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#dean winchester
fruitylittletrenchcoat · 2 minutes ago
8x19 male demon shows up to sam and dean at a crossroads after being summoned. what happened to the hot chicks dean asks. haha what a funny joke. good one, writers brad buckner and eugenie ross-leming. but actually what did happen to the hot chicks. why did a man show up for dean. why. what’s the answer. hello? are you there? hello brad buckner and eugenie ross-lemon why did a male demon show up hello why did why why why was there why did a man so why was it that so wh
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slytheringiraffe · 10 minutes ago
Dean: God I love you, Cas.
Castiel: W-what?
Dean: I said um...God I loath you, Cas?
Sam: *facepalms*
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giovannafox · 13 minutes ago
I am not even in the spn fandom, but, I feel pure joy when they hijack posts with their gifs and they trend. What is wrong with me???
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drafthearse · 37 minutes ago
why do u think mcr should break up
bc all they do is release merch. like what’s the point. 
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lorebooks · 38 minutes ago
Something about Dean Winchester listening to Judy Collins just really breaks my heart
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crackers4jenn · 39 minutes ago
So, once upon a SOLID (near) DECADE AGO, I read @dollsome-does-tumblr's incredibly endearing tale Know Not Why. I loved it immediately, and almost as quickly was like "WHAT IF THIS WAS DESTIEL." Because my brain worked in the same circles then that it does now, post-15x18, which is: all things are destiel until proven not-destiel.
I started writing a Dean/Cas au of it, got like 30k into it, then fell out of the fandom. Since I'm somehow BACK in, I figured I could motivate myself to finish it. So here we go.
The first words out of Sam's mouth once Dean's super awesome, super failproof plan is revealed aren't ones of encouragement or, say, a quiet but no less profound awe.
No, Sam's first word is, "Ew."
And then, being a giant fail of a little brother, he locks his prissy gaze on Dean's with the intent of shaming him. Which, please. Good luck. While born with one, Dean's shame gland has pretty much deteriorated into nada.
"Gross, Dean," Sam goes on, hefting his gigantic frame around to visually add to his disgust. In the next booth over, a little kid is staring at him like she thinks he's one of the lost Jonas brothers, suckered in, no doubt, by Sam's lady tresses he's basically been in a creepy monogamous relationship with for years now.
"What?" Dean defends while plunking a couple of extra-salty fries off of his plate and onto Sam's, which currently has nothing on it but green stuff. Rabbit food. God. It earns him a second glare and a woe-poor-looked-after me sigh, but Dean's thoughtfulness goes otherwise ignored.
Sam stabs at his salad, wielding a forkful of it that he uses to poke at the air and emphasis his point.
"You want my opinion?"
Dean gestures that he does. He also winks at the kid who, once she's caught staring, blushes and ducks behind a dessert menu. Which reminds Dean, he's gotta order himself some pie.
"Okay," Sam says, "besides being creepy?"
Under his breath, and just this side of petty, Dean goes full on Guantanamo Bay with a fry and some ketchup, saying, "I don't think it's going to be creepy. More like, awesome ," while he takes a too-vigorous bite.
Sam stares at him from across the booth. For entire seconds.
"What?" Dean defends again. He gets a little snappier when that look changes into something more insulting. "What?"
"You can't seriously apply at a craft store to, and I quote, 'score hot chicks.'"
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starstark · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have this vision: That I would finally come and find you. Scattered pieces of distance would not stand in my way. Nor needing words; the barest of glimpses would suffice for you and me.
@widowerarcdean @waywardlyfe
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thethingsihavetosay19 · 50 minutes ago
Ok, but “Watching Over Me” (radio company vol. 2) is Dean talking to Cas and you CANNOT convince me otherwise.
“Didn't hear the strength within your words
And what they mean
You were watching over me”
“Trying to find peace in always knowing
I was never really free
You were watching over me”
“Is it fair enough to say
That I needed you through the crazy pain
Of living here with all this hurt
And what I feel
All I touch and how I steal
The fantasy was far too real
Oh, so I let it slip away”
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anti-dean · an hour ago
Why don’t we just start calling Dean what he is: Jack’s shitty babysitter.
