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#the avengers fanfic
chooseyourownavenger · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ No, we should not.
You start laughing.  You don’t mean to but the thought is so ridiculous that it immediately melts the tension you’ve been feeling.  “What?  No, Steve.  Are you kidding?”
“Well, I wasn’t,” Steve says, a little tersely.  “But I can see that isn’t something you’d consider.”
You drop to your knees in front of him trying to get yourself under control as you take his hands in yours.  “I’m sorry.  You are a beautiful, sweet, dope of a man.  This pregnancy is too much pressure.  We can’t add a wedding to it.  The whole relationship will crash and burn.  We’re still dating.  We haven’t even said the ‘L’ word to each other.  We can’t get married.”  You stop and kiss his knuckles as you look up into his eyes.  “We need to keep dating and getting to know each other so we can see how we fit together best.  Then - however that is - we know it’s the best environment we can give to our baby.”
Steve smiles at you with an expression of soft adoration and guides you up into his lap to kiss you deeply.  You melt into it, wrapping your arms around his neck and tilting your head.  You need this, the tender reassurance that he’s here for you now, despite the fact the mistake was all yours.
“Alright,” he says, gently caressing his fingers over your stomach.  “What should we do then?  You tell me what you need.”
“I will,” you agree.  “But you need to promise to tell me what you need too.  This works both ways.  Yes, fundamentally this is my choice to make, but you’re going to be a father, and you weren’t expecting that.  It’s a big deal.”
Steve smiles at you.  “I will,” he promises.
“Okay,” you say.  “Relationship-wise, I think we should take it slow.  We have a lot of extra pressure on us now.  So while I hope we do get to the point that we are living as a family unit, I don’t want that to be the expectation.  Let’s see how we go and get along.  If it turns out we don’t work as a couple, I’d rather we break up on good terms and work together co-parenting, than break up and hate each other.”
“Agreed,” Steve says with a nod.  “I may end up wanting to be here more to help you out though, so if I’m bothering you…”
“I’ll tell you,” you assure him.
“Good,” he says and kisses your cheek.
You take out your phone and open up the notepad.  “Now as for what I need for the pregnancy…”
Tumblr media
You are as good as your word.  Both you and Steve continue to take things slow.  The two of you continue dating as you had before, only now as well as romantic dinners and walks in the park, you have doctor’s appointments and visits to bring you food you were craving.
The morning sickness does a number on you, and you find it hard to balance work and a personal life.  At its worst Steve does his best to make the dates as lowkey as he can.  He brings you dinners and rubs your aching feet and back.  Even on those times when he is away on a mission, he has food sent to your apartment so you don’t need to cook, and on a couple of occasions, he sends flowers too.
It is very hard to not fall deeply in love with him when he is being so attentive.
When the two of you attend the first ultrasound you find it hard to read his feelings.  He seems to be all business.  You wonder if you made the right choice, and if maybe having the baby will end up being too much for him.
He doesn’t balk though and by the time you reach the twenty-week ultrasound - the big one where you find out if there are any big genetic abnormalities and if you want, the sex - he actually seems excited.  By then, thankfully, the morning sickness has passed and you’re able to take care of yourself again.
Steve holds your hand as he watches the image on the screen of the baby.  “It feels really real now, doesn’t it?”  He asks as the baby comes into view.  “That doesn’t just look a little peanut anymore - that looks like a baby.”
You nod.  You’ve passed the point of no return.  That’s your baby on the screen, complete all the way down to its fingers and toes.
“So,” the tech says as she completes some measurements.  “Are we finding out the sex today?”
You look at Steve and he shrugs.  “That’s up to you,” he says.
Find out.  It will help when thinking of names.
Don’t find out. Gender is a social construct and you want to make your decisions without it coloring everything.
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shutupanddance · 58 minutes ago
shutupanddance’s 50 Followers Challenge
Tumblr media
What’s up kids! If you don’t know me, I’m shutupanddance, I write reader-insert fan fiction, and my goal is to reach 50 followers by September!
In order to achieve this, I need your help! This post will contain a list of writing prompts and the fandoms I write for. Your job is to either reblog this post, or send in a request! I will answer EACH ONE and give you headcanons, an imagine, or a short fic! By reblogging or requesting, you help me expand my audience. Now, if you don’t want to request one of the prompts, you don’t have to! I’ll take any requests. The prompts are just there as a guide. Additionally, if you want to use these prompts for yourself, go right ahead! I don’t mind :)
Now, why should you participate?
My goal is to be the fanfic writer who writes where there is a lack of writing. There are so many times where I have been able to find ZERO reader-insert fan fiction for a character I love, and I want to fill those gaps. By helping me gain followers, you boost my work, and also the amount of requests I receive, meaning more and more people can ask for fics, imagines, and headcanons with their faves.
Obviously, you are in no way obligated to interact at all, but I would really appreciate it! If you are doing something similar, I’d be happy to help!
Anyway, here are the prompts!
Tumblr media
#1: “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”
#2: “Should I ask why you have a knife in your purse?”
”It’s a dagger, actually, and no you shouldn’t.”
#3: “Close your eyes and listen. And trust me.”
#4: Rosemary, broken glass, and an old gun.
#5: “Do you remember when I loved you?”
”Good, because I never did.”
#6: “He saw the notice in the paper.”
”Why would you let him see the paper?”
”What was I supposed to do, eat it?”
#7: “I didn’t catch your name!”
”I didn’t throw it.”
#8: “I’m not better than you, but at least I’m not you. And right now, that’s worth a whole lot.”
#9: Romantic dinner, but something is wrong.
#10: Forehead kisses during an apocalypse
#11: “This isn’t BBC Sherlock! You can’t just run around administering justice as you see fit!
#12: Trying to get a smoke detector to shut up
#13: Falling out of a closet during Hide N Seek
#14: Revealing a dark secret, but it turns out that they already know
#15: Once upon a midnight dreary
#16: The odds were never in our favor
#17: If I should die, think only this of me
#18: Attack hugs
#19: Afraid of ladybugs
#20: The dumb*ss God couldn’t stop
#21: “There’s a rumor going around that you’re the one to ask if someone needs to acquire rare and dangerous objects.”
”There’s a rumor going around that you’re an undercover cop.”
#22: A parking lot, a coroner, and snails
#23: “You’re the only person I know who calls me that.”
Tumblr media
Now, on to the list of fandoms!
- Marvel (MCU)
- DC (DCU)
- Harry Potter
- Sherlock
- Star Wars (trilogies, Clone Wars, Rebels, Mandalorian)
- Star Trek (reboots, original series)
- Pacific Rim
- Knives Out
- Night at the Museum
- LOTR + The Hobbit
- Jurassic Park/World
- The West Wing
*if you don’t see your fandom on the list, let me know! Sometimes I forget what I’ve seen :)
Thank you SO MUCH for reading this far! Can’t wait to hear from you :)
Tumblr media
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chooseyourownavenger · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Give him custody and never see them again
You look at your hands and take a deep breath.  There are so many things to consider and so much at stake.  You know you aren’t ready to be a parent, but you also know that abortion isn’t the right choice for you personally.  If you could have it your way…
… well if you could have it your way you would have remembered to go to the pharmacy and get plan B in the first place.  Or you would have let Steve get the protection he had wanted to use all along.
Failing that you’d give the baby up for adoption, but Steve is right, the child is the perfect target for someone who wants a particularly sadistic way to get to him.  You didn’t want to break up with him, but maybe the pregnancy has doomed the relationship already.  It was too much pressure to put on something so new if you decide to stay with him and raise the baby, and you don’t know if you can handle the aftermath of termination.  The only option left is to admit defeat and hand over custody.
You look back up at him and frown.  “I’m not ready to be a parent,” you admit.  “I’d give them up for adoption if I could.”
Steve frowns and nods taking your hand.  “So we’re over then?”  He asks.
“I don’t want that, but I can’t see this working as a relationship if you’re raising our baby and I’m not,” you say.
“No,” he says.  “And I really think giving them up is too dangerous.”
“I know,” you say.  “And you’re right.  Steve… I’m so sorry.”
He shakes his head.  “It’s not your fault.  Accidents like this happen every day.”
“But if…”
He squeezes your hand gently.  “No buts.  No ifs.  We went down this path together.  I’m sorry that you’re in this position too.”
He leans over and kisses your cheek and you sigh, thinking about how much you will miss those lips.  “So what shall we do?”
“Well,” he says.  “First off you should know, I’ll cover all your medical care.  You won’t have to worry about that.”
“Thank you,” you say.
“It’s up to you how much you want me to be there for the pregnancy.  If you want me to back right off, that’s fine.  But I’d like to be there to help you out if I can.  I know… given this -” he gestured between the two of you “- that might put too much pressure on you.  And if you need the space, I understand.”
You nod.  “I’ll think about it.  Maybe we have some space, to begin with, and when I’m a little more pregnant you can come to appointments and things.”
He nods in agreement.  “That sounds like a good idea.  I’ll get lawyers to draw up a custody agreement.  You just need to decide if you want to be involved or not.”
“Right now I feel like not at all, but, I guess that might change,” you say.
“And that’s fine if that changes,” he says.
“Steve,” you whisper.
“Yes, sweetheart?”  He says.
“Are you okay?”
Steve makes a choked sound and wipes his eyes with the back of his hand.  “I don’t… I don’t know.”
You wrap your arms around him and hold him and he shakes slightly in your arms.  “It’s okay to be scared.”
“Is it?” He asks.
“Oh, honey,” you say and rub his back in soothing circles.
He doesn’t cry but he holds you until his breathing steadies and he pulls back.  “I think - I think I need to go speak to my friends.”
You frown and nod.  “I think that’s a good idea.  I probably should talk to my friends too.”
He kisses you gently before pulling back and standing.  You walk him outside and he looks at you sadly.  “I’m sorry again, Steve.”
He shakes his head.  “No more of that.  We move forward.”
You nod and watch him go.  You know he said ‘no ifs’ but you can’t help thinking, what if you’d made a different choice?
~ END ~ 
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chooseyourownavenger · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Keep the baby and raise it together
You run your hand over your stomach.  Even as early as it is in your relationship you know that either terminating the pregnancy or giving up the baby isn’t the right thing for you.  You worry that it will always be something you wonder about.  Especially if you ever do get to the point of wanting to have kids.  It’s scary, but keeping the baby is the right choice for you.
“I think I’d like to have them,” you say.  “I get it if you don’t, and you don’t need to be involved.  But I think I’d always be filled with regret if I chose to give them up or terminate.”
“Okay,” Steve says, exhaling slowly.  “I’m gonna be a dad.”
“Sorry,” you say meekly.
Steve shakes his head.  “I don’t want them to ever feel like we don’t want them,” you say.  “It was an accident.  People have them all the time.  Now it’s our baby and I never want them to feel the way my dad made me feel.”
You smile a little and lean over, kissing his cheek.  “Thank you.”
There’s silence for a moment and Steve eats some of the chips that came with his sub.  “So… we should get married… right?”
No, we should not.
It’s the right thing to do
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chooseyourownavenger · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Have an abortion
You frown and run your hands over your stomach.  This isn’t planned and neither of you is ready to co-parent.  It will put too much pressure on you and Steve and in the end, all three of you will suffer.
“I think… I think I want to terminate,” you say honestly.
Steve rubs your arm.  “Are you sure?”  He asks, gently.  “Don’t do it just because you think it’s what’s expected of you.  You’ll have to live with the decision either way.”
“What about you?” You ask.  “You have to live with it too.”
He nods.  “That’s true,” he agrees.  “But in the end, it’s not my body.  I don’t have to go through childbirth.  You would.”
“Does that mean you want me to have it?”  You ask.
He shakes his head.  “I honestly feel torn in different directions.  Part of that is when I’m from.  My parents weren’t strict Christians, and my ma was a nurse, she knew the reality of the world.  But it was still not something you were supposed to do.  Women got sent away for nine months if they were rich, or they risked dying on their kitchen floor if they were poor, but the preference was always that the guy did the right thing and married her.  I was always taught to do the right thing and right now I’m fighting that ‘you have to marry her’ alarm that’s going on in the back of my head.  But in an ideal world, you wouldn’t be pregnant right now.  We’d be married already and we’d have talked about having a family and be planning to do it.  So if you want to terminate, that’s the closest to getting that right?  We move on and then later if we get to that point, we can choose to do this.”
You laughed softly.  “You’d really marry me?”
He nods and kisses the top of your head.  “I think I’d get given a lot of flack by my friends, but I really would.”
You lean up and kiss him deeply.  His confession solidifies things for you.  Steve Rogers is a good and decent man and you want to give your relationship the chance to grow properly, not being forced into something before it’s ready.  He caresses your jaw as his lips move with yours.  He pulls back slowly and looks down at you.  “What was that for?”  He asks.
“Just for being you,” you said.  “Will you come with me to the appointment?”
He nods.  “Of course I will,” he says.  “I wouldn’t let you go through this thing alone.”
“Thank you,” you say, and snuggle into the crook of his arm.
Tumblr media
Thanks to the Avengers having their own medical wing, you’re able to avoid the crowds of right-to-lifers yelling insults at women outside of planned parenthood.  You change into a hospital gown and get up on the table.  It’s covered in a narrow sheet and absorbent pad and you make sure you’re in position on it for when the doctor arrives.
Steve seems to notice the tension you’re holding and takes your hand.  “I’ll be here the whole time,” he says.  “I’m not going anywhere.”
“I feel guilty,” you say, as you link your fingers with his.
“You don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to,” Steve assures you.
You shake your head.  “No, it’s not that.  I just know people who have struggled to have a baby, and here I am throwing one out.”
“That’s not what you’re doing,” Steve says.  “And the world can be cruel.  It’s not fair that kids are born into families that abuse them.  Or good people with so much love to give can’t have their own.  But that hasn’t got anything to do with here and now.  Here and now you aren’t ready for this.”
You nod.  “Thank you, Steve.”
He takes your hand and kisses your fingers and as he lowers his hand your doctors come into the room.”
“How are we doing?”  Doctor Asher asks.
You blurt out a laugh and quickly cover your mouth.  “Sorry,” you say.  “Okay.  Ready for this to be over.”
“Well, it is a fairly quick procedure,” Doctor Asher says.  “Ben will sedate you, and then we'll get started.”
Ben takes a moment putting in your cannula and sets up an IV.  The sedative acts quickly and it’s not long until you’re feeling loopy and like a mix between drunk and high.  Ben put surgical drapes over your stomach and they put your legs up into the stirrups.
“There’s going to be a pinch,” Doctor Asher says.  She inserts the speculum and spreads it, and you wince, squeezing Steve’s hand.
“It’s okay,” Steve says.  “I’ve got you.”
“She lied to me, Steve,” you whine, your speech slurred.
He smiles and presses a kiss to your fingers.  “She’s very mean, sweetheart.”
The sedation becomes deeper, like your swimming under a thick fog while the doctor moves around at your legs.  “Okay, one more.  This one will be worse.”
If Steve wasn’t a super-soldier you wonder if you would have broken his fingers.  You almost scramble right back off the table to get away from the sharp pain you feel.  Then after that, you feel nothing.
There is a vague awareness that the doctors and even Steve are talking - telling you that you were doing great, and just a little longer.  You know you keep complaining about them hurting you, but whether you actually feel any pain you can’t say.  Everything that is happening is happening to someone else and you are sitting in a foggy little bubble.
“All done,” Doctor Asher says.  “You did really well.  Ben will help you to recovery.”
Steve helps you to sit up and get your panties back on, as Ben puts a large maternity pad in place for the bleeding and you get put into a wheelchair and wheeled into recovery where you are put into bed.  Steve hops up on the bed, sitting near your head, so he can caress your hair.
“Steve,” you say, still deep in your drug fog.  “Do you hate me?”
“No, sweetheart,” he assures you.  “Never think that.”
“That’s the sedation,” Ben says.  “But her mood will be erratic as the hormones right themselves.”
“Thank you,” Steve says and wraps his arm around you as Ben fusses around you.  Unhooking the IV and taking out your cannula.  He makes sure you have a heated blanket and that you have enough pillows and gets you juice and a sandwich.  When he leaves, you turn your still very foggy head back to Steve.
“Will we be okay after this?”  You ask.
“What do you mean, honey?”  Steve says.
“Us.  This happened too soon right?”  You slur.  “Aren’t you going to resent me?”
“No, sweetheart,” Steve says, holding you against him.  “I don’t know what the future is going to be like, but I’m proud of you for making the right choice for you.  We’re going to be just fine.”  He leans in close so you can feel his breath against your neck.  “I love you, you know?”
It is a very strange time to hear it, and you aren’t even sure you’ll remember that he has said it, but rather than being scary, it puts you at ease again.  You are all going to be okay.  You snuggle into him and close your eyes.  “I love you too,” you whisper.
~ END ~
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chooseyourownavenger · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Tell him you can’t wait.
You shake your head and grab his wrist, pulling him back down on top of you.  “No, Steve,” you say as he allows himself to be moved in position.  “It’s fine.  I need you now.”
