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#captain america x you
darklydeliciousdesires · an hour ago
Dark Side of the Gentleman - A Steve Rogers/Reader One Shot Story.
A quick and hot bit of Steve Rogers smut, as promised!
Tumblr media
Word count - 1,013
Warnings - 18+, smut, rough sex, slightly dark!Steve
Tag list - @denisemarieangelina @hannel0re-blog  @movingmusically @ce-vans @thummbelina @dumb-ass-writer​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @justjulie1105​
He’s unhappy, his bad mood still lingering upon his face, the way he grips you, fucks up into you with powerful purpose, trying to alleviate himself of the feeling as he pounds into you savagely. Your flesh smacks together, coupled by the lewd noise of his cock slamming into your slick pussy again and again, hands at your waist, short nails digging in.
You’re nothing but his vessel at that moment, but he wouldn’t use you as such if he didn’t know you loved it. Bracing your hands against his chest, your mouth drops open, releasing the groans evoked by his hardness battering against your cervix again and again, your legs tensing, pain and pleasure shooting through you in equal measures.  
He’s so savage, when he’s like this, and you? You can’t get enough.  
“Fuck me harder, Steve,” you demand, his hands moving to pull you down against him, arms locking around your frame, hips then driving up into you, a merciless jackhammer, taking out his temper on your sumptuous wetness, aggression riddling him as he moves your hair, sucking purple welts onto your neck, his teeth imprinting, hand smacking your ass hard.
“Is that what you want? Want me to ruin you, baby?”  
“Yes.” You breathe, eyes filling with tears as he spanks you again. You grip his thick shoulders, his teeth setting to your throat and biting so hard, you wail, making you fearful for a few moments. He’s never been quite this rough before. Grabbing your jaw, he pulls your head to look at him, slowing for a few moments.  
There in his eyes, past the fact he’s pissed off, past the fact his day has been the catalyst to this, is the love he has for you. You no longer feel scared.  
He continues to assail you with frenzied thrusts, cock plunging to your very depths, slippery with a thick gloss of your arousal, your moans animalistic in sound, completely annihilated by the rapacious delivery of his fuck. “My horny little whore. Like it when I fuck you rough, huh, princess?”  
You can barely form words, he’s nailing you so aggressively, the first tingles building and glowing before your lightning hits home, nails lacerating his chest as you rip them down his defined torso, cursing and shaking. His mouth dips, sucking your nipples as you come back down, cock still entering you keenly, his groans vibrating at your breasts.
The only recovery he gives you is slip out from beneath you, moving to kneel behind your quivering body and sink himself back inside your pulsing cunt. You thrum all over, Steve grabbing a handful of your hair to tear your head back, starting to arrow you with vigour all over again.
Telling him how incredible he feels, you reach back for yourself to stroke his slippery hardness as it shunts away within you, hot and wet, veiny ridges deliciously stimulating you, pleasure sizzling through your core.  
His groans are all gravel, watching his cock, flushed dark and rock rigid, as it slams into you with devastating force, overcome by the sight of good you look split around him.  
He reaches his own point of ebullience at rapid speed, gritting and cursing, withdrawing to shoot his load all over your back before throwing you over, tearing your legs apart and burying his mouth against your soaking folds.  
Your clit throbs against his tongue as he takes long, sweeping licks, his beard stimulating you, thick coarseness against your velvet wet, feeling like absolute heaven. You lose yourself to his mouth, fingers raking through his hair, nails grazing his scalp as he renders you a panting wreck, a mess against his tongue, sucking a mouthful of your cunt greedily, his groan all hunger.  
“Feeling happier now?”  
“You often are with a mouthful of my pussy.” He grins against you, stopping to move back up your body, tongue licking a swipe along your torso and kissing you before back down he goes, content to continue bestowing the heaven that is his mouth.
His arms wrap around your legs, hands gripping your thighs, tongue taking long, flat licks at you, letting you writhe against it, your hardened little bud bathed in the incessant wet heat of each thoroughly licked circle he then bestows upon it.
He pants against you, his arousal ablaze, sucking, licking and kissing you until he senses your ascent, driving you there with fast licks over your clit. “Cum for me, honey.”  
His words have you there just as much as each potent flicker of his tongue, shattering against him, your hands yanking at his hair as you ride out your release, Steve harder than iron for you.  
Plunging his cock back inside you, he enjoys the flutters of your orgasm around him, leaning forward to kiss the side of your neck, moving to claim your mouth, biting your lower lip as he groans wantonly.  
He fills and empties you steadily to begin with, before the beast in him is stirred again, thrusting into you wildly, hands clutching your ankles as he holds your legs high and wide.  
The pace continues to be nothing short of rapacious, his hand falling down to press your clit with his thumb, circling softly, captivated by the sight of his glistening hardness enter and retreat from you voraciously.  
“I want you to cum in me, Steve,” you urge, causing him to rut against you harder, chasing his release, the joyous sweep of pleasure gathering within him. “Come on, baby. You take it all out on me, ruin me.”  
Your words evoke fire to crackle through his groin, moaning uncontrollably, his eyes shutting tightly as his body tenses, flames rising up his spine as he grunts out every twitch of his release, coming deep inside you with hard, unbridled thrusts. His chest heaves in the aftermath, sweat soaked, looking utterly delicious after pumping out every last wave of his release into you. 
“Happier now?”
“Yes, baby. Thank you.”  
Even when he’s been utterly savage with you, he could never be accused of forgetting his manners.  
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slutforcap · 4 hours ago
Steve: *playing video games*
You: you're a bad, bad boy
Steve: *not even looking away from the TV* yet you're always the one getting spanked.
Tony: *spits out his drink*
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barnesdogtags · 5 hours ago
Through the Dark
Request from @deanhisbaby: Reader struggles with mood swings, you can choose which character helps them through them with lots of fluff. 
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Tags: established relationship, fluff, comfort, steve being a sweetheart
Warnings: mentions of mood swings
Word count: 1,305
Note: thank you for the request! if anyone wants to, you can send me a request here. i write for: steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, sambucky and stevebucky. [masterlist]
It had started as a good day. You and Steve were spending the weekend at his apartment, just enjoying each other’s company and being lazy together. He had started cooking dinner while you napped on the couch, but the sudden sound of the fire alarm woke you up.
“Shit,” Steve mumbled as he opened the window, airing out the smoke. 
The smell of smoke filled the small apartment quickly. After a few minutes, the alarm went off and most of the smoke was gone. You joined Steve in the kitchen and stared at the burnt food. 
“Sorry babe, I got distracted,” he apologized. 
“I was trying to sleep. What are we supposed to eat now?”
“I can run out and grab something, what about that place down the street you love?” 
You could tell he genuinely felt bad and was trying to make up for it. But you couldn’t help but feel angry at him and the whole situation.
“We were supposed to spend the weekend in together. That place is always busy on Saturdays, it’ll take forever for you to go get something. I guess I’ll just find something to make,” you huffed.
He stepped out of the way as you opened the fridge and cabinets. They were mostly empty, Steve always waited too long to get groceries, which didn’t help the current problem. You threw away the burnt food and grabbed some random ingredients in hopes to make something edible.
“Why do you always wait until the last minute to go grocery shopping? There’s hardly anything here, so don’t expect dinner to be good.” You suddenly became aware of how small the kitchen was with you both in there. “Can you go somewhere else? I don’t have any room.”
Steve watched as you angrily slammed the cabinets shut and muttered to yourself while you started prepping the food.
“Hey, let me help. After this, you can pick a movie to watch and we can relax. I just washed my blankets so they’re nice and fresh too, I know how you like when they’re fresh out of the dryer.”
“I don’t need help, especially from someone who can’t cook,” you tried opening a jar, but the lid was too tight. “Why won’t this stupid jar open?” 
He opened the jar and you scowled at him. Steve then wrapped his arms around you, letting his chin rest on the top of your head. You tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but it was pointless, he was too strong. 
“Talk to me, what’s going on?”
“I’m fine, leave me alone or we’ll never eat.” 
Steve turned you around so you were facing him. He pulled you into a tight hug, his hands rubbing your back. You felt embarrassed while you cried into his chest, feeling too many emotions at once. It was overwhelming.
“Hey, it’s alright. I’m here, okay? You can talk to me about anything.”
“We were having such a good day and I just....” you sighed, “Are you mad at me?”
“Mad? Why would I be mad at you?” He was surprised at your question. 
“You didn’t even do anything and I snapped at you,” you sniffled, “I’ve just been struggling with my mood swings recently and it’s hard. I’m sorry.”
Steve kissed your forehead. “I’m not mad at you, I would never get mad at you for that. You don’t need to apologize either, you didn’t do anything wrong. If anyone should apologize, it’s me for being an idiot and setting the alarm off and ruining dinner,” he laughed. “I love you no matter what, I want you to understand that.”
“I love you too,” you smiled as he wiped the rest of your tears away. “Does your offer still stand for snuggling on the couch while we watch movies?” 
“If that’s what you want. Anything you want to do is fine with me, I want to make sure you’re happy and comfortable.”
“Can we also do face masks?”
“Of course.”
Steve was the best boyfriend, he was always so patient with you and never got angry or upset. When you first started dating, you explained everything to him, expecting him to break up with you. He couldn’t believe that when you told him, and he assured you he would never break up with you over something like that. One day when you came over, you saw that he was reading up on them online. It meant a lot to know that he cared so much.
“Why don’t I help you finish making dinner first?” He offered.
While he mixed some things together, he got an idea. He took a handful of flour and covered your nose and cheeks with it. You squealed and he laughed.
“Oh, it’s on.”
You quickly grabbed a handful and threw it at him. Before you could run for cover, he poured a handful right on top of your head. Before you knew it, you and Steve were covered in flour, making a mess of yourselves and the kitchen. 
“I think we should just have popcorn for dinner,” he said while looking at the mess.
“I think you’re right.”
He helped you clean up and gave you one of his shirts to wear. It was pretty much a dress on you, but you loved borrowing (a.k.a stealing) his clothes. Steve didn’t mind, he always thought you looked better in them anyways. You went into the bathroom and grabbed one of his face masks. He didn’t understand the point of them, but he knew you loved them, so he bought a few for when you came over.
You sat across from him and scooped some of the mask out. He waited patiently while you covered his face, then he did the same to you. When he saw what you both looked like with the bright blue masks, he laughed.
“Steve, you can’t laugh! It’ll crack.” You were about to start laughing with him, it was contagious.
“Sorry, I can’t help it. We look like Smurfs.”
“You can laugh all you want in ten minutes after we wash them off.”
“Can I take a picture?”
You agreed and he took a few. When he showed them to you, you started laughing.
“It’ll crack!” He mocked you which only made you laugh more.
“We look ridiculous.”
The two of you could barely keep yourselves together. You caught him smiling at you a few times and gave him the same warning. After they were washed off, Steve went to grab two blankets while you made the popcorn. 
When he came back, you snuggled up with him on the couch. You rested your head on his chest and he wrapped both of his arms around you. Being covered in a soft, warm blanket and wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms made you instantly relax.
You ended up choosing your favorite Disney movie to watch. It became your goal to show him all of them when you first started dating, and he became obsessed. You’d occasionally find him singing some of the songs to himself and he wouldn’t even notice he was doing it. When the first song started playing in the movie, you could hear him singing it quietly to himself. 
“You’re doing it again.”
“I can stop if it’s distracting.”
“Don’t, I love it. It’s cute,” you smiled. 
He started singing slightly louder while his fingers absentmindedly played with your hair. You sighed of relief. 
“Y’know, you’re like a real life Disney princess.”
“I am definitely not.”
“Well, you are to me.”
He turned your head and lifted your chin before kissing you softly. 
“How did I get so lucky?” You asked him. 
“I ask myself that every day.”
You kissed him again, not even paying attention to the movie.
“I love you Steve.”
“I love you more Y/N.”
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colossalcriminal · 14 hours ago
Love and War
Pairing: InfinityWar!Steve Rogers x Avenger!Fem!Reader
Summary: Steve decides it's the perfect opportunity to propose- while they're fighting Thanos' army.
Content Warnings: War, Thanos' ugly ass children. Also, I can't remember what happened during the Wakanda battle, sorry. ALSO I REALISE I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO WRITE BATTLE SCENES? WHAT VOCAB GOES INTO THAT IDK
Thanks for the idea @meganemily231
Thor had already made his grand entrance, providing a sense of relief to the Avengers as they continued to fend off the atrocity of Thanos' army.
Y/N's searched the battlefield after successfully killing whatever alien Thanos had recruited, eyes landing on a sight she wasn't happy to see. Sprinting towards it, heartbeat loud in her ears, stomach pounding after receiving a hard blow. It wasn't long before she ripped the creature away from Steve, killing it with the little energy she had left. "Thanks, sweetheart." He panted.
She scoffed, helping him up. "Almost died and all I get is a thanks?" She joked, instantly getting back into a fighter's mindset as she stood back to back with him, Outriders hounding them, only to be thrown back or killed.
"Then how about you marry me?"
Stabbing another one, Y/N gasped, head snapping towards the blond. "Is now really the best time?"
Steve grunted, throwing his fist. "I think now might be the only time." He gripped her arm, spinning her into his chest, flinging off another Outrider in the process. "I love you. I've waited 6 years, and I don't want to wait another second. What do you say?"
Lips breaking out into a grin, she nodded, calling out. "Thor! You busy?"
"Just a little!" The god responded.
"You mind marrying us?"
"Hold on a minute!"
The pair split from their embrace, continuing the routine of war. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, can I skip this? I'm going to skip it." He rambled.
Steve sighed, finishing his own activity before placing Y/N's hand in his. "Y/N L/N, do you take me to be your husband?"
Their massive smiles were a stark contrast to the battlefield around them. "I do!"
"That's great!" The super soldier smiled proudly, watching his to-be-wife practically slaughter an Outrider before joining him again.
"Steve Rogers," Hands still interlocked, small groans left there lips as they repelled the danger around them with weapons. "do you take me to be your wife? In sickness and in health, oh shit."
The response was delayed as they were both too busy basically fighting for their lives, but Steve got their eventually. "I do."
"And I now pronounce you super soldier and wife. You may kiss," Thor announced, swinging storm breaker around, struggling to finish the sentence. "Just kiss, already."
The couple almost, key word almost, joined for their first kiss as husband and wife. The act of affection was interrupted by none other than the ugly creature that'd been hounding them since Steve's proposal.
The 'animal' was down within seconds, thanks to Bucky, and his gun, who offered the newly weds a small smile and a nod before running off.
Steve gripped Y/N's waste, pulling her in with such a force, chests bumping together and lips meeting in a soft, passionate kiss. "I love you." She panted.
"I love you more, Mrs. Rogers."
And just like that, they were pulled back into real life.
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thewritingdoll · 15 hours ago
[ ᴍɪɴɪ ᴍᴜsɪɴɢs ] promise not to stop when i say when ❛ bucky barnes
fandom: marvel featuring: soldat!bucky x hydra doctor!reader rating: nsfw ( minors DNI ) content warning: dub con (brief), smut, thighjob summary: our reader gets trapped with soldat. attention: do not repost my works EVER. feedback and reblogs are essential to me, so please consider letting me know what you think! this was written back before TFAWS was even announced i think, and it was also a piece i didn’t really like when i wrote it, but i decided to post it anyways. hopefully you guys like it :) like my work? tips are always loved and appreciated.
Tumblr media
you were surprised that the restraints held him when he lashed out like this, as much as they could, anyways. you could hear leather whining against the strain of his superhuman strength, the whirring of the fierce metal limb as he threatens to break free. neither of those sounds made you as uneasy as his screams, his grunts of pain as they shatter what’s left of his psyche. not that he really needed the treatment, but Hydra wanted to ‘stay in control’ as they’d put it. only right now, right now there was no such thing as control.
the soldat was absolutely wild.
instructed to stay as far back as you could, you pressed your back into the glass of the window and stared at the spectacle. the otherwise nameless soldier was a specimen indeed, large and powerful, with his bare chest glistening with a thick sheen of sweat and his growls that didn’t sound human. there was something beyond primal in his oceans of deep, clouded blue, like a ghost of his old self, but you didn’t know for sure, even as he stared you down. his line of sight always seemed zeroed in on you, even in a room full of people. even now as a handful of Hydra agents held him back.
his gaze felt almost as powerful as his physical form, and you could damn near feel his glare alone pressing you back against the window. you were frozen, watching his rebellion. you should’ve smashed the panic button on the other side of the room, and sprinted through the automatic doors when they opened, but you couldn’t move, you were much too nervous. Hydra never said this would be part of the job, and now you were beginning to regret taking their job offer. 
the sound of screaming leather brought back to reality. “The restrai-” you tried to call out, to brace the agents for the supersoldier to break free, but it was much too late for that. in an instance, the material snapped against the pressure of vibranium and his mechanical arm flew free, ruthless fingers wrapping around one poor soul’s neck and he hurled him across the room like he was nothing but a ragdoll. your clipboard clattered to the floor by your feet as the man collided with a power box, headfirst into a cluster of cords and lightbulbs, short circuiting the entire room. the power flickered, sizzling against the side of his face, before it cut completely. 
your heart jumped from your chest to your throat as you stumble through pitch black and the sounds of bodies hitting the floor. the only light left untouched was a backup, a swinging, lonely bulb that was dim and flickering. it illuminates corners of the room, flashes of the floor and you can see the trail of destruction: unconscious Hydra agents scattered about the room, some bloody, others knocked out cold. you stagger over them, reaching out for the panic button that should be right…about..
two, powerful arms crank around you, one icy as the soldat hauls you back to his body, your back crashing against his chest. it was almost incredible how easily he plucked you from the security of the floor, your legs flailing in the air as you blindly waved your arms, attempting to smack him away. you’d been monitoring for weeks now, and you knew that there was no way in hell that you could fight him off, but that didn’t stop you from trying.
“Soldat!” it was meant to sound harsh and authoritative, but instead you sounded shaky and unsure. you’d never addressed him directly.”Stop-”  
“Doctor,” a husky growl of his voice against the shell of your ear, the warmth of his breath prickling your skin with goosebumps stops you in your tracks. “Don’t fight me. You won’t win, we both know that.”  
he was right, and you knew it. you remained tense, but one of your hands had since made a connection with his face. keeping it over your head and a firm pressure against his jaw, your other drops to your side as you squirm. “They’ll be in here any minute,” you aren’t sure if you’re trying to convince him or you. “If you kill me, they’re going to-”
you’re cut off by the feeling of his taut, muscular form pressing you forward against the wall. he knocks the wind out of you, but doesn’t seem to care as you choke on it, free arm stretching out towards the panic button, glowing red and, unfortunately, just out of reach. one strapping hand reaches around to dip thick digits into the tiny gaps between the buttons of your blouse, and with one rough jerk, he’s popped them all. they hit in the ground in a faint rain of plastic as the fabric gives in to his power, and your body does the same. your body pressed between his and the wall, you are painfully aware of the hardness grinding against your thigh, and you can hardly breathe. his flesh hand, warm and hungry, claws at your breasts through the padding of your bra, while cold, metal fingers find the faint slit in your pencil skirt, tearing through it as if it were made of notebook paper. “I’m not going to kill you.” he’s firm in your ear, forcing you against the wall as he presses himself into the curve of your ass. “But I will have you.”
perhaps you’re only noticing now because you are clad in much less than before, but it’s absolutely freezing in the room you’re trapped in, and his glacial palm cupping your sex through your panties, consequently being responsible for the wet patch forming there as your core shudders in depraved delight. you whimper, having no choice but to do so. your hand shoots from his face down to grip his wrist. at first, you think it’s to pry his hand from your most intimate regions, but you realize that, instead, it’s to keep him there. “Have me?”
“Don’t play stupid,” he barks, planting a sloppy kiss on the side of your cheek. it’s heated, desperate, and mindless. the hand working on your breasts drop to his own crotch as boot-clad feet step in between yours, kicking them further apart. it seems as if, seconds later, he’s pulled his manhood free and has it nestled between your thighs that desperately want to clench closed. the size of him ceases your breathing and you grip his metal arm tighter, even as he uses it to shred your panties from your body, giving his cock free reign of your vulnerable slick. “They can’t keep dangling you in front of me like this and expect me not to. It’s been so long.”  
you can tell he’s starved. you can tell by the way he acts on instinct alone, rubbing his length between your thighs, grinding himself against your sex as you purr in response. it fuels the fire within him and he attacks your shoulder with teeth and tongue, metal digits curling around your neck as he pushes more fervently against you, squishing your pillowy swells against the wall, turning your face towards him so he can watch your reaction to him. gazing up at him, you’re forced to catch flashes, glimpses of him as the light casts a menacing glow on his burly features every few seconds, only to have him disappear into the shadows when the bulb swings in the opposite direction moments later. those azure oceans that intrigue you so seem black in the dim lighting, his pupils dilated with lust. lust for you.  you shiver and whine, no longer struggling against his touch but writhing in pleasure in his vice, squirming as you roll your hips, positioning yourself to give him more sensation. his thick tip spreads your labia as he slides against you, coating his length in your sticky essence, and he has you perched upon him, slotted as your lips hug him. 
twitching, his head is leaking precum already, but the soldat is ravenous, insatiable, and he pushes himself, slithering in between your dripping folds. you wished that he would just stretch you open and fuck you into utter oblivion, but he didn’t. a gurgle of a moan bubbles from your throat when the broad head massages your swollen clit. “Soldat… Fuck.”
your curse rips a growl of pleasure from his lips, latched on to your neck. the sound vibrates against your skin and he bites down, so hard you’re worried he might draw blood. “Again.” he instructs, sounding all but impetuous. “Moan for me again.” his demand is punctuated by his grip on your neck tightening, and he uses that to lift you off your feet once more, holding you steady in the air as if you weighed nothing at all, supporting you entirely by the grasp on your fragile esophagus and his shaft gliding between your legs. your thighs are soaked in your own desire, and each rock of his hips bring on a new sensation, paired with the pressure on your windpipe cutting off more and more of your air. you can feel each violent snap of his hips deep in your bones as he slams your body into his own with no remorse.
you have to obey, you have no other choice as another, weakened moan spills over from your lips. “M-more…”
and, like a good toy soldier, he also obliges. using his leverage on your body, the super soldier drags you, limp and helpless, up and down his shaft as if you were nothing but a toy to be used by him until you broke, but you couldn’t be happier in this position, because you can reach behind you. your fingers tangle in chocolate tendrils, soaked with sweat as your back presses against his chest, and your heartbeats begin to sync up, fast and hard, like both of your ragged breathing. “Keep going, you’ve been starved for so.. mm!.. So long, take it out on me!” your pleading has an effect on the snarling, huffing soldier, and he growls into your ear with pure, primal instinct to fuck and breed.
