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#steve rogers fluff
stevesbestgirl · 3 hours ago
Drunk Enough
Steve Rogers x Reader
899 Words
A/N: Was scrolling through my music and saw and album titled "Drunk Enough to Say That I Love You" and thought it would make a cute one shot!
You stumbled into the compound's kitchen, giggling and leaning on Wanda for support. Wanda wasn't much better off than you, the sound of your giggles making her laugh so hard she doubled over, sending you sprawling onto the floor as Nat shushed both of you in between her own laughter.
"You guys are gonna wake everyone up," she reprimanded half-heartedly. "You know how grumpy Barnes gets when he's woken up."
"I'm not scared of Bucky," you slurred confidently.
Wanda rolled her eyes, straightening up to rifle through the cupboard for snacks, "You'd be scared of him if you didn't know Steve would save you."
"Like he even would; Bucky is his best friend."
"True, but Steve totally has a thing for you," Wanda countered, popping a bag of chips open.
"Maybe he thinks I'm cute," you conceded, "But he's never expressed interest in anyone, why would I be different?"
Nat rolled her eyes, "God, this is so high school. Just ask him if you wanna know so bad."
You made grabby fingers at the chips and Wanda held the bag down to where you were still on the floor. You scooped a handful, "Yeah, because it's so easy."
Wanda grinned slyly, "So, you do like him then?"
You snorted inelegantly at the wolfish smile on her face, "Who wouldn't? I mean, he's such a sweetheart." You meant to stop, but the words kept rolling off your tongue, "And those eyes and the hair," you took a deep breath just thinking about it, "And the muscles." You groaned, "God it IS so high school, isn't it?"
Nat grinned, "Are you just realizing all of this now?"
You hauled yourself up from the floor, blushing, "I don’t wanna talk about it anymore." You poured yourself a shot of something from a pretty bottle, "This is why I drink."
Whatever was in the bottle, it was far stronger than the fruity drinks the three of you had been drinking all night and you could already feel the warmth in your veins. You squinted at the bottle, a shudder wracking your shoulders at the sensation, "What even is this?"
Nat and Wanda shared a look, Nat finally speaking up, "I'm pretty sure that's some of that stuff Thor brought back from Asgard."
"Well, it hits like a truck." You could feel the words melting into one another and made an effort not to slur, "I think I need to pee already."
Wanda watched you take a halting step toward the hallway, "Do you want me to go with you?"
You waved her away, insisting, "I'm fine, I'm good."
Nat raised an eyebrow, "If you aren't back in five, we're coming to get you."
"Don't threaten me with a good time," you giggled wildly as you shoved your way through the door.
It took most of your attention to put one foot in front of the other, so you didn't notice as one of the hallway doors opened. You walked straight into what felt like a brick wall, sending you sprawling onto your butt.
"Are you okay?"
Steve's handsome face came into view and his brow furrowed as you burst into more giggles at having been knocked down, "Oh, Steve, I'm, uh- sorry. Did we wake you?"
You noticed he'd been holding out a hand to help you up, so you slid your hand into his.
"I did hear some laughing," he admitted, hoisting you up.
Even the momentum from the pull he gave you was too much for your brain to cope with; you teetered dangerously before stumbling into his chest, laughing again at your own messy state, "Whoa, god, I'm sorry."
Concern lined his expression as you struggled to right yourself, "Are you okay?"
You grinned, "Peachy keen." Another burst of laughter escaped you; you weren't sure why that was so funny, but it was.
He cocked an eyebrow, his hand still on your elbow, like he was afraid you'd fall over if he let go, "How drunk are you?"
"Drunk enough to say that I love you."
His lovely blue eyes went wide and he searched your face like he was waiting for you to laugh again, but instead, you cursed, "That was supposed to be a secret." You took a wobbly step toward the bathroom, "Never mind, never mind, forget I said that; that was dumb. You wouldn't-"
He kept his grip on your elbow, "I wouldn't what?"
You glanced back at him; he looked mildly amused, "You wouldn't wanna- you know- because like, I'm not even special. Like, you're you and I'm just me, you know?"
His other hand came up to cup your cheek, "Who says you're not special?"
You pressed your cheek into the warmth of his palm, his soft tone going unnoticed by your brain, "Well, um, I dont have like super muscles or mind powers or a bunch of money or-" You lost your train of thought, fingers clutching his hand, "God, your hands are so big and warm."
He smiled, "Maybe we should have this conversation tomorrow."
"Maybe you should have this conversation tomorrow," you countered brilliantly. "Wait, what conversation, exactly?" Your brow creased in focus as you tried to connect the dots.
The door across the hall swung open, revealing a grumpy-looking Bucky, who snapped, "We get it, you two are in love, it's two in the morning!"
"Go back to bed, Buck."
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sazc94 · 4 hours ago
If These Sheets Were States
Warnings Smut 18+ sickly sweet fluff
(this was my first time writing smut so if you've read my Bucky one this is a bite more tame)
A/N Final part but I have ideas for a follow up. Also I highly recommend listening to All Time Lows If these sheets were states.
Chapter 4, Master List
Chapter 5
Words 2k
Because I don't sleep at all without you pressed up against me. I settle for long distance calls, I'm lost in empty pillow talk again.
It was 3am by the time Steve had arrived at the apartment you shared. By the time the team had debriefed the mission Steve was in two minds to just crash at the tower in his old room but Seeing Bucky and Nat practically eye fuck each other during the debrief had made Steve’s mind up for him. Steve unlocked the door and kicked his shoes off. He pressed his thumb to the scanner to ensure the intruder alarm would not activate, hung up his jacket and padded along to the bedroom.
You were curled up on one side of the bed one leg under the cover, one over the top. Steve could tell you had fallen asleep cuddled up the Stitch he brought you as it was on the floor. He smiled to himself, he noticed you were wearing his T-shirt one of his faded blue ones, you seemed to wear that one a lot when he wasn’t around. He took of his shirt and pants folding them and carefully placing them on the back of the chair you kept in the corner of your room. He could tell you’d gone to bed with your hair still slightly damp as it splayed about on the pillow full of little kinks and creases. He crawled into bed next to you, gently pulling you into him. You stirred awake. If this hadn’t happened at least 10 times in the past year and a half you would have woken up in a panic that someone was in your bed, like you did the first time Steve curled into bed with you in the middle of the night. The Avengers still joked about your right hook with you.
You felt a smile tug at your lips. “Hey Stevie” you mumbled, Steve’s heart did a flip. “how early is it?” you asked. “Hey baby, early its just gone 3am” replied Steve nuzzling his face into your neck. You squirmed, he had grown a beard during the mission, and you were incredibly ticklish. Steve let out a groan as you squirmed against him. He felt himself harden. You shifted round to face him “Hey Stevie” you said again smiling up at him. He lowered his face down to yours and kissed you firm and hungry for you. You bit his lip slightly only making Steve moan. You smiled breaking the kiss. “I see you grew a beard during this mission” You said swinging your leg over Steve the momentum bringing him with you, so now you were straddling him. “And I see you are wearing one of my T-Shirts” said Steve running his calloused fingers over your body. “As sexy as you make my shirt look” Steve paused “and my boxers for that matter, its been 8 long weeks and I’ve really missed you, and your body” Steve started kissing your neck “So I think we should remove them” Steve said. You had to admit the feel of Steve pressed against you and kissing your neck felt unbelievably good especially after almost 8 weeks. “Is that so Mr Rogers” you replied with a wicked little grin on your face. You could feel yourself getting turned on as Steve started pushing up against you slightly.
You had to be back in the office at 10 am, you presumed Steve had ridden over on his Motor Bike so you could potentially batt your eyes at him and convince him to give you ride in the morning. You sighed a little as Steve started running his fingers along the waistband of the boxers you were wearing. You looked at the clock on your nightstand. The time read 3:20 am. Steve’s kisses were becoming hungrier and firmer as he kept kissing down your neck. You knew Steve was waiting for you to make a move, ever the gentleman, even after 8 weeks of missing the feel of himself pressed against you he wouldn’t make the next move until you gave him a signal to say you wanted this. You let out a small moan, well that was the decision made up for you. I mean who were you kidding it had been 8 weeks and your smoking hot, golden haired, incredibly ripped, super soldier boyfriend wanted his way with you. With one swift movement you pulled of his T-Shirt. Leaving you wearing nothing but a pair of Steve’s boxers
Steve tugged at the waistband of the boxers you were wearing, a signal he wanted you to take them off. You stood on the bed legs shaking with anticipation you quickly shimmied the boxers off before lowering yourself back down so you were straddling him again. Steve kissed your neck, slowly with purpose, watching with a smirk as you still shivered at his touch even after a year of being intimate. He loved the way when he was alone with you like this you truly allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Steve slipped his fingers between your folds. Thumb on your clitoris slowly pushed two fingers inside you. You gasped as Steve’s fingers curled up inside of you. Your eyes going wide as Steve started rubbing circles on your clitoris. Steve slowly started pumping the two fingers inside of you, nibbling your neck as his kisses slowly made their way to your breasts.
Steve wanted nothing more to flip you over on to your back at that very moment and just have his way with you, but he knew he couldn’t be selfish in this instant and that you had missed him just as much as he you. He could tell by the way your nails dug into his back. Steve looked up at you as he slowly started to suck your breast, Steve wasn’t usually possessive, but he did like to leave his marks on you. Usually on your breasts because they were usually hidden by your work attire, however sometimes he would leave hickey a little too high in the summer and someone would catch a glimpse of it, you let out a moan as Steve bit down on your breast whilst his fingers sped up, catching your G-spot. Your hands wandered down Steve’s chest, dipping beneath the waistband of his boxers, you have his dick a tug. Steve let out a hiss, “Fuck” he muttered. You started to move your hand up and down slowly teasingly, rubbing your thumb on his tip. Steve's other hand grabbed you pulling you tighter to him “If you carry on like that I’m going to skip the rest of what I had planned and go straight to fucking you” Steve warned, a look of hunger, almost like he would starve if he didn’t have you now in his blue eyes. Steve's thumb sped up that bit more, his strokes with his fingers becoming hard and fast. You felt yourself tighten knowing you were close, and Steve had only just begun.