Steve looks at you skeptically, and you take his hand, drawing you back down to you.  He gives in, kissing you deeply.  You wrap your arms around him and hook one leg around his waist so that he’s pulled tightly against you.
His cock slides up and down your soaking folds, rubbing against your clit, sending little sparks through you from the sensitive bundle of nerves.  You moan into his lips, wanting nothing more than for him to be inside you.
You angle your hips and wrap your fingers around his thick shaft, guiding him slowly inside you.  He’s large but you’re ready to take him, you cunt stretching as he fills you more completely than any man ever has.
Steve waits for you to adjust but you’re too impatient.  You have a frantic need in you that has to be sated.  You rut up under him, thrusting your hips so that he slides in and out of you, his cock moving along the ridges of your cunt.  You moan and kiss him passionately as he begins to mimic your movements.  Your tongue coaxes his lips apart and you dip it into his mouth, swirling it with his as you kiss him passionately.
Even as he thrusts, you feel like things are going too slow.  You push his shoulder.  He takes the hint and rolls, keeping himself sheathed inside you.  You sit up, leaning your palms on his chest, and begin to bounce.  With each downward movement, you force more of him inside you, until he’s hitting your cervix and sending a sharp pain through your core.  Steve stares up at you in a half daze, moaning and thrusting up into you at a slower pace than you’re moving - countering the frantic bouncing with slow deliberate thrusts.
You guide his hand to your cunt and he begins to rub your clit with his thumb in small tight circles.  It sends a sharp current right through your core and the pressure that has been building inside you bursts.  You throw your head back and cry out loudly as you come, your whole body shuddering above him.  Steve continues to thrust up into you as your cunt flutters and squeezes around his shaft.
“God,” he groans and with a jerk, he comes.  You can feel the pulse of his cock as it spills inside of you, painting your internal walls white.
You collapse down on top of him, breathing heavily as you slowly come down from your orgasm high.
“Holy shit, that was amazing, Steve,” you hummed.
Steve rubs your back and kisses your cheek.  “It was pretty great,” he agrees.
Tumblr media
Things continue as normal when you get back from your holiday.  The romance of the weekend carries you through for a few weeks, so it almost feels like you’re riding a cloud.  You certainly don’t remember things like ‘morning after pills’ that you had planned to get, and given that you don’t see Steve for a little over a week because he’s gotten caught up with work, and even then it has been a quick lunch date, you don’t have more sex to remind you that that was something you were supposed to have done.
So when you’re hit by a strong bout of nausea, the feeling of needing to vomit is strongly enhanced by the fact that it immediately reminds you that you had unprotected sex with Steve.
You panic.  Steve trusted you, and you let him down.  Not to mention that there is no way either of you are ready for this.  Neither of you has even said ‘I love you’.  Putting a child in the equation is so far down the track it might as well be an alternate universe.
You rush to the store as soon as you can and purchase a pregnancy test.  Despite the directions saying it’s best taken in the morning, you can’t wait.  Your anxiety is through the roof and all you can think is even though Steve is probably going to freak out about this, there is no way at all he can take it any worse than you are.  All these possible outcomes pass through your head, but even the fairytale marriage and happily-ever-after one scares you.  You want that, but getting it like this seems like a bad way to go about it.
You watch as the indicator line turns bright pink.
The test says you need up to five minutes before you get results, but no sooner has the indicator line filled in, but a fainter pink line traces in beside it.
You’re pregnant.
The panic you feel shoots up to insurmountable proportions.  The part of you that must have been hoping you just had the flu is crushed completely.  You aren’t sure what to do first.  You aren’t even sure whether you want this baby or not.
Eventually, you settle on calling Steve.  While part of you thinks you should at least figure out what you want first, you need someone to help you weigh up the decision, and if you do decide to keep the baby, it will be his baby too.
You pick up the phone and call him.
It takes a little while for him to answer, and you were just about to give up and try texting him that you need to talk when he picks up.
“Hey, sweetheart,” Steve says, just over a whisper.  “I can’t talk right now.  I’m in the middle of a debriefing.”
“Oh -” you say, taken aback.  “I - uh… sorry.”
“Are you okay?”  Steve asks, and the genuine concern in his tone almost breaks you.
You take a deep breath and try to keep your voice steady as you speak.  “Yes… no… I don’t know.  We need to talk… in person.”
“Of course, honey,” Steve says, soothingly.  “I’ll come around right after I’m finished up here.  I can bring you dinner.  What do you feel like?”
“Just something light.  Soup, please,” you say.  “I’ll see you then.”
“Okay, I’ll see you then,” Steve says and disconnects the call.  You spend the rest of the afternoon trying not to spiral.
Tumblr media
Steve shows up a little after six looking a little bruised and very tired.  As he hugs you hello - being careful to keep the bag of takeout away from you while also providing a warm and comforting embrace - all you can think is that you’re going to break his heart.
“Come in,” you say.
“What’s the matter, sweetheart?”  Steve asks as he lays out the food on the table.
“You might want to sit,” you say.
Steve looks at you with his brow furrowed.  “Is this the breakup talk?”  He says, taking a seat.
The way he says it worries you a little.  Like he’s been preparing to have it himself.  It only adds to that intense sense of dread you were already feeling.  You sit down opposite him and take several deep breaths, willing yourself not to just throw up.
“I hope not,” you say.  “God… I don’t think there’s a way to break this to you easy.”
“Then just say it,” Steve says, sitting up straighter, clearly going on defense.
“I’m pregnant,” you say.
Steve blinks at you a few times like he’s having trouble processing the words.  “Oh,” he says simply.
“Just oh?”  You ask.
“Sorry,” he says, shaking his head.  “I was bracing for you to tell me you were HYDRA or something.”
You laugh, thankful for the break in tension, but you also know it probably won’t last.
“How?  You said… You said it would be okay?”  He asks.
“I - I forgot, Steve,” you say, apologetically.  “I meant to get myself the morning after pill.  And I forgot.”  There’s a pause and he sits back and runs his hands down his face.  “I’m sorry.”
“Are you?”  He asks and it feels like a knife in the heart.
“Yes,” you say, your face falling.  “I - I really didn’t mean for this to happen.”
Steve lets out a breath.  “I don’t… Look… I …”  he shakes his head like he’s trying to clear it.  “I’m sorry - I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to this.”
“I don’t think there is a right or wrong way,” you say, frowning.
“I don’t want to …”  He stops and rubs the bridge of his nose.  “I don’t think I’ll make a very good dad, but I won’t let you do this alone.”
“You?”  You say.  “You’ll be an amazing father.  I just wish… I wish this was something you’d planned to do, instead of -” you wave your hands around “- this.”
He shakes his head.  “I want to believe you didn’t do this to trick me.  You sound sincere at least.  I just… I work so much, and it’s dangerous work.  Plus, people around me are in danger just having me in their lives.  That’s no life for a kid.  I’d always thought… if I did decide to be a parent I’d have stopped fighting.”
“Well,” you say.  “I haven’t decided what to do yet.  Maybe you still will get that.”
“You haven’t?”  He asks.
You shake your head.  “I needed someone to talk to,” you say and start crying.
He moves quickly, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you.  He carries you to the couch and sits beside you, holding you.  “It’s okay.  Of course, you did.  I’m here now.”
“What do you think I should do?”  You ask.
“It’s your body and your life.  I really don’t get a say in that,” you say.
“I know,” you say, shakily.  “But you must have an opinion.”
You sigh.  “Well,” he says.  “I don’t feel ready, but if you have them.  I’ll help raise them.  You won’t do it alone.  I’ll make sure you’re both safe, and taken care of.  I’ll make sure they have the dad I wish I had,” he explains.  “If you decide not to have it… I’ll be there too.  You won’t go through that alone either.”
“Yeah?  You’d really be okay with that?”  You ask.
“Not if you feel pressured into it, I wouldn’t,” he says.  “But don’t be too surprised.  Just because abortion wasn’t legal back in my day, doesn’t mean people didn’t do it.  They just did it with a coat hanger and were just as likely to bleed out in their kitchens.  I’m just glad people can choose safely now.”
You cuddle up to him.  “I appreciate that, Steve.”
“The only thing I would ask is that if you plan to adopt them out, that you just let me take full custody,” he says.  “I think it would be too easy for someone with bad intentions to get hold of one of my kids just because they want the genetic material.”
The weight of those words felt a little oppressive.  It meant a lot.  In a way it was good.  He was willing to step up and be a parent alone if need be, just to protect them.  That meant if you decided to raise the baby together, he’d be there.  But taking the option of giving him custody would definitely be the end of you and Steve as a couple.  You couldn’t date the man who was raising the baby you chose not to keep.
“What’s your gut telling you?” Steve asks.  “What do you want to do?  I’ll support it, no matter what.”
Keep the baby and raise it together
Have an abortion
Give him custody and never see them again
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chooseyourownavenger · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ “How about we try out the bed instead?”
You look him up and down and lick your bottom lip.  He looks so good, and you are so ready for this.  You want him now, no more waiting.  “How about we try out the bed instead?”
He looks out the window and back at you, before approaching and wrapping his arms around your waist.  “We can do that.”
He leans in and you bridge the difference, kissing him hungrily.  There is a frantic desperation to the way you kiss, like this can’t happen fast enough.  You begin to back up towards the bed, stripping off each other’s clothes as you move.  By the time your calves bump up against the bed frame, you’re both down to just socks.  He’s beautiful.  Possibly the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen naked.  Every part of him looks like it was designed by artists - all the way down to the pores of his skin.  His cock is thick and straight and uncut and you wonder how it will feel having such a large cock stretching and filling you. Steve lifts you easily and tosses you onto the mattress.  You squeal and scramble back, opening your legs to invite him between them.
He kisses his way up your thighs, grazing his teeth over the soft skin and tugging on it gently.  You moan and lift your hips, wanting more - needing it with every fiber of your being.  He sucks at the apex of your thigh and your cunt floods.  Your arousal drips from you and Steve spreads your folds and laps it up greedily.  His tongue explores every part of your cunt, lapping over your folds, dipping inside you, and flicking over your clit.
You moan and tangle your hands in his hair, pushing him down against you more.  He sucks on you hungrily and swirls his tongue inside you, moaning into your cunt.  His tongue is replaced by two thick fingers and he pumps them in and out of you as he sucks greedily on your clit.  He presses his lips around the sensitive bundle of nerves and flicks his tongue back and forth over it.
It feels like there was a wildfire roaring through your veins.  Your moans and gasps fill the room as he brings you closer and closer to the edge, and as good as it feels, what you really want is to feel his cock penetrating you.
“Fuck… oh god, Steve!  Yes!”  You cry, writhing on the bed under him.  He curls his fingers and as they press down on your g-spot you come.  You arch off the bed and cry out as your orgasm crashes down on you.
Steve sits up and wipes his mouth, and goes to climb off the bed.
“Where are you going?”  You ask.
“Protection,” he says, pointing at his suitcase.  “I packed some.”
You look from him to the bag.  You want him so badly and you know he can’t get sick.  It’s true that you aren’t on birth control, but part of you wants to take the risk, you can always get the morning after pill tomorrow, after all.
Be patient and let him get it
Tell him you can’t wait.
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greekgeek21 · 3 hours ago
Percy Jackson & The Avengers: Convergence - they steal an old pirate ship
I'm alive!! I'm so sorry for just ditching you guys, but I was in Shasta for a week and didn't have any internet access so I wasn't even able to say that I was gonna not update. But I hope this nice, semi-long chapter makes up for it!  Reminder that this is also available on FF, Inkitt, Ao3, Webnovel, and Wattpad
On a completely different note, I'm going to be starting to write a book. Like, a real published book. It'll take a few years but I'm determined and I love the idea I thought of so if any of you are interested, email me at and I might be willing to send some samples. I want input, badly. And all the people in my life are biased. Total strangers on the internet are totally made for this, right?
I recently got into readers marauder era fanfics and I'm already in too deep, gays (and yes I meant to say gay, we all know it if you're reading pjo fanfiction). There is no escape.
Anyway, I'm running out of prewritten chapters, so I have to get to writing that while preparing to write a book. Wish me luck! Happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈✨
- your author
Ω ♆ Ω
"Run it by me again. Just one more time," Steve asked, still highly confused.
They had made it to Florida and were now at a private dock. Percy had just briefly explained his control over any water vehicle and the Captain was not getting the point.It was understandable. Percy still barely got it.
However, they didn't have a whole lot of time, and every second they wasted discussing Percy's weird powers was another second Annabeth's captors had to hurt her. They did not have time for this.
"We are going to steal a boat, and I'm going to sail us the rest of the way," Percy sighed.
"Ok, but, how are we going to sail it if only you know how to do it?" Steve asked.
Even Piper was getting frustrated now. "He can control the boat! We won't have to do anything! The boat will listen to his will! Oh my gods!"
"But how is that possible!?" Steve shouted.
"How would I know?! I was just born with the freaky powers!" Percy yelled right back, getting fed up with this never-ending conversation.
Jason decided to cut in before things got too out of hand. They had to save Annabeth.
"Guys! This doesn't matter! What matters is that we save Annabeth, and we can't do that if we're stuck here arguing over something that is out of our control," he said.
Percy huffed. "He started it."
Hazel rolled her eyes. "How does Annabeth put up with you?"
"Honestly? No idea," Percy smirked.
"Let's just get going, team. We have a boat to steal, right?" Tony asked.
"Yep. And I think this place has the perfect one for the job." The son of Poseidon then started walking away, apparently following his weird sailing powers.
I guess we're supposed to follow him, thought Piper.
Ω ♆ Ω
"This is supposed to take us through the most cursed waters on the planet?" Bruce asked, looking the boat up and down.
"Yes. Isn't it beautiful?" Percy said and smiled, running his hand along the side.
Tony leaned over to Frank. "Is he seeing the same boat we are?"
Frank just shrugged, used to Percy's weirdness by now. Honestly, it was a little hard for him to imagine the team taking what was in front of them to Polyphemus' island. It seemed like it wouldn't survive the normal ocean.
To be clear, what Percy was suggesting they take was an old pirate ship, currently on display inside of a warehouse at the dock. It was covered in dried-up barnacles, and the mast was split in half. There were also holes all along the sides. It was a miracle the thing hadn't crumbled already.
"Yes, Tony, I am. This thing will run for me. It doesn't even need to be repaired, I can handle that. The only thing that matters is that it is built to withstand the type of waters we're going out in," Percy said. "We need all the advantages we can get."
Natasha, to everyone's surprise, spoke up, "I think we should trust Percy. If he says it'll work, then it'll work. He's the son of Poseidon, right? Nothing can hurt us while in the ocean. Am I correct, Percy?"
Jason cleared his throat and gave Percy a significant look. The Avengers needed to know that they were basically powerless in the triangle. The older teen looked ready to explain, but Frank spoke before he had the chance.
"Actually, no. The Sea of Monsters is outside of Poseidon's realm of power, hence the name. Percy won't have the same access to his father's domain as he does out here," he said, "So, basically, we're entering a dangerous situation, with no backup, and an inexperienced team. Should be fun, right?"
The Avengers were shocked, to say the least. Not at what the boy had said, but who had said it. As far as they had seen, Frank wasn't as confident as his physical form portrayed. They were wrong. Frank was confident, and his friends were proud of him for it, too. It had been a large transformation from when Percy had first met the son of Mars.
"Well, I think we should start heading out. We want to get as far as possible before the sun goes down, right?" Piper asked.
"Right," Percy nodded.
She wasn't really certain about all of this sailing stuff. Sure, she had been on the Argo II, but that was different than an actual boat. For one, it could fly and was controlled by a gaming console. She hadn't really bothered learning how to actually run a ship for that.
But now, she had to act like she knew what she was doing, and that was scary. The Avengers may put on a confident front, but she saw the insecurities in all of them. Some were harder to find than others, but finding insecurities was her specialty.
They really were going into a completely unknown situation. At least Piper and the Seven had been in this world for a little while, but the Avengers hadn't even encountered a monster before. It would sure be a shock when they were faced with some of the worst ones for their first fights. So, she and the rest of the demigods had a responsibility to be the examples, no matter how much the "adults" liked to point out that it was "ethically wrong" for them to do that.
Ω ♆ Ω
Turns out, the kid hadn't been lying about being able to sail the ship. Tony would be the first to admit that he was skeptical of the structure of the vessel, but he was proved wrong when, after the group had gotten the thing into the water, it had started to magically prepare itself for departure. Not a single drop of water leaked into the interior; it was like the water simply moved around the holes.
It was spectacular!
Before he knew it, the group had settled into the boat and were moving away from the dock. The Avengers were marveling at everything around them, considering that Percy wasn't even steering the thing, and yet it was supposedly moving in the right direction. To add to the shock, the ship's parts were moving themselves. It was not logically possible, and yet there Tony was, watching it unfold like some kind of acid trip.
"This is...amazing," he muttered, leaning against the rail with Leo, who he had taken a certain liking to. They were a lot alike.
The son of Hephaestus grinned, "Right? I told you guys Percy had cool powers. You should see him with Blackjack or Arion. It's wacky, man!"
"Who's Blackjack and Arion?" Tony asked, noting the new names.