“Can you take it all if I do?” it doesn’t sound like a challenge, but a serious inquiry. was he concerned about you, even locked in this position as he forces the very breath that keeps you alive from your body, rubbing himself against your body with so much friction and need that you can feel your orgasm coming on fast.  
a croak, akin to a moan of pleasure as his weeping tip spears your clit merciless, abusing it with no sign of stopping, has your thighs tightening, toes curling. your incredibly unsexy black flats slip from your feet and you’re left, barefoot, suspended in the air, being pushed across this adonis’ cock. “Wouldn’t you like to find out?” you challenge, but it sounds weaker still as his metal thumb and forefinger clamp down on your neck,and you sputter, tilting your head back, your cheeks begin to heat up. “You’re close, aren’t you, Soldier? I can- feel it…”
not only was his grasp choking the life out of you, your vision blurring from the intensity, but his shaft twitches like mad as he grinds into you, your labia embracing every inch as the bucking of his hips become erratic, wild. the sounds he makes when his climax possesses him is almost poetic. his breathing twists into snorting as the beast takes over, his thrusts stuttering as he holds you tight, towing you down the length of him one more time, before back up to his chest for the last time before he erupts, splattering warmth over your thighs with a raspy cry.
it was enough to push you over your own edge and you come undone atop him, riding against his jumping, sensitive member. as you shiver and whimper, you grind into him once more, his shaft, still spilling seed, slipping between your folds to coat your core with his mark, two beings’ euphoria liquefied and mixing into one where your bodies joined.
his grip on your neck loosens, and you suck in too much air at once after being without it for so long, coughing on the taste as your vision comes back into focus, aftershocks subsiding.
panting, your toes are uncurling, painfully slow due to the cramps that have set in, but you have little time to recover before you hear the heavy footsteps of countless agents bound down the corridor. Soldat drops you, and you’re wobbly on your feet, your cum running down your thighs as you attempt to pull your shredded skirt to cover your swollen, abused center and clasp your hand over your blouse. “Shit,” you mumble under the breath you’re attempting to catch, glancing around the trainwreck of a room. you just knew he was in for the treatment of a lifetime.
“Am I going to forget you?” his teeth are grit, as if the thought of having this encounter erased from his memory physically pained him.  
“Yes,” you answer honestly, but cradle his tensed jaw in your hands and pull him down to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “But I’ll be sure to make it worth reliving again and again, don’t worry.”  
just as you spoke, the door opens and in they march, dragging him from you as you stumble back and slip outside before anyone can ask too many questions, watching for a moment through the window as they strap him into the machine that will destroy his mind once more.
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whatrambles · 22 hours ago
Pairing: Alpha!Steve Rogers x Female!Omega Reader
Summary: Steve finds his mate in the midst of World War II
Warnings: Fluff, imprisonment, violence, abo dynamics, guns, injuries, Hydra, word war 2, talk of heats.
(A/N): Did self insert myself into this? Yes, yes I did. Feedback is always appreciated, happy reading! ❤️ Sorry if this is crappy
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Gun shots and shouts filled your ears as a battle raged outside. You cowered in the corner of your cold damp cell, praying for someone to rescue you.
Footsteps could be heard as a shadowy figure of a tall, broad shouldered man came into view. An Alpha.
Pausing, the mysterious Alpha surveyed the area before his eyes locked onto yours.
"Hey, it's okay. We're here to get you out." he said gently whilst approaching you.
As he got closer and ripped the metal bars of your prison off the walls, you took in his appearance. Tall, blonde, muscular and blue eyed. The American man radiated Alpha. Not to mention that his show of strength stirred your inner Omega awake.
"I'm Steve Rogers, you're going to be okay now." he soothed. His eyes latched onto your probably broken and bloody leg. "Can I carry you? I promise to be gentle."
You were weary of this Alpha but you were slowly caving. He seemed trustworthy. For now. Agreeing with him, you let him lift you bridal style, out of the now decimated Hydra base.
Once outside, he set you down on a crate and tended to your wounds. The dust had settled and all that was left was some rubble.
"This is going to sting." he warned as he started to clean the gash on your thigh.
Quickly and effortlessly, he patched you up to the best of his ability.
"When we get back to camp, the nurses will check you out, make sure nothing is too severely broken. Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you, I promise you'll be in good and safe hands." the Captain reassured as you visibly blanched at the notion of medical attention.
Breathing in deeply, you caught a whiff you Steve's scent as he carried you to the vehicle. Charcoal, strawberries and vanilla. It calmed you.
"Who's this young dame?" another Alpha questioned out of curiosity.
"This is..." Steve looked at you.
"(Y/N), I'm (Y/N)." you supplied quietly. The other Alpha intimidating you slightly.
"This is (Y/N). She was a prisoner in the base." gesturing to the other man, Steve introduced him as well. "(Y/N), this is Dum Dum Dugan."
"Pleasure to meet ya. Here have some water." Dum Dum offered kindly.
You weren't used to this. You had grown up with Alphas treating their Omegas and all Omegas like dirt. The show of kindness startled you and you weren't sure what to make of it.
The ride back to the camp had you questionimg everything you knew about people and Alphas in particular. Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, a tall brunette Alpha and Steve's best friend intrigued you very much. He was conversing with a beta, both of them part of the Howling Commandos, about how he couldn't wait to get back and see his mate. He spoke about her with such adoration, it shocked you. This was very different from what you had been taught.
As the vehicle rolled into the camp, you could see a small group of people waiting by the entrance.
The soldiers dismounted from the green machine and some were ushered into a nearby tent.
"Bucky!" a short, petite woman with a British accent ran up to the Alpha.
"Alexis!" the sergeant gathered her up into his arms and they both clung to each other tightly.
Alexis pulled away and concern laced her features.
"Are you hurt? Let's get you checked up." fussing over the Alpha, the small Omega took his hand and pulled him along.
Soon, you were also escorted into the medical tent along with Steve and a nurse came to attend to them. Taking a seat by the couple, you observed them. It was nothing like you had ever seen before.
Alexis was tending to the soldier's wounds and lightly scolding him for being so reckless, all while the Alpha grinned ear to ear and played with her soft black hair. Bucky wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face into her bronze neck, breathing in her scent.
"I missed you, Omega." he murmured, placing a kiss to her cheek.
Melting into his embrace, the Omega comforted her mate. "I missed you too Alpha. I was so worried about you."
"I know, but always know that I'll come back to you no matter what. I love you."
The bed dipped next to you as Steve took a seat beside you.
"Hey, you okay?"
"Yes. No. I don't know. I-I've never seen an Alpha and an Omega to be so..." not able to form the right words, you waved in the couple's direction.
Nodding in understanding, Steve averted his gaze back towards you. He knew that in some towns Alphas, Betas and Omegas weren't treated the same as most places did. Alphas were normally at the top of the hierarchy and Omegas at the bottom.
"Miss? If you could please come with me so I can give you a check up." a beta dressed in white called out to you. A nurse.
Looking to Steve, he quickly covered your hand in his.
"I'll go with you. If you want that is."
Nodding and whispering a shaky "Yes", you let the man lead you towards the nurse.
Tumblr media
It had been roughly a month since you had arrived at the camp. Since then, you had made a lot of progress. It was still hard, but being around other people was a bit easier for you now. You had even made friends with the Howling Commandos, Agent Peggy Carter, Alexis and Howard Stark.
You had one day a week reserved for some girl time with Peggy and Alexis where you were able to speak more freely and you felt yourself coming out of your shell.
Throughout your time at the camp, you learnt what a healthy relationship between mates looked like. Bucky and Alexis were great help and were patient and understanding when you got confused. They answered any questions you had and soon became two of your closest friends at the base along with Peggy and Steve.
Steve. You had grown the closest with the blonde haired Alpha. He was there for everything. He would spend the nights soothing you after nightmares, accompanied you to the medical tent and acted as a source of great comfort. He was funny and managed to cheer you up all the time, especially with his terrible attempt at dancing. Soon enough, you caught yourself falling for the man.
Wednesday evening approached and you headed to Peggy's tent for your weekly girls night. Peggy had managed to sneak some chocolate and various other foods from a nearby pub and had set out a delicious meal for the three of you.
Conversation flowed and all of you were having the time of your life. You trusted the girls with your life.
"Alexis? Can I ask you a question?" you inquired shyly. No matter how many times she had assured you, she didn't mind your questions, you were still nervous at times.
"Of course! Everything okay (Y/N/N)?" her soft, warm, brown eyes only held kindness as she welcomed your inquiry.
"How did you know that Bucky was a suitable mate? What did you feel?"
The woman chuckled, rememberimg how she had met the man.
"I felt like I was soaring whenever I was with him. It was as if I knew that no matter what, he would be there for me. But I guess I really knew when my heat hit." the black haired girl looked down at her lap sheepishly. "He stood in front of my tent and made sure no one came in or tried anything. Even though it was affecting him too. He sat there the entire time, providing me food and water and standing guard. He felt safe."
Your heat hadn't come since you had been at the camp but Steve felt safe. He did everything he could for you no matter what and was always there.
"You like Steve." Peggy announced, a smirk pulling at her red painted lips.
Now it was your turn to look sheepish.
"I think he likes you too." she stated, a spark in her eyes.
"Well..." you hesitated, there was no way an Alpha like Captain Steve Rogers would look at an Omega like you, right?
"Peggy's right. I'm sure he likes you too!" this time it was Alexis who spoke. "Trust me. I've seen the way he looks at you."
"I have an idea." the brunette Beta declared.
And that was how you found yourself sitting around the campfire with all your friends, enjoying the crisp night.
Steve sat next to you, heat emitting from him keeping you warm.
A little to the left, sat Bucky and Alexis curled up in each other. Alexis was perched on his lap and the Alpha had his arms wrapped around his mate, nuzzling and pressing light kisses to her neck at regular intervals.
"Aren't they beautiful? The stars?" the blonde asked as he started up the clear sky.
Humming in agreement you turned to find him looking at you. The fire lit up his blue eyes and the flames danced in the reflection.
"Do you know any constellations?"
The two of you spent the rest of the night wrapped up in one and other, feelings blooming on the meanwhile.
It was almost time to head to bed when Peggy carried out her plan.
"So, (Y/N), Tim at the pub seems to have taken an interest in you." wiggling her eyebrows, she noted how Steve tensed but pretend to speak to Bucky.
Sitting next you, she droned on about how he was a nice Alpha, monitoring Steve's every move.
"I'm going to turn in for the night." the Captain announced abruptly and he walked he away, steps heavy, into the night.
Ushering you in his direction, Peggy gave you a 'go get your man' look and you've never run so fast in your life.
"Steve! Wait!"
At your call, he stopped in his tracks and turned around.
"What is it (Y/N)?" he asked harshly.
"Why did you leave suddenly?"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Cut the crap Rogers. I know when you're lieing. You're terrible at it." even worse than Bucky you thought, momentarily recalling the time when he had stolen your last slice of plum cake.
Huffing, Steve refused to meet your eyes. Instead, the tree looked a lot more interesting than it had earlier.
"Are you jealous?" still nothing. "Alpha?"
This snapped him out of his reverie.
"What did you say?"
"I asked, if you were jealous, Alpha. You jealous of the pub owner?"
No one called someone else by their presentation apart from their mate.
"You're playing a dangerous game here Omega." he growled.
"What if I want to play the game?"
"Well then little Omega, why don't you show me how much you want to play this game?"
Launching yourself at the large Alpha, you fervently locked your lips with his.
Returning the kiss, Steve wrapped you in his embrace and conveyed all his emotions in the display of affection.
It felt like hours had gone by, by the time you pulled back for air. Both of you panting, and a cool breeze drifting by.
"I didn't want to think about you with another man." Steve admitted shyly.
"Good, because I don't want to be with another man." you grinned.
Squeals could be heard as the super soldier picked you up and carried you to his tent. Laying you down on his bed, he slid in next to you.
"I'm yours, Alpha."
Tumblr media
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To Topple A Giant || Chapter Four
Summary: You had made it your mission to destroy even the smallest evils. When the opportunity arises to finally take down your own family after years of gaining their trust, you reach for it. And so does Steve, the man who represents a symbol of everything you hate.
Pairing(s): Steve Rogers x Reader || Avengers x Reader
Part 4 of 10 ~ Mini-Series
Tumblr media
Warnings: This story contains mature themes and discussions such as extreme canon violence, strong language, emotional angst, mentions of Endgame deaths and recoveries, sexual situations, and emotional/physical abuse. All trigger warnings will be listed before the chapter. This is purely fanfiction.
Warnings in this Chapter: reference to past sexual assault (very minimal); misogyny/sexism; mention of Infinity War deaths/Endgame deaths; abusive parental relationship; canon violence; heavy drinking; reference to cocaine use
Word Count: 13,900+
Tony’s Cabin, 2023, 8:56pm
You and Steve stared at the little girl in front of you, bouncing up and down with excitement as she held up one of Tony’s repulsors, the safety on but pointed right at the two of you. Steve instinctively pushed you behind him, the obvious fact being that a blast would most certainly kill you and not the super soldier himself. You were having difficulty holding in your laughter, watching as the girl kept poking at the metal, awaiting its true power. 
“Can I have that, Morgan?” Steve asked, his voice raising ever so slightly to try and seem nicer to the kid. 
“Talk to her with your regular voice, Steve. She’s five, not a toddler.”
Now you laughed at Morgan’s declaration of approval, still standing behind Steve with your hands braced on his back. 
Steve sighed and rolled his eyes playfully, “Alright, Morgan. Can I please have that back? It’s not a toy.”
“But daddy left it for me!”
You smiled at her, “Yeah, but he didn’t expect you to use it so early! Wait until you’re like… ten, then you can look through his things!”
“Y/N, ten?” Steve gave you a bewildered grin, eyes bright and laughter restrained. 
“Okay, twelve.”
His shoulders sagged with a heavy laugh. He reached over and took the chance, grabbing Morgan’s wrist softly and ejecting the glove from her small hand. 
“There we go!” you cheered, stepping out from behind Steve and scooping her up in your arms. Morgan started laughing loudly, kicking her legs to try and escape your hold. “Ah, don’t kick me!”
You had offered your time to Pepper whenever she needed it. You didn’t expect that she would call so early asking for a huge favor, her husband’s funeral not even four months ago. But you didn’t hesitate and packed an overnight bag, reassuring her that nothing would explode on your watch. On your way out of the temporary safe house, Steve had caught you just in time. A quick question of your future whereabouts and he was joining you, a tiny twinge of guilt in his chest from not seeing Tony’s daughter in so long. He was one of her godparents after all, just after Happy and Rhodey, beating out the third crowned position from Bruce. 
He had been hurt by that initially, asking why he wasn’t even considered. 
‘Bruce, the first time she comes into your room and stands over your sleeping body to let you know she had a nightmare, you’d scream.’
‘I wouldn’t be angry, just scared!’
‘Okay, after Cap here, you get custody.’
‘Oh, yay. Drafted fourth.’
Steve was happy to go see her on such short notice though, racing back up to his room to gather some overnight supplies as well. But you didn’t think anything of it - it was just a godparent wanting to see his godchild. 
“Ouch, that hurt,” you laughed and placed Morgan down in her bed. “Nighty night time.”
“Daddy said he left things for everyone, not just me.”
Steve’s eyebrows shot up with curiosity, a sudden interest to know what his gift was exciting him. He had already given him the shield back... but then Thanos broke it. Maybe, another shield? No, T’Challa had already offered to send him a new one.
“Ooo, that’s interesting! I wonder if he got me that pretty bracelet I saw in that department store window that one time,” you gushed, pulling the blankets over Morgan. You fluffed out her hair, smiled at her, and told her goodnight. 
“Night night!”
Both you and Steve called out from the doorway of her bedroom, “Night night!”
Several minutes had passed before you brought up the prospect of secret gifts again, knowing Steve was just as interested as you were. 
“Want to go find them?”
Steve immediately stood up, clapping his hands together and giddy with excitement. “I won’t tell if you don’t!”
You searched everywhere - living room, the garage, kitchen cabinets - even racing into the master bedroom, stealthy and secret, shame rising as you carefully picked up items around the room. “This feels like an invasion of privacy.”
Steve chuckled from outside the door, “Hurry up!”
But you found nothing. There was only one more spot to look - his office. You almost didn’t want to intrude any longer, this being his most sacred space, but the mere chance of Tony giving you a gift from the afterlife made you extremely happy. So you and Steve searched, stacking and restacking random papers and pushing away gadgets and books in the bookshelf. Finally, a small opening in the third shelf alerted you of your mission success. 
“Oh, fuck yeah,” you cheered, reaching in and pulling boxes and clipped pieces of paper, all different colors and sizes, from the compartment. They were labeled with various names - Rhodey, Pepper, Happy, Clint, Thor, Steve, Nebula, you - and Natasha. 
Steve sucked in his breath, his gasp similar to yours. “He got these before…”
“Yeah,” you nodded, handing Steve his labeled box. It was light blue, a white ribbon delicately wrapped around it, and with a cute little red ribbon with Steve’s name on it. It wasn’t big, but it was more than enough. 
“Open it,” you said. 
Steve shook his head, “Let’s open ours together.”
You agreed to his terms, taking your folder into your hands. It was one of those same art folders you had when you bought some new planners or notebooks. It was black, custom-made it seemed, as it had your name on the front in gold, cursive writing. 
On the count of three, you both opened your presents. 
Steve pulled out two sets of dog tags from the box, the sound of them clinking together reminding him of the times he would hug his fellow soldiers on the battlefield, cheers of victory mixed in with the smell of sweat and dry blood. He read the names on the metal. 
‘Steven G. Rogers
987654320 T42 O
Brooklyn, NY. P.’
‘James B. Barnes. 
32557038 T41 42 O
R. Barnes
Shelbyville, IN. P.’
He had not known they recovered his dog tags, faintly remembering clutching them tightly as he flew the plane into the ice. But SHIELD must have kept them for the museum, and Tony had recovered them. Bucky’s, however, were lost as soon as Bucky fell from that train. They were more rusted than Steve’s, almost as if HYDRA kept them underwater or stored for the majority of Bucky’s sentence. But no matter how Tony had gotten them, he was eternally grateful. 
“Wow,” Steve said, clearing his throat. But you were too caught up in your reading. 
      ‘Target whereabouts discovered mid-May of 2017. Only T. Stark and N. Romanoff approved for mission.
      Transport at 20:00 hours. Target(s) confirmed and exterminated at exactly 0802 Pacific Standard Time.’
You choked on the sob that suddenly broke through, hand instantly reaching up to cup your mouth. Steve put his tags back into the box, shushing you to get you to calm down. “What is it? What’d he get you?”
Four pictures accompanied the short report, each face crossed out with red paint. A tiny laugh escaped and tears of joy started to flow. To say Steve was confused was an understatement. 
“He… he got me justice.”
Steve took the file from you, reading over every word to somehow understand what you meant by justice. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and he looked up at you for more explanation.
You brushed your hair back and rubbed at your cheeks, the smile on your face now straining. Whether it was a sudden change of mind or the closure of your trauma was just that satisfying, you told Steve exactly what Tony and Natasha had done for you. 
“After I joined you guys in New York, Fury sent me on a mission to infiltrate and bring back information about this dude my father was trying to literally destroy. But I had to play both sides  - the good and the bad.”
Steve set the file down, his full attention on you.
“I got the information but for some reason, it wasn’t enough for my father. I had forgotten to get the most vital piece, something he thought I would automatically know,” you scoffed, your smile faltering at the next part of the story. 
“I cost him ten million. And to teach me a lesson, he let these men do whatever they wanted to me. Anything.”
Steve’s breath hitched as he understood what you meant. And it was no longer a mystery why you had been planning to kill him ‘again’ after everyone came back from the snap.
“I returned to the compound in such bad shape. I only told Natasha. She cleaned me up, she took me to med-bay in the middle of the night, she brought me breakfast in bed,” you chuckled at the memory, hand reaching out to hold Steve’s. 
“And Tony’s gift was murdering the men that hurt me.”
Steve let a few tears slip himself, his hand gripping yours tighter. “Y/N, if I would have known-”
“Hey, it’s okay. You didn’t know, though. I thought only Natasha knew. She promised me she would take care of it. I just didn’t think she would actually find them.”
“I think we know that Natasha could find literally anything and anyone,” Steve said. 
You agreed with his statement, a smile returning to your face. 
You jumped from your sitting position and went back to retrieve Natasha’s gift. “Hey, should we?”
Steve eyed the small, black box in your hand. He sighed as he walked over to you, eyes returning to the box. 
“It was meant for her.”
You frowned, “Yeah, and I’ll ask Pepper if we can give these to everyone else.”
You paused and shook the box near your ear. It felt heavy in your hand, and the contents gave a little jingle. 
“But this one was for Nat. I think she’d want us to at least see it.”
Steve chuckled and just nodded, awaiting the reveal. You pulled the ribbon and opened the box, surprised that Tony had given her a piece of jewelry. “Oh.”
Steve took the bracelet from the box, oblivious that the movement would unlock the charms from their heavy chests. In a matter of seconds, charms of similar size but different designs dropped to encircle the silver band. You inspected them in Steve’s hand - a red/white/and blue shield, Mjollnir, a pair of wings, two arc reactors, a singular arrow, a silver arm, a spider, an emerald heart, the letters ‘W’ and ‘V’ intertwined, a black cat, an ant - and your symbol, an intricately carved silver charm no bigger than your thumbnail, of your face. Tony knew no specific object or symbol was tied with your Avengers status, no one had ever given you one, but this was perfect. 
“Wow,” Steve whispered, examining each charm closely with a lazy smile on his face. 
“We were her family. This was an ode to that.”
“What do we do with it?” Steve asked.
You just shrugged, “Frame it? It would feel wrong just taking it for myself.”
Steve agreed. Later that night when Pepper returned home, you showed her what Morgan led you to. She let you keep your gifts and take the others, absolutely loving the idea of framing Natasha’s bracelet in the new compound being built. 
Present Day, 2025, 8:10 am
     The bright light from the open windows hadn’t hit you as suddenly as the random throw pillow that connected to your face, startling you with a quick gasp and causing you to choke on your spit. You snapped up, belly down and hair wild, eyes still half-lidded as you searched for the aggravator. And he stood there with a stupid grin on his face, already dressed in his stupid old man clothes, and stupid blond hair perfectly pushed back. 
