’t what you guys were supposed to be doing at all. Frank entirely losing sight of why this all ended in the first place. Maybe...
“Maybe you need to start seeing someone Frank...”
His padding stops. A long awkward pause before he snaps, “what.”
Sitting up and repositioning yourself, you go lay beside him on the distorted sheets so he can see you say what you mean. Damn, he’s so handsome there, cheeks still pink under his beard, meeting you with worried baby blues as you brush your thumb over his light pink flesh. This conversation isn’t ever easy.
“We’re supposed to be broken up. And we don’t act like it.” You shake your head and he heaves a big sigh. “This is confusing to all of us...and we really need to take several steps back and refocus...”
Why would you do this right now? After the perfectly messy sexy afternoon you guys just had. Why would you ruin it by saying shit like this? Frank rolls his eyes before returning to your serious face. God why couldn’t you just let this be?
“You want to be broken up. I want my family back,” Frank returns sitting up on his elbow, “this is stupid.”
“You haven’t changed Frank. You’ve done nothing to make me feel secure enough to come back. You can’t take care of a family by repairing boats forever.” Frank collapses back down onto the bed with an irritated groan. “What happened to that adjunct professor job at the community college?”
“God, fuck, do we really have to do this right now?!” He shouts motioning down his naked body. Pushing yourself off the bed, you roll your eyes. “I just fucked your brains out and you wanna have this conversation?”
You’re up off the bed, going for your dresser to cover up for this argument. The mattress shifts as Frank sits up against the headboard, not ready to hear you go off on him. Definitely not in the mood to argue, killing his sex high. He’ll just shutup and take it.
“How can you want us with no real job Frank?! How?!” Your shout is muffled as you, coincidently, slip on one of old shirts you liked to lounge around in. “I stated it very plainly the first time. There’s nothing hard about this so stop making it hard!”
Frank sits there with an indifferent expression as you come to a close, all relaxed in your bed it made you want to smack the shit out of him. He’s not going to argue back. You despise that shit. Frank thinks it’s so cute but also so annoying when you’re mad at him like this. He really wants to kiss you but he also doesn’t want to get socked in the stomach either. He’d heard you loud and clear when you left him so this, he was uninterested in hearing again.
“I don’t wanna do this again unless you change Frank. So it’s either get a teaching job or move on to some girl who’ll accept you like this because I’m not into it anymore.” You conclude by firmly crossing your arms over your chest and dipping your hip.
With that being said, Frank inhales an attitude stabilizing breath as his jaw clenches, tongue sucking his pretty teeth. Fuck you can be such an asshole sometimes. Quite frankly, the adjunct job is practically his; all he has to do is make one phone call. It’s just...something about going back...he couldn’t shake it. He’d been wanting to talk to you about it but the timing hasn’t been right. But if this is how you want it then so be it.
“Okay, fine,” he shoves his fit naked body up off the bed and confidently strides over to you, dick swinging between his thick thighs. Shifting uncomfortably, you try to peel your eyes away so you can attempt to stay angry. As he walks up on you, Frank cups your cheek—rests his flaccid member on your thigh—and guides you to meet his heated gaze.
“Mary’s teacher’s been after me for a while so...guess I should give her a try huh?” You go to roll your eyes again but a hard tilt of your chin stops them. “Don’t. This is what you asked for babe. So.”
Frank leaves you with such a knee weakening kiss you almost take back everything you said but no, you got to stand your ground on this one. He’s being a dick about it because he’s no longer getting his way. It’s going to be fine, you say to yourself as you watch Frank get in his truck from the door. This will be good for you two.
Slamming his door shut Frank takes another look at you standing there waiting for him to pull off with a tired sigh. This is going to bite you in the ass and you don’t even know it. His truck roars as he pulls his phone out. Shaking his head, he taps on the screen, so bothered by the fact that he’s doing even making this phone call.
“Hey it’s me. Uh...wanna meet for a drink?”