"Oh. Right, I forgot. Blackjack is Percy's pegasus, and Arion is Hazel's horse. Percy can talk to them because his father created horses," Leo answered.
And just when the man of iron was getting used to all of this, he was pulled back into astonishment.
Ω ♆ Ω
After a couple hours of mingling and exploring, Percy called the team up to the deck. He had started to feel it a while ago when he knew it was still a distance away, but now he knew that they were approaching the Sea of Monsters.
It was a blank spot for him. Everywhere else, he could feel the ocean's power thrumming, waiting for him to control it. But here, there was nothing. Considering they were in the middle of the ocean, it was pretty obvious what it was. That was how he had tracked the place down without a map. It was his blind spot. He would just follow the blankness like it was the North Star.
Once everyone had gathered, he told them the news, and to say the atmosphere changed was an understatement. What smiles they had had disappeared, and their expressions turned serious.
"It's time, guys. Get ready. The first thing we're going to come up on is Scylla and Charybdis. We have to go through them to get into the sea. Now, I've planned this so that we should hopefully be able to pass through without any problems, but with six demigods' luck, we shouldn't rely on that too much. Charybdis only feeds three times a day, so if I planned this right, we should be able to pass over her without a fuss. Everyone got it? Be prepared for a fight, but don't expect it, please. We don't need any more reasons for the Fates to curse us."
Hazel stepped up, "Should the Avengers help us if we end up fighting something? Or should they just observe how we deal with monsters first?"
"We can handle ourselves," Steve defended.
Jason sighed, fed up with the same old arguments, "Alright, that's it! The Avengers will let us take the lead in any fights we may or may not end up in. They will not do anything without one of our approvals because we have actual experience with these beings. They will not be put on the sidelines, but they will also not be on the front lines. Does that work for everyone?"
Percy sent a thankful grin to his cousin, "Thank you, Jason. And yes, it does."
Jason just nodded in return.
"Alright, gang! Buckle up! Make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ship at all times, and remember, the sword points away from you. It's showtime!" Leo cackled.
Just as he finished, they entered a wall of mist, which was unsettling to say the least. The temperature dropped almost three degrees as they passed through it.
Percy pulled out Riptide before steering the ship towards Charybdis. Hopefully, if everything went to plan, they would be out of this Hades-forsaken place by sunrise.
But, of course, nothing ever went to plan on a demigod's quest.
Ω ♆ Ω
Maybe it wasn't the best idea for me to come, was Bruce's first thought as he got his first glimpse at a greek monster. He had taken refuge inside the sleeping quarters of the ship, practicing his breathing exercises. He was really hoping this didn't turn into a Code Green. This was definitely not the place to let the Hulk loose.
So far, it had been silent upstairs, so Bruce concluded that it was going good so far. He had researched the Greek and Roman myths before they had left and on the plane, and everything that he could find on Charybdis was not reassuring. It was true what Percy said, that she only ate three times a day, but nobody really knew when those times were. Until Percy, apparently. He had survived the Sea of Monsters, so everyone on this ship had to trust his judgement in everything they did here. Bruce could tell that the other Avengers were struggling with taking orders from a "child." But Bruce had learned to not underestimate anyone on his travels while in hiding. Plus, look up any demigod's name and there was a whole list of accomplishments to find.
If Percy said that he knew when the monster liked to eat, then he knew when the monster liked to eat. It was as simple as that.
So, ten minutes into their first obstacle, and things were going fine. Everyone was eerily quiet, but no sign of Charybdis or Scylla yet. Of course, as soon as someone thought about it, an outline of a serpent appeared in the fog surrounding the boat.
Frank was the first one to spot it. "Guys..." He looked up at Percy. "We have a problem."
He pointed into the fog and Percy cursed. "Oh schist. I knew she couldn't just leave us alone."
The Avengers had figured out that something was coming and were unsure what to do. The demigods seemed to be just waiting like sitting ducks for the thing to attack them, and that was not a good plan. The Avengers don't wait for their opponent to strike first.
"Alright, that's it. I'm going to see what it is," Tony mumbled, activating his Iron Man armor.
"No, Tony! That's not a good-" Piper got cut off as the billionaire flew off, "...idea."
If she couldn't yell at that idiot, she was gonna yell at his teammates. She turned around, prepared to cuss out some idiot "superheroes," but Hazel beat her to it. "What was he thinking?! Why didn't you idiots stop him?! He has no idea what he's getting himself into! That monster is NOT something you guys can handle without our help! Mortalium tam stultus!"*
Natasha appraised the small demigod. She sure was a young spitfire. And from what she had seen already, a powerful one.
"Ok, let's just calm down, alright? Tony should be able to hold his own until we can go save his stupid ass," Leo sighed. Working with mortals was draining.
They were always so brash about things. And yes, coming from a greek, that statement was pretty hypocritical, but it still wasn't a lie. He idolized Mr. Stark's work, but man if only the guy could learn some restraint and he would be perfect.
Just as Leo had spoken, an explosion was heard, followed by a muffled string of curses. Only Tony Stark could come up with those creative swear words, so at least there was proof that the guy was still alive. For now, at least. The group needed to get that soon.
"Alright, hold on! This is gonna get bumpy!" Percy shouted, steering the ship towards the sound of fighting.
He willed the vessel to move faster, and it, of course, obeyed. In his head, Percy was just thinking rush rush rush. They needed to get this fight out of the way and get to Annabeth right after. Percy was praying to any god that would listen for there to not be any more disruptions to their journey. He just had to be confident in his skills. He had done this before, so he knew what lay ahead of them.
And it was going to be a challenge.
Ω ♆ Ω
Tony would deny any claim of him being held in the mouth of a sea serpent by his leg. Cuz that didn't happen. Totally.
But if it did, then the rest of the questing group would have worked together to fend off the monster until they could get away. Percy would've used Riptide to stab the monster in the leg, while Jason flew up and used his gladius to cut open her eye. The rest of the group basically just put on a full-frontal assault until Scylla released their idiotic teammate. Leo blew some fire, Hazel manipulated the Mist so that the Avengers could all see it for what it was, Piper made it loosen its grip with her charmspeak, Frank and Clint released some well-placed arrows, Natasha fired some gunshots, and Steve sliced into it with his shield.
All in all, the thing realized quickly that it was outmatched.
Then, after Tony received a very stern reprimanding by Piper and Steve, the group carried on. They didn't have time to dilly-dally. Saving Annabeth was their top priority.
Ω ♆ Ω
"Let me go, you skatá!"* Annabeth screamed, kicking her captor in the knees.
She had been knocked out as soon as they had shadow traveled, so she hadn't woken up until an hour ago. When she had, her wrists and ankles had been shackled to a stone wall with imperial gold shackles. The terrorists had stepped up their game.
There was dim lighting, but from what she could figure out before, she was in a cave of some kind. They had completely cleared out the area around her, so there weren't any visible location markers. That is, until they moved her.
The people who had grabbed her were strong and bulky and covered in black. They had black combat suits with black ski masks covering their features. Stereotypically, Annabeth would've figured the goons to be stupid, but they kept her shackles on and put a sack over her head so they at least has someone smart on their team.
Annabeth was getting really sick of not knowing anything, though.
So that's where she found herself at the moment: as a "defenseless" hostage. It was quite comical, really. Did these idiots really think that she would go quiet?
She felt one of her kicks come into contact with a kneecap and heard a satisfying grunt of pain from one of the thugs. Good, she thought, I hope that hurt.
Then, she was thrown onto the cold, stone floor and forced to hold her head up. The whole situation was so stereotypical that she wanted to laugh. But then she also didn't want to come off as more psycho than her captors, so she kept it to herself.
"This is quite interesting," a voice said, "The prideful daughter of Athena, reduced to a simple mortal's hostage.
The sack on her head was yanked off, so Annabeth spat down at the man's feet, glaring at him with a burning hatred. Taking a quick survey of the room, Annabeth found that she was being held captive on Polyphemus' island. The room was the main room of his cave; the one where she, Percy, and Grover further blinded the cyclops.
"If you had actually gotten me on your own, it might have been impressive, but having to use monsters is just pathetic," she said.
The leader growled and kicked her in the jaw. It didn't have enough power to break it, but it did cause her to bite through her tongue.
Annabeth spit out the blood produced in her mouth, dirtying the man's shiny shoes. The guy would have to do a lot worse than that to scare her.
"Hmm... I like your spirit. It's going to be that much more fun when I break it," he hissed, kneeling down to her eye level.
"I hope you rot in Hades," is all Annabeth responded with.
The guy laughed. ACTUALLY laughed. So, he was a crazy sociopath hades-bent on tearing down the natural order of the universe, Annabeth decided, how nice.
Ω ♆ Ω
I kinda really love this and I hope you did too. Now, to get into some unasked political shit: Love is love. I like all genders, and I still don't want to see any of them practically having sex in front of me. So just, accept yourself and others for who they are and move on. Is that so hard? Happy pride month & happy Father's Day!!
- your author
PS Remember to comment, like, and reblog!
other chapters :)
Ω ♆ Ω
Bonus scene!
The group was spending time in the dining room of the ship when all of a sudden, Percy remembered something truly horrifying. Like, beyond disgusting!
“Oh, my gods! Guys!!!” he exclaimed.
Hazel rolled her eyes and said, “What, Percy?”
“Charybdis is my half-sister! Ew ew ew ew ew EW EW EW EW!!!” Percy shouted his answer.
Everyone simultaneously gagged.
(Inside, Steve was starting to get seriously concerned about these kids’ chaotic family.)
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xiaohuaaaa · 4 hours ago
I feel like we as a society have gone from using code words to tell if you read fanfiction to telling your mom "uh, yeah, I'm reading among us fanfiction, what about it?"
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chooseyourownavenger · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Tell him you feel the same
Tears prick your eyes and you hug him tightly again, pressing your cheek against his chest.  “I love you too,” you mumble into his chest.  “I love you, Steve.  I don’t want to live my life without you.”
He tightens his arms around you, and with almost no warning, lifts you, carrying you to the bedroom.  You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him hungrily as he holds you, bridal style, and carefully sets you down on the bed.  You don’t let him pull back.  Instead, you spread your legs, pulling him down on top of you.  You hold him close, letting the coarse material of his uniform rub against the thin fabric of your slip.  You moan gently into his lips, not wanting to let him go, but knowing you probably need to if you want this to go any further.
For now, you just relish in his kiss and the closeness of his body.  You didn’t realize how much you needed him until he wasn’t there, and you’re going to take your time and appreciate him now he’s back.
You nip at his plump bottom lip and run your hands up into his hair, tugging on it gently.  He hums softly and grinds his hardening cock down against you.  You drip for him, your fluids dampening your inner thighs.
“I need you, Steve,” you moan against his ear.  “I need you so badly.”
He sits up and starts unfastening his uniform and you sit up with him to help.  Your hands fumble on clasps and zips as the two of you shed each piece of his clothing.
When he’s naked, you push him onto his back and begin to run your hands over him.  His perfectly sculpted body is currently marred with a collection of bruises and scratches.  You place gentle kisses on them even as you grind your pussy on his thickly muscled thigh.  He hums and runs his hands over your slip, before grabbing the hem and lifting it over your head.  You moan softly as he latches on to one of your breasts and digs his fingers into your ass.
You reach over to your bedside table and grab a condom, tearing it open and rolling it down on his shaft.  He grabs your hips and lifts you, lowering you onto his cock.  You moan as he fills you, his girth stretching you as you seat yourself completely.  “God, I missed you,” you moan.
“I missed you too,” he whispers and begins to buck his hips up into you.  You wrap your legs around his waist and tug on his hair as you bounce slowly in his lap.  You swirl your hips in a figure of eight, even as he holds you as close to him as your bodies can go.
It’s intense and intimate and all the more special, because you love him, and now you both know that it’s true.  He’s yours and this is it for you.
His hand slips between the two of you and he begins to finger your clit, rubbing it quickly as you ride him.  Your cunt clenches and your clit twitches and with a loud moan, your orgasm washes you.  As your core clenches and squeezes, milking Steve’s cock, it pulls him over too and he releases inside of you.
You stay wrapped together like that for a while, just breathing each other in as your bodies settle.  Eventually, Steve lies you both down and slips out of you.  He takes a moment to toss away the condom before he has you back in his arms again.
“Do you think you can handle this?”  He asks.  “Me being Cap that is?  And what that means?”
You nod.  “I do.  I know it won’t always be easy, but you’re worth it.  I am better with you,” you say.
He kisses you deeply and when you pull back you rest your head on his chest.  Sleep takes you as you listen to the steady beat of his heart.
Tumblr media
Your declaration of love is just what your relationship needs to progress.  You go from basically living with him to officially living with him.  The two of you talk about your future - marriage and children and all those future life goals that are important for a couple to share.  You’re on the same wavelength and you know that if he asks you to marry him, you will say yes.  You have no doubt about it in your mind.
Even after you live together, Steve is the true romantic.  He still likes to take you out on dates, even if they are just walks in the park or out to get coffee.  So when he takes you for a walk on Brooklyn Bridge you don’t even think about it.
He’s a little nervous as the two of you walk hand in hand, and you wonder what’s on his mind.  He keeps checking his pocket and looking around like something is about to happen.
“Are you expecting an attack, or to get called away?” You ask as two of you stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge together.  It’s very busy and once in a while, people look at him with that look that tells you they recognize him, but they just can’t quite place where they know him from.
“No,” he chuckles.  “Sorry.  Guess I’m a little nervous.”
You look at him with your brow furrowed and it slowly dawns on you why he’s so nervous and why he really wanted to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.  You drop your jaw and your eyes go wide.  “Oh my god!”
“Hey!” He yelps.  “You have to let me do it first.”
“Okay,” you say, though you're trembling slightly.  He pulls you out of the flow of walkers and closer to the railing and drops to his knee.  Tears are already pricking your eyes even before he starts to talk.
“Sweetheart, I don’t know what made you approach me at that party, but I’ve been so thankful you did ever since,” he said.  “You get me in a way so few people ever have.  I love you for your kindness and patience, and how you don’t take any shit.  I don’t want to live my life without you in it.”  He opens a box, with a beautiful diamond ring.  “Will you marry me?”
“Of course, Steve,” you say, the tears breaking and running down your cheeks.  “Of course I will marry you.”
Steve slides the ring onto your finger and gets up.  “You’ve made me so happy,” he says and pulls you into a deep kiss.  Around you’ve drawn a group of spectators who applaud and when you pull apart you start getting strangers congratulating the two of you.
“How about we go get some lunch,” Steve said.  “We have a lot of plans to make.”
“That sounds perfect,” you agree.
Tumblr media
You feel a little high after the proposal and Steve walks with you to a cute little French-style cafe and you sit outside under an umbrella while you eat.  You can’t stop looking at your ring and every time you do, you smile.  This is the start of something very big and you have a lot to plan out.  Dresses, and flowers, venues, and caterers.  You are going to have to choose your bridesmaids and have a bridal shower and a bachelorette.  You need to announce it and possibly have an engagement party. 
There’s a lot, and you aren’t sure where to start.
“So what are you thinking?”  Steve asks.  “What kind of wedding do you want?”
A traditional church wedding to go with Steve’s religion.
Something quiet and outdoors.
Big and grand
Very, very untraditional.
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rejectofsociety · 7 hours ago
Summary: MJ and Peter begin to deal with the aftermath of Peter’s identity being revealed
Rated: T
Warnings: Cursing (I think)
Word Count: 1,739
Written for @spideychelleweek with the prompt “On The Run”
Also read here on AO3
Michelle can feel Peter’s panic radiating off of him— or maybe it’s her own. She can tell he’s moments away from hunching over and throwing up— or maybe it’s just her. Maybe it’s both of them. Maybe she and Peter are one in the same in the moment the Daily Bugle reveals Spiderman’s secret identity.
She sees him clutch his head and cry out— she can’t quite make out what he says.
One moment, Peter’s standing on a post and all eyes are glued to the screens around them. The next moment, courtesy of a snap decision made off instinct, Michelle is being swept off her feet and into the air, cradled close to Peter’s chest.
She doesn’t scream or shout as he carries her through the air. Instead, she clings to him and holds herself as closely to his body as she can manage— and then a little closer.  
She tucks her head into the crook of his neck and shuts her eyes tightly. She doesn’t need superpowers to hear his heart thundering in his chest— it beats violently in unison with hers.
He stumbles to a landing on the cluttered roof of a skyscraper, a safe distance away from the original source of commotion. She lets her feet fall to the ground, but she momentarily refuses to let go of him. Peter holds her tightly, melting into the hug. She feels his muscles trembling and his chest heaving. So, she holds him closer.
She’s hardly sure of how to react to the situation, much less how to comfort Peter. All she can think to do is stroke his back with a gentle hand.
“MJ, I-I swear I didn’t do that,” he stutters out, his voice taught as he fights back tears, “I-I swear that video was fake.”
“I know, I know,” she forces herself to sound more calm than she feels, “I trust you.”
But that doesn’t mean the city— or the world— trusts Peter. They eat what’s given to them by the media, and the media just fed them a meal that stated that their Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman— Peter Parker— is a murderer and a villain.