Steve could tell too because he chuckled, and then kicked it up a notch further. Your moans caught in your throat and you could feel the orgasm building, your grip tightened on Steve's dick. Steve's fingers ran along your breasts, the rough skin leaving your skin feeling like It was on fire from pleasure. Steve’s pace with his fingers inside you never slowing. Without missing a beat Steve pulled your neck down to him kissing you with burning desire. You let out another moan as his hand moved back down to your breasts, stroking your nipple lightly. The pleasure was so, intense you were about to cum, then Steve whispered in your ear “let go” and like that the coil snapped. You didn’t hold back with the screaming of Steve's name whilst his fingers coxed you through your orgasm, Your grip on his dick tightening.
Once Steve was satisfied you had ridden out the wave of the first of what he planned to be many orgasms tonight he withdrew his fingers from inside you. Kissed you deep and hard and flipped you over so you were on your back and he was on top of you. Without missing a beat Steve grabbed your wrists pinning them above your head with his left hand. His right hand trailing along your body leaving that delicious feeling of burning desire along your body. He kissed you once more before slowly leaving a trail of kisses down your body. Steve started kissing your thigh. “Oh Y/N” I really have missed you, your body and hearing you scream my name with pleasure” Steve said between peppered kisses. Before you could even respond you felt Steve's tongue on your clitoris, he started of with slow teasing strokes, making you squirm, your body already alight with desire. Steve used his right hand to pin your hips is place, with such strength that you were sure he would leave faint bruises as he moved from your clitoris to where he was now entering his tongue into you. Still on a high from your first orgasm it didn’t take long before you were crashing over the edge again, Steve's eyes burning into you has you moaned his name. God you had missed the way he managed to make you feel both drowsy with pleasure but wide awake as he built the pleasure up at the same time.
Steve didn’t wait for you to finish your orgasm before he entered his rock-hard dick into you. You gasped as it took you by surprise. Steve waited a moment allowing you to adjust to him, well aware that he was above average size as you constantly liked to remind him. Steve released the grip on your wrists as you wrapped your legs tightly around his waist. Steve moved his hand onto the headboard of your bed. Steve took a breath in kissed you and then slowly started to thrust in and out slowly. He looked down at you as he entered you again, a look of pure bliss on your face, he could see your eyes were once again starting to roll into the back of your head, your body still on a high from your previous two orgasms. “I love you Y/N” Steve Said looking deep into your eyes “I love you two Steve “you said a small grin on your face, you really couldn’t quite believe how lucky you were to have boyfriend who was kind and caring, but could also rock your world multiple times in one evening. Because with the way Steve was looking at you whilst he continued to thrust in out, his pace speeding just slightly, you had the feeling you were going to be screaming his name in pleasure for a while yet…
You woke with sun streaming in through the crack in your curtains. You looked at your clock, 7am it said. You smiled to yourself knowing that with it being as early as it was that left you plenty of time to spend in bed cuddled up with your super soldier boyfriend. You had fallen back asleep sometime around 4:30, you and Steve were a tangle of limbs. No clear starting point for where one ended and the other began. You looked down at your hips and yep, just as you had suspected, there were faint bruises from the night before. You carefully extracted your limbs from around Steve and kissed him gently on the lips. “Morning Stevie” you whispered as his eyes fluttered open. Steve's smile growing wide he leant his head down to kiss you that little bit firmer. “Morning baby” he replied dopily. “what time do you have to be in the office” he asked nuzzling your neck, he loved the way you smelt a mixture of your favourite body spray, his aftershave and faint sent of sex. “Not until 10am, so that leaves us plenty of time to snuggle” you replied snuggling yourself close to his chest wrapping your arms around him. “Perfect” he said. This was your favourite part of Steve's missions when he returned you would spend hours just snuggled up together, kissing gently with no need to take it further than just that and both happy to just be back in each other’s arms after time apart.
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marvelouslycaptivating · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is a list of my works so far!! I will update this list whenever a new story or part is posted!! Thanks so much for reading. Xx
Steve Rogers
A Swarm of Butterflies: Part one, Part Two
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barnesdogtags · 5 hours ago
Through the Dark
Request from @deanhisbaby: Reader struggles with mood swings, you can choose which character helps them through them with lots of fluff. 
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Tags: established relationship, fluff, comfort, steve being a sweetheart
Warnings: mentions of mood swings
Word count: 1,305
Note: thank you for the request! if anyone wants to, you can send me a request here. i write for: steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, sambucky and stevebucky. [masterlist]
It had started as a good day. You and Steve were spending the weekend at his apartment, just enjoying each other’s company and being lazy together. He had started cooking dinner while you napped on the couch, but the sudden sound of the fire alarm woke you up.
“Shit,” Steve mumbled as he opened the window, airing out the smoke. 
The smell of smoke filled the small apartment quickly. After a few minutes, the alarm went off and most of the smoke was gone. You joined Steve in the kitchen and stared at the burnt food. 
“Sorry babe, I got distracted,” he apologized. 
“I was trying to sleep. What are we supposed to eat now?”
“I can run out and grab something, what about that place down the street you love?” 
You could tell he genuinely felt bad and was trying to make up for it. But you couldn’t help but feel angry at him and the whole situation.
“We were supposed to spend the weekend in together. That place is always busy on Saturdays, it’ll take forever for you to go get something. I guess I’ll just find something to make,” you huffed.
He stepped out of the way as you opened the fridge and cabinets. They were mostly empty, Steve always waited too long to get groceries, which didn’t help the current problem. You threw away the burnt food and grabbed some random ingredients in hopes to make something edible.
“Why do you always wait until the last minute to go grocery shopping? There’s hardly anything here, so don’t expect dinner to be good.” You suddenly became aware of how small the kitchen was with you both in there. “Can you go somewhere else? I don’t have any room.”
Steve watched as you angrily slammed the cabinets shut and muttered to yourself while you started prepping the food.
“Hey, let me help. After this, you can pick a movie to watch and we can relax. I just washed my blankets so they’re nice and fresh too, I know how you like when they’re fresh out of the dryer.”
“I don’t need help, especially from someone who can’t cook,” you tried opening a jar, but the lid was too tight. “Why won’t this stupid jar open?” 
He opened the jar and you scowled at him. Steve then wrapped his arms around you, letting his chin rest on the top of your head. You tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but it was pointless, he was too strong. 
“Talk to me, what’s going on?”
“I’m fine, leave me alone or we’ll never eat.” 
Steve turned you around so you were facing him. He pulled you into a tight hug, his hands rubbing your back. You felt embarrassed while you cried into his chest, feeling too many emotions at once. It was overwhelming.
“Hey, it’s alright. I’m here, okay? You can talk to me about anything.”
“We were having such a good day and I just....” you sighed, “Are you mad at me?”
“Mad? Why would I be mad at you?” He was surprised at your question. 
“You didn’t even do anything and I snapped at you,” you sniffled, “I’ve just been struggling with my mood swings recently and it’s hard. I’m sorry.”
Steve kissed your forehead. “I’m not mad at you, I would never get mad at you for that. You don’t need to apologize either, you didn’t do anything wrong. If anyone should apologize, it’s me for being an idiot and setting the alarm off and ruining dinner,” he laughed. “I love you no matter what, I want you to understand that.”
“I love you too,” you smiled as he wiped the rest of your tears away. “Does your offer still stand for snuggling on the couch while we watch movies?” 
“If that’s what you want. Anything you want to do is fine with me, I want to make sure you’re happy and comfortable.”
“Can we also do face masks?”
“Of course.”
Steve was the best boyfriend, he was always so patient with you and never got angry or upset. When you first started dating, you explained everything to him, expecting him to break up with you. He couldn’t believe that when you told him, and he assured you he would never break up with you over something like that. One day when you came over, you saw that he was reading up on them online. It meant a lot to know that he cared so much.
“Why don’t I help you finish making dinner first?” He offered.
While he mixed some things together, he got an idea. He took a handful of flour and covered your nose and cheeks with it. You squealed and he laughed.
“Oh, it’s on.”
You quickly grabbed a handful and threw it at him. Before you could run for cover, he poured a handful right on top of your head. Before you knew it, you and Steve were covered in flour, making a mess of yourselves and the kitchen. 
“I think we should just have popcorn for dinner,” he said while looking at the mess.
“I think you’re right.”
He helped you clean up and gave you one of his shirts to wear. It was pretty much a dress on you, but you loved borrowing (a.k.a stealing) his clothes. Steve didn’t mind, he always thought you looked better in them anyways. You went into the bathroom and grabbed one of his face masks. He didn’t understand the point of them, but he knew you loved them, so he bought a few for when you came over.
You sat across from him and scooped some of the mask out. He waited patiently while you covered his face, then he did the same to you. When he saw what you both looked like with the bright blue masks, he laughed.
“Steve, you can’t laugh! It’ll crack.” You were about to start laughing with him, it was contagious.
“Sorry, I can’t help it. We look like Smurfs.”
“You can laugh all you want in ten minutes after we wash them off.”
“Can I take a picture?”
You agreed and he took a few. When he showed them to you, you started laughing.
“It’ll crack!” He mocked you which only made you laugh more.
“We look ridiculous.”
The two of you could barely keep yourselves together. You caught him smiling at you a few times and gave him the same warning. After they were washed off, Steve went to grab two blankets while you made the popcorn. 
When he came back, you snuggled up with him on the couch. You rested your head on his chest and he wrapped both of his arms around you. Being covered in a soft, warm blanket and wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms made you instantly relax.