“What the fuck was that for?” you tried to yell, voice cracking at the end and just the slightest hint of drool threatening to spill from the corner of your mouth. 
“I ordered room service. Plus, we have to leave in an hour.”
You grabbed as many pillows as your one free hand could hold, the other still tucked into the pillowcase below your head. You flung them wildly, none actually hitting the super soldier directly. His chuckle pulled a deep groan from you, and no longer wanting to look like a fool, you stumbled out of bed and pushed passed him roughly. 
“You could have woken me up the same time you got up.”
“But you looked so peaceful.”
His sarcasm was not helping your souring mood. Steve headed over to the monitors to turn them on, already setting up the morning video chat with Bucky and Sam. “Do you always sleep like a mounted spider?”
You flicked him off, “Leave me alone so I can take my morning piss in peace!”
You slammed the door and made your way to the toilet. Now, you were no morning person. But it was simple enough for you to crawl out of bed with only minimal protest when your awakening was a peaceful one. Having a pillow thrown at your head while mid-dream was practically excruciating and no one, not even the grandest morning person in the world, could possibly awake happy from that. And to top it all off, you couldn’t even remember what you were dreaming of. Just another thing to blame Steve for. 
After you had done your morning routine and slipped into a really comfy outfit, the breakfast finally arrived. You muttered a quiet thanks to Steve for ordering your favorites and damn him for knowing you preferred waffles over pancakes and a variety of creamers to choose from, and quickly filled Bucky and Sam in on what the plan for the day was. 
You had been on missions with Steve before, but no matter how many times you regrouped in the mornings, you had never actually seen him wake up. After your rude awakening, you wondered at what point during sunrise he opened his eyes - ‘cause you’ll be standing over him with a pillow of your own. 
“Torres has the air footage scheduled for around five today, then he’ll link you to the camera for the remainder of the mission,” Sam clarified. 
“Is it possible to link earlier?” Steve asked. 
“Not unless you can get the Wi-Fi password of the estate.”
You chuckled, still funneling mouthfuls of waffle into your mouth. “So, we can hack the Pentagon whenever we feel like it, but we can’t hack into my father’s estate without the Wi-Fi password?”
Sam cleared his throat, “You are so lucky this is a secure line.”
“Wait until she finishes her breakfast and her head will be screwed back on straight,” Steve joked, taking a long sip from his tea. 
Almost immediately, your phone dinged with a new message. You angled your phone away from Steve but your smirk was enough to alert him of a side conversation happening under his nose. 
Bucky: Ouch, I wouldn’t mind if you hit him upside the head.
Y/N: he threw a pillow at me to wake me up :(
Bucky: hit him
Y/N: bet
“Stop talking about me over the phone.”
“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Steve grumbled, the rough sound catching Sam’s attention as well. His eyes flashed back and forth between the two of you - Steve desperately trying to catch a quick glance at your messages, and you leaning away from him with thumbs moving at a rapid pace. 
“Y/N, how you feeling?”
You put your phone down and pretended to not notice how Steve was trying to get a glimpse of your screen. 
“A little queasy, in all honesty.”
A myriad of emotions were present and coiling in your body, each trying to sprout and bloom and gain their five seconds of fame. And for the past several years, it was easy to downplay their true power. Because the power they held wasn’t one of distressing strength, but rather one that tip-toed to the front of your anxiety driven worries. It planted itself there, up front, but ever so silent. For it to finally meet its match, to possibly be freed of such a coil - well, you were more worried about not succeeding in its erasure than its final blooming. 
“We’ve come up with a system to make sure we both don’t go overboard or to tell the other that we’re alright,” Steve said, eyes on the monitor but hands loading bullets into your trusty handguns. 
“Alright, that’s good,” Bucky spoke, finally. He typed away on his keyboard, “Give us a word we all use in case we need back-up immediately.”
“Mm, you should ask Steve. He loves his safe words.”
Steve rolled his eyes, “Something Avengers related? Or something no one would ever say?”
“Pick anything you want, just don’t let it be awkward to repeat out loud,” Sam joked. 
Steve pondered for a few seconds before he settled on his chosen word, a hint of a smile forming. “Widow.”
You nodded, “That’s sweet. She’d like us using her alias for a dirty little safe word.”
You huffed suddenly, shoulder colliding with the carpet, the realization that Steve pushed you from your chair causing you to stare at him with your mouth hanging open. “Hey!”
“Steve, every single day I accept your fate from her murderous hands,” Bucky grumbled, Sam’s loud laugh causing the speaker to give a quick halt of static. 
“She’s okay- hey!”
You flew across your chair and onto him, lunging your body as your main weapon in taking him down. You both tumbled to the floor, the sofa chair you collided with scraping along and pushing the coffee table with it. A lamp shattered on the floor right when you wrapped your arm around Steve’s neck and hooked your legs from underneath him and around his waist, his back to your front, both his arms coming up to tug yours out of reflex. 
“Yield, you little shit,” you grunted, the grip of your arm remaining loose on purpose but your legs tight, heels now digging into his slim waist. 
Steve groaned, both from your pointy heels and the sudden impact his body made with the ground. “I’m letting you win.”
“You seriously got a mouth on you.”
You let him go anyway, choosing to save your strength for the mission and not waste it on a petty little fight. Besides, you could always smother him with a pillow in his sleep. 
“You two done?”
Both you and Steve stumbled getting up, faces back in your teammate’s view as you smoothed down your clothing and wiped at your foreheads.
“Now that that’s over,” Sam continued, clearing his throat. “The only task for today is to get a feel of the place, establish a legit backstory providing you some leverage, and to swipe those ID’s.”
“Got it,” you acknowledged, standing again to begin hooking your weapons in discreet locations in your clothing. 
“And we’re not responsible for that broken lamp so it’s coming out of your paycheck.”
     California really wasn’t like any other state. There was a vast difference from Northern and Southern, the difference being the amount of green fields visible. In Southern California, the mountains and desert areas took up most of the landscape, with an industrial complex here, a growing city there, and then nothing for a good ten miles. Since most of the landscape was below sea level, the atmosphere was almost always dry, modest dust storms forming only to quickly pass a freeway and disintegrate once it found the other side. It was more urban, more lively with people. But Northern California, even if it experienced the same weather patterns as the south, was mostly humid during the winter season. The mountains here were covered in lively agriculture, livestock roamed freely in the gated areas near the freeways, and the overall environment provided a rural look. 
 And the differences just stood out to you, your excitement for the livestock starting to annoy Steve as you kept pointing out every cow you drove past. He threatened to stop the car and dare you to tip one. 
“So, how did we meet?”
Steve chuckled, “We’re coworkers, Y/N. Thought that question was obvious.”
You whined, “Steve, we have to put some drama into it! How about we say we met during one of Tony’s parties after Fury assigned you to this?” 
“And what? I asked you to dance?”
You leaned over your seat and poked his arm, teasing him. “Would you have asked me to dance?”
Steve shrugged, “I mean, sure.” 
He glanced at you and then back to the road. “Can’t we just be honest? I like the way we met.”
 You pouted, “The way we met is a matter of national security.”
   “You brought that thing back to an unguarded planet?” Loki seethed, his voice still a whisper as he followed Thor through the hallways of Avengers Tower. A tower he had been prisoner of for a few weeks now, but would soon be released from once Thor decided to return home. Besides, it had been more than a year since his unfortunate attack and after thousands of apologies, brainwashing excuses (which were true!), and quite a few long labor hours equivalent to Midgardian community service, his leash was extended somewhat. 
“How am I the more level-headed one right now?”
Thor grumbled in response, now on his hands and knees as he searched for the tiny animal that had already eaten its way through the plush of the interior walls. “It couldn’t have gotten far. And how was I supposed to know the oxygen levels here would cause it to go crazy?”
“You couldn’t. In fact, I don’t know why it’s here in the first place!”
“Keep screaming, Loki. I bet that would make it come to us quicker!”
Loki was about to come up with another quick quip, but was interrupted by a quiet mumble down the hall. 
You rocked back and forth on your heels as you stared at the two brothers - one sweeping the floor on all fours and the other ducked down to scream into his brother’s ear. “Whatcha looking for?”
“Now, don’t be alarmed, Agent. But I may have misplaced my dog.”
“Dog?” Loki tilted his head, hands now cupping the side of his head in disbelief. 
Your eyebrows shot up from his reaction, “Not dog?”
“It’s… an animal from Asgard.”
“Okay, what does it look like?” you asked, now more interested than ever. 
Thor cleared his throat and rose to his feet slowly, “Like a dragon.”
You stepped back, almost tripping over your left foot. An involuntary laugh escaped from your lips and you brought a hand up to try and stifle it. “You brought a dragon into the tower?”
“He brought a dragon back to Midgard,” Loki clarified as he walked over to the wall and pressed his ear against it. 
“Oh, yeah. That’s much worse,” you agreed. “Fury’s gonna shove his foot so far up your ass-”
“Yes, yes. I know what awaits me. Now, help us find it!” Thor begged. 
This wasn’t how you expected to spend your first day as an Avenger. After all the training and promoting, the paperwork and oaths, you thought you would have a pretty chill afternoon. Arrive at the conference room, get the name badge and a rundown of your new field suit, and meet the rest of the team. Freshly nineteen and energetic as ever, you accepted this as a test. Find the dragon, make a good impression. 
It only took a few more minutes before you three stumbled on an otherwise empty hallway, staring down the colorful creature as it licked one of its paws. 
Your eyes widened, “It looks like an alebrije.”
“You have these creatures on your planet?” Loki asked, surprise written over his face. 
“Nope, alebrije’s aren’t real. They’re fantasy.”
“Nevermind that, help me catch it!”
Loki began shushing his brother, hands swatting his massive shoulders in the process. You leaned down to the floor and tapped it with your fingernails, hoping the nice gesture would cause the creature to meet you halfway. 
“Hey, buddy,” you cooed. “Can you come here please?”
The creature raised its head, colorful eyes on full display. Similar to rings of fire, but face like a fox, and fur as soft as silk. It titled its head, interested for only a second, before it kicked back and rushed toward the three of you at full speed. 
“Oh, shit-!”
As he was the closest, Loki pushed Thor to the wall and lifted you from the ground. But before he could throw you out of the way too, the creature leaped. Loki shielded you with his body, wrapping his arms around you and picking you up as the creature kicked his back and sent the two of you flying through wall after wall. Loki was taking the force of it all, his chest angled in a way to protect your head. It was about ten walls you two flew through before you landed in what seemed like conference room B… or C… or A. Loki rolled you over and groaned in pain. You landed on your back, bright lights blinding you as you tried to adjust. Then a figure came into view as your blurry vision cleared. 
You blinked rapidly and stared up at your new Captain. You smiled, a bit delirious, and raised your hand up for a handshake. 
“Y/N Y/L/N, new recruit!”
Steve just stared, eyebrows scrunched, an expression resembling a scowl and bewilderment painted on his face. He took your hand in his and shook it. 
“Forgive us, Captain,” Loki spoke, coughing as he turned over. “But you might want to get that shield of yours.”
    “When did we become a couple?” you continued once you agreed on the ‘party meet-and-greet’ as your previous answer. 
Now, this was a question Steve was wondering about since before you mentioned the necessity of such answers. Although he didn’t fantasize about being your significant other, he did wonder what possible event could jumpstart it. If anything, and he would take this to the grave, he assumed a line would be crossed during a particularly tempting mission. Bucky had admitted to him that on one mission, and Steve promised to take this to the grave as well, Bucky had to kiss Wanda to keep their cover. The feelings subsided soon after the mission was over, but Bucky confessed to real feelings developing. So if Steve had to bet, a particularly tempting mission. 
“When we were searching for Bucky?”
You nodded, “That works. We can say the fall of SHIELD basically led to us to realize how weak the system was and how we could easily manipulate it.”
The road veered off to the side, now dirt and unevenly layered. You checked the directions Torres gave you just to make sure. 
“And when is my birthday?”
You didn’t expect Steve to answer so quickly, and to get it right. Perhaps he looked over your file and remembered, because you were certain only your little friend group knew it. It was Bucky, it had to be him, the little shit, he told- 
“A little. How do you know it?”
“Nat. Who do you think sends you those chocolates every year?”
You were overjoyed, really. “Wha-? Natasha said she did it.”
Steve smirked, “She covered for me.”
“Because for five years after the snap, you and Nat did nothing for yourselves and did everything for everyone else.” He had been witness to the two of you pulling all-nighters, washing the sheets of your fallen teammates as if they were going to return that weekend, celebrating their birthdays in secret with a small candle and a prayer. Moving from the compound and into his own apartment was hard enough, but seeing his remaining teammates wallow in cursed self-determination was worse. So, he asked Nat about your birthday to send you chocolates and a lovely handwritten note, careful to write in a font different from his natural one, and he would fold tiny paper airplanes and leave them around the compound where only Nat could find them, providing her a sense of playfulness in her busy day. Little joys to make up for such an impact.  
“If it makes you feel better, I sent gifts to Nat and Bruce, too.”
But because Bruce had no forwarding address at the time, Steve settled for quick text messages here and there. 
“And here I was thinking I was special.”
Steve laughed at your statement. He reached into the middle compartment to grab the mics you would be wearing. “By the way, make sure to hide this behind your neck. My mic will blend in as a button.”
You inspected the flat, button-like mic, awed by how intricate their design was. “They connected to Bucky’s?”
Steve clipped his onto his shoulder, the camouflage effect throwing you off. Yup, you loved science. “Yeah, they record everything and immediately send it back already transcribed.”
You unfolded the sun visor and watched how the mic picked up the color of your skin and blended naturally. “Remind me to send T’Challa and Shuri a gift basket.”
“And more.”
The estate was exactly how you remembered it. Modern and simple all at once, a brown exterior to easily blend into the surrounding forest, and massive front gate that only opened with a specific code. You leaned out the window and typed it in. There was no speaker this time, probably evidence of newly installed cameras. 
“It’s beautiful,” Steve muttered, pulling into the long driveway and following the brick road. 
It truly was. Even from where you were, you could see into the mansion as the walls were all practically made from glass. The walls in the back were normal, however, as that’s where most of the business was conducted. There were no swing doors, only large and heavy double doors made from cooled lava rock. And even though your father was a very organized man, the house was littered in trinkets of all origins: professionally stuffed exotic animals, roman and oriental statues, porcelain eggs, multiple pianos, and first editions of some of the most popular books in the world. There wasn’t any set theme for this house, but it was screaming ‘money’. 
Steve parked the car away from the others, careful to leave enough room around it to ensure an easy escape if needed.
“Remember what I said - play the part. Leave the smart mouth to me, they know me. It’s what they’ve come to expect.”
Steve clicked his seatbelt and sighed heavily, “I apologize in advance.”
You gave him a small smile, “Nothing to apologize for, Steve. Like I said, this is a mission. Don’t stress about it.”
He shook his head, “Still.”
The sincere look in his eyes sent a tingle down your arms. You cleared your throat, “I feel dirty saying this, but know your place. You may be a Captain but you’re not manning this boat.”
For some reason Steve felt that he truly needed to apologize in advance. For the past several years, it wasn’t entirely real to him. He had not been directly involved. But now that he was here, parked and staring at you - the one person who had a first hand account of the horrors inside - he needed to make sure you understood he would never actually hurt you, or you him. “I trust you.”
You removed your seatbelt and opened the door, “I trust you, too.”
It was windy today, the ruffles from the trees almost disguising the labor coming from the back. You assumed they were still building the reception area. Steve jogged over to your side and hooked your arm in his, his body tenser than yours. Someone opened the heavy doors, immediately swallowing the oxygen for miles with merely their presence. You couldn’t help yourself from a small grimace, lips spreading into a straight line as you forced any other expression besides hatred. 
Seda, standing at barely six foot and a smug look plastered on his aging face that worried even Steve. This was the man that had shot you when he was on the run - the man that would most likely do it again. 
Seda quickly stepped down the stairs, “Y/N, so lovely to see you again!”
You let go of Steve to walk ahead, arms extended to match the idea of a grand entrance. “Really? Because the last time we saw each other, you shot me in the gut.”
Steve swore he saw Seda’s upper lip twitch. “You hold too many grudges. I was just following your father’s orders.”
You rolled your eyes and finally came to a stop in front of him, arms crossed over your chest. “Obviously.”
“And I’ve finally got the chance to meet Captain America! You’re much larger in person.”
No matter the acting skills one must obtain for this line of work, it was still obvious Seda was speaking through clenched teeth. He scanned Steve up and down, somewhat intimidated.
It was such a sudden shift, one you obviously knew was coming, but the deepness of Steve’s voice still caused unnatural goosebumps to rise. “I get that a lot. Helps in this business, though.”
Seda let out a low chuckle, “I would think so.” He turned and instructed the two men who had followed him out to reopen the heavy doors.  “This way.”
Steve tried not to gawk at the amount of decorations and old-timey artifacts he swore should belong in a museum. So much furniture, so much history that shouldn’t mix but somehow worked. And was that… was that a stuffed polar bear?
“So, how you doing, Seda? Besides the usual,” you asked, hooking your arm back with Steve’s. 
Seda walked with his head held high, only tilting his head downward when giving a silent greeting to those who walked by. You tried to memorize faces or see if there was anyone you recognized. But your father barely kept the same team for more than a few years. They either left voluntarily and luckily, or were simply never heard from again. 
“Excited for the wedding. Jackeline has been running around nonstop on her finishing touches,” Seda responded. 
You huffed out a laugh, “I bet she has. She used to have a scrapbook that outlined six different wedding themes.”
“And I haven’t seen the end of it.”
Only a few more twists and turns and you were finally near the familiar hallway that housed your father’s darkest work. The interior design was purposeful, no windows and no cameras. Steve unhooked your arms, opting for a more formal presentation between the two of you. Seda was difficult to please, but your father was near impossible. Better to not have his hands all over his daughter during their first meeting.  
“Hey, what’s the wi-fi password? I’m expecting a few important emails today,” you asked before Seda opened your father’s office door. Steve had to restrain himself from blessing the ground you walked on. Bless you for remembering. 
“Thanks,” you mumbled, sending the password to Torres as quickly as you could. 
It wasn’t the grand entrance you expected, truly, but you didn’t expect to see your father simply chilling behind his desk signing a few papers. He usually paced, was in a random meeting, or on the phone. Here, he was just… strangely normal. 
He looked up, eyes locking with yours for the first time in seven years. “Now, I haven’t seen you since your little weekend trip to Jalisco!”
Yeah, since you had me shot. 
Stepping into the office, the smell of cigars was heavy. Musty and daring, enveloping you like the times it did before. But now you had Steve - sweet Steve whose warmth you could feel behind you. 
You shrugged, “I’m not traveling much outside the country these days. Too much shit going on.”
Your father stood up and let out a dry laugh, “No lie about that. Seda was telling me how loose the borders were when half the world croaked.”
“Emigration was common, yup.”
He smiled at you, walking over and placing his hands on your shoulders. You did your best not to tense your muscles. “I wish I could have been there. You guys made millions those five years.”
You swore you heard Seda scoff near the corner of the room. 
“It’s about time we met! Ernesto Vega,” your father introduced himself, holding out his hand for Steve to take. 
It was instant, the change, and you found yourself pushed softly to the side as Steve stepped forward. “Steve Rogers, sir. It’s an honor to meet you.”
Your father was practically beaming, “Y/N isn’t giving you a hard time with all the business, aye?”
Steve chuckled, “None at all. She steps back when asked.”
Okay, maybe he was a better actor than you took him for. 
“I can’t believe you even have to ask,” your father hummed, glancing back at you with a disapproving look. 
Steve shrugged, “More like ‘ordered.’”
It was scary how easily Steve was making your father laugh. “So, she listens to you? I wonder what that’s like.”
You interrupted, scoffing quietly. “I have literally done everything you’ve asked.”
And without glancing at you this time, your father quipped. “Everything but learn how not to complain.” 
You rolled your eyes and met Seda’s stare. He always enjoyed the torment your father caused you. When he ordered you do something sketchy and you objected, Seda always had a front row seat to the slaps and harsh language spit in your face. He had a way of bringing up the abuse in almost every conversation he held with you - like it gave him some form of sick satisfaction.
“Regardless of my daughter’s inability to listen, I was still surprised when she named you as her partner.”
“The whole hero game was getting boring. I needed excitement.”
Your father agreed, “Don’t we all?” 
Before he continued, he squinted his eyes at Steve and scanned him once more. Almost like he was double checking his initial choice. 
“And you’re fine with breaking the laws of the country you’re the mascot for?”
“America has changed over the last hundred years. Trust me, I should know.”
Steve was answering exactly how you two practiced. You couldn’t help the small tinge of pride that it ignited. 
“Oh, I can’t believe you’re older than me. I mean, look at you.”
“The positives and negatives of being America’s science experiment, sir.”
“But here you are now. Working for me.” Your father stepped back to sit behind his desk again. “I’m very happy.”
“Likewise, sir,” Steve replied as he shuffled closer to you, trying to not seem so suspicious. Last time Steve wanted to crawl out of his own skin was when he was barely being introduced to the new world. Times Square really was a concrete jungle, his and Bucky’s old apartment building had been demolished in the fifties, and inflation… don’t get him started on inflation.  
“I’d like you to meet my two friends.” Your eyes widened. No, you weren’t supposed to meet them today. You hadn’t planned for this. 
“Friends and competition alike.”
You tried to keep your voice steady, “Shouldn’t you warm them up before you invite them in? They’re gonna take one look at Steve and freak.”
Your father motioned for Seda to open the door. “Then prepare your speech quickly.”
Before you or Steve could come up with a game plan, your father called out to the new arrivals. “Amigos! Me gustaría presentarles al hombre detrás de toda mi operación.”
The men summoned were completely different from the last time you saw them. Given you saw Ramirez long before the snap and White even before then, change was destined. Ramirez was skinnier, no more protruding stomach, wrinkles almost nonexistent and eyes lively. He hadn’t disappeared with half the world, but one of his daughters did - so getting her back definitely helped his overall health. White, on the other hand, aged overnight. His hair was now gray, eyelids sullen but eyes wide, and his nose was tilted awkwardly, like a surgery to counteract the powder he sniffed. You couldn’t remember if he was dusted or not.
“Tienes que agradecer a mi hija por esto.”
He did not just give you credit for this. 
“No fucking way?” Ramirez spoke, almost like he was out of breath. 
Curse your father for not preparing these two. You quickly reminded yourself where your gun was hidden in case things got out of hand. 