“I’m sorry,” Peter sighs after a moment of quiet.
“Hey,” she leans away from him to look into the eyes of his spider suit, “you have nothing to be sorry for.”
“I know, it’s just—” he leans into her touch as she cups the side of his face in her hand, “—this is a really shitty start to our relationship.”
“Yeah,” she hums with a slight smile, “but I’m with you the whole way through.”
She can tell his expression has melted into an admiring smile as he replies, “thank you, MJ.”
Before she can reply, Peter’s phone begins to ring loudly and he steps away from her. He takes out his phone and sighs, then glances at her. She nods in acknowledgement and gives him his space as he answers the call.
“Hey, Mr. Fury,” she hears him speak— his voice now stronger and more solid, but she knows its a facade.
“Yeah, I saw it,” he continues, “what um... I’m on a roof- No, I don’t- I... they don’t exactly put the address on the outside of the buildings.” He glances at Michelle and feels his heart flutter as she smiles at his remark.
Michelle sits down, continuing to listen to the disjointed bits of his conversation with who she assumes is his boss and watches him anxiously pace back and forth. His words are wary in their delivery— as if he can’t fully trust the man on the other end of the line.
While Michelle didn’t know exactly went down in Europe between Peter and Mysterio, she could tell it had impacted his ability to trust others. Even when they ordered lunch together or had a brief conversation with a classmate, Peter always seemed hesitant and wary. He only seems to fully trust May, Ned, and Michelle now— she didn’t blame him, even if she didn’t know the full story.
“P-probably May, Ned, and MJ,” Peter says, Michelle’s attention being caught by the sound of her name, “... MJ’s with me... MJ’s my girlfriend—“ her heart leaps and a tiny grin tugs at the corner of her lips, “—Ned should be at his sister’s art studio, it’s, uh- do you know Mr. Delmar? Yeah, it’s not too far from his sandwich place. Then, May should still be at our apartment and- oh. Of course you know where that is.”
Peter waits a few moments, nods, then sighs softly in relief, his shoulders relaxing, “thank you, Mr. Fury... I will, thank you.”
He hangs up on the call then peels off his mask, Michelle adoring the way his curly hair fluffs out at it springs free.
“What now?” She asks him as he sits down next to her.
“We-“ he’s cut off as his phone begins ringing once more. He’s checks the caller ID then says: “it’s Ned.”
“You should...”
He answers and tells Ned he saw the news, assures Ned that he and Michelle are safe, then informs him that one of Fury’s agents will be picking him up. After he hangs up, May calls. Again, he answers and listens to her panicked rambling before he repeats the same words he gave Ned. Happy calls afterwards and the same procedure is repeated, followed by some instructions from Happy.
Quickly, with Peter’s phone ringing off the hook, Michelle turns off the ringer and tosses it to the side.
“Calm down,” she says as smoothly as she can.
He runs his hand through his hair— a nervous tick of his, “I-I’m sorry.”
“You’re okay,” she assures, “now, what do we do?”
“We just have to wait here. Maria or Dimitri will pick us up,” he explains, his voice more shaky with Michelle than it was with the others— she guesses that means he trusts her to see him weak and afraid.
“I don’t know who either of those people are,” she points out blandly.
Peter smiles lopsidedly at her, “I know. They’re agents— ones you can trust.”
Michelle raises an eyebrow at him, “that sounds like an insurance commercial: ‘Agent’s you can trust.’”
His eyes light up and he lets out a genuine, goofy laugh. She chuckles with him and feels a sense of relief as she does so. Normally, she’s unreasonably self conscious of her laugh, but she knows that Peter’s doesn’t judge her. In fact, he repeats the same phrase every time she giggles— as if he’s afraid she’ll forget it:
“I love your laugh.”
She flashes him a sheepish simper and her face warms up, although she should be used to his flattery. But still, she grows flustered and is only able to reply with a soft “you too.”
Before Peter can tease her for her stiff reply (she does enjoy his sweet and playful teasing), the sound of police sirens from below fill the air. The couple’s hearts stop in unison and Michelle sucks in a breath. Peter instinctively snaps his hand around with a protective grip.
Warily, the two look over the edge of the building, spying the cops below. They weave their way through the streets, as if trying to trace the path Spiderman took.
Michelle’s eyes are steely as they stare at the cars with their wailing sirens. Her heart pounding and breaths uneven, she takes in their every move until they speed past the block where she and Peter try to rest.
Michelle looks back at Peter, “they passed us.”
He nods, but her words hardly seem to comfort him. Michelle frowns and observes his state— planning her next moves.
A beat passes and Peter stirs anxiously, his hands fidgeting and muscles trembling slightly. Michelle reaches forward and cautiously takes his hand away from her wrist and rests it in her palm— he graciously intertwines their fingers and mumbles a thank you.
“How’re you feeling?” Michelle asks when the silence becomes unbearable.
“Like...” he sighs heavily, “ I just fucking ruined everything. And like I’m gonna throw up... or cry... or both.”
She frowns and her expression droops into one of concern and pity. She pulls him into a hug and he rests his head in her chest, listening to the quick beating of her heart.
“If I hug you, you have to promise me you won’t throw up on me,” she semi-jokes.
He ignores her comment as says simply instead: “you’re scared.”
She looks down at him and nods slightly, “yeah,” then she adds, her voice softer than before, “...I’m worried about my family.”
“Oh,” Peter remembers Michelle’s fathers and little sister, “I didn’t think about that.”
“Do you think they’ll be okay?” She asks, desperate for assurance.
He bobs his head slightly, “I think they will. I can ask Fury to do something to protect them.”
She nods quickly, “please.”
“Consider it done,” he hums, “what else is scaring you?”
“Other than the fact that you just got framed as a murderer and now we’re running from the law?” she says, “not much.”
She tries to sound casual, yet Peter can hear the waver in her voice over the anxious pounding of her heart and the uneven breaths that leave her slightly-parted lips. He sits up and scoops her protectively into his arms. She curls up in his touch, her head against his chest as she lets herself become enveloped in his strong arms. He never fails to make her feel safe— as if he’s made of vibranium and can be her shield against anything life throws at him. While, yes, she would usually shrug off such a thing with an “I can protect myself” but, more often than not, it was a relief to have a source of protection in their bizarre, upside-down world.
“I really don’t know what’s going to happen next,” Peter mutters, resting his head on top of hers, “but we can be scared together.”
She lets out a breath and closes her eyes lightly. “Thank you, Peter.”
The shivering couple curls closely together with only each other as protection from the wild world they live in. Maybe some day this whole thing will blow over, maybe Peter’s name will be cleared— maybe they’ll be okay. For now, that seems to be a far-fetched though to laugh at. For now, they’re terrified and feel empty— like shells of humans.
For now, they’re on the run.
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flusteredshipping · 8 hours ago
Okay so I haven’t watched all avengers/marvel movies, which is probably for the best because the version of Loki I self ship with is more of a personal AU which I want to keep separate from the movies, but I think a lot about how my s/I would be in the first avengers movie…
Imagine this; Your childhood best friend left your home realm a few years ago and in the mean time you decided to go get an midgardian education. It’s an interesting life and you’ve adapted well to Midgardian Culture. You never had much magic to begin with besides mental defences so it’s not like you miss anything in that regard and it’s honestly nice. You have a mundane job at a coffee place, you a group of acquaintances and maybe even friends who you spend time with. Of course you miss your childhood friend dearly and hope you can one day see him again, but overall you are thriving. Then ONE DAY you are just MINDING YOUR BUISNESS on the sidewalk, on the way to work, when suddenly someone just fucking grabs you.And it’s the brother of your dearly missed friend and he is holding you threatningly accusing you of helping said childhood friend commit spacecrimes, going undercover and what not.
And you are just like “Buddy wtf”
And in that moment your manager calls you to angrily ask where you are and why you are not showing up to work.
You wordlessly hand Thor the Phone. Upside: you managed to convince him that you really are just chilling here at Midgard for fun reasons.
Downside: You are now probably going to get fired and he still insists on taking you to a fucking millionaires tower.
(That is all for now, b/c obviously she is not going to join the avengers, she is going too stay loyal to Loki but I can’t imagine her not beeing conflicted about the whole “take over the world” thing. I am still figuring things out)
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bucksdolll · 8 hours ago
Good Clingy - [ Bucky Barnes x F Reader ]
Tumblr media
Summary - Headcanon about Bucky being the good kinda of clingy.
Word Count - 274
!WARNINGS! - tinny bit of implied smut, sliver of angst (if you squint, tilt your head and use a magnifying glass), this fic could be considered for gender neutral reader except for bucky calling the reader pretty girl one time, but other than that basically just Bucky being cute and protective
Notes - if you have any requests for headcanons and/or oneshots please send them in - [ also @metalbuckaroo i think you might like this ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky, he would be dominant in bed, and protective of you in every aspect of life, practically a tough guy with a staring problem. But if it was just the two of you or if it was you and him and people he felt comfortable around, he would follow you like a little puppy.
If you got out of bed to get a snack from the kitchen, he would follow and wrap his arms around your waist as you look for one. If you went out to the grocery store or do any kinda shopping, he would be right next to you holding your hand. If y’all went to some kind of a party or gathering, he’d either be right next to you or behind you with one or both arms wrapped around you.
Plus he is the biggest cuddle bear of all time, not that you mind of course. He is like a personal heater so especially in the winter, it’s nice. He is a good kinda clingy but so are you.
If you ever ask him why he always follows you he would just respond with, “I just wanna be close to you sweetheart. To know you here with me, I’ve lost so much I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. To protect you if someone tries to hurt you or hell if they look at you the wrong way. I know you can handle yourself but I just want you to know I’m always here for you. I love you pretty girl.” “Aw, Buck I love you too. You’ll never lose me, I promise.” You respond as you give him a kiss then snuggle back into his side.
Tumblr media
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ccreia · 8 hours ago
Dont Come Back
Series: Part 1 • Part 2
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader
Prompt: "Dont come back. Not for me." (Prompt List 1)
A/N: I was supposed to post everyday, but my internet went out, and I couldn't get this up for 3 days, and I'm sorry. Ily, kith.
Bonus: This takes place after Age of Ultron.
Tumblr media
The wind was dull, and the sky was gray. The air felt like a toxic smoke that has long been stuck like some lump in your throat. As the long silence prevailed, you stood there, waiting for a response from the red-head who was supposed to be heading out for some mission just before you stopped her.
"So when will you tell me that you and Banner have some strong history together?"
That was what you said that stopped the former russian spy from leaving the compound to go on her "manhunt" for the missing Hulk.
"Y/N, now is not the time."
You specifically remember once joining her in this very hallway. This large empty hallway where she "sulked" over the loss of someone who you thought was just a friend.
"Was that the reason you forced yourself in on this mission?"
It was here where you've shared most of your intimate moments. Ones where she'd open up small bit of her past to you, and so will you. You shared your first kiss right in this dark empty space where Steve even walked in on you both.
"He was my friend! I wanted to be the first to find him!"
"He was not your friend! He was your lover!"
Your loud exchange echoed throughout the walls that surrounded you both. Your heart carrying the same heavy weight as your arm is with your bags.
"I was his friend who also wanted to be on this mission, but when they told me it would be best if I do not go on this one, I listened! Because I only want the best for my friend! While you... you forced yourself in on this so hard that not even Cap's words were able to stop you."
"Y/N please..."
"Perhaps you still have feelings for him."
With those words, you expected for a stern no. You wanted for her to tell you that you were wrong. But as you stood there waiting for a response, a bag in hand and a serum on the other, the sound of silence began growing more unbearable with each passing second, later on breaking by the sound of your soft whisper.
"Was I just a rebound?"
Your heart shattered as the long silence did. Staring at her now conflicted state, it broke you, knowing that she's confused, and conflicted, of not only her feelings for you, but where you really stand in her life.
"Maybe you still love him. That's why you never told me about your history. Because to you it was not history."
It might have been true—what you said. But a part of you believed that it was not. A part of you believed that just like what you thought before you even found out about them, her feelings for you were sincere.
"You know what? Just go. Leave, and look for him."
But sadly, that part of you was now left unsure, and just wondering.
Wondering if she had loved you, or just needed you to move on from him. Even temporarily.
"Don't come back. Not for me."
Did she use me to forget him?—you questioned.
"You can choose to look for him or look for me."
As you turned away, you could almost hear your now shattered heart, getting crushed with every step you took.
"You're seriously not leaving..."
You wanted to forget her. But forgetting someone isn't that easy, your girlfriend being the living proof.
"Oh I am."
Though unlike her, you wouldn't use a person to forget another. You're not as heartless. Rather, you'd use a serum. From an experiment you so willfully volunteered to take part on.
"Watch me."
With just one shot, she was gone.
And so were you.
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chooseyourownavenger · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Don’t say it back
You smile at Steve, the words feeling both beautiful and terrifying.  You aren’t sure how you feel or if you’re ready to say it back.  You lean in and kiss him tenderly, trying to get across how you feel about him.  He cradles your jaw as your lips softly caress his, and slowly you pull back and smile at him.  As you pull back, you take his hand.  “Come on,” you say.  “The day’s not over yet.”
Tumblr media
There isn’t much of the day left, but you try to fit as much into what’s left as you can.  Steve seems to overthink things a little, and you’re not quite sure what’s off.  He changes his mind about where to eat three times, and in the end, you get take-out and bring it back to your room to eat on the bed.
“I really love it out here,” you say as you eat sitting criss-cross on the bed.
Steve smiles a little and nods.  “I’m glad.  I wanted to make it special.”
“It’s going to be,” you assure him, taking his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.  “Because it’s you and me.”
“Right,” Steve agrees and swallows thickly.
“If you’re not ready, we can just cuddle.  That’s okay,” you say.
He shakes his head.  “No, it’s not that… it’s just…”  Something about the way he holds himself changes.  He seems to shift from the overthinking man he’d been all afternoon, into the Steve you had gotten to know all this time.  “Are you ready?”
You put your box of noodles on the side table and took his and put it beside it.  “Steve,” you said, looking into his eyes.  “I am so happy and content, I am totally ready for this.  But I feel like something has upset you and I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t sure of.”
He nods.  “It hasn’t.  It’s nothing.  I guess… I had this image in my head about what this was supposed to be.  And I just realized that was idealistic and what is here in front of me is real.  Does that make sense?”
You smile and nod.  “Complete sense,” you say.  “You can’t live in a fairytale for very long.  Is reality good though?”
He nods, and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.  “Very good,” he says and brings his lips to yours.”
You kiss him passionately, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and climbing into his lap.  He runs his hands up under your shirt as the two of you kiss, and you roll your hips in his lap.  He fumbles with your bra, and the longer he does, the funnier you find it until you break the kiss laughing.
“Need some help?” You giggle.
“What is that made of?  Vibranium?”  He laughs, pulling your shirt off and twisting around you so that he could see your back.  You turn in his lap so he could see better, and he runs his large hands over your skin before returning to the clasp on your bra.  He carefully works it open - one hook at a time, his hands moving gently rather than dexterously.  “It’s like one of those puzzles you buy at a bookstore.”
You laugh as he slides the straps on your bra down your arms and kisses your shoulder softly.  “Where were we?”  He asks.
“Mmm…” You hum.  “Let’s see shall we.”
You lean back and capture his lips, kissing him deeply.  His hands skim under your breasts, cupping them and massaging them gently.  You grind back in his lap, feeling his cock harden against your ass.  He groans softly into your lips and pulls you back so that he’s lying on the bed and you’re laying back on him.  You roll your body against him, your back arching and curving against his body, and your ass rolling against his cock.  Steve groans louder, sliding his hand into your pants.
His fingers work over your clit as you rut against his hand.  He kisses down your neck and sucks a patch of skin on your neck.  You unbutton your pants and push them down so your bare body grinds against his fully clothed one.
He rolls you so you’re on your stomach on the bed and he kneels above you, pulling off his shirt.  You roll over and scramble to remove his pants, freeing his cock.  You lick your lips as it springs free.  It’s as perfect as he is.  Long, thick, and uncut, with the perfect amount of veining.  For a moment, you’re struck dumb.  He is also large.  Very large.  To the point that you’re not even sure he’ll fit.  You get onto your hands and knees and take the base in your hand as you pull back the foreskin and lick over the head.  He groans, tangling his hands in your hair, and watches you as you begin to suck his cock.
You slowly suck up and down his shaft, pushing him deeper and deeper back into your throat, trying to take him all.  You're a good inch from becoming flush to his crotch before you begin to gag.  Steve cradles your jaw and pulls back.  “I don’t want you hurting yourself,” he says.
He guides you back on the bed and kissing down your body, ghosting his lips over your skin and making you break out in goosebumps.  When he reaches your thighs, he bites you gently, pulling at your soft flesh with his teeth.
You moan and your cunt floods as you jerk your hips up.  He runs his nose up your folds, its point briefly touches your clit, and you hum, the muscles in your legs tightening.  His tongue flicks over the swollen bundle of nerves, sending wave after wave of pleasure surging through you.  Two of his fingers eased into your cunt.  He curls them, stroking them over your internal walls and teasing them over your g-spot.  He moves them like he’s beckoning an orgasm forth - calling it to him.