You ended up choosing your favorite Disney movie to watch. It became your goal to show him all of them when you first started dating, and he became obsessed. You’d occasionally find him singing some of the songs to himself and he wouldn’t even notice he was doing it. When the first song started playing in the movie, you could hear him singing it quietly to himself. 
“You’re doing it again.”
“I can stop if it’s distracting.”
“Don’t, I love it. It’s cute,” you smiled. 
He started singing slightly louder while his fingers absentmindedly played with your hair. You sighed of relief. 
“Y’know, you’re like a real life Disney princess.”
“I am definitely not.”
“Well, you are to me.”
He turned your head and lifted your chin before kissing you softly. 
“How did I get so lucky?” You asked him. 
“I ask myself that every day.”
You kissed him again, not even paying attention to the movie.
“I love you Steve.”
“I love you more Y/N.”
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marvelouslycaptivating · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Swarm of Butterflies
Part One
Part Two: Awaiting His Call
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: It’s been a few weeks since you’re first initial meeting, and you’re still waiting for a certain blonde super soldier to call.
Authors Notes: I’m so excited to be sharing Part Two of my first Steve Rogers series with you!!! Please tell me what you think. Feel free to message me with requests!! Thanks for reading. Until next time. Xx
Tumblr media
Two weeks had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Fourteen days and Steve still hadn’t called. To say you were disappointed was the understatement of the century. You hadn’t been on a date in well over a year. Your last relationship, which ended abruptly three years prior, had made you cautious. None of the dull men you had accompanied on dates since your breakup had intrigued you enough to give them a second chance. So you spent most of your time in your own company.
You had finally felt a spark with Steve that you had never found anywhere else. You had been excited to explore that, and so your heart was somber when the days had passed and you hadn’t heard from him. You had assumed he had changed his mind about the dinner. While it was disheartening, you understood. He was, after all, one of the Earth’s mightiest hero’s and you were just an average woman. There was nothing memorable about you, and you most certainly couldn’t compare to any of his female colleagues. You were positive that you were not weaving your way into his thoughts the way he was into yours. He’d probably forgotten about you as soon as he’d gotten back to the compound and was thrust into whatever work awaited him there.
You sat at your desk, your fingers lazily tracing the patterns in the cherry stained wood. Your thoughts drifting to a set of piercing, soft blue eyes, a chiseled jaw line, and a breathtaking smile. You could almost still feel the warmth of his hand in yours, and feel the nervousness that had crept up your spine. You hadn’t even realized that you were daydreaming until your boss snapped his fingers in front of your face.
“Y/N! Hello, Y/N?” He tried desperately to capture your attention. You blinked a few times, looking up at the elderly man through your dark lashes. Mr. Klein stood before you dressed in a dark grey suit. In one hand he held his briefcase and in the other a file filled with paperwork. 
“Are you alright?” He asked. His face was riddled with concern. His white eyebrows furrowed and his forehead littered with wrinkles. You realized you still hadn’t responded as you gazed at him. You sat up a little straighter and smoothed your hands over the skirt of your navy dress attempting to collect yourself.
“Yes, I’m fine!! Sorry Mr. Klein. What can I do for you?” You asked, shuffling awkwardly in your seat under the gaze of his deep, brown eyes. 
“I need you to fax this paperwork for me immediately. It’s for my upcoming trial.” He spoke, his voice dripping with urgency. You smiled and took the paperwork from his hands. 
“Of course Mr. Klein. Anything else?” You asked as you stood and made your way over to the fax machine, your heels clicking softly on the white, tile floor.
“No, my dear that will be all.” he replied as he shuffled across the room toward his office.
“Once you’ve completed that you may go home for the day and sort out those thoughts that have you so distracted. I’ll see you next week.” The old man flashed a devious smile over his shoulder. 
“Have a good weekend, sir.” You blushed as he shut the large wooden door. You let out a soft sigh and chuckled to yourself at the old mans bluntness.
You had worked as Mr. Klein’s assistant for the last two years. You had interviewed with him on your third day in Brooklyn, and he hired you on the spot. He was a kind man, always looking out for you. He was wickedly smart and very calculated. He was one of the best attorney’s in the state so you were always busy. There was always a steady stream of work to do and you often came in on weekends during large trials to ensure everything was running properly. This weekend was a rare work free one, and you intended to use it wisely.
You quickly pulled the documents from the file and faxed them over to the office of another attorney in Manhattan. Mr. Klein often partnered with Mr. Davis on large, challenging cases. You had never met Mr. Davis, but Mr. Klein had tried to set you up with him on more than one occasion.
Once you were sure every page was received you powered off the device and began to collect your belongings. You slid your bag over your shoulder and headed toward the door. Pulling it open you stepped out of the office entrance onto the sidewalk. 
It was Friday evening and the street was surprisingly calm. You took a moment and looked around. Across the street the woman who owned the bakery, Gina, was locking up. You sent her a small wave which she returned with a smile. A few buildings down an elderly couple was walking a small Chihuahua, their hands intertwined and smiles adorning their faces. Children were sitting on the steps of an apartment building laughing at a joke one of them had told. You took in the sight and basked in the joy that seemed to radiate from all around you. You began your walk home, humming softly to yourself. You were thrilled for your free weekend and you had planned to go home, order Chinese, and spend the weekend binge watching all of your favorite shows.
Fifteen minutes later you arrived in front of your apartment building. It was older and a little run down, but you loved its charm and character. It was an original brown-stone building. Flower boxes hung from each window and the door to the front entrance was bright red. It stood three stories tall and consisted of fifty small apartments. Yours was on the third floor. 
You skipped up the steps to the entrance and opened the heavy, red door. You stepped inside the first floor hallway and made your way over to the staircase in the corner. The metal stairs clanked under your shoes as you trudged up two flights of stairs before arriving on your floor. You walked down the carpeted hall to your apartment. You stopped in front of your dented, black door and searched for your keys in your bag. Once you’d retrieved the set of keys dangling from a Lady Liberty keychain you began to work on unlocking the door. You had just shoved the key into the lock when your phone began to ring. 
“Oh, damn it.” you huffed, abandoning the keys in the lock to search through your bag for your phone. You pulled it out and flipped it over in your palm. The screen was illuminated with an unknown number. Furrowing your brows you hit the accept call button and brought the phone to your ear.
“Hello?” you questioned, resting the phone between your ear and shoulder. Your hands reached up to the key and jiggled a few times to get the old lock to turn.
“Hi, is this Y/N?” the caller asked. You froze, the swarm of butterflies returning. It was Steve. 
“Yeah,’s me.” you replied, voice suddenly shaky. You pushed open the door and stepped into your apartment. You placed your keys on the small, white table in the front hall and walked into the small living room. 
“It’s Steve. I’m sorry it took so long for me to call. I got sent out on a mission as soon as I got to the compound. I just got back home yesterday.” he apologized, his free hand running through his blonde locks. He was pacing back and forth in front his sofa in his room at the compound. He had just woken up, having slept since he arrived back after the mission. 
“Oh, its fine. I completely understand.” you smiled to yourself, over the moon that he hadn’t forgotten you. You sat on your beige sofa, crossing your legs beneath you anticipating his next words.
“Well, I’d still love to have dinner with you. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since that morning at the park.” He said, suddenly shy as he picked at the waistband of his grey sweats. Your heart started to pound. You could hear the blood rushing in your ears.
“I would like that very much.” you gasped out, realizing you’d been holding your breath. Your entire face was on fire, and you couldn’t keep your smile at bay. 
“Are you free now?” he asked, gaining a bit of confidence. You glanced at the clock it was 5:45. You had planned a quiet evening at home, but you’d much rather be in the company of the super soldier.
“Umm, yeah I’m free.” You replied, trying to sound nonchalant as you rose from the couch and strolled into your room. You sauntered over to the closet and yanked the door open, searching for something to wear.
“Great. How about you send me your address and I’ll pick you up at 7?” he asked, excitement laced in his voice.
“That sounds perfect. I’ll see you soon, Steve.”
“I’ll see you soon, Y/N.” He chucked. He hung up the phone and tossed it onto his bed. His smile was so wide his cheeks ached.
Steve had thought of the girl he’d shared a sunrise with constantly over the last two weeks. Although the two of you had exchanged few words he had felt incredibly comfortable sitting with you on that bench. He had come to the park because he couldn’t sleep. The team has just returned from a difficult mission, and he had been feeling anxious. Your presence has washed over him like a wave, completely calming his racing thoughts.
He stood there running his hands through his hair craving that calmness once more. He wondered how it would feel to hold you in his arms and kiss your soft, baby pink lips. Then he felt it, something he hadn’t felt since Peggy. The undeniable feeling of butterflies dancing in his stomach.
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imaginedreamwrite · 6 hours ago
Baby Girl: Part 3
It was nearly another month before you saw or interacted with Steve or Bucky. You’d spent the last few weeks getting into a routine on the medical floor and taking all the knowledge and training you’d picked up on in school and translating that into the hands-on work in Stark Tower.
Since the revelation that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were your soulmates, you had done everything you could to avoid talking about the subject and the two conspirators that caused you to see colour in the first place.
Of course, trying to avoid Steve and Bucky was easy enough when they were busy on missions or training the recruits, and if they weren’t doing either then they were running simulations.
The only probable way for you to run into them and not have a steady hand on the chances was either a run-in by the elevator or seeing them as patients in the medical wing.
While you were avoiding Steve and Bucky, you had spent a great deal of time with Peter. You’d tried to avoid causing any wider rift between you since the beginning of it was already damaging and acidic enough. You loved Peter, you wanted to be with Peter however it seemed as if you had already lost him.
Everything you did at this point felt like putting a bandaid on a cracked foundation.
Including dinner dates like the one, you were supposed to be going on after your shift.
“Y/N, ” the charge nurse stopped you just 15 minutes before you were supposed to clock out, “can you please assist one last patient before you leave? We just had an entire group of recruits come in for burns and deep abrasions and another patient is waiting with the minor abrasive wound.”