White stepped forward, circling you and Steve as if you were displayed in a museum. “Do we each get our own Avenger?”
“Maybe in the future. But this one’s mine.”
“I’m an Avenger, too. But okay,” you mumbled, offended by his singular statement. Steve’s lip twitched slightly but the look he threw at you let you know he wanted to smile. 
“¿Cómo lo hiciste?”
“Ya sabes cómo es... La gente simplemente sigue mi ejemplo.”
You decided to speak, anything to get White to stop inspecting you like some ancient artifact. “Steve green lights the routes and passages. He’s been a main player all along.”
White squinted at you, “And how long has this been going on?”
“For almost ten years,” you answered. 
White shook his head in surprise, eyes wider than you thought possible. His accent was more slurred than you remembered. “And you’re telling us now because-?”
Your father cut in, “The world is still in ruins. If we combine our forces like we discussed before that unfortunate disappearing act, we’ll be unstoppable.”
This seemed to catch Ramirez off guard, as if he truly didn’t remember the conversation your father brought up. You shoveled his reaction deep into your memory. Maribel would have to look into it.
Still, Ramirez played along. “And you’ll be loyal to us, too? Not just Ernesto?”
Steve nodded, his posture straightening. “I would.”
Now, the two new arrivals looked at you. You raised an eyebrow. 
“Don’t look at me. I do what he says,” you admitted, nodding your head toward Steve.
They seemed to accept that answer. 
“And he’s here to help us move the shipment this Saturday?” White asked.
“That’s the plan,” your father confirmed.
It was time for Ramirez to circle you both. But he did so more casually and without the intent of kicking you in the shins, it seemed. He went to sit on the couch nearest the door, away from the crowd. You could sense Steve tensing up, so you turned your body slightly to the side so you could see Ramirez through your peripheral.
“How do we know we can trust him? What those stars and stripes have to do with us?”
“You hear that Captain?” your father asked, leaning back in his chair with that twisted smile that always made your stomach drop. “Time to prove your loyalty.”
“Are you seriously going to haze him?” you spoke, a hint of a teasing tone on your words. It was time to liven up the conversation, for both your sake, or else your father was sure to go overboard. His hand… where’s Steve’s hand?
“Does she speak for you?”
Steve stepped forward, “No, she doesn’t.”
“Prove it.”
You should really punch your chest to get your heart beating again. Was he going to make Steve try the product? Record something as blackmail? Kill someone?
“Wha-” you began, but were immediately silenced as an arm wrapped around your neck and held you in place. The coldness of the gun’s muzzle tickled just below your chin, still and steady, but nonetheless terrifying. Your father had held you in this position before - hell, most of his men did when asked. But it wasn’t any of your father’s men threatening you under orders - it was Steve.  
“Obviously, I’m not going to kill her. You need her for this whole operation to work. But a little roughing up never did any bad.”
He removed his other arm but kept the muzzle under your chin, grabbing both your arms skillfully and pinning them behind your back. 
You had never seen your father so pleased. “Why are you dating my daughter?”
Steve chuckled and clicked the safety. No, no. 
You scrambled to open your right palm and squeeze what you could reach. Steve seemed to understand right away, and he loosened his grip and placed his other shaking hand into yours. You squeezed tightly. 
“Now, that’s like asking a man why he breathes air.”
No matter the position he currently had you in, you still praised his acting skills. 
“Perhaps. But I know my daughter. Why you?”
Steve kept a firm grip. “Luck?”
“It seems so. Let her go.”
He released you immediately, clicking the safety back on. Seda was in front of him before Steve could place it back on his person, grabbing the gun and emptying it. Seven rounds tumbled and scattered to the floor. This seemed to please both men, as Steve wasn’t presenting himself with an empty threat. He really could have killed you. 
“I’m assuming Y/N has told you stories about me. About my men.”
The floor beneath you was uneven, it seemed, but once your mind stopped playing tricks on you, you settled. You shot a quick glance to Ramirez, his eyes closed and hands clasped in his lap. He seemed distant.
“Only the ones worth repeating, sir.”
“Oh? And which are those?”
“Orders and the like.”
“So, you don’t know much? Nothing interesting? Nothing that could make me seem like the bad guy?”
The room grew hot, whether it was the natural air or the bubbling anger boiling in your stomach.
“Like I said, sir. I ask her what I want to know and she tells me. Other than that, it’s your call.”
The room fell silent as they debated their other questions. 
“How much do the other Avengers know?”
You were about to respond when Steve spoke instead. “Oblivious. I’m still the stars and stripes for them.”
White scoffed, “Those symbols don’t mean shit in this new world. Ridiculous of them to still assume you’re the same man.”
Steve’s jaw tensed, “Exactly right, sir.”
This seemed to be enough for your father. He stood from his chair, walking over to shake Steve’s hand again. So righteous and personal, almost like he hadn’t just ordered the assassination of an old friend a few days ago. “I like you, Captain. You’ve boosted my business, you’ve handled my daughter, you’ve made me a lot of money.” 
He looked away from Steve to look at you now, laying eyes upon a person he hadn’t bothered to reunite with in person. You had fought so hard not to be in the same room ever again, but now you were. A small little office, holding whatever air you were forced to share, on a mission that could change everything. You hated him, absolutely detested the ground he stood on, blamed him for the fallout, the change, the hurt. 
“Seda, you trust him?”
Seda opened the office door and started ushering the other two men out. “I’m getting there.”
Your father laughed, “Always so cynical.” 
Ramirez stood from his seat behind you, already gunning to make a good impression on your Captain. He shook Steve’s hand, “Until next time.”
“Sir,” Steve returned the handshake. Ramirez only adjusted slightly, and held his hand out to you. You looked down at it, momentarily stunned from any attention, but shook it in the way you were taught. Firm, short, and ready for business. You grinned at him and he returned the same emotion. 
“Two Avengers. Wow,” he mumbled, and tilted his head in a farewell. You watched him go, a silly smile on your face. 
You went to take your leave, cautious of being left alone with your father. But as fate had it, he stopped you from leaving so simply. 
“Oh, and Y/N?” 
You turned on your heel, lips plastered in a straight line. You raised your eyebrows at him, already annoyed from the request he most certainly had, no doubt. “Meet me in a few minutes. Alone.”
You forced yourself to nod, turning quickly and leaving the room. You shuffled down the hallway, Steve hot on your trail and reaching for your hand. 
“Hey, hey. I don’t want to leave you alone.”
He tugged you back to him, but you pushed him into the corner room you were originally heading for. You shut the door softly, and allowed Steve to grip your hands in his. 
“Well, you gotta. Link our mics. You’ll hear everything.”
“Safe word?”
You chuckled lowly but retracted the teasing attitude when you saw genuine worry written on Steve’s face. “Widow, Steve.”
“I didn’t mean to scare you back there. I couldn’t think of anything else to do-”
You shushed him, voice barely above a whisper. “It’s okay. You didn’t hurt me.”
“I fuck with you all the time but I would never take it that far.”
Where was this coming from? Steve looked like he was about to start hyperventilating. “I’m good. You didn’t hurt me. I’m fine, see?” you placed his hand on your chest, making sure he could feel your heartbeat. “I’m good.”
“You’re good?”
“I’m good.”
Steve removed his hand and placed it over his own chest, rubbing slightly. “I’ll be right outside when he talks to you.”
“I know you’ll be. Now, stand guard, whistle low to alert me.”
“This the room? You know the code?”
It was a simple office as well, but resembled more of a library than a workspace. It was dimly lit, cluttered, smelled of the wooden cabinets and the dust collecting on the books, and lacked any windows as well. You nodded to confirm Steve’s question, heading over to the farthest bookshelf and pushed it away from the wall. The loose dust swooped from the wood surface and into the air instantly, and you had to pause to sneeze down your shirt. 
You wiped your nose, “I’m third in command. My father may have some things hidden but I have to know the codes to shit like this.”
Steve leaned his ear on the door gently, “You’re clear.”
You gave him a thumbs up and fiddled with the outside of the safe. It was built into the wall, black in color and definitely made way before you were born. It was quite rusted, the gold numbers on the lock almost faded. 
“Let’s hope he didn’t change it.” You turned the dial - seven, thirty-three, eighteen - and it clicked on the first try. “Bingo.”
“Did you have a backup plan if that didn’t work?”
You snorted quietly, “Smash?”
Steve rolled his eyes and pressed his ear back on the door. 
Everything inside had been recently rearranged. You figured your father used some of these ID’s when entering the country for the wedding and left them stacked on one another for the quick heist on Saturday.  “We’re in luck! Both my father’s and Seda’s ID’s are here, along with-”
You cooed, taking out your phone and opening the camera app. You snapped multiple pictures, with and without flash. “Stacks and stacks of cash.”
You pulled your purse in front of you and pulled out your wallet to make room, shoving it into your back pocket instead. 
“Help me put this in my purse.”
Steve left his post to help you shovel the ID’s discreetly into every pocket your purse provided, shoving things into corners so nothing protruded. 
“Damn, we gotta leave the money,” you pouted. 
Steve chuckled, “What a horrible thing.”
A sudden, boisterous laugh right outside the door caused you to rip your arm away from the safe, thankfully pulling the last of the ID’s with you. You pushed them into your purse, zipping it up. Steve reacted quickly as well, shutting the safe and rotating the dial, pushing the bookcase back into its original position. 
“It’s Ramirez and White,” Steve whispered, looking around the room for any help. “What do we do?”
“Ramirez…” you blinked, eyes wandering around the room as well. Think, think, think. The doorknob jiggled. “Trust me.”
You ripped your purse off and threw it to the nearest couch. You hooked your arms around Steve’s neck and jumped to wrap your legs around his waist. 
“Oh my-”
In any other scenario, the whimper that left your throat would have been caused by a surge of ecstasy. But you were frightened of being caught, the whimper a blatant signal to just follow your lead. 
“Slam me into the wall, Captain.”
The door flew open just as Steve did as he was told. 
“And I told him it was ridiculous - oh my…”
You lifted your head from Steve’s neck, wide eyes to accompany your surprised state. “Oh! I thought we locked the door!”
Ramirez covered his eyes bashfully, turning around and staring at the wall. “Don’t mind us, we were just looking for loose smokes.”
Opposite to his intruding partner, White laughed at the scene before him. He dipped low, hands on his knees as he joked. “Didn’t think Captain America had it in him! Been a stiff ever since the ice, huh mate?”
You could feel Steve tense against you, and he froze entirely. You drew your hand up to play with the strands of his hair, putting on your best flirty tone possible. “Oh, trust me. He’s pretty stiff right now.”
Steve seemed to calm under your touch, so he turned his head over his shoulder and gave an embarrassed smile of his own. 
“Excuse us again, Y/N. You two enjoy your time,” Ramirez apologized, pulling at White’s jacket to guide him out of the room. Once you heard the click of the door, you jumped from Steve’s grasp and immediately began patting his back. 
“I’m sorry.”
Steve chuckled, his blush rising from his shoulders to his cheeks. “It’s okay, you saved us.”
You inspected him closely, a little embarrassed with yourself. It was a bold move, but one that needed to be done. You stood in silence for a few more seconds, each of you adjusting to such a sudden change of breathing pattern. 
You shut your eyes and groaned silently, “I need to speak with him.”
“Can I wait outside the door?”
You picked up your purse and swung it around your torso, “No, you need to wait in the car. Or smother Ramirez and White, your call.”
The lines on Steve’s forehead deepened, “Y/N, I can’t leave you alone with him.”
You wanted to argue further because Steve really over exaggerated. You fought a whole army of aliens, robots, and even the infamous Winter Soldier. Sure, you lost the battle with Thanos on the first try, you lost a teammate with Ultron, and gained a collapsed lung from Bucky’s insane roundhouse kick, but you were positive you could take your father. “You’re gonna have to. I’ve been alone with him before.”
Steve placed his hands on his hips and gave you a blank stare. “He shot you last time.”
“Ehh, Seda did.”
You laughed softly, “Then wait in the living room.”
“The shield’s in the car. If you need help, I may not have enough time-”
Steve and that goddamn shield. The guy was acting like he wasn’t a super soldier. You were annoyed. Annoyed with a pinch of salt?
“You whip that shield out to save me and I swear to god-”
“Okay, okay. I’ll link our mics.”
He fumbled around on his phone for a few seconds before you heard the softest beep from below your ear. 
     The last time you had entered that room alone, you left with a bullet lodged deep in your abdomen and with the threat of having it done again. Stumbling and crashing into the walls and random trinkets, leaving your blood stains on anything you used to steady yourself. This time would be different - it had to be. Your father wouldn’t shoot you with the Captain America waiting in the other room. Then again, your father always seemed to top himself each time you were forced to interact personally. In an instant, he dropped the good guy act. Or, hyped joy. 
Now, his stare was cold and calculated, posture upright like he was awaiting your arrival. You couldn’t help but smile and roll your eyes, a tiny scoff breaking the silence as he returned it. 
“You’re one damn good actor.” 
He chuckled deeply, “We do what we have to do in front of the people who threaten our reign.” 
You kicked the leg of a nearby chair to turn it toward you. Sitting down, you retorted with a chuckle of your own. “You’re not royalty.” 
“We are... you are.”
Third in command. Daughter of the biggest drug lord south of the border? In most cases, you could be considered goddamn royalty. Did you want to be? No, because the title that seemed to fit was ‘a chess piece in the middle of a mad supremacy’. But that was too long.  
“So, what is this? You scared my Captain is gonna knock you off your feet and take your place?” 
His hands slammed the desk. His little basket of pens and pencils toppled over and spilled onto the floor. “I have waited seven, long years for you to bring that man to me. And each time you defied me. Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right now!” 
You remained seated, a blank stare boring into your father’s. “Uh, probably because he would avenge me. Get it?” 
He wasn’t one for jokes, though. “It would be so easy.” 
Aggravating him further was not the smartest thing to do. And Steve had the same thought as he fumbled with his own thumbs outside, hearing the conversation from afar. He almost wanted to barge in just to put your ass in time out. 
But you had seven years to make up for - a little joke here and there shouldn’t hurt much. 
“You do know I’m an Avenger, right? Trained by Natalia Romanoff herself?” 
You worded your sentence carefully, her alias need not be spoken out loud unless you needed backup. 
“Answer me.”
When his nostrils flared, you knew better than to twist the knife. 
“Steve didn’t sign the accords. He was on the run for two years before you asked me for him. This is public knowledge.”
He pointed his index finger at you, shaking it wildly. “You lie. Why you lie?”
You had to blink multiple times through your shocked state, mouth agape and involuntarily racks of laughter spilling. He couldn’t be serious. You could only repeat the same thing so many times. 
“Like I said all those years ago - He. Was. On. The. Run. No contact. I had no way of contacting him!”
He struggled to grab whatever on his desk to raise toward your face. In this case, he pointed his phone in a threatening manner. “Excuses! Remember the last time you made such a poor excuse?”
The laughing stopped, your mouth immediately shutting. You clenched your jaw to work through your murderous impulses. 
You wondered how your hands would look wrapped around his neck. Red and angry, tightening as each desperate second passes, nails forming crescents as they pressed in his skin. If there was a window, you would definitely kick him out of it. Wave goodbye as he fell dramatically. But the mansion was one story high and you couldn’t magically conjure up a window. God, this would be the absolute best time to have Wanda or Loki here to use some of that dark magic. Either way, you just wanted to wipe that shit-eating grin off his face right now. 
“He. Was on. The run.”
“And I thought you learned your lesson.”
You stood from your seat and leaned on the desk, arms holding you up and face inches away from his. “You gonna send in your men to remind me? With my Captain a few feet away?”
His lips were trembling as much as yours were - face blotchy with silver droplets of sweat and an angry blush now reaching his forehead. For a seventy-five year old man, he still had such a rage in him that didn’t risk a heart attack. Lucky bastard. 
“He best not interfere if it’s what I choose to do.”
Outside, Steve gripped the back door handle to the point it squished in on itself, metal twisting awkwardly and splintering the paint. His free hand was balled into the meanest fist, even his stubby nails wreaking havoc on his pale palm. He was making himself bleed by the restraint. He took slow breaths, eyes closed but ears fully alert. He wouldn’t cry. Not right now. 
“I called you back alone to invite you to breakfast the day after tomorrow.”
Whether it was because he knew you were only a few seconds from lunging yourself across his desk to break his neck or because he was tired from all the energy he had just exerted, your father slumped back into his seat as he spoke. 
“The hotel has free breakfast.”
He shook his head in complete astonishment, “You’re not getting out of this. I have important business to discuss with each of you.”
You continued to stare him down, “Over coffee?”
He shrugged his shoulders, “I can’t leave the estate so close to the wedding. Your sister is flying in tomorrow and I have to make sure construction is done by then.”
“Right, ‘cause you’re the best father in the world.”
Being in the same room was suffocating, but you couldn’t help but be fascinated by the man. How unbelievably thoughtless yet calculated he could be. How unbelievably fake yet so damn real in all his hidden meanings.
“Jackeline likes to think so.”
Your sister was sweet, sure, and there was an unspoken agreement between the two of you to not fight one another, being the only daughters and all. But you were eight years old when she was born, already tainted by the world in which she was just born into. Forgive your lack of sisterly bond. When you were sixteen, you dipped. Now, at the sprouting ages of twenty-six and eighteen, you two couldn’t be more different. 
Actually, yes you could. If she thought your father was a good man, she was entirely ignorant of the world she lives in. 
“Good for her. Why don’t we discuss the shipment transport during the most important day of her life?”
“Nice try. That’s what the rehearsal dinner is for - rehearsal.” 
You gave your father a sad smile, “You really won’t trust me. After all these years of following your orders.”
“Now, let’s not go bringing up the past.”
You interrupted, “Why not? You’re trusting my Captain and I to help you move that shipment but won’t trust me enough to tell me where it is right now?” 
He was back to standing but he was much calmer. “Right now, I trust your Captain more than you. What kind of man would leave everything moral behind for a bunch of criminals? A bad one.”
“You’ve known him for like, two seconds.”
Your father searched his pockets for loose cigarettes. “He left everything moral behind for me. For you. And you left me behind for everything moral.”
Rolling your eyes, you backed away from his desk and headed for the door. “Sometimes you don’t make any sense. Is that it? Are we done?”
“You accept my invitation?”
“Do I really have a choice?”
     The mansion seemed larger than when you entered, the hallways longer, the walls closing in, the trinkets reaching out to stop you by the wrist. The longer you stayed in this hell hole, the more likely you were probably going to unleash the rage attached to your body in the form of your favorite weapons. Bomb the hell out of this place. 
You marched to Steve’s car. He was already waiting, leaning along the passenger door like he was going to open it for you. If he did, you might kill him too. So, you repeatedly snapped your fingers at him and pointed around the car, silently but angrily motioning him to get in. He didn’t need to be told twice. In fact, he thought it might be therapeutic for you to throw the door open and slam it yourself. It was. 
Steve started the car. He didn’t need to ask, there was no reason to since he heard everything. And so did Sam. Bucky. Scott. It was being transcribed as you swerved out of the estate. God, you wanted to throw up. 
“I’ll tell you when to stop.” 
Steve choked on his breath, “Stop?” 
You rolled down the windows to breathe in the crisp cold air, teeth becoming sensitive as it passed into your lungs. “Once we get past the cameras and nearby neighborhoods.” 
“Did you need-“ 
“When I say stop, stop. Fucking damn, Steve! Listen to me for once!”
Steve didn’t know why he was challenging you. Your father had just brought up one of the most traumatic moments of your life, basically called you a hypocrite and a coward - he tried to tear you down. And here you were, holding it all together like the champ he found you to be. But he never handled your outbursts well, even if they were completely justified. 
“Don’t fucking give me orders if you won’t tell me what they’re for!”
“Stop the fucking car!”
He slammed on the breaks, instincts still kicking in during your argument and he reached his arm out to your side to hold you back from the powerful surge. His body lunged forward, however, chest hitting the steering wheel and horn. 
You scrambled out of the car and ran into the woods, feet guiding you through mud and prickly bushes until they reached a more secluded spot. Steve stumbled along after you, nearly tripping over the same rocks you had avoided masterfully. 
Before he could ask what you were doing, you pulled your gun from its hidden holster and clicked the safety. Steve’s eyes bulged out of his head just in time to see the first round sound off mid-air. He crouched down to the floor and shielded his head. You shot away from him, obviously, until all seven rounds were dislodged, aimed in the sky diagonally. 
Once the last bullet exited, you simply packed everything up. Now calm and collected, you turned around and headed back for the car.
Steve’s voice cracked as he spoke, “Seriously?”
You pushed branches away from your head as you walked, “Seriously.”
“Do you know how dangerous that is? Those bullets don’t just disappear into thin air,” Steve scolded, jogging up to speed walk beside you. 
“So fucking what? I’m keeping the rent low in this area, then.”
Steve sighed in defeat, “Talk to me.”
“Sorry, I’m shutting down.”
You groaned, tears of frustration not entirely formed, but in their beginning stages. “You already know what’s stressing me out, Steve. Do you need it in writing?”
“I know, I’m sorry,” Steve lowered his voice. “What do you need me to do?”
“Just,” you paused, stopping to face him. You opened and closed your hands mid-air as if that would help you formulate your sentences better. “I don’t know. But when I find out, I’ll let you know.”
This Steve could accept. So he simply nodded, guiding you the rest of the way with his hand gently placed on your lower back. 
     The drive back to the hotel was fairly silent. The radio provided a calming relief from such drama. Steve would glance at you every so often to check on you, but you were always resting your eyes. This was only the first day of the mission - officially. If you were this drained from one encounter, Steve needed to rethink this whole operation. Whether it was healthy to keep you on, or if the threat was just too large. But no matter the alternatives, Steve understood that this week was going to be difficult either way, and you needed to be present. This was your mission after all. He was just your partner. 
Even with a thousand things on your mind, you were still conscious enough to check your surroundings, check-in with the agent posted behind the front desk, and reconnect your mic with the teams. 
Steve pushed open your room door and threw the car keys on one of the nearby tables. “Nap time?”
You ignored his initial question, “I didn’t think seeing them in person again would be so draining.”
Steve watched you carefully, somewhat scared that you would pull out your gun again and shatter a window. “It was pretty cramped.”
You started to disarm yourself, tearing off your sweater and holsters clumsily. “And they acted like we were all on good terms! Around you, at least. I know they’re acting for my sister’s sake and then we can go back to hating each other after, but really?”
Steve sat on the edge of his bed, eyes sorry. “I really don’t know what to say.”