You start to writhe and moan under him.  Your orgasm builds and you grip the sheets, squeezing your eyes closed as you focus on it.  “Fuck, Steve!”  You cry.  “Oh god!”
He adds a third finger as he looks up at you, watching your reaction.  His fingers move inside you and he twists his hand so his knuckles grind against your g-spot.  You jerk and cry out, arching your back off the bed.  “Does this feel alright?”  He asks, spreading his fingers.  It burns a little but adds to that pleasantly full feeling inside you.
“Yes,” you moan.  “Oh god yes.”
“I’m not bigger than that,” he says, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of you.  “You don’t need to be worried.  I’m not going to hurt you.”
“Okay,” you whimper.  He curls his fingers and returns his mouth to your clit, nibbling on it.  His fingers press down on your g-spot and he corkscrews his wrist.  You come, crying out and bucking up hard on the bed.
He removes his hand and crawls up your body, placing kisses at random intervals as he approaches your mouth.  He grabs a condom and rolls it on, before aligning his body with yours.  He takes your hand and guides it down to his cock, wrapping your fingers around his girth.
“You’re in control,” he says, looking deep into your eyes.  “Guide me to where it’s comfortable.”
You guide him inside you, and very slowly he sinks in.  You sigh as he fills you.  This control he’s given you is such a loving, and caring act, that is at the same time incredibly sexy.  It makes you feel a little guilty that you never said the words back, but you know, it’s better not to lie about the heart.  Your head tilts back slightly, your lips parted and he places small kisses along your jaw.
His cock hits a spot where there is a slight sting and your grip tightens around him.  He stops pushing and he tilts your head so you’re looking into his eyes.  “There?” He asks.
You let your body adjust and you shake your head.  “More,” you breathe.
He pushes in further.  You feel him reach that limit where pleasure becomes pain and you stop him.  You let his cock go and wrap your arms around his neck.  He gives you a moment to adjust to him and begins to thrust.
It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.  He alternates between a gentle, pleasant rhythm, allowing you to feel his cock run along the ridges of your cunt, to just pounding into you so that you can’t even catch your breath.  You feel like you’re about to come undone.  Just when you think this is it, nothing can possibly feel any better than Steve Rogers’ dick inside of you, he brings his arm between your bodies and fingers your clit.
You come.  Explosively.  Clinging to him as if he’s stopping you from falling.  You cry out his name and he grits his teeth and groans as he releases inside you.
The two of you lay panting for a while before he slips from within you and collapses down on the bed.  You roll onto your side and watch as he removes the condom.  “That was amazing,” you hum.  “You’ve ruined me for all men.”
He smiles and looks at you.  “That’s good because I don’t plan on sharing you with any others.”
Tumblr media
The weekend away together is a turning point for the two of you.  Steve seems to become more serious.  Almost like he wants to move away from just courting you, to sharing a life with each other.
You spend a lot of time with him at his home and he spends a lot of time with you at yours. Obviously, there’s still work and Avenging that keeps you apart, but when there is free time, you opt more and more to spend it together.  It gets to the point that you could almost say you were living together.  He has stuff at your place, you have things at his.  Both of you have keys and security codes so you can come and go as much as you like, at any time of day or night.  But it’s not official and you both keep your own places.
The only looming shadow over things is you still haven’t said those three little words.  Not that Steve is being quick to repeat them.  It’s like he put them out there, and you know how he feels and now he is simply giving you the space to return them when you’re ready.
You just aren’t sure you know or not.  You know you care about him and that you like spending time with him.  This isn’t one of those fireworks in the sky things though and it’s hard to know if this is love in that ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ ways.
He is good in so many ways, but he is so hard on himself and he never puts the relationship first.  Avenging is always first.  Dates are interrupted by missions that pop up suddenly.  He is often home late and you can go days at a time without hearing from him at all.  You aren’t sure how well you are equipped to be an army wife, and certainly feeling like the woman he’s cheating on the Avengers with isn’t great.  It’s hard to know which side wins out - the side where he is present and attentive and kind, or the side where you’re swept aside and he risks his life again and again.
It comes to a head when Steve is away on a mission for almost a month.  It’s a month of not hearing from him at all.  Not knowing if he’s alive or dead.  Not even knowing roughly where he is or if you’ll ever see him again.  There’s a chance he could disappear for good and no one will know what happened to him.
You fret.
Each night sleep comes later and later and is disturbed more and more regularly.  You’d wake early to check for messages that never come.  You barely eat and start subsisting on a diet of caffeine and mood stabilizers.  You worry yourself sick.
You’re asleep when he finally returns.  There is no call, but the key sliding into the lock is enough to wake you.  You startle and rush out to find him stepping through the door.  You crash into him and his arms wrap around you automatically.  Holding you close to him.
“I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he mumbles into your hair.  “You must have been so worried.”
“Why didn’t you call?”  You ask, looking up at him.
“I didn’t want to wake you.  I haven’t been back long, but I needed to see you,” he said.  “I love you so much.  I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”
Tell him you feel the same
Tell him you care about him, but you don’t think you can do this anymore.
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my-tony-stark-drawings · 9 hours ago
~ Father's Day 💞 ~
Imagine celebrating Father's Day with Tony
You helped your child and prepared everything in advance. Garlands, decorations, his favorite cake.. You bought father's day cards and gifts. Your daughter also drew several adorable drawings.
When Tony gets up and walks into the living room, she throws herself into his arms and yells "Happy Father's Day daddy!!!"
Tony takes her in his arms and gives her a big hug while discovering all the decorations and gifts.
It's heartwelhming and he's so happy. He has a big smile on his face and you are the happiest person in the world.
This happiness is what Tony deserves forever. You hold him tight and you know today it's going to be a really good day 💞
Tumblr media
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universitypenguin · 11 hours ago
Winter Soldier's Match - Part 2
Word Count: 7,324
Related Drabble: The Winter Soldier is a Matchmaker…
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, 18+, oral sex, fingering, some swear words, but over all it's pretty much fluffy smut.
Note: Thank you to all of my new followers. I'd like to let you know that I'm committed to posting works, but since I don't do short (ever, like, I just can't) my work takes time. See the by line of my blog: Writer in progress... and that progress is slow.
Also, would anyone like a smut piece for Zemo? I had an idea this morning and if you're interested, just let me know.
Two weeks had passed since the Winter Soldier had broken into her lab. He’d grown tired of waiting for Bucky to act on his feelings and had taken the reins to claim her for them. Since she’d taken the soldier up on his carnal offer, her relationship with Bucky had changed.
The next morning he’d shown up at her door with two steaming cups of coffee. They’d talked and once it was clear that both felt a mutual desire to be more than friends, things escalated. Before she’d tried her best not to imagine what it would be like to have Bucky turn his charms on her. Those were the kind of fantasies that were tempting and sweet and if she dwelled on them for too long, they caused heartache.
Imagining was no longer needed. A bouquet of yellow daffodils was delivered to her the next day. In messy penmanship a note was scrawled.
Just thinking of you, doll. Have a good day.
- Bucky
Her heart melted.
Over the next few days she learned that Bucky Barnes was committed to the art of wooing a girl. There were more flowers and notes. He brought her the same coffees as when they were just friends but now he stayed longer. Instead of lounging quietly on her couch and watching her work, he talked to her. The next week he brought her lunch. They ate together on the same couch where the Winter Soldier had spanked her just days ago. Heat swept through her at the memory. She forced her mind from the matter and focused on Bucky’s words as he told her about his time in Wakanda.
He showed affection with hugs and kisses. The kisses were to her cheek or tenderly pressed to her forehead as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Monday of the next week the sun rolled out from behind spring clouds to warm up the city for the first time since November. Bucky had held her hand in the park and put his arm around her waist when they brushed together on a turn. But he didn’t initiate further contact.
She began to wonder what was going on. Their friendship was solid and the emotional relationship was good. Doubts began to stir. Maybe there was a reason he wasn’t getting hot and heavy with her? Was it that she’d violated his wishes when the Soldier had come on to her? The distance he enforced wasn’t making any sense when she turned the matter over. If his alter ego had been able to take control, then the lust he felt for her must be enormous.
Perhaps she needed to be the one to make a move. The idea tempted her but after considerable thought, she let it go. So far it had been his alter and her who’d made the choices about their relationship. This time she needed to let Bucky do things his way. More pressure wasn’t the answer. Instead, she settled in to enjoy his thoughtful and romantic gestures.
The second week came to a close and he took her to the movies. She sat on his right side and when he took her hand, wrapping both of her arms around his bicep and snuggling close. The giant screen flashed as the protagonist made one bad decision after another. He fell into a pit of quicksand as the mummy closed in behind him, arms outstretched. Tension stretched over the moment but all she felt was exhaustion. Too many nights spent restless, wondering if your relationship with Bucky would ever be anything more than platonic. Her head sank to his shoulder. He turned towards her and pushed down the armrest between them, shifting her so that she lay against his chest. Her forehead pressed into the side of his neck and she sank into his hold as the muscles of his chest formed a perfect cradle for her back.
The next thing she knew he was rubbing her shoulders. His voice sounded in her ear, even as she tried to ignore the intrusion.
“Sweetheart, it’s time to go. Wake up now.”
His hand stroked up her arm, roaming over her shoulder.
Bucky laughed. The husky sound was pleasant. She smiled and turned her face into his neck.
“That’s it. You’re awake. I can tell. Come on, let’s get you to bed.”
Let’s get you to bed…
Her eyes opened. She knew he didn’t mean it the way she wanted him to.
Back at her apartment, she invited him in, fully expecting him to refuse. To her surprise, he said yes. Then he was there, in her living room with his feet up on the ottoman that served as her coffee table. His arms spread out on the back of her mid century couch and his eyes scanning her space. They’d spent all their time together at work and she’d never had him in her private space. He filled her in on how the movie had played out as his restless eyes flicked around the room. She could see the wheels turning in his mind as he took in every detail. His head tilted to read the titles on the books in her case.
“I knew you were a nerd,” he said, “But a whole section on physics? Were you assigned all of those for school?”
She laughed.
“There was only one professor who taught physics at my college - it wasn’t very big - and he was rumored to be a monster. If you gave a wrong answer in class he’d chew you out, that sort of thing. Because I was pretty shy back then, being called out in front of a whole lecture hall wasn’t on my agenda. I decided to learn the entire content of his class before the semester started.”
He raised an eyebrow. “And? Did you?”
“Yes. I paid a kid on my floor for the syllabus so I could use it as a study guide. He offered me his old tests and notes for fifty dollars. I negotiated the price down to thirty because he got a D in the class and the notes probably weren’t very good.”
Bucky grinned. His eyes sparked and the sight of his amusement encouraged her to continue.
“The funny thing is Professor Casey turned out to be a sweet old man. He just had very little patience for....well...for teaching.”
“You’re adorable, you know that?”
Pleasure swept through her at his soft expression. She reached for him without thinking. By the time her brain kicked on, her elbow was bending around his shoulder. She froze, and her eyes darted up to his.
Her mind went blank. Smoothing over awkward moments wasn’t one of her strong suits. Creating them was more in her area of expertise.
Bucky slid closer. The whirling of her thoughts as she sought for a way to pull back without killing the vibe stuttered. Her mind ground to a complete halt. A warm flesh hand pressed to her left hip and a cool metal one caught into a front belt loop. He gave a gentle tug on the loop of her jeans, his hand pressing her hip to urge her closer. His soft, pink lips curved.
“C’mere, doll. I don’t mind if you want to cuddle me. I like it.”
She let herself be drawn into his arms. He sighed, content, and propped his chin on top of her head.
“Mmmhh. Yeah, I like it a lot. Your hair smells nice,” Bucky said.
He was warm. The serum seemed to make him run a bit hot. That would be useful in the winter and probably the summer too, when restaurants put their air conditioners on freezing temperatures. Faint notes of pine and laundry soap teased her nose, the scent bringing back a flash of memory.
Her hands braced on the Winter Soldier’s chest moments before he’d shoved up her skirt and ripped at her panties. Excitement curled in her belly as it sank in that the man she desired needed her. That he’d been driven by lust to go to such lengths for her...
“Doll?” Bucky’s voice drew her from the recollection.
“Are you uncomfortable with-”
He broke off. She heard him swallow, then felt his chest move as he took a deep breath. Her head tilted back to look at him, but his arms tightened, keeping her in place.
“Are you uncomfortable touching me? Because of what happened before? We talked about it, but if you’re having different feelings now, I want to know.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m asking if you’re okay. In general, emotionally...mentally. And if this is still what you want.”
Frustration flared. For a second the surge of emotion locked up her voice. She shoved it down. Bucky had been rattled by the Winter Soldier taking control and even if he was okay with how things had turned out, there was trauma. Knowing him as she did, the self worth issues he felt had long been spelled out in the subtext of their relationship.
“I want you. But I don’t want to push you. After what happened in the lab, I realized it’s been the Soldier and me making the decisions so far. About the physical relationship, you know? So I figured it was time for me to let you set the pace.”
He relaxed and the hold loosened. She tilted her head back and found him staring down at her with an emotion she couldn’t identify glowing in his eyes. The cerulean depths always showed her so much.
“You sound as if you’re apologizing. Doll, you have nothing to be sorry for.”
“I feel a bit like I took advantage of you. Or maybe a better way to put it would be that the Soldier took advantage of you and then I helped him finish the deed.”
Bucky snorted. “Have you considered why he got out in the first place?”
“Yes. That’s why I’m holding back. If you’re not comfortable with a physical relationship yet, then I’ll wait.”
“Honey, the only reason he could take the reins was because I wanted you so badly.”
Her cheeks flushed. Delight surged in her heart, pure joy swirled through her veins. Bucky wanted her. Not just wanted, he wanted her bad enough to admit it.
“I’m glad. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re going to sleep with me.”
“I do want to sleep with you. But I also want you. To date me, to be with me. I needed to pull back and make sure you understood that this isn’t just sex.”
That made sense. In the context of knowing Bucky for almost a year, it fit in perfectly with his more traditional traits. He didn’t denounce the sexual revolution or its outcomes. But when he’d gotten off of Tinder he’d told her he wasn’t interested in a sexual relationship that didn’t include an emotional attachment. It left him feeling cold. She’d been dizzy with jealousy for days after he’d said that, wondering who he’d made that particular discovery with.
“I also wanted you to have a chance to come to your senses. I know I have a lot of baggage and if you’re not prepared to deal with that, I’d understand.”
She narrowed her eyes. “I’m not shying away, Bucky, and I’m not going let you push me away either. I’m the one here who has a terrible track record with romantic relationships. Maybe I don’t have the same kind of baggage that you do, but we all come with something.”
“What about…” Bucky paused, swallowing. He dropped his gaze to her chest. “I know I left bruises.”
Shocked by his admission, she pulled back from the embrace. He released her in an instant. She sat up straight, turning her body so that she faced him directly. His expression was painted with lines of worry and stress. Seeing him hurting because of her made her heart give a painful twist.
“Is that the real reason you haven’t touched me?”
“Never mind.”
She started to get up, ready to put a little distance between them. His cologne, the smell of pine mixed with laundry soap, and the heat from his body was clouding her brain. She needed some space so she could think.
Bucky’s metal hand snagged her wrist.
What happened next was fast and smooth. He used the grip on her wrist to pull her off balance and his flesh arm went around her hips. The way he lifted her up was effortless. Being a healthy sized adult woman, she’d never been tossed into the air before. The last time she’d been picked up had been prior to grade school. Bucky scooped her up with ease, hoisting her bottom under his forearm, and turning. She was deposited onto the sofa in a split second and he swung himself up on top of her. His right knee was planted between her spread legs and his hands braced on either side of her head.
She stared up at him, shocked.
He watched her face as if the answers to every important question he’d ever considered were written across her skin. She let him look. After a tense moment, he smiled.
“You’re not afraid of me,” Bucky said.
“When have I ever been?”
“Never. Even when I bolted into your lab like a crazy person, running from Steve. You weren’t scared.”
Her hand reached up to clasp his face between her palms. A tender smile curved her lips.
“You didn’t look like a crazy person. You looked desperate. And I knew Steve would buy my lie because he trusted me.”
Bucky shook his head. “I had just gotten back from Wakanda. Everyone on the science teams had been briefed about me and they kept their distance. But you weren’t even phased. Your reaction was so unexpected, I had to stay.”
“I’m glad.”
“You gave me a chance to catch my breath. And you’ve been doing it ever since.”
A lump rose in her throat and her eyes filled with tears. Bucky turned his head into her hand, pressing a kiss to her palm.
“Don’t cry, doll. I love you.”
“I love you too, Bucky.”
He took her hands from his face and settled back, braced on one knee between her spread legs, the other foot on the ground. Their fingers laced together as he drew her hands to him, holding them against his chest. He flicked his tongue out, dampening his lips.
“I’m sorry for one thing. I should have been honest about how I felt with you. If I had, he’d have never hurt you.”
“He didn’t hurt me.”