You glanced toward the clock, knowing full well that a simple abrasion could lead to more problems. You knew full well that one simple cut could be something more complicated and take longer than 15 minutes, but you couldn’t turn her down.
“Of course, ” you reached for the chart, “who is it?”
The charge nurse already looked exasperated but when you took the tablet from her, there was momentary relief that flashed on her face. That small task was enough to remove some weight from her shoulders, and given the number of recruits that were about to come to the floor, this was the least that you could do.
“Bed 5,” she called over her shoulder, “thank you so much!”
You waved your hand and tucked the tablet under your arm as you moved toward a white metal supply cart. You reached for a pair of blue medical gloves and pulled them on your hands, adjusting the fit on your fingers before you continued on your path toward the 5th bed bay on the left side with the tablet back in your hands.
You pulled back the curtain and stepped inside, your attention on the chart displayed on the tablet. You read the reason for being there, the word ‘abrasion’ and ‘bleeding at sight of injury’ twice over. You knew you would need antiseptic and bandages as well as liquid stitches depending on the injury, which was all in the supply cart at each bed.
“Hi, I'm Y/N I’ll be your nurse today.” You raised your hand and almost dropped the tablet, the portable chart nearly slipping from your grasp at the sight of who was in your care. “What happened to you?”
Steve was the patient, with a strip of cloth pressed tightly against the cut in his forehead, the drying blood staining the cloth used in an attempt to stop the bleeding. When he shifted on the bed, you could see small drops of blood on his shoes that had long since dried as well as some blood staining the SHIELD symbol on his black compression shirt.
“Steve’s a cut on his head,” Bucky spoke from the only other chair in the small bay, one leg crossed over the other and his metal hand resting on top of his knee.
Like Steve, he was wearing a black compression shirt with the same symbol on the left above his pectoral. Now that you could see colours, you were slowly differentiating between the vast shades of one colour that brought such beauty to the works. Bucky’s eyes were blue, but they were light blue and crystalline, they reminded you of the pristine river and lake waters from the mountains. They were so clean and clear, so pristine.
Steve’s eyes were blue, like Bucky’s, however, Steve’s eyes had flecks of green in them. His blue-green eyes were as captivating as Bucky’s, just in a different way.
“Yeah, I gathered.” You quipped, moving away from the bed toward the supply cart. “How did it happen?”
You reached for one of the drawer handles and pulled, small antiseptic packages sitting inside. You grabbed two as well as a small roll of bandages and medical tape, and when you had all your supplies, you closed the drawer again.
“We were training the recruits, ” Steve pulled the cloth away from his cut and placed it beside him on the bed.
“And I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” you grabbed the single wrapped antiseptic wipe and shook it a few times out of habit before you ripped the top off and pulled the wipe out of the package. You unfolded the antiseptic wipe and stepped closer to the bed and closer to Steve.
“It may sting.” You gave him a warning before you reached out and started wiping the antiseptic wipe against his cut, trying your damnedest not to laugh when he hissed under his breath and winced.
“Who knew the great Captain America could be brought down by a disinfecting wipe?” you joked, discarding the wipe in the garbage before you waved your hand in front of the cut to dry it.
“He’s also afraid of needles.” Bucky piped up from his chair in the corner, joining in on the teasing.
“Needles?” you grinned. “Steve Rogers is afraid of needles?”
He had gripped the edge of the bed with both hands, his blue-green eyes were studying you while you prepared the liquid stitches. His attention on you was making your hands shake ever so slightly, given how much time and effort you had tried to put into avoiding the pair of them.
It just felt…natural. It felt instinctual to be near them and that was a direct conflict with what you were trying to save, with Peter.
“Don’t tell anyone,” Steve watched you carefully as you produced a small brush coated with the liquid stitch. “I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Of course, ” you nod your head and smirked, “it would damaging for the world to know that Captain America’s fear is sterilized medical-grade needles.”
“Little bit.” His added comment pulled a laugh from you, something small and quiet but lighthearted nonetheless.
“I’m done adding the liquid stitches.” You stepped back to the bedside rolling tray and grabbed a packaged sterilized bandage. “You need to keep this on for about a day and then it can be removed.”
When you stepped back to him, you had the bandage in one hand and the crumpled package in the other. You threw the package toward the garbage and then you pressed the bandage against his wound, reaching into your left scrub pocket to grab the medical tape.
“I have to ask,” you ripped a piece of medical tape off and placed it on the left side of the bandage to hold it in place, before securing the other side, “how did the great captain America injure himself?”
You pressed the tape into his forehead as gently as possible, smoothing it down and using that as an excuse to hear the story.
“Couple of new recruits thought it’d be funny to steal one of Stark’s new inventions and bring it to the session.” Steve shift on the bed, brushing his hand against your elbow as he moved. “Caused an explosion and some of the shrapnel got me in the head.”
“They essentially stole a grenade and set it off as a joke?” you shift your weight from foot to foot. “Real intelligent agents you have.”
You rolled your eyes and started the process of putting away the equipment you’d used. As you closed the third drawer and moved back to grab the tablet to complete the chart, your attention was drawn to the bed where Steve had now stood from.
“Am I going to live?”
“You’ll survive relatively unscathed. Although I think I’d keep my distance from arrogant recruits with grenades, ” you smiled again, “as a rule of thumb.”
“You’ll live to see another fight, ” Bucky clapped Steve on the shoulder, “how many different nurses have patched you up in the day?”
“None this pretty, ” Steve shot a look your way, which had given you pause as you were finishing up his chart.
“I have to agree, pal.”
“Y/N, ” the charge nurse popped her head into the room, “Peter’s waiting for you. Want me to finish the chart?”
The announcement that Peter was here and waiting for you, had introduced an air of uncomfortable awkwardness that made you want to tuck tail and run. The announcement that your boyfriend who was not your soulmate was here to take you to dinner, while your two soulmates were in front of you, had you very conflicted. You were conflicted between the ease of flirtations that seemed so natural with Steve and Bucky, and the year you’d spent loving Peter Parker.
“It’s okay,” Steve spoke the answer to the question you didn’t want to ask, “you don’t want to keep him waiting.”
“You should go,” Bucky spoke after, reassuring you, “we’ll catch up later.”
“Y/N?” she called, “do you want me to finish the chart?”
You swallowed and dove further inside yourself for a brief moment. You set the tablet back on the table and stepped away, still half in a daze.
“Yeah,” you finally mumble, “yeah I’m almost done. I’ll go… I’ll go end my shift.”
You turned on your heel and moved from the bed bay, stealing a glance back at the two super soldiers before you ultimately left the area.
And went to find Peter.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ivybucky · 7 hours ago
missing you - b.b. x gn!reader
Request by @friendlyneighborhood-fangirl : Could you do a fix where the reader and Bucky are just friends but Bucky is non-stop talking about you to Sam and Steve and one day Steve gets fed up with it and forces him to ask the reader out?
a/n: very cute and simple fluff drabble! I had to write this quick because I'm waiting to go into a Excited to be doing a more structured schedule. Friday's fic will be a cute Steve request! Inbox is open for requests, please send them in, I'll get to them eventually.
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Tumblr media
author: abby<3
words: 656
cw: yelling, shouting, idiot boys
Tumblr media
“Hey Buck, how was the zoo?” Sam gave a pointed stare towards Steve, a bet had been made.
“Great!” he said cheerfully, settling down at the table where his friends had been talking. “We went to every exhibit. It’s really gotten big.” He sipped on the water bottle he had brought with him. “Oh, and you guys should have seen Y/N with the elephants, did you guys know they did a paper on their behaviorism in college? They’re so smart and well-read, ya know. The elephants seemed to take a liking to them too. They kept sticking their trunks up at them, the whole thing was adorable.”
“That’s nice, Buck,” Steve sighed, reading over this paper in front of him. “Did you guys get to the penguin-”
“Oh, and the zookeeper gave us some free vip passes so we got to hold one of the penguins! You should have seen Y/N holding that bird like a baby-”
“Oh my god, shut up!” Steve groaned, pulling a surprised look from Bucky and Sam. Sam, however, was all the more knowing.
“What’d you say, punk?”
“You’re in love with them!” he yelled, exasperated. “You can say ‘we’re just friends’ all you want but it doesn’t hide the fact that you’re in love with them and too much a wuss to do anything about it.”
“No, I’m tired, Buck. I never thought I’d be the one telling you this, but man up and ask them out.”
Bucky tried looking to Sam for help but it was pointless. Sam only raised his hands in mock surrender. “Don’t look at me, I just do what he does.”
“Steve, I don’t-” Steve narrowed his eyes at his childhood best friend. “What if they doesn’t feel the same?”
There was no point in denying it anymore. If Steve had figured it out then he was being too obvious. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Y/N was the most important person to him right now. And while Steve would always be his best friend, Y/N held much more room in Bucky’s heart.
“Pal,” Steve leaned forward, resting his arm on the table. “They talk about you the same way you talk about them. You don’t have much to worry about.”
Bucky tried to hide the growing smirk on his face. “They do?”
“Yes! Now please go do something about it.”
Sam tried to contain his chuckle as he watched the former assassin take off in a jog towards Y/N’s room. He shook his head, pulling up a feed of the hallway by their door. “I wanna watch him flounder.”
“Sam-” Steve tried to admonish, but was shushed almost instantly.
Y/N smiled sweetly at Bucky, even after spending the day with him at the zoo. “Hiya, Buck! Miss me already?”
They paused, smile faltering just a little bit. “Really?”
“Y/N/N, I-” he ran his metal fingers through his short locks. “I miss you every moment we’re not together.”
“And I know I could totally be screwing things up here and if it’s going to make things weird between us then we can just pretend it didn’t happen and go back to how things were-”
Y/N leaped forward and wrapped their arms around his neck, his breath leaving his lungs in shocked relief. His own arms wrapped around their body, squeezing them tightly to his chest. His heart racing against his ribs, he could almost feel it through their form.