You threw yourself onto your bed, burying your face into the pillows. You continued speaking, albeit muffled. “You don’t have to say anything - just let me rant.”
“You’ll tire yourself out, Y/N. C’mon, we gotta draft up this report-”
You lifted yourself up and started smoothing down your hair, “I need a drink.”
Steve pointed to the computer, “The report.”
“A drink.” 
“Y/N, it’s getting late. The sooner we draft it, the sooner-”
You grumbled out again, already opening the door and shoving your boots on. “Steve, I need a drink. You know what they do to me, what they’ve done to me, what they continue to do every single day. Now, join me or not but I am going downstairs for a drink.”
Steve paused for a moment, looking around the room hesitantly. “Can I at least take the laptop?”
You threw your head back and walked out the door, “Take the goddamn laptop, jesus fucking christ, c’mon.”
     If there’s one thing you were happy about today, it was that you booked a hotel with a mini bar on the second floor. It wasn’t an outright full bar, but it was low lit, clean and the counters were made from fine wood, and there was a variety of flavors to choose from. There were only a few hotel guests spread out and a single bartender. You and Steve took seats at the counter. 
“Whiskey sour,” you called for the bartender, trying and failing to give him the nicest smile you could. 
Steve settled in his bar stool, “Thought you wanted to drink to drink hard.”
You chuckled at him and extended your arms in a stretch, “I’m mad, not depressed.”
He grinned at your movements - as if just sitting in a bar already loosened you up. “In that case, get me a beer.”
     Natasha had called Steve for help after your fourth beer and fifth whiskey. Her coaxing proved to be pointless, each request of a safe passage home seeming to enter one ear and leave the other. And you’ll end up killing her when you were sober enough for sending unwanted reinforcements, but even she didn’t want to fight you. If you wanted to drown in liquid courage, that courage churning itself into raw despair, then she would allow it. 
Steve stared at you for a few moments. Head hanging low, a deep frown etched into your tired expression, index finger tapping your glass as if you were debating whether to down it in one go or to leave it. Steve had never seen you like this, guard destroyed and face practically pale, just begging to be left alone. And it seemed the whole bar felt the same way, as there was no music playing and everyone was wallowing in their own grief. 
“I can spot you from a mile away, you know?”
Your voice immediately pulled Steve from his own mind and he was surprised you could still form coherent sentences given the amount of empty glasses in front of you. 
“I don’t mean to interrupt.”
You scoffed, leaning away from him as he sat down in the stool beside you. “Natasha sent you. Don’t tell me otherwise.”
“I’m not saying anything.”
Steve ordered a beer for himself, and although he was driving, one beer wouldn’t impair him anyway. It wouldn’t even cause a dent in his 20/20 vision. 
“Fucking ridiculous, it’s fucking ridiculous!” 
The bar patrons seemed to wince simultaneously and the bartender simply gathered a few of your empty glasses to wash. Steve didn’t hush you, didn’t touch you, didn’t try to reassure you. If you needed to cause a scene, it was time. Your silence for the past week had been frightening, but when Tony returned last night, half dead and without the kid, it seemed to be your breaking point. 
“Wanda destroyed it. She destroyed the fucking stone and all he did was use another to bring it back.”
Steve took a sip of his beer to disguise his quivering lip, but his eyes had no curtain. His waterline swelled with fresh tears, eyes instantly reddening, an undesired sting pinching the corners. 
“Strange must have had a reason. He must’ve, but - how can that reason include the death of trillions?”
“We’re going to find a way-”
“And if we don’t?”
Steve kept his lips on the bottle, incisors biting down only slightly as he took in your rhetorical question. You continued speaking.
“He destroyed the stones.”
“Carol is looking for answers.”
You shook your head and pulled out your wallet, leaving whatever cash you had on the counter before standing up. You stumbled but Steve latched onto your arm and pulled it to hug his waist. 
“Loki?” you mumbled, raising your head to lock eyes with Steve. He didn’t know if you were calling him another name or if you were asking for the God’s whereabouts. “Bucky?”
“Hey, stop, stop.”
Steve could only nod. What use was it to lie to you? Your new vertical position seemed to magnify the true extent of your intoxication as your eyes finally glazed over and limbs trembled. 
“Let’s get you home, okay?”
Gripping his shirt, you apologized each time it would crumble and you would accidentally tug it downward. But Steve didn’t care. You were practically limp in his arms, heavy and without proper use of your legs. 
“You’re a good man, Steve.”
Steve sighed sadly but couldn’t help the small smile that formed as he looked down at you and found you sporting a silly one of your own. 
“A really good man. I’m happy you’re still here.”
Steve paused for a moment, taking in your words and holding back his own tears. If there was a time he wanted to be drunk off his ass, it would be now. He was somewhat jealous of the brief relief alcohol had given you, loose and not fully aware of the drama of the world. “I’m happy, too.”
“No, you’re not,” you slurred, allowing Steve to guide you to his car. You slumped against the passenger door as Steve searched his pocket for his key. “I heard you crying last night.”
Steve halted his search mid-pat, a hard crease forming between his eyebrows as he lifted his head. “I wasn’t-”
“I cry too,” you admitted, a drunken pout on your face. “You don’t have to lie to me.”
Perhaps it was a dirty thing for him to do at this moment because you wouldn’t remember a single word of this conversation in the morning, but he figured there was no immediate harm. He found his key, unlocked the car, and helped you inside. Only once he entered the car himself did he take advantage of your blurry mind. 
“I cried for Sam and Bucky. Who do you cry for?”
You clicked the seatbelt on, mind clear enough for safety precautions it seemed. “Poor Wanda.”
Steve nodded and started the car. “Anything else?”
“Did I ever tell you about the time Loki asked me on a date?”
Steve immediately shut off the car and turned to you. “Huh? When?”
You grinned, small giggles bubbling from your chest. “A few months ago. He was so shy, too. I said yes.”
Steve ignored the twinge in his chest, “How was it?”
You leaned your head back and tilted it towards him, your smile faltered slightly. “Never went on it. And now he’s dead.”
The urge to lean over and wrap you in a much needed hug was there, eating away at him since you called him a good man. But he had taken advantage of this situation far too much, so he simply nodded in understanding and started the car again. 
“I’m sorry.”
You barely heard him, but you mumbled a quick response before letting the alcohol fully consume you. “Me too.”
     You thanked the bartender when they slid you your drink. “I hadn’t seen him since before the world went to shit.” You took a quick sip. “Kinda strange.”
Steve nodded, wondering if he should dive deep into the issue at hand. Instead of outright saying his outdated spiel, he eased into it. He gave you a few needed sips of your drink, at least.  “Y/N, can I ask an honest question?”
You hummed, “My toes are already tingling. You could probably ask me what my kinks are and I’d tell you.”
Steve suddenly burst into a fit of giggles, “You never could handle a sip of alcohol.”
Your eyes rounded at his reaction. Perhaps the alcohol affected him in other fun ways that he didn’t know. “Nope, I’m a lightweight.”
Steve contained himself before clearing his throat, “The question…”
“Go ahead.”
He rolled his shoulders and took a sip of his beer. Leaning in closer, he lowered his voice. “If it comes down to it, and god forbid you’re incapacitated, do you want me to kill your father?”
Your mouth opened slightly, the words stuck behind your tongue. You looked down at your drink, as if some special response was swimming in it. You knew your answer, but the way to phrase it was lost. 
“I don’t want his blood on your hands.”
“But if it was the last choice?”
You sighed, “If you pull that trigger, they’ll never stop coming after you.”
Steve’s eyebrows scrunched together, “But if you pull it?”
You shrugged and raised the glass to your lips. “That’s my life, Steve. Let me deal with the consequences.”
“That’s just it - you don’t have to. At least, not alone.”
God, you hated how perfect Steve sounded all the time. Whenever he was annoying you, fighting you, or protecting you, his syllables were stretched in the most glorious way, dipping into every crevice of the person they were delivered to and warming inches of body slowly. You wanted him to have somewhat of an evil side for once in his life, but no matter how many times you thought he would explode, he didn’t.
Two years ago, when he dropped you from his life in an instant, you had assumed you finally caught a glimpse at this evil side. It was the only time you were truly scared of him. 
“You really are a good person.”
Steve swished his beer bottle around, “I wish everyone would stop being surprised by that.”
“I’m not surprised. I guess I just want to hate you, and I can’t.”
Steve’s shoulders slumped like crumbling mountains and you couldn’t stop thinking about how vulnerable he looked. You wanted to pull him closer and rest your head to his chest, hear his heartbeat and apologize for theorizing a possible hatred. 
“Why do you want to hate me?”
“When you wouldn’t sign the accords, part of me saw that as the mascot of America not caring if he invaded and pillaged everything in his path.”
“But I-” Steve interjected, but you stopped him by raising your hand and waving it gently. 
“I know why you didn’t. Hell, I helped you escape.”
“Why did you help if you hated me?”
Being vulnerable with Steve wasn’t anything new. You were each other’s support system for those lonely five years, but it all changed the moment you defeated Thanos. So, for the last two years you didn’t quite get along. But here, now, you could always tell when Steve was being honest and open. 
“Guess I thought that if you were willing to help me with my family, I should help you with yours.”
His therapist desperately tried to rationalize the experiences Steve would tell, instructing him to look past hard exteriors and accept help from others. That his old friends were still friends, and enemies should never be compared to those he loved. And he knew he was easily blinded when something or someone had the slightest mishap, instantly writing it off as harmful. 
He spoke of you often during his one hour sessions - stories of your blatant silliness and crude jokes; how you would poke your finger into his sandwiches when you thought he wasn’t looking; how you almost beat up a kid and his little gang for baiting Peter after his identity was exposed; and how you and Sam had gotten into a bar fight over something so trivial, so unnecessary, that it was almost unbelievable to see you innocently scoot away from the body on the floor in the police video, as if you had nothing to do with it and those few feet of distance automatically cleared you. 
His therapist would just listen. 
“Did I ever thank you?”
You smiled sadly, “You went into hiding soon after. Then we went to battle, lost everyone, went to battle again, and then…”
“And then.”
‘And then’ wasn’t really something you two liked to bring up. It was still a fresh wound, somewhat patched up, but still open. 
You spaced out for a few minutes, both of you enjoying your drinks. You were no longer drinking to get drunk, not that it was your original goal to begin with. You just sat in comfortable silence, reliving the events earlier that day and drafting an internal report. 
“What are you thinking about?”
You pursed your lips and thought, clicking your tongue when it finally dawned on you. “This was the first time I saw Marcus White sober.”
Steve sat up straighter, “Are you sure? He didn’t look it.”
“Yeah, he usually speaks quickly and he fidgets. But he was coherent this afternoon.”
“Should that be a red flag?”
You took out your phone and sent a quick text to Torres for him to monitor White closely for the next few days, just in case. “A big one. My father referred to him more often than he did Ramirez.”
Steve tackled every idea in his head quickly, speaking as a new one popped up. “They could be planning a move against Ramirez. He’s close to overthrowing your father.”
You raised your head from your phone, “And the wedding would be a perfect distraction.”
“He would kill his greatest rival on your sister’s happiest day?”
You let out a low chuckle, “This man has nothing to lose. It won’t matter who he topples along the way.”
Steve opened the laptop, silently congratulating himself for bringing it despite your insults, and began drafting the report. The two of you worked for the next hour, nursing a couple more drinks before you sent the final copy to Bucky. 
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softsebnbuckystan · a day ago
Soul ties - Part 11 (Bucky Barnes au)
"High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again"
Tumblr media
It took Bucky exactly eight minutes to meet you in the kitchen after you'd come back from taking your things at Darren's. He didn't say anything right away, placing a hot cup of fresh coffee in front of you.
"Black, no sugar," he told you.
You smiled softly at that small thing he'd managed to remember about you. Damn, your standards were low.
"How did it go?" he asked as he sat before you.
"Not as bad as I imagined," — you sighed – "even though he still found a way to be a dick."
"I'm sorry."
You shrugged as you held on tight to your cup. "It's not your fault, don't  be."
"I kinda feel responsible, though."
You took a sip of your warm drink before instinctively grabbing his hands on the table.
"The only thing you're responsible for is making me see how he already was. I should thank you for that."
"I just..."
Footsteps made you remove your hands and place them back around your cup as you looked down. Bucky cleared his throat, visibly uncomfortable as well.
"I didn't want to interrupt anything, sorry," Steve apologised. "Buck, Tony just confirmed we're going on a small mission tomorrow. You're still up, right?" He looked back and forth at you and his friend. "You can also stick around if you want. It's not gonna be difficult."
Bucky's eyes interrogated you for a second. Did he want to stick around to stay with you? You wish you knew. He tilted his head on the side, thinking.
"Nah, I already said I'd come."
"Cool. It's just gonna be Nat and the two of us. We should be fine."
As Steve laid a comforting hand on your shoulder, you felt his last sentence was more directed at you than it was at Bucky, who would actually be on the mission. He squeezed your shoulder before leaving the two of you alone again. The awkwardness that lingered  in the air was killing you : had you made him uncomfortable by kissing him? Had he changed his mind about you?
"This is weird," you finally said. "I made it weird, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..."
"Hey, hey, calm down," he whispered. "You didn't make anything weird. I just don't want to you  to think I'm pushing you to anything so I..." — he  shook his head – "I though not saying anything about what happened  between us would make you more comfortable."
"Thank God," you breathed. "I thought you regretted it."
"How could I?" He stared at your eyes, his own checking out your lips for a second. "I'd do it again without any hesitation if you asked."
You felt a tickle in your stomach as he leaned towards you, his elbows resting on the table.
"What if I asked now?" you questioned, feeling your cheeks heating up.
The shadow of a smile appeared on his face as he grew closer to you, teasing you with his slow motion. You put your chin forward to make your intentions clear. Taking the hint, he  brushed his lips against yours, sending shivers down your spine. You allowed your hand to touch his neck to pull  him in and kiss him deeper. You soon felt him smile before he pressed a kiss on the corner of your mouth and sat back properly. You rested your head on your hand and shot him a bright smile before acknowledging your feelings and what you'd told Wanda.
"I'm scared, Buck," you confessed. "I don't want to impose my mess of a sentimental life on you."
"You mean that husband of yours?" Bucky scoffed. "It's not gonna be a problem,  doll."
You chuckled at the nickname before grabbing his hand again. "I'm talking to Tony tonight to see if he knows a decent lawyer. After that...I'll have divorce papers drafted," you explained.
Bucky gently squeezed your fingers. "Are you ready to do it now? You have the right to wait."
"I know," you said, distractingly drawing circles on his hand with your thumb. "I also know that the sooner I do this, the less time he'll be able to torment me, because... I'm convinced he won't let this settle in peace."
"I'll be there. All the way."
You couldn't help but smile as you looked at both your hands. It felt so natural that you couldn't even feel any guilt about your marriage.
"Alright lovebirds, I've waited long enough  for my tea," your sister joked as she walked in.
You let out a delicate laugh before getting up. "I'm gonna go work in the lab a little," you said. "I promised Bruce I would look into our tissue theory."
"Can I watch?" Bucky asked in an eager voice.
"Of course!  I'll even teach you a few science tricks if you're nice enough." You smiled once more. "See you,  Wanda!"
"Thanks for doing this with me," you said. "I could've gone alone, but..."
"Hey, it's alright," Sam told you. "That's what friends are for."
"Mrs y/l/n?" a young man asked you. "Mr. Reyes is ready to meet you."
You got up and breathed out before entering the attorney's office. As he invited you to take a seat in front of him, you quickly explained Sam was here to support you.
"Mr. Stark told me you might come with a friend," he told you as he grabbed a pile of paper and his pen. "Do  you know what you want out of this divorce? Money, the house?"
"Oh, hum..." You  fiddled with your fingers and Sam gave you a nod of encouragement. "All I want is to get out of this marriage. He can keep the place, I don't care. We don't even have joined bank accounts."
"Yeah, I noticed that. A smart move from you, lady." He took some notes before asking you for your postal address. : you gave him the compound's one. "You won't need elaborate papers for this, I believe. Regular ones will do it just fine, and I promise  you'll  be out of it in no time, provided your future ex-husband signs them soon enough."
"About that... What should I do if he doesn't?"
"Is it a strong possibility?"
You looked at Sam as you debated the question. You hadn't been married for long, but you believed Darren's ego and pride could possibly make this procedure trickier than it actually was.
"Yeah. He's not really happy with my decision."
"If he doesn't sign, then we'll settle this in court. Don't worry, though, we'll make sure we don't have to. Shall we go over the papers together?"
Once you were out of the office, Sam decided to stop at a bar to buy you a drink. "You deserve it," he said. Sitting there at the counter, a beer in your hand, you were anxious about Darren signing papers that hadn't even been sent yet.
"He'll sign them, y/n. And if he doesn't do it willingly, I trust Steve and myself to convince him."
He bumped your shoulder, making you chuckle.
"I hope you're right. I really don't want this do be dramatic. I know it's unfair to him, but..."
"Wait a second," he interrupted you. "Divorce isn't unfair given the way he's been treating you for years."
"I know that now. Both Wanda and Bucky have made it seem very clear to me. But he still deserves a real soulmate, one he will treat right. And I shouldn't have lied to him in the first place."
Sam took a sip of his beer and you took a minute to check out the beautiful small carvings on the edge of the counter. The whole bar had a dark, comfy vibe that you found yourself to enjoy a lot. The bartender had obviously recognised Sam, but he was chill about it.
"Maybe, but the same reasoning applies to you," your friend replied. "You deserve to be with your soulmate, and so does Bucky."
"You're probably right. Thank  you again for coming along. I would've asked Wanda, but..."
"You didn't want to bother her and Vision, didn't you?"
"Yeah, and Steve was on a mission, so... Plus, you're way more chill than he is," you said, laughing a little. "Don't tell him I said that."
"I won't."
"I'm glad we're friends, you know? You, Steve, and the're family to me now."
Sam patted your shoulder.
"I know. We'll always be."
You nodded slowly, taking another sip before Sam's phone started buzzing.  He picked it up quick.
"Stark? What's up?"
You couldn't hear Tony's voice on the other end of the call, but Sam's furrowed brows had you worried. He looked down for a second.
"We'll be here in no time."
He hung up, probably making this one of the shortest calls in history.
"What's wrong?" you asked. "I know something's wrong. Tell me."
"They're back. We gotta go."
Sam grabbed his coat on his chair and dropped a bill on the counter to pay for the beers. He didn't even bother to wait for his change and you followed him outside.
"Okay but why the rush, Sam?"
"Bucky's hurt, and you're the only doc available right now."
--- And that's part 11! Part 13 will be the last one and it's making me emotional... :)
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December, 2016
A/N: This is the first chapter/letter in the new (and the first) series that I'm writing. Most of the story will be told through epistolary format. I would love to hear your opinions and criticism on this.... Sharing your thoughts on the writing, the parts that you liked, the parts that you didn't, will help me to improve the story, so I would really appreciate your feedback!
Steve Rogers x Reader
Set after Civil War. For the sake of the story I'm going to consider that the events of CA:CW occur early in December of 2016.
Dear Steve,
Hello, my darling, how are you doing? Oh, God, what a silly question to ask! But still, how are you? How is Bucky? Is he doing better? I hope everything’s going alright… Well, as alright as it can be when you’re a fugitive! Oh, gosh! I shouldn’t joke about this. I’m so, so sorry.
Steve, I know you needed to leave abruptly, that you need to help Bucky, but I wish you’d told me, confided in me. I wish I didn’t have to find out about everything on the television. The Accords, Bucky…. Oh, I’m completely with you, Steve, on both the counts. I just wish that I'd heard of this mess from you rather than from the television.
The Accords… when I read what they entailed, I felt like they would do more harm than good, and I only know what the public has been told. And while I can understand why Tony (or should I call him Mr Stark? You know, because I haven’t met him; but you’ve spoken so much about him that I feel as though I know him already) would find them appealing, perhaps even necessary, what with the Ultron fiasco, I think he’s going about it the wrong way. He is trusting the bureaucracy to keep him line, when he should trust you and his fellow teammates who really understand what is at stake, and can see beyond the selfish interests of economy and power and whatnot. But that is just my opinion….. I’m sorry if I’m out of line.
Anyway, the past few days have been slightly difficult for me. I’ve been feeling tired and I’ve been throwing up. I fear I’m coming down with something. Oh, gosh, I’m so foolish….. You’re on a run, a fugitive saving Bucky and here I am whining about a touch of illness! You’ll forgive your foolish girlfriend, won’t you?
I wish you were here. I miss your warmth next to mine. I miss your waking up at ungodly hours. I miss your humming to the forties’ songs while pulling me into impromptu dance is the kitchen. I miss you calling me ‘ma’am’. I miss your comforting scent. I miss your arms. I miss your telling me to sit still in some strange posture because the light is perfect and you want to capture the moment with your pencil. I miss speaking with you. I miss you. And I know that Bucky needs you much more right now, but I can’t help missing you. But don’t worry about me, darling, I’ll be fine. Take care of Bucky, and give him a lots of hugs from me, will you?
Steve, please promise me that you will be careful. Please don’t neglect yourself while taking care of Bucky. If not for yourself, then for Bucky, for me, but please take care of yourself. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if something happened to you, sweetheart.
I think I will end here. I love you, to infinity and beyond. Take care.
Yours (and only yours),
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The Price You Pay
Pairing: Mob!Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: Non-con/Dub-con, mentions of murder, unclear timeline, blackmail, unprotected sex, fingering (F!receiving), smut, esoteric references to past abuse, manipulation, Dark!Fic
Words: 5.2k (holy fuck?)
Summary: You need his help. He names his price.
Notes: This is for @stargazingfangirl18 and her incredible 5K Soft!Dark Challenge and I can't believe I wrote over 5k words for a oneshot, making this the longest piece I've ever written. I took a blend of prompts: Mob!AU; “When I woke up this morning, I certainly didn’t think my day would end like this;” and “That’s a big favor you’re asking for, I think you need to make it worth my while.”
And this was intended to be a oneshot but now I can't stop thinking about it so thanks Siri, I think this is now a part of my WIPs too! Your work is amazing and I had a blast being able to take part in this!
As usual, my work is 18+ ONLY, Minors DO NOT INTERACT
Tumblr media
You went to him first.
You went to him, handed them your business card and I want to speak to Steve Rogers.
Honestly they almost threw you out with an extra hole in your head but then the man of the hour walked right in.