That wasn’t strictly true, but she wasn’t going to share the details with the guilt ridden man in front of her. Bucky had been right about the Winter Soldier leaving bruises on her. The brutal spanking he’d delivered in her lab had turned purple and blue.
“The soldier is different for you,” Bucky said.
He closed his mouth, looking as if he wanted to take the words back.
“Will you explain that?”
“I love you. It affects him, too. The lack of conscience applies to everyone and everything else. But not to you. He cares about you. You’re right. He wouldn’t have hurt you. Except for…”
The spanking.
She shivered at the memory. The tremor wasn’t from fear. What he’d done to her had been rough, it had hurt, and she’d cried from pain. But she’d felt pleasure that matched the pain. Trying to handle both sensations at the same time had almost given her an orgasm, all from his flesh hand slapping her ass until it burned. For days afterwards, she’d thought of him every time she sat down.
“I enjoyed it. Okay? You don’t need to feel guilty.”
“It bothers me that he didn’t offer, he decided he wanted to hit you and then pushed you when you were vulnerable.”
“Orgasm drunk, you mean,” she said.
Heat flashed through his blue eyes, like lightning illuminating the sky during a midnight storm.
The fierce emotion was there for a split second and then gone. Covered. She peered into his face, wondering if she’d imagined the reaction. What was she waiting for? It had already been two weeks. Her bruises were healed and his desire to show her he wanted more than sex had been heard. It was time for action. She slid the leg he was straddling out from under him and tugged on her hands, still captured in his, to pull him to her. The pressure on her body from his weight was heaven.
Bucky groaned. She let go of his hands and wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him in place, keeping him where she wanted him. He leaned on his elbows. Pale irises, the color more intense than the sky, burned into hers. Now she could feel his reaction as their hips pressed together.
“Don’t play with me right now.”
“Why not?”
“Doll. Please-”
“Do you want me? Or is it just the Winter Soldier who wants me? I love you, and you love me. We’re already friends and now I want more. I want you.”
She tightened her legs and rolled her hips. His eyes fluttered closed and a muscle in his jaw flexed.
“I trusted you even when you were the Winter Soldier. From what you’ve said, he’s mine. But what I really want is you.”
“You do? Even after what he did? You’re comfortable, you’re sure?”
“Do I need to strip off all my clothes and start begging? Being with the Winter Soldier may have been hot, but I’m in love with the real man. I’d also prefer to get laid in this relationship without having you hold back until he takes over.”
His cock twitched where it was pressed to her core. Relief rushed through her.
“So what’s it going to be?” she asked.
His mouth covered hers. She opened when his tongue brushed the seam of her lips, taking him into her heat. The slow slide of his tongue against hers was the opposite of how the soldier had been with her. Passion burned just as hot, but the pace and feel was different. Bucky explored her like he’d been given a treat he’d only have one chance to savor. His weight settled onto her, pushing her deep into the couch as he sprawled out. His hands found their way into her hair to grasp the strands, forcing her head back. The new angle gave him deeper access.
She moaned and he responded with a groan. The hands in her hair were gentle, but firm. He held in place as he plundered her mouth, his tongue teasing and stroking. The pace was slow. He kissed her like it was a stroll down the beach, meant to be drawn out. She whimpered at the brutal heat of attraction as he kept building the kiss, pushing her desire higher. More. She needed more. She needed him to possess her, not just tease and explore. Her body tried to buck, hips moving in helpless circles as the kiss turned molten.
Bucky stilled her with his weight.
“No, doll. Let me have this. I want to kiss you. I’ve fantasized about doing this for a year.”
“Please. I’ll melt.”
“Damn straight. Gonna have to carry you to the bed when I get done kissing you. Orgasm drunk? Wait until you’ve been teased.”
He laughed. His eyes sparkled just the way she loved. And it was unsettling how much she was already turned on, with the added threat of him continuing to do so. For an unknown duration. If she was reading him right, it’d be awhile.
“I’m going to have my way with you right here on this couch. In the 40’s we didn’t have the same expectations around dating. I got laid, but it wasn’t common. Most girls back then didn’t take that kind of risk. But this? Not so risky. And I was damn good at this. I can wreck you from kissing and sucking your breasts.”
She felt a bit like a rabbit cornered by a wolf.
As his mouth found hers again, she discovered that Bucky was a demon for pleasure. He knew how to take a kiss deep and hot, then back away. He took command of her mouth and brought her into a passion so intense she began to tremble. Then he pressed light kisses down her neck, to the vee of her blouse. She felt flushed and hot. Her hands went for the buttons on the front but he caught them, pinning them above her head.
“No, doll. You gotta let me have my fantasy. I need to kiss you until you’re weak.”
“Please! I’m begging you.”
He nipped her lower lip and she gasped. Flames raced straight to her center and her thighs clenched. She couldn’t hold still. The pressure was too much, she needed relief.
Bucky watched, face smug with satisfaction. “Don’t beg yet. I haven’t even gotten to your breasts. Haven’t sucked the pretty little nipples until they’re soaked with my saliva. Nibbled ‘em. Drawn on them like I’m gonna drink from your tit.”
She moaned.
“You like that, huh? A good latch and strong pulling does it for you? Yeah it does. I can feel you getting hot.”
He circled his hips grinding into her. She surged against him but couldn’t budge his weight. Couldn’t find friction to relieve the incredible pressure he’d built inside of her.
“We do this how I want. The soldier likes fast and raw. Not me, doll. I like this pace. I like to smell you, all sweet and musky and know you’re soaking your panties because I’ve kissed you so good.”
“Bucky, I need you.”
“You have me.”
His mouth returned to her lips. She sucked his tongue, kissed back and tried to entice him by grinding their bodies together. He was immovable in his decision to move at the pace of a sloth. She was on fire, desperate for more. He was patient and deliberate. When he stripped her out of the blouse and undid the front clasp of her bra to free her breasts, she sobbed with relief.
The lace of the cups had grown uncomfortable as her skin had become more and more sensitive. Her breasts felt heavy and full, engorged with need. Puckered into sharp points, her nipples were begging for his mouth.
“Ah. So pretty, doll. How’d you end up with such gorgeous breasts?”
The idea struck her that he might devote equal time to her chest as he had to her mouth. She wanted to weep with frustration and sob from the burning need for him that tormented her. His tongue traced across her decolletage.
“Touch me, Bucky!”
He scooted down, his hands bringing her wrists to her sides. She was still pinned. If he let go she was going to try and strip off the rest of her clothes. That was probably why he kept holding her. His grip wasn’t tight, just restraining.
“I promised I’d make you melt. Can’t go back on my word, now can I?”
“I’m fucking melted!”
He laughed. The bastard had the gall to laugh. She was about to snarl, but he bent his head to nuzzle the swell of her breast.
“Please, I need you so bad.”
His mouth opened, pressing wet kisses to her overheated skin. Sweat rolled in beads down her sternum and he ventured over to lick it up. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. They’d seized up into tiny darts, protruding out, demanding attention. Bucky released her wrists and cupped her breasts, lifting them. Just that gave her relief. His hands felt so good. The metal one was still cool. The flesh was rough with callouses and warm. He stroked up with his thumbs, rubbing her nipples.
Her back flexed, arching into the touch. She moaned. Her plan to get rid of her clothes was gone, because her mind emptied of thoughts when he touched her. He rolled the buds under his thumbs, then plucked at them. Gentle, he tugged the flesh between his fingers, caressing it with soft touches. It left her throbbing for more.
“Oh, Bucky. Please. Your mouth.”
She didn’t expect him to do it. He’d been teasing her so long. When he took her nipple into his mouth and suckled, she gasped. He captured the bud between his teeth to pull and then lapped with the broadside of his tongue, working the bud with fervor. Moans and whimpers started to come from her mouth. She lifted a hand to muffle them. Bucky growled. He drew deeply on her nipple. She arched and sobbed.
Bucky lifted up his head and glowered.
“Take your hand off your mouth, doll. I wanna hear you.”
She kept it there, nervous about what sounds might come out of her mouth if she did as he asked.
“Take it off or I’ll stop.”
The threat frightened her enough that she dropped her hand.
“Good girl.”
His hands cupped her breasts, burying his face between them. He kissed over to the untended breast. She whimpered before he’d even latched on. This time she knew what was coming. He gave a chuckle.
“S’okay, sweetheart. I’ll take care of you.”
“I need you inside of me, Bucky.”
“Oh, I will be. Once I’m finished enjoying my snack. And then the other snack I intend to have.”
He drew her nipple, bringing his hand up to knead her flesh as he sucked. What he’d promised - to nurse from her - became reality. As if he could extract liquid from the ducts that didn’t have the right hormones to trigger such a response, he pulled at her straining nipple. Her body twisted in his grasp. He growled again, vibrating against her. With a pop, he let her go and nuzzled her breast, his stubble scraping pleasurably over sensitive skin.
She moaned.
“How’s that, baby? Are you sensitive for me?”
“What do you think?!”
“I can smell you. You’re dripping, yeah?” Bucky was smirking up at her. He already knew.
“I need you. Fuck me, please.”
“You ask so nicely,” he praised. “But you know the one thing the Winter Soldier never got? He never got to eat you. I think he’s pissed off about that. Bastard shouldn’t have wasted his time spanking you when he could have devoured your sweet pussy.”
The sparkle that she loved to see in his eyes was stronger. Not a flash of happiness, but a glow of passion.
Her head dropped back and she stared up at the ceiling in shock. His patience was astonishing. The skill he’d already shown made the promise he’d just made her all the more nerve wracking. From what he’d said, this was probably in the domain of what he’d done in the 40’s. She was going to die from pleasurable torture.
Bucky chuckled at her reaction. His hands, one warm and rough, the other cold and smooth, held onto her hips. She was barely aware of the subtle grinding of her body that he hindered with gentle pressure. He kissed along her rib cage, towards her midline, then down to her belly button. His tongue swirled, dipping into it, then tracing farther down. He undid her belt, flipping open the clasp with patient fingers. Rather than ripping away clothing, shoving it out of the way like his alter ego had, he was slow. He slid the belt out of its loops and undid her zipper, parting the teeth one by one. When he peeled down her jeans she wiggled to aid his action.
Bucky tossed her jeans aside and spread her legs. He wrapped his cool metal arm around her thigh, holding her as he pressed his face to her clothed core.
“Yeah, that’s what I like to feel. You’re hot. The scent is intoxicating for me, doll. It’s muskier now, not as sweet. Is it because you’ve had to wait so long? Just this smell gets me rock hard.”
She whimpered.
“Ah, that too. Those pretty little sounds go straight to my cock.”
Her hands went to her hips, pushing off the last of her clothing. To her surprise he allowed it and helped her take them down her legs and tossed them on the floor, on top of her jeans. He laid down, pressing his lips to the top of her mound.
“Pretty,” he murmured.
Brushing his fingertips of his flesh hand through her folds, he collected her wetness and lifted it to his lips.
She watched in fascination as he leaned onto his elbow and looked directly at her as he sampled her juices. Bucky moaned, his pupils widening. The mask of control slipped for a second. Lust painted his features. She rocked her hips forward, widening her legs and offering himself to him.
“Bucky, I need your mouth.”
He groaned and sank down, lapping up her slit, delving between them to her clit. Pleasure hit her so hard she couldn’t even think to restrain the scream that burst from her throat. He toyed with her bundle of nerves, rubbing the tip of his tongue over it and then straying to curl around it. The teasing was just beginning, she discovered. Bucky was keeping her on edge. He built arousal until her thighs trembled. Tears clogged her throat as frustration turned to agony.
He hummed, lips vibrating against her clit.
She jerked and struggled. Her mind was blank to anything except the need for more. He had to help her because the orgasm that was building inside of her was terrifying. She could feel the edge of intensity as it gathered. Her trembling thighs began to shake in earnest.
“Please, please, more...I can’t... I have to...oh!!”
He latched onto her clit and closed his lips tight around it to suck with purpose. She screamed again. Her hips rolled helplessly into his mouth. Sounds peeled from her lips, helpless, undeniable. Control was a thing of the past. All that mattered was that he would satiate the hunger he’d set loose.
“Please make me come, I need to...I need…”
“I know what you need.”
His voice. Oh, the sound he made with that deep baritone. She shuddered.
“Please, Bucky, your fingers.”
She was clenching around nothing and the ache in her pussy was torture. This was beyond pleasure she’d ever felt, the pinnacle higher than she’d been before. It was exhilarating and frightening and she was defenseless from it. All she could do was shiver under the sensations of his tongue as he doled out licks from his tongue, as he caressed her with his lips, and scraped his teeth, and then sucked until she keened.
Finally, the broad tip of his finger breached her entrance. Her slickness invited him in and the quivering inner muscles drew him deep. He wiggled the finger, curling into the spot he’d already known would make her shout. She threw her head back and tossed herself up, back bowing off the couch. He burrowed a second finger and set a rhythm, brushing her spot and suckling her clit.
Her moan followed a vigorous jerk of his fingers. She gasped, the breath leaving her body at the jolt of ecstasy that ripped through her.
“That’s it, doll. Milk my fingers like that with your sweet cunt. Give me your cream.”
“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”
“You like my fingers. Like ‘em just like this, deep inside of you. Rubbing your spot so you can’t help but shake and cry and scream my name.”
Her muscles clenched, harder than they ever had before. She surged against him. The unyielding grip of his metal arm around her leg kept her pinned. A scream ripped from her throat, raw and desperate. He drew on her clit and worked his fingers harder. Bucky turned his full force on her. He took command of her sensitive inner area and with rough pulls, tender circling caresses, urgent strokes of his fingers. Tears spilled down her cheeks.
The thin thread of control she’d held onto snapped. Her back bowed and her hips jerked against his hand. Her mind blanked. She opened her mouth on a cry, no sound coming forth. A shudder worked its way through her entire body, rolling up her spine, shaking through her legs, curling her toes.
“That’s my girl,” Bucky crooned. “Come for me. Keep going.”
She couldn’t stop. Once the thread snapped she was in the grip of a violent climax that ripped through her. Fire surged in her belly, through her veins, shooting up her spine and down her legs. Muscle quivered. Her channel milked at his fingers just like he'd ordered. Riding out your orgasm, people said. No, this orgasm was riding her.
He kept going even as she fell to pieces.
His praises rang in her ears, but her mind was so overwhelmed as it tried to process wave after wave of pleasure, she couldn’t hear. The blood rushing through her head didn’t help. She caught his tone and nothing more. When the powerful climax tapered off to shivers, she went limp. Her face was wet with tears and her lips were trembling with silent sobs.
Bucky’s fingers were still inside of her. He moved close, taking his metal arm from around her leg and releasing his harsh grip that had held her down as she’d thrashed.
His lips touched hers, light as a feather. With quaking arms she reached for him, grasping his shoulders.
“How’re you doing, doll?”
Vocabulary was hard when her brain was so short circuited. But her murmured sound was filled with contentment.
“That looked spectacular, sweetheart.”
His vibranium limb slid under her back as he drew her into an embrace. She wrapped both arms around his neck and burrowed into his neck. Her breath was ragged and she licked her lips, finding them dry. Bucky lifted her torso, taking her into a sitting position. His flesh fingers were still inside of her body. He held her upright with his metal arm. Without it, her slack body would have crumpled. Soft lips pressed to her forehead, then her temple, and brushed over the shell of her ear.
“You look so good when you come on my fingers. But I need more, doll. You squirted for the soldier and I want that too. Deep breath, honey. Take a deep breath and I’m gonna fuck these fingers into you hard and I’m not gonna stop. Two times for him.”
She groaned at his words. The meaning was plain - she’d squirted twice for the Winter Soldier. He wanted her to do the same now. She didn’t know if she could. And she was a little afraid he’d force it out of her, overwhelming her senses and breaking her mind past the hope of repair.
“Please, Bucky…”
“I’m here.”
He kissed her neck, his voice calm and filled with tenderness.
Without taking his fingers out of her pussy, he moved her to sit on the edge of the couch. He settled beside her, positioning himself with one leg behind her and the other braced on the ground. The leg behind her back bent, his knee pressing into the small of her back, holding her on the edge of her seat. His metal arm was still snug around her waist.
“Spread as wide as you can for me, baby.”
She did as he bade, pushing her legs apart.
“Mmmhh. Perfect.”
He worked his fingers, swirling upwards over the spot. Her head fell back. Bucky leaned in, his thigh shifting as he did, and then the soft press of his shirt, the heat of a muscular chest was against her back. Her head was cradled by his shoulder. Cool metal pressed to the blazing skin of the underside of her breasts. Pleasure burst from that as well, just as he brushed up to her g-spot. Her head tossed on his shoulder, her back bowing.
“Oh, Bucky!”
He was being slow and tender again, careful with her over sensitive body that hadn’t quite stopped quivering.
“Doin’ so good, doll. Give me what I need.”
A moan wretched from her as he kept the circular movements going. He’d slide over her spot and then move off it, higher than she needed, then sink back down to tease for a moment and go too low. Up again, over the spot. Off it so she could catch a breath and then back down until he was too low. His pace was deliberate. The movements of his fingers were firm and steady even though her clenching muscles should have hindered his rhythm. Each time he touched the spot she whimpered. There was no doubt he knew exactly where it was.