It’s not okay. A month or so later, and it’s still not okay. Well, it started off okay...Frank dating Bonnie. At first, you felt invincible to their budding relationship but then one day, the realization smacked you upside the head. You couldn’t stand her. Just the sound of her name made you wince...each time you heard it spoken from his pretty lips. You perceived it as just a reaction; another woman’s name is just foreign off his tongue. But the more Frank mentioned her, the deeper your frown festered, the larger your envy troll grew in the pit of your stomach. Can’t get Sam tonight, taking Bonnie out. Bonnie this, Bonnie that. Blah, blah, blah...her name literally made your insides crawl. It was one thing for Frank to mention her but when Sam mentioned something Mary told her, you could’ve rung his damn neck.
“Mommy? Can I ask you something?” She asked while you guys dressed her Barbie’s with some new clothes.
“Sure twin. What’s up?” You answered, mostly focused on fitting some miniature multicolored jacket on Barbie’s dress.
“Is daddy friends with Mary’s teacher?”
Barbie took a tumble as panic consumed you. Sam wasn’t supposed to know about them or see them what the fuck. Sam was too busy making her doll walk to even notice you freaking the hell out.
“Mmm...something like that.” You try to answer as nicely as possible. “Why do you ask?”
“Wellll...” she puts her doll in her sports car, “Mary said she saw daddy and her teacher kissing. Like how daddy kisses you sometimes.”
What the fuck do you say to that other than “I’m gonna fuckin kill Frank.” But you have to keep your cool no matter how hard your head is pounding.
You choked, “kissing?” Your stomach suddenly so queasy. Fuck could he not wait to do that away from your daughter’s school?! What if Sam saw him?! Murder, murder, murder.
Perking up at the question, a grinning Sam looked over to you stiffly smiling. “Yeah like this!” She leaped over into your arms, wrapped her little arms around your neck and kissed you on the cheek. Softening under her cuteness, you sighed and grinned and returned the kiss, still unsure how to answer. Still fuming and plotting Frank’s murder.
“Oh!” Thank god it was just on the cheek. “Well honey, yeah I guess I can say that they’re friends...” the fucker... “But daddy really shouldn’t be kissing his friends while they’re at work.”
Sam really studied your face while you said the words. “Mommy you okay?”
God no. “Yeah honey I just have a headache. Let’s start picking up okay?
That’s the moment when you knew that you were jealous, utterly bitter that Frank was giving another woman attention. You really thought you could handle it but shit, that was far from the case. But you couldn’t take it back because good god, Frank was going to be such a smug asshole about it. You missed him. Badly. Missed him trying to push himself on you. Missed him in your bed. Missed watching him play on the floor with Sam. Fuck.
You never had to see her, Frank made sure of that. And she was never allowed to speak or ask about you. It wasn’t any of her business what you did or how you lived. Bonnie’s cute and all but she’s temporary. Frank didn’t have the heart to tell her that but she was cool to spend time with. She’d sit with him while he worked, drinking his beers and kept a good conversation. Bonnie wasn’t you by far but she’ll do for the time being. Until you got over yourself. Until he got this phone call.
Frank could see it all over your face how much you hated the fact he was with Bonnie. Your face was constantly saying things you dared not mutter so sometimes, just to push your buttons, he’d mention her for no good reason. It was refreshing for him to see you get mad for once. Side eyeing and sighing any time he said her name; Frank felt encouraged to kiss you anytime he saw you frown. His little secret plan was going well. All in due time sweetie.
You drop Sam off with Mary and Frank’s mom because it’s the weekend and you just want some time alone to deal with your thoughts. Maybe sulk a little that Frank’s taking Bonnie out on another stupid ass date. Divulging his plans for that Friday night, once he mentioned some fancy yacht, you tuned him out. You remember those days. So instead of wine, you pull out your favorite whisky and line up some of your favorite rom-coms. It’s a night made just for you.
Frank frowns when he receives a text from his mom saying that Sam is there with her and not with you, complaining about how last minute it was and that maybe Frank should check on you. The problem with that is that he and Bonnie are just about to set course for this little secluded area he liked to take you early on in the relationship. He’s sure it’s nothing, that you’re in your feelings about his date. He’ll check on you when they come back in. Just then his mom sends a pic of Sam and Mary cuddled up and watching a movie. For whatever reason, it makes him think of you, wondering if you’re sulking under a blanket on the couch. Maybe he should shoot you a text.