So now you’re here. Now you’re here, sitting across a gorgeous dining table with a ten-course meal laid out and honestly you’re surprised they didn’t tie your wrists to the arms of the chair while you watch him eat and take in the look of those baby blue eyes scanning you over.
He even brought you non-alcoholic rosé, when you said you didn’t drink.
You wanted to talk to me?
Yeah, I do. Thought you’d just sit me in your office, have a consultation.
I like breaking bread with new friends. Have a nice dinner, get the wine flowing — of course, that’s not gonna loosen your tongue, but we’ll forgive it.
Oh. Cool, I like being forgiven.
He laughs at that one and the room, strumming with tension, snaps into amusement. So do you, cracking a half smile on dark red lips, before swallowing down the lump of anxiety threatening to break through and destroy everything. You need this. You need this and you can’t let anything — not your nervousness, not your morals, not him — stop you. You need this and it needs to be done and if this is what justice is in this fucking city then so be it.
Well, sweetness, you’ve got my attention. You want to talk business or pleasure?
That one makes you laugh, a little sharp and a little cruel, and the curling smirk on his face gets a little furrowed because he hears it too — pain.
It could be both, you say finally, picking up the glass of rosé-that-wasn’t, if your reputation is as real as they say it is.
He lifts a bite of cheesecake into his mouth and lets it melt on his tongue while he watches you, somewhere between impressed and incensed. You know the look — you saw it the last time he met you in court, but you weren’t there as allies then. Never thought you’d come to me, he admits finally, sounding halfway bemused at the idea, but you’re full of surprises, aren’t you, Counsel?
You wince, or maybe smirk, eyes on the man before you.
It’s a game, a dance, a ruse, and the woman you thought you were thirteen months ago when you put four of Steve Rogers’s best men in jail for fifteen years — fifteen years longer than any District Attorney had ever managed to do before you, and you were just the rookie they handed a shit case to — is leagues different from the woman you are now, seated prim and proper in the lion’s den.
You’re not innocent. That’s not been your game for years — this life doesn’t leave room for innocence, it tears at you, leaves you tired and broken and ill.
Your colleagues learned to fear him a long time ago, the man before you. Captain America, leading the city, the country, the world into a new era of high tech crime all under his thumb. It’s a pretty shiny shield, the one that sits behind him, but mirrors are black on the other side and his soul is dark as coal.
You’re not an angel yourself, and this deal with the Devil isn’t for anyone but you.
I need someone taken care of.
So you come to me? I thought you were a lady of morals, Counsel.
Certain kinds of morals.
You can see him smile, see the way he raises his glass, the glimmer of malice and amusement in his eyes. So tell me. What’s the name?
You give it.
He’s not in the city, your target, but he will be. A Judge, an activist, real tough-on-crime-sweet-on-justice type of shit. You don’t tell him the reasons why, because those are yours, but you tell him the name. You tell him he’s a problem, you tell him he’s dangerous, you tell him you’ll pay to have him taken care of, you tell him you don’t want to practice in front of that black, black robe.
And he smiles like the Devil he is, watches you with a grin and drinks his whiskey in one last shot before slamming it down, Real woman of the law, aren’t you?
You said that when we met the first time.
Tumblr media
He’s a hunter, you can see it in his eyes. That lion’s mane might be tamed right now but it won’t be for long and you’re playing with wild animals. The eyes on you are ice and daggers, daring you to do the one thing everyone in the office has been begging you not to do.
(Drop the charges, Rookie, the case is just to get your face in front of the judge.)
You upped the charges.
(Rookie, you don’t know what you’re dealing with, there’s other cases.)
You subpoenaed his phone records.
(Rookie, don’t make me drag you off this case!)
You won.
You had no witnesses and a jury you had to drag in from god-knows-where after you proved, over and over again, that he’d paid off the cohort in the courtroom. Finding people with nothing to lose and a desire to do their civic duty wasn’t harder than you thought — it was exactly as impossible as you expected.
But you did it.
That’s what you do, isn’t it? Push and push and fight, claw your fingers at the ledge and pull yourself up, you pay for your crimes in your blood, sweat and tears you pay for the things you could have done then and didn’tdo.
You pay.
And sometimes, that payment bounces back.
And when it was all said and done, when the closing statements were delivered, when the Jury came back out and the Judge — hands shaking, mouth agape, eyes wide — read out the verdict no one expected, you… didn’t feel any better, did you? There was no justice for you in that room, just the searing glare of ice-blue eyes and the burning of your steel spine.
Real woman of the law, aren’t you?
First words he said to you, while the courtroom emptied out and you stood there, facing the man you’d just made an enemy of with your briefcase in your hand and your eyes aflame.
I did my job.
Did you? Is that what you think your job is?
My job is justice, unflinching and blind, Mr. Rogers. I don’t care how much power you have or how afraid you leave this city, I’m going to do my job.
You could always let justice turn a blind eye.
Yeah. I could, but that wouldn’t make this any fun, would it? Thank you for the win, Mr. Rogers — I’m sure I won’t get many more.
You leave him with a smile on his face and the scent of your perfume in his memories.
He leaves you with the pride of victory in your bones and a reminder that your strife could be worth it.
One day.
How do you plan to fill that pit, the one you tossed the corpses of your old self into? The one you let them claw up out of, to haunt you? Remind you?
You’re digging your own grave and you know it, but you won’t let Steven Grant Rogers be the first one to toss a handful of dirt over your corpse.
Tumblr media
But now here you are.
In his dining room, enjoying dessert and some sort of after-meal coffee. In need of him…
This might almost have been a date, if not for the topic of conversation.
So. You want a Judge taken out. What if he’s already on my payroll?
Why would you keep a dead man in your pocket?
You like the sound of his laugh, and you don’t even have the excuse of wine to fall back on when it warms your core. Don’t admit it though, don’t say it aloud, don’t let him get an in. Be smart, cross your legs tighter, keep your eyes on the prize.
You’re so close to the finish line.
That’s a big favor you’re asking for, Counsel, I think you need to make it worth my while.
Worth your while?
I’m not a charity. And since you put the guy I usually use to handle these things behind bars for a few years—
You know I can get him out too.
That’s not payment, that’s putting things right.
You take a drink. Steady on, girl.
I’m leaving the DA’s office.
That stops him.
Oh that stops him good, and he looks fascinated. Interested. You’ve said something he can use as leverage and it’s not just about a job. That smirk on his face is smug and his eyes are darker and he has to know the impact that look has.
Can’t falter, don’t falter, don’t give in.
Am I allowed to ask why?
You’ve done your research. You just don’t know why you’re thinking about it now. Steven Grant Rogers, “Captain America,” leader of a crime family that had too many names to stamp out, bolstered by a mad scientist, a military man through-and-through who turned New York into his own private base against whatever stood against his way.
Get in his good graces and you’re set for life. Get in his good graces and you’re safe, you’re protected, you’re good.
Get on his bad side and you only make that mistake once.
There are no second chances in this game, and here you are, asking for one.
So what? You leave the DA’s office, you leave yourself open to me — you think leaving New York is going to be the thing that stops me, Counsel?
Then what?
Breathe. Steady.
I know you gave me that win on purpose — you could have taken out my last jury cohort. This isn’t about the four men… and you know I’ll get them out. This is something else, but I’m not here to ask about what or why.
He falters just briefly, like he’s surprised you knew, but the crack in his mask smooths itself over as soon as it forms and he’s back to watching you, nodding along in silence while you breathe and watch him and keep talking.
But even then. I got four of your guys in prison. And I know how your organization works — I subpoenaed the documents, remember? Your lawyers are good, but they’re not used to people asking the right questions. You want someone to seal up the cracks you need someone who actually knows what to look for.
You have more than his attention, you have his interest, and now he’s leaning in a little. Imperceptibly, but enough. Scanning over you from across the table, like he’s thinking how you managed to get so impertinent in the face of the likes of him but that’s the thing — when the only thing you have left to lose is your life, you’ll risk everything.
So what are you offering?
Breathe. Don’t. Stammer.
The chair scrapes and suddenly there’s the clicking of guns, aimed and ready until his hand rises up and he stops them and he’s stalking towards you.
This is the lion’s den, sweetness.
The stakes are higher and you ought to be braver and he’s got your chin in his hand before you have a chance to react, dragging you to your feet. Do you know what you’re offering me, Counsel? Low and hissed and hungry, like those perfect teeth might be sinking into your throat in the next moment.
Oh, you have no idea.
You get me. On your payroll — you know. The offer you sent me a year ago.
You think it’s still open?
If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have met with me.
The chuckle in your face makes your cheeks warm and you’re looking more flushed than you would like, the open shoulders of your dress suddenly feeling a lot more like a mistake the more you realize just what kind of meal he might make out of you tonight.
We might need to have a discussion about your workplace duties, Counsel.
You don’t notice the hand near your thigh until it’s too late, sliding up the soft fabric of your skirt until it’s squeezing your ass, until it’s jerking you towards him, until you’re pressed against his chest and the hand on your chin is now hooked around the back of your neck, thumb pushing your jaw until you’re forced to look at him. Won’t lie, when I woke up this morning, I certainly didn’t think my day would end like this, having your pretty little body in my arms,and you can look as indignant as you want but he’s got the upper hand and you only thought you were two steps ahead of him.
You think I haven’t thought about what it’d be like to put you in your place, Counsel? You’ve got a smart mouth — I wanna know what else it can do.
He doesn’t give you a chance to use that mouth to lash at him, lips sliding over yours, swallowing that indignant yelp with a punishing kiss. Nipping at the plushness of your lower lip until you open your mouth and yield to him with a sigh of reluctant surrender, let his tongue slide past that barrier for him to explore. He’s got his fingers wound through your hair, just a little too tight and whether the whimper in your chest is because of the pain or because of the want, he doesn’t care.
Knew you’d be sweet, Counsel… softly, when he pulls back to look at you, take a look at those love-swollen lips and your ruined lipstick, the pretty way you pant at him already, the heat burning your cheeks. Pay no attention to the slick warmth between your thighs, pay no attention to the way he makes you burn already, pay no attention to how your fingers have curled into the lapel of his coat to hold yourself steady, pay no attention to how you suddenly miss the pressure of his lips.
All that smart-talk and now you’re quiet, Counsel? F’I knew it just took a kiss to get you to shut up, I would’ve done that at trial, he’s purring in your ear, soft and sweet and you should push at his chest, so uncurl your fingers girl and push.
I didn’t say I was selling my body, there’s your harshness, and there he is, laughing at you again, the grip on your hair jerking your head back until you’re looking into those dagger-cold eyes again.
You don’t make the rules here, Counsel, I do, and you need me more than I need you. So if you want to make sure your Judge can’t start wreaking havoc on your career… you might want to get used to readjusting it for me. I promise I’ll make you feel nice, if you let me…
And if I don’t?
Then I take what I want and I don’t feel bad for not holding up my end of the bargain. Your choice, Counsel, you cum willingly and I’ll give you everything you want. Don’t, and it’ll hurt you more than it hurts me.
That’s not a threat, that’s a promise, and suddenly you’re more scared than you ever thought you’d be, wondering if you’ll need to sell another part of your soul to take him down after. How much of yourself will you put up as collateral to get justice for the wrongs you were never able to correct?
You’re afraid.
Oh sweetness, you’re afraid.
Here? Now?
No, Counsel, we’re gonna do this right, aren’t we? You wanna be in bed with me, I’ll take you to bed with me. Come on, say it. Say the word.
Say no. Say no, rail and fight, stamp your heels into the expensive leather of his shoes, jam your knee into the sensitive between his legs, scream and yell and tell him you will never let another man take advantage of you again to help you reach your goals. Do it. Do the thing you swore you would do the next time a man like him — men who think they can take anything from anyone, men who think they own the world and the women in it, men who think you aren’t strong enough to fight back — propositioned you just like this.
You’re selling your soul to get rid of a man just like this.
But that’s coiling heat in your core that wasn’t there the last time, was it? That’s want. That’s the realization that you like the way this predatory smile feels, that you like the way this one wants you. You’re not her, not scared and alone and helpless. You could fight back and run and maybe escape if you were lucky.
You could choose.
He’s let go of your hair to stroke your cheek with the backs of his fingers, soft and sweet, You gonna give me an answer, Counsel, or am I gonna have to take it?
Say something. Say no. Scream. Say no say no say no say— Yes.
It’s a whisper. A desperate, soft whisper. A helpless, lonely whisper. It’s enough.
He sweeps you around until you’re pressed with your back against his unyielding chest, feeling him flex with every movement, broad arm wrapped around your shoulders from the front. All of you are dismissed, and that’s when you remember there were others in the room with you. Others who just watched you concede to becoming Captain America’s newest plaything and the burn on your cheeks is more shame than lust. You pull at his arm briefly, futilely, earning a tighter hold for your efforts and a whispered don’t make me choke you, before you are half-walked, half-dragged out of the dining room.
The walk to his room is slow and agonizing as you’re pulled along, barely struggling but barely helping at the same time, tears sliding down your cheeks as you come to terms with what’s going to happen next — no one is going to save you tonight, no one’s going to interrupt and drag you out, this is your job and this is your place and here you are.
No one speaks. There’s no sound but the steady tap of your heels and his shoes on fine marble. Even your sobs are silent, even your breathing is muffled, until the stairs are traversed and the faintest click of a lock turning opens the door to the rest of your life.
You made a deal.
Time to pay.
Sit on the bed.
You move as if in a trance, and he watches your face, the hint of waterproof mascara failing to do its job, the smudged ruby red of your lipstick. Don’t give me that look, you knew what you were signing up for when you walked into this house, Counsel.
His hands are gentler than you’d expect, when he wipes away the streaks your tears leave down your pretty cheeks, coaxing you to look up at him, We’ll set ground rules later. Tonight? I wanna see if I can get that mouth of yours to beg for me.
It won’t, you snap without thinking, knifeblade sharp and cruel, ready for a fight again. He promised you that once, in a hiss you thought you’d misheard but no, you heard him just fine and now if he thinks he can quench your fire and have you pleading just because you sold your body for the prospect of revenge then he’s wrong.
Thing is, he laughs like that’s a challenge, and the hand holding your chin so gently is wrapped around your throat before you know it, silencing your voice with just the right application of pressure. I can do this all night, Counsel. Do you think you can last that long?
Fear. Anger. Indignation. You are fury made flesh and he is manipulating you with just the barest press of his palm and sliding over you, until you’re laid out there on soft sheets and he’s looming over you, splaying that big hand out and sliding it down your throat, over your chest, feeling the ruching of the fabric under his palm. You wrapped yourself up like a present for me, didn’t you sweetness?
The change in nickname isn’t lost on you but here you are, glaring up at him while he smiles so beatifically it leaves your blood boiling and your skin steadily warming. The rise and fall of your chest is hypnotic, every angry breath a swear you don’t utter, every inhale your protests dying in your throat. What can you say, what would you say, right now? There’s nothing that can change the way he looks at you, or the way his eyes flicker from ice to blue fire the more he takes stock of the pretty little thing he’s about to start sharing his bed with.
Fuck, you’re beautiful, that one shocks you, but not as much as the sudden rush of cold air when he tears the emerald green fabric of your dress down and reveals the soft swells of your breasts, nipples peaked from the sudden cold.
You don’t get much time to gasp, just something soft and strangled before he turns your voice to whimpers, wrapping lips around that pebbled tip and laving his tongue over sensitive flesh. Where are your words now, Counsel, while he threatens the softness of your chest with the scrape of his teeth, when he slides his hands over the round curve of your thighs and parts your legs so he can press himself between them, so he can press himselfagainst you? Where is the knife-dagger of your wit to protest each soft, suckling kiss to your skin, each press of his fingers like he could just squeeze his ownership of you into the plushness of your hips, into the sweet swell of your ass? What do you say to the dirty little thrust of his hips as he bucks with his own burning need, reminding you just how much this is for hispleasure as he will make it for yours.
You would, could, should push him off and instead what are you doing? Curling your fingers into the silk-smooth of his comforter, desperate to writhe out of your own skin away from the burning pressure between your thighs, the foreign, unfamiliar heat you suddenly feel like you might be craving.
Anyone ever touch you like this before me, Counsel?Warm breath splays across your skin when he questions you, eyes fixed on yours and he waits. Answer him, answer him, tell him he’s nothing, tell him you’ve had better, lie and destroy that ego, lie lie lie lie—
He looks like you’ve just told him the best news of his life, eyes wide and blown with lust, Oh is that right? You’re saying no one’s ever touched you this good? Or just no one’s ever touched you at all?
You don’t have to answer. The furious blush on your cheeks? The way your eyes slide away from his? The way you writhe, trying to press your thighs together to relieve the pressure and finding the effort futile? If the man’s grin could get any wider, it would, right now. Oh sweetness, we’re going to have so much fun exploring your body together…
He pulls back just enough to take a look at you, already flushed and writhing and overwhelmed and if he could take a picture of this right now he would. He’ll save that for later though. Tonight? Tonight is just the two of you, and his hands are back to your skirt, pushing the tight fabric up over your round hips and revealing the lace of your panties… just before he rips them off, to the sound of your indignant yelp Steve!
You’re going to call me Captain, sweetness, we’re not close enough to use my name just yet.
No. No you’re not, and he’s not sure you’ll ever be — he rather likes the idea of hearing you whimper out his title when he gets you desperate and wanting.
He touches, slow and steady, watching you try to jerk away and tutting at you when you do, fingers at your delicate nerves like an assault on your pleasure. Bite your lip, bite back the moans, whine at him like he’s wounded you, You’re so wet, sweetness, you’re so desperate for me aren’t you, as he palms his cock to relieve the pressure on himself. You’re going to beg before he does and he’s patient, he’ll last the night.
St-stop it, it’s too— he shushes you ahtahtaht and rests his free hand on your mound, holding you down so his probing, inspecting fingers can take stock of the velveteen plushness of your delicate cunt. It’s too much, too much and you want to scream the moment he presses one finger into you, already overwhelmed, already so tightly wound the barest touches are unraveling you steadily.
You’re such a pretty thing, all desperate and needy, sweetness. You wanna cum already, don’t you? So busy, never gave anyone the chance to fuck that stuck-up bitch right out of you, did they? It’s almost pitying, isn’t it, the way he talks, hums at you while you’re reduced to a whining, whimpering mess so soon, so desperate for the release he’s on the edge of denying you, feeling you flexing around his finger and then the second leaping jolt of your body when another joins the inspection. Taking careful stock of the pretty cunt he owns now, and he’s careful to curl his fingers just right as he seeks the spot to hammer just to get you to scream.
You don’t, not yet, but that’s okay too, because he sees the way you take desperate hold of the sheets, the way your eyes roll backwards just slightly, the way you strain against his heavy hand to arch your back. Gotta tell you, sweetness, I imagined you under me a thousand and one ways but this one, right now? Tops the list. You ready to beg for me?
Do it. Do it and end your pleasurable torment. Do it and be released from the pressure, the coiling want. Surrender to him. Let him have you.
The white hot rush of your orgasm is not unexpected to him, his curling, cruel fingers having found the sweetness of your g-spot, but — you, too busy climbing the ranks to think of your own pleasure, too busy demanding your due from an unjust world explore your own warmth beyond that of a memory of a college hookup you would rather forget — you left breathless and wanton in the heat of the explosion he draws out of you, mewling something desperate and pleading against your own will and the song of it fills his ears like it’s all he’s ever wanted. There it is, and I thought we’d be here all night. A thumb flickers over the nerves at your entrance and you practically jump, something between a yelp and a moan escaping your lips.
First one’s just a treat, sweetness. Now on, you cum when I say you do, understand?
You nod.
Oh you nod, and you are lost, here and now. Sensitive and broken and there is so little of that steel spine here, writhing in his sheets and ohyou don’t know the things you do to him.
Think you can go again, sweetness? He’s purring, smug, twisting fingers stretching you slowly, muttering under his breath about how fucking tight you are around his fingers, how good you’re going to feel for him, and the smugness on his face is slowly fading into a dark consternation, brows furrowed like he’s somehow angry at you for being plush and delicate and fuckable.
You’re almost begging him to stop, and yet the pressure is building again, the twisting, coiling heat that leaves you breathless and mewling and he looks like he might be trying to immortalize this moment forever. Say it, sweetness. Say you need me. Beg me for my cock.
That’s it.
That’s what you need to, you need to beg, you need to give in. No more fighting, no more arguing no more —
Please what, sweetness, come on now. You got a way with words. The snarl is so barely contained.
Please, Captain, please just…
What do you need, sweetness? The fingers are relentless, the buzz in your nerves is overwhelming, you can barely even hear yourself talk, much less him.
Please just fuck me, Captain, I need your cock! It’s hurried and it’s crude and it’s desperate and it’s exactly what he wants as just another wall crumbles and you fall off your pedestal right into his arms.
He’s barely able to resist the buck of his hips, the need to be inside you, the knowledge that you are soft and velvet and you could be all over his senses just like this.
When did he free his cock? You don’t know, you just know it’s practically salvation when he sinks into you, when he fills you like you’ve been desperate for and Oh sweetness…pours from his lips just as you hiss out something like praise right back at him.
You’re so full and he’s so gentle, at first, like you’re made of crystal in his arms, like the slow shifting of his hips might have you shattering underneath him if he’s not careful. Cradling you, even, sliding your legs around his narrow hips as he leans in and takes a hungry kiss from your wanting, whimpering mouth.
Love this look on you, all wrapped around me, whispered low and slow into your ear, sweetness you have no idea how good you look…
Melt into those compliments, melt into him, because the way he’s holding you is divine and you can feel him so deep in you it’s making your head spin. When did your arms end up around him? When did you start clinging to him like an anchor, start winding your fingers through his hair, start leaving the marks of your nails on his back to the sound of his own needy groaning?
He noses your cheek and leaves a mark of ownership on your neck with hungry lips, knowing you’ll bruise a beautiful flower right over your pulsebeat and continuing the steady assault on your nerves, cunt-first.
Harder. Faster. More.
And oh, sweetness, you do shatter.
You shatter all around him, you shatter into something divine and rapturous, full of him and filled with him and he cums so deep inside you as you do, still fucking you through your joined climax, hips rutting and breath hitching and nearly furious at you for the way his vision whites out too, the way he feels like he can Never get enough and so he hisses that at you like an accusation while his thoughts reorient back to reality, back to smugness, back to the control you took from him while he tried to strip you of yours.
In the end, as he pulls away from you and sinks to the side of you, watching your sweet expression as you return to the reality of your new situation, he is satisfied… thoroughly.
Oh yeah, I think we can make this a working relationship, Counsel.