She hissed his name as he took away the pressure a split second before her release.
“My good girl. Don’t let it come easy. I want you to soak my hand. You gotta hold back as long as you can, so it’ll be strong.”
His lips nuzzled up her neck, then pressed to her cheek. Fingers touched the spot and she jerked. His arm tightened, staying her from the helpless movement.
“No. Steady now. Breathe through it, don’t come.”
“I need it, please, please.”
“Do you want to squirt on my fingers? Do you want to soak my hand, doll?”
He picked up the pace with each word, grinding his palm up into her clit and forcing his fingers against the spot. She clamped down around his digits and moaned. When he moved harder, she squirmed. But as she should have known - there was no escaping him.
“There you go, that’s it. Let it loose. Give it to me, show me how sopping wet that pussy gets for your man.”
The orgasm washed over her. She shuddered, gasped, then started to pant as it threw her into the air. Her head dropped to his shoulder and her hands curled into fists. His metal arm seized on her waist to control the involuntary movements that took control of her body as the climax began. The fingers curled harder into the sweet spot and she snapped her hips away the erotic torment.
“There she goes,” he whispered.
As the climax drove her to scream, the release he’d demanded of her came. She felt the flood of wetness and knew it for what it was. Her release was like an orgasm within an orgasm. Pleasure exploded, like a solar flare bursting from the surface of the sun. Her eyes rolled back.
His arm held her in place as he continued rubbing her. Sloppy sounds of her pussy being ravaged by his long fingers reached her ears. The sound made her cry out.
Her orgasm left her wrung out, drooping against his chest.
He curled his leg around her hips, then his arm yanked her tight to his chest. The lax muscles of her body couldn’t react. Her dazed mind was still wrapped in the orgasm. Bucky drove his fingers harder than before, rutting at the spot with vicious strength. If there had been air in her lungs to make a sound, she’d have screamed. But her lungs were empty from the gasp she’d given at his first touch to the overstimulated area. Her mouth opened on a silent scream as he ravaged the third orgasm out of her with determined fervor.
“Two times, doll. Be a good girl and give it to me again.”
She shattered.
Falling apart was her first and second climaxes. This was a blow that sent her fragmenting. The violence of her body’s reaction was unfathomable. Breath was sucked back into her lungs and then she screamed. But it kept coming. The orgasm battered through her. Inner thigh muscles burned with exertion and her belly clenched. It felt like her womb was seizing right along with her pussy. He wasn’t stopping. The burning turned to an inferno and she couldn’t stand it a second longer. She tried to throw herself out of his arms but he laughed. The vibranium arm was ready for the desperate move.
“Squirt, doll. Need to make it even. He’s not gonna get more from you than me.”
Like it had been waiting for his words, the wetness poured out. Her hips jerked up and he allowed the movement, using it so that he could get a better angle. A raw scream spilled from her, the tone so deep on her vocal cords that her throat ached. The solar flare exploded. She broke down, tears streaming, wailing from pleasure so intense it was nearly painful.
Bucky uncurled his fingers, straightening them out. He swirled one slow, tender circle around the outer edge of the spot as if giving it a goodbye kiss, before he pulled out his dripping fingers.
“Oh, doll. Look at the mess you made for me. Didn’t know you could come like this, huh? Now it’s how you’re gonna come all the fucking time.”
Shudders kept coming. The aftermath felt like a haze. Her mind was stupefied, spinning with sensation and emotion. Bucky pressed his fingers into her mouth and she sucked them, moaning, still in a trace of pleasure. He rubbed her side and down over the curve of her hip.
“That’s it, baby girl. Clean up my fingers. You taste so good. I can’t be greedy, keeping it all for me.”
When his fingers were clean he lifted her up, cradling her body in his lap. Glazed eyes, damp from tears made him smile. Bucky cupped her chin and studied the expression, committing it to memory. His thumb petted the swollen lower lip. She moaned when he grazed his lips over hers.
“Fucked out, doll?”
Her eyelashes fluttered, closing, then opening, as exhaustion pulled at her. Bucky raised the crook of his arm to support her neck as it lolled, unable to keep upright. He leaned back into the corner of the couch, drawing her close. Shivers started as the pleasure faded to embers and physical reactions set in. He guided her to his chest as tears began again, this time tears of fatigue and shock.
“It’s alright. I know, putting you through them back to back like that just wrecks you, don’t it? Let me hold you.”
His hands kneaded the muscles in her shoulders, fingers digging in to push at tendons, easing her tension. She sobbed into his chest and he drew her tighter, feeling the shivers. Goose pimples raised along her arm and he took a throw blanket tossed over the corner of the couch to wrap it around her. Bucky kissed her cheek, temple, and stroked a soothing hand through her hair until she eased.
“I love you,” he said into her ear, voice soft with emotion.
The last of the tears left her spent. With eyes fluttering closed, she mumbled the words back.
Bucky smiled, even as his body raged with need. Her response was so gargled with exhaustion the words slurred together. But he’d understood. She loved him.
The Winter Soldier may have made the match between them, pushed them past friendship into more. He’d shown her pleasure first. But Bucky was content now, holding his girl’s sleeping form. He tucked her hair back from her face and then curled his arm under her knees. The door to the bedroom stood open and he rose with her cradled in his arms.
Once she’d slept off the shock, he would have her. He’d sink inside that warm, wet heat and she’d be so soft for him that his girth wouldn’t even phase her. Bucky laid her on the bed and settled in beside her, tucking himself around her smaller form. The Soldier was no match for the man. Not when it came to pleasing the woman he loved.
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donaweasley · 12 hours ago
Rain and Fire
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Our Avenger Loki is here again! Sam and you had been teamed up with our favourite trickster to derive data from an old HYDRA base, and take it out.
Everything goes well, until the weather starts posing problems of its own. But as they say, some blessings come in (stormy) disguises!
Warnings: An annoying Sam, and maybe a cliché plot?
Read time: ~22mins
(I'm sorry, I went on scribbling, and had a hard time trying to pull the brakes!)
Tumblr media
“How much farther is it?” Loki had to shout to get heard over the deafening sound of the wind and the rain.
“GPS says it’s 28 minutes away,” (Y/N) shouted back.
“Did no one check with the weather guy?” Sam sounded more pissed off than the Asgardian drama queen.
“Apparently, they did”, (Y/N) quipped “and they presumed that it would be the perfect day for a little romance with the bad guys.”
Sam, Loki and (Y/N) had successfully executed their mission, and had ever since been trying to reach the safehouse. The original plan was to have the Quinjet ready as soon as they gave the green signal. But with the recent twist in weather, there was no way that it could be deployed.
So, here they were now, trying to find their way to the safehouse which was a decent 15 kms away from the location of the mission. If exhaustion wasn't enough of a barrier, the storm definitely was, easily making their destination seem double the actual distance.
After seemingly a millenium, they reached what looked like the flimsiest buildings of all time.
“I’m not staying in there,” Loki declared as soon as he set eyes on it.
“Me neither,” Sam echoed the trickster’s thoughts.
“I’d rather stay out-”
(Y/N) never got to finish her line. A bright violet light filled the neighbourhood, instantly followed by an ear-splitting crack.
The close proximity of the thunderclap made her scream and jump involuntarily, only to earn a chuckle from Loki.
“What? I didn’t grow up with the God of Thunder!!” she snapped. “Okay, I-I’d rather die of that roof falling on me than be charred by another one of those.”
“There’s no way I’m goin’ in there!” Sam stood his ground.
Another crack shattered the air.
“Fine, I’ll accompany you. But only to make sure that you stay safe,” Sam stated nervously as he darted behind her into the house.
“Are you going to stay here and have a chat with your brother?” she looked over her shoulder, and shouted at Loki.
“Well,” he sighed, “guess I’m not really a fan of that either. So...” he shrugged.
“Yeah,” Sam smirked, “I know you’re dying to get inside,” he finished with a wink, earning a tight-lipped glare from the God.
Once inside the “safety” of the house, the three of them stared at their shelter for the night. If the roof falling in was what they were initially worried about, they were now concerned about being suffocated by the horrid smell engulfing the place.
“This is the filthiest safehouse that I’ve ever seen!” (Y/N) scoffed.
The floors were damp and creaky. Thin trails of water leaking from the edges of the ceilings had left their stains on the walls. The way the wind fought against the windows, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to sustain through the night. The wood in the fireplace was home for wild mushrooms. And a pungent smell of damp and rotting wood hung heavily in the air.
How the place had been holding itself over the years was a big mystery.
“Are you sure this is the one?” Sam looked at the place with disgust.
“You wanna cross-check? Feel free to do so,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”
Her attention was diverted by Loki who was staring at the fireplace intently, with one hand extended towards it. Just two seconds after the question, a blazing fire appeared out of nowhere.
“You’re welcome,” Loki offered a “benevolent” smile at his companions.
(Y/N)’s lips fought hard against a grin that threatened to spill out. She was not only grateful but was thoroughly impressed with Loki’s wide variety of skills. But feeding his already swollen ego was something that she preferred to refrain from.
This may also be fanned by the fact that she had been harbouring a steadily growing fondness for the God of Mischief. She hated to admit it even to herself; after all why encourage a dream that is eventually going to be crushed by reality? There was no way that he - a God, an Asgardian, someone with such refined tastes, an arrogant ass - would ever return her feelings.
So, instead, she decided to swallow all her feelings, and continue as co-workers. But are feelings actually that easy to swallow? Especially when you’re living everyday under the same roof?
“Yeah, thank God someone knows magic!” she rolled her eyes, and walked past him to examine the rest of the house.
“Oh, you don’t really have to thank me, mortal,” Loki grinned, and in the blink of an eye, he was completely dry as if he had never stepped out in the rain at all.
Once (Y/N) disappeared into the adjacent room, Sam nudged him in the ribs, and whispered, “Hey, care to use that same trick on me? By the way, that was one good move!”
“Don’t!” Loki raised a finger at him. “Either you stop your nonsense or I turn you into a goat! Your choice.”
“Well, I’m sure that’s not gonna impress her.”
“And why would I even try to do that?”
Sam simply gave him a sly smile and a you-can’t-fool-me look.
Loki’s ears had the faintest hint of red. “Alright, I have no idea what you’re talking about but hush. Now!”
“I will, if you just tell her.”
“Tell who what?” (Y/N)’s voice hit Loki like a whiplash out of the blue.
She eyed him up and down, and stated (more in frustration than in surprise), “You’re dry!”
For a few seconds, he stood frozen, scared that she might have heard more than what he’d like her to.
Sensing Loki’s comical state, Sam stepped forward, “Tell you!”
“Me?” Her eyebrows laced together in confusion.
“Yeah! He wanted to tell you how much he-” Sam’s words waltzed out of his mouth only to be stopped roughly by Loki’s loud voice.
“I DON’T THINK,” he noticed how he got her startled and instantly dropped his voice to a more polite range, “that’s how a lady should be...told.”
“Will any one of you sensible beings tell me what’s going on?” she was losing patience now.
And it wasn’t something to be blamed on her. They were exhausted from the mission, had to walk for over two hours in the storm, they were drenched and shivering, and what they got for shelter for the night was a rotting old house. The only food that they had were the few protein bars that she had packed while leaving the compound. When they’d receive any backup was absolutely uncertain.
“Well,” Loki responded with an uncharacteristically shaky voice, “I was suggesting that you could take the couch while Sam and I could rest in the other room.”
She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head. Was that all the fuss about? “Works for me, yeah. I’m sure any place here would be damp and filled with bugs.”
“That’s the point, actually. The couch can be moved near the fireplace, so you'll be warm,” Loki explained.
“Wow! You do care a lot about her comfort!” Sam exclaimed dramatically.
“That’s what a smart gentleman does, Sammy,” she defended Loki.
She defended him! Loki’s brain malfunctioned for a few seconds as it wondered if she really did compliment him or if she was simply pulling his leg. She was usually nice to him but when it came to shooting sarcasm and teaming up with others for a playful bully time, she seemed to quite enjoy her share.
“Well, good to see you two warm up,” Sam left the room with a sly smile, leaving both Loki and (Y/N) flustered.
Hardly a couple of seconds later, he returned. “Hey, use some of your witchcraft to dry me off?”
“No,” Loki deadpanned.
Sam shook his head and disappeared back into the room.
“Care to clean this bed?” His voice bellowed across the rooms.
“No,” the sorcerer shouted back.
(Y/N) chuckled at the banter. Surely, Sam had a way of pissing people off if he wanted to, and Loki was his latest toy.
Her amusement was replaced with awe as a green light appeared around her, and soon her dripping form was dry, just like Loki’s.
“I said I won’t do it for him,” he answered her silent question.
“Thank you,” she laughed at the silly way these two fought, “but y’know, I don’t think he should be left all drenched.”
“Maybe for another hour?”
“I know he pisses you off but...please? The house is already damp enough. Don’t want to add a walking piece of dampness to it,” she winked.
How could he refuse that face?
He sighed in defeat, “Fine! Just a few minutes more.”
She huffed and held her thumbs up at him.
Loki wasn’t a man of his word but he did keep the promise that he made to (Y/N). Sam was lying flat on his back, still soaked, but snoring softly, when he used his magic on him. Additionally, he also used his talents to make sure that his side of the bed was clean while neatly avoiding Sam’s side.
It was almost 3 AM, but sleep seemed to have abandoned Loki for good. The thundering was but only another means to keep him tossing and turning on the hard mattress.
Just as he felt like he was finally drifting off, he heard murmuring and the clank of something light from the living room. He quietly stepped out of the room to check on (Y/N).
He found her standing behind the couch with her hands on her hips, her back towards him. The top half of her suit was lying on the back of the couch along with her tank top and the utility belt.
Loki gaped at her form with boyish wonder: her hair was pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head, a black sports bra covered her torso, giving her a feminine yet strong look, while the leggings from her suit elegantly hugged her curves. The glow of the fire gave her an aura that Loki could identify with only something divine.
Either he had wondered something aloud or she had sensed someone because she suddenly turned on her heels, and froze. A distinct red tinted her ears and cheeks as she stood enchanted by the fire dancing in those green eyes.
Loki was the first to snap out of the trance that the rain and the fire had conspired in the room. He cleared his throat and apologised.
“I...I heard some noise, and so...came in to make sure that you’re alright. I should have knocked,” he spoke with his gaze focused on the floor.
Had it been any other team member, perhaps she wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable. But somehow the man managed to pull out all the deepest feelings inside her. That was something really unnerving.
Her hands instinctively folded in front of her chest. Shifting on her feet, she stammered, “Well, it’s my fault actually. I thought you guys had dozed off. So...didn’t bother locking the door,” the last few words were muttered under her breath, more to herself than to Loki.
“What were you doing anyway? Are you alright?” his voice was laced with genuine concern. His eyes, however, fleeted between her face and the floor.
“’s this back pain. It’s getting worse and worse,” she grumbled while reaching into her bag that was perched atop the couch. “I was wrestling with this,” she waved an analgesic spray in her hand, “but I guess my arms aren’t in their best shape right now.”
This time Loki looked directly at her. He took a couple of slow steps towards her.
“May I?”
“Ya, sure,” she nodded with a blush, and turned around after handing him the can.
“Right here...and here,” she pointed towards the affected areas.
She held her breath as the spray seeped into her skin.
“I’d warned you to leave that big guy for me,” Loki spoke softly as he carried on with his ministrations.
“It was fun,” she huffed, “and he had pissed me off.”
“And what about this?” Loki handed her the can.
“Part of the job,” she said as she turned to face him. “Thank you!”
“Any time!” Loki smiled.
He smiled, which was unusual because he would always be found wearing a smirk or a devilish grin or an exaggerated simper.
The awkwardness was gone. But the air was heavy with something else. It was comfortable yet overwhelming.
Loki slowly leaned forward. Her breath hitched in her throat but she did not protest. Rather, something inside her refused to protest. She liked it but was equally scared.
What Loki did made her heart swell. He reached behind her to get her tank top. Handing it to her, he turned to face away from her.
As she slipped into the garment, she wondered how somebody so arrogant and smug could be so gentle. She wanted to scream as her feelings for him reached another menacing level.
“You may turn,” she couldn’t afford more than a whisper.
Loki was beautiful, she had always observed. But the flames did something to that face, to those eyes. He really looked like a God now - mesmerizing and powerful yet gentle and loving. She felt like, at that moment, there was no way one could associate him with the title of the ‘God of Mischief’.
“Get some sleep,” Loki interrupted her thoughts, causing her to blink, “Call me if you need anything.”
“Actually, I can never sleep through a thunderstorm,” she confessed.
She no longer bothered if he’d make fun of her because something inside her heart assured her that he wouldn't, that she could confide in him her worst fears and her fanciest dreams.
“Yes, it’s rather disturbing. I’m not fond of it either.”
“Really? And I thought that you’d be quite used to it.”
“I’m used to it, yes, but not a fan of it,” he explained with a smile.
“Right,” she nodded. ‘Idiot, me!’
“So...are you going to spend the night sitting here?” he asked.
“Guess I don’t have an option,” she shrugged.