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nightandwine · an hour ago
All about Destiel.
Tumblr media
Kinda my life now. Has been since thee "Nov 5th, 2020" atleast.
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bisexual-apocalypse · an hour ago
Heller John Cena is something I'd never have imagined but also it's not that surprising considering the trajectory of spn season 16 so far
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bonnisimpparker · an hour ago
I’m always excited to see what’s got supernatural trending every week since it’s demise. Always different.
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fruitchester · an hour ago
i once saw someone say that dean thought purgatory was pure not because he could kill and be violent and express his anger without remorse but because he could be open about who he is and accept the fact that he likes men without the expectations from the outside world and i have not been able to stop thinking about it since. like imagine dean coming back from purgatory secure in who he is because he spent a year in that awful place, running and fighting for his life and dealing with all these emotions and. he comes to find out that it truly does not matter. his dad is dead and his brother is supportive and loving and the world has much bigger things to worry about than who the righteous man decides to come home to at night. (kidnapping and leverage aside, of course. they could not care less about the gender of said person)
and he's not just mourning cas as someone he fought with. he's not mourning the "death" of his friend -- he's mourning cas, his beloved, the man he's loved longer than he can remember. and he hates himself because he finally was in a position where he was open and honest and of course that came back and bit him in the ass. and it causes this spiral of emotions in which he's no longer sure if he should be honest and out because the one time he was authentic it ended awful. he keeps seeing cas everywhere and eventually confesses to sam and says that there was more to their relationship and there wasn't enough time etc etc and now cas is gone and dead.
but cas isn't gone, no, cas isn't dead. he comes back. and then as the truth unravels dean can feel nothing but betrayal and he can't see through it and doesn't understand why cas felt so strongly about his need to suffer and. angst and despair ensue and as they fight for their lives (again, topside) they learn how to love (and live) in a place that's not purgatory. like this is rotting my brain
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quxxnxfhxll · an hour ago
may fic reccomendations
part i (may 1 - may 7)
Tumblr media
— i will be making this a multi-part list so it isn’t so long!!
— in honor of all of the amazing writers i have the honor to interact with/read their works; here’s a list of everything I’ve read this may!
— this list is multifandom and contains some sfw & some nsfw works!! please read all warnings on each work!
Tumblr media
♔ andy barber
sweet as can be. (sugar daddy!au) ♡︎ andy knows how hard you’ve been working to finish the semester, so he picks you up some of your favorite cookies as a reward. ~ @starrybrock
♔ bucky barnes
bucky x mercenary!wife headcanon. ~ @buckyblues
my only girl. (angel!au) ♡︎ Reader has to decide between keeping her secret and saving the man she loves. In the end, it's not a hard choice. ~ @the-bau-quinjet
everything i wanted. (single parent!au) ♡︎ Bucky asks you to pick Rebecca from school, as you spend the day with her, you can’t help to think that this is what you want, for the rest of your life. ~ @sergeantbuckybarnes
shared wounds. (soulmate!au) ♡︎ everytime your soulmate becomes injured, a small flower forms on you the same place they’d been injured. it goes away the moment it heals. so, it was much to y/ns surprise when they had a permanent line of flowers that wrapped around their upper arm. ~ @sam-wilson-supremacy
i knew i loved you. ♡︎ You and Bucky are best friends but what happens when you confess your real feelings for each other. ~ @jobean12-blog
pierced through and through. ♡︎ Bucky has planned the perfect vacation. All he has to do is get through the metal detectors without revealing his secret. ~ @angrythingstarlight
hurricane. ♡︎ bucky barnes is a storm of his own. ~ @syntheticavenger
dog tags blurb. ~ @sweeterthansammy
scars that never go. (soulmate!au). ♡︎ After years of believing you’ll never find your soulmate, a scar appears on your shoulder and months after you find the one your heart longed for. ~ @fairytaleseb