They pulled back reluctantly, smiling impossibly wide. “I thought I was being painfully obvious how much I’m into you, Buck.”
“Yeah well,” he released a hand off their waist to scratch the back of his neck. “Steve and Sam figured it out before I did.
“Hell yeah we did.” “Sam! No!”
“Fucking spies,” Y/N chuckled, taking Bucky’s hand and bringing him into their room. “Come on, I was missing you too.”
Tumblr media
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fanfuckingtastic04 · 7 hours ago
Love & Other Desires - Chapter 4
Alternate Universe
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Bucky Barnes × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
For this chap: some fluff but mostly angst, accidents and hospitals, head trauma
The main Masterlist for this series is here
Word Count: 1353
First Love Never Die – Soko
Y/n’s POV:
I had a routine. Scratch that, the three of us had a routine. We’d get up, have breakfast, take turns to take Dom to school, go to work, come back from work, dinner and sleep. On the weekends, we’d stay at home and watch some shit movie and then at night Steve would take care of me. It sounds boring and repetitive but it was a routine. One that I liked, one that Steve liked and Dom too.
But now it’d been thrown off balance by the dreaded ex. Peggy was everywhere but maybe I was wrong. She’d been nothing but nice to me and Dom so maybe she really had changed. And if so, I’m happy we can get along for once. It had been three months since Peggy had arrived and she hadn’t found a place to stay yet or a job but she helped around the house and I was okay with that.
“Breakfast?” she asked as I stepped into the kitchen buttoning one of my cuffs. Steve and Dom were already there munching on their… wait, was that an English breakfast? How early did she get up exactly?
I smiled and shook my head no. “I have to go in early today and I’ll probably be back late so I nothing for me, thanks.” I said as I leaned down to give my boys a kiss.
“You’re working late again?” Steve asked with a pout. “I have to, this case is important, you know that.” I said as I leaned down to peck his lips.
As I started to pull away, his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer again. He dove in to give me a proper kiss while Dom gagged and Peggy turned around to finish making breakfast with an indecipherable look in her eyes.
I ignored it and pushed Steve away with a laugh and turned to kiss Dom on his cheek at which he whined.
I grabbed my purse and turned to leave when Peggy said, “Wait.” I turned to look as she walked toward me with a nervous smile.
“I was wondering whether we could have some lunch today if you’re free. I know we started out on the wrong note and I want to try and make it up to you if I can.” She said as she softly smiled.
To say I was shocked was an understatement but I said ‘yes’, nonetheless. She grinned widely and said she would text me the details of the place. Steve must’ve noticed my surprise so he smiled reassuringly. I smiled in return and left for work.
Throughout the morning, I couldn’t help but obsess about lunch. When afternoon came, I received a text from Peggy about the restaurant which was actually really close to my work.
I left work, stressing about what she would want to talk about. When I got to the restaurant, I was immediately seated at the table where Peggy was already waiting. She smiled as I approached and ordered a bottle of water as soon as I sat down.
“You seemed surprised this morning when I invited you to lunch,” she said as she sipped her water with a knowing smirk on her face.
“Oh no, I was just caught off guard, I guess. We’ve never really hung out before,” I said as the waiter arrived and asked to take our orders.
Before I could reply, she was already ordering a wine off the top shelf. “You’re right. We never hung out in college huh?” she asked as her eyes skimmed the menu.
“No, not really,” I said as I awkwardly shifted around the seat.
It was a well-known fact that me and Peggy used to run in different cliques. She was always popular and me not so much. I was shy and didn’t really have a lot of friends. I guess people thought I was very weird. Steve was the only real friend I had until he started dating Peggy. After that happened, he never really had the time to hang out with me or anyone else really. He was always either partying or getting into trouble and I was alone. I’d only see him in the hallways sometimes and he’d wave at me but that was it until the breakup of course. After that, he didn’t really speak to anyone else and it was just back to being him and me.
“We always did run in different groups. You were just shy in college; we never knew how to approach you. And you didn’t really seem like the partying type so we just left you alone,” she said as the waiter filled our glasses with the wine she ordered.
“Yeah,” I said, the awkwardness building. I wasn’t sure this was a ‘thank you’ lunch anymore. It seemed like more of a ‘let’s make Y/n feel the most awkward she’s ever felt’ lunch.
“Honestly, I was surprised to hear Steve married you,” she said as she casually swallowed some wine.
My head snapped up from where I was looking at the menu and I stared at her as if she’d grown a head.
“Oh, don’t look so surprised Y/n. Everyone was shocked actually.” She said with an exasperated look on her face. “Can you blame us? Steve always did like the party girls not the shy ones so we were shocked.”
“Are you referring to yourself?” I asked as I snapped the menu closed, suddenly losing my appetite.
“As a matter of fact, yes. I was sure he would wait until I did come back. He always did follow me around like a puppy,” she said with a dreamy glint in her eyes like she was recalling a particularly good memory.
My fists tightened around the wine glass and my jaw clenched in frustration. “What the hell do you want?” I asked as all my politeness flew out the window.
She smirked in response which only made me angrier. “What do you think Y/n? I want Steve of course.”
“So, all that stuff about your ex-husband was a lie?” I asked shocked at her response.
“That part was true. I really did get a divorce but coming to your house was no cry for help, mind you. I knew Steve wouldn’t say no to the love of his life.” She said as her smirk somehow grew wider with each word.
“You are not the love of his life but you are looking at her.” I hissed as I grit my teeth in anger.
“We’ll just see about that, won’t we?” she asked and dabbed her lips off wine with the napkin on the table.
“I’ll trust you keep this conversation between us?” she asked as she asked for the check.
“And what if I don’t? What if I tell Steve everything you just said?” I asked with my hands trembling on my lap.
“Well, it’s not like he’ll believe you anyway. He let me live in your home for months which proves that he still does feel something for me.” She said as she took her card back from the waiter.
Abruptly, I stood up and strode to the exit. I knew she was following me because I heard the clack of her heels against the wooden floor. My hands flexed with the need to punch something.
When we got outside, her hand on my arm made me turn around. As I did, I could see her grinning at me with a sickening smile. Before I could say anything, she shoved me into moving traffic. A horn sounded in my ear, too close for comfort but I had no time to process.
The impact sent me flying a few away where I landed on the asphalt, hard. My vision started to blur at the edges while I heard people surround me and I felt my head throb. I raised my hand to my aching head and when I pulled away, there was red. As my eyes closed, I saw that same sickening smile and this time it reeked of victory but my last thought was them.
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here
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ronbowie · 8 hours ago
This chapter and the next is gonna hurt like a bitch for SamBucky, but uh, have some cute Stevoria and Nonbinary!Steve coming to terms with his identity.
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captainapple · 10 hours ago
Dating Steve Rogers (HC)
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader
Word count: 700+
Warning: slight fluff, slight angst
Tumblr media
You work with Captain America, but the relationship remained as co-worker. You are a SHIELD agent, specialized in strategy management of the team.
Being a woman, surrounded by men, it is important for you to prove your ability. Even you have to be involved in heated argument with Captain himself during planning a mission for the Avengers. Not that you dislike him, you just have different strategy, the better one - you thought.
One day, you visited Peggy's grave. It was her one year commemoration. She was your idol growing up.
Captain also went to the grave on the same day. His mind wondering why he would meet you there. "Are you her relative?", he asked.
You told him how you adore her, even you were lucky to be able to meet her before she passed away.
Steve got excited to share Peggy's story with you. Sometimes, he read your expression, maybe you hinted a boredom in his long story. He was glad that you were still interested listening to him.
In the middle of your conversation, your stomach growled. He chuckled at the sound. "Wanna continue over breakfast? I know a diner nearby", he offered.
You gladly accepted the offer. When you and Steve were walking out from cemetery complex, he realized that you rode an antique motorcycle. He finally found someone who shared the same interest as him.
Both of you ended up talking about each other's personal life during breakfast. He is quite an interesting gentlemen - you thought.
"Friendly" date became a routine for both of you. Steve realized he might be falling for you, but he was scared that you might feel different. You also felt the same. But he is still into Peggy, get a hold of yourself - you took mental note.
You tried to bottle up your feeling, until it finally broke.
"It is a suicide mission, Cap! You could get killed", you shouted as disagreeing with his plan.
The argument went quite long. Fury and the other Avengers excused themselves out from meeting room, fully aware that the argument would last very long. Both of you are known to be the most stubborn person.
"So what? At least the world is safe!", he shouted back.
"Then what about me? How could I lose someone I care about. No, someone I like". You blurted out all of your feelings. You could feel tears pooling your eyes. Damn, you never imagine it would turn out like this.
"You what?". Steve furrowed his eyebrows. "Nevermind", you hurriedly leave the meeting room.
Steve could not believe what he just heard. You like him. He could not understand the feeling, he got excited but worried about you at the same time. He decided to go to your apartment.
"What do you want, Cap?". You opened the door and tried to avoid Steve gaze. His blue eyes were your weaknesses.
He called your name, but you only hummed back in respond. He finally lifted your chin to meet your eyes.
"I like you too". He smiled at you. "I thought you don't feel the same, because I don't want-"
You hugged him before he finished. He stood still for seconds before hugging you back.
"Can I kiss you?", he whispered.
You giggled at his question. Such a gentleman. You nodded.
He kissed you slowly and passionately. You kissed him back in the same manner. It was a long kiss until two of you need to breathe.
It was official after the kiss. Both of you agreed to keep the relationship as secret. Steve does not comfortable with PDA, and you want to keep things professional in work. Beside, you do not want to live under his shadow. He respects your decision.
The Avengers did not know about your relationship, yet.
"Do you want to come? It's just a dinner, doll". Steve asked you to be his plus one in Christmas Eve dinner with Avengers. You seemed conflicted.