“Frank? You ready?” calls out Bonnie as she climbs aboard, noticing Frank staring at his screen. “Everything okay? Is it your daughter?”
Slipping his phone in his pocket, he turns the motor of the boat over, the gurgle of it starting bringing him back to the present. Looking over his shoulder he smiles at Bonnie.
“Yeah we’re good.”
Darcy and Lizzie make you so happy, so happy that you cry every time he says, “Mrs. Darcy...Mrs. Darcy...” Crying into whisky is such a stereotype but sometimes moments call for it. Like this one. P&P is your movie but you didn’t meant to watch it back to back like this. Glancing over at the time, you realize how late it’s getting; tapping your phone you notice you haven’t heard from Frank yet. The lonely feeling gnaws at your already aching heart. Okay, okay so this is getting out of hand. You told him to date other people and now you’re all mopey over it. What bothered you the most about it all is that it could be you and him. You really thought this break up would motivate him to get his shit together but it’s taking too long. And now he’s filling your space with some girl. Was she truly making him happy? Honestly, you really don’t want to know.
No more Darcy. You need to change the mood a little bit so you decide to put on something to that’ll make you laugh and go freshen up your drink. Fuck this sulking bullshit. A part of you hopes their date got ruined somehow like the boat won’t start or she says something so stupid Frank can’t deal with her anymore. Just as the opening credits for Clueless start you hear Frank’s key in the door, staring at him come in with startled eyes as he shuts it softly behind him.
“Ummm...what’s up?” Timidly you ask, peeping his cute ass outfit he has on for his date that he should be on. Actually in a clean pressed button up shirt and khakis, it almost hurt you to see him look so nice for her. Frank stands in the entryway, eyes shifting between you and the tv screen, assessing the situation. No sad ass romantic movie so that’s a good sign but the ice crackling in your warm whisky has Frank grimacing.
“Evelyn text me saying Sam is at her place.”
Cher’s picking her outfit for the day. You’re still confused as to why he’s here. “Okay and?” Your neck swivels full of sass. He should be with her.
“Aaand I came to check on you. You usually give her a heads up.” He says crossing the room to the kitchen. Might as well join you since he’s here. Wrapping up early with Bonnie was just pure luck, relieved when she said she had to be up early. He didn’t have to make up an excuse to cut the evening short.
“Maybe I just need a night know since you were OCCUPIED!” Taking a sip of your drink you roll your eyes at Frank laughing at you from the kitchen. There’s that jealousy flare up he loves to see.
“Ah I see...” he mumbles with a smirk returning with his own glass of whisky, “it’s about my date.”
“It doesn’t have shit to do with you and Bonnie.” You stick out your tongue in disgust watching the movie.
“Why do you say her name like that?”
“Why aren’t you with her?”
You two just stare at each other, waiting for the answers to the questions thrown but neither of you say a thing. Just turn back to the television but not even a full minute goes by before you’re popping off another snide remark.
“No more kissing outside the school I hope...”
Frank snatches your remote off the table and pauses the movie, tired of your shit.
“So it is about Bonnie.” On cue the white of your eyes show. “Oh my god YN. Just be fuckin honest.”
You toss the remaining whisky over your tongue to wash away the bad taste in your mouth when her name is mentioned. Your cheeks burn as it trickles down into your chest, motivating some words to flood your lips. Honest he wants, then honest he’ll get.
“Frank, it’s fine. You’re enjoying yourself while I’m just doomed to be alone. Totally fine.” Shrugging your shoulders, you try to stand but fall back into the cushions with a soft thud. Frank going for you, taking the glass out of your hand as you shove him off, sitting up on your knees to stare him down. “You wouldn’t even let me have a fuckin fling but you? No, you get to take this Bonnie out on our dates. Our fuckin dates Frank. That’s fuckin trash you know that?”
Okay so he might have created a monster with this one.
“I’m just doing what you told me!” Frank kind of whines grabbing ahold of your arms to hold you steady, fixated on your tipsy angry face.