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slutforcap · a day ago
You: what are you looking at?
Steve: *taking a buzzfeed quiz to find out which holiday candle scent he is* uhhh... porn
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deexchanel · a day ago
Part 9
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, little bit of sexual actions.
Summary: Euphoria doesn’t think her actions have consequences.
A/N: I don’t know why this is in third person but enjoyyyyy! The lyrics in this is from Crybaby- Megantheestallion
Tumblr media
Euphoria rubbed her fingers through Sebastian's soft hair as he laid on her chest. It was around 10:30 a.m and he was still sleeping. Her phone buzzed taking the attention away from the tv.
bestie- My hair company is up and running! Wanna go out to celebrate?
phorialuv- yess! You know I'm always down to celebrate with my best friend. What time we leaving tonight?
bestie- 9:30
phorialuv- okay
"Babe?" Sebastian hoarse voice spoke up kinda of scaring her. "Who you texting?"
"I'm texting alexis about tonight." Euphoria said then placed a kiss on his lips. "It's girl's night."
"Mhm girl's night. I guess you can go."
"You guess I can go? Baby who said you were able to tell me what I can and can't do?"
Sebastian sits up then hovers over her "I said it because I'm daddy." His face get closer to hers as she felt his breath against her face. "I tell you what do. You're mine."
Euphoria stare into his eyes then at his lips, she leans forward closing the gap between them. Her hands entangled into his hair, the kiss getting deeper.
Sebastian's phone rings but that didn't stop him. "Babe answer it, it might be important." Euphoria pulls back nodding her head towards his phone. He grabs her neck, kissing her again obviously ignoring the phone.
The ringing was ruining the mood. Euphoria pulls back again slightly annoyed, "Baby answer the phone please."
Sebastian rolled his eyes, "Fine." He presses the green button answering it. "What? Yeah. That's today?? Fuck I forgot about that. I'll be there in the next two hours." He hangs up running his hand through his hair.
Euphoria looks at him puzzled, "What is it baby?"
Sebastian gets out of bed looking for things too pack, "Chris,Mackie and I have a press conference today and tomorrow morning in New York. I forgot all about it."
Euphoria pouts, "I thought it was going to be our sort of lazy day. I wanted you to come with me to get my nails done"
Sebastian pecks her lips in a rush, "I'm sorry baby. I'll make it up too you tomorrow evening when I get back okay?"
She didn't want her boyfriend to leave at all but she knew it was apart of his job so Euphoria couldn't say anything. "Okay baby I love you."
"I love you too baby." Sebastian said fulfilling his urge to kiss her again. He then answered the first of many phone calls. She sighs falling back in the bed.
"It's lit up in here!" Alexis yelled over the music. The security guard was guiding them to their own section.
"Yesss! This is what I like too see!" Euphoria smiled at how live the party was. She flag the waiter down.
"Can we get a bottle of Hennessy and Siroc?" She yelled to the waiter who nod his head.
"Oh you trying to get fucked up. We mixing clear and brown. I'm so glad I came out with you!" Alexis said moving with the beat.
"Yes bitch we celebrating you so why not get fucked up!"
"Bitch tryna brag about taking my man (huh?)
Ha, I needed me a nigga off my hands (hahahaha)
Uh-uh, don't fuck me like that, fuck me like this, yeah, ayy"
Alexis was right they did get fucked up. They let go all the drama and worries, enjoying their night as best friends.
"DON'T FUCK ME LIKE THAT, FUCK ME LIKE THIS AYYYY! REPLAY THATT!" Alexis yell standing on the couch twerking. Euphoria could barely stand as she grabbed on the couch so she could bend over to twerk.
"Hey! I know youu!!!" Alexis pointed at this guy walking past the table. Euphoria stood up wobbling confused.
The guy stopped pointing at myself, "Me?"
Alexis jumped up and down, "Yea you're Jason Momoa. Sir you are fine as fuckk!"
He laughed showing his pearly white, "Thanks. You two are beautiful ladies."
"Come hang out with us for a minute. We don't bite!" Euphoria laughed gesturing him to come in there sections. He looked around then shrugged his shoulders.
"Fuck it!"
"Ugh!" Euphoria groaned holding her pounding head, waking up. Alexis phone kept buzzing nonstop. She shook her arm.
"Alexis answer that damn phone!"
Alexis jumps awake eyes closed, she looked around as if she could see. "Hmm?"
She reached over grabbing the buzzing phone. Her opened showing the redness in them. She pressed the answer button.
Alexis winced pulling the phone back. Hemsworth was so loud, he wasn't even on speaker and Euphoria could hear him. Phoria gasp to herself realizing she had a boyfriend of her own to tend too.
"Where the hell is my fucking phone."
"Chris don't be doing all that yelling in my damn phone. What the hell you talking about?!" Alexis groaned swiping away on the phone. The swiping stopped and her eyes widen. "E come look at this."
Euphoria walked over to the side of the bed she was on. "What is it?" The shade room post showed them sitting in Jason Momoas's lap, drunk as hell. A video showed them dancing on top of the couch and he was hyping them up. It looked like he was hitting their asses but he wasn't.
"This is some deep shit!" Euphoria curses knowing the outcome with Sebastian was not going to be good. "I love you bestie. I need to get home."
"I love you too! Be safe!"
She kissed Alexis cheek and was out the door in the next two minutes. Euphoria got into her apartment, setting down her things and desperately try to find her charger.
"I need to find my damn charger, call Sebastian- AH! babe what are you doing here?? Shit I didn't mean it like that."
Sebastian sat there on the couch not taking his eyes off her. He took a deep trying not to lose his temper.
"Euphoria you have 5 seconds to explain before I go whoop his samoan ass."
"I didn't even know we did that, I just remember us getting our drinks.We were fucked up babe."
"I don't care what you was Euphoria. No matter how drunk I am, there wouldn't be no damn news about me and another girl. Euphoria you are not single no more!"
"Don't you think I know that Sebastian. I was drunk, it's a little mishap, nothing happened."
"How do you know if you didn't kiss him, grind on him or even fucked him; like you said, you were drunk!"
"You really think that fuckin low of me. I know my boundaries when it come down to getting drunk! I'm not going to go home with some random dude!" She raised her voice getting angry. "Plus he's a good person, J wouldn't do that to me."
"Oh you're on nickname bases with him?" Sebastian asked angrily in disbelief getting off the couch. "Fuck this, I'm out of here!"
"I just said J cause I didn't feel like saying his name." Phoria huff reaching for his hand. "Where the fuck you're going?!"
"I'm leaving! You really think this shit okay?! If you want to be a whore with other guys then obviously we can't be together." He snatches away giving her a angry glare. That right there pissed Euphoria all the way off.
"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK EUPHORIA. THAT DOESNT MAKE IT NO DIFFERENCE . YOU'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP, HE'S SINGLE. YOU WERE ALL OVER HIM AS IF YOU THREE WERE OUT TOGETHER." Sebastian stood over her wanting the eye contact to be serious. He have never yelled at her so she knew this was serious.
Euphoria was taking deep breath so she wouldn't knock his ass out.
"I embarrassed you?! like you didn't embarrass me in front of the whole cast after it was told that you was sleeping with another bitch while sleeping with me! now it's a problem that I go out and have fun with friends , drink or party!"
"This is about what you shouldn't do, not about what you can and can't do. Stop fucking making this about yourself Euphoria!!"
"Now I'm making this about myself? You know what stop being so damn uptight, obsessive, overprotective and let me live. I didn't cheat on you Sebastian! You should know damn well I'm in love with with you that's why we're together."
Sebastian anger replaced with an unfazed attitude," Maybe it was mistake for us to be together. You're not ready to be a girlfriend. We're over." He gave her one last look before walking over to her door.
A broken-hearted Euphoria eyes filled with tears flipping him off,"Fuck you Sebastian."
Sebastian flipped her off back ,"Fuck you too Euphoria." He walked out the door, not looking back.
Wow uhh this a filler😬
@majo240820 i think you’re going to lovee thisss! But don’t forget to read the previous chapter.
Next chapter is the last until I write another one!!
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Y/N: Steve gave me so many kisses today!
Bucky: I—WHAT?
Y/N: Yeah, he gave me a whole bag of them. *takes out a bag of Hershey’s Kisses* Want some?
Bucky: *realizes that Steve didn’t kiss Y/N and relaxes* Yeah, sure.
Steve: *whispering to Sam in the hall* He still didn’t tell her.
Sam: Damn it. That should’ve worked. Jealousy always works.
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avengersassemble123 · a day ago
(Y/N and Bucky are sleeping in their bedroom when they hear a noise)
Y/N: Quick! Its my husband you need to leave!
Bucky:(jumps out of the bed,jumps through the window and crawls into the bushes, onto the street)
(realises something after five minutes and returns)
Bucky: Wait a minute- I AM YOUR HUSBAND!!!
Y/N:Then why did you leave?
Sharon: Honestly speaking...this is not even the dumbest shit i have heard or seen him do....
Sam and Zemo eating turkish delight: Same....
Steve, Natasha and Tony in heaven,drinking wine together in lavish glasses: Same...
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just for you, honeybee (4/?)
pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader (platonic), bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: characters death, swearing, flirting with colonel phillips, guns, plane crash
word count: 4,327
a/n: holy crap this one is long! i really enjoyed writing this chapter just because i got to watch CA:TFA all over again and i cried like a little baby. hope you guys enjoy this! btw, next chapter is going to be very short - probably the shortest one yet, just a heads up!
Tumblr media
“Johann Schmidt belongs in a bughouse,” Colonel Phillips started, “he thinks he’s a god and he’s willing to blow up half the world to prove it, starting with the U.S.A.”
You tensed up next to Steve as Howard moved behind you, taking a seat to your right, “Schmidt’s working with powers beyond our capabilities. He gets across the Atlantic, he will wipe out the entire Eastern Seaboard in an hour.”
Peggy’s eyes met yours before they drifted to Steve who tossed a pile of papers on the table in front of him. One of the Howling Commandos spoke up, “how much time we got?”
Colonel Phillips sorted through some files, “according to my new best friend, under 24 hours.”
You spoke up, “where is he now?”
The Colonel presented the group with a photo, “Hydra’s last base is here. In the Alps, 500 feet below the surface.”
Another Howling Commando spoke up, “so what are we supposed to do? I mean, it’s not like we can just knock on the front door.”
“Why not?” And just like that, Steve captured everyone’s attention in the room, including yours. You knew this was going to be a suicide mission, especially if he continued with this idea, “that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.”
Everyone looked at Steve with wide eyes, except for you and Peggy. Schmidt was in for a rude awakening.
Grabbing a motorcycle alongside Steve, the two of you headed into the snowy forest towards the base. Glancing over at Steve, you noticed he kept the design on the shield, joy sparking in your chest, “you kept it!”
Steve barely heard you over the sound of the motorcycles but he smiled, “not too shabby for your first Captain America design.”
You chuckled, about to respond until you glanced back, seeing six motorcycles behind you, “we got company, Cap!”
Quickly swerving back and forth to avoid whatever-the-hell they were shooting at you, Cap glanced back once more before he pushed a button on the pad attached to his motorcycle, two hooks with strings attached latching onto two trees. Right away, two guys on motorcycles failed to avoid the trap, sending them flying forward.
Cap yelled over to you, “get next to me!”
Speeding up a bit on your bike, you ended up next to Steve as he pressed another button, fire immediately covering two of the cyclists. You gave Steve a look, “that was so badass!”
On your left, you saw two Hydra motorcycles race ahead of you before you looked to Steve, “I got an idea! Move quickly!” Racing ahead, you quickly picked a pin from their motorcycles, making sure Steve was nowhere near them. Looking back, you sent a smirk his way as he sped up next to you, hearing and feeling the explosion of the motorcycles.
Riding towards the base, a tank was placed right before the entrance. Steve yelled, “stay right behind me,” just as the tank started shooting at you. Racing behind Cap, you both saw the tank explode as Steve shot at it from his motorcycle, riding up the cement barrier of the base.
Jumping over the barriers with your bikes, both you and Steve were met with Hydra soldiers with guns pointed right at you. Continuing your ride, you saw Steve jump off his, watching it explode the first wall of the base. Riding through the base, you quickly took down any soldier in your way, shooting them with your new best friend – StG 44.
Running a few fellas over with your bike, you looked over at Steve who was taking multiple soldiers down with the shield. Turning your attention back towards the fight, you continued to take down more men – but you noticed their numbers were growing bigger by the second.
In a spare glance, you turned to Steve who was now surrounded by two men holding flamethrowers, making it unable for him to move. You came to a stop, noticing a line of men pointing their guns at you. With a sigh, you hopped off your bike – but not before shooting one more guy by your feet.
You saw Cap look around for you worriedly until he met your eyes; you nodded at him, telling him to not put up a fight, at least not yet. He nodded back, allowing the Hydra soldiers to take both your weapons and leading you down the halls of the base and into a room that had it not hold one of the world’s most dangerous men, you’d say it had a beautiful view.
You and Steve stopped side-by-side with the Hydra soldiers as Johann Schmidt started talking, “arrogance may not be a uniquely American trait, but I must say, you do it better than anybody.”
This was not what you expected Johann Schmidt to look like.
He glanced at you, “seems you have no limits, Captain, bringing a woman into this.”
You glared at the red-faced monster, “I came here on my own accord, just to clarify, Schmidt.”
Johann hummed as he turned away from you, “however, even you have limits as to what you can do, Captain. Or did Erskine tell you otherwise?”
Steve spoke up beside you, “he told me you were insane.”
Schmidt seemed unsurprised, looking down to the floor and back to Steve, “ah…he resented my genius and tried to deny what was rightfully mine. But he gave you everything. So, what made you so special?”
Steve chuckled, “nothin’. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”
Schmidt turned to you, “how about you, little one? What makes you so special?”
You swallowed thickly, “good looks?”
You nor Steve really aren’t sure what exactly set Johann off, but a switch had flipped, and his face grew into a frown before he slapped you across the face twice, doing the same to Cap while also kneeing him in the stomach. Both you and Steve were put on your knees as all three of you breathed heavily.
With a slight grin, Steve looked up at Johann, “I can do this all day.”
Johann was not amused, “oh, of course you can, of course.” He paused before he continued, pulling a gun out from the side of his uniform, “but unfortunately, I am on a tight schedule.” He pointed the gun to Steve’s head just as the Howling Commandos began to zip line towards the base.
You growled towards Schmidt, “so are we.”
Once Schmidt realized what was happening, you and Steve quickly grabbed the guards behind you, pulling them in front as Johann fired his gun at them, their bodies disappearing in thin air. You gave Steve a look as the Howling Commandos flew in through the windows, firing at the enemy as Schmidt took off.
Quickly getting up off your feet, you scurried towards the hall where Schmidt took off, a Howling Commando yelling behind you, “Rogers! You might need this!”
Hearing the shield pass through the air, you knew Steve caught it as he yelled back, “thanks,” then hearing his footsteps take after yours.
Hydra troops marched down the halls of the base, guns ready to fire at any moment. With your heightened sense of hearing, you knew the rest of the platoon was taking over the Hydra base, gunfire slowly taking over your senses. Explosions filled the base as smoke and fire entered your senses; Steve ran beside you, sensing the same things.
You saw Schmidt turn down a corridor, yelling over to Steve, “this way!” Quickly, Schmidt retaliated, sending bolts of his gun your way, making you narrowly avoid being disintegrated. Steve ran beside you, shield blocking the gunfire as you chased after the madman.
With a lucky throw, Steve threw the shield, catching it between metal doors where Schmidt narrowly escaped. Cap let out a sigh, rushing towards the shield as you quirked an eyebrow, “lucky throw?”
Before he could answer, a Hydra Agent came around the corner with two flamethrowers, making Steve push you against the wall as he ran opposite of you; you both were trapped as fire encapsulated your vision. Glancing towards the fire welder, you tried coming up with a plan before, lo and behold, Peggy Carter shot at the man, his flaming body falling to the ground.
Both you and Steve looked around the corner, spotting Peggy as soldiers ran by; Steve smirked at Peg, “you’re late.”
Your eyes shifted towards the ceiling as you tried to avoid the awkward moment; Peggy spoke up, “weren’t you about to –“ Steve nodded, “right, yeah – y/n.” With that, you and Steve took off towards the door where the shield held its place. Grabbing your hand, Steve pulled the shield and quickly took off.
You spotted men from the 107th shooting at the giant airship, Hydra agents lying about the floor. Turning to Steve, who was a few steps behind you, you nodded your head, “we got a problem.” The ship’s engines had already started, and it seemed Schmidt was, understandably, in a rush to complete his plan. The ship turned, wheels screeching against the floor as you and Cap slowed down, watching it slowly make its way to the exit.
Steve glanced around, watching as Hydra forces and your own fought one another. With a nod towards you, both you and Steve took off, running headfirst into battle, making sure to avoid trouble along the way; that, and, well, Steve also wanted to get some hits in.
You noticed where Cap was headed as you two ran in battle, “how do you plan on fitting us both on that?”
Steve glanced back at you, “think you can hold on, kid?”
You grumbled, “yeah! But I’m literally older than you by like, 4 months…”
Quickly, Steve jumped over huddled bodies until he reached a box of supplies lying right beneath a chain; with a jump, Steve latched onto the chain as you skipped a step, latching onto his waist mid-flight. Reaching a safe zone, you jumped first, meeting Steve in a mid-run as you headed towards the ship Johann Schmidt was currently about to fly.
You and Steve ran beside one another, pushing to reach Schmidt even as fire from the engines burnt your face. You yelled over to Steve, “c’mon, Steve! We’re – we’re almost there!” Your last sentence turned into a scream, your body yelling at you for pushing itself to the limits.
The fans from the ship sped up as you and Steve struggled to catch up with Schmidt, your hopes slowly fading as he seemed to get further and further away. Steve pulled you to a slow jog, about to crash until Peggy Carter and Colonel Phillips pulled up beside you in one of Schmidt’s cars.
Colonel Phillips yelled at you both, “get in!” Before you even settled down beside the Colonel and Steve beside Peggy, you took off, hair flying behind you. You turned to the Colonel with a smirk on your face, “nice ride, Phillips!”
The Colonel glanced a look at you as he sped up, “figured I might keep this once we’re done here!” You let out a laugh that soon died off as you recognized the light from the sun and a runway – right where Schmidt currently was.
You looked to the Colonel, a worried look on your face, as he pressed a button beside the steering wheel; right away, the car you were seated in blasted off, hair wildly being thrown behind you as the Colonel grasped onto the wheel. You held onto the door handle, eyes wide as you were reaching the ship, “remind me to never drive with you again, Colonel!”
With shaky legs, you began standing up as Steve did the same mid-ride, reaching the back end of the ship. You and Steve yelled to the Colonel, “keep it steady!”
Peggy shouted over the sounds of the ship and car engines, “wait!” Steve looked back to Peggy as she pulled him into a kiss.
You looked to the Colonel with a shrug; he shook his head at you, “I ain’t kissin’ you!” You gave a laugh as you blew him a kiss, leaning on the hood of the car to avoid getting chopped up by the propellers on the ship. Steve followed right behind you, shield meeting the propellers only once, sparks flying.
You glanced at Steve quickly before you jumped towards the ship’s wheel, grabbing onto the metal support beam as Steve flew right below you, catching onto the lasting part of the wheel. Looking down, you tried steadying your breath as you realized how high up you were; grasping Steve’s hand, you pulled him up alongside you as the wheel you two stood on was slowly pulled into the ship.
With a shaky hand, you reached into your shirt and grabbed Bucky’s dog tags, holding them tight against your scolding skin, even though it was blistering cold in the Alps.
Once inside the lower level of the ship, you and Steve quietly made your way along the metal floors, looking below you as you saw a horrifying sight; bombs with names of major cities written on them, including Chicago and New York.
With a slight gasp, you turned to Steve who looked just as distraught as you were. As his eyes met the New York bomb, footsteps echoed above you, Hydra agents making their ways across the metal landings. With stealth, Steve jumped up, grabbing onto the railing, and kicking an agent over the ledge. Jumping just as high, you landed on the landing and met with the remaining three agents.
With a slight run, you met one agent halfway as he immediately threw a punch your way. You narrowly avoided it, ducking to the side and elbowing him in the face, hearing a nice crunch beneath your elbow. Steve made his way around you, kicking another agent in the chest as he flew backwards. Kicking your opponent over the ledge, you grabbed a knife holstered onto your thigh and threw it at the third and final agent running away, hiding him in the back of the neck; with a grunt, he fell against the side of the landing.
Somehow, Steve’s agent escaped during a quick moment of distraction, climbing on top of the Chicago bomb. Cap ran towards the control panel, pressing the red escape button before the poor guy could even make it inside the capsule, hearing him scream as he fell thousands of feet.
You took a quick breath, “I don’t feel guilty about that…is that bad?”
Steve shrugged, “I – I don’t think so…no, yeah, no, definitely not.”
Less than a second later, two Hydra agents ambushed you and Steve, punching you in the side as you let out a grunt. Avoiding another punch, you grabbed a knife from your thigh and stabbed your opponent in the chest, flipping him over just for good measure. Steve had already disposed of his guy as you kicked yours down towards the opening where Steve’s own guy had just gone down.
You wiped off the blood from your knife on your suit as Steve grimaced, “what, waste a perfectly good knife? Sorry I don’t have a shield, Stevie.”
Steve just shivered, “that’s just…gross, y/n.”
You rolled your eyes, “so overdramatic. C’mon, let’s go.”
Before you could continue on within the ship, however, Steve and you heard someone get into one of the bombs, closing the lid. Steve immediately jumped onto the window, another agent jumping on top of him. Without thinking, you threw your knife at the agent, hitting him in the shoulder as the bomb, along with Steve on it, dropped into the sky.
You screamed, “Steve! No – no!”
Grabbing at your hair, you held back tears as you watched Steve fly around, narrowly avoiding the tiny ship’s propellers. With careful steps, you saw the scene unfold as the agent you had stabbed was shoved into the propellers, blood flowing from the sky; you gagged, “jesus, Steve – that was disgusting.”
Stepping away from the platform, you trusted Steve and continued your way through the ship, trying to find Schmidt. Grabbing Cap’s shield from where it had been discarded before the bomb was dropped, you made your way to the cockpit where you realized it was quiet – too quiet.
At some point, you felt the ship shake and loud bangs filled the air as you hoped it was Steve – back in one piece. Slowly walking down the stairs, the shield protecting you, you quietly walked upon the metal grates of the ship until reaching the pilot’s seat; leaning to the side, you realized Schmidt was no longer there.