"I mean it's fine if you don't want to. It's just Nat won't stop giving me list of girls to date and Tony thought I was having an imaginary girlfriend". He showed his puppy eyes. You could not say no to him, especially after he told you what he was going through. You finally agreed to come with him
"Another mission from Fury?", Tony asked as soon as you arrived at the compound.
Steve came and wrapped his arm around your hips. "Everyone, meet my girlfriend".
Everyone dropped their jaw. It became silent for a moment until Nat came to you. "C'mon, tell us more and Steve, nice choice", she winked at you.
"But how- since when?", Tony stuttered.
"A year ago", you and Steve answered in unison.
"Well, Tony you owed each of us twenty dollar", Bruce grinned.
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loveforpreserumsteve · 16 hours ago
Those Who Fall: "APTF" Story (Modern Domestic Stucky AU)
"Are you sure that she didn't just run away?"
Steve had wanted to hit Brock a lot of times in his life. But he was positive that this one out ranked all the other times. Having to cross his arms and tightly hold onto himself to keep himself from pummeling the asshole straight into the ground.
After all, the last thing that Steve needed was to be arrested for assaulting an officer.
"Why would she do all of this if she was going to run away?" Bucky asked, sounding just as angry and annoyed as Steve felt.
Shrugging, Brock offered, "Kids do strange things when they think they might get in trouble."
Shaking his head, Bucky turned to walk away. All the while muttering to himself, "I swear to fucking god, there's no hope for him."
"Aw, c'mon, Buck. We're trying to figure out what happened here," Brock taunted.
Steve narrowed his eyes and reminded himself, your kids need you. You can't get arrested tonight. No matter how much Brock desperately needed to have the shit kicked out of him.
"You really think that a pregnant teen would do this because she thought she'd get in trouble for running away?" Steve asked, evaluating the arrogant brunet the way he did when he assumed his kids were lying.
"Well, you, yourself, said that she was a runner and that this was a last resort after finding her on the street." With a smug smirk still on his face, Brock crossed his arms and added, "And considering the baby daddy is Jarvis "Vision" Edwards, aka the little brother to one of the most violent gang leaders at the moment, Silvan "Ultron" Edwards."
Gritting his teeth, all Steve could do was watch as Brock shrugged and clarified, "I gotta go with my gut."
"If we're going with our gut feelings…" Steve trailed off, mocking Brock's shrug with one of his own. Narrowing his eyes again when Brock grinned, Steve said, "With your particular skill set of finding someone who doesn't want to be found, I assumed that you'd be better at this than just going off a ridiculous hunch."
At that, Brock glared at Steve and said, "Listen here and listen good, I'm doing all I can. We all are. But when a kid who's almost eighteen and is prone to running away comes up missing, it's usually because they ran away. I'm doing my job. I can't help it if it's not the way you want it to be done."
"I'm not asking for you to make an exception," Steve argued. Exhausted and anxious as he continued, "But god damn it, Brock, something isn't right here! Wanda and Vis wouldn't have staged this! They're good kids!"
"They're connected to a gang," Brock's brows furrowed, "How good can they be?"
Steve's expression twisting into one of disgust, he shook his head and sneered, "Classist pig."
Turning, Steve crossed the living room and headed for the dining room where the kids were talking to Officer Walker and Officer Hoskins. Fuming as he thought about how Brock was, not only ignoring everything that his kids had been saying all night, but ignoring the evidence that corroborated their story. Not to mention how his patience was running thin when all he wanted was head to the hospital where Sarah was being monitored.
Pausing in the entryway to the dining room, Steve watched as Sophia and Ethan colored pictures. Beside Ethan, Officer Hoskins confirmed while also signing, "That's very scary. And you saw them?"
Steve was touched by the simple gesture. Knowing that it wasn't every day that they came across someone who knew American Sign Language. So, it was nice that despite Ethan now wearing his hearing aids, he was allowed to sign and be understood when he was already uncomfortable. After all, he had been through a lot and any little comfort was appreciated.
"I'm not classist."
Looking beside him where Brock had joined him, Steve rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything. He was ready to leave. He was ready to get away from Brock.
"I'm not," Brock continued. "But I've seen a lot of shit. Especially from this particular gang. So, excuse me for not having much --"
"Empathy," Steve supplied with a quirked brow.
Brock narrowed his eyes, "Patience. Excuse me for not having much patience when it comes to certain groups."
Shaking his head, Steve redirected his attention to the table where Bucky sat with Sophia on his lap. The brunet combing through her silky black hair in hopes of soothing the eight year old. Meeting Steve's gaze, Bucky puckered his lips, miming blowing him a kiss.
"So," Brock started. Steve kept his gaze forward and Brock asked, "How long have you been Mr. Barnes?"
"Five years," Steve answered just as he would to anyone else.
"Well, shit," Brock scoffed, "I thought you would've gotten married right after graduation."
Steve shrugged, "We had other things to worry about back then."
"Oh," Brock nodded, "Right."
And while Steve hadn't meant it as a slight, Brock took it that way. At the time, Bucky had been worrying about grad school and paying bills. They wanted to be more financially stable before they got married. Especially with the type of wedding they had both wanted. The last thing either of them thought about was Brock.
"Ya know, I'm sorry," Brock apologized, "For how I acted back then. I, uh… yeah, I just wanted to say, 'sorry.'"
Glancing over at the brunet, Steve studied him for a moment. When he didn't see any deceit or malice, Steve decided, "Thank you."
"So, uh," Brock cleared his throat and gestured behind himself, "I'm gonna check if you guys can leave. You know, so you can check on your mom and the kids can get some sleep."
Steve nodded, "Okay."
And wasn't that just the fucking weirdest thing to happen that night. To be neutral with the man who used to stalk him. Neutral with the man who had terrified Steve and haunted him for so long even as they resided in different states across the country. And though Steve was never going to be more than neutral with Brock, hearing the apology was surprisingly nice.
Now if Brock could only pull his head out of his ass long enough to save Wanda before something really bad happened to her…
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deexchanel · 17 hours ago
Part 11
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Angst and Fluff.
Summary: Hanging out with Chris, Seeing her ex boyfriend.
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
(What happens when you fuck with Sebastian's girlfriend 🤣^)
-1 week later-
"Euphoria get up, we're going to be late!" Chris shouted hitting me in the face with a pillow. Half sleep, I used my arm to block it.
"Late for what?-"He cut me off with another hit. "Chris put the fucking pillow down!" I catched the pillow mid strike. He stopped, dropping it on my chest.
"We have some last minute shooting today. I came over to see if you wanted to ride even though you don't have to come in today."
I groaned trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I see that he was fully dressed with freshly groomed hair. "You woke me up just to say that? ugh! I'm coming hell." I rolled my eyes getting out of bed not caring about what I had on. Which was just some underwear and a tube top.
"We're stopping for hibachi too so do what you need with that information." I heard him say as I walked into my bathroom, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste so I could brush my teeth. "No I want chick-fil-a christopher."
"Well we'll get both now hurry upp."
Feeling refreshed from the nap chris woke up from, we did go to both food places. Chris and I walked onto set looking like bad bitches.
In terms of, he had on a extra pair of my sunglasses. "Chris I watched that interview where you told the reporter your hamster name. I think Gemini Flanagan should be our names. You're Gemini and I'm Flanagan!" We both giggled kind of tipsy. Chris put his arm on shoulder, laughing his ass off.
"Gemini F-Flanagan!!"
He could barely get his words out. I snickered at his goofy ass."Chris stop laughing damn, it's not even that funny." His laughing turn into wheezing making me laugh."Look Chris go into your trailer, I'm going back to the truck to grab my jacket so I'll be right back."He nodded still laughing going straight into his trailer. Guys, chris is drunk as hell
I let out a little laugh shaking my head at him. As I was walking back from the truck, I heard someone call my name. "Euphoria!"
"Who the hell is calling my name?" I mumbled to myself peaking over my sunglasses. My blood ran cold when I saw who it was. It was my ex who technically isn't my ex because we didn't date but only talked to each other. Eric was head over heels for me but I wasn't for him. I didn't lead him on, I told him from the start that I didn't want a relationship.
He was manipulative, abusive with his words, attitude problem and when he was angry, he grabs my arm tightly. I moved away from him because I was tired of the toxicness. I acted like I didn't hear him and continued walking. "Bitch I know you hear me! You can't run from me."
That right there made me stop in my tracks. I turned around ready to give him a piece of my mind. "Bitch? You're the bitch Eric! Stop following me!"When he got closer to me, his tall frame stood over mine. Normally I'd be a sucker for that because it be Sebastian's tall frame. Now I'm terrified since it's Eric's tall frame.
"You belong to me! You're leaving with me right now!"
"Like hell I am Eric! Get out of here before I call the police. I've never had feelings for you! Stop. Stalking. Me." I grit through my teeth. In one swift movement, his hand wrapped around my neck. Eric was choking me.
I hit his arm trying to breath but he wasn't budging. "We're leaving right now." He lets go but before I could gasp for air, he back hands me. My face fling to the side as I let out a yelp. Both my face and throat felt as if it was on fire. "Don't ever talk back to me! Do you understand?" He grabs a head full of my hair, gripping it.
My chin trembled as a couple of tears trickled down my cheek." Ah!" I reached for my hair but he gripped it tighter.
"I said do you understand??"
"I understand!" I cried out and he lets go of my hair. I was scared of him and I wanted to call Sebastian so bad but he wasn't mine anymore. "Let's go." Eric pointed to his truck. Before we could walk off, out walked Hemmy, Chris, and Sebastian from the building. My heart starts racing, Eric was going to hurt me more if I told them what happened.
"Euphoria what happened to you coming back?" Chris questioned when they closer, obviously not tipsy anymore. "Who is this?" Hemmy asked menacingly, pointing at Eric. Sebastian stayed quiet looking back and forth between me and Eric.