“I don’t know why! You never have before!” You smack his flexed bicep. “And then for it to be a teacher from our daughter’s school?! You’re an asshole.”
When did you get this tipsy? If Frank wasn’t holding you up, you would have toppled over him while going off. You’re full on word vomit and you aren’t even sorry about it. Why did his eyes look so sorry? Why did he make you feel so crazy?
“I really don’t know what you want from me...”
“I don’t know either...”
Suddenly feeling foolish, you fall into his arms, tightly wrapping yours around his neck. Closing your eyes, you nestle into the crook of his neck, inhaling his sweet fragrance. That mixed with the whisky and all your jumbled up feelings made you feel so stupid.
“I’m sorry.”
Sighing so hard, Frank soothes his big hands across your back, squeezing you. If anyone should be sorry, it’s him for pushing you to this point. He didn’t think you’d get this emotional about it.
“Don’t be.” Frank whispers rubbing your spine trying to comfort you. “It’s okay.”
Being this close to him is what you need. It’s been too long since he’s held you like this, you fall into his lap, still clinging to his firm shoulders. Here’s where you realize you don’t want to lose Frank. Especially not to someone like her. Was it getting serious with her? Frank can’t be hers. He was yours and yours only, he made that very clear from the beginning and everything was fine then. That was before a baby. So excited that he wiped away any ounce of anxiety in your spirit. You love him so how could you deny him? Even while barely making love him. You just wanted a little more.
Frank says nothing, just holds you while you feel whatever’s going through your heart right now. Resting back on the couch and snuggling into the embrace. Seeing you break down like that kicked him in heart so now would be the time to tell you what’s really going on. That you two can work towards getting back together. That this whole Bonnie thing was just to help you see that you really didn’t want him to be with anyone else but he didn’t expect you to snap like this. Maybe that’s why you’re so quiet right now. You don’t know where the question comes from...maybe from that envy troll festering deep down in your stomach but here it comes...
“Do you like her?”
Why would you ask that?
Frank shakes his head with a weighted sigh, upset that you would ask.
“Not how I like you.”
You release your hold just to stare into his soft sad eyes.
“Then what’s the fuckin point?”
There isn’t one.
Just then you feel Frank’s phone vibrates in his front pocket. Instantly you groan, already sure of who it is, and slide off his lap back to your seat on the sofa. He doesn’t go for it right away, just watches you reach for the remote with a huff to resume Cher and Dionne talk about her horrible driving. Probably telling him good night or what a good time she had tonight. Just the thought stirs up all your anger again. Frank can feel your charge even if you’re looking at the tv and tries to pull his phone out as discreetly as possible.
Thanks for such a beautiful night.
He can’t help but grin a little. It was nice...
“What does she want.” You gripe at the movie, wishing your glass wasn’t empty but you really didn’t need more. Frank doesn’t reply...sits his phone on the table.
“Just saying goodnight is all.”
Another deep eye roll. Another pissed off groan. “So you’re gonna keep her around?”
This is where he should tell you but...he just shrugs. “I mean...that’s the plan...”
Flying off the sofa you shout at him, “that’s fucking stupid!”
“And why’s that?” He challenges scooting to the edge of his seat, thinking he’s got you exactly where he wants you.
“Because we’re supposed to be together Frank!” Your arms flail about the air. Something in your right brain snaps. “It’s stupid because we’re supposed to be together okay?! I love you! The thought of you with her eats me alive inside and I can’t take it anymore! I am fuckin miserable! So can we just—!”
In one effortless swoop, Frank steals your lips, snapping your chest directly into his as he sweeps his giant hands up your back. Softly groaning into each other’s hungry mouths, you and Frank hold on as you aggressively attack swollen lips. The whisky coercing through your heated bloodstream’s got you feeling sloppy, drooling at the corners of conjoined lips, pulling at the back of Frank’s shirt.
“Fuckin finally.” He growls against your breathless mewls, sweeping your frantic legs up on to his hips. “So fuckin stubborn,” his wet lips loudly smack down on yours, “but now you finally see it baby.”
Frank’s bulky arms latching around your lower back lit your crotch ablaze. Fuck he felt so good it didn’t make any damn sense. You can’t get enough of his weight crushing you, his warm mouth suffocating you. You damn near rip his shirt open you’re so turned on.