“What the –“ Before you could finish, you heard the sounds of a gun preparing to fire, and in a split second, you used the shield to protect yourself from Schmidt’s laser, the shot hitting the window of the ship.
Harsh winds forced itself into the ship, your hair blowing wildly as Schmidt stood before you, “you don’t give up, do you? Where’s Mr. Rogers, little one?”
Just then, Steve decided to make his grand entrance as you glared at Schmidt, “kids from Brooklyn aren’t exactly known for givin’ up, Johann.” With a flick of your arm, you threw the shield to Steve as Schmidt fired, forcing you to jump to the side. Steve caught the shield, blocking another hit from Schmidt’s laser as it hit the window again.
Cap ran towards Schmidt, blocking more hits as he fought with the red-skulled man, avoiding yet also receiving some hits. Once Cap was kicked to the ground, you jumped behind Schmidt, kicking his hind legs and kneeing his lower spine, hearing him grunt in pain in response. Steve stood up, pushing Schmidt against a wall before being slammed to the ground.
You ran towards Johann, arm going around his neck, choking him as he tried grabbing at anything for leverage. With a quick glance to the table lying in the middle of the room, glowing blue, you threw yourself on top of it, pulling Schmidt with you and onto the floor. Steve had then pulled Schmidt up, hitting him with his shield until Schmidt fought back, hitting Cap with his own weapon before Steve headbutted him.
Steve leaned back before he grabbed onto Schmidt’s uniform, throwing him towards the pilot seat, sparks immediately flying through the air. With a yell, you realized the ship was tipped downwards, heading straight towards, what looked like, an icy landscape. Flying to the ceiling alongside Schmidt and Steve, you flew towards Johann, punching him in the stomach as he did you, trying to gain some type of balance.
As the three of you fought in the air, you gave your best kicks and punches, watching Steve be thrown to the side of the ship. In the short time, Schmidt flew over and pulled up the steering stick of the ship, pressing a few buttons as you all three fell to the floor, the ship back to normal altitude.
Landing on the metal grates harshly, you groaned as Steve stood up, pulling you alongside him as he held his shield in front of you both. Schmidt turned towards you, gun in hand as he stumbled down the stairs, “you could have the power of the gods! Both of you!”
Schmidt shot towards you and Steve as you ducked, feeling the heat of the gunfire pass over your head, “yet you wear a flag on your chest, and think you fight a battle of nations!” He kept firing at you, Steve pulling you along as Schmidt continued, “I have seen the future, Captain, little one! There are no flags!”
Another shot fired over your head as Steve analyzed his next steps, yelling back, “not my future!” Leaping forward, Steve rolled and protected himself from another shot from Schmidt as you kneeled by the side, ready to step in.
With a grunt, Steve threw the shield at Johann, forcing him to hit the glowing table, the item inside slowly coming out of its container. You narrowed your eyes, “what the hell is that?” Its bright light captured your attention as Schmidt stood beside it, “what have you done?”
The bright blue box was now outside its container, off to the side from the force of Johann’s body; Schmidt grabbed it, and after a few seconds, bright lights flew around the ship and the universe seemed to open up above him. Your brain could not comprehend what you were seeing – millions of stars and planets littered the space above as Schmidt stood below, arms beside him as he looked up.
Slowly, Schmidt’s body began to deteriorate, his screams of pain echoing throughout the ship, rainbow flashes coloring your vision as both you and Steve looked away. Then, in a split second, the blue cube fell to the ground and Schmidt was gone.
You looked at Cap, “what…what just happened?”
Steve shook his head, leaning down to grab his shield before nodding towards the pilot’s seat, “we gotta figure this out.”
Sitting beside him as co-pilot, you turned on the radio as Steve tried to figure out how exactly to land the aircraft. He looked down at the map, noticing the ship was on its way to New York. Looking at one another, you pressed on the intercom button beside you, “come in! This is y/n l/n, alongside Captain Rogers. Do you read me?”
Right away, someone responded, “Y/N, L/N, what is your –“
Quickly, Peggy interrupted him, “y/n! Is that you? Is Steve with you? Are you both alright?”
You sighed at the sound of Peggy’s voice as Steve smiled, “Peggy! Schmidt’s dead and – and –“
Peggy calmed you down, “what about the plane?”
You looked to Steve for help as he talked for you, “that’s a little bit tougher to explain.” You raised an eyebrow at Steve as you grasped onto Bucky’s dog tags around your neck, trying to help the conversation. Peggy continued, “give me your coordinates, I’ll find you a safe landing site.”
With solemn eyes, you looked at Steve who was trying his best to possibly fix something, anything, “there’s not gonna be a safe landing…but I can try and force it down.”
Peggy stumbled, “I – I’ll get Howard on the line. He’ll know what to do.”
Steve shouted back, “there’s not enough time. This thing’s moving too fast and it’s heading for New York.”
The sky ahead of you looked beautiful. It was orange, mixed with bits of yellow and blue. Your nose had grown quite cold and your hair whipped your face as you still grasped onto the dog tags.
Steve breathed heavily, “I gotta put her in the water.”
You knew this was coming. You just knew it.
Peggy responded, “please, don’t do this. We have time. We can work it out.”
You called out to Peggy, “Peg…we’re in the middle of nowhere. If we wait any longer, a lot of people are going to die.” Steve glanced at you with worry in his eyes; you nodded to him as he continued, “Peggy… this is our choice. We’re okay.”
Steve reached into his pocket, pulling out a compass with a picture of Peg in the middle of it, placing it on one of the meters. With a grunt, Steve pushed the level down, the airship leaning towards the ocean in no time. You looked at Steve, your heart racing as tears raced your cheeks; not in fear, but in sadness.
Sadness that you never got to have your dance with Bucky at your wedding, nor see his smile once again or feel his lips against your own. You wouldn’t get to hear his gravelly voice in the morning right after a good night’s sleep, or get to hold his hand as he pulled you along at fairs. You wouldn’t be able to smell him or feel his hair against your fingertips as he cuddled into your chest. You wouldn’t be able to be with him before you died.
The altitude was dropping fast and Steve continued to look at the picture of Peggy, the sun glaring in his eyes, “Peggy?”
With a whisper, Peggy responded, “I’m here.”
Steve stared at the glaciers that were coming into view, “I’m gonna need a rain check on that dance.”
Your lips quivered as the glaciers came closer and closer to you. Peggy let her tears fall as she whispered back, “all right. A week, next Saturday, at the Stork Club. And I expect you there, too, y/n. You hear me?”
You and Steve let out a breath as Steve responded, “you got it.” Steve reached beside himself and grabbed for your hand, holding it tightly. The tears came faster as did the glaciers and the cold water.
Peggy continued, “8 o’clock on the dot. Don’t you dare be late. You two understand?”
You swallowed, tears clouding your vision, “yes ma’am.”
Steve stared at the oncoming landscape, “you know, I still don’t know how to dance.”
Peggy whispered as Steve’s hand gripped yours tight, “I’ll show you how. Just be there.”
Steve had his own tears running down his cheeks as you sobbed quietly, hand gripping his tight, “we’ll have the band play something slow.”
Steve turned back towards you, eyes sad as he saw your cheeks, “I am so sorry, honeybee. I’m so sorry.”
With your remaining hand, you held onto Bucky’s dog tags tightly, alongside Steve’s hand, as he turned back to the radio, “I’d hate to step on your…”
The last thing you saw was your James Barnes standing right in front of you, arms wide as he yelled, “my honeybee! There she is – looking gorgeous as ever, honey.” With a kiss to your lips, it almost felt real as you responded, “hi, Jamie.”
honeybee taglist:
@clownerlyluv @ginger-swag-rapunzel
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B, E, J, T and Z for the kink ask please🥺
B = Brat: How obedient do you like people to be in the bedroom? Is disobeying fun?
It can be fun in small doses. Bratting styles vary and I don’t gel well with them all—some come off as being rude/disrespectful to me. There’s only so much resistance play I enjoy, too much and I find it taxing. A brat has to have a goal of wanting to be put in their place and submit to Captain for me to be interested. I prefer to play with behaved subs or subs who are mischievous vs brats, because it’s not easy finding those I mesh well with like @tonystarkisbabyboy.
Tumblr media
E = Exhibitionism: Do you like being seen getting off? Ever done anything explicitly hoping to get caught?
I do in both dom and sub headspaces, for wildly different reasons. As Captain I’m more confident and smug, I like showing off and it can a way to tease subs (showing them what they aren’t allowed or what they don’t yet deserve—my cock). As a subby Daddy it’s the blushy embarrassment that reels me in, having a dom catch, watch and tease me, maybe giving instructions too. Back in the day sometimes I’d started jerking off knowing Buck (@buckybarnesisdaddy) was coming over so he would ‘catch’ me, he was always into it😌
Tumblr media
J = Jack Off: How often do you masturbate and what’s your favorite way to do so?
Pretty often, the serum really amped up my libido. Obviously my fave Captain way is using my toys to get off, like the self warming fleshlights they are (and since the secret it out) if that’s not an option I’d use my literal fleshlight. When I’m feeling subby I sometimes use it also, thinking of a dom riding me, but usually I’ll want penetration of some kind too. My fave subby way has to be using a dildo to fuck myself or using a butt plug while I play with my cock.
Tumblr media
T = Teasing: How much is just the right amount of teasing before somebody gets dicked down? And what are you favorite means of teasing?
I can go through whole scenes without even taking my cock out if I’m feeling sadistic enough, I can get off on that feeling almost as much as actually getting off sometimes. So it really depends on the mood of the scene and how I’m feeling, since my pleasure comes before theirs. I don’t always want to tease, I don’t always have the patience for it but if I do it’s mostly with words (or threats🔥) and displays of my strength.
Tumblr media
Z = Zzz: Have any fantasies involving sleep?
God, yeah. I have many somno fantasies (all consensual obviously), like using my toys while they’re sleeping because I own them and can use them whenever I desire—it really feeds into that fantasy of treating them as sex dolls, or fuckdolls I should say. Or being woken up to a mouth around my cock also sounds amazing, then fucking their face and making sure they get a nutritional breakfast.
Tumblr media
Kink alphabet ask meme
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Samquin take on Mother’s Day
Author’s Note: Okay I know this is a day late but I just needed to put this thought out there. It is not at all edited and any mistake is uh made with love so please be nice! Enjoy some samquin!!!! <3
- Joaquin hasn’t been back home in ages and it’s almost Mother’s Day
- so when they finished up the mission, he saw Bucky talking to Sam and then leave with his usual grumpy face but Joaquin knows better than to say anything to Barnes when he has that look
- Joaquin decides it’s the best time to ask Sam to let him go home but when he sees Sam’s tired eyes, he knows what he has to do
- he decides to invite Sam back home with extra emphasis on him needing to try his abuela’s enchiladas
- after a bit of persuading, Sam agrees after calling Sarah to find out she has plans to movie marathon with her boys
- they pack up their things and book plane tickets to Arizona, Joaquin already knows he’s gonna get an earful from his abuela about not coming back home more often but he’s more worried what his mom will say since she’s always been good at reading his feelings (or in this case, running away from them)
- afterwards when Sam and Joaquin land, they rent a car and hit the shops because Joaquin tells Sam repeatedly “you can never show up to a hispanic household empty handed, it’s against the rules”
- they spend the day looking at shoes, dresses, jewelry, and perfumes just for Joaquin to shut it all down because “none of these feel right Sam, they deserve something a little more special”
- then they find themselves in front of a photo center and Sam comes up with the perfect idea
- “Torres, do you have any saved pictures of us on your phone?”
- “yeah, why?”
- “well if your mom is anything like mine, she doesn’t like material things but prefers something a little closer to the heart” and Joaquin prepares himself for the small snippet into Sam’s life that he’s about to share but he didn’t expect the following:
- “when I first shipped off to the Air Force, my mom was the one that took it the hardest, she kept worrying about me never making it back and not getting to see my face again so I decided that I would send as many pictures, framed and wrote letters on a few of them, so that she can keep a collection of me promising to come back to her each time”
- Sam looks up and sees those teary eyes on Torres and releases a wet chuckle but not without bumping the kid on the shoulder and saying “come on now you big sap, let’s make sure your mom gets the gift she deserves”
- after visiting the photo center and joaquin adding a few personal touches to the gifts for the two lovely ladies in his life, the pair get ready to head to Casa de Torres
- to say Sam is terrified is an understatement but once they arrive he’s decided to turn up the charm and showcase those manners Mama Wilson taught him way back when
- once the boys have unloaded, they take their things to the driveway. Joaquin is all smiles and Sam can’t fight back his happiness at seeing Torres light up so genuinely 
- time passes by so quickly and joaquin is hugging his mom so tight and remembers to kiss both his mom and abuela on the cheek
- sam feels like he’s interrupting their reunion but before he starts to regret saying yes to coming with joaquin, mama torres is engulfing him into a warm hug, laughing about something he doesn’t catch because his ears are ringing 
- he clears his head just enough to say, "mucho gusto Señora Torres", which she responds with “the pleasure is all mine Captain, now don’t be shy come on in”
- fast forward, to the four of them settled around the living room and joaquin handing them their gifts but not without his mom commenting "mijito just seeing you're okay is a gift"
- joaquin is once again close to crying because he didn't realize how much he missed his mom and grandmother
- the gifts were two frames, one with joaquin, sam, and bucky smiling at the camera after a successful mission without wanting to kill each other titled “los tres mosqueteros” and the other is a picture of joaquin freshly buzzed cut with his mom and abuela the day he was shipped off into the Air Force titled “mis guerreras” 
- “mama, abuela, perdoname por no llamar mas seguido pero te promoto que siempre voy a regresar a mi hogar con ustedes, aunque ando con estos muchachos y hacemos travesuras de vez en cuando, siempre voy a regresar”
- joaquin can count on his fingers the amount of times his mother has willingly cried in front of him so to look up into her misty eyes after his heartfelt speech, well let’s just say there were a few waterworks spilled from everyone (even sam who could only understand the similar promise he made to his mom and the fact that joaquin considers him and bucky as his musketeer friends, wait till barnes gets wind of that one and never lets torres live it down) 
- later at night, Mama Torres let Joaquin and Sam know to get ready for a small get together with the rest of the Torres and Co relatives for the special day
- there’s string lights around the canopy outside and a small clearing for a dance floor, there’s a vicente fernandez song playing in the background and joaquin is dancing with his abuela since she LOVES him
- sam sees joaquin enjoying himself and decides to approach them after the lecture he just received from Mama Torres
- abuela sees sam approach and already knows what will happen so she looks at joaquin and says “good luck mijo” then walks off and before joaquin can question any of it, sam shyly asks him for a dance
- here’s cute flustered joaquin that says yes and grabs onto sam's shoulders while sam's hands go to joaquin's waist and they’re so nervous but they’re trying their best 
- "So I just want-"
- "What did my mom-"
- “you go first” , “no you” , “sam please” , “okay okay”
- “Your mom helped me realize that I shouldn’t sacrifice everything in life just to make the world happy and that I’m allowed to cherish the good things I have because they might just slip away if I don’t.”
- “Wow that's bizzarely wise”
- “It seems to be a recurring thing for me to get advice from a Torres.”
- Joaquin just smiles at that but you can tell he has something to say as well. He decides to muster up the courage and say "Sam I don't know how to tell you this, I'm actually shaking oh wow, whoa ok, I just really really-"
- Sam cuts him off by pressing a slight kiss onto his lips, just a small peck that you would miss if you weren't paying attention.
- "I know querido, I know"
- Joaquin just gives him that slight smile with blushed cheeks cause he can't believe his crush, then Falcon, now Captain America, kissed him in front of his family.
- Realization hits Joaquin like a bucket of cold water and he looks around to see his mom and abuela in the corner with heart eyes at the two of them and his mom giving him a thumbs up.
- Joaquin turns back to Sam and says "I'm really glad we came back home." With widened eyes, he noticed his slip up by saying we but before he embarrasses himself even further Sam responds with "I'm glad we did too"
- Then they dance into the night.
Author’s Note again: I may or may not put this on ao3 to create a series cause I have a few other ideas for samquin. But ugh idk I’m so bad at describing my thoughts haha, I hope this wasn’t garbage!!! these two are super cute
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deexchanel · a day ago
Part 6
word count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: swearing, angst and sadness.
Summary: The aftermath between Sebastian and Euphoria.
A/N: Euphoria doesn't stay mad at him long, sorry😂
Tumblr media
So the trip got pushed back like 2 weeks because my modeling company offered to go for free if I did their lingerie shoot. You know I do not turn anything down for free.
Right now it's about 9:30 a.m. in the morning and I was strolling on instagram while Emma was sleep. It was like all of Sebastian messages were coming through at one time . I didn't block him, don't even ask why.
seb: euphoria i miss you.
seb: please text me back
seb: i miss you
seb: i'm sorry
seb: i wanna make this up to you
seb: i'm so sorry for everything babygirl
seb: 🥺
seb:babygirl please.
wifey: stop talking to me.
seb: i need you, dont turn me away.
seb: i miss you so much.
I lock my phone going into the bathroom to get ready. Today we're going to the beach until time for my shoot. This trip was really just for relaxing and to get our minds off everything.
"Can I come in?"Emma ask peeping in the door.
"Yeah let me move to the side!" I exclaimed continuing to do my makeup. She walks in and takes off her clothes getting in the shower. After finally getting dressed we were off to the beach.
seb: you looked so good in your picture.
seb: talk to me please.
seb: baby 🥺
seb: you mean the world to me.
I love the messages,the trying, the effort but it didn't matter when he had a girlfriend while sleeping with me. I sigh sitting my phone down trying not to cry. We had a big umbrella sitting over us so we weren't that hot.
" I just want to disappear." Emma whispered rubbing her face. My phone buzzed again but this time I just flipped it over.
"He thinks a sorry is going to solve it all. It's been two week since I've seen Chris. and he haven't once tried to come in contact with me in person. I'm just going to block his number."
"Do what your heart feels like baby. Do you still like him?"
"Euphoria I love him, but what they did to you. God knows what he's been hiding from me and I'm scared."
"Don't worry about me Emma, I'll get over it one day. You get your man back because I'm going to be okay regardless. I want you to be happy."
We literally stayed at the beach all day either laying in the sun talking about our men for closure or playing in the water. Now we were on the way to dinner but had to get redressed first.
"Just me and her." Emma said nicely to the hostess. I wanted to take pictures but I decided against it. The hostess led us to a table that faced the ocean.
"This is beautiful!" I gasp looking at the ocean. I really wished Sebastian was here with me. This would've a good trip for us.
"Euphoria I miss him so much." Emma puled quietly fumbling with her fingers, looking down. I could see tears forming in her eyes and a stray tear fell. I lean over wiping her tears giving her a kiss on the cheek.
"Aww Emma you're going to make me cry." I pout softly rubbing her face. Ugh I hate seeing her like this, it messes me up. Two people come sit down at our table in the middle of our moment.
"Excuse you? You already see this table is occupied." I spoke with attitude then I turn to see Alexis and Naja holding their drinks.
"Hi." Naja stated softly with a wave. She bit her lip before speaking up again "I've missed you guys so much."
"I know that we didn't have your back at first and we're sorry-" Alexis starts but Emma cuts her off really upset.
"You were supposed to have our back regardless. It's us over them!" Emma cried, she then start fanning her face. "I need to calm down, I don't want to mess up my make up."
"Emma I love Chris so much my heart swells everytime I'm with him. I'm genuinely sorry I chose him over you." Alexis said crying as well, grabbing Emma's hands. This was really emotional for all of us.
"I'm so sorry too. We've been there for each other since the beginning." Naja lamented wiping her tears but more kept falling. I couldn't be mad at them no longer. I've missed my girls.
"Okay, Okay I forgive you guys. Now group hug!" I laugh and we did a group hug over the table being careful to not spill our drinks.
"It's been a boring ass two weeks without you guys." Alexis said sipping on her margarita.
"It's just you guys?" Emma asked looking around for their men. " I thought at least Hemmy or Tom would be here."
"See about that.." Naja trailed off then pointed to a big table that had the cast there waving at us. I didn't even know if I wanted to be mad at them for crashing our trip. Safe to say I've missed them so much.
I gasp getting out the chair , basically running to them.
"You guys are so sneaky! How did you guys know I was here??" I asked everyone once I got closer to the table. I could see them but I didn't want to see Sebastian at all.
"Alexis left her location on for Evans." RDJ said getting out of his chair hugging me. "We've missed you so much."
After hugging him, I went to Hemmy giving him a big hug as well,"Okay I might've missed you guys too."
I went around the table giving everyone a personal hug. I hesitated a little when I got to Tom. "Hi" I whispered. This was going to be a little hard for me because he was supposed to be my bestfriend til the end. Best friends do not keep secrets like that from one another.
"Hey." Tom said reflectively then getting out of his chair pulling me aside." I should've been the best friend you needed and I was wrong for keeping that from you. Can you forgive me?"
"Don't do that again okay? I really want to be able to trust you. I sort of forgive you and I can't be away from you no longer. Now give me a hug, I've missed you so muchh!" I beamed pulling him in a hug. He kissed my forehead holding me close. 
"I've missed you too bestie so much."
We get back to the group joining the conversation they had going. I saw Emma boo'd up with Evans which made me wonder if Sebastian was here. To answer my own damn question there he was outside by the ocean. I excused myself going outside as well.
"Listen.." He starts but I cut him off.
"See I can forgive everyone else because they were my friends. You were the person I was in love with but you still lied to me in my face having me embarrassed in front of everyone." I said raising my voice as a stray tear fell. Fuck my makeup, he gone understand my pain tonight.
"Euphoria let-"
"No Sebastian I don't want you to explain you did enough and my heart can't take it."
"I'm sorry-"
"Does it matter Sebastian?!"
"Damnit Euphoria let me fucking apologize or make it up you . At least let me talk because you're so fucking stubborn! I'M SORRY EUPHORIA . I'll yell it to the world if I have too. I am in love with you and I'm sorry that I did the most stupidest thing to you which was lie." Sebastian yelled grabbing my cheeks and you could see his muscles flex through his shirt. I bit my lip letting my thoughts get dirty. He didn't say nomore and pulled me into a passionate kiss.
"I love you Euphoria. It's you over any girl in the world."
"I love you too Sebastian. I'll forever choose you."
Part 7
Euphoria is dick whipped she couldn't stay mad at Sebastian for long😂. I like to get to the point in my story so sorryyy . if you don't like it thennn go read something else🤷🏾‍♀️
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