"This is uh um.." I stuttered trying to think of an answer but Eric spoke up for me. "I'm Eric, her boyfriend." Sebastian clenched his jaw in anger then he looked at me trying to see if it was true. I was choked up my words, knowing it was a lose lose situation.
"Well I need to talk to Euphoria so excuse us."Sebastian sneered grabbing my waist so he can pull me away from the conversation.Eric began to say something but coward down when Hemmy tall frame stood in the way.
"I'm going to ask you this one time. Tell the truth Euphoria." Sebastian told me with anger written across his face. "Did he hit you?" I looked up him beginning to sob giving the answer he needed. "Go get in the car!" He clenched his fist.
I've never seen him so angry like that, it scared me. I heard Eric speak up as I walked to Sebastian's truck."Where is she going? Why is she-" I quickly closed the door. I placed my head in my hands, not wanting to see what was going on outside. I could hear the muffled shouting coming from Hemmy, Chris and Sebastian.
I hyperventilate knowing that I was the cause of all of this. "Hey, Hey, Hey Euphoria calm down. Breath, you're okay now." Tom reassured pulling me to his chest. I didn't even notice him getting in the truck. I just wanted all of this to be over with. I broke down in my best friend arms, just wanting to shut the whole world out.
"It's so hot in here." I grumbled flipping the covers off of me, opening my eyes. There sat Sebastian at the edge of my bed. "Sebastian?" I sat up trying to see if it was really him. He turned around with no emotion on his face.
"Yes. You alright?"
"I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to be here." I picked at my nails not knowing what else to say. He took a deep breath before speaking up. "Euphoria did you know him? Did he come into the picture after me and you break up?"
"No, He stalked me all the way to here. I used to talk to him when I stayed in Texas. He was so toxic and I didn't want to be around him so I left. Sebastian I didn't do anything the whole time we weren't together. I wanted to prove you that all I want is you."
"I beat his ass for placing a hand on you. Euphoria I wanted to kill him for even being near you."
I get out the bed going over to stand in front of him. Us not being together was killing me. Fuck it. I ran a hand over my face"God Sebastian can you hold me?"
Seb gets up from the bed engulfing me into a well needed hug. I inhaled his amazing scent, not wanting to let go. " I missed you so much. I was wrong about everything. You were right, I wasn't r-ready but now I am. I want to be the best girlfriend for you. I'm so sorry Sebastian." I cried with each word, I broke down more. He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my head so our eyes can meet.
"Doll, I forgive you. It's been hard not having you by my side. That made me realize that I can't live without you. Stop crying okay? I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much."
Relief flooded through my body. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from under my eyes. "I love you more." I sniffled then leaned forward closing the gap between us by placing my lips onto his.
I am in completely in love with Sebastian Stan.
this is weird to me . I don't really know. it took me all day to write.
but tag: @majo240820 😁
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avengeclintasha · a day ago
Even though Sarah Carter-Rogers is older now, there are still nightmares that plague her, and her parents are still there to comfort her.
Inspired by/title comes from parent song by Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker
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Tumblr media
A Swarm of Butterflies
Part one
Part two
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: Your first meeting with Steve Rogers elicits the fluttering of butterflies in your belly.
Authors Note: Hey y’all!! I’m new here on Tumblr and this is my first published fic. I plan to write for several different characters eventually!! So stick around and look out for your fav. This is the first part of a Steve Rogers series. I don’t know how many parts it will be just yet. It will be in chronological order from the first meeting forward. Please leave feedback in the comments!!! Message me requests and I’ll see what I can do. Happy reading friends!!
Tumblr media
Ever since you had moved into the city you had strolled through the park a few blocks from your apartment each morning. The park was rundown and over grown because people preferred the new park that was build ten miles north, but this park was your favorite place. You found solitude and peace walking the abandoned trails that were intricately wound though a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers. Honeysuckles climbed the trees and bees buzzed about collecting pollen for their honey. Halfway through the trail, surrounded by roses was an old wooden bench. You sat there each morning to watch the make it’s ascent into the sky. The park gave you an escape from the city. It was a hidden treasure. It gave you a break from the chaos of everyday life. A moment to breathe. A moment to reflect and recollect your thoughts. It was the most cherished moment of each day.
You walked the familiar pathway in silence taking in the greenery encasing the trail. When you began to approach the rose bushes that were bursting with bright hues of red and pink you knew that you were nearing the halfway point of the trail and the old, wooden bench you frequented each morning. Your favorite spot in the city. You rounded the corner with a smile and spotted the bench. It was usually vacant, but on this particular morning it was occupied. You stood back beyond the rose bushes and admired the man sitting on your bench for a moment.
He sat on the bench with his muscular arms stretched across the back of it. His golden hair glinted in the morning light. His jaw was beautifully sculpted and his cheeks tinted the lightest shade of pink. His long legs were crossed at the ankles, wrinkling the bottom of his worn jeans. His face was tilted up toward the sky as he admired the variety of pinks and oranges painted across the sky. A soft smile graced his lips. He looked so at peace. You almost turned and headed back down the path. You wanted to allow him this peaceful moment. Maybe he needed it. Maybe it had the same positive effect on him as it did for you, but you couldn’t fight the undeniable pull you felt toward this man. Your feet carried you closer. You took small, quiet steps and came to a stop a few feet away. You took a deep breath and cleared your throat to speak.
“Excuse me,” you spoke. Your voice was soft, almost a whisper.
He turned his head to face you. His bright blue eyes meeting yours for the first time. It stole your breath for a moment, and you tried to calm your racing heart. You had never seen such an angelic looking man.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” You asked, your voice sounding small in the open space. He offered a warm smile.
“Not at all.” He spoke, moving his arms to rest at his sides. He scooted over to make room for you.
You sat down on the opposite end of the bench and crossed your arms over your torso. You could feel his gaze lingering on your frame, but you kept your eyes on the sky. A few moments passed before you spoke again.
,“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” You asked, breaking the silence between you. He turned his gaze back to the masterpiece appearing in the sky before you.
“It is. Since I was a kid I’ve loved getting up early and watching the colors change.” He replied.
“I come here every morning and watch the sunrise. It’s my favorite part of the day. Normally I’m alone. This park has been abandoned for a decade.” You explained, clasping your hands in your lap.
He chuckled, the sound deep and melodious. “I know. I’m from here.” He replied turning his body to face you. “I’m Steve.” He introduced himself, extending his large hand between you.
You turned finally really taking in his face for the first time. You felt foolish for not realizing who he was sooner. Those baby blue eyes were plastered on posters all over the city of Brooklyn.The pounding in your chest intensified. You wound your hands together to try to mask their shaking.
“I’m Y/F/N Y/L/N” you blushed, placing your palm in his.
As soon as your hands touched goosebumps erupted all over your arms, and it felt as though electricity danced through your veins. His hand was warm and much larger than yours. It was calloused and rough from years of fighting. You looked up into his eyes and he shot you a wide smile. He was easily the most beautiful human being you’d ever seen.
“What a beautiful name.” He replied, your hand still encased in his. At his compliment a swarm of butterflies began to take flight in your belly. Their wings fluttering fiercely and causing the most delightful sense of nervousness to wash over you. You hadn’t felt a sensation such as this in years. Your cheeks heated at the thought and you lowered your gaze for a moment.
“Thank you.” You said with a smile, finally removing your hand from his. You turned back to the sunrise then and took a deep breath trying to calm the fluttering in your stomach. He too turned his gaze back to the sky.
You sat together in comfortable silence as the sun climbed completely over the horizon. Birds fluttered around, squirrels skipped through the trees, and far off in the distance you could hear the rush of cars on their morning commute. The entire world was coming to life, and all you could think about was the super shoulder five feet away. How comfortable you felt sitting there with him, a stranger. The way it had felt when his hand touched yours.
Once the colors had faded into a bright blue and the awe of the moment had dissipated Steve stood from his spot on the bench. Smoothing his hands over the front of his jeans. He walked a few steps closer and looked down at you, hands in his pockets.
“Well Y/F/N Y/L/N, it was nice watching the sunrise with you.” He smiled.
“It was nice watching with you Captain Rogers.” You replied, standing from your spot and walking over to one of the rose bushes. You ran your fingers over the delicate petals of a deep, pink rose.
He laughed, “Please call me Steve.” You crossed your arms over your chest and shot him a warm smile. “Alright, Steve.” You responded. His face lit up.
“I’ve got to head back to the compound, but I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner sometime?” He asked, his voice nervous. He reached a hand back behind his head to rub his neck.
You blushed, caught completely off guard. After this moment you never expected to see him again, and you most certainly weren’t expecting him to ask you to dinner. You looked down at your feet nervousness suddenly overtaking you. You were so tied up in your thoughts that you had forgotten to respond.
“Oh, god. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to over step. Forget I asked.” He rushed out, waving a hand in dismissal in front of him.
“No, no. You didn’t over step.” You shot your head up to look at him. Taking a few steps closer to the towering man. “I was just caught by surprise. I would love to go to dinner with you Steve.” You offered a soft smile.
The super soldier blushed and bowed his head with a smile on his face. He shuffled his feet a bit before looking up at you. “Great. How about you write your number down for me?” He asked, pulling a small leather notebook and pen from his pocket and handing the items to you.
You laughed and took the notebook, writing your name and number on a blank page. You handed them back to him with shaking hands. He reached out for the book and as his fingertips brushed against yours you felt the butterflies wings beating once again.
“I’ll call you, Y/N.” He smiled, tucking the notebook back into his pocket.
“Looking forward to it, Steve.” You smiled. He turned and began to walk the opposite direction. He looked over his shoulder one last time and raised his hand in a small wave.
You smiled and waved back. You stood frozen in your spot as you watched the man disappear around the corner. You really hoped he would call. You turned and continued down the path with a smile on your face and a swarm of butterflies dancing in your tummy. 
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just-iimagine · a day ago
Stucky x reader
Word count: 1k
Note: I swear to god, tiktok is the place for ideas 😂 if anyone has any ideas or requests, please send them in!!