“Oh Frank!” You cry out kissing his upper lip as Frank drapes his tongue over yours. It was always him, you knew that, but what was it going to take for him to do right? The palm of his hand soothes down the globe of your ass, grabbing a piece once it ends its journey. Erotic moans echoing over the makeover scene. You don’t know what made you feel more on fire: this ravenous make out or all the alcohol swimming in your head. His beard burn feels so fuckin refreshing you can’t help but rub your face in its softness as you guys taste one another. Fuck you need him. Frank’s been telling you he needs you for the longest.
“I love you. I only want you.” He pants between pursed lips, lying you down on the couch, “you mean the world to me YN...she means nothing.” Frank goes for the elastic band of your sweats, gradually exposing your trimmed mound as he slides them off your ass.
“Baby I want you too. I’m so sorry.” You whimper with glassy eyes, nuzzling the bridge of your nose against his before he sits up on his knees.
Releasing your treacherous hold from around his waist, you stretch your legs up in front of him so he can slide them off. Frank takes you by the ankles and holds you in that position, staring at the perfect floral bud that is your pussy already dripping. Those cool blue eyes raking up and down your legs with a devilish smirk. A tender trembling hand brushes your slippery folds. That’s when your muscles start to spasm with a shaky moan.
“It’s okay...don’t worry,” whispers Frank wetting his soiled fingers with his spit, “I’m gonna take care of you,” then returns them to spread your lips apart with a desperate sigh. Seeing the pinkness of your pussy made him so damn happy. He missed the way she looked and tasted all this time, been dying to get between your smooth caramel thighs. So happy to have your wetness falling all around his fingers once again. You and your pussy so perfect for him. Your sweet pathetic moans make his cock drip.
“Fuck I missed you so much Frank. Fuck!” He continues to gently play inside of you because you sound so needy. Now he felt like teasing you all night you sound so good. Licking his smirking lips Frank’s mouth waters at the sight of you.
“Missed you too baby. Missed my pretty pussy...never wanna go that long without her again...”
His thumb delicately circles your clit, sending you into a conniption.
“Never again babe.”
Frank removes his pruning fingers with a smile, spreading your legs apart and bending them on either side of him. The cool air feeling so refreshing on your hot folds. Reaching for the button his pants you meet Frank’s mischievous baby blues with a sly smirk, so ecstatic to see his heavy veiny cock. He takes the two fingers that were twirling around between your folds and taps them against your worn lips, asking you to open up so you can taste yourself. His rough skin felt amazing on your tongue. Slowly dragging his zipper down as you suck and moan then sliding your soft palm over his engorged member.
“Aw shit...” Frank sighs and shudders, his lids lazily droop, “I missed your fuckin touch.”
You land a nice squeeze which causes another shudder to echo over his creamy flushed skin. Frank drags his fingers out between your full wet lips.
“She never touched you like this...right?” You squeeze him again then give him a sluggish tug.
Dropping his head he shakes it slowly with a noisy sigh. “God no.”
His answer pleases you. “And why’s that?” You purr picking up the pace of your strokes.
“Oh baby...because it belongs to you.” Another firm tug and Frank’s scrambling to get his pants off, tossing them to the floor before he’s jerking you yipping over the blanket and cushions to his raging cock. Frank aiming to spear into your weeping entrance he devours you splayed and ready for him, chest heaving and fingers scanning all over his concrete abs. The sticky fat head of his dick rests in your wetness.
“Fuck yes.” Your spine slowly bows off the cushions as you groan behind clenched teeth, Frank’s hefty cock forcing its way inside your tight hole. Pushing your tank top over your jiggling tits his eyes roll back in his head, growling up towards the ceiling as he fills you up. Pinching and twisting your nipples to make you cry out and squirm.
His words so jittery and hushed. “I’ve been waiting for you.” Frank timidly rolls his muscular hips, grinning at how soaking wet you sound. “Been waiting so long...” His big ass right hand grabbing ahold of your shoulder he deepens his stroke. Maybe because it’s been too long but it feels like way too much, the way he’s pumping into you but his hold it to keep you from scurrying away.