rough rider. (biker!au) ♡︎ In which Bucky finds interest in a biker chick. ~ @sweeterthansammy
white wolf’s call podcast. (podcast!au?). ♡︎ Quarantine got you down? Meet your new neighbor. ~ @sagechanoafterdark
going live. (camboy!au) ♡︎ your new neighbour looks so familiar, where had you seen him before? ~ @ritesofreverie
warm beating and frantic: chapter six. ~ @river-soul
warm beating and frantic: chapter seven. ~ @river-soul
all good things: chapter one. ~ @sagechanoafterdark
all good things: chapter two. ~ @sagechanoafterdark
delicate: chapter sixteen. ~ @astro-rain
purity: part one (preacher!au) ~ @little-diable
♔ chris evans
when two worlds collide. ♡︎ chris cheats ~ @iguessweallcrazyithinktho
♔ dean winchester
head over boots for you. ♡︎ Dean had planned some sweet breakfast for the two of you. When you walk into him singing and a kiss leads into something more, your plans change. Aka: You and Dean have some sweet kitchen sex. ~ @welldonebeca
♔ mike weiss
ear candy. ♡︎ for a good time, call ‘candy.’  she can’t fix your life but she can distract you from it for a while. ~ @mypoisonedvine
somnophilia headcanon. ~ @mypoisonedvine
♔ peter parker
breathless. ♡︎ peter and y/n share their first kiss together, and it left the two of them breathless. ~ @sam-wilson-supremacy
♔ ransom drysdale
fight so dirty. ♡︎ Ransom and you have an interesting way of settling arguments. ~ @the-iceni-bitch
♔ sebastian stan
positive. ♡︎ in which sebastian finds out he’s going to be a father ~ @watchmegetobsessed
♔ spencer reid
hurry. ♡︎ in which you disappeared and spencer is going insane trying to find you ~ @daisysreid
♔ steve rogers
lover’s quarrel. ♡︎ You have the powers to resurrect if you’ve been murdered, and a jealous Steve Rogers indulges heavily in your abilities. He would not let you steal his best friend, that was for sure. So what, if your rivalry regularly caused fire and harm to public property? You just couldn’t let the other win. ~ @gotnofucks
sex drugs blurb. ♡︎ steve drugs bucky’s girlfriend’s younger sister with something that makes her need him. ~ @kinanabinks
♔ tom holland
one time. (bartender!au) ♡︎ never having experienced a good relationship, you were afraid and hesitant to enter a new one. especially if it was with your work colleague. but tom remained patient, believing that one day you would follow what your heart desires. and when you have a tough night a work, tom is there to help. ~ @hollandcrush
match made in hell: prologue. (mob!au) ~ @spidernerdsblog
♔ wanda maxmimoff
video games. ♡︎ you are a gamer who tries to convince your gf to play a game with you ~ @crypticwanda
Tumblr media
part ii: here
Tumblr media
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goth-dean · an hour ago
Tumblr media
did i give up on the other side of his face? yes.
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faithcastiel · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
just a quick little dean and claire sketch that I threw some color on 💕 forever weak for dadstiel
been struggling for inspiration lately so I'm pushing myself to post what I have
tag list below!
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It's bitter Sam Boy Evening for me. Here are some things I'm bitchy about today;
- The level of impact the word freak has on Sam is pretty severe. In my opinion it can equate to a slur, considering all the history and negative impact behind it.
- After realizing what it was like to be hunted we never seriously saw Sam doubt hunting as a whole. We saw it here and there but it was never a big thing. It should've been tbh.
- He gets into shit all the time for setting up healthy boundaries. Dean gives him shit for doing the exact same things that he does, like purgatory and Amelia in contrast to the cage and Lisa.
- He got called girly all the time when he isn't really girly at all, because one of the themes of the show is romanicizing toxic masculinity.
- Gadreel, enough said.
- How Sam is considered irrational for being angry about things he should be angry about. Sam has more than enough reason to be angry but he's always expected to forgive. I'm really angry about this one because that's an expectation for me too, and it's really draining tbh. It's so draining that I got delighted when somebody said I should hate them. Sorry that got personal.
The Winchester co-dependency is toxic af, and it is two sided to an extent, I think Dean is more toxic but regardless. It pisses me off that some people attack their relationship for the wrong reasons. Like Dean making fun of Sam's hair or Sam tossing a fucking wrapper on Dean's floor. Idk.
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