“May I join you?” The words slipped out of his lips before he could rethink about it. “If you don’t mind, that is.”
“Why would I mind? I’d love your company. A company,” she quickly tried to cover her slip up. “Not that your company is bad. It’s quite good, actually.” She sighed heavily, “Sorry, it’s probably exhaustion. Just-”
He laughed softly. “That’s okay.”
She shifted her bag to a table, and plopped down on the couch, only to feel slightly embarrassed by her own action as she observed Loki sit down gently, in a way that could have only been taught in palaces.
A few minutes passed in silence. Not an uncomfortable silence where one feels the urge to fill the space with meaningless words, but a pleasant one. Loki noticed the way she winced at each clap of thunder that landed somewhere nearby.
“My brother can be really annoying at times,” he remarked.
“Hmm? Oh!” She laughed. ”We both know that’s not your brother.”
“I can tell you it is. He’s really irritating.”
Her smile faltered as her eyes narrowed, and Loki could tell that she was doubting herself. He simply raised his brows at her.
“Trickster!” She leaned forward to hit him playfully on the arm but quickly settled back as a jolt of pain seared through her back.
“Why don’t you lie down? I’ll be right here,” Loki had lost his humour, concern etched on his features, as he gently held her arm and helped her to get comfortable.
“It’s okay. I’ll be fine by morning,” she nodded lightly. “And I’m rather enjoying this...” she gestured between the two of them, “conversation. Unless you’d like to...” She pointed to the other room where Sam was peacefully sleeping through the storm. She wondered how.
‘’He snores a lot,” Loki scrunched his nose.
Damn! All (Y/N) wanted to do was to reach up and kiss the tip of his nose.
“Yes,” she chuckled, “and pisses you off, too!”
“That, too!”
She noticed the way Loki’s lips pursed and...was it her or was he really blushing?
This time the silence was indeed uncomfortable.
“Umm,” (Y/N) cleared her throat, “About all that teasing...actually...”
“I’m sorry, I-”
“I’m sorry, it’s all becau-”
The words vanished almost as quickly as they were uttered. Each person stared at the other, thoroughly confused.
“You...were saying?” She raised a hand towards Loki.
The words seemed to be caught in his throat. “No, you go ahead.”
“Okay,” she nodded nervously and gulped. Darting her tongue between her lips, she began what looked like a confession.
“I know that Sam has been getting on your nerves lately. Others, too. I know it’s really annoying.” Her gaze hardly moved away from the flames.
Loki shifted in his seat.
“I’m sorry, it’s because of me,” she confessed.
His brows knit together as he leaned slightly forward, curiosity reeling him in.
With a fleeting glance at him, she resumed, “I may have accidentally said something during our latest girls’ night out. I was drunk, and eventually, they got to that stupid part where they were discussing guys, and they cornered me, and I...” the words rushed out like a bullet train, eventually slowing down to a whisper, “might have...well I did...slip something out.”
“Like what?”
A narrow - very narrow - ray of hope cracked through his doubts.
She observed the suspicious way in which he eyed her.
“That...that’s classified! tell me why you apologised.”
“I didn’t!” Loki tried to keep a straight face.
“Liar! And that’s a really poor one coming from the God of Lies,” her laughter came out in wisps of warm breath.
Defeated, Loki looked at his lap where his hands were fiddling with each other.
“I thought...” His hesitation only fed her curiosity. “I thought it was because of something that I had...well...confided in Thor. And him being the big-mouth that he is, he’d probably bellowed it across the compound, although he keeps denying it.”
“And...what was it that you’d confided?”
“There’s no escaping this, is there?” Loki sighed. His ears were a bright red by now.
She smiled and shook her head. It was either the dancing flames or her eyes really did dance with playfulness and curiosity.
“Please don’t get me wrong. I respect you a lot. You...your thoughts, your talents...I never meant anyone to make fun of...” He was practically stumbling through his own thoughts.
“Loki,” she held his hands in hers, “it’s okay. I trust you. I know that you’d never do anything that would hurt me.”
The sincerity in her voice and the warmth of her hands gently brought him down on stable ground. He weighed his options between telling her the truth and covering it up with a well-devised lie.
He chose to go with the truth.
What could he lose? If he really knew her, she wouldn’t misunderstand him. She wouldn’t sever their friendship. There was nothing to lose here, really, except for what he had already lost to her.
Looking into those eyes that anchored him down to Midgard, he finally spoke, “I’d told him that I...that I like you. A lot.”
A barely audible gasp escaped her throat.
When she did not flinch, he got the courage to continue, “I’d told him that I think too much about you to be considered normal. Or something like that. That I’m beginning to like Midgard, all because of you. Well, mostly because of you.
I’d asked him if this was what he felt for Jane. And I’d asked him a way out of this because...I cannot live with this odd feeling swelling up in my chest every now and then. Nor can I lose you because of anything stupid that I might have said just now.”
Neither noticed when their hands had slipped into each other’s.
“You’re not offended, are you?” he asked cautiously, searching her eyes for any sign of anger or panic, but finding none. Instead they were glistening with moisture.
‘Did I make her cry now?’ he worried.
“Sounds like the God of Chaos is going through a pretty chaotic time himself,” she chuckled.
Loki couldn’t gauge her reaction. So, he simply stared at her, speechless, waiting for her to unveil the mystery.
“At the night out,” she intertwined her fingers with his, intentionally this time, “I’d said that if I ever had to go on a romantic mission with anyone, it’d be you. I like you, too. A lot! As in, damn! You boost my heart rate every now and then. Like, right now, my insides are doing somersaults,” she chuckled nervously.
Whether it was the happiness shining on her cheeks, or it was the faint rush of blood to her face as she finally confessed her feelings, or it was simply Loki’s love for her, he did not know. But to him, she seemed to be more attractive than ever before.
‘She likes me. She likes me back. She wants to go on a romantic mission with me. She-’
“Wait, what’s a romantic mission?” he wondered aloud.
(Y/N) laughed. “Oh, it’s just a silly made-up thing. Gibberish of the drunken minds! It’s like, umm..y’know, the kind of silly plots that they show in movies? Like, where the guy and the girl are forced to stay together for safety, and all those suppressed feelings of love come flowing out...”
“Like taking shelter in an abandoned, old, rickety house on a stormy night?” Loki smirked.
“I guess so. And like staying up all night in front of the fireplace, confessing their feelings for each other? Yes. Sounds like it,” she added.
“Maybe not a silly gibberish after all.”
“Maybe not.”
“Tell me,” Loki’s voice had almost drowned to a whisper, “what happens next? Do they kiss?”
His hand moved up to gently palm her cheek. A pleasant shiver ran through her as she leaned into his touch.
“Usually they do,” she barely heard her own voice as they leaned in.
“May I?” his question fanned her lips.
“Yes, please.”
A buzz from his phone woke Sam up. Although it was pitch dark outside, the storm had ceased, leaving only a drizzle behind.
Not seeing Loki beside him, he tip-toed to the living room. The sight that he saw pulled a satisfied grin across his face.
He pulled out his phone to see the missed call, and dialled back.
“Hey Tony,” he whispered after a few seconds, “Yeah, thanks. I’ll tell them...Yep, they’re doing great. Just great! Tell the team to keep their bucks ready...Yeah, I won the bet. Oh, and tell Thor that it worked perfectly! The guy deserves a big treat.”
Putting the phone back in his pocket, he went back to bed with a large grin.
‘They’ll know when the Quinjet arrives’, he thought to himself as he turned on his side.
It was then that he noticed how clean the other side of the bed was. Although he wanted to give the sorcerer a piece of his mind, he decided against it.
‘Let them have their moment’, he thought. After all, the entire team had been waiting for this exact moment!
In the living room, oblivious to the weather outside, oblivious to Sam and his almost-interruption, Loki and (Y/N) were lost in each other.
Since the moment that their lips had connected, the world outside had become a blur, a muffled lullaby. The rain and the fire that had been witnessing them through the night, were now reflected in their kiss.
They had been looking for a home, and they had now found one when, ironically, they were forced under the roof of an old decaying house.
Loki had one hand on the nape of her neck and the other around her waist, wrapping himself as tight as possible around her. He felt like he had been thirsty for thousands of years, and had finally found water. He wasn’t letting her go. Never.
(Y/N) was seated on his lap, her legs wrapped around his slender waist, just like Loki had imagined when he had pulled her on top of him. Her hands now explored his chest and the night hidden in his hair.
They had waited for long, pined for long and now, at long last, they were on the same page. Nothing else mattered.
A whirring sound, gradually nearing the shelter, woke them up from their frenzy. It was the Quinjet, they realised with much disappointment.
“Damn!” (Y/N) breathed.
“I’d like to court you properly,” Loki whispered on her lips, his breathing erratic and heavy. “Will you allow me to?”
She rested her forehead on his, their eyes still shut.
“Of course, I will!” She whispered back, panting just as much as him. “Just for the record, you’ve already won my heart.”
A smile touched his lips. He opened his eyes. “And you have mine.”
Startled, their heads shot towards the source of the noise.
Sam was leaning on the doorframe that led to the inner room. Smugness dripped from his smile.
“Sorry to interrupt but we gotta go.”
(Y/N) jumped off Loki’s lap, and landed on the floor rather awkwardly. Loki was standing beside her in a split second. They both looked like deers caught in the headlights.
“ just...” (Y/N) scratched her brain for a random explanation. Just anything!
“Were making out,” Sam grinned. “I know. I came in before to tell you that back up was on its way here, but...didn’t think it’d be appropriate to disturb you two.”
The new couple’s faces were as red as tomatoes.
“That’s okay, we’ve all been waiting for this. The way you two looked at one’s a surprise that we had to wait for so long! Now, chop chop! The jet’s not gonna wait for us all night!”
As Sam walked towards the front door, Loki and (Y/N) glanced at one another.
“Let’s continue this at the compound, shall we?” Loki smirked.
“Most definitely!” she grinned.
With a chaste kiss, they gathered their belongings, and jogged towards the jet hand-in-hand, hearts racing at the prospect of the new chapter that just got started.
“Someone’s got spring in their steps,” Natasha called as they both stepped inside the jet.
“Just take us home,” (Y/N) blushed.
“That impatient? Fine!”
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marvelmusing · 13 hours ago
Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 6
My Masterlist • Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Madripoor could give New York a run for their money.” Sam jokes, as your group passes through another line of shipping containers. Sharon leads the group, with Sam and Bucky walking behind her, side by side. Helmut and you follow, his hand in yours.
“They know how to party.” Helmut agrees.
“With that bounty on your head, the longer you’re in Madripoor, the less likely you’re leaving.” Sharon says, bringing the mood down immediately. She stops, gesturing to a nearby container, “Alright, he’s there. I’ll keep an eye out while you talk to Nagel.” She holds out a pile of earpieces, one for each of you. You all take one. “But hurry. We're on borrowed time.” She warns, before leaving to scout the area. You all place your ear pieces in, and walk towards the container. Sam opens the door with a creak. He pauses,
“Hey, Sharon. You sure this is the right one? It's completely empty.”
“Positive, it has to be.” You hear from your earpiece.
“Unless Selby set us up.” You remark. Sam steps into the container. You and Helmut follow him, with Bucky hovering warily by the door. Helmut heads to the back of the container, examining the wall with his flashlight. He runs a hand along the side, before giving it a shove. There’s a small thud as the wall moves, revealing a passageway. Helmut looks back at your group, Bucky and Sam pull out their guns. You do the same, before following Sam into the corridor. You hear music playing as you approach. The four of you enter what you assume is Nagel’s laboratory. There’s test tubes and various scientific equipment that you can’t identify all over. Your eyes scan the lab before you notice a man working away in a corner. Sam heads to the record player on a countertop, pulling the needle from the record.
“Dr. Nagel?” Sam asks.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Nagel says hurriedly.
“We know you created the super-soldier serum.”
“Get out of my lab.” He begins to walk away, only stopping when he spots Bucky.
“You know who he is, right?” Sam says, grasping hold of Nagel’s arm. Sam gestures towards Helmut. “This is Baron Zemo. I know you've heard of him, too, right? You seem like a pretty smart guy. So you better become conversational real quick.” Sam pushes Nagel against a wall. The man turns to look at your group.
“How about a counter proposal? Make me a better offer and I'll talk.” Sharon’s voice comes through your earpiece.
“Guys, we have company. Every bounty hunter in the city is here. We gotta go.”
“Okay.” You say to Nagel, stepping forward. “You give us what we want, and we don’t kill you.” He looks you up and down. Bucky’s clearly thinking along the same lines as you. He drags Nagel to a nearby chair, holding his gun against Nagel’s temple. Nagel continues to hesitate, Bucky fires a warning shot beside Nagel’s head.
“Okay. Okay.” Nagel says quickly. He sighs, before explaining, “I was brought into HYDRA's Winter Soldier program to pick up their work after the five failed test subjects in Siberia. When HYDRA fell, I was recruited by the CIA. They had blood samples from an American test subject with semi-stable traces of serum in his system. After much labor, I was able to isolate the necessary compounds in his blood. I was a god. I did what no other scientist since Erskine was able to do. But mine was going to be different. No clunky machines or jacked up bodies. Mine was going to be subtle, optimized, perfect.” A chill runs through you at the thought of the serum being so accessible, and that you’d never be able to tell who was a super soldier until it was too late. Helmut senses your unease, and glances at you. You offer him a brief smile, before returning your attention to Nagel.
“How have we never heard about this?” Sam asks.
“Because, before I was able to complete my work, I turned to dust. Then when I returned, five years later, the program had been abandoned, so I came here. The Power Broker was more than happy to fund the recreation of my work.”
“How many vials did you make?” You ask him. He hesitates, Bucky tightens his grip on his gun.
“Twenty. Karli Morgenthau stole those, so, I can only imagine what the Power Broker has planned for that poor girl.”
“Where’s Karli now?” Sam asks.
“I don't know where she is. But a couple of days ago, she called and asked if I could help someone named Donya Madani. Poor woman has tuberculosis. Typical of overpopulation in displacement camps like that.”
“Well, what happened to her?” Nagel shrugs,
“Not my pig, not my farm.”
“Is there any serum in this lab?” Bucky asks.
“Now what?” Bucky says, turning to you and Sam. Just then Sharon rushes in, looking worse for wear,
“Guys, we're seriously out of time here.” She gasps. There’s little warning for what happens next, save for Helmut’s brief surge of determination. Then everything happens at once. There’s a bang. Nagel goes down. Sam’s pinning Helmut against the wall, and Sharon’s pulling the gun from his hand. Where did he even get that from? Sam turns to you, looking almost accusatory. Then the wall explodes. Test tubes rattle and heat flares. Someone’s pulling you up from the floor and then you’re out in the fresh air. You pull away from the person, leaning against a container to catch your breath. You look up, and it’s Helmut.
“Are you alright?” He asks, concern evident on his face. You nod, straightening up.
“We need to get the others.” You say, hearing gunfire echo from where you’re guessing Sharon and the boys are. He holds onto your arm.
“Wait here, please.” You nod, waiting for a moment before following. You pull your gun out, scanning the area. You spot Sharon and the boys firing from under a container. Then there’s another explosion. As you shield your eyes from the blast you see someone drop down beside the bounty hunters. It’s Helmut. You watch as he fights off several men with skill. You race towards your group pulling Sharon out from the rubble.
“A little warning would have been nice before Zemo’s stunt with Nagel.” Sam calls out to you.
“You think I knew he’d do that?”
“You didn’t?”
“Sam, I met him yesterday. We’re not at the stage where he runs every decision through me.” You retort. You look around frantically. No Helmut in sight. Bucky seems to have noticed his disappearance.
“Go find him.” Bucky tells you. You nod in reply, running in the opposite direction from your group. You soon reach the spot where Helmut left you, and you’re not waiting long before he returns. He pulls his mask off.
“I believe I told you to wait?”
“I’ve been here the whole time.” You attempt an innocent look. He shakes his head with a smile.
“Let’s go.” He takes your hand, pulling you gently as he begins to run.
“Helmut, I swear if you’re escaping I won’t help you.”
“I’m not, come on.” He takes your hand as you two run towards an open container.
“What are we doing?” He gestures to the inside of the container with a grin. You look inside, “I’m driving.” He nods,
“Fair.” You sit in the car, luckily the keys are already in the ignition. It doesn’t take you long to find the others. You pull up beside them.
“Supercharged.” Helmut smirks at the boys, and you resist the urge to smack him.
“You're going back to jail.” Sam states, annoyance clear in his tone.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” Helmut argues.
“He's right. We need him. And there's two of us, and at least 20 of them.” Bucky adds. Helmut pushes open the door, allowing Bucky to slide into the backseat behind you.
“Fine. But if you try that shit again-“ Sam begins.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Helmut assures him. Sam sits next to Bucky with a sigh.
“Well, that was one hell of a reunion.” Sharon comments, shutting the door after Sam.
“Come back to the States with us.” He tells her.
“I told you I can't. Just get me that pardon you promised me.” She nods at him, before heading off.
“Thanks for everything.” Sam calls back to her. You put the car in gear, and set off to the airfield. Goodbye Madripoor.
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