“Good God!” You practically choke on a gasp, pressing a flat hand on his chiseled pelvis, “I can’t...” but Frank pushes your limp arm away with a laugh.
“Oh baby...yes you can,” he adjusts with a menacing grin, “she is swallowing me whole, fuckin squirting all around me...she can handle me always...” He goes harder, bouncing you off his reddening thighs. You claw his nape as his fingers bruise your shoulder. The way you guys look into each other with so much unconditional love and passion it switches on unfiltered emotions.
“Frank! Oh my—!” You swear you’re on the verge of imploding with the way he’s digging into you, cock creamy, throbbing. You weren’t ready to cum yet and neither was he but it just felt too fuckin good. Straining, holding your breath, your feet dig into the fluffy seat. Your textured walls wringing him out as he continues to pummel through. Frank brushes a falling tear off your cheek.
“I’m gonna take care of you baby. I promise.”
You believe him. You have no choice. You go to kiss the lines in the palm of his hand, slamming your eyes close so hard a few more tears fall from the edge of your lids.
“” That’s all you can whimper against his damp skin, your left leg spasming since you’re on the verge of exploding.
“Yeah? You ready to cum already?”
Your eyes water, tired of begging, tired of holding out on relieving the built up tension stored in the pit of your belly. A smack of your flat hand goes thump against the cushions as your jaw drops. You can’t say shit as Frank drills so into your sweet spot. He can’t wait to feel you squirt all over him and this couch. He’s ready to make up for lost time...go on for days.
“Go ahead babe. I can go all night. We can go all whatever we want...”
You didn’t need much convincing; you’re ready and willing to give him whatever he asks for. Your first brief wave of convulsions erupt over you as a warning right before the second extreme wave hits. Clutching on to Frank’s strained muscles, you whimper and whine as you lose yourself. Stars flickering over your vision as you wet Frank with your sweet cum. If he could bottle it up for himself he would. Not even concerned with busting his own nut, he pulls out of you so he can tear into you more after you recover. Your limbs still tremor as you desperately gasp for air, covering your sweaty forehead with your hands.
“What...the...fuck...” Those are your only thoughts after cumming like that. Frank can’t help but smile at your deflated body, still hyperventilating and trembling. Biting down on his bottom lip, he shakes his head with a light chuckle.
“And I’m not done with you yet...”
3 a.m. and pancake batter sizzles in a skillet. Admiring Frank’s toned back as he cooks, each layer of your skin hums and vibrates in ecstasy. After going round for round of reconciliation, all you can do is swoon. Is it possible to fall even harder for someone you already love? You didn’t even feel tired, riding this new high Frank gives you. Things feel real again. His skin tingles where your gaze rests and it makes him smile. The two of you finally on the same page again Frank’s fuckin walking on air. You love when Frank makes you his pancakes so when stomachs started growling, he knew what to do. And they’d go perfectly with the news.
“There’s something I need to tell you babe,” Frank announces over his shoulder with a smirk, bringing you out of your daze a little.
“Oh?” Concerned suddenly, you wince a frown, “So these pancakes are...”
“Celebratory...promise.” The spatula rises to attention as he reaches for a plate to stack the cakes. “I’ve been wanting to tell you this but...been waiting for the perfect moment.”
When Frank turns to hand you the plate, your stomach does a flip smitten by his clear blue eyes. So jovial and beautiful his energy is contagious. His pancakes smell so sweet and buttery but you won’t pick up your fork until you hear the big news.
“Well go on with it...” Grinning you rest your chin in your hand, eagerly looking deep into his happy stare. Frank can’t resist his smug grin, so enthusiastic to knock you on your ass, to begin a new chapter in this life as a unit. Just like he’s always wanted. And now he can deliver on his promise.
“I got a call the other day. You’re looking at the new philosophy professor...”
Jumping up from your seat and into his arms, your shouts cut him short, squeezing his neck with glee. Bouncing up and down on your toes you cover Frank’s laughing face with chaste pecks and giggles. Spinning you around the kitchen, you guys laugh and kiss, feeling like this finally could be what you dreamt of...
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sparkledfirecracker · 19 days ago
Matching Memories
Summary: You bought Frank a matching outfit to go with your sons. 
Rating: fluff
Warnings: maybe a slight hint at smut, but other than that none, unless you are scared of children and cranky Franky.
Word count: 736
 My blog is an 18+ only zone, minors do not interact.
 A/N: Came across a cute and fluffy picture on Pinterest, parent and child wearing matching outfits. Thought cranky Franky would be the perfect fit for this fluffy Friday drabble. Enjoy this precious little mind spin, it now lives rent free in my brain.
Only lightly proofread, all mistakes are my own.
Tumblr media
 The fridge magnet holding up a precious memory. A smile crept on your face as you look at the picture. Your mind taking you on a little trip down memory lane.
 You walked in, bags in hand, smiling to yourself. You closed the door behind you as you let out a giggle. Mary looked up from her homework, your giggle must have intrigued her.
 “Why are you giggling?”
 “I bought Frank a matching outfit with Tido” your smile radiated on to Mary you both laughed
 “He’s going to hate it”
 “That is why I bought it” you throw her a wink, shaking the shopping bag in excitement.
 The knock on the door was held excitement “Hey come on Frank, let’s move, the kids are getting impatient.” You say bouncing your son on your hip.  You tried your hardest to contain the excited giggle bubbling.
 “NOOOO” he groaned from behind the locked door. You looked over to Mary who was grinning widely. It had taken you some convincing for Frank to get changed for your planned beach day. Reminding his that greasy clothing was not appropriate sun wear.
 “Come on - we are having a special breakfast” Mary chirped
 “Mary, don’t you start with me” Frank warns
 “Or what?” she threatened
 “Don’t use my own words against me” A heavy sigh left her lips, but her excitement returns quickly.
 Another knock followed on the door, more impatient this time “Frank – open up” your tone was almost demanding but laced with a plea, you heard him take in a deep breath before he unlocked the door.
 He swung the door open with force holding on to the doorknob giving you an annoyed look. His khaki shorts hugging his hips and leave printed shirt being the perfect fit. He was about to say something, but Mary cut him off.
 “You look beautiful” she laughed and he rolled his eyes at her.
 “I look like a Disney character” Frank threw back at her and she stuck her tongue out. You hadn’t been in their lives when Mary had started school, but had heard of the infamous story on plenty occasions.
 “You do look beautiful, honey” you nodded, leaning in to peck his cheek handing over your son. They looked like a perfect match and you approved of the look that had started out as a joke. You scanned the room trying to locate your phone, a flash seen from the corner of your eyes.
 “MARY!!!” Frank grumbled, your head whipped back around. She shook the polaroid in her hands shaking it against the air whilst letting out a laugh.
 “This had to be documented” Mary teases shrugging her shoulders, hanging the polaroid on the fridge and taking a stance by the bags near the door.
 “I’m changing” Frank protested, practically launching the baby back in your arms. You grabbed his wrist forcing him to stay in his spot.
 “Stop being such a party pooper Frank, it is just an outfit” throwing him a loving smile. You tugged at your grip, giving him a pout and his annoyed look softened. “Plus the leave print is something you always wear when you dress up for date night anyway” you argued softly
 “How can I stay mad when you look at me like that” he pecks your lips, looking back at you before pressing longer and fierier kiss to your lips “You’re still going to pay for this somehow”
 “I am counting on it” throwing him a wink, he squeezes your butt and kisses your sons’ chubby cheek.
 “You promised to get pancakes. Can we go get breakfast already?” Mary’s tone crabby and demanding, she looks like she’s heavily debating herself, doubting heavily, she sighs “-Before you tell me to take myself and the baby to Roberta” Mary groans, tapping her foot impatiently against the linoleum floor by the kitchen door.
 *End of Flashback*
 You giggle at the memory from a year ago, a set of hands giving your shoulders a gentle rub.
 “What are you giggling about?” Frank asks, pressing a kiss to your head
 “Oh just this cute little moment from last year” you point at the picture; he grunts with annoyance making you laugh out loud.
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