Tumblr media
The night after the boys came back from a mission was the best. While they did their best to message or call throughout the mission, it wasn't the same as actually being with them. So as soon as they walk through the door to your shared floor in the building, no matter how sweaty, dirty or tired they were.
They were greeted by you with a crushing hug each and a heated kiss. The promises of their favourite dinner being made so that they could shower, clean up and relax. They'd fill you in on all you missed and you would do that same. Playing footsie under the table want them, wanting them as close as possible.
After dinner came the sex. Lots and lots of sex, multiple positions, multiple orgasms until you were all spent. Exhausted as you all lay on the bed, legs and arms entangled as they cuddled you between them.
"I missed you both" you whispered, squeezing one of their hands each. Closing your eyes as they each kissed your head. "No more missions for a while, doll" Bucky promised softly. "You're stuck with us for at least two weeks, sweetheart" Steve chuckled. The pair quickly joining in, in sleep. Wanting nothing more than at least 12 hours of sleep.
Before sleeping, no one opened a window. Leading to the bedroom getting stuffy and hot as the night went on. Especially with the super soldiers in the bed with you, radiating heat off them.
It became too much for Steve around 3 am. Waking up, he sat up slightly with a tickle in his throat. He rubbed his chest lightly as he observed both his sleeping lovers. He had obviously been big spooning you, as you faced Bucky in your sleep. Head tucked nicely under his own as he held you.
Two sleeping angels as Steve felt the tickle in his throat get a bit worse. A cough leaving his mouth. First a small one, but soon the coughs got bad enough that he swung his legs out of bed. Resting his feet on the ground as he coughed, hoping he wouldn't wake you both.
But of course, Bucky's trained ears heard Steve. He always heard when one of you were in trouble. Causing him to wake, blinking a bit before he moved quickly out of the bed and around to Steve. Once in front of Steve, he began whispering that it would be ok to him. Panic in his voice.
The sudden loss of warmth caused you to wake too. Rolling over to see Bucky on his knees in front of Steve. Steve coughing which was obviously causing Bucky to worry. Clearly written on Bucky's face. Bucky was still telling Steve to breathe, that it would be ok but something was clearly caught up in Steve's throat.
And it wasn't the time to make a joke about it being Bucky's cock.
Sitting beside Steve, you rubbed his lower back to help him cough and clear his airways. "Bucky" you called, watching his eyes shift to you from Steve. "Go get Stevie a glass of water," you tell him. Bucky shook his head slightly. Not wanting to leave Steve. "It will help. I promise" you urged him. "I'm fine" Steve managed to choke out between coughs. Trying to calm Bucky as he left for the water.
You left Steve briefly too, opening a window in the bedroom to let in some of the cool night air. Returning to Steve as his cough began to disappear. The water aiding him as Bucky handed it to him. Standing there then, looking down on his boyfriend with fear in his eyes. As if Steve was dying. "Bucky" you whispered, standing to comfort him. "Calm down, Steve is ok" you took his face in your hands, thumbs rubbing over his cheeks slightly.
"I'm ok, Buck," Steve said, voice returning to normal now as he stood too. You stepped out of the way ever so slightly, allowing Steve to pull his boyfriend into a bone-crushing hug. You rubbed Bucky's back as he let out a few shaky breaths. "Come on, let's go back to bed" you whispered to them both. Pulling their arms ever so slightly.
This time you took Bucky's spot, letting Bucky lie in between his two lovers. Leaning into Steve's chest as you hugged him from behind. Kissing his shoulder softly as your eyes met Steve's. It was scary to see Bucky like this. So shaken. Sometimes he was like this after a nightmare or a rough mission. But Steve was coughing? So why did he panic so much?
"When I had asthma, back before the war" Steve began to explain quietly. Sensing your confusion as he watched you in the darkened room. "I used to get coughing fits, one time. Just before the war, I nearly died. From the asthma attack. From coughing again and again. Bucky was there and it freaked him out" he sighed and kissed Bucky's head.
"That's an understatement" Bucky muttered. Finally calming down, his heart rate returning to normal as he listened to Steve's. The reassurance there that his boyfriend was ok, safe and sound in bed with him and with you. "He doesn't have asthma anymore" you pointed out to Bucky. Hating that it was so obvious.
"Still doesn't stop the memories. Seeing him turn blue. Nearly dying. Back then, hospitals weren't as advanced. Asthma was so scary. People died regularly because of it" Bucky explained. Gripping Steve a little tighter.
It was a funny thought in an ironic way, a trained assassin worrying over Captain America having a coughing fit. But it wasn't funny at the same time. His worry was real and genuine and therefore he needed you both. Kissing his neck you held him a bit tighter. Resting against him, squeezing him with Steve.
Both of you waited for him to fall asleep before even considering sleeping yourselves. Sharing a look with Steve, a reassuring one with a nod as you both settled into sleep. Snuggling into Bucky as you did.
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sazc94 · a day ago
If These Sheets Were States
Warnings: A bit of violence, swearing lots of sickly sweet fluff. Mentions of Sex
A/N Anything Blue, Bold and Italic is a flashback,
Chapter 4
If these sheets were the states, and you were miles away, I'd fold them end over end to bring you closer to me.
It was 2 am by the time the team arrived back at the Avengers compound, in New York. flying by Quinjet had its advantages shaving time of the flight. Bucky was waiting with Fury when the team disembarked. “Hey Pal” Bucky clapped Steve on the back before smiling at Natasha “Dollface” he said smirking. Natasha simply raised an eyebrow before heading over to Fury to debrief him. “Hey Buck, how’s things? Anything happen I need to know about?” asked Steve “Err… there was a small incident with the Subway which resulted with Y/N getting injured” Steve’s eyes hardened. “She’s fine, just a scrape and she was just being her usual clumsy self” Bucky said. “What happened, when you say just a scrape, I assume you got this checked out at the hospital right Buck?” Steve had lost count of the amount of times you had fallen over, down and up the stairs in your apartment building, one time when you’d finally convinced him to take you roller skating it had ended up with your leg in plaster for 8 weeks.
“Stevie, you really don’t need to do this, I can manage on my crutches fine” you said. Steve was currently carrying you and your crutches in his arms through the compound. You had fractured your right leg in two places and were on some seriously strong painkillers. You had been dating Steve for 7 months and rarely called him Stevie. Steve looked down at you with his big beautiful blue eyes a small smirk on his lips, he would never admit it but he loved it when you called him Stevie. “Y/N. I don’t care if you can manage fine, the doctors said someone should keep an eye on you tonight encase you had a concussion” Steve kissed the bump on your head. It was all a blur one minute you were looking back at Steve laughing that he had been worried for nothing. The next minute you were face down on the hard concrete your leg bent in a really uncomfortable position. You had fallen over a bench and gone for a little dive Steve had joked.
Natasha and Bucky were waiting in Steve’s room when he opened the door. The painkillers were really kicking in at this point and you were beginning to get a bit loopy. “Heyyyyy guys, why do you two look like we interrupted something” You giggled. “Hey Y/N, you took quite a spill huh? Bucky chuckled, ruffling your hair. Natasha was pulling back the covers to Steve’s bed. Steve lowered you on to the bed. The pain killers coupled with Steve’s jumper were making you feel warm so you immediately tried to take of the jumper. You managed to get tangled as your T- shirt had come up too leaving you on Steve’s bed half naked, your lacy lilac bra on display to Steve and Bucky, you hadn’t actually slept with Steve yet, partly because he was a gentleman and partly because of your insecurities. “Umm Natasha?” You squeaked? “I’m stuck and I’m fairly certain Steve and Bucky can see my bra” you could feel yourself going bright red. Steve had the common decency to turn around but not before he took one last long look. “Looking good doll” Bucky called. This only made your blush deepen, you could feel your face getting warmer by the second. You heard a scuffle and the door slam shut. Natasha laughed coming over to help you out of the jumper and your T-shirt. She helped you into one of Steve’s T-shirts and after reassuring you that Bucky would eventually let you live this moment down she left you as Steve re-entered the room.
Steve dotted on you for a whole week after that fall. He also insisted on taking care of the remainder of your medical bills after your insurance had only covered some of them. He had a mission coming up that would take him and most of the Avengers out of town for 3 days. Clint and Wanda would be staying behind and Steve assured you that you were welcome at the compound in his absence and that you didn’t need to try and make your way back through town to your apartment with your crutches.
The night before he left for his mission you were curled up in his bed, your head on his chest watching Lilo and Stitch for the 4th time that week (Steve didn’t mind because he knew you loved it). He had his hand on your hip stroking absentminded minded circles. Suddenly you lifted your head from his chest and manoeuvred yourself so you were straddling him (this was not graceful and incredibly awkward with your cast). You placed your hands around Steve’s neck pulling him closer as you kissed him. Steve snaked his arms round your waist. “Stevie” you whispered. If it wasn’t for his enhanced hearing you doubt he would have heard you. Steve looked up at you, eyes full of adoration and also a hint of lust. “Y/N” Steve gulped. He had been waiting for this moment, the moment you let down your walls and let him in. “It’s been really hot, watching you take care of me this last week” You said, you had decided you were ready to take the next step with Steve tonight, but that didn’t stop you feeling slightly shy about it. You took a deep breath “Like so hot, and the way you’ve been extra attentive, and you’ve barley left my side has meant a lot to me. So I’m ready” You said. Steve looked up at you and raised an eyebrow. You could feel yourself blushing again. You bit your lip and nodded your head. That was all the confirmation Steve needed and that night you and Steve had sex. Three times.
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fawneii · a day ago
if anyone has any requests feel free to send them in, they might be closing soon; also if you have any other characters you'd like fics of (out of the harry potter fandom) please send them in too! :D  i may be drowning in draco smut reqs right now. 
thank you for the reqs though mwa mwa (∩˃o˂∩)♡
Tumblr media
submit reqs here!